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Found 9 results

  1. Thank you!

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

    I have my FIRST ONSIE!! Tanks to Kim Miller from Etsy!!!
  2. Nico gets put in diapers

    Note: This story is based off of the anime Love Live! School Idol Project and follows one of my favorite characters. It's been over a year since I've tried writing anything, so I do apologize in advance for my poorly written story. Nico Yazawa is a 17 year old senior student who attends the Otonokizaka Academy. She is rather small for her age, standing at 5'1'' and is often mistaken for a middle school student. She has long black hair that she ties up in twintails, red eyes and almost always wears pink. Nico often thinks highly of herself and has an aggressive personality. Despite that she is also caring of her friends, though they often get annoyed with her when she makes up lies to make herself sound better. She has two younger sisters, Kokoro and Koako, and a younger brother Kotarou. She is often left home alone to look after her siblings while her parents are away, but she is always busy at school working with the other members of μ's (Muse), their school idol group that was started in order to save their school from being shut down due to lack of students. Before joining the group as it's seventh member, she spent her time alone in the Idol Research Club, which she is president of, until it merged and now has nine members, who are also the members of μ's. The group consists of Honoka, Umi and Kotori, who were the forming members of the group, and later joined by Hanayo, Maki, Rin, Nico, Eli, and Nozomi. Since the forming of μ's, the group has become very popular and have made several songs that they have performed live. It was a bright and sunny Thursday morning, the wind hardly blowing,and the sound of people on their way to work filling the streets. Nico always woke up late as she always stayed up late obsessing over school idol groups, but somehow she always managed to get to school on time. Today was no different than usual, or so Nico thought when she opened her eyes, only to find she had drooled all over her pillow. "Eww!" thought Nico, as she went to close her eyes again, only for them to dart back open when she realized something wasn't right. At first she was still half asleep and couldn't quite figure out what it was, but then she noticed a strange smell filling her room, and the hot morning didn't help any. "What is that awful smell?" wondered Nico, as she began to move and that's when she noticed it. She felt coldness on her between her legs and bottom, running most of the way up her back. Nico was confused at first, but she quickly realized it was because she was wet. She quickly lifted up her covers, only to find herself sitting in a huge wet spot that took up most of her bed. "What is this?" she thought as tears started streaming down her face. "This has to be some kind of sick joke or something one of my sisters has played on me.... They obviously dumped water on me while I was sleeping for making fun of their friend for having an accident on the couch when they stayed over the other night" she thought to herself as she began to get out of bed. As she stood up, she looked down at her bed and the smell hit her again, but this time she recognized the odor and it most definitely wasn't water, it was urine, and a lot of it. Nico was speechless, her heart racing as the reality that she had wet the bed started to sink in. "How did this happen? I've never had an accident before... Not since I was 4". Nico began to freak out, not knowing what to do and burst into tears, feeling embarrassed that she, a 17 year old girl had wet the bed like an infant. "What do I do? I can't let anyone hear about this or I'm ruined" sobbed Nico as she stood there crying and unsure of what to do. Suddenly, she heard a loud knock on her door, followed by the familiar voice of Kokoro. "Nee-Chan, is everything alright?" "Uh, yeah, everything is alright, I just uh, stubbed my toe. Everything is fine! Don't worry!" responded Nico, hoping her sister didn't open the door and finding out that her big sister had peed the bed. "Okay... well mom called and wants us to meet her at the train station, so I'll see you when you get home from school". Nico heard as her siblings left the apartment, closing the door behind them and making their way down the hall. "I've got to make sure nobody finds out about this..." screamed Nico, as she violently began tearing her bedding off and rushing to the washing machine. "Well it looks like I won't be making homeroom today", she sighed, as she waited for her bedding to wash. Nico was still very concerned though, she hasn't felt any different, and despite her size she has never had any problems whatsoever and she sure as hell has not wet the bed. She hadn't done anything differently the day before and wasn't feeling any different, so she decided to pass it off as a fluke. After her bedding had finished washing she put them in the dryer, began getting ready for school and made herself some toast. By the time she was finished getting ready, her bedding was finished, so she put them back on her bed and headed off to school. "I'm glad that's over. I've never felt so small in my life", she though as she made her way