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Found 6 results

  1. *Knock knock knock* The sound of someone knocking on wood could be heard through the raven haired preteen’s room on this day. Despite the bright sunlight coming through the window and sending streams of light through the gaps in the lacy lavender curtains, and the bright red numbers on the alarm clock sat on the white bedside table reading 11:20am, the small unassuming lump underneath the thin flower patterned comforter would indicate that the occupant was still very much asleep. The 12 year old girl’s long wavy hair sprawled across the pillow, the only part peaking out into view from her cozy resting place. “Sarah! It’s time to get up! Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t give you an excuse to sleep all day!” Came the somewhat exacerbated voice of my Mom from the other side of the bedroom door. “Okay okay, I’m up…” I listlessly reply almost on autopilot whilst snuggling deeper into the comforter of my bed, still somewhat drowsy in that state between being asleep and being awake that we tend to find ourselves when we’re bereft of any idea as to what is actually going on around us. I continue to lie there fading in and out of consciousness for who knows how long when I once again hear my Mom’s voice, slightly more agitated now through the door. “I guess we’re doing this the hard way.” She sighs as she opens my door and briskly walks through, coming to my bed before I can make out what’s happening. Normally this would be fine, Mom would throw the blanket off of me and give me a good shake to wake me up properly. However as I stir more awake I’m immediately reminded of something and I quickly recall why I was awake so late last night and squeeze my legs together a little to confirm my thoughts. I’m greeted with the feeling of soft thick padding between my legs, suddenly I’m more awake than I’ve ever been, I’m wearing one of my little sister’s diapers. I try to sit up as quickly as possible to show that I'm up and awake but almost simultaneously my mother has whipped the comforter off of the bed. “Time. To. Get. Up. you know I wouldn’t have to always make a big deal about this if you would just…” My mother’s words trail off as she gets a good look at me. Me, pulling on my pink pajama shirt to try and cover the obvious waistband of my diaper from above my pants, only to get caught in said waistband and clearly expose it to my mom. I can feel my face start to heat up as she focuses down to my waist and I freeze, overwhelmed; my brain is running a million miles a minute trying to find some sort of excuse, some sort of fix for this situation, but nothing comes, all I can do is sit paralyzed in a daze feeling my face heat up from my cheeks to my ears as I look up at my mom. She looked bewildered for a moment, like someone just told her that the sky's the ground, the sea’s made of apple juice, and tomorrow is yesterday, but after what felt like an eternity but also a moment the confusion in her gaze faded and she softly spoke. “Go ahead and hop in the shower, I’ll have lunch ready for you when you get out.” She gently rubbed my shoulder, turned, and walked out of my room leaving me sitting there alone like a deer caught in headlights. I sat in a daze not really knowing what to think, Mom just caught me wearing a diaper, but she didn’t get mad, she didn’t say anything about it, she didn’t really do anything and it confused me to no end. I absentmindedly looked over at my alarm clock seeing it read 11:30am. I know I’ve been sitting thinking for too long and decided to listen to my mother and go take a shower. I enter my connected bathroom and turn on the shower waiting for the water to warm up. I start to undress but come to a stop when I get down to just my diaper, instead my sight is attracted to the full length mirror on the back of the door I've just entered from where I’m greeted by my reflection. My eyes are met with a petite little girl stands there at 4 foot even (~122 cm) with exposed milky white skin and long wavy raven black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and big bright doe eyes of a similarly black color to match, looking down it’s obvious she has yet to start her path to puberty as her chest remains flat, much to her chagrin as a lot of her peers have started to develop in such an area, though along with her somewhat lacking height her mother assures her she’s just a late bloomer and she'll have her turn in no time. Looking down even further I make eye contact with the various Sesame Street characters that adorn the landing strip of the Pampers size 7 diaper, two tapes securely attached to keep the absorbent garment in place, and an assortment of colorful designs outlining a squiggly yellow line; a wetness indicator meant to change to blue when wet. Despite what this stupid thing put me through this morning I can’t help but smile a little as I see myself wearing it, the soft warm padding hugging me in just the right places and the soft crinkle as I move and shift about, something about it just feels so right. I’m glad I