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Are there any signs that one is past the point of no return?

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I've been having IC issues for some time, and only been dealing with them medically since September.  I wear pullups to work, and nappies at all other times.

Why I'm posting this question here, and not in the main IC area, is that I know a number of people here are going through voluntary stages to be fully IC. 

I see a lot of my current symptoms in what people in this chat are stating (especially Ferix and MarkSmith), and getting nervous as a result. 

Thus the question, are there symptoms/signs that _that_ point has been reached, where it becomes very difficult to impossible to revert the regression of continence?

At the moment, my wettings are less frequent, but more volume per wetting.  I cannot stop it once it starts.  About 90% of the time, there's no clamping up before release of wee - the times I do feel a clamping sensation, I feel a bit of stinging.  The bladder urges/pains have mostly disappeared.  I woke up two nights ago in the middle of a heavy wetting episode (I've normally been slightly conscious of about to wet each time overnight).  I'm basically never dry in nappies - have even had the odd wetting episode not a minute after taping up a fresh new nappy.  Curiously, I'm mostly dry in the pullups at work (I do frequently go potty at work), and I think this is because I'm sitting down all day at a computer (I can sit at my home desk and wet reasonably freely). 

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I would say that there is a point where it would be very difficult to regain full control. I knew when I had reached the point where nappies were needed al the time. I have to admit once I switched to wearing all the time my remaining control was lost very quickly. To be honest I just gave up and always used my nappy.

One of my sayings is "You play with pee then you will get wet" I guess the main point of al this is whether your increasing incontinence is a problem. For me it wasn't. In fact it became easier to deal with once I gave in and switched to nappies al the time.

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There are indeed signs that incontinence issues may be non reversable are at the very least very hard to reverse, 

Do you pee any time and any with or with out a diaper

nocturnal peeing is a hard one to reverse most times its not possiable if you still pee un diapered.

I like steve have crossed the line to being in diaperes 24/7 due to a medical issue that has gotten worse over the years since going 24/7 but I have accepted I need diapers and no longer worry about my bladder control issues.

if you are dry most of the time when you wear protection you do not trust ie pullups then you may simply addapting to being in a taped diaper and your subconscious realizes this and  just releases your bladder with out warning since it knows your in a diaper that you trust. Try not wearing diapers when at home or wear pull-ups just incase but try not to use them you may be able to regain control but if you still have accidents undiapered then you have already crossed the point of no return and unfortunately diapers are now in your future. 

Unfortunately every one is different diaper dependancy can come quickly once you start to need diapers, for me my incontinence happend over a short period of time but has steadily progressed and any control I once had has almost completely gone since being diapered 24/7. 

hopefully you can reverse your bladder issue but if not being diapered 24/7 is not a hard thing to deal with and does have some advantages ie your stuck in traffic and need to pee or the malls bathroom is broken or busy.









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I believe such a time exists, but more as a 'phase' than a specific point since nothing about voluntary incontinence is instant in time. And with voluntary incontinence you would never know you'd passed that point unless you decided to stop, which runs counter to 'voluntary' :rolleyes: As such I'm not sure there would be any real 'signs' to notice save for making the discovery by trying to stop, which again is a phase that takes time.

My own physical issues were the impetus for my 24/7 wearing but it's also something I wanted emotionally which added fuel to the fire. Being partly physical, I'll never know if or when I pass that stage, Emotionally I'll never want to know B) I still have some control which I use to my advantage at home to use lesser diapers for budgetary reasons but I'm not actively pursuing IC- I'm letting it happen naturally so improvements are at a slow pace.

After initially wondering and experimenting you're either going to be fully committed to the course or not, so the question is somewhat moot, but nothing and nobody says you must have that full level of commitment and I expect that many folks don't. Especially younger people who may not comprehend the length of 'forever' in life yet :whistling: And that in itself could be another 'sign' of different things beyond this topic ;)


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I would agree, there is a point where it would be difficult to retrain to get back control once you have been in diapers 24/7 over a period of time. For myself, I do not see that I would ever try since I love that I am now diaper depended. At times it can be an issue like if you leak or mess in public, but that is part of needing diapers, you will wet and mess at the wrong times. 

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