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  1. Chapter 1: “Abby, is this really necessary?” A whine sounded from her throat. Dani crossed her arms over her chest, pouting at the ceiling as her legs were held up by the ankles. A warm wipe made its way over her nether regions, cleansing every inch of her dirty bottom and between her legs. “Yes, Dani, this is necessary. It’s necessary when you willfully disregard all instructions not to eat gluten. Really, Dani, what were you thinking?” her voice was firm, not angry, but the disappointment was clear. She’d only had a tiny bite of cake left on the counter and it was only too tempting dipping her finger into the frosting and biting into the yummy sweetness. The doctor said she had Celiac disease but Dani hadn’t believed a word they said. These Amazon’s were on a power trip and the only thing the doctor believed she should be having was milk straight from an Amazon’s tit. But now her tummy ached and the messy explosion down below was the result. Abby stared down at her with the same condescending look given to all Littles trying to prove they were bigger than they actually were. “Just because you are a Little does not mean we are all out to get you. Believe it or not, Doctor Heany actually wanted to help you. This is all your own fault, Daniella. You have no reason to be upset.” Okay, she did have a point, the Little reluctantly agreed. But, that didn’t mean she had to diaper her! Dani squirmed, wiggling around on the table as the Amazon woman reached down below, pulling out the thick padding. “NO!” She cried out, anxious to get away from the monstrous article of clothing, if it could even be called that. Dani knew she had been extremely lucky the past several years. The apartment building she used to live in decided they’d no longer accommodate unadopted Little’s after her neighbor had left the sink faucet running and fell asleep which resulted in the flooding of the entire apartment. The damage wasn’t extreme but the Landlord was not pleased. The Little was adopted not even a day later and the Landlord refused to rent to Little’s any longer. It wasn’t that Dani didn’t understand the Landlord’s frustrations but everything in this world was Amazon size, meant for those eight feet and taller. They had step stools and ladders and accommodations were made for the regressed but the average unadopted Little hardly stood a chance, especially when they couldn’t even reach a sink faucet - a task that would be simple if she wasn’t so short. And she’d gotten lucky, finding an Amazon that would even rent to her in the first place because most places wouldn’t even entertain the thought. A Little pretending to be an adult, no more mature than a toddler, yeah that’ll go well… Knowing she was about to be booted out on the street, tears welled up in her eyes. She was the prime candidate for any Amazon. They just couldn’t ignore their parental instincts, seeing a Little in distress (or any Little in general). The urge to smother them with “love” back into diapers and turn their brains to mush was too strong. But Abby wasn’t like the other Amazon’s - not really, well, kind of - she was different. Abby had saved her. But it’s not how she saw it at the time. Dani had been arguing with the Landlord, a grumpy ten foot tall man who never had time for Little’s and their whims (as he liked to put it) about just needing another day or two to move out her stuff. Her best friend said she could stay with her for a while until she was sorted. But she had too much stuff to move in twenty-four hours coupled with the fact there were about fifty other Little’s moving out the same day, it was an impossible task they were meant to fail at. Look at all the Littles, too immature to follow directions correctly. Too tiny to even lift and carry out all their items. That is why instead of them doing the carrying, they need to be carried by a big and strong Amazon. He’d all but laughed in her face as she continued to argue her case, not only for herself but other fellow Littles. However, it wasn’t until after, she’d realized she’d gone a bit too far. “I’m half tempted to call the adoption center!” The man exclaimed. “Not even able to follow proper instructions, disrespectful and talking back? This is a serious case of Maturosis.” Oh god. Her heart had dropped to the bottom of her stomach, unable to do anything as she watched him pull out her phone. “Please!” She pleaded. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry-” “What’s going on here?” They’d both turned around at the sound of the voice. An Amazon, one of the tallest she’d ever seen, came strutting over across the lobby. The woman must have been about thirteen feet and that was tall for Amazon standards. Unconsciously, she backed up, eager to be rid of both Giants because while one was worrisome, two was a nightmare. “Miss Brady!” The man’s voice turned jovial at the site of his fellow Amazon. “Nothing to worry about here. Just the standard case of Maturosis, I’m dialing the adoption center as we speak.” Tears poured down her cheeks and the Amazon stared down at her, blue eyes shining with an expression she couldn’t make out. The Amazon was beautiful and blonde with curves she could only dream of having. “Oh don’t do that,” the woman smiled, waving her hand. “I’ve been searching for a Little for myself actually! I think Little Miss -“ “Daniella Avery.” Said the man with a Cheshire cat grin as he hung up his phone. “Miss Avery would be absolutely perfect! You don’t have to worry about her apartment. I’ll take it over as well.” The Little didn’t have time to run as she was quickly scooped up and swung over her shoulder. The girl let out what could only be described as a tantrum. Kicking and screaming and pounding on the Amazon’s back, that should have been the end. At twenty-one years old, this should have been the point where her life drastically changed forever and any happiness she contained disappeared. But it wasn’t. Instead, it was quite the opposite. OoOoo Abby won in the end, like always, and could only smile at the pouting Little who couldn’t have been any more adorable in her puffy pink diaper secured tightly around her waist. Honestly, she’d be content making her go out dressed in only that but Abby really didn’t have the energy to deal with the tantrum that would surely ensue. “Why can’t I at least wear a pull-up?” “Do I really need to explain this Dani?” She did not. The Little stayed silent. “You know what we agreed on. Say it.” Her hand landed down on her pale thigh tainted pink, having been slapped one to many times in response to her poor behavior. Dani frowned, rubbing at her wet eyes. “Mommy knows best and Little girls need to learn that their naughty behavior has consequences,” diapers being it. All Abby really required was obedience and a companion to watch over but not regress. The Amazon, unlike most others, did not desire a baby to look after or to be called Mommy or diaper full-time. She wanted a Little she could snuggle up with at the end of the night, a Little that would still maintain their adult mind and could have normal conversations yet acknowledge their place in an Amazon's world. Dani could handle that because her Mommy, for all-intents and purposes, always said, it could be a lot worse. She had freedoms, too many to count and it just came over the small price of being fussed over and treated at the most like a five to six year old. However, the times she was diapered, dressed up in humiliating garb and made to nurse were her own fault. It was her own stupid actions having landed her in this position. Like now. But Dani knew, if she even voiced a desire to be regressed, Abby wouldn’t hesitate. Instincts always won over in the end. “Very good,” Abby smiled, patting her head. “Arms up.” The Little complied, allowing the sparkly blue dress to be slipped over her head ending just past her knees. Abby would’ve had her permanently dressed in pink just like her nursery and about every babyish outfit she owned but seeing a diapered Little in pink and alone in public was a recipe for disaster. Hands under her armpits, she was lifted to the ground. Her legs wobbled attempting to catch her balance having been on her backside for way too long. Her head didn’t even reach halfway up to the changing table just like every other item in Amazonia and while Dani was proud to be Little, she wished she were just a few feet taller. Only at 4’8, she was short even for Little standards which made her even more delectable to the Amazons and absolutely impossible to be taken seriously, more so than her fellow Littles. Now, Abby hummed a tune, something familiar from her childhood as they stood at the mirror, brushing her red curls back into a low ponytail. “All my friends are going to see that I’m wearing a diaper,” Dani sulked looking down at the ground because she couldn’t bear to stare at her own reflection. “You don’t have to play with your friends. We can always stay here and have a Baby day. We can watch your favorite movie and cuddle and have bathtime. I know how much you love bubbles.” Her cheeks turn pink at every word, worse than the last. Dani was mortified to admit how much she actually enjoyed herself during those times. It was maybe only a year after she’d been adopted that she truly let herself relax and indulge in the lack of responsibilities, realizing she wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Being taken care of for once instead of having to worry about her every little move, was a nice change. Still, Dani couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing this was exactly what so many Little’s were fighting against, what she had fought against, and here she was enjoying it. Even now, Dani wouldn’t mind a cozy day in her favorite fuzzy pajamas. But the Little knew it was more of a punishment and there was no fun in being reminded of how stupid she’d been. “What if they say something? What if they laugh at me?” “Then they are not your friends.” Finished tying the black ribbon at the top of her hair, she was lifted into her arms. “My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore though. I don’t need a diaper, really. I’ll be fine.” “But we can’t be sure, can we?” The woman gave her a look. “Besides, you don’t have to go to your friend's house at all but I know how much you were looking forward to the, what was it… bachelorette party?” No! She couldn’t miss it! Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth as she carefully considered her next words. Abby would keep her home if she really wanted too. She didn’t even have to let her keep seeing her friends and that’s what Dani appreciated the most. But like everyone, the Amazon had her limits and Dani was inching dangerously close to crossing the line. “You’re right.” The Little finally muttered in defeat. There was no arguing her way out of this one. “Of course I am!” She bounced her in her arms. “Mommy is always right!” OoOoo It was a sunny August day as they made their way outside from the third floor and out onto the busy street. Surprisingly, Dani had no fight as she was strapped into the pink stroller (which was always a problem). Abby watched as she laid her head back, soaking up the sun and her eyes closed. A hint of a smile appeared on her lips at the very visible sight of the puffiness beneath her dress, pulled up by the strap between her thighs. She’d fussed at the frilly white socks and Mary Jane’s but really, it was the least of her concerns. Even just the tiniest argument allowed her to maintain her sanity, showing that she still had a voice to fight back against her imprisonment. She closed her eyes as to not see all the cooing Amazon’s, pretending she was somewhere on a warm island sipping a Mimosa and not stuck in this horrible contraption they called a stroller. It was a quick walk, about twenty minutes away yet it couldn’t have felt shorter as they came to a stop in front of the five story building. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, the area was predominantly occupied by Littles and Inbetweeners, not quite as big as Amazons but still tall enough that they were ignored by the Amazons. “Here we are!” Abby chirped. Leaning down to undo all the belts, Dani didn’t hesitate to hop out, seeing that they were alone on the street. “Here is your phone and gift for your friend,” she reached down into the bottom pocket of the stroller. “Are you fine to go in on your own?” “Yes!” Dani said eagerly, grabbing the wrapped present and tiny flip phone. The last thing she needed was her friends seeing her Mommy walking her inside like a baby. “Very well. Do you remember our rules?” Abby bent down, taking her chin in her hand so she couldn’t look away. “Yes,” she sighed. “No drinking, no dirty behavior and no boys.” Dani struggled not to roll her eyes. It was the tiny restrictions like this that got her the most fed up. She was twenty-one years old for crying out loud and the girl had needs! “I will be back at six pm but text me if you need me beforehand or want to come home early. I will be here in a jiffy.” “Six?” Dani sputtered, doing her best not to stomp her foot. “That’s only five hours! The party is going on all night -!” “Daniella!” She said sharply. “I’ve been very patient all morning with your little fits. Do you want me to make it shorter? Do you want to go at all? We can turn around right now and go back home. We could also go upstairs and spank your little bottom in front of all of your friends.” A dark look had settled over her eyes, warning she was on her last straw. “B-but,” tears just about welled up in her eyes. “I hardly see Carly and it’s her most special day! Can I stay until ten at least? Pleaseeee?” “Absolutely not. Six o’clock.” “What about nine?” Abby paused, seemingly considering her words. After a pregnant pause she said, “eight o’clock.” “Eight-forty five-“ “Daniella…” her hand warningly grasped her bottom. “Fine.” She relented. “Eight o’clock.” The Amazon sighed. “That’s your bedtime so I don't want any whiny girl later on and don’t even try to argue for overnight since there is no adult present.” “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I’ll be good!” Dani couldn’t help but squeal, knowing this was the best she was gonna get. Attacking Abby with a hug to the neck and a thousand kisses to the cheek, really she was grateful. How sad was that… happy for just another two hours… oh how much she’d fallen. Her reaction was adorable, melting the Amazon’s heart because all she wanted was for her Little girl to be happy. She didn’t want to leave her alone with a bunch of other Little’s, especially with the very grown up behaviors they still presented, but it was a necessary sacrifice if she didn’t want Dani to despise her forever. Unlike other Amazon’s, she actually cared how her Little felt which was not a popular sentiment. “Now run along,” she sighed, disentangling her arms and patting her bottom. “You don’t want to be late.” OoOoo The receptionist knew her by now, a kind Inbetweener who really didn’t care if she was Little or not just as long as no trouble was caused. She said hello, practically skipping towards the elevator that for once was placed at the right height so she could press the button. The only reason Dani hadn’t moved in here was because the complex had reached their quota for Little’s allowed. Only thirty-five percent could be occupied by Little’s in order to accommodate the Inbetweeners so they wouldn’t feel upstaged. Not that it really mattered in the end, but still, it made her pissy just thinking about the stupid rule. It was a quick ride up to the fourth floor and the party was already in full swing. “Dani!” Squeals broke out throughout the room as she walked through the unlocked door. She was embraced with hugs from her already tipsy friends, not only drunk on happiness. “Congratulations!” She exclaimed finally seeing the blonde bombshell of her best friend. She embraced the bride to be in a short white dress meant to show off her boobs and ass in the best way possible. Abby would have a stroke if she saw what she was wearing right now. Dani couldn’t help but think. “Wha-what are you wearing?” Carly stepped back, finally taking in her appearance. Her face heated up, realizing all eyes were on her and the room had gone quiet. It wasn’t a secret that she was adopted but it was embarrassing knowing she was different from everyone else. Sometimes, the energy was just off. There was them and then there was her. It was almost as if they were weary of her, as if her Littleness would rub off on them somehow. They were still her friends, nothing would change that, but these days she felt even more insecure. “Abby.” Is all she said. Hums of realization went around the living room. “I’ve got clothes and makeup in my room,” said Carly. “Go change and for fucks sake, take off the diaper. No Amazon is ruining our night.” Oh, she didn’t have to say that twice! A smile lit up her face as the energy resumed and she rushed off. A few minutes later, there are large exaggerated bangs on the bedroom door. “Knock knock knock! Open up bitch!” Olivia. She smirked. “I’m naked!” “Even better!” The door opened to reveal the girl who had been with her through thick and thin. The girl who’d contemplated begging Abby to adopt her just so they could remain together before Dani had told her what a stupid ridiculous idea that was. But that’s who Olivia was. Crass, confident and unequivocally lovable. Her caramel skin positively glowed, hair pulled up in a crown of long braids in a short midnight black dress and don’t even get her started on her long tanned legs. She’d always been the hot girl in college. The one all the boys chased after and every other girl wanted to be. “You look hot. Is that a new brand of diapers? Gucci? I heard they’re making them extra absorbent nowadays.” “Oh shut up!” They collapse into a fit of laughter, jumping on their friend’s queen size bed. Olivia was the one person she didn’t need to hide around, the one person who could turn any awkward situation into a joke and who didn’t really seem to care about her new status in life. “Help me choose an outfit before they start wondering where we are. Jesus, she’s got so many clothes.” She walks to the closet, pulling out a blood red corset dress with a dangerous slit up the side. “Too slutty?” Oliva’s brows wiggled in a suggestive manner. “Not enough!” “Perhaps, we should consult with Mommy dearest. I wonder, does she have any matching red diapers?” “Don’t give her ideas,” Dani shuttered at the thought. “Now help me into that thing and do my makeup. I want to look our age for once.” OoOoo Bachelorette parties were supposed to be sweet and wholesome, celebrating the start of a new chapter in the woman’s life. For Carly, there would be none of that cutesy crap. As Littles they already dealt with it enough. Early marriage wasn’t uncommon for Littles in Amazonia because one day you could be free and the next day stuck in a crib. You never knew how much time you had. Dani hadn’t even gotten to the point of finding a boyfriend before being adopted and the thought of marriage was a faraway dream. That’s why she couldn’t have been any more happy for her friend, getting to live out all of her fantasies. “Are you staying the night?” Olivia asked as she carefully applied her eyeliner. “Until eight.” Dani sighed. “Let me guess, Abby?” “You bet.” She muttered. ”Good thing you’ll be here for the stripper then.” “Stripper!” Dani gasped, eyes flying wide-open. “Shhh!” Olivia put her fingers to her lips. “It’s a surprise. We planned it for Carly. Don’t say anything to her!” “H-how’d you even find one?” “The Underground, duh. How else would we?” It was no surprise that any raunchy, sexual activity including drinking were off limits to Little’s. Anything that threatened the innocence of a Little was outlawed. That’s why there was the Underground. Anything a Little needed could be found there. Alcohol, Lingerie, certain activities… you just needed to know where to look. “We figured you couldn’t stay the night so they’re coming at half six.” Dani was grateful for the thought, yet her face still turned as red as her hair. They shouldn’t have to make decisions like this in the first place or change the plans just to accommodate her. Often she wondered if her presence was more of a hindrance. “Don’t be like that,” Olivia nudged her playfully. “I love you. Carly loves you. We all love you. Let loose, have some fun before you go back to baby jail. Perhaps you’ll just meet the love of your life.” Dani barked a laugh. Imagine. A stripper and a diapered Little. That would make one hell of a story. OoOoo A/N: Hey all! I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted but I’ve been so busy with school. I’m coming up on my last year of college, I’m in the middle of an internship and getting ready for Masters programs so literally I’ve had no time for anything else! I just wanted to post a little something because I need a break from everything. I know that I have so many stories going on but when something pops in my head, I’ve got write it down! I’ve got about one hundred drafts of different stories written but I’m still working on Baby Dolls and whatever else is posted right now. I’m not really sure how long this story will be but please stick with me! This is my first time writing a diaper dimension story so please share your thoughts and as always, I love reviews! Also, I had no clue what to title this so any better suggestions are welcome!!!
  2. I wasn't planning on writing another smut but I was watching fallout and seeing the character lucy say things like "gosh" or "goly" really got my mind going and my unmentionables... but we don't talk about that. Basic premise is a vault that was never approved exists... hope yall enjoy this bit of mindless smut. ....... Nery Allbright was a survivor and a leader. Her followers had tried to spread the knowledge of science, Academics, and agriculture. Now she was on the run, vertabirds spanned the skys a symbol of a gear heralding the brotherhood of steel. She did not know what her people had done to upset them. Even now her struggling brain tried to process how all this had happend. Her mind flashed with the images of men in power armor cutting down her flock like ghouls to the sluaghter. All she could do was run, she just had to focus on running. She could grieve later. So she ran, and ran, and finally tripped as bullets fired into the ground around her. She gulped as she noticed that the only thing behind was a ravine. 5 men in power armor came out from the nearvy trees. One approached her. "Theres no were left for you to run. Hand over the relic" "What relic? What the hell are you taking about!?" She yelled/sobbed at them angrilly. "We know you have the relic. Hand it over and you will be allowed to live." She looked at them, glared at them, it didn't matter. "What relic?" She said in a defeated voice. The knight showed her an image on his pipboy. It was a toaster. "Y-you killed everyone I loved? INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WERE JUST... FUUUUCK YOU! OVER A FUCKING TOASTER!!!???" she got louder and angrier as the realization of just what was happening dawned on her. Then she heard a strange sound. Like a buzzing. Without warning she heard little pop sounds and each sound was followed by power armor droping, vertebrae crashing, and people dying. Then she felt a sharp pain her chest and looked down to see a needle poking out of her chest. Then she fell asleep.
  3. Planning this one to be a bit more slow paced... hope you enjoy! ...... Alice packed her bags alongside five other girls in the dark room they had all chosen to leave tonight. As she packed she made a disgusted face at the poster encouraging people to vote for the "otoku Movement" with an image of women dressed in varous skimpy outfits from schoolgirl get ups to chinese dresses. That was one of the many posters that lined the wall of what used to be the girls RA office. Posters that decried girls as "innocent" and other derogatory propaganda. The movement had started out in japan. The result of an underpopulated country, A culture of infantilism, and advancements in biotech. They had taken over like a storm and everyone had thought it would never last until it did. Then they thought the movement would never move out of japan. A year later both china and South Korea had adopted the movement. But still they had foolishly thought that it would never take root in america. 3 years later and women were portayed in media as vulnerable and weak. Even comics had gone as far as to make wonder women into a schoolgirl in love with superman. She wasn't even superhero. 4 years and women had lost the right to vote. Then the right to attorny or legal council. Just yesterday they had lost the right to graduate and could no longer leave their campuses without the deans permission. Alice finnally finshed packing. With a look to the other girls who had finished as well. They made thier attempt to escape.