finally found the nerve to put one on even if I’m a bit regretful as to how it turned out in the end, I grimace again worrying about my mom before pulling off the diaper’s tabs and deciding to throw it in my garbage before hopping into the now steaming shower. I start washing myself almost mechanically while my thoughts start to wander off as to how this whole situation came about, where did it start. Actually I can’t really pinpoint when it started but for as long as I can remember I’ve always had a strange attraction to diapers, getting strangely self conscious when diaper commercials appear on TV, not being able to look away when the younger kids had their diapers changed at daycare, walking down the baby product isle of the grocery store with Mom after Lily was born. All these years of small little tugs of curiosity here and there have added together to the point where it finally got the better of me and I decided to go through with it and finally wear one. I stayed up past my normal bed time until Mom and Dad both went to sleep, before sneaking into my little sister’s room to steal one of her night time diapers. Putting on my first diaper in 10 years was amazing, even though I was all tingly with nerves, as soon as the tabs were stuck on I knew immediately that I was hooked. Well I still flubbed it in the end but it doesn’t seem like mom is mad at me or anything, maybe we’ll both just forget this happened and I can find another day to try exploring my interest in diapers again and hopefully not get caught then. After getting out of the shower, drying off, and wrapping myself up in a big fluffy towel I make my way back to my room where I’m met with an odd sight, there on my remade bed is a small stack of folded clothes while for school Mom usually puts clothes out for me to wear, but on days without school as long as we aren’t going anywhere where dressing is important she leaves it to me to wear whatever i want, but sitting on my bed today are some clothes she obviously picked out for me to wear. While finding it odd I figure it wouldn’t hurt to wear what she picked out for me and make my way over to the bed but part way there I stop in my tracks when i see a second pile that was previously just hidden from view by the bed frame, there sat on my bed is a pair of pink flowery panties that I would wear any other day, no problem there, but next to those is the real problem one of Lily’s Paw Patrol Pull-up training pants, and next to those is one of her Pampers diapers. My eyes go wide and my head goes blank trying to understand what’s going on, why are there diapers in my room, I mean obviously Mom put them there but why? Is she testing me? Is she trying to be considerate? I honestly don’t know what to think, my blush quickly comes back, imagining my mom trying to decide what kind of underwear I her 12 year old completely potty trained daughter is supposed to wear and just giving up and leaving it to me to decide. I’m honestly conflicted. Part of me is too embarrassed to wear anything but the panties after what happened earlier. However there’s another part of me that’s trying to convince myself that this is obviously a sign that Mom’s okay with me wearing a diaper, otherwise why else would she put them here? I agonized for what felt like an eternity over what to do when I finally decided. “The heck with it, she already saw me wearing them and she obviously left them here with the intent that I might decide to wear them so I’m just gonna do it!” Well even though I psyched myself up for it I still chose to forgo the pampers and instead wear the Pull-up and panties over top for good measure. “Huh, this is different.” I muttered to myself after shimmying the Pull-up up my legs and into place. The Pull-up was snug in a different way from the Pampers, a different fit and the padding was substantially thinner as well after close examination. I moved my legs and waist a bit to get comfortable hearing that distinct crinkle bringing a smile to my face and turning my attention to the rest of my clothes. First a white training bra with pink trim and polka dots dotting the surface, Mom makes a big point that it’s important to wear this so I’m ready for when I really need one, followed by a pair of stretchy light grey leggings, my favorite hello kitty socks, a sunny yellow skirt, and lastly a Pink short sleeve T-shirt with a pretty butterfly decorating the front. Having finished getting dressed I move over to my vanity, a matching set along with the dresser, night stand, and bed frame, to brush my hair. Having successfully untangled any knots and gotten myself looking presentable I confidently make my way outside my room and into the hallway, where all my confidence is immediately replaced with anxiety as I hear the faint crinkle sound coming from my bottom, as I continue meandering down the hall toward the stairs. I stop at the top hearing the sound of my little sister playing in the living room and what sounds like Mom humming in the kitchen no doubt finishing up lunch, I take a deep breath and take my fist step down the stairs “Here goes nothing.”
