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  1. “Do I have to take them down myself, little girl?” I hate it when my girlfriend calls me that! Yes, I’m six inches shorter. Yes, she’s eight years older. Yes, she’s the one in charge in our relationship, and yes, this whole domestic discipline thing had all been my idea three years ago, but I’m 30 and Not. A. Little! Girl! Dammit! But all I did instead was whine, “Not here. Please? I’m sorry. Can’t we just wait until we get home?” “Daphne,” Mary said, “this is not up for discussion. Besides, Brenna has seen plenty of bare bottoms spanked, including yours.” I glared at Brenna. We knew her through a local Fetlife group. Sometimes we did just plain vanilla stuff with her, like regular friends, like today, when she’d asked us for help planting trees in her yard. Mary has the green thumb. I hate yard work. “Bare? Can’t it just be over my shorts?” You’d think I’d have gotten used to being spanked, what with not a week going by when I wasn’t, but I never had, which I guess is the point. I looked at Brenna, who was smiling approvingly from the couch. Mary had pulled a kitchen chair into the living room and sat down. “Did your shorts make a rude comment to Brenna? Did your undies? So why would I spank those,” Mary asked me in her stern voice, the one she saves for when she’s talking to me like I’m a naughty little kid. “No,” I mumbled. I’d learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a rhetorical question when I’m in trouble. Mary reached out and grabbed me by the waistband of my innocent shorts and pulled me closer. None of this would have happened if Brenna had just been grateful we were over there helping in the first place. So I’m not Ma Nature - did it really matter if the hole wasn’t exactly fifteen inches deep? Of course, I do have a tendency to kill houseplants, even succulents. But anyway, she was harping on it, and I got irritated and said, “Then why don’t you just do it yourself, dammit?” I’m not sure if I’d have been in so much trouble if I hadn’t added the ‘dammit.’ At least I didn’t interfere while Mary popped the button on my shorts and whisked them, along with my panties, down to me ankles. “How did you get so dirty, anyway,” Daphne asked. “Not like you were putting that much effort into it.” I didn’t need to respond because Mary easily tossed me over her knee. My hands were on the floor, but my feet were not, leaving my butt hanging there. “Anything to say, Daphne,” Mary asked as she rubbed my butt. “I’m really sorry?” “Not as sorry as you will be.” That little rub is all I ever get for a warm up. Mary believes spankings are best delivered hard and fast, and within ten second she’d probably spanked me thirty times. This all started as a relationship with spanking involved, a little role play and bedroom fun. I even spanked her a couple times, though neither of us liked it. Eventually, I said I wanted it to be more than roleplay. I wanted it to be our lifestyle. I shortly thereafter found out just how many issues Mary had with my behavior and how much she’d been wanting to fix them for a while by then. But I wasn’t thinking about the time she had needed to spank me three times in one day. I was thinking about the spanking she was giving me right then. Mary is thorough in everything she does, and a creature of habit. She always starts out spanking me seemingly at random, no order to which side she wails on or how many. She likes to make sure I can’t anticipate anything. I lay there doing my best to hold still and be quiet, trying to keep my eyes closed and pretend Brenna wasn’t there, probably smiling. Only when my butt is a dark pink from top to sit spots does Mary really get going. As she says, this is when the real spanking starts. She stopped assaulting my butt and said, “Hand me the paddle, Daphne.” I freakin’ hate the thing. It’s small, heavy, and has four holes in it. She got it specifically to keep in her purse. She could just use her hairbrush when she disciplines me away from home (dressing rooms are the worst - everyone can hear!), but no, she says knowing she has a just-for-spanking implement with her at all times does a better job reminding me to behave. I pick it up with my left hand and reach behind me to give it to her. She takes it, then takes my arm and pins it behind my back. I’m a wiggler when she uses that thing. She’s like a freakin’ ninja with it. Equal parts thuddy and stingy, she paddles as fast as she hand spanks, but in a tight pattern. Up and down, each spank overlapping with the one before it, in a tight row, then shifting over and working a line from top to sit spot again. She never makes it from one side to the other but that I go from grunts to sobs to tears. Every. Damn. Time. The small paddle bounces off my bottom so fast I don’t even feel the individual spanks anymore. It’s all one swollen throb. She’s gentle, by comparison, with my thighs, but before she’s done with those ten spanks to the tender backs of my legs, I frantically promise, “I’m sorry! I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” Mary finished the last spank, and I lay over limp over her soft lap, big tears falling, and my nose running. It takes me a few seconds to realize Mary is rubbing my back, like she always does after a hard spanking, shushing me gently. When I’m ready, I start to get up, and Mary helps me so that I’m sitting on her lap, my crimson bottom aching when I do, and crying into her shirt as she calms me. “It’s okay, little girl,” she coos to me, “All is forgiven.” She kisses my temple. “Let it all out. That’s my brave girl.” When I get myself under control, though still struggling with the occasional sob and needing badly to blow my nose, she helps me off her lap. “What do you say to Brenna,” Mary asked. I don’t know when I kicked off my shorts and panties, nor do I care. I shuffled over to Brenna. “I’m sorry for being rude,” I said. “I forgive you,” she says, opening her arms. Brenna is big woman, and I all but collapse into her softness. I do like her, even though she has a way of bringing out the brat in me, but that brat never seems to be that far away. I stand between her big thighs, and she rubs my butt with one hand while she hugs me with the other. I’m grateful she does because I’m not allowed to rub. “Mary, why don’t you go take her to wash her face, and I’ll get lunch ready,” Brenna suggests. “Can I have my shorts back,” I ask meekly. “After lunch,” Mary says, holding out her hand. I take it. I like Mary’s hands. I also know she’s gonna lift me up and seat me on the cold vanity, and that it’s gonna feel good for about five seconds then feel clammy and hard. After lunch, I’m for sure gonna dig those holes right, and without a world of complaint.
  2. I've been a long time lurker and after reading several wonderful ab/dl stories based on the diaper dimension, I wanted to contribute in my own way. Be warned it's been a couple of years since I've last written a story, so I apologize if the dialogue maybe a little rough or repetitive, I would appreciate any feedback, hopefully positive! The story starts out slow but it's all for the sake of character development, when I'm done with the 2nd chapter, it should progress nicely. Also I didn't really due too much proof reading, kinda tired At the Wrong place and at the Wrong Time “This is a story based on the Diaper Dimension” It was a typical Friday afternoon for Alice, as she walked along the sidewalk with her two closest friends, Aura and Jessie. With the final days of High school approaching, she knew that her mundane days of school life were going to change whether she liked it or not. “I hate this anxiety, I have no idea what my plans are for the future...College, then get a job working the typical nine to five shift like my parents, that is truly the ideal dream” Alice stated with a sarcastic tone in her mind as she brushed her short red hair. “So do you two still want to join me on my little vacation trip to Wyoming? Jessie asked as they continued to walk onward to there eventual destination. “I honestly don't know. While I would love to travel and get out of the neighborhood, visiting the boonies sounds boring as hell.” Aura replied as she checked her phone for any new social updates. “You really should expand your horizon and see the beauty of the mountains and nature in it's finest form, plus there will be plenty of horse back riding, and that is always a plus. It is so much better than that noisy, ear splitting heavy metal junk you enjoy, perhaps you will finally outgrow your cringe goth faze from Jr High.”Jessie smirked as she ruffled Aura's short pixie black hair. “It's not a faze! It's a way of life, but then again, you have always been very shallow towards the opinions and actions of others. I can understand how you can't comprehend the majestic music of Black Sabbath and Kiss. You are a very special, special girl.” Aura laughed as she pinched Jessie's cheek. Despite being a few inches smaller than Jessie, Aura took great pride in belittling her longtime friend. The playful jabs were as normal as the sun setting each day. “I would rather be special than a simpleton like you, besides, country music is where it's at. Garth Brooks will also be playing next week in Wyoming, it's a win win situation, what do you think, Alice? Jessie asked as she stretched her arms out. “I could care less, but it will be a nice change of pace to go somewhere new, I really need something to detract me from the real world.” Both Jessie and Aura noticed the melancholy tone in their friends voice, and they both knew exactly what was on her mind. For the two of them knew that the safe and predictable life that they have enjoyed together for well over a decade was soon to change as they were about to set out and ascend to the next step in adulthood. “You're not alone, I'm honestly lost as to what I'm going to do, college really isn't really motivating, and don't get me started on finding a job, after my experience flipping burgers, I'll never go back to anything dealing with customers in person.” Aura stated as she tried to cheer up Alice. “I was going to wait and tell you two after we arrived at my grandparents house in Wyoming but it's been bugging the hell out of me for a while and I have been giving serious thought about entering the University of Wyoming, especially since my grandparents were going to pay for the costs of going there . Jessie felt a sigh of relief as she expressed her troubled thoughts while keeping her long blonde hair from blinding her view due to a gust of wind. “I'm actually in the same boat, my uncle asked if I wanted to go to Penn state, and if so, he would take care of all the costs. It's really a pain in the ass decision, plus it's on the other side of the country. “Alice replied. “You have got to be kidding me!” Aura was at a loss of words after hearing the revelation from her two friends. Alice knew that Aura would not take the news well, unlike Jessie, she was very introverted and while she would not admit it, the girl had trouble adapting to living outside her comfort zone, given that she has spent her entire life living in the state of Washington with her friends and family. “It's not like this a final decision, There is still a lot I've got to think about, so don't let it worry you too much” Alice tried to comfort Aura. For as long as she had known her, Alice had always played the role of a big sister to Aura, while she was only a few inches taller she was also a red belt in taekwondo. Aura looked up to Alice and admired her bravery to face new challenges and overcoming her limitations. Aura also admired Jessie's free spirit to be adventurous with the outdoors, Aura for the most part, liked to stay in doors, which she wasn't exactly proud of due to her low self esteem. “Besides, even if we decide to head on different paths, it's not like we are not going to see each other ever again, we can take time off school and go on some pretty awesome road trips. Jessie patted Aura's head but the smallest of the trio wouldn't hear of it. “Why can't we all just go to the same college? Even if we are not able to afford to go to the University of Washington, we could go to a community college together” Aura blurted out “That's something I've also thought about doing, I'm not sold that going to a University would be in my best interests” Alice tried to calm her back haired friend a little. Jessie wanted to express her opinion but a strange sound came from the woods, not far from the sidewalk they were walking on. “You guys here at? Sounds like traffic over there.” Jessie pointed out as she looked at the endless amount of tree's near the forest like area. “You trying to change the subject? I think our dear buddy should know what you're truly feeling.” Alice put Aura in a friendly headlock. “AHH, don't be so rough, I'm not trying to be the next Bruce Lee.” Jessie ignored her two friends as they scuffled. She changed her course and headed towards the woods, her adventurous curiosity getting the better of her. “You're home isn't that way, dumb ass.” Alice blurted out as she let Alice out of the submission hold and started to follow in Jessie's location. Aura quickly followed, she was scared of being left alone if she wasn't in the comfort of her house. “Are you two death? Can't you hear that odd noise coming from their? Jessie replied Alice thought her blonde friend was trying to play a prank on her. For as long as Alice had known Jessie since elementary school, she had always found herself on the end of some juvenile pranks, it was even worse for Aura given she was the smallest and most timid of the trio. Jessie was the tallest, standing at around five foot seven and would not hesitate to use her slightly superior size to her advantage. After walking for several minutes while scoping out the environment, Alice was convinced that Jessie was leading them on a wild goose chase, not to mention that the sun would be setting soon and while the neighborhood she lived in was peaceful, she didn't want to take her chances of getting lost in the forest. “Now that you mention it, I do hear something...Let's go back, I don't like this.” Aura replied as she held Alice's hand tightly. Jessie simply ignored her as she continued, listening carefully as the sounds became more defined. “What the hell is that noise? It sounds like we are about to enter a busy city, that makes no sense.” Alice started to question the odd sounds given they were nowhere close to downtown, it put her on edge, she also kept a close eye on Aura whom seemed rather shaken by the strange noises. “You guys see anything, maybe a radio of sorts?” Jessie asked as she stopped to look around the area, convinced that the source of the sound was close by. Alice was at her wits end, she didn't like seeing Aura scared and felt she needed to put Jessie in her place. “Alright this is enough, let's head back before it gets...” Alice's vision began to blur as her surroundings seemed to expand and defy all form of physics. Aura held tightly onto Alice as she was experiencing the same type of effects. “This is trippy. I wonder if this is what its' like to be on LSD.” Jessie seemed unfazed by the unnatural changes around her. However before she could truly comprehend what was happening, the effects around them started to unravel and return to normal. “Ugh, I feel kind of nauseous.” Jessie stated as she fell onto her butt. “You ok? Alice asked as Aura fell to her knees, looking like she was about to puke. While she was fazed by what occurred, Alice managed to stay on her feet, her adrenaline seemed to be over compensating for the negative effects. “JESSIE, YOU IDIOT!” Aura screamed as she was being helped up. “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!?” Jessie defended herself as she brought herself up. “I don't know why, but I've got bad feeling in my gut, something doesn't feel right.” Alice stated in her mind as she walked over to Jessie. “Listen, I have no idea at what just happened but let's just get the hell out of here and head to our homes, it's bad enough that we are all stressed out about school, we don't need this bizarre bullshit on our plate as well.” Alice retorted. Jessie wanted to say something in her defense and that she wasn't in the wrong but she knew that Alice was always the voice of reason, as much as she hated to admit it. “I understand, sorry for dragging you guys out here, I don't know what the fuck just happened, this was some weird ass,sci fi bull. My curiosity just got the better of me. “ Jessie felt horrible about what had just occurred and even more, she actually felt a little scared. “What if this was some dumping ground for toxic chemicals? We may have cancer! Jessie, how could you!” Aura started to panic. Alice didn't want to take sides at the moment, she knew that nothing would be resolved with an argument over what just happened, but she needed to speak up before the tension between her two friends escalated. “Calm down, Aura. There is no way we could have predicted that something like this would happen, let's just call this a day and go home and forget about this incident. Jessie sighed, “Sorry about that, I just wanted to know what that weird sound was.” The trio started to walk back in the direction that they came in on. “I just can't wait to take a bath, my body feels weird after all that.” Aura hugged herself while staying close to Alice. After walking for a few minutes, Alice noticed that the sound they heard back in the forest was still there, in fact it was more clearer than ever as they continued to exit the area. “The hell! What's going on? It sounds like were about to enter downtown but our neighborhood is as quiet as the wind. I don't like this. “Alice kept her comments to herself to avoid causing any more friction. “Please tell me your hearing this? I really hope I'm not going crazy” Jessie stated with a more alarmed tone in her voice as she started to increase her walking speed . “Alice, I'm scared!” The young red head held Aura's hand while trying to mentally prepare herself for any more oddities that were about to confront her. Jessie turned her brisk walk into a sprint as to find out as to why the sounds were getting louder. “Dammit Jessie, pull yourself together.” Alice thought to herself. “No....NO WAY!” Jessie had her hands on her knees as she tried to recover some of her stamina. “Alice, what's going on? Where are we?” Aura was on the verge of tears. “I don't know, nothing is making any sense any more.” Even Alice couldn't comprehend the situation that she and her friends were in. Beyond Alice's eyes, she could see a vast metropolis, the opposite of her boring yet quite neighborhood. Skyscrapers, busy communities, this was something that you would see out of New York City. “Hey you guys, come here and take a look at this! Holy shit!” Alice and Aura walked over to where Jessie was and see what the commotion was all about. “Look at the size of this bench! The seat is practically at the height of my head. This is unbelievable.” While Jessie and Aura were in awe of the size of the bench on the sidewalk, Alice took a few deep breaths to regain her sense of composure. “Somehow and someway we are defiantly not in Washington. I need to hold it together.” Alice started to scan the area, for the most part, everything looked the normal for a city but for some reason, it looked off. The people, the cars, it all looks the same...”Wait! It's the size, why is everything bigger?” While Jessie continued to marvel at the size of the bench, Aura took a glance at a woman who looked to be waiting for a bus, she was holding a small girl by her hand. However after close inspection she noticed that the girl looked to be around the same size as her. “That can't be right, she looks to be dressed like a toddler” Aura noticed the girl was wearing a pink snap crotch t-shirt with a very obvious diapered butt. Aura backed a few steps back as she noticed that the woman was actually tall, and not just tall, but actually around twice the size as her. “You're kidding right?” Aura was in pure shock and disbelief. “First I need to focus and get my friends out of here, something tells me if we stay idle around here, that something terrible is going to happen” Alice's thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped her on the head. “Excuse me deary, I couldn't help but notice that you and two of your playmates seemed to be lost, where are your mommy and daddy at?” Alice slowly turned around to see the biggest woman that she had ever laid her eyes on. “What the heck!? She's gotta be over ten feet, but how? Alice was at a loss of words. “Or did you come here on the tour bus and get lost?” The large woman asked but at a more childish tone. “Sorry lady, I have no idea what you're talking about, so if you will excuse me, I've really got to get going.” Alice quickly turned so she could create some distance between her and the woman however before she could do so, a large hand grabbed her right shoulder and turned the girl around so she was facing her again. “So, I guess from your response, that simply means only one thing.” The large woman smirked which cause Alice's body to quiver “You are a lost little, how perfect.” Alice felt like she was prey in front of an apex predator. DIAPER DIMENSION.odt
  3. Hello Babs and Bigs (and all others!) I've been pulled out of the woodwork by The 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest! The NON-CONtest #3 ! Seriously, a thousand thanks to Kasarberang for these, otherwise I would probably never get the gumption to write. Now, I know the contest has very specific themes, and I've selected a couple of them, but they're secret for now, 'kay? I'll add them as tags later, but you don't want to spoil your appetite! So, here I am with a new tale, perhaps a bit based on a somewhat recent horror film, but it's already rapidly evolved into its own thing. With no further ado, here's the first course of "The Kids Menu" First Course - Amuse-Bouche “That’s not even the best part,” Tyler continued, passionately oversharing about his most recent obsession. Sarah smiled widely, her long light auburn hair whipping in the sea breeze, but her attention never broke from Tyler. She reveled in every little excited motion he made as he fixated on every fine detail of his story. She gave every outward appearance of profound interest, laughing, gasping, and even giving him light touches at the right moments, but the truth was it was at best a mild distraction from what had occupied her mind for months leading up to their date. But Tyler was none the wiser, carrying on what was one of the best conversations he had in years, with someone who but days before was a total stranger. It had to mean something, a deep connection, a kindred soul, maybe even love at first… The boat’s horn blew, ending both of their reveries, and turning their attention forward. The nearby conversations ceased just as abruptly, as the dozen passengers took in their destination. The private island that would serve as their paradise for the weekend was almost supernaturally beautiful. The crystal clear emerald waters lapped on the soft sand beach, from which a short wooden dock awaited their vessel. The sun dipped just behind the lush tree line, providing shade for the dock while keeping the sand warm. As the boat began to dock, Tyler could barely make out the path through to their villas and the main hall which would serve as their communal eating area for the duration of their stay. While he sat there taking in the sights, Sarah stood up and leaned over the boat’s railing, watching as a school of brightly colored fish darted past. “Ty, come look!” she shouted, pulling his attention towards her. His head whipped towards her, his shaggy sandy blonde hair falling in his eyes. As his hand wiped his vision clear, he froze and went red in the face. The short pale blue sundress that had framed Sarah’s assets quite nicely until now, had ridden up far enough that even the gentle breeze threatened to flash him. “Sarah! Y-y-y-,” he stammered, hiding his eyes, and gesturing furiously for her to come down. Sarah giggled inwardly, but feigned shock, yanking her dress down and shuffling over to Tyler. “My hero,” she whispered, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. His blush only intensified, but was accompanied with a genuine smile. She milked the moment by resting her head on his shoulder, a safe spot for a quick gaze to confirm a certain stiffening in his pants. Had she been a better person, she might have felt bad for how easily she was playing him, but things being what they were, she was loving every second of this. And, so far, so was he. Tyler would have been content staying in that moment for the whole weekend, but as the other passengers emptied out, he caught the skipper’s eyes and realized it was past time they get moving. He opened his mouth to speak such to his date, but as brief scenarios of saying the wrong thing flashed in his mind, he choked back the words. Again he opened his mouth, and shut it just as fast. He repeated this cycle for nearly a minute before Sarah decided he had suffered enough and lifted her head, miming a stretch. “Ty, babe, we shouldn’t keep them waiting,” she instructed him after taking an exaggerated look around, “it’s rude.” While he processed the change in tone, she stood up first and offered him a hand up. Not thinking any better of it, he meekly took it and stood to realize the rising problem in his pants. As he tried to pull his hand down to try and reposition or cover himself, she pulled his hand harder, and before he knew it they were both on the dock, in full view of everyone else. Without taking time to properly orient himself, he spun away from the group in front of him, and ran into a towering woman. Stumbling, he found himself caught by her firm, yet gentle hand. Her scent clung to him, sweet and strange, foreign and fruity. “Aren’t you an eager one?” she asked rhetorically, talking about him, but addressing the crowd more than she was him. She bent down slightly, both giving him ample view of her more than ample chest, and bringing her eyes nearly in line with him. “Just be careful where you point that thing, okay dear?” Having lost almost all higher brain function, Tyler nodded sheepishly. After feeling a firm prodding in his back from Sarah, he added “Y-yes ma’am.” “Miss Margot,” the woman before him corrected immediately. Tyler’s mouth hung open, his head listing to the side slightly. “It’s ‘Yes, Miss Margot’,” she said, pinching his jaw between two fingers. “Y-e-s,” he formed the sounds as she moved his mouth, “M-i-s-s M-a-r-g-o-t.” “Excellent,” she said dropping his jaw and pulling herself back up to full height and addressing everyone but him once again. “During your stay on my island, you are my guests, and welcome to all of its amenities. However, as your host, I do insist on at least some… decorum. The very least of which, is to refer to me as Miss Margot,” she turned her attention back to Tyler, “understood?” “Yes Miss Margot,” everyone echoed back with varying levels of enthusiasm. Some shouted it joyfully. Others recited it calmly. Tyler for his part barely broke a mumble. The introduction seemingly now complete, Sarah slipped her hand in his, and led the two off the dock along with the other guests. As they walked, she snuck a look back at Miss Margot and mouthed ‘thank you’, getting a gentle smile in return. The two continued to walk hand in hand across the beach, then down a shaded path to the heart of the island. Far ahead, a guide-woman explained the layout and features of the resort, but none of it registered with Tyler, and Sarah didn’t seem to pay it much interest. When they did arrive at the site of the main hall, Sarah split off from the group, still leading Tyler by the hand. The walk had done his head some good, but he hadn’t been able to reemerge from the shell his frightened psyche had retreated into. For now, his only link to the world around him was Sarah’s soft fingers, wrapped around his. It was more than enough. They quickly arrived at a beautiful villa. Thatched siding and roofing hid the modern materials employed in its construction, a solitary skylight breaking the illusion. The whole thing stood more than his head’s height off the ground on thick wooden pillars. As she led him up the rustic stairs to the doorway, he noticed the villa wasn’t as freestanding as it looked at a glance. A hallway ran, camouflaged, to the main hall, joining with one other along the way. He incorrectly assumed this was a matter of convenience, a way for them to reach the central hub of activity for the resort without leaving the comfort of the indoors. It did but that was only a secondary benefit. The door handle chimed as Sarah touched it, stealing Tyler’s attention from the hallway, and a moment later the cool air conditioning spilled out of the open door. “Magic touch,” she commented, waving at him with the fingers of her spare hand, then pulling him the rest of the way inside. The door swung shut quietly until it was closed, when a heavy lock clicked automatically into place. Sarah flopped onto the spacious bed in the center of the room, pulling Tyler down beside her. The two lay in silence for a long minute, still holding hands. “I’m glad, uhm,” Tyler lost his words as quickly as he found them, happy to return to the restful silence. “Me too,” Sarah replied, turning towards him, propping herself up on an elbow. “Not every day you get whisked away for a weekend in paradise by a beautiful woman you met just days before on a silly dating app, is it?” Tyler laughed, feeling the weight lift off his chest, lighting off more than just the day’s worries, but feeling free from what had become almost a lifetime of regrets. Regrets that washed back in like a wave of the sea, weighing him down once more. Noticing him tense back up, Sarah kissed his cheek. “I’ve got just the thing,” she said, getting up and strolling to the mini-bar. “There’s a fruit that grows here. Like, only here,” She explained while mixing various juices. “It’s called Heartfruit,” she paused, lifting up a plump, pink fruit that, true to its name, looked like a cartoon heart, “and it’s really quite fascinating, both medicinally and culinarily.” She tossed the fruit to him and one bumbling catch later, he examined the softball sized fruit. The skin wasn’t just thick, but hard and smooth, almost like a candy coating. “The skin, meat, juice, and seeds each have their own unique properties,” she continued, vigorously mixing the drink, “including some pretty fascinating neurological benefits.” Tyler sat up a bit at that word, ‘neurological’. Despite his years of undiagnosed depression, he recoiled at the idea of anything that might unknowingly alter his brain. It may not work right, but at least it was a misery he understood. So he barely drank more than a single beer in any given month, and would have been too afraid to get high, had anyone ever offered him the chance. He set the Heartfruit down on the bedside table, and dug for any excuse not to partake. Sarah finished mixing the drink and turned around to see the rising panic in Tyler’s eyes. She set the drink down and knelt in front of him at the foot of the bed. “Ty?” she asked, slowly raising a hand to pull his face towards hers. Tyler began to sniffle and cry. He was about to blow it again, lose everything all because he couldn’t stop being such a fool. When he felt her hand press against his cheek, he sniffled hard, and looked at her. He paused, then sniffed again. His tears cut off rather suddenly as his brain tried to piece together the strange smell. It had a sweetness to it, like a… foreign fruit. “That’s a good boy,” Sarah said, lifting the glass to his lips, and helping him drink down the Heartfruit cocktail. Tyler didn’t, couldn’t resist.
