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Thank you! :) I had the idea for the world this story is set in (which I can't wait to explain!) a while back, so I decided to add some ABDL elements to the story to give it some substance. And, of course, because I've wanted to write an ABDL story for a long time now.

I'm just afraid that I might be running out of ideas, specifically relating to Julia & her diapers. Since, I must confess, I have absolutely no real life diaper experience I basically have to draw on what I've read in other stories. I mean, we still haven't had Luc deal with a dirty diaper yet, which will probably happen, though I'm not making any promises. ;) but after that? I'm not sure what all I can do to keep the diaper dynamic fresh. I'm not necessarily asking for answers, I'm just venting my anxieties I guess.

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Hmmm. It's interesting to see what the demon's up to, even if I would have loved to keep it a surprise

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4 minutes ago, Selpharia said:

Hmmm. It's interesting to see what the demon's up to, even if I would have loved to keep it a surprise

What do you think she's up to? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure she hasn't said anything to give away her motives or her endgame yet. ;)

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you have a fantastic slate to work from with Julia. She can talk now! How does she feel about the diapers? Is she grateful for Luc's attention or resentful? OMG! what a fun moment when she has to first talk to him about it. Hell, she has to ask for her next change! Then, like you said, she'll have to deal with the dirty ones. Does the demon re-possess her and somewhat reset the diaper counter? Does the demon want this treatment for her own benevolently sinister reasons? How will what the demon's actions in her body affect her mind? will she rebel or retreat? 


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..such a relationship. They would tell me that love is unpredictable and uncontrollable; that its dangers far outweigh the rewards. They would remind me of all these things, if they were still here on earth. Yet I have not found a single one of my kin since returning. So perhaps they do not know as much as they think they do.

  This world is evolving. And if our methods do not evolve with it we shall certainly be left behind as the Enemy surpasses us. Yes, my actions may be considered foolish, but time will tell if I am making the right choice. As they say, “The best tactics are passed down by the survivors.” And I have always been a survivor.

  Julia. Such an innocent, fragile creature. She would be the perfect host for nearly any other kind of Spirit. And Luc; even the name means Light. Yet his mind is so muddled by ignorance. Intellectuals are often so easy to manipulate. Alone they would each be fairly harmless, but put them together and you might just create something very… Interesting. That's why most demons try to isolate their host however they can. For when two souls collide, the resulting reaction--be it good or bad--is always volatile.

  It i. s a calculated risk; a gamble, just like any other stratagem. If it fails then I, and the humans, will pay dearly for my mistake. But if it pays off…

  Then I will give all Angels something to fear.

We don't know exactly, but knowing that she's deliberately putting them together to create a weapon to improve her own standing and help demons fight angels is much more than we had before this chapter.

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16 minutes ago, Selpharia said:

We don't know exactly, but knowing that she's deliberately putting them together to create a weapon to improve her own standing and help demons fight angels is much more than we had before this chapter.

I'm not gonna give anything away yet, but I can tell you that you're already thinking about it wrong. Which isn't surprising, since the Demon is a master of misdirection. In just a few sentences she's got you chasing the wrong trail. :)

Or maybe I'm the one who is misdirecting you! Only time will tell. (Mischievous face emoticon)

22 minutes ago, diapersnpaws said:

you have a fantastic slate to work from with Julia. She can talk now! How does she feel about the diapers? Is she grateful for Luc's attention or resentful? OMG! what a fun moment when she has to first talk to him about it. Hell, she has to ask for her next change! Then, like you said, she'll have to deal with the dirty ones. Does the demon re-possess her and somewhat reset the diaper counter? Does the demon want this treatment for her own benevolently sinister reasons? How will what the demon's actions in her body affect her mind? will she rebel or retreat? 


Huh, I guess I do have a lot to draw from! :) I'm gonna keep this list handy and refer to it when I feel the story is running low on diaper content.

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The story is terrific so far. Doing a chapter a day is going to burn you out fast (i should know I've done it twice) try to pace yourself a bit, and you'll do fine. Like you I don't have any real diaper experience, but I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the other diaper stories I've read. If you feel your running out of ideas, i can suggest three things. First, take a break for a day or two. It helps relieve your mind a bit and makes it easier to think of new ideas. Second, read a few other diaper stories to get some inspiration. You never know what you might find. Lastly, just ask for suggestions. while you are not guaranteed a good sugestion you still might just get a good one .

Also, I would suggest posting this on your DeviantArt page. You might just get a few more people interested :)

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I wasn't originally going to post this on Deviantart since the title "Angel Hunter" doesn't really convey that this is an ABDL story and therefore might be misleading. But then again, neither does Dropped in a New World, so I guess I can just put a disclaimer at the beginning.

Also I'm always looking for suggestions. I love to hear people's ideas and opinions about my story. It really makes my day. :) So if you're reading along and you come up with an idea for a later chapter, even if you're not sure if it fits, I'd be absolutely delighted to hear it!

