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  1. Hi everybody! As a long time lurker and even longer writer for my own enjoyment, I finally got the push to actually share something. It couldn't have been done without the help of some writer friends, /u/Sissybecky (r/abdlstories) who beta read and Clairanette (aka Clairacuddles on A03), talking to both of them for hours about writing. Check them out too! Scarlet is a young woman down on her luck. She has a broken heart, bank account, and sex life. Her luck finally seems to be changing when she is offered a job on the outher side of the country, and really has no option but to take it. But what she doesn't know about the city of Caulfield Valley may get her in trouble, like what her new boss, Emilia Kane, secretly does as a side hussle. a slowburn, long form lesbian fic that is very kinky and ABDL oriented. 1- so it feels real There is both terror and freedom in restarting your life. Not in a cosmic sense, but in the moving-across-the-country-and-leaving-everyone-you-knew-on-the-opposite-coast sense. That is where Scarlet found herself this morning. Eyes red from her jetlag, hair a mess from the uncomfortable seats, and a puffy-eyed death stare meeting her from the scratched bathroom mirror. Even with her fresh start, the fresh apartment, she was not ready for her first day at a new job in this new, unfamiliar city. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget. She wanted to go back to her home with—a pang of heartbreak through her chest interrupted the thought. That home was no longer there, and no one was waiting for her to come home. Instead, Scarlet let out a dejected sigh, opened the cardboard moving box that contained the toiletries that were not in her carry-on, and got in the shower. She was up far earlier than she realistically needed to be, to make sure she could wash her hair, shave her legs, and still have plenty of time for makeup and a relaxed cab ride to work. The pipes whined and hot water splashed her face as the new-ish utilities sprung to life. She focused on getting the sleep out of her eyes. She resented her own anxious, over-prepare-until-exhausted tendencies. Yet Scarlet knew that on mornings where she didn’t do this, she was late. It was part of why she’d lost her last position as a Library clerk. God, that feels like a lifetime ago. If I started taking those then…what if... Scarlet let the thought drift up with the steam, and focused on the rigorous maintenance that her curly, shoulder-length bob required. The rest of the shower went likewise. She would move on to some other form of self-grooming, only for another intrusive thought to appear, and she would do her best to let it roll off of her. By the time she was done, dripping into a towel and stepping out, she had gotten most of the self loathing scrubbed off. Scarlet turned to face the same mirror. She wiped the fogged glass with one pale hand, and the same dead-eyed look greeted her. Scarlet forced a smile, hollow but just enough to come across as courteous and eager, rather than like a retail worker who was dead inside. She had plenty of practice masking in this way. Her breakfast was a microwaved cup of coffee and protein bar, the leftovers from her flight. She’d have to go to the grocery after work. She ate just enough to then turn to her prescriptions, the small, resentful white triangles tasting bitter and frustrating, her knowing that it was a 50/50 on whether she would be vomiting before lunch. The three small blue estrogen pills had to melt sublingually, and wouldn’t upset her stomach. They did, however, taste like minty asshole as they dissolved under her tongue while she started her makeup routine. It went quickly, Scarlet’s old “professional” looks still in her head after years of rushed mornings where her mediocre nutrition and makeup routine battled for time. Her hands danced; brushing, patting, dabbing, blending, and setting at a quick but deliberate pace. This wasn’t Scarlet’s first time working places that made her tone down her looks and cover her smattering of artsy tattoos that criss crossed her arms. Her new boss had assured her however, that so long as she wore at least business casual and none of the tattoos visible were profane, no one would care. Simple enough to cover the guillotine on her shoulder blade or the shoddy stick and poke of her highschool bff’s band “The Fart Coffins” on the opposite blade. She only sometimes regretted that one out of any of the designs on her body. She finished with a modest amount of very neutral blush, and got up to dress in the outfit she had laid out the night before. A simple white blouse and black skirt, black tie, black flats. Should show a good first impression for a secretary of a legal office. She couldn’t help but roll the sleeves partially, however, showing hints and edges of her ink. Scarlet made sure her hair was dry, shook her head as a jolt of the last taste of estrogen left her mouth, and called for her cab. Just before leaving, she packed her purse, and heard an unfamiliar jingling at the bottom. Fishing through the myriad receipts, dust bunnies and half finished chapsticks, she finally found the culprit, and her heart dropped. A simple gold ring, with an inscription inside; Futile – the winds –/ To a Heart in port –The singular band was heavy in her hand, and Scarlet felt the heartbreak all over again. She wanted nothing more than to scream. She wanted to sob until her throat was hoarse, to wail in pain. She wanted to call her. Instead, she tenderly wiped the welling tear in one eye to preserve her mascara, roughly threw open the drawer to toss the precious bomb in with a clatter. The front door slammed and locked behind her. The cab hummed quietly as it rode down the dense city streets, and Scarlet focused on taking in the sites of tree leaves slowly changing color through the cab window. She was headed further downtown from her new apartment, and even still there were beautiful trees she wasn’t familiar with. This is exactly what I thought the East Coast to look like, and yet it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, she mused to herself. She was used to her hometown in the Bay, the palms and pines of the San Francisco and Oakland areas all she had made friends with until now. The trees were dotted in front of the tall downtown shops, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She took a picture every now and again, killing time until her quiet cab driver pulled over to a sidewalk. Scarlet smoothed her skirt, handed the man his fare and a tip, and stepped out in front of a small office building. Her flats echoed against the shiny, reflective tile as she followed signs and elevator directories to Kane Arbitration & Mediation Legal Services. The interior of the elevator shined, polished enough that Scarlet could see her own reflection. She took a moment as she rode to the fourth floor, using the reflection to adjust her skirt. She was so tall that no matter what she wore, it always eventually turned into a skirt shorter than intended, and that was the last thing she wanted to project on her first day. Once the soft fabric was in place, better resting on her hips and covering much of her long thighs, she noticed she had arrived. Scarlet swallowed, her nerves making it louder than she had wanted, and exited as the doors parted. Kane Legal was one of the only offices on this floor, and it didn’t take her long to find, but she paused outside the door anyway. She took solace in the fact her new employer wouldn’t be able to see her through the doors frosted glass. Scarlet had a moment to steady the shaking in her hands. There’s nothing left for you back there. This has to work. You have no other option. The thought was supposed to be comforting. She opened the door and recalled all the times that thought would light a fire in her—to ignite the contrarian and spiteful nature she had to anyone that doubted her. A year ago, this would have made her unstoppable…but the last year was harder than she could have ever predicted. The reception area of the office was nicely decorated, looking like the kind you’d see on a mid-budget daytime law drama. No one was at the desk that she assumed would be hers, so she tried to peer around a corner leading to what she assumed would be Miss Kane’s proper office. Sure enough, a door at the end of the hall was open and revealed a head of deep black hair peaking just over the top of a large computer monitor. Scarlet took a moment for them to notice her. In another life, Scarlet would have confidently marched into the office, head held high, with enough swagger to convince anyone that she owned this office. Now the poor girl stood there, shivering as her future awaited. The Scarlet of a year ago would have left this newer Scarlet behind, just like the one she cared about the most. She prayed this wasn’t some kind of test. “Excuse me?” She called out, causing the head to twitch, “I’m looking for Miss Kane?” The top of the head rose for a pair of eyes to see just over the top, and then a hand brusquely slid the monitor on a pivoting stand out of the way. Scarlet recognized her now, the telltale hazel, almost golden eyes and a striking streak of platinum blonde to one side having stuck with her since their video interview. “And you have found her.” Her voice merrily sang, reverberating down the tiled hall. She stood. “You must be Ms. Finch. I am so glad to finally get you out here. May I be the first to properly welcome you to Caulfield Valley, I hope your flight was smooth?” Scarlet was immediately put off balance, having to look up at someone for once. Even if Emilia Kane hadn’t been in imposing black heels, she would easily have three inches on the six feet even Scarlet. She effortlessly glided down the hall towards Scarlet, her hand outstretched. Scarlet met her, returning her’s for a handshake. The taller woman’s hands were so soft. “Ah, t-thank you, Ma’am.” She politely smiled, and decided to rest her hands on the strap of her purse so as to not fidget. “I appreciate that, it was a long flight.” She wanted to divulge how exhausted and sore she was, but held back. “That is such a shame.” Emilia twisted her mouth into a concerned frown for a moment, a hand grabbing her chin in thought. “If you ever need to fly for me again, I can make sure you have better accommodations. Thankfully, your first day probably will not be too demanding. I am hoping to simply get you familiar with the way I organize best and have you operating at full speed before my next big meeting in…,” She checked the date on her phone, pulling it from the breast pocket of her dark green suit, “-three days. Does all that sound good?” Scarlet sighed in relief. “More than good, Ma’am, I’m sure I can be up to snuff by the end of the day.” She was a tiny bit surprised by how confident she sounded. “Oh please, Ma’am makes me feel old.” She waved a hand as if shooing the notion away, “I know to most it is respectful, but I prefer ‘Miss’ or just Emilia if it is all the same to you.” She rested the same hand now on her hips, which Scarlet noted were surprisingly accented in this type of suit. She nodded in response, and Emilia gestured for her to sit in the chair behind the receptionist desk. The woman looked like she was off a runway, the two piece suit and platinum jewelry complimenting her intense eyes and the vibrant streak of silver- no, platinum blonde in her hair. The hazel of her eyes became almost amber-gold as the light from the windows caught them. When her new employer wasn’t looking, she shook her head to erase the thoughts. Scarlet couldn’t exactly be thinking about how attractive her boss was if she didn’t want to risk her new living situation. “—and your last employer said you were familiar with all of these programs, is that right?” The question snapped Scarlet back to reality as Emilia motioned to the open windows of the computer. “That’s right. All of this is right in my wheelhouse.” Scarlet affirmed, grateful that the job didn’t seem to have any sudden surprises. “And this looks like a pretty standard inter-office set up on the phones as well. Would you prefer a call or a ping on your computer when you have a call or a client?” She hoped the question would help make her seem competent and ‘a go-getter,’ something her father had told her once upon a time about starting a new job. “A call is fine unless I am already with a client. If I do not respond, you may call regardless.” Emilia said, a small smile of approval spreading across her red lips. “On the topic of clients, occasionally you are to sit in for meetings and you will be taking notes. These are legal matters and meet the standard of attorney-client-privilege. So it is vitally important you understand that anything you hear or write down in those meetings are confidential, but could end up under scrutiny if we were ever to be sued or subpoenaed. Are you comfortable with that?” “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Scarlet nodded, “To be clear, any notes I take are private between you and I unless that happens right? Like—” she kicked herself for her valleygirl filler word, and tried to recover, “a doctor? For example, I wouldn’t talk about this with anyone except you or the client, even during off hours?” Scarlet couldn’t lie to herself and say that didn’t make her anxious. Her understanding of the legal system told her there were a million and one ways to mess up proceedings if everyone didn’t know them ahead of time. The clarity would help alleviate that anxiety. “Exactly. We can talk about it informally outside of the office but we must use discretion. God forbid you run into a client at a bar, make sure neither of you are shouting without realizing. However you got the most important part. Good job.” Something inside Scarlet warmed at her new boss’s approval. Emilia’s phone lit up and began ringing in her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I have to take this,” she explained, grabbing a small packet from the top drawer of the desk, “Just answer the phone if any calls come in and start filling this out with your info so I can make payments and records and such. It will only take a moment!” Emilia walked back up the hall, closing the door of her office. Scarlet could hear her talking in a tone that sounded professional and even, but couldn’t make out anything specific. When Scarlet realized she could not eavesdrop, no matter how hard she tried to focus, she instead grabbed a pen from the desk and focused on the forms. They were typical of starting with any new employer: tax info, new address, signing agreements. Scarlet was sorely missing the over-designed packets she would receive on her first day at each of the oversized chain stores she had grown up working at. The kind that tries to convince the reader that “we’re a family here,” isn’t the same as “your boss will not give a single shit about you if you think for yourself.” They were always a riot to laugh at with her fellow cashiers, clerks, and baristas. Everything was astonishingly professional, and felt tailored to the tiny law office. The forms were of course up to every standard Scarlet was aware of, but everything appeared handwritten and then copied from a master document. The young woman marveled at the curves and loops that seemed so practiced, so official. Calligraphy as a hobby? Scarlet’s daydream was broken as the phone rang. Her arm sprung to life, grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. “Hello, Legal Offices of Miss Kane, how can I help you?” Her mind auto piloted the greeting, a tactic she’d learned as a young adult to perform before any social anxiety made her hesitate to answer. There was a silent beat, broken only by soft background hum from the receiver. A deeper voice finally spoke. “Oh, is Miss Kane not in?” “I’m sorry, she’s stepped away for another call. I’m the new secretary.” The professional mask came back to her like a second skin, despite over a year of disuse. “Can I take a message for you?” Scarlet offered. “Er,” The voice stammered for a moment, then clarified, “Yeah. Actually, you can tell her that I have to back out of Friday’s meeting, I won’t be rescheduling. She can keep the deposit. Goodbye.” Scarlet busied herself scribbling the note down. “Wait, I’ll need to tell her your name.” She tried to catch the man before he disconnected. It was too late, the line went dead. Scarlet took a confused look at the receiver before returning it to the cradle. She tried to imagine what would have someone behaving this way, but even her previous customer support and retail work did not track here. Scarlet merely blinked in confusion and returned to filling her new employment forms. She could hear the muffled speech of her new boss, not able to pick distinct words, only cadence. The forms were dull and simple enough, and before too long Emilia’s office door clicked open. Scarlet was finishing the bottom lines of the last page, hoping quietly to impress the imposing woman, as childish as that want may be. Emilia’s heels marked her approach down the hall, and Scarlet spun gracefully in her swivel chair to face her. “Did I hear a call come in while I was gone?” “You did, and I've got a message,” Scarlet tried her best to sound professional yet nonchalant, “your Friday meeting canceled, said to keep his deposit.” She looked up to Emilia to gauge her superior’s reaction. Emilia gave nothing but a solitary eyebrow twitch. “He didn’t leave a name and hung up…is that normal?” “Whether it’s normal or not, we get to keep the deposit for my time, and that’s what matters to me.” Emilia said, too hurried to be as casual. Scarlet decided to just let that slip.There was something going on here, but she would catch the intricacies of the client relationships soon enough. Emilia very pointedly avoided her gaze to check the time, and excused herself again. The rest of the day moved slowly, save for asking Scarlet for a coffee run in the afternoon, which turned into buying a cafe scone for Scarlet’s lunch as well. She busied herself with memorizing the upcoming schedule, the program, and the routine expected of her. She tried not to fidget as the caffeine had its way with her later in the day. The bouncing of her leg coincided with an increase in worry. Would she have another reaction to this medication like her last, and be unable to sleep? Would Emilia be angry that she wasn’t being proactive in some way? How was she supposed to know? She paused, trying to stop ruminating. She lifted her hands away from the keyboard. They were shaking, and she squeezed her eyes closed. When Scarlet opened them, they focused through her fingers, at the sticky note she had written down the message, and the smaller coffee order beneath it. Sighing, she wrote down the coffee order on her phone and on her desktop notepad. If she could do nothing, she would be constructive and prepared for the future. Her hands kept shaking for the remainder of the shift. Scarlet wasn’t sure if it was the anxiety, the caffeine, or her meds. She’d been so isolated until moving she hadn’t noticed if the shaking started then. Just past five, Emilia’s heels clicked down the hall, a smart designer purse over one shoulder. “Now, is there anything I can clarify before we leave?” Her voice sang again and the hall reverberated in tune with her voice like Brian Eno was behind it. Scarlet shook her head, smiling with her mask back on as she spun to face Emilia again. “Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ve got any questions yet.” Scarlet wanted to be sincere in thanking her, drop the facade and business-casual tone. Speaking without rehearsal tended to bite her in the ass lately. She squeezed her hands between her thighs to try and avoid any probing questions. Scarlet could only imagine suspicious and overbearing concern at best if her new boss thought there was something wrong with her medically. “Is there anything else I can help with? I’ve just been organizing your schedule and getting used to the layout in here all day.” She desperately wanted to get her groceries before it was too dark. “No thank you, Scarlet. You’ve already helped me enormously, you have no idea.” Emilia ushered Scarlet out the door, and locked it behind her. * * If one thing in the world could be counted on, it was chain stores being identical on the inside. Scarlet pushed an identically squeaky cart up identically packed aisles among indistinguishable brands. The only difference really seemed to be the accents. She approached bulk rice bags, hesitated, and drew out her phone with dread. Her meager bank account balance confirmed her fears, and she begrudgingly went for the generic. Other staples like cheap instant ramen and pasta followed suit. The sole splurge was the cheapest, sweetest, garbage brand of red wine she could find. Her cab ride was identical, save for the setting sun behind her. Purples and oranges and cotton-candy-clouds danced behind her, out of view, as she slowly sank her head against the cool glass of the window. At least the trees are still pretty. She raised her phone again to try and take a picture, but the camera went grainy in the growing dark. Her new apartment greeted her with the same lonely tone as when she first received the keys. It was cold, it was empty, the furnishings were bland and picked by the property management company. Nothing here was hers yet, save the stacked boxes of cardboard. Her tired arms carried the groceries to their appropriate resting places, and she cracked open the wine before settingling on the couch. Out of habit she reached for her remote, only to remember she didn’t have a TV yet. Sold for the moving expenses. Scarlet was so tired of sighing. She took a swig of wine, an old comfort that was basically a juicebox and rubbing alcohol that reminded her of being broke in college. She opened her phone, wishing for any stimulation. Her friends, (rather former friends) were still posting stories, still sharing their bad takes and inane jokes. She considered getting off the couch to do the same. It was all performative anyway, right? But the energy wouldn’t come when she called out for it. Another sip, and she swapped apps. Scarlet noticed the singular blink of darkness on her phone’s screen. “Please, you piece of shit. I really can’t afford you to die right now.” Her worries seemed unfounded, as the brilliant screen returned and the malfunction wasn’t replicated for the rest of the night. What was strange, however, were the kinds of new accounts she was being recommended as she scrolled her timeline. Now, Scarlet was no prude. She enjoyed fucking and her alone time as much as anyone. Estrogen and Progesterone even maybe had her hornier than the average. But her timeline wasn’t full of this much smut. She had friends in the sex work game, but she didn’t exactly like, share, favorite, reblog, or any other influencer verb their content. Another website breaking their algorithm again? Even if Dani did porn, she didn’t do this kind of porn. Morbid curiosity, and a slight increase in her pulse, beckoned Scarlet onward. Drawings, videos, and staged photos of women in things she’d only seen in racy HBO content. She didn’t even know what to call the more intricate…props…but felt herself linger on a clip of a woman riding a…pleasure machine plugged into the wall behind her. Scarlet’s face matched her namesake and she scrolled on. A woman sitting at a home office, the quintessential framing of every vlog you’ve ever watched. Finally somebody is fucking sane in this world. She clicked the video without even reading the caption, and the perky eyed labrador retriever of a woman began to speak. “Hi everybody! This is the Channel of O. SO!” The blonde clapped for emphasis. “You’re trying to learn about BDSM, and you have no idea where to start.” Scarlet’s eyes went wide, she took another sip, and watched the woman jumpcut and explain through terrible jokes. It was a trainwreck, steam engines exploding in her mind. It made her hot in the crotch. Scarlet finished her glass, finished the video, and poured herself another while going deeper to the woman’s personal channel. More videos, more introductory guides. Scarlet polished the second glass, and was too engrossed despite the initial impulse to cringe to even pour another. Her alarm rang to remind her to take the rest of her medication, pulling her out of her trance.How long had she been zoned out? It was eight thirty. Losing track of time like that wasn’t uncommon for her and this diversion was welcome. She resigned herself and went to go take another dose of bitter antidepressants and her dose of Progesterone. Once the poison was administered, she looked across her kitchen to the counter where she left her phone. It lay there, like a metal megalith, imposing despite being a little plastic rectangle. Scarlet had to gather her nerve just to walk across the room and lift the damn thing. Once it was back in her hand, she used shaking hands to unlock it. The Channel of O was still smiling up at her, and she felt her cheeks getting redder. Her glass of wine was forgotten as she brought her phone to her bedroom. She unboxed her duvet, and sat on the soft material as the video resumed. Scarlet was enthralled, soaking in every bit of knowledge she could. “There’s all kinds of different dynamics! You’re probably familiar with a ‘master/slave’ dynamic,” The blonde woman began, “but there’s also pets and owners, and even daddies, mommies,—” Scarlet’s pulse quickened,”—or more generically caregivers and littles! Sometimes that’s called ABDL if it involves diapers.” Scarlet felt her breath catch in her throat. Her fingers flew into a flurry, and a private internet search later, her phone was filled with images that made her heartbeat accelerate. Videos, drawings, and many, many depictions of adult women, with all their curves and freckles and other parts that excited Scarlet, in thick diapers. They ranged across all body types, and the infantile garb varied from plain white plastic to over the top patterns to evoke baby diapers. Scarlet continued to scroll, eyes wide in wonder and excitement. She finally stopped, a thumbnail capturing her attention like a punch to the gut and clicked the video. Scarlet’s mouth went wide, and felt herself starting to leak into her panties. A gorgeous, curvaceous woman was lying on her back, supple lips wrapped around the nipples of another woman, in nothing but a pastel colored diaper and delicate, lacy lingerie top. The tender moment evoked breastfeeding, save for the “mother” holding a massive vibrator against the woman’s…diaper. The “baby” of the couple was moaning, growing louder, and Scarlet felt a tent form under her skirt. Eventually, the “baby” was screaming, thrusting her hips into the massive sex toy, in time with cries of “Mommy!” Mommy’s smile was intoxicating. She was very clearly getting off just as much as her baby, her face painted a combination of maternal nurturing, hedonistic pleasure, ecstatic elation, and sadistic control as she began thrusting the enormous vibrator in time with her partner’s thrusts. It was obviously acting on the merit of pornography, but Scarlet couldn’t tear herself away. She allowed her hand to snake up to a nipple poking through her top. Scarlet realized her own arousal, and in embarrassment, closed the tab, flinging her phone to the edge of the bed like it was a dangerous spider. She flung the covers off, racing to the bathroom for a cold shower.
  2. "Awe, what's wrong little sissy," my mommy asked me as we pulled into the driveway. "I don't want to do this," I replied. "What," Mommy said. "You've been saying for months how much fun it would be to have a sissy play date. Now that I've set one up for you, you want to back down?" "Yes," I answered. "I know I said that, but I meant like watching cartoons and coloring with another person in diapers and dresses. This is a sleepover, and you won't even be there!" "Well too bad sissy. Now get going," Mommy said as she stepped out of the car. "Everything is already set up, and I have plans tonight that I will be late for if you keep dragging your feet. So unless you want to come home to a punishment tomorrow you'll put some pep in your little sissy steps." Mommy took me by the hand and led me up the walk to the house's front door. She rang the doorbell, holding my hand in a vice-like grip. A diaper bag was slung over her other shoulder. The door was answered by an older woman, hair starting to gray. She and Mommy embraced in a warm hug. Mommy then handed her my diaper bag. "Hi Kathleen," Mommy said. "Everything little sissy Brian needs is in there. Sorry he isn't wearing anything. He is nervous about his sleepover with Sam tonight, and was being fussy so I didn't have much time to get him ready. Thank you so much for doing this tonight though." "I don't worry about. You know I love dressing up sissies," Kathleen said. "You didn't need to pack all this though. You know I have plenty of diapers for the two little sissies." "I know, but I didn't want to take advantage. I will be by to pick him up tomorrow at 10:00 though," Mommy said. Turning her attention to me, she said, "now Brian, you be a good sissy tonight and listen to everything Aunty Kathleen tells you. She has my permission to punish you any way she sees fit, and if I hear you needed a punishment, you can bet it will be worse when you get home tomorrow. Now give me a kiss goodbye. " Chastised and blushing, I gave Mommy a kiss before being pulled into the house by Kathleen. Kathleen then closed the door, causing Mommy to disappear from my view. "Now, should we get you properly dressed?" Kathleen asked me. "Yes Ma'am," I replied. Kathleen then took me by the hand, leading me deeper into the house. We headed up a flight of stairs, stopping outside of A soft pink door. Kathleen opened the door, revealing an adult baby nursery that every sissy baby dreamed of having. A crib with a twin sized mattress dominated one corner of the room. A changing table with diapers stacked underneath dominated the opposite corner. Both were covered in restraints that could completely immobilize anyone using the furniture. A large rocking chair occupied a third corner of the room underneath a large window, and sex and baby toys were scattered across the floor of the rest of the room. "Once you are properly dressed you can go play with Sammy. Does that sound fun Brianna?" Kathleen asked me. She started undressing me instantly, so I don't think my answer mattered beyond avoiding punishment for being rude. So I responded, "Yes, Ma'am." Kathleen untied my shoes first, making me rest my hand on her back while she pulled my shoes and socks off my feet. She then unbuttoned my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down in a single smooth motion. Kathleen made me rest my hands on her again for support as I stepped out of the leg holes. I wanted to cover myself with my hands in one last act of modesty, but as my arms moved down Kathleen caught them and lifted them up above my head. Then, she pulled my t-shirt up above my head and I was naked. Once undressed, I was ushered up on top of the changing mat, and Kathleen buckled a single strap across my waist, holding me onto the table. "Your momma would be so upset if something happened to her little sissy, so I need to take extra special care with you, don't I?" This time, I left it as a rhetorical question and didn't respond. Kathleen bent below my eye site for a second, returning with a diaper thicker than any I had ever seen before. Kathleen set it on my chest. So I could stare right at it, while she pulled out the other supplies she needed. I wondered how badly I would be waddling in the diaper until I felt something cold around my balls. The diaper blocked my view, but I could tell that Kathleen was putting my chastity cage on me. Chastity was a kink that my wife and I often indulged in with one another. But having your wife lock away your cock was one thing, and an older woman who had never touched you intimately before was entirely another. Normally, I was hard as a rock and my wife had to use a cold washcloth or another trick to get me into the cage. This time, I was so timid about being locked up by Kathleen that my cage was almost too small for me. "I have no idea why your mommy said I should expect trouble getting your cage on you," Kathleen said as she sealed my dick in with a click. "You have such a well behaved sissy clitty for me." Kathleen then lifted my hips up, slipping the diaper underneath me. A liberal cloud of powder soon coated my chastity cage and butt crack. I turned and twisted on the table as Kathleen rubbed the powder into my diaper area. Sam often had a bruised ass when I hung out with him, so I knew Kathleen wasn't shy about delivering a spanking. Because of this, I tried to stay still, but it was also deeply embarrassing having Kathleen touching my genitals so thoroughly and business-like, as if I were nothing more than a child she was babysitting. Satisfied that my nether regions were thoroughly protected from diaper rash, Kathleen then taped the diaper up with the same efficiency. Kathleen then ran her fingers through the waist and leg bands, checking the fit of the diaper. Satisfied, she slid a pair of plastic locking panties up my legs. Once they covered the diaper, Kathleen released me from the changing table, so she could roll me onto my side to lock the plastic panties on with a click. I wasn’t allowed off of the changing table until she had given the panties a few test pulls to make sure they wouldn't come off. After the diaper and plastic panties were put on me, Kathleen went digging through Sammy's sissy closet for an outfit for me to wear. She was in there for a minute before she popped back out with an armful of clothes. First, Kathleen had me put on a simple white camisole. Then came a very frilly pink dress, with ruffles and frills on both the skirt and shoulders. Kathleen made me raise my arms above my head while she slipped it over my head. She then zipped it up my back. A small click indicated she had locked the dress around my neck when she had fully zipped it up my back. A bright white corset was then wrapped around my torso. Since it was more decorational than for waist shaping, Kathleen only tightened the corset until it was mildly uncomfortable. Next, Kathleen snuck a matching pair of bloomers up my legs and over my diaper. Lastly, two petticoats were slid up my legs and around my waist, adding a nice poof and flair to my outfit. "You make such a lovely little sissy Brianna," Kathleen said. "Now you just need a lovely little wig and something to cover up that unfortunate addition God put on your throat. You be a good sissy and stay right there." Kathleen left the room, leaving me alone. She was gone for a while. At least long enough for me to be bored, and start swishing my skirt and petticoats back and forth, watching them twirl around my waist. Kathleen caught me off guard as she reentered the room. "A sissy and her skirts," she said as she walked back in, a box in her arms. I blushed, embarrassed, while she pulled a blonde, ringlet wig out of the box. "We discovered, Sammy is more of a brunette than a blond, so he doesn't wear this one much." Kathleen placed a wig cap on my head, then slid the wig into place. A few adjustments and a pink headband later she was finished with my hair. To complete my outfit, a pink ribbon was tied around my throat to cover up my Adam's apple. "Now you look like such a darling little sissy," Kathleen said. She didn't let me look at myself in the mirror though. Instead, she took me by the hand, leading me out of the room and back downstairs to her living room. *Part Two* Set up in the center of the room was a large playpen. Another sissy sat in the center of the playpen, half heartedly pushing two teddy bears around in front of them while baby cartoons played quietly on the tv. The sissy in the playpen was Sam, or Sammy, the person I was having a "sleepover" with. They were dressed in a yellow baby party dress, wearing a brunette bob wig with a small bonnet tied around their chin. As Kathleen helped Sammy stand up out of the playpen, I saw his skirt was stiff enough and accompanied by enough petticoats that the bottom of his diaper and plastic pants just peeked out between his legs. It was interesting, seeing Sammy and Kathleen so close together. Unlike my mommy, who was only a few years older than me, Kathleen was older than Sammy by a couple of decades. The marked age difference and between Sammy and Kathleen, and his appearance, truly made Sammy appear to be a child, even though he was only two years younger than I. "Now, doing each other's makeup and nails is a classic sleepover activity for girls. I was thinking you two sissies would love doing that for each other, wouldn't you?" Kathleen said. "Yes mommy," Sammy said. I simultaneously said, "Yes aunt Kathleen." "Alright, both of you be good and sit on the floor, while I go and get the makeup," Kathleen said. Sammy and I knelt on the floor as Kathleen left. We sat there in awkward silence, neither of us sure really how to start a conversation in our present state. Kathleen finally returned, makeup caboodle in one hand and a bag of makeup brushes in the other. Setting the items down, she said, "Ok, which one of you wants to be made up first?" After an awkward silence, I eventually raised my hand. "Good sissy Brian," Kathleen said. She sat on the ground in between Sammy and I, and began unpacking all of the things she had brought down. First, she directed Sammy in applying foundation to my face, then eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. Once Kathleen was satisfied with Sammy's work, she had me do the same, following the same steps of dabbing the foundation onto Sammy before gently coloring his eyes in a yellow eyeshadow to match his dress. Then a forced smile so that I could brush foundation onto the apples of his cheeks. Finally, strokes of lipgloss left a pink glittering shimmer on his lips. Kathleen showed us the results of our makeovers in a small hand mirror. Overall, they weren't great. I knew I could have done a better job with my makeup myself, and I knew that I didn't do a great job either on Sammy's makeup. It had been the first time I had put makeup on another person though, and I am sure Sammy was in a similar boat. Painting each other's nails went much better though. This time, Sammy went first. He was much more confident with the nail brush than makeup brushes, painting my fingernails in smooth baby pink streaks. Once my fingernails were coated in the delicate pink lacquer, my toenails received the same treatment. I then had to sit, hands and toes spread while my nails dried. The process was then repeated, as Sammy applied a second coat. When he was finished, my nails were a solid, baby pink color, and, unaccustomed to regularly having my nails painted, the paint gave my fingers an unusual weight. When my nails were finally dry, it was my turn to paint Sammy's nails. Kathleen had me paint his nails in a bright red that stood out when contrasted against his dress. As I finished the first coat, Kathleen had me gently sprinkle a little glitter across his fingernails, so that it got stuck in the nail polish. The second coat then sealed the glitter in, giving his nails a nice sparkle in addition to the red color. As we waited for Sammy's second coat of nail polish to dry, his stomach began to grumble with hunger. "Awe, is someone's tum-tum saying it wants din-dins," Kathleen teased. "Well don't you worry. I'll make a nice dinner for my two little sissy babies. Now I only have one high chair, and since his tummy is growling, I am going to feed Sammy first, is that ok Brian?" "Yes aunty Kathleen," I replied. "Such a helpful little sissy. No wonder you're Mommy never has to punish you. Unlike this one," Kathleen said, pinching Sammy's arm playfully. "Since you are the better behaved sissy, I am going to leave you here while I put Sammy in the high chair. Then I will put you in the bouncer so you can work up an appetite for dinner. Will you be good and sit here quietly while I do that?" "Yes Aunty Kathleen," I said again. She then helped Sammy stand and led him into the kitchen. Kathleen was gone for fifteen minutes before she returned, a padded, harness-like object in her hands. There were two long straps on the thing in her arms, which she connected to two pulleys suspended from the ceiling. I then stepped into the harness, holding my skirts and petticoats up, at Kathleen's command. She then lifted the harness up around my waist, gently tucking my petticoats and skirts intonthe waistband of the harness. A set of straps then went across my chest, holding the harness tight against my diaper, and holding me tight between the two straps connecting me to the ceiling. Kathleen then tightened the straps, so that it was just uncomfortable to stand flat footed on the ground. My wrists were then placed in two cuffs attached to the straps. She then unrolled a black mat, spreading it out underneath me. Two pads were connected to the mat, which she stuck just inside the leg bands of my bloomers. "From what your mommy has told me, you will enjoy this as much as Sammy, even if you won't admit it. It will also make sure you are nice and ready for dinner," Kathleen said as she plugged a cord extending from the mat into an outlet. As soon as the prongs connected, I jumped into the air, feeling an electric shock jolt through my legs. It happened again and again, and without any active effort on my part I was soon bouncing away. Kathleen had a smirk on her face as she left to feed Sammy. It didn’t take too long for me to connect that the pads on my legs and the mat I kept landing on were making a circuit that was providing the shocks. They weren't painful, so much as an unpleasant sensation in my legs. I couldn't tell if it was the sensation, the surprise of the shock, or a reaction from my legs but each shock launched me into the air, keeping me bouncing away. I tried curling my legs underneath me, once, to try avoiding the shocks. All this brilliant idea accomplished was giving me a diaper wedgie that crushed my balls and rammed my chastity cage unpleasantly into my crotch. I had no concept of time while bouncing away, but eventually I was able to collect my thoughts and think about something other than the shocks. The actual bouncing sensation felt rather good, causing my diaper to rub against me in a way that soon had my dick straining against its cage. I could also feel my diaper and the harness putting pressure against my butt. I was eventually wishing I had something inside of my ass, so I could fuck myself to orgasm while I bounced away. When Kathleen finally returned, she was leading Sammy from behind, who, in addition to his previous outfit, was sporting a massive bib covered in baby food and a pacifier bobbing in and out of his mouth. Kathleen unplugged the mat and pads from the wall, letting my feet land and stay on the ground. My legs were shaky as they landed on the ground. I realized that I was panting for breath, exhausted from my constant bouncing. Kathleen released me from the cuffs and harness, and I dropped on the floor, legs wobbly from the bouncer and exhaustion. I stayed on the floor, panting and trying to get the feeling back into my legs, until Kathleen had Sammy strapped into the bouncer. She then led me away into the kitchen while Sammy sucked a pacifier while bouncing away. Kathleen brought me into the kitchen, where a pink polka dot padded high chair with a white plastic tray was set against an island. Water streaks drying on it indicated it had just been thoroughly wiped down. Kathleen pulled the tray off the high chair, and helped me into the seat, fluffing my skirt and petticoats so that they would sit just right and not be ruffled by the tray. She then buckled straps across my shoulders and waist. Two more velcro straps pinned my arms firmly against the sides of the chair. Two final straps, one over my thighs, one over my ankles, bound me firmly to the chair. My legs could do little more than shuffle along the footrest while my arms could only wriggle at my sides. Kathleen then clicked the white tray into place. Kathleen started by affixing a bib, more akin to a hairdresser's cape, around my neck. It was so large it used multiple buttons to secure it around my neck, rather than tying in the back like a normal bib. She then placed two large baby bottles of milk on my tray. Next came a bowl of a thick, white pasty substance. Lastly, Kathleen placed three jars of baby food on the tray. Reading the labels, I could see the contents were peas, squash, and carrots. Kathleen opened each of the cars, stirring them into the bowl with the white substance using a large soup spoon. Kathleen then dipped the spoon into the mushy mixture. Her mouth opened to start making a noise, but before she made a sound I opened my mouth to swallow the heaping spoonful. "Such an obedient sissy," Kathleen said as I wrapped my lips around the spoon. I coughed and sputtered trying to choke it down. It had an unpleasant taste combined with a vile mouth feel. Remembering the mess across Sammy's bib, I guessed that he enjoyed his dinner as much as I did. Kathleen was unphased by my reaction. She giggled to herself as she scooped up another spoonful bringing it to my mouth. I swallowed it, if only because I was determined not to get as messy as Sammy had clearly gotten during his feeding. While I was technically successful in this goal, I still got much more baby food on me than I liked. Kathleen would waste just long enough for me to choke down most of a spoonful, before feeding me the next. This made it inevitable, with each spoonful, that my mouth wouldn't be ready to receive it, and the food would smear onto my face or be scraped off the spoon and down onto my waiting bib. Kathleen didn't let me have any milk until I had eaten all of the bowl of mush. She then held the baby bottles to my lips. While I could control the rate at which I suckled, short air breaks were the only reprieve I had from anything other than drinking down the milk. I felt bloated by the time I had finally finished everything. Thankfully, Kathleen quickly wiped my face off and removed the bib. My Mommy must have shared with Kathleen how much I hated to be dirty and that it would remove me from subspace. Kathleen left me in the high chair while she washed the bowl and baby bottles. She then inserted a paci gag into my mouth, buckling it behind my head. I was then freed from the numerous restraints, and led back into the living room. Once Sammy was freed from the bouncer, Kathleen helped both of us into the playpen, where we were left to color in some coloring books. Part 3 "Wha vas hat groth pace?" I asked Sammy once Kathleen had left the room. "Wice pudding," Sammy gurgled out from behind his pacifier. I noticed he wasn't gagged, just obedient by not removing his pacifier. "Do you eath thath othen?" I continued. "Mothly on weethends. Mommy wets me eath normal fooths on worthdays, buth on weethends iths nether anyfing sowid," Sammy continued. I didn't ask him any more questions after that. The lisping induced by the pacifiers put an unfortunate damper on the ease of conversation. So instead we colored with our crayons in silence. We could hear Kathleen cooking dinner for herself in the kitchen. It smelled far more delectable than our meal. The smells of the kitchen though were replaced by a less pleasant odor as time wore on. I couldn't believe that Sammy had just let loose, messing his diaper like that with me right next to him. I knew toilets would be off limits with Kathleen as our caretaker, but I figured he would at least have tried to go when Kathleen could change him right away. From all of the milk I drank at dinner though, I did wet my diaper fairly well dur8ng our time in the playpen. Around half an hour later she returned to the living room, but didn't even comment on the foul odor that now hung in the room. Instead, she said, "You two have been such good sissy babies for me. How would you like a reward of going out for ice cream?" Sammy said "Yes please mommy," with excitement. I couldn't tell if his enthusiasm was real or fake. I suspected that we would be going out for ice cream dressed as we were, and I could feel my stomach start to rumble. I knew Inwould be soon doing the same action Inhad judged Sammy for about ten minutes earlier. For these reasons, I stupidly said. "No tank you pwease. I don wantha go outhide wike dis." "Oh, and you were being such a good little sissy Brian," Kathleen said, before brusquely yanking me out of the playpen and back up to the nursery. I put up no resistance, partly because I was deep in a submissive space at this point, partly because I was worried all of the walking would make me poop myself sooner. Kathleen sat down in the rocking chair in the nursery, and almost immediately afterwards had me down across her knees and the arms of the chair. Before I had a second to prepare myself, I felt a paddle slapping into my diapers with a loud WHACK. The diapers offered some protection, but soon the pain of the paddle was coming through and I was dancing across Kathleen's lap from the whacks and swats. She was merciless in her punishment, the blows coming hard and fast. Just when I thought my ass could take no more, she switched to my thighs, delivering a series of blows to my left, then right thighs. I doubted I would be sitting at work much Monday after this spanking. "Now, choose your next words carefully, sissy," Kathleen said, her tone adopting an iciness that broke nothing but fear. "Is there something you would like to ask me?" On the verge of tears, I stuttered out around my paci-gag, "Pwease Aunthy Kaffween, can I go outh for ith cream in my pwetty dwess, ethen though I hath been a bad thithy?" Kathleen's tone changed instantly, and she responded in her normal motherly voice, "why of course you and Sammy can go out for ice cream in your pretty dresses, and you haven't been a bad sissy dear." Kathleen then led me back downstairs, me awkwardly waddling in her wake. She slipped a pair of high heels on each of our feet, and fhen asked "Is it ok if Brian sits in the car seat Sammy, since he's our guest?" "Yeth mommy," Sammy responded. The car seat was impressive, and like the bouncer, made my submissive sissy heart do summer saults with glee. In Kathleen's van, one of the seats had been removed and replaced with a car seat that had extra padding, pink of course, with a hard frame that fully enveloped a person from their head to their butt. A five point harness kept them held tight against the chair, while two cuffs prevented anyone from freeing themselves on their own. It took almost no time for Kathleen to have me hooked and bound within the car seat. In fact, it took her a longer time to tie Sammy to his seat in the car, immobilizing him as well. With us two sissies bound and restrained in the back of the car, Kathleen pulled out of the garage and onto the road. She drove for nearly an hour, taking us to a place far outside of town. During the car ride, I messed my diaper several times. Each time, I thought I would be feeling the urge to go soon, but before I could control it, I would feel myself messing my diaper. I suspected that Kathleen put something into our food, since normally it took an abnormal amount of effort for me to mess my diaper. I noticed from a few grunts and moans that Sammy too was continuing to use his diapers. I really did enjoy the bondage of the car seat, but I would have enjoyed it more under different circumstances. My bottom was extra sensitive from the thrashing it had received, and every time I added to my diapers load, either through wetting or messing, it just irritated it more. I spent the majority of the long car ride fighting the restraints trying to find a comfortable position. Nearly an hour later, as it was just growing dark, we pulled into the parking lot of an ice cream stand out in the country. Before freeing Sammy and I, Kathleen went tonthe back of the van, and removed what turned out to be a life size stroller. She then removed the pacifiers from our mouths, and freshened up our lipstick. I was the first one freed, released from the car seat only to be sat in the stroller. It was almost identical to the carseat in terms of restraints and bondage. The only real difference was that my seat was now made of a thick canvas and I was angled at sixty degrees. I had a feeling this was a subtle way of Kathleen preventing me from standing while we got ice cream. With me restrained in the adult stroller, I could do nothing but continue to helplessly fill my diaper in small amounts and feel it smear against my sore bottom. Sammy was prevented from having too much freedom for himself via a collar and leash that were placed around his neck and tied to the stroller, respectively. Kathleen parked us near the van, at one of the farther away picnic tables, before leaving to go order us ice cream. "Does her baby food usually make you mess your diapers like this?" I asked Sammy. "Yeah. That's why I only am fed it on weekends." He replied. "Also, don't worry, Mommy brings me here a lot. The owners are kinksters too, and so are a good majority of the customers. There are a few vanilla customers that discover the place and wanded in, but they only really advertise this place in the kink community as a place you can go for some light public play." "That's good." I said, trying to be nonchalant. Actually, this was a massive relief to me. I was always self conscious about going out as a sissy, even to kink spaces. I had never worn a diaper to a kink party, and outside of a few ageplay events at private homes, had never been a sissy baby in public before. If I wasn't so deep into sub space at the moment, I probably would have been having a mental breakdown. Kathleen returned, carrying two bowls of ice cream and a milkshake for herself. She pulled out two baby spoons from her purse, sticking them into the bowls of ice cream. She then handed one of the bowls to Sammy, who was allowed to feed himself. I had to be slowly fed the ice cream by Kathleen. Normally, I inhaled ice cream. Having to use these small spoons and take such delicate little bites made it take forever to eat the ice cream. About halfway through our bowls of ice cream, a large bear of a man came over. "Is that Kathleen and little baby Sammy I see over here," the man said as he approached. "Why, I barely recognized you in the dark. Oh, and it looks like you have another little sissy. Who is this?" "Hi Robert," Kathleen said. "This is Sissy Brian. He is having a sleepover with baby Sammy tonight. Since they were such good little sissies, I thought I would take them out for ice cream. Sammy, aren't you going to greet Robert?" Sammy sat his ice cream down, then stood up, needing to take a step nearer to me on his heels to not be choked by the collar and leash. Robert obliged Sammy, taking another step as well. Robert would have towered over Sammy, were it not for his heels. These gave Sammy just enough height to kiss Robert on each cheek before giving him a kiss on the lips. "Hello Sir," Sammy then said. Robert then leaned down toward me, his face a few inches from mine. I knew he wanted a greeting from me as well. The welts from my previous paddling were acutely noticeable in my dirty diaper, so I complied, not wanting to receive another punishment. I strained against the restraints of my stroller, reaching up to give him a soft kiss on each cheek before one on his lips, which went longer than I intended. I don't know if that was my subconscious doing or his. "Hello Sir, nice to meet you," I said to Robert. Robert's face was bristly from his beard, and his lips were dry and chapped, whereas I don't think stubble could be felt on my soft face and lips. The contrast between us at that moment truly had me feel like a simpering, pathetic, pantywaist, and my cock was straining against its cage to become hard as a rock. Robert sat down where Sammy had been seated, scooping the sissy up onto his lap. He gave the sissy a few bounces on his knee, making Sammy blush and moan. Then, he struck up a conversation with Kathleen, and began feeding Sammy the rest of his ice cream. I was curious just how familiar Robert was with Kathleen and Sammy, being that he could just start feeding him without asking him, or even Kathleen if they were ok with it. Robert dominated most of the conversation, talking about some recent trip of his to Boston. I didn’t know him, and calling the conversation vanilla would indicate it was more interesting than it was, so I zoned out, losing myself in my own little world of eating small bites of ice cream, feeling a twinge in my stomach, and filling my diaper a little more. I wet my diaper a couple of times as well while eating ice cream, which was a weirdly pleasurable experience. As I sat, I wondered how my diaper was holding up. I never used my diaper this much with my Mommy, and it was safe to say this was the most I had ever filled one. My musings on the structural integrity of my diaper were interrupted by emptying my bowl of ice cream. I was embarrassed to re enter reality, with Kathleen gently rocking me back and forth in the stroller while Sammy was once again being gently bounced up and down on Robert's knee. "It's getting late. This little one almost fell asleep here on us. I better get these sissy babies into their crib for the night," Kathleen said. "Good idea," Robert agreed, setting Sammy on his feet on the ground. "They could also use a bedtime bath too, boy do these sissies reek." Sammy and I turned a crimson shade of red from the comments about the state of our diaper. Robert gave Sammy a goodbye kiss, before giving Kathleen a hug and patting me on the head before heading back to his own car. Kathleen took us back to ours, transferring me once again from the stroller into the carseat, and tying Sammy into his chair, before taking us home. I woke up to Kathleen gently rubbing me awake. Apparently, I had passed out as soon as the car started moving, and was sleeping deeply the entire car ride, despite my bondage and the state of my diaper.
  3. Hello! This is the first story I ever have written. Pure fiction. English is not my native language. Enjoy! If someone likes it I might write a sequel. BR Sandman Dan’s adventure By Sandman Chapter 1 The stewardess had just sat down and fastened her seatbelt. For a moment, her thoughts seemed to have drifted far away from the passengers and her work in the aircraft. Was she on her way home to her boyfriend or family or was it going to be another night in a concrete hotel where she would party with her colleagues in the crew? Dan tried to relax and looked around. In a few minutes, the aircraft would touch down and once again he was on his way to a new adventure. Dan was used to this life. He was looking forward to new challenges and seeing new things and meeting new people. Dan's colleagues were jealous. Everyone had hoped to get this job. It was a well-paid foreign contract that, unusually, was not located in a godforsaken den in the wilderness. No one begrudged Dan that he had finally drawn the longest straw because he really had the skills and experience that the customer was looking for. He had also had a successful assignment for the same company quite recently and that had been the deciding factor. The client had been clear and said that they would be more than happy to have Dan as Supervisor. The project was supposed to last for three years, but everyone involved understood that it was a very optimistic time estimate and that it would probably take much longer than that. Delays were standard in this industry. For Dan, it was okay. Every extra day in this paradise would feel like a reward. Dan closed his eyes and stretched in the airplane seat, feeling expectant. Several good years lay ahead of him, and it was likely to be a soft start. Dan wasn’t that much needed in the beginning of the project where he could assist only with some simple administrative activities, but when the project took off, there would undoubtedly be some hectic days. The pilot landed the plane pretty well and began to brake sharply to quickly turn off the runway. Dan rested his eyes on the cute stewardess sitting right in front of him. Her thoughts were still far, far away, but suddenly, she looked at Dan with a sexy smile. Dan smiled back. Throughout the flight, he had admired her Afro-Asian looks, and she had a sexy little ass that Dan just couldn't help but rest his eyes on. As Dan started to walk towards the plane's exit and passed the flight attendant, their eyes met. Dan responded politely and then followed the stream of passengers out of the plane and on to passport control and baggage claim. When Dan was waiting for his bags, his phone beeped and when he checked, he saw that a WhatsApp message had arrived. "Hey handsome! I saw your phone number on the notepad that you held in your hand. At 20:00 I'll be at the lobby bar. Hilton Downtown. Regards Rhonda" Dan looked around and saw that the cute stewardess was standing a short distance away in the company of the crew. She had her eyes fixed on Dan and had the phone in one hand. Dan responded quickly. 🔥 😊 //Dan Just after Dan sent the message, he saw that the flight attendant was reading something on her phone and smiling. She then looked at Dan with a happy smile and then grabbed her cabin bag and said something to another member of the flight crew. Then they walked towards the exit. Gosh, this is too good to be true, Dan thought as he sat in the taxi. What are the odds of getting picked up on a flight? Either way, that put Dan in a very good mood. The taxi eventually arrived in an area that Dan recognized, even though he had never been there before. He knew the streets thanks to his explorations in google street view where he had clicked through street by street. It had been part of his preparations to quickly settle into his new surroundings. Dan had received several suggestions for different accommodations but decided on an apartment that was relatively central within walking distance of both restaurants and the subway. The taxi stopped and the moment of truth approached. Would the furnished apartment be as good as he thought and was the key there the landlord had said? Dan keyed in the code to the padlock with the metal box attached to the bike rack and was able to confirm that the keys were in the agreed place. A few minutes later, Dan was in his new apartment and after a quick round, he could breathe a sigh of relief. The apartment was just as good as he had hoped for. Bright, fresh and with a majestic view. Dan immediately set to work and unpacked his suitcases. He always did it when he came to a new place. Even though it felt hard, Dan had realized that it always paid off later. Dan was also something of a pedant when it came to orderliness. Especially when it comes to clothes in wardrobes. Everything had to be folded with meticulous care and each piece of clothing had to have a specific place. This almost morbid mania for order was something that amused Dan's closest friends and something that was often joked about. They said he was a "fake man" but that was something Dan could offer. In fact, he couldn't believe how his friends could leave their gym bags lying around inside the front door for days on end before they were unpacked. No, it was something that would never happen at Dan's house. In the afternoon, Dan began to prepare for the evening's unexpected and very promising "date". Dan had always found it easy to meet new girls and God knows he'd had many casual sexual relationships but never with a flight attendant. Two hours later, Dan and Rhonda were sitting in the lobby bar with drinks in their hands. Not surprisingly, Rhonda was outgoing and easy to hang out with, and after a couple of steady drinks, they had broken the ice and sat tightly entwined and were united in a long, erotic kiss. When Dan returned to his apartment early the next day, his hair was in a mess and his shirt was hanging outside his pants. The night had been hot and intense, and Dan had a lot of sleep to catch up on. Rhonda was probably already back at 10,000 meters on its way to its next destination and it was unclear if their paths would cross again. When Dan tried to get the keys to the front door, he heard footsteps downstairs and a couple in sportswear approached. “Are you the new neighbor? Hi, my name is Brad, and this is Sarah!” “Hi Brad, Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you!” Brad looked like a fit Greek God with straight facial features and exuded confidence. At first glance, he looked like a nice guy who cared about his appearance, but Brad, or if you should call him "Sport Ken", was completely uninteresting to Dan. Brad was like a stain on his glasses that you immediately wanted to get rid of in order to have the opportunity to see more of his girlfriend "Sport Barbie". Sarah had the most kind and seductive eyes Dan had ever seen. Jesus, what a beauty! She gave a mature and stable impression and Dan guessed that she was about 35 years old. The couple said they had just returned from an exercise and Sarah was still a little stunned, causing her lovely breasts to dilate under the olive top as she inhaled. Dan could feel it growing inside his underwear and blushed when he realized that Sarah had observed what he had been looking at. “How about meeting over a cup of coffee some day in the future? What do you say to that, Dan? “Well, that would be very nice. Let's get in touch. I just need to settle in a bit first.” “Did it get late last night?" asked Sarah? “Uh, well..” Sarah grinned and then she said happily. “Nice color on the lipstick... but you'll need to use stain remover to get it off your shirt!” “Uh, ... Oh, yes look. Well, uh, I guess I'll have to take a trip to the washroom in the basement.” When Dan entered the apartment, he immediately sank into the couch in the living room. He felt tired. The night's activities had left their mark and besides, he wasn't really used to the new time zone that was very different from what his body was set to. Dan couldn't quite let go of the impression of "Sport Ken and Sport Barbie". His new neighbors. It was undeniably a handsome couple, and Sarah didn't really have a Barbie look, but it was more Brad who looked like a movie actor with perfect looks regardless of the time of day. Sarah had more of a mature and curvy MILF look and appeared to be a determined and sexy woman he easy could fall in love with and Dan could only congratulate Brad for capturing her. It bothered Dan that he just had blushed in front of Sarah. Brad probably hadn't seen it because he was facing the door lock when it happened. Dan, on the other hand, was convinced that Sarah had noticed Dan's reaction. It had almost felt like she had intentionally exposed her sexy breasts just to provoke a reaction inside Dan's underwear. Dan had stepped into the trap and blushed like a little child when he realized that Sarah had seen the bulge under his pants. Dan felt tired to death, but right now was the wrong time to sleep in case he was going to get into the groove and adjust to the time difference. A quick shower did the trick and Dan went on a shopping spree around the neighborhood. In the grocery store at the small square, he got hold of the most important basic goods and when he was back in the apartment, he brewed a cup of coffee. He took it out to his terrace. The apartment was superb. The best Dan had ever had and the central location with easy walking distance to most things got Dan in a wonderful mood. It really felt on all levels that he would be happy in his new home. In the evening Dan passed out quite early. The last 24 hours' escapades took their toll, but around midnight he was abruptly awakened by some noise in his surroundings. At first, Dan was completely disoriented, but quickly his brain woke up and then he realized that the sound was coming from the bedroom in the neighboring apartment. Apparently, the insulation of the wall did not dampen the sound waves from the other side very effectively and it was obvious that Sport Ken was having a very good time right now. The rhythmic squeaking from the bed was unmistakable and neither Sport Ken nor Sarah seemed to be discreet about what they were doing, quite the opposite. It could be heard so clearly that it almost felt like Dan was in the same room. Sarah's irresistibly sweet moans affected Dan who immediately became very horny which resulted in a rock-hard erection. Sport Ken increased the pace, and you could clearly hear their genitals bumping against each other. Sport Ken started to groan heavily, and their lustful moans got louder and louder and when Dan heard that Sarah was having an orgasm, he shot a big load all over his belly. Dan hadn't been able to keep his hands over the quilt. With a cupped hand on his stomach, Dan sauntered off to the bathroom and washed himself before crawling into bed and going back to sleep. A few hours later, he woke up again and had a tired eye open and saw that it was 4:32 a.m. Once again, it was full speed ahead with the neighbors. Sport Ken apparently hadn't had enough of Barbie... Or maybe it was the other way around. They fucked until the feathers roared. Dan could eventually hear Sport Ken muster his last strength and clearly declare that he was shooting his load deep into Sarah's pussy. "Yes, ... yes... came in me Brad... oh". Then you could hear them hugging and kissing. For a short while it became quiet and peaceful and Dan tried to go back to sleep, but the stillness was replaced by noise, clatter, and lively conversations. Brad and Sarah seemed to be doing anything but sleeping. Chapter 2 Dan eventually got up and brewed a cup of coffee. He ate breakfast in peace and quiet but accidentally spilled on his shirt. Dan understood that it was a stain that needed to be fixed immediately or it would become permanent. With the coffee thermos in one hand and the dirty sweater and shirt with lipstick in the other, he went down to the laundry room in the basement. Dan didn't have an appointment but found what he was looking for, a bench section with a stainless-steel tub that could be used for hand washing. A tumble dryer was running and apparently there was someone in the house doing the laundry. Dan put his coffee thermos aside and poured some lukewarm water and a splash of detergent. Just as he got his sweater into the tub, the door to the laundry room opened and in came Sarah. She looked like she had just gotten out of bed, and her hair was a little tousled, and she yawned widely. “What's a guy like you doing in the laundry room this early in the morning?” “Good morning, Sarah! Yes, I managed to stain my sweater...” “Oh god, your coffee smells so good I could kill for a cup, said Sarah. "Uh, I'd rather not die today," replied Dan. Go ahead, grab my coffee. It's probably cold anyway before I’m done with my sweater.” “You’re so cute”, said Sarah and took the coffee mug in her hand and leaned her ass against the countertop right next to Dan. “Oh wonderful”, Sarah said after the first mouthful of coffee. “Today I really need something to cheer me up”. Dan understood what she meant. Rummaging around all night undeniably leaves its mark. Sarah continued, "Damn, I thought my laundry would be dry by now, and I'm waiting for an important call in a few minutes.” “Could I ask you for a favor, Dan?" “Absolutely.” “Could you bring my laundry upstairs? It should be ready in just a few minutes!” “Of course," Dan replied. Dan stood with both hands in the washtub and Sarah put her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, you're so kind! Then I'll see you again soon" said Sarah and hurried up to the apartment. Dan took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. Sarah's presence had caused Dan to have sinful thoughts. It wasn't just that she drop-dead gorgeous. She had a charisma that Dan had never encountered before. Normally, Dan felt confident around women and was the one who always took the initiative, but in Sarah's presence, he felt like a little schoolboy. It was as if she owned everything around her, and her naturally feminine ways had made him stand at attention. By the time Dan was done removing the stains, the dryer with Sara's clothes had also stopped. He emptied the machine of clothes and immediately began to fold everything neatly before putting the freshly washed garments in the laundry bag. He recognized the olive-colored top. Damn, he remembered how great it looked on her yesterday. Dan was then shocked and embarrassed by what he held up. He quickly checked behind his back to make sure no one else saw what it was. The garment was some kind of baby blue romper in adult size with short legs and buttons at the crotch. It had long arms. Very long arms... that could be locked onto the stomach. At the front of the chest there was also a print "Mommy's big boy". What the fuck!? Dan hoped Sport-Ken wasn't sad now that his favorite piece of clothing was in the wash. Dan didn't really know what to think. Probably it was just a masquerade dress and Dan quickly proceeded to take care of the rest of the laundry, which included bedding. When Dan tried to fold one of Sarah's duvet covers, he realized that something was stuck inside. At first, he thought it might be a sock or a panty, but soon he realized that it was something else. Something that was even more astonishing than the romper. It was a baby pacifier but scaled up in adult format. And that's not all. The pacifier had a long strap with a locking device that forced the user to hold it in their mouth. Dan discreetly tucked it under the other clothes and walked up to the apartment and rang Brad and Sarah's doorbell. Dan tried to figure out how he would react if it was "Mommy's little boy" who opened the door. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be at home, so Dan put a note in the mailbox saying that he had taken the clothes up to the pool on the roof terrace. It was there that Dan had planned to spend the morning. The roof terrace turned out to be a real oasis and a huge contrast to the city's pulse down at street level. Dan was alone in the pool area, and he immediately sat down on one of the sun loungers under a parasol. The sun was shining, and Dan realized that he needed to put on sunscreen immediately. The warmth and the comfy bunk quickly made Dan fall asleep and he didn't notice that Sarah was approaching. “Hi Danny” “Uh., Hi Sarah” "Is it okay if I join you?" “Absolutely”, Dan replied, raising the backrest of the deck chair a notch. At the same time, Sarah was laying out her bath towel on the sunbed next to him. She stood with her bottom facing Dan and leaned forward to smooth out the towel. Of course, Dan couldn't help but look, and just then Sarah took the opportunity to glance back. “Do you like what you see Dan?” “Oh, sorry, Sarah. You are a very beautiful woman Sarah, but I apologize a thousand times. That was stupid of me.” “The apology is accepted, Dan, but as punishment you must put suntan lotion on my back.” She handed Dan a bottle and lay down on her stomach on the bunk. Then she unbuttoned the back of her bra. Dan poured some suntan lotion into his hand and began to rub it into her softly and gently. Dan felt ashamed and regretted staring so rudely at her buttocks. After Dan was done, Sarah stood up and held her hands over her breasts. “Is it okay for you if I sunbathe top less?” No sane person, regardless of sexual orientation, including Dan, would answer no to such a question. Sarah's impressive breasts were thus released into the open. “What about your back, Dan. Is it lubricated?” “Uh, no.” "Okay, Danny boy, lie down on your stomach and I'll fix it." Dan did as he was told, and soon he felt Sarah's hands almost caressing his back. As Sarah approached the lower back, she resolutely grabbed Dan's swim shorts with both hands and pulled them down over his buttocks. She took plenty of time to lubricate the lower back and Dan felt pitiful and uncomfortable with his pants pulled down. "You know what, Dan, this white ass actually deserves a little spanking considering your sinful looks on my buttocks," Sarah said, slapping him a little harder than Dan was prepared for. “It was rude of me to look at you like that, and… if it would feel better for you, you can do it!” Dan said jokingly. "Well, that would be a useful lesson for you," said Sarah with a smile. “You'll have to come over to my place and pull down your pants and I'll make sure you behave better next time. You can pull up your swim shorts now... young man.” Sarah then lay on her back in her deck chair and closed her eyes. It didn't take long for her breathing to change, and Dan realized that she had fallen asleep. Given her activities in bed this past night, it was no wonder she needed recovery. Dan couldn't help but admire Sarah as she lay there, looking peaceful and relaxed. Dan was amazed by her plump and naked breasts and the reaction inside his swim shorts was embarrassingly obvious. Like a tent pole, his cock stretched out his shorts. In an attempt to change his mind, Dan snuck off for a dip in the pool. The cool water did the trick and Dan leaned back against the edge of the pole and put his arms up. It didn't take long before he had company in the pool. "Oh, that was a much-needed power nap," Sarah said, and swam up to Dan. She stood up in the waist-deep water and stood in front of him. Dan had to bite his tongue to keep from staring at her lovely boobies. "Have you had time to swim in the sea?" asked Sarah. "No, not yet" I replied, "but I'm really looking forward to doing it. Mask, snorkel, and flippers were the first things I packed on my way here". “I could show you some real gems," said Sarah. “Do you have any plans for Saturday?”, she asked. “No, I don't have anything special to do this weekend, but don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a nuisance and ruin your and Brad's plans”. “Brad left early this morning. He belongs to the Navy and is on his way to a secret mission. All I know is that he will be out for at least three months. I can't believe he's so childishly fond of riding around in that submarine!” “Yes, we're all different”, said Dan, and couldn't help but think of the light blue romper. How would Brad manage without it for three months, and how on earth do you choose a life in a submarine instead of hot nights with Sarah? Dan lay there thinking. Would he sink so low and put on something as unmanly as baby clothes? Not a chance in hell. What was that couple doing? Probably quite strange things, but Dan had heard with his own ears how they had fucked both loudly and passionately, just like any heterosexual couple. Maybe it was just masquerading dress after all? Dan tried to see himself in a romper, and the very thought of it made him blush. “What are you thinking of Dan? Your thoughts seem far away”, said Sarah “Uh, well I was just thinking about, uh. I'm going to pick up my leased car today just after lunch and I'm not sure what papers I need to bring.” “A driver's license is enough, said Sarah. What kind of car are you going to have?” “Well, uh... Quite a far cry from an eco-friendly family car. A Dodge Challenger.” “Woah... Then we'll take it to the beach on Saturday”. Just before Sarah and Dan parted before lunch, Sarah said, "Thank you for folding the laundry so nicely, and you, my friend, don't forget that your little white ass is going to learn a lesson.” Sarah said the last thing with a smile and Dan had a hard time deciding if she was joking or serious. Dan began to get the feeling that she wasn't joking, and that the romper was something completely different from a masquerade dress. Chapter 3 Dan had long dreamed of having a real American muscle car with a male V8. The 6.2-liter engine with 807 hp did not disappoint him. The Challenger went like a rocket, and he had a hard time tearing himself away from the car when he had parked it in the basement garage. The white Tesla in the adjacent parking slot looked like it had a female owner, and Dan guessed it was Sarah's. Unless, of course, Brad wore feminine sunglasses and a pink scarf with his blue romper. Dan didn't have far to go to his office in the city's financial district. That's where he would hang out when he wasn't out on site. To get to the office, it was easiest to go by public transport, although it was also possible to walk. Initially, the project was far from hectic, and the team focused mainly on administration like reviewing project plans, signing contracts with suppliers, and preparing for the mobilization before the start of construction. Dan quickly found several like-minded colleagues that wanted to hang-out after work and Dan was really looking forward to Thursday's after-work at the Sports Bar near the office. The week went by quickly and soon Dan was standing there with a beer in one hand and a pool cue in the other. It was an insanely fun and wet evening and just after midnight Dan walked home to the apartment. He was far from sober, and strolling happily along the street in his neighborhood that was lined with open-air cafes when he heard a woman shouting from one of the tables. Dan turned around and saw Sarah with a friend. ” Dan, this is my best friend, Melissa.” “Hi Melissa! Nice to meet you.” “Please Dan, have a seat.” Dan barely had time to sit down before Sarah had fixed a large and strong drink for him. Dan knew it wasn't a good idea to drink more today, but he was past the stage where the wrong head started making decisions. Dan quickly forgot that he was on his way home and time really flew by and suddenly the restaurant closed. Sarah then insisted that they should continue at Dan's house. He remembered that a bottle of wine was uncorked. Also, that Sarah had said that it was now that Dan would get spanked on the bottom as punishment for staring at her butt like crazy. Dan had thought she was joking and said, "be my guest" and the two girls had quickly gotten his pants and underwear off. As the most obvious thing in the world, Dan had then agreed to lie down with his ass in the air over Sarah's thighs. Still unaware that his poor ass was going to be spanked.... for real. It had hurt. It had hurt like hell, but he had let Sarah spank him without resisting. Then everything had flowed together in a blissful mess of disconnected memories. It was somewhere there that Dan had lost consciousness. When Dan woke up, it was well past 11 o'clock in the morning. He felt better than he deserved, but it took a few seconds before his brain registered time and space. Dan thought back to yesterday and realized he didn't remember much. He had no memory of how he ended up in bed. His mouth felt as dry as sandpaper, and Dan regretted that he hadn't been more restrained in his drinking. Just the amount of alcohol he'd drunk at the Sports Bar was enough to keep him away from his new Challenger all day. Training at the gym also felt distant. No matter how he tried, his thoughts kept tracing back to yesterday. The memory lapse bothered Dan, but he felt warm inside as he thought about the evening with Melissa and especially Sarah. Dan took a deep breath and felt it start to grow down his crotch. It wasn't until he put his hand under the covers to straighten his underwear and make room for his incipient erection that he realized that everything wasn't as usual. Dan lifted the covers and looked down at his genitals. He could hardly believe it. The white diaper looked huge. Chapter 4 Dan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It can't be true; it can't be true. Dan opened his eyes again and looked down. ... No, no, no.... How on earth did this happen? Dan blushed and squirmed, causing the diaper to make a plastic sound. How...!? Apparently, Dan had completely lost control yesterday. Goodness knows Dan really doesn't spit in the glass but he's always good at setting boundaries and he had also done that at the Sport bar yesterday but then it had gotten out of hand. Dan stared at the diaper and felt the bulge where he knew his stiff member was struggling to blossom and get even bigger. A strange feeling of arousal and some kind of inferiority spread through Dan's body. The diaper made him horny, but he couldn't quite tell if the arousal was due to the diaper itself or to the fact that it was Sarah who had put it on. Either way, it made Dan blush. He blushed not only because he looked like a grown-up baby, but mostly because he didn't dare to admit that it felt good. After all, it was against all principles of masculinity for a normal adult man to enjoy something as childish as a diaper. Dan sat up on the bed, put his feet down on the floor. Damn it. His butt hurt, which made Dan realize that at least one memory hadn't been a drunken dream. It had really happened. He had been lying over Sarah's thighs with his pants pulled down. Dan sighed heavily and got up and walked towards the bathroom. The plastic sound of the diaper made Dan feel ridiculous and it didn't get any better when he was forced to rock forward as it didn't work to get his legs together because of the thick padding in the crotch. Arriving at the bathroom, Dan quickly pulled up the diaper nibs and was shocked by what he saw. His best friend was barely recognizable. A good layer of powder had made it chalk white but that wasn't all. All the pubic hair was gone. All of it. The sight of his clean-shaven cock made Dan's jaw drop. How on earth did that happen? Dan had zero recollections. Absolute zero. He closed his eyes and cursed himself. Why, why, why did I drink so much yesterday. Dan really needed to pee, and it felt like the peeing would never stop, but once the last drop had been squeezed out, Dan did something that surprised him. An act that made him blush and, to his surprise, gave him a powerful erection. The obvious thing would have been to throw the diaper in the bin and then jump into the shower. Instead, Dan had carefully put the diaper back exactly as it was before, and then he had gone back to the bedroom and crawled under the covers. Dan closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the soft and thick diaper enveloping his genitals. Pretty soon one of his buttocks started to itch and reflexively Dan brought one of his hands down to try to fix it. Immediately, he was reminded of how sore his ass was and that Sarah had given him a good spanking. It would be difficult to sit on a chair today. Damn it! That's what happens when you think with the wrong head. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Dan froze. Holy shit. He couldn't go and open the door as he looked now. Dan considered his options and thought it would be best to stay in bed, hoping that the visitor would think he wasn't home. That plan fell apart right away. A key was put in the door, and then he heard the front door open. It was Sarah, and she went straight to the bedroom. "Excuse me for intruding", said Sarah, “but I was a little worried about how you were feeling today, and I thought I heard you were up, so I hurried here." Sarah had two cups of coffee in her hand, and without hesitation she jumped into the bed and sat down next to Dan and gave him a cup of coffee. “You really look like you need a strengthening cup, Dan!” “What a surprise! Thank you!” “Did you have fun yesterday?”, said Sarah. “Yes, I think so!” “Think?” “Uh, well I had a lot of fun but, obviously, it was a little too much of a good thing.” “What do you mean?”, said Sarah. “Well, uh... It got a bit blurry at the end, uh, very blurry.” “Kind of pitch black?” Sarah asked. “Uh, . . .Well you could say that. “ "How lucky you were that you were in good hands, and that Melissa and I tucked you into bed! By the way, I locked your door from the outside yesterday with your keys. That's why I was able to come into your apartment just now.” “Thank you, Sarah! I sincerely apologize for losing control.” “Accepted, though with some hesitation, and I must consider giving you another round of spanking.” “Uh, No, I firmly believe that I got the point, and I will be painfully reminded of my blunder for many days to come.” “Are you sore in the butt?” “Uh. Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?” “Let's take a look!” “But no, wait...” Sarah snatched the covers from Dan, which made him embarrassed to say the least. “Look at that, a big little guy”, Sarah said. “You know, we couldn't just leave you all by yourself without protection yesterday.” Sarah stroked her hand on her diaper and grinned. "How did it feel to wake up as a little boy, Dan?” Dan really didn't want to tell the truth, that it felt good, and tried to tell a lie. “Well. I haven't had time to think about it though and I'm not in need of a thing like this it at all. Not even when I'm drunk. It's completely unnecessary.” Dan felt extremely uncomfortable about the situation and didn't even want to take the word diaper in his mouth. Diapers were only for wimps and completely out of the question for a real man. “Is it true?”, said Sarah. “I think I can see something completely different.” Sarah still had her hand on the diaper where there was a big bump. “In fact, it's a perfectly normal reaction. I know a lot of adults who gets horny on regression games just like you seem to do.” “Hey, this is not a sexual orientation or fantasy that I have. Uh, I'm an ordinary man with a traditional sexual orientation.” “Sweetie, all women can see that you are masculine, fit and have an attractive appearance, but a strong man dares to show emotions and live out his sexual desires. Now, I'm not talking about wanting to fuck your partner in the ass. I'm also not talking about men who think it's male and enough with two minutes in-and-out as soon as the lights are off. No, I'm talking about men who dare to break norms and taboos. In fact, it may be that what you consider unmanly is the manliest thing you can do. Dan, I'm pretty sure the guy in front of me should try to step outside your comfort zone. Just like you did so nicely yesterday. By-the-way Dan, there is one thing I wonder about. Have you been peeing today?” “Uh, yes. Why do you ask that?” “The diaper looks dry Darling. So, then you apparently took off the diaper before you peed and then you put it back on? “Uh, yes...” “Okey, good boy!”, said Sarah, patting her hand on the diaper. “Tomorrow at nine o'clock we go to the beach Dan. I'm sorry I must go now, but I'll see you tomorrow.” “Okay, see you then”, Dan said. “Another thing, Dan. You remember what you promised me yesterday, don't you?” “Uh, well, not exactly." “We'll get to it later," said Sarah, with a subtle smile. Chapter 5 It was a very quiet Friday for Dan. He had spent most of the day in front of the TV, but twice he had been down to the garage and sat in the car and opened the bonnet and admired the shiny V8. Dan had a craving to go for a ride, but he realized that it wasn't possible because his body still had alcohol in his system. On top of that, his buttocks were incredibly sore, and he wouldn't be able to sit for very many minutes before the pain became excruciating. His ass kept reminding him of the insanely unmanly things Sarah and Melissa had done to him yesterday. He couldn't believe he'd let it happen and felt a lump of unease in his stomach. Dan realized that he would be "smoked" for time and eternity if it came out that he had allowed himself to be spanked on the buttocks and slept in a diaper. Apparently, he had also promised something he didn't remember, and he bitterly regretted that he had been stoned and lost control. Dan really hated situations where he didn't have complete control and now, he had messed up a lot. To make matters worse, he began to have warm feelings for Sarah, which made the situation even more complicated. Especially after she was in a relationship with Brad and Dan really didn't want to get an entire submarine crew on his neck. Sarah was forbidden fruit. At the same time, Sarah had shown interest in Dan in a way that felt more than friendly, and Dan didn't really know how to handle the situation. Sarah made him horny, but he'd never forget that she'd beating him up like the worst imaginable little hooligan. His male self-image had taken a big hit and Dan told himself that what had happened was an isolated drunken thing, a one-time thing and something that would never be repeated. Now he was going to cover up all his tracks. It was just that Dan was drawn to Sarah as if he were a small piece of iron next to a giant magnet, and her powers of persuasion were incomparably effective. She would always get what she wanted, and Dan was horrified by what it would lead to. He felt ambivalent. A part of him said no, no, stop, that's a dead end, but his head between his legs wanted something else. But there was something special about Sarah that he couldn't put his finger on, and he knew almost nothing about her. He had no idea about her past or what she did for a living, and something told him that Sarah had given birth to a child. She had a few little streaks on her sexy belly that Dan associated with girls who had been pregnant. Dan realized he had a lot to figure out. Sarah felt satisfied as she packed the parcels into her Tesla. The delivery of the special things she had ordered had been delivered much faster than expected. Now there was an opportunity to move forward a little faster with Dan than she had originally intended. Yesterday it had been exactly ten years since her husband had died in a climbing accident. Steve had really been extreme in everything he undertook, even sexually, and that's what Sarah had fallen for. However, she had always had a feeling that Steve's challenging lifestyle would one day be his death. It had taken time to get over Steve, but Sarah got a lot of help from her closest friends, and she could see that time heals all wounds, although she would carry a scar with her for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, it seemed almost hopeless to find a new love, but Sarah did not compromise on her high standards. It would be allowed to take the time required. Now, however, a person had appeared out of nowhere. Dan. Already at first glance it had felt right. His friendly eyes and athletic body made him easy to like, but it was his attitude that made him highly interesting. Despite his somewhat tough macho style, he had blushed precariously at their first meeting and Sarah had sensed that behind the male façade there was something completely different that was much softer. Sarah's first impressions had turned out to be 100 percent accurate. When Dan had been drunk, Sarah had tested him and just as Sarah suspected, Dan had shown himself to be playfully compliant and could take a step back without in any way coming across as a paralyzed sissy. He was a rough diamond who would need a little help to become Sarah's obedient little boy, but Sarah new exactly what was needed to get him there. Sarah was punctual and knocked on Dan's door just as agreed. “Hi Dan! You haven't forgotten about me and that we're going to the beach today, have you?” Dan looked alert and excited, and Sarah understood that Dan was just like any boy, regardless of age. They love beach life and swimming in the sea. “Hi Sarah! I certainly haven't forgotten about you. In all honesty, I've been longing for this excursion all week and I’m ready to hit the road”, Dan said. “Let's go right away then!”, said Sarah. “It's going to be so much fun to ride in your new car. I saw it in the garage next to my Tesla yesterday. It really is a beauty!” “Yes, of course it is! I've never had anything like it, but I thought you only live once and I did well in the negotiation with my employer so yes, now it's just a matter of sitting back and enjoying.” The V8 rumbled nicely as they swung out of the garage and Dan felt like a king. For him, this was a boyhood dream come true. The muscle car was awesome and really had all the power and beauty that he had been longing for, but it was still the travel company that contributed the most to Dan's happiness right now. Sarah was truly enchantingly beautiful. She looked relaxed and ran her hand through her blonde hair to straighten a streak. Then she looked at Dan with her brown mottled eyes. It didn't matter which part of Sarah Dan rested his eyes on. No matter where, a warm tingling sensation spread that made him want to hold her. Dan realized, however, that he had better not show these feelings. Sarah already had Brad and he really didn't want to risk his new friendship with Sarah. The road to the beach was incredibly beautiful but narrow and curvy and Dan cruised along at a leisurely pace. After half an hour, Sarah suggested they stop by a beach bar and have a cup of coffee. Perfect, Dan thought, as his bruised ass had begun to bother him. A few minutes of breathing space in a standing position would do the trick. Sarah understood very well what Dan was going through but couldn't help but enjoy the situation because Dan seemed to have taken his punishment with a happy mind. “Well, Dan said, the sports seats on that damn car don't seem to be suitable for a freshly spanked ass at all.” “Oh yes, said Sarah. It's just that you've forgotten to put on the diaper, Dan.” “Uh, he, he, yes, it would have been nice and soft” Dan said jokingly. “But as a completely inexperienced person in the field, you don't realize how to relieve the pain." “Before I'm done with you, Dan, you'll be an expert”. Dan couldn't quite tell if she was joking or serious, but Dan suspected that she was testing his reaction and that there was more to what she was saying than just a joke. Dan grinned and tried to think carefully before commenting. “Well then, I guess I'll have to get used to you adding color to my life. It's going to be standing tickets from now on”. “Darling, there are other ways to make yourself an obedient boy too.” “Ha, ha... That was my suspicion, but the question is what is the least bad?” “You'll have to try it out, Dan... In any case, they have very good coffee here.” Dan and Sarah sat down at a table and Dan grimaced a little as he put his butt down. "Poor little thing", said Sarah, grinning. “It must have been a memorable evening for you last Thursday.” “Well, truth be told, I have very few recollections of what happened. By-the-way, what was it that I had promised you in the wee hours of the morning? You said you'd tell me a little later.” “Are you sure you want to know Dan?” “Yes, actually I do. I'm ashamed of that memory lapse and for me it's important to be honest. If I've promised something, then I must fulfill it. A drunken evening is no excuse for not keeping my promise.” “Okay Dan. Then I'm going to take out my phone and show you a video that I recorded. This happened when Melissa and I were trying to get you into your diaper and tuck you into bed.” What Dan saw next made him white and shocked for real. Suddenly, he realized where the disconnected piece of the puzzle fit in. The memory that he thought was just a drunken dream. “Dan, we're going to take that step tonight!”, said Sarah and interrupted his thoughts. Dan realized he was pushed into a corner and took a deep breath and sighed. “That'll be our little secret”, Sarah said. Chapter 6 Dan nodded cautiously and then became very quiet. Sarah let that sink in and left him alone with his own thoughts. Yes, she thought. Now I've got him on the hook. “The beach is waiting for us, Dan! I'm just going to powder my nose on the ladies, then we're off!” The atmosphere was a little tense when Dan started the car, but Sarah took it in her stride and took out her phone and texted Melissa. "He's seen the😊 video. You should have seen his shocked expression!!! ... but I could see in his eyes that he wanted to do it again..." The answer was immediate" 🧡 🥰 😍 🧡 "What are you thinking about Dan?", said Sarah. “Oh, I'm sorry that I'm a little quiet", said Dan. “It's kind of uh, quite a lot to take in. I would never have thought that..” “But you stick to what you promised, right?” “Uh, I... I guess so.” “But come on, Dan. Cheer up!” “I'm sorry, Sarah. I promise. Just give me some time.” “Take the time you need Dan!” After about 30 minutes, Sara pointed to a road sign with information about an exit a few hundred meters ahead. “Turn left at that exit, then it's not far to go”, said Sarah. A few minutes later, they drove into a large fenced-in area. "This is an all-inclusive hotel for members only", said Sarah. “Everything you could possibly need is here. Gym, pool, tennis courts, spa, restaurants, cinema and of course a very nice beach strip. Since I'm a Gold member, I'm allowed to bring visitors with me.” "It looks great", Dan said, when parking in front of a large building that looked like it contained a gigantic lobby and beyond it you could see the sea, but the beach was completely hidden and could not be seen. “Are you okay Dan?”, said Sarah. “Yes, but I can't really let go of that video. Uh, I can't quite make ends meet... how?” "Dan, don't think about it right now. Once we're settled on the beach, we have all the time in the world to talk. All right!” Dan nodded and locked the car. “Come on Dan, first we're going to the locker room and then we'll report to the reception.” Men and women changed in the same place, which Dan thought was a bit strange, but he didn't say anything about his thoughts. “Here is my locker where we can store all our things.”, said Sarah Dan opened his backpack to get his swim shorts, but Sarah stopped him. “You can't bring anything in”, said Sarah. “Okay, I get it, but I'm just going to put on my swim shorts.” “No, Dan. You must leave everything in the cupboard. Valuables, phone, camera clothes. Everything must be locked up. Including swimwear. This is a nudist resort with strict rules. You will be naked all day, Dan”. Dan took a deep breath and gathered his courage. He didn't know if he was going to be able to do this. Showing himself naked was the worst thing he knew, and it had been that way ever since he was a child. He remembered the agonies he had had every time there was gymnastics at school. At least then he would have had the opportunity to wrap himself in a bath towel and only show off his naked body to a few male schoolmates. Now Dan would walk naked among complete strangers of different genders and ages. It wasn't that Dan needed to be ashamed of his body, quite the opposite. He was slim and fit and had a physique that most people dreamed of, but that was of no importance now. He really didn't want to walk around naked and especially not considering the way his spanked ass looked. It was as colorful as a traffic light, and besides, he didn't have a shred of hair down there. Everything was shaved off and his family happiness looked like a porno cock or like a little boy's dick. Dan was close to panicking, and he tried to think of a way to back out, but he just stood there completely paralyzed and felt awkward and helpless. Sarah's huge breasts were already out in the open and Dan felt a certain thing between his legs start to move. He understood that sooner or later it would lead to disaster. Dan wouldn't last a whole day with a naked beauty like Sarah's without getting an erection. It just didn't work, and the consequences would be as embarrassing as it gets. I'm sure Brad would hear that Sarah had been walking around on the beach with Dan, the sissy. The one with the spanked ass and the cock that stood out like the Empire State Building. Brad and his submarine buddies were going to kill him. Sarah was now in the process of taking off her panties and Dan closed his eyes and tried to shift his thoughts to something else. “What are you thinking about Dan”, asked Sarah? “Uh, yes… " “Dan, take off your clothes now!” Dan reluctantly did as she said, and it took some time, but in the end, he was standing there in his birthday suit. “Good boy”, Sarah said, taking him by the hand. “Now we go to the reception and sign up”. The reception was gigantic with a large open lobby area where naked people crisscrossed. Dan was so nervous that he hardly knew where to go. He stood next to Sarah and turned his ass towards the counter, dropping his hands down in front of him to cover himself. When they were finally about to leave for the beach, a “male” couple called out to Sarah. “Hello Sarah!” “Oh, you're just getting prettier and prettier every day!” “Hi Jeff. Hi Rob! Thank you, that was kindly said. It's always a pleasure to meet you guys! How are you? Still on your honeymoon?” “You bet!” “This is Dan, said Sarah, “My new special neighbor” “Hello Dan! Nice to meet you!” “Nice to meet you too”, said Dan. “You'll have to excuse us”, Sarah said, "but we need to go for a swim!" Jeff grinned broadly and then said to Sarah. “I see that your "neighbor" really must have been a disobedient boy!” “Exactly”, Sarah said, stroking Dan's buttocks with one hand. “You know Jeff, Dan only had to lie with his ass bare over my thighs for a few minutes before he became a wonderfully harmonious and affectionate little boy.” “Come on, Danny boy! Let's go swimming.” Chapter 7 Dan felt his chin drop when he heard what Sarah had just said to Jeff. He turned black as a thundercloud and was just about to roar but stopped at the last moment. He didn't want to attract any extra attention. He wanted to be invisible and crawl under a rock and disappear. Sarah, on the other hand, enjoyed it like never before and happily showed off Dan as her new trophy. Before they were down on the beach, she had talked to about ten more friends. Friends who had been amused by Dan's colorful buttocks. Dan took a deep breath and tried to collect himself. The cylinder head had almost flown off several times, but somehow, he had calmed his anger and balanced on a slack line and come over to the other side. Now he had a real adrenaline rush, and an unexpected and nice feeling began to spread through Dan's body. Even though he'd just been through a minor hell where Sarah had presented him as her little “slave boy," which had been insanely humiliating, he felt happy. Horny. Proud. He wasn't proud that she'd presented him as the little guy who was raised with his pants down. No, he was proud to be the chosen one. In front of many of her friends, Dan had been presented as her "property," as a boyfriend and not as a neighbor. Sport Ken was not going to be happy. Sarah had had a long discussion with Melissa last night about the best way to “catch” Dan and both agreed that the best way to do it was to go hard and "throw him in the water to see if he swam”. Sarah had been a little worried that he might freak out, but her gut feeling had been right. Dan was a fighter who didn't give up easily. He was the docile guy Sarah had been looking for, but she also knew that Dan was having a hard time with himself right now, and especially with the nudist life that seemed completely new to him. Sarah couldn't help but smile at his childish shyness and fear of showing himself naked. “Look at this Dan, this will be our little oasis for today and a place where we get much needed shade.” A little secluded among the palm trees and flowerbeds was the most exclusive sunbed Dan had ever seen, and Sarah could tell by Dan's body language that he was shining like the sun and liked the place. “Woah exclaimed Dan.” The sunbed, or rather the "four-poster bed", was big enough to accommodate two people and it was equipped with everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach. A white semi-transparent mosquito net hung down the sides. “I'm glad you like it, Dan. I suggest we start with a bath, but before we do that, I need to help you get smeared with sunscreen. Can you give me the bottle to your right, please!” Sarah immediately started rubbing it on Dan's back. When she got down to his bruised buttocks, she stood to the side of Dan and asked him to stand a little wider with his legs. Sarah had one hand on Dan's stomach as she gently rubbed his bruised buttocks. She then put plenty of suntan oil on both hands and let one hand slowly find its way between Dan's buttocks. “Oompf”. Sarah suddenly pushed a finger deep into Dan's ass while her other hand quickly encircled his cock which immediately became rock hard. Sarah then pressed her body against Dan's right side. The closeness of Sarah's warm pussy against Dan's thighs and the touch of her stiff nipples against his chest became too much. Dan exploded. The first load of sperms hit a nearby flower bed and the second ended up in the sand. The rest flowed out over Sarah's right hand. Dan was breathing heavily, and his cheeks turned rosy as if he had run a marathon and he was speechless. “Oops! Now I firmly believe that both of us need to wash ourselves off in the sea.”, said Sarah. Chapter 8 Hand in hand they had walked down to the water and Dan was in a dream. Sarah had set his heart on fire, and he had a hard time taking in what had just happened. Ideally, he would have liked them to be alone on a deserted beach right now and not here in this bizarre place. Then he might have felt more comfortable being naked, but now in the water he felt better since no one could see his naked body. Sarah put her arms around Dan and jumped on top of him, locking her legs behind his back. Then she pushed her pussy up against Dan's now semi-flaccid cock. “What are you thinking of Dan?” “Yes, I'm thinking of a very enigmatic woman who I would like to know a great deal more about, said Dan.” “Oh, and how did you think that would happen?” Before Dan could answer, they were united in a fiery kiss. Dan had dreamed of just that, but he had never dared to believe that it would happen for real... And so openly. Dan felt a bit guilty when he couldn't let go of the fact that Sarah was having a relationship with Brad and now, he had crossed a forbidden line and tasted Brad's "property". But now there was no turning back. Dan would go all the way. Sarah and Dan swam out to a floating platform and Dan really missed his mask and flippers that were in Sarah's locker. But considering what the bottom looked like, there wasn't much to see, especially since he didn't see any coral reefs. When they got out of the water, Dan had hoped they would go straight to their private corner, but Sarah had other plans. They were going to walk along the long strip of beach and the consequence was one long "walk of shame" for Dan where his bruised butt was shown to hundreds of bathers. Dan only got some respite for a short while when they stopped at a simple beach bar and had lunch. There he had sat as if enchanted, admiring the beautiful Sarah and her golden-brown plump breasts. When he looked at this wonderful woman, he couldn't believe that she just an hour ago had grabbed is cock and given him a hand job just like that among all other nudists. Dan was sure that at least one younger woman had seen his "money shot" but at that stage it felt so lovely that Dan had lost the concept and did not care about people in the surrounding. But Dan had become extremely embarrassed, and he felt like he still was blushing even though it had been a couple of hours since it happened. Although it had been extremely embarrassing, it was very liberating. The ejaculation had made him sexually numb and dampened his horniness, which was just what he needed to get through a day among all the nudists without his cock standing like a rocket. Unfortunately, the effect of Sarah's gracious act began to wear off and Dan began to have obvious trouble to avoid erection. However, the cooling waters of the sea had come to Dan's rescue when it was at its most urgent. Side by side, they had then laid down in the four-poster bed and Dan had closed his eyes and felt a little less stressed by being naked. He was no longer in the spotlight. Then he had thought just like a child. "If I close my eyes, I can't be seen." "Dan, I've been thinking about something," said Sarah. “Do you remember telling me you were so drunk the other day that you didn't remember what happened.” “Well, yeah but.” “Then you don't remember what it felt like to be spanked on the bottom, and you haven't really experienced your punishment at all.” “Uh, no but.” “Dan, I think we'd have to do it again so that you really learn your lesson. Dan, what do you say. Shall we get it out of the way here and now?” Dan got a lump in his stomach. He'd let her spank him in a moment of weakness when he'd been drunk, but he'd let it happen again in the middle of hundreds of bathers in the open. No, that was out of the question. Besides, he could hardly imagine how much it would hurt. Dan's ass was still extremely sore. “But Dan, there is another way that you might rather prefer.” Sarah whispered in Dan's ear and kissed him on the cheek. Dan hesitated but took a deep breath before changing his position and leaning forward and kissing Sarah. A little tentative at first, but when he let his tongue find its way in, he felt Sarah moan and put both hands around Dan's neck and pressed her pussy harder against Dan. Their place on the beach was away from the crowd, and the draping of the four-poster bed certainly provided some privacy. But these circumstances were far from sufficient to conceal what they were doing. Sarah enjoyed herself to the fullest. Something she also showed very loudly. Dan continued to stimulate Sarah's most intimate and sacred part of her body and he sucked her clit into his mouth. Dan was sure that Sarah's moans of pleasure could be heard over a large area of the surroundings, but he continued frantically. Dan's "work" quickly yielded results, and Sarah made no effort whatsoever to quell her lusts. The orgasm was loud to say the least. Dan then lay down by Sarah's side and closed his eyes. He didn't want to look around. He didn't want to know who had heard and seen what had just happened. Luckily, Dan fell asleep. Chapter 9 When Dan woke up a few minutes later, he was hot and felt like he needed a cooling swim. Dan didn't want to wake Sarah, who apparently had also fallen asleep so he tiptoed off alone. The sand was painfully warm, and Dan had to run down to the beach to keep his feet from burning. That suited Dan very well because he really wanted to minimize the time when his naked body was exposed. As soon as he had water up to his waist, he could relax. It was empty out on the pontoon and Dan swam there and sat down on the edge. Dan was happy to see that his buttocks were starting to feel a lot less sore. As he sat out there, no one could see his bruised ass or clean-shaven cock. He didn't have to be ashamed, which felt like a relief. After 5-10 minutes, he saw that Sarah was on her feet and on her way into the water. Dan waved happily and Sarah waved back and started swimming out to the pontoon. A short while later, Sarah was sitting next to him, and they were united in a long wet kiss. "You know what, Dan, it's time to go home now." "The last man on shore is a looser”, said Dan and jumped into the water but Sarah was quickly out of the starting block and turned out to be an extremely good swimmer and they came ashore at about the same time. “I'm deeply impressed", said Dan. “Where did you learn to swim that fast? "In college a very long time ago", Sara said with a smile. Just outside the entrance to the dressing room, Sarah met more acquaintances. Two good-looking girls that Dan suspected were more than just girlfriends. "This is Dan", Sarah said, putting a hand on Dan's bottom. "Dan, this is Cindy and Jane”. "Hey Dan", said Jane. "Are you going home already?" “Yes, it's been a stressful day for Dan”, said Sarah. “It's the first time he's been in a place like this and he's not comfortable being naked. Sarah looked at Dan with a gracious look. We'll have to come here more times, won't we, Dan? How about hanging out with Jane and Cindy next time?” “Yes, that would be great”, Jane said. “How about a lunch this week where we can make some plans?” “I'll call and book a table on Monday", said Sarah. Oh, I have so much to tell you! But girls, you'll have to excuse us. We need to go home and make sure Dan gets his diaper on.” “Okey”, said Jane. “Please let me know if you need a disciplined babysitter who takes care of his little white ass!” “Thanks for the offer, Jane”, said Sarah with a smile. When Dan pulled out of the parking lot, he had a thousand thoughts in his head. The only question was where to start. Sarah's relationship with Sport Ken worried him a lot, but what bothered him the most was that Sarah’s tits appeared to be filled with breast milk. It had been clearly visible in the video where Dan was stoned but he had also seen signs of it today at the beach. Dan's dream car rumbled wonderfully, and Dan felt like a king. Now he was a real man again who wasn't naked. Slowly but surely, his mind began to return to a normal state where he once again had time to reflect and reason logically. It was hard to explain, but earlier today he had been subjected to such great trials that he had completely gone into some kind of defense mechanism. He hadn't had the energy to discuss sensitive issues with Sarah and get answers to all the things he wondered about. It was no exaggeration to name this day the most bizarre day of Dan's life, and it was far from over. When Dan finally mustered up the courage to talk to Sarah, he found that she had fallen asleep. Sarah looked calm and peaceful, and Dan tried to drive extra softly so as not to ruin her beauty sleep. Dan warmed up inside when he thought about how physically close, they would have been today. At the same time, he had a lump in his stomach. This mysterious and wonderful woman was extremely erratic. She had introduced Dan to a whole new world that was completely upside down. A world that was very stressful but at the same time extremely exciting. Dan was getting closer to the garage and hadn't noticed that Sarah was looking at him. She didn't look at her surroundings, just at Dan. “Dan. Thank you for a wonderful day. What you've done today has meant a lot to me and you know what. In front of me I see a wonderful guy. A guy who has shown mental strength and made this day amazing. Are you ready for our little secret?” “Well, I really don't know. This is hard for me and.” “Dan, to me you're like an open book. We both know that this is a completely uncharted territory for you. Something you never even thought existed or have fantasized about but trust me Dan. I can see from afar that behind that traditional male facade, a flame has started to burn. We're going to take care of it together Dan. This will be the first day of your new life.” Chapter 10 Dan was visibly moved by the gravity of the moment as Sarah dragged him into her apartment. His heart was pounding. He was in love in a way he hadn't experienced before and today Sarah had literally pulled his pants down and steered him into a whole new world. A world where Dan was expected to abandon his masculine ideals and take orders from Sarah. Today there would be no "after-beach" with ice-cold beer and watching sports on the TV. Sarah had other plans. Dan had never been to her apartment before, and he felt a bit guilty. Dan was in Brad's territory and betrayed him behind his back and apparently Sarah had no problem cheating. What if Brad's submarine is broken and, on its way, home? He could show up at any time. If Brad were to see Dan here, the atmosphere would be really bad, but it was too late for Dan to pull out now. “What are you thinking of Dan?”, said Sarah “Uh, I'm thinking about that video you showed today.” It wasn't entirely true, but Dan had been playing it in his mind every other minute all day. Before he'd seen it, Dan had been quite annoyed that Sarah and Melissa had shaved off all the hair between his legs, but the video had made him realize that he had only himself to blame. Melissa had asked for permission. Dan replayed the scene and dialogue from Sarah's video: “Dan, what do you say about reliving old childhood memories? Kind of like when you were a little baby," said Sarah. “That would be cool," Dan said. “Bring out the time machine and let's go. He, he.” At the time of filming, Dan had been soaked and on a completely different planet. He didn't remember any of this, and the crazy thing was that it didn't show up on the video. “Okay Dan, let's bring out the "time machine" and turn you into a little kid's butt then?” ”Ha, ha, yes, hi, hi...... good luck!” “And what are the babies wearing Dan?” “He, he. Nappies, ha, ha” “Exactly. And then they don't have any hair down there, do they, Dan.” “Not a fluff said Dan, he, he.” Melissa had already started to unbutton Dan's pants and then you couldn't see any details, but you could hear a razor and Dan giggling. “Hi, hi no, not there, no, ha, ha, please, hi, hi, hi... oooh, ohmpf. What, oh... no....” You couldn't see what was happening, but Melissa and Sarah had been doing something with Dan somewhere where the sun isn't shining. Then the thick white diaper had made its entrance. It was the same diaper that Sarah now had in her hand. Dan felt a little anxious and he could feel his heart pounding. Now he was out on thin ice, but he didn't want to turn back. Sarah had set his heart on fire, and he wanted to follow her wherever she went. At this moment, however, Dan wasn't sure where to take him. She was unpredictable, strong-willed and at times very dominant. Dan had given her the little finger, and now she had taken the whole hand. "Sweetie, you look like you've just looked death in the face, but you've done this before when you were a kid and then it was the most natural thing in the world. You just need to change your mindset a little bit.” “Yes, I know, but... is it really...” “You know what, Dan. I have a little special "man cave" for you. Shall we go in and make you at home? “I'm sorry Sarah, but it doesn't feel right to Brad that.” “Dan. It was a rhetorical question. Am I going to have to give you another round of spanking on the bottom for you to get it? Is that what you want, Dan?” “No, no, please. " “Darling, let go of Brad and don't think too much. The only thing that matters to you right now is to do exactly as I say. Nothing more, nothing less. Got it?” “Okay Sarah.” "Good, let's go in and put the diaper on." Dan blushed when he saw what was in the "nursery." It felt like entering a fairytale world. There was everything you could possibly need to take care of a big little boy. Sarah couldn't seriously mean that... A little shocked, Dan looked around and barely noticed that Sarah had already unbuttoned his trousers and was quickly helping him get all his clothes off. Dan was speechless, but suddenly, he was lying on his back on the giant changing table. Then he closed his eyes and tried to gather his courage. This was really freaked out and he was ashamed. His cheeks were tomato-red, and he felt embarrassingly unmanly. His rock-hard erection felt very bothersome and revealed a lot more about his state of mind than what he wanted to show. Sarah kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. "This is going very well, Dan, but you have to lift your bottom so I can get the diaper under you. Good, and now you're going to pull your knees up towards your stomach.” With some hesitation, Dan did as he had been told and was ashamed when laing down in the extremely awkward position, thinking back to the weak moment in the drunken video where he had put himself in trouble. In the video Sarah had held out Brad's freshly washed romper and the "forced pacifier" and asked Dan if he would consider a try-out session with "Mistress Sarah". Dan's cockhead had done the thinking and he had immediately said yes. He'd wanted to back out and say no all afternoon, but he knew Sarah wouldn't take a straightforward no. He knew she would pulverize his argument no matter what reason he indicated to back out of. The path of least resistance for Dan was therefore to keep his word, even if it stung. A little while in her fantasy world and then he would have fulfilled his promise. When that was over, Dan hoped that the door to her bedroom would be wide open, but Dan began to understand that he needed to climb a mountain to get there. Sarah felt satisfied. Finally, she had her POV in place that she could dominate and play with and transform to a little boy. It had seemed a long way off that she would find him, but now the miracle had happened. He lay there on the changing table with a rock-hard boner and let Sarah rub baby oil on his genitals, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. “Dan, we haven't talked about this but.” Dan hadn't had time to react when Sarah shoved a finger up his ass, and that wasn't all. A big pill went in, and it was pushed in far, far in. “But Sarah..., uh, what, was that!?” "Well, happy pill, Saturday candy, call it what you will, but it will soon dissolve in your bottom and make you nice and calm.” Dan's face turned bright red when he realized that Sarah had drugged him. Demonstratively, she left her finger in his ass to ensure that the pill would never see the light of day again. The suppository immediately began to dissolve, and Dan was amazed at how quickly he became weak and numb. It was just as if the signals from his brain were no longer getting through to his muscles. Physical strength has always been a central part of Dan's self-image and a strong symbol of his masculinity. The pill was now taking away all that and breaking him down from a self-confident and self-sufficient man to a "sissy" without the slightest bit of power. “Uh, Sarah. Do we have a stop word?” “No, darling, we don't, and we don't need to. I'll take over now and make sure you're well.... And from what I'm seeing, it seems like you're enjoying yourself pretty much.” Sarah stroked her fingers over Dan's fully erect cock and smiled. Dan realized that he was trapped in Sarah's clutches in a way he hadn't expected and tried to fight back, but he didn't stand a chance against the sedative that mercilessly took over and made him sedated. Everything became calm and Dan now had only a very weak consciousness, not far from anesthesia. Things flickered by and suddenly he was lying with his head in Sarah's arms and could see how her wonderful and naked breasts were getting closer and closer. Dan blushed and hesitated. A grown man can't... That is extremely inappropriate. However, the spinal reflexes took over and Dan opened his mouth and began to suck on her stiff nipple as if he had done nothing else in his life. Soon Dan felt his mouth fill with the lukewarm milk. Chapter 11 Dan was woken up by the alarm clock's annoying beep and stretched out his arm to reach the power off button. Shit. Dan got an unpleasant surprise when he realized that it was already Monday morning and that he had a big memory lapse. Sunday was completely gone, and Dan couldn't remember a single detail. Under the covers, he could see what he had already suspected. The plastic sound came from the thick white diaper. Oh my god! What have I gotten myself into, Dan thought, scratching his tired eyes and trying to think clearly. The most important thing right now was to get his ass out of the wagon and get ready quickly. Dan hated being late. He hurried into the bathroom and when he took off his diaper, he saw that a message had been written with a black marker: "Sarah's baby boy". Dan was now like a robot, trying to do his usual morning routine of shaving and showering. A warm feeling spread inside him when he realized that Sarah had laid out clean clothes on the stool next to the shower. A pleasant surprise awaited in the kitchen as well. The table was already set for breakfast and Sarah had loaded the coffee maker. Dan exhaled when he felt he was going to be on time. "Oh Sarah, you're an angel Dan thought.” The morning wasn't exactly the most productive working day of Dan's career. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop thinking about Sarah, and there were no limits to how crazy his relationship with Sarah had become. He blushed when he thought about the fact that he had breastfed her tits, and Dan still couldn't figure out how it all came together. Sarah must have a real baby somewhere, otherwise she can't have milk in her breasts. Googling breast milk didn't make Dan much wiser. It seemed unlikely that a woman would produce breast milk without pregnancy. In other words, there must be a child somewhere, but Sarah hasn't mentioned anything, so maybe it was a sensitive story. His stomach began to rumble, and Dan felt that he had seen enough of the area for the upcoming construction site. His colleagues had already left to meet a supplier who was quite uninteresting for Dan's involvement in the project, so he had made other plans for the rest of the day. First it was a lunch on his own, which today was something he was looking forward to. It wasn't very common for him to do that, but today was one of those days when he needed some time for himself. Dan had lunch at a fast-food place he had seen along the way. The burger didn't qualify as the best he'd ever eaten and just as he was about to get up and walk to the car, his phone beeped. A message from Sarah. "I'm thinking of you sweetie 🥰 ... And the diapers are waiting for you in the changing room. Knock on my door at 7:00 p.m., without a thread on your body. Late arrival can be painful." The message didn't exactly make it easier for Dan to concentrate on work. It had been difficult enough before, but now it was basically impossible. No matter how hard he tried, his mind kept circling around Sarah. He had fulfilled his promise to Sarah and done all the things he had promised in the video. Would he continue to allow himself to be treated like a child? Dan grabbed a coffee mug from the restaurant and got in the car. He started the engine and closed his eyes. The rumble from the V8 was deafeningly beautiful and made him just as impressed every time. Immediately, he became to feel like a king. He was back in the saddle where he was in full control. He was the cool male Dan and not that sissy who ran around naked with a spanked behind. Now it was time unleash his muscle car. Dan put on his black aviator glasses and put the gearbox in drive mode and pressed the throttle so that there were black imprints on the asphalt. Today there would be no more work. A few hours later, when Dan parked next to Sarah's white Tesla, he had a tension in his body that he had never felt before. He wanted to be physically close to Sarah, but at the same time it was very stressful that she was constantly challenging his male ego. The worst part was that Dan didn't dare to admit that he was attracted by the insanely sick and perverted world that surrounded her. A world that Sarah had opened the door to and that was so embarrassing that Dan blushed whenever he thought about it. Would anyone find out that he was walking around in a diaper and... breastfed Sarah's breasts, he would be smoked for time and eternity. It was only Sarah and Melissa who knew about it and hopefully it would stay there. Worse was the visit to the nudist beach, where Sarah had shown him off as her special little property. Shit! What if someone at his new job had been there? Dan envisioned an article on his client's intranet: "This is our supervisor Dan and his freshly spanked ass. In his spare time, Dan likes to suck on boobs and walk around in a diaper." Dan clenched his teeth and realized that he couldn't change what had already happened, and despite the worry, a pleasant warmth spread through Dan's body. He felt excited, but there was no denying that he also had butterflies in his stomach. Would he really dare to stand naked in the stairwell and knock on Sarah's door? He wanted nothing more than to be close to her, very close and if it had been up to him, they would have spent the whole evening hugging, kissing, making love. But to get there completely naked and then be dominated? Dan thought back and forth. What would he do? Would he step out of this crazy world and text the flight attendant or maybe pick up some ordinary girl and start a normal relationship? He was ashamed when he took off his clothes and tried to prepare himself mentally. His heart was pounding when he finally dared to go out into the stairwell and ring Sarah's doorbell, exactly at 7:00 p.m. When the door opened, Dan got a slight shock. “Hey Dan!” It wasn't Sarah who opened the door, but Jane, one of the girls Sarah had introduced him to on the nudist beach. “Hey Jane!” “Oh, you remembered me, Dan!” “Uh, yes absolutely Jane.” Dan really remembered the first time they met and how embarrassing he'd felt standing there with his ass bare and ashamed. Jane was now dressed in a sexy tight summer dress, and she grinned broadly when she saw that Dan was completely naked. Dan's cheeks immediately turned bright red, and he did his utmost to hide his noblest body part, which didn't go so well. Dan had an impressive boner. "Sarah's in the kitchen," Jane said. “Come on in.” Dan was as ashamed as a dog and wanted to run into the nearest closet and close the door and turn off the lights, but a little tentatively he followed Jane into the living room where Cindy was also sitting. Sarah was on her way into the living room with a teapot and tray of cups. Sarah lit up like the sun when she saw Dan. "Excuse us girls, but I need to take Dan to the changing room. We'll be right back. Come on Dan and let's go get your diaper on.” If there was anything that could be even more stressful than showing off naked, and especially in front of three very sexy girls, Dan couldn't think of anything worse than walking around in a diaper. Sarah understood that Dan was trying to find an excuse to quickly return to his own apartment and acted quickly while still slightly shocked that Sarah had visitors and that he was the only one without clothes. She took a firm hold of his stiff member and dragged him with her to her specially decorated room. It was a very quiet Dan who came into the living room, hand in hand with Sarah. Dan hardly knew where to go. He felt terribly uncomfortable, but he was surprised that he did not feel depressed or angry. Completely unexpected he had become randy and curious. "Dan, do you remember we met Cindy and Jane on Saturday?", asked Sarah. “Uh, yes." “You know what, Dan. You and I have just received an invitation to their wedding.” “Okey, congratulations”, said Dan to Cindy and Jane.” When, where?” "We've been waiting for the right moment for quite some time, but finally the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place," said Jane. In fact, it will be already this Saturday at "The Reef".” Even though Dan had a blank face and felt extremely uncomfortable with being forced to wear a huge diaper, he managed to get a genuine smile on his face. Cindy and Jane looked blissful, and Dan rejoiced in their happiness. Dan didn't know much about the area, but he knew about "The Reef." He had hoped that he would never have to set foot in that strange nudist place again. Cindy and Jane sat on the couch grinning at Dan's pangs of conscience. Sarah sat down in one of the armchairs and put a tea ball in her cup. “Come here Dan”, said Sarah. “While my tea is brewing, you've got a job to do.” Sarah held up a pair of black panties and demonstratively dropped them to the floor. Then she pulled up her skirt and clearly showed where Dan was going to kiss her. At first Dan thought that what just happened was not for real, but it was. She really wanted him to do it right here and now in the middle of a conversation with Cindy and Jane. Dan knelt and approached Sarah's vagina as she put her legs up on Dan's shoulders and embraced his head with both hands. Sarah was really wet and very sensitive. Obviously, she had been longing for this moment and Dan wasn't going to disappoint her. It didn't take long before Sarah began to moan heavily, and the orgasm was not long in coming. The rest of Cindy and Jane's visit was like a long and drawn-out nightmare in which Dan mostly felt embarrassed. The more Dan thought about it, the more convinced he became that Cindy and Jane weren't there to see Sarah. They were there to see how Sarah "played" with Dan. Dan had never felt so reduced and unmanly as he had on this night. When Cindy and Jane eventually left the apartment, Dan was left sitting in the living room next to Sarah. “Dan, what did you think of the evening?” “Uh, yes, uh, how should I express myself, well, uh I hadn't expected Cindy and Jane to visit and... uh.... It's not so easy for me to show myself naked and....” Sarah looked at Dan with amusement, who seemed to be extremely uncomfortable with the situation. “It was brave of you to do what you did tonight, Dan. Especially since I know you're a prude guy, but you know what I'm thinking. In front of me sits a guy who is head over heels in love. Is that right, Dan?” Dan nodded gently. “Are you ready to step into my world, Dan?” “Uh, ... what does that mean Sarah?” “Deep down I think you already know it Dan, but it's a world where I'm your permanent girlfriend, mistress, owner, mother, call it what you will? All you must do is follow me into my bedroom, Dan. Then begins a loving, exciting relationship based on discipline, obedience, and submission. Shall we go into my bedroom, Dan?"
  4. CHAPTER 1 In a remote area there is a town of about 50,000 inhabitants which is totally isolated to the population, the only facade accessible to the public is a huge building called «REGRESSION SHOCK THERAPY BUILDING » Inside that building there was a man who was giving a press conference about the success of a private state channel called "The AB Show » This show was based on the film « The Truman Show » 23 years ago The man with absolutely no shame explained that the state has found a way to make huge amounts of money at the expense of broken persons who have suffered a post traumatic shock by easily breaking them down completely so that they become adult baby of 3 years old The tv reality show It's an incredible success, there are thousands of channels available and the public is addicted to « The AB Show » In fact the public is fascinated to see adults baby couple behave and talk like baby, but mostly they are entangled and turn on by the way they having sex, of course they have sex the way they were educated It only takes six weeks before applicants are completely brainwashed. Following this they live in the state hook as a couple in a closed city among thousands of other AB. They are fed, changed, washed etc the only thing they have to do is play with their toys having sex and naturally some spanking to keep them sexually stimulated Soon I’II show you said the men, the video tape that captured all the explicit details of Pete and Katy transformation. Of course the sensitive heart I would suggest you not to watch because there is a lot of violent spanking, humiliation, crying but also a lot of positive reinforcement, and the beautiful thing with positive reinforcement its that when they are no more capable of pain they begin to accepted more and more what happening to them and in a twisted way they begin to craved the humiliation they undergo So let me explain, Pete arrived here 8 january 2020 in a post-traumatic shock, It arises from exposure to trauma resulting in a death Pete was a train operator (subway) in is old life before someone jump in front of is train. So when the paramedics picked him up after all the police interrogation etc, they brought him here to the REGRESSION SHOCK THERAPY BUILDING (RSTB), of course he didn’t know where he was brought, but most importantly he didn’t know he was breating his last moment of is adulthood When he arrived at the RSTB the doctors put him in a artificial coma stade 3 for 14 days by sedating drugs, such as midazolam or propofo, this is deep coma that will put him on any reaction to painful stimuli. During the 14 days the subjects will receive some surgery, here is the list -Minor anal operation (cut the sphincter muscles) -Minor lobotomy -Removal of all teeths -Permanent removal of all hair -Injection of medication via a catheder to weaken the blader -Head phone session (Babyis hypnosis) Now let's go to a commercial pose for a few minutes so that after that I explain these various surgery to you and then I will show you Kati and Pete video transformation
  5. Just a short little one-shot I've been working on the last few days. --- Mandy was staying with her college roommate, Amy, and her family during spring break. The dorms had kicked them out for the week and she wasn't able to afford a plane ticket to fly home or a hotel to stay in. Thankfully, the Peterson's had graciously offered to let her stay with them for the week. Things were completely normal her first night there. The second night, however, was when things got weird. At nine o'clock that night, Amy's mother entered the room they were sharing unannounced. She took a seat on Amy's bed and looked at the two girls. Mandy was confused, even more so when she looked over and noticed that Amy was staring at the floor with a red face. "Alright girls, it's Saturday night. Amy, you already know what that means. Mandy, I'm guessing by your confused face that Amy has never told you about Maintenance Night. Amy, explain what Maintenance Night is." Mrs. Peterson ordered her daughter. "Maintenance Night is the night of the week when I get my maintenance spanking. It's where I am disciplined for any bad behavior, so that I can go into the new week with a fresh start." Amy explained, incredibly embarrassed. Mandy was shocked. Her roommate, a full adult in college, got spanked by her mom every week? She wondered if that was why Amy went home every weekend? Mandy enjoyed the alone time it gave her, but knowing this it now made her feel guilty. "That's right. Come on Amy, let's get started." Mrs. Peterson said. Mandy watched in awe as her roommate grabbed a hairbrush off of her dresser, handed it to her mom, and then started undressing. Not just to her underwear either, Amy kept undressing until she was completely naked. After discarding her last article of clothing, she bent over her mother's lap and raised her butt in the air. Mrs. Peterson quickly raised the hairbrush and smacked it down on her daughter's bottom. Mandy stared in a shocked stupor as she watched her adult roommate receive a spanking. Amy's bottom quickly began taking on a red hue that deepened in color as the spanking progressed. Before long, tears began flowing down Amy's face and she was bawling. She was repeatedly apologizing and telling her mom that she was going to 'be a good girl'. Her mom continued spanking for a little bit afterwards before finally stopping. When the spanking was over, Amy stood up on her feet and embraced her mom in a hug. The hug lasted for about half a minute before Amy was ordered to get dressed and go to the corner. Mandy stared at Amy's glowing red bottom while she walked to the dresser. She was pulled out of her stupor by Mrs. Peterson addressing her. "Come on Mandy, your turn." Mrs. Peterson said, patting her lap. "W-what?" Mandy responded, confused. "It your turn for a maintenance spanking. Undress and lay down on my lap so that we can get started." Mandy's first instinct was to outright refuse. The Peterson's were letting her stay with them for free for over a week though. She didn't want to be rude and insult their traditions, even if they were weird as hell. There was a part of her that curious about it too. Amy was a straight A student who always finished her homework early. Could this be what made her like that? Hesitantly, Mandy approached Mrs. Peterson and began stripping. While doing so, she glanced over to Amy, who was in the middle of working a pull-up diaper up her legs. "Amy has trouble holding her bladder after a spanking. To prevent any accidents, she wears a Goodnite until morning. Now come on, finish undressing." Mrs. Peterson told Mandy. Mandy continued stripping until she was completely naked. While undressing, she watched Amy finish putting on the diaper and get dressed in a childish set of pajamas. Once finished dressing, Amy walked over to the corner of her bedroom and planted her nose in the corner. "Once your spanking is over, you'll have some corner time to reflect on what you did wrong this week and what you'll do better next week." Mrs. Peterson explained as Mandy finished undressing. Mandy covered her breasts with her arm while she slowly lowered herself down onto Mrs. Peterson's lap. Once in position, Mrs. Peterson rested one arm on the younger girl's back and raised the hairbrush into the the air with the other. With no warning, she brought it down hard and began Mandy's spanking. Mandy yelped as pain rushed through her bottom. She had never received a spanking before, and Mrs. Peterson was not going easy on her. It didn't take long for Mandy to start begging for the spanking to end. She had involuntarily began thrashing around, causing Mrs. Peterson to have to restrain her with her leg and free arm. Not too much longer later and Mandy was bawling worse than Amy had been minutes earlier. Mrs. Peterson kept spanking her for another minute though, until she was certain that Mandy had been thoroughly punished for whatever naughtiness she had committed that week. Mandy was only given a few seconds to compose herself before being guided back onto her feet. She was still crying and trying in vain to rub the pain out of her butt cheeks. "Okay Mandy, go over to Amy's dresser and pick out a Goodnite and pajama set. Both are in the second drawer." Mrs. Peterson instructed. "A G-Goodnite? I don't need that!" Mandy said through tears. Mrs. Peterson, not satisfied with that answer, stood up, pulled Mandy's hand away, and delivered two more spanks onto the poor girl's butt. Mandy cried out and tried to loosen her hand, but couldn't break free of the bigger adult's grip. "Mandy, this is the kind of naughtiness that maintenance spankings are supposed to prevent. Unless you think you need more spankings, I suggest you go grab yourself a Goodnite and pajama set." Mrs. Peterson threatened. Mandy, desperately wanting to avoid further spankings, conceded this battle and walked over to Amy's dresser. Inside the second drawer were several sets of matching, childish print pajama tops and bottoms. Sitting next to them were two stacks of pull-up diapers, exactly like the one Amy had just put on. Mandy groaned internally and grabbed one of them, examining the butterfly prints on it as she did so. She also picked up a white set of pajamas that had a pink trim and strawberry print design, which was the least childish one she could find. "Good girl. Bring them over and I'll help you get changed." Mrs. Peterson instructed Mandy. By this point, Mandy didn't have any fight left in her. The sooner she could get this over with, the better. Here she was, an adult, being spanked and made to pick out a diaper for herself. Anything from here on couldn't be any worse. Mandy brought everything over to Mrs Peterson. The older adult grabbed the Goodnite from the pile and held it out for Mandy to step into. Once she realized what was expected from her, Mandy stepped both legs into the garment and allowed her roommate's mom to pull it up her legs. Mandy, now diapered, was at least thankful that her vagina was no longer exposed. Mrs. Peterson then helped Mandy into the pajama set as well. "Okay Amy, corner time is over. Go finish getting ready for bed while Mandy has her turn. Mandy, go take Amy's place in the corner and reflect on your naughty deeds." Mrs. Peterson ordered. Mandy had forgotten Amy was even there. Still lacking any fight, she silently obeyed her roommate's mom and walk into the corner. She stood there for what felt like an eternity. She wasn't thinking about any 'naughty deeds', but instead how absurd this entire situation was. She was thankful that Amy's mom couldn't tell what she was thinking. That night, Mandy slept on her stomach. The diaper she was wearing was making it hard for her to sleep, despite how exhausted she was. The padding was much thicker than the thin panties that she was used to. She woke up the next morning to Mrs. Peterson entering their shared room and telling them that breakfast is ready. The first thing Mandy noticed was the dull pain in her bottom, the second was the thick, cold padding between her legs. Mandy shot up in surprise at the realization of what she had done. She hadn't wet the bed in over thirteen years! But here she was now, wearing a soaking wet diaper. Mrs. Peterson, likely already knowing what had happened, walked over to Mandy. "Did you have an accident, Mandy?" She asked. "U-umm." Mandy tried to answer, having trouble articulating an appropriate response. "It's okay if you did. I'm sure Amy's Goodnite is soaked too." Mrs. Peterson responded. "Y-yes." Mandy answered, meekly. "Did you leak at all?" The older woman asked. "W-what?" "Did your Goodnite leak?" Mrs. Peterson, not liking Mandy's lack of an answered, bent over and pulled the girl's covers off. She grabbed Mandy under her armpits and hoisted her onto her feet. Mandy, mortified by this, stood in shock and just let it happen. Mrs. Peterson then pulled down her pajama pants and exposed the wet diaper she was wearing. The padding of the diaper had expanded a good amount and was sagging between Mandy's legs. It hadn't leaked, but it couldn't hold much more. "No leaks. Let's go down stairs and eat. You can get changed after breakfast." Mrs. Peterson said, going over to her daughter to finish rousing her. ----- After breakfast, Mandy was able to shower and change back into her normal clothes. The rest of the week progressed as if the events of Saturday night and Sunday morning had never happened. No spankings, no childish pajamas, and no diapers. Not even a mention of any of the three. That was, until Saturday night came around again. Mandy had spent all of Saturday dreading it, hoping that last week had just been a bad dream. It wasn't a dream though. That night, Mrs. Peterson enter the room and gave both girls a hard, hairbrush spanking. Just like last week, she made both change into a Goodnite diaper before dressing them in childish pajamas and sending them to the corner. Also like last week, Mandy woke up the next morning to a still-sore bottom and a wet diaper. That Sunday was the day they were able to go back to their dorm. Mandy couldn't wait, she was ready to get far away from this house and hopefully never come back. As they were loading up the car, Mrs. Peterson stopped them for a chat. "Mandy, it was great having you over this week." She said. "Thank you for letting me stay, your home is lovely." Mandy responded. "I wanted to talk to you about something before you go. I was talking with Amy, and she said that she's noticed you acting different. She believes that you've been kinder and more patient. We both think that the maintenance spankings are really helping you, which is why I want you to come back here with Amy every weekend from now on." Mrs. Peterson said, making it sound more like a command than a request. "O-oh, u-um, I don't know if..." Mandy tried to answer before getting interrupted. "It's settled then. I'll see you and Amy next Saturday." Mrs. Peterson said, enveloping Mandy in a hug. Mandy didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted was a weekly spanking by her roommates mom. She thought about outright refusing, but she knew that it probably wasn't going to be that simple. She had a suspicion that if she didn't show up with Amy that Mrs. Peterson would come to their dorm to collect her or worse, administer a spanking there. There wasn't really an easy way out. "R-right." Mandy said nervously as she placed her bag in the car. This was going to be a long spring term.
  6. Hello! I have been lurking ABDL forums and reading stories for over a decade now. I've written a few stories in the past, but the majority of them have never seen the light of day and are unfinished. This is my first time publishing one of my stories online. I have several ideas that I may explore in the future, including some related to this story. I hope to share some of them in the future. This story is about 18 year old Penny, who is desperate to find out what it's like to wear diapers. Unfortunately, she does not have any money or a drivers license to purchase them herself. After scheming for a few days she hatches a plan to convince her mom to buy them for her. Throughout the story she lives out some of her perverted fantasies, with and without the help of her unknowing mother. ---------- "Goodnight sweetheart! See you in the morning!" My mom yelled from down the hall. "Goodnight mom!" I yelled back from my room. If everything goes according to my plan, then she is going to be shocked when she sees me in the morning. My plan is simple: wet the bed every night for a few nights and ask mom to buy me diapers to wear at night. The plan would be embarrassing for sure, but after years of waiting to try diapers it was the best idea I could come up with. Sure, I could just go to the store and get them myself, but that would require a drivers license and money. Despite being 18 years old, I had neither. There also came a risk of someone seeing me buying them. You're probably wondering why I want to be put back into diapers. Before I explain that though, I should probably give a few more details about myself. My name is Penelope, but everyone just calls me Penny. I'm 18 years old and am halfway through my senior year of high school. I'm 5'1" with long, black hair and brown eyes. Despite being 18 for a couple of months now, I still don't have my drivers license or a job. It's a bit embarrassing, considering most of the people in my class have at least one or the other. The reason I want to be put back in diapers is a bit more complicated. For years now, I've want to try wearing (and using) diapers and being treated like a baby. I don't know why these feelings and fantasies developed, but I've waited so long to make them a reality. The first time I remember thinking about it was 4 years ago at Christmas dinner. My older cousin was there with her baby. Eventually, the baby needed changed, so she laid him down on the floor and changed his diaper in front of everyone. I watched, only being able to imagine myself in his position; laying on the floor, getting changed out of a wet diaper with my entire family watching. After that, I continued having increasingly babyish fantasies, including being fed in a highchair, sleeping in a crib, and even getting spanked. I searched online and eventually found other people who had similar fantasies to mine. I even found fictional stories that they created, which caused me to develop a ton more fantasies. I've been wanting to try diapers for years now because of these fantasies, so I spent multiple days coming up with a plan. Starting tonight, I am going to purposefully pee myself in bed. In the morning, I'll tell my mom about it and let her see me in my wet pajamas. It's going to be super embarrassing, but it will be worth it in the end. I'll do this again the next night, and the night after that too. After that, if she hasn't already suggested wearing a diaper to bed, I'll ask her to get me some. Of course, I'll have to keep wetting myself after that to keep up the charade. It will be fine though, since I'll have a diaper to soak it all up. Even if I end up not liking it, all I have to do is stop wetting myself. I set an alarm on my phone for 5:30am so that I could wake up to perform the deed. I didn't want to do it to early in the night since it will probably be pretty uncomfortable and hard to fall back asleep in. Usually I would wake up at 6:30 on school days, so if I couldn't fall back asleep I wouldn't be missing out on too much sleep. Putting my phone down, I went over to my dresser and got out a pair of pajama bottoms. All I could imagine was putting them on over a diaper and seeing it bulge out the back. After getting dressed I took a couple drinks of my water and got into bed. It was hard to fall asleep with all the thoughts running through my mind and the anticipation. ----- Soon enough, I was awoken by the alarm I set. I slowly opened my eyes and felt a slight pressure in my bladder from the water I drank. Hopefully that will make this easier and more believable. My heart began to speed up as I began trying to relieve myself. It was difficult to start at first, but after a minute or two of trying I was able to get a small flow going. I instantly began feeling my urine cover my thigh and soak into my pajama bottoms. It soon spread down into my bedsheets and even up to the bottom of my shirt. I kept pushing until it was all released and let out a small sigh as I finished. The hard part now is going to be laying in this for another hour. It wasn't that bad now, but it would begin to stink and get cold very soon. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall asleep again. The wetness and smell were both too distracting. I was beyond relieved when I heard my second alarm begin to beep. I slowly got out of bed and took a look at the damage. My bed and sheets were both absolutely soaked and reeking of pee. My pajama bottoms and shirt were also stuck to my skin by the wetness. I hope this didn't ruin the mattress or anything. Now it was time for the next hurdle: telling mom. I pinched myself until I teared up a little just to make sure I seemed genuinely sad and left my room. Usually mom is making breakfast at this time, so I began to head for the kitchen. Mom was cooking some eggs on the stove as I approached her, so she couldn't see my obviously soaked clothes. "Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?" Mom said, not turning around to see me. "M-mom," I said, "I w-wet the bed last night". Mom turned around in shock and saw me standing there in my soaked PJs. I stared at the ground in front of me and did what I could to keep my eyes watery. My face was burning with embarrassment and my heart was rapidly beating. I couldn't even look up at her as she began to approach me. "Oh, sweetheart..." Mom said, as she pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry..." I replied, burying my head into her chest, being careful not to touch her with any part of my wet clothes. I genuinely was sorry about doing what I did, but it's a necessary sacrifice. Hopefully she won't be too mad. "I know sweetie," Mom said while stroking my hair, "go get cleaned up and take a shower. I'll take care of your bed and pajamas." "T-thank you." I responded. I slowly detached myself from her and went back to my room to get some clothes to change into after my shower. When I was out of sight, my face lit up with a smile. Success! I just need to do this again tomorrow and maybe the next day, and then I can get a hold of the grand prize. I peeled off my wet cloths and left them on top of my already wet bed. Now naked, I grabbed my new clothes and began heading towards the shower. I performed my usual morning routine as normal and headed out to the kitchen to get breakfast. I stopped by my room first to grab my phone and noticed that my sheets and wet clothes were gone. When I got to the kitchen, I saw Mom sitting at the table. Across from her was a plate with bacon and scrambled eggs. I assumed it was meant for me, so I sat down in front of it and began looking down, not making eye contact with her to make my bed-wetting seem more embarrassing and believable. "Feeling better honey?" Mom asked me. "Yes." I softly replied. "That's good. I want to talk about what happened this morning. Is that okay?" She asked me. I kind of wanted to say no, but I knew that it may not look too good for my plan. "Yes." I replied once again before taking a bite of the food in front of me. "Do you know why you wet the bed sweetheart? You haven't wet the bed in over 12 years." She slowly and calmly asked me. "No..." I quietly responded, still not looking up from my breakfast. "Did you do anything different last night or take any medicine?" "No..." I replied, taking another bite out of the food. "Are you feeling sick at all?" "No..." "Maybe it was a one off thing then. If you start feeling sick, please tell me, okay?" "Okay mom." "Thank you sweetheart. I'm going to put your sheets in the dryer and head to work. Make sure not to miss the bus." Mom said, getting up from the table and heading towards the laundry room. I was relieved when she finished questioning me. I think I did just fine today! Hopefully tomorrow morning will go just as well. --- The rest of today went just as it usually does with nothing out of the ordinary. Eventually, night time came and it was time to go to sleep again. I took another couple drinks of water like I did last night, but drank a bit less to hopefully help make a smaller mess. I got dressed in a similar outfit to last night and got into bed. My heart was racing once again, but I fell asleep soon enough. I woke up to my alarm the next morning, immediately knowing what I needed to do. "Sorry mom." I whispered to myself as I began to push. My pee soon started to trickle out and soak into my cloths and bed, feeling exactly the same as yesterday. I kept pushing and eventually my bladder was empty. I tried to fall asleep again and was actually successful this time. I awoke to my second alarm going off and the feeling of my cold, wet bed and pajamas. I got out of bed and pinched myself again to fake the tears. Once it seemed genuine enough, I headed out to the kitchen to tell mom what happened. As soon as I walked in, she turned around and immediately noticed what had happened. "Oh... sweetheart..." She said, while walking over to me and scooping me up in a hug. "I-I'm sorry mom..." I replied while fake sobbing. "Shh... I know you didn't mean to sweetie." She replied back while stroking the back of my hair. If only she knew... "Go get cleaned up sweetheart," she said, releasing me from the hug, "leave your PJs on the bed." "T-thank you mom..." I sputtered out while turning to go back to my room to get a change of clothes. Another success! I did really feel bad about mom having to clean up after it though. Because of that, I think after I shower, I'm going to ask mom to buy me some diapers. I was originally going to go three nights before asking, but this will get me them even faster and keep mom from having to clean up after me. My heart was racing the entire time I was showering and getting dressed. It was finally time for the next stage of my plan. This is the final hurdle to getting my diapers. All I need to do now is ask mom to "get me some protection". It's really simple, but super embarrassing at the same time. After finishing the rest of my post shower routine, I took a moment to psyche myself up. I made my way out to the kitchen with my heart beating even faster than it was earlier. Mom was waiting at the kitchen table for me again like yesterday. She even made breakfast for me again too. I took my seat on the other side of the table and stared down at the meal in front of me, trying to build the courage to ask for a pack of diapers. After a minute of silence between us, I finally built up the courage I needed to start speaking. "I'm sorry..." I started "You don't need to apologize sweetheart, I know you didn't mean to." Mom replied, laying her hand on mine. "I-I was t-thinking about it in the shower..." I responded back. This was it, the moment of truth. "I-I think it would be good to get some... p-protection... I don't want to ruin my mattress or sheets if this keeps happening..." "That's very mature of you sweetheart. I'm really proud of you." Mom said in a soft and motherly voice. "We can go to Walmart after work to see if we can find something. Are you sure you aren't feeling sick?" "N-no, I feel normal." I answered, still looking away due to embarrassment. Success! I was kind of hoping that she would offer to just get the diapers on her way home, but after thinking about it I could see why she would want me to be there to pick them out. "I think we should schedule a doctor's appointment if it keeps happening, okay?" Mom said. I've always had a fear of doctors offices and hospitals and she knows it. I know that she just wants what's best for me though. At the same time, there is actually nothing wrong with me. "Mom..." I started before being interrupted. "I know you don't like going there sweetheart, but I'm concerned about you being sick. You haven't wet the bed since you were 6, and now it's happened 2 nights in a row." Mom explained. "I know... I don't feel any different though..." I said, trying to get her to drop that idea. "Let's talk about this again if it keeps happening okay? I'll take you to Walmart after work to look into some protection, okay?" Mom answered, getting up to presumably go to work. A few moments after, mom wished me a good day and I started eating the now lukewarm breakfast she made me. Success! All I had to do now was wait until after mom got off work, and I would have the diapers that I've been craving for so long. I was so excited that I could scream! I can't believe how easy it was! Tonight is going to be fun... School and passed like normal, with the only difference being that I couldn't get my mind off the diapers I would be wearing tonight. Because of this, I didn't really pay much attention in class. At some points, I was even getting a bit horny at some of my thoughts. I was relieved when the final bell rang and I could finally go home. On the bus ride home, a thought crossed my mind: what type of diaper should I get? I really wanted some of the big, cute ABDL diapers that you can find online, but there's no way Walmart would have any of those. They definitely aren't something a bed-wetting teen would pick out either. I'll have to look online to see what they have available. Usually mom doesn't get off work until about an hour after I get home from school, so I have a bit of time to research the best diapers. I turned on my laptop as soon as I got home and went to the Walmart website. I went to the adult incontinence section, but I wasn't really attracted to anything I saw. There was the usual stuff like Depends, but they looked way too boring and from what I've heard online, they're also uncomfortable. That's when I got an idea: pull-ups. I'm pretty petite for my age, so I bet I easily fit into some Goodnites. They weren't actual diaper, but they were super cute and based off what I've read on a bunch of ABDL forums, really good. I navigated over to the baby section and searched through tons of diapers until I finally found the Goodnites. I only weighed a little over 100 pounds, so I could easily fit into the largest size. Perfect! There was still about 45 minutes until mom got off work, so I had plenty more free time. I decided the best thing to do would be to look up reviews for the Goodnites. I found a couple of blog posts from both ABDLs and parents, saying that they were really great. Supposedly, they're really comfortable and can hold a good amount of urine. Both of these traits are appealing to me. I continued browsing more reviews and eventually ended up just browsing ABDL forums. Soon enough, I heard the front door open and mom walked in. It was finally time! I'm gonna need to hide my excitement though if I don't want mom to get suspicious. Moments later, she was standing in front of my bedroom door way. "Ready to go to the store sweetheart?" Mom asked me. "Yeah mom. Let me get my shoes on." I replied in a slow, quite voice. "Okay, sweetheart. I'll wait for you in the car." Mom replied before heading back out to her car. I closed my laptop and got ready. When I got home, I would finally have a pack of diapers! My heart was speeding up again while I made my way out to the car. I got in the passenger seat and soon we were on the road. Mom and I made some small talk during the ride, but I was mainly focused on getting the diapers. A few concerns I hadn't really thought of began to invade my thoughts though. What if someone I knew saw me? What if everyone at school finds out? Before I knew it, we were walking into the store. Mom grabbed a cart and explained to me that there was a few other things that she needed to grab while we were here. I didn't object and quietly followed her around while she grabbed what she needed. I was constantly looking around to make sure there was no one I recognized. Thankfully, there didn't appear to be anyone. "Okay, I think that's everything that I needed. Let's go over to the health section." Mom announced while heading towards the section with the adult diapers. "M-mom, we actually need to go t-this way." I meekly said, pointing towards the direction of the baby section. "The 'protection' stuff is this way sweetheart." Mom said, thankfully lowering her voice. "I-I know..." I replied "I d-did some research, and I t-think what I need is this way..." "Okay sweetheart, lead the way." Mom said with a hint of confusion in her voice. It probably became apparent where I was leading us as we approached the baby isles. I was constantly looking left and right to make sure I didn't see anyone that I knew. Thankfully, the baby stuff was in the back of the store, out of the way of most of the foot traffic. I quickly walked into the baby diaper isle, mom following right behind with the cart. I began to look around for the Goodnites and was eventually able to locate them on the top shelf towards the back. I made my way towards them, but still took a moment to admire everything I was surrounded with. There was a mesmerizing amount of baby diapers lining the shelves. I'd seen images online of girls about my stature wearing baby diaper. I'll definitely need to try that one day. Once I reached the Goodnites, I looked around to try and find a package of the large size. At first I was worried they didn't have any, but eventually found them on the top shelf. Yes! I was about to smile out of happiness, but then remembered that mom was standing right behind me, very likely watching me. "I did some research online... Since I'm so small, t-these are the best option..." I quietly explained to her, my face a bit red with embarrassment. "I see..." Mom said, leaving the cart and walking over to me. I tried to reach up and grab the girls package, but to my embarrassment I was too short to reach the top shelf. Mom quickly caught on and stepped in to grab the package for me. I expected her to hand them to me, but instead she took it as an opportunity to examine the packaging. "They certainly seem like they'll fit you... The designs seem kind of childish though..." "I-I know," I explained "but the adult ones looked uncomfortable and people online said these were the best for teens..." "If that's what you think is best, then we'll get it." Mom said, placing the package into the cart. "Is there anything else that you need?" "N-no." I answered. I desperately wanted a pacifier, baby bottle, or really anything else in these isles, but I couldn't just ask mom for that. "Then let's checkout and get some dinner." Mom said, turning the cart around and pushing it towards the checkout lanes. As we were leaving the isle, I took one last look back. The assortment of diapers, pacifiers, bibs, and every other baby item was so tantalizing. One day... The entire time we were walking to the checkout I was looking around, still paranoid of seeing someone that knew me. It wouldn't be too hard for them to guess who the Goodnites were for, given that I didn't have any siblings. I was also constantly stealing glances at the package in the cart, mesmerized by what was inside of it. So close, yet so far to being able to put one on. Night time couldn't come soon enough. "M-mom, can we use the self checkout?" I asked after noticing that mom was heading towards a cashier lane. "Oh! Of course, sorry sweetheart." Mom replied, realizing why I asked. Mom was nice enough to scan and bag my Goodnites first, helping to hide them from anyone who may see us. I breathed a sigh of relief and helped her with everything else that she was getting. Once it was all payed for we went back to the car and loaded everything up. We stopped by an Arby's on our way home to get some dinner. We usually won't eat out very often, but I guess mom felt like treating me. Eventually, we were finally home. I grabbed our food and the bag containing my Goodnites, brought them both inside, and placed them on the counter. Mom followed behind me, carrying the rest of the stuff that she got. "Go put these in your room and wash your hands sweetheart." Mom instructed, obviously referring to the package of Goodnites on the counter. "Yes mom." I said, pretending to be annoyed at her telling me what to do like a child. It was a bit annoying, but at the same time I really wanted to be treated like a child. It also felt fitting, given she just bought a pack of glorified diapers for me to wear. I grabbed the package out of the bag and began carrying it to my room. Once there, I put it down on the bed and stared at. I wished that I could tear it open and put one on now, but I needed to be patient. I sighed and made my way towards the bathroom to wash my hands, abandoning my new treasure. Once they were clean, I made my way to the kitchen. Mom had already gotten our food out of the bag and was waiting for me. I took my usual spot at the table across from her and began eating. We both finished our meals soon after and I retreated back to my room to do my homework. Focusing on my homework was hard when I couldn't get my mind off of the pull-ups sitting right behind me. I couldn't get my mind off of how they'd feel once they were on me. I really wanted to tear the package open just examine one, but didn't want to risk mom walking in and seeing it. I just needed to wait a few more hours. Eventually, I was able to force myself to finish my homework, leaving me with the rest of the night to fantasize about my Goodnites. I've read lots of ABDL stories over the years, so I had plenty of fuel to feed my imagination with. It probably wasn't a good idea to get too horny yet, but I just couldn't help myself. The first one that came into my head was one I've thought about a lot for years now. It starts off with me doing something naughty and mom deciding to punish me with diapers. I'm made to wear a diaper at all times and not allowed to use the toilet for any reason. In addition, while I'm home I'm treated just like a baby. I have to sleep in a crib, eat in a high chair, and drink out of bottles. Whenever I use my diaper, I'd be strapped down and changed on a changing table in my room-turned-nursery. The next one that came to my mind was an original one. I started having accidents during the daytime, so mom made me wear one of my Goodnites during the day too. From then on, I was required to ask mom to "take me to the potty" if I needed to use the bathroom. Mom would take me into the bathroom, pull down my Goodnite, and wipe me after I finished. If I wet my Goodnite at all, then I was put back in diapers until the next morning as punishment. If I got put in diapers, then the toilet was off limits for the rest of the day, forcing me to use the diaper. If it wasn't apparent, I really enjoyed the idea of getting punished with diapers. I learned that not too long after developing this diaper fetish. My favorite stories online were always the ones where the protagonist is forced to wear and use a diaper against their will. I also love ones about people being treated like babies by their parents for one reason or another. Sadly, I don't think mom would ever punish me that way. She hardly ever even punishes me to begin with, and when she does it's usually nothing more than a scolding. Suddenly, another fantasy popped into my head. It was very similar to the second one, but instead of just being put in a diaper, I would also be given a spanking. Mom would come pull down my shorts and expose my clearly soaked Goodnite. After that, she would sigh and drag me over to the couch. Once there, she would sit down and drape me over her lap. She'd pull my soggy Goodnite down to my knees and begin smacking my bottom. She'd keep on spanking me until I was crying and begging her to stop. When she was finally done, I'd be laid down on the ground and taped into a big, fluffy diaper. After being changed I would be sent to the corner for a timeout. That one was really exciting to me. I see spankings used all of the time in ABDL stories. They're a perfect, childish punishment for adult babies. Mom has never spanked me before, even when I was young. Usually I would just be grounded or scolded. It's something that I've always wanted to try. Of course, I've tried spanking myself before, but it's just not the same. It's not really a punishment if you're doing it to yourself, so it takes away the edge. I snapped out of my trance and took a look at the clock, noticing that it was already 10:00. It was finally time! I just needed to go brush my teeth and wash my face, then I could put on my diaper! I started heading towards the bathroom, but almost ran into mom right outside my room. "I was just coming to wish you a good night sweetheart." She said, enveloping me into a hug before I could do anything. "Good luck tonight." "Th-thanks mom." I said, a bit embarrassed. With that, she released me and headed towards her bedroom. I continued on towards the bathroom and brushed my teeth and quick as I could. I repeated the same process with washing my makeup out and then retreated back to my room. Finally, after years of fantasizing and weeks of planning, I got what I wanted. I practically ran over to the package of Goodnites on my bed and tore open the wrapping at the top. Inside was 24 purple pull-up diapers, just waiting for me to put one on. I pulled one out and began to examine it. The one I grabbed was the cupcake themed variety. It was a light purple with pink and dark purple cupcakes decorating it along with similar colored sprinkles. It was just as cute as I imagined! It was also surprisingly soft. I ran my hand along it and felt a shiver run through my body. "Enough looking! It's time to put one on!" I thought to myself. I set the Goodnite down on my bed and pulled down my sweatpants. For the hell of it, I decided to take off my shirt as well. This left me in only my panties and small bra. My breasts are close to nonexistent, but it's never bothered me too much. It actually plays a part in some of my fantasies where I'm mistaken for a toddler. Because of this though, I wear what's basically a training bra everyday. Next, I slid my panties down and unclipped my bra. I was now naked, but not for long. I picked the Goodnite back up and put my hands through it. A shiver ran through my body, which caused me to notice just how hard my heart is beating. I brought the Goodnite down to my feet and slid my left leg through it, followed shortly after by my right. I gripped onto the soft sides and effortlessly pulled it up and over my groin. I was finally wearing a diaper! Well, not technically a diaper I guess, but it was certainly close enough for me. The Goodnite fit me perfectly and was actually a bit thicker than I expected. The inside was super soft and comfy as well. I turned around and went over to my full body mirror to look myself over, loving the sounds the pull-up made as I walked. I looked absolutely adorable as well! I probably couldn't pass for a toddler, but I could easily make myself passable as a 9 or 10 year old. Just to test this theory, I grabbed a couple of hair ties off of my dresser and put my hair up into a pair of pigtails. To add to the effect, I placed my left thumb in my mouth too. I looked back into the mirror and fell in love with how cute I looked. If I didn't know better, I would believe that I was a legitimate child. As much fun as I was having, I knew it would be best to get to sleep soon, as I still had to go to school tomorrow. I took a couple big drinks out of my water cup and set my alarms before going over to my closet. I debated sleeping in just my Goodnite but decided against it in case mom were to come in here for some reason in the morning. I got out a pair of pajama pants and a large t-shirt, put both on, undid my pigtails, and got into bed. The Goodnite was really noticeable and quite a bit distracting, which made getting to sleep a bit difficult. I could only imagine what it's going to be like to pee in this thing. Based on what I've read online, it will feel amazing. Some concerns soon started running through my head because of this though. What if it leaks? What if I don't like it? I quickly dispelled these thoughts and assured myself that everything would be okay. Eventually, I was finally able to drift off to sleep. --- I immediately woke up when I heard my first alarm going off. The first thing I noticed was the padding of the Goodnite I was wearing. It was finally time to wet it! I definitely needed to go after drinking all that water last night. I've been awake less than 30 seconds and my heart is already racing. I began pushing and slowly felt a trickle of urine come out. Moments later, I was able to get it up to a full flow and could hear it hitting my Goodnite. I placed my hand over my crotch, relishing the feeling of the warming padding. I could feel the urine run along my inner thighs and butt before being absorbed into the padding, which made me feel even naughtier than I already did. After another 20 seconds or so, my bladder finished emptying. The feeling of the wet pull-up was absolutely wonderful! The padding bulked up by a considerable amount and was super warm. I pressed the padding up against my privates just to get a better of feel of it, and adored the feeling. My pee had filled the Goodnite up quite a bit, but I could tell that there was still some padding left dry. I decided to get up out of bed and examine myself. I moved slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible so that mom wouldn't hear me if she was awake for some reason. I was impressed by how heavy the Goodnite became compared to last night, but I guess filling it with pee will do that. I could even feel it being pulled downwards by the weight of it all. Once I was out of bed, I lifted up my shirt and pulled down my pants so that I could examine the freshly used pull-up. The sagging and increased bulk were clearly visible when looking at it in my mirror. Showing off my thoroughly used Goodnite like this made me feel like a naughty child. Thinking about it, maybe I am just a naughty child. I purposefully peed myself multiple times and told a bunch of lies, just so that I could wear a diaper. I even peed in that diaper and enjoyed every second of it. Hell, I even look like a child right now. I guess that settles it then. I'm just a naughty little girl. And like any naughty child, I should be punished. Thinking like this caused me to become incredibly horny. I gave my privates a little rub through my wet pull-up and it caused it to grow even more noticeable. Sadly, I couldn't really punish myself with a spanking since mom would definitely hear it. I couldn't think of any other fun punishment for myself, so instead I decided to just hop back into bed and use my imagination. I pulled up my sweatpants and crawled back into bed, still being as quiet as possible. I laid down on my back, stuck my arm down my sweatpants, and began rubbing myself through the warm, wet pull-up. The feeling was absolutely mesmerizing. The texture and warmth of the soggy padding felt amazing against my sensitive parts. This stimulation was causing my imagination to run wild with fantasies. I pictured myself being made to stand in the middle of the living room naked, except for my absolutely soaked pull-up and a pacifier. Mom would tell me what a bad girl I was and tell me that I needed to be punished. She'd pull my wet pull-up down before dragging me across her lap and spanking me. The spanking was with her hand for only a minute before she switched to using a wooden spoon. Mom would continue spanking me and telling me that "naughty little girls get treated like babies" until I was crying and begging for mercy. When she was finally finished spanking me, she laid me on the floor and replaced my pull-up with a giant pink diaper. Next, I'd be taken to the kitchen and strapped in giant highchair. Mom would put a big bib on me and spoon feed me multiple jars of gross baby food until I wet my diaper. At that point, I would be taken to my nursery for another spanking and a diaper change. Imagining this playing out in real life combined with my rubbing caused me to have my most intense orgasm ever. Thankfully, I had my diaper on to catch any liquids that I released from it. The feeling of an orgasm with a wet diaper on was to die for! How have I been without this for so long?! It took me about a minute or so to recover. Thankfully, my pull-up didn't leak at all, despite how much I was rubbing it. I checked the clock in my room and found that it was only 6:00, meaning I still had 30 minutes to enjoy my wet Goodnite. For the remainder of the time, I stayed under my covers and just enjoyed the feeling of my soggy pull-up. I even let a little bit more pee out into it as I was laying there, which was good because it was starting to get a little bit cold. I was saddened when I heard my alarm go off. I wish I could just lay here all day and play with my Goodnites. Unfortunately, I needed to get ready for school. At least today was Friday, so I could spend all morning tomorrow playing with it. I was about to get up to go tell mom that I wet again, but she suddenly entered my room. "Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night?" She asked. "Y-yes." I replied, startled. "Sorry for surprising you honey. I have to go into work early today and wanted to talk to you first." Mom explained, taking a seat at the foot of my bed. "Okay..." I said, already assuming this is going to be about the bed-wetting. "Did it happen again?" Mom asked, setting her hand on my leg. "Y-yes..." I quietly answered. "I'm sorry sweetheart. Did your protection at least help?" "Y-yes, it did. It's way better than a wet bed." "That's good. I think it would be a good idea for you to do a bit of research today and see why this is happening or some things that may help, okay?" "Okay mom, I will. What should I do with this Goodnite?" I asked, my face going red. "Leave it in the bathroom garbage honey. I'll throw it out later tonight." Mom answered. "Okay mom." "Okay honey. I'll see you after work. Have fun at school." Mom said, getting up from my bed and leaving. Mom wanted me to research some ways to stop my supposed bed-wetting? It made sense why, but I didn't really want to change anything with my routine. It would be suspicious if I didn't find or try anything though. Maybe I could just stop drinking water at night? That would make it harder to wet in the morning though. I realized I was wasting a lot of time thinking about this stuff here and got up out of bed. I still needed to get ready for school. Getting up and walking around in the wet pull-up felt just as great as laying still with it. The padding squished around and rubbed up against me as I walked, making it impossible to forget it is there. Sadly, my time left with it is being cut short. I got to the bathroom and was forced to say goodbye to my pull-up. I stripped down out of my clothes until I was left in just the wet garment. I examined myself in the mirror and once again got the feeling that I was a naughty child. Sadly, I didn't have a ton of time to continue examining myself, so I hesitantly gripped the sides of my pull-up and pulled it down to my legs. The once white insides were now colored yellow and visibly damp. I stepped out of it and brought it over to the trash. I got into the shower and began my usual morning routine. About halfway through the shower, I began thinking about what mom had asked me to do. Maybe I could tell mom I'll set an alarm in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? That would probably be the best option since I doubt she'll ever be able to tell if I actually did so or not. I should probably do some actual research on this too just in case. Right as I thought I had a solution figured out, a naughtier idea popped into my head. Maybe I could use this as an opportunity to fulfill another fantasy of mine. What if I asked mom to punish me whenever I wet the bed? This would be a perfect opportunity to experience a true spanking. I could feel myself getting a bit horny again at this thought. It will probably be hard to get mom to agree with it though. She's never spanked me before and I doubt she really believes in its effectiveness. I could probably accomplish it with a good strategy though. I soon realized that I was getting distracted again and began to hurry up with my shower. I'll do a bit more planning on the bus, provided I don't miss it. My morning routine went along like normal after that. Sadly, mom couldn't make me breakfast so I had to make it myself. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the bus on time. As soon as I took my seat, my mind began to drift back to the idea of asking mom to spank me. How would she react to it? As far back as I can remember, she's never even threatened to spank me. Thinking about it, maybe that's why I have fantasies about getting spanked. I doubt I would love the thought as much if I had experience an actual spanking. It was something I wanted to try though, and this would probably be my best shot at it. I spent a lot of my time at school coming up with a game plan. This caused me to once again pay little attention in class. The nature of my plan was also causing me to become aroused off and on throughout the day, which didn't help anything either. I was relieved when the school day was finally over. While waiting for the bus to take me home, I finalized the details of my plan. When I get home, I'm going to do some research online to see if I can find anything about punishing bed-wetting with spankings. I'll use this to back me up if I need to. When that's done, I'll bring it up to mom. I'll ask her to spank me if I wet the bed or my Goodnites. My reasoning will be that it will force my body to associate wetting the bed with getting spanked, which may make it stop. It isn't a perfect plan, but I think it will be enough to get mom to at least try it. I got home before mom like usual and immediately got my laptop out to do some research. I found several sites and blogs where parents mentioned spanking their teenagers and preteens for wetting the bed, but not many of them mentioned it succeeding. I bookmarked a few of the pages where people mentioned having success with spankings. They likely wouldn't be necessary, but they would be good to fall back on if I need to. A few sites I found during my search gave guides and tips for administering these spankings. My particular favorite had several recommendations on it that I loved. It recommended that the spanking be done over the knee and on the bare bottom. In addition, it recommended the use of implements like hairbrushes, wooden spoons, or even paddles for older kids and to spank for a set amount of time or strokes. I'll definitely show this site to mom if she asks. My heart started to beat quickly as I heard the front door open and mom walk in. I had no reason to be as nervous as I was yet, but I couldn't shake the feeling that my plan wouldn't work and mom would start to suspect what was actually happening. I managed to suppress the feelings a bit though and went out to greet mom. "Hi mom." I said while leaving my room. "Hey sweetheart. How was school?" Mom responded. Mom and I talked for a while with no mention of what she asked me to do this morning. Since she didn't bring it up, I didn't either. Eventually it was time for dinner, so I went back to my room while mom was cooking. I continued looking through blog posts from parents who spank their kids for a while and soon found myself reading ABDL stories about being punished for bed-wetting. By the time mom called me in for dinner, I was fairly horny. That should help me with my courage if necessary though. Dinner was going normally for a while. Mom made a chicken pasta dish, which tasted great. I was a bit distracted by the lingering arousal from before, but it was slowly fading. Mom and I talked a bit more about our days like usual before the topic began to shift. "Were you able to do a bit of research?" Mom asked me. My heart rate began to speed up and my face started to burn. I guess it's finally time for my next plan. "Y-yes, I did..." I quietly responded, looking away. "Well, did you find anything helpful?" Mom followed up, not breaking her gaze on me. "I think I found something that might help... It's kind of embarrassing though..." I answered, my face burning even more and my privates starting to tingle. "I understand sweetheart. I know this is hard must be hard for you. Take all the time you need." Mom said, making me feel a bit more confident about what I was about to say. "Well... I read online that it may help to, well... punish me for wetting the bed." I responded. I don't know why, but this was even harder than when I asked for diapers yesterday. I couldn't bring myself to look at mom now. I hope this didn't seem suspicious to her at all. "Punish you? I've never really punished you too much before sweetheart. What else did it say?" Mom asked, talking slow and calm for me. "We-well, they said that eventually my body we begin to associate wetting myself with being punished, which will make me stop." I explained, still not making any eye contact. "I guess that makes sense... What kind of punishments did they mention?" Mom asked. This is it, the moment of truth. "They said the most effective method is... s-spankings." I choked out. It felt good to finally say it. "I see... Is this something you want to try?" Mom asked me, seeming a little bit uncomfortable. "I think it may help..." I responded, still looking away. Mom got out of her chair and walked around the table to me. She got down on her knees to get level with me and gave me a hug. It caught me a bit off guard, but I enjoyed it. "If you think it will help then we can try it sweetheart. Let's finish eating dinner and then talk about this more, okay?" Mom suggested while stroking my hair. "Okay mom..." I responded, returning her hug. The rest of dinner was mostly silence and me feeling like I did something wrong. I headed back to my room once we were finished while mom stayed behind to clean up the dishes. Once back at my room, I continued reading stories about diapers and spankings. This helped me somewhat take my mind off of dinner and how embarrassed I was. I was half way through a story about a girl being tied up in diapers when mom knocked on my door. I quickly closed all of the ABDL tabs on my laptop and got up to let her in. I was already horny from the stories I was reading, so hopefully that will make this a bit easier. "Are you ready to talk sweetheart?" Mom asked, taking a seat on the foot of my bed. "Yes." I answered, also taking a seat on my bed. "Okay. Do you still think that punishing you will help?" "Yes..." I said, looking away. "Then I guess we can give it a try. I've never really had to punish you though, and when I did, it was never with a spanking. Did the stuff online give a guide for it?" Mom asked. "Y-yes, they did. I'll pull it up." I answered. I quickly pulled up the website with the spanking guide I loved on my laptop and handed it to mom. She spent a couple of minutes reading through it, saying nothing. The entire time she was reading, I spent studying her face and waiting in anticipation. "Okay sweetheart, I think I've decided how I want to do this. In the morning, I'm going to come check on you. If your Goodnite or bed are wet, then you're going to get a spanking right away. Since you're a big girl, the spankings are going to be done on your bare bottom with a hair brush. The spankings will last for two minutes. Does that sound okay to you?" Mom explained. "Y-yes, it does." I answered. This is exactly what I wanted! Tomorrow morning is going to be great! "Alrighty then. We'll start tomorrow morning if you have another accident." Mom said. "Thank you mom." I replied. Another success! Mom said goodnight to me and left my room shortly after. Since today is Friday, I didn't need to wake up early tomorrow for school. Tomorrow morning would be my first spanking though, so I was caught in a dilemma of wanting to go to bed now or not waste my Friday night. After some mental debating, I decided to compromise by staying up for a bit, but get ready for bed now. I went to the bathroom and performed my usual routine, leaving out the toilet of course. Afterwards, I retreated back to my room and pulled out one of my Goodnites. My pants soon found themselves on the ground, followed by my panties as I hastily slid the pull-up into position. I opted to not put any pajama pants on yet, allowing my pull-up to be visible and easily accessible. I went back to my laptop and continued reading where I had left off when mom walked in. The stories of diaper punishment and spankings kept me very excited. I would consistently start rubbing myself through the Goodnite and have to stop myself from going over the edge. The soft, thick padding felt great on both my hands and my privates. I don't think I could ever go back to masturbating without a diaper after this. After a while of teasing myself, my need to pee became apparent. Wasting no time, I placed my thumb in my mouth, my hand over pull-up, and became relieving myself. The only sound in my room was from the laptops fans, so I could easily hear my stream of pee hit the padding. Using my free hand, I pushed the now wet padding into my crotch and began teasing myself more. The feeling of my warm urine soaking into the Goodnite and pressing into my crotch was absolutely mind numbing. Seconds later, my bladder and was empty and the pull-up was sagging. The warm and wet padding pressing up against me felt amazing as my mind drifted to thoughts about the spanking I'm going to get tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's enough to make me sorry for being so naughty tonight. I could picture it now: mom comes in to wake me up and I have to shamefully tell her that I had another accident. She'd waste no time pulling me over her lap, pulling down my soggy diaper, and laying into my bottom. From there, my mind began to drift back to various fantasies of mine as I continued to please myself through the pull-up. After my spanking, mom would pull the wet Goodnite back up and send me to the corner for further punishment. I'd stand with my nose in the corner and my arms behind my back for multiple minutes while mom got the supplies to change me into an actual diaper. With these and other similar thoughts in my mind, I quickly orgasmed into the wet padding. I spent multiple minutes sitting still, just enjoying the feeling of pee soaked pull-up. After recovering a bit, I decided it would be a good idea to go to bed. This pull-up was already soaked, but felt way too good for me to want to take off. Besides, mom might get suspicious if I go through 2 pull-ups in one night. I just need to be careful if I want to pee in it anymore. All I could think about while trying to fall asleep was the feeling of the still warm pull-up and the spanking I'm going to get tomorrow. This combination made falling asleep difficult. Thankfully, my masturbation session minutes ago had worn me out a bit. That combined with my general exhaustion from a day of school had me asleep not too long after. --- I woke up sometime after the sun was up. The wet pull-up was now cold and not nearly as comfortable as it was when I fell asleep. The discomfort of it was making me feel like a little girl. Not thinking about it too much, I let a little stream of pee escape into the already soaked diaper. The new pee absorbed into the back of the pull-up, warming it up a bit but not enough to counter the cold of the front. Now that I'm a bit excited and feeling naughty, it's time to find mom and get my spanking. My heart sped up and my privates began to tingle at the thought of this. I've read about spankings for years now, and it's finally time to experience a genuine one. As I was getting out of bed, I heard foot steps coming from down the hall. "Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?" Mom asked, opening my door and walking into my room. "I slept a little too well..." I replied, looking down at the floor. I'm sure it was already obvious to her that I wet myself. The pull-up I was wearing was sagging pretty badly and it was evident through my pajama bottoms. "I'm sorry sweetheart," Mom said as she came over and enveloped me in a hug, "do you still want to do what we talked about last night?" "Y-yes..." I weakly answered back. "Okay, wait right here for a second while I go grab a couple of things." Mom instructed before leaving me alone. While alone, I took the time to give myself a couple more rubs through the wet pull-up. I want to enjoy this as much as possible and what better way to do it than while horny? The pull-up was a bit uncomfortable though with how cold it's gotten. While uncomfortable, it did do a good job of making me feel just like a naughty child. A naughty child who needs a spanking. Mom returned moments later and thankfully didn't catch what I was just doing. In her hands, I saw her phone, a towel, and my big wooden hairbrush I keep in the bathroom. I've given myself some spankings with it before, so I knew that this was going to hurt. Seeing this caused some 'juices' to escape my privates and fall into the already soaked pull-up. "Come here sweetheart." Mom instructed as she took a seat on the wooden chair in my room. I walked over to her and she draped the towel over her lap and began fiddling with her phone. When I arrived in front of her, just reached out and gripped the sides of my waist, signaling for me to hold still. "Here's how this is going to go: I set a timer on my phone for two minutes. Once you're in position over my lap and ready, I'll start the timer. I'm going to spank your bare bottom uninterrupted until the timer sounds. Understand?" Mom explained. I replied with only a nod. I then felt moms thumbs hook around my pajama shorts. They were soon pulled down to my ankles, leaving me standing in front of her with in only my top and a visibly soaked pull-up. This caused me to blush even more than I already was. The wetting may have been intentional, but mom didn't know that. She just sees her adult daughter in a wet diaper. Next went the Goodnite. Mom hooked her thumbs around it just like my pajama pants and brought it down to my ankles, leaving my hairless crotch exposed to her. "Over my lap honey." Mom instructed. I complied, stepping out of my pajama pants and pull-up. I left them on the floor behind me as I walked over to her side. I took a deep breath as I draped myself across the towel. My stomach pressed right against her legs. Due to the height of the chair and my short stature, I was completely unable to reach the ground. This left me even more helpless to what was about happen, making me even more excited. "Are you ready sweetheart?" Mom asked me. "Yes mommy." I replied, getting a little too into my naughty child head space. I was too excited to care though. Finally, I get to experience a true spanking. My petite butt was pointed right in the air, just waiting for the first strike to be delivered. *THWAP* I let out a little cry that was a bit more of a moan. Mom definitely wasn't holding back. That hurt way more than I expected! The impact spot stung terribly. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Mom continued to deliver a steady stream of spanks to my bottom. Each smack hurt just as bad, if not worse than the last. Every swat was on a different spot of my butt, which was causing my entire back side to hurt. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* I lost count of the smacks shortly after we started. My moans soon turned into whines as mom continued punishing my bottom. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* My internal clock was completely thrown off as well, meaning I had no idea how far into this we were. It could be 10 or even 100 seconds until the alarm sounds. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Tears started forming in my eyes at this point. Maybe I'd bitten off a bit more than I could chew? *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Deep down though, this was still incredibly exciting to me. I felt exactly like the naughty little girl that I am. I wet myself on purpose and lied to mom. This spanking is well deserved. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* The excitement did nothing to cancel out the genuine pain I was experiencing though. My ass hurt like never before. This wasn't even comparable to the spankings I've given myself in the past. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Tears were now flowing down my face as I began crying. My butt was on fire! I may have been enjoying this on some level, but at the same time I just wanted it to end. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* This feels like it had been going on for an eternity! Did mom forget to start the timer? I was already bawling my eyes out and didn't know how much more I could take. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *DING* *DING* *DING* At last, the alarm was going off! That was seriously only 2 minutes? It felt like 10! At this point I was slumped over moms lap, unable to do anything except cry. My ass felt like it was on fire and I was definitely feeling like a humiliated little girl. "Shh sweetheart, it's over now." Mom said as she stroked my hair and rubbed my sore bottom. "I-I'm s-sorry, m-mommy!" I blubbered out through my crying. I truly was sorry for manipulating her like this, but it was well worth it for how I feel now. My ass was burning, but my naughty cunt was also burning with lust. "I know, sweetheart. Do you think you're ready to get up now?" Mom asked me, still rubbing my butt. "Y-yes." I meekly answered. Because I had no leverage, mom had to lift me up off of her and set me on my feet, just like a child. Once I was on my feet, I continued where my mom left off in rubbing my bottom, not even remember that I was completely naked, save for my shirt. I took a look back at my mirror to get a good view at my bottom and was shocked by just how red it was. I've never spanked myself hard enough to get it more than a little pink. Right now, it's a darker shade of red than a strawberry! Mom took the towel off her lap and got up from the chair. After folding the towel up and setting it down she turned around and enveloped me into a hug. I was surprised at first, but quickly removed my hands from my strawberry-tinted butt cheeks to return the hug. We silently stayed like this for a moment while mom stroked my hair. "You handled that very well sweetheart. I'm sorry that I hurt you so much." Mom said in her motherly voice. "Don't be sorry mom. I asked for it and needed it." Wanted may have been more appropriate, but mom didn't need to know that. "If you say so. I'm going to get a couple of things at the store in a few minutes. Do you need anything?" Mom asked, breaking away from the hug. "No." I replied, excited at my opportunity to get naughty. "Alright, just give me a call if you change your mind." Mom said, taking the hairbrush and towel with her as she left the room. I stood in my room and admired my butt in the mirror until I eventually heard the door close and her car leave. As soon as I did, I went over to my bloated pull-up laying on the floor and pulled it back up to where it had been 15 minutes ago. After being away from my body for so long it had grown much colder than before. It was honestly a little gross, but very naughty feeling. I took off my shirt and gave another glance at the mirror. My spanked bottom was clearly visible around the edges of the pull-up. Now it's time to have some fun. I took a seat on the chair and immediately felt more pain run through my butt. Even with the soggy pull-up beneath it, my ass still felt like I sat down on a bed of spikes. This didn't deter me though, as I stuck my left thumb in my mouth and my right down the front of the pull-up. My mind went back to mere minutes ago, when I was laid over my moms lap in this very chair, getting a very sound spanking on my naughty, wet bottom. After several minutes of spanking memories and playing with myself, I exploded into my diaper with the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I spent several minutes recovering and just enjoying the feeling of my sore bottom and wet pull-up. Eventually I got myself cleaned up and took a shower. The hot water irritated my sore bottom and now that my horniness has passed, it just hurt. The rest of my day went along mostly normal. I say mostly, because anytime I sat down the pain from my spanking resurfaced and shot through my bottom. After several hours it finally calmed down to a dull feeling and eventually faded. Throughout the day I would periodically pull down my pants and panties in front of the mirror and examined how the color of my bottom changed. It may not have been the best in the moment, but I thoroughly enjoyed my spanking earlier. It probably wasn't something I want to experience everyday though, as the pain in my butt lasted several hours past the actual spanking. This wouldn't be good for paying attention in class when I had school. Unfortunately I've put myself in a position where I can't enjoy a wet pull-up without getting a spanking. Was it worth it though? Without a doubt. When it came time for bed, I needed to make a choice. Did I want another spanking tomorrow morning? After slipping on my Goodnite for bed and feeling a tingling in my crotch, I decided that I very much did. After laying down in bed, I let loose and flooded my pull-up. It soaked up everything I gave it and quickly expanded. With thoughts of another spanking in my mind and a warm, soggy pull-up around my waist, I eventually fell asleep. --- Mom woke me up the next morning by lightly shaking my shoulder and encouraging me to get up. I groaned a little and felt my cool, saturated pull-up squish as I moved my legs. As I slowly got up, I remembered what is in store for me right after bed. The thought of another spanking excited me of course, but I wasn't sure if I was prepared for another one after what I got yesterday. "How did you do today?" Mom asked me, obviously referring to my bed-wetting. "The same as last night." I answered. "Alright then. Get up out of bed and I'll be back in just a moment." Mom said as she left my room, presumably to grab my hairbrush. I stood up and got out of bed as instructed. While I waited for mom, I stuck my hand down the back of my pull-up and felt my bottom. I found a couple spots that will still lightly bruised from my spanking yesterday and slightly cringed knowing that they weren't going to get better today. I wasn't as excited for my impending spanking today as I was yesterday either, so I'm sure that was going to make it hurt more. While my hand was down there, I gave myself a few rubs to at least try to get myself horny for the spanking. Not soon after, I heard mom walking down the hall and approaching my door, so I quickly pulled my hand away from myself and out of my pull-up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pleasure myself too much before I had to stop. I was still a bit excited, but not nearly as much as yesterday. Mom didn't say anything as she sat down in the chair and draped the towel over her lap. Just like yesterday, she set an alarm on her phone and beckoned me to come over. I did as instructed and mom wasted no time in pulling down my pajama pants and exposing my soaked Goodnite. She began pulling it down, but instead of bringing it down to my feet she stopped right above my knees. When I asked her about this she said it would prevent me from kicking as much as yesterday. I blushed from being told that and from being exposed to mom like I was. Having my pee filled pull-up around my legs like that made me feel like a naughty child, which was perfect. I've fantasized about being put into a timeout corner dressed exactly like this numerous times. In those fantasies it was always right after a sound spanking though. It was hard to move around with my legs restricts like that, but I was still able to waddle over to moms side and position myself for my spanking. "Are you ready sweetheart?" Mom asked me after I draped myself over her lap. "Yes." I answered while bracing myself for the next 2 minutes. Mom placed her hand over the small of my back to help keep me still and used her other hand to start the timer. After grabbing the hairbrush, I quickly felt the first painful blow make contact with my already bruised bottom. I groaned and braced for the next one while trying my best to imagine myself in one of my fantasies. The pleasure could only do so much to counter the pain though, and before too long there were tears in my eyes. Not too long after, the tears were flowing down my face and I couldn't concentrate on any pleasure that I may have been receiving. The pain was even worse than yesterday, which is really saying something. Each loud swat of the hairbrush brought pain throughout my entire body and left my butt feeling like it was roasting over a fire. After what felt like an eternity, mom's alarm when off and the blows to my backside ceased. I couldn't do anything but cry over mom's lap while she rubbed my sore bottom and cooed that it was over. The rubbing felt nice, but did little to alleviate the burning pain. "Are you doing okay, sweetie?" Mom asked me while continuing her rubbing. "Y-yes." I managed to choke out. I had stopped crying, but I was still sobbing a bit. "Do you think you can stand up?" Mom asked me. I tried to stand up, but didn't have any leverage, so mom had to help lift me off of her like I was a child. I had trouble standing up straight once I was on my feet. The pain from my butt caused my legs to be very wobbly and unstable. It didn't really matter though, since mom stood up and wrapped me in a hug, supporting my weight. Mom kept supporting me in the hug until I was able to confidently stand on my own. When I was finally able to, she left my room to go do other things. As soon as it was safe, I pulled my cold, bloated pull-up back up. After it was back where it belonged, I sat down in the chair mom had just spanked me in. My cold urine squished out of the pull-up and right onto my stinging bottom, which had just suffered a new burst of pain from sitting down. The pain became a secondary thought after I started getting in the right mood. Thinking about the spanking I just had, along with fantasies of mom coming in here with a big, thick diaper to put me in, I began pleasuring myself. Pull-ups were great and all, but they weren't technically a diaper. Maybe when I run out of Goodnites I could get some actual diapers instead? By doing that, I would be missing out on the humiliating, childish designs though. I'd have to contemplate that later though, for now I was free to fantasize about being put into a big, thick, baby print diaper. I imagined myself just after my spanking. Instead of what had actually happened, mom would instead lift me up, pull my wet pull-up back up, and put me into a timeout in the corner. I would cry in the corner and release more urine into my already at-capacity pull-up, causing some to dribble down my legs. Mom would come get me shortly and guide me down onto a changing pad she had setup all while scolding me for leaking. On the changing pad, she would rip out the sides of my Goodnite, exposing my hairless privates. Mom would lift my legs to wipe me down and deliver two more swats to my already bruised bottom for squirming. I'd cry out, only to be met with a large pacifier being inserted into my mouth. My bottom would then be lowered back down onto a multiple inch thick, all pink diaper with baby bottle and letter block patterns. Mom would extensively powder me before finally taping the giant diaper onto me. With that, I exploded into my pull-up. After my few minutes of post-orgasm high, I got up out of the chair to get cleaned up. Standing up made the pain in my bottom flare, forcing me to let out a slight moan. The hot shower didn't help my bottom either. I felt the lasting effects of my morning spanking throughout the entire day. Because of this, I resolved to keep both my bed and pull-up dry for the first time in close to a week. It was one thing to deal with a sore butt at home, but having one at school would be bad. The hard chairs would increase the pain much more and make it hard to concentrate. I felt a sense of disappointment as I slipped on my pull-up that night. As much as I didn't want to, I'd need to keep my Goodnite dry tonight. If I didn't I wouldn't be able to sit still at school tomorrow. It feels like such a waste to not use it though. Maybe I could find a way to punish myself when I get home from school tomorrow? I had to restrain myself from rubbing myself through my pull-up after thinking about that. If I got too horny, I probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from wetting. After close to an hour of trying not to think about doing something naughty in my pull-up, I was finally able to fall asleep. --- Mom came to wake me up as she had been doing for the last few days. Waking up without the feeling of wet padding was actually kind of weird after having done so for multiple days. I needed to pee pretty badly though, and had stop myself from instinctively letting it go. "How did you do last night sweetheart?" Mom asked, nudging me a little. "I'm dry!" I answered, sounding a little more excited than I probably needed to. "That's great sweetheart! Did you do anything different last night that you think helped?" Mom said, leaning down and hugging me. "I really didn't want a spanking before school." I answered, telling the truth. "Well I'm glad that it's working. Maybe I should start spanking you for other stuff too?" Mom said with a little laugh. I blushed and looked away. As much as I liked spankings, I wanted to keep them on my own terms. I had to be in a certain mood to want a spanking, and I definitely wouldn't be in that mood after getting scolded about a bad grade or something. "Just kidding sweetheart. Come on, get up and get ready for school." Mom said, leaving my room. I did as instructed, hurrying down to the bathroom as I actually needed to pee pretty badly. When I got to the bathroom, I quickly pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles and the pull-up down to my knees. Using the toilet with my pull-up pulled down made me feel like a little girl. I almost wished mom would come in and praise me for 'making it to the potty on time.' After I was done 'using the potty', I discarded my unsoiled Goodnite in the garbage can. In the shower, I tried to brainstorm ideas for a fitting punishment when I got home from school. I could spank myself, but it would never be enough after getting spanked by mom the last couple of days. I tried hard, but I couldn't think of any way to punish myself other than spanking. Well, there were plenty of things I thought of, but didn't have any of the supplies. I've always wanted to give myself an enema. The idea of being filled with tons of water through my butt and being forced to hold it seemed perfectly humiliating to me. The best part would be after getting the enema though, when I'd be put in a thick diaper that would easily absorb it all. I could imagine myself having to beg to be allowed release it into my diaper. Unfortunately, we didn't have an enema kit nor did I have any diapers that could absorb that much liquid. I was unable to think of anything useful until I got out of the shower. After I finished drying off a bit, I glanced at the sink and saw a fresh bar of soap sitting next to it. The idea of washing my own mouth out with soap instantly found its way into my head and I instantly knew that it would work. I'd read about it in ABDL stories before, but I've never thought to try doing it myself. I decided then and there that it would be my punishment when I got home from school. My day at school was uneventful, as usual. My mind constantly drifted to thinking about after school and my impending self-punishment. My heart started beating a bit harder on the bus as I approached home. From what I'd read, mouth-soapings weren't fun to experience. A punishment wasn't supposed to be fun though, and I'd done something naughty. I rushed through the door as soon as I got home. Mom was still at work for the next couple of hours, so I'd have plenty of time to myself. After setting down my things, I raced to the bathroom and stared at the bar of soap. Very soon, it would be cleaning out my naughty mouth. Remembering that mouth-soapings can be messy, I took my shirt off and set it on the toilet lid. I unclipped my bra and set it down as well, leaving me completely topless. While setting my bra down, my eyes drifted over to the trashcan. I'm guessing that since I was dry this morning, mom didn't feel the need to take out my pull-up. Since there was nothing wrong with it, I decided to take it out and put it on for my punishment. I quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and stepped out of them. As soon as they were off, I began working the Goodnite up where it belongs. Now that I was appropriately dressed in nothing but a pull-up, it was time to begin. I picked the soap off its tray next to the sink. While running it under the water and getting it nice and lathery, I looked up at myself in the mirror. Looking back at me was a little girl with nothing but her pull-up on. Given my relatively short stature and my practically non-existent chest, I felt even more like a toddler. When the soap was plenty lathery, I braced myself and opened my mouth. I tasted the chemicals as soon as the bar rubbed against my tongue. The taste was terrible, and the feeling it left behind was just as bad. Once the bar was about as far in as it could get, I began sliding it in and out. Suds and soapy saliva rapidly began pooling into every crevice of my mouth. Drool began to flow down my mouth and onto my chest as I continued soaping every surface of my mouth. After every surface of my mouth felt like it had been thoroughly coated in the disgusting tasting soap, I bit down on the bar. The fowl taste made itself known again as soon as my teeth broke the surface of the now-soft bar. Using my clean hand, I quickly set an alarm on my phone for 90 seconds. Setting my phone down, I lifted my head up to see how I looked. My mouth, chin, and chest were covered in soapy drool and a caked layer of soap was visible all around my mouth. The drool was still flowing as well, so I'm sure it will be much worse by the time I can take the soap out. If someone saw me, there'd be no way they'd think I was an 18 year old girl. Instead, they'd see a naughty toddler with a thoroughly cleaned mouth. As I stated multiple times already, the soap tasted terrible. It was like I had just taken a drink of random cleaning products with a touch of mint. The feeling was just as bad. My entire mouth was coated in a film with a feel that I couldn't quite describe. My teeth felt especially bad, seeing as how they were dug right into the bar of soap. I looked down at my phone and whined when I noticed that only 30 seconds had past. This was a truly terrible punishment that I'm glad mom never used on me. Sure, she threatened me with it multiple times as a child, but never went through with it. Experiencing it now was terrible, but at least I was in control of the situation. At 40 seconds left, I felt pressure in my bladder. Without even thinking, I immediately began letting loose and flooding my pull-up. After a couple of seconds, I realized what I was doing and tried to stop. By then though, it was already too late. Unable to stop the stream, I decided to just enjoy it. I was slightly turned on before due to my humiliating self-punishment, but the feeling of my wet pull-up amplified it. I let out a moan as I felt my pee soak throughout the pull-up, which caused me to bite harder on the soap. My pee just kept flowing and eventually I even felt some drops run down my leg. My bladder finished emptying as soon as the alarm I set went off, leaving me no time to think about my leaking pull-up. I quickly pulled the bar of soap out and began furiously rinsing my mouth out. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get all of the after-taste or feeling out. After cleaning out my mouth the best I could, I focused on cleaning up the rest of my body. The drool that didn't land in the sink was completely covering my chin to my chest. Once that was done, I was finally able to shift my attention to my leaky Goodnite. I never planned on wetting it, but I lost myself in the moment. I quite literally had an accident. I knew I should of taken it off, but the thought of having a literal accident made me too horny. Standing right in front of the mirror, I brought my hand down and began pleasuring myself through my filled pull-up. My pee squished out through the pull-up, sending a little more down my leg and even onto my hand. I came very quickly and intensely after thinking about myself being punished by mom like I had just done myself. I imagined mom standing behind me, throughly soaping my mouth while I stood there in nothing by a pull-up. Eventually, I was instructed to bite down on the soap like I had done already. Mom would then begin to paddle my bottom while I stood there and wet my pull-up. Once I recovered, I began to grasp the severity of what I had done. Not only had I ruined a bar of soap, I also completely filled a pull-up that I told mom I kept dry. I was legitimately in fear of getting a spanking now, especially after I had just relieved all of my horniness. The best idea I came up with was to bury the Goodnite and soap in the garbage under some other stuff and hope that mom wouldn't notice when she took it out. Not exactly safe, but it was the best idea I could come up with. I carefully took my pull-up off and placed it in the garbage. I made sure to thoroughly clean myself and used the wipes to help cover up pull-up in the trash. The slight taste and feel of the soap didn't leave my mouth for at least another hour after I left the bathroom. That time wasn't fun. No matter how much I tried, I could not get the feeling to go away. Thankfully, it had naturally gone away by the time mom got home and made dinner. My night proceeded like usual for a few hours after dinner, until mom unexpectedly walked into my room. Chills spread through my body when I saw the unhappy expression on her face. "Do you want to talk about what I found in the bathroom garbage, sweetheart?" She asked me, not sounding very happy. "W-What did you find?" I timidly asked, already knowing the answer. "I found a very wet pull-up, even though you told me you were dry this morning." Mom answered. "Did I?" I asked, trying to feign ignorance. "Yes, you did. That's why you didn't get a spanking this morning." Mom fired back. There was no doubt in my mind that she thought I had lied to her this morning. "Oh, I um..." I tried to respond, but couldn't think of a valid excuse that wouldn't reveal what had actually happened. "Listen sweetheart. The spankings are supposed to help you stop waking up wet. You're not going to get better if you lie to get out of them." Mom said to me. "I'm sorry mom..." I said, looking away. "I'll be back in a moment then sweetheart." Mom said before leaving my room. I had a good idea what she was doing and I was afraid. It's one thing to get spanked when I was horny and wanting it, but that wasn't the case this time. My heart started pounding as the fear of my impending spanking began to set in. I couldn't believe I was stupid enough to wet that pull-up! Even while I was in the middle of punishing myself for not wetting it. Mom came back half a minute later carrying the usual hairbrush and towel, confirming what I already knew was coming. "You know the drill, sweetheart." Mom said, taking a seat. I looked down in shame and slowly made my way over to mom. Once I was close enough, she unbuckled my jeans and began lowering them to my ankles. She made me step out of them and soon my panties followed, leaving me bottomless. I didn't resist as she lightly pulled me over her lap. We both said nothing and before I knew it I felt the first blow of the hairbrush assault my bottom. I could tell that this wouldn't be pleasant in the slightest, based solely off the first few swats. Maybe I deserved this for being so reckless earlier, but a full spanking seemed a bit excessive. The swats continued raining down at a slightly faster rate than usual and it wasn't too long before I was in tears. The last couple of spankings I was able to enjoy on some level, but I just couldn't put myself in the proper mood. This probably made the pain much worse for me. "I'm sorry mommy! Please stop!" I cried out, practically blubbering now. My pleas fell on deaf ears though and mom continued the spanking with no hesitation. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pain, moms alarm went off. Like before, I probably wouldn't have even known she stopped if I hadn't heard the alarm. I laid still on moms lap, crying my eyes out afterwards. Usually mom would let me stay there until I could confidently get up, but this time was different. After half a minute or so mom lifted me up off her lap and carried me over to my bed. "W-w-what are you d-d-doing, m-mommy." I blubbered out as I was laid down painfully on my back and butt. "We're not done with your punishment yet, sweetheart. The first spanking was to make up for the one you missed this morning. This next one is for lying to me to get out of a spanking." Mom explained. My heart nearly stopped when I heard I was about to receive another spanking. I knew mom was mad, but I had just been spanked until I was a crying mess! There's no way I could handle any more! "No! P-please mommy! I'm sorry!" I begged. "I know you're sorry sweetheart. I hope after this you'll be sorry enough to not do it again. Here's what's going to happen: You're going to pull your legs back and hold them in place against your chest. Then, you're going to get a 30 second spanking in that position with the hairbrush." Mom explained. I could only cry harder as I accepted my fate. I slowly raised my legs up to my chest and assumed the diaper position. I had wanted to get spanked like this before, but not like this! My very red bottom was soon on full display to mom, who was readying another timer on her phone. After starting the timer, mom wasted no time beginning her assault. The hairbrush quickly rained down on my already sore butt. This hurt much worse than what I just received, but it was not in the same spot. It take me a moment to realize that mom was hitting my lower butt and sit spot! Before long I was howling in pain with tears freely flowing down my face. Mom didn't hesitate in the slightest though and kept up a consistently fast pace. It wasn't too much longer before I whining out loud as well. It was only 30 seconds, but it felt longer than the normal spanking I had just received. I immediately let go of my legs and let them fall once mom's alarm went off. That was a dumb decision on my part though, as a fresh wave of pain shot through my body as my butt hit the bed. I quickly rolled over onto my stomach and rubbed my butt while I sobbed into my pillow. I cried for several minutes while mom stood behind me and rubbed by back and butt. After a few minutes, mom gave me instructions to 'wait here' and then left the room. I hadn't moved an inch in the time she was gone but had managed to get my crying under control. "Let's get you ready for bed sweetheart. Do you think you can stand up?" Mom asked once she returned to my room. I silently began getting out of my bed while being careful not to touch my butt to anything. Once I was on my feet, mom began taking off my shirt and bra, leaving me naked in front of her. My face blushed red, though it would be hard to tell due to all the crying from before. I was embarrassed to be standing on display like this, but was too exhausted to give any resistance. "Do you need to use the potty?" Mom asked me as she set my discarded cloths on my bed. "N-no." I said lightly. Mom then went over to my bag of Goodnites in the corner and grabbed one out of it. She brought it over to me and began to spread it out in her hands. When she got down on her knees in front of me I realized what she was expecting. Humiliated, I lightly used moms shoulders to balance myself and stepped into the pull-up. Mom then began snaking it up my legs until I felt the padding take its proper place. I let out a small whine when I felt it brush over my sore bottom. "I want you to go brush your teeth and then we can talk." Mom instructed. "Y-yes ma'am." I replied, quickly scurrying to the bathroom in only my pull-up. I quickly brushed my teeth like my mom instructed before returning to my room. Any and every movement caused my Goodnite to brush against my sore bottom, forcing me to try to be as still as possible. The entire time I couldn't get my mind off of what had just happened. Mom had given me not one, but TWO spankings and then dressed me in one of my pull-ups like I was a toddler. Thankfully mom didn't discover what had actually happened with that pull-up, but I'm not sure if that was worth a second spanking. In the moment, I silently swore to myself that I was going to stop wetting my pull-ups. It was certainly fun, but it was no longer worth receiving a spanking over. I had only myself to blame for asking for this treatment of course, but there was nothing I could do about it now. When I returned to my room mom had already laid out a set of my pajamas on the bed. I wordlessly made my way over to them to put them on, but mom stopped me before I could. "I want to talk before you finish getting ready for bed." Mom explained. Standing in front of mom in just this pull-up was going to make the lecturing I was about to receive exponentially more humiliating for me. I complied though, not wanting to risk any other punishment. "I'm disappointed that you lied to me this morning sweetheart." Mom started. "I thought you were being mature and handling this like an adult, but this morning you lied to me to get out of a punishment like a child would. I thought I could trust you to tell me the truth and manage your bed wetting yourself, but today you have shown me that that is not the case. So, for the next few weeks, I will be managing your protection." "Please mom, I'm sorry! I promise I won't lie to you again!" I said, not knowing what all what mom explained would entail. "Sorry sweetheart, but you showed me today that you can't be trusted to handle it yourself. Starting tonight, I am going to keep your protection in my room. I will bring you one to change into at night before bed. In the morning I will come in to check if you stayed dry myself. Do you understand?" mom asked. "Yes ma'am." I answered back. I was mad about getting lectured and compared to a child, even if it was appropriate. Mom left my room with the package of Goodnites in tow soon after hugging me and wishing me good night. I got myself dressed in the pajamas that she laid out for me afterwards and got into bed. It was hard getting comfortable due to the hot pain throbbing on my butt cheeks. I ended up laying down on my stomach. Laying in bed in pain like this only hardened my resolve to stop wetting myself. It took a little bit due to how early it was for me to be going to bed and the pain, but eventually I finally passed out. ----- I woke up sometime in the night with my bladder aching. Instinctively, I almost let it flood into my pull-up but was thankfully able to stop myself. I forced myself to get up out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. The pain from last nights spankings was still present, but somewhat dulled out. When I got to the toilet, I carefully pulled down my pajama pants and pull-up. Once they were out of the way I sat down, winced, and let my bladder go. I was actually somewhat proud of myself for not using my pull-up instead. Embarrassment filled me when I realized how silly that sounded. When I was finished, I pulled my pull-up and pajama pants back into place. I made my way back to my room quickly and tried to fall back asleep. I'm not sure how long it took, but I eventually succeeded. ----- I woke up in the morning to mom shaking my shoulder. "Come on sweetheart, get up and get ready for school." She lightly said. I eventually rolled over onto my bottom, slightly feeling the residual pain from last night. It was nothing major though and I was able to stand it. "Did you stay dry tonight?" Mom asked. "Yes." I answered, brushing my hands against my pull-up just to be sure. "Well, get up out of bed so that I can check." Mom instructed. "Please mom, I promise that I'm dry. You don't need to check." I embarrassingly answered. "You told me you were dry yesterday when you weren't sweetheart. Now come on, I need to get ready for work." Mom answered back. Defeated, I slowly rolled out of bed. Once on my feet, mom got on her knees in front of me. She hooked her hands around my pajama pants and gently brought them down to my ankles, exposing my dry pull-up. I thought it being visually dry would be enough to please her, so I was shocked when I felt her rub the bottom of the padding. "Good job sweetheart!" Mom said while standing up and giving me a hug. "Now go get ready for school." I did as instructed, this time without the feeling of wastefulness that I had yesterday for not using my pull-up. As much as I wished I could have, it was not worth the spanking. I deposited my completely dry pull-up in the garbage can without a second look back and carried out the rest of my morning routine. That night at around 10:00pm, mom came into my room carrying one of my Goodnites. I expected her to come over and dress me in it like last night, but instead she just left it on my bed. I guess I still had the privilege of putting it on myself. After that, mom wished me good night and went to bed. ----- This routine continued for the next 3 days. In that time I made sure to keep my pull-ups dry, earning lots of praise from mom every morning after she personally verified it. In that same amount of time, I never felt an urge to masturbate or even look at ABDL content online. That is until Friday night. It was a little after midnight and mom had gone to bed hours ago. I was a bit 'pent up' by this point so I finally gave in to my urges. I quickly stripped out of my pants and panties and replaced them with my pull-up. Next went everything above my waist, leaving me completely naked except for my pull-up. Now properly dressed for the occasion, I sat down at my computer and began searching through several ABDL stories. After several minutes I settled on one with ample usage of diaper punishment and spankings. The main character was a girl who was tricked into being diaper punished by her little sister. The little sister made sure that the main character received plenty of spankings and humiliation the entire time. Reading through the story made me long for a spanking of my own. It had been over 4 days now since my last one and much as I hated them in the moment, I still enjoyed them and the humiliation they provided. Was it worth it though? In mom's eyes I was finally getting my bed wetting under control plus I would probably end up regretting it afterwards anyways. On the other hand, if I stayed dry too long she would eventually take away the Goodnites I had worked hard to get. It may also look suspicious if I just up and stopped with no issues after over a week of wetting every night. With these thoughts in mind and horniness clouding my judgment, I release my somewhat strained bladder and began wetting my pull-up. It soaked it all up without issue while I began playing with myself and imaging myself in the position of the main character in the story. When I had finally finished wetting, the pull-up was warm, squishy, and felt and like heaven. I stood up and continued playing with myself, getting lost in my own imagination. I imagined myself in the story. I needed to pee really bad and had to beg my sister to pull down my pull-up and let me use the training potty in my room, as I was forbidden from doing so myself. She refused however, forcing me to wet my pink princess pull-up in front of her. She wasted no time in calling our mom, who was angry with me for not using the potty. I would then proceed to be thoroughly spanked on my bare bottom before being sent to the timeout corner in my wet pull-up and a pacifier. I exploded into my wet pull-up shortly after. The similarities to my current situation made the fantasy even better for me. Sadly, I didn't have a training potty or a pacifier though. I did however receive spankings for wetting myself, which is exactly what I'm in for when I wake up tomorrow. As I calmed down and came off my high, I began regretting what I had done. I was now guaranteed a painful spanking tomorrow morning. With mom having all of my dry pull-ups and and checking for wetness herself every morning, there was no way out of it. That made it a bit exciting for me, but still scary. After finishing the rest of my bed time routine in my already soaked pull-up, I slowly drifted off to sleep. ----- I woke up to mom nudging me like usual. I instantly took notice of my wet pull-up and remembered what I did last night. It was fun then, but I'm now regretting it. When I rolled over on to my back I felt my cold pee squish out up against my skin, which didn't feel too pleasant. "Did you stay dry again sweetheart?" Mom asked me after giving me a moment to wake up. "N-no" I answered. "I'm sorry sweetheart, you were doing really good too. Get up out of bed and I'll be back in just a moment." Mom instructed before leaving my room. I groaned and did as instructed. At least she didn't ask me to let her see. It doesn't really matter though, since she would be getting a clear view of it in a few minutes. I slowly made my way out of my bed and onto my feet. Mom returned moments later carrying the customary towel and hairbrush. "Let's get this over with sweetheart." Mom said, beckoning me over to where she was sitting. I thought the same thing and made my way over to her. She wasted no time in pulling down my pajama pants, exposing my bloated pull-up to her. She had me step out of them and toss them aside. Next went my Goodnite as mom pulled it down to my knees. I was now properly dressed for my spanking and mom didn't waste any time guiding me over her lap. The swats began almost as soon as I was in position, engulfing the house with sounds of slapping and whining. After a while, the whines turned into crying. This was my first time getting spanked in over 4 days and in that time I apparently forgot just how bad they hurt. One of the worst parts was not knowing how much longer I had to endure it. I had a clock in my room, but I couldn't see it from my position over moms lap. The entire time I was crying I was regretting letting my horniness get the best of me last night. It was then that I resolved that I was finished getting spanked, even if it meant I would have to give up my pull-ups. It was ironic really; I had told mom that spankings may help stop my bed wetting as a way to fulfill my perverted fantasies, but they were doing exactly that. After what felt like an hour, moms alarm sounded and my butt was finally spared. As usual, mom let me lay still and soothed my sore butt until I was able to get up and stand on my own. During that time I tried to stop crying. I also thought over my resolve that I made minutes ago. As much as I loved the feeling and childishness of my pull-ups, they weren't worth the pain I was in and I could only keep them for so long without using them. Eventually I was helped up off moms lap and onto my feet. Once mom was gone I pulled my wet Goodnite back up and carried out the rest of my morning routine. ----- It has now been 10 days since my last 'accident' and the same amount of time since my last spanking. Mom has been praising me often for how well I've been doing like I'm a child, but at this point I didn't really mind. Since my last spanking, I've only masturbated once in my pull-up. I was smart enough not to wet myself first though. Tonight was going to be the night that I give up my pull-ups. I am going to tell mom that I'm going to sleep in my panties. I felt a pang in my heart at this thought. I loved the feeling of my pull-ups and the childish humiliation they brought, but I couldn't justify keeping them if I wasn't going to use them. The spankings I had personally requested had ruined any chances of me wanting to use them. My package of Goodnites was starting to run somewhat low as well. Mom returned them to me last week, but still verifies the reported state of my pull-up every morning. There were probably about 7 in there still if I had to guess. I planned to keep them around, stored in the back of my closet 'just in case'. Maybe I could still take one out and indulge in some naughty fun from time to time. That night I sat down at the dinner table with mom. Things were going normally until I spoke up about my plan. "Mom, it's been 10 days now since my last accident." I exclaimed. "Yep, good job sweetheart." she replied. "Because of that, I'm going to try wearing my panties to bed tonight." I stated, feeling like a small child. "It seems like your problem is under control now, so that's good. I'm going to miss seeing you in your protection every morning though. You look just adorable with it." "Mom!" I fired back. I agreed with her and I will miss wearing them, but being told that by my own mother is embarrassing! "I'm just kidding sweetheart. I'm glad you don't need them anymore." She answered. Dinner and the rest of the night went on as normal after that. When I went to get ready for bed I instinctively went to grab a pull-up, but stopped myself. With a depressed sigh, I went and brushed my teeth, padding free. It felt wrong laying down in bed without a pull-up on. They have been my exclusive night time underwear for over two weeks now, and I felt like I was missing something without them. It was kind of hard for me to even get to sleep without feeling the soft padding up against me. I will miss my pull-ups, humiliation, and in a way even the spankings. They all had been a large part of my life for what felt like a while now, even if it was just a few weeks. Maybe in the future I could have a couple of one-off accidents to justify wearing them again for a few nights. That would have to be a while from now though, since my butt was still not ready for another spanking. With these thoughts in mind, I slowly drifted off to sleep. I don't remember too well, but I believe there were tears in my eyes at the time. - End - Epilogue: I very recently graduated high school and am now looking for a summer job before I go to college. The prospect of having a job was exciting to me. Soon I will be able to purchase my own baby items and indulge further into my fantasies. For now though, I just had to be patient. It has now been four months since I gave up my pull-ups. In that time I have not wet my bed once. I have, however, taken a pull-up or two from the leftovers in my closet to play around with. I would of course wet them and play with myself, just like I used to. I only did this if I could dispose of them without mom knowing though, which made it hard and is why I've only done it twice. While I had kept my bed completely dry every night, I was unfortunately unable to keep my bottom free of spankings. After my bed wetting supposedly stopped because of the spankings, mom began to use them as her go to disciplinary method. I was relatively well behaved, but I could have my moments from time to time. Misbehavior used to be met with a lecturing and possibly a light grounding, but now it was met with a lecturing and a firm spanking. These were usually done over moms lap in my bedroom with a hairbrush like before, but mom was not afraid to mix it up. After I brought home an F on a report card she was the angriest I'd seen her in a long time. She made me lay down on my bed and assume the diaper position, just like when she punished me for supposedly lying to her about wetting myself. Afterwards she spanked my poor bottom senseless for multiple minutes, making sure to shade every part a nice red. Sadly, the spankings were very effective too. I would always be on my best behavior for days after one. This didn't go unnoticed by mom either. If I was acting up, she would ask if I needed an 'attitude adjustment', which I very quickly learned was code for a spanking. Just the threat of it was usually enough to get me in line. Other than that though, my life has been mostly normal. There's no way I'd ever be able to forget my experience as a fake bed wetter. I honestly missed it a lot, but I would be crazy for wanting the frequent spankings that came with it. Now that I graduated high school every day was free for me though, so maybe an occasional spanking wouldn't be too bad... After thinking that, I contemplated if it really was worth it. I did heavily miss wearing my pull-ups to bed every night and their ability to make me feel so good. I still had a few in my closet that were left over from before. Maybe I could wet myself once or twice, just to have them back for a little bit... That night when I was beginning to get ready for bed I opted to skip using the toilet and set a quiet alarm for 6:00am. I had a harder time than usual falling asleep that night. It could partially be attributed to my bladder, but I think it was largely due to thoughts of my pull-ups and what tomorrow would bring.
  7. Daniel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun; It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel; He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary, Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested it on the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found a next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed. But he didn't know that the house he had decided to rob belonged to a policewoman who was returning home at the time. (You can contact me privately if you want. I prefere a narrative style)
  8. Hey guys! Ever since writing 'Without Merit', I've been wanting to do a more 'classic'/'cliche' diaper story that focuses on the 'walls closing in' and the 'downward spiral into diapers'. A story without any sci-fi stuff attached and focus on the other elements that can get a college girl in diapers: blackmail, peer-pressure, coercion. This is a swing at that kind of story, I hope you guys like it. Warnings: A vulnerable character gets mistreated by people who think they're acting in her benefit. There are dark thoughts attached to being treated this way. There is some innuendo, but no bad language and no smoochie scenes. As always, thanks for reading. <Edit: I've changed to font to something more default, it looked good on computer screen, but I felt it was harder to read on a phone.> -------------------------------------------------------------- 1 First Impressions The first move into the dorm was a rite of passage for every college freshman. It was no different for Kerri Summers. There was something about putting the past eighteen years in the rearview before diving into the future with nothing but the baggage brought from home. Of course, that baggage being both literal and figurative — and Kerri was no different in that manner as well. Kerri stood among her baggage of both kinds, quickly realizing the best thing about going away to college was that no one here knew anything about her. She cupped a hand to block the sun as she appreciated the multistory beige brick dorm hall. A welcome breeze tussled her violet sundress and her curly strawberry blonde hair swept across the back of her neck. Giddiness welled up inside her, causing her to shake a bit in her shoes. Just look at all of those windows! Those would be for many rooms and for new friends. Which one was going to be hers? The sweltering summer heat of southern Louisiana was something she appreciated less, but Kerri was used to the humidity, having lived in the bayou state for her entire life. However, that was living in ‘small town’ Louisiana, in one of the hundred tiny places that dotted the state. Nothing at all like this giant university campus that just about doubled the population of her hometown. Five large suitcases that sat around her like a Samsonite Stonehenge. Her life was now a math problem: How does a ninety pound girl carry two hundred pounds for about twenty yards? Make sure to show your work. No, seriously. How was she going to get them all inside? The taxi driver had been kind enough to help her load his trunk from the bus stop. However, after getting his tip, he found better things to do than assist her into building. That yellow cab was gone in a flash, the hot breath of its exhaust still tickled her bare legs. Which was okay. Kerri was a big girl, and she'd do it herself. That’s what she told her parents who wanted to join her on move-in day. This was all about making a first impression, and having a fresh start. You can never remake a first impression, or any impression for that matter. Kerri had found that out the hard way back home. At the same time, there were things she couldn't change, no matter how many first impressions she made perfectly today. And Kerri had to respect that, too. The most noticeable aspect of herself that she couldn't change was how short she was. In internet terms, Kerri was smol. Not in little person territory, though. Kerri had fact checked that on the internet, and she was quite relieved to find that she wouldn’t be relegated to a life in the circus as a sideshow attraction. She was more akin to an olympic gymnast on the height-o-meter, just without the athletic prowess to flip her way into a scholarship. Which was why she had to come with some kind of elaborate strategy to get all five suitcases from the sidewalk into the dorm hall. A pair of birds chirped in a nearby tree whose green leaves swayed in the gentle wind. It captured her attention. Maybe it was move-in day for those little birdies, too. Were they as nervous as she was? She hoped not. Her mind was wandering again. Not wondering, wandering — as in getting lost in her thoughts. She had a tendency to do that at the worst times. Kerri had been called ‘spacey’ or ‘clueless’ before, but that wasn’t the entire truth. Her parents said that her aloofness was what made her creative, but the school pathologists labeled it something else. Something with an acronym and a special folder. Kerri looked around for someone to help her, but everyone else seemed too busy to notice the smol girl from a small town trying to get through a small problem in one piece. No, she thought to herself, I can do this myself. I will do this myself. A few minutes later, she was at the front door. A total of fifty paces from the sidewalk where she was unceremoniously left to fend for herself. College had already been an adventure, and she hadn't even broken the plane of a single classroom. Kerri propped open the door with one of the heavier suitcases as she wrangled the rest into a much cooler lobby. It smelled like school and summer inside, an overworked A/C unit was the true MVP of the day. The sweat from the exertion and humidity made her violet sundress stick to her body in unflattering ways. She hoped there wasn't any embarrassing discoloration anywhere; especially being so concerned about first impressions, but there was little she could do about it now. She paused in the doorway to appreciate the inside just like the outside. So this was what college looked like. Random posters intermixed with a long line of mailboxes that required keys, there were polished squeaky floors and heavy wooden doors. And it was devoid of any students. An older blonde woman in round glasses sat behind a counter, she wore a t-shirt with some kind of welcoming statement, but her unwelcoming frown is what caught Kerri’s attention. She eyed Kerri as the smaller girl struggled to get the bags into the room, taking multiple trips without a complaint. It felt good to finally get inside, and to do it all herself, that was the something ‘extra’ that brought a smile to her face. Time to share that smile with Miss Grumps-a-lot at the main desk. Kerri shot her a grin. The woman barked, "Are you going to let all the cool air out?" "Um, what?" Kerri stuttered, taken aback by the tenacity of that southern hospitality. "The cooled air that costs us money, sweetie. You're letting it out that door that you have propped open. We're already on a tight enough budget, and you don't want us to turn off the air for the rest of the semester." "Oh, I'm sorry," Kerri said as she struggled to pull everything into the lobby. "I didn't mean to cause a problem, especially on my first day." She let out a nervous giggle. Miss Grumps gave her an icy stare as she stacked a pair of papers and grabbed a pen. Then she asked without looking up, "Last name and first name, please." "Summers, Kerri. I'm so excited about moving in." The woman quipped, "That's so nice, honey." Kerri took the lack of friendly interaction as a cue to shut up. She bit at her lip as she rocked back and forth in her sneakers. That mind of hers was about to go a-wandering. The not-so nice lady turned a stack of papers her way before handing her a ballpoint pen. "Sign here and here. Your room is 201, you have two other roommates. They’ve already arrived. The bathrooms are in the middle of the hall, and the laundry room is in the basement level. This is your key, you lose it, you pay the $10 for a new one. My name is Lauren Spikes, and I'm the resident advisor for this girl’s dorm. You'll find the rules on the bulletin board, so it would do you good to get to know them. I'm not afraid to give demerits, young lady. Trust me." Kerri nodded along with the words, trying to keep up with the rapid pace in which they came out. By the end, she was bugging out. Was her last name really Spikes? That’s an awesome bad guy name, at least half a level above henchman. It would’ve been even better for a Dr. Spikes or Professor Spikes. A name like that could strike fear in the heart of every do-gooder. “You okay there, sweetie?” Oh, great. Kerri was doing it again. She lassoed her brain back into reality. Kerri cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, I must have misheard you, but demerits?” It sounded kinda childish for her, this was college not some high school drill team. “Why, yes! Of course.” Miss Spikes sounded excited, and a smile peeked out like the sun through parted clouds. “I’m a bit old fashioned, but I find the most effective way to keep discipline is maintain good order.” “I get it,” offered Kerri. “We all want this dorm to be… uh, safe and well-behaved.” The RA studied her for a moment. “Are you sucking up to me, Miss Summers?” Kerri immediately felt put on the spot, she tried to think of what to say next as Spiky Spikes just glared at her. “No, no. That’s not it. I just think it’s good that you keep this place safe. That’s all, Miss Spikes.” “You can sometimes call me Lauren,” she corrected with a false grin. “I may be old fashioned, but I’d be upset if you thought I was old.” It was hard not to think of her as old, she was like thirty or something like that. Maybe it was just the way she presented herself. The thick rimmed glasses and mature hairstyle made her look motherly, and her tired eyes didn’t help matters, neither did that permanent scowl. Kerri thought Lauren looked middle aged, and acted older than that, but she could pretend for her sake. “You can call me Kerri,” she said as she extended a welcoming hand to shake. “Actually, I can call you whatever I want,” snapped Lauren as she refused the friendly greeting. “I’d prefer not to fraternize with those under my watch, it has a tendency to create confusion, and we don’t want any miscommunication. That’s why the rules are posted on the board, and that’s where you’re going to go read them.” Kerri retreated with a “Got it.” She tried to remain in a chipper mood, but this Lauren lady was quite the buzzkill. The back and forth between strict and friendly was enough to give her whiplash. Spikes reminded her of a teacher that would wear a smile as she handed out an unfair detention. Kerri beelined straight to the bulletin board. The rules were pretty standard stuff. No boys, no drugs, no guns, no alcohol, no fun, etc. Kerri pretended to read it as her mind wandered into more interesting pastures. When she pretended for long enough, Kerri took all of her baggage into the elevator without the help of Miss Lauren Spikes, who pretended to have better things to do than help little Kerri. The door to room 201 was already open when she got there. From her hidden spot in the hallway, Kerri peered into the her new home. This was it. Her big moment. It all started today. A fresh start. The other two girls were busy inside. Her new roomies! What an exciting time to be alive. They chatted together as they unpacked clothes from their bags and into the built-in drawers against a long wall. That was a good way to describe the room: long. A long and narrow rectangle with raised beds placed along the walls to form an L shape that encircled the rest of the room. Inside the L was a little living room with a weathered brown sofa, an equally well-experienced coffee table, facing a nice television. An off color wall-mounted sink was placed in the middle of a long wall, above it hung a small vanity mirror, and someone had already laid out a small mat on the bland tile floor. Kerri looked about the room in childish wonder, she then studied her new roommates, aka her new best friends. Roommate one was a lanky blonde with a tight ponytail and in even tighter running shorts. She wore a purple t-shirt with the school’s initials across the front, it looked fresh and new, and it was probably its first day as well. Number two was a mocha skinned girl with long black hair that shimmered in the soft light. She was fuller than the other girl, not on the extreme side, and she carried it well. She wore a grey hoodie sweatshirt even in the summer, and there was something about how she smiled that made Kerri feel safe. It gave her a tingling sensation. How could a smile be tingling? She didn’t know. Kerri was weird that way. It looked like the other two had already laid claim to the beds on the far end of the rectangle, the short side of the L with the windows. The last remaining bed was empty and awfully alone on the other side of the sink and vanity. But at least it was in the same room; unlike Kerri, who continued to hide in the hallway long past what would be considered to be polite. "Chica, I don't run unless I'm being chased," said the tan girl with a laugh. “I love running,” the lanky girl replied, “I get to eat what I want without gaining weight.” The stockier of the two hesitated a moment. “I’m Puerto Rican, Candice. I’ll be thick no matter what I eat. The big butts are an ancient tradition of my people. Are you implying that I have to look like you to be pretty?” It got serious all of a sudden, as the girl called Candice stopped what she was doing, unsure if she should apologize or not. Then they both broke into a fit of laughter, and Kerri felt relieved from her spying spot. Candice shook her head to brush off the joke. “You’re hilarious, Ana. You had me for a second there.” “I did,” Ana agreed. “You should have seen the look on your face.” Then she stopped and turned towards Kerri at the door. “You can come in, you know. We’re not going to bite you or anything.” Kerri froze. She had just been caught ‘spying’ on her roommates. Great first impression. “At least not me, Candice might be hungry from running or something. Have you had lunch, Candice? Wait a sec. Do skinny girls even eat lunch?” Meeting new people was high on the list of things that made Kerri ‘bug out’. She practiced and practiced, and sometimes the practice paid off — but other times she let the moment get too big. This moment was too big for this smol girl. Kerri found the means to shuffle forward until she was fully revealed. All of that practice for perfect body language with perfect jokes turned into slumped shoulders and sealed lips. What a waste of a bus trip. The other two girls were onto her before she could get a word out. Candice was the first to talk. “Hey, my name is Candice, and I’m from Texas. Yeehaw, right? But I’m from Dallas, so no cows or horses for me. I like what you’ve done with your hair. And your dress is cute, too. Where did you get it? This is going to be so great, all three of us are going to party. What do you like to do for fun? Oh, yeah. What’s your name?” It was all a blur to Kerri. Words that came out fast forward while she moved slow motion. This happened from time to time, when things got ‘too much’. “Are you okay?” Ana joined Candice next to Kerri. “Earth to chica — are you in there? I didn’t mean to scare you when I told you to come in, it was just… you know, creepy. I’m not so sure if that’s the right word. Seriously, though. Hablas ingles? Because that’s all I speak, besides the bad words of course, they’re more fun in Spanish.” It took all the strength she had to open her mouth. “I’m Kerri.” Ana smiled. “Well, hi there Kerri.” Candice placed a soft hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder. It was as a very welcome gesture after the run in with Lauren Spikes, RA extraordinaire. “You look tired and sweaty. Let’s have you sit down, and I can get you a glass of water. It’s tap, but whatevs. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” About a minute later, Kerri sat on the old brown couch sipping the water. She had totally blown it. Absolute nightmare material, and she had practiced what she would say and everything. But it wasn’t too late, she could still prove to them that she was a fully functioning young adult. She could do this. Just get up and bring in your bags. Then say something funny. Try to break the ice. Kerri looked towards the door to find Candice easily carrying in her bags. Ana remained at Kerri’s side, trying to figure the quiet girl out with a kind expression on her face. Ana asked, “You good, chica?” “Yeah,” Kerri muttered. “I’m okay.” “It’s the heat, right?” Candice added from the doorway. “It knocks the fire out of the best of us. That’s why I run so early in the morning, and why it is equally important to stay hydrated.” Ana sounded impressed. “Are you a doctor or something?” “No. I’m a sports medicine major, but I take nutrition seriously.” Ana gained a predatory look all of a sudden, with the happy face of a kid that just saw a long line of cupcakes. “Does that mean you get to give massages to all the hurt male athletes?” Candice chuckled. “Yes… and I’ll let you know when I need an assistant.” “Perfect. I specialize in working on inner thighs, tight butts, muscle-y chests, and big arms. They also need to be cute and rich, and have good personalities, too. You’re not writing this down, chica. This is super important.” “You’re going to end up on a list some day, Ana.” “You’re right.” Ana turned to Kerri to get a second opinion. “And it’s going to be totally worth it.” Kerri smiled. The positive attitude in the room was infectious. It felt good to sit and be a silent part of it. “So… lucky Candice is a sports med major, I’m an early childhood development. What are you here to learn, Kerri?” “Um. I do art. I like to draw,” she answered timely and with a smile. She could do this. “Art, huh.” Ana was up to no good again. “When is male nude model day?” Kerri blushed. Honestly, she had never even thought about that. She hoped that day was far, far away. She imagined herself drawing an opaque black bar over … parts. As for Ana, the girl was so direct and out there, while Kerri just hoped that she could put five words together without making a fool of herself. Candice joined Kerri and Ana on the tired couch, forcing the cushions to shift over to support her weight. For a moment, all three of them shared a sofa like in a sitcom. “I can’t believe that you’re into early childhood stuff,” Candice said. “That’s why you have that job.” “What job?” asked Kerri. She was getting used to talking, maybe shyness could be blamed on the heat and not the nerves. “I’m a nanny for a pair of four year old twin boys. Lucky me, right?” Ana rolled her eyes as if to say she wasn’t actually lucky. “And guess what the worst part is that they’re not even potty trained. No seriously, full on diapers. Not even pull-ups.” “That ain’t right,” added Candice. “No, it isn't,” Ana answered. “The parents were ‘very’ interested in me learning about potty training. So that’s what I’m going to be all about for the next few weeks. Yay, huh?” Candice waved her hands around. “Totally yay.” Ana took a moment to re-evaluate her patient. “You look much better now, Kerri. Got a lot more color in the face. Not as much as me, but good enough.” With that, Ana gave a sweet tap to her arm and left Kerri on the couch. Candice did the same, and Kerri was once again alone with her wandering thoughts. So all of this actually happened. If this was a video game she would have already hit the reset button and retried the level. There was no doing that, no remaking a first impression. Kerri had managed to dig herself into a hole, and she was unsure of the best way to crawl out. But she would do it. Her bags were by the remaining bed, and she figured unpacking them would be the best way to start fixing her day. However, a nasty creepy-crawly thought wiggled its way into her wandering mind: things weren’t ever going to change. And it was all her fault. Kerri Summers was an imposter. A bad one at that. No matter how hard she pretended to be ‘with-it’, she would continue to be a hapless little girl who needed help from everyone. The ‘kid glove’ treatment would continue because that’s what her actions prescribed. Who knows? Maybe she was overthinking everything. Maybe that’s why she was so overwhelmed with the simplicity of the moment. Maybe it was too late to change the way things worked. She couldn’t shake the thought that things were going to be the same here as it was back home. A re-run on a different set, with different actors to play as her friends, and no one re-cast as her parents. And Kerri would be stuck in the same role forever. The one being babied. Maybe it had already begun. Kerri internally debated that fact as her mind freely wandered while she unpacked her bags. Her clothes were organized into her drawers, her laptop placed on her desk, and her bed was perfectly made. But she didn’t ‘fully’ unpack. Her stuffies were still in her bag, which made her wonder why she even brought them from home in the first place. Kerri would keep those in there until the other girls were more convinced of her adulthood, her real-sized, grown up human independence. Unless that never happened. Then maybe her stuffed animal buddies would just live in her bag. In the dark. With no friends. Okay, she would wait until her roomies were fast asleep to bust them out. She mindlessly grabbed a stack of adult coloring books and… “Are those coloring books?” Kerri stopped. When did Candice get to her corner of the room? “They’re adult coloring books,” snapped Kerri as she defensively brought them to her body. “I use them to help relax. That’s all!” The taller girl backed off. “Whoa! Simmer down there, Kerri. I didn’t mean anything by what I said. I think it’s kinda cool that you do your own thing. I came to your side of the room to see if you need any help, but now I see you got it all covered. I’m just trying to be friendly, that’s all. Are you okay? You have this weird look on your face. Totally catatonic…” Kerri popped back into reality. “I’m… I’m fine.” Candice asked, “Do you want any help, or not?” “Yeah. If you want to help.” “Cool,” Candice said, “Ana and I are going out tonight, do you want to come with us?” Kerri said, “I’d like that. A lot.” For some reason, the simple invitation to dinner seemed to turn her mood around. Dinner would be good, a place to ‘flip the script’, like a U-turn of possibilities. Little things like that were baby steps forward towards what she wanted. No, not baby steps. Little steps. No, normal steps forward towards normal interactions for normal, neurotypical lifestyles. Nothing like what she was before she got here. “Aww! This is sweet!” Candice squealed from behind her back. “A Pony Princess, my little sister loves that show.” Kerri turned to see the bag with the smuggled stuffies ripped wide open, revealing the childish contraband, and in her roommate's arms was her favorite unicorn, Princess Clarabelle. “Put that away!” Kerri pulled it free from the taller girl. Who was too taken aback by the intense physical reaction to put up a fight. Candice shouted, “What’s your deal, Kerri?” Kerri suddenly felt so smol. How do you explain this kind of stupid indignation in words? Princess Clarabelle stared back with its marble eyes demanding a reason as well. Kerri didn’t have a good one. She was totally blowing it again. And again. And again. Kerri started to explain, “I just…” “You’re acting like a little kid,” Candice interrupted. “First the coloring books, then the stuffed animals.” She looked towards Ana who was trying to figure out the sudden hubbub from her side of the room. “They’re cute though,” Ana tried to mend the gap. Candice wasn’t as convinced. “Yeah, but… really?” Ana said, “They’re not doing us any harm, right?” Kerri found herself agreeing with Ana, tightening her fingers around Clarabelle in a death grip. She was breathing far too fast. Kerri needed to control her breathing, she was gasping for air. She muttered, “The coloring book is for adults…” “Yeah,” Candice laughed, “and I’m sure the crayons are adult crayons, too.” “Don’t sweat it, Kerri,” Ana advised as she got up to join them. “It’s cool that you have things you brought from home. Candice is just trying to overcompensate for a personality built on exercise. Besides, she’s not cultured. She’s from Texas.” “Har-har. And yee-haw.” Candice grinned as she backed off. “Here you go.” Ana held a pair of Princess Ponies to add to the shimmering mane of Clara. “Kerri, let me help you.” Kerri looked back at roommate one and two, the kind expressions they wore like fake masks, but the twinkle in their eyes gave away their true intentions. Nothing was ever going to change. Especially not here.
  9. Another addition to my "Ashley's House" story line! This addition is different from the other two, which are linked below,
  10. Fidgeting anxiously in the café Amelia couldn’t stop herself from checking the clock every few moments, Irritated that only 15 minutes have passed when it felt like 15 years. To focused on the time she barely notices when the waitress walks up “just yourself today Hun” pulling out a pen and paper for her order. “I’m waiting on someone actually” looking down to avoid eye contact she sheepishly says “could I have small coffee please” she’s never been good with strangers “ of course coming right up” the waitress replies smiling before turning away. Amelia’s eyes once again dart back to the clock with 10 minutes to go, almost squirming uncontrollably “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she murmurs under her breath waiting for the elusive C an older woman she has been chatting on fetlife for the last several weeks. They seem to click on every level spending hours upon hours discussing everything from books to their home life. They decided to wait on a meeting up or giving names, both having been burned heavily in past relationships due to their interests but neither wished to discuss it just yet. Arriving with her coffee the waitress leaves it on the table and heads back up front, suddenly the café door opens up and Amelia hears her say “oh she’s in the back waiting” Amelia straightened up her anxiety going through the rood as she hears the footsteps growing closer until finally. “Hello are you A?” Her voice sounds incredibly familiar to Amelia as she stands and turns, but freezes at the sight of C instantly recognizing her. “Oh no oh no” is all she can say her mind racing “this can’t be happening” standing before her is Claire Parker her old middle school teacher. Not just any teacher, her favorite teacher. The one who was there to comfort Amelia when her best friend pretended she didn’t exist in the cafeteria, the one who helped wipe away the tears when bullies wouldn’t leave her alone calling her “anchor Amy” because of her size. Miss Parker was also the one who encouraged her to follow her passion for music and to be honest the one when had an enormous crush on. She was a huge influence on young Amelia, but suddenly one day she just quit, no word or warning she just vanished. Leaving Amelia devastated. But now over 6 years later they’re once again face to face, she should be overjoyed at the reunion but all Amelia can think about is the fact that she has told Miss Parker everything. Literally every dirty fantasy and kink has been unknowingly discussed with her former teacher; shaking uncontrollably the only thing that stops her from fleeing is 9Miss Parkers reaction. “AMEILIA!!!” she exclaims pulling the startled girl into a warm embrace “now this is a happy coincidence isn’t it” her voice giddy with excitement “it’s been what? 6 years? Look how you’ve grown” looking her up and down Miss Parker gets a good look at her former pupil her smile growing “you filled out in all the right places” Amelia’s face flashes crimson at the compliment, looking down at her thick frame she doesn’t quite get what Ms Parker is seeing “t..th..thank you Miss Parker” is all she can spit out “Oh I think we’re far past calling me Miss don’t you?” her kind demeanor making Amelia fill more at ease “ why don’t you try calling me Claire?” she says as she settles down into the booth. Settling down herself she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves “this isn’t weird for you? I mean you use to be my teacher” says Amelia quietly, her eyes darting back and forth ensuring the coast is clear “I haven’t been your teacher in a long time sweetie, were both adults who know what they are getting into” Claire keeps a close eye on her not looking away for a moment “and besides I think we’d both rather I be your Mommy anyway” she says it so casually it causes Amelia to blush even harder. “but why don’t we forget all that for now” reaching across the table Claire puts a hand on her arm “I’d love for us just to catch up and chat, just treat this like a regular old date, no pressure or expectations. How does that sound?” Thinking of this as a normal date did help alleviate some of Amelia’s anxiety about the situation, I mean at the least this isn’t some stranger just trying to seduce her or anything, it was Miss Parker one of the kindest people she has ever known “I guess that could work” a smile beginning to spread across her face as she begins to relax. And so began their first official ‘date’ it was awkward at first with Amelia stumbling to find her words but soon they were both chatting up a storm talking for hours in the quiet little booth about everything they could think off . It all flowed just so naturally as if they were friends for years. It was the best date either of them had in quite a while. One thing became very evident to Amelia throughout the evening and that is that she was still totally infatuated with her former teacher hanging onto her every word neither of them realizing just how long they’ve been talking until Amelia asks the question that has plagued her for years “Why did you leave the way you did” Claire grimaces, the old memory still causing a sting even now “well you see sweetie back then I was in a relationship that had slowly become toxic. We were bad for each other but neither of us could admit it. In the end I broke things off with her” she pauses staring down at her coffee “she….didn’t take it well” Amelia’s can see her eyes start to glisten and says “you don’t have to tell me if it’s too painful I understand” the last thing she wants is to drudge up old hurts. “No…no it’s ok you of all people deserve an answer” breathing in deep she exhales “my former little ousted me to everyone, she told the school board and all the parents the nature of our relationship and they freaked” Amelia’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. How could anyone do such a cruel vindictive thing to Claire, she was always the kindest and most compassionate out of all the teachers at school. “They gave me the choice to resign with some dignity or be fired” looking down to avoid eye contact she says “I’m so very sorry for never saying goodbye but they wouldn’t let me” a moment of pure silence follows as Claire continues to stare at her coffee. Amelia had never seen the usually confident Miss Parker seem so vulnerable. Shaking her head she looks up at Amelia “but that’s all in the past now” reaching over the table she takes Amelia’s Hand “I’d much rather look to the future” she squeezes a little “and I hope you can be a part of it as my little” Amelia’s entire body once against turns scarlet almost forgetting why they were there in the first place. The thought of loosing Miss Parker again is too much to bear; she squeezes Claire’s hand just as hard before replying “I think I’d like that very much” “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that” says Claire still holding Amelia’s Hand tightly “there’s no rush we can take this as fast or slow as you want ok baby girl” gazing deep into Amelia’s eyes she leans forward over the table their lips just barely touching before she pulls away “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll take care of you, I promise” Amelia’s brain short circuits as their lips meet, she must have day dreamed about doing that a million times back in school but the reality of it is much more satisfying then in fantasy. Her attempts to speak fail miserably, unable to find the right words. Burying her face in her hands incredibly flustered she can only murmur “oh my God that just happened “much to the amusement of her older companion. Mustering the strength of will to lift her head she finally asks “do you mean it…..that you’ll keep me safe? ….. That you’ll take care of me?” Her face instantly serious without a shred of doubt in her voice Claire replies “Always Amelia no matter what we do I’ll be there with you every step of the way” softening her features “you’re going to be my little girl after all” Seeing Claries conviction she relaxes, a state of calm she rarely enjoys. The ideas of being someone’s baby girl making her feel so at ease it’s shocking. Feeling 10 years younger she slips into a headspace she’s not quite familiar expressing in front of others. Having spent her teen years being the good girl, the honour roll student, the constant pressure by her parents to succeed. Heck she has never even had a detention. With a coy smile she leans over and giggles “but what if your baby girl likes being a brat” she teases twirling her honey blonde hair around her finger enjoying being able to show this side of herself to someone “I mean I can be a lot to handle” “Oh is that so” purrs Claire her voice sweeter then honey “well there isn’t a brat born who myself and Miss Hairbrush can’t handle” reaching into her purse she pulls out a solid oak paddle brush placing it in front of Amelia. Biting her lip Amelia’s eyes lock onto the brush, so many deep seated fantasies of being helpless over someone’s knee while they roast her bottom flashing through her mind, squeezing her legs together in need hoping Claire doesn’t notice. Feeling like a bratty teen now more than ever she defiantly proclaims “is that all?” dismissing the brush entirely “you’ve met your match Miss Parker” sticking her tongue out at her former mentor impudently. Leaning to the side Claire raises her hand almost shouting “Check Please!” Sitting in Claries SUV outside her home Amelia’s heart is beating like a drum, she is made to sit in the back on the drive because “little girls are safer back there”. Sticking true to her role Amelia whined “but I wanna sit up front” But was quickly silenced by Claire’s steely glare. Stepping out onto the asphalt the young woman can’t help but stare in awe at the big house, so entranced she doesn’t notice Claire coming up beside her “sweetie there’s something important we need to discuss” Turning around to look up the tall brunette is staring down at her. She can’t help but blush “If anything gets to be too overwhelming or to difficult you just have to say cantaloupe and well stop ok” reaching up she brushes some of amelias hair behind her ears before leaning to whisper “otherwise the second you walk in that door you’ll be nothing but a naughty brat in need of some firm discipline, is that clear” her demeanour changing rapidly, now strict and demanding causing a shiver to run down Amelia’s spine, nodding her head unable to articulate a response Claire gently grasps her hand leading her up the stairs. inside the house is immaculate and well furnished but the awestruck girl has no time to process when she hears “Amelia Jacobs you are in so much trouble” spinning around to see Miss Parker with her hands firmly on her hips stern look across her face. “I can’t believe a girl your age would act like such an incorrigible brat in public” with hands faster then they eye can see she grabs Amelia by the ear much to her dismay“and I know just how to deal with bratty little girls”. Stinging like hell with little choice but to lean forward awkwardly as the older woman leads her into the living room squealing along the way “hey let me go you can’t do this I’m not some little kid” trying her best to sound angry instead of deeply excited being lead to her fate. Ignoring her pleas Claire drags her to the living room before pushing her front and center, where with the same steely gaze as before she orders “Strip!” Amelia’s heart is pounding in her ears, it’s been many years since her last high school gym class, and even then she changed in the stalls insecure about her body. Panicking a little she debates using her safe word until she sees Claries face staring at hermit was a look of pure desire, of hunger and want. No one had ever looked at her that way before, like she was something desirable. Shaking her head meekly she squeaks “n-no I w-wont” stuttering while staring at her feet to hide her excitement. Feeling a hand under her chin her head rises to meet Claire’s gaze “you can do it or I can do it little one your choice” Oh god the thought of Claire stripping her down is almost too much to bear. Gulping down her apprehension and with shaky hands she slips her thumbs into her yoga pants slowly dragging them to the floor hoping that’s the end of it “Shirt to” says Claire leaving no room for argument Hands still shaking lifting her sweater over her head before dropping to cover her voluptuous body, she can feel Claire’s eyes scanning every inch of her until they rest on her wiggly bottom framed perfectly by a lacy pink thong “tsk tsk tsk” is all that comes out “Those panties are unacceptable for a girl your age Amy” taking the waistband of her panties giving it a snap against her waist “we will definitely be making some changes to your underwear drawer” without further warning she gives Amelia a spank on her unprotected bottom “in the corner now little girl” Amelia quickly buries her head into the corner having never felt so exposed while Claire can only stare at her bottom “in 20 minutes I’ll be back and I won’t be empty handed” her hand making its way to her bottom giving it gentle rub before leaving. So here was Amelia, half naked, exposed and having never felt so helpless in her entire life, yet she couldn’t have been more excited.