  4. It's been a while since I've posted, I'm still planning on releasing the next chapter of my other story soon, I've finally felt motivated to writing again, especially with another story I've been wanting to tell. It's starts out slow, so please be patient. This story deals with the Amazon Dimension but from the perspective of someone that is completely unaware of such a place. And I'm looking at adding more lore to how the establishment of the Amazonian works in certain ways. A Job Opportunity Unlike Any Other Chapter 1 Sean took a deep breathe, despite only being eighteen, he wanted to experience the open world of the job market and gain experience while still going to school and working on his associates degree. The young man, took a look around the waiting room that he currently was residing in. It was as bland as he expected it to be for a typical office building. Unfortunately, he wanted to find something to distract him from the anxiety building up, inside him. He lightly scratched his brownish hair as a way to ease the tension. “How much longer do I have to wait? Did I really make the right decision?” Sean's mind was his worst enemy, as he continued to doubt his decision to look for a job, despite his stable life with his parents and younger sister. He was in no rush to find any immediate need for work. He and his family were the typical middle class family that lived in the suburbs. Sean didn't want to feel financially obligated to his folks, they were both hard working individuals that kept up with there bills and other commitments that responsible adults do on a daily basis. However, Sean wanted to be able to stretch his arms and legs and be able to travel somewhere outside the state of Oregon that he has lived in his entire life. The young man, looked up to see a television monitor near the corner of the room and saw a basketball game playing, although he wasn't sure who was competing. He would have preferred to have played in competitive sports, such as basketball or football, but since he was barely above five feet tall, that limited his options on such physically demanding sports. While it didn't bother him too much, he really didn't enjoy being physically similar to someone from middle school. “I certainly didn't win the genetic lottery when it comes to height and facial features. I barely ever have had to shave, and nothing ever grows in my privates, down there.” Sean took a quick glimpse at his pants, noting that he could never grow any decent amount of pubic hair, even at his current age. Before he could find another reason to lose any more confidence in himself, the door opened to the waiting room room that he was in. A woman in a business style suit, entered, she scanned the room, to only see that only Sean was in the guest area. “Thank you for waiting, Mr Draven, Ms. Fitzpatrick will see you now.” The assistant stated as she waited for Sean to follow her to her bosses office. Sean thanked the woman as he stood before the door in front of him. The assistant nodded her head, before heading back her office “I've got nothing to worry about, this is not a actual interview for a job, just research into finding one, nothing more.” Sean took a deep breathe as he opened the door. The only sounds that could be heard, were from the classic looking cuckoo clock from the wall and the typing coming from Ms. Fitzpatrick's computer. “Please take a seat, I'll be with you in just...” Ms Fitzpatrick cut herself off as she took a quick glimpse at the boy in front of him. “Something wrong?” Sean asked, feeling a bit paranoid at the woman's unusual glance. “Sorry about that, it's nothing actually, I just didn't expect someone...So youthful looking.” Ms Fitzpatrick adjusted her glasses before finishing up her work on the computer. Sean sighed, he knew that the older he became, that more people would start to question his age. While he found it rather annoying, he didn't let it, define how he lived. “There is no need to apologize, I'm rather use to it, especially now that I'm out of high school.” Sean tried to get comfortable in the chair, as he was mentally preparing himself. “Relish your youth, while you can, because once you get to my age, it's nothing but downhill from here, so to speak.” Ms Fitzpatrick gathered a folder from her desk, which contained Sean's resume. Sean laughed with Ms Fitzpatrick, hoping to ease the tension in the room. After doing a quick skim over the resume, Ms Fitzpatrick, looked back at Sean, noticing that he was more composed and serious than most individuals that she has had interviewed at his age. “Just so we are clear, you do understand that Ares Affiliates is just a vendor company and that we do not actually hire internally but recommend companies that are actually hiring based on your criteria.” Ms Fitzpatrick stated as she looked over at the brown haired young man. “I do understand, my school recommended for me to submit my application here, especially since I don't have any prior work experience.” Sean clinched his hands together after his response. “I'm glad to hear that, many individuals, especially ones that have had no prior experience in the work force, expect to be handed a high paying, low effort type of position with a company and when they find out that it's the opposite of that, they quickly complain, ask for a different position within the company, and if they don't get the response that they want, they usually quit. It's become more apparent these past couple of years. Tell me, do you think that as American's that we should be entitled to all the comforts that come with our country without putting any meaningful work in?” Ms Fitzpatrick asked. Sean was taken aback by the question, for just a moment he thought it was a trick question, given how obvious the answer should be. But after taking a deep breathe, he decided to answer in his most honest opinion. “My parents taught me that hard work and dedication is the foundation for building a independent life. So to answer your question, that would be no. Besides, the reason that I'm trying to get a job, is so that I can eventually live on my own and not have to be around my annoying sister on a daily basis.” “Good answer. It seems that your parents brought you up very well.” Ms Fitzpatrick focused her attention back onto the computer as she started to print out some paperwork. “My mom works as attorney, so she made sure that I didn't try to short cut anything back in High school. And I assisted my dad with his job as a sports journalist, when we went to live games. It was pretty interesting looking up all the stats regarding the athletes in real time. ” Sean stated, as he started to feel more confident about his chances of landing a job for the first time in his life. “I've already gone over several possible job opportunities with several high profile companies based on what you are looking for. From what I understand, is that you wish to become a professional journalist that would be able to travel and explore the different cultures from other countries and interview their citizens, is that correct?” Ms. Fitzpatrick asked. “That's right, I've never traveled anywhere outside the United States and would love to absorb the knowledge and insight to how other people live and survive the every day life. I feel it would help me mature as a adult in the real world. Plus getting away from my folks would be a plus” Sean replied Ms. Fitzpatrick giggled to herself when she heard Sean call himself an adult, but it wasn't noticeable to the young man. “It's truly an admirable job to have, especially in this age of social media. There is something that you can only attain from first hand experience. Unfortunately, the amount of jobs that are specific in that area are very slim. It's become more of a hobby than a actual paid position. However, there are certain companies that actually are hiring for that very thing, at this time!” Ms. Fitzpatrick stated. Sean's eyes widened, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mind starting to wonder off with the idea of being able to work overseas and explore the vast lands that he had only seen through online photo's and video. “At last, I can get away from my family for a bit. I'll probably have to put school on hold, but that's alright. I cannot let such a opportunity pass me by. Watch out world! I'm coming for ya!” Sean stated in his mind as he looked on with eager hope. “However, the companies that are hiring, are looking for people that already have a four year degree and or experience. So we are going to have to cross that off the list.” Ms Fitzpatrick gently brushed off some of the paperwork she printed off, noting that Sean was not qualified enough for such a position. Sean bit his lip to keep himself composed. “This bitch! Did she purposefully try to get my hopes up? That's beyond messed up!” Sean stated in his mind, as he imagined about throwing a fireball at her, as if he were a video game character. “Currently, it looks like the only jobs that are available, are heavy labor positions in warehouses, but I can easily tell that is not something suitable for your strengths. Ms. Fitzpatrick could easily see the mounting depression that was emitting from Sean's facial expression. “Warehouse work!? If I wanted to break my back, I would have joined my friend, Joey at the grocery store as a stocker.” Sean kept his words to himself but he lowered his head, not pleased with results. Ms Fitzpatrick felt slightly bad for the young man, but it was the cold harsh truth of the ever changing economic world. She then reviewed one final paper that she printed out with potential results for a job in journalism. “This looks promising, and it's also a government job at that...Quite surprising, I never expected for there to be a job that didn't require some form of degree. In fact, it's specifically asking for someone without any prior experience in the field. A High school diploma is all that's needed.” Ms Fitzpatrick continued to look over a single sheet of paper that caught her eye. “What now, I could continue to try online and find something...No, who am I kidding, I am not going to find something that I enjoy unless I put the work in.” Sean's train of thought was interrupted when When Ms. Fitzpatrick placed a sheet of paper in front of him. Sean took a look at the paper and started to read the finer details. “Looking for a motivated job seeker out of High School that is searching to expand their knowledge beyond the aspects of humanity. This position is that of a consultant that will act as a medium between parties and will be providing knowledge from their perspective throughout their tenure. Individuals with degree's and or prior professional experience in the field of journalism are not required.” Reading this paragraph, caught Sean off guard, it was like the position itself was only looking for someone that lacked any experience and was only needing someone who is just starting in the job market. Sean saw that the job was affiliated with the State of Oregon and another company called Diamond Tours Inc. There apparently was another company that was involved but it's name was censored from the paperwork which only caused Sean's curiosity to increase. “So what do you think? I could setup the appointment for you, it's this Saturday, which is three days from now. Personally I would take up on it. At least the interview part of it. To tell you the truth, I'm quite surprised to find a government related job opening like this. Also, it's details as to the position are rather vague, which is out of the ordinary, but it meets the criteria that you provided me before coming here.” Ms Fitzpatrick started typing on the computer as she kept most of her focus on the young man. “It doesn't sound like it will be all that bad, besides it's at a building that only a few minutes from my house, so I'm rather familiar with the area. My mom use to work there back in the day. “ Sean replied with a hopeful look on his face. “Good to hear, I'll put the call in shortly. I'm glad that we were able to assist in finding you a possible job opportunity in the field that you were looking for. Do you have any other questions for me?” Ms Fitzpatrick asked as she shook Sean's hand and provided him details on a follow up phone call. “Nothing that I can think of. I'm just fortunate that I could find something similar to what I've been looking for.” Sean looked like he had already attained the job. “Just keep in mind about your expectations when you get there, and not to be late. Also, even if you don't get the job, keep in mind that it's not the end of the world. It's only just the beginning of your journey into the world of adulthood.” Sean nodded his head in agreement as he made his way towards the exit. As Sean headed to his car, and headed back to his home, Ms. Fitzpatrick put in a call to the company that would be interviewing the boy on Saturday. “Hello...Yes this is Ms Fitzpatrick with Ares Affiliates, I just wanted to let you know that I may have found a possible candidate for your portal program...Yes he's new in the job market and doesn't seem to be the type to have certain bias when it comes to politics. Not only that, but he's rather cute looking. He should fit the all the requirements that you are looking for in a candidate as a consultant... No, he doesn't have any idea as to what the internal job requirements are, but he seems to be quite motivated in finding a job in the field of journalism, I'm sure he will fit in quite well, so to speak... I'll send of the details via email very shortly....No problem, you have a good day as well.” Ms Fitzpatrick put her phone down as she stretched her arms out and sighed for a little bit. As she walked towards the window to open it and allow a bit of cross ventilation, she started to feel a little bit guilty about manipulating the young man into a position that she knew very well about. “There were plenty of jobs that would have met Sean's requirements, but he clearly stated that he wanted to get away from his folks and see the world and all it's wonder. I was like that back in the day as well. It's only fitting that he too experience the true nature of a dimension that is unlike any other. Sometimes I do miss it, but I do prefer having my own independence.” Ms. Fitzpatrick patted her butt to hear a crinkling sound. She giggled to herself as she walked back to her computer. “I wonder if that young man will suffer the fate that most little's do, or will he be able to be one of the few to keep his individuality. Either way, if he accepts the position, he will be in for quite a roller coaster.” Ms Fitzpatrick took a sip of her coffee before reflecting on her life up until now.
  5. Hi all - this is a new story I'm working on. It's going to be structured in a series of vignettes - I've always loved the "I'm not a little girl! (really!)" series by @Alex Bridges so this sort of draws on the same style. There will be more to come - and this is really my first foray into ABDL fiction at all. So I appreciate any thoughts on it. Thanks! “Mike?....Michael? Wake up…c’mon…wake up.” I stirred from my sleep…i was laying on the couch…there was an unfamiliar cold feeling around my crotch. I looked up; my girlfriend, Alix, was lording over me, a look of concerned frustration on her face. “Michael…um…I think you had an accident in your sleep.” “No…I couldn’t have…” I stammered, my hand slipping down to feel it; the whole area was soaked; my shorts…the blanket…the cushion…”I must have spilled something” “Michael, c’mon,” Alix looked down at me with her hands on her hips. “It smells like piss…come on now…let’s get up and get this figured out.” She pulled the blanket up; the damage was apparent in the natural light of the room. “Jesus Christ Michael,” she shook her head. I knew she was sort of pissed or frustrated because she was using my full name. “Does this normally happen? Are you OK?" I stood up; the air hitting the cool wet patch leading to a chilliness overcoming me. I had had problems with bedwetting as a teenager, but it had been years. I had been feeling ok too; we had just gone on a long hike and had come back and I had passed out sitting next to her on the couch. “N..no,” I sort of murmured. “It must have been exhaustion.” “Maybe,” she said. “We did go a long way today I guess.” She stood silently for a moment. “Let me go throw this in the washer and we’ll figure out what to do next.” She walked off briskly and returned somewhat quickly with some cleaning supplies. As I stood there, half stunned, she sprayed some cleaner and scrubbed the wet spot. Then she turned her attention to me, setting the cleaning supplies down on the floor next to the couch. “Come on baby…let’s go get you cleaned up and out of those clothes.” She led me back toward the bathroom and had me lay down on the floor. There was a tub of baby wipes she always had sitting in her bathroom for her makeup, and she grabbed them and set them down beside me and removed my urine-soaked shorts and underwear. “I…I can do this, Alix,” my face grew red. “I can totally do this, please.” “Shh,” she said. “Let me help you. Please?” I nodded. A smile came across her face and she began wiping me. After a couple times over the nether regions, she asked, “Michael, do you have any other clothes we can put you in?” I thought about it. I hadn’t actually brought a change of clothes since I was planning on going back home after hiking with Alix today as I had a bunch of calls to prep for the next day. Fuck, I thought. “Uh um, actually, no, I don’t think I do,” I shrugged. “I guess I can just go commando?” “God no,” she laughed. “And risk you peeing further on other furniture? I don’t think so. And my undies are out of the question too. I really don’t want them getting soiled either. What ever will we do?” “I can’t just have you lay here on my bathroom floor the whole time until your clothes are dry can I?” She laughed at her own quip. “Wait a minute,” she stood up, “hold on, I got an idea.” She walked out and back toward her bedroom. She reappeared with a rectangular object that she was unfolding…it was a Pull-Up - like something a toddler would wear. “A diaper?” I asked. “It’s not a diaper,” she smirked, “It’s a Pull-Up. I was watching my niece whos still got bedwetting problems as a teen…poor girl...and she had a bag that got left behind. I mean, the bag says they’re for people about your size…” I mean was pretty skinny…but I really wasn’t feeling this. “Nah Alix, it’s OK, I can just go home.” “Michael, come on, don’t be silly…I want to have you here. I don’t want you to run off. But I don’t want you running around my house peeing on my furniture either. How about this? You let me put this on you…and we can go lay and cuddle and order some food and then…I’ll take you out of it later and we can have some grown-up time…deal?” I gazed back up at her, she had a glow about her. She really wanted this. Cuddling did sound nice though. “Ok…deal….” I said. “But you can’t tell anyone about any of this…and this is for today only. I’m not a bedwetter.” “Of course you aren’t,” she chuckled. "big kids go wet-wet at night all the time..." “But yes, it’s our secret. Pinky promise.” “Ok, let’s get this over with then.” I said, resigned to my infantile fate. She kneeled back down and put the pull-up around my ankles and shimmied it up my legs. It strangely fit like well…a diaper. I was today years old when I realized that children’s diapers would fit adults. “Ok, stand up.” I stood up. The bulk of the Pull-Up was both foreign and…oddly soft and comfortable. The colorful, juvenile owl on the front looked at me tauntingly as she pulled at the waist and ran her fingers through the leg holes. Seemingly satisfied, she grabbed my hand and started to walk me out. “Ok cuddle time.” We got to the bed and she gave me a couple taps on my now diapered butt. I climbed in her large, soft bed bed wearing the pull-up and t-shirt (that had somehow missed the deluge of piss earlier) and she stripped down to an oversized t-shirt and boyshorts. She climbed in and I slipped up next to her. I laid my head on her chest. She put my mouth on her nipple, and as I began to suckle into a lull of semi-conciousness, she patted my diapered butt rhythmically as she whispered “good baby…good baby” while I returned to the land of slumber.
  6. Some cliff notes of Catherine hayes irl she was married young, enjoyed men in uniform and unfortunately killed her husband John with her new boyfriend Thomas over an affair they were having, instead of that I think it’d be absolutely precious if they slowly regresses John (I’d be John if that’s ok)
  7. Long time reader of diaper stories, first time actually trying to write one. Let me know what you think. -------------- "Okay, well, here we are." Matt turned the car off, smiling over at his boyfriend, who hadn't dared to look up from his lap. Connor breathed a deep sigh, and Matt drummed his fingers on the steering wheel to fill the silence. "Come on, it's good to be home, yeah? You've been waiting for this moment for months. Come on, this is a happy moment!" Connor didn't feel like engaging in the happy banter as his boyfriend grabbed his crutches out of the back of the car. About 3 months ago he'd left this house, excited for his 21st birthday celebrations. He had it all, the beautiful boyfriend, a home of their own, an amazing group of friends. He was in the prime of his youth, and was headed out to experience it all, when their uber driver had taken a turn a little bit too quickly, and sent the car rolling. Matt had escaped with a mild concussion and some scratches - Connor had come away with a spinal injury. The doctors had told him that he was lucky that it wasn't a complete spinal injury, and he still had movement and sensation of his legs - albeit it didn't feel lucky to Connor. Matt opened his car door and helped him to his feet, shoving his crutches into his hands to help him hold his weight. He'd been told leaving the hospital that he should practice using his wheelchair while he underwent physiotherapy to help him with his walking, but even then that wasn't a complete solution. He was forever bound a cripple - spending his days shuffling along painfully slowly on his crutches, or being pushed around by somebody who was a lot stronger than he was. He was aware that Matt had slowed down his pace to match his own as they headed up to the front door. It didn't help that he could feel that he was wet. On top of his newfound mobility issues, he now found himself burdened with permanent incontinence issues as well. A catheter would have been bearable, but considering that his bowel had torn during the accident - he was now permanently stuck wearing diapers too. It had been barely tolerable when it was faceless hospital nurses who changed him while he was barely conscious. Now he was home, he was going to have to do it himself. Matt smiled again as he pushed the door open to their townhouse. "Welcome home." Connor couldn't help but smirk slightly as he glanced around at the handful of helium balloons and home-drawn 'welcome home connor' banner that had been hung on the staircase railing. Fuck, Matt could be pretty cute sometimes. He was blushing, nervously rubbing the back of his neck as he smiled at his boyfriend. "I know you were kinda scared, so, I just, I thought I could maybe make it nicer for you?" Connor laughed. "It's cute, babe. Thank you." The two were interrupted by a banging at the door, and Connor glanced over. Matt answered it, an older woman with dark brown hair and a big bundle of flowers standing here. "I'm so sorry for intruding, but I saw the car in the drive and I heard that you were coming home today!" She bubbled. "We've missed you!" Cassandra had been their neighbour for as long as they'd lived here. Sure, she could be a bit nosy at times, and loved talking shit about the other neighbours in their complex, but she had always been kind to the two and raced over to give Connor a tight hug. "Look at you! Standing on your own again! So glad you're home, somebody needs to keep an eye on Matt after all!" Matt rolled his eyes playfully. "Apparently I play my teen bop music too loud." "Oh my god." Connor snorted. "Of course that's what you were doing while I was in hospital." For a brief moment, it was like everything was normal again. Laughing about Matt's obscure pop music tastes, standing in their living room. Connor smiled, until the worst thing that could possibly happen, seemed to want to start happening. The accident may have taken his bowel and bladder function, but it hadn't taken his sensation in those areas. His eyes widened as he felt his sphincter start to open - completely and utterly helpless against his body's wishes right now. He wanted to run, desperately, find the cold porcelain of a toilet seat and do his business in private- where it was meant to be. But there were no options for him here - his legs were barely functional, and all he could do was shift them slightly so here was more room between them for what was about to occur. He gripped his crutches, hard, and focused on keeping his balance and trying to pretend that he was absolutely not shitting his pants in this moment. "Hey, are you okay?" Matt glanced over at his boyfriend, concern dotting his eyes as he noticed the sudden stress he seemed to be under. "Fine." Connor barely managed, glancing down at the floor as the beginnings of a large log began to exit him. He farted, loudly, and he wished the floor would swallow him up right now. Cassandra was playing the polite neighbour and very clearly pretending that she didn't hear anything - probably out of sympathy - but it did nothing to help the situation. The log pushed against the padding of his diaper, soft and squishy and spreading out over his butt. His face went bright red as it pinched off, sliding down into the seat and settling there as smaller pieces also began to enter. "O-Oh-" Cassandra flushed bright red as she began to realise what was happening "Oh my- I, I should go-" "P-Please." Connor choked, trying desperately not to cry. This was not the time for seemingly the biggest shit he had ever done in his life. Matt ushered her out the door while Connor finished, the final piece landing in the disgusting mess that had just filled his diaper. He doubted that the skinny jeans that he was wearing hid any of his shame, and he stood in his living room as his eyes filled with tears. This is what he was now - a disgusting fucking cripple who shat himself in front of his neighbours. Matt quickly ran back to his boyfriend's aid, and gently grabbed his shoulders. "Hey, hey, don't freak out, okay? Please, it's okay. We knew this was going to happen, we're gonna sort it out, you're okay, yeah?" "S-She-" "She's not going to tell anyone, she understands. You just got home from the hospital, if it's ever understandable, that day is today. Let's, let's get you to the bathroom, and we'll clean you up, yeah?" Connor would have definitely protested his boyfriend helping him with such a task any other time, but he was in so much shock from what had just occurred that all he could manage was a nod. Matt smiled at him, trying to reassure the poor man, and held a hand on Connor's back as they started the slow shuffle to the bathroom, just in case he tripped. God, moving in a shit-filled diaper was even worse than shitting in it to begin with. Even though his 'walk' was barely classified as movement, it seemed to shift the mass in his diaper into every little possible crevice, even ones he didn't know existed. The smell began to waft too, as he started moving, and he felt like he was going to vomit. This was the most disgusting thing he'd ever done in his entire life, and he'd be doing it for the rest of his entire life. "That's it, almost there." Matt whispered encouragements as they reached the bathroom. Now was not the time to look at the accessibility renovations that had been made while Connor was gone - and instead he just gently followed Matt's lead as a rubber matt was laid on the floor, and he was laid down onto it. "I-I'm sorry, I d-don't-" Connor choked, staring up at the ceiling. "Hey, you don't have to be sorry, baby. I'm gonna help you, alright. We're gonna get through this, together." Connor sniffled. "D-Do you know what you're doing?" Matt smiled. "You forget my Mom used to own a daycare. I've changed thousands of diapers, alright? I know what I'm doing. You're in safe hands. Although, we might have to buy you some new pants." Connor nodded in agreement. He'd always had a nice ass, he'd known that for a long time, and wore the tightest skinny jeans he could find to show it off. Now, all they showed off was his shame. At least Matt seemed to be prepared - the cupboard under the sink which used to only gather dust now held creams, powders, all sorts of things that were needed for changes, including a big stack of diapers. His diapers, Connor reminded himself miserably. Matt seemed to be pretending that this was the most normal thing in the world - whistling to himself as he put on some rubber gloves and unbuttoned Connor's jeans. "I-I'm gonna learn to do this myself, y-yeah." Connor said outloud, not sure if he was asking himself a question, or desperately holding onto hope. "I know, you are. But right now, I'm just here to help, okay?" Matt repeated. "And I'll always be here to help." "Because changing your 21-year-old crippled boyfriend's baby diapers is what everyone wants to do." Connor muttered. "Hey, come on. Don't talk like this. I can make this special for you." Matt untaped the front of the diaper and opened it, the terrible stench filling the entire bathroom. Connor retched. "Special?!" "Woah, Stinker, slow down." Matt chuckled. "I gotta clean you first." The baby wipes were cold against his skin, but they were certainly softer and better quality than the ones that the nurses had used in the hospital. He didn't dare make eye contact with his boyfriend, instead staring at the ceiling and letting his mind go to static instead of dealing with the thoughts that were clouding him. That was, until soft fingers with a handful of cream ran up and down his shaft. "Woah, woah, what are you doing?!" "Diaper cream! I told you I could make it special." Matt smiled, a cheeky glimmer in his eyes. "I haven't seen your cock in months, of course I want to play with it." "A-Ah-" During his DIAPER change?! Was he crazy? It was the most un-sexy enviroment he could imagine - lying here on the bathroom floor. But then again, he hadn't gotten off in 3 months, and he wasn't about to dare to tell Matt to stop. "Y-You're gonna make me-" "And I think you want to." Matt teased, increasing the speed of his 'massage'. "Come on." Connor came, a silent crescendo filling his ears as months of sexual frustration became undone. Matt laughed softly, grabbed a wipe to clean up the mess, and finished taping up a clean diaper onto his boyfriend. It was a lot thicker than the hospital diapers that he had originally been sent home with, but no good boyfriend would let his partner walk around in something that prone to leakages. And besides, even though any mention of this to Connor right now would only embarrass him, he looked cute as hell with a little diaper boulder. "T-Thank you." Connor's cheeks flushed red once again as Matt helped him to his feet. "Really, I-" "Don't worry about it, baby." Matt smiled, running a hand through the shorter boy's curly hair. "I really mean it when I said that we would get though this together. I've got your back, always." Connor looked down at his shoes, biting his lip anxiously. "Promise?" "I promise." Matt smiled. "Now, c'mon, we've got dinner to cook." Connor grinned. That was exactly the normalcy he needed right now.
