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  1. For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. If you'd like a short story, you may pledge five dollars and I'll write you one about any image you choose. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 The twilight moon hung low in the sky, illuminating the battle grounds in an eerie light mixed with the flames of the fallen and decimated Nightmares. Britannia was issuing the order to retreat as the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. leapt thriugh a collapsing building. In a moment of confusion, the retreating Britannian mech turned around, curious if his assailant had given up the chase. Smoke and dust obscured the area surrounding the destroyed skyscraper. A sigh of relief escaped from the pilot of the Britannian unit, he had somehow managed to lose his pursuer. However, his joy was short lived when a glowing pair of eyes pierced the smokescreen. "Shit!" The soldier quickly swung his unit away from the enclosing fire red Nightmare, trying to do everything he could to get away from the charging mech. Kallen had her target in sight, the crimson colored Nightmare extended it's talons out towards the fleeing Britannian unit, sending the sharp fingers right through the hull, causing the enemy to cease movement. Kallen pulled back her prized Guran's claw and watched the resulting aftermath of her attack. The limbs of the enemy unit went into a spasmodic fit, flailing about until the unit exploded. "Zero, sector five cleared of Royal Guards. I will-" Kallen was interrupted by an unknown signal; A bright flare, a light so bright that it beckoned her to it. "I've been surrounded! Requesting back up!" Zero frantically announced. Unbeknownst to Kallen, her communication module was jammed to all outside links, she couldn't hear the real Zero asking for an update while she proceeded to investigate the source of the fake distress call. Speeding down the now ruined boulevard, the Guran passed by toppled buildings and tarnished trees, some still lit from the literal fire fight which had ensued earlier during the course of the fierce battle. At the end of the grand avenue she saw a toppled mech, near it lay Zero splayed out, wounded atop a pile of rubble. "Zero!" The Captain of Squad Zero ejected from the cockpit and jumped down to the sidewalk that her leader was bleeding out on. In this moment, she only saw her wounded comrade and failed to notice the figure of a stranger standing by Lelouch's immobilized mech. As Kallen bent over and picked up her fallen friend, she noticed that it was not Zero at all! It was a dead Britannian soldier dressed like her leader. "What the fuck?" She stood up, pivoting quickly, looking around for what she knew would come: an ambush. However, no enemies shot at her, no one appeared except for the strange man who walked towards her calmly. "Who are you?!" The girl with magenta colored hair demanded. "Never you mind who I am. You're the one that is killing needlessly and for what? A childish rebellion which will only ensure that you become the property of the Chinese Federation?" The stranger questioned. "So, you're with the Britannian armed forces and want to kill me? Is that it!?" Kallen reached for her sidearm. "Not kill, there has been enough bloodshed on this day. Besides, a quick death would teach you nothing. You must be punished for all the blood that you have on your hands." A bright perplexing glow emanated from his eye, the symbol of the Geass flashed brilliantly, taking control of Kallen. "Interesting, you have many emotional weaknesses that you keep buried. Many irrational fears which I can have fun with. Let's concoct a hellish reality for you to live out the rest of eternity, one where you'll experience all of this bottled up irrational fear." The unknown Geass user watched Kallen fall to the ground, her body limp and lifeless, while a flashing lightning bolt of magenta like aura left her body violently, pulsing towards the stars. A never ending black void surrounded the tough warrior of the Black Knights. She found herself naked, in her most purest and vulnerability form, floating through the darkness. Randomly the visions and memories would hit her. Like pages of a book flipping in the breeze, she experienced each page that catalogued an event, as if she was reliving it all over again. Kallen jerked her body out of this twisted sleep, that dream was the culmination of far too many terrible nightmares. She shook her head and opened her eyes, what she saw all around her, truly shocked her. At first, she thought that the Britannia soldiers must have captured her since there were bars all around her. However, the huge bars were not normal, they definitely weren't from a jail cell or even a traditional cage. No, these were pastel pink and, from what she could see beyond her confines, it appeared that she was in a very infantile version of her own room. A variety of baby toys littered the ground, but upon closer inspection, they were huge! Hardly the appropriate size for a real baby. Kallen ripped off the baby blanket and sighed when she saw her firm breasts, long arms and legs. However, the realization that a humongous, baby diaper was wrapped around her loins was quite displeasing to the young woman. "What the hell? Why am I wearing this...this thing!?" She pawed at it curiously, the fierce warrior had never felt a diaper before and, it was quite a surreal sensation to actually wear one. Her hand slid across the slick, outer shell of her plastic pamper. The outside of the infantile garment was hard which was a unique contrast to the soft, almost pillow like, interior of the diaper. Instantly, she grew disgusted by its mere existence, cupping her privates, trapping them in a humid prison of plastic. "Someone better get me out of this damn diaper and crib, right now!!" A shrill wail pierced the tranquility of the nursery. Kallen turned her head to face the source of the loud, infantile cries. If the Captain of Squad Zero didn't know any better, it sounded just like a real baby crying for its mother. Close to her crib, a bassinet, covered in pink frills and dainty bows rocked slightly while a pair of long arms reached out above the large cradle. Kallen stared out past her bars at the odd scene before her, unsure of what she was actually seeing. It was definitely another adult, like herself, trapped in the large bassinet, but why? She couldn't help but ask this question repeatedly. Suddenly, the creaking of a door, pulled the young soldier away from her thoughts. To Be Continued...
  2. Before you read, i would like to thank Lily-Celeste for giving me the opportunity to write this story. This story is based on one of Lily’s post (link at the bottom) and is a what if situation. After working with Lily for the past few days it has turned into a new story that i hope you all like. i'm glad to have the chance to work with Lily-Celeste. (link to her page at the bottom as well.) Lily got home exhausted. Kicking her shoes off by the door she walked into her living room where she crashed face-first onto the couch. Lily hated job hunting, and sadly she hadn't had much luck all week. To make matters worse, she felt constipated. For the last two days she hadn't been able to poop and it was starting to bug her. It was probably from stress, not that she would ever admit it. “I need to change my diet,” Lily said. And right on cue, she suddenly felt hungry. Groaning, Lily got off the couch and went into the kitchen. She had a few options: leftovers, some macaroni and cheese, and hamburger helper were all her usual go-tos lately. But she noticed the bowl of fruit sitting on the table. May as well start making a change now. She grabbed a banana she started peeling it when her phone vibrated. Bob: *Hi lily :)* Bob was an acquaintance from school. She knew that he wanted to sleep with her, and had for years. Lily: *Hi, how you doing?* Bob: *Good, how's your day been?* Lily: *Not so good, job hunting :(* Bob: *That sucks* Bob: *Hay I was having a party tonight, want to come?* Lily: *I dunno. What time?* Bob: *Party's at 7. We're going to have a bunch of alcohol!* Lily: *Ok, sure.* It was 4:30 right now so she had plenty of time to get ready still. Lily finished her banana, then grabbed an apple and ran to her room to pick out what she would wear. She tossed outfit after outfit out as she looked for just the right one. Suddenly something pink fell out of her closet. Her Rearz princess diaper. Picking it up, she thought for a moment if she should say no to the party and just diaper up and lounge around. But she had not gone to a party in so long, and it would probably do her some good to get out. Lily tossed the diaper on the bed and went into the shower. She was going to the party. Over an hour later, Lily stepped out of her front door and looking adorable Her hair was curled, she had settled of a dark blue dress with a pastel floral, with matching ankle socks and tights. She checked the clock, 5:50 PM. If she left right now she could get to the bus and catch the 6:20 PM bus across town to the party. Bob's place was across town, and the bus stopped running at 9 PM. If she went, she would have to either walk home or get a ride. Considering there would be alcohol, that was unlikely. But as long as the weather held out that wouldn't be so bad. It was 6:40 PM when Lily finally got to the party. It looked like it was just getting started and Lily was feeling glad she came. The party was fun, there was food, music, and plenty of people to talk to. She was having a good time. Lily was about to talk to someone when a funny feeling suddenly hit her. Lilly tried to run to the nearest bathroom, but she only made it 3 feet before she felt like a freight train hit her with 2 days worth of poop exploded into her tights! The people around Lily didn't seem to notice. She was just in the middle of the crowd and the music was too loud. With tears forming in her eyes, she backed slowly out of the living room with her heads held out in front and behind her to keep from bumping into anyone. As soon as she was out the front door she bolted as fast as she could bare to move down the street. She was a quarter of the way home before she began sobbing. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. Her tights were probably ruined too. She was just lucky that no one had noticed her before she left. Then again, not being seen had always been a talent. “Why didn't I just stay home in my diaper.” Lily sobbed before waddling the rest of the way home with her tights sagging __________________ Unbeknownst to Lily, however, someone did notice. “This is going to be fun.” the person said with an evil grin. _________________ When Lily got home, she stripped out of her clothes, being extra careful with her tights, before hopping into another shower and cleaning herself off. “Why did this have to happen to me.” Lily sobbed as she washed her bottom thoroughly. When she got out of the sower, she looked down at the ruined tights. She carefully picked them up and tossed them into the trashcan before she crawled into bed and cried herself to sleep. Tomorrow had to be better. ______ Lily woke up to the alarm on her phone. In all honesty, she didn't feel like getting up. Last night still fresh in her mind, all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and disappear. Lily grabbed her phone and turned off the alarm before she noticed she had a new message. She didn't recognize the number but decided to see what it was. She tapped on the message and bolted upright in her bed! unknown: *I saw what you did ;)* Attached to the message was a picture of lily slightly bent over, filling her tights with poop! Lily just sat there, staring at the phone and the picture. With shaky hands, she typed back a message. Lily: *Who is this!* unknown: *Just someone from the party* Lily: *WHO! IM GOING TO KILL YOU!* unknown: *Wow, someone woke up cranky this morning ;)* Lily: *IM NOT CRANKY IM PISSED! DELETE THAT PHOTO NOW!* unknown: *Na, I was thinking of sending it to all your friends on facebook.* unknown: *That is if you don't do what I say.* Lily: *You're blackmailing me!* unknown: *Yep :D* Lily: *I'll call the cops!* unknown: *Go ahead, do you really think they can trace this number?* unknown: *And if they do find out, I'll still have time to send the pictures :)* She sat there and let the reality of her situation sink in. The only way out was to play along for now. Lily: *What do you want from me?* unknown: *I just want to play a little game.* Lily: *What type of game?* unknown: *Simon says I'm Simon* Lily: *What's stopping you from posting the picture anyway?* Simon: *Nothing really, you'll just have to play my game and follow the rules. If you do I'll delete everything and you'll never see or hear from me again.* Lily: *How can I trust you?* Simon: *You can't.* Lily: *Fuck. Alright. What are the rules?* Simon: *Simple, Simon says, you do. You'll have a set amount of time to finish the task. To make it fun, let's say you have to do, 30 tasks. If you do, you win!!!* Lily: *Is that it?* Simon: *Not yet. A few special rules. You only get 2 chances. Fail to do what Simon says 2 times, you lose. Simon can not say anything for 2 hours after completing a say. Simon can only say between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM. I'll also give you 5 special cards you can use. Pass (you may skip one Simon says and I cant use it ever again.) New task (you may ask to change the task) Playtime. (you can get an extra 3 hours before Simon can say) Bedtime. (Simon cant ask you anything past 7 PM) Recycle. (reuse one card!) You may use them once whenever you like.* Lily: *You're a freak you know that!* Simon: *Yep now then, Simon says pee your panties and send a picture. You have 10 minutes.* Lily: *What! no!* Simon: *Don't worry, just like with the poop pic, I'll delete it when this is over.* Simon: *Tick tock!* Lily just stared at the strange text, then threw her phone across the room and screamed into a pillow. She didn't stop until her voice felt raw, at which point her rage subsided. She retrieved her phone. Just go along with it for now. Lily got out of bed and went into her bathroom. She couldn't believe she was doing this! Lily sat down on her toilet without removing her panties and released her bladder. She felt the warmth of the urine soak into the fabric and spread to her butt. When she was done, she took a picture of her underwear and sent it. Simon: *Black...it's hard to tell if you really did it or not.* Lily: *I DID DO IT* Simon: *Lol, I know, I'm just saying it's hard to tell. Next time wear lighter color underwear so it's easier to tell.* Lily: *I hate you so much.* Simon: *I know, and we only just started! 1/30! Talk to you in 2 hours!* __________ ‘Simon’ looked at the picture they received and saved it in a special folder. They smiled as they checked off the first item from the list written in their notepad. Simon got to their feet and went to the door. It was time to prepare for the next task. __ https://pinkthedinosaur.deviantart.com/journal/Explicit-Diaper-Update-Here-725306103 https://lily-celeste.deviantart.com/
  3. Hiii!!! My name is Bubbles and I am a 22 year old little from the UK. I am a part time adult baby, part time kitten, part time degradation slave... sometimes a mix of the three!!!! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Chapter 1 I hate women. They always complain about their big boobs like it's a curse, and fat hips as though they are somehow an aberration. They complain because of those damn super models that are eight feet tall, who've been starving themselves since adolescence so they can fit a size zero dress. Women think that's the standard, then look down at me with jealous eyes because I can do the same. I can do it because I'm a skinny four-foot-nine at thirty years old. I'm not going to get any bigger even though there's twelve year olds taller than me. And that have bigger boobs. I don't have breasts, I have the underdeveloped, underexercised chest of a ten year old boy. I don't need to wear bras which is a good thing since few designers make adult bras in 30/AAA. And it's a good day for me if I can find panties in adult small that fit me since my hips stopped growing after the age of eight. But grown women stare longingly at me wishing that they could have my figure, if not my height. They can have it. They can have the rejection at bars and night-clubs because they think my ID is fake. Or the long-term crushes that never pan out because "You're just like my little sister." And especially the creeps that are attracted to me because of my "youthful" appearance. I'm sorry to rant, but I've been dealing with this all my life. I've always had to make up for my height. I was a tomboy as a kid, which led to me also being, "just like the guys," There were other girls like me, but they eventually all sprouted. When they did, the guys all took notice and left me in the dust. My life as a little sister or one of the guys. So if I couldn't get by that way, I was determined to get by on my own. I worked my butt off at university. I got hired out of college, and I'm now a mid-level exec at a multi-national. I thought life would get easier at some point, but it hasn't; the work just changed. I could be higher up the food chain, but at a certain point they want you to sell your soul. Not literally, but they want you to put profit before all else. I understand that, but I also can't stop seeing people in the names on the rosters I oversee. So I have to work that much harder and watch more cutthroat people pass above me. I think the stress was starting to get to me which is why my friend Laura made a suggestion. I met Laura at a pilates class at my gym. She was older than me, a mother of three, had a lovely husband. All the things a good girl wants. She had started out in psychology, and I mean that she became a doctor. Almost had her own practice, but then she got pregnant. Her husband was making enough to take care of them both, so she stopped to take care of her kids. I admired that. She worked her butt off, but knew how to prioritize and go after her goals. After so many times of hearing my usual rants about work or my body or men, or all the myriad things that I complained about I think she decided that I was to be her next project. So she made her suggestion. "Regression Therapy." She told me. "I studied it extensively in university; even wrote my thesis on it. I never got to practice it clinically, but a number of years ago I suggested it to a friend of mine who was very stressed out, and she found it really helpful." "I don't know if I really need therapy." Was my go to answer to this kind of conversation. "Most folks under stress don't like to admit that they are. Often they are so used to it that they don't realize that it isn't normal. It has become their normal, but they don't understand that it could be better. You haven't been happy for some time despite your success. I would like to help you figure out why." We'd had similar conversations about help and stress before, but I think for the first time I was really listening to her. It had been a particularly bad day, so maybe I was just more receptive to the idea of support. I asked her about this therapy she'd mentioned. "What the subject does is spend a period of time acting like a child. She gives up a lot of grown-up responsibilities, but also endures a lot of the arbitrary rules that kids have to deal with." "What, like I get to run around screaming and painting walls?" "Not necessarily. Part of the process is taking the subject back to an age where they felt comfortable. Some go to their teens, some go all the way back to babyhood. Or somewhere in between." "I don't see the point of it." "Well it works in two main ways. First, the subject gets to leave behind all of the stresses that they are dealing with currently. It's all on hold, and for the therapy she doesn't have to worry at all about her responsibilities. The other part is that the subject realizes what all that responsibility earns them. You get to remember what you yearned for when you were a child. It helps you to remember why it's all worthwhile." "Seems a little hokey to me." "To some it is. Some forms of therapy just aren't for some people. But I've met a number of people who felt it completely reset their life expectations. There are other, more complex benefits depending on the issues that some people have. Often the experience brings up old forgotten memories that have been bothering them but they weren't really aware of it. They can bring up the memories, and often re-live the experience but can make better choices because despite being placed into a childlike state, they are still adults that can make better informed decisions." "This worked for your friend?" "Oh yes. She got married a year or so ago out east. I think it brought us closer together as well since I stood in as her mother." "You took care of her even though you aren't really practicing?" She blushed a bit at the question. "It was kind of a freebie, since she didn't really have the money for it. But while it wasn't exactly ethical to do it without a license, I'm still a trained psychologist, and I feel that my home environment provides a better surrogate than a facility. Much of it is about immersion." We discussed it further, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to do it. At that moment I'd already worked off quite a bit of stress just ranting at her. I was grateful that she was so patient with me. I still wasn't sure that I needed any real professional help. But then I had the bad week. Two weeks earlier I'd given Brenda, one of the secretaries a project. It was a whole pile of information, along with instructions to put it together in a proposal I'd be making to my boss's boss Dan Carmichael. She had two weeks to put it together, and when she gave it to me two days before the presentation, it was shit. She hadn't paid any attention to my instructions, nor did she include a lot of the information that I'd sent her throughout the two weeks she was supposed to be working on it. I was so angry that I berated her in front of the staff. In hindsight that was not a good idea, but I was just so angry. The next day Chet from HR called me. I fucking hate Chet. Brenda had complained, and Chet wanted us to meet to "work out or differences." My response to that was, "Sorry Chet, but I'm too busy starting from scratch the job that is due tomorrow that Brenda had two weeks to work on!" I slammed the phone in case he was confused as to my mood. The worst part came the next day after I'd worked, and slept in my office trying to get the proposal ready. So the big meeting came and there were four proposals that Dan was looking at. Only three of us showed up to present. The others were okay, but by comparison I rocked mine. I'd been living in the information for months now, especially the last two days, but Dan didn't even ask any questions. This was because halfway through my presentation the fourth presenter showed up, that prick Taylor. He interrupted me to ask Dan if they were still on for golf this weekend. Then he made the worst presentation of the bunch. But as soon as he was done, Dan congratulated him and told us he was going with Taylor's idea. He'd chosen before the meeting, probably while golfing. This whole horrible week had been unnecessary. I returned to my office and slammed the door. Chet called again, but I told him that now was not the time. I called Laura. Chapter 2 I finished my third coffee waiting for Laura to arrive. It was the first day of my vacation but I always need the caffein to get started in the morning even on weekends. It was several weeks since "The Bad Week" so I'd calmed down since then. My thoughts were drifting towards maybe this therapy thing isn't all really necessary. I could still enjoy a week off and not pretend to be a kid the whole time. Laura had explained that she would come pick me up on the morning of the beginning of my vacation and bring me a change of clothes. I'd kind of glossed over all the details up to now since I was being so half-hearted about it. But I was supposed to leave here with whatever clothes she brought me, and a single key to my apartment that I would give to her. When my time is up she'll bring me back to re-introduce me to my life. I was getting nervous because now that I though about it, the whole experience was starting to feel scary. So when the knock came at the door I decided to call the whole thing off and apologize to her for bringing her out of her way. "You don't get to make that decision." She replied to my apology. Standing in the hall she pushed her way past me carrying a paper bag. "You are an adult, dear, and you made a decision. You've made arrangements toward that decision, and so have others. You can't go back on it now." The door led to the living room where she set down the bag. "But it's fine Laura, I'll still enjoy my vacation." "But you won't feel better, and you will have made things worse. Now come over here." She said in a tone reserved for her children. I went, but I hadn't changed my mind. I tried to explain but she put a finger to my lips. "Arms up." she ordered, taking hold of the bottom of my cami. I pulled away, but she held firm. "I've seen plenty of naked girls in my time, dear. We have to get you changed." Once again in her stern mothers voice. Her tone then softened, "At least see how you look in what I brought." Sighing, I indulged her. Putting up my arms she whipped the cotton cami over my head. I felt a sudden shyness as I realized my nudity. She just smirked "There's no need to be shy, dear." She then grasped my sweatpants and pulled them down. I realized that she'd got my panties in with the pants, and modesty overcame my indulgence. She ignored my attempts to cover my self, fending off my hands, "C'mon, Honey step out of the pants." I calmed myself and did as I was told. "I told you to shave yourself before today." She looked at me sternly. "Oh…Right." I'd forgotten, "Look, see I just don't want-" "No, young lady you march right into the bathroom and you do as you're told!" She pointed me at the guest bath and marched me right in with a soft swat to the butt. "Go on!" She added as she turned to the linen closet to find a towel. She followed me into the bathroom and saw that I wasn't moving toward the shower, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. I began to realize just how much she towered over me. "Do you need me to do it for you?" Having three kids seems to have given her lots of practice with that withering glare. "No, I'll take care of it." I muttered as I turned the shower on. She still didn't leave until I was under the hot spray. It's been a while since I'd done any "yardwork" down there. Not since I stopped dating to focus on school ten years ago. So it took me a while to finish. Partly because I'd had to ask Laura to get me my shaving supplies. Quite honestly this was the first time I'd showered in the guest bath. It felt like I was in someone else's house. Once finished I turned off the water and quickly dried myself. I found myself slowing the process trying to avoid going back to the living room. I tied the towel around my chest. Thankfully she supplied a second towel for my hair which I neatly wrapped. I stood in the mirror trying not to see myself as an adolescent, but as always, when just wearing towels I look like a kid at her mother's vanity. There was a knock at the door. I turned to tell her I'd be out in a minute, but I jumped when she just opened the door and walked right in. "Ah good, you're all ready. Come here." She took my hand guiding me back to the living room. Once situated next to the couch, she pulled out what looked like a fresh package of children's panties. I grimaced seeing Disney Princesses all over the pair that she held out for me. I tried to take them, but Laura avoided my grasp. "No, no, step into them, please." I tried to give her a withering look like I would one of my staff, but she just watched me patiently. Finally I stepped into the underwear which she pulled up my legs. She pulled off the towel and finished adjusting the underwear to her liking. I just waited arms crossed over my embarrassing chest while she pulled something else out from the bag. I didn't look at it, I was just glowering at the idea that children's panties still fit me. "Arms up," she said again, bright pink cloth, bunched up in her hands hovered over my head. I really didn't like the way this was going. She pulled the child's dress around the towel, and down over my head. She smoothed the skirt down my legs until it came to my knees. Just looking at the Print of the Sleeping Beauty on my chest made my face go flush. "I'm not wearing this." I told her flatly. "But I'm not even done yet." She said dismissively. "Here put these on." She handed me a pair of pink tights. I took them like I would a dead frog but she didn't notice my reaction as she got up to grab something. I waited a moment while I heard her rummaging, but decided to finish the childish ensemble and pull on the tights. Laura returned with a brush and set me on the floor before the couch. She pulled off the towel and started playing with my hair. Ignoring the clothes for a moment things started to feel much better. It had been a while since I last got my hair done. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of my hair being pampered. With a pat on my shoulders Laura announced that she was finished. "Now go look at yourself in the mirror," She encouraged me. I walked over to the full length mirror in the guest bath. But before I saw myself I had a brief moment of vertigo. There was a strange girl in my bathroom. Except that she was in the mirror. In one sense I knew that the girl was me, but my brain took a while to make the connection. My first reaction was to scream. Or to pout. But also to throw something. Or rip the clothes off. Possibly break the mirror. Emotions were a jumble. I settled on crying. I made a very pretty ten year old girl. The pink princess dress was flattering to a little girl, and the pig-tails bound with purple ribbon in my light brown hair enhanced my juvenile features. How could I really be an adult if I look like some damn kid? How could anyone take me seriously? No wonder they promote people over me. No wonder my bosses don't listen, and my staff don't pay attention. How can I get any respect? Arms engulfed me, "Oh sweetheart, it's okay." I just started bawling I turned from the mirror and buried my face in her blouse. I heaved sobs into her for a while until the emotions abated. When I'd calmed down she asked me what was wrong. "I look horrible." I said pulling away from her. She cleared the hair from my damp face, "Oh, you look beautiful." She looked me right in the eyes. "I understand, but this is the whole point of your vacation. I didn't say that it would be easy. And now that you've faced it, don't you feel better?" I wanted to protest, but now that my eyes had cleared I did feel better. And maybe this whole kid thing wouldn't be so bad. It was nice to have a shoulder to cry on. I nodded. "Good." She kissed my forehead. "We don't like to say this, but for therapy to work, it has to hurt sometimes." "Now there's just your shoes in the bag. Once you have those on we'll go." I hugged Laura once more then returned to the couch. The shoes were pink mary janes that matched the outfit. They didn't seem so objectionable as the rest of the outfit had, but then my attitude had changed. I pulled them on and grabbed my purse. "No dear, did you forget what I told you?" I looked about me trying to figure out what I'd forgotten. "Your purse?" "Oh right." I put my purse back on the table. I pulled out my keys pulling the one for the front door off the ring. It felt strange handing it to her. I looked back at my purse as Laura shuffled me toward the door. It's funny to think that there is so much of our lives that we carry in our pockets. I felt naked leaving my house without any of it. From now on I would be, could only be what people perceived me to be. Before she opened the door, she turned to me, "Remember also, in case you forgot. From now on you call me Mommy. To you that is who I am until we get back here." This I did remember, but I hadn't thought she would be serious. Then again this whole morning had been a lesson in how serious she was. "Yes Mommy." I replied. That felt weird too. The door opened, and I preceded her into the hall of the apartment building. Laura pulled the door closed behind her before locking it. The bolt flicked shut with a heavy clunk, and the key disappeared into her purse. Apprehension filled me once more as I realized that I was now locked out of my whole life. Chapter 3 I followed Laura out to her car. I didn't recognize it at first since I usually see her driving the sedan. But today she was driving the family car, a giant, black SUV. She said that it was great to haul all the kids to where they need to go, plus supplies and groceries despite the poor gas-mileage. I heard the doors unlock, and I made my way to the passenger-side door, "Uh sweetie?" I heard her behind me. Turning around I saw that she had the backseat door open a crack. "Little girls have to sit in the back." I made an exaggerated sigh, "But Laura-" "No buts young lady. It's safer, and it's the rules." She tapped her foot. "Fine." I replied sullenly. She opened the door wide, and I hopped up- well, tried to hop up. Did I mention that I'm short? Laura boosted me up into the vehicle, and right in front of me was a child's safety seat. I tried to move around the bulky thing to get to the other side. "No, dear you sit in the seat." "Laura-" "That's twice you've forgotten the rules." "Wha- Oh, sorry, M-Mommy." "Good girl, now get in the seat." She repeated lifting the harness so I could fit my head under it. I felt objections bubbling up in me, but her simple insistence that the world was her way had so far had been unshaken by my objections. So I sat down trying to be uncomfortable, and oversized for the seat. My worldview simply insisted that the seat was built for a child and therefore I couldn't fit inside it. But as I sank into its cushioned embrace, she brought the harness down to buckle in my crotch. I had to face the stunning reality that maybe I'm even more childish than I really thought. She closed the door, time seemed to stretch as she walked to the drivers side. Once situated herself, and buckled in, she turned back to look at me, "All comfy back there?" Her hand caressed my knee. I just glowered at her. Maybe I had to accept that I could fit in a child seat, but didn't have to like it. As she drove we chatted for a bit, but with her focus on the road, and my position in back it made the conversation feel forced. So I sat back in silence and watched the scenery go by. We hit a bump. Not uncommon since there was a lot of road construction on this part of town. Another bump- That was weird. Knowing this stretch of road, I realized a double bump was coming. Bubump! Oh my god! I didn't know whether to feel outraged or humiliated. Every time the car hit a bump the crotch of the seat hit me in the, well crotch. And it felt- Well it hurt, but it also didn't. I mean to say that, well, it… Okay it felt good. But more in the way that I realized that I hadn't had any external stimulation in years. Well nothing that wasn't- uh, by my own hand. Slam! "Stupid lady! Get off the damn cell phone!" Laura had hit the brakes as another car veered into our lane. Whew! I had to get a hold of myself. Oh shit, I just realized that they were repaving this section of road. The car started to buck and leap. I tried to focus on other things, but then I realized that you know what? I'm in my own little world back here. She's got that terrible song turned up on the radio, who will notice? So I relaxed myself into the hump that held the buckle between my legs. The vibrations of the car transmitted movement through the chair into my body and against the seat. I closed my eyes focusing just on the sensations. It was like I imagine what it felt like on those old latenight softcore shows where they would hump each other but not actually have sex. Except that I was balanced on the edge of a dull pinnacle, each vibration from the ground transmitted right to my- Kathunk! The unpaved section had ended. Okay, yes, I was disappointed. Still, I could get used to riding like this. First we stopped at the gas station, where before she got out Laura gave me an odd look before filling up the car. Then she picked up her dry cleaning. When she stopped off at the post office, I was really getting bored of the car ride. I also noticed the growing need to use the bathroom, the curse of the coffee addict. Being a small person means that everything is smaller. Once I notice things down there getting urgent, I can't hold it for much longer after that. That's another thing that full-sized women can have, they want this body so damn much! "So are we going- uh, home now?" I asked when Laura pulled her door open. "Just a few more errands to run, then yes we'll be going home." More errands? That wouldn't end well, I thought as she pulled the car into traffic. "Laura-" "Ahem." She glared at me through the rearview mirror. "What? Laura-" "Ahem!" "Look this isn't the time for silly rules, Laura, I have-" She jerked the wheel around, and pulled the car to the side of the road. "I have all the time in the world, young lady. You do have to follow my rules. If you don't want to follow them you can get a spanking. Understand that I have no problem with you breaking rules, the person that will have problems is you. Is that clear?" I had no words to give back to her. Given how much control she suddenly had of my life, I whole-heartedly believed her. "Well?" She demanded. "Yes." I replied sullenly. "Yes what?" "Yes, M-mommy." She gave me a pat on the knee and a smile. "Good girl." She turned back forward and got the car moving again. Totally cowed I huddled in my carseat. I pouted for a bit, but the urgent need to pee overcame me. Still, there was a rebellious part of me that didn't want to acknowledge her superiority. Which is why I still sat in the car while she did something at the bank. But after that urgency won out. "M-mommy?" She smiled at me through the rear-view mirror, "Yes, dear?" "I need to go to the bathroom." Oh god that sounded so childish. "We'll be home in just a bit, dear. Also, you will call it potty from now on." She's goading me. She had to be. I had to stop myself from saying, "The hell I will!" She pulled into the hallmark store. I tried to unlock the catch on my carseat, but I couldn't find the damn thing. I was really getting desperate. I'd hoped I could get out and back without her noticing, but I was reduced to clawing and pulling at the buckle trying to release it. Laura finally came back and got us moving again. "Mommy I really need to go!" I said through gritted teeth. "Go where, dear?" I glared at her through the mirror hoping she could feel the daggers of thought I threw at her. "The potty, dammit the potty!" I finally yelled. "Not with that language you won't." My jaw dropped, if she was this much of a bitch to her own children- "Please! I can't hold it." I begged. But she still waited for the proper words. "Please let me go to the potty." "Okay dear, we're at the drugstore now, you can come in with me." She got out, her walk around the car seemed to take forever. "See how easy things can be if you just ask nicely." She said after opening my door. I didn't see how she released the catch, but I was too focused on getting to the bathroom. Once the harness was over my head I tried to push past her, but her hand kept me stuck in the seat until she pulled me up by the armpits. She pulled me out of the car before setting me with a rough jolt on the pavement. A jolt was the last thing I needed at that moment. I felt wetness filling my panties. And once it started I couldn't hold it back. Pee ran down my leg creating a dark stain on the concrete below me that quickly spread. "Oh my god!" She cried before grabbing my hand and roughly jerking me into the store. I was so embarrassed. I'd pissed myself like some kid, and now the whole store would see me. I tried to hide my face, but her firm grip held one of my hands. "Where is your bathroom?" Laura demanded from a clerk. He looked at her, then down at me. "In the back to the right." He pointed. "Did you hear that?" She jerked me back to facing her. "You go back there to the potty and you wait there, you understand?" Her furious expression cowed me into just nodding before she pushed me toward the back as she hurried off in a different direction. I hurried to the bathroom my shoes squeeking wetly on the linoleum, avoiding other people's faces, praying that they only saw a little girl, and not an adult pretending. Somehow them knowing I'm an adult would make this worse. The fact that I am did make it worse. I entered the bathroom, and locked the door. I pulled off the tights and panties, and tried to wash them in the sink. I put the shoes back on since this bathroom didn't look all that clean. Looking in the mirror I realized that the dress was ruined too. That's when I started crying. Twice in one day. Not only did I look like a kid, but now I was acting like one. No, not acting. I was trying to act like an adult, but this childish body kept screwing me up at every turn. The handle jiggled, then a knock came at the door. I let Laura in. She had some bags in her hand which she set on the toilet after lowering the seat. "Let's get that dress off you, lift your arms." With a deft pull she had me naked in a public bathroom. Which I realized she hadn't locked. She damped some towels and started scrubbing my legs roughly. "You're going to have a bath when we get home." She muttered. When she was done, she went to her bags pulling out a cheap undershirt. "Arms up." She ordered as she bunched the fabric in her hands. Once again she pulled clothing over my head, I put my hands down feeling a little bit better. But I was soon dismayed when she returned from her bags again this time with what looked like a diaper. She paused, considering the diaper for a second she looked down at me with her mouth a tight thin line. "I hope, for your sake you're not just doing this to act out some fantasy." She looked at me sternly. "Excuse me?" Her accusation stunned me. "I know all about infantilism, and all that stuff, and this better not be some scheme you're trying to pull to get your jollies at my expense. I will make your time with me very difficult if that's the case." "Where do you get off-" "In private, missy! I saw you in the carseat humping it like some slut. And then you wet yourself so as to get put back in diapers? That's two strikes against you. But I'm willing to forgive it if this is actually happenstance. I do consider that I could be wrong. But with both happening so soon, I'm not so sure. That's why I'm warning you right now you won't be taking advantage of me for any of that." She pulled open the pull-up for me to step into, Cinderella staring out from the front of it. I really didn't know what to do at that point. I tried to review my options, but I just wanted to be back in my apartment. "Look, Laura why don't we just call this off. It's obviously a mistake. Just take-" I suddenly found myself over her knees as she sat on the toilet, the bags shoved to the floor. The loud crack of her hand smacking my butt echoed through the bathroom. I cried out for the pain. She spanked me again, harder. I tried to cover myself, but her hands pulled my arms away somehow locking them both in her grip. Another slap echoed through the room. "How many was that?" She demanded. I sniffled and sobbed in response. Smack! "How many?" "Three!" I cried, "It was three!" "Wrong! Start over, count each one." Smack! "One!" Smack! "Two!" Smack! "Three!" Smack! "Four!" Smack! "Five!" Smack! "Six!" "So how many?" "Six!" I replied through my sobs. "For each time you broke the rules." Smack! I cried in surprise. "And that was for using a bad word." She pulled me back up and set me on my feet. "Now are you going to be a bad girl?" "No." I replied through the tears. "No what?" "No, Mommy." She lifted me off her lap, and set me down. I just stood there wiping my eyes as she held the diaper out for me to step into. I did so carefully so as not to get the soiled shoes on the diaper. It was a pull-up style which she promptly lifted up my thighs until they were snug over my hips. "There you go. Now grab those dirty clothes from the sink and put them in this bag." I quickly did as I was told, ignoring the snot nosed brat staring back at me from the mirror. Once the bag was tied she handed it to me along with the bag that held the Goodnights package. She then opened the bathroom door. Exposing me to the store in just an undershirt and a diaper. "L- uh, Mommy, I can't go out there like this..." "Sweetie,” She said loudly from outside the bathroom, “I don't have anything else for you to wear. You soiled your clothes, so you're going to have to wait until we get home to get changed." She held her hand out, beckoning for me to grab it. I did so, and she pulled me close to her. I felt like a three year old. I stuck right by her side, trying to hide my face any time someone passed close by. But we didn't leave. She pulled me to a stop at the end of the line for the prescriptions. We stood in the middle of the store where anyone could see me. "M-Mommy?" I pleaded in a whisper. "Can I please just wait in the car?" "No. Right now I don't think I can trust you to be alone in the car. So you just wait right here until we're finished. If you'd behave like a big girl then you wouldn't be here." So we waited, and the line, as they always seem to didn't move. I stood with my head down hoping that somehow I'd turned invisible. I surreptitiously looked to see if anyone was looking at me. And to my surprise people did. That wasn't the surprise. I was expecting people to be staring at me trying to guess if I was an adult or an overgrown child. But it seemed that they'd already labeled me as a child. What they would do is look at me, then at Laura, or as they saw her, my mother. Some would glare, others would nod in sympathy. I even started to hear snippets of conversation about bad parenting. I realized in that moment that I hadn't just taken the role of child, but she'd also taken the role of parent. In doing so I became her daughter, and my actions reflect on her as a parent. I may look ridiculous right now, but that's the nature of children. It's the parents who are blamed for how the child looks. It's the parents who are blamed for the child's behavior. Like it or not, Laura took on a heavy burden when she decided to help me this way. We finally made it to the front of the line, and even though they had the prescription right there, they took their sweet time fetching it and have her pay for it. But finally we got to leave. Once back to the car I let her boost me to the car seat without complaint. I sat down and let her buckle me in quietly. When she got the car running I decided to apologize. "Mommy?" She turned to me, "Yes, dear?" "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused." She smiled. "I understand, Honey. This takes a bit of getting used to. It's much of what the first day is all about." She gave my knee a squeeze. "Let's get you home, and cleaned up." Chapter 4 She got the car moving, and once again I was trying not to pay attention to the bumps in the road. This time, though the diaper cushioned the seat so that the ride didn't hurt at all. That didn't stop the interesting sensations. Thankfully it was a short ride, but it did seem long. Finally home Laura pulled into the garage. She turned to me once she'd parked, "Remember, Paul knows what's going on, but the kids don't so as far as they're concerned, you're just a little girl that will be staying with us." "Right." I replied. Laura pulled me out, and I followed her into the kitchen. I became self-conscious of my lack of clothes when I saw that her daughter Kathy was already there finishing off a soda can. "Hey, Mom." the leggy eighteen year old said when she saw us. "Dad's been trying to get a hold of you." "I didn't get anything on my phone." She replied as she rummaged through her purse. "Oh, it's turned off, What did he want?" "You're supposed to meet him for the firm's client meet and greet." "That's next weekend- or wait. Oh shoot!" She glanced down at me still holding the bag of supplies that we'd picked up at the drugstore. "This is my friends daughter that I told you about. I have to go get ready, do you mind giving her a bath, she had an accident." "I'm actually about to go out. Get Mandy to do it, she's still grounded anyway." Laura made a dubious glance up at the ceiling before leaving the kitchen. I heard her call up the stairs. Alone with Kathy for the moment I just clutched the package not knowing what else to do. The silence was becoming oppressive. "Mandy, I need you for a minute!" Laura called again much louder. There was a sudden stomping from above us that trailed to the stairs before very deliberately stomping down them. I could hear Laura speaking to her, their voices getting louder as they came to the door. "-So I need you to babysit while I'm with your father." Laura said coming into the kitchen. "You don't have to do anythings special, just give her a bath, and some lunch. There's a chance we'll be late, so you might have to make her some dinner too." Both women looked at me as they entered. "Oh Honey, you can just put those on the chair." She said motioning to the pack of diapers. I put it where she indicated, feeling everyone's eyes as I did so. "If you do well I might even end your grounding early. Deal?" Laura continued. Mandy glared at me, the sixteen-year-old looking sour. She was dressed all emo/punky with platinum blond hair with bright purple at the ends. "Alright Mom, I'll take care of her." "Oh thank you! Now I've got to hurry the thing only starts in a little bit." Laura hurried off. I realized that I'm now a kid to these people, but how was I supposed to act? Mandy seemed to soften a bit as she held out her hand to me. "Cmon kiddo, Mom says you had an accident." I nodded before taking her hand. "Oh let's get those shoes off, Mom hates shoes on her carpet." Deliberately I sat on the floor to pull the shoes off. I was doing so in a very exaggerated juvenile manner, bending over, roughly pulling them off before tossing them aside. I didn't want these girls to think I wasn't really a little girl. I mean how weird would it make me look to be found pretending. After that I followed Mandy up to the bath on the second floor. As Mandy started the bath running Laura poked her head through the door. "Mandy, I've put her clothes in the Sarah's old bedroom, just grab what you need from there." She nodded to her mother who darted back to what she as doing. "You- arms up." She ordered. I did as I was told and the undershirt lifted back over my head. She pulled down the diaper and had me step out of it. Once again I stood naked for the third time today in front of someone else. I couldn't really get over the embarrassment. Mandy smirked at my modesty. "You wait here so I can get your clothes and a towel." She promptly left the bath leaving the door wide open. I closed it behind her and waited watching the bath fill. I reflected on my new predicament, being a little girl babysat by someone half my age. Being too scared to assert myself in case someone finds out the truth. I was suddenly hoping my underdeveloped body was youthful enough to fool them. Getting annoyed that it was. I pulled the ribbons from my hair and set them firmly on the counter. What a difference a day makes. "There you go." Mandy re-entered the bath- still without closing the door. Watching the tub fill for a minute, she stopped it when she was ready and guided me into the warm water. "Have a seat, kid." I kept waiting for her to leave, but she stayed and started soaping a washcloth. "Oh, I can do it." I told her holding my hand out for the cloth and soap. Where do these women get that glare? Mandy seemed to put curiosity, absurdity, and derision all in one glance as I withered in front of her. Laura looked in again, this time in a beautiful bright red gown that really showed off her assets. Really showed them off. I looked down at my own chest in embarrassment. "Your sister's gone, and I'm going to take off now too. I'll have my phone if you need anything. What's that?" she was looking at the pile of clothes Mandy'd brought in. "I left underwear in the bedroom." Mandy looked down, at the pile, and I too saw what they were both looking at. She'd brought up one of the diapers. Mandy nervously glanced at me, then back to her mother. "Oh, she told me she needed them." Mandy thumbed back at me. I wanted to protest, but a furious glare lit Laura's face, her lips a thin painted line. I tried to shake my head or say no, but when you're small, naked and wet, it's hard to come up with coherent arguments. "Yes. Well that's only for at night. Isn't that right, dear?" She glared at me demanding a confirmation. I could only nod in response. "Okay, then I'll grab some panties when we're done." Mandy replied. "Here, let me walk you out." She got up and followed Laura down the stairs chatting as they went. That little bitch lied! She'd lied, and now her mother'd confirmed the lie. Well, she hadn't known that her daughter was lying about it. But why would I say such a thing? It's not like I want to wear diapers. This was all her idea. I've been trying to escape this childish body my whole life. Frustrated I punched the water. It made a big splash so I did it again. It felt good to let out the aggression in small gouts of water. "So you're a pissy pants bedwetter are you?" Mandy giggled from the bathroom door. What could I say? Her mothers response pigeonholed me as a bedwetter. "Only sometimes." I muttered sullenly. My cheeks went red with the admission. "That's not what it looked like to me. It looks to me like you can't hold it at all. But Mom seems to think you can handle big girl panties. We'll just have to see." With a cruel sneer she slapped the soaped cloth over my face and started scrubbing. "Hey! I can do it! Stop!" I yelled into the washcloth, but she just kept at it, batting my arms away. "Hold still, Runt!" She pulled the cloth away just in time for me to get a face full of water. She cleared the soap from my face and started scrubbing all over me. To be honest it wasn't all that bad. She certainly was thorough, going over my back and chest, then all down my arms. I stood when she bid me so she could scrub my legs. I tried not to blush when she did my thighs. But finally when she finished she had me dunk myself fully into the tub to rinse. "I suppose a girl as young as you would prefer a bubble bath, but I'm afraid we don't have any of that." "I'm not that young." I replied. "Oh? How old are you then?" I almost said thirty. Laura had never set an age, I was supposed to fall into an age where I felt comfortable. So far nothing felt comfortable about being young. “Fourteen?” I tried. "Oh come on! Maybe you're tall enough, but I've never seen a kid take so much time to think about how old they are." "Really!" "Come on, you aren't fooling me, Runt!" "Okay, I'm twelve, but I'll be thirteen soon." I tried again. "Better, but I don't believe you." she sat up arms crossed under her breasts like they gave her authority. "Ugh, fine, I'm ten!” I yelled. This whole thing was getting more and more ridiculous. "Good girl!" she patted me on the head. "You are tall, but you sure don't act like a big girl.” You have no idea, I thought at her. She poured out some shampoo into my hair and started scrubbing. Pretty soon she was dunking my head again until the shampoo was all out. She stood me up and wrapped me in a towel as I stepped out of the tub. I dried my hair in front of the mirror while Mandy went to grab some underwear. Once she returned she had me step into the Princess Belle printed panties just like her mother'd done. I wondered just at what age any of these girls had started dressing themselves that they felt an eight year old needed help. When she was done she'd dressed me in purple leggings, a jean skirt and a pink shirt with a rainbow unicorn done up in sequins on the front. I tried not to be so disappointed at the outfit in case Mandy got suspicious. She sat down on the toilet, and pulled me onto her lap to start doing my hair. I closed my eyes once again to ignore the circumstances and just enjoy the pampering. Unfortunately I kept getting hung up on being treated like a little kid by someone half my age who also happened to be bigger than me in every respect. Once done I didn't need to look in the mirror to know that I had the two pigtails tied with ribbon again, but Mandy seemed to be seeking approval of the job. So I conspicuously primped and smiled at my reflection. "C'mon, lets get you some lunch and then we'll figure out what we'll do the rest of the day." She said, her attitude seeming to have much improved from her earlier nastiness. Back in the kitchen she poured out a tall glass of apple juice for me while she looked over the lunch options. "There's Mac-n'-Cheese, course that's more of a dinner thing. Hmmm, frozen pizza, peanut butter sandwiches or Ham-n'-Cheese -oops, no ham." "I know! How'd you like some grilled cheese?" She looked up at me from the fridge door. That actually did sound like a great idea. "Mmm, yummy!" I replied. It had been forever since I'd had that bit of comfort food. I think that grilled cheese is probably most kids first attempt at cooking, which is why so many of us look back so fondly on it. Quite suddenly I found myself actually enjoying my childish role. "Okay!" She gathered the ingredients. "You finish that glass while I get everything ready." I really was kind of thirsty at that point so by the time she'd prepared lunch I'd done as I was told, and she poured me another glass. We had lunch in the living room with the tv which surprised me a bit, since she turned it to some cartoons for my sake. "Oh hey, My Little Pony like your shirt!" I gave Mandy a big smile since I was supposed to like this sort of thing and slowly savored my toasty warm grilled cheese. I do have to give her credit, she made it just right. The cheese was all gooey and the toast was all buttery. Things got really dull quickly though because Mandy, while eating her lunch and sitting on her computer would flip to MTV every commercial to watch the latest and greatest in crappy pop music. While cartoons weren't really my thing, they were far superior to her taste in music. But she retained the controller, and I endured the torture long after I finished my lunch. While the cartoons were on, though I really did feel myself getting a little comfortable in my assumed role. Quietly reflecting on the cartoons and my babysitter I could immerse myself in it. Even the lack of control of the tv gave Mandy a distinctly "big sister" air. I settled comfortably into the couch and stayed that way until Mandy's foot found its way into my side. I nearly jumped out of my seat. "Oh, I'm sorry," She said looking up from her computer. "I didn't realize you were ticklish." Oh shit. I needed to head that off right away, I was not getting the tickle torture. "I'm not ticklish, you just startled me." An evil glint filled her eyes, "You're not?" She set the computer aside. Oh no. "Nope!" I looked back trying to be casual about it. She set the computer aside, "I dunno, that looked ticklish to me." The only way to deal with this, in my experience is to bluff; be so confident, and stay relaxed during the test. 