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Found 106 results

  1. Becoming the Bully's baby (Private)

    Liam White was a 25 year old man. He still lived with his parents due to low income, so he paid rent to his parents so he could have a house to live in. The downside of living with his parents was that he lived next door to his old highschool bully. He always treated him as if he were a little boy and teased him because he was the smallest in his class. He'd always call him Little Lili and the way he would treat him like a little boy, he'd always tickle his chin and pinch his cheeks, and all that type of stuff you'd do to cute little kids. He'd always humiliate him in front of their classmates. Even in front if his parents one time and they thought it was always cute the way he'd baby talk to him. Liam just couldn't stand him and now that they were neighbors he tried avoid him as much as possible. When Liam's parents announced that they were going away to Florida and that he could stay home by himself, he thought that was the best news. He could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. And had no supervision. Though what he didn't know was that his parents were going to have his former bully check in on him every now and then to make sure he had what he needed and that he was okay. That would be a big surprise! It was a Friday afternoon, his parents had just left for the month. Liam put on the movie Deadpool, made some popcorn and took off his pj pants so he'd be just in his boxers. He sat on the couch with his popcorn and put his feet on the table in front of him. He started his movie. He was sure enough that he wasn't going to get interrupted.
  2. Teacher's Baby at Summer Camp

    Abigail Adams stood in the highschool parking lot, she stood next to her teacher holding her hand. Her 7th grade advisory class were going on a camping trip for the summer, and she begged her parents not to sign the slip but they did and dropped her off at 7 am. She was the first one there, her teacher gave her a Gerber's puree pouchie to have to eat, fearing she didn't have enough for breakfast. This was a reason she didn't want to go on the trip in the first place because she didn't want to have to be babied by her teacher all summer. It was humiliating the way she was treated like a toddler unlike the other kids. But here Abby was holding her teacher's hand drinking the baby pouchie waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. Only have arrived and a few acknowledged her. And once all the students arrived, Abby had a feeling this was going to be a long summer.
  3. Panty Thief Punishment

    Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! --------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great. This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship. On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack. Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet? Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit? This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in. Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so… Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right? Derrek: Yeah, I know... Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money! Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties! Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life. Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick! Rob: So what do you say Derrek? Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this. Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500! Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day. Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face. Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street. Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter. Derrek: Fantastic Beasts? Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat. This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile. Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me! Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few. Derrek: Sure, where's it at? Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom. Derrek: On it! Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit. Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought. His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment. Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!! Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts. Amanda: ARE THOSE MY FUCKING PANTIES!? Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered… Derrek: I, uh… Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door. Amanda: Get in your room and stay there. She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep. The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Amanda: Derrek? His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there. Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev… Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say. Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek? Derrek still had tears streaming down his face. Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev… Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more. Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better. As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him. Amanda: Everything is going to get better. He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
  4. Prologue He looked around for a moment to survey the situation he had somehow managed to get himself into. He was in front of the boardroom, facing the room and Patricia was in the back of the room tapping her watch impatiently. Patricia had said at 11:30 he needed to be wet or she'd make him wet herself. How she was going to do that was beyond him. Besides the chastity cage that locked away his more sensitive areas, attached the night before by her cruel, twisted intentions, there was nothing she could do to him. He didn't have to go. His diaper would simply stay dry. "Eric," his boss said gesturing around the room. "I think it's time we open up the room for questions." "Of course Eric said. Tick, tick... 11:31. Patricia raised her hand. His boss called on her. "The business proposal looks good. I think I'd like to know more about..." But Eric wasn't listening. He was suddenly overcome with a haze. His head spun slightly and then he felt it. Warmth spreading in his diaper. It tricked down filing ever inch of the padding, creeping between his balls and towards the back. It was warm and almost... comfortable. He was wetting his diaper. What the fuck?? Eric snapped out of it. What was happening? How was she doing this? "Eric?" His boss asked. "Is everything okay?" Eric snapped back to the boardroom. "Yeah. It's fine..." Eric's mind was racing. What was happening? This is insane. As he answered the question, he couldn't help but think, was her threat for 11:35 true? Did she mean it last night when she had him tied up to bed and said those words that were scarring him at this very moment? "Eric," Patricia had said simply while stroking his chest. Last night his hands had been bound to the bed, tightly balled into fists, stretched on each post. "If you don't mess your diaper before the board meeting, I'll make you do it at 11:35." That was just a threat right? Eric glanced up and saw Patrica was smiling at him, pointing at her watch. Tick, tick. It was 11:34. *** 7 Days Eariler Eric was a stellar employee. His athletic frame, couples with his swift confidence were killer in any meeting. Clients flocked to Eric for his advertising prowess and stayed because he treated them well. "Confidence," Eric always said. "Was the key to success in any business." But when his old partner at work decided to leave for a rival firm, Patrica showed up. She was equally smart, confident and her dark brown hair framed her face quite well. The problem was that she was nosey, always popping up at random times when she wasn't wanted. Like right now. Eric was working from home and had just wrapped up a few projects when there was a knock at the door. He was expecting Patricia. "You'll just need to sign these documents," she said waltzing into the house. "The client's expecting them later today." Eric nodded signed everything and offered Patricia a drink. She took it. A few drinks later, she and Eric were on the couch, his hand caressing her breast as she stroked his chest. "Why didn't we do this sooner?" She asked in-between breaths. "Who gives a fuck?" Eric mumbled picking her up and carrying her over to the bedroom. Once inside she she unbuckled his pants and started stroking his cock, fully aware of what it did to him. He was going crazy as her hands slid across the head like velvet, glazing over the shaft, slowly pulling the pre-cum from his soul. Eric moaned. She laughed a little glancing around the room and spotted it. "Eric." She stopped stroking. "Why is there baby oil and baby powder on your night stand?" He froze. There was a simple explanation. Eric had dry skin. He had the stuff to stay clean. Besides, he liked the smell. She didn't seem sastified with the explanation. "Come on Patricia," Eric whined. "Let's finish." Patrica stroked Eric's cock again and helped him remove his pants entirely. "Don't worry, you will." She said removing his shirt as well. She grabbed the baby oil and poured some on her hand. "What are..?" Eric was caught off guard. "Shhhh..." she said placing her hand lightly over his cock. "Let ma'ma take care of you." What? Eric thought it sounded odd, but the moment she made contact with his cock, his mind turned to mush. She stroked like heaven, up and down... up and down... up and... till he was on the verge of cuming. The she stopped. "Babe," he whined. This wasn't like Eric, to whine for an orgasm. "Keep going." Patricia giggled as she unhooked her black lacy bra from her chest and straddled Eric. "I know what you need." She said. Both boobs hovered in Eric's face and he instinctively grabbed one, pressing his face on the nipple as she moaned. The noise was heavenly. Anything to cum. She started stroking again. Slowly. Too slowly. "Speed up girl." He begged coming up for air. He was begging what was happening. The stroking stopped. Patricia stood up. "You're not gonna tell me what to do." She said simply. And with that she retreated into the bathroom. Eric sat on the bed dazed and confused. "What the fuck just happened." He said to himself. She was all over him leading him to a mind blowing orgasm, and she just left. Eric suddenly realized a problem. SHE WAS IN HIS BATHROOM and he hadn't had time to clean up! Eric had a problem. Inside that bathroom was his secret, the secret he his from the world. The real reason the baby powder and baby oil was in his bedroom. "Eric?" Came Patricia's voice from the bathroom. Eric watched the door swing open, his cock still throbbing. Patricia stood in the door way, in her black bra and panties holding the one thing that made Eric freeze. She rustled it between her fingers studying the white plastic of the fabric in her hands, tracing the little infantile animals that adorned the plastic. "What is this diaper doing in your bathroom." Eric swallowed. Hard. *** She had opened his cabinet in the bathroom. That had to be what happened. There was no way Eric had left it open. But what was he going to say, "Oh from time to time I like diapers?" No. He was never going to admit the horrid secret that he hid away from the world. "Eric?" She asked again walking towards him. "Why are there diapers in your bathroom." "Um..." Eric couldn't think of anything. So he decided to go with the truth. "It's a fetish thing from time to time." He said as if it was simple. He had learned from a podcast it was best just to be honest. "Really?" She said standing next to him at the bed still fondling the plastic in her hands. "These turn you on?" She glanced at his cock, still standing at attention, shiny and slick from the attempted hand job earlier. Crinkle, crinkle. She kept playing with the plastic. Scrunching it in her hands. Then she had an idea. "Put it on." She said simply, tossing it to him. The plastic diaper hit him in the face. And suddenly, for a moment, Eric felt extremely small. His confidence disappeared and he felt like a child who had been caught stashing porn under his bed. "No." He said simply. Patrica looked Eric dead in the eyes and straddled his lap. She took one hand and grabbed his penis, and started stroking. "No?" She said quizzically. "Why not?" The haze was back again. "It's personal." He said gasping slightly. Her hands kept moving. Stroking. The shiver crept up his spine. The diaper was sitting next to him in the bed. "Babies don't get personal time." Patricia said pushing him back on the bed. She tiled her head. "I just want to see what it looks like on you." Stroke, stroke, strrooookkeee... Eric's brain was spinning. The pleasure coming between his legs was instance. Her hand kept moving. To slow for an orgasm, but fast enough to cloud his judgement. "Come on baby," she sad stopping suddenly. "I'll let you cum." Eric was losing his mind. Why did she stop. The pleasure was gone. His cock was hard, slick with baby oil, the diaper was right there. This was supposed to be a fantasy. "Fine," Patricia said standing up and walking to the door. "See you tomorrow." "WAIT!" Eric blurted out. "I'll do it. Just please. Let me cum." "You'll do what?" Patricia stopped at the door. "I'll wear it." He mumbled. "You'll wear what?" Patrica. "The..." his face flushed. "Diaper." "Eric, we speak in complete sentences around here." Eric paused. Was it worth it? Was it worth having his fantasy come true for this one chance to be diapered by a beautiful woman and then having the chance to cum. His cock was taking control. It smelled of baby oil. "I'll wear the diaper for you." He said. Patrica clapped her hands and grabbed the diaper from the bed. "Lie down," she commanded grabbing the baby oil again. She placed the diaper under him and demanded he lift his bottom. Eric paused for a moment. Now was the back out point. If he lifted up, he was committing to whatever happened next. She wasn't going to wait forever. If he lifted, she was going to put the diaper on him. The crinkly, white diaper with the baby like print on the top. Eric kept thinking to himself, why did he have to leave the box from ABU in the bathroom. She wasn't supposed to go in there. This was supposed to be simple. Instead, Eric was naked, with baby oil on his cock and Patricia waiting to do this infantile act. He lifted his legs. "Good baby," she says. The crinkling plastic is loud and overwhelming. This felt like a dream. A dream he wasn't waking up from. "Please don't tell anyone." He moaned as he was centered on the diaper and his legs were brought back down. Patrica ignored him and stroked his cock some more. "Is the poor baby worried someone might find out?" She teased focusing on the head of his cock. Stroke, stroke, stroke. His body wanted to cum, but he was worried. Why didn't she commit to not telling anyone?? But his mind was fog again as he came close to cumming. His cock started to pulse as he arched his back. "I'm going to cum..." he moaned. And she withdrew her hand instantly. The crinkle of the plastic diaper crashed through his head as she taped him up. "Wait, I thought..." Eric was puzzled. "I said you'd get to cum," Patricia said grabbing the front of the crinkly plastic of his diaper. "I didn't say when." She patted the front of the plastic prison that now adored his waist, trapping his poor cock and balls inside. "Don't worry, you'll cum in just a second. Indeed, Eric was on the edge, hovering right near a ruined orgasm and a full one. If she would just keep patting the front of his diaper.... Eric closed his eyes to focus on the stimulation happening in his diaper. It was humiliating yes, but he needed to cum. His mind was begging for release. Her hand started rubbing in a humiliating pattern. He didn't want to cum in the diaper. He wanted to cum inside of Patricia. He wanted to be the man that he was outside of this moment. Then she stopped. "Keep those eyes closed Eric." Patricia said softly. "Relax." Eric's eyes were still closed as he wiggled a little trying to get comfortable. Everytime he moved, the plastic prison crinkled loudly in his ear. This was humiliating, the diaper was thick, slightly pressing his legs apart. His mind was hazy and- "Click." His eyes snapped open. Patricia was holding her cell phone in her hand. He heard the whooshing noise of an email being sent. "What the fuck?" He yelled. "What did you do??" "Calm down baby." She said smiling showing him the phone. "I just sent a photo of this cute, adorable little horney baby to myself." Eric stared at the screen. The puffy diaper clung to his middle. The infantile characters mocking him from the screen, the thick plastic crinkling in the silence. The worst part: Eric's eyes were closed with contentment. "Delete that now." He growled. Patrica giggled. "Litttle baby thinks he's a big man." She touched the front of his diaper with her palm and started stroking again. "But you're just a little baby." She moved her had up and down. Eric was worried. He was so horney that this was turning him on. Big time. In a matter of second she would make him cum inside this diaper. He didn't want that. This was going to far. Why couldn't he cum like a man, on her back, inside of her? "Please no." Eric whimpers as she keeps stroking. "Stay still Eric." Patricia says pushing harder against Eric's diaper. "Don't get off the bed or I'll send this picture to someone else." Eric froze and he fought back tears. She wouldn't dare. Her hand was still stroking his diaper. Crinkle, crinkle. Her hand works her way along the outline of his erection. Eric's moans don't go unnoticed. Patrica leans forward and puts one finger in his mouth and continues stroking with her other hand. The layer of plastic crinkles over and over as Eric nears an orgasm. If she keeps going he's going to cum. "Are you ready to cum for mommy?" She says, her finger still in his mouth. Eric didn't want to answer. His mind was in that haze. Crinkle, crinkle. "Baby?" Patrica said mockingly. "Are you ready to make cummies for mommy?" Eric had to say yes. But he didn't answer fast enough. Patricia stopped stroking. "Yes, Patricia. Please let me cum!" He was drooling around her finger that was still in his mouth. "Let you cum where?" She asked innocently. Eric's mind was going to explode. "Look at me baby." Patricia said. He locked eyes with her. "Where does baby Eric want to cum." The plastic crinkled as he kicked his legs in frustration. He didn't want to cum in his diaper. But he needed to cum. He needed it so badly. "My diaper." He whispered. "Tisk tisk." Patricia said standing up. "What have I told you about complete sentences." "Please!" Eric cried. "Let me cum in my diaper. Please. My diaper!" Patrica smiled, and looked Eric dead in the eyes. "You have to do one thing for me." She said smiling slightly. Anything Eric thought. Just let me cum. "Promise me, you'll do it." She teased. Her hand found its way back onto his plastic prison. "Yes," Eric gasped anything. "When you cum, I want you sucking your thumb." "What???" Eric was shocked. "Show me how much of a baby you really are and as you cum you will be sucking your thumb." She wiggles the phone in front of him. "Or these photos go out to everyone." "Fine." Eric snapped. Then saw her frown. The sentences! "I'll suck my thumb when I cum." "When you cum where?" Patricia demanded. This was humiliating. Eric couldn't barely take it anymore. His diaper crinkled has his cock urged for release. He wiggled on the bed a tear escaping his eye in frustration. "I will suck my thumb when I cum in my diaper." Eric sobbed. And she resumed stroking. The padding around his errection felt like heaven and the buildup inside his balls began to get ready. Eric's legs kicked as his orgasm was approaching. The plastic crinkled. Patrica kept stroking and patting his diaper. And then the orgasm comes as Eric forces his thumb into his mouth. Patrica pushes harder on his diaper as the crinkle gets louder and Eric shoots waves of cum into the soft, padding inside the infantile plastic. All while sucking this thumb. As the wave comes down, Eric hears the click of the camera phone as Patricia smiles. "We are going to have a lot of fun together baby," she said wickedly. Eric's breathing doesn't get any slower as he comes down from his climax. Before he can take his thumb out of his mouth, Patricia tell him to keep it in there. "Don't get off the bed until I say so." She said wickedly. "And keep that thumb in your mouth." She stands up and turns off the light in the bedroom. "Or the photos go out." Eric wiggles his legs again as Patricia shut and locked the door behind her. He sucked him thumb scared, because he had to pee and was trapped.
  5. Hello everyone - This story was inspired by Season 4 of "Silicon Valley". It contains diapers, regression, wetting, messing, humiliation and some sexual content. I do not own any of the characters. Enjoy! This is part 2 or 2. Link to Part 1 - https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/59213-silicon-valley-diaper-demotion-part-i/ . ------------------------------------------------ Silicon Valley: Monica's Diaper Demotion - Part II The crowd were gathered in their seats for the big keynote at TechCrunch Disrupt. Bloggers, VCs, founders, and reporters all filled out the rows of tightly packed chairs. The hall in Moscone West was vast and outfitted with a huge stage and massive screens for the crowd to see all the action. Cameras were rolling and Emily Chang, the tech reporter for MSNBC, was on site with her crew. Following a day of start up pitches, everyone was excited for the reveal of what they were told was the next big thing - something called Crinkle. There had been a press release full of buzzwords about VR, AR, wearables, etc, but none of them really understood what the app did. Of course, they were skeptical and jaded from many years of hyperbole about “revolutionary” and “magical” new products. Still, there was an electricity in the air as though they were about to witness something memorable. Finally, the house lights went down and Gavin Belson appeared on stage. He was wearing a black turtle neck and blazer and spoke with a headset mic. “Thank you all for coming. We’re really excited about our presentation today. In my long career, I’ve never been more satisfied with a new product. I know you all thought that Gavin Belson was washed up when I was ousted from Hooli, but today, you’ll see that I’m still on top of my game! Everyone, let me introduce the founder of Crinkle, Amy Lee.” Amy stepped out on stage with her tablet. “Thank you, Gavin, for all your support. We couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and guidance, and more importantly, your funding.” The audience chuckled. “Today, we’re going to change the face of parenting forever. Imagine: what if you didn’t have to put up with naughtiness and misbehavior? What if you could teach children the life lessons they need so badly with just a few taps? Well, now you can, thanks to the revolutionary Crinkle app. Crinkle combines cutting edge VR and wearable technology to make correcting bad behavior so much simpler and more fun. And it’s not just for children but also people who act like children.” “But it’s so much easier to show you than to tell you. To help me do so, let me introduce Monica Hall. Many of you know Monica. You’ve had your proposals rejected by her, competed with her on Series A funding deals, been hounded by her for press coverage of her portfolio companies. That’s why I think you’ll all love our demonstration today.” Monica walked out on stage looking like her normal self, except she was wearing the pink Crinkle collar. She was wearing an attractive navy blouse and white skirt and high heels. She stood next to Amy on stage looking nervous. “This is a truly revolutionary product. It gives you complete control over naughty or rebellious children. When they act out, you can easily remove privileges and make them become the age they are acting. Forced regression has been proven as one of the most effective means of behavior modification. This ensures even the brattiest kids are quickly made sweet and polite. As we’ve announced, this app enables you to control someone’s Age, Clothing and Behaviors. But today we’ve got …one more thing. “We’re announcing two new sets of features for Crinkle - Scenes and Appearance. To help me demonstrate these, I’d like to introduce one of the valley’s hottest start ups, Pied Piper.” Monica was shocked to see Richard, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Carla walk on stage. She had already been humiliated in front of her colleagues. But if she were humiliated in front of Richard and his crew, especially smartasses like Gilfoyle, she would never be able to live it down. “I’ve licensed the Middle Out compression algorithm from Pied Piper and they were eager to come help with our demo today. Well, Richard was a bit reluctant, but we found ways of convincing him.” “First, to show give you a taste of Scenes, here’s Carla Walton.” Carla was the sassy, diminutive programmer they had hired for her systems expertise. She had a down-to-earth punk rock style and always resented corporate suits like Monica. “What's up, Techcrunch! I’m going to show you Scenes. This is a truly magical feature. It’s a fully immersive virtual reality environment, but projected into the real world, so you can see it without wearing a bulky headset. It allows for some very creative punishments. We all know how bad Monica’s been, so why don't we have some fun with her?” Carla turned to Monica. “Hey sport,” she said dripping with sarcasm, “I hear it’s your birthday today.” Monica shook her head. “Aw, don’t be modest. You’re celebrating a very special day. And we’re having a surprise party for you!” Carla tapped a Birthday Cake icon in the new Scenes tab of Crinkle. As Monica looked around, her environment changed from the huge convention hall to a small dining room like the one in her childhood home. It was festooned with pink ribbons, balloons and a banner that said, “Happy 3rd Birthday, Monica!” Around dining room table were small children ranging from 4 to 8 years old. They were all dressed up and ready to celebrate her birthday. At the head of the table, was a toddler’s high chair. Luckily, Monica thought, it was way too small to fit her. One of the girls, about 6 years old, got up from the table and walked over to Monica. “Happy Birf-day!” she said. “It’s not my birthday!” Monica said. “And I’m definitely not three years old.” “C’mon silly! Playtime is over. It’s time for cake!” she took Monica’s hand and Monica had to follow her over to the table. As they walked toward the heavily decorated kid’s table, Monica noticed something strange. The table was getting closer to eye level. So were all the kids. She looked back at the girl who was holding her hand and saw that they were now almost equal in height! They stopped next to the high chair. The girl turned around to face Monica with a slightly evil smirk. Monica was at eye level with her and still shrinking. She ended around a head shorter than the little girl, now staring up at the six year old. Her blouse was hanging off her shoulder and she wobbled in her heels. The skirt was in danger of falling off at any second. Looking down, she saw she still had her adult figure - breasts, hips and all - but was about the size of three year old. “Don’t worry,” said the girl, “let big sister help you.” She put her hands under Monica’s armpits and lifted the miniaturized woman out of her clothes and up into the highchair. She swung though the air in her proverbial birthday suit, feeling the cold air on her skin. It was quite shocking and embarrassing. However, she didn’t remain naked for long. As the highchair tray snapped into place, she immediately felt a thickly padded diaper forming around her bottom. This was followed by a tight yellow tank top that had a sparkly blue “3” with a princess crown on the front, and a frilly party skirt with glitter around her waste. She wore a pointy party hat strapped around her chin with a rubber band. The hat had a streaming ribbon at the top and said “Mommy’s Big Girl”. The birthday girl now looked the part. Monica blinked rapidly. Just a few moments ago, she had been standing on the keynote stage in her adult clothes. Now, she was the guest of honor at a toddler’s birthday party, having been shrunken down, dressed up, and put on display in a high chair in front of the giggling children. It was like a bad dream come true. The TechCrunch crowd was still watching on the giant flat screens. On stage, it looked as if a window onto the scene had appeared. They had never seen virtual reality so realistic, and certainly not to the naked eye. However, they didn’t have time to think about the technical aspects, because they were too engrossed in the humiliating spectacle of a former scourge of the Valley being reduced to a helpless baby brat. Their stunned silence gave way to laughter. The children around the table looked excited. They seemed thoroughly aware and amused by Monica’s transformation. “I bet you thought you were too big for the kid’s table,” one girl giggled, “but now you’re the littlest one here!” As far as Monica could tell, she was also the only one wearing diapers. As Monica squirmed in the highchair, the lights dimmed. In walked Carla holding a large chocolate birthday cake with three candles. “Happy Birthday” she sang. The children sang along with her. “Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday, Baby Monica Happy Birthday to you! How old are you now? How old are you now?” The last line sounded sinister give her recent age demotion. Monica surprised herself by holding up three little fingers, while the children all laughed. She blushed as the chocolate cake was placed on the tray in front of her. Written in icing was a big “3” and a happy face. “Now blow out the candles and make a wish!” said Carla. “Maybe you should wish to graduate to training pants this year.” The table giggled. Monica blew out the candles but only managed to get two out of three. She tried again and finally got the third one. “That’s okay, sweetie,” Carla condescended. “You might still get your wish…someday!” Carla turned and addressed the crowd. “As you can see, Scenes not only creates a virtual environment, it automates the script and controls settings on the other tabs. That’s why Monica shrank automatically when she was led to the kids’ table and was diapered when she sat in the highchair without me doing a thing. The Appearance settings even let us change the appearance of Monica’s body to further embarrass her. For example, reducing her height from a normal adult to that of a small child. "There's so much more that Crinkle can do.” She removed the candles and left the whole cake in front of Monica. “Now dig in, little birthday girl!” Without wanting to, Monica began taking handfuls of cake and stuffing them in her mouth. The chocolate smeared all over her mouth and chin. She chewed with her mouth open, so half of the cake fell onto the tray. Soon, she was a total mess. “Oh, someone’s a messy eater. Who’s mommy’s little piggy?” Carla said. Monica blushed. Carla made oinking sounds; the children laughed. “Careful about eating so much, little piggy. You’ll never lose that baby fat!” Carla laughed, and Monica felt a rolling sensation in her body as she continued forcing cake into her mouth. Her breasts deflated under her tight tank top. Then her tummy got softer and rounder. Her thighs, hips and butt plumped up significantly. She her cheeks budged out to look more cherubic. Even her hands looked short and pudgy. She finally stopped eating and looked down at her body. She wasn’t fat, just plump like a pear-shaped baby. Her hard body toned by many hours of yoga was gone and replaced by that of a roly poly toddler. Carla pinched her cheeks and jiggled her pudgy thighs in the baby seat. Then she held up a vanity mirror for Monica to see herself. Monica would almost rather have been turned into a real toddler. Instead, with her dwarfish size, chubby cheeks, flat chest, and huge rump strapped in a highchair, she looked like an innocent helpless cupie doll version of herself. “Please, Carla. This is too much!” Her voice sounded high and tiny. “You can dress me up and manipulate me like some doll, but body shaming me like this is just cruel! Think about what y-“ Monica let out a loud belch that ended her outburst. A blush spread across her chubby chipmunk cheeks. “Our little princess ate a lot of cake very quickly. You must be feeling really full!” Carla winked at her, and Monica let out a deep rumbling fart into her diaper. “No!” she cried. “I can’t do this here. Not in front of these little kids and all these people!” “Sure, you can. Before you open presents, our chubby-wubby birthday girl needs to make a big present in her pants.” This was obviously part of the sick storyline line of this scene, thought Monica. She was dreading performing the most babyish act imaginable in front of the titans of Silicon Valley. She let out a high-squeaking fart and began pooping her diapers. She could feel a big log of poop making its way into the back of her diapers. But unlike her earlier mess, this load was hard and solid. She had to push hard to get it out, especially sitting on the the hard chair and with her expanded butt filling out the thick diaper. She grunted and strained, even though all she wanted to do was hold it in. Losing control and pooping was one thing; being forced to work hard to mess and humiliate herself was another level of embarrassment. The cake had also made her very gassy, and she farted loudly at regular intervals. Every time she pinched off a new log, there was a burst of flatulence, amplified over the massive PA system. There was no doubt in anyone's mind about what was happening in her diapers, even if her red and scrunched up face hadn't given it away. "Ewwww," said one of the little girls. "She's pooping her diapers like a baby!" "Diaper baby! Diaper baby!" the kids chanted. After a solid five minutes, Monica finally finished pooping with a final long squishy fart. Her chubby face, hands, shirt and lumpy diapers were now all stained brown. She squirmed in the her seat and tried to hold onto the last shred of her dignity by not crying. Even this attempt failed as she began wailing in her highchair and tears rolled down the smudged chocolate on her face. Carla scooped the tantruming toddler out of her seat and bounced her on her hip, further mushing the mess around her chubby bottom. "There, there, little one. I know you want to be a big girl, but you're still just a baby. You've made a real mess of your party outfit, Ms. Piggy! But it’s your party, so I guess you can cry if you want to.” she laughed. Monica cried harder at this. "Sorry, everyone," she said turning to the children. "The presents will have to wait. This little one is cranky and needs her diaper changed. Who wants to help me?" Many hands went up. Carla chose the 6-year old who had led Monica to the table. She then laid Monica's short chubby body down on the table. "You've practiced on your dollies, so you know what to do," she said to the little girl. The little girl then began to untape Monica's diapers as she cried. "Aw is someone embarrassed about having her poopy diaper changed in front of the whole party? Like a little dolly, by a girl your niece’s age? In your messy party costume with your chubby legs kicking in the air? Maybe next time, you won't be such a greedy piggy." Monica sobbed. "I think you've learned your lesson." The birthday party scene then dissolved in a pixelated vapor and returned to the convention stage. Monica was lying on the floor in her business attire and her body back to normal. The altered reality scene had faded as quickly as it had appeared. The crowd went wild in laughter and applause. Amy returned to the stage. “Thank you, Carla! Fabulous demonstration. As you've seen, Crinkle is the most advanced diaper punishment app in the world. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. But let's ask the audience. Do you think Monica has really learned her lesson?" "No!" came shouts from all over the crowd. On the screen behind them was a live stream of Tweets and Instagram posts from the event, mostly with pics and videos of Monica pooping herself and being changed at her own birthday party. "Very well, then. We've saved the best scenario for last. We all know about Monica’s friendship with Richard Hendriks, the founder of Pied Piper. What you probably don’t know is that Richard has had a crush on Monica since they met, but she refuses to go out with him. She likes the attention but will never ever sleep with him, because that would lessen her power over him. She enjoys making him feel like a bumbling teenager.” “For our final demonstration, I think we should get these two lovebirds together on a dream date.” She launched the Crinkle app again and tapped a few icons and Monica was again transported to another scene. Monica awoke as if from a daydream. She stood next to Richard at a fancy club in Union Square called Infusion Lounge. She wore a little black cocktail dress and her brown hair was full of lustrous curls. She wore tasteful make up and a beautiful jade necklace. For once, Richard was wearing a collared shirt and slacks instead of his usual hoody. Had the whole Crinkle debacle been just a nightmare? “I’m glad we’re finally on a date, Monica,” said Richard, playing with the straw in his drink. “I didn’t even want to come here, but Russ Haneman and his billionaire friends recommended it. I don’t fit in with the high fashion crowd.” “No, it’s definitely not your crowd. But if you want to hang out with me, you’ve got to be comfortable with my VC friends. They live a pretty high brow lifestyle.” While she considered herself down to earth, Monica had become a bit of a snob just spending so much of her time at work around the big egos of the Valley. “Should we get another drink?” said Richard. His pink tropical drink with an umbrella and pineapple slice in it was almost finished. Monica’s much more sophisticated Martini glass was nearly empty as well, her third of the evening. “Why don’t we go dance?” Monica smiled. She knew this would make Richard uncomfortable. She relished the idea of her sexily swaying on the dance floor while Richard awkwardly watched, unsure what to do with his body. It would give her even more of the upper hand physically. “Um…ah…” said Richard. “Ok, sure.” Monica grabbed his hand and led him out to the dance floor. It was throbbing with the latest DJ Khalid anthem. She began to move her hips to the beat. Richard glanced around nervously, feeling self-conscious. Suddenly, a bouncer tapped her shoulder. “Excuse, miss! May I please see your ID?” Monica was taken aback but she could see the man meant business. Luckily, she kept her ID in her dress in case they had gone to the bar. She reached between her breasts and pulled it out and handed it him. The man stared at her ID and then broke into a slight smile. “I’m afraid you’re in the wrong area, Miss.” “What are you talking about?” she said, getting agitated. Richard tried to intervene. “Uh is there a problem here?” “Yes,” said the bouncer. “This young lady is not allowed to be in our over 21 section,” he turned around the ID and held it up for them. It was a library card with Monica’s name on it. It said, “Monica Hall, 4 years old, Junior Reader in Training". There was an ID picture of her with a pacifier and her hair in pig tails, and a cute rainbow at the top. “Fortunately,” he said, “we have a section for children her age. It’s called Kidz Bop. We have so money rich tech executives with young kids that we needed to provide a daycare area for them. The kids have fun dancing and the adults enjoy seeing them perform. Follow me.” He grabbed Monica’s hand and started leading her to the back of the club. Richard followed them, yelling ineffectually at the bouncer. “Hey! Where are you taking my date?” They reached a large glass enclosed area that was much more brightly lit than the rest of the club. Inside, little girls and boys bopped around to music and played with oversized rubber balls and toys spread across the dance floor play area. Many of the girls were dressed for “going out” with fancy dance outfits. Outside the glass there were adults watching, mostly the parents and their friends. They were chatting and cooing about how adorable the kids were. “Ok let’s go,” the bound said, trying to lead Monica inside. She tugged at his hand, not wanting to go. Just then, someone passed by. “Richard?” she said. It was Richard’s ex—girlfriend Winnie. He had broken up with her last summer over a coding dispute, and they hadn’t spoken since. She looked even more attractive than he remembered, cleaned up with makeup and a slinky red dress. “Oh…uh…Hi, Winne.” “Oh, it’s Monica!” she saw Monica struggling with the bouncer. “Is this your new girlfriend?” “Well…not yet. But ah, we’re having a bit of an issue here. Can you help us?” Just then, the bouncer opened the door and shoved Monica inside. Richard and Winnie followed her. The bouncer said a few words into his earpiece, and slammed the door shut behind them. Inside the room, Monica took in her surroundings. It had the look of a giant nursery, with little touches like a disco ball that made it like a club for little kids. There was upbeat kid’s music blaring on the speakers. A big “Kidz Bop” sign hung on the wall behind the DJ, who was dressed like a clown. Little kids from preschoolers to grade schoolers ran around, doing cartwheels and tossing plush toys. There was a changing tables, baby supplies, and even cribs in the corner. It was then that she felt her dress changing and growing tighter. She looked down and her little black dress had become a tight pink leotard. The upper half was decorated with sequins and ruffles. The bottom of her dress became a tutu that stuck straight out at the waist. Under the tutu, was triple padded diaper with cartoon ballerinas printed on it. A pair of tight pink tights with frills on the rear completed her outfit. Catching her reflection in the glass, she looked like a big baby ballerina. Richard and Winnie gaped at her. She blushed in shame, her past Crinkle experiences suddenly rushing back to her. The clown DJ blew a whistle. "Ok, kids, time out. Everyone clear the floor. It's time for our special performance of the evening." "We have a little girl who was caught trying to play in the big girl area and talked back when she was asked to return to where she belongs." "Oooooo..." gasped the kids. "You know what that means. She has to do the Naughty Dance hehe!" the DJ said with a clownish laugh. The kids giggled and applauded. Then she heard the DJ from the main club come on the PA speakers. "Ladies and gentleman, hope you're having a great evening. If you'd care to make your way to the Kidz Bop area in the back, we have a very special performance for you. Monica Hall is going to do the naughty dance for us." People began gathering outside the glass wall of the Kidz Bop room, laughing and pointing at Monica. Monica looking pleadingly at Richard, who just stood there with his mouth open. He knew he should be doing something to stop this, but he was also quite aroused with the sight of Monica in her diapers and baby ballerina outfit. "Ok is everyone ready? Hehe" said the clown DJ. "I'm DJ Giggles! Little Monica's going to do the Naughty Dance for us. Let's start with Act I." The lights dimmed slightly and a spotlight appeared on Monica. Then the music began. It was a bouncy instrumental version of "I'm A Little Teapot" featuring kazoos and other silly sounds. Against her will, Monica began bopping to the music. She tilting from side to side, jumping up and down, and twirling around awkwardly in her big bulky diapers. "Now sing!" said clown DJ. Monica surprised herself by beginning to belt out "I'm a Little Teapot" at the top of her lungs. Her pitch was off and she sounded very childish, even though she was normally a decent singer. "I'm a little teapot short and stout!" She put her hands on her hips and swayed her huge diapered rear from side to side. "Here is my handle, here is my spout!" She kept one hand on her hip and pointed to her diaper with the other hand. "When I get all steamed up, hear me shout!" She spread her arms wide. "Tip me over and pour me out!" She turned her back to the audience and bent over and began to wet her diaper. She heard an amplified hisssing sound over the speakers. The audience could see her diaper droop and discolor through the thin childish tights. She looked back over her shoulder, her face bright red. The children and adults all clapped and laughed. Monica stood up and turned around. Just outside the glass, she could see Erlich, Dinesh and Gilfoyle laughing and pointing at her. What were they doing here? "Looks like Richard should have brought a diaper bag for this date," said Gilfoyle in his sarcastic monotone. “Bravo, Little Monica. You really know how to bop!" said DJ Giggles, "Don't worry that you wet your little diaper in front of everyone. We're fully equipped to deal with that, but not just yet. You've still got two more acts of your naughty dance! Ready for Act II?" Old McDonald began to play. Again, the music was an uptempo version with wacky sound effects. This version had a country flair with fiddles, mouth harps and what sounded like a washtub. Monica was forced to dance again, but this time she didn't sing. "Old McDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O." Monica put her hands at her waist and did an clumsy two step. "And on this farm he had a pig. E-I-E-I-O. And this piggy had to fart. E-I-E-I-O." The children giggled at the new lyrics. Monica do-si-do'd. "With a fart fart here! And a fart fart there!" Each time Monica farted loudly and audibly over the speakers. "Here a fart, there a fart, everywhere a fart fart!" Monica's face was neon red as she square danced around farting into her wet diaper. The song began again. "Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on this farm he a had a lamb. E-I-E-I-O. And this lamby had to poo. E-I-E-I-O" Monica winced, knowing what was coming next. “With a poo poo here and a poo poo there!" Monica found herself filling her thick diaper as she continued dancing like a clumsy toddler. "Now! Do the hokey pokey and shake it all around!" Monica stuck out her massive frilled rear for the crowd and shook her butt all around. The mess was very visible through her tights, which were now much darker and lumpier. " "Eww, her diaper's all stinky and squishy!" yelled one kid. "She's a big stinky baby!" yelled another. She would do anything to stop dancing but she couldn't. She saw the delighted faces of both the kids and adults. Richard looked disgusted. "Wonderful, baby! You're a natural at this. Now, onto your final act. Act III - we call this the Humpty Dumpty song! This is the naughtiest part of the Naughty Dance" A pink plastic rocking horse rose from the floor. It was small and looked like something a preschooler would use. The music began playing. It was a hip hop beat with a dull throbbing bass. She wanted to run out of the room in embarrassment. But instead, her diaper squished as she sat down on the horsie. It turned out the horsie was mechanized. It began rocking and bucking in time with the beat. Bounced up and down on the seat, Monica could feel it mushing her poopy diaper around her butt. She looked over at Richard and their eyes met. She noticed that Richard had put his arm around Winnie and they were standing very close. It almost looked like Richard was...turned on by her humiliation. Whereas before she was romantically and sexually in control, she now felt totally frustrated and helpless. "Ride 'em cowgirl!" The DJ said. “Now let’s step it up.” He changed the beat to the 90’s anthem "Jump" by Kriss Kross. “Kris Kros will make ya’, Hump! Hump! Hump! Hump!” Monica found her diapered hips thrusting forward into the horsie in time with the song. How could she be shamelessly humping her poopy diaper while riding a plastic horsie in public? Her tutu flew up and down, accentuating her lewd movements. The worst part was that she could feel herself becoming aroused. While she was grossed out by the smell, she couldn't ignore the warm diaper against her privates. She began to flush even more and let out some soft moans. Richard saw this and, from a sudden impulse, turned and kissed Winnie. Winnie kissed him back and they started making out. Monica watched Richard kissing his ex-girlfriend. She felt like such a dirty stinky baby. Her date, Richard - the dopey guy she could always rely on to boost her self esteem - was now hooking up with another woman as Monica was forced to masturbate in a full diaper. "Nooo!" she began to wail. "Anything but this! Please don’t — don’t make me come in my diapers!" It was too late. She saw Richard grab Winnie's ass and suddenly reached her humiliating climax. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!" she screamed and began to shake violently on the horsie. She had been made to come in her diapers. The exhausted girl slumped over on the horse. The music faded out and and horsie disappeared into the floor. Monica was left sitting on the ground and crying like a baby in her wet, messy, and sticky diapers. As she looked around at the many smiling faces, her crying grew into a full blown tantrum. She flipped over on her stomach and began to kick legs and bang her fists on the floor. "This not fair! Mommy! Daddy! Someone help me." "Wow, Richard, your date seems a little immature. What do you say we get out of here while the baby gets her diaper changed?" Monica saw the two of them walk out together and kicked even harder. The scene faded away in a haze of pixels and Monica was left lying on the stage at TechCrunch still in her messy ballerina outfit and throwing a babyish tantrum. —————————————— After Monica’s performance, the audience erupted in applause. Amy walked back on stage. They were convinced that they had finally seen the future. ”Thank you for coming, everyone! Crinkle will be available in the App Store tomorrow. The Crinkle collar and projection kit will ship in time for the holidays. “In the meantime, Monica will continue her tour to help us show the whole country the power of Crinkle for controlling little stinkers.” Amy tapped one more button on her iPad and a stroller appeared. She lifted the crying girl into the stroller, strapped her in and stuck a pacifier into her mouth. As the crowd began to leave, convinced they had at last seen the future, Monica was wheeled off still pounding and kicking the foot of the stroller. Her days as VC were over, but her days as a helpless diaper doll were just beginning.
  6. Diapered & Dominated by FulldiaperMichael Copyright 2012, All rights reserved. Legal: this story is a writing of fiction and therefore any resemblance of persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Chapter 1: The Lure. I have been a closet AB/DL for a number of years and I’m always looking for websites and physical brick and motor type businesses where I can see my fetish. Well while I was online once with a Female Dom, she asked ma, “have you ever through about some of the wetting websites?†I said, “no I haven’t but I’ll investigate them, any suggestions Ma’am?†She said, “Peeing Cupid†was a great place to start, also “Patches wet spot†So, being the tech savvy guy I am, I decided to check it out. I went to Peeing Cupid first and like many websites for fetish or any type of kink, they want you to register, so I did. The site stated wetting was ok, but no messing posts would be tolerated by the moderators. I was able to post a masked image of me in a diaper and away I went. I wish I could say that I had hundreds of women that wanted to talk to me, but alas, that wasn’t the case, and when I had just about given up on any chance of meeting a kinky Dommy Mommy type. I checked the website and sure enough I had mail. As my hands were shaking as I entered my user name and password to open the email. Behold, there was a message for a dominant woman that was located in another State, but she wanted to talk and see if there were any commonalities between us. I thought that’s a safe bet. A little background before I proceed. I was married for 17 years to a woman that knew about my fetish and used it as a weapon against me every chance she got. She exposed me in our church and community and I was urged (more like forced) to seek mental health as they viewed this as an OCD affliction. So, like a good God fearing person, I sought mental health. I was amazed at how many professionals had never heard of Psycho-Sexual Deviant Behavior – Infantilism! Needless to say after so many years of abuse, I thought “she’s right, you’re a looser and no woman will ever want to be with youâ€. It took me a year after my separation and divorce to figure out that nothing was wrong with me and have a better self-image. When the divorce started I lived in the back of business, where I built a small apartment and being the geek bABy I am used to log onto Prodigy and Compu-Serve and go into the AB/DL chatrooms. When they disappeared, I migrated to IRC and AOHell (AOL) and found like minded people. It was on AOL I met a nurse that was in college and having to dialup AOL long distance to the tune of about $400.00 a month for research access from the Internet. I explained that “why didn’t she use a local ISP?†She stated “she couldn’t get online locally with her computer. Many had tried and failed.’ I told her, â€I can get you on the Internet!†She said, “Sure you can.†I had told her about my fetish and she stated, “I’m ok with that. I’m a nurse I change diapers all the time.†I then had this brain-fart, make a bet with her. So I said, “I’ll bet you I can fix it.†She said, “what’s the bet?†I said, “Diapers while I’m there and a home cooked meal.†She said, “ok, and I control the bathroom usage.†I almost climaxed right then online. I slowly recovered and said, “You’re on.†I then made arrangements to travel the 12 hours to her State and repair her computer for a four day weekend. I informed my secretary Paula that I was leaving early to make a Long Distance service call. She asked, “do you want me to diaper you for the trip?†I blushed and said, “Thank you, I would.†I got back online and told Prillcillia that I would be traveling in diapers. She informed me that I was not to stop for the potty or change my diaper until I got there and she would change it. Paula knew about my fetish as onetime on New Years Eve I got a little tipsy drinking and leaked in my diaper onto my pants legs. Paula worked at the bar I was partying at and she whispered, “somebody leaked.†Then drove me back to the apartment and changed my pants and diaper before us both returning to the bar for New Year festivities. Now, every morning I’m not up, she comes back into the apartment and checks my diaper and gently wakes me up. I think back in retrospect that maybe Paula wanted to be more that a friend and employee Thursday morning was clearing my repair calendar of clients systems and about noon I aske Paula would she like to go to lunch with me? She accepted my invitation and we walked down Main Street to a local diner and the special was ham and bean soup with cornbread and honey butter. I was going to order just a cup, but Paula took the reins and said, “We’ll both have the bowel and four cornbread and honey-butter. She order us some fried mozzarella sticks also for appetizers. I have to admit it tasted so good!!! Not thinking that what goes in, must come out and here I was getting ready to start a 12 hour long drive. I had an old Olds Cutlas V-8 gas guzzler all packed with my software and hardware. Paula came back and knocked and said, “are you ready for me yet Michael?†I had spaced it, but said, “yeah, sure†Paula came back and very professionally cleaned me up and diapered me for my trip. As I got up, she patted the diaper and said, “hold on, let me make sure it’s on good. Don’t want you leaking.†She gave me a hug and squeeze on my padded posterior and told me, “drive safe and be careful.†I had gassed up the car the night before and got in and started the car, turned on the radio and found a station, checked my mirrors and car contents and diaper inventory, then I did the unthinkable. I went back inside the apartment and grabbed my locking vinyl pants and hollered at Paula. I said, “mail this key to this address†and handed her a note with Prill’s address.†I knew if Paula got them in the mail before 2:00, they might get there by morning, The drive was awesome. I was running through scenario’s in my mind as to what could be wrong, high jacked winsock, bad modem, malicious programs or viruses. About four hours into my drive, I needed to stop for fuel and empty my bladder. I cheated and used the lil-boys room and peed and pulled my diaper back up. Grabbed a Mountain Dew and some chips and hit the road again for another four hours. I had now crossed over into the next State and speed limit went up and my mileage went down. I had to stop about every three to four hours. Each time after the first, wetting the diaper. Just about an hour out, I felt my car seat and I had leaked. I grabbed a chux pad and put it under me, so not to ruin my interior. I’m usually a safe driver, but at about 1:00 AM I was so tired, so when my radar detector went off, I nearly dropped load in my diaper. I got off the Interstate at the exit Prill had instructed me to. I was now less than an hour away. I was told to call her when I a half an hour away. So, in thirty minutes I placed the call on my cellphone and she answered and sounded kind of sleepy. I said, â€calling as instructed Ma’am.†She said, “Where are you now?†I said, “I’m about 20-30 miles away, based on the instructions you gave me Ma’am†She said, “good boy. Got your diaper on?†I said, “Yes Ma’am.†She said, “good boy. Is it leaking?†I said, “umm I think so Ma’am.†She said, “ok, well I’ll be ready for your when you get here, alrighty?†I said, “Yes Ma’am†and hung up my cellphone. …to be continued
  7. Would love to do a roleplay slightly based off a video I watched. This guy was diapered and breastfed forcefully by two girls but I would switch it up and have it being a girl with two other girls. I will be playing the one that's babied and I will play one of the girls. My character is gonna be a highschool student at a college sorority party and two students find out that my character is in highschool not college. So to teach her a lesson about going to a party you weren't invited to and because she's young, they pull her into a private nursery and force her to be their baby. If this is something you're interested in but want to change the gender of the characters because of your preference lmk. But my character is still going to be the highschool student. I need someone who has decent grammar, punctuation, and can write more then one sentence for a reply instead of a few words. And you need to have good spelling so I can understand. Please pm me if you're interested and we can discuss the RP!
  8. love being rough with my nipples