  8. Chapter 1 “Right you better get going you don’t want to miss your flight!” Claire said as she watched her husband take a large green suitcase out of the boot of their car. “Make sure you call us once you’ve landed”. “Yes mum of course I will” Noah replied reassuring his mother. ”Just don’t forget. Your Auntie Jan knows what time you’re taking off and I’ve given her your number so she’ll probably text you soon to let you know where she’ll be when you land” Noah’s Dad John added, passing Noah his suitcase and shutting the boot. ”Okay okay you both don’t need to worry, I better be going” Noah said. His Mum came over to him and gave him a huge bear hug and kissed him on the cheek. “We’ll see you in a few weeks, have fun and please stay safe!” she told him. He could tell she was worried but that’s just the way she was. ”I will Mum” Noah said as they ended the hug and began walking off and into Heathrow Airport. He waved back to his parents and they waved back. The 20 year old was about to embark on his first ever holiday on his own. His gap year after leaving College was coming to an end and in a few months time he’d be going to University. He had always been fascinated by America but he’d never managed to get there before and the thought of spending time there without his parents was incredibly enticing, and when he first floated the idea to his parents they were they were a bit unsure of the idea not only because of the fact he wanted to go alone, but also the financial aspect of it wasn’t feasible at all despite him spending most of his gap year working to earn money. However Noah’s mother Claire reached out to her sister Jan, who lived near Dallas, to see if she’d let him stay with her for a few weeks and she was more than happy to house him. Jan had moved across the Atlantic when Noah was very young and although he’d seen photos of her on Facebook he doesn’t really remember her. What he did know was that she lived alone (she divorced her husband a few years ago) in a huge house on the outskirts of Dallas, a perfect place to use as a hub for exploring. The only sticking point for him was spending time with Jan who was practically a stranger to him. Noah walked though the automatic doors and straight into Heathrow Terminal 5. It was a huge building and it took him a few minutes to find his bearings and locate his check-in desk. As he walked through the terminal towards it he glanced around seeing all the typical sights in an airport varying from suited men flying for business to families readying themselves for an adventure. ”Will you be checking in any bags today Mr Jones?” the British Airways staff member asked him from behind the check-in desk. ”Yeah just the one” he replied as he lifted his suitcase onto the conveyor belt. It was a minute or so before the lady strapped a tag around the handle and activated the conveyor belt. His bag slowly disappeared behind the desk. ”Here’s your boarding pass and security is just to the right of us here, enjoy your flight” the lady said politely. He thanked her for the help and made his way to security. Although he had absolutely nothing to hide he always became paranoid going through airport security, assuming the huge guards and border control were meant to be intimidating. He emptied his pockets and placed his rucksack into the tray and walked through the x-ray machine, trying to act as normal as possible. Unsurprisingly there were no problems and within a few minutes he was through to the huge departure lounge. As he looked around he located a Costa Coffee and decided to grab a coffee and some breakfast as he had a bit of time to kill before he could board his flight. Luckily the table he picked out was within sight of a departure board so he could keep an eye on his flight. While he was people watching sipping on his coffee his phone buzzed on the table, and he saw that he had received a text: ~ Hi Noah, it’s Auntie Jan. Your Mom has given me all of your flight details so I’ll be tracking it while I make my way to the airport! I’ll make sure I’m right by pick up area so don’t worry about getting lost. Have a good flight, can’t wait to see you!!! xxx ~ He immediately scoffed at the way she spelt ‘Mom’ and it confirmed that she had lost part of her Britishness. Deciding to play it cool he replied: ~ Hey Jan, it’s nice to hear from you. No worries I’ll make sure I’m out of security as quickly as I can so I don’t keep you waiting. Looking forward to meeting you. ~ Once he had finished typing he immediately looked up at the departure board to see his flight had been allocated a gate and was now boarding. He gulped down the rest of his coffee, gathered his things and made his way towards the gate. Luckily it wasn’t too far from where he was and within no time he was walking down the tunnel towards his plane, surprised by how quite his flight was considering it was summer and one of the busiest times for holidays. He was welcomed onboard by one of the flight attendants and was shown to his seat. He’d managed to book himself a window seat and as the plane began to fill with people it became increasingly obvious no one had booked the seat next to him. “Result!” he quietly said to himself. “Welcome aboard British Airways Flight 1584 to Dallas Fort Worth. Just to give you all a quick update weather conditions are favourable so we’re looking at an around 10 hour journey time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight” he heard the captain say through the tannoy as he watched the plane began to slowly make its way to the runway. Without incident the plane was in the air and on its way across the Atlantic. To pass the time Noah had picked out a few films to watch on the in-flight entertainment as well as his iPad which he brought on as hand luggage. It was a weird feeling being on the plane with no one he knew and was actually quite exciting and always loved being independent, and even though he sometimes suffered from airsickness there were no signs of any problems. Around halfway through the flight he had finished watching the two films he planned on watching and his bladder began to twitch. He got up out of his seat and made his way towards the small toilet at the front of the plane after spotting someone leaving it, and was relieved when he saw there wasn’t anyone else waiting. As he squeezed in and locked the door he turned around to see the silver metallic toilet, and as he unzipped his shorts and pulled down his boxers he was reminded how much he hated toilets on planes. Ever since he was a small child he was always anxious of hygiene and tried to avoid public toilets when possible. Once he had finished peeing he pulled his shorts back up, washed his hands and made his way back to his seat. As he walked down the aisle he felt a few small drops of wee soak into the front of his boxers, and before sitting back down he adjusted his boxers so the slight dampness was moved away from his private parts. Although never diagnosed he secretly believed he had some sort of medical condition where he would leak every time he had a wee, but was too embarrassed to ever tell his Mother or go to the doctor about it. He managed to kill the remaining time on the flight by playing a number of different games on his iPad. Around an hour before he was due to land he saw one of the air hostesses approach him with a clipboard. ”Hi Mr Jones?” the tall, blonde air hostess asked him. ”Yes that’s me” he replied. ”I’ve been asked to tell you that unfortunately there has been a slight mix-up with your luggage. You see your bag was unintentionally placed on a different British Airways flight” she told him. The colour drained from Noah’s face and he began to feel slightly dizzy in panic. “Okay” he squeaked, not really knowing what to say. ”I can only apologise. Please take this form to our customer service desk when we land in Dallas and they can organise getting your bag flown out to you” she said as she handed him a piece of paper. ”Ummm thank you. There’s not really much I can do about it now so I’ll find out more when I land I guess” he joked, trying to find the positive out of a massive negative. With that the air hostess left him to think about what had happened. It was literally the worst possible start to his holiday and genuinely felt like crying thinking about all of his belongings being on a random flight half way around the world. What on earth was he going to do with no spare clothes? As he stared out the window and thought about what to do he could see American soil below and knew he’d soon be landing. He had decided not to tell his Mum what had happened as it would turn her into an anxious mess, but he obviously wouldn’t be able to hide it from his Auntie. ”We’ll soon be landing in Dallas, Texas. Local time is currently 2:32pm and the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. We at British Airways hope you enjoyed your flight and we hope you have a pleasant stay here in the United States” he heard the captain announce just as the plane landed on the runway. ‘I’d have enjoyed it a lot more if you hadn’t had lost my fucking bag’ he thought to himself. As he joined the queue of people in the aisle exiting the plane he turned his phone on to see he had received another text from Jan: ~ Hi Noah how you had a great flight! I’m at the airport waiting for you so I hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer. See you soon xxx ~ He didn’t feel the need to text back and instead focused on getting through security and sorting out the situation with his luggage. Luckily his plane wasn’t too busy and within an hour or so he was through security and towards the arrivals area, bypassing the baggage claim area regrettably. As he walked through the large doors he could see groups of people holding up signs with surnames on along with a number of taxi drivers. As walked past them he tried to find Jan in the crowd but had no luck. Suddenly he felt a tap on the shoulder. ”Noah!” the woman shouted excitedly and as he turned around he was met with the sight of his Auntie. He was immediately struck by her height as she almost towered over him; even though he wasn’t the tallest at 5’8 he guessed she was at least 6’+. “Hi Auntie Jan” he greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As he stepped away from her he thought how beautiful she looked. She was wearing a flowery dress which stopped just a over her knees along with a cropped leather jacket. Her brunette hair flowed over her shoulders. ”It’s so good to see you think that last time I saw you you must’ve been this tall!” she said as she placed her stretched hand on her thigh. ”It’s certainly been a while. Thank you for letting me stay with you I really appreciate it” he politely said. ”It’s my pleasure, it’ll be nice to have some company for a couple of weeks plus we’ve got so much catching up to do! You travel light where are your bags?” she queried. Noah n]knew it was inevitable that the question was coming. ”Yeah about that. British Airways put my bloody suitcase on a different flight to god knows where so I’ve got to go to the customer service desk and arrange for it to be flown here” he explained as he pulled the paper the air hostess had given him. ”Gosh darn it how unlucky!” she said as he handed him the piece of paper for her to read, “I think I saw the desk just down there as I made my way here. Come on I’ll help you get it sorted out”. They both made their way to the desk and Noah explained the man behind the counter the situation. ”Okay Mr Jones the good news is we’ve located your bag and we can arrange for it to be flown here as soon as possible. Unfortunately your bag won’t be here until Wednesday” the man told him. ”Wait that’s in four days time! What am I meant to do with no spare clothes?” Noah said rather angrily. ”I’m sorry Sir my nephew is probably a bit jet lagged. Thank you for your help” Jan interjected and politely said to the man. “We’ll give you a call when we have your bag. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused” the man said to Noah as he was led away by his Auntie. His feeling of anxiety was replaced with anger, not only at the situation he found himself in but the first impression he made on his Auntie. ”I’m sorry I got angry a minute ago. This isn’t exactly how I wanted to start my holiday, plus what am I meant to do with no spare clothes for four days?” he said. ”It’s okay Noah I totally understand. Tell you what, my friend Joyce and her kid Alex stayed over at my house a few months ago and she left some of Alex’s clothes behind. They are around your age and size so you could borrow some of their clothes for the next few days just as a temporary measure!” Jan suggested. Noah breathed a huge sigh of relief. Finally he heard some positive news.
  9. I know, I know "Another new story from Kasarberang that's going to take literal years between chapters" Allow me to explain. I write as a hobby, one of a great many hobbies that my brain alternates between, right now Writing is the hobby in focus so hopefully I'll be able to pump out a few chapters of this story and maybe the other ones as well. Unfortunately I make no promises as to how often this story or any others will be updated, it might be once a week or more: This was the case for "Just A Checkup" before I wrote myself into a dead end (I'm planning to rewrite that story and continue it at some point) and it might be way less frequent "Babied By The Sitter" (Still in progress). I'm not a writer, I'm just a guy who does writing sometimes Anyway, I had this idea for a story and I hope I can do it justice. As always feel free to remix, modify, redistribute any of my stories however you like. If you like the setting, characters or anything else feel free to use it. I wont mind, in fact I'd love to see what you can do with my ideas. So PM me if you do make anything that you decide to release. (Tags will be updated as the story progresses.) My Time At The Everland Farm All Characters involved in a sexual situation in this story are at or above the age of consent, even if their ages aren't directly stated. Also this story is entirely a work of fiction and absolutely nothing in it actually happened. Art by: Ruperallmighty Email: Ruperallmighty@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ruperallmighty Art Officially Approved to comply with DD rules by: DailyDi. My name is Daniel I'm 22 years old and this story is of my time at The Everland Farm. The story starts at my house, I had just gotten this mornings mail and saw a letter addressed to me. It read: "Work getting you down? Need a break from the stresses of daily life? Need a vacation? Than come on over to The Everland Farm for a nice change of pace! Experience four weeks free of the stresses of daily life! And with this special offer you can enjoy all four weeks 100% FREE! Lodging included." It even included a valid bus ticket. This letter didn't apply to me at all, I enjoyed my job working as a developer in a small Indie Game studio, the stresses of daily life were minimal at best and I much preferred to be at home. Not to mention a 100% all expenses paid vacation seemed super sketch to say the least. Probably some shitty timeshare or some pyramid scheme of some sort, neither of which I wanted any part of. So I threw the letter on my couch with all the other junk mail, intending to either throw it away or shred it. == A few days went by and I had spoken to some friends and family about the letter. Almost everyone unanimously said I should go, which honestly didn't surprise me, everyone's always telling me I need to get out more and here is seemingly an offer that gives me no excuse but to do just that. Whenever I expressed my concerns they just replied "Just record everything that goes on, that way you're far less likely to get mugged." despite the fact that my state has specific laws against recording out in public unless you receive consent from every single person that would be in the recording. It's' an interesting law and is far stricter than most, it's good for privacy but a lot of people are against it, which frankly I can understand. Anyway eventually people bugged me enough about the vacation that I decided to just do it. Even my work told me I should go. At this point I needed a vacation from all the people telling me I needed a vacation. I packed pretty light, not expecting to need too much. I packed my cellphone, a pair of wired earbuds, some spare clothes, A DVD player and some DVDs as well as an emergency battery pack which should get me through the month if used sparingly. Everything fit in a nice backpack that I keep around for travel, despite this being the first time I actually ever used it for that. Usually I just used it to carry around my work laptop with me so I could work a little while away. But I did originally buy it for travel. Once I was packed and ready to go I set out for the bus-station which was only a quick walk from my house so it didn't take me very long to get there, less than five minutes if I had to guess. I gave the driver my ticket and soon I was off to The Everland Farm, to my surprise I was the only passenger on the bus. That could easily be explained away by it being 10am on a weekday, not exactly the most desirable time to take a bus somewhere far away, since most people had work to do. I put in my earbuds and set my phone to play my favorite artist Big Penny, which has gotten me through a lot of long bus rides in the past. This specific album titled: "Heads or Tails" featured other artists such as Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY. It truly was and still is an underrated album. Personally I think it's Big Penny's best work, his other albums were entertaining, but nothing quite had the same feel as "Heads or Tails" did. I think it's cause it's the only time as of writing this that Big Penny, Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY have collaborated on an album together, It's very obvious that they gave their best with this album. "Heads or Tails" came with a total of 26 songs with a total runtime of 5 hours and 15 minutes and only cost $5.99 when it first released. It was the very first album to have over 3hours of content with a price tag below $36. "Last Stop Everland Farms, if you got this far without getting off you either missed your stop or got the wrong bus!" said the bus driver. Yet again Big Penny got me through another otherwise boring bus ride. I thanked the driver and was on my way. The bus didn't stop directly in front of Everland Farms they stopped quite a bit away actually. I could very easily see where the farm was, but it was a bit of a walk to get there. Once I did finally arrive I took a seat on a nearby bench to catch my breath before getting up and looking around. Right away I was surprised at the absolute size of the property it must've been on at least five acres of land. There's no way this is the place I was going to be staying for a whole month, it's far too nice to be completely free, either that or it really is some timeshare or pyramid scheme. You could tell this place had been around for awhile, some buildings looked fairly new, or at least newly painted and others looked like they'd been sitting there for decades, all the buildings had a Little House On The Prairie style and vibe to them. Most of the buildings were double to triple the size of regular buildings I was accustomed to. It had been a few minutes so I decided to get up and start looking around, there didn't seem to be anyone nearby so I figured I'd take a look around myself, kinda give myself the grand-tour of the property, even though I knew nothing about it. I walked around a little before stopping in front of a building which was bigger than the rest, which is saying something since all the buildings on the property were huge. Since I was feeling especially adventurous I decided to let myself in. Right away I noticed the inside of the building felt far larger than the outside, but I'm sure that was just an optical illusion, since all houses felt far bigger on the inside than they did on the outside. Everything downstairs was pretty standard, Standard Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room. The furniture was far larger than I was used to but I was usually the shortest guy in the room, so maybe this is the standard for people of normal or above average height, I could see that. After having a good look at the downstairs I decided to look upstairs, which presented me with my first major challenge. The steps were far steeper than I was used to, it was like every step was 2 or 3 normal sized steps stacked on top of each other. I found myself lifting my legs up way higher than I was used to when climbing up stairs. I also went up these stairs far slower than I usually would, to reduce the chances of me falling forward or backwards. After climbing up what felt like thousands of stairs I finally reached the top of the staircase. There was a long hallway with doors on each side, all of them with a wooden sign on them labeling what the room's purpose was, which makes sense since this was a public vacation spot, I imagine it'd be a pain to have to explain where every room was every single time there was a new customer. I walked up to the second door on the right labeled "Emily's Room". Letting my curiosity get the better of me I playfully turned the doorknob fully expecting the room to be locked, but to my surprise the knob turned and the door opened with ease. The inside of the room was pink with white trim, even the walls were painted pink with the corners painted white. There was a computer desk, which really made me feel small, I could barely even reach the top of the desk, I knew I was short, but I didn't think I was THAT short. I had to sit in the rolling office chair and put the height up all the way in order to sit at the desk like a regular person. atop the desk sat an old ldrn PC, with matching beige keyboard and mouse. Running an old version of Backdoor OS. I could have gone and looked through the files and search history of the computer, but I decided against it. I was staying here after all and if anyone were to catch me doing that I'd probably be in for a very bad experience. Plus the bus only stops here once a month, which makes sense, considering that's the minimum amount of time you're allowed to stay, otherwise they charge you for leaving early. Looking around the room further I noticed something laying on the floor, walking over to it revealed that it was a bra. It was Sea Foam Green, very frilly and most importantly, it was huge. Holding one of the cups up to my head for size and the cup was larger than my head. "So, I have one question. Why the fuck do you have your faced pressed up against my bra?" Shouted an unfamiliar voice. coming from the doorway. ====End of Chapter 1==== I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think! Your words encourage me to write more frequently. TXT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download) PDF My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).pdf ODT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).odt
  10. Hello DD community! As some of you might already be aware I made a very similar list awhile ago. The purpose of this post is to remake that list with better formatting, more information and overall make it easier to read and update. User Suggestions Welcomed! Here's How To Suggest A Story! Simply Personal Message me here on DD with a link to the stories you'd like to submit as well as relevant tags. Feel free to also submit modified tags for stories already in the list if you want to. I'll put them in this post as soon as I read the message and verify that the tags are accurate and the story belongs here. I will credit you by default so if you don't want to be credited please explicitly say so in your message to me. I write stories and a lot of them would fit perfectly on this list, why aren't they here? If your story isn't properly tagged I probably will look past it, unless it has a title that makes me think it might fit this list. There are other reasons too, I am only one guy after all. If you have a story that's not on this list and want it to be added feel free to submit it using the information above. Why so many Archive.org links? Archive.org or as it's more formally known "The Wayback Machine" or "The Internet Archive" is a website that allows you to archive entire webpages. I will be using this for preservation purposes. This way if a story goes down (which has happened before) or if DD goes down entirely (which is unlikely) these links will still allow you to continue to view these stories even after such an event. Alright Here's the list! (presented in no particular order.) AUTHOR LIST Chlorobaby All include (Femdom, Forced Regression, Chloroform, Kidnapping/Capture, non-consensual sexual acts) and most include: (forced Breastfeeding, forced bottlefeeding) Nanny Kink (Archive.org link), The Hard Sell (Archive.org), The Crush (Archive.org link), The LandLady (Archive.org link), The Adult Baby Unit: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Bed and Breakfast: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two, (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Part Four (Archive.org link), The Job Offer (Archive.org link), Nurse Becky's Slave, (Archive.org link), Cathy's Captive (Archive.org link)The reason these are all grouped together is they were written by the same author and all contain very similar tags. 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  11. This is the first of a series in the “Trantreem Nanotechnology Universe” I hope you like it and give feedback! Chapter 1: The Cast Introduction Cast of Characters: Dr. Samantha Johnston - 26, single, short (4’11”), 30DD, long black hair (dyed from light blonde), dark skin tone (tans), wears smart suits with heels. Spends a lot of time and attention to look “adult” due to her small size. Insists she is in charge and even hired Amanda to feel like she can exercise control over a much taller woman. Snubs co-workers as they are mostly older (and more matronly) than she. Quickly earned her degrees and feels like she is smarter than most of her coworkers. Newly hired by the Tantreem Corporation as a project manager. Amanda - 23, single, tall 6’1” curvy secretary 38 DDD, medium length brown hair, natural skin tone, new hire Administrative Assistant to Dr Johnston. Dr. Janet Tantreemtamer (namesake of the company) 45, single, with a 12 year old live in niece, 5’7”, 34C, athletic build, very no-nonsense. Long auburn hair that is always kept pinned up perfectly. Medical Doctor with a concentration on nanotech. Sees everything as a project to “handle”. Maria Ponce Facility nurse, 38, married, 5’9” 36C, Long black hair kept in a curly style, average build, officially takes care of staff medical needs, unofficially assistant to Dr Tantreemtamer. Nice, but has a bit of a domineering personality. Mark Stone - IT manager, 25, stereotypical “geek”. 5’11”, Heavyset, desperate to have a girlfriend and thinks Samantha is the hottest woman on earth. Would do anything to see her in something besides work suits. Gina Belford - Office Manager, 59, wears business attire, pleasantly plump, grey hair shoulder length. Doesn’t like the new “boss”, likes to see rude people “get theirs”. Married, kids, and grandchildren. The “mother” of the office. Anita Green - Receptionist, 36, married with kids, casual Friday is everyday. Average build. Wendy Adams, Rebecca Jones, and Rachel Fitzroy - Staff members, works for Gina even though Dr. Johnston can’t seem to stop bossing them around. Wendy is 28, single, thin build blonde hair, tall. Rebecca is 32, married, thick build, African American, 5’8”, Rachel is 27, married, muscular build, very athletic, short brown hair.
  12. This story is a part of the 2nd Kasarberang Story Contest, check out everybody else competing at the link! Hello everyone. This is my first story here, and kinda my first anywhere that isn't an unfinished NaNo (but we all have those... right?). Either way, this takes place in a setting I created for some RP with close friends, called Time ABerrations. I'll leave the details for the story to disclose, but as the name implies, there's time travel shenanigans that are being used to regress the main character through twisting his past. If it matters, he's never going to be any younger than he currently is, but he may recall events from his past as the story progresses. Anyway, enjoy the first chapter. It's mostly setup, but that's how these things go. I welcome any feedback, and I'm already working on Chapter 2. Thanks for reading! Chapter 1 Oliver was lost and alone, sitting at the end of an unmade bed in the cheapest motel he could find, trying to understand where it all went wrong. It had been several weeks since he moved to the city, and every hope, every plan he had coming in had dissolved into dust, leaving him here. No job. No apartment. No hope. It wasn’t that way just a month before. Back then he and his three best friends from college all had careers lined up in the big city, and had e-signed their lease to all live together. Ben had already started writing for the hottest new news startup, Kyle was setting up his high-end laptop with the latest CAD software, and Thomas was sketching layout ideas while paging through his company’s website. As for Oliver, he was told the company’s code was proprietary, and that required its hardware remain on site. Not an uncommon issue, but it did leave him with a gap to fill, so he packed his car and moved early. After all, the apartment was already waiting for him, and he could use the time to get some basic supplies and scope out the city. As Oliver drove out to the city, his car still half empty, despite containing everything he owned, he could feel the future on the horizon, endless possibilities out here on the open road. With every mile, every hour, he dreamt of his future, and swore it would be a good one. See, Oliver wasn’t very outgoing, he only made his three friends in college by chance, and even they felt like they were always closer to each other than to him. But as that dark cloud of self-doubt started to well up, he just swore harder that things would be different this time. After all, he was in the prime of his life, well educated, with a clear, well-paying future ahead of him. All he had to do was be brave, and press on towards the horizon. One busted pipe was all it took for it all to start crashing down. “Sorry kid, we’re going to have to put you up in a hotel for a day or two til we get this sorted,” the manager grumbled at him. “Shouldn’t be much longer than that.” Oliver fell back on old habits, and nodded meekly, jotting down the address of the hotel, and hopping on the group chat with his roommates, telling them to wait before moving out. “No worries” “All good” "Have fun without us, bro!” He sighed, lying back on the memory foam mattress. They were right, nothing to worry about, it probably happens all the time. After all, the apartment manager did set him up with this pretty sweet hotel; it saved him a few days of having to figure out a bed and furniture. Oliver opened his phone and started scrolling mindlessly, letting the exhaustion of the day take him away shortly after. He awoke sometime just before noon, his phone buzzing away. “Uhm, hello,” he answered, trying to hide the sleep from his voice and failing. “Yeah, kid, look, no easy way to tell ya, but the apartment’s no longer available. I got some city guy up my ass about-“ he continued on, but Oliver didn’t hear him. That old familiar fear gripped his throat, and he had to fight back tears. “Kid? Hey, you there?” “O-oh, y-yes,” Oliver replied, his voice cracking, tongue dry, and body numb. “Great. Now tell your friends you gotta find somewhere else. Corporate will forward you any rent you’ve paid sometime in the next three months.” The line went dead, and that was it. Oliver just curled up under the blankets and slept until the midafternoon. When he awoke, he felt weak and smelled terrible. He dragged himself to the shower, but ended up lying in the tub, the shower pouring down on him while he sulked. He couldn’t stand to tell the guys that plans had fallen through, that they would need to find a new apartment at the last minute. He just didn’t want to do anything anymore. Lying there, staring up at the ceiling, he saw the light of his phone turn on. Then again, and again. He managed to stir himself enough to shut off the water, partly dry himself off, and check his phone. It was the group chat; apparently the apartment complex sent an email notifying them of the cancellation of their lease. At least that’s the awkward part of the conversation down. “Yo, Ollie, you good man?” Kyle texted first. Oliver always hated being called Ollie, his childhood bully used to call him that, and he never really got over her teasing, not really. “It’s alright dude, we all called our bosses. They’ve got telework set up for us,” Ben followed. “We should definitely look at somewhere local after we get our deposits back though. Three months is HARSH though,” Thomas added, and the conversation continued from there about finding somewhere later on, including some links to places with availability that far out, but none sooner. They had gone and figured it out without him, so he just replied with an unenthusiastic “K.” He didn’t want to be stuck in limbo for three months, but he could figure something out, for sure. Things still sucked, but he could see the horizon again. Oliver ended up getting some cheap fast food, then turning in for the night, hopeful tomorrow would be a better day. He awoke early, hopeful, wanting for some good news, and so he got dressed, hit up the complimentary breakfast, and decided to stop by his office. He wanted to go get a glimpse of his future again. Even if he didn’t start for another two weeks, he was sure he could at least get in and say hi. He punched the address into his GPS, and drove to the far end of the city. He must have missed it, or made a wrong turn, or typed in the GPS wrong, or… something, because the lot he stopped at was entirely vacant. There were a few warehouses down the street, but nothing resembling an office building of any kind. Scrambling, Oliver checked everything, made sure the GPS address matched the website, ran out of the car to the street sign, but it all matched. He was in the right place, but there was nothing here. Oliver frantically pulled up his boss’s contact and called him, but the number was disconnected. “How did I screw this up?” he asked, on the verge of full blown panic. He took and aced a skills test, did a quick interview and got along great. All the paperwork had been online, something he though marked a modern company, one willing to embrace a fast paced digital world, not… not this. Not a scam. His legs gave out as he realized he gave them everything. His social, his bank account number, everything someone would need to take his identity and leave him with nothing. He didn’t cry though, he was too afraid for that. His shaky hands gripped the steering wheel and he sped along. There was an ATM for his bank not far from here; he noted it on the way in as a nice way to grab some cash after payday. “Where, where, where…” he whispered to himself, too afraid to speak any louder. “It has to be… there!” he yanked the wheel to turn in to the ATM, hitting the curb in the process, but making into the parking lot. Oliver ran up the ATM, fumbling with his wallet and card, and even typed in his pin wrong the first time before calming himself down enough to do it right. The dots swirled on the screen, loading his balance…. $278.48. He had nearly five thousand in there before he left. They must have left just enough so he didn’t notice immediately. He withdrew all that he could, $270 in cash, that’s all he had to his name anymore. He had never opened a credit card, but it wasn’t like it would do any good with his identity stolen. Oliver climbed back into his car and sobbed for hours. His luck continued to tumble. The wheel of his car that hit the curb now had a dangerous wobble to it, so highway driving was out of the question. The hotel the apartment manager set up for him was cancelled along with the lease, so he moved down to a cheap motel, but even that was burning through his cash too fast. He tried applying to every software firm he could find, but by his calculations by the time he even got his foot in the door for an interview, he would be homeless. As his situation worsened, he grew desperate. He had to sell his car to get enough money to keep going, and lowered his expectations, applying to fast food and retail stores, but now that he didn’t have reliable transportation, he couldn’t get in there either. And so, here he was, alone and hopeless. He could have reached out to his friends, or to his parents, but doing so would be admitting defeat, so he just left their messages on read, and hoped for one last chance to turn it around. Meanwhile, unknown to Oliver, Rose watched, and waited. Compared to her big sisters, she was almost nothing, but she was still a Daughter of Time, an Anomaly given will and purpose. Such small deviations were well within her power, and were all it took to bring him to his lowest. She smiled to herself, almost giddy at the idea of calling him her own. Tomorrow, she would finally get to bring her new baby home.
  13. Hi, I've been requesting for a story for a while, and while I've objectively found some things that I like, most of the times I've found myself thinking "I would have done otherwise". So I decided to start writing one on my own. BUT! I wanna give you a fair warning before I start getting into the story 'cause I feel like you all deserve it, since I don't want to waste anyone's precious time. 1 - This is my first time writing a full story, so it is highly possible that it will be convoluted and lead to nothing. 2 - English is not my first language, so it's probably not gonna be an excellent piece of art, especially if you are someone who enjoys literature. 3 - The most important point. If you expect this get to the "kinky stuff" immediately, don't get into it. I like to take things slow and have that sweet characters development. 4 - Yes, I started this story elsewhere and I think here too but I will restart it and continue it now CHAPTER 01 "And why on Earth would I need an assistant again?" John Jefferson, 28, was 3 when he was diagnosed with a very rare disease that affects both muscles and bones, making them fragile; while it wasn't lethal on its own, it made it impossible for him to put any muscular mass by weight lifting, and also forced him to be cautious with his eating habits, since his legs might fail his structure him if he would have become overweight. On top of that, he was also on the shorter side, so being a 4'7very skinny man, he surely wasn't the bossiest looking dude in the office. Although his problems, he's always tried to get what was best for him and tried to give himself some authority. He grew a nicely shaped beard, he became witty and, contrary to most people in his position, he would always go to work wearing a suit and a tie. "First and foremost, it is a cost efficient solution. Our new employee is a promising intern that will work here for free for the next six months. If she, as I expect, will turn to be good enough, we will hire her with a full-time job, so I need someone qualified to teach her. " Ever since Mrs. Thompson retired, Janna Prickles, a 51 years old unmarried men hater became his new boss and things only started running slower for his career; it was bright as the day that Janna had a particular taste in torturing him. And the hate was mutual. Short and plumpy, she always used to wear overly coloured outfits that made her look like a knock off version of Queen Elizabeth. Fitting for her personality, John thought. John rolled his eyes and sighed "In other words, I have to babysit." but Janna blocked him with an evil grin. "I took care personally and decided for her amongst tons of other students who signed for this position. She's a quick learner, don't worry. Also, there's a second reason why I needed for you to have an assistant: even though you're better at your job than I like to admit, you're still an annoying little prick who needs to learn how to be organized, so she will take charges of your time schedules from now on." Truthfully, his office looked like a mess, and his schedules were all over the place, he couldn't argue with it. But there was more. "Oh I see now. It's about the Gravéneux fiasco! Look I told you already it was not my fault if Stuart went through my stuff and mixed 'em up lik-" "I know and that is why he had been fired. But let's be honest for a second here. Just coincidentally it wasn't your fault this time. It was surely not the first time your pig habits got in your way. I know this is more about pride than anything else, but you DO need help in that front. And you can be helpful yourself." That didn't sound very convincing at all to John, and she knew it; so, sighing and looking down, she continued her speech. "Fine, I knew it would have come to this. I've already hired her, as a matter of facts, she's already waiting in your office, as of now. Since I know that you need something to be motivated, here's your goal: in the next six months I want to have someone who is just as good as you doing your job, and you are the only one who can teach her. Make me proud, and you'll get a 6% raise." Finally she was talking business, he thought. John was a very proud and goal oriented person, and this seemed like a good deal, which he closed by shaking hands with his boss. He walked to his office and opened the door. His new assistant was standing there, right in front of him. <HOLY SHIT> was all he could think of, but he limited himself to think it, and open his eyes wide.