  11. Hello! I am back with another story I've been working. This one is focused on Jessica, a 22 year old girl who inherits a very large sum of money and uses it to finance her dream home. Usually, I am not too interested in Sci-fi style ABDL stories. My one exception though has always been with Nannybots and automated nurseries. I always like a lot of realism in my stories, so I try to keep them as realistic as possible. This story contains a lot of both of these, along with heavy BDSM elements. I currently have chapter 0 and 1 done for this. I usually like to complete a story before publishing it, but in this instance I do not have an end in mind yet. As such, I decided to release the first two chapters now and go from there. This story will likely turn into a series of short, more episodic chapters down the roads as I explore various ideas. I should note that I write in bursts, so it may be a while before I publish anything new. I have plenty of ideas for where to take this though, so look forward to more chapters in the future. I do appreciate feedback and thoughts! I don't generally sign into my accounts unless I need to use them, so I may not reply quickly or at all. I do read all of the comments though! ----- Chapter 0: After my uncles passing a year ago, I was initially unsure what to do with the small fortune that he left for me. I already had a good home and a perfectly fine car, so what else did I really need? I, of course, deposited a large amount into my retirement account and paid off my student loans, but there was still plenty enough to last me for a very long time. Having accrued this much wealth at just 22 should have made me feel blessed, but after the initial shock of it all I had only felt stressed. It took me almost a month to decide what I would do with the money. The realization came to me after a string of failed dates and me stumbling across a concept that instantly captivated me. You see, I am an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover with a large fetish for bondage and humiliation. This has scared away every date and partner I've told about it. It's gotten to the point where I've just given up on finding someone who loves me and is willing to treat me exactly like I want to be treated. The evening after I had scared off my latest date, I was sitting at my computer. I had diapered up as soon as I got home and was wearing nothing but that as I browsed my usual Adult Baby forums. This is a normal ritual for me. I would diaper myself and then slowly masturbate while reading ABDL erotica and wetting my diaper. When I was done, I would go to sleep in just my diaper and clean up in the morning. After the failed date I was performing my normal ritual when I stumbled across a story that instantly captivated me. The title was "Babied by my Own House." The premise was that some girl had recently moved in to a new Smart-House. The house mistook her for a baby and she was subsequently diapered and subjected to the standard baby treatment by machines within the house. The premise was nothing new to me. I've read several stories with the same premise, but for some reason this one stuck with me and got me thinking: "I have all this money now. Would it be possible to build a home like this?" The premise stuck with me for weeks, constantly entering my head at random times. Eventually I finally broke down and began researching if a house like the one in the story would be possible. I had to dig pretty deep, but eventually I found a somewhat reputable company that claimed that they could build my dream house exactly to my specifications. It took me another few weeks to build up the courage to contact them for a price quote. When they finally got back to me, I was shocked to see that it was cheaper than I expected. I expected well over a million for this, but they claimed to be able to do it for only $940,000. This was still quite expensive for a slightly larger than average home, but it would not cost me my entire fortune to build. After much contemplation, I finally pulled the trigger. In addition to the money I had inherited, I also received multiple plots of land. One of which was a nice, secluded lot just outside the city that would be perfect for my new home. The construction company instantly got to work and estimated that my new home would be ready in 8 months. It took a bit of work for me to find skilled carpenters that were willing to build the furniture for my new nursery. After a lot of communication, prototype reviews, and money I had finally gotten every piece of babyish furniture that I could think of. Each piece was equipped with several built in restraints that would surely prevent any over-sized baby from removing them on their own. I could barely contain my excitement whenever I was sent mock ups or progress updates on my furniture. No nursery is complete without clothes and diapers though. I made sure mine would be stocked with several dozen different infantile and childish outfits and accessories. There was a whole walk-in closet dedicated to storing my clothing and the massive quantity of diapers I ordered. The sheer quantity of diapers I ordered would be enough to last me at least a couple of years if I was wearing full time. They was plenty of variety too. Several brands and designs of ABDL diapers, some plain white diapers, and even some children's pull-up training pants that I knew would fit me. In addition to a nursery, I also planned on having a full BDSM dungeon installed, complete with close to a dozen pieces of bondage furniture and every sex toy I could imagine and find online. This would be directly connected to my nursery, making sure that I'd have easy access to it if I was feeling naughty. Of course the house would be equipped with a normal bedroom for myself, a normal guest room, and the proper amenities to look like a normal house if necessary. Since my uncle had passed, I no longer had any family within 1,000 miles of me, so I would be very unlikely to have any visitors. Despite this, I didn't plan on exposing any of this to my parents or guests if I could help it. Finally, there was the robot system that controlled the house. Every room in the house was equipped with a terminal to control and configure the home. The home itself had dozens of long arms that extended from the ceiling and could perform any task given to it. I even managed to find a company that built robots that integrated with house itself. That was probably the hardest thing to find for my new home. After a good amount of money they created the perfect robot nanny for me. The bot was a solid two feet bigger than me and was easily capable of overpowering me if necessary. The robot has a feminine figure with large breasts that are capable of holding liquid for simulated breast feeding. Its behavior could be configured just like the rest of the house at the terminals. I was assured by the company that it was capable of performing any feasible task or routine I could give it. Coordinating all of this was both exhausting and exciting at the same time. Every time I placed a new order I felt a pang of excitement run through my body. I spent many more nights than normal rubbing myself through a soggy diaper, imagining what my life would be like after my new home was completed. ----- Chapter 1: After 8 long months of anticipation and excitement, my dream home was finally ready for me to move in. Everything that I ordered has arrived and been setup in their appropriate location. As soon as I had finished unpacking all of my boxes of stuff, I knew it was time to get to work on enjoying the main function of my house. The company I bought the house from was kind enough to specially configure everything to my specifications for me. The first configuration was titled "Adult Mode." It was essentially the default configuration of the house. The house would recognize me as the owner of the house and as an adult. There is no restrictions for me in this mode and I will have full control over myself and the home. The next configuration was "Baby Mode." This mode would make the house recognize me as a 2 year old baby and my Nannybot as the primary adult of the house. She would act exactly as a normal nanny would when taking care of a baby. She would change my diapers, dress me, bathe me, feed me, and anything else I required. The final mode was "Punishment Mode." This is the mode that I am looking forward to most and the whole reason I bought the house. It was created specifically to fulfill my ABDL and BDSM fantasies. This mode has the house recognize me as an adult, but subjects me to an endless amount of punishments and forced baby treatment. I would essentially be turned in to a baby slave, subject to anything the Nannybot decided to throw at me. It was configured to make use of every part of my nursery and dungeon and any accessories inside. Punishment Mode had some other quirks to it as well. Unlike the other two mode that I could start and stop whenever I pleased, Punishment Mode was controlled by a timer that I had to set beforehand. This was mostly due to the fact that I would likely be both gagged and restrained for the majority of the time, but also because I loved the idea of having no way to escape my fate, as dangerous as it may be. If I wanted to I could create my own modes as well. I have a couple ideas in mind for some at the moment, but for now I am content with what I already have available. Baby Mode and Punishment Mode are what I wanted more than anything else, and I haven't even started using them yet. My heart beat started rapidly increasing as I made my way to my nursery. Once I entered the room I was nearly overwhelmed by the sight of all of the baby furniture scattered around it. It was the exact same as the last time I inspected the room of course, but knowing that in a matter of minutes it would be put to use renewed my excitement. The large Nannybot was sat up against the wall, turned off and charging. Once I switched modes at the terminal it would spring to life and begin treating me like the naughty baby I've wanted to be for so long. I took a deep breath after going to the terminal. Steeling my resolve, I placed my finger on the "Mode Selection" button and hit "Punishment Mode." As soon as I did another box came up, telling me to select a duration. I keyed in "1 hour" and paused before selecting the confirmation button, contemplating if I was truly ready for what was about to happen. After another deep breath, I pressed the button. The Nannybot in the corner instantly sprung to life, leaving the corner and coming over to me. I began to get a bit scarred, as it donned an angry face as it approached me. "Naughty baby! You are in violation of multiple rules! What do you have to say for yourself?" The Nannybot shouted out in its womanly, slightly robotic voice. "I'm sorry! I didn't know!" I said back, already starting to get into character. "Ignorance is not an excuse! You will need to be thoroughly punished!" It said as it finally reached me. The Nannybot quickly grabbed hold of my left ear lobe with began painfully pulling me in the direction of the changing table. Every second or so she would use her other hand to smack my bottom, causing me even more pain. Once we arrived at the changing table, several hands extended from the ceiling and began undressing me. I was in pure ecstasy during all of this. This was exactly how I wanted to be treated! For the next hour, I would be nothing more than a naughty baby who was in need of some serious discipline. During this mode, even one slight transgression of the rules would be met with punishment. I had broken at least 3 rules already. The hands began getting to work undressing me. There were four hands dedicated to restraining me at my wrists and ankles, while another four worked on undressing me. If Nannybot detected any form of resistance from me, I would receive several swats to my backside. In no time at all, I was completely naked. "Let's get the baby's bottom nice and spanked, then we can get her diapered." Nannybot said to me as the hands hoisted me up onto the changing table. As soon as I was in place, the metal clamps on the table locked shut. They tightly encased my wrists, neck, and stomach, preventing me from moving at all. A very thick diaper had already been positioned for me before I was laid down. The soft, cool padding felt nice against my slightly burning bottom. If my butt was already burning, it was probably going to be on fire after the spanking I was just promised. The hands that were still holding my ankles lifted them up into the air, allowing Nannybot to have easy access to my nethers. From the corner of my eye I could see an arm descending. In its hand was a long, wooden paddle. Seeing this caused me to squirm under my restraints. I may have been aroused, but I knew that this was going to hurt. A lot. "That's right baby, you're getting the paddle." Nannybot said, noticing my squirming. "Please don't paddle me, Nanny! I promise I'll be a good girl!" I begged, loving every second of this. Another set of hands quickly descended in front of my face. Before I even had time to think something large and rubbed was shoved into my mouth. The straps attached to it were pulled behind my head and secured just as quickly after. It didn't take me long to realize that this was one of the many pacifier gags I had purchased. "Silence, baby. Good girls accept their punishments." Nannybot answered back. This pacifier was quite large. There was no way that I would be able to form a coherent sentence with it strapped firmly in my mouth. It's not as if begging would do anything to stop what's about to happen anyways. Soon my naughty little butt cheeks will be very toasty. Anticipation filled my already nervous and excited mind. I didn't have to wait long before I felt the first swat slam down on my helpless, exposed bottom. Pain instantly shot through my body and I let out a surprised moan into the giant pacifier. I was already beginning to get a bit wet before, but after the first spank landed I was a lot more than 'a bit'. The next swat came not too long after the first. After that, the third, and so on. Each one elicited a small moan from me that was muffled by the pacifier gag. The pain kept getting worse with every one as well. I instinctively tried to jerk away after each one, but the changing tables binders and the arms made sure I sure that I couldn't move an inch. The pain kept getting worse with each swat. My butt was on fire in no time and tears were starting to form in my eyes. This did nothing to dissuade the merciless robot though. The large paddle continued to rhythmically rain down on my poor bottom. Not soon after the tears started, I was bawling. I have no idea how many swats of the paddle I endured before the spanking was finally over. I also had no clue how long the spanking lasted, meaning there was no way for me to tell how far into my hour of punishment I was. "There, there baby. Your spanking is over." The robot cooed in a loving voice while wiping the tears from my eyes. "Your punishment however, is not. Let's get you nice and protected and then we can continue." I whimpered into my gag at the thought of another punishment so soon. This was exactly what I asked for though, and deep down I was loving it. My ass may have been on fire with some of the worst pain I've ever experienced, but my naughty cunt was sopping wet. I would be rubbing myself crazy right now if I could. After my face was cleaned up the Nannybot went back around and got to work on diapering me. The first thing I felt (other than my red hot ass) was a cold, wet wipe being dragged between my cheeks. Not long after I felt another one wiping down my soaked, excited slit. "It would seem that Baby Jessy enjoyed her spanking. It's a good thing she has plenty more punishment left." Nannybot stated, much to my embarrassment. The sensation of the wipe dragging across my vagina caused me to buck my hips into it without thinking about. I was quickly stopped from making another attempt by the robot delivering two quick smacks to my already sore bottom. I made sure to hold very still after that and not let myself succumb to my lust. After another wiping, my privates must have been deemed as clean. Nannybot next started applying baby powder all over my diaper area. She was very thorough in making sure that no spot was left un-powdered. Finally, she brought the thick diaper up over my crotch and began taping it together. I was now fully diapered and a bit fearful for what else was in store for me. I didn't have to wait long to find out. An arm popped out of the ceiling holding something long and black that I couldn't identify. Once it began putting the item around my neck I recognized it to be a collar. It took the robotic hand no time at all of secure the collar on me. After securing the collar, several more hands shot out from the ceiling and began grabbing me. The changing tables restraints were released as they took hold of me. They lifted me up into the air and brought me to the ground, forcing me onto my hands and knees in front of the Nannybot. Once I was positioned, she bent down and attached a leash to my collar. "Let's go baby. You have an appointment in your dungeon." The robot said, tugging on the leash. I obediently followed her, crawling on my hands and knees. It took a little bit of time for me to crawl all the way to the dungeon door like this. Once inside, I was unsure where I was being led to. There was a very large variety of furniture in here and no way for me to know what we will be using. Crawling caused my butt to rub up against my snuggly taped diaper. This caused me to feel a stinging pain with every movement. Slowing down or stopping would cause one of the hands to start spanking my padded butt until I returned to the enforced speed. With a diaper this thick I shouldn't have even been able to feel it, but it was still quite unpleasant on my recently paddled bottom. After over a minute of crawling I was finally led to the site where my next punishment would take place; the spanking bench. Once I had crawled close enough the arms lifted me up into the air, forced me conform to a position suitable for the bench, and planted me down on it. Straps were quickly put into place after I was sat down that would prevent me from going anywhere. Next, the leash around my neck was replaced with a thick, solid metal rod that attached my collar to the floor. With this in place it was basically impossible to move my neck. I had no idea what was coming to me at this point. I had already been thoroughly paddled mere minutes ago, so I assume it wouldn't be another spanking. All I could do was wait in anticipation and stare at the wall a few feet in front of me. I could hear the sounds of stuff being moved around behind me, but with this collar I had to no way of turning to look. A few more moments passed before something blindfolded me. After my sight was taken away my pacifier was too. I wasn't left ungagged for long though, as it was quickly replaced with an O-ring gag that forced my mouth wide open. At the same time as my gag was being swapped out I felt a pressure on the back of my diaper. It didn't last long though and I couldn't feel anything different afterwards. "It is time for your timeout, baby. You sit here and think about what you did while nanny prepares lunch." The Nannybot said before exiting the room. "This is it?" I thought, sure that something had gone wrong. There was no way to was all that was going to happen to me. It was after this thought that I started to hear a mechanical whirring. A moment later I felt something press up against the back of my diaper. It didn't meet an resistance like it should have though, and it keep moving until I felt it brush up against my butt cheeks. I yelped and tried jumping away, but the leather restraints prevented me from getting out of its path. The objects kept pushing forward and eventually came far enough to penetrate me. Thankfully the object was well lubricated and was able to easily slide in without any resistance, which is good because it was quite thick. It was then that I noticed that it had a phallic shape, confirming my suspicions that it was a large dildo. The dildo kept shoving itself inside until it was at least 6 inches deep. I was beginning to pant as I tried to cope with the sudden invasion. I never really did much with my ass romantically, so the feeling of the thick object was very foreign to me. I grew more concerned when I began to feel a similar feeling again, only this time lower on my diaper. Soon another dildo, identical in size and shape to the first, began to penetrate my helpless vagina. It shoved deeper and deeper until I had absorbed the entire thing. I was breathing very heavily now. Being double penetrated like this was brand new feeling to me. I felt stuffed to the brim in both of my holes and could do nothing about it. The feeling of the anal dildo didn't do much except make me more uncomfortable. The dildo penetrating my vagina was making me even hornier though. I was trying to contort my body in an attempt to get more please from the dildos when I heard the whirring sound in front of me. I instantly grew concerned, knowing what was about to happen. It wasn't long before I felt another, identical dildo begin to make its way into my unguarded mouth. I tried to resist it with my tongue, but it was futile. The dildo slowly pressed farther and farther back until I could feel the base at my lips. I had a bit of experience giving blow jobs in the past, but never to anything this thick. Thankfully it wasn't far enough inside to make me gag, but it was extremely close. I thought that this would be it. That I would sit here, fully penetrated by the three dildos until my timeout was over. In punishment mode though, that would be too merciful. After all of the dildos were in position they waited a moment before beginning to slide out of me. They would keep leaving until they exited and their tip was at my entrance, before turning around and going back inside. I moaned into the large dildo occupying my mouth as they all slid in and out. This action was causing me a large amount of two kinds of pleasure. The first kind was the physical, being caused my the dildo that was penetrating my already exited vagina. The other was the mental, caused by the humiliation of this all. Here I was, strapped to a table wearing only an over-sized baby diaper and dog collar, helplessly getting fucked in every hole by a machine. The dildos eventually began changing speeds and rhythms. It wasn't long before they were all entering and exiting at different times and speeds. Trying to keep up with the sensation and pleasure of this was nearly impossible. As they began to speed up I began building closer and closer to an orgasm. It wasn't longer before I exploded with the most intense orgasm I have ever had. The sexual fluid shot out of my body, being absorbed by the thick diaper strapped to my waist. Something else began to happen at the same time though. The dildos behind me must have sensed my orgasm, as they fully inserted themselves inside me and stopped moving. After stopping they began squirting some warm, thick fluid inside of my back two holes. I assumed that this was meant to be some sort of fake semen, but I had no way of knowing. Once they finished squirting they got back to work violating me. The dildo in my mouth never stopped this entire time. It kept rapidly pumping in and out of my mouth. The only time I had to recover was while I was being ejaculated inside by the machine. The pleasure didn't stop coming and before I knew it I was having another orgasm. The two back dildos once again stopped to begin injecting me with the sperm substitute. Their rapid fucking afterwards caused it to get all over both my holes and leak out into my diaper. After three orgasms I was exhausted and almost in a trance. This was an insane amount of pleasure that I never thought I was capable of achieving. In my mind I was nothing more than a naughty diaper slut. I was meant to be used, abused, and humiliated by anyone or anything. This was my punishment for stepping out of line and forgetting that. I was snapped out of my trance by the sound of a door opening somewhere in the room. The mechanical sound of the Nannybot moving came closer and closer to me before finally stopping to my side. "Is baby enjoying her timeout?" It asked me. I did my best to nod my head. I was quite enjoying my timeout. "Well we can't be having that. It's not a punishment if you're enjoying it." It said, scarring me and making me regret my answer. Suddenly the dildos began rapidly picking up speed. It began to get painful as they quickly entered and exited my holes. The speed and intensity kept increasing until it was more painful than pleasureful. They were now beginning to pump the semen like fluid inside me constantly every time they hit the deepest point of my holes. "I have babies lunch right here. After she finishes she can be done with timeout." Nannybot said, patting my head. I had no idea how I would be able to eat with this dildo rapidly face fucking me. I got my answer soon enough though, when the dildo in my mouth slowed to a stop and began pumping out a nasty goop. It was pretty evident that this was the baby food I had purchased before moving in. The goop slowly, but consistently pushed itself out of the fake penis and into my mouth. I was forced to swallow if I didn't want to start choking on it. Despite buying a bunch of it, I had actually never tried any baby food before this and now I was glad that I didn't. It tasted terrible! I had no choice but to eat it all. The dildos in the back continued rapidly assaulting and filling my holes while I did my best to keep up with swallowing the disgusting goop. Sometime during my feeding I was painfully brought to another orgasm. This one wasn't nearly as intense as the others, which was good because the dildos didn't hesitate at all afterwards like they would before. An unknown amount of time later I had apparently finished all of the baby food, as it finally stopped being pumped out of the dildo. I thought that would be it, but afterwards it started pushing out some liquid. After swallowing it I realized that it was apple juice. My stomach was already feeling full before, but now the juice was making it even worse. It was way nicer tasting than the baby food and helped to get rid of the lingering taste though, which was nice. It kept pumping and pumping before eventually being replaced by water. The water was very welcome to me. I was incredibly sweaty from all that I've endured so far. "Make one more cummy and you can be done baby." Nannybot said to me, patting my head again. At that moment the dildo in my mouth stopped leaking water and got back to work face fucking me. I focused hard on trying to enjoy whatever pleasure I could get out the three dildos. My vigor had been somewhat restored knowing that I was almost done and the end was in sight. I tried to concentrate on the small amount of pleasure I was receiving from the dildo roughly violating my vagina. It was hard, but there was some that could be felt through the pain. I also tried to focus my mind on thinking about all of the humiliation I've endured so far. "I'm nothing more than a perverted, diaper loving slut." I thought to myself. "I've been spanked, diapered, and roughly fucked for god knows how long now and I'm enjoying every second of it. I deserve this treatment and nothing more. I'm just a stupid slut who loves diapers." Finally I was able to muster up one last orgasm. As I did, the dildos slowed to a stop and began shooting out a large quantity of the semen substitute. Even the dildo in my mouth shot some out, filling it up with the salty substance. "Swallow it all, baby." Nannybot instructed. I did as commanded and felt the salty, thick liquid slide down my throat. After I swallowed, the dildos began retracting out of me, finally allowing me a moment of rest. They left a trail of the semen like substance as they went, which continued to leak out into my diaper. "Such a good girl. Are you ready to lay down for your nap?" Nannybot asked me while petting my head and undoing the gag that was forcing my mouth open. "Yes, Nanny." I answered. All-in-all, I was exhausted. Nothing sounded better at the moment then a nap. My mouth was incredibly sore from being forced open for so long. It wasn't the only thing that was sore though. Both of my other holes were aching from the rough fucking they just received. My butt hole in particular ached the worst. The pain covering my ass from the spanking earlier was still prevalent as well. The hands began undoing to restraints that bound me to the bench. Once I was free, Nannybot came over and peeled my sweaty body off of the leather. She popped a normal, if not large, pacifier into my mouth and picked me up. I didn't reject or fight the pacifier. I just happily sucked on it like any baby would. I was carried back to the nursery like a baby. I snuggled myself into the robots soft, fake breasts, enjoying the skinship I was receiving from my previous tormentor. Nannybot had one of her hands pressed up against my diapered bottom, forcing me to realize just how much of the fake cum was pumped into me. It was a bit gross feeling, but I was too tired to really care. Once we got to the nursery I was deposited back onto the changing table. This time though, I wasn't restrained at all. I didn't even have the energy left to fight a diaper change if I wanted to. I was more then happy to get out of this yucky, cum filled diaper. The tapes were undone and soon my privates were exposed to the cold air of the nursery. Nannybot made quick work wiping me clean and getting me put into a new, fresh diaper. After I was once again secured in a diaper I was lifted up off of the table. A set of hands brought over a pink and white snap-crotch onesie that I quickly found myself wearing. Nannybot took me back from the hands and carried me over to the giant crib. She placed me down inside and tucked me in before raising the bars of the crib up. "You've had a long morning baby. Rest up and we can play some more later." She said, departing the nursery and turning off the lights. I was now alone and finally able to rest. This crib was massive. The bars raised well over 6 feet above the mattress, making it impossible for me to escape. It's not like I could even attempt it at the moment though. I was much too tired for that. Instead, I happily sucked on my pacifier and tried my hardest to fall asleep.
  12. Maddie is 17 years old and always finds a way to get into trouble. I'll play the parents.
  13. This is a re-upload of a story I did not write. https://www.diaper-bois.com/stories/ryan-s-new-daddy/ Chapter 1 - One Confused Boy To say that Ryan Willis didn’t know quite what he was getting himself into was a massive understatement. Agreeing to surrender himself for an entire summer to the whims of a complete stranger is one thing, but when that person intends to treat you as his infant child for that time… well, you’d probably think you were completely fuckin’ bonkers as well, like he did. Some background information is probably necessary here. Ryan Willis was a pretty unassuming guy. Fairly freshly 18 and graduating high school; he was fairly popular, well-built from years of intensive hockey playing (the last year he spent as captain of the school’s team), and certainly no slouch in the looks department with his deep hazel eyes, fair features, and deep brown locks, always styled perfectly. Indeed, he had all the girls at school fawning after him. He got respectable grades that would have no trouble getting him into his college of choice, made no enemies, and was always home in time for tea. For all intents and purposes, Ryan was just a normal kid. But of course, as is typical for stories like these, he wasn’t. Ryan had a secret deep inside. Well, really, he had two secrets. The first; he was gay. A complete and utter raging homosexual. He’d had a girlfriend, sure, but him and Elise broke up a little while ago; thankfully before things got serious enough that his cover might be blown. Regardless, one thing was for sure: every time he ended up in the changing rooms after a sweaty game of hockey with his team was a massive struggle for dominance between his libido and his shame. All those rippling, hockey-player bodies, and the way they’d shower naked… Ryan had to start getting changed by himself after everyone had left by the end of it. They could never know; it was just how it had to be. No one could know, in fact; not his parents, not his younger sisters, not his friends, no one. He was Ryan Willis, star hockey player and future Harvard Law graduate, and he was expected to find himself a trophy wife and pop out a few kids in the future. He couldn’t fuck it up by being a faggot, as his dad would call him no doubt. But that was practically nothing compared to his other secret. See, not only was Ryan gay, but he was in what was called the ABDL community; specifically, he was what some termed a “teen baby”. Basically, Ryan enjoyed the idea of wearing diapers, playing with baby things, and being treated like an infant, preferably by an older, larger, stronger man. It was the cornerstone of his fantasies, and the thing he dreamed about every night he went to bed. In a way, ever since he got out of diapers, he’s dreamed of getting back into them. He’d spent countless hours in his teen years holed up in his room, door locked, jerking off over young guys in diapers and baby clothes, or reading stories about guys being forced into diapers by another man, always imagining himself in their place. Sure, he could get off over normal vanilla gay porn, and bottoming for another guy was something he desired too, but as soon as he threw diapers into the mix, his libido went nuts. Regardless, his fantasies always involved being dominated by an older man, a father figure as it were. It was nothing to do with his own father issues, or so he hoped. It was just how he was wired. In addition, he was a regular on all the usual ABDL haunts and forums. But this bummed Ryan out more often that it should - he saw all the guys his age freely wearing diapers and baby stuff and having people to change them and care for them, and though he always found it hot as hell, he couldn’t help but also feel intensely jealous. He knew he would never be able to get that. He was just too terrified that someone might recognise him on the internet, and his secret would be out, and his life would be over just like that. Being gay was one thing, but being a gay freak obsessed with diapers… He spared no expense in covering his tracks. He didn’t dare buy diapers or even training pants to live out his fantasies in real life, such was his fear of being caught. Bottles and pacifiers and the lot were out of the question as well. He even bought a second laptop, unbeknownst to the rest of his family, and used an anonymous browser on it to ensure that they could never find out. He brought the laptop out when he was sure no one was home, and went loose, but when he was done, or someone came home, he quickly locked it up and hid it underneath a loose floorboard under his bed. He had it all under lock; no one could find out. But this all led to Ryan feeling incredibly lonely. He knew that he wasn’t the only one with this weird fixation, but his paranoia meant he feared he’d probably never be able to actually experience his most desired fantasy. And of course, he was constantly racked with guilt, something that plagued practically everything ABDL in the course of their lifetime… the insistent, nagging thought that what you were doing, what you found enjoyable was actually a disgusting perversion, and only one degree of separation away from pedophilia. Of course it was ridiculous, he reasoned, but it didn’t really matter - if anyone found out, that’s exactly what they would think of him. However, everything changed in April of his senior year, not too long before graduation… Chapter 2 - Diaperlist It was a crisp, early Spring night, the sort you’d only ever get in good ol’ New England, when Ryan discovered Diaperlist. His parents were out for their anniversary dinner, and Jemma and Becca (his sisters) were out with their friends or boyfriends or whatever - he didn’t really care, all it meant for him was quality time alone with his fantasies. One of his closest teen baby friends (who lived on the other side of the country, a shame since he looked so cute in diapers) had posted a link on one of his favourite haunts, Teen Baby Hangout: “A cool new website I’ve developed. Sorta like Craigslist obviously, but just for us, so much less chance of us being found out. Plus it’s got a fully functional Facebook-esque messaging system, so you can shoot the shit before you decide if you wanna meet up for real. It’s invite only, so PM me for an invite if we’re friends. I wanna keep this safe, so I’ll only give you access if I fully trust you. And obviously, give out invites if you trust anyone else. I don’t really care if I offend anyone by not giving them an invite, security’s more important. I’ve posted this on all the other ABDL and fetish sites so it’s not just us. Otherwise, go crazy!! Meet all the ABDL/TBDL/whatever’s you’re legally entitled to in your home country or jurisdiction!” Intrigued, Ryan went to PM the guy, but he had already sent him an invite. Feeling rather touched at the thought, Ryan sent a “thank you” and signed up to the site. Already, there were a couple dozen posts, all sorted by geographical area. A handful in the UK, Canada, and other parts of Europe and Australia each, even one in Kyrgyzstan (poor dude), but naturally, the large majority were focused on the good ol’ US of A. Ryan’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that there were 5 listings for Massachusetts… and it caught up to speed again when he found out they were all for Boston. ‘Of course’, he reasoned. He probably wouldn’t know what to do if anyone in the Springfield, MA area actually wanted to meet up. Nonetheless, he looked at the listings for Boston, if only out of curiosity. They were all pretty much the same - “45yo Daddy looking for little girl to pamper ;)”. Very lovely, but hardly what he was looking for. And so, after that brief detour, Ryan’s “secret session”, as he called it, played out much like it normally did - he went on Tumblr, checked up on all his favourite blogs, had a good old-fashioned fap over one of the hotter diaper boys there, came, cleaned up, hid the evidence and went on with his life. “Hey Ryan!” a voice called out from outside his window, just as he placed the laptop under the floorboards. He just about leapt out of his skin. He didn’t even have any pants on! “Just a minute!” he said back, quickly throwing on a pair of raggy sweatpants. He went to the window and opened it to see his best friend, Jeremy Linnard, tossing rocks at his window. “Are you here to serenade me, Jeremy?” Ryan said jokingly. “I have a confession to make, Ryan,” Jeremy said in a faux-dramatic fashion. With a flourish, he mimed producing flowers and said in a dovey voice, “I… l-love you…” “Fuck off, ya faggot,” Ryan laughed, tossing his rocks back at him. Jeremy laughed as well, dodging his shots (or at least trying to). God, if only Jeremy knew. “Alright, alright, you wanna go bowling? Me and Sarah were bored and she’s fetching all her girl friends. Cynthia’s gonna be there too, big boy…” Oh right, Ryan thought. Her. See, in Ryan’s usual attempts to assert his masculinity and obvious heterosexuality, he had to pretend that he was interested in a girl. And so, choosing completely at random, he picked Cynthia to be his fake object of affection, a fairly plain but agreeable girl, not unattractive by any means. ‘Dammit,’ he thought to himself, ‘shoulda picked someone totally impossible.’ Not like that was easy, though - every goddamn girl in school would’ve probably dropped their pants for him in a heartbeat. “Sure, sure,” Ryan said. “Just gimme a minute.” Chucking on whatever was at the bottom of his clean clothes hamper (thanks ma!), Ryan went bowling with his best friend. He coolly played hard-to-get with Cynthia, which was really quite easy since he genuinely wasn’t interested, but it wasn’t as suspicious as outright turning her down. When he got back, his parents and sisters were home, so he couldn’t allow himself another secret session, to his dismay. He went to bed that night thinking about Diaperlist, however. He wondered if this might be his way to finally meet someone who was like him. Maybe when he went to Harvard in the fall, he could meet a friend… a “big bro”, or something. Or even a Daddy…? No, that was ridiculous. Just a fantasy, he reasoned. Something that could not happen. Friends, probably. But he couldn’t count on his deepest, dearest fantasy coming true just like that. And so, Ryan went on about his life. School, hockey, friends, secret sessions, sleep, rinse, repeat. Every now and then, he’d check up on Diaperlist, just to remind him of what might happen some day. He saw listings come and go day by day. Sometimes he’d check other areas, just to see what others were posting. He saw listings like “19yo smooth baby boy looking for Daddy” (same here pal), “mommy looking for obedient boy for kinky humiliating fun” (close, not quite), “60yo luvvving generou$$$ daddy after teen girl to spoil and pamper” (uhh)… But ultimately, it was what kept him going through his finals - the knowledge that getting through, and making it into college would enable him to get a good career and all, sure, but also give him an excuse to get away from home and maybe meet someone who understood. Well, fate sure did a number on him one particularly humid night about a month later. Ryan was stripped down to just a tank top, getting ready to fap away as usual. He logged onto Diaperlist, went to the Massachusetts section and read the listing at the top of the page, only posted three hours ago. “43yo, Springfield MA - dominant Daddy looking for <20yo fully submissive little boy. READ FIRST.” Ryan just about leapt out of his skin when he read that headline. Was he hallucinating? Dreaming? Nope, he pinched himself and he definitely wasn’t dreaming. That was really what it said. His heart was racing when he finally built up the courage to click and read the profile. “I’m a well-off semi-retired professional in the southern MA area. Looking for a cute, healthy, toned and FULLY submissive boy (no exceptions for any of those) under the age of 20 who is interested in becoming my baby boy. Message me if interested. Must provide pics.” That was it. Ryan was dumbstruck, but more than that, he was hard as a rock. Was this for real?! He didn’t know what the hell to do. Jesus Christ. He resolved to message him anyway, even if he hardly planned on actually meeting him. Maybe he could just entertain the fantasy for fapping fodder. It was sure making him horny as fuck just thinking about it, anyway. He opened the message tab and started typing, one-handed of course. >Hey there, I’m baby_ryry as you probably notice. I’m interested. Tell me more about what you would do to me. Send. He waited for a reply. Didn’t take long; under a minute in fact. Heart pounding, he opened it. >>I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Damn it. He wanted a pic. Ryan scoured his school’s website for the hockey team photos. He found a decent one of him, topless even, celebrating their victory earlier this year. He cropped his face out of it, and sent it off. >Here you go 😉 [photo attached] >>Nice pic… >>But that’s not quite what I want. Face pic. Shit. He really wanted to know what he would do to him. It’s like when you’re really goddamn horny and you find the perfect porn (or the perfect diaper picture set, in Ryan’s case), but it’s behind a paywall and you can’t find it anywhere else. You either cum quickly and get over it, or you submit to your horny desires and pay up. Unsurprisingly, Ryan chose the latter in this case. A few naughty selfies later, he sent them off to the mysterious man online. Pretty cute as well; Ryan had a fairly youthful face, so it lent itself well to a childish pout, especially with his naked butt sticking right up in the air. “I’ll save that for some porn Tumblrs,” he said to himself. Pause. Then a notification sound. >>Adorable boy. >>Tell me more about yourself. The long game, Ryan smirked to himself. Fair enough. >My name’s Ryan. I’m 18, turning 19 next January. I’m going to Harvard in the fall after I graduate high school to study English. I play hockey, and well, I guess you could say I’m a real teen baby, obviously haha. Smooth, Ryan thought to himself. He was reminded of those icebreaker games you had to play at a new job or school or something, where you say something interesting about yourself but you just can’t think of anything at all to say. >>Very nice. >>Would you like to know what I’d do to you? Aw yeah. This was what he wanted. >Yes please. >>I would make you mine. >>I would be strict, dominant and very controlling; but that’s what is needed. >>You will obey everything I tell you to do, wear anything that I dress you in, play with whatever I give you to play with, and submit to your Daddy’s every whim. >>You will not protest, or talk back. >>You will do this, because that’s what you are. >>You are just a helpless little baby. >>And babies, especially baby boys, need structure, discipline and routine. >>They need to depend on their Daddy for everything - changing, bathing, feeding. >>And they need to be punished when they’re naughty babies who disobey their Daddy. >>And when they’re good babies who make Daddy proud, they will be rewarded. >>But most of all, they need love. And that is what I would give you. >>I will love you like any good Daddy loves their precious little boy. >>All I ask is that you submit your entire self to my authority. Ryan was so incredibly aroused by this. He had to slow down to stop himself from cumming, he was just so close. And then another message. >>What are you doing now? >At home, chilling. >Why? ‘A great liar I am’, Ryan smirked >>You should come over. >>[location shared] Oh Jesus. This guy was serious. Ryan’s heart was pounding again. He looked at the map that was shared. It was in a fairly small township about 50 minutes away from Springfield; fairly rich and full of yuppies. He looked to his side table, where he kept his car keys. What if… >But what will happen? >>Why don’t you come over and find out. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! FUUUUUCK! Far too quickly, Ryan ejaculated harder than he had done in months. He shot himself in the eye even, making himself jump. His heart pounding, and his body still spasming slightly, the message box was still there, flashing with the new message. Ah, damnit. He shouldn’t have said anything. Now he’s gonna have to let him down easy. He tried to think of an excuse. >Sorry, I can’t tonight. Just thought I’d say hi. I’m super busy with study for finals and graduation. ‘That sounded so flaky,’ Ryan thought. Ping. >>That’s a shame. But I understand. >Thanks for understanding! No reply. Guess he blew it. Chapter 3 - The Offer After that, the mysterious man seemed to go quiet. In fact, he didn’t even come online. A week later, Ryan logged in again, nervous to see if he had any new messages… but he didn’t. He checked the listing again - still up. “Last online: 1 week ago”. Weird. Did Ryan’s flakiness make him give up on his search? Or maybe he actually found someone willing to go through with it… lucky bastard, in that case. Once again, he settled into a routine… one that was swiftly shaken up when finals came round for real. Reluctantly, he had to put his secret sessions on hold for a while so he could concentrate on cramming for tests. Mom helped out a lot by baking him some good old fashioned nerve-calming Russian fudge (thanks ma) and Dad helped by… well, being Dad, which is to say he didn’t really help. Great. But he couldn’t stop thinking about the man. He didn’t even get to see his face. What if he wasn’t even real, Ryan thought…? Just some sick pervo wanting to trap someone and murder them? …or a cop trying to catch perverts? What on Earth would the cop do when an actual 18-year-old kid turned up? More than anything though, Ryan couldn’t stop thinking, “What if he was for real? What if I had actually gone round there, and let him have his way with me? What if he… diapered me?” Every time he jerked off before he went to sleep, he couldn’t stop kicking himself, wishing he really had just gone round. But after he came, he would always remember his family. How would he explain where he had gone? “Hey sorry Mom and Dad, I just popped out to meet a complete stranger who’s twice my age so he could put me in diapers and treat me like a fuckin’ toddler.” It was never meant to happen. Finally, after a week and a half of sleepless nights, crying over incomprehensible notes, and general procrastination, Ryan made it through finals alive and well. Graduation would come in a few weeks, and the after-party of course. But what Ryan was looking forward to most of all was his first secret session in about a month. God, he was backed up. The next morning, Mom and Dad left for work, and the girls went out shopping or something, he didn’t care. They barely left the driveway before Ryan had his laptop (and his dick) out, eager for some good old-fashioned infantilist fappage. But first, as per routine, he checked the Diaperlist. The listing was gone. Ryan sighed. Too good to be true. He probably found someone else. He went to close the tab, and then… Ping. >>Hello there. It was him. Ryan didn’t know what to say. >Hi x That little kiss at the end; always smooth. >>Your finals are all over now, aren’t they? >Yup! Sure are, thank God 😛 >>That’s good. I suppose graduation’s not far behind either. >Absolutely. >>Well then, I have something to ask you. Ryan’s heart was practically leaping out of his chest. Was he going to ask him to come over again? >>Actually, it’s more of an offer. >What is it? >>I want you to come and stay with me and be my baby boy for two weeks over summer break. Ryan stopped dead in his tracks. His first, primal gut instinct was to smash “YES!” into the keyboard and race right over. But his second thought was, “What the hell.” >Are you serious? >>100%. >What do you mean? >>Simple. >>You will live in my house, obey all of my rules, and call me Daddy. >>You will be under my authority 24/7 for the entire stay, no exceptions. >>If you want to leave at any time, you can. I do have rules for you to follow, and some are quite strict. >>But I will provide you a warm, caring and loving environment for you to simply be yourself in. >>You will receive nourishing, nutritious meals, and provided with ample entertainment. >>You can live your wildest baby fantasy without any fear of judgement. >>Because your Daddy will be right here to change you if needed. Oh my God. This was for real. This man was genuinely offering Ryan a chance to live out his ultimate fantasy. But of course, reality kicked in. >I need to make money over summer. I can’t not work for two weeks. >>I can compensate you for any lost income. >>I am retired early, but I am very well-off. >>This means I can devote myself entirely to your care. 24/7. ‘Don’t tempt me!’ Ryan snapped. >What about my friends and family? >>That’s up to you. >>It’s only two weeks after all, I’m sure they’ll cope. >>And that’s my offer. >>Take it or leave it. Ryan’s head was spinning. In fact, the worst part was that he was already thinking of an excuse to tell his parents! He couldn’t possibly do this. No, he just couldn’t. No! It’s not happening. >I’ll think about it. >>Of course. Just let me know. Ryan couldn’t even concentrate on jerking off. He paced the room, trying to calm down. On the one hand, he thought about how boring it would be to just be a baby for two weeks. But then, of course, he realised that it would actually be the most exciting, erotic thing he could ever imagine. And really, what else would he do over summer? Watch TV and jerk off? While that sounds nice, it’s not exciting like being someone’s baby boy for a few weeks. He could just tell his parents that he and his friends were going on a cross-country road trip to Miami for two weeks. That’s the sort of spontaneous thing he and his friends would probably do. And… uh, he could just tell his friends that he and his family were going on a cross-country road trip to Colorado. That’s the sort of spontaneous thing he and his family would probably do. They would believe it. He could get away with it… Fuck! He can’t possibly be entertaining this thought. Nope, he can’t do it. That’s it. He’s just gonna have to tell the man, “Thanks but no thanks”. Yep, that’s what he’s gonna do. >Yes. I’ll do it. >>Good. >>I will arrange a time for you to come after graduation. >>We will sort details out then. >One more question. >>What is it, little boy? >What’s your name? >>It doesn’t matter. All I am is “Daddy” to you for these two weeks. >>Let your friends and family know now, okay? >Yes. >>Yes, what? >Yes Daddy. >>Good boy. Chapter 4 - Graduation Ryan had been having dreams about being put into diapers and cradled by a loving, muscular beefy man for years, and now it was going to happen any day now. He really couldn’t believe what he was doing. He even convinced the skeptical part of his mind to go along with it - if he didn’t like what was happening, he could just call it quits, like the man said. And it was only two weeks after all. If he turns up and it’s just some weirdo, he could ditch it. He’s a strong boy, he can hold his own if need be. The man… “Daddy” didn’t message him again leading up to graduation. He did say that he would wait until after graduation, but Ryan would have at least appreciated some acknowledgement. The first night, Ryan stayed up all night in bed, tossing and turning, thinking about what he just agreed to. Mostly, though, he was thinking of the best way to lie to his parents and his friends; rehearsing it in his head. "Mom, Dad… me and my best friends are going on a road trip to celebrate our last grasp of freedom before adulthood ties us down forever. I know this might be shocking to you, but we really need it. We might never see each other again. I love you both. Please accept this. I’ll see you guys when we get back, in two weeks.” The next day, he went down for breakfast and saw his Mom and Dad getting ready for work. They smiled when he walked in; well, Mom did anyway. “Hi sweety, you’re up early!” “Y-yyeah, hey guys, s-so…” Jesus, Ryan, calm yourself. “M-me and the guys are gonna go on a trip-- road trip…” “Oh yeah? Sounds cool. When will you be back?” “Uh… two weeks?” “Aw okay, hun. I hope you have fun. When do you leave?” “Uh… sometime next week after graduation on Friday?” “Well, be safe. I’ll pack you some stuff if you need it.” Mom kissed him on the cheek before she and Dad left for work. …That was easy. “Hey Jeremy,” Ryan said on the phone to his best friend, “Me and the folks are going on a road trip to Colorado for two weeks after graduation, cos they wanna spend some time with me before I leave Mom forever and ever.” “Aww sucks dude, was gonna go on a road trip to Miami with ya if you were interested!” “Well… I might, if I decide to bail on them. I’ll let ya know. Otherwise if you don’t hear from me, I’m in Colorado!” Jesus, this was easier than expected. Graduation rolled around, and the after-party soon followed. Even though he had a raging hangover, on Saturday morning Ryan still raced home as soon as he recovered enough to not puke his guts out at the slightest sign of light. The girls were home, but he was too impatient to wait. He just locked his door and retrieved his laptop. One new message. Just like clockwork. >>On Monday, at 9am sharp, you will go to Vienna Cafe in the city. I will meet you there. >>You will not need to pack anything other than the clothes on your back. >>From there, I will take you back to my house, where you will be living. >>I will have everything that you need for the entire time you’re here. >>Do you understand? >Yes daddy. >>Good boy. I will send a copy of the rules that you will be living under later tonight. >>I have two more requests for now, though. >>Firstly, I want you to abstain from masturbating until you have come here. >>Can you do that for me? Ryan was so incredibly aroused - he wanted dearly to jerk one off right there. But he figured that whatever “Daddy” had in store for him, it was clearly worth it. >Yes daddy. >>Secondly, I want you to shave yourself. >>Not your head, just your facial hair and everything below that. >>This is the only time you’ll need to do this. >>Do you understand? >Yes daddy. >>Good boy. “You better be worth it,” Ryan said to himself. Later that night, sure enough, a PDF document came through. >BABY RYAN’S RULES >Daddy’s word is final. >Daddy will be addressed as Daddy, and nothing else. >If Baby Ryan is a naughty boy and disobeys Daddy, he will be punished. >If Baby Ryan is a good boy and obeys Daddy, he will be rewarded. >Daddy has the authority to alter the rules as he sees fit without notice. >Daddy’s word is final. Ryan was almost disappointed at how vague and brief it was. He was expecting something with more detail… but this meant it left much more to Ryan’s imagination, which he actually found hotter than anything. Sunday came round quicker than Ryan anticipated - one day to go, and then he would move in with the strange man he was now required to call “Daddy”. Out of sheer curiosity, he made an impulsive decision to go and scope out the address he’d been provided upon first contact with “Daddy”. Driving down the street, he found himself in a leafy, fairly wealthy neighbourhood - the sort you’d want to raise your kids in. He stopped right opposite the address he’d been given. It was an impressive, old-fashioned two-storey white home, with a large stone fence and iron gate, well-maintained green lawn, and a two-car garage. The house looked freshly painted, well-maintained and generally welcoming. Something in one of the upstairs windows caught his eye… he could’ve sworn he caught a glimpse of the familiar bars that signified a crib… and was that silhouette a teddy bear? Suddenly, a figure walked past the window, and stopped. Ryan leapt into action and immediately sped off, not looking back. His mom was suddenly much more emotional about Ryan disappearing for the summer, which made him feel quite a bit guilty, especially since he was being so dishonest about the ordeal. But he knew he couldn’t really justify backing out now; even if he wanted to. At dinner, she burst into tears and wouldn’t stop hugging him before he went to bed. He felt babied, and not in the way that he liked (thanks ma). It’s not like he was disappearing for good. He lay in bed that night, thinking what on Earth he had gotten himself into. He looked at the clock. 12:30 AM. In just under nine hours, he would be under the complete control of someone he had never even met before in his life. And he couldn’t be any more excited. It was surprising that Ryan managed to sleep at all that night, but indeed he did. He had a lot of peculiar dreams that night and some he remembered more than others: one dream he was sleeping in a crib, a usual fantasy of his; another he dreamt of a large, beefy man holding him and feeding him a bottle; and another, he was trapped in a massive, cage-like crib, unable to escape… Beep beep beep. 8:00 AM. Time to get up. Chapter 5 - Meeting Daddy Ryan was in a daze as he showered and dressed for the fateful meeting. He went through his clothes, wondering what he would possibly wear - “Not that it really matters,” he reasoned with himself, “You’re probably gonna get changed into something else straight away anyway.” He went with a fairly innocuous pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Not daring to look back or think twice, he left. It was a clear, crisp morning, so he resolved to walk. And it was a brief walk - much too soon, he found himself on the corner of Vienna Street, with the Vienna Cafe in sight. Ryan’s heart was pounding so hard and fast, he might have been in danger of collapsing right there. He checked his watch. 8:50 AM. This was it. He walked past the cafe three or four times before he built up the confidence to walk in. And when he did… it was empty. Weird. They only just opened, clearly, so he ordered a coffee and sat at a table by the window. He checked his phone, which read 8:59 AM, and then he almost jumped when a tall, muscular figure passed by the window and went straight into the cafe. Ryan couldn’t suppress a gasp when the man walked in, and looked straight at him. He was well-built, of course; quite beefy and clearly strong. He was wearing a plain button-up shirt which was unbuttoned slightly to reveal his hairy, rock-hard chest, and was tucked into a pair of tight slacks that certainly accentuated his crotch well. His sleeves were rolled up, putting his muscular, hairy arms on display. But Ryan was more drawn towards his face - he had a decent amount of facial hair, but not exactly a full-on beard, just enough stubble to let you know who was the man of the house. His dark hair was speckled with gray spots, the only thing betraying his age. And yet, it was his face that was the most striking feature of all… he had a gentle, warm face which filled Ryan with a similarly warm feeling inside… it was incredibly peculiar, and even more so considering Ryan was now staring at this strange man for about ten seconds. What could he say - he just oozed authority. The man beamed widely, and walked over. “Well well well,” he said in a calm, warm voice that put Ryan off guard. “You must be Ryan.” Ryan laughed nervously. “Yup, that I am. And you are…?” The man chuckled, making Ryan feel that much more nervous again. “Well, you know who I am.” Ryan stared at the floor, unable to quite make eye contact with the man… “Daddy”, yet. “I’ve gotta finish this coffee,” Ryan said hastily. “That’s OK, baby, I can wait. But we’ve got to get going soon.” Ryan looked around anxiously in case anyone heard him call him “baby”. “Don’t be embarrassed, little Ryan,” he laughed. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.” “I have to tell you something,” Ryan blurted out before he could stop himself. “What is it?” “Uh… this is kinda my… well… first… anything.” “You mean you’ve never worn diapers before?” Ryan flinched at the d-word. He never even dared say it out loud himself. And yet, here was this burly, intimidating man using it freely in front of him. “Y-yeah… or, y’know, been with another man…” “Is that so?” he cocked an eyebrow, smiling again. “Yup…” Ryan was sure getting a great view of his shoelaces here. “Well, you do understand what I’m going to do to you, don’t you? You know that I will be putting you back in diapers? And that you will be my baby boy?” Ryan was flushing with embarrassment, but he silently nodded. “Look at me and say so.” Ryan looked up and made eye contact with him. His eyes were warm and loving, sure, but his face was hard and authoritarian. Not the sort of person you wanted to mess with at any rate. “Y-yes.” “Yes, what?” “…” “Say it.” “…Yes, Daddy.” Immediately after saying that, Ryan’s cock (which had been more or less inert since waking up) sprang to attention. He blushed even further at that. “Daddy” seemed to notice and smiled widely again. “Don’t get too excited now,” he chuckled. “We’ve still got to get you home and settled in now.” Ryan laughed nervously, and returned to looking at his feet. “Well, we should get going now.” Ryan was frozen. He acknowledged the man’s words, but he wasn’t quite sure what to do. Frankly, he probably just wasn’t ready to go yet. “Daddy” seemed to notice. “Let me just lay everything out on the table here,” he said, his face softening and allowing a smile. "I might have been a bit vague, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. But I should clear a few things up anyway, just so we’re both on the same page. I’m sure you’ve read things on the internet about “babies” and their “daddies”. Well, in case you haven’t already realised… I’m not like those other daddies. I’m not going to just put you in diapers and change you, although that will certainly be a major aspect of our relationship. "You will need to submit yourself entirely to my control. You’re going to fed by me, bathed by me. I will choose what you wear, and you will wear it, no questions asked. You will eat and drink what I feed you, no questions asked. And yes, you will be diapered 24/7. But ultimately, above all else, you will be my baby boy. Not just my boy, who’s dressed like a baby… my baby boy. You will need to forget who you are. You won’t be Ryan Willis, high school graduate, star athlete and future college student. You will just be Baby Ryan, Daddy’s good little baby boy; and nothing more. And I mean 24/7… there will not be any breaks or moments to breathe; no safe words. You live under my roof, you’re my baby. "I know I sound like I’m repeating myself now, but I just really want you to fully understand what I’m offering. And I understand that’s an immense commitment to make. So if you’re having any second thoughts now, this is your chance to turn back and go home. But that’s it; the offer’s off the table. I don’t deal with second chances or boys who don’t know what they want. I want you to be absolutely certain with regards to what you want. Same goes for the other option - if you come with me, there’s no turning back. You commit to this, and you commit entirely for these two weeks. “So, little guy, that’s my final offer. You can go home and back to your life as Ryan Willis, the closeted, suppressed college student unable to express his desires, doomed to a life of pent-up urges he might never be able to fully indulge in. Or… you can come with me, and be my Baby Ryan. And I know it’s what you want, what you desire with every inch of your being. You wouldn’t have gone to my house yesterday if you didn’t.” Ryan blushed profusely at this. "Nonetheless, it’s your decision. Two weeks of bliss.” Strangely enough, the first thought that entered Ryan’s head was, “Man, this must be the weirdest conversation to ever take place in this coffee shop.” And then, all at once, Ryan’s mind began racing at a million miles per hour. He was, indeed, having second thoughts now that he really thought about it. Planning this whole thing in his mind and imagining all the situations he would get into was one thing, but now he was here, with the man who wanted to baby him standing right in front of him. Ryan truthfully didn’t quite prepare for how serious “Daddy” was about this. Playing baby was something Ryan obviously wanted… but by the sounds of it, “Daddy” didn’t just want Ryan to pretend to be his baby, he wanted Ryan to BE his baby. It was intense, it was scary… and Ryan couldn’t think of anything more amazing. And now he had to choose between getting into “Daddy”'s car, or going home. “No turning back”, though? Ryan thought he said he could opt out at any time if he wa– “Well, if you don’t want to come, that’s fine. I’ll see you later, baby Ryan.” The man left. He was about to open his car door and hop in, no doubt to drive off and never be seen again, when he looked back at the coffee shop to see Ryan, standing by the car. He silent. He looked “Daddy” in the eye, and slowly nodded. The man smiled. “That’s my boy.” Chapter 6 - The Nursery “Woah, little guy, let Daddy help you there.” Ryan was taken aback when he went to open the passenger door - he barely even touched the door handle before “Daddy” interjected. He almost went to say, “No, it’s fine,” before he remembered himself. “Daddy” came round to the other side and opened the door for him. A lump formed in Ryan’s throat when he saw that the passenger seat was occupied by… a booster seat. A fairly large one, clearly custom-made for larger kids. Suddenly, Daddy clasped Ryan’s shoulder with his right hand; his grip was very firm. Ryan looked at him, and he motioned his head as if to say, “Go on, then”. Ryan wasn’t quite prepared for the baby thing to start so soon; he thought it would at least wait until they got back to his house. But Daddy looked pretty serious, so Ryan reluctantly climbed into the padded seat. Immediately, once he was in, Daddy strapped him in - it was one of those straps that crosses from all four sides, and buckles in the center. It was certainly tight, and in fact, Ryan could’ve sworn that he heard a clicking sound, like a lock, when Daddy finished buckled him in, and closed the door. This was it. “Alright then baby, let’s go home.” The drive went by rather quickly. The radio played quietly in the background, but otherwise, it was fairly silent. Ryan was too nervous to think of anything to say that wasn’t just awkward small talk, so he stayed quiet. Every now and then he’d look at the man and think to himself, “That’s my Daddy”. Just a few weeks ago, he thought the idea of having a Daddy was in the farthest realms of pure fantasy, and now here he was, locked into a baby’s carseat and at the mercy of a man almost twice his age. And he absolutely loved it - he was still rock hard, and the added tightness of the straps pressing up against his crotch only made him hornier. Every now and then, Daddy would catch him staring, and Ryan would look away, blushing. Then the man would beam that oddly comforting smile of his, and he’d feel a bit better. And then his dick would throb, and he’d blush again. Finally, they pulled into his driveway. Daddy released him from his carseat, and guided him inside. Ryan looked outside, at his one last gasp of freedom, before taking a deep breath and stepping inside. Daddy closed the door and locked it behind him. “Take your shoes off.” Ryan looked around the foyer - it was light and airy, with polished wooden floors and attractive paintings adorning the walls. To his immediate left was a staircase, and he could see into the big, open lounge area to his right (with a piano, large dining table, and other grand furniture suitable for someone with a sizable income), but otherwise, there wasn’t much to see. And Ryan was only interested in one particular room, obviously. “Would you like to see your new room?” Oh how overjoyed Ryan was to hear those words. Daddy took Ryan’s hand, as usual in a firm but not painful grip, and guided him upstairs. He walked past multiple rooms, no doubt bedrooms, being led to the door at the very end of the hallway. Ryan simply couldn’t suppress a smile when he saw the words “Baby Ryan’s Nursery” adorning a sign designed with baby blocks hanging on the door. Daddy unlocked the door (quite a hefty lock on it as well, Ryan noted) and took him inside. Ryan might have been smiling before, but now his jaw simply dropped. The room was quite large; about twice the size of his room, he wagered. But it wasn’t really the size of the room that took his breath away, of course, it was the contents. And what contents! The room was painted in whites and soft baby blues, with the odd pastel yellow or green thrown in here and there for good measure. The walls were adorned with images of famous children’s cartoon characters like Elmo (lots of Elmo), Blue from Blues Clues, and the Teletubbies. The carpet was a soft, fleecy white with a multitude of baby toys scattered about… blocks, cars, rattles, teething rings, and even a big rocking horse to the side. A toybox in the corner no doubt contained a multitude of other toys to play with. A massive brown teddy bear sat in the corner by the window, and a few other plush toys were scattered about as well. A rocking chair sat next to the big bear, and on the other side of it, a massive padded changing table, with shelves underneath stacked high with what was the unmistakeable sight of (Ryan’s heart lept with excitement) large disposable diapers, a few fluffy white cloth ones and plastic pants, in addition to the usual diaper changing supplies - powder, baby wipes, etc. A stack of shelves next to the table was stacked with pacifiers and bottles. The wardrobe door was ajar, enough that Ryan could catch a brief glimpse of what was inside - he saw a pair of white footed pajamas with what appeared to be cute little pictures of teddy bears and rattles on it. A big TV sat to the side of the room, hidden behind the open door. A full length mirror hung on the other side of the door. Sunlight spilled into the room, aided by the big, airy windows that overlooked the street below. And completing the scene, the words “Baby Ryan” adorned the wall above the changing table, matching the sign on the door in big baby block letters. But what easily dominated the room was the huge, white crib sat right beside the window (decorated with Winnie-the-Pooh curtains, of course). The bars were down, ready for its new occupant. There was even a cute plush rabbit waiting inside. In short, the nursery was everything Ryan had dreamed of, and more. Everything was perfectly re-scaled for a boy of Ryan’s size, but all without sacrificing the infantile nature of the objects inside. Make no mistake, this was not a room for a young adult; it was a room for babies who just happened to be teen-sized. Ryan was an expert on adult baby supplies, having spent hours staring wistfully at websites that he thought he’d never be able to sample; and there were things in this room that he never even thought existed in such large sizes. Clearly Daddy had gone out of his way to customise everything to perfection. Never in his wildest dreams would he fathom a room as wonderful as this; and now it would be his room for the next two weeks. Naturally, Ryan was in awe at the sight. He took in every single detail, constantly reminding himself that no, he wasn’t dreaming, and yes, this was really the room he would now call home for two weeks. He sniffed; and he was suddenly transported back to visiting his Aunt Jemima as a child who had a one-year-old daughter, his cousin Janine… it was the sweet, gentle scent of baby powder. Ryan breathed it in further; he’d never smelt something so sweet. Daddy was watching him this whole time, smiling as his baby boy took in the sights and smells. Ryan eventually realised that he was doing so, and blushed. Daddy clasped an arm on his shoulder. “Well, let’s get started.” Immediately, Daddy seized Ryan and lifted him into the air with extraordinary ease. Ryan was so taken by surprise his instinctive reaction was to struggle, but it did no good; Daddy was simply too strong. He carried Ryan over to the rocking chair and sat down in it, forcing Ryan over his lap, his butt sticking out most prominently. Ryan breathed heavily, no longer knowing what was going to happen next. “Well, this is just no good,” Daddy tutted, “the naughty baby thinks he’s more grown up than he really is. Look how silly he looks in these grown-up clothes, he’s not fooling anyone. I think it’s time Daddy taught him a little lesson.” Chapter 7- Back to Basics Without warning, Daddy roughly ripped Ryan’s pants off and tossed them aside, exposing Ryan’s plain white briefs (Ryan’s preferred underwear, as they were the closest things to diapers he could really get), which he then pulled down to expose his naked butt. Ryan realised what was coming, and started to grow nervous. A spanking? This wasn’t part of the plan… Ryan squirmed uncomfortably, but Daddy’s vice-like grip meant he was going nowhere. “Wait, I don’t think I’m r–” Ryan was swiftly silenced when a sharp slap came across his butt cheeks. He yelped in pain, but barely had time to catch his breath before another came. And another. And another. Ryan hadn’t been spanked since he was 4 years old, but the experience was no less humiliating at 18 years old. In fact, obviously, it was much more degrading and painful than he remembered. After what felt like an eternity, but was really more like about a minute, Daddy stopped spanking. He rubbed Ryan’s bright red stinging bottom, and then let his finger linger on his pink hole, teasing it thoroughly, and slipping a finger inside to explore. Ryan just about yelped. “Such a smooth, round bottom… my baby boy’s going to look just precious in his new diapers.” Ryan’s heart jump-started once again. He knew what was about to happen. He’d been dreaming and fantasising about it ever since he got out of them in the first place, but now it was a reality - he was about to be put back in diapers. The man held Ryan in a firm grasp and brought him over to the changing table. He was laid out on the padded surface gently, and the burly man went about gathering supplies. Ryan wriggled experimentally; the soft padding crinkled slightly. A real-life changing table, all right. He felt so exposed, lying butt naked at the mercy of this total stranger, and his bottom still stung quite a bit from the spanking. Another crinkling sound filled Ryan’s ears, but it wasn’t the changing table; the man had retrieved one of the large, thick diapers and presented it to him. Ryan got a close-up look of his new underwear. They were pearly white, plastic, and the front featured little pictures of teddy bears and stars, much like a real baby’s diaper. But, of course, these were much larger than a normal baby’s diaper, and they appeared to be much thicker. In fact, Ryan realised they looked even a bit thicker than the usual diapers tailor-made for ABDLs, and those were specifically optimised for maximum thickness. It was the most beautiful thing Ryan had ever seen, and his eyes (and dick) widened in anticipation. Daddy looked down at Ryan’s erect member, and Ryan blushed. “Well well,” he chuckled, “Looks like someone’s excited for his new diapie! Better get it on you so we don’t have any little accidents.” With one swift move, he grabbed Ryan’s ankles and lifted his butt high up in the air. Ryan was taken aback by this sudden movement; he’d never been so easily manhandled before, and the man seemed to be doing it with such little effort, as if he was setting to work on a real little baby. He had unfolded the diaper and used this opportunity to slide it under Ryan’s butt, and then lowered him back down onto it. Then came the wipes - of course Ryan didn’t really need it, since he wasn’t wet (yet…) but this was a Daddy who liked to keep up appearances. Ryan flinched as the cold, damp wipe was dragged across his crotch. Noticing his excitement, Daddy paid extra attention to Ryan’s throbbing boner, grabbing it with the wipe and giving it a few gentle strokes. Ryan was just about to burst when Daddy immediately stopped, denying him the satisfaction of a good climax. Ryan’s initial gut reaction was frustration, followed by an even more intense wave of excitement. He was lifted into the air again, held up by his ankles in one hand while the other hand busied itself wiping Ryan’s butt down. Freshly wiped, Daddy moved onto the next stage: a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. With a few generous puffs, the sweet aroma of the talcum powder filled Ryan’s nostrils, and he breathed in the wonderful smell deeply. Daddy applied a liberal amount of powder, making sure every nook and cranny was covered. And now, the final coup-de-grace - Daddy grabbed the diaper and pulled it up through Ryan’s legs, meeting the tapes at his hips and taping it up tightly and securely. He made sure it was fitted as snugly and securely to him as possible, before standing back to admire his handiwork. “There… that’s much better than those silly big boy pants. How does baby like his new diapers?” Ryan looked down, his heart pounding with euphoria, to see his crotch now encased in a thick white mass. They really were thick - Ryan brought his legs together experimentally, and found he could no longer touch his knees together, as the sheer bulk forced his legs apart. He also noted the crinkling sound that accompanied even the slightest of movements - he touched the front, and rubbed it a little bit. Crinkle crinkle. He could barely even feel his penis underneath the thick layer of plastic padding; an impressive feat considering how rock-hard it was. When he touched his dick, Daddy immediately took his hand and gave it a sharp slap, giving Ryan a considerable fright. Ryan looked up at him, looking almost offended, but withered against Daddy’s dead-serious face. He was in trouble. “Naughty baby! You don’t touch your diaper or your private parts. That’s Daddy’s territory. If you’re a very good boy, I might let you have some fun, but you have to earn that privilege. Understand?” Ryan realised what he was doing; orgasm denial. It took second-stage to his babying fantasies, but Ryan did always find the idea of only being allowed to cum when his Daddy gave him permission to do so, kinda hot. He nodded silently, and when he was given another insistent look, added, “Yes Daddy.” “Good boy! Now sit up for Daddy.” Ryan moved himself into a sitting position (crinkle crinkle… God, he could never tire of that wonderful sound) and waited. He wondered how ridiculous he might have looked to anyone else right now - this well-toned 18-year-old guy in a massive baby’s diaper. At least Janine wasn’t here; she’d have a field day. Daddy had gone to the wardrobe, and ruffled through a few items before saying, “Aaaah,” this will look just precious with your new diapers," he cooed. He returned to Ryan’s side, holding a baby blue T-shirt with a pastel yellow pocket complete with a little picture of Winnie-the-Pooh on the front, and light purple sleeves, with a white collar. It was the most babyish, adorable T-shirt Ryan had ever seen. “Arms up!” Ryan did so, and the shirt was promptly thrust through his arms, and pulled down. Ryan looked down and noticed that the shirt stopped just centimetres of the top of the diaper’s waistband, not even pretending to cover it up in any way, exposing it for any and all to see. “I would’ve dressed you in some shortalls or a onesie, but your new diapers look just so precious on you, I just have to show them off this time! What do you think, Baby Ryan? I think you look super handsome.” Ryan nodded in agreement. “One more thing,” Daddy said, turning his attention to the shelves beside the changing table. “Now you’ve been a very good boy, not crying or throwing a tantrum for Daddy, but I think we’d better give you your paci for now, just in case.” Daddy returned with a large yellow Winnie-the-Pooh pacifier, matching the pocket on his shirt. He pressed the large rubber nipple gently against Ryan’s lips, causing him to open them and accept the pacifier. The nipple was really quite big, and filled Ryan’s mouth causing his cheeks to puff out just a bit. He gave it an appreciative suckle, making Daddy beam widely. “I bet you’re a hungry little tyke now, aren’t you?” Almost on cue, Ryan’s stomach rumbled in agreement. He couldn’t help but smile behind the pacifier at it, and kept sucking away happily. Daddy picked Ryan up by the armpits once again, as effortlessly as ever, and set him down on the soft carpeted floor, adding, “Well, you just wait here for a little bit while Daddy fixes you a nice, yummy bottle of milk.” He gave Ryan a crinkly pat on the bottom, making him blush a little bit, before heading down to the kitchen. Chapter 8 - Bottle Time! Ryan sat on the floor motionless for a few moments, dumbstruck that this was really happening to him. He gazed around the room once more, drinking in the sights, before resting on the “Baby Ryan” sign above the changing table. “Baby Ryan,” he said out loud to no one in particular, forgetting for a second that his pacifier was in his mouth and startling himself with his muffled voice. It was a cute name all right. He shifted a bit, the crinkling sound bringing him back to the fact that yes, he was wearing a diaper - a proper, thick baby’s diaper. It was an odd feeling having so much padding around your crotch, but it was surprisingly comfortable. The plastic front was so shiny and reflective, Ryan could almost see his reflection when he gazed down at it. He poked and prodded it some more just so he could hear that wonderfully babyish crinkling noise, opening and closing his legs, sniffing it to get more of that sweet powder smell. He rubbed it again. And again. And again. And again… ‘Whoops,’ he thought to himself when he realised he was getting a bit carried away with his vigorous rubbing. He decided he’d better distract himself; didn’t want to get on Daddy’s bad side too quickly. Besides, he didn’t wanna just blow his load straight away, when there was still so much more to come. ‘Heh, come.’ Ryan was nothing if not a true comedian when no one was around to hear his wisdom. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied the mirror. He realised he hadn’t actually seen his reflection yet, so he shuffled on over to that on his knees. When he saw himself, he couldn’t suppress a gasp. He looked so positively infantile he couldn’t believe it. The T-shirt, the massive diaper, the pacifier making his face look all pouty and adorable… He sucked on it for a while, watching himself do so. He turned around to look at his behind; his butt never looked so puffy. Ryan had spent countless times staring at himself in the mirror imagining himself in diapers and baby clothes; but now he didn’t have to imagine it anymore, it was really happening. It still felt so surreal, like a lucid dream. He patted his big butt curiously, much like Daddy had done before. They somehow looked even thicker in the mirror, and Ryan simply couldn’t help but blush from embarrassment, even if no one at all was around to see him in that moment. There was still that part of him that knew he should probably feel ashamed, but right now, his acute embarrassment only made his dick strain even harder against its tight plastic padding. Ryan sat in front of the mirror for a few minutes longer, transfixed by his new outfit, before Daddy came stomping back up the stairs. He returned with a few bottles full of milk in his arms, setting them down on a table by the rocking chair and turning to Ryan. “Goodness me,” he said with a chuckle, “Baby sure seems to love his new diapers!” Ryan blushed again and looked down with a nervous smile. “Don’t be embarrassed, tiger. You’ll be wearing them for a while now, so you might as well get used to them! Now come on, it’s time for a nice baba. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Ryan was lifted up and carried over to the rocking chair. Daddy got comfortable in the big chair, sitting Ryan so that he was cradled in his arms securely. It was incredibly intimate - Ryan could almost hear his heartbeat, and his warm, fuzzy arms held him tightly, making him feel very safe. Ryan was starting to feel very peaceful - he figured he was entering his “little space” he always read about online, for the very first time. He started gently, rhythmically sucking on his pacifier as he snuggled up to Daddy. Daddy lifted Ryan’s head a little, before grabbing the bottle. He removed the pacifier from his lips, before gently replacing it with the large nipple of the bottle, and Ryan continued sucking. It took a little while to get the hang of drinking from a bottle, but eventually he got it down pat, and the milk began to flow steadily down his throat as he kept rhythmically sucking away and Daddy began rocking gently. The milk was rather warm, and tasted a bit sweet; not your usual milk. Ryan wondered to himself for a bit what exactly was in the milk - he detected a slight tinge of something medicinal. But the drink overall tasted so good, and it made him feel very warm and calm inside. The combination of the calming milk, the gentle, hypnotic sucking action of being bottlefed, and being held so tightly and warmly in Daddy’s arms as he gently rocked made Ryan feel so incredibly peaceful, and he closed his eyes. All his doubts and inhibitions and feelings of shame about being treated like an infant simply melted away, allowing him to simply lose himself in a state of infantile bliss. All that mattered in this moment was the yummy taste of the warm milk. A few minutes later, Ryan finished the bottle. He felt very satisfied, almost groggy even from the mixture. He opened his eyes to see Daddy putting the empty bottle to the side and immediately grabbing another. “Round two,” Ryan thought to himself as the second bottle was pushed into his mouth, and he resumed his suckling and returned to his babyish haze. By the end of this second bottle, Ryan was starting to feel full. In fact, he could feel his belly beginning to swell out just a bit from the amount of fluids he was being fed. Daddy grabbed the third bottle, and Ryan started to feel a bit nervous. He was full by now, sure, but that wasn’t all - the coffee from earlier had also worked its way through his system by now, and he felt a quickly onsetting urge to pee. He squirmed uncomfortably while Daddy fed him the last of his third helping, knowing that he needed to go fairly soon. By now, his tummy was pudging out quite a bit, full of the yummy, unusual milk. “One more,” Daddy said cheerfully, probably noting Ryan’s uncomfortable expressions. He knew he was going to wet himself, but his subconscious was fighting dearly against it, and winning. Ryan almost wanted to just lose control and wet helplessly, but he knew 17 years of potty training weren’t just going to go away like that. And, if he thought about it, it would be better if it didn’t - this whole thing wasn’t going to be permanent after all, and he needed to get back to a life after it. But he could worry about that after his bottle. Ryan was positively bloated after one last bottle of milk, and then Daddy sits up, throwing Ryan over his shoulder in a tight bear hug. Ryan almost hugs him back, thinking it to be just an expression of intimacy and fatherly love, but when Daddy starts roughly patting him on the back, he gives himself a small jump when he burps loudly. Ryan blushed again at his rude utterance, and Daddy stuck his pacifier straight back into his mouth. “Playtime!” He said chirpily. Chapter 9 - Play Time! Most 18-year-olds might scoff at the idea of spending their morning playing with blocks and toy cars, but Ryan was no ordinary 18-year-old; right now, that sounded like the perfect way to spend a morning after being changed into a diaper and bottlefed some delicious milk. Daddy seemed to have started off with bottlefeeding to get Ryan into the perfect babyish headspace from the get-go, and boy did it work. Sucking away happily on his pacifier (he could really get used to this, it was quite soothing), Ryan lost himself in his inner child and built towers out of blocks, grabbing the cars and sending them crashing to the ground as he rammed the cars into them. Daddy watched him, grinning from ear to ear as he observed the teenager slipping so easily into his newfound infantile role. He really did choose the perfect boy. Ryan was amazed at how entertaining this could be - an hour later, he was still playing… but more urgent matters were demanding his attention. The need to pee had grown more and more urgent with every passing minute, and Ryan even went to go to the toilet once or twice before he realised himself. He tried to wet himself, but he just couldn’t even force himself to do it - there was, unfortunately, some sort of mental roadblock preventing him from engaging in such an obviously infantile act. “Alright, baby, Daddy has things to attend to, but he’ll be back super soon, okay?” Ryan was disappointed that Daddy was leaving so soon, but he gave him a hug and Daddy gave him a little peck on the cheek (causing Ryan to blush a little) and was left to his own devices. Now on his own, Ryan became a little self-conscious again. When Daddy was playing with him and encouraging him, he didn’t mind acting so infantile, but now his inner monologue wasn’t drowned out by Daddy’s encouraging and gentle words, and it let him know how ridiculous he really looked. Ryan blushed a little again. He looked over to the mirror, and caught sight of him sucking unconsciously on the pacifier, and spat it out immediately in embarrassment. Ryan was a little concerned about how easily he seemed to be slipping into his newfound babyhood. He’d read a million stories about this - the naive young man put back into diapers and babied to the point of losing his mind and turning into a real baby. Of course those stories were mostly just thinly disguised fap material, but he still didn’t want to get too lost in it - who knows what could happen? But he had other matters to attend to right now, like the sudden return of his need to pee, stronger than ever. “All you have to do is let go and pee,” Ryan said in his mind. “Just let go, wet yourself.” Ryan looked down again at the thick padding bunched between his smooth, youthful thighs. He spent his entire adolescence fantasising of wetting a diaper, but now he couldn’t even bring himself to do it; it seemed his pride was just getting in the way. Frankly, the whole experience was tainted now. He wanted out. Daddy… the man, was still gone. Ryan knew he would be disappointed that he got cold feet, and he himself was disappointed to lose this opportunity, but Ryan just couldn’t justify carrying this charade on anymore. Like, what was he thinking? He knew he couldn’t really just get away with disappearing an entire summer. And his parents would likely find out about his secret, and then what would he do? He just had to wait for him to return and break the news. Minutes passed, though, and he still hadn’t returned. Now the urge was to pee grew painful, and Ryan was worried. What was he doing? Ryan couldn’t wait anymore. He had to go and find him. He went to stand up… …and stumbled, landing flat on his stomach. He gave himself such a fright, his bladder immediately let go and flooded his diaper. The crotch grew warm and damp as it expanded with the urine being released into it. Ryan got back onto his knees and touched the front of the diaper, still somewhat paralysed with the surprise of it. The diaper was now soggy and damp, and squelched instead of crinkled. He really did it. Ryan wet his diaper, and really it was actually somewhat of an accident. Almost immediately after, Ryan heard the distant stomp of footsteps coming closer. The man was returning. “Hello baby, I’m back,” he beamed before noticing Ryan looking down at the ground. “Is something wrong?” Ryan could finally tell him the bad news, that he was having second thoughts and wanted to leave… “I wet my diaper. Could you change me… Daddy?” Chapter 10 - Messy Time? It was a strange series of events that ultimately led to the captain of the hockey team and one of the most popular jocks in school to be laid down on a padded changing table to have his puffy wet diaper changed by a man he’d never met until today - that same man he now called his Daddy - while he sucked placidly on a bottle of juice. Ryan was thinking deep about the situation now. He’d very seriously intended on bailing on the whole charade, right up until Daddy walked back in. For some reason, as soon as he walked in, Ryan’s will just melted away. It seemed like even if he wanted to get out, he couldn’t bring himself to tell Daddy… the man… Daddy. And frankly, right now he didn’t really want to. Daddy had cooed to him after realising he was wet, praising him for being a good little boy and using his diapers just like he was meant to. It was a little embarrassing but still made him all warm and fuzzy inside. He had gently laid him out on the changing table and untaped the sodden garment, and was now wiping him down lovingly, giving Ryan yet another surprise boner. Stopping just short of climax once again, to Ryan’s building frustration, he instead went to wiping down his bottom. Ryan was lost in the ecstasy of the moment as Daddy caressed his smooth bottom… and then yelped in shock when he shoved something straight up his hole. It seemed like just his finger at first, but Ryan could’ve sworn there was still something there when he retracted his finger and, oddly, taped the wet diaper back up. That was odd. Why did he go to all that trouble just to wipe him down a little bit and put him back in the same diaper? Daddy blew a raspberry on Ryan’s stomach, making him squirm and giggle a little bit, completely pushing the diaper situation out of his mind. Ryan finished the bottle just as Daddy picked him up again and brought him over to the rocking chair. Ryan sat in Daddy’s lap while he fussed over his new baby boy, stroking his hair and patting his soggy bottom. Ryan blushed and smiled, quickly learning to grow out of his embarrassment over being coddled and babied. About a minute or so later, Ryan’s tummy started to feel funny. He thought it was just a bit of gas, and he farted loudly, giggling at Daddy’s feigned shock reaction. But it kept gurgling away, and Ryan realised with slowly creeping dread that the urge to poop was growing with unsettling speed. He looked at Daddy, who kept smiling. “Uh… I have to go poop,” Ryan said, blushing profusely. “Yeah?” Daddy cocked an eyebrow knowingly. “Well, what are we gonna do about that, little man?” “Well, uh… could you take my diaper off so I can go to the, uh, potty? …Please?” Daddy chuckled, pinched Ryan’s cheek and said, “Silly baby! Little boys in diapers don’t use the potty, remember? They do all their business in their diapers!” “Wh-what? But I don’t wanna mess… I don’t like it, this wasn’t part of the de—“ Ryan was swiftly silenced by a sharp smack on the thigh. “You will use your diapers as fully intended, baby! And yes, that does include going poopy! The only time I will ever take off your diapers is when I’m changing you into a fresh one, or when it’s bath time! If you ever try and hold off from messing, I’ll know, and I’ll give you something so you don’t have any choice. Just like the suppository I gave you just before.” Ryan started to get very uncomfortable. He really didn’t want to mess; as much as he always liked the idea of it, the current reality of actually soiling himself was a bit too intense. Admittedly, not as intense as the ever-growing urge to let go. He started to squirm in discomfort, and Daddy held him tightly, whispering in his ear. “Shhh… it’s okay, baby. Don’t worry. It’s coming, so just sit still for Daddy and let it happen.” Intense stomach cramps, wave after wave, hit Ryan and he started moaning in discomfort. Just as the urge disappeared, it immediately came rushing back harder and more intense than ever. Daddy just held him tightly in his arms, gently reassuring him and rubbing his back soothingly. “It’ll be over soon, baby boy… shhh… just let it happen!” Ryan couldn’t even struggle against Daddy’s iron grip, and could only whimper as he tried to put up a fight against his ever-weakening bowel muscles. Eventually, Ryan finally farted like he had never done before, followed by another big, slightly runny fart, and finally, all at once, a hot rush of mushy, warm poo completely filled into his diaper and smeared all over his bottom and even up his crotch. Ryan was in shock. He had never even crapped himself as a child, but now here he was, the high school graduate in a completely soiled diaper. Daddy released Ryan from his grip, still patting his back. “There there, little man…” he gently whispered. “All better?” Ryan was petrified with shock, unable to muster the ability to speak at all let alone reply to him, so he just nodded without making a sound. “Good boy. And stinky boy for sure! Big poopies for such a little guy, guess you really do need these big thick diapers, huh?” Daddy beamed and patted Ryan’s bottom, mushing it about even more and making him squirm in discomfort. Ryan was genuinely humiliated, and Daddy noticed. “Aww… is widdle Ryan embarrassed about his stinky winkies? It’s OK to make poopies, little guy! That’s why Daddy keeps you in diapers, after all. Daddy thinks you need a change though. Don’t you agree?” Ryan nodded again, still too humiliated to speak. “Hmm, I’m not sure… you need to ask Daddy nicely.” Ryan swallowed, trying to clear the lump in his throat. “Wil-will you change me please?” He received a sharp slap on the thigh for that. “That’s not how little babies ask for their diapies to be changed! You need to tell daddy what you’ve done, and ask him very nicely to help.” Ryan blushed furiously, harder than ever. He put on a babyish tone and slowly said, “Daddy… I made poopies in my diapee… Can you change me… pwease?” Daddy pinched Ryan’s cheek and gave him a few good bounces on the knee, smushing the mess about again. “Good baby!” He exclaimed. “Time for a change.” Chapter 11 - A Change Well Earned Ryan was in something of a state of shock as Daddy carried him gently over to the changing table. He couldn’t quite believe that he had really done that; just completely soiled himself, let alone in front of another person. He was petrified with humiliation and felt incredibly babyish, much like he did being bottle fed earlier. But this wasn’t the soothing, innocent babyish feeling like that one; Ryan felt completely helpless and at his Daddy’s mercy as he was gingerly laid down onto the table. This, he realised, was the reality of being a baby: complete and utter powerlessness over yourself. Ryan was brought back to reality as his soiled diapered butt made contact with the table. He was blushing furiously, and must’ve looked as if he was ready to cry or something as Daddy pushed his pacifier between his lips. Ryan gladly accepted it and placidly sucked while Daddy set to work untaping his diaper. Daddy exclaimed as the offensive bundle was released from Ryan’s side and the smell escaped. “Goodness me, Ryan, you are definitely a stinky baby huh?” Ryan could only blush and close his eyes as he sucked harder on the pacifier, trying hard to distract himself. Daddy just smiled at Ryan’s embarrassment as he started wiping his messy bottom down. “Don’t be embarrassed, tiger. Babies don’t need to use the potty after all. It’s OK to make poopies in your diapies. We’ll have lots more smelly diapers to come, don’t you worry. You’ll get used to it.” Funnily enough, despite (or maybe because of) Ryan’s intense humiliation, he was now completely rock-hard. Daddy noticed, and teased him a little bit by stroking his cock a little bit. He stopped before Ryan could climax, making him huff in frustration. Daddy grinned at this outburst. “Aww, I’m sorry baby, did you wanna cum? Poor baby. Daddy’s gotta make sure you aren’t naughty and playing with yourself. So if you’re a good boy, he might let you cum.” Ryan got the gist. As long as he didn’t act up or protest or resist, he would eventually get his reward. Daddy finished cleaning Ryan’s poopy butt off, and got him all nice and clean and taped up into a dry, clean new diaper. Daddy sat him up, patted his crinkly bottom and said, “Now there’s a happy baby. All cleaned up and changed into a nice clean diaper. What do you say?” “Fankyoo Daddy,” Ryan said, forgetting about the pacifier in his mouth that garbled his speech. Daddy chuckled as Ryan blushed. “I think it’s about lunch time!” Chapter 12 - A Nutritious Lunch Over the past few hours Ryan had been through so much in the name of babying that compared to shitting his diaper, being fed lunch wasn’t really anything at all to him. Daddy picked Ryan up and threw him over his shoulder with ease as he carried him downstairs to the kitchen, one hand cheerfully patting his diapered bum. A big highchair sat by the table where a normal chair might sit, complete with a “seat belt” strap in the seat and wrist restraints. Thankfully Daddy didn’t strap Ryan’s arms into those, but he did strap him into the seat before sliding the tray into place. Noticing Ryan’s concerned face at the wrist straps, Daddy said, “Those are only for naughty babies who make a fuss at mealtime. But you’re a good baby, right Ryan?” He nodded. Daddy set to work preparing Ryan’s lunch. He couldn’t see what he was preparing, but it smelled… Interesting. A few minutes later, Daddy came over with a big yellow Winnie-the-Pooh bib to tie around Ryan’s neck, before setting down a bowl of steaming mush. “Ready for num nums?” Daddy asked. Almost as if on cue, Ryan’s tummy rumbled audibly. He blushed as Daddy took his paci out and grabbed a spoonful of mush. “Here comes the Choo-Choo train!” Ryan didn’t really know how to react, so he didn’t open his mouth in time before the spoon collided with his lips, smushing the spoonful on his chin. “Silly baby,” Daddy chuckled, “Open wide now!” Ryan opened up and let the spoon fill his mouth. He gagged a little at the taste - mashed carrot. He couldn’t help but dribble a little bit more onto his bib. He felt, and no doubt in his mind looked absolutely ridiculous. But before he could even finish swallowing, Daddy had another spoonful on its way. Daddy fed Ryan at this speed throughout, ensuring that he couldn’t quite stop himself from missing or making a mess every now and then. Daddy retrieved a second bowl, this time of mashed apple, and repeated the process. Ryan was pretty full by the end of it, and an absolute mess - face, chin and bib covered in mushy baby food. But before Ryan was released, Daddy gave him one more bottle of milk, which he eagerly lapped down. Daddy finally wiped Ryan’s face clean with his bib, before releasing him and burping him again. Ryan was feeling positively blissful. After a somewhat traumatic experience in messing his diaper, he was now fed, burped and feeling really quite sleepy. Daddy picked up on this. “Hmm, baby’s getting sleepy huh? I think widdle Ryan needs a nap. Come on, daddy’ll put you down in your crib.” Putting his paci back in his mouth, Ryan placidly sucked as Daddy took him upstairs and laid him down in the big, cosy crib. Daddy pulled the curtains shut, and gave Ryan a cute teddy to cuddle while he tucked him in. “Sleep tight my beautiful baby boy,” Daddy whispered lovingly. “You’re going to love it here.” With a kiss on the forehead, Daddy raised the side of the crib and locked it into place, before turning on the stars and planets that hung over Ryan’s head making them spin. He locked the door behind him. Ryan was in bliss. He felt so light and fluffy, watching the stars spin as his eyes felt heavier and heavier. Before he fell asleep totally, he felt another urge to pee. But to his surprise, he found he could just let go and flood his diaper again, feeling the crinkly plastic grow warm and expand with his sogginess. Ryan smiled as he sucked his paci and closed his eyes, drifting peacefully off to a dreamless sleep. This was perfect. Chapter 13 - Lessons Learned Ryan learned a lot of things over that next week or so, living with Daddy. Lesson Number 1: life as a baby is very routine. After the first day, Daddy had quickly settled Ryan into a very consistent and repetitive daily routine. He’d wake up around 7.30, waiting for Daddy to come greet him before taking him downstairs for a spoon fed breakfast in his highchair (usually oatmeal and a bottle of milk). Following that, Daddy would take Ryan up for a diaper change into his outfit for the day - sometimes a cute onesie, a pair of shortalls, even just a T-shirt sometimes, but always with a thick, crinkly diaper around his waist. Then it was playtime for a few hours; he’d play with the toys and blocks and cars, which Daddy occasionally played along with, or if he was extra good he could watch some Teletubbies or Barney on the TV. Then it’d be lunch in the highchair around 12 or 1, followed by a nap in the crib for an hour or so. After his nap, Ryan would play for a bit more until dinner, followed by a bath, one last bottle and bedtime at 7pm sharp. Throughout the day there would be at least 3 or 4 wet diaper changes (and usually at least one messy one too), and playtime was occasionally interrupted for a bottle in daddy’s lap. This leads into Lesson Number 2: it was pretty easy to slip into the baby role once you stopped getting so embarrassed about it. Ryan was a mess of embarrassment and shame on his first day as a baby. But once he realised that no one here was going to judge him in any way, he was able to just lose himself in his newfound infancy and enjoy the complete lack of worry and responsibility that life as an infant enabled. He could play with the trucks and blocks as much as he pleased and he didn’t have to worry about school, work, money, parents, anything. Hell, he didn’t even have to worry about wiping his own ass anymore. After a few days, Daddy let Ryan cum too. But the catch was, since he wasn’t allowed to touch his diaper, he had to hump himself to climax. Ryan was so backed up that it still didn’t take long for him to absolutely explode, and Daddy praised him, reminding him that as long as he’s good and Daddy doesn’t have to punish him, he can do that again very soon. And once he got over that embarrassment hurdle, inhabiting the mind space was also easy. He grew to love the soothing rhythm of sucking on a bottle of milk. He could just let go into his diaper knowing Daddy would always be there to clean him up afterward. Even the TV shows were really entertaining once you stop caring about how old you supposedly “really” are. Life as a baby was pretty sweet. Except when it wasn’t, which brings Ryan to Lesson Number 3: being a baby kinda sucks sometimes. First of all, babies do kinda lead boring lives. They watch simple TV shows, and play with simple toys, and always need to be cared for and kept safe at every moment. There’s no excitement or risk; the biggest thrill ride of the day was if Ryan got to watch two episodes of Dora the Explorer instead of one. And the routine was repetitive sometimes to the point of mind numbing. Ryan had to struggle to remember what day it was, because they all blurred into one. Not to mention all the rules he had to follow and privileges he was no longer allowed. He wasn’t allowed to talk like a “big boy”, as Daddy said, and although he was warned at first if he didn’t talk in a sufficiently babyish manner, eventually Daddy would spank him every time and make him keep his pacifier in his mouth for a few hours. It wasn’t the only thing that would earn Ryan a spanking now either; refusing food, standing up instead of crawling, playing with himself, resisting a diaper change or doing anything that wasn’t totally consistent with a baby’s mindset was severely punished. And because Ryan inevitably slipped up at least once a day, it meant that since the first time he came, he had yet to earn the privilege again a week later. He was so frustrated but even trying to touch himself only meant he had to wait longer still. His least favourite punishment came about because he wouldn’t stop touching himself - Daddy put his hands in super thick white mittens that stopped him from being able to even play with his toys, let alone play with himself. He felt impossibly infantile with them, and vowed never to touch himself for the rest of the stay if that was the punishment. And there were countless other things about adult life that Ryan never even thought about until he was no longer permitted them. His diet now consisted solely of spoonfed mushy baby food and bottles of either juice or daddy’s specially made milk, and he certainly was never allowed to feed himself. The early bedtimes were also kind of a drag, especially since the sun would still peek through the curtains in the evening as he was tucked into his crib. Even Daddy was kinda getting to him in a way; he was intent on making sure Ryan knew he was the baby in this situation, so he always talked to him as if he were talking to a one-year-old. He never called him just Ryan; it was always ‘baby Ryan’, or even just ‘baby’ or ‘little man’. The lamest thing about being a baby was the complete lack of privacy it now meant. Daddy had complete authority over every single aspect of Ryan’s life now - he controlled when and what he ate, what he did, what he wore, when he slept, even what he said. Ryan had no independence or control over himself whatsoever. He was truly as helpless and dependent as a little baby. But it was easy enough to just lose yourself in the baby life. In fact, this led Ryan to the final Lesson, Number 4: it was kinda too easy to lose yourself in the baby life. Daddy was very intent on Ryan being dependent on his diapers for all his needs - he fed him lots of bottles to make sure he was constantly taking in fluids and thus constantly wetting. Even worse, he gave Ryan more than a few more suppositories after the first one to get him messing with ease. And they both worked with almost frightening effectiveness - Ryan didn’t even need to force himself to wet within a few days as he’d just let go and start peeing, and by the 6th day he just had to push a little bit before he found himself sitting in a messy smelly diaper. By the 9th day, Ryan started waking up soaked with no memory of wetting in the night. By that next afternoon, he was playing with his trucks when he felt his diaper suddenly growing warm as he wet himself unknowingly. Ryan was increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that he seemed to be losing control of his bodily functions against his will. But it wasn’t just his toilet training that seemed to be reversing. With all the forced pacifier use as punishment for big boy talk, Ryan started to really get fixated on it. He really did enjoy just sucking on it, and it was the best way to calm down if he was upset after a punishment. Once or twice, when it wasn’t nearby, he would instead start sucking on his thumb subconsciously. The baby treatment had physical implications too. The diet of baby food and milk meant Ryan’s messes became runnier and easier to just let go. And the diet combined with the lack of physical stimulation meant Ryan’s ripped chest and stomach had already started to devolve into a slightly chubbier build. He’d need to hit the gym big time at the end of this, he noted. No doubt a significant time on a diet like this would weaken him beyond help. Most of all though, Ryan was just bored with the routine. Daddy could tell. Ryan needed some excitement. So on the 13th day of his stay, Daddy got up extra early to prepare for Ryan’s big day. He packed a big Winnie-the-Pooh bag full of powder, wipes, an outfit change, a bottle, paci, bib, and a few diapers of course. All ready for his day out. Chapter 14 - A Grand Day Out Ryan stirred as the sunlight streamed in through the bars of the crib. Opening his eyes, he adjusted to the sight of his nursery he had grown so accustomed to over the past 13 days. He moaned behind his pacifier and grabbed Robbie, his favourite rabbit plushie. His diaper felt incredibly damp and saggy between his legs. It was a fantastic feeling, even if concerning that bed wetting was now a very real thing for him. He was rock hard but didn’t dare even hump the crib without daddy’s permission. Another day locked in mittens didn’t sound pleasant in any way whatsoever. Nonetheless, the blue onesie (complete with tiny little bottles and teddies all over!) strained against the heavy diaper, pressing it tight against Ryan’s crotch. At least it felt good. Daddy came in right on schedule. “Rise and shine my baby boy, time for num nums!” Ryan rolled over and couldn’t help but smile up at Daddy. For all of his strictness and control, he was always loving and cheerful… At least when Ryan wasn’t being punished, that is. “How’s my baby doing this morning? Hmm, soaked as usual… But at least you’re not leaky today!” Ryan blushed. Yesterday morning he was so wet that he had actually leaked through his diaper and soaked his sheets. Daddy wasn’t mad at him, but he did say that if it happened again, Ryan would need to wear double thick diapers to bed from now on. The diapers he already wore were thick enough without extra layers, so he was quietly grateful he didn’t have to endure that, and grateful his bed wetting wasn’t quite at crisis mode… Yet. Daddy lowered the crib side and picked Ryan up over his shoulder to carry him downstairs. He set him up in the highchair and strapped him in, pottering about preparing breakfast. Ryan was grateful not to have his arms strapped down this time - Daddy had done so three days ago, when he had earned his hands in mittens. That wasn’t a fun day. Bib around his neck and paci out, Daddy set to work feeding Ryan his breakfast. Oatmeal was on the menu today, and as usual Daddy somehow seemed to make sure Ryan still ended up with mush over his face, chin and bib. While Ryan sucked on his usual morning milk, Daddy sat down to his own breakfast - bacon and eggs on toast. It had been so long since he’d had solid foods, Ryan had almost forgotten what it tastes like. Two weeks on a diet of mush meant he didn’t really notice the taste anymore, but he still missed big boy food. He was grateful then that his time was almost over. The bottle finished, Daddy cleaned Ryan up and burped him, before carrying him upstairs again to get ready for the day. “Big day for you today, little guy!” Daddy said as he laid Ryan down on the changing table. He untapped the sodden garment and wiped Ryan’s damp crotch down as usual… But instead of taping another thick diaper around his waist, Daddy slid a pair of white briefs through Ryan’s feet and up around his waist. What was going on? “Daddy has some errands that he needs to do today. Normally I’d get a babysitter for you, but it’s not possible at such short notice, so instead you’ll be coming with me today! Are you ready to be a big boy just for today, baby?” Ryan flushed with nerves. He was anxious about anyone seeing him in this state… But, he reasoned, at least Daddy wasn’t making him go out diapered. And it’s not like he had anything resembling a choice these days anyway. Daddy dressed Ryan up in a light blue polo shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers with ankle socks. He looked a bit like an overgrown child, but he supposed at least that was better than an overgrown baby. Ryan was strapped into the car seat again, but that wasn’t so bad. If he knew what was coming for him on his outing with Daddy, however, he might’ve just preferred the mittens at home. Chapter 15 - Big Boy Denied If Ryan thought that just because Daddy dressed him as a somewhat more mature kid rather than a complete infant, that meant he would be treating him as more of an equal… Well, he was sorely mistaken. As soon as Daddy pulled into the parking lot of the mall and unbuckled him from his car seat, Ryan was made to hold Daddy’s hand wherever they went, from the bank to the hardware store. Since Daddy looked old enough to be Ryan’s actual father, it made at least a few people do a double take and raise an eyebrow at the late teenager in the juvenile outfit holding the older mans hand. But to Ryan’s moderate relief, most people didn’t really look twice. It felt really weird to be walking around in normal underwear again. Ryan was now so used to having a thick layer of crinkly plastic padding encasing his crotch 24/7 that he felt oddly naked in just the thin white cotton briefs. Not to mention the baby talk which still didn’t quite relent much at all; Daddy still talked to Ryan as if he was really a toddler. “You want a lollipop, little guy?” He asked while they were in line at the pharmacy. Ryan nodded, blushing since there were definitely other people in earshot. “And one lollipop for my special little guy!” He exclaimed once they reached the counter. The cashier smiled tentatively at Ryan, who avoided eye contact. “Ryan loves lollipops, don’t you? Here you go, little guy. What do you say?” Not even daring to look up, Ryan muttered, “Thank you.” Daddy looked sternly at him while squeezing his hand and said, “I think you can do better than that, Ryan. Say thank you to the nice lady for your lollipop.” Ryan blushed a furious red as he looked up and made eye contact with the still-smiling woman and said in a slightly shaking voice, “Thank you for the lollipop. Daddy just tutted. “Kids,” he said to the cashier with a chuckle. She laughed in response, but was clearly very bemused by the entire situation. Ryan popped the lollipop into his mouth to distract himself from the embarrassment, especially since everyone behind them in line was now staring. He really quite enjoyed the lollipop a surprising amount; probably because it reminded him of his paci which he found himself craving a lot. “Okay tiger, we’ve just gotta stop in at the grocery store and then we’ll get you some McDonald’s for being such a good boy today!” Ryan beamed with happiness - finally some food that wasn’t just mush! Before they went into the store, Daddy grabbed a large bag from the backseat and put it around his shoulder. Ryan knew not to question daddy so he said nothing. Daddy led him by the hand again into the store. It was around the dairy aisle that the cramps started to hit Ryan. It was nearly 11am - around this time every day he would have his morning mess, and the bowel train was right on schedule. He almost just let go right there, until he remembered that he wasn’t in a diaper. Shit, that was a close one. He tugged at Daddy’s arm. “Yes, what is it sport?” “I, uh… I have to go potty.” “Oh yeah? Well, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait until we get to McDonald’s, sport. There’s no bathroom here.” Ryan whined, but Daddy slapped his wrist and he shut up. Daddy was taking his time with the groceries, and as Ryan realised, it took a lot more effort holding it in now than it did two weeks ago. He knew that if he let his mind wander for just a few moments, his body would take over and he’d immediately lose contr— “Hey Ryan, you’re back! Wait, who’s that guy and why are you… Uh, holding his hand?” Ryan froze, first at the sound of Jeremy Linnard’s voice and then at the all-too-familiar sensation of his bowels immediately letting loose, first with a loud fart followed by the seat of his pants filling with a big stinking mushy poop. Sensing the all-clear, his bladder followed suit as he completely flooded his shorts and even made a puddle where he stood. Jeremy and his buddies stared mouth agape as his hockey buddy wet his pants and messed himself all while holding the hand of some older man. “Ryan… Dude… Did you just wet yourself?” The others stared in shock as Daddy turned around. Ryan was completely petrified. “Aww, did my baby boy have an accident? Someone couldn’t even wait until we got to McDonald’s. Oh look at you, you’re soaked! And… Oh my goodness, you went poopies too didn’t you?” There was now a considerable audience to Ryan’s predicament. He could feel tears of humiliation building as Daddy put his arm around him. “Don’t worry little Ryan, Daddy’s here. C’mon, let’s get you changed and cleaned up.” Daddy escorted Ryan away, making sure to walk straight through Jeremy’s group. “Excuse me boys, my lil guy had a big accident so he needs to be changed.” Ryan didn’t dare make eye contact with any of his friends, but he could hear them immediately burst into laughter as daddy walked him to the checkout. “Excuse me ma’am, but my boy here had an accident. Do you think there’s a toilet or changing room nearby where we can get him cleaned up?” The cashier directed Daddy to a changing room nearby. Ryan could feel the eyes of the entire store on him as he was escorted away. He couldn’t help it anymore; he started sobbing. He had never felt so humiliated and degraded in his life. He actually just had an accident in public. Not only that, he shat himself in front of his friends. What the hell were they going to think of him now? Chapter 16 - Back to Basics... Again Once they were alone in the changing room, Daddy threw his arms around Ryan and grabbed him in a tight bear hug. “Shhh… It’s ok, little guy. Daddy knew he shouldn’t trust you in big boy pants. Back to diapers for you. Let’s get you all cleaned up and dressed properly, okay?” Ryan calmed down a little, and just sniffled as daddy unfolded a big changing mat over the cold linoleum floor. He closed his eyes as Daddy pulled his shorts and peeled his briefs off. Ryan dared to peek again as Daddy tutted. “Definitely not a big boy, even these shorts are ruined!” Indeed, the back of the shorts was stained brown as the mess had seeped through his briefs. He couldn’t stop himself whimpering again. “Shhh, don’t cry baby. Here.” Daddy pushed Ryan’s paci into his mouth, and he started sucking immediately. He didn’t care how babyish he felt, it was the only thing that made him feel better right now. After wiping Ryan’s thoroughly poopy bottom down, Daddy pulled out a bottle of powder and not one, but two thick diapers from the bag he had brought in. How coincidental that as soon as Daddy had brought that bag with him, Ryan had a huge accident that necessitated it… Except maybe it wasn’t an accident. Well, it certainly was for Ryan… But maybe Daddy had planned it all. He wanted Ryan to mess in public so he could humiliate him beyond anything else he’d ever experienced. Ryan felt so desperately helpless. He was now beginning to realise just how much power Daddy had over his life. Daddy powdered him up and taped both diapers around his waist. One was thick by itself, but this was something else. “That was a big accident you had, little man. It’s a good thing Daddy packed a change of clothes too, you ruined these shorts and briefs! Daddy’s gotta keep you in double diapers for a while, I think, if you’re having such big accidents. Don’t wanna risk ruining any else of your nice clothes.” Daddy pulled out a change of outfit - his “favourite” light blue T-shirt with tiny teddy bears and bottles adorning every inch, and a pair of denim shortalls with a Winnie-the-Pooh print adorning the bib and snaps in the crotch for easy diaper access. Ryan tried to blink back the tears as Daddy dressed him in the humiliatingly infantile outfit. He got terrified for a moment when it seemed like the snaps weren’t going to fit over his diapers, but thankfully they eventually snapped into place. But that was only a small consolation. Standing up, Ryan still looked incredibly infantile; the shortalls did absolutely nothing to hide the massive diaper bulge and the plastic rims even peeked out of the leg holes. His butt looked massive, and if it wasnt obvious enough to almost anyone that he was wearing a big diaper underneath his clothes, the forced waddle caused by his legs being spread apart by the thick plastic and the extremely audible crinkle was proof. And the Velcro shoes and socks combo may have made him look like a bit of a kid before, but now combined with his new outfit, he looked nothing more than an absolute baby. “Good baby,” Daddy chuckled. “One last thing…” He retrieved a Winnie the Pooh pacifier clip from the bag, and attached it to his shortalls bib. “Daddy knows how much you love your binkie little man, so this is so you don’t lose it.” Ryan suckled in meek appreciation. “Okay, back to shopping and then lunch!” Chapter 17 - Baby on Board Ryan felt as if the eyes of the entire store were on him as Daddy marched him by the hand toward the cashier. It didn’t matter that no one was particularly staring aside from a few double takes. The undeniably and overtly infantile outfit, the massive bulge in his crotch, the obvious crinkle sound that Ryan made with every step that now seemed louder than ever (or maybe Ryan was just more conscious of it than ever), and of course the goofy waddle that the thick diapers and Daddy’s brisk stride forced him into… Ryan would’ve felt completely humiliated even if there was no one in the store at all. “Sorry about that,” Daddy said cheerfully to the cashier. “My poor lil guy had an accident so we had to get him all changed and dressed more appropriately.” Ryan blushed furiously as Daddy ruffled his hair. The cashier smiled at Ryan bemusedly, looking his outfit up and down. Ryan realised he had still been sucking away on his paci the whole time and spat it out immediately. “Ah ah ah, you keep that in for now, little guy.” Daddy immediately retrieved the pacifier hanging down on Ryan’s front and shoved it back in his mouth. Ryan whined quietly to himself. “You just keep sucking on your binkie until Daddy says so.” He turned to the cashier and chuckled, shaking his head. “Kids…” The cashier continued staring at Ryan even while he was scanning the items. “So if you don’t mind me asking,” he started, “why is he dressed like a baby and all? It’s a pretty good costume.” “Oh this isn’t a costume,” Daddy smiled, “these are little Ryan’s normal clothes! He is kind of just a big baby boy, you see. He uses his diapers, sleeps in his crib and plays with his toys and everything. Normally at home I just keep him in a T-shirt and diaper; makes it easier to see when he needs changing. He’s a little stinker, all right! Aww, he’s embarrassed. It’s ok, little guy, we’ll go get you some lunch now, yeah?” Ryan was just about in tears again as Daddy led him out of the store finally. He could’ve sworn he saw the cashier whip out his phone and record his crinkly waddling bottom as he left. Finally he was in the car, the car seat straps feeling even tighter against Ryan’s massively puffy crotch. Daddy pinched his cheek and smiled. “Don’t worry baby, you’re still a good boy even if you did have a big accident. It’s ok, daddy just knows now that he needs to keep you in diapers properly now. Let’s go get you some num nums!” Ryan was at least happy to have some reprieve from the constant baby food. It was almost a slight relenting in Daddy’s constant babying, in a way. Except for the fact that Daddy still chose his meal for him (a happy meal, which daddy cut up for him), he still had to wear his bib, Daddy still fed him and he still had to drink his milk from his bottle - Daddy specially requested the cashier to put his milk in his bottle. And Ryan still ended up a mess with ketchup all over his face as per usual. Before leaving, Daddy stuck a finger into his shortalls; he was indeed wet. He didn’t even remember going at all. “Soggy already! Well, it’s about time we headed home anyway. You’re well overdue for your nap. Those double diapers can hold a lot, so I won’t need to change you for a bit.” He was right; Ryan was already getting sleepy. It was a totally exhausting day. The rest of the afternoon played out much as usual. After his nap, Daddy thankfully changed him into his normal diapers, and he watched some Teletubbies for being a good boy. After the usual mushy dinner and a bath, he was put down to bed. The events of the day out earlier were still vivid in Ryan’s mind. You might wonder why he didn’t just try and escape or protest against Daddy’s humiliating treatment of him. Well, it was pretty simple - starting from the moment he messed himself in the store, Ryan was completely rock hard, more so than he had ever been in his life. The experience was humiliating, sure, but it was also incredibly hot and one of his deepest fantasies brought to life. And now he was still just as horny as then. He was going to be a good boy for Daddy and not touch it… but fuck it, he’d be going home tomorrow anyway and he wouldn’t be able to sleep with this anyway. He rolled onto his front and started vigorously humping the crib mattress. He furiously sucked his pacifier as he quickly approached climax, thinking of what a stinky, naughty baby he had been and how Daddy had humiliated him. He completely exploded into his diaper, barely suppressing his moans. He rolled back onto his back and smiled. Tomorrow he’d have some explaining to do to his friends, but he’d cross that bridge when he got to it. Tonight was his last chance to enjoy this blissful sensation, before he went home the next day to his big life. Of course, he wouldn’t be going anywhere. But he didn’t know that. He just sucked his paci, cuddled his plushie and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, his diaper growing warm and wet as he did. Chapter 18 - This Is Your Home Now And so Ryan woke up that morning to Daddy gently shaking him awake, saying that his time was up and that it’s time for him to go back home now. Ryan was sad to leave, but grateful that he was now able to return to his normal life after two whole weeks as a baby. He could walk, talk like an adult, use the bathroom and eat proper food! He felt kinda silly in his briefs after two weeks of diapers, but he was happy he had this experience. It was fun being a baby, but he was glad it wouldn’t be a full time dealio; he just wouldn’t be able to handle that. He burst into his front door and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” His mom came bustling into the foyer and gave him a big hug. “How did you guys go when I was gone?” “Oh we did fine, your father just did some work on the garage and I kept myself busy with the office work and all that. And how was your trip? Did you see lots of sights and good morning baby boy! Rise and shine, time for num nums!” Ryan froze. "Wait… what did you say? His mom was still smiling as she broke away from him and continued. “Goodness me you’re a soggy baby this morning!” “Wha’ the he’ iss goin’ on?!” Ryan said, or more appropriately mumbled, because his speech was garbled by the pacifier now in his mouth. Mom suddenly grabbed his diapered crotch, which was definitely wet. Wait a minute… diapered?! Ryan looked down and found himself suddenly dressed in a light blue Care Bears onesie with a very thick (and soggy) bulge in his crotch that could only mean he was well diapered and in need of a change. “Let’s get you changed, baby boy,” Mom said, but this time, her voice was much deeper and masculine, just like Daddy’s voic– Ryan awoke with a start to Daddy leaning over him in his crib, lowering the side rail. “Well good morning sleepy head!” Ryan looked around to see himself still in the nursery. It was just a dream, then. But today was still the day for him to go home. “You’re a soggy little baby boy aren’t you? Almost leaking, even! Daddy’s gonna have to put you in thicker diapers for bedtime from now on, I think.” From now on? But Ryan was going home today. Daddy really was committed to the role play. Daddy picked him up and changed his soggy bottom as usual. He got ready for his sodden diaper to be replaced with the thin white briefs that would herald his return to adulthood… only to find his nostrils confronted with the sweet smell of baby powder, his ears with a distinct plastic crinkling sound, and when he opened them, his eyes with the sight of a thick diaper being unfolded for Daddy to tape onto Ryan’s waist. Was he going to be sent home in a diaper? Perhaps a memento of his stay? Ryan was quietly contemplating while Daddy set to work at his usual routine, sliding the diaper underneath Ryan’s bum and taping it round his waist. And then his outfit… Daddy retrieved a blue Sesame Street snap shouldered T-shirt, but nothing else over his diaper. Ryan was a bit confused now. Surely he wasn’t going to send him home in this? Breakfast time, and Ryan was still confused. It had definitely been two weeks, but there was not a single change in Daddy’s demeanour as he spoonfed Ryan in his highchair and bib as he had always done these last fourteen days. Ryan went to try and ask Daddy when he would be going home today, but was swiftly silenced with a spoonful of oatmeal. One baba and a burping later, and Daddy took Ryan back upstairs, sat him down and looked him in the eye. This must be it. “Playtime, baby Ryan!” Or not. “Daddy…” Ryan said hesitantly, not sure how to put it. “Yes, sport?” “Well, I mean… uh…” “Come on little man, use your words.” “Well it’s been fourteen days now…” “Goodness me, has it? Well, the time flies doesn’t it?” He chuckled and picked Ryan up, taking him over to the rocking chair and sit him on his knee. “Uh… So when was I gonna go home?” Daddy chuckled again and bounced Ryan on his knee. “Silly baby! You are home.” Ryan was extremely lost. “No, I mean, it’s over now, and I get to go back home to my normal life and–” “This is your home now, baby. And this is your normal life now too. You’ll be living with Daddy from now on.” Ryan paused, and then it dawned on him what he was saying. “But-- no, you can’t do tha–” Ryan was immediately silenced as Daddy tutted and shoved Ryan’s pacifier into his open mouth - but this time he secured it with a strap so that he couldn’t spit it out. This was immediately followed by his hands being encased in the mittens that he usually earned for touching himself. His eyes went wide with fear and he tried to protest, but as usual the pacifier reduced all his words to incomprehensible babble. Daddy smiled and grabbed Ryan closely, rocking back and forth as he gently rubbed the terrified boy’s back. “There there, little baby… it’s ok, Daddy’s got you. You thought that Daddy was going to let you go back to your big boy life now, didn’t you?” He chuckled again. “Silly baby. Daddy knows what little Ryan needs, and it’s not big boy pants. Because you’re not a big boy anymore, Ryan. You really are just a little baby who needs to be back in diapers permanently. I mean, just look at what happened yesterday when you went poopy in your pants! No, you’ll be living with Daddy for good from now on. But don’t worry, it’s ok, Daddy knows just what his little baby wants and needs. He doesn’t need any of those silly big boy things like school or cars; he just needs his paci, his baba, his teddy and his daddy to change his diapies whenever!” Daddy sniffed and smiled deviously at Ryan. “Oh, in fact, I think Ryan might need that last one right away!” Ryan was thoroughly confused, until Daddy cheerfully patted his diapered bum, and Ryan felt a sensation that had never felt so horrific - the distinct smushing of poop up against his butt, and the unfortunate smell of a very stinky diaper. Ryan was petrified in complete shock. He had absolutely no memory of even feeling the need to mess, let alone actually doing it. In just two weeks, had he really just been completely un-potty trained?! His emotions were in a daze as Daddy pinched his cheek and said, “don’t worry baby, Daddy is always here to change your stinky diapers.” Ryan was completely checked out as Daddy changed his diaper and laid him down in the crib for an early nap time. But this time, Daddy strapped him down tightly to the mattress, ensuring he could barely move an inch let alone try and escape. “I know you’re probably upset about not going back to big boy pants,” Daddy cooed as he tucked Ryan in. “But you’ll learn to love it, little man. Daddy just wants what’s best for you, and it just so happens that what’s best is that you’re kept in diapers and as a baby for your own good.” He kissed Ryan on the forehead, eyes still wide with fear, and closed the curtains before locking the door behind him. Ryan looked around him, since it was the only thing he could do. He couldn’t move his legs, or his arms, or even his fingers since they were encased in super thick padded mittens. He couldn’t even talk, only suck on his pacifier that was strapped around his head. He looked at the bars of the crib, now seeming like the bars to his infantile jail cell. All Ryan had wanted was two weeks to live out his fantasy, and then straight back home, no strings attached. Well, he got his wish. Ryan kept sucking away on his pacifier - he couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to. It just made him so calm and peaceful. Even after everything that had just happened, he could feel himself drifting off to sleep somehow. His mind was screaming to resist, to stay awake knowing that this was just part of Daddy’s plan. He had to try and escape at the first possible opportunity. But right now the sleep was overwhelming - Ryan could barely keep his eyes open, and the rhythmic sucking didn’t stop. The last thing Ryan before he closed his eyes was the “Baby Ryan” sign emblazoned above his crib. Two weeks ago, Ryan thought it was a cute nickname and a sign of his role in the little role play. But right now, it was clear that this wasn’t a cute nickname anymore - “Baby Ryan” was no longer role play, it was a life sentence. Chapter 19 - The Next Morning Ryan squinted as he woke up, the bright early morning sunlight streaming in from the windows. He had that dream again, that he was back to his normal life and treated like an adult once more. As his eyes came into focus, he saw the bars of the crib and his wider nursery again that confirmed it was all just a dream - he was indeed still trapped under Daddy’s care, still in diapers, and still a baby. The events of last night, indeed, were not a dream. He groaned and sucked his pacifier as he cuddled Robbie, his favourite plushie, as the distinct aroma of a super wet diaper greeted his nostrils. Normally he might try and enjoy this sensation, but yesterday Daddy had locked Ryan’s “peepee”, as he called it, in a chastity cage preventing him from even getting a boner, let alone being able to play with it. Ryan sighed as he rubbed his eyes - or tried to anyway, since the mittens stopped his fingers from actually doing anything. He wasn’t strapped down to the crib anymore, but that’s only because Daddy didn’t need to do it - the bars of Ryan’s crib were high enough that he couldn’t get any real grip with his mittens to climb out. He was truly trapped in this infantile prison. Things had changed dramatically since Daddy had abandoned all pretense of letting Ryan go the day before. He was still babied - Daddy still fed him, dressed him, changed his diapers and cared for him in every way. But it had changed for sure. Ryan didn’t feel calm or at peace anymore. Now that he knew Daddy fully intended on keeping him forever, Ryan felt completely helpless to resist. He was now hyper-aware of how little control he had over his life now, and how much he was really beginning to regress. Yesterday he really did make poopies in his diaper without even realising… He barely had time to mull this over before Daddy came striding in, his usual jovial self. “Good morning baby! How’s my good little baby this morning?” He grabbed Ryan firmly and turned him over, so he could unbutton his onesie and check his diaper. Ryan noticed that much of the gentleness Daddy treated him with previously had all but evaporated, replaced with a sort of firmness that only made Ryan feel even more helpless as Daddy pulled the back of Ryan’s diaper. “Just soggy,” Daddy chuckled. “Good baby,” he pinched Ryan’s blushing cheek. “Time for num nums!” Daddy released Ryan from his crib and picked him up to carry him down to the kitchen. Daddy had fixed Ryan the usual breakfast of mushy oatmeal, and after locking him in the highchair tightly, he went about the usual routine of tying the bib round Ryan’s neck and getting his bottle ready. But before taking Ryan’s pacifier out, he gave him a stern look. “Now Ryan, you’ve got two choices. You can kick up a fuss and try and act like a big boy if you want. But all that’s going to earn you is your binkie back in your mouth, a good spanking and the rest of the day in the crib with an enema cleanout to stop your fussing. Or, you can be a good baby and eat your num nums for dadda without a fuss at all. So, tell me - are you going to be a good baby?” Ryan sucked on his paci and nodded up at Daddy. He knew this wasn’t the right time to try and formulate an escape anyway - he had to make Daddy let his guard down, and as much as he hated it, Ryan knew that meant he had to fully submit to the treatment at least for a bit. Daddy removed the pacifier straps and finally let Ryan’s jaw move freely again. “I want to hear you say it. Are you going to act like a big boy?” Ryan swallowed and adopted the cute childish tone that Daddy had trained him to use. “No Dadda, I won’t.” “And what will you be?” “I’ll be a good baby.” “Because…?” Ryan swallowed hard and blushed as he said it: “Because I am a baby.” Daddy smiled widely. “That’s right Ryan. You’re just a widdle baby boy and nothing more. And once we get some num nums in baby’s tummy, we’re going to start some new methods to make little Ryan into the happiest little baby in the land!” Ryan gulped inwardly as Daddy started spooning the familiar mushy muck into (and onto) Ryan’s mouth. That window of opportunity for escape seemed to be getting smaller and smaller… Chapter 20 - Who’s a Good Baby? After breakfast, Ryan found himself back in the nursery again. But there were two new additions that he swore were never there before - a huge TV screen, much bigger than the old one, and what looked like an oversized baby bouncer facing it. Daddy hoisted Ryan up into it and strapped him in tightly. “Daddy’s got some fun stuff for baby Ryan to watch while Daddy does some work. It’s a special show just for babies so Daddy can’t watch it!” He ruffled Ryan’s hair and squeezed his still soggy crotch. Daddy strapped the paci back in Ryan’s mouth and popped a pair of headphones over his head. And then, Ryan was alone. He could barely move at all - just sorta wriggle and squirm to make him bounce up and down. He whimpered behind his paci as he felt more helpless than ever. Suddenly, the massive screen burst into life and a whimsical childish tune started filling his ears. A bunch of happy teddy bears were dancing across the colourful screen to a simple rhythm. It caught Ryan’s attention and he was a little captivated. The melody was gentle and soothing, and the way the bears danced back and forth on screen was transfixing. He started sucking his paci to the rhythm of the music and bobbing his head along too. He felt very soothed and blissful as he happily sucked his binky. “Snap out of it!” He thought to himself, breaking free from his infantile trance state. He had to avoid whatever this bizarre show was doing to him and fight the hypnotic spell. But all he could do was try and avoid looking at the screen, and when he did, it felt like the hypnotic music grew louder and louder, and all Ryan wanted to do was suck his binkie and watch the funny bears dance across the screen and bounce up and down. He was vaguely aware of his diaper growing warm and wet as it pressed up against his skin, but he thought no more of it once his eyes were glued back to the screen. Suddenly, the bears stopped dancing, but the music continued at a lower volume. The “head” bear looked at the camera and said, “It’s baby time! Who’s a big boy?” The bear pointed at the screen… no, the bear pointed right at Ryan. “Are you a big boy?” ‘Of course I am,’ Ryan thought to himself. “No’ me,” Ryan said clumsily behind the pacifier, not even thinking about his words as they just sort of tumbled out instinctively. “No, that’s right!” The bear said happily. “You’re just a baby!” Ryan smiled gleefully and nodded. “Who’s a good baby?” “I’m a goo’ bay-bee,” Ryan said. “Who’s just a baby?” “I’m jus’ a bay-bee!” “Good baby!” Ryan kicked happily and sucked his binkie in bliss. Yup, he was just a baby. Just a silly little baby who loved his daddy. “What do babies do?” One of the bears asked. The main bear smiled and said, “Well, that’s what we’re going to teach the baby!” Ryan felt a mix of emotions. He felt so oddly happy and gleeful, and wriggled about in his bouncer, but in the back of his mind he felt the terror of his now-suppressed adult consciousness that had seemingly been replaced with a powerful infantile bliss. It felt so good to submit to it. It felt so good to become a baby. It felt so right to be a baby. Ryan was a baby. Just a happy little baby. “First, babies suck their binkies.” Ryan sucked happily and kicked his feet. “Babies don’t drink from cups, they drink from their baba!” Ryan loved his milky babas that Daddy made for him. He wanted one now! “Babies always eat with a bib and love their num nums!” “And…” the main baby paused and looked straight at Ryan again… “babies make poopies in their diapees!” Ryan immediately felt a soft warm mush spread all over his bottom as he filled his diaper without a care in the world. Ryan’s adult mind was screaming in horror but his body had been taken over by a vastly powerful infantile power that just kept sucking his paci harder and harder as Ryan bounced up and down in his soiled diaper. The bears clapped. “Good baby!” They all said in unison. “Good babies always make stinkies in their diapees!” Ryan giggled and bounced, feeling the mess smushing up against his butt. It felt so good to be a good baby and make stinkies. He wanted to do it all the time now. He wanted to make Daddy happy. He knew that making Daddy happy meant he had to be a good baby. And now, Ryan knew that being a good baby meant making stinkies in his diapees. “Are you a big boy?” The bear asked again. Ryan empathically shook his head and said, “No!” “Are you a baby?” Ryan nodded energetically. “I’m a baby!” “Who’s a stinky baby?” “I am!” “Who’s a stinky baby?” “I’m a stinky baby!” “Good baby!” The screen and the colours began to swirl before Ryan’s eyes making his pupils dilate. Ryan sucked his binkie and bounced up and down in his poopy diaper as the first bits of his baby programming latched themselves onto his mind. Chapter 21 - Baby Wants His Baba “Showtime’s over, baby!” Ryan immediately jolted back to his senses. The film was over; long over, in fact. He completely blanked once the bears had appeared… and all he remembered was being all happy and blissful as he sucked his paci and– “Oh my, I think someone is a stinky baby!” Ryan’s ears immediately pricked up at that and he looked straight at Daddy. “Who’s a stinky baby?” Daddy chuckled as he unstrapped Ryan and hoisted him into his arms. Ryan felt it again - that overwhelming sense of bliss taking over his body. He started sucking his binkie to the rhythm of the music again. “You’re a good baby for going poopy in your diaper. Such a good baby. You like being a good baby, don’t you, Ryan?” Ryan looked at Daddy and immediately found himself nodding. He did like being a good baby and making Daddy happy. He wanted to know how else he could make Daddy happy. Daddy patted Ryan’s heavily poopy diaper and the sensation of poop smudging against his butt immediately snapped Ryan out of it. What the hell was that? He felt like he entered some sort of trance and all sense of self and maturity was replaced by infantile simplicity and bliss. Daddy chuckled again as he laid Ryan’s poopy butt down to change him. “There’s a good baby. Looks like your baby programming went very well. From now on, you’ll have no control over your poopies ever again. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning. We’ll work on your speech next, I think. Before long, you’ll learn to love your new life. You’ll be a real baby boy, Ryan!” Ryan’s eyes widened in terror as he realised what Daddy was doing to him. He didn’t just want to treat Ryan like a baby; he was now doing his best to make sure Ryan became a baby. And he was well on his way… “Time for a baba!” Ryan felt that gush of overwhelming babyishness flow through him again. ‘Babies love their babas,’ he remembered the bears saying. Silly bears, they were so colourful and cuddly. Maybe Daddy would get Ryan a bear like that if he was a good baby and drank his baba– Ryan snapped back to reality. This was really beginning to terrify him. Lying in Daddy’s lap, he tried to move away as Daddy brought the bottle to his lips. He knew that drinking the bottle in this state would only make his programming even harder to resist. Ryan had to resist. He had to break free of Daddy’s power and stop himself from being regressed into a mindless infant. But all he could do was close his mouth. “Open up, Ryan. Be a good baby and drink your baba.” It took all of Ryan’s willpower and then some to keep his mouth shut. The voice in his head was saying, ‘Daddy’s right, I am a baby and I need my baba, and I love my baba…’ Acting purely on reflex, Ryan knocked the bottle out of Daddy’s hand. Daddy looked very cross, and Ryan immediately regretted it. With one swift move, Ryan was thrust over Daddy’s knee and his diaper pulled down to expose his butt. SLAP! The spanks came hard and fast on Ryan’s butt and thighs. He’d been spanked before, but somehow this time felt even worse to Ryan. In fact, he could feel his emotions getting out of control. And then like a dam bursting, Ryan burst into tears and started howling with pain. It was a good minute of spanking before Daddy stopped, and Ryan was a complete blubbering mess. His face was red and hot and streaked with tears. Daddy looked him in the eye. “Now tell me, are you going to be a good baby?” Ryan sniffled and nodded. “Tell me.” “I-I’ll be a good baby,” Ryan whimpered out. “Do you want your baba?” “Yes Daddy…” “Say it properly!” Daddy slapped Ryan on the thigh again and made him sob. “Yes Daddy! I want my baba! I want my baba!” “Good baby.” Ryan was laid back in Daddy’s lap and the bottle offered again. This time, he took it without protest. Still a blubbery mess of emotion, he immediately latched onto the nipple and suckled the milk down fast. He just wanted his baba. Daddy put Ryan’s paci back in, but didn’t strap it in. He need not anyway, since Ryan passively accepted it and sucked. Back in the crib for nap time, Ryan tried to muster the resolve to calm down and think of a way out… but then the hypnotic music started playing gently, and Ryan felt his mind empty. He sucked his binkie to the rhythm, felt his diapee expand and grow warm as he wet and his eyelids grow heavy as he drifted off to a peaceful, dreamless sleep… just like a good baby should. Chapter 22 - Reprogramming Continues The next day, Ryan woke up as usual in the relatively early morning. He groggily stirred, sucked his paci and cuddled his teddy. He had slept so well; like a baby, even. Ryan rolled over and sat up. But it was when he sat his heavily diapered bottom on the mattress that he realised something was very, scarily different: he was met with the unmistakeable smushing sensation of a poop-filled diaper. Ryan froze in terror, and the smell of poop quickly reached his nostrils to confirm that yes, he had made stinkies in his diaper in his sleep. Ryan’s heart started pounding with terror. He really felt like he was losing his entire sense of adulthood and reverting back to infancy at a speed he never even thought possible. The most terrifying thing was, the only thought going through his head: ‘I want my Daddy’. His emotions were welling up inside of him and he felt like he would burst. Ryan opened his mouth and his paci fell out as he let out an involuntary whine before he came back to his senses and clasped his hands over his mouth. He really did just about cry because he needed a diaper change. He was losing himself already. Daddy came in at that, clearly hearing Ryan’s little whimpers. He praised Ryan for making stinkies as usual, which made him swell with happiness. Ryan really loved being a good baby and making stinkies. Ryan shook his head again, clearing the haze. He felt so powerless up against these infantile traits that seemed to be slowly taking over his mind. After a diaper change and breakfast, Daddy announced it was time for Ryan’s show again. This time, Ryan wasn’t locked in his bouncer or had his paci strapped in, but was just sat in front of the TV. Daddy said he was just going to go to the store while Ryan got to enjoy some more baby conditioning and reprogramming. He kissed Ryan on the cheek and left. Ryan was alert. This was his chance! He waited to hear Daddy’s car leave the driveway, as the screen burst into life again. The music penetrated his mind and he started sucking his binkie to its rhythm once again. He loved his binkie, it made him feel so happy and peaceful and reminded him of his baba, which he also loved. The bears danced onto the screen and Ryan beamed widely. He couldn’t stop himself from clapping a little bit with glee. It was his favourite show! His adult conscience screamed in horror as it knew another aspect of himself was about to be reverted back to infancy, but the hypnotic power of the bears had already taken hold of Ryan completely. He took absolutely no notice of the fact that he was wetting himself without the slightest semblance of control. The session yesterday had seemingly completely taken away his toilet training. “Who’s a good baby?” The bears asked again. “I am!” Ryan said happily. “I’m a good baby!” “Yes you are! Are you ready for your next baby lesson?” Ryan’s adult consciousness was begging with his overpowering baby self to resist. ‘Just get up. Look away, stand up and go. The door is wide open, he’s gone. You can escape before it’s too late.’ “Yes!” Ryan said, nodding. “This is a big one… can you count to ten with us?” The bears counted, and Ryan counted along with them. Easy! “Good baby! Now you try again!” Ryan started counting alone. “One, two… three… uh… f-five… no… that’s not right…” Ryan was confused. He knew what came after three, and it wasn’t five, it was… wait… what was it?! Ryan didn’t know what came after three. The information was genuinely absent from his mind. He looked up in confusion and shock. “Good baby! Babies don’t need to count, that’s what Daddy is for! No more numbers for you, baby.” Ryan nodded emphatically at the bears. That made sense! Of course babies don’t need numbers. That’s a big boy thing! “Now look around the room. You should see some words.” Ryan did so; he saw a big picture book in the corner and grabbed it. It was a simple story about bears, of course, “The Bears in the Woods”. “Now read those words, baby.” He opened the book and found a random sentence. “The bears loved the woods; they would always frolick and play together,” Ryan read slowly and out loud. He looked up at the screen again. The main bear looked him straight in the eye, and said, “Good baby! But I think you should try again!” Ryan looked down and went to read again, but the words had changed. In fact, they weren’t words at all now - they were just unintelligible squiggles. Ryan turned the pages of the book frantically, but saw only more squiggles. He closed the book and looked at the title - but it too was just a mass of nonsense squiggles. “Good baby! Babies don’t need to read. Daddy reads for baby! No more reading for baby!” Ryan had just completely lost the ability to read and count, but he didn’t mind right now. In his utterly transfixed and hypnotised state, he felt right. “One more thing… babies need to be talking like babies too! Say, ‘Daddy’.” Ryan repeated. The bears continued reciting a bunch of words to Ryan for a good few minutes, as Ryan repeated them back to them. ‘Diapee’, ‘stinkies’, ‘baba’… all babyish words that sounded very cute and infantile, as well as normal words like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ that had been babified into ‘fankyoo’ and ‘pwease’. At the end, the bears praised Ryan again, and he swelled with happiness. “Good baby!” The screen started swirling again, and Ryan’s pupils dilated again. In the absence of his binkie, he shoved his thumb in his mouth and started sucking away to the beat. The programming continued to take over his brain as the door laid wide open. The front door was even unlocked. But Ryan didn’t even notice anymore. Any thought of escaping had long been wiped from his thoughts. He just sucked his thumb and stared at the colours and swirls as he descended further and further into infancy. Daddy came back to find Ryan asleep on the floor, his thumb in his mouth as he gently ducked, and his diaper soaked. Daddy smiled. Ryan was ready for another day out. Chapter 23 - Another Grand Day Out “Wakey wakey! Naptime’s over, baby!” Ryan opened his eyes in surprise. He was in the crib again, on his stomach, with his thumb planted in his mouth. He sucked it placidly for a few seconds before coming to and yanking it out, covered in drool. He blushed furiously at his infantile transgression, but Daddy just chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Good baby,” Daddy smiled. “You’re such a good little boy, Ryan. You love being Daddy’s baby, don’t you?” Ryan’s trance was reactivated with the words “good baby”. His thoughts emptied out of his mind, and he was transfixed on Daddy. He loved his big strong Daddy. And he did love being a baby. He was a baby. Nothing more. He smiled vacantly and nodded. Daddy smirked. “Time for a diapee change, tiger! You’re soaked! Besides, we’ve got somewhere to be soon. Daddy needs to take his baby to see a special doctor for a checkup, but we need to run some errands first!” Ryan got jolted back to reality as Daddy laid his soaked butt down on the changing table. At first he was mildly terrified of the prospect of another public humiliation… but then he realised this was a chance to escape! Surely he’d be able to signal to someone that he was being kept prisoner, and someone would rescue him from Daddy’s clutches. Daddy put Ryan into double thick diapers again, and picked out the cutest outfit again: a sailor suit with the smallest pair of shorts Ryan had ever seen. They did absolutely nothing to hide the massive diaper bulge in front and back, and the leg bands of the diaper could be easily seen through the extremely brief leg holes. Daddy wasn’t bothering with big boy wear this time. Daddy got ready and packed Ryan’s diaper bag ready for the day out. Ryan squirmed nervously while he watched: Daddy stuck a few diapers, powder, baby wipes, his paci, bottle, a bib, spoon and some baby food… and what looked like a very babyish but nonetheless intimidating harness. Daddy noticed Ryan’s nervous look and chuckled. “This is just for naughty babies who try and run off. But that’s not you, is it, little guy?” Ryan nervously shook his head. “Do you know what you are?” Daddy grinned. Ryan squirmed in discomfort as Daddy leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You’re a good baby.” Ryan could feel that overwhelming warmth flood his body at those words. Whenever Daddy called him a good baby, everything just seemed so much nicer, so much more colourful and warmer, and so much happier. It was the most overwhelming sensation he’d ever felt, and it was impossible to resist. Daddy grinned widely and gently pushed Ryan’s paci into his mouth, which Ryan immediately accepted and sucked to the rhythm of that music that was now resonating around his brain. He heard the bears’ voices in his head. ‘Good baby’, they chanted in unison to the rhythm of the music. Suckle suckle suckle. Good baby. He opened his eyes and looked at Daddy, who was carrying him to the car. Daddy smiled down at Ryan and pinched his cheek and said it again: ‘Good baby’. Ryan smiled behind his paci as Daddy patted his super thickly padded bottom, making Ryan giggle. The mantras of the bears kept resonating in Ryan’s head. Good baby. Good baby. Just a baby. Just a baby. Daddy’s baby. Just Daddy’s good baby… The click of a car seat lock encasing Ryan’s crotch finally brought him out of his deep trance properly. Daddy had been free to secure Ryan in his car seat, and no amount of fiddling with the straps or lock could budge it at all. In fact, Daddy chuckled at his efforts when he climbed into the drivers’ seat. Ryan could only sit in nerve wracked anticipation as Daddy drove him off, without a single clue of where he was being taken or what awaited him. As they stopped at a light, another car pulled up right beside them. Ryan was wise enough to know (with a stern look from Daddy as a reminder) that things could only get so much worse if he tried to make a scene in front of these people - after all, he was tightly strapped into this car seat, so there was no escape from his wrath. But Ryan did suddenly become much more conscious of how infantile he looked as he looked down at his adorable sailor suit outfit, and then he looked back at the adjacent car and realised the occupants (a young teenage couple) were staring at him. Ryan immediately spat the pacifier out and went bright red; he could’ve sworn he recognised the guy from school. Daddy tutted and said, “You’re a fussy baby tonight, aren’t you?” He grabbed the dangling paci and shoved it straight back into Ryan’s mouth. “You keep your binkie in for now. The couple started laughing and Ryan went bright pink with humiliation. But he still dared not resist or protest - he was in no such position of power to do anything of the sort. He could only suck his pacifier to try and forget the humiliation. He started sucking that pacifier a lot faster though when Daddy pulled up at their destination. “Here we are, lil guy… a playground!” Chapter 24 - Park Time Ryan looked around the park in trepidation. It was a big park; lots of swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, those bouncy horses on a spring, and a few benches as well. It was also totally empty, and Ryan was unsure if that was a blessing or a curse. He could only assume one thing: Daddy was expecting him to play. Daddy took him by the hand and led him over to the swings first, in a brisk stride that made Ryan waddle in an almost comical way as he tried to cope with the huge diaper in his far-too-brief shorts. He could only imagine how massive his butt looked, and he was partly grateful that the park was deserted… but his heart sank once he realised it meant escaping Daddy would be impossible without other people around. He wasn’t dumb enough to just try and run away; he needed a real and proper distraction. Daddy picked Ryan up and sat him in the swing seat. “Play time for baby,” he cooed while he pushed Ryan gently in the swing. Daddy made him play on all the equipment, and made sure to supervise him closely at every step - Ryan went bright red when he realised it was because Daddy was filming and taking pictures of his playtime. “Isn’t this fun?” Daddy chuckled. Ryan had to nod; he couldn’t tell if it was the brainwashing or not, but he couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the playground, especially the merry-go-round while Daddy spun him round and round. It aroused the playful child in him - the one that always enjoyed playgrounds and parks such as these but never got the chance to once it became socially unacceptable for someone his age to still play like this. He needn’t worry about that now. After a good half hour of play, Daddy led Ryan over to the park bench, his soggy diaper making him waddle all the way (when did he go? He didn’t remember anymore). The bib went round his neck and the usual routine of spoonfed mush followed. Ryan was extra nervous about people seeing, and for good reason - a jogger couple ran by, distracting Ryan as he made eye contact with him. He must had looked one hell of a sight with his big Cookie Monster bib and face all covered in mushy baby food, and Daddy certainly didn’t help matters when the spoon collided with Ryan’s cheek while he was distracted, smearing the entire side with yellow mush. “You really are a cranky one tonight, huh?” Daddy chided a little too loudly. “Stop being a fussy baby and open wide for Daddy!” The couple gawked as they passed, and Ryan blushed furiously. But he had to stay calm. His opportunity had yet to come. The babyish humiliation would just have to be endured… but how much longer could he take it? After a milky baba and a wipe down, Ryan was made to continue playing. Daddy took dozens of photos and made Ryan pose on the equipment. And just as Ryan was bouncing on the bouncy horse, a big warm smushy sensation began to cover his rear end. He groaned inwardly as his bowel muscles betrayed not a single ounce of control and Ryan uncontrollably messed himself again. Daddy smiled at Ryan - he knew exactly what happened. “What’s wrong, baby? Do you need Daddy’s help?” Ryan nodded solemnly. “Aww… did baby make a stinky?” Without warning, he pulled Ryan towards him and yanked down his shorts, exposing his massive diaper butt for all to see. “That’s okay, baby, we can still play for a while longer.” He chuckled and patted Ryan on the butt, making him whine as the mess was mushed about. He was about to put Ryan back on the horsie when two guys talking loudly rounded the corner. Daddy looked around for a second, and Ryan realised that now was his chance! While Daddy was distracted, Ryan kneed him in the crotch and punched him in the gut. Daddy was taken aback and doubled over, giving Ryan the chance to sprint away… well, he tried to sprint, but forgot about the bulky poopy diaper around his waist so he stumbled and fell on his face, but quickly got up and corrected himself into a very fast but awkward waddle. The joggers saw Ryan approaching them and stopped in their tracks, speechless at the sight of this flustered young man in a sailor suit sans pants and a very big and saggy diaper around his waist, waddling towards them. Ryan caught his breath and quickly said to the guys, “You gotta help me! I’ve been kidnapped by a lunatic who’s forcing me to be his baby! I need the cops!” Well, at least that’s what Ryan thought he said. What actually came out of Ryan’s mouth was, “You gotsta help me! I made a big poopie in my diapee. I need my dadda!” Ryan looked confused at the guys for a second as they looked bemused at each other and started trying not to laugh, before he realised what he said and immediately clasped his hands over his mouth. There was absolutely no way that was what he was trying to say. “No, that’s not what I meant to say! He’s brainwashing me into becoming a mindless baby, and I can’t resist!” Well, it actually sounded more like, “Nooooo, I made big stinkies! I want my Daddy!” “Oh yeah?” one of the guys taunted. “You need your daddy, little baby?” Ryan was freaking out. He realised that the programming earlier hadn’t just wiped his brain of the ability to read or count, but now it had somehow reduced his vocabulary to the level of a 3-year-old toddler’s. “Aww, look at the little baby,” they taunted. “Holy crap, you stink! Did you actually shit your diaper? Jesus Christ, you are a baby!” “I’m not a baby!!” Ryan whined… or rather, “I want my baba!!” “Aww, don’t cry baby. Looks like your Daddy’s coming right over!” Ryan didn’t even have a chance to turn around before he felt a large rubber nipple suddenly fill his mouth and Daddy’s firm hand grasp his shoulder after shoving Ryan’s binkie in his mouth. “Shhh, silly baby. You know better than to run away from Daddy. I’m gonna have to keep an extra close eye on you now so you don’t try and run off.” “Jeez,” one of the guys laughed. “You’d have to keep him on a leash!” Daddy laughed. “Funny you should mention that, actually…” Ryan felt that sinking feeling as Daddy rummaged around in the diaper bag and retrieved the harness that Ryan dreaded so much. In no time, Ryan was quickly fastened into it, with Daddy tightly clutching the leash. Ryan whimpered. His escape attempt, pitiful as it was, had indeed failed and he knew Daddy wasn’t gonna let his guard down like that ever again. The guys were still snickering at him, just as Daddy was fussing over his straps and making sure he was locked in tight. The constant taunting of the two guys, the humiliation of Daddy’s constant fussing, the pervasive smell of his stinky diaper, and most of all the knowledge that he had failed to escape his baby prison… it all became too much for Ryan, and he couldn’t stop himself bursting into tears. He realised how pitiful he looked as he sucked his binkie and the tears rolled down his cheeks. But he just couldn’t stop. The guys finally left, and Ryan started to calm down. But he was still miserable, and Daddy seemed to notice because he pulled Ryan in for a tight hug when they got back to the car after Daddy finally changed his smelly diaper. “It’s OK, Ryan. Daddy’s not mad that you tried to run away. In fact, I expected it. But I hope you understand now that there’s no way out. You’re going to be a baby no matter what, and it’s only going to make your life much easier and happier if you just accept it.” He stroked Ryan’s cheek, and Ryan said nothing, just continued to suck his pacifier to calm himself down. “Good baby,” Daddy smiled. The butterflies didn’t come that time, but for good reason - Ryan was angry. Daddy had reduced him to a humiliating little plaything, and Ryan realised that the more he got scared, the easier it was going to be for Daddy to brainwash him into submission. Well, no more of that. It was time to get mad. Daddy could take away all of his adult privileges and identity; he could take away his toilet training, his ability to read, his ability to count… he could even force him to speak like a baby. But he couldn’t break Ryan’s spirit. Chapter 25 - Six Weeks Later Six weeks had passed since Ryan’s little excursion out - although to Ryan, it could’ve been six days or six months, the days just blended into each other now. Ryan awoke to a gentle tinkle of his baby mobile, slowly spinning above his head. He loved watching the spinning stars and spaceships, and he sucked his binky mindlessly while he squirmed. Daddy stopped strapping him down at night so he could roll over and cuddle his bear without any trouble. Ryan’s tummy started rumbling so he sat up and squatted, frowning as he pushed some bad thoughts out of his mind. Once he did that, he sat back down but suddenly his diaper felt all squishy and stinky. He felt his emotions start to well up, and involuntarily he started sobbing, the pacifier falling out and dangling by a clip to his teddy bear onesie. Daddy came in after a few moments and started cooing, making Ryan immediately calm down a little. Daddy always made everything better. Daddy was making all of those scary thoughts and dreams that sometimes plagued Ryan go away for good. Daddy picked Ryan up and cuddled him closely, patting his stinky bottom. Daddy said... something to Ryan. Ryan found it hard to understand what Daddy said anymore, it kinda just sounded like happy noises from Daddy so it made Ryan happy but he didn’t really know what he actually said. Then Ryan was being carried down the hall. He thought he was gonna get a change, but Daddy had already taken him out of the nursery. Ryan couldn’t help but pout. He felt like he was forgetting something very big, but he couldn’t fathom what it was. His memory was getting fuzzier. Daddy placed Ryan down into his high chair and strapped him in. Breakfast, that must be what he forgot. Ryan squirmed involuntarily and the big stinky mess in his diaper squished against his bum. No, there was something else still. The bib went round Ryan’s neck and he tugged at it. “I’m a Good Baby”, it said. Ryan couldn’t read it, since it just looked like blocks and weird squiggles, but he nodded anyway. He was a good baby. He sucked his binky rhythmically and within moments, all of his conscious thought left his mind as if was quietly asked to leave. Ryan felt warm, fuzzy and comfy. His big stinky diaper felt all silly and poopy but he knew that big babies like him needed to make stinkies in his diaper. He wasn’t a big boy who could use the potty and eat big boy food and make choices for himself. Ryan was a baby who needed diapers and feeding and Daddy and bottles and he was never going to be big ever aga— The spoon collided with Ryan’s mouth and the mush smeared all over his face. Ryan was so zoned out that he didn’t even notice Daddy sit down with his big bowl of yummy baby mush for Ryan’s breakfast. Daddy said something again, and Ryan opened his mouth on command. He still didn’t know what Daddy said, but it sounded right anyway. He shifted in his high chair and felt the warm squishy mess smush up against his peepee now. He was so stinky but he didn’t even notice anymore. After breakfast, it would be time for his warm baba, a stinky diaper change, and then playtime. It was the same routine as ever. But what was it that he was forgetting? He was starting to worry that if he didn’t remember soon, he’d never remember it again. He didn’t know how right he was.