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Chapter VIII


  I remained silent even after I finished my sandwich. I felt like dirt. Worse than dirt. Why did I snap at Julia like that? I've never done that to anyone in my life, and Julia is the last person that deserved it. Oh sure, I could make excuses saying it's not all my fault or try to put the blame on the demon. But I would only be lying to myself. No matter how crazy the situation is I still had a choice. And I used that choice to hurt someone I love.


  I must be going out of my mind to use language like that even when speaking to myself. How can I love someone I've only known a few hours? Even if those hours have felt like years. I don't even know her last name! Or really anything about her for that matter. She's caused me nothing but trouble from the moment I met her. I will be glad to get rid of her when she's better.

  But will I really?

  Yes. Why wouldn't I? Julia gone means no more demon; no more crying; no more Goddamned diapers! I mean seriously, why would I want any of that in my life?

  Because you care about her.

  Yes, but that doesn't mean I love her! A guy can have feelings of empathy and goodwill towards a girl without being in love! It's not like I've done anything I wouldn't do for any other stranger.

  Oh really? You'd diaper a stranger?

  Yes. Wait, no! I mean… UGH! Why do I have to have these internal dialogues with myself?

  Because It's cheaper than therapy?

  That's true.

  And because you love Julia.

  SHUT UP… me? Huh, maybe I do need therapy. I wonder if my insurance will cover that?

  Forget the insurance! Right now you need to stop arguing with yourself and confront Julia about your yelling.

  Okay, okay, fine!

  I walked over to the couch and sat down on the coffee table. Julia didn't even look in my direction. Well, here goes nothing, “Hey, Julia.” Brilliant start. “I was thinking about what I said and I…” stop beating around the bush, “Look, I'm sorry okay? I was wrong to yell at you.” she still wouldn't look at me. She kept her head turned away from me facing the back of the couch. “Julia, can you look at me? I want you to look at me.” I was actually expecting her to still refuse to look, but to my surprise she actually turned her head and looked into my eyes. She looked like she was about to cry, but what else was new? “There we go. I was beginning to miss those pretty blue eyes of yours.” Pretty blue eyes of yours? What kind of a dumbass line is that?

   She smiled. Holy shit that worked?

  “Can we just forget the last twenty minutes ever happened? In fact, while we're at it let's just forget the past few hours and start over. *Ahem* Hi, My name is Lucas Granger. But you can call me Luc.” I extended my hand for a handshake, but then realizing she couldn't move hers I retracted it.

  She opens and closes her hand several times before I take the hint and put my hand in hers. Then she looks deep into my eyes and says something completely unexpected:

  “I don't want to forget.”

  What? “umm, it's just an expression. I wasn't actually suggesting-”

  “I know,” she cut me off mid-ramble, “but you've been… so good to me… even though… you didn't have to.”

  Well that's not entirely true, I thought to myself. I was only doing this under Demonic threat. But I couldn't exactly tell her that so instead I say, “Anybody would've done exactly the same thing.”

  “No they wouldn't.” She looked down at herself then back at me, indicating she was referring to her diaper.

  “Okay maybe not exactly the same. But hey, what was I supposed to do? Let you piss all over my apartment?”

  “That's what I mean… I've been such a handful… but you keep being nice to me…”

  I conceded, “Yeah you're right I'm one heck of a guy.” we both chuckle at my faux-pridefulness before I add, “And you are one special lady.”

  Time seemed to slow to a crawl as we gazed into each other's eyes. Then, as if we were a scene taken straight from a movie, I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. Now time stopped all together. In that moment it was like the world faded away completely. There were no demons or murders or diapers or bottles or nosy neighbors, there was only Julia.

  I pulled myself away after a few seconds; not wanting to force myself on someone who couldn't resist, though I knew by the look in her eye she enjoyed it just as much as I did. There would be plenty of time for that later when she was feeling better. I briefly wondered if the Demon would consider that kiss taking advantage, but I was somehow certain that she didn't mind. So far that demon has done nothing the way I would expect it to.

  Julia's face was bright red, but I imagined it may as well have been a mirror to my own face. “Umm, why don't I get you another bottle. You look thirsty.” I'm sure for Julia it was a welcome change to see me blush since she'd been doing most of the blushing since she came here. God, why was I acting like such a lovesick teenager? I mean sure, I'm not exactly a Casanova in the romance department, but I wasn't completely inexperienced either. I had a girlfriend in college for almost two years. And we did a lot more than just play hop-scotch! I probably would've married her had I not caught her cheating on me with the quarterback. I wonder what ever happened to those two? Hopefully they got married and are making each other miserable! It would only be poetic justice. Wait, I think I got off topic. What was I thinking about?

  You were thinking about Julia.

  Oh yeah. Why am I falling to pieces over a girl I just met? A girl, mind you, who has done nothing but cry and piss herself since I met her. It just don't add up! There is absolutely no reason I should have any warm feelings towards this girl who has caused me nothing but headaches.

  Love doesn't have to make sense.