  9. It was a beautiful spring day and I thought I would do a little shopping and then visit an old strip club I had not been to in years in Cocoa Beach. This would not normally be that unusual except for the way I was dressed and what I was shopping for. I was wearing a very thick soft cloth diaper that was covered by pink nursery print plastic pants a pair of women’s teal short shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt. Now all I needed to do was find a pale pink sports bra to match my plastic pants. I grabbed my keys and diaper bag and was out the door. After a short drive to a nearby town I started looking around for a store that might carry the sports bra I was looking for and finally decided on a Target store as I knew they had a nice women’s active wear section. Walking through the parking lot I started to get that really horny feeling as my diaper massaged between my legs and my plastic pants crinkled loudly. There would be no doubt I was buying the bra for myself, because I was not going to buy anything else and if you took one look at my obviously diapered mid-section and diaper bag, there would be no doubt what a sissy I really am. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything that struck me. Several lady shoppers gave me funny looks. I was going back and forth and back and forth between sale racks yearning to find the prefect sports bra. This was very amusing to two college girls who didn't say anything, but kept looking at me and smiling. Looking through another sale rack I found a perfect bra that would match my plastic pants. 42A or XL is hard to find sometimes, but that's my sissy size. As I held it up to look at it one of the girls gave me the OK sign. I smiled, nodded, and the two of them doubled over in laughter. As I was walking towards checkout, I remembered I needed some baby powder, so I quickly grabbed some from the baby section before leaving. The checkout lady looked at the bra and baby powder, as she popped the plastic anti-theft device off the bra she was looking at the size and then looking at me. A little smile crossed her face. The checkout lady held the bra up and kept turning it around to find the tag. I am sure the three ladies behind me knew I was buying a bra for myself. After she totaled the purchase, I swiped my credit card and the machine buzzed. "Does your card have a chip, honey?" she said. "Oh, yeah it does," I replied. "I guess you're just too excited about your purchases. Go ahead and put the card in the lower slot." The checkout lady looked at my diaper bag on the counter and back at me as she said “what pretty diapers and plastic pants, you want to put your baby powder in your diaper bag,” as she looked at my mid-section and smiled? That got a chuckle out of the lady next in line. We completed the transaction and she gave me a small bag and with that big smile said, "You have a nice day." I was about to leave the store when I thought, "Where should I change?" I hadn't been in this area in years. This shopping area was new to me. It was the middle of the day and I wasn't sure where to go. Then I thought, "They already know I'm a sissy here." So I turned around and went to the restroom in the front of the store. I was so much easier than fighting the steering wheel and having things fall between the seats in the car. The bra didn't have any clasps. I slid it over my head and pulled it in place and quickly put my T-shirt back on. As I walked out, I looked in the mirror. It was then that I noticed you could just barely see the pink of the bra through the T-shirt and the ever popular bulge of my diapers and plastic pants under my woman’s short shorts. As I walked through the front of the store I had to go by the checkout lane I had used. That big grin showed up again, I smiled and said, "thank you." That big grin got as wide as it could get, "You have fun!" The return trip across the parking lot was just as exciting. Just before I got to my parking space a car honked at me. I turned around and it saw the two girls who helped me pick out my bra. The girls were pointing and laughing. I smiled, waved, which cracked them all up. I felt like everyone had their eyes on the big sissy the rest of the way to my car. Now I had the strip club on my mind. Way back when lap dances were pretty strict. You had to keep your hands on the couch while the girl rubbed her body on your crotch. That was another reason I wanted to be wearing diapers. I had never gone to a strip club dressed so sissyish before and was hoping this place was as friendly as it used to be. I drove across town straight to the strip club. As I entered, the difference between the bright outdoors and the dark club blinded me for several seconds. As my eyes adjusted I saw the counter just inside the front door. This is where you used to pay the cover charge. Since no one asked me for any money I just walked in. As my eyes adjusted a bartender appeared. She smiled as she looked me up and down. Being a weekday, there were only four or five guys around the L-shaped bar who just seemed to be eyeing the strippers, while the strippers they were talking to checked me out. "Sorry, there wasn't anyone to greet you. There's a $6 cover charge," said the bartender. She was wearing black shiny leggings, corset and high heel boots. She went behind the front door counter and made change for my $20, a lot of ones and a five. She knew how to take care of the girls. I followed her to the bar and order a beer. There was a Hispanic girl dancing. She had the whole Selena look going on. I sat down with my beer and put my money on the table just as I was approached by a Beautiful girl wearing black panties and a basque. I was very nervous but after a while I mentioned that I was wearing diapers, plastic pant and a bra as I enjoyed wearing them and humiliation, we discussed it for a while and I opted to have a private dance, she grabbed my hand a led me over to a private booth. As she started dancing, she kept feeling my chest and straps of the bra and then reached down the back of my shorts to rub my plastic pants, as she whispered in my ear “you are a big sissy baby.” I was loving it. After the dance, I went back to the main room and saw the girl come out and go over to another girl who then made a b-line for me. This lady was Stunning, she had dark hair, Very pale skin, bright red lipstick, a red Corset and lace panties on. We made small talk and then she said "so what secret do you want to tell me?" I was a bit shocked and very turned on, we went for a private dance and as she started she just turned and said, "So you like to be humiliated then?" "Yea" I replied, as she danced she gently pulled my hair and even put her bra in my mouth and rubbed the front of my diapers and plastic pants. When she finished she told me that if I wanted she would tell all the girls and told me to trust her it would be ok, I agreed and went and sat down. As I went up to the bar to get another beer the girls all looked over and were smiling and chatting, I feeling a bit more adventurous I made sure that the waistband of my plastic pants could be seen, the only other guys in there were distracted. The bartender in very sexy shiny leggings smiled got my beer and said, "cute, I would never have guessed you were wearing diapers and baby pants, enjoy it sweetie!" I smiled and as I went back to my seat as a tall brunette came over to me and pulled the waistband shorts out in front exposing my diapers and plastic pants, "ah so it's true!" she said "well let’s hear it, tell me all about it." we talked for a while and she kept saying that it really interested her and she would love to change my diapers and expose my diapers to everyone. She quickly worked out that I loved the Humiliation of it all, and kept getting the passing girls to pop over and look at my diapers and feel my bra. I went for a private dance with her and she told me to pull me shorts down slightly so she could really see my diapers and plastic pants. As I sat down with the shorts pulled down exposing my thick diaper covered by pink nursery print plastic pants, she danced and asked if I wanted to be verbally humiliated, I nodded and she was just brilliant bringing me to the edge several time during the first dance. After two more amazing dances she finally helped me blow my load. She sat back down next to me and said out loud, “good thing you had a diaper on.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that if I come back then she'll make it very special for me. I left soon after and promised myself I would go back soon. I think next time I’ll wear something a little different, although not too overtly. I hope you enjoy reading as I loved doing it.
  10. Caught