  14. “I am not going to be their flower girl,” I shouted at my Mistress. We had been arguing off and on since last night, when our closest friends revealed the part they wanted me to play in their kink wedding. Our friends were having two weddings actually. A traditional, normal, wedding for all of their friends and family. Then a second wedding, to share with their friends in the kink community to celebrate “their true selves,” and where everyone could celebrate as “their true selves.” I had known for months that I was a groomsman for their traditional wedding. I assumed that I was going to be one as well for their kink wedding, but instead, they told me last night that they wanted me to be the flower girl for their kinky wedding the next day. Mistress and I had been arguing ever since on whether I would be doing it or not. “Yes, you are sissy,” Mistress replied. "They said that for this wedding they wanted a diapered sissy flower girl and that means you." "I don't care," I said. "I don't want to be a flower girl, I don't want to wear a dress, and I don't want to wear diapers in front of everyone. There's nothing you can say or do to make me!" "Oh, we will see about that," Mistress said grabbing a hairbrush from the dresser. Immediately she began swinging it wildy at my thighs, not caring what part of me she hit. The few blows that landed mercifully hit the outside of my thighs, but they stung like hell. The inflicted pain, and the fear of catching the hairbrush in the head or nuts, soon had me running from the bedroom, and Mistress was able to herd me with the hairbrush into our playroom. A well aimed strike from her landed hard and fast on my ass. I cried out in pain, and this gave Mistress all the opening she needed to manhandle me onto our spanking bench. She must have planned to do this, because impossibly fast a strap is around my waist pinning me to the bench. I made the mistake of flailing my arms around trying to find and undo the buckle, but this just made it easier for Mistress to grab my arms and force them into the cuffs attached to the table. Soon I was helplessly immobilized while Mistress searched through our impact toys, selecting a few that she thought would persuade me to see things from her point of view. After a few minutes of terrified anticipation, I felt our narrow, rubber paddle caressing my ass cheeks. That was a relief, because this was the toy Mistress used as a warm up before one of our impact sessions. If she had wanted me to be miserable, she would have grabbed a wooden paddle. Not to say Mistress’s first strikes didn’t sting, and the strikes quickly went from a sting to full blown pain quickly. After five minutes, I was squirming as much as I could in my bound position. After another five minutes, Mistress switched from the rubber paddle to a flogger. Each heavy thump of the flogger across my shoulders, ass, or legs dropped me a little bit deeper and a little bit deeper into subspace. Mistress kept this up for fifteen minutes as my body sank into a numb pain from the strikes of the flogger. Then, to ensure my complete descent into an obedient subspace, Mistress pulled out a riding crop. She struck at any strip of flesh on my shoulders, ass, or thighs that was still pale. Once she finished, I was nothing more than a quivering, submissive mass lost deep in a haze from pain and subspace. “Now,” Mistress said, setting the riding crop down and cupping my chin in her hand, lifting it up so I was looking at her, “are you going to be a good little diapered sissy flower girl this afternoon?” I could only gently nod my head yes in her hand, non-verbal and still dazed from the impact play session. Mistress responded with a smile, then worked her way around the spanking bench, undoing the restraints holding me in place. Once the last strap had fallen away Mistress helped me to my feet, guiding me up onto the massage table in our playroom. She then disappeared, leaving me to return to coherent thought. Mistress returned about five minutes later, a large, filled enema bag in her hand. I tried to protest, but a gentle finger to my lips and a reminder that the riding crop was still out was enough to silence my protests. Soon the enema bag was secured to a hook above me, and I felt a gloved finger gently fingering and lubricating my asshole. Once Mistress felt I was ready the finger disappeared and was replaced with the cool tip of the enema nozzle. It slipped inside of me easily, and then I began feeling a building pressure as Mistress inflated the balloon tip. She didn't stop squeezing air into the plug until I started begging, crying out that the plug was ripping my ass apart. Mistress then unceremoniously opened the valve on the enema hose, letting the warm water flood my rectum. She then left me alone while the bag's contents flowed into me, knowing I was too tired and submissive to stop the enema. Mistress returned about ten minutes after the bag had fully emptied into my stomach, and I was writhing in pain on the table from cramping and the pain of the inflatable plug. Without saying a word she helped me off of the massage table, and led me back to our bathroom. Once I was seated on the toilet the sound of rushing air was followed by a pop which was followed by a cry of pain as Mistress unceremoniously deflated the enema plug and yanked it out of my ass. While I released the enema, Mistress began preparing a bath for me, filling the tub with warm water and bubbles. Once everything had been expelled from me, I was gently ushered into the soothing waters of the bathtub. Mistress let me enjoy the warm waters and play in the tub for a while, gently pushing mountains of bubbles across the water, before she began washing me. As always, it was pure heaven. I usually only had my hair cut twice a year, and it had been some time since I had last sat in a chair at the salon. This meant I got quite the long and luxurious head massage as Mistress worked the fragrant shampoo into my hair, her gentle fingers rubbing my scalp as she turned the gel into a lather. Occasionally, she stroked my earlobes, knowing that it relaxed and seduced me. Once she was satisfied, Mistress gently ran warm water through my hair, cleaning the foamy shampoo out of it. She then repeated the massage, this time working conditioner into my hair. She then took a small brush, lathered up the bristles, and began washing the sweat and grime off of my body. The bristles provided a pleasurable, scratching sensation as they worked their way across every surface of my body. Mistress was firm enough that the sensation couldn’t be ignored, but gentle enough to not be uncomfortable. The overall effect was quite arousing, which Mistress took advantage of, giggling in delight at the expressions that played across my face as she washed my erection with the brush. The bristles were not as pleasurable of a pain on the head of my penis as they were on my forehead or armpits. Once I was a muling mess, begging for respite from the bristles on my intimate areas, Mistress coincidently decided that I was now a clean little sissy baby. She then used warm water to again clean the soap and conditioner off my body and hair, and began draining the water out of the bathtub. I wasn’t allowed out of the tub though. Instead, Mistress retrieved some shaving cream and a razor, and began coating me in the shaving cream. She covered every part of my body except the hair on my head in the white foam. She then waited nearly ten minutes, letting the shaving cream soften my body hair, before she began shaving me. After a lot of work, and several more applications of shaving cream, there was not a single hair anywhere on my body from my face to my armpits to my balls. The only hair that remained was the hair on my head. She then washed any leftover shaving cream off of my body, and helped me up out of the tub. She then made me lift my arms up above my head, before wrapping me in a large pink fluffy towel. "I need my little sissy baby all dry and cozy for their diaper," she said as she dried me off. She spent extra time dabbing my crotch and butt crack off with the towel. After five minutes of stroking and patting me with the towel, Mistress decided that I was ready to be dressed. Naked, she led me back into our playroom, and helped me back onto the massage table. She laid me down on my back, then pulled a thick white diaper out from a storage container underneath the table. "Your outfit is going to cover your diapers up, so my little sissy doesn't need one of her pretty diapers," Mistress said, grabbing my ankles to lift them up in order to slide the diaper underneath. She then placed two stuffers in the diaper for extra thickness. Mistress then grabbed the baby powder, sprinkling quite a generous amount over my crotch, before rubbing it in with her hands. This was Mistress’s favorite part of diapering me, slowly rubbing her hands all across my cock, balls, taint, and ass in order to make sure every part of my diaper area was coated in the sweet smelling powder. She especially loved rubbing the powder across my cock, feeling it expand and grow in her hand as her gentle ministrations elicited a massive erection from me. “Now I am trusting you to be a good little sissy and not make any cummies like a bad little baby at the wedding,” she said, finishing powdering me and rubbing the excess free from her hands, “If your a bad little sissy, I won’t hesitate to pull down your diapers, spank you, and lock your cock up in front of everyone for the next three months. Now, before we tape this diaper up you need one last thing.” Mistress walked over to the dresser that contained all of our sex toys, and returned with a bottle of lube and one of our favorite toys. It was a vibrating, inflatable, remotely controlled buttplug. It had been an expensive indulgence, but the number of mind-shattering, leg-shaking orgasms it had produced in the both of us made it worth every cent. Without saying a word Mistress put on a latex glove, before lubing up a finger and sliding it in and out of my asshole in order to get it ready for the plug. This only took a minute to do, as the prior enema with the inflatable nozzle had left my ass loose. She then poured some lube on the plug and slid it in, before inflating it until she was sure it would be stuck there for the rest of the day. “There. That way no one will have to worry about smelling any messy diapers at the wedding,” Mistress said as she pulled the glove off of her hand and threw it into the trash. She then repositioned the diaper underneath me, spread a bit more baby powder into my ass crack to absorb the excess lube, and pulled the front of the diaper up and over my crotch. With swift, decisive actions she fastened the tapes, and the diaper firmly and comfortably cocooned my cock, balls, ass and buttplug. “Now, sit here while I get the rest of your outfit,” Mistress said, helping me up into a seated position before wandering off to collect all of the raiments I was going to have to wear today. The first garment put on me was a pair of locking plastic panties, “to help me be a good little sissy who doesn’t touch her diapers, and to make sure I don’t ruin any of the nice clothes Mistress bought me,” she said as she slid them up my legs and into place. Next a pair of sheer white tights were rolled onto my feet and up my legs. Next came one of my personal favorite pieces of clothing. It was a white onesie, with a thick petticoat sewn into the waist. I loved it because of how locked into my sissyish outfit it made me feel. I lifted my arms up so Mistress could slide it over my head and down my chest, then squatting and spreading my legs slightly to make it easier for her to snap up the buttons between my legs. She then slid a couple more short petticoats up my legs to set them underneath the one sewn into the onesie. Mistress then pulled a small corset and pair of panties from the wardrobe. The panties were a pair of slightly padded, pink rhumba panties with lace sewn across the leg cuffs and rump, with “Sissy” embroidered into the front. The corset was a simple pink band designed to cinch in the waist and be worn under clothes. “Are those really necessary Mistress,” I whined. I already couldn’t comfortably bring my legs together, and the panties would give me a pronounced waddle, in addition to dying shame if anyone saw them. The waist cincher would make it an even longer and more uncomfortable day. “Oh yes of course,” Mistress responded, ignoring my whining tone, kneeling down to slide the panties up my leg. “You want to have a pretty, tiny waist instead of that ugly beer belly of your’s, don’t you sissy?” I cried out “Yes Mistress” when she pinched my leg after I didn’t respond. “And people will be expecting to see something pretty when they flip up your pretty skirt. You don’t want to disappoint people, do you sissy?” “No Mistress,” I responded promptly this time as she finished adjusting the panties around my waist so that none of the lacy ruffles were tucked into the panties. Satisfied, she had my lean against the massage table to put the waist cincher around my belly. I had to stand with my legs splayed, the layers of diapers and clothing preventing me from being able to close my legs. Leaning against the massage table, I shrunk my belly as much as possible for Mistress, letting out a deep breath while sucking in my chest. Mistress then wrapped the cincher as tight as she possibly could around my waist, securing the hooks to hold it temporarily before properly tying it up. When she was finished it felt tight across my stomach, but not painful thanks to the fabric of the onesie preventing it from digging too tightly into my stomach. “Oh, you already look absolutely adorable. You are going to be absolutely adorable in your flower girl dress,” Mistress said, stepping into the hall to grab my dress. She returned a minute later with a dress that made my legs buckle, my cock grow hard, and the sissy inside of me squeal in delight. The dress was a soft pale blue. The skirt was layer upon layer of ruffly lace in the shape of flower petals. On the chest was a massive fabric rose, with the stem embroidered down the center and the fabric petals protruding out from the chest just below the neckline. Completing the dress were puffball sleeves and ribbons to tie into a massive bow in the back. Mistress unzipped the dress, and lifted it over my head, sliding it down my waist and over the layers of petticoats. I let out a sigh as I felt the dress tighten across my body while Mistress zipped up the back. I really shouldn't have been surprised when I heard the small click of the padlock as Mistress locked the dress shut until she was ready to release me. She then drew the ribbons back tightly and tied them into a massive, girly bow behind my back. Finally, Mistress pulled out a pair of white leather pump heels and helped guide my feet into them. "You look absolutely adorable, baby. The absolute image of sissy perfection. You're going to have to be the model of good behavior today dear or there will be no shortage of Doms wanting to pull your frilly little butt over their laps and go to town until your crying," Mistress said. I tried to get a peek of myself in the mirror, but Mistress dragged me out of the room before I could see how I looked. "That better not happen, though. If it does, I will spank you again for ruining all of the pretty makeup I am about to put on you. Mistress led me back into the master bedroom, where she had already set up a padded stool next to the dresser with all of the makeup spread across it. Once again I tried to get a glimpse of how the full outfit looked, but I still wasn't able to see myself in any mirrors. Mistress began by rubbing moisturizer into my face. She then took a small brush to apply various shades of concealer, hiding the usual under eye circles, blemishes, and most importantly, the last vestiges of my facial hair. Satisfied that all these imperfections would disappear under a layer of foundation, Mistress squirted some of my foundation onto the back of her hand before dabbing it onto my face with a sponge. The foundation felt cool as it was softly applied to my face before drying onto my face. The foundation left a feeling, not quite a weight, but definitely noticeable. I sort of enjoyed the feeling. It gave me a sensation to focus on, one that helped distract me from my normal day to day thoughts and fall into my sissified state. Satisfied with my foundation, Mistress then began working on my eyes. First she covered my eyelid and eyebrow in a white eyeshadow to serve as a base. Next, she applied a small amount of eyeliner to my top and bottom lashline. I tried not to squirm while she traced the lines, but I always hated the feeling of the tip so close to my eyeballs. While I always enjoyed how it looked when it was finished, it was a step of my makeup that I was always happy when Mistress left out. Thankfully, Mistress only applied a small amount of eyeliner to help accentuate my eyelashes, so this part was over quickly. Next a soft powder blue eyeshadow was applied to my eyelids and the crease of my eyes, then blended with the white eyeliner. Finally a brighter, sparkling blue eyeshadow was placed on my eyelid. To finish my eyes, Mistress applied a first coating of mascara to my eyelashes. Next came a set of false eyelashes. They felt heavy on my eyelids as they solidified into place. Finally, a couple quick presses of an eyelash curler and another coating of mascara were applied to blend my real and false eyelashes together. Highlighter and bronzer were applied next, turning my brow, nose, and cheeks from masculine, broad surfaces to feminine, angular ones. Next a fluffy brush was packed with blush before Mistress brushed it into the apples of my cheeks. This left me cheeks so rosy and glowing Santa would be jealous. Last a large powder buff was patted against my face several times, setting all the powders in place for the next several hours. Mistress then applied a pink lipstick, and several coats of lip gloss to finish my lipstick. "There," Mistress said as she applied the last coat of lip gloss, "you can kiss all the pretty boys and girls and not have to worry about constantly fixing your makeup sissy." My face flushed a bright red at the thought, though it was hidden under all of my makeup. Making me ask others for a kiss was one of Mistress's favorite things to do when I was out in public as a sissy. "Now," Mistress said, cupping my face in her hands, " i don't think we will go with a wig today. That will be too hot. Plus we want to show how pretty your natural hair is, right sissy?" "Yes Mistress," I responded. My hair was fairly short, not leaving Mistress much to manipulate, but soon I felt a brush passing through my hair. This was followed by several liberal douses of hair spray, and ended with what felt like a heavy hairbow being clipped into my hair. "There, I think my sissy is all ready for the wedding," Mistress said. “Would my sissy finally like to see how I’ve dressed her?” “Yes please Mistress,” I begged, trying to sound as pleading as possible. “Ok sissy, stand up and come to the mirror,” Mistress said, helping me up off of the stool and leading me over to the mirror. My cock twitched painfully hard in my chastity cage and my knees nearly buckled as I looked at myself in the mirror. Looking back at me was a frilly, delicate boy, and I had never felt more feminine in my life. My hair and makeup made me feel soft and girlish, while the lacy dress swishing around and revealing my frilly panties made me feel like helpless, simpering sissy ready to do as told. “You look absolutely gorgeous sissy,” Mistress said, holding me from behind as I continued to gaze at myself in the mirror. “I am going to have to keep my eyes on you the whole night to make sure no one tries to kidnap you and take you home for themselves. And to make sure you don't ruin your beautiful outfit.” Mistress tied my large, frilly bib with the phrase “Mommy’s Sissy Boy” embroidered on the front around my neck. “We don’t want you getting anything on your pretty dress, do we sissy?” “No Mistress,” I replied obediently, worried how long the embarrassing bib would remain around my neck. “Good sissy,” Mistress said, “now, why don’t you sit on the couch and watch some cartoons while I finish getting ready?” Mistress led me downstairs to the living room, where she sat me on the couch. “Now you be a good little boy, watch cartoons, and don’t move a muscle from this spot.” “Can I watch Bluey Mistress,” I asked, hoping I would be allowed to watch the show. It may have been one of my favorite shows, even as an adult. “No sissy, not today,” Mistress said. “You turn into a cheeky toddler when you watch Bluey, and we want you to be a well behaved sissy boy today. You can watch something else instead.” Mistress turned a different, more babyish cartoon on for me instead, handed me a sippy cup of water to drink, and headed back upstairs to finish getting dressed. As she walked up the stairs, she reiterated, “I don’t want you to move a single inch from that spot baby, got it?” “Yes Mistress,” I called after her as she left. It felt like it took ages for Mistress to finish getting ready herself. Though the wait may have felt longer due to the mind numbing boredom of the children's show she had put on for me, or the humiliating and wonderful way I was dressed, and the growing sensation of needing to pee as I continued to suckle on my baby bottle. Mistress eventually returned though, looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a white dress with blue flowers spread across it. Her long hair, normally worn up in a loose bun for work, was down. Her hair framed both sides of her face and flowed down her back. She had also done her makeup. While my makeup was girly and cute to emphasize my sissyness, her makeup was refined and made her look ravishing. "Good sissy, you didn't move at all, just like you were told. You only need to sit there a few more minutes while I pack your diaper bag. Do you need more water before we go sissy?" Mistress didn't wait for a reply, snatching my baby bottle and refilling it in the kitchen before giving it back to me. She then scurried around the house for a few minutes packing a massive diaper bag meant to last me through the day. Once it was finally packed, mostly with extra diapers and a few more baby bottles, Mistress helped me up off of the couch and led me to the car. She buckled me into the backseat of her car, clipped a pacifier to my bib, and then sat behind the wheel of the car, driving us to the wedding. "Now sissy, we don't know how hectic it will be once we get to the wedding, so I want that bottle drained by the time we arrive. Also, if you aren't sucking on a bottle, I don't want that pacifier out of your mouth without permission. Got it?" Mistress said as we drove down the road. "Yes Mistress," I said, before slipping the nipple of the bottle in my mouth. The car ride to the wedding was a long, internal struggle for me in many senses. Traffic was heavy, so I did my best to stay low and out of site of the other motorists as I sucked my baby bottle down as rapidly as I could. As the car ride continued though, my need to pee became excruciating. I was trying to hold it as long as possible, since I didn’t know when I would actually get a diaper change. Eventually, I gave in, and let out a moan as warm pee flooded my diaper, spreading around my crotch before being sucked into the thirsty padding. I caught Mistress looking back at me in the mirror as I filled my diaper, a smile on her face, knowing what I had just done. I finished my bottle well before we reached our friends' wedding. So naturally, I had to pee again as we pulled into the parking lot. Mistress had trained me well, so I sat patiently in the car waiting for Mistress to undo my seat belt. Before undoing my seatbelt, Mistress stuck her hand up my skirts, trying to feel the state of my diaper through the layers of fabric. I peed into my diaper again as Mistress checked me. A smile lit up on her face upon feeling the diaper warming up as she touched it. She squeezed what fabric she could in her hand until I had finished. "I think your diaper can hold on longer before you need another change," Mistress said, unbuckling my seatbelt and helping me out of the car. She held my pacifier up before my face, reminding me that it was supposed to be in my mouth, before plopping it between my lips. "Come on, let's let them know we are here and see what we can do to help," Mistress said, leading me in search of our friends. We entered the event hall. The wedding and reception were to be held outside, so the hall was mostly deserted and it took some searching to find who we were looking for. This search was unpleasant for me. I had never worn an outfit so prissy, sissy, or embarrassing out in public before. Additionally, my now well soaked diapers spread my legs out further, giving me a very pronounced waddle as we walked. Eventually, we found the groom, Dave, and another mutual friend of ours, Karen. Karen was helping to organize the wedding. "You look beautiful," Karen said to my wife. To me she said, "I know I've seen photos on fetlife, but what a darling little sissy baby you make. You will be just adorable simpering down the aisle." My cheeks burned a bright shade of red as I muttered out a "Thank you, ma'am," around my pacifier. It was only for a moment, but I saw a look of approval on Mistress's face. That was the only thing I said during the conversation. Mistress, Karen, and Dave conducted the rest of the conversation as if I wasn't there. They discussed the schedule, guest count, and what they wanted me to do during the wedding all in front of me as if I were a small child. Mistress finished the conversation by saying, "all right, just let me change the little sissy and I will leave him with you Karen." Karen replied though, "If you are comfortable with it, I don't mind changing the little sissy's diaper so you can go help Maria get ready sooner. I will keep them so they don't miss their cue for the wedding." Mistress looked at me for a moment, thinking about the offer. I pleaded with my face as best I could to not let Karen change my diaper. Whether my pleading eyes had the opposite effect, or if she simply ignored me, I don't know. "That's a great idea, thank you," Mistress said, handing my diaper bag over to Karen with a smile. Karen and Mistress made me curtsy goodbye to Dave, and then Karen took me by the hand and led Mistress and I away. Karen led us down a hallway, stopping at a set of wooden double doors. "Maria is in here getting dressed. I am sure she will appreciate your help getting dressed. It's really special." Mistress thanked her for taking care of me before disappearing behind the doors. Karen then tightened her grip on my hand, leading me further down the hallway until we reached the restrooms. Karen ushered me into the family bathroom, and spread my changing mat on the floor. She then beckoned me down onto the mat, and began sorting through the layers of fabric and ruffles to uncover my diaper. I wished I could somehow sink into the floor as this woman changed my diaper. We have seen each other naked before, but that was at play parties. This was different. This was far more intimate. I had never been dressed as A diaper sissy before in front of her or anyone but Mistress. Now she was working my plastic panties down my legs. During my diaper change, I had to hold up the numerous layers of skirts, which gave me something to hide my face behind, and not have to watch. That was very helpful. Not having to watch, I could somewhat lose myself in the sensations to get over my embarrassment. First there was the cold air as my diaper was untaped and unfurled, exposing my wet skin to the air. An even colder sensation followed as Karen used baby wipes to clean the stale powder and pee off of my crotch. Next she covered my entire crotch in a cream of some sort. It was hard to tell if it was baby lotion or diaper rash cream without sight. But I guessed it was lotion based on how she was rubbing it into my skin. This was the most embarrassing part of my diaper change, because it was at this point that she found the butt plug stuffed in my ass. "Oh, what's this?," Karen said aloud. I could hear the smirk in her voice, as she pressed the button, turning the vibrator in the buttplug on. A liberal amount of powder was then spread across my penis, balls, and ass before a new diaper was slid underneath me and then taped snug across my waist. While I lay there, losing my mind to the vibrations in my ass, sucking on my pacifier, Karen pulled my plastic panties and tights up over my diaper before redoing the snaps on my onesie. As she helped me to my feet, she said, "I was hoping I would get to put you in one of the cute baby print diapers I see you in all the time on your fetlife profile. It makes sense with all these layers and frills that your mommy would pack such plain diapers for you, but I'm still disappointed. I guess I will have to ask your mommy if I can babysit you sometime, so I can see what a little cutie you are in nothing but a diaper and bib. I can lock you in a highchair and feed you all the nummy foods like mashed bananas and pureed peas and carrots." I silently sucked on my pacifier as my cheeks glowed a bright red. Karen then packed up my changing supplies while I stood there sucking on the binky that filled my mouth. When she finished cleaning up and disposing of my used diaper, Karen said "you were such a well behaved sissy during your diaper change. I will be sure to let your mommy know." "Tank you Miss aren," I mumbled around my pacifier, knowing that that was the response she wanted. "You're welcome little sissy," Karen replied. We then left the bathroom and headed down the hall some more, stopping in a parlor. It was a simple white room with two open windows overlooking the gardens that would hold the ceremony. There was also a table, some cushioned chairs, and a tv that was turned off. Karen sat me in one of the chairs around the table. As my body sank into the cushioning of the chair, the added pressure multiplied the vibrations of the plug. I let out a grunt around my pacifier, trying to adjust to the increased sensations of the plug. "Don't start getting fussy now," Karen said as she set out a coloring book and some crayons for me, as well as an empty adult baby bottle from my diaper bag. "You start coloring a nice pretty picture while I get you something to drink and snack on." She gave my bib a little flick as she walked off. I opened the coloring book and began looking for an uncolored page. Finding one, I got to work coloring. Because this room was so close to where the ceremony would be, it was a little embarrassing whenever someone came into the room. Despite these occasional embarrassing interruptions, I became engrossed in my coloring. It was the most mentally stimulating activity I had done all day, and the only so far in which I had any sort of volition. Plus it helped draw my focus away from the plug in my ass. I was coloring my second page when Karen returned, this time accompanied by another woman a very short, black latex dress. I didn’t know her name, but I thought I recognized her from play parties before. She had a plate of cut up fruit and the baby bottle looked like it was filled with milk. I went to set my crayons down, but Karen said, “Oh you don’t need to do that baby. Valeria will feed you while you color. I told your mommy I would take care of you, and I don’t want to be blamed if you make a mess, even if it is just on your cute little bib. Unfortunately, I have to help again with the wedding, but thankfully Valeria’s master happily volunteered her to help feed you.” Directing her attention to Valeria, Karen said, “Now be sure that the drinks all of his bottle and that you feed them all of the fruit. They are a bad little baby that won’t eat it unless you make them. Also don’t make a mess. If the sissy doesn’t eat his snack or gets anything on their dress, you can be sure his mistress and I will punish you, before letting Sir Tom know. Understood?” “Yes Madam,” Valeria said quickly, letting out a nervous gulp as she finished. With that, Karen smiled and left Valeria and I alone. Valeria turned my chair slightly, then pulled up a chair so that we were angled to where she could easily feed me my snack. She picked up a slice of strawberry, and I obediently spit out my pacifier and opened my mouth as Valeria slipped it into my mouth. As I chewed, I tried to remember who Sir Tom was. I know I had seen his name on a few other events I had rsvp’d too on fetlife, but I couldn’t put a face to the name. The name Sir Tom also jogged my memory of seeing someone named HisValerianSlut rsvp’d to some events I had as well. I was guessing that this is who that was, and she used Valeria as a more usable scene name. I didn’t want to confirm my suspicions though. It was embarrassing, being fed by this woman that I barely knew. I wondered if Mistress had somehow planned my humiliation, or if this was all just serendipitous shame. I also couldn’t tell whether Valeira was a willing participant in this interaction. As soon as I finished chewing one piece of fruit, Valeria had another at my lips. I really didn’t like fruit, so it felt awful to me having to consume piece after piece so rapidly. It didn’t seem like Valeria was doing it to be cruel or sadistic though. She never said anything, and her face remained passive the entire time, so it felt like she just wanted the task to be over as soon as possible. Once she had fed me all of the fruit, the final pieces being nearly forced into my mouth, Valeria picked up the baby bottle, and brought it to my lips with the same vigor. The first few suckles at the nipple washed any remaining bits of fruit down my throat. It replaced the mixed tastes of strawberry, grapes, watermelon, and apples, and replaced it with a bland, unpalatable flavor I couldn't quite decipher. Initially, Valeria tried to get me to consume the baby bottle as quickly as possible practically shoving the bottle into my mouth. Thankfully, after a brief struggle to free the nipple from my mouth so I could have a breath of air, she slowed the pace. The baby bottle was still drained quickly though, and I didn't feel super great as I sucked the last few drops out of the bottle. Unfortunately, that's when Karen reappeared. She came over and smiled, seeing that all of the fruit was gone and the baby bottle was empty. "Thank you so much for your help Valeria," she said, patting Valeria on the head. Valeria smiled at the praise. “Why don’t you go find Sir Tom? I think he is ready to go find a seat for the ceremony, and I have everything in hand now.” Valeria practically bolted out of the seat, stammering out a quick, "No problem, happy to help," before disappearing out the door. Karen giggled a little at the speed with which Valeria made her exit before turning her attention towards me. "Alright sissy, ready for your big role?" I nodded my head obediently, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. My stomach was a mess from a combination of nerves and my forced feeding. Also, the butt plug had been buzzing in my ass for forty five minutes. My cock was rock hard in my diapers and I had leaked enough precum to create a noticeable slickness in my diaper. I had to steady myself as I stood up. Basically being horny all day from my outfit, and then having the vibrator, I was on the verge of exploding, and just the brush of my diaper against my penis as I stood had felt like ecstasy. Karen removed my bib, and the attached pacifier, placing them in my diaper bag. Next, she touched up my lipstick. Then, she handed me a basket filled with flower petals, before guiding me out of the parlor and outside to a small waiting area underneath an awning. “Alright sissy,” Karen began explaining to me, “We will be ready for you in about five minutes. You will just have to walk down the aisle, throwing the flower petals. Make sure the basket is empty by the time that you reach the end of the aisle. We can’t have you getting a spanking in front of all these guests for wasting flower petals, can we? Now, when you reach the end of the aisle, there is a small cushion set up next to John’s feet. We thought it would be just darling for you to kneel at his feet during the ceremony. It will really emphasize your femininity, and John’s masculinity. Plus it will give a nice symmetry, since your mistress will be on the bride’s side. Now, I just have to go make sure the bride is ready, and then I will be back to send you down the aisle. Understand sissy?” “Yes madam,” I replied, before Karen left me to stand under the awning by myself. I could see that John was already at the end of the aisle, standing on a small platform that had been put up in front of all of the seats. I could tell from the facial expressions of him and the man next to him, who I only knew as Ogre, were comfortably joking with one another. Ogre was the owner and dungeon master of the dungeon that Mistress and I attended regularly, and he had been asked to serve as the officiant for this ceremony. Looking out over the crowd, most of the spots for the wedding were now occupied. It seemed that every outfit imaginable could be found in the crowd. There were some wearing more traditional wedding outfits such as suits, nice shirts or blouses, and summer dresses. Others were far more kinkier. A few people were wearing leather or latex outfits that must have been sweltering in the heat. There were a few pets and ponies sitting in the grass at their owner’s sides, and I spotted some sissies in the crowd. Some slaves were even wearing rucksacks or nothing at all for the wedding. Before getting the chance to examine the crowd too closely, though, Karen reappeared. With barely a word she gave my diapered butt a firm shove and set me off, walking down the aisle. As I began my march down the aisle, I started taking stock of my situation. Has any of this been my choice? No. Was I completely miserable? No, not really. There were things I hadn't liked today, but on the whole, I was actually enjoying myself. I really liked my dress. My bath and Mistress readying me this morning had felt great. I was also the horniest I had been in a long time, and every step felt magnificent as my dick brushed against the inside of my diaper. Maybe I decided to stop fighting against the current determined to humiliate me. Maybe my arousal was strong enough to overthrow my inhibitions. Maybe it is simply that I am just such a big sissy at heart that I couldn't resist being the prissiest, most feminine thing I could be in front of a crowd. Whatever the cause, as soon as I reached the first row of seats my stride changed from a normal gait to prissy, mincing steps. Guests sitting next to the aisle were showered in petals as I tossed them in exaggerated throws that caused my petticoats to swish about me. Trying to maintain dainty steps while dramatically throwing the flowers actually took a lot of concentration. Which was good, because otherwise I would have immediately bolted down the aisle. I was soon beat red proceeding down the aisle from listening to the guests comments about my sissified state. Some recognized me, remarking that they didn't know I was a sissy. Most said nice things about how cute I looked. A few quests pondered if I had panties or diapers on underneath my petticoats, and I heard two men discussing how since there weren't any bridesmaids they wouldn't mind me sucking and fucking them at the reception. When I reached John and Ogre at the end of the aisle, I only had a few flower petals left. I sprinkled them around the platform, before kneeling on the pink satin cushion at John's feet. As it should be, the true belle of the wedding was the bride. Her parents obviously weren't invited to this particular ceremony, so Mistress was giving away the bride. The Bride's outfit was truly something. Her stomach and breasts were covered in a tight, intricate corset. The skirt fanned out behind her in rows of ruffles, but the front was shorter than a miniskirt, prominently displaying her frilly bridal panties. Silk stockings and garters peeked out above ballet boots as Mistress helped the bride hobble down the aisle. A silk blindfold replaced the traditional veil, and a bright white ball gag protruded between ruby red lips. Mistress held the Bride's Bouquet in one hand, and a white lead attached to a leather collar around the Bride's neck in the other. The Bride was incapable of holding her own flowers because of the arm binder restraining her hands behind her back. Every item the bride wore, from her panties to the ball gag was in the traditional white. Every guest was enamored by her incredible outfit. It took Mistress several minutes to lead the bride down the aisle. When they finally reached us, Mistress handed the bride's leash to the groom, but still stood next to the bride to help support her. I don't remember much of the ceremony. Truth be told, all I really remembered was the I do's. The groom said his, and then removed the ball gag from the bride's mouth. She then said I do as quickly as she could before locking her lips with the groom's in a passionate kiss. I couldn't remember much more than that because my buttplug had become slightly dislodged during my walk down the aisle. The long time inserted and all of the steps had caused it to slide out a little. Sitting on my knees on the cushion pushed my diaper into the plug, causing it to send vibrations throughout my diaper. I did my best to hold out, trying not to suffer the ignominy of orgasming in front of all the wedding attendees, but I lost that battle about a minute into Ogre's speech. It was one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had in my life. I tried maintaining my composure as much as possible, to not let everyone notice what I had just done. That left me in a stupor though, using all the power my post orgasm brain had to maintain a straight face. I was so lost, I only vaguely remembered the post orgasm piss warmly washing over my crotch. When I finally regained my senses, the bride and groom were exchanging their I do's and having their first kiss as husband and wife, owner and slave. The ceremony ended soon after that, with John carrying his bride and now permanently collared slave Maria down the aisle, followed by Mistress and I arm in arm, with Ogre bringing up the rear. The wedding party headed back to the parlor, where I had been sat to color earlier in the day, for a quick breather and some private refreshment. Once again, I was sat in a chair and left to myself as John and Ogre lavished over Maria's stunning outfit. Mistress was part of that conversation too, describing how much effort she and Maria put into getting Maria to look just right. After a while, the bridal party, I was not given a say, was ready to join the wedding guests at the cocktail hour. Mistress and I were the slowest to leave the parlor. When we were a distance away from everyone else, Mistress whispered into my ear, "Don't think I didn't see what you did sissy. Such a naughty little baby slut, making cummies in front of everyone. Did they feel good sissy?" "Yes, Mistress," I whispered back to her, burying my face in her shoulder from my shame. "It felt so good." "Awe, poor sissy," Mistress responded with mock sympathy. "Maybe we should give you public cummies more often?" I didn't verbally respond, instead burying myself deeper into her shoulder. The cocktail hour passed quite pleasantly for me. Mistress put my bib back on me, but she fed me some of the finger foods that were passed around. I was even allowed to have some wine, but I had to drink it from my sippy cup. Many of the guests came up to me and complemented Mistress for turning me into such an adorable little sissy. The only real embarrassment I suffered was when the mistress of another sissy came up to ask whether I was wearing diapers or panties. "Oh little sissy tinkles here could never go as long as that ceremony without having to potty. She's very thickly diapered under her dress," Mistress answered far louder than I thought necessary. Worse though, it was embarrassing as I wet my diaper two more times during the cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour, Mistress also made me go up to John and Maria, giving them deep curtsy to the point my rhumba panties showed from underneath my dress, before thanking them for letting me be the flower girl at their wedding. John patted me on the head, saying, "any time diaper butt." Maria gave me a long hug and a quick peck on the cheek, saying "I almost think you deserve a spanking for looking nearly as cute as me on my special day. We need to see you look this pretty more often." I gave a small curtsy again before walking away, trying not to show how embarrassed and warmed I was at Maria's words. When the guests started making their way from the cocktail hour to the dinner reception, Mistress took me to the family bathroom that I had been changed in earlier that day. Mistress gave my diaper a single poke before deciding that I was in dire need of a change. It took quite a while to undo all of the layers, but once again my face was buried in layers of ruffles as my diaper was opened and my crotch was exposed to the cool air. I think I orgasmed a second time as with a whoosh and a pop the air was released from the buttplug and Mistress pulled it from my rectum. "Did it feel good pooping out that big mean plug sissy?" Mistress teasingly asked as she thoroughly wiped every part of my diaper area. She spent a particularly long time with a baby wipe wrapped around her finger, delicately swapping my rectum with it. She had to wipe my cock off again as she had milked out the last few drops of cum inside my balls by cleaning my ass so thoroughly. Finally clean, a thorough amount of diaper rash cream was again spread over my loins. Then my nethers were coated in an excessive amount of baby powder before a new diaper was slid under my bottom and taped snugly around my waist. With more effort I was in a fresh pair of plastic panties, my onesie was resnapped, tights and panties around my waist, and skirts and petticoats in their proper place. Mistress and I then found our seats for dinner. The bride and groom had a sweetheart table, so Mistress and I sat with Karen and a few others who had helped to put on this version of the wedding. They were all mutual friends of ours and the bride and groom. I don't know if that made dinner better or worse, since I had my big, frilly bib on the entire time. Mistress also didn't let me feed myself. We took the longest to eat of anyone at our entire table, because Mistress insisted on feeding me my food. She would take a couple bites of her salmon, before carving dainty chunks of my steak off feeding them to me. She did the same with the mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and asparagus. I was glad she fed me the wedding cake like this though. Usually she made me eat cake with my hands like a baby whenever I was wearing a diaper, and I hate doing that. Of course, everything I drank was sucked out of a baby bottle as well. Once all of the guests had had their fill, the bride was carried out on to the dancefloor by the groom for their first dance. Because she was still in her ballet boots, most of their dance was the groom carrying her in time with the music, but everyone still watched with rapt attention and applauded when the couple finished. Then the dance floor opened up to everyone. I was surprised that someone wanted to dance with me on the second song. An acquaintance of ours, Alex, said a word to the DJ before asking Mistress if "he could have a dance with her little sissy." Before I even had a chance to process the request Mistress enthusiastically agreed and Alex was pulling me onto the dance floor. Alex had asked the DJ for a fast paced swing song, and when the music started he proceeded to have the time of his life twirling me around the dance floor. With every twirl and open break my petticoats went flying, giving the crowd a glimpse of my rhumba panties. I had always considered myself to be an ok dancer, having taken lessons with Mistress for quite some time now, but I had always led. This time, I was the girl, and the thick diapers between my legs forced them unnaturally apart. This combination made me feel like a toddler, waddling about the dance floor trying to keep pace while Alex gracefully twirled me this way and that. As the song ended Alex twirled me out and back in one more time, deftly sliding his hand underneath my skirts and slapping it against my diapered bottom, before raising my skirts up to reveal my panties to the entire crowd. There were quite a few applause and hollers from this finale. Mistress strode out on to the dance floor at this point. "What do you say, sissy?" Mistress said as she reached us. "Thank you for the nice dance sir," I said, curtsying for Alex. "Is that all a sissy does to say thank you?" Mistress continued. I whined, but nonetheless gave Alex a quick peck on the cheek. Satisfied, Mistress then took me by hand, letting me lead her in a waltz. It felt like I spent most of my time on the dance floor, only getting two songs max to rest before being swept onto the dance floor once again. Most men, and a few women who asked for a dance led me around the floor. Some women, and half of the other sissies at the wedding who asked for a dance, let me lead though. One of the women who let me lead them on the dance floor was Valeria. We danced a slow waltz, mostly making a circle with the box step while talking. She wanted to apologize if she had made me feel weird, or if there had been any uncomfortableness in the afternoon when she had fed me my snack. Valeria explained that they had run into Karen when they arrived, and had asked if Karen needed any help. She had mentioned needing to feed me, but was feeling a little time crunched. Valeria had told Sir Tom the night before that she was interested in trying to be more dominant, so when Karen said this Tom had suggested that Valeria be the one to feed me to try getting some experience as the top in situations. Valeria continued on though that, when push came to shove, she had panicked. I told her it was alright. She had done a fine job, just to go slower the next time. At that our dance came to an end. As we walked back to the tables and chairs she said, "Maybe I will have to see if you need a babysitter sometime while your Mistress does grown up things. Then there can be a next time for sure." By the end of the night I was a hot sweaty mess. I was so tired, and had already been so thoroughly exposed to the crowd as a diapered sissy, that I let go of my inhibitions and toddled around the dance floor in my wet diaper without a care in the world. One dance had been awkward. A leather daddy led me in an argentine tango, keeping his hand cupped on my diapered ass the entire time. Otherwise, I had a wonderful time twirling around the dance floor in the arms of the wedding guests. As the night drew to a close we said our goodbyes to Karen, Maria, and John, before making our way back home. Mistress let me ride beside her in the passenger seat on the way home. This time I didn't bother ducking as other cars drove beside or past us. I was too tired and happy to bother caring if anyone saw me. When we arrived back home, I hoped Mistress would let me go straight to bed. She had other ideas in mind though. She made me kneel facing the couch while she undressed. She then sat naked on the couch in front of me, legs spread. I knew what to do, and stuck my head between her legs. "I've been waiting for this all day," Mistress said as I licked her clitoris and pussy. It didn't take long to bring her to orgasm, her legs tightening, wrapping themselves around my head in a stranglehold until the waves of pleasure subsided. As she lay on the couch, petting my head as I lay on the floor underneath her, she said, "You know, today has had me thinking. Maybe we should renew our vows. Only this time, you can wear the dress."
  15. I'm writing this for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. Chapter 1 I finished the block of code I was working on and started the unit tests. As the project built, I turned to the Web browser on my second monitor and started scrolling through the videos, trying to find one I hadn't already watched. I finally found one. The title was promising. "Slut takes 3 dicks." The thumbnail showed a wide-eyed woman with her lips wrapped around the shaft of an impressively thick cock. The balls resting on her chin. I glanced back at my work. There were a few green ticks indicating that the first tests had completed successfully but there were many more remaining. I had plenty of time so I started the video so I unzipped my pants. Enjoying porn on company time was just one of the many benefits of working from home. I was just getting into a rhythm when my phone began ringing. Without pausing, I looked down at it on the desk. The caller was identified as Melanie Baker. She was the wife of Brad, a friend of mine. I was actually rather envious of Brad, Melanie was hot. I ignored the ringing and kept going. I was already imagining Melanie in place of the star of the video and myself in the place of each of the men penetrating her. My climax came long before that of the video and I fell back into my chair panting, my cock still hanging out. My phone started ringing once more. It was Melanie again. This time I answered it. “Hi Melanie.” “Robert.” She said urgently. “I need your help.” “Huh?” I couldn’t imagine what problem she could have that would need my help specifically. Surely she had her own friends to call. “Brad was working on a story. He was obsessed with it. Something about a bunch of disappearances being connected.” Brad was a freelance journalist. “He told me he was getting close but then he didn’t come home. I’m really worried.” “So what can I do?” I asked. “All of Brad’s research is in his computer. There must be some clue where he was going there.” She explained. “But I don’t know his password. You know about computers. I thought maybe you could figure out how to get in.” “Yeah probably.” I agreed, seeing the potential to spend time alone with Melanie and with her in such an emotionally vulnerable state. “I’ll be right over.” When I arrived at Brad and Melanie’s apartment, Melanie answered the door with tears in her eyes and greeted me with a tight hug. “Oh Robert. Thankyou for coming.” “It’s no problem, really.” I hoped she wouldn’t notice my growing arousal. “Where’s Brad’s computer?” “In his office.” She released me and led me to a small room with a laptop sitting on a desk, surrounded by piles of paper. I moved the mouse and the black monitor came to life, showing the login screen. After clicking around a bit and finding no obvious way around it, I pulled out a USB stick from my pocket and plugged it in before restarting the machine. The computer booted into my pre-prepared Linux environment. This gave me access to the laptop’s harddrive. “Okay.” I declared. “Here’s his documents folder. And luckily he hasn’t encrypted anything.” “Can you find the research he was working on?” Melanie moved closer, placing a hand on my back. “Yeah. I think so.” I found and opened the most likely file. “I think this is it.” It contained chunks of an unfinished article interspersed with notes, documenting interviews and contact details. Brad had apparently found connections and patterns in the disappearances of a number of people, all but twol were women. Tthe men were each married to one of the women and disappeared at the same time as her. Most of the women were scientists, engineers and doctors, many with impressive achievements in their fields. He had concluded that they had not been murdered or abducted. They had chosen to leave. Brad had been particularly interested in Rachel Harbourne, one of the women who had disappeared. She wasn’t an engineer or a scientist. She was the ex-wife of the founder of some tech company and had left the marriage with over a billion dollars of his money. Brad had dug into her investments and had found a remote property that she owned indirectly through a convoluted network of shell companies. He was convinced that he would find the missing women there. “That has to be where he was going.” Melanie exclaimed. “It’s only about an hour away from here too. You’re my hero Robert.” She kissed me on the cheek. “What do we do now?” I wondered. “We go there.” She seemed uncertain. "Right now." “It would be too dark when we got there. We'll go first thing tomorrow." I said then saw an opportunity and added “I’ll stay here tonight so you don’t have to be alone.” "No.” She must have heard the enthusiasm in my voice because all doubt was gone. “We need to go tonight. Brad might be in trouble.” So I soon found myself driving down a deserted, unlit road with Melanie in the passenger seat. There was no address, only coordinates to put into the GPS, that gave us a marker which was at least a kilometre from any road on the map. As we got closer it wasn’t clear how we could actually get to the property. “Was that a road?” Melanie suddenly asked. “Back there on the left.” I checked the screen in the dashboard. “There’s nothing on the map.” “We have to go back and check.” She insisted. “That might be it.” I slowed down and did a U-turn. She was right, it was a road, well more a dirt track. We followed it and soon had confirmation that we were in the right place. “That’s Brad’s car.” Melanie pointed excitedly. I pulled up behind it and Melanie was out before I’d even come to a complete stop. “It’s locked.” She informed me when I joined her. “He must have decided it was better to go on foot from here.” I suggested, then noticed something through the trees. “Look. There’s some lights over there.” “Let’s go.” She took off in that direction. I chased her and saw that the light was coming from the window of a large building. As we got closer, I could see it was just one of many buildings but the only one with light in the windows. “What the fuck?” Melanie said as she reached the window. I joined her looking into the building. There was Brad, totally naked, on all fours on a table. A blonde woman was standing, fully clothed, beside him with a hand around his cock. There were two other naked men, in similar positions. Women stood around the room in small groups watching. "He's joined a bloody sex cult." I tried not to sound too happy. If anything was going to get me into Melanie's panties this was it. Maybe she'd come to me for comfort or maybe for revenge. It didn't matter if it got her into bed. The blonde woman moved her hand up and down Brad’s member. Initially, he just held his position, looking down at the table beneath him but soon he started moving back and forth with the rhythm. I absent-mindedly rubbed my growing erection through my pants as I watched. "Enjoying the show?" I heard a woman's voice behind me. Melanie and I both turned away from the window to see two women, armed with strange looking guns. After taking a moment to consider my options, I ran for it. I didn't get far before feeling a sharp pain in my right butt cheek. My legs started to feel weak as I felt for the source of the pain. I found a small dart and pulled it out as everything went black. I woke up surrounded by wooden bars. I could feel that I was naked except for some weirdly thick underwear. I ran my hands over this strange garment. It was covered in soft plastic and fastened at the front with tapes. With some effort, I sat up to examine it, confirming my fear. I was wearing a diaper. a ridiculously huge puffy disposable diaper, decorated with cartoon teddy bears in various pastel colours. I tried to take it off but the lingering effects of the tranquiliser left me too weak and uncoordinated. A door opened and a light turned on. "Looks like someone is finished with his nap." A woman's face, with olive skin and framed by long black hair, appeared, looking down over the bars. I suddenly realised what the bars were. I was in a giant cot. "Who are you?" I demanded. "And why am I wearing a diaper?" "You can call me Dr. Patel." She answered. "And the diaper is so you don't make a mess on the floor." "Where am I?" I continued my questions. "What have you done with Melanie?" "Patience. Everything will be explained in good time." She lowered one side of the cot. "But right now you only have to worry about finishing your bottle." "Bottle?" I asked, confused as she took my hand and led me to a long sofa. I tried to pull away but found I wasn't strong enough. She sat me in the middle of the sofa then picked up a large baby bottle full of a white liquid and sat at one end. "Just lay down and Dr. Patel will feed you." I made a feeble attempt to resist as she guided me to lay down across the sofa with my head in her lap. She smiled down at me as she brought the large nipple of the bottle to my lips. Even though I tried to clamp my mouth shut, she easily forced it in. The nipple filled my mouth. I tried to push it back out with my tongue but that only caused the liquid inside to squirt I to my mouth. In that position, I had no choice but to swallow it. "See." Dr. Patel said. "It doesn't taste so bad." She was right but it wasn't the taste I objected to. It was laying there in a diaper being fed like an infant. I wanted to ask why she was doing this to me but trying to talk only caused my mouth to fill with more of the liquid. "Good boy." She cooed. "Drink it all up." Whatever her reasons, it was clear she wasn't going to take that nipple out of my mouth until I had drunk the whole bottle so, resigned to this, I got to work. I had finished about half of it when my stomach started feeling uncomfortable. I kept going but a little while later it started cramping. "Is your tummy feeling yucky?" Dr. Patel must have noticed my discomfort. "Don't worry. It's just the laxatives starting to work. The muscle relaxants should kick in soon and then you'll feel much better." Now realising the purpose of the diaper, I started struggling against her again. She easily held me in place and kept the nipple in my mouth. I only succeeded in filling my mouth with more of the laxatives, muscle relaxants and who knows what else. "All done." She finally declared, pulling the bottle out of my mouth. "It won't be long now." She released me and I stood up. As promised, the muscle relaxants had muted the cramps but I could still feel what was coming. I had to find a toilet fast. On unsteady legs, I made my way to the door but I found that the doorknob was too much of a challenge for my hands. I knew that what was coming was inevitable but I still tried to fight it. I ordered my butthole to squeeze tightly shut and, for a while, it obeyed. With all of my attention on not shifting myself, my bladder took the opportunity to release, flooding the diaper. I felt the pee pool between my legs before being absorbed by the paddling. Dr. Patel didn’t move from her spot on the sofa. She just sat there, watching me with a patient smile. "Just let it happen." She suggested. "Don't worry. I won't leave you in a messy diaper. I'll get you cleaned up as soon as you're done. Her encouragement was unnecessary. At that moment, I finally lost the battle and the mess filled the seat of my diaper. It kept coming, squeezing up the back and the front. When it was finished, the diaper seemed ready to burst but, despite sagging heavily, it held on. "That's some laxative isn't it?" Dr. Patel laughed as she finally stood up. "It cleans you out completely, much more thoroughly than an enema." Too ashamed to offer any response, I meekly allowed her to lead me into the next room. With each step, I felt the mess against my skin. This room was far more clinical than the first. In the centre was what looked like a gynaecologist's examination chair. At least that's what they looked like in the fetish videos I'd watched. Dr. Patel led me straight to the chair. "Sit here and I'll get you cleaned up." I desperately wanted to be out of that diaper so I did as I was told. I didn't protest as she guided my feet onto the stirrups and strapped them in place or when she fastened a belt across my stomach. A large mirror took up most of the wall I was facing. As I looked at myself in that bulging diaper I had a terrible feeling it was actually a one-way viewing window. She pressed a button and the back of the chair lowered, pulling me back into a lying position, as the stirrups lifted my legs above me and spread them apart. “Okay. Now for the yucky bit.” She undid the tapes open and let my diaper fall open. She pulled a face but got to work, cleaning me with baby wipes. Working methodically, Dr. Patel started just under my stomach and then moved down to the base of my cock. I couldn’t help growing a little hard as she began to wipe the shaft. “Enjoying the attention?” She giggled and moved on to my balls, which did nothing to reduce my arrousal. Continuing to work her way down, she cleaned the mess off my bottom then wiped through my crack. She lingered on my butthole, pressing gently until it yielded to her fingers. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure and my cock grew even harder. “I see you like that.” She smiled, removing her fingers from my arse and wiping the rest of my crack. “You’re going to love the procedure then.” “What procedure?” I did not like the sound of that. “What are you going to do to me?” “You’ll find out in just a moment.” She wiped my lower back and after inspecting her work declared. “There. All clean.” Leaving me strapped in place, She threw the used diaper and wipes into a nearby bin and moved to a sink to wash her hands. She took her time, either being very thorough or just deliberately making me wait, helpless with my bare bottom presented to that mirror. . Finally, Dr.Patel opened a cabinet, from which she removed a metallic cylinder. She carried it over to me and smiled at me from between my raised legs. “This is why we had to make sure your bottom was cleaned out.” She held up the cylinder, confirming my fears. “And the muscle relaxants will help it go in without hurting you.” I heard a clink as she put the device aside, then felt her fingers penetrating my butthole again but this time they were cold and slimy. “Just some lubrication to help it go in.” She explained, spreading the gel. I started to grow hard again in spite of my fear of what was coming next. Dr. Patel withdrew her fingers. A moment later I felt the smooth rounded end of the metal device replace them. “Just relax.” She said gently as she pushed it inside me. I gasped as I felt it slide deeper inside me. Precum started dribbling from the end of my rock-hard cock. “I knew you’d enjoy it.” She slid the device out a little. Then back in, slightly deeper than before. “Now I just have to find the right spot.” She moved it in and out a couple more times then said. “There.” I yelped as I felt a brief stinging pain inside me. I lasted less than a second but it seemed it was enough to make my erection disappear as Dr. Patel pulled the device out of my bottom. “What did you do to me?” I asked. “I’ve just installed your prostate chip.” She put the device down and returned to the sink to wash her hands again. When she returned, she stood at my side. “Now let’s test it.” She gently stroked my, now limp, cock. It felt good but I didn’t start to get hard again. “Good.” She began tapping on a bracelet on her left wrist and my cock became fully erect. “Excellent.” She tapped a couple more times and suddenly I began to squirt cum onto my stomach and chest. Weirdly, I didn’t feel any pleasure from this orgasm. “What did you do to my cock?” I demanded. “The chip is connected to the nerves in your bottom and groin.” She took out more baby wipes and cleaned the cum off of me. “Among other things, it lets us control your erections and ejaculations. Men have proven they can’t be trusted to control their penises so the chip gives that control to someone more responsible.” “What sort of feminist bullshit is this?” I demanded. “You bitches need a good…” I stopped and screamed as I suddenly felt a pain just like getting kicked in the balls. “That’s one of the other things it does.” She tapped her bracelet and the pain was instantly gone. “Behave yourself and you won’t have to feel that too often.” She took out a tissue and wiped up the tears running down the sides of my face. “You’re going to be a good boy for me aren’t you?” I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself but I didn’t ever want to feel that pain again. I remained silent and turned my head away from her. I heard her moving around then heard a plastic crinkling sound and turned to find her back between my legs, unfolding another big diaper. I was too afraid to say anything so I just laid there pouting silently as she slid it under my bottom. Once she had me taped into my new diaper, she moved the chair back up into the sitting position. “Don’t you touch that diaper.” She warned as she released me from the straps. “Now let’s introduce you to Ms. Harbourne.” She led the way out of the room. I hesitated. “Like this? In just a diaper?” “Of course. That’s how all of the boys dress.” She held the door open. “Now hurry up if you don’t want to get in trouble.” She motioned toward her bracelet. I quickly followed her out of the room into a hallway. At the other end, Dr. Patel knocked on a door. “Yes?” came a woman’s voice. “Come in.” She pushed the door open and led me into the room where a well-dressed woman sat behind a large ornate desk. She was middle-aged but still in great shape. “Rachel.” Dr. Patel greeted the woman. “I’ve installed Robert’s prostate chip and it is working properly.” “Thankyou Inika.” The woman ignored me for a moment and addressed Dr. Patel . “Good night.” “Goodnight.” Dr. Patel left me alone with the woman. “Hello Robert.” She smiled at me. “You may call me Ms. Harbourne.” When I didn’t respond, she said. “Don’t be rude Robert. I’m sure Dr. Patel warned you what happens to boys who are rude.” I looked at her wrist. She wore a bracelet just like Dr. Patel’s. “Hello Ms Harbourne.” I said, feeling like a schoolboy greeting his teacher. “Good boy. You can sit down.” She indicated a chair in front of her desk and sat on it. “I’m sure you’re very confused right now.” She went on. “You are in a little town I have founded as a model for a new society, one where women are in charge. I was sick of being mistreated by men and after the divorce settlement I had the resources to do something about it. I made contact with talented women who shared my feelings and together we built all of this.” “So, you’re punishing me for being a man?” I asked, hoping that maybe there was some way to talk my way out of the bizarre situation I had found myself in. “Oh no honey. This isn’t a punishment.” She said with genuine sweetness. “We don’t hate men. We understand that you can’t control yourselves. It’s not your fault. I promise that you are safe and we will take good care of you. If you accept your new position I’m sure you can be very happy here.” “And If I’m not happy here?” I asked. “Can I leave?” “No. I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that.” She said, “You would tell people what we are doing before we were ready and they would come and ruin everything.” I sighed. It was worth a try. “Okay but what about the diapers?” "Men have always needed women to take care of them like you are babies and we are your mommies." She explained. “Keeping you in diapers just makes that explicit.” "I thought you said it wasn't a punishment." Maybe I could at least negotiate a less humiliating outfit. "It isn't. It is just a reminder of your dependence on us, to keep your ego under control. When a man's ego gets too big it only creates problems for himself and everyone else." She explained patiently, as though she was speaking to a small child. "I know this feels like a punishment right now because you think it is humiliating. That's just your ego creating a problem for you. Let it go, accept your dependence and you will be quite comfortable in your diapers." Without thinking, I rolled my eyes at this. “Bullshit.” I realised my mistake a moment too late. “Robert.” Ms Harbourne rose from her seat and her tone became suddenly stern. “I will not accept rude language from you.” “I’m sorry.” I said. I was about to burst into tears as I anticipated the pain from the device they put in my butt. However, as she made her way around the desk, she didn’t reach for her bracelet. “I understand that you’re cranky. It is past your bedtime but next time you use bad language you will be punished.” Her voice was already softening again. “Do you understand?” “Yes.” I nodded quickly. “Yes, Ms Harbourne.” “Good Boy.” She was smiling again. “Now, I’d better get you to bed.” Ms Harbourne held out her hand. I hesitated for a moment but knew she could force me if she wanted to so I got to my feet and took it. She led me out of her office and back through the building to an entryway with double glass doors looking out into the dark night. “It’s a bit chilly outside.” She took some neatly folded baby blue fabric from a nearby shelf. “Let's get you into this.” She let part of the fabric hang down, a pair of blue fuzzy legs. “Step in.” She held it out for me. Eager to finally have my diaper hidden, I did as I was told. The material was soft and warm. The feet were closed and had rubber soles built in. Ms Harbourne pulled the rest of the material up my body and guided my arms in before pulling up a long zip which ran all the way from my left foot up to my neck. I realised that I’d just been dressed in a footed bodysuit like a baby but I didn’t mind. It felt snug and comforting. Outside, I tried to get my bearings. As Ms Harbourne led me along a footpath, I looked for the big building where Melanie and I had found Brad. If I could identify that, I could figure out how to get back to my car. “This is my house.” She indicates the building we were walking toward. “You’ll stay with me until we decide who will adopt you.” I rolled my eyes at the idea of being adopted. Fortunately, she wasn’t looking at me. Then I spotted the building I was looking for. From where I was, I could see the entrance and, above it, a sign which read “Milking Shed.” I was about to make a break for it when I remembered that I didn’t have my keys. With a sigh, I followed Ms Harbourne into the house. As soon as we were inside, she unzipped my bodysuit. Reluctantly, I allowed her to remove it, leaving me in just my diaper again. I wasn’t cold, It seemed that the buildings here were kept at a comfortable temperature for walking around naked. From the entrance, she led me into the living room. Two long white leather sofas and a large marble coffee table were in the centre of the room, leaving plenty of space on every side. An enormous television took up most of one wall. The other walls were decorated with paintings. “Now, I do need to get you into bed.” She said, “But, before that, are you hungry?” My stomach had settled down since the laxatives and was now feeling very empty. “Yes.” “I thought you might be.” She sat at the end of one of the sofas. “Come and sit with me.” She patted the cushion next to her. I didn’t understand what was going on but I didn’t want to get in trouble so I joined her. As I did, she began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it open and, with absolutely no hesitation, undid a clip at the front of her bra, releasing her breasts. From my position, next to her on the sofa, I could just see the smooth pink skin behind her open blouse and the large, dark nipple protruding from that. I nearly got up for a better view but that wasn't necessary because she turned to face me, showing me everything. She then began massaging her breasts, one in each hand, kneading the soft flesh. I didn't know what was going on but I was afraid that if I asked she might stop. Out of habit, my hand found its way down to my groin and started rubbing my cock through my diaper. However it remained totally limp, apparently unimpressed by the show. “What’s the matter?” Ms Harbourne teased gently. “Is your diaper wet?” I blushed and moved my hand away but kept watching her play with her breasts. Soon drops of liquid began to form on the nipples. She looked down and smiled. "Okay. I think they are ready for you.” “Huh?” I was confused. “Ready for what?” “To nurse, silly.” She collected some of the liquid on her finger and transferred it to my lips. It tasted sweet. “This will be your food from now on.” I had mixed feelings about that. I certainly liked the idea of putting her breasts in my mouth. However, drinking her milk, especially while dressed like a giant baby, wasn’t appealing at all. “Don’t be shy.” Her hands moved to gently guide my head down into position. Frozen by indecision, I neither cooperated nor resisted and she pulled my face against her chest. I felt her firm, wet nipple pressed against my lips, demanding entrance to my mouth. Part of me wanted to open wide and get a mouthful of breast but I couldn’t bring myself to surrender to this babyish treatment. “Open up.” Mr Harbourne said, her tone as sweet as the milk I could already taste dribbling into my mouth. Resting my head against one arm, she took hold of her breast with the opposite hand and rubbed her nipple back and forth over my lips. “Come on. All men love boobies.” She wiggled a finger in between my lips and used it to force my mouth open. “Just another way you never really grow up.” I considered biting her finger but I was sure that would not end well for me. She soon managed to pry my mouth open enough to force her breast in. “There you go.” I tried to protest but intelligible speech was impossible with my lips wrapped around her nipple and the movement just made her milk squirt into my mouth. I swallowed it and the action squeezed more out, it was a vicious cycle and I soon realised the only way out would be to nurse until the milk was finished. Luckily, it actually tasted pretty good. She let out a sigh of pleasure as I settled into a rhythm “See. It’s not so bad.” She was clearly enjoying this. “We know you boys never grow out of needing to breastfeed. It’s why you’re obsessed with our breasts. You turn it into something crass but that’s just because you can’t admit what you really need.” Unable to argue, I just continued sucking and swallowing. She held me firmly against her body. “We’ve developed a way to make our breast milk a complete and balanced diet for an adult. You’ll never need to eat anything else.” Her breathing and little involuntary movements told me she was enjoying this. When the milk from that breast stopped, she moved me to the other one. She stroked my naked back, running her hand down to the waistband of my diaper and back up. “Good boy. Drink it all up.” Finally, I finished and Ms Harbourne released me. “Okay. Now let’s get you to bed.” Not bothering to refasten her bra or blouse, she stood and led me deeper into the house. “This will be your nursery for now.” She pushed open a door, revealing a bedroom furnished with an adult-sized cot and change table. Under the change table were stacks of diapers just like the one I was wearing. “Do you need a diaper change before bed?” Without waiting for a response, she patted the seat of my diaper and then gave my groin a little squeeze. “Nope. Still clean.” She lowered the side of the cot. “In you go.” When I hesitated her voice once again took on a stern edge. “Do I need to remind you what happens to naughty boys?” She didn’t need to remind me. I climbed into the cage and she pulled the side back up, clicking it into place. “Good night.” The edge was gone as quickly as it had appeared. “There’s a baby monitor.” She pointed at a baby blue plastic device mounted high on the wall. It had a camera pointed down into the cot. “So I can check on you. If there’s anything wrong, just call out and I’ll hear you.” With that, she turned off the light and left, closing the door behind her. Now alone, I considered ripping off the diaper. However, that would leave me naked. My next thought was climbing out of the cot. The bars weren’t too high. I could easily pull myself over them but then I considered the camera. I had no way to know if Ms Harbourne was watching. I decided that she’d just glance at the video occasionally and the chances she was watching right then were slim. I’d have to risk it. I pulled myself up and threw one leg over the rail. Suddenly, the pain hit me again. I let go, instinctively moving my hands to protect my groin. As I fell backward, I wet myself from the shock and pain. I hit the mattress and the pain stopped. “Crazy bitch!” I said, angrily. Moments later, the door opened and Ms Harbourne stepped inside. “I warned you about using bad language.” She turned on the light and crossed the room to the cot. I was so afraid that I wet myself again as she lowered the side. “Come here.” She held out a hand. Reluctantly, I took it and let her help me out of the cot. She led me to a chair where she sat. "Lay here." She patted her lap. "What?" I didn't understand. "Boys who say bad words get spanked." She explained. "No way." I backed away. "I am not letting you spank me." She made an exaggerated motion toward her bracelet. "Be careful, Robert." I got the message and positioned myself across her lap. She hooked he fingers over the back waistband of my diaper and pulled it down just far enough to expose my butt cheeks. Whack. Her palm came down on my bare bottom, making me yelp in pain. It stung far more than I had expected. "Why does it hurt so much?" I whined, pathetically. Whack. She gave me another smack before explaining. "Your prostate chip lets me adjust your sensitivity down there. I have turned it up to help you learn your lesson." Whack. "I've learned it." Whack.I wet myself once again as the next impact landed. Whack. The pain and humiliation were too much and I started to sob. "I'm sorry." I flinched as her hand came back down to rest gently on my tender bottom. "It's okay. It's finished." She left her hand there for a moment then said. "Go get up on the change table and I'll get you into a dry diaper." I stood up, still crying and waddled over to the change table with my soggy diaper hanging off my throbbing bottom. I climbed up on the table and laid down on the soft towelling on top.. Ms Harbourne came over to the table and untaped the diaper. “You’ve really soaked this one.” She rolled it up and dropped it into the bin with a heavy thud.. “I think I’m going to need to keep you in thicker diapers at night.” I just laid there trying to get my sobbing under control as she wiped my privates clean. The gentle, caring attention was soothing and by the time she slid the new diaper under my bottom, I had calmed down. The padding definitely felt thicker than my previous diaper and as she pulled it up between my legs, it forced them apart. I looked as she stuck the tapes in place. The shiny plastic bulged out ridiculously from my crotch. The print on this one was stars, all with friendly little faces. “Almost done. Just need to make sure the leak guards are right” Ms Harbourne announced, inserting a finger into each leg hole. It tickled but in a not-entirely unpleasant way. “Otherwise all the padding in the world won’t save your bed.“ I squirmed as she ran her fingers around my thighs. Clearly she’d left my bottom extra-sensitive. “Okay. Down you get and back into your cot.” I climbed down, moving awkwardly in the puffy diaper. With my knees forced apart, I couldn’t walk normally and waddled back to the cot. “You look adorable.” Mr Harbourne giggled as she followed me. “I might need to keep you in these overnight diapers full-time.” As I climbed back onto the mattress, she encouraged me with a gentle pat on my thickly padded bottom. “Now don’t try to get out again. I probably should have warned you that the cot has sensors which automatically trigger your chip if you get out.” She raised the bars back into place. “The same thing will happen if you get too far from one of these.” She held up her bracelet. “Goodnight Robert.” She once again turned off the light and left the room. Even sleeping was awkward in the enormous overnight diaper. I couldn’t lay on my side with the bulk between my thighs. I tried my back but the padding under my bottom made that uncomfortable. Finally I settled on sleeping on my stomach, of course this meant my diapered butt was sticking up in the air. I tried not to think about how babyish I looked.
