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What do you think about this forum? If i ask anything they will answer with anger and hate... its not an abdl related topic!

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There is a foreign forum which is similar to Yahoo answers. This is not an English forum. ( so, if you are a grammar nazi please leave now! 'cause it's not my first language) 
I asked a normal question about breeding. I want to become a cat breeder and I already have 2 Bengal kittens. They are healthy they have a pedigree and got all of their vaccinations. They also have passports.... just to say...

So, my problem is that I just got my female kitten a few days ago and they don't get along at all. My male kitten attacks her and she is so scared. My question was about this and what I can do about it. I also stated that I love my kittens. I don't keep them in cages and they are members of the family. My answers were that I am some kind of evil. I am a multiplier, not a breeder. They are sure my cats don't have their pedigree nor their vaccinations or anything else. I didn't get any answers for my question but some kind of heat speech. 

This mentality is very common on this forum. Any question where someone needs help gets these kinds of answers. The admins are the same if someone asks something which is not against the rules of the forum but a lot of people don't like to talk about it or just hate it ( like questions about homosexuality or child abuse) will be removed and the user banned. 
This is a Hungarian site with the same purpose of 'YA' (Theoretically).

There were cases where Children asked for help because they were beaten by their parents and they didn't know which organization they should go to. These questions usually get answers like: They deserved it probably and should accept it cause when they (the answerer) were young it was normal and they are still alive.... of course these answers come from pure evil and If the "questioner" tries to save him/herself the question will be removed soon. 
Hungary is a member of the Europan Union and any form of child abuse is banned here... theoretically...

So, what do you think about it? This is the only forum in my region which is similar to yahoo answers. Should I leave them and try to get help on international forums?  I know there are heaters here too but the number of them is way below.  

For example, I got a total answer of 7 for that question without any helping purpose. These answers were pure heat speech against me and the admins don't do a thing.


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A site like that is not the place to take any serious advice from.  It sounds like a troll hangout. :D

As for the problem with your kittens- you'd want to get answers from people who have experience/ expertise in that area.  Talk with your vet, or- since your cats are pedigreed- talk to the people you got the cats from.  Or find a cat association/ cat club, or a cat forum.    

Which might mean an international forum.  Cats are cats where ever they are.  You want to make sure you're getting advice from people who know what they're talking about. Bad advice could end up hurting you or the cats. 

Don't just stick with one website- use your google-fu! ^_^   Use a search engine such as google or yahoo to find different websites dedicated to the care of cats/ breeding cats/ cat behavior. 

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I agree, get away from that website! It's one thing to get advice you don't agree with, or is bad, but another thing entirely when you are attacked under the guise on advise. Little good can come from such a place. 

I love cats, by the way, and cute picture. I know something about how cats behave, but only because I have had them. I'm not qualified to give useful advice, especially on breeding.

Cute Kitten brought up good points, seek advice from your vet, or maybe they can help direct you to people who can help. Any vet, might be able to help you to look somewhere.

Good luck! And stay out of the cat nip! ;)   

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I also agree with the above. As most people on sites such as Yahoo answers can come off to be real idiots as well as coming off a bit jerky and tend to make you feel uncomfortable. You are better off away form those type of websites that are full of idiots. If you are on Facebook there maybe some cat groups that you can join as some of these Facebook groups have rules against things such as idiotic behavior and to try keep things friendly. I'm a member of one or two Soap groups where some of the rules include no disrespecting anyone, No insulting any members, No swearing 

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you ought to introduce the two cats to each other slowly, and in stages, if you just put them both in a room together and leave them be then fighting is likely,


the way i have done it in past to acclimate one cat to another, takes time and effort,

first you should have brought items belonging to the new cat home before the cat, a good week ahead, things the new cat has put its smell or fur onto. this gives the old cat a chance to adjust to the smell of the new cats presence before it arrives.


seeing as how you didnt do that its no wonder your getting some fights.

separate the two cats keep them in different rooms, alternate the rooms you choose so neither cat feels restricted from regions of the home, you want them to feel they can go in any room you typically will let them in, just not the one with the other cat whichever room that is at that time. this is how they will realize you are separate them from each other and not from rooms.


every day 2 -4 times a day bring them into a room together and let them be in that room together, dont interact or interfere with them at all unless they fight, if they ignore each other and stay away from each other fine, just let them. the only time you should get involved is if they start fighting. even just a hiss, grab the one that seems to be the aggressor and put them in another room, and wait till the next day to try again, eventually you will notice them getting hostile with each other less and less, and thus the sessions they have with each other longer and longer, eventually even playing with each other, at this point fighting may still occur and its important you stick to the act of separating them when they fight despite their new trend of getting along.


eventually they will stop fighting entirely and be best buds. it just takes time and persistence.



and as far as website and forums go, ive noticed pretty much all forums are echo chambers of certain beliefs/judgements/moralities/opinions etc. sure you can find disagreements there but in general the membership majority of each site agrees with each other on many things in many ways. if you are seeing a reoccurring trend in their behavior that you dislike then leaving that site is the only thing you can do to get away from it. you cant change them.


luckily there are literally millions of other websites and forums on the web for you to choose from.

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Hey so I am late to the party here but I have a link that can help you along with your internet searches and research. Sometimes trying to find the correct information online is akin to searching for a needle in a stack of needles. Also, learning to evaluate the quality of the information is important. I use this book as a lot for referencing how I frame my internet searches when I am dealing topics I am unfamiliar with.


Untangling the web

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