  4. DISCLAIMER: IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! If you have not read my first story: Little Beginnings: New Life - I HIGHLY suggest you do so! This story will make a lot more sense if you do. It’s where the main character is first introduced and you and learn a lot about the little community I have created. ooOoo Chapter 1: Three Months Before The moment she stepped out of the cab, her skin began to burn. Luna groaned, enduring the full force of the simmering summer heat. This was the exact reason she never wanted to come to the South. There wasn’t anything she hated more than the sun, and by the end of the day, she’d be as red as a lobster. Her father always said it was their Irish blood and she’d roll her eyes in return. No shit sherlock. They were as white as the freakin moon. For sure, she’d stand out among the throng of tanned bodies, which in her case, was not a good thing. She wasn’t sure how long she would stay but Luna had gotten a credible lead on her dad. One she couldn’t ignore. And if the authorities were still scouring Raleigh, it would only take them hours to realize that she was no longer there. “Hello, Miss?” the driver grumbled, knocking her from her thoughts. “You gonna pay me or what? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” He was a grumpy old man who’d only reluctantly driven her all the way out here from North Carolina after promising a generous pay. She’d had to leave earlier than expected and while inconvenient, made her aware of how comfortable she’d become. Never did she stay in one place for more than a few months. It wasn’t safe. “O-of course,” she blushed as she fumbled around in her wallet and pulled out one hundred dollars for the driver. Despite his less-than-stellar personality, he knew when to stay quiet and not ask questions. That was good enough for her. She carried only the bag on her back and money to last her at least another year and a half. After that, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Luna watched the car take off down the dirt path before finally exhaling the breath she’d been holding in the entire ride. There was an eerie silence. A sort of calm before the storm. Luna had only ever known noise, growing up in the heart of Manhatten. Her father explained the importance of hiding in plain sight. Nobody would expect them to be in bustling New York City, a place known for the attention and spotlight. It was perfect… until it wasn’t. Now, looking straight ahead, Luna wondered if she had the right place. The roof of the red farmhouse was dilapidated and the land looked absolutely dead. Anyone who happened upon the house would believe it was abandoned. Though that was the point. No one was supposed to know this place existed. Luna had only found it due to her father. He was the reason she’d not been caught yet. The girl walked ahead with a renewed sense of purpose. The boards below her feet creaked and she rapped her knuckle, three than two than six times, on the faded white door. She clutched a swiss army knife in her other hand, hidden in her pocket. “Always be prepared.” Her father taught her. “Never hesitate.” She was literally in the middle of nowhere-bumfuck-South Carolina. No one would see her if she was kidnapped. No one would hear her if she screamed. Being vulnerable was something she did not like. The door opened a crack and dark brown eyes peered at her. Her hand tightened around the knife and heart frantically raced. “Who sent you?” it was a woman’s voice who asked. “Martin Creevy.” she used her father’s alias. “I assume you’ve heard of him before.” Oh, the woman definitely had by the way her eyes lit up. The door closed in her face and for a moment, Luna thought she’d been turned away. However, there was a click and suddenly it opened again, wider. “We’ve been expecting you,” she said, motioning with her hand. “C’mon in.” Despite the raised hairs on the back of her neck, she stepped over the threshold into the house. There was no turning back, only moving forward. She never could stop moving, searching. Not until he was found. The door slammed shut and Luna jumped, spinning around. She watched the woman re-chain the door and turn the several deadbolts. From the outside, it looked like nothing. Her eyes wandered around, trying to adjust to the darkness. They were in a narrow hallway, with no lights and no other exit. A few pictures adorned the walls and they stood on a dusty old rug. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of mothballs and she leaned on each leg, testing the uneven floor. “You don’t think much of it.” Her eyes flashed back to the woman, who stared intently at her. “It’s just… different.” her bow-shaped lips pursed together. “Where do we go?” “Down.” “Down?” Luna didn’t think she meant literally, but she did. She watched as the woman bent down and peeled back the rug, revealing the wooden floor and… a hatch? “We take our security very seriously. There’s a ladder going down,” she explained, unlocking and lifting up the door. “You go first. I’ll follow.” ooOoo It was a tiny house. That, Luna had been sure of when she saw it from outside but inside, down here, was big. She supposed the basement would be large but not this big.They stood in the kitchen, which had no wall and lead right into the dining room where there was a small wooden table. Unable to help but gap, eyes going wide, the woman laughed, coming from behind her. “Don’t keep your mouth open too long. You’re gonna catch flies.” Her mouth instantly snapped shut and a furious blush spread across her face. Her blue eyes drifted over the woman beside her as she could see her properly for the first time in the light. She had a heart-shaped face and kind but weary brown eyes, that looked to have seen too much pain over the years. And despite her smooth, unwrinkled brown skin, her hair, which Luna could imagine must have been dark black at one point, now greyed. A few loose curls hung in her face and her lips formed a thin smile. “You look like your father.” Her brows furrowed together. She knew her father? “You have the same face but your eyes, they are exactly like your mother’s.” Her lips parted and she stilled. Her only reaction was to blink. “Call me Sue,” the woman offered no other explanation. “I always wondered when we would meet.” Still, she couldn’t bring herself to react. “This is the MacIntosh Safe House. I suspect this is the first one you have come across?” It was. Before, she was squatting in random abandoned buildings, resting while she had the chance. She knew there were safe houses, just didn’t know how to find them. “Sit down, Hon,” the wom- Sue, headed toward the kitchen cabinets, searching through them. “You’re exhausted. I’ll make you a snack.” Her feet moved on her own accord and sat down on the stool at the island table. Sue chopped an apple into slices. MacIntosh. She gulped, trying to find the courage to speak but was, she felt… Luna didn’t know how she felt. The strong confident girl from a few hours ago was gone and didn’t know what had happened to her. “My name is-” “I don’t want to know your real name.” she interrupted, not looking up from the cutting board. “Do you believe my name is actually Sue?” The girl did believe, well, at least up until now. “Charlie.” she made up on the spot. “Call me Charlie.” “Nice to meet you, Charlie.” The name sounded strange as the woman referred to her as it but Luna knew it was better this way. There was nothing to tie her to here. Well, except the driver but she doubted he’d remember. “I’m sure you have many questions and I’ll wait to answer them until you meet the others. It’s not common that we have a new person.” “The others? Oh, and I’m not planning on staying long. I’m just passing through.” She passed the plate across the table with the freshly cut apple slices and smiled. “Of course, you aren't.” The woman didn’t seem to believe her. However, the girl nibbled on the apple, realizing for the first time just how hungry she was. “There are six other people staying here. Three are out right now and the others are in the next room.” Glancing at the doorway in the dining room, she could hear the faintest sound. Was that a tv? There were a few voices. “Your father always bragged about how smart you were and never did I not believe him. You found us, which is not easy to do.” she leaned back against the oak cabinet. “How long ago did he go missing?” “Two years ago.” she ignored the heavy feeling in her heart. Realistically, he’d been preparing her for this since the moment she could walk and talk; but since it had happened, she’d never had time to fully comprehend. “He told me to run and not look back if they ever found us. He said that if he was captured then he’d find his way back to me someday. I believed him for a long time. Now, I’m less optimistic.” She sucked the tart flavor off of her fingers. The apples were gone. She’d eaten them all. “I didn’t believe it when he first told me about the communities, age play, and all of that stuff.” her lips curled up. “If the government knew, why hadn’t they put a stop to it? Innocent people are being kidnapped. My mother was kidnapped. Now my father. It made no sense.” At least, it used to not make sense. But now she realized, anything the government profited off of made perfect sense. Kidnapping defenseless people, stripping away their rights, all for what? To create a better nation? Her parents knew the price they would pay for speaking out about the secret age play communities and the government-sanctioned kidnappings. They just didn’t expect it would go this far- being on the run, living in hiding. And her mother especially didn’t expect she would get pregnant. Now she was destined for a life on the run. That is unless she wanted to get taken and forced back into diapers, made to shit and piss herself, play mindless baby games, and be just some sick couple’s object of amusement. That’s what had happened to her parents, she was sure of it. The only other option was that they were dead. Luna would gladly choose the second option if it came to it. No way would they take her alive. If Sue noticed the faraway look in her eyes, she didn’t comment. Instead, she took the dirty plate, dumping it in the sink. “Why don’t we go say hello to the others.” “Now?” she stammered. Growing up homeschooled, her interaction with people was severely limited. Being alone was what she preferred. It's what she was best at. “Yes, there’s just one thing you have to know." "What?" "Try not to stare.” “Stare?” “Mary gets mad and Tina can't help what was done to her.” Luna didn’t know what that was supposed to mean and tried to shrug off the uncomfortable feeling, but it just wouldn’t go away. ooOoo A/N: Hello everyone! I promised I would post soon and I did! I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and you may notice two familiar names :). If it doesn’t make sense at first, trust me it will soon! I will be alternating, telling Luna’s (Lulu) story from before she was taken and after in Henderson. I will touch a bit on the hospital but it will mostly be her life after. I should update again soon but I hope you all enjoy!
  5. [A little moves out of her parents and rents an apartment, and tries to avoid her amazon landlord, boss, and neighbor's very gradual attempts to baby her over many chapters. CW: eventually wetting, messing, lots of forced situations, humiliation, and maybe hypnosis and stuff depending on the routes i take] [author's notes: 'Tweeners' the middle race halfway sized between amazon and little, added into later PPP stories, either do not exist or simply aren't here in this story, i find they just complicate things. if, for whatever reason, you would prefer to think they exist, just pretend this happens to be a mostly betweener free town, or feel free to reimagine some of the amazons in this story as tweeners! happy reading!~] Chapter One ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla picked up her purse and walked to the door, feeling happy that her first day at her new job went well, after spending most of the day worrying about her amazon co-workers sabatauging her, or about getting "promoted" to professional diaper tester, which she'd read articles about the previous night. "miss bennet, please report to julia's office for evaluation" 'Well, there goes my chances of keeping this job... The lecture will be annoying, but maybe i can move back in with mom? I'd better at least go to her office, i don't want to get 'disobedient' on my record, then i'd really be in trouble. When camilla arrived, the door was already opened, julia spoke from behind a desk quite literally above carmen's head, and by at least a few feet. "sweetie, go ahead and close the door for me, okay?" Jullia was about average height for an amazon, maybe a little lower, around 11 feet if Carmilla had to guess. She had black hair to her shoulders, and had a permenant smugness to her, as if she was better than everyone, and she dressed in a similar fashion, wearing high quality dress suits, heels, and fancy glasses. Camilla winced at being called sweetie, but what she dreaded even more was being alone with a powerful, high up amazon. She could make up 100 reasons to have her in a crib by the end of the day, and no one would be able to fight it. It took both hands and a lot of effort to push the humungous door closed, but she wasn't sure she'd have the power to open it back up, so she really was at Julia's mercy....She'd just have to appear compliant, and maybe that would be enough. "Now," Julia began " I know you're nervous, especially working around so many amazons, in fact i'm sure your trainers are at least wet by now! And don't you dare say anything about it, i doubt you want me checking for myself, because if i'm proven right, you'll be getting a spanking too. As i was saying, i know you're worried, but i won't do anything to push you, and i'll make sure my subordinate's actions don't go beyond teasing. Why? i'll be honest, i don't care whether you succeed or fail, it's more of a fun game for me, i want to see if a little can really become a succesful, important higher up and not end up in a playpen. If you need help with anything, i'll see what i can provide, and i look forward to this game~ Though i guess it's more important than that to you. You're dismissed." Camilla was sitting in shock for minutes, long after Julia got up and opened the door, but eventually she picked herself up and began the walk home. Her mind was wandering during the walk, and she thought back to a news piece about littles having much smaller bladder than would biologically make sense, with the amazon scientist going as far as to say that it was nature's way of saying that littles evolved to need diapers, and as proof that littles belong in them, but she'd always assumed it was propaganda. Though, she'd been having more dribbles than she'd like to admit recently, and she almost never had dry panties (sometimes training pants, though she'd never admit it) if there was more than three hours in between bathroom breaks, so maybe it wasn't *all* fake info. As camilla opened the door, she had to struggle to keep her panties (mostly) dry as she saw a female amazon sitting on her couch, looking directly at her, even sitting down she was sizably taller than her. Camila realized that this was her landlord. They had met once before, but it was brief, so she didn't immediately recognize her. She was pretty sure her name was maria. She had long brown hair, which was currently in a bun, and she looked to be in her fourties. "Camilla dear, come here, there's something we need to discuss." Maria patted her lap, and she was unsure of what to do. She definitely didn't want to sit on her lap, but she didn't want to risk upsetting her, so she settled for sitting on the couch, but staying much closer to her than she would have normally. The landlord's eyes widened a bit, and she patted Camilla's head, realizing the problem. "I'm sorry dear, i'm so used to dealing with young ones that sometimes my instincts take over. You don't need to worry here, though. I fully support Little's rights, and i want you to feel safe here. Camilla wasn't entirely sure she could trust that, but she figured distrust and worrying wouldn't be useful, especially towards the person letting her live away from her parents, so she was causiously optimistic, and she did seem kind. "Now, about why i'm here. Unfortunately, There is a new 'Independent littles' tax that i'm being charged for letting you stay here. It comes up to about $300 a month, and any landlord in the state has to payh it if they have littles who don't have either a caretaker, or an amazon room-mate. Most landlords chose to implement a 'littles must room with amazons' clause, but i know that's unfair, especialy since a lot of littles end up forcefully "adopted" by their room mate. But unfortunately, i can't afford to just pay the tax myself, so i'll have to add that onto your rent, is that okay, Dear?" 'i never heard about that tax, could she be making it up? But then again, if a little gets her heart set on moving out, then finds out after all of her planning that she'll have to room with an amazon, she'd be more likely to agree, so maybe they do just hide it.... The real problem is that i'd only make enough after all of my bills to pay that tax, and i won't have much money left over...' Camilla spoke up "A-alright, i can afford that, and i really like the apartment, i just hope they appeal that tax soon." "Me too, dear." Maria began walking to the exit. "You get to bed soon, okay Camilla? I know you work hard, and you can't do much without rest" Camilla didn't really appreciate being further patronized, especially since it was only 6:30, but it wasn't really worth getting upset over. After a few hours, Camilla started getting ready for bed, changing into her pajamas and getting tomorrow's outfit ready, when she noticerd she was out of training pants.They were the ones she'd brought from home, very thin, and about as close to normal underwear as you could get. She had always just added them to the cart when they got their groceries delivered, and didn't know where/which ones to get now. Sfter a basic google search, she found a site that had some that looked good. Great reviews, nearly unnoticable, non-crinkly, discreet packaging! She ordered them, got a notification that they'd arrive tomorrow, and went to bed... *knock knock knock* Camilla was interrupted from her breakfast, and opened the door, greeted by what she assumed was the delivery-girl. She had neon pink hair, and an all black punk-esque outfit. She looked about 19 or 20, which would make her a couple years younger than camilla! She was holding a package that seemed very different from what she ordered: It was a clear plastic, showing the padded panties inside, with various blurbs written in large, bold font across the sides: "very leak resistant" "perfect for littles with potty troubles", and most egregiously, one entire side of the package had a large image of a little, in a onesie and diaper, holding a big sign reading 'adopt me!'. "T-that's not what i ordered! i don't need p-protection!" Camilla began blushing, but the panties in the package actually looked identical, mercifully. She really did need them, and they weren't any more padded or babyish, and she couldn't afford to buy any more. "Ahaha, you're precious! I'm one of your neighbors, i found this package in the middle of the hallway with 'room 204' written on it, so i figured i'd bring it to you, but if you didn't order it, my brother has a little roommate, so if it's not yours..." The amazon smirks and walks very slowly backwards. "W-wait! i....i did order them, b-but i-i swear it said they were practically normal underwear, a-and they definitely didn't say anything about b-bathroom trouble!" And tacked embarrassedly on to the end was a quiet "p-please set them by the door". "My name is veronica, and if you ever need help changing into them, i live in 202, okay honey?" Veronica walked out the door, setting the trainers where she was asked. Camilla just nodded, too embarrassed by the whole situation to do anything else, and it's not like she'd ever take her up on her offer. Chapter Two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla really wanted to wear the panties, to feel like more of an adult and especially feel attractive, but it would backfire on the tiny (or major) chance that she'd dribble enough to stain her skirt, so she begrudgingly tore open the package of daytime training pants, and slid one up her legs and headed to work. Her dress skirt was a little short. Not too bad, but she shuddered thinking about what it would look like on a diapered little... On her way to work, she passed by a tall amazon pushing a stroller, containing a little all diapered and onesied up, and even wearing huge mittens that would make it nearly impossible to hold anything, use a doorknob, or do pretty much anything. Camilla always tried not to think that about littles like these probably had jobs probably similar to hers before they were adopted, and that they likely were less than willing to go along with it. She made sure to give them plenty of space, worried about being asked to join the little on a play-date, or even about just being picked up and put in the stroller too. Luckily, she made it to work just fine. After arriving at work, she went to sit down, but someone had put a plastic, pink, glittery booster seat in her chair! She tried lifting it, but it was much too heavy, probably on purpose so only amazons could move it. 'Maybe i could stand instead? But i really couldn't do that all day, so if i'm going to sit in it at all i might as well do it all day' She slowly sat onto the booster, feeling anxious about her coworkers seeing her. 'god, this is so embarrassing! whoever did this is so getting salt in their coffee tomorrow.' The Booster didn't have any padding, but her own padded butt made sure the seat wasn't uncomfortable. The day was uneventful afterwords, though Camilla did overhear a lot of comments, the worst one being that 'the baby is in a more fitting chair', from her coworker jessica, who Camilla had gone to school with. She had blonde hair, and was qiute attractive, being one of the school's best cheerleaders back then, but camilla found that because of that, her ego was enormous, being very bossy and always wanting everyone to wait on her, and acting very entitled. Camilla kept her head down and the rest of the work day was fine. when she was about to leave, she asked one of her male amazon co-workers if he could move the booster out of her seat, but he just laughed and walked off. 'figures, maybe tomorrow i can get someone else to do it for me. I think there are a few other little workers on this floor too, maybe we could work together to do it? that's definitely less risky, but i'm not sure it'll work'. She packed up her things and began her walk to the store. She'd managed to keep her padded panties dry all day, but partway through her walk, she realized she forgot to pee before leaving work, and she wasn't sure this store would have a bathroom, but it should be okay if she was quick. She went quick, piicking up all of her groceries, and also getting a step ladder. Living in an apartment built to work for littles and amazons at the same time was great in some ways, the tv was huge! but she also had trouble reaching some areas, so she picked it up. There was a bathroom, but it was employees only, and she figured wasting time on a bathroom she might not even be allowed to use would be dumb. she was jogging by the time she reached her apartment, where she ran into veronica! "Oh, i can bring those up, you look like you're in a hurry, and it'd be a lot easier for me than it would for you" Camilla practically tossed the bags into her hands and ran to her door. "thank you set them wherever be right back!" she yelled to her as she ran to her bathroom. She pulled down her training pants, thankful that they were black and wouldn't show any wet spots if they were there, and she was very relieved to have made it in time. She walked out of the bathroom looking for veronica, but she was gone! The groceries were put away, and the ladder was in the closet. 'Hmm, i'll have to thank her later, it was very nice of her to....hey!' Camilla noticed that her training pants were gone. she'd been in too much of a hurry in the morning to move them away from the door, but they were missing now, and as much as she hated it, there would probably be days where if she wasn't wearing them, she'd have noticably wet spots. 'Did veronica take them? why would she want to do that? I'm kind of scared to go into an amazon's apartment, but i really can't afford any more, and they are important'. Camilla left her room and knocked on veronica's door. *knock knock knock* The door swung open and veronica looked to camilla. "Yeeeees? how can i help you?" She smiled in an 'i already know why you're here' look, and waited for camilla's response. "I u-um...d-did you take my p-package from yesterday?" Camilla spoke in a near whisper. "Hmmm, i might have, can you describe it to me?" "y-you know, they're t-training pants." she looked to the floor as she said it. Veronica laughed and practically yelled "well, i found these leak resistant padded 'perfect for littles with potty troubles' pants, is this the package you want? Camilla was angry, but not enough that it remotely overshadowed her embarrassment or fear. "y-yes, please h-hand them to me, okay?" Veronica was silent for a minute, appearing to be heavily contemplating something, but camilla wasn't sure if she meant it or was pretending. "No. i have a better idea. I'll keep these, and if you want to wear one, you will come to me first thing in the morning, and politely say "big sis veronica, would you please help me get padded up today?"". If camilla was blushing before, she was beet red now. "I-I-I i can't do that! c-cmon, just let me have them back, please?" "nope~ You're free to just wear big girl panties, i won't stop you. But if you're enough of a baby to actually *need* training pants, you're enough of a baby to have your big sis help you put them on you, doesn't that seem fair?" Camilla was scared, but she had enough pride to shake her head. "No? if you think this is unfair, i'm happy to be unfair, i could to the same offer with diapers if you'd like? or i could just not give you back the training pants at all, and when you ruin your panties in the middle of work, it'll be on you. Now is it fair that you have to ask me to pad you up?" Camilla was shaken, and just wanted to be back in the safety of her own apartment. "Y-yes, big s-sis" she was practically on the verge of tears saying that, but of the three offers, the original was by far the best. "Good girl, now run along!" Back in her room, camilla was anxious, scared, and angry. 