  16. This a story I started working on around three years ago but eventually abandoned. I haven't worked on it in probably two and half years and don't really see myself finishing it. I figure I might as well publish it for others to read. ----- "Katie! This is the 3rd time you're late this month! Get out of here, you're fired!" My ass hole boss yelled at me inside his office. My name is Katie Williams, and I've just been fired from my minimum wage job at Burger King. Considering the bills that I need to pay, I should be begging for my job. But because of my ass hole boss and the shitty atmosphere I couldn't care less. "Good," I yelled back, "I can't stand another day in this place!" I stormed out of the store and back out to my car. I took a moment to assess my situation as I drove back to my apartment. After I dropped out of college when I was 19, my parents refused to let me live rent free with them. It's been over a year since then, and now I'm jobless, broke, and have to pay rent in a week. Once I got home, I stripped out of my uniform and put my pajamas back on. Laying back down in my bed, I took a look at my phone. I scrolled through Instagram for a little bit before deciding to message my friend Sam on Snapchat. Me: "I just got fired again." Sam: "Seriously? Isn't this like the 3rd time?" Me: "It's only the 2nd!" I had previously gotten fired from Sonic for, surprise surprise, being late. That's also one of the reasons I had to drop out of college. I'm just not a morning person. Sam: "Well what are you going to do?" Me: "Idk yet. Do you know of any openings anywhere?" Sam: "I overheard my room mate talking with someone online about some place called 'The Playpen' here in town. Idk anything about it, but she said they're understaffed right now. Maybe it's worth looking into? If not, then I'm sure the McDonald's on McAlistar is hiring." Me: "I don't think I could stand another fast food job. That PlayPen place sounds interesting, I'll take a look at it." I set my phone aside and pulled out my laptop. Based on the name, I could only assume The Playpen was some kind of daycare facility. I opened Google and searched for "Sacramento Playpen." There were a couple ads about places selling toddler playpens, but none for daycare facilities. I looked a little deeper and eventually found a result that stood out from the others. "Sacramento Playpen Adult BDSM Club," it read. There's no way this could be what Sam had mentioned, but my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a look. After clicking on the link and confirming I was over 18, I was greeted to an image of a naked girl wearing a pair of handcuffs, an over sized diaper, a pacifier, and a giant baby bib covering her nipples. This shocked me a little, but only made me more curious. There was a large block of text under the image that gave a description of the club. "The Playpen is the countries leading bondage and adult baby club. Founded in 2004, we have helping to fulfill the bondage and adult baby fantasies of people from all over the country. At the Playpen, we offer dominatrix's that can tame any big baby into submission, submissives for you to punish and babify, or rent-able playrooms for partners. Interested? Fill out the form here and tell us what your biggest adult baby or bondage fantasy is and we'll do what we can to make it come true." First of all: what the fuck? What is an "adult baby" and what the hell happens at this club? I took to Google and searched the term. I found a few websites that explained what it is and what it involves. I could understand BDSM. My ex used to tie my hands together when we would do it, and I loved it. But wearing a diaper? Drinking from a bottle? I've never even thought of doing that sexually. I guess there are some really interesting people out there. I headed back to the Playpen website and scrolled down a little further. There were links to examples of the services they offer. The first one was for the dominatrix services. I clicked on it and it showed a picture of a man wearing only a diaper and ball gag tied down in a giant crib. Towering over him was a woman wearing a leather body suit holding a riding crop. The next image showed a dude wearing a big infantile pink dress and a giant diaper strapped into a spanking bench. The dominatrix from the last image was standing behind him, holding a large paddle. The final image showed a woman, naked except for her diaper, strapped into the large highchair. There was a woman in a motherly dress holding a large baby bottle up to her mouth while she drank it. I was getting kind of curious what it would be like to be locked in a giant piece of furniture like that... I closed the images and clicked on the one for the rent-able playrooms. It popped up with several pictures of a cross between an over sized nursery and a fully stocked BDSM dungeon. There were images of a crib, highchair, a changing table, and a large potty training chair, all fully outfitted with restraints. Another picture showed a closet filled to the brim with different kinds of diapers, infantile dresses, gags, cuffs, harnesses, vibrators, dildos, and what I could only assume to be spanking tools. I could feel myself getting a little excited by this. I always loved getting spanked during sex, and the wall of spanking implements was getting me a little worked up. The next image had a spanking bench, a pillory, and a an X-cross. The final image set was for the submissive section. The first image showed a girl wearing a school girl outfit and a very wet diaper locked in a pillory. There looked to be a pacifier in her mouth, but it was held in place by a strap that reached around her head. Next was an image of a girl tied spread eagle on the changing table. She has an open diaper placed under her, appearing to be in the middle of getting changed into the garment. There was a pacifier gag strapped around her head as well and a vibrator sitting on next to her on the changing table. The final image really got me going. It showed a girl laying across a mans lap. Instead of wearing a diaper, she was wearing a children's pull-up. The pull-up was brought down to her knees, leaving her bottom bare for the spanking she was clearly about to receive. This image really got my privates tingling. I could only imagine myself, placed over a mans lap. My panties being pulled down and my ass rapidly swatted by his firm hands. I tried to imagine a scenario for the image on my screen. Maybe he checked the pull-up she was wearing, saw that it was wet, and decided a spanking was the most suitable punishment? I wasn't sure if I was into this whole adult baby thing, but the bondage part of this club was making me beyond excited. I definitely wanted to know more. I closed the submissive image set and scrolled down to the bottom of the page. The was a dark gray banner with the words "We're always looking for crew members! Think you have what it takes? Come give us a visit!" This pulled me back to reality and the reason I had even found the page. Could this actually be the job opening that Sam has mentioned? Was her roommate into this stuff? I've never thought of being a stripper or anything like that before, but this place genuinely had me interested. I enjoyed being tied up, but diapers? I've never thought of it before, but I guess I wouldn't be opposed to it? Doing this with a lover was one thing, but it would be a lot different with complete strangers being in control. Maybe I could stop by the place and ask a few questions? I've always heard that places like this pay well, and that's exactly what I need right now. The banner listed the clubs address and stated to come in and talk to them if you were even slightly interested. I decided that that was exactly what I was going to do. I hanged around my house until about 6:30, contemplating my decision the entire time. The club opened for business at 7:00, so I thought that now would be a good time to get ready and leave. It was about a 20 minute drive to the club. I parked my car in a half full parking lot near by and started walking towards the building that was mentioned on their website. A tingling feeling started to appear in the bottom of my stomach as I approached the building. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, I thought. But before I knew it I was already opening the door and walking in. The were a few people waiting to get in, waiting for a bouncer to check their IDs. I got in the back of the line and took my drivers license out of my purse. I heard the bouncer ask the person in front of him which section he was going to. I couldn't hear the mans reply, but the bouncer pointed somewhere through the curtain behind him. When it was finally my turn in line I handed over my ID to him. He took a look at it before saying "I don't recognize you. Do you have an appointment or are you just looking for the bar?" "I-I came here because of the banner saying you were looking for staff on the website." I said, looking down like I had done something bad. "In that case, take a right and go talk to Ms. Juniper in here office at the very end of the hall. Good luck." I thanked him and went behind the curtain. Behind it was an entrance to a large bar, filled with people drinking from both baby bottles and regular glasses. There were many people, both male and female, who who obviously wearing diapers. The majority of the people wearing diapers had a few infantile accessories, such as pacifiers clipped to their shirts or bibs around their neck. The entrance was right in the middle of a long hallway, so once I had finished starring at the bars occupants I headed down the right hall. There were a lot of doors in this hallway. I could only assume that they were the play rooms that were mentioned on the website. As I waked past one the doors, I heard what was definitely someone being spanked. I continued my walk until I reached the door with big white letters writing out "Ms. Juniper." Taking a deep breath, I mustered all of my courage and knocked on the door. "Come in." someone on the other side of the door said. I opened the door and did as they instructed. Inside of the room was a normal office with a woman sitting at a computer. The woman had long brunette hair and appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. She was wearing a normal dress shirt and had her hair down. "How can I help you?" she said, looking up from her computer monitor. "I-I'm here to talk about the j-job posting on your website." I nervously said to her. "Oh! Perfect! Close the door and take a seat." she instructed. I followed her directions and took my place at the seat in front of her desk. I sat down with my legs closed together. I wonder if she was able to hear how hard my heart was beating? "Thank you for taking the time to come in. My name is Patrica Juniper, but you probably know me as Ms. Juniper. Let's start off with some questions. Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself?" Ms. Juniper said. "Well, my name is Katie Williams, and I recently got fired from my job. I stumbled upon your website last night and took a look around. I've never seen a lot of this stuff before, but after taking a look around the website I knew I was interested in learning more." I replied, nervous how she would respond. "Which parts are you new to?" Ms. Juniper asked. "The d-diapers and baby stuff mostly. I've done some BDSM stuff before, but nothing to level of what I saw on the site." I replied, blushing. "I take it you're interested in the submissive portion of the club then. I also assume you've never done any kind of 'adult performance' work before too. Normally I would turn away someone as inexperienced as you are, but we're short staffed and I think you will be quite popular. I want to go over a few things with you and ask a few more questions. Let me start with what all you would be doing if you take the job. First of all, you will likely be wearing a diaper and restrained more often than not. There's also a certain amount of pain you need to be able to endure. A lot of requests will involve you being spanked, and you will need to be able to endure it. Is that something you think you can handle?" The thought of being spanked started to get me a little excited. The thought of being restrained wasn't helping too much either. The diapers were going to be an interesting new experience, but I could probably handle it. I wasn't dispelled and wanted to hear more. "I think I can handle it. It's embarrassing to admit, but I've loved being spanked for a while now. I also like being tied up during sex. I've never thought of wearing a diaper before, but I'm not turned away by the idea." I answered, beet red. "I like to hear that. That also leads into my next question. While not all of the guests are here for sexual reasons, the majority are. I assume by coming here, you already knew this. The guests are not allowed to directly penetrate you, but they will be allowed to use a large range of sex toys on you. Are you okay with doing this, even in front of crowds of people? Since you're not experienced with this, I would like you think it over a little before answering. Take all the time you need." Ms. Juniper continued. I was a little scared now. I'm not a virgin, but getting tied up and having sex toys used on me in front of dozens of people wasn't something I'd thought about or done before. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come here. But, why am I still as excited as before? Maybe I could try it once and quit if I absolutely hate it? Ms. Juniper would understand, right? It was still sounding better than going back to another fast food job. "I'm a little scared, but I think I can do it. It sounds more appealing than working another fast food job." I responded. "Alright then. If you think you can handle the job, then I welcome you aboard." She said, standing up and reaching out her hand. "Thank you!" I replied, standing up and shaking her hand. "Now that we got that out of the way, let me explain how our system works. You probably read this on the site, but we service peoples custom fantasies. These fantasies are filled out online. You will be given an account for our website and you will be able to see these fantasies. From here, you will be able to read them over and bid on them. The client will be shown a picture of you and the price you're willing to do it for. They can then select who they want to carry out that fantasy. After they're finished with you, you get to keep all of the money." Ms. Juniper explained after we had retaken our seats. "There is also the live performance area, for if you don't have a client that night or are between appointments. You probably saw this area when you walked in. In here, we have actresses up on stage performing various situations together. This are usually pretty similar to what happens in the one-on-one rooms, but in front of a large crowd. Here, take a look." Ms. Juniper said before turning around her computer monitor. On the screen was video from what I assumed was a security camera. The video was showing the stage in the performance area that I saw when I walked in. On the stage were two women. One women was wearing your typical leather dominatrix outfit and the other was locked inside of a pillory with her legs spread wide, wearing only a big blue and white diaper. The diaper was taped up, but pulled down below the womans butt cheeks. Protruding from her butt was a long tube that ran to a red rubber bag. At this point it was evident to me that the restrained girl was receiving an enema. Ms. Juniper clicked something on her computer and I began to hear the sound from the stage. There was a lot of white noise coming from the crowd. The dominatrix on stage then removed the tube from the other womans butt and quickly pulled the diaper back up. "Now you be a good girl and hold that enema until I say to release it, Cindy. We're now going to be taking bid for the person who's going to come up and give this naughty little girl her spanking while she's filling her diaper. Let's start at $20!" The dominatrix said to the crowd. This was just like a normal auction. The girl in the pillory was squirming in place while the dominatrix kept listing off the highest bid. After about a minute the highest bid was $150. The dominatrix instructed the bidder to make his way on stage while she got ready for him. A simple wooden chair was brought on stage by a stage hand. While the man was making his way to the stage, the dominatrix pulled out a leash and walked around to the other side of the pillory. She attached the leash to something on the other woman and released the lock on the pillory. The diapered woman stayed in place after the top half of the pillory was raised. The dominatrix then came back around and used the cuffs that were apparently attached to the womans wrists to restrain her arms behind her back. She then tugged on the leash that was attached to a collar around the womans neck and began to lead her to where the man was now sitting. It took a couple of seconds for the girl to slowly waddle over there. I finally got to see the diapered womans face as she was being lead to the man. Around her neck was a pink dog collar with the leash attached to it. There also appeared to be a giant pacifier strapped around her face, gagging her. For some reason I was expecting her to be sobbing, but she looked like she was more excited than ever before. Once they arrived at the man, who was now sitting in the chair, the dominatrix gently pushed the woman down onto his lap. "All right everyone, it looks like this little girl is all set for her spanking! Once this fine gentleman delivers the first blow on her diapered bottom, she will be allowed to let loose and soil her diaper. Is everyone ready?" The dominatrix said, turning to the audience. The crowd let out a symphony of cheers and approvals as the man brought his hand down on the womans diapered bottom. The man and woman were positioned so that the womans bottom was directly facing the audience and the camera. After a few more swats, the back of the diaper was beginning to expand and change color. The woman was obviously releasing the enema into the diaper all while receiving a spanking in front of dozens of people. The man continued his assault on her diapered bottom for another minute while she finished releasing the enema. When she was done, she went limp on the mans lap. This didn't discourage the man however, as he lost no speed in continuing the spanking. "It looks like our little girl has finished filling her diaper! Since she took her punishment so well, I think she deserves a little treat!" The dominatrix said to the crowd. A stage hand came on stage and handed the man a vibrator. It seems he already knew what to do, as he turned it on a pressed up against the crotch of the diaper. The woman immediately tensed up and began fidgeting. The man held her down with one arm while keeping the vibrator pressed against her diaper with the other. It took less than 30 seconds for the woman to orgasm and go limp on the man's lap once again. The dominatrix moved to the womans face and began removing her gag. Once it was removed, she moved her microphone ear piece close enough to the womans face for her to speak into it. "What do we say to the kind man for helping punish you?" the dominatrix asked the woman, in a voice like she was talking to a toddler. "Thank you for punishing me, sir." The woman said, coming off of her post-orgasm high. "It was no problem, sweetheart." Replied the man, lightly patting the seat of her diaper. "That concludes this show, everyone! If you would like to tip little Cindy for a job well done, please let the lady at the front know! We're going to go get this little girl cleaned up. Our next performance will be at the start of the next hour!" Explained the dominatrix to the crowd. The diapered women then had her leash tugged on and was brought to her feet. The dominatrix then proceeded to guide her behind the stage and they soon vanished. "That was a perfect example of what you will be doing if you take the job. Do you think you would be able to handle something like that or something even more intense?" Ms. Juniper asked me, bringing me back to reality. I was taken aback by what I had just witnessed. It was almost surreal watching that scene while it was happening. The weirdest part about it though, was that it turned me on. I honestly wanted to see more and even take part in it. Thinking about being tied, spanked, and humiliated all while being paid? I definitely think I could handle that. "Yes, I believe I can." I answered. "I like to hear that. Let me explain how you will be paid then. As I mentioned earlier, the guest fantasies will have a price that you bid on. When you're starting out, we can help you with judging good prices. The house takes a fee when they post the guest posts the listing, so all the money shown will go to you. If you're not servicing a fantasy, then you can be up on stage performing for guests like you just saw Cindy doing. When doing this you will be paired up with a dom, who will run the show while you play along. There will be points in the show where guests in the audience can bid on playing a certain role. You and the dom will each get 40% of the bid, while the house gets the remaining 20%. Is this making sense?" Ms. Juniper explained. "Yes, it is." I replied. "Alright. Guests can also book you to go to the one-on-one rooms. They'll describe what they're wanting to do, and you can accept or decline based on how much they're paying. Think of it like a more impromptu fantasy. I should mention that there are cameras in every one-on-one room for safety reasons. I should also mention that guests are not allowed to penetrate you at all. This rule doesn't apply to dildos and other sex toys, however. You can consent to this before hand when you take the commission. There is also a safe word here. If you ever feel unsafe or too uncomfortable, you can say it and the guest or dom will immediately stop whatever they were undoing. I believe that is everything that I need to go over. Do you have any questions?" Ms. Juniper continued. "When do I start?" I asked, nervous and mildly excited that she may say tonight. "You will start tomorrow night. Be here by 6:30 so we can get some things ready before you start. Anything else you would like to ask?" Ms. Juniper answered "No, I can't think of anything." I answered back. "Excellent. Give me a moment to get some paperwork for you to fill out before you come in tomorrow." Ms. Juniper said, opening a filing cabinet behind her. When she was done gathering all the paperwork, put them in a manila folder, and handed it to me. "In there you'll find tax paperwork and the contract. Please fill them out and bring them back when you come in tomorrow. And before you go, please follow me back to our supply room. There are a few things I want to give you." Ms. Juniper requested, standing up from her desk. I also got up and began following her out of the office. We walked through a separate hallway than the one I entered through. Eventually we arrived at an unmarked metal door. Ms. Juniper took a key out of her pocket and opened the door for us. After entering the room, I was shocked at what it contained. Inside was hundreds of packs of diapers, with an awing amount of variety. There were all kinds of colors and designs. There was even actual baby diapers and pull-ups as well. Was the ABDL scene really this big? Diapers weren't the only thing kept in the room though. There was also a large amount of onesies, dresses, baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and all kinds of sex toys in the room. "This is our supply room, where we keep spare toys and diapers. Since you have no experience in the ABDL scene, I'm going to also send you home with a variety of diapers and accessories. I want you to use them and try to get used to them before tomorrow. Do you happen to know your waist size?" Ms. Juniper asked. "O-oh. Okay. Last time I checked it was around 32 inches." I answered. "You should be able to fit into a small then. In that case, I'm also going to send you home with some baby diapers and pull-ups. Please try them on and let me know how they fit." She continued, going around the room with an opaque bag. I watched her go around the room, putting various items in the bag. Some of the things I noticed her putting in the bag were an unopened adult sized pacifier, a baby bottle, a bottle of baby powder, a package of wet wipes, 3 baby diapers, 3 pull-ups, and 6 different designs of adult diapers. This was definitely going to be an interesting 24 hours. "Like I said, please take these items home and experiment with them. If possible, I'd like you to be wearing these from the time you get home to when you arrive tomorrow night. Of course, this includes using them as well. You will want to get used to using them and be able to do so with little to no hesitation" Ms. Juniper instructed, handing me the bag. I blushed at her describing my homework. I had to admit that I was little excited to start though. The bag found its way into my hand and I was soon being led to the exit. Ms. Juniper and I said our goodbyes and before I knew it I was back at my car. I sat the diaper bag and folder down on my passenger seat and got into my car. The drive back to my house consisted of me thinking about the stage scene I had witnessed and an occasional glance at the diaper bag to make sure it didn't go anywhere. The scene that occupied my thoughts the most was when the woman was over that mans lap and was having her messy diaper spanked. The thought that tomorrow that could be me wasn't helping my horniness any. I was growing more and more anticipated for tomorrow night. Soon enough, I had arrived back at my apartment and brought my new items inside. I set the folder down on my counter and brought the diaper bag back to my room. I dumped the bag out on my bed and began looking through the contents. The first thing to catch my eye was the pacifier. I decided to start with that, and began removing its packaging. After it was free, I examined it. The rubber part was much bigger then anything a baby would use. The plastic plate also had the Playpen's logo printed on it. There wasn't much left to examine on the pacifier, so I decided to bite the bullet and place the rubber bulb in my mouth. The pacifier filled a large portion of my mouth. I had a ball gag that I would occasionally wear when playing with myself, but this was different. I was able to squish the bulb inside my mouth and move it around. I sucked on it a few times and actually kind of enjoyed it. I left the pacifier in my mouth and began to examine all of the different types of diapers laid out in front of me. The first ones I took a look at were the baby diapers. They were quite small, obviously meant for someone 18 years younger than me. The outside of the diaper had a picture of Tinker Bell printed on the front. Ms. Juniper had asked me to try these on, but I doubt I will be able to even get them on. I set the baby diaper aside, deciding I would try it on first. The next item was the pull-ups. They were purple and had a large red butterfly on the front. The item reminded me of when my sister used to wet the bed and wore something similar at night. I picked one up and put hands through the leg holes of. After the pull-up was decompressed I began to examine the inside. It was pure white and quite soft to the touch. I brought my arms farther apart just to see how much it would expand. Once I got to the point where I was scared of breaking it I examined how big the waist hole was and had no doubt that it would fit on me. I placed the pull-up back down with the other and started to look through the giant adult diapers. There was an all pink one with hearts, a blue and white one that was identical to the one the woman on stage was wearing, a plain white one with an animal pattern, another white one with the word "Baby" written with blocks on the front, a purple and pink one, and a solid black one. I was amazed by how thick some of these were. The largest one was at least two inches thick while still compressed! I picked up the all black diaper and unfolded it. There was a large blue rectangle in the middle of the inside that I wasn't sure the purpose of. I ran my fingers along the inside of the diaper and was surprised by how soft it was. It felt pretty thick as well. I wonder how much this thing could hold at maximum capacity? I doubt I would even be able to use it enough to find out. Another thing that surprised me was how large it was when it was unfolded. I picked it up and set one side against the ground and the other side went up past my legs. I folded the diaper in half and put it next to the baby diaper, deciding to put it on after I'm finished with the baby diaper. Ms. Juniper requested that I wear the diapers up until I come in tomorrow evening, and I was going to try my best to do so. I slid my pants and panties down to my ankles and kicked them off. My heart started beating faster and harder as I grabbed the diaper and began to open it up. I looped it between my legs and began raising it up to its intended position. Soon enough, I felt the soft fabric press up against my vagina. A shiver ran up spine due to the sensation. Once the diaper was correctly position under me I tried to tape it up. It was very awkward due to me trying to do it while standing up. If it is this hard with a baby diaper, then I'm definitely going to have to lie down for the adult diaper. I had to stretch the left tape a little bit, but I was able to get it secured on the front end of the diaper. The next tape was the same. I had to stretch it a bit more than the first one, but soon enough I was standing there, wearing a diaper meant for a baby. I was very surprised that I was able to tape it on. I wouldn't say that it was on too securely, but I could move around in it without too much worry. The diaper was pressed pretty tightly around me due to its size, so I could feel every part of it touching my body in some place. It had a very soft feeling against my butt and vagina that I honestly loved. My only complaint so far is how much the tapes press against my sides. I pressed my hand up against the front of the diaper, sending another shiver through my body. I was beginning to get more and more horny due to the constant sensation against my nether regions and the feeling that I was doing something naughty. I gave the diaper a little rub, causing another shiver. At this point I had to stop myself, as I didn't want to immediately orgasm without experimenting with the other diapers first. There was no way this diaper would hold any liquid if I were to try to use it, so I decided to remove it and put on the large adult diaper instead. I ripped the tapes off of the sides of baby diaper a placed it down on my bed. The diaper did seem to be slightly wet in the middle due to my arousal. After I finished examining the discarded baby diaper, I picked up the big black diaper and the bottle of baby powder. I brought the items out to my living room, as there wasn't enough space in my bedroom for me lay down on the floor. Once I arrived at a suitable spot, I set the diaper and powder on the floor and got down on my hands and knees. I began laying the diaper out on the floor in front of me. Once it was spread out, I spun around and began lowering myself onto the back end of it. Once I was had my bottom against the diaper, I slowly lowered my back until I was laying down. I could feel the soft padding of the diaper all the way from my butt cheeks to my lower back. At this point, the feeling of naughtiness began to arise again. I disregarded my raising horniness and grabbed the bottle of baby powder. I've never changed a diaper before, but it seems like a pretty intuitive process. I flipped the lid off of the bottle and poured some powder onto my hand. The smell was really strong and quickly began to envelope the room. It brought back vague memories of my parents changing my little sister's diapers when I was young. I brought the powder down to my crotch and began sprinkling it around. Once All the powder was released I began rubbing it in, spending a little extra time around my sensitive parts. After I was done up front I began to rub it into my bottom. Once every area was thoroughly powdered, I leaned forward and brought the front of the diaper up to my lower stomach. I scrunched my legs together a little and was able to get a feel for how thick these diapers are. I then adjusted the diaper around a little more to get it in the right position and began removing the tapes. Unlike the baby diaper, this diaper has 4 tapes. I started with the right side first, bringing it as far to the right as I could and sticking the tapes down. I then repeated the process with the right side. After a couple of adjustments, I was soon strapped into a big, thick diaper. I brought my hand to the front of the diaper and applied some pressure to it. The inside wasn't as soft as the baby diaper, but it certainly wasn't bad. There had to be at least an inch of padding in this diaper. I got up onto my feet and began to move around a little. Walking was much different while wearing a diaper. I had to walk with a waddle and there was a crinkle with every movement made I made. I spent a little bit longer examining the big diaper that was strapped around my waist. Once I was done, I waddled over to the folder I was sent home with, deciding I should probably get it done sooner rather than later. I brought it over to my table and set it down. I was about to sit down and get to work on it when I got an idea. I waddled back into my room and picked up the baby bottle that was resting on my bed. I brought it out to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of apple juice that I had in the fridge. The juice was a little old, but it shouldn't be past the expiration date. I screwed the lid off of the baby bottle and extracted the almost comically long nipple. This nipple was different from that of a normal baby bottle. Is this supposed make it easier for adults? After I filled the bottle up with the apple juice, I put it back in the fridge and screwed the nipple on to it. I sat down at my bar stool in front of my counter, feeling the thick padding press up against my bottom. I felt it condense under my bottom and was reminded again just how soft it was. Once I was comfortable, I lifted the bottle and stuck the nipple into my mouth. It tasted just like the pacifier did. I started sucking on it like I was with the pacifier and soon felt the cold juice flow into my mouth. It required more effort than I was expecting to get the liquid out of the bottle. I sucked the juice out for a minute or so before I set it back down and began to work on the paper in front of me. After filling out the tax and liability forms in front of me and finishing the bottle, I got up and headed back to my living room. It took a lot more work to finish the bottle than I was expecting. There was a lot more liquid inside than I had thought and it took a while to get it out through the nipple. I was tired after filling out boring paperwork for half an hour and decided to just relax and watch a movie. Before sitting down, I went back over to the counter and grabbed the pacifier. I stuck it back in my mouth and went back over to my couch. I had only been using it for an hour, but it was quickly growing on me. Taking a seat, I felt the diaper press into my bottom and lower back again. I decided to put on Up, as it is one of my favorite movies. A kids movie also felt appropriate, based off my current attire. After 45 minutes of watching the movie and occasionally browsing Instagram on my phone, I felt a need to pee. I guess the apple juice had finally made its way through my system. My heart began to speedup at the thought of peeing in the diaper. It has been fifteen years since I peed myself last. How would it feel? Would I like it? After a moment of contemplation, the urge struck again and I resolved to do it. I tried pushing like I normally would, but nothing would come out. I kept trying, to the point of it hurting a little, but I still wasn't able to let anything out. Why is it so hard to pee yourself? I paused the movie and went to the bathroom. I thought that maybe I could trick my body into letting go by being in a place that I usually peed. I took a seat on the toilet and felt the diaper press up against my body where the rims were. Luckily, the diaper didn't dip down into the water. I started to push again and had little issue letting go. The sound of my urine hitting the diaper became audible and soon the padding the was pressed up to my crouch began getting warm and wet. I slowly stood up and was able to keep the stream going. The diaper kept absorbing all my pee and soon I was finished. The diaper has now considerably bulkier than its previous state. Heavier, too. In spite of this, the feeling was absolutely amazing. The warm and wet pressing against my sensitive areas was one of the best feelings I have experienced. I prodded at it for a few moment and pressed the wet part up against my skin. I could feel the urine leak out a little before being suck right back into the padding. I shivered a little at this feeling. I was starting to get turned on again. I probably should have gotten changed out of this diaper after I wet it, but this feeling was way to good to let go of. I teased myself through the diaper a bit longer before going back out to finish my movie. I sat back down on the couch and instantly had another appreciation for the wet diaper. The feeling of the wet padding pressing all over my bottom and crotch was to die for. I resumed my movie and continued to tease myself for the duration. I would rub my clitoris through the diaper and whisper under my breath about how naughty I was. Once the movie was finished, the diaper was losing the warmth that had made it so enjoyable and I was nearing my limit for teasing. I decided it was time that I finish myself off and then get out of this big, wet diaper. I could have just rubbed myself off through or inside the diaper, but where's the fun in that? I waddled to my bedroom and pulled out a shoe box. This is the box where I kept all my 'toys'. From inside, I pulled out a pair of leather cuffs, a ball gag, and a blindfold. I brought the item back into my living room and set them on the coffee table in front of my couch. I pulled my pacifier out and set it next to the items, resolving to look at how much a pacifier gag cost later. For now though, I picked up the ball gag and popped it into my mouth. I let out a moan through the gag and secured it behind my head. Next came the blindfold. After that, I secured my wrists to one another in front of me and stepped through them so that they were behind my back. Once I was setup in my restraints I moved a foot or two over to the arm of my couch. I bent over it and began to feel it press the diaper into my cunt. A shudder ran through my entire body and a moan escaped into the gag. I was in heavy. I began thinking up a scenario in my head about how I was naughty girl who wet her diaper and was being bent over for a spanking. This, combined with the semi-warm diaper grinding against my clitoris quickly caused me to experience one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. I wasn't done yet though. I continued my humping of the couch arm and imagined someone pulling down my diaper and paddling my ass while berating me for wetting my diaper. I then imagined this happening on stage in front of a whole crowd of people. They all had their eyes trained on me, watching me get my wet diaper pulled down and then get paddled. This made even more excited than I was before and caused me to speed up my humping. After another mind shattering orgasm, I collapsed on the couch arm to catch my breath. It took about a minute or so to bring me back to reality. I slowly stood up and began to undo the restraints I had put myself in. Once it was all taken off, I felt the diaper again. It had gotten even cooler since I started. I thought to myself that I should probably change out of this used diaper and into something else. I waddled back to my room and took a look at the rest of the diapers laid out on my bed. Should I change into another big bulky one or go with a pull-up, or maybe even a baby diaper? It was getting pretty late and I had already tried on the adult and baby diapers, so I decided to go with the pull-ups. I picked up the one I had done the stretch testing on earlier and brought it, the package of wet wipes, and a pair of pajama pants out to the living room. On my way to the bathroom, I noticed my pacifier sitting on the coffee table where I had left it. I went over to it and popped it back into my mouth before continuing my waddle to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I took a look in the mirror and noticed how much my diaper was sagging. It was at least an inch or two lower than it had been when dry, no wonder walking had been so hard. I began undoing the tapes on the diaper and it soon fell to the ground. The pure white padding on the inside had become discolored and had expanded a considerable amount. I was soon hit by the smell of urine and decided it would be a good time to dispose of this diaper. I rolled it up like I had seen my mom do many times when my sister was still a baby. This was a bit harder though due to the large size and bulk. When it was good enough to at least prevent the smell from escaping, I placed it on top of my bathroom counter. A draft came through the bathroom and blew against bottom, causing me to shiver a little. I took the wet wipes out of the package and began to wipe down any area that had previously been covered by the diaper. Once I was done, I picked up the soft purple pull-up and stretched out the sides. I slipped both legs through it and brought it up to my waist. This reminded me more of the baby diaper than the adult one. It was really soft and actually very comfortable. It wasn't very thick, but I could still tell that it wasn't normal panties. I took a look in the mirror at myself and was in love with how cute they looked on me. I was suddenly hit with a memory of helping my little sister put on a pull-up many years ago. She looked just as adorable standing in just a t-shirt and pull-up then as I do now. Of course, I had the added benefit of the pacifier to help me. When I finished admiring myself, I slipped my pajama pants on, did the rest of my bedtime routine and went out to the living room. I took a look at my clock and noticed that it was almost midnight. This pull-up was much easier to walk in than the diaper. It was still noticeable that it was there, but didn't force me to waddle everywhere. A yawn hit me as I deposited the diaper in my trash can and began turning out my lights before heading to bed. As I laid down, I felt the pull-up press up against me again. It's soft insides were really enjoyable and would probably excite me if I hadn't just had two amazing orgasms. After a little adjustment I found a comfortable position and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, the first thing I noticed was the feeling of something wrapped around my waist. Soon my memories of yesterday came back to me as I realized the feeling was the pull-up I wore to bed. I also realized the pacifier I had gone to sleep with was no longer in my mouth. I looked on the floor and found it sitting there, nipple-up. Eventually I forced myself to get up and pick up my pacifier. I brought it out to my kitchen and rinsed it off in the sink. When it was thoroughly rinsed off, I placed it back into my mouth and began sucking on it. I made myself some breakfast and drank a little bit more juice from the bottle. After breakfast I was finished eating, the urge to pee hit me. This pull-up wouldn't hold nearly as much as the big adult diaper, but could it hold my full bladder? I made my way into my bathroom and placed myself on the toilet once again. I began pushing and in no time I could hear my pee hit the pull-up. I kept pushing and felt the pull-up grow heavier under me. When I was done, I slowly stood up and felt the pull-up. It didn't feel like it leaked, but it certainly couldn't take much more. The pull-up expanded a lot in almost all areas. It also provided the same nice, warm feeling that the diaper provided last night. I wanted to sit down and play with it a little, but I was scared it would leak. I was about to slip the pull-up off of me when I had an idea. I carefully made my way to my shower and stepped inside. The pull-up was now causing me to waddle a little, but not as bad as the wet diaper did. Once I was safe inside, I pressed the pull-up against my crotch. The warm feeling felt just as good as last night, but this time I could also feel droplets of pee run down my legs. I'm glad I decided not to sit down on any furniture. I teased myself a little bit longer before resolving to save my horniness for tonight. I gave the pull-up a front and back press with both hands, relishing the feeling of the warm padding and pee dripping down my legs. After that, I tore off the sides and removed the pull-up from my body. I folded it up and placed it in the sink to keep it from making a mess while I showered. I took out my pacifier while I was at it and stepped inside the shower. After showering and drying off, I placed my pacifier back in my mouth and made my way back to my bedroom, naked except for the towel. I deposited the pull-up in my garbage on my way. I needed to go shopping today, so I was considering not changing into a new diaper. I considered this for a second before deciding that would go again what Ms. Juniper asked of me. It's not like anyone would know right? I would just wear another pull-up. They're should be discreet enough to not be noticeable. I grabbed another pull-up out of my pile of supplies and worked it up my legs. Once it was in position I gave it a pat on the front, relishing the soft padding against my skin and headed over to my closet to pick-out an outfit. I decided on a slightly loose pair of shorts and a thin top. It was expected to be hot out today, and I didn't feel like melting. The shorts will make sure that my embarrassing underwear isn't revealed and a belt will help ensure that. I finished getting dressed, grabbed everything else I would need and headed out to my car. The pull-up became noticeable again when I sat down in my seat. The padding pressed against my bottom and made sure I didn't forget that I am in public in what's essentially a diaper. After a few seconds of embarrassment I started my car and began driving. I decided to go to a store farther way than the one I usually go to, just in case my little secret got revealed. I could get my mind off the pull-up the entire drive. It's soft padding was still too alien to be forgettable. I eventually arrived at the store and headed inside. The pull-up was only becoming more and more noticeable the longer I was walking. The padding rubbed against my legs as I walked, making it impossible to not notice. This only added to my embarrassment as I constantly checked around to make sure no one knew what I had on under my shorts. Towards the end of gathering all my groceries, I walked past the baby and children isle. No one was around and my curiosity was piqued, so I went in and took a look. Everything I saw was what you would expect of a baby isle. A massive amount of different diapers, baby food, toys, etc. A couple seconds later a thought popped into my head. I didn't have everything at home that I needed for a complete baby experience. No one knew me at this store, so what big of a deal would it be anyways? I was going to use self-checkout anyways. I grabbed a few different jars of baby food, pacifier clip, a couple of larger sized bibs, a changing mat and some baby formula and placed them in my cart. I positioned them in a way that wouldn't be obvious at a quick glance. I made my way down the isle more until I arrived at the pull-ups and bed-wetting protection. That's where I found a package of pull-ups identical to the one I was wearing right now. After this current one, I would only have one left, and I really like these. I made the impulsive decision to get the 40 pack and placed it in my cart. There was no way I could fully conceal this, so I hurried up with gathering the rest of my items and getting out of there. I quickly bagged my baby items at the self checkout and got to my car with no issues are weird looks. When I got home I quickly brought my bags into my apartment to avoid anyone seeing what was inside. I set the bags down on my counter and put everything away where it belonged. I saved the bag of baby items for last, setting them together on the counter when I got to them. The first thing I did with them was unwrap the pacifier clip and attached it to my shirt. I went and got my pacifier from my nightstand in my room, attached the clip to it and inserted it back into my mouth. The clip was white with baby ducks covering it. It was getting to be lunch time, so I decided to make some lunch. This would be a perfect time to try out some of the baby food and the formula that I got. First I was going to make my actual lunch, and what better to have in this current state than a PB&J sandwich? I made my sandwich (with the crust cut off of course) and placed it on the counter. Next was to make my bottle. I read the instructions and mixed everything how it said to. After a few minutes I had a baby bottle full of formula, ready for lunch. The final item was a jar of peach flavored baby food. I unscrewed the lid, got a spoon, and set it on my plate. I took my seat, once again feeling the padding press again my bottom. I unwrapped my lips from my pacifier and let it dangle from my shirt. Next, I took one of the bibs I purchased and secured the Velcro around my neck. The bib was a light ping with "Princess" seamed on it in a darker pink. I would probably die if I got caught wearing it. But given the other item that I'm wearing, this was probably preferable. I brought the bottle of formula up to my lips and did a quick taste test. What I was met with was one of the worst tastes of my life. I instantly spit it out all over my counter. I don't think I could stand another taste of that in my life? People actually feed this to their children?! I got up from my chair and cleaner up the mess I just made on my counter. I would have to give myself a spanking later for making a mess and not finishing my bottle. Just with that thought, my horniness was building up again. I resisted the urge to do it now, resolving to do it after my lunch. I dumped the bottle contents in the sink and rinsed it out. I was certainly not going to try that again. The bottle was soon filled back up with apple juice and I continued my lunch. I picked up my spoon and scooped up a small glob of the peach flavored much. It didn't look appealing, but there was no way it was worse than the baby formula. I braced myself and stuck the spoon in my mouth. The consistency of the mush was less than desirable, but the taste wasn't too bad. I could finish this without a problem, so I did just that. Once I finished the jar of baby food I ate my sandwich and finished my bottle. I cleaned up my dishes and stored them away. Now, it was time for my spanking. I've been a naughty girl, making a mess and then not finishing my bottle. My crotch was coming to life once again inside the pull-up. I bent over and opened one of my drawers, pulling out a wooden spoon. I'm pretty sure I've use this spoon for spanking myself more than I have cooking. It was one of my favorite implements to use. The couch arm was usually where I would administer my self spankings, as it's the perfect height to raise my bottom up in the air and make me feel like I'm over someone's knee. I undid my belt, pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. Next, I began to work the pull-up down until it was just above my knees. The pull-up prevented me from moving my legs too far apart, which made this even better. Now that my bare bottom was exposed, it was time to begin. I bent myself over the couch arm and immediately got to work on my backside. The first one stung just as much as it always does. I continued the assault on my poor bottom for minutes, intensely sucking on the pacifier the entire time. The thought of having my pull-up pulled down and getting a spanking was already making me horny, but the action of doing it made it close to unbearable. This didn't prevent me from noticing the pain that comes with a wooden spoon spanking, though. I could tell my bottom was aching, but I was unable to really feel anything due to how turned on I was. After a little bit more, my arm was getting tired and I could tell my bottom was going to be on fire for at least the next hour. That should be enough to teach me a lesson, hehe. I dropped my arm and let myself rest for a minute. I wanted nothing more than to quench my horniness right now, but I already resolved to wait until tonight. That's when another idea popped into my head. How about add a little bit more humiliation by giving myself a time-out? It would certainly be fitting, given the childish pull-up I had on and the pacifier that was in my mouth. I got up from the couch and got a good idea of how sore my bottom is. I took a look behind me and could tell that my bottom was very red. I had really done a number on myself. I slowly brought the pull-up back up to its intended position and could felt that pain in my bottom go through my body. This was probably the hardest spanking I'd ever given myself. Without putting my shorts back on, I went over to my phone and set an alarm. It was set to go off in ten minutes. I quickly made my way over to the open corner in my living room stuck my nose in the corner. For the first minute of time-out, I thought up some rules. 1. My nose is to not leave the corner for the entire duration. 2. My hands are too stay above my waist line. 3. My pacifier is to stay in my mouth at all times. After the rules were created, I began to get a little bored. I could definitely see why this is a punishment now. I was thinking about just giving up and going on with my life, but I was committed to wait it out. My bottom was hurting now more than before. It was hard to avoid rubbing it. A few moments later I began to notice a new sensation. I needed to poop. Peeing in a diaper was one thing, but pooping in one was a whole new level. I was initially thinking that it would be best to just use the toilet like normal. That would certainly be the most normal and least gross option. There were a few things wrong with that idea though. I told Ms. Juniper that I would wear and use the diapers. I was also currently in time-out and not allowed to leave the corner. I continued the debate in my head for a little longer. Eventually, I decided that I would do it. I would poop myself for the first time in over 15 years. I started pushing, but I was having the same issues as last night when I tried to pee my diaper for the first time. Maybe if I squatted down it would help? I wasn't violating any rules of the timeout as long as my nose didn't leave the corner and my arms were above my waist. I slowly started bending my knees into a squat, going slowly so I didn't fall. Once I was in a good squat, I began pushing once again. A little pee began to come out and absorb into the pull-up, which surprised me a little. Shortly after, I began to feel the poop coming out and into the pull-up. I gave another big push and felt the pull-up being pushed away from my body. I felt even more pee come out a be soaked into the padding. Eventually, I finished pushing out the log of poop and I let out a large exhale. The feeling of the poop being pressed against my bottom and between my legs was a feeling I'd never experienced before. It was very warm and actually felt fairly good. More than anything, it succeeded at making me feel humiliated. The pull-up was slowly forcing it to spread out across my sore bottom, adding even more heat to it. I slowly stood back up, feeling the poop rearrange itself. Once I want standing up straight again, the smell hit me. It was probably one of the worst things I've smelt in my life! It's not even comparable to the smell of using the toilet. People really take for granted how much the water does to muffle the smell. I needed to get out of this thing as fast as possible. I was about to turn around and head to the bathroom, when I remember that I was still in my self-imposed time-out. How long did I even have left? I hadn't been keeping track. The smell was bad, but like I said before, I've committed myself to serving this time-out. I couldn't have much longer left anyways, right? Time slowly dragged on as I waited for the alarm to sound and free me from this corner. I continued to stand there in mild agony. Both from the smell of the soiled pull-up and from my burning bottom. I was staying as still as possible to avoid spreading the mess around even more. This was probably going to be a nightmare to clean up as well. Am I going to have to do this at the club? Probably, eventually. Despite the rancid smell, I was still a little horny. My still sore bottom combined with the humiliation of being required to keep my nose in the corner while wearing a poop filled pull-up was firing up my masochist side. Time continued to slowly creep by as I sucked on the pacifier and tried to ignore the smell. Seriously, how much longer was this going to go on? It's only ten minutes, yet it feel likes hours. While I waited, I let a little bit more urine release into the pull-up. Might as well get as much use out of it as I can, right? Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I heard the alarm go off. I immediately turned around and began waddling towards my phone to silence it. I tried as hard as I could to avoid making an even bigger mess, but I know I was failing. I felt the poop move around with every stride I took, spreading all over my inner legs. I needed a shower ASAP. Not even caring about making a mess anymore, I began to take faster and less careful strikes. I got to my phone, silenced the alarm, and started to make my way to the bathroom. Something terrible happened on my way there though. I tripped on my rug and fell right onto to my butt. The poop in my pull-up quickly spread all over to the rest of my butt and even up into my front. My ass was also aching with renewed vigor once again from the sudden impact. I got up off the ground and did a quick check to make sure no poop leaked onto the floor. I appeared to be in the clear, so I continued my journey to my shower. I soon arrived there and immediately got to work on peeling the sides off the pull-up. Once it was loose, I slowly brought it down and placed it on the ground. Thankfully, I didn't make even more of a mess. The smell hit me again, this time with more intensity than before. This was even worse than before! I stripped out of my top and bra, placing them and the pacifier next to the sink. Finally, I turned on the fan and shower and hopped right in. That was without a doubt the best shower of my life. It took me half an hour until I felt clean and exited the shower. The warm water was not helping my recently punished butt cheeks feel better at all. I caught another whiff of the pull-up as I stepped out of the shower. How was I going to dispose of this thing? It would stink up the entire apartment if I left it in my trashcan. I had a few plastic bags in one of my drawers, so maybe I could wrap it up in them and throw it in the dumpster outside? I left my bathroom and shut the door to prevent the smell from escaping. I was still completely naked, but I wanted to contain the smelly pull-up before I did anything else. The plastic bags took me a little bit to find, but I ended up finding three of them I could use. Hopefully that would be enough to contain the stench. I headed back to the bathroom and began carefully working the pull-up into the bag. Once it was inside I tied it up tight and repeated the process with the rest of the bags. Now that the pull-up was temporarily taken care of, I should probably get dressed. I put my shirt and bra that was sitting on the counter back on and popped the pacifier back into my mouth. I left the bathroom afterwards to finish getting dressed, picking up my shorts on the way. When I got back to my room I set my shorts down and began looking over my options for diapers. I debated just putting on another pull-up, but I decided that it would be best to get more experience wearing the big adult diapers that were more similar to what I would be wearing at the club. Besides, a girl who messes her pull-up clearly isn't ready to be out of diapers. I grabbed the purple and pink diaper from the pile, my shorts and the bottle of baby powder and made my way back out to the living room. Now was a great time to make use of the changing pad I bought earlier. Once I got the packaging all removed and laid it out on the floor I began to examine it. It was a all white with lettered blocks covering the soft material that the baby was meant to lay on. I unfolded the diaper and laid it down on the pad. Next, I laid myself down on top of it, feeling the soft, cool padding press against my lower back. I sprinkled some powder over me repeated the same steps as last night. Shortly after, the diaper was taped nice and secure around my waist. This diaper was a slight bit thinner the one I worse last night, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still big. A new problem has surfaced. I need to go outside and dispose of that pull-up. This diaper was a lot less discreet than the pull-up I went to the store in. It forced me to do a slight waddle when I walked and had it made a crinkling sound with every moment. I could take the diaper off of course, but that would be wasteful and go against my promise. I pulled my shorts up and secured my belt. The top of the diaper went higher than my shorts did, so I needed to be careful not to let my top ride up. I grabbed the bag with the pull-up inside and began heading towards the door. Right as I was about to open it, I remember the pacifier that was still in my mouth and attached to my shirt. I took it off, set it on the couch and then headed outside. I tried to be as quick and discreet as possible. The crinkling was quite muffled through the shorts, but it was still noticeable if you were listing closely. There was no way to fully conceal my waddle either. I soon made it to the dumpster outside without any issues. I tossed the bag in and immediately began my journey back to my apartment. I passed a couple people on my way back up, but thankfully they didn't seem to notice anything unusual. I soon arrived back at my apartment and closed the door, breathing a sigh of relief that I wasn't caught. After the sign, I also let out a yawn. Maybe I should take a nap? The last few hours have been filled with new and exhausting experiences that I guess have been wearing me out. I decided to go for it and headed back to my room. I took off my shirt and shorts, leaving myself in my bra and diaper. I wonder if it would be hard to sleep with this big bulky diaper between my legs? I guess I would find out. I laid down on my bed and pulled the covers over me. The diaper spreading my legs apart was a little weird getting used to at first. After a little bit I was able to fall asleep though. I slowly began to come back to reality as I woke up. The first thing I noticed was that I desperately needed to pee. I instinctively began to get out of bed when I felt the padding of the diaper and remembered what I was currently wearing. Once I noticed, I made myself comfortable in my bed and began trying to release my bladder into the diaper. Several seconds passed before I felt a small amount of pee escape and be absorbed into the diaper. It took more pushing, but I was eventually able to get a steady stream going. The diaper readily absorbed everything I gave it, expanding and warming up in the crotch section. I sighed as the pain of my full bladder was relieved. The warm wet padding of the diaper felt just as good as it did last night. When the stream of pee finally came to a stop, I pressed the padding up against my body. The feeling sent me into a state of bliss. I could definitely get used to this feeling. I considered just going back to sleep, but I figured I should probably check the time first. I picked up my phone and took a look a look at the clock. 3:24pm. I guess I slept a bit longer than I was expecting. It would probably be best not to go back to sleep, but that didn't mean I had to get out of bed yet. I was perfectly comfortable laying there under the covers in my nice warm diaper. I unlocked my phone and began scrolling through Instagram. Sometimes I would feel a little bit more pee enter my bladder and I would instantly release it right into my diaper, which still had plenty of room for more liquid. This continued for another twenty minutes before I caught up on everything the app had to offer. I still wasn't ready to leave my bed yet though. Maybe I should do more research on adult babies to prepare myself for tonight, I thought. I opened Google on my phone and typed in "adult baby." A lot of different results popped up. Mostly news articles about people with the fetish and images of people wearing diapers. I noticed that one of them mentioned the acronym "ABDL." I remember Ms. Juniper mentioning this last night when she was explaining stuff to me. I popped the acronym into Google and got a bunch of different results. Apparently it stood for "Adult Baby Diaper Lover." I clicked on a few of the links and got sent to online shops selling adult baby items. They had all kinds of stuff. Bibs, adult sized snap-crotch onesies, pacifiers, bottles and of course, diapers. I remember seeing a lot of these diaper designs in the storeroom at The Playpen. I guess this is where they got them from. Everything that was featured on the site had very babyish designs and images. I browsed a few other sites until I found one that contained loads of stories. These stories ranged from true experiences to erotic fiction. Some were about getting caught wearing a diaper and others were about people being forced to wear diapers and act like babies. I took a look at the "forced" section of the site and started reading a few of the stories. The first one I read was about a girl who wet the bed while drunk and was forced to wear a diaper to bed by her boyfriend. The next was about a boy who made fun of someone who wet themselves and was made to wear diapers at home by his mom. Another one was about a young adult girl who acted like a spoiled brat all of the time and ended up getting spanked and treated like a baby by her family. They made her use diapers, eat in a highchair and sleep in a crib. If she broke any rules, she got bent over her parents knees and spanked until she cried. I couldn't help but imagine myself in a similar situation. I was throwing a fit over my sister getting decide what was for dinner that night and my mom had finally had enough. She grabbed my wrist and threw me over her lap. She pulled down my shorts and panties and began blistering my bottom. Once I was a crying mess, she would go to the garage and get some of my sisters old diapers. She would put me in one of them and take me to the kitchen for dinner. I had to sit in a highchair and be fed baby food by my little sisters while everyone else ate normally. At night, my wet diaper would be changed and I would be put to bed in my sisters old crib. I was once again incredibly horny. I'd fantasized about getting spanked multiple times, but never about being forced to wear a diaper. Maybe this fetish really is for me. Hopefully this means that I will thoroughly enjoy my new job. I've never had a job where I've actually been looking forward to going in. Maybe I will get to perform something similar to this sometime? Based off of what I've seen of the club, it definitely seems like something that could happen. I took a look at a few other stories on different sections of the site. There was one about a girl being coerced into being an adult baby by her boyfriend, a few about people wearing diapers for bed-wetting and ending up liking them, and even a few about alternate realities where wearing diapers was common in society. Some of these people got very creative when designing these fantasy worlds. There was a lot of detail put into building the characters and worlds. This fetish has a very unique and creative following. After more a little more browsing, I noticed it was 4:30. Had I really spent almost an hour doing this? The once warm diaper I was wearing was getting a little cold as well. I could tell this diaper could take at least one more full wetting though, so it would be a waste to change out of it now. I just needed to get more liquid through me and into the diaper. With that thought, I got up out of bed and put my shirt back on. I opted not to put my shorts back on though, choosing to leave my soggy diaper exposed. I did a bit of stretching and headed out to my kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and began to chug it down. I wanted to see just how much this diaper could hold. After two cups, I was unable to drink anymore and thought that it would be sufficient. It was now less than two hours until I was supposed to be at the Playpen for my first night. I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. What all would I be doing tonight? Are they going to take it slow and easy on me? Or are they going to bring me up on stage and break me in in front of the whole crowd? Only time would tell I guess. For now, I should probably start making dinner though. I decided to go with something simple for tonight: Kraft Mac & Cheese. Once the water was on the boiler I started to get some other things ready. There was a few apples in the fridge, so I decided to slice one up as well. For the final piece, I filled up the baby bottle with apple juice. This meal was just as childish as my lunch, minus the baby food. The water was now boiling, so I threw the noodles in. I patiently sucked juice out of the bottle while I waited for the noodles to finish. After a few more minutes I was able to add in the cheese and begin eating. I brought the food over to the table, tied the bib around my neck and dug in. Half way through my meal, the need to pee hit me. The water must have finally made its way through my body. Finally, I could warm up this cold, soggy diaper. I finished chewing what was in my mouth and opened the floodgates. I didn't even have to force it this time, it just naturally flowed out! The diaper continued sucking up all the urine with no issues. More and more of it began flowing back towards my butt, distributing it along the rest of the diaper. By the time I was finished, the diaper had expanded by a very considerable amount. Whenever I shifted my weight I could feel the pee get squished out of the diaper, just to get sucked right back in. I continued eating my dinner while occasionally playing with and prodding my soaking wet diaper. I don't think it would be able to take another wetting of that caliber, but it wasn't at risk of leaking yet. It was hard to concentrate on my dinner while sitting in this. I would frequently interrupt my meal to squeeze the padding and feel it press into my most sensitive parts. The more I experienced this feeling, the more I was in love with it. It was already 5:40 by the time I finished eating. I would need to leave my house soon in order to get to the club on time. I finished off the juice remaining in the bottle and got up to put it and the dishes in the sink. I would clean them tomorrow. When I stood up, I was shocked by just how much weight the diaper had gained. It was sagging at least an inch lower than it was before. As much as I didn't want to, I should probably change into a new diaper. Given the clubs nature, I'm sure it wouldn't be frowned upon to show up in a soaking wet diaper, but I didn't want to look bad. I took off the bib around my neck and went to my room. I headed over to the diaper pile and began to debate which one I should wear. After a minute of mentally debating with myself, I chose to go with the white one with "Baby" written in blocks on the front. While the purple and pink diaper I'm wearing now only has girly colors to be embarrassed by, this one has about as babyish of a design as possible. I'd probably die of embarrassment if I got caught wearing this, which got me excited "down there." I couldn't stop myself from giving my current diaper (and subsequently my clit) a little rub at the idea. After I was finally able to pry my hands away from my diaper, I grabbed the baby wipes and went out to the changing pad. I laid down and began un-taping the warm, heavy diaper between my legs. I felt the cold air hit me at once. The diaper had been so warm inside and I was already missing it. Regardless, I pulled out the wipes and began to wipe my entire diaper area down, making sure I hit every surface that connected with the old diaper. Once I was confident I had cleaned myself up properly I placed the new diaper under my bottom. I made sure to use plenty of baby powder, rubbing it in all over. When I was thoroughly covered in powder I taped the diaper on. I got back up on my feet and checked how I did. The diaper felt nice and secure, so I guess I did a good job. Now to decide what to wear over the diaper. I waddled back to the the closet in my room and pulled out a knee length black skirt. A skirt and diaper probably wasn't a good idea, but it was the most professional thing I had that wouldn't instantly expose the diaper. I put the skirt on and did a quick check to make sure the diaper wasn't visible. Everything should be fine as long as I don't fall or get my skirt caught. I grabbed my purse and the completed paperwork and made my way to my car. My heart was starting to beat faster and faster as I approached the club. After a day of preparing, it was finally time to do it. My entire drive there was spent thinking about what was gonna happen tonight? Would I be thrown to the wolves right away? Only time would tell I guess. It was 6:15pm when I arrived at the club. It never hurts to be a bit early I guess. I locked my car and made my way to the entrance. I got the same feeling in my stomach as I did last night. After what felt like an eternity I arrived at the door. I gulped and opened the door. I was a little surprised that it was open so early. Inside, the same bouncer from last night was waiting by the curtains. "Welcome back. Ms. Juniper is waiting for you in her office." The bouncer said to me. "T-thank you. I'll head there now." I stumbled out, walking past him towards the office. There was no music playing this time, so it was completely silent as I walked through the hallways. Well, silent besides for the subtle crinkling of the diaper under my skirt. When I finally arrived at Ms. Juniper's office I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard from the other side. I opened the door and stepped inside, my face getting a bit red as I heard the diaper crinkle. "Ah, Katie. Welcome back. Ready for your first night? I can take that paperwork" Ms. Juniper asked me, reaching her arm out to me. "As ready as I'll ever be, I guess." I replied, handing her the paperwork. "I notice that you're currently wearing a diaper. How are you liking them so far?" She asked me. My face went red with embarrassment. Was it that obvious that I was wearing a diaper? I guess she's been around people in diapers for over a decade though, so it makes sense. I'm guessing it was either the slight waddle or crinkling that gave it away. "Y-yes I am," I quickly sputtered out "they're very comfortable." "That's good to hear. You'll be wearing a lot of them, so it's good that you're enjoying them. Have you used the baby diapers or pull-ups yet?" Ms. Juniper asked, causing me to remember the incident earlier today. "Yes, I have. I tried on the baby diaper and managed to get it taped up. I didn't try using it though. I wore one of the pull-ups to bed last night and another when I went out this morning." I replied, about to die of embarrassment. "It seems like you enjoyed the pull-ups. They're discreet while still providing a feeling similar to a diaper. Did you use them at all?" She asked. How did she keep finding new ways to embarrass me? I was starting to have trouble making eye contact. I felt like a small child confessing to doing something bad. To make matters worse (or maybe better?), I was starting to get aroused. "Y-yes. I peed in the pull-up when I woke up in the morning. It started leaking afterwards. I ended up p-pooping in the second one." I said, feeling like I was gonna cry. "You pooped in the pull-up? Most people aren't willing to go that far when they're as new as you are. I commend you. Did you enjoy it?" She asked "T-the feeling was kind of nice I guess. I really didn't enjoy the smell or cleanup afterwards though." I replied, remembering again what happened this afternoon. "I bet. The pull-ups aren't designed with messing in mind, so they don't do much to mask the smell. Those adult baby diapers are a lot better for that. Speaking of those, how many have you gone through?" Ms. Juniper asked. "I used one last night, another one this afternoon and then there's the one I'm wearing now." I replied. "So you're on number three then? Hopefully that's enough to get you a bit used to them. That's probably enough questions for now. Let's go over a few more things that I didn't mention last night. Since you're going to be a submissive, there's a few additional rules you will need to follow. Feel free to interrupt me at any point if you have questions." Ms. Juniper began explaining. "Rule one: while you're working, you're to be wearing your name tag at all times. I've made one for you already and will give it to you in a few minutes. Rule two: while you're on the premises, you're expected to be wearing a diaper and to use it when you feel the need to. Of course, this doesn't apply if the show or job you're doing requires otherwise. If you're going to show up without a diaper, please arrive a bit early so you have time to get ready. Rule three: While working, your diaper is to be on display at all times. The only exception to this is if you're wearing one of the snap-crotch onesies. Rule four: If you're visible to customers, please be using a pacifier when ever possible. Do you have any questions?" Ms. Juniper asked. I was expecting a rule-set similar to this, but I was still caught off guard at the idea of my diaper being on full display to everyone at all times. I really shouldn't have been, though. This was exactly what I signed up for. Was I technically violating rule three by having a skirt on? "D-Does that mean I should take my skirt off?" I asked, embarrassed but not wanting to get off to a bad start. "You don't technically start until 6:30 and it's currently 6:27, so you don't need to yet. How about I take you to the dressing room now and show you around afterwards. By the time we get there, it should be about 6:30." Ms. Juniper explained while getting out of her seat. I gave her a simple "Okay" and followed her out of her office. We walked back towards the entrance and the down the other set of hallways. A few turns later and we reached a door that read "Staff Only." Ms. Juniper opened the door for me and ushered me through. On the other side of the door was a room filled with mirrors, lockers, racks of cloths, and even a changing table with a two shelves full of different diapers next to it. "This is the submissive dressing room. This is where you'll get ready for shows and get your diapers changed if you're not having a customer do it. We have a staff member dedicated to changing the subs diapers if they want it, but you are free to change it yourself if you wish. Follow me over her for a second." Ms. Juniper instructed. I stopped looking around and made my way over to where she was standing. There were several racks of cloths hanging down. There were all kinds of outfits. Pastel colored shirts with childish designs and images, different types of uniforms and a shocking amount of snap-crotch onesies. "Go ahead and pick out a onesie to wear." She instructed me. I began surveying my options, which there were plenty of. I kept looking for over a minute, trying to decide which one would be best for me. No matter what I picked, it was probably going to be embarrassing. Isn't that what I wanted though? Being humiliated and embarrassed like this turned me on, so shouldn't I just go along with it? I decided to do just that and picked out the most embarrassing one I could. It was pastel pink with white text that read "Mommy's Little Girl." I blushed a deep red and looked towards the ground as I turned around and showed Ms. Juniper my choice. "Very girly and babyish. I think you'll look great in it. Bring it over to the lockers and get changed. The one on the right end is yours. I put a sticky note with the code on the door." Ms. Juniper told me. I did as I was told and brought the onesie over. The code on the note was "7838." That's easy to memorize, so that's good. I punched the code into the keypad and opened the door. I was expecting it to be empty inside, but there were a few hangers inside along with something inside. I took the mysterious item out and realized it was a collar! There was a tag with some writing on it as well. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the writing was my name! "That's your name tag. Please put it on." Ms. Juniper instructed. I was expecting something like a clip-on or magnetic name plate, but I guess this fits the theme of the club better. The collar was pink with purple seams. It secured with a belt-like buckle. The pin that goes through the hole was little different from what I've seen though. There was a small hole at the top of it. The slits in the leather were a bit longer than normal to accommodate it. A second later, something clicked inside my head and I realized it was meant for a lock. This collar was meant to be locked on! I was starting to get a bit aroused just thinking about wearing it. I brought it up to my neck and put it into position. I reached behind my head and was able to quickly get the piece oh leather through the buckle. I pulled it back until it was tight enough to stay in place, but not to where it was choking me. I tucked the spare leather into the little loop that held it and turned around to show Ms. Juniper. "It looks nice on you. I'm sure you noticed that collar is lockable. I have the lock right here. Turn around so I can put it on." Ms. Juniper instructed. I turned around and moved my hair out of the way for her. Seconds later, I felt a little pressure and heard a faint click. I was now locked in a collar that was made just for me. My excitement just kept growing and growing. "There we go. Nice and secure. The lock serves a few purposes. The first is to help keep you in a submissive head space. The second is to make sure you're following rule number one. The third is just because the clients love it. Here is one of the keys. I suggest keeping it in your locker. If for some reason you misplace it, I have a couple of spares in my office." Ms. Juniper explained. She handed me the key and I placed it on the top shelf of the locker. "Now that that's taken care of, please get changed into the onesie." She instructed. I did as instructed and began to slowly raise my shirt up over my head. I attached it to one of the hangers and slowly began to start undoing my skirt. This was it. I was about to expose my diaper to someone other than myself. I gulped and began to lover it, feeling it brush against the front of the plastic diaper on its way down. I was now standing in just a diaper and my bra in front of my new boss. I hung the skirt up with one of the other hangers and began to slip the bottom of the onesie over my head before being stopped by Ms. Juniper. "Take off your bra as well." She said. I blushed a deep shade of red as I began unhooking my bra. She didn't have a commanding tone, but being ordered around like this was still arousing me. A few seconds later, my barely b-cup breasts were exposed. Now I was standing in front of my boss in only a big babyish diaper. The only way this could get more embarrassing is if I actually used the diaper. I placed my bra in the locker and quickly began pulling the onesie over my head. I let out a little moan as it brushes over my bare nipples. The inside was really soft. It felt exactly like a nice set of pajamas. I guess that's what it is though. My arms when through the short sleeves and my head soon popped through the hole. Next up was the snaps at the bottom. I reached for both sides and began to secure them together. There were four snaps in total. When I was finished, the diaper was pressing firmly into my butt, taint, and crotch. "You look adorable. I really like your choice of diaper for tonight. It really compliments your onesie choice. The crowds always love babyish and girly outfits like what you got on. I'm sure you're going to be very popular tonight." Ms. Juniper said, making me both embarrassed and happy. "T-thank you. Does that mean I'm going to be on stage tonight?" I asked, my heart beating fast. "Yes, you will. Later into tonight, when the crowds pick up, we'll bring you on stage and introduce you. The dom that escorts you will tell you about the plan before you go up." She explained. My heart was beating even faster now. My first night and I was already going to be shown off to a full crowd. What all would I be doing? Were they going to have someone come up and spank me like the girl last night? My mind was racing with different thoughts, all of which were plenty humiliating and arousing. "Let's go see if any of the doms have arrived. I asked Sarah to show up early to train you and show you around. Follow me." Ms. Juniper said. Train me, huh? I'm sure she meant tell me more about the club and teach me a few things, but given the clubs nature I could only think about a commanding dominatrix sporting a riding crop, ready to punish me for the slightest infraction. I was starting to get wet, and not in the way one usually would in a diaper. We made our way to a door on the other side of the room. Ms. Juniper opened the door to reveal a room that was pretty much identical to the submissive dressing room. There was a woman inside, sitting down and looking at her phone. "Oh my god! Is this Katie? She looks so adorable!" The woman said, rushing over to come admire me. "Good evening, Sarah. Yes, this is Katie. Katie, this is Sarah. She's going to be looking after you tonight." Ms. Juniper said. "Hi Sarah, it's nice to meet you." I said, blushing at being called "adorable" and the thought of someone having to "look after" me. "It's nice to meet you too! Ms. Juniper told me that you're new to all this! I'll make sure you fit right in!" Sarah said in a very cheery voice. Sarah was an interesting person. Her personality so far is not what you'd expect from a BDSM club dominatrix. She seemed more like a big sister who fauns over anything she deems cute. Sarah was pretty tall though. She also had a very large pair of breasts. I could certainly see her being very menacing if she was in the mood. "Thank you. I'm looking forward to it." I replied. "Sarah, please show Katie around and train her on everything you think she needs to know. If you need anything, I will be in my office. Good luck Katie, and enjoy your first night." Ms. Juniper said, turning to me at the end. "Thank you ma'am, I will." I responded. With that, Ms. Juniper turned around and went back the way she came. As she walked out, I took a closer look at the room. It was mostly the same as the other room. The main differences were the placement of doors and the outfit racks, which had a mix of leather and latex bondage clothing, lingerie and some seemingly normal clothes. "Alright, let's get started! Do you need a change before we go?" Sarah asked me. Did she just ask if my diaper needed changed? That was probably the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me tonight. I could feel my face heating up and turning red. Did she think I was an actual baby? "N-no, I don't." I timidly replied. "Such a good girl! Just let me know when you do, and I'll get you taken care of. You wait right here while I get dressed, and then I'll show you around, okay sweetie?" She asked me in a voice that you would use on a small child. "O-oh, okay." I said, even more timidly than before. She was treating me like a child. I guess it makes sense, given my current outfit. It was very humiliating though. In just a couple of seconds, she referred to me as "a good girl," "sweetie," and even promised to change my diaper when, not if, I use it. I was expecting to be degraded, but not like this. I expected to be commanded and ordered around, not treated like a child at daycare. Even if it wasn't was I was expecting, it was still turning me on. Sarah returned a few minutes later, now wearing a pair of black leggings and a sweater that highlighted her big breasts. She was definitely going for a "mommy" look. I also noticed that she was wearing a name tag with the clubs logo and her name on it. I guess the doms get regular name tags while the subs get to wear a collar. "Come on sweetheart, let's go!" Sarah said, taking hold of my hand. I let Sarah take my hand and lead me back over to the submissive dressing room. We journeyed across the empty room until we reached one of the closed doors. Inside, there was a room very similar to the store room I was brought to yesterday. Every wall inside was stocked with all kinds of bondage and baby items. There were several types and colors of arm cuffs, different kinds of gags, loads of different designs of pacifiers, bibs, mittens, vibrators, harnesses, rope, butt plugs, blind folds and so much more. "This is the room where we keep all the accessories you might need for a performance or just for adding to your appearance. I know just what you need, follow me." Sarah explained, dragging me along. Sarah lead me over to the shelf containing the pacifiers. She picked up a large pink pacifier, unwrapped it and wasted no time putting it into my mouth. I accepted it without a fight and began sucking on it like I had been so accustomed to in the last twenty-four hours. This pacifier felt bigger than the one I was given last night, but not by much. "Such a good girl! You look even more adorable! I know what else you need! Wait here." Sarah said, leaving me standing with my new pacifier. Sarah walked over to a table in the center of the room and grabbed something. When she came back, I noticed that it was a pacifier clip. This one had a white background with pink baby bottles and pacifiers scattered all over. It was also a bit shorter than the one I got at the store earlier today. Without asking my permission, Sarah attached the clip to the pacifier in my mouth. I was expecting the other end to be attached to the onesie right after, but instead I heard metal clicking. I looked down and realized that this one attached to my collar like a dog leash. "So cute! Now, what do we say?" Sarah said to me, plucking the pacifier out of my mouth. "Umm, th-thank you?" I responded, timidly. "Very good!" Sarah said, putting the pacifier backing in my mouth and pulling me into a hug. Getting hugged by Sarah was like getting squeezed by a bear, if the bear has two giant boobs on it's chest. Sarah put one of her hand one the backs of head, forcing one my face right into her ample bosom. I was having trouble even breathing. When I was finally let free, I had to gasp for air. I felt the pacifier fall out of my mouth and bounce off my upper stomach. "Careful there, sweetie. I don't want to punish you just yet." Sarah said, picking up the pacifier and inserting it back into my mouth. I was starting to get wet. The way she was treating me was the perfect amount of humiliation for me. The threat of being punished was certainly helping as well. How would she punish me? The only thing I could think about was being draped across Sarah's lap and spanked silly. "Sowwy." I slurred out behind the pacifier. "Not a problem, baby. Just keep your paci right there until Mommy takes it out." Sarah instructed. I guess Sarah is my mommy now. I am just her baby, who needs to do everything commanded of me. Sarah took my hand once again and lead be out of the room. We kept walking until we reached an open door in the hallway. She turned the light on and I realized that it was one of the playrooms I had seen on the site. The furniture in here was exactly what I saw on the site. Lots of baby furniture combined with a bunch of bondage furniture. "It sounds like you've never used any of this stuff before. We're going to fix that! Let's start over here." Sarah said, giving me no time to respond as she led me over to the giant potty chair. The potty itself was like largely upscaled version of one you would see a two year old girl use. It was made to accommodate an adult, though. It was made out of pink plastic and had a white cushion on the seat. There was also a large piece of plastic extruding forward that had handles on it. The handles were also accompanied by a pair of wrist cuffs that attached directly to the chair. "I don't think you're ready for potty training yet, but you should know what it's like in case someone seems to thinks you are. Take a seat, sweetheart." Sarah instructed. I guess she didn't want me to take the diaper off first. I grabbed the handles and slowly lowered myself down onto the seat. The seat was much bigger than one a child would use, but it was still closer to the ground than a normal toilet. This forced me to sit with my legs extended forward. Sarah came over once I was seated and began to secure my wrists with the cuffs. I gave no resistance and sat there sucking on the pacifier. "Nice and secure. Your diaper was still dry a few minutes ago, which means you must have something in there you can let out. You stay here and try to use the potty like a big girl. I'm going to go fetch a few things." Sarah said as she secured my other hand. Sarah stood back up and walked out the door, leaving me alone. It was clear that she wanted me to use the diaper while she was gone. I had just peed a bunch an hour ago though, so I didn't really have much in me. I tried to force something out, but the most I got was maybe a few drops. Being instructed to "use the potty" was humiliating enough, but being unable to just added to that. Was Sarah going to be mad? I eventually gave up and waited for Sarah to come back. "I'm back baby! Were you able to use the potty like a big girl?" She asked me. I just stared at the ground and sucked on the pacifier, my face red with embarrassment. I doubt she was expecting an answer anyways. Sarah came over to me and began undoing the wrist restraints. Once I was free she put her hands under my armpits and began lifting up. I stood up for her and patiently waited for whatever came next. "Let's see how you did." Sarah said, undoing the crotch of the onesie and pressing her hand into my diaper. "This diaper is still dry. It's been at least 45 minutes since your last change. This diaper should at least have some tinkles in it. Are you purposely disobeying mommy, baby?" "No, Mommy." I shamefully responded. "Hmm, I think you are. You should have been able to let even a little bit of tinkles out after that long. I was gonna give you a snack in the highchair next, but I think you need a little lesson in obedience first. Come here." Sarah said, pulling me over towards the spanking bench. My heart started to speed up. There was a pretty limited number of things a spanking bench was used for. I obediently let Sarah push me down and secure me on the bench. My wrists, legs and waist were soon bound to the bench. I was getting even wetter as I waited for what was about to happen. The only part of my body I could move was my head, and even then I was unable to see Sarah. From what it sounded like, she was grabbing stuff out of the closet. I eventually heard footsteps approaching me and seconds later saw Sarah enter my view. "Do you know what this piece of furniture is, baby?" Sarah asked, plucking the pacifier out of my mouth. "It's a spanking bench." I responded, not wanting or able to make eye contact. "Very good. Now, why are you strapped to the spanking bench?" Sarah continued, telling me off like a small child. "For not wetting my diaper when I was told to." I timidly responded, feeling mores of my juices seep out into the diaper. "Very good. You see this baby? This is what mommy's going to spank you with." Sarah said, dangling a ping pong paddle in front of my face. The only thing I wanted as much as a spanking right now was to stick my fingers down my diaper a relieve myself. Sarah was doing a perfect job of making me feel like a naught child. It didn't help that this scenario was almost identical to the fantasy I had last night. I stared at the ping pong paddle and began fantasizing what it will feel like when it strikes my naughty bottom. A second later, I noticed Sarah had something in her other hand as well. "This is what's going to make sure your binky stays in during your spanking. Open up baby." Sarah said, revealing the pacifier gag to me. I happily complied and let her put the pacifier in my mouth. She brought the leather straps around the back of my head and securing it in place. The nipple of the pacifier was a bit bigger than the one I was using at home. It was strapped tightly enough that I wouldn't be able to spit it out, but it wasn't painful. "The safe word is 'pineapple', baby." Sarah whispered into my ear. With that, she walked around me and began undoing my onesie. It felt like an eternity as she undid each button and pulled the onesie back. I felt the air hit my lower back and soon heard the sounds of the diaper's tapes being undone. Moments later, I felt the back of the diaper falling back, exposing my wet crotch and vulnerable butt cheeks to Sarah. The front of the diaper was still held in place under my waist, while the back side held freely. "My my, what do we have here? It looks like this little girl has already gotten a spanking today. You must be one naughty baby. It's a good thing Mommy knows exactly how to take care of naughty little babies. And what is this? If I didn't know any better, I may think this little girl is looking forward to her spanking." Sarah said, running her fingers along my soaked pussy. I squirmed in place due to the intense pleasure her fingers provided me. I really wanted her to stick them inside, but I wasn't granted that privilege. I was so distracted by the pleasure that I almost forgot about mentioning my already spanked bottom. I guess my bottom was still showing the after effects of my self-spanking at lunch. The humiliation of that only made me wish for more pleasure. "Such a naughty, naughty baby. I'll make sure to give you the nice, hard spanking that you need." Sarah said, swinging the paddle down onto my right butt cheek. I moaned into the pacifier as I felt the pain and pleasure rush through my body. The pain was much more prominent though. The sting was a lot more painful than anything that I had ever given to myself. Moments later, another swat hit my other cheek. This pain was something I couldn't have foreseen. If I wasn't so horny, I probably wouldn't be enjoying this. Sarah continued her assault on my bottom for what felt like an eternity. Each smack filled the room with noise and excited me further. The only thoughts going through my mind were the pain and me calling myself a bad girl who deserves this. Eventually, the pain became more intense and tears were starting to form in my eyes. My bottom was aching really bad. This is by far the most intense spanking I'd ever received, surpassing the one I gave myself earlier today by miles. I contemplated yelling out the safe word, but that wouldn't look good on me at all. Besides, I was still incredibly horny. "There we go! I think this little girl has learned her lesson. Is that right?" Sarah said as I sobbed to myself. I nodded my head as best I could as the tears continued to well up and flow down my face. My ass was on fire, much more so than this afternoon. Sarah began rubbing my bottom, helping alleviate a bit of the pain. "There, there baby, calm down. Mommy's sorry that she had to punish you. Let's get you cleaned up and then you can have your snack. Before that though, have you made any poopies yet today?" Sarah asked. I nodded my head yes and tried to hold back my tears. I was unbearably horny right now. I had just been spanked like a bad girl and was still being babied. Sarah did a perfect job of making me feel like a naughty baby whose mommy just had to punish her. "What a good girl. Let's get you up and into your highchair." Sarah said, bringing the diaper up and securing it back around my punished bottom. I was soon released from the belts of the spanking bench and allowed to stand up. Sarah grabbed my hands as soon as I was free and brought me over to 'my' highchair. When we arrived, she grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and guided me into the cushioned seat of the chair. Even with two layers of cushioning, my ass still hurt terribly bad. I watched Sarah as she secured the tray onto the highchair. I thought that would be it, but she instead used the cuffs on the highchair to secure my arms and legs, leaving me with no escape. I almost felt like protesting, but between my horniness and the pacifier still strapped into my mouth, I decided not to. "Nice and secure. You wait here and suck on your paci while mommy gets you a snack and a bottle, okay sweetheart?" Sarah said, turning her back and leaving the room once again. I rubbed my tongue along the pacifier's large bulb, trying to suck on it but failing due to how secure it was. For now, I was left alone with my thoughts and sore butt. If my hands we're restrained, I would definitely have them down my diaper, furiously masturbating. How much longer was she going to tease me like this? Hopefully she would relieve me soon, but at the same time I hoped she wouldn't. The humiliation of being treated like this was insanely pleasurable and I didn't want it to end. My butt was still hurting bad, but the pain forced me to constantly recall what had just happened. Sarah came back a few minutes later carrying a big pink bib, a big baby bottle filled with what looked like apple juice, and a bowl with a spoon. I noticed she was also wearing a white apron now as well. "Sorry for the wait, baby! I promise it will be worth it. Let's get these num nums into your cute little tummy." Sarah said, speaking to me like I was an actual baby. Sarah set the bowl down on the tray in front of me, revealing that it was filled with oatmeal. Not exactly my favorite, but I didn't despise it. There was a bit more than I would consider to be a snack though. She made her way behind me and secured the bib around my neck. I looked down and saw the words "Mommy's messy girl" embroidered on it. Next, she unstrapped the pacifier gag and removed it from my mouth. She set it down on the tray next to the bowl as I began moving my jaw around, now free from the big bulb. "Why did you get a spanking earlier, sweetheart?" Sarah asked, scooping up some oatmeal. "I-I didn't finish my lunch." I said, embarrassed and aroused at memories of the self spanking. "That was pretty naughty of you, sweetheart. I'll make sure you finish your snack so you don't need another trip to the bench. Now, open wide, baby." Sarah replied. I did as instructed and embarrassingly opened my mouth for Sarah. She put the spoon of oatmeal in my mouth and I closed around it. It didn't really taste bad, but I wasn't enjoying it too much. I swallowed the oatmeal and opened my mouth for Sarah, who was patiently waiting with another spoonful of oatmeal. This cycle continued for about 5 minutes, with Sarah repeatedly telling me "what a good girl I was" and making airplane noises. The bowl was eventually empty and Sarah used the bib to wipe off the oatmeal that had ended up on my face through no fault of my own. "There we go, all done. Did you enjoy your snack, sweetheart?" Sarah asked. "Yes, Mommy." I replied, looking away out of embarrassment. I doubt I could ever get used to calling someone this close to my own age "mommy". "I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby. Now, let's finish your baba." Sarah said, raising the bottle and bringing the rubber nipple to my mouth. I began sucking on the bottle and felt the apple juice flow into my mouth. This continued for a minute or two until Sarah removed it from my mouth. "My arm is getting tired, baby. If I release your arm, do you promise to be a good girl and feed yourself?" Sarah asked me. I nodded yes and she released my right arm from the cuff securing it to the highchair. I grabbed the bottle and began drinking from it again. The bottle was completely full when Sarah brought it in, so it was going to take a few minutes to drink it all. Sarah stood by patiently as I continued drinking. Eventually, she went to the closet in the room and came back out holding an arm cuff and a short chain. "Mommy needs to go check in on something, baby. I want you to finish your bottle, but I don't trust you alone with your hand. That's what this is for." Sarah said, showing me the short chain and cuff. Sarah attached the cuff to my wrist and then attached the chain to my collar with a small padlock. The chain couldn't have been more than a foot long. I could still hold the bottle up to my mouth and reach the tray, but that was about it. Why didn't she trust me? Was it because she knew how horny I was? It had to be. The thought that I couldn't be trusted not to touch myself was very arousing. It was amplified even more by the fact that it was probably true. The bottle was slowly getting closer to empty and Sarah was not back yet. What was she doing? I'm sure it was something that would humiliate me even more. I soon began to feel pressure building in my bladder. I could already hear Sarah's voice in my head if she came in and noticed I had wet my diaper. Nevertheless, there was no reason to hold it in. There was no way Sarah would let me pee anywhere but this diaper. Even though there was no one watching, it was still hard to start peeing. It was probably due to the unfamiliar environment I was in. Finally, after a minute of pushing and bottle sucking, I was able to get something going. My mind began to fill with horny thoughts as I imagined how humiliating it would be when Sarah noticed my wet diaper. Sure, I had peed in diapers multiple times now, but never in front of anyone. The stream stopped not too long after and I could feel the soggy, warm padding pressing against my agitated pussy and bruised butt. I wish I could press that warm padding right into my pussy and rub it senseless, but my arms were both bound. Shortly after I finished the bottle, I heard the door open. I was expecting to see Sarah come through, but instead it was a tall blond women in a very short latex dress. My heart began to race as she shut the door and began approaching me. I noticed that in one her hands she had a riding crop and in the other was a big canvas bag. This is more like what I had expected when I came here. How was this going to play out? Was she here to take Sarah's place? "You must be the new slut that Sarah told me about. You're quite cute. I can't wait to break you." The woman said, the clacking of her heels on the floor adding to her intimidating aura as she continued her approach. "I-I'm Ka-" I tried to get out before being interrupted. "SILENCE!" She yelled, "You will speak only when spoken to! That is your only warning!" I immediately shut my mouth and felt my pussy tingle. What was she going to do to me? What was in the bag? While being babied by Sarah was humiliating in its own way, the things I imagined this woman will do to me were even better. She seemed like a typical BDSM mistress and was already acting like one. Once she got to me, she dropped her bag and shoved her hand right against my wet diaper. She grabbed my chin with her other hand, forced me to look right at her face, and stared right into my eyes. "Playtime is over, potty pants. I'm here to treat you like the diaper filling little slut you actually are. My name is Mistress Hazel, and you will refer to me as such. Any disobedience, and you'll be punished extensively. Understand?" "Y-Yes, Mistress Hazel." I squeaked out. "Good little slut. I'm going to release your restraints, and you're not going to move a muscle. Understand?" She command. "Yes, Mistress Hazel." I said timidly, trying not to make any movements at all. Hazel removed her hands from my jaw and diaper and began undoing the restraints on my legs and left arm. I kept them exactly as they were though out of fear of what might happen if I moved them. She next removed the cuff from my wrist and unlocked the lock attaching the chain to my collar. She took the bottle out of my hand and put it on the highchair tray along with the pacifier gag and wrist cuff. Finally, she removed the tray, freeing me if I was allowed to move. "Get on all fours, and don't make me wait." Hazel commanded. As fast as I could, I got out of the highchair and got down on my hands and knees. Sarah, was super nice to me and she still gave me a very painful spanking. I'm sure whatever Hazel did to punish me would be much worse. I was legitimately scared and also aroused at the thought of what she might do. I heard her reach into the bag, but I couldn't see what she was grabbing. I found out moment later when she clipped a dog leash onto my collar. "Walk," Hazel commanded while pulling on the leash, "and don't even think about turning your head." I did as instructed and let myself be led to an unknown destination. Being forced to crawl on all fours like a baby very humiliating. The floor kind of hurt my knees, but I'm sure it hurt less than the riding crop that Hazel carries around. She led me over to a wall on the other side of the room and commanded me to stop. I obeyed and stared at the wall, waiting for whatever Hazel had in store for me next. I stayed as still as possible as I heard her go towards the closet. "Okay pissy pants, it's time to show your mistress how much of a slut you really are." Hazel said, walking to the wall in front of me and attaching a long, thick, black dildo to it. "Start sucking." My eyes went wide as I stared at the phallic object that was right in front of my face. I've given a few blowjobs before, but not to anything as big or thick as this. I felt my pussy tingle again as I reflected on my situation. I couldn't reflect long though, as I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right leg. "Did I stutter, pissy pants? Get sucking!" Hazel yelled at me. I immediately spurred into action and wrapped my lips around the head of the dildo. I slowly brought my closer to the wall until I couldn't fit anymore. I started pulling back and then felt another sting of pain from my right leg. "Faster! Suck like you mean it!" Hazel screamed at me. I screamed into the dildo, both out of shock and the pain. I did as commanded though and picked up my pace. The thick dildo was rapidly sliding in and out of my mouth as I tried to give the best blowjob I could to the silicon object. I closed my eyes as I did this and began to lose myself in thought. I wished I could be penetrated through my vagina instead. I have been holding back orgasms all day in anticipation for tonight and have been teased beyond belief for what feels like an eternity now. My thoughts were interrupted by a tug on the back of my onesie. I heard the snaps at the crotch being undone and soon felt the onesie being pulled up to my stomach. I was curious what was going on, but didn't want another hit from the riding crop, so I kept sucking. I became even more nervous when I felt my diaper being untaped and removed. I was too curious now. I removed the dildo from my mouth and began to turn around. I wasn't able to make out anything before I felt the riding crop come down on my already sore ass. It came down on both cheeks several more times while I hurried to resume sucking on the dildo. "Did I give you permission to stop sucking and turn around, pissy pants? No, I didn't. So don't even think about taking that dildo out of your mouth until I do." Hazel yelled at me. I felt tears well up in my eyes from the pain of the riding crop. That thing stung really bad! I didn't even find out what she was doing back there. I guess all I could do was keep sucking and wait. "Look at the state of this diaper. Do you enjoy pissing yourself, pissy pants? Well, you better not piss on the floor, or you're licking it up, got it?" Hazel said. I should have been disgusted by that, but with how horny I was, she could probably make me do just about anything. My entire body shook and a wave of pleasure ran through my body as Hazel drug her fingers across my sopping wet pussy lips. I stopped sucking for a brief second while I tried to recover. This was quickly met with another hit of the riding crop on my ass. I had to force myself to continue pleasuring the dildo due to my body being exhausted from all the pleasure and pain. I really hope I was allowed to cum soon. "Look at how sopping wet your cunt is. There's no doubt in my mind that you're nothing more than a pathetic, diaper loving slut. Stop sucking." Hazel commanded. I did as I was told and removed the dildo from my mouth, finally letting my tired jaw recover. "Did you enjoy your blowjob practice, slut?" Hazel asked me. "Yes, Mistress Hazel." I replied, not wanting to give her a reason to make me start again. "Good little slut." Hazel responded. "Have you ever had an enema before?" "N-no, Mistress Hazel." I replied, a knot forming in my stomach. "Prefect. Get to the pillory." She commanded, pulling on the leash again. I gulped as I started crawling to the pillory. My bare ass and vagina on display to anyone that could be watching. I'd never had an enema before, but I knew what it was. Normally, it's not something I would really fantasize about, but with how horny I was, I would do probably anything that would humiliate or degrade me further. I soon reached the pillory and remained still while I waited for instructions on what to do next. "Position yourself, slut." Hazel commanded. I got up off my hands and knees and positioned myself inside the device. Hazel brought down the top half right after and secured it, locking me inside. The pillory was only upto about my stomach, so my back was at about a ninety degree angle. This wasn't exactly a very comfortable position. Especially because I didn't have a whole lot to rest my weight on. I heard Hazel moving around for a bit behind me and grabbing stuff. Eventually, her waist entered my limited field of view. "Open up slut. Sarah told me how much you love your pacifier, so I thought I would reward you with something to suck on." Hazel commanded. I was expecting the pacifier gag from before to be placed in my mouth, but instead what I got was a gag with a short, thick dildo. The gag slid into my mouth, feeling exactly like the one I was forced to 'practice' on mere minutes ago. Hazel secured the gag behind my head, making sure I was unable to take it out. She then vanished from my view and walked around behind me again. I heard a few more sounds I couldn't make out before feeling something press up against my butt hole. My breathing picked up and grew heavier as the object penetrated me. Hazel pushed it farther in and I soon felt a warm liquid begin to flow into my body. I began to squirm a lot due the weird feeling, which caused Hazel to strike my ass with the crop again. "Stop squirming, slut. If you take your enema like a good little baby, maybe I'll reward you." Hazel said. I really hoped that the reward would be better than the last one. Either way, I hoped the reward would be an orgasm and was willing to take the risk of it not being that. I tried as hard as I could to stay still and not clench my butt. I relied fairly heavily on the penis that gagged my mouth to distract me from the feeling. The warm liquid continued to flow into me with no indication of it being close to over. I could feel it pooling inside of me and occupying more and more of my insides. I was moaning into the dildo constantly and biting down on it. I'm not sure how much more I could take. My stomach was starting to feel bloated and was cramping a bit. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I felt the flow of liquid slow to a stop. "Okay, slut. I'm going to pull the nozzel out. Don't you dare spill anything, or I'll give you another one." Hazel threatened. I knew I could not handle another enema, so when Hazel pulled the nozzel out of my ass I clenched down with all my strength. Holding the liquid was surprisingly hard. The liquid was trying its hardest to escape from my body. I was taken by surprise when I felt something cold and metallic press against my butt hole. "I'm putting in a butt plug slut. I figure a diaper dependent little slut like you won't be able to hold anything in for long." Hazel said, sliding the thick metal plug into place. I moaned loudly into the dildo. I'd never done anal before, and this was much thicker than the enema nozzel. At least it would help me keep the enema in. "Alright pissy pants, we better get another diaper on you before you piddle all over the floor. Get over to the changing table." Hazel instructed, undoing the restraints of the pillory but leaving the gag on. I instinctively got down on my hands and knees once I was free. The implication of me 'piddling' on the floor made my pussy tingle again. I had to go slow due to the amount of liquid occupying my colon. Hazel seemed to be forgiving of it though, as she didn't hit me with the riding crop. Hazel took the leash again and slowly led me over to the changing table. Thankfully, it wasn't too far of a crawl. "Get up on the table, pissy pants." Hazel commanded. The table was a good distance off the ground, but thankfully there was a stepping stool. I positioned myself on the changing table and let Hazel restrain my arms and midsection to the table. Laying down on my back made the pressure of the enema even more apparent. "Legs up, pissy pants." Hazel instructed. I complied and slowly raised my legs up. I soon felt another diaper being placed under me. Hazel wasted no time in covering me with baby powder and taping the diaper up. She did a much better job than I had ever done on myself. The diaper felt very secure and positioned perfectly. She redid the the snaps at the crotch of the onesie and gave the front of my now covered diaper a pat. "Alright pissy pants, get to the crib and you can release your enema. Since you've been relatively obedient, I'll let you make cummies in your diapie." Hazel said, releasing me from the changing table. I was finally going to be allowed to cum! I got down on the floor and crawled to the crib as quickly as possible. I climbed into the giant crib, almost forgetting about the belly full of liquid that I had. Hazel grabbed my arms and legs once I was inside and secured them to the straps attached to the crib. "Alright potty pants, are you ready to release that enema?" Hazel asked me. "Mmmph!" I yelled through the gag, trying to make it clear to her that I was. "Then roll over on your side, away from me." Hazel commanded. I rolled over away from her. The crib restraints had a little bit of slack, but not too much. I felt Hazel reach through the leg holes of my diaper and reach for my butt. She gripped onto the butt plug and ripped it out of my butt and diaper in a quick motion. I moaned into the dildo again from the sensation and instantly felt the liquid flood into the diaper. The feeling left me in a trance, making it take a few seconds to notice Hazel had pulled onto my back. The liquid kept pouring into the diaper as I laid there in pleasure. It was very warm and was get absorbed into every part of the diaper. After only a few seconds, the liquid stopped flowing and I could tell the diaper was close to its limit. "Do you enjoy filling your diaper, potty pants?" Hazel asked me, digging her hand right into my crotch through the diaper. "Mmph!" I yelled in pleasure. "Are you ready to fill that diaper with your cummies?" Hazel asked, now rubbing the sopping wet diaper into my also sopping wet pussy. "Mmph!" I yelled again, being overcome with pleasure. "Then go ahead, slut. Cum in your messy diaper for your mistress." Hazel commanded. I did exactly as she command, my body seizing up from the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. My mind filled with the memories of my spanking and all of the humiliation I'd been subjected to since arriving here. All I could do was lay there helplessly, lost in all the pleasure that was running through my body. The only other sensations I could feel were the warm, soggy diaper stuck to my body and the large dildo stuck in my mouth. When I came down off my post-orgasm high, I noticed that Hazel had left, leaving me tied up alone in the crib. I also noticed that she also raised the side of the crib, making me feel even more helpless. Was she going to come back soon? Now that my horniness had drained out of me, I was really starting to notice how uncomfortable this dildo was. My face was getting covered in drool due to it as well. The diaper was still very warm and felt good, but I doubted it would stay that way for long. After what felt like 5 minutes or so of reflecting on everything that's happened so far and trying to ignore the large penis in my mouth, I heard the door open. I looked over and saw that Sarah had come back. Hazel wasn't with her though, which kind of made me relieved. Sarah went over the changing table and grabbed everything you'd need to change a diaper. She next went over to the high chair and grabbed something that I couldn't see. Finally, she approached me and lowered the side of the crib. "Hello, sweetheart! Sorry that I had to step out for a little bit. Did you have fun playing with Hazel?" Sarah asked me in a cheery voice. I nodded my head yes, not being able to make much noise due to the dildo. "That's good. Let's get off of you." Sarah said, reaching for the back of my neck. Sarah undid the buckle of the gag and released me. I had to take a moment to stretch out my jaw and get used to not having something inside of it. While I was doing this, Sarah used the bib that was still strapped around my neck to clean up the drool. "It looks like Hazel must have accidentally given you a big girl pacifier. I'm sure she didn't mean to." Sarah said, putting the dildo gag down by my feet. There was no doubt in my mind that Hazel made a mistake by giving me that, and I'm sure Sarah knew that as well.
