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Why do people hate Depends?

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Darkfinn    98

For a plastic backed adult diaper you can buy off a store shelf Depends are just fine. If you want to increase their capacity without doubling buy a pack of maximum strength bladder control pads and insert one... makes them hold a lot more.

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John73    4

I've used them and don't know why they are "hated". To be honest I don't see any reason to hate it, they are pretty much comfortable and well made. I didn't have any problems with them and although I'm not using them anymore as I have found some companies that provides services that suits me much better, I wouldn't mind that much switching to them again if the products I'm getting right would vanish from market. From what I know, they are in business for really long time and have a great client base. I gotta agree about their absorbency though as it's pretty low and it's not getting any better. Used to be better 7 years ago compared to 3 years ago when I have last tried them.

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The fit is worse than the old depends they seem too short on me. There are way better diapers now a days but as everyone says the only pe backed diapers you can get at Walmart or rite aid on shelf. Just not worth my time anymore.

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