    Caught It was a Friday and I was let off of work a few hours early. That meant I would be home about 2-3 hours before my girlfriend/Mommy got home.Yes,Im a submissive ABDL to Her, when not a work.As I walked thru the front door of Our house I saw the fresh diaper Mommy had laid out for Me on the couch.Im expected to put one on as soon as I get home.This time I walked past it and strolled to the fridge for a cold beer.I grabbed a can and popped the top.I was allowed to drink as many as I wanted with one stipulation.I had to drink it from a sippy cup or baby bottle.Today I was feeling rebellious.I carried the open can with Me out to the back yard on to our deck.Id now broken 3 rules.Diaper,drinking from a can and being outside with out Mommy.Still,I had lots of time and could be inside diapered and drinking from a sippy cup way before Mommy got home!No prob!I sat there in a lawn chair on the deck I had built and was proud of.I loved the view of our lawn with its many trees and green grass,all surrounded by a ten foot tall privacy fence. Finishing that first beer I went and grabbed two more, thinking I would drink them then get inside and diapered.Id just opened that 3rd beer when I had to pee.I walked to the edge of the deck,whipped it out and let the piss flow.Breaking another rule.I was only allowed to potty 1&2 in my diaper unless Mommy said different.I was in mid stream when I heard the back door fly open!"What the Hell is this" I heard Mommy yell! Part two With out thinking I quickly tucked my self back in to my pants still in mid stream wetting myself in the process.I turned to face Mommy who knocked the nearly full beer can from my hand."Get Your little ass up stairs to the bedroom and stand in the corner"! I ran to obey!As I waited in the corner I heard Mommy throwing my empty beer cans into the trash bin.Then open one for Herself and slamming the fridge door shut.She was pissed! Five minutes later I heard Her stomping up the steps.I heard her walk into the room and open the closet door.I guessed She was getting my changing pad."Get over here Young Man"! I slowly went to stand in front of Mommy head down.Not looking at me,Mommy undressed Me.As She laid Me down on the pad I saw why she would not make eye contact.Tears were running down Her sweet face.I felt rotten to the core."M-Mommy",I stammered,"please dont cwy.Im sowwy"! I dont often talk baby talk but some times Mommy likes it."Hush baby.Speak when spoken too", She told Me.She cleaned me,and put a fresh diaper on.Then pulled me up to sit on the edge of the bed. Wiping her tears and finally looking at Me She asked,"What were You thinking,to be so naughty Baby"? "I,I not thinking Mommy"I almost whispered. "Did You get home early today"? "Yes Mommy". "Well,You had to be thinking something.Like,maybe Mommy wouldn't catch You?Is that it?" "Yes, I so sowwy" "Maybe,You dont want to be a baby any more?Should We just get rid of all the baby things?" "No Mommy! No!" "Hmmm,We will see.Are You sure You want to be my baby"? "Oh yes Please"! Tapping Her foot looking down at Me Mommy said,"Well then,I guess You know You will have to be punished"? "Yes Ma'am Mommy". "Very well then.Ive just put a clean diaper on You so,im not going to waste it by taking it off to spank You for now.No,Im going to punish You in a new way.You wont know when,how,or where until I decide". I had a feeling Id rather have the spanking. Part Three Mommy had told me to stay in bed and to think about what I had done.To think about She and I. Mommys real name was Glenda.We had met 4 years ago on a camping trip with mutual friends.That first morning We were the first to wake up and,after sharing some coffee We decided to walk some trails just as the sun started to rise.Some how We wound up just holding hands and have been an item since then.After several months We decided She would move in with Me.I came home from work one day to hear Her humming in the kitchen.We exchanged a long kiss then,holding on to me at arms length Glenda looked into my eyes with a big grin on her face and She was blushing!I asked Her what was funny.She just shook her head and said to never mind and suggested I go take a shower and then supper would be done.That sounded good to Me!When I had showered and dressed I want back down stairs to find Glenda sitting at the table waiting for Me.I pulled out my chair to sit and all the color drained from my face. Laying there still neatly folded was a disposable adult diaper.One of a package that I never got around to throwing away. I looked from the chair to Glenda Who just Smiled."Awww.just sit down baby,lets talk and eat",She said. It seemed to me there was a new emphasis on the word baby.As We ate Glenda told Me that tomorrow being Saturday and the 4th of July Her office had closed at noon.She had been wanting to un box some of her things that I had put in the bedroom closet for Her thus She had found the diapers I thought I had hidden.Along with my blanket and pacifier!Then She asked Me point blank if I was an abdl."Whats that"I asked Her? "Oh come now"She answered,"after finding those baby things,I got on Your computer and learned a lot about You.Just admit it are You an abdl"? I was busted.With my head down I said,"I,Id like to be but I've never told anyone". Glenda came around the table and hugged Me from behind."Now You dont have to because I know",She kissed my cheek,"lets grab some beers and sit on the deck".We sat quietly for a long time i was at a loss for words. Glenda took My hand,"I love you as much right now as I did before.That hasn't changed.We can do this,starting Tomorrow.Your a very complex man my Love".For the rest of the night We sat there sipping beer and talking about any and everything else.Then We made love and fail asleep.That was my last night as grown man in Our home. The next morning I woke up to find a note on Glenda's pillow. Gone shopping.Breakfast in the microwave. Love Mommy In the microwave I found my breakfast.On the microwave I found another note. Dear David or Davey,I woke up excited about all We have talked about and what I've learned.Going to get some supplies We will need.In the mean time,please read and study some rules You must follow. 1. When at home or in any privet setting You will call Me Mommy. 2. At home alone and just the two of us You will always wear a diaper nothing else except socks. 3.You will always use Your diaper when You need to potty ay home. 4. always drink from a bottle or sippy cup. 5.When Mommy is away You may only watch cartoons on the T.V. 6.You are not to touch Your self unless so instructed. 7.You may not be outside when I am away. 8.No back talk or sass. I am sure that there will be more rules as we go but these are a good start. I know You have no desire to be the baby 24/7nor do I want that.I still need the man I fail in love with.However that could change,with disobedience. Now here I lay,thinking about how much I loved Mommy.How I had upset Her by breaking so many rules in one afternoon. Part 4 The weekend came and went and it seemed everything had returned to normal.I came straight home from work every day and put a diaper on as soon as I got walked in the door.In the evenings I did notice that Mommy seemed to be more attentive toward Me.She had taken to feeding Me at dinner for one thing.Also it seemed like I was messing my diaper a lot more than usual.I guessed I my have had a bit of s stomach virus.No big deal.One evening We were on the living room couch and Mommy opened her blouse and pulled Me to Her inviting Me to suckle her breast.She had no milk but We both enjoyed it.As usual I got an erection in my diaper. Mommy sat Me up."Oh no little one! The only bulge in that diaper better be in the back"! I knew then,that I had not yet been forgiven. "Mommy", I begged,'cant You please just punish Me and be done with it? Im so sorry,"! "Dont worry Baby,it will happen soon.Mommy loves You".We were silent for a few moments when Mommy spoke again."You know Baby Davey,Ive been Your Mommy for over three Years now." "I know Mommy,thank You". "And,in all this time,Nobody has found out that big strong David,the master carpenter,the great outdoors man, is really just a little boy who needs to be diapered and Mommied." Alarms went off in my head.I sat up."Mommy,what do You mean"? "Oh nothing sweetty.I was just thinking out loud.Whats that smell?Did You make a poopy"? Indeed I had wet and messed my self at the thought of being known.Mommy led me up stairs to the bedroom where she cleaned Me and changed Me.She kissed my lips good night."Night night little one. Tomorrow is the Saturday.Maybe We'll do some thing different this weekend." As I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard Her talking on the phone. Part Five It was Saturday morning and when I woke up Mommy was already on the patio having coffee.I had wet and messed my diaper in my sleep.This was a bit unusual.I always woke up even if I did have to use my diaper. I poured some coffee into a sippy cup and went outside."Good morning Mommy"I said happily! "Well,hi Baby! Its a beautiful morning isnt it"? "Uh huh,it is"!Sooo,Mommy,You said We might do something different this weekend"? "Yes,I did,and We will this evening"! "Yay"! I laughed,"what is it Mommy"? Mommy gave me a wierd smile."I cant tell You because its a surprise"! Some where in the back of my brain some thing whispered "Oh,oh",,, Mommy led Me into the kitchen and set some milk, cereal,and toast down,and told me to sit and eat. "But,Mommy,my diaper",,,, "I will be giving You a shower and a change after You eat",Mommy said firmly. This was new.Ive never minded a poopy diaper but it was starting to burn a little.I ate as quick as I could and was made to drink a class of grape juice.After I drank it all,Mommy took the empty sippy. "Okay baby,in the bathroom and wait for Me",Mommy told Me. I hurried because I really wanted out of that diaper!A few minutes later Mommy came in.She took off my diaper and used wipes to clean me before turning on the shower."Okay big Boy get in there"! She playfuly swatted my bottem as i stepped in.That lifted my hopes up a bit.Even more so when I saw Mommy undress!She grinned hugely at me as She got into the shower with Me."Mommy wants her baby to be squeeky clean today"She said in my ear.She washed my hair then my upper body.Skipping my privates to my legs and feet. Then back up to my bottom scrubbing my cheeks.Dropping the wash cloth she began to tickle my butt hole with a soapy finger."Do you like that Baby"She asked? "Oh yes Mommy"! Pressing her breast into my back she reached around and started soaping and stroking my cock,nibbling on my ears."And this baby"? "Yessss Mommy". "Its still hard to believe that a man this big and hard is really just a big baby.A grown man Who wets and shits in diapers.Dos it humiliate you some times Davey?To just Shit and piss Yourself right in front of Me?To be under My control?" I had gotten even harder."Yes Mommy! Its humiliating and I love it"! I was close to an orgasm,when Mommy reached down and turned off the hot water.It turned Ice cold! I was limp in a few seconds. "Okay lets get You all dried off baby"! After scrubbing Me dry We went into the bedroom where Mommy got a pull up style diaper out from her dresser.This was new. "Mommy"? "Oh,I didnt tell You,I have some lady friends coming over this after noon.I still want You diapered but no one will be able to tell with these under Your jeans!" I had started out years ago with pull ups and thought this to be true. "Okay Mommy". "Thats another thing.Until I say other wise today,lets both be adults in our conversation." "Sounds good to Me Glenda" I chuckled.This wasn't so unusual.We both needed and enjoyed for Me to be just David some times. Glenda kissed Me."So dos that mean I can take advantage of David The Grill Master today"? "Well Ma'am,I reckon I can rustle up a few steaks!How many heads will I be feeding"I asked in my best John Wayne! "Three guest and Our selfs.Tell Ya what David,We got some time,Why dont I whip Us up some margaritas and lets sit on the deck,relax and talk?" "Great idea Mom- oops Glenda"! Out on the deck We sat in lawn chairs sipping our drinks and chatting about our jobs and such things. I'd had the feeling that Glenda had some thing on Her mind and I was right. "I need to know something"She began,"In the shower You admitted You love the humiliation of being an abdl.Is that what this whole thing is about"? I didnt have to think twice. "No Hun.It aint.Yea it is a big part of it but,Its also a special bond in my mind.Growing up,I was never really close to any one.As an adult that hasn't changed much until You came along.Sure,I have some good friends and Id miss them if they went away.All the relationships Ive been in? There was just always some thing missing.I hate to say it but i had become rather with drawn over the last 8 years or so.I had quit even looking for some one.Id turned to porn as my only sexual outlet. Thats how I discovered the abdl life and I was just drawn like a moth to a bulb!I never dreamed that I would meet some one like You and Im so glad I kept forgetting to throw those diapers away all those Years ago"! Glenda laughed and kissed Me hard on the lips"Well Mister! Im glad You kept forgetting too"! I almost did something just then that had been on my mind a lot but thought Id wait jus a bit. Then suddenly Glenda looked at Me sternly."Speaking of forgetting.Dont forget You still have to be punished". Part Six Later that afternoon around 3:00 Glendas friends started to arrive.I had never met any of these ladies and assumed they all worked together.The 1st to arrive was Nancy A pretty rather plump blond with ample breast. dressed in jeans and a baggy sweater and a warm smile.The next two had rode in together Roxann and Janet. Roxann was as tall as Me with long flowing black hair and a models body.She looked Me up and down as We shook hands but,she had no smile at all.Janet on the other hand was not quite 5 feet tall,with flaming red hair,She had a mans hand shake and an ear to ear grin."Nice to meet You Young Man"She smiled.We all went into the kitchen So Glenda could put together a salad and a few other things.I went outside to start the grill and cook the steaks. My belly had began to grumble a bit uncomfortably but I told my self I was hungery.I went inside to grab myself a beer.Glenda was leaning against the sink counter and to my shock I saw two of my sippy cups and a baby bottle in the drain board on top of the sink.Glenda just smiled at Me,"Did You want a beer Davey"? Davey? "Uh yea.I realy need one" I managed to choke out.Glenda opened the fridge and handed me one. "Just this one for now okay Sweety"? "Yea,Sure.Of course." I know I was 3 shades of red as I went back outside.As I shut the door,I heard all the ladies giggle. At last all was ready to eat,We sat at the kitchen table to eat but I was a bundle of nerves.Each time I looked up from my plate my eyes were drawn to the sippy cups and the bottle on the sink.My belly was doing Jumping jacks and I could barely eat.I told myself it was nerves.Maybe If I started talking it would go away,, So,ignoring my discomfort I asked"So, do You lady's all work together"? There were looks exchanged a smiles all around."No,"said Glenda,"thats not how We met at all". "Oh I see" "We all know each other from a social media group"Roxann explained. "An adult media group"piped in Janet. I had began to sweat,My stomach churned and I wanted to be any where else.I thought I would say I needed to make sure the fire was out in the grill When Glenda stood up.'Davey?Would You be a Dear and clear the table?We ladys are going into the living room to talk". Glad to be alone I said I'd be happy to.I took my sweet time.Scraping and rinsing the dishes.I even loaded and started the dish washer.Just as I turned from the sink my belly cramped.I had to shit!I walked into the living room trying to get to the upstairs bathroom.Glenda was sitting in my recliner,while Nancy,Janet,and Roxann all sat on the couch.Then to my horror,I sat it!Laying on the floor was the changing pad,a diaper,and baby wipes. Here was my punishment."Where do You think Your going Davey"? "U up stairs to the bathroom Glenda". "Glenda"? "I really have to go,," "Glenda"? "M Mommy"? "Thats better! Who told You it was alright to use the big boy potty"? "But.but I just-" "But nothing",Mommy barked,"take off Your pants right now,right here"! I think my whole body blushed red! My head spun!"Mommy please no!" I saw Roxann hand Mommy a paddle with a mean smile on Her face.Janet was giggling. Nancy spoke up to Me."Be a good boy Baby and do as Your Mommy says". I thought at this point that this was good advice.I quickly chucked my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I found I had tears running down my face. "Theres my Good Boy" Mommy said,"now you may turn around,and go potty any time". No matter how badly I may have wanted too hold it I just could not!I started to pee,and the poop followed! I dont think ive ever pooped so much before or since! "Oh my Gosh"I heard Janet gasp,Ive never seen so much poo"! "It sure dos stink" Roxann chimed in! Mommy laughed "A night and a day of laxatives will sure do that!Turn back around Baby Davey" I did."This is the punishment I promised You.Please tell these other ladys why You're being punished" "Because I was naughty"? "Yes,We all know that.How were You naughty". I was sniffing back tears now."I didnt put a diaperon when I got home from work", "And,,," I was almost sobbing now."A and I didnt use my sippy cup! I went outside when Mommy was gone and I went pee pee on the grass!"Suddenly i actually felt a bit better.Surely it was all over now.Not! "Baby I want You to sit down on the pad." I hesitated."Just do it Baby"Mommy said sweetly. I sat down and of course the mess sread all over my butt in the diaper.Then to my further humiliation I found I had a raging boner!"Oh look!"Nancy said in delight,"Hes got a hard wee wee! How cute"! Janet got up and whispered in Mommys ear.I saw Mommy smile and nod her head."What a great idea" Mommy said!Then She got out of Her chair and knelt beside Me."Gather round ladys"! Roxann Janet And Nancy all moved closer as Mommy began to rub Me thru my diaper."You see girls, My little has let Me know that he loves humiliation,thats why hes so hard right now.Look at him laying here in a poopy diaper with such a hard on!Stinking to high heaven and pumping against my hand! Almost with out warning I was making another mess in the front of my diaper and it was intense!As I lay there panting Janet reached down and tickeled my chin."Oh such a good boy" She cooed,"did him make cummies in his diaper"?My mind and body were reeling. I couldn't think of a thing to say,so I looked up to Mommy. "Sweety.Why dont You take a nap right here and Mommy will change You when You wake up"?From some where She produced My pacie and put it to my lips.I curled up and closed my eyes and for awhile listened to the four of them talking softly. "Well He is rather cute"said Janet. "Perhaps so" murmured Roxann, "but You should keep the paddle I brought over for the next time"! "I will do that" Mommy whispered. "Glenda,if You ever need a sitter call Me"Nancy offered. *********** Some time later I felt Mommy shaking Me awake."Lets get You cleaned up Sweety". I lay there as Mommy took off the dirty pull up and cleaned Me up. "Mommy? Who were those 3 friends of Yours"? "Well,remember the day I first found out You wanted to be a little"? "Uh huh". "I told You then that I found all Your abdl web sites but,I didnt tell You, that I joined a few." "You did"? "I did.I wanted to learn all I could to be a good Mommy for You.Roxann,Nancy and,Janet are all Mommys too so I learned a lot from them"! "Mommy"? "Yes Baby"? "I love You too the moon"! ************************* Over the next few following days I thought about Mommy a lot.She had done so much.alwys putting Me first. It was time for Me to give back.I did not want to completely give up being a little but it was time to do something diferrent.I talked with Mommy about this.Now days Im the baby the first and the third week of each month.On those adult weeks We go dancing and dining.We take long walks and hold hands.Some times at night while We sit out on Our deck having a beer or mixed drinks,I go stand on the edge and take a leak.Because Im a big boy and I can. /
  11. Caught In Diapers At The Tiki Bar - 1 Having been required to wear diaper due to urinary incontinent for over 20 years, I have gotten used to wearing diapers and don’t overly worry about who notices that I am diapered, I only try and make the best of it. Most of the time, I am in a Dry 24/7 or cloth diaper and plastic pants with just shorts and a T shirt on. This past weekend, weather was beautiful in Florida and I decided to go to a local tiki bar on the Intercoastal Waterway. I applied a good coat of baby lotion followed by a dusting of baby powder and changed into one of my thick and trusty dry 24/7 with blue carousel nursery print plastic pants covered by cargo shorts and a T shirt. When I arrived, the place was packed and parking was hard to find. I stepped up to the bars, said my hellos and ordered a drink. I have to say, the first one went down easily and I had forgot or ignored the fact I was in such a thick diaper when I went for another drink. I was just over a half through with the second one when a friend Rachel walked up to the bar. Every time I see her, she is always happy and full of life. I have to say had it been in different times I would have made a move for her. She greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss as I went back about my business of relaxing and people watching. About that time, Rachel came up to me and asked where her hug was as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "you smell nice baby" I only heard baby and blushed as she patted me on my bottom and whispered "you might need a change soon." I stood there blushing and scared wondering how she figured out I was wearing diapers. I started to worry that she might tell everyone as she walked away towards the bathroom. I thought to myself, what I would say next and how I would explain my overly thick diapers due to incontinence to this beautiful women. I saw her coming back out of the bathroom and head straight towards me. She walked up and looked at me and said, “I always wondered why you had such a cute puffy bottom and hardly ever went to the bathroom. She continued with her curiosity and asked if I was really in a diaper as she lifted the hem of my shirt, squeezed my thick diaper and patted my plastic pants. Hoping no one was watching, I replied, obviously I was and I asked if she wouldn't tell anyone. She told me “It will be our little secret for now.” I told her I was incontinent from an accident and had to wear diapers. She continued to lift my shirt and pull my shorts out, when she noticed my blue nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts and asked “why are you wearing baby pants then?” I told her, they are not baby pants, they are just plastic pants. She laughed and said,” I’ve never seen an adult in baby blue plastic pants with little characters on them, so they must be baby pants!” I pulled my shirt back down and asked her to stop as someone may be watching. She continued to ask "do you use your diapers for their intended purpose? Do you need to go right now? Do you need a change yet? I was floored, a little embarrassed and nervous all at the same time. By the time she was done asking her questions I noticed drinks had gone into effect on me and I had to pee adding to my already wet diaper. I couldn't lie to her now about using my diaper so I told her I did have to go and I do use them for what they are made for. I added, “in fact, I am already wet.” She giggled and got a huge smile on her face. Some people, heard and saw what she was doing, but luckily no one I knew heard every word or saw her checking my diaper. We stood out at the tiki bar saying hi to friends as she kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the time smiling at me. She whispered in my ear, “You know your loving it, I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front,” she was right, I was loving it! By this time, I had enough to drink and was thoroughly soaked. I told Rachel I had to go home and change as I did not bring a spare on with me. Once again, she pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She snickered, patted my bottom again and said, “I think somebody has a very wet diaper and needs his little diaper changed.” I paid my bill as well as Rachel’s. I turned to say goodbye to her as she gave me a hug and squeezed the back of my diaper while saying “you better bring spare diapers with you next time or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are!” I quickly walked away thinking what had I got myself into this time? Caught In Diapers At The Tiki Bar - 2 Over MLK weekend, I decided to go back to the Tiki bar for something to eat and a drink or two, hoping I would not run into Rachel again and endure more of the diaper humiliation she dished out last time. I think deep down I was really fantasizing about what would happen if I did run into her again and how far she would take it. It was about mid-day and I had an already wet diaper on so I jumped into the shower to clean up before going out. I laid out a thick and crinkly dry 24/7, jumped up on it and dusted myself heavily with baby powder before tightly taping up the diaper. I remembered, the last time I wore my blue carousel nursery print plastic pants that Rachel had noticed and teased me relentlessly about wearing baby pants. This time I thought I would go for it and wear my soft pink nursery print plastic pants covered by a thin pair cargo shorts and a long sleeve T shirt. Once dressed, I took a look in the mirror, realizing that the diaper was a little more obvious than I thought as I walked out the door. The bar was packed usual, I said my hellos and took a seat on a stool at the end of the bar noticing just how thick and noisy my diaper really was. I was talking to a bartender named Julie when I felt someone’s hands slip something over my head as I looked down to see a necklace with a baby’s pacifier on the end of it. I turned around to see Rachel smiling at me and tell everyone that she had just attended a baby shower and it was one of the party gag gifts. She laughed and said “you like it don’t you baby?” I went to take it off as she whispered in my ear that I better keep it on or she will tell everyone what a diaper boy I really am. She turned to give everyone hugs and a kisses and then walked back up to me and said “well baby, are you going to stand and give me a hug or not?” She gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek and said "you always smell so nice and fresh like a baby." She then proceeded to pat me on my diapered bottom and whispered "What's a big boy like you doing in diapers and baby pants, huh? You look just like my two year old nephew. I love patting his cute bulging diapered bottom too." I was blushing so hard I could feel my cheeks burning as I prayed no one saw what she just did. In order to avoid any further humiliation, I grabbed her a barstool and slid it next to mine. She sat down and looked at me with a beautiful smile as she started patting my crotch, and said. "How are my baby's diapers? Are they wet?" I told her no, that I was dry. She looked around to make sure no one was watching as she lifted my shirt and quickly spotted my pink nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts laughed and said “I guess you’re a baby girl today if you’re wearing pink baby pants then.” I looked at her and said “I told you last time, they are not baby pants, and they are just plastic pants for incontinence.” She giggled and said, “Why don’t we ask Julie if your pretty little pink plastic pants with little characters on them are baby pants or not!” I pulled my shirt back down and as she turned and told Julie she has a question. I turned bright red and said “please don’t do this to me, what do I have to do for you to keep this our secret?” She continued to pat my diapered crotch, laughed and said, "I love to tease you and make you blush," just as Julie walked over and she said “can we get a large ice tea for my baby here?” I blushed at the thought of constantly being called baby, but was glad she did not take the humiliation any further. About twenty minutes later, I started squirming in my seat. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “What's the matter, baby? Do you need to go potty?" A couple people gave me an odd look as she said this. "Yes," I replied. "I got to go real bad." She giggled and responded, “Your wearing diapers and baby pants, so pee.” By then my bladder was aching. I couldn't hold it any longer. I stood up and told her I was going to the restroom as she grabbed my hand and told me to sit down or she will pull my shorts down in front of everyone. She looked at me and said “Do you really want everyone to see what a big baby you really are in your diapers and pretty pink baby pants, then sit down?” I sat down quickly just as I started wetting my diaper. It came out so fast you could hear an obvious hissing sound coming from my baby pants. I had to admit to myself that the hot, wet diapers gave me a tremendous hard-on. Rachel noticed the bulge in my baby pants and started to pat my diaper and said, "So that's why you like to wear diapers, huh?" I couldn't answer her because I was on the verge of tears. Now she knew every shameful detail and I hated to think what would happen next. I was thoroughly soaked and humiliated as I told Rachel I had to go home and change. She smiled and lifted my shirt and pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She laughed, patted my bottom and said, “It looks like the big baby has a very wet diaper and needs his diapers changed.” I paid my bill and told her I would see her later. She gave me a glaring look and responded, “I told you last time that you better bring a change of diapers and plastic pants with you or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are. Did you bring them or not?” I told her have spare diapers and plastic pants in my truck, but did not really want her to see me in just diapers and have to change me. She laughed at me and replied, I have changed many of baby’s diapers in my life and seen many little boys wee wees. I blushed and stood to go out to my truck with her behind me squeezing and patting the seat of my diaper and telling me how much fun this is going to be as she took hold of my hand. Luckily for me, my truck was parked against a hill and next to some tall bushes. I opened the back door near the bushes and showed her my backpack with everything in it. She took out a Dry 24/7 diaper, commenting that it looked like a big boy pamper, a pair of yellow plastic pants, baby wipes and powder. “Well” she replied, “It looks like the big baby is ready for more than one diaper change.” I saw the yellow plastic pants with bears on it that that she picked out and got a raging hard-on again. She noticed my reaction and started laughing. "I know what baby wants to wear,” said Rachel as she rubbed the bulge in my baby pants. I nearly came right there. I stood there staring at her as she said, “that diaper is not going to change itself, so let’s get them big boy pants off first.” She started to unbutton my shorts as I tried to stop her and tell her we cannot do it here. She laughed and replied “it’s either here or in the ladies bathroom, you choose.” Rachel then pulled my shorts down and told me to step out of them and hop up on the seat as she patted my plastic panties telling me how cute they were. She guided me up onto the back seat and massaged the front of my plastic pants saying, "I bet baby can't help but cum in his little baby pants. I bet he even likes to sit and squish in his cum, huh? Wouldn't that be nice and shameful? She watched with glee as I exploded into the front of my diapers. It was the greatest orgasm of my life. I didn't think I had that much cum inside of me. She laughed at me and said, “Now we can change those wet and sticky diapers,” as she sternly told me to lift my butt, and proceeded to pull my plastic pants down and then un-taped my wet diapers "My, you are wet aren't you?" She exclaimed as she pulled the diaper from under me. Noticing my pacifier she placed around my neck earlier, "Lets pop this in, it'll help calm you down" She said. And before I knew it she'd popped the pacifier into my mouth. Almost without thinking I began to suck on it, the soft rubber nipple almost filling my mouth. Things were happening fast now, the pacifier had subdued me into submission, and Rachel was in full control, she slipped her fingers between my knees and gently forced my legs apart. I continued sucking on my pacifier as she unfolded the diaper and placed it on the seat between my legs. "Just lift your bottom up for me baby." She said softly. I did as I was told and she then slipped the diaper under my raised bottom. "There we go," She cooed softly. “Now let's get you cleaned up and make sure you’re nice and powdered shall we?" Rachel was smiling down at me as she twisted open the top of the powder bottle. I turned my head to one side as she began to sprinkle liberal amounts of powder over me. I laid right back and looked up at the roof of the truck, I shut my eyes tightly with embarrassment as she carefully rubbed some powder around my penis, lifting it gently with her fingers. Then she began to sprinkle fine layers of it all around my bottom, which fell like fine snow and filled the air with a sweet perfume. "There we are," she said "Baby's all ready." And so the moment had arrived, the moment I had been dreading with ever increasing frustration and shame. Here I was, a grown man, naked, lying on the seat of my truck with a pacifier in my mouth, about to be dressed in a diaper. I looked up, Rachel was smiling down at me, and behind that smile was a look of satisfaction and joy, like she was enjoying and reveling in my shame and embarrassment. She was in total control and I was utterly powerless to stop her. I closed my eyes tight shut as she gently pulled the diaper up and over my crotch. Then she reached across and removed the little tab from one of the side tapes. I felt the diaper tighten on one side as she stuck the tapes together. The plastic of the diaper rustled and crinkled as she pulled the other tapes across, pulling the diaper tightly around me. I remained in my exposed position as she then began to fiddle and adjust my diaper. She slipped her fingers under each side of the leg elastic and ran them all the way round, making sure that the elastic was not tucked in or twisted. I remember her 'pinging' the elastic against me, in a sort of mocking salute to a job well done, a pleasing smile on her face. The diaper rustled loudly as it was pulled about and adjusted, I could feel the bulkiness of it immediately, the thick mass of soft plastic diaper pushed against the insides of my legs, enveloping me, making it impossible to close my legs to any degree. The thin plastic edge at the top of the diaper came up quite high, almost to my belly button, she ran her fingers around the top, and giving my diaper a little tug to make sure it was fitted correctly. She lifted my legs once more as she picked up the yellow nursery print plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was soft yet rustled loudly as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my thick diaper. She then brought my legs down and proceeded to adjust them, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the diaper under them wherever it poked out. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the diaper was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the diaper in she would release the elastic with a snap. "There we go," She said proudly. Babies all done." And with that she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead before taking my hands and pulling me up into a sitting position with my feet dangling over the side of the truck. I looked down at my diaper, hardly believing what I was seeing. It was so large and obtrusive. The plastic pants were stretched smooth over the diaper, and was shiny enough to reflect the light from the sun. The diaper was so thick between my legs. I opened my legs and caught a glimpse of the elastic around the leg holes where the plastic was bunched up and wrinkled. It felt so babyish. She took hold of my hands and pulled me out of the truck as my eyes darted around hoping no one could see my babyish attire. She threw my shorts at me and told me to meet her inside the bar as she turned and walked away and said, “you might want to take the pacifier out of your mouth first diaper boy.”
  12. Amy The Cheerleader

    Chloe Evans was sat at school with her friends. The class was biology which she found boring, she knew it was still an hour until lunchtime. Although she wasn't enjoying the class she wasn't sure if she wanted it to be lunchtime or not due to a group of seniors namely one called Amy White. Her and 2 of her friends Jess and Natalie were being given a tough time by the group of older girls. The girls were all 18 and knew what exactly what they could get away with. lunchtime quickly arrived, Chloe and her friends were stood by their lockers chatting, they were just about to head over to the cafeteria to get some lunch when they heard an all too familiar voice... "Hey baby girls what are you up to" the girls looked around "w w we were just going to get our lunch" Jess stuttered in reply "well before you go I've got a deal for the 3 of you, each of you give me $10 and I won't pick one of you losers to spread a rumour about that will ruin you" " but that's all we have to buy any lunch with" "we'll it's up to you then whether you mind the whole school thinking you still suck on a baby bottle in your spare time" replied Amy with an evil grin "oh my god why are you so mean we haven't done anything to you? "You've got exactly 5 seconds to all hand me the money" begrudgingly the girls handed Amy the money. Amy and her two pals Danielle and Brooke had everything the way they wanted. All 3 of them were gorgeous which had led to them all being on the cheerleading team. They were pretty much the 3 most popular girls in the whole school, Danielle and Brooke were both dating guys that were on the football team, Amy had held back from having a boyfriend although the captain of the team was head over heels in love with her, she had gone on a couple of dates and even kissed him a few times but had never gone any further which her friends could never understand. Her perfect figure, long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes were enough to make any guy weak at the knees. The girls had become accustomed to their social position and felt they could look down on certain people that they didn't feel matched their social standing. They had seen the group of 3 sophomores who appeared to be "average girls" who never caused any trouble and pretty much kept themselves to themselves. These girls seemed like the sort that would probably be too scared to say anything to anyone and would keep quiet out of fear. Amy, Danielle and Brooke knew they could get away with belittling Chloe and her friends. A couple of times Chloe had even had to covered up marks out of fear of her mom seeing them when Amy had hit her for not doing as she said. It was now the end of lunchtime and Chloe, Jess and Natalie had all gone without eating. They sat chatting just before the next class started. "I can't believe how mean they are to us, those bitches are happy for us to go all day without eating just so they can keep our lunch money probably to spend it on make-up and clothes" said Chloe angrily "I wish there was a way of stopping them, if we told the teacher she would spread a mean rumour like what she said earlier" replied Natalie "that would be way too embarrassing to deal with" said Jess. The teacher then came in so they had to stop talking and listen. Eventually the end of the day came around, Chloe's mom picked up her. She couldn't wait to get home so she could get something to eat as she was starving. Chloe had a younger brother called Tyler who had to be picked up from Elementary school which was 5 mins down the road. Mom then reminded Chloe that Tyler had a hospital appointment at 4:15 so they would be going straight from school to the hospital. This annoyed Chloe as she was so hungry "but Mom I'm soooo hungry cant you drop me home" "I'm sorry love but we don't have time, you know how important this appointment is for your brother we don't want to risk missing it" "ok Mom" Chloe accepted she would just have to go with them to the appointment. She remembered Mom mentioning the appointment before, that it was with a specialist consultant to try and help with Tyler's bedwetting problem. As far as Chloe could remember Tyler had always had occassional problems with wetting the bed, it only happened once every one or two weeks but still that was often enough. she knew how embarrassing it must be for him and knew how much he wanted to stop it happening. She imagined if she had been the one with a bedwetting problem how humiliated she would have felt, but she knew that people her age don't wet their beds. They soon arrived at the hospital, they found their way to the correct department which was quite a long walk as it was upstairs and at the far end of the hospital. When they found the correct area Mom checked Tyler in for the appointment "hello I've got my son Tyler Evans here he's got an appointment with Dr. Johns at 4:15" the receptionist had a look on the computer and then responded "that's great, if you follow the corridor along and take a seat in the waiting area around the corner on the left" "thank you". Part 2 They took a seat where they were asked to by the receptionist. While they sat there a couple of young children and their parents went in for their appointments with other doctors in the same department. She wondered if all the kids she could see were here for similar problems. After a few minutes a doctor who Chloe recognised as Dr. Johns came around the corner and called "Amy White please" Hearing that name mentioned really got Chloe's attention, "surely not" she thought to herself. Chloe though it must just be a coincidence that someone must just have the same name as the girl from school. As she looked on she saw a girl appear from the seating area around the corner, she could see her side on and could clearly tell that it was indeed Amy White from school still in her uniform. The girl followed the doctor around the corner out of sight of the waiting area. She hadn't seen Chloe as the doctors office was in the opposite direction. Chloe quickly said to her mom that she was going to get something from the vending machine which was conveniently placed around the corner near Dr. Johns office. As she made her way around the corner she just saw the back of Dr. Johns as he walked into his office. As he walked in he pushed the door back in order to close it, but it didn't quite click shut and it then fell open by a few inches. She could hear he had sat at his desk. Thinking quickly she quickly got out her phone and turned on the sound recorder, checking no one could see her she then very carefully placed her phone on the ground inside the edge of the door. She knew it was risky but she was willing to take that chance. Chloe then sat in a chair which was right outside the door so she could listen in herself. She really didn't know what to expect to hear but she listened in as they began talking..... "Please take a seat. So Amy when did I last see you it must be a few months now isn't it?" "yea the last time I saw you was in April, so it was about 4 months ago" "and how have things been going since the last time I saw you?" "well to be honest things haven't been going too well really" "ok so is that in terms of the frequency of the accidents" "yes it seems to be happening more often" "How many nights a week would you say it happening now Amy" "to be honest I'd say I'm waking up wet about 5 or 6 times a week, it so embarrassing and really hard to hide from my parents and my younger brother and sister as I really don't want anyone else knowing about this" Chloe was absolutely stunned to be hearing this. "yes I can completely understand how hard this must be for you to deal with at your age, have you been taking any preventative measures to stop the bed from getting wet?" "I have done yes, it's so embarrassing to even admit to it but I've been wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it's been so bad I've sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I'm so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both find it hilarious that their 18 year old sister still wets the bed" Chloe sat there with her jaw wide open, Amy White the popular, beautiful cheerleader who had been bullying her still wore diapers to bed at 18. "I can totally sympathise Amy, well as long as the diapers you are using are good quality then they should hold your accidents and not allow your sheets to get wet. I guess its just a case of being careful if you want to keep this hidden from your family. I can get the nurse to see you after our appointment if you'd like and she can provide you with a supply of medical grade diapers, would that be something you'd be happy with?" "I guess so as its really expensive and embarrassing buying them for myself" "Ok ill get that sorted for you. Right, the bedwetting you're suffering with is what's is known as secondary enuresis, which is the medical term for when a person has previously been dry at night, which you were who then begins wetting the bed again when they get older. You fit this description as you previously wet the bed up until you were 8. As it has now been happening for a few months and considering your age I don't believe it's something that will just go away. This also leads me to believe that it's a psychological reason that you've developed this issue so the best thing I can do is refer you to a colleague of mine Dr. Lucy Jeffords who is very experienced at dealing with things like this. I will however not fill you with false hope as these sort of conditions can sometimes be very hard to get to the bottom of" "Are you saying that I might never stop wetting the bed?" Chloe could hear Amy sobbing slightly "No Amy I'm not saying that, it's just conditions like this can be very deep-seated and it can take a long time to truly know what's causing it, not to lie to you I have known people go down this route who have had to just accept bed wetting as being part of who they are" "Oh my god so there's a chance i"ll be wearing diapers for the rest of my life" "There's one other thing that I will provide you with Amy that may help which is a enuresis alarm, these are normally used for people much younger but I don't see any reason why we shouldn't try it. The way it works is that it alerts you that you are urinating as soon as it senses any moisture waking you up and hopefully training your brain to wake you up in time in the future. It can take a few months of using this every night before you may see any results so you have to be patient. What you do is clip the alarm box to your nightshirt near the top of your chest, attached to the box is a cable with a clip on the end. You run the cable under your shirt down into your underwear. It needs to be close to your vaginal area as it needs be as close as possible to the wetness to alert you quickly. So for you, when you're changed for bed, you will need to put the cable inside the diaper and clip it to the inside padding". "Ok I guess I may as well try it" Amy still sounding a little upset "Great... look Amy don't get too down on yourself as we still have these two routes to try before we know how this is going to go, ok" "No I suppose you're right" "What I'll do know is send across a request for you now to go straight in and see the nurse, here's your nighttime alarm I guess you'll want to pop that in your bag" "Thanks" At this point Chloe knew the appointment was coming to an end so again checking no one was around she leaned down and reached inside the door and picked her phone up, quickly saving the recording. "Right then Amy if you would like to go and take a seat where you were before the nurse should call you in soon, you will get an appointment letter in the mail to see Dr.Jeffords, I will probably see you again in around 6 months to see how you're getting on" Chloe knew she needed to move before Amy came out and saw her, so she quickly made her way back around to the waiting area where she walked past her Mom saying that she was just going to use the restroom. She stayed in there for a few minutes hoping to avoid Amy seeing her. Amy took a seat where she was before, she wasn't left long before the nurse had called her in. When Chloe came back Dr. Johns was just calling Tyler in for his appointment, she opted to go and sit where she was previously so that when Amy came out of her appointment with the nurse that she wouldn't see her. Meanwhile Amy was extremely embarrassed with her current situation. The usually confident girl all of a sudden didn't feel so confident. The young nurse had called her in, Amy thought she couldn't have been more than about 23 or 24. The nurse was actually quite shocked as most of these requests were for young children or people with disabilities, she had not expected to be handing out diapers to such an attractive girl of that age. However she knew she had to remain professional. "So Amy I've been asked to see you by Dr. Johns, he said you've been having some trouble staying dry at night" "Uuuumm yea I have" The nurse noticed Amy blushing "Right well he's asked me to get you sorted with a supply of adult disposable diapers. What we need to do is make sure you have the correct size so I'm gonna need you to get you to try on a couple of different sizes. If you could just slip off your clothes, you can keep your panties and bra on" "Ok" Amy went behind the privacy curtain and got herself undressed. She was really nervous at having the nurse see her practically naked but she had no choice. She came back out from behind the curtain where the nurse gave her a smile. "Great, if you can lie down on the examination table Amy we"ll try you with a medium first" Amy went and lied down on the table, she couldn't believe this was happening at her age. The nurse then began putting the diaper on her which she had taped on securely in no time. "All done, if you'd like to stand up we can see how we'll it fit's" Amy stood up and put her hands to the diaper noticing how thick and crinkly it was as she began walking around the nurses office. There was a full length mirror on the wall which she looked at herself in. She noticed how it made her butt look huge but at the same time it was quite a snug tight fit. She knew her butt was quite big and toned which plenty of guys had complemented her on anyway as she had been following a fitness programme to get her in shape for her cheerleading. "How does it seem Amy" "I guess it seems to fit well although it seems really thick and crinkly" "Of course it is honey they're not designed to be discreet they're designed to stop the bed getting wet. You would be looking at paying out quite a lot for a pack of tena or attends that might be slightly less bulky but as you only wear protection at night that shouldn't matter" The nurse walked over to Amy and examined the fitment of the diaper, pulling at the edges. "This one seems to be the perfect fit as its tight enough to prevent any leaks. There won't be any need to try on the small what I'll do is send you away today with a package of mediums. If you can try and slip that one off without undoing the tabs then you could use it tonight" Amy managed to gently slide off the diaper which she folded up and pushed to the bottom of her bag. She got herself dressed. The nurse got a package of the diapers out of a store cupboard which she put in a plain white plastic bag and handed to Amy. As Amy left her appointment she quickly made her way back to her car, she felt extremely self conscious walking around with a package of adult diapers. She put them in the trunk and then drove home. Back in Dr. Johns office, Tyler's appointment had finished. Chloe, Mom and Tyler all made their way back to the car. By that time Amy had gone. On the drive home Chloe couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. She wanted to get home so she could listen to the recording. When Chloe got home she grabbed a few snacks from the cupboard before heading upstairs and locking herself in her room. She got her phone out and started to play the recording. Listening back some parts still shocked her. "to be honest I'd say I'm waking up wet about 5 or 6 times a week, it so embarrassing and really hard to hide from my parents and my younger brother and sister as I really don't want anyone else knowing about this" Yea I bet you don't want anyone else knowing about this Chloe chuckled to herself. "It's so embarrassing to even admit to it but I've been wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it's been so bad I've sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I'm so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both find it hilarious that their 18 year old sister still wets the bed" Chloe found it funny listening back and hearing Amy's confession to the doctor. "I think a lot of people would find it hilarious that an 18 year old still wear diapers" Chloe thought. Chloe noticed how good quality the recording was as well which was because of how close she had managed to position her phone to Amy and Dr. Johns. Although Chloe was an average girl in most ways one thing she was above average at was anything to do with computers. She decided to transfer the recording and save it to her computer just in case something happened to her phone. She then began searching online, looking through lots of different websites and tumblr's. What she was looking for was a picture of a girl around Amy's age wearing a diaper, either in bed or getting ready for bed. She couldn't believe how many pictures she was finding of women in diapers, she realised a lot of the images were linked to fetish websites. After a long search she settled on one of a pretty girl that looked a little like Amy stood in her bathroom getting ready for bed with a thick disposable diaper very clearly sticking out from under her nightshirt, the image looked as if someone had snuck in on the girl and snapped the pic having caught her in her diapered state. She thought this image would be perfect. She saved it and loaded it in to photoshop. Next she went on Facebook and found Amy's profile. Looking through her pictures she found one of Amy which showed her side on which she knew was ideal to use. With both images loaded onto photoshop Chloe put her skills to work. It took her a while to get it right but the end result was worth it. What she had was a picture that no one would even suspect of being photoshopped, which showed Amy getting ready to go to bed, very clearly with a diaper on. She knew this accompanied by the recording would mean Amy's secret would be out and the whole school would soon know she wore diapers at night. Later on that night at Amy's house. It was getting late so Amy knew it was time to go to bed. Her brother and sister were in bed so she knew this meant it was safer for her to go and put her diaper on. She got her pj's out of her drawer and then got the diaper out of her bag. As there were no tabs to tape on as they were already done up Amy decided to get changed in her room. She took off her clothes and panties. She then unfolded the diaper and pulled it up finding it to be quite tight, after a bit of pulling and wiggling she had it on securely around her waist. She then quickly put on her pj pants which required some force to get them over the diaper as it was so thick. She put her top on which covered the waistband which was sticking out. As she was about to get into bed she remembered what Dr.Johns had given her earlier; the bedwetting alarm. She knew she would have to use it to have any chance of curing her problem. She got it from her bag and tried to remember how he had said to use it. She clipped the alarm unit onto her shirt at the top of her chest, and then ran the cable down under her shirt into her diaper. She clipped it into place on the inside of her diaper before hopping into bed and soon drifting off to sleep... It was 3am at Amy's house and there was not a sound to be heard. Until suddenly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP..... Amy was in a very deep sleep and was having a familiar dream about getting up and going to use the bathroom, she dreamt she had woken up desperate to pee and had walked to the bathroom, except the reality was she was still asleep and her bathroom was her diaper. The alarm continued loudly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Amy didn't flinch Soon her sister Charlotte was woken by the noise. She made her way to Amy's room to find Amy asleep. She began shaking Amy to wake up. Amy just made a few groaning noises. "Amy wake up WAKE UP!!" Charlotte shouted Eventually Amy began to come round and realise what was going on "Finally Amy, what the hell is that noise?" Amy quickly realised it was her bedwetting alarm so she pressed the button to turn it off. She un-clipped it and discreetly disconnected the cable. "Why have you got an alarm strapped to your chest" Amy panicked hoping her sister didn't know what it was "I uuuuuu thought I would use my alarm clock tonight but I must have set it to the wrong time" "Why would you do that you normally use your phone. And why the hell would you strap it to your chest" "I keep sleeping through my phone alarm as it's not loud enough. I strapped it there so it would definitely wake me up" Amy looked at her sister who seemed to have bought her response "Whatever, the way you sleep you could sleep through a hurricane. That took ages to wake you up, I'm surprised you don't pee the bed sometimes that would be hilarious big sis" Charlotte could tell her sister didn't find that last remark very funny. She then yanked the duvet off her sister. Luckily for Amy the bed was dry and her diaper wasn't showing. "Just checking" "Strangely enough I grew out of that when I was about 3 Charlotte. Just go back to bed and stop being a pest I need to get some sleep we've both got school in the morning" "Alright goodnight then big sis" Amy knew there was no way she would be able to use the bedwetting alarm again after that, she thought about how close Charlotte was to finding her out. She felt around her diaper that it was quite wet but though it should hold out until morning. She reached inside it to unclip the sensor which she put in her bag to throw away. After a few minutes she drifted back to sleep...
  13. Pathetic Sissy

