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My issues with DC amor diapers and why I probably will never order again

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     So I'm sure you are all familiar with the DC amor diapers. (If not, you can google them and they pop up right up top) They are extremely adorable and look amazing for any little girl sissy or whoever. I really could not wait to try them so I ordered several bags. Why not? I thought to myself. what could ever go wrong? Well nearly everything went wrong and I will tell you in detail.

      First of all the first thing I noticed is that the fit was terrible. When I put the first one on, I noticed that it felt lopsided. it wasn't until I took a closer look that I realized that the padding of the diaper was slightly to the side meaning that there was more material on the wings on one side and not the other so one side is always either way too tight while the other is way too loose. I found that even after tons of efforts I could't get them to fit comfortably even with the assistance of a onesie. I went through all my bags and checked as well. each diaper had the same issue. it was like the padding was awkwardly placed on purpose. the designs were also completely out of position from what you would see on their website because of this issue. For instance the little pink vines that go up the back side, only one vine was on the diaper and it was almost centered while the one on the other side was nearly non existant except for a small section on the wing. 

Second of all was the comfort. The padding is ultra stiff and even after use and lots of moving around the starchy cardboard feel between your legs never goes away. 

And to continue on comfort and what really did it in for me, was the plastic these things are made of. it is super thick and abrassive. like not even soft or smooth. I put one on and went for a walk while testing these out and halfway through I felt a pain on my thighs specifically the right thigh, I hurried home having to limp the rest of the way thanks to the pain only to rip off the diaper and find the skin had been literally rubbed off my thighs and I was bleeding right where the crotch of the diaper met my legs. 

I have tried nearly every single brand of adult diaper out there and I can say for sure that these were the absolute biggest disapointments I had ever the displeasure of purchasing.

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cruxshadow    14

That's a shame. I really liked them, but I haven't tried the kitten reboot. I thought they were comfortable, but the padding definitely started out stiff. Making a tight wave motion along the diaper seemed to help. Fortunately mine were well constructed, and in no way lopsided, but the box they were shipped in was reused, and had a big hole in it, with the diapers visible.

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erevu    69

That's odd. I've ordered them multiple times and never had those issues. Perhaps it's a bad batch. Contact supplier?

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dyperbole    18

I got some of the new Amor diapers -- they didn't seem to feel different to me.  I can see what you mean about the plastic, but it doesn't bother me the same way.  

Different diapers for different AB/DLs, I guess.  There are some premium diapers that just don't seem to work well on me, but others seem to enjoy.`

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On 11/11/2016 at 6:13 AM, diapersalways said:

as they say "pics or it didnt happen" :P


I will try, I do have a scar still on my leg from the incident. And I can definitely get pics of the messed up designs.

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