  Yes it does! Love is just a byproduct of chemical reactions in your brain involving, but not limited to, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vaso… vaso-something; I've forgotten the last one. But I do know that half of those are released during sex and the other half usually have to do with a person’s beauty, voice, body language, and other social and physical factors. By all accounts there is no reason whatsoever for me to fall in love with Julia!

  Oh really?

  Yes! Really!

  And how do demons fit into your scientific views about the world?

  Well… okay just because I can't explain something doesn't mean my science is wrong!

  Uh-huh. Keep tellin’ yourself that.

  Don't patronize me… me? Okay that does it: I'm calling a psychiatrist in the morning.

  I return to Julia with her bottle. Normally when I feed her she either stares at the ceiling or closes her eyes. This time however she wouldn't take her eyes off of mine. Gazing into her deep-blue eyes all the rational voices in my head became silent. How could I ever even consider that I'm not madly in love with Julia? Being here with her now I want nothing more than to abandon myself to the ocean of love in her eyes.

  And that's exactly what I did.


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Really, you just keep killing it! 

I "want" Julia to open up and really gush out what's been happening to her the last few days. But, it's also fun (if sort of torturous) for her to hid behind the trauma and tears. I hate that Luc bit her head off, but it's perfectly justifiable and expressed in your story. In a way, I'm glad Luc has some flaws that Julia can latch onto. No one likes to be around someone they see as perfect. It's too much pressure!

Again... Thanks for writing. 

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Thank you! I was really nervous about writing this chapter because I am perhaps the least qualified person in the world to write anything, shall we say, romantic? I've never even so much as been on a date with a girl, let alone fallen in love! Relationships are one topic I have absolutely no grounds to write about. But, the story demanded a romantic subplot (or perhaps main plot?) I just hope I can do it justice.

Also we will be getting a few more details about Julia in the next chapter that will help explain her behavior and what's happening to her on the inside. ;)

P.S I know I said earlier that I was planning on posting this story on Deviantart, but when I tried the Red Text wouldn't show up. So I'm afraid Deviantart will not be an option as it would require a complete restructuring of the dialogue.

Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

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Ha. Yeah that's a tough one. Formatting doesn't carry well from any of the standard text editors. 

On the romance. It's not something that you have to draw on from direct personal relationships. Take from all good relationships. Mentors, Parents, Teachers, TV, Movies, Old couples holding hands, books, etc... But if it's a weakness, you could explore some kind of magical angle that bonds Luc and Julia on a fundamental level binding them together. Maybe the only way they can express the bond is through love since magic isn't a part of modern man's daily existence? You know, like a way for their minds to hand the metaphysical things happening to them. 

No less real, but based on something they don't understand and existing as something they do?

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It's not just about a lack of experience. It's hard to explain. I consider Love between a Man & a Woman (or any combination thereof. I'm not judging) to be one of if not THE most sacred things we humans can experience. It's also something I feel as though I have fundamentally flawed ideas and misconceptions about. Like, I can never even imagine what it would be like to have a girlfriend or wife because I literally cannot imagine someone falling in love with me. And believe me, I have a POWERFUL imagination! Perhaps that's why I'm really writing this: to try to understand what it means to love and be loved.

Wow. That got way too personal fast. This probably isn't the place I should be posting this kind of comment. But I've already typed it out so I guess I'll do it anyway. Sorry for sounding like an Emo teenager.

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There's an Emo Teenager inside everyone who's ever been lonely. 

So no worries. On a personal note... rejection sucks, but you'll never find acceptance with a chance of love without putting yourself out there. Be friendly and kind to everyone cause you never know when they may be your someone right or the person to introduce you to your someone right. 

Romantic Side Story: I worked with my wife for 2.5 years and we'd go out occasionally. Sometimes we even got frisky, but I was sort of damaged goods after my first marriage ended without my input. We were/are friends (my wife and I). One night I went on the Olympic world record setting blind date at 25 years old that included her parents as chaperons and her dad trying to give me the birds and bees talk after me telling them about my first wife and child I had custody of...

anyway... I called my wife and told her how bad it was. She's all, "So what are you looking for?" and I walked right into a blinder rending magic wall of dumbassitude. I finish and she simply says... "Can you think of anyone you might know like that? You know someone who likes you, and dates you sometimes, and sleeps with you too." She lifted the veil of stupidity from my eyes and eight months later we were married!

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Chapter IX


  This could pose a problem.

  The demons in charge of shaping the social and political landscape of this region have done a good job of desensitized the American people to the idea of violence. As such I had thought that, while Julia would be thoroughly shocked by the horrific nature of our mission, I did not expect her to react quite this poorly to last night’s events. Not only has she repressed her memories, but she has placed all her hopes; all her coping mechanisms, upon Luc. She is not unlike a true infant with him now; completely dependant on him for emotional stability. It would certainly explain why she has fallen in love with him so quickly. This could be a blessing or a curse: If I can manage to get Luc on my side I have no doubt that I can salvage my partnership with Julia. But if he should turn against me I fear all may be lost.