to class. Nico didn't talk much that day, which was nothing unusual as she only really talked to her friends, who she didn't end up seeing until after school. She still felt rather embarrassed about her morning, but decided to let it go as she made her way to meet her friends to practice for μ's next performance. "This just doesn't seem quite right. Something is missing and our performance is coming up in two weeks", sighed Umi. "Maybe we should have another sleepover at the school this weekend to work on our routine. What about Sunday night?" Suggested Eli. Nico's heart began to race as she remembered what had happened that morning. Everyone quickly agrees to the idea and so Nico had no choice but to say yes. "Okay, great!", shouted Honoka as everyone began packing up their stuff and headed home. "There is no school tomorrow, so make sure to be here at 4:00 PM this Sunday", announced Nozomi, "And that means you too, Nicocchi". Nico nodded and quickly left. She spent the whole evening worrying that it could happen again and everyone would think she was as little as she looked. Nico teared up at the thought, but quickly told herself that it was a fluke and wouldn't happen again. "Hell, I'm 17, I'm not a baby. I don't need to worry about peeing myself like a child. It was a one time fluke and it's over now", Nico reassured herself as she got ready for bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. She tossed and turned in her sleep and woke up to the urge of needing to empty her bladder, but before she could even get up she feel back asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. Nico opened her eyes slowly, looking over at her clock to see it was already past noon, almost forgetting that she didn't have school that day. She closed her eyes at the thought of more beauty sleep and began to roll over to get comfortable, when the same cold and wet feeling she had experienced the morning prior existed once more. Nico quickly opened her eyes and shot up to find that once again she had wet the bed. Her favorite white PJs were soaked and stained yellow around the crotch and on her bottom. All Nico could do was sit there crying at the shame of soiling her sheets at her age. "Honey, is everything alright?", came a voice as her door flung open and her mother appeared. Nico froze as her mom stared at her, then down at her bed, giving a rather shocked expression, which only made Nico cry even more. Her mom quickly rushed to her side and hugged her tightly, trying to calm the teenage girl. "Nico, it's okay, I'm not mad and no one is going to make fun of you. Both of your sisters have wet the bed this past year, so you don't need to be embarrassed". Nico's crying began to settle as she looked up at her mother with teary eyes. "But I'm 17, I shouldn't be wetting myself at this age, I'm not a baby". "I know you're not a baby, sweetie, now let me take care of this while you go get cleaned up, okay?" All Nico could do was nod to her mother and make her way to the bathroom, soaking wet and reeking of urine. She couldn't believe that it had happened again and now her whole family would know she was a bedwetter. "Oh god... I really hope this is the last time and I haven't actually become a bedwetter", sniffed Nico, as she removed her soaking wet PJs and turned on the shower before getting in. The warm water felt good as it ran down her body, washing away the urine that stuck to her body. She spent what felt like 20 minutes in the shower, wondering if this was the last time she'd have to endure this. That's when it hit her, the sleepover at the school was in two days. "What am I going to do?!" "Nico, are you almost done in there? I want to talk to you", called her mother. Nico quickly got out of the shower and made her way back to her room with a towel wrapped around herself. She got herself ready for the day and headed to her mother's room, dreading the talk she was about to have. She knocked on the door and it only took a matter of seconds before her mom opened it, signaling her to come in and have a seat on her bed. "Honey, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, but I want to know; has this happened before?" Nico looked down at the floor as she worked up the courage to tell her mother that this wasn't the first time. "No, it happened yesterday too, but I don't know why it's happening to me now". Nico began to cry as her mother hugged her. "It's okay, Nico, you don't need to be ashamed, but it happens again we'll have to do something so your mattress doesn't get damaged". Nico felt uneasy at what her mother meant by this, but decided not to ask. Her mother let go of her and patted her on the head. "We're going out today, so why not come and forget about all of this, okay?", said her mother, smiling at her daughter. Nico nodded and followed her mother out of the room towards the front door where her siblings were waiting. Nico really hoped her mother hadn't told them. They've always looked up to her and the last thing she wants is for them to think of her as a bedwetting baby. "I want french fries!", yelled Kotarou, as they headed out the door. Nico tried to enjoy the day as much as she could, but she was still really upset over what had happened. After they had gone for lunch and finished shopping, they made their way back home, where an exhausted