'Cause at this point I knew there would be a test. "Well it wasn't." "Not even here?" She attacked my side where she'd nudged me with her foot. I flinched a bit, but I was able to relax through the attack. The second time would be both sides, and then somewhere else. If no good jump occurred by the third time, there might be a fourth, but it would end. I just couldn't flinch at all until Mandy finished. I could feel myself tensing, despite myself "Or here?" She attacked both sides of my waist like I thought. "Nop-" As I relaxed after the second attack she hit my underarms. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I jumped and wriggled under her assault. "Shit! Stop! Hahahaha! Please, stop!" I shouted. "Oooh a liar and a potty mouth!" She grinned. "You do deserve a punishment for swearing, so punitive tickling!" "No plea- Hahahahah! Please! Heeheehee!" The bitch was ruthless, and now that she found my weakness she kept at it all over. It went on for a while with short breaks when I became breathless only to start right back up. My sides were hurting while I writhed on the floor screaming and giggling under the torture. She paused for a second, pulling back, and leaving me wriggling twitching on the floor. "Now for the finale, then your punishment is over." She said with a satisfied grin. Her fist grabbed my shirt and yanked it forcefully up as her head dove for my belly. "Noooohohohoho!" I cried as she began blowing raspberries on my belly, then her hands found my sides and armpits. She waged total war on my body, and it capitulated in hilarious agony. I didn't even feel it at first, my mind taken up with so many other sensations, but pretty soon I was shoving her violently off me as I felt the wetness filling my underwear. Suddenly standing I lost control of everything. "Oh shit!" Mandy yelled before yanking me into the kitchen before I leaked all over the carpet. Standing for a second time in my own puddle I broke down crying. "I told you to stop!" "Well dammit you're eight years old! You should be able to handle this sort of thing by now!" She started roughly taking the clothes off me. "As far as I'm concerned you're wearing those diapers until Mom says differently." Oh god, Laura was having some weird thing bout these damn diapers what would she think now? I felt a slap on my butt. "Step out." I did as I was told and stepped out of the leggings I'd just stepped into. Now run upstairs and start another bath. I'll get this cleaned up. Then I'll come help you, understood?" I nodded. I ran upstairs crying. What the hell is wrong with me? I started the shower running, trying to clear my eyes while waiting for the water to warm up. The door opened behind me, "Bath, not shower, I said." She barked before moving further down the hall. I slammed the door, but she returned quickly with a towel and clothes. "I said bath!" she shouted pushing me out of the way to the bath knob. "What difference does it make?" I sobbed, "I just need to rinse off." The spray switched to the spigot before Mandy rounded on me. "Showers are for big girls, and you're obviously barely above a baby!" She growled at me. "Now you wait there while I go clean up your piss!" That fucking bitch! I slammed the door behind her once again. But not knowing what else to do I just stood there and sobbed. I wouldn't be so upset about it, but the bitch was right; she was just rude about saying so. I mean if the goal was to convince her I was a little kid, mission fucking accomplished. I heaved one last sob before clearing my eyes. I still had the stupid unicorn shirt on, add that to the red, watery eyes, and all I saw in the mirror was a snot nosed kid waiting for a punishment. How had things gotten so bad so quickly? The door burst open again - why didn't I lock the damn thing? Mandy practically ripped the shirt off me before depositing me in the bath with a splash. She yanked the tap closed and started once again with the washcloth. Now that I'd had time to think, I realized that she had pretty good reason to be upset, what with having to clean up after me. So I just took her rough treatment silently feeling much like a pet that hasn't figured out house training yet. I smiled at the image in my head. "What are you laughing at, Runt?" "I was thinking that you're lucky." "Oh?" she sat back. I think she was expecting some kind of defiant insult for her painful ministrations. "Yeah, I haven't shit on the furniture yet." Her look made me laugh. For a brief moment she thought that I was threatening to do just that. But she started laughing with me when she realized I was making fun of myself. "You foul mouthed runt!" She giggled as she finished her scrubbing much lighter now. Once out of the bath and dried she had me step into a diaper that she pulled up to my hips. That drained the humor out of me; it got me wondering of what Laura would think when she got home. The diaper was followed by a pink, ruffled, Little Mermaid nightshirt that came down to my knees. "There you go, now we can finish watching cartoons, okay?" She held her hand out to me. "Okay." I replied taking her hand and letting her guide me back to the couch. Chapter 5 I thought that the humor would soften Mandy's disposition, but she took to calling me Pissy the rest of the day. On one hand, I did kind of understand. She was grounded, and now stuck looking after a brat that seems to have a problem holding it. But on the other, she's supposed to be the responsible one here, and resorting to bullying and name-calling wasn't helping. The cartoons stopped right away. Instead we watched spoiled bitches have massively overdone sixteenth birthdays, followed by girls the same age (and I'm sure there's overlap between programs) getting pregnant, and being generally spoiled bitches about that too. Then there were the dating shows which are generally based on insipid concepts in the first place, but MTV seems to have run with the ideas that other channels thought were too dumb to air. It was not a fun afternoon. Laura called to say that she would be late, and that we should get dinner, and made sure that Mandy put me to bed on time. Though it annoyed me when I didn't overhear what that time was. I didn't feel like asking. She did set it back on the kids shows while she cooked up the mac and cheese. Not cartoons this time, but still smarter and more entertaining than what she liked to watch. Dinner went fast, and it was quickly followed by cookies and milk which ended abruptly since I yelled at Mandy to stop calling me Pissy, which she refused. "C'mon Pissy it's your bedtime anyway. Once you're put away you won't have to listen to me. Even when you piss the bed, Mom can take care of that crap when she gets home!" I finished my milk, and slammed it on the table. "Fine, I'm going then! I'd rather be alone than spend one more minute with you, or watch your crappy tv!" I stomped out of the kitchen really wanting to break something, but all I could do was stomp up the stairs, much like she'd done coming down this morning. "Goodnight Pissypants!" she called up behind me. Oh I had some choice words for that bitch! And it was a struggle to not turn around and shout them down the stairs at her. But I didn't, no matter how satisfying I knew it would be. At the top of the stairs I was confronted with a conundrum: Which room was Sarah's old room? I went to the end of the hall where an open door revealed the master bedroom. Next to it was a closed door that turned out to be the linen closet. The door across was closed, and with quick inspection I found what I concluded was Mandy's room filled with the detritus of a sixteen year old's life flung about. I closed the door, and found what looked like an unused bedroom that had some of the leftover accoutrements of Laura's eldest daughter. Also on the bed was a pile of kids clothes meant for me. I put them away, holding particularly onto the pack of disney panties, wanting to change into them, but fearing to disturb the illusion. I finally just put them away. There were several books on the shelf from which I picked out a cheap romance novel to read until Laura came home and we could talk this all out. - We were in the car again. Laura driving, and me bumping along in the child seat. The same embarrassing but enjoyable sensations transmitting from the seat. Laura stopped the car and turned to me, "Are you wet?" Her hand reached out feeling my diapered crotch, feeding that same sensation. "Good girl!" she said as she pulled me from the seat. Mandy was next to her outside the car. "Are you wet yet Pissy?" She sneered as she felt around my backside again transmitting those enjoyable feelings. "Hmph! Not yet." They then pulled me into the drugstore. It was full of people. Every one of them was watching me, whispering to each other, wondering if I'd just wet myself. Laura was talking to the clerk, and they were both nodding to each other. He turned to me, asking Laura, "Is she wet?" Before he too reached down below the hem of my night shirt, feeling me, rubbing me. I didn't want him to, but I was afraid that people would find me out if I resisted. Other people started checking as we made our way to the pharmacy. Reaching down, pressing their hands to my crotch, unaware of the affect, simply, innocently checking my diaper. I clung to Laura but let these strangers continue their probing. Part of me didn't want them to stop. We made it to the line for the pharmacy. Laura checked me again, and Mandy reached behind at the same time. I moaned. "Are you okay?" they asked. Their concern filled the people in line. Pretty soon everyone was checking my diaper as though somehow it's dryness or wetness would somehow indicate some kind of ailment. And all the time the sensations became more and more intense, more and more sexual. My desire overcame my shyness. I now waited with my hands holding the hem of my nightshirt up to my chin as people rubbed me through the diaper. We passed by everyone in line slowly coming to the front where the nurse looked down at me. "Is she wet?" She somehow reached across the counter to rub me. Her examination of the diaper lasted longer than the others. Slowly the desire built inside me as she checked what I knew was now a wet diaper, but now I was afraid that they'd spot it. That she would recognize that kind of wetness. But still she examined, and I stifled moans and tried to resist the mounting pleasure that filled me. Her hand pulled away. "Doctor, could you take a look at this?" A tall dark skinned European man in a lab coat looked down at me. "Of course I can." he replied in a heavy accent that made me melt. His dark hair flowed in waves behind his ears. His eyes penetrated me as he looked down at me. I pulled at the skirt not wanting him to see the diaper. But he reached underneath. I knew then that I wanted him to examine me. Two hands felt around making sure of every nook and cranny. But I wanted him to know of my wetness. I wanted him to feel it, and keep going. To release the desire that was building in the confines of the plastic about my hips. I moaned, not caring who heard it now. And I felt his hand on my shoulder now. I wanted it to go down to my breasts, but it stayed their and shook. And it shook me, his voice calling my name- - Laura shook me awake. For a second I thought she was coming to check my diaper, and I was really keen for her to do so. But reality hit, and I shied away from her. It was dark in the room, and the clock on the nightstand told me it was a little after midnight. "We need to talk." Was all she said. I sat up noticing the sticky wetness in my diaper. I could feel my cheeks getting warm, and hoped Laura couldn't see it in the gloom. I gathered the blankets around me. "Mandy tells me you wet again. I really don't understand what's going on. I want you to be honest with me, and tell me what you're really doing here." I stiffened at her daughter's name. "What is really going on here? I have no idea what's going on here. I haven't had any idea since you locked my door. I haven't done anything, everything has been happening to me. Starting with you not letting me go to the bathroom, even though I tried to tell you several times. I had three cups of coffee this morning, but you only thought about making sure I called you Mommy, and said potty, cause you are really pushing hard this whole little girl thing. So you're surprised that after too long in the car I couldn't hold it? And then your response isn't to take care of me, but to humiliate me in front of the whole store after calling me a slut to my face!" "Then your precious snit of a daughter babysits me-" "You told her you wanted to wear the diapers, she told me." "She lied to you! When you spotted the diaper in the bathroom, I never told her a thing, she just grabbed it, probably to embarrass me. And then you confirmed her lie when you said it was just for bedwetting! Which, by the way, she gave me all kinds of shit for while you were gone." "You know her nickname for me is Pissy? She started calling me that right after you left. Oh she played nice for a while for lunch. But then she felt it would be funny to tickle me until I pissed myself again. And that's what happened while you were gone. She bullied me because she knew I had a weakness, and I couldn't do anything about it without giving this whole "therapy" thing away." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Has this been a weakness for you?" "What, wetting? Not until today!" I realized I wasn't being very quiet, so I lowered my voice to really answer her question. "I mean I've always known I've had a weak bladder, but I figured it was because I'm so small. But I've always been able to control it, I just have to know where bathrooms are more than others.. There was an old rocking chair behind her that relaxed into, while taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I've really screwed up trying to make this a comfortable place for you. I really just wanted to help." "I know." "And now we're kind of stuck with it for now." I frowned at this, why couldn't she just take me home? I didn't ask since she's been so opposed to the idea from the start. "Look, we'll talk more in the morning, but right now I've got to think about what I'm going to do about Mandy." I didn't like that line of thought. Mandy was her priority, not her thirty year old friend dressed as an eight year old trapped in her house. "She really isn't all that bad." She sighed before leaving me once again in darkness. Chapter 6 I was playing with myself in the pharmacy this time. All the people were watching me, talking about me, about how I needed a diaper change. That I was so obviously wet that they didn't need to check even though their hands still reached out to feel my diaper. Laura just stood in line waiting oblivious to it all. I could feel their hands checking all over me, not stopping at the diaper, but feeling up my back and along my breasts. There were giggles at how young I looked, about my tiny breasts and shaved pussy. But somehow that just fed my desire, fed the wetness in the diaper. They joked that I couldn't really be an adult at all. The nightshirt was pulled up and held under my chin as my hand was plunged into the diaper, soaked with my damp desire. I could feel myself gushing with each giggle and joke at my expense. I could feel the warm wetness covering my hand, the liquid leaving my body, in very much the same manner as when I- - My eyes snapped open to the bright morning sun. My right hand sat immersed in a bowl of water, and my butt sat immersed in a wet diaper. A giggling Mandy was just closing the door to my bedroom. I threw off the covers shrieking. I couldn't believe what that horrible bitch had done. I had leaked all over the bed, and the diaper was sodden. I ran to the door, ripped it open only to be stopped by Laura looking bewildered. "What are you screaming about?" I could feel my cheeks flush. I had no desire to admit that I wet myself, but caught out now there was no real way to avoid it. "Mandy put my hand in warm water just now while I was sleeping! She was trying to play a joke on me!" "Shh, there's no need to yell." Laura put a restraining hand on my shoulder. "But she-" "I said shush!" She cut me off sternly. "Mandy?" she called to her daughters bedroom. Mandy'd managed to very quickly return to her sanctum, but took a good while to respond to her mother's call. The door cracked, and a bleary eyed Mandy leaned out. "Yeah Mom?" "Did you go into her room just now?" Laura asked nodding to me. "No, I just woke up." She groaned. Thankfully Laura wasn't buying it, "Look young lady, she might have a little girl issue, but it is very rude of you to tease her for it. There will be no pranks, do you understand me? I won't have it on a guest in my house." All pretense of having just woken up left her. "Oh what you just believe her? How do you know she's not lying? Maybe she was being a brat all yesterday! Maybe she wants to get me in trouble because she knows I'm already grounded!" "That's enough Amanda Anne!" Laura shouted. "If you never want to see your friends again until you graduate that's fine with me. I notice that you still haven't done the chores you said you would do to shorten your grounding." Laura continued like that for a while before Mandy shouted her response. The argument continued for some time before Mandy's door finally slammed, and we were left with the ominous silence of a teenager pouting in her room. Laura led me to the bathroom where she silently drew a bath for me. I didn't object to her pulling my clothes off, or thoroughly scrubbing me clean. When it was done she apologized for her daughter, to which I told her it wasn't her fault. And I really couldn't blame Laura for her daughter since Kathy turned out to be the polar opposite of her younger sister. I mean, she could have spent her Sunday with friends or locked in her room, but while Laura cleaned the bed, she looked after me for breakfast. After that she chose to keep me entertained for the whole day. She was much better company than her sister. Overall the day spent with Kathy was quite pleasant. But then I was just relieved to be wearing regular underwear, even if it did have disney princesses on it. The diaper was bulky and noisy, both facts that Mandy liked to point out to me every chance she got. Kathy played cards and board games with me. She also put the cartoon channel on in the background so that I wouldn't be bored when she had to go do something for her mother. It was interesting to watch those two interact so I wasn't annoyed at the interruptions to our games. Though it was these times that Mandy liked to poke her head out of whatever hole she'd been hiding in to poke fun of me. "Oh hey, I don't hear your diaper." or "You sure you can stop from pissing all over that game? Or maybe the game is to see if you can hold it for that long!" The bitch was deft enough to not get noticed by her mother or sister. Though she did get caught by her dad once, but she has him wrapped up around her finger. She put on the pout and the tears and he just let her go back up to her room. I didn't see much of him for the day though as he spent it outside doing man-things. A little after lunch though Mandy wasn't able to escape because something she said made me snap. I don't really even remember what it was, but Laura and Kathy heard the noise and returned to the living room seeing Mandy and me tugging on each others hair while wrestling on top of the Monopoly set. They pulled us apart, and we were both sent to our respective rooms. I heard the stern talking-to that Mandy got through two walls so I was surprised at how calm Laura was when she came to talk with me. "To be honest I'm rather disappointed in you." She started. "I know you're supposed to be the child here, but your displays of temper I don't think are an act." I didn't know what to say about that. I mean she's right. I have a short fuse, that's always been a problem for me. But at the same time, given my line of work, people with bad tempers seem to be the ones that get what they want. At least the famous ones. Looking back not really so much me. "I'm sorry." She said. This surprised me, especially the tongue-lashing that she gave her daughter. "This was supposed to be therapeutic for you, but I see that I have failed to provide the right environment for you." "I'm sorry too. You're right, I should be able to keep my temper better." I replied. She smiled at me. "I'm also sorry for my daughter. She carries so much anger in her. Either way, I've talked to some people, and if you want to try a different approach we can." "Different approach?" "Yes. In Newton there's a facility that specializes in regression therapy. They have several different programs there. One of them is exactly what we're trying here, but that would be more of a clinical environment. I wouldn't be able to oversee it because of my lack of license, but I know the people there, and can call in a few favors to get you in if you want to go." "I'm not sure." Was all I could reply. To be honest I wasn't really enjoying this therapy. But then Laura had said that for it to work it had to be unpleasant at times. Not to say that it was all bad. Kathy was lots of fun, and seeing Laura in her mother mode actually was an education in itself. Her family was complex and interesting to see from the inside. But there was also Mandy. The rotten bitch managed to ruin every good moment. If I stayed here this "therapy" would be colored by my interactions with her. And frankly I wasn't looking forward to a whole week with Laura's horrible daughter. There was just no way to avoid her. Chapter 7 The drive to Newton was long. It's normally an hour drive, but stuck in rush hour traffic as we were, it doubled the time I was stuck in that car seat. Laura insisted that since I'm going on with the therapy I should stay in character. As we drove I realized that I really ought to have just quit the whole thing. Laura had provided me with the opportunity. But I also didn't want to disappoint her. She'd tried so hard to help me that it couldn't hurt to try one more thing. If it doesn't work I'll just give her a call and she'll take me home. Though which home is still debatable. Though I doubt Laura would try to keep me at her place again. Mandy had tried the warm bowl trick again. Yes, it had worked again, but this time I tried to be more mature about it for Laura's sake. I still want to kick that little bitch in the face, though. I also couldn't help thinking about sex. It's been on my mind this whole time. Especially because of the damn car seat; that stupid hump kept hitting me there. That and the weird dreams I've been having. I can only suppose that the fact that I've lived a largely sexless life, and that I finally have few distractions, my body is reminding me that I am human, with human needs and desires. Even if I don't really have time to fulfill them. Not that there's anyone that wants to help a dwarf like me. The place looked like the typical movie nuthouse. At least the front did. There were more modern additions behind it. Laura explained that they had taken it over after the old asylum closed. It had a lot of the facilities that they wanted already in place with not a lot of modernization to make. The new buildings were simply expansion since the place has really been doing a good business. "This is the place I could have been partner in if I'd wanted." Laura told me a she pulled me out of the car. "I know most of the administrators, and even could still have a place here if I just get my license." I followed her into the building where she was quickly directed down a hall from the front reception area. The white clinical halls led us to another reception room. This one had warmer light, and comfy chairs. Laura directed me to a seat before she went to talk to the nurse. I started to feel a little better about this. Here they were trying hard to make you feel comfortable, and there would be actual trained doctors, and accountability. If I don't like something, there's somebody to yell at. "Yes, we know all about your situation," One of the nurses said to Laura, "We have your file right here. Or.. Do you have that file?" "Yes, um… here it is." Another nurse replied with an oddly familiar voice. "Here just fill these out, and sign on these lines and we'll process everything and you'll be all set." Laura came back with a bunch of papers that she had me fill out. She filled out a couple outlining treatment and such. I kept getting distracted though because that one nurse would say something, and my mind kept trying to latch on to someone. I know that voice. I couldn't really look though because the seat I took was facing away from the reception desk. Laura gathered up the pages once we were done and brought them back to the front. I wanted to go with her to see the nurse, but Laura told me to wait. I tried to protest but she gave me that withering glance again. I tried to look from the chair, but the desk itself was set high, and that familiar voice was coming from the side of the window. Laura sat beside me once again, I was tense, and while I wanted to chat, I don't think either of us were sure what to say. I was saved from the awkwardness when the door next to reception opened, and my name was called. Laura gave me a hug and reassured me that she would pick me up after my week here is done. I turned to the nurse and followed her through the door. I looked back at Laura gathering her purse as the nurse shut the heavy door with a no-nonsense clunk. "Don't worry about a thing, Sweetie," she said to me, "We'll take good care of you. Brenda here will show you to your room." Brenda. That was why that voice was familiar. Sure enough that tall, matronly, idiot stood before me in nurse scrubs with that vapid, 'I'm being helpful' smile on her face. My first thought was, "Please don't let her recognize me" Especially when I'm still wearing a stupid Disney princess blouse, and bows in my hair. But of course she might not recognize me. We're both so out of our elements, and I'm dressed so ridiculously different, it would be a stretch for someone of her intellect to recognize me. "C'mon, Dear, I won't bite." She smiled again, holding out her hand to me. Yeah, maybe she doesn't recognize me. Be cool. I slowly walked forward. "That's right, we'll take good care of you." She grabbed my hand when I reached out to hers. She quickly had me following her through corridors and halls twists and turns. When she finally paused we seemed to be at an intersection of two non-descript halls. I started to wonder if she hadn't gotten lost herself. I looked at her, but her nose was buried in the file. "Now let's see, you're supposed to be… wait, this isn't right… Oh damn." She looked down at me. "Someone mixed up the files." She said as though it was somehow my fault. "I'll be right back as soon as I get this set right. You wait here." She set me down on a bench in the hall then stalked off in a huff. The idiot had screwed up again, I decided. It took a while before Brenda returned. I was bored pretty quickly of the people watching, especially since there were so few people. When she finally did return she had a flustered, and harried look to her. But that smile returned as soon as she saw me. Probably forgot where I was. Without preamble she grabbed my wrist and led me through a number of corridors, through a heavy metal gate and nurse station, down another few corridors to a bank of cells made to look like rooms. In a different setting I'd think these were offices, but the clinical nature, another nurses station, and the bars on the windows at the front of the room disabused me of that. "Here." She said, "Room 27." She opened the door. "Demerits?" I asked reading the white board below the room number. "Don't worry about that, I need to examine you." The room looked strange, less like a hospital room, or asylum cell, and more like a kids room, or nursery. She helped me up to the bed. "Now I need you to remove your clothes." "I'd rather not." I replied. Alarm bells were going off in my head. This isn't what Laura had described to me. "It will be real quick. If you want I can get a smock for you from the nurses station. Before I had a chance to reply she was out the door. Grumbling, I did as I was asked. I stripped off my jeans and shirt. I debated with myself if I should go all the way. Which is worse, Brenda seeing me nude or in Disney Princess panties (Ariel today). I decided to bare it all. Brenda returned, but without a smock. Idiot. "Now I need you to lie down, Sweetie." I did as I was told. The exam started with the same old physical we all get, blood pressure and cold stethescope. I didn't realize what she was doing until too late. She'd gotten the cuffs on my ankles before I realized what they were. "What are you doing?" I demanded stupidly. That gave her enough time to grab a wrist. She'd gotten it cuffed and anchored before I really started fighting back. With only one limb free it was easy for her at this point. I screamed and flailed, but she secured me easily. She then shut me up with what looked like an oversized pacifier that she secured behind my head. With my wrists bound to the bed there was nothing I could do release myself. Brenda just looked down at me triumphantly. "You cost me the best job I ever had." She brushed a wisp of hair out of her face. "I thought it was funny that I had a late arrival joining us with the same name as my bitch boss. It was even funnier when I saw you, really you sitting in my reception area looking like a little girl. I didn't believe it." "You know all of us always made fun of you. The bitchy little perfectionist trying to make up for your -heh- shortcomings. We all wondered if it was cause you couldn't get a date that you'd spend all weekend in the office. Chet hated you. He figured half his job was dealing people that you'd pissed off." I stared coldly at her, growling through the gag. "Oh, what's going to happen? You are in our 'Youth Behavioral Advancement Therapy' wing. We get kids who have severe social issues, and we regress them and until they start behaving they stay where they're at. You see I think you have some behavior issues. So I'm going to regress you. The more you misbehave, the younger you are treated, the nicer you are the older you get to be. It's very simple." "Since you're such a bitch, I think we're going to start you at level 1, as a baby." I started screaming into the pacifier and pulling at the straps. "Oh no you don't sweetie. If you want to grow up, you have to behave yourself." She placed a thick white diaper next to me on the table. "At level 1 you don't get any privileges. You don't even get to use the bathroom. You are going to have to use your diaper until you grow up a little." She then grabbed my wrist and started forcing some kind of glove over my hand. "And like a baby, you could grab at things that might hurt you, so you need to wear mittens until you're old enough to not be such a bitch." She had the glove over my hand, but it forced me to ball my fist. the heavy rubber I realized would make it impossible for me to use my fingers. She quickly did the same to my other hand, rendering both useless. "Babies also only get to go around in their strollers or crawl. If any of the nurses see you standing or trying to walk they might punish you. We believe in corporal punishment around here. There are other rules that I should be telling you about, but I think it'll be more interesting for you to find those out yourself." She added with a sadistic grin. "Lift up." She said as she unfolded the diaper. I shook my head. She had my nipple between her thumb and fingernail twisting hard. "You can do things the hard way, but they will only be hard for you." I did as I was told, and she soon had a diaper wrapped around me. This one was much thicker than the Goodnights I'd had before. "Good girl." She patted me on my head. I tried to brush her hand away but my struggles only made her laugh. She moved to the end of the bed where she lifted a slat into place with a snap. She did the same to the other three sides of the bed until I was looking at her through white metal bars. "You get to nap here in your crib for a while until the nurse decides to wake you. I'll be visiting when I can. I may decide to transfer into this wing just so I can make sure you're progressing properly. Sleep tight Babygirl." Laughing, Brenda exited the room. Alone once again, I struggled against the restraints. This can't be happening. In a panic I tried to scream through the gag, I cried, I begged incoherently to the empty room. This can't be happening! I knew it was futile but I didn't want to believe that I had just handed my life over to Brenda, one of the people that had been making my life an absolute hell. And now she'd do it again. I screamed in frustration. I shook the bed, tried to rip the restraints from the frame. I tried to bite through the gag, but all of it was made for my tantrum. It was all made to withstand my rage. The restraints held, and the rubber gave, but wouldn't be cut by my teeth. All my noise didn't even draw a check in by the nurse on watch. Helpless, I settled myself down. All I could do was wait. I was reminded once again of my little body, and all its little things. Little waist, and hips. Little feet and legs. Little breasts and arms and all the bits that other women all wish they could have. I remembered my little bladder, and how it had been hours since breakfast. Chapter 8 It was hours of waiting before the nurse came to look in on me. She lowered one side of the crib and started undoing some of the straps. She didn't touch the gag. When I was freed she pulled me up so that I was sitting on the edge with my short legs dangling. "C'mon. The doctor needs to speak to you for your entry interview so you know what is going on here." She said sternly. The woman was stout, and looked ready for any kind of rebellion. She pulled me down and sat me in what looked like an oversized stroller. "Am I going to have to strap you in or will you go nicely?" I shook my head, but she gave me a long look before she started pulling out wide nylon belts. "You gave Brenda such trouble I don't think I can trust you yet." I sighed but did nothing to prevent her from doing her job. She wheeled me through the halls and I saw the gated area that I passed through in the wide open room which now had a number of young people of varying ages playing in it. One or two were in strollers like me and were being pushed around by the other kids. I was the only one wearing just a diaper, but with my arms strapped I couldn't cover myself. I just sat red faced hoping no one saw me. I got several stares, especially from the boys, but the nurse moved quickly. I was pushed down another long hall to a large door at the end. Behind that door was a reception area with a spectacle wearing nurse sitting at a small desk in front. The nurse at the desk knocked then pushed the door open. "Doctor, the latecomer is here." "Ah, good, just before lunch. Thank you I'll call you when we're done." I was wheeled right in front of the doctors large desk. Behind the desk sat an older gentleman with greying hair and kind brown eyes. He was thin and stretched, with angular features. He got up and I saw that he was tall. He came close and undid my gag. "You must have put up quite a fight for Brenda. No one usually starts here as a baby. Though it often doesn't take long for them to get there, before they learn the system." I moved my jaw trying to get it comfortable again. "I didn't fight anyone! Brenda is…" An idiot, I thought but I couldn't say it. "Is what?" "She is mistaken. I was brought here to be part of a regression therapy for a week. She seems to have gotten things mixed up though. I'm not supposed to be here." The doctor, Doctor Massey according to the nameplate, frowned at my response. "Is that so? Is that what your parents told you, or…" He picked up a file off his desk, "Your mother told you?" My mother? Oh right Laura did the paperwork. But she wouldn't have actually listed me as her daughter would she? I'm supposed to be an adult coming for regression, that doesn't make sense. But if that was part of the therapy… I nodded to the doctor. He nodded with me. "Well according to this your mother left you here because you have been fighting at school, doing drugs, and having sex with a highschooler. At ten years old. You barely escaped juvenile detention because of repeated theft and vandalism charges. According to her you are here as part of a court order and are supposed to stay until we decide you are ready." My jaw dropped. "What? No, that's not possible. I didn't- I never- I'm a virgin goddammit!" The doctor looked at me sternly, "We don't like that kind of language here, young lady. Unless you can come up with a better lie than that let me tell you how thing work here." "But it's not a lie, your file is wrong my name is-" "I know your name, it's right here." He showed me the file. "So why don't you tell me all about how this is all fake, and that you're really a nice person who is just in the wrong room, and that your mother will be right back to fetch you." The chart did indeed have my name on it. "You think you're the first to come here? That I haven't heard every lie you could come up with a thousand times before? Here, look it over, make sure your mother got everything right." The file had everything that Laura had filled out and then some. The age was wrong. but everything else was her writing. But there was more, much more there was a photocopy of a court order; I tried to find how it was false, but he turned the page to a police report with my name on it, also a photocopy. There were several more pages of infamy and felonious behavior, "Wait! 'I of sound body and mind…' I never signed this!" It was a document of voluntary self-commitment. He looked confused for a moment. "Well it looks like you did, right here where it says signature." He pointed. "Yes, but if I'm under eighteen it wouldn't be a binding document anyway you wouldn't have had me sign it. And if I'm so violent and don't want to be here, why would I have?" "Look it's all part of the facility documentation, it doesn't matter if you had signed it or not, but now that you did, you can't just go back on it. Face it, you're suck here. Now it can go easy for you, or it can go hard." "No, you don't understand, it's Brenda, she did this to me, she hates me, I was-" "Brenda can't hate you, she doesn't even know you." "You don't understand, she does, she knows me from-" The doctor stood up "Look, you are lashing out because you don't want to face the fact that you've had a pretty easy ride so far. You're scared because that ride is over." He sat down behind the big desk. "You have to learn that the reason you are here is because of the choices you have made. Until then things are going to be very tough for you." "Please, just listen!" "No, you are going to listen." "Look just let me-" "Are you going to listen?" "I'm trying to tell you-" "I don't care what you have to say." "But, please it's just that-" He pressed a button, "Nurse. Come get this girl, we can finish when she's willing to listen." "But… okay, I'll listen." "Too late." He replied smugly. "What?" "It's too late, Young Lady. I tried to talk, but you wouldn't listen." "But, I'll listen!" He sighed "The first thing you need to learn about this place is that there are real consequences for your actions. The other thing is that this place is unfair. It's unfair because you are a child and you won't get your way through tantrums." The door behind me opened, and the stroller began to move pulling me out of the office, the smug doctor looking satisfied with himself. "Have someone feed her lunch, we can find out in the afternoon if she's going to cooperate." "Yes, Doctor." the nurse replied as we left the room. I was turned around, and there again was a satisfied Brenda. The door closed with a heavy thud. "Well hi there young lady." Brenda grinned at me. "It's slow at my reception area, so I decided to put in my transfer." She added though she said it to the reception nurse. "I know you just handed me the slip." The reception nurse gave her a confused look. "Do you mind taking her back to her room?" "Sure, she can't give me much trouble this time." They both laughed. I lost it. I mean completely lost it. Blind rage turned my vision red. I screamed at them, I fought against the restraints. I kicked, I tore, I howled like a rabid animal. Unfortunately hospital restraints aren't known for being flimsy. Epilogue I left Dan Carmichael's office positively glowing. It had been so long since I'd been recognized for my efforts. To be so thoroughly complimented by the boss man himself. I returned to my office with a skip in my step and a smile on my lips. That hasn't happened at work in a very long time. "So how did it go?" Brenda asked as I closed the door to my office. "It was fantastic." I replied as she came around from behind my desk. "It was pretty obvious that Taylor had gotten to him again, but I pushed hard. I convinced them actually look at the proposal and when he figured out what I was saying Dan looked at Taylor all disappointed." "And what else?" Brenda asked as she lifted my skirt. When she did I froze in place as I’d been taught. She felt around my diaper checking me for dryness. "I know the meeting ended a while ago so I was wondering what kept you." She dropped my skirt. "A little wet but you don't need changing yet." I nodded with a sigh of relief; she still keeps a sharp eye for reasons to punish me. "He took me into his office and complimented me on the presentation. But he also said that he liked the new look, and he said he liked even more my new attitude. He told me that he'd come very close to letting me go. Especially when you called them from the facility about my break down. He said that he's glad he didn't even though he lost me for six months. He said since I came back I've been less hostile and more problem-solving." "Good girl!" Brenda patted me on the head. I felt a warm glow fill me; praise from her was rare. "Of course they like your look, it suits you so much better than the stuffy suits you wore. And what's all this?" She asked at the pile of stuff I brought from Carmichael's office. "The new client, Nook, or nuck, spelled N-U-K." Her eyes lit up, "Really? Oh my they must know something about you then." She laughed and started going through the pile, "Oh they sent samples!" She came up holding a big pacifier. "Open up." She popped it right into my surprised mouth. There was a little ribbon dangling off the end of it which she clipped to the peter pan collar on my baby blue dress. "They do baby accessories and they're well known for their pacis." I could feel my cheeks reddening at the thought of Brenda treating me like this at work. I took out the pacifier and lowered my voice to a whisper, "Please, Mommy this is just client stuff, if it goes too far, Dan might not like it very much." I felt a hand return to my crotch in a much more probing manner. "Or maybe this is making you wetter, huh? Remember that little secret I discovered when you were at the facility?" How could I forget? "You like having that thing clipped to you, huh? You want people to see it. You want people to check your diaper for you don't you?" "No." She started pressing her hand hard against my diaper. "You do, which is why you're going to wear it, and keep it in your mouth at all times. You can take it out to talk to people but if they ask, you can tell them it's just research. But we'll both know how it embarrasses you, how that makes you feel. And you know that if you don't do as I say, they will find out, won't they?" "Don't make me do this Brenda. Please don't." "Oh, and forgetting yourself too, aren't you?" "No, Mommy! I'm sorry, Mommy! Please, I'm sorry!" The noise of the diaper became loud as she stroked it agains me. "I'll have to come up with a suitable punishment, don't you think?" I sighed. "Yes, Mommy." Her hand came away from the diaper, and she popped the paci back into my mouth. Brenda smiled. "You know, it took quite a bit of work, and punishment, and arguments. But I really think you've finally grown up to be a good little girl.
