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Bad Seed (updated 6-15-24)

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C.K.  Cute Kitten

Cameron McLeod lay on his back, staring up at the white painted ceiling tile decorated with decals of teddy bears and ABC blocks. He sucked on the large rubber nipple, the plastic shield of the pacifier pressing against his lips. His hooded sweatshirt and onesie were pushed up to his armpits, and the plastic strap securing him to the changing table was tight; Mrs. Vesper had the unfortunate habit of fastening it too tight, as if she thought that somehow made it extra secure. He felt a tugging sensation on his hips and lower abdomen as a fresh diaper was taped around him. 

"A clean diapee feels better, doesn't it?" Ms. Sweeney chirped in her sugary sweet singsong voice. Her diaper changes were much gentler than Mrs. Vesper's. She had gotten called away by a phone call, so Ms. Sweeney had stepped in and finished changing him. 

He tilted his head, looking up at his teacher and licensed regression therapist. Her plump, ruby red lips smiled down at him and her brown eyes twinkled, full of the joy of life. Her short, curly black hair frizzed around her head like a fuzzy dark halo and huge rhinestones sparkled in her earlobes. She chattered away, mostly to herself, not expecting her charges to answer. 

Most of them could or would not. Cameron caught her eyes and returned her smile behind his binky. He was one of the few who could. He had a hand full of classmates in the special education; regression therapy curriculum. His only reply to her was a smile. Dirty diaper, clean diaper, it made no difference to the eighteen year old. He had been in diapers since he was six. The last day he had worn big boy underwear- they had a print of Spiderman, he recalled that specifically- his life had changed forever. 

He shivered at the memory, his heart skipping a beat 

"It's cold, huh, baby?" Ms. Sweeney cooed as if he were a toddler. "Let's get you all fixed up and snugly warm again." She unfastened the changing table security strap, pulled down his blue onesie down, fastening it over his diaper. He heard the metal snaps click shut, pressing the padded bulk closer to him and felt some of the cool baby powder shift in his diaper, sliding down towards his butt. He felt her tugging on his pants and heard all those snaps click shut. 

The cold was not what made him shiver, but that was something he did not want to talk or think about. He was happy the cool days of early autumn were growing colder as winter approached. Wearing pants and long sleeves was a lot more acceptable in the cold weather than it was in the warm. It was normal. He would rather be stared at for being dressed like a weirdo in the warm weather than to expose what lay beneath his clothing, and he did not mean his diapers. The snaps on all his pants, and the telltale bulge of a thick diaper, coupled with the loud crinkly noise they made, all gave away his diapered state anywhere he went. No, what he hid from the world was the painful mementos of the fateful day that changed the course of his life forever. That day was the reason he still wore diapers, and why he was in the regression therapy program. 

Ms. Sweeney watched her student's pretty face crumple. Cameron had better control of his emotions than her other students, and he was the one who had been through the most. He had also been through the most intensive therapy. When reading his files for the first time, she had been horrified at the nightmare the boy had survived. He had also spent several years in a mental hospital that specialized in intensive regression therapy. 

"What a cute ducky!" She tapped the yellow duck embroidered on the chest of his blue onesie. "What does the ducky say?" She asked, fearing he was having a melt down and wanted to distract him from it, like she would distract a baby having a tantrum. 

Cameron stared up at his teacher. He knew what she was trying to do, distract him from his thoughts. The technique worked with patients who had been mentally and emotionally regressed. It had worked on him in the hospital, when he had been little more than an overgrown infant. It worked on his classmates, who were kept emotionally regressed. He played along. 

"Woof-woof!" He spat his binky out. 

"Silly baby. Puppies say woof. Duckies go quack-quack." Ms.Sweeney cooed then pulled his hooded sweatshirt down, hiding his ducky and his onesie from sight. "Uh-oh." She smiled and slipped his binky back between his pink lips. 

Cameron opened his lips so she could slip the rubber nipple into his mouth. 

"There we go, all done!" She held out her hands, and Cameron placed his hands in hers, allowing her to help him sit up then jump down from the changing table. His hooded sweatshirt hung loose on his slim frame. It was light blue with white and baby blue stripes on the sleeves. His jeans would have passed for normal jeans except for the snaps running along the inner legs all the way up to his crotch, to make for easier diaper checks and changes. His plastic backed diaper crinkled noisily with each little movement and the thick padding around his crotch was familiar and comforting. 

"Tank yew." He lisped behind his binky to Ms. Sweeney as she tugged at his pants and shirt once more, fixing them now that he was standing. A little bit of drool ran down his chin and plopped down his ever-present bib. A bright yellow ducky clip with a blue strap secured his paci to his shirt. 

"You're welcome, sweetie. Go back to your seat now." She patted his heavily padded bottom then set about cleaning up the changing table and throwing his used diaper and wipes into the diaper genie. 

He started across the regression room, which resembled an adult-sized daycare. The thick bulk of his diaper forced his legs apart, giving him an unsteady toddler waddle. He toddled past the locked classroom door when loud voices drew his attention to the glass window in the heavy door. It was locked to prevent any regressed students from wandering out, for their own protection of course. The regression room was more like a daycare in the high school, and students in the regression therapy program were little more than oversized toddlers and babies.


"Chill. Seriously. No need to get your dick in a knot, gramps." The voice was loud, female, and excessively annoyed. 

Cameron froze, shocked at the foul language coming out of a female mouth. He toddled to the door, peering out of the glass window for a lookie-loo.

Normal students rarely passed down this hall, which had several special education classrooms. The only time other students or school personnel passed down the special education hall was when they were taking the long way to the school office. Through the glass, he saw a girl in black short shorts, ripped black stockings, black leather boots with spikes, and a baggy black sweatshirt. Spikes had been added to the collar and cuffs. The shirt was just as short as the shorts, exposing the girl's flat stomach. She wore metallic purple lipstick, and her eyes were heavily rimmed with black makeup that made her naturally pale skin the hue of a corpse. Metal spikes poked through the skin under her lower purple lip in a snake bite piercing. A matching, curved metal spike pierced her navel. Her most arresting feature was the left side of her exposed middle. Her once-smooth flesh was a mutilated pink and red ridgeline of deep scars. Rows like jagged, crooked canyons furrowed through her mutilated flesh, as if skin and hunks of meat had been ripped away. 

Behind her marched the school principal, Mr. Witherspoon, with a stern frown on his aged visage. "Young lady, you are already in violation of the dress code. It is your first day so I will let you off with a warning. Such language will NOT be tolerated here at Mapleton High. Any further infractions of the rules or insubordination to your teachers will result in punishment. Do I make myself clear?"

The girl grinned crookedly. "Well, it's a little murky-"

He cleared his throat, cutting her off in the middle of her shenanigans. 

She huffed a put-upon sigh. "Yes, sir." She reached under her half-a-sweatshirt to pull down a white tank top with a glittery black skull on it. "This better? My side was hurting. All hot and itchy, you know? Just needed some air on it. It's still healing." She stuck a finger bedecked with a skull ring into one of the canyons, pushing the shirt's cloth into the groove of missing flesh. 

Mr. Witherspoon visibly cringed. The girl smirked but quickly wiped her face when he opened his eyes. "Your shorts are still in violation of the dress code. Do NOT let it happen again."

"Sure, sure." The girl dug her finger in more, rubbing the groove so the cloth stuck in, giving a hint to the mutilation it hid. The principal puckered his lips in distaste and she grinned like the Cheshire cat. "Well, if that's all sir, I'd better be off to class. Don't wanna be late." She clicked her booted feet together and gave him a sassy salute then dashed off down the hall. 

Mr. Witherspoon stepped in front of her, blocking her way. He leaned down close and said in a threatening tone, "I run a tight ship here. I will not allow this school's reputation to be tarnished. Parents depend and trust me to keep this institution and its students safe. I have read your files. I am perfectly aware of your past antics. I know your grandfather kept you from going to juvie, where you certainly belong. Or maybe in one of those regression camps for troublemaker youth. I will see you sent there if you so much as put another toe out of line. Do we understand each other, Liliana?"

She rolled her eyes insolently, not cowed at all by the invasion of her personal space. She looked sideways and locked eyes for an instant with the prettiest boy she had ever seen. She smiled at the boink in his mouth. 

Cameron blushed, his face burning, as the girl caught him staring. Purple punk lips quirked in a smile. She winked at him. He realized he still was sucking on his boink. Humiliation washed over him. The new, trouble-making girl was laughing at the big baby boy. Just like all the other normal kids had when the school had attempted to mainstream him. He quickly spat his pacifier out, but it dangled from his ducky clip. Too little, too late- the girl was already looking away. 

"Liliana!" Mr. Witherspoon crossed his arms, looming over her. 

Her eyes snapped back to the principal. Her purple lips quirked in a sneer and she looked him up and down aggressively. "Fuck you." She snarled in oddly accented Hindi. 

Both the principal and Cameron blinked at the foreign language. Cameron wondered what language it was, but the principal seemed to know. 

"What did you just say?" Mr. Witherspoon barked. "Don't think you can get fresh with me just because you've spent time in India." 

Liliana smoothed her face into a blank mask. "I said, you are right, sir. I will behave myself from now on. I'll be just as good as my cousin Pissy." 

"Excuse me?"

"Priscilla? Prissy? Priscilla Renine? She's my cousin." This time the girl added an "r" into Prissy, making Cameron think her earlier slip up was intentional. He almost smiled at the nickname. He had no love for Priscilla, not after the pranks she had played on him, the bullying, the teasing and tormenting. 

Mr. Witherspoon's brow ticked. "Yes, I know." Everyone knew who Priscilla was; she was a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls, and a darling of the adults. She was also one of the main reasons Cameron had ended up back in the regression program after his therapist had attempted to mainstream him. 

"Yeah. I'll be the same exemplary student she was. " 

The principal's lips puckered even more. "I somehow doubt that." He looked down his nose at her. 

Liliana grinned. "I will, you'll see!"

"Humph. You may go, Miss Renine. But remember, I am watching you." 

"Oh, no doubt about that, sir. I don't doubt that at all." She ended with a theatrical, mocking bow then glanced up at the door again. Cameron's blush deepened when she smiled at him and winked again. He giggled then covered his mouth with his hands. Before the principal could say anything else, she dashed off down the hall. 

The principal called after her, voice dripping with disgust. "No running in the hall!" He shook his gray head and marched back to his office, the number one place students dreaded. Cameron had a feeling the girl would be spending a lot of time there.


Cameron, what are you doing?" Mrs. Vesper, who was younger than Ms. Sweeney and was her assistant, came over after helping another student pick up the jumbo Crayola crayons they had dropped or thrown. 

Cameron never took his eyes off the hallway. He just pointed to the window. Mrs. Vesper peered out and her eyes widened in recognition as Lili trotted past. She made a loud cluck of disapproval with her tongue, then took Cameron's soft, slender hand in her own. She tugged, leading him like a nursery school worker leading a toddler. Her lips puckered just like Mr. Witherspoon's had, like she had bitten into an extremely sour lemon. 

"I see. Liliana's back. Well, don't you worry, sweetie. That scary girl won't bother you. I won't let her. Now, come on, it's art time. Why don't you color a pretty picture for your grandma?"

At the mention of his grandmother, Cameron wrinkled his nose as he toddled along besides his teacher. His grandmother Beatrice would not care if he colored her a picture or not. Oh, sure, she would pretend to care, to fuss and coo over him if others were around. It was all show though; she did not give a damn about him. If he was alone with her, she would just smile, pat his head and mumble "how nice" before going back to checking the agenda of her social calendar or gossiping with the other ladies in her Ladies' Society. She was always on the phone, worse than a teenage girl with her need to keep up with what was going on in her social circle.

Mrs. Vesper took his hand and tugged gently, leading him away from the door and view of the hall. "Aww, your binky fell out. Here you go, baby." She popped his binky back into his mouth and he accepted it automatically, sucking and moving mechanically as she guided him back to the table he shared with Leroy, who was regressed to a five year old mentality to help him recover from some emotional trauma or other, Cameron had never learned the reason for the other boy's regression.

Leroy looked up as Cameron sat down and he smiled at the teacher, holding up a scribbled, childish drawing of a dump truck. "Big twuck!" He showed her and Cameron proudly.

"I see. What color is it?" Mrs. Vesper cooed, patting Cameron on top of his head. 

"Boo!" Leroy shouted loudly, meaning to say blue. He burst into giggles and clapped his hands at her praise. 

"What a smart baby!" Her smile faltered as she sniffed. "I smell stinkies. Who did it?" 

A cloud of stench wafted up from the table. A very similar stench would've emanated from Cameron's own behind if he didn't take a special pill twice a day that nullified fecal odor. Not all the students took the pills, though. Some mommies wanted to easily tell if their baby made a stinky. Cameron's grandmother did not want anyone knowing what went on in his diapers, so she had him on the pills. 

Mrs. Vesper looked down at them both. Cameron let his binky fall. He wanted to tell her he'd just gotten his diaper changed- in fact, she was the one who had started changing him, but he knew she wouldn't take his word for it. She had been distracted and forgot. Instead of pointing it out , he just sat there quietly debating to try speaking up or hold his tongue.

He just smiled as silly as Leroy. "Quack quack!" 

"Well then I'll just have to check your diapees." She lifted Cameron's hoodie up and found her way blocked by his onesie as she pulled back his pants. She squeezed the back of his puffy diaper but found no lumps. 

"New diapee." Cameron lisped before putting his binky back in his mouth. 

"Camwin poopies!" Leroy pointed and giggled, accidentally knocking his blue crayon onto the floor. 

Mrs. Vesper stood Cameron up, popped open his crotch to poke at his diaper from the leg holes. "Dry as a bone. You must've just been changed." 

Cameron rolled his eyes; he'd just told her that. 'No shit, Sherlock.' The snarky phrase rolled through his mind, tempting his lips to say the deliciously naughty words. He blushed at the impulse. Those were bad words and good little boys did not use them. Even now, the teachings from his time in the hospital stayed with him, reinforced here in the classroom. Mrs. Vesper snapped him back up and gently pushed down on his shoulder. He immediately plopped down with a loud crinkle and felt a little trickle of warmth as he peed into his diaper. 

"So, you must be the guilty culprit." She pulled Leroy's pants and diaper back and wrinkled her nose. "Phew. Yup, it's you. Come on, let's get you changed, little stinker." She took him by the hand and led him over to the changing tables. 

Cameron wondered at the rebellious streak as he stared down at the blank white paper. He was used to being babied, had been conditioned to enjoy it. It was all he knew. After his time in the hospital, he had been home schooled and outpatient therapy. At home, he was taken care of by a regression specialist nanny since his grandmother was very busy with her competitive social life. She was the only family he had; his grandfather was always overseas on business, and his father…..the man was still alive, in prison. After some homeschooling, when he had progressed to a lighter therapy schedule, his therapist suggested he go back to school. Not in the regression program, but in regular school, with the normal students. That had been a disaster.

He picked up a purple crayon, doodling a spike the like ones under the girl's lip. Liliana. She felt no compunction to obey authority figures like he did. He recalled her smart mouth and blatant defiance. Attitude like that would earn him a one way trip across his teacher's lap. Parents and guardians of regression students signed consent forms for some old fashioned, across the lap discipline. It helped keep over-sized toddlers in line. 

He drew a pair of fat purple lips and wondered if Liliana would behave if she was spanked. Judging how Mr. Witherspoon and Mrs. Vesper reacted, it would take a lot of spanking to make the girl behave. That's one of the reasons the regression program existed- to help bad kids learn to be good, to reform them. Would she be joining him in class? She'd be regressed so he wouldn't get to talk much with her. He didn't talk with his other regressed classmates much, but he still enjoyed playing with them. How far would they regress her? Most of the students in here regressed to preschool or kindergarten level. In the hospital, he had been regressed to a newborn and had worked his way up from there. 

Now, mentally, he was no longer regressed. He had been in with the normal students, when the adults tried to mainstream him; it had been like throwing an injured rabbit into a den of starving tigers and resulted in him being put back into the regression room. Here, he was safe from the normal students and their bullying.

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19 hours ago, CDfm said:

I sure hope you saved more than just this. I know there was a hole lot more to this story. This is just the very first little bit of it. 

The whole story is still up at ABDL Story Forum, along with  Naughty Christmas and the completed Tricky Treats.  

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On 2/5/2018 at 5:25 PM, sklawlor said:

Hi kc.  Is bad seed complete?  The last I read was when Lillian and Cameron were getting in the car and they heard a shot from the parking lot. thanks for the info.

It's not complete- not yet, anyway.  Other projects with deadlines took priority, but I'm finishing up my last project so I hope to get back to working on my unfinished stories soon. :3  

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In this classroom, most of the students wore diapers. Except for two girl students; they wore pullups for their potty training. Maybe Liliana would wear pull ups? He hoped she'd be put back in diapers so that would be another thing they would have in common besides their scars. 

Cameron sucked on his pacifier as he colored in the purple lips. He felt a little drool trickle down his chin and plop onto his bib. The girl had troublemaker written all over her. Her impudence intimidated him. He'd been taught to be a good boy, a good baby. Part of that teaching was in staying away from bad students like Liliana. 

He wondered if she would make fun of him like the other kids had. He was leery of his mainstream peers; past experience taught him to be. He had been in regular classes, and soon as kids found out about what he'd been through, about the marks on his body, teasing him became their favorite new pastime. The burn scars covering most of his body, which he kept hidden by long sleeves and pants even in summer. He'd developed severe social anxiety. Started skipping class, skipping school. He'd had one chief tormentor, ringleader and ever so popular Priscilla Renine, the darling of the school. The ruling queen bitch. The one who'd saddled him with the nickname of Freddy Krueger, since his burn scars looked like the burned, scarred face of the fictional horror movie monster. That nickname and the way the kids had reacted to his scars made him feel more like a monster than the burn scars themselves did. 

Things had come to a roiling boil when Cameron got into the medicine cabinet and gobbled down a bottle of aspirin. He'd overdosed and luckily his grandmother's housekeeper had found him and called 911. A visit to the ER for a stomach pump and a stay in the psych ward had forced his grandmother into action. 

Unfortunately, his grandmother Beatrice was close friends with Priscilla's grandmother Jill. They were both prominent figures in Mapleton's who's who social circle and worked closely together planning socials and charity events. Beatrice had talked with the school board- most of the members were close acquaintances of hers and Jill's, along with the school principal. The best solution for everyone, they concluded, was to put Cameron back into regression therapy. Since he had spent several years in intensive regression therapy in the mental hospital, they decided to put him in the regression therapy branch of the special education program. The R.T. program kept their students completely isolated from the mainstream student body. They even had their own entrance and playground. Parents of R.T. students were more involved than the parents of mainstream children. Mapleton was a well-to-do town and most wives and mothers stayed at home to look after their families. The R.T. mothers all picked up their children, but many of the wealthier parents simply sent their driver or housekeeper to pick their child up. 

Cameron colored in the purple lips he drew. Would Liliana laugh at him like the others had? Despite all the therapy he'd been through, he still hated being around his mainstream peers. He saw them as nothing more than rabid animals like pit bulls trained to fight, ready to rip apart whatever was thrown into their cages. Anyone different from them. Liliana was different; she had scars. A huge, deforming scar just like his. Maybe the other kids made fun of her? Many times Cameron wished he'd had the guts to punch Priscilla in her face, to shut her up. He never wanted to hurt her, and it was wrong to hit girls but he just wanted her to stop. To leave him alone. Wanted her to feel every ounce of pain and humiliation had felt. 

He was sure the scarred girl had felt the same pain and humiliation he'd been through. But, unlike him, she would stand up for herself. She was so brave- she'd flashed her scar so defiantly, so boldly in the open for all to see. He cringed just thinking of others seeing his scars. The only kids his age who were nice to him were the ones from his burn victim support group when he was younger, and currently his R.T. peers. His clothes kept his scars hidden most of the time, except during diaper changes. When he first joined the school's R.T. program, Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper had explained to the other students that he had an accident and had boo-boos. The regressed teens had been curious as little children, and it had been awkward. They had gotten used to Cameron and now he was one of them. From his burn support group, there had been one girl who was jealous of him because his face wasn't disfigured like hers and he could hide his ugly scars. She had been hard to get along with, until she'd learned his accident had been no accident at all. 

Cameron shaded the lips and drew two circles below for her snakebite piercings. Liliana…what had happened to her? Those scars didn't look like any burn scars he'd seen or had. Had someone hurt her? Priscilla was her cousin. Fear spiked along his spine just thinking of Priscilla; the distinctive clicking of her high heels as she strutted down the halls, her candy apple red lips twisted in a sneer as she mouthed 'Freddy Krueger' at him. 

The purple crayon slipped past the line as his hand trembled. He let the fat crayon fall and sat with his eyes closed, just sucking vigorously on the large rubber nipple in his mouth to calm himself down. He opened his eyes and stared at the purple lips and piercings. Did the other kids make fun of her? Maybe she got into so much trouble defending herself? He suddenly felt sad, depressed thinking about the girl getting picked on like he'd been. No one deserved to go through that kind of torment. With the attitude she had shown Mr. Witherspoon, Cameron thought Liliana would be able to dish any taunting right back at them.

Cameron blushed at his unruly thoughts. Fighting was bad. Bad, bad baby. Good babies didn't fight. He squirmed in his seat, diaper crinkling noisily. 

"Cameron? What's wrong, baby?" Ms. Sweeney came over, checking on him. She looked at his artwork, the lips with the circles underneath….She stared, not able to make sense of it. Maybe he was drawing the face of someone he knew? Maybe those were moles, or beauty marks. Was he drawing one of his nannies, or a character on a toddler's TV show? She bent down to his level when he didn't respond. "Sweetie?" She laid a hand on his shoulder. "What did you draw?" She pointed to the paper with her other hand, directing Cameron's gaze to the purple lips.

At the touch on his arm Cameron looked at her for a moment, then smiled behind his binky and pointed to the ducky on his bib. "Quack quack." 

Ms. Sweeney frowned as she stared down at the paper, then stood up, taking one of his hands and tugging. He stood up and followed passively, not asking where she was taking him. As he toddled along, crinkling noisily, he decided he'd better fess up a little since Ms.Sweeney decided he was having a mental break. She sat at her desk, unlocking a drawer and fumbled through it, pulling out his file. 

She referenced some notes, then skimmed through a stack of colorful, childish notebooks on her desk, pulling a green Winnie The Pooh one out. It was his daily journal; the teachers kept them for all the students. Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper took notes for the parents to read and the parents left notes for the teachers. The notebooks were thought to help aide communication between teachers and parents. She jotted down a few notes and Cameron wanted to roll his eyes but didn't. Good babies didn't have attitude. He knew he shouldn't try to read it; his therapy wasn't his concern. He just had to be a good baby. His grandmother made decisions about his welfare. But she hardly ever read the journal- his after-school nanny read it. The only time Beatrice would bother was when the nanny had to pester her for a signature.

Ms. Sweeney's expression was tight, worried. What was she writing? Cameron sighed. He had to get her attention, something he usually didn't do. He usually just waited and let his teachers take care of everything. He spat his pacifier out, letting it dangle from his ducky clip. "Ms. Sweeney?" he said, softly, hesitantly, and without his babyish lisp. The padding swaddling his crotch grew wet and warm as he peed.

Her head shot up in surprise and she stared at him. "Yes?" 

Her surprised, frank stare, as if she were talking to a mentally competent teen and not the regressed infant he was used to being treated like made him nervous. He shifted, diaper crinkling noisily, and fought the urge to put his binky back in his mouth. She stared at him while he continued to stay silent. "Cameron? " Her tone lacked the usual syrupy sweetness. 

His lower lip trembled and tears welled in his eyes. He felt like a scared toddler ready to cry. "I-I-Lili-". He tried to explain his drawing. Unable to take anymore, he popped his pacifier back into his mouth before he had a meltdown like a small child. 

Ms. Sweeney instantly slipped back into teacher mode as Cameron collapsed back into his usual toddler behavior. She cooed in her usual cheerful voice. "Shh. Sweetie, it's okay. You're just having a rough day. It's almost nap time, I'll get your baba ready and you can go lay down on your mat." 

She finished writing the note in his journal. Cameron stood with his head lowered, staring down at his bib and sucking on his binky miserably. He couldn't even explain himself to his teacher. What had she written? He was worried, and he didn't want to go back into more intensive therapy- he shook his head. He needed to tell her. "Lili". He lisped softly behind the comfort of his binky, trying to explain everything simply by saying the girl's name. Simple explanations pleased his teachers the best. 

"Hm? Lily? Oh, I see." Ms. Sweeney saw the bouquet of tiger lilies on the corner of her desk. The flowers were a bright reddish-orange, their thick, bright petals speckled with dark freckles. "Yes, smart baby. Those are lilies." She cooed and Cameron let her continue with her misinterpretation, knowing no good would come of trying to correct her. 

Her tone perked up, and he played along. "Pwetty." he lisped and felt a little drool run down his chin and his bib, making him feel like an overgrown infant. Even Leroy didn't suck on a pacifier, and only wore bibs at lunch or snack time.

Ms. Sweeney gazed at the blossoms and her face softened from a teacher's smile into the same expression of the women in his grandmother's romance movies. The teacher let out a happy little sigh. She wore the same smile she got when talking to the janitor Mr. Bruster. "Yes, they are, aren't they?". Her eyes had a dreamy look as she gazed at them. "Those are special flowers. Very special. They mean…" Her voice had a husky quality as she thought of the janitor. Her cheeks turned pink like a blushing schoolgirl with her first crush. Ms. Sweeney caught herself, coughed, clearing her throat, and set about straightening the pile of journals on her desk. 

Cameron sucked his binky and listened, not curious enough about the flowers to want to know what they meant. Probably something sappy and romantic. His thoughts drifted to the girl he's seen in the hall. Maybe it was her scar that had him so fascinated, but he knew they'd never meet again since he was kept apart from the normal students and he really wasn't sure he'd want to meet her. Her mouth, her attitude were overwhelming and fascinating. But it was fun to fantasize. He looked up at his teacher; she was back to her usual self. "Mistew Bustew?" he asked softly and Ms. Sweeney's cheeks bloomed scarlet again. He smiled. 

"Ah, yes. Those are from Mr. Buster. But, let's get you ready for nap time." Her tone changed, still gentle but the authoritative teacher was back. She picked up his drawing to slip into his file when Mrs. Vesper bustled over to return a pen to the desk. 

"I had to borrow a pen. Don't know where all of mine went." She paused, seeing Cameron's drawing and immediately clocking the purple lips with the piercings. "Oh dear. Looks like Liliana upset him more than I thought." She huffed. 

"What?" Ms. Sweeney focused on her assistant. 

"Liliana Renine. It's been quite a while, but she's back." Mrs. Vesper explained sourly, adjusting her horn-rimmed glasses. "Cameron was looking out the door and saw her giving the principal a hard time." 

Ms. Sweeney's face went poker blank. "You sure it was her?" 

"She's grown, but there's no mistaking that mouth or that face." Mrs. Vesper emphasized her certainty with a curt nod.

Ms. Sweeney frowned. "She's back, and already in trouble again? I suppose she hasn't change. What a pity- she's such a pretty girl." 

"Not with what she's done to her face. " Mrs. Vesper pressed her lips together in disapproval and tapped Cameron's drawing. "She pierced her face like one of those rock band freaks." 

"Maybe being back home will straighten her up. Jill will teach her how a proper lady should behave. Priscilla's such a charming young lady." Ms. Sweeney said optimistically. "Either way, we won't have to deal with her."

Mrs. Vesper snorted. "Some apples are rotten to the core. I almost wish she'd get placed with us. I'd teach her a thing or two. Talking back like that…and the poor baby here saw it all. No wonder he's so shook up." 

"Well that certainly explains it. " Ms. Sweeney opened Cameron's journal, crossed off her previous notes and scribbled down new ones while Cameron quietly stood by, feeling like a little baby while the grownups talked around him. 

Regression therapy had many uses, for everything from healing deep emotional wounds to correcting badly behaved kids. He wondered for the thousandth time if Liliana was so bad she'd end up in regression therapy and learn to wear and use diapers. She'd be conditioned to be a good baby, like Cameron had been taught. She'd be in class with him. He almost wished for it, just to see her again, and to meet her. 

"Either way, let's get these kids laid down for nap time". Ms. Sweeney finished her notes, took Cameron by the hand and led him to the area with sleeping mats laid out on the floor. Mrs. Vesper did a scheduled diaper check as she collected the students for their nap, writing the results for each student down while Ms. Sweeney mixed up bottles of warm milk fortified with vitamins and minerals. 

Cameron hated nap time. He was used to sleeping, and lay on his mat without a sound. Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper passed the bottles out. He took the plastic bottle in his hands, warm from the sweet milk. He let it drop from his hands and sucked on his binky instead. Mrs. Vesper saw and bent over, pulling his binky out and slipping his bottle in. 

Cameron let out a little whine of protest but took his bottle and started sucking like a good baby. The milk was thick and sweet as it flowed down his throat and warmed his tummy. Mrs. Vesper smiled. "Good baby!" she cooed and his conditioning kicked in. Warm pleasure washed over him. He'd made her happy like a good baby. Such a good baby. He smiled in automatic response. He'd been deeply regressed in the hospital, more so than any of the students in the regression program at school, and for a longer amount of time so his conditioned reflexes lingered.

As he drank his bottle, his eyelids grew heavy. The milk of hit his stomach and his thoughts quieted down, drifting away. He barely registered the front of his diaper grow warm as he wet it again. Another wave of pleasure drifted over him and his eyes grew heavier. He closed them and just sucked on his bottle until he'd almost finished it. It fell from his mouth to the floor. His breathing was deep and even and a few lingering drops of milk clung to his plump, pink lips.

"So, Max, three touchdowns in one game. Impressive." 

Max flashed his white teeth in a winning smile at the university recruiter, his barrel chest puffed out and broad shoulders back as he leaned against his locker, book bag tossed carelessly on the school floor. He knew he was one of the top recruits and would have his pick of colleges. His grades weren't the best; studying was at the bottom of his priority list. Football was his life; he was captain of the varsity squad, and his football record paved his future in gold. He practically had a free ride to the university of his choosing. Most high school jocks would be nervous when being interviewed by a recruiter who could determine whether or not they got on a university team, or if high school was going to be the end of their sports career. This was not the first recruiter to come sniffing around and Max was rather enjoying the attention. 

"Haha, yeah. " He laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, looking down at his toes, doing his best to appear modest. He knew this game well. Some of the recruiters liked to pop up unexpectedly and grill their candidates. His father had told him of it- they did it to try and get an honest feel for their potential recruits. Catch them off guard. Put them in the hot seat. Max suppressed a smirk. That little game was not going to work with him. "I don't really pay much attention to it, though." He shrugged his big shoulders. "I mean, I just play the game cuz I love it so much." 

The recruiter had his poker face on; even the photo I.D. on his visitor's badge was serious and focused, his game as well seasoned as his salt and pepper hair. He smiled, his finely oiled mustache twitching as he grinned in conspiracy with Max, letting the boy believe he was taken in by his words, but his eyes were hard and beady, revealing a shrewd intelligence. "Good, good. I'm sure it doesn't hurt with the ladies, though, eh?"

Max laughed and leaned further into his locker, smiling broadly. "I know some players are players with the ladies, but I'm a one-woman kinda guy." He echoed the words his father drilled into him. 

"Ah, yes. I heard you'd been steady with a Priscilla Renine? I'm sorry to hear about her accident. How have you been holding up?"

Max forced his smile into a sad, puppy dog look. Priscilla- he'd only dated her because she'd been the hottest girl on the cheerleading squad. He'd also dated several of the other girls. Right now, he hadn't found a girl he liked enough to go steady with, but he hadn't been lacking in female company. He just had to settle on a girl. He hadn't been to see Priscilla since the accident months ago, when she'd fallen off the top of the human pyramid during practice. He'd popped by the hospital once, had been freaked out by all the tubes going in and out of her, and disgusted by the white, plastic garment strapped around her waist. His girlfriend, wearing diapers like a baby, like those sped freaks in that regression therapy shit. 

"Been holding it together the best I can. Still training hard, studying. Sadly, I haven't had much free time to see her. But…I still love her." He said the last part in a tragic stage whisper, one hand over his heart. 

"Your grades are barely passing; the "C" in English is your highest. I also heard you only visited your girlfriend, Priscilla, once. When she was in the hospital. She's been home for several months." 

Max blinked at the sudden shift in tone, caught off guard. He'd never been warned to expect this tactic, especially when he'd had the recruiter digging out of the palm of his hand. "Uh- well- just, there's been, uh, a lot of practice. I'm a natural at football. Um, studying is, well, uh, it takes, um, more time." His words tumbled over one another nervously. 

The recruiter smirked a little, having his own act to catch the players he was interviewing off guard, lull them into a false sense of security then strike. He leaned in a little; the high school senior was huge; he had the hulking build of a line backer. No wonder he was a natural at football. The eighteen year old boy was taller than the recruiter, making him crane his neck up to look into his face, but the older man was the one who made the boy flinch back and cower. 

"All that is water under the bridge. Neither here nor there. What I'd really like to hear about is a rather big incident from several years ago. Cameron MacLeod ring any bells?" The recruiter's nasty smirk went all the way up to his eyes. He had Max pinned like a frog about to be dissected. 

Max licked his lips, shifting his weight and kicking his bookbag. He felt a flash of anger; leave it up to that big baby, that burned, diaper wearing freak. Prissy was the one who started up with the teasing. The burned boy cried so easily that teasing him had become one of Max's favorite past times. Especially when Prissy was around; she'd laugh and clap her hands in delight as the diaper boy sobbed. Hell, teasing the diapered freak whose burned skin looked like Freddy Kruger was what brought them together. And now, that little bit of harmless teasing was pissing all over his future prospects. Max wanted to punch Freddy Kruger right in his delicate, girly face. 

"Well?" The recruiter pressed. 

"Um, uh, well, it's-" 

"Hey, dude. Chill. It was a long time ago. Like, three year or something, yeah? Maxie here was young and stupid, but he's learned his lesson. " 

Both males turned and looked at the source of the female voice that cut sharply through their conversation. She was hot, for a spiked freak. Max's eyes fell instantly to the bounce of her voluptuous breasts, the curves of her hips as she walked. Her body language just screamed 'come fuck me, big boy'. 

The female joined them, casually slinging one arm around Max's broad shoulders as if they knew each other well, and held her other hand out to the recruiter. "Liliana Renine. Kinda new here, and cousin of Priscilla Renine." 

The recruiter shook her hand, recovering from his surprise at the interruption faster than Max, who still floundered. "The cheerleader who fell and broke her skull?"

"Nearly broke it. So sad. But she's doing much better now. Kinda. I mean, she still shits herself and needs diapers, and she drools all over the place. But Maxie here's been a real trooper. He's called her on the phone loads of times. " 

Max was flabbergasted. Liliana. The last time he'd seen her was when they were small children, right before that whole big fiasco involving her, Priscilla, and a puppy. One of the girls- rumors flew, and the whole community was never really certain WHO had kicked that puppy. It was widely known that one of those girls hand stomped and kicked that puppy, and the majority opinion was Liliana was the culprit. Prissy swore up and down that her rotten cousin Liliana was the puppy kicker, but others said Prissy had done it. 

Now here Liliana stood before him, all grown up, and helping him out. He'd be completely surprised, except he had been talking with Liliana on Facebook. She'd been talking with all of Prissy's friends after looking them up on Facebook, trying to get back in the groove after spending several years with her grandfather in India. 

"Sounds like the poor girl's cheerleading career is over." The recruiter said sympathetically. "But that doesn't seem to have affected Max's performance much."

"Oh, it's been hard on him. It's all in the focus, yeah? He's like a pitbull- game on and he doesn't let go of that bone." 

"Uh-yeah. W-what she said." Max stuttered, distracted by the soft breast squishing against his chest as Liliana leaned forward. 

"Yes. Now, Max, about the incident with Cameron. There were several newspaper articles on it. What do you have to say about it?"

'It was long ago, and um," Max began, stuttering. "It was all a misunderstanding-" 

Liliana leaned forward, stepping between Max and the recruiter. "Look. It was a long time ago. What Max did to that poor boy was horrid. He was not the only one bullying the boy; the chief tormentor was my cousin. But that was years ago. Max was young and stupid. Since then, he's learned his lesson. He feels just awful about it. But he's a changed man now. I mean, hell, look, he's standing here buddy-buddy with me." She gestured to herself- purple lips, snake bites, leather boots, ripped stockings. 

"That IS surprising." The recruiter agreed. Liliana just grinned while Max stared down at her breasts, glanced at the recruiter, obviously trying to focus on him, but his gaze kept straying back to those lovely boobs. "And I've gotta get going. Max, thank you for your time." 

"Yeah. Uh, yes, thank you, I hope to hear from you." Max mumbled, then straightened up and shook hands like his father had made him practice doing to charm the recruiters. Once the man had walked off, Max rounded on Liliana, who had breezed away. She was halfway down the hallway, and he scrambled to catch up to her. 

"Hey! You!" He hollered, causing several people to look, and a few nerdy looking boys to scurry out of his way, afraid he was after them. The girl never stopped. He stormed after her, eventually cutting her off. She didn't pause, merely walked around him. 

"Yo! Prissy's cousin!" He bellowed, irritation growing that the bitch was ignoring him. 

She paused for one moment, shrugged, then kept walking without looking back. 

"Liliana!" He roared her name. 

She paused and looked over her shoulder. "You should've said that the first time." She grinned, seeing the anger in his face. "You're welcome for helping you. I just felt like being nice. Call it a whim." She shrugged. "You are Pissy's boyfriend, after all. But if you really wanna thank me, you'll come by and see her sometime. Now, I gotta get to class before the principal gets his panties in a wad again." With that, she walked off.

Max just stared at her, shaking his head. Prissy was right about her cousin. Bitch was bat-shit crazy. Hella hot, but fucking crazy. He paused, recalling something his father had said, about the crazy bitches being the best in bed

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Cameron sat at the table, his paci dangling from the side of his shirt, held in place by his ducky strap that matched the onesie hidden under his hoodie. He tugged on the green bib tied around his slender neck. The strings were too tight, cutting into his soft skin. The bib was terry cloth with plastic backing, and had a huge, bright yellow ducky in the center of it. He squirmed, his belly still full of milk. His diaper crinkled loudly as he shifted his weight from side to side. He felt it squish, warm and wet, around him. When he'd woken up from his nap, his diaper had been checked and results marked down but it wasn't wet enough for a change just yet. He still enjoyed the freedom of being a big boy, at least in class- he was not strapped into a highchair, and he was allowed to feed himself. He still needed his bib and diapers, though.

He tugged a little more, but the bib stayed tight around his neck. He whined and wished he had a velcro bib, which would give out under his tugging. The tie and snap bibs stayed put. Mrs. Vesper heard his whine; she finished tying Leroy's bib onto him then came back to Cameron. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

Cameron tugged on his bib. "Tight." 

Mrs. Vesper bent over, checking the space between his neck and the bib. She untied the bib, then refastened it and checked the neck gap again. "There we go, that's better. And no mark on your neck." She said, relieved she'd gotten it fixed in time before it left a mark. Cameron was just happy to be able to breathe again in comfort. "Now I'll go get you so some milkies." She said in a cheery sing-song voice as she went off a side door into the small, attached kitchen.

Ms. Sweeney was on the opposite side of the room, passing out little paper plates with two chocolate chip cookies on them from a tray she carried. The regression therapy students had their bibs on. Mrs. Vesper bustled out with another tray and began passing out sippy cups full of warm milk.

"Cookies!" Leroy grinned and bounced in his chair, a little drool running down his chin but he didn't notice or care. He picked one up and shoved it whole into his mouth, still giggling as he chewed and spraying crumbs. Mrs. Vesper floated by, placing a sippy cup on the table in front of him. Leroy grabbed it clumsily with both hands, mouth still full of cookie. Crumbs and drops of milk dribbled down onto his bib as he sucked hard on the sippy cup and overfilled his mouth.

Cameron was much quieter. He stared down at his cookies and sippy cup of milk. His belly still felt mostly full from the bottle he'd had at naptime. Cookies were a special treat; they usually had some healthy, organic snack the moms took turns sending in. It was usually gluten free, too. The regression therapy program was very parent and guardian involved. The other students all had very involved moms, who were well off stay at home moms with more money and time on their hands than they knew what to do with. So they'd wrapped themselves up in their kids, and they seemed to enjoy the regression more than their children did. Marital problems like husbands with good jobs who spent more time at work, and with their young female secretaries, than was strictly necessary were swept under the rug, ignored and kept secret. Disgraceful. Scandalous. Husbands worked late, went out for drinks with the boys, went on extended business trips, screwed their mistresses, and the wives liked the income and denied their problems by getting so wrapped up in motherhood they didn't want to let go.

"What's wrong, baby?" Ms. Sweeney touched a cool hand to Cameron's forehead. "You've been acting off all day. Are you not feeling well? Your forehead's not hot." She looked down worriedly at him.
Cameron took his sippy cup and held it up to her, shaking the milk inside and pointing at it. "Moo-moo." He said. She never listened when he tried to talk to her on an adult level- she treated him as if he was still regressed like the other students, so he'd stopped trying. 

Ms. Sweeney lifted Cameron's hoodie and poked at his belly. He groaned as something in it rolled. She smiled. "Ah, I think I know what the problem is." 

She squatted down and took both of Cameron's wrists in her hands, gently guiding him down onto her knee. She took a cloth from the tray she'd carried and laid it on her shoulder, using the towel as a makeshift burper cloth. She rested Cameron's head on her shoulder, the slight weight of his slender body supported by her own, then rubbed his back. She rubbed small circles on his back, her hand drifting down to his lower back then she started patting him. His stomach rolled again. He tried to squirm, but her embrace held him still. The front of his diaper grew warm as a squirt of pee came out of him. She kept up her pattern of rubbing and patting. A small fart slipped out and he wondered idly if it was just a fart, or if he'd messed himself. Either way, it was nothing for him to worry about. During his regression hypnosis, he'd been taught on a subconscious level to trust his diapers, and his caregivers. His diapers weren't his problem to worry about.

After one last, sharp pat a big bubble rolled up from his stomach and erupted in a loud burp. Some milk dribbled from his lips and landed on the burper cloth. "Yup, I knew there was some gas hiding in there." Ms. Sweeney sounded pleased. "I bet that feels better, doesn't it, baby?"

Cameron winced at the yucky after-taste that had come up with his burp. "Tastes yucky." He got his point across in a toddler lisp.

Ms.Sweeney laughed. "I'm sure, sweetie. Now, eat your cookies, it'll take away the yucky taste." She sat him back down and patted the top of his head. 

Leroy was already shoving his second cookie into his mouth, a ring of chocolate, milk, and cookie crumbs smeared around his lips. Cameron picked up a cookie and took a little nibble.

Someone knocked on the door. The students were too busy eating their cookies and drinking their sippy cups full of milk. Cameron sat his cookie down and looked curiously as Mrs. Vesper and Ms. Sweeney both made their way to the door. No one ever bothered the regression therapy room. 

The door opened, and the girl with purple lipstick stumbled through as if she'd been shoved.

She shot a smoldering glare over her shoulder and for a moment Cameron thought she might actually breathe fire. His heart skipped a beat. Did they send her here to be regressed? Or was she put here because, like him, she was bullied and the principal had decided the easiest thing to do was dump her in here, like they had done with Cameron. Cameron had been separated from the bullies, and the problem was considered solved. He hoped they were just dumping her here- it would be nice to have a fellow student to talk to. And if she was in this room, he was sure she'd end up in diapers, too.

Mr. Witherspoon stepped in behind Liliana, shutting the door firmly with a loud click. Mrs. Vesper pursed her lips, but before she could open them, the older Ms. Sweeney stepped forward. "What's going on?" She kept her face carefully blank while Mrs. Vesper made no effort to hide her displeasure at the arrival. Liliana had been absent from the small community for several years, but the mark she had left was not forgotten. The scandal of Liliana, Priscilla and the abused puppy was still talked about today.

Mr. Witherspoon held up his hand. "Vice principal Lang is out sick today, and there's a bit of an emergency in the in-school suspension. I was having a talk with this young lady in my office when a fight broke out in the I.S.S. room. Secretary Clark is phoning the parents, but we need to keep the two young gentlemen in suspension separated. We're a little short-staffed in the office today, and I do not feel comfortable leaving this one alone and unsupervised. Or mixing her in with other trouble makers. I'd appreciate it if she could stay in your time-out just until I get the current situation under control. This will be her last chance to be on her best behavior." He said the last part with a stern warning directed at the girl. She smiled, innocent as a cat with a canary. He frowned, then returned his gaze to Ms. Sweeney.

Mrs. Vesper's face puckered as if she was sucking on a particularly sour lemon as the principal spoke. Her eyes were narrowed slits. Liliana had her arms crossed, leaning against the wall, and widened her smile at Mrs. Vesper's sour disapproval. The girl almost looked happy to be here, and the special education teacher smelled a big, fat rat. She suspected the girl was up to something.

Ms. Sweeney's eyes focused on Liliana as the principal talked, sizing the girl up. Feeling the stare, Liliana returned the gaze, sizing her up as well, showing no fear or respect.

"……" The head teacher looked at Mr. Witherspoon. "It would be just for a short period of time?"

He nodded.

"If she misbehaves, she will face the same discipline as any other student in this room." Ms. Sweeney decided.

Mr. Witherspoon paused, mustache twitching. "Well…she's not technically in the program-"

Ms. Sweeney cut him off. "Then she doesn't belong in this room. We're making an emergency exception here, Mr. Witherspoon. At your request. She enters this room, she abides by the rules."

"But, you see, the consent form-"

Ms. Sweeney talked over him again. "Then I shall simply call her grandmother Jill." She inclined her head, as if that had settled the matter. "She's the head of the Ladies' Society I'm in, and she's also head of the PTA. I already have her number on hand."

Mr. Witherspoon dithered, apparently suddenly worried about Liliana misbehaving and ending up getting spanked without a consent form, and the ramifications that would mean for him and the school. "Jill never signed the consent form for Priscilla…" 

"Mainstream students are not as supervised as the regression therapy ones, and they have different discipline protocols." Mrs. Vesper spoke up at last, backing Ms. Sweeney up. If the troublemaker was here in this room, she could keep an eye on the brat and find out what she was up to. No normal student would have that smile on their face, like they actually wanted to be here.

"Grandma's not gonna give a rat's-err- care. She won't care. I don't care, either." Liliana's dry voice cut across the adults', though she halted her speech at the last moment, as if just realizing that swearing right now would be a really stupid move. "Grandpa Jack's beaten my a-" She checked herself again. "Gramps has spanked me when I've misbehaved. My father has, too." She said as calmly as if she was discussing the weather. The last time she'd been spanked was when she was younger and her father wailed her ass raw with a belt. Pain and swift punishments did not curb her as it would most children; she had been spurred on, and had bitten her father on the thigh so hard she had drawn blood and left him with a permanent imprint of her teeth. 

Mrs. Vesper scowled; Liliana ignored her. Mr. Witherspoon's frown deepened, and Ms. Sweeney seemed pleased but surprised that Liliana had checked herself. Ms. Sweeney smiled and gestured languidly with her hand. "There you have it, Mr. Witherspoon. It's settled." She nodded her head with a note of finality.

"Well-then-I suppose…it's alright." Mr. Witherspoon's carefully groomed mustache twitched, as if he really wasn't sure about it but could find no grounds to protest on. He unlocked and opened the door. "Liliana. Behave. When I come back, we'll continue our discussion about your inappropriate antics earlier." He shut the door, and Mrs. Vesper locked it.

Liliana saluted as the principal left. "I wouldn't dream of missing it for the world."

Mrs. Vesper whirled, ready to pounce down the disrespectful girl's throat.

Cameron watched, fascinated. Liliana seemed perfectly unperturbed at the chaos she'd caused- her metallic purple lips twitched in a smirk she tried to suppress, as if she was enjoying herself. If he was in her shoes, being at the center of so much attention, he'd be having a panic attack and bawling his eyes out. Just having one of his teachers frown or look sternly at him was enough to reduce him to tears, blubbering about how sorry he was.

Liliana stiffened, facing Mrs. Vesper, her smirk widening, the snake bite piercings under her lower lip glinting in the artificial light overhead.

"Liliana. This is-" Mrs. Vesper started.

Ms. Sweeney laid a hand on Mrs. Vesper's arm, silencing her. "Please see to the babies. " Her voice was a gentle command. Mrs. Vesper looked from Liliana to her boss. She huffed, deflating like a punctured balloon.

"Very well. But I'm keeping an eye on her." She huffed off, bustling over to the tables and grabbing a box of wet wipes on her way, to start cleaning hands and faces.
"Liliana, right?" Ms. Sweeney asked pleasantly but firmly, as if only asking out of politeness. She already knew who Liliana was. "I'm Ms. Sweeney, head teacher of the regression therapy program."

Liliana nodded curtly. "Yo, sup, teach?" She sounded as if she was repeating slang she'd picked up in the halls, particularly from rough boys. She raised a clenched fist, offering it up for a fist bump. Ms. Sweeney stared at her, finding her actions odd. "No?" Lili shrugged, straightened up from her slouch and held out her hand. "Liliana Renine, but everyone calls me Lili." Ms. Sweeney stared at the offered hand for a moment, checking it over to make sure the girl did not have a prank buzzer on it, before shaking it.

"This is a special room. I ask that you please be considerate of the students' special needs, and that you follow our rules for this room. If you don't, you'll get the same consequences as any student here."

"Yup. Got it. You covered that with Mr. Witheredsack." Lili said, gazing around the room at the banner of the alphabet running around the top of the walls, at the stacks of toys ranging from toddler up through kindergarten levels, at the plastic potty chairs in one corner, to the huge changing tables piled high with bags of diapers, each one with a student's name on it. She looked at the mentally regressed students in their bibs and sippy cups with the unmistakable diaper bulges around their crotches. She felt eyes on her, and met the gaze of the pretty boy who'd watched out the door earlier. Cameron. Her gaze trailed from his effeminate face down to the bright yellow duck on his bib. She gave him a small half smile, and he blushed , ducking his head shyly. It had taken quite a bit of careful prodding various students to find out who the pretty boy was without arousing suspicion or seeming too curious.