    This is a dark femdom story, with strong sexual content and cruelty. Please don’t read if the subject matter does not suit. Pathetic Sissy “Oh you are such a pathetic sissy!” Steve’s wife laughed and whooped as he shot semen over himself. His chest heaved with exertion. “A wank after every poopie nappy! What would all your girlfriends on Tinder say now if they could see you right now? And Nanny Smacks, what would she say? I know Nanny Smacks would laugh at you now for being such a dirty smelly boy!” Steve lay on the damp rubber surface of the changing table with his rubber pants bunched around his ankles. The wet and soiled terry nappy was open and his rapidly deflating penis still oozing ejaculate after his orgasm. Steve’s eyes watered over as June scraped the semen off his chest and stomach in a spoon. “Don’t cry Baby,” she ordered, holding the spoon to his lips. “You have nothing to cry about. You made your bed, now you will lie in it for the rest of your life. Now, open wide.. NOW!” The fierce change of tone brought an instant reaction from Steve who opened his mouth to allow June to dribble the semen into his mouth. “That’s better, Swallow. Good Boy!” she mellowed. “Now let’s get you into a clean nappy for Nana shall we?” ***** One month before, Steve’s world fell apart on a Saturday morning. Steve and June had been your Mr. and Mrs. Average in Suburbia. Steve working in a bank in the city and June was a stockbroker, working from home. He was 31 years old and 8 years older than his wife at her tender 23 years. They lived in a large detached house in the “Green Fields” area of town, subsidized heavily by June’s wealthy mother who lived a ten minute walk away. Mrs. Sarah Whiteman was a significant citizen in the borough, an influential member of the local council. She was well known for her charitable works with the local Church and the Red Cross. They had been sort of happy, entertaining once a week and being entertained once a week. They didn’t have sex very often as Steve had problems maintaining an erection and each event turned out feel like a chore to both of them. June found this puzzling and frustrating as she was a highly desirable woman who was not shy when it came to the bedroom activities. Her body clock was ticking and after 2 years of marriage, her mother was already wondering when her grandchildren would arrive. Steve worked very long hours at the bank but June tolerated this as she knew he valued his career highly. They did not need the money as their future was assured by the large inheritance that would come their way. When it came to sex, he almost never initiated it, and more often than not, appeared reluctant to whole heartily perform when she took the initiative. June sometimes wondered if he was gay. He was certainly ‘effeminate’ in his movements and speech. His thin body frame was light with no significant muscle development. She had never wanted an assertive husband, and fell in love with Steve’s rapid fire humour and his conversational skills. She enjoyed a governing role in their relationship, taking all domestic decisions and taking responsibility for Steve’s wardrobe. Shortly after they were married, she surprised him in the bathroom while he was wearing her panties. Initially he appeared embarrassed but quickly laughed it off as a lark. Other signs she had noticed were dried ‘crusty’ tissues under his side of the bed and white stains on his pyjamas. She was not that naive to realize that he was masturbating privately and this deeply troubled her. These ‘signs’ appeared regularly over the following months and she had challenged Steve about it but he had been angry and sulky over the accusations. Then recently, June discussed it with her mother who was equally shocked, but also very angry. “He’s hiding something from you,” she declared. “We have to find out what.” June was slightly disconcerted by her mother’s assumed involvement but said nothing. They spent that afternoon going through all his personal things to see if anything was out of place and they made a significant discovery. Sarah found a pair of female panties hidden at the back of Steve’s bedside table drawer. It was evident that they were unwashed. “Are they yours?” Her mother asked. June shook her head, holding the item disdainfully with thumb and forefinger. The lacy material was bunched and stuck together and the gusset stained with ‘female’ discharge. “They are damp and strong smelling. I think the smell is semen.” “Bastard! The pervert must be seeing someone else!” June seethed. Her mother put a restraining hand on her forearm. “Softly, we need to get into his phone and computer and find out all the facts so we can decide a course of action from a strong position,” she said. June nodded and warily replaced the panties back in the bedside drawer, closing only after taking a photo on her iphone. Two days later that infamous Saturday morning arrived. Steve, June and Sarah were drinking coffee around the kitchen table prior to doing their weekly shopping trip. Steve’s phone rang and jumped up to take the call in the hallway. June and her mother listened carefully but couldn’t get any idea about what was being said. He came back into the kitchen finishing up the call. “Ok.. yes, we will talk about it on Monday morning but you are right, the deal sounds great. Well done. .. Right.. bye then .” “Who was that then? June asked innocently. Steve sat and picked up his coffee. “That was the boss, Charles, telling me about a takeover happening next week.” June nodded, pretending to loose interest and started talking to her mother about what was on offer this weekend. Then the women had a stroke of luck. “Back soon,” Steve jumped up and rushed upstairs for his daily call of nature. Unluckily for him, he forgot to pick up his phone. Before the screen saver could kick in, June picked it up and hit the ‘home’ button and started scrolling through the contents. “What are you looking for?” June’s mother whispered conspiringly. “Everything and Anything,” she smiled, working intently. She worked quickly and silently. Both women heard the upstairs loo flush. “Mum,” June said. “It’s all here. Enough to hang him.” June steeled herself as Steve’s heavy footsteps sounded descending the stairs. *****
  14. Bully gets Caught (Harper.Cutsies)

    Forest sits in the changing room alone. He's always here thus early in the mornings, forest picks the locks and then sneaks in making sure the door is locked behind him before he sneaks out. Their school is old so there's no security cameras either, forest knows this is the best place for him. Today though he forgot the door and it is remained unlocked. Forest is the school bully. Not really big in size, but his awful personality causes everyone to fear him even the teachers! Though he has a secret and if anyone found out it'd end his scary career for ever. Forest doesn't think he's all that bad, he looks decent, greyish eyes and shaggy long blond hair. He is quite small, and could even pass as and girl of he wasn't so horrorfying and wore manly clothing. He unzips his bag and pulls out the killer of his sacriness, a pink pastel diaper. He always wears one everyday and being this early in the morning he can wear it without getting caught putting it on! He'd get caught doing this at his orphanage. He wiggles out of his pants and packs them with his briefs, he lays himself down and starts to tape the diaper up; but suddenly he hears footsteps
  15. Chloe

    Hi folks, this is just a short story I wrote for my tumblr page which I thought I'd like to share with everyone Enjoy Chloe's boyfriend had quite a shock when he turned up unannounced to her house one morning before college.... He had planned to surprise her by walking her to college Her Mum had let him in as she knew her daughter should be up and getting dressed by now.... Unfortunately for Chloe, she had overslept. This wouldn't have been a problem for any normal person, but Chloe was bedwetter and she wore diapers to bed. Chloe's boyfriend Danny had quite the shock when he turned up unannounced to her house one morning before college.... As he entered her bedroom he gasped as he saw his beautiful girlfriend lying asleep wearing a massive adult diaper, looking closer he could see it was soaked He couldn't believe his eyes, she was the hottest girl in her year yet she still wore diapers to bed at 18.... He went back downstairs and waited for her in the kitchen to save her any embarrassment. Chloe's Mom asked if she was getting ready “Uuuumm no she was still asleep but she's wet her uuuu diaper” “Oh dear has she gosh that'll be the 5th night in a row then. It's a shame really because both her younger brother and sister have never had any trouble staying dry at night and yet I'm still having to diaper Chloe for bed at her age” “"you diaper her” “"yes sweetie I did let her do it herself one night but she ended up leaking all over the bed so I insisted on doing it for her every night” “Wow” he thought to himself After some time Chloe eventually came downstairs none the wiser that her boyfriend now knew she wore diapers to bed They set off on their walk to college chatting as they walked “So how about a sleepover Chloe, it would be great for you to come and stay at mine one night maybe this Friday? What do you think?” “Uuuummm Im not sure babe ill have to check with my Mom” Chloe responded thinking how she could get out of it “I cleared it with your Mom just now when I was chatting with her” Chloe knew she had no way out of it now.... Friday night came around, they watched a movie before heading upstairs. As they went into Danny's bedroom Chloe was surprised by what she saw. On his bed was a bottle of baby powder and a package of adult diapers He explained to her that he saw her diaper the other morning and that he didn't care if she was a bedwetter. Chloe felt both embarrassed and relieved at the same time as up until now only her Mom knew she wore diapers He then persuaded Chloe to let him lie her down on his bed and change her into a diaper... After stripping Chloe off he lifted her legs in the air and slid the diaper under her butt, he then applied the baby powder before pulling the front up between her legs and began one by one doing up the 4 tapes Suddenly, with 3 tapes done up Danny's bedroom door flew open.... It was his little brat of a brother Jamie who had an evil grin when he saw what was going on... “"Oh my god! you're stupid girlfriends wearing a diaper, what a fucking overgrown baby. I bet she still pisses the bed the little diaper girl” “"get the fuck out of my room Right now” exclaimed Danny Chloe was now in tears Danny chased after his little brother, grabbing him by his shirt he pinned him up against the wall in the hallway... “If you dare mention this to anyone ever I will kill you have you got that?” “"or what? Is the big bedwetter gonna piss in her diaper?” Danny was furious, he punched his brother in the face making him cry. He left him rolling around on the floor holding his face. Jamie couldn't believe his brother had hit him. He knew he'd been a brat but he didn't think he deserved that. Jamie felt determined to get some revenge.... He messaged 3 of his Facebook friends that weren't really his friends, but his brothers friends that he had added, knowing they would likely know Chloe. He told them all that he found out Chloe was a bedwetter and she still wore diapers to bed and he even caught Danny diapering her like a baby for the night. Two of them sent angry messages back saying how immature he was sending messages like that and not to make up stupid lies. The other one however, a boy called Mike, had recently had a falling out with Chloe and her friends at school. His eyes lit up at the sight of the message.... The next day at school Mike waited for the right opportunity. Chloe happened to be in his math class which was perfect. Midway through the lesson the teacher left the room and all was quiet. He knew this was his chance.... He spoke to Chloe for the whole class to hear... Sarcastically he spoke... “"hello Chloe” with a smile on his face “"what the fuck do you want loser” she replied angrily “Oooohh that's not very nice calling people names” “"So what, what are you gonna do about it dickhead?” “"well I might start calling you names” Chloe chuckled before responding “"Go ahead then you waste of oxygen you've got nothing on me” “"is that so.......... diaper lady?” This really got her attention, Chloe couldn't quite believe what he had said The rest of the class were stunned “"uuuuu...uuu... what are you on about that's not true” the clearly nervous girl replied “It's okay Chloe you shouldn't be ashamed of being a bedwetter at your age” he replied sarcastically There were lots of people laughing “"he's lying everyone he's making it up!” Shouted Chloe trying hard to keep her composure, but the color of her cheeks was a giveaway... “"shall I tell them about the little incident last night then? Where Danny's little brother Jamie barged in his room and caught him changing you're bedwetting ass into a diaper for bed last night” The whole class was now in hysterics and Chloe was crying her eyes out like a baby “Aaaaawwww don't cry Chloe does the baby need her mommy? Talking of mommies I bet you're Mom has to change your diapers when you're at home doesn't she?” The distraught girl continued to cry “Just shut up” was all she could bring herself to say, before running out of the class knowing her social status was now ruined By her reaction it was clear to the class that it was true, that the beautiful Chloe was in fact nothing more than a bedwetting diaper wearing baby who just put on a front for everyone at school.......
  16. Hey everyone! I'm cross posting this from reddit r/ABDL. One of my earliest ABDL fantasies was to be forced or tricked (by a bet or something else) into wearing adult diapers under my clothes in some public or outdoor place like a mall. Then, someone would steal my shorts, leaving me with an exposed (and maybe used) diaper. I have no idea why this kind of exhibitionism/humiliation is appealing to me, but it has always been my "white whale" of life experiences. But, as most all of the reasonable people here know, to actually carry out such an endeavor myself would be inconsiderate to others, damaging to my reputation, and in many places illegal. I can always daydream that my girlfriend will do this to me someday beyond my control or planning, but that's not very likely. It seems to me, based on the many forum posts and stories I've read, that this type of forced diaper humiliation or exposure fantasy is pretty common in the ABDL/DDLG/BDSM communities. Thus, I would love to find a good way to experience some semblance of unavoidable diaper humiliation/exposure WITHOUT forcing the fetish on random bystanders, and preferably without having my professional/personal reputation effected. Is there a safe/smart/non-creepy/legal way to experience this? If not, what are your favorite alternatives? Thanks!
  17. Baby Training

    Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he’d see them, or what they intended to use him for. There were several reasons someone could end up in the institute. A scant few were volunteers- people choosing the submissive lifestyle, often for a kink, or out sheer laziness, giving up freedom to be guaranteed food and shelter rather then work their entire lives and risk homelessness. This, in Alex’s opinion, was a poor trade and a worse excuse for a career. Others seemed to think they eventually be guaranteed a place their anyway, and so volunteered. The advantage there was that they could at least pick the manner of their submissiveness, and have some control over who their eventual master was. Had Alex known that would be necessary for him, he’d have taken that route. He shifted uncomfortably in his binds, his arms getting stiff, and his diaper beginning to chaff his spanked bottom. He definitely would have. Alex, for himself, was one of the many who had been chosen against their will. Some of them had obvious reasons for going. They had committed clear crimes, were put on trial, and plea-bargained out of jail or were sentenced directly. They stood out at first in the first days at the institute. Trying to look tough, with tattoos on their arms and glares on their faces, until they realized this just made them all the more ridiculous. Alex was in a final category- those who had no idea at all why he was brought. He had simply went to bed one night after drinking at a bar, blacked out, and woken up already locked and dressed in the institute, with his form of submissiveness and master chosen for him. Many had similar stories, or were dragged from public places kicking and screaming, or got into cabs that went in completely the wrong directions… There was a long list. They were usually given a explanation. Vague allegations of minor crimes, poor behavior, a likeliness of future crimes or failures, internet search histories, having failed some kind of government test- there were plenty. Alex had a mix of these, with the same accusations of brattiness and immaturity that most who ended up in diapers got. They may be true, he knew, but he tended to believe the rumor that the institute simply needed to sell certain number of submissive to operate and did what was necessary to keep going. The government turned a blind eye and the public kept silent less they be chosen- they were fulfilling a needed service, anyway. For Alex, it was hard to argue. They seemed to know everything about him, and his trove of 'secret' stories about similar kinks was brought up time and time again as a reason. Whether they knew about them when they grabbed him or coincidently found out after searching was beyond him. Alex moaned inwardly thinking of it. The struggled slightly, hearing the tissue paper and his diaper rustle, then stopped. He glanced at the paddle beside him. Tauntingly cute looking, but sharp and painful, he had been given a taste of it earlier and threatened with more if he woke anyone up. He was a Christmas present, and just like any other gift supposedly from Santa Clause, he would not be seen until morning. Waking them up would spoil the surprise, and he had been trained to obey. That training itself had been a nightmare. When he first woke up that day long ago, he had no idea what was happening. He had woken up slowly at first, feeling a slight headach, then bolted up when he noticed he was in a strange room surrounded by bars. “No” he had thought, “it can’t be…” IN reality it was obvious- he had long known about the training program, and that the diapered subs were one of options, but like most, he had never thought it would happen to him. When it did, he did everything in his power to deny it to himself. He had quickly glanced down at himself to see he was dressed in bright pink footed pyjamas and a bulky object he later realized was a diaper. He tried to scream out, only to find his mouth full of something he later realized was a pacifier. He tried to remove it, only to find his hands were wrapped in thick, fingerless mittens, leaving them useless. He looked around himself, and confirmed his suspicions. The bars he had once thought were for a cage were in fact part of a crib, and the room was a giant nursery, decorated cutely, with a changing table, high chair, and toys all clearly intended for him. A pit had begun to form in his stomach. A woman, not much older then Alex, came in beaming. He still remembered the first words she said. “Hello, how’s my little baby doing?” She spoke in a sweet, familiar voice, as if he truly was a baby girl and there was nothing strange at all with him being there. The rest of the day had followed suit. He was offered no explanation and given no chance to ask for one. He was carted helplessly from humiliation to humiliation, unable to get out of the arms, baby harnesses and strollers that held him, and unable to speak with the pacifier in his mouth, only leaving it for feedings. That day he wasn’t even treated as a sub, but simply as a baby. Spankings or other punishments weren’t necessary yet- he was too restrained and bewildered to fight, he was simply there to learn his place. He was fed, talked to in baby gibberish or simply ignored, and changed. THAT was a memory that had stuck with him, not because of the teasing or punishment, but because of the lack there of. “Do you smell something?” one has said calmly. “I think the baby has a stinky butt” the other replied with no sign of surprise. “Check him?” Alex was bent over, his onesie undone. “Yep,” then, in the high pitched joking voice used for infants, “has the baby made a stinky? Does she need to get her butt changed? YES SHE HAS! YES SHE DOES!” The lack of mocking and teasing had made it seem all the worse, as if it was something natural that should be expected. The truth was, as he would learn, it soon would be. As Alex was lain on the floor in a main hallway and changed as the pair in front of him talked on as if nothing was wrong, he had even begun to wonder if he really was a baby, and the last few decades of his life were some bizarre dream. It seemed a better option then being a submissive. The real training had started the next day. Alex shifted again, and tried to pull his arms at least a bit loose. This position was far from comfortable, and his back was getting sore. He wondered what it said about his new masters that he was to be found this way. Did they know how uncomfortable it was? Did they want him to be sore? An answer either yes or no could mean a lot. Of course, the fact that he was chosen as a sissy baby said a lot as it was. There was something of an unspoken hierarchy at the training institute. It depended a lot person to person, but their were some general rules that could be said depended on the harshness, or embarrassment, related to the job. At the top were the merely unstated submissives. They were there to serve, with no real, and as long as they behaved were treated well. After that came the ‘animals,’ either work horses intended to pull their masters around or pet kittens and puppies, they were treated well, if condescendingly. Then came the punishment subs, there to take spankings, be degraded, and tied for their masters pleasure. Underneath them all were the babies. Some could live pretty good lives and be treated well, finding themselves essentially just living to be cuddled and coddled, but that was often not the case. It was hard to feel any sort of pride when all others were baking away from the smell of your diapers. Alex was the lowest from of these. Not just a baby, but a sissy baby and a punishment sub at that. He had become well acquainted with rope and paddles while there, and the diapers and dresses simply added a whole new level of humiliation. Alex pondered slightly. As most had guessed, if that is what his masters wanted, it did not bode well for him. Whoever was paying want him degraded as much ass possible. Most ended up living essentially as their training had done. Some, however, were lucky. They were punished and trained to a low level then brought to their masters as if being rescued, receiving love and affection, and forming a strange form of bond from the knowledge of what they were being kept from. Others got the exact opposite. Even within the categories, the harshness, strictness and length of training varied. Some masters wanted subs with fight left in them that they could spank out over time. Others would switch their subs theme upon arriving, leaving the poor, bewildered submissive confused and having to go through training again. The ones that Alex pitied the most were, ironically, barely even punished at training. Their masters wanted the opposite idea then the rest received. They were praised, given freedoms, and given rewards to build up a sense of pride that the masters could have fun breaking. They were often even given authority over the other submissives, who were told to keep mum about the poor fools fates. Sometimes they’d come back with their masters later, tears streaming down their faces, their pride shattered, their delusions gone as they were laughed at by the ones they had looked down on. Alex himself had been spanked by a few confused submissives only to later see them crawling around In diapers themselves, now bigger bawling babies then anyone, their pride making the fall all the worse. Somehow they never seemed to learn until it was too late. Alex groaned at the binds and his stiff muscles. He was beginning to feel hungry again. How long had he been there? He would have thought it was only one night, but there were no windows, and it felt like a lot longer. He prayed his masters were in the kindest category, hoping for him to see them as some kind of saviors, but he craved being untied whether or not they were. It was more likely that he was meant to be the baby he was dressed as anyway. This could still mean different things, as rumors always came back about what the babies got in the outside world. Some were treated merely as that, infants for their ‘parents’ to take care of, nothing more. Some existed for humiliation, spending long nights tied in messy diapers and over laps getting spanked in public. Some were there to work and please their masters, their clothing adding a form of mocking comedy to otherwise adult tasks. Some lived for pleasure, receiving toys and other benefits, others were deliberately denied it, being brought close to it then returned to whine and moan in their diapers. Some lived to train people to take care of real babies, used for diaper changing demonstrations, some were mascots for small sports teams and organizations or public draws to restaurants and game rooms. Others still were even given to younger people, treated as playthings, live in dolls for the amusement of children. Most did not know what it was going to be until they got there. He shuddered at the thought, and prayed it was one of the better ones. He tried to think of the cruelty of someone who would subject him to it. Could he really blame them though? He had, after all, written all those stories... but those were fiction, not reality... was there a difference? Yet there he was, an adult, diapered, sissified... The training varied from person to person, but for babies there were some general themes. The life in a nursery, the wearing diapers, and being given toys were all common. Most were fed, and most were taught to use their diapers. Some were deliberately made incontinent, being given pills and hypnosis to render them diaper dependent. Alex avoided this, though you never would tell from watching him. A messy diaper around his waist was a common theme in his life. Like all babies, he slept in a crib, and was taken care of like a baby in his ‘home.’ This home was the residence while he stayed in the institute. As usual, he was the only baby there. The other themes were represented similarly, there were pets, work animals, slaves, sissies, and other kinds of submissives, but rarely more than one or two of each at a time. There were also groups of non submissives who went in and out of living there like a hostel, and more still that came by and paid to gawk and laugh. They usually paid to see due to their own sadistic kinks or schadenfreude, and the fact that they beleived the people there had earned their punishment made them all the more vicious in their laughing and teasing. This was for a serious, if subtle reason. If the submissive felt rare, and they were constantly faced with a new group of people, it kept the helplessness and embarrassment of their situation fresh. As had been explained to Alex, the reason a sissy male was embarrassed to be in a dress was because men didn’t wear dresses. If Alex had spent his life surrounded by other sissy babies, eventually it wouldn’t seem to be strange at all. From the ‘homes,’ the submissive would be taken daily to training, this time along with the similarly dressed brethren. As a sissy baby, Alex would join a long and often smelly line of grown adults in diapers, feeling absolutely ridiculous as they were paraded, all holding a rope like children, toward class. Once there, they were trained as a group, with variations for their individual master’s desires. They would be given kindergarten like classes on basic subjects to reduce them and bring their thinking to that of a babies. Sometimes they’d deliberately be given fake information, being forced to learn math wrong or memorize a made up alphabet. They’d then be tested on it, and have their place hammered home when they failed tests seemingly made for children. From there it was more kink related training. They’d be taught to be submissive, with a long list of humiliating and painful punishments, from spankings and being tied up, to more childish such as time outs and mouth soaping’s. They were trained to behave as their masters wanted, forced to crawl around, play with children’s toys, and mess their diapers. They were even trained to act up from time to time, practicing throwing tantrums or acting as brats. Some were slowly rendered incontinent, some were given potty training which was deliberately made impossible, then told they were in diapers because they failed, and others were simply ignored until they messed themselves, and at times kept in them until they were used to the feeling. Whatever a master wanted, he could get, and the trainers bet their careers on making it happen. Alex wasn't given a chance. There was no effort to untrain or to pretend to train. This, he figured, meant whoever he was going to meet in the morning wanted someone who was able to control their functions, but still used to diapers. Did that mean they intended to some kind of joke potty training routine? Was it meant to be successful, with him finally getting out of the childish undergarments, or not? Would they go the opposite route, subjecting him to hypnosis and bizarre diets? He doubted that one, if they wanted that they could have done it already. There was a chance they'd keep him in diapers but let him use the toilet, or present themselves as the saviors of the degradation he had suffered... It was possible, and he hoped for it, but he had learned not to hope for too much. Something told him that wasn't the case. The most likely was that they'd keep him in some variation of what he had before- continent, but with no way to tell that based on what he wore (or, he thought blushing, he smelled like), giving them control over when it happened and whether or not he'd be punished... he shuddered. What else could tell him what to expect? So this one is a bit different then my others. I'm sort of experimenting with a different structure. Rather then having a normal narrative or much dialogue, it is a series of settings, with the plot hopefully coming through. That is because it is supposed to be the Alex (myself) remembering what happened to him as he lies in bondage. I figured memories tend to be more like vague snapshots rather then having a lot of details, so I tried to write it like that. If it didn't work, it is basically the story of Alex's will being broken as he waits for his captors. BTW, this goes with this picture: http://swabbs.deviantart.com/art/The-Gift-That-Keeps-On-Giving-Dress-Clean-652281997 by Swabbs, with his permission. Le me know if there is an issue with me posting that there, I will remove it.
  18. A sissy diaper friend from both Fetlife and Daily Diapers named “Rufflie” recently challenged me to get fitted for a bra while wearing diapers and plastic pants. While I love the challenge of going out in diapers barely covered, I have never worn a bra, much less got fitted for one. After some discussion, I told Rufflie that there are plenty of beach shops and even some adult stores around where I live and I could hopefully get fitted for a bra as challenged all while heavily diapered. I decided I would go for it this past Saturday as I am one not to back down from a challenge. All day Saturday I was both excited and could not get the thought of going out diapered for a bra fitting out of my mind. Later that afternoon I took a long hot shower, applied a generous amount of baby lotion followed by a heavy dusting of baby powder. I decided I would go all out and wear my thick Babykin pink nursery print cloth diapers and see through plastic pants. I topped these off with a women’s short yellow fleece beach top that ended just above the waistband of my plastic pants. After looking in the mirror, I had second thoughts that I might be going too far. While in just diapers and the top, I logged into Fetlife to see who was online only to find Rufflie and here his banter, telling me I better give a play by play of what happens. Before I could back out, I quickly put some baby blue fleece short shorts on over my diaper, thinking there is no turning back now, grabbed my keys and left the house. As I was driving through the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral area I passed the new Fairvilla Boutique that recently replaced the older mega store I used to go to. I had seen a recent commercial that described their extensive collection of lingerie and dancewear, as well as massagers, unique gifts and more for adventurous adults as they described it. I decided that Fairvilla was the place to do my fitting as it is an adult store and they would be aware of various fetishes. I turned the car around and my foot slid to the brake pedal. My heart started racing with anticipation and excitement as my car came to a halt in the parking lot. As I got out of the car and walked towards the front door, my penis released a warm stream of pee in my thick diaper as if making fun of my masculinity. I was quickly reminded of the infantile diapers and plastic baby pants that were barely covered by my short shorts. The sales girls in the shop were different from my last visit to the old mega store… not surprising considering the time between visits, but just as friendly and unsolicitous as the others. I browsed around to see what was where and then found myself fascinated by the PVC, leather and lace lingerie hanging in one corner. I could not ignore the attraction. Then I wandered over to the bondage section. I always wanted to be restrained and forced to wear and use my diapers. Periodically one of the sales girls would ask if I was "ok" or if I needed any assistance. After this one girl asked me a second time I decided it was time to ask for help with the bra fitting that I came for. Besides the bulk between my legs was making me feel very self-conscious and I was sure I'd be `found out'. Silly when you think of what I was there for. Anyway I asked the salesgirl where the bras were. She smiled at me and led me to a series of racks and displays and said her name was Nikki and I should ask for her if I needed more help. I looked through the displays and caught myself feeling the lace and satin of many of the bras in various colors, sizes and styles. I started to select several and then began to have doubts about their fit since the sizes were numbered and with letters instead of the large or extra-large markings I am used to on other clothing. Seeing my indecision Nikki again offered to help and I confessed I wasn't sure of the size. She asked the size of the person they were for. Simple enough question but I fear I blushed a bit. After starting several answers I admitted they were for me. She smiled so very understandingly, glanced at my padded hips and said, "I thought they might be. She said why don’t we take a couple of quick measurements so we can pick the right bra size for you. Nikki wrapped a cloth measuring tape around my chest and told me I would be about a 44B. You can always try them on and we can make sure they fit." That seemed logical enough and I headed for the changing area with 5 different bras. As I was about to enter the changing room, Nikki looked at the bras I had and told me 3 of them would probably not fit me. Some pink lace bras on the rack next to the changing room caught my attention and I asked if I could try one on. She reached one down in my size and handed it to me as I slipped through the curtain. I made sure the curtain was shut and decided to take my shorts and shirt off leaving me standing there in just my thick diapers and plastic pants. I took a deep breath and wrapped the pink bra around my chest while attempting to hook the clasp behind me. I could only get it partially hooked and was about to abandon the experience when I heard Nikki's voice ask how things were going. My quick answer was," fine…" and before I realized what I was saying, "…but I can't hook the clasp." Somewhat to my surprise and embarrassment and deep down delight, Nikki glided through the curtain and said, "turn around". This was the first time in a long time anyone had seen me in my diapers and oh, wow was my head hot and swimming. She hooked me in and inquired "how's that?" All I could stammer was "thanks" and she patted my diapered butt was gone. I spent a little time looking at myself in the mirror and deciding to add the bra to my purchases and then realized that I needed to ask Nikki to undo the bra for me. But where was she. I looked out through the curtain for Nikki and the other girl was talking on the phone but no Nikki. The other girl caught my eye, smiled and pointed to a door. After an awkward moment I caught on that she expected me to walk out in only my diapers and bra and go get Nikki. Ah, why not. I took a quick breath and crossed the room to the indicated door, looked in and almost pleaded with Nikki to come help me, just as 3 college age girls walked into the store and quickly noticed the diapered sissy in front of them. They stood there for a moment and just stared at me before they burst into laughter and then walked off toward the dildos. On our way across the room I again took a quick look at the maid dresses and other sissy dresses. I didn't think she noticed but said, "pretty aren't they. Want to try a couple on?" Just how hot can one's neck get but I nodded yes and muttered "sure". She took one of the shortest black PVC French maid dresses with white PVC ruffles in the back off the rack and with that innocent smile said we should try a couple different styles. Suddenly here I was in the changing room with this petite pretty girl pulling a maids dress down over my diapers. The dress did nothing to hide my thick bulging diapers. I did all I could to hide my embarrassment and excitement as she zipped it up, and then left the dressing room leaving me in only the short French maid dress with diapers and plastic panties almost fully exposed. She returned a few minutes later telling me while cute, the maids dress is way too sexy and mature for someone still in diapers. In her hand was the most beautiful white romper just dripping with ruffles and lace with a bib front and straps that cross in the back that she insisted I try on. I quickly complied as she slipped it over my feet and up my legs, we both laughed, as she had to force past my bulging diapers. She told me to put my yellow fleece beach top on as it would look cute with the romper. She then crossed the two back straps and buttoned them to the lace trimmed bib in the front. As I looked in the mirror, I realized I now looked like an overgrown toddler with a bulging bottom covered with ruffles and lace. She patted me on my diapered bottom and left the room one more time as I decided to put my shorts on but couldn't find them and decided they must have put them somewhere to keep them safe. I looked outside the curtain for Nikki and only saw the other young girl. She said Nikki would be with me shortly. When she finally returned she told me that had no idea where my shorts were. Nikki told me to follow her, in horror I realized the predicament I was in as both girls started to laugh. Nikki told me they were closing for a private bachelorette party and I would have to pay for the bra and romper I was wearing and leave the store. I reluctantly paid her as the college girls walked up to the counter and commented on how cute my romper was. While I love being caught in diapers and humiliated, I had more than my share today. As I walked out to my car I felt like everyone was staring at me. After all, here I am a grown man in thick diapers and plastic pants covered by a very babyish lace romper. I quickly got into my car and drove off only to wet myself one more time.
  19. When She Caught Me

