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What Other Fetishes?


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On 7/30/2009 at 4:34 AM, Plasticbutt said:

As much as I love padded plastic diapers, it's far from my only fetish. I wondered what other fetishes folks here may have.


I also love trash bags, polyethylene is a huge turn-on for me. I love newspapers too. In fact, whenever I'm not dressed in a diaper, I wear a trash bag like a leotard and sometimes I'll pack it with newspaper. That is 7th heaven for me.

I kinda have an addiction to doing different enemas (only the ones I know wont harm me) and trying to completely stain the back or both sides of the diaper

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So my main fetish is Medical in general i.e.

  • enemas
  • catheters
  • sounds
  • medical procedures in general

I also like



milking machines

vac beds

Anal, pegging, fisting


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Besides diapers my other fetishes include: medical ie getting examined and having to give a urine and semen sample and gyno fetish,  sissy ie wearing panties and using pads or tampons and wearing a bra, humiliation, being a baby ie getting breastfed, having my diaper changed, eating baby food/ drinking from a bottle and sucking on a pacifier. 

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