Ms. Sweeney coughed to cover her laugh at what the girl called the principal. "What happens out there is between you and Mr. Witherspoon. It's not my concern, and I won't punish you for it. Your behavior in here is. You're a guest here, and I expect proper behavior. Now, there's a free seat over here." She gestured to a small table where no students were seated.

"Got it." Liliana noted how close it was to Cameron and sauntered over. She hooked her boot under a chair leg, pulled it out with her foot, sat down, still looking around her.

Liliana still eyed the teacher. This teacher- Ms. Sweeney- knew her grandmother, knew Liliana's reputation and she was giving her a pass on her behavior. LIke everyone else in the small yet well to do town of Mapleton, this teacher knew of her checkered past. Yet she wasn't judging her by it; it was the closest thing to a warm welcome she'd gotten.

Mrs. Vesper escorted one of the two girls in the class, back to her seat after helping her with the potty, and praising her for keeping her pull up dry just like a big girl. The regressed girl had a smiley face sticker on the frilly peter pan collar of her dress as a reward. Mrs. Vesper stilled as she saw Liliana sitting at a table. "Mr. Witherspoon said to put her in time out."

Ms. Sweeney just smiled sweetly. "If she breaks his rules, then its up to him to punish her. She's broken no rules in here, and she gets a clean slate in here. Now, Lili."

"Now, Lili. You want me to call you Lili, right? You can call me Ms. S., it's what some of my students use." Ms. Sweeney stayed standing instead of crouching down as Liliana sat on the oversized, childish chair, to get across the point she was an authority figure. 

Liliana was still gazing around, though the effeminate boy in the ducky bib kept attracting her attention. "Lili. Yeah." She said, somewhat distractedly as she studied the boy. She'd like to say her friends called her Lili but what few friends she had were left in India. After the incident with her cousin Priscilla and the injured puppy, the incident that had gotten her into so much trouble and still left a sour feeling with the residents of Mapleton, her Grandfather Jack had taken her to India, where she had grown up on his tiger preservation farm. 

"Lili it is then. Now, would you like something to drink? I've got juice boxes or milk, but you'd have to have that in a sippy cup. Classroom rules." Ms. Sweeney explained with a gentle smile. 

"Nah. Thanks." Lili curled her purple upper lip in a sneer at the mention of a sippy cup. 
Then she had second thoughts. She should show she was willing to play along. This golden opportunity to get to the pretty boy in the ducky bib had dropped into her lap, and she'd be an idiot to ruin it. She'd already resolved to swallow her pride to get what she wanted. 

"Actually,juice would be cool." She smiled up at the teacher A juice box wasn't that humiliating. She already felt like she'd been tossed back to kindergarten. No, not tossed back- she chose to come back. There was someone here who had peeked her interest, and to get to the prize, she had to be a good girl and play along. Lili was never content with just playing- she, like Priscilla, preferred to be the master puppeteer. 

Her first few classes had been uneventful, until one of the girls who dressed a lot like her cousin Priscilla made some comment about her spikes, piercings, and all that black crap on her face. Liliana, in returned, asked the girl if she was relieved that her last pregnancy test had been negative and whether her cooter still smelled funny. The other girls had laughed, along with a few of the lunk head jocks. Though a couple of the jocks had exchanged worried looks, as if worried they'd caught something from the girl with the smelly cooter. Liliana then had smiled sweetly and held out her hand, introducing herself as Priscilla's cousin. A few of Priscilla's close friends, who were Prissy's fellow cheerleaders, had shaken it warily, as if they weren't quite sure what to make of her. Priscilla had talked badly about her freak cousin, and Liliana, before coming to school, had gone through Prissy's Facebook to get to know the students. Specifically, those closest to Prissy, and had poked around on their Facebook pages as well. All it had taken was a few comments regurgitated from their Facebook squalling about the latest boyband and latest fashion trend, and Prissy's friends had accepted her into their little clique. Prissy's friends thought Liliana may have dressed like a weird freak- but maybe that was from growing up overseas?- but she knew what was cool and she was funny. 

Out in the hall, some of Prissy's friends had heard about what happened to her and wanted to see her scars. So Liliana had made a big joke out of it, laughing and making up bullshit stories about her accident. She'd pulled up her shirt and let them touch and poke at her scar while she joked about starring in a horror movie. 

That's when one of the boys, who'd been admiring the curve of Lili's breasts and the round curves of her ass in those tight, short shorts, made a comment about the boy called Freddy Kruger- a boy covered in burns who was in the sped class. Before Lili could reply, the principal had come upon their little group and saw Liliana's outfit, and her exposed stomach. Again. Rather than pull her shirt down, act uncomfortable and embarrassed, Liliana had left her scar out and flashed a peace sign at the principal, asking "Yo, 'sup doc?" He'd been less than pleased with her antics and marched her down to his office. 

"Juice it is then." Ms. Sweeney stared down at her for a moment, not sure what to make of the girl, but wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. She went into the small kitchen, opening up a refrigerator and pulling out a juice box then sat it down in front of Liliana. 

"Thanks." Liliana nodded, already slouched in the chair and looking comfortable instead of the out of place interloper that she really was. Inside, she felt awkward in the giant nursery.

"You're quite welcome." Ms. Sweeney said sweetly and went over to her desk as Mrs. Vesper had her hands full taking care of the other students. 

Lili took the juice box, feeling like she'd shrunk or went back in time and was in elementary school. She pulled the little plastic wrapper off the straw, then poked it through the foil-covered opening on top of the green apple juice box. She pretended to stare at the play area filled with mounds of toys and padded vinyl mats for the overgrown toddlers to play on. 

Most of the students were too busy munching drinking their milk and playing with the student sitting next to them to give her more than a curious glance; they were easily distracted. Regressed to a toddler's attention span. Except for the boy in the pale blue striped hoodie and ducky bib. He tried to keep his attention on his cookies, but he kept sneaking glances at her. She watched him out of the corner of her eyes. Everytime he'd look at her, she'd catch his gaze and smile at him. He'd blush and look away, like he had the first time she saw him in the hall. 

He was a pretty thing. Clearly a boy but with a sharply feminine bent giving him an air of androgyny. He looked to be around her height, though she hadn't seen him up close so didn't know for certain. Soft pink lips and big eyes framed by long, inky lashes. Thin; hardly any meat on his bones, and even under the baggy sweatshirt and loose jeans she could easily see the telltale diaper bulge. The crotch in his pants had been specially made to accommodate very thick, bulky diapers. 

Ms. Sweeney picked up the phone on her desk and dialed. Liliana flicked a quick glance at her. She knew calling her grandmother would be futile. Jill would halfheartedly consent, not caring either way what became of Liliana. She had always favored Priscilla, had believed her after the incident that tore open a gaping chasm in the family dynamics. Liliana was too much like Grandpa Jack, in looks and mannerisms, and that won her no favor with her grandmother. It only made her grandmother Jill more certain of her guilt. Jill had never forgiven Jack for decades worth of cheating, for breaking their marriage vows and humiliating her. Jack had never apologized, did not want forgiveness- he was still with his mistress. So Liliana ended up bearing the brunt of Jill's repressed, stored up anger. 

Ms. Sweeney hung up the phone and came back over. "Well, Lili, looks like you're officially mine until Mr. Witherspoon returns." 

"It beats being in Algebra." She joked, tearing her attention away from the pretty boy to look up at the teacher. The look on Ms. Sweeney's face reminded her sharply of Asha, her grandfather's assistant and right hand at the tiger sanctuary, when she was skeptical or less than pleased with Liliana's behavior. Liliana held up a hand, thumb over her folded pinky and other three fingers straight up in the air. "I'll be on my best behavior. Scout's honor." Never mind the fact she'd never been a scout. She shot the teacher a winning smile. 

"I trust you will. You might be with us a while- would you like a coloring book or some sketch paper? We have picture books. "

"Thanks, but I'm good." Liliana pulled out her iPhone and held it up questioningly. "I got some games on here. It's on vibrate. I'll be quiet as a mouse." She sat the phone down and pulled up a game app. Ms. Sweeney watched, thinking about it for a moment then nodded, deciding to give the girl the benefit of the doubt, and went off to check on a student who was squirming in his seat and tossed his empty sippy cup onto the floor. 

Cameron really didn't have room in his tummy for a snack. He had tried to let Leroy take his cookies, but Mrs. Vesper had swooped down, caught Leroy's wrists, gave them a gentle, reprimanding tap and told him no, then told Cameron to eat his cookies. He was more interested in the new girl- Liliana. Lili. He picked up his sippy cup and took a drink of the milk and felt the front of his diaper grow warm. He'd always enjoyed the sensation of a wet diaper, except when it was full and clammy and cold- that's one of the few times he'd grow fussy over the state of his diaper. On occasion, it still caused him to cry until someone changed him. 

He snuck a glance at Lili as she poked her straw into her juice box. He was a little astonished the teachers allowed her to open her own box. He shifted, bulky diaper crinkling noisily. She smiled at him. A few drops of milk escaped the sippy cup as he sucked, running down his chin then dripping onto his ducky bib. He blushed and ducked his head, pulling his sippy cup out of his mouth so fast the last drops of milk dribbled out, soaking his chin and splashing his bib. He heard the drops hit and felt like an overgrown baby trying to get the attention of a big kid. Here he sat in a bib, diaper and covered in milk while she sat over there, no diaper, no bib, with a juice box she'd been allowed to open herself. He peeked shyly up at her through the fringe of his bangs. Her eyes glinted with pleasure and mischief as she lifted her juice box up to him in silent toast and took a sip, as if trying to make him feel better about his sippy cup. Or teasing him. 

He blushed and looked down at his cookies then over at her. Her smile was gentle, not a laughing sneer, and it left him confused. Part of him feared she was making fun of him; that was the part that feared anyone from the mainstream classes. But her expression didn't match the memories of the jeering faces that haunted him. So..maybe she wasn't laughing at him. He thought of the massive scar on her side, gouges of her flesh missing. Maybe she knew what it was like to be laughed at? He still wondered if she'd be joining them, end up diapered and bibbed like he was. 

Cameron peeked at her again. She caught his eye, lifted her juice box up again then motioned her head towards his sippy cup. He blushed, grabbed his cup. She raised her juice box up yet again in a silent toast; he hesitated a moment, smiled softly then raised his sippy cup up a little. She put the straw to her lips and he took a small sip of his milk, careful not to dribble anything this time. The milk on his bib was all the proof in the world he needed to show he was still just a baby who needed a bib to keep his clothes clean. 

"If you're in this classroom, you follow the rules for students. That means ALL rules." Mrs. Vesper swooped down upon Liliana, a white terry cloth bib with plastic backing trimmed in pink with Elmo on it held in one pudgy hand, her fingernails like red talons. Her horn-rimmed glasses slipped down her nose as she bent over. 

Liliana sucked hard, quickly emptying the juice box, then held it up, shaking it. "It's empty, so I'm good." She stretched, nearly cuffing Mrs. Vesper with her spiked sleeves and forcing the teacher to take a step back. 

"You will wear this. Or face disciplinary measures." She stepped forward again, closing in on Liliana's personal space, but the girl didn't seem bothered by it. She just looked lazily up at Mrs. Vesper, purple lips curling into a half-smirk. 

"You've been banging on about that since I stepped foot in here. Spanking is the "disciplinary measure"." She said it more of a statement than a question. Cameron's belly did a funny flip flop to see her so defiant, something he could never do even when he wanted to. 

"Yes. Ms. Sweeney got permission from your grandmother." 

Liliana smiled, her eyes taunting. "Really excited to "discipline" me, aren't ya? I know I got a nice ass, but, no offense, you're not really my type, and I'm not into bottoming." 

The gleam of wanting to humiliate the trouble maker faded to confusion on the teacher's face. "What?" She wasn't used to students who talked back as much as Liliana did. 

Liliana's face gloated twitched with laughter, which she tried to suppress. "You're a married woman-surely you know what I mean? But, BDSM? Yeah?" The teacher's red-taloned fingers curled into fists, scrunching the girly bib. 

Mrs. Vesper's face paled in sheer shock, then as her anger mounted, that ghostly white gradually turned puce purple as Liliana's metallic lips stretched into a Cheshire cat grin. She shouldn't provoke the teacher. But the teacher had been baiting her, and Liliana just wasn't able to resist the instinctive impulse to bait back.

"Mrs. Vesper, please come help Billy; he needs a diaper change while I pass out the work books so we can practice our ABC's. " Ms. Sweeney called, interrupting the confrontation. 

Mrs. Vesper's lips puckered, her red lipstick feathering at the edges. She adjusted her glasses, pushing them back up her nose before stalking off with an offended hmph and a sour look that promised Liliana she was not done with her. 

Cameron kept sneaking peeks, afraid Mrs. Vesper would catch him looking. Once she'd stalked off, before he could change his mind and lose his courage, he grabbed the paper plate with the cookies and slipped out of his chair and onto the floor. Leroy was too busy picking his nose to pay attention to what Cameron was doing. Cameron crawled along on the carpeted floor, his diaper crinkling loudly. Liliana was only one table over from him, at the little round one. Cameron sometimes sat there by himself when he was working on his high school level work while the fully regressed students did work more appropriate with kindergarten level. He crawled, occasionally stopping to sneak a peek at the teachers, who were otherwise engaged and hadn't noticed him yet. 

Liliana watched the big baby in the ducky bib crawl to her. His well padded bottom was in the air, the thick bulge of his diaper clearly visible. She heard the crinkle of his diaper as he got nearer, and she wondered what the little boy was up to. He did not act like the other students, all fidgety and easily distracted- she wondered how regressed he was. If he was regressed at all. He was too aware of what went on around him. He put the paper plate with the cookies on it up on the table next to her, then boldly sat up in the chair next to hers. His head was lowered, gaze focused on his soft, slim hands. 

She smiled at him, but with his head lowered, he did not see. The diapered boy with the milk stains on his ducky bib really was adorable, for an overgrown toddler. As he sat down, there was a loud pop as several snaps on his crotch popped open, forced apart by the humongous diaper swaddling him. She glanced down, saw the poppers on his pants open, revealing the snaps on his onesie, which had come undone as well, showing the plastic shell of his bulging diaper. He didn't seem to notice, leading her to believe it happened frequently to him. She wondered if he knew when he wet or messed himself. 

"Hey there, baby boy. What you up to?" Liliana kept her voice light, mimicking how she'd heard the teachers talking to the regression students. 

Cameron blushed, ducking his head more, too shy to look at her. The words stuck in his throat. He trembled and wondered what he was doing. Adrenaline made his heart pump and his head buzz. He wanted to say hi to this fascinating creature, to this girl who was scarred just like he was, but fear clogged his throat, nearly making him choke. In answer, he hesitantly took his partially nibbled cookie then pushed the plate towards her, his soft hands shaking. 

Liliana raised an eyebrow, wondering if the boy could not talk or if he was just shy. She guessed, from his trembling, he was just very shy. And yet, he was the one who had approached her. Bold, for a little diapered mouse, she thought and her smile widened.

"For me?". Liliana asked gently, one blonde eyebrow arching. She'd have thought her piercings and makeup alone would have frightened the boy off. The other regressed students had checked her over then quickly looked away with fear on their faces. Lili didn't look friendly or approachable. But this boy seemed fascinated by her. Maybe he was just from a very controlled environment and had never seen anyone who looked like her- piercings and makeup. Or maybe it was her scars. She knew he saw them when the principal cornered her in the hall, and Cameron had stared out the classroom door. What she had heard about the boy said he was covered in burn scars, so she was sure her own would catch his attention. 

Cameron nodded his head. When she didn't reply and just stared at him, he squirmed in his seat. His diaper crinkled loudly and peered up at her. She just sat there watching him expectantly. He pushed the little paper plate closer to her. He opened his mouth to tell her he was sharing his cookies with her, but that gaze sliced through his courage with razor sharp claws, shredding it ruthlessly. His face got hot, flushing red. He nodded furiously, head bobbing up and down as he looked down. 

He couldn't do this. What had he been thinking? Just- she had scars. Like he did. He was curious. Knowing she had scars made him feel brave enough to approach her. He hated meeting new people, changes in his environment. He liked routine and knowing the people around him. Knowing they would not hurt him. Therapy had taught him not everyone was out to hurt him, had worked with him on learning to meet new people. The old fear bubbled up in his chest, squeezing his lungs, ready to pop into a full blown panic attack.

As he looked down, he noticed the snaps on his jeans had popped open, along with the ones on his onesie, exposing his diaper. His clearly wet diaper. He knew his heavy duty diaper was obvious from the very visible bulge and how loud the crinkle of it was. But this actually exposed his diaper to her razor sharp gaze. Not only was his diaper exposed, but its condition was, too. Wet. Helpless as a baby. The ducky bib, sippy cup and pacifier dangling from his ducky clip were embarrassing but expected in a regression therapy room. But to have her know what he'd done in his diaper….that felt so intimate. So exposed. 

His heart skipped a few beats, hammering unpleasantly and his breathing quickened. He felt the tight bubble in his chest pop and a panic attack coming on and let out a garbled squeak. She must think him a daft idiot, a big, stupid, pants pissing baby. 

Lili watched the boy's breath quickening, his chest starting to rise and fall as he shook slightly, starting to fall to pieces in front of her. She did not want to upset him, push him away. She wanted to get closer to him. Not make him cry and hurt him further. She did not care what the teachers would think- they would assume she was bullying the diaper boy, stealing his cookies and would spank her. 

She quickly glanced around- Mrs. Vesper was trying to pin down a squirming boy on the changing table, his pants down, diaper open and feet up in the air. The boy kept grabbing at his sock covered toes and trying to shove them in his mouth, preventing the teacher from getting to his diaper. Ms. Sweeney was bent over one of the two girls in the class and helping her with some numbers.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Lili leaned over and gently touched his arm. 

Cameron froze at the soft touch, shocked. He tried to answer her but a bubble of nerves tangled in his throat and only a garbled squeak escaped. 

Lili couldn't help it. She laughed. The diapered boy really was adorable in a big baby kind of way. Her laugh, however, apparently was the wrong thing to do. 

Cameron flinched at her laugh;it struck him like a whip, ripping deep into the raw nerves and emotional wounds that therapy was helping heal, tearing that emotional wound open again. Gutting him. Tears burned his eyes and he sniffed, slim body shaking more with the depth of his emotions, his hurt, old wounds she had unwittingly ripped open. 

Lili's heart twisted in her chest to see this beautiful boy in such pain. She squeezed his arm, fingers tightening on his blue striped sleeve. "Oh, don't cry. I'm sorry. I wasn't laughing at you. Really. Don't cry. Please. " 

Cameron peeked up at her at the panic and worry in her voice. Was she really worried about him, or afraid of getting in more trouble? But she'd mouthed off to the teachers and teased Mrs. Vesper about- about naughty stuff. She wasn't even afraid of the principal. He doubted she would be afraid of teacher reprimands and punishment…but Ms. Sweeneys paddle hurt! Cameron had never experienced it himself; just seeing other kids get paddled was enough to cow him. 

Her gaze caught his. His eyes were full of sparkling tear drops. Those pierced, purple lips smiled gently. " I promise, I wasn't laughing at you. I just thought your squeak was cute. " Her eyes were warm and sincere as she gazed at him, and he lost himself in their depths. 

Cameron's sunken cheeks bloomed red as a summer rose. "I-I didn't squeak!" he blurted in a rushed whisper. His nerves and embarrassment still made him shake, but her steady gaze helped calm him, reassure him she was not going to hurt him. 

Lili blinked in surprise. "You talked!" 

"O-of course I can talk." He blushed, his voice growing softer, but he kept his eyes locked with hers. 

She slumped back in the chair, her hand falling away from his arm. He already missed her touch and wondered why. "I didn't know you could. You never said a word. Just cute little squeaks like a baby mousie." 

His face grew hot, bravado fading as quickly as it had come. "I j-just-I-" He stuttered, shifting, feeling the ridiculously thick, wet padded bulk of his diaper shift under him noisily. A few loud pops caused him to glance at his heavily padded crotch. More poppers had popped open. Now it was hard to miss his exposed diaper. He thought before she hadn't noticed but now she was sure to. She would look down and see the big baby's big diaper. He almost squeaked again but bit his lip. 

Lili's grin grew like a cat who'd found a new toy to play with. She swallowed a laugh so she wouldn't upset him again. "You're so shy, cute little mousie." 

He squirmed some more. His entire crotch had popped open. He felt his stomach twinge and rumble. The milk from his nap was working its way through him and would soon have him filling up the seat of his diaper. He vaguely noticed it. Most of the time he didn't notice or pay attention. The only time he usually realized he had to poop was after the fact, when it filled his diaper. At least it was not stinky thanks to a special medicine his grandma and doctor had him take. He didn't want to mess himself in front of the pretty, strange girl but he'd have no choice. He had no control, which was why he needed his diapers. Super thick diapers for extra protection.

Liliana was right- he was very shy and he saw no use in denying it. Cute. She said his squeaks were cute. He felt his face grow hot along with his diaper front as another small spurt of pee warmed the already wet padding. Liquids just seemed to run right through him. But that's why he needed diapers. His care takers- doctors and nurses in the hospital, and nannies when he went home, had commented on how cute or how pretty he was, but this was different. His heart sped up again, making his chest feel funny but not like a panic attack. 

He bit his plump, soft, full pink lower lip to silence his nervous, embarrassed squeak and just pushed the place with the cookie on it towards her again. He had to stretch, his diaper rustling loudly, the poppers in his crotch all forced open from the huge bulk of his diaper. The crotch of his pants and onesie hung open like a gaping mouth with rows of round, shiny little teeth and inside that cavern was his obviously wet diaper, still pushing the material out. 

His knee bumped hers as he reached to push the cookie in front of her.

"Sowwy." He mumbled, scooting back in his chair and heard a few more snaps pop open.

The cookie and plate were now right in front of her. "No worries. You really are a shy little baby boy." Lili's warm voice oozed over him like warm honey, pleasure warming him up. Washing over him in a gentle wave. He smiled and had the urge to stuff his beloved paci into his mouth. In his panic and nervousness earlier, he'd forgotten about it. He forgot all about his exposed diaper. As his confidence around her grew, he raised his head up to look at her. 

"So, you sure?" She held up the cookie questioningly. 

He smiled shyly and nodded, picking up his own cookie between slender, soft, girly fingers. Just slap nail polish on and his hands could have belonged to a girl. 

Lili's smile widened, the snake bites moving as her facial muscles stretched. He stared, attention caught by their movement .He wondered how much it hurt getting a crazy place like that pierced. 

Lili tapped her cookie to Cameron's raised one. "Well, cheers then, eh?" she winked as he let out a surprised little squeak, pale face going red as he blushed yet again. She liked making him blush- it was fun gently teasing him, and he was so soft and beautiful. Not just physical beauty- maybe it was because of what he'd been through, because he'd been in regression therapy, but an open innocence shined in his eyes. The innocence of a child, something the adults in Liliana's life lacked. Something Liliana herself lacked. She loved her grandfather, and Asha, her grandfather's mistress, but they had their adult games they played. Games Liliana played as well. 

In his flustered state, he shoved his entire cookie into his mouth. It was hard and a little chewy but still sweet and yummy. It was a store bought cookie, from a package. Nothing as good as a homemade or bakery bought cookie, all soft and plump and filled with bits of gooey chocolate chunks. The cookie crunched loudly and Lili laughed again, smiling. The little round metal balls below her purple lips twitched with her facial movements. She winked at him before shoving her own cookie into her mouth whole, just like he'd done. 

Lili stared, smiling, as Cameron looked down at his lap, slender hands clasped together as he chewed his cookie. He was too shy to look at her, his previous courage fading as quickly as it came. He felt her gaze on him and he curled up. Cookie crumbs fell from his lips, dropping onto his milk-spattered ducky bib. He swallowed bits at a time. 

Cameron's heart thumped in his chest a he fidgeted, diaper crinkling noisily as he swallowed some more. He wished he'd brought his sippy cup with him. What should he do now? He wanted to look at the girl, but he was afraid to. 

"So, Squeakers, what do they call you?" Liliana already knew his name from asking around and the teacher's talking, but Cameron didn't know she already knew, and she wanted a conversation opener. 

Cameron's cheeks bloomed pink and he peeked up at her, cookie crumbs clinging to his pink lips. "Camwin." He said softly then looked back down at his lap and his diaper poking out through the open snaps in his crotch. 

"Lili, but you probably already heard." Lili's voice was gentle and smooth as velvet. She looked over Cameron's shoulder and saw Mrs. Vesper approaching with a white bib trimmed in pink clutched in her pink talons. The woman's lips pressed together in a thin, determined line. Her eyes locked with Lili's in challenge. 

Cameron noticed Lili's stare and looked sideways at the teacher's aide. His face paled and he stuck his binky in his mouth and sucked nervously on the rubber nipple. 

Mrs. Vesper smirked and held the bib open, ready to snap it around the rebellious interloper's neck. She would make her obey the rules. "Classroom rules. You're a student. Any time a student in here eats, they must wear a bib." Her eyes, her expression stared down at the little hellion, daring her to argue, as if the teacher really wanted to goad the girl into an outburst.
Lili's lips twisted in a silent snarl and she stood up to prevent the teacher from fastening the bib around her neck. She stood toe to toe with the teacher, invading her personal space and forcing the teacher to back up. Lili took a step forward. Mrs. Vesper's doughy face lost its nasty look, replaced by a flash of fear. 

Lili smirked.

Cameron craned his neck, his eyes wide as saucers. He trembled, sucking noisily on his binky and fingers tugging on his bib. He hated fights. Oh how he hated them. He sucked vigorously on the rubber nipple, using it to keep himself from falling apart. His daddy had gotten angry a lot. As angry as Mrs. Vesper and Liliana were right now. The mere memory of his father's loud, angry voice sent shards of ice down Cameron's spine and numbed his mind. 

He whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and drawing in deep, ragged breaths. He concentrated on his breathing, blocking everything but the actions of his lungs and his sucking on his paci, just like his therapists and doctors had taught him. Daddy was not here now. He was away, couldn't hurt him any more. Locked away. He was safe. Struggling to be calm, he opened his eyes, wanting the fight to stop. Wanted nice, behaving Lili back. Wanting her to stop fighting with the teacher. An angry teacher was almost as scary as his angry father. Fear spiking through him, he darted forward suddenly and tugged timidly on the hem of the white tank top peeking out from her spike trimmed, short black sweatshirt. 

Mrs. Vesper pursed her lips and stepped back, putting space between her and Lili. She straightened her back, but Lili just smiled. "I'm not eating right now." For emphasis, she parted her purple, spiked lips and stuck out her tongue, which still had a few bits of partially masticated cookie. Mrs. Vesper's lips twitched in revulsion at the sight. 

When tugging on Lili's shirt didn't get her attention, Cameron rocked forward, feeling his sodden diaper padding squish under him, as he reached up and tugged on the hem of her sweatshirt, harder than he'd tugged last time. She finally felt the pull and looked down at the trembling boy. 

"No fight. Peese." He lisped softly behind his paci. His slim body trembled slightly and he looked down, all his courage focused on tugging Liliana's shirt.

Liliana felt the tugging and looked down, barely hearing Cameron's whispered words, which were muffled by his paci. His head was bent, so she couldn't see the expression on his face, but his trembling gave way what he was feeling. He was upset by her goading the teacher's aide. Her temper was getting the better of her; she felt no hesitation or fear of locking horns with Mrs. Vesper, but she didn't want to upset the pretty, fragile diaper boy. 

The sneer faded from her purple painted lips and she laid her hands on top of Cameron's. She ignored Mrs. Vesper and squatted down so she could look at Cameron's face, taking his hands in her own and giving them a little squeeze to get his attention and comfort him. 

"Hey. Don't cry. We're not fighting." Lili cajoled softly. 

Her gentle voice cut through Cameron's racing thoughts, her gentle touch prodding him to peek up. He let his paci drop from his pink lips, caught by the blue ribbon and ducky clip. "N-no f-fight?" He whispered even softer than before, his words more breath than voice. 

Even this close to him, Lili couldn't hear him; she read his lips. "Yeah. It's okay." She rubbed her thumbs over his slim fingers and he blushed when he realized she was holding his hands. 

Mrs. Vesper's retort died on her lips at the sudden change in Liliana's demeanor. She was taken aback and just stared as the rough looking girl cooed at her student, calming him down. Her instincts were to swoop in and separate them, but Cameron was responding to the girl. 

Liliana and Mrs. Vesper standing toe to toe immediately attracted the attention of Ms. Sweeney. "What's going on?" She quickly swooped down on the trio, pinning Liliana and Mrs. Vesper with a no-nonsense stare. She looked from her fellow teacher to the interloping trouble making student who'd been thrust upon her. 

Liliana looked up over Cameron's bony shoulder to stare back unblinking at the teacher. Mrs. Vesper sniffed disdainfully and looked away, not willing to admit she may have been in the wrong and also not willing to risk Ms. Sweeney's wrath. 

Ms. Sweeney was no fool- in a few moments she pieced together what happened. Her eyes darted from the pink and white bib clutched in Mrs. Vesper's hands to Lili. Cameron followed Lili's gaze; upon seeing the stern look on Ms. Sweeney's face, he whimpered, shrinking into his chair. 

"Shh." Liliana focused on him right away, gently shaking his hands to get his attention back on her. He looked back at her. She released one hand briefly to snag his blue and white paci, holding it up to his lips. He obediently opened his mouth and she slipped the rubber nipple in. He started sucking immediately and smiled softly at her. 

"I see." Ms. Sweeney's gaze focused on Liliana, then sliced to Mrs. Vesper.

"I was just-" Mrs. Vesper started in on defense of her actions. "Just enforcing class rules." At her voice, Lili glanced up at her and her face hardened. She looked ready to pop up and fight. Cameron stared at her face and whined softly, starting to tense up again. Lili immediately schooled her features, her attention once again on Cameron. She forced a smile, tugging on his bib and tickling his milk-splattered ducky until he relaxed. 

Ms. Sweeney held up one hand, cutting the other teacher off; Mrs. Vesper fell silent immediately. There was no confusion who was in charge of the regression room. Lili looked up at her, expression silently challenging and asking now what. 

"Mrs. Vesper, please go help Susie with her pull-up. She's squirming in her seat; she probably needs to go potty." Ms. Sweeney ordered sweetly and Mrs. Vesper pursed her lips, looking like she was sucking on something sour, and nodded her head. "And if there's anything else that needs addressed with our guest today, I will take care of it." She added in a low and stern reprimand, looking directly at Mrs. Vesper, who scurried off. 

Cameron still heard Ms. Sweeney's stern tone and he started to tense, afraid he and Lili were in trouble. Lili poked his ducky and he sucked nervously on his paci, peeking up at his teacher. Ms. Sweeney's face immediately softened and she smiled reassuringly at him. "Liliana. Disrespect towards anyone in this classroom is not tolerated. I do appreciate your help with Cameron." 

Liliana shrugged casually, as if she didn't care either way what the teacher thought. "He's a sweet baby. I just didn't wanna see him cry." 

"I see." Ms. Sweeney frowned, wondering how to get through to the girl. Wondering if that was even possible. "Cameron, sweetheart." Her tone instantly turned syrupy sweet. "You know you're not allowed to just get up out of your seat and wander." She said in a gentle reprimand. 

Cameron lowered his head, blinking back tears. "S-sowwies." He lisped softly behind his paci. Lili squeezed his hands gently and he sniffled. 

"But since this was special circumstances and you made a friend…" Ms. Sweeney trailed off and Cameron peeked up at her. Cameron blushed, realizing Ms. Sweeney had known what they were doing the whole time. Ms. Sweeney always knew what went on in her room, and he felt like a very bad boy. A tear trickled down his cheek and Lili reached up to wipe it away. He looked at her, the pierced, scary-looking interloper; she smiled at him, the spikes below her purple lip twitching with the facial muscle movement. He smiled weakly back. 

"I suppose it would be alright if you sat here for today. If Liliana doesn't mind, of course." Ms. Sweeney finished. She knew she should take Cameron's hand and lead him back to his assigned seat next to Leroy, but she had never seen Cameron latch on to another like he had with Liliana. She was mystified and curious about why that was, and followed her gut instinct to let Cameron sit next to her. Liliana's immediate reaction of stopping her provocation of Mrs. Vesper when Cameron was upset convinced Ms. Sweeney to allow it. The teacher would, of course, be keeping a close, watchful eye on the two of them. 

"Yeah, I dun mind. I'll keep an eye on baby boy here." Lili smiled flirtatiously at Cameron, whose whole face flushed red. He sucked his paci nervously, noisily, a little bit of drool slipping down his chin and onto his bib. He ducked his head. 

"Uh oh baby. Here, let me fix your pants. Your diapee is showing." Ms. Sweeney noticed Cameron's crotch and onesie snaps were popped wide open, leaving his diaper on display. Liliana sat back in her seat as Ms. Sweeney gently turned Cameron in his seat so he was facing her. His diaper crinkled noisily. She knelt down and poked at his gigantic diaper, checking him. 

He blushed, wanting the ground to open and swallow him up. He squeaked. Even worse than Lili noticing his exposed, wet diaper was having it checked right in front of her. Like he was such a big, helpless baby he couldn't even tell when his diapee needed changed. He swiveled his head, shyly peeking over his shoulder at Lili. She stared right at him, and winked. He squeaked and turned shyly back around, face going even redder when he heard her amused chuckle.

"You're wet but you don't need a change just yet." Ms. Sweeney announced loudly and snapped his onesie then his pants shut. She stood up then turned to Lili. "Lili honey, your turn- let's see if you went pee pee or poo poo in your diaper."She cooed. Lili's kohl rimmed eyes widened, looking absolutely horrified and pissed off.

Ms. Sweeney caught herself and tittered. "Sorry, I was on auto pilot. I'm not used to having a regular student in my room."

Lili's upper lip curled in a silent snarl. She didn't find it amusing at all. 

Cameron reached over and patted her knee. His slim hand shook slightly and he sucked nervously on his beloved paci. Then looked up at Ms. Sweeney once the snarl left Lili's face. 

"Lili big giwl. Not baby wike me. No diapee." He whispered in his soft toddler lisp. 

"Yes, sweetie. You're right. My mistake. Lili, I do sincerely apologize." She said formally, sounding so much like Lili's grandmother Jill that Lili almost cringed. 

She slouched in her seat and shrugged. " 's fine. No big deal." 

Mrs. Vesper swept by with a stack of workbooks and bin of crayon boxes and pencils in her arms. Ms. Sweeney snatched two books and crayon boxes off her. "Thank you." She smiled and Mrs. Vesper just nodded curtly. 

Ms.Sweeney set the preschool-level books down in front of them, along with two big, fat special pencils made for little, unsteady hands and 2 boxes of jumbo crayons. Lili looked up at Ms. Sweeney with an arched eyebrow in silent question. "Lili, please join us and help Cameron." 

Lili snorted but nodded, silently expressing her opinion- she thought participating in such work was clearly stupid, and she was only doing it for Cameron.

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"Cameron, baby, you've had quite a day. You should work with the rest of the class today.". Ms. Sweeney said then looked down at Cameron, her shyest and quietest student. She wondered why he was so fascinated with the girl, what inspired this instant attachment. "Sweetie, why did you go see Lili?" She asked gently.

Cameron froze like a deer in the headlights. His binky slipped from his soft lips as he looked up at his teacher. He stared for several seconds before ducking his head shyly, unable to take the eyes on him anymore and just wanting to hide as he struggled to explain himself. 

He fidgeted, diaper rustling loudly. He felt two sets of eyes on him and he shrank back in his seat, hands opening and closing like a helpless infant as he tried to find what to say to them. His slim fingers found his ducky bib and he tugged on it. "I….I…". He managed to force out in a soft whisper. One little noise seemed to loosen his tongue, and he spoke a little louder. "Lili boo-boo." He resorted to the childish speech that the teachers usually expected him to employ. When he used adult speech he was often ignored or the teachers seemed confused, hearing adult talk out of an overgrown baby. Even at home, he baby babble was his primary means of communication and thus his default mode. "Lili boo boo wike mines." he lisped without his paci and pointed to Lili's side where her scar was. 

"Lili has a boo boo?" Ms. Sweeney asked, brow furrowed in confusion, a puzzled look on her face. 

He nodded his head, popping his beloved paci in his mouth and sucking noisily.

"Boo boo? What the fuck- oh, you mean my scar?" Lili's face wrinkled in confusion then a look of understanding dawned when he pointed to her side. He nodded his head, paci almost slipping from his lips. She lifted her shirt, not hesitating a second to show her mutilated side. 

"Boo boo." He babbled as Ms. Sweeney simply stared in horrified fascination at the angry red, puckered, twisted and torn flesh. Lili kept her shirt up, letting the teacher look her fill. Across the room Mrs.Vesper watched, eyes wide and round, face full of disgust. 

It was expressions like hers, and voiced opinions that matched, that Cameron so feared and hated, had shredded the fragile remains his self esteem and sense of self worth. His father had been the first battering ram to rip the walls down. Yet here Liliana was, showing off her mutilated scar. He envied her audacity and bravery, wished he could be more like her, have even a shred or an ounce of her attitude. 

"Oh. I see." Ms. Sweeney tore her gaze away, realizing she was staring, and forced her eyes back to her diapered student. She stared more out of shock-Cameron's scars were just as bad, and covered most of his body. She was used to seeing Cameron's burn scars when she changed his diapers. She recovered herself, closing her eyes momentarily

"A tiger did it." Liliana leaned back in her seat, looking casual and relaxed, and offered her story cheerfully. This one was the truth, not another tall tale she'd made up or a joke she was telling at her own expense. "I lived in India with my gramps. He got called to the Sundarbans- basically a huge mangrove area. Lots of tigers live there." She explained on seeing the confused look on Ms. Sweeney's face. Cameron's fingers still fingered the blue edging on his bib, and he kept peeking up at her. He squirmed a little in his seat, unconsciously, and Lili wondered if he was wetting or messing himself. Such a helpless baby…such a pretty baby with soft pink lips..she wondered what they tasted like…

"Jill never mentions Jack's tiger preserve." Ms. Sweeney absently reached up to adjust Cameron's bib and wiped a little bit of drool off his chin. 

Liliana snorted. Of course grandma Jill wouldn't mention the tiger preserve- tigers were Jack's true passion in life, and how he had met his mistress. Jack had believed Liliana when it came to who kicked the puppy, and Jill had sided with Priscilla, furthering the rift between the married couple. Jill would rather have swallowed nails than refer even vaguely to the shame of her cheating husband, especially at a society tea. 

"Anyway." Liliana continued. "A rogue tiger kept attacking a village- killed a bunch of men and dozens of children.Damn cat got a taste for human meat." She smirked when the teacher's eyes widened and Cameron paled, looking shocked and incredibly scared. She felt a twinge of guilt, thinking she should tone her tale down. She remembered peeking over Grandpa Jack's shoulder at the pictures of the small bodies, mangled and half eaten, barely recognizable as human. 

"Local authorities couldn't catch the damn cat and kids kept dying. So they called Gramps in cuz of his experience. We were gonna catch it, maybe take it back to the conservatory, but…" she trailed off and shrugged. Both Ms. Sweeney and Cameron were riveted. The other students were focused on their workbooks, Lili's voice too low to hear across the room. Mrs. Vesper had drifted closer, leaning over Leroy, pretending to watch him scribble all over the page. She was oddly still, straining obviously to hear. 

Lili glanced at Mrs. Vesper, catching her eye and smirking. Mrs. Vesper's face colored red and she huffed and looked away. Lili continued. "So, we were out in the jungle, tracking the rogue mankiller-"

"Wait, you were with your grandfather? What was Jack thinking?" Ms. Sweeney sounded outraged and horrified. 

"What? Yeah, of course I was. Been helping Gramps- well, helped Asha out a lot with the tigers for years. Ever since I moved there. No way in hell I was gonna miss catching a tiger.Besides, I'd just turned 18. Not like I was still a little kid." Liliana was experienced with tiger behavior, working with them on Jack's tiger conservatory. She was appalled at the very thought of staying behind in safety while her grandpa went off on a hunt. Asha was Jack's right hand- she had started off as his secretary decades ago and became so much more. She was his personal assistant, his mistress, raised one of his grandchildren, and held his heart in her hands. 

Ms. Sweeney wasn't swayed; her expression was just like Jill's when Jack talked of the tigers. She clearly thought it was the height of dare-devil stupidity, courting disaster- and disaster had happened; the remains of said disaster were Liliana's mutilated side. In the teacher's eyes, Liliana was a child too eager to grow up, and Jack was a reckless, old idiot who put his granddaughter in danger. 

Cameron's eyes were huge and he sucked swiftly on his pacifier, transfixed by her words. With her last words, though, he was reminded of the huge rift between them. They were both 18, but Liliana was a legal adult- his grandmother still had custody of him, and he felt like a big, over grown baby. Part of him wanted to be a big boy; he knew some big boys had problems with their bladder and bowels, so they wore diapers. He could be a big boy and wear diapers. But to give up his pacifiers, his bottles, his crib…all the things that gave him comfort and made him feel safe….fear spiked through him and he shivered. The rumbling in his stomach sank lower but he didn't notice it. He squirmed, his diaper crinkling loudly. Lili glanced at him, drawn by the noise of his diaper, and smiled. 

"So, anyway, the vegetation was dense. Like, seriously dense. I almost stepped on this huge assed spider, so I went around the damn thing. Crouched down, ducking a branch and next thing I know- BAM" she smacked her hands together, making both of them jump. Cameron felt his soggy diaper grow wetter with a stream of warm, fresh urine.

Across the room, Mrs. Vesper flinched and several students looked up in confusion at the noise. Mrs. Vesper whispered to them, telling them to go back to their work, pointing to different colored crayons and distracting them. 

"Something huge and heavy hits me hard and I'm in world of pain. Next thing I know. I heard a gun go off- that was my grandpa shooting the tiger. And holy shit, the pain. After that, things get blurry. I remember hearing lots of shouting and panicked voices, and someone carrying me. I passed out after that and woke up in this dinky rural hospital where the docs don't even wear scrubs. But they're used to these kinds of injuries. Gramps said I almost died from all the blood I lost, and the doc who sewed me up said some of my organs almost slid out." She finished her tale with relish. 

A tiger attack. That sounded…unreal. Astonishing. Something you'd read about in National Geographic or see on the Discovery Channel. But to know someone it actually happened to
gave them a sense of surrealism. But the proof was right there before their eyes, on Liliana's torn up side. 

Lili grinned at their shocked faces. "What? True story- ask anyone at my house if ya don't believe me." 

"I believe you, sweetie. That…wow…that must have been terrifying." Ms. Sweeney said sympathetically. 

Lili shook her head. "I helped my Gramps with the tigers on the reservation. Mostly with the cubs, but a few times with the bigger ones. Shit happens- it's a risk I knew. I chose to take it. We all did. I was the idiot who bent over, making myself the perfect target with a predator nearby in the underbrush." 

"It's not your fault. You were attacked, the victim here-" Ms. Sweeney began, still off kilter over the sudden bomb Lili dropped. She trailed off as the girl shook her head. 

"Partially, it is. Ask Grandpa Jack, he'll tell you. " She finished and shrugged. "But that's neither here nor there." She smiled. "I'm alive, all my limbs are attached, so, hey, it all worked out. The tiger just gave me one hell of a love bite. Something to remember him by. Yeah?". She laughed, finishing her story with a joke. She was the only one who laughed.

She frowned at the look on their faces. "Seriously. Don't take heavy shit so serious." 

Ms.Sweeney cleared her throat, not at all amused with Liliana's choice of words. "Liliana. Language." She reprimanded in a stern voice that usually caught her students' attention. Lili just shrugged. 

Cameron just stared at Lili. She seemed so unbothered by it, accepting what had happened to her. And here he was, still floundering in the choppy wake of his own tragedy, not quite able to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. And he had his scars a longer than Lili had hers. What was her secret? How did she do it? He yearned to be like her, to just laugh and shrug it off. She had been through one incident, an attack by an animal that left her scarred. His life before the burn scars was a series of emotional and physical abuse centered around his reluctance to give up his diapers, his bedwetting, all the trouble he had potty training, and his father's embarrassed rage at having a six year old son who still had accidents in his pants. His grandmother had been embarrassed, too, and sided with her son. She'd been embarrassed by Cameron's accidents. Lili had said the tiger attacking her was partially her fault- maybe Cameron was partially at fault, too, for what happened to him. His fault daddy was in jail. His grandmother, Beatrice, had never verbally blamed him, but she was not warm or caring with him, wanting at home in private to have as little to do with him has possible. In public, in front of others, where her reputation was at stake, she was caring and concerned. 

"Okay, so, here I am, dumping my baggage all over and I just met this baby boy.." Lili looked at him, half smiling, frying to change the subject. "So, what do you like, baby boy?"

"D-duckies." He mumbled around the thick rubber nipple in his mouth. He tugged on his big bib nervously, his yellow ducky spattered with milk dribbles, cookie crumbs, and wet from drool as he sucked on his pacifier and bottles. His bib made him feel like a big baby, but it also comforted him. 

"Duckies, huh? Cute. I like it." Lili grinned at his scarlet blush, paci picking up speed in his mouth as he worked the rubber nipple furiously. She realized he took deep comfort from infantile things- his binky, his bib, his diapers. For him, they were emotional crutches, making him feel safe and secure and helping the fragile, damaged boy cope with the world and what had happened to him. 

Cameron stared down at his bib and nodded his head. 

"And I have to get back to the rest of the class. Will you two behave yourselves?" Ms. Sweeney addressed them both, but her gaze was focused on Liliana. The teacher knew Cameron would behave; he was her best behaved and most quiet student. Many times she wished he'd interact with the other students more. Wanted to see him act, instead of react- he only played with the other regression students when one of them approached him, or one of the teachers prodded him to. This was why she was letting Liliana so much free rein; she probably shouldn't, but Cameron was responding to the interloper. 

Cameron peeked up at his teacher and nodded his head silently. Ms.Sweeney believed him, he was always such a good little baby. 

The girl grinned, the snake bites in her lower lip moving as her lip twitched. "Yup! Good as gold." 

Lili, the teacher had her doubts on. She was one to keep an eye on. 

Before she left, Ms. Sweeney opened up their work books to the correct page. She drifted away and began checking the progress of the other students while Mrs. Vesper looked relieved not to have her hands so full. 

Lili stared at Cameron, who fidgeted with his baby blue sleeves and stared down at the ducky on his bib. She figured the word 'boo boos' in his toddler speech, meant scars. Without a doubt, this was the scarred boy she'd heard other students gossiping about in the normal classes. 

Boo boos like mine. 

His words echoed in her head, bouncing around her skull. This pretty, girly diaper boy had scars. They must be pretty fucked up if his scars were anything like hers. She stared openly as Cameron fumbled with the thick pencil made for little, clumsy hands with unrefined motor skills. His cheeks blazed in a bright blush and he sucked noisily on his paci. Some more drool slid down his chin and plopped onto his bib, but he didn't notice, never taking his eyes off the paper but his pencil never moved. 

She picked up her carton of milk, which was no longer very cold, and opened it, taking a long drink. It was sweet with a hint of chocolate. American milk wasn't too bad but she missed the thick, creamy milk they'd had in India, fresh from the cow or goats. 

She wanted to ask Cameron about his scars but figured that would upset the boy- and she'd already upset him enough for one day. She wanted him to trust her, and if she kept making him cry she'd destroy that. 

Cameron stared at his paper without seeing it. Once again he felt intimidated by the girl with pierced purple lips. She was so comfortable with her scars, could talk about them so openly with strangers. Her scars didn't come with the shame that his did, which was why he was still so traumatized by it. His permanent punishment for having an accident in his pants. He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes and shoving those thoughts away as he tugged on his bib. He opened his eyes and peeked at Lili. He saw her pick up her milk carton and he impulsively grabbed his sippy cup, raising it up in a silent cheers. Her face looked so serious- he wondered what she was thinking about. Maybe her scars? 

She saw what he did and grinned her approval, holding her milk up. 

That amused half smile and gesture made his pulse speed and a wave of warmth washed over him as his heart skipped a beat. He wished Mrs. Vesper had put a bib on her- it would make him feel like she belonged in his world, and maybe she'd be easier to approach. As she drank from the carton like a big girl, Cameron imagined her in a diaper and bib like him. Maybe then she wouldn't be so scary or intimidating. 

Cameron sat his fat pencil down and grabbed his sippy cup with both hands just like an overgrown toddler. "Cheews?" He lisped softly, voice growing shy as he boldly asked her.

She raised an eyebrow, a little surprised, causing him to blush. She touched her cardboard carton to his plastic cup. "Cheers." 

He smiled and touched his back to hers then spat his binky out to suck on the sippy cup's plastic lid. The blue ribbon and ducky clip caught his binky; it dangled against his chest and some saliva dripped from the rubber nipple.

The phone on Ms. Sweeney's desk rang. She bustled over to pick it up."Hello?" she said, surprised by the Indian accent. 

Cameron and Lili finished their milk. He peeked at her; she didn't have a drop of milk on her lipstick coated lips. Drops of milk clung to his own lips; he licked his lips, trying to catch the drops, then used his bib to wipe his face. He'd never done that before, but he wanted to show Lili he could be something of a big boy. He wasn't a completely helpless baby. He lowered his eyes back to his worksheet, feeling self-conscious. He never paid much attention to his messy face; his caretakers always wiped his face and his hands. Wiping his own face made him feel like a big boy.

He picked up the big, childish pencil and stared at his work book. It was a simple counting exercise. The page had pictures of fruits arranged in variously numbered groups. Below each picture was a blank line where students had to write the number of fruit on the lines.Then they got to have fun coloring the pictures in. 