  14. *Edit: I've been a reader for a long time, and around this time last year I decided to start writing ABDL stories to eventually post. There was a bit of a learning curve, I wrote a few stories that failed for various reasons, but it was important to me to post a story that was finished. I started working on Without Merit in October. It's around 30 chapters long, and I'm wrapping up the final chapters as of the posting of Chapter 1. I'm really proud of the results, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading. All characters are over 18. Story contains sexual content. ................ About Lovington Lovington is somewhere in middle America, a place where the highways give away into county roads, where franchises are few and far between. That's not to say that it's a backwater, Lovington is exactly as pristine as the American dream, and as common as ice cream with an apple pie. It's a typical American small town with a small shopping mall, a local cinema, its main street is main street. The people are kind, generous and almost as bland as the town itself. A town that blends into the area, that isn't even a blip on the map. It's always out of everyone's mind, and the people of Lovington like it that way. There is nothing suspicious about Lovington, that's why it was a great location for a secret laboratory. All the while, this laboratory in Lovington ran along, melting budgets with no real breakthroughs — then one day, there was one. They finally opened a door and only one thing came out before it closed again: the cube. 0 Boredom is its own kind of inspiration. It was well established among the teenagers that the small town of Lovington was boring, nothing ever happened here. Even as it was happening. However, the strange place had plenty of inspiration to share with everyone. A quiet influence swam throughout the city like an invisible fog, a feeling that something was moving behind the curtain, a feeling not everyone noticed or that anyone could shake. The Hartmann house was a three story affair, if you count the game room in the basement. The below ground man cave was wall to wall in wood paneling, a throwback from the 1980s when that was in fashion. The three girls inside looked as bored as the decor, draped on the pair of couches and the single creaky, padded lazy boy chair. Katie Nguyen lounged on the shorter couch, her long athletic legs hung over the other end of the sofa. Charity Brown held a pillow across her chest and was the only one watching the box shaped tv. Marisa Hartmann rested in the giant chair, swiping through selfie filters until she found one good enough to post. "Men are so easy,” Charity sighed. "I think you mean boys are easy, there aren't any men that go to our school," Marisa clarified. She lifted her phone above her head to take another semi-down the shirt selfie. “Nothing but immature boys,” Katie added. All three girls nodded in agreement before going back to whatever they were doing, but Charity wasn't ready to let this drop. There was something bothering her, and she had no idea how to express her feelings. So she complained to her friends until they helped her figure herself out. Being a teenager was strange. "It’s so annoying because it's so lame,” Charity continued. “I’m over being romanced, getting flowers, and getting bored again.” “Sounds like you need to get laid,” Marisa said with a grin. Katie raised an eyebrow in consideration to Charity, who still stared blankly at the tv screen. “I can get laid, that’s not the problem and you both know it,” Charity argued. “We both know that you’re an easy slut?” Marisa prodded. “Ha ha, very funny.” Charity rolled her eyes. They were close enough friends to let this joke pass, but no self respecting girl liked being called a slut. Charity was mostly self respecting, at least to those who didn’t truly know her. It was fine that she liked sex, and not just the regular sex that she could get from almost any boy at the school. Charity liked weird sex, like back page experimental Cosmo magazine stuff; she found herself bored too easily, like she was right now in the retro game room at Marisa’s. And when she was bored, she thought about sex. The lithe blonde cheerleader sat up and threw the lifeless pillow into the opposite corner of the couch, preparing to get on her soapbox. The commotion was dramatic enough for Marisa to actually get off the phone and actually pay attention to her. “No, think about it, Mars. You and I both know we can get whatever we ask for from just about anyone. We can get in the backseat from a football player, or in the bathroom between classes from the weird/moody, silent kid. If we want an older guy, we’d just troll a bar with a fake ID; but we’re so pretty we wouldn’t even need one. I bet that we could even bag a teacher, like even a married one. Don’t you think that’s boring?” Katie blushed furiously as Marisa considered her words. For a typical blonde, Charity made a good point every now and then. However, Marisa wanted to see where Charity was planning on going with this, and also she wanted to see just how red Katie’s face could get from embarrassment. Charity wasn’t wrong, but she over-calculated just how horny Marisa actually was. It’d be cool and all to get caught up in a whirlwind romance with an older guy, or married man. That being said, she wasn’t one to open her legs at the drop of a hat like Charity. “So what’s your point?” Marisa asked. “I’m not trying to make a point, I’m just saying I’m bored,” Charity said. The cheerleader went back to flipping between channels with an ancient tv remote with tape wrapped around the battery pack. It was Marisa’s turn to not let things go, if something was bothering her friend, she’d at least want to know the cause, it was her game room after all. “Alright, if you’re that bored you should move onto threesomes and gangbangs. You know your way to the boys locker room, you’ve done it in their showers before, right?” Katie choked. “You’ve been in the boy’s locker room?” “Shut up virgin!” Charity snickered. It was an A and B conversation and Katie needed to C her way out. Katie’s virginity was well-renowned in her circle of friends. She was the athletic type, more interested in good grades and Martial Arts tournaments than dating. It wasn’t that she was ugly, quite the opposite. Katie was tall with almond shaped eyes and well defined muscles. Her honor student lifestyle, addiction to Tae Kwon Do, and most importantly her old fashioned Asian parents, did not allow the quick hook-ups like other girls her age. “I’m just saying I want something different, a kinky relationship without the banging — like fifty shades or something.” Charity tapped the remote against her chin. “I love that movie,” Katie quipped. Virgins just didn’t know when to shut up. Marisa decided it was time to give some sort of advice, Katie was getting no where with Charity. “So why don’t you find a billionaire to tie you up and spank you?” Marisa asked. “Who said I won’t be the one doing the spanking?” Marisa laughed, Katie blushed, but Charity was still deep in thought. They were at some sort of impasse, and she had no idea what she even wanted to hear. She was bored, kinda horny, and she wanted to play a game. The idea of being the ‘spanker’ was just a quick comeback to her friend, but Charity found it intriguing and worth a second thought. “I think we’re onto something, about the whole school being boys not men and whatnot. Wouldn’t it be kinky to be in charge of a boy like we were cougars? We could put them under our control, and force them to satisfy even our nastiest fantasies. I mean, really push the envelope.” “So what did you have in mind?” Marisa purred. She could be classically sexy when she wanted. Marisa was one of those girls that woke up perfect, olive colored skin came without the tanning bed, she had long eyelashes and barely had to apply any makeup at all because being beautiful just came naturally to her. Just like her former actress, supermodel mom. “I don’t know, maybe it will come to me,” Charity said. Still nothing came to her except a hot, churning feeling nestled between her legs. She felt the need to squeeze her thighs together, then do it again — harder. Charity softly bit her lip as she hungrily watched television. Maybe she did just need to get laid. That was when she saw the commercial that gave her the idea. At first, Charity wanted to laugh so she covered her mouth. Then she had to stifle something else, a moan. This was naughty, way naughtier than anything she’d ever thought about before. By far the naughtiest daydream while watching television. Charity flashed Marisa a wicked grin from the couch prompting her to say something. “Alright Chars, what’s on your dirty mind?” Charity crawled from the couch to whisper in her friend’s ear. Her words lost to those outside her cupped hand, but Katie tried to figure out what she was saying by watching their faces. The curiosity was killing her, she hated being left out and this felt super juicy. Marisa started off looking a little confused, then she frowned, and then she laughed. It wasn’t until Charity finished her sales pitch that Marisa featured the same wonton look as her friend. Marisa asked, “Is that really a thing?” “It totally is, I read about it online months ago,” Charity answered. “What kind of guy would even allow you to do that to him?” Charity raised her eyebrows and gave Marisa a knowing look. They were the best of friends, almost at mind reader level. “You know you already have a boy wrapped around your finger,” said the blonde cheerleader. It was Marisa’s turn to blush, she knew just who Charity was talking about. He was cute but not boyfriend material, safely tucked away in the friend zone where he belonged. At the same time, the cheerleader was right about him being wrapped around her finger, but that didn’t mean he’d be into the craziness Charity was proposing. However, Marisa was intrigued by this erotically charged challenge, how far would a boy go to please them? Especially a pushover like him. Marisa asked, “Just how —?” “We could condition him like a Pavlov dog, get him hungry with every ring of the bell. With our feminine wiles we could have him jumping through hoops in no time. Just think of it as a makeover, but with a twist." The two girls laughed as the commercial continued on just in front of them. Katie was officially out of the loop, her eyes jumping from the giggling girls and the television trying to deduct what she was missing. She'd had enough of waiting, so she stood from the couch. “What are you guys talking about? And what does that have to do with Pampers?” …. 1 “No way!” That’s what Adam wanted to say when Marisa invited him to her lake house for the four day weekend. It had to be a prank or something, why would a popular girl want to spend time with a pipsqueak like himself? This was beyond the pale of believability, and it had a dreamlike quality that could just be pinched away. Sure, they shared a few classes together throughout their time in high school. He often helped her with her homework, which actually meant he did it himself, but that was always the plight of smart guys with pretty girls. The closest the two got was when Marisa played the role of his mom in the school play, 'Mother Knows Best'. However, those connections were hardly the means to be invited to a lake house. When he thought about it, he wasn't even sure they were friends, and he had expected her to disown him at her earliest convenience. Marisa was so far out of his league that they weren't even playing the same sport. She looked like a trending movie star, had the etiquette of a princess, and she practically ran the school with her personality alone. As for her body, her mom was some kind of bikini model, and the apple didn’t fall too far from the scantily-clad tree. Marisa often wore short shorts to show off her long legs and halter tops to show off her naturally tan skin. Her hair was the color of honey and caramel, finding a soft niche between blonde and brunette. She was also homecoming queen as if there was any doubt. Adam asked, "Why me?" Marisa didn’t give him an answer, she just giggled. He agreed to go anyways, but that was before he found out that Charity and Katie were going as well. Now, he would be the only boy in a lake house with three of the hottest girls in his grade. "No way!" That’s what his friends all said when he told them how he was planning to spend his weekend. They worshipped him like he’d pulled off the impossible, like he’d found the holy grail. Jerry joked, "Hold on, wasn't Marisa the one who was your mom in the play -- wouldn’t that make her a MILF?” There was plenty of laughter and high fives to go around, they all told jokes at his expense. Adam regretted letting his plans slip. When they realized that he was telling the truth, his entire table had a bit of an overreaction. His friends turned into howler monkeys — bouncing around the table, banging their chests with their hands, and victoriously pumping their fists into the air. They fantasized and strategized on how he could bed all three girls, maybe at the same time. The commotion caused the whole cafeteria to stare, and that made Adam want to disappear. Out of all his nerdy friends, Jeremy typically razzed on him the most. He was a self-proclaimed love expert, and even he looked borderline jealous of Adam. He reminded him that this was how pornos started, 'hot chicks with a helpless geek'. They surrounded Adam in a makeshift football huddle around the table, game planning what his next move should be, and how he should best handle this 'opportunity'. His mom would probably complain about all of the locker room talk, but Adam was happy that his mom wasn't there to hear what was being said. He kept his hands over his face to hide his blushing cheeks. He let out a couple of nervous laughs to play off his unease, but he didn't touch his lunch. Good things weren’t supposed to happen to the wallflower, the outcast. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they evaluate themselves against the hopeless backdrop of their peers — a measurement of deviation from normalcy. It didn’t take long for Adam to see how different he was from most eighteen year olds. He was short and scrawny, and small enough to still shop in the kids section. Adam never had to shave, even the freshmen had stubble. It was like the puberty fairy forgot to sprinkle dust on him while he slept. He even played the cute little kid in the school play. Everyone laughed at the jokes, they coo’ed and aww’ed at him, all the while he was a senior in high school. He wasn't bad looking, both his mom and grandma said he was handsome. That’s two women spanning two generations, that had to count for something, right? Adam was shy and struggled to talk to girls, he was a virgin and never had a girlfriend because he was afraid if he asked they’d say -- “No way!” Okay, he was better with girls than he gave himself credit. Jeremy often marveled at how well he did with the opposite sex despite being so clueless. He was the opposite of Adam, Jeremy kept up with the latest fashions, dressed the part and quoted GQ like it was scripture. His reputation for unsuccessfully chasing skirt, and his palpable desperation, led to him turning off every girl at school. However, he still lectured Adam almost daily in how to get girls. Just like he was doing now. Jeremy advised, “You’ve got to have the confidence to be yourself if you want to seal the deal.” The irony was not lost on Adam; he did his best to ignore him, he didn’t want to be the one to burst his friend’s bubble. Adam just looked at things differently, his friends all changed as they grew older — everyone except Adam. Friday nights were no longer about pizza and late night video game sessions, there were no more nerf wars with walkie-talkies in the woods; now, all his crew cared about was getting laid. Adam wasn’t like them. He still played with action figures, watched cartoons and he loved wearing his Pokémon shirts to school. Like Ash Ketchum, Pokémon was timeless. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in girls, his life didn't revolve around hooking up. The situation at school didn't help matters, he was prime pickings for a lot of random harassment from his female classmates. When he walked down the halls, he got his hair ruffled, butt goosed, a couple of times he was even carried off by a pack of giggling girls. It wasn't anything sexual, it was just how they'd flirt with a senior that looked like an 8th grader. They also gave him kindly nicknames, calling him 'squirt', 'honey', 'baby'. They treated him like a kid brother, not potential boyfriend material. “No way!” That’s what Adam thought his mom would say when he asked her if he could spend the weekend at a lake house with three girls. This wouldn't pass her puritanical smell test for sure. However, she surprised him with the biggest smile and a sincere happy mommy hug. Adam still got those at eighteen. Then she asked, “Honey, do we need to talk about safe sex?” “No way!” Adam wanted to scream, but he just shook his head. She did so anyways, for an entirely painful 30 minutes, Adam never wanted to hear about the birds and bees ever again. The following day he found a box of condoms on his pillow, a gift from mom. How come everyone was viewing this lake house invitation as a VIP ticket to orgyville? Of course he knew of all three girls, they were school-wide royalty with perfect hair and perfect bodies to match. Cool seemed to always stick with them and change with them like seasons. They were the unapologetic trend setters, who all girls wanted to be and whom all boys wanted to be with. Charity was a blonde, everyone knows the type, a cliche valley girl that began each sentence with OMG and spelled out LOL instead of laughing. Her clothes were expensive but always bought on sale. She wasn’t really rude, she just tried really hard to make it seem like she didn’t care. Adam knew for a fact that she did, back in sophomore year, she stopped a few members of the football team from putting him in a locker. She had a reputation as a girl that went all the way, which meant as much to Adam as the weather on the moon. Katie was more of a mystery. The Asian girl was a blackbelt in TaeKwonDo, genuinely polite and caring. Her GPA was through the roof, and she won an award in just about everything she did. Her intelligence was just as intimidating as her muscles, she was athletic and quick to solve a math problem. As far as Adam knew, she never had a boyfriend. It seemed like the dating scene passed by them both. The boys at his table had different ways to describe the girls, they made hand gestures regarding their curves, they kissed at the air like lovesick fools. Jeremy asked, "So you're going to film this right? You're going to make an epic porno." "Um... No way," muttered Adam. This would not end in sex, he thought to himself. However, there was a secret in the duffle bag cradled between his feet. Safely tucked away in a sock was the box of condoms his mother had bought him. There was no way that he'd put anything on video, even though the thought did excite him a bit. That'd be one way to get back at Jeremy for razzing him about his virginity for the last four years. Adam looked around to see his support group had turned on him, no longer regarding him as the king of the table, only as the loser who wouldn't give them what they wanted. The energy deflated like a worn balloon. Adam hated himself for telling them his weekend plans, but he also hated disappointing them. So he did what all cowards did, he gave in. "Okay, fine. If anything happens I'll try to catch it on video." Adam expected them to cheer, chant his name, and carry him around the cafeteria, but they all fell silent. Their eyes went wide, their jaws dropped open with shocked expressions on their faces, he was surprised by the effect his words had on them. He was even more surprised to hear Marisa's voice come from behind him. “What do you plan to catch on video?” Adam felt the dual sensation of panic and humiliation when he wondered just how much she had heard. The world reeled in slow motion as he turned from the table to see not only Marisa, but Charity and Katie as well. They all had the same look on their faces, the same kind that his mom had when he did something bad. He ran his hand through his shaggy hair, he had no idea what to say, so he nervously chuckled while looking to his friends for help. Jeremy turned his back on him, whistling like he had nothing to do with operation Amatuer Pornstar. It looked like Adam was already on his own, some group of friends that he had. "I was hoping to make a nature video. You know, of the animals around the lake." A surprising solid 3 star save in the clutch! Right on cue, the boys around him nodded in agreement, someone muttered something about squirrels. It looked like everyone believed Adam except for the three girls. Katie crossed her muscular arms, Charity rolled her eyes, and Marisa had her hands on her hips as if to say: "No way..." "I'm sure you care all about the wildlife," Charity groaned. She had plenty of experience with bad boyfriends and could sniff out a masculine lie like a bloodhound. Marisa seemed the quickest to shrug it off. "My mom just pulled up, are you all packed and ready for our trip?" Jealousy emanated from his friends as they left the boys at the table. The ones who were about to throw a parade in his honor were now giving him sideways glances like he was the first one to shout bingo in a room full of grannies. He was no longer wanted at this table, and he was pretty certain that he wouldn't be until he came back with a scandalous video. That probably wouldn't happen, because despite the peer pressure, Adam still thought that it was a bad idea. Katie asked, "Are you excited?" The taller girl slugged him in the arm, harder than she probably intended, she was a black belt after all. He managed to nod back at her. Adam was not a fan of small talk, and he had to stop himself from throwing up when he opened his mouth. He said something that sounded like 'yeah', but it was more of a grunt than a word, so he cleared his throat and said it again. It still came out as a mumbling mess. The hallway to the car seemed to go on forever, how was he supposed to talk to these girls this weekend? Adam wanted to open up, shake off the shyness, but he was still a mumbling, bumbling idiot. Two conflicting thoughts battled in his mind as he shuffled in silence. The first, that his friends were wrong, and this wouldn’t be some sort of sexy party with a wild romp with these girls. This was highly likely, and the most probable outcome, but some leftover mystery still lingered — what if they were right? What if he was heading into a trap where these girls would bang him all weekend? It sounded like a fantasy, but it made him want to throw up. Both thoughts were equally nerve racking, and he couldn’t think of anything else. Marisa put her arm around him and shook him awake. "Come on, Adam. We're going to have a great time this weekend. We've been looking forward to hanging out with you, so there's no need to be nervous." He melted a little bit when she flashed a smile at him. "We're going to have LOADS of fun,” Charity giggled. There was a red luxury SUV in the parking lot, a beautiful woman leaned against the passenger side door like a Bond girl. Her long blonde hair swayed in the wind, same as her loose fitting turquoise summer dress that looked like it was ripped straight from a fashion magazine. She looked like she was high maintenance but worth every penny. Marisa pointed to her. "It looks like my mom is here. Adam, why don't you say hello while we load up all the bags in the back?" "No Way!" Is what Adam thought when he saw Marisa's mom for the first time. Jeremy liked to use the word MILF to describe any woman over the age of thirty, but that's the exact way Adam would describe her. She had aged out of pretty but matured into beautiful. The nerves rose up again, and he chose to look at his feet rather than make eye contact with her. He wanted to snap out of it, say something witty or polite, but he just walked in front of her and stood there expectantly. Like a mute. Mrs. Hartmann leaned down and ruffled his shaggy brown hair. "So you're this Adam that Marisa keeps talking about. I recognize you from the play, you look a little bit older when you're not wearing a sailor suit." A bit puzzled, Adam looked down at his Pikachu t-shirt and khaki shorts, then remembered what he wore for the play. Yes, he wore a sailor suit to make him look more like a kid. As if his genes didn’t do that enough already. “Yeah, those aren’t my regular clothes,” Adam mumbled. "I'm sure they weren't, but you did look so cute. I'd say that you were the audience's second favorite, and you memorized your lines so well. We were so proud of you, weren't we Marisa?" "We sure were," Marisa commented as she circled around the front of the car and hopped into the passenger seat. The hot mom extended her hand to shake his, Adam just meekly put his hands in hers. "My name is Lindsey Hartmann, and I'll be your driver today. You better be on your best behavior, I won't hesitate to give you a firm smack on the behind if you get out of line with any of these girls." Adam couldn't tell if she was joking or not, she was as difficult to read as Shakespeare with a stutter. However, he didn't like the sound of being spanked at all. There was something so demeaning and childish about that particular punishment. Adam had an active imagination. In his mind he saw himself draped over her lap — and he stopped himself from thinking about it even further because his face was turning pink. Marisa rolled down the window. “Aren't you going to join us?" Everyone was already inside the car by the time Adam recovered. He opened the door to the back seat to find Katie and Charity already comfortable and watching him expectantly. He stepped inside only to find a pink booster seat in the last open spot. Not only was it pink, it was a princess themed toddler chair covered with glittering magic wands, butterflies and fairy wings. A large sparkling tiara featured prominently where his butt would be. He wanted to say so bad — "No Way!" Really? Were they expecting him to sit in a chair for toddlers? Adam fumbled around the back of the booster looking for a way to pull it off the seat so he could actually sit down. It was tied to the backseat by some force beyond science, he certainly couldn't figure out where. Adam pulled and jerked at the chair while the whole car watched him make a fool out of himself. "Is there a problem?" Marisa asked from the front. "No, I'm just trying to move this car seat so I can sit down," Adam answered. "Could you do me a big favor and just deal with it this time?" Marisa asked politely. "We put the seat in for my baby cousin, and it was a real hassle that we do not want to do again. My mom is planning on taking her to the zoo next week." Marisa had a way of making Adam do whatever she wanted, the magic formula was her good looks and powerful charisma with a dash of his lack of backbone. She could easily put him under her spell. He felt helpless to her words; then again, a car seat was a car seat. Lines had to be drawn somewhere. Adam complained, "I don't think I'd even fit, I'm not a little kid." There the chair sat, its intentions evil to the core, and Adam wasn't planning on sitting in it — that was until Charity slapped the seat with her hand, which startled him. She didn't have to say a word, she just gave him a look. He was beginning to hate these girls and their looks. But once again like a coward, he gave in. He climbed into the car seat without any more protest. The arms on the booster were snug around his waist, but besides that, he did fit. Adam frowned when he did. Marisa snaked her hand from around the front seat and gave his thigh a squeeze. "And you thought you were too big," Marisa laughed. "Well, I —“ Lindsey interrupted, "Aren't you going to buckle up?" Adam desperately wanted to argue, say something about being an adult, but everything around him seemed to move too fast. In a flash, Charity deftly pulled the seat belt over him, her hands sliding uncomfortably through his comfort space, barely above his no-no zone, but the boy was flabbergasted already. Too many girls, too little of space, and princess themed car seats had a way of getting to someone. "Alright, he's locked up tight. Let's get this show on the road," Charity announced.
  15. This is the first story I’ve ever written so please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. ——————————————— Chapter 1 *Beep Beep Beep* Theo was rudely awoken by the alarm next to his bed. After a brief panic thinking he’d have to get up soon to go to college he soon remembered that it was the summer holidays and it was in fact much later than first thought, and was safe to assume he’d slept through the first few chirps of the alarm. The sun burst through the gaps in his curtains and he heard footsteps from outside his door, by the looks of things it was going to be another glorious British summers day. “Morning sweety!” His Mum Kelly said as she opened his bedroom door and brought him a warm cup of tea. “Mornin’” he said rather groggily as he hadn’t quite woken up yet. “You better get up and shower soon, don’t forget we’re going to the shopping centre this morning to get you some new trainers. I’m just going to change Izzy and get her ready for nursery and after that we’ll head off!” Theo nodded in response to his Mum with a loud yawn. Theo lived with his Mum Kelly and baby Sister Izzy in a modest suburban house just on the outskirts of a typical British town. His Dad worked abroad so didn’t see him much, and has only really ever known living with his Mum and more recently, Izzy. She was of an age where she was preparing for potty training so his mum had been recently busy rushing around getting all of the necessities like potties, progress charts and pullups. However as it was the holidays she’d promised that her and Theo would spend the day together. He didn’t have many friends and had spent most of the holiday playing on his games console, so he was looking forward to going out and getting some fresh air. Truth be told Theo had been extremely jealous of Izzy since the day she was born. All the attention went her way and Theo was desperate for a bit of love from his mum. He’d give anything to go back to the days where he had no responsibilities and his mum would take care of him 24/7. For as long as he can remember he had a fascination for nappies and other baby items, often fantasising about being a baby again. These feelings were only accelerated when his sister was born and he very occasionally found the courage to sneak out some nappies from his sisters room and feel them in his hands, although they were way too small to actually wear much to his frustration. “Theo get a move on we’ll be leaving in a minute, I don’t want Izzy to be late for nursery!” He put down his phone and quickly hopped in the shower, cleaned his teeth and threw on some grey cotton shorts and a plain blue t-shirt. He decided against his hoodie as he knew it was going to be a warm day. He flew down the stairs and ran through the dining room towards the front door picking up a slice of toast for his breakfast in the process. “Why don’t you just get up a bit earlier instead of rushing around like a headless chicken every morning?” Kelly said as she was putting Izzy’s shoes on. “Was just having a lie in, and I don’t see what’s wrong with the way I get ready!” He said with a slight grin. Kelly was wearing a plain black pair of leggings and a pink cardigan. Theo was abnormally short for his age but his mum would tower over most of his friends, and he was constantly being teased about his mum being a ‘milf’. He looked down at his sister who was wearing her typically babyish pink clothes, and as she bent over he caught a glimpse at a pink pull-up riding over the top of her skirt. At that moment he imagined himself in that position, but it was simply a passing thought as they all bundled out the door into their modest hatchback. “Izzy sweetie remember what we talked about earlier, as soon as you need to go wee wee or poo poo today tell one of the nurses and they’ll take you to the potty!” Kelly said slowly as we pulled out of the drive and drove down the road. “Yes mumma” Izzy muffled as she put her thumb in her mouth. Theo rolled his eyes. He couldn’t wait to have a day alone with his mum away from his little brat of a sister, so he could finally be the centre of attention for once. As he glared out the window watching the world go by, he begun to feel a strange sensation from his stomach, suddenly remembering he had completely forgotten to go to the toilet in the rush to leave this morning. He wasn’t worried though it wouldn’t be too long until they’d be at the shopping centre, and he was pretty confident of his ability to hold it. Within a few minutes the car parked up outside Lily’s nursery. “I’ll be back in a minute Theo” Kelly exclaimed as she let Izzy out of her car seat. “Don’t take too long mum I want to be the first in the shops to beat the queues!” Theo exclaimed rather urgently, knowing full well his ulterior motive of needing to relieve himself. Theo watched as his mum and sister entered the nursery along with numerous other little kids and their parents. He began to fantasise about his mum leading him into the nursery fully padded ready for a day of playing around with toys without a care in the world. “Oh through good old days” he thought to himself, trying to recall any early memories he had of any similar events. He was suddenly jolted back to reality by the growing feeling in his bowels. He was very regular and usually did his business as soon as he got up to avoid using public toilets, something he’d always had a paranormal fear of. Doing your business near someone you’d never met before made him anxious and he’d spent his whole life avoiding it at all costs. Kelly soon returned to the car. “Right let’s get going, you thought about what trainers you’d like?” Theo’s mum enquired as she turned the key and set off from the nursery. “Not really” he snapped back. “How long will it take to get there? I kind of need the loo...” “We only left the house 15 minutes ago did you not go before we left?” His mum said, with a slightly frustrated tone. “Well I didn’t need to then!” This was of course a white lie, but it’s the standard response for this kind of situation. “I’m sure you can hold on you’re a big boy, it won’t be long until we get there”. Theo chose not to respond as he thought his mum was teasing him, instead choosing to focus on the road ahead of him. However unlucky for him the car was soon stationary due to the standard rush hour traffic. “Bloody typical” he thought to himself. Panic started to set in. He began to experience some pretty intense cramps and needed to keep changing positions in his seat in order to have some slight, albeit temporary, relief. The fact that he was facing the prospect of using a public toilet wasn’t helping but he was beginning to doubt his ability to hold on. Kelly looked over to her to her son who was now squirming non stop. “You don’t need a poo do you?” She said with a look of slight concern. Theo’s face went bright red with embarrassment, that’s the kind of question she would ask his baby sister not him. “Ummm yeah pretty bad” he responded. In reality, he was on the brink of exploding as his desperation accelerated. “Just hold on for a bit longer, the car park is just past those lights we won’t be long.” Said his mum trying to give him some words of support. One massive cramp hit Theo’s stomach, signalling he’d run out of time. His hands grabbed onto either side of his seat and he lifted his bum as he tried to let out a small fart in order to relieve some pressure. Terrible decision. “Uh oh” Theo squeaked quietly as he felt a huge soft lump escape his bum accompanied by a muffled wet fart. The sudden hot feeling on his bum was a strange and alien sensation as the poo met the resistance of his pants, mushrooming and spreading across his bum. Theo went into complete shock as he was unable to stop what was unfolding. At the same time a steady stream of pee completely drenched the front of his shorts and subsequently the car seat. Theo had completely and utterly messed himself, something he hadn’t done since he was a toddler. His mother looked over and audibly gasped, met with the sight of a big wet spot forming on the front of her son’s shorts. “Oh my god Theo what are you doing?” She sniffed the air and caught a whiff of a smell she had become so used to since having a baby. “Please don’t tell me you’ve...” she said as she stared disappointingly at Theo. All he could do was hang his head as tears began to form...