  Perhaps it is time I pay Luc another visit.




  When we finally broke from our staring contest I told Julia that we should take things slow at least until she was back on her feet. At first she seemed a little saddened, but ultimately she agreed it was for the best. The next hour or so went by without any excitement. I decided it might help Julia recover faster if I moved her limbs as if she were exercising. I'm pretty sure they do that for paralyzed victims in hospitals to keep their muscles from atrophying. Atrophying? Is that even a word? I'll have to add that to the list of Words I tell myself I'm going to look up but never do. Anyway I spent a few minutes on each limb. First doing the arms then the legs. After about ten minutes of that I felt as though I'd had a thorough workout so I stopped. But after a little while it seemed to be working. She could move her arms for a few seconds at a time before resting them. And when I sat her up she could lift her legs about an inch off the ground. It's a slow start, but at this rate she might even be walking by the end of the day!

  She also had regained most of her voice and began telling me a little about herself. Her full name was Julia Belle; She was twenty-three years old, four years my junior; she was in college getting a business degree, mainly to please her parents and because it's the "sensible thing to do." When I asked which college, she told me a name I'd never heard of. A quick google search later and we found out it was nearly eighty miles away! No wonder Julia was exhausted. Somehow we managed to avoid the topic of how in the world she ended up so far away in a stranger's bedroom with no memory of the previous night's events. Which is good, because I really didn't want a repeat of what happened last time I tried to explain it. However, I could see Julia was in a bit of a shock having learned how far from home she was, so I decided to discreetly change the subject by suggesting we watch some TV. Whether or not she realized that I was trying to avoid the topic, I don't know, but she said that TV would be great so I turned it on, sat down next to her and handed her the remote. Now that she's getting her mobility back I'm sure she'd be more than glad to do something herself for once, even if it's just picking a channel.

  She turned on the News. At first I was glad she hadn't picked some stupid sitcom or a "reality" show or something. But then I had the lingering fear that whatever Julia and the Demon got up to last night might very well appear on the news. But it just seemed to be the same garbage they pass off as news every day. I never watch the news. Not because I think it's all fake like one of my co-workers often proclaims, but because I already get plenty of crime, drugs, violence and scandal at school from my students. When I come home and turn on the television I'm trying to get away from all that stuff.

  After a little while she got bored with the news and turned on Friends. As far as stupid sitcoms go I suppose that's not nearly as bad as the swill they pass off as entertainment nowadays. Not that I really cared as long as I was next to Julia. When you've gone a significant amount of time without being in a meaningful relationship you look back on things like romantic dates, vacations together, and of course the sex, and you think that's what you miss about that person. But you forget that it's the quiet moments where it's just the two of you together doing some boring shit like watching TV at home or reading a book while the other person studies for a mid-term that really mean something. It's kind of counterintuitive: The small things are often the most meaningful yet the most easily forgotten.

  Huh, maybe I should write a book?

  We were about halfway through an episode of Friends when Julia suddenly gasps, puts a hand on her stomach, and bends forward.

  “What's wrong?” I ask panickedly.

  “Get out!” she yells back at me, her face full of terror.

  Before I could comprehend why she would be trying to evict me from my own living room I heard a muffled fart escape from her diaper as she began to groan.

  “Oh! I'll, uh, give you a minute.” and with that I ran into the bedroom like a scalded cat.

  Shit! Literally! As if cleaning piss wasn't bad enough! Why couldn't this have waited until she could walk? Of course, if I hadn't panicked I might have been able to carry her to the bathroom to do her business instead of letting her crap her diaper! God, I'm such an idiot in a crisis.

  I began pacing back and forth in my room. Okay, I can do this. I've already changed two wet diapers. How much worse could a dirty diaper possibly be? I mean sure, there's the smell, but urine isn't exactly pleasant either. Maybe I could find something to plug my nose? No, that would just be ridiculous. And I'm sure it would make Julia feel even worse than she already does knowing that I literally can't handle her stench.

  Julia. Here I am freaking out while Julia's the one with the problem. Sure, I have to clean her up, but she's the one who's currently sitting in her own shit, unable to even clean herself. God, that must be horrible!

  I can hear her sobbing on the other side of the door. Okay, now’s the time to man up. I always mocked dads who refused to change diapers. Guess I'm about to learn what makes them so afraid.

  I open the door and see Julia on her knees in front of the couch; her body draped over the coffee table like a limp doll. Evidently she didn't want to mess herself sitting down. I think she tried to stifle her crying as I walked in, or maybe my presence just has a calming effect on her. Either way she was now merely sniffling a little. I wonder if all that crying will stop up her nose so she doesn't smell herself as much? One could hope. I was about to kneel down on the other side of the coffee table, that's when the smell hit me causing me to briefly stop in my tracks. It actually wasn't that bad; I mean, it was bad, but not quite as putrid as I thought it would be. Not enough to cause me to gag or anything. Hell, some of my students smelled that bad half the time! Although it was usually due to either drugs or a lack of bathing rather than a loaded diaper. I sat down next to her on the coffee table. Well, best to get this over with.

