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What do you do you prefer to spank or be spanked with?

What do you not prefer?

Gentle and sexy, or hard and a punishment?

Marks or no?

Favorite position as spanker or spankee? Least position as spanker or spankee?

Outfits, scenarios, roleplay?


Personally, I like hard spanking that leave marks, and I like scenarios where I’m treated like a naughty little boy: spank marched into the corner, made to wait, then OTK while she sits on a stool so my feet and hands are dangling. Hand progressing to hairbrush or small paddle. Starting on my pants, then on my diaper, then bare bottom, all the while being scolded for being way to old for my behavior and needing diapers and need this kind of punishment. I like marks that last a week, and if she can get me to cry, I usually want to marry her right then 😂 

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All I can say is OTK barebum with everything tucked where it's supposed to be. Beyond that, it's not my choice at all as it shouldn't be. Someone out there has taught me well 😊 you know who you are....

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I was 13 the very first time I got spanked. My youngest Aunt Betsy told me I deserved a spanking. I was curious and did not resist. She told me to take off my sneakers and lower my shorts and panties. I went over her lap. She spanked me like a baby with her hand until I was crying. I did wet her lap. A week later she spanked me again, that time using a hairbrush. She put an underpad to protect her house dress. Before I turned 15 my Mom began to spank my younger siblings and me. On me she always used a hairbrush and an underpad. She spanked me the morning of my high school graduation!

During university I got into romantic spanking as foreplay. My experience is that men generally do not like using a hairbrush. I find soft belts and mini-martinets sensual. My loving husband arouses me with those. When I need punishment he only uses his hand. When I need to spank him I use a hairbrush.

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What do you do you prefer to spank or be spanked with? If she is spanking me her hand is the best followed by anything leather . Lately we`ve been buying vintage leather tawse from Scotland. I LOVE these ! When I top I prefer rattan canes and heavy leather straps and single tails. ( I never Top her btw) Canes are my thing , giving and receiving.

What do you not prefer? Sail battens leave nasty marks and sting like all hell. I`m not overly thrilled by synthetic materials for spanking. I prefer leather , hard dense woods , organically made.

Gentle and sexy, or hard and a punishment?  We are both sado masochist. We both like  hard . heavy , intense scenes .

Marks or no? Yes !

Favorite position as spanker or spankee? Least position as spanker or spankee? OTK or over a spanking bench. I cant think of a least fav position.

Outfits, scenarios, roleplay? Not really , maybe school boy related but it is rare, we usually don't roleplay .

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I prefer to be spanked with a wooden paddle or a large wooden spoon. 

I like hard punishment spankings that leave marks.

Favorite position would be bent over grabbing my ankles or bent over a desk or a work bench. Diaper position would be my second favorite position. 

They should be bare bottom or on my messy diaper. 

Scenario, I would be an older boy who refuses to be potty trained. I'd be spanked hard for going in my pants and put into a diaper and then corner time.

I  can see myself getting spanked hard on my bare bottom and being asked if I had to go potty. I'd say no and then I'd be put into a fresh diaper.  As soon as the diaper was on, I'd squat a little bit and pee and poop myself,  after just saying that I didn't have to go. This would result in another harsh paddling on my sore, messy, diapered bottom,  followed by sitting on a wooden stool in the corner.  I'd have to stay in that diaper the rest of the day. 

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