    Feedback welcome. I hope you enjoy! Here are the first two chapters. Five written so far. Chapter One: Brooke poured herself a tall glass of red and snuggled close to me on the sofa. She was wearing her comfy clothes: yoga pants that hugged her bubble butt and a red hoody with the words “St. Vincent’s Medical Center” stitched across the front, standard issue to all the hospital’s nurses. Brooke was short, five feet and three inches tall on a good day, though she claimed to be five four. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and dimples when she smiled. She kissed my cheek and held up her wine. “You sure you don’t want a glass, baby?” “I’m OK, thanks sweetie.” I fidgeted on the sofa, that headache throbbing in my ears. “It might help you relax,” she insisted. “Besides, it’s a Friday night, and you’ve had a long week.” Brooke knew all too well how much I needed to relax. I had always been an anxious person, but things had gotten worse since I took the new gig. Management consulting was no cake walk – long hours, high pressure, the need to dazzle clients after long nights spent building bat-shit-crazy Excel models. Just three months in, I wasn’t sure if I could handle it any more. The headaches had come first. Advil and Tylenol just couldn’t seem to wrestle these bad boys into submission. There were a few nights where my pounding temples kept me up until sunrise, and lack of sleep only made things worse. Next came the lightheaded feeling, then the heart palpitations. At age twenty-four, I felt like I was clenched in the jaws of a full-on nervous breakdown. “Maybe,” I allowed. “If you insist.” “I’ll pour a little one.” She uncorked the bottle with I-win smile. “You know, you don’t need to get me drunk to take advantage of me. Especially wearing those.” I loved the way she looked in yoga pants. She kept herself in athletic shape. We both did, before I took my new job. Now I don’t seem to have the time. She smiled and skipped toward the kitchen to fetch me a glass, pausing in the doorway to stick out her tush and bite her lip. She always knows how to get me going. When she returned, with an Australian shiraz in hand, she poured a taller glass then I had hoped for and kissed me on the forehead. “Anything to keep my baby happy.” The baby talk had started when the anxiety got real bad. I was staying the night at her apartment when I got hit by another massive headache. She was comforting me – I remember lying with my head in her lap, her stroking my hair. “I feel like such a baby,” I had blurted out. “Don’t. Listen, Alex, your anxiety is something you need to work through. And I’m going to be here for you as much as I can. Always.” Then she patted my head and added with a smile, “And as babies go, you’re a pleasure compared to those little terrors at the hospital.” Her baby comment made me a little horny. I’ve always had this fascination with diapers, and her coddling had gotten those juices flowing. Sipping on the wine, we watched the movie and cuddled together on the couch. We both polished off two glasses and were feeling a little tipsy. After the credits rolled, Brooke leaned in to kiss me, her tongue exploring a bit further into my mouth than anticipated. Ah, red always makes her horny. “You’re staying the night?” She asked. “I don’t think so. I’ve got a dentist appointment at 9:00am.” I didn’t. The truth was that I just needed to get home and put on a cozy diaper. The nappies were a safe place for me. They made me feel safe, relaxed, and recently I needed that more than ever. “So drive from here. You probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel right now anyways.” She motioned to the empty wine glass. She was right. “I guess so.” I felt the urge to pee, suddenly resentful that I wouldn’t get to do it in a warm nappy. I had told my high-school girlfriend about my fetish. “Oh my god, so you, like, actually piss yourself? Like in a fucking baby diaper!?” She couldn’t hold back the giggles. “Pease tell me you don’t shit in them too.” I don’t think she ever looked at me the same. It was like I became less of a man in her eyes. We broke up shortly after, and I resolved to take my diaper desires to the grave from that point forward. “OK, let’s get ready for bed,” Brooke said. “Me first. I have to pee,” I said, bee-lining for the bathroom. We cuddled in bed, and I could tell Brooke was horny by the way she wiggled her hips. She’s always horny. She smiled at me and nibbled on my neck, starting to thrust her pelvis harder. She reached down and grabbed the front of my boxers, feeling me completely limp. “I’m sorry. I’ve just been so-” “Stressed, I know.” She gave my package another squeeze, almost as if to say, ‘That’s OK, buddy.’ I looked away from her, shame washing over me. I knew that wasn’t stress. So much of my sexuality had revolved around diapers lately, and even Brooke, in all her sexiness, wasn’t pushing buttons on her own. I tried to picture myself in a poop-filled nappy, sitting in Brooke’s lap, trying to will myself to get hard. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Get a good sleep.” She pecked me on the lips and rolled over onto her side. That night I dreamt of me and Brooke watching a movie in her apartment, but in my dreams, a white diaper hugged my hips. I smiled and let loose in my dream nappy, Brooke giggling as the front turned yellow. I awoke to her moaning beside me. I smiled to myself. Always the same. Brooke had quite the sex drive, and she was always excited in the mornings. She felt bad waking me up and often got started on her own. I turned to look at her, fingers inside the lace of her underwear. It was then I realized something wasn’t right. My boxers clung to my thighs. My swelling member rubbed against damp, warm fabric. I reached down to confirm my fears. Soaked. My cheeks boiled as I prodded at the piss-drenched sheets wrapped around my midsection. Chapter Two: “Morning, Sleepyhead.” Her tone was playful, unaware of my situation. She smiled at me, her fingers still down under. “Um- m-m-morning,” I stammered. “What’s wrong?” Her eyes suddenly watched me close, concerned eyes – or maybe suspicious. “Nothing. Well, I just…” “You usually like when I wake you up like this.” She smiled again, twisting her hips to give me a good look at the spread-eagled show. I remained oblivious to her other hand sliding toward me under the covers – else I’d have tried to stop it. “I think I had a bit of an, um…a bit of an ac-“ “The bed’s wet,” she said, suddenly a detective. She furrowed her brow and leaned closer. She threw the duvet off onto the floor, unveiling me in all my glory. We both looked down to survey the damage. A yellow spot soiled the white sheets, the discoloration encircling my pelvic region. My boxers were darker grey than they had been when I shut my eyes. The covers removed, the musty scent of urine filled the air. “You peed.” She said it matter-o’-factly, her eyes looking into mine, and I thought I detected a hint of a smile. “I’m so sorry.” I wanted to curl up and die. She smiled and shook her head, just staring at the pee-stained sheets. Finally, she spoke. “It’s Ok. Accidents do happen.” Accidents, such an infantile word. My groin started to stir. “I don’t know how I managed this.” “You’ve been under a lot of stress,” she pointed out. “You didn’t feel yourself going?” I cringed, feeling small as she stared at me lying in a puddle of my own urine. But I also felt some excitement, like I’d been caught doing something naughty. I shook my head. “I’m so embarrassed.” I looked away from her. “Horny too, apparently.” She smirked as she watched my wet boxers tent. “Not how I’d expect you to react.” “Umm… I- I don’t know… It’s just… You were playing with-” “Shhhhh.” She grabbed the piss-soaked bulge in the front of my boxers. “It’s OK, baby.” I drew in a sharp breath and thrust my hips, blushing, but hornier than I was embarrassed. She giggled and started stroking me faster. “Baby, I…” my voice trailed off. “What?” She smiled, looking down at me. “It’s not too weird?” She laughed. “Well, what can we say? Your penis has a mind of its own sometimes.” I was short of breath. I felt my muscles start to tense. “I’m going to cum.” She nodded. “Just finish in your boxers.” She started rubbing hard. “Might as well,” she added with a wink. A moment later, I was shooting rope after rope into the already drenched fabric of my boxers. As I trembled and shook, Brooke just kept looking down at me with that silly smirk. The moments after ejaculation are the most sobering and honest moments in a man’s life. When this orgasm subsided, I was faced with some shocking facts. I just pissed the bed beside my girlfriend. Wetting the bed made me horny, and I came in my pee-soaked undies with her watching me. My cheeks heated up again. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” Brooke said. “I’ll turn on the shower.” With that, she hopped out of bed and scurried toward the hallway. “What about the mattress?” I knew I was still apple red. Brooke stopped in the doorway and shrugged. “I’ll clean it, it’ll be fine.” Then she giggled. “Or maybe it’ll smell like pee, I don’t know, but it’s not the biggest deal either way.” “I’m sorry,” I said again. “Don’t be! Shit happens. Go get yourself cleaned up, baby boy,” she said. “Better be quick about it though. Your appointment starts in thirty.”
  20. The Stent

    I was inspired by the folks over in Incontinent-Desires. There's a rather industrious group there making stents for creating incontinence as opposed to using catheters. So I just extrapolated a bit, and added a little modern/slightly futuristic tech. I hope ye enjoy. The Stent "The Medican advanced urethral stent is a revolution in urinary incontinence support. Patients that cath, have trouble with bladder leakage, or those who just can't sleep through the night now have a viable, non-invasive treatment option. The stent works just like a catheter, without the uncomfortable external tubes. The bulbous head sits right inside the bladder, expands to resist untimely removal and contains a tiny radio receiver and valve that gives the patient complete control over their bladder function. Installation is easy, and unlike catheters is entirely concealed within the body, minimizing risk of infection or irritation. It uses the body's own motion and heat for power." Nikki looked up from the package. Her husband looked down at her in obvious anticipation. "How would this work?" She looked back down, the box heavy in her hands. Roger lifted it, turned it to show her a picture. "It comes with a remote that the patient would normally keep. That tells it to be open or closed. 'Complete control at your finger tips.'" He laughed. "But I can spoof that signal with my phone, or tell your phone to transmit, or send it through the house signal." "Why?" She asked, her voice heavy with trepidation. He smiled sadistically. "Because I want to control you completely. Because you want to give up control." He set the package aside, and began rubbing her back. He worked his hand under her shirt, scratching at itches that revealed themselves. Nikki leaned into his hand. It moved up along her spine to the braided chain that ran around her torso. Another hand caressed along her belly, and up to one of the steel domes that encased her breasts. A low moan escaped her lips as she counted back the weeks since she last felt his hands on her heavy mounds. He lifted her shirt to reveal the steel bra. A pair of chains descended to a steel belt that curved ergonomically around her waist. "Yeah, I think you want it bad." "Please." She begged. "How long has it been?" "I played with your cunt this morning, Sir." "Orgasm?" "Six weeks, four days." "So you just had one." Nikki pouted. "Tell you what, I'll let you decide if you want to have the stent or not." He leaned in to kiss her. "I don't… know." He slid into the chair next to her, his arms probing her body. The hand on her back slid forward to cup the steel bra. His other hand descended into her pants, feeling around the steel shield over her mons. Fingers reached through the thin slit that allowed Nikki just enough room to rub her clit through the chastity belt, but impossible to get anything near enough to penetrate. "Well just ask yourself, is your bladder control worth an orgasm?" "…no." The hands pulled away, "No? Well if you don't want it." Nikki grabbed the hands trying to get her husband to feel her up again. But put back to her body they just sat limp against her skin. "Please!" She tried to force his hands to work, desperately wanting him to manipulate her body even while she knew he was manipulating her mind. With a huff she gave up, throwing his hands down. "I understand. You don't want it, you don't have to have it." He started to climb out of the chair." "Your cock." He stopped. "What was that?" "Your cock. I want it. That's how I cum, or no deal." He grinned, knowing he'd won. He slipped back into the chair, pulling her into his lap. "God! I knew you'd do anything for an orgasm." His hands returned more deft than ever, reaching into places that had gone too long without sensation. "You're pathetic." Nikki moaned, "No, only with your cock." He replied by nuzzling her neck. "Please, I want your dick in me!" "Eh, you know I'd stick it in mud sooner than you. What would my girlfriend say?" Despite herself Nikki humped the hand manipulating her clit. "Besides, you'd beg to fuck mud if you thought you had a chance to get off." He nuzzled her again as she arched her head back into him, his lips suckling at her neck like a vampire from the movies. "No, please. I want your dick. I want your cock in me!" But his hands still invaded her, while refusing to unlock the steel prison that prevented what she wanted most. She still didn't try to push him away. His hands roved over her and through her. Her breath quickened, and her muscles tightened. "Please wait! Stop! Please, I want your dick, I want your dick!" Her whining turned into deep moaning. She tried to beg, but her words were lost to the sensations filling her. Too long she'd gone, masturbating according to his schedule. Edging, but not cumming. Too long she'd spent on the precipice of desire, that she couldn't stop herself when his deft movements pushed her over it. Her voice was raw from the shouting, her muscles sore from the strain. The sensations faded slowly even as she wanted to dwell in them for just a little longer. Her master's voice came to her from a distance, whispering into her ear. "I knew you'd sell it cheap." His words were hurtful, but they both knew it just renewed her desire. * Her wrists were cuffed to the headboard, and her ankles spread to the corners of the bed. Nikki's moans had reached their crescendo, and were quieting down. He pulled out of her, and she felt a small stab of disappointment. She'd wanted to feel him cum inside her. But he loved to steal away small satisfactions as her mind reveled in the shame of his denial. "Satisfied?" She nodded, still enjoying the tide of sensations through her body. He left her to the pleasure, but quickly returned with a pile of supplies. He came around the bed, and slipped a blindfold on her, followed by a ball gag stuffed in her mouth. "I don't want to listen to your complaints." He said as he moved away from her. Nikki felt the bed depress between her legs. A folded towel was placed under her, she could hear him unwrapping plastic and opening the box. She came down from the sexual high, her muscles began to tense. Worries about injury, and what this new level of control would mean for her filtered through her mind as they had ever since he showed her the device. She felt a cool touch as he placed some gel against her warm, sensitive spot. "Just relax, Dear. This will be quick." Not for the first time had she suddenly felt apprehension at giving herself to a med student all those years ago. His hands began to manipulate her labia, pressing into her pussy, teasing out the urethra. A sharp pain at that entrance startled her. "Just relax, this is the hard part, but it will go fast." Master said in a soothing voice. The burn dulled to a tingle, but it climbed up into her. She tried to relax, but it took a conscious effort. "Okay, I need you to relax, like you're going to the bathroom. Just ease it out. Oh! Yes, that's it, don't worry about the mess." She felt something slip deeper in until it popped into place. "There!" And then something slipped out of her. "All done!" She heard the double slap sound of latex gloves being removed. And oddly the sound of a trickle. She realized she was peeing! "Okay now, let's see." The trickle stopped. "Success!" * She sat on the toilet and looked at her phone. It had been an incredibly frustrating day. Chugging water and Gatorade, he'd been testing out the new toy in her body all day. Trying different tricks with the signal, different combinations of devices, and different ways of sending it so that no matter what she would be stuck with what he wanted for her bladder. The last test had been most frustrating because he was checking how strong the signal had to be for the stent to receive it. Brief dribbles would spill out with him shouting, "Did you get it?" from further and further away. The damn thing was surprisingly sensitive. Now he was at home, while she was at the mall; full to bursting, and stuck waiting for him to do something about it. She found herself fidgeting, trying to hold it despite it having no effect on her control at all. The phone lit up, "Sending now." His text said. After a pause, she felt her bladder open up, and the torrent pass out of her. When it finished she stood and began cleaning herself he sent another text, "Did it work?" "Yes." she sent back. "Woohoo!" Came the reply. He was so cute when he was so enthusiastic, but right now she couldn't muster a similar energy. * It took a while for her sleep dulled mind to realize what she was doing. She stared at the green digits that displayed 3:42. Sitting on the toilet, she waited for something that she suddenly realized wasn't going to happen. It wasn't unusual for her to get up in the middle of the night to pee, even when she would normally go right before bed. She felt a stab of frustration that she couldn't go. Her husband was fast asleep, there was no way he'd be happy with her waking him up for this. With a sigh she stood, pulling her panties up. The one blessing in all this was that he wanted to leave off the chastity belt for now just in case something unexpected happens. For a moment she was tempted to grab his phone to try to make it work, but she couldn't bring herself to be that disobedient even though she knew the password. Instead she made her way back to the bedroom slipping back under the covers next to her husband. Sleep was long in coming, as the need to go kept insisting that she get up and do it. * Lock_N'key: "May I use the bathroom, Sir?" Sir_geon: "Sure." Lock_N'key: "I wasn't in the bathroom yet!" Sir_geon: "Not my problem." Lock_N'key: ">(" Sir_geon: "Go clean yourself up, Bitch." * Nikki looked hopefully at her phone again. She was sitting in a filthy stall at the mall, panties around her knees, sitting on a toilet that she'd had to wipe down, and all she could do was wait. It'd been twenty five minutes since she asked him to let her go, and no response. Her phone refused to show her a message from her husband no matter how many times she looked. She just waited, listening to others come and go. It felt surreal. She knew when to go to the bathroom, but she also had no control over it. It was a thing that just happened. She waited for it to happen, she knew that it would, eventually. But when it did was always a surprise to her. A few days ago he'd set up a schedule where the signal would be sent automatically. He'd even figured out how to make her phone transmit even if it was turned off. She often thought about draining the battery, but that only would work away from the house or the car. And she would have no way to make herself go when she wanted. Three times each day she absolutely had to be in the bathroom or she'd have an accident. Frustrated, she stuffed the phone back in her purse. She stood up, but then sat back down with a silent curse. Today she'd had coffee with some friends, and the pressure had built. It wasn't the first time she'd asked for an off-schedule pee, but this was the first time that he remained silent. Part of Nikki wondered if this was one of those times he was trying to teach her a lesson. Maybe he was telling that she could only go at her scheduled times. That didn't seem likely, as a doctor he put a great store about being healthy, and holding it too long could cause damage or infections. The question is, is he making her wait on purpose, or because he's busy? He's a doctor, he is a busy man. She almost stood up again, but was startled by her urine hitting the water. * Nikki's eyes shot open. The dream, a foggy waterscape in the middle of a torrential downpour faded from her memory as the urgency that startled her awake stole her attention. A hand pressed urgently against her crotch but the water poured through her fingers. "Honey?" "Honey!" "Master!" "Huh?" "Something's wrong!" He rolled over, "What's up?" he asked bleary eyed. "It's broken! Look!" She said lifting the blankets. It was too late to prevent anything, the bed was soaked, and she was sure the mattress was also a mess. The flow had slowed, and now stopped. He sat up slowly, looking at the clock. "I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you. I thought about your sleeping problem. I don't want you getting infections or straining your bladder, but I also don't want you waking me up every night. So I decided that you're a bedwetter now." Nikki stared at her husband in utter disbelief. For a moment she hadn't believed she heard him right. "What do you mean?" She said menacingly. He gave her a satisfied grin. "I think it's the solution that best satisfies both our needs." * It was already getting late. She was usually in bed by now, but she'd been putting this off as long as possible. But soon the midnight signal would come, and for the next six hours she would be effectively incontinent. With just thirty minutes to spare she was at the drug store looking at diapers. Last night was a miserable blur. After thoroughly drenching the bed, Master had told her to clean it up. And she'd tried, but every few minutes she discovered her bladder would dribble a bit, making more of a mess. Finally she'd had to work with a towel bunched between her legs. After she'd cleaned as best she could she'd tried to go sleep in the bathtub. He'd already gone back to sleep on the couch. When morning came the argument wasn't over, but it wasn't one she'd win. Standing in the bath she'd yelled at him as he got ready for work. He just listened, and simply told her that he wasn't going to change it. "That body isn't yours anymore. You don't control it. You gave it to me to control. You don't get a say in how I control it. Or if I decide not to." He'd said. She'd argued for a while longer, but nothing superseded that simple truth. When her anger had run down he finished the argument by granting her a free orgasm, the bastard. "You can cum, but you have to do it playing with that piss-soaked cunt." He's said then left her in the bathroom, still seething, and unwilling to concede that accepting his permission to cum didn't meant she accepted his decision. Nikki blushed at the memory as she pulled a package of Depends from the shelf. Maximum Protection seemed like the best option since she would have no retention at night from now on. But frankly she didn't know what any of that meant. She wanted to try the ones that were supposed to be like underwear, but those didn't seem like they would do for her problem. "Need help?" Nikki jumped, dropping the package. One of the pharmacy ladies in blue scrubs had come over to her while she was lost in thought. The diapers on the floor between them, Nikki was frozen, not sure what to say. She could feel her cheeks warm as her face turned bright red. The nurse leaned forward and put a comforting hand on her arm. "It's okay. It's not a big deal, hon. What do you need?" She bent down to pick up the package on the floor. "It… it's not… I don't know." Nikki stammered, looking down. "I… I can't hold it, at night." She felt tears in her eyes. "Like at all." She sighed, shutting her eyes tight forcing her tears back. "I understand," the nurse replied warmly, "It's okay. It's a common problem. I'm guessing this happened suddenly?" Nikki nodded. "Well, I can't say for certain, but usually when it happens like that it usually isn't permanent. Just until whatever's wrong gets better." She listened to the nurse silently thinking about just how long her husband would want to play this game. Getting on to a month now, and he seemed to be really happy with the whole thing. So who knows how long it would go. She felt a fresh wave of shame that it turned her on to know that. "Well, diapers like these are probably the best you can get here, but as I understand it, they're not great. They're cheap, and don't fit well so you can get leaks. So if it's a long term problem you may want to try a medical supply store or look online for a better brand. But these will work for now." Nikki nodded, "Thank you." "Here, let me ring you up." * Nikki woke to the sound of her husband getting ready for work. She realized that for the first time in years she'd slept completely through the night. The last few weeks had been hard, getting used to the new nighttime routine, waking up constantly worried about leaking. But after taking the pharmacy nurse's advice about getting a better brand of diaper, that just hadn't been an issue. So she no longer had a reason to get up in the middle of the night. For the first time she hadn't, and it was wonderful. If she were to be honest with herself, she actually liked the feel of a fresh diaper. Quite frankly the extra padding was comfy, and it was nice to know that everything was perfectly contained in the morning. With the first package that hadn't always been the case, and she'd felt nervous going to sleep. Under the covers she put a hand to the yellowed padding, and squished it against herself. And it was dirty. She'd never really been into watersports as it's own kink, but the humiliation of it, the idea of being subjected to it turned her on. Having to wear the full diaper, and being unable to stop herself from filling it every night turned her on despite herself. Having that bit of control denied to her by her Master, went to the very core of her perversion. Her rubbing became more rhythmic "God, you're such a slut." he said as he did up his tie. * Dammit! The second alarm on her phone sounded, and she was still trying to rush back home. She set up an alarm 20 minutes out to remind her that she would need a bathroom soon. The second alarm was five minutes out, and she usually took that to mean that she should make her way to the bathroom now. This was going to be close. She floored it through the yellow light hoping there were no cops around to see her speeding. Several turns, and an egregiously rolled through stop sign got her screeching to a stop in the driveway. She leapt out of the car and promptly tripped. Damn heels! She rolled got herself up and hustled to the front door, pulled the screen open fumbled with her keys before dropping them. She was clenching as best she could even knowing that it was useless. Resigned she bent to pick up the keys even as she felt the piss filling her jeans. Nikki just stood there waiting for it to stop. Cursing herself she tried to figure out how to get inside to clean up without making a bigger mess. * "Okay, I need you to stand" He said. Nikki was busy playing with her boobs, finally free after months from their steel prison. Her master was at her feet, slowly working the latex up her legs. She slid off the large crate with his help, but still leaning against the crate as he massaged the latex upwards, coaxing it over her skin with the baby powder. "Are you ready for this?" He asked as he stretched the rubber over her rump. He knelt down to make more adjustments, making sure that the gap over her crotch was seating properly. "I think so, Sir." He tugged the suit up further along her thighs before standing to to the same around her hips. "The whole weekend. That's a long time." He held a sleeve up and began scrunching it up so she could insert her hand into the glove. Her hand was a fist around a small ball wrapped in tape so she couldn't open it. Now it was being forced into the confines of a ball shaped latex glove, rendering it useless until he freed her. He did the same with her other hand, before working the tight material over her arms so the suit could wrap tightly, like a second skin over her torso. Nikki didn't want to think of the length of time. She shivered, trying to keep it out of her mind. Even once he had it wrapped around her it took time to adjust it right so he could start working the zip in the back. He struggled, and adjusted as he needed to, until finally the suit came to a close at the back of her neck. Her head, breasts, and crotch were the only things not encased in rubber. Dozens of rubber encased wires dangled from patches all over the suit. Surprisingly he kissed her. "I love you." He said. "Love you too." Nikki replied. He opened the crate to begin the next phase of her preparations. * The video was one of Nikki's favorite genres of porn, two well muscled guys making out. It was only the beginning of course, and she was anticipating watching them strip each other. She knew full well that they'd get raunchier and raunchier as time went on which was also good, but damn, she did love the simplicity of two guys kissing. The video cut out, to her disappointment. But cut back in to what looked like security camera footage. It was familiar to her since she'd seen that view many times. It was the spare bedroom, empty except for a large wooden crate with a cabinet attached to one side. A figure moved into view, it was of a young woman that it took Nikki a moment to recognize. When she did, she wanted to curse; she hated it when her husband dated his nurses. Minerva, that was her name. Minerva turned around, "Is she really in there?" The audio cut in. Her husband moved into view, "Oh yes. She's in there, completely immobile, completely unable to control her body. Well almost." "Oh god that's so hot." The girl said, hopping up on top of the crate. Nikki heard, and felt the shift. Master opened the cabinet. "This is how I control her." The nurse stared wide eyed, "It's surprisingly empty." she said. "Well, I still don't have a viable way for her to defecate properly, though we recently solved the urine issue. Overall it's got room for supplies that I could keep her trapped for a month or more. But we still have a lot of work to make that happen. " "How would you keep her muscles from atrophy for that long?" "I've got a muscle stimulation system in the computer connected to patches all over her body which will work for a while, and since this is supposed to be both pleasure and torture, I'm working on different exercise routines for her. As well I try to keep her stimulated in other ways." "I can guess." With legs crossed, and hands on the edge of the crate, she leaned forward to kiss her date. "Do you think she can hear us?" "Oh I know she can. She wears a gasmask that I modified. It organizes her tubes pretty well for one thing, and–" "Tubes?" "Yeah," he said pointing at the cabinet. "See she's got the breather here, and that's her feeding and water line. The mask guides those tubes, and a couple others from the rest of her body into the cabinet. But there's also some wires I set up to a VR headset." "Oh wow!" "Yeah, most of the time she's watching porn of some kind. I've got like six terabytes on there and I keep adding to it." He pointed to the computer at the bottom of the cabinet. "But it will also stream video from the household cameras. Which is what she's seeing now." "You mean she's watching us?" "And listening." "Oh god I wanna fuck! Right here right now, on top of your wife!" He laughed. "All in good time." He said, closing the cabinet. "I'm also wearing a button cam that I'll upload later showing her our date. She'll like that." "You know, when you first said 'I'm packing my wife away for the weekend' I had a totally different idea of what that meant." The video cut out again. Nikki was left in blackness for a moment until a new porno turned on. It wasn't the muscle boys making out, instead it was an old video of a huge breasted woman in white satin panties getting done up in shiny metal bondage. * The house video cut in again. This time the view was of the bedroom. Green text popped up in the corner of her view, "Pleasure/Pain sequence 42b - Start" There was a shock to her nipples, and Nikki jumped. But the rubber phallus buried deep inside her began to hum. The suction pumps began tugging on her tits and clit. Her husband and his lover were tangled up in the sheets. Their movements were slow, Nikki was a little disappointed, thinking they'd already fucked. "Oh she absolutely loves this. She's a huge perv. She gets off on bondage, humiliation, degradation, gross stuff that no normal person would get off on." He said with a glance to the camera. "I'm surprised you're so curious." "Well to be honest your wife comes off as rather prim and proper. You wouldn't think it to look at her that she'd be into all this stuff. Or watching her husband have affairs." She said nuzzling his chest, and wrapping her legs around his. "I mean I like her, she always seems so kind and caring, but also… reserved." "Kind and Kinky are not mutually exclusive. And we both put on a pose because I have to be professional for the sake of my reputation as a doctor." "What I mean is that it's so sexy to be living this double life." "She doesn't– We don't live a double life, we live the life we want to live, we just make sure to keep the parts that should be private, private." He looked down at his lover, "I work very hard to give her the life she wants. In many ways she didn't know it was what she wanted, but it is." "You make it sound like you don't." "Oh, I get a lot of what I want." He said with a smile. "But one of the things I want to do is have sex with my wife. But in order to live the life we want, I have to sacrifice that. I keep her in a chastity belt, I deny her access to sexual release which means I can't use her in ways that I really would like to. I do that among many other things, because instead of fucking all the time, we're making love." "This is you making love? Her trapped in a box while you fuck other women?" "Strange isn't it?" She climbed on top of him. "Everyone's got their thing. Right now I've got yours, and I know just what I want to do with it." She leaned forward to kiss him, his hands cupped her ass. "You work so hard to give her what she wants. I guess I'll have to make sure you get what you want." Nikki saw her husband enter his girlfriend while his machine punished her body. She could do nothing to stop the torment, so she focused on the pleasure. She focused on their pleasure, on their lovemaking, feeling it in herself even as the vibrating dick thrust into her out of time with their rhythm. She wanted to feel him in her once again. More than a month gone since he'd done it last, who knew how long until he did it again. She watched their lovemaking, the teasing, and the playfulness of it. Even as it fed her own desires she scoffed at its simplicity. She loved the traps he set for her, the helplessness of his contraptions. She enjoyed his toys as they punished her body. Their motions began to build, their moans reaching a higher pitch. The noise of their sex reinforcing the building sensations in her own climax. She saw her Master buck as his lover rode him hard, pressing her tits into his face. The woman fucked him hard, screaming as she came to her own conclusion. The artificial dick pumped into Nikki, and the mild stimulations over her body kicked into high gear as she felt herself nearing her own long awaited orgasm. She could feel the satisfaction of knowing she would join her Master and his lover in the intensity of their mutual stimulation. A hard shock passed through her tits. The dildo stopped pumping. A cry of frustration died in her throat from the tubes that kept her breathing. Before she could reach it his system had killed another orgasm. For a moment she could swear he'd glanced at the camera, a taunting smirk on his lips. But no, he turned to his lover once more before the feed went dark.
  21. Hi everyone, The following is part of a story I've been writing. It's my first attempt at writing something fictional or diaper related. Before I finish more of it and post the beginning, I'd like to get some feedback on the writing style and tips for improving its readability. I hope you enjoy, Luvsmusic Based on experiences I’ve had, Names have been changed. “Are you wet?” Lauren barely mouthed the words. They came out only slightly louder than a whisper; The bar was loud and nobody heard her, but no one had ever asked me that. So matter-of-fact and clearly not phased by the fact that I was sitting next to her at a bar in a wet diaper. Three wet diapers, actually. My cheeks grew red as I nodded. “We can stay for another beer or two,” my liquored up thoughts were now only aware of how thick the diaper had become, how easy it would be for someone to stare too long at the bulge in my crotch and ass that was disproportionate to my size. Normally I put those thoughts out of my head, but having her bring attention to it made it my sole focus. She giggled, realizing the affect she had on me by asking that. “Ok, just let me know if you need a change sooner than that. We can go back to my house for the rest of the night and have a binkie night.” I smiled at her suggestion. 'Binkie night.' In the ten or so years since I had told her about my love for diapers and other infantile items, it was a tradition that I had grown to love. Tina wasn’t an AB herself, but often enjoyed sucking on binkies and using bottles and sippy cups with me. We would fill the sippy cups with wine and watch movies and play games. Sometimes we would decorate my plain diapers while sitting on the floor in her room. I finished my beer and felt the pressure on my bladder building, my swollen diapers pressing against my jeans were just tight enough against my crotch to keep me from losing control sitting at the bar. I knew standing would definitely mean another wetting, and that would only mean more of a waddle and potentially a leak. “We should probably get going.” I was timid with my words, which she picked up on quickly, instantly looking down at my pants, using the back of her hand to feel the material nearest the diaper. “Don’t worry hun, your pants are still dry. Let’s go change before that does.” She smiled again at the instant blushing her comments caused me. Once we got outside she wanted to stop for a cigarette. As I walked out, the shift in pressure against my bladder and my last beer got the best of me and the floodgates opened. I could feel the diaper start to sag as we stopped to smoke. As we stood there she looked at my face closely, trying as she often did to figure out whether she could catch me making my 'potty face,' as she called it. “GOTCHA!” she exclaimed, laughing a little triumphantly. She thought she had caught me in the act of wetting. Once again she was wrong: The look she was seeing was the look of distress that came with the sensation that had started to make its way down my leg. I was leaking. Full of liquid courage I was feeling less bashful about my current state, her comfort level of the events transpiring only adding to my confidence. I laughed, “Wrong yet again, haha I told you I don’t need to think about it, it just happens. I actually wet on the way out. I think we should get an Uber now though, I need a change in more ways than one.” I motioned down to the dark spot that had crept it’s way down the inside of my leg past my shirt, suddenly feeling appreciation for her choice of a dimly lit bar in the business district - which had fewer night life options than other parts of the city and therefore less foot traffic.
  22. Paradise Unknown