'At least i know i can't trust veronica, but what am i gonna do about tomorrow? Can i really say.....that.... to her? a-and more importantly, am i really okay with having my underwear changed by an amazon? what if she does something drastic? maybe i should ask maria about it, she at least seems kind. For now, i guess i'll get some rest and i'll decide the rest tomorrow.' Chaper 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla woke up in a pretty good mood, feeling refreshed and excited, especially since it was a friday...and then she remembered the entire situation with "big sis" veronica. 'She wouldn't even be my big sister anyways, i'm totally older than her! ugh, as much as i want to play it safe at my new job, and not have even the slightest chance to be seen as a baby, i don't think i can stomach asking veronica that. As long as i kept them fully dry, maybe i can rewear yesterday's underwear? If not, i'll have to wear normal underwear, but it wouldn't be that bad, it feels nice to have them so thin!' After checking, it turns out she wasn't entirely perfect when it came to her rush to the bathroom yesterday, so she picked out a stylish pair of black, low rise panties, feeling more adult than she had since moving in, despite her reasoning for wearing panties being what it is. She talked with another little for a while on the way to work. It was fun to talk with her, but Camilla couldn't help but notice she was diapered, and about halfway through the walk, she stopped moving and got a weird look on her face, and she could have sworn the other girl's diaper suddenly looked a little yellow...... They split up a bit before she got to the office, and as camilla walked in, she was thankful that she would never end up like that. She sat down at her desk and started working. 'This booster seat is a lot less comfortable in real panties! n-not that i'd rather have training pants on right now of course. I really should go ask someone to help move it. Hmm...' looking around, she just saw Jessica, another amazon girl she didn't know, a little that she hadn't talked to yet, and of course Julia was here as well. 'the other little probably wouldn't be enough to lift this, julia would probably say that 'it's part of the game that i don't help you', or something, sooo.... I hate this, but i'll ask jessica, the evil you know and all that. She approached Jessica's desk and she rolled her eyes at Camilla as she approached. "Yea? Whaddya want, pipsqueak? i don't do diaper changes" Camilla blushed and stated her problem "N-no! no, i'm pott--toilet trained, i-i don't need changes, um, yesterday someone pulled a prank on me and put a booster on my seat, but i think it's some kind of little-proof thing or something, because it's waaay too heavy for me to lift, and i was wondering if you could move it for me? p-please?" she tried to smile at Jessica, but was a little too nervous for it to be convincing. "well, i usually get a lot of phone calls, in fact it's the main part of my job. I know you answer calls on occasion, but mainly do computer work. So, how about i forward all of my calls to you, and in return, i'll move your silly little booster seat. Just one day of a bit more work for no more booster seat, that's fair, right?." 'It most certainly is *not* fair, but i can't sit in a booster seat every day! And jessica was bad enough in school, i get the feeling that if i agree to this, it'll lead to more and more pushiness from her, but i don't really have a choice at this point...' "alright, fine, you can forward all your calls to me, but can you please move the seat before i start working?" Camilla asked, annoyed. "Ah ah, watch your tone. Cranky babies get corner time, but fine, i'll move your stupid thing first, but one more thing to mention: Since they're technically my calls, any missed calls, unhappy callers, or complaints come back to bite me, so you'd better do a damn good job as a caller or i'll make sure you do all your work from a playpen starting tomorrow, got it?!" Camilla gulped. "y-yes ma'am". Jessica got up, walked over to the booster seat, and effortlessly set it under Camilla's desk. she meekly followed, and once it was done, sat down in her once again comfortable chair. Camilla learned from yesterday, and she was prepared to take a bathroom break every 2 hours. She was prepared to, but she wouldn't be able to. For the next 4 hours, she would be answering phone calls nonstop. For a few of the calls, she would ask if she could put them on hold for just a minute so she could go to the bathroom, but their responses ranged from the understandable "just answer my questions and go after that" to the much more rude "why do they even hire littles, can't even do a simple job without needing diapers". She couldn't hold it much more, she had to decide, abandon her phone call or hope she can somehow hold it until it's done. 'i really don't think i can hold it until this ends, i need to go, now. But jessica made it very clear, i need to answer these calls... urgh, i'll take my chances with jessica, if my skirt is noticably changed it'll make every amazon on the way home think they can take me home, i just hope jessica wasn't that serious about that play pen..." She set the phone down, and snuck her way to the bathroom, being quick, but still being careful to not run into jessica. 'o-okay, time to check the damage....Looks like the panties are a bit wet, but the skirt is completely safe, thank goodness! I'd better get back to that call!' When she gets back to her desk, her heart drops. Standing there, holding her phone, is jessica. "Mhm, yep. Thank you, please call again if you have any more issues, buh-bye. Well, someone didn't hold up their end, i guess the booster is going back where it belongs, huh?" Camilla's eyes widened, and she moved to try and get in-between jessica and the booster, not that it would stop her. "N-no, please, i-i just had to go to the bathroom and i couldn't get a break between calls! don't put the booster seat back on!" The amazon thought for a second, and said "Why didn't you just go in your pants? I'm sure your padding can hold it" Camilla blushed, explaining "I-i'll have you know i'm wearing panties today! i-i don't need padding! it was just a really long phone call, honestly!" "alright, fine" Jessica said "I'll leave the booster seat under the desk, and forgive you almost messing up with a client, *if* you wear either training pants or diapers to work every single day from now on, got it?" Camilla knew she should be angry, to outright refuse or storm off, but the truth is that this was the first day she'd worn panties outside in a week or two, and they usually ended up visually wet by the end of the day, so it would be safest and for the best to do it anyways, so really, she'd be keeping the booster seat off of her chair for something she should be doing anyways, so she nodded. "F-fine, b-but you wouldn't have to c-check or anything, would you? i d-don't want you seeing me without a skirt". Camilla shyly said, and jessica laughed, responding "oh, munchkin, you're precious. Of course i need to check, but i don't need to see you in it, you'll see. And i won't be checking you until after work. "uuuuum... f-fine, but we need to get back to work ." Camilla said, and they both returned to their normal work days. She gathered her things and left. As she was walking at the door, she noticed Jessica giving her a wave and giggling, but Camilla just ignored her. After she was done, she was on her way home, but she felt a bit bored. 'i haven't done anything fun in a while, why don't i go somewhere? There's that Little's bar, but drinking is more of a 'with friends' thing, and i don't really have friends here yet. I think i'll try that diner next to the grocery store! I really should go home and change, but i'm kinda scared to run into veronica, and my panties are dry, i'll change right when i get home.' Camilla arrived at the diner, and after waiting in line behind a few scarily tall amazons, one of them cradling a sleeping little, she was next in line. "oooh, i'm sorry" the server said "All littles must be either accompanied by an amazon, or be diapered, and you don't appear to have either, so come back with a mommy, and we'll serve you, okay?" "wha- I-I Do NOT need padding!! and i do not need a caretaker, i am completely independant! i-i'll find somewhere else to eat." Right as she turned around, the server grabbed her, turned her back around, and yanked her skirt up. "You call this 'not needing padding'? did you even remember to take your panties off first? I can't let you eat here, but i definitely can't let an immature, dishonest little girl like you roam around the city, i'll see if there are any customers who can drop you off at home." Camilla wanted to sink into the floor, she see lots of people looking at her, some of them laughing, a few looking like they were pitying her. She felt like she sohuld try to run away, but she'd probably be caught, and trying to run away from an amazon never ends well. After a few minutes of waiting, the server comes out with another girl, looking about in her mid 30's. "where do you live, honey?" The server asked. "in an apartment at t-two fifty six, w-watercrest street." 'dang, why did i say that, i panicked! pleease just take me right home'. "I can drop her off, i drive right by there. The amazon picked camilla up, and walked out the door. "Y-you can put me down, i can w-walk, and i'll stay right next to you, i p-promise!" "we're almost at the car anyways, there's no need" The Woman said, and true to her word they quickly reached a large SUV, and the woman opens the back door and places camilla in a rainbow unicorn themed carseat, buckling her up tight enough that she can barely wiggle around. Camilla could do nothing but worry as they were driving, just wanting to be safe and at home. Eventually they reached her building, and thankfully the woman pulled into the parking lot, unbuckled and picked up camilla, and walked into the building. 'oh god, if veronica sees me like this i'll never live it down....' They were headed into maria's office, where she was filling out some papers. When she saw camilla, she smiled and walked over to them. "Camilla, have you found yourself a caretaker?~ Oh there's no need to make that face, i'm just kidding. Now, what's this about?" Maria said, in a light mood. "This little went to the restaurant i was at, and when she was told she'd either need to be diapered or have an amazon with her, she threw a tantrum about how she's a responsible adult and should be allowed to eat there alone and undiapered, but her panties were soaked the entire time! So i was asked to bring her home. Can i leave her with you?" "She'll be safe with me, thank you for bringing her back, and have a great night!" They waited for the woman to leave, and maria walked Camilla back to her room. "You must be more careful, some amazon are very unfair to littles, especially to adorable ones like you. I really think you should look into some protection. I know diapers are an ordeal and can be scary, but they make underwear that's just a bit padded, and i think it would help you. Maria was comforting, and This was by far the nicest way she'd ever been asked to wear training pants before, and it also helped to be back in her own living room. "W-well i did buy some, but veronica took them, and she said i have to come to her and she'll put them on me! C-can you make her give them back? A-and my panties were j-just a tiny bit wet, they weren't soaked" "Of course they weren't dear, she was just exaggerating. I'm sorry to hear about that, but i think it might be a good idea. It sounds like veronica is just trying to help. I think she knows that it's dangerous to not wear them, as evident by what happened today, and she's just trying to make sure you wear them everyday. She's still young, and i think she's not great at showing how much she cares for you, and i think it's a good arrangement. You need your rest, so i'll be going now. Sleep well, okay dear?" Maria got up and closed the door on her way out. 'Yeah right, she most definitely is not "just looking out for me". I've seen the look in her eyes, she just likes humiliating me. Either way, i really do need to wear them tomorrow, and as kind as maria is, she can't help me on this, so i guess i'll just have to build up the nerve to ask. For now, i think i'm gonna have a drink and go to bed, it'll be nice to feel like an adult for the first time today.' Camilla got a beer from the fridge and headed to her bedroom, trying to psyche herself up for tomorrow. Criticism is appreciated, though this was written pretty fast and wasn't super planned out beforehand, so i know it's not great
  6. Summary: After going through a traumatic childhood, Willa needs help. She's unknowingly admitted to Little Beginnings where she's going to have the chance to have the childhood she should've had (whether she wants to or not). ooOoo Chapter 1: “W-Willa…Willa Carolan,” the young girl stuttered. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on the black and white tiled floor as the receptionist typed upon the keyboard. She was the only one in the waiting room which she supposed made her feel a little better. She did not do well with interaction. The thought of even coming to therapy terrified her as she had never been before. She clenched her clammy hands into fists and counted backwards in her mind, trying to calm the beating of her heart. Suck it up. She thought. Plenty of people go to therapy. There was nothing to be worried about. That’s what she tried to tell herself. But she wasn’t so sure. She could barely talk to another person without stuttering or wanting to puke. How could she manage an hour long session? The whole point of therapy was to talk and she couldn’t even do that. “You can just take a seat in the chair right over there.” the woman smiled at Willa, finally having stopped typing. “Dr. Tischner will be out shortly.” Slightly nodding her head in thanks, she quickly scattered to the furthest corner in the small room away from the woman. With her knees pressed against her chest, she rested her head on them, taking in deep and rapid shallow breaths, ignoring the stack of magazines on the tiny table beside her. Willa didn’t know why she even agreed to come to this. She had managed to avoid it for the past ten years, silently suffering, never going out unless absolutely necessary. She was only twenty years old, had no friends, no job, and anxiety that riddled her mind and body. Adrian, her older brother was the one who supported her but she had a feeling he wanted her out of his home. His crazy ex- girlfriend of three years had just left and was still traumatized by... by everything. Willa thought his message was pretty clear when he scheduled the appointment himself and drove her, escorting her as far as the front door then leaving. She was pissed, rightfully so, that he would just abandon her like that. They were best friends. They had been for all of their lives. Even though her brother was five years older, they understood each other like no one else. She could count on him for everything. She didn’t have to hide away. They were exactly the same in everything from their caramel skin, eyes, round face and thick curly black hair. People would confuse them for twins because of how much they looked alike. So, yes, it hurt when he just dumped her at the building. He didn’t even say when he would be back and the unknown was what scared her the most. “Willa Carolan?” a new voice echoed throughout the room. Shooting her head up, a blonde haired woman dressed in a pink cashmere sweater and light jeans stood at the door with a clipboard. She looked to be about forty years old. Some lines were visible on her milky white skin but from afar she didn’t look to be over twenty five. On trembling legs, Willa walked across the room, ducking her head at the woman’s kind smile and followed her through the brown door into a small room. Sitting down on the lumpy grey couch, she examined everything around her. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints was situated in front of her. Her hand twitched, wanting to take a sip to cool her parched throat but she held off. Willa didn’t want to get too comfortable. She didn’t want to let her guard down. “It’s small, I know.” Willa jumped, turning to stare at the woman. The door shut and suddenly the two of them were alone. She sat down across from Willa with the clipboard and pen in her hand. Her blue eyes gleamed in curiosity. “I’m Dr. Tischner,” she said, her voice was low. Without realizing it, Willa slowly found herself relaxing at the woman’s soft tone. it was almost maternal, something she hadn't heard in many years. “You must be Willa. I believe it was your brother that set up the appointment, yeah?” Willa nodded her head. She kept her mouth shut, still inclined not to speak. Her foot tapped against the black carpet. Her eyes darted every which way, determined not to look at the doctor. “It’s alright if you don’t want to talk. We can just answer, yes or no questions.” she waved her hand. “Everyone reacts differently to therapy so there is no one way to feel or act. It’s normal to be nervous or afraid. I like to go at the patient's pace. If you’re uncomfortable with any of my questions we can just move on. Does that seem fair?” Her eyebrows furrowed together, taking in what she said. Willa was not one to bare her soul to people, especially strangers. It was a relief to hear her say that because she didn’t know if she would ever be ready to share what happened. Willa nodded her head once again. It did seem fair. Looking down at her clipboard, she began to speak. “I just want to clarify a few things, first. Your report says that you are twenty years old; full name is Willa Jean Carolan; and that you were born November 12, 2000? ” The young girl gave a nod. “Great! Now that that’s out of the way I thought we could get to know each other a little.” she exclaimed. “My name is Marina Tischner and I’ve been a therapist for about ten years now. I love working with children and young adults such as yourself. I take a really laid back approach when counseling. I don’t push my patients into anything they are uncomfortable sharing and will not reveal to anyone what is said in this room unless it endangers the lives of others or yourself. Do you understand?” Willa tugged at a curl that had fallen loose from her ponytail. She bit her lip, humming a yes and hugged the pillow in her arms that sat beside her. Dr. Tischner continued to question her about different stuff in her life such as her favorite color, food, animal, etc, and by the end Will found herself slightly smiling, not as tense as she had been when she first arrived. There was something about the woman that gave off a maternal presence. Something she hadn’t felt since the death of her parents. Dr. Tischner cared about her. It wasn’t fake. She gulped, holding back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Willa bit her bottom lip, drawing blood but sucked it away. “I’d like to talk about you parents.” she casually brought up, stopping Willa in her tracks. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. It was the one thing she refused to ever talk about. A single tear fell from her eye. “You witnessed your parents murder.” Dr. Tischner's voice was just above a whisper. “That’s when the anxiety and PTSD started, isn’t it?” Her chest rose up and down. She didn’t have the words to scream at her to stop the questions. Her shoulders shook as she continued to speak. Willa couldn’t breathe, she was gonna pass out. “You were only ten years old. I couldn’t imagine what that could do to a child.” she sadly shook her head. “You didn’t see your brother until you were at the hospital. That’s why he isn’t as affected as you are. Does that ring true?” The sound of a gunshot echoed in her mind. Her mother’s dead body fell to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded her. Willa’s father was already dead, having been murdered first. The intruders thought no one was home. That’s what they claimed in court. They never meant to kill anyone, they were just gonna rob her house. It didn’t make it any better because her mother and father were dead. She hid upstairs at the top of the staircase, terrified to make a move, afraid they’d hear her. It was two o’clock in the morning. Her brother was sleeping over at a friend's house. That was the day her life changed forever. “Take a sip of water.” Dr. Tischner calmly nodded toward the glass on the table. “We’ll stop the questioning.” She didn’t have to tell her twice. Holding the glass with shaking hands, she tilted it to her lips, gulping it down, barely noticing the change in taste. Willa finished it within a few seconds and collapsed back against the couch, suddenly overcome with fatigue. “We’ll stop for now. Why don’t you take a little nap… we’ve still got ten minutes left.” Dr. Tischner encouraged. Willa didn’t have to be told twice. A haze had clouded over her mind and suddenly she found it harder to stay awake. The only thing she could hear was the doctor’s voice calmly lulling her to sleep. ooOoo This couldn’t be real. Willa naively thought. The last thing she remembered was being at Dr. Tischner’s, her brother leaving her, recounting parents' death, and having a panic attack. She didn’t remember anything after that. A part of her desperately wished for this to be a dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was too real. Warm tears blinded her already blurred vision as her chest rose up and down, desperate to escape the entrapment she had been placed in. Willa wanted to be home in her own bedroom, laying in her queen sized bed. She wanted to be with her brother. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. She wanted to be away from here. Away from this woman who was holding her as if she weighed nothing. . She couldn’t move her arms or legs. Her entire body was constricted in a tight swaddle by the light pink blanket. It had taken a moment for her to realize that as she slowly awoke, hearing the soft sound of the woman’s voice. That was ten minutes ago. Willa should've been freaking out more than she was. She should’ve been crying and screaming and having a panic attack. But the only sign of her panic were the fat tears that rolled down her cheeks, as she stared up at the woman who cradled her against her bare skin. The only thing she could focus on was her green eyes, unable to see anything else. If she tried to look more than six feet away it all became a big blur. “You’re alright, baby.” the woman cooed as she wiped away the tears. She spoke down to her as if she were an actual infant, unable to understand basic speech.That pissed Willa off more than anything. But she had no way to show it except for the glare in her eyes. “Mommy’s got you,” she spoke in a high pitched voice. “You’re safe with mommy now. You don’t have to worry about those big bad thoughts in your head. Just suck your paci.” she tapped the large object that was stuffed in her mouth. Willa was forced to suck on it, unable to spit it out due to the strap that went around her head. Pitiful whimpers rose from the back of her throat and the woman condescendingly cooed, rocking them both in the rocking chair. They were in the infant ward. The room was light pink and smelled of baby powder. Ten large adult sized newborn incubators filled the room and changing tables ran along the walls. There was also a rocking chair in each corner of the room. Everything was adult sized. Tapping her bottom, Willa’s eyes widened in horror as she felt a cushiony bulk on her bottom half. The woman’s smile widened, showing off her shiny white teeth. “Does baby Willa have to use her diapee?” She began to wiggle as hard as she could, trying to escape but she was too weak. Now she was sobbeduncontrollably as the weight of the woman’s words sank in. She was swaddled like a newborn, sucking on a pacifier, and in a diaper that she was expected to use. Her vision had been blurred. Her muscles were weak. She was as helpless as an infant. Willa was an infant. The woman stood up, pacing as she rocked her back and forth, supporting her head like you’d do a real baby. She wore no shirt and Willa’s cheek was pressed right up against her large left breast. Willa was only faintly aware of the woman’s hand, pressing on her stomach. The more she wiggled the looser her bladder became until suddenly a warm stream flooded her diaper. The thick padding expanded and she screamed and screamed through the pacifier, glaring at the woman in hate for forcing her to piss herself. It was warm and wet, sloshing around her bottom before being absorbed. She desperately wanted it off. She was twenty years old. She hadn’t used a diaper since she was two years old. “I’m so proud of you!” the crazy woman praised her. “You used your diapee like a good little baby-- you’re my good little girl!” She gave her a wet kiss on the forhead and placed her on the changing table, ignoring the screams. A moment later, another woman walked into the room through the sliding doors. Both had curly brown hair that fell right above their shoulders and fair skin. She crooned, brushing her hair out of the girl's out of her face. “I think she’s one of the cutest infants we’ve had yet.” the woman tickled under her chin, causing Willa to try to wriggle away. “She’s also a very smelly baby! I think it’s time for a diapee change!” The second woman held her down as her mommy undid the swaddle revealing he naked body and sagging thick diaper. She continued to sniffle, out of energy to fight. A strap was tightened over her waist and chest while the second woman held down her shoulders. Moving quickly, the straps were undone and the diaper removed. Grabbing baby wipes, she wipes down everywhere, running her finger over her now bare pubic bone. Willa’s eyes realized at the realization only for the woman to giggle. “Babies like you don’t need grown up hair. Infants are bare.” she covered her in baby powder, not wanting to cause a rash and retapped an even thicker diaper making her unable to close her thighs. Undoing the straps, Willa wanted to plead not to be swaddled again but it’s what her mommy did. She wrapped it around her body even tighter than before and supporting her neck, held her against her body. “I’ll go get a bottle.” said the other woman. “Little babies like her shouldn’t be up for so long. Little Willa needs to go nighty- night.”