  2. I recently watched the Lizzie Mcguire - Magic Train episode, and felt it could be turned into an TBDL story. Dialog in the story is based on actual dialog from the show (via an open-source third part) – I do not have any rights to the original story or characters. Magic Train Scene I Miranda: Okay. Blending is the key to a natural looking makeup. Lizzie: How's this? Perfect. You can barely even see it and yet you've used every product on the bed. Miranda: Oh, look! It's time for Green Valley. I have to find out who Amber's secret boyfriend is, or I'll die. Lizzie: Check it out-- it's Clover and Daisy. Do you remember when we used to, like, run home from kindergarten to see this show? Yeah. Miranda: I mean, how did we ever like this show? It's so dumb-- I mean, an elephant and a mouse? And look at us now-- we're almost driving. Well, plus or minus a few years. Lizzie: It's Clover and Daisy's magic train! It's Clover and Daisy's magic train, choo-choo! Did I just say "Choo-choo"? Oh, but so did Miranda. Get ready! Coming to your town soon it's the Magic Train Live! -I watch it whenever I can. Lizzie: We're supposed to be going to rock concerts not to see Closer and Daisy Live. Miranda: Although, we could consider it a rain check. Lizzie: You know, we did miss the chance to see them when we were kids. Miranda: And we do (secretly) watch it as high schoolers. Scene II Lizzie: Hey, Matt, since I'm such a nice older sister You are? Miranda and I have decided to rearrange our very very busy schedules to take you to see Clover and Daisy. Matt: Good one. Clover and Daisy? I'm way too old for that show. And they're so dorky and babyish. Miranda: Well, I guess we're going to miss Clover and Daisy once again. Lizzie: Oh! Oh! Gordo's cousin Taylor. That's a four-year-old we kind of know. Next Day Lizzie: Hey, Gordo. Gordon: Morning ladies. Lizzie: Listen, do you think your cousin Taylor would want to go to Clover and Daisy Live with us on Saturday? They're in town. Gordon: Yeah! But his dad just got transferred to Tokyo.I don't think he'll make it in time -- but I'll go. Miranda: With who? Gordon: I love that fuzzy twosome. Lizzie: can we still get tickets? Miranda: Gordo / Lizzie, we're teenagers; it's a kiddie show. we can't go… Unless we have a kid with us that's between the ages of two and five. Gordon: Why not? Miranda: Uh, social stigma? Finger-pointing? Gordon: Do we like them? Yeah, so, then, we go. Miranda: Next stop, Clover and Daisy! Now, what you're about to see may frighten small children. Scene III And the winner of the Clover and Daisy Basket of Fun is in seat number 26B! Yay! That's me! That's me! That's me! I win! That's me! I won! I won! I'm-I'm 26B! I'm Lizzie McGuire! Oh, congratulations. What they didn’t know was that their archnemesis Kate was in the audience with her little sister. Gordon: I haven't had this much fun since forever. Miranda: That Daisy still gets me. As the threesome start walking out of the studio, Kate notices them. Kate: I'm sorry, Sophie and Ella. Maybe Lizzie will share her prize with you. The threesome turn around and notice Kate with her baby sister. Kate: Lizzie! Miranda! What are you doing here? Lizzie, I thought your brother was too old for this show, or maybe, he’s somewhere around here babysitting you. Kate’s sister: "Can we go get ice cream, Kate? Please?" Kate chuckled, "Sure thing, sis. Bye Lizzie, Miranda and Gordon. Oh, and Lizzie, tell your mommy if she ever needs a babysitter for you, I’m available.” To make things worse, as Kate was finishing her statement, Lizzie’s mom came with Matt seated in the front; which meant Lizzie and her friends needed to sit in the back seat. Scene IV Lizzie: So, um, maybe we overestimated Kate's influence. Miranda: Yeah, maybe she's not as popular and venomous as we make her out to be. Lizzie: Maybe she didn't tell anyone. Miranda: Shh, here they come. Kate: Morning, girls. Lizzie and Miranda: Hi, Kate. Kate: Lizzie! Miranda! Oh, you're playing dress-up. Isn't that adorable? Uh, joke's on you, Kate. Miranda: This is the true us. Lizzie: Yeah, we went to Clover and Daisy as part of our after-school pre-college program. You didn't know? Yeah. Miranda: Isn't Clover and Daisy ridiculous? But we had to watch it because of, uh part of our thesis. Yeah, we're studying Sociology and Child Development. Kate: That sounds amazing! Too bad I don't believe it. Wave bye-bye. Goochie-goo. Aa few moments later: Gordon: Look at the great picture someone left for me on my locker. Lizzie: Gordon, will you get a grip? We're the fools! We are the babies that love Clover and Daisy. Gordon: Maybe you two are, but I couldn't care less. Miranda: Gordon, I've had enough of you and your positive attitude. With the exception of Kate and a few of her friends providing subtle comments, Miranda and Lizzie felt as though the worst was over. However, when their social science