  16. I've been posting mostly on Archive of Our Own because I like the formatting better, but I don't get as many responses there, and people here seem to prefer stories being posted directly instead of linked to. So I'm thinking of maybe posting stories here while they're being written, and then putting the finished story on AO3 later. Anyway, this story started out inspired by this short story on WarpMyMind, but it's ended up pretty different from its inspiration. Tanya Carissa and I were best friends, or at least so we told ourselves. Totally just friends, really close friends, and definitely both straight. She was my first kiss. We told ourselves we were practicing for our future boyfriends, but we liked kissing each other so much, we kept doing it. And we liked doing other things together, too. It didn’t occur to us to call it anything more than just friends having fun together. It also didn’t occur to us to consider it cheating, when we kept having fun together while we were dating guys. We went on like that throughout high school and into our twenties. We got a place together - to “save costs”, or so we said - and without really discussing it, my bedroom ended up being just the place I stored my stuff while Carissa and I shared her bed. But after a break up where my ex accused me of preferring Carissa to him and said "why don't you just date your girlfriend?", I began to seriously question my sexuality, and the true nature of my feelings for Carissa. When I finally decided to confess to Carissa and make it official, she was dating some guy named Scott. I didn't even consider that she might be serious about him, I just assumed that she was dating men because she thought she was supposed to, just like me. But when I came out, and asked for us to be exclusive, she told me she loved him. In fact, she'd been thinking about moving in with him. She loved me, too, she said, but she didn't want to disappoint her parents, and besides, she wanted children. Since she loved us both, she'd pick the one who could give her a better life. And so, I might have lost the love of my life, just when I realized that I loved her. But I wasn't going to give up so easily. Back when we were around 9 years old, we'd gone through the woods and found an old cave filled with strange markings. We spent most of our summer vacation exploring those caves. We were going into middle school, and we were worried that the new environment would change our friendship. So the day before school started, we met in those caves, with a knife I'd taken from home, and we pricked our fingers and mingled our blood, making a promise to never stop being best friends. I hoped that bringing Carissa back there would help remind her of how she felt about me. I talked her into going there with me, "one last time". There, I convinced her to have sex with me, “one last time”. When we both came in unison - a rarity for us, usually I took longer - I thought that surely, with this reminder, she’d realize that she couldn’t give me up. But then she got up. “I should get started packing.” She said, avoiding eye contact with me. She felt guilty, I realized, like a punch in the gut. She regretted it. “I’ll stay here a little longer.” I said. “You go on ahead.” When she left, I cried for awhile. And then I looked up, and realized the strange markings were starting to glow. “The promise is fulfilled,” a strange ethereal voice spoke in my head. I should have been afraid, but instead, I felt peace coming over me. “The gift will be given.” Scott Carissa and I were attracted to each other from the moment we met. We had a lot in common, and hit it off right away. A month later she moved into my place. Her friend Tanya helped her move in. Carissa had talked a lot about Tanya, and we'd met a few times. But this time, something was different. Carissa and Tanya had some sort of tension between them, and Tanya looked like she'd been crying. "Carissa, is everything OK between you and Tanya?" I asked her privately as Tanya was bringing in boxes. "Yeah, it's fine." Carissa said. "We had a dispute about some private matters, but it'll be fine. Tanya and I have a strong friendship." "I just feel kind of awkward. She seems like she's been crying." I said. "I know it's none of my business, but…" I stopped as Tanya pushed open the door with her knee. "Hey, Scott, where's your bedroom?" Tanya asked. That night, Carissa and I lay down in the same bed. It wasn't the first time she'd spent the night here, but it was different, knowing that she was here for good. I snuggled into her, my heart swelling in my chest. She fell asleep first, and I just lay there for a long time, enjoying her presence, until finally I fell asleep as well. My sleep was filled with strange dreams. I dreamt of Tanya and Carissa together, Tanya fingering Carissa while I watched, simultaneously jealous and aroused. And then Tanya turned and looked at me. "Shouldn't you have a diaper on?" She said, and I realized that I was peeing my pants. I tried to stop it, but it wouldn't stop. I was woken up by Carissa. "Hey hun, did you wet the bed?" I looked at her puzzled, then I realized that the wetness I'd felt in my dreams was still there. I sat up and pulled the covers off. "Oh, uh. Yeah I guess I did. That's weird. I never do that." "Hopefully it was just a one-off. Otherwise, we might have to get you some protection!" Carissa joked, and I blushed red at the thought, remembering my dream.
  17. Tricked by my family I decided to enter this story in @kasarberang competition. Feel free to post feedback and suggestions, and I welcome constructive feedback. Introduction: I guess things haven’t been normal for a long time. Bedwetting and bladder issues runs in our family. Mom tried to avoid the topic, but aunt Cassie didn’t deny it either. My older sister Katie, who is now sixteen became older and more mature, she helped babysit me. Mom was irritated that I didn’t want to wear diapers, and often fussed about it. My sister Katie made it seemed like she didn’t like changing my diaper, but mom wanted her to help babysit me anyway. Sometimes mom wanted me back in diapers “Because” for reasons I didn’t quite understand. Mom kept telling me it wasn’t a punishment. For the first time, mom went on a business trip, with my sister “in charge”, now she is 16 and trustworthy. My aunt was around to check on us and help out, but she worked as a nurse, for a medical clinic. Little did I know how things would change for me. Getting ready: Aunt Cassie brought over some food for while we were gone. My sister drinks a lot of Gatorade, and seems to always read the label on food and drink. She likes to stay active, and is glad she doesn’t wear pullups to school much. Mom asked if we had plans for the almost two weeks she will be away. My sister says she’ll be studying, but didn’t say which subject. Mom didn’t seem surprised. Cassie mentioned that I had a doctors appointment this week, for a “checkup”, which made me worry about what the doctor needed to check. I’ve been to doctors and hospitals enough, and things happen unexpectedly, and sometimes hurts and I cry like a baby. I wet my pullup a lot just thinking about it. Mom handed Katie a wallet of gift cards, for CVS, Grubhub, and a few other places. We had plenty of frozen food, but could also order food delivered. Cassie handed a folder with some papers, that mom put together for while she was away. “Mom, did you schedule our daily activities in advance?”, she asked. “I don’t want you two sitting around watching Netflix all day”, mom replied. Cassie also brought over a box of diapers and other supplies, supposedly for her neighbors, but I knew it was meant for me. I had started to cry, and Cassie picked me up, and tried to comfort me, as my sister walked with mom, bags in hand. “You sure are a little girl, aren’t you?” Cassie said quietly. She checked that my pullup was now soaked. A few minutes later, Cassie had me back in my room, removed my pullup, cleaned me and put a diaper on me. My sister came in, a little surprised I hadn’t thrown a tantrum. I really don’t like getting put in diapers during the day, or getting changed.
  18. This is my first attempt at a story. It’s kind of a slow burn, but it will quickly ramp up. In any case, here it goes. Falling In Reverse “Wake up baby girl, today’s your big day,” a sing-song Southern-twanged voice floated me awake, “it’s your 2nd birthday, and there’s so much to do with such a short amount of time! This is such a big day for you, hon, Mommy is juuuust so excited!” I groggily awoke, taking in my surroundings. I lay in state in a large crib with sky scraping white bars. My room was decorated in a flowery motif with pink and white stripes, and a giant “Princess Jaclyn” hung from wooden letters above a closet. There were a few dressers, including a larger table with diapering supplies slinked on the top shelf. Next to my crib was a red haired woman with sultry looks...I was so lucky to belong to her... I was snapped out of my daze by the drawl of the red head. “Cmon baby, you are really wet, Mommy Beth needs to change your icky panties, your guests are going to be here soon!” Mommy Beth? Guests? A birthday party? I casually sucked on my pink pacifier, taking this all in for another day in a row. Mommy Beth took me out of my crib, led me to the changing table on the corner and began to change my diaper...everything came flowing back to me as I regained my footing for the daytime...it had been a long time, given the simple complexities of each day, I had begun to lose track, but I could not forget how it had all started and how I had gotten to this point...this was my 10th “second” in a row. As I had my legs raised and my diaper slipped under me, I began to daydream off in my own space. My journey to being Mommy Beth’s baby girl had started over a decade before. I was fully conscious now and as my wet diaper was mercifully changed into something dry, I looked at my Mommy’s radiant smile, sucked on my pacifier and began to daze back onto how it had all began... 10 Years Prior I had been a first year college freshman, away at school and away from the overbearing glares of my parental units. Freedom. Liberty. All that was awesome. This was finally afforded to me. I could hang out with who I wanted, i could stay up as late as I wanted, it was all at my fingertips. I took this newfound freedom to join groups online that would have been looked at as taboo and quite off putting by those around me; they’d certainly open me up to a large amount of ridicule at the very least. I’d grown up in a small conservative town in a rural environment hostile to change and free-thinking. So when I had the chance to bolt for greener pastures, I jumped on it and never looked back. It was finally an honest attempt at being able to finally distance myself from my past, no matter how twisted things may get in the future, for better or worse. I’d always had an interest in things that weren’t necessarily mainstream. Between my penchant for marihuana ingesting and love of ancient rock albums, I didn’t fit in with the popular groupings at school or within my own peer group. I was okay with that though, as I didn’t want to fit in, I yearned for more in my life than surrounding myself with a sad sass of sycophants ready to whoop it up over the woebegone tales of many a basketball game gone by. So when I’d been accepted into a school a million miles away from my throttled existence, I jumped at the chance to go. Sure, my family feigned sadness over my departure, but it was a necessary break for all of us. Little did I know, of course, that my break would be permanent. With the freedom now in front of me, I could finally utilize it to explore some inner voices in me that had been yearning to be out for some time, particularly in the sexual relations department. I’d long been interested in quite a few things, but I’d never gotten a chance to really explore them, other than spending scattered shots of time reading about them on an ancient dial up computer using AOL CDs as rocket fuel to the dark corners of the Interwebs. One thing in particular always drew my attention, and it was a strange one indeed. The sad truth was, I always had an intense interest in diapers. I couldn’t walk by a diaper aisle in a store without having my eyes glued to it. I couldn’t watch a diaper commercial on TV without doing the same, nor could I divert my attention elsewhere when my aunt changed my cousins. I had no attraction to children, of course. I wasn’t a pedophile...I just would whistfully imagine myself as the center star in a distant production of a diaper change by someone, anyone. It was a strange thing to think of, but I was borderline obsessed with it. Doing an internet search one day while the rest of my family was at a high school basketball game, I found a treasure trove of stories and the like that made me realize I wasn’t alone in my desires. Since I had nowhere to turn to in my immediate vicinity, I never acted on my desires, instead looking for new posts on forums at scattershot times to keep my desires going. Soon, I was off to my new locale; I’d been accepted into the University of Hawaii, a place I could finally branch out in. I could finally be myself, meet a new crowd, and could finally explore what really made me tick. I flew out from my rural habitat to Honolulu a week before classes started, so I could acclimate to my new surroundings. When I got to my dorm, I finally had an outlet, and a place for privacy. Being antisocial as I was, I’d requested that I be placed in a single unit. I had to share a bathroom, of course, but that was a small price to pay. Setting up shop in my room, I felt like I’d entered some sort of alien futurist paradise. The Internet wasn’t dial up, I had free cable. I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. That night, I set up my computer and went out for food. I’d even bought a few decorations for my room, including a lacquered porcupine fish, which I’d planned to hang from my ceiling. After I’d gotten back in, I decided to surf the Internet before I fell asleep. It wasn’t long before I’d hit on my vices again. One thing led to another, and I’d soon found my way to a listing of Yahoo groups. I searched “ab/dl mommies” and a group jumped out. It was titled “AGE PLAY PERSONALS” and featured a host of people seeking, apparently, play partners. I decided to take a scattershot approach, and began IMing friend requests on a blanket scale, many to no avail. I’d given up, becoming disheartened by the results of my seemingly delusional adventure. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, I kept telling myself. As I’d changed into reading something non-fetish related, I received an alert. BethyBubbles9 had accepted my friend request and was now online. My heart jumped. It seemed a new adventure had begun...
  19. [Author’s note: This is a story from a different perspective, and set in the near future. I got the idea of having stories in the same ‘universe’ from other stories, although I’m not quite sure yet how it fits with my other stories. Medical themes and regression are involved in this story. As always, feedback welcome, so let me know what ya'll think] Chapter 1: Experience required After my birthday, and turning 20, I thought I had everything planned out. Most of my childhood health issues had been resolved, and I had my own small apartment. Not to brag, but I was top of my class at nursing school, but had trouble finding work. Hospitals wanted someone with a 4 year degree, or it was basically as a nursing assistant, with much less pay, not a position for a qualified nurse. I had a scholarship, but also earned money tutoring. Tutoring younger kids actually paid better than older kids. It was looking like I was going to have to finish my BSN degree before I’d take her seriously. One of my interviews was at a small children’s hospital. They said I didn’t have enough experience. I spent half my childhood in hospitals, but they didn’t care. I’m quite petite and still only 5’3” so they think of me as a kid, not a fully qualified nurse. Did they really notice that I wore a pull-up under my pants. I dread interviews for jobs, because of peoples weird reaction to my past, assuming they know, since I legally changed my name at 17. I was a medical miracle according to some, but others though they might catch some virus from me. I’ve survived a gymnastics fall that sent me to the hospital, a car accident that put me in a coma, catching the flu every year as a child, and more. Daycare experience: I’ve worked at daycare centers, preschools, and a summer camp. For some reason, I haven’t been able to find a job I actually enjoy. Well, the summer camp work was good while it lasted. Tutoring grade school students pays well, and doesn’t come with the stress of babysitting kids. Unlike most babysitters, I’m quite experienced at changing older kids’ diapers, and changed my cousins many times growing up. Working at a daycare, the thing that frustrated me most, was how many parents, and teachers, bought into the whole ‘potty trained by 2’ nonsense. Kids do have accidents, kids do regress in their potty training. Medical conditions can cause temporary or or short term incontinence. At one one daycare I worked at part-time, the nurse was an idiot, and reassured parents that their little angel is happy, and their temper tantrums, anxiety and other behavior isn’t the parents fault. I quit after 2 weeks, even though they begged me to stay. At one daycare I applied for a job, then changed my mind, the director actually said she was trying to prepare 5 year olds for Harvard or MIT. Do they want their little darlings to need a lifetime of therapy? Then again, My aunt wanted me to work on schoolwork, the day after I woke up in ICU. I wasn’t really awake and could barely get a sentence out. Normal is overrated: Much to my mom’s annoyance, I loved watching House on TV. I still wear my House t-shirts sometimes. Even though I cringe at the inaccuracies, as I had been in hospital enough to notice, I loved the show. When parents insist their kid is normal, and somehow it’s the teachers fault, I want to scream. Kids learn in different ways, at their own pace. If the parents work too much, hire a tutor to help your kids learn the subjects. One phrase I really hate is “mastering their skills”, such as making sure they can do everything expected of a child in kindergarten. If the child is non-verbal, still in diapers, but seems to be able to read, and use a tablet or laptop, then teach them basic math and English. Last year, I tutored a young girl, turning 10, who was still in diapers due to her inability to stay consistently dry. Her mom was surprised that I was well aware some children find being babied by their mommy comforting, and changing diapers is often necessary. I was aware because that used to be me, I was in and out of diapers growing up. After the car accident, with my mom driving, she wanted things to go back to normal, but that couldn’t happen while I had to wear diapers due to a weak bladder. A second car accident, again with mom driving, was more than my mom could handle. When I woke up from the coma, my aunt was there, my dad was there, but no mommy, and I had a complete breakdown. Eventually, another of my aunts, Charlie, who happens to be a nurse, let me stay with her at the farm that was an hour out of the city, until I got better, and the was able to live with dad again, before going back to Aunt Charlie's farm. The reason I didn't stay with Aunt Charlie longer is that eventually word of my past leaked out, probably from staff at the hospital. Maybe they found one of the published medical journal papers, of one of the studies, that I was a part of. Surviving the pandemic: Part of the reason I hide the details my past as much as possible, is that my story was on national news, for reasons that are complicated. When coronavirus pandemic first hit, I tested negative, when people around me caught the virus. Specialized testing confirmed I didn’t have coronavirus, until a later strain hit me like a freight train. The hospital kept me isolated from other patients, including other teens with coronavirus. It was almost like I was a celebrity, well I was, kind of. Anyway, after a month in hospital, I had survived and my aunt Charlie and uncle Jack, took me to their farm about an hour out of the city. We stayed on the farm, although Charlie worked at a senior center as a nurse, part time. That was three years ago, and now I’m living on my own in the city, changed my name and appearance, and nobody knows my past. I’m just a normal young woman, although I still wear a mask, and gloves. Most people still wear masks, in the city. Tutoring Makela: I had been tutoring a 11 year old girl, mainly on biology. She had a concussion and spinal injury, when she came off her bike, due to a crack in the road. She still had a lot of questions, about how her recovery would be, and how the other girls at school, even her so-called friends avoid her since she returned to school, just before thanksgiving. She is surprised how knowledgeable I am on spinal injuries compared to most of the doctors she has seen. She had a tough day, as she had anxiety, and needed to lay down for a few hours, after getting her diaper changed by the nurse. School rules require her to change her diaper in the nurses office bathroom, or by the nurse. There was a different nurse at school today, who was surprised that Makela asked her to change her. During our tutoring session, Makela messed her diaper a bit, along with wetting it, and that upset her. Her parents are okay with me changing her, while I’m there, and so I changed her. A few weeks ago, her mom was surprised when she asked me to change her, as her mom was busy. I changed her without too much fuss, although since it was in the evening, Makela asked if I could put her night diaper on her, which was thicker than her normal day ones. Makela and her parents know I wear pull-ups, but assumed it’s because of my pandemic-related germophobia. Since the pandemic, more and more women are wearing a diaper or pull-up when going out, as it'si one way to avoid unhygienic public restrooms. It’s clear Makela realizes that I don’t find being in diapers a weird thing, and I’m supportive of her need for diapers.
  20. Chris and June Chapter 1 Author's note: Well, it's more of the same. People who like this sort of thing should find that this is the sort of thing they like, as I think Groucho Marx said. ‘Oh Chris,’ said June, gently shaking her husband awake. Chris woke and looked at his wife. He knew from her tone of voice what had happened before he became aware of the clammy sheet beneath his hips. ‘I’m sorry, honey,’ he said, clambering out of the big bed. ‘At least we’ve got the plastic undersheet,’ June said, tugging at the bedding as Chris stood by the side of the bed in his soaked pyjamas. ‘I’ll put everything in the wash,’ said Chris, trying to be helpful. His enuresis had developed slowly over the last few weeks. Other than that issue, Chris was physically healthy enough, and the doctor’s opinion was that there was a psychological background to it. Some months previously, the company Chris worked for and had helped build from a startup became embroiled, through no fault of Chris’s, in a series of complex legal actions which had very serious financial implications for him. In short, the company had failed under the weight of the law suits. Chris and June had said goodbye to the use of various company-owned assets such as a holiday house and car. Worse, a network of long forgotten directors’ guarantees had meant that Chris had been stripped not only of his once considerable wealth, but his business prospects as well. ‘Oh, you were with them,’ he heard more than once. Chris had had a few consulting jobs since the Big Disaster, but not enough to keep things afloat. He’d become bitter and depressed, and more or less stopped working. The couple now relied on June’s inherited capital and solid job, as an insolvency lawyer, ironically, to maintain their house and somewhat less lavish lifestyle. Chris now spent his time around the house, doing the things he’d never had the time to do while he was working long hours for the company. He gradually pulled out of his angry depression and began to take a genuine interest in the things he found to do at home. The dynamic between he and June began gradually to change too. June found that as the breadwinner, she began to enjoy the responsibility of supporting Chris and helping him through the dark times while his life’s work crashed around him. Chris carried his armful of wet bedding into the laundry. He looked at the plastic basket of their laundry which represented one of his chores for the day. He loaded the bedding into the machine, added washing powder to the receptacle and turned the dial to full wash then turned on the machine. The other basket could wait. Chris looked again at its contents. There was his terry tracksuit top and bottom - the comfortable clothing he now wore most days, a couple of pairs of his underpants and some of June’s business blouses, some panties and bras, and a pair of June’s jeans along with her gym gear. June's smart work skirts and jackets were dry cleaned rather than washed. Chris swallowed. His wife’s clothing seemed sophisticated compared with his simple tracksuits. Even her underwear looked more, well, adult, Chris thought. When he was first at home, Chris would dress in casual clothes. Then he'd only dress up if he went out with June - in her car of course. They hadn't replaced Chris’s company vehicle, and when his last licence renewal came around, June had said they could save the money since he didn't really need to drive at present. Chris had objected, but it was June’s money after all, so he'd given in without much pressure. Anyway, he didn't bother to change out of his tracksuit now if they went somewhere. There didn't seem much point, June had said. With the laundry underway, Chris went to the kitchen. He usually helped June with the breakfast, and did the washing up after she'd left for work. Chris found June in the kitchen, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a t shirt. He sat in his usual place at the breakfast table off the kitchen, where June had laid out a bowl of cornflakes for him. ‘Is it casual Friday at work or something?’ he asked, admiring as he always did June’s firm, well built body in the close fitting clothes. ‘No,’ said June. ‘And it’s Wednesday, Mr Muddlehead. My last case has finished and I thought I'd take a day off. Spend it with my baby,’ she said with a smile, putting a glass of orange juice in front of Chris and kissing him on the top of his head. ‘Didn't I mention it?’ ‘No,’ replied Chris, putting a spoon into his cornflakes and milk. ‘What was the last case about?’ ‘Oh, just boring stuff,’ said June. ‘Complicated but boring. I've got to do a bit of shopping today. I'm meeting up with Josie and I thought we could all have lunch in the park. We’ll leave soon after breakfast, once you've had a shower.’ There goes my morning on the computer, thought Chris. And lunch with Josie. She was a clone of June - a successful businesswoman, fit from regular workouts at the gym, and about three inches taller than he was, Chris thought with some irritation. Josie didn't just literally look down on Chris - she seemed to regard him as June’s unsuccessful husband and barely paid attention to him when she was around him. ‘Cheer up, grumpy,’ said June, looking at Chris’s gloomy face. ‘You like the park. And I expect you to be nice to Josie.’ ‘I am cheered up,’ said Chris defensively. ‘It's just…’ it was just that Chris felt that Josie treated him like an idiot. Last time she'd dropped in, Chris had tried to join in a discussion about finance and she'd brushed him off, telling him it was 'money stuff' and asking him about the computer game he'd been playing when she arrived. ‘Honey, Josie is a busy woman, like me. We often work together so we tend to talk about work. She doesn't think that really interests you, but she does like you, Chris. She thinks you're sweet. Now finish up and hop into the shower. We've got a lot to do.’ You mean you've got a lot to do, thought Chris. ‘Can I have a cup of coffee first?’ asked Chris, eyeing June's steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee. ‘I don't think so, Chris,’ said June. ‘I think you'd better give coffee a break for a while. It might help with your bedwetting.’ ‘It's not bedwetting,’ objected Chris. ‘Just twice, well three times in months. That's not bedwetting.’ ‘Sweetie, it's four times not three, and in six weeks, not ‘months’. Twice in the last fortnight. If that's not ‘bedwetting’ it's awfully close. That's why we've got the plastic undersheet now. Doctor’s orders. Remember what Sally said?’ ‘She sees everything as a medical problem with a medical solution,’ replied Chris. ‘All I need to do is relax a bit, and I'm doing that.’ ‘And your bedwetting’s getting worse,’ said June, putting her hand gently on Chris’s arm. ‘It's not ‘my bedwetting’, June,’ said Chris forcefully, blinking and looking away from June as he felt unbidden tears rising. ‘Oh, honey, everyone's on your side,’ said June as Chris stood up. ‘Tell you what, we'll pick up a deep pan pizza from Joe’s for lunch, or I can make chicken and mayo sandwiches,’ she added. ‘Which do you want?’ ‘Whatever,’ said Chris as he stumped off to the bathroom. June sighed. Josie was right, she thought. He was like a surly teenager sometimes. To be continued.