Nico flopped on the couch and quickly drifted off to sleep. She wasn't asleep for long and was awakened by laughter of her siblings. "What the heck is so funny?!" Shouted Nico as she began to sit up to yell at them for waking her, but was shocked to realize that she had wet once again and was still peeing her panties. She tried to stop, but it was no use, she had to sit there in horror as her siblings watched their big sister wet the couch. "What's going on in here?" Shouted their mother. "Oh, Nico, it happened again?" Nico burst into tears and ran to her bed to hide. She was so embarrassed. How could someone her age keep having accidents? And worst of all, she did it right in front of everyone. She could hear her mother talking to her siblings and shortly after she heard footsteps coming towards her room. "Nico, what's going on? Are you sure everything is okay? I'm not sure what is causing this, but I'm going out to get something and when we get back we need to have a talk again". Her mother then left the room as Kokoro came in. Nico turned away and continued to cry until she felt her sisters arms wrap around her from behind. "Please don't cry, Nee-Chan. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, we aren't going to make fun of you for it. It's happened to all of us, so we understand". Nico turned around and faced her sister her smiled at her and gave her a hug. "Kokoro, Arigatou (Thank you, Kokoro). It means a lot". Nico cheered up a little bit and went to go clean herself up again. By the time she was done and getting dressed she heard her mother come back in. She had just finished doing up her skirt, as her mother walked though the door carrying something and quickly closing the door behind her. Nico quickly recognized it as a package of white, pullup diapers. "Mom, please... Don't make me wear those!" Nico fell to her knees and tearfully begged her mother to reconsider, but it was no use. "Look, sweetie, I can't have you soaking the bed every night. I know it's embarrassing, but nobody is going to find out, okay? If it doesn't happen again tonight, then you won't have to wear them anymore. So can you just wear them tonight just in case?" "But diapers are for babies, and I'm not a baby. It won't happen again, mom. Please don't make me wear them", begged Nico, tears streaming down her face. "Just for tonight and if you don't have another accident, then you won't have to wear them again, okay?" After several minutes of crying and fighting with her mother to make her change her mind, it was no use and Nico had no choice but to obey her mother. Her mom put the package under her bed and hugged her daughter. "You can do it, honey, it's just for tonight, okay? If there are no more accidents then you won't need them anymore". Her mom pat her on the head and left the room. Not long after she heard her mother explaining everything to her siblings and made sure to tell them to not bring any of it up to her as it would upset her. Nico fell to her bed and sobbed. "My life is ruined", she thought. "How can I be a school idol if I'm wearing diapers to bed?" She spent the remainder of the day in her room avoiding everyone as she was too ashamed to face any of them. It wasn't long before it was time for bed and as she was starting to get ready to sleep her mom popped her head in and reminded her not to forget to put on her pullup before going to bed. Nico sighed as she reached under her bed and pulled out the package of pullup diapers, opening the package and pulling out one of the pull ups. She started down at it, unable to believe that she had to wear this diaper to bed. "How can she expect me to wear this? Babies wear diapers, not 17 year old girls like me". She couldn't understand why she kept having accidents at night, but all she could do was hope it wouldn't happen again. She quickly go undressed and picked up the pullup that she had set on her bed and began to open it, stepping one foot in and then the next, slowly slidding it up between her legs until it felt snug on her bottom. She had to admit, they were really soft and felt like real underwear, but there was no getting over the fact that she was standing there in a diaper. She then found a shirt to wear and put it on, then looked over at her mirror, seeing herself standing there with her diapered bottom sticking out, feeling ashamed once more. She knew she was too old to be in diapers, she's been out of them since she was 3, but her she is at 17, putting on a diaper before bed in case she pees in her bed. "This better be the only time I have to do this. I'm too old for diapers and if I have to wear these at the sleepov-". She froze. She had completely forgotten about the sleepover and it was in less than two days. She knew she probably wouldn't be able to hide the diaper from everyone if she ended up wetting it tonight and having to continue wearing them. She tried to forget about the sleepover for now and decided to focus on staying dry like she has always been up until the last couple days. Turning of the light and crawling into bed, Nico rolled around, trying to get comfortable, feeling the soft pullup against her bottom. Eventually she manages to get comfortable, though it felt different laying in her bed wearing a diaper. She tried to forget about it as she knew it would be the last time and quickly