  7. A/N: I know, I’ve posted again!! I’m currently sick with Bronchitis and have nothing better to do than write all day (just kidding, I could do all my missing college work) but I prefer to write this!! It’s a six part story, already fully written so I’ll post two parts together every few days! I am also still working on my other story: Babydola so if you haven’t read that, go check it out!! Enjoy for now! Synopsis: At the House of Strange Entities, nothing is normal, even seemingly lonely old Mrs. Fox. If only Clara had realized that sooner… ooOoo Part 1: The Arrival The House of Strange Entities was a very strange place indeed. The young woman had stopped for a bathroom break, spotting an exit sign for the pink one-story building a few miles back traveling down interstate-145. Filled with miscellaneous objects, each room was a different discovery yet there was one common denominator: vintage Everyone had their interests and Clara was the last to judge but there was just something… off. Though in the beginning, She hadn’t been able to put her finger on it. Now, she wished she had. But it was too late. The owner of the museum, Mrs. Fox seemed surprised when the blonde appeared. She said they didn’t get many visitors. “Yes, well I thought it best to use the bathroom,” Clara’s cheeks flushed pink. “I’ve still got another few hours to drive.” “Where are you headed? I can tell you're not from around here.” Her voice was delicate and soft, reminding the nineteen year old of her grandmother. She must have been in her mid sixties, possibly even early seventies from the wrinkles just beginning to show on her aging skin and salt and peppered hair. Dressed in a yellow floral print knee length dress, white cardigan and a string of pearls around her neck, the older woman certainly did have style. Clara knew the importance of stranger safety but this woman didn’t seem capable of hurting a fly much less a five foot four, one-hundred twenty pound girl. “I’m from Massachusetts, actually. My cousin’s getting married in the Finger Lakes Region.” she admitted. “Oh, that’s wonderful!” the woman exclaimed. “I lived up there for many years. What a beautiful place. I must say though, you seem awfully young to be traveling this far on your own…” “Well, I'm nineteen,” the young girl shrugged. “My family wanted to come up earlier and I was still finishing my college exams. I’m joining them now though.” “Hmm…” the woman smiled, eyes glued to her face. She gulped, shifting back and forth on her feet, unsure how to respond. It was the same as when she met someone and they said, “oh I knew you as a baby!” Like oh! Ok! That’s Interesting? Wearing a sundress she wasn’t cold but her arms wrapped around herself, feeling the slightest chill despite the humid air. Brushing it off, she turned back to peer out the window, her car parked right out front. The sun was lower than before, she noticed and if Clara was going to make the trip before sundown, she’d have to leave soon. “Oh, do you have to leave? I was going to offer you a tour!” “A tour?” She said turning back, head cocked to the side. “Yes! I’ve got quite the collection of old items around here. Antique rooms from way back when. I usually charge a small fee but I’ll show you for free!” Her lips pursed, unsure whether to take up the offer. Instead, she apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s going to start getting dark soon and-“ “Oh, it’s just a straight drive pretty much from here,” the woman waved her hand like it was nothing. “Where are you going, Ithaca? Geneva? It’s a Wednesday afternoon, there’ll be hardly any traffic. Stay for a bit longer, it’s only a few rooms. Besides, it’s nice to have company. Not many people come around.” Ok, now she just felt guilty. The woman seemed genuine and Clara would hate it if her own grandma hardly had any company like this. She’d want someone to stay for her. Sighing, reluctantly, she agreed knowing how much one small act could mean to another. A half hour couldn’t kill and then she could get back on the road. “Oh this is just splendid! You won’t regret this, trust me!” She hoped not. Walking behind, Clara couldn’t help but shiver at the breeze that followed. ooOoo Part 2: The Cooking Station She’d lead her through another door, entering a 1950s style kitchen. While black and white tiles lined the ground, the cabinets were a striking pop of turquoise blue compared to the brightly colored red table. Staring in surprise, It’s like she’d taken a step back in time. “Welcome to the cooking station, dear. It’s not just any regular old kitchen.” Oh she could see that. Lined on the table were an antique china set of plates, priceless just buy the look of them while the cabinets were full of unrecognizable gadgets she could not name for the life of her. There were little place cards , she didn’t bother to read, gazing around the room in great interest. “I was always quite the collector and I knew, even way back then, that these items may be of value some day,” the woman explained, standing by the stove, mixing something in a steaming pot. Had that been on this entire time? Clara tried to look closer only for the woman to shoo her away. “Each room is interactive, you know. You go through it as if you are a part of it! Sit down dear, you’re too skinny. This’ll be sure help!” Cracking a smile, Clara couldn’t help but obey. Settling down at the table, undoing the lacy cloth in her lap, she was hungry now that she came to think of it. Being the broke college student she was as well, never would she deny free food. “So this is part of the experience?” “Oh, yes,” Mrs. Fox replied as she scooped out what looked to be mash potatoes into a bowl and poured a glass of steaming milk. Setting down the dishes, Mrs.Fox sat across with none for herself but staring with a questioning glance, she felt it best not to ask. “Everyone once in a while a larger group will come and I’ll have many more dishes. People have always loved to fantasize about the past so I thought why not bring it to them in a different way!” It was smart, the young girl had to admit as she took a spoonful from the small dish. “What you’re eating there is Morning Glory Mash. It was a common dish back in the day. My mama used to feed it to me and I bet if you ask your mama, she’d know exactly what you’re talking about. The black bits in there are the seeds and give great nutritious value. Great for getting your tummy grumbling as well when you need to go number two.” Ewww. The young girl grimaced slightly, not wanting to think about taking a shit. However, at the woman’s hopeful glance, she continued to eat, forgetting about it. She could defiantly taste the seeds, biting into them. They had a certain bitterness that canceled out nicely the saltiness of the potatoes. It only took a few moments to finish as she ate bite after bite until the bowl was empty. She’d have to remember to ask her parents about this. “The milk now has just a touch of sugar,” the woman said, pointing at the glass. “It’s another staple with any meal or if you have an upset stomach.” Clara didn’t think much of it, gulping down the creamy sweet deliciousness until the last few drops and her stomach was full and bloated. “Good?” The woman smiled, nodding toward the empty dishes. “You’re a great cook!” she said, patting the cloth to the corners of her mouth. “It’s almost as if people get to physically taste the past! It’s a nice change from the normal history museums, just looking through a glass case-” “Yes, well food is the key to anyone’s heart!” They both let out a laugh, knowing oh how true that was. “Shall we move onto the next room? I think you’ll find each one a little different.” Without a thought she agreed, following behind the shuffling woman in absolute naivety. Ignoring her previous reservations, Clara realized she had been silly. There was no danger here. OoOoo A/N: Thanks for reading! Two more parts will come in a few days (or if I decide just to post early) I love reviews also so please tell me what your thoughts are! I’d love to hear them!!
  8. Short Story Five seconds… Eyes wide, she shook her head, desperately pleading with the clock to speed up or to break or miraculously just disappear. Four… Tears burst from her eyes, dribbling down her cheeks mixed in with her running snot. It was supposed to be right this time, she was supposed to be free! She was a big girl! Really she was! If only she could just convince her. Now, crawling around the room, her bum wiggling in the air, she was aware of how ridiculous she looked. Hell, she was practically humping the carpet. Libby didn’t think she was going to make it. The potty sat over there against the wall- pink and sparkly and locked up with the stupid chain. Three seconds now. Her face crumpled, unable to stop the flow of tears as she pleaded to whatever God up there not to let her fail. If she could hold it just a few more seconds then this would all be over. But Libby already knew it was too late. Having held it in since lunch, she drank from her bottle every hour like a good girl, gaining hundreds of streamers and bringing in the money acting like the little baby everyone wanted her to be. Three months, she had been stuck here in this oversized nursery fit for an adult sized baby. Sickeningly pink and filled to the brim with frilly outfits and dolls and toys, it would be an actual child’s dream room. However for her, it had quickly become a never-ending nightmare. Back in October, she’d seen the beautiful woman at the bar and Libby had been the hooker, just looking for an extra buck or two. Libby had spotted her a mile away, flashing her Cartier watch nursing a glass of red wine. Lean body, olive skin, and dark cascading hair… everything about her screamed money! Italian! At the time, she’d thought it strange how such a beautiful woman could be so alone. But that’s exactly what she’d been hoping for and Libby was been stupid enough to fall for her trap. Absolutely smashed off her face that night, easily she went home with her. They had sex, she demanded the money - which she almost got - but then she didn’t. With her panties on the ground, kneeling over her on all fours, the woman hadn’t even felt her bladder loosen until a warm pool of liquid had formed beneath the two of them. Surprisingly the woman wasn’t mad and that’s what confused her. Her comforter was probably worth hundreds by the looks of it. Libby told her to keep the money for the mess she’d caused, eager to get away, but the woman had had a different proposal- one, if she’d been in her right mind - would have turned down. Heck, she didn’t even know her name… and still didn’t. Now, staring at the timer, with one second left, it was all over. The floodgate opened. Starting with a few tiny dribbles, it just became heavier until she couldn’t even attempt to hold it in. She was so close! The timer went off and the camera blinked red, the invisible audience watching in silent anticipation. They could see her but she could not see them. Libby had become all too used to the feel of her hot piss splashing and filling up the absorbent padding. Squatting with her legs spread at the camera, it not only gave the best view to the viewers but was the most comfortable. This way it wouldn’t splash up her back or leak from the sides. It was embarrassing she even knew that but if she wanted to stay sane, the girl had to do whatever she could to survive. Now, hanging her head in shame, the sudden flood of dings throughout the room was music to her ears. It was the sound of money rolling in. People paying to see her debased and humiliated like this. Everyday there were different requests that people would pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands to see her do. If she was able to follow through, that meant treats were in order. However some tasks were meant to be impossible yet that didn’t mean she still didn’t try. Mommy promised once she paid back her debt for peeing in her bed and was able to go a whole day without wetting and messing her diaper, they could talk about letting her go. The girl welcomed the money and the embarrassment if it meant freedom in the end. But of course, once again, she’d failed. Libby knew though that she had, stupidly and drunkenly, agreed to this on her own free will. Who was she to complain? ooOoo “Muffin top, were you a good girl for Mommy and all of her friends?” It wasn’t even a moment later she heard the jingling of keys and the beeps of the code on the other side of the door. Mommy was always watching and waiting and ready to step in at every moment. She was a famous live-streamer, Libby had come to find out, and popular in the fetish world- was that even the right term to use? “Mommy!” She whined in a light and airy tone. Her voice had taken on a new timbre, becoming delicate, weak, young. She’d perfected the voice so much, always talking in it, she wasn’t even sure if she could go back to her old one. There were eyes and ears everywhere and she could not afford to break the role or else Mommy would tan her hide faster than she can blink. Lifting her arms, smiling painfully bright, she’d mastered just what the woman wanted and if she wanted to get out of this soaked diaper, she’d act her damn ass off. “Mommy wet!” She squealed. Popping the pink sparkly paci into her mouth from off the ground, suckling obediently, she didn’t fight the intruding fingers poking down the back and sides of her diaper. “Oh, yes you are! Was my little cupcake not able to hold her pee pee for the potty? You know you get potty time every several hours. You aren’t supposed to actually use your diapees, silly!” She bopped her on the nose. Her face burned red, stomach churning in humiliation at this beautiful woman dressed in a skin tight black dress and perfectly curled hair. Blue eyes sparkling in amusement, she knew exactly what she was thinking. Why would any beautiful woman like her go for a naked diapered adult baby who couldn't even hold in her own pee? Mommy called her Muffin Top because her belly was like a, well, muffin top, pooling over. It grew bigger everyday as did her thighs grow in thickness and face turn round. She used to be skinny. She used to have a body to kill for that any woman would chase after. Now? She was just her mommy’s little Muffin Top. What good would that get her in life? She couldn’t help the tears, as they started up once again and Mommy loved the tears. “Oh, baby,” she cooed, lifting her from the soft carpet cradled in her arms. Her hand cupped her bottom, every squeeze emitting a loud and wet squelch. “Mommy knows how hard it is trying to be a big girl but some people are meant to be little. Some people are meant to use their diapees and wait for their mommy for changes. Isn’t that right, baby?” “No!” She whined. “Big giwl! I, a big giwl!” With her face pressed against her large soft bosoms, in all honesty, she didn’t feel very big at the moment. Throwing a tantrum would get plenty of money from those watching (everyone loved a brat) but that’s not what she thought about. Turning and tossing her head, blonde pigtails swinging every way, Mommy could only giggle, watching the over-grown child prove her points exactly. Slapping her tender thigh, admiring the jiggle, immediately that caught the attention of the Little. Cringing at the painful sting, only then did she quiet down. “Answer me this baby.” She enquired. “Do big girls have tantrums? Do they wet themselves in a diaper? Do they crawl around naked suckling on a binky?” It was all rhetorical and the diapered girl had no rational response. “Since the baby has proven she’s too little to wait for the potty, I think it’s best she stays in diapers for the time being.” The only reason Libby could never hold in her pee pee was that she was always loaded up on bottles and mommy liked to change potty time and make her squirm. There were always some obstacles designed for her to fail. It just wasn’t fair! While she’d stupidly agreed to this, she felt herself begin to slip more and more everyday, forgetting that she’s not actually a baby. It was all pretend. Fake. She was an adult. Twenty-eight years old. College graduate. She did not need a stuffed elephant to help her fall asleep and she did not enjoy suckling on her strawberry flavored paci or getting dressed in pretty clothes with matching dolls with matching diapers. Don’t even get her started on the lack of control, putting on a show like a circus animal for thousands of internet people! “There’s no need for tears, sweetie.” A hand patted her back, bouncing her up and down. She suckled, quickly and rhymically taking too much comfort in the silicone object. “Now, you’ve gone tinkle but no stinkys! No diaper change is set without number one and number two, and by the size of your big belly,” she couldn’t help but jiggle her milk-filled pouch, “someone’s got a big poo to get out! Can you do that for mommy?” Did she even have a choice? The girl could only blink with tired eyes, her stomach actually feeling familiarly hard. “User Sissyboy and User Twinkletoes have bet five hundred dollars that little Libby can’t handle three enemas! Let’s see whose right, hmm? Can you go poo poo for mommy? For the streamers? Be a good girl, oh yes you can! You’re mommy’s stinky girl!” Placed on the changing table, her legs kicked out spastically. Involuntary laughter burst from her chest - high pitched giggles - as strawberries were blown on her pudgy tummy and Libby knew, at this rate she’d never be out of diapers. OoOoo A/N: I just thought I would post a short story in the meantime between writing the other stories. I know I’m so slow with updating so I just wanted to give a little something extra
  9. This story is written for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. That Escalated Quickly By Bo Tox Chapter 1 Well, I suppose I have no one to blame but myself but the damned genie didn’t have to be so vindictive about it. Let my mistakes be a warning: Don’t make the three wishes. It never ends well. I was minding my own business while metal detecting at the beach. That day I found a fake high-end watch, a wedding ring and lots of trash. I was loading my gear into my backpack. The metal detector was still on and I sat it down near the dunes. It went off with the sound of something strong. The spot it indicated was above the high tide line so whatever was in the sand wasn’t new unless someone purposefully buried it. The sand was easy to dig in and I found a handle. Once pulled, the handle was attached to a pot. When I had it fully out of the ground, it resembled an old teapot. The teapot was a dull metal, maybe brass. It certainly didn’t look like it had a lot of value but if it were old enough, it might bring something. I tossed it in with the rest of my booty and finished preparing to leave. My diaper was pretty wet so it was definitely time to go. About the diaper, it is for convenience. If I’m making good progress while prospecting, I don’t want to stop to find a toilet. The facilities at the beach are often poorly maintained and borderline disgusting. With everything loaded in the car, it was good to get back into an air-conditioned car. Twenty minutes later, the car was in the garage and the day’s treasure was in the laundry room sink, getting rinsed off. While that stuff soaked, it was time to get something to eat, rehydrate and change my diaper. Full disclosure, diapers aren’t just for convenience. I might actually like to wear them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do it. The microwave was spinning a pizza and half a bottle of water sat on the table while I went to get into a dry diaper. The microwave beeped on the way back to the kitchen. A fresh diaper is always a nice feeling. After eating and drinking enough to feel full, I went to the sink to start inspecting my finds a little more thoroughly. The teapot was rinsed off and put aside to dry. The other items needed another rinse. I towel-dried the teapot. It looked better cleaned up. A little shine might make it nice. A little metal polish and some elbow grease would do wonders. I squirted the polish into the cloth and started rubbing the teapot. I wasn’t paying much attention. When I looked at the lamp, it was brilliant with smoke coming out of the spout. The lights flickered a few times and the smoke grew thicker. I had no idea what was going on so I sat the teapot on the counter and backed away. A booming voice announced, “WHO HAS FREED ME?” I was shaking and might have even peed my diaper a little bit but answered, “I did, James.” “I am the genie of the lamp,” said the voice as the smoke coalesced into a head and flowed down to arms and a torso. The lower part remained a smoky haze. “Lamp? I thought this was a teapot,” I said. The arms of the genie spread and she smiled, “I was imprisoned in the lamp for 100 years. You have freed me and I will grant you three wishes and only three wishes. Choose wisely, James.” I scratched my ear and looked at the genie, “Three wishes. I’ll have to think about that a minute.” The genie looked at me with a wry smile, “Don’t take too long.”
  10. # Preface This is a completely shameless self-insert story. I used to write stories for other ABDLs in a setting called "The Adult Baby Research Institute". ABys would find my stories on Tumblr, and if they were smart/brave, they would message me and I would make them fill out an "intake survey". After that there would be an in depth interview and I would craft them a very pervy story. The setting was a fictional asylum / kinky medical facility staffed by caring sadists. Unfortunately all the content was lost during the great tumblr purge. It was a lot of fun. But now I've decided it's my turn for a stay at this fictional asylum. This is an intense story with dark themes of intense masochism. It's all about turning everything to 11 and getting too much of good and bad things. This deals with themes of heavy duty ABDL, infantilism, sissification, gender fuckery, sadism/masochism, torture, medical fetishism, dental fetishism, force feeding, messing and more. This story is not written for everyone, and I don't blame you if you want to nope out. Any time a chapter deals with an edgy theme in detail it will be called out at the start so you know what you're about to get into. This is a hard story. If you're looking for a feel-good story, you may want to skip this one. There will be some feel good moments, but they'll be interspersed with sessions of deep sadistic torture, painful humiliation, and extreme sissification and babification. This is a sissy story. I'm keenly aware of the link to that as a fetish and misogyny. While I'm hoping that the gender fuckery is deep, I'm also trying to ensure that it isn't deeply misogynistic. I'm not perfect, so if you feel I missed the mark somewhere I'd love to hear about it and understand if you're willing to share your thoughts. # Day 1 Saturday ## Chapter 1 I sat nervously in the back seat in the middle of the van. I was enveloped by the pink PVC padded seat while a 5 point harness pinned me down. Even sitting down in the seat, my pink frilly and lacy dress wasn't covering my thick disposable diaper. It didn't help that my legs were spread wide with a spreader bar attached to the pink patent leather ankle restraints that matched my Mary Jane flats. My matching wrist restraints were clipped to the side of the car seat, not that I could do much with my hands since they were trapped in pink fingerless mittens. I was sucking on a big pink pacifier gag, it's straps circling my head. "I'd like a cheeseburger happy meal with yoghurt, apple slices and an apple juice... and a McChicken meal with coke and fries." That was Cloudy, my wife, my caregiver and the love of my life. I was pretty sure she was getting the McChicken, coke and fries from the drive through. Yuck. Sounds like the rest of that was for me. I hated process cheese... and yoghurt... and apples! "That's $19.59, 2nd window please!" "Mmmmmm ... McDonalds! Your favourite!" Cloudy smiled, knowing that while it was a guilty pleasure, it most certainly wasn't my favourite. "I wonder if the McDonalds worker will see you? Will they recognize you?" I was so mortified as we drove up to the pickup window. Luckily the worker wasn't in my eye-line but how much did they see of me? Cloudy continued, "They told me to make sure to bring a snack, because they aren't sure how long we're going to need to wait in the waiting room." The rest of the drive was uneventful as we went across town, then just outside of city limits up to a nondescript building. There was a smattering of cars parked here and there but it was otherwise a quiet summer afternoon. Cloudy parked the van in the back of the lot and cortisol flooded my system. I was going to have to cross this parking lot dressed up like a baby girl. She turned off the ignition, turned around in her seat and saw the look of dread on my face. "It's okay sweety. No one will know you're really a boy under there!" She smiled, and then unbuckled her seatbelt and got out. "Ok, lets get you out of there." Cloudy sighed as she opened the van door, unclipped my restrains from the seat, and unfastened the unnaturally tight restraint belt. "Get your dolly and your sippy cup!" I struggled to grab the sippy cup and doll with my mittened hands. Cloudy made a show of impatience before tucking the dolly under my arms and grabbing the sippy cup herself. She attached a leash to my leather reins, before grabbing our meals and a large pink diaper bag. She stuffed the sippy cup in a side pocket of the diaper bag, shut the door and started walking to the front door, dragging me behind her. With my ankles still attached to the spreader bar I was struggling to keep up to her brisk pace. We finally got to the door and Cloudy held the door open for me while I walked through into a tiny vestibule. On the other side was a thick windowless door with a heavy handle. Cloudy went to an intercom unit off to the side and pressed a button. "Hello, we're here for our appointment?" Cloudy said tentatively into the unit. "Name?" "Becky, it's for 1:15" "Perfect, come right in." Said the woman on the other side of the intercom. The door buzzed, and Cloudy hefted the heavy door open. "In you go sweety!" Cloudy gestured, and I waddled through into the brightly lit room not knowing what to expect. "You must be Becky" giggled a woman behind the desk, her coworker let out a wry smile. Both of them were dressed in colourful nurses scrubs. "You and your mommy can wait over there." The woman behind the desk gestured at the small waiting area with some chairs. Cloudy took me over and sat me down on a low chair next to a table full of baby toys. Cloudy sat down beside me on a comfortable adult chair and pulled out the food. She filled my sippy cup full of apple juice and passed it over to me. With my hands in the gloves it was hard to get and I dropped my dolly on the floor. Just then the door buzzed, and a tall distinguished gentleman with silver hair and a short silver beard walked through. "Hello Sir" both of the ladies behind the desk called out. "Good afternoon!" He replied in a singsong voice. He turned over to me and smiled. "Whoops, it looks like you dropped your dolly little one." he smiled. I was petrified. He scooped the doll up, winked at me and put my dolly in a toy high chair on the table. "There. That's the perfect place for him isn't it?" He winked again, before looking up at Cloudy and offering his hand for an introduction. My dolly certainly didn't look like a 'him'. "It's a pleasure to see you again my dear. Thank you for agreeing to do this for us." The Director said to Cloudy. "You're welcome." She smiled. "I'll see you both once everything is ready." he said with a grin and away he went, behind the desk and down a long hallway humming to himself. Cloudy unwrapped the cheeseburger and set it down on the table, following up with the bag full of apple slices and the squeeze tube of yogurt. I wrinkled my nose. None of that looked appetizing, and I wasn't sure how I was going to eat it with these mittens on my hand—much less the pacifier gag in my mouth. I just idly busied my self with the bead maze and busy board. "Eat your lunch Becky, it's getting cold." I looked back at Cloudy with a look of "just how exactly?" "I see fussy eating is one of the treatments listed for Becky" one of the ladies behind the desk said. "We can start treatment on that right away. It will be good for her to get some food in her belly before we go over the full treatment plan." She came over, pulling some thick metal clips out of the pocket of her scrubs. She deftly attached them to my restraints and then restrained my hands and ankles to the chair. She gripped my chin in her hand. "Your mommy and I are going to fix you your food, we'll be right back. Don't be scared sweety, okay?" I looked up and nodded. What did Cloudy get me into? "Hi Cloudy, my name is Christine, and I'll be one of Beckys primary nurse caretakers." She offered her hand to Cloudy. "Shall we get this little ones food ready?" "Sure, okay" Christine scooped up the meal and put it back into the bag—even the sippy cup full of apple juice. The two of them walked down the same hallway. I could hear their conversation slowly drift as they walked away. "Her obedience is also on the treatment plan." "Well, it's not like he could eat with that pacifier in his mouth..." "That doesn't really matter, she barely even tried! A good baby slave would have found a way to at least gotten some yoghurt down. She just stared at her meal." Christine retorted with a smile in her voice. "I noticed that you use he/him pronouns, but she is very clearly dressed like a girl. " "Yeah, I have a hard time thinking of him ... i mean... her.. i mean... " "It's alright. What are they comfortable with?" "I'm really not sure, he says he wants to be referred to as he/him, but sometimes I wonder. And when he is dressed like this, I know he would rather be she." "Well, the good news is that as part of the gender treatment plan we will be exploring that and will help you get to the bottom of it." "Oh..." Cloudy trailed off "Don't worry, you're an integral part of the treatment plan as well." I strained to hear the conversation. It sounded like they had gone to another room, and there was the sounds of banging. Like some kind of equipment was being set up. "What's involved in that treatment?" Just then there was a high pitched whirring sound from the room where Cloudy and Christine were. I could hear them both speaking, but couldn't make out the words. Finally it stopped. "There, we'll pour that in there. And now the burger." Again there was the whirring sound. I knew what was going on. My food was getting blended together and I was going to be eating that cheeseburger whether I wanted to or not. It stopped and I could hear their voices again. "Eeeww gross!" "Hmmm, too far you think? You're the boss, for now. But if she was my charge—and she will be soon—this would all be mixed together. Yoghurt, burger, apples and all. And I would make sure that it was thinned out with formula too!" I shuddered in a combination of anticipation and fear. At the time I didn't realize how often that feeling would hold over the course of my stay. "The selection of formulas we have available...Wow! Everyone here at the institute have tried them, and some are easier to choke down than others." I could hear them coming back, the sound of wheels on the linoleum floor trailing with them. Christine was pulling along an IV stand with her, a pair of large bags hanging from them. An unappetizing brownish grey mixture in one, and a slightly pinkish one in the other. "If you wouldn't mind taking off the pacifier gag we'll get this proper feeding gag in place and someone can have all their lunch they so rudely refused to eat!" Cloudy walked behind me, unbuckling the strap to my pacifier gag. Meanwhile Christine was putting on a pink silicone bib that said "Messy sissy" in big bold letters. Cloudy pulled the pacifier out and strands of drool spilled out into the bib and before I could even take a full breath, the thick feeding gag was stuck in my mouth and buckled in place. "Now, burger first, and then your apple yoghurt desert." Christine said, as she lowered the IV stand, letting me have a good look at the greyish brown bag. I could see little flecks of orange process cheese. "Cloudy told me just how much you love cheese, so I made sure to add some extra." I did love cheese, but I hated the taste of process cheese. Couldn't stand it. Christine released the clamp on the bag, and I watched as the sludge slowly crawled down the tube, little orange cheese flecks and all. "This might be the best meal you will have all week, so enjoy it!" All week? I thought to myself. The smell of it hit before the taste. The burger was blended with apple juice. The sweet of the process cheese and apple juice contrasting with the bun and the meat. The blob of ketchup, mustard, pickle and onions were just a faint whisper in this sludge. It finally entered my mouth and it tasted worse than it smelled. The first blob that hit my tongue clearly had large chunks of pickle and cheese mixed in with the meat. The texture was thick and chunky. I couldn't help it and immediately retched. Christine again gripped my chin. "Try me. Anything that comes up is going to go right back down again." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and tried to ignore all the flavours and textures and suck it down. It was tough, and I almost lost it 5 or 6 times. Finally the last of it was done. And this was going to be the best meal? "Good for you sweety! Now it's time for your dessert!" The tube was swapped and the slurry of yoghurt, apple juice and purée apple slices made its way to my mouth. I had a hard time deciding which was worse. On the one hand apple juice cheeseburger surprise was pretty nasty, but I hated yoghurt. "Your mommy told me all about how much you LOVE yoghurt, so we're going to make sure that it's part of every meal during your stay with us." I shuddered. Finally Christine took a syringe out of her pocket—without the needle—and pulled out a small bottle of medicine. She uncapped it, put the syringe in and filled it up 2/3rds full of a thick, yellow, cloudy, oily substance. The tube was pulled from my feeding gag and hung up on the IV stand and replaced with the syringe. The smell and taste of caster oil was unmistakeable. She pushed my head back so that I could savour all 60 CCs of every drop. I was going to be in bad shape in a couple of hours. "Alright. I think we're about ready to start working on your treatment plan." Christine said, while the other nurse was pushing over the largest and kinkiest stroller/wheelchair I have ever seen.