His tummy rumbled some more, the rumbling working its way lower. He scrunched his nose and wriggled in his seat, thick, wet diaper crinkling noisily. His soggy padding grew warm and soggier as he peed, the huge diaper absorbing his urine without him even realizing he'd wet himself.

"Ugh, I really feel like a big baby." Lili looked down at her work book and oversized pencil, lips curled in disgust. Her patience was starting to wear thin. She wasn't making much progress with the burned, diaper wearing boy. She'd almost rather be in detention or in-school suspension with Mr. Witherspoon lecturing her in his haughty, dry voice while she tuned him out. The only authority figure she truly listened to was Asha, her grandfather's personal assistant and long-time mistress. Asha didn't lecture, holler, or punish- she wanted to talk. More precisely, she wanted Liliana to do the talking. Asha was able to see right through her bullshit and always somehow just *knew* where Lili was and what she was up to. Asha was calm, patient, relentless as a tiger stalking its prey and her words could slice open with the accuracy of a surgeon's scalpel. 

Cameron glanced at her and winced at her term and tone, feeling like he'd been kicked. Did she think he was just a big, oversized, stupid baby? She seemed so nice, but was she secretly laughing at him? Old doubts and fears gnawed at his insides, making him feel queasy. Memories of being tormented by Priscilla- Liliana's cousin- rose up from the depth of his mind and made him wonder if Liliana would make fun of him, hurt him, like her cousin had. He trembled, fumbling with his binky as he popped the soothing rubber nipple back in his mouth. Lili had been so nice to him, and her feelings seemed so genuine; he truly felt he was making a new friend. She made him feel safe, that he could trust her. She'd never hurt him. Would she?

"This is ridiculous." She sneered, ready to whip out her phone back out. She was getting tired of playing nice big girl with the overgrown babies. But she needed to work on gaining Cameron's trust for what she had planned. A little bit of revenge on her cousin, and Cameron was the perfect pawn, a gift horse that had popped up unexpectedly. She planned to use him unwittingly- if her plan worked right, Cameron wouldn't know what happened- he might even enjoy it, while Priscilla would be the one tormented…

Cameron copied her earlier action and laid a timid hand brazenly on her knee, stopping her grumbling tirade with a feather light touch. "Camwin stewpid baybee?" He lisped in his toddlers babble he'd been trained and encouraged to use. His voice trembled, thick and soft with unshed tears. 

Liliana froze. Cameron had heard her, and her words had hurt him. She shook her head, struggling to clear her mind of the dark thoughts that consumed her, that had been eating at her heart and soul ever since she was a little girl who caught her bratty cousin kicking a helpless puppy. 

She forced a crooked, awkward smile in a vain attempt to reassure him. "Um..no, of course not. You're in the regression program, that's all. I'm not." 
Cameron shook his head. She did see him as a big baby. His eyes burned and he looked down, a few tears trickling down his cheeks. She watched, staring as the wet drops splashed onto his ducky bib.

An image of wet, red drops splashed onto shiny, leather mary janes flashed in her mind. Priscilla would have killed that puppy, kicking it to death, if Liliana hadn't caught her. Would Priscilla have kicked this fragile, beautiful boy until he bled, too? Seeing him cry made Lili feel like she'd kicked him, not physically, but emotionally. Like his soul was bleeding.

"Cameron. Baby. Shh. Don't cry."

Liliana dropped into a crouch, one knee pressing into Cameron's jean covered calf. Even through the dense fabric, she could feel the bumps and ditches of severe burn scars instead of smooth, even flesh. Just a simple touch gave a small inkling to the horrors hidden by his clothes. 
She took his soft, slim hands in her own. The metal from her skull ring was warm and heavy as it pressed into his skin when she squeezed his fingers. 

Cameron squeezed his eyes shut, tears trickling down his cheeks as he sucked on his paci. The rubber nipple filling his mouth stifled his soft little whine. Unlike previous times, her touch failed to comfort him. She just didn't want to deal with a bawling big baby, so she sought to keep him from crying. He shivered, tears falling faster and ducked his head lower. His diaper crinkled loudly as he shifted his slight weight in his seat. He was so used to the noise of his crinkly diapers he never noticed it, but now it crinkled loud and clear in his ears, echoing in the gap between them. 

"Keep that up and I'll have to kiss you." Her forehead touched his, her voice low and rumbling by his ear. 

He gasped, jerking back in surprise and shock making her words slip over his head. His pacifier slipped from his parted pink lips and tears clung to his long, inky lashes. Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she gazed up at him. Whatever dark shadows had lurked there moments before were gone. Her purple lips with metal snake bite spikes twisted in a cajoling smirk, tempting him into smiling back at her. The pressure of her hands on his held him rooted to the spot. 

"Cameron. Baby. You are a baby." Her tone was light and teasing, but he didn't respond. He just continued to stare at her with wide, teary eyes. His heart sunk with confirmation that he was just a joke, just a..big, stupid baby to her. she was one of the normal kids, and she saw him the way the rest of the normal kids saw the regression students- or any student in a special education program.

"Hey. Don't cry. I'm just joking." She cajoled, shaking his hands slightly. Her tone turned serious and she stared deep and unblinking into his eyes. "I don't think any less of you for being here. I get it. It helps you cope with whatever the hell you've been through. Heard you've been through hell. I get it. I'd never laugh at you for it." 

Cameron wavered, his plump lower lip trembling. He bit down hard on it, sucking the soft flesh. Her sincerity felt genuine and his instincts to trust her warred with the memories of torment and bullying he'd experienced at the hands of regular students. Liliana's peers. He wanted to trust her. He really did, but he was terrified. 

"You wanna laugh at me for this?" She released one of his hands and pointed to her scarred side. 

Cameron's eyes widened further and he swiftly shook his head. Her hand caught his feminine chin in mid-shake, gently but firmly holding it still and forcing him to look at her. 

"I'd never laugh at you for that. We're cool, yeah?"

He whimpered softly and nodded his head. He felt like an idiot for doubting her. She wasn't like the others. Not as different as he was, but she was different enough to understand. 
Staring into her eyes, he knew he could trust her. 

She held his gaze a heartbeat longer before releasing his chin. Her soft, black sleeve brushed over his cheeks, wiping away his tears then she picked his paci up and poked his pink lips with the nipple. He automatically opened his mouth and accepted the paci, sucking on it. 

"That's a good baby." She cooed and he gave her a small smile behind the pacifier's plastic shield. "I'm sorry for upsetting you. I just…lost my head for a minute. Happens sometimes." She shrugged, not sure how to explain it.

"Lili?" Cameron lisped softly. 

"Yeah?" She watched him suck his paci, the sucking sounds almost as noisy as his crinkly diaper. "Baby? What is it?"

" 's 'kay." He whispered,voice even softer as he accepted her apology and dropped his eyes back to his lap, staring down at his messy ducky bib. He wasn't used to being apologized to, and wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

"Yeah. We're okay. Pretty baby." Her teasing tone was back as she tapped the button on his pacifier. 

She sat back down, scooting her chair closer to his and pulling the box of crayons closer to him. He had already counted and numbered all the objects on the page. All he had to do was color them in. She handed him a blue crayon to color in the group of blueberries. Her fingers brushed over his as she laid the crayon in his hand. He blushed at the caress, shy again now that he was no longer emotionally distraught. 

"Lili, please come here." Ms. Sweeney's sweetly voiced command floated across the room. 

Back to the teacher, Lili rolled her eyes. "I'll be right back, baby. You ok?"

Cameron nodded. As Lili stood, she whispered close to his ear, "I meant what I said about kissing you."

He froze, entire face cherry blossom pink as her words echoed in his head. 'Keep that up and I'll have to kiss you.' His heart thumped awkwardly in his chest and he squirmed, diaper crinkling. His stomach did funny little flip flops. He knew what a kiss was, recalled the adult things his therapist had taught him in his therapy sessions back when they were getting ready to mainstream him. He knew kissing from some of the movies his grandmother watched on TV. But he had never been kissed. His therapists and doctors had taught him to recognize bad touching- the kind of touching his caregivers were NOT allowed to do- and about the kind of special touching adults did when they were in love. 

He found it all very confusing. He sat there, staring down at his paper without really seeing it. He'd never thought about being kissed before. It was just something characters on TV did, like in that soap opera his afternoon nanny liked to watch, when he was home from school and supposed to be taking a nap. Most times he just laid quietly in his crib while she sat in the rocking chair with his TV turned on. The characters in there liked to kiss and touch each other a lot. Grandma Beatrice said sexual touching like that was only for husbands and wives, but characters did that with a lot with people they weren't married to. Overhearing conversations between adults, such as his grandmother gossiping on the phone or the nannies talking when they changed shifts, or the cleaning ladies around the house had taught him that special touching was not just for husbands and wives, but husbands and wives were the only ones supposed to do it. 

He thought the whole thing confusing and ridiculous and best left to the grown ups. But now her words made him wonder…what would her lips feel like against his? Would his lips turn purple from her lipstick? He pressed a hand to his mouth, feeling the plastic paci guard and button. He giggled as he pictured himself with purple lips.

"Cameron, sweetie? What are you doing?" Mrs. Vesper swooped down.

He looked up at her, still smiling, and patted his ducky bib. "Woof! Woof!" He giggled again. The way she acted to Lili still unnerved him; he wasn't ready to warm back up to her just yet. He'd never seen either of his teachers act like that. He felt a small, flickering urge of rebellion flare. For once, he didn't squash it. 

She smiled. "Silly baby, that's a ducky. Here, color in the pretty pictures." She cooed and picked up his crayon. He sighed, his stomach rumbling some more as he picked up his crayon. He barely noticed the funny feeling in his tummy, not even registering that soon he would be sitting in a messy diaper. He took the crayon and started to color a bunch of bananas blue. 

"No no, sweetie. Bananas are yellow. Can you find me a yellow crayon?" Mrs. Vesper corrected gently. Cameron sat his big, fat blue crayon down and picked up a green one, holding it up to her. She sighed. He sucked his paci harder to hide his smile and a little bit of drool plopped down his chin and onto his bib.

"That's green. You need yellow. Y-E-L-L-O-W. Yellow." She repeated, voice still sickly high and sweet but tinged with exasperation. He sat the green crayon down and stared up at her. 

While he was debating his colors, Mrs. Vesper looked over her shoulder, checking on the other students. "Leroy! No!" She said sharply, turning and rushing off. "Spit it out! We do NOT eat the crayons, young man." She reprimanded, swooping down on him to pull out the crayon sticking out of his mouth.

Lili strolled over to Ms. Sweeney's desk. Her face revealed nothing of what she felt inside, her stride casual and relaxed. She leaned against Ms. Sweeney's desk, smiling at the teacher's disapproving scowl as she handed her the phone. 

"Yo." Ms. Sweeney sat at her desk, keeping one eye on her students and her other eye and ears on Liliana, blatantly listening in. 

"Liliana." Lili wasn't surprised at heavy Hindi accent. She figured it was Asha calling, just to let her know she knew where she was. Asha always knew everything. She was the one who had raised Lili once Jack took her back to India with him. Grandpa Jack was fun and wild, but he was preoccupied with running his business and investments. Asha was just as shrewd as Jack; sometimes Lili had overheard Asha being called the power behind Jack. He'd let Liliana run wild as she pleased. Asha had rarely curbed Lili, since she had never responded well to the discipline that curbed most children. Asha did not hit, yell, or lecture. She talked- or, rather, she had Liliana talk. Asha was all relentless warmth and understanding. She was relentless in her patient teaching- she would back off, let Lili's hot head cool off then catch her off guard with another talk, and another. Then, later down the road, situations seemed to pop up that tested whether or not Lili had learned her lesson. 

Lili could never prove it, and Asha would never admit it, but Lili had always suspected Asha was behind the incidents. Asha was subtle; sometimes Liliana doubted her suspicions of her grandfather's lover. Yet it was odd that things always seemed to go Asha's way. It might take time, but Asha always, always got what she wanted just how she wanted it. Lili had asked her about it once, and Asha had just smiled and said the universe worked in mysterious ways, or one of the many Hindu gods had blessed one of her prayers. 

"Dadiji." Liliana sighed into the receiver, using the Hindi word for paternal grandmother, since Jack was the father of Liliana's father. Asha had long ago convinced Lili to call her that through subtle reinforcement and encouragement until to a young Lili it had seemed like it was her own idea. It was Asha's way of marking Lili as hers- and a not so subtle dig at Jack's wife Jill. It also helped Lili to think of Asha as family. Asha was not Jack's legal wife, but she was the one who held his heart, and had one of his granddaughters. 

"Just wanted to call and say have a good day, baby girl." The Hindi words rattled swift and sweet toned down the line then Asha hung up. 

Liliana hung up, plunking the receiver into the cradle. She froze, her mind racing with several suspicions. Baby girl. It could mean nothing, it could mean several things- with Asha, one could never tell or be prepared. Asha clearly knew Lili was in the regression therapy room, so she could just be teasing Lili. Or she knew about the diapers in Lili's closet; super thick, plastic backed, super crinkly pink diapers with rattles and hearts on them. Big baby diapers. If she had found the diapers, then she probably knew what Lili was planning. Asha always knew. The question was- what would she do? Liliana knew she had to tread carefully.

"Lili? Everything all right?" Ms. Sweeney asked as Lili just stood there, staring down at the phone, frozen like a statue. Her face gave away nothing, and the teacher found her hard to read. 

"Huh? Yeah. Just admiring your telephone- so slim and smooth." Liliana spoke with such dead sincerity Ms. Sweeney actually believed her for a moment before realizing something serious and major had occurred during that brief conversation. She had heard Asha's voice perfectly since the volume was turned up, but the woman had spoken in fast Hindi and Ms. Sweeney hadn't understood a word. 

"Oh. How….odd…" Ms. Sweeney struggled for words. 

"Yeah, ain't it?" Lili laughed, but it was a dry sound. 

"Lili, I know I'm not your actual teacher, but…well, if you ever need to talk, I'm always here." Ms. Sweeney said sincerely.

"Nah, it's cool. I'm good." She pushed herself off of the desk and started to walk back to her seat. Not breaking stride, she muttered over her shoulder, "Thanks though." 

Ms. Sweeney just watched her go. The girl was far too comfortable with lying for the teacher's comfort. She wondered what it would take to break a spirit like Liliana's. Even the most stubborn and willful of individuals would break under intense duress. Ms. Sweeney had a gut feeling that Liliana would break in all the wrong ways like a wild animal that refused to be tamed and only became more unpredictable and violent until it had to be put down. That thought reminded her of something Jack once said when he crashed one of Jill's Society Teas, about how some animals would gnaw their own leg off rather than be caught in a trap. 

Cameron swiveled in his seat, watching Liliana as she oh-so-casually leaned against the teacher's desk. The thick padding swaddling him was warm and moist, nearly saturated, but he didn't notice. He worked the rubber nipple in his mouth, a few dribbles of drool plopping onto his plastic-backed bib. He stared at Lili, wondering what was going on. He saw her stiffen and was worried. What could phase the girl who mouthed off to the principal and who challenged Mrs. Vesper? The girl who flashed her scars like she didn't give a damn what anyone else thought; she almost seemed to enjoy causing them discomfort. Then the moment was gone and she seemed normal again. Almost- her eyes were too focused, as if she was deep in thought as she sauntered back over to him, curved hips swaying. She didn't even notice him staring at her, and it made him comfortable enough to keep blatantly watching.

Even the way she walked was out of place here. Once again, Cameron found himself wishing she wore diapers like he did. Wished Mrs. Vesper had put the Elmo bib on her. Anything to make her a part of his world. Maybe the principal was calling, saying he was coming to collect Lili. The phone call was just a reminder Lili was a visitor, and he would only know her temporarily. The thought made him want to cry, and he wasn't sure why. Lili was just so confusing. He sucked the rubber nipple swifter and blinked until his vision was no longer blurry with tears. 

"Hey baby, what's wrong?" Lili plunked back down in her seat as if she didn't have a care in the world and leaned in close to Cameron. 

Cameron shook his head and forced a small, weak smile behind his binky. He looked back down at the paper and pictures he still had to color in. 

"Cameron." Lili chided and he winced, squeezing his eyes closed and shifting in his seat, soaked diaper crinkling loudly. He shook his head and stared down at his lap, at the huge diaper bulge that forced his legs apart. A few snaps had popped open again, but he didn't care. 

"Baby." Lili softened her voice and tugged on his bib, gently prodding him. "Tell me what's wrong so I can make it right, yeah?" 

"L-Lili go bye-byes?" He asked in a soft lisp around the rubber nipple that filled his mouth. 

"Huh? Am I leaving? Not yet, baby boy. Not yet. In a hurry to get rid of me?" She joked, laughing and trying to get him to smile. 

Cameron whined softly, shaking his head in a silent no. 

Lili sobered up. "Asha was just checking up on me. I'm not leaving yet baby. You really don't want me to go, do you?" 

Cameron's cheeks blazed bright pink and he shifted nervously and diaper crinkling loudly. 

Lili poked his damp ducky and he squeaked. "Well?"

"L-Lili s-st-ay." He lisped out, staring down at his diaper bulge. He shook slightly, feeling raw and exposed.

"You're adorable, baby." She laughed and leaned in. Cameron's face burned hotter and he shyly leaned back, diaper rustling noisily. "At some point I'm gonna have to go." She watched his head lower sadly, then she poked the ducky bib covering his chest again. Her finger hit a wet patch- either milk dribbles or drool from his binky, and she suppressed a cringe. She slid her finger down the ducky, wiping it on a patch of dry terrycloth. 

"Hey, don't be sad. I'm gonna be around for a while." 

Cameron shook his head. She wasn't going to be in his classroom for today and even then who knew how much longer. After she left, he was sure he'd never see her again. 

"You really did have fun with me, yeah baby?" She grinned. "I had fun with you, too. I'm gonna talk to your grandma about a babysitting gig. Won't that be fun?" 

Her tone teased and cajoled as he sucked his paci. Would his grandma allow her to babysit him? He already had several professional nannies with training in regression therapy, so he doubted Grandma Beatrice would approve. Even if she needed someone, he knew she would turn Lili down at the first sight of her. 

"Cameron?" Lili gently prodded at his downcast face. 

"Gwanma say no." He lisped sadly. He wasn't sure how having Lili as his caretaker would go, and he was slightly intimidated and scared by that unknown factor. Also excited about it. She didn't see him as just some big baby, and thought rules were made to be broken. She was wild, exciting, and with her own body scarred and attitude, he did not fear she would be disgusted by his own. None of those things meant she was reliable or knew how to take care of a baby. 

Lili could see the worry in his eyes, in the way he worked the rubber nipple filling his mouth. She laid one fingertip in the middle of his paci guard. She pressed gently, forcing the shield against his lips and making him stop his sucking motion. 

"Silly baby. You let me worry about all that. I'm one hell of a baby sitter when I wanna be, and I've got experience changing big baby diapers, too." She grinned, trying to be reassuring but her eyes glinted wickedly at the last part. Cameron shivered involuntarily and wondered what was going through her head. 

"I'll take good care of you, little baby." She winked, then plucked the pacifier from his lips. He whined softly in protest; she held the nipple out a few inches in front of him, making him lean towards her to get it. Cameron blushed but leaned forward, wanting the comfort of his paci. 

His lips closed over the rubber nipple just as her face darted forward close to his own. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled back, teeth clamping down on the nipple and taking his paci with him. His cheeks blossomed bright pink. 

"Ah, you really are cute." Lili laughed as she leaned back, resting one elbow on the table as she shifted position. Cameron changed positions as well with a loud rustle, making her grin widened at how noisy his diapers were. The movement caused her bladder to twinge. With all her socializing and troublemaking in the halls, she hadn't been to the bathroom since she left her grandparents' huge house for school. Everything she'd drunk since then was catching up with her. She grimaced; she needed to go to the bathroom. 

"Liwi?" Cameron lisped when he saw her face twist. 

"It's cool. Just gotta piss. I'm fine." She shrugged and grabbed a fat, yellow crayon then handed it to him. "The other kids are all coloring." 

"Oh. Tank yew." He said in his usual toddler lisp; he was so used to using it it was easy to slip back into. He took the yellow crayon and colored the bananas in while wondering what it felt like to use the potty like a big boy. He looked up at the big plastic potty training chairs along the far wall, which were out in the open so the teachers could supervise and easily assist the students that had progressed enough for potty training. 

He whimpered softly and shuddered as an unbidden memory from his brief time potty training sprang up. He hated potties, always had. Diapers made him feel safe and protected. He couldn't wet his pants with a diaper on. At six years old, he was barely potty trained, which had only brought his father's wrath down upon him. He whimpered again. 

"Oi. Cameron. Baby." Liliana laid her hand on top of his; she could see him shaking. "Hey. Cameron." She snapped her fingers in front of his face and he jerked, startled, and looked at her with huge eyes. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"B-bad thowts." He whimpered, closing his eyes. 

She rubbed his fingers and frowned, wondering what had upset him. "The potties? They scare you?" He nodded. She bit her lip and snorted to hide her laughter. Did he think potties were monsters? Then she remembered a rumor she'd heard, about how 'Freddy Kreugar' got so covered in burns. Something about him being a late potty trainer, him shitting his pants and his father throwing him into a tub of scalding hot water after cranking the temperature on the water heater all the way up. 

"Cameron." she said softly. "You're safe. I'm right here; I'll protect you. You got your diapers to protect you, too. You're just a baby; it's alright." Her touch on his hand was gentle and he slowly relaxed at the soothing caresses. "No potty monster is gonna get you when I'm around." she whispered in a gentle tease and he smiled a little, dropping his crayon to latch onto her fingers. 

"What are you two doing? Touching like that is against school policy, and I saw you take his binky a few moments ago." Mrs. Vesper pounced. She loomed above their table, hands on hips and glaring down at Liliana in triumph after sneaking another peek at Ms. Sweeney, making sure she was still preoccupied with changing a diaper. 

Liliana tilted her head up with an insolent smile at the teacher's aide. "Yo. Just can't get enough of my pleasant company, eh? Cameron here just dropped his crayon; I was helping him color in the lines. He had a lot of drool on his binky, so I aired it out for him a little bit." 

Mrs. Vesper stared, as if trying to goad Liliana into rising. Cameron sucked on his paci and squeezed Lili's fingers in a terrified death grip; Lili stayed seated, not wanting another repeat of earlier when she'd upset Cameron. 

When Lili didn't rise to the bait, Mrs. Vesper looked momentarily disappointed before smirking and bending to lean over the table. "You may slither past others with your lies, but I got your number, Liliana. I'm writing you up on a disciplinary report for bullying a regression student. You're not getting away with anything." 

Liliana just shrugged with a "do it, I dare you" Cheshire cat smile on her purple lips. 

"N-NO!" Cameron's wobbling outburst even surprised himself. Lili and Mrs. Vesper stared at him with wide eyes, the other students looking, too. 

"Camwin howwered!" Leroy shouted in surprise; he'd never heard the other boy raise his voice. 

Ms. Sweeney pulled the student's pants back up and hurriedly plopped him back down in his seat before rushing over once again to intervene. Mrs. Vesper swiftly took several steps back as if she hadn't done anything wrong. Ms. Sweeney locked eyes with her for a moment in warning then she knelt down besides Cameron, laying a gentle hand on his back. "Cameron, sweetie. What's wrong?" She asked in a gentle coo. 

"L-liwi g-good g-giwl." Cameron lisped, trembling. He'd hollered, something he was taught good babies did NOT do. His vision blurred as he was on the brink of tears. 

"Why is she a good girl?" Ms. Sweeney gently prompted. 

"Liwi hewp me cowor." He sniffled, voice growing softer. Ms. Sweeney looked at the crayon laying under Cameron's hand, the one that clutched onto Lili's fingers as if her hand was his favorite plushy. Then she looked at Lili, who just shrugged and smiled sweetly with a glance at Mrs. Vesper. Ms. Sweeney followed that gaze and glared at the teacher's aide, who shrank back. 

"Were you crying because Lili helped you?" Ms. Sweeney asked gently. 

Cameron shook his head and peeked at his teacher, who just looked at him expectantly. He was too terrified to even glance at Mrs. Vesper. "Liwi n-no take off me. Liwi shawe wif me." His voice was barely audible, a toddler's shy lisp muffled by his binky. He scooted closer to Lili, diaper rustling noisily. He gripped Lili's hand tighter. 

"Lili shared with you? She helped you?" Ms. Sweeney asked in her honey sweet coo, just for clarification. Cameron nodded his head. "I see. She is being a good girl. Can you color your pretty pictures for me?" She asked to distract him. 

"Liwi hewp?" He asked fearfully, wanting to make sure she was staying at his side. Liliana may not have cared if she was in trouble or not, but Cameron was terrified of disobeying. 

"Yes, Lili can help you." Ms. Sweeney stood up and handed Cameron his yellow crayon. He refused to let Lil's fingers go to take it. 


"You want blue bananas?" Ms. Sweeney stared in puzzlement, figuring Cameron was feeling upset and moody. She made a few mental notes to write down in his folder. "Okay, sweetie.Here you go." She picked up his blue crayon. 

Cameron took it, never once looking at Mrs. Vesper. He didn't know why she hated Lili so much, but it scared him. He sucked his paci and shyly peeked at Lili. "Hewp? Peese?" 

All this time, Liliana had stared at Mrs. Vesper with a silent, teasing smirk and held her tongue to keep from upsetting Cameron. "Eh? Oh, help you color. Got it." She grinned and cooed like she was babysitting a toddler. Ms. Sweeney watched them for a few moments as Cameron held the huge blue crayon while Lili laid her hand on top of Cameron's, guiding his hand and coloring the bananas blue. 

Ms. Sweeney turned to Mrs. Vesper and the syrupy, sappy ever-patient smile left her face. She stepped closer to the shorter, older woman. "You and I need to talk. Now." She hissed softly. Mrs. Vesper puckered her lips in a sour pout but nodded, too afraid to back talk her superior. She followed Ms. Sweeney over to the teacher's desk. 

As she passed, Liliana looked up with her teasing smirk, her free hand waving. Mrs. Vesper sneered at her. 

While Ms. Sweeney berated Mrs. Vesper at her desk, hissing quietly while the teacher's aide sulked silently with her back to Liliana. 

Lili, however, wasn't interested in the teachers. She stared at Cameron, still shocked by his outburst as she guided his hand. Her fingers grasped his; his slim fingers were limp under hers, barely holding onto the crayon as she did the coloring for him. He stared down at the blue bananas, feeling her steady gaze as he sucked on his paci for comfort. 

"Cameron. You didn't have to do that-" She cut herself off as she felt him flinch, his dainty hand trembling under hers. "I mean, I'm a big girl, I can handle it. But, thank you." 

"No fight." Cameron dared to peek up at her, his sweet cheeks still a lingering pink. Part of him was still shocked at what he had done. He was sure he was in trouble for speaking up and shouting. He hoped he wasn't going to get a spanking. He could hold himself together as long as Lili was here to distract him from his thoughts. 

"You really don't like fighting, do you, baby boy?"

Cameron shook his head and looked back down at his workbook. How he hated fighting, and raised voices. It brought back too many memories and fear of his father. Hearing screaming and yelling made him feel like a little boy with wet pants again, his angry father looming over him, snarling and yanking him by the hair. Making him re-live that whole horrid, life-changing night again. He shivered and sucked on his paci. Lili squeezed his hand gently and finished coloring the bananas then started shading them, making the outer edges a darker blue. 
"No fight. Liwi pway wif Camwin?" He lisped shyly, peeking back up at her, watching the spiked snakebite piercings glint under the artificial lighting as she laughed. 

"Of course, baby boy. And when I babysit you, we'll really get to play together." The warm promise in her tone made him smile. She sounded so certain she made Cameron believe her. Maybe Liliana knew something about Grandma Beatrice he didn't? Or maybe she had a plan to make Beatrice say yes to babysitting him? The task seemed quite impossible to Cameron, but he believed Lili could make it happen. 

Once the bananas were all colored and shaded, Lili took the crayon and put it back in the little cardboard box. "So, baby boy, why blue bananas?" 

Cameron blushed, feeling little and silly. Mrs. Vesper had wanted him to color the fruit in yellow, the color it should be. Maybe Liliana's attitude was rubbing off on him, inspiring the normally docile and pliant diaper boy into a modicum of defiance. He hadn't liked the way Mrs. Vesper acted with Lili. It both frightened, intimidated and upset him, undermining his trust in the teacher's aide. Refusing to use yellow was childish, but it was a small channel for his frustrations. Plus, today had been a crazy day since Liliana with her skulls, scars, and spikes first strolled through that door. She was so confident, like she believed anything was possible. Soon she would walk back out, fading like a dream. Part of him wanted a momento, even if it just was a picture of blue bananas. 

"I wike boo." He lisped behind the plastic pacifier guard. 

Lili smiled and shook her head in amusement. "Yeah? I like blue, too. How about a purple apple?" His smile peeked out from behind his binky and he nodded shyly, watching her expectantly. Lili plucked up the purple crayon and laid it in his hand. Cameron's big eyes just continued to look at her; she shook her head, gave in with a half smile, and once more took his hand in hers, guiding it as they colored in the apple. 

Lili's bladder twinged. She had to piss, bad. She bit back a grimace, glancing up at the row of changing tables and the plastic potties behind it. She wasn't used to asking for permission to piss- back in India, since she had private tutors and instructors, she just went when she had to go after informing the teacher she was taking a piss break. Raising her hand in the middle of a normal class to ask for bathroom privileges. How the hell did it work in the regression room? Her eyes darted once around the room. Most of the kids appeared to be just as heavily diapered as Cameron. 

She snorted. Not much need for a bathroom when the class majority were wearing theirs. Diapers were convenient- just go whenever and no one would know you were going. For a moment, she almost wished she had a diaper on as well, then shook her head. The back of her neck pricked with the heat of a searing gaze; she glanced over her shoulder and saw Mrs. Vesper stalking away from Ms. Sweeney and shooting the interloper a venomous glare. 

It's on, you old bat. Lili thought with a savage snarl. She would put her in her place right here and right now. Without any more thought or hesitation, Liliana raised her hand. 

"Yes, Lili?" Ms. Sweeney called out as she looked over Leroy's shoulder, checking his work. 

"May I please use the potty?" Lili asked just a sweetly, like she was a well-behaved, charming little girl. Inwardly, she cringed at the juvenile word. Cameron looked up at her with wide eyes 

Ms. Sweeney stood up and hesitated, torn in indecision. Regression students did not use the same bathroom as the regular students, Liliana was supposed to stay in the room….but she was not a regression student. But she had agreed to abide by the classroom rules….

"You should just diaper her up for what she did to Cameron." Mrs. Vesper muttered loudly as she checked other students' work. She quieted down at Ms. Sweeney's frosted glare. 

"I didn't bring my diapers, and I'd hate to take any from those that truly need them. It'd feel weird, like borrowing a stranger's underwear. Plus, soon as I'd finished, I'd need changed and that would just be a waste of diaper. So, potties up there. It's cool, yeah?" Liliana spoke up as she stood up and looked directly at Ms. Sweeney, who still dithered in indecision. 

"I…suppose…that's alright. I..could come hold a towel up for you, for more privacy, if you like." She offered awkwardly. 

Liliana almost accepted, half tempted to say yes until she saw the smirk on Mrs. Vesper's pudgy face that said she would enjoy watching her humiliated. Besides, she was putting on a show for one person, and any privacy would ruin it. Liliana locked gazes with Mrs. Vesper and grinned. "Nah, it's cool." She strolled up to the potties, choosing a bright pink plastic one. 

The potties were out in the open, which when she thought about it made sense so that the teachers could supervise the regression students, when they reached a point where they were ready to be potty trained again. This was not the first time she had gone in front of others: some of the rural villages she had visited with her grandfather, people just went, no privacy needed. Then there were a few music concerts she had gone to, when her grandfather and Asha were in the States on business and wanted some alone time without Lili in the way; she had been allowed to go. Just a few small alternative music festivals where she was gone for the weekend. The portaloos had been trashed and disgusting from drunk and high revellers, so she'd just squatted down and did her business in the bushes alongside a few others- some chicks and a couple of drunk guys, one of whom had been so drunk he could not aim and pissed on a girl so high she was practically comatose.

Lili squared her shoulders and pressed her tongue against the flat piercing backs, rolling the metal spikes in the holes in her flesh. She gave a cocky half smirk down at the awaiting pink, plastic seat, never forgetting she had an audience and was determined to put on one hell of a show. 

Pissing was a private thing, but in the rural hospital the bathroom hadn't even had a door, only the remnants of rusted hinges. .She'd had some strange dude fiddling around down there when she had got her body work done. Hell, when Asha had found out about that particular piercing she'd eventually convinced Lili to let her examine it. Lili still didn't know how Asha talked her into that one. As far as exposing her body…Lili was comfortable enough in her own skin. It was like her scar- hide it, be ashamed like Grandma Jill and her ilk would expect her to do…anger flashed through her. Oh, Grandma Jill would so not approve. Embrace it, flaunt it…Why should she *not* love her imperfections? They were just as much a part of her as her perfect parts. 

Lili's boots jangled a little as she turned, hoovering her clothed behind over the awaiting potty.
She wriggled her hips as her bladder twinged, insisting on release. She slid her shorts down slowly as if she were in a strip show, swaying her hips back and forth teasingly and revealing small black panties trimmed in white lace and a rhinestone skull on the front. She slid the panty down to join the shorts around her ankles. Her thigh high black ripped stockings stayed up. 

She sat down; the plastic rim was cold and felt thin, very different from the toilets and occasional hole in the ground she was used to. She closed her eyes momentarily, concentrating and blocking out her audience. Her stream of pee hit the plastic bowl with a loud splash and slosh as she tinkled. She almost wanted to blush or squirm. She opened her eyes and saw Mrs. Vesper smirking, enjoying the smart mouthed girl humiliating herself by peeing on a baby potty. No doubt the woman would have preferred Lili diapered with a suppository to force her to mess said diaper and wearing a bib.

Lili refused to give her the satisfaction. She caught the pudgy woman's eye and smirked, splaying her legs and sitting back on the potty as if she was fully comfortable. Her trimmed crotch was displayed in the process; a shiny metal ball piercing shone nestled amongst her blonde pubic hairs. She'd gotten her lady bits pierced. Her showmanship, acting like she enjoyed it, took the humiliation out of it. Mrs. Vesper's smirk faded to a scowl of displeasure and Ms. Sweeney stared in shock. The other students were coloring, not sparing the scary new girl more than a glance, as if she was just another little girl learning to go potty. 

Cameron watched with wide eyes, sucking on his binky and squirming. At the sound of her peeing, his soggy diaper grew wet again. He peed along with her, one in the potty, other in a diaper. He leaned forward, eyes glued to the metal piercing in her crotch. It was just like the ring in her mutilated tummy. Girls got pierced THERE? He didn't know much about piercings, except that they were only supposed to go in the earlobes. He saw plenty of girls with their earlobes pierced- Ms. Sweeney, Grandma Beatrice, and even one of the female regression students. Just like with other rules and expectations, Lili wouldn't follow them- she'd get pierced wherever she pleased. Considering that, he shouldn't be surprised. But down *there*? He shuddered and felt one last drop of pee squirt out into the damp padding swaddling him. 

He watched Lili pee, her gaze locked with that of Mrs. Vesper. The teacher's aide operated under order and was strict with the rules and swift with the paddle for anyone who misbehaved- she was part of the reason the regression students were so well behaved. Lili was anything but obedient, so of course the two would clash. Cameron wondered about Mrs. Vesper going against Ms. Sweeney, however subtle, in an attempt to cow Liliana. Did Lili really get under her skin that much? She seemed to get under a lot of adults' skin though. 

Suddenly a loud fart pushed the thick padding away from his damp bottom, and the seat if his saturated diaper was filled with a gooey, mud-like substance. He farted several times, loudly. The mess just slipped out of him and into his soggy diaper instinctively as his muscles involuntarily contracted, making him poop himself. He was too used to it to be bothered by it. He just squirmed some more. His diaper was pleasantly warm and wet, but now with a load in the back it began to feel heavy with the weight of both his pee and poop. 

He squirmed in his seat, slipping around in his squishy, wet mess. He hoped his diaper wouldn't leak. Leaks happened, just a part of the diaper life; they didn't bother him. He didn't want to leak in front of Lili. At least, thanks to the pills Grandma Beatrice had him take, his messy diaper didn't smell. He wriggled around, diaper crinkling as he watched Lili finish up peeing and looked around for toilet paper. 

Mrs. Vesper smirked. "Baby wipes-"

Ms. Sweeney quickly spoke up, over riding her with a warning glare. "Flushable wipes are on the little stand to your left." A little wooden stand painted with ABC blocks stood between the two plastic, big sized training potties. Two wipe containers sat on top, one pink with Minnie Mouse, the other blue with Mickey Mouse. 

Liliana's cheeks tinged pink for a moment, Mrs. Vesper's eyes gloating in triumph. Lili's purple punk lips twisted into a manic grin. "Thanks, got it." She said loud and cheerful, waving the wipe at the teachers before wiping herself. She stretched her smile further into a smirk, inwardly grimacing at the wet, cool feeling of the wipe and wishing for some normal, dry toilet paper instead. 

Cameron sucked his binky some more and watched as Liliana stood up, pulling her panties and shorts up with a mock flourish. She finally tore her gaze away from Mrs. Vesper to look at him. His face grew hot with a fierce blush and he quickly looked down, coloring some grapes in orange.

A shadow fell over him, blocking the overhead light, but he didn't look up. Ms. Sweeney knelt down. "Cameron, sweetie, let's check your diapee." 

Cameron looked up at her and sat his crayon down. "Diapee dwy." he babbled. He really wanted a nice dry diaper on, but Liliana was up by the changing tables, washing her hands at the sink. She might see the skin under Cameron's clothing. He shuddered, afraid at the very thought. 

"I'll be the judge of that. And we'll get you a new bib, you got spit up on that one, baby.".Ms. Sweeney took Cameron's wrist and tugged. He automatically stood up. She bent down, loudly popping open his crotch and onesie, poking at his obviously full and messy diaper. Cameron sucked his paci nervously, a little bit of drool splashing down onto his messy bib, his eyes glued to Liliana. She looked over her shoulder as she rubbed her soapy hands under the water, smiled and winked at him playfully. He blushed and looked down, letting Ms. Sweeney guide him. 

"Yupp that's one messy baby boy. Lets get you changed." Ms. Sweeney took Cameron's hand, tugging gently then leading him over to one of the changing tables- the one closest to the sink and Liliana. He whined in a soft protest as he toddled along, his waddle even more pronounced from his heavy, swollen diaper. The mess in his diaper shifted around, but he was used to it so it didn't bother him. He felt the diaper slipping down his slim hips since the teacher left his onesie and pant crotches unsnapped. 

Liliana took her time drying her hands every so carefully, not leaving a drop of water on them. Ms. Sweeney stopped at the changing table and eyed Liliana pointedly. Lili ignored her for a moment, staring at the blushing Cameron and the yellowed front of his well-used diaper. She glanced once at the teacher before heading back to her seat. Ms. Sweeney kept her gaze on Lili, a silent warning to behave. 

Lili just smiled at her. Cameron's gaze was glued to his toes, so he missed her looking at him. As she passed, she patted his thickly diapered bottom. In just one sly moment of passing, she felt the tell-tale lumps and knew he had a major load in his pants. 

At the brief contact, Cameron inhaled swiftly in surprise, head jerking up to stare with wide eyes at Liliana's back. She was already gone, headed back to her seat and no longer looking at him. But she'd pressed her hand against his butt, mushing his mess against him. She knew he pooped himself. Was she teasing him, or was she letting him know it was alright? Perhaps both?

Cameron turned, twisting his body to try and get a look at her face when Ms. Sweeney tugged gently on his hand. "Come on, climb up and I'll get you out of that icky diapee." She cooed as she tugged. He was mid-turn when she tugged, unknowingly pulling him off balance. Cameron wobbled, legs spread far apart due to his swollen diaper. He fell, the thickness of the padding cushioning his bottom as he plopped down on his butt. 
Cameron's eyes widened, stunned. His mess squelched up around his crotch and he didn't know if his diaper leaked or not. He didn't care. He was more stunned than hurt, and the infantile instincts installed in him from years in the regression program took over. Tears welled up and he cried little infant mewls of distress. 

"Cameron. Sweetie. Shhh. It's okay, baby. You didn't get hurt." Ms. Sweeney instantly knelt, her hands gently prodding him, checking him for any bruises or cuts. She cooed gently to him. Startled fear still curled in his stomach and he continued to cry, helpless as an infant. 

Mrs. Vesper started to rush over, but Ms. Sweeney held up on hand in silent command and shook her head, communicating to the aide that she would handle this. Only a few of the other students glanced at him; crying babies were nothing new in this classroom. Liliana ignored Ms. Sweeney and crouched down in front of Cameron, taking both his soft hands in hers, giving his fingers a little squeeze and shake. 

"Cam-Cam. Cameron. Baby." Liliana cooed in a copy of Ms. Sweeney's syrup voice. "It's okay, baby. You're fine. Want me to beat the floor up for you?"

Cameron sniffled, the gentle voices calming him down. He looked up at Liliana when she said something ridiculous. He sniffled and both Ms. Sweeney and Lili smiled at him. He blushed and looked down, mumbling "Sowwy." He felt bad for causing a commotion and awkward at being the center of attention. 

"Thank you, Lili." Ms. Sweeney said in pointed dismissal. 

"You okay, baby?" Lili cooed, ignoring the teacher. She picked Cameron's beloved binky up from where it dangled on its ribbon and held the nipple to his lips. His cheeks grew redder but he didn't look up, so she gently touched the tip of the rubber to his plump lower lip. He automatically opened his mouth and accepted the binky, sucking quietly. 

"Liliana. You may sit down now." Ms. Sweeney's tone was stern. 

"Tank yew." Cameron lisped out quietly, realizing Lili would go sit down again. He snuck a peek at her, saw nothing but concern in her eyes and knew she wasn't laughing at him. She smiled, nodded, got to her feet and went back to her seat. 

"That fall scared the baby. Lets get him into a nice, dry diaper." Ms. Sweeney cooed in her sing-song voice, taking both of Cameron's hands in hers and gently guiding him back to his feet. She held onto his waist, guiding him up on the changing table and swiftly securing him in the safety strap. 

Ms. Sweeney popped his pants open all the way and pushed them up his chest, followed by his already open onesie. "No rug burns on his hands. No marks- he's fine, just startled from his tumble." She called out to Mrs. Vesper, who was at the teacher's desk with Cameron's file in her hand, jotting down some additional notes for his daily report. "When you're done with that, there's a few wet spots on the floor. His diaper leaked a little." She ordered Mrs. Vesper to clean it up instead of handling it herself like she normally would, as punishment for Mrs.Vesper's earlier defiance. 

The safety strap around his upper chest held Cameron securely to the padded, vinyl matt. He couldn't roll; all he could do was try to tilt his head back in vain effort to look at Liliana. Would she see the burn scars covering his body? With his pants and onesie open, his scarred legs and belly were on full display. He hoped she couldn't see it. She had scars, too, so she would be okay with seeing his. Right? He sucked his binky and tried to squirm. Snot still clogged his nose, making breathing difficult. 

"Okay, Cameron. I'm getting you out of that yucky diaper. You need to be patient. Here, let me get your nose. " Ms. Sweeney gently corrected. Cameron immediately laid still and closed his eyes, as if that would somehow shield himself from Lili's gaze. When he heard Mrs. Sweeney rummaging on the supply shelf below and did not feel the usual tug and tear of the diaper tapes, he opened his eyes to find Ms. Sweeney once more standing above him with an adult-sized infant's aspirator held up in the air. It was from his basket of supplies, labeled with his name. 

Cameron whimpered helplessly, sniffling with the lingering snot in his nostrils. He hated those things. It was made of blue rubber with a big ball at one end and a long, tapered nozzle. 

"Baby, it's okay." Ms. Sweeney crooned as the blue nozzle tip came closer to his nose. She laid a hand on his forehead to hold his head still. He whined when he felt the tip push up into his nose. Oh, how he hated this. She squeezed the bulb and he felt the suction. His snot was sucked up with a horrible squelching noise, then she did his other nostril before releasing him and cleaning the aspirator with a tissue. 

"Doesn't that feel better?" She chirped as she put the aspirator away. "Now, lets get you out of that diaper." He felt her tug on the tapes and heard his diaper rip open, exposing his pee and poop covered crotch. The burns cars on his legs and belly were on full display. Everyone in class knew about his scars, so Cameron was usually comfortable with his diaper changes. But Lili was here….

He turned his head side to side, craning his neck and straining for a glimpse of her. He couldn't see, and the plastic safety strap held him in place. 

Lili slouched in her seat, arms crossed on top of Cameron's workbook while she stared at the changing table. Cameron's head faced her, so she couldn't get a good view of his diaper change. Mrs. Vesper, still soured from Lili's little potty show, put great effort into pretending Liliana did not exist. She cleaned up the little urine puddle from Cameron's leaky diaper then rushed over when a girl in pigtails and pink dress suddenly wailed about having to go potty. Mrs. Vesper helped the girl, who barely made it, and the teacher's aide made a point to loudly praise the girl for making it to the potty, no pee pee in her pink pull up. 

Liliana ignored Mrs. Vesper right back, inwardly cringing at her syrupy tone of praise. Inside, she felt like a toddler who went potty. She regretted nothing. She just stared at the top of Cameron's head, looking away, down at the workbook, when Ms. Sweeney glanced in her direction. 

She leaned further to her right and caught a glimpse of Cameron's fecal coated behind, his bare legs spread wide and pushed up to his chest by Ms. Sweeney as she wiped the mess off him. She noticed his skin; she should've noticed immediately, but the smears and lumps of poop distracted her. His exposed skin was a mottled pink, white and red; melted, swirled and misshapen in places. 

Booboos wike mine. Cameron's voice echoed in her thoughts. From what little she saw, his scars were so much worse than hers. Her scars were from doing something dangerous- she knew about the risks before hand and had taken them anyway. His scars…she needed to dig around for the truth in his background. All she'd heard were rumors, and rumors were often distorted versions of the truth. She knew something traumatic happened to him when he was little more than a baby, and his father- the man who was supposed to love and protect him- had been the one who hurt him. 

She strained in her seat to see more of his slim body and deformed scars. She touched her side, poking her fingers into the empty ridges covered by her shirt. She should feel flesh under the cloth but felt nothing but missing meat, torn from her by the teeth of a rogue tiger. She recalled the pain and fear, but she'd never felt shame. The only thing she regretted was the tiger's death; if it had survived, she would have gotten in its cage, faced what had almost killed her. She had faced the tiger's corpse; it had helped some, coming face to face with her near-death, but it wasn't the same. 

She shifted her chair over while keeping an eye on Ms. Sweeney. The teacher made quick work of Cameron's poopy diaper. His legs were still spread; she had finished with the diaper wipes and was now spreading cream on him, giving Lili a clear view of his privates. The burns even covered down there. It was obviously functional- but she wondered if that was why he needed diapers and not just as part of regression therapy. Ms. Sweeney spread a very thick white cream, covering and coating his burn scars. With the heavy white ointment, his skin almost looked normal. Hairless crotch, slightly crooked guy-bits. Her gaze went up to the top of his head, surprised to see his face. . He'd somehow managed to twist around enough to look at her, straining against the restricting safety strap on his upper chest. His pretty doll eyes were with fear as he stared at her. She smiled at him and winked. 

Freddy Krueger. Yo, you should see this freak show. He's even more fucked up than you are. 

The voice of one of the normal students she'd talked to this morning echoed through her mind. The boy was infamous across school for his burns. Upon discussing her scars, several of Prissy's friends told her about Freddy Krueger, whose father had tried to boil him alive to eat him. She wondered skeptically if part of that wasn't made up. But recalling how they'd laughed about it, making jokes…her heart twisted with something she rarely felt; guilt. She wished she would've punched those assholes in the face. It was a shame about his scars-he was such a pretty boy. Too pretty to be a boy. She wasn't put off by his scars, merely curious. His scars were just as much a part of him as his pretty face, so his scars weren't a shame at all. She found herself wishing she could take away the pain he'd been put through. 

Cameron smiled back, looking much reassured at her gentle smile. He had his head titled back, back arched as much as the safety strap would allow. Ms. Sweeney pushed his knees further up, rotating his hips and forcing him back flat on his back, taking Liliana out of his field of vision. She positioned him over a new, clean diaper and sprinkled him with lavendar scented baby powder. She finished by pulling the front of the monstrous diaper up, hiding his burned, cream coated crotch from view. 

The diaper was huge: it came well up past his belly button, to just under his sternum, and ballooned out, forcing his legs wide apart. It was standard white with Sesame Street characters on it. She tugged, struggling with the onesie and pants poppers, finally getting them shut and unstrapping Cameron. She took his hands, helping him sit up with a loud crinkle. He felt the powder shift around in his dry diaper and sighed happily. 

"Almost done. Doesn't that feel better, baby?" Ms.Sweeney cooed at him. He sucked his paci and nodded happily. He scooted forward to slide off the changing table. She grabbed him, as if she was afraid he'd toddle off on his own and fall again. "Hold on, Cameron. You need a new bib." Ms. Sweeney fastened a big, bright yellow bib on him with a green frog. It had a terrycloth front and plastic backing that was almost as noisy as his diapers. 

Cameron looked down, wrinkling his nose at the bright yellow. He'd rather wear the pink Elmo bib. He poked the frog; his bib crinkled loudly. Ms. Sweeney clipped his binky back to his shirt then slipped the nipple into his mouth. Cameron sucked on his paci and tugged lightly on the bib; he heard the slight rip of velcro in response and smiled. He could rip his bib off if he wanted to, even though he never would. Maybe he could get Lili to change his bib? 