  5. My next book that is being published on Amazon, Halo from Hell, will be free the weekend of January 25th through 27th of 2019. This is a story about Lola, a young Latina lady that gets into a car crash that leaves her in a halo cervical brace, leg braces and diapers due to her injuries. She is not the best patient and winds up getting a suppository for her troubles. When that doesn't teach her a lesson, she gets a bag of hot soapy water to fill her colon. Life can be hard in diapers for an adult. It is even harder when you can't feel your legs or move your head. Can she find love under a halo? I hope you take advantage of this and if you like it or not, leave me some feedback. I'd love a review of any of my books on Amazon if you feel the urge.
  6. This is my first story, so I am open to advice or criticism. If there is anything positive that you have to say then please specifically tell me what you liked about it. Conversely, if there is anything that I can do better than specifically let me know. I want to get better at writing as I go. I plan on adding a new chapter every couple of days. I hope you guys enjoy my first attempt! Baby of the Class Chapter 1 Todd could not believe his good luck! He was able to enroll in an early childcare university course. Todd always hated that he had to take option courses for his engineering degree but he realized that this was the easiest A grade that he would ever get. He would not have to study or work hard. Besides if a bunch of women who were only arts majors could take this course and succeed, then he, a male in engineering would have no problem with this course. What he didn’t know at the time was that this course was going to be the most difficult course that he would ever enroll in. Katie was strolling to her new university course. She was relieved that for the first time in her university career that she would finally be in a class without men. She was told that early childcare was a course in which men never enrolled. She could finally relax and enjoy a class without some man trying to show off and tell her how she is doing something wrong. For once, she could be herself with other women and take refuge from all of the misogyny that existed in the world. As she neared the classroom door, she almost couldn’t contain her excitement. This was the first time since leaving home that she felt truly safe. Turning into the doorway into the classroom she had the biggest smile on her face, a smile that immediately evaporated as soon as she saw a smug, self-assured man sitting in the class. Todd knew that he was a catch. He was 6 feet tall even with natural good looks that can only be found on a 24 year old. He had good grades in a field of study that would make him some good money later on in life. He played basketball and football and while he wasn’t a star athlete, he played enough to be attractive to the ladies. Dressing sharply was something that came naturally to him as well. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. When he arrived in class he was suddenly excited. Not only would he get a good grade but the class was full of babes as well! Every girl in the class was very attractive. As he sat down he knew that he would be able to get all the easy hookups that he wanted. Then suddenly he saw her. She was a slender, well-endowed girl with her hair tied back in a tight ponytail. She wore a trendy work vest without sleeves. Her pants were well fitted to show off every curve that she had. What he liked the most about her was the look that she gave him. For whatever reason, she did not like him and he liked that. He could feel the heat coming from her glare that she gave him and he knew right there that he had to have her. The more he had to work for a girl the better. He loved that he knew that he could turn any girl around to like him. Maybe it was because he thought that girls were emotionally weak or that they just were not as intelligent as men but he loved the chase. Wouldn’t you know it? The last available spot in the class was beside him. As she sat down he thought he would start to work his moves on her. “How did I get so lucky by being seated by the prettiest girl in the class?” he slyly said. “I’m disappointed that my looks and the other girls looks are the only thing that you noticed about this class so far. How did I get so unlucky by being seated by the most sexist guy in the school?” she snidely remarked. She was so antagonistic towards him. That made him want her even more. “Normally I am very observant. You have to be if you want to be a successful engineer. It’s just that your beauty overshadows everything else about this class. I am sure that as you get to know me that you will find that I have nothing but respect for woman.” he said sincerely. He wasn’t sincere though. He also didn’t respect woman but best to not let her know that. “Does that line normally work on girls? I don’t know what kind of bimbos that you have taken out in the past but I am not one of them. I am here to study an important topic that we as a society don’t think about enough. So don’t try to distract me by trying to get into my pants.” She jabbed back at him. “Listen, all I want to be is friends. Maybe after class I can take you out for a coffee sometime. Also I think we can all agree that this class is not important. Isn’t this just a class for stay at home moms? I thought that everyone here was taking this class because it was a free A. This class is a joke. No work and a free GPA booster.” He mused. “First off, I will never get a coffee with someone like you. Also learning how to raise kids is one of the most important skills someone could have. Being a parent is one of the most important skills people can have and no one studies how to do it. Clearly your mom did not take this class judging by the way you turned out." She snapped. Insulting his mother crossed a line. No way was he going to let this skank insult him. “I stand by what I said. This class, like you, is a joke. Judging by the way you act and dress I am going to assume you are an arts student. Not only are you not smart enough to be in a science major but you are so dumb that you don’t even know how to change a baby’s diaper. However, I shouldn’t be too hard on you. It’s probably because you were born a woman. Just remember one thing; when I am managing a successful engineering company, you will be making me a ham sandwich in the kitchen.” He smugly said. The girl just looked forward in anger after that comment. “Not smart enough for a comeback? That’s what I thought” he said in a snarky tone. Katie was so angry that she could not believe her ears. The class went by more slowly than any other class that she had ever participated in. When the class finished she packed her stuff and was trying to rush out the door when her teacher stopped her. “I could not help overhear the conversation that you and that boy had before class. He is very rude isn’t he? What’s your name? I should formally introduce myself first. My full name is Nicole Solomons” she stated. “Yes he is rude. I don’t even know his name. My name is Katie. I have never been so angry in my life. I would love to get back at him” Katie remarked. “His name is Todd. You may have been told or observed that my class does not have any male students. That is not quite true. What if I told you that there is a way to get back at him, in a… permanent way. Is that something you would want to know more about? I, like you, cannot stand men that try to push as women around.” She asked. “I was told that your class had no men. But what did you have in mind as far as getting back at Todd?” Katie asked puzzled. Nicole told her plan to Katie. As Katie heard the plan she smiled slowly at first and then she was beaming from ear to ear by the end of it. “We can really do that? Is that possible? That would devastate him. If it’s possible then I would love to do it!” Katie beamed. “Not only is it possible, but I have done it before.” Nicole said with an evil smile on her face. Todd didn’t realize it but his fate had been just sealed and his life was about to fundamentally change. Chapter 2 The class was currently on a bus, on route to the mountain lodge. The mountains in mid-February were cold and this year it was especially cold. It was -10 degrees outside and the winds were howling outside the bus windows. At least he had the thoughts of the girls to warm him up. Todd still could not believe how attractive the girls were. He could not help but smile. The past 3 weeks went by unbelievably quickly. 40% of the grade was just showing up to class and the other 60% was obtained by showing up to the 10 day retreat to the mountains with the class. Todd had always wanted to be accepted into one of the top universities to get his MBA and with this easy class he could do it. He was riding the line on having the grades but this class would do it for him. His whole life was planned out! Why couldn’t others figure out their lives like he had? He just didn’t get it sometimes. “Alright class we will be arriving at our destination shortly” said Dr. Solomons quickly “Don’t forget girls in the east cabin and boys… I mean Todd in the west cabin.” “Wait I have the whole cabin to myself” asked Todd. “Well I can’t have you sleeping with the girls so yes.” Dr. Solomons said curtly. “How much luckier can I get” Todd thought “Not only do I not have to share any of these girls with anyone else but I also get a whole cabin to myself. The heavens are smiling on me” “So Dr. Solomons as everything still good for this trip with Todd?” asked Katie nervously. “Yes and call me Nicole. Just stick this in his drink and I can take care of the rest”, said Nicole as she handed a liquid vial to Katie. “I can’t believe that I will be able to finally get back at Todd. I know he’s only one man but this feels like a strike at the patriarchy itself.” Katie said “Are you prepared to carry out this out to the end” asked Nicole “if we are going to do this then I need to make sure that you are committed.” “Don’t worry Nicole, I will show him no mercy” Katie said evily. Todd was walking to the dinner lodge outside slowly. The cold winter winds were really slowing him down. All he could hear besides the winds were the soft crunch of snow underneath his boots. “Why did the lodge have to be at the top of a hill” he thought, “this walk outside is unbearable.” Once he made it to the lodge everything felt different. It was nice and warm and the main area was one giant hall with vaulted ceilings. The Mountain View from the giant window was breathtaking and there was a massive cafeteria on the other end of the hall. Todd grabbed his food and sat down when he noticed that Katie of all people was walking towards him. “Hey Todd” she said cheerily “I have come to extend an olive branch towards you. I feel that we have got off and the wrong foot and I have come to take you up on that coffee date!” Todd couldn’t believe his luck! Maybe he finally would get in Katie’s pants. “Wow thanks Katie. Why the change of heart” he asked “I feel that maybe I was too harsh when we first met. Here drink this coffee that I got for you. It’s the least that I can do.” Katie offered “You know Katie, you’re not that bad. I was a little rude as well. I hope we can be friends” he said as he grabbed the coffee and started drinking it. The coffee tasted good but there was an odd taste too it. “Alright everyone, listen up,” announced Nicole. “Let me explain how this trip is going to work. I believe that everything you have to learn during this course can be learned with the hands on training that you are going to be receiving during this trip. Let me explain the rules. Firstly, if you make it the full ten days without any problems I will award you full grades. If I have to make you leave early then I will give you a zero for the trip and an F for the course. I will have a bus arriving every day. Secondly, you will all be pairing up with a partner for these 10 days and that’s who you will be working with for the duration of the trip.” She went around making partners and “conveniently” paired up Todd and Katie. “Finally, since this is an early childhood development course we have several babies for you all to practise your parenting skills on. However, there is one baby less than there are couples. So for one group I will give you all special instructions, but enough of that later whats important…” Todd was listening to Dr. Solomons drone on about the trip when he realized that he had to use the bathroom urgently. One second he was fine than the next he was at a crisis point. He stood up to leave when suddenly Dr. Solomons started speaking too him. “Can I help you Todd?” Nicole asked. “I just need to use the bathroom. Ill be quick,” Todd said hurriedly “You will sit down. I will not allow myself and the class to be interrupted. You can hold it in until this first nights class is done. Do I make myself clear?” she asked intensely. “But…..” he saw the look on her face “Yes Ill wait” Todd was not sure how he was going to make it. He had to go so urgently. “Alright class, so as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted is that we are going to meet our babies. When you receive them I want you guys to practise preparing a bottle and feeding them. Alright follow me and lets get started.” She said. The class followed Nicole to a giant nursery outside of the main hall. There were several cribs in room with babies inside. Todd could see bottles, sleepers, pacifiers, onesies, diapers, creams, baby powder, mittens, bibs, bonnets and every other baby supply that you could ever need. He also noticed that every baby seemed to be male. Despite seeing all of this all Todd could think about is how much he had to pee. All of the couples started picking out their babies that they would be practising with when he found out that he and Katie were the group that would not be getting a baby to practise on. “You two will have special instructions for every assignment since you don’t have a real baby to practise on.” Nicole said. “For every activity, one of you may have to pretend to be the baby and fill in for that role, within reason of course. Oh and Todd since you interrupted me, you can help me out with a quick demonstration.” “Okay but can I quickly go to the bathroom” Todd pleaded. “I said no. Not til we are done,” she said firmly. “Alright class gather around, so I am going to explain how to hold a baby and how to feed a baby its bottle. Todd will be demonstrating as I explain. Todd please grab a baby,” announced Nicole. Todd went to one of the cribs and grabbed a baby. When he picked him up he looked into the baby’s eyes. “Strange” he thought, “He looks worried, or he looks worried for me. Nah I must be just seeing things”. As Todd was walking with the baby to the front of the class he noticed that he could not hold his bladder much longer. “Alright class, when you hold the baby put his head over your shoulder.” Todd proceeded to put the baby’s head over his shoulder. He looked out in the crowd and saw all of the beautiful girls watching him. He noticed that Katie was watching him rather eagerly. “Now to feed the baby you will…” said Nicole until she was interrupted by a girl raising her hand. “Dr. Solomons, I think Todd is peeing his pants,” the girl exclaimed. Todd looked down and noticed that he had released his bladder and was currently wetting his pants in front of the class. In front of all of these girls. In front of Katie, the girl he planned to sleep with. The girls stared open mouthed at him until they all started to laugh.
  7. (This is my first time ever starting a discussion board on here! Hello friends, please be patient with me, I'm new at this! In the role-play my name is Adam.) There I sat, strewn on a cushy couch in my small, one-floor house in my pleasant, little sub-division. I found myself half-focused on my TV's presentation of my favorite Pixar film and half-focused on a professional document on my computer. You see, I was putting the finishing touches on a lengthy babysitting request form for my younger cousin who lived downtown. His parents are going out of town and their flight got moved one hour earlier. Now they were far too busy to finish it themselves and came to me for help. They had the whole thing practically filled out already but there were a few blank spots left including the address. The whole thing seemed so silly to me. My cousin was a 10 year old almost as big as me! His parents always coddled him and he would always got whatever he wanted. "That kid's so stubborn and whiney he might as well be a---" Before I finished that thought, a small devilish smile crept over my face and I put my fingers back to my keyboard. "Oh he'll be coddled tonight..." I chuckle to myself mischievously as I filled out all the blanks one by one: 1. Potty Trained: Nope! We've tried everything, but we suppose he just isn't old enough yet. But even so, he believes that he is and can be very stubborn about it! Don't believe him no matter how convincingly he begs. We've even made the bathroom a no-no zone until he learns to grow up. 2. Diapers, Pull-ups, or undies: Diapers without question. He must be wearing them AT ALL TIMES. You'll need to bring your own. He's quite big and always finds a way to make them leak so I would come prepared with the biggest and bulkiest you can find. We'll pay extra! 3. Disciplines: Whatever you see fit! He's very fussy and can get bent out of shape when because he thinks he's a grown-up. Use any means you see fit to remind him of how childish he is. 4. Favorite Place to visit: The park! He actually adores the park and loves to play with all the kids on the playground! I would take him there at least once while to make him happy, but don't forget to check the little rascal regularly while you're out! 5. Favorite meal: apple sauce, Dino nuggets, and fruit juice in a sippy cup. Sidenote, he has some trouble making... "presents" sometimes. So it's in your best interest to add laxatives to his meals and formulas! Please Please PLEASE Make sure he's wetting regularly and messes at least twice per night!!! I don't want my little munchkin getting all backed up. 6. Anything else? Three things actually: First, If you could run to the store before arriving and get him some cute new outfits for the park and playtime, we will pay you the money back for it and give you a small bonus for the trouble! Go wild and surprise us. Secondly, he's a bit bigger than most charges you probably deal with. I hope it's not too big of a hassle, it's just a lot more baby to take care of. Lastly and most importantly... we know... he's a huge handful and spoiled beyond belief, we're really sorry about that. But you'll need to be extra firm with him! Show him who's boss and treat him just as he SHOULD be treated! Happy sitting! It was such a great feeling of euphoria to imagine that twerp getting treated like he always acted. However, as I mentioned before, I was only giving half of my attention to the request form and the rest went to the movie I was watching. For a brief moment, I got so caught up in the story of the movie that I haphazardly typed with barely a glance given to the computer. My brain only loosely registered the words on the screen as "Name" and "Address" while force of habit took the wheel. So instead of giving my cousin's name, I typed... Name of the Charge: Adam Jones (My name) And instead of my aunt and uncle's address... Address: 4121 Maple Wood Lane (My address) I promptly submitted the form without a bit of rereading. Then I simply giggled and let the harmless but incredibly immature prank slip from my mind completely. I drifted off into a nap on the couch after my movie ended without a worrying cell in my brain... Until about an hour later, when I heard a knock on my front door... (I know this is long and probably over detailed, but let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that might make it better or easier for you! I'm open to suggestions! :D)
  8. Dan was an average high school student. He was quite popular. He struggled with his grades and sometimes skipped classes. Unknown to him, his mom had found out about his behaviour. He'd also been going out late at night and not returning home until morning. His attitude was bad.
  9. So, this is my first post here and I’m on mobile, so it’ll probably be really short. I’m fine playing a little boy or girl. I mostly like a mix of the DL and AB side of things, if age regression is involved my characters little age would be 4-8. I would like my character to be the little and in diapers, preferably forced into them by your character. I love humiliation (both private and especially public), forced diapers, and forced wetting/messing. I like for my character to come to love diapers over time, not right away. I also prefer to roleplay via pm. Despite these rules I can be pretty lenient if I like the roleplay. I don’t have any specific plots in mind but feel free to HMU with ideas or if you just wanna brain storm 🙂
  10. Maddie and her older sister Holly sat at the dinner table eating supper with their parents as they did every evening. As seemed usual in their home Holly liked to dominate the conversation, telling their parents about her day at school and how well she was doing in every class. "So Mum today in biology Mr Hartford said I'm on track for one of the best marks he's seen on our individual coursework" "oh that's great sweetie I'm really pleased for you" replied Mum seemingly proud of her daughter "And can you believe it in the child care course they even had these massive baby dolls and they made us show that we knew how to change a nappy, I mean why do they need to teach us how to change nappies for gods sake" "Well you never know love it might come in handy one day, maybe if you have children of your own" As Holly carried on and on Maddie found her boastfulness increasingly annoying, she had finally had enough and just couldn't help but say something.... "Jesus do you ever stop talking about yourself Holly I'm fed up with you going on and on about how amazing you are at everything" "Maddie don't be so disrespectful and rude to your sister, all she's doing is telling us about her day" "Yeah Maddie what the hell is wrong with you are you you're jealous of me or something?" "That's right Mum side with her of course she's too perfect to ever do anything wrong" "Stop being such an immature little brat Maddie, your 15 years old not 5 for god's sake, you're acting like a baby" replied Mum angrily at her daughters immaturity With that Maddie ran off up to her room in floods of tears, feeling utterly worthless and inferior at how her life was compared to her sister. 18 year old Holly had always been seen by everyone as the perfect girl, regularly achieving higher grades than Maddie and having a much larger group of friends thanks to her good looks and outgoing personality. But Maddie didn't see it this way, to her she saw Holly as boastful and full of herself, always going on about how she had done this or done that. Maddie felt fed up with living in her sisters shadow. After Maddie's little outburst, she had gone up to her room on her bed to sulk. Lying there, she felt angry at Holly's arrogant response and how Mum had even defended her. These thoughts stirred in her mind as she laid there on her bed feeling worthless and upset, and soon, despite it only being 6:30pm she drifted off to sleep.. She awoke a few hours later needing to pee, looking at the clock she was shocked to see it was now 2am and that she had slept through the whole evening. Due to it now being so late, everyone else had gone to bed. She got up and quietly made her way to the bathroom. As she walked past her sisters room, she noticed her door was slightly open and she could hear Holly was asleep. She thought about the evenings events and how much she hated her big sister when suddenly an idea popped into her head. Part of her was saying it was a mean, nasty thing to even think about doing......the other part of her remembered what had happened earlier in the evening, and how much hatred she currently felt towards Holly.... She quietly went downstairs to the kitchen and got a large plastic bowl, which she then filled with warm water from the kitchen tap. Maddie then made her way back upstairs and very slowly snuck into her sisters bedroom, observing that Holly appeared to be in quite a deep sleep. She put the bowl down next to her bed and gently lifted Holly's hand, being careful not to wake her, and placed it in the warm water. She stood and waited........ after about 2 minutes she was about to give up, having convinced herself it was a stupid idea that would never work, when all of a sudden she thought she could hear a faint noise......... She listened closely as she began hearing a hissing sound from under the sheets which got increasingly louder.... Gently lifting the duvet, her jaw dropped. She saw that Holly's pyjamas were now soaking wet and her bed was soaked. She couldn't believe it, her trick had actually worked. She had somehow made big mature Holly pee her bed like a baby. “Now who's acting like the baby, not quite so perfect now are you” Maddie thought to herself. She left the room with a massive grin on her face not quite able to believe that she had just somehow made her 18 year old sister have a bedwetting accident. She now couldn't wait for the morning to come around... As Holly woke up the next morning something felt strange, as she shifted in bed she realised something wasn't right.... Around her bum felt cold and uncomfortable, as she put her hand under the covers she realised her pyjamas, underwear and bed were all soaking wet... "what the fuck" she said out loud to herself She pulled back the covers and stood up. Feeling around her butt and across the front of her pyjamas she felt disgusting, as she came to the realisation of what had happened-that she had wet the bed "No, I can't have! how the hell did this happen?" a frustrated and upset Holly asked herself Examining her bed she realised there was no hiding the massive wet patch and that she would have to quickly take her sheets and pyjamas down to the washing machine if she didn't want anyone finding out. As Holly was about to do this Mum walked into her bedroom...... "Is everything alright Holly I heard you shouti....." Mum was cut off as she noticed her daughter's soaking wet pyjamas "Oh my gosh what happened sweetie" "I uuuuu don't know Mum, I woke up like this this morning" said an obviously upset Holly "Oh dear it looks like you had a bit of an accident love don't worry, we'll get this all cleaned up" Holly broke down in tears Maddie woke up and could hear a commotion from her sisters room. She got up and went to her sisters room, hearing her Mum’s voice from inside. She barged the door open finding Holly stood crying wearing soaking wet pyjamas, Mum was trying to console her. “"oh my god Holly you didn't pee the bed did you? I didn't know you were still a baby” “Get the hell out of my room” scowled her angry and upset sister “Please can you go out of the room Maddie and let us sort this” asked Mum “"ok Mum I'll leave you to help the big bedwetter” “That's enough of that Maddie, your sisters certainly not a bedwetter, this is just a one off thing as she's probably just got a virus or something” Maddie felt really pleased that she had managed to humiliate her usually perfect sister as she went off to get ready for school. Holly was rather quiet come breakfast time. Maddie held herself back from sniggering, knowing Holly wasn't in the mood. The day went by without incident, Holly tried to put the accident to the back of her mind, convincing herself that it was just a freak occurrence that would soon be forgotten. Maddie however, had got too much satisfaction from Holly's embarrassment to leave it at that.... That night Maddie stayed up late, yet again sneaking into Holly's room. This time within just 30 seconds of Holly's hand being placed in the warm water, the 18 year old began soaking her bed for the second night in a row. She couldn’t believe how easily it seemed to work on her sister at her age. In the morning, again she heard talking from in her sisters room as Mum had gone in to wake her up her oldest daughter finding her upset yet again over a wet bed.... This time instead of barging into Holly's room she stood outside with her head against the door and listened in. “"honey don't worry we’ll book you a doctors appointment today to find out what's going on” “Ok Mum but can we get this cleaned up quickly I really don't want Maddie to find out I did this again” “"yes ok sweetie, can you just take your wet sheets downstairs and put them in the machine for me before you get ready?" "Uuum yea ok" said a blushing and upset Holly With that Holly quickly made her way downstairs to the utility room and put her wet stuff in the washing machine Maddie stood back around the corner so that she couldn't be seen as she watched her pretty older sister go downstairs carrying her wet sheets, still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas which were clinging to her well toned butt. Maddie went downstairs only a few moments later, timing it perfectly to catch Holly trying to hide the evidence of her second bedwetting accident in a row. Holly looked shocked to see Maddie "Morning Holly, hey, how come you're doing laundry I've never seen you do laundry in the morning" questioned Maddie hoping to embarrass her big sister "Uuuuuuu" caught off guard Holly stuttered not knowing what to say "Oh my god you didn't wet the bed again did you?" Maddie saw her sisters face turn bright red "Uuuuummm no I just spilt a drink" Maddie walked up to Holly and pulled the sheets out of the washing machine "Eeeeewww they stink of pee oh my god you actually wet the bed again. And look at your pyjamas they're soaked that's freaking disgusting" Holly felt totally embarrassed having her little sister catch her trying to hide her the evidence of her bedwetting accident, all whilst still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas. "Maddie just shut up and go away, like I said its only because I've got a virus or something so don't even think of telling anyone about this" "Sorry Holly, I was only joking I didn't really mean it, I hope you get better soon". Maddie lied through her teeth, pretending to show some concern for her big sister. Inside she was loving every second of having something like this over Holly. Mum was shocked that her usually mature daughter had suddenly now done this not just once, but two nights in a row. It was that last thing she had ever expected from Holly, especially now that she was a second year college student . She feared that if it kept on happening any more that Holly's mattress would be ruined and may begin to smell.... Maddie had made her mind up that she would do it for another night as she was enjoying having a feeling of control over Holly for the first time in her life...... It was somehow making her feel much better about herself. That night, Sneaking into Holly's room at 1am, seeing her sister was sound asleep she lifted her hand into the bowl of water. Just a she placed her sister's hand in the water Holly began moving and lifted her hand. Maddie completely froze on the spot praying to god Holly hadn't woken up. She soon realised Holly was just moving in her sleep as she saw her roll onto her side.... As Holly turned thought her bed seemed unusually loud and kind of like it was rustling which intrigued Maddie. Upon feeling the corner of the bed she found that Holly was believe it or not sleeping on a rubber plastic sheet.... She couldn't hold back a smile at this finding. Her 18 year old college aged sister couldn't currently be trusted to have just a normal sheet on her bed like anyone else her age. She now had a crinkly plastic sheet on her bed, something you would normally associate with small children and toddlers that couldn't yet control their bladders and we're still not out of nappies. "Well well, you may get higher grades and be more popular than me but I'm not the one sleeping on a mattress protector at the age of 18" Maddie thought whilst chuckling to herself. After finding out about Holly's new bed sheet, it made her more determined to make her wet her bed again. For the second time that night she placed her older sisters hand in the bowl.... Sure enough after about a minute of Holly's hand being placed in the water, Maddie heard a trickling noise as her sisters bladder began emptying it contents, again leaving her nice and wet for when she woke up..... The next morning Maddie decided to and Holly were sat at breakfast, now both ready for school Maddie broke the silence “So did you manage to stay dry last night or did you have another accident” “"firstly Maddie don't talk to me like I'm some little kid, don't forget I'm 3 years older than you. And secondly no it didn't happen again, it was like Mum said, probably just a virus or something I ate which I'm over ok so don't ever mention it again” “Well I hope it doesn't happen again Holly, let's hope you stay dry tonight again” “"just shut up Maddie and stop being so fucking condescending I'm not a kid, just cos your jealous of me being better looking and more popular than you, my god you better not even dare to mention this to anyone ever” Her sisters words had hurt her deeply, but Maddie tried to think positively. She loved this feeling of having something like this on her sister and could see just how much Holly was struggling to deal with it. She laughed in her head at the thought of the crinkly plastic sheet her big sister now had on her bed, which instantly made her feel better, imagining if only Holly's friends knew what their popular classmate now slept on.... After the nasty way Holly had just spoken to her, Maddie decided it would be fair payment to keep going with the hand in warm water prank. She continued it for the next 3 nights. Each time, the gorgeous college girl had been distraught to wake up finding that she had wet the bed yet again, which she desperately, desperately tried to keep from Maddie. She had got better at hiding her accidents, which in her mind she thought she had managed to keep hidden from her younger sister. At breakfast, Maddie, knowing full well that Holly had now wet the bed 6 nights in a row, played innocent and questioned Holly....... "So Holly have you had anymore nighttime accidents since the other day" "Was I not clear when I told you to never mention that again Maddie, and the answer is no because it was just a one off as I was unwell, which I'm over now so stop being such a condescending little brat have you got that ?" "God you don't need to be such a bitch about it I was just asking" "Well don't ! , stop speaking to me like I'm some kid ok. I get it you've always been jealous of me cos I'm better than you at everything, and a couple of accidents changes nothing wart fingers" Maddie hated when her sister called her that. Ever since she was young she'd had trouble with warts on her hands, mainly on her fingers. Holly had off and on used that name when ever she felt like being mean and belittling to Maddie. Her words showed her sister's true inner spite. Maddie could tell the bedwetting was really getting to Holly for her to have said this as she was never usually this unhappy and bad tempered. Mum was now in total disbelief that her eldest daughter had suddenly now out of nowhere managed to wet her bed 6 nights in a row. The doctor had even said there was no obvious reason for the accidents and that hopefully it would just pass. She spoke to Holly about it before she had left for college, and explained that her bedding and pyjamas were being completely ruined and that her room would soon start smelling of pee, which Maddie would surely eventually notice. Holly tried to avoid the conversation as it was something she couldn't quite believe she was having to discuss with her mother at her age. After a short talk Mum said that she would speak to her further about it later on that night. Whilst at college Holly struggled to focus on her classes, she tried to put the inevitable embarrassing talk she would have with her mother out of her mind, she felt like some little kid that was going to be to told off for wetting the bed, except she was no longer a little kid, but a mature, beautiful and intelligent 18 year old college student, looking to get the grades that would get her a place for next year at one of the top universities in the country. The accidents were really, really starting to bother her the longer they went on. A couple of her friends even asked her what was up as they thought she hadn't been acting herself the last few days. She certainly had no intention of telling them what was up. Holly felt as if she'd literally rather die than any of them find out she had been wetting the bed. That evening... It was 10pm and the family were all sat in the lounge either watching tv or sat using an ipad as they usually did of an evening. Mum disappeared upstairs, and just a couple of minutes after, Holly did as well which Maddie thought was a little strange... Maddie decided to creep upstairs to see why they had both gone up there. Just as she was near the top of the stairs she saw Mum come out of her bedroom and go into Holly's room. She noticed she had a bag with her. Mum hadn't seen her as the area where the stairs were was dark. Maddie then crept up to her big sisters door and listened in.... "Mum please no!" "I'm sorry darling but this is the only solution, I'm not taking no for an answer, if you put up a fight you'll risk Maddie hearing what's going on so I suggest you just lie back and let me get on with it" Knowing that putting up a fight would risk her sister hearing, Holly realised she had no choice and gave in..... “"just lie back on the bed love and let me do it” “Mum please can’t I do it this is really embarrassing” "Surely not" Maddie thought as she excitedly listened in..... She could hear a lot of rustling “No sweetie because it needs to be taped on properly so it doesn't leak onto the bed” "No freaking way" though Maddie This comment had brought a massive, massive grin to Maddie’s face as she knew it could now only mean one thing; nappies, Mum had clearly become fed up with Holly continuing to soak her bed and had obviously decided there was now only one solution, to put Holly back in nappies. Her usually confident, beautiful and popular college aged sister had now been reduced to being changed for bed like a baby. All because of Maddie's cruel trick. She couldn't believe she had managed this in just 6 days! Her older sister wearing nappies would literally be beyond her wildest dreams. She imagined how devastating this would be for Holly at her age. It hadn't even crossed her mind that Mum would do this to her big sister. The plastic sheet was like all her Christmases had come at once, but Holly being back in nappies like a baby would be beyond the most amazing thing she could possibly ask for. To Maddie, this really was absolutely perfect, she couldn't of asked for a better outcome, she knew that all she needed to do now was make sure that Holly's first night in a nappy didn't end dry. “"fine just hurry up in case Maddie comes upstairs. I really don’t want her finding out” After a bit more rustling and taping it sounded like Mum had finished the job of changing her oldest daughter into her first nappy since she was 2. “"ok darling, it's all taped up now, if you want to stand up and see how it feels” Holly slowly got up and began feeling her new underwear... “"Mum it's sooo thick....I can't wear this or Maddie will notice. It's so loud when I walk” “"it isn't as loud as you think love, put your pyjamas on and I bet no one could even tell you're wearing it” Holly put on her pyjama pants, pulling them up she struggled to get them over the bulkiness of the nappy. She had to kind of stick her bum out and wriggle from side to side to get them up fully. “see there we go sweetie it's completely hidden under those” "Can't you get me something thinner to wear Mum?" "Sorry sweetie but judging by how wet your bed has been most mornings, anything thinner would risk it leaking onto the bed and ruining your bedding" “"I can hear it crinkling every time I move though" said a clearly upset Holly “Trust me Holly no one will notice. It's just a temporary thing love I'm sure. If the problem passes which I'm sure it will and you stay dry for a few nights then you can stop wearing them" Maddie couldn’t help but snigger "A few nights hey, we'll see about that Holly" now feeling over the moon She quickly moved off back downstairs before she was seen. There was no going back now. This whole situation was music to her ears hearing how humiliated Holly was feeling Normally Holly's concerns would be whether her make-up looked right or her hair was ok- but not tonight. Her only concern tonight was about whether the thick nappy she had been forced to wear to bed due to her heavy bedwetting, was noticeable under her cute pyjamas. After her humiliation was complete, Holly made her way across the hall and into the bathroom, feeling totally distraught and as if her life was now over. "This really can't be fucking happening" she thought to herself. 18 years old and here she was stood there having just been changed into a nappy for bed by her Mum like some un-potty trained little kid. Holly refused to accept it, she was a mature, beautiful and intelligent girl, but deep down she knew that after the events of the last 6 nights, the truth of it was that she was actually in dire need of the extra absorbent adult sized nappy that was now tightly strapped around her butt. So many thoughts went through her head-what would her friends think? How could she ever keep this hidden from Maddie? She couldn't even contemplate her life if she ever found out about this. As she walked she noticed it almost felt like it made her waddle as it was so unbelievably thick it forced her legs apart. Holly locked the bathroom door, and tried to hold herself back from crying as she came to terms with her current predicament. Staring at herself in the mirror, noticing her cheeks were now glowing a deep shade of red, she started observing her butt from every angle. She could see the nappy definitely made her butt look bigger and kind of made it a weird shape.... She tried hard to convince herself that if she was careful Maddie would probably not notice, and that all she needed was to stay dry for a few nights and this whole thing would soon be a thing of the past. Mustering up the courage, Holly headed out of the bathroom and back downstairs, walking slightly hesitantly as she was so conscious of the rustling nappy. She prayed to god Maddie wouldn't notice anything was up. She sat herself down in her usual spot, thankful that Maddie had continued to stare at her ipad screen and didn't appear to have noticed anything was out of the ordinary. Maddie had opted to pretend she had no idea about Holly's predicament, keeping her head down and ignoring her sisters crinkling backside as she came in and sat down on the settee. On the inside however was a different story, Maddie felt tonight could be a massive turning point in her life. She mentally, at this moment felt as if she was no longer completely inferior to her sister. In her eyes Holly was no longer the pretty, intelligent and popular girl, what she was now was no more than an 18 year old nappy wearing bed wetter Holly felt utterly ashamed having to sit near her far younger sister whilst wearing the same underwear as a baby "why the fuck did this have to happen to me" she thought to herself The thing that worried Holly was that, God forbid this bedwetting thing didn't stop, she would have to go through this every single night, with the constant fear of her secret being found out by her younger sibling That was one thing she really, really couldn't deal with- the thought of Maddie ever finding out about this. She desperately hoped that this whole problem would be no more than a short term thing. Holly just couldn't understand how this was happening, she had never wet the bed in her life, and then out of nowhere she had now woken up to wet sheets 6 nights in a row. She convinced herself that although the doctor had said there was nothing wrong with her, that maybe she had something he hadn't picked up on like a bladder infection which would eventually pass and that the accidents would stop with that. Maddie thought back to the argument the other day. She couldn't believe just 6 days ago Holly was the perfect girl in every way, sleeping with all the best looking guys at her college, now she had been reduced to having the same bedtime routine as a baby, which involved sleeping on a plastic sheet and being changed into a disposable nappy at night by her Mum. She no longer felt in any way jealous of her big sister. Holly now had a secret that would completely ruin her if anyone ever found out and Maddie loved it. That night, lying in bed Holly couldn't sleep, she tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, unable to ignore the bulk of the thick nappy between her legs "God this stupid thing is so uncomfortable" she cursed to herself. Lying there thinking about her current situation Holly started to feel upset and overcome with emotion. She felt tears well up in her eyes, and unable to hold back, she began uncontrollably crying which made her feel even more of a baby than she was feeling already. She tried to stay as still as possible as every movement she made reminded her of her predicament by causing either the plastic sheet to rustle or her nappy to crinkle. Eventually managing to relax, Holly fell asleep, it was midnight.. Keeping herself awake, Maddie had prepared to do her cruel trick again tonight. She had debated whether she had gone too far but then remembered Holly's cruel words.. Looking at her phone, she saw it was now 1am. Quietly making her way to Holly's bedroom, hearing her sister was asleep, she gently slid her big sisters hand from under the covers and placed it in the bowl of warm water. She soon heard a hissing noise which sounded louder than usual. She knew this was because it was not the sound of Holly's pee soaking her cute knickers, but the sound of Holly's pee hitting the thick padding of her new underwear, her nappy.... "Oh dear did the little baby have an accident in her nappy" muttered Maddie unable to hold a big grin from her face as she left Holly's bedroom and went to bed herself. In the morning as Holly came around from her slumber, it took her a few moments to wake up enough to remember the embarrassing events of the past week. These thoughts made the 18 year old quickly slide her hands under the duvet and check her bedsheets for any sign of wetness, which to her surprise seemed to be dry as she felt around under her butt. She thought that maybe this would signal the end of her nighttime troubles. But........ she then became aware of something that had slipped her half-asleep mind. Her hopes where quickly dashed as she though back to the bulky nappy her mum had put on her last night. Putting her hands down the front of her pyjamas, her hopes were soon dashed. The huge bulk between her legs was warm and squishy, meaning yet again she had peed herself in her sleep. Maddie decided that there was no going back now so she continued the hand in hot water prank every night ensuring her sister would wake up to a soaking wet nappy every morning. Over the coming weeks Maddie noticed a pattern, that every night Holly and Mum would disappear upstairs at some point during the evening, on returning Holly always seemed to stay fairly still as if to avoid drawing any attention to herself. Some nights she didn't even bother coming back down, instead opting to stay in her room watching Netflix. Maddie could tell though that her sister had a nappy on as it made her butt look bigger and there was a slightly noticeable crinkling whenever she moved. It made Maddie laugh that her mature sister now had this embarrassing night time routine To Maddie seeing her sister sat there knowing full well what she was wearing under her pyjamas was just perfect. To Holly the events of the past few weeks were literally her worst nightmare, she just couldn't believe she had all of a sudden developed this humiliating problem. Trying to keep it from her friends was proving extremely difficult for her. It was having a huge effect on her normally buoyant social life. After nights out she would now always make an excuse to go home so she could avoid dealing with staying over at anyone's house. One night she actually went back to some guys house that she'd met in a nightclub. She had sex with him before keeping herself awake and waiting for him to fall asleep, at which point she got up and left. She certainly didn't want to deal with the embarrassment of wetting his bed and him telling all his mates about it, and there was no way she was going to carry around a nappy in her handbag in case she stayed at someone's house. One night Maddie went in to Holly's room to do the hot water prank, she was a little later this time. She wanted to see it with her own eyes that she had actually reduced her college aged big sister to wearing a nappy to bed every night, so she decided to gently pull back the covers to ge Holly was on her side and Maddie could see the nappy peeking out of her pyjamas which made her smile. She gently slipped her hand down the back of her pyjamas, feeling the nappy she couldn't believe just how thick it was. Mum had clearly taken no chances when choosing Holly's new bedtime underwear, she obviously had little faith in her 18 year old daughter's ability to keep her bed dry, with good reason. She then noticed something that surprised her, the further she reached towards the bottom it seemed to get more warm, and felt kind of mushy, she realised this meant Holly had already wet her nappy, without her hand being placed in warm water. She suddenly thought, had she over the course of the last few weeks trained Holly into becoming a bedwetter, had she trained her older sisters body to pee in her sleep by making her wet herself so many times? Over the course of the next week she only did the prank once, what she did instead was go in and check Holly's nappy every night at 3am. She found that on 6 out of the 7 nights Holly had already used her nappy, and on the night she was dry at 3am that was the one night that Maddie did the prank. She couldn't believe it, she had somehow managed to turn her perfect older sister into a chronic bedwetter, that was now totally reliant on wearing a thick adult nappy to bed to prevent her soaking her sheets. This realisation brought great pleasure to Maddie, knowing it wasn't now the prank that was making Holly wet the bed each night. She no longer needed that! Her big sister was now an actual bedwetter. Maddie loved the thought that because of her cruel trick Holly was likely no closer to being out of nappies at night than a baby. In fact a baby or toddler would probably have a better chance of keeping it's bed dry. Holly was totally fed up. She had endured the embarrassment of having tests done and seeing countless specialists. All she was told was that there was nothing wrong physically and they don't know what's causing it. All she knew was that she kept having this same weird dream...... A flashback to last night... Holly was sound asleep in bed, It was like she was floating, she felt totally at ease drifting around in endless crystal clear, beautifully calm ocean water. As time passed she slowly started to fall below the surface, the lovely warmth of the water engulfing her as she gently submerged. The heat from the water felt extremely relaxing as she let her body follow the natural current of the water. A gentle voice repeated the word "relax, relax". She could then see what looked like a toilet in the distance but before even attempting to get there she felt any tension in her body disappear as she lied in the comfortable warmth of the ocean. Eventually she began to rise back to the surface of the water where she began feeling a little colder...... Still asleep, Holly hadn't so much as stirred, what the beautiful college girl had done however during her relaxed state was empty her bladder into her now, rather swollen and warm nappy. One evening Mum and Dad had gone out to eat, Maddie had observed that Mum had gone upstairs with Holly just before they left at 7:30, which she could only assume meant one thing- changing time. Meaning Holly would be spending a lot longer than usual in her nappy, and unusually the girls would be left on their own. Holly had protested about being changed at such an early time in the evening but Mum had given her no option stating that they would be back very late and that she would likely be in bed by then. Maddie had decided to invite a friend, Tara over for the evening. Tara arrived shortly after Mum and Dad had left. Holly hadn't seemed all that pleased to have someone else in the house, which to Maddie was understandable when she was 3 years younger than Holly and yet Holly was the one who was hiding a nappy under her pyjamas. Everyone was sat in the lounge, between the 3 of them they tried to pick a film to watch. Maddie and Tara wanted to watch The Hangover and Holly wanted to watch Anchorman 2. Maddie announced that it was 2 against 1, grabbing the remote she put on The Hangover which Holly wasn't very pleased about. "That's not fair" "Yeah it is that's how it works" "Shut up Maddie that's just immature" snapped Holly What Maddie felt like saying in response was " I'll tell you what's immature Holly, being 18 years old and still having to wear nappies cos you can't stop pissing the bed" but she thought better of it. It took all of her might to hold herself back from outing her sister as a bedwetter right there in front of her friend. They settled down and watched the film. Towards the end of the film Maddie noticed Holly holding her stomach on and off. She wondered if she might soon need to use the bathroom..... As soon as the film ended Maddie went upstairs, took her pyjamas and went into the bathroom, knowing if Holly needed the bathroom she would have to wait until she came out.... Taking her time she got undressed and proceeded to have a nice long shower.... Not long after she had gone in the bathroom Holly started banging on the door.... "Maddie will you please hurry up I really, really need to use the toilet" "I'll just be a few minutes I'm taking a quick shower" "For gods sake just hurry up" Maddie could hear the desperation in her sisters voice, but continued to enjoy her nice hot shower.... By now Tara had heard what was going on and she was now stood watching Holly smiling at the older girls struggle.. She discretely got her phone out and recorded Holly's struggle... Maddie took her time. She washed her hair twice and then conditioned it, not in any rush as she wondered if Holly would save herself from embarrassment and hold on.... Holly kept banging on the door whilst jumping about trying not to humiliate herself Eventually Maddie had finished. She got herself into her pyjamas before finally opening the door. As she opened the door it looked as if it might be too late for Holly... She was bent forward with one hand clutching her stomach and the other hand holding her butt. Tara noticed something weird sticking out of her pyjamas as she bent bent forward.... Running up to her she tugged at her pyjama pants, pulling them down around her ankles leaving her stunned "Oh my god she's wearing a fucking nappy" Holly, too preoccupied to stop Tara exposing her then lifted her head as she let out a big gasp as both girls stood watching in complete shock as the 18 year old uncontrollably lost control of her bowels and began messing her exposed nappy right before their eyes..... The girls were both totally stunned at what they had just seen, and the best part of all was that they had the whole thing recorded..... Holly ran off crying into her bedroom with her massive sagging nappy still on full display as she slammed her door behind her..... Tara and Maddie just looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. Boy were they going to have some fun with this...... A short while later they went up to Holly's door............ "Oh Holly can we come in and have a little chat with you?"......