  “Are you done?” I asked, no doubt making her feel like a toddler try to use the potty. And failing, as it were.

  “I'm sorry,” she said in barely a whisper. Unable to look me in the eye.

  I began rubbing her back, “You know you've got nothing to be sorry about. This had to happen eventually. Beating yourself up will only make things worse for both of us. Now, do you mind if I change you on the floor here? If this gets messy the hardwood will be a lot easier to clean than my bedsheets.”

  “*snifle* Okay.”

  “Good. Wait here while I get your things.” What is that, the twelfth time I've said “wait here” to a person who can't move? I realize that I just mean to say that I'll be back in a moment, but why do I still keep using a phrase that suggests she might decide to run off somewhere?

  When I came back with the supplies I stepped up beside her to inspect the damage. It was not pretty. The yellowed crotch of her soiled diaper was sagging much lower than any of her previous diapers. And the brown, foul-smelling load was partially visible from the outside. Apparently these diapers become transparent when wet. It's a good thing I can change her right here, because I don't think I could trust these diapers to contain her mess should I attempt to carry her into the bedroom. It looks like it could burst at any moment. I know I still have about twenty of these diapers left, but I might just have to throw them out and get some decent ones if this goes on much longer. If not for Julia’s comfort than for my peace of mind. I'm sure even the expensive brand of diapers would be cheaper than having my bedroom carpet shampooed.

  I picked her up and eased her down to the floor causing her to wince as her diaper squished underneath her. Then I pushed the coffee table and couch out of the way making sure I had plenty of room. What would I need plenty of room for, you ask? I don't know, I just don't like feeling crowded. I spread Julia's legs and positioned myself between them. I felt like I was defusing a bomb as I slowly reached for the tapes. Come on, Luc, don't loose your nerve! Just get it over with quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid. I grabbed the front of her diaper and pulled it open.

  I instantly recoiled from the horrendous sight and smell that assaulted my senses like a roundhouse-kick to the face. Evidently the almost-entirely liquid diet if had her on has had a powerful effect on her bowels. She was coated in a thick layer of lightish-brown muck as if someone had dumped a liter of chocolate pudding down to back of her diaper.

  Thanks, brain, for giving me that visual! I guess I won't be having pudding any time soon.

  Now she's crying again. Great. I considered closing the diaper back up and calming her down before continuing, but I decided to just get her cleaned up as fast as possible and worry about comforting her later. She's done an awful lot of crying as of late, a few more tears won't hurt her. I held my breath and started wiping her down. At least the diarrhea was coming off easily enough. Now comes the hard part of getting the diaper out from under her without making a big mess. Hmm… what if…

  “Hey Julia, I don't know if you can, but could you try to lift yourself up enough for me to slide the diaper out from beneath you? It would make this a lot easier for me.”

  After adding that last part I was worried that if she couldn't manage to lift herself that she'd feel even more guilty. But, with a grunt of effort she was able to lift her butt off the ground just enough for me to remove the diaper.

  “Perfect. Thanks.”

  I balled up the diaper as best I could without getting it all over my hands and placed it as far away as I could reach. With the diaper gone; and most of the mess gone with it, the smell was much more tolerable now. I made one more pass over her crotch before moving on to her other side.

  “I'm going to flip you over on your stomach now, okay Julia?” I waited for her to give me the green light before trying to turn her over. Once again, have you ever tried roll a limp body on a hardwood floor? Not quite as easy as you'd imagine. Her body seemed more inclined to slide rather than flip. But eventually I managed to turn her over. As expected, her butt was thoroughly covered in poop. And the spot where she had been laying had received a few skid marks as well, although I'm sure me sliding her around was at least partially to blame for both of those situations. I wiped the floor up first so that I didn't accidentally kneel in it, then went to work on Julia. A dozen or so wipes later and she was clean as a whistle. I placed the new diaper next to her and sprinkled copious amounts of baby powder all over the inside. My plan was to flip her over, having perfected the technique, and have her land perfectly straight on the diaper. You can guess how that turned out. But after a few attempts I finally got the diaper on and taped it up.

  “There, mission accomplished.” I said as I cleaned my hands with a baby wipe. “That wasn't so bad, now was it?”

  “It was horrible.” she answered.

  Oh yeah, I guess it was probably much worse for her than it was for me. “Well, it's all over now. If we're lucky we won't have to deal with that again before you can walk.”

  “Yeah. Lucky.” was all she said.

  I places Julia back on the couch before gathering up the soiled wipes and diaper and carefully throwing them in the trash. I inspected myself to make sure I hadn't somehow gotten poop on my clothes. I didn't see any but I still felt an overwhelming urge to bathe. “Hey Julia, you think you'd be fine on your own for a few minutes while I take a shower?”

  “Umm, yeah. Sure.”

  “Great.” I walked over to the bathroom-

  “Uh, Luc?”

  Dear God, what now woman? “Yes?”

  “Thank you.”