drifted off to sleep. The next morning she woke up and rolled over, not feeling the cold, wet feeling she had the night before. Nico happily went to sit up, forgetting about the diaper, and sat on her bottom, feeling a warm, wet squishing sensation on her bottom and between her legs. Nico's smile quickly turned to fear, as she reached her hand down to check the diaper, only to find that it was soaked. She had peed the diaper and with every movement it squished on her bottom. Quickly jumping up, Nico felt dizzy and as she walked to her dresser, she felt the diaper sagging and squishing between her legs with every step she took. "I can't believe this!", she cried as she looked down at the swelled up diaper that had gone from white to a faint yellow around her crotch area. Just then, her mother walked in and noticed Nico's soaking wet pullup. "Honey, you're soaked... Go get cleaned up before breakfast". Nico figured it was pretty much official, she was now a bedwetter who had to wear diapers to bed. The thought of being this amazing singer and dancer during the day, while being this little girl wetting her diapers at night embarrassed her. How could she ever live it down if people were to find out? And what if she was to fall asleep at school and have an accident? She looked at herself in the mirror, seeing her usual reflection, but this time a sad, little girl in a soaked diaper stared back at her. Sliding down the pullup and tossing it in the waste bin, Nico hopped in the shower and got herself cleaned up. Night time came rather fast and before she knew it, there she was; standing there with the pullup snug on her bottom, the teenage girl sighed as she turned off the light and made her way to bed, hearing diaper rustle as she laid down in bed and pulled the covers over herself. She quickly fell asleep and dreamed of being a superstar, performing on stage with millions of people cheering her on. For a moment she could have wished this was her life. She looked down at all the faces cheering her on as she sang her heart out into the mic. Just as she was about to reach the chorus, the fire alarm went off and water began pouring everywhere. "There's no fire", she thought, "and where did everyone go?", she wondered. There she stood, in this huge, empty room, with water everywhere. Suddenly she heard this load shriek that jolted her awake, causing her to sit up in a cold sweat,. Once she calmed down when realized hat she had just soaked her pullup. Nico teared up knowing her diapered needed changed and so the girl got out of bed, pulled off the soiled diaper and put on a new pair before going back to sleep. Waking up, she looked over at the clock to see it was 3:00 PM. She had really overslept and needed to get ready for the sleepover. She sat up to find her diaper wasn't soaked, but she had still wet it fairly well. "Well today is the day I guess" she thought, looking down at the diaper she sat there in. Sighing as she got up, packed her stuff and went to shower. After he shower, she came back to her room and freaked out when she realized that tonight she'd have to hide her diaper. Being all girls, they just changed in the same room, but how could she do so without everyone seeing her put on her pullup? "I'll just put it on now I guess. That way I won't have to worry about it later". Grabbing two pairs, one in case she needs to change in the middle of the night and the other to put on now, she puts the second pair in her bad, then proceeds to step into the pullup and slide it up. She decides to wear her pink sweater and her skirt that day as it's long enough that no one will be able to see that she is wearing a diaper. After getting herself reading and putting her hair up in twintails, she did one last check to make sure she had everything she needed before heading out. As she got on the bus and felt everyone stare at her, she began to feel nervous and wondered if they could see her diaper. She quickly glanced down, but it was completely covered and so she takes her seat. Unfortunately, the bus gets stuck in traffic and it's already 4:15, she had left her apartment and gotten on the bus at 3:30, and to make bladders worse, she felt her bladder filling up. She was in such a rush when getting up that she neglected to go to the bathroom and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold it forever. Luckily, traffic started to pick up and she made it to the school on time where she made her through the front doors, trying to walk normally, though it was rather hard thanks to the padding between her legs. "I realy need to go, but I've got to at least let them know I'm here and of course I left my cell at home" she groaned as she made her way to the club room. Once she arrived at the club room, her heart began to race, she was so nervous that someone might notice her diapered bottom, but there was no turning back now as she heard the other girls say "Oh, finally Nico is here". After one last check to make sure her diaper isn't exposed, she opens the door and walks in, only to walk into a dark room. "What the...?", she thought as she went for the light switch, when suddenly "NICO, YOU'RE LATE!!", screamed a familiar voice, causing the poor girl to gasp in fear, losing control of her already bursting bladder and soaking her pullup. ~To be continued.
  3. Princess

