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Found 12 results

  1. Hi im from Sweden!

    Hello! looking for a female chat friend in Sweden, Or any country near Sweden, Im a 25yr old DL but im curious about AB too, Im kinda a newbie too all this with diapers, But im learning more and more about myself kik: Robbanoa Hangouts: [email protected]
  2. Looking for Friends in Dallas texas area
  3. Anyone in or around the Corpus Christi Area?

    Hi!, Anyone in or around the Corpus Christi area? I would love to make more friends.
  4. So, my best friend called and said his doctor won't let him go back to work due to his knee injury from a car accident he had a few years ago. He took a leave of absence from his job to have his knee try to heal, per doctor's orders. The doctor told him, "Don't do any type of work for the next 3 weeks," which he didn't. He sat at home, played video games, used the restroom, etc... He didn't even leave his house. His roommates did the shopping and extra stuff because of this situation. Then after the three weeks, the doctor told him, "That's as good as your knee is going to get, but I can't sign your paper to return to work because if you keep working on that knee, you will probably not walk anymore by the end of the year." Also, he can't sign up for disability because his injury is not serious enough to get it. He's about to turn 30 in August and he was unloading trucks for Target. He also used to do porter work as well. (washing dishes, take out trash, move heavy equipment, etc...) I don't have any ideas to tell him. Does that mean he needs to find a sit down job to keep his rent paid and to put food on the table? Do those jobs actually exist in Saint Louis, Missouri? Thanks for listening and I'll take any suggestions.
  5. Looking for Mommy/Girlfriend

    Hello, My names Tristin and I'm a Caucasian 25 year old adult baby male from Farmington Hills Michigan. I am a really fun loving guy who likes to workout, watch movies, go on long walks, read books, play video games, and try new foods. I have been searching for a mommy for a very long time and unfortunately all the woman I date love me until they find out about my fetish/lifestyle choice. If you are a woman that is in the south eastern Michigan area seeking an Adult baby to be yours then I am your guy. My personality type is very expressive and I am a big time cuddle bear so please PM me if you have any questions at all. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  6. Looking for abdl friend.

    looking for an abdl friend, to hang out with, and have this interest in common with, since i dont really have anyone i can relate to with this interest. or if im lucky enough, i want to find a mommy. or an abdl girl who wants to hang out or something
  7. Littleton, CO

    Anyone in the Littleton area? Would love to meet new people and make new friends Doesn't have to be anything special, maybe even just catch some lunch and talk for a little while.
  8. I have been having a rough time the last couple days. I was texting with one of my best friends this evening and mentioned I could use some chocolate and snuggles. He said he got off work at midnight and he'd come over after and bring me some chocolate and snuggle with me. He brought me a dark chocolate bar and a bag of fun size Twix and we snuggled and talked for about 30 minutes. I've known him like 8 or 9 years and he has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I love him dearly as a friend and kinda would like to have more, but he's married and I respect that. He's always there for me and I'm glad he's in my life.
  9. So I am just writing for I am looking for someone to roleplay a certain scenario with me. The scenario is a guys girlfriend discovers the guy still poops or wets his pants, so naturally she decides to turn him into a sissy baby with or with the help of hypnosis. The only way he can return to his old self is by reaching to milestones in that part of adolescence. Such as learning to walk and talk in baby stage, become potty trained and count to 10 as a toddler etc. Though depending on what happens he might either be permanently stuck at a certain point, become an adult sissy forever or return to normal but starts transitioning or crossdressing. So if anybody is interested in being either the mommy or sissy daughter. feel free to reply to this thread with what position.
  10. Just A 8 Years-Old Girl

    Hi there, I'm a shy girl from Brazil, but I'm going to live in Connecticut in this fall. My real age is 25 years old, but I look younger, because I have a small body and a cute and innocent face. I'm not a diaper lover. I like to think that I'm the 8 or 9 years old daughter of a severe but affectionate mother. Currently I have a relationship with a mistress. I love her very much, but she does not want to be my mistress forever (she wants a husband and things like that) and she does not appreciate infantilism. In fact, I never could know any Brazilian that appreciated it. I would like make new friends so that I can know the infantilist world a little bit.
  11. Anyone Near Sheffield, Ma?

    Hi i'm looking for anyone in Western Massachusetts (around the Sheffield, Mass. area) who would like to hang out sometime or just chat! Any New Englanders around?
  12. Nintendo 3Ds~

    Hey, everyone. :] Does anyone here have a Nintendo 3DS? If so, post your friend codes here! (^v^) I would love to play and chat with some of you. My friend code is: 4811-7736-7258 Let's all add each other!