  Oh. That's what now. “My pleasure.” I closed the bathroom door. My pleasure? No! It certainly was not my pleasure! If I never have to do that again it will be too soon. I shouldn't encourage all this baby stuff. The diapers and bottles are merely necessary tools to help solve an unusual problem. Nothing more. I'll be glad to see them go.


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Chapter X


  “Hello Luc.”


  Normally she wouldn't have gotten quite a strong reaction from me, but I'm simply not used to demons, especially those taking the form of women, sneaking up on me as I'm getting out of the shower. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist. I'm not going to stand here naked in front a demon in case she gets any funny ideas. What's the name of that demon that lures men into having sex with her so she can kill them? Succubus? Yeah! That's the one.

  “You need not worry about such things.”

  “Well excuse me,” I said sarcastically,  “I've never had demons ambush me in the shower before!”

  “My apologies. At least I waited until you were finished.”

  “I'm overflowing with gratitude.” Man, what is it about this demon that brings out my overly-sarcastic side?

  “I promised you answers. I thought it best to approach you while Julia was asleep. She's not yet ready to face me.”

  “Yeah, I wonder why?”

  “Are you going to ask your questions or not? We do not have all day.”

  “What's the matter? Late for an appointment with your… Umm…” Shit. I don't know how to finish that statement. What do demons make appointments for? Horn Dressers? “Alright fine, I'll quit the sarcasm.” She just stood there leaning against the door, waiting for me to ask my first question. Which would be… what? I know I wanted answers but now I can't seem to think of the questions. Oh! I remember, “Do you have a name? I can't just keep calling you ‘The Demon’ forever.”

  “I am Angel Hunter. One of many.”

  Whoa. That's pretty badass. “Angel Hunter, eh? That's a… strange name.”

  “Perhaps to you. Angels, with the exception of Archangels, do not have what you would call ‘proper names.’ we are named according to our purpose.”

  “And demons are the same way?”

  “Are you not aware that Angels and Demons are one in the same?”

  “umm… No? Why would I be aware of that?”

  “Are you familiar with the fall of Lucifer?”

  “uh, kinda? It's been awhile since I was in sunday school. Let me think… Lucifer tricked Eve into eating an apple and was banished from heaven?”

  “A vast oversimplification. The events recorded in the book of Genesis do not tell the whole story. It was far more than a simple rebellion, but I suppose if you stripped it down to its most basic truths you could say that the Genesis account is more or less accurate for all intents and purposes.”

  “Okay,” man, this is heavy stuff. “So what does that have to do with the difference between Angels and Demons?”

  “Simple: Lucifer and the Angels who sided with him were branded as Demons. But it is merely a name.”

  “Well if Demons and Angels are the same then why do you look like a shadow? Aren't Angels supposed to be more… Shiny?”

  “You mean like this,” suddenly she changed into a beautiful, human-looking woman wearing a glistening white robe. She looked a lot like Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. “I can appear in any form I choose. Be it an Angel of Light,” She changed form again. This time she turned into a Golden Retriever puppy sitting on my bathroom vanity. I had to stop myself from going, “Aaaaawwww.” I'm a sucker for dogs. “Or a much more innocuous form. Thanks to the advent of animation you Americans would likely be quicker to trust a talking dog than previous generations.” Then she changed back into her original, shadowy form. “But I chose to wear a darker disguise in the spirit of honesty. I did not want you to have any false notions about what you were getting into.”

  “Wait, you wanted me to know I was helping a demon?”

  “I wanted to earn your trust.”

  “Well you sure have a funny way of going about it!”

  “Oh? So you would have preferred me to deceive you?

  “No…” Shit, she has a point. If she had come as an angel of light and I later found out she was a demon I would've been royally pissed!

  “My sentiments exactly.”

  “What did I tell you about reading my mind?”

  “You cannot hide your thoughts from me. I'm merely trying to speed this along. Time is of the essence so go ahead and ask your next question.

  “Oh, uhh,” Damn, I hate being under pressure like this! “You said Angels are named according to their purpose. So what does an ‘Angel Hunter’ do exactly?”

  “I hunt demons that are beyond the reach of heaven's justice. Think of me as an angelic bounty hunter.”

  “If you hunt demons why are you called Angel Hunter?”

  I told you; Angels and Demons are one in the same.”

  This is going way over my head. “Okay let me get this straight: You are technically a Demon, right?

  “If you must make the distinction, then yes.”

  “And you hunt other demons?”


  “Why? What do you get out of it?”

  “That is a far more complicated question than it would seem. Let's just call it… Penance.”

  “Penance? Like you're trying to earn your wings back or something?”

  “No. Penance is not the same as Forgiveness.”

  “Well could you explain the difference then?”

  “Forgiveness means to pardon someone of their sins. Penance is the desire to right one's wrongs. Angels cannot earn forgiveness, but we can try to atone for our mistakes.”

  “Oh, so you're just doing this out of the goodness of your heart then?