"Okay, you're all done!" Ms. Sweeney said in a sing song voice, taking both of Cameron's hands like he was an unsteady toddler. She tugged on his wrists and he waddled back to his table. Liliana waited with a big smile and outstretched arms. His diaper rustled loudly with every step, the thick bulk forcing him to waddle like a toddler. He sucked his paci, wanting to tell Ms. Sweeney he was okay; his fall had just been an accident. 

Lili watched Cameron waddle back to his seat, crinkling all the way. She pulled his chair out for him. He looked up at Ms. Sweeney as they approached. "Liwi." He lisped behind his binky. 

"What's that, sweetie? You want Lili?"

He nodded, smiling. Ms. Sweeney hesitated a moment, then let Cameron's hands go. She was worried he'd fall again. Lili stood up, taking Cameron's hands soon as the teacher let go, and she guided him to his seat. He plopped down with a loud crinkle. 

A cloud of sweet scent wafted over her. Baby powder with a hint of dirty diaper. Lili leaned in close as she sat down, sniffing. "Mmm, you smell good. Like a fresh baby." 

He blushed but smiled with pleasure behind the plastic paci guard. Lili didn't mind his scars at all- he'd been a silly baby. She had scars, too, so of course she wouldn't judge him for them. He looked at the last picture that needed colored; a group of oranges. He peeked questioningly up at Lili then looked at the crayon box. She followed his gaze, laughing and offered him the yellow crayon. He nodded his head then colored the oranges yellow.

Soon after, Mr. Witherspoon the principal, came knocking to collect Liliana again. He conversed with Ms. Sweeney, who did not let Mrs. Vesper get a word in edgewise. Mrs. Vesper held her tongue, looking like she had a very sour lemon wedged in her mouth. 

"Oh, yippy skippy. It's my buddy, Mr. Withereddick." Liliana chirped cheerfully while rolling her eyes. Cameron bit his lip to keep from giggling at her sarcasm. "It's been fun, baby boy, but I think its time for me to go." 

"Oh." Cameron deflated like a leaky balloon, heavy with the feeling he was never going to see her again. He felt tears burn his eyes and he sucked his paci swiftly. 

"Hey, don't cry. I already told you I'm gonna be your new babysitter. You want me to be your babysitter? Yeah?"

A few tears trickled down his cheeks and plopped onto his bib; he didn't bother to brush them away. She spoke like it was so easy. Grandma Beatrice would dislike her on sight, Cameron just knew it. Even if he needed a babysitter, she would find someone- anyone- else. 

She laid a hand on top of his head and tapped the middle of his binky. He looked up at her, big doll eyes shimmering with tears. "Told you to let me take care of all that. You want me? Yeah?" She prompted. He blinked, a few more tears trickling down his soft cheeks, and nodded his head. She gently brushed them away and smiled. "Don't you worry, baby boy. I'll be seeing you around." 

She tapped his binky one more time before she was up and headed over to the principal and teachers. Cameron stared at her back as she left. He raised his hand, opening and closing it weakly in an infant's good bye. She paused at the door, looking back at Cameron and winking before leaving behind the principal. Then she was gone. Cameron stared at the door for a long moment, then looked back down at the miscolored fruit on his paper. 

Ms. Sweeney watched the interloper leave and the regression room was back to normal. Cameron was back to his quiet self, sucking on his binky, sitting back at his usual table with Leroy. In the small, influential social circle Ms. Sweeney floated in, she had heard all about the notorious Liliana. She had tried to take a neutral approach in her assessment of the girl and what weighed heavily in her favor was the chord of friendship she had struck up with Cameron. Even in the regression therapy room, he was quiet and a loner, and frankly, given the boy's background, it worried her. He needed someone he could connect with, and Ms. Sweeney wondered if Liliana just might be that person.

Liliana fluffed a vase full of fragrant, brightly colored tigerlilies. The blue vase sat on a nightstand by Priscilla's bed. Gone was her post four poster canopy with curtains; it was replaced by a medical bed. The railings were up to keep the brain damaged beauty from falling out. 

"Dear cousin, just look at you. Such a pity." Lili tsked in false pity then grinned like the Cheshire cat. Prissy's unfortunate accident would not rob her of her vengeance. Lili had an old, bloody score to settle with her cousin. Prissy had already lost everything she held dear and had taken for granted- her popularity, her health, her ability to move. Her future. All gone. Some people may have called it fate. Divine karma for all the horrible things she'd done, especially to Cameron. Justice from the hand of Grandpa Jack's Christian God or Asha's Hindu deities. A tragic punishment served up on a silver platter. 

That was not enough for Liliana. She felt robbed, cheated. She'd wanted to take those things away herself. Destroy Prissy with her own hands. Prissy had one thing left- her tattered self dignity. Lili had been watching how the home nurses and aides treated her injured cousin. Much different than how the regression therapy nannies treated Cameron. Lili was here to trash that difference. Give Prissy a taste of Cameron's life. Shred what little remained of her dignity. 

Liliana loomed over the bed, almost trembling with excitement. Pissy was all hers, to do with as she liked. She stared down at her sleeping cousin, the memories that had haunted her dreams stirring. The pain-filled whimper of a tiny puppy. Shiny little leather mary janes spattered with the puppy's bright red blood. A little girl's cruel laughter. After finding Priscilla kicking the puppy, Liliana had jumped on her, yanking on her hair so hard she tore out two tiny, fist fulls by the roots. Prissy had turned the waterworks on, playing the sweet, terrified innocent while letting Liliana take the blame for the puppy. After all, who would believe bad-tempered, troublemaker Lili over sweet, obedient Prissy? Only Grandpa Jack. 

The old anger stirred. "I suppose I should thank you. Without that puppy incident, Gramps never would've taken me to India with him. It really did change my life. For better or worse, who knows?" She snorted derisively. "Who really gives a fuck? It is what it is, yeah? You've got a debt to pay, and I'm here to collect." She yanked the blanket covering her sleeping cousin off. The disabled, ex-cheerleader shivered. 

The morning home care worker had just left her shift; Lili had called and canceled the other day shift, leaving Priscilla helpless at Lili's mercy. Grandma Jill was too busy being a posh socialite to look after her now disabled granddaughter. That's what the home care agency was for. Uncle Oliver, Priscilla's father, was rarely around. Jill had disowned him long ago- he was living in London with his boyfriend after dumping his unwanted daughter on Jill's doorstep, leaving his mother to raise his daughter. Priscilla's mom had been out of the picture for over a decade. After a nasty divorce, she was living in California with her third new-money husband and no time for her firstborn child. 

Jill was the only one who had been there for Priscilla after her injury. At first, anyway. Until the doctors gave Jill the shattering news that her precious, head cheerleader granddaughter would never be the same again. Falling from the top of the human pyramid had traumatically damaged her brain when her skull had cracked upon impact with the ground. She would always need caring and looking after- someone to bathe her, feed her, change her wet and messy diapers. Dress her. Jill had not even done that when her two boys were babies. That's what nannies were for. 

Priscilla shivered, eyes still closed in sleep. Lili lowered one of the railings for easy access to her cousin's body. She found the Velcro and elastic safety restraint cuffs attached to the railings. They were for when Prissy had one of her spastic, twitching tantrums; they kept her limbs from flailing around and hurting herself or someone else. Lili fastened the restraints to Prissy's wrists and ankles. 

Prissy had been the ideal granddaughter- a pretty, charming, social butterfly. The queen bee of the school. And widely considered to be a bitch on wheels by most of the unpopular crowd. Lili had learned that from talking to many different students during her first week at school, though most of them had been terrified of her, too, and not just because of her purple lipstick and piercings. Lili was not surprised- she'd always known Prissy's true colors. 

Priscilla's glamorous life was over. There was very little the doctors, therapists and rehab could do for her. She'd only been home a few months on a home care program. She would always need constant care. Prissy had very little control of her limbs; they were as spastic as an infant's. She could still speak, but her words were all garbled nonsense. Her brain injury left her with a communication disorder called aphasia from the damaged brain tissue. She could understand what was being said to her, but when she opened her mouth to respond, incoherent gobbledygook babbled out. Prissy knew what was going on around her. Sentient on the inside but unable to express it on the out. She was little more than an emotionally abandoned, sentient vegetable. That should be punishment enough. She could never harm anyone again. But it was not enough for Lili. 

Liliana lifted Priscilla's nightgown. It was pastel pink and velcroed in the back, making changing her easier for her caregivers. Little lace and a pink bow decorated the neckline. It looked like something an old lady in a nursing home would wear. Her once shapely legs had withered to thin twigs from her inability to use and control them despite the efforts of the therapy exercises to preserve her muscle tone. White surgical stockings helped with blood circulation and pink fuzzy socks kept her feet warm. 

Lili lifted the gown higher and smirked at the prize. Bingo. Prissy's once shapely backside that had driven all the boys wild was now encased in a thin, white diaper. The front was yellowed and swollen with her urine. 

"Look at that, Pissy pissed herself. What guy would be turned on by that?" She laughed mockingly. "Not much of a social life, yeah? But thanks to me, your wonderful, loving cousin, you've got two dates lined up. Lets get you all pretty for that moronic lunk Maxie. We'll show him what a big baby you are!" She cooed in a sweetly poisoned version of Ms. Sweeney. 

Liliana's voice disturbed Priscilla's slumber. She moaned, head lulling from side to side, with some drool running down her cheek onto her pillow. She instinctively tried to stretch, but her arms and legs did not even flail. She felt the tugging of the elastic safety restraints and the thick, padded cuffs firm around her wrists and her hands encased in thickly padded safety mitts to keep her from scratching her face when her arms involuntarily spasmed. She was tied down; the home care nurses only did that when she had a melt down. They even had a special, soft mesh mask for when she tried to spit or bite them in one of her frequent angry rages. But her mask wasn't on, and her bite guard was not in. The huge chunk of soft rubber prevented her from biting her own tongue off, and prevented her from biting anyone else. The rubber gagged her and made her drool even more. 

"Aba ga goo!" She blurted with a spray of spittle, demanding to know what was going on. The nurses always spoke respectfully to her, telling her what they were doing. Even when she was in the middle of a tantrum. All that came out of her broken brain was garbled nonsense. She still had not accepted her new condition; she kept waiting for improvement even though none came. She often got frustrated, pissed off and ended up lashing out in the only way she could- throw tantrums like a spoiled toddler would throw. Hence the restraints. 

Grandma Jill had watched a tantrum; she had backed away in fear and disgust. She had stared with wide eyes, horrified that her beloved granddaughter had morphed into this raging, thrashing thing that pissed and shit herself and bit her care takers. After that, Jill only pulled away more and more, just when Prissy needed her most. 

Prissy's head fell to the side, stray strands of hair sticking to her slobbery wet face. She wanted to gug on her restraints, but her feet twitched instead. She opened her mouth to scream, only to find a familiar, hated piece of rubber shoved into her mouth. She gagged. The mouth guard had a hole for air to get through, but she could not spit it out or talk. It muffled her angry squeal. 

"Tsk, tsk. I've read your files. Someone's anger issues have surfaced, yeah?" That low, purring voice made her freeze. Her eyes rolled; Liliana's grinning face filled her vision. Her despised cousin. Prissy tried to sneer but the bite guard prevented that. The freak had mutilated her face with metal piercings. Prissy wanted to laugh bitterly. Of the two, Lili possessed more natural beauty. Prissy needed the help of make up. And that bitch Lili took it for granted. She'd always been a fucking freak- Lili had smashed her porcelain dolls as a child and spattered mud on her frilly dresses. Now she wore tons of black makeup and shoved metal through her face. What the hell was wrong with her?

Prissy felt the old hate and envy stir. The things she could have done with Lili's looks! Everything came so easy to that bitch while Prissy had to work and fight for it. Had to know what others thought before she made a decision, until she'd learned to manipulate and intimidate to get her own way. Be a selfish monster. Lili was a selfish monster- she did whatever she pleased and no amount of disapproval seemed to bother her. Envy churned in Prissy's heart. Life was not fair. And here was Lili, once more flaunting it all in front of her. Lili should be the one lying here, strapped to the bed, helplessly shitting and pissing herself. 

Prissy glared, her hatred burning in her eyes. She squealed again, saliva running down her chin. 

"Aww. Poor baby. Did you miss me as much as I missed you?" Lili shoved Prissy's nightgown up to her armpits. The bunched up, flowery fabric covered her small, bare breasts. Her wet diaper and bed pad under her padded butt to catch any frequent diaper leaks lay exposed to the world. 

"I noticed something interesting in your files, aside from your frequent tantrums. Grandma Jill hasn't signed off on any of your daily reports. I had a little chat with that blonde nurse that's always here. Judy? Gram's your legal guardian since your brain's so fucking scrambled. Judy had to take stacks of reports to her. Stand there and make her sign them. Guess you're not the golden princess anymore, yeah?" 

Prissy tried to glare. She let out a garbled scream, drool running down her already wet chin. Lili bend over her. One hand cupped the warm, squishy, yellow crotch of Prissy's diaper. Prissy whined in protest, wishing she could kick Lili's teeth in. "Since Grandma's too busy to care for you, I'll step up to the plate." 

She rubbed the smooth, warm plastic, pressing the fresh, piss-soaked padding into Prissy's crotch. Prissy flinched; Lili smiled. "Yup, no doubt about it. Baby went pee-pees in her diapee! And just look at your diapee!"

Prissy's face flushed in embarrassment and anger. She squealed, the rubber filling her mouth suppressed it. Briefs. They're briefs, you fucking bitch. She snarled in her mind. She tried to swing at her hated cousin, knock her hand off her crotch, but her elbows just twitched and her legs did not move at all. 

"Don't worry baby. I'm gonna fix it." Lili's voice was heavy with poisoned promise. She squeezed the warm, squishy diaper again, making Prissy squeal helplessly once more. Lili released her diaper then disappeared from her view. Prissy stared at the empty ceiling, wanting to turn her head, keep her eyes on the monster, but her neck muscles would not cooperate. 

Liliana rummaged through the drawers on Priscilla's cherry dresser trimmed in gold. She pulled out a special diaper from the bag she'd put there earlier. 

A large, white rectangle filled Priscilla's vision. She immediately knew what it was. A diaper. But not like her thin, all white disposable briefs at all. There was no sugar coating or modifying what this monstrosity was. An oversized baby diaper for a big baby. Lili was going to turn her into a big baby. Like that burned boy- she couldn't remember his real name. Freddy Kreugar. 

Horror washed over her. Over the months after her accident, she had gotten used many indignities. Multiple medical professionals manhandling her, touching her most intimate parts. Bathing her, feeding her, changing her. That humiliation was an old one she was used to, so it was no longer an embarrassing humiliation. But those professionals were, well, professional. They treated her with dignity. 

There was nothing dignified about that diaper. It was huge, easily more than triple the thickness of her tiny, thin disposable briefs. The front panel had colorful, bright clowns and balloons that spelled out "B-A-B-Y" in big letters. She cringed on the inside. 

"I got these just for you. Found them online. They're adorable, yeah?" Lili waved the diaper teasingly. "It's super absorbent. Not prone to leaking. Soft, too." She rubbed the cool, soft plastic shell against Prissy's cheek. 

Prissy growled, drool dribbling down her chin. She wanted to jerk her head away, but it would not respond to her command. 

Lili laughed, opening the diaper up and putting it over Prissy's face and smothering her. Prissy's nose filled with the subtle scent of baby powder. Revulsion filled her- this was a diaper designed not for medical needs, but for those disgusting freaks who got off on this sick shit. Or maybe it was one of the diapers used in regression therapy? She vaguely remembered pulling down the burned freak-boy's pants in gym class, exposing his wet diaper to over 20 of their peers. Remembered him crying- and his sobs had only made the sight of a teenaged boy in a big baby diaper that much funnier. His burn scars had added to the bizarre sight. The freak belonged in a circus sideshow. 

"This diaper is so much better than yours. One little piddle and that thin diaper is leaking. It's a sad joke. But this bad boy can take a whole lot of your piddling pee-pees. Is Baby Pissy Pants excited? Yes, she is!" Lili's voice rose to a high pitched coo. She removed the diaper from Prissy's face. 

Prissy's squeal was muffled by her mouth guard. Fucking bitch! I'll kill her! 

Lili ripped open the thin, soaked diaper and pulled it out from under Prissy, leaving her pee dampened crotch laying on the blue underpad. Prissy lay helpless, screaming and cussing and cursing Lili in her mind. 

"Aww. How cute. They shave you down there. Guess even they know babies like you don't need big girl hair." Lili stared down at her cousin, her maddening Cheshire grin stretching. "Yup. Just a big baby." She laughed as if she found something privately amusing. 

Lili balled the diaper up and held it to Prissy's face, touching the piss-warm crotch to her cheek. Prissy squealed in disgust; the stench of her own urine tickled her nose. "See this? You did this. Your piss. You'll never be one of the cool kids again. Now you're just a big baby. Just like Cameron. He does this in his diapees, too." Her voice warped to a mocking sneer. 

Priscilla and Liliana were two sides of the same coin. Lili was, in her own way, just as mean and nasty as Priscilla. Prissy had always been more covert, and she chose victims weaker than herself. She attacked at the opportune moments. She had a sense of self preservation, and usually knew when to back off. Things had gotten out of hand with her torture of Cameron, and that was the only time her misdeeds had ever been brought to light. 

Lili, on the other hand, only attacked when provoked, but she was more ruthless and vicious than Prissy. Even her own father had been terrified of her, and he was a man who had firmly believed in spare the rod, spoil the child. Beatings, pan cake turners, wooden spoons, leather belts all had been well aquainted with Lili's young, tender backside. All had failed to curb her, though it had taught Lili to weigh her options. She accepted her punishments as consequences for actions she chose. Prices she had to pay for what she wanted. She'd even tell of her wrongdoings. Physical punishment did not curb her behavior. Her father had become convinced she was possessed by a demon. 

Lili and Prissy were both bad seeds; products of nature or nurturing was the question. Regression therapy had its roots in this conundrum. It had started off as a psychological experiment with criminals; convicts volunteered for time off their sentences. The experiment had mixed results, but enough promising results in rehabilitating hardened criminals. Other, similar experiments were repeated. And repeated. Results varied, but the momentum grew until some psychologists started offering this as an alternative, experimental treatment to patients who were not criminals. If this new therapy could turn petty, career criminals into law abiding, functioning members of society, what could it do for patients struggling to recover from severe mental or emotional trauma? 

Those results were more successful, and got more attention in peer reviewed psychological journals. More psychologists started dabbling and experimenting and refining it. Conferences were held. Some universities started offering specialized, elective courses in regression therapy. It trickled into mainstream awareness through magazines, TV talk shows, documentaries, social media- in particular the internet. Universities came to offer full courses in it. Hospitals started to offer it to patients who could afford it. Eventually, universities offered it as specialized major or minor. Patients requesting it grew until it morphed from an alternative therapy into a new yet still controversial main stream therapy. Insurances started offering coverage for it. Hospitals added regression therapy wings, and a few mental hospitals specialized in it. Of course, it still had its opposition. 

Cameron had been in such a hospital. It had helped him slowly deal with the trauma his father had put him through. Mental, physical and emotional trauma of his abusive father boiling him alive. He still was not over it. He would never be cured; the physical and emotional scars would always be a part of him. But he could learn to live with it. Cope with it. 

Prissy would have benefitted from regression therapy when she was whole and healthy. It could have curbed her selfish streak from doting Grandma Jill and nannies to cater to her every whim. 

Regressing Lili would only unleash the monster inside, removing the mental restraints Asha had painstakingly, patiently instilled in her. Was still teaching her. 

Priscilla shivered, fear flashing through her. She whined and drooled around her bite guard. A small spurt of pee squirted out of her, making Lili jump back. She looked down at herself, checking to make sure her invalid cousin hadn't peed on her. "You're damn lucky you didn't piss on me. That's disgusting." The poison in her voice didn't let up; bottled up for years, it finally had an outlet. 

Lili tossed the used diaper across the room at the garbage. It hit the wall with a squish, just barely missing the can. It plopped onto the plush, expensive carpet. Lili shrugged and left it there. Prissy peed some more, terror at her cousin's hostility making her heart pound. Her pee just wet the underpad some more. 

"Guess some baby really needs her diapees. I better get this on you so you don't piss all over the place. Maxie will be here soon, and we don't want you scaring him right off the bat, do we? We want him to stay and play with the pee-pee baby for a little bit, yes we do!" The venom gave way to a syrupy mock coo.

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I still really like this story. It seems like you are adding to it more as you are reposting it. Seems to be more in depth. I am looking forward to reading the rest again. 

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Horror spread through Priscilla's numb body. Max, her ex-boyfriend, was coming over. How? Why? For what? She growled around the rubber filling her mouth. Liliana. Oh, what had that bitch done? 

Max had only visited her in the hospital once, right after the accident. She had been in the ICU, hooked up to tubes upon tubes. She'd even had a catheter in plain view. He had stared, eyes wide, for several painful, stretched out seconds, before abruptly turning and leaving the way he'd come. He didn't even give her the flowers he'd brought. 

Liliana set to work in silence, smirking at the anxiety and drool and Prissy's face. She took some wipes from the plastic tub, ignoring the wipe warmer. Prissy whined into her mouth guard at the cold, wet touch. Lili wiped her privates down then rolled her as much as the restraints would allow to remove the pee soaked underpad. She kept her touch gentle so she didn't leave any bruises on Prissy's skin. She unfolded the huge clown diaper with one hand, shaking it out then slid it under Prissy's bottom. 

Prissy could feel Lili manipulating her body. She tried to kick Lili in the head, grunting into her gag. 

"Are you trying to fart on me? Or are you constipated? You sound like a damn rutting sow. Thoughts of Maxie got you all horny, yeah? Like he'd really wanna touch your piss-soaked pussy, Pissy-pie." Lili laughed as she swiftly inserted two bullet shaped, white, greasy globs of glycerin into Prissy's back end. She'd snuck the suppositories out the same time she'd gotten Prissy's diaper She worked her greased finger around, shoving them deep inside Prissy's ass. 

Prissy groaned helplessly in indignation. She knew what Lili had done to her. Fucking bitch was going to force her to shit herself. In front of Max? Her breath caught in her chest and her heart stopped at the thought. She groaned frantically, shaking her head. 

Lili laughed and slapped one bare cheek before dropping Prissy on her back, right on top of the diaper. It felt like she landed on a pillow. "You're gonna show Maxie how a big baby uses her diapees!" Lili dumped a ton of heavily scented baby powder on Prissy's crotch. Powder went everywhere, even on the bed. Lili ignored it; she brought the thick diaper up between her legs and sealed it shut. She tugged to make sure the diaper tabs were nice and tight. 

Prissy screamed into her bite guard, drool running down her chin. Her legs finally, finally kicked. The big baby diaper crinkled noisily, so much louder than her thin medical briefs. Oh, how she wanted those briefs back! Her face grew red in anger and she peed a little more. Her bottom already started to feel funny. Those suppositories were going to cause a massive bowel movement sometime soon. 

Lili stood back, admiring her handiwork. "Cameron is a lot cuter in his diapees than you are. He's a lot sweeter, too. " 

Prissy froze. Cameron? Who the hell was that? The name rang a bell…

Lili read her face and laughed mockingly. "Cameron? You taunted and tormented that poor boy right back into the retard regression room, and you don't even know his name? That's rich. Freddy Kreugar sound more familiar?"

Prissy moaned and rolled her eyes, thoroughly bewildered. What did that burned freak have to do with any of this? Just what was her psycho cousin planning, anyway? How did she know all this shit?"

"Yeah, I know about him. I met the big baby. I might even be his new babysitter. I'm still working on that. Wouldn't a play date between you be fun? Your friends told me quite a bit. Your diary told me more." Her cheshire cat smile stretched, waiting for the latest bit of information to sink in. 

Priscilla's scream was muffled from the rubber bite guard filling her mouth. Her limbs jerked erratically, diaper crinkling loudly. She'd kill the fucking bitch! Her diary! The nerve! She felt even more violated than having her diaper changed. 

Liliana watched, head tilted to one side, still smiling her Cheshire cat smile. "Don't be so pissy, Pissy. You shouldn't have left it laying out in the open. Unlocked, for anyone to read." The diary had been in Priscilla's underwear drawer, and the flimsy, little metal lock had been cut with metal cutting shears. 

Doubt washed over Prissy's face and she paused in her screaming, though one of her legs still twitched uncontrollably. Drool ran down her chin, onto her nightgown and pillow. Had she really left her diary out? She'd done that maybe once or twice since she'd started keeping one at twelve years old….. The last time she'd written in it was the day before her accident. So long ago, and so much had happened since….maybe…maybe she'd left it out? She stared at that cruel grin. Or maybe Lili was just fucking with her? She didn't know, and she could not read Lili's face. She screamed into her bite guard once more. 

Lili leaned over, fluffing Prissy's pillow up. Mouth close to her ear, she whispered, "I found your FaceBooger pass in it. Smart of you to write down all your passwords. Thank you. Made shit much easier for me. No one's stopped me from going through your old shit. Not like you can use it anymore. No one cares. Grandma Jill doesn't give a shit. Maybe we'll donate some of your crap to charity. " 

Plump lips pressed against her cheek in a soft kiss. Priscilla moaned in distress. Her clothes! Designer fashions, some imported straight from Parisian fashion houses! Tears burned her eyes. Sure, she could not wear them anymore, but they were *her* things. How could grandmother do this to her? But Grandma Jill never visited anymore…..the only people Prissy ever saw was her home care workers. Grandpa Jack hadn't been in to see her once. Sometimes Priscilla thought she'd be better off dead. 

Liliana wandered over to Prissy's desk. Gone were Prissy's belongings, set aside in a box. Replaced by files, folders, and a little ivory holder full of pencils. A work station for the nurses. Lili rummaged leisurely through the folders. 

Prissy's thoughts stewed. Her stomach rumbled as the suppositories began to melt, irritating the lining of her colon. She peed some more. 

"Ah, here it is. I made a few adjustments to your care notes." Lili opened a folder, even though Prissy's head did not turn to look at her. She sauntered over and waved it in Prissy's face, forcing her to look. "Just some new instructions regarding your diapers. You know, it's funny- the only thing Grandpa Jack says I got from Jill is my handwriting." She chuckled in amusement. Lilian's handwriting was a near match for Jill's- they both had the same elegant, looping scrawl. Even Jack frequently got them confused. A handwriting expert could tell them apart, but to the average Joe Schmoe the writing was so similiar it could easily be mistaken for the other's. 

Prissy wanted to thrash, to punch Liliana in her smug face, but her body did not respond. She just drooled and peed some more. She was constantly hyper aware and distracted by the horrid diaper strapped to her, forcing her legs apart. Bright clowns and balloons smiling happily up at the world. This diaper labeled her as a baby- something she had been struggling NOT to identify with. The huge bulk swallowed her stomach and lifted her bottom off the mattress, making her feel like she was laying on an incline. 

Screw you! Prissy shouted in her head. She knew Liliana planned on keeping her in those awful diapers. Diapers, diapers diapers. Not thin, adult incontinence briefs. Big baby diapers. Lili turned her into a big baby. Like Cameron. She cringed, old memories coming up to haunt her. She'd told Cameron many times he was just a big, stupid baby. 

Priscilla had tormented the burned boy. She knew she had, and she knew what she was doing was cruel. But it won her points with her peers and gave her pleasure to see how they all followed her lead. Teasing Cameron had merely been the tool to accomplish her means. Plus, those burns were disgusting and the skin did look like Freddy Kreugar's face. Cameron's own face was not burned- but he was so soft and girly looking. Prissy was more jealous of his looks than she was attracted to him. It had been so easy to make him the butt of her jokes, but her favorite was when she had taped a diaper to his locker. A freaky looking pants-shitter was all Cameron was in her world; lowest on the social ladder rung. Easy pickings. Fodder for those at the top of the food chain. 

And now, here she was, tied down and in a diaper herself. She felt the front of her diaper grow warm as she peed yet again. The thirsty material wicked the moisture away and she blinked in surprise. The briefs she was used to held the urine against her, making her feel wet and gross and wanting changed immediately. But this; it was as if she had not wet at all. She squirmed, feeling the powder shift around in her padded prison. Her diaper crinkled with every little movement, seeming so loud it echoed in the room to her ears. Her feet wriggled uselessly, flopping as she tried to kick . She frowned and tried to pull her arms but they did not even move. She whined, more drool running down her mouth. 

Lili put the notes away, checked the time on the wall clock. She came back to Prissy, tugging her dress down just a little. "We want Maxie to see how adorable your new diapees are!" She cooed. The gown only covered her boobs; Lili left the thick diaper on prominent display. 

Her lip curled at the drool soaked, lacey collar of the velcro closure nightgown. She reached down, plucking something from off the floor. "I got one more present for you. A big big cuz the ickle baby sure wubs to dwool!" Lili cooed in mock-baby talk. She fastened a velcro closure, huge pink cloth bib around Prissy's neck. She lifted her head to fasten it, then let Prissy's head drop back onto her pillow. The terrycloth bib was huge and covered her front down to the top of her exposed diaper. It was plastic backed and had a big, sparkly tiara on the front. 

"There, all ready for Maxie!" Lili clapped her hands in a high-pitched, mocking mother's coo. Then she poked two fingers right into the middle of Prissy's diaper covered crotch. The plastic shell of the diaper crinkled. Her palm cupped the warm crotch, squeezing the thick padding. Prissy could barely feel it. "Just a few drops in a very large bucket. You'll be good for a long time yet. You can piss away with no fear of leaks. You're welcome for that." Lili smiled sweetly then released Prissy from the safety restraints. 

Priscilla growled, drooling around the rubber filling her mouth. She hated that horrid bite guard, almost as much as she hated her big baby diapers. Most of all, she hated Lili. One small spurt of pee trickled out of her; the thirsty material wicked it away. One leg involuntarily twitched.

"My turn to get all preppied up. Don't wanna scare ickle Maxie-pad. That's your job." Liliana chirped cheerfully, practically skipping to Priscilla's closet. She threw open the door then cringed at what was inside. "Holy shit. You wore that crap?" Lili sneered at the clothes, taking a step back. 

The walk-in closet was a bounty of expensive, fashionable clothes. The closet was lined with fragrant, glossy cedar wood and was the size of a small effeciency apartment. It was like a small boutique. Racks ran along all 3 walls, filled to overflowing with high end labels worn by celebrities. Designer label jeans, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses, gowns, jackets, coats, cardigans. Several real-fur coats with matching hats and fur-trimmed gloves. Shelves of shoes, shoes, and more shoes lined the bottom; high heels, sandals, wedges, boots, flats. The shelves above held a few dusty, old photo albums, winter gear- hats, knit hats with pom poms, fur hats, gloves, cashmere scarves in a wide array of colors. Woolen Aran sweaters from Ireland. 

Lili crinkled her nose in disgust as she stepped into the closet and fingered one of the soft sleeves of a fur coat. "Mink. Nice. Always a bleeding heart for the animals, yeah?" Sarcasm dripped from her tongue like acid. 

That was one of the many things Jill and Jack never agreed on. Jack forbade real fur from his house; he donated big money to organizations and politicians campagning against it. Jill bought it anyway. 

"I don't understand how any of this trash is in style." Lili sneered as she rummaged through the clothes, metal hangers scraping over the metal rack. Her voice floated out to Prissy. "Some of this shit still has the price tags on it. Such a shame you'll never get to wear them. Maybe they'll fit your nurses, or their daughters. This one looks familiar…oh yeah, your last FaceBook post. You were gonna wear this for your date with Maxie-pad." 

Prissy tried her best to block out Lili's voice. Her clothes. Lili wanted to get rid of her things. The last shreds from her old life. Being in her old room, surrounded by her old things- ribbons and trophies from beauty pageants and cheerleading contests, frames filled with photos of her, her friends, and a few of Grandma Jill. Her CD collection, her videogames, her posters. All of it comforted her with the false hope of full recovery. She'd get her old body back under her control. It would all be hers again. She just needed some time and therapy. Unless Lili stripped it all from her first. 

"This might me a little tight across the bust, but it should fit. Think Maxie-pad will like it?" Lili chirped as she pranced out of the closet and laid a pale rose mini-dress across the bed, across Prissy's lap, making sure she got a good view of it. 

Prissy growled, drool trickling down her chin and onto her pretty pink bib. She bit down on the rubber filling her mouth, pretending she was sinking her teeth into Lili's flesh. The bitch! That's my dress! MINE! She snarled in her head, but the words only came out as garbled, spittle-laden growls. 

"You're right. He's going to like your outfit much better!" Lili crooned. She pulled off her black sweater-dress embroidered with little white skulls, black jeggings with artfully placed rips on the sides, held together with criss-crossed safety pins, and black skull socks until she was standing in front of Prissy's bed in just a lacey black bra and panties trimmed in white lace. Lili threw her clothes onto a nearby, plush pink and purple tye-dye bean bag chair and started to put on Prissy's dress. 

Lili's body was sleek, toned, and moved with an innate grace she took completely for granted. How Prissy had always loathed her. She stared as Lili undressed, wishing with all her might their positions were reversed. Take those tiny skull panties away and put the bratty bitch in a super thick, jumbo sized diaper. Prissy's eyes zeroed in on the huge scars mutilating Lili's torso. Great gouging chunks of flesh had been ripped away, leaving angry red, pink and white puckered ridges. 

Lili felt Prissy's hate-filled gaze upon her, staring right at her scar. She smirked. "See this?" She ran her fingers over the scar, caressing it, poking at the missing chunks of flesh. "Had a little incident with a tiger back home. Guess my skin's just as fucked up as Cameron's, yeah? I can kinda understand his pain. I get it. If you were still normal, you would've laughed at me, yeah?" She spoke casually, like her ordeal was no big deal. 

Prissy remembered the media storm and gossipping frenzy years ago, when she was still a child, about the magician who'd been attacked by one of his white tigers. Grandma Jill, wife of a man who owned a tiger conservation, delightfully found herself the center of the town's social attention. Prissy didn't remember much, just parade after parade of high society ladies calling for afternoon tea, gossip, and Jill's expert opinion on the tragedy. The magician had lived. Unfortunately, Liliana had lived from her attack as well. 

Tears burned Prissy's eyes as her soul raged at the injustice of the universe. One little slip from the human pyramid, one little tumble, morphed her into a sentient vegetable. An adult newborn. Liliana got attacked by a deadly beast and she walked away with just a scar. Too cruel. Snot ran out of her nose as she tried to sniffle. 

"Aww. What's going on in that ickle head of yours, baby?" Lili cooed as she smoothed down the pale pink dress she wore. The black lace on her bra peeped through the low-cut neckline, showcasing her creamy cleavage. The dress stretched over her curves, dipping in the scarred crater in her side. The dark fabric of her bra and panties showed through. 

Slut. Prissy sneered on the inside. Even Prissy would not wear the dress like that. Whore. I hope you get HIV and die. Wallowing in her hatred, her misery, she sank even lower with a fresh spray of pee into the huge diaper. Her tummy rumbled warningly as the suppositories took hold, making her bowels more active. A diaper blowout was imminent. She groaned and drooled her misery, helpless to stop what Lili had set into motion. 

Satisfied Prissy was broken as she could be for the moment, Lili left her be. She pulled on a raspberry colored cashmere cardigan she'd fished from the expansive closet. The dress was meant for a summer date, not this cold season. She then helped herself to Prissy's make-up to complete her goth-to-prep makeover. 

Mad Max, star of the football team, nervously pressed the doorbell. The Renine mansion was both familiar and strange to him. He'd been over regularly when he'd been dating Priscilla, back when she was head cheerleader. He hadn't been here in months, ever since her accident. The last time he'd seen his ex-girlfriend had been when he'd visited her in the hospital. He'd stood in the entry way to the hospital room, staring in horror at all the tubes and equipment hooked up to her. At her splayed legs and the wet diaper between them. 

Max shuddered at the memory. He used to feel at home here. Now, he felt like a stranger, an old man visiting his childhood neighborhood to see how much it had changed. He did not want to be here; Priscilla was nothing but a drooling tard now. He was done and over with her. 
He was here for Liliana. For Lili and those magnificent breasts. She was so much hotter than Prissy had ever been. Sure, she was a crazy bitch, but she looked like one hell of a good fuck. Crazy bitch would be crazy in bed. He was hard just thinking about it. Lili had been teasing him and the other boys at school. Mostly him. She so wanted him. Her antics made him think she was available in more ways than one. Last school day, Lili had pushed him into his locker, her huge tits smashing into his chest, filling his vision. She'd invited him over, one of her legs slipping between his, teasingly brushing against his cock. He'd just nodded dumbly. 

So, here he was Maybe he wouldn't even need to see Prissy. If he absolutely had to, he would just pop in and say hi for a second. Then he could focus on fucking that hot goth freak. Rumor had it Lili's pussy was pierced. What would that feel like? He wanted to tongue-fuck her and find out. He used to do that to Prissy. The image of her splayed legs, the yellow stained plastic of her diaper blared at him. He used to put his mouth on that pussy. Now it was covered in piss and shit. 

He gagged. Now Prissy was the perfect girlfriend for that pants-shitting, burned freak. He sneered as he recalled pantsing Cameron in class, back when the idiotic teachers tried to mainstream the freak. That sped didn't belong with the normal kids. Max had showed them Freddy Kruger the Diaper Boy had no place with them. He had pulled Cameron's pants down, his hand accidentally brushing over Cameron's thick diaper in the process. He'd felt lumps of shit under the padded plastic. Disgusting. Prissy was like that now. 

The door swung open silently on its hinges, but no maid or butler stood there holding it open. "P-prissy?" Max stared in shock. The girl looked a lot like Priscilla, but not close enough to actually be her. More delicate facial features. Rounder curves. Bigger boobs. Almost like Liliana?…….But she was a Gothic freakshow…..this girl….was normal….Could it be?

"Aww, Maxie, you don't remember me?" The girl pouted, her tone teasing. Her eyes gazing at him like they wanted to devour him. Taking him in, assessing him. Tiger eyes. 

"L-lili?" He stared hard at her, trying to reconcile this preppy girl with the goth girl he knew. 

"Good boy, Maxie! You remembered!" She giggled. 

"You look so normal." He stared at her, still flabbergasted by the change. He didn't even register the teasing nickname she used for him. 

"You're so silly. come on in!" She grabbed his big, football player hand and led him inside. "Well, do you like my dress?" She stood in front of him, displaying that porn star body. 

Max stared. The raspberry cardigan slipped off her shoulders. The dress hugged the curves of her body. Black bra and panties showed through the sheer material. And she offered all that to him. He could reach out and touch her. His pants tightened as his erection stirred. Lili's eyes smouldered, taunting, gloating, full of lust and promise. 

Prissy had always been shy and nervous, unless she was drunk. Lili was bold, her eyes raking over him. His cock grew hard and stiff as he watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed, breasts straining against the material that confined them. Begging him to free them. 

Her pink lips twitched and the preppy schoolgirl facade fell as she stepped closer, one knee between his legs. He could feel the heat of her body. So close. Her boobs almost touching him. Her hand rubbing his swollen crotch. Touching, teasing him. Holy hell. His breathing increased and his cock surged to full life as she rubbed small circles on it. He moaned. 

"I'll take that as a yes, yeah?" Lili laughed, a cold note in her voice. It sent a chill along his spine, making him feel like he was caught up in some kind of twisted game. Or the crazy bitch was off her rocker. Who the hell cared, as long as she got his rocks off. Maybe sucking it….

"Come on, Maxie. Let's go say hi to Pissy-pie in her room…then I can show you mine." Her voice lowered to a sexy husky whisper as she leaned in, her warm breath washing over his cheek, her lips so close to his ear. Her tongue flicked out, quickly licking his cheek. He shivered, picturing that tongue licking his dick. 

Lili took his hand again. He stumbled a few times as she led him further into the house, up a flight of winding stairs and down a long hall decorated with paintings and portraits of a younger Jack, Jill, their parents, Jack and Jill at their wedding, their two boys, then a few of their grandchildren- Liliana and Priscilla as little girls in frilly finery. Priscilla smiled sweetly, but even in paintings Liliana scowled. Plush chairs, lacquered benches, reading nooks and many potted plants littered the house. They passed a few maids on the long trek to Prissy's room. No pictures of Jack in India, his beloved tigers, or any of his numerous safaris. Jill kept her home scoured of all that. 

Max focused only on the sway of Lili's ass under the cardigan, the glide of bones under her smooth, corpse-pale skin on her exposed shoulders. 

"Here we are. Prissy's been so excited to see you." Lil's voice was full of satisfaction, like a cat that ate the canary. 

"Huh?" Max looked up from her firm ass to find himself in Prissy's bedroom. He'd once known it as well as he knew her body. Except now the room was littered with medical equipment. Her school desk was now a station for the nurses, complete with mini fridge and microwave. Her chaise lounge and entertainment center now for the nurses' use. The canopy princess bed they used to have sex in was replaced by a hospital bed. A huge stack of thick white diapers, bottles of baby powder, tubes of diaper cream and tubs of wipes covered one dresser near the bed. The room reeked of a sick nursing home. Hospital antiseptic combined dirty diapers and stale piss. 

In the middle of it all lay Priscilla in her medical bed. Her legs were splayed and the gigantic white diaper filled his vision. A monstrous white diaper with bright, happy clowns and balloons on the front panel. The world B-A-B-Y spelled out on the balloons. 

"Go on, say hello. Don't be so shy!" Lili chirped, her hands suddenly on Max's back, shoving him forward to the bed. To Priscilla. 

Max stared at his ex-girlfriend and her bulging white diapers with bright, happy clowns on the front panel. He stumbled forward, propelled by Lili's hands. Deja vu washed over; he was once again back at the hospital and horrified all over again at the ruins of his once-sexy girlfriend. No tubes now, just matted hair, old lady nightgown, pink bib and a huge diaper for her to piss and shit in. 

Prissy stared back at him, misery etched into her drool smattered face. She whimpered piteously, mentally pleading for him to save her. To run away. She did not want him to see her like this. Go. Go. Go. Leave before I shit myself, you stupid lunk. Her head lolled to the side, shifting her gaze to her cousin's smiling face. Oh, how I hate you! 
"So good of you to stop by. Pissy really misses her friends. Especially you. She still thinks you're together. Maybe we can take her out sometime." Lili giggled in a falsely playful laugh. She wrapped her arms around Max, breasts squishing into his back as she pushed him forward another step. He froze at her words, not budging. She scowled. 

"How could she want anyone to see her like that? I'd rather die." Max shuddered, full of revulsion. His boner died down. "Look at her!" He gestured to her. "Diapers!"

"Cute, yeah? They've got happy clowns to cheer her up." Lili urged him forward again; he took a step back. 

The rumbling in Prissy's belly steadily grew as the suppositories fully melted and began to take effect. Her legs involuntarily twitched, making her diaper rustle loudly. She groaned in resigned humiliation and dread. Tears leaked from her closed eyes. 

"She drools like a big fucking baby. It's disgusting. More disgusting than Freddy Kreugar." Max's upper lip curled in distaste. 

Prissy winced, Max's words cutting her to the core. More tears flowed with a soft sob. A loud gurgle drowned out her cries as the rumbling grew lower in her belly. She whimpered, knowing what was to come. 

"I'm sure that college recruiter would just love to hear about all this, yeah? Mr. Warner was so interested in your role bullying Cameron, too. Such stellar qualities in a top football recruit, yeah?" Lili's words froze Max cold. 

"What did you just say?" He turned to her, looming over her, threatening her with his size. Lili wasn't fazed. 

"I'm trying to do you a favor, Maxi. Mr. Warner's been asking so many questions about you. About Freddy Kreugar. It's not looking very good for you, yeah? He was also interested in your relationship with Pissy here. Especially when he learned I'm her cousin." She leaned casually against one of the railings on Prissy's medical bed and examined her black polished nails. 

"You've been talking to that recruiter? Behind my back?' Max's eyes went wide, whites showing as his ire rose. 

Lili snorted. "He's been talking to everyone. Very nice man. Course, I lied my ass off. Told him you were still friends with her and visited when you could. So you should be thanking me instead of getting your panties in a knot." 

"Oh." Max's bluster died down as he stared at her. She'd planned all this just to impress that college football recruiter for him? A worm of doubt wiggled in his gut. He stared at her sumptuous tits in that come-fuck-me dress and thought of all the flirting she'd done at school. She so wanted him. This was just some crazy chick scheme so she could fuck him. Bitches were weird like that. "I thought you wanted to fuck me?"

Liliana laughed as if he'd just said a joke. She sauntered to him, hips swaying as she let the raspberry cardigan slide off her pale, sculpted arms to reveal lily white skin he just wanted to lick. Her breasts bounced softly, just begging for his touch. Staring at her, he grew hard again. "Of course I do. Who wouldn't want a hunk like you?" She purred, stepping close. "Poor Prissy gets so lonely though. Just give her a quick hello. For charity. Then we can be alone." 

"I guess I can do that." Max hesitated, eyeing Prissy helplessly sprawled in the bed with her bulging, noisy white diaper catching his attention. The things he did for his dick. Damn bitch better make it worth it. 

"Sure you can." Lili cooed encouragingly. 

Max suddenly stumbled when she shoved him again, forcing him close to the bed. He automatically reached out to steady himself. His fingers brushed against something warm and doughy. Prissy's foot, muscles atrophied from disuse. His eyes locked with Priscilla's. He hadn't looked into her eyes since before her accident; the last time was when they made out. He jerked his hand back, but he couldn't break eye contact, feeling like he was looking at a familiar stranger. 

Priscilla whimpered, drool running down her chin and onto her bib. A loud fart ripped through the room, followed by the pungent reek of fresh feces. Max and Prissy's eyes widened simultaneously then Max's gaze travelled down to the diaper. The thick plastic was no longer pure white. The butt bulged out in lumps, slowly expanding as Prissy continued to poop. 

"She's shitting herself!" Max cried in horror, face twisted in disgust as he turned to Liliana. 

She just smiled and shrugged. "Yeah, Prissy does that. Hence the diapers." She flicked at a glance at her cousin, who continued to noisily fart and mess. Her eyes were closed, tears falling as the putrid stench of her shit filled the room. Lili grimaced, stepping away from the bed. Max gagged flamboyantly, edging towards the door as he coughed and hacked. 

"That's disgusting. I can't do this, babe. I'm outta here. This too fucked up." 

"We don't have to stay in here with stinky butt." Lili leaned in to block the door but Max pushed past her. 

"How can you even think of sex at a time like this? I'm going home to shower. Later." With that, Max ran out of the room and out of the house.

"Bye bye ickle Maxie-pad." Lili waved nonchalantly. "Oh well. Didn't work out the way I wanted, but shit happens." She was pleased she'd accomplished her main goal- for Max to watch prissy shit her diaper. Now he was sure to tell the other kids what he'd witnessed. "At least now I can ditch this slut rag." 

As she crossed the room, reaching for her zipper, she passed Priscilla. Prissy had finished pooping; the back of her diaper was tinged brown with lumps poking out against the thick plastic while the front was tinged yellow from her pee. "So, Pissy poopy-pants, was it as good for you as it was for me?" Her only reply was a garbled, defeated sob. 

Moments later someone knocked on the door. A maid in a crisp gray uniform poked her head around the open door with a knock on the frame. "Miss Liliana, Ms. Asha wants to see you." 

Cameron lay facedown on a cushioned play mat in his nursery. He kicked his feet, squirming on the floor. His diaper crinkled loudly as he tried in vain to stretch his legs out fully. The horrid, bright yellow sleeper with attached, padded booties and mittens was a size too small length wise. The garment was several years old, from when he'd first come home from the intensive regression therapy at the mental hospital. One of his nannies or housekeeper should've gotten rid of it like the rest of the baby clothing he'd outgrown, but the sleeper lingered on in his wardrobe. Occasionally he found himself trapped in it. Width wise it was still big in the waist, easily accommodating the titanic bulk of his noisy diapers. It was just too short, preventing him from extending his legs. Walking was impossible; all he could do was crawl. 

He had tried to protest when his nanny had dressed him in it, but a sharp smack to his scarred, mottled, melted thigh quelled him into fearful, quiet obedience. "Your other sleepers are in the laundry and I don't want to look at that skin of yours any more than I have to." She'd scolded sharply. Cameron had just whimpered softly behind his binky in apology. 

His squirming on the playmat accomplished just scooting forward on the cloth mat. A warm wetness surrounded his crotch suddenly as he peed. The thirsty padding of a fresh, dry diaper sucked the pleasant sensation away. Cameron looked down at a plastic toy mirror sewn into the happy yellow cloth. The colorful mat had various infant toys sewn onto the outer border. 

He peered down at his slightly distorted reflection in the shiny plastic. The angle made his binky look huge. The blue shield of the pacifier covered his lips; the green button had a green frog on it, complete with a white ring. Many times by various people he'd been told how pretty he was. During his brief attempt at being main streamed, he'd even had a few girls jealous. He never paid much attention to his delicate, feminine facial features or his slender body. He was more concerned with hiding his horrible scars. Even his nannies would rather shove him into a too-small sleeper than look at his mutilated flesh. Momentos from his father boiling him alive. 

Cameron scrunched his pert nose up at his reflection and tried once more to stretch out his legs. His toes pushed against the unyielding fabric then flopped limp on the floor as he gave up with a soft, muffled sigh. Repeated stretching would only make his legs cramp up sooner. 

Lili wouldn't have minded his scars. She might even let him crawl around in just a diaper and a bib. Cameron blushed at the thought and squirmed, uncomfortable with just the thought of exposing his scars, even if Lili would be the only one who saw them. His diaper crinkled loudly with his infantile, helpless squirming. 

Lili. Cameron's heart clenched at the memory of those purple lips and spiked piercings. Several weeks had passed. He only saw her once during playtime at school, when he toddled past the door and saw the principal escorting her to his office. She'd seen him, grinning and giving him a little flirty wave. 

He'd never see her again. The heavy truth weighed down his heart. The rational part of him knew they were never meant to be, while another, hopeful part of him kept waiting for her to randomly appear at any moment with her pierced lips and cocky swagger. She'd probably forgotten all about him by now. Those metallic purple lips would forever linger in the shadows of his memory. 