  11. Elise struggled not to cry. She squirmed and screamed as each blow smacked loudly on her behind, but the indignity of her childish position over the stranger's lap would only be made worse if she gave in and cried."OW! OW! STOP! You can't do this to me!" she cried out."Are you going to be a good girl?" the man she only knew as "Daddy" said."Let me go! You can't spank me!" She tried to struggle, but he held her firmly over his lap with his left hand on her twisted arm as he spanked her already red bottom with his right. She couldn't manage to budge him."It seems I can little girl. And after this you are going to your room for a time out.""NO! I'm not a little girl! For god's sake I went to college!"He reached for her belt buckled. She squealed as he undid it and pulled her pants down, followed by her underwear."Silly girl won't need these anyway. We'll get you dressed properly.""No," she said. What could THAT mean?He took the belt out of her pants, folded it, and swung it at her behind hard. It hit with a loud CLAP, and she screamed out."You've been a very bad girl," he said, and spanked her again. "You are going to obey me whether you like it or not, and you will learn to be good." He hit her again."OW!" she screamed. She began to cry. "Alright," she said, "I'll be good.""Good girl," he stood her up. She tried to lift up her pants to cover her sore read bottom, but he swatted her hands away and spanked her with the belt. "No," he said, "good girls don't do that." He stood up beside her. Tall, thick, and broad shouldered, he loomed over her easily, and she cowered in front of him.Without letting her pull up her pants, he began to drag her by the wrist through the strange building she had just arrived at. It was a sprawling complex, and they passed through several halls and flights of stairs. Every room she passed has its own odd theme, and the people around them were dressed to match. There were people dressed in leather next to rooms full of bondage equipment, people dressed in collars next to rooms with dog beds and dog bowls, men in bright pink skirts, more still in maids going from room to room cleaning, and all through out them stern looking men and woman directing them. What had she gotten herself into?She began to wonder where she would end up. The bright skirts didn't seem that bad, but she never was one for cleaning, so she hoped she wouldn't become a maid. The bondage equipment frightened her, so she hoped to avoid it too. The dog beds just seemed embarrassing."Here we are," he said, pointing at a closed door. There were four other people around it in black clothing, and she stared at them nervously. "Oh, don't worry about them," he said, "they are just here to help." He reached over to her and ruffled her hair, then reached into his pocket and took out a ring of keys and began going through them."What is in there?" she said, sniffling. He smiled. "You'll see." He pushed the door open, dragged her in, and turned on the light. She gasped at the sight.This was worse then the dog beds. This was worse then the MAIDS clothes."No, no no," she said, and tried to back away."Are you arguing with me AGAIN, girl?" he said. It had taken her a moment to understand what she saw. The room inside was a gigantic nursery. It was painted a sickening pink color, and filled with infantile furniture sized for an adult. A full sized crib dominated the room, flanked by a high chair, changing table, and clothing shelves covered with diapers and onesies.Worse still, laid out on the crib for her to see, was what she realized would be her new out fit. It consisted of a pink dress decorated pastel pinks and blues, a bonnet, mittens, long stockings, and to top everything off, a thick diaper printed with rabbits. Worse still, there was a series of ropes and locks arrayed in front of them."You can't do this to me!" Elise said.A split second later her world was upside down again as he flipped her over his lap. "NO!" she screamed, and tried to kick her way out."BAD BABY!" he shouted, and began spanking her with her belt. She started crying with the first blow, and each smack after that brought out more and more tears until all she could do was lay helplessly on his lap and sob.Satisfied that the fight was out of her, he turned her back until she was sitting on his lap, then lifted her cradled in his arms. "Now, lets get you dressed.""Nooo," she pouted. This time, however, she didn't fight him as he lay her down in the crib. To her surprise, there was a mirror on the ceiling above it, and she saw herself, the crib and the outfight clearly. She tried to separate herself from it- another red headed girl about to be put in diapers, another blond haired man doing it, but she realized she'd have no choice but to watch her own humiliation occur. It was a clever, if cruel, touch.The four helpers in dark clothing were around her. They held her limbs down as he pulled her pants the rest of the way off, then took her shirt off. Finally, he lifted the diaper up in front of her and opened it up slowly, smiling as he saw her expression changed from moping to fear and embarrassment."No, please. I don't want to be a diaper girl. Maid, pet, anything but that," she said."Don't worry," he said, "you'll get used to it." He lay it underneath her and spread powder liberally over her. "No," she moaned one last time, half hardheartedly trying to move her bottom out of the way and give some kind of resistance, but she was stopped by another spank from his hand. She watched in dread as he folded the diaper up and taped it on. He followed it with plastic panties, which he locked in place. With the help of the other four, he dressed her fully in the dress, bonnet, stockings and mittens. They tied the ropes to her limbs, and left her with her arms stretched to the top corners of the crib and her legs folded on top of her, unfortunately lifting her skirt to leave her diaper visible. He dismissed the others before presenting the coup de grace of her humiliation- a big pink pacifier with straps dangling to each side. He shoved it in her mouth, and she felt the bulb fill it up and gag her. He tied it behind her head."There. No way to move or complain, no way to get in trouble. A silent baby is a good baby. We will need the straps until you learn to keep pacis in your mouth without them." She groaned inwardly. How long would it take to 'learn' that? How long would she be diapered for?"Now, we are going to play a game. I'll be asking you questions, and you can shake your head yes or no. If you're a good baby, you'll get treats. If you're a bad baby, you'll get spanked. We'll see if we can work our way up to letting you talk, then maybe moving around a bit before bed time. Ready?"She groaned, this time out loud. That resulted in a hard smack on her diapered bottom and her getting scolded as a 'bad baby." She tried to look away from her tormentor, but just ended up looking at her own reflection- locked in a crib, clearly visible diaper under her skirt, and sucking a pacifier as a stranger spanked her. She tried to look around, but everywhere was more evidence of her new status- piles of diapers, childish toys, the high chair, a playpen- it was unavoidable. She pushed the thoughts out of her head and tried to listen to his questions, hoping she could somehow make it better by pretending to play along. What had she gotten herself into?...She tucked her head down and tried to hide as she was lead by her leash into the shopping center. The leash wasn't attached to a collar- oh no, even though she wore one complete with tags that gave her name, "Diapered ABDL" status and the address and name of her owner (though she was told she only needed to know him as "Daddy,") having the leash attach to her collar like most submissive would have been to easy, and given the wrong idea. Instead, she wore a harness like the ones normally intended for toddlers, and which gave her no choice but to follow. More ropes dangled from it, and attached to the cuffs at on her hands, followed by another rope between her legs that would have kept her from running if the leash wasn't already doing the same thing. To top it all off, she had her hands in baby mittens, leaving them useless anyway, and she had a pacifier securely strapped to her mouth.'At least I'm not in a stroller this time," she thought to herself. THAT had been humiliating. However, at least then she could pretend she could hide in the seat. Now, walking among the staring and giggle crowds, there was no way to hide her state. Her stomach groaned, and she tried to hide it. THAT was something she didn't want anyone to notice.She still liked to pretend she could. Though her dress, stockings, and pigtails were childish enough, the harness added insult to injury by announcing "Baby Girl," across her chest and back. However, she kept kept her head down, imagining it hid the pacifier along with her face, and she reached her hands down to smooth the annoyingly short skirt, doing her best to hide the thick diaper underneath it. It was futile, she knew- the loud, crinkling plastic filled her ears as the smell of baby powder filled her nose, and the forced waddle was easy enough to recognize if anyone knew what to look for. However, she tried to do her best without her Daddy noticing.Elise saw him looking at her hands, and she snapped them back up. Getting caught trying to hide her diapers was something she had been warned against. He chuckled, and smacked her hard on the bottom. "Bad baby," he said. "If that skirt is too tempting for you, I might just help you out by taking it away and letting you waddle around the mall with your diapers showing."She shook her head, eyes going wide. Much as she hated to admit it, he was good at what he did. Very little got passed him, and he seemed to know what she was going to do before she did it.He nodded. "Good baby. Now, keep your eyes up, I want people to see my baby's pretty face."He began walking again and led her onward. Instinct and shame still made her want to keep her face down, but she fought against both. The fear of her punishment was worse then a few snickers and laughter, and she endured it as best she could. The mall was huge, with stores she had never seen before lining both sides of the hall in a massive enclave that rose several stores. Some were typical- clothing stores, a few name brands, books, music- while others were designed for the exact type of lifestyle she was now in, ranging from broad ranges of kinks to more specific ones. "Pet" stores, 'punishment' centers, 'work cloths' stores- she dreaded to see what was in store for her. For now, she simply had to walk in the center of the most visible, crowded hall, something she was sure her 'Daddy" had planned. It seemed he planned most things ahead."One day you'll see this is all for your own good," he told her. "See that? That is where we are going, and you are going to happily pick out a little baby toy for yourself, beg daddy for it, and show it off to everyone we meet." He pointed to the end of a long hallway, and she could have cried at what she realized was the final destination of her humiliating journey. A massive store, set up to look like a toy store, but instead filled adult sized toys, furniture, and garments, its banner in brightly colored block letters calling it "The Big Baby Store." It had everything needed to embarrass an abdl girl. "Or please one", she thought, as she saw another woman skipping along, flouncing skirt revealing the pull up underneath.- wait... did she know that girl? She was gone to fast to be sure- She saw far too many of them, and worried over how many had begun resisting and fell into it.She had another problem coming. Her stomach groaned again, and she almost doubled over from a cramp. She had been cramping since breakfast, but tried to hold it in. It was silly, she knew, as she would never be afforded the right to use the bathroom. She had gotten used to wetting herself, but part of her still wanted to resist using her diaper for... that. She saw her Daddy glancing her way and chuckling to himself.Her stomach groaned again, and this time she farted loudly into her diaper."What was that sweetie? You say something?" her Daddy said in a teasing voice. She looked at him sadly. "No, I think your little bum bum did. Her, let daddy check your diaper."She squealed loudly from behind her pacifier as her turned her around and lifted her skirt, exposing her diaper to the entire mall. More people started laughing behind her, and she squirmed in embarrassment. It would have been bad enough had it been a plain white one, but the one she wore today was designed to look like a true pamper, covered all over with cutesy pictures of pacifiers, bottles and teddy bears, and with thick purple stripes along the sides. Added to that were clear plastic pants that locked in the top, just in case she could find a way to open a diaper with her hands in the ridiculous mittens."Hmmm I don't know baby girl. You certainly are a smelly butt, and definitely damp," he reaches his hand between her legs to the front of her diaper, and she squirmed again, eliciting more laughter from her growing crowd.'Why is he taking so LONG!" she thought. He kept prodding and patting her as people laughed and she grew redder and redder, commenting on her personal hygiene. "Such a silly little girl. Still in diapers at your age! Do you need daddy to give you a change?" Finally, he lifted her entire skirt, front and back, clasped it in one hand and pulled open the back of her diaper with the other. At the same time, another cramp hit, and she heard herself fart loudly again as he was checking her, getting the loudest laughter yet. She couldn't bear it any longer, and reached down to pull her skirt in front of her diaper.She instantly regretted it. Her Daddy stood up from the crotched position he had taken while checking her, and she backed away as he leaned over her.He undid the strap of her pacifier and took it out. Despite the newfound freedom from it, she knew better then to speak now."Sweetie, what did I tell you about holding your skirt?""I..." she was afraid to answer."Good babies don't try to hide their diapers. Bad babies do that. Good babies aren't afraid to show off how cute they are.""Yes, Daddy.""And what did you do?""I held down my skirt to hide my diapers."She felt a sharp smack on the back of her diaper and yelped."Bad baby!" he said. "What did I say would happen?""No Daddy please! Its embarrassing!""Well, I bet its embarrassing to be a naughty adult woman walking around in diapers. It should be. A little baby, however, is fine. If its embarrassing to walk around with your diaper showing, then you clearly need more practice doing it. We'll have to give you more opportunities to show off."He took out a remote and hit a button on it. She felt her hands being pulled upward by the rope toward her chest. Once they were folded in front of her, he reached down to grab the hem of her skirt. As always, he was doing it as slowly as possible, letting her dread grow."Please daddy. I promise I'll be a good baby," she said. Unlike other times she had said it, she meant it. Fighting him was turning out to be much worse then going along with what he said."You better be," he replied. He undid the buttons on her skirt and tossed it into a bag. "Now, about you being a gassy baby. Do you know what that means?""Uhhh... nooo.." she tried to reply but felt another cramp. She was shocked by how hard they were coming, and how quickly they were getting worse. "What, Daddy?""What did I tell you to do when you needed to go potty?""I uhhh...""Tell me unless you want a spanking."She blushed and looked down. "Good babies don't hold back their messes. Good babies go the second they need to and fill their diapers for their daddy's to change. They like making presents for their daddy's because it proves they are babies."He nodded. "Exactly right. Good baby." She tried to hide the embarrassing pride of finally getting something right."But Daddy, do I..." she glanced over to where she saw a public bathroom, but knew what the answer would be. "How long..."He shook his head. "Don't worry about how long we'll be in the mall for, I promise you'll be good and stinky before we are gone, and your bare pampers will be visible to all.""Daddy!" she whined."Now, if you had listned to what Daddy told you and filled your pampers when you first started feeling the cramps this morning at home, what would have happened?""I..." how did he know when she first felt them? How much could he figure out?"Sweetie, be a good baby. I know its difficult for a little diaper girl like you, but see if you can figure it out. Daddy changes you whenever you need it. If you had filled your pampers at home, what would have happened then, and what wouldn't be happening now? Can you figure it out sweetie?"She blushed at such a simple question worded so condescendingly. "I would have been changed at home, Daddy, and wouldn't need to mess now."He smiled and ruffled her hair. "Good baby! Such a smart baby!" To her embarrassment, Elise giggled as he said it. "So if you were a good baby and listened to Daddy, you wouldn't have this problem now. Since you were a bad baby and didn't, you're going to end up messing your diapers in front of all these people, then walk around the mall with your stinky pampers. Sound like fun?""No Daddy!" she whined."And since Daddy locked you in those plastic pants and your spare diapers are at home, it means you'll spend a lot of time in your mess before you get changed. Sound like fun?""No Daddy," she said. She knew exactly where this was going, but couldn't argue. There was nothing TO argue this time. She hated to admit to herself he was right."So, what was the better option- listening to Daddy, filling your diapers like a good baby, and getting changed immediately at home, or not listening, being a bad baby, and walking around a mall in smelly?"She sighed and looked down in shame. "Listening to Daddy, being a good baby, and filling my diapers when I needed to." She felt the cramps come again- it would be coming out soon whether she liked it or not, and she knew he was right about the last time she held it in."Do you think its fair to make people have to smell your stinky diapers?""No Daddy.""So what should you have done, and what should you always, always do? Who should you listen to, even if you don't know why?""I should always, always be a good baby and listen to Daddy. I should always listen to Daddy because Daddy always knows best." She hated hearing the words from her mouth."Good baby," he said, ruffling her hair. "Since you were good since then, if your lucky, I might pick up some cute new diapers at the Big Baby store and change you in the bathrooms here. If you are good. Now, I think there is something you were going to do for Daddy? What was that?""I... I was going to make a present for Daddy in my diapers, because I want to be a good baby." She said. 'Change in the bathrooms? In PUBLIC? Could he do that?' she thought. It seemed he could effectively do what he wanted to her."Well?" he raised an eyebrow.She sighed, closed her eyes and pushed. She farted far more loudly then she had hoped, and felt the hot mess come out of her and into her diaper. "Ohh," she said, and she doubled over and squatted as the cramps hit again and she kept messing herself for the audience. She hoped their laughter at least drowned out the sound of her messing, but to her each release sounded like thunder. The smell stung her nostrils, and she almost gagged. There was another advantage of messing the second she got the urge, she realized- there would have been far less of it, and her messes would be far less... messy. She shuddered at the feeling as she finally finished.She opened her eyes and stared at her Daddy, eyes seeking pity. She tried to concentrate on him and ignore the other's around her, most of whom were laughing at her."Good baby," he said, rubbing her head again. He leaned forward and checked the back of her diaper. "You're a very good baby, stinky butt." He patted the back of her diaper, and she cringed at the slimy feeling but was glad to at least be in his good books again.A group of young women came running up to her. One of them held a camera. "Excuse me, can we take a picture with you? We just LOVE the outfit! SO adorable!""No I..." she began to speak, but was cut off by her Daddy's hand on her nose."Silly baby, they weren't asking you." He put the pacifier back in her mouth, this time leaving the strap off. She didn't dare spit it out. "She'd love to have her picture taken, and she promises to give you her prettiest smile."She tried her best to smile for the camera. And for her Daddy, she knew- if he was going to change her diaper after all that, the least she could do was smile. She thought about what he had said earlier. At this point, a doll or teddy bear to call her own would make her feel better, and she probably would beg for it...."Now now sweetie, put Jeremy down," Daddy said.She pouted and squealed behind her pacifier. She cuddled the teddy bear close and shook her head no. Her pigtails twirled, adding emphasis in her mind, making the protest all the more adorable to her Daddy."You know the rules. You don't get to have teddies or dollies for comfort during punishments. You're going into the naughty corner after this, and you need to be able to think about what you did without distraction. You can have him back after. You want to be a good baby, don't you?"She nodded. She did know the rules, and she did want to be a good baby. Good babies avoided punishment and got more toys. Also, she knew it would be easier to think about what she did without Jeremy distracting her. He was just too cuddly to think when he was around.She shook her head. Where had THAT thought come from? She held onto them because it was expected of her in her role, and she wanted to avoid punishment. It did make her feel better to hold one after a spanking, but... she shook her head and ended the train of thought."Then go put him with the others and crawl back here," Daddy said.She waddled over to her toy pile and lay him on top. This was the pile of things she had picked out. She was allowed to have them all out to play during the day, but was only allowed to in her crib at night. Picking those two and putting the rest back into the box at night was one of her chores, and as the first she picked out Jeremy made the cut more often then the others. She always kissed the others before putting them back in- Daddy told her too, as they might feel bad otherwise. Silly, she knew. She kissed Jeremy before putting him down, hoping Daddy would excuse her removing her pacifier for an important reason. She put it back in and suckled it. She would at least have that for comfort during her punishment, and she was glad Daddy was kind enough to let her have it.She crawled back as commanded. Crawling wasn't always necessary, but she would do it when told to. In the end, it was no more embarrassing then anything else she went through, and not worth the punishment if she argued. This time, however, it had the added impact of putting her lower then someone she'd normally be taller then.She glanced up at that person, her babysitter, and the reason she was being punished.Officially, she was being punished for arguing over a change in bed time. When the new baby sitter came in to help Daddy, she told her she'd be going to bed at 7:30 tonight instead of the usually 8:00 so the babysitter would have time for her college homework. It was then condescendingly explained that homework was something people did to learn at home, sort of like her learning to color in lines, and college was where big people went to learn things, sort of the way Daddy had taught her to use her diapers properly. She had thrown what her Daddy called a 'tantrum' while he was still there, so he ordered this punishment.The reality of the matter was deeper then that. The babysitter- named Sarah- had almost been perfectly chosen to upset her. Her Daddy had been giving Elise lessons lately about her status. As an adult baby, her former age and accomplishments didn't matter, and she was now to consider herself as younger then people she used to think she was older then as long as they were adults, and beneath submissive with a higher role. The speech she got explaining what college was when Elise herself had graduated years before, was just the cherry on top of a long list of annoying traits. First of all, as shown by the fact she was still in college, Sarah was several years younger then she was. Making matters worse, she KNEW her. Or, as her Daddy told her, had known her in her old life back when she had baby sat her. She had been taught that her past accomplishments didn't matter, but finding out her former ward was now her babysitter was too much. There was more too- her Daddy wanted her to know it wasn't just age that was lower but her status. Sarah was a submissive and had been one earlier, and a little at that. She was the girl who had been skipping along in the mall. She had watched in awe as the girl lifted up her skirt to proudly show off her pull up and explain that "even a toddler in pull ups is mature enough to be in charge of a little baby in diapers." When Sarah had announced the new bedtime, Elise had had enough, and started shouting.Now, she paid the price. She reached her Daddy's legs and remained on all fours beneath where he was seated."Good girl. Now keep crawling! Up up up!" he patted his knees, and she obediently crawled over his lap, lap down, and braced herself.This time, there was no struggling. Daddy didn't even hold her down as undid her onesie, revealed her soaked diaper and began spanking her. She yelped as the first blow squelched against her damp padding, the itch from the wetness making the pain from the spanks all the worse. H spanked her again and again. She winced, moaned, and cried out as the pain got worse, and by the end, she was in tears, but she was proud that she didn't struggle. It had become embarrassing to constantly fight back only to end up in the same position."Good girl, Daddy's proud of you for not struggling. Now, go to the babysitter.""Come here little one!" Sarah said, patting her legs. She crawled over and climbed over her knees, then lay patiently for the first smacks. Her blows were softer, but more embarrassing. She was used to being spanked by her Daddy, this was something new. Each one drove home the fact that she was not only a submissive who could be punished and taken control of by almost anyone, but a baby whom even Sarah was considered more responsible then. She would have liked to pretend only her Daddy was in charge of her, but the truth was anyone could be, and her Daddy just kept her safe from them all and determined who was right.Despite her weaker arm, the pain still added up, and soon she was bawling over Sarah's lap. She kept spanking her, and the baby kept crying louder and louder.Finally she stopped. The diaper clad girl lay over her lap, sniffling but not moving."Learn your lesson?" Sarah said."Mhmm," she nodded."Good Baby. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did."She got up and waddled over, rubbing her bottom as she did. When she reached the corner, however, she kept her hands by her side as she had been taught. She heard Daddy and Sarah get up behind her and leave with the door wide open, and not a bone in her body wanted to run out of it or even leave the corner. She knew it would be hopeless, and had no reason to want to try.The punishment was as much about humiliation as it was boredom. The corner was angled to be visible from the hallway, and her onesie still hung open, leaving her wet diaper visible. More importantly, anyone coming by would see her completely unrestrained and willing standing there in a soaking wet diaper and sucking a pacifier. However, there was nothing she could do about it, and she told herself not to worry. She suckled her pacifier for comfort and took her mind elsewhere.It really was her fault, she knew. Daddy had told her the lessons over and over, and she shouldn't have reacted that way. It was wrong to blame the babysitter, she shouldn't have been a Bad Baby. She shuddered at the words.Being a Good Baby really did have advantages. She thought of all the hard work Daddy had put into her, taking care of her, changing her, feeding her. She thought of all the toys she had got as rewards for being good, and all the fun play times she was finding she enjoyed more and more. Despite what she once would have thought, once she got over the embarrassment of admitting it, a lot of what happened was fun. Really, the problem was she was still thinking of the before time, and tricking herself into being embarrassed when she could just be having fun.She thought of her Daddy. She wondered how much of this had planned. The entire thing really had seemed perfectly planned to get her to react, and the resulting punishment really had taught her the lesson. They often did- as he said, she was punished for her own good. Her Daddy must have thought of everything.What was that thing her big girl baby sitter was doing? College? She wondered what that was like, and why a big girl would need to learn about diapers. She giggled. She was happy she'd never have to worry about it. Daddy had told her that since she was a baby, all she had to worry about was playing with toys and filling diapers, and she liked knowing she wouldn't have more stress then that. However, maybe she could help with 'homework', whatever it was, since she was so good at coloring inside lines now....The Baby skipped along gleefully beside her Daddy. She held his hand losely, and was glad not to be on a leash. She was proud of the fact she no longer needed a leash to stay beside Daddy, though sometimes she asked for one if she got scared in crowds. Likewise, she was glad she didn't need the gloves anymore because she wouldn't do naughty things, glad her paci wasn't strapped in because she sucked it freely, and glad she didn't have locking plastic pants because she had learned better then to take off her diaper. Each freedom was a sign she had learned to be a Good Baby in another way, and she was proud of it.Today was another triumph in her mind. Daddy told her they were going into the mall to meet someone because she was 'such a Good Baby now." She didn't know who or what that was, Daddy had told her she didn't need to, she just needed to know it was a good thing. She accepted it. Daddy had always been right before after all, and could tell when she did or did not need to know something.She paused in front of the glass door. She saw her reflection, and smiled. She always liked to see how cute she looked in her outfits. One of her favorite times of day was when she was lying in bed right after waking up and before bedtime, and would see her reflection in the mirror, emphasizing what she was from the first moment and the last moment of her day. She'd role over, stick her bum in the air and examine all the parts of her pajamas. Sometimes she'd try to guess from the reflection of her diaper if she had had an accident in her crib over night. Sometimes she'd be able to see damp or brown spots, but she knew only Daddy could tell her that for certain. Daddy had told her a baby like her couldn't ever know.Today's outfit was extra special. Since today was a special day to celebrate her being a Good Baby, she'd been allowed to pick her own outfit. It was all matching in bright pink. It was her favorite color, since Daddy said she looked cute in it. She had chosen her favorite onesie- one of the cutest with pink frills along arm and leg cuffs and a duck on the chest. Importantly, the diaper cover was narrow, so it left the edges of her diaper clear. She looked down in the mirror and moved the cloth inward slightly. Daddy said it was good luck if her diaper tapes were visible, so she always did her best to make sure they were. She made sure not to touch the tapes though, as bad things happened when she did.She examined the rest of it- her knee high socks were always fun, and the big pink ribbons that tied her hair into pigtails were perfect. Her paci was in her mouth of course, and attached to her chest in case she dropped it. Jeremey accompanied her on this trip (she had begged Daddy for to let her take him and kissed him when he said yes) and since he was going out, he too was dressed up in a small suit and diaper. Diapers for stuffies was another thing she had begged Daddy for. She liked to dress her toys up, and couldn't conceived of dressing anything without a diaper. She wasn't certain how Daddy went without them. He explained he used the potty instead, which she assumed was like a diaper but for grown ups. He said she didn't need to worry about it. However, Jeremy came on trips out sometimes, and she didn't want to risk him having an accident somewhere important. Daddy had agreed and said seeing them all diapered would be a good, constant reminder of what she was.They both entered the mall. People stared at her as usual, and some laughed. She laughed back and waved, she was proud people were noticing how cute she looked.Daddy met with a few other grown ups and shook their hands. She heard him mention the "Baby" and realized they were talking about her, but it sounded like boring grown up talk, so she ignored it. Probably too complicated for her anyway, maybe that college stuff again. Instead, she let her mind wander and looked around the mall.There were people everywhere. It was more crowded then usual. Also, there were more submissives then usual. Some were even on display, standing in cages on stages or tied up in stocks. She wondered what was going on."Bad Baby," she heard the words come out from the conversation. Instantly, all the guilt, all the punishments, and all the anger from the times she had misbehaved came up at once. She could feel the spanks from every time she had been bad. Desperately, she searched her mind for what she had done wrong. Had she walked in wrong? Had she been holding in her messes again? SHe reached for her pacifier, it was still there. She looked at her Daddy pleadingly. He noticed her staring. "Ohh sweetie," he said, cupping her cheek. "I'm sorry, I didn't think you were listening. That wasn't meant for you to hear. You're not a bad baby. You're a Good B. A very Good Baby." He leaned forward and kissed her forhead, and she giggled. Being called a Good Baby and being kissed on the forehead were both pleasures, getting them both at once made her ecstatic. She started humming happily and bouncing back and forth from her heel to her toe.She went back to looking around the room as the grown up talks. She held Daddy's hand tightly and cuddled Jeremy in her other arm, making sure they were both always there.She felt something come in her diaper and heard a loud noise. Paying it no mind, she continued watching people, humming, and rocking on her heels. Whatever it was, Daddy would take care of it. She didn't need to pay it any mind.She noticed the grown ups Daddy had been talking to were staring at her. They didn't seem to be talking anymore, and one was had his mouth hanging wide. She wondered why. Was he trying to catch flies? She felt something behind her and looked to see Daddy opening her onesie. He patted her diaper, and she felt a rotting smell come up."Whew stinky butt! That's quite a mess!" Daddy said teasingly and ruffled her hair. She giggled.Daddy normally called her stinky butt instead of Good or Bad Baby after she did the same thing. However, she couldn't be sure until Daddy said so.SHe pointed at her pacifier, indicating she wanted to speak. Daddy nodded, and she let it drop. It bounced on the cord attaching it to her onesie- Daddy had been smart to encourage her to include that part."What is it, my Good little Baby?" Daddy asked."Daddy, I think I have a poopy diaper."He laughed out loud, and she noticed the others did too. What did THAT mean?"And why is that sweetie?" he asked, smiling."Well, first I noticed something in my diaper but I couldn't tell what, and there was a noise. Then they were staring at me, and people do that a lot when I'm messy. Then I noticed a funny smell and Daddy called me a stinky butt, so I think the smell was coming from me.""Oh? And what else might have made a loud sound and a stinky smell?""Ummmm" she thought. She remembered Jeremy, who was also diapered. She held him up, back bent toward Daddy, so he could check Jeremy too. "Maybe he did?" Daddy tapped the bear's diaper, checking it. "No, its not him silly. You were right the first time. Very good sweetie! You did make a messy. Such a smart baby! Good Baby!" he said, and she filled with glee at her accomplishment. "Now, Daddy needs to talk with these judges, but you've done very well, ok poopy butt? You're a Good Baby. I'll change your pampers later." She nodded, and he put the pacifier back in her mouth.She went back to humming as Daddy talked with them. She didn't know why, but she thought she had done well. They seemed very happy about something. She looked around and wondered where she might get changed. There were rooms in a corner with changing tables, but sometimes Daddy just did her on the ground or on a bench. She didn't mind. She used to complain, and sometimes it was fun to have an audience. Daddy had told her 'babies don't have modesty,' but she wasn't sure what that meant anymore anyway.She began to get bored, and tired of standing. Maybe she should have asked for a stroller. She sat down on the ground. She felt something squish underneath her, and remembered she had messed herself. It was fine though- Daddy had said Good Babies didn't try to hide their messes or hide from them, the just kept going, sat in it, and played, and that was what she was going to do. She held Jeremey out in front of her. First she checked his diaper. Since she was messy, she figured he might be too. Daddy had, but that was a while ago. She thought she might ask him to check again later, since only grown ups could really tell. Satisfied she was sure he was clean to the best of her ability, she began to make him dance in front of her to the sound of her humming.She felt a hand on her head and looked up. Daddy was looking down at her smiling, and she smiled back. She hugged his leg and went back to playing.A while later she felt herself being picked up into the air. She looked up and saw Daddy carrying her, and she cuddled into his chest. He reached a a bench and stood her on the ground, then sat down.Without thinking, she bounced up and landed on his lap with a loud squish. The smell she had noticed earlier suddenly got worse.Daddy laughed. "Silly baby. You're going to make a big mess for Daddy to clean if you keep bouncing like that.""Is this another lesson?" she thought. She began squirming and bouncing as best she could to make a bigger mess for Daddy, since he said he liked it when she made big presents for him. He seemed understand what she was doing, laughed, and began bouncing her on his knee. Each squish would once have made her stomach turn, but now she was happy she was doing something for Daddy. She felt her bottom begin to itch, but paid it no mind. If it was a problem, Daddy would tell her.She pointed at her pacifier, and he took it out for her. "Daddy, who were those men?" she asked."Oh, don't worry. Its all grown up stuff. They wanted to see how much of a Good Baby you were, and you were even better then they expected."Here eyes went wide. "Really?" she asked gleefully. "Uh huh. That's right poopy butt. You are a VERY Good Baby."She laughed out loud. "Whats that mean Daddy? Do we get something?""Yes sweetie. We get an award for training babies, and you get to live with me as long as you want.""As long as I want, Daddy?""Yes. Do you want to be a Good Baby? How long do you want to be Daddy's little diaper girl for?"She thought. She remembered her past life, and all the things she had gone through. She remembered all the work she had done before, all the stress and and trials. She remembered the punishments, the toys, the changes and the spankings. She didn't even need to question it. "Forever, Daddy."He kissed her. "Good Baby."She laughed, and couldn't imagine anywhere she'd rather be.