  Yes? I expected her to try to sidestep that question like she normally does. It's not like her to give a simple Yes. Care to comment on my thoughts Ms. Angel Hunter?

  “It is true that I tend to avoid direct answers. That is because the truth is often too much to bare for the unprepared. As such I must choose my words carefully.”

  “Oh yeah? You think I can't handle the truth?”

  “There are very few who can.”

  Whoa. That's either some deep philosophical wisdom or total bullshit. Why am I inclined to believe it's the former?

  “It is often easier for humans to believe a lie than to believe you are being lied to.”

  “Really? Wait, no, stop trying to confuse me!”

  “See what I mean about the truth? It is too potent for the human mind to digest without diluting it first. That is why I must be very careful not to overload you with too much knowledge at one time.”

  “You mean this is what it feels like when you're holding back? I'm already hopelessly lost!”

  “On the contrary: I believe you've been taking all of this rather well. Only yesterday you didn't even believe in Angels. Now you are standing here in a towel having a rather calm conversation with a Demon. I must admit I am impressed. Not many can so easily accept such a drastic shift in their beliefs over such a short period.”

  “Umm.. thank you?”

  “I think you have had as much truth as you can take for now. I believe Julia will be asleep for awhile now, perhaps you should get some rest as well.” She turned to walk through… I don't know, the wall? But I reached out to grab her wrist. Surprisingly she was actually tangible so I actually managed to stop her. “Yes?”

  “One more question: What does Julia have to do with this?

  “I require her help to effectively combat the demons I hunt.”

  “Why? What can she do that you can't?”

  “It is a question of what the two of us can do together that neither could manage alone.” she put her hand on the side of my face again, “Do not worry, all will be explained in due time. Our fates are bound together; Me, Julia, and you as well.”

  And then she was gone. I stood there for several minutes trying to process everything that just happened, but it was all too much. I somehow managed to put my clothes on and walk myself to my bed before falling into the blissful embrace of sleep.



Author’s note:

Wow, that was a pretty expositive chapter! Now that we finally have a few answers I think it's time for another poll: What are some things you'd like to see in upcoming chapters? I'm having a little trouble deciding how to start the next chapter and could use some fresh inspiration.

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I don't want to taint your core story about Angelic lifestyles because this is an original take on the whole thing! I read A LOT and I haven't encountered something this simply elegant before. 

Pull out most (not all) of the diaper stuff and you could turn this into a kick ass Young Adult or Mature Novel series. Hell, you could finish the fist book just building the world and only throwing in maybe one hunt. Then the following book could open into the greater Angelic Landscape detailing some new ideological movement from Lucifer. Maybe he sells himself as atoning too, but his hidden motives are his original ones. Perhaps he's found a way to loosen the sanity of his dissenters among the Demon Kind and sicks the well meaning Angel Hunters on those holding him back from another apocalyptic battle with God! 

Shit... I tainted it anyway!

Well right now Julia is more comfortable relying on Luc for literally everything. She had a totally appropriate reaction to messing. That scene played well for me. You really have only two paths forward with Julia (right now) either she gets her mobility back or the Angel Hunter takes her for a spin doing their combined demonic ass kicking and leaves her bed ridden again. 

If you allow Julia to recover somewhat you have to deal with how much of your story is diaper centered. Do you advance your greater overall plot? How long do you want your story to be etc... Would you go a bit cliche and let her recover her mobility but not her bodily functions? What if she recovers and just finds herself preferring it. Maybe she's afriad that Luc won't love her if she's not dependent on him? What if the relationship flips after Julia gets her feet on the ground with being bound to a Demon Angel / Angel Hunter. Then does she stay in diapers or diaper him? Can Luc handle being number 2 in the relationship? 

What if Angel Hunter and Luc hit it off and they all sort of do the relationship thing...? Then Julia and Luc can "name" her and boom the universe explodes and through love God grants her forgiveness!

My mind is going a billion different directions!

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Glad you like it so far! I was a little (just a tiny bit) afraid that people would find this rather exposition-heavy chapter to be a turn off.

There are still plenty of secrets about this universe and Angel Hunter that will be explained in later chapters. It's true that I originally didn't picture this as an ABDL story, but then I wasn't planning on actually writing it either! I have so many great ideas for stories that could hit big, but I always convince myself that, since I don't have any writing experience, I wouldn't be able to do it justice so I never actually write. A but paradoxical I know. So I decided to just go for it and write whatever came to me. And now we're already 10 chapters in!

   As for Julia, yeah that's a problem. I was kinda afraid of getting to this point. I have a few ideas for what I could do, but I'm actually not sure which direction I'm gonna go yet. Hence my asking for ideas. I know that's probably not what anyone wants to hear; that I have no clue what I'm doing, but thems the breaks. I'm sure in time I'll find a way to write myself out of the corner I'm fast approaching.

Once again. Thank you for all the support you've given me. You have no idea (or maybe you do IDK) how much it means to me to have some of my current favorite authors reading and liking my story. :D

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We're here for ya. Kinda of gives me goosebumps to be called an author! It would seem you are now too! So congratulations. 