  11. Hey everyone, finally getting the time to write again. This is a commissioned short story, though as discussions continue in the background, the plot is getting deeper and more complex than our originally planned 10 chapters will allow for, so who knows when it’ll be done. Insert obligatory mention of my Patreon here… Anyway, have fun with this one. There’s a little inspiration coming from The Handmaid’s Tale, except without all the rapey murdery stuff. Fear gripped Penelope Russo as she stared at the paper on the wall. Seven years she worked at Donatello, never missing a shift, always coming in to cover other people, and her name wasn’t even on the new schedule for next week. Since the day she graduated high school, she’d waited tables there, while other girls came and went. How could this even be happening?! “Tony wants to see you in his office, Penny.” Jacky Phillips tapped her on the shoulder, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. The girl was barely twenty, but they became fast friends when Jacky started working there. Well, more than friends on occasion… friends with benefits? But that was behind tightly closed doors, not spoken of at work or anywhere else. The look on Jacky’s face confirmed what Penny already feared; this wasn’t going to be a good conversation. Jacky gave her a quick hug. “Good luck, hun.” “Yeah, thanks.” Dejected, she walked through the kitchen, up the stairs, and knocked on the general manager’s door. “Come in!” the low voice boomed behind the door, with that signature Jersey-Italian accent thick through it. She opened the door and stepped inside. “Penny.” He shook his head. “Penny, Penny, Penny, what am I gonna do wit’ you?” “Tony, please, you can’t…” “Look, you’re a hard worker. You’re polite. You make sure everyone’s drink is full and their food gets out hot. But I’ve told you over and over, the guys have expectations. Parents bring their boys in here looking to get them hooked up. You know this. I know this. And the big boss knows it too, and he says I gotta let you go, because you won’t do it.” “But Tony!” “You need a man, Penny. You need to be home making babies for your man. Not here turning into an old spinster. The customers complain, they want their waitresses to be friendly. And young. And the girls, they flirt until they find a guy that clicks, and boom, I’m hiring a new one because she went off and got hitched.” “Spinster, Tony! I’m twenty five, not fifty!” “When did I hire you, Penny? You were eighteen. Most of these girls that I hire, they’re fifteen, sixteen. That’s what the customers want to see, young girls they can pair up with their teenage sons to make grandchildren for them.” “But Tony…” “Penny, look, I know what you are. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed. But it’s not my world, Penny. I just gotta live in it. Back in my grandfather’s day, no one would even blink over someone like you, but since the religious kooks took over, I mean, what’re you gonna do?” Penny struggled not to cry as Tony’s words cut through her. All throughout school, she and every other girl was drilled about how the most noble profession and honorable profession for women was being a mother and wife. Only the Barren went to work, because the fertile were needed to keep the population growing. But as much as she tried to like boys, or at least to tolerate them, she lusted after other girls. Boys, they just wanted to squash her tits with their meat-hooks and then hump her like a dog until they were spent. Girls went out of their way to make her feel good, touch all her special places the way she’d touch herself when she thought about them. The dirty, dirty thoughts she had. And she hated herself for it. “I just… what am I gonna do, Tony? As long as I’m making eggs, they won’t let me work in the factories or go to college or anything! This is all I got!” “I wish it didn’t have to be like this, Penny. Maybe try being nicer to the boys at another place? Maybe suck it up and get hitched what they expect of you? I don’t know. Maybe…” He leaned over and got much, much quieter. “Maybe I know a guy. Maybe he can get you some of those sticks, you know what I’m saying? Maybe you make a phone call or somethin’.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk with a phone number on it. Penny shuddered, but took the piece of paper and slipped it into her purse. One of her “girlfriends” in high school tried to get hold of the “egg-breaker sticks” - injections you could take that would turn you up as infertile when you went to the clinic to get harvested every month. But they were as illegal as heroin and cocaine. A cop showed up for her at school not long after that, and no one ever saw her again. “Th… thanks Tony.” She hung her head, and he stood up. “I wish you luck Penny. You’re a good kid. Take care of yourself, huh?” She stood up as well, taking his outstretched hand and shaking it weakly. “I’ll have your last check ready for you on Friday, okay?” “Sure.” “Hey. Maybe… maybe in a few months, I might be needing a front of the house manager, eh?” Her mind reeling, Penny trudged back down the steps and out the back door, speaking to no one on the way. Tony’s words burned at the back of her brain. Why? Why’d she have to like girls? Why couldn’t she just be normal and find a husband and have a happy life surrounded by kids? It would have been so much easier than what she’d been through since high school. She thought about the phone number he gave her. God, if she got caught, she’d wind up disappeared like that kid Sarah! But if she didn’t get caught, that was her golden ticket! All she needed was to turn up empty at the fertility clinic three months in a row, and she’d be reclassified as a Barren. No more pressure to get married, no more being a waitress and getting groped by horny teenage boys while their parents laughed about it. She and her little circle of special friends would still have to keep quiet about their little get-togethers, but no one really cared about what Barrens did with their free time. It was only illegal for boys - If a man lie with a man as a woman, it is an abomination, was how the verse went. Girls, well, society thought it was shameful, but the Coalition couldn’t find any biblical justification to outlaw it. But first she had to at least try to find another job. Even if she could get the sticks, she had to keep her rent up long enough to make it three months…
  12. As a disclaimer, this is a CONTEST ENTRY for Kasarberang's Contest. Though, call me a cheater, but I’m double dipping with this as an entry for two contests, though the other one is just cuz it still works I think. Please enjoy! The world was changing, and yet only half the population cared to pay any heed or mind to it. Half, approximately, assuming there was an even split between men and women. I sat pensively on the train, trying to feel at least a little hypnotized by the slight jostles, rocks or bumps the cars may feel from the old and used railroads sprawling throughout the subway system. But I hardly felt at ease today, and even more sick to my stomach than usual. I’d been dealing with the onset of disaster for so long now that I was probably a matter of days from it no longer being just the signs of what I feared. Any day now could be the arrival. “Hey…? I’m talking to you, you know?” A soft voice nudged. I kept my head looking down at the floor from my seat, but I couldn’t ignore the couple flirting right nearby. Likely another product of the same system that was affecting all of us. The same movement. “I’m…I’m listening,” I could hear her sheepish lover reply. Were they lovers anymore? Likely just the loved and once loved by this point. “I was asking you what you wanted for dinner tonight, silly. Were you distracted? Or…oh! Did you…?” “No!” He raised his voice that’d certainly warrant stares, but I sure didn’t. It was my best guess that no one did either. I needed none of the context nor the visual to know that it was all some unfortunate byproduct of a malignant force affecting all of us; all-consuming. “It’s…it’s nothing… I don’t care what we eat.” “Don’t be like that…!” she whined back in a tender voice. She spoke like it was only them inside this packed train car. “I can make your favorite?” It’s not that I wanted to hear their conversation, but everyday made it harder to tune out conversations like these if it meant having to go deaf entirely. Maybe it was morbid curiosity, wondering what the future might look like for myself. The goosebumps were infecting my skin and I could feel them creep from underneath my suit jacket and button-up shirt. I wouldn’t get to hear the end of their chat though, once the train came to a groaning, screechy halt and a synthetic female voice announced over the intercom that it was my stop. “Mikey? Come on, this is us,” a woman announced to her boyfriend. Spouse, maybe? It hardly seemed to make a difference, nor was there any seeming distinction in treatment anymore. All that remained was lingering attachment for what once was and will no longer be. I watched multiple couples with all the same kind of lead take themselves off the train with me following in tow. My heart was beating a mile a minute, hardly able to keep my eyes straight. It was all superstition that was eating away at me, but unfortunately the well-placed kind. Something inevitable that I had no power over. Something that– “Oh!” A woman gasped in front of me. In my internalized moment of panic, I wasn’t watching where I was going and walked straight into the back of someone. I went back on my butt, but she didn’t. As she turned around a sick feeling welled up in my stomach. Shit! The one thing I had to do; go unnoticed and not make waves. In trying so hard to disconnect myself from reality I’d become blind enough to collide right with it. “Honey, are you alright?” She didn’t reach out her hand, and I knew her as only the stranger of many that apparently used the subway. Yet I assure you that in spite of all the madness this world was seeing, disregarding social etiquette was not normal. Or maybe it was now, and the new normal was just to embrace the madness. She didn’t reach out her hand, but she reached out both hands. Her arms, too. She was partly bending over, taking advantage of the little meek me who was still five steps behind trying to think of a response that wouldn’t land me in hot water. By the time I was ready to say something, this woman was assertively lifting me by the armpits and back on my feet. Her brow was furrowed as she fussed all over me, going as far as to dust off my backside. One might call it sexual harrassment, but that was of a different time. Maybe a few years ago it would have held some weight, but now everything’d become as light as a feather. “Sweetheart?” she asked me again, and I blinked in worry, realizing that I was too engrossed in a conversation with myself that I hadn’t verbalized since my mandatory goodbye to my boss at the office. “Y-Yes,” I replied quietly, underneath the bustling crowds and cacophony of train noises, scheduling departures, and other couples. “I’m…fine…” I wasn’t fine. Far from it. Physically? Maybe. The springtime of my youth, as I liked to think. Assuming that’s what early 20s could be called. Mentally, though? Life was certainly taking its fun in fileting away at that. I looked up at her, nearly wincing when I saw her tilt her head with a curious smile. I wanted to blush, feel bubbly over what felt like genuine affection; flirt back, even. But I didn’t because I didn’t believe that any of it was what I wanted it to be. Well, that and because I was a faithful man. And then the line of questioning began. “Are you here by yourself? Actually–” she peered over her shoulder, seeing much better above the crowd than I could. “It’s a bit stuffy here, isn’t it?” She chuckled while she slipped a loose hair behind her ear. “Why don’t we go somewhere a bit more quiet?” I looked out at her extended hand. “I…I should go…” I did my best to diffuse myself from the situation, but all that did was put a concerned look on the woman’s face. “It’s okay, honey,” she suddenly met me more than halfway, going the full distance to grab my hand by my side. “I just wanna talk.” Her grip was solid. Soft, yet firm. From all the feats I’d seen as an onlooker and all the women I had witnessed lift and move with might, my will to physically resist had been quashed quite early on. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I wanted to be the one to disarm myself from her. I wanted to have the courage, intellect, and charisma to talk myself out of this. To convince someone part of the hivemind for the first time that I was independent and could be let go. Give back to myself at least a shred of agency. But the moment I could see the crowd thinning out, enough to see a few feet on either side of us, I could see the door, sign, and destination we were headed. So in a panicked, shameful moment, I raised my voice and shouted, wiggling my arm in her hand. I wiggled not to try and break free, but to make my sleeve droop and slip down my arm. “W-wait!” I begged to her back, “L-Look! See?” The woman barely even glanced, like by this point it didn’t really matter what I said, and unfortunately I knew how true that was. But I still played my last card. My only card. The one weapon I had that wasn’t even mine. Someone else’s that had been forced on me. Her half-glance over the shoulder was enough, because I could tell she was having a double-take once she saw my wrist. We stopped and she turned around. “You already have a…?” Whether it was really hers or manufactured, the disappointment in her voice was thick and heavy, like she was just denied from an Ivy League school. I didn’t even try to fight back when she tried to wedge her nail between my bracelet and wrist as a last ditch attempt. I didn’t stop her because I was dreadfully aware of its strength. I was able to tug my hand free, solely because she had lost the will and simply allowed me to. “I…” And yet my embarrassment and shame were at an all-time high, having to rely on what I feared and hated the most. “I should go…” Nothing else needed to be said. She was the enemy, but she wasn’t a foolish one. She knew what it meant, and so did I. “Be safe…” she said in a sad voice, standing where she stood, seeing me off. Hurriedly I tugged back down my sleeve as I scrambled up the steps. I tried to stay inconspicuous for the few more minutes I had to go home. It wasn’t terribly often when moments like that happened, but the frequency was undeniably going up. Once or twice a month at first, but now once or twice a week for sure. The outcome never changed, but it made me sick having to solve it the same way every time. I opted for the road typically less traveled, meaning the strongest likelihood of not seeing anyone by taking the stairs over the elevator. Traveling eight tiers of floors I walked down the hall, feeling the pace of my heart rate coast from the adrenaline of exercise to anxiousness. Was today finally the day? Was it when my final oasis dried up and a new reality set in? Nervously, I slipped my key in the door, turning the lock, stepping inside. “I…I’m home!” I called out to the apartment. And my heart melted the moment I heard her voice. “Hey…!” Kailey called back, and I instantly felt at ease. The same voice and tone she always had the past two years we had been together. The same loving, feisty voice she had in public and in bed. My sweet, beautiful, sexy girlfriend whom I never wished to part with. After kicking off my shoes, I followed the light and poked my head into the kitchen, spotting her. I caught her mid-slurp of a large wooden spoon, standing by a boiling pot of something. I could smell it already. Pasta with tomato sauce. My absolute favorite. I couldn’t help but smile the moment she gave me hers. “Hey!” she greeted me again and it made my heart overjoyed. Without a word I came in for a hug, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Ah-ah! Wait! Wait!” Kailey begged me with a giggle, disarming me with ease as she gently put some distance between us. “Look at me!” She swept her hands down at herself, showing off the stained apron. “Geez,” she frowned disapprovingly, “look at you!” My once-white shirt now had a stain of red on it. But I hardly cared. Not after what I just went through at the subway. I needed something to feel right again, and that’s exactly what Kailey was, and now this tomato sauce too. “I can wash it later,” I said dismissively, coming in for a kiss, and she did respond lovingly. And as I was recharging, the look on Kailey’s face changed. It was concern, and that made me uneasy. The one thing Kailey could do to make me upset was indicate that she was privy to the outside world. She wasn’t a stay-at-home girlfriend that only dealt with me. She worked and was a contributing member of society. A part of that society. “It happened again, didn’t it?” My shoulders drooped just the slightest bit. I always hated wearing my emotions on my sleeve. Once upon a time it was fun being an open book to your lover, but not anymore. Not in this kind of world. “It’s nothing; I’m just glad to see you?” But she knew. She always knew. “Did you show her your bracelet? Like we practiced?” Kailey asked with a hand on her hip. I tried not to frown. I hated when she was like this. She was the one thing that was the antithesis to the world outside these four walls. My one reason for thinking that things could still be normal for me. For us. In ways we’ve already had to adapt, but for the most part we were still just us. Boyfriend and girlfriend. “Y-yes,” I mumbled, trying to get past this. “It’s done and over with now, okay? How was your day at work, was it good?” Maybe my emotions were a bit easy to read, but I could at least tell some of the looks on my girlfriend as well. It was her signature, ‘I still want to keep talking about this’ face. But we didn’t. “It was good…” she started slowly before turning back to stir the pot. Good, we were successfully changing the subject. “Actually, I got out even earlier than usual today, so I got to do some errands. Oh! And remember my coworker? Martha? I was chatting with her today and she mentioned the park a few blocks over? She said there’s gonna be some kind of show and I thought we might be interested?” “Yeah? Music?” Rock was always a nice reprieve. “Should be some fun tunes,” she nodded. “I was thinking that I could make us some sandwiches and we’d go?” I was a much bigger fan of indoor at-home activities, but Kailey always knew how to give me strength. “Sure,” I smiled. “Sounds good.” “Great! And how was work for you?” Her interest subsided for a second-hand frown. “Those girls better have stopped harassing you…” “It was fine…” I glossed over with a sigh. “And don’t worry about them; it’s fine…” It was easy for me to say that now that Kailey was in the same room as me. My beacon, my pillar. She was overprotective of me and I liked to see that as her way of shielding us from how much society had changed in such little time. How topsy-turvy everything had become. She set the spoon down just to turn and look at me. “I worry about you, you know?” “Thank you, I appreciate it. I worry about you too.” “I know you do,” she smiled with her pearly whites. Then her eyes started to wander away from mine, starting to sound a bit less certain. “I…could always start picking you up, you know…?” “Kailey, n-no. That’s fine. Really… We’ve…we’ve already talked about this.” “I know we’ve talked about it,” she sunk her hands into the front pocket of her apron, “but I really want you to think about it? Oliver, don’t you want strangers to stop walking up to you on the street?” “But that’s why we agreed to this stupid bracelet, didn’t we?” In a small burst of frustration I flashed the emasculating jewelry on my wrist. “So I could still keep things the way that they should be?” Kailey frowned. “Yes, to keep you safe. Oliver, you know those bracelets are only good until the end of the year.” The end of the year. So many months away, and yet the time until then was burning away like we were hurtling towards the sun. Her face softened as she tried me with another plea of reason, “Look, my workplace is already letting me out early? Because they think that I’m already using this time to come and get you?” “Yeah,” I hurriedly tried to deflect and dodge, “but I’m sure you like having the time to come home and relax sooner?” “Not as much as I’d like making sure you get home safe,” she said without any sort of smile. Kailey always cut the jokes when she was serious. “Oliver, please? Would it convince you if I said I just want to see your face more? Because I do?” And like that one of my big buttons had been pressed. A sweeping strike had stripped off my armor completely. “Unless you don’t wanna see me?” she put on a dejected, hurt sort of look. She was acting and it was obvious, but my heart was as gullible as I was afraid of losing what we had. What made it so hard to stay resolute against Kailey was the worry of her retaliating in some way. The worst outcome was breaking up, and I could never let that happen. Not only because of how much I loved her, but because I knew that a relationship like this would never be attainable. Not now. Not in this kind of world. “I…” I caught myself halfway. With a quiet sigh I finally gave in to yet another compromise. “Fine.” And as a small reward, her face lit up like the sun. “Really? Oh…! Thank you so-so much!” Kailey assaulted me with pecks all over on the cheeks, sauce-stained apron included. And at least with Kailey, giving in meant easier post-mortem negotiations. “But! Can…can we not start until next week?” I rubbed my face with a blush. It made me feel silly for thinking this, but still I said, “I…I just want to feel the same for the rest of the week…” Without hesitation Kailey said, “Of course!” That made me smile. Things were normal again. For at least a little longer. “I’ll make sure to call your boss tomorrow to let her know…” Kailey mumbled to herself back by the stove. I chose not to comment. “Uhm…I’m gonna take a shower,” I started to excuse myself. “I’m guessing dinner’ll be ready by then?” “Yes it will be!” Kailey said so chipperly. “By the way, I was doing some laundry and your underwear is still in the dryer, so could you just wear the ones you have on now?” “Sure thing!” I called halfway down the hall. The best part about someone you love and spend so much time with is getting to pick up on their mannerisms and habits. Kailey, of course, was no different. “And then?” she excitedly pointed with her fork, either moving with her hands or the things in them, “Then she wanted me to re-run the samples just because Stacy wasn’t wearing gloves in the next room over! Can you believe that?” “Wow,” I mumbled through a mouthful of food. “That does sound kinda excessive…” “Right?” She shrugged. “Like, don’t get me wrong, I think these accelerated trainings we’ve been getting are great. It lets us do some really interesting work and think a lot more critically. It’s just that it’s also starting to make everyone super specific about how work gets done. It’s so ridiculous how quantum causations are really just causing our work to be more anal…” I nodded like I understood, but in reality I couldn’t