  12. For just a dollar, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. If you'd like a short story, you may pledge five dollars and I'll write you one about any image you choose.  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Abducted and Diapered Two large, humanoid, female aliens looked over their advanced tracking system which had located a high concentration of the desired energy which these creatures sought out. The women were tall, slightly pale and had large breasts. Each one looked at each other with pure excitement evident in their eyes. The readouts showed that the immaturity, relative to the subject's ages of the woman below, were absolutely off the charts. "Can you believe these readings!?" The taller female humanoid questioned her partner. "I am having a hard time. These have got to be the two most immature beings on Earth." "Quickly, we must have them on board right now!" The two creatures relayed a series of specific orders to various members of the crew. This was not a drill, typically such scans of alien worlds would be lucky to reveal a few dozen low level readings, but the planet known as Earth had two extremely high level beings. With a press of a button the ship went into cloak mode, rendering it invisible. Chi Chi and Bulma chatted on the patio of Capsule Corp's residential area, completely oblivious to the ulterior motives of the beings on the spaceship. Neither one could see the ship hovering a few hundred feet over head. They enjoyed the fair weather and the opportunity to get together on a beautiful sunny afternoon which was rarely afforded to the two mothers. Goten and Trunks were both quite a handful after all and their husbands were something else entirely. "That Goku is such--" Before Chi Chi could finish her complaining, a sudden energy had paralyzed her body. Bulma was experiencing a similar phenomenon as both women were levitating slowly until they instantaneous disappeared from Capsule Corp only to reappear aboard the alien vessel. Startled and confused they looked around the strange area that they were teleported to. "What happened?" Chi Chi questioned as she stood up from the floor. "I don't know, but everything in here is huge." Bulma replied, looking at a few large tables which stood close by. Her exploration was cut short by a door opening. A lanky, pale humanoid waltzed right in. This entity was eaaily the tallest woman she had ever seen. "Look at these two perfect specimens!" "It's a giant alien!" Chi Chi declared. "I can see that, Chi Chi. Just be calm. Let me do the talking." Bulma stepped forward towards the large woman and noticed that she barely came up to her thigh. Still, she was undeterred and unintimidated by this massive woman. "I'm Bulma Brief, head scientist and CEO of Capsule Corp." The blue haired woman held her hand out, waiting to shake hands with the enormous humanoid. "Oh, that's cute. Look at that, trying to be mature." Bulma felt a twitch of her eye as a big vein appeared on her forehead. "What do you mean by trying to be mature? I'll have you know that I'm a genius and run my father's company!" "Let's get you ready for the adoption protocol. You're going to make someone a very happy mommy!" The alien cooed, entirely ignoring the scientist. "Adoption?!" Bulma turned to run away, but was instantly scooped up by the giant woman as if she weighed nothing at all. "I'm an adult! I have two sons and a husband!" Chi Chi shrieked as a metallic arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards the oversized humanoid. "Hold still, young lady!" The alien warned a squirming Bulma. "Hell no!" Bulma barked at her captor. "I want you to take me back to Earth right now!" "Can't do that, sweetie. You, and your little friend, are the perfect specimens for our home world. Now let's get you out of these silly clothes." Bulma was powerless to stop this crazy alien as it ripped her pants clean off of her body. Then she felt her top being pulled off with ease which was unmatched by even her husband, Vegeta.Lifting a grown woman like she weightless and then stripping her like it was nothing more than peeling an orange: This woman was strong! Chi Chi found herself in a similar state of undress after a multitude of metallic hands descended on her like ravenous vultures. Her trademark dress was torn to shreds and her bra and panties didn't stand a chance once they were out in the open. The raven haired woman struggled as best as she could, but she was no match for the machines. Both mothers were now butt naked. Speaking of butts, Bulma noticed that her captor was staring at her ass, almost mesmerized by it. "My stars. By the light of Azzelond, you have such a perfect rump. So fat and round. I just want to pinch it and squeeze it for eternity." "What? My ass is not fat!" Bulma fumed, pinned in the giant's hands. "Yes, it's quite the perfect bubble. Lucky for you, I can't pinch it or spank it. Violates the guidelines that state that the merchandise mustn't be damaged in any way." "Great. So, what? I'm cattle to you?" "No, you'll be the perfect pet or baby for someone who is lucky enough to get their hands on your bouncy booty." "That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Bulma shot back, sarcastically before continuing her rant. "Just you wait till my husband finds out about this. You'll all be sorry. I'm the wife of a prince!" "We've captured royalty before. They are always the most fun to train. Anyway, enough talk. Time to clean you both up." "I'm already clean!" "Yeah, me too!" Chi Chi added. "No, but you will be. Engage cleaning sequence Alpha Beta!" Once more, the machines renewed their assault on Chi Chi, but this time Bulma wasn't left out. Both ladies had their make up washed off, teeth brushed with a tiny high pressure spray from one of the smaller hoses and then a snake like tube slithered across Bulma's leg until it slowly pushed it's way into her ass. Her tight hole was instantly penetrated by the long, glistening tube. She felt it come to life and an odd sensation overwhelmed her stomach: It was pumping some kind of alien fluid up her rear end! "Oh my Kami!" Bulma cried out. "You're going to impregnate me, aren't you!?" Of course, the blue haired loud mouth failed to notice that Chi Chi was already finished with the enema, pissing out the vile oozing slime from her ass and into some kind of waste receptacle. "No, you're the baby. Baby doesn't make babies." The alien laughed while she held Bulma over her lap. The scientist still didn't trust this crazy alien. After all, her belly currently looked to be as large as when she was nine months pregnant with Trunks. Her stomach resembled a massive ballon. "Please, just let me go!" Bulma begged, but to no avail. She was held over the same type of receptacle which collected Chi Chi's waste and felt an intense pressure on her abdomen. She pushed with all her might and was rewarded with a hissing sound as the slime left her body, pouring into the space age bucket while she was held over it. "Thank you, that feels so much better!" Her relief was short lived thanks to the finger of the metallic hand being stuck up her fat butt. "What's the big idea?!" "Temperature, normal. Readings average." The machine spoke aloud while Chi Chi got an identical treatment. "Diaper Sequence: Engage!" The alien ordered. Soon both women were laid out onto a table, side by side. "I'm not going to wear a damn diaper!" "Me neither!" Chi Chi growled. Another bizarre, snake like device lowers down from the ceiling and did a quick scan over each woman's body. "Inappropriate hair detected!" "What's wrong with my hair?" Bulma retorted. "My hair looks great you bucket of bolts!" Unbeknownst to the two ladies, it wasn't refereeing to the hair on their heads, but their pubic hair. A small lazer rapidly burned off all their pubic hairs at the follicular level. Chi Chi lost her massive bush in the blink of an eye. Bulma had always kept her feminine area very well manicured, but the machine desired scorched Earth and quickly had Bulma looking as bare as a prepubescent girl. "What the hell did you do to my bush?!" Chi Chi screamed, utterly enraged. "Who cares about your bush? I spent hours grooming the Capsule Corp logo into my crotch!" While the two ladies bickered, they failed to noticed that two thick, white gleaming plastic diapers were ready, held in the robotic hands. The diapers were made of a special polymer which would allow for multiple wettings or messings. In a flash, the girls had their butts raised off of the table simultaneously . The metallic hands wasted no time and the mothers were oiled and powdered. Each one felt the bulky diaper fastened to their waists. "Well, looks like your both ready for nap time." The alien cooed. "Fuck that!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs while Chi Chi valiantly tried to rip her diaper off. The girls were sprayed with a gas specifically designed to knock out humans. "Sweet dreams, little ones."
  13. There was that look again, the wide-eyed cross between fear and excitement. I pushed for an answer, “Well?” Hannah chewed on her lower lip, considering my suggestion. I knew full well that she’d made up her mind, in fact knowing her it was something she was considering even before I mentioned it, but she liked to make me think I was in control. She leaned in toward me, making sure no one in the carriage could overhear, “what happens if I need to...” she looked at her lap as she trailed off. “Well that’s the point” “Not so loud”, her cheeks flushed as she spoke. “Sorry”. I wasn’t sorry, which was clear from the grin plastered across my face. “Bastard”. Her verbal dig came coupled with a sharp prod in my ribs. That just made me smile more. I took her hands in mine, and gently spun her round so that I was hugging her from behind. She gave me a contented sigh as we cuddled together, for a moment, it was just me and her, the other passengers on the train fading away. “I’ll get you back for that”, I whispered to her. Hannah looked up at me, a spark in her eyes, “Of course you will”. I began tickling her belly. She squirmed, and stifled a squeal. I kept going. “Stop it”. “I’m getting you back”. “Not here” “I love you” “I know, but not here. I really need to pee”. We both knew where this was going. This was a deliberate tease. We only had one more stop until we got off the train, then it was just a short walk to the hotel. I leaned in very close to Hannah’s ear, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She nodded her head, and murmured, “uh huh”. I tightened my arms around her, and began tickling harder. She shivered and shuddered, and bit her lip. Then she stopped, her breathing became heavy. I hugged her even tighter as the dark patch grew on her hot pants, and trickles of urine ran down her leg. I leaned in close to her again, “Are you OK?” Once more she gave a gentle nod of her head, “uh huh”, this time a lot less sure of herself. I kept her held close, but gently turned her round again so I could see her face. We’d done stuff like this before, but with something so public, there was always a risk she’d be overwhelmed. I looked into her eyes as I stroked her hair. “It’s OK. We’ll be in the hotel in a minute”. Hannah was still in a trance when the train pulled into the station. I grabbed our bags, took her by the hand, and led her onto the platform. As soon as she stepped into the cool outside air, Hannah snapped back to her normal self, “Hot pants were a really stupid idea” “Cold?” “Freezing”. “Want my coat?” She shook her head. “Come on”, I led the way as she dripped along behind me. Hannah stopped me just as we were about to walk into the hotel. I wondered why for a moment, but realised the issue when she pointed toward her piss-soaked shorts. “Want me to grab you once I’ve checked in?” She shook her head again, “give me your coat” I did as she asked, and she wrapped it around her waist. It hid nothing. In fact, if anything the fact that she had a coat wrapped around her waist in the middle of October only drew attention to the wet patch in the crotch of her pants and the rivulets of urine running down her legs. For a moment I considered warning her of this, but decided against it. If it worked for her, who was I to argue? We checked in, then headed to the room. The door hadn’t even closed before we fell on top of one another, stroking, nuzzling, kissing. I stripped off her top, then pulled off my own, and then I fell onto the bed, pulling her down on top of me. “Shit!” “What?” Hannah asked. “I forgot you were still wet, you’re getting my jeans damp.” “Fucker”, she kissed me, “I’ll just have to take them off of you then.” She climbed backward, and stripped my trousers off of me. She moved back up, nuzzling my crotch as she did. I stopped her when she got to my chest, sat up, and helped her out of her damp hot pants and panties. As I did, she gave me a confused look. “I wouldn’t be very good at this if I let you get a rash, would I?” I ran my fingers over her labia, and kissed her, gently rubbing her clitoris. I nibbled on her ear, kissed her neck, her breasts, her mouth. She cried out, arched her back, she was close to orgasm. I stopped. “Not yet.” That look of fear and excitement again, although this time I’m not sure whether she had any idea what I was thinking. “Don’t move” Hannah nodded. I climbed off the bed, and walked toward my bag. When I came back, I was holding several bundles of rope. Hannah noticed it, “You packed the rope?” “I packed everything,” I said with a smile. Hannah relaxed as I began to wrap the cord around her shoulders, locking her arms tight into her body. I tied it off onto itself then set to work on her hands, crossing them over her chest and wrapping another length of rope around them. Now helpless I eased her backwards so she was lying down, and turned my attention to her legs. I secured a length of rope to her right ankle and tied it off against the bed post, then did the same to the left, leaving her spread eagled, staring expectantly. Then I got the magic wand out of the bag. I turned it on, then slowed my approach, letting it hang loosely in my hand. I could hear her whimpering as I got nearer, and felt her shudder as it made contact with her body just at the top of her thigh. There was no way I was going to let her orgasm, but it was fun to tease. I passed it back and forth over her vagina until she started making little yelps of pleasure. Satisfied I’d found the right spot, I held it there as the yelps became louder and more constant. Then I took it away. “Please…” Hannah begged, a forlorn tone to her voice. “Later.” I replied, the smile that already plastered my lips becoming just a little more broad. I turned the vibrator off and returned it to the bag. “Are you going to untie me?” Hannah called out trying to raise herself up to find me. “Not yet.” “But what about grabbing some food?” “We’ll go out in a minute. I want to run something by you first.” “And I need to be tied up for it?” “No, but I’m enjoying you being like this.” Hannah scowled. At least, I assume she did. I was back at the bag, looking for the next item I needed for the night. As I was going through it, I glanced behind, and could see Hannah straining to see what I was getting. I laid everything out on the bed next to her, then went through them, one by one. “The wipes are non-negotiable. I want to make sure you’re clean, and we aren’t going to have time for a shower if we want to get food before everything shuts.” Hannah nodded. “Consider the diaper a dry run. If no one notices it tonight, they’re not going to see it under what you’re wearing tomorrow.” I could tell from the look on her face that Hannah had hoped I’d suggest this. We both enjoyed diapers, but Hannah prefered to be ‘made’ to wear them. I reached into my pocket for the final part of the evening’s entertainment, a suppository. We’d used them before, but only at home. Hannah’s eyes went wide. She rocked her head slowly from side to side. “Is that a no?” “Er…” “Just say the word.” Hannah shook her head. “OK. Are you sure?” She nodded. “We’ll be in and out at the restaurant. You won’t need to hold it long, and we’ll be back here long before it takes effect.” “Thank you.” I put everything on the bed, and walked toward her bag. “What do you want to wear?” “Something baggy. I don’t want people seeing the nappy.” I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a long t-shirt from Hannah’s case, and held them up for her approval. “Yeah, that’ll do. I think I need to pee again.” Hearing that I grabbed a pair of plastic pants from her bag, “best you wear these too then”. I brought the clothes over to the bed, and set to work. She whimpered a little as I wiped her clean, the close contact, and the restraints once again getting her horny. Unfortunately for Hannah, even if I’d been inclined to let her orgasm, we just didn’t have time. Satisfied that she was clean, I laid out the diaper underneath her, and broke the suppository out of its packet.. “Last chance to back out” She gave me a cheeky grin. I pushed it into her bottom, then leaned forward and kissed her again. I kept kissing her, moving down her neck, toward her breasts. Until she whispered to me, “Don’t fuck around. Put the nappy on me, I can already feel it working..” In spite of how hard I was laughing, I managed to get Hannah’s diaper on her and free her from the restraints. She pulled her clothes on, and we headed out the door. As we walked into the hallway, I asked her how she was feeling. “It’s cramping a little, but it’s not too bad”, she responded. By the time we got to the nearest restaurant, Hannah was struggling to hold things together. I offered to go in and get the food alone, but Hannah refused. She was, apparently, “going to see this through”. I only discovered what she meant by this when the waiter asked whether we wanted to order take away, or to get a table. In spite of how much she seemed to be struggling outside, Hannah somehow managed to compose herself perfectly, then, while keeping her eyes locked on mine the whole time, asked for a table. This was going to get interesting. We headed to a booth in an almost empty corner of the restaurant, well away from the handful of other customers in the place, and looked at the menu. While we waited for the waiter to come and take our order I asked Hannah why she wanted to eat in. “It’s almost empty in here,” she replied, “I wanted to see how far I could go.” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in just how much public humiliation Hannah could take, but I was also worried. The games we’d played had always been about fighting the sense of urgency, never about losing control in front of people. This was going to be an entirely new experience, and I was concerned it might be one she didn’t enjoy. Once the waiter had finished taking our orders, I waited until he was a few feet away from the table, before asking Hannah, whether she needed a change. I don’t think he actually heard me, but it was fun to see the look on Hannah’s face. In spite of her struggle with her bowels, she managed to spit out the words “not yet” through gritted teeth, before following them with “but you’re not going to enjoy cleaning it up”. It was only a few moments later when her control failed. She held her hands out across the table for me to hold, and raised herself slightly off her seat, before letting rip with a few muffled farts. At first she seemed OK with it, then the realisation of what was happening hit her. Her eyes went wide, and she had a look of terror on her face. It seemed I’d been right to be concerned. “It’s OK. You’re doing well.” I used my thumbs to stroke the backs of Hannah’s hands as they trembled in mine. She seemed so fragile. Then the smell hit me. Hannah saw my nose twitch a little, then stammered, “is it bad?” I lied to her, reassuring her that no one would notice. I continued to stroke her hands, kept telling her it was all OK, then asked her if she wanted to go back to the hotel. She shook her head. “Do you want me to come round to your side of the table and cuddle you?” She nodded. I moved round, and hugged her. She was shaking. I held her tight, and stroked her arms. Kept reassuring her that everything was OK. By the time our food arrived, she was much calmer, although very much still in a trance. “Are you going to eat?” She began picking at her nachos and took a few sips of beer. I kept my arm round her the whole time. And while this helped Hannah feel safe, it made eating my burger much harder than it otherwise should have been. Not that the smell helped much either. We’d been picking at our food for about half an hour, when Hannah suddenly began to cry. It started with a few sniffles, but very quickly descended into quiet, uncontrollable sobbing. I decided we ought to leave. I called over the waiter and asked him for the bill. Ideally, I would have prefered to have gone over to the counter to keep him away from Hannah - it wasn’t going to take a genius to work out what had happened from the smell, the half-eaten food, and the crying girl - but I didn’t want to leave her alone. When he returned, he told Hannah that he hoped she felt better, and she instantly began shaking again. I got her outside, then held her close, making sure she could see my face, “It’s OK. You’re going to hold on tight to my hand, and we’re going to go back to the hotel.” Hannah nodded. We moved slowly, Hannah staggering along on, still very much weak at the knees . Fortunately, the streets were nearly deserted, and no one paid us any attention. At least, they didn’t until we got outside the hotel, when Hannah stopped dead in her tracks. I asked her if she was OK. She didn’t respond. It was then that I saw the tell tale sign of a leak, as for the second time in one day, her trousers began to darken. I rubbed her back while she finished. By the time she began moving again she was crying pretty hard. Once again, I held her close, and as I did, she spluttered out, “I think I went too far”. I couldn’t help but laugh at this, which completely distracted Hannah, and broke her out of her little trance. Almost immediately, she went from crying wreck to something resembling her usual self, as she cracked a slight smile, called me a “bastard”, and started jabbing me in the ribs. I tried to defend myself from her playful little pokes, but the situation was so ridiculous - as the red-faced, sniffling, stinking, love of my life proceeded to playfight with me in the street - that all I could do was laugh, and remind her of what happened when I tickled her on the train. She responded by telling me that I could tickle her all I liked - at this point what else was there to lose? We continued on into the hotel, and straight toward the lift. We were probably only waiting a minute at most for it to arrive, but it seemed like forever. It must have been even worse for Hannah. We’d been in the hotel for less than four hours, and already the receptionist had seen her with soaking wet hot pants, and got a full on view of her having an accident. Somehow Hannah not only managed to hold it together through the wait, but when the lift arrived, she was pretty upbeat. Then things got complicated. As we waited for the doors to close, a woman called us to “hold it”, as she ran across the lobby. For a moment I considered pressing the ‘door close’ button, as much for her sake as for Hannah’s, but I didn’t react quickly enough, and when the doors shut, the woman was stuck in there with us. I worried how this would affect Hannah, but I needn’t have. When the woman made a comment about the smell, Hannah glanced up at her, and replied “sorry, I had a bit of an accident”, and that ended the conversation. Understandably, the woman got off at the next floor, while we continued up to our room on the 12th. Buy the time we were at our door, Hannah was horny as all hell. This wasn’t uncommon for her. The problem was, I’d originally intended for us to only be out for a few minutes while we grabbed a take away. She’d fight the sense of urgency, feel humiliated, and be back home before the ‘fireworks’. Our antics at the restaurant had put paid to that plan, and now I was faced with a girlfriend in a filthy diaper, who meant to have her way with me pretty much immediately. After what she’d subjected herself to for our amusement tonight, I wasn’t going to let her down. I led Hannah into the room, then made sure the door was shut behind us. “OK shit-pants, let’s see the damage.” Hannah pouted at her new nickname, but dropped her sweatpants as instructed. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but nowhere near as bad as I had feared. I pulled her into a hug, careful to keep soe distance between my jeans and her diaper, then gave her a long, deep kiss. As I pulled away, I instructed her not to move. I reached into my bag and pulled out several bed pads. I put one on the floor beside the bed, and asked Hannah to stand on it, while I took the blankets off the bed, and spread the other pads out on the mattress. “Right, we’re ready. Plastic pants off”. Hannah complied. As she did, the smell became more apparent. Hannah saw me gag slightly. “Sorry”, she mumbled. “I’m not sure this is all your fault” I replied, trying to reassure her. “I did warn you that you wouldn’t enjoy cleaning this up”. “Yeah, I suppose you did”. I pulled the waistband of her diaper back, the check much more about putting her in a certain headspace than anything else. “How bad is it?” “You definitely need a change” “Ew. Does that mean I’m going to have to wait until after you’ve cleaned me up?” “How the hell are you horny?” “Someone teased me before we went out, remember?” I grabbed some wipes and black sacks out of my bag, then instructed Hannah to lay down on the pads on the bed. As she did, she raised her legs in the air, ready to be changed. Which is probably why she seemed surprised when I stripped off, climbed on top of her, brandishing the magic wand. “What’s this?” she asked. “Thought you’d like it.” I pushed the wand into the front of the diaper, turning it up to full power. After everything she’d been through, Hannah had earned herself this orgasm. It was a matter of moments before she began making the yelping noises, and pressing herself against the vibrator. Normally Hannah has trouble orgasming without at least some penetration, but from the way her body was trembling, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a problem tonight. I rubbed the backs of my nails against her skin, gave her a soft, llingering kiss, and she melted into a quivering wreck. She fell back onto the bed, and I wrapped my arms around her. “I love you”, I said, as I stroked her hair. “I love you too”, she echoed, as we began to doze off.
  14. This is my first attempt at a story, and my first ever post here but don't think that means I don't expect criticism because I not only do but I welcome it! I know there's a ton of writers out there doing amazing things in the pantheon of stories for this and other sites and while I hope I can at least bring something enjoyable to you good folks, I won't fool myself into thinking this story is going to be spectacular, it's just something I've been meaning to write for a long time but was always too afraid to display my attempt at writing. If you enjoy the story let me know, if you don't enjoy the story let me know and if you think I can do better and should try again let me know. I'm really very agreeable to critique even if it's harsh. This story is 100% fiction and in no way is intended to be based on anyone's real life or experiences therein. There is an underage character in the prologue but it's just to establish a history for his life more than anything. I know there's a rule about underage characters and I feel that I've followed the rules but if there's a problem please remove the story with my sincerest apologies and I'll rework the narrative to avoid it going forward. I think that's everything I wanted to say, but I could be stalling for time because once I submit this it's out there and omg it's so nerve wracking but I'm gonna do it...go! A New Life Story By: Ramble Lamb Prologue I don't remember much of my life from before. I'm sorry, that was a fib, I remember everything about my life from before but it seems like the story of someone else's experiences more than anything I'd ever had. Thinking about who I was and what I had seems almost like reading a eulogy for some stranger in the newspaper, it can give you an idea of who the person was from the point of view of someone that knew them and cared enough to pay per word to share why they thought this person was worthy of space on a page but it doesn't really tell you anything about who the person really was. As an example, if I were to tell you about myself right now I'd use descriptions like 'adorable' or 'girly' but if I were to do the same thing before I'd have to use words like 'husband' and 'adult'. Those are just words though, letters strung together to form a recognizable pattern that your brain associates with an understanding of what that word means which can be very different from what it means to someone else. If you were to look at me right now, my long brown hair in loose pigtails, a purple glittery pacifier bobbing rhythmically between my lips as my baby pink painted nails dance across the keyboard then you might see a young woman with an oral fixation hard at work on her computer. If you looked longer you'd notice budding breasts beneath an almost lavender shirt proudly labeling me "Daddy's Princess" in rainbow glitter. The young woman you'd previously gotten an image of now seems to be more immature than you'd first assumed, perhaps the pacifier isn't solely being used to assuage an oral fixation but rather is part of a personality cultivated in the hopes of holding onto the younger self of this young woman. If I were to stand up from my chair to give you a look at the full picture you'd see that the shirt extended beyond the length of a normal shirt, going down past my waist, stretching over a bulk that one doesn't typically see adorning young women my age, connecting between my legs with snaps to keep the previously mentioned bulk from falling when any additional weight is added to it. Beneath the bulk are my thin legs, smooth as silk with a lovely tan to them and the image ends at my little feet encased in soft shoes colored to match my shirt and secured with lovely ribbons tied into bows at the top of each shoe. Overall, this image would be viewed by many as adorable when attached to a biological infant or toddler, but being that I am very much not either of those things, I'm probably seen with a healthy mix of strange looks and harsh judgment but, in all fairness, I don't dress like this out in the world beyond these walls I call home. The nice thing about clothes and makeup is that they allow someone to be whatever they want to be. Admittedly, I wouldn't have guessed that I wanted to be this, but when I have my hair done and am allowed to have a bit of makeup I feel every part the pretty little girl I've come to identify as. When I'm wearing a pretty dress or even just something in one of my favorite colors of pink or purple I feel cute and lovable. I told you before that my life before was someone else's story but it isn't, not really, it's my story and even though it ends with me being a happy and much loved baby girl it starts with me being selfish and naughty and I know now that those are two very not good things to be. ************************************************************************** I was born Nicholas Henry Marks some thirty odd years ago. I had no siblings and my mother was my sole parent. My father had made me with my mother when she was his secretary and he was having marital discord with his wife so needless to say he didn't jump at the chance to settle down with us in nice little family unit. My mother provided for us quite well and, though she never said it aloud, lavished me with love and attention because I was her only keepsake of her one true love. As I grew up she became increasingly fixated on me, going beyond "helicopter parenting" into the realm of doing everything in her power to keep me in a position of needing her. Obviously I don't remember too much of my young life, but I've seen the photo albums with pictures dated from when I was five years old playing happily in cloth diapers and plastic pants without a care in the world. I've heard the stories from cousins, aunts and uncles about how they thought I'd never get out of diapers or how they were glad my mother had stopped breastfeeding me before I'd hit double digits in age. I remember some things, like sleeping in my mother's bed the night of my first grade class' Christmas performance. After the show we'd been taken back to the classroom to wait for our parents to pick us up and it being nighttime, my mother had declared it necessary for me to have my "night pants" on beneath my normal clothes. I remember needing to use the bathroom for something other than tinkle and had wandered out of the class in search of a quiet place to fill my diaper away from the prying eyes of my classmates. Ironically enough I chose a spot near the restrooms, a dark little corner where I squatted down and started pushing only to have a hand clamp down on my shoulder a few seconds in causing me to scream and empty myself out of fear rather than necessity. I'd turned to find my mother looking down at me with tears in her eyes, worried I'd been kidnapped when she'd gone to my classroom and was unable to find me. Seeing her crying and having a full diaper caused me to begin crying as well as I held up my arms to be picked up and carried away. When we got home that night she'd changed me first thing and then settled into her bed with me and held me on her lap as she undid her nursing bra and presented me with something to both soothe me to sleep and fill my recently emptied stomach. Now, I know that that account can be seen as deeply wrong and probably disgusting, and you're not wrong. Looking back as an adult, I know that her actions greatly impacted my life in ways that made me who I am today. The truth is that even if she was wrong and even if she was possibly abusive in her coddling and infantilization of me at such a young and impressionable age, it set me on the path to become who I was meant to be, and that me is so very happy and wouldn't change a single thing about her life. After I was fully potty trained and weaned from bottle or breast I led a pretty normal life. I was a good kid, probably could have done better in school but I made friends and had fun and didn't end up dead or in jail. I never did very well with girlfriends, but some of that was the disconnect with what I thought was normal in an intimacy setting and what they thought was normal. My first girlfriend didn't think it was at all normal that I spent so much time sucking on her breasts in what was supposed to be foreplay that I ended up finishing in my pants before she'd even started breathing heavy. Second girlfriend was a take charge kind of girl in the bedroom and had given up the ghost when I failed to get aroused as she straddled me and grinded her pelvis against mine. She'd called me a few not very nice names that I won't risk a spanking to write here for you. The important thing is that we've established that I was in no way a hit with the ladies. I knew I was straight and that I wanted to have sex with women but not in the strictest sense, I didn't know anything about sex at the time beyond penis goes into vagina and that's where babies come from. As I got older and the internet was becoming a thing that people had in their homes the world started to make more sense to me and I began to learn things about myself that helped me to not feel so different and freakish. I'd always had a fixation on things like diapers and baby things as far back as I could remember but with puberty in full swing I started to associate the pleasurable feelings that wearing a homemade diaper, that was really just a bath towel duct taped around my waist, gave me with something sexual. My first ever intentional orgasm was achieved on the floor of my room with a pee soaked towel taped to me and a thumb in my mouth sucking greedily as my other hand rubbed frantically at my damp groin. The shame and confusion I felt in those early years was almost palpable but, thanks in part to my deviant internet searches I discovered that other people were just like me and what I was wasn't wrong or disgusting and everything was okay. *************************************************************************** Moving forward to more current events, my wife and I had met online in a chatroom for people that liked to pretend to be children or even sometimes babies looking to meet people that liked to take care of those people. We'd hit it off almost immediately in the general chat area and quickly moved to a private chat to be able to discuss personal matters without someone spamming "Mommy I poppy peez change me diapy" or other offensive to basic human intelligence nonsense. We talked for hours a day for months on end and found that we had so much in common beyond just our kinks and fetishes. The obvious problem of distance was something we only ever discussed to express our sorrow that we weren't able to hug and kiss one another, something that happened most often around bedtime when she'd watch me through the webcam as I put a diaper on and got into my pajamas becoming her little boy in every sense of the term as she began to read me a story to help me get sleepy for bed and then at the end of the story she'd kiss the camera and wish me a goodnight and then the fantasy world where baby and Mommy were together was over and I'd find myself shuffling into a cold bed wishing to be cuddling with her as I fell asleep. As it became clear we were actively working to close the distance between us she began to enforce more dominance in our relationship. It started small with her suggesting I have a regular bedtime to ensure I was well rested and stayed healthy, she'd have me text her pictures of my meals to make sure I was eating right and not glutting myself on sweets and junk. When she first brought up wearing a diaper outside of the safety of my own apartment I stood up for myself and told her that made me uncomfortable and she dropped it, for a while at least. A week or so later she randomly showed up at my front door and I was so overcome with joy that I didn't even question the fact that something of that magnitude should have been discussed and planned as a couple rather than decided solely by her but my Mommy was there for real and I was too happy to know anything else but love and excitement. Within an hour of her arriving she had me naked on the bed waiting for her to return with the required supplies to transform me into her baby boy. My manhood was harder than it had ever been and my heart was beating like a jackhammer in my chest as I heard the bathroom door open and saw her stride confidently into the room. She'd changed out of the clothes she'd worn for her trip and was now wearing a black and white polka dot dress that stopped in the middle of her deliciously toned thighs. Her high heels were bright red to match her lipstick and nail polish and her black hair was done up into a tight bun to give her the look of a no nonsense mother figure made all the more powerful against her porcelain white skin. She smirked at me as she glided to the bed and set her supplies down near my feet as she sat at the edge of the bed and lightly brushed the shaft of my penis with her fingers. I ejaculated as soon as she reached my balls, covering my stomach and pubic area with my shameful display. She clucked her tongue and declared that messes of that nature were why she would ensure I was diapered until she believed I could be trusted to control myself, none of her words made any impact on me as my head swam and I felt myself slip into my little headspace, clutching my stuffed otter and sucking my pacifier as she offered each to me and set about cleaning me up and getting me properly attired. That first time together was where she secured her hold on me and established her dominance for the rest of our relationship. By the time she went back home a week later she'd, through spankings and time outs and even a mouth soaping, made me into the perfect specimen for a good little boy and I bawled uncontrollably as she pulled away from my apartment and headed to the airport and back to her life without me. I made it my mission in life to continue to show her at every opportunity that I was obeying her edicts without her supervision in the hopes that it would spur her to come back or invite me to come to her. I started wearing diapers all the time, making sure to text her pictures every day so she could verify my compliance and I'd drink up her praise every time she told me I was a good baby, but it wasn't enough, I needed to be with her. When I surprised her by showing up at her doorstep one day it didn't go as I'd expected. The whole thing fell apart when the front door opened and a man much larger and imposing than myself answered. He recognized me and welcomed me in which, in my state of shock, I complied with and found myself in the living room of a well kept and quite lovely home, pictures of Mommy and this mahogany god of a man adorning the walls including one of them on their wedding day. To say that my heart sank in that moment would be quite an understatement and, against my wishes and strongest attempts to keep it together, I began to cry because I felt lied to and betrayed by someone that I'd willingly given my entire self to. Her husband had put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me into him for a hug as he gently patted my back and assured me that everything was okay. He showed me to a spare bedroom at the back of the house, one that only had a bed and dresser in it and nothing else. I was told Mommy would be home in a few hours and that I could take a nap if I was tired from my trip. Depression aided my weariness and I fell asleep without much issue, waking up some time later to Mommy stroking my hair and urging me to get up because I'd wet the bed. I remember apologizing profusely and offering to leave between sobs and sniffles but I was shushed and led by the hand to the bathroom where she stripped me down as the large tub filled with water. Husband entered the room as she gently rubbed my back and took my wet clothes, chuckling softly to himself as I gasped and tried to cover my naughty bits. As I sat in the tub and she lovingly washed me she explained that she was sorry for not telling me she was married but that they were planning on separating because they mutually wanted something else. She explained that they still loved each other and would remain friends as they had for the years they'd dated and the ones they were married for, but she wanted to be a Mommy and a strong and virile man such as her husband just wasn't going to be the baby she needed. She lifted my head and looked me square in the eyes and told me that I was her baby and just as soon as was humanly possible she wanted to marry me and have the perfect life she'd been craving for so many years. Looking back on it now, it probably should have been seen as a bad sign that a major life decision was made without me being asked and while I peed into a married couple's bathtub as the wife washed me. Chapter One: Not To Be Trusted "Nicholas Henry Marks, you get in here this instant!" my wife bellowed from the living room. As with being a biological child, all three of your names being used to summon you by an authority figure is just as terrifying when you're a grownup, albeit a grownup currently wearing a wet diaper beneath his Spider-Man pajama pants, but a chronological grownup nonetheless. When the holy trinity of names is used in our house it's very clear that an adult man is not expected to arrive, rather, the use of the three names acts as a switch that shuts off all adult thought and will and leaves only the outer appearance of an adult with the soft and creamy center being nothing more than a terrified child that knows a punishment is coming but has no idea what form it will take. Shuffling nervously down the hall, rustling loudly with each tiny step, I fought the urge to suck my thumb, knowing that any minor comfort it may bring me would pale in comparison to the humiliating barbs that would be rained down upon me for being a pathetic excuse for a man. It sounds harsh, but it's part of what butters my biscuits so everyone ends up happy, usually after a trip across Mommy's lap and a stint in the corner, but the aftercare is wonderful so net happiness after all is said and done. She stood in the living room with her hands on her wide hips, her high heeled toe tapping on the wood floor impatiently as I rounded the corner. "Do you have anything you'd like to tell me, young man?" she asked sharply, her tone indicating that I clearly should have something to tell her but no specific thing was hinted at. My mind struggled to come up with something I'd done or forgotten to do, something I'd done when I wasn't the baby of the house perhaps? There actually had been a stretch of almost a month recently where work schedules and general life stuff had kept me in the "man of the house" role, but some spare time had come up the night before and I'd found myself on the receiving end of some lovely regression time with Mommy that had ended with a sticky mess in the front of my diaper and a story before bed. In case you were wondering, this was not the same diaper I was currently wearing, I'd gone through a few since then thanks to my smaller than average bladder. "No, Mommy." I told her honestly, completely unable to come up with anything that would earn her ire. She nodded and walked toward me, pinching the top of my ear between her thumb and index finger, leading me over to the chair on the other side of the living room and pointing down to a small spot or purple on the cream colored upholstery. "Did you spill juice and not tell Mommy?" she asked. My diaper began to warm as I stared at the spot and nodded without saying anything. "And how did you manage to spill juice?" she asked impatiently. I swallowed hard as tears began to form in my eyes. Without thinking my hand was rising to my face, thumb extended aiming for my mouth to help quell a full blown meltdown but she slapped my hand away before my salvation could reach me. With a heavy sigh she sat on the chair and pulled me across her lap and tugged my pants down around my legs. "I think thirty should be a good start." she mused aloud before she slid my diaper down, exposing my hairless and still powder and lotion coated behind and began to deliver the sharp swats she'd planned out. I was a blubbering mess by five and in hysterics at the end of it when she stood me back up next to her, leaving my pants and diaper down where they were. "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I cried out between sobs and snot bubbles. She looked at me with disgust and shook her head. "Sorry isn't good enough, young man, not this time." she began. "You've been far too free this past month and clearly it's time for you to be reminded of your place in this house." she said as she rose and led me by the hand to the corner of the living room where she stood me, nose to the wall and red bottom on display. "I think three months of baby time will help you to remember how things work around here." she declared. Without thinking I spun around and began to protest "That's too long, Mommy!" I whined. She smiled and knelt down, running her hand through my hair. "You know, I was going to let you be Nicky for three months, but since you think you can argue with me when it comes to your punishments, I think maybe you can be Nicki for three months instead." she said. "Oh, and I think Thanksgiving will be a perfect time to introduce my little girl to the rest of the family." she added as she guided my thumb into my mouth and spun me back around to the corner before leaving me to process the magnitude of just how bad things were going to be for me. *************************************************************************** So, some explanation is required. See, we're kinky as a couple, we have a Mommy and baby relationship and we've experimented with a fair amount of things in the years we've been together. In the quest for deeply humiliating and sexually gratifying things, we happened upon sissification. It started out as the usual calling my manhood into question which usually ends with me in a diaper being babied, but she'd apparently done her homework and found something she wanted to try and so rather than a diaper I was put into a pair of cute little panties, powder blue with little cartoon bears on the front and had to endure her putting makeup on me all while she commented on what a pretty little girl I was. It's really hard to put up resistance when your penis is straining against the inside of a childish pair of panties, in case you were wondering. At any rate, things began to escalate from there as a cute little party dress was added in a future session and from there she began to fondle me through my panties and under my dress until one night she began to finger my bottom, and as I helplessly came in my adorable little panties she knew she'd stumbled onto something that she could use anytime she wanted. She began to use anal stimulation to bring about climax more and more frequently after that, even going so far as to buy what she dubbed "babies first dildo", a translucent purple thing slightly bigger than her middle finger that she explained would be the only way I could self stimulate from now on under penalty of punishment. 'Nicki' was born shortly after that when she walked in on me working my new toy in and out of my bottom while hungrily sucking my thumb to stifle my pathetic moans of pleasure. "Show Mommy how much of a naughty little baby girl you are." she commanded as took a seat on the bed and watched my shameful display. "Cum for Mommy little girl!" she encouraged. When I finished shortly after that she put her hand in front of my spurting member, catching a fair amount on her palm and fingers and looked at the mess with a wicked smile before holding her hand to my face. "Are you going to be Mommy's good baby girl and clean her hand for her?" she asked in her syrupy sweet Mommy voice. I felt my face flush as leaned forward and stuck out my tongue, tears of shame rolling down my cheeks as I licked and sucked her fingers and hand clean. She beamed proudly at me and clapped her hands. "Such a good baby girl you are, Nicki!" she praised. "That's with an 'i' in case your little baby brain couldn't grasp it." she said with a chuckle as she set about to getting me cleaned and diapered for bed. ***************************************************************************** Thanksgiving was only a handful of weeks away and I wasted no time in trying to have my sentence commuted or dropped entirely if at all possible. The problem was that I'd been deemed "too little" to do the things I'd planned like cleaning the house and making dinner for us. "Mommy knows you want to be a big girl and make the house all pretty and clean, but I'm sorry to say that you're just too little to be able to handle such big responsibilities." she explained, suddenly finding something very amusing as she covered her mouth with her hadn to stifle a laugh. "Can you imagine how silly it would be for Mommy to let you make dinner when you can't even be trusted not make little baby messes on her nice furniture?" she asked rhetorically. I blushed hotly as she turned me around and nudged me from the kitchen with a gentle pat on my padded behind. I trudged back to my room, our marital bedroom was mostly off limits when I was being babied since a wet bed in the nursery was to be expected but one in Mommy's bed would be very costly indeed, and took my spot on the cityscape playmat in the middle of the room with a heavy sigh of resignation. I knew that my punishment started first thing the following day and two days from then I'd have to go back to work and while I was confident she wouldn't put me into a position where I'd lose my job, the concern that people I worked with would discover what was going on was very real. ***************************************************************************** The very first time I'd had to wear a diaper to work I was a nervous wreck the whole day. I'd been put on punishment for dribbling tinkle on the toilet seat and not cleaning it off and the small infraction had earned a week of diapers and a month of bathroom cleaning. I worked in an office and had a cubicle that thankfully afforded me some privacy but every slight crinkle was deafening to me and I was sure that before close of business I'd be the laughing stock of the entire office and demoted to the daycare center on the third floor like one of those ridiculous stories you read on the internet when you're into the ABDL scene, wink. In actuality, everything went off without a hitch almost the entire week minus an extremely close call on the third day when Mommy had come to take me to lunch and decided to change me on the backseat of the car in the parking garage. After the overly suspense filled change was complete I was given the balled up used diaper and sent to the nearby trashcan to dispose of it when a group of ladies came out of the elevator and started heading into the parking garage toward me. I dashed in between two cars and made a beeline to the trashcan, slamming the diaper in as fast as I could and hurrying back to the car, breathing a sigh of relief in seeing that the group of women was too busy talking and laughing about a movie they'd seen to even notice me. ***************************************************************************** The morning my punishment began started like any other, Mommy coming into the nursery and letting down the side of my crib and giving me a bottle of juice to drink while she got me out of my pajamas and wet overnight diaper. Rather than merely change me though, she left me naked and absently played with my morning hardened member while she waited for me to finish my bottle and then led me to the bathroom where she'd set up a wide array of shaving and hair removal supplies. While not overly hairy, I did have a small patch of hair above my manhood as well as a little on my chest, legs and under my arms. My face was always kept smooth but she made quick work of removing my body hair, even doing a little work on my little pucker in back. Satisfied with her work she got me into the tub and began washing me with a lovely smelling, if overly feminine soap and shampoo. Standing me up she began to thoroughly clean my most intimate areas, causing me to develop shaky legs as I began to pant softly and bite my lip to keep my moans from coming out. "Do you like it when Mommy touches your clitty and sissy hole, baby girl?" she asked in a sultry voice as her washrag encased finger traced a circle around my back entrance. I couldn't lie, though I wasn't pleased with the her new names for my parts or the moniker of 'baby girl', and nodded sheepishly as my thumb entered my mouth. She smiled and set the washrag aside as she rose to her feet and left the bathroom, reappearing a moment later with her hand behind her back. "Close your eyes, little one." she said in her sweet, motherly tone. I complied and felt her pull my thumb from my mouth gently followed by a familiar rubber texture teasing my lips, my mouth opened without a second thought but what I'd expected to enter it didn't and instead something more cylindrical went in. I opened my eyes and pulled the pacifier out by the ring on the guard revealing a small penis shaped bulb rather than the normal teat. I looked up at her in surprise and shook my head "I don't want this!" I whined. She smirked at my little outburst and guided the thing back into my mouth. "Mommy didn't ask you, sweetie." she said mater of factly as she tied the pink satin ribbon connected to the pacifier ring behind my neck. "Since my little girl likes sucking her thumb so much, Mommy figured it was probably time to introduce her to a little practice penis she can suck on just in case she meets a special boy when we're out on the town." she explained with a derisive laugh at my expense. I spat the little dick from my mouth and scowled at her. "I'm not going to suck anyone's cock!" I screamed, instantly regretting my outburst as she leaned forward and began smacking my still wet behind with her open palm. "For the next three months you're my baby GIRL," she began, overly emphasizing the change in my gender. "that means you're going to be whatever my idea of the perfect baby girl is." she continued as her blows continued to rain down, her free hand stuffing my new pacifier back into my wailing mouth. "So, if I decide you're going to suck some cock then you better prepare to pucker up, angel." she snapped as she stopped spanking me and sat me back down in the water harshly, causing my burning behind to scream in agony the second it touched the hot water and floor of the tub. "Now, if you really want to fight me on this then we can discuss it like adults once your punishment is over, but until such time as you're considered an adult around here, you'll do as you're told. Am I understood?" she asked as she looked down on me with her most domineering gaze. I sniffled and sucked the little penis pacifier...penisfier? sullenly as I looked up at her and nodded weakly. "Yef Mommy." I managed to get out between sucks and sobs. She nodded her head sharply and stood me back up, pulling the plug in the drain and helping me out of the tub before wrapping me in a large and fluffy pink towel. "Good girl, now let's get you dressed and ready, Mommy needs to get her little girl some clothes today." she said as she began drying me off. To Be Continued...