    Taken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book: Genus Two, here is a little story about losses and what is gained … when everything becomes unknown. --------------- Paradise Unknown - The sun rose, beginning a beautiful morning and on the surfaces of Genus Three, the third discovered planet - 112 million miles away from Genus One, a sparkle danced across the waters. Genus Three, with 90% of its surface being an ocean, was truly a water world. Only having been initially inhabited a year ago in 2115, it was still under primary colonization but some areas were quickly developed and tourism was already being encouraged. The same gateway system that enabled people to travel from Earth to Genus One and Genus One to Genus Two also existed between Genus Two and Genus Three. With only 10% of the planet above the watery surface, effective infrastructure meant bridges had to be built, lots and lots of bridges. Yes, the translocation pads were on the way. But travel by ground had to exist first. Vacationers flocked to Genus Three as resorts and restaurants were built up quickly. It was an island-heavy oasis. And for whatever reason, the watery setting was good for health and recovery. At the very end of the string of nearly 50 islands at the equator latitude of Genus Three was Paradise Island, private property that could only be accessed by boat or by the air. No bridges or roads existed on the island and it was believed to have not been developed yet - the supposed reason being that it was still rising up from the ocean as an unfinished land mass from an underwater volcano. While there was indeed a nearby volcano in the ocean, all other beliefs about the privately-owned Paradise Island couldn’t have been further from the truth. And one sight of the beach on the far side of that island would only add further questions to a growing unanswered list. On the white sands of that beach were several dozen women. Some were sitting on the beach. Some were asleep on the warm sand. Some were splashing around in the water. They all seemed to be doing different things. However, there were many more things about them all that were not only similar but exactly the same. They all were naked … except for the gleaming white diapers around their waists. Those in the water were now wearing drenched and swollen diapers. Some on the beach needed their diapers attended to for different reasons. Their races were different and their hair colors were different, but they all had a similar height and a similar build. Some wore white bonnets on their heads. Others wore bracelets on their wrists. But everyone one of them had a holographic collar around her neck. And none of them seemed to mind any of this at all. While there were looks of confusion on a few of the girls’ faces, most had a blank stare in their eyes - some having no coordination at all, to the point where simply movements were a challenge. Yet none of them ran or tried to get away. They were all corralled into a roped off area on the beach - absent of modesty, of clothing and of apparent free will. It was as if they were prisoners, but ones who were completely happy and contented with their current circumstances. They all were beautiful, yet wore no make-up to have such beauty. They weren’t catty with each other or competitive and they seemed to be friendly, as if everything was right in the world and nothing was out of the ordinary. Oh, if guys knew of the paradise that truly existed on this private island, they’d likely swim to it without fear of what may be lurking in the waters beneath them - absent of hesitation to do so. The rest of the island was covered with trees, save for the top of a small but sizable hill in the very middle. And on the top of that hill was a building with windows wrapping around the sides. Presently, those windows were shaded - keeping out the golden rays of the sun while preventing anyone from being able to see in. The advancements of humankind had thought of everything, including glass that would shade itself like a pair of prescription glasses/sunglasses … back in the days when corrective lenses were needed to fix eyesight problems. But Paradise Island wasn’t a private resort beautiful women flocked to. Instead, it was a secluded location abducted females were taken to and kept. If the New Worlds Government was even tenuously aware of this remote location, it would be able to solve the most troubling crime it had ever faced - the still-unexplained abductions of 37 women in the past two years. Why these women were abducted, their current whereabouts and who had abducted them were unanswered questions. Why they were taken to this island and why they were dressed in nothing but diapers were two more questions added to that list - if anyone ever learned they were on Paradise Island. But, by keeping the island isolated with restricted access made it seem like these women would never be found - their loved ones believing them gone forever. Up in that building with the shaded-glass windows, the most recent abductee awoke into a nightmare unlike anything she could imagine. Kelly Swatton was her name and she was about to become acquainted with a paradise unknown. But she likely wouldn’t see it that way. Kelly awoke on a stone table. She was naked, gagged, holographically collared and held down with some sort of bracelets devices on her wrists and ankles that prevented the use of her arms and legs. The room was so dark it really didn’t make any difference if she opened her eyes or kept them closed. She didn’t know what to make of the situation at first, but she realized right away that struggling to get free was a bit of instinct more futile than it was worth. The amount of fatigue she would put herself through to get free, only to find that endeavor impossible, seemed like a foolish thing to do. Saving her energy for a more likely time to escape was the main focus. She didn’t know why she was there, who had brought her there or what they wanted from her. But through fogginess of memories and dark visions, she actually did remember how she got there. Kelly remembered walking alongside her husband, Mack, as they approached the translocation pad by The Market Place in the center of New Argyle City, back on Genus One. They had just been to The Purple Tortoise Restaurant for dinner that evening with friends. She felt a cool breeze behind her and then saw a flash of light around her, illuminating the nearby areas to the brightness of daytime - at least from her perspective. After that, she felt bindings form around her neck, wrists and ankles. Sudden sleepiness fell over her and she closed her eyes momentarily, then finding herself surrounded in total darkness. She could tell her clothing was gone but she wasn’t cold … yet. The binding devices on her wrists and ankles weren’t actually devices at all, but rather, energy beams - the kind often used to keep pets and children from running off. They were also commonly used to keep people immobilize for surgeries, when being arrested or whenever restraint was necessary. Her mouth was stuffed with a foam substance, keeping her from talking. She didn’t know where she was, but was incapable of moving her limbs. Being kept in a standing position in complete darkness, naked and confused, she tried to scream. But when she tried to scream, the foam in her mouth expanded a bit, encouraging her to keep quiet. The foam was too large in size to swallow. So she complied, keeping silent and trying not to panic further. Then she felt the coldness of that table as she was placed down on it, the energy bindings moving her body for her. A door opened at the far end of whatever icy cold, pitch-black room she was in. And a shadowy figure appeared in the doorway, illuminated in silhouette by the blue light in the hallway behind him. His presence gave her as many goose bumps as the chill in the air and the coldness of the table. The shadow walked towards her and she shook, her heart pounding so ferociously she grew dizzy from the sudden rush of blood. But with the lone light source behind him, she couldn’t make out any features of his face or any part of his body at all - even as he stood alongside the table and gazed down at her. In his left hand, he had a holographic collar. Placing it on her neck, he released the energy beam from around her throat. He touched her left temple with two fingers from his right hand and she grew very sleepy again - so sleepy she couldn’t stay awake. The last thing she remembered was that man running his hands all over her naked body before she drifted off into involuntary slumber. Now fully awake but still restrained, Kelly stretched her fingers out - doing her best to use her telekinesis to move anything in the room that might have been made of metal. But there wasn’t even a metal screw to be found anywhere, at least not that she could detect when in total darkness. Her telekinesis wasn’t very powerful but, like every female of the future, she had unlocked more brain capacity as humankind evolved. She just wasn’t as good at it as she needed to be just then. A beam appeared above her, attached to a mechanical arm - the stone table itself glowing faintly and turning her body into a silhouette. She aimed her hands up at the mechanical arm but couldn’t move it at all. Little did she understand just then, .the holographic collar hindered her mind from doing a lot of things she normally would be able to do. The beam slowly lowered its length, contacting her on the hairline above her forehead. It slowly worked its way down the front of her body. She quickly realized it was a shower beam, cleaning the front of her body as it removed all her body hair - except on her head. This not only freaked her out, but it confused her tremendously. If she was being held captive, then why was she being bathed? Then the bindings on her wrists and ankles flipped her over onto her stomach as the beam repeated the hair-removing and cleansing of the back of her body. Though bound and naked, she was being treated with a level of gentleness and kindness illogical for a captive to receive. The bindings flipped her back over and brought her shoulder blades to rest on the table first, then the middle of her back and then her lower lumbar - as if it was trying to re-align her body a little. Then that same door across the room opened, two women walking in and over along either side of the table. They both seemed so tall, but probably would have only been six or seven inches taller than Kelly - had they not been wearing heels. Dressed in white nurses’ outfits, they truly looked like nurses - complete with the white caps. But it was their endowments and their long blonde hair that had Kelly upset. No, she wasn’t competitive. And in her current situation, appearances were certainly the least of her concerns. But there was always something to be said for the comparisons people made of self and others. The one nurse had a small stack of items in her hands, that nurse setting down the stack of items on the end of the table as the stone table illuminated beneath Kelly just a bit more. She turned to face Kelly, both of them stepping closer to her and inspecting the physical results of the girl’s beam shower. Then the second nurse began to run her hands up and down Kelly’s body, making certain the girl was impeccably smooth all over. This was the first opportunity Kelly had to get visual details of these women. Oh yes, they were well-endowed. But the complexion of their skin was clear and they wore no make-up at all as they didn’t need it. Their long blonde hair was perfectly smooth and they didn’t have a single split end anywhere on their heads. They had to be robots. No human beings were this perfectly flawless. But Kelly also noticed that they both were collared holographically, their ankles and wrists in the same kind of bindings that Kelly had been placed in. If they were robots, they wouldn’t need such restraints. And the touch of the second nurse’s hands seemed as human as could be. It was their voices, however, that did the greatest damage to Kelly’s psyche. They spoke to her with softened qualities in their tones and with such alluring calmness that she found herself wanting to trust them for no reason other than the kindness they had shown, thus far. “You are perfectly smooth, Kelly,” the second nurse said quietly, both nurses touching the soles of her feet - Kelly’s legs then lifting up in the air before parting into an extremely vulnerable position. “He likes his girls to be perfectly smooth. You will make him very happy.” And that was all it took to unhinge Kelly completely. Her eyes grew big and wide at the comment and she began to tremble for a brief moment before she returned to her instinctive struggle to escape. “Shh, shh, shh,” the second nurse shushed her, stroking the frenzied girl’s hair back off her forehead as the first nurse reached to that stack of items at the end of the table - picking up ……… a diaper. “They always fuss when they first arrive, don’t they?” the first nurse asked the other, unfolding the gleaming white diaper - the crinkly noise echoing in Kelly’s ears and drudging up memories of her friends. Kelly was well aware of the baby-like behavior of Dash and Nova, her two friends who were not only routinely babied by their counterparts of Xenia and Axel but were in fact diapered by them from time to time. She just didn’t know about their ageplay fetish. But she had never openly judged them for the strange nature of their relationships. However, she had assured Mack, her beloved cop husband, that she would never be a part of any kind of that dynamic. So with a strange twist of unwarranted fate, Kelly now found herself being forced to involuntarily succumb to, if not completely accept something that so eerily reminded her of her regressive friends. The first nurse placed the unfolded diaper flat to the table, the second nurse picking up a metal tin from the stack and opening it. She took out two little white tablets and quickly placed them on Kelly’s front - just a few centimeters above the girl’s mound. Kelly lifted her head as much as she could and looked down at the white tablets. A moment later, the tablets crushed themselves, turning to dust and spreading out evenly across the girl’s front as well as down between her legs. They were talcum tablets and their scent was potent. Kelly closed her eyes and tried to scream, but the foam ball in her mouth expanded when she did so, causing her to silence herself quickly. “Kelly, you’re going to need to learn to obey,” the second nurse said quietly but with that monotone quality. “He doesn’t like fussiness or defiance. And if you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona.” Who was he? And what was a corona? What was happening? There really wasn’t anything the nurses could have said that would have made any difference to her just then. And there was nothing they could have explained to Kelly that she would have understood, just based off what they told her. She was going to have to learn by experiencing things for herself. “Why do they always do this?” the second nurse asked the first one, placing two talcum tablets in the backside of the flattened diaper. “They were brought here against their wills,” the first nurse replied, the tablets crushing themselves and the first nurse shaking the diaper to even the powder out before sliding the back waist band underneath Kelly’s tailbone. “Nobody gives up their free will without a fight.” “There is no chance of getting away, Kelly,” the second nurse said sadly as she reached under the stone table, picking up a pair of leather sandals. “But you’ll have to learn that in your own time, I guess.” “Hopefully you learn it before he gives up on you, just like he’s given up on all the others,” the first nurse said as both nurses touched Kelly’s feet - the girl’s legs then lowering back down to the table but remaining parted. “Learn to accept and obey, Kelly. Learn quickly.” The second nurse put the leather sandals on Kelly’s feet as the first nurse folded the front of the diaper up and into place. Kelly’s mind was flipping out all over the place, the sensations of softness on her bottom and center not feeling bad but certainly feeling strange. “Forget the life you had and accept the one you are being given,” the second nurse said quietly but with continued monotone. “You will be very happy and you will be taken care of very well. And if he chooses you, you will never have an unpleasant moment for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful, Kelly?” Kelly screamed again, only to be muffled by the expanding foam ball in her mouth - reducing her attempted scream to softened whimpers as tears streamed down her temples from the corners of her eyes. “It’s really not so bad,” the first nurse said as both nurses stepped back from the table - Kelly being involuntarily sat up by the energy bindings. “It’s actually a privilege to have been chosen by him.” Kelly’s legs were swung over to the side of the table as the first nurse walked over to the shaded windows, touching one of them - the shading leaving the glass. Tremendous sunlight cascaded into the room, Kelly getting her first real look at the surroundings. She looked down at her naked frame, her diapered waist, the collar and the bindings keeping her in a sitting position - much to her chagrin as she chose to be uncooperative, refusing to sit up straight or do anything asked of her. But with a blinding light now making her squint her eyes, she couldn’t have known what was right in front of her to stand up on her own anyway. The bindings took care of that, thinking for her and taking the appropriate actions, but her defiance would be dealt with swiftly. “Come over to the windows, Kelly,” the first nurse said, her ankle bindings forcing her leather sandal-covered feet to the ground. But Kelly refused to straighten up and the bindings thusly couldn’t move her forward with steps. The second nurse walked up next to her. “Kelly, you’ve only got a few seconds to stand up straight before you feel a kind of pain you’ve never felt before,” the second nurse said. Kelly looked over at the second nurse and would have told her off - had that foam ball not been restricting her speech just then. But, just as that nurse warned her, a few seconds later, she felt electric shocks going into the soles of her feet. Devices implanted in the leather of the sandals were able to locate her nerve-endings and they sent such pain straight up her legs that she screamed into the foam ball, now incapable of stopping herself from doing so. But the foam ball expanded again and she began to find difficulty in preventing herself from gagging as well as continuing to breathe easily. “Stand up straight and the pain will stop,” the first nurse said, watching Kelly cry inconsolably. “The pain will continue, finding new nerves to attack when the current ones go dead. Stand up … now.” With no other choice, Kelly stood up straight - the electric shocks ending. She was trembling from head to toe, crying softly into the foam ball. But she was finally standing tall on her sandaled feet - compliance now understood. The second nurse put a clear plastic patch between Kelly’s shoulder blades and the nerve pain came to an end as well. “Just stand up and cooperate and that won’t happen to you again. Next time, it will hurt twice as much,” the first nurse said from the windows. “Now, walk over here. I want to show you something.” “It’s okay, Kelly,” the second nurse whispered to her, then patting the girl’s diapered bottom with encouragement for her to walk over to the windows. “Everything is going to be fine. Just be good.” Ergh! The quiet monotones they were using, sounding comforting and reassuring just a minute ago, now rang in her ears with a tone of condescension that made her sick to her stomach. And the annoying crinkle that accompanied every one of her waddling steps towards the windows, along with the holographic collar and energy bindings on her wrists-n-ankles, all boiled her blood. But there was nothing she could do about it, at least not yet. So for the time being, compliance became paramount. Little did she realize, just then, the battles she would wage in the days and weeks to come would be more mental than physical. “Look out the window, Kelly,” the first nurse said as Kelly got to the glass. “I’m going to prove to you that it’s a privilege to be chosen.”. Kelly looked out over the beautiful island landscape, through the trees and down to the beach where she saw a line of other women, making their way up to the house on the hill. The women were naked, diapered, collared and bound in the same way as she was. “Every single one of them was chosen by him before he chose you,” the first nurse explained, Kelly seeing the physical similarities of the women. “Yes, they’re all like you. But they’re also all different from you. And he gave every single one of them a chance, just as he will give you a chance.” Kelly watched the line of women as they walked up the hill, some of them having to be redirected to stay in that line and some of them wearing bonnets and some of them seeming practically mindless in their body motions. Looking over at the first nurse, Kelly’s thoughts raced with unspoken questions of why she was chosen to be the next one. “Don’t waste your time trying to find answers right now,” the second nurse said, she and the first nurse walking over towards the door - Kelly being made to follow by the movement of her bindings … but this time, she kept herself standing straight and she cooperated. “The truth is: your world will be no larger than he allows it to be.” Who was he? What was this? Some sort of ransom fundraiser? She was led into the hallway, keeping her back straight but still finding it difficult to move at the pace that the ankles bindings were setting for her. She wasn’t actually fighting but suddenly wasn’t allowed to move with strides of usual length. And because of this, her composure was thrown off … therefore, her grace was thrown off. To compensate, she moved in a very erratic way - mindless even … just like how some of the other women walked up from the beach. The building itself was very nice, furnished with extremely comfortable accommodations, a kitchen with wooden counters and a rustic look and so many other spacious marvels there was no wonder at all that whoever he was was a really rich person - well-off, but clearly demented for having made 37 women his diapered, mindless captives. The main room of the building was huge, the middle of it filled with tables that rose up from the floor. One by one, the line of women entered the room, most of them waving happily to Kelly as if they knew her. Kelly stared in horror as they broke apart into five separate lines - one at each of the tables as a series of assembly-line style diaper changes began. They all seemed to know what to do, as if they had done this before … many times. They had no modesty left, freely allowing complete exposure in vulnerable positions. Looking down at the diaper the two nurses had placed on her, Kelly came to the horrific realization that, when her bladder filled and released, she would find herself in one of those lines too. There were no bathrooms to be found anywhere. Then her eyes grew big and wide at the suddenly realization that she would be using her diaper when her bowels released … and likely for another reason still - at a specific time each month. Kelly looked around the rest of the room, her eyes gaping even wider still when she saw the dozens of cribs that were lined up against the walls. One by one, each freshly-diapered woman was led to a crib, placed in it, given something by mouth and then left there - the sides of the cribs rising up automatically. It was nap time, a daily mid-afternoon event that Kelly would grow used to before long. Being led to a crib herself by the two nurses who had tended to her since she awoke, Kelly obediently climbed up into the crib. The second nurse patted her on her diapered bottom for encouragement, this bringing tears to Kelly’s eyes as she came to rest on her back. The first nurse, seeing the girl’s forthcoming emotional release, shushed her. “You’re not going to get anything done by crying for no reason,” the first nurse said, removing the foam ball from Kelly’s mouth and replacing it with a floating pacifier nipple - that same device Kelly swore she saw being put in the mouths of Axel and Nova, her dear friends who seemed oddly juvenile from time to time. Then a ruckus broke out at one of the cribs, the two nurses running over to assist the others in restraining one woman who refused to get in her crib. The entire room got dead-quiet, save for the sounds coming from the struggle. The unruly woman was tackled to the floor. Her arms were chicken-winged behind her. Her legs were bent at the knees and her ankles were crossed as she was pulled back up onto her knees. As the side of Kelly’s crib rose up automatically, she looked through the railing bars at all the other women in the cribs, Kelly saw their tears flowing as everyone but she knew what was going to happen next. “This was your last chance, Regina,” one nurse said, walking over to the kitchen and getting a device out of one of the cupboards. The unruly woman, seeing the device being brought over to her, became hysterical, begging with gibberish that couldn’t be understood. But whatever she was begging about, her mindless pleas were being ignored. It seemed she had used up all her chances. And while being held very still, the woman received the device - a simple cloth band that wrapped around the crown of her head. Kelly thought back to what the nurses told her when she fussed herself, just a few minutes ago: If you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona. The cloth band must have been what they meant by corona. It seemed physically harmless enough, but base on how the woman stopped fighting them all together and how she started drooling and then weeping, it was safe to assume that the band was doing more than just a number on her mind. The woman was picked up and put in her crib, given a floating pacifier to nurse from and then having the cutest little white bonnet put on her head to hide the corona band. Watching the woman for a few minutes, Kelly and all the other abductees witnessed her being forcefully taken into a state of regression that would render her incapable of being able to do much of anything at all by the end. “How long will it take now before Regina goes burn out?” one nurse asked another as they walked past Kelly’s crib. “It will take a few days,” the other nurse replied, Kelly looking back over to the newly-bonneted woman. “But after that, the effects will have full-lasting and damaging effect. She didn’t want to listen and now she will pay for it … just like all the others before her.” “Do you think he will ever find the one he’s looking for?” another nurse asked as she and a few others left the main room… “I have no idea,” Kelly heard another reply as the effects of her floating pacifier began to take hold of her. “But if he doesn’t and if he keeps plucking them out from wherever he finds them, we’re soon going to need more cribs.” Kelly could hear the nurses laughing as they walked away, her head spinning in circles at this point. She closed her eyes in an effort to ward of dizziness. The floating pacifier nipple in her mouth was laced with a milk concentrate that had a sleeping agent in it. One drip at a time, the milk poured out of the nipple when it was nursed and, when mixed naturally with saliva, would turn into so much milk that swallowing was necessary. The laced milk was very potent and very fast-working. And before her own confusions and fears could grip her up in the sudden quietness of that room, she drifted off to sleep. Her first bit of sleep would be filled with memories of her kidnapping, how she awoke in this building, being diapering like a baby, the shock sandals still on her feet and her experience with being shocked. Thoughts in her deeper slumber would center around her diaperings of her future, the crib accommodations and that corona head band treatment. She became sorrowful as she subconsciously nursed on the floating pacifier in her mouth. And by the time she reached REM, her thoughts were only of Mack, her beloved husband. Oh, how she missed him. He was the strength she needed when feeling weak, the roughness she craved when she could be nothing but soft, her greatest supporter when she faced challenges, her biggest fan when she overcame obstacles, her best friend and the love she needed. With those happy thoughts, along with the sleeping agent entering her system, Kelly fell into a blissful state when her eyesight blurred, her senses numbed and strangely, she found enjoyment in the moment. No one knew she was on that island. And she still didn’t know who her abductor was, but she knew there was someone out there who would stop at nothing until he found her … Mack, her beloved. If no one else, at least he would find this Paradise Unknown. --------------- .
  23. So, just to prove to everyone I'm not actually dead, I'm reposting this, a little short I whipped up for a contest on another forum last month. Hope you enjoy! -------------------------------- 1 Being a short man in a tall man's world had been one long, 27-year string of disappointments for poor Michael. From being bullied at school to being passed over for promotion after promotion at his modest job in the accounting firm, it seemed the only attention Mike ever got was the kind he didn't want. The worst of it all, though, was being all the ladies' “best friend” but never their lover. No, Mike's only contact with females throughout the adult portion of his life was when they were sobbing on his shoulder the morning after a much taller, more handsome man would treat them wrong the night before. Well, that and his occasional thrill on Pervert's Row at the local strip club, tucking dollars into the girls' G-strings or, even better, the ankle straps on their spike heels. Sometimes they even let him put the bill in his teeth and let them take it with their voluptuous breasts, then give him a face full of said breasts. It seemed to be his destiny, to be that lonely, slightly awkward loser with the decent apartment and decent job, wasting most of his nights trying to get noticed on Fetbook, and the rest emptying his wallet at the strip bar, going home with sticky messes in his boxers after those oh-so-beautiful women let him touch them. Well, that was his life before he met Sally. That's when absolutely everything changed. When she popped in with a private message on his Fetbook page, Mike's entire world turned upside down. This wealthy, tall, dark-haired, athletically built vixen swooped into his life and systematically fulfilled every little fantasy he'd ever had in the whirlwind that was their first few months as a couple, and he willingly let her push him beyond his outer limits into fantasies he never even knew he had. In short, she was perfect. Of course, there was a reason Sally was perfect. Unbeknownst to hapless little mikey, as she called him, Sally had been watching him for a long time. Owner of said strip club, she knew all her regulars, and little mikey was an object of interest from the first day he awkwardly sat at the bar and watched those girls from a distance. The longing in his eyes was as obvious as the nose on his face. When she found his profile on Fetbook, it was almost hysterical to her how predictable he was; lonely pathetic little wimp looking for a Mistress to abuse and humiliate him, to let him worship her feet, to make him into a pet for her amusement. They were everywhere on that site, and the few that worked up the nerve to approach her got flat rejected with a referral to a professional Domme she knew. Because most of them just wanted one night of wild beatings and humiliation and then go back to their stupid little lives until they felt that itch again. Little mikey was different, though. Watching him in the club all that time, she knew he was different. He would follow her to the ends of the earth just for the chance to lick her heel. And in reality, all his little shortcomings fit perfectly into her desires. His “problem” with premature ejaculation was perfect. He never begged to put his little winky inside her, and in return she taught him well how to service her with his mouth, his fingers, the many toys in her collection. And he absolutely loved it when she shamed him over the messes he made; his full-body shudders as he groveled for forgiveness for being so pathetic were like candy for both her sweet tooth and his own. But even after she convinced him to give up his job and his apartment to move in with her and be her house slave, there were places Sally wanted to take him that he wasn't going to go without a little help. Fantasies she had that she was determined to make him fulfill. But that was just a matter of timing. Patience. And Sally had plenty of that. They'd been living together four months, and Sally had “little mikey” trained into a nice little routine. He abandoned his job at the accounting firm happily as part and parcel of moving in with her. They slept in until noon, and he'd get up, fix her breakfast in bed (he was quite a good little cook, to her surprise), and sit dutifully at her feet while she ate, massaging her ankles and calves. She'd get up to shower and do her makeup, and he'd stand at the ready in the master suite, holding her towel while she teased him with seductive poses and noises behind the steamed-up sliding glass door, turning his head when she was finished. (He wasn't allowed to look at her naked body unless she explicitly gave him permission; his backside had taken many welts for that transgression.) Once she was dressed and ready for work, she'd give him a list of rooms to clean top to bottom while she was gone, with the promise of her strap on his backside if they failed to pass inspection. And they rarely passed inspection. She was pretty sure that was deliberate on his part, though. There was always something obvious, something a complete idiot would have noticed, left untouched while the rest was immaculate. So, when she arrived home from work, there would be the inspection, then his beating, and then he would, sans clothes, serve her supper at the table while he whimpered and groveled and kissed and massaged her tired feet in between fetching her wine. And later, depending on what mood struck her, she would take him down to the dungeon and abuse him until he cried out the little safe word she gave him (No more, Mommy!) and make him clean up his little messes on the floor under her St. Andrew's Cross. Or she'd lie on the bed and make him please her long into the wee hours of the morning, until he collapsed from exhaustion. On her off days, she'd dress the both of them up in properly coordinated leather and take him to the BDSM club to parade him around on all fours, beat him, and humiliate him in a more public forum. She knew he loved that more than anything else; she had to put a cock ring on him to keep him from ruining his leather shorts, a fact she made sure everyone there knew. And she pushed him farther and farther toward what she wanted out of him; he went under the laser to get rid of his pathetic little beard because she didn't like being tickled by hair when he went down on her. He agreed to undergo bi-weekly Brazilians when the alternative was sleeping in a cage at the bottom of the bed “like the hairy little animal you are”. And he hadn't cut his hair since he moved in. By September, he was as androgynous as could be, a just over five foot tall little boy-girl, his wispy blond locks in a little cascade on his shoulders. He was ready, and it was time for her to make a little magic happen. After all, what better time for a little magic than Halloween, for a witch of Miss Cassandra “Sally” Divone Nenet's caliber? ~~ 2 “Can you believe it? We're gonna have our first Halloween together!” Sally asked coyly, as she cuddled Mike's shivering form, stroking his naked back as she brought him out of his sub-space. Aftercare was paramount when taking care of a pain slave, and Sally was every bit the expert caretaker as she was the sadist when it was time to discipline him. “Mmmm,” Mike replied absently, just barely becoming aware of her words again, the adrenaline subsiding, replaced by her tender touch. “We have invitations to an absolutely enormous party, you know,” she continued. “So many of our friends will be there!” Mike flinched a bit when she said that; that phrase was all but code for “Mike's going to get flogged in front of a crowd.” Terrifying, yet incredibly stimulating. He hadn't realized how much of a turn-on humiliation was until Sally introduced him to it. “Fun,” he managed weakly. “You know what would be extra fun?” Sally cooed. “How would you like the chance to switch for the night?” That got his attention. “Wait... what do you mean?” he said, popping his head up from her bosom. “I'm sure you'd just love to pick out my costume for me, and be in charge the whole night, in front of all those people, wouldn't you? No safe words, no nothing, just little mikey playing Big Man Michael, and Miss Sally being just little sally?” His eyes widened as she spelled it out, and visions danced in his head. He knew exactly what he'd want to see her in; he'd fantasized about it since the first time he laid eyes on her. No leather that night, no, not at all. He gathered his thoughts... she wanted an answer, no doubt. “How... I mean... what... do I have to do?” “Well,” she chuckled. “First you have to prove that you're capable of being a Master. How about going a whole week without any discipline?” “But that's not fair!” he protested. “All you have to do is make up a reason!” Her face darkened noticeably. “When have I ever disciplined you and you didn't deserve it?” “I... uh... never...” he replied weakly. Truth be told, the rules were all laid out. All he had to do was follow them. Except he wanted her strap on his backside. NEEDED it. He felt unwanted, unloved when Sally didn't discipline him. “So what makes you think I would be so unjust as to do it just to win a bet?” “I... you wouldn't, Miss Sally.” “Of course I wouldn't. Now apologize for making such a slanderous accusation!” Mike slunk, trembling, down off her lap and onto his knees in front of her. “Forgive me, Miss Sally. I'm a horrible, ungrateful boy, undeserving of your love and care and affection. Forgive your unworthy slave of his transgressions.” It was a well-rehearsed line, and the words came easily. “You are unworthy, ungrateful, and pathetic. But I will forgive you once again, little mikey, even though you deserve nothing less than to be cast from my sight!” “Please, Miss Sally!” he begged. “Punish me however you see fit, but don't send me away!” Now would usually be a time he would be disciplined, but he'd just spent two hours on the rack; he was in no shape to take another thrashing. “No no, little mikey,” she said, grasping his head and pulling him gently. “Come back to Miss Sally's bosom. All is forgiven.” He climbed back up and buried his face in her chest as she stroked him. “So does little mikey want to try to be Master for a night?” she whispered. “I... I would like that,” he whimpered back, his breathing starting to even back out. “Then we'll start tomorrow,” she purred. “What... happens if I don't make it?” he asked, almost as an afterthought. “Well of course, if I win the bet, I get to pick your outfit, you get to be the slave, no safe words, no limits. It's only fair, don't you think?” “Of course,” he replied sheepishly. Sally had every intention of keeping her little promise, to only discipline him when he actually earned it. But she knew just as well as Mike did how needy he was, how desperate he was for her attention and affection. She wouldn't need to break that promise. To Mike's credit, he definitely went the extra mile that day. But the harder Mike tried to please, the less interest she showed. She barely acknowledged the elaborate breakfast of Belgian waffles with fresh-squeezed orange juice alongside her coffee. She caught a bite to eat at work, and coldly announced she wasn't hungry for the admittedly gorgeous-looking Quiche Lorraine he prepared for her. Her inspection of the rooms on his list was quick and silent; not even offering the slightest compliment for the touches he added, like fresh flowers in her office, and she didn't even bother inspecting the on-suite, which wasn't even on that list, but that he'd meticulously scrubbed top to bottom. And to top it all off, she retreated to the bedroom and shooed him away, declaring she was tired and wished to be left alone. Mike was devastated. What had he done so wrong that she would shut him out like this. He choked back tears as he stared blankly at the laptop screen, at the special Halloween costume he'd picked out for her that day as he waited for her to come home. She didn't even want him to pleasure her, or even massage her back while she slept! And he dare not ask, no, that in and of itself was an infraction of the rules! Mike's purpose was to pleasure Sally; it was for Sally to decide what Mike needed and deserved. He had to try harder, do more, because clearly his mistress was displeased with him. And try he did. The next day he was tireless, cleaning the entire house top to bottom, fixing Eggs Benedict for her breakfast and a thick, juicy ribeye steak with creamed spinach and roasted fingerlings for supper. But she showed no interest whatsoever. She spent the evening in her office, and when she came to bed, she banished him to the dreaded cage. The next day, it was more of the same. He worked relentlessly all day, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and once again she devastated him by coming home late, ignoring the elaborate dinner, isolating herself from him. Few words, no physical contact at all. Mike was bewildered as he lay in the cage again, trying his best to keep his tears silent. At this point, Halloween was an afterthought, the promise of being Master for the night pie in the sky. He wasn't even sure if she still cared for him at this moment, and that terror trumped all other thoughts, desires, needs. Trembling, weeping, and panic-stricken, he accidentally bumped the cage door as he shifted his weight. “Be quiet down there!” she shouted. “How dare you wake me?!” Of course, she wasn't sleeping, she was just silently relishing the mental anguish she was inflicting on him. Physical punishment wasn't the only path for the sadist. And for sure, he was near his breaking point already. “I... I'm sorry Miss Sally,” he whimpered, trying to stifle an outbreak of sniffles. No answer. Mike couldn't take it anymore. “Please, Miss Sally, what did I do wrong?! Why can't I sleep in your bed?!” “Come out of that cage!” she snapped, flipping the light on. He knew what was coming now, but it didn't matter. He needed it. Damn the costume party, he needed it. He crawled out and knelt on the floor beside her. “What is the rule about Mistress' instructions?” she asked, more calmly, but still very stern. “Miss Sally knows what is best for us. We are never to question her judgment,” he nearly whispered, his head down. “What do you suppose Miss Sally should do about this, little mikey?” “I need... to be disciplined, Miss Sally.” “Yes, yes you do,” she said, feigning a solemn tone. “Get Miss Sally her strap.” He cringed a bit, but at the same time his heart warmed at having her undivided attention again, something he'd been starved of these last few days. He went to her closet and retrieved the pink-handled, heavy leather implement from among her various implements of discipline, laid it on the bed at her feet, and got back down on his knees. “Up here,” she scolded. “Assume the position.” Quickly he stripped naked and laid down on the bed next to her, face down. As he braced for the coming physical pain, he found himself very suddenly erect. Of course, Sally anticipated that outcome. “Where is your towel, little mikey?” she demanded. “I... I'm sorry Miss Sally,” he fumbled, scrambling off the bed, embarrassed as his erection stood out in front of him like a flagpole as he walked by her toward the on-suite. He returned with a dirty towel he retrieved from her laundry basket and was most dismayed when he saw what was in Sally's hand. She smiled as she held up the little ring. “Stand right here, little boy,” she commanded. He complied, and she grasped the tip of his penis and squeezed. It wasn't painful, but it was definitely humiliating for Mike as he watched it quickly sag and shrink back to its normal, pathetic self. She lifted it up and cinched the cock ring snugly just above its base. “This is not fun time, this is discipline time,” she said calmly, taking on a motherly tone. “Little mikey doesn't deserve fun time right now, does he?” “No Miss Sally,” he mumbled. That little ring, he hated and loved it so, stealing away his manhood, his sexuality, but at the same time exciting him with the humiliation of her taking total control of every aspect of him. “Now, assume the position.” He spread the towel out on the bed, lay across it, and braced himself, this time decidedly less comfortable with the blood flow futilely straining against the cock ring, the base of his penis swelling painfully while the rest remained flaccid. There would be an orgasm in his near future, but it would be a painful one, like when she milked him, not at all pleasurable like when he was strapped to the St. Andrew's cross. A loud crack and searing pain across his bottom snapped him out of the thought, and he whimpered in spite of himself. Then came another, and another. The blows continued as he gritted his teeth and struggled against the inevitable tears. She was silent as she moved, efficient, deadly accurate, working inch by inch from the very top of his hind quarters down to the tops of his thighs, watching carefully as the angry welts rose up, listening to the changes in his vocal responses. Down in the dungeon, during “funishments”, she'd often draw blood, but not tonight. Tonight it would end when the heaves began, after he'd made his little cummies and was sobbing like a proper little boy should after his Mommy spanked his deserving little tush. She heard him gasp a bit and tense up, letting loose a whimper, and she knew what had happened. She knew just as well as he did how unpleasant those orgasms were, but she had to maintain the appearance that this was discipline, even though she knew well how much he was starving for the attention. Finally he broke into sobs, and she stopped. As she strode back to the closet and hung the strap in its proper place, she cooed, “Now, what does naughty little mikey say?” “Th... thank... you... Miss... S... Sally... f... for caring... enough... to... to correct me,” he blubbered into the towel, his entire body shuddering under the intensity of the pain he'd just experienced. “Poor baby,” she continued as she sat back down on the bed, running her fingers through his hair, rhythmically massing the back of his head. “You're just such a little mess, aren't you? It's so hard for little mikey to be a good boy, isn't it? Poor, poor baby... But don't you worry, Miss Sally will always be here to help, teach you how to be good. Yes she will, baby. Yes she will...” It wasn't too much later that he finally fell asleep exactly where he lay. And Sally's head was filled with plans and preparations for what was to come, just a few weeks away. A simple bet was the final step toward him being the perfect slave. Well that, and a little magic. 3 Mike had earned himself quite a few more such spankings over the course of the next month as he begged and pleaded with Sally to tell him what her plans were for Halloween, but she was steadfast, teasing him with only the promise that he was going to absolutely love what she had planned. See, Sally knew about his other little fascination, those little Asian girls with their elaborate Victorian outfits he fawned over. And she intended to indulge it for him. On her terms, of course. Finally the big night arrived. Halloween fell on a Monday that year, which was fortuitous, because she could close the bar for the day and not worry about losing much in the way of cash flow. And since the big party didn't start until nine in the evening, there was plenty of time for more teasing that day. Mike was practically in panic with anticipation of what she had planned, and at five o'clock, after a light lunch, she left him to clean the kitchen while she dressed. Mike was absolutely in awe when Sally resurfaced in a stunning, floor-length, long-sleeved black Victorian dress that flared from the waist, with subtle powder-pink accents at the hem, ringed with pink bows at the knee. How could she have known of his Lolita fantasies? And stranger yet, what else did she have planned? He'd imagined her in this very dress the first time he saw it, on his arm as he donned a steampunk three-piece suit in all black, a monocle in his eye and a rakish top hat, the two of them strolling through the crowd, all eyes on them, admiring their finery. “You like?” she purred, knowing the answer. “It's... you're beautiful, Miss Sally,” he stammered. “Perfect.” “Of course I am,” she laughed. “Are you ready for yours now?” “Y... yes Miss Sally!” He stood straight, and she spotted a subtle tremor in his hands. “Turn around,” she said. He complied, and she swiftly applied the blindfold. “Now you stand right there while I get everything ready, and I'll be right back to collect you.” “Y... yes Miss Sally...” His nervousness was delicious, and Sally was quite certain he'd already made a mess in his underwear. No matter. The outfit rustled subtly as she pulled its hanger from the closet and hung it on the corner of her vanity. She opened a box she had tucked into the back of her closet several weeks ago, ripped loose the packaging on the first bag, and lay her hands across the items within, whispering the all important words: “The two become one, and the one becomes all, As pleasure combines with the irresistible call, Desires to merge, and barriers to fall. As above, so below.” And with that, Sally took one of these suddenly very magical objects and laid it along with a tin, a pump bottle, and a tube on her nightstand and went to retrieve her little slave boy. Mike had stood dutifully in the kitchen where she left him, blindfolded and nearly overcome with anticipation, fear, and excitement over what his Mistress had planned. And, contrary to Sally's thoughts, while he was painfully erect at the moment, he had managed to control himself, though with some difficulty. Standing perfectly still like this was helping, but the thoughts running through his head weren't. Sally in that stunning black and pink dress, smiling seductively at him. Oh, that he could have been strong enough to contain himself and won that bet, the things he'd have done with and to her. Of course, Mike didn't have it in him to be as severe as Sally, but still, he'd certainly have enjoyed her going down on him, a treat he hadn't experienced since before he moved in with her and became her full-time slave. He'd have her blindfolded and naked on the bed, tied to the posts, while he stroked and teased her with the flogger, whipping her into a frenzy. But he'd be in control. She'd be the one begging for release, for permission to orgasm, and he'd hold that power in his hands. “Little mikey, time to get dressed for the party,” came her seductive whisper in his ear, and he shuddered his way out of that delightful little fantasy. Her hand grasped his firmly, and he walked behind her as she led him back toward the bedroom. “Did someone make messes?” she cooed. “No Miss Sally,” he replied confidently. Oh, he'd come right to the edge, for sure, and it wouldn't be difficult for her to push him over it in the state he was in right now, but dammit, he'd controlled himself! “No?” she replied, genuinely surprised. “What a good little boy!” she cheered. Mike warmed with pride as Sally stood him at the foot of the bed. “Time for little mikey to get naked!” she chuckled. Mike quickly stripped, including his underwear, even more puzzled at what she had planned. “Little mikey loves Mommy's Lolly dress, doesn't he?” she whispered as she nudged him down onto the bed. “Yes Miss Sally,” he replied, confused at her new self-reference. Mommy? What's that about? “Of course he does,” she continued, grabbing the pump bottle of lotion and the tube of rash cream. “Lie still now, let Mommy take care of you.” Mike's eyes widened behind the blindfold as she worked the strange but familiar-smelling substances into his nether regions and around his thighs, then rolling him on his side and doing likewise with his bottom. His erection had weakened considerably in the confusion, more than a little fearful of all this sudden sensuality, and baffled by the smells he couldn't quite identify. The next thing he felt was a cooling sensation on his buttocks, followed by another very familiar smell wafting to his nose. By the time he heard the fateful rustling of plastic, the puzzle pieces began to fall into place, and panic shook him as he realized she was taping him into an incredibly thick disposable diaper which now was latched snugly around his middle. “Mommy, please, no more!” he cried out, invoking the safe words for the first time in months. “Uh-uh. Remember our bet, little mikey, no safe words tonight,” Sally cooed softly. “You're mine, to do with exactly as I please. Mommy needs her little baby to stay clean and not make messes everywhere tonight, so this is what the baby is going to wear. Understood?” Mike's face was red-hot with humiliation on a level he'd never imagined possible, and to his surprise, his erection returned with a violent vengeance. Terrified to move, he whimpered, “Yes Miss Sally.” “Nope. Tonight, my name is Mommy, and that is how you'll address me.” “Y... yes Mommy,” he stammered. “Good. Now for the rest of your costume! Stand up, baby.” Mike complied silently, trembling as the thick padding beneath him rustled in response. A much louder rustle came from the vanity, and his mind reeled at the possibilities. Sally grasped his leg and picked it up, causing him to nearly lose his balance, and plunked it in the middle of a huge amount of material. The other leg followed, and he began to realize that the mountain of satin she was sliding up his legs had no pants. Worse yet, it didn't stop at his waist. He was near tears as his arms were guided into the puffy short sleeves of what he now realized was a very elaborate dress, one that, as near as he could tell, ended just a few inches below the bottom of his... the diaper. She intended to take him out like this? He wobbled as his brain started to shut down from the stress of it all, and Sally caught him. “What's wrong, baby?” she cooed. “Miss.... Mommy... I don't...” he was afraid to answer. Would she punish him for complaining? Would she somehow make this even worse than it already was? “No safe words, no limits,” she whispered in his ear. “Mommy knows what little mikey wants, what he needs, and what he can handle. Tonight, little mikey is going to be little michelle, an adorable little baby girl who isn't potty trained. And Miss Sally is going to be Mommy, and we are going to be the absolute life of this Halloween party. Aren't we?” “Y... yes Mommy,” he whispered. “Good. Now it's time for Mommy to do little michelle's hair and makeup so she can be super adorable. And little michelle going to keep her eyes straight ahead until Mommy's all done, or else little michelle's going to have to be disciplined right before we go to the party, and little michelle doesn't want that, does she?” “No Mommy!” he said, much more assertively. His diaper rustled as he flinched, but it was just Sally taking his blindfold off. He faced the window, his eyes locked straight ahead, fighting with all his strength not to look down as Sally began to tug his hair this way and that, brushing and tying and humming merrily. He felt thin strips of cloth drape down his temples, teasing his imagination even further as Sally appeared in front of him with a makeup kit, dabbing on his cheeks, on his eyelids, and finally applying lip gloss to his trembling lips before she stepped back and smiled approvingly. “Hands out,” she insisted. He held his palms out to her, and she turned them over. He knew what she was about to do even before the powerful smell of nail polish wafted up to his nose. She was quick and efficient, hitting the nails with a blow dryer to speed the curing process before turning her attention to his feet, sliding long knee socks up his calves and buckling what thankfully were some sort of flats onto his feet. The anticipation was killing him, but his eyes stayed fixed on a tree outside the window, examining its twigs and branches and leaves as she worked. She popped up, looked him up and down, and smiled broadly. “Perfect!” she declared. “Little michelle ready to see how pretty she looks?” No, he wasn't. But he was. Desperate to see, but terrified. “Yes... Mommy,” he whimpered, trembling as she took his hand, stood him up, and walked him into the closet, turning him to face the full-length mirror. What he saw was horrifying, humiliating, and erotic beyond his wildest imagination. There stood a girl of not much more than nine, blond hair in adorable little pigtails tied up in pink ribbons that cascaded down just in front of her ears, with blushing pink cheeks, soft purple eye shadow, and candy pink lips, all of which perfectly coordinated against the pink satin romper that cascaded down her chest, with little purple teddy bears dancing along its hem, which landed just above her knee. The little girl in the mirror's bottom lip trembled as her eyes darted around, noticing all the subtle details of her outfit, from the puffy white sleeves of her blouse to the delicate pink bows on her knee socks and the bright brass buckle of her pink Mary Janes. And Mike's erection strained against his padding. Painfully. Agonizingly. The little girl in the mirror shifted uncomfortably, and her diaper rustled in response, but not as loud as her romper dress as it twirled subtly with each of his movements. “Aren't you the prettiest little thing?” Sally said as her face appeared next to the blushing little girl's face, Sally's hands clasping on her shoulders while Mike felt the weight of anvils drop onto his. The little girl's knees buckled a little, but she kept her feet. “Yes... Mommy...” the girl mouthed as the words escaped Mike's lips. “No no, tell me what you see, baby.” “I'm... a... pretty little girl, Mommy,” the girl said, in Mike's voice. “Yes you are. Oh, and look – even your little underwear is coordinated!” Sally reached down, and the little girl fidgeted as the front of her dress came up to reveal a huge pink diaper, with little silhouettes of princesses in dresses, purple and blue, with little purple and blue stars and hearts dancing between them. “Don't you love your new underwear, baby?” she whispered, pressing her hand against Mike's manhood and stroking up and down. The girl in the mirror bucked and strained at the touch, her mouth gaping subtly as her eyes widened and rolled back, and seconds later, Mike came. Almost immediately after the orgasm was over, to his horror, Mike peed uncontrollably. 