even get my foot in the door when it came to imagining the kind of work Kailey did. It wasn’t always like this. Originally, she was a lab technician handling maintenance on tools. I knew that much. But after enough “accelerated trainings” and suddenly she was being promoted and moved up the ladder to more and more demanding things. Hell, Kailey didn’t even have a masters and she was doing such high-level work. Work that I barely understood anymore. But nevertheless, I tried to stay engaged. “And you…uhm…what about that thing you were talking about the other day? The…Complex…Combine–?” “Oh, the Conflux Collider Theory?” Kailey seemed to know immediately what I meant, quite casually picking up the pieces on my lack of comprehensiveness. She never discussed the details with me because the last time she did I was left feeling confused and incompetent, unfortunately. She nodded the thought into her brain. “It’s good, actually. We’re already starting to design some stuff to test out some theories?” “That’s cool.” And my commentary on her work was about as rich and substantive as there was culinary grace and technique to a microwaved grilled cheese. “How about you?” Kailey smiled. She always knew how to make my stuff sound interesting, even when both of us knew that it wasn’t. “I know you said nothing special, buuut…?” “Uhm…” I scratched my head. I never liked being before or after Kailey’s work stories. There was no other way of describing it than as inferiority. I could hardly set the bar, nor could I follow up. My work wasn’t just different from Kailey’s, it was less than. Not so long ago we dealt with similar levels of difficulty. Kailey managed lab equipment and I was designing and maintaining financial infrastructure. But now? All my work lived inside a spreadsheet software. I barely even had side-to-side banter with coworkers. Almost everyone I interacted with nowadays was just superiors. There wasn’t room for joking and chit-chat with the people too busy dissecting my menial work for mistakes. Helen was responsible for all my previous projects now. As HR described it, I was “needed elsewhere.” My unofficial demotion was explained as an “allocation of resources.” My favorite part though, was being told, “think of it as stepping to the side.” Sure, of course it wasn’t stepping down. “I…so, okay,” I did think of one thing, immediately starting to try and flare it up. My work was more mind-numbing than anything else. Engaging would have been a vast oversell. Life as it was now, even if I left this job I knew work would be next to impossible to find, much less something that suited my degree at this point. For those of us who still had a job, we were just hanging onto a title that was being consistently made more and more meaningless. “Georgina?” My boss. “So, she wanted this one file delivered to the system? But it turns out she wanted that and something else. She said that ‘If I always ask for X, you should know by now that I want Y too.’” I scoffed aloud. “Jesus, she’s frustrating! She just assumes that I’m supposed to know what she wants? One of these days I’m just gonna…” And yet, the audience wasn’t laughing, nor was I given any applause. I don’t know what it was, but my mouth ran dry. Maybe it was just coming face to face with reality. One of these days wasn’t going to happen… I wasn’t going to do anything. “So…yeah.” It ended much more awkwardly. And yet, Kailey could always get a read and keep the momentum. “Ugh,” she scoffed for me, “is she still giving you a hard time? You know, I really thought things were gonna be better once they issued that whole restructuring for the country,” she frowned. “All I hear now from coworkers about how their husbands and boyfriends are just being picked on by their new bosses…!” “W-well,” I didn’t intend for that to be the subject, and I didn’t feel that I was being picked on, nor did I need the concern… But once Kailey got the microphone, she always seemed to run away with it. “Do you want me to talk about that when I call her?” Kailey stoked her flame, “I don’t want her picking on you anymore.” “K-Kailey, she’s…she’s not picking on me.” What had this become? It was elementary school all over again. From day one I was weirded out when HR contacted Kailey behind my back just to form communications. Like she was my guardian. I can say with certainty that her workplace made no attempt to give me a direct line to her boss. From speaking with other guys in the office and hearing secondhand accounts, we weren’t the only ones either. We weren’t the only company. “But maybe it wouldn’t hurt just to ask? So we can make sure that she’s being patient with you?” “Kailey, please, I don’t need anyone being ‘patient’ with me.” Of all people, hearing Kailey say that made me upset. I was her equal, and she didn’t need support, so why did I? I watched her purse her lips before finally saying, “Okay…I’m sorry. I just worry, you know?” “There’s no need to,” I smiled confidently. “I’m an adult,” I tried to make a joke, and it did make Kailey smile. “All done?” Kailey suddenly asked and I looked down at my plate. Mostly empty. It was delicious, after all. “Uh…yeah,” I said as she was already lifting it from the table. “Stay right there. I have another surprise~!” A surprise? Surprises were always great with Kailey. From memory’s past, surprises could mean a new game, new bottle of alcohol, a nice plant, photo, maybe, or a new piece of lingerie for her to get frisky in. Surprises with Kailey were fun. They always were. Always. They were exciting, which is why I didn’t understand the knot in my stomach. I felt…uneasy. What was she about to spring on me? Maybe it was the awkward start we had once I got home. Maybe it was in all the ways she’d been brushing up against…reality during dinner. It almost made me want to throw up for some reason. And in gaslighting myself I was suddenly sitting with a cold sweat, waiting for her to return. What was she about to do? “Close your eyes?” She called from the kitchen, still out of view. Close my eyes? For what? Since when? Surprises never started like this. They just happened…! Before I knew it I was already clenching my fists, pressing them into my legs. Slowly I closed them, against my nervous and crumbling will. “K-kay!” I called from my chair. I could hear her walk back in and around the table. She set something on it. Plastic, maybe? Could it…was it…? I was bracing myself to bolt from the chair. No. Not her. Not Kailey…please! Anyone but her…! “Ready to open them?” No. Never. Not if it meant keeping what we had. Keeping things still the same. Like they’d always been. Like they always would be. “S…sure?” “Okay…! On ‘now’,” she started, then slowly recited. “3…” “2…” “1…” “Now!” Maybe it was me wanting to deny reality, but I’m pretty sure I waited another second longer. Slowly, I drew back my lids, readjusting to the light as I looked at what was in front of me. Plastic…Fuck…Fuck! But not the bad kind. I remembered to breathe once I noticed that it was a thin plastic container. Inside it were three hearty long rows of large, delicious-looking cookies. Not crude and crinkly…whatever. “Ta-da!” my girlfriend excitedly clapped her hands. “You know what they are, right?!” “Co…cookies?” I asked almost half-skeptically. I was still trying to recover from the shock of fully expecting my life to end right then and there on the spot. “Yes, just boring old cookies,” Kailey rolled her eyes at me, grinning all the way. “No! Cookies from Jasmine’s?” She placed extra emphasis on the name. Jasmine’s. My favorite bakery. My favorite place for sweets, sugars, and confectionaries of any kind imaginable. How could I not love the place? After all, it was the first place Kailey and I went since we started dating. A fun silver lining to a place that I already liked. With my favorite kinds of cookies, no less. Chocolate Chip. Marshmallow, and M&M’s. “W-” I finally had shaken enough nervousness from my system to laugh. “Wow…! You, you didn’t have to, you know?” “I know that much,” Kailey laughed, “I did it because I wanted to! Now, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share?” “Share my cookies?” I cockily challenged her, to which she raised her brows. We both burst into giggles while I tore open the packaging. Soft, chewy, and delicious. All the right things with the perfect mouthful. “God,” I mumbled in cookie-speak. We had since moved over to the couch. “I dunno how they do it…” “Right?” Kailey was wiping her mouth. “These really are good. If I remember though you’re the one who took us there for the first time? Guess I gotta give you credit,” she rubbed shoulders with me. “...Kailey…?” “Yeah?” “I…I’m really glad you’re my girlfriend, you know?” “O…” Kailey looked at me for a moment with her mouth agape. I could see her eyes starting to glisten with a forming smile. “Oliver…I’m really glad we’re together too.” And cookie crumbs be damned, we shared in an intimate kiss. We didn’t talk much for the next few minutes. Too much cookie eating and plenty enough love to communicate what we didn’t have to say. “Sooo…?” Kailey’s voice sang into my ear, arm draped over my shoulder. Since the not-so-distant Jasmine Cookie massacre of 20XX, Kailey and I had been right next to each other on the couch. Her arm was around my waist; the normal position she started doing a few weeks back. Maybe it helps her feel secure? Don’t care and don’t think much about it, solely because it made me feel comfy too. “So?” I turned my head back at her. She was smiling from ear to ear, so obviously it was something. Something I obviously wasn’t getting at. “SooOOOooo,” she repeated with a thicker dose of implication and all I could do was laugh. It was comfy time, not twenty questions, which is why I gave up quickly. “What? So what? Tell me!” And yet all Kailey did was giggle, nuzzling her cheek against mine. “I love you, you know?” “I love you too…” Duh. I’d hope that there was love after everything we had gone through together. Kailey’s hand left my shoulder, creeping down my arm and following to my wrist, the one with the unfortunate shackle on it, but skipped right over and to my hand. Our fingers interlocked and felt her fingers against mine. “Did you enjoy dinner?” She asked in a soothing, yet cheery voice. Damn, her angelic voice could always put me to sleep. Her vocal cords were wrongfully unregistered weapons that I’d occasionally fall victim to. Staring off into space, feeling warm and loved, I muttered back, “Of course I did, you made my favorite, after all…” “Good.” I felt her squeeze my hand again. Not too strong, but not weak either. “And the cookies?” Kailey did say, but was already chuckling. I could already imagine her eyes peering over at the half-empty container sitting on the coffee table. In my defense, I was only responsible for two-thirds of the murders. “Yes…” I rubbed my head against the crook of her shoulder. Intimacy like this really was dangerous for the senses. I’d be asleep before I even knew it. My sight may have been fading, but I still could feel the touch, hear the sounds, taste the last few crumbs on the corner of my mouth. And so eloquently with just the right lack of class, Kailey chuckled, “Double good.” It was one of her patently “dumb-time” moments, and that couldn’t make me feel any fuzzier than it already did. It was my way of knowing Kailey could let her guard down. Around me. How I knew she didn’t do this with anyone else was really a baseless assumption, but with how smart she was and how dignified, I simply couldn’t imagine it any other way. Two years. Two amazing years of just this. A long and loving relationship with so much intimacy, trust and vulnerability. In the few times that I felt scared Kailey could always drown that out ten times over. It was perfect. Magical. But I was on cloud nine, and nothing could make this moment any better. Nothing more than just one thing. Something I was feeling so daring and so happily selfish to ask. A question we’d entertained and humored with nudges and kicks down the timeline; never answered nearly in full or even halfness. Never until now…? It was all tonight Kailey’s gift to me, but the passion and desire was growing, and I desperately wanted to give back with a gift just as great. “...Oliver, I–” My adrenaline accidentally let me cut in. “--Kailey?” If I didn’t ask now, I’d probably lose the courage to for another whole month. But not this time, even if it meant stealing the lead. “...Y-yeah?” “...I want to ask you something,” I stated so confidently, yet despite being the small spoon with my hand cradled and coddled by hers. My eyes were aimed at the muted TV, but my focus was in another place entirely. “Something serious.” “Of…of course?” Kailey listened, and I shuffled in turn with her own body trying to get comfortable. “What’s up?” “We’ve…we’ve been together for two years now… Two…amazing, awesome years together. A part of my life I’d never want to give to anyone else but you, Kailey. You’ve made me the happiest person in the world.” “O-Oliver…!” Kailey whispered in a hush, squeezing me by the waist. I couldn’t see her face, but I had no need to. “So that’s why I don’t want to lose you to anyone else…I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.” And instead of another affectionate squeeze or lovey-dovey comment, all I got was a light slap on the shoulder, surprisingly. “Hey, don’t take my opening line!” A few seconds of laughing later and I kept going. “You’re the smartest, hardest working, and most beautiful person that I’ve ever seen… Since day one I knew you were the one for me. You talk, you listen, you care, and you love. As jealous as I am of who you are as a person…having you all to myself makes me just as happy.” The words were making me blush and my heart flutter, but it was all true and I was so desperate to say it all, especially with the way her fingers were starting to weave through mine. I kept going. “S…so…Kailey…I was wondering, if uhm…would you–” “--Wait!” Kailey, the love of my life, interrupted at the worst possible time. “S-sorry…” she muttered in a flustered voice. My Kailey? Flustered? So rarely did she ever sound like this, and it made my heart do somersaults in pure euphoria. It was instinctual. My second wind to try again after hearing her out, simply because of how much I knew this was going to work out. It was certain now. “I…I think I know what you’re trying to say…” she giggled, like we were sitting face to face in Jasmine’s for the first time all over again, splitting a big round cookie with two cups of coffee. “But…everything tonight…the dinner, the dessert…I…I was trying to do it too…” My heart nearly stopped. Her thumb danced in my palm and I tried not to fidget; to not explode from stimulus overload. Far too much love intake, not enough exhaust. She was going to ask. To confess. I had the worst timing…! I interrupted her! I laughed aloud. “I-I guess we know each other too well, huh?” “Yeah,” she laughed right back, “guess we do…! So…how about this? Together? Let’s ask each other together?” A thought we both had, but a question we would pop together. I knew exactly how it would sound; our words and voices matched in perfect harmony. Screw the sound of my own voice, though. Just to hear it from Kailey would be enough to let me die an early death. I could already cry from the insinuation and my imagination alone. We briefly separated just to sit on either end of the couch, facing each other. Our hands laid in our laps, nervous as all hell just from trying to re-summon the courage we kept accidentally taking from the other. “T-together?” I asked, or tried to confirm? Like maybe the rules had inexplicably changed or one of us forgot. “To…together…” Kailey nodded, smiling so widely and so excitedly, and before I knew it she was a perfect mirror for my emotions. “On three?” “On three…!” “One…” “Two…” “Three!” And then it happened. The words I’d been waiting my whole life to ask. “Will you marry me?” The moment was paralyzing, and just to find the courage to say them and offer myself for such a wonderful lifelong commitment tuned out my surroundings entirely. The world we lived in wasn’t a factor and neither was the society we were trying to find our safe haven in. She hadn’t even said yes yet; I hadn’t even said yes yet, but here I was, already starting to tear up. Pure happiness in its rawest form possible. Nothing but joy and excitement for who I had and always will. “Oliver…!” The sound of her voice. Sweet. Serenity. Now I wish I did talk to her about this beforehand, at least about giving her a ring… It felt like a crime at this point. How could I not give something as thanks to the most beautiful person in the world? My treasure? “Oliver?” I blinked and found my feet in reality again, coming back into place with my emotions and senses again. I laughed aloud. I really was dumbstruck with love. “S-sorry…” I wiped my teary eye apologetically, “It’s just…a lot, you know? But I promise you, Kailey. I mean it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Kailey, the love of my life, softly smiled, sliding over on the couch. She put her hand on my leg. “I do too, Oliver…” And there it was. Yes. She said it. Accepted. Agreed. No baking out now. Not ever. Never. I played the game and won. I found my hope before this entire set could crash and burn entirely. Kailey day by day felt more like salvation itself, but she in her own right as an individual was irreplaceable, and to know that she’s the one who chose me…! Her gentle rub on my thigh got me out of my own head again. Crap, hopefully she didn’t back out if I started getting distracted the next few days…or next whole month? This was going to be an amazing novelty that frankly I wouldn’t mind ever wearing off. “Oliver?” she asked me, and I smiled dumbly. That put a weird smile on her face too. Oh! This is too good! “You didn’t answer my question?” “Wh-what?” I chuckled, then I remembered her disappointed attitude a couple minutes ago. I’d gone and stole the show; skipped to the ending by popping the question before even she could. Sure I felt guilty, but I felt loved, and that mattered more. But never one to be selfish, and one more than willing to please, I straightened my back and proudly said, “Yes, Kailey, of course I’ll marry you!” Two proposals in one night? What a story this’ll be to tell! Residual giggles dissipated from me and I settled down, but it was only just me making the noises. Frankly I was wondering why Kailey was being so tardy to the emotion party. But Kailey was showing emotion, just a much more quiet one. A sideways look with her brows sliding up towards the center. “That’s…uhm…” My fiance momentarily avoided my eyes, adjusting her loose hair, “that…” And maybe for just a moment, my fantasy cracked. “That isn’t what I asked…” I blinked, still with my confident and eternal smile. My dearest love laughed apologetically. Awkwardly? The room felt a little tighter when I squinted my eyes, but I shrugged it off. “O-okay? Well, what’d you ask?” Kailey was my rock and I did believe in her, but I didn’t want to be the one to say that whatever small misunderstanding there was, it didn’t really matter that much…! She gave me a brief discerning look, and just maybe, just somehow, maybe it was me. Maybe I was missing something? But her lips came back together and her smile was back, so mine was too. I was happy again because she was as well. Then her mouth opened and her lips moved. Silence. Total silence. “W-wait,” my shoulders bounced with my laugh as I reached for the remote. “S-sorry, too loud,” I excused my suddenly bad hearing as I killed the TV. “One…one more time?” “Sure…” she agreed and her teeth were starting to show again. Every time I asked it was like pressing a euphoria switch for her. It had to have been the same way I felt about proposing just then. And then it started all over again. “Oliver, will you…” but she grew quiet. So quiet to the point that either I’d gone deaf or she was mute. And I knew it wasn’t my fault, I think, once I heard a distant car driving outside the apartment. “Wait–” I waved up my hands, motioning to the window as I walked to it, “noisy outside. Just a sec?” “Are you just pulling my leg?” Kailey was starting to smirk now; playfully impatient. “No! I’m serious!” I doubled down with the smooth slam and shut of the street-side window. “Okay, I promise this time; I can hear!” Probably? I took my seat back on the couch. “Ready this time. Swear it.” Just to prove it, I took a nice deep breath, even. Part of me even wanted to ask if she could speak up a little, but I feel like I’d beaten that sound business to death enough… “Oliver…” Kailey started, but she paused, edging her head forward. Reading her mind, I pleaded, “Still listening!” She laughed. “Okay, just checking. Oliver, will you, the most loving, wonderful person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in my life, be…” But drat, now my foot was tapping and my knees were bouncing all on their own. Just the tiniest squeak from the ball of my foot on the wood could somehow be such a noisy disturbance! Both our eyes fell down to my legs, and I looked at her apologetically, yet again. “Sorry, my–uhm…” I held down on my knees firmly this time. “Promise! Last interruption! I can hear for real now, so–!” “--Oliver!” Kailey came right over and latched her hands on my arms. The distance between us was just a single head’s width. “Will you be my little boy?” My mouth opened, but I wasn’t making any noise. My jaw hung agape, and my lips tried to move now, but somehow I’d become silent to my own noise. The tremors started again as soon as my hand left my knee, trying to raise a confused protest for something I totally did not just hear. Not from Kailey. Not from my new fiance. I tried to move my eyes, looking away and dropping my head, but every which way I looked there Kailey was, finding me right at the receiving end. “Oliver…?” she squeezed my arm, smiling and curious. “Hey, enough games, already! You’re not gonna tell me you didn’t hear that too, right?” Because I doubt she’d let me get away with that. Get away with trying to say I’d somehow magically forgotten this entire fucking evening. Just to protect what I desperately wanted back now. What maybe was still salvageable. “I-I…” I blinked and tried to look for something to stand my conscience on, but I was slipping and falling farther and faster the longer she held onto me. “W…What? Wh-what did you ask?” “Ugh,” Kailey’s eyes did circles with an exaggerated scoff. “This isn’t a very fun game, you know. If you’re just trying to get me more comfortable saying it, well you got the job done!” “B…but…I…” And would my unfortunate luck have it, I caught a glimpse of my naked, shackled wrist. It wasn’t any kind of ring, but it was a proposal. An offer I should have refused. A chilling realization far too late. “Ka...Kailey…wh-why?” I watched her hand fall around mine. “Baby? What’s wrong? Did…did I say something wrong?” The room was finally spinning; catching up with the rest of the world already trapped in full-swing. The tremors and shakes, the waves and wobbles had finally caught up. There were cracks in the ceiling and the walls, the floors and the cushions beneath us. It was all seeping in. “Why…” I asked as my voice came to me, “Why would you even…ask something like that?” “Wh…” she stuttered and squeezed my hand, “W-well, we love each other, don’t we?” It was finally a sense of reason that I could speak to. “Yes! I-I love you more than anything, Kailey!” “Oliver,” she drew me into a hug, “I love you more than anything too? So why are you being so weird right now?” “Weird?” I slipped further down the couch and I was graciously let go. “I’m the weird one? When…when you’re the one who just asked me that? Kailey, I just asked you to marry me!” She slowly and barely nodded, adjusting a hair behind her ear as she said, “I…” I watched her trace her thigh with her palm, slowly sliding up and down. “I know…” And as my girlfriend sorted through her awkwardness, I tried not to cry from recalling what was supposed to be a core memory of the moment we became hooked on eternal matrimony. I heard it. Both our voices when we asked and popped the same exact question…! Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you– Be my little boy? A sick knot twisted in my stomach and I knew it wasn’t the cookies or the pasta. I heard her voice. I was hearing it the whole time. I heard everything. Everything. But it didn’t make sense…! Not one fucking bit! We loved each other, and she just said how much she loved me! So why? Why the fuck was this happening?! “B-but…you said…you said you loved me too?” My voice cracked with the words and the confusion in them couldn’t have been more obvious. “Oliver, I do love you! So much! More than anything!” “S-so…why? Why won’t you…?” “...Oliver…” Kailey finally looked saddened and pained, thankfully in a place that was recognizable to me. The Kailey that I knew. A Kailey that could be hurt, and not the one that could ask something so outlandish and…indoctrinated. “M…marriage…I… Just…don’t you think that isn’t a good fit for us?” The feeling left my face, and all I could do was stare. “I mean I just…” she started her rant, then stopped when she saw me. “O-oh, no, Oliver– please, I promise you. I promise I wasn’t trying to mislead you or…or anything like that! Baby,” and why did she have to use that kind of pet name? Suddenly it meant so many gross things now, “We’ve been together for so long, and I’d never give you up for anything. Oliver, you’re my world!” I sniffled back, “Y-you’re my world too…” So why? Fucking why? “I…I’ve known for a long time I’ve wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,” she smiled and it made my chest feel warm, despite the typhoon of confusion and upset in my head and heart, “but…only these past few months I guess I’ve really been starting to…’shape’ that.” “--A-and I did the same!” I cut in desperately, finding just the right moment to jump in and save my girlfriend from whatever propaganda was taking her from me. “Y-you thought about it, right? Day after day? Thinking of the best way to ask and how to propose?” I needed this more than anything. Her like-mindedness. The desperate hope of saving any of this. “Yes!” She smiled so widely and it made my vision blurry. “So…so long… H-how to ask…what we should do that night: Go to the movies? The park? A festival? Restaurant? I’ve thought so much…” So clean and so honest. It was exactly what I was thinking! “I’ve talked t-to friends, read blogs…forums…” No…no…no…! “So why won’t marriage work?” I wiped my eyes just to stop Kailey coming for them herself. “Oliver, it’s just…that isn’t for me…it’s not for us.” “How is it not?!” I raised my voice, “You love me! I love you!” I may have been a fool compared to Kailey, but I sure as hell knew one-plus-one logic. “And you’re right; it is like that. But…my love, Oliver, it’s…different, okay?” “Different?” In what possible way? “Yes, different,” she nodded assertively. “Oliver…do you know what makes me happy the most when I’m with you?” And suddenly I was afraid to ask. “It’s…it’s not the sex. It’s not the kissing–the making out,” it sounded like she corrected herself, like some kinds of kisses were different from others. “Oliver, it’s when I get to see you after a long day at work. When I get a big hug and kiss from you. When I get to hear about your day; help you make your problems feel small, or help push them away…! When we sit down on the couch, I can surprise you with your favorite cookies, or make you your favorite dinner! When I can cuddle with you!” What a chilling revelation. “Y-you mean…you don’t…?” All those nights? All those times? When we were sharing a bed, loving each other in the most intimate way possible…? “Wh-what about those outfits? Th-the lingerie? You love those! Y-you’re sexy, Kailey! You’re hot!” Not some cute mommy! “I did that for you, Oliver, because that’s what couples do. We do the things our partners love.” Her words dropped like a guillotine. Like I’d been living a lie my whole life. “L-look, baby, please… I don’t mean any of this in a cruel way, I promise! I liked it all too, okay? I did, but…” “But what?” I poured my heart out to her. I thought I knew her. But apparently I knew nothing at all. “But it’s different now. I don’t know…that changed somehow, sometime. But it doesn’t matter, because my love for you is still the same! I don’t love you any less, it’s just…different!” “So if you can love me like that, why can’t you marry me, Kailey?” “Because…it’s not being honest with myself and it’s not being fair to you,” I watched her nose gently exhale. “Oliver…I know it bothers you with how things are right now,” bother couldn’t even begin to describe it, “but...how I feel hasn’t changed. I’ve given it some time and tried to think. Maybe I could see it some way differently, but…I can’t. I can’t and I won’t. This matters too much to me. You matter too much to me. I love you and that’s why I want what others have, but for us!” “I don’t want that! I don’t want any of it!” I stepped back finally from the couch and came to my feet. “I want you, Kailey! None of that crap society is forcing on either you or me! I want you as my wife, and nothing else!” “Oliver…” Kailey stood up and tried to reach for me, but I took one more step back. “Please? Just try to think about this from my perspective?” “I already have! I’ve…I’ve been thinking about it from yours– from society’s for so fucking long!” Every man bemused into a boy. Taken down every single peg they have until they’re just incompetent, dependant stumps for their lovers. Their mommies. But now it wasn’t any unknown face or magic brick wall. No set of talking-points casually and softly pushed on a daily basis from passing adverts or politicians and speakers. Now it was in our home, and it was Kailey herself. My world was crumbling as reality itself smashed all my dreams and hopes, and I was in tears. “Oliver, please! We…we can still do those things? We can still kiss like we used to, and we can…we can still do some of those other things!” Some? “What could you possibly want that we already don’t have?” I shot out my arm, trying to swipe away at any of the madness still wafting in the air. “You, Oliver. I want you!” Kailey suddenly and for once raised her voice. “I don’t want a boyfriend anymore that stays mad, bitter and scared of the outside world! I don’t want a boyfriend who has to feel scared just for trying to live his life! Don’t you get how that makes me feel? How that tears me up? Having to call your boss, not knowing if she made your life a living hell that day? Hoping you’ll come home safe to me on your own?” “Can’t you listen to yourself?! Who even are you, Kailey? I don’t need a babysitter to manage my worklife and get me home! I’m a grown-fucking adult!” “You’re a BOY, OLIVER!” Kailey cried back in a yell and it sent tingles down my spine. Her hands were balled and there was a fierce, passionate look in her eyes. “Y-you’re…!” Finally, she sniffled, pinching the bridge of her nose. “You’re my boy! M-my…my sweet thing that I want nothing more than to protect! I’m tired of seeing you so distant and upset! Mad and angry! Scared! I just want you to be happy, and I know how to give that to you! I don’t want you to have to carry around responsibilities like they’re the weight of the world you feel some imaginary obligation to hold on to!” “T-then where does that leave me, Kailey? Where does that leave us? I-I can’t…I can’t do that. I won’t. I want an equal, Kailey. A partner. I’m not looking for a Mommy!” And probably neither was any of the rest of the male population in the world. And yet, here we all were, far too late to realize just how much the water was really boiling. And if we couldn’t come to an understanding, then… “I-is this it? Does this mean we’re breaking up then?” It didn’t take long for her to answer. “No, Oliver, it doesn’t mean that! Not even close!” she cried in an offended tone. “Honey, please, I’ve said it so many times, and I’ll keep saying it for as long as I need to: I love you! I love you more than anything! We’re not breaking up, and I’m not letting that happen.” “Then where the hell does that leave us, Kailey? I’m not being your little boy! I want a wife!” “And I won’t be your wife,” her hands finally dropped on her hips. “I won’t because I love you too much to be. A wife isn’t what you really want, Oliver; it’s not what you need!” “Don’t tell me what I need!” I trembled with the words firing from my mouth. “N-no…no. This isn’t happening. This isn’t!” I turned and stormed off to the bedroom. Duffel bag. A suitcase. Something to pack clothes. “Oliver? Where are you going?” Kailey called right from behind me. We listened to two pairs of feet moving down the hall. “I’m packing. I’m leaving.” Maybe some time apart could help her. Help Kailey come to her senses. Or maybe…really…this was it. This was somehow actually the end of us. But it wasn’t the end yet when I stopped short of the doorway at the end of the hall. My wrist was tugged and Kailey’s hand was on the other end of it. “Oliver! You’re being ridiculous! Can’t we just talk this through?” “Talk what through?! Talk about how you’d want me to quit my job that’s already been so fucking mutilated? St-start dressing down to stuff more ‘socially’ appropriate?” Those were the fucking worst. Watching all the commercials about ‘social’ rebranding of men’s wardrobe. Dressing down into their ‘new roles’ and ‘inner selves.’ Stripes and neons. Suspenders and fucking elastics…! “We’d talk about all of it, Oliver! I’m not trying to trick you! I want to discuss everything, because we’re partners! I…I just want us to become more than that!” I roughly yanked my arm away, but only with a struggle. A struggle I was allowed to win. “I don’t. I’m not doing this, Kailey. I don’t want to become your little boy, and I don’t want to call you anything else other than your actual name!” “Oliver, please! Mommies let their kids call them by their real names all the time! You can too!” And in a brief deafening silence, I gave her such a deranged look, just to communicate how far out of touch we were. “Where’s my suitcase,” I said while my back was turned, storming into the closet of our bedroom. A bedroom I wouldn’t be seeing for a while. “Gone, Oliver.” “Gone? Why?!” She was leaning by the doorway, like she was waiting for me to finish a tantrum. “Because I’ve been thinking about this night for over a month! I planned for everything. I tried to think of every possible way you might react.” “So you thought I might react rationally and try to leave?” “That you might not want to confront the truth,” she frowned. The fucking nerve…! The person I loved…! “You’re not leaving, Oliver. We’re discussing this.” “What, until I just cave in and agree to everything you demand of me?!” I angrily knocked down a small stack of empty shoe boxes. Right where I remembered our suitcase being. I stepped out of the closet, slamming the door. Fine. We have plastic bags in the kitchen. The first thing I did was go up to the dresser, yanking open the top drawer for my briefs. Empty. Second drawer. Empty. I gave her an accusing look. “I told you, laundry,” Kailey put it gently, but it hit me no less hard than any of her other knife-twisting, hypnotizing blabber. “But, your briefs…well…” all she could do was sigh, and seeing a stranger so far from the person that I thought I knew made it so much clearer and easier to connect her to the worst facets possible of this entire movement. “Y-you…my…my fucking underwear?” Plastic cookie tray. Plastic. “N-no,” I shook my head. Violently. “No. Absolutely not. Never in a fucking million years! What the hell are you thinking, Kailey?!” “Oliver, please, calm down!” she stepped off the doorframe and rushed over, gently, yet firmly forcing me to have a seat on the bedside. “This is all a discussion, okay? So please, just let’s talk? I’m not going to decide anything without you!” “Is that why you acted behind my back?” “It’s because I wanted to make sure everything went right. And…from everything I’ve read, this…this is expected.” “What the hell are you reading?” “Forums and posts. Other…mommies…people that have been in the same exact place as us right now. What we’re going through right this minute.” “Kailey, we’re about to lose our fucking relationship!” “No we’re not, because I know you love me, Oliver, and I love you too.” And she had the nerve to say it so passionately, too…! Making my heart ache so much despite becoming everything I’ve hated and feared! “It’s natural, okay? To…to feel angry, and scared. Oliver, we’re not losing anything between us, okay? This…this is a lot like marriage, just different!” “How is this anything like marriage?” No similarity other than a contract between each other. “For one thing,” she grabbed my hand, massaging it like things were somehow still the same, “we still love each other, right? We don’t care for each other any less? Oliver…what you’re looking for…what you think you are… It’s…it’s not out there.” “E-excuse me?” “Marriage? Husband and wife? That’s…no… Oliver, this,” she pulled up my hand, forcing my bracelet in front of me, “this is what love is!” she sniffled and her eyes started getting glossy, “I want you so badly to understand that!” And no matter what she said, the fact of the matter was how rocked to my core I felt. Kailey, a person I’d loved so long and so intimately for two long, wonderful years, and still love now despite the situation, was ultimately no one different than the rest. She’d decided on a “love” like this despite being my world and my everything. If the person I trusted most could turn out like this, what meant that there was anyone else out there who could be different? I had met her before a mass-indoctrination of sexist domineering opinions and she was still corrupted in the end. My Kailey. Claimed and changed. Permanently. Trapped behind a prefabricated wall of logic and reason that wasn’t hers but the armor she wore. What snowball’s chance in hell did I have of ever meeting someone post all of this corrupting propaganda? With Kailey I had the chance of a normal relationship for years. A fucking stranger this afternoon was getting ready to diaper me in a bathroom…! “We’ll start slow,” she sniffled and pressed her forehead against mine. “We’ll talk about everything. All of it. I want us to be happy, Oliver, and I can’t keep things the same as they are now because I’m not happy, and I know you’re not too. So please, can’t we stop pretending and just rip off the bandage?” Maybe we could try to stay the same, but society wouldn’t stop moving and gears wouldn’t cease turning. Between us and the world, Kailey for the first time was finally telling me to get ahead of it… “K-Kailey…” my hand found its way on her shoulder, and I started to sob. “I can’t…! I don’t want this! I…I wanted something else with you…but not this!” “I know it’s scary,” she pulled me in for a hug, locking me in place with her deceptive warmth. “But you have me? I’m gonna get us through all of this because I know how happy we’ll both be on the other side of it. No more having to deal with mean coworkers and bosses; doesn’t that sound nice?” It actually did, and that’s what made me feel worse. She let go of me and I watched her kneel in front of the bed. My heart made a nervous tick as she lifted the bed skirt and the sound of plastic packaging rustled from underneath. I fought the urge to close my eyes once it slid out from underneath the shadows I wished it had never crawled out from. The love of my life stood up, holding the purest most vile poison I’d ever seen. The worst part of it all. Rock bottom the truest sense of romantic loss I’d ever laid eyes on, and was unfortunately forced to see on so many others. So many other emasculated men. “K-Kailey…” I winced, like I was looking straight at the cancer-giving sun. “Oliver…” her hands slightly pressed and the large plastic cube crinkled some more. This couldn’t be real. It had to have been the twilight zone. “This is part of the discussion… It’s…it’s important to me.” Suddenly my briefs in the laundry, if that’s where they really were, didn't feel so coincidental anymore. Kailey may have claimed to not be a liar, but she certainly betrayed, deceived and tricked. And before she could even have the pleasure of speaking it aloud, I whimpered the word myself. “D-...diapers…really?” Kailey quietly sat beside me, holding her arms over them like it was a treasure. “I…I want it so badly, Oliver…!” I barely glanced at them before looking away. Already torn open, a stack of thickly designed adult diapers sat between my girlfriend’s arms. Smiling trucks, cars, and planes. Like there was legitimate joy to be had in losing out on actual toilet privileges. Quietly she set the package aside though, strolling over to the dresser. “I…wanted to try and surprise you with one…” she opened the lowest drawer and pulled out the lone disposable rectangle. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I wanted to run, so desperately, but I knew she wouldn’t let me. Kailey would physically prevent me. For us, as she’d claim. And what sucked so badly was just how much I loved her. How in spite of everything up until now, deep down I still wanted us. Even if this whole world had gone to hell and had become some terrible dystopian situation, I wanted to suffer in that hell with at least the one person I loved, even…even if that love was different. It was the sadness of settling in. The displeasure of knowing I’d never get anything better than this. “K-Kailey…” I wiped my eyes, “...please…!” I could barely hear my sobs over the unfurling of plastic padding. She smoothened the comforter, setting a towel that’d magically appeared on it while she spoke. “Oliver, it’s going to be a lot of change, but that’s nothing you weren’t expecting if you wanted us to be married, right? There’s always growing pains. There’s always new experiences. There’s always new discussions. We’ll talk about this. About all of it, and we can compromise.” She fully spread it now, letting both ends have their wings spread free. The interior lining looked terribly soft. Unfortunately so. I was meeting my maker by the hands of the person I’d least expected. “Can you please come over here? We can talk while we give this a try?” she pressed her hands on her legs tentatively. Calling it out as we felt so disingenuous, and yet Kailey wouldn’t stop trying. As much as she was robbing me of the lead, she kept on asking me. Begging me to accept in a way that made this less painful. She wouldn’t let me go because she knew I wouldn’t find anyone else. No one as accommodating as her, nor as kind. That, and just maybe, she actually did love me. Was this how other guys felt? Was this exact situation really as common as those fake and phony articles said? I hiccuped the moment she undid my slacks, dropping them to the floor. “You know I still think you have the most handsome body, right?” she touched her nose with mine, and in some twisted confusion I let out a small chuckle, holding back the tears. And like it was somehow approval, Kailey laughed right back, smiling so widely. So clearly. Shining the sun down on me so strongly that I was yet again afraid to look. Afraid because it actually made my heart ache. I wanted the affection so badly, yet I was right in the midst of having to deal with what came with it. My body flinched the moment my naked behind hit the top of the diaper. “Is it soft?” she asked, tugging the plastic sides out from underneath me, and I shivered in uncertainty and shame. Was there a chance at just locking this away as a form of roleplay? Letting our normal lives stay as they were? I didn’t answer, so she continued. “Oliver…please, I know this might be hard at first, but you’re going to understand just how much I love you. I’m going to show you that in so many more ways now.” “Th-this is love for you?” I croaked up at the ceiling, feeling the crinkly thick front draw up to my crotch, only after a tender massage from my would’ve-been wife from a white cloud of wispy smoke being powdered on me. “Yes, Oliver,” and the sides drew to a close. One-two-three-four, and a quartet of tapes were pressed onto my front. “It is.” And she looked down at me, and I looked up at her. Just as my bare leg moved my diaper crinkled and just then I saw the twinkle in her eye. A look I hadn’t seen in so…so long. Something that I had never noticed until now. “Ollie…” she whispered, bringing her hand right between my legs that felt so forced apart now, leaving a large runway for nothing now but my lover’s invasions. A spot that used to be occupied by what we shared in bed on naked, restless nights. But her smile and her grin. The tears in her eyes. The pure, unadulterated joy that even I could tell, laying there sad and confused in my very first of many diapers. This really was everything to her. I was everything to her. Just as I’d been from the start. I doubt she’d ever have any interest in sex again. I wasn’t even sure if I’d see her fully naked ever again. Not that I couldn’t, but because the power structure had just been rocked so heavily that roles and rules were changing on the spot. “Thank you…” she cupped my cheeks and kissed me on the forehead. Not the lips. “You’re my everything. You look so precious…!” I let her sit me up, crinkling all the way, and now I couldn’t even sit reliably on the edge anymore. My plastic, smoothened behind, couldn't make up anything now other than frictionless touches. “Oops!” she giggled so softly, holding an arm on my stomach, just like she did when we cuddled on the couch, tugging me back a safe distance from the edge. Far back enough to stop slipping. “S-so…we get to talk about this…right?” I asked weakly, fighting a whole new wave of tears from a life well-lived, and a fearful attitude for what was to come. “Of course we will… But let’s leave it like this for tonight, okay? There’s a lot to cover, so…I just wanna take things slow.” Slow enough to give me plenty of time in diapers… For what I had no doubt Kailey would desperately try to make a permanent solution. I feared for what really was a discussion and more just an explanation for how things assuredly were now… I moved and my underwear crinkled. “And Ollie? I did just think of one thing?” I looked up at her. “It’s kind of like marriage, if you think about it? I mean,” her arm came around me and she smirked, hugging my far shoulder. “After all, you’re getting my last name now, right?” Maybe nothing really changed, after all.