  17. Little Lucy, 7 years old, stood at the door of her school principal's office with a bruised eye, a bleeding nose and a tooth that was going to fall. She had fought with a schoolmate who made fun of her because don’t have reached the bathroom in time she had peed herself. This was the fourth time that she was involved in a fight that month, and the principal hadn’t idea how to manage the little girl. He phoned Lucy’s foster mother communicating to her that the situation with her daughter was out of control and that the only option was to involve an association called ARPU saying to her that he would have given her the association's contacts. Now Lucy was waiting sitting down on a bench in front of the Principal office’s door trying to use her wet dress to hide her soaked panties and white pantyhose. Lucy was bursting into tears when her mom arrived at school. (Pleas contact me only if you're really interested)
  18. Disclaimer--All characters are fictional and meant to be over age 18. Be warned: this is a non-consensual story, but he comes around in the end. Among the stories I've written, this one has the happiest ending. Chapter 1 Julie was waiting for him in the hall when he opened the bathroom door, so he immediately felt guilty. He wasn’t sure if she had been waiting to use it, or if she had an urgent patient question. But either way, she didn’t look happy, and he felt a little self-conscious that she had been waiting on him to finish peeing. Standing right outside the door drew attention to his bathroom habits, and he had always been shy about other people knowing he was “doing his business”. When she urgently signaled to follow her toward the hallway that ran the length of the building to their pod of exam rooms, he walked closely behind. It was always good to keep your nurse happy; he had learned that in medical school. It made your day MUCH easier. She walked into their work room, a small space with a diminutive computer work station for each of them and a set of cabinets, as well as an old exam table, which was no longer used for patients. They usually piled supplies on it these days, though today it happened to be bare. She waited for him to come in, then closed the door behind him. She paused. He waited, a bit mystified. After a moment she met his eyes, lips pressed firmly together. “We need to talk,” she said tensely. He blinked. “Ok, what’s up?” Julie Davis had been his nurse for nearly a year now, having been hired shortly after he was. She was efficient, smart, and personable. The patients loved her, and he appreciated her as a competent and friendly assistant with a sharp wit. In addition, she was pretty as hell. He’d never seen her upset or angry, but she seemed a little of both right now. It caught his attention. She squinted a little. “What should I do if there is a doctor in the practice who is being irresponsible, keeping patients waiting every day, slowing down employees, and keeping them from going home to their family at night? What should I do?” He was curious. He had a handful of partners. They were relatively tight-knit. This would be news. “Probably tell him. Or her, I guess. They’d want to know.” “Yeah?” She paused, considering. “I guess that’s right.” He sat down at his workstation, interested in the gossip. “Who is it?” She looked up at him. “Well, actually…it’s you.” He shifted uncomfortably, taken aback at first. “Are—are you serious? Me? Really? Wha–” He was lost. She sat down, but her eyes never left his face. “You spend half an hour or more in the potty every single day, keeping patients waiting, and keeping me from getting home to my kids. It has to stop.” His eyebrows furrowed. He was distracted by the use of the word, “potty”. She used it often, instead of the more common—and adult—“bathroom” or “restroom”. He knew she was a single mom with small children, so he assumed it was a habit. But it was odd, and a little embarrassing that she used it with him. It made him feel like a little kid. Especially in this context. “You’ve been…timing me? Thaaat seems a little weird. Normally, I wouldn’t mind the extra attention, especially from you.” He raised his eyebrows at her with a smile, pretending to flirt. He would never come on to her. He felt strongly about professional boundaries and was careful about sexual harassment. But it was amusing to fake it sometimes, and humor was useful in defusing awkward situations like this. Was she really talking about how long he spent in the bathroom?! “But…well, it’s the bathroom, right? So…” She didn’t hesitate. “Well, I wasn’t timing you at first. But it has gotten a little ridiculous, and I started wondering just how long your patients and I spend waiting for you.” He looked down, embarrassed. Ok, so humor wasn’t working. Yet. She seemed to be waiting for him to answer, however, and he wasn’t sure what to say. “Well, everybody needs to go to the bathroom. I can’t just turn that function off, you know?” “But no one spends so much time peeing. Or pooping.” She smiled a little to herself, and he was sure she said, under her breath, “Or…whatever.” He reddened but said nothing. Was she implying what he thought she was? What could you say to this? In truth, he had spent a lot of time in the bathroom. It was the only place the staff couldn’t bother him. He spent the time playing on his phone, and, though he would certainly never admit it to anyone, had in fact pleasured himself–rarely–in the past. He couldn’t believe she had been paying attention. He didn’t know whether he had a right to be offended, or just to be embarrassed. When he didn’t immediately speak, lost in thought about how he could possibly respond, she pressed on. “Of course, it’s none of my business what my doctor does in his spare time. But this isn’t spare time. This is work time, and you are being rude to your patients and to me.” Her cheeks were flushed. If anything, it made her look prettier than usual. At any other time, he would be attracted to her. He swallowed. He thought he could see where she was going. “Well, I’m sorry, of course. I can hurry in the future.” He nodded to himself. “I wasn’t really thinking about your time. I will hurry.” Julie sighed. “I doubt it.” She stood up, and he subconsciously backed his chair up, surprised. She confidently continued, “I came up with my own plan,” looking down at him sternly. He thought for a moment that this was probably how her children felt. It was intimidating. “I thought I would put a diaper on you, and I’d change you when you needed it during the day. It would be a more efficient system, because I can do that quickly, and you wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of seeing patients to go hide in the potty.” He laughed out loud. This humor definitely helped defuse the tension in the room, and he appreciated it. But he stopped when he saw that she wasn’t smiling. Why not? This was a ridiculous idea. She had to be kidding. “I can’t—wait, you’re not seriously suggesting that, are you?” “Of course I am. You said before that everyone has to go to the potty. That’s not quite true,” she said, sitting down again across from him. “Everybody needs to pee, and everybody needs to poop, but not everyone needs to go to the potty to do it. It would save loads of time and make you a more efficient doctor. Agreeing to let me diaper you would show that you care about your patients. And about your staff, or at least about their time.” He stared at her, trying to decide if she was pulling his leg. Finally, he shook his head. “Yeah, wellll, don’t be silly. That’s never gonna happen. I’m an adult, and I plan to go on using the bathroom like other adults. But I’m sorry about inconveniencing you. I’ll be faster when I have to go.” She pursed her lips and smiled at him. “Adults wear diapers, you know. Cool adults, even. Like astronauts and race car drivers. You could be like an astronaut!” Again, it was hard to tell if she was joking. She seemed earnest about this. “Maybe they do, Julie, but that ain’t gonna happen. Let’s drop it. I could never agree to that.” He couldn’t shake the idea that she was putting him on. But she wasn’t smiling at all. She had an intense kind of look in her eye. “You could,” she insisted. “You would show that your patients’ and staffs’ time is important to you. That would be admirable. You’d have nothing to be embarrassed about.” She nodded at him seriously. “It’ll work. You’ll see. Let’s try it!” But he refused to accept the suggestion. He thought he was being generous enough to take her seriously. But this was bizarre. He’d have to reconsider what he thought of Julie’s common sense. If she thought this was a reasonable plan, what else did she think? What a wacko. “I’m sorry, but that’s just too weird. I promise you I’ll be more mindful of your time. But I can’t do…that.” Julie stared at him for a moment. Then she slowly nodded solemnly. “Well, we can try it your way. But if you can’t go faster, I won’t take no for an answer.” She sat back down but held his eyes with her own. “Let’s be clear about my expectations, since I’m not sure you even know what’s normal. “If you are peeing, I want you in and out of the potty in 60 seconds. At your age, there is no reason it should take longer. If you have to poop, it is okay to spend as long as 5 minutes, but no more.” He blushed as she talked to him so graphically, and again felt like a child. What was she going to do now, tell him how to wipe? This was ridiculous, and he found it impossible to engage in this…negotiation, or whatever it was. Instead, anxious to get out of this conversation as quickly as possible, he shook his head. This was humiliating. “Julie, I’ll be quicker. Can we just leave it at that? Now, do we have patients?” Her hand shot out and grabbed his. “Not so fast. I’m serious. I need an agreement from you before we move on. If you take longer than that, we’re going with my plan. Agreed?” He hesitated. He knew he could never accept that. “Julie, seriously. Please!” he said in exasperation. If there was one thing that embarrassed him, it was talking about his bodily functions. Here they were talking about timing his bowel movements. But Julie shook her head. “Nope. I want a commitment from you. We’ll go with diapers if you need it, okay?” Frustrated, he protested, “I don’t think I can agree to that. It’s crazy!” “Fine. Then agree to the deal, and then don’t be slow. It is entirely under your control.” “Argh,” he groaned, blushing furiously. “Okay, just drop it.” Julie nodded, still looked at him closely. “I will drop it, for now. But be careful. We have a deal, and I will collect on that deal if I need to. I’ll be watching.” And he was convinced that she would be. He noticed her interested glance when he walked the long hallway back to the bathroom during the next few days. He even found her outside the bathroom door occasionally, which kind of freaked him out. But he found that as long as he was attentive and mindful, he wasn’t in danger of incurring her wrath. It turned out she was right about the time frames in the bathroom. It was his growing confidence that turned out to be his downfall. More than 2 weeks later, he was harried and stressed, and ducked into the bathroom, unable to keep from glancing at Twitter while he relieved himself. There was an article on his football team’s plans for the upcoming draft, suggesting that the backup quarterback might be trade bait. He appreciated the momentary escape from his day, and didn’t even realize he was 4.5 minutes over his agreed limit until he opened the bathroom door and literally walked into her tapping her foot in the hallway outside. He glanced down at her, surprised to find someone there. When he saw her determined expression, he was so preoccupied that he was genuinely surprised. It finally dawned on him why she might be there, and what the upset look on her face might mean. His stress level returned to pre-Twitter levels. She was going to need to be mollified somehow. She pointed at his chest, and then toward their work space. She turned on her heels and strode away without looking back. He hung his head, embarrassed to have this talk again. Seriously—why wouldn’t she let this drop? He was trying, right? On his way back to the workspace, he started thinking that perhaps he’d need a new nurse. As nice and efficient as Julie was, her preoccupation with the bathroom–and diapers?!–was a bit alarming. It was midmorning, and there was a lull in his schedule, but still. Was it fair to him to keep him from his inbox to talk about the “potty”? She entered the work room first, then stood aside to let him past her. He dutifully went, trying to think about what to say to deflect her anger, and how to set this weird relationship straight. He was the boss in this relationship. She needed to understand that. When he passed her, he was startled to see her shut and lock the door behind them. She stood in front of the door. He paused awkwardly, not sure how to address her actions. But she didn’t wait for him. “I’ll give you this: you held it together longer than I thought you would,” Julie said, shaking her head. “But, of course, here we are. Were you peeing or pooping?” He reddened. She was so blunt and direct about these things. He couldn’t think fast enough to lie. “Peeing,” he said quietly. He was glad he hadn’t been moving his bowels. He wasn’t even sure he could say the other word in front of someone. “Wow. 5 and a half minutes for peeing. Did you get lost? Maybe you had trouble finding it?” she asked sarcastically. He realized that he should feel offended, but she was talking again. “You really think I couldn’t have changed a diaper and had you back to work in 5 and a half minutes?” He stood silently, shocked that she was again discussing the diaper thing. What else could he say to bring her back to reality? Is suggesting that he wear diapers enough cause for firing someone? He struggled to find the right words to say to her. But she plowed right on. “Well, I guess we’re going to find out now, aren’t we? Pull your pants down while I get a diaper out.” She turned to the cabinet and pulled open a door, where an unopened pack of adult diapers had apparently been waiting. He frowned. He knew the office didn’t stock those. He was freshly embarrassed by the idea that she had gone shopping and purchased them specifically for him, expecting him to need them. Had they been here ever since their previous conversation?! Julie pulled out the package, ripped open the bag, and pulled out a diaper, setting it on the counter while she put the pack away again. She reached up into a nearby cabinet and found a bottle of baby powder and a blue pad, then turned back to him. “Pick up the pace. We’ve got someone scheduled in a few minutes.” He stared at her, unable to believe that she really expected to go through with this. “You can’t be—“ “Of course I’m serious,” she interrupted him sternly. “We had a deal. So get your pants down around your ankles and hop up on the table.” His mouth dropped open. “NOW.” He suddenly found it hard to swallow. She was a nut job. “Look, Julie, I appreciate your concern, and I’m sorry, but—“ She walked back over to the door and stood in front of it as he trailed off, intimidated a bit by her confidence. “But what?” “But I told you before that I wouldn’t go through with this…this plan. I just can’t do that.” “You can and you will,” she snapped. “You specifically promised me you’d do it. I told you that it was entirely under your control. You could have avoided wearing diapers, but you didn’t. Today, it wasn’t even a close call.” She paused, seeming to consider. “One might even wonder if you were asking for this.” She tilted her head and looked curiously at him. “Were you?” “No!” he exclaimed. “Of course not. And I wasn’t seriously agreeing to this. I—I can’t do this. I can’t—“ he lowered his voice. “I can’t pull down my pants in my own office. I can’t wear a diaper. I can’t let you see me naked, or talk about my…time…in the bathroom. You’re my employee. I’m your boss. I just can’t. You need to drop it. Let’s get back to work.” He started for the door, but she resolutely stood in his way. “Pants down, hop up.” She stared at him. He froze, completely undone by her attitude. “Look, we’re not getting back to work until you are wearing that diaper. The door is locked. No one will know you’re wearing a diaper unless you tell them, and I can’t imagine you will. It will be under your pants, and no one will be able to tell. No one cares what you wear for underpants. “I care about you as a doctor and a person, and I firmly believe this is in your best interest, not to mention the interest of your patients and of me. Now get those pants down so we can move forward.” He looked at her helplessly. “I…I…can’t…” She suddenly took a step forward. She had a steely look in her eye. “Young man, you’ve got until I count to 3. One…” She raised her eyebrows at him. He stood frozen, afraid. “Two…” He folded. He had no idea why, but he didn’t want her to get to 3. What did he think would happen, here, in his office? But she’d assumed the “mom look” that did not invite argument. He had made that mistake as a child, and it hadn’t ended well. So it was more instinct than anything else that led to his obeying her. His hands, trembling, went to his belt, and he hurriedly unbuckled it and then unbuttoned his slacks. He started easing them down his legs, and tried to look up at her. He couldn’t quite meet her gaze. But Julie smiled, and said contentedly, “That’s better. I knew you’d be a good boy. Now, walk—or shuffle, I guess—over to the table behind you.” His face burned. He glanced around and saw he was a few feet away from the exam table she indicated. He felt ridiculous as he tried to walk and found, as she said, that he needed to shuffle his feet, moving over to the table. She walked around to the end of the table and patted it gently. “Up you go.” He couldn’t believe this was happening. He tried not to think, doing as she asked now without questioning. He backed up to the table and edged onto it, feeling the cold vinyl against his bare thighs. She had guided him to a point a few feet from the end, and, once seated, she gently indicated that he was to swing his legs up to the end of the table and lie down. He took a deep breath and lay back. She cooed, “Good boy. Now let’s get those undies down…” Feeling her hands tugging on his boxers sent him into a bit of a panic. “Wait!” he said, sitting up again. “Um—uh—why don’t we—I mean, why can’t I just put it on myself? I’m not a baby, you know.” He was breathing heavily from the fear that she would see him naked. He wasn’t a virgin, but the number of women who had seen him naked was a very small number. She stared down at him for just a moment before shaking her head. “No, I’m sorry, that wouldn’t be a good idea. How many diapers have you changed?” He stared at her. “Well, none. But I’m a doctor. How hard can it be? Can you just show me—generally—what to do?” He nodded to himself, and spoke more quickly and confidently. “I mean, then you don’t have to be directly involved, and your time won’t be wasted. That would let you get home earlier to see your family,” he added, thinking that might sound appealing. She seemed to like his eagerness, and smiled at him, almost fondly. This made him think that maybe he could sway her, and could make his fate a little less humiliating. ”That’s sweet of you to think of me that way.” But then she said, “But it is a tricky job getting the diaper to lie flat so that no one will see it or hear it, and so that it won’t leak. Keeping it all secret from your patients is the most important thing, don’t you think? I don’t think we want to leave your secret in the hands of an amateur. What if you left a little space for wetness to leak out and walked around with wet pants for the afternoon?” She waited for that image to form in his mind, and was rewarded with his brow furrowing slightly. “And then there is my suspicion that if you can’t just pee in a reasonable amount of time, how likely is it that you could pee and then change your own diaper in a reasonable amount of time? No, if this is to be helpful to you, and to your patients, and to me, I’ll have to be the one to do it.” She smiled at his sinking expression. “I can tell you are embarrassed. Is it because I’m going to see your pee-pee?” If it was possible, he reddened still further. “But really–it will be okay. Remember, I’m a professional nurse, not to mention a mom of boys, and you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. If it could be done without seeing you naked, we would do it that way. But it can’t be helped, so let’s just act professionally and get through it. Afterward, I think you’ll be relieved that it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as you thought. Now, let’s get to it.” She glanced at the clock on the wall. “We’ll have patients very soon.” Defeated, he let her push him gently back into a lying position. She put her hands on his hands and moved them to his sides, away from his boxers. “Let’s get these big-boy undies down.” Her hands gripped the lower outside corners of his boxers. “Lift your bottom,” she coaxed. He took a breath, looked away, and did as she asked. Once his rear end had cleared the table, shoes firmly on the end of the table, she efficiently pulled down his boxers and slid a blue pad under him. “Okay, back down again.” He could feel the cool soft flat surface under his backside. “Just some basics here. Your cooperation will go a long way toward making this efficient and fast. And I’m sure you want this to be quick. First, your knees should always be as wide apart as you can get them. Ok?” she asked, “Knees apart.” She waited for him to nod. “Second, you’ll always start with your feet down on the table, with your knees apart, of course. That is the ‘down’ position, obviously.” Again he acknowledged her, dimly aware that she had waited for him to be naked to be having this detailed instructional talk. “Third, I’ll need you to lift up your legs so I can remove the old diaper and/or place the new one in place. When you do that, you’ll want to grab your knees (still wide open, right?) and pull them as far as you can toward your shoulders. We’ll call that position, ‘up.’ Okay?” He nodded numbly. He just wanted this to be over. “Finally, we’ll want you in the ‘down’ position again. And your knees?” she prompted him, an expectant smile on her face. “What?” he asked. He was trying to pretend this wasn’t happening. It didn’t help to be asked a question that reminded him he was a person and was helping this process. “Where will your knees be when your legs and bottom come back down onto the new diaper?” she asked patiently. “Oh, uh, open?” he mumbled distractedly. Could this really be happening? “Right! Great job,” she praised him, holding her hand up to be high-fived like he was a little child. “Now, let’s just practice that once or twice to make sure you’ve got it in your head. We want it to be fast in the future.” He sighed silently. “First down.” He kept his feet on the table, knees bent, and opened his legs slightly. He was secretly focused on hoping she wasn’t going to look at or comment on his penis, and was desperately hoping it wasn’t going to become erect. That was the main reason he wanted this over with. “Ah, ah,” she clucked, staring at his groin, her hands moving to his inner thighs. “THAT is not ‘wide open.’” She pushed his knees gently until they were nearly flat against the table, completely exposing his privates. He blushed with humiliation. “That’s better. THAT’S how wide apart your legs need to be. And now, ‘up’.” He was partially in his own whirling world of embarrassment, and was slow to realize she wanted him to move again. “Come on now, up you go,” she prompted again, tapping his bottom to get his attention. He quickly pulled his knees up toward his shoulders, rotating his bottom up toward her. He realized suddenly that now she had an excellent view of his wide open backside, something that no woman other than his own mother had ever seen, as far as he knew. He flushed further as he noticed her eyes drop to his bottom and look appraisingly. She made a little sound he couldn’t interpret, but seemed to want to move past it. She again urged his legs further apart, stretching him as wide as possible, and tapped his bottom up a bit more. Then she smiled and said, “Excellent. That will work nicely.” He heard a rustling sound and felt her touch his lower back. “After you are cleaned up and a new diaper is in place, you’ll hear me say, ‘down,’ again, and that will be your cue to lower your legs into the original position.” He did, relieved, and felt a bulky soft sensation under his upper buttocks as he set down. He knew what that was without having to look, and thought maybe he might be sweating. He started to close his legs instinctively, but felt her hands again on his thighs. “Not yet. Still wide apart. Pretty much always wide apart for me, please, until you sit up.” He felt a cool sensation over his bottom and genitals, and started to glance down before he caught the scent of baby powder. He glanced down in alarm, and saw her shaking a baby powder bottle over him. A quick shake here and there, and she was done. He was too stressed to admit it had always been a smell he enjoyed. He certainly couldn’t admit that here, now. Next he felt her pull the diaper up through his legs and tape it firmly in place on his lower belly. It felt snug and comfortable, but substantial, between his legs. He was very grateful not to be naked, and even happier that he hadn’t developed an erection during the procedure. That seemed like a miracle, given the fact that a pretty young woman was inches away from his naked body. But his stress and worry seemed to have protected him for the time being. “Okay, sit up now,” she directed him. And he did so, pulling his knees together and swinging around to hang them over the table. It was a little awkward to feel the bulk between his legs, and he heard a rustle as he moved. “You did wonderfully! Quite the big boy. Wasn’t that easy and painless?” she asked, smiling. He grunted a little. It had actually hurt, but only his pride. He had to admit that, even with the instructions, she had done that very fast. But what could he possibly say out loud? “Well, I know you can’t admit it, but you did fine. I think this will work very well. Now, you should be careful standing up, because your pants are still down. You can pull them up now, and see how that feels.” He quickly moved to follow her directions, happy to cover up the diaper, which must look ridiculous on him. He pulled up his boxers, which slid slickly over the plastic of the diaper, and then pulled his pants up while she folded up the blue pad and put the baby powder away. He was able to button them fairly easily, and the zipper was a little tight, but he got that up as well. He finished and looked down to make sure it looked acceptable. She turned and looked as well. “Well, that’s not too bad at all, is it? I wouldn’t be able to tell you are wearing a diaper!” she remarked cheerfully. He wasn’t sure. The front of his khakis definitely puffed out, and though he turned his head, he couldn’t really tell about the back. “I don’t know,” he said hesitantly. “Won’t people be able to tell right away?” “Nonsense,” she said, unlocking but not opening the door. “If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know to look. People aren’t nearly that smart, and people are too polite to stare at your crotch. You’re just overly sensitive.” She turned around again to look him in the eye. “No one will know. It is our secret.” He thought of something else and tensed up. “You put baby powder on me,” he said accusingly. “I’m sure people will smell it.” Julie smiled. “Well, maybe,” she admitted. “But they’ll just think you smell nice. I personally LOVE that smell. And it is way better than smelling like a used diaper, isn’t it?” She was gratified to see his eyebrows twitch with concern. She came nearer and took his hands in hers. “You’ll be just fine. There are really only two things to remember: first, no potty breaks. Second, when you think you need to be changed, come see me.” She saw him swallow self-consciously. “You’ll do fine. Pretend it’s not there. You’ll be used to it in no time.” “Wait—“ he stammered. That made him consider something for the first time. “How long do I have to wear this?” She wrinkled her brow and cocked her head slightly, as if she had misheard him. “What do you mean?” He cleared his throat. “I mean, I didn’t ask before. But this is just for this morning, right? Or today? To prove a point? When can I be done?” He chanced a brief look at her face, but found it hard to meet her eyes. She was 5-6 inches shorter than he, but seemed very intimidating right now. He stared at the floor. She, however, reached out for his chin and brought it up, forcing him gently to look at her. “Sweetie, this isn’t just for the morning or today. But let’s just get through today and tomorrow and then…we can talk about it, okay?” She smiled at him. He nodded thoughtfully, as he thought this sounded like it was up for discussion. He would have to think about what he would say tomorrow to convince her to give it up. Why hadn’t he negotiated how long this would last before he agreed to it? He wandered away, and she watched the diaper through his pants shift back and forth, rustling gently. He wasn’t quite waddling, but the diaper was definitely changing the way he walked. She adored that look in her boys, but was starting to think she might like it even better in her doctor. That could NOT have gone better, from her perspective. She’d planned this for a long, long time, working out options for every possible contingency. She’d expected reluctance, of course. Julie had hoped she wouldn’t need to threaten him, and was very happy she didn’t need to. A lot of what she had planned depended on trust. This doctor was naïve, well-intentioned, attractive, and single. From the moment she had started working for him, she had fantasized about being with him. He hadn’t asked her out yet, so she’d needed to jump-start their relationship. Nothing like having a man naked on a table in front of you to force some intimacy! She had guessed correctly that he could be motivated by his desire to be a better doctor and employer. She knew he was shy, and that was why she took the leap today. She had a little experience bossing around men, and had generally found she liked it. It was part of why she liked being a nurse. Patients responded well to her. But this was a little different. Yes, she truly had a good excuse to diaper him. But this could also turn into a serious, long-term project, and she had high hopes for where it could eventually lead. For now, she had to nurture him through the next few hours carefully and gently. Then she could worry about the next few days and weeks. One step at a time. Chapter 2 He was extremely self-conscious of every step. In his mind, the diaper was clearly visible and audible to everyone, though oddly no one seemed to be commenting about it. His cheeks burned as he made his way through the hallways from exam room to exam room. He could feel it, warm and bulky between his legs, hear it rustling quietly with every step, see it bulging gently under his khakis, and when he sat down, he could smell the faint scent of baby powder. But even in the quiet exam rooms, patients didn’t seem to want to say anything about it. Were they too embarrassed for him to mention it? Was it really possible that they weren’t noticing? As the morning wore on, it became clear that a fair number of them, anyway, couldn’t tell. If he just pretended nothing was wrong, they seemed to carry on that way, too, and with every visit that passed, he did relax a little bit. He tried to keep up conversation during quiet times when he had to move around, just in case he needed to mask the sound. The growing pressure in his bladder was tolerable. He had already had his bathroom break, after all, so it wasn’t difficult to ignore the issue until lunchtime. This was when he usually got a second break to hit the restroom. When he finished seeing patients for the morning, he felt like it was a little silly not to go. After all, there weren’t patients waiting. Would Julie really mind? On his way over to the lunch room he turned down the hall to the bathroom. As luck would have it, he met Julie coming out of the bathroom, the smell of soap fresh on her hands. She stopped and looked him up and down as he stood, surprised and unprepared to meet her. There was nothing else along this part of the hall that he could say he was going to do. “So…what’s up?” she asked, smiling pleasantly, as if they were pals meeting on the street. “I, just, well, needed to…” he faded out, not willing to discuss it with her. Suddenly he realized she might be serious about not wanting him to go to the bathroom. “Were you heading to the potty?” He nodded, at first not saying anything. “Well, I finished seeing patients, so, um, I—well, I—thought it might be okay to, um…” he stammered, looking at his feet. “Hmmm,” she said, nodding. “Well, I don’t remember telling you that you could go to the potty. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you that you were NOT to use the potty at all today.” She touched his elbow gently, making him look up briefly at her. “Remember?” “Yes, but—“ “Yes, ma’am, please,” she corrected quietly, as if it were a common error she had corrected before. He stopped and looked at her briefly, and decided he didn’t want to make a big deal about that right now. “Yes, ma’am, but there aren’t any patients waiting. I thought that was the point.” She glanced around to make sure they were alone. Everyone else had gone off to lunch. “Well, it was part of the point. We’re also trying to make sure that I and your other employees get home as soon as they can. And if you are fiddling around in the potty, you aren’t working or eating, and that will lengthen our day. “I don’t want you in the potty at all today. If you have to pee, I want you to pee in your diaper. Is it too wet to pee in?” He looked confused for a moment. She saw he didn’t understand. She clarified, “Did you already wet your diaper? If you pee again, will your diaper leak?” “Of course not!“ he said, startled that she thought he might have peed in this thing. “Then feel free to tinkle away. You don’t need the potty right now.” He looked unhappy. She knew she had to sound reasonable. “Look, you’re free to use the potty after the patients are gone and your staff is home, or if there aren’t patients waiting and your task list is caught up. But you know as well as I do that you pretty much always have a task list. If today isn’t that rare day—and it isn’t because I just saw your task list—I don’t want you wasting time in the potty. You’ve got something else you can use now. “So…off you go to lunch. Don’t dilly-dally. See you afterward!” She turned him gently and patted him on his padded bottom. To his credit, she thought, he didn’t talk back or seem angry. Just quiet, like he needed time to readjust. He was thinking that he wasn’t truly desperate yet. His bladder wasn’t comfortable, but he could wait to pee. He certainly wasn’t going to do it in his diaper. That would be ridiculous, just what she wanted, and presumably would put him right back up on that changing table for more embarrassment. It was one thing to be forced to wear the diaper, but another thing to use it willingly. He was thinking about how little he could get away with drinking at lunch. He was just wondering if he could last until his patients were done that afternoon! He was sitting down to lunch with the other doctors and a drug rep—without a drink—when Julie walked past with her food and set a tall glass of water down in front of him. She winked at him and said to the others, “Wouldn’t want my doctor to get dehydrated! It’s a long day.” He was really starting to resent her, but–he didn’t need her to be upset with him. That could make their working relationship very difficult, and could cause his task list to grow dramatically. Keeping his nurse happy had truly become instinctual. So he said out loud, “Well, thanks!” She said, “You’re welcome,” and kept walking, but paused at the door and looked at him pointedly, raising her eyebrows. He raised the glass to his lips and took a token sip, setting it down again quickly. She didn’t budge. She kept staring at him, until others turned to see what was going on. Uncomfortable, he sheepishly took a longer draught of the water, until she nodded and left, smiling. Now he had a foreboding feeling. She was going to force him to pee. Not explicitly, but it was not going to be easy to hold off if he had to drink to make her happy. He’d have to talk to her about that. He finished his lunch and went to his desk, working for another 15 minutes on his task list. He worked hard, returning calls and forwarding messages to patients, hoping that the faster he got done, the sooner he could go home and escape this crazy day. And if he hurried, maybe he wouldn’t have to pee before finishing. But the longer he worked, the more the pressure in his bladder grew. Crap. He got up momentarily about 5 minutes before the first afternoon patient was scheduled to put some therapy forms in the “out” bin. While he was up, Julie walked into the work room. She walked right up to him and shocked him by cupping his crotch with her hand. “How’s it going?” she asked pleasantly. He yelped and jumped back reflexively. “Whoops! Sorry, force of habit,” she said, smiling a little. “Just checking to see if you needed to be changed.” “Well you could have just asked me!” he exclaimed, his cheeks burning at the reminder that he had been reduced to the level of one of her little boys. “Okay,” she replied. “Although I guess I already know the answer. ‘Do you need to be changed?’ I’ll point out that I do have about 2-3 minutes before the first patient comes to change your diaper if you do.” “Oh! No,” he replied quickly. “No need.” He tried to sound offhanded, but it came out seeming tense. Her eyes narrowed slightly. “Really? That seems kind of strange. You always use the potty before the afternoon. You must really need to go. Are you holding back just so you won’t have to be changed? Are you scared of me?” She smiled to make it seem like a silly idea. “I doubt you can make it through the whole afternoon. You’ll be so uncomfortable.” He shifted positions a little, quite aware of the discomfort already. She was right, of course. But he hated to think about it. He couldn’t even really talk about it with her. So he didn’t say anything. “We won’t have time during the afternoon, I don’t think. Now is your only chance for a change. If you don’t pee now, once you do wet your diaper, you might have to be wet for the rest of the day.” He definitely didn’t want that. But he couldn’t stand the idea of “using” his diaper like a baby. And now she would know that he had done it, and even when he had done it. Having her so intimately aware of his private habits was almost as bad as using a diaper for them. This was excruciating. “Can we please just stop talking about it?” he pleaded, his exasperation with her bluntness showing. She grinned, clearly unconcerned with his shyness. “You are embarrassed about normal body processes, aren’t you? That is probably because you aren’t a parent yet, and not a nurse. We’re all about body fluids.” She became more serious. “I’m not really that interested in whether you are embarrassed, you might have noticed. I am entirely focused on keeping us efficient and on schedule. And I know that, if you look at the big picture, of course you do, too. “So swallow your pride. Do what’s best for the patients and staff. Now, do you need a change?” He swallowed and looked down. He said quietly, “I have to go, but I haven’t yet.” She folded her arms. “Well, we haven’t got much time. If you’re going to pee, go ahead.” He glanced up, alarmed. “I don’t think I can do it with you here.” He looked around. “Can you…give me some privacy?” Julie shook her head grimly. “I don’t think so, champ. We don’t have time. If you want a dry diaper for the afternoon, you have to go right now.” He shook his head. This was too much. He couldn’t pee right now, in front of her. “Oh, come on,” she said. “I can’t even see you peeing. That is ridiculous.” He stood in front of her, staring at a spot on the floor. The silence stretched on. “Are you peeing? Are you done?” she prompted, eyeing the clock. He shook his head, miserably. His bladder hurt by now, but she was staring at him. He pretended he was somewhere else, that she wasn’t there. It felt so strange to try to pee while wearing clothes. Every instinct told him to hold it in, but he knew he had to overcome it. He shut his eyes completely, and tried to pretend he was in front of a toilet with his fly open. He pretended he was alone in the bathroom. Eventually he felt a little wetness come out, and fought the considerable urge to stop it. More came and more came. He felt warmth spread between his legs, and felt the diaper get noticeably heavier. He kept going, eventually feeling spent and comfortable. Except for the heavy wet diaper between his legs. That, at last, was enough to make him willing to have it changed. Time to act. He opened his eyes. “Okay, I—“ He was alone in the workroom. He was relieved and touched that Julie gave him some space. It seemed a little unlike her, but he wasn’t going to be picky. But where was she? He waddled–and was aware that he waddled now that his diaper was wet–over to the door of the workroom and peeked outside, not willing to show himself in public. He had to wait a moment, but then he spotted her—bringing a patient to the nearby exam room! He pulled himself back into the room. He hated to have to wait for her, but he knew she would be angry if he tried to take care of himself on his own. He’d just need to wait for her. He played on his phone for a few minutes. Eventually she hurried in, but instead of catering to him, she went straight to her computer and started the notes for the patient’s appointment. She barely seemed to acknowledge him. He waited for a moment for her to attend to him, but it seemed like he had completely forgotten about him. He was confused, but also quite uncomfortable. “Um, Julie, I hate to bother you, but would you have time now to, um, well…” he trailed off, unwilling to say the actual words if he didn’t have to. She turned in her chair to face him standing across the room, his legs held slightly apart for comfort sake. “Time to do what?” He reddened. “You know, to, um, change the, um…” “Your what?” she asked, staring pleasantly up at him. He stared dumbly at her. Finally he realized she wanted him to say it. “The, um…diaper.” “Change your diaper? No, sorry. We ran out of time. You took too long. We’ll have to take care of it later if we have a break.” She turned her back to him again. He couldn’t quite believe she had said that. She couldn’t be serious. He started to panic a little. “I really need some help here. Did I do something to upset you?” She turned back and frowned slightly, wrinkling her brow. “Why, of course not. But this is not an emergency. It is not even really an “urgency”. You are not in wet pants. You are wearing a diaper, which by definition is optionally changeable. We’ll change it when we have a minute and patients are not waiting. You prefer being dry? Of course you do. Well, keep up with patients and we’ll get to you, okay?” She smiled at him encouragingly. He didn’t like being patronized. “But—but—what if it…leaks? It is REALLY wet!” His eyes pleaded with her. She dragged him backward and closed the door briefly. “Oh, for Pete’s sake. Let’s see.” She cupped her hand in front of her and reached toward him. Before he knew what was happening, she had her hand against his crotch. It was strange not being able to feel it. But he felt the weight of the wet diaper lift and fall once, twice, three times. She pulled her hand away, then reached for his face. She spoke more quietly, sounding reassuring. “Your diaper is wet, but you won’t leak. It could even take some more, if you’ve got it.” She turned around and opened the door. “Stop worrying. You’ll be fine. Remember, keep up!” He was not happy. He felt humiliated and betrayed by her, not to mention uncomfortable. She had told him to pee, and then he did, and she refused to change him! He almost felt like crying. He couldn’t believe she expected him to work like this. This was far worse than spending some extra time in the bathroom, and he would never be able to get used to this feeling, of that he was sure. It sagged to a ridiculous depth between his legs, rubbing against his mid-thighs. It was warm near his body, but cooler down there, which was very distracting, and any air that snuck inside the diaper made him aware of the wetness. He shuffled into his first appointment of the afternoon shyly, sure his patient was as aware of his soggy diaper as he was. He sat down on his stool, and felt the wetness anew, cool against him. He smelled a wave of powdery urine waft up, and was ready to be embarrassed as the patient asked what was going on. He worried about wetness leaking onto his pants as he stood again. But the visit passed without any apparent observations by the patient that anything was wrong. It was–except for his preoccupation–a normal visit. He was a little less concerned after that, and started to learn to ignore the strangeness of the situation, focusing instead on his work. His diaper never really got warm, as it pressed against him only when he sat, and sagged down and cooled when standing. But he became less paranoid and stressed. After an hour, Julie caught him coming out of a room, and whispered, “Ok, quick—we have a minute now.” He almost didn’t realize what she was saying, but then he nodded and followed at as close to a trot as he could manage with a soggy diaper between his legs. He entered the work room, and Julie closed the door behind him. She was all business. “Ok, pants down, hop up,” she said briskly, patting the exam table, where a blue pad was already laid out. This time, he didn’t hesitate. He hurried to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his slacks, dropping them to the floor. He yanked down his boxers to reveal a drooping diaper. He saw that the yellow line down the front was now blue. He turned and eased himself up onto the table. “Okay, swing around and lie down,” she instructed. She held a dry diaper in her hand, placing it next to a box of baby wipes and the bottle of baby powder she had laid out on the nearby shelf. He did so quickly. He didn’t want to slow her down and miss his chance for a dry diaper. Once he was lying down, he felt her hands at the tapes on the front of the diaper and felt a rush of cool air on his privates. He suddenly felt a cold wet pressure and looked down to see her vigorously wiping him down. She pressed the wipe across his pubic hair, then used the wipe to grab his penis, quickly stroking it down to the tip and releasing it efficiently. He felt her touch his testicles, stretching the skin as she wiped these as well. She turned the wipe over and fed it along his inner thighs and the creases there, then said, “Up.” He only had to think for a second before realizing what she wanted him to do. He reached down to grab his knees and help pull his legs and hips up, spreading his knees as widely as he could. Again he felt silly exposing himself to her like this, but she wasn’t snickering or laughing. Instead, he felt the wet diaper being pulled from under him. He felt another wipe move quickly across his buttocks, and then into his crack, moving up toward his anus. She brushed over it firmly, and he thought she paused slightly here, giving it a little extra pressure before moving up to the back of his scrotum. Suddenly a nice soft dry cushion pushed against his bottom, and a cool sensation as she sprinkled some new powder on it. She directed him, “Down.” He lowered himself obediently, and felt the new diaper under him. She sprinkled a little more powder in the front, then grasped the diaper and pulled it up through his legs, having to reach around his pants, which tethered his legs together. She stretched it tightly over his penis, taping it down. “All done! Go ahead and swing around and get up. You can pull your pants up. We’ll have another patient ready for you in just a moment.” She popped open the door and strode out, brushing a little baby powder off her hands as she went. He glanced down and realized the whole thing had barely taken a single minute. And he felt…good. Dry, cozy, comfortable. He smiled for the first time that day, grateful to Julie for her kindness. “Thanks!” he called after her and was rewarded with a little smile as she turned toward the waiting room to call a patient back. The rest of the afternoon passed pleasantly. He kept up easily, and was rewarded with a very happy nurse. She smiled at him frequently, and seemed to anticipate his every nursing need. They were quite efficient, and finished seeing patients on time for the first time he could remember. All that remained was the rest of the shared task list, which he liked to clean up as much as possible by the end of the day. He worked at his computer, finishing up tasks and calling patients with results. Near the end, Julie came and stood next to him. He turned and looked up at her. She raised her eyebrows. “Anything else for me?” “No, I think we’re good. You can get out of here if you want.” “Great! Then let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?” She locked the door and walked to the cabinet with the blue pads. He had actually forgotten for a moment that he was still wearing a diaper. He looked down self-consciously. “Well, I’m sure I can take care of it myself at this point.” He saw her purse her lips slightly. “I mean, it’s just taking off the diaper, right? Not much chance I can screw that up.” “Oh, I think it is part of my responsibility to return you to your off-work state. I’ll feel better knowing you are yourself again, you know? Pants down, hop up!” She smiled expectantly. He felt himself redden again. This seemed unnecessary, but she had been nice before, and he liked the camaraderie they had developed. He didn’t want to disappoint her, and at the end of the day his fatigue made it easier not to argue. He slowly rose and walked over to her. He lowered his pants and boxers and laid back on the table. She tapped the insides of his knees and he let them fall apart self-consciously. She untaped him and pulled back the diaper. “You’re dry,” she commented, sounding a little surprised. “Well, I didn’t have to go,” he lied, feeling the pressure in his bladder. The truth was that he still didn’t want to appear as though he liked the idea, no matter the “convenience,” and thought he could hold out. “Hmm,” she said doubtfully. “I saw how much you drank at lunch, so I’m not sure I believe you. And we’re not going to save the diaper for reuse anyway, so there’s no point in your bladder being uncomfortable.” She was wiping his penis and testicles, a little more slowly than earlier, but he was grateful to observe that she didn’t seem to be lingering. She was all business, thank goodness. And so far, he’d been able to avoid an erection. He wasn’t sure he could handle that embarrassment. “Up,” she directed, and he obeyed. He felt the cool wetness spread across his buttocks, then invade the cleft between them. As before, he felt it hesitate and poke a little at his anus. He flinched slightly, but then realized she had moved on. But then he felt a sharp pulling from somewhere back behind his testicles. “You know, this has to go,” she mused, staring between his legs. “What?” he asked, somewhat alarmed and confused. “All of this messy hair. It is making it harder to clean. I’d like you to shave it tonight. Everything from here,” and here she indicated his testicles, “on back, should be completely nice and smooth.” He felt the diaper pulled out, and was instructed, “Down.” There was no dry diaper underneath this time when he set his feet back down, knees spread wide, and no powdery smell. She gestured at his pubic hair. “I won’t insist on shaving all of that,” she said, wrapping up the wipes inside the used diaper, “although my personal preference is to keep it much shorter and more neatly trimmed, if you keep it at all. But the front hair is less important for keeping you clean. The hair behind your penis, though, shouldn’t be there tomorrow.” She helped him sit up and looked him directly in the eye, as he had not yet acknowledged her remarks. “Okay? Can I get a ‘Yes, ma’am’ please?” He felt confused. This was her only criticism of his genital area. He hadn’t ever thought about it. It hurt to hear any criticism, of course, and he felt himself wanting to please her. She was so nice when she was happy. But it was weird and embarrassing to talk about. He wasn’t sure she should care, but he obviously wasn’t experienced at changing diapers. “Um, yes, ma’am,” he said distractedly. “Have you ever shaved down there? Do you have a real razor?” “No,” he said. “I have an electric razor.” She threw away the diaper and blue pad. “Well, go out and buy a nice manual razor. They’re not expensive, and I’ll want you to keep yourself nice and smooth down there. It’s your choice, but I think you’ll find the ones marketed to women to be better for this area. “You could use soap, or shaving cream, but you’ll probably want to do your shaving in the shower or the bathtub. You’ll need to stretch the skin, and until you have practiced, go slowly.” She was packing up her laptop and locking it in the cabinet. “Did you hear what I said before? Shall I repeat it? I’d like you to shave the back of your penis, your entire scrotum, and all the hair around your bottom. If you want to keep the hair in front, I guess that’s okay, but cut it nice and short, okay?” He was staring at the diaper cabinet, unable to believe he was having this conversation and not really wanting to engage. She stood watching him, apparently aware of his discomfort, smiling slightly. She turned up the heat. “What do you think? Crop the front short? Or just shave it completely off and be smooth all over?” He was shaken out of his stupor by the realization that she actually expected an answer. “Can…we just not talk about this now? It’s…I’m…I just want to finish my work. May I get dressed?” She smiled. “Of course. I didn’t mean to slow you down. But take care of that hair problem somehow tonight, okay? Say, ‘Yes, ma’am.’” “Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled, standing up and pulling up his boxers and khakis. She picked up her purse and came over and touched him on his arm. “You were a good boy today. Thanks for helping me to get our work done on time so I can see my family. Your cooperation means a lot to me. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing for you.” It was, but he liked her smile. He didn’t want to argue with her. It was nice to think of today’s weirdness as something he was doing as a favor to her. “No, no, of course. Happy to help out.” “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, maybe a moment earlier than usual to get you ready, okay?” she asked. “And remember, nice and smooth. Good night!” “Good night,” he said, happy to be done with the conversation. She was exasperatingly direct about things! The embarrassment had taken a toll on him today. He started packing up his things. She walked away, jingling her car keys, very satisfied with her progress today. She had wanted to go further, faster, of course. She had so many ideas and plans, but she had to pace herself, allow him to fall deeper, deeply enough that he wouldn’t be able to get out. But she didn’t want him to be an unwilling victim. Instead, for now, she enjoyed the game of getting him to agree to do more and more embarrassing things, all because she said to do it. It was a little fun seeing his ambivalence and confusion about wanting to please her and yet feeling such obvious and intense humiliation. Being in charge always satisfied her, and she was not surprised to feel just how much sexual pleasure she felt today bossing her doctor around. It would make what she was planning a lot more fun. She had a long list of activities in her imagination, and after today, she was optimistic that she might get to try many of them. Yes, it had been a great day, and she couldn’t wait for tomorrow. She smiled. Chapter 3 He climbed into the hot shower with some apprehension. While he welcomed the relaxing warmth, he did not feel up to the task at hand. He let the water wash over him, thinking about the day he had just put behind him. He had let Julie have her way, rather than confront her at any point along the way. He knew that was stupid. Was he crazy to play along with her? She seemed so capable and smart, and funny, and nice, but the things she was asking him to do were just insane. He had sacrificed a lot to be a doctor, but she was asking him to give up his dignity, and he was finding it very hard to do. While her rationale seemed noble–he would do almost anything for his patients–at no time during his training had anyone ever suggested he avoid the bathroom in favor of a diaper. He hadn’t really ever heard of that before, but she seemed to make it sound relatively normal. Maybe he really had simply been sheltered. Astronauts? Race car drivers? Maybe he should google it to see. He had stopped at a pharmacy on the way home and found a women’s razor and some shaving cream. Thank goodness, no one looked at him strangely. Maybe they assumed he had a wife? He actually didn’t have a problem with shaving himself down there. He knew from his exams of young people that it was common these days, and even expected. But he had never felt comfortable about how exactly to do it. How much hair should he leave? He’d worried that shaving make him seem like he was trying too hard. He hadn’t known up until now. He was happy to have a little guidance from someone, anyone, though it would have been more natural coming from a lover. Instead, it was coming from his employee. And he was fairly sure that very few men shaved themselves for “ease in cleaning” the way he was instructed to. But if she was going to be looking at him there, he didn’t want her to be judging him every time she pulled down his diaper. And if it could make her smile—he loved her smile. He imagined her smiling at him tomorrow when she saw that he had obeyed her, and it made him feel warm inside. As he washed himself, he wondered just how many times she would be actually be seeing him down there. While she hadn’t been specific, she did agree to discuss it tomorrow. What could he say to get her to drop this whole diaper thing? Certainly she had to agree that he had played along, and that they made a good team. His willingness to share her goals could not be doubted, right? They tried it her way, it would be only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt. But nothing that had happened over the last 24 hours had seemed logical or predictable to him. He pointed the water away from his body and sprayed out a tiny bit of shaving lotion. He had trimmed his pubic hair before his shower, so he just needed to shave the hard to reach places. He had never tried this before, and just wanted to be very careful. He remembered what Julie had said, and stretched out his scrotum to make it easier. How did she know about that? He wondered. He supposed that some couples were intimate in different ways, but he had never shaved (or been shaved by) a partner. Well, he hadn’t really had more than a brief partner or two. Medical school and residency weren’t really conducive to a busy social life. He was book smart, but didn’t know much about relationships. Julie had a child, so her past sexual history might be much different. And maybe much more interesting. He slowly worked his way back, spreading his legs awkwardly and craning his neck to see. This might be easier in a bathtub, but he didn’t have one. Still, he was careful, as Julie advised, and managed to finish without cutting himself. He rinsed off and turned off the water. He dried himself and checked himself out in his bathroom mirror. Interesting. He didn’t mind the new look. He ran his fingers over the newly-hairless parts of his body. That felt so foreign, but nice. He could get ready for bed in a few minutes, but he decided to explore the new feel in a little more depth first. It was kind of erotic, wasn’t it, to have shaved himself because a woman asked him to? It felt so nice. He couldn’t help thinking about Julie as he made himself feel very, very good. Chapter 4 The next morning, he made it to work early. This was part of the plan he had come up with overnight to make his day easier. If he was on top of his task list, he might be more likely to persuade Julie to use the bathroom. He had made a point to pick out underwear that didn’t have holes in them: it was weird to have to consider Julie seeing his underpants, but he wanted to make as good an impression as possible. He didn’t have anything to drink for breakfast, and he wasn’t planning to drink anything all morning. The less he needed to pee, the less he needed to be changed. However, he was considering the likelihood that he would need to pee early during lunch so that he could start the afternoon with an empty bladder and a dry diaper. Most of all, he was going to make sure he spent some time discussing alternative arrangements with Julie for the future. Being shy was no excuse not to be assertive about his preferences. He was polishing off the few accumulated tasks from the overnight when Julie walked in. “Good morning!” she chirped happily. “Ready for the day?” “Yep, I guess so,” he replied, trying to sound as cheerful as she was. But his stress at having to play her game was probably showing through his façade. “I’m assuming you mean, ‘yes, ma’am,’” she noted quietly, putting down her purse, her smile fading a little. “Isn’t that right?” He swallowed. If he wanted something from her, it was a bad idea to get off on the wrong foot from the beginning. Why this little bit of protocol was important to her nagged at him a little bit, but he couldn’t dwell on it without potentially annoying her further. “Yes, ma’am. Sorry about that.” She looked back at him, the smile retaking her face. “I thought so. No harm done.” She looked at the clock. “I think we just have time to get you changed before seeing patients. Okay?” He was polite this time. “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled at him as she shut and locked the door. “Ooh, I love it when I can hear your manners! Okay, pants down. Hop up.” As he stood and began fumbling with his pants, she strode over to the cabinet and retrieved a diaper and blue pad. “You had some homework last night. How’d you do?” He waited, pants around his ankles, for her to put the blue pad down. “Okay, I guess.” He sat on the pad and when she raised her eyebrows expectantly, swung around and lay down. He had been satisfied with the job he’d done and thought she would be pleased, but, when it came right down to it now, found himself just as hesitant to expose himself to her as he had been yesterday. She tapped the inside of his knees. “Come on, now. You know better than that,” she chided, apparently not thinking his legs were spread widely enough. He leaned them out, but they wouldn’t go further. “But—I—“ he stammered, unable to move them. She appraised the situation, then nodded. “Ah,” she said, grasping his pants and yanking them down further to his ankles. “You didn’t have your pants down far enough.” With his pants bunched up down at his shoes, he was able to let his legs fall apart completely, giving her the access she wanted to his diaper area. She moved up so that she stood next to him to get a closer look. “Oh,” she said with an impressed look. “You did well. Doesn’t that look nice?” Her hand reached out to his closely trimmed pubic hair, touching it and even caressing it gently. She traced the outline of it. He was initially shocked at the contact. She hadn’t actually touched him before this, except with a baby wipe in her hand. Lying back, he could see her standing above him, arm outstretched, but couldn’t see her hand, which just seemed to be dancing across his pubic area. Suddenly he felt her fingers on his penis, gently stroking that! They moved slowly from the base down to—but not onto—the tip. He gasped, and saw her smile appreciatively. He felt her lift his penis up and run her finger down the underside from the sensitive area down to the base again. He knew it would happen even before he felt it. His penis started to stiffen. She seemed not to notice at first, holding it up with one hand and now moving her other hand to caress his smooth testicles. Wow, he thought. That feels incredible. The lack of any other contact on his body and the gentle minimalist touch on his genitalia made this feel even more exquisite. Her fingers continued their exploration down and back behind his scrotum, and he stopped being aware of anything around him. He missed it when she said, “Up, please,” to him. He did notice when she took her hands away and gave him a light smack on the buttocks. “Excuse me, did we forget since yesterday? Do you remember what ‘up’ means?” His eyes snapped open at the gentle smack to his bottom. He quickly lifted his hips and grabbed his knees, pulling them towards his head and as far apart as possible. He was rewarded with a “That’s it, ooh, smooth.” She cooed as her hand found him again, touching his scrotum, and making its way toward his anus. He stopped breathing as she traced a little circle around it slowly, then continued up his cleft toward his back. Suddenly he felt both hands across his buttocks, again caressing and circling the area. “Now, that is MUCH better than yesterday. There are a few little hairs you might have missed, but you did great for a first try.” He noticed her speaking to him in a tone that would have been more appropriate for a child than an adult, but didn’t mind. He just wanted her touching him again. But then he felt the familiar soft thick presence of the diaper under him. “Down,” she said. Oh, crap. He thought. He was hard as a rock, and his folded legs were concealing it. He hesitated obeying her, wondering how he could avoid showing himself to her in this state. Maybe he could delay for a moment? If he put his legs down now, there would be no way she could miss— “Ow!” he yelled, as he felt a sharp smack–much harder this time–on his bottom. He involuntarily released his knees in defense, and his legs straightened to protect himself. “When I ask you to do something, I expect you to listen. That is the second time you…” She trailed off when she saw his stiff penis bobbing up and down. He tried to cover himself with his hands, pulling his knees together as well. To his horror, he saw her break into a wide smile. “Now that makes my day. I was starting to think you didn’t like me. It’s quite a compliment, you know?” He remained huddled, covering himself as best he could. She walked over to the refrigerator that held the vaccines, momentarily turning her back to him. “I know it has a mind of its own. I’m familiar with the bodies of boys. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.” She pulled something out and turned back to him. “However, it does present a little bit of a problem for your diaper, of course. We need a good seal, and your peepee can’t be pointed up like that, or we’ll get some awkward leakage later. So we need some way to get rid of that little stiffy.” She held out one hand and touched his knees, still clenched together desperately. “These knees are really going to get you in trouble with me, I can tell. I don’t want to have to tell you again to spread them wide open,” she told him, the smile gone. “NOW.” Slowly, he opened his knees but kept his hands inefficiently cupped around his engorged penis. “That’s better,” she said. “Now, your hands need to find a better place to be. How about behind your head?” He hesitated. This was humiliating. She slapped his hands sharply. “We don’t have time for this,” she said. “If you want to have time for me to change you AT ALL today, let’s get going.” He reluctantly released his penis and put his hands behind his head. There was a trace of a smirk on her face which she apparently was trying to hide. He closed his eyes in shame. But they flew open wide again when he felt something shockingly cold over his groin. Gasping, he looked down, seeing her holding an ice pack to his penis. It was large, and she had wrapped it around it, allowing it to cover his testicles and inner thighs as well. “Holy shit!” he sputtered. “That’s too much!” His hands became unclasped from behind his head, but he stopped them from interfering, sensing that was too much. He glanced at her face, and caught a very stern look he had only seen on his mother’s face. “Hands,” was all she said, her voice as cold as the ice pack. Slowly, he put them back. Her face relaxed a little, but she kept eye contact, forcing him to drop his eyes and finally close them in defeat. His groin was starting to feel numb now. He pretended he was somewhere else. “I don’t like cursing,” she told him sternly. Then, more to herself, “If it becomes a problem, maybe we’ll have to see how you like a little mouth-soaping.” His eyes widened as her words brought him back to reality. He felt like she had to be kidding, but her expression was totally serious. And he was learning to take her seriously. How had he gotten himself into this nightmare? He closed his eyes again. After another minute, he heard the ice rattle and looked down to see that the pack was gone. She was turning back to the refrigerator. He was numb enough that he couldn’t have felt it. He lifted his head and noticed that his penis was limp again, pale white, and shrunken as if he were a little boy. “That will make things easier,” she commented. She turned back, grabbed a towel, and brusquely patted him dry, the condensation having dampened the skin. She sprinkled some baby powder over him and pulled the diaper up tightly, taping him securely, then patted him over his penis, through the diaper. “Ok, mission accomplished, despite the detour. You can get dressed.” He stood and rapidly pulled his pants up. She cleared her throat. “Did you have something you wanted to say to me?” She was suddenly a stickler for manners, apparently. “Thank you.” She raised her eyebrows. “…Ma’am,” he added quickly. This seemed to satisfy her, and she turned to unlock the door. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I almost forgot.” She went to her purse, pulling out a tall cup with a lid and a hard straw. He saw that it was colored baby blue and had teddy bears on it. “I saw that you were a little dehydrated yesterday.” His confusion must have registered on his face. She explained, “The pee in your diaper was too dark yellow. As you know, it ought to be nearly clear. It is easy to fall behind on your hydration during a busy day, and I don’t want our…arrangement,” and here she looked at his padded diaper area, “to discourage hydration. That could influence your health negatively, after all.” She smiled. He thought it seemed a little mischievous. “So I vow to help you remember to drink throughout the day.” He stared at the cup, which appeared to be full. “It’s water. Sorry if the cup looks a little young for your age, but it’s all I had at home. How about if we say that you should have this drunk by 10am? We can do another by the time you start in the afternoon, and a third by 3pm. That should keep your kidneys working. We’re a team! And I’ll keep you healthy.” His heart sank. He didn’t want to refuse her. She seemed to have a temper today. But she was going to force him to wet his diaper frequently today. “Of course, if your urine is still too dark, we can adjust how often you have to empty it.” The door was open now, and she patted his puffy behind on her way out to get the first patient. “Time for work!” Chapter 5 It was hard for him to focus on anything other than the memory of her touch on his newly shaven body. He couldn’t stop thinking about her smile at his erection, and her gentle, sensitive fingers. Of course, that made him hard all over again, which was extremely awkward. Every time he passed Julie or talked to her in the workroom, she flashed a little smile that seemed designed to set him off again. It was like she knew just what she was doing to him. It was not overtly flirtatious, on the surface being completely professional, but it was fairly close to the line. He could barely feel pressure through his diaper, but that didn’t keep him from trying to put some surreptitious pressure on himself when he could. Ordinarily, in this situation, he might excuse himself and head to the bathroom for just a few minutes to “take care of” the situation, but that was now apparently off the table. He felt frustrated, and comforted himself thinking about how he would be able to make himself more comfortable after work. But that seemed like a long way off. At 9:30, Julie caught him in between rooms, teddy bear cup in hand. She didn’t say anything, but held it out to him expectantly. It was still full. He reluctantly accepted it and sipped a little, handing it back with a very small smile. “Thanks,” he said halfheartedly. She didn’t accept it back. “Nice try,” she said, smirking. “Drink up!” He set his laptop down, and tried not to glare at her. He stood in the hall, sucking water through the straw, until he sucked air. At this point, she beamed, whispering, “Good boy! I’ll see you later,” looking at his diaper meaningfully. He shook his head and went in with his next patient. Within an hour, his bladder was begging for relief. He was able to hold off until 11, but decided to pee a little into his diaper to make himself comfortable enough to finish the morning. He walked nonchalantly into the work room, pretending to look at a chart. He had just about relaxed enough to start peeing when Julie entered. Seeing him there, she strode over and cupped his crotch. “Nothing yet, huh? Is that why you’re back here? Did you duck in here to pee in your diaper?” He reddened. He had hoped for some privacy. “I do have to go, but…I can wait if you need something.” She smiled a little. “Oh, no, I don’t need anything.” She stood silently, a little knowing smile playing across her face. He glanced around, nervously. “Is there a reason you like to be here for this? It’s a little weird. Not to mention that it makes it harder to go…” She folded her arms. “I’m not sure why it should bother you. It is a natural bodily process, we’re both medical professionals. Also, one of the principal benefits of your diaper is that you can go right in public. Seems like most people would LOVE that feature. So why not take advantage of that?” He still looked dubious, but she seemed like a lawyer who had wrapped up a case. He had always been shy about the bathroom; he even hesitated using urinals in a crowded men’s room. Wouldn’t most people feel awkward in this situation? Didn’t he have a right to pee in private? “I really like to be alone sometimes. Would you mind waiting for me outside?” She studied him. “Yes, I mind. You gave up the right to privacy. You proved you can’t be trusted in the potty by yourself. You’ve lost your potty privileges. So, I don’t feel any need to honor your dignity by having to inconvenience myself so you can be alone.” She paused. “And…I have to admit that I enjoy your embarrassment a little bit. It seems so silly to be hung up about peeing in front of me, so I feel like we should get you past that. Why not today?” Her seemingly rational and unsympathetic approach exasperated him, as did her willingness to talk about things that should be private. If there was anything that might be worse than peeing in front of her, it would be talking about his bathroom functions. She seemed to recognize this, and even enjoy it. But the joy she was taking seemed friendly rather than malicious. She really did seem interested in helping him, even as she forced him to do things that were embarrassing. So he closed his eyes as he had done before and concentrated on relieving himself, pretending he was alone. He was able, after a moment, to relax enough to pee, and he drained some of his bladder. He stopped himself before he was done, however, because he didn’t want to be so wet that he might leak. He opened his eyes, expecting that she might have left again. But this time she was still standing in front of him, arms folded, eyebrows raised, with eyes that shifted between his face and his diaper. When she saw his eyes open, she again stepped forward and felt the full warm diaper. She lifted and squeezed gently, apparently gauging the product of his performance. Then she smiled, and patted him on the bottom. “Good work! That wasn’t so hard, was it? We’ll take care of that in a little while. You’re fine for a bit. Better get back to work for now.” And she turned on her heel and left before he had the chance to argue. He stared after her blankly. She didn’t seem upset, just unmotivated to change his diaper. There was a patient waiting. Maybe she wanted to be caught up first. He tried to ignore the full warm bulk between his legs, and focus on his work. He moved slowly, sat carefully, and felt the memorable squishing sensation. He was still sure he couldn’t possibly get used to that. But he had a little more confidence that he could work with it. He made sure he was efficient, and after 2 more appointments, he found Julie waiting in the hall for him. She didn’t say anything, just turned and walked down the short hall toward the workroom. He waddled after her quickly, aware of his rustling, feeling the wet diaper shift with each step. She locked the door after him, and he heard the familiar, “Pants down, hop up!” He didn’t hesitate. She was quick this time, which was good. This time, even without her fingers actively touching him directly, except with the wipe, he felt himself start to stiffen. The last encounter had sexualized the whole thing for him, and his waning embarrassment unfortunately left him more able to focus on the sensations and situation. She seemed to realize the possibility, and efficiently got a dry diaper taped on him quickly. He gratefully pulled his pants up, noting that less than a minute had elapsed. She again patted his bottom as she sent him back to work. He did notice that his teddy bear cup appeared to be full again, but she wasn’t insisting on draining it yet, so he didn’t ask. But by the time his morning was over, she greeted him with it, sending him on the way to lunch with a full cup of water. He actually didn’t mind, because he was planning on trying to wet his diaper early enough that she would change it before the afternoon started. If he had to play this game, he was going to play it smart. He drained the cup at the beginning of the meal, then managed to wet himself surreptitiously while standing in the lunchroom listening to others talk. Wetting himself right in front of other people made him nervous—could they tell? It felt so visible, but no one around him seemed to notice or care. The doctors ate together, often pestered by pharmaceutical representatives, while the nurses ate with the rest of the staff in another, larger room. But everyone retrieved their lunch together and threw their trash out in the same place, and he wasn’t surprised, as he squeezed the last few drops into his diaper, to see Julie watching him out of the corner of his eye. How did she always know? “New cup today?” One of his colleagues pointed at the teddy bear design as they sat down to eat. “Cute.” He blushed. “It’s Julie’s, but she’s letting me borrow it.” His colleague nodded. “Whatever works, I guess. You guys finished a little early today. Light schedule?” He shook his head. “Well, not really. Maybe easier patients?” But he suspected that they had just been particularly efficient that morning. Teamwork could really help the day fly by. Chapter 6 He sloshed back to the workroom to work on his task list on the computer, knowing that he’d be more likely to be changed promptly if there was not a backlog of work. He whittled it down nicely over the next 15 minutes, so that when Julie walked through the door, he only had a call to return to someone who wasn’t home. She walked up behind him and patted him on the shoulder. “Look who’s been busy!” she said, impressed. “Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.” He turned his head to meet her gaze. She winked knowingly. “Looks like you have a minute to get more comfortable. Interested?” He nodded. “Yes, please. I’m—“ He stopped self-consciously. “Damp? Uncomfortable? Soaked?” she prodded, nodding. “Why don’t we take care of that?” She went to lock the door. He stood up and undid his belt. She smiled at how far he’d come. Had it really only been yesterday that she had had to threaten him to pull his pants down? She retrieved a dry diaper. She’d left a blue pad, the wipes, and the baby powder at what had become their changing table. It wasn’t that she wanted others to know about the situation, but she also wasn’t opposed to the idea. Sooner or later, the staff would figure out that he was wearing diapers. She hadn’t yet figured out how they would explain that, but assumed it would be a urological explanation, like maybe he had bladder or prostate issues. Eventually, having him outed would make things easier. But he wasn’t sure his ego could take it yet. Slow and steady wins the race. This race was definitely on, and it looked like she was winning. He had his pants down and was up on the table, lying back, legs stretched widely apart. She untaped his diaper and pulled it down, breathing in the familiar mix of urine and powder that she liked so much. The diaper was indeed soaked, and this also made her happy. He had settled in nicely to following her rules, which certainly boded well for the future. It had been nothing more than pure luck, really, that they had been paired upon her hiring, but there was nothing coincidental about where they were today. She had immediately recognized his submissive nature in the way he dropped his eyes when they talked. He was socially a little shy in an appealing way. She had gently extended some work-appropriate flirtation, and his reaction to these very bland comments had confirmed both his social inexperience and receptiveness to her leadership. He might be smart and educated, but that didn’t mean he knew his way around dating or sex. It hadn’t taken long for her to start daydreaming about him. Julie was in her late twenties, old enough to have a failed marriage but young enough to retain a healthy interest in having another. Her two young children took a lot of energy, and she could see the advantage of having a man in her life. But this time, it would have to be on her terms. And she had decided firmly on her terms at about the same time she had kicked her ex-husband out of her house and life. She had taken two other jobs since her kids were born, one at a different doctor’s office. There were several young doctors, and she realized she shared plenty in common with these men, who were generally smart and professional. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could find someone she could build a relationship with, the way she wanted it? When she couldn’t get the hours she needed to pay her rent, she first worked at a nursing home, and still had friends there. She generally didn’t like the hours, so she had switched back to an outpatient clinic. She would sometimes cover her friends’ shifts for extra money, however. This job was definitely the best she had found. She had lucked into finding a gentle, smart, and apparently submissive young doctor–who might turn out to be a good partner. It seemed too good to be true, and she knew she might never get another opportunity like this one. So she had planned her ambush, thought through what might motivate him, and had a very careful blueprint for drawing him into her life. The plan made good use of her willingness to embarrass him into cooperating. She would motivate him by appealing to his desire to help her, and to help his patients. She wasn’t afraid to shame or bully him if needed, but so far she hadn’t needed to resort to that. She felt on solid footing now. He’d accepted her as being in charge, and seemed to respond well to her mommy’s-the-boss repertoire. He was unaccustomed to being subservient, but by nature seemed to be a natural. He just needed a crash course in what she expected. She felt strongly that if she handled it right, she could indoctrinate him any way she chose. She just needed the right balance of being stern and kind, and she needed to keep him focused on the benefits of obeying her. She pulled out a baby wipe. Chapter 7 He lay obediently with his feet down and knees far apart, exposing himself to Julie as she shocked his pubic skin with her cold wipe. She brought it over his shortened hair, then grasped his penis and efficiently wrapped her fingers and thumb around it, pulling down toward the tip quickly. She cupped and wiped his scrotum, then quietly commanded, “Up.” He raised his legs as he thought about how absurd this situation was. When he came to work yesterday, he would never have believed any of this. But, odd as it sounded, he was starting to trust Julie. Even though she had been–what was the word? stern?–with him yesterday, everything she had done since then had been reassuring. She kept emphasizing efficiency and service to patients. He believed strongly in these things, and had now seen that the two of them, working together, were a very good team. She had always seemed bright, witty, and compassionate, but the last 24 hours had seen her up her game with their patients. It was almost worth it. But wait. Surely it wasn’t completely worth it. Lying naked in front of her was absolutely humiliating, he thought, as she threw away the first wipe and retrieved another fresh one, which—whew!—was cold again, and drew it across his bottom. He had never been outgoing, and she was the kind of person who befuddled him. She was fearless and direct. She did not seem to care about his embarrassment. But Julie also seemed to be so focused on working together for a cause he could understand, and she wasn’t making fun of his nakedness or of his acquiescence. He had certainly met women who had been unimpressed with his shyness and trouble making small talk. Some early disasters with girls had left him tentative and quiet. He counted himself lucky to have had a serious girlfriend in college and another in medical school. They had been even less outgoing than he, and he’d at least had some sexual experience. But women like Julie, while intriguing to him, scared him and left him uncertain. Now, as she brought the wipe down his crack toward his anus, he wouldn’t know how to confront her about the bizarreness of how she was treating him. He felt her poke his anus, twisting the wipe. This didn’t hurt, but he didn’t understand why she did it. Maybe if he asked nicely, she would tell him, or (preferably) stop. After this came the cool sprinkle of the baby powder, with the scent eventually wafting up. Then the new diaper slipped under his bottom, and the direction, “Down.” The new crinkly bulk pulled up over him, and taped down tightly. “Okay, I’ll go check to see if there is a patient waiting.” He sat up, legs hanging off the side of the table, gathered his courage, and asked his question. “Do you mind if I ask you something?” Her face became guarded for an instant, then cleared. “No, of course not. What is it, sweetie?” “Sweetie” was nice, he thought at first blush. He’d have to consider that, but not now. “Why do you do that poking thing every time?” He couldn’t meet her gaze, embarrassed at having to ask the question at all. While he hated talking about anything diaper- or bathroom-related, he disliked the anal probing (that’s what it was, right?) even more. “What poking?” She seemed genuinely confused, then said, “Oh, you mean when I’m cleaning your bottom?” He nodded, staring at the floor. He heard her say, “I can’t hear your manners.” He looked up, then realized what she meant. “Yes. Yes, ma’am.” She smiled brightly. “That’s much better. I love it when you’re polite.” She came back over and sat next to him. He became aware of the fact that he had failed to pull up his pants. He was sitting next to her with his pants and boxers down around his ankles, a puffy diaper showing under his shirttail. But this didn’t seem like the right time to remedy that. It would have to wait. At the same time, it made their conversation a little awkward, since it seemed to make her the adult. It was hard to plead for his dignity when he was happy sitting in just a diaper. “Well,” she said, knitting her brow, apparently deciding how to address his question. “That is a good question. I wasn’t going to bring up the topic with you so soon, but since you’ve asked, we should discuss it.” She scooted a little away on the table and then turned to face him, best she could. “The first time, yesterday, it was just habit. As you know, I have two little boys, both of whom are still in diapers. The older one is just getting interested in the potty. “I change them the same way I change you, of course, and cleaning their bottoms is just a part of that. An important part of that, wouldn’t you agree? Nobody likes a dirty bottom,” she said, as if it was a religious tenet of some common faith they shared. “So yesterday, I just did to you what I usually do for them, just to make sure their bottoms are clean. “I always wipe them, then check the wipe to see if it is clean. You know, to see if they need more attention down there. You can imagine my surprise yesterday, when I checked the wipe after cleaning your bottom, the wipe came away a little dirty. Apparently you don’t wipe enough after you poop.” He sat, shocked, and didn’t know how to respond. “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, because I imagine it’s something most people would be sensitive about, so I wasn’t going to bring it up. But…you asked…” Julie was watching his face, monitoring his reaction. “It’s not that big a deal to me, you understand. I’ve generally noticed that men, male patients, tend not to pay as much attention to wiping, so I wasn’t surprised. But you’re welcome to work on that a little bit if you want.” She hopped up. “If you look clean for a few days in a row, maybe I’ll just do spot checks,” she said, smiling, trying unsuccessfully to meet his eyes, which were firmly staring at the floor. “I’m sure you want to be clean, and I want that, too. I’ll quit poking your bottom once you show me you can clean yourself up to my standards. Deal?” His cheeks burned, unable to believe they were talking about this most basic of bathroom habits. His stunned silence was interrupted by her hand on his chin, lifting his face until he couldn’t help but look in her eyes. He expected them to be critical, disgusted, accusatory. But they weren’t. Julie’s eyes were warm and happy. Now that he was looking into them, he couldn’t remember what she had asked. “Deal?” she said again, amused at his distraction. “Yes, ma’am,” he said automatically, unsure at first what he had just agreed to. But she seemed to want him to agree. His answer appeared to make her happy, so that was good. “That’s my good boy,” she said, releasing his chin and his gaze, and looking down at him. He was still sitting in his diaper with his pants around his ankles. “Now you’d better get your pants pulled up so I can open the door. We’ll have a patient waiting, I expect.” He hadn’t realized he was still half undressed. He jumped off the exam table and pulled up his pants, hurriedly trying to zip and buckle himself. She smiled fondly at his hurried efforts, then disappeared to start the afternoon. He didn’t really have time to ponder her comments, as they were a little behind due to his question. By 2:30, however, he really needed to pee, and found a full teddy bear cup at his work station in between patients. He wet himself nearly without thinking as he downed the cup under her approving eyes. When she turned away immediately to busy herself with a different task, he understood that it wasn’t time to be changed yet. But he worked quickly, and was rewarded with Julie waiting outside a patient room 30 minutes later. She gave him a “follow me” look he had learned to recognize, and obediently did so. The familiar, “Pants down, hop up!” led to a quick dry diaper, and he was able to finish the afternoon quickly. Chapter 8 At the end of the day, he had only a few tasks to complete on his computer and a single phone call to make. He was amazed, until he realized that not only had he been more efficient, but Julie had, too. She had handled more of his work than he was used to, and as a result, they didn’t have much to do after the patients had gone. That was a nice change. “Would you like to get out of