Cameron rolled his eyes at his own melodramatic sentimentality. He nursed his binky, some drool running down his chin and onto his bib. It was mint green terrycloth with a print of a diapered teddybear and ABC blocks. The plastic backing was almost as noisy as his diapers. Every little motion made Cameron crinkle from either his bib or his diapers. Those crinkles and crackles comforted him, reassured him he was just a baby and he was safe. 

He tilted his head up to look out the nursery window. The brilliant orange and red foliage on the sturdy tree outside had waned to the brittle, parchment brown of late fall creeping in. What was Lili doing right now? Probably not thinking about him. The sky was a bright, teasing blue splattered with leaden grey clouds as Old Man Winter prematurely poked in with eager, brittle fingers. 

A wave of loneliness washed over him. He looked back down to the playmat and batted halfheartedly at a rattle sewn onto the cloth. He was used to wearing mittens, but he hated how these mittens were so thickly padded. His hands were practically useless. The most he could do was curl his fingers. In this sleeper, he could barely hold onto his bottles. He sighed again, sucking on the large rubber nipple filling his mouth and tapped the rattle some more. His diapers were louder than that pathetic little rattle. 

He'd always been content with his toys, his caretakers- his regression therapists, nannies, and teachers. Pleasing the adults by being a good baby, a good boy. His father had always been mad at him for not making it to the potty. As a baby, he was expected to go in his diapers. Even when his therapist decided to mainstream him, they still kept him in diapers. No potty training for Cameron. He knew some big boys needed diapers, but they did not have pacifiers or cribs like babies did. 

Cameron never had many friends. Sure, he played with his classmates from school- when they approached him. He rarely initiated play with others, content to crawl about on his own. He did not like being pinched, slapped, or toys stolen. Neither did he like being a tattle tale. So his only option was to quietly endure, or cry out if a pinch hurt bad enough. So for the most part, he was always on his own. 

Until pierced, purple lipped interloper sauntered into his life like a stray cat and made herself right at home. She was so confusing. Part of him wanted her as a babysitter but another part of him wanted her as a diapered playmate, an equal. Even if she was mentally regressed, he could still play with her. He'd never felt the desire to play with another before. 

Cameron sighed. Either way, it didn't matter. He was never seeing Liliana again. His thoughts just kept circling on themselves. A wet warmth engulfed his scarred crotch as he peed again, quickly absorbed by the thirsty padding. He rolled onto his back on the padded playmat and tried to stretch again. The short sleeper kept his knees bent, and his gargantuan diaper kept his thin legs forced far apart. The bulk lifted his butt off the floor like he had a pillow under him. 

He tilted his head back , pressing his skull into the soft padding as he looked across the room. His nanny sat in the rocking chair, her back to him, focused on a TV soap opera. He whined softly around the rubber nipple filling his mouth, timidly begging her to change him out of his sleeper. He wanted to stretch his legs, to get up and toddle around, to use his hands and play. Nanny never glanced back at him, too absorbed in her show. 

Cameron lowered his eyes, sucking quietly on his paci. The plastic guard rubbed over his hips and cheeks as he suckled. His slim fingers toyed with the bottom of his bib. The thick diaper forced his bent legs far apart; he lay in a flopped frog position. He pressed his toes into the cloth covering them but the sleeper held firm, trapping him and keeping his legs bent. He whined softly in frustration, voice muffled by the huge rubber nipple filling his mouth. 

He looked around his nursery, at his collection of therapeutic regression toys, all left over from the various stages of regression therapy he'd gone through. Everything from infants to toddler to preschool. All of his toys- rattles, blocks, trucks, dinosaurs, etc- were piled neatly inside his handmade, wooden toybox. One of his favorite toys was still on the floor; his big, yellow Tonka dumptruck with the fat plastic black wheels. A big blue bouncy ball with red stars sat in the back of the truck. 

If Lili was here, she'd have thrown the ball at Nanny Isabel's head. Cameron smiled at the thought then rolled onto his stomach with a loud crinkle. He pushed up onto his mitten covered hands. The thick padding of the mittens made it hard to feel the floor. He tried to curl his fingers; the firm, stiff padding barely gave way. He whimpered softly, feeling trapped and helpless. His bib dangled down, ready to catch his drool. It was already spotted with dried dribbles from his earlier bottles. He nursed his paci, tongue working the rubber nipple. He tried to bring his knees up under him, but the Godzilla-sized bulk of his diaper wouldn't let him. They stayed spread far apart. At least he could get up onto his knees. 

He crawled off the mat, diaper rustling loudly like an army of grocery bags. His crawl was slow and awkward, hampered by the diaper's bulk, the thick padding imprisoning his hands, and the short legs of the sleeper. His padded backside swayed as he awkwardly crawled along like an infant just learning to crawl. The too-small sleeper hampered his leg movements, cutting his crawls short and slowing him down. Finally, he reached his ball and batted it out of the truck with one useless hand. 

He tried to sit up, but the sleeper wouldn't let him situate his legs just right. He whined in frustration, kicking out with one bent leg. The momentum sent him rolling onto his side with a noisy crinkle. As he landed on his back, he felt warmth engulf his crotch as he unknowingly peed. He tried to sit up again with the same result. The sleeper forced him to lay down on his belly. He pouted behind his paci, the rhythm of his sucking and motion of the nipple soothing him. He turned his head to look at Nanny Isabel. For a wild moment, he was tempted to toss the ball at her head. But that was bad and he'd get in trouble. Bad baby. Bad boy. 

Cameron's eyes widened at those thoughts. He shivered, whimpering softly. He'd get in so much trouble. A little bit of pee squirted out and his belly rumbled as his lunch worked its way through him. At school, he was allowed to feed himself like a big boy. He got big boy food like cut up chicken nuggets and hot dogs. At home, he drank bottles of formula designed for growing adolescent nutrition and organic baby food made by Grandma Beatrice's personal chef Tyrone. Lunch today had been steamed and strained, mushy peas, smashed carrots, and squashed squash. He wrinkled his pert little nose. He was used to such food, but vegetables had never been his favorite. 

He lightly batted the ball with his padded mittens. All that stiff padding engulfing his dainty doll hands made the round rubber of the ball hard to grip. He had to struggle to hold the ball between both mittens. The carpet was soft and push, a perfect cushion for crawling. Not so good for ball bouncing. It rolled away; Cameron scooted after it, crinkling audibly. Roll, crawl and crinkle. Even the slow ball moved faster than him, hampered by huge diaper, padded mittens and too small sleeper. 

Frustrated, he dug his elbows into the carpet, army crawling on his tummy. His big, dragged along with his belly, cut into the soft, vulnerable flesh of his neck. He pushed with his knees in a noisy rustle. In this manner, he played with his ball, rolling it around and slowly chasing after it in his super noisy diaper. Occasionally, he paused to sneak looks at his nanny. She never even turned her head to check on him. 

His lower belly rumbled but he paid no attention to it, too used to messy diapers. He batted the ball harder, annoyed at his nanny. Wasn't it her job to at least check on him? Guilt chased on the heels of his annoyance. He liked being a good boy, making others happy. Pleasing the grown ups so they didn't get mad at him like his daddy used to. He shouldn't bother Nanny Isabel; she didn't like it. Even if taking care of him was her job. He frowned behind his binky and smacked the ball as hard as his mitten covered hand would allow. It skittered across the carpet, bounced off the white baseboard, and flew back to hit him in the face. 

Leftover, ingrained instincts from his long time in Regression Therapy kicked in. Tears of shock and pain welled in Cameron's eyes. His paci tumbled from this trembling pink lips and he whimpered. He cried softly, wishing desperately for comfort and reassurance. He rocked gently from side to side, diaper crinkling under him as he swayed. His eyes closed tightly as he tried to calm himself down. 

He peeked up at Nanny Isabel hopefully. At a particularly loud, bold sob, she slammed an irritated hand down on an armrest of the rocker. He winced, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to muffled his sobs. 

The urge to soothingly suck on something overwhelmed him as he cried. His paci always comforted him. Tears blurred his vision as he reached for his binky on the floor. Nanny Isabel hadn't bothered with a paci clip. The tips of his mittens bumped it, pushing it further from him. The stiff, thick padding rendered his hands virtually useless. His distressed mewls grew louder as his tears flowed faster. He fumbled with his paci, finally managing to pick it up between his mittens. A moment later it tumbled out of his padded grip. 

His cries grew with his frustration. He covered his mouth with his mittens to stifle the noise. He tried to put a thumb in his mouth but all he got was cloth. He whined, cheeks and bib soaked with his streaming tears as he bit down harshly on the thick padding of a mitten. His fingers barely felt the pressure of the bite. 

"Cameron!" He winced at Nanny's sharp rebuke. He knew better than to bother her, especially during her afternoon soaps. Or when she talked on her cell phone. From overhearing her conversations, he'd learned she only got into the regression therapy business for the money. She'd been fired from several other jobs. She only lasted here so long because "the old biddy didn't care" what she did. The other nannies the agency sent over were much nicer and more attentive than Isabel; he wished one of them had been on duty today. 

A sharp slap tore his mitten out of his mouth. Cameron whimpered, eyes squeezed tight. His binky was shoved in his mouth; the nipple pressed down on his tongue, making him gag while the hard plastic shield smashed into his soft cheeks. His tear-blurred eyes shot wide open. Isabel glowered down at him, her palm flat on the button of his binky. She leaned forward, pressing all her weight down. Cameron's scream was muffled. The binky pressed his skin into his teeth. He flailed, kicking his bent legs with a noisy rustle and helplessly batting at her wrists with his thick mittens. 

She kept pressing until Cameron collapsed with a soft, defeated whimper as tears streamed down his cheeks. His nose, cheek and brow bone throbbed where the rubber ball had hit, but that dulled in comparison to the burning sharp pain in his lips. 

"You wanna keep crying, I'll give you a reason to cry." Isabel scolded as Cameron shrunk into himself. 

He nodded, biting down on the rubber nipple to stifle another whimper. His watery gaze stayed glued to the floor, unable to take the annoyed wrath in Isabel's face. He yearned for cuddles and kisses on his boo-boos. Like when he fell at school getting onto the changing table and Ms. Sweeney and Lili had coddled him. 

After a period of silence, he realized Nanny expected a response from him. "S-sowwies." He sniffed a lisping, barely audible apology, hoping to defuse some of her fury. 

"Yeah. Well, you just stay quiet and quit causing trouble." 

Cameron lowered his head, curling into a defensive ball at her scolding. He shrank into himself, trying to be a small and inconspicuous as possible. She was as impossible to please as his father had been. Even the crinkle of his diaper seemed to annoy her. He stayed still and quiet, holding his shaking breath; he listened to the creak of the rocker as she sat down, grumbling about him making her miss her show. The TV blared as she tuned it up. 

Cameron shuddered in the wake of Nanny Isabel's anger. He lay curled in a fetal position, lips and eye throbbing from both nanny smashing his paci in and the ball smacking him in the face. He warily stared at Nanny's back; she was engrossed in her show once again, ignoring him. 

A loud fart suddenly erupted from his backside, followed by more farts and a warm avalanche of mushy, mud-like mess as he helplessly soiled himself. His mess was too soft to tent his diaper; it just slipped out of him, soft and sticky, in a series of farts. His monstrously thick padding muffled the farts and the special pills he took nullified fecal odor. The mess spread over his cheeks, coating his backside, then flowed up around his crotch, coating all his burned, scarred boy bits in a thick mushy wave. It even surged up onto his lower belly. A fresh spurt of warm pee followed. 

Cameron paid no attention, barely noticing the state of his diaper. He focused on being quiet, on being a good boy. He closed his eyes, lips throbbing as he tried to suckle on the rubber nipple of his binky. Pain flared in the bruising flesh and he stopped, muffling his whimper with his mitten covered hands. Spit dribbled down his cheek and onto his bib and the carpet. He stayed quiet, trying to calm down. 

When he finally opened his eyes, the pain in his face abated to a dull throb. He cautiously peeked at Nanny. She still didn't look at him. He sighed softly, wishing he could suck his binky. His eyes fell on the ball nearby. He shuddered and pushed the horrible thing away from him. It would be a long time before he'd ever play with that again. 

The ball rolled away, slowed by the thick carpet, but it kept rolling. He'd shoved it harder than he'd thought; it rolled right out the open nursery door. 

Fear washed over him. His eyes widened as he watched his ball disappear. His toy left the nursery. Bad boy! He was a very bad boy! He trembled, a little pee spurting out, and bit down on his binky's nipple to stifle his fearful whimper. 

Toys were supposed to stay in the nursery. He was in so much trouble. He snuck a glance at Nanny's back as a bold, daring thought bloomed in his head. Maybe he could sneak out and get the ball back before Nanny noticed? It's not like she paid much attention, as long as he was good and quiet….

He squashed that terrifying, bad thought. He was NOT allowed out of the nursery on his own. He'd be in so much trouble. He already was in trouble…Grandma Beatrice would be so, so mad if she found out. If Nanny Isabel caught him….

IF. If, if, if….Nanny really wasn't paying attention….He snuck another glance at her. He paused, slim body quivering at the turbulent thoughts bouncing around his head. His heart raced. Even if he stayed in the nursery, his ball was already out of it. No matter what he did, he was already in trouble. The ball was certainly going to be found by one of the maids if he stayed put. Nanny was absorbed in her show. She didn't want to be interrupted…He could risk crawling out, get the ball, crawl back in. She'd never notice. 

His heart fluttered like the beating wings of a frantic, trapped bird. He suckled fast on his binky out of habit, then winced as pain flared in his abused lips. Just thinking of breaking the rules made him light headed and dizzy. But he had to get the ball back. 

He got to his hands and knees, glancing at Nanny's back once more. She still didn't look at him. Limbs shaking, he unsteadily crawled as fast as his huge diaper and too small onesie would allow. His teeth clamped firmly down on the rubber nipple filling his mouth while nervous drool dribbled onto his bib. 

Cameron froze at the nursery threshold. He stared out into the hall, his quivering turning into fearful tremors. He barely realized he was peeing as his nerves wreaked havoc on his not-potty trained bladder. His ball still rolled sluggishly down the wooden hallway floor and into his grandmother's room. 

Horror washed over him. He whimpered. He was dead. So very, very dead. He swayed on his hands and knees, fear squeezing his lungs and making him want to pass out. His thoughts raced too fast for him to keep up with, making him light headed. His vision swam, blurring and his pulse pounded. He wobbled, falling against his nursery door, balance thrown off by rising panic. 
He suddenly, desperately wished Liliana was here. He knew down deep in his bones that troublemaker would know just what to do. He closed his eyes, picturing Lili's purple lips and spiked piercings. She'd think this was funny- an amusing game. Get the ball before you get caught. He was terrified of the painful consequences; he'd already been punished enough today. Just thinking of that made his face ache. He shuddered. Lili would joke at his fear, take his hands, lead him out of the nursery. She'd go get his ball with an insolent saunter, just daring Isabel to catch her. 

He wished he was bold and brave like her. She wasn't afraid of punishment. But she was not here; Cameron was on his own. An empty pang shot through his heart and he winced as if from a physical blow. Tears sprang to his eyes and he sniffled, sitting back on his padded rump with a poopy squish so he could wipe away his tears with his mittens. 

He had to do this, even if he was all by himself. His breathing was heavy, labored. No one was in the hall. He looked over his shoulder. Nanny was still oblivious. He could do this. Think like Lili. He stared down the hall at Grandma's open bedroom door. Just crawl down, get his ball, crawl back. Simple. Easy. He could get away with it. Either go get it now, or leave it there and be caught for sure. 

Oh, how he hated being bad. But he had no choice. Before he could chicken out any further, he rose back up onto his shaking hands and knees. He crawled forward with a noisy crinkle, boldly putting his mitten covered palms down on the hard wood outside his nursery. Eyes huge in his pretty face, he glanced back. Isabella's gaze was still safely glued to the TV. 

Cameron took a deep breath and crawled the rest of the way out of the nursery. Every movement of his lower extremities issued crinkles and rustles so loud they seemed to echo in the huge, empty hallway. The cloth covering his fingers, knees, and feet slipped on the polished wood. He kept crawling on, slipping and sliding as he went. His heart pounded, his palms sweated inside his mittens, and anxiety roiled in his stomach, making him nauseous. He felt like he was going to throw up. 

He held himself together by focusing on the simple thought of get his ball back. Each noisy crawl forward took him closer and closer to his ball. Halfway down the long hall, his knees and palms began to hurt from the hard wood of the floor. He wondered if they'd bruise. He wished for the soft cushioning of his nursery carpet. Mid-crawl, both cloth covered knees suddenly slid apart. His thick diaper absorbed the impact, protecting his bottom from the unyielding wood. The mushy mess inside his soggy diaper slid around. Luckily his diaper was so huge and thick; it easily contained his mess. 

Normally the yucky state of his diaper never bothered him, but this messy diaper coupled with his restricted ability to walk made him feel even more vulnerable and infantile in his nervous emotional state. He trembled, limbs shaking as he slowly crawled and slipped along. 

His mind was numb, limbs shaking as he fought to keep his terror at bay. Just get his ball. He expected to be discovered with every passing moment. Fear prompted him to move fast, but that just made him slip more and resulted in more time. He forced himself to crawl along slowly so he'd quit slipping so much. His palms and knees ached, but he brushed off the pain. His only thought was to get his ball back. 

Finally, he made it to Grandmother Beatrice's room. The cushion of the carpet had him sighing happily in relief. He flopped onto his tummy with a loud crinkle, limbs aching. He'd never crawled so much on such a painfully hard surface. 

He smiled with relief when he saw his ball by his grandmother's dresser. Framed photographs and doilies cluttered every surface. A few photos were of Beatrice and her husband when they were young. Most were of Beatrice's son, Cameron's father. Multiple baby pics, childhood, teenager, young man. Everywhere his father smiled down at him. There were even several pictures of him older and wearing prison uniforms. Beatrice turned her room into a shrine for her son. There was only one picture of Cameron- as a baby, his father holding him and smiling for the camera. 

No wonder he wasn't allowed in here. He stared up at the smiling faces of his father, ball forgotten. He shuddered as all those smiling fathers bore down on him, memories of the man washing over him. Unlike in Grandma's photos, he never remembered Daddy smiling. Even with all of the intensive regression therapy Cameron had been through for years in the hospital, outpatient at home, then at school, he could still recall the bite of his father's belt on his backside as a small child when he wet the bed or his pants. The burning rage in his father's eyes had seared him down to his soul. 

He curled into a ball on the carpet, whimpering softly around his paci. He just wanted back inside the safety of his nursery. Seeing the hated and feared face of Daddy caused old memories to bubble up from the depths of his mind. So long ago, over a decade. Twelve years. In first grade and he hadn't been able to make it to the bathroom most of the time. His father had been embarrassed and humiliated to have a son who still frequently wet himself and occasionally messed. The breaking point, the day that changed both their lives, had been the day he ended up with both wet and messy pants. 

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In first grade, it had been a bad day. Two accidents in his pants. After the first accident, Cameron had been taken to the nurse's office and changed into the spare set of clothes kept at school from all his frequent accidents. The other kids called him potty pants boy. His second accident came after lunch and recess. The bathroom had been at the end of the hall; he'd almost been there when his bladder lost the battle and he wet his pants. The teacher found him out in the hall, sobbing. She'd taken him to the nurse's office. His father, Charles MacLeod, had to leave work to pick him up. 

He'd stormed into the nurse's office; the heavy door banged into the wall so hard the door knob dented the plaster. In front of the school personnel, Charles was pleasant, but Cameron could see the cold, quiet anger burning behind that forced smile, lurking in his eyes. In the car, Cameron had been so terrified, he wet his already wet pants as he cowered on the floor of the backseat. 

At home, Charles' rage flared. He yanked Cameron out of the car by his hair while Cameron tried to run, sobbing how sorry he was. Charles snarled, his shouts echoing off the walls and his face turning purple. In his terror, he messed his favorite Spiderman undies. This set Charles off even more. Cameron had never seen his hot headed, temperamental father so angry. Eventually, Charles' screaming stopped; he went quiet and calm as he dragged Cameron to the bathroom to clean up. Cameron, in turn, almost fainted during a panic attack, unable to breathe. 

Charles calmly picked the trembling boy up and left him alone in the bathroom. He came back with duct tape. Bed alarms, pull ups, constant potty trips every hour; nothing worked to cure his son of his accidents. This was the final straw. He'd force Cameron to learn, one way or another. The hard way was all he had left. 

Cameron had wished his father would just hit him, yell at him some more. That was familiar. This silence was new. He did not know how to react to it, so he just lay in a ball on the floor, too terrified to move. Wordlessly, without looking at him, Charles had removed Cameron's wet, soiled clothing, picked Cameron up, and sat him on the toilet. The he duct taped him to the porcelain. And left him there for two days. 

Cameron's accident was on a Friday; he wasn't allowed off the potty until Sunday no matter how much he screamed for help, begged and pleaded. His father just calmly, quietly ignored him. The mess on his backside was dried and burned. He was limp with exhaustion, hunger and thirst. His legs were numb, cramped and burned. By Sunday morning, he was so weak and worn all he could do was whimper as his father ripped the tape off his bare skin. He crumpled bonelessly to the floor when Charles yanked him up and hauled him to a tub full of icy cold water. Feet touching the water, he'd kicked out, trying to jerk free. 

"You want hot? I'll give you hot." Charles had snarled, throwing Cameron on the floor and storming down to the basement to turn up the water heater, all the way up in his blind rage. Up where it shouldn't be- into dangerous, near boiling temperatures. Charles stormed back and refilled the tub. Cameron lay listless on the floor, too weak to get up. Charles jerked on Cameron's thin arm, nearly dislocating it. Cameron stumbled, hitting his head off the sharp, hard marble corner of the sink. He was unconscious upon impact, blood dripping from his head wound. 

Later, in the hospital, police station, and on the stand in the court room, Charles would claim Cameron slipped and fell. The burns on Cameron's body told a different story. The third degree burns covering most of his body started and ended in straight lines, leaving a clear, linear distinction between healthy skin and boiled, melted, damaged flesh. Those lines bore testament to Cameron being dipped into the steaming hot water. An accidental fall would have resulted in random splash burns. Straight lines could only mean he was purposefully placed into the extremely hot water.

Cameron whimpered softly as his thin body trembled, curled up in a fetal position on the soft carpet as he relived the memories. He sucked frantically on his paci, nursing so hard on the rubber nipple the plastic shield pressed into his soft, bruised skin. The rhythmic motion soothed him, a deeply entrenched coping mechanism he'd learned in regression therapy hospital. Slowly, he calmed down as he fought off the emotional and mental scars from that horrible day. 
He nursed his paci until he calmed down, his heart stopped pounding and limbs shaking. He was oblivious to the warm, wet swell of his diaper as he peed. Slobber coated his chin and dampened his bib. He relaxed into the soft carpet, running his mitten covered fingers over it. The thick padding of the mittens blocked him from feeling the carpet fibers. 

This carpet wasn't as thick as the one in his nursery. His bony hip and shoulder ached from laying on the hard floor so long, and his leg muscles started to cramp from the too-small sleeper preventing him from stretching them out. His knees throbbed dully from his sojourn on the hardwood hallway floor. 

What was he doing here? He should get back to the safety of the nursery. Across the room, a sphere of bright colors drew his attention. He tilted his head, carpet fibers scratchy as his soft cheek skimmed over them. His ball. Oh, yeah- he came here to get his ball and get back before he got caught. 

Easy. He could do this. He was almost there. No problem. Keeping his gaze focused on the carpet, away from the all the pictures of his father, he rolled onto his belly and got up on his hands and knees. The huge bulk of his diaper pushed his legs far apart. His bib dangled down, brushing the carpet and the top of his padded mittens. His knees throbbed in protest; he could feel bruises forming to match the ones on his face from the ball hitting him. His diaper crinkled noisily and his limbs trembled in anxious fear as he crawled to his ball. 

He kept his thoughts focused on the ball, eyes glued to the carpet. The old memories hammered at his conscious, threatening to pull him under and drown him. He tapped the ball with a shaking mitten, gingerly rolling the toy along. 

The light to Beatrice's walk-in closet was on, door open; her voice floated out in a merry schoolgirl giggle. "Of course it's final, sweetie. We just have to wait for the judge's formal decision, but I had lunch with him Tuesday at the club. It's as good as done. I promised you Mommy would get you out and that's what I did. Competent lawyers are very hard to find. Ima Slyme is the best money can buy. She's working on getting your sentence reduced, if not overturned, thanks to a little legal technicality all those other idiotic boobs I hired kept missing. We've got the judge convinced that whole unpleasant bathroom incident was just an accident. Children do throw fits and tantrums, and accidents happen. Such a pity." 

Near the bedroom door, Cameron froze as horror washed over him. After a slight pause, Beatrice continued. 

"Of course you're coming home when you're released. Cameron will behave himself this time. He's in that baby program thing. His brain's nothing but mush. He probably doesn't even remember you. So there's nothing to worry about. Now, I'm meeting with Mrs. Slyme today to discuss the details. In an hour, actually, so I have to finish getting dressed. Bye, baby! Mommy loves you!" 

Daddy was coming home? The monster who boiled him alive. Coming back into his life. Cameron's world unraveled, all the progress he made in intensive therapy ripping away. Once again, he was a little boy with poop in his wet Spiderman panties, waiting for Daddy to come punish him. His mind blanked; he stared ahead with a vacant gaze, seeing nothing. His heart fluttered; he could barely breath. 

"Lazy, useless maid. I'm sick of doing her work for her. She's worse than Isabelle. I'm ready to give her a pink slip- Cameron? What are you doing?" The cook stood in the doorway, carrying a silver tray with a steaming cup of mint tea. Irritation gave way to confusion and worry as he took in the glazed eyes and puffy, swollen facial tissue on that pretty face of his employer's grandson. He set the tray down on the nearest dresser then knelt down from his impressive height, right in front of Cameron. The boy stayed still as a statue, lost in his own world. 

"Cameron? Baby?" Cameron still didn't respond when the cook waved his hand in front of the teen's face.

"Okay." Tyrese the cook frowned, reaching out with huge, strong hands to pick the delicate boy up. "Let's get you back to the nursery." 

The touch and sudden movement pulled Cameron out of the depth of his whirling, turbulent thoughts and terror induced trance. He flinched instinctively at the physical contact. Tears welled in his eyes and ran down his cheeks. His mingled whimpers and sobs were muffled by his paci. "S-sowwy. Sowwy. I be gewd. Sowwy!" He trembled, babbling over and over again he was sorry, he'd be a good boy. 

Tyrese's frown deepened; he shot a worried glance at the closet, where Beatrice still lingered on the phone to her son. He put two and two together and gentled his voice. "Come on, Cam-cam. It's okay." He spoke as if talking to an actual baby. His strong arms encircled Cameron's fragile body, easily lifting his slight weight. 

Tyrese stood up; Cameron gasped at the sudden movement. The gentle tone of that deep bass voice sunk in, and he realized who was holding him. He calmed slightly, a little more aware of his surroundings. Daddy wasn't here. Daddy couldn't hurt him. Tyrese was here, and he was always so nice to him. He laid his head on a broad shoulder. One of the cook's muscular arms was under the small of his back, the other under his bent knees. Squished to a muscled wall of chest, he could barely move. A sense of warmth, comfort and security washed over him. The gentle words and touch made him feel safe. 

"Shush." Tyrese gently soothed as he felt Cameron's trembling. "Your gram's been trying to spring your old man since he first got tossed in the joint. This isn't the first sleezeball lawyer she's hit up, and it won't be the last. Those scum talk a good game, fleecing a desperate old woman out of her money. That's all this is. So don't you worry." Those big arms rocked Cameron as he turned to head to the boy's nursery. 

Cameron had calmed enough to stay out of the past, grounded in the present. "B-baww. Peese." He lisped softly in a trembling voice. His toddler lisp was even more pronounced and garbled from his paci. He kept his eyes tightly closed, just focusing on the sound of the cook's voice and touch. He was irrationally afraid of making the cook mad, but even more afraid of leaving his ball behind. "S-sowwy!" He apologized again, though for what he wasn't quite sure- crying, disturbing cook, being in grandma's room. All of it. In his emotional state, all he knew was that he was bad, and bad boys needed to apologize or they'd get punished. 

Tyrese's bushy brows furrowed as he slowly deciphered Cameron's speech. He spied the ball and understanding dawned. He still wondered what the regressed boy was doing in here. Where was that lackadaisical nanny? "Ball? Got it." He punted the ball with his boat of a foot; the toy bounced into the hall and into the open door of the nursery. Cameron lay compliant and quiet in his arms, trying to make himself as small as possible. Show he could be a good boy. 

Tyrese scowled at the open nursery door with no baby gate in place. The door was all white, with Cameron's name in wooden letters painted pastel blue, mint green, and yellow. He assumed Cameron's ball rolled out, and naturally the boy had chased after his toy. Especially with no baby gate in place to stop him. And no nanny paying attention. Again. His face puckered like he was sucking on a lemon when he stepped into the nursery only to see the nanny absorbed in the television, her back to the rest of the nursery. 

He laid Cameron down in his crib. At the touch of soft blankets, the boy opened his eyes and timidly peeked up at the huge cook, who smiled to placate and reassure the sensitive, damaged boy. "There ya go, little guy. All safe and sound." His deep voice was as tender as his movements while he tucked a quilt around Cameron's still trembling frame. The quilt was made of pastel blue and yellow squares, trimmed in mint green ribbon. A birthday gift from one of Beatrice's friends. Cameron curled into a fetal position, paci working overtime. He barely seemed to notice Tyrese was there, lost in his head again. The cook moved a soft yellow ducky plush from the padded blue crib bumper next to the boy's head. Cameron didn't even move, didn't notice it. 

Tyrese sighed, staring down at Cameron with concern, before clicking the crib railing up and making sure it was secure so the boy wouldn't fall out. He gently ruffled Cameron's thick, boyishly unruly hair and the ghost of a smile peeked out from behind the plastic pacifier shield. "T-tank yew." Cameron lisped his thanks in a warbly toddler's babble.

The cook turned from the crib to the back of the rocking chair. Through all this, not once had the nanny's eyes left the TV screen. "Isabelle." The name was a growl rumbling from deep within his massive chest, like the ominous rumble of thunder warning of an approaching storm. 

"What?" She snapped in annoyance, still focused on the television. 

"Isabelle." The rumbling ratched up a notch. 

The nanny froze, attention finally torn enough from the soap opera to recognize that tone. She sprang up immediately, turning off the TV and spinning around to stand at attention and staring at Tyrese in a mixture of shock and horror. "Tyrese? What are you doing in here?" All color drained from her face. 

Tyrese crossed his arms, muscles bulging. He had worked for the MacLeods for three decades and he was their head of staff. He rarely left the kitchen. "I found the baby in Mrs. B's room. In a poopy diaper. With no baby gate. And bruises on his face." His deep voice was even and matter of fact like a court judge reading out a list of charges before a defendant. 

Isabelle's eyes widened; her mouth moved like a fish but no sound came out. Never, ever had Cameron dared to leave his nursery, let alone crawl into the forbidden kingdom of his grandmother's bedroom. Cameron was always such a good boy; the baby gate was just a regulated formality of the caregiving protocol, and a pain in the ass. With him, she never thought it'd be needed. "In Mrs. B's room? Really?" She finally croaked out, full of bewilderment and disbelief. 

"Cameron. In Mrs. B's room." Tyrese echoed and nodded solemnly, as if handing down a death sentence. Cook and nanny stared at each other in grave silence, the cook waiting for the nanny to absorb the astonishing truth. From the large crib came a soft whimper as Cameron acknowledged the depth of his trespass. 

"Shush, sweetie." Isabelle sang out in a motherly, sweet coo. It died on her tongue as Tyrese's dead stare pinned her flat. 

"We talked about this before. All your warnings are on record. I'm calling the agency and reporting you. Consider this your last day. You're fired." He spun on his heel and left the nursery. 

A storm gathered on Isabelle's lovely face and her fingers balled into fists. She marched after him, slamming the nursery door shut before tearing into Tyrese in a stream of angry, rapid Spanish.

Cameron winced at the echoing slam, curling further under his soft blankets. When cook reprimanded nanny, Cameron had pulled his blanky over his head, hiding. He'd been a very, very bad boy and gotten nanny in trouble. A small, rational part of him insisted nanny got her own self in trouble, but he still felt like it was his fault. If only he'd been a good boy. But his onesie was too small. If only he hadn't cried. But the ball had hurt. If, if if…but, but but…If she did this, if he did that.

He'd learned in therapy that kind of thinking did nothing but drive his turbulent emotions further out of control and make his mind race. Things were what they were, and no amount of thinking or wishing would change that. What happened, happened. He couldn't change that. He could only figure out how to proceed from where he currently was. 

Limbs shaking, he closed his eyes and focused on slowing his rapid breathing. In and out in time with his sucks on his pacifier. Nanny Isabelle was gone. He knew from Tyrese's voice that she wouldn't be coming back. None of the staff did when Tyrese got mad like that. Cameron wouldn't miss her. He wanted to feel sorry for her getting fired, feel ashamed of himself for causing all this trouble. It was his default emotion for when something bad happened. If only he could be a good boy, then all the bad things would go away. He had tried so, so hard to be quiet, be good, yet bad things still happened. 

He sucked slowly on his binky, tongue playing with the large rubber nipple. The plastic shield slid over his web, slobbery lips. His lips and skin felt puffy and numb, unpleasantly tingling from Nanny Isabelle pressing down so hard. His downy soft blanky stung where it rested on the swelling flesh of his face where the ball had hit him. 

He just lay quietly in his crib, focusing on his pace and staring blankly up at the blue and yellow fibers of the blanky covering his head. Gradually he calmed and felt numb, so dead inside, as if all that happened had yet to fully penetrate. A layer of thick fog filled his brain and heart, stifling his thoughts and emotions. Nanny Isabelle gone, just like Daddy. 

Because he was a bad boy again? Grandma Beatrice wanted Daddy back. She didn't want Cameron. Because he was a bad seed? Because no matter how hard he tried, he still managed to screw everything up? He whimpered softly, too tired and drained for tears. His teachers, Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper, and his other nannies all said what a good boy, a good baby he was. But they were all paid to say that. Lili said he was a good baby, too. She was so nice to him, and she didn't have to be. 

She was also very bad, and she never felt sorry for it. He remembered the things she did at school that day. Taunting Mrs. Vesper, mouthing off to the principal. Making him laugh when he was ready to cry. He wanted her back. Oh, how he wanted her. 

Those thoughts and emotions chugged sluggishly through the numb fog. He still stared blankly ahead, too tired for tears. His throbbing cheek swelled, turning a purple red as the bruise formed. His paci slowed until it stopped moving, just sitting in his mouth. The heavy urine in his swollen diaper cooled along with the thick layer of poop smooshed all over his scarred diaper area, up his back and even on his lower tummy. His diaper was cold, clammy and itchy. His leg muscles cramped, yet he never moved, never noticed, too lost in his own head. Even when a fresh, warm stream of pee flooded his over saturated diaper and leaked out a leg hole to form a puddle around his padded bottom. 

He lay just like that, comatose and catatonic, until the next nanny clocked in for her shift and found him.

"So, what shall we do about our Lili-girl?" Jack Renine thoughtfully slurped his coffee- black, strong, and fragrant. Just like he drank it back home in India and out on the trail in the wilds. Simple and plain. None of that dainty doily nonsense his wife Jill but so much importance on. He snorted, white whiskers of his bushy moustache twitching. He glanced across the small side table of his barely used office to the love of his life, who was not his wife. 

"I've been thinking…." Asha thoughtfully bit into a dainty finger sandwich the maid had brought in along with their coffee. The small sandwich consisted of soft, thin bread, creamy baby Swiss cheese, a thin ribbon of braised beef and a creamy sauce. It was very different from the foods she'd grown up with. She closed her eyes, savoring the rich flavor and succulent meat. She licked the crumbs and sauce from her fingers slowly, well aware of Jack watching her. She opened her eyes, lips curling upwards as she met his gaze. 

"Highschool might not be the best fit for our granddaughter. She's been causing quite the commotion around town." She paused a heartbeat but Jack said nothing, letting Asha lay claim to his granddaughter. She was the one who had cared for Lili ever since Jack showed up with her one day in India. Raised her and tamed the bull headed wild child. Growing up on a remote reservation had given Lili more freedom than a child in a typical school, American or Indian. Boarding school had been quickly dismissed; Jack hadn't trusted Lili to behave. Instead, she'd been left to Asha's care. And taught Lili she had. Sometimes she thought there were parts of Lili no one could reach. Lili truly hadn't been tamed; she'd just learned to act like she was. Lili knew how to behave well enough to impress foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, and high ranking government officials at balls and banquets. All things Asha had taught her. 

Jack frowned and carelessly clunked down the delicate, expensive teacup his wife adored. Jill was fond of anything expensive. Jack thought it was too flowery. "That pompous old windbag Witherspoon prattled on and on. It was just a little shaving cream on the toilet seats after the football team won. A harmless victory prank. He gave her detention." He shrugged his reedy shoulders. "I don't see the need for so much fuss. Back in my day, I did worse. Teachers gave you a switch to the backside and life went on. Why do they keep dragging this out? She was punished already." 

"Perhaps it's the new American way?" Asha teased, earning her a derisive snort from her long time lover. "Principal Witherspoon wanted to talk about her behavior since she's been in school. She's racked up quite a long list in a short time. She did have one good report, though. From the Regression Therapy Special Education teacher. The principal recommended she be placed in the program. He said it's helped cure many troublemakers." 

She let the implication hang in the air as she took a ladylike sip of tea and bit into another finger sandwich. 

Jack's sharp bark of laughter echoed off the spacious room's walls. Asha calmly waited for the dark humor to die down. He straightened up in his chair, locking gazes with her. He was no longer smiling. "You do remember the story I told you the night she arrived." His tone was a flat statement, not asking if she remembered. 

"Yes. I recall." Asha nodded anyway. After the incident with the puppy, Lili's father had beaten her with the buckle end of his belt. Asha had put cream on her bruises and welts. "It was all over that bloody puppy." She spoke calmly, sipping her tea. 

Jack folded his gnarled hands on the table. He didn't touch his coffee or the lady sandwiches. He waited until Asha's cup clinked back into its saucer. "She never hurt that dog. You've seen her with the animals. You know how she is. Yet she was more of a handful than Prissy ever was." He spoke that part fondly, with a warm inflection. Lili reminded him so much of himself as a child. 

"Or Prissy was just better at not getting caught. Girls aren't the sweet angels most people think." Asha offered Jack an angelic smile while Jack just stared at her than snorted in amusement at her joke. 

"Lili was a hard child to handle. The most eerie thing about that day…the thing I remember the clearest….Lili didn't cry. He tanned her ass so hard he tore open skin, and tears were running down her face. But she never cried out, no matter how hard he beat her. She wouldn't yield. Wouldn't give him what he wanted. Instead, she bit his thigh so hard her teeth got stuck in his skin. I had to tweeze several baby teeth out. If I hadn't found them, they would've killed each other. He was bleeding, so was she. After that, he was convinced she was demon possessed. That night, I almost believed him." 

"Yet we still managed to tame the beast. Lili's just a little different, so we need to handle her a little different." Asha shrugged. This was an old song and dance between them, and Jack usually left the lion's share of the taming to her. 

"She didn't behave very well in Indonesia." 

"Neither did we." Asha winked, causing a brief flicker of a roguish glint in Jack's eye at the memory. "She was just fifteen. So was my grand nephew. They were unsupervised and in a foreign country. Of course they'd get into trouble." 

"They were drunk and naked." Jack frowned, whiskers twitching. He had no objections to either activity- except when it was his young granddaughter doing said activity. 

"Natural attractions for kids that age. And they were punished. "

His snowy mustache twitched as he frowned. "Rajesh got regressed therapy-"

"Regression therapy, dear." Asha interjected in a mild correction. 

"Yes, that. Liliana got tied up in the middle of the village and flogged." The corners of his eyes wrinkled in remembered outrage. He still burned with the memory of helplessly watching as his granddaughter got whipped until she bled. 

"She refused the leniency of the judge's great, compassionate mercy." Asha's voice dripped sarcasm. "Their country, their laws, their customs. We all knew that. We tried everything we could, Jack. We threatened. Pleaded. Bribed. The money bought leniency. My grandnephew repented and they sentenced him to diapers. Lili spat in the judge's face." 

"You think she deserved that archaic punishment?"

"I think it's just part of who she is. And that experience left an impact on her." 

Silence fell while Jack picked up a sandwich and put it whole into his mouth. "She was a perfect angel after that." 

"For a time. She was good with Rajesh, just like she was with the tiger cubs." 

"My little monster has a surprising maternal instinct." Jack chuckled then sobered up and caught Asha's steely molten brown eyes. "And you think regressing her and unleashing that beast would help her?"

Asha daintily sipped her tea, mannerisms much like Jill. "Not exactly. I've got something else in mind." 

Jack stared at her for a moment. When she didn't reply, he inclined his head, silently giving her his agreement and permission. 

''Jack strolled down the huge, long hall of the home he owned but rarely visited. His money paid the bills and paychecks that kept this place running. Just a drop in the bucket of his account. He read the account summaries of his estate, but actually being here made him feel like a king visiting a foreign, vassal country. Some place he owned, but never visited. 

Passing a family portrait, he paused, studying the photo. Jill sat in an ornate, throne-like chair, Jack standing behind her with their sons and their wives on either side. Liliana and Priscilla as little girls in fancy, frilly dresses knelt at Jill's feet. 

He remembered the last time Lili saw her father. Last Christmas, when Lili's father had come to visit them in India. He claimed to want to see his estranged family and mend fences, but he'd actually came to beg more money from Jack. Lili's father spent most of his time preaching on missions in South America, occasionally coming home to visit his niece and mother. Never his daughter and father. Before the Christmas visit, years had passed since father and daughter saw one another, ever since the puppy incident. 

Ever since Indonesia, Lili had appeared to calm down. She'd been so well behaved, even with the spoiled offspring of dignitaries at government banquets. She was so mannerly and polite. Even when her father first arrived for his Christmas visit. Until they were alone and he tried to make amends, apologize and get his daughter back. Lili wasn't interested and let him know it in no uncertain terms. He remarked on her snake bites and facial piercings. He quoted Scripture at her. In turn, she carved a pentagram symbol into her palm with her hunting knife and offered to conjure up a demon. He'd run from the room in terror. He and Jack got into a raging argument that ended with him leaving India that night. Jack hadn't heard from him since. 


"Ah, baby girl, there you are." Asha smiled warmly as Lili breezed into Jack's stuffy study. The corners of her mouth quirked at the second long pause in Lili's confident stride as Lili caught her emphasis on baby girl. 

Such a little thing with so many possible meanings. Things Asha would never say out loud. Subtext. Unspoken nuances in life that made all the difference between the lions and the lambs of the world. Lessons she'd tried to teach Lili. Those were the kinds of things a person had to figure out for themselves. For the most part, Lili was a clever girl when she wasn't being incredibly Jack-like in her stupidity, like during their sojourn in Indonesia. So Asha patiently taught in subtle nuance. Sometimes, thousands of tiny cuts were more effective than one great lashing. 

Liliana smoothly sank down onto the stiff, wooden chair in a prim, proper heiress posture that would have done Priscilla proud. Lili usually boyishly slouched and sprawled. Now, she sat in an open, relaxed yet modest seat befitting a well bred lady of quality. Prissy used to sit like that; Jill had trained her well. 

"Dadiji." Lili inclined her head, addressing Asha as grandmother in Hindi. A polite smile pasted on her pink lips as the two regarded each other like chess players. Asha knew all Lili had done, and Lili knew that she knew. Now the dire question: What would Asha do?

Asha sipped her tea, regarding the girl over the porcelain rim of a gold leafed cup. she thought of her as her own grandchild, but she had Lili's measure. Lili hid her feelings behind a veil of social politeness, but Asha saw how she squirmed inside. Asha herself gave no reaction to Lili's strange attire. Well, strange for her. 

She looked uncannily like Priscilla dressed like that. The girls could be sisters, not cousins. Almost twins with Lili out of all that dark gothic crap. Only her snakebites distinguished her. Her perfectly preppy ensemble hung on Lili like a Halloween costume. 

Asha's smile slowly grew as she set her teacup down. Oh yes, this would do quite nicely for a lesson. "I like your new look." Lili just nodded warily, put on edge by that smile. Lili would wear that costume so well it would become a second skin. A cloak. A disguise so believable it felt real, fooled others. Smoke and mirrors. All in the subtext of life. People believed what they saw, felt, perceived. Life was so much simpler when they saw what you wanted them to see. You had to make them believe it was truth, trick them into thinking it was something they wanted to see. With all the waves Lili had been making about town, she hadn't learned that lesson yet. 

"Have some tea, dear." With a clink of Jill's expensive, fine china, Asha poured Lili a cup and pushed the tray of finger sandwiches toward her. Lili hesitated then took one, eyes never leaving Asha's face. 

"So nice to see you spending quality time with your cousin." 

"Yeah." Asha heard the hesitation in Lili's tone, the wariness. She hadn't figured out Asha's angle yet. To safe face and give herself time, Lili shoved the whole sandwich into her mouth in a gesture reminiscent of her grandfather. No dainty bites of a well bred lady here. She washed it down with a slurpy gulp of tea then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand instead of the cloth napkin and shrugged. 

"We had some catching up to do. Figure I owed Prissy that much." Her mouth twitched as if at a private joke. 

Asha's dark brown eyes glinted as she pinned Lili into place. "Especially those diapers?" Her eyebrow rose up for emphasis. 

Lili paled.

"Her old diapers leaked a lot. The new ones last longer and keep moisture away from her skin. Helps prevent diaper rash." Liliana quickly caught herself, the lie slipping through her lips like silk. 

"So it was all for Priscilla's welfare? Very considerate of you, given your history with each other." Asha took a dainty sip of her tea, staring into Lili's eyes. 

"That was long ago. Time to forgive and forget, yeah? Especially after her tragic accident." Lili took a small finger sandwich, never looking away from Asha. Her hand bumped into her plate, making it clatter into her tea cup; a small betrayal of her nerves. 

Asha's lips twitched. Lili was almost as good a liar as she was. Bend and twist the truth, but believe it to be a truth so others will believe it, too. The art of truthful lying. "And the boy? Max?" 

"An old friend of hers. I brought him to visit. She's been cooped up in the hospital then in that room, all by herself. She always used to be so social. I figured she was lonely." 

"I'm relieved you're telling me the truth." Asha watched as Lili's hand paused for a fraction of a second before bringing the small sandwich up to her mouth. Asha closed her eyes and sipped her tea. Opening them a little, she caught Lili slouching in a moment of respite. She opened her eyes and Lili snapped to attention, her back properly straight. Sweetie, the noose fits you well. She thought. 

"The truth is much better than those ugly stories floating around town about your behavior." 

Lili stuffed her mouth full of sandwich, giving herself a moment to think. "I did a lotta stupid shit when I was young. People remember. You know how truth gets exaggerated in the town rumor mill, yeah?"

"Yes, I've heard all the old stories about you. Quite a few new ones, too." Asha paused to pat her lips with a cloth napkin. "Mapleton is such a lovely town. I've been having afternoon tea with a few members of the Ladies' Society. I also had an…interesting and informative nightcap with a teacher. She specializes in Regression Therapy. Oh, what was her name……" She drew it out, smiling expectantly at Lili, who sat stock still. "Ah, Annabelle Sweeney, that's it." 

Lili's eyes widened, caught off guard at the realization of just how much snooping around Asha had done. 

"I also bumped into a Mr. Witherspoon. He told me some stories about you. Of course, I didn't believe any of it. Not my well behaved baby girl." 

Lili choked on her tea, spluttering at Asha's well timed blow. Tea dribbled out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto the table while Asha sat back calmly. Tea dribbled out her mouth, down her chin, and dripped onto the table. Asha passed her a cloth napkin; Lili mopped up the mess. Asha's last words were a lie, and they both knew it. Lili second guessed herself, her mind racing to figure out Asha's game, what her angle was. 

"Okay." She said, but Asha just stared at her with a cool, all-knowing look, like she could see right through her. Lili squirmed as the silence dragged out, then she crumbled under the weight of Asha's stare. "Fine." She exhaled sharply and tossed the wet napkin down. "Maybe I got a little carried away." 

"You could say that again. I'm just glad to see you mending your ways. Or appearing to, at any rate. I particularly like the new look. It makes a statement to the rest of the world. I do hope you'll keep it up. And taking care of your disabled cousin. Shows you're growing up. Maturing that comes with change. Or at least the appearance of it. Still, all this free time on your hands…..you really should do something with it. I have the perfect solution, and you'd be helping one of dear Jill's friends out, too. You've got plenty of experience helping me with Rajesh, and with Prissy, too." 

"Um. Okay." Lili fidgeted, poking at her teacup, looking down at the stains on the napkin. Asha was backing her into a corner. She could mouth off, swagger around, but Asha always knew how to disarm her. Egging Asha on always made things worse for Lili in the end. Oh, Asha never outright said it. Her discipline came in small, unexpected ways. Like a tiger stalking its prey, Asha was patient. Thousands of little cuts instead of one big blow. Punishment like that was over with swiftly; Asha liked to drag it out. 

"That pink is a lovely shade on you, by the way. I hope dear, sweet Prissy has more in that color. Perhaps you could move some of her old things into your closet, fill up some of that empty space." Asha sat back, smiling softly as confusion cleared and horror dawned on Lili's face. Lili realized at least one of Asha's intentions. Empty space…Asha had the maids clean out Lili's goth clothing. She was stuck with Prissy's wardrobe. Lili looked gutted; she sat frozen in a daze and Asha congratulated herself on a well delivered lesson. 