You clearly know how to tell a good story. So keep that the core. This particular story would make a fucking kick-ass web comic! I always kind of wished that someone who could draw would do a panel with Maddie and them from The Woes. It would just be fun to actually 'see' my characters.

Personally, I enjoy when a story is dialogue or situation dependent for moving the plot along. Where the events, actions, and words of the characters and the reality flow. You do a good job with this skill!

It may seem to you that Julia is painted into a corner, but she's not really. She just has some life altering decisions to make. "Do I cooperate with Angel Hunter?" "Do I trust myself without the diapers?" "Do I like being diapered? It's the only constant in my reality and it ties me to Luc..." "Do I try to go back home to my friends, family, significant other?" "Do I press my recovery or milk it for time with Luc putting off my other decisions?" "Is my Crisis Bond with Luc enough to feed the ember of love burning in my heart?" 

We don't really know much about her except that she was sort of shy before hand and while weak, her body didn't self-destruct traveling over 80 miles in one night. She hasn't had time to do much or express much but how she deals with reality altering crisis . Hell, she could have been a happy lesbian who worked at a leather bondage store for all we know. 

We know Luc and we know much of what we need to know of AH's personality, but Julia is nearly a blank slate! 

Your 10 Chapters in and very cleverly we still don't know much about 1/3 of the leads in your story. Since you didn't introduce ABDL elements, it could still rock as a modern fantasy epic!

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17 minutes ago, diapersnpaws said:

Since you didn't introduce ABDL elements, it could still rock as a modern fantasy epic!

Umm, I'm pretty sure bottle feedings & messy diapers qualify as ABDL elements. Also that's pretty much exactly what I said to redwelch2222 about "Dropped in a New World." Which, if you haven't read yet I highly recommend!:)

Honestly most of the reason Julia is a blank slate is because I simply haven't gotten around to really building her personality & background in my own mind yet. Truth be told I didn't think I'd get this far. Certainly not in 2 weeks anyway! This is a problem I often run into when I create stories in my head; I come up with 1 good character & everyone else ends up being flat & unimpressive.

Hmm... maybe if I try reconstructing & visualizing the story thus far from Julia's perspective it will help me to understand her character? I'll have to try that when I have a few hours to myself & can really get into her head space. It's worth a shot. :)

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Yeah, would make a good chapter or to... sort of a flashback from her POV. Even just short hand writing her POV on each of your 10 chapters may get you there.

Got me on the bottle thing, but the diapers are sort of necessary in her situation. It's that or get duct taped to the toilet... 

I have always hated how people in most books go on stakeouts for hours or days and never talk about bio breaks and what not. I find it off putting and takes me out of the "reality" when that stuff isn't dealt with. Most of us go to the bathroom many times a day! Hell, they never come in from slaying this or that and just move to the romance part! 

No chic I have ever been with would have been happy to put out when I'm covered in bits of a fantasy creature! So, I kind of like how your story deals with the daily doings of would be heroes here. 

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No no no, I wasn't suggesting I should weite a flashback chapter. You see, when I'm writing Luc, I actually just put myself in his head space & then react to what's happening. Once I do that, the scenes almost write themselves! With Julia I would sort of reverse-engineer that process. The problem is that, while Luc is like %90 identical to how I view myself, I have far less in common with Julia. I have no idea how she thinks. Now, maybe I'll try & find I have a lot more in common with Julia than I thought, but I wouldn't count on it.

As for the diapers, while to you & me it is the obvious solution, most people, especially guys, would never even think to try adult diapers. And even if they did think of it, they certainly wouldn't have the courage to go to the store & buy Women's Adult Diapers! They'd probably just throw her in the bathtub or, like you said, duct tape her to the toilet!

While I do seem to have a propensity for writing the hum-drum day-to-day stuff, I'm not too confident in my ability to write action scenes. But I guess we won't know until I try.

And lastly:

26 minutes ago, diapersnpaws said:

No chic I have ever been with would have been happy to put out when I'm covered in bits of a fantasy creature!

Unless she's into that kind of thing. ;)

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I'm with diapersnpaws, even with the little bit of ABDL in the first few chapters you made it make sense, and it could still be turned into a great novel. So far the only thing you have done is put her in a diaper because she cant move, which you would pit any paralyzed person into one. And the bottle is because she can't use cups. So far you only had a peek of ABDL, and you still have an opening to get out of it if Julia gets better. heck an excellent Manga story that has just that is Elfen Lied. Chapter 43 around page 12-14 they introduce a character that uses diapers, and this is still a great manga to read. 

An excellent way to practice your writing is just to start writing. I'm using "Dropped in a new world." as my way of practicing, as you can probably tell I've improved slightly since chapter 1. Now that I've made a few fans that like what I'm writing, it helps inspire me to do more. Also, thank you for the shout out! I'll make sure to give you one when I post the next chapter on Friday! :D

Also, I like the angels and demons are the same. Cant wait to read more.

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