  21. My first try at a story, was just feeling rather inspired this evening for no apparent reason. Figured I should write before I forget the thoughts and I've enjoyed many stories from here so only fair to share. Hopefully the syntax and spelling are ok, just using wordpad at the moment. Any constructive criticisms are welcome, I'll try write more later in the week. Ommy Oo-ah Chapter 1 This summer was definitely taking a turn for the worse... I had been looking forward to spending much of it hanging out with friends and playing in the park, maybe talking one of the girls from school into going on a few dates, I am in my prime and this would be my final year before college afterall! But that was not to be... It seemed all of my friends' families were going on big, foreign holidays as final pre-college trips so they were going to be away much of the summer. My family were far from poor but my parents believed in saving for the future rather than living in the present, as such I'd never been on a foreign holiday and could only envy my friends. Then to make things worse my grandmother needed to go into hospital for an operation early in the Summer and would need someone to look after her for the rest of it, since we had no holidays booked my parents were the obvious choice, but then what to do with me??? I wasn't thrilled with the idea of spending summer at my grandmother's house, it was old and a bit musty but worst of all it was in the middle of nowhere so no hope of hanging out with kids my age or any pretty girls. I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the idea of staying home alone either with all my friends gone, but it still seemed the better option so I just hoped I could convince my parents I could look after myself and they could trust me not to throw any wild parties or the like. They didn't buy it... Instead they mentioned their concerns to my aunt Oonagh and she said she'd be thrilled to have me stay with her and there was no hope of talking them out of that. Chapter 2 Oonagh and my mum had been friends since before I was born, they both started working in a company at the same time, my mum as a middle manager, Oonagh as a secretary, fresh out of college. Being new they sat through the same training seminars from the HR department and so went to lunch together, they quickly became friends and this became part of their daily routine. Many a day they would have one another in fits of laughter over the latest office gossip or some scandalous tale of their own personal lives. Then when my mum finally found "the one", my dad, she of course asked Oonagh to be her maid of honor. A few months later when mum found herself pregnant with me Oonagh organized the baby shower and took mum on many a trip to pick out adorable baby clothes so of course when I was born who else could they ask to be my god mother except Oonagh? This made her a regular guest as I grew up, so far no sign of her marrying or having kids herself so she typically spent Christmas and most of the big holidays with us, hence calling her "aunty". Never knew why she hadn't married..., she may have been somewhere in her 30's but she was still a youthful enough redhead and I did have to punch quite a few shoulders of my friends when they'd start making smart comments about her. Then when she'd take us to the beach for ice cream and a swim while she sunbathed the comments would last for days after.... While Oonagh had been a regular guest at our house we had never stayed at hers for more than an afternoon visit. I'd never actually been a guest at anyone's house for more than a night so the thought of staying all summer at Oonagh's made me nervous. My mum had always wanted more kids but only got me so she liked to keep me around and even in my teens was reluctant to let up stop thinking of me as her baby and still insisted that I couldn't hang out with friends on Sundays as that was "family day". To make matters worse I made the mistake of mentioning this concern of mine to my friends and they then spent the last days of school making up all kinds of crazy stories about being guests in other peoples' houses... at least I think they made them up... Missing them less already... Chapter 3 So here I was being dropped off by my parents at Oonagh's house as they headed on to grandma's. Mum had packed my suitcase with all my clothes, apparently not trusting me to do it myself, and insisted on walking me inside, hugging me repeatedly, telling me how much she'd miss me... Gah, finally dad got her to get in the car so they could go! Oonagh had a mid sized house, inherited from her own grandmother when she passed. It was on a quiet street in town with a park a short walk away and plenty of stores near enough. Thankfully my parents had let me pack my xbox as there were no nearby arcades and even, though it was mid-day in summer, little sign of other teens playing games on the street, so it was looking like a solo summer was on the cards. Oonagh showed me to my room, it was the guest bedroom but clearly done up with Oonagh's feminine tastes, all pinks, purples and a little too ornately furnished for my liking. On the upside at least it had a TV for my xbox! I unpacked my stuff and put all my tracksuits, t-shirts and jeans into the wardrobe. I then went to unpack my socks and underwear, opening the drawers to put them away. They were full... Here I was staring at a collection of panties, initially horrified thinking these were Oonagh's, only here and already I'd be in trouble for snooping in her private stuff!!!! A closer look showed they were too small to be hers though, although she is quite slender these were clearly belonging to a teenage girl, not a full grown woman. Panic over but confusion still present I closed the top drawer to try the next one, full too! This time with what looked to be a variety of bras and night dresses, next... Full AGAIN! Socks and tights... Who do these belong to??? She has no nieces that I know of?!? Last drawer... finally, empty! I stashed my socks and underwear though it was a tight fit in a single drawer and made a note to politely ask Oonagh later if she could move free up another drawer for me while I was there. I hooked up my xbox and started it up to make sure it was working fine, then turned it off and went to spend some time with Oonagh so as to not seem ungrateful she was letting me stay. Chapter 4 I found her in the kitchen enjoying a cup of tea while reading the paper, she looked up when I entered so I smiled and let her know I had unpacked. She got up and hugged me and told me she was thrilled to have me staying with her and she promised I'd go home telling everyone how she was my favourite aunt! I pointed out she was my only aunt which only made her laugh and hug me again. She asked if I wanted anything to drink, offering me a coke which I gladly accepted. We both sat at the table with our drinks and she asked me if I'd any news since she'd last visited (all of, oh, a month ago!). Me: "Nothing major." Oonagh: "Staying out of trouble?" Me: "Yes. Sure mum would have told you if I'd gotten in any." Oonagh: "True, but that's only if she knew about it." *wink" Me: "Nah, no trouble, even that she doesn't know about." Oonagh: "What? So no girls either then?" Me: "No... not yet..." She got up and hugged me again, telling me: "Don't let it bother you, you're still young and cute as a button." Oonagh: "Would you like to go out for dinner or order in?" Me: "Could we please go out and you could show me around the neighborhood, particularly what there was to do in the area?" Oonagh: "Sure, sweety." We got in her car and she drove around a bit pointing out the local interests, mostly just food and clothes stores, one music/DVD store but no arcades, or outdoor activities other than the park. Eventually we arrived at a small chipper she said was her favourite fast food place, it wasn't a brand I'd heard of but I was open to trying it. The food was ok and we both possibly ate too much, especially after she challanged me to see who could eat the most chips with no clear victor. As such we were both a little bloated and moaning getting back in the car, each letting out regular burps on the way home. After that she left me alone in my room for the evening while she was watching TV so I started playing my games to while away the time. I actually lost track of time and was jolted from my game by a knock at the door, Oonagh was telling me it was time to go to bed and I'd have plenty of time tomorrow to play my games. Chapter 5 I woke up the following morning and got dressed, picking yesterday's clothes off the floor and putting them in a laundry basket in the corner. Once decent I went downstairs to hunt for breakfast, finding Oonagh already at the counter. Oonagh: "Good morning." Me: "Morning, do you usually get up this early?" Oonagh: "I've work to go to so have to be up early, especially if I want to be home early to look after my summerchild!" - She stuck out her tongue to make me really feel silly for asking. She then got up and headed to the cupboards - Oonagh: "The bowls are here... and the cornflakes are here... I made sure to get your favourites, let me know if you start to run low so I can pick up more." After that she headed upstairs to finish getting ready for work while I poured myself a bowl and read some of the sports news from the paper she'd left behind. She told me to be good and call her if there were any problems before hugging me and saying goodbye. After she was gone I was tempted to head to the park to see if there was any hope of teenage antics but decided against it and just went up to my room to play on the xbox again, only stopping briefly around mid-day to have lunch and wash the dishes. Oonagh got home and found me sitting on the floor in front of the TV: "Did you go out at all today?" Me: "No, I thought it was best to stay out of trouble and stay in playing games." Oonagh: "Did you even remember to shower, doesn't smell like it?" Me: "Eh... no... is it that bad?", while sniffing my armpit. Oonagh while laughing: "No wonder you've been scaring the girls off!" Realizing I hadn't packed any of my shower gel and that my mum hadn't packed any towels I looked a bit sheepishly at Oonagh - Me: "Em, I just remembered that I didn't pack anything to wash or dry myself with..." Oonagh couldn't help but smile as she said: "What, you mean you want to risk getting cooties and use a girl's bathroom stuff!?!" I couldn't help but stammer my apologies before she grabbed me and hugged me, telling me she was only poking fun and of course I could use her shampoos and soap and she'd get me a towel to dry with. Oonagh: "If nothing else I'll be able to enjoy you smelling a heck of a lot better so it'll be worth risking cooties, make sure to change your t-shirt while at it." Sure enough she left a towel for me, like so much else in the house again it was pink but I was only going to be drying myself with it so what difference. Once clean I went downstairs and we had dinner, eating in this time while making pleasant conversation before I again returned to my xbox and her to her TV shows. Chapter 6 It continued much the same for the rest of the week, though during dinner we also made plans of what we might do on the weekend to have some fun and "unplug you from those games". On Friday however I was starting to run out of clean clothes but didn't want to be a hassle to Oonagh so I found the manual for the washer/drier and spent the morning reading through it before loading my clothes and letting it run. We went out to dinner in her favourite restaurant again that evening, this time challenging each other to who could drink the most milkshake, I won, but only just. When we got home I was rather desperate for the loo and pleaded to go first, thankfully she let me. When I got downstairs to thank her and let her know the toilet was free I found her looking at me rather concerned. The drier had malfunctioned and the clothes were ruined. Oonagh: "I'm sorry, I'd meant to warn you that the drier in the unit no longer worked and you neede to dry things on the radiators or the washing line instead." Me: "Em... what am I going to wear? I've got a few more t-shirts and tracksuits but no clean socks or underwear for tomorrow." Oonagh: "Well you could go commando but your mum would kill me. That goes double for if you wore a dirty pair of socks or underwear!" Oonagh: "I may have a solution for tomorrow, you won't like it but remember we just need to get to the shops to buy you clean socks and underwear." she said while smiling way too mischieviously. Me: "What is it..." knowing I was probably going to hate it. Oonagh: "You may have noticed there was some underwear left in the other drawers in your room, you could wear some of those for tomorrow." Me: "What!?! Those are panties!" Oonagh: "Panties, pants, same thing..." she said while still clearly finding this far too amusing. I gave her a look to show I was not convinced. Oonagh: "Look, it'll be only me and you that will know and I know I should have warned you about the drier so how about if you're good about this I'll buy you a new game to make it up to you." Me: "Ok, I guess..." Chapter 7 I got up the next morning thankful it was Saturday so at least Oonagh was free all day so we could go get me clothes to replace those that were destroyed. I went to the drawers and opened the one with the girl's socks, holding my breath as I hoped for something not too girly. Most of them would definitely draw attention with frills around the ankles and little flower/fairy/butterfly pictures that screamed "girl". Thankfully I managed to find one pair that although the cuff was a funny cut were otherwise plain so as long as I kept the cuffs covered by my pants they'd be fine. Next I gingerly opened the panty drawer and saw there was no such hope of a remotely gender neutral option here, like the room they were all girly colours: pinks, purples and light blue, most being silk/satin and quite a few having a clearly girly cut around the legs and waist. After staring and searching for a few minutes I gave up and just grabbed a pink silk pair from the front. I sat on the bed to put them on, putting on the socks first just to delay the panties a bit longer but then putting them on too. Pulling them up my legs I was expecting them to be too small but when I finally got them in place, although snug, they fit fine. The satin material felt odd, but kind of nice, made me think how nice it'll be the first time a girl lets me touch her through her panties. I started to get a bit excited and panicked, last thing I needed was Oonagh walking in on me like this and thinking I liked wearing panties so I grabbed my pants and threw them on, followed up with another t-shirt. I then headed downstairs for breakfast. Oonagh: "Well hello my pantyboy!" while laughing. Me: "I'm heading back upstairs..." and began to turn back. Oonagh: "Oh don't, I'm just having fun, besides I promise this stays our secret." I came back into the kitchen and got out a bowl, spoon and the cornflakes before sitting at the table. Oonagh came around and hugged me to say sorry before starting in with the jokes again: "Can I help it if I like having someone else wearing panties in this house?" before pinching my bum and heading upstairs. Me, to no-one in particular: "This game better be worth it..." Chapter 8 Once we were both fed and ready we headed out to the car and got in. Oonagh: "I need to do some grocery shopping first, then we'll get you your game so I don't have to put up with a grumpy guss all day before we go get you replacement clothes." Me: "Ok, sounds good." The grocery shopping went smoothly enough, though it did take a while. It was mostly just the normal food, coke and treats for me (hurray for aunty!) and then a number of things where Oonagh would ask me to mind the trolley while she wandered off to get them and tossed them in the trolley on her return. I didn't pay any attention to what they were, I assumed they were women's private things since she didn't want to bring me into the aisle they were in, besides I was busy ranking games in my head to pick which I'd get. After we checked out and I'd helped load the bags in the car we got in and drove to another store, the games store! The selection wasn't as new as I had been hoping, clearly there weren't many console owners in the area, so I had to rummage through them all to pick out a few options and then make a final decision on the best one. I think Oonagh was initially amused but towards the end was looking a little impatient when I eventually settled on what to get. After we got back in the car - Oonagh: "I didn't want to say anything in the store but when you were looking at the stuff on the bottom shelf I could see the top of your panties, nice choice. " before sticking her tongue out at me as I turned fire-engine red and wished for the water hose. Not much else was said as we drove to the local clothes outlet, I just entertained myself reading the manual of my new game and imagining playing it later. When we got to the outlet it was getting late due to my marathon rummage so we quickly went to the menwear department and I picked out a few tracksuits to replace the destroyed ones. I went to the changing room to try them on while Oonagh waited outside. I was trying on the last one when Oonagh knocked on the door to check I was ok, I replied I was but the momentary distraction let me catch the security tag in my hair. I tugged, "OW!", I tugged again, "OWWW!". I was stuck with my arms half in the sleeves and head half out the top, like a bloody turtle or something. Oonagh: "Are you ok?" Me: "Em, the security tag is caught in my hair and I can't seem to free it." Oonagh: "Hang on, I'll help." Oonagh came in and after a bit of effort, not helped by my struggling, freed the tag from my hair and helped me finish getting dressed. Once I'd finished trying them on and set aside the ones that didn't fit I left the fitting room and we headed to men's underwear section. There were fewer people around as it was getting close to closing time but we still had a few minutes. Empty... not a single pair of underwear on the shelves! Oonagh stopped a store worker to ask if there was a mistake or if they'd been moved to another shelf. Store worker: "No, afraid not. They don't normally sell much but for some reason earlier today a load of college lads came by and bought us out, it'll be a few days before we get more in stock. Between you and me I wouldn't be surprised if it's a pledge thing and they're going to wear them on their heads!" she laughed while walking away. I was pretty angry and upset at the injustice of it all. Oonagh: "I'm sorry, we're not going to be able to get you new underwear today but lets at least get you clean socks so things aren't quite so bad." Oonagh walked over to the socks with me sulking along behind and picked out a number of packs in my size. After that we went and paid without me saying a word the whole way home. Oonagh: "Please cheer up, you have your new game afterall!" she said optimistically. Me: "But I'm stuck wearing panties for most of the next week." Oonagh: "I'll let you in on a secret... so am I!", clearly she wasn't getting how unfair this all was. Me: "You wear them all the time and you picked them out when you bought them!" Oonagh: "You want me to pick them out for you then?" before winking at me. Me: "You know what I mean!" Oonagh: "I know, and I know you don't want to hear this but if you hadn't spent so much time deciding which game to get we might have gotten to the clothes store before they sold out or had time to go to another." Me: "... ... I know... I just ... my day was looking up as I was looking forward to the new game and then this happened. It feels like everything has been smashed to pieces..." Oonagh got up and hugged me, still holding me while saying: "I know, I know." Oonagh: "Look, there are worse things than wearing panties and you'll probably be at home all week anyway, right?" Me: "I suppose, I'd still rather be wearing underwear." Oonagh: "Panties ARE underwear, just nicer." again winking at me. Me: "You know what I mean..." her humour would normally be infectious but right now I just didn't feel like being cheerful. I went up to my room to play the new game. Oonagh came up after a while and put the bags of clothes I'd forgotten about inside the door of my room, telling me to put them away, giving me a hug and ruffling my hear before leaving. Chapter 9 A short while later my stomach told me it was time to think about eating so I saved my game and went downstairs to ask what the plan for dinner was tonight. Oonagh was sitting in front on the couch watching one of her period dramas but looked up and smiled when I came in. Oonagh: "Too hungry to stay hidden away any longer? Come here and sit with me on the couch." I went and sat next to her. Me: "I'm sorry if I'm being grumpy about this." She pulled me in for a cuddle, giving me a peck on the cheek. Oonagh: "It's ok, if you're moody I'll just tell myself you've got your panties in a twist." I let out a groan but couldn't help but smile a little. Oonagh: "See I knew you'd get over it and see it's not so bad." Me: "I know, I'm just going to have a hard time talking any of the ladies into dating me if I'm wearing panties." I said with as much bravado as I could muster. Oonagh: "Ooh, the ladies is it?" She started tickling me with no mercy... damn my ticklishness.... While I tried to catch my breath - Oonagh: "You know I'm a lady so if you ever want advice or anything..." Me: "You're family!" Oonagh: "I know you think of me like that but I'm not actually family, and I know there are things you couldn't talk to your parents about... I just want you to know anything you say can stay between us." Me: "Eh... thanks..." as I couldn't help but blush at the idea of talking sex with my "aunt". Oonagh: "I mean it, I'm sure your mum would rather know I was giving you good advice than know the ins and outs of what I'm telling you and risk you going to someone else who gives bad advice." Me: "Ok, I'll keep it in mind... Thanks" Oonagh: "You're welcome, I'm your favourite aunt afterall!" she stood up and struck a superhero pose as I cringed on the couch. She sat back down and pulled me in for another cuddle. Oonagh: "And don't worry about girls being scared off by you wearing panties, most won't care, some may even like you being in touch with your feminine side." I looked at her with an eyebrow cocked to show I wasn't buying it. Oonagh: "Anyway, lets go get some food, then get you showered... blast!" Me: "?Huh?" Oonagh: "We forgot to get you some shower gel and shampoo." she said while smiling at the silliness of it compared to the day's main troubles. Me: "Oh, yeah, no bother..." Oonagh: "Anyway, how about we also rent a film and make popcorn later?" I figured after her buying me new clothes and doing her best I should make an effort too so I agreed. Chapter 10 Tonight's competition at the restaurant was who could finish faster as between it being later than usual and the plan to watch a film we didn't want to linger. Again it was pretty much a draw, I'm not sure when she was practicing eating quickly, for me between wanting to play with friends and get back to the xbox I regularly did it and was surprised I didn't beat her. We went to the rental store and she said I could pick out something to watch during the week but she was picking tonight's film, so I wandered off to find a good horror or sci fi. Once I'd picked one out I found her waiting near the counter and gave her the box so she could rent the films. When we got home she reminded me to go shower and change my clothes. Oonagh: "I don't want to cuddle with a stinky baby for an entire film!" again sticking her tongue out at me. I returned the sentiment on my way out the door. I went to my room to pick out a new t-shirt, socks and panties. This time a light blue silk pair, as I was retrieving them Oonagh walked in with a towel. Oonagh: "Ooh, another nice choice, your fashion sense in guys clothes may need work but your taste in panties is great." I grabbed a pillow and threw it at her as she retreated. Once showered, dried and dressed I headed downstairs to find Oonagh already making the popcorn and with the film set up on the TV. We sat down together on the couch and she put the bowl on the table in front of us before starting the film and pulling me in for another cuddle. As the film (boring drama) went on she gradually leaned back more on the arm of the couch and pulled me with her, leaving my head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat. I found it rather soothing and started to doze off, Oonagh soon noticed and cuddled me even tighter. When I woke up the credits were running, and I'd drooled a bit on Oonagh's top. I was a bit panicked but tried not to move in the hope it might dry before I had to get up and she noticed. I then noticed her hand gently running along the waistband at the back of my panties and felt confused. She gently nuzzled my head and I knew she knew I was awake. Oonagh: "Well hello sleepyhead, did you have any nice dreams?" Me: "Can't remember, sorry about that, guess I was tired." Oonagh: "It's ok, you had a hard day and I don't think the film was your type of thing. Besides it's nice being here with my little pantyboy cuddled up with me." Me: "Emm... your hand..." Oonagh: "Sorry, I couldn't resist and they felt so nice to run my fingers over." Me: "Emm... ok..." I sat up and stretched. Oonagh sat up too, then looked down at her top. Oonagh: "Aww, was someone enjoying my chest a little too much?" I blushed as she playfully slapped my shoulder. Oonagh: "It's ok, if it's the price I must pay for cuddling my sweet pantyboy, then I must." she said while striking a pose. I let out a groan. She turned off the TV and DVD while I threw out what was left of the popcorn, then she gave me another hug before sending me off to bed. Chapter 11 That night I did have some weird dreams so when I woke up I was very definitely suffering from morning wood. The thought of walking out and bumping into my aunt like this was too much so I tried to wait for it to go down on it's own, no luck... After finally losing patience I decided I'd need to take matters into my own hands and started trying to think of some of the prettier girls in school and imagining being with them but it just wasn't working. I decided to try add some additional stimulation and grabbed one of the pairs of panties and again started thinking of the girls, imagining them wearing the panties, rubbing the panties over my penis as I imagined the girls rubbing themselves against me. I soon peaked and made a mess of the panties but at least felt calmer. I threw them in the laundry basket and picked out a pair to wear for today as well as the rest of my clothing and then headed downstairs. Oonagh: "Morning, how are you feeling today?" Me: "Ok" - paranoid that she might know what I'd just done. She gave me a funny look so I quickly grabbed a bowl, spoon and cornflakes in the hope the moment would pass. We made small talk while eating and Oonagh then disappeared off upstairs as usual to finish getting ready. When finished breakfast I returned to my room and played some more games, after a while Oonagh knocked on the door before poking her head in. Oonagh: "Hey, would you like to go for a walk in the park later, it's not good to be stuck inside all day?" Me: "Ok, I guess..." Oonagh: "Ok, after lunch we'll go for a walk. I'm making sandwiches, would you like some for lunch or do you want to make your own?" Me: "Yes please!" I went downstairs shortly afterwards to find Oonagh eating some of the sandwiches she'd piled on a big plate, with a sideplate and glass of milk waiting for me on the counter. Me: "Thanks." Oonagh: "No worries, was making sandwiches anyway, not much hassle to make the extra ones." I sat down and grabbed a few sandwiches, swapping between taking bites and drinking milk until I felt quite full. We both sat for a while, making small talk about the weather and the planned trip to the park. We cleared the table and together washed and dried the dishes before heading to the park. It was quite sunny out and there were a few people in the park, but not many, and most seemed to just be walking their dogs so were too busy keeping them under control to pay us much notice. As we were walking Oonagh took my hand. I stopped and gave her a quizical look. Oonagh: "Come on, hold aunties hand while we walk for old time's sake." - she shoulder bumped me and so was clearly in a playful mood. I figured what harm and just started walking again. We stopped occationally to watch squirrels running about, digging for nuts or other things to eat. The park was bigger than I'd thought and I started to need the bathroom. Me: "Em, are there any toilets about?" Oonagh: "I don't know, I rarely come here, a young single woman by her lonesome wouldn't be safe! " she joked. Oonagh: "There's a signpost up ahead, that might point to the toilets if there are any?" Me: "Ok, lets keep going." The signpost pointed to the middle of the park for toilets, I suppose it makes sense when building a park to have them far from the exits since people could just head home if near an exit. We started heading to the toilets as my bladder started to hurt. Oonagh: "Are you ok?" Me: "Yeah, I just need to pee." Oonagh: "How come you didn't go before we came here?" Me: "I didn't need to then and I didn't think the walk would be this long." Oonagh stopped to hug me. Me: "Don't! I might leak!" Oonagh started laughing at that and we continued on towards the toilets.