Lili licked her lips, fumbling with her teacup as she slurped noisily at it. The black nail polish on her fingernails was chipped. Asha just took away one of her prized posessions; her self-expression. Oh, sure, Asha made them sound like sweet, innocent suggestions, but Lili knew what they really were. The game was in motion; she had to play nice. 

She gave a warm, preppy smile. "So glad you approve of the changes. Dadiji. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I need to finish rearranging my closet." At Ashas' nod, Lili stood up and calmly strolled out of the room. 

Inside, her blood was boiling. Thoughts bounced around her skull like ping pong balls. Blend in with the sheeple. Little wolf, don a sheepskin. Whatever Lili had been expecting from Asha, that wasn't it. Then again, she never knew just what to expect from her. Was this punishment really going to fit the crime? Then again, Asha's punishments rarely did. That wasn't the point. Instead, they were meant to show Lili a point, if she could figure it out. The little cuts and jabs would continue until she did figure out the lesson. Right and wrong were subjective; they depended upon a person's morality, and that was subjective to culture and religion. It was all just a big shit show. So what was the fucking point? What did Asha want her to see?

Lili swore as she stalked down the hall. Fine. She'd play Asha's game. She'd be the sweet, good girl. Just thinking of all the colors in Prissy's closet made her gag. Some people would say she had no choice, but they were wrong. The were always choices. Good and bad; they were still hers and that's what she valued most. Freedom. Like in Indonesia. Yes, according to the local culture, she had done wrong. She was not sorry. She could have pretended to be; she could've followed Rajesh in his choice, let them wipe her mind and turn her into a big baby. She'd have been as helpless as Raj still was. As helpless as Prissy. Cameron. .

Cameron. A pang of sorrow twisted her heart as an image of his pretty face and sweet doe eyes filled her head. She missed him. She still remembered her promise; a promise she was having trouble fulfilling. She'd been an overconfident jackass at school, but she'd wanted him to believe in her. Now, she'd let him down. He probably hated her lying guts. He should. Her heart twisted at those thoughts. She shuddered, hugging herself tight.

She had tried just waltzing in to talk to Beatrice, but the old battleaxe turned her away. She came back with the pretense of collecting clothes for the Ladies' Society charity drive. She was turned away. She tried straight up sneaking around to find Cameron's nursery. She was escorted off the premise and asked not to come back. She had even tried talking to Jill; that had the worse results. The old bitch had thrown a vase full of fresh cut garden flowers at her head while screeching hysterically and accusing her of being an unholy demon spawn. Lili would've laughed if it wasn't so sad. Jill saw her granddaughter through the same eyes her son did. In that moment, Lili had regretted burning her bridges with her grandmother. Beatrice would do whatever Jill wanted, even letting a miscreant like Lili babysit her grandson. 

Lili snorted. Brain dead sheeple. Her annoyance was short lived, drowned out by her longing for Cameron. She thought of his soft smile and timid squeaks. Such a cutie. She just had to find a way to get to him. But first, she had a closet to clean out. 


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That was the last Cameron saw of Nanny Isabella. He almost missed her. He was afraid of making her angry, but at least she had been there in the nursery with him. Just like Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper kept watch over him all day at school. The majority of his life had been spent under the supervision of an adult in charge of everything from what he wore to what he ate. 

Now, on afternoons, he was on his own. Left all by himself in his nursery until the evening shift nanny arrived. The agency hadn't found any caretakers to fill the empty afternoon slot. Tyrese the cook sent the maids to pop in and check on him every so often, but they didn't have much experience caring for a regression patient. Being on his own scared him. Terrified him more than making Nanny Isabella angry. 

He should have been thrilled with the freedom. Instead, he found himself craving the safety and comfort of a caregiver. 

He frowned when a big glob of drool from his paci dribbled onto the picture he was coloring. He spat his binky out; it dangled from a yellow pacifier clip attached to his onesie collar. He lifted a corner of his bib to wipe his mouth. He was on his own, and he was trying to be a big boy. A good boy. That was the part that scared him. He liked doing what he wanted, when when he wanted. But looking after himself? He was doing his best not to screw it up. Not to bother the maids or make them angry. He desperately wanted to be a good boy all on his own- maybe then, Grandma Beatrice would be proud of him. 

His heart sped up with that thought. It's why he stuck with quiet activities like coloring. He never asked the maids for anything. Like a bottle or sippy cup of juice. He licked his lips. Juice sounded so yummy right now. Or milk. And a clean diaper. The lumpy mess in his seat was cool and started to itch hours ago. The maids didn't check his diaper, and he didn't say anything. He wasn't going to bother anyone; he was determined to be a good boy. Maybe then Grandma wouldn't send him away when Daddy came home. IF Daddy came home.

Cameron cringed at the thought, at the memories just thinking of Daddy conjured up. He didn't want to be under the same roof as the man who'd literally burned him. He didn't want to be sent away, either. What would Grandma do to him? Back to the regression hospital? What if they wouldn't take him? He knew she'd just shop around until she found some place that wanted her money enough to take him. He dropped his fat orange toddler crayon. The flat side kept it from rolling away on the carpet. 

He feared being sent away would mean starting all over again. Being completely regressed again. Not just "failed to mainstream" but right back to square one. He didn't know which was worse- facing his father or a trip back to complete babyhood. Even if that was unethical, probably illegal and most doctors would not do it, Beatrice always, eventually, found someone greedy enough to do what she wanted. 

So, what was she going to do? It all depended on whether or not Daddy came home. The only one who could tell him for sure was grandma. How could he find out> He absentmindedly rubbed the coloring book, smearing crayon wax on his fingers; his mind deep in thought. He never even felt his soggy, messy diaper grow warm as he peed himself. His diaper was near leaking; he needed a change. 

He could ask Grandma. That was obvious. And not going to work for many reasons. He doubted he could get the words out of his mouth. Even if he was brave and managed not to melt into a pile of quivering jelly, she'd just brush him off as she always did. She paid more attention to her mail than she did her own grandson-

A letter! He could write her a letter! Cameron smiled. Maybe he could ask Tyrese or one of the maids to slip the letter in with grandma's mail. That way she'd see it, read it, and pay attention before she even realized it was from her grandson. But what would he write on?

His enthusiasm floundered as he glanced around the nursery. He had no pens, pencils, or markers. Nothing grown ups used to write. He glanced down at his coloring book and toddler crayons. They'd have to do. Besides the big baby coloring book was a blank drawing tablet. He tore off a blank sheet and picked up a purple crayon. 

Now, what to write? He had to sound like a big boy. Show her he could be one. Hi? No, too juvenile. Hello? That was better, more grown up. He carefully, neatly printed it out. His scrawl was still childish; the big fat crayon made it hard to write. Now, how should he phrase it so Grandma didn't get mad?

Cameron felt the urge to suck his paci. He picked it up but froze when the nipple bumped his lip. No, he was trying to be a big boy. He dropped his paci and sucked his lower lip instead. He had to get in grandma's good graces. Maybe if he sounded like he was happy about Daddy coming home? That was a lie, though. Lying was bad. Wasn't it?

Ms. Sweeney always said it was, but she lied to Mrs. Vesper about having a crush on the janitor. Lili lied. A lot. She lied so well people believed it was the truth. She lied to stay out of trouble. If Grandma Beatrice knew how Cameron truthfully felt about Daddy coming home, he knew she would send him away for sure. What should he do?

HIs thumb found its way into his mouth as he stared down at the paper with the purple "Hello" on it. Indecision tore at him. Good boys did not lie, even if they got in trouble for telling the truth. Like George Washington and the cherry tree; Mrs. Vesper read them that story today at naptime. Yet, if lying was so bad, why did everyone do it? He wished Lili was here. 

He whimpered softly around his thumb. Lili would tell him he was being stupid. She'd tell him to lie like it was the truth. He wasn't hurting anyone. And he wasn't flat out lying; he was just bending the truth a bit. 

With a little, encouraging nod to himself, Cameron began to write. He just knew this was going to work.

“Mrs. Beatrice, ma’am, this isn’t working. You need to do something. Call another agency if this can’t find an afternoon nanny. Cameron can’t be left alone. Me and the rest of the staff are busy doing our jobs. The maids don’t know what to do with him.” 

“Nonsense, Tyrese. It’s just like taking care of an overgrown baby.” Beatrice sipped at her after dinner coffee. Cameron sat down at the other end of the dining room table, safely buckled into his highchair as he quietly nursed his bottle of chocolate milk and listened in. 

“No, it’s not.” Tyrese folded his big, muscular arms as he towered over his aged employer. “There’s an entire universe of differences. Cameron’s not an actual baby, and he needs regression specialist nannies, not any old nanny off the street. That reminds me; Jenny the night nanny complained about Cameron having diaper rash. The school sent home a letter about it, too. You need to do something about the afternoons, ma’am.” 

“Oh, alright. I’ll give the agency a call tomorrow. Maybe they’ll have a nanny available.” Beatrice sighed, annoyed her relaxing coffee break was interrupted. 

“They haven’t had a nanny in two weeks. Ma’am. You need to try something else. His teachers were worried when he showed up to school with all those bruises on his face. Now he’s got diaper rash. You can’t keep rescheduling that meeting with them.” 

Beatrice groaned, slamming her delicate, gilded cup down so hard coffee sloshed over the rim and onto the fine linen tablecloth. “Enough! I’ll call Jill and take her up on that babysitting offer. Just leave me to finish my coffee in peace!” Her old-lady voice shrieked high and shrill; both Tyrese and Cameron winced. 

“Yes, ma’am.” Tyrese gave her a polite bow then went back to the kitchen.

“Ma’am, here’s the day’s mail from your desk, as you requested.” A maid who’d been waiting in the wings for Tyrese to finish approached. She laid the mail on the table in front of Beatrice. After a nod from her employer, she curtseyed and backed away. 

From the other end of the table, Cameron stiffened at the sight of the milk. Milk dribbled down his chin and onto his bib while he stared intently at his grandma. This was it, what he’d been waiting for. 

“I really don’t want that... girl... loose in my house.” Beatrice muttered to herself as she dug through the huge mail pile. She paused over the word “girl” as if she wanted to say something much more nasty but was too well bred to actually say it. “Jill always said she was a savage beast. Now I’m supposed to trust her in my house? Ridiculous. All this nonsense over a few bruises and a rash. Babies get rashes all the time, it’s not the end of the world. They fall down, too. Accidents happen.” She shook her head, setting aside and sorting the envelopes. 

“That Indian woman with Jack at the country club had some good points. It’s been many years, I suppose, since that girl’s been back. Maybe Jack truly did manage to tame the beast. That’s not what I’ve heard from others who’ve dealt with her….” Beatrice sighed. “I’m tired of Tyrese’s constant nagging. I suppose giving her a second chance isn’t too much to ask for, if it’ll quiet Tyrese. I’ll tell Jill I accept the babysitting offer that Indian woman mentioned.” 

Cameron’s eyes grew even wider as his chest swelled up with hope like a balloon. He listened as hard as he watched. Was it true? Could it really be? It sounded like grandma was talking about Lili. Lili, coming to babysit him. She’d kept her promise after all. He grinned behind the rubber nipple, chocolate milk dribbling over his face and onto his bib. His heart filled with happiness; he didn’t pay any attention to the milk. He made sure to be a very good boy by staying still and quiet, just watching passively despite the joy bubbling up inside. It itched to burst free in a loud, exuberant cheer. He was getting Lili back!

“What’s this?” Beatrice frowned at the folded up paper tucked amongst all her envelopes. Cameron’s letter. His breath caught in his throat and he trembled in anticipation, adrenaline fusing with joy in his veins. She opened up the paper, expression turning sour as she read. She lifted her head, noticing her grandson for the first time all evening. 

At the look in her eyes, the balloon in his chest popped and shrivelled. Before she even spoke, Cameron knew he’d been bad. She was angry with him. He should’ve said nothing and just floundered uncertainly. If an adult wanted him to know something, they’d tell him. He was so, so stupid. Stupid, dumb baby. He deserved to be fully regressed again. He wasn’t ready to be a big boy. He lowered his head, breaking eye contact, but he could still feel her disgusted stare bearing into him. 

“No, Cameron. Daddy’s not coming home yet. Another lawyer has let me down. He never should’ve gone away in the first place. But because of you-” Beatrice bit off her bitter words abruptly and stood up suddenly. “I can’t even finish my coffee now. Thank you for ruining my evening.” She stormed off, slamming the door behind her. 

Cameron cringed. Each word stabbed into him. He whimpered, cowering at her wrath. “S-sowwy.” He blubbered softly as tears fell down his cheeks, onto his damp, messy bib and highchair tray. His bottle clattered, half drunk, onto the plastic tray and his damp diaper crinkled. He cringed, barely able to move in the confining safety straps of the highchair. His soft sobs filled the vast, empty room.

Cameron squirmed, the straps of his car seat squishing the soggy bulk of his diaper against him. Heavy, medicated cream dulled the sting of his diaper rash. He sucked on his binky and stared down at the blue bib with embroidered red lady bugs on it. Technically he did not need it, but car seats were often part of the regression therapy program; they were an easy way to confine and protect a regressed patient. His car seat was still in the back of his grandmother’s Bentley. He was so used to riding in it he never thought of sitting in a regular seat, like a big boy. 

The five point harness held him firm and secure, restricting his movements and giving him a feeling of safety and security. As part of his therapy, he'd been trained to love his car seat as much as he loved all his other baby paraphernalia. He even still had his rattles from his time in the hospital when he was fully regressed, just learning to crawl. 

He much preferred being a big toddler. He had some freedoms yet still felt the security of being watched. Though his nannies often screwed up when they were new to the case. It was similar to home health care. The nanny agency specializing in regression therapy sent nannies who were certified regression therapy assistants. There was a steady, revolving stream of nannies, as many went on to complete their regression therapist degree and move on to better paying jobs. 

“Tch. Where is she?” At the sound of his grandmother’s voice, he peeked up and strained against the harness so he could look past the car seat's padding to his grandmother. Beatrice sat besides him in the backseat in etiquette-dictated proper place. Her chauffeur was up front driving. Her legs were crossed, her low kitten heel twitching as she flicked her foot, radiating annoyance with arms crossed and lips pressed in a thin line. 

"Gwanma? I sowwy." He said softly around the rubber nipple of his binky in his mouth. Liliana was late. He could still barely believe she was coming; a small part of him doubted it, dared not to hope in case it wasn’t true. 

Beatrice didn’t answer. She did not feel comfortable leaving her 18 year old grandson alone, and Tyrese had made it perfectly clear he and the other staff were too busy with their duties to take care of Cameron. If something happened to him and word got out it would cause too much of a scandal. So she had to take him with her to a charity luncheon for some orphanage or another and wait for Jill’s granddaughter. She looked again at her watch and clucked her tongue, making no attempt to hide her displeasure. 

When she did not even so much as turn her head or acknowledge him, Cameron lowered his head and relaxed into his car seat with a soft sigh of surrender. Grandma was still mad at him about the debacle at dinner. His legs pressed to the padded sides of the carseat, forced apart by his huge diaper bulge. His car seat was deep with soft, thick, spongy cushions. 

He sighed as the silence stretched out. He looked out the window, watching the shiny, expensive and fancy cars filling the parking lot. A group of chauffeurs gathered in a corner, talking as they smoked. 

Soon holiday trimmings would be going up- he loved seeing the festive decorations. Mapleton was a small town, and the section frequented and populate by the creme dela creme of Mapleton society was kept clean by an army of street sweepers. 

He wished he could spend the holidays with his grandma. Maybe then she wouldn’t resent him so much. He knew it was hard on her, having a screw up like him for a grandson while her own son was locked away in prison. She spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at the soup kitchen in the less desireable part of town. She donated heavily and of course she did not actually serve; she was just there to offer her unsolicited supervision. Unless a photographer or reporter from the newspaper were there. Sacrificing her holidays gave her bragging rights and helped her public image. That left Cameron alone in his room with Christmas TV specials and a nanny on double holiday overtime. 

He peeked at her again. "I be good. Pwomise." He lisped softer than before, trying again. 

Beatrice’s lip twitched in annoyance and he dropped his head. He did not know what else to do to make things better. He rubbed the red thread of the ladybugs on his bib with one finger. 

Today, he was dressed as much of a baby as he could be, even more infantile and girly than usual. Beatrice had bribed a maid with a bonus behind Tyrese’s back to dress Cameron, not trusting him to dress himself. He'd tried to protest but that only angered his grandmother further. So he wore a yellow onesie with lacy peter pan collar, red crotch snaps and big, bright red ladybugs on the chest. Over top of that was a hand knitted, mint green sweater with a cartoonish white bunny on the front; a handmade gift from one of Beatrice’s friends for his birthday. He had on baby blue cargo pants with snaps in the crotch, making his diaper bulge very noticeable as always. The icing on the cake was the frilly unisex infant’s bonnet tied to his head. It was white and dripped lace, which the maid had thought looked adorable even though Cameron had not worn it since he came home from the regression hospital.

It made him feel like an infant, and he hated the bonnet. He thought it was too girly with all that lace. But he kept his opinion to himself; he didn’t want to anger or upset anyone. This time his binky clip was Winnie the pooh and his binky was white and mint with a pink strap. The bonnet’s ribbons were wide and made a huge bow under his chin that itched and distracted him. It was almost itchier than his red, rash covered diaper area. He was almost tempted to cry and act like an infant.

That may get him the attention of his grandmother but it would only upset her further. Another worry was how other people would react. Cameron did not get out much. None of the regression therapy students did. The mothers were a close knit group and would go Mama Bear on anyone who said anything about their oversized babies. Especially after what happened to Cameron from Prissy’s bullying. They were quick to stamp out any little spark. The only times he got out were when one of his classmates was having a birthday party. Then, they were all dressed as big babies and their mothers rented out the entire venue. There was still too much public controversy on regression therapy to safely go out. Those paraphilic infantilism people who tried to go public with their fetish often got confused by the uneducated public with regression therapy patients and just made matters worse. 

He was not used to being out in public. The closest he’d come was when the school attempted to mainstream him. He’d gotten to wear big boy clothes then and mingle with his normal peers. With Prissy. He shivered at the memory. 

Where was Lili? What would she think of him, dressed like this? He wished he had his big boy clothes on. He still missed her. He sighed, fidgeting restlessly, the noisy crinkle of his diaper filling up the quiet car.

She had just crashed into his life like a shooting star. And now she was gone and not coming back. He sucked hard on his binky. Maybe she was disgusted with him after all? Maybe she thought of it all as a joke? Just having a lark with the dumb, over grown babies. But she had seemed so sincere. He had believed her; she was nothing like the bullies had been. Or he was just a diapered fool desperate for affection. For a friend. His feelings for Lili were confusing; he could not define them for certain. All he knew was he liked her. Oh, how he liked her. Surely she could not have feelings for a burned boy who peed and pooped himself, drank formula from bottles and spit up if he was not burped. He whimpered softly. Surely, she saw him as nothing more than a joke. 

The roar of an engine filled the quiet as a car raced into the parking lot well over the speed limit. He peered through his window, pushing himself up and grunting as he fought the unyielding restraints. Tires screeched as the car came to a halt and the driver got out. 

His eyes widened and terror filled him. Priscilla. It was Priscilla. Impossible. It couldn’t be. But it was. He fell back into the soft padding, heart pounding as he panted. His long time tormentor was his new babysitter. He whimpered.

“Finally.” Beatrice muttered as she got out of the car without waiting for her chauffeur to open the door. “Young lady, where have you-P-Priscilla?” Ire died on her tongue, replaced by startled confusion. 

“Not quite. I fill this out better, yeah?” That voice. He knew it so well. Not Prissy, not her at all. Liliana. 

He gasped, drawing a deep breath and straining forward to see. Beatrice had come around the car and now stood in front of his window, blocking his view. He whined. She looked like Priscilla, all preppy and pink instead of punk and purple. But she sounded like Lili. 

“Who…?” The question died on Beatrice’s tongue as she continued to stare in confusion. 

“Aaw, don’t like my new look? I think I pull it off better than my cousin.” 

“Liliana?” Beatrice blinked. 

Cameron fumbled with the red release button by his crotch, but it would not give. It was designed so the occupant couldn’t release it. Just another safety feature. He grunted, straining forward once more. The nylon safety belts bit into him but he still fought against them, desperate to see her. He was able to peek at her just past Beatrice’s shoulder. 

"Yes, it’s moi. And how is dear, darling Cameron baby?" Lilis voice was pleasant as a summer’s day. 

“He’s in the car. Waiting.” Beatrice stared at her, as if meeting a distasteful stranger. This was the hellspawn her friend had complained about. Repeatedly. For years. A bull headed wild child, too much like Jack for Jill to see any good in her. Looking at the girl, she could see it, too. Jack’s eyes, the way he stood, the unpredictable air about him, all mirrored here in the form of an 18 year old girl. She was not of their genteel world. The girl looked like a well bred lady, like a twin of Priscilla, except for those horrible spikes below her lip.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Car wouldn’t start. It hasn’t been driven in a while.” Lili shrugged, not sounding sorry at all. “Very sorry. Well, I’m not that late. Don’t want you to miss your important social obligation.” 

Beatrice frowned. Her lipstick feathered; the same shade Jill wore. She looked to the doors of the country club hosting the charity luncheon. “Your being late has made me late.” 

“Yes, and I do most sincerely and humbly apologize. As I explained, it was circumstances beyond my control. But I’m here now and arguing with me is just making you more late, yeah?”

Beatrice’s lips puckered like she’d sucked on a lemon. She cast another glance to the doors, obviously wanting to go, but also wanting to give the delinquent a piece of her mind. “Yes. Well….Just don’t let it happen again.” 

“Next time I’ll schedule my car troubles at a more convenient time.” Lili’s voice was sugary sweet, her sarcasm going right over Beatrice’s head. She tilted her head to the side, giving her grandmother's friend a small smile, expression saying she knew Beatrice did not get her point at all. 

Beatrice scowled. She was no fan of this weird-looking girl. She looked back to the carseat and her diapered grandson in his bonnet. She really wanted to immerse herself in the luncheon;the ladies were inside, no doubt gossiping about her. How shameful it would be to be late, but being seen with her grandson in public was more embarrassing. Cameron and his diapers best belong at home in the nursery with someone looking after him and keeping him out of her hair. She was desperate enough she was willing to give this girl a chance to babysit him. As long as she kept him quiet. 

With Cameron, she often felt over her head. She couldn’t look at him without remembering her own precious baby boy, shackled in cuffs and taken away by two uniformed officers. Her own children had been mostly raised by nannies, as had Jill's. All their contemporaries had. It was just the way their world worked. Neither she nor Jill had ever changed a diaper. That was the nanny's job. 

This girl was Priscilla’s cousin. Blood relative of the girl who’d bullied Cameron. Jill had begged Beatrice not to bear a grudge- Prissy was young and of course she was sorry and she was just being a kid. Beatrice had replied of course she wasn’t angry, and had agreed it was best for all for Cameron to be put back into regression classes and the whole incident was swept under the rug and never brought up again. No more mainstreaming for him. A few complaints from both Beatrice and Jill to the school board and superintendent shut Ms. Sweeney’s protests right up. 

But inside, in quiet moments, she wondered if she had done the right thing, the best thing for Cameron. She knew the horror story of the poor puppy and that Liliana was the one who was rumored to have kicked it. That was years ago and maybe Liliana changed- then again, Jack always maintained it was Priscilla who hurt the puppy, and given what Prissy had done to her grandbaby....but Jill said....Beatrice just did not know what to think, and did not know what to think of the girl standing in front of her looking very much like Priscilla. 

Lili ducked past Beatrice while the older, sophisticated lady chewed her lip, dithering in indecision. "Hey Cam-Cam!" She grinned, tapping on the window. 

Cameron blushed, pushing back in his carseat. It really was Lili. She looked so weird...so...normal it was almost scary. So much like Prissy, except for her snakebite piercings. He stared at them, smiling behind his paci. He was excited and happy to see her, but shy, too. He did not want Lili to see him with his bonnet. His diaper crinkled loudly and the harness held him trapped. His heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice and he froze. He wanted to go to her…but surely she would laugh at his bonnet...

"Lili?" He asked softly, voice barely audible. 

"Yupp, that's me. I'm right here." She tapped the glass. Those pink lips smiling, not laughing. 

She turned and looked at Beatrice who still hadn’t made up her mind. 

“Well. Alright, then. I’m off. But I won’t tolerate any more shenanigans.” Beatrice sniffed disdainfully and stalked off. The other ladies would not see her big baby of a grandson waddling around in his diapers, bonnets and bibs, even though regression therapy was almost perfectly acceptable. At least in her social circle. She had made it so. Some of the ladies occasionally asked after Cameron. Sure, they sounded genuine, but Beatrice thought they did it just to remind her of her shame. A little social dig. 

Regression therapy had really gained in momentum after several very popular daytime talk show hosts had run specials on it, and popular magazines ran feature articles on it. A few A list celebrities had put their problem children in regression therapy and wrote books about it. Psychologists had weighed in and now the masses had eaten it up. It was controversial and often a hot topic of debate, but it was still a mainstream topic. 

Beatrice admitted it had worked wonders with Cameron, really helped him overcome his emotional traumas. As messed up as the boy still was, he’d come along way from how he’d been. But..she was still embarrassed by the whole sordid ordeal and wished to keep it firmly where it belonged- at home. Out of sight, out of mind. Outside with her friends and fellow socialites, she could be normal. She noticed Jill had done the same thing with Priscilla since her injury and diagnosis. Jill had gradually talked less and less about Prissy, preferring her grandchild not be mentioned at all, pretending to be normal in society.

“Bye-bye! I’ll take good care of your grandbaby!” Lili waved gaily, shouting and causing the nearby chauffeurs to glance at Beatrice, who hunched her shoulders and scuttled inside, shamefaced. 

Pleased with herself, Lili opened the car door and crawled inside. Cameron blushed, ducking his head. 

"Aww, Cameron. You hiding from me, yeah?" She smiled, thinking Cameron was just being shy. She was right. She squatted down in front of his car seat, peering up into his bonnet covered face. 

" A bonnet?" She grinned then choked to hide her surprised laughter. "Aww, baby, you look adorable." She reached up, tugging on the lacey frills framing his face gently. 

Cameron whined softly behind his binky and blushed. "Lili.”

"Well, you do. It is the gospel truth." Her grin was infectious and the burned boy found himself smiling back at her. She reached up from her squatting position and rubbed his pink cheeks.
Cameron squeaked and squirmed, blushing, embarrassed but oh so happy. 

"Babies look best when they're smiling." She fluffed the big bow under his chin, playing with the ribbon and Cameron scrunched his nose up. He really hated bonnets. The front of his diaper grew warm with a long stream of pee but he did not notice, too focused on Lili. 

“Hey. Baby, what happened?” Lili suddenly frowned and peered closer at Cameron’s pretty face. She gingerly brushed the sallow, nearly healed, bruised skin around his eye, where the ball had hit him. Her eyes narrowed as she watched him suck on his paci. The shield shifted, revealing the faded bruises around his lips. 

Cameron stiffened. He didn’t want Lili to know how bad he’d been. She thought he was good and sweet. Would she leave him if she learned the awful truth of how bad he really was? He whimpered softly at the thought. 

“Cameron? Tell me. Please.” Lili’s worry choked him. Finally, here she was, all his. The reunion he’d been waiting for, and he was ruining it. 

He swallowed and forced a big, shaky smile. “Nuffin. Got boo-boos. Baww bownced.” 

“Yes, I see your boo-boos. How did you get the boo-boos?” She cooed, urging him to tell her. His reluctance made her suspicious. “Come on, baby. You can tell me. We’re friends, yeah?” 

He bit down on the rubber nipple in his mouth. He just wanted to be happy and enjoy the time he had together with her. Her presence was a balm, soothing the ache in his heart. He wasn’t going to let Nanny Isabelle take this from him. He spoke carefully. “Just pwayin. My baww-” He needed big boy words. “Just playing. My ball bounced.” He pantomimed smacking himself in the face. 

“Your ball bounced, and hit you in the face?” Her lips puckered with sour doubt. 

“Uh-huh.” His smile wobbled nervously and he looked away, unable to meet her eyes. 

“And your ball gave you a pacifier shaped bruise, too?” 

He just nodded his head, crumbling under the weight of her disbelieving stare. 

Lili watched as Cameron curled in on himself, pulling away from her. She was pushing too hard. Too aggressive, too callous. Too selfish. Her face stayed screwed up in doubt, but she winced on the inside. She was hurting this fragile, damaged boy with her selfishness. Just like Priscilla had. That realization was an icy slap in the face. Whatever had truly happened, he was not ready to tell her. Not yet. She could push, could break him and make him talk, but then the soft warmth that filled his eyes when he looked at her would grow dark and dim. She’d be cold and alone again. It was better to be patient and wait, work it out of him in time. 

“Hey, it’s okay. Don’t cry. I’m sorry. Your boo-boos are all better, yeah? And it’s just me and you. All day!" Liliana injected forced cheer into her voice. 

Cameron bit down on his paci. Lili let go of that too fast. He knew he wasn’t a good liar, so he doubted she believed him. Well, the part about the ball was true...and whether she believed him or not, she was willing to ignore his boo-boos. His bruises. To not spoil their day together. All day with Lili. How he'd missed her...what took her so long? She had to have a good explanation. He just knew it. She had promised. She even pinky swore. 

“Okay.” He agreed softly, peeking up at her. Her gentle, concerned gaze caught his and he felt himself drowning. Just him and Lili today. He blushed, shaking a little in his excitement.

“Good baby!” She cooed and pressed the red button between his legs, releasing the harness and lifting it up over his head. She took his soft, slender princess fingers in hers and he felt electricity jolt through him at the touch. Lili apparently felt the same; she looked into his wide, happy eyes and her gaze softened even more. She gently helped him up and he toddled his way out of the back of the Bentley. 

Cameron kept hold of Lili's hand like a good baby. He looked at the entrance, wishing he’d gotten to say goodbye to his grandma. He looked up at Lili, blushed some more and looked away. By the driver’s side door stood Beatrice’s chauffeur, who’d quietly witnessed the whole scene as if he was just another piece of furniture. 

"Tank yew.." He said very softly, stepping closer to Lili. The chauffeur smiled at him, glad to be appreciated and feeling bad for the diapered boy. With a grandmother like Beatrice, it was no wonder the boy needed therapy. At least the pierced freak show paid attention to the boy. Appearances certainly were not everything. 

"Miss, let me put the baby's carseat in your car?" He asked Liliana. 

She blinked, startled, as if just noticing the driver for the first time. "Oh, yeah. Sure. That's a good idea, yeah. I didn’t even think of it." The chauffeur smiled and started unstrapping Cameron's car seat from the car. 

The wind blew sharp with a early winter bite, causing everyone to shiver. 

Cameron giggled then ducked behind Lili, feeling like a naughty boy for finding it amusing. She turned, still holding his hand and gave his fingers a little squeeze. "Just you and me, baby boy. I got you all to myself." She grinned and he blushed. The heated look in her eyes seared him, overwhelmed him. His heart thumped and his tummy did a funny flip flop and he lowered his eyes, fidgeting, the loud crinkle from his padded behind giving away his every movement.

Half of Cameron’s hand was covered in a fingerless armwarmer tucked into the sleeves of his mint sweater; the white cloth separated their palms but he could still feel the reassuring warmth from hers. Her fingers were calloused and he wondered what she did to get them that way. Her grip was strong and self assured, bold even as it cradled his own hand. He wanted to pull back the cloth, press his palm into hers...but he was afraid if he touched her, she would see...would know about his scars.....

But Lili already knew, had seen him getting his poopy diaper changed. She had seen the horrid, angry scars covering him....he did not want her to see any more though. He wasn’t sure just how much she had seen. If she knew how bad the damage was. When she had seen his scars at school, he had just smiled and tried to reassure him. So her seeing the rest of his scars wouldn’t be so bad. Right? Still, he made no move to uncover the burned, scarred portion of his arms.

Instead, he watched as the chauffeur transferred his carseat into Lili’s flashy Aston Martin. He stared at their reflection in the shiny blue paint, thinking what an odd couple they made. Lili looked like a freak show in that preppy getup, like she was wearing a costume. What happened to her? He wanted to ask, but he didn’t want to accidentally anger her. He chewed on his paci’s nipple, drool dripping down his chin and onto his ladybug bib. 

"What you thinking about, baby boy?" Lilis voice was low and husky, and she stood very close. She gave his fingers another squeeze, amazed by how soft they were. So girly. Through the thin, opaque fabric, she could feel the swirls and bumps of his scars; misshapen, melted skin.

Cameron looked at her and shook his head. Her perfume washed over him, heady and intoxicating. He squirmed, diaper crinkling noisily. The faint, chilly breeze picked up again, riffling the lacey frills on his bonnet and making his bib flutter. 

"Pwetty- pr-pwetty caw." He whispered, struggling against years of conditioned toddler speak to talk like a normal boy. He had been able to, at one point when he'd been in regular classes. But once he'd been sent to the regression room, the old baby habits that had been programmed into him kicked back in full force, and he had been using baby speech automatically ever since then.

Lili smiled, watching him struggle. "It was Prissy’s. Her taste in cars is much better than her taste in clothes.” When Cameron shivered in the cold, she tugged on the lacy frills of his bonnet. "Aww. Now that really is adorable!"

Face red, he lifted up his huge bib to show her the bunny in his sweater. She cooed how cute it was and took a step closer to him. The huge bonnet ruffles blocked out his peripheral vision. He looked down at their feet. The tips of her heeled mauve boots touched the white leather of his Velcro baby shoes with Elmo on the sides. She was taller than him not by much-just a few inches. She was so close. Her free hand gently touched his chin, guiding his face up.

Cameron swallowed. Her nose touched his, her face so close. His diaper grew warm as he peed yet again. Was she going to do? A wave of heat and dizziness rushed over him and his heart sped up. He thought he might faint.

Lili tapped the paci between his lips. "Such a pretty baby boy". Relief-from what, he didn’t know- flooded through him and trickled in a warm wave into his diaper, exiting his bladder. He felt weak in the knees. And strangely disappointed. 

"All done. Good to go." The chauffeur stood up and walked back to Beatrice’s car.

Lili raised a hand in casual thanks and farewell. "Thanks, man. Appreciate it."

"Just take good care of that baby." 

"Plan on it." Lili grinned. Cameron blushed and waved bye-bye to the driver. He smiled and waved back, then walked over to join the other chauffeurs.

"Aight. Now it's just us, yeah? So, let’s decide what to do today. But first let’s get you out of the cold-" Lili stopped, suddenly looking around. "Wait. Baby. Where the hell’s your diaper bag?" She just realized upon seeing the diaper bulge straining against Cameron’s pants. He was a baby. Babies used diapers. They needed diaper bags. 

Cameron timidly squeezed her fingers to get her attention. "Gwamma no take. No diapee bag." He lisped softly, afraid she would be angry and blame him. His diapers, his fault. "Sowwy." 

Lili watched his pretty, girly face crumple; how he seemed to shrink in on himself, as if expecting punishment. "Hey. Baby. Shh. It’s okay. We’ll just go to your house and get it.” 

She didn’t sound mad. He peeked at her warily and nodded, bonnet frills bouncing. Was it really that easy to take care of? 

Lili tapped his pacifier with her pink painted nail. "It’s ok baby. Now come on." She tugged on his hand and he toddled, crinkling noisily along behind her to the back seat.

He was both relieved and disappointed to be in his car seat. He was a big boy and was able to sit up front- part of him wanted to, just to be close to Lili. But he had been mentally conditioned to be scared without his car seat, to feel safe and secure in it. To bawl like the big baby he was if he was not in it. He whimpered softly, wanting to be a big boy so maybe Lili would like him more, but craving the safety of his seat as well and hating himself for it. 

"Baby?" Lili saw the distress on his face and immediately bent down and tore open the poppers on his crotch, poking at his thick diaper, checking it like she had seen the teachers do at school and had been taught to do when helping Asha with her regressed grandnephew Rajesh. 

Cameron shook his head, forcing a shaky smile. He had to quit being such a baby so Lily would not get sick of him. Maybe that's why Grandma was so distant from him. He didn’t even realize they were out in a public parking lot and she was poking at his diapers. When he did, he blushed and whined softly in protest. But Lili was already done, snapping them closed and standing up. "You're wet. I think you're gonna leak soon. "

He just nodded and caught her hand, boldly giving it a squeeze.

She blinked in surprise then her grin grew. "Come on, baby."


"Holy shit." 

Cameron peeked nervously up at Lili, but the stupid ruffles on his bonnet blocked out his view. He turned his head. Her eyes were wide and lips parted in shock. He still preferred her purple lips to the pink monstrosity they were now. At least she still had her snakebites. Again, he wondered what happened to her.

Lili stared in flabbergasted awe at his nursery. Baby blue walls with trimmed with yellow duckies. White crib with Winnie the Pooh sheets, complete with matching mobile. Baby monitor. White changing table. White dressers with little ducky handles huge. Handmade toy box. Winnie pooh lamp. Huge, life size stuffed teddy bear in one corner. Playpen. Baby toys scattered about, from wooden blocks to rattles to a yellow Tonka dump truck and one ball left alone in a corner. 

She walked in, checking it out with Cameron crinkling nervously behind her. 

"Holy shit." she said again, picking up a rattle, turning to Cameron and shaking it at him. 

He blushed and said nothing, ducking his head. She put the rattle in his limp hand then dug through his closet, checking out his walk in closet the size of a small apartment. He toddled after her, tossing his rattle into his playpen. Add a normal desk and chair for homework and studying and a white bookshelf painted with Winnie the Pooh and lined with books-some baby books and others more suited for big kids. 

Baby clothes filled the closet. A few big boy clothes were crammed in the back. He had sleepers, infant sleep sacks, onesies galore. All of his normal pants had snap crotches. Cameron watched her; she seemed...delighted and fascinated...he sucked on his binky, shifting from foot to foot. 

"Omg. Seriously. This is fucking adorable."

He squeaked at her cuss, glancing around, afraid someone would overhear. But no nanny was on duty today. Lili was the nanny. Just the two of them. He smiled and giggled, shocked and delighted by her vulgar mouth. He saw her holding up his little sailor suit. He paled and shook his head. He hated that one the most. 

Lili grinned. "Don't like it?" 

He shook his head, bonnet ruffles flapping. 
She put it back. "It’s too cold for you to wear it, anyway. But when it gets warmer..." She trailed off suggestively. 

Cameron's heart sped up. That meant she planned on still being here with him...that thought gave his heart wings. He just hoped she forgot all about the sailor suit with the ducky on the butt. But somehow he didn’t think she would. She checked out his strollers and found several diaper bags. None of them packed. 

"Gwamma fowget" he lisped. "Me, too." 

"No worries. It’s rather cold out and I heard you got sick easily. So well just hang here for the day. That okay?" 

He nodded, ruffles flopping. He whined and tugged in them. "Off? Peese?" 

Lili laughed, delighted with how cute he was and that he was finally relaxing more around her. She untied the wide ribbon and plucked the bonnet off his head. Cameron breathed in a sigh of relief and took off his bunny sweater as well, leaving him in just a long sleeve onesie tucked into his pants. He toed off his shoes. 

"Getting comfy, yeah?" 

He blushed and nodded. Now he wanted sweatpants on, but he did not want her to see his scars so kept his pants on. She unlaced her boots and slipped them off. 

"I'll admit, that does feel better." She poked around his closet some more. "I swear, you've got way more clothes than even Prissy has." Most of his clothes were regression wear. Big baby clothes. 

Satisfied with his closet, Lili went over to his dresser and rummaged.through the drawers. Cameron blushed, wondering if she always helped herself or felt comfortable since she was in charge of him and had to know about these kinds of things or some combo of the two. He knew she was not a reserved person by any means.

"Damn, my baby boy goes through a lot of bibs. Two drawers full!" Booties, mittens from his days as a hospitalized, regressed infant. Bonnets. He shuddered at that drawer and Lili smiled. Burp cloths. Baby socks, some with lace on them. And finally- 

"What's this?" Lili held up a large square of padded cloth. 

Cameron blushed bright red and mumbled. "Cwoth diapees." He waddled over to her and pointed out the next drawer, full of plastic panties plastered with baby prints or ruffles. 

"I'm gonna have to learn how to put these on you." She waved the cloth, bunched it back up then poked at his plastic panty collection, which was vast, indeed. 

It paled in comparison to the disposable diaper stash in the closet, though. Bags upon bags upon bags of thick diapers filled the closet. Different brands and baby prints. Some in colors, some white. All with the same horrid thickness and loud plastic backing. All huge on Cameron’s tiny, slender frame. 

"Damn. You never have to worry about running out of diapers, yeah?" Lili whistled when she saw the diapering supplies packed under the changing table. Diapers galore. Rash cream. Vaseline. Suppositories for when he was constipated. Several tubes of diaper cream. Tubs of baby wipes. And more diapers still. Bottles and bottles of baby powder, from corn starch to unscented to a wide variety of scents. 

She poked at the cushioned, plastic mat on top of the changing table, where Cameron would lay when a nanny changed his diaper. She fingered the security strap. 

Cameron let her nose through his room. He didn’t have the guts to stop her and didn’t want to. She was just getting to know him and his diaper world and he hoped she would be a part of it
She looked at Cameron over her shoulder; he just stood there watching her. 

"You've gotten quite chatty, baby boy." She teased with a wink, trying to help be comfortable around her. 

He blushed and squirmed, wondering if he had annoyed her. "Sowwy?" he apologized softly.

She stepped closer to him and gently touched one pink cheek, cupping it with her palm. He could feel her callouses and the metal from the rings on her fingers. It felt so warm, and she smelled so good, just like she had weeks ago in class. So long ago. Not one word. Such an agonizing amount of time, and look at how she changed! It kept needling him no matter how much he tried to push it aside. He still believed she had a good excuse.

He wasn’t going to ask, he trusted her....but he would really like to hear it. He waddled backward, losing his balance and falling in his diapered bottom. The soggy padding squished under him and more urine leaked into the damp diaper. He whimpered in surprise, not pain and startled tears welled in his eyes. 

Before he could start crying like a scared toddler, Lili knelt next to him and gathered him into her lap. Her scent wafted over him. "Shh. Baby boy, its okay." She cooed.his head nestled against her plump breasts and he squirmed, managing to scoot away. 

"Liwi wate. " He held up his slim fingers. "I wait and wait. No Lili." He spat his binky out. His lower lip trembled. 

"Baby, I'm sorry. I would have been here the next day if I could. Some….some stuff came up…” She trailed off, not wanting to tell him what she’d done to Prissy. She didn’t want him to know about that dark side of her, that part that got out of control. That dark monster in her heart that scared her. She couldn’t bear it if Cameron looked at her the way Prissy had. Like she was a monster. 

“And I couldn’t get around your grandma.The old bird is tougher than she looks. So I had to wait. I tried. I really did. I’d never hurt you on purpose." Lili puffed her cheeks out then exhaled noisily. She slumped, then took both of Cameron’s soft hands in hers. “Shit kinda hit the fan.” She gestured to her outfit. “I was a little stupid, got carried away...and...well...Asha.” She sighed, not really explaining. She slumped forward to rest her forehead on Cameron’s hands. “Your grandma kept turning me away. Asha intervened. I don’t know what she did.” She sounded as if that galled her. “But here I am, and these god-awful clothes are my punishment for...for something stupid I did. It’s nothing important.” She choked on nervous laughter, imploring Cameron to believe her. 

Cameron stared into her eyes and decided he believed her. Her voice was too sincere and full of pain. Who would say they missed a big baby if they did not? Slowly, he nodded, showing he believed her. He’d never seen this side of her. She looked pained, agitated. He heard the slight creep of fear into her voice at the mention of Asha. He blinked in surprise, sucking on his paci. He never thought fearless Lili could be afraid of anyone. Or intimidated. He leaned forward and laid his head on top of hers.

She grinned, as if his touch magically restored his good spirits. Her head popped up. 

"I really am sorry." She touched her forehead to his, and Cameron blushed, but he did not drop his gaze. 

"I’ll make it up to you. Promise." The spikes twitched in her mouth as her tongue played with them. She really did feel guilty, but she had been preoccupied with Prissy. The biggest obstacle had been getting around the old biddy. Cameron was locked up tight like a fairytale princess high up in the tower, and Lili had felt like a prince slaying a two-headed dragon. Only Asha had given her access to the delicate diapered boy.

Cameron watched the emotions flit across her face. To him, she seemed sincere. Then again, he was not always the best judge of that. He chewed his lower lip, staring at the metal spikes piercing her flesh. He wondered how much that hurt and if that felt funny. "....I-I bewieve yew..." He mumbled softly, her gaze holding him captive. 

Her pink lips stretched in a cheshire cat smile. "Good enough for me. I'll take it. Now, about that squishy diaper of yours…”

Cameron’s eyes widened and his heart leapt into his throat. No, no no no no. He could NOT let her see all his ugly scars! His eyes flew to the Winnie the Pooh clock on the wall over her shoulder. The next nanny shift would be starting very soon; he just had to hold out until the nanny arrived. His rash hadn’t bothered him all day; the heavily medicated cream did its job very well. 

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“Come on, Cameron-baby. Let’s go out for icecream after I check your diaper. .” 

"Not wike dis!" He took a waddling, crinkly step back as fear spiked through him. He could not go out dressed in his normal baby clothes. He needed big boy clothes. Grandma Beatrice had been very clear about that ever since he first came home from the hospital. He was a big baby, and big babies stayed in the nursery where they belonged. Staring at the same walls everyday- nanny got him ready for school, escorted him to the car where the chauffeur dropped him off at school, picked him back up and it was right back to the nursery. The routine was boring. Safe. He was safe in his regression classroom and his nursery. No one would make fun of him. No one would hurt him. 

Yet, Lili...she had a scar just like him, but she did not curl up and hide like he did. He wished he could be brave like her, face the cold world. Going out for ice cream- something so simple, thrilled him. He could stay covered, his scars hidden so no one would know or stare and he would cause no trouble. Lili would be there, so everything would be alright. Not dressed as a big baby though. He shook his head, motioning to himself. 

"Baby." Lili closed the space between them. "Shhh. We'll change you, get you some big boy clothes. It's alright. " She slid her hands around his tiny waist, pulling him flush against her. Cameron's eyes widened as the soft mounds of her breasts smooshed against his chest. His heart beat fast and his eyes widened. He looked up at her. 

She smiled down at him, her head lowering to his. His heart pounded and he felt light headed. Was she going to kiss him? His first kiss. His stomach flipped-flopped and he panicked. He shoved his binky into his mouth, sucking nervously on it. This time, for the first time, it failed to soothe him. She was still so intoxicatingly, terrifyingly close. 

Lili paused, her eyes half lidded, partially open. "You're so shy." She grinned as if that delighted her and drew even closer still. He could see the indents on her skin where the piercing pushed through her skin. His face felt like it was on fire. He looked into her eyes, saw the passion blazing there. She wanted him- like-like- he didn’t know. The heat in her gaze overwhelmed him, scorched him. Liliana was a wild creature of passion and emotion, and he was her polar opposite; quiet, demure, shy. He had been content in his little diapered world, even if he was lonely there. 

He squeaked as she closed the remaining distance between them. Her teeth grabbed the ring of his binky and popped it out of his mouth. He whimpered and instinctively took a step backwards. Her arms still held him captive, so he could not move very far. His heel landed on a rattle that had fallen out of his playpen earlier that morning. The hard plastic slipped on the carpet, sending him tumbling backwards. Because of her hold on him, Liliana went with him. They landed with a thump on the carpet. 



The rattle dug into Cameron's back. His thick diaper cushioned his bottom, but Lili's elbow dug into his side. She landed on top of him, her legs splayed on either side of him. He lay stunned. His first instinct was to start crying like an infant, but the feeling of Liliana's weight on top of him soothed him. Her scent surrounded him. His feelings for her confused him, but for the first time in a long time, he felt the desire to be a big boy. Big boys did not cry when they fell down. 

Lili had cried out in surprise, not expecting to fall. She quickly recovered, popping back up immediately. In India, she had helped her grandfather and Asha out with the tigers. Most of that was watching and caring for the tiger cubs, but she had worked with the bigger, older animals, too. She had been tackled a few times by huge, still growing cubs who did not know their own strength, so getting knocked over was nothing new to her. She straddled Cameron, sitting on his stomach. His huge diaper poofed out, giving her a cushion to sit on as she pinned him, catching his wrists and pinning him down. Just like she had pinned Priscilla. Pin her down and take what she wanted. 

No, not like Priscilla at all. She had wanted to hurt her cousin, intimidate her. She could not imagine hurting Cameron. He shared her feelings- she could see it when she looked into his eyes. She saw the uncertainty, the hesitancy when she got close. But she also saw the warmth and longing. He wanted her, but he was afraid to get close. Even now, his eyes were shut and his breathing was ragged; she could feel the fast rise and fall of his chest under her. Her own breathing was even but her pulse pounded in her veins. 

Shame washed over Cameron. Lili's weight pinned him down, so he could not crawl away. Trapped. His first instinct was to flee. Was she upset with him? Disgusted? But she wasn't pulling away...she was holding him in place. He opened his eyes to see her smirking down at him. 

"Falling for someone isn't meant to be taken literally." She joked and he blushed. "Silly baby." Her head lowered and he froze, having nowhere to go, unable to squirm away. As her lips inched closer, he panicked once more and squirmed, diaper rustling noisily. Her weight held him trapped. He thought his heart was going to break his ribs with all that frantic pounding. 

"My baby." She whispered, voice low, her breath washing over him. He froze, eyes widening as her teeth clamped onto his paci ring, gently holding it still. Cameron nervously tried to suck on the rubber nipple, but she started to pull it out of his mouth. He whined in protest and she stopped just before the nipple slipped out of his lips. Her eyes twinkled mischievously down at him, and she gently slipped it back in. 