teacher finished her class an announcement “Tomorrow we’re going to discuss the baby assignment for this next week.” They knew they were in trouble; especially Kate and her friends were in the class. Next Day Lucky for them, their first class of the day was none other than living skills. The teacher explained that she simply didn’t want to deal with another year of broken dolls, so they aren’t going to do the assignment as before. Instead they have a choice of either talking to their parents about their childhood and how they grew up or find a child younger than 5 years old and babysit them over the weekend; either way, at the end they needed to write a paper about what they had learned about child development. By the end of class, Lizzie and Miranda were sure they were in trouble. Yet nothing happened, in fact it was the two who were once again invisible to Kate and her friends. As the threesome sat down to eat their lunch, Kate and her friends walked by. Kate: “Oh! Look, it’s the kiddie table. (patting Miranda’s head) Do you need someone to feed you?” As if on queue, two of Kate’s friends literally took Miranda and Lizzie’s food out of their mouths, as a second pair of girls strapped a bib around each of the girls. All while Kate opened a can of gerber, using the same spoon to feed both Miranda and Lizzie. Things moved so fast that neither girl (or Gordon) was sure when they had stopped eating their food and starting eating gerber. As Kate fed the two girls, she said: “Now, don't eat your strained peaches until you've finished your mashed peas.” When Kate finished feeding the girls, a clipped pacifier was inserted into their mouths, and the bibs were removed from around them . Kate: Now girls, If you want this torment to stop you are not to remove your pacifier until the end of the day. And so, Lizzie and Miranda suffered one of the most humiliating days at school. Scene VI Back at home, Lizzie and Miranda are hanging out in Lizzie’s room. Jo (Lizzie’s mom): Hey sweety, your dad and I are going away for the weekend. Lizzie: But I had plans for the weekend and I don’t want to babysit Matt… Jo: Don’t worry, I know it’s last minute, I called that friend of yours Kate, and she agreed to watch Matt for the weeknd. Lizzie: You called who?! Jo: That friend of yours Kate, she should be here in about an hour. well goto go. Bye! An Hour or so Later Miranda and Lizzie are seated on the couch, watching TV, when Kate walks in. Kate: I thought I was only babysitting 1 baby, but here I see 2 babies. Miranda: Leave us alone, aren’t you supposed to be watching Matt anyways? Kate: I told Matt that he can do as he pleases. I don’t care. As for you two, since we have that baby assignment, I thought Lizzie would make the perfect guinea pig, but two is even better. Miranda / Lizzie: No way you’re going to do the assignment on us. Kate: Don’t worry, I won’t mention you by name, and anyways it’ll be so much fun. Scene VII Tuesday, mid-day, living skills class. Teacher: Did anyone already do their baby assignment, and are willing to present? Kate raises her hand, as Miranda and Lizzie get redder with each minute. Teacher: Kate this wasn’t the assignment Kate: Miranda / Lizzie: That’s all a lie!!! Kate: If that’s a lie, then why is your mom paying me to babysit you at school? Lizzie: She’s what? Kate: That’s right sweety, your mom is paying me to babysit you at school. That means: Feeding you at lunch time Taking you potty And most importantly, making sure your pacifier is in your mouth. Kate walked towards Lizzie, took out a pacifier from her pocket and clipped it’s end to Lizzie’s shirt she pushed the bulb into Lizzie’s mouth; she then repeated the process with Miranda. As if nothing happen, Kate continued her story: Teacher: Alright, Kate, I think that's enough for today. Thank you for sharing your experience…. For Lizzie and Miranda, the humiliation was just beginning. As they sat there, sucking pacifiers their cheeks flushed with embarrassment, the realization sinking in — they were no longer just teenagers trying to act grown-up; by the end of the day everyone will know. Kate: Lizzie, Miranda, it's time to go to our next class, does either of you need to go potty between classes?
  3. Looking for Gold Coast and Brisbane abdl’s for meet up
  4. Looking of a Tbdl girl Who i could play with maybe change there diaper and have them change mine some where in Simco
  5. Gets in car am not a baby that's not funny pounts. Starts sucking her tumb she is very supset just take home please.
  6. Guest

    Tbdl on kik

    Hi, I'm a male tbdl, and I'm looking for some AB/DLs who I can send pictures and videos to via kik. I can't wear often, because I live with my parents, but if you're interested in receiving pics/vids of me wearing every once in a while, kik me at XXXX All ages, genders, etc. are welcome.
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