  22. Jack (and Jill) Jack I heard voices. Low, whispering voices but the sound was definitely getting closer. I looked from my bed to the door, it was open. This was strange because I always slept with my door closed but the window open a crack to allow air to circulate. However, the noise wasn’t from outside the house. It must have been early because it was still relatively dark but those voices were so loud now I knew they were just beyond my bedroom door. Three figures in white coats stood in the doorway and peered in. They looked like doctors and were holding charts and stethoscopes so I guess that’s what they were... but what were they doing in my room? “Hello there.” One of the lab-coated people said. “Don’t worry we’ll soon have you sorted.” I was paralysed with fear; who were they, what were they doing here and more importantly... what were they going to sort?” They all approached my bed but I was too afraid to say anything. They were all smiles and business-like as one of them produced a needle and stuck it in my arm. “Try and count backwards...” I saw two men in blue scrubs come in and start pushing my bed from the room. “9...8...7...” I felt woozy and drifted off. # I woke up and mum was there smiling. I noticed my aunts and uncles were also standing around and grinning all carrying balloons and presents. “Oooohh, she’s such a good girl... yes she is...” “Good girl?” I thought. “What are they talking about? I’m a ten year-old boy not a girl. I’m a b....” But I was sitting in a pushchair. I could see my short, frilly pink dress and the enormous padded knickers I was wearing... I saw my pink room now stacked with baby clothes and... was that... nappies? What the hell was going on? # “Oooohh, she’s such a good girl... yes she is... and look, bless her, she’s filling her nappy.” I could feel the warmth spreading around but I had no idea how anyone else knew what was happening. “Oooohhh yes, what a clever little girl you are.” I couldn’t speak; there was a dummy in my mouth so gurgles and dribble seemed to be my only language. “That’s it baby, you fill that nappy and mummy will change you soon.” “Oh-ho, I think our pretty little Miss is doing more than wetting her lovely little panties... yes she is.” There was a general sound of approval coming from the surrounding audience. “She loves her soft nappy and lovely shiny pink plastic pants doesn’t she? What a sweet baby girl...” As if on cue I could feel the seat of my nappy filling up but I was grinning because all those around me were smiles and eager faces encouraging me to do so... I was making grown-ups happy. I filled my nappy but the adult celebrations carried on around me. The wet warmth began to cool and the mess began to irritate yet from behind my dummy I couldn’t get anyone to take any notice of me as they were all too busy cooing and flapping around, holding up cute little girlie outfits and saying how ‘precious’ I would look wearing them. The fact that I was sitting in a full nappy was just taken for granted and that’s what a baby had to simply put up with until a grown-up could get around to changing her. What was I thinking? I didn’t need changing. I wasn’t a baby. I wasn’t a girl... I was a boy. I, I, I... # I woke up and I heard myself screaming “I’m a boy” at the top of my lungs. Mum came rushing in to my room looking somewhat concerned about what I was creating about. “What is it Jack, are you OK?” I think we noticed at the same time that nothing was OK because every inch of my bed appeared sopping wet and the smell meant I was lying on more than a nice comfy piece of bedding. “Oh dear.” Mum made a bee-line for my blankets and pulled them back to reveal my boxer shorts and t-shirt (my pyjamas) looking less than pristine. Everything was just covered in pee and poo and she stood there shaking her head deciding what needed doing first. “Stay where you are for the moment poppet...” She went to open the window wider. “OK, now slowly get up and let’s see the damage.” I was finding it difficult to do anything but cry... I was too old for this but I felt like a silly little kid and I didn’t know what to do about it. Tentatively I dragged myself from the smelly pit I’d caused and stood aghast at what I left behind. “Get yourself to the bathroom and take a nice long shower... leave your stuff in the plastic bin... I’ll sort out the bedroom.” I staggered the few feet from my room to the shower desperate to leave no drips, splashes or any other evidence of what had taken place. I pulled the sticky, smelly clothing from my body and almost threw up. I gagged as I shoved the t-shirt and boxers into the empty plastic bin we usually use for bits of paper and empty toilet rolls... I desperately needed to cover it as the smell was just too overpowering. It didn’t seem right so I pulled them back out and threw them onto the shower floor, they’d need more than a simple rinse through before they could go to laundry. Thankfully, once I was under the spray things began to improve as I watched the debris of my scary dream slip down the plughole. # With the window wide open my room was cold as a surprisingly stiff breeze cleared the fetid air. Mum had cleared the bed so all that was left was my mattress, for some reason the scene looked pretty sad. I stood shivering wrapped in a thin towel not too sure what my next move was. As it was still a weekday I got myself dressed and ready for another day in fifth grade. We had breakfast and I told mum about my peculiar nightmare. She seemed astonished at my weird dream so nodded and sympathised in equal amounts. I had no idea where such a strange nightmare had come from and it appeared mum couldn’t give me an answer either. “Well dear, I’m not sure what you ate to produce such a flight of fancy but we’d better check tonight so we don’t get a repeat.” She smiled as if she was making a bit of a joke but I spent the entire day worrying about going to sleep again... and I had every good reason as that night I had the same dream and the same messy outcome. # I must have been lying in the stuff a lot longer because it had soaked through and ruined the mattress, and as it turned out, a second load of bed linen. Mum stripped the bed and decided that the sheets and duvet were not in a fit state to be salvaged. So, despite them being in my favourite team colours and begging to keep them, they, like the increasingly messed in and smelly mattress, were thrown out. I was very unhappy about what had taken place. The embarrassment of crapping myself and destroying so much bedding and losing my cherished duvet cover meant I was in a funk. Despite us not having loads of money since dad died (we were okay but didn’t have much to spare) mum said that we might as well change my entire bedroom from a kids to that of a growing boy - that made me feel a bit better. The following night as I couldn’t sleep in my own bed, I had to sleep on a plastic inflatable we used if we had guests. Mum also insisted that I wear some protection as she didn’t want to lose any further sheets or blankets. “But mum, I’m ten, I’m not a baby, you can’t make me...” “Look sweetheart, we don’t know what’s happening and we certainly don’t know if it will happen again so, until we do, you’ll be wearing a nice thick nappy to sleep in.” “But that’s not fair.” I argued. “I can’t help it... I... I...” “Exactly my point, this isn’t a punishment sweetie, it’s a simple precaution and I’m sure, in a couple of days’ time and when your new mattress arrives... everything will be back as it should be.” It was an argument I couldn’t win but I wasn’t happy, especially when it came to bedtime and saw mum upstairs to get me ready. There, waiting on the newly made inflatable bed, was a thick triangle of fabric. Mum told me to strip, which I did fairly nervously, and told me to lie out. I was surprised to actually find that there were two nappies folded together so it was very thick once pinned into place. Thick pink rubber pants were then guided up my legs and snapped in to place before I realised what was happening (I was so embarrassed I’d kept my eyes tightly closed so I didn’t have to watch what mum was doing). “Why these pants...?” “Why not? They’re just to keep you from leaking so what’s the problem?” “But they’re er, um, you know... pink.” The thought of all that pink in my dreams and of me being a baby girl emphasised it was not a colour for a boy. “So?” “Ummm, erm, maybe... you know...?” “Oh for crying out loud and stop being silly. It’s just protection. No one’s going to see and it’s only for tonight as I’m sure you’ll be fine in the morning.” It was no good arguing so I crawled under the thin cotton sheet and thick fuzzy blanket and tried to sleep. With each turn I bounced around on the plastic surface, which was taking some getting used to, as well was the thick padding and my equally slippery plastic pants. I was convinced I’d never get to sleep. ### For a few weeks now I’d had trouble sleeping and mum had leant me her iPad so I could listen to soft relaxing music to help me drift off. I was surprised at how effective it had been when I first started. So I wouldn’t get bored she changed the download so I’d get a nice selection of peaceful tunes in my head to aid rest. However, for the last few nights, the same nightmare had made my sleep patterns go all over the place so was exceptionally tired all the time. However, when mum suggested what I needed was perhaps a completely different piece of soothing music, I thought it might be a good opportunity to finally get a good night’s sleep. To a certain extent it worked and I didn’t wake up screaming, however, I did wake up to a soaked and messy nappy. Mum had been right to make sure I was protected and, as I’d slept so well in my surprisingly comfy padding, there was no one to clean up but me. With the bedding saved, the nappy went straight into the wash and I went straight under the shower, all this without any drama whatsoever because I’d actually slept well. However, what I realised was that my night time now came with nappy accompaniment. # Mum had simply said that until we were sure I was over this ‘trauma’ or whatever it was, she insisted, for the sake of our laundry bill and replacement bedding, that I would be protected every night. It never occurred to me to ask how or why she had all this stuff available for me, I just accepted that’s what mums have in their ‘mother repertoire’ of equipment to tackle any problem. I couldn’t complain. My new mattress had been ordered but for some reason was proving difficult to get delivered. However, mum was getting my Uncle James in to redecorate my room whilst we waited. He was a decorator by profession so we were in capable hands. I sat with him one night and discussed what colour I wanted things, which was strange because I was wearing a particularly thick nappy and crinkly plastic pants under my boxers, but he never let on. We chose a design that I thought was quite grown-up and hoped would last for a few years at least. Meanwhile, mum said that she’d read that pastel shades helped induce sleep, so I should opt for that. I tried to mix my ideas (my team colours) with hers but I soon found that she had a much stronger say in things and I was persuaded to take her ‘advice’. # Another thing mum had got me to do, which happened without realising it, was that I was changed into my night time nappy when I changed out of my school uniform. So, I was wearing a nappy from around 5pm through to 8am, which is the reason my uncle saw me wearing one. I thought I’d be very anxious about such a situation but I wasn’t. I was praised by mum for being very sensible about it all and strangely, I’d found myself not worrying about the bulk for such a length of time. However, whether mum was a Supermum, or just knew how these things worked, I was glad because I began accidently wetting before bed (only a little) but I was still glad of the protection rather than a tell-tale stain on my boxers. I didn’t let on to her about these little spurts so often climbed into bed already slightly wet. Mum seemed anxious that the night time music wasn’t helping so found some other, more intense programmes that she hoped would do the trick. However, though I was sleeping heavily but more importantly without nasty nightmares, my full morning nappy continued. # Mummy didn’t seem to worry I was waking up so wet (and sometime messy) she was just glad that I’d taken to wearing a nappy to cover such an eventuality. She often smiled when I was wearing just my protection around the house and quite positive that I was a good boy for understanding the need for them. I liked it when mummy praised me even if I was wearing a huge bulky nappy. She’d moved me into the small box-room whilst my bedroom was being stripped and prepared for the new decoration. She wanted to keep it as a surprise so I would only see it for the ‘grand re-opening’ when my new mattress and special bedding she’d ordered arrived. Mummy said that being in the spare room and sleeping on the inflatable was like being on an expedition... she moved all my stuffed toys in to keep me company... and it did feel like I was living somewhere special. In fact, she got me so animated about how exciting it was that I peed my nappy. I didn’t care much because I just wriggled contentedly in the warm flush that I’d begun to look forward to. I suppose I wasn’t acting like a ten year-old much, in fact I liked wearing a nappy and was happy hugging my soft childhood stuffed giraffe when I went to bed. It was nice having him back keeping me company. I was getting quite enthusiastic by all these new plans but was waking up on my inflatable bed, hot, wet and flustered every morning, whether I’d had a nightmare or not. Somehow mummy convinced me that I needed my protection all the time and my mornings now involved a change out of wet stuff only to be put straight back into another nappy. I know being ten I should have cringed at such treatment but I quite liked the attention she was lavishing on me. The lotions and powder were a treat and, perhaps oddly enough, I was more grateful to be in a clean and dry nappy than I was upset about having to wear one 24/7. Over the past few weeks I’d gotten less and less stressed, I think mummy’s relaxing music was working. Also, I was happy that she’d taken charge and was treating me as her best boy... well that’s what she kept calling me and, when she patted my soft padding as she said it, it made me feel loved, safe and comfortable. # Mum I couldn’t believe it when he told me about the weird dream that led him to mess the bed that first time. It’s true that I’d been playing my ten year-old son relaxing music to help him over a touch of insomnia. However, it became apparent that the later downloads I began using weren’t the same I’d used to help sleep when I was having trouble. Relaxation sounds and music for the young was what I thought I was downloading. Instead, I noticed too late that the option I’d pressed was for a different types of downloads and that the soothing vibe contains subtle, hypnotic instructions to wet the bed. I hadn’t read that this particular relaxation (and subliminal) track linked to an ABDL site, which was aimed specifically at a certain type of user. However, such a terrifying dream surely couldn’t have been down to a few subliminal words... could it? # I’d been going through a bit of a bad patch. My husband was no longer around (dead for three years), I’d found making new friends fairly difficult although my family had been quite supportive. The trouble, I was weighed down in a pit of depression myself (thus the relaxation music) but all I could see was my anchor, my sweet and loving ten year-old son Jack, getting older and would, before too long, be drifting away. The thought terrified me. I was possessed with the idea of keeping him just as he was.... then I thought I needed it the way things used to be when he was a toddler and completely dependent on me. I liked that idea better. This night time ritual of using music to help him sleep had given me a way of extending his dependence on me for a little while longer. Perhaps unashamedly, I was pleased he needed nappies again. # I questioned him further about screaming “I’m a boy. I’m a boy” when I found him so messy and disturbed but he didn’t want to say. Eventually, and because my boy loves his mum, I was able to drag the details about him being dressed and treated like a baby girl. He looked at me through weepy eyes and my heart went out to him. It was obvious that despite his full boxers and dirty bed the extra embarrassment had been difficult for him to take. However, I couldn’t see how his night time music, even with subliminal directions could have brought about such a strange and gender-confusing dream. As far as I knew none of those I’d played to him already would have sent him off in that direction... none were gender specific. I hugged him tightly to my bosom but his dream had planted a seed which I found difficult to not let take root. I searched the net and found a few interesting hypnotic ‘programmes’ and ‘apps’ that could possibly help and I tried them out, though not really believing in their efficacy. The main idea was to get him back into, and dependent on, nappies and then I could insist I change him and thus he’d be back to being reliant on me. A simple notion that I thought would hurt no one and I’d have my lovely boy enjoying his mother fussing over him. I quickly assembled the protection I’d need to keep him dry and safe at night. I didn’t realise how distressing those dreams would be, or the fact that he continued to wake up to an absolute mess each day. He said he was still having nightmares and when I enquired if they were about the same subject he timidly nodded assent. However, as result of these disgusting occurrences to his bedding and pjs it was fairly easy to convince him he had to wear protection. He bleated about it for a short while but Jack has always been a mummy’s boy and I knew he’d comply with enough persuasion. Because it meant more work for me I simply made him feel guilty if he didn’t act in accordance with my wishes. Since his father died he’d never been a moment’s trouble. He seemed to know, despite the trauma of it all, that now it was just the two of us, we should stick together. Since he was seven he’d been an absolute rock and I’m not sure I could have coped without him. # However, once in a nappy I was able to get him to leave his bedroom, which I said I thought could do with a redesign. I told him we’d make it special and perfect for a ‘growing boy’ but I had a different idea which I thought I’d try although time I knew would be against me. However, my brother was suddenly swamped with ‘proper’ work (he was doing me a freebie) so it took more time to get it done. Meanwhile, I postponed the delivery of the mattress and told Jack it would be all the more exciting if we waited and saw the entire project completed and in all its glory before he returned to his bedroom. # I inflated the plastic mattress and set it up in the spare room and pretended he was on some special mission. The real reason; I liked the idea of him sleeping on a waterproof cover just in case his protection leaked and so he couldn’t do any further damage. It worked because I made a huge thing about how much fun it was to sleep on a bouncy castle. Despite the thick nappies and the plastic pant I made him wear we laughed a lot before I put the music on and settled him down for the night. I like to think he was actually enjoying me fussing so much. I was surprised at how quickly the auto-suggestion behind the music was working. At home he wore nappies and especially at night used them but, when he went to school he wore his normal underwear and had no problem... well to begin with anyway. I loved changing him first thing in a morning. He was so upset that he’d wet again but I said to be grateful for the protections as it did just that, protected the bed so it was only a strip of material that needed laundering. I have to admit that I liked the fact the everyday I’d be hanging out his recently washed nappy and pants. I was sending out a message, which Jack didn’t cotton on to at all, as I saw a couple of sympathetic nods from the neighbours as if to say “Oh you poor thing... your boy’s wetting the bed again”. # Almost a week after I got him permanently in night time nappies he started having accidents in class. It horrified him but I quickly saw the solution... permanent nappies during the day as well. I think an echo of the subliminal music had made him forget he wasn’t wearing a nappy. The fact he seemed resigned to be in a nappy at night (well he’d stopped complaining) made it less of a problem to get him into one for the full day. I was very pleased at the speed my little boy was accepting his toddler status, even if he wasn’t quite yet aware of it. By chance, all this coincided with the upcoming summer break so he only had to wear a nappy at school for a short time. The teachers said he’d become quite a deal more reserved since he had to wear one and looked scared and miserable when bigger boys were around and mocking him. However, as far as I was concerned, once in a nappy he was much more loving and spent a lot of time hugging and holding me. Of course, I just couldn’t get enough of my little boy as he regressed further thanks to those subliminal whispered words and relaxing tones. Another thing I noticed after I changed the download on the iPad was that he started calling me ‘mummy’ instead of ‘mum’. I could have cried when he said the word... just like I had when he was a baby and first uttered it. Damn I was getting carried away with my own sentimentality. Even his voice was getting softer and more childish. With him now in nappies all the time it was easy to bring his bedtime a little earlier each night. Just a few minutes at a time but, because I had him ready for bed as soon as he got in from school, well in his thicker night time nappy at least, he didn’t protest much at all. The nightly music and words were having quite an impact on my boy and I could see him anxiously checking I was still around if I stepped out of the room even for just a few seconds. # When he got home his school uniform was hung up and put out of the way, then I’d check just how wet he was. I loved the slow reveal as I gently pulled off his plastic pants. My mind would be happily dragged back to when I used to do this for him when a baby... I’d really missed this intimacy. His eyes would fill up slightly in embarrassment but I’d be offering reassurance and telling him all was okay and he was ‘mummy’s sweetest boy’. I’d remove the soaked material and tenderly wipe him clean, checking there was no rash to worry about before slathering him in lotion to make sure that didn’t happen. He would close his eyes and let out a low contented moan as I lightly rubbed in the talcum powder before pinning him into a nicely tight, thick, pre-prepared nappy. His sweet, shy, almost infantile voice thanked his mummy for making him all clean and dry again as I’d pull up the plastic pants that held the bulky softness in place. A couple of times I’d see him look down as if wondering how or why he was back in such heavy protection but I’d just emphasise that ‘Jack was a good boy’ and needed to wear a nappy for mummy. I could see a doubt hanging there for the briefest of moments before his mind would lock back on to what he’d been secretly told night after night – nappies were good and should be used by baby Jack. # That had been the secret; changing the message so he slowly regressed and accepted his place. Nappies, plastic pants, soft toys, mummy’s hugs, the words were there to help him into his new position. The ABDL site I downloaded these from certainly knew their business and my boy was blissfully unaware. Cuddling up on the sofa to watch television together was a delight. I’d stroke his hair, whisper what a lovely boy he was and patted his thick padding... offering continued confirmation that all was well and fine to be ‘mummy’s little sweetie-pie’. If we were going out he wanted to hold my hand all the time, which was an unexpected bonus but quite wonderful. He’d toddle and waddle each step, the plastic pants slipping and caressing his thighs, whilst the thick fabric would rub against his boyish genitals, I’m sure made him constantly aware of his juvenile standing. There’d be times when he’d look at me with saddened eyes and whisper that he was sorry but he’d wet again. I would smile and tell him he must not worry as mummy would sort him a dry nappy very soon. However, I liked the fact that he would be in his soaked nappy for a little while, the heavy wet material making him walk with a little more deliberation and a rather sweet sway. I’d also found some very childish baby print plastic pants, which I began to put him in and they just made the entire scene so much sweeter. My big boy was kept as a little boy with the daily music and verbal affirmation, both from me and the subliminal recordings. Toys for a ten year old were changed for those more appropriate to a toddler and I just adored reading him a fairy story every night. However, I wanted more. # Jack I was waking up wet every morning on my plastic inflatable bed. I thought I was sleeping well, mummy’s music definitely helping me to drop off – I loved the relaxing sound as I snuggled under the lovely soft blankets, but my soaked nappies continued. However, mummy wasn’t angry, which was a relief she just said I needed to wear a nappy all the time because I’d had a few silly accidents at school. I was quite embarrassed to find myself filling my underpants without realising it and then having to deal with wet pants. I didn’t like any of that because bullies would gang up to mock and poke me. Mummy said it was better to be in a nice fluffy nappy that was wet than a pee-stained pair of shorts... and I couldn’t disagree... mummy was right about everything. The new designed bedroom seemed to be taking an age. Mum and I had already stripped the old wallpaper but Uncle James was finding it a bit difficult to commit because he was a bit overwhelmed with work himself. However, mummy said there was no rush and that it would make it so much more exciting when I eventually did get my bedroom completely refurbished. Mummy had made the spare room into a nice little place to be. She’d set out all my stuffed animals which surrounded me as I slept, “...to keep a protective eye on their favourite little chap” she said. She’d made a play area and a box for all my toys... mind you, there were also piles and piles of fresh nappies, plastic pants and various lotions and powder also on view. Mummy said it was good to see them to remind me “that’s what a good boy gets to wear if he wets himself”. I didn’t know what a bad boy got to wear if he wet himself. She enthused about the different materials the nappies came in and kept buying new and more colourful or fun-patterned plastic pants, “...better than boring old plain ones” she’d beam. Mummy liked me to change out of my school uniform as soon as I got home when she’d put me straight into my night time protection. Always encouraging me to walk around wearing nothing but these items... she said I looked amazing. I like it when mummy praises me. Mummy seemed pleased with the new relaxation downloads I’d been listening to, as she pointed out, I appeared a lot more at ease and relaxed, which she thought was wonderful but suggested I try something different. I asked what she had in mind and suggested a hypnotism app she’d found on the computer. It said in the write-up that it was best used to alter the deep sleep state and set the listener on “... a road to spiritual and personal healing”. I thought it sounded stupid but mummy convinced me it was worth a try. So, she set it up and pressed play. # Mum Now I had my sweet boy wrapped in a nappy all the time I couldn’t get over how quickly all this had happened. The music, the words, the ease in which he’d taken to this more juvenile state had stunned me but of course I was thrilled. Now the school’s summer break was upon us I wanted to experiment further. It was nice to have him playing with his toys wearing only his shiny protection and he didn’t seem to mind if we had visitors, which were few and far between I must say. The sad thing was, some of his friends were shocked at seeing him this way and even when I put him in a pair of shorts, his demeanour was still that of a toddler and even though his bulging nappy was on view... he didn’t seem to care. However, his friends did so they came round less and less. We’d play silly games, or he’d set out all his toys and be immersed in some adventure that would take off into a world of its own; all the time he’d wriggle around wearing just his slippery plastic pants and bulging nappy. Sometimes we’d go to the park and I’d watch as he had a fun time on all the kiddie equipment. The slides, swings, roundabout and horses on springs kept him amused for ages – he giggled nonstop eventually returning to my loving arms when he’d worn himself out or wet his padding. However, I couldn’t shake off his description of that first nightmare where he’d been treated as a baby girl. I wondered if I could make my sweet baby boy think he was a sweet baby girl, I began to obsess about this idea. What would I do? What could I do? Would I be taking things too far? If it worked, would I ever get my boy back? Would I want Jack back or...? My mind was a whirl of questions and ideas. Soon it didn’t seem like a stupid undertaking but one that would be interesting. I began to think of it as an experiment, research into the human psyche... I began to justify the entire concept to myself... I convinced myself it would be fantastic for both of us to push the limits and see where we ended up. I searched the various ABDL sites and others to see if I could find something, anything that had been similarly attempted; I was surprised at the range of programmes on offer. I checked their success ratings and comments sections. Some you could tell were written by the designers and friends of the designers themselves and therefore I dismissed them but I did find a hypnosis strategy that seemed to cover, in part at least, what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure it would work because I’d have to use the programme whilst Jack was awake and I didn’t have a great deal of faith that hypnosis was a simple thing to induce in someone... or how susceptible they were to the subliminal. I bought it and downloaded it onto my laptop – it was all about swirling visuals and subtle suggestion that would filter into the brain of the recipient. The idea that words alone could make a boy think he was a girl I found a little preposterous but, after everything else that Jack now did and was, I thought if it would affect anyone it might just be him. He loved the colourful whirling images. He thought they were just a bunch of crayons making nice pictures. He said he could see nappies... panties... dresses... dollies... princesses and little girls all inviting him to join them. There were loads of other girlie things he said he saw but I couldn’t see any of it. I could hear the soft soothing words as the voice took him under. His eyes stared at the screen unblinking. There was a strange grin on his face as occasionally his body would shake as if an electric current was being passed through it. He was also wetting his nappy but appeared unconcerned or even aware what was happening. Suddenly Jack was all smiles and even speaking back to the voice as he slipped deeper and deeper. The hypnosis programme seemed to interact with the replies it received so seemed far more sophisticated than I’d first thought. The images changed, the words were specific to Jack. I was asked to type into the programme the name I wanted Jack to go by. J.I.L.L. From that moment on the voice referred to Jack as Jill and made him repeat that name after each part of the procedure. “I am Jill.” “Mummy loves Jill” “Jill loves mummy” It was so wonderful to hear those sweet words being said with such love and sincerity I hugged my baby boy and for the first time... called him Jill. Eventually, the colourful images slowly faded and the voice encouraged Jill to go ‘sleepy-time’ and in the morning mummy would be waiting to take her sweet baby daughter for a walk in the park. I hadn’t planned on that. I was only thinking as far as just staying in the house. I’d bought a few silky, satiny things that I hoped s/he would like but my plan was, after I’d changed him... her... from the soaked morning nappy it would be down to her what she choose what to wear. Jack/Jill The screen lit up with black and white swirls that slipped slowly into colourful patterns that held me spellbound. The music was a different sort of pulsating rhythm but not unpleasant and I could feel myself being drawn further and further into the images. A voice gently invited me to relax, to concentrate on the swirling/twirling designs and let myself go. Mummy wasn’t far away and I wanted to reach out to hold her whilst the voice increasingly attracted my attention. She kept telling me to just let go just like the voice did and I felt myself slipping away as I filled the front of my nappy with a warm comforting flood. My mind was finding it difficult to focus on anything around me but I was cosy and warm so all was well. I didn’t remember being put to bed, in fact, I couldn’t remember much about last night except... erm... ummm... I slowly woke up in my bed sucking on a dummy, whilst crooked under my arm was a dolly I didn’t recognise. Her eyes were closed but she wore a pretty pink satin dress and matching nappy, she looked very pretty so we snuggled together. I was lovely and comfy but began to realise that my nappy was once again quite full. I slipped my hand down and felt the comforting slipperiness of my protection but there was no doubt it all seemed wrong and I didn’t know what to do about it. Suddenly tears sprang to my eyes and I heard a wailing I wasn’t expecting. I was crying for mummy. Mum I was half asleep when I heard the cry for “mummy”. Jack hadn’t cried out since he’d screamed “I’m a boy”, but this didn’t sound like a panic cry... more an ‘attention’ cry. There was a difference, which took me a second or two to realise and then to respond. The previous night, after the few hours of absorbing the hypnotic programme I’d put Jack to bed. To be honest I was a little worried as he didn’t seem to know who I was, where he was or be aware of anything around him. I hoped I’d not turned him into some kind of Zombie. It was a warm night so I changed him into dry protection and left him zonked out under a fleecy spread. However, he began to mutter stuff to himself so I inserted a dummy, which thankfully settled him down. I also had a new toy doll for him and thought I’d simply give him that to hold during the night instead of his usual stuffed animal. He appeared to like the choice because he smiled (I think it was a smile) from behind the plastic guard and cuddled her. Actually, I’m sure it was a smile because up until that moment his eyes hadn’t focused on me or anything. However, they seemed to brighten up considerably when he saw the dolly and he hugged her so tenderly. Whilst he was asleep I got out an array of clothes so that come the morning he could choose what he wanted to wear. The info I’d received regarding the hypnosis suggested that there be some girl’s clothes ready. I went with that idea, which I thought was quite presumptive of them, but nonetheless I’d chosen an outfit like the one the doll was wearing to ‘encourage’ Jill’s choice in the matter. A short pink satin dress, with matching knickers and assorted ribbons were my starting point but I also laid out his normal shorts and t-shirts plus rather nice pale blue denim dungaree style shorts (that I have to say he had previously looked wonderful in) as well as a couple of onesies. I wasn’t sure if he’d be in any frame of mind to select what he wanted but I thought, as per instructions, to give my little sweetheart the choice. That night I sat in the chair in his room watching him sleep. I was worried that after all that huge ‘information dump’ he might be a bit fidgety, or disorientated, or something I didn’t know what... so, I just sat and kept an eye on him. He slept like a log - hugging his dolly and sucking on his dummy. # I have to admit that my eyes filled up on more than one occasion – he looked so damn cute. My ten year old son just looked so sweet and adorable gently suckling and at peace. I’m surprised at just how emotional I felt and wanted to just lift him from his snuggly warm bed, into my arms, and for him to nurse as I rocked and kissed his head. I slid my hand under the fleecy blanket and inside his slippery plastic pants checking to see just how wet he was this morning. That was something I’d have to remember its Jill from now on not Jack... and she was soaked. “Wakey-wakey little cherub.” Oh God could this image in front of me get any more appealing as she slowly struggled herself awake. Still sucking and with a slight dribble down her chin she forced herself to focus and I saw her eyes as they lit up with recognition. “Merrrmmmmy, murmmmmmmy.” The dummy got in the way but I knew she was excitedly calling to me. “Yes sweetheart,” She thrust her hands out for me to lift her up, “and a good morning to my prettiest baby girl.” Jack had been a typical physical boy. He liked his sport and was fairly strong and it was strange holding and hugging this soft, pliable body. It seemed that his strength had diminished with age regression and his femininity. As I held him in my arms supporting his squishy padded bottom, he... sorry... she rested her head on my boob and nudged in as close as she could snuggle. “Yes little love. Let’s get this wet nappy off and all cleaned up and as a special treat... mummy’s going to let you decide what to wear today.” Of course, once stripped there was absolutely no doubt she was a boy. His little balls and penis lying quietly as they were wiped and cleaned, lotioned and powdered before applying a nice double thick pink disposable and taping it into place. Dressed like that I just wanted