    From the album Diaper Art

    © Andrezei

  4. Sugar Rush

    From the album Diaper Art

    © Andrezei

  5. Pink

    From the album Diaper Art

    © Andrezei

  6. Yellow

    From the album Diaper Art

    © Andrezei

  7. ((My apologies if there are mistakes. I am Japanese, and that was the first language I ever used, Anyways, let's get on to this story :3)) Sitting behind a table in Shibusen's NOT class dorm building's living room was Kana Altair, organizing her tarot cards. So preoccupied with the cards she used for fortune-telling, she didn't notice a warm mass start filling up her undergarment, nor the grunting sounds as she unintentionally pushed the squishy substance into the garment. She sat there with a an emotionless expression as she just continued to mess herself as she sorted her cards. The young girl paused and looked around. She stood up and her eyes slightly widened as she felt a squish between her legs. Her eyes widened slightly and she blushed as she sniffed an odour filling the room. She frowned a bit, realizing she had an accident. After a few seconds of awkwardly standing there and thinking, Eternal Feather walked into the living room with her hand clasped over her nose. "I smell that someone made a stinky." Eternal said with a giggle. She thought of herself like a bit of a caretaker for Kana. Kana had accidents despite being old enough to be a student at the school, so Eternal had helped her get back some lost confidence by diapering her. Kana was a rational, logical girl, so she wore the diapers without protest, as it was better in them than on the floor. Kana looked at Eternal with her blush and frown. She nodded her head and Eternal walked over, picking her up. "Well, I better change you... don't feel bad..." Eternal said. She walked upstairs, to a bedroom with 3 beds. Most students were outside, so privacy was no issue. She set Kana on the floor and pulled a changing mat out from under it, Unrolling it and spreading it across the floor's surface, she set Kana on it. Kana proceeded to slip off her pants, revealing a brown, bulging diaper. "Thank you..." The small girl said in her usual emotionless voice, showing no hint of embarrasment beside her blush. Her diaper crinkled and squished as she emptied out one last bit of mess. She wiggled her legs slightly, then spread them to get a good look at the diaper, it crinkling with each movement. "You're very welcome, Aww, you look so cute like that. Here," She grabbed a blue pacifier from under the bed and held it to Kana's lips. Kana was slightly confused by the random pacifier, but took it in her mouth and suckled on it. "that's a cute little pacifier. Is it good to suck on? You look, so, so adorable in your little hoodie, sucking on your paci while wearing your stinky diaper." Eternal chimed enthusiastically, feeling her diaper with a hand. This caused Kana to actually smile up at Eternal a bit, the corners of her mouth seen turning up past her pacifier. Eternal pulled out 5 last items; a box of fresh diapers, a bottle of baby powder, a tube of rash cream, a box of moist wipes, and a can of apple-scented air freshener. The smell of mess was actually gone, as nice little cone-shaped objects made out of a waxy material were placed around the dorm building. They absorbed smells very great, but she would spray the trash with the air freshener just to be safe Eternal made quick work of untaping the diaper, sliding it out from under Kana, grabbing a wipe, and beginning to wipe away the mess coating the small girl's rump. This did not disgust the girl at all, to Kana's surprise at first. She was used to being changed by Eternal now, and the bigger student knew how to keep the diapers discreet. The store had run out of smell-proofed diapers, which had somewhayt upset Kana, but she was lucky so far. She watched thoughtfully as Eternal wiped her 'diaper area', opening the lid of the trashcan in the room before dropping each wipe in the trash as she used them. The process was relatively quick, and soon Eternal rolled the used diaper into a ball and set it in the trash. She bombarded it with the spray and dropped a few useless papers into the trash to cover the diaper so that no-one would discover the diaper by peering into the trashcan. Eternal quickly slid a new diaper under Kana, and dusted Kana's butt in a layer of white, cooling powder. She taped up the diaper and patted it. "Finished." She said, putting the changing supplies back under the bed. The girl sucked her new pacifier, climbing onto the bed and smiling at Eternal more. Eternal noticed and giggled at her visible fresh diaper, happy that Kana was happy with them. She thought it was so cute, and Kana loved to act cute for Eternal. She gave a happy giggle as well, before being scooped up and hugged by Eternal. Their moment was interrupted when Tsugumi Harudori walked in. "Hi there, Eternal Feather-senpai! I was looking for you so w-... what is Kana wearing? Oh, so cuuute~" She squealed. Their heads jerked towards the invasion of their privacy and they both frowned. Eternal was especially ashamed, thinking Kana would hate her now. Kana tried to hide the seat of her white diaper. To be continued..
  8. Mahou Omutsu Sensei Negi!

