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Some Pissy Panties Pics

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zombieg    5



this one is an awesome one since you can see it streaming out!!


this one's not wetting panties per se but you can see them nicely through the wet fabric of leggings.

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thong5    68

Thanks for sharing very nice now i'm wet too :thumbsup:

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Lovely! Maybe I'm hopelessly twisted but I've been this way from birth. I think wetting is human and is a perfectly natural expression. As in normal but special - secretly pleasing and showing one's vulnerable side. Feminine and Babyish - yes - but I like it too.

I do it as much as possible and always will. Diapers make urinating oneself convenient and I wear my panties inside my dipes often. I'm a pantywaist, anyhow.

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MissLizz    25

Love the pictures. The photographer was able to capture the wet and warm moment for sure!

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