4 Sally grinned widely as Mike's diaper first began to twitch and spasm, then slowly warm and swell. The spell had taken effect, but the real magic was just beginning. And, thanks to his delightfully thick and noisy underwear, Mike would be blissfully unaware of what was happening. “Oh my, did my baby girl have an accident?” she cooed. “Does she need her little diaper changed already?” Mike was still entirely too stunned to process the situation, and he automatically responded, “Y... yes Mommy!” His orgasm had been powerful, nearly mind-blowing, but as shocking as the loss of bladder control was, the sensation that accompanied it had eclipsed the ejaculation. He nearly passed out from the intensity of the feeling of hot urine pouring out of him, spilling down the front of his member, and being absorbed by the thirsty padding surrounding it, which swelled in response, heightening the pleasure. And now, confused, terrified, but overwhelmed with an endorphin rush like he'd never experienced before, those were about all the words he was capable of forming at this point. His legs wobbled as Sally led him out of the closet and back to the bed. “My goodness, isn't it lucky Mommy decided to get her baby girl new underwear for this party!” Sally scolded playfully as she gently pushed Mike back down onto the bed. “Your pretty new dress would be ruined, wouldn't it?” “Yes, Mommy,” came the meek, unsure reply. She flipped the skirt up and ripped the tapes loose as he lay there, limp as a ragdoll. “Oh my my my,” she said. “What a mess my baby girl has made! Maybe Mommy needs to get the cock ring tonight, or we'll be changing diapers all night long, huh?” “No Mommy!” he pleaded, panicked at the idea of having to wear that accursed thing. “Aw, it's okay, baby,” she soothed as she took a cool wet wipe and cleaned up his rapidly sagging penis, stifling a laugh as he shivered at the touch. “Mommy's not going to spoil your fun tonight, as long as you're a good little girl.” “I'll be good, Mommy! I promise!” Desperation had driven his voice to a near squeak, and it was a struggle for her not to burst into peals of laughter. “You'll be a good what?” she prodded. “I'll be a good baby girl!” “Alright, then. No nasty cock ring for my sweet little baby Michelle. Just a nice clean diaper to keep her little messes where they belong.” For Mike, this was just yet another round of conflicting feelings rolling into the raging storm within his mind. He hadn't even begun to process the fact that he was to be paraded about like this in front of God knew who, likely a large number of Sally's friends and associates. But the idea of spending the next seven or eight hours strapped in a cock ring while experiencing this previously unfathomable level of humiliation, knowing how excited he was already getting by it, was unconscionable. So there was relief as Sally changed his... the diaper, but the fact that it was being replaced by another just like it, one that he would have on at the party, one that was at great risk of being exposed, considering the length of this... oh god, this DRESS, this dress that looked like it belonged on a kindergartner going to her first fancy party... His thought pattern spiraled out of control once more, and his mind feebly grabbed hold of the only comfort available, that of the soft, dry padding Sally was now wrapping around his middle. Comfortable, soft, like a great big hug around his crotch. Clean. Dry. Comfortable... “Now, if you have to go potty again when we're at the party, Mommy expects you to ask, baby,” Sally's admonishment stunned him out of his thoughts again. “Just because you're wearing a diaper as part of your costume, doesn't mean Mommy wants to be changing wet and dirty diapers all night,” she added. Of course, that was exactly what she already knew she'd be doing, but he didn't need to know that. “Yes Mommy,” he mumbled. Mike was too much on autopilot, Sally decided. She needed to snap him back into the present. She sat him up and flipped the hem of his dress back down, spreading it across his thighs. “So, what does little michelle think of Mommy and baby's costumes?” she prodded. “I... I...” Mike could scarcely process the question, never mind answer. “Is Mommy pretty?” “Yes! Mommy's very pretty! I love your costume, Mommy!” “Is baby michelle pretty?” she asked slyly. “I... yes... I'm... pretty too, Mommy...” he offered with much less conviction. “Yes you are, baby,” she encouraged. “Do you like feeling pretty?” The noise in his head suddenly quieted on this singular question. Do I like this? “I... I don't know, Mommy...” Sally was determined. With an arm around his waist, she pulled him back to a stand and took him back to the mirror in the closet, standing beside him smartly. “What do you see, baby?” “I see...” Mike knew the answer, but forming the words was hard. Admitting it was hard. “I see a beautiful Mommy and...” he trailed off. “And?” “And an adorable little girl.” “That's you, baby. How does it feel to be an adorable little girl, with a pretty dress that matches her Mommy's dress, all ready to go to a party?” Indeed, the pink accents in Sal... Mommy's dress set off perfectly against Mike's bright and colorful outfit. He was adorable. He wasn't really Mike anymore, at least not where anyone could see, he was Michelle, an adorable little girl who just peed in her diaper and enjoyed it. And enjoyed her Mommy changing her diaper, and very much enjoyed being in a dry, clean diaper now. And he was positively terrified of what the evening held in store for him. But in this strange moment, in this brief calm amid the storm, he finally found an answer to this question. “I love you, Mommy. Thank you for my pretty party dress... and my pretty new underwear... and for cleaning up my messes for me...” “You're very, very welcome baby,” Sally said, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek, careful to avoid the heavy blush she applied earlier. “Mommy loves baby michelle too. And Mommy and baby michelle are going to have so much fun tonight! You just wait.” And at that moment, he knew his answer was the right one. 5 Two hours later, as Sally led him out to the Escalade, wobbly, slightly bow-legged, and back to being a nervous wreck, Mike wasn't so sure of that answer anymore. Sally touched up his makeup before they left, reassuring him the whole time that this was going to be the most fun Halloween party ever. But deep inside, he was quite sure that fun she spoke of would be had by others, at his expense, far more than he would be enjoying himself. Of course, Sally knew otherwise. Yes, her little pet was going to be humiliated tonight, but that was largely going to be his own doing. Between the magic she had woven and the plans she'd already made with other party-goers, little mikey was going to have the time of his life in between the blushing and the self-consciousness. And, Sally felt certain, little mikey was going to take rather well to being little michelle on a more permanent basis. “Wait... what are we doing here?!” Mike protested as they pulled up in front of the strip club. It wasn't long ago he'd been a regular here; the last thing he wanted was to be seen like this by people that might recognize him! “Relax, baby,” Sally chided. “It's a private party. Invite only. None of your little drunk friends from back then will be here, only our best customers, the girls, and us.” “But...” “Has Mommy ever harmed you, baby?” she cut him off swiftly. “No.” “You are going to have the time of your life tonight, baby, so long as you play the role your little costume is supposed to convey.” Truth be told, he felt like a scared little girl right now, vulnerable, afraid. “I... Yes Mommy...” he stammered. “Mommy's not going to let anything bad happen to you tonight, baby. I promise.” She turned his trembling chin to face her. “Do you believe me, baby?” “Y... yes Mommy...” “No you don't,” she scolded gently. “What has been the nature of our relationship up to this point, Michael?” Mike was stunned at this very sudden and very serious question. “You... you're the Domme, I'm the subbie,” he ventured. “It's much more than that, and you know it,” she replied curtly. “You're my Mistress, and I am your slave,” he admitted. “I live to serve you.” “Yes, and every step that we've taken together on that journey has involved me showing you secret desires you never knew you had, right?” “Yes...” “Tonight is a very special night, Michael. Not only are we dressing up in fancy clothes and going to a party, but the very nature of our relationship is different tonight. Tonight, instead of servicing my needs and desires and forgetting your own in exchange for my affection, I am taking care of your needs and desires. Tonight, in exchange for making yourself vulnerable, for willingly giving me control over every aspect of your being, you will want for nothing, and I will give you pleasure without pain, and I will show you more secrets in your heart that you didn't know were there, but I always have. “Do you remember what you saw in that mirror today?” she continued. “Yes... Miss... I mean... Mommy... I mean...” Mike was confused by the way Sally addressed him, but more overwhelmed by her words, the realization of how she had been treating him since she taped that first diaper around his middle. “What did you see, baby?” Sally said, leading him back where she wanted him to go. “I saw... a pretty little girl...” “You didn't see a man dressed up as a little girl?” “No... Mommy...” “That's right. And neither will anyone else at this party, so long as you be that little girl tonight. Be the little girl who needs her Mommy to do everything for her, and no one will ever know that little baby michelle is really little mikey, Miss Sally's slave boy. And just for tonight, Mommy will spoil her little girl rotten. How's that sound?” “I... I think I'd like that, Mommy,” he managed. Well, he liked the parts about Sally taking care of him, and he liked the idea of her spoiling him for a night anyway. Be the little girl in the mirror. It was a simple request. The little girl in the mirror was wearing thick diapers under her party dress because her Mommy didn't want her to have accidents and make messes. And she'd already had an accident and made a mess that evening. So clearly she needed them. Her Mommy was right. “I have one more thing to add to your little costume,” Sally said, reaching into her purse. “I think you'll find it very helpful to calm your little nerves and remind you to be that adorable little baby girl.” Out came a pacifier, with a white mouth guard and a powder-pink ring. Attached to the ring was a delicate-looking strip of lace, and on the other end of that strip was a pastel purple suspender clip. Mike blushed deeply, but didn't argue as Sally attached the clip to his collar, leaving the pacifier to dangle at his chest. “Now, when you feel scared, or nervous, or excited, or confused, you just suckle on that, and it will help you calm down. I promise. Right now, though, we don't want to muss up your pretty pink lipstick unless we absolutely have to, do we?” “No Mommy...” “Good girl. You sit right there and Mommy come get you, okay?” “Yes Mommy...” And with that, Sally exited the driver's side, swiftly came around to the passenger's, and, to Mike's surprise, hoisted him off the seat, plunking him on his feet next to her before closing the door. She grasped his hand and tossed the keys to the waiting valet, who chuckled a bit before climbing in and driving off. “Baby walk with Mommy, or shall I carry you?” she teased. “I'll walk, Mommy!” he squeaked. The bouncer at the door smiled broadly as he held it open for them. “Good evening, Miss Sally,” he boomed in a deep baritone voice. “And to you, Travis,” she replied, tucking a twenty into the pocket of his smart black button-up shirt. “Thank you, Ma'am,” he said as Sally led Mike through the door. She set an easy pace for him across the lobby, thankfully, but even so he found himself stumbling as he tried his best not to waddle in the thick undergarment, feeling very self-conscious as he and Sally were fawned over by the hostess. He recognized Jennifer immediately, recalling the fantasies he'd even had about her before Sally swooped into his life, and inside he worried that she remembered him as well, despite Sally introducing him as her cousin and assuring the striking beauty that “she” was indeed of legal age, despite the costume. The music from inside the bar was booming as Geoffrey stepped aside and opened the door for the pair, and Mike suddenly felt very lightheaded as they walked into the chaotic scene. His knees buckled, and the world began to spin. “Michelle? Are you okay?” Sally's worried voice rang in his ear. “I... I'm not sure... Mommy...” 6 “Healing thoughts sent in flight, bring the brightest of blessings this very night, Surround my child with healing light, As above, so below.” The words whispered through Mike's mind as he opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a couch just a few feet back from Pervert's Row. Sally sat to his left, an arm around his shoulder, her other hand on top of both of his, which were in his lap. To his right, another woman he didn't recognize, in an elaborate fairy costume complete with wings and a tiara atop her straw-colored hair, had her hand atop Sally's. A third woman, donning tiger stripes and painted-on whiskers across her ebony cheeks, was at his feet, her hand atop them all. These couldn't be dancers who worked here, unless they'd been hired in the six months or so since he became Sally's pet, since the last time he'd been in this building. “Well hello there, cutie-pie!” Sally cheered as he opened his eyes. Smiles and chuckles surrounded him as he began to get a grip on his surroundings. “Did someone get a little dizzy?” “Yes, Mommy,” he managed, which brought delighted squeals from the other two women. “Oh my god, you are just so freakishly adorable! I want one, Sally!” “Me too! Where on earth did you find her?!” “Hush, ladies, the poor thing is just getting her little bearings!” Sally scolded. “Michelle, I want you to meet my very special friends, Suzanna,” she paused, and the one directly in front of him offered a little wave, “and Rachelle.” The one to his right grasped his arm and gave it a squeeze. “They were very helpful when you had your little spill back there. Can you say hello?” “H... hello Suzanna... and Rachelle.... thank you... for helping my Mommy take care of me...” That resulted in another round of squeals, not to mention two hugs that seemed awfully close to inappropriate to Mike, both women pulling his head directly into their chests as they praised him for being such a polite little girl. Mike looked nervously at Sally, fearing some repercussion for such sexually forward behavior, but she seemed unfazed by it. Of course, he found himself with another erection as a result, and couldn't help but squirm a bit as the two women took their leave, flitting off into the crowd together laughing and joking. This was really the first chance Mike had to get a look at the crowd. The first thing he noticed was that the vast majority of them were female. There had to be a hundred or more people in here, and he could count the number of men that weren't employees on two hands! Some of them he recognized; he'd seen them on stage plenty, but most were complete strangers, with or without masks, in their elaborate costumes. A waitress appeared out of the midst of the crowd, a tall brunette in an absolutely perfect replica of a Playboy Bunny outfit. She greeted Sally with respect, but fawned all over Mike, just like the others had. “So what are we drinking?” she asked after she'd gotten a pinch on Mike's cheek, making him blush again. “Cosmo for me, Maker's and coke for this little cutie,” Sally replied, leaving Mike stunned. He hadn't drank bourbon since he was a regular here; at most he'd have a glass of wine with her when she allowed it. How did she know that was his usual? “Oh my goodness, what's a little angel like you doing drinking a big grown-up drink like that?!” the waitress chirped. “Sure you wouldn't rather have a Shirley Temple?” Mike shook his head with a cringe. “She's very fussy,” Sally offered, “and she's in the party mood tonight, isn't she?” Sally turned to him expectantly. “Yes Mommy,” he mumbled. Once upon a time, getting this much attention from so many beautiful women would put him straight over the moon, but dressed as he was, under the watchful eye of his Misstress... or... Mommy, he felt like he was under a microscope, and in the back of his head there was still a nagging voice that said they all knew, they all could tell that it was the grown man everyone knew as Mike underneath all these ruffles, and they all knew what he had on under the dress, too. Of course, Sally knew what was rattling around in Mike's head as well. But she had bigger plans in store, plans that necessitated getting a few stiff drinks in him, before the party could hit its... climax. Half an hour later, just after the waitress brought their second round, Mike finally seemed like he'd settled down a bit and at least gotten accustomed to the steady stream of party-goers greeting Sally and complementing them on their costumes, some more emphatically than others. It was time for the second act of this little play. She stood up and smiled down at him. “Alright, baby, Mommy has a little thing she needs to take care of. You be good girl while I'm gone?” Mike was horrified. “Wait, where are you going, Mommy?!” he whined. “The girls are going to dance for our VIP guests tonight, and I need to emcee for a little bit. I won't be gone long, I promise.” “But... what if I have to go to the bathroom?” he whisper-yelled, trying not to make a further spectacle of himself. “Oh don't worry. If you can't wait until Mommy gets back, she has spares in her purse,” She patted her large handbag sitting next to him on the bench, kissed his forehead, and strode off through the crowd, then reappeared climbing the back stares onto the tall podium, thirty feet above the floor below, a number of girls following after and lining up at the stairs leading down onto the lighted stage. Morbidly curious, Mike peeked into the bag. Sure enough, there at the bottom lay two huge diapers and a travel-pack of wipes. He closed it up quickly and very self-consciously tugged at the hem of his dress. He tried to close his legs, but the bulk between them was far too massive for that to be comfortable. Crossing them was no help either, so he sighed and took a sip of his drink, blushing fiercely as he looked around the room. “Ladies and gentlemen!” Sally boomed into a wireless microphone, and the crowd quieted. “I want to thank you all for coming to our quiet little get-together here tonight. Hope everyone's enjoying themselves!” A loud cheer erupted in response. “Wonderful! Well, of course, here at the Atlantis, it wouldn't be much of a party if we didn't have dancers, would it?” More rowdy approval from the crowd. “Then by all means, let's hear it for Mandy and Melissa!” Another cheer rose, and the twins he'd seen grace this stage so many times together strutted down the staircase in matching sea-blue two-pieces with feathered masks across their eyes. Whistles and catcalls rose up from Pervert's row as the two girls went into their well-rehearsed routine, and Mike, for the first time all night, managed to forget himself a little bit as he sipped his drink and stared at the beautiful bodies writhing in sync on the twin poles at center stage, then taking their turns attending to the dollar-waving men and women on Pervert's Row. Sally's watchful eye remained locked on her fidgety little charge as she called off several more acts, a parade of women strutting down to the stage, working through their various routines, collecting their tips, then exiting directly into the crowd to offer their attention to those who weren't close enough to get a proper show. She smiled as he went rigid when she called the next name, “Tiger Lilly!” Aiko, or “Tiger Lilly”, wasn't your average dancer, and while the crowd always found the Asian girls exotic and tipped them well, was hardly an average Asian girl. Tall, well-busted, and very toned, her acrobatic act on the pole was as big an attraction as her forceful dance routine, projecting her aggressive femininity that made the horny toad regulars melt in their seats. Of course, there was only one such “regular” in this crowd, and both Sally and Aiko were well aware of this fact. So while Mike trembled in his little dress and pigtails, Aiko locked her eyes on him during her entire set, save the few minutes she spent gathering up bills off the stage floor before exiting. Mike, meanwhile, was transfixed while Tiger Lilly danced. He felt those eyes burn a hole straight through his middle, this powerful woman who molested him so many nights at home in his bourbon-soaked fantasies. And then, as she strutted down the side-stairs off the stage, the unthinkable happened. He quickly realized, he wasn't just imagining Tiger Lilly staring at him, she really was, because she came straight for him once she hit the floor, in her leather bikini bottom, the top having been discarded during her routine, and her fishnets and knee-high boots. He trembled as she closed in and bent down to his eye level, a few tiny inches from his face. “Are you being a good little girl?” she asked him seductively. Mike mouthed a few things, but all that came out were gasps, so he nodded his head nervously, his erection raging inside his diaper. “I bet you'd rather be a naughty one, wouldn't you?” she asked, looking up and down his chest. Mike shook his head fiercely. “No? Then I guess I'll just have to be naughty by myself, huh?” A rapid nod. “Here, have your little binky, baby, while Tiger Lilly gets naughty on you,” she said, picking up the pacifier and tucking it into his mouth as she mounted his lap, shoving her ample breasts into his face as he suckled furiously on the nipple and whimpered both his appreciation for this attention and his fear of Sally's repercussions later. Her hips ground against his thighs, and she massaged his face with her tits first, then grabbed him fiercely by the chin and licked his forehead. “What a good little girl you are,” she whispered in his ear before licking it, which drove him half out of his mind. Without warning, she reached under his dress and, as he cried out in protest from behind his pacifier, grasped the front of his diaper and began to grind it up against him. He squealed as she pressed her tits back into his face, hot humiliation amplifying the intensity of her sexual aggression, but to his shock, she didn't back off, she didn't even seem phased at his underwear. “Wittle baby like it when I do that to her?” she asked, pressing the soft padding hard against his throbbing member and stroking it while her whole body moved in rhythm. If Mike hadn't just had an orgasm a couple hours ago, he would have probably had one immediately right then and there, if not sooner, but instead Tiger Lilly just worked him over, teasing and stroking and grinding and squeezing until finally it happened. Except something was very wrong. Last time, it seemed as though he started peeing as soon as he was done. This time, he wasn't even finished before the flow began, and it seemed to heighten his orgasm even further, causing his whole body to shudder as his diaper grew hot and swelled. He whimpered and squeaked behind the mouth guard, biting down hard on the nipple as Tiger Lilly whispered, “Guess you were a naughty little girl after all, weren't you? I knew you could do it. I'll see you later, pretty little baby girl.” And with that, Aiko dismounted him and left him there. Breathing heavy, with beads of sweat and Tiger Lilly spittle running in rivulets down his cheeks, Mike couldn't even begin to process all the things that were wrong with what just happened. He dropped the pacifier out of his mouth and drained the half-full drink sitting next to him, safe and sound in its little cup-holder, and his waitress appeared seemingly from nowhere to replace it with a full one. “Th... thank you...” he stammered, taking a sizable swig and setting it down. Sally, meanwhile, smiled from her perch on the scaffold and nodded approvingly. “Oh, little Michelle, the fun is just beginning for you, baby girl...” 7 Mike finally got his wits about him after another drink, and he returned his attention to the girls on stage, though he was far less engaged now, his diaper rapidly cooling and the stickiness from his orgasm still pressing against his skin, which was decidedly uncomfortable, powder and cream or no. He'd managed to get his dress back down before anyone had seen the diaper, or at least if they had, no one had taken any notice of it. The swollen mass between his legs pressed them even farther apart now, to where he had no choice but to spread them in a decidedly unladylike fashion. As a result, he found himself fidgeting with the hem of the dress quite regularly, pulling it down in his lap, praying no one could see the embarrassing underwear, especially now that it was wet. Meanwhile, Sally was drinking this all in with sadistic pleasure, watching the pitiful thing's eyes dart to and fro, making himself completely obvious with all his grabbing and pulling. She was so fixated, she had to continually remind herself to keep at least one eye on the girls so she didn't miss her timing on announcing the next one. By the time the waitress brought Mike his fourth drink a mere thirty minutes later, Sally decided he was ready for another round of something else. She whispered something to the tall, buxom blonde standing third in the line, then stepped out to announce her. Mike's eyes bulged as that name was called; Svetlanna, the Moscow Mistress as she was known, was a nearly burly woman, formerly a competitive weightlifter, though she had long stopped her bodybuilding routines in favor of allowing her once-ripped physique to soften a bit, presenting a well-chiseled but still feminine appearance. Most of her act was demonstrations of her strength, regularly and effortlessly dragging denizens of The Row up onto the stage to be used as her playthings during her act, climbing the pole and hoisting them up with her under their arms while she held on with her legs. Oh, and the girly boys all loved when she'd incorporate bodybuilding poses into her act. So did Mike. He used to dream of her having her way with him, pinning him to the bed, tossing him around like a rag doll while he helplessly submitted to her whims and demands. All those little fantasies came rushing back as the fierce blonde stormed out on stage and began her performance. It took a little doing to get Svetlanna here tonight, on account that she had moved across the country several months before, but for Sally it was worth every second of what was about to happen. The woman's routine was short and sweet, skipping over her usual drafting of volunteers, and when she exited the stage, she too made a beeline straight for the trembling sissy. Sally's only regret was that she didn't add a wireless mic to her little slave's costume so she could hear the exchanges. “Vat in the world is a dainty little girl like you doing in such a place?” Svetlanna demanded in Mike's ear as she straddled his lap, a fistful of his collar locked firmly between her fingers. “I... I...” Mike couldn't even form words at this point, his mind reeling as this incredibly powerful woman leered in his face. “I should take you over my knee for being such a naughty thing! But you'd like that, wouldn't you?” she growled low. Mike could only nod his head as he trembled under her grip. She shoved him back into the seat and slapped him across the face with her tits. The force of the blow took Mike by surprise, and he cringed a bit, even as his member, barely recovered from being molested by Tiger Lilly, jumped right back to attention. “Oh yes, you'd just love it if I took you right up on stage and spanked your naughty little bottom in front of all these people, wouldn't you? That'd be the thrill of your life, wouldn't it?” He shook his head fiercely in panic. No, the last thing he wanted was to show what by now had to be two hundred people his soggy, diapered bottom. “Vhat's wrong, naughty little girl? Are you worried someone might get a peek at your naughty little lady parts?” She pushed right past his trembling hands in his lap and made a grab between his legs, catching a squishy handful of plastic. “Oh, so you're vorried about everyone finding out what a little baby you are, is that it? And a very wet little baby from what I can tell. Perhaps Mama Svetlanna should take you to the back and change your soggy little diaper for you?” she sneered as Mike helplessly gaped, mouth wide open, trying to form words. “Vood you like that, little baby girl?” She began rhythmically pressing the sodden mass against Mike's raging erection as she continued, “Oh, yes, I'm sure you'd love for Mama to take your nasty diaper off and spank your naughty little bottom, wouldn't you?” She slapped his thigh hard enough to elicit a yelp. “Varm that little ass right up, make the baby cry, then put a clean diaper on her, maybe make her stand in the corner for a while. But first, I should take that dress right off you and take you up on stage, show everyone vut a nasty little baby girl you are. How'd you like that, baby?” Another fierce slap, but this time Mike's head was swimming as he neared yet another climax as she continued to grind the padding forcefully against him. His breath came in staccato gasps as she leaned in and bit his ear lobe. “That's it, baby. Make Mama a big mess in your filthy little diaper. Go ahead. Do it. Come for Mama,” she chanted low. And Mike did exactly as he was instructed. Except... Mike would have looked down if he hadn't been pinned to the back of the bench by this hulking beauty, because between his legs, something bizarre was happening. What he felt was the intensely pleasurable sensations of an orgasm, but all that was coming out of him was hot urine, first in spurts, then in a steady flow, warming the sodden mass right back up. “Vut a nasty, nasty little baby you are,” Svetlanna sneered. She lightly slapped his cheek as he gasped for air. “Pissing in your little diaper while Mama tries to play vit you. Horrible, nasty little girl. You just wait, Mama will be back, to give you exactly vut you deserve, little brat.” She slapped him again, harder, then dismounted him and stalked away, leaving him in a heap on the bench, dazed, confused, drained, and humiliated, with his dress hiked up more than enough to show off his swollen plastic underwear to any passer-by who cared to look. Realizing this last part rather suddenly, Mike scrambled back into the most modest sitting position he could muster, pulling his skirt down and draining the last of his drink in hopes of steadying his fraying nerves. The booze was definitely getting to his head, but at this point, all he could do was pray Sally would get back here soon, take him into the back somewhere, and get him out of this disgusting diaper. Dear God, what would she do when she saw this much piss? She might force him to wear these things longer than the duration of this party! Worse, with the messes he'd made, she might put that horrible cock ring back on him as well! He shuddered at how angry Sally typically became when he came without permission. No, whatever reaction she had to his spew all over himself would surely be far worse. She'd thrash him for that, and there wouldn't be any aftercare at all. Self-pity rose up in him as he accepted another drink unbidden from the waitress, dreading another night in the cage, probably more, unable to get comfortable on account of the welts he'd have on his backside. Of course, Sally already knew what she'd be finding in that diaper. In fact, she knew more than he did. But let him squirm. Let him fear her wrath. Anticipation is half the fun, after all. She focused on finishing up the stage act, stealing occasional glances at him twisting around on the bench vainly trying to get comfortable with an inner tube full of his own piss wrapped between his legs, knowing the apex of little Michelle's coming-out party was yet to arrive. And oh, when it did, it would be something for all involved to remember. But all that had to wait, sadly. And so Sally focused on trotting the girls out there, one after another. Forty minutes later, the first set was over. And act two of the transformation could now proceed. The last girl left the stage to go troll for lap dance tips, which were surprisingly easy to come by; the women in attendance seemed to enjoy this sort of attention every bit as much as the scattered few men. Sally confidently strolled down the same stairs, smiling and waving and shaking hands as she exited the stage on the side opposite from Mike, content to let him stew in his own juices for a bit longer while she greeted guests and hobnobbed. She worked her way patiently around the perimeter before sidling up next to the still-blushing little whelp with a smile. She could see in his eyes that he was either outright drunk or not far from it. Perfect. Disinhibition would make things move just that much smoother. “And did my baby girl behave herself while Mommy was gone?” she chirped. He nodded. “Yes Mommy,” he offered weakly. She feigned surprise. “Are you sure? You sure are acting like a little girl who got into trouble. Do we need to go potty?” He blushed deeper, and his head dropped further. “No Mommy.” She leaned in tight and whispered, “Does that mean we need a diaper change?” “Y... yes Mommy.” She drank deeply of his humiliation, savoring his agony at this admission. But she wanted more. “Then someone needs to ask Mommy nicely, unless that someone wants to sit in a wet diaper all night.” Her whisper was seductive, but with a subtle edge of menace, just enough to spur him into action. He looked up at her with pain in his eyes, but her face remained steely. “I... I mean... M... Mo... Mommy...” he choked on the words, and she had to fight hard to suppress her smile. “What is it, baby?” she said firmly. “W... will... you... pl... please... change my... d... di... diaper Mommy?” Glorious. Even all the booze he'd soaked up couldn't stop tears from forming in his eyes. “Oh, don't cry, baby girl,” she cooed, wiping them away with a flick of her thumb, “Mommy get you all cleaned up in a jiffy. Let's see if we can find someplace nice and quiet.” She grabbed her purse, latched onto his arm, and nearly jerked him to a stand. “Keep your chin up, baby, unless you want everyone to figure out what we're doing,” she admonished as she led him through the crowd into one of the private dance rooms. “Now lie down, sweetie,” she instructed. He was very, very slow and deliberate, bouncing his eyes between her and the floor, and she knew why, but she doubted he was ready to admit it. “Unless we don't want a diaper change after all?” “I do Mommy!” he said quickly, dropping to the ground and lying back, eyes averted from her. She pulled the wipes, powder, and one of the spare diapers from her purse, reveling in his fear. He flinched as she ripped each of the tapes loose and pulled it down. He had certainly made a mess of himself, but she had to work at putting on a facade of shock. “You weren't a good girl at all, were you?!” she snapped, swatting him hard on the thigh. “I'm sorry Mommy! The... the girls... they just came over and...” he begged. “Oh sure, blame it all on the other little girls at the party!” she cut him off. “Dirty little thing! I ought to get my strap!” “Please don't, Mommy!” he groveled. “I'm sorry!” He covered his face with his forearms, cowering. Another sharp swat to the thigh. “You should be sorry! Any other night of the year, I'd have you out there on the cross in just your nasty little diaper and a ball gag! Be lucky it's Halloween, little girl!” Sally was struggling not to laugh at this point as she quickly wiped down his now even smaller penis, paying special attention to the tiny, newly formed slit behind his tiny balls, which triggered a gasp from him and brought what was left of his dick to attention. She swatted his thigh again. “Nasty little thing, you think Mommy's here to tickle your dirty little pee parts?!” “No Mommy!” he yelped back, quivering. The erection subsided as quickly as it arrived, meekly disappearing into what now looked like the genitalia of a grade-school boy, certainly not a grown man. She quickly finished the job, powdering him thoroughly and taping him up, tossing his used one in the trash casually. She softened her tone then, grabbing his arms and pulling him into her lap. “It's alright, baby girl, Mommy knows how hard it is to be good all the time,” she whispered, rocking him and patting his bottom loudly and obviously. “Aren't you glad Mommy made you wear diapers to the party?” “Yes... Mommy...” he muttered. And truly, after all that happened, Mike was grateful. He was even more grateful to be in a dry, clean one now, but he was confused at how erratic Sally seemed to be behaving. At first he was sure she was going to savage him. Now she was suddenly all gentle again. His booze-addled brain couldn't process her moods, not that he was any better at it sober, so he dismissed the thoughts and just soaked up the attention. “Of course you are. Now, Mommy has to go and pay the girls, baby. Would you like to go back out and sit on the bench, or stay in here where it's safe and quiet?” “Could I stay here?” he asked hopefully. With the girls prowling around out there, and as forward as they seemed to be tonight, despite him not even having cash to tip with, the idea of accidentally crossing Sally again was downright terrifying. “Of course you can, baby. Why don't you go sit in the nice comfy chair and wait for Mommy to get back so we can go have fun together?” As Mike quickly scrambled into the plush chair in the corner of the room, Sally packed the supplies back into her purse and stood up. “Now be good girl while Mommy's gone, okay? I'll send the nice waitress to get you another drink.” “Yes Mommy,” he said confidently, “I'll be good!” I'm sure you will, Sally thought to herself as she strode out the door. Too bad there are so many naughty girls here who won't. 8 Outside, Sally waved to the waitress, who nodded her acknowledgment and turned back to the bartender. She made her down to the dancers' dressing room. Of course, Svetlanna and Aiko were there, chatting, and they both brightened when Sally entered. “Everything will be ready shortly; he's in number four,” she said, grinning subtly. The two women nodded and returned her smile, and Sally flitted through to her office for another, more important meeting. Mike sat in the plush chair, drinking his I-forgot-th Maker's and Coke, relieved to be away from the plying eyes out there, away from people who might see, might recognize him, might know that there was a man under this dress and diaper. For half an hour, the only person he interacted with was the waitress, and to her credit, she was damned attentive, bringing him two more drinks while he sat there, half trying to gather himself, half trying to inebriate himself to the point where he no longer cared. The latter half was winning this battle, for certain. In fact, he was getting quite comfortable in the soft cushions, sinking deeper, forgetting his modesty, when the door burst open, shocking him into a rigid stance, his knees pulled together as far as he could get them, what with the bulk of the (thankfully now dry) diaper between his legs. In walked Tiger Lilly, a seductive smile on her face, with Svetlanna directly behind, both clad in skin-tight leather one-piece bikinis and tall boots to match. What was left of his feeble penis stood straight at attention as they marched in. “Oh look,” Tiger purred, “It's the naughty little babygirl I left in a puddle tonight. Did your mommy come and change your little diaper for you, baby?” “I... I mean... Uh...” Mike stammered, but Tiger didn't wait for an answer, darting straight over to him, lifting his dress, and slowly running her hand up and down his crotch, eliciting a loud crinkle from there and a series of gasps from him. “Oooooh, you're all cleaned up, aren't you, baby?” “Zho vee can make her all messy again,” Svetlanna mocked as she approached, grabbing Mike by the chin. “Dirty little zhing, she'd much rather be naughty and messy, vouldn't she?” “N... n....” was all he could manage. Sally had been kind the last time she'd seen the aftermath of these two in his diaper, but certainly she'd be furious if it happened again! His protests were interrupted rapidly by Svetlanna's lips on his own, and her tongue in his mouth as Tiger continued to stroke the front of his diaper. He could do little other than squeak as Tiger's hand worked her magic, pressing the soft fabric against his tiny but very stiff and sensitive member. Svetlanna finally released him from her kiss and licked her lips. “Naughty little zhing, you don't need kisses, you need spankings, don't you?” Without waiting for a response, she shoved her chest into his face, straddling his lap as Tiger backed off. “Hey, I was having fun there!” Tiger protested as Svetlanna easily manipulated poor Mike's head around with the slick leather corset. “Ve don't vant zhe babygirl to go filling her little diaper back up right avay, do ve?” She trapped Mike's face and, as if for emphasis, flopped it back and forth as he moaned and squealed underneath. “Zat's right, little girl, tell the big bad tiger that she has to be patient!” “I'm... mmmmf... thirsty!” Mike managed, desperately trying to find a way to back the two dominating women off him for a minute and collect his scattering, increasingly drunken thoughts. “You are?!” Svetlanna cooed. “Vell here, baby, drink up your little drink!” She grabbed his cup from its holder in the chair arm and roughly pushed it to his lips, tipping it up quickly. Mike tried to gulp it down as fast as she poured, but he helplessly choked, horrified as his neck and the collar of the dress got soaked. “Look at zhis messy baby, spilling her drink all over herself!” the Russian woman spat as she jumped off his lap. “She needs a bib!” “Well of course she does, trying to drink out of a big-girl cup like that!” Tiger scolded. “Poor baby! Svetlanna, go find the waitress and tell her to bring us a washcloth so we can clean her up!” “Fine, zhen!” Svetlanna sulked. “Both of you better behave yourselves while I'm gone, or zere vill be trouble!” With that, she stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. From Mike's perspective, even as bewildered and intoxicated as he was, he was also pretty certain trouble was already here. If Sally walked in on this mayhem, god only knew how many nights he'd be spending in the cage with a backside full of welts. He didn't have long to dwell on that thought, though. “Now that mean old Svet's gone, Mama Tiger can take care of you proper,” the towering Japanese woman cooed, sliding into the chair and pulling Mike into her lap. “I... Tiger... I...” he stammered. “Shush you,” she interrupted, shoving his face into her breast and holding it there as her free hand found its way back under his dress. “Mama take good care of the baby girl now.” He squeaked and moaned helplessly as she massaged the front of his diaper. “There, isn't that nice?” After what seemed like an eternity of Tiger's teasing, a knock on the door gave Mike a breath of air. “We're a little busy in here!” Tiger sang. “Special delivery!” It was the waitress. “Oh, come on in, then!” The waitress came in, but to Mike's horror, she carried a pink baby bottle with a huge, oversized nipple attached on her tray, along with the requested washcloth. “Maker's and Coke for the baby!” “Oh thank you so much!” Tiger cooed, taking the washcloth. The waitress offered a curtsy as she grabbed the remains of Mike's last drink, depositing the bottle in the cup holder and sashaying back out of the room. Tiger unbuttoned the front of his dress and slowly and seductively ran the warm washcloth from his chin down to his hairless chest and back. “Tiger... please...” he begged, squirming at the stimulating sensations. “Oh yes, Mama Tiger knows, baby girl is thirsty!” She tossed the rag aside, snatching the baby bottle up and tucking it into his mouth as he protested incoherently. “Uh-uh, drink it all up, baby!” she scolded. Mike had no other option, really, what with the nipple steadily leaking into the back of his throat. God, if Sally saw him in Tiger Lilly's lap; drunk or not, he needed to get this over with. He sucked furiously on the huge nipple, gulping the drink down as fast as he could, while Tiger offered encouragement. He was nearly finished when the door suddenly burst open, and he squeaked, shutting his eyes in terror. To his surprise, however, Mike didn't hear Sally's familiar voice. Instead, it was Svet's booming voice, “So, I leave for five minutes and here you are spoiling the little brat?” “Aw, she was just thirsty, weren't you, you adorable little thing?” said Tiger, popping the now-empty bottle out of his mouth and showing it to Svet. “Vell good, at least she von't be making any messes on the change of clothes I brought for her,” said Svet. “I'm sure Brianna vould be quite upset if you spilled your drink all over the pretty dress she vas nice enough to let you borrow for the rest of the evening!” Mike lay there, mouth agape, as Svet produced a spaghetti-strap pink satin babydoll. “Now, let's get her out of that soggy thing before her Mommy sees what a mess she made!” And then Tiger turned on him. Begging, pleading, and squirming, Mike desperately protested as the two women restrained him and removed the Lolly dress, leaving him in nothing but the pink diaper on his waist. His head was swimming now, though what was left of his penis was fully erect, creating a tiny but very obvious tent in the front. “Well will you look at this, Svet?!” Tiger cackled, stroking the front of Mike's diaper while pinning him against the wall. “This little girl has parts she's not supposed to!” “And she's missing some parts too!” Svet added. “Look at that pathetic chest!” “Please...” he begged. “I don't... I can't...” “Shut up, sissy boy!” Svet cut him off, forcefully shoving the discarded pacifier into his mouth and giving him a solid slap on the cheek. Tiger backed off just long enough for Svet to pull the teddy over his head and push his arms between the straps. She slid in behind him, and Tiger wrapped herself around his front, staring fiercely into his eyes as the two of them began to grind on him, his still fully exposed diaper crinkling away as he squeaked incoherently into his pacifier. “That's it, baby,” Tiger whispered as his breathing quickened, “make a nice mess in your little diaper for Mommy!” Her hand clenched around his member while Svet reached under to stroke behind his sack. Then it all happened at once. His bladder let loose as he reached climax, and his legs went to jelly, collapsing backward onto Svet. Meanwhile, the door burst open, and in walked Sally, a wry grin on her face. As the pacifier fell away from his face, the room began to spin, and he dropped to the floor, still peeing as the scene began to fade to black. The last thing he saw was Sally's smiling face above him. “Looks like my little girl got good and naughty tonight, huh?” 9 Ere the dawn of the morning sun Let past and future become one This Samhain's mischief ne'er to be undone As above, so below Mike awoke with a pounding headache, the sunlight boring into his squinting eyes like a power drill. What a bizarre dream that was! Sally, Tiger Lilly, Svetlanna, and those other two women... what were their names?! They were standing over him in a circle and chanting as he helplessly wet his... diaper? And then the part where he grew breasts and a vagina! Then Sally carried him into the house and changed him, then put him in a... His hand reached out and touched wooden bars, and panic filled him. He must still be dreaming... right?! Both hands came to his chest and touched soft satin, which covered two small but very sensitive mounds of flesh. His eyes shot open, and he started to sit up. A rustle at his groin, and the feeling of plastic between his thighs filled him with horror. Then his bladder began to empty, accompanied by a powerful tingling sensation that sent shivers through him. He couldn't even concentrate to try and stop the flow of moist heat spreading throughout his crotch area. Now he was fully awake, headache or no, and his eyes were wide as saucers as they darted around, trying to process the scene before him. He was sitting in what had to be every bit of a six-foot-tall crib, painted a soft pastel pink. He still had on that pink babydoll from last night's party, the pacifier still attached and dangling from the collar, not to mention a now very swollen pink diaper underneath. The room itself looked vaguely like Sally's parlor, only all the furniture he used to clean on a twice-weekly basis was gone, replaced by a giant changing table with a small staircase next to it, this crib, an armoire, and a mysterious lidded wooden box, all painted the same pastel pink as the crib. “Miss Sally!” he shrieked, terrified and confused. “Miss Sally, where are you?!” Footfalls, getting closer. The door burst open. “Well good morning, little mikey!” Sally was grinning ear to ear. “Looks like someone needs a change!” “I... I don't want to wear diapers!” he said, forgetting himself for a moment. “What's happening?!” “Oh mikey, you've said that every morning since you lost your bladder control,” Sally replied as she strode toward the crib. Strange memories began to fill his head, memories of wetting his pants, of doctors saying things like “nerve damage” and “urinary sphincter” and “atrophy”. But how?! “But Miss Sally, I'm a...” “Mikey, I'm tired of telling you, you're not allowed to call me that anymore! What is my name?!” Sally threw her hands on her hips and stood back from the bars. More recall, now of Sally demanding that he call her Mommy since she had to change his diapers for him like a little sissy baby. Of Sally fucking him with a double-dildo while he lay face down on a puppy pad, pissing all over himself as he climaxed. “I'm... sorry... Mommy.” “That's better. Now, would you to come out and get your diaper changed and get dressed, or are you going to sit in there and pitch a fit?” “I... I want to come out... Mommy...” “That's much better, little sissy boy.” Sally stepped forward again, and Mike heard a motor whir as the bars began to slide down, collapsing to about a foot above the mattress. She reached out her arms, and he waddled forward on his knees and fell into them. She hoisted him out and onto his feet, and he knew what was expected next. “But I used to be a man, Mommy. What happened? When did I grow breasts?!” “My goodness, did you get bonked on the head at the party last night? You've always been a hermie, mikey. It was only after you had to start wearing diapers again that you started embracing your sissy baby side. I thought it was adorable, so I went along with it. Don't you remember us picking out this furniture for you, shopping for toys to fill your toybox and pretty little dresses and rompers for your closet?” Strange images filled his head. He helped her paint all this stuff! They picked outfits at some Lolita store online! What was it called? Angelic something... He remembered filling the toybox with stuffed animals, and a dollhouse, and... None of it made sense, but the memories were there, as clear as if they happened yesterday... Or last night... - End -
  24. A New Life, part 1