to spend the entire day cuddling and hugging his adorable little cushiony frame. I slipped a pair of frilly pink plastic pants over it all and then led him to the bench where I’d laid out a selection of stuff for him to choose. Like I suspected, he was carrying his dolly with the pink dress so opted for the nice pink satin number I hoped he would. I know a pink satin dress is a bit of a cliché but I remembered when I was a little girl I had a similar party dress I loved so much that I cried when I had to take it off. I thought I looked really pretty, in fact, everyone who saw me said how pretty I looked... I just didn’t want to take it off. Every opportunity I got I’d ask mummy to let me wear my ‘special’ dress. Happy memories. Sliding it over Jill’s head she giggled at the soft material as it tickled her skin. It came down to just above her knees so the thick nappy and frilly pants couldn’t be seen unless she bent over or sat down. However, Jill looked gorgeous. I know I’d never have got Jack into anything so girlie but she looked very pretty. However, with her short hair Jill looked like a very good-looking effeminate boy or a boyish looking girl but the effect as far as I was concerned was... he was stunning. I put a pair of lacy topped stockings on his legs and a pair of pink plastic sandals and asked if he fancied going to the park to play. “Yeeaahh” He squealed in girlish delight. Jill looked like she was more ready for a tea party than a trip outside but her enthusiasm was catching and, although I might have had doubts, the fact that she was open to it made me feel more confident about the entire project. It was ridiculous, yet I couldn’t stop feeling proud of my new daughter because she looked wonderful; young, eager and confident. I thought how lucky I would have been to have a toddler like her. The hypnotic score had certainly been well made because it had altered even her speech patterns to that of a more childish, girlish timbre. She looked like a ten year old but her actions and voice were that of a three year old. We went to a park not in our neighbourhood so that if we met anyone we knew I could avoid complicated explanations. Once there she ran, jumped and played on every bit of equipment the playground had to offer. Even as Jack, I’d never seen such uncontrolled excitement for what was available. The party dress was no inhibition to her delight and, as she swung, the breeze would lift it up and expose her thick silky protection, she squealed even more with delight. Her satin dress glistened in the sunlight and when she bent down or crouched to pick up a toy or examine a flower or stroke a passing dog... her shiny plastic frilly panties told anyone that noticed... my little girl still had a wetting problem. The pleasure my little daughter gave was at times unbearable. My head flooded with memories of Jack and the pleasure he gave me and the almost unbelievable loyalty he had to his mother... me. # Ohhh Jesus... what had I done? I felt guilty. I’d changed my ten year old boy into a toddler... a toddler girl and I’m not sure why. It’d all seemed so logical to begin with, Jack himself had told me of his dream, it was as if both our psyches were working on a plan that neither of us knew about. Well to begin with at least. Why should I have taken it to such an extreme? Why didn’t I just stop at him wearing nappies? How do I get him back? Will he want to be back? Yes of course he would... I never gave him the option... but he looks so happy... no night terrors... no worries... and she... I mean he, looks so cute in his thick padding. I’m sure it was nothing I did that made him dream of being a baby girl and although he kept saying he was a boy, the dreams continued... surely that points to him wanting to be a... at least I think it did... “Okay sweetie, time for us to be heading home... are you wet?” She walked slowly back from the slide looking a little sheepish, I hadn’t really needed to ask if she was wet, her waddle gave the game away. She nodded. “Oh love, don’t let it worry you, lots of little bo... girls have accidents... look I have a change in my bag so let’s do that now so you’ll have a nice dry nappy to go home in.” Despite it all being a bit of a rush to get to the park in the first place, I had come prepared for just such an occasion. I’d bought a nappy bag and filled it with all the things I knew I’d need to keep my nappy wearing son clean and dry. It was easy to change Jack when I could get him to wear nothing but protection leaving his shorts or jeans as a thing of the past but it became a bit of a faff when he was dressed as a boy. Being Jill, and wearing a dress, made access far easier and the change superfast. Yes a dress for my bo... little girl was a bonus when it came to changing a soaked nappy. # Jill Mummy had got me a dwess just like my dowwy wore... it’s shiny and pritteee. And then we went to the park... and then I went on swings and a roundabout and... umm, a slide... and mummy was fun and we pwayed for ages... Mummy... I wet... Mum Changing Jill, even out in the open where anyone might see, was an absolute delight... she never stopped giggling all the way through. Apart from his penis and little balls, Jack had all but disappeared from the way my new found daughter was reacting. Jill enjoyed being wrapped in a fresh, thick nappy. She gushed in giggly fun at wearing a new dress or playing with a new doll. It was all exciting and fresh to her and she seemed such an enthusiastic little toddler. She hugged and kissed all the time, running to inform me of some latest thing she’d seen, or a new experience she’d enjoyed. When she slipped and grazed her knee, her sad little face was immediately lifted when I planted hundreds of tiny little ‘making it bet-bet’ kisses all over her ticklish knee. These were things that Jack had grown out of but Jill was sentimentally restoring to my mothering needs. I am full of guilt and euphoria at the same time. The guilt comes when I change her nappy and see his little penis and I think of Jack as an occasionally naughty boy growing up and away from his mother. The euphoria comes as soon as his little penis is tucked away under a fresh layer of padding and the loving, heartfelt cuddles that follow. Jill is a very, very loving child, even more so than I remember Jack being at her ‘age’. Sometimes I forget and call her Jack but she simply doesn’t respond to that name but when I call “Jill” it’s all smiles and wanting hugs as she waddles her way towards me. At the moment she, like Jack did, just sleeps in just a t-shirt and protection, although in truth, I have added plenty more padding to Jill’s nappy. I just love to see her with that juvenile waddle. It also gives me the chance to take more time with her morning change. She doesn’t have the bladder of a small child but that of a much bigger boy so she wakes up to an absolutely sodden nappy. I tell her what a good girl she is for using her nappy and can’t wait to get her changed and dressed wondering what the day ahead holds. Some boys in the park who would have been around Jack’s age, maybe a year or two older, started calling Jill a sissy. I’m not sure how they knew Jill was a boy but somehow they’d sussed it out and to be honest, I can’t think why it hadn’t occurred to me before. My boy was, to all intents and purposes, a big sissy... and my sissy was crying because of the things these boys were saying. Of course Jill had no idea she was a boy, that her nice flowery dress and thick nappy and shiny plastic pants were all an illusion I’d created for... I wasn’t sure why. I mean... Jack had this dream about being made into a girl and... well... a baby girl and... well... I just went with it. Jack seemed happier once he was back wearing a nappy I thought he might be even happier if I gave him what he wanted, well, dreamed he was... a baby girl. However, once the summer holidays are over and school beckons, I can see I might have problems. That’s when the guilt returns and I wonder what exactly it is that I’ve done to my once loving son. Would Jack ever forgive me? ##########
  23. New story from the creative minds of Sophie & Pudding! Actually this one was my idea, so I'm really proud of it. It's a slow regression story, but I think there's enough content to keep everyone engaged. The story is also available on Patreon for supporters in ePub and PDF formats. I hope you enjoy it! Small Frosty Pt. 1 by: Sophie & Pudding 1.) I sat quietly at the kitchen table, playing with the ring on my finger. Remy was working late again - he always worked late on Fridays. I just thought maybe tonight would be different. He would get home and there would be a huge surprise dinner for him! I started preparations at noon. But as I played with the ring on my finger - a ring he'd given me no more than a year ago - I knew it was all for nothing. I licked the tip of my finger and squeezed the flame out of the candle. Maybe he would have some free time this weekend, I thought. We could go to the aquarium, like we used to. Wednesday had wasted so much money on that meal, money that had been earmarked for other, more important things. What had possessed her to be so compulsive? I'd told her long in advance about last night, I'd told her and all she ever cared to remember was what suited her and her fairy tale narrative. Ugh. I was still in my work suit at five in the morning, washing dishes and throwing away food she couldn't even have the good sense to put in the fridge for leftovers, while the love of my life was sleeping on the sofa, drooling on the fabric again. "Wake up." I nudged her gently, my tone warm and soft as it always was. “Come on, up to bed with you." Don't ask me to carry you, don't ask me to carry you, don't ask me to carry you... why was I even fighting it in my head? It was her trademark move. It was morning? The sun was just barely poking through the windows, which I'd forgotten to close. I looked up at Remy with a small, sleepy smile. He was still in his work clothes, though? When had he gotten home? Had he worked all night? Was it Saturday? Too many questions... too sleepy... "Carry me?" I asked with a little pout. I was impossible to refuse. It was hard to mount any kind of protest against Ginger’s insinuations that I was engaged to a child in an adult’s body when she went and did things like that. Ever diplomatic and warm, kind even when I was annoyed with her, I leaned down and scooped her up into my arms the same way I always had. It was easy when she barely bristled 5’1. "You know you're not allowed to sleep on the couch, you goofball." "I was waiting up for you." He picked me up under the legs and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked tired. He really had worked all night, hadn't he? "Sleep with me for a while? And I thought today we could go to the aquarium, or we could see a movie?" It felt like I hadn't seen Remy in years! "We'll see, Frosty.” Because one of us hadn't already slept the whole night. Honestly she should have been asking what she could do during the day while I slept, but expecting that much level of adult initiative of Wednesday was naive of me. Ginger was right about her. I mean, she wasn't. I was just tired and irritated. Wednesday was my fiancée and I needed to be more understanding about her personality. But sometimes she made it hard. He had to shower. I told him I could shower with him! But the second he put me down on the bed, I was out like a light. When I woke up, it was two in the afternoon and Remy wasn't in bed with me. I rubbed my eyes and scrambled for my phone. He'd always text me if he went somewhere, but there weren't any texts. He must be around here somewhere... oh, I was still in my day clothes from yesterday. There was laughter coming from the living room when she came down the hall. The woman with hair the color of a fire hydrant that my fiancée was none too much a fan of was setting stuff on the table for an english afternoon tea, crustless sandwiches and all. Ginger noticed we weren't alone first. "Oh heeeey Wendy, you're finally awake, and before the sun went to sleep, too! I guess I lost that bet. Go wash your hands, princess, and sit at the table." Ginger worked with children, she told me. As her night job. She wasn't intentionally condescending - it was just how she was. "Well go on, you hear what Ginger said.” I opened my mouth in frustration and decided against it. Ginger was one of Remy's work friends. She worked two floors above him, in a different department. How they'd gotten so chummy, I didn't understand. But I hated her. I knew she didn't mean to talk down to people, but that didn't make her any easier to deal with. And she spent too much time with Remy... "Be right back," I said under my breath and went into the bathroom to wash my hands. "Make sure to get under your nails, Wendy~" "She's in a bad mood, I'm sorry. She slept on the sofa and then overslept, you know how she is." "She just needs some discipline, Jeremy." Ginger was the only one who called me by my full name, and it made me feel... masculine. I liked that. "Girls like her, her Daddy spoiled her growing up and now she thinks the world is her sandbox." "Come on Ging, she's not like that, she's just... idealistic, that's all." "You mean childish, right?" I came out of the bathroom at the tail of the conversation. Childish? I gave her a harsh glare. "Are you here for something?" “I just brought some tea and cakes over." "Thanks for stopping by." I walked past her and took a cake off the tray, popping it in my mouth. Remy knew I didn't like her. He kept telling me I had to "get to know her better". Why do people always say that? Why would I want to get to know someone better if I already hate them? "Be polite, Wednesday, Ginger is our guest. She even cut the crusts off the sandwiches, just for you." Not because it was tradition or anything. But sometimes being engaged meant understanding when the truth was not always the best option of what to say. "Would you like some tea? Go on, sit down alright, we're doing afternoon tea, it's like what they do in England." Somewhere Wendy desperately wanted to visit, once we had the money. "Fine," I relented, and went to sit down at the coffee table in the living room. I looked up at the two of them, working the kettle together. Like it was a two person fucking job. Whatever. I knew Remy wouldn't cheat on me. I trusted him. I just... I sighed and leaned back on the sofa. I wanted to go to the aquarium today... I wanted to spend time alone with him. The sandwiches had cucumber and cream cheese, which Wednesday hated. Sprouts and butter, which Wednesday hated. And Nutella and banana, which Wednesday loved. Ginger gave me a wry smile across the living room and I rolled my eyes. "Okay, so having tea hot, that's new, right? Isn't it Wednesday? How do we take it, Ginger? Is it like coffee?" I knew, of course. Ginger and I had done this before, but I wanted my pouty faced fiancee to be involved in this. "Not quite." The woman poured the tea and I ate one of the little sandwiches. My fingers were sticky from the tiny cake I'd eaten, but I soon licked them clean. Ginger passed me a teacup and the little sugar cube. "You'll like it more with this." Begrudgingly, I took the cup and dropped the cube into it. It made the tea a little milky. And it tasted pretty good, too! Huh... "See? Isn't this fun?" "This is what we grown-ups do on Saturday afternoons, you know, instead of sleeping in all day." "What's this?" "It's a sticky bun." "What's it got in it?" "It's a sticky bun, just try it, Jeremy." Sometimes she even made me feel like a kid, but she did so playfully. Ginger was much more pointed when it came to my fiancée. Jeremy. Ugh. She was so fucking pretentious. I took another sip of tea and bit into my sandwich. When was she going to leave? "So. Ginger. Does this project thing keep you busy all the time too? Remy's been working crazy hours." What did I want her to say? Yes? And she was alone with my fiancé every night? I shuffled uncomfortably on the sofa. "Oh it's such a bear, Wendy, you simply have no idea. I have another project in the evening, and then there with your boy working on the project until the sun shows its pretty face. Sometimes when you grow up, you work two jobs, though. Don't worry too much about it, though, Jeremy's in line for promotion, so you not working won't be a big deal." "Oh, yeah." I hadn't told Wednesday about that yet. "It looks like I'm getting a promotion, doll, isn't that great?" "...a promotion?" I tried to ignore Ginger's rude comments; she had worked with kids for most of her life, so the condescension came naturally. It wasn't my fault I didn't work! I got laid off, and... and well I just hadn't gotten around to getting a new job yet. It was a tough market out there! "Does that mean you'll be working less? You already work so much..." "It could mean a little more hours, but..." "If you pick up the slack around here, then he won't need to come home and clean and tidy up after you, and you'll get more time together." Yeah, I'd vented to Ginger about this morning, which was probably a mistake, but her and I were becoming really close friends. What? What had she said? I just stared at her, my mouth open wide, and then I looked up at Remy in frustration. "What are you telling her?! I don't pull my weight around here? You're always working! Always! And I'm here alone and..." Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, I felt tears in my eyes. Damnit. Fuck. "Fine. Whatever." I got up off the sofa and went to grab my jacket. I'd just get a fucking job. Fuck this. "Wait." Surprising maybe everybody, it was Ginger who grabbed Wednesday by the wrist, and she immediately pulled the crying girl into her arms like she'd done that a thousand times. I watched, gobsmacked, as she played with my fiancée’s hair and cooed gently to her, speaking too quiet for me to hear. "Nobody thinks you don't do enough, nobody thinks you're not good enough. Working isn't something for a pretty fiancée to be doing, why work for someone else? Work for your man, because he loves you. You're his princess. And you're beautiful. You're beautiful and it's okay. You're not in any trouble." I didn't expect that. I didn't expect her to stop me or to hold me or to... to make sense. More than anything, I didn't expect to hug her back. The top of my head only came up to her shoulders and I pushed my face into her neck. She was warm. She was a good hugger. I still hated Ginger, I did. But she really knew how to make a girl feel better... "Nobody is cross with you, just try to be good going forward, okay? Will you do that? For Jeremy? He's so kinda and gentle, isn't he? He's very clever, and he loves you very much." I didn't know what happened. How my fiancée had gone from explosion to peaceful calm, her puffy red eyes the only sign once she sat back down that anything had happened. Quietly, she ate another finger sandwich. I didn't like that I wasn't working. I didn't like that I was stuck inside alone all day. And I did make him dinner! He just wasn't home to eat it. That wasn't my fault. But I guess I could clean up a little bit. And maybe I could ask Lala if she knew of any part time jobs in the area... or if they had an opening at her work. I sighed. I was over reacting...
  24. Ann And Joe Learn Joe's Rightful Place Chapter 1 ‘Joe!’ Ann called angrily to her husband of three years. She stood waiting in the kitchen, having turned off the smoking, empty frypan on the stove. ‘What?’ replied Joe from the study of the comfortable ranch style home Ann’s money had paid for. ‘Joe, come here please!’ Ann shouted. 'And turn down that racket!’ Grumpily, Joe killed the sound on the PlayStation and slouched towards the kitchen. It was 8.30 in the morning. Ann was smartly dressed for work but Joe was still in his pyjamas. He had been supposedly looking for work for the last four months, but job interviews were less frequent now and he often stayed in his pyjamas all day. He knew that riled Ann, but he didn't really care. She made more than enough money for both of them, and she loved her job whereas Joe had hated his. Ann held up the frypan as Joe sauntered into sight. ‘First you ruin one of my good saucepans, now this, Joe,’ Ann said with exasperation. ‘I forgot,’ muttered Joe. ‘Sorry.’ He had put the frypan on the stove to preheat a but, but had become engrossed in his war game. ‘And you broke the tip off my good German knife doing God knows…’ Ann continued. ‘Yeah, I said I was sorry,’ Joe said rolling his eyes. Ann spoke slowly and deliberately. ‘You're always sorry,’ she said, ’But sorry is not enough. It's not the cost, which is considerable, it’s your lack of responsibility. You don't seem to care. You lounge around playing your stupid games all day, drinking can after can of beer and leaving a trail of mess. In my house.’ Joe looked at her sharply at the last sentence. That subject was by mutual agreement off limits. Ann lowered her angry gaze. ‘You can’t even keep yourself decent. Close up the fly on your pyjamas. I don't want to see your willy dangling around,’ she said. Joe looked down at the gaping fly of his pyjamas and tried to tug the opening closed. ‘Hold on a minute,’ said Ann, stepping towards Joe and crouching to inspect his pyjamas.'Move your hands away, please.' ‘You are disgusting,’ she said, reaching out to feel the soft flannel. ‘Look at the front of your pants! Take those off now!’ Joe, to his credit, blushed hotly. ‘Ann…’ he began. ‘I don't want to hear it,’ said Ann. ‘You have absolutely no decency. You're too tired, or lazy, to think of me for your sexual activities, but you're happy enough to masturbate in your pyjamas like a teenager. The semen on your pyjamas is still wet, for heaven's sake. As if your sloppy bathroom habits weren't bad enough. You stain the back of your underwear with revolting brown streaks and the front with, well, I don't even like talking about it. A toddler’s dirty diapers aren't much worse. And don't start that lip quivering self pity act,’ she continued, looking fiercely at Joe. ‘I know you've had a hard time, I know you've been under pressure and I know what Dr More said about rest and recovery, but she didn't mean that includes behaving like an irresponsible child who can't keep from playing with himself.' Joe did his best to look pitiable. He actually felt pitiable. He was 27 and Ann was 35, richer, employed in a more important job than Joe could ever aspire to, and to boot, Joe was totally out of condition while Ann’s regular workouts kept her in top trim. She was taller than Joe, and he had to admit, probably stronger. The couple stood facing each other. Ann felt like hitting Joe while Joe felt like crying. ‘I said take your pants off,’ she said matter of factly. Joe turned to go to the bedroom. ‘No,’ said Ann. ‘Here. Now.’ Joe looked at her questioningly. ‘Now, Joe,’ Ann commanded him. ‘Now means now.’ Joe began to untie the cord at the waist of his pyjama pants. ‘Oh for heaven’s sake,’ said Ann. She strode towards Joe and with both her hands tugged the loose fitting pyjama pants to Joe's ankles. Joe’s hands flew to his groin. ‘Ann!’ he objected. Ann laughed. ‘I don't care if you cover that little thing or not,’ she said. ‘I'm not interested, especially after you've been touching it. Now, take your foul pyjama pants to the laundry, and come straight back. Don't put any other pants on. I don't think you’re worthy of an adult privilege like being fully dressed.’ Joe stood stock still, staring at Ann. He was still trying to process the awful things she had just said. The mention of adult privilege really stung. Joe’s last boss had said something similar when she had fired him. Joe was even closer to tears now, ironically out of concern that he wasn't considered adult. Ann waited a moment, then grabbed Joe firmly by one arm and turned him towards the laundry. As she did so, she spanked Joe’s bare behind as hard as she could with her free hand. It hurt her hand plenty, and she hoped it hurt Joe. It did. Joe looked at her in shock, wailed ‘You hit me!’ and burst into tears. ‘And I'll spank you again if you don't do what you're told,’ said Ann, and propelled Joe towards the laundry. She watched with steely satisfaction as Joe’s white bottom, branded with her angry red hand mark, receded. Then she noticed something reflecting the sunlight from the tiled floor. She looked more closely and saw a trail of little puddles and droplets of urine tracking Joe’s path. Joe, meanwhile, was standing in the laundry where he'd dropped his pyjama pants on the floor. He was crying and helplessly peeing through his fingers to create a large puddle around his feet. He heard Ann’s quick steps coming along the passage, and desperately wiped up the puddle on the floor using his foot on the pyjamas. ‘Great,’ said Ann from the doorway, where she stood in her closely fitting tan business pants and neat off white blouse. ‘I suppose you'd made a mess of your pyjama pants already. Pee all over them isn't going to be much worse. When you've cleaned up your trail of pee in the hall - with a mop like a grownup - I want to have a serious talk with you. And no pants. Irresponsible, messy little boys don't need pants.’ Joe looked at Ann fearfully. ‘Ann, I…’ he began through his sobs. ‘Save it,’ said Ann. ‘Clean yourself up and see me in the living room.’ Ann glanced with displeasure at Joe’s modest penis, now sticking out horizontally beneath his rounded tummy. ‘And I don't care how stiff your little wee wee is, don't touch it. I'll see you in the living room,’ she said, then turned on her heel and left. Joe did as he was instructed, and hurried to the living room, trying to will his stiff little member to soften as it bounced with his steps. Ann was standing like a sergeant major when Joe arrived. ‘Stand in front of me,’ she ordered him. ‘And take your hands away from your penis,’ she added. ‘Your wee wee is out of bounds for your dirty little hands. That's new rule number one. No masturbating. It's disgusting and I won't have it in my house. That little thing is for peeing only unless I say otherwise.’ Ann paused, looking at Joe’s penis sticking out from his sparsely haired groin. ‘Do you find this exciting?’ she asked Joe. ‘N,no,’ replied Joe, looking down and still sobbing. ‘Mm,’ said Ann. ‘Rule number two, you sit on the toilet to do all your business from now on. I'm sick of cleaning the floor around the toilet of your smelly mess, and half the time you don't lift the seat anyway. And you wipe properly, front and back, whenever you use the toilet, OK?’ ‘Yes,’ mumbled Joe. ‘And rule number three, you've caused enough chaos in the kitchen,’ Ann said. ‘You are now banned from there. If you want a drink, or something to eat, you ask me, OK? You're not responsible enough to be allowed in a kitchen by yourself. Got that? What do you do if you want something from the kitchen?’ ‘I ask you,’ said Joe quietly. ‘Why do you have to ask me?’ said Ann. ‘Speak up.’ ‘Because, because I'm not resp, resp, responsible enough,’ replied Joe. ‘Good boy,’ said Ann. ‘Come with me.’ Ann headed down the hallway with Joe following, still trying to will down his erection. Ann took Joe's hand and led him into the master bedroom. She went to the chest of drawers and opened her underwear drawer. ‘These are new,’ Ann said, handing Joe a pair of white cotton interlock full briefs with elasticated waist and leg openings. ‘I don't like the idea of you wearing undies with any access to your wee wee through the front, so you'll wear these all the time now, day and night. They will show up any stains or disgusting marks, so I expect an improvement in your childish toilet habits. Put them on please.’ Carefully, Joe put on the briefs. Ann watched him, then tugged the panties up snug high around his waist. She inspected him front and back, then pulled the front of the briefs away from his stomach and pushed his penis downwards. ‘That’s better,’ she said. ‘It's only a little bump anyway.' The touch of Ann's cool fingers had done a lot to deflate Joe’s modest manhood, and there certainly wasn't much to show now. ‘Go and put your track pants on. We'll see if you can keep your new panties clean, then I'll think about you being allowed to wear grownup boys' pants with a fly,’ Ann said. ‘You can play in the study until I come back at lunchtime. I don't want to see you until then. I've had enough of you for a while. Off you go.’ Ann went back to the living room. Joe began to stifle his sobs and found his track pants. Before he put them on he glanced at his reflection in the big wardrobe mirror. His pale legs stuck out from what looked like a juvenile girl’s panties. Joe swallowed and pulled on his track pants. At least the new underpants felt warm and comfortable. He felt his penis begin to grow again down between his legs. He dared not put his hands anywhere near it. He went to the study, avoiding looking into the living room. To be continued
  25. Why can’t I stay at home? Chapter 1 I've done it again - started another story. Be patient! : ) ‘Why can’t I stay at home?’ Bob asked his wife as she drove them towards the large facility in the countryside not far out of their town. ‘Because I don’t think you’re ready for that yet, Bob, and neither does Dr Allen,’ replied Sue. ‘I’d be fine,’ said Bob grumpily. ‘I’m quite capable of being at home.’ ‘Bob, please,’ said Sue. ‘You still need a lot of help. Please stop arguing about it, OK?’ Bob grunted, and stared out of the window. ‘And don’t sulk, Bob,’ said Sue. ‘I’ll only be away for a month, and I don’t want to spend it worrying about you coping at home.’ ‘I have actually lived by myself before,’ said Bob. ‘Not in your present condition,’ said Sue. ‘Now I don’t want any fuss from you. Dr Allen will be here, and I want you to be pleasant and cooperative.’ ‘OK,’ said Bob. He knew the decision had been made, but he was still unhappy. When he had to stop working, he knew things would be different. His medical, and he had to admit it, his psychological issues meant that he would be relying on Sue to a certain extent. However, the way it had worked out, he often felt that Sue was in charge rather than just helping him. He often felt like a kid the way she made the decisions and ordered him around, even in front of people. If he complained it was even worse. Sue would say he was being cranky, making him sound like a fractious child. She’d say she knew best, and the worst thing was she often did, only because she was aware of things that Bob wasn’t. He felt sort of cut off from the adult world, at least the world that Sue operated in. She didn’t discuss things with him like why they couldn’t do things at certain times. Bob’s lack of information wasn’t his fault. ‘Here we are,’ said Sue as they parked near the imposing entrance of the building. 'Sue,' said Bob suddenly. He wanted to broach a subject that he had been trying to put to the back of his mind. 'What, honey?' said Sue. 'About my night time, you know, things, you know,' said Bob. 'Oh. don't worry,' said Sue. 'Dr Allen said that's all taken care of. The staff are very understanding, and you won't be the only one with the same needs.' 'Are you sure?' said Bob. Needing to wear a diaper at night had been a big issue for Bob. Sue had been diapering him every night for months now. It had been embarrassing enough having her do it, and Bob was worried about what would happen here. 'It's just...'; said Bob. 'Bob,' said Sue. 'Don't worry. I've discussed it with Dr Allen, and she said that they have a lot of patients in your position I know you're concerned about it, but try to be grown up. You need to wear them, the staff here are very experienced and there won't be a problem, OK?' 'OK,' said Bob. It was just another reason to not want to be here, he thought. Sue got out of the car and went around to the passenger door as Bob got out. She stopped and tugged Bob’s sweater down over his pants. ‘I don’t want to do this,’ said Bob. ‘Bob, I’ve told you. No fuss. I’ll be back in a month, and you will have everything you need here. The inpatient program is perfect for you,’ said Sue. Sue went to the back of the car and retrieved Bob’s small bag, which she gave to him. Bob followed Sue into the building. He hated institutions. He never thought he’d go anywhere near one, and still found it hard to believe that he was here as a patient. It was bad enough being reduced at home to a kind of patient. Here would be worse. He didn’t even have many clothes for his stay here. Sue said they’d be provided, and Bob couldn’t imagine what they’d give him. No one had mentioned Bob’s night time needs, and he certainly hadn’t brought up the embarrassing subject. He wondered about it. He didn’t think Sue had put any of his horrible night time pants, as he insisted on calling them, in his bag. They were in a big, bulky package with the other things in the bottom of his half of the wardrobe at home. Just something else, he thought, that was taken out of his hands, that didn’t need to be discussed with him. Not that he had asked about packing a bag for his stay here. That was just the sort of thing he was letting Sue do for him, he thought. He had to take more responsibility. The way things were going, she’d take over completely, he thought miserably. Dr Allen was waiting for them in the large foyer. Yet another arrangement he didn’t know about, thought Bob. How did they know he and Sue were coming? Sue was often on her phone organizing things, without any reference to Bob. Usually the most Bob got when he asked was ‘I’m on the phone, Bob,’ or ‘Not now, Bob.’ ‘Hi Sue,’ said Dr Allen. ‘Hi Jane,’ replied Sue. ‘Hello, Bob,’ said Dr Allen, smiling at him. ‘Hi Dr Allen,’ said Bob. He would probably have liked Jane Allen, he thought. But he didn’t like ‘Dr Allen’ or the clinical world she represented. ‘Sue,’ said Dr Allen, ‘This is Mary Fenton. She’s the therapist I mentioned who will be managing Bob’s care while he’s here.’ ‘Hi Sue,’ said Mary, shaking Sue’s hand. ‘I’m pleased to meet you. And you’re Bob,’ she said, turning to him with a smile but without offering her hand. ‘Hello, Bob,' she said. 'Welcome to Pine View. We’re all ready for you.’ Dr Allen took Sue and Bob into a side room with Mary. They sat while Dr Allen and Mary explained that Bob would be admitted – committed, more likely, thought Bob – as an inpatient in the assisted living ward. Assisted living, thought Bob. How had it come to this? He was 30 years old, and needed ‘assisted living’. Well, he thought, he didn’t really need it, it was just Sue’s decision, and Dr Allen’s. Other than the night time stuff, and maybe a few other minor things, he was a perfectly capable human being. Any need for assistance was temporary. He had a few physical problems, with his 'fine motor skills', and he forgot stuff sometimes, but that was mostly because Sue tried to do everything and didn’t tell him what was going on. ‘Bob?’ said Dr Allen. ‘What?’ said Bob. He hadn’t been listening. ‘Bob,’ said Sue, ‘Dr Allen was just explaining that it will be just like being at home. Mary or one of the other staff here will be on hand to help you with anything, and there are activity rooms with plenty of things to do in the activity periods.’ Activity periods, thought Bob. It sounds like a junior school. ‘That’s right,’ said Mary. ‘There are several rooms, and you’ll be able to find the level you’re most comfortable with. We’ll start you off in level three. You’ll make lots of new friends. You’ll be in a group with a group leader who can help you fit in right from the start.’ There was a bit more talk about meals and other arrangements, then everyone got up. Bob waited while Sue signed some papers, and soon he was saying good bye to her. He didn’t feel very good about that. ‘Cheer up, Bob,’ said Mary, who seemed to know how Bob was feeling. ‘She’ll soon be back. Once you’ve said goodbye, I’ll show you your room and the activity space you’ll be in. There’s a lovely outdoor area too. You also need to wear this,’ Mary said, producing a pale blue plastic band like a Fitbit. ‘This goes on your wrist,’ she said, clipping it to Bob’s wrist and twisting a little key into the fastener. ‘It lets us know where you are, and if you need help, you just press the little button on top.’ Sue hugged Bob, and assured him he’d be fine. Bob couldn’t help becoming a little upset. Feeling emotional was one of the things that happened more easily now. He tried not to let it show, but Mary put her arm around him as Sue left. Bob was glad when Dr Allen left and Mary took him down a corridor farther into the building. They passed various busy looking people, and Mary greeted some of them. As they walked along no one paid much attention to Bob, other than a few smiles. ‘This is the activities area,’ said Mary as they went through a pair of double doors into a well lit corridor. They passed an open area to one side, separated by a bright yellow balustrade. Beyond it were low tables and chairs, and several groups of people noisily involved in what looked like making things. There were brightly coloured drawings and posters on the walls. It looked like a kindergarten, thought Bob, expect that the people were too old for kindergarten. There were teenagers and some adults, male and female. They were all dressed in pastel coloured overalls, and Bob noticed that they all had plastic bracelets on like his. There was a woman at a desk at one end who was calling ‘Quiet please’ as they passed. Bob wondered if he’d be in a group like that. When he was first at home, he’d spent time playing internet games, but keeping up with the other players had become quite frustrating and Sue had bought him some things on Dr Allen’s advice. They were a bit young for him, probably, but they were a lot less competitive and Bob could do them at his own pace. He felt a little embarrassed at enjoying them, but he did, as long it was just at home. He realised that he was holding Mary’s hand, and squeezing it. ‘That’s level two,’ said Mary, as if she’d read the concern in his mind. ‘You’ll be in level three.’ They walked on, and Bob found himself worrying if level three would be stressful like the group internet games. To be continued.
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