  15. Author's Notes: An X-Men fic, but one that I've tried to make fairly accessible for anyone to read. Considering opening an ao3 account to post this on, but not sure. Anyway, enjoy! And any critique on my writing skill, punctuation and what-not is 100% welcome and encouraged! Bayou Baby Boy “Why pretend, Belle?” He’d asked on that fateful night as he pulled apart the buttons she’d so carefully fastened across his chest. Her face had stayed set, like stern stone, as the expensive silk tux crumpled to the floor. He’d stepped over it just as coldly; having still been clad in his X-uniform beneath gave him little else to react to, though, he doubted he would have anyway. If he’d never been a mutant, then Gambit’s superpower would have been his superb poker-face. In their younger years the blue of Bella Donna’s eyes would have narrowed or, perhaps, she’d have tilted her head in a clear tell that he’d made some sense; his red-black gaze had been softening, calculative as ever, at the time while he plotted the verse of their parting in his head. That night, Bella Donna Boudreaux called Remy LeBeau’s bluff. White, hot pain shot down from every nerve in his finger, sending him tumbling to his knees before he could even think to brush his hand across her stony cheek. She’d stepped over him, barely even grinding her heel into the silk of the discarded tux. That night, Bella-Donna had come so close to undoing him—if not for Jean Grey blasting that vision of her scheming into the X-Ternal’s mind, she would have succeeded in wiping out the entire thieves guild in one fell swoop. That night Remy had escaped, left the enchanted ring on the swamp floor and walked away. “I’m never comin’ back,” he’d told her. Meant it, too. They weren’t the same love-struck kids hopping over each other’s garden walls anymore; he’d grown away from this whole life and she…well. She’d come to scare him… “Remy…don’t…leave me…” Belle had called so softly. Called, and called, and called, over and over again. For two months it was as if the phone was barely ever on the hook. Shrill ringing echoed through the halls day and night, hours on end. He’d tried to ignore it, let it go straight to voice-mail but the ongoing shriek of phone had long since made the rest of the team turn testy. What could he do, he’d tried to explain; it wasn’t as if Xavier’s school was an unlisted number! Annoying as it was calling on the phone wasn’t illegal and besides, Westchester police had ‘oh so helpfully’ pointed out, New Orleans was out of their jurisdiction. He had to go down there, to try and talk some dang sense into that woman. The X-Ternal had stripped Belle of her powers that night as punishment; Belle would have been harmless. Remy figured, apart from her brother, he wouldn’t need to take the whole team to come knocking on her door—he’d be back by mid-afternoon. That was five hours ago by now. “Remy?” “Belle, please…” he’d sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh Remy,” she’d laughed, as if he were being silly. The old wooden planks creaked as they waltzed awkwardly off the porch; him untangling her arms from around his neck only for her to twirl behind him and all but push him through the front door. He’d thought that they could handle this civilly. “Belle…?” The saccharine sight had horrified him, more-so than the grip of the two goons who had grabbed his arms “Belle, please…” The ex-thief had struggled wildly, earning himself little more than a patronising chuckle from the two who’d hefted him off his feet; Belle hadn’t even paused her dainty stride. “Belle…! Please…!” he could hear her high heels clacking further and further away—her lackies had him pinned tight, having laid him flat out on some sort of table. “Belle!” “Shhh.” an odd crinkling sound echoed suddenly in his ear and he went deathly quiet. She started back with that same dainty walk, towering over him soon enough with a smile so tender that it made his stomach churn. “Hush now, mon chérie…” Bella Donna crooned softly, holding something so odd and alien in her hand that Remy couldn’t even think to yell “Mommy’s here.” —— That had been five hours ago, give or take. Obviously, Gambit had tried to escape; the second she’d moved to open that…that thing, his first instinct had been to slam his hands on the table and blow the whole house to smithereens. To hell with civility, to hell with begging! The last thing he wanted was to give her the satisfaction. The last thing Remy LeBeau would be was the butt of some sick, twisted joke! A pink charge had glowed furiously from his fingertips…but once again, Bella Donna had called his bluff. Another ring had been slipped down past his knuckle—but while the first had been the product of the X-Ternal’s magic spell, this would prove to be far more formidable; Genosha’s mutant-inhibiting collars, down-sized for her convenience. His powers had been nulled instantly, leaving him helpless to her whim; and with the ‘ceremony’ now officially complete all sombre pretence dropped from the room. The two lackies tittered mercilessly as Belle effortlessly slipped his pants down his ankles, which only seemed to get louder and obnoxiously jollier as she carried on. Leather gauntlets pinched his cheeks and ruffled his hair for the hell of it while one of them had crowed about “Uncle Julien” taking him to the park later if he was ‘a good little boy for mommy.’ She’d pushed his knees up practically to his throat and seemed to take her sweet time with the powder; even then, he felt as if she didn’t need to be as thorough as when she was patting it into his newly bared bottom. Try as he might, Gambit would never forget the utter humiliation of feeling his backside roll down onto the fluffy pad, nor the desperation he’d felt as he’d tried to kick and squirm away from it. The crinkling echoed in his ear long after she’d pulled up the front, a sound that still haunted him so many hours later. Now, here he lay right where she’d left him; grunting and squirming, wrists bound to the bars of a comically oversized crib—which must have cost even this rich witch a pretty penny for the sake of a joke, geez—and diapered to an equally ridiculous measure. ‘Diapered’, he wanted to shudder. How far had the once proud thief fallen to wind up in such a predicament. Between bouts of struggling to free himself from these bounds, all Remy could do was curse himself for how obvious a trap it all seemed; since when did Bella Donna Boudreaux, heiress to the Assassins guild throne stoop so low as to beg? To wail and howl like a hysterical idiot for hours on end? The woman was nothing if not manipulative…but , then again…he really wasn’t sure he’d have ever seen this coming… Another frustrated hiss sounded from behind the shield of the pacifier gag; enough was enough, he could mope after he got out of this mess—right now, he was going to have to move fast. Every hour on the hour, Belle had been drifting on in here with bottle in hand and a smirk that Remy wanted to spit at. Oh, there was nothing untoward about the damn thing, that he could be sure of. If she wanted to poison him, after all, then she wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble setting this whole thing up. No, Belle didn’t want him dead, rather, she wanted him to suffer; what better way to fix that than by giving up the one fundamental control anyone could say they had? So far Remy had managed to hold out, but mutant or not there was only so much one bladder could hold. Belle, of course, was more than happy to indulge his stubborn pride—such was half the fun for her, after all, but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of being seen in such a state. No, Gambit was not going to wet himself; his wrists might be rubbed raw from the effort, but all the huffing and heaving he’d been doing against these ropes were about to pay off. If he could just get in a few more firm tugs then the tension would snap and he’d be free—free to tear off these fleece mittens, toss that confounded ring to the ground and throw that diaper at the wall to bust his way out of here. A boyish smirk curled at his lip at that last thought; oh was he going to enjoy blowing that thing to smithereens, for the sake of his pride if not the irony of it all. Besides, if he was going to wind up in a compromising situation then much better to be found as a daring streaker than a helpless baby. One more good yank ought to do it… Sucking in a long, deep breath, Remy flexed his fingers as best he could beneath the confines of the pink mittens and prepared himself for the pull. Then, with every single muscle tensing in the effort, did he give one last heft… The wooden bars groaned behind him, something was about to give…he could feel it…! Then…! The sound of the door latch unhooking near enough gave the cajun a heart attack. At once, he forced himself to go completely slack, trembling forearms and all; his wrists might have been still bound, but not by much more than a thread. “Now just what is all this fuss I was hearin’ just now?” Belle’s voice crooned in that same sickeningly sweet manner. Remy only offered a muffle groan of distaste. “It almost sounded like you’d been squirming up a storm in here; though heaven knows why,” Peering over the top of the crib, Belle met his grimace with an indulgent sort of smile. If she suspected anything at all it didn’t show; in fact, if how patiently she appeared to gaze down at him was anything to go by, then she very idea that he would even attempt to escape might have struck her as adorable. “Hmm. Then again…” one shapely brow quirked upward, almost mockingly so, as she turned to set the bottle on the bedside counter. Then, without so much as a warning, Belle thrust her hand down towards his diapered crotch. The startled yelp he gave was muffled slightly from behind the shield of the pacifier-come-gag but she took no notice beyond a smooth breath of a chuckle. Dainty fingers pressed diligently down onto the thick padding, earning a deliciously fretful buck of her captive’s hips. As ever, the heiress was unnecessarily thorough; starting from the top of his groin, Belle worked her way down the entire length of his front—poking, prodding, patting and squeezing all the way down to its very underside. The diaper crinkled loudly all the way through but the sheer bulk of the confounded thing made it impossible to draw his legs together in protest. All he could do was groan and squirm, rolling this way and that in a vain attempt to sidle his crotch away from the mortifying treatment. By the time she was done Remy’s cheeks were flushed almost as red as his eyes, while she once again grinned down like a Cheshire cat. “Still dry mon petit? My, my, such a stubborn little thing you are. Nearly a whole day without a single little tinkle.” she observed oh-so-sweetly “But it’s really not good for you to try and hold it so long. Come now, why not make momma proud?” Oh now if that didn’t just take the goddamn gâteau. Very rarely did Remy fully glare—first rule of the life, after all, keep your cards close to your chest—but by now the cajun’s normally youthful face looked almost comical; cheeks puffed out and red, brow brought into an indignant scrunch, and all behind a giant, oversized pacifier so convincing it was insulting. Were he able he’d have ground his teeth a thousand times over, but the damn thing’s teat was like a balloon in his mouth; all it’d do was bob and he refused to even slightly play in to this sick and twisted image. “Such a pout on that little face!” Belle just laughed, almost childishly so “We simply cannot have that. What’s the matter petit? Mama’s boy ready for his milkies?” Swift as a shooting arrow that same dainty hand whipped around the back of his head, prising the latch of the gag loose. Remy’s aching jaw could scream with relief, but he knew better and snapped his head to the side before that damn bottle could meet his lips. Belle frowned, but he wasn’t phased. “Chrissakes girl, ya made ya goddamn point.” The thief huffed out at last “I get it. Ya win. Lemme outta here.” Belle’s face remained blank; a perfectly poised poker face if Remy did ever see one. “No, petite. I don’t think you fully understand; I ain’t even begun to make my point known.” Remy’s brow furrowed again, but before he could open his mouth to ask her hand snapped out and snagged his jaw in a firm grip. There was power behind those manicured fingers, but even more rage simmering beneath those violet eyes. “Were you proud of yourself, that night you left me there? Broken, defeated…too weak to even walk?” Her voice is calm, scarily so and Remy knows better than to answer. “The way you sauntered off with your arm around that…girl…” Belle doesn’t spit—it’s far too beneath her, after all “I’d have thought you’d been too busy to notice my tears…broken and useless in front of my entire guild. My humiliation.” Her voice raises just an octave, but damn if it doesn’t send a shiver right down Remy’s spine. It’d been easy to forget, with the years apart between them, just what ‘assassin’ truly meant to BellaDonna Boudreaux; oh it was more than just the literal sense, that was for sure. He remembered now, the high she seemed to get when she remarked about where her sparring partner of the day had left himself open and just how much of an “Amateur, he really was Remy!” “No…I’m sure you were far too wrapped up in yourself to notice, weren’t you? Typical.” She pulls back now, but the simmering rage doesn’t settle behind her eyes just yet. “No matter. You’ll learn what it means soon enough…this doesn’t end with a simple wet diaper, after all. But it’ll be a nice start.” A cheery lilt echoed a note or two under the soft drawl; unnaturally so in fact, as she gave his diaper another patronising ruffle. A feint rumble suddenly echoed through the floor-boards. He wasn’t going to lie, it was a relief to have that murderous gaze pulled off of him and off towards the door. Belle stood still as a statue now, but Remy had no doubt her mind was working a mile a minute, taking in every single little detail as it came. “Miss Belle—!!” Someone called from down the hall. “It’s a—!” a sickly thud. “Miss Belle come quick—!!” a strangled cry. Then, the cold scream of metal unsheathing. Snikt. Remy frowned; couldn’t be? Well Belle certainly seemed to think so if the glower she gave him was anything to go by. “Don’t think for a minute we’re finished here.” she hissed sternly and made a point to snap the gag back in place before she left. He would’ve made it difficult but, again, the assassin in her; the heel of her palm was clamped into his throat before he could even twitch. The satin skirts whip loudly as the assassin’s queen turns to exit. The door slams and the lock clacks back into place; if the stakes weren’t so dire then the Cajun might have taken a minute to loll his head back and breathe a sigh of utter relief. Unfortunately, Remy didn’t have that luxury. The way he saw it, there were two worst case scenarios here, being: That wasn’t who he thought it was and BellaDonna was going to come drifting back in here with vengeance. Or, 2. That was exactly who he thought it was, in which case she didn’t have a hope in hell. Ordinarily, he might be pleased to think, ‘hey, the ol’ bastard really does care!’ and give the guy a sporting chance to come to his rescue; but ordinarily he wouldn't be trussed up in such a state that he’d actually consider welcoming the alternative. Hell, anyone else seeing him like this…anyone he didn’t know, anyway…he could probably deal with; he’d wanna die but he’d get over it. Anyone he did know, though? Anyone on his team? Nuh-uh, no way, not happening. Time to pop this box wide open and take off like a jumbo-cam streaker. Remy yanked, the bonds strained but not enough. Damn. It wasn’t gonna be easy to claw back that lost momentum, not now his muscles had cooled—but christ, he didn’t have another hour to give it. Fuck! He inwardly swore, forcing his neck to try and throw his shoulders forward. No go. He tried again, then again and again until form and concentration began to give way to blind, stupid, thrashing panic. It was the worst thing you could do, but he couldn’t help it—adrenaline alone just wasn’t cutting it. So he screamed. He screamed so long, loud and hard into his gag that its’ muffled echo could be heard over the pacifier shield. Then— “Quit ya cryin’ Cajun, I’m here t’spring ya.” No. Mon putain de Dieu, no…Oh, he couldn’t even bear to open his eyes… “‘Course…” The gruff voice continued to draw closer “In that get up, not sure there’s much of anythin’ else ya can do, is there?” Reluctantly, one dark eye cracked open, only to back squeeze shut almost immediately. Oh god, this had to be some kind of a bad dream… The look on Logan’s face right now was positively unbearable; he was standing there at the side of the crib, one arm rested over its rim with mask pushed back as if to get a real good eyeful of Remy’s predicament. “Now, don’t get me wrong or nothin’, I ain’t about t’judge whatever the hell it is you do behind closed doors, Gumbo,” The man starts, fairly patiently all things considered “But considerin’ this is your witchy ex we’re talkin’ about here, I’m gonna go ahead an call fowl-play here. Ain’t gonna lie though, this almost makes me wanna forgive ya for makin’ off with bike.” Remy groaned. Seriously? He was doing this now? “And for havin’ t’track your sorry ass all the way out here—” “Mmmmph…” Logan… “—On damn blind luck—” “Mmmph…!” Logan…! “—Considerin’ ya didn’t tell a goddamn soul just what the hell you were up to!” “Mmmph!!” Logan!! Christ, here Remy was about to piss himself and Wolverine chooses now to turn into Cyclops? The Cajun’s neck rocked back and forth again, either trying to motion to the bonds or slam his head into the crib bars and be done with it. “Hold on,” One claw popped out over Logan’s index finger. It was tough not to wince as it came near his face, but somehow Remy managed it. Hey, little dignities right? This time he did have to grunt some when the strap snapped loose, jaw muscles screaming almost as bad as his poor forearms. The pacifier launched out clear across the room and, even then, Remy didn’t think that was far enough. “Fuck, Wolverine, quit messin’ around homme…! Cut me loose!” Was the first thing to come out of Gambit’s mouth and with no small amount of desperation. “What? Another special ring?” Logan almost drawled “Voodoo?” “Genosha. Logan, mon ami…c’mon…” Remy was just about keeping from gasping “We don’t got much time here,” A wry look caught the older man’s eye, while the thin lines around the ever-grim mouth seemed to curl upwards just a touch. “What’s ya rush,” he faintly grunted “They ain’t gonna be hurryin’ back anytime soon,” At first, Remy just paused; another, more distinct rumble caught him off before he could ask. More yelling sounded off from what sounded like…agh, was that the East corridor? It’d been years since he’d had to memorise this old wreck’s schematics. An alarmed look met Logan’s, but the man didn’t look too worried. “Relax. Just borrowed a couple of charges out from your missus’ basement. She’ll have to dig herself out but she’ll be fine, probably. Now,” the mutant’s stocky figure settled just that bit more comfortably over the edge of the crib “About that apology?” “Apology?” Remy balked “For what? I just came t’settle things!” “On my bike, sure,” Logan nodded. “Oh c’mon, ya bike’s fine!” The cajun’s neck was straining, half from trying to lift himself up and the other from just keeping a scowl aimed up at the hairy little bastard. “Not the point, Gumbo.” he just clucked, utterly nonplussed “I’ve been pulled out here ‘cos of your shenanigans one too many times for my likin’. First night I think we might be gettin’ some peace and I gotta cross five state lines after findin’ Rogue outta her mind frettin’ for ya. I’ve near enough had it up t’hear with you, kid.” A dense fist slammed down over the bars, sending the crib’s side clattering to the floor. Red eyes were trained on Logan, on guard and on edge. “You’ve been slippin’ back a ways, boy, since ya last trudged outta this swamp. Skulkin’ and thievin’ around for the hell of it. Anythin’ t’distract ya from the phone ringing off the hook at all hours, or from anybody talkin’ t’ya about it. Hell, ya knew damn well comin’ down here might’a got ya killed, but what the hell right? Better than havin’ one of us finally ask ya what the hell you’re dealin’ with, eh?” His last word sounded just one note shy of a snarl, but still, the Cajun said nothing. The line of Remy’s mouth thinned tightly now, finding himself speechless, for once, as he watched the Wolverine’s hackles begin to raise. Now, to be clear, Logan yelling at him wasn’t a new experience in the slightest; the man had a fuse thin as an eyelash. It wasn’t rare to see him grumbling and growling over one thing or another and, admittedly, Remy was rather prone to amusing himself by seeing just how wide a range those gripes could reach, but not once did either of them ever venture into such…personal…territory. Talk about it? Talk about what, BellaDonna? The tithe? The exile that came from it? How he’d been tossed out of the only life he’d ever known into another that would never truly trust him? And, hell, while they were on the subject—why did Logan, of all people, suddenly care? Remy’s jaw clenched a moment, followed by a stabbing pain in his gut. Probably not the wince Logan was hoping for, but no doubt the old git would take some satisfaction from it. “Logan…” he hissed sharply through his teeth “I gotta fuckin’ piss here, man.” Another, harder snort was his answer. “Well good thing you’re nice an’ padded, champ, ‘cos I ain’t liftin’ a finger ‘till you gimme a ‘sorry.’” Cold. That was the feeling that flushed through Remy’s veins at the response until another stab drew out another low groan from the back of his throat. Logan paid him no mind and just shifting his weight, slightly, to rest his arm over one of the crib’s posts. The cajun couldn’t believe it; he was really doing this, wasn’t he? Actually going to wait him out as if he were a damned toddler—and right now that was a painfully apt description. The sharp stabs were coming in much closer intervals, merging from a shrill warning into a dull, urgent call. Remy’s hips were rocking now, rolling this way and that as if it might help get him enough leverage to be able to cross his legs over, but the padding was just too thick. Muscled thighs kicked out in frustration, making everything rustle and crinkle out loudly. At this point he might have expected a laugh or a few jeers at his expense, yet Logan just stood there, watching passively as he squirmed. “L-Logan…!” Remy was grimacing now, the red of his eyes shimmering pleadingly up at his so-called rescuer; but Logan surely had to pick today to be the paragon of patience, didn’t he? “Just takes one word, kiddo.” the older man just reaffirmed, not sounding totally unlike a parent waiting on their tantrum-ing tot. “Agh—christ!” he swore, head lolling back against the mattress “Fine! Fine; I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry!” This earned him a nod. “For?” The red eyes fluttered open, wide in astonishment. “‘For’??” came the cajun’s squawk, but an ominous tremor through his pelvis quickly set his priorities back on track “For—for—! Hell, for everythin’! For stealin’ the bike, for worryin’ Rogue! For not tellin’ anyone where I was an’ draggin’ ya out here! Is that what ya wanna hear? Ya happy??” “It’s a start.” Another, harsher tremor went through Remy’s gut, reaching down his groin and into his thighs—he couldn’t keep this up much longer! “Logan please!!” Snikt. A rough palm hooked around his forearm. “Hold still.” The adamantium claw sliced through the rope like butter and, even though his forearms were practically screaming from lack of blood flow, Remy honestly could have cried in relief. Hell, he may well do that, but there was one more thing to take care of yet. Despite all the agony, the agile cajun rolled himself out of the crib to stand, tore off the fleece-y mittens that held his hands captive with his teeth and seized hold of the infernal ring. One good tug and— and— “Fuck!” Remy gave in a strangled, panicked cry. “What’s wrong?” Logan was leaning over him now, stern brow furrowed in concern as he watched the younger mutant tug and bounce in place with a desperation he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen from a grown man. “It won’t come off…!” was all he could give in answer; his attentions were divided now between prising his finger loose and not pissing himself then and there, though the latter was beginning to win favour in that regard. With another strangled yell, Remy gave up on the ring and let his spare hand fly to his crotch; the awkward bouncing had officially turned into a potty dance. “For the love o—Give it here.” Logan seemed to huff as he strode forward to grab hold of the Cajun’s wrist. The index claw once again popped out, but the second the adamantium touched the Genoshan metal, both mutants knew they’d made a horrific mistake. Pain zapped through them to the tune of 1,200 volts a second, probably more for Logan considering his metal skeleton. Still, the veteran was nothing if not stubborn; while Remy screamed bloody murder, he simply grit his teeth and set the tip of his claw further into the intricate circuitry. There was a crackle, a pop before, finally, the ring came loose…but the damage had already been done. When the buzzing in his teeth finally subsided, the first thing Remy noticed was how the strange warmth that had engulfed his groin hadn’t seemed to fade with the rest of the electricity; if anything, it suddenly seemed…heavier… “N-no…” “Kid?” He couldn’t pull his hand away, to look down, didn’t want to bring himself to admit it… “I-I…” he choked. In the end, Logan had to reach in and yank his hand away from where he was so timidly cradling; the situation spoke for itself. A large, sallow patch was seeping through the front of the plastic backing. “Fuck’s sake…” the elder mutant growled under his breath; it was reflex more than anything, just a thoughtless slip, but too little too late did he realise the mistake. Remy was glowering at him like he’d just kicked a goddamn puppy, face pulled into a dark grimace. “D-don’t know what you’re all bent outta shape about…i-it ain’t you that got wet, mon ami…” He choked out bitterly, snatching his wrist out of Logan’s slightly slackened grip. “Hell…it’s your goddamn fault. Y-you…you seein’ me lyin’ there…y-ya knew I had t’…ya just…” his face was near enough contorting now into a look that Logan couldn’t quite place “Ya fuckin’…ya just watched me like some…!” Another choked bark made its’ way out into the open, with the kind of shuddering that Logan had seen all too many times before. “Hey.” Large palms set firmly atop Remy’s shoulders as he met the younger man’s glower with an even, steady gaze “S’alright Rem…” “No it ain’t…!” Those lithe shoulders gave another shudder. Logan pulled him in just as the first sob broke, but honestly, Remy wasn’t sure if that made it better or worse. He didn’t pull away, that was for sure, but he felt no happier about anything either. Try as he might to keep them at bay, the tears showed no sign of lessening, so in the end he just wound up with his head buried in the chest of the bright yellow suit. Logan, for his part, didn’t shove the kid off. In fact, he was unusually gentle when he needed to be; one hand cradling the nape of Remy’s neck, the other running up and down his heaving back, even as he whined and fussed at him through the tears. The gruffer mutant paid it no mind, though, beyond a reprimanding shush. “Take it easy kid, this ain’t the end of the world here,” he’d murmured lightly, offering a firm pat across his shoulder blades “Ain’t even the…worst.” he caught himself that time, but it was nonetheless sincere. “Y-y’just sayin’ that…” the cajun whimpered bitterly. “No. Listen t’me now.” Logan more or less ordered, making a point to tilt Remy’s chin up. “I’ve seen men, older than you mind, in worse states than you’re in now. It happens. It’s shitty and it’s humiliatin’, but it happens. Just gotta pick yourself up and deal with it.” Somehow the cajun looked so small right now, an impressive feat considering Logan’s stocky stature. It was true though; what with his lip pooched out and trembling, along with the flushed cheeks…god, it was times like these Logan realised just how damned old he was. “E-easy for you t’say…” “Yeah, well. Been at it a lot longer than you, Gumbo.” he told him plainly “Now, question is; am I gonna be luggin’ you home in a soggy diaper feelin’ all sorry for yaself, or are we gonna do somethin’ about it?” A hiccup caught in the kid’s throat as he gave a huffy sort of shrug. Great, so they were gonna bd playing it that way, huh? Fine. Tough love it was. “C’mon. Get your clothes Cajun, we’re leavin’.” Logan ordered again, a little firmer this time now that the Cajun seemed to have settled. Remy pulled back a bit, but kept his gaze low to the ground. “Can’t…” He snuffed, earning a soft growl from Logan. “Ya know, if ya gonna be like this—” “No, Logan, Belle took ‘em after she stripped me. Made it into this whole show an’ dance about ‘takin’ temptation away or somethin’.’ I ain’t gonna go wanderin’ for ‘em like…well…” he gestured haplessly down to his sodden form. Logan pinched the bridge of his nose. Right. Ok. Fair point. “Well, ya can’t stay here…” Remy opened his mouth to speak, but Logan caught him off then and there “And you’re not sittin’ your naked ass anywhere down on the Blackbird, so get that outta your head right now.” Glancing around didn’t provide much help either. BellaDonna had certainly gone to town on this whole get up, what with the adorable cubbies and saccharine colours lining each end. And diapers, mounds and mounds of extra-thick diapers piled up on every shelf, no doubt for Remy’s ‘benefit.’ Whatever they were going to find, the Cajun probably wasn’t going to like…he let out a slow breath between his teeth. “Alright. Lie down.” Logan spoke after a moment, earning a blink from Remy. “Pardon?” “You heard me. You’re not gonna like what I got in mind but I ain’t gonna waste time fightin’ ya. Lie down so we can make this as painless as possible.” As he spoke Logan moved towards one of the high-piled stacks and, immediately, Remy went pale. “No. No, no, no, no. You are not puttin’ me in another one o’those things!” he tried to take a step back, but the way the sopping cloth pushed out between his thighs made it feel more like a tottering waddle. Remy grimaced. “Hell, I can barely walk in this thing as is…!” “Which is why it’s probably best we get ya outta that one and into something a little fresher, don’t ya think?” As ever, Logan’s completely stone faced as he approaches, diaper in one hand, powder in the other and a package of babywipes settled in the crook of his arm; if he weren’t still reeling from this whole twisted experience, maybe Remy would have found it in him to laugh. As it was, the young man looked torn between melting into the floor and bursting into a fresh batch tears. Another sigh left Logan, slow and heavy as he opted to set the offending items down on the floor so as to be able to approach the kid without spooking the life out of him. “Look, Rem, I ain’t doin’ this for my own amusement. Ya need somethin’ on ‘till we get back t’the mansion. I figure between this an’…Christ, I don’t know, bunny-overalls, this’d be the easier t’stomach.” Another grimace catches Remy’s face, but not like before; no, this is more of a cringe, as if the mental image he’d just painted for him where sitting plain as day behind those still-damp eyes. His hands fisted at his sides, pulsing with an aimless charge…and relaxed. Nothing to be done about it, was there. Still, his shoulders slumped heavily. “Can’t y’jus’ stick it on t’seat an’ make me sit on it…?” the voice was small, almost childlike. Logan wasn’t going to comment one it, though he did set his hands over the Cajun’s shoulders again. “Wearin’ it s’just the same as sittin’ on it, son.” He reasoned evenly; and, besides, no offence to the kid and all but this way they could pretend he was halfway-decent. He was beat, Remy knew it, much as he knew he should have started waddling towards the crib already; yet still he lingered. Logan didn’t push him, even if though he could feel the older mutant getting antsy beneath that coarse visage. Belle might still be a while yet, but they probably shouldn’t linger too long. Still, the dark eyes were flickering anxiously—first to the bed, then back to Logan. The rough palms gave a reassuring squeeze. “I know, but ya ain’t gettin’ trapped there again. Promise.” his tone seemed softer now, not even a little bit rushed. Remy took another shaky breath. Then, finally the arduous waddle began. One foot in front of the other—never had this felt like a more daunting task. He made it, sure, but not without a lot of uncomfortable sloshing and the most unsteady pigeon toes in the world. The crib almost seemed like a relief at this point, but even if this time he was laying down of his own volition, he still couldn’t say that he cared for being back in this all too familiar…position. To his credit, Logan sensed this. “Relax,” he soothed, slow and even. The gruff palm came to settle on his lean stomach, Remy blinked almost shyly. If Logan didn’t know better then he’d say the bottom lip on the younger man actually seemed to pooch; he didn’t comment though. Really, there was no sense dragging this out; however they went about it, it was bound to be awkward and overly-personal…it was times like these Logan was grateful that he was getting just too old to care. The tapes snapped open, Remy blushed a deep crimson. Logan’s hand came to grab the diaper’s waist, but he paused before drawing it down. “Ya sure you’re done?” “Huh?” Remy squinted slightly. “Y’know. Done. If I pull this down ya ain’t gonna spring another leak are ya?” “What? No!” “Ya sure? ‘Cos I don’t wanna g—” “Logan!” The crack in his voice was getting desperate. Logan’s brow remained stony as he considered the Cajun a moment more. There was a certain… ‘risk’ concerning boys and their diapers, no matter how big the boy. It must have only been half a second of silence, if that, but clearly it was too much for Remy to bear at this point. The sodden thing sopped heavily as he began trying to kick the other away. “Oh for fuck’s sake—!” “Alright, alright, sit down already,” Logan just grumbled, putting a hand out to meet Remy’s chest and keep him from rolling up completely. With one hand bracing the kid’s long, springy legs, he made careful work of folding the diaper down and pulling it away. All thing’s considered…this wasn’t nearly as bad as when Belle had done it. He couldn’t believe he was even thinking that, but it was true. With Belle, it was as if Remy had been made to suffer; the jeering, the bottom patting, the sickeningly-sweet voice she used as she cupped the front and gave it a cruel jiggle… Sure, Logan was currently making a point to top and tail him with that wipe—but when Remy whined, there was no laughter. In fact, the guy surprised him again by setting his palm over his stomach and quietly shushing. It was childish, it was unnecessary…but it sure made Remy feel better… “Almost done kiddo,” Logan narrated absently. He got a tiny murmur in response. Remy hardly even seemed to mind, now, as the clean diaper came over his front. Logan smoothed the waistband over some before he started on the tapes. “Damn things, how’re they s’posed t’…” he grumbled under his breath, earning himself a surprising laugh out of his hapless ‘charge.’ “Yeah, yeah, yuck it up Gumbo.” Logan just sighed resolutely; he looked annoyed but there was no heat to it, not really, “Let’s see if you’re still laughin’ when ya see all the mosquito’s out there, just waitin’ for a chance to bite your ass while you’re waddlin’ through the swamp.” A firm smack across the thick punctuated that sentiment after Logan had helped heft the Cajun to his feet. Normally, Remy wouldn’t have stood for it…but see, he had bigger problems right now… “Uh, yeah, speakin’ of mon ami…” he winced awkwardly. The pigeon toes were back with vengeance… “How we, uh…how we s’posed t’swing this?” — Piggy-backing, it turns out, was as much of a life saver as it was for time. At first Remy had been quick to refuse. “Humiliatin’ enough I gotta look like a baby, I ain’t gonna be carried like one!” he’d adamantly insisted and, to his credit, had made a decent effort of holding up that promise. He was a swamp-rat, born and raised, after all. So he started off, one foot awkwardly in front of the other and bottom bobbing slightly with the effort. The problem with swampy terrain, though, wasn’t so much the mud, but what it tended to cover; the ivy, Remy could deal with. Sure it was…surreal…to have to tread through bare-foot but, hey, he managed; stones and splinters though? Yeah, not so much. “Ya couldn’t-a parked the jet up closer, homme?” Was Logan’s first clue to keep an eye on him; they were barely out the door and still had a mile and a half to go, yet already he was griping. ‘Kid sounded tired,’ he’d absently thought at the time; not that Remy didn’t have reason to be, of course. Hell, Logan had to wonder how much effort it took to traverse a way with that kind of a gait. Then, there was a yelp and Logan had swung his arm back just in time to catch the kid before he fell. A stone, a big one, scraped across the ball of his foot. So, that tore it. Logan lifted him up, got him on his back and that was that. ‘And thank Jesus-hoppin’-Christ.’ The veteran mused idly to himself as they walked; at the rate Remy had been toddling, they probably wouldn’t have reached the Blackbird since sun-up. As it was, they were nearly there. Just a half a yard more, or so, and they’d be on their way. Logan glanced over his shoulder, but didn’t make to announce. Remy had passed out about a mile back and, liking his peach and quiet and all that, the older mutant wasn’t about to disturb him. Besides…he’d looked like he needed it, so Logan was going to let him rest. …Even if having to hunch like this was wreaking havoc on his back, jeez… “I tell ya, kid, the things I do for you sometimes…” he sighed softly, even as a twinge went through one of his muscles somewhere. He had to stop, try and shake it out somehow… “Probably just be easier t’carry ya the ol’ fashioned way…” Logan grunted…then had to smirk at the idea. He was definitely strong enough to be able to do it, Remy was built lean as hell anyway…kid wouldn’t be happy, though…but hell. He was so deep in a doze, how was he gonna tell? Remy’s grip was loose around his neck and the rest of him was slack enough. Logan let one of his legs gently drop and, gently, shimmied him around until he was at his front on his hip. One hand under the bottom, a firm lift…and there. Much better, but when the gentle breathing suddenly hitched out a murmur, the older mutant froze completely. ‘Shit.’ Logan let out a soft, controlled breath as he set his palm across the bridge of Remy’s shoulder blades. Another sound left the kid, not quite as agitated as the last. Then…who knows, maybe it was instinct that took over…Logan braced his arms just that bit more securely around the lithe form and began to softly bounce. Closed lids twitched slightly at first. The furl that the younger’s brow was threatening to pull into paused, then seemed to relax completely after a few more careful bounces. Logan shrugged his shoulder so very carefully, edging the lolled head just a little closer to the crook of his neck; that seemed to do it. Remy’s nose nuzzled into the soft join; there was a sigh, then peace. The cajun’s breathing evened out and he was back on the dreamland express. Another slow, measured breath flew easily from Logan’s mouth. He hadn’t actually expected that to work. Still, seeing the usually smarmy Cajun snuggled up to him like this was quite a sight; yet Logan didn’t seem to be inclined to roll his eyes any at the development. The younger one’s breathing was soft in his ear, uncharacteristically so even. The thin line of his grizzled mouth quirked slightly. “Goin’ soft old man, definitely goin’ soft.” Logan just breathed to himself before starting towards the Blackbird’s ramp. Ah well…worst things could happen. Wasn’t often Wolverine had an excuse to smile. The next trick, though, would be figuring out how to get Gambit off the jet without being seen; hey, he was an incorrigible ass at times, but the kid had pride. Logan figured he owed it to him to try and help him keep it. He’d puzzle it out on the way though, maybe keep a lower gear to mull it over. He clipped Remy carefully into one of the seats behind him and paused to chuckle at the sight. Head lolled off to one side, hair all tousled and askew…must’ve looked about a decade younger than he was. Looked almost…cute. Another soft chuckle left Logan as he ran his hand across the disheveled head. “Yeah, definitely goin’ soft.” He grinned. But, hey. At least it felt worth it. The end.
  16. "Diapers & Damsels is a game of humiliation. Choose between two playable classes: the Diaper Girl or the Sissy Boy. Solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and try to escape with an ounce of dignity!" ~~~~~ Our newest story is set in the world of Diapers & Damsels, a fictional computer game meant for all lovers of humiliation! We'll write the thoughts and actions of the girl and boy player characters, and our Patreon supporters will be the player! Think of it like... a choose your own adventure game, with some RPG elements. Patreon Link Some rules going in: 1.) Patrons will make decisions through polls, available to the $5+ tiers. Some might ask for verbal ideas in the comments section; please participate in those too! Polls will not end for at least 24 hours, but it could be a lot longer (depending on our schedules). 2.) The goal of this game is to win! I know you probably want to humiliate the characters as much as possible, but trust me, that's going to happen anyway. XD If you guys lose too quickly, there's less story to tell! When the characters are deemed "unable to continue" it will GAME OVER. 3.) Updates will be posted on Patreon and DailyDiapers concurrently (in this thread), along with any other cute pixel art things we make. We love getting comments from readers, but patrons have exclusive access to story-decisions and polls. 4.) Updates are at our own discretion. We don't really do the "release stories as we write them" thing. If we get busy or bored, this project might get delayed or fall to the wayside as many of our projects do. We are really sorry about this, but it's the only way we can have community input. Thanks to all our supporters and readers! We are both really excited for the potential of this new idea. Look forward to more updates very soon. ~Sophie & Pudding
  17. I'd been eating dinner when Mom broke the news. "Davey, I need to speak with you, honey." she pleaded, her tone giving her away instantly. "Ok Mom, what's wrong?" She sighed, getting ready to drop the ball. "Well, you know our friends, the Chancell's?" I knew them alright, they were my Mom and Dads best buddies, they'd even go on double dates sometimes. I didn't mind the parents, but I absolutely despised their son. He was a senior at my high school (where i'm due to start) sports nut and a complete jerk, to boot. He wouldn't hesitate to steal weaker kids money, or beat them up just for looking at him wrong. I guess 'cause our parents were friends, he let me off easy; instead only verbally abusing me and making fun of my height, talking to me like I was a little boy. I've always been small, the runt of any class. "Yeah, I do." "Their son is having a party tonight and you've been invited. His parents have insisted you go. We want to spend time together as families in the near future, so we thought this would be a great way for you two to bond!" ... My mom pitched enthusiastically, but I wasn't sold. "No." I said bluntly. "DAVE MACAULEY! You are going whether you like it or not, that is final!" My mother roared, dropping her facade. "Mom. He's a complete jerk, he wont want me there. All my cool clothes are in the wash, what am I gonna wear? They're seniors! Why'd you have to tell me now, right before it starts?!" "That's enough. You have plenty of nice, plain t-shirts. Finish your dinner and get dressed, you'll be getting picked up soon." "UGH!" I huffed, storming out the kitchen, straight upstairs to my room to get ready. There was no getting out of this so quickly.