He stared up at her and heat washed over him, making him dizzy. He yielded under her, soft and sweet in her arms as he surrendered to her, trusting her. Fear and panic faded, melting away under the warmth of her body pressing down on his. His body turned to jelly. He was lost in sensation, drowning under her touch. He never felt the front of his soggy diaper grow warm again, or the soggy back of his diaper push out as his bowels suddenly released. The mushy mess squished against the hard floor, trapped with nowhere to go but up between his legs. He squirmed a little at the sensation of the mess smooshing around in his diaper, but was too distracted as Liliana moved. 

The warm rubber of the nipple glided over his lips as she pulled it almost out again, teasing him. He closed his eyes as his mind went hazy. Was kissing like this? All these swirling emotions...they were confusing but felt so good, so right. Like it was meant to be. Fate written in the stars...that’s what Nanny Isabelle’s soap operas said. Maybe this was why unregressed boys loved kissing so much? It felt so good. 

Her butt pressed down on his soggy diaper, smooshing it. Her hands let go of his slim wrists, and she shifted again, placing them on his tiny waist. He was so soft and sweet she almost felt like she had a girl under her. She wanted to pull Cameron’s binky out and kiss him. She could feel his delicate body shivering under her and held herself back. She didn’t want to push him too hard or too far. She imagined kissing him would be much like kissing a girl.

The idea of kissing a girl had never bothered Lili, and she had gotten to try it out quite a few times at various concerts. She had gone far in her brief bouts of experimenting. Spending most of her time on her grandfather's tiger conservatory, she did not get to socialize with others her own age very often; only when she accompanied Jack and Asha to the States did she get let loose off her proverbial leash. Babysitting Rajesh wasn’t the same as hanging out with a peer. And when she was off her leash, she ran wild. Thoughts of past one-night stands fled far from her mind. All that existed for her right now were the emotions swirling in his big doe eyes. 

She teased his binky some more, gently pressing the shield into his lips. Right over his nearly faded bruises from the last time Nanny Isabelle watched him. The pressure sparked memories of the angry nanny looming over him, smashing his pacifier down. He immediately stiffened, eyes screwing tight shut as his breathing became fast and shallow. 

Lili immediately dropped the ring and sat up. “Cameron? Baby, what’s wrong?” She touched his cheek, voice full of concern. 

Cameron barely heard her as he fought against the memories. This was Lili, and she wouldn’t hurt him. He clung to his trust in her as he struggled against the fear the memories dredged up. Moments passed in silence as he struggled to calm down. 

He wriggled a little under her, his diaper crinkling noisily. The thick diaper pushed up into Lily as Cameron squirmed beneath. 

He shivered, eyes tightly closed and never wanted the moment to end. 

Lili shifted, smooshing Cameron’s puffy diaper down and he did not even notice the mess inside squishing against him.

He cracked open one eye to peek up at her.

She was still so close, but instead of making him nervous, he enjoyed it. Wanted to open up to her. He wanted to say something savy and cool or romantic and sweet but words failed him. All he could manage was a clumsy nod. 

It was all the confirmation Lili needed. "Knew you would."

She rubbed his stomach for a while until she judged he was comfortable enough. Her hands slipped under his sweater, rubbing the design on his onesie. Beneath the cloth, she could feel the uneven bumps of his burn scars. Old and healed, his flesh forever mutilated. Forever a reminder of the nightmare his father put him through. Just like Lili’s scars would always be a memento carved into her flesh from the tiger, and her dance with Indonesian law. 

Her hands roamed lower. Instead of burned skin she found the soft, crinkly padding of his diaper.
A little lower her roaming fingers encountered the elastic waistband of his pants. Her fingertips dipped in, the onesie still covering his diaper, keeping her from getting to it.

Cameron suddenly pulled away, head lolling against the floor as he panted, needing oxygen. She could feel the desperate rise and fall of his thin chest. Her breathing had increased but not like his had. She smiled crookedly. "You forgot to breathe." 

Cameron peered up at her, his eyes hazy. She was teasing him, and he blushed in response. He automatically opened his mouth to apologize. 

"Such a shy baby." Lili purred. His innocence enchanted her, reminding her of a fairytale princess. 
she tickled his sides. He squirmed, diaper crinkling but his face stayed covered. 

He struggled to say something, to retort, but all that came out was a strangled squeak. 
He coughed, clearing his throat and drew unsteady breaths, trying to get himself back under control. 

"Cameron. Baby boy. Look at me." Her tone was gentle but firm. A command. 

Cameron hesitated then spread his fingers, peeking out at her. She gently grabbed his thin wrists and lowered his hands. "Baby. Do you want to be a big boy? A big baby?." 

He said nothing but looked up at her doubtfully. 

She rubbed his kiss swollen lips. "You liked it, yeah?" 

His blush spread all over his face and he lowered his eyes. All the answer she needed. 

"It felt good.". He nervously licked his lips, his tongue licking her finger. 

She grinned. "You want to do it some more." 

He did not meet her eyes but nodded his head. 

"Baby that doesn't make you a bad boy. It makes you a big boy. My big diaper baby." She teased then started tickling him, hands under his sweater once more. 

Cameron writhed and thrashed as he was tickled, laughing loudly. Lili had no trouble keeping him pinned. In one swift movement, she pulled his infantile sweater over his head. His bib tore off with the loud sound of Velcro ripping open, and his paci clip stayed firmly attached to his sweater collar. He lay before her in just his long sleeved onesie and pants.

Lili tugged on his waistband, tugging his pants down a few inches over the thick bulge of his diaper. Cameron froze, grabbing at his pants. She tugged on his waistband, tugging his pants down a few inches over the thick bulge of his diaper. 

Cameron froze, grabbing at his pants. "No, please!"

Cameron froze, grabbing at his pants. "No, please!" She would see his ugly scars, his diaper. He felt exposed enough in just his onesie. In his panic, and wanting to be a big boy, his usual toddler lisp was gone. In its place, he spoke like a big boy. 

"Cameron." Lili softened her voice, seeing the absolute terror in his eyes as he gazed pleadingly at her. She felt him shake as he gripped her wrists tightly. She could yank free, tear his pants off, but that would destroy their relationship. He would never trust her again. 

"Baby." She let go of his pants, and he released her wrists as she scooted back up on him, sitting on his stomach and the upper part of his diaper. She reached up past his head, where his sweater lay in a jumbled ball. She tugged his binky free from its ribbon and clip, then slipped it between his lips. 

Cameron instinctively sucked on the rubber nipple as Lili rolled to her side, laying next to him on the nursery carpet. He grabbed one of her hands, entwining his slim fingers with hers and squeezing gently, trying to tell her he was sorry, it was too much too fast for him. She lay on her side, head propped up on one arm, staring down at him. She waited until he had calmed down, then lowered her head next to his ear. "Baby. I've already seen you get your diapee changed, remember? At school?"

He nodded. Oh, he remembered. He had never forgotten. "Dis- diffwent." He explained, lisping once again. Her lips twitched, but not in a smile. She was much closer to him this time, would be up close and personal. Very hands on. Intimate. Intimidating. 

"Oh? How so?" She asked, like she already knew the answer but just wanted to hear it from his mouth. 

He whined softly behind his binky. "Cuz. It is." He shrugged, unable to find the words to tell her the jumbled mess of emotions he was feeling. "Lili touch. Change mah diapee." 

She nodded. "Yes, sweetie. I'm going to change your diapee. You can't stay in that diapee all day, and I promised I'd take you for ice cream." 

His eyes grew big as saucers. Diaper changes, he didn't mind. But for Lili to touch him there, to see those horrid, ugly scars, the disfiguration covering most of his body...yes, Lili had a scar, but it was small compared to his. Just a little blight on her beauty, whereas his...his only stroke of luck, aside from surviving, had been his fingers and face had been spared.

"Is this about your boo-boos? Your scars?" Lili slipped into the speech Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper had used, but corrected herself. 

Cameron nodded but managed to look up at Lili; she saw the pain reflected in his eyes. If she saw how extensive his scars were, saw how ugly they were up close, he feared she would turn away in disgust, would leave him. He could not blame her if she did. He was a freak. A misshapen monster. "Dey ugwy." He lisped softly, tears brimming in his eyes. 

"Hey. Shh. Don't cry, yeah?" Lili sat up, pulling her pearl pink shirt up over her head, revealing a white lace bra with with tiny rhinestones on each nipple. His face flushed, but it was not her pert, generously endowed breasts that drew his attention. It was the scarred half of her torso, where the huge animal had torn into her. 

"See? Here's my scar." She captured one of his trembling hands and guided it to her stomach. The normal part of her stomach was smooth and flat. She guided him over to the scarred side of her torso. He felt each bump, each deep groove of her missing flesh. She shivered though he kept his touch light as a bird's wing. 

Was this what someone felt when they touched his scars? Cameron's flesh had been burned, melted, blistered and popped, but none of it was missing. In some ways, Liliana's mutilation, though not as widespread over her body, was worse than his own. The red, pink, and white colors of the scar were similar to his own, but the deep grooves in her flesh both fascinated and repulsed him as he rubbed a finger in it. 

"Ah." She gasped when he hit a particular deep and sensitive spot. She panted lightly and took his hand in her own again. "Pretty gross, huh?"

His eyes flew up to her. Did she really think her scar made her ugly? "N-no!" He shook his head in denial. 

"Does my scar make me ugly?" She asked, amusement in her voice. 

Again, he shook his head, and let his binky fall out of his mouth. "Lili pretty." He said it vehemently, as if willing her to believe it. 

She grinned in triumph. "Cameron's pretty, too. My pretty baby." 

Cameron stilled in surprise. Pretty. No one called him pretty once they saw his scars. No one except Liliana. Warmth stirred in his heart, faintly, along with the brief thought, that maybe, just maybe, his scars really weren't that bad?' He shook his head. His scars had brought him nothing but cruelty, rejection, teasing from his normal peers. 

"Ugwy. Fweddy Kweugar." He whispered softly, a tear trickling down his cheek as he turned his head away from her. Just saying that name made him cringe. 

Lili lowered her head, tongue darting out, licking his cheek and catching his tear. The metal tips of her snake bite spikes brushed over his soft skin. He drew in a sharp breath at the contact.

"It's not true." For once, Lili's voice was fierce, dead serious. "Pissy's the one who gave you that nick name." 

Cameron curled in on himself, cringing at the anger in Lili's voice. He nodded in confirmation, even though she did not ask. Pretty, popular Priscilla. How Cameron had tried to give her a wide berth, and how she had zoned in on him like a shark scenting blood in the water. How could Priscilla and Liliana be from the same family tree? He could see it, vaguely- they were both terrifying when they were angry. "S-sowwy." He whispered, apologizing automatically.

Lili's arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him against her. Her breasts squashed into his back. "You've nothing to be sorry for. But Pissy's plenty sorry. She'll be even sorrier." Liliana grumbled to herself. Her mind slipped back to the fear in Prissy’s eyes as she loomed over her and diapered her. She remembered Prissy’s garbled screams as she helplessly, noisily shit herself in front of Max. The old anger and hatred burned hot in her veins, but the memory of her conversation with Asha doused the fire. Just what had Asha meant? 

Silence fell between them as they both calmed down, reigning their emotions in.
Cameron quietly sucked his paci. The hard floor was starting to hurt his back and make him uncomfortable. He shifted, diaper crinkling. He felt the front grow warm as he peed, and finally became aware of the mess he was sitting in. He stilled. Lili would *have* to change his diaper now; there was no getting around it. He needed a clean diaper before he leaked and flared up his diaper rash. He started at the sudden poke in his side, the finger pushing in on the top of the back of his diaper. 

"Hey, baby?" Lili called softly, testing his emotional state. 

"Yeah?" He answered just as quietly. 

"Who do you think's smarter- me or Pissy Prissy?" Her tone was full of her old arrogance and joviality. 

His lips turned in a little smile. "Yew." 

"Damn straight I am. So, if I say you're pretty and Pissy's an idiot, then you're pretty. Yeah?"

Cameron hesitated, his old fears holding him back. He wanted to believe her; she was the first one to call him pretty. Cute. Even with his scars. A warm candle glow flickered in his heart. 

She poked him; his diaper crinkled as her finger pushed into the soggy padding. "Y-yeah." He stuttered. 

"I don't believe you. ." 

"Y-yeah!" He forced out shakily. 

"Yeah, what?"

"L-Lili smart!"

"Yes, and what else? What did Lili say?" The finger did not move from his back, ready to jab him again. 

"I-I pwetty!"

"Yes, you are." Lili cooed and stole a quick kiss on his cheek. 'Now, you got to see my scar, so it’s only fair I get to see yours. I need to check your diaper, anyway." 

She was going to change his diaper. See his scars. She wouldn’t think he was pretty then. Cameron’s lower lip trembled as panic and fear knotted in his chest. His eyes burned with suppressed tears. He bit lip lip, wanting his binky, to curl up and hide in his crib under his blanky. He shifted, trying to find a more comfortable spot on the hard floor. The mess in his diaper squished, cooling off and starting to feel unpleasant. It itched with the faint stinging tinge of a blossoming diaper rash. He would rather have a bad diaper rash than for Lili to see his scars and reject him, repulsed by their ugliness. Would she reject him? 

He looked up into her eyes. Her gaze was deep, sincere. He but his lip, teeth digging into the soft flesh, hesitated a moment, and nodded. 

She rewarded him with a grin and a quick kiss on the tip of his nose. He blushed. "That's my brave baby."

Lili pulled his pants off, revealing his bare legs. They were long and slender, almost girly looking just like the rest of him. Instead of creamy porcelain fair skin of a fairytale princess, his legs were covered in puckered swirls of red, pink and white. The burned skin was puffy in places and shallower in others, melted and swirled together. Lili gently stroked the burn scars. The burns went down his entire length of his legs. She took off his socks. The burns ended in the middle of his foot. Above the melted skin was the smooth princess skin Lili so admired on him. The burns ended oddly in a straight line.

Lili tilted her head to one side, gently tracing the line with one finger. "It’s true then. This was no accident." She spoke more to herself than to him. 

Cameron lay stiff as a board, letting Lili explore his mutilated flesh. He just whimpered softly in acknowledgement, not wanting to talk about it. He squirmed, wriggling his toes and making his huge diaper rustle. 

"Ah. I need to check your diaper." She could tell by how stiff his limbs felt, his posture and expression that he did not want to talk about it. Could barely tolerate her touching him. She ran her hands up his scarred legs to the tremendous bulge of his diaper.

Cameron stilled, tension flowing out of his body. She had not recoiled from him. 

She popped open his onesie, revealing his diaper. It sagged, the white plastic tinged yellow and brown, heavy with his urine and poop. She poked at his diaper, the same way she had jabbed his side. "I see some baby really needs a new diapee." She teased, one finger pushing on the smooth plastic covering his soggy crotch some more. He could barely feel the jabs through the thick padding encasing him. 

"Lili." He protested, blushing and squirming. 

"Okay, okay." She tugged his onesie up and examined the monstrously thick diaper. "It’s Winnie the pooh!" She poked at the diapers front panel. "Some baby really likes pooh bear, yeah?" She glanced around at the nursery decorations. 

She looked at him; he blushed, nodding. When he had been regressed in the hospital, he had taken a shine to Winnie the pooh.

"I'll have to remember that." Lili said more to herself. She lifted his onesie and he sat up, diaper crinkling noisily. He raised his hands and she pulled the material over his head, tossing it aside by his sweater. He lay back, naked except for his well used diaper, scars fully exposed to Lili. 
She stared down at her baby boy.

Cameron shivered, feeling chilly and vulnerable. Nothing was hidden from her, and he was afraid to look at her. She sat back on her heels, just staring down at him, at the mementos of the violence done to him by his father. The burn started just below his collarbone and ended half way down his feet. The bottom part of his palms were burned, too, leaving his fingers and toes undamaged. The clear burn lines intrigued her; he had been dipped into the near-boiling water. She had learned this from one of Jill's gossipy housemaids. 

Lili stared down at the burn line. She bent low, kissing his chest. Right on his ugly scars. Over his heart. The burned skin was mottled, lumpy and bumpy under her lips. "Baby, you're beautiful to me." 

Cameron gasped, eyes flying open to look up at her. "L-Lili!" 

She smiled and kissed his nose again. "Never be ashamed. It's part of who you are. It shows the shit you survived. You're stronger than you know, pretty baby." She loomed over him, her generously endowed breasts almost popping out of her lace bra. One of her knees slipped between his splayed legs, accidentally brushing against his inner thigh. His breath caught in his chest and his head buzzed. For once he noticed the sensation of his mess and soggy padding pressing into him. She just thought he was being shy about his scars again. Their scarred sides touched, her gouged flesh melding to his burned skin. 

"Look at that, they match." She joked.

Cameron raised his head to peer down at their torsos. He hated looking at his body, but with Lili he felt almost beautiful. The front of his soggy padding grew warm as he wet some more. His saturated padding was dangerously close to leaking. She ran her hands over his scars, rubbing along the scar line and lower until she came to the top of his massive diaper. A giggle escaped him when her fingers brushed his scarred sides, hitting his ticklish spots. 

“Oh? Is baby ticklish?” A wicked grin spread across her face. Before Cameron could respond, her fingers danced all over his sides, tickling him and causing him to giggle madly. Her fingers explored all over, searching out new tickling spots. One hand traveled down to his thighs. Her eyes widened when she felt something warm and wet by the diaper's leg gatherers. 

She looked down in surprise, sitting up. "Uh oh. Looks like a baby sprung a leak." She wrinkled her nose, realizing there was pee on her palm. Discretely, she wiped her hand on the carpet. Changing diapers was part and parcel of being with a baby boy, and changing Cameron would be a lot more pleasant than changing Prissy. She smoothed her face, biting back her reluctance. She didn’t like this, but if it meant being with Cameron, she would have to accept it. 

Cameron gasped for breath, face red as he giggled and panted. He blinked, realizing his diaper had leaked. "Oh. S-sowwy." He mumbled in embarrassment. What a big baby he was- he could not even tell when his diaper had leaked. Hell, he had not even realized it was messy right away. He was just too used to his diapers, and to others taking responsibility for changing them. Maybe he should start being a big boy and take care of his own diapees? At least tell people when he was wet or messy?

Liliana snorted at his automatically mumbled sorry. She wondered how many times he had been guilt tripped him into saying that. "It's just a bit of water. Come on, let’s get this pretty baby into a clean diapee." She held her hands out to him. 

Cameron blushed, the word pretty still felt strange when applied to him. Many people told him he had a pretty face. Those same people recoiled in horror at his scars. Only crazy, wild Liliana would call a boy covered in burns pretty. He knew he was not pretty, would never be, but it was nice to pretend. To not have to hide anything. To not disgust someone with just the sight of his mutilated flesh. It was why he wore so many layers, even in the hot summer months. So no one would have to look at his horrid scars. The scars Lili called pretty. 

He placed both his soft princess hands in hers. Her long fingers wrapped around his and he felt the strength in her hold as she hauled him to his feet, pulling his slight weight up with ease. He rocked forward, slightly off balance from the force of her pull. She caught him, stepping close so he leaned against her shoulder. "You're as unsteady as a toddler." She joked and he blushed, burying his face in her bare shoulder. Her skin was milky white and flawless, like a princess with the heart of a prince. 

Lili patted his diapered rump. His diaper sagged between his legs without his onesie to hold it up, dragged down by gravity and the weight of his urine and poop. She made a face at the squishy sensation, then started poking at his backside, feeling the telltale lumps of mess. She pulled the waistband of his diaper back, peering down into it. "Oh. Yuck. Damn." She said upon viewing the mess that had been smooshed around. 

"Sowwy." He pressed his face into her neck, trying to hide. He was used to messy diapers; he was not used to Lili changing them. She accepted his scars, so his soiled diapers wouldn’t drive her away. He hoped. His heart sped up. 

"Shush. Don't worry, baby. It's what babysitters like me are for." Her tone was overly smug as she tried to relax him. 

Cameron blushed and Lili laughed. "Well, that sounds better than nanny. " 

He just grunted in reply, and she playfully swatted his behind. He didn’t react as she squished his mess around; she was the one who winced. 

“Diapee icky?” He asked softly.

"Ugh. Understatement of the year, baby boy. Well, let’s get this over with.” She bit back a groan and took his hand then led him to the changing table. Cameron crinkled and waddled, his legs spread far apart. He really, really wanted a clean diaper more than anything else right now. Messy diapers didn’t bother him, but Lili would be more comfortable once he was in a clean diaper. Then she’d put his clothes back on, hiding his scars again. Making him more comfortable. He waddled as fast as he could, pulling on her hand. 

“Geez, you’re even more eager than me.” She laughed and tugged, holding him back. 

He whined and tugged. "Peese." He lisped. "Icky diapee." 

She just shrugged and let him tug her on, amazed at how her big baby could toddle so fast. Once at the table, he hopped up and laid down, spreading his legs just like he always did. 

"Diaper change. Right. I got this. Yeah?" Lili talked more to herself, squatting down and pulling a diaper out from one of the many stacks under the changing table. "Just like changing Prissy." Except she had left changing Priscilla to the home care workers. She had attempted to change her a time or two, taunting her with those baby diapers, but each time a home care worker had arrived and unknowingly ended her fun, or Asha would interrupt when she decided Liliana had enough fun and Priscilla enough torment for one day. Even with Asha’s grandnephew, Lili had rarely changed him. Just enough to learn how to do it right. When diapering Prissy, anger had overridden her uncertainty. If Prissy’s diaper leaked from not being taped on correctly, who cared? Now, with Cameron, she wanted to do it right. 

Cameron smiled a little. Liliana was always so sure of herself, so bold and decisive. Now, she hesitated over a simple thing like a diaper change. "Diapee. Wipes. Powder." He called helpfully. 

She looked more closely at the stacks of diapers, grabbing one. She fumbled around with the different tubs of wipes, finding one that was open and setting it up on top of the changing mat between Cameron's splayed legs.

"Got it. Powder...here we go." She found the open powder bottle and stood up, looking down at him and checking the supplies. "Something's missing..." The metal spikes of her snakebites moved as her tongue toyed with them inside her mouth.

Cameron raised himself up, looking down his scarred torso and past the thick bulge of his dirty diaper to see what she had laid out. His diaper, wipes, and powder...."Diapee cweam?" He suggested helpfully in his usual toddler lisp.

"Yeah. That's it. Thanks, baby." She patted his red and pink mottled scar covered knee, then bent down for one last rummage under the changing table. "Here we go." She popped back up with a tube of diaper rash cream. "I don't know how long you've been in that poopy diapee." She said it with implication, looking at him. 

Cameron smiled sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders. He was not sure when he had pooped, but he had a vague idea. Maybe when he was distracted by her teasing him with his binky? He blushed at the memory, and at the knowledge he had pooped himself while she was so close. He was very, very glad his grandmother had him on the odor-neutralizing pills. Otherwise, that would have been a disaster; shitting himself and stinking up the room with a dirty diaper while being so close to Lili. What a shitty situation. He smiled a little at the pun. He felt so brazen and bold for using a naughty no-no swear word, even if it was just inside his head. 

"What's so amusing?" Lili asked as she reached for the diaper tapes. She hadn’t expected him to become so relaxed with her seeing his scars and cleaning poop off his butt. It showed his level of trust in her, melted the monster lurking in her heart.

Cameron just smiled and shook his head, teasing her. 

"I wanna know." She poked his soggy diaper. He twitched, squeaking in surprise. She smirked. 

"Lili not know diapee changing." He smiled, teasing her with his baby lisp. 

"Oh? And that's funny?" 

He nodded. "Uh-huh." 

She jabbed the front panel of his diaper, right by his belly button; he squeaked again. Her smirk widened into a smile. "Now, that's funny." 

He pouted at her getting the last word, then she ripped open his diaper tapes, pulling the diaper front down and revealing the mess inside. He shivered as cool air washed over his warm, wet and messy privates. Even mutilated with disfiguring burn scars, his diaper area was hyper sensitive to temperature. He laid back and closed his eyes, relaxing. If she could touch his mutilated flesh and not recoil, surely she could handle changing his diaper.

Could she handle this? Lili nodded to herself. The only way to do it was to...well, do it. She curled her upper lip in distaste as she gazed down at the mess coating his scarred privates. She grit her teeth and got on with it, using the front of the diaper to wipe the majority of the mess off. She tapped his thigh. He automatically pushed up with his heels, lifting his bottom up. 

"Lift your bummy - good boy." His messy bottom was already up in the air before the words left her mouth. 

"You're more familiar with this than I am, yeah?" She teased as she pulled the dirty diaper out from under him. She took the first of many big sized baby wipes, wiping him down, front to back. Once she got the majority of the mess off, cleaning in every swirled, melted nook and cranny, she set the used wipes down on the dirty diaper then balled it up, setting it aside. His now clean diaper area was as burned as the majority of his body. The skin was mottled, ridged and swirled in various shades of white, red and pink. His diaper rash blended into his disfigured scars. She fumbled with the new diaper, flapping it open and unfolding it, then laying under him. "Okay, down baby." 

Cameron lowered his bottom onto the soft, thick padding of the awaiting diaper. It felt like he was laying on a cushion. It was a sensation he was used to. He wriggled his bottom, snuggling into his new diaper. 

"Don't get too comfy just yet." She squeezed a big dollop of diaper ointment onto her fingers and started with his backside. Instead of pushing up with his heels to raise his bottom up, Cameron pulled his knees into his chest, spreading his burned buttcheeks apart. "Good baby." She spread the cream in a thick layer, rubbing it into his scarred skin, all along his crack, then slapped his bare bottom playfully. He jumped and a small spurt of pee arced out, just missing her. 

"Well. You really don't get that changing girls." She said lightly, pushing back her disgust. She didn’t feel the biting anger she did when Prissy peed on her. Disgust, yes, but even that was milder. Neither Prissy nor Cameron had control when they peed, yet she was more accepting of Cameron’s accidents. Maybe...her hatred of her cousin blinded her to what Prissy had become?

Cameron blinked. "What happened?"

"You peed when I spanked your tushy." 

"Oh. Sowwies." He blushed a little; he had not even felt himself pee. 

“Shit happens. Or, piss, in this case." She laughed a little, dabbed him with the front of the clean diaper to mop up any drops of lingering urine, then spread another glob of cream on his front. Cameron was relaxed; he was used to having different people change his diapers, from the nurses in the hospital to the different nannies the agency sent. Having Lili touch his scars was far more intimate to him than a diaper change, so now he was fully comfortable with her changing his diapers. Touching his scarred privates. She wiped the cream off her hands with a wipe, then fussed with the diaper, making sure it was positioned right. She took longer than his nannies and teachers at school did; they were all very efficient diaper changers. 

"Now, the piece de resistance." She crooned in a very phony French accent as she held the baby powder bottle above his crotch, turned it upside down and thwacked it. Baby powder poured out, dumping down on his crotch. A sweet scented cloud swirled up, making both of them cough. Lili waved her hand, taking a step back to clear the airborne powder while Cameron just lay on the table, coughing and coughing. Hearing his coughing, she stepped close and waved the cloud away from his face. 

Once the powder settled, Cameron still coughed, thin chest heaving before finally clearing the dust out. Lili stepped back to the bottom of the changing table. A fine layer of white lay over Cameron's mottled belly like a dusting of snow. His crotch was completely covered in white like the North Pole. 

"Lili!" His voice warbled with a bold reprimand, annoyed at her antics. Surely it had been an accident, but in the heat of the moment he did not stop to think. He just reacted to being smothered in baby powder. 

Lili chuckled then noticed the scrunched up, pouty expression on his pretty face. "What?" she asked innocently, reaching down to pat the cool powder into his skin. He twitched, opening his mouth but his reply turned into a garbled squeak as she grabbed his sensitive bits and rubbed. His privates were so heavily coated with rash cream all she did was combine the powder and cream into a thick paste that clung to him in a heavy layer, fully covering his burn scars.

Cameron squirmed on the open diaper, his cheeks sticking together. “Too much. Feels icky.” It felt like he was still coated in poop. She finished cleaning her hands with another wipe and pulled the front of the diaper tight up between his legs, fussing with getting the panel placed just right. 

"Well, you won't need to worry about a rash, yeah?" She seemed pleased with the outcome; she had expected it to go far worse. 

Cameron sighed in resignation. There just was no winning with her. Not that he had enough spine to butt heads against her. But his nannies were much better at diaper changes. She wasn’t a nanny or a teacher. He should cut her some slack; at least she put his diaper on the right way. 

She pulled the tapes tight, tugging here and there. She stuck them in place, checked his leg gathers, then finished with a slap to his diapered crotch. The fluffy, thick padding cushioned it to a gentle pat. "That wasn't so bad. Yeah?"

Cameron gave her a beady eyed look. She might not be as professional as his nannies, but she was much more fun. He smiled a little. "Not bad." He held out his hands to her like a toddler asking to be picked up. 

Lili took them; he hauled himself up, her hands keeping him steady as he sat up on the padded changing table. He looked down at his diaper. Red fire trucks decorated the front panel, partly covered up by the sturdy tapes. He poked at the leg gathers; they felt and looked just like when his nannies did it. He wondered if she had more experience than she was letting on. 

"Baby loves a nice clean diapee, yeah?" Lili cooed with just a touch of malice to her voice as her mind drifted to the last time she’d fastened a diaper on her cousin.

Cameron froze, glancing up into her sneering face. He was shocked by the sudden, unexpected hostility. Was he imagining it? He had to be. With that expression on her face, she looked so, so much like Priscilla. The tone in her voice was just like Priscilla’s when she had taunted him in the halls, when the school attempted to mainstream him. He whimpered softly, old terror of his old bully bubbling up. He tried to fight it. Lili was not like her cousin. She was not a monster like Priscilla was. 

Lili was a monster. Grandma Jill was right. Lili realized her slip up at the dashed, wounded look on Cameron’s face. Fear flashed as he stared at her, looking as stricken as if she had physically slapped him. It was quickly gone, replaced with a look of disbelief and confusion. This was a side of her he had never seen. She had forgotten herself, let that dark part of herself out. She had meant those words, but had not meant to direct them at Cameron. It was her tone. She had meant to go for a light, teasing tone to make him blush, and instead a patronizing sneer fell from poisoned lips.

“Cameron! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was thinking of someone else. Not you. Never you. Baby, I’m so sorry.” She poured out her remorse, eyes begging him to forgive her. 

“It’s...okay?” He asked softly, staring unsurely at her. He bit his lower lip. Had he made her mad? 

“It’s okay. I’m sorry. You forgive me? I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry.” 

Cameron blinked, taken aback at the desperation in her voice. Usually he was the one saying how sorry he was. A tentative, wavering smile curled the corners of his mouth. “I fowgive. Forgive.” He corrected his default lisp. 

“I really am sorry.” She looked at him, as if she was afraid to touch him, afraid she’d break him. 

“I forgive you.” He spoke softly then tentatively poked her shoulder, just like she’d poked him earlier. He smiled tentatively. Realizing she really was forgiven, Lili grinned back. 

“Thank you, Cameron.” She immediately stepped close, arms slipping around his tiny, thin waist in a hug, drawing him to her warmth, her body. His burned flesh felt bumpy and misshapen against her bare skin. Just like her own scar on her side felt, and the ones on her back. "I’d never hurt you.” She whispered, voice serious as if she was making a promise she meant to keep. 

Reassured, he hugged her back, laying his head on her shoulder, closing his eyes and inhaling her scent deep into his lungs, trying to memorize it. Her perfume mingled with his own baby powder fresh scent.

Lili gave his soft cheek a quick peck then stepped away. "Now, let's find the baby some big boy clothes to wear." She left to rummage through his closet, leaving him sitting up on the changing table, naked except for his diaper. He was not sure now what he was. A big baby? A big boy in diapers? He had been content and safe as a baby. He needed his diapers, that much was certain. He loved his nursery, his bibs and binky and his crib. He also liked being with Lili. Did he want her as a babysitter, or a friend? Maybe both? The feelings she stirred in him confused him. He wanted to sit up front with her in her car. Be a big boy. He slid off the changing table, fresh diaper crinkling, the smell of baby powder clinging to him as he toddled after her. He frowned as he passed the wet spot on the carpet, where his diaper had leaked.

The heater kicked on, sending warm air into the nursery. Cameron crinkled and waddled into his walk in closet, following Lili. A childish, silly urge came upon him as he spied her at the very back of the closet, bent over and digging deep through some storage shelves. He waddled up noisily behind her, as quiet as could be with bare feet on the carpet, only the rustling of his diaper to give him away. Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper would be shocked if they knew what he was up to. The other regression students did this a lot, squealing, laughing and scaring one another. Not Cameron. He'd jump and giggle when Leroy snuck up on him, but he never did it to others. He was the baby content to quietly play in the corner, off by himself. 

He stealthily waddled until he was so close to Lili he could smell her perfume. "Boo!" he called, almost shouting.

Lili did not so much as twitch or give any indication she had heard him. 

He waited several heartbeats, face scrunched up in confusion. "Boo?" he asked, quieter. 

She did not move. 

He crinkled closer, able to reach out and touch her. Any closer and the thick bulk of his huge diaper would brush up against her. She was heavier than him- he was a scrawny boy, but his monstrous diaper gave him a much bigger butt than hers. His butt was all diaper padding. 

"Lili?" he called even softer, uncertainty lacing his tone. Was she okay? Was she mad at him? He bit his lip. He should have just been a good baby and waited for her on the changing table. 

When she still did not move, he hesitantly reached forward to touch her. His fingertip was less than a centimeter from her backside when- 

"BOO!" Lili leapt up like a tiger springing from a crouch, grabbing his waist. 

Cameron shrieked, voice high and shrill as a girl’s. Liliana laughed, her grip on him keeping him in place. "Gotcha baby." 

"Lili!" He whined as her laugh died down to chuckles. 

"Hey, you were gonna do it to me." She replied cheekily.

He just pouted and impulsively stuck his tongue out at her.

"Is that an invitation?" 

He blinked in confusion. 

"I'm tempted to steal a kiss, pretty boy." Her tone was light and joking. 

He gulped, blushing, eyes wide and she laughed again. "Oh, I love teasing you. You're so pretty when you blush." He whined softly in protest. 

"Okay, okay. I've had enough fun for now. Here, step in this." She bent down, picking up the pair of baby blue corduroy pants she had dropped as she spun around. Warm pee spurted into his fresh diaper; the absorbent, thick padding quickly whisked it away. She held out the pants for him to step into. 

"Onesie?" He asked uncertainly. He always wore a onesie over his diapers to help hide his scars.

She straightened. "Thought you wanted to play big boy today, yeah?” She raised an eyebrow.

He nodded. He did. But..."Onesie, please?" he asked softly. "I always wear. Hides diapee. Hides boo-boos." He wanted to be a big boy, but in baby steps. More importantly, his scars needed covered. 

Lili surveyed him for a long moment. "Oh, alright. Onesie it is." She gave in but he knew from her tone she was reluctant about it. 

He smiled and looked up at her. "Thank yew." He started off in big boy speech then slipped into his usual toddler lisp. 

She melted under that soft, imploring look, knowing she could force him to not wear one. She took his hand and guided him back out of the closed, slinging the pants and a hooded sweatshirt she yanked blindly off a hanger in passing. 

Cameron pointed out his onesie drawer and she dug through it. "Okay baby." Lili held up a yellow onesie with a fluffy white sheep embroidered on the front, and a frilly Peter pan collar edged in white lace, and white lace on the cuffs. “Kinda girly, but cute, yeah?” 

Cameron blushed and nodded his agreement it was cute. He didn’t think it was that girly, just infantile. Maybe the lace made it girly? "Gwandpa got it. Christmas last year." He sighed a little. He had only seen his grandpa a few times; the old man spent most of his time in Paris. With his pretty, young male personal assistant. 

"Gwandma says his secwa- secretary picked it out..." He started off in his habitual toddler lisp, then switched to big boy words. His voice grew softer as he spoke, voicing aloud thoughts he had never shared with anyone, not even his therapist or doctors. He was quite sure his grandfather had just tossed his credit card to his personal assistant and offhandedly told him to buy some Christmas presents for his grandchild. When asked what to buy, Grandpa would shrug and say "How the hell should I know? Just get whatever" and go back to his precious reports.

Lili unsnapped the shoulder lapel. "Hey, at least the old man's side piece got the color right. Points for trying, yeah? Arms up!" 

Cameron reached up so she could slide the girly garment over his head. “Uh oh, where did Cameron go?" She cooed in a sing song voice then pulled the onesie all the way down while he struggled to get his arms in the holes. "There he is!" she praised when his head popped out, playing an impromptu game of peek a boo. He giggled, amused at her silly antics. 

She knelt, grunting as she fought to tug the onesie down past the ridiculous bulge of his thick diaper, struggling to snap it closed. He wobbled slightly as she yanked and pulled on the onesie bottom. He pulled at the lace on the collar, sighing softly once his scars were safely out of sight. Lili told him he was pretty; she’d even kissed his scars. He blushed, both pleased and ashamed. So many people over so many years had been horrified of his monstrous scars. Bullies at school saddled him with his Freddy Kreugar nickname. He’d been conditioned to hide his scars, to always keep them covered. Even when he was alone, he felt safer with them hidden from view. Cameron fidgeted,tugging on his sleeves. 

Snap. Snap. Snap. He heard the onesie crotch snap into place. "Hah. Totally knew it would fit." Lili congratulated herself then stood up and held out the pants once more. He placed his hands on her shoulders for balance and stepped in one foot at a time. Tiny snaps ran along the inseam with a generous, diaper accommodating crotch. The metal snaps were painted baby blue, blending in with the cloth. Baby blue pants with a frilly yellow onesie. He looked more like a baby girl with a prominent diaper bulge than a big boy. 

"Hell’s bells, you look like a baby girl. So much for being a big boy, yeah?" Lili laughed. 

Cameron blushed and shifted, diaper crinkling. The soft padding clung to him from the powder and rash paste coating him. "I'm not a girl...I like being a boy..." He voiced his opinion hesitantly. What he wanted or liked was not often taken into consideration by those in charge of him. 

Lili eyed the hoodie she had grabbed. It was from Disneyland in France. Cream with Winnie the Pooh on it, zip front so Cameron's lacey Peter pan collar would pop out on top. She held the hoodie up and Cameron obediently slid his arms in. She tugged here and there, adjusting it, pulling his onesie collar out then zipping it up. She stepped back to admire his outfit. 

His pretty face only made him look more girly. A big girl, not a grown up. Hell, not even teenager. He went from baby boy to little girl, and even that image was destroyed by the bulge of his titanic diaper straining against his pants. There was simply no hiding something that massive and noisy. 

"That’s not much of an improvement, is it?" Lili appraised. “Even your big boy clothes aren’t very big.” She cut herself off before she almost added, ‘no wonder the other kids picked on you.’ 

Cameron shrunk shyly under her scrutiny. He looked down. His outfit was kinda babyish, maybe, but he felt like a big boy in it. How did Lili see it as girly? No dress, and no pink. Pastel blue and yellow and cream; those were baby colors. Big girls could wear pastels. Boys weren’t supposed to? But he’d seen normal teen boys wearing them. It had to be the lace on the onesie collar. He peeked questioningly up at Lili and almost felt like he was under his grandmother’s judgemental glare. Beatrice would be very upset if she knew he had gone out in public. Good babies stayed inside where they belonged. 

"Cameron? Baby?" Lili watched his face fall and he lowered his head again, closing himself off from her. She took his hand and gave it a little squeeze. “You look cute! Really cute. I’m just being weird and oversensitive cuz of this crap Asha has me wearing.” She gestured to her own outfit. 

"...Maybe...we just stay here? No ice cream?" His voice was soft, sad, reluctant to make the suggestion. 

"Why?" Lili’s eyebrows shot up, not expecting that reaction.

He winced. "Cuz...gwamma-grandma- won't l-like it. I....should be..a good boy." He mumbled, almost slipping into a toddler lisp.

"Bullshit." At the harsh swear, his head flew up in shock. 

Lili gave a sharp nod of her head for emphasis. "You’re a good baby. You're also a big boy. We're just going for ice cream. It's not a crime, and I've got your diaper bag right... here. Somewhere. Well, I had it." She’d found the one his nannies kept packed and ready to go inside his closet. That showed how often he got to go anywhere. 


“No buts. I’m the babysitter. I’m calling the shots. I’ll handle the old bat if she says anything. So, we’re going.” Lili spoke with all the finality and easy confidence as she had in school, when she’d promised Cameron she’d become his babysitter. 

Cameron stared at her dubiously. She was his babysitter, but she felt more like a friend and caregiver rolled into one. The babysitting thing hadn’t gone as smoothly as she’d promised. Somehow, she was being punished for something with her own horridly preppy outfit. Deep in his bones, he knew she was overestimating this little jaunt, too.

“I’ll protect you. You’ll be safe. Everything will be fine. The old bird won’t even know we were out. It’s just a little bit of ice cream, not a federal crime. What could possibly go wrong?” 

He continued to stare and chewed his lower lip. He wanted his binky, but he was trying to be a big boy, and big boys didn’t use binkies. He fingered the paci Lili had put in the pocket of his hoodi. “Maybe…” He wavered. He could practically taste the cold, sweet treat right now. He’d be out with Lili, just the two of them. Lots of people went out for ice cream every day. His babysitter said it was okay, so he really wasn’t being a bad boy, was he? Maybe Grandma wouldn’t mind, just this once? “O-okay…” 

“Yay. We’re going to have so much fun!” Lili’s head swiveled as she cheered, looking for the diaper bag. She found it by the closet door where she’d tossed it. Before Cameron could change his mind, she slung it over one shoulder then grabbed his hand firmly and marched out if the nursery. He waddled frantically to keep up with her long stride. The rustling of his noisy diaper echoed in the vast hallways. 

Priscilla writhed against the soft, squishy mattress. The monstrosity of a diaper strapped to her crinkled and rustled with every little movement. How things had changed since Liliana waltzed into her room several weeks ago. The old hatred and rage were there, burning bright as ever. Her limbs flopped around as she flailed uselessly, struggling to go nowhere. She could not even roll over. One of her padded booties kicked into a hard metal bars that surrounded her. Prissy opened her mouth, screaming her displeasure and drooling down her chin, onto her bib. One padded, smitten covered hand bonked herself in the head, making her wail more in frustration. 

The door opened and a smiling face peered about her crib as a new home care worker bustled in. "Aww, sweetie. I heard you fussing on the monitor, yes I did." She cooed as if Priscilla was a baby, and not a disabled young woman with a functioning brain. How Prissy hated this bitch. She growled her displeasure at the demeaning coo.

She’d been going through a string of caregivers. Most of them lasted a week or two before they refused her case, due to her habits of biting, spitting, and screaming. A couple of times she’d managed a few good hair pulls. Due to the traumatic injury of her brain, she couldn’t even speak coherently anymore. She had no way to communicate. Sure, therapists had tried multiple times to teach her some new ways, had brought in different devices for her to try. She couldn’t control her hands enough to work the buttons, so they’d given her a stick to hold in her mouth, to type out letter by letter. She wanted none of that; she wanted to talk normally, to be normal and healthy and whole once more. Nothing else would do.

The caregiver lowered one protective side railing of her hospital bed. Instead of the professional white scrubs of a home caregiver, this lady dressed like a Mary Poppins knock off in her old fashioned nanny uniform. "What's wrong, princess? Did you make poppies?" She cooed and Prissy cringed on the inside, grunting on the outside as the nanny poked at at the humongous diaper bulge. Cases of those horrible, awful clown diapers Lili had put her in sat stacked in one corner of the room. Unlike her old briefs, these damn diapers kept her try and lasted for hours. She hated them, but the caregivers loved them. 

Prissy wanted her old life back. At least most of the home care workers were professional and courteous, still calling the clown diapers briefs and talking to her on an equal level. 

The day after Lily's visit and many spectacular tantrums by Prissy, several of the home care workers stopped coming. Lili filled in, which only prompted more screaming and biting from Priscilla. Substitute workers filled in, only to refuse her case the next day. This went on for a while, then *she* came. The bitch that took her case on full-time. Isabelle. 

Oh, how Prissy hated that whore and her Spanish soap operas. The woman was a former regression therapy nanny. Her training overlapped enough with home care that she could cross over the professions. But she didn’t act like any healthcare worker Prissy had met before. She acted more like a nanny, talking down to Prissy, cooing at her, treating her like a baby. Ignoring her most of the time to watch those stupid soap operas. 

Adult respect, body integrity, autonomy were all gone. Thrown away like a dirty diaper. Diaper, not brief. Bibs. She had spat at Isabelle on the first day. Isabelle merely wiped it off and left Prissy in a dirty diaper until she got a nasty rash. Prissy had shrieked and hollered until her throat was sore, but no one had paid attention due to all her previous tantrums. They wrote it off as just another screaming fit like all the rest had been.

Grandma Jill hadn’t been in to visit her once. Grandpa Jack popped in once, stared at her as if he wasn’t sure who she was or what he was looking at, then just as quickly he was gone. Lili came round just to tease her, sometimes poke at her diaper, but her torment was toned down. That freaky bitch of a cousin rubbed salt into her wounds as she raided her closet, taking her clothes out and parading around in them like everyday was Halloween. Mocking Prissy, trying to prove she was better than her. Prissy was surprised Lili hadn’t tried out for the cheerleading team. 

The only constant visitor she had was her grandfather’s whore. Asha scared her even more than psychotic Lili did. The woman wore the latest fashions, bought for her no doubt by Jack. She glided around like a queen, like she belonged in Priscilla’s world. Like she was an equal to Jill. She didn’t talk down to Priscilla; she talked to her as if Prissy were any normal young woman with a functioning brain. Prissy appreciated that, but that whore still slept in her married grandfather’s bed. This was the woman who raised the abomination that was Liliana. Asha read classic poetry aloud to Prissy. Asha was kind and soft spoken, gentle and well bred in her mannerisms. 

But there was something lurking in her eyes that chilled Priscilla to the bone. A dark, cold monster lurked in there. During all that poetry and sweet talking, Prissy felt like Asha was studying her. Dissecting her, learning what made her tick. Asha’s words and voice were as gentle as a butterfly, but her eyes held the gaze of a hungry predator. 

Prissy shuddered just thinking of that dead gaze. She squealed when she felt a finger poking inside a leg gathering of her diaper. 

“Aww, you’re just a little damp. That big diapee can hold a lot more pee-pee. You’re just beng a fussy buttons, yes you are!” Isabelle cooed, patting Prissy’s diapered crotch. The plastic crinkled loudly under her touch. “Uh-oh, somebody’s making more tinkles right now!” 

The sugary sweet coos churned Prissy’s blood. Her growl died in her throat as she realized what Nanny Cuntcakes was saying. She was peeing herself, and she didn’t even realize it. Prissy’s eyes widened as inside she howled in helpless rage.

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"Being a big boy's not so bad, yeah?" Lili kept her eyes on the road as she pressed down on the gas pedal, weaving in and out of cars. 

"Yeah." He said softly, slipping his binky out of his pocket and popping it in his mouth. A soothing feeling like a warm wave washed over him and he relaxed into the leather seat, which he could not feel under the thick cushion of his diaper. 

"Still a baby boy, too." She laughed and he blushed at her teasing. 

He leaned back in his seat, feeling like he was going to fall without the sides of his carseat boxing him in, the harness holding him in place and pressing the thick padding against his crotch. He clutched the brown paper bag holding their ice cream; it crinkled in his hold with each movement, just like his diaper crinkled. 

"Such a noisy baby." Liliana changed lanes then brushed her fingers over his soft cheek in a caress before slipping a finger through the ring on his binky and popping it out of his mouth. He blushed and lowered his head, taking her action as a silent reprimand- babies belonged at home in their nurseries, just like Grandma Beatrice said. 

"Lili?" He asked softly as her fingers traced his lips. 


"Where we goin? Back home?"

"Nah, figured we'd go someplace to eat our ice cream since you didn’t wanna go inside. Maybe a park or something. Where there’s no people." No strangers around to make him anxious. 

"Oh." He fell silent, wondering what she meant. Maybe that's why she took his binky out?
Silence fell between them. 

"Oh? Just oh? No questions? You're allowed to voice your opinion, too, you know." 

Cameron just shook his head. She was babysitting him, though he had never had a baby sitter before. His nannies just followed the established routine of feed him, change him. With Lili, life was anything but routine. He opened his lips to ask where they were going, but then quickly shut them. She was in charge, just like his grandmother, his teachers, his nannies. They decided what was going to happen; he was used to people making decisions for him; it had been inducted into him during his therapy time in the hospital, and he had lived most of his life abiding by that rule. It's just the way things were. 

But why not change the way things were? His eyes widened slightly at the thought. Could he really do that? "I-I...L-Lili?" His voice trembled, so soft it was barely a whisper.


"Wh-where we going?"

"Do you really need to know?" She arched an eyebrow, making her tone firm to push him. She wanted to encourage him to push back, to have faith in himself and not back down. 

He flinched, cringing. "S-sowwy! I-" 


He curled in on himself at her firm tone, wondering what he had done wrong, shoulders hunching in, the ice cream bag crumpled. He had sat in the car while Lili had gone in to get the ice cream. He had done fine riding out, but had a panic attack the moment she went to open his door. After calming down, he had sat in the parking lot, just watching from the car through the windows while Liliana got their ice cream to-go. He had watched people coming and going, no one paid him any mind aside from the occasional stray glance noting some teen sitting in a car. Mapleton was a well to do area, and that meant that most of the cars here were as nice or nicer than Lili's. Her expensive, flashy was nothing special; just another rich kid with rich grandparents who bought her everything. If he had been a normal boy, or had been able to be mainstreamed, he would have a car like this, too. Hang out with his friends. His girlfriend. 

He blushed at the thought. Would he have met Lili, had he been in the normal classes? He knew how she behaved in class, but that was when she was 'on her best behavior, scout's honor'. Had he been normal, would she have been his girlfriend? Since he had been mentally un-regressed, he had seen girls his age and a few older he thought were cute. Some of his nannies were very pretty. But that was as far as it went. 

"Cameron." Lili said again, but he would not look at her. He just shook his head, confused. She sighed and just looked at him, barely keeping her attention on the road. 