    Slowly, you begin to wake up, feeling groggy. Your bed feels... different. Softer. In your tired state you can't tell exactly what it is, but something isn't right. It feels like your blankets bunched up between your legs, and you can't get your knees together. Something is definitely wrong. Maybe you are still dreaming? You have an odd taste in your mouth. It feels like something is sitting between your lips. You try to spit it out, but can't. You reach over to take it out... but your arm won't move. With a start, you realized your hand is tied. You open your eyes in shock, but in the dim light you can't see much. This isn't your room. Your eyes begin to adjust and you see more and more. You are surrounded by bars... are you in a cage? You try wiggling around, kicking off the blankets. What the hell are you wearing? You are dressed in a pink, footed onesie. Around your waist you see a buldge. With horror, you realize that you are wearing a diaper. This isn't a cage, its a crib! The lights flicker on, blinding you momentarily. "Ahhh I see the baby girl is awake. Did you sleep well honey?" a strange voice asks. You look toward the voice to see a tall women standing in the doorway. She has long brown hair that falls over thick shoulders and arms. Clear blue eyes look at you with compassion. She is holding a baby bottle. A BIG baby bottle. Big enough for you, even. You try to ask what is going on, but can't speak through what you now realize is a pacifier, tied behind your head. Getting a better look at your outfit, you notice cartoon princesses covering your onsie, and "Diapered Princess" written across the chest. Your hands are locked in finger less gloves, rendering them useless, and you can feel a frilly bonnet on your head and tied under you chin. You are dressed like a one year old girl. A nearby mirror reveals the words "Messy Diaper Butt" written on the flap of the onesie. "Awww don't worry baby. Just let mommy check your diaper and we can untie you for breakfast. That sound nice? Just promise not to be a bad baby, or you will get a spanking." The women tells you, standing over you. She reaches down to open the flap on your onsie, revealing a thick, infantile diaper with "Baby" written across the front in pink. "Looks like someones dry!" She says, pinching your cheek, "Good baby! Keep this up and maybe one day we can begin potty training... In a year or so..." At this point your surprise and fear turns to anger. How can this woman humiliate you like this? You try to struggle against her as she unties your arms and lifts you up but to know avail. Your moments turn into uncoordinated squirming, and you realize you have little control over your limbs. A hard smack on your diaper stops you completely. "Now now, if I'm gonna untie you you have to be a good baby. Try that again and I'll give you a real spanking. OK?" You stop the pointless squirming. How can you be so weak? What the hell is going on. The woman sits you in a high chair, strapping you in place. The diaper crinkles underneath you as you wiggle on the seat, wondering what is going on. The padding feels like a cushion underneath you, but serves as a constant humiliating reminder of your diapered state. Even worse, you are seated right in front of a window facing a street and another row of houses. You recognize the neighborhood as one near your own home. What if someone sees you? A bowl of unidentifiable mush sits in front of you, along with the bottle she was carrying earlier. She doesn't intend to feed you this, does she? In answer to the question, she unties something behind your head and removes the pacifier. You try to speak, to ask what is going on, but she quickly spoons mush into your mouth. "Open up for the airplane! Vroommm vrooom!" She says as she forces the sweet goo down your throat. You gag and choke it back, forced to eat by her constant shoveling. Finally you can take it no more. "Wai! Wha goin on?" With horror you realize that is your own voice. A high pitched squeal, with words lisped and barely formed. What had happened to you? "NO! No more foo! Stop oo F---ing b----!" "What! How dare you? Is that how babies talk? Come here!" The woman pulls you out of the high chair and grabs you by the wrist.You scream curses as you are forced to waddle behind her, your thick diaper making walking normally impossible. She pulls you down the hallway and into a bathroom. Once there, she forces open your mouth and sticks a bar of soap into it. The bitter soap instantly fills your mouth with suds, and you try to spit it out, only to have it replaced. "Alright, listen. You are going to learn to be a good baby whether you like it or not. Now I am going to spank you 20 times. If you drop the soap, we restart." She couldn't be serious...! A spanking? At your age? You spit out the bar again. "Oo can't pank me! I am..." You only get that far when her hand smacks the back of your diaper. Even through the padding, it stings. "I told you to keep the soap in your mouth! BAD BABY!" the woman says as she replaces the soap and begins to rain down smacks upon your bottom. SPANK 1... SPANK 2... SPANK 3... You struggle to keep the mouth in as she counts out the blows. You are forced to suck on it, swallowing the suds as you do. Your bottom gets sorer and sorer. She is nearing the end. SPANK 19... SPANK 20. "Good baby!" She sits you on her lap, and takes out the soap. "Will you be a good baby for mommy from now on?" "Wes I sowwy! I be a goo baby!" "Good, now lets get you back in your high chair while I clean your dishes, then we can play with your toys." She pops the pacifier back in your mouth and carries you to the kitchen. You can still taste soap. She sits you in the chair. You struggle to get comfortable on the hard seat. Even through the padding, your sore bottom stings whenever you put weight on it. For once, you are grateful for the diaper. Suddenly you realize you may need the diaper for something else. Your bladder is extremely full, aching for release. Even worse, you can feel your stomach rumbling. If you don't think fast, soon you will be in a very uncomfortable diaper. "uhhh... mama?" you ask, trying to sound as childish as possible to get on her good side. "Yes baby?" "I has do go potty" you inform her, blushing. Surely she can't mean you to use the diaper. "Well that's what your diaper is for silly! Anyway, I am working here, so you won't be let down for a while. I will change you when I'm done" "No! Pwease don make me!" You cry, seeing you please ignored. You squirm back and forth, trying to press your knees together. The padding between your legs isn't helping much. You can't... But it is getting harder and harder to hold it in. Those muscle relaxants really are taking there toll! Perhaps you could wet, but she wouldn't force you to MESS yourself, would she? At least you could keep that dignity. Hoping to meet her half way, you let go of your bladder. Instantly you hear a hissing noise as you feel you diaper become soaked. The diaper inflates around you. Soon you are sitting in a warm, wet, puddle. You blush furiously. How could she make you do that!?! Pissing yourself like a toddler... What the hell was going on? Even worse, you can feel the pressure building in your gut. There is no way it could get this bad that quickly! She must have put something in the mush... Soon your diaper will be full of something much worse then pee. You squirm miserably in your wet diaper, wishing the pressure would disappear. Desperate, you call to the woman again "Mommy! Pwease, I wet me di di! I needs a change." "Don't be silly! I told you I can't change you yet. Your diaper can hold more then a little pee. Don't you know what it says on your onesie?" "buh I.. buh... I needs to go da other way." You finally say it, horrified about what her response will be. "Now I am getting sick of you complaining! You are wearing a diaper for one reason and one reason only." "Buh... pwease don make me!" "No buts!" The woman walks over and stands next to you, hand reaching down to feel your diaper. With her standing over you like this, hands on her side and her eyes glaring, you can't help but feel intimidated. "You are going to use this diaper and you are going to use it properly." The pressure builds in your gut, and to your embarrassment you let out a loud fart. "Haha! I knew you would be needing those diapers soon! Now, fill it up like a good boy, or its another spanking." You look pleadingly up at her. She can't make you do this! But she doesn't budge. "I'm counting... one..." What is she counting too? "twoo..." "Eeeep!" With a horrified squeak, your resolve breaks. You start pushing against he back seat of your diaper. Grunting, you can feel something coming out. Suddenly, a massive load explodes into the thick padding. A gooey mess forms around your butt, caking you. It keeps coming out until your diaper is completely full. Defeated, you sit back down into your own mess, hearing it squish underneath you as you do. "Good girl! Now play with this until I can change you." She hands you a large brown teddy bear and walks away. You hold the bear in front of yourself, not certain what to do with it. Instead, you shift your weight back and forth, trying to get comfortable in your own mess. The smell is horrible! It almost makes you gag every time you breath in. The pacifier filling your mouth makes it difficult to breath through your mouth, and you are forced to smell the rotten stench. The humiliation over the entire situation is even worse. You can still see people walking down the road in front of the window. A few even turn to glance at you. Why is this happening to you? Finn ally you can bear it no longer. You have to know! "Mommy?" "Yes baby?" "Wha's goin on? Why am Is here?" The woman sighs and stops cleaning. "Alright, I was going to tell you this later, but... You are being treated. Recently, your friends and family have noticed you getting too...rowdy. You were getting drunk every night and starting fights. Though this isn't a problem if it happens rarely, with you it got worse and worse. Were you aware you were about to fail out of school?" You shake your head. It hadn't gotten that bad, had it? "After a psychological evaluation, it was decided you needed to restart. We gave you drugs to weaken your limbs so you can't fight back. I am going to re raise you as a baby. You can still see your friends, but only when they are willing to babysit. If you go back to school next year, you will be in diapers, and hopefully much better behaved. Don't bother trying to argue, it has been done, and your family agreed. Alright?" Your eyes tear up. How... how could they do this too you? The woman walks over. "Awww, don't cry. Its not that bad. Just play along with us, don't fight, and you will be out of here before you know it. Here, play with teddy, he will make you happier." You hug the teddy bear against your face. The softness is surprisingly comforting. "There's a good baby. Now just wait a bit longer. I will change you, and we can go to the mall so you can visit the toy store. Would you like that?" The thought of leaving the house in a diaper is horrifying, but you realize there is no escape. You nod, sucking on your pacifier as you do, accepting the life of a baby girl.