  18. Oh, BabyLock, you're a lifesaver! I was hoping someone had archived this! Sorry I cna't write more now, but I'll get on with it, and Max and Joy, when I can. XXX Wife In Charge Chapter 1 Bob and Sue's marriage had been stormy in its few short years. Sue had the big house, the big job and a big income. Bob had bought his few prospects and his pleasant company, and the second only when made the effort. Making an effort turned out not to be one of Bob's stronger points, though Sue as she made arrangements for a new kitchen benchtop to be installed after Bob had left an electric frypan on high all afternoon while he went to the football and burnt the laminate. He wasn't safe in the kitchen, Sue had decided. He had cut himself d=badly a few weeks before, trying to cut cheess with the carving knife because he was too lazy to use the proper implement. 'Ban him,' Sue's jazzercise friend Josey said on the phone as Sue told her tale of woe. 'What?' replied Sue. 'Ban him from the kitchen, Sue' Josey repeated. 'I can't do that,' said Sue. Josey wasn't married, and Sue was pretty sure she knew why. Josey rarely ahd a good word for any man, and while Sue enjoyed the way Josey soaped her back in the shower after an exercise session, she would get a bit eager sometimes and Sue had occasionally to gently fend off her wandering hands. Not that she got much in the way of physical affection from Bob these days. 'Sure you can, Sus,' said Josey. 'It's your kitchen. Anyway, who's in charge around there?' 'He'd go nuts,' said Sue. 'So what?' said Josey. 'Tell him it's off limits to him. The lazy bastard will probably be grateful because you'll be doing all the work in there.' 'He doesn't do anything much there now,' said Sue. 'Exactly,' said Josey. 'Lay down some rules. You let him get away with too much as it is.' 'Rules?' said Sue. 'He's not a child, Jose.' 'No?' said Josey. 'He's never seemed that mature to me. You said he can't even keep his underwear dry, or clean.' 'Don't start,' said Sue. 'He can't help that.' She'd heard Josey's 'I don't know what you see in him' speech before. 'Come one, Sus, he's a pussy,' said Josey. 'Around you, maybe,' said Sue. 'You intimidate him.' 'Oh, Sue,' said Josey with a laugh. 'I turn up in a black leotard and...' 'You'd intimidate anyone,' said Sue. 'I don't intimidate you, though,' said Josey quietly. Sue thought of their slightly too lingering cuddle at the door last time Josey had been around in her jazz gear. She recalled the taste of Josey's lipstick and the press of her full breasts and pubic bone. 'No, you don't,' admitted Sue, then changed the subject. 'So what do I do, just tell him?' 'Yep,' said Josey. 'Take charge, Sue. It's your only hope. Got to go - I'm late for training.' Josey was a strong swimmer and trained with a water polo team several times a week. Sue left her to it, and went to the living room, where she found Bob with a beer in hand, watching a sports program. 'My only hope,' thought Sue. 'Bob,' she said, standing next to his easy chair, 'That burnt benchtop was too much.' 'Later, Sue,' said Bob, not looking up at her. Chapter 2 Sue glared down at Bob and grabbed the remote from the arm of his chair. She punched the off button, tossed the remote into his lap and stood back, her arms folded. Bob looked up without comprehension. 'What's up?' he asked, picking up the remote. He was about to turn the TV back on when Sue leant down and snatched the remote from his hands. 'No, Bob.' she said. I want you to listen to me.' Bob laughed. Sue rarely put up a show like this. He wondered what was coming, and soon found out. 'You are banned from the kitchen, Bob. Starting now,' Sue said angrily. 'What?' said Bob. 'You heard,' said Sue. 'You are not responsible enough to have kitchen privileges. You burnt the benchtop, you cut yourself the other day, you make a mess every time you go in there. I'm sick of it.' Bob sat with his mouth open. Sue was on a roll, and starting to enjoy herself. The feeling of commanding Bob was quite intoxicating. 'You're not behaving like a responsible adult, Bob,' Sue continued. 'And until you can show some adult responsibility, the kitchen, my kitchen in my house, is off limits to you. If you want something from there, you ask me, OK? You ask an adult. If Josey or someone is over, you ask them, OK? But you are banned. Got it?' Bob was stunned. 'Come on, Sue, what's this really about? What are you projecting about? And what's it got to do with that bitch Josey?' Bob asked, trying to sound like the voice of reason. 'Projecting?' Sue almost shouted. 'I'm not projecting anything, Bob. I'm facing facts, and I wish you would too. It's simple. You are not allowed in the kitchen because clearly you are not responsible enough. You are not a responsible person, much less a responsible husband, or even a responsible man!' Sue shifted her stance. That was a bit farther than she intended to go, but she could now feel the slight slipperiness between her legs. She yanked up the waist of her jeans, enjoying the momentary pressure on her clitoris.This was great. 'Sue, if you're upset about something...' Bob began. 'Of course I'm upset about something. You!' she said. 'I've put up with your irresponsible habits for too long. You're like a child, Bob. You can't even keep your underpants clean and dry!' That was too much, Bob thought. He finally realised that Sue was really angry. The subject of his underwear had always been off limits. He couldn't help it, just like Sue couldn't help swearing obscenely during sex. Sue had crossed a line with the underpants comment. Bob took a deep breath and was about to speak, but Sue had turned away and was heading back to the kitchen. Bob held his tongue and stood up, then followed her to the kitchen. Sue turned around. 'Where are you going?' she asked. 'After you,' Bob said. 'I want to talk this through.' 'There's nothing to talk about, Bob,' Sue told him. 'I've said what I wanted to say.' 'This is ridiculous,' said Bob. 'Is it?' said Sue. Bob rolled his eyes and moved to get past Sue, who was blocking the door to the kitchen. 'You're barred from my kitchen, remember?' said Sue, putting an arm in Bob's way. 'You're not, you're not grown up enough.' 'What?' said Bob. 'You're mad.' 'I don't think so, Bob,' said Sue. 'Here's the deal. You can go into the kitchen, but you have to keep going, out through the back door. Then you don't come back, got it? I don't actually need you, Bob. You can leave my house, and my car that you drive that I pay for, and all the other things that I pay for. Good luck, Bob. Or you can stay, and do as you're told. That's the deal.' Bob swallowed. This was a lot more serious than he thought. She was projecting. He could taste a reflux of the last mouthful of beer he'd drunk. Her beer, he had to admit. Figures in dollars swam in his head, and he tried to put them out of his mind. He knew that their monthly mortgage payments alone were more than his monthly income. He always tried not to think too much about their finances, which Sue more or less managed, but she was right, for the moment anyway. She had him. 'So?' said Sue. Bob's shoulders slumped. 'OK,' he said quietly. Bob hated this. He had the same feeling he got at Christmas when they went to Sue's parent's seafront holiday house. It was all about money. Sue's wealth didn't just give her options. It gave her power, especially over him. He had options too, but they were few, stark and mostly unpleasant. 'Good,' said Sue. She could see Bob's bottom lip quivering. Sue knew the look and felt like laughing triumphantly. The look said 'You win'. It was a great feeling, but she held her composure. She couldn't wait to tell Josey how things ahd worked out. She knew how Bob felt about Josey, and decided to turn the knife a bit. 'Oh, Josey's coming over after her swimming,' Sue said calmly. Bob felt totally lost. The last few minutes had laid bare the ugly, unspoken issue of financial power in their marriage. Some couples might by now have been headed for an erotic make-up session, but not Sue and Bob. They were headed for a vist from the alpha female man hater Josey. All muscles and cleavage. Even her big mound looked more substantial than Bob's modest package. She never got changed after her exercise sessions, and whenever she called in she seemed intentionally to piss off Bob, or Bobby as she called him. She was taller than he was, and probably stronger too, Bob thought miserably. She wasn't feminine at all, he thought. More like a, well, he didn't know what. He had to admit, she even scared him a bit. How did things ever come to this, he wondererd. 'Jesus, Bob.' said Sue suddenly. 'Go and change.' Bob looked at Sue, and followed her eyes to his crotch. Of all the times for this to happen, he thought. Very occasionally, and only when he was under max stress, he leaked a bit. The fist-sized wet patch in his groin said it all. Bob looked away from Sue, silently turned and walked with as much dignity as he could to the bathroom. On the way he told himself it could happen to anyone. He'd had, what, three beers watching the game. that was it. On the other hand, it didn't happen to anyone, did it? What other husbands wet their pants? Maybe Sue was right. Maybe he wasn't really grown up. But he was, obviously. It was just an accident. Too much stress. Nothing to worry about. As Bob reached the bathroom he felt the warm pee cascading down the legs of his pants. He walked awkwardly to the toilet and began to undo his belt, but it was too late. He'd finished peeing. Now he was crying, and he couldn't stop that, either. Bob took off his pants and sat unhappily on the toilet, looking at the mass of wet denim on the floor in front of him. After a few minutes, he was about to get up when he felt the sudden urge for a bowel movement. He dealt with that, then stripped off his shirt and got into the shower. 'Are you OK in there?' he heard Sue ask though the door. 'Yeah, just having a shower,' he replied. At least she still cares, a bit anyway,' Bob told himself. 'I'll put your wet things in the wash,' Sue added, and Bob heard the door open. 'No, I'll do it,' he said quickly. 'Too late,' said Sue. 'I've got them.' Bob watched Sue's shape though the obscured glass. She picked up the clothes. Bob waited, but Sue just said that Josey would be around in an hour or so, and left the room. Bob was not happy about the way things were going. Sue was surprised to see the extent of Bob's wetting, and oddly pleased. Varous new and bizarre ideas swam in her head, and she enjoyed the odd thoughts. Sue tugged up her jeans again and leaned against the corner of the laundry trough. Smiling, she pushed her weight against the cold stainless steel. Chapter 3 Josey arrived an hour later as predicted. Bob had changed into his track suit, and was trying to get back into Sue's good books by helping with the housework. He was vacuuming the living room when Josey burst into the house. She was in her black leotard again. The black spandex was stretched over her big breasts and clung to her curves. Her long, muscular legs were encased in red spandex, flanking the big, curving black vee of her crotch. Bob tried not to watch as she strode into the room. 'Well, well,' she said, walking past Bob and giving him a playful slap on his backside. 'Wonders will never cease. Bobby doing housework! I wish I had a tame maid at home to do mine!' Bob grimaced. 'Hi Josey,' he said as politely as he could under the cirumstances. He didn't add 'And you look like the giant Amazon bitch you are,' although he thought it. He turned around with the vacuum cleaner so he wouldn't have to look at her. 'Oh, Bob's in the naughty corner at the moment,' said Sue with a laugh. 'Oh?' said Josey. 'What's he done?'' 'Well,' said Sue, 'He didn't get to the bathroom in time. We had a little accident in our pants. Quite a big one, actually.' Bob froze with the vacuum cleaner. He couldn't believe what Sue had just said. Josey's eyes widened. 'Not....?' 'Oh, no,' said Sue. 'Just pee. But it was bad enough. So now he's being extra helpful to make up for the mess. Aren't you Bob?' 'For fuck's sake,' said Bob, and threw down the wand of the still running cleaner. 'Sue...' 'Bob,' said Sue calmly. 'Jose is one of my best friends. We share things. We've talked about this, Bob.' Bob glared at both women, shook his head and stomped out of the room. 'Are you going to turn off the vacuum cleaner?' Sue called after him. 'No,' came Bob's voice from the passage, followed by the study door slamming. Sue shrugged, and smiled at Josey. 'There's somehting I want to talk to you about, Jose,' she said, walking over to the cleaner and turning it off. 'I'm all ears,' said Josey. Bob had trouble getting to sleep that night. Sue hadn't mentioned his wet clothes, or the altercation with her and Josey. Bob lay next to her, worrying about what she was thinking. He didn't dare bring up the matter, preferring to let sleeping dogs lie. But he lay awake well after Sue had gone to sleep. He'd tried to cuddle up to her, but she wasn't having it. Bob worried about that, too, and eventually fell into a troubled sleep. Bob had a dream about his embarrassing problem in the bathroom, only in his dream, Sue and Josey were watching him pee his pants. 'Bob!' Sue was saying. 'Bob! For heaven's sake!' How real that sounded, Bob thought in his dreamy state. Then he felt his shoulder being pushed. 'Bob! Look at this!' Bob opened his eyes to see Sue on the far side of the bed, angrily holding the bedclothes up to reveal a huge dark patch on the bottom sheet. This was real, he thought with horror. Sue got out of the bed, dragging the bedclothes with her, exposing Bob in his soaked pyjama pants. She pulled the side of her panties away from her hip. The sheer fabric was wet with Bob's pee. 'Christ, Bob,' Sue said. 'First your pants, now this. What's going on, Bob? Are you unwell?' 'No,' said Bob. He didn't think he was. He didn't really know what to say. He hadn't wet the bed since he was 15. 'I'm sorry,' he said. 'I don't know why it happened.' 'Great, said Sue.
  19. Hi everyone I’m a 21 year old girl and I’ve known my boyfriend for a little over a year. I’m very much a diaper girl. I love the feeling of diapers, I love wearing them, but I’m also really into age play and humilation. My boyfriend has admitted that he likes to baby me which made me really excited. We already experiment with a bit of dominant/submissive power dynamics but I really want him to force me into a diaper and force me to wear diapers around him and even wear and use them when we go out. I love the idea of him forcing me to use my diapers, punishing with spankings when I refuse, and even exposing me a little in public. He already calls me his baby girl, but I really want to take this to the next level. Help please! <3
  20. Roleplay Ava keeps wetting her bed. Her parents are getting tired of it. They decide it’s time for a change a diaper change.
  21. As the title of my post suggests, I am looking for an old school style roleplay partner/buddy. To explain, I am hoping to meet someone that would actually like to develop characters, describe settings, and, in short, tell a story. We used to call this type of Rp a LTR (LongTermRoleplay). My hope is to find someone that enjoys posting 6-8 sentence posts and is detail oriented. Someone that has a interest in playing multiple characters and flushing out a complete story. I've no interest in sexual play masquerading as story telling. As for specifics, I am looking for a specific setting and specific characters. The story involves (as most of this genre do) a 1st year male college student being forcefully regressed in the most humiliating of ways. I would like to play the character being debased (Something again, I realize to be rather commonplace), as well as some satellite characters. I have a basic story arc in mind, but hopefully I'll meet someone creative enough to help me flush out all of the details of this story. As for the other character; I have two different basic story arcs in mind - one for a male character, and one for a female character. So either way is fine. I, myself, promise that I am anything but a run of the mill online roleplayer. I will post deep and complete posts. I am also more than willing to hear your ideas, both for my story, as well as for any Roleplays that you have sought after and would like me to participate in once this one of mine is humming along... hence the title of this post. I'd love to find a friend to roleplay lots of stories with. Anyway, if you read all of that and are still interested, we're already off to a fantastic start! Please don't hesitate to contact me via Messenger, and let's get started! Thank You. <3
  22. Hi folks, just doing a bit of a mass upload whether stuff is finished or not as otherwise I'm gonna lose it I know I posted this story before, but I think it was lost with lots of other stories back along, oh and it is also a slightly updated version Enjoy! Chloe Evans was sat at school with her friends. The class was biology, which she found endlessly boring, as her teacher Mrs Hughes droned on about the process of photosynthesis, with hardly anyone paying any attention to her as she explained the diagrams she had drawn on the whiteboard. She knew they still had over an hour to endure until lunchtime it would finally be lunchtime. Although she wasn't enjoying the class, she wasn't actually sure if she wanted it to be lunchtime or not, due to a group of seniors namely one called Amy White. Chloe and 2 of her friends called Jess and Natalie, were being given a tough time by the group of older girls. The girls were all 18 and knew what exactly what they could get away with. Soon enough, lunchtime had arrived, Chloe and her friends left the class and were stood by their lockers chatting, all now feeling pretty hungry. They were just about to head over to the cafeteria to get some lunch when they heard an all too familiar voice… "Hey baby girls what are you up to" the girls looked around "w w we were just going to get our lunch" Jess stuttered in reply "Well before you go I've got a deal for the 3 of you, each of you give me $10 and I won't pick one of you losers to spread a rumour about that will ruin you" "B..b...but.... that's all we have to buy any lunch with" "Well it's up to you then whether you mind the whole school thinking you still suck on a baby bottle in your spare time" replied Amy with an evil grin "Oh my god why are you so mean we haven't done anything to you? "You've got exactly 5 seconds to all hand me the money"..... begrudgingly the girls each handed Amy the money, knowing doing so would be better than their other option. Amy and her two pals Danielle and Brooke had everything the way they wanted. All 3 of them were gorgeous which had led to them all being on the cheerleading team. They were pretty much the 3 most popular girls in the whole school, Danielle and Brooke were both dating guys that were on the football team, Amy had held back from having a boyfriend although the captain of the team was head over heels in love with her, she had gone on a couple of dates and even kissed him a few times but had never gone any further which her friends could never understand. Her perfect figure, long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes were enough to make any guy weak at the knees. The girls had become accustomed to their social position and felt they could look down on certain people that they didn't feel matched their social standing. They had seen the group of 3 sophomores who appeared to be "average girls" who never caused any trouble and pretty much kept themselves to themselves. These girls seemed like the sort that would probably be too scared to say anything to anyone and would keep quiet out of fear. Amy, Danielle and Brooke knew they could get away with belittling Chloe and her friends. A couple of times Chloe had even had to covered up marks out of fear of her mom seeing them when Amy had hit her for not doing as she said. It was now the end of lunchtime and Chloe, Jess and Natalie had all gone without eating. They sat chatting just before the next class started. "I can't believe how mean they are to us, those bitches are happy for us to go all day without eating just so they can keep our lunch money probably to spend it on make-up and clothes" said Chloe angrily "I wish there was a way of stopping them, if we told the teacher she would spread a mean rumour like what she said earlier" replied Natalie "that would be way too embarrassing to deal with. I would literally die if that happened" said Jess. "There must be some way we can stop them" The teacher then came in so they had to stop talking and listen. Eventually the end of the day came around, Chloe's mom picked up her. She couldn't wait to get home so she could get something to eat as she was starving. Chloe had a younger brother called Tyler who had to be picked up from Elementary school which was 5 mins down the road. Mom then reminded Chloe that Tyler had a hospital appointment at 4:15 so they would be going straight from school to the hospital. This annoyed Chloe as she was so hungry "but Mom I'm soooo hungry cant you drop me home" "I'm sorry love but we don't have time, you know how important this appointment is for your brother we don't want to risk missing it" "ok Mom" Chloe accepted she would just have to go with them to the appointment. She remembered Mom mentioning the appointment before, that it was with a specialist consultant to try and help with Tyler's bedwetting problem. As far as Chloe could remember Tyler had always had occassional problems with wetting the bed, it only happened once every one or two weeks but still that was often enough. she knew how embarrassing it must be for him and knew how much he wanted to stop it happening. She imagined if she had been the one with a bedwetting problem how humiliated she would have felt, but she knew that people her age didn't do immature things like that. They soon arrived at the hospital, eventually finding their way to the correct department, which was quite a long walk as it was upstairs and at the far end of the hospital. When they found the correct area Mom checked Tyler in for the appointment "hello I've got my son Tyler Evans here he's got an appointment with Dr. Johns at 4:15" the receptionist had a look on the computer and then responded "that's great, if you follow the corridor along and take a seat in the waiting area around the corner on the left" "thank you". They took a seat where they were asked to by the receptionist. While they sat there a couple of young children and their parents went in for their appointments with other doctors in the same department. She wondered if all the kids she could see were here for similar problems. After a few minutes a doctor who Chloe recognised as Dr. Johns came around the corner and called "Amy White please" Hearing that name mentioned really got Chloe's attention, "surely not" she thought to herself. Chloe though it must just be a coincidence that someone must just have the same name as the girl from school. As she looked on she saw a girl appear from the seating area around the corner, she could see her side on and could clearly tell that it was indeed Amy White from school still in her uniform. The girl followed the doctor around the corner out of sight of the waiting area. She hadn't seen Chloe as the doctors office was in the opposite direction. Chloe quickly said to her mom that she was going to get something from the vending machine which was conveniently placed around the corner near Dr. Johns office. As she made her way around the corner she just saw the back of Dr. Johns as he walked into his office. As he walked in he pushed the door back in order to close it, but it didn't quite click shut and it then fell open by a few inches. She could hear he had sat at his desk and must not have realised the door wasn't properly closed... Thinking quickly she swiftly got out her phone and turned on the sound recorder, checking no one could see her, which thankfully they couldn't, she then very carefully placed her phone on the ground inside the edge of the door. She knew it was risky but she was willing to take that chance. Chloe then sat in a chair which was right outside the door so she could listen in herself. She really didn't know what to expect to hear but she listened in as they began talking..... "Please take a seat. So Amy when did I last see you it must be a few months now isn't it?" "Umm.. yea the last time I saw you was in April, so about 4 months ago" "and how have things been going since the last time I saw you?" "well to be honest things haven't been going too well really" "ok so is that in terms of the frequency of the accidents" "yes it seems to be happening more often" "How many nights a week would you say you're wetting now Amy" "to be honest I'd say it's happening about 4 or 5 times a week, I find it so humiliating. It's getting really difficult to keep hidden from the rest of my family, especially my little brother and sister as I really don't want them knowing about this" Chloe was absolutely stunned to be hearing this "yes I can completely understand how hard this must be for you to deal with at your age, have you been taking any preventative measures to stop the bed from getting wet?" "Uhhhhh..... well yea I have done yes.....it's so embarrassing to even admit to it but I've started wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it's been so bad I've sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I'm so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both tease me about it" Chloe sat there with her jaw wide open, Amy White the popular, beautiful cheerleader who had been bullying her still wore diapers to bed at 18. "I can totally sympathise Amy, well as long as the diapers you are using are good quality then they should hold your accidents and not allow your sheets to get wet. I guess its just a case of being careful if you want to keep this hidden from your family. I can get the nurse to see you after our appointment if you'd like and she can provide you with a supply of medical grade diapers, would that be something you'd be happy with?" "I guess so as its really expensive and embarrassing buying them for myself" "Ok ill get that sorted for you. Right, the bedwetting you're suffering with is what's is known as secondary enuresis, which is the medical term for when a person has previously been dry at night, which you were who then begins wetting the bed again when they get older. You fit this description as you previously wet the bed up until you were 8. As it has now been happening for a few months and considering your age I don't believe it's something that will just go away. This also leads me to believe that it's a psychological reason that you've developed this issue so the best thing I can do is refer you to a colleague of mine Dr. Lucy Jeffords who is very experienced at dealing with things like this. I will however not fill you with false hope as these sort of conditions can sometimes be very hard to get to the bottom of" "Are you saying that I might never stop wetting the bed?" Chloe could hear Amy sobbing slightly "No Amy I'm not saying that, it's just conditions like this can be very deep-seated and it can take a long time to truly know what's causing it, not to lie to you I have known people go down this route who have had to just accept bed wetting as being part of who they are" "Oh my god so there's a chance i"ll be in diapers for the rest of my life" "There's one other thing that I will provide you with Amy that may help which is a enuresis alarm, these are normally used for people much younger but I don't see any reason why we shouldn't try it. The way it works is that it alerts you that you are urinating as soon as it senses any moisture waking you up and hopefully training your brain to wake you up in time in the future. It can take a few months of using this every night before you may see any results so you have to be patient. What you do is clip the alarm box to your nightshirt near the top of your chest, attached to the box is a cable with a clip on the end. You run the cable under your shirt down into your underwear. It needs to be close to your vaginal area as it needs be as close as possible to the wetness to alert you quickly. So for you, when you're changed for bed, you will need to put the cable inside the diaper and clip it to the inside padding. "Ok I guess I may as well try it" Amy still sounding a little upset "Great... look Amy don't get too down on yourself as we still have these two routes to try before we know how this is going to go, ok" "No I suppose you're right" "What I'll do know is send across a request for you now to go straight in and see the nurse, here's your nighttime alarm I guess you'll want to pop that in your bag" "Thanks" At this point Chloe knew the appointment was coming to an end so again checking no one was around she leaned down and reached inside the door and picked her phone up, quickly saving the recording. "Right then Amy if you would like to go and take a seat where you were before, the nurse should call you in soon, you will get an appointment letter in the mail to see Dr.Jeffords, I will probably see you again in around 6 months to see how you're getting on" Chloe knew she needed to move before Amy came out and saw her, so she quickly made her way back around to the waiting area where she walked past her Mom saying that she was just going to use the restroom. She stayed in there for a few minutes hoping to avoid Amy seeing her. Amy took a seat where she was before, she wasn't left long before the nurse had called her in. When Chloe came back Dr. Johns was just calling Tyler in for his appointment, she opted to go and sit where she was previously so that when Amy came out of her appointment with the nurse that she wouldn't see her. Meanwhile Amy was extremely embarrassed with her current situation. The young nurse had called her in, Amy thought she couldn't have been more than about 23 or 24. The nurse was actually quite shocked as most of these requests were for young children or people with disabilities, she had not expected to be handing out diapers to such an attractive girl of that age. However she knew she had to remain professional. "So Amy I've been asked to see you by Dr. Johns, he said you've been having some trouble staying dry at night" "Uuuumm yea I have" The nurse noticed Amy blushing "Right well he's asked me to get you sorted with a supply of adult disposable diapers. What we need to do is make sure you have the correct size so I'm gonna need you to get you to try on a couple of different sizes. If you could just slip off your clothes, you can keep your panties and bra on" "Ok" Amy went behind the privacy curtain and got herself undressed. She was really nervous at having the nurse see her practically naked but she had no choice. She came back out from behind the curtain where the nurse gave her a smile. "Great, if you can lie down on the examination table Amy we"ll try you with a medium first" Amy went and lied down on the table, she couldn't believe this was happening at her age. She lay there as the nurse unfolded the thick garment, slipped it under her butt and proceeded to tightly tape her into the diaper as if she were a baby. "All done, if you'd like to stand up we can see how we'll it fits" Amy stood up and put her hands to the diaper noticing how thick and crinkly it was as she began walking around the nurses office. There was a full length mirror on the wall which she looked at herself in. She noticed how it made her butt look huge but at the same time it was quite a snug tight fit. She knew her butt was quite big and toned which plenty of guys had complemented her on anyway as she had been following a fitness programme to get her in shape for her cheerleading. "How does it seem Amy" "I guess it seems to fit well although it seems really thick and crinkly" "Of course it is honey they're not designed to be discreet they're designed to stop the bed getting wet. You would be looking at paying out quite a lot for a pack of tena or attends that might be slightly less bulky but as you only wear protection at night that shouldn't matter" The nurse walked over to Amy and examined the fitment of the diaper, pulling at the edges. "This one seems to be the perfect fit as its tight enough to prevent any leaks. There won't be any need to try on the small so what I'll do is send you away today with a package of mediums. If you can try and slip that one off without undoing the tabs then you could use it tonight" Amy managed to gently slide off the diaper which she folded up and pushed deep to the bottom of her bag. She got herself dressed. The nurse got a package of the diapers out of a store cupboard which she put in a plain white plastic bag and handed to Amy. As Amy left her appointment she quickly made her way back to her car, she felt extremely self conscious walking around with a package of adult diapers. She put them in the trunk and then drove home. Back in Dr. Johns office, Tyler's appointment had finished. Chloe, Mom and Tyler all made their way back to the car. By that time Amy had gone. On the drive home Chloe couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. She wanted to get home so she could listen to the recording. When Chloe got home she grabbed a few snacks from the cupboard before heading upstairs and locking herself in her room. She got her phone out and started to play the recording. Listening back some parts still shocked her. "to be honest I'd say it's happening about 4 or 5 times a week, I find it so humiliating. It's getting really difficult to keep hidden from the rest of my family, especially my little brother and sister as I really don't want them knowing about this" Yea I bet you don't want anyone else knowing about this Chloe chuckled to herself. "Uhhhhh..... well yea I have done yes.....it's so embarrassing to even admit to it but I've started wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it's been so bad I've sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I'm so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both tease me about it" Chloe found it funny listening back and hearing Amy's confession to the doctor. "I think a lot of people would find it hilarious that an 18 year old still wear diapers" Chloe thought. Although Chloe was an average girl in most ways one thing she was decidedly above average at was anything to do with computers. She decided to transfer the recording and save it to her computer just in case something happened to her phone. She then began searching online, looking through lots of different websites and tumblr's. What she was looking for was a picture of a girl around Amy's age wearing a diaper, either in bed or getting ready for bed. She couldn't believe how many pictures she was finding of women in diapers, she realised a lot of the images were linked to fetish websites. After a long search she settled on one of a pretty girl that looked a little like Amy stood in her bathroom getting ready for bed with a diaper sticking out from under her nightshirt, the image looked as if someone had snuck in on the girl and snapped the pic having caught her in her diapered state. She thought this image would be perfect. She saved it and loaded it in to photoshop. Next she went on Facebook and found Amy's profile. Thankfully, due to Amy's popularity, she obviously enjoyed having her privacy settings open, giving anyone access to every picture on her profile. She probably enjoyed imagining all the guys that would check out her pictures. Chloe still couldn't get her head around the fact that the beautiful girl with flowing blonde hair she was seeing in all of these images, who clearly attended many, many parties and had an endless amount of friends, could still have problems keeping her be dry. Looking through her many pictures she finally found one of Amy which showed her side on which she knew was ideal to use. With both images loaded onto photoshop Chloe put her skills to work. It took her a while to get it right but the end result was absolutely worth it. What she had was a picture that no one would even suspect of being photoshopped, which showed Amy getting ready to go to bed, very clearly with a diaper on. It was an image that no one would even consider to be photoshopped. She knew this accompanied by the recording would be enough to have the whole school believe her. Later on that night at Amy's house. It was getting late so Amy knew it was time to go to bed. Her brother and sister were now in bed, so she knew this meant it was safer for her to go and do what she despised having to do every night, put her diaper on. She got her pj's out of her drawer and then got the diaper she had been changed into by the nurse out of her bag. As there were no tabs to tape on as they were already done up Amy decided to get changed in her room. She took off her clothes and panties. She then unfolded the diaper and pulled it up finding it to be quite tight, after a bit of pulling and wiggling she had it on securely around her waist. She then quickly put on her pj pants which required some force to get them over the diaper as it was so thick. She put her top on which covered the waistband which was sticking out. As she was about to get into bed she remembered what Dr.Johns had given her earlier; the bedwetting alarm. She knew she would have to use it to have any chance of curing her problem. She got it from her bag and tried to remember how he had said to use it. She clipped the alarm unit onto her shirt at the top of her chest, and then ran the cable down under her shirt into her diaper. She clipped it into place on the inside of her diaper before hopping into bed and soon drifting off to sleep... It was 3am at Amy's house and there was not a sound to be heard. Until suddenly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP..... Amy was in a very deep sleep and was having a familiar dream about getting up and going to use the bathroom, she dreamt she had woken up desperate to pee and had walked to the bathroom, except the reality was she was still asleep and her bathroom was her diaper. The alarm continued loudly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Amy didn't flinch Soon her sister Charlotte was woken by the noise. She made her way to Amy's room to find Amy asleep. She began shaking Amy to wake up. Amy just made a few groaning noises. "Amy wake up WAKE UP!!" Charlotte shouted Eventually Amy began to come round and realise what was going on "Finally Amy, what the hell is that noise?" Amy quickly realised it was her bedwetting alarm so she pressed the button to turn it off. She un-clipped it and discreetly disconnected the cable. "Why have you got an alarm strapped to your chest" Amy panicked hoping her sister didn't know what it was "I uuuuuu thought I would use my alarm clock tonight but I must have set it to the wrong time" "Why would you do that you normally use your phone. And why the hell would you strap it to your chest" "I keep sleeping through my phone alarm as it's not loud enough. I strapped it there so it would definitely wake me up" Amy looked at her sister who seemed to have bought her response "Whatever, the way you sleep you could sleep through a hurricane. That took ages to wake you up, I'm surprised you didn't pee the bed you were sleeping so deeply" Charlotte could tell her sister didn't find that last remark very funny. She sensed it made her feel uncomfortable. Charlotte then yanked the duvet off her sister. Luckily for Amy the bed was dry and her diaper wasn't showing. "Just checking" "Strangely enough I grew out of that when I was about 3 Charlotte. Just go back to bed and stop being a pest I need to get some sleep we've both got school in the morning" "Alright goodnight then big sis" Amy knew there was no way she would be able to use the bedwetting alarm again after that, she thought about how close Charlotte was to finding her out. She felt around her diaper that it was quite wet but though it should hold out until morning. She reached inside it to unclip the sensor which she put in her bag to throw away. After a few minutes she drifted back to sleep... The morning soon came around, it was 7:30am Chloe had got up and ready for school. The family were all sat having breakfast. Chloe was feeling very nervous but also excited about the fact that her and her friends might hopefully get their lives back to normal by putting an end to the bullying. She thought about what the chances were of this happening. It was a perfect case of karma, the girl who had been bullying her all this time still couldn't keep her bed dry. It also dawned on her about the money that Amy had been taking. In her head she suddenly realised something, "All that money she's been stealing off me I thought it was so she could spend it on make-up or clothes but she must have been using it to buy her adult diapers. I've had to go without lunch all those times just so she can piss herself every night like a baby" When she got to school Chloe met up with Jess and Natalie as they made their way to first period. "I wonder what trouble we're gonna have today then from Amy and her cronies" Said Natalie "Oh god I hope they leave us alone today as my Mom only gave me $5 for lunch" replied Jess "Well hopefully girls I think I've got a way of getting them to leave us alone" "I don't how you're planning on doing that but whatever it is it probably won't end well Chloe" "Look all I'll say it that you both have to trust me on this one" "Really, so what are you gonna do then?" "I don't wanna say just yet, but what I need you two to do is at lunchtime, if Amy comes over to us you two both walk away so she's left with just me to talk to" "Ok is that it" "Yea you'll both just have to be patient" Chloe had thought it through and decided not to tell Jess and Natalie yet as she knew they wouldn't be able to resist telling everyone. That morning Amy had woken up to find that she had wet her diaper in her sleep a second time as it was really swollen and saturated, it was so full it forced her legs apart like a toddler that had just had an accident. Feeling around between her legs she felt her pyjamas were slightly damp. Pulling back the covers she checked her bed finding that the diaper had leaked slightly onto her sheet, leaving a small area of wetness on the bed . "Damn it" Amy sighed to herself. This had happened a few times before because of her rolling over in her sleep. The thick indiscreet hospital diaper had leaked just like her other diapers had done occasionally. Suddenly her bedroom door flew open, it was Charlotte. Amy quickly pulled the covers back over herself. "Oh you're awake, I thought I'd come and check that you were getting up in case you slept through your alarm again" "What are you doing Charlotte get the hell out of my room you should know not to just barge into someone's bedroom like that" "Geez what's got into you stressy pants" replied Charlotte "I get it, you wanna spend time with me cos you haven't got any of your own friends. I'm more popular, better looking and doing much better than you at everything, well guess what- you're a loser, 16 years old and I bet you've never even kissed a boy" Amy snapped aggressively at her younger sister Charlotte broke down in tears "oh my god you're such a bitch sometimes" "We'll it's true, now get out so I can get dressed" She ran out of the room crying her eyes out, and went downstairs to the kitchen where Mom was making breakfast "Oh honey what's wrong" her Mom asked Charlotte told her that Amy had been mean to her, all because she went into her room to check she was awake. Mom was furious with Amy for this, she always thought she could get away with talking to her younger sister like this, she didn't want her to get away with it this time She marched straight upstairs to Amy's bedroom, pushing the door open she found her 18 year old daughter still in her bed. "How dare you speak like that to your sister, I thought I brought you up to be better than that" "Whatever Mom, I'm not having her just walk into my bedroom like that, I don't go in her room" "Your bedroom? I'd rethink that if I were you, remind me who pays the mortgage on the house! Exactly, me and your father" "Anyway I don't want that little brat coming in here, especially while I'm still in bed" "There's only one little brat in this house Amy and that is you, in more ways than one. Your sister is proving to me to be far more mature than you at times, even now look she's up and ready to leave for school while you're still lazing around in bed, and she actually knows how to treat people with respect" "Anyway I'm gonna buy a lock to put on my door to stop her coming in" "You won't be putting a lock on the door I'm afraid young lady, I may have considered allowing you to if you had proven to me that you are mature enough, but with some of your behaviour recently, not a chance. Now get up and go and get yourself ready for school, I don't want Charlotte and Sam to be late because of your laziness, I'll talk to you about this further when you get home from school" With that Mom left the room and went back downstairs Amy waited to make sure Mom had definitely gone before picking up her school clothes and heading out of her room. Checking it was now clear she quickly made her way across the hallway and into the bathroom thankful that everyone must have gone downstairs. As she walked there was quite a diaper bulge from her butt, which had only been made worse by the fact that she had wet it in her sleep, twice. She was a bit cautious as she wasn't sure where her brother Sam was. Having a brother who was 15 and a sister that was 16 made it a lot harder for Amy to accept being a bedwetter, and made it extremely difficult to hide it. She certainly didn't want them know their big sister still had to put on a diaper for bed as she knew they would probably out her to her friends. It was also frustrating to her that neither of them had ever had any trouble staying dry at night and yet here she was with this problem. The first accidents were shortly before her 18th birthday. She had managed to wash her wet sheets a few times without anyone noticing, but she knew if she wanted to keep this problem from her siblings and her parents that she only had one option. From that day, as humiliating as it felt to her she has worn a diaper to bed every night to hide her accidents. She stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror, turning from side to side checking out her butt she noticed that anyone observant would have known what she had on under her pyjamas. She took off her pyjamas leaving her stood in just her diaper. Amy thought her butt looked huge in the diaper. She looked at herself and could see exactly why guys liked her, she was hot and she knew it. Over the last couple of years she knew her figure had filled out nicely. Her boobs were now a lovely size and around her hips she had increased in size, giving her a nice shapely butt, this was partly helped by her cheerleading and all the exercises such a lunges and squats she did. She carefully untaped her full diaper, having already turned on the shower to cover up the noise as she ripped the tabs off. Amy got herself showered and put on her school uniform. She wrapped the diaper up in her laundry as she made her way back to her room. Amy decided to leave her bedding as she thought as it was only a relatively small area that was wet it would likely have dried out by the evening. She put the diaper in a plastic bag which she tied up and shoved to the bottom of her school bag. She knew this was the only option as she didn't want to leave her wet diapers around the house in case her mother found them. She had hoped to get a chance to put it in the trash before they left for school but this morning she didn't get a chance. Now at school it was breaktime at the end of first period. Chloe, Natalie and Jess were all stood by their lockers chatting in their usual spot. Chloe then noticed she could see Amy making her way towards them, she appeared to be on her own. Chloe quickly told the other two to quickly go, which left just her and Amy. "Hello baby girl where did your little friends run off to, have they gone off crying to their Moms" Amy said whilst chuckling "Baby girl? that's rich coming from you, I don't think you want to be talking to me like that Amy" "Oh really so what are you gonna do about it?" "Well it depends if you mind the whole school knowing your little secret" "I don't have any secrets you little bitch" "Let's take this conversation somewhere a little more private shall we, I wouldn't want anyone over-hearing us. Over there look lets go in the disabled bathroom"replied Chloe "Yea ok let's go in there then I can beat the hell out of you without anyone else seeing" Chloe and Amy made there way across the hallway and into the disabled bathroom "Right then, speak up before I take your lunch money and hurt you" "I wouldn't do that if I were you unless you want the whole school to know what the supposedly grown up cheerleader still wears to bed" As she said this she had a massive grin on her face, at the same time the grin on Amy's face quickly evaporated Amy's heart sank, she surely couldn't know, no one knew. Chloe saw a look of terror come across Amy's face. Yeah that's right what's it like then Amy still wetting the bed at your age?" 