    Mahou Omutsu Sensei Negi! It had been a long day at Mahora, Negi was ready to settle in for the night when… “Hold it shorty!†Asuna shouted startling Negi. “Ah! A-Asuna-san what are you shouting for!?†“Don’t think I’d forgotten about when you wet the bed before!†(Unbeknownst to the both of them it was Chamo who had wet, he had just let the blame fall on Negi) “B-but Asuna, I told you that wouldn’t happen again! I really don’t think it was me to begin with either!†but Asuna wasn’t hearing of it “I’m just making sure of that! So today I bought diapers for you to use at night!†this stunned Negi “N-nappies!?†hearing this made Asuna confused “What the heck are nappies?†sighing Negi explained that nappies were the English term for diapers. “Anyway you’re wearing them and that’s final!†Negi was not about to go down easily and prepared for her advances, until he saw she was standing there her arms crossed ‘what is she planning?’ Negi wondered. “Konoka, now.†Asuna said flatly, before Negi could catch sight of it Konoka had come up behind Negi and slipped her arms under his, holding him in place. “K-konoka-san why!?†Konoka giggled and said “Sorry Negi-kun, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Plus I think you’d look really cute in diapers!†With that Konoka was able to bring Negi to lie down, holding the struggling ten-year old in place. Asuna went to her bags from shopping earlier and pulled out a package “They said these fancy imports would be the best fit for your size†Negi read the side (Pampers: size 7) and struggled more “No use struggling Negi.†Asuna said, pulling out a container of baby powder. She walks over to the two, making sure Negi knew to stop kicking his legs or she would hurt him there if he didn’t. Defeated Negi resigned himself to Konoka’s hold on him; Asuna pulled his pajama bottoms to his ankles, not concerning herself with his privates as pretty much the whole class had seen him nude in the bath house. She opens up the package; pulling out a diaper she opens it up, not wasting time she gets it under Negi’s butt. She opens up the powder applying it to Negi’s diaper area. Finishing up she pulls the front of the diaper up between his legs holding it to his stomach she fastens the tapes snuggly. “Now don’t try and take it off yourself until tomorrow morning, but don’t expect me to change your diaper if you do end up wetting†Konoka giggles “Oh I would, I would! I’d love a chance to change Negi-kun’s diaper!†Both Negi and Asuna gave Konoka an odd look. Sighing Asuna gets up “Well okay, but I didn’t get any wipes so you’ll have to use bath tissue if he gets a dirty diaper.†Negi is appalled by this “Asuna-san that was uncalled for! I am fully potty trained!†Asuna climbs up into her bed “Yeah, yeah. We’ll see about that come tomorrow morning.†Negi scoffed, pulling up his pajama bottoms, only to have them yanked down again by Konoka. “Eyaah! Konoka-san why’d you-?!†his answer came in the repeated patting of his bottom “Hehehe! Negi-kun your diapered butt is so cute!†Blushing Negi scrabbles away leaving his pajama bottoms behind, climbing up into his bed he grumbles “fine tomorrow morning then.