"S-Sorry.." He made sure he talked like a big boy through his stuttering.

"You apologize too much. You're not a baby. " 

"Yes, I am." He kept his gaze focused on his feet. His slim body trembled. This was one certainty in his life he knew. She wanted him to be more vocal, to show more spine. Fine. This was one truth in he knew deep down in his bones.

"Plenty of adults wear diapers, too." 

He chewed his lip. "Not like mine. I-I like it. I-I don't want to give it up." His tone went even softer. It was true; he liked his diapers, he liked his pacifier. He found comfort on having a rubber nipple in his mouth to suck on. He liked his bottles, the security of his crib with his stuffed animals and blanket and the wooden bars surrounding him. He even liked his high chair and his bibs, his car seat. He would prefer to stay where he knew it was safe, where he felt secure. Too much in the world had hurt him already, and he did not want to experience any more of it. But being with Liliana....it was scary, it was dangerous....but also thrilling and fun. He liked being with her, wanted to spend more time with her. But he also wanted the safety and familiarity of being a baby.

"What?" She could not look at him to watch his lips move- her eyes flicked back to the road. 

"N-N-O!" Cameron stuttered out in a quick, stuttering yell as he objected to being a big boy, maybe giving up his babyhood. His eyes widened; he had not meant to be so forceful with his words. His frustration built up and she kept egging him on. 

Lili flicked her gaze to him for a second, surprised at his outburst, and she smiled. "That's my baby." 

Just then, a shiny red Lamborghini ran a red light as they approached an intersection. They were headed right towards the car. Lili had been doing the speed limit but was going too fast to stop. She swerved, and tires screeched as the car slid sideways, right off the road and onto the gravel side before sliding to a stop. The force of motion sent the ice cream bag flying to the floor. Cameron's body flung about, the seat belt holding him in, going taut as he flew sideways, the thick nylon strap digging into his neck. Cameron's heart pounded and he was not sure what just happened. Clouds of dust from the disturbed gravel kicked up, enveloping both cars.

Lili's grip on the steering wheel was knuckle white. She let out the tense breath she had been holding. "Cameron, baby? You okay?" She looked over at him anxiously, voice filled with concern. He was her first priority. He was shaking from head to toe and really, really wished he was in his car seat. When he was a baby, things like this never happened. He should have stayed home, safe in his nursery. His diaper flooded with warmth as his nerves let loose. 

She laid a hand on his cheek, turning his head to her. He was still wide-eyed in shock. "Baby?" She could not see any marks or bruises on him, except for a red mark on his neck from the seat belt. She unfastened her seat belt and laid a gentle finger on his red mark; he flinched. "It hurts?"

Cameron shook his head, still feeling numb and tingly all over. Her words didn't register in his brain; just so much noise in his ears. He opened his mouth, but the words would not come out. His body was still processing what had happened, reality slowly sinking in through the insulating layer of shock that had temporarily shut his brain off. They narrowly avoided a car crash. They could have died. His trembling increased and he let out a little, terrified whimper. 

"Shh. Baby. " Lili found herself shaking as well as she undid Cameron's seat belt then slid her arms around his tiny waist, drawing him to her. He quivered in her arms, soft and warm. Alive. She found the warmth of his body reassuring, the soft, quick huffs of his breath brushing against her throat. The movements of his fingers as they twisted into the material of her hoodie. Safe. Alive. That was all that mattered. 

Over the top of Cameron's head, in the passenger side mirror, she saw a hulking, huge figure approaching the driver's side. The male walked with a particular long-gaited, swaggering stride as if his ego was too big for his huge, linebacker body to contain. Her eyes narrowed. She knew that stride, that figure. She slipped Cameron's binky back into his mouth. She was trying to encourage him to be a big boy and have some fun with her, but after this, surely use of a binky would count. And Beatrice could just go kiss her ass for letting her grandson suck his binky in public. 

Cameron blinked at the sudden return of his beloved binky, automatically sucking on the rubber nipple that filled his mouth, but found more comfort in the security and warmth of Lili's arms. Warmth that pulled away. Still shaking, he clung to her, gripping her shirt tightly and whimpering in protest. He wanted to stay like that, just a little longer....

"Baby. Shh. I'll be right back. You're safe. It's over." Lili kissed his cheek and pressed her cell phone into his hands. "You know how to dial 911, yeah?" 

Cameron nodded, though he did not have a cell phone. He was just a big baby- cell phone was not needed nor encouraged. But, when he had been attempted to be mainstreamed, his therapists had taught him to do things like normal big boys did- simple things like use a cell phone. Dialing 911 was simple enough; find key pad on the screen, hit 911, hit send button. But that was only for emergencies; no one had been hurt, there was no crash, so why....? "Lili?" He whimpered. 

"Shh." Another kiss, this one to his forehead. "Just in case, yeah? Just sit here. If I'm not back in a few minutes, call 911. It’s easy. Just do what I say. You’re a good baby, yeah?" Her eyes bore into his, fervent. He whined, softly, but nodded. Just before she turned, her soft, worried expression hardened into one of blazing anger, full lips pressing together, eyes narrowed. Lili turned to exit the car. Panic flashed through him and he reached out, grabbing her sleeve.

"L-Lili." What was going on? Why was she suddenly so angry? Just as angry as his father had been when he had come home in wet pants. As angry as Nanny Isabelle. Exact same expression on the face of someone he loved. Old fear spiked through him, but he swallowed his whine, sucking hard on his binky and trying not to think of those old, haunting demons. Not now. He could not have an episode right now, he had to be a big boy. Stay here, in the present. 

His hold tightened on Lili's arm. "Baby." Her soft voice, calling him. "You can do this. Trust me, yeah?" Her voice wrapped around him, and he clung to it, to the solidity of her wrist under his hands, using her strength to draw himself back to the present. 

"I'll be right back. Cameron?" 

"..k-kay." He lisped behind his binky, his shaking dying down to a fine trembling. A little bit of drool slipped down his chin and plopped onto his hoodie. He should have had a bib on, but he did not even notice. He let her go, hugging himself, clutching her phone to his chest and curling up on the seat. He kept his eyes on her as she turned and walked towards the approaching man. 

"You stupid bitch! You nearly hit my fucking car!" The man snarled. In his rage, spittle flung from his lips. Cameron's heart leapt into his throat. That was no grown man, despite his size- that was Mad Max, the star quarterback of the football team. Priscilla's ex-boyfriend. The mayor's son. Mapleton High's golden boy, who could do no wrong. Senior and star of the varsity squad. Still not fully grown, and already hulking. Broad shoulders, a walking slab of good looks and muscles.

“You fucking cunt!” Max snarled at her. 

"Kiss your mother with that mouth?" Liliana's face was hard, her gaze ice cold and her voice clipped, full of snark. 

"L-Liliana!" The rage fell from Max's face in shock, surprised to see her of all people there. The girl he had tried to sleep with several times, had tried to get with after seeing Priscilla. The girl he imagined laying on Priscilla's bed, spreading her legs for him. Their bodily fluids combining on Prissy's old bedsheets, the same bed where he had once taken Priscilla. He almost got to bed her, once. But Lili...her scar freaked him the fuck out. Lili's mocking laughter as she taunted him with that horrid scar until he'd run from her once more. He left her laughing in the bed where he once fucked her cousin. After that night, he had tried to get with her again- she was so casual about shit; she wanted none of that romance garbage the other bitches were into. And he just knew the slut was great in bed. Then, the bitch had rejected him. Repeatedly. He was just a notch in her belt. Fucking whore. 

"Just Lili. And you ran the red light, ran me right off the road." She crossed her arms under those deliciously plump breasts, their roundness and fullness visible even through the small hoodie she wore. Max stared at them, remembering the weight of them in his hands. She knew where he was staring, but she did not correct him. Not just yet. 

"The light was yellow, you were the one who ran the light and hit me." His voice was firm, rage tinged down by his awakening sex drive. She had rejected him, and his cock still yearned for her. Any of the pretty girls at school would happily bend over for him, and the one he had chosen wanted nothing to do with him. Who the hell was the slut fucking that could be better than him? Some obnoxious college asshole?

Lili shifted, arms under her breasts pushing them up and making them jiggle, taunting him. Max's eyes stayed glued to them... "Liar. Our light was green the whole way." 

"You'll have to prove it." 

She smirked. "And so will you. I have a witness." 

Max's eyes flashed to the car, and he spluttered. He knew that pretty face, knew what horrors hid beneath his clothing. His jaw dropped. "What the fuck? Freddy Kreugar? You're fucking Freddy Kreugar? Seriously? He shits his pants- he's- he's a fucking big baby!" His senses reeled, his universe sideways. Liliana dressed like a freak, but she was so fucking cool, just like Prissy. They even talked alike; on Facebook he couldn't tell which one it was, though he knew it was Lili. She typed just like Prissy and all the other girls he knew. But she never joined their circle, not fully. Sure, she’d come to her senses, ditched that goth shit and dressed normal, but she was still a fucking weird, pierced freak. And here she was, fucking the freak Prissy had loved to make fun of, taught them all how much fun it was. And it was. 

"Cameron, dickwad. His name is Cameron." Her voice was cool and hard as he raged like an inferno. 

He snarled, then laughed. "You're fucking Freddy Krueger. Wait 'til I tell everyone. " He stepped past her, heading towards the car and the boy he used to have such fun tormenting. Aside from that ridiculous pacifier, the boy looked almost normal. Maybe he should rip his pants off like he did in gym class once, see if the hideous fucker still wore diapers. He laughed maliciously. 

Lili blocked his way, her breasts pushing into his chest as she invaded his personal space. In the car, Cameron shook, his eyes huge. Max licked his lips, Liliana forgotten. Here he was, no one around, and given access to his once-favorite punching bag, the perfect thing to take his anger and frustrations out. And said punching bag had stolen his girl. He would make his world right again; kick the pants-shitter's ass, pound him good and teach him a lesson. Make Lili realize who she should be with. 

"Touch him, and I'll fucking kill you like I did that puppy." She snarled in a deadly soft voice. 

Max backed up at the sudden challenge to his personal space, even though Lili was shorter and female. She advanced, hips swaying.

"What? You said it wasn't true!"

She smiled. "And Prissy alway told you it was. Didn't you used to call me 'that fucking little psycho' when you were with her?" Lili challenged him with lies sweet as poisoned honey. "Yeah, I killed that puppy. Fucked it up real good. Poured gasoline on it. Set it on fire." The incident was old, but not forgotten, so scandalous it lingered in the community's collective knowledge and gossip mill like an old winter coat hung out in the closet in summer. She toyed with Max- there had never been any gasoline or fire on the puppy and she was not the one who hurt it, but rumor had blown the incident out of proportion and twisted it sideways. 

"Knew you were fucked in the head-" Max's snarl was cut off as she came closer to him. He backed up some more. 

"Just think of what I'll do to a human. What I did to Prissy." Liliana's black lipstick covered lips curved into a sinister, mocking smile and the metal rings on her lower lip glinted in the afternoon sun. She was good at lying; so good her lies sounded like God's gospel truth. 

"That was an accident. You weren't even here." He took another step back. She sashayed forward so close he could feel the heat of her body.

"Sure about that, Maxie-pad? Bet your life on it?"

"You're fucking psycho! You should be locked up! Insane bitch!" He burst out, raising his fist to make her back up. 

Lili did not move. "Go ahead. I'm warning you, mess with me, and I'll fuck you up real good. You might be Daddy's Golden Penis, and most of the adults don't like me much. But it's common knowledge how badly you fucked Cameron up in the past. Your daddy had quite the time sweeping that scandal under the rug. The town's infamous burned boy bullied to the point of suicide. And now, here's the town's star lunk head, at it again. I'm sure you really want to stir up that pot of shit with football scouts from colleges sniffing around to see if you're university football material. " 

Her words sunk in, penetrating the rage and he lowered his fist. Get into a good college, one with a stellar football team. Make it to the pros. If he screwed that up because of some old scandal, for once he was afraid of what his father would do. Take away his car, throw him out, disown him. Max's father never disciplined him; it was the only thing he ever drove into Max's head. The only thing he was firm on. His father had hollered at him over the incident with Cameron, only when said incident became public knowledge and newspaper articles had been written about it. He had almost lost it then, almost was kicked off the team. Only Mrs. Beatrice's cooperation with his father and Priscilla's grandmother had help stopped the scandal. 

Lili watched Max's face intently as the emotions flickered over it. "You just stay the hell out of my way and leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone. Cameron's my plaything now, not yours. Just forget about him. Understand?"

Max's huge hands balled into ham-like fists. "You'd better watch your back, psychotic bitch." 

Liliana shook her head, heaving a falsely disappointed sigh. " You're just as stupid as you look. Maybe dumber. And you'd better watch all your sides. I'm telling you, mess with me and I'll fuck you up so good. As good as I fucked Pissy Prissy up. Maybe even better." 

"You threatening me?" His voice shook with rage and he started to raise a fist to swing at her. 

Lili moved fast. His ham-like fist was only partially extended when pain erupted in his groin, enveloping his entire being, followed by several more waves of pain as her knee, then her booted foot found contact with his genitals. He curled in on himself, falling to the gravel. Lili's boot planted firmly on his chest, forcing him onto his back. She bent low, one hand on his throat, squeezing in just the right place to put pressure on his trachea and make his eyes bulge as his airflow was cut off. He was aware of nothing but the pain washing over him and the psychotic bitch above him, pressing down. Her eyes were deadly intent and serious. 

Lili smirked down at him. "Listen, Missing Link. Accidents happen. You don't want an accident to happen to you like it did to Prissy, do you?" She bent low, weight on her hands, in turn putting more pressure on his neck. He gurgled, gasping as his breath was cut off. Her free hand fished in his pocket, pulling out his keys. She stood up, releasing him and jumping back in case he tried to lunge, but the pain in his swelling, throbbing groin was too great. He closed his eyes, trying to ride the waves of pain drowning him and gasping, drawing deep ragged breaths into his hungry lungs. 

Her sharp bark of laughter cut into him, making him open his eyes and look at her. "If you were smart, you'll have learned your lesson. Don't fuck with me. Simple, yeah, stupid? " She turned to go back to her car and the wide-eyed, effeminate boy in it. As she did, she tossed his car keys down the nearby storm pipe.

Lili found Cameron curled up on the passenger seat, knees as close to his chest as his titanic diaper would allow. He hugged himself, face buried between his knees. Her cellphone lay on the seat by his feet. He shook all over, looking so fragile and vulnerable it broke her heart. 

“Cameron? Baby?” Lili touched his shoulder. At the feather-light tap, his head popped up. His eyes were wide and glassy, pupils dilated in fear. His cheeks were dry; at least he hadn’t been crying. Somehow that made it worse, like he was terrified past the point of tears. He suckled noisily on his pacifier; a little drool dribbled down his chin. 

“Wiwi, yew awive!” Lili, you’re alive. He lisped in baby babble around the rubber nipple filling his mouth. He flung himself into her arms. 

She kissed the top of his head and held him tight. “Shh. Baby, it’s okay. It’s over.” She cooed reassuringly, rubbing soothing circles on his back while rocking slightly.

He buried his face in her neck, wanting to hide from the world. The button of his paci pressed into her skin, moving in and out as he sucked in his agitation. He knew this was a bad idea. He was safer in his nursery. Safer as a baby. 

“Baby, it’s alright. No one got hurt. Nothing’s broken.” Lili continued to croon in a reassuring mantra. She kept it up as she felt his shaking die down to quivering then to a fine tremble. He was reacting badly to the near accident. Worse than she thought was normal. Part of that was due to Max, his former tormentor. Seeing that bully scared him worse than the almost accident. Despite all his therapy, he still carried deep emotional scars. 

Lili’s words of reassurance washed over him as garbled noise, but her gentle tone was a soothing balm to his frazzled nerves. Gradually he calmed down. Eventually he pulled back just enough to peer up at her. “Go home, peese?” He lisped. 

“Yeah. Home. And a warm milky baba for you. Maybe a story, yeah?” Lili thought finishing up with a nice nap for him would help him calm down and recover from his emotional turmoil. She wouldn’t mind some cuddles herself. His soft, warm body in her arms soothed her own raging emotions. Tamed her anger, fear and worry like a flute soothing a savage beast. Focusing on taking care of Cameron forced her to push her own feelings aside, get her priorities in line. Make her think and act instead of an emotional gut-reaction. 

Cameron just nodded his head in agreement, too drained for words. Fear, worry, and anxiety ebbed, leaving him exhausted. A bottle and cuddling with Lili in the safety of his nursery was all he wanted right now. She eased him back into his seat and he whimpered softly in protest. He wanted to stay in the warm security of her embrace. 

“Sh. You just need to play big boy a little longer. Until we get home. I know you can do it.” Lili kissed one soft cheek; the metal tips of her spike snakebite piercings tickled. He whimpered again, puppy dog eyes begging to be held for just a little longer. 

“Baby. Shh.” She gently chided as she fastened his seat belt. The corner of her sweater wiped the drool off his chin. As she sat back into her own seat, her eyes flicked up into the rearview mirror, where she saw Max stumbling about, shakily looking for his keys. He’d be pulling himself back together soon and he’d realize where she’d put his keys. “We really should beat feet.” She started up Prissy’s expensive, sleek sports car and calmly pulled out, leaving Max in her wake.

Cameron sighed contentedly with a mouth full of creamy, sweet, warm chocolate milk. Some leaked from the corners of his mouth to dribble down his chin and onto his bib as he nursed the bottle. Lili’s arm cradled and supported his head, his cheek squished up against one of her magnificent breasts. Her other hand held his bottle. He felt as helpless yet safe as an infant cradled in its mother’s arms. He lay sideways across her lap, his legs dangling over the wooden armrest of the rocking chair. His chest rose and fell with his soft breathing as he drifted closer to sleep. Lili hummed a tuneless lullabye while she rocked him. The squeaks of the wooden chair mixed with her off-tune hum. 

“Such a good baby. You’re feeling better now, yeah? All cozy and sleepy.” Lili cooed. Cameron opened his sleep-heavy eyes half way, the most he could manage. 

“I remember you asked about the scars on my back.” Lili started but corrected herself when his brows wrinkled in confusion. “My boo-boos? I can tell you a story about them.” His pretty face smoothed out in understanding at her use of boo-boos, showing that in his sleepy state he defaulting to his usual toddler speech. 

He barely listened to her words; her soft tone combined with the milk filling his belly and the warmth of her body tugged him over closer to sleep. Lili watched his eyes drift shut again. She smiled. 

“Not very long ago, but far away, a rich old man and his rebellious granddaughter went to Sumatra, a big island in western Indonesia. It’s...in neighborhood of Australia. Sort of. It’s a...very different place from America. They were there to help set up a wildlife reserve for Sumatran tigers. The old man donated a shit load of money and local officials kissed his ass. They threw a party in his honor. Now, the old man’s assistant joined him, and she brought along her grandson. He was the same age as the old man’s granddaughter. He was a wild child, but not as wild as the girl. They were good friends, and they did something bad. Very, very bad by sharia standards.” Lili laughed like she found that funny. 

Bad. The word popped Cameron’s contented, sleepy bubble and curdled the milk in his tummy. He opened his eyes with a soft whine. He shifted his legs, making his huge diaper crinkle and rustle. Growing up, he’d been told many times by his father, his grandmother, and Nanny Isabel he was bad. He didn’t like where this story was going. This story wasn’t a story at all; Lili was telling him something that had happened to her. 

“Shh. It’ll be good for you to know this, so let me finish, baby.” Lili softened her reprimand with a kiss to the tip of his head. Cameron closed his eyes and let her continue while he idly toyed with the bottle’s nipple. His tummy was full and he didn’t feel like drinking anymore, so he just chewed the rubber nipple. 

“So, the boy and girl got caught and punished-” Lili intended to skip over the more brutal aspects. She wasn’t ashamed of what she’d done. Hell, she’d do it again. She felt no need to be ashamed. But revealing that would show Cameron a side of her she didn’t want him to see. She was afraid he’d look at her the same way he looked at Prissy. Like a monster. Cameron was so fragile, so vulnerable; exposing him to the ugly side of her might destroy the relationship she was still trying to nurture. 

“Whad dey dew?” Cameron lisped around the rubber nipple filling his mouth. Milk trickled down his chin like drool. 

Lili paused, caught off guard at the unexpected question. “What did we do?” She’d understood his garbled toddler lips; she was just stalling for time. He nodded, head bobbing against her breast. She bit her lip, staring down at him. He was a big baby, but he was also a big boy, too. Knowing what she’d been through might help him come to terms with his own past. Not that she was expecting a miracle or anything. She just wanted to help him as much as she could. Regression Therapy had helped him heal as much as he could from the mental, emotional, and physical trauma he’d been through. Knowing someone who went through something similar might help him feel less alone in the world. Could bring her and Cameron even closer together, like their scars did. 

“Um. Yeah? Well...we got....things that are okay to do here are really not okay over there. Different cultures and laws, yeah? Alcohol is a big no-no over there. So is sex outside of marriage.” Cameron frowned at her stumbling words. He remembered overhearing the normal kids in class talking about parties and dates, where they drank and had sex. Priscilla drank a lot. And she had sex a lot. Lili was more like the normal kids than he’d ever be. He shivered at the thoughts of Lili getting drunk and having sex. He knew she was bad- she talked back to teachers and got in trouble at school a lot. But this was very bad. Even here in America, Lili was too young to drink. This was not breaking a few parental or school rules, this was breaking the law. 

Lili smiled down sadly at his horrified look. Her heart lurched in her chest. This was the side of her she didn’t want him to see. He’d asked, and for once in her life, she felt compelled to tell the truth. He’d bared his soul to her the first time he’d let her change him. He’d been so vulnerable when he let her see all his scars, let her touch the intimate parts of his body and his heart. To lie now and cover up her own ugliness felt like a betrayal. Like lying to him would drive a wedge between them and destroy the trust he had in her. But telling him came with its own risk; the truth might change how he saw her. Make him pull away from her. Maybe he’d fear her as he did Prissy. 

Lili’s tongue toyed with the backs of her lip spikes as she stared down into his wide eyes. He said nothing, just kept chewing on the bottle’s nipple. Chocolate milk speckled his once-clean bib. Cameron stared back up at her as the silence stretched out. She couldn’t look away as her insides twisted up in apprehension. She had to know what he felt, what he was thinking. “Baby?” She prodded in a strained whisper. 

Seeing the anxiety in her face, Cameron timidly reached up with one trembling hand to touch his fingertips to her cheek. He wanted to reassure her as she’d reassured him so many times. Bold Lili, afraid? That emotion on her face puzzled him. Lili feared nothing- she’d even intimidated Max. Now she looked at him like she was expecting him to bite her. He’d often looked at Max and Prissy like that. He forced a smile and patted her cheek. “Liwi is Wiwi. I wike Wiwi.” Lili was Lili; he still liked her. 

Lili closed her eyes. “There’s...some more. So..we screwed, yeah? And we kinda….recorded it…” she finished in a small voice. Whore. Slut. Rutting bitch. Lili had been called all those names and worse. She didn’t give a damn; she’d shrugged it all off. Hell, she’d egged the responses on with taunts of her own. But Cameron’s opinion….

Cameron tried to push the nipple out of his mouth with his tongue, but Lili still held the bottle to his lips. He settled back to chewing on the nipple. His hand fell from her cheek. Screw? He remembered hearing that word in normal classes when he’d been mainstreamed. The students used that word a lot. He knew it meant to have sex. Some of the normal students, judging from the conversations he’d overheard, did that a lot, too. Or at least they talked about doing it a lot and lied about how much they did it. He understood the physical concepts of sex, but it was also very confusing and complicated. Adult stuff he wasn’t ready for or interested in. But taping it? That sounded like the porn stuff the normal boys talked about. Just how bad was Lili?

Lili watched the confusion on his face clear to apprehension. She closed her eyes, unable to take the look on his face anymore. His timid touches had reassured her that he didn’t completely fear her. But he didn’t completely trust her, either, as evidenced by the look on his face. She had shattered the trust between them, just as she’d feared. “Soo...long story short, we were punished. Asha’s grandson got some baby time so he’d learn to be a good boy. And I got a few souvenirs on my back from the local law. No big deal.” She forced a hollow laugh and smiled. 

“I was bad, too.” Cameron said softly, finally pulling his head away from the bottle. Turning his head smooshed his face into Lili’s boob. It was soft and warm through her shirt, like snuggling a living pillow. Sometimes Lili reminded Cameron of Prissy. Not just in their similar looks, but in their personalities. In their words and deeds. He also saw the pain Lili was trying and failing to hide. He didn’t understand why she was afraid of what he thought; did she really care about him that much? Lili might be bad, but she was also caring, gentle, strong and brave. Things that he’d never be. 

“Yeah?” Lili prompted as she gingerly touched the fading yellow bruise under his eye from his ball. He had a similar pacifier shield shaped bruise around his lips from Nanny Isabel pressing his paci down hard when he wouldn’t stop crying. 

At her touch, Cameron didn’t wince or cringe away. He just stared up at her with his big, dark doe eyes. His skin tingled where she touched. Her fingertips glided down to trace the edges of the pacifier shaped bruise ringing his soft lips. “And what did you do, baby?”

“Too noisy. Nanny Isabel was watching TV. She got mad.” His words were very soft. 

“She should’ve been watching you.” A dark look washed over her face. He closed his eyes, snuggling against her breast and saying nothing. He wouldn’t argue, though he thought Lili was wrong. He was a bad boy for interrupting Nanny Isabel. She was gone now, so either way it didn’t matter. 

“Well, she should’ve.” Lili snorted her indignation. She saw the doubt on Cameron’s face and knew he blamed himself for the incident. She kissed his forehead. His cheeks grew rosy warm with a pink blush. Lili started humming again, rocking him until he fell asleep. With his eyes closed, he missed the storm clouds rolling in on her face; the same expression she wore when she thought of Prissy.

They fell into an easy routine as the weather grew colder. Late fall bled into early winter. Cameron’s nanny for the morning shift took him to school, but Lili picked him up. The first day, she’d startled Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper. Her new look shocked them so much they momentarily thought she was Priscilla. Not even her snake bite piercings gave her away. 

Lili played along, poisonously polite until Cameron cried out, “Lili!” and flung himself into her arms for a hug. Ms. Sweeney laughed and shook her head at Lili’s joke. Mrs. Vesper just scowled, looking like she sucked on a lemon. Ms. Sweeney elbowed Mrs. Vesper. “Oh, lighten up, you old grump. She’s just joking.” 

Lili’s new preppy look was the center of the normal students’ gossip mill. Lili fabricated many stories for her wardrobe change just to feed the frenzy. Deep inside, she missed all her shades of black and skulls. Her behavior improved. Somewhat. She was more careful not to get caught. 

She spent her afternoons taking care of Cameron instead of in detention. That was the only change she liked; it was what she’d been aiming for. He trusted her so completely, and Asha was off her back. Lili knew Asha was watching; she always was. The incident with Prissy just reaffirmed that she was always watching. But this new breathing room….if Lili was careful, her long ago plan was about to come to fruition. The idea was simply too delicious to resist. She just had to be sure it was Prissy and not Cameron who got hurt. 

“Lili!” Cameron raced across the regression classroom in a wobbly waddle as fast as his gargantuan, noisy diaper would allow. Today he wore jean overalls with a long sleeve red onesie. A red and blue train decorated the front bib of his overalls. The poppers on his crotch had popped open from the bulky diaper, revealing sagging yellowed plastic padding. His bib was white terry cloth trimmed in red with a brown teddybear in a diaper. His bib flapped with his jerky movements while his pacifier bounced on its clip. He waved a piece of construction paper excitedly. 

“Hey, Cam. Did you have a good day at school? Lili caught his soft body in her arms, hugging him tight while he buried his face in her shoulder. She poked at his exposed diaper, checking how soggy he was before snapping the poppers on his onesie then his overalls. 

“Uh-huh. I drew dis for yew!” He lisped in excited toddler babble. He thrust the paper at her with a big smile. A childish sketch in crayon of a girl in a black dress with purple lips and a boy in long-sleeve green shirt and blue pants with an obvious diaper bulge. They stood inside a wood box up in a big, leafy tree. “Dat’s yew and me in my twee house. In summer. I’m not allowed in any more cuz I’m a baby. But when I was in big boy classes I could. It’s waay back in Gwandma’s gawden. Maybe yew take me up dere? Peese?” His eyes shined up at her, full of hope.

Ms. Sweney stared at Cameron, taken aback. This was the most out going she’d ever seen the boy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen him smile like that. He used a lot of big boy words, too, sprinkled in with his usual lisp. He’d been speaking more and more like a big boy lately. He seemed actually happy, not just faking happy. At school, he was still quiet and obedient, but his smiles were bigger. His whole face lit up at the end of the day when Lili picked him up. He giggled more, too. Towards the end of the day, she’d catch him staring at the clock at fidgeting, his diaper rustling noisily. He couldn’t wait for Lili.

“Good job. You worked really hard on this. I can tell.” Lili praised. Cameron nodded his head. “I love it. Thank you.” She kissed his forehead then took his hand. Mrs. Vesper handed her Cameron’s brightly colored, childish backpack with a scowl. Lili just smiled sweetly as she took it. 

“I carry?” He asked, reaching for the bag. Lili carried her own backpack; he wanted to show her he was a big boy. 

“You’re silly.” Lili slung his bookbag over her shoulder, on top of her own. Hand in hand, they left the school. Cameron crinkled along at her side. His diaper bulged out a if fighting his pants. There was no hiding all that bulky padding swaddling his thin, tiny frame. 

Lili buckled him into his carseat, where he felt safe and secure. The incident with Max was the end of his riding up front. He just wasn’t ready for that yet. “Juice, peese?” He lisped as Lili fastened his carseat harness. The soft adding cocooned him just like his diapers and made him feel protected. It was soft and comfortable after sitting on a hard wooden chair practically all day with only his diaper for cushion. He wiggled, getting as situated as much as the restrictive straps would allow. Lili pawed through his diaper bag in search of his bottle. His nannies kept his diaper bag immaculate, but Lili wasn’t nearly as tidy. 

“Here you go, baby.” 

“Tank yew.” He reached out for the juice, but as soon as his fingertips brushed the bottle, she pulled it out of his reach with a giggle. He pouted up at her, giving her puppy dog eyes. He knew she was just teasing. She smiled at him, brushing the rubber nipple against his pink lips then pulling it away soon as he opened his mouth. 

“Wiwi!” He whined, straining against the straps as he reached out. He grunted and felt warm pee spurt into his already swampy diaper. 

“You’re adorable.” Her lips pressed against his soft cheek, stealing a kiss as she finally slid the nipple into his mouth. His teeth clamped down hard on the nipple so she couldn’t steal his bottle again. He whined in protest, so she stole another kiss. He sucked; cool apple juice filled his mouth. He held it with one hand while picking up his paci that dangled from its clip. He poked the nipple at her lips, making her draw back. 

“Okay, you win.” 

He giggled around his bottle. Juice bubbled in the corners of his mouth and trickled down his chin and onto his already stained bib. Lili shut the back door then went to get behind the wheel. She just opened her own door when a shout echoed across the student parking lot

“Hey, bitch! We’ve got some unfinished business.” Max snarled. Ever since the near-accident, he’d kept his distance, especially in school and in front of the teachers. Outside of school, their paths hadn’t crossed. “My recruitment fell through because of that diaper-shitting tard. He owes me.” 

“Fuck off. We owe you jackshit, douchebag.” Lili flipped her middle finger up as she climbed into the car, slamming the door shut on Max’s retaliatory scream. Tires squealed as she pulled out of the lot, forcing Max to jump back. Rubber burn marks smoked on the pavement. 

“Tch. Stupid asshole. I should chop his dick off.” Lili muttered to herself then glanced in the rearview mirror to check on Cameron. 

He trembled, whimpering softly as he fought off old memories of all the times Max had bullied him. He bit down hard on the soft nipple of his bottle, eyes scrunched close as he struggled to control his breathing. To calm down. Stay here and now, not get lost in old, painful memories. 

“Cam-cam? You’re safe. It’s okay, baby.” 

Her gentle, concerned words washed over him, soothing his anxiety. Twice, Liliana had stood up to Max. He was safe with her; she’d never hurt him. He relaxed slowly, breaths still shaky as he slowly nursed his ba-ba. He peeked up through his thick, inky black eyelashes to see Lili watching him in the mirror. He forced a small smile. “I’m okay.” 

Lili stared at him for a few more heartbeats then drove on. 

Lili pulled through the gate and up the long, looping drive to the McLeod mansion. They passed a small, employee parking lot on the side of the house along with an employee entrance. Technically, as the babysitter, she should’ve parked there. But as a fellow blueblood, she parked in the family and visitor’s lot. Prissy’s flashy car would stand out in the employee lot like a sore thumb. Even the well paid maids and chef couldn’t afford the overpriced luxury cars the upper crust of Mapleton drove. 

The employee cars were nice, most of them newer models popular with the middle class. No rust buckets or clunkers on their last legs. Yet the vehicles seemed small and sad in comparison to the family lot, representing the very different worlds the rich and their employees lived in. The servants were paid well, but they were still servants. 

Lili’s life in India hadn’t been the lap of luxury it was in America. Like everyone else on the conservation, she’d had chores. Grandpa Jack had house servants that cooked and cleaned, but Lili still woke up before dawn to feed the tigers, clean cages and enclosures, shovel tiger shit- and all of that before her own breakfast and studies. 

“We’re the rulers of the world. Flawed and vain. We deserve what we get.” She snorted in disgust as she parked in the family lot and slammed the driver door shut. 

Cameron had calmed down by now and his bottle was empty. He still held the bottle, chewing on the rubber nipple. Saliva bubbled in the corners of his mouth, dribbled down his chin, and spattered his teddy bear bib. His smile was shaky as Lili opened his car door. 

“Not you, sweetheart. Never you.” She muttered to herself as she took the bottle off him and replaced it in the diaper bag. 

“What? Lili?” Cameron glanced at her face and frowned at the dark expression. Instantly, he wondered if he’d done something to upset her. “I sowwy.” Feeling insecure, he slipped into his toddler lisp. 

“What?” LIli shook her head to clear her thoughts, pressing the red release button on his carseat’s harness. “No, baby. You didn’t do anything. You’re a good boy. Such a good boy.” She cooed reassuringly, using her sleeve to tenderly wipe away drool from his pink lips. 

Instead of feeling placated, Cameron continued to frown. She’d looked very upset when she’d opened the door. Even if he hadn't done anything wrong, he still wanted to know what was wrong with her. Maybe he could help her feel better? “What wong, Wiwi?”

She smiled and shook her head. “Nothing, baby. Just contemplating the unfairness of the world. Philosophy really goes down better with alcohol.” She laughed sadly and tugged on his soft hand. “Ah, forget it. I’m being stupid. Let’s go get an after-school snack, yeah?”

Cameron let her help him out of the car. His soggy diaper barely crinkled. He gazed down at his red velcro sneakers. His diaper swelled as he peed; a few crotch snaps popped open and yellow, saggy plastic peeped out. He didn’t bat an eye; he was now used to Lili changing his diapers and seeing all the ugly, burned bits of him. “The world’s never been fair. I don’t know where people get that idea from.” He spoke like a big boy, voice so soft Lili barely heard him. 

“Hm? Cameron? Baby?” Lili was so shocked at his soft words, she wasn’t sure she heard him correctly. 

Cameron shook his head, staring at his shoes. The swollen bulk of his ginormous diaper kept his legs splayed and prevented his toes from touching. He popped his thumb in his mouth, wishing for his pacifier. He couldn’t repeat himself. The bravery to voice an opinion out loud fled just as sudden as it came. “I sowwy.” 

Lili gently pulled his thumb out and slipped his pacifier into his mouth. “You’re right, baby. You’re right. The world’s never been a fair place. Maybe it’s humanity’s hope, our arrogance, that makes us believe we can change it. Make the world fair.” She snorted. “We really are a stupid species.” She looked at him, smiled, and gave his hand a little squeeze. 

Behind the plastic shield, Cameron smiled back. He let Lili lead him inside, to the kitchen for a snack.

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Great, more of the story. If I remember correctly, we are getting close to the end of the original story. I do hope to see more. 

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  • 3 months later...

Liliana dumped both their bookbags and Cameron’s diaper bag in the main hall by the door. Cameron toddled along behind Liliana, diaper crinkling softly as he clung to her hand. He never felt safe in the house, outside of his nursery. Grandma Beatrice didn’t like to see him out of his room. He was an embarrassment- a big baby who belonged tucked away, out of sight, in his nursery with his nanny. Unseen, unheard. He kept his gaze lowered and focused on the floor.

Tyrese wasn’t in the kitchen; the maids busy elsewhere. The kitchen was huge, filled with the latest and greatest culinary gadgets and gizmos; a chef’s paradise, and Tyrese ruled it all. Even here, evidence of Cameron’s presence was kept minimal. Just a highchair kept in the far corner, barely noticeable. Lili dragged it out to the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Cameron watched, face blank. His previous afternoon nanny, Isabel, always left the highchair in the corner. Grandma Beatrice didn’t like to see it in the middle of the room, so noticeable and in the maids’ way. Lili didn’t care; she had barely avoided butting heads over the issue. To any complaints, she merely replied they wouldn’t be long and it was much easier for her- she could set the babyfood on the island, out of the baby’s each instead of awkwardly holding it like Nanny Isabel had to do.

He no longer blushed at Lili’s bold moves, but he still wasn’t comfortable with it. He did what he always did, what he’d been taught to do- be a good boy and obey to get over it with as soon as possible.

Lili rummaged in the fridge, pulling out labeled containers of Cameron’s homemade, pureed baby food. Tyrese the family chef made all his food to make sure Cameron got the appropriate nutrition. She found the container marked for his after-school snack, peeled off the plastic lid and eyed the green muck inside. Upper lip curled, she gave it a curious sniff then recoiled. “Ewwe. Boiled, mashed broccoli and squash-disgusting. You actually eat this?”

Cameron stared at the runny goop. “It’s not that bad.” He mumbled softly.

Lili shot him a skeptical look as she popped the bowl in the microwave. “You don’t have to eat it, you know. I can make you something else. Or we could go somewhere. How about a Happy Meal?”

Cameron’s head shot up, eyes wide. He shook his head frantically. He feared a repeat of what happened when they went out for ice cream. The parking lot after school had been scary enough. “No! I be a good boy. I-I...wike it.”

Lili stared at him while she poured apple juice in a sippy cup then put his bib on him. She helped him into his highchair, fastening the safety straps then sliding the tray until it snapped into place. “Are you sure? You won’t get in trouble if you’d rather have big boy food.”

Cameron closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and forced a smile at her. “It’s okay. I like my baby food.”

She arched a skeptical eyebrow; his gaze dropped to his tray and his sippy cup.

“It’s really not that bad. I’m used to it.” He mumbled, tracing a cartoon frog with his fingertip.

The microwave beeped; Lili opened the door. Her face rumpled in disgust at the smell as steam enveloped her. “The durian fruit smells better than this goop. I’ve eaten durian fruit, and it reeks so bad it’s banned on public transportation in Indonesia. I wouldn’t eat this.” She sat the steaming bowl down on the countertop along with the pot holder. The puke green gunk bubbled and popped. Lili had overheated it.

Cameron eyed it warily. He never did figure out what was in this particular concoction. He’d never asked- good boys just ate whatever was on their plate. He’d learned to tolerate the taste over the years; he was more concerned with the temperature. Surely Lili would let it cool off before she fed him?

Lili dropped the issue when Cameron didn’t reply. The boy was such a doormat. It annoyed her sometimes, but she knew he was that way because of all he’d been through. Broken and never healed right. Smashed over and over again. She had to be gentle and patient, like she would with a traumatized tiger cub. She’d always been better with animals than people. Cameron was the first person she’d ever really connected with. Pushing him made her feel like a selfish bitch. Like Prissy.

That was a reflection that made her shudder as she picked up a rubber tipped big baby spoon. She stirred the bubbling slop. She had always known she physically resembled Prissy, but to have such similar personalities...Priscilla had hurt Cameron. Lili would never forgive herself if she did the same.

“Lili?” Cameron’s soft, hesitant voice broke her train of thought. She shook her head and smiled at him.

“Ah, just thinking. About monsters. Now, let’s get some num-nums in that tum-tum.” She cooed in a cheery falsetto, as if Cameron were a real toddler she was babysitting. She scooped up a big spoonful of the goop.

Cameron pressed his lips together, eyes fixed on the steaming mash as it drew closer to his mouth. Warm wetness flowed between his legs, soaking his already soggy padding.

“Cam-cam? What’s wrong, baby?” Lili paused, spoon halfway to his lips.

Now was his chance to speak up. He got punished when he spoke up with Nanny Isabel. He knew, rationally, that Lili wouldn’t punish him, yet his conditioned instincts called for him to be a good, obedient boy. He said nothing.

“Ah, I know. Open wide for the train! Chuga-chuga-choo-choo!” The spoon came closer with Lili’s enthusiastic sound effects. Green drops splattered onto the plastic highchair tray. He eyed the faint wisps of steam from the drops. He leaned as far back as the hard backrest and restrictive harness would allow. The spoon was inches from his face. He squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself for pain, and opened his mouth.

“Shit! That’s hot! Fuck!” Lili hissed as babyfood dripped onto the exposed skin of her hand. The spoon clattered into the bowl when she dropped it.

Cameron opened his eyes to see Lili sucking on the lower part of her thumb. She locked gazes with Cameron, her own eyes wide and horrified. “I almost put that in your mouth! I could’ve burned you! Why didn’t you tell me? I know you’re a baby, but you’re a big boy, too.”

Cameron cringed, closing his eyes. What was he supposed to do? When he spoke up, he was punished. He stayed silent, and Lili scolded him. Tears of frustration blurred his vision. He sniffled. “I sowwies. I..I j-just wanna be a good boy.”

Lili inwardly winced, kicking herself. “Sh. Shh. You’re a good boy. A good baby. Cam-cam. My baby, yeah?” She wiped his tears away and kissed his forehead. “But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with pain. You’re allowed to stand up for yourself.”

Cameron shook his head but didn’t pull away from her soothing touch. Resistance only brought more pain and punishment. It was better just to endure.

“Okay. Fine. New rule for when you’re with me- if you’re scared, upset, or hurting, you have to tell me so I know what’s wrong. Then I can fix it. That’s being just a little bit of a big boy. I think you can handle that, yeah?” Lili’s tone was cajoling but firm.

Cameron whimpered, nuzzling his cheek into her palm. As much as his baby paraphernalia comforted him, deep down he wanted to be a big boy, too. Wanted to be a normal, mainstreamed boy, an equal for Lili. He let Lili wipe away the last of his tears. “I...I can be a big boy.” Lili’s answering smile lit up like the sun and made his insides feel warm and gooey like a melted chocolate chip cookie.

“While that gunk cools, let’s split an apple. I’ll tell Tyrese it was my idea.” She eyed him speculatively. He bit his lip but gave a little, reluctant nod.

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  • 2 weeks later...

That was awesome. Lily is a natural with child psychology. She is amazing with Cameron. I still feel so bad for the boy but feel like there’s hope for him if he is with Lily.  I was pleased I could give this chapter a like. I am really looking forward to reading more of this story. 

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  • 1 month later...


By the time they finished their apple, the baby food cooled to room temperature.  Lili kept the smelly bowl as far from her as possible, making ‘yuck’ faces while Cameron calmly ate.  He giggled at her theatrical antics. Green mush escaped his lips, smeared on his cheeks, and splattered all over his bib and tray.   He looked like an overgrown, messy toddler. Mashed vegetables smeared on his sippy cup. A few bites remained in the bowl, but after half an apple, he was full.  


The new rule was to tell Lili if something bothered him; and if he ate another bite, he feared he’d spew all over her.  A hand covered his mouth, mush smearing onto his fingers. “I’m full. Sowwy. I...I can’t eat anymore.” His soft voice grew softer as he spoke, mumbling into his bib.  


Lili leaned forward, straining to hear.  Before she could start to speak, his head popped up.  He grinned with a wild, sudden idea.


“I share!”  His mush-coated fingers reached out to her.  If Lili finished his snack, then no one would be mad over wasted food.  That was Tyrese’s biggest pet peeve.


Lili jerked her head back before their skulls cracked.  She stared, surprised at an exuberant Cameron.


“What?”  He giggled at her stupefied expression.  “Wiwi, twy some! I shawe!” He waved his green goop drenched hands.  


Lili scooted back, chair scraping on the linoleum.  “No way!”


His face fell; she felt like she’d kicked a puppy.


His plump lower lip trembled.  “Peese?” He pleaded with huge puppy dog eyes.  His long, inky lashes blinked in a slow, flirty motion.  


Lili stayed far back, upper lip curled in disgust.  Puke colored goop dripped from Cameron’s outstretched fingers.  Her stomach churned. “No. Sorry, Cameron. That’s too gross. It looks like puke and smells like shit. I’m not eating it.”  


Her serious, stern tone slapped the playful begging off his face.  Her heart crumpled along with his expression. Her rejection stung that fragile boy.  She hadn’t been thinking. Stupid. Cameron never opened himself up. Never reached out or initiated any emotional connections.  And the one time he plucked up enough courage to expose his vulnerable heart, she pushed him away. For what? Making him smile surely was worth a few seconds of nasty mush.


Cameron dropped his eyes to his mush smeared tray.   “Sowwy.” He mumbled. He’d just wanted to have some fun.  She teased him all the time; he thought it’d be okay to tease her back.  He hadn’t meant to upset her, but he’d somehow managed to screw up again.  Bad boy.


“No, baby.  It’s okay. Cam-Cam?  Look. See? I’ll try a bite.”  Lili blurted. Cameron’s mush coated hand lowered to his tray; she ducked, catching his fingers in her mouth.  She sucked the gooey gook off, her tongue licking his warm skin. Her face puckered at the taste; she wanted to spit the baby food out and gargle with bleach.


Cameron’s eyes widened in surprise.  Her tongue tickled his fingers. He smiled, biting his lower lip to hold back the giggles at her silly face.  He didn't want to risk upsetting her again.


Lili smiled back at him, her lips twisting around his fingers and mush squishing out of her mouth.   Relief filled her. She blew a loud raspberry. The mush splattered on Cameron’s face, hair, highchair and floor.  His startled giggle filled the vast, empty kitchen.


“Lili!  Dat’s not nice!”  Cameron’s other mush covered hand brushed Lili’s face, smearing baby food over hier cheeks, nose, and chin.


Lili stared in shock at the unexpected retaliation then laughed in delight.  Maybe he wasn’t broken beyond repair after all. “Well, I was right. That crap is disgusting.”  She scrunched her face up and stuck her tongue out.


Cameron erupted in another fit of giggles.  “It’s not that bad.”


“You’re just better at tolerating shit than I am.”   She stole a sip from his sippy cup to wash away the yucky aftertaste.  He giggled; the sight reminded him of the first day he met her, when she joined him in the regression room.


“What’s going on in here? The kitchen is a royal mess.”  Tyrese loomed over them, big arms crossed. He frowned down at them.  


Lili smiled charmingly.  “Sorry, sir. I got carried away feeding the baby.”  


Tyrese stared her down, waiting for her to continue, to say something more.  Lili just blinked.


“Your mess needs cleaned up.”  He said pointedly.


“.....Yes, sir.”  Without further argument, Lili picked up the empty baby food bowl and carried it to the sink.  She got a wet washcloth then cleaned her face, then Cameron’s face and hands, his highchair and the floor.  


Cameron watched it all quietly.  He stuck his freshly washed thumb in his mouth, frowning at the soapy taste.  Lili had too much soap on her rag. He sucked on his apple juice while defiant, rebellious Lili obeyed without a grumble.  She could’ve argued cleaning wasn’t in her duties- that’s what the maids were for. None of his nannies ever cleaned up.


“All done. Okay, Cam-Cam.  Let’s go up to the nursery and play hide and seek.” Lili pulled the tray off his highchair, unbuckled the safety straps, and helped him down.  She kept hold of his hand.


“Tank yew.”  He mumbled softly.  He peeked up at her, looked down at his toes, then up at Tyrese, who stood back observing it all.   


Cameron started to waddle off to the nursery, but Lili tugged gently on his hand.  “Hold on, baby. Just a quick diaper check. You were pretty soggy after school.”  He held still while she popped a few snaps over his crotch to open up his jeans and his onesie.  Her fingers poked at his diaper. Thick padding squished under the pressure. He didn’t blush or fidget, used to Lili checking him.


“Yeah, you’re pretty wet.  But you just ate, so you should be going poopies son.  Your diaper will hold out until then.” He nodded while she resnapped his onesie and jeans.  She led him out of the kitchen. As they passed Tyrese, Cameron smiled and waved to the big chef, who smiled and waved back.


Lili paused at the top of the stairs.  Cameron’s nursery was to the right while his grandmother’s room was down to the left.  Whenever Beatrice wasn’t in her room, her door was firmly shut after the incident that got Nanny Isabel fired.  Now it stood wide open.


“That’s interesting, yeah?  The Mapleton Ladies’ Society is meeting for afternoon tea. I overheard Grandma Jill talking to your grandma about it.  Think Beatrice decided to stay home?” She glanced over her shoulder at Cameron and raised an eyebrow.

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On 8/19/2018 at 3:43 PM, Crimson_Wolf said:

Glad that this story is being continued.  As usual keep up the great work that you're doing and I can't wait for the surprises that may come along.

The surprise is a big one but some readers might already see it coming. :)

I've been working on the rough draft; there's only about 2 scenes left in the rough draft to complete, but there's still a lot more story for you guys to read. :D   Updates have been a little slow since I've been focusing on finishing up the rough draft. :) 

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Great! I laughed at Cameron offering to share. While the taste of Baby food is mostly bland and tasteless, it’s the texture that bothers me the most. Wonderful chapter and I am so glad to see Lili taking care of Cameron. I just ran out of likes and I am very disappointed with that. I am looking forward to reading more. 

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