'What are you on about I've never done that in my life I'm not a fucking baby" "Oh really, diaper lady. I can't believe you actually still do that at your age" "Look I don't know what the hell you're on about but it's a load of trash" Amy was blushing fiercely as she knew Chloe somehow knew her secret "Your appointment yesterday with Dr. Johns........... I recorded every second of it" "W w w what....... you can't have" "That's right I know your little secret and I've got proof to back it up" Chloe began playing the recording.......... "Awwww is it embarrassing Amy so you've been waking up wet 4 or 5 nights a week" Amy stood there looking furious as she listened to the recording "Awww so you've been wearing adult diapers every night and you sometimes even have to change them in the middle of the night, I bet your little sister would love to find out" "Give me that" Amy then moved towards her to try and grab her phone "Ah ah ah..... I wouldn't if I were you as I've got this saved to my computer and at the click of a button I will have the whole school knowing about your little bedwetting problem" The recording continued to play.. "So how did your bedwetting alarm go last night then Amy, did you keep your diaper dry?" Chloe said while laughing "Shut up, look I'm begging you there's really no need for you to tell anyone about this,I'll leave you alone and do whatever you want in return" "Of course you will and if you don't do exactly as I say your secrets out, have you got it diaper baby" "Fine, whatever" "Firstly, starting right now, give me your lunch money" "I haven't got any lunch money my Mom didn't give me any today" Chloe grabbed Amy's bag and began to look through it "Well well what have we got here" as Chloe pulled a plastic bag out "That's just some uuuuuhh...... trash" "Are you sure about that Amy?" Chloe ripped the bag open realising it was a diaper. She pulled it out and unfolded it holding it up smiling "It doesn't look like that bedwetting alarm worked for you last night. I can't believe someone your age still does that in their sleep, and to think Rick, the captain of the football team actually has a crush on you, I don't think he would if he saw this. This is disgusting. You should have told your Mom about your little diaper problem and got her to change you in the night" Amy felt utterly humiliated by the younger girl "One more thing if you don't want everyone knowing about this, you will come to school tomorrow wearing one of your bedwetting diapers and you'll meet me here 15 minutes before classes start" Wait, What, there's no way I'm wearing one to school" Amy was horrified at this thought "Either wear a diaper tomorrow or the whole school find out that you still wear them to bed, oh and bring a spare in your bag just in case. And don't even think about wearing a pull-up or something it has to be one of these exact ones" Amy knew she had no option but to come to school diapered. And to make matters worse, it was one of the thick, loud hospital diapers. She was now dreading the thought of being in a diaper around her friends. She knew the school uniform wouldn't help her situation either as the skirts were quite short. Chloe then got a piece of paper out of her bag and handed it to Amy, it was a print-out of the photoshopped picture which showed Amy diapered and ready for bed. Amy looked stunned "What the fuck that's not real" "Do you think anyone's gonna believe its not real it looks pretty real to me?" She felt really angry and shocked at the picture which looked completely real "See you in the morning then diaper baby" Chloe said with a smirk on her face Amy gave her a stern look as she opened the door and headed off to her class. She ripped the picture up into so many pieces no one would know what is was and put it in the trash can. Chloe felt really pleased with how that had gone. She could see how much Amy hated the fact she knew her secret. She could also see how embarrassed she was. She was now feeling quite excited and couldn't believe she had managed to blackmail the most pretty and popular girl in school to come in wearing an adult diaper under her uniform. She had given her no option but to do exactly as she said. Chloe quickly locked the door as she was still holding the sodden undergarment. She certainly didn't want anyone thinking it was her's. She looked at it and still couldn't quite believe that the hot, popular cheerleader Amy White had worn that to bed the previous night and had peed in it in her sleep. It just didn't seem possible. There was a knock on the door, Chloe quickly stuffed the diaper back in the bag and stuffed it in the trash can. She opened the door to see Natalie and Jess stood there. "Are you okay Chlo? We saw you go in there with Amy and we were worried she'd hurt you" "I'm totally fine but I don't know if she is" "What do you mean" questioned Natalie "Let's just say she won't be picking on us anymore" replied Chloe with a grin "Why what have you done" "Well it appears that Amy White has a little secret she didn't want anyone knowing about" "Oh my god, seriously? What is it? Did she sleep with one of the teachers or something?" Chloe laughed "no it's something a bit more embarrassing than that" She walked over to the trash can and opened the lid. As the trash was previously empty she was able to pull the bag out without it being dirty. "Chloe why are going through trash? what the hell is that?" She tipped the bag up and the undergarment fell to the floor with a thud. Chloe then picked it up holding it up to her friends "It's an adult diaper" "Eeewwww, that's disgusting, but what the hell's that got to do with Amy" "Well girls believe it or not this was Amy's underwear for bed last night, she has a little bedwetting problem" "Wait what, no way, Amy still wets the bed? you have got to be kidding let me see that thing" Natalie took the diaper from Chloe to examine it "Oh my god this thing is absolutely soaked feel how heavy it is. So you're telling us that Amy White, the girl who's been bullying us still wets her bed every night like a baby" "Yep I couldn't believe it that evil bitch still can't keep her bed dry" "This is amazing, after all this time of putting up with her and that little bitch still pisses the bed, I cant wait for everyone to find out" replied Jess with a big smile on her face "How did you get this diaper anyway" questioned Natalie "We'll let's just say I caught up with her this morning before she had a chance to dispose of it" "What so she was walking around with a used diaper in her school bag?" "Yea she obviously didn't get a chance to put it in the trash before school without risking her family seeing her" "I'm not surprised she's hiding it from her family, what the fuck is wrong with her to still do that at her age" "How did you find out about this anyway Chloe" questioned Natalie "Well yesterday after school Mom made me go with her and Tyler to an appointment Tyler had at the hospital, while we were in the waiting area I heard her name called out, I was curious when I heard her name as it was the same doctor that Tyler sees for bedwetting. I managed to get outside the doctor's office and record the whole conversation she had with the doctor as the door was left slightly open" "No way are you serious" "Yea, do you wanna hear the recording" Chloe began playing the recording, Natalie and Jess stood there speechless as they listened to Amy reveal everything to the doctor......... "I'm in shock, I can't believe what I just heard, I can't wait for the whole school to find out that she's actually nothing more than a big baby" said Jess "You two can't say anything about this yet as I've actually managed to blackmail her" replied Chloe "What do you mean?" "Well I told her that she has to come to school tomorrow wearing one of her diapers or I'll tell the whole school her secret" "Seriously? You've managed to blackmail her in to wearing one of these to school, haha that's brilliant" said Jess whilst still holding the soaked diaper "Yep" "I doubt she'll actually wear one, imagine how embarrassing that would be for her" said Natalie "We'll just have to wait and see" Chloe then showed Natalie and Jess her photoshopped picture which she had a copy of on her phone. Again they looked stunned "How on earth did you get that picture" they questioned "Believe it or not it's not actually real, it's a picture I found online which I photoshopped her head on to" "Wow no one would ever know that isn't real, she literally has no way out of this" Amy sat in her class, unable to concentrate. She couldn't believe the position she had been put in. She was really fearing what might happen if she didn't do exactly as Chloe said. Thoughts kept running through her head on how ruined she would be if people found out her secret. She imagined everyone laughing at her and calling her names, she knew she would likely lose a lot of friends as well as no one would want to be seen hanging out with the school bed wetter, an 18 year old who still had to rely on diapers to keep her bed dry. The more she thought about it, the more she realised her future was at the mercy of the girl she had been bullying... The Next Morning Chloe, Natalie and Jess all arrived for school nice and early. It was 20 mins until classes started. They all made their way to the disabled restroom where Amy had been told by Chloe to meet. Natalie and Jess hid inside the restroom keeping the light off while Chloe waited outside in the hallway. After just a few minutes of waiting Chloe saw Amy appear from the main entrance, as Amy got closer Chloe examined to see if she was actually wearing a diaper or not, she was wearing a patterned pleated skirt which was part of the new uniform which was quite short coming to a few inches above her knees. She thought she could notice a slight bulge from her butt and there was too much noise to hear anything so she couldn't be sure. As Amy reached Chloe she didn't look very happy, Chloe had a look of glee on her face as she made eye contact with the bully. She told her to go in the disabled restroom which she did. As she walked in Chloe flicked the light on and locked the door, which gave Amy quite a shock as she saw Natalie and Jess stood there, the three girls stood in front of the door so Amy wouldn't be able to escape, not that she was likely to try to. "What the hell are you two doing in here? That wasn't part of the agreement" asked Amy angrily " Well seeing as you've been bullying us we thought it only fair that we help check that yore wearing what you belong in" The girls all moved in towards Amy as she backed up. They had her penned in against the back wall. "I'm wearing it you don't need to do this for god's sake" "You better be for your sake baby" Natalie and Jess grabbed an arm each and pulled Amy forward away from the wall. Chloe wasted no time in then yanking Amy's skirt right down around her ankles in one swift movement..... The girls all then stood back absolutely stunned, none of them could hold back a smile from their faces as they observed Amy actually had a diaper on. They couldn't believe the hottest girl in the whole school was stood in front of them, not wearing a cute pair of panties as you would expect but a huge, thick crinkly adult diaper which wrapped itself tightly around her butt designed to hold the 18 year olds accidents she had in her sleep. It made her look so innocent and vulnerable, but the girls knew she was anything but... Chloe then spoke "I think this shirt can come off for a minute Amy" "What no, I'm not taking my shirt off" "Have it your way... we'll do it for you then" The girls then all moved in and grabbed her again, they soon had her shirt unbuttoned and chucked it on the floor "Look at the big baby, you look like you should be pushed around in a stroller with a pacifier in your mouth, and have your mom change your dirty diapers" said Chloe "Does your Mom every actually change you" questioned Jess The girls all started giggling Amy just gave them an evil look "Do you remember Amy that comment you made to me the other day that you would spread a rumour about one of us sucking on a baby bottle?" Amy stayed silent "Well I thought you might like to try sucking on a baby bottle yourself, it would complete your new look, besides, I don't want you to get dehydrated" Chloe got a baby bottle out of her bag and handed it to Amy "I'm not fucking well drinking that" "You've got two choices, either you drink all the water from the baby bottle, or we open this door right now and push you out in the hallway so the whole school sees what a little diaper baby you really are" Reluctantly Amy put the bottle to her lips and began drinking it Chloe then sneakily began recording Amy as she drank from the bottle, Amy was so focused on finishing the drink that she hadn't noticed that she was being videoed in her current state. Chloe had got a great video of Amy from all sides clearly showing her diaper and her sucking on the baby bottle, making sure to get a good view of her face... Amy gulped down all the water from the bottle, except, unfortunately for Amy, little did she know, what she had just drunk wasn't just plain water, it had a couple of things added to it which would play havoc with her bladder and bowels over the course of the day... Chloe, Natalie and Jess all looked at each other trying to hold back a smile as they saw that Amy had completely downed all the water. They knew this meant that the day could become quite interesting. They then let Amy put her skirt and shirt back on, she really struggled to pull the skirt back up over the diaper. The girl who had established herself as one of the most popular and hot girls in the school, was not only wearing an extremely thick and crinkly adult diaper under her school uniform, but would also have a very tough time keeping control of her bodily functions through all her days classes.... After all that Amy had done to them, the way she had made their lives hell for the past few months, they felt she deserved a taste of her own medicine. They hoped she would endure some serious humiliation. Being thickly diapered at school seemed an appropriate punishment for the bedwetting bully, albeit a bedwetting bully that just about every guy in the school would love to hop into bed with, well that is maybe until they knew about her little secret.. Having pulled her skirt into place, she was ready to leave for class, hoping that was it but Chloe had one more thing to say to her......... "Don't even think of taking it off or messing with it in any way, if you do so much as touch the tabs or don't turn up I will not hesitate to press the send button on the recording, have you got that? You will meet us here at the start of lunchtime for a diaper check. Who knows you might need your big diaper wearing ass changed by then" the girls all started laughing. Amy was so angry that she had allowed these little brats to blackmail her into wearing a fucking diaper to school. "As if they actually think I'm gonna use it! not a fucking chance!" she thought to herself "There won't be any need to do that as I won't use it" Amy responded "We'll see about that at lunchtime" With that Chloe opened the door and the three of them pushed Amy out into the crowded hallway, leaving her stumbling to try and stay on her feet with one hand holding her skirt down and one hand trying to get her balance. They stood giggling as the diapered senior disappeared into the morning crowds.. Amy made her way towards her first class, feeling extremely conscious of the extra padding she had between her legs which she was sure caused a noticeable bulge around her cute butt. She certainly thought it had when she checked herself in the mirror before school. She was also worried that people would hear the crinkling while she was in class as to her it was noticeable with every movement she made. It sounded like she had a plastic bag in her panties. The stupid hospital diapers were in no way designed to be discreet. Amy then remembered the not so comforting words the nurse had said to her, "they're not designed to be discreet, they're designed to stop the bed getting wet" As she approached her class a group of her friends were stood outside, she chatted with them for a couple of minutes, trying to stay as still as possible, before heading into class. Danielle and Brooke asked Amy if she planned on getting any money off 'those 3 losers' as they put it, to which Amy replied that she couldn't be bothered with the hassle of that at the moment. She certainly wasn't going to tell them the real reason. Amy was pleased to have made it into class undetected and was in her seat which was pretty much in the middle of the classroom. Much of the lesson was boring as the teacher Mrs Ashley talked about a book that they had been studying for their end of year exam. Amy tried to sit as still as possible as even turning around or shifting in her seat caused a bit of rustling. People spent a lot of the lesson discreetly passing notes to each other when the teacher wasn't looking. Amy tried not to get too involved in, as she didn't want to risk moving too much. However one note was thrown from the desk behind her, it landed on her lap. She looked around to see it was Rick that had thrown it as he was smiling at her, she returned a smile. Opening the note it read "was wondering if you we're free this evening sexy butt as my parents are away so I've got the house to myself, we could watch a movie or something?" Amy knew this was probably just a polite way of Rick saying do you want to come over so we can fuck. She had to admit she did really like Rick, and she did feel she was now mature enough to finally lose her virginity, apart from the fact that over the last 6 months or so she had gradually turned into a chronic bedwetter, and the fact that she was currently wearing an adult diaper under her skirt. She pondered what response to give, she thought she may as well go to his after school as this was likely going to be quite a shitty day, and she knew it would help take her mind off her current predicament if she had something to look forward to. She picked up her pen and added to the note "speak after class" before throwing the note back to Rick. She thought she would keep him waiting. Amy thought about how she would do it. She would go home first and discard the diaper. Then she could change into something more sexy. She had some tight fitting yoga pants which she knew guys go crazy over, and a cute little thong she could put on underneath. Amy looked at the time and saw that she still had over an hour left of the class. She hated having double English as it seemed to go on forever. She felt a twinge from her bladder, this didn't worry her as she knew she could hold on as she hadn't really drank much besides the water she was forced to drink. Plus there was no way she would give those little bitches the satisfaction of actually using the diaper. However, within minutes the slight twinge had quite suddenly developed into quite a desperate need to relieve herself. She was shocked how quickly the urge had come on. Amy tried hard to compose herself and think what to do. Did she put her hand up and ask to use the restroom and risk people noticing the crinkling as she walked through the quiet class. She then remembered what Chloe had said to her "don't even think of messing with it in anyway, if you do so much as touch the tabs I will not hesitate send that recording around school, have you got it?" These words stuck in her head. So even if she made it to the restroom unnoticed what would she do? she couldn't touch the tabs and risk Chloe noticing, and it would be strapped on too tightly to pull it down over her butt . Amy realised her only option would be to try and hold it and if she couldn't she would have no choice but to use the diaper. She couldn't believe she was even considering using the diaper, she was in her senior year for gods sake why was she even thinking about peeing in the stupid diaper? Her desperation got so bad, which made her have to try really hard not let her legs shake, as she knew would only serve to draw attention to herself. At the worst possible moment the teacher, Mrs Ashley picked on her to answer a question. "Amy can you please tell the class the answer to question 4" Amy didn't respond, the teacher speaking caused her to lose concentration and suddenly a trickle of pee spurted out of her vagina. She sat almost in a trance as the trickle very quickly turned into her having a full blown wetting accident. In the silence of the class all Amy could hear was a faint hissing noise from between her legs which she hoped wasn't loud enough for anyone else to hear. It seemed to take forever as her bladder uncontrollably emptied itself into her diaper. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Sat in her class and she had just filled her diaper as if she was 2 years old. "Well I'm waiting for an answer" "Ummmm I'm not sure miss, sorry I wasn't concentrating" was all Amy could say in response as she felt her diaper expand beneath her as the warmth spread from her crotch to halfway up her butt. "Yes I can see that, in future please pay more attention Amy" All eyes were on her as she had taken so long to answer Mrs Ashley. She just hoped none of her classmates could tell what she had just done. Fortunately no one seemed to have noticed, and the teacher soon took the attention away from her by asking someone else the answer. Amy realised just how close she had been to being discovered. "I could curse that little bitch Chloe for making me wear this stupid thing to class" she thought to herself She managed to get through the rest of the lesson without any further problems. As Mrs Ashley dismissed the class, Amy took her time putting her stuff away so that she was the last one to leave. Before getting up she discreetly checked her skirt and the chair in case the diaper had leaked. Luckily she found both to be dry. She made her way out of the class, finding it hard to walk normally with the thickness between her legs, to find Rick was there waiting for her... "Hey Amy how ya doing" Rick asked while smiling "Yea I'm good Rick" "So do you fancy it then later on? I've got the house all to myself until tomorrow. It would be awesome if you came over" "Uuuummm I've been thinking about it and.... yeah I think that would be great, I'll have to pop home first, but I should be able to get to yours by about 5 cos its only like a 10-15 minute walk from mine" "That sounds great, I'm not gonna invite anyone else so it'll just be me and you" Amy smiled before suddenly pulling Rick in close and kissing him passionately on the lips. After she had kissed him she simply said "I'll be looking forward to it cutie" before turning around and walking off to her next class. Rick felt really pleased with himself as he watched Amy head off down the corridor. As he watched her he thought something seemed odd about the way she was walking, and her butt seemed different somehow, but he dismissed it as nothing thinking it was just him. He couldn't believe though that he'd finally persuaded the hottest girl in the whole school, the girl he had a massive crush on to come over to his house. Amy quickly went in to the girls bathroom before class. Luckily for her there was no one else in there so she quickly locked herself in one of the stalls. Pulling up her skirt she examined her diaper. Squeezing the crotch area, she found the wetness had gone quite a long way up the front. Feeling her butt as well, it felt soaked as well to about half way up. She felt that if she wet it again it would be touch and go whether or not it would hold it. Although she certainly had no intention of using it again. She was annoyed with herself that she had ended up using the diaper, meaning that after her next class she would have no choice but to give Chloe, Natalie and Jess the satisfaction of seeing her in a wet diaper. Amy just hoped they would allow her to change into the other diaper she brought with her as she really didn't fancy walking around with a wet one on all day. Amy had one more class before she would have to face the girls and endure the humiliation of a diaper check. She couldn't believe she was 18 years old , and three 16 year olds would be checking if she had used her diaper. She was one of the first few to arrive for her next class. Nervous about people noticing, she strategically walked in behind a couple of her classmates who were chatting to help conceal any crinkling coming from between her legs. After a few minutes the class filled up and the teacher got started..... A boy called John had sat directly behind her, Amy was conscious of this because she knew John had a massive crush on her, but in Amy's mind he was a complete loser. In reality he was just an average guy who took a liking to a pretty girl. She just hoped he wasn't paying too much attention to her butt... The class was going fine and at times Amy almost forgot about what she was wearing, that was until about 20 minutes from the end of class.... She began feeling some stomach cramps, which as time went on became extremely uncomfortable..... Soon becoming almost unbearable as she felt a very desperate need to use the bathroom.. Knowing yet again that her only option was to stay exactly where she was.... "There is no way I'm gonna let this happen" she thought to herself as she held on with all her might, determined not to humiliate herself in class... She looked and saw there were 5 minutes remaining, finding it very difficult not to bend forward clutching her stomach which would alert people to her situation.... 3 minutes left.... She was counting down the seconds...... All of a sudden her eyes opened wide..... She could feel a warm mess begin to press on the back of her diaper....... The reality of what she was doing set it......... She was messing herself! In class! Like a baby! The back of her diaper continued to expand as she completely lost all control... Luckily for Amy it had been a 'quiet' accident so no one heard what she had done. A torrent of pee followed the mess which really tested the diapers capacity. She sat trying hard not to let on that anything had happened as the mess spread itself right across her bottom. It wasn't long before people started noticing an awful smell "Eeeewww what the hell is that smell" one guy shouted "It smells like someone shit themselves" "Come on own up, who's the baby that needs their diaper changed then I bet its you John" shouted one of Amy's friends which caused an eruption of laughter Fortunately class was dismissed just a few moments later, and because of the smell no one hung around to find out at the end of class. Amy felt herself blushing bright red as she thought about her current situation. She would now have to walk through school in a loaded diaper. As she got up she felt absolutely disgusting feeling that her accident was all stuck to her butt.... She waddled her way through school, keeping a low profile trying to avoid engaging with anyone, eventually arriving at the disabled restroom where Chloe and the others were waiting for her.. They were all smiling as she walked in and they locked the door "What's wrong diaper girl you don't look very happy?" The girls then noticed the smell "well well, it looks like someone needed her diaper after all" Lift her skirt girls Amy helplessly stood there as the 3 girls lifted her skirt revealing her rather full adult diaper..... "Eeeewwww that's fucking gross I can't believe you actually shat yourself" "That thing is full to bursting point HAHAHA" "Please can I at least change it before my next class" asked Amy "Well we can't leave the diaper girl in a mess like that can we? Buuutt.... babies don't change themselves, do they Amy?" They had to be kidding, there was no way she wanted them changing her, that would just be too humiliating "Look please I can do it myself I don't need you to do it" replied Amy "Oh don't worry, we weren't planning on changing you, did you really think we would want to go near that thing?" gesturing to her bulging diaper Now she was worried, what the hell did they have planned for her???? "What is gonna happen is we are going to escort you down the hallway to the nurse's office, and you will go in and tell her you need her to change your diaper" "Wait, what the fuck... you've got to be kidding?" "Oh no, we're definitely, definitely not kidding..........unless you would prefer us to escort you back into the hallway with maybe let's say your skirt missing?" "Oh my god please no, I'll go to the nurse" "Well well, it looks like someone's finally found herself some manners" Now Amy was very, very worried, apart from the fact it would mean walking back through the crowded school hallways while everyone was on their lunch break, it was mainly because the school nurse was a lady called Clare who happened to be the mother of one of her closest friends Lexi, and she happened to know her extremely well. Amy had been over to Lexi's house on many an occasion and even stayed the night a few times. She was now seriously worried about what was about to happen! She couldn't even fathom having to tell Clare, she, a girl supposed to be the same age as her daughter was wearing a diaper, her cheeks blushed at the mere thought, let alone have Clare actually fucking change her like she were some potty training little kid that had had an accident, even though she knew Clare would be bound to patient confidentiality.. The girls then marched Amy through the crowded hallways towards the nurses' office, which caused more than a few wrinkled noses and disgusted faces, as fellow students were hit by the smell. Most of whom were at least a year or two younger than Amy. All she could do was pray to God that none of them figured out the source of the smell to be from beneath the pleated skirt of the hot senior as she continued her journey through the halls with an ever present crinkle from between her legs, only made worse by the diaper being expanded to it's full capacity... Chloe, Jess and Natalie all walked along close behind Amy feeling delighted with how this was panning out. All Amy wanted was to get to the nurses office without drawing any attention to her extremely bulky backside. The diaper was so heavy it sagged dangerously close to the hem of her skirt Chloe had other ideas... "You know Amy you really do have a great butt don't you" as she smacked Amy's thickly padded rear which caused quite a loud crinkle sound, before flicking the back of her skirt up giving the girls a quick glimpse of Amy's bulging diapered ass in plain view of everyone in the hallway as they all giggled away.... Amy quickly yanked down the back of her skirt hoping that no one had observed her exposed diaper.... Eventually getting to the nurses office, she went in and sat in the small waiting area, thankfully the giggling girls all waited outside so she was sat on her own. There was no one else in the waiting area which Amy was thankful of, constantly aware of the messy diaper that sagged from her butt. 5 minutes later the nurse came through from out in the main hallway, she was holding a packaged sandwich, Amy realised she must have been returning with her lunch. As she walked in she recognised Amy immediately, speaking as she continued walking through to her office.. "Hi Amy how are you doing? I haven't seem you for ages, I'll call you through in just a few minutes ok" said the smiling nurse "Hi Clare, uhhh yeah ok" replied a rather nervous Amy She felt worse about what was about to happen because of the fact Clare wasn't your typical old nurse that you often see at schools, in fact she was anything but. Amy had often admired how pretty she was. Clare was only in her late 30's having had Lexi at quite a young age and she looked good on it. She had an amazing smile and a perfect figure, as well as having more than ample sized breasts. As she sat there she thought about whether there was any possible way out of this situation, realising there really wasn't unless she wanted the whole school to find out this popular cheerleader still needed diapers at night.. A few minutes later, Amy could hear a commotion from outside in the hallway, soon the door to the waiting area flew open and what seemed like half the school soccer team came flooding through the door, helping one of their mates who had clearly hurt his leg... Amy tried to avoid any interaction with the group of lads as she sat feeling the mess in her diaper had spread itself right across her butt.... A couple of them made a comment that something smelled pretty bad which did nothing to help Amy's situation They banged on the nurses office door and moments later Clare came out to see what was going on, finding the soccer players holding up their injured teammate. "Look Amy, I know you were here first but do you mind if I deal with this young man first, that is unless your here for something particularly urgent" Ignoring the uncomfortable diaper she could feel crinkling with every little movement she made Amy spoke "Oh no uuummm it's alright I can wait" replied Amy, definitely not wanting to bring any attention to herself as the group of boys looked over at her. Amy then sat there waiting for about 10 minutes, feeling more and more nervous about what was about to happen, before the door finally opened. The boys all came out, along with the injured boy who was now using some crutches. Moments later Clare came out and called Amy in... "So Amy how can I help?" "Well to be honest, it's uuummm...... it's something quite embarrassing" stumbled Amy "Look Amy, don't worry, I'm sure it's probably something I've heard or seen a hundred times, and you can be assured that whatever you tell me stays strictly between us ok" "Ok. Well uuuu... what it is.... is that uuu.... recently I've been struggling with having a bit of a bad stomach and well, with exams coming up I uuuuu...don't want to go off sick and miss any classes so I've kind of taken a bit of a precaution" lied Amy as she stood up revealing the waistband of her diaper to Clare Clare looked a bit taken aback seeing Amy reveal that she was wearing a diaper. "Oh gosh Amy you poor thing" "I uuuummmm.... kind of had an accident and need some help changing it" hanging her head in shame feeling her cheeks now burning red Clare couldn't believe what she was hearing, a mature girl, 18 years old and a close friend of her daughter Lexi was asking her to change her dirty diaper. Trying to put her personal thoughts aside Clare tried hard to remain professional. "Of course Amy, if you can just slip your skirt off and lie down on the bed I'll help you get cleaned up" Amy felt herself glowing red having to admit to Clare that she needed her diaper changed, as she took her skirt off revealing her well padded butt before lying down, which made her mess spread further up the back of her diaper. "Do you have a spare Amy as we don't currently have any need to stock any diapers" Amy knew this was Clare basically saying no other student in the whole school wets or messes themselves so we don't have any, which made her feel a little worse about her situation knowing she also was in the highest year group as well. "Uuuhhh.... yeah I've got another one in my bag" "That's great, it's ok you stay there I'll get it out" said Clare who was a little shocked by the sight of Amy lying there in what looked like a pretty full diaper. She had dealt with many diaper changes in her time, but only babies and toddlers, never someone anywhere near Amy's age, even in her days as a babysitter.... Clare rummaged through to the bottom of Amy's bag where she found the spare diaper. Getting some wipes ready and putting some rubber gloves on, Nurse Clare began the task of changing Amy. She really couldn't believe what she was dealing with as she undid the tapes on the front of the diaper finding it to be just as bad as it looked. This was a girl that most guys at the school had their eye on, who was a regular on the cheerleading team and yet here she in such a compromised state lying in front of her in a very, very, messy diaper as if she were still a baby. It made her think that she was glad that her own daughter didn't still have issues like this, but she knew Lexi was far more mature than that. As she changed Amy, being a mother she noticed something that made her suspicious of Amy's story. On both of Amy's sides she appeared to have a bit of diaper rash, which Clare could tell wasn't caused by wearing diapers just a few times, she knew this would have only been caused by daily diaper use over a prolonged period, probably of at least a few weeks. This made her think back to the times Amy had stayed over at her house wondering if she had been wearing diapers then.. Despite the mess, Nurse Clare made fairly quick work of changing Amy, and before she knew it Amy was all taped up into a fresh diaper. "There we are, that's all done Amy" Without thinking Clare patted Amy's padded bottom as she began standing up. As soon as she'd done it she realised that it probably wasn't a very professional thing to have done, but rather than make a big deal of it and apologise she just pretended it hadn't happened... This only added to Amy's embarrassment. It was only a small thing, but it was something mothers did to their young children, not something that an 18 year expected to have done by the school nurse.... It was as if Clare had decided to treat her like a baby, just because of the diaper... Amy stood up and promptly pulled down her skirt, glad the ordeal was over, but still feeling totally embarrassed at what Clare had just done... "If you need help again don't be afraid to pop back in Amy" Amy had never felt so embarrassed in her whole life... She couldn't bring herself to say much as she adjusted her clothing to hide the rustling undergarment before leaving "uuuummm, yeah ok" was all she could muster Back in the hallway, as expected the little brats were all waiting for her to return.... Chloe continued to be charming and unsubtle... "So how did it go then friend" "How the fuck do you think?" Replied a frustrated Amy, not taking kindly to Chloe's sarcasm.. "Now, now, don't be like that.... unless that is.....you want everyone to get another, maybe slightly longer glimpse of what's under your skirt.." As she said this Chloe slowly walked right up close to a now slightly scared Amy... "Speaking of which I need to check you're wearing your correct underwear........or should I say under.......garment" Chloe reached behind Amy, touching her skirt, before shocking Amy by lowering her hand and reaching under the back of her skirt where she firmly squeezed Amy's diaper in plain view of all the other students. Amy felt mortified having this take place in the hallway "There's a good baby wearing her diapey, it might not be long before we let you out of them if you start being a good girl.... Chloe was making the most of every moment of her newfound power over the bullying cheerleader.......and she didn't intend for it to stop anytime soon....
  23. Want to see the entire first part? Check out my Patreon. For just a dollar you can see numerous stories that won't be seen anywhere else. Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Better Left Lost We join our heroes high up in the hills near Mount Chimney where they currently seemed to have lost their way. The gang had been hiking for hours since they had left the fertile agrarian town of Fallabor earlier in the morning. "You guys, I'm pretty sure sure that we should've gotten there by now." Ash stated as he stretched out his arms over his head, keeping a steady pace. "I think we're lost." May added. "Max, what does the PokeNav say?" Brock asked the youngest member of the party. "Umm, looks like we are out of the PokéNav's service area." The group sighs in unison. "How about we just keep going down this trail? It's got to lead somewhere." Brock offered.. "Fine, but I want to find some new pokemon to battle." "I'm sure we'll find some soon, Ash. I just hope we find a place to sleep tonight." May continued hiking up the hill behind Ash, who lead the way, she was flanked by Brock and her brother. As always Ash was filled with energy and determination. He'd been lost many times before and never let it get to him. After all, being lost had sometimes proved to be very beneficial to his training. "Woah, look at that!" Ash pointed to a very old, medieval looking structure that sat on an outcropping of stone. The ancient castle, perched precariously on a cliff, was calling out to him. Begging to be explored. "I've never seen anything like it." May shielded her eyes from the sun with her right hand, hoping to get a better look at the castle and block out the sun's rays. "Neither have I." Brock stared at the imposing stone fortress with his crew. "As far as I can tell, it's not on the map." Max said, looking at his trusty map. "Well then, let's go check it out!" Ash ran off towards the old ruins before anyone could say anything else to dissuade him. The young man had always been head strong and looking for an adventure. His friends did their best to keep up with him as the whole group was being watched by a familiar trio. "Looks like the twerps have found a castle." James lowered his binoculars. "Yes. And wherever there's a castle, there's usually treasure!" Jessie started daydreaming about vast wealth, piles of gold and other riches while seated upon a throne, surrounded by an army of speedo clad boy toys. "Let's get there before they do!" Meowth jumped up from cleaning his gold trinket and the trio was off in hot pursuit of our heroes. -------At the front of the Castle------ "It's even bigger than I thought." Ash stood before the Gatehouse which was the center piece of the massive fortification which protected the structure from invaders. Walls stretched in both directions, away from the only visible entrance and wrapped around the castle. The battlements appeared to be in decent enough shape save for a few cracks, gaps and missing stones every few meters. Brock, May and Max stood behind Ash, marvelling at the colossal engineering feat. It could have been quite the destination for tourists had it not been on top of a secluded hill, surrounded by a forest. After a few moments, an awestruck May spoke up. "I don't know if we should go in there. We're already lost as it is." "Don't you want to explore it?" Ash asked. "We could just take a look around before it gets dark." Max quickly cut into the conversation. "Well, the sun is going to set soon. So, maybe we can find some rooms inside and call it a night?" "That's a good idea, Brock." Ash grinned,winning the opportunity to at least enter the castle. "Alright, it's better than sleeping in the woods I guess." May had to admit that she'd slept in worse places since starting her quest. "Then it's settled. We'll find a place inside to lay out our sleeping bags and then we can explore the castle properly." Brock declared. Meanwhile, Team Rocket was struggling to close the gap. The castle stood atop the hill, with a zigzagging path leading up to it. Staying off the trail was key to remaining unseen, but the slope and trees made traversing the forest difficult. Luckily for the bumbling band of criminals, they came across a tattered and decrepit looking building which was built into the hillside. "I bet that's the escape tunnel for the castle." Meowth pointed to the building. "Huh, how convenient. James, lead the way." "But Jessie, it's so dark in there!" James whined loudly. "Do I have to drag you in?!" Jessie starred at her partner with a throbbing vein on her forehead. "No, I'll go. I'll go." James relented and entered the dusty, cobblestone lined tunnel. Jessie and Meowth followed him into the dark, cramp corridor. Instantly, the trio wished that they had a fire type Pokemon to illuminate their path. Deeper they journeyed into the catacombs under the castle, fighting their way through the spider webs and various other hindrances. Jessie sighed. "This tunnel goes on forever!" "Well, it wasn't my idea to go into this damp, dark hole in the ground." "Me neither." Both thieves instantly turned around and starred at Meowth with red eyes, anger evident as they both pummeled him with cartoon mallets. "I'm taking a break." Jessie stated, putting away her mallet and sitting on an obtuse, stone bench. "I don't want to sit in the dark." James pouted. Both Meowth and the lavender haired crook were surprised when no angry response was fired back at them. Each one rapidly looked around for the redheaded fireball, but she was no where to be seen. "This ain't funny, Jessie." Meowth stated, nervously. "Yeah, where did you go?" James added. Unbeknownst to her friends, Jessie taking a seat on the stone bench had activated a swiveling wall segment which dumped her into a hidden passage way. No matter how hard the young woman pounded on the walls or how loudly she yelled, no one could hear her from behind the wall. "This is just great. Now what am I going to do?" The redhead could only hope that she would be able to find her way of out of this labyrinth and reunite with her friends. Jessie decided to do the only thing that she could: Follow the secret passageway. After a few hundred steps, the corridor emptied into a massive library filled with books and cobwebs. "What's an old library doing in a place like this?" Jessie wondered aloud while walking through the aisles of literature. Coming to the center of the ancient book depository she noticed a strange, glowing light emanating from one of the books on a nearby table. Her curiosity peaked, Jessie walked up to the table, drawn to the pulsating tome, and picked up the aura enveloped book. "This crazy book has a lock on it." Thinking on her toes, Jessie smacks the binding against the table, breaking the lock and freeing the energy imprisoned within. "What the-?!" The redhead shreiks, but is instantly enveloped by dark magic. Her entire body being invaded by a sensation that is beyond her comprehension. Instantly, everything went black for Jessie. "Finally, I'm free!" A deep voice came from the slender female thief. Stretching her arms and looking down slightly, admiring her new body, she smiled. "Quite a good body too on this airhead." ----Meanwhile, in the throne room of the Castle---- "Hey, Ash!" Max called out. "Look at this!" "Huh, what did you find?" Ash wandered over to where Max stood and immediately realized what the boy wanted him to see. Hanging in the center of the large wall was a striking painting of himself and May. Actually, they couldn't have been of the two Pokemon trainers, since the painting was centuries old. However, there was no denying that the two inhabitants of the painting looked just like Ash and May. The only difference was that the boy in the painting wore a regal looking blue twin tailed coat, white vest and white slacks while May was dressed in an elegant, flowing pink dress. Both had crowns atop their heads. "What do you make of this, Ash?" "I dunno, but it's definitely strange." "Looks like you married my sister to me." Max chuckled. Before Ash could retort, Brock and May entered the royal chamber. "We've been looking for you two for a while now. Didn't I say that we were all going to explore together?" Brock admonished. "Yeah, don't go wandering off like that." May added. "But May! Look at this weird picture we found!" Max called out. May took a few steps closer to the image, not entirely sure what she was looking at. "IIs that me?!" "Sure looks like you and Ash, but from the middle ages." Brock clarified. Suddenly a green fog spread across the floor of the royal hall and a neon green portal opened. All eyes were on this startling development. Was it a rare pokemon? A ghost or psychic type causing mischief? As if providing an answer to these questions, Jessie appeared from within the portal and with a snap of her fingers, it vanished as quickly as it appeared. "Team Rocket!" Ash hollered. "What are you doing here?!" May added. "Something doesn't seem right, her eyes are glowing." "The tall one is very astute. Shame he'll just be another servant tending to an overgrown brat!" Jessie declared as she pointed at May. "What are you talking about?!" Ash demanded. "You'll find out soon enough, my Prince." Jessie snapped her fingers on her right hand while holding open a book with her left. Instantaneously, a series of ripples ripped the fabric of space and time, pulling the young group of travelers into the book. The last thing that any of our heroes heard was a loud, cackling laughter which sounded like it was all around them. And then, everything went black.
  24. A classic story that'll be reuploaded since it was lost to the massive glitch of 2017. Goodness was last year a horrible year for our community. Anyway, if you want to see the entire story, right now, please pledge a dollar to my Patreon where you'll get access to all of my stories including stuff which will never be posted here or on DA. Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Faye's Bad Encounter Faye cursed quietly under her breath while she stood in front of a locked door. She occasionally glanced down the alley, making sure she was still alone while Ed remotely hacked the electronically sealed entrance to the building. It only took a minute for the locking mechanism to signal that it had been unlocked, but the purple haired chain smoker felt like she had spent an eternity waiting for Ed to work her magic. She stole one last gaze down the alley, which confirmed that she was still unnoticed by the security. Faye opened the door with her left hand while clenching her 9mm Glock with her right. She pointed the pistol down each hallway until she had determined that the halls were barren. The building didn't seem to be heavily guarded, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. Faye began to walk down the left corridor, which she knew from the building's blueprints, led to the basement. She never lowered her pistol as she stalked the dimly lit corridor. This bounty has a reasonable price on his head, five million woolongs. The woman in the yellow tube top reminded herself. The "Jester", as the media had dubbed him, was famous for his unique attacks. He was an Anarchist who loved to attack politicians and he was also a chemist. Bombs, chemicals and neorotoxins were all par for the course. Faye was greatful that, before she left the Bebop, she had told Ed to send Spike and Jet if she wasn't back in two hours. Faye had to maintain radio silence or else she might tip off this madman that she was on his turf. The only reason Faye even sought him out was due to the fact that one of Ed's hacker friends had leaked some juicy information on his whereabouts. Hence, why this was a "girls only" mission as she had told Ed. Normally Faye would have ignored this kind of bounty because he was extremely disturbed and dangerous, but his bounty had risen by four million overnight. She knew that the government jacked up the bounty due to the fact he made a promise to strike the Martian Congressional Hall during the annual interplanetary conference. He boasted that this attack would be his most satirical work yet and that he would live up to his title. Faye reached the iron door at the end of the hall and took a deep breath, counted to five, and swung open the heavy door as fast as she could. She was caught off guard by a stainless steel catwalk which turned into a staircase that led down to a massive laboratory. She walked quietly along the steel walkway and then down each step of the stairs, scanning the lab with her gun drawn, until she reached the ground floor of the lab. 'This place was fairly large, but no one seemed to be home'. She thought as she began to lower her pistol. All of a sudden someone clad in a hermetically sealed biohazard suit swung at the back of her head. He wasn't exactly the epitome of stealth and the bounty hunter docked before aiming her weapon at him. "Back up or I'll knee cap you!" Faye ordered. The man in the suit held both hands up and walked slowly backwards until he reached a table with a few beakers, vials and a test tube station configured in a scene straight out of a science class. The purple haired woman felt in control as she approached him and didn't notice him putting his covered hand over a small vial that laid on the table. The chemical compound was already prepared and ready for mayhem as he slid it onto the floor, shattering it into a few dozen shards of glass and unleashing a pink mist into the atmosphere. "You bastard!" Faye yelled out as she covered her mouth, but it was too late. She had inhaled the chemical cocktail. The bounty hunter felt extremely off balance and very confused as she blacked out. The last sensation she felt was her body hitting the floor. The bounty looked at her with curiosity. 'The chemical shouldn't have rendered her unconscious. Maybe to much of the pink stuff.' The deranged man began to laugh aloud to his thoughts as he dragged Faye up the stairs and dumped her body outside his compound.