†Turning over Negi soon falls fast asleep. Konoka remained awake waiting for her roommates to fall asleep, with a sheepish grin she gets up and dresses, exiting the room to head to a late night convince store. She knew Negi wasn’t going to have an accident, but she wanted a chance to change him at least once. In the store she purchases some wipes, a changing pad, and finally a bottle and some laxatives. When she gets back to the room she enters quietly, letting out a small giggle she goes to the kitchen, setting the bottle and laxatives on the counter. Opening up her purchases, she puts a laxative into the bottle, filling it with milk she puts the bottle in the microwave and turns it on. Stopping it just before the counter hits 0, she pulls out the bottle, testing it on her wrist. Judging it was good enough; she takes the bottle and climbs up into Negi’s bed, the boy slept like a log so she didn’t worry about waking him. She pulls him onto her lap, sticking the nipple of the bottle into his mouth; his body reacts instinctively suckling the bottle. After the milk was gone, Konoka giggled softly “Hehe… guess little Negi-kun was hungry.†She said rubbing his tummy. After putting away everything else, she settles down into her own bed and manages to calm her excitement and fall asleep. That morning Konoka awakes to a terrified yelp. “Huh?†Konoka asks all sleepy like. Remember what she did last night she jumps up of bed, look to see what happened. Before her stood Negi, he was trembling. “Negi-kun, what’s wrong?†sniffling Negi looked up “Konoka-san… I *sniff* I… had an accident last night… *sniff sniff*.†Konoka knew what he was talking about, from the stench in the air she guessed Negi had filled his diaper and it looked like he had wet to. Pulling him into a hug she tries to calm him down “shhhh, don’t worry sensei, Konoka-neechan will make it better… Asuna doesn’t know does she?†His voice was calmer this time “I… I don’t think so, she was gone before I woke up, I don’t think she noticed anything. But.. but still *sniff*.†Negi felt terrible still: having used a diaper like a baby. Konoka quickly laid out the changing pad, pulling out a new diaper and setting it beside the wipes and powder. She picks up the still trembling Negi and lays him down on the pad, an audible *squishy* sound can be heard from his poopy diaper as his bottom touches the ground. “Not to worry sensei, Konoka-neechan will have you in a fresh diaper in no time!†Too upset to resist Negi reluctantly allows Konoka to change his diaper. Unfastening the tapes to Negi’s diaper, opening she tries her best to ignore the smell. She lifts his legs, using the front of the diaper to clean what she can before taking the diaper out from under him. Konoka starts using wipes to clean Negi, tossing away each used wipe into the old diaper. After she finishes cleaning him Konoka opens up the new diaper, sliding it under Negi’s butt. Applying powder to the diaper area, she notices how the scent calms Negi down a little. Konoka giggles and bring the front of the diaper up between his legs, fastening the tapes snuggly in place. “There we go, all done!†she said happily. “Thank you Konoka-san…†he said he voice still a little shaky. “Don’t mention it!†rolling up the old diaper, Konoka tosses it into the trash, after which she sprays it down with scent neutralizer. “Now Negi-kun, I won’t tell Asuna about this, but I’d like to ask you something…†Konoka said twiddling her thumbs “Of course Konoka-san, anything.†Negi was glad Konoka hadn’t enjoyed this as much as he thought. “Please let me keep diapering you until we run out of them!†Negi could only stand dumbfounded only a minute after it sank did he reply with “EH?! Konoka-san… I …I… fine…†Negi grudgingly accepted as he knew it was the only to keep Asuna from finding out. ‘YES!’ Konoka screamed inside her head ‘Now we have a baby we can use for parental studies, I’ll have to make sure to pick up extra packs of diapers; Negi-kun’s going to go through a lot!’ End A/N: A point I wanted to go over, I know in Konoka and Asuna's dialouge I left out the 'san' honorific when they were adressing each other. I did this on purpose because they're close enough to be able to use each others name in a very informal style.