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Footie Pajamas

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There's probably a thread about this somewhere, but I did a thread search and (lazily) browsed over the results. Seeing as they were dominated by threads in the RP sub-forum, I thought I'd make a topic. Sorry it it's repetitive!

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I personally have three from target that I have collected over the years. They are the boys largest size and they are kind of getting a little two tight on me (I need to lose some weight), but depending on how small you are you can get some from there (although I'm not sure if they are still in stock, they are usually for winter time). I have also ordered one from

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Okay cool, it seems that I found most of the sites that y'all recommend, though the "create-your-own" was totally new to me! Kind of out of my price range I think, though. Unless I have one made for me and delivered to me before I move back to the states....hmm.

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I would definitely recommend Privatina.

They have a large choice of Footies, available in differents materials and colors.

A bit pricy, but worth it.

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I got a hello kitty one for my baby girl from web undies, and I got one for myself from Aww so cute. I love them. Super soft and comfortable, problem is, we live in California, so it doesn't ever get cold enough here to sleep in them.

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Oh I hadn't thought of that. I'm from Texas, so I might not wear them that much either....huh. Though, I do keep my room as cool as (reasonably) possible (especially at night), because I like to curl up in all my blankets and pillows.

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