  13. (Age Regression and Diaper Mess Humiliation) "There is no way for you to possibly defeat me! I am the great sorcerer Feirlaw!" I boasted, staff gripped. "This spell will return you to a much more fitting state!" "You will not hurt anyone from this point onward!" Tyrine declared, holding her sword close, prepared to fight. Unfortunately for her, I was the most powerful sorcerer in the entire kingdom, and a lowly warrior had always been useless against my curses. For some reason, even though I threatened to destroy her like the rest of her kind, she never seemed to back down. She called her utter stupidity "bravery." "Goodbye, Tyrine of Gilyr." I waved my staff in a circle in the air, before pointing it at the hero, about to destroy and humiliate her like the omnipotent sorcerer that I am. So ridiculous it was that she even dared go up against me when I have the ability to raze entire cities with a snap of my fingers. "You took my baby sister away from me, Feirlaq! To avenge her soul, I will take you down! For her, and for all the good people of Gilyr that you tried to destroy!" She exclaimed annoyingly as the bolt of magic from my spell flew through the air towards her, about to end her and put an finish to my troubles in taking over Gilyr. But then something strange happened. It was going towards her, I could tell as it grew smaller from my field of view, but then the lady knight swung her sword at the bolt of magic, and it didn't hit her. Did she dodge? Well, that's no problem, I can cast it again! She cannot dodge forever, and one hit from this spell is enough to ruin somebody for good! When I looked back at her, about to cast the ruining spell once again, I noticed that the purple bolt of magic coming back towards me! This was my most powerful spell! How could it be returned to my wand like this? This hero was nowhere near as powerful in magic as I am- And then it hit me. I blacked out to the sound of Tyrine cheering in victory, my grip on my staff failing. ----- And then, when I woke up, something felt different. In fact, a lot of things felt different. Before opening my eyes, I felt that my comfortable, magic-resistant robes were no longer on my body, and I no longer clutched my magic staff close. A heavy sleeper, I mumbled and felt at the clothes that had replaced my robes, to determine that it was a single garment. At first, I assumed that I was just in my plain shirt, which I was wearing beneath the robes during my battle with Tyrine, but I quickly realized that it flowed down to my waist and seemed to flutter at the bottom. What the hell? I hadn't been wearing a kilt! My hands felt soft and it was hard to grip them onto my clothes without them slipping off the fabric, like they hadn't spent hundreds of years holding a wooden staff and casting intricate spells. As I felt below the strange top that replaced my sorcerer robes, I realized something new had taken the place of my pants as well. Before, I had a pair of leather slacks that went all the way down my legs to warm me, but now what I was wearing only reached below my thighs, and when I laid my suddenly soft hand over it I realized that the hide was replaced with something that felt like the paper I wrote my spell scrolls on. I patted at it and also realized that it was nearly an inch thick, almost smothering my crotch and ass with its soft, feeble material. Crinkle, crinkle was the sound it made, like the peace treaties that I crumpled up and threw away. What had happened to my clothes? I opened my eyes to inspect the strange clothes that my robes and pants had been swapped out for, but quickly realized that there was way more to interpret. The grassy hill outside of Gilyr was no longer where I laid, but rather on top of a cushion. I turned over, producing more annoying crinkling sounds, to look down at the pillow that I was splayed out on and determined that it was only about 3 feet long, yet somehow it was big enough for me to lay on perfectly. What kind of illusion was this? My hands looked smaller and stubbier as well. Beneath the pillow, the mattress that it was placed on had a pink cover sheet. My royal bed was black! And this mattress seemed to only be a small fraction of its size! Confused and slightly embarrassed I sat up to look around the room that I was now in. Sitting on the garment covering my crotch felt strangely comfortable as if I was covered in padding. It was soft, unlike the way a sorcerer should dress. I was in a log cabin, I figured out quickly enough. There was a fireplace, that seemed larger than normal. The door also looked rather tall, and sitting down I could see that the opening handle was high above me. Was this some sort of giant's house?... My eyes darted to the wooden table, which also seemed larger than a table was meant to be, especially since my villainous figure stood at a menacing 7 foot tall, which normally was enough to strike intimidation into the eyes of my rivals, including Tyrine. Somebody was sitting at it, and as I looked up at their figure, which was way larger than I now was but perfectly sized for the furniture in the room, I became alert when I realized who it was. Out of instinct, despite not having my powerful staff on me, I jumped up to my feet, the padding around my waist creating more crinkle sounds that I was starting to get sick of. "Youw time has come, Tywine!" I exclaimed at her from my height as I stood atop the mattress, evidently not even tall enough to reach the table that she was sitting at. My face went red with embarrassment as I heard my own voice, a high pitched string of baby talk. What the hell?! What happened to my terrifying, villainous voice that struck fear into the villagers of Gilyr!? "D'awwww..." Was all she said, in a tone entirely separate from the one she used when confronting me about my plot to destroy all of Gilyr. "Good morning, cutie." She got up and walked over to me, with no trace of the immense fear she once had when addressing me in all my awe. When she walked up, I got a glance. Before, I would constantly make comments about her height, reminding her that a hero can't be 5 feet tall and that she needed to wear a diaper to suit her age better, but now she was almost twice my height! I had to glare straight up at her, and then I stumbled and fell backwards onto the mattress, producing more loud crumpling noises from the paper padding that I had woken up in. "Dow't you caww me a cutie! Excuse you, stuwpid hewo! I am the gweat sowcehwoo Feiwlaq!" I yelled up at her, desperately trying to produce the same terrified look on her face as I always could before, but finding it difficult to pronounce some words. I completely fumbled the word 'sorcerer!' But I was a sorcerer! I am the most powerful sorcerer! "From the looks of things to me, you're an adorable little girl wearing a diaper." Tyrine giggled as she looked down upon me. "Wha!? What the fwuh aww you tawking about!?" My high voice resembled that of a young girl, similar to the ones that cried when I threatened to destroy the orphanage. It sounded completely different from my horrifying deep voice that I made those threats in! What happened? I wasn't a girl! I was a grown man, and a villain! Wait, did she say I was in a diaper? My eyes went wide as I immediately recognized what the padding was. "No! No wah! I am nawt weawing a fwuhing diaper!" In a panic, I glanced down between my legs as I sat on the mattress. I lifted my garb, which now that I looked closer more resembled a skirt, and right below it, was a layer of thick padding surrounding my crotch, where my undergarments used to be. It was white and spread my legs, and I immediately went red. "NO! NO WAY! A SOWCEHWOO DOESHN'T WEAW DIAPERS!" I exclaimed. The padding crinkled as I felt at it, mocking me as I saw myself dressed in a garment meant to be worn by babies. I had not worn a diaper for over 400 years! I was a powerful sorcerer! My waste was disposed of with magic! I refused to accept this! A series of humiliating crinkles ensued when I reached down to slip the diaper off my body, not wanting to associate in any way with something worn by babies to hold their disgusting urine and mess, not wanting to even think about that! Before I could get the grip necessary to pull it from my body, which was more difficult than usual due to my small, weak hands befitting a little girl more than a sorcerer, a larger arm wrapped around my chest. "I would love to explain more about what happened right now, but I actually have a speech to give now that I've saved Gilyr from a diaper-wearing villain." Tyrine giggled, and I tried to growl at her in response for accusing me of actually enjoying anything about this diaper that I had been dressed in, but all I could manage was a cute hum. "So I'm going to drop you off at the Lil Darling's Daycare for a couple of hours, something more fitting for a little baby like you." "I AM NAWT A BABY!" I yelped as her arm lifted me up, and my struggles to free myself from her grapple proved useless. "DOW'T CAWW ME THAT!" Seriously!? A DAYCARE!? I was threatening to destroy this entire kingdom an hour ago! What could possess her to think it fitting to leave me at a place where parents dropped off their kids to play with dumb toys all day!? I kicked and screamed as she carried me into the air, but my feet had no muscles to deal any sort of damage to her chest, and my punches were reduced to small bats down her back. She kept one hand on my back, and the other laid against my padding, pushing it up against my ass as I was forced to feel the embarrassment of knowing that I was actually wearing a diaper instead of the wizard robes that I battling her in. My head sat on her shoulder, and there was little for me to do to move it. "WET ME GO!" I screamed loudly, sounding like my weak victims. This was completely wrong! How could the best magic-user in all the lands be wearing a diaper and be held by a weak, pathetic hero with such ease!? She started walking, ignoring me as I kicked and screamed my baby-sized head off. Outside of the log cabin I was carried, and I quickly realized that Tyrine was carrying me through the capital city of Gilyr. The streets were packed with people walking by, cheering and singing in a level of happiness that I was supposed to have crushed by now! They were staying inside and mourning their impending doom! The ones who wanted to live held my flag and swore their allegiance to me! My screaming for the hero to unhand me, while ignored by her, caused crowds of townsfolk to turn their heads and glance at me in her arms. They giggled as well. "I heard a rumour that Tyrine's new baby is actually Feirlaq. Crazy, huh?" "Really? That beautiful, heroic knight must be powerful to turn him into a baby girl like that!" "I wouldn't have been so scared of him if I knew that he couldn't even control his own bowels." The entire group giggled. "GWET ME OUW OF THIS DIAPER! I DO NAWT NEED TO WEAW IT! I HAWVEN'T NEEDED IT FOW HUNDWEDS OF YEAWS! I DOW'T NEED A FWUHING DIAPER!" I yelled, and the people only started to giggle at me more. I was infuriated! Feirlaq the sorcerer was the most feared name in the entire kingdom! They were scared to even mention me, in fear that it may summon me to burn down the building! That was me! Not some tiny baby wearing a diaper! This was not me! I was stronger than this! "I told you that you were an adorable little girl." Tyrine said as she patted my diaper again to remind me of the shameful situation that my dominant one was involuntarily replaced with. "Almost to the daycare." "THIS IS NAWT THE WAY THINGS AWW MEANT TO BWE!" I yelled. Tyrine continued to ignore my failed assertions of my adulthood. "Hey Tyrine! Is that your baby?" Someone else said, and I turned my head in frustration to see that it was Raylen, one of my henchmen that betrayed me. She was living in Gilyr now? She should be killed for turning against me and helping these heroes! I had a whole punishment set up for her once I took over. "It is, in fact. Would you like to hold her?" Tyrine presented me to her, and I squirmed in her arms trying to free myself. She moved her hand from my diaper, only to further reveal the padding that I was now in. How could I be the most feared person in the kingdom when random people were seeing me in this stupid diaper!? "No thanks." Raylen giggled. "I already have one stinky, poopy baby to put up with. Hey, maybe we can have Kelli and Luna play together sometime!" Luna was Raylen's daughter that was born in my lair less than a month ago. One of the reasons that Raylen turned against me was because I insulting her baby, calling Luna a smelly little ass. I still get flashbacks to when I had to put up with the disgusting stench of that little girl's diapers, and suddenly feel better about Raylen betraying me and running away to Gilyr. How could she be the one calling me stinky now!? "Sometime later. And I feel that, putting up with a smelly diaperbutt is hard work!" Tyrine told her. "I DO NAWT SMELL! I DOW'T EVEN NEED TO WEAW THIS STWUPID THING! QUIT TAWKING ABOUT ME WIKE DAT!" I yelled, my diaper crinkling, ashamed to have those sounds coming from my clothes as I recognized them from Luna's diapers. "Does she need a changing or something?" "Not yet, but probably soon." Tyrine giggled. "Goodbye for now." I pouted and growled in disgust. Changing? Diapers? Did they not know who I was? I was sure that I was more than capable of making it to the bathroom whenever I had to go! This diaper served no purpose other than to make annoying wrinkle sounds. Even if I was made to look like this dumb padding was something that I needed, I would prove to them that I was still an adult, and a powerful sorcerer at that. This diaper would soon be off of my body and I'd be returned to my proper form, which everybody fears the might of. I had to! There's no way that this piteous hero could keep me held like this for long! Before long, I was carried through the entrance of a building called Lil Darling's Daycare, a place that resembled my secret lair from its size compared to me, but with much more pink walls and diapers. "Greetings, lady Tyrine. Thank you for saving the world from that nasty Feirlaq. We'll never have to hear about him again." The woman inside of the daycare told Tyrine. "Yeah, definitely not." She giggled. "Anyway, here's Kelli." She held out her arms holding me, and I was passed to this random woman as if I didn't have the power to destroy entire villages in the blink of an eye. I kept kicking, wanting to be able to walk where I wanted and not be left at daycare. I was not a baby! This was nonsense! "She's feisty but cute." The other woman smiled as she held me, my kicks doing nothing to her. I heard the laughing and running of toddlers from the other room, and I was disgusted. "Yeah, she is." Tyrine laughed and smiled back warmly, in that dumb confidence heroes always got. "Anyway, I'll be back in about 5 hours." She turned around and walked off, leaving the most powerful sorcerer at a daycare, trapped in the body of a toddler in a diaper. The other woman carried me into another room and sat me down, finally able to stand up again. The relief from no longer being lifted against my will was short-lived, as I looked around the room I was placed in. Kids ran back and forth, chasing each other and screaming, some laughing. All of them looked to be five or six at the most, and I seethed as I realized that they somehow had more height than I did. I grunted as I stood up and my diaper crinkled, as I had always hated the annoying way that children express themselves. Their screams were so loud, and some of them were off in the corner pretending to fart. Children are disgusting. I was the only one in the daycare wearing a diaper, frustratingly. In my anger with being placed where I was, wearing what I was, I simply sat in the corner on my padding as the other kids screamed and yelled playfully. I tried to lower my skirt enough to hide my padding, but the white bulge between my legs was large enough for the lower half of my diaper to always show. "Is that kid wearing a diaper?" "This isn't a baby playroom!" A couple of boys walked up to me, pointing at my diaper and making humiliating comments. "S-Shut uwp..." I mumbled at them and crossed my arms, trying to sit with my legs together but the padding thick enough to keep them apart, which caused me to raise my skirt. Wearing a girly, pink skirt was humiliating enough for someone who was supposed to be wearing dark robes and destroying villages, but the constant crinkling of my diaper filled me with enough rage to destroy a kingdom. "Aww, what's wrong little girl? Need somebody to change you?" One of them said. "I AM NAWT A GIWL! AND DOW'T NEED CHANGES!" I snapped at them. I was probably hundreds of times older than these kids, yet they had the audacity to treat me like a stupid baby? "Really? Then what is this?" Without warning, he reached down to my crotch and grabbed me by the diaper, pulling me out of the corner, with my skirt lifted to completely expose the padding beneath. The kid didn't look very strong, but I was easily overpowered and dragged over by him like I was weightless. "Hey everyone! Come look at the new girl and her thick diaper!" Three more boys approached me, and all of a sudden I was surrounded. "WEAVE ME AWONE!" I yelled around at them, my diaper crinkling as I turned. "I CAWN DESTWOY AWW YOU!" "Aww, she even talks like a little baby!" "I haven't worn diapers in 3 years!" "So cute! I wish I had a baby sister to play with like this!" Somebody smacked my diaper. "Spank! Hehe~" I turned around to face the person who smacked me on the bottom, forcing me to feel the padding against my bare ass again, but I was consecutively spanked again after turning. How could people this young be overpowering me so easily!? I struck down the kingdom's most powerful warriors, and now I was being spanked by random annoying kids! "Cute little baby loves spankies on her diaper, doesn't she?" "STWOP IT... OW EWSE!" I covered my ass with my tiny hands, only making more humiliating crinkles. "Or else what, hmm? Will you cry like a little baby? Will you throw yourself on the ground and throw a fit, like a little girl?" I was boiling over. How could this happen to me!? Everybody is treating me like a baby girl! I have never worn or used a diaper, and that is not going to start now! I was restraining myself, but I finally decided to show off some of my power to these snotty kids who are supposed to be on their knees begging for their families' mercy from my destruction. And I didn't need my staff in order to cast magic! I was the most powerful sorcerer ever! "Wavawia Wotus!" I exclaimed as I waved my hands around, casting one of the more simple yet powerful spells that can be done by hand. Lavaria Lotus, as its meant to be pronounced, was the spell that I always cast before battles, as it blesses me with superhuman strength and agility. When cast perfectly, this spell would surely be enough to knock out a bunch of weak little boys without breaking a single sweat. They looked at me confusedly as I hyped myself up, already feeling the tingly feeling inside of my body. I formed a fist and pulled it back, ready to punch one of these kids into the wall and give him a concussion as punishment for treating me like a baby. I would be sure that these annoying children knew to fear the name Feirlaq. But after ten seconds, the time after which I would usually have been buffed by the spell by now, my muscles felt the same; weak and babyish. What? What is wrong with my magic!? This is not a hard spell! I have cast this piece a hundred times without fail, so what is going on now? "She's pretending to be a princess!" "Silly girl! Princesses don't wear diapers." They teased, clearly not knowing how I was the one that kidnapped princesses and killed the heroes that tried to rescue them. The tingly feeling that I usually associated with the spell's immense strength didn't go to my arms to provide extra force, nor did I feel it down in my legs to indicate that I could now run at the speed of a roadrunner. Instead, I felt an intense build-up in my bladder. "What the fwuh..." I mumbled. You can't cast a strength spell on your bladder! Whatever had happened, it didn't feel like strength in the slightest! If anything... I crinkled my legs together and my eyes went wide as my bladder suddenly brimmed. A few seconds ago, I hadn't felt any build-up at all, yet now the retention was at a max level. "Oh! She just needs to pee! Well go on, little girl, use that cute little diaper of yours." "Ewwwww..." "NO! NO WAY! THIS ISN'T HAWPENNING!" I winced as I felt the water retention inside of my bladder cause it to weaken. My strength spell made me have to pee!? That is entirely different from what it's supposed to do! And as a sorcerer, I could hold in my bodily functions for days on end, but this time, I had to clench my muscles to prevent the warm urine from escaping my body. "Aww... don't worry little one, we can change you after." I couldn't believe this! I was standing in a daycare, wearing a diaper, with a full bladder! This wasn't me! I was an adult, and older than anybody else in the kingdom! I don't pee myself in public! I made fun of children who were so pathetic that they couldn't hold in their waste, and now these same kids are surrounding me and treating me like an actual baby. Where had all of their fear and submission gone? For the past hundred years, everybody knew my name as the subject of fears. Sometimes grown adults would pee themselves just hearing about me, but now... I turned my focus for a moment, expecting nothing truly major to come from my bladder. ... The tension overflowed. ... Before I knew it, the waterworks opened. Hisssss... A couple of drops seeped from my bladder, and I felt the front of my diaper start to moisten with disgusting, stinky pee. Before I could halt my involuntary release, I could look down to see the large yellow stain, standing out amongst the white paper in my diaper. I couldn't believe it! I had actually just wet myself like a baby! And my bladder continued to teem with unbearable fullness. As humiliating as it was, I really needed to relieve myself quickly. I turned towards the door that said "Restroom" and dashed for it. With each step, besides the loud crinkles that made the entire room glance at me as I struggled not to piss myself, there was the sensation of more drops of my pee leaking from my bladder to be absorbed by my diaper and expand that shameful stain that I usually hated little kids for showing. Splat, splat, splat more pee escaped as I waddled, was horrified to feel my own sticky wet stain at the front of my diaper. Why was this happening? WHY WAS I WEARING A DIAPER!? I NEVER HAD TROUBLE HOLDING IN MY WASTE! I SHOULD BE TAKING OVER THIS KINGDOM, NOT THIS! I made it to the bathroom door and instinctively reached for the doorknob at my chest's height, accustomed to being a height taller than 2 feet. The hissing continued, and the kids around me cringed as I helplessly was forced to stain my padding with the pee that I accidentally filled my bladder with. I could not believe that I had gone from the most powerful sorcerer known to mankind to a little girl that was having trouble holding in her pee. It was just walking into a bathroom and slipping down my diaper! How difficult could it be!? I reached up desperately for the knob, which towered over me. Failing to reach a doorknob was never a difficulty that I even considered probable. I was so frustrated with this new size, but I had to adapt fast or else I'd be sitting in a puddle of my own waste. The involuntary flow of pee from my strangely-weakened bladder persisted, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the moistness now forming into a puddle at the bottom of my diaper, the part that could never be hidden by my skirt. The kids around me were doing nothing but watching as I was forced to present myself as a baby-talking, pathetic little girl that couldn't even hold in her bladder. I used to look down at them for wearing kid-sized clothes while I wore magical robes, but now I had little to brag about, as I felt the puddle of piss splashing and spreading all down my crotch, being held against it by this padding. "PWEASE NO!" I yelled and I frantically reached my short arms up at the handle. It was only a few feet up, but I couldn't reach it! In a moment of panic, as the flood works of pee rushed out of my bladder and soaked the diaper that I was forced to wear, I came up with a new idea to open the bathroom door so that I could get to the toilet. "TEWEKINESIS!" I exclaimed, casting the force push spell that allowed sorcerers to grab things from afar. Even if my height was gone, I could prove my abilities with my super strong magic prowess! The hissing continued, and I felt the puddle of pee that I had made grossly swishing back and forth in my diaper as I tried to keep my legs together. The crinkling was replaced with a series of loud splats as I was forced to feel a wet diaper around my legs, and have the shame of knowing that I filled it. I was supposed to be a sorcerer! What kind of sorcerer can't even open the bathroom door at daycare and pees himself!? Telekinesis didn't allow me to grab anything from afar, and I continued to pathetically attempt to grab the mocking doorknob. "What is that smell?" "It's the new girl. She just peed herself!" "Gross!" The stench of piss surrounded me, overpowering any of the other smells in the room. The other kids were right, the odour was absolutely one of the most disgusting things I had ever endured, made infinitely worse with the knowledge that I had personally created it. I had peed enough for the puddle in my diaper to splash like the waves of the ocean whenever I jumped at the doorknob. All I wanted was to open the restroom door, and I was useless to even do that now! By the time I finally gripped the doorknob and twisted it, the welling in my bladder was all gone. With the door finally opened, I looked down at myself to see that the entire surface of my diaper, front and back, was now a dark yellow. The squishy surface pressed against my skin, dripping onto the ground. Since my skirt was incredibly short, the shame of knowing that I just pissed myself was obvious to all the kids that I once looked down upon. "You're dirtying the room, diaperbutt!" "STAHP CAWWING ME THAT!" I walked into the bathroom, but I had already expelled the entire bladder full of urine, and it now stained my diaper, drooping below my skirt, for all the kids to see that I had wet myself like a baby. But I wasn't a baby! I know that I wasn't! I was still a powerful sorcerer! And before long, I would be ba- I finally felt the tingling feeling from the Telekinesis spell I had cast, once again not in the correct place. Instead of encompassing my hands so that I may move things without physically touching them, I felt it also down below... ... My flatulence built up, a feeling that I had magically removed from my body hundreds of years ago, as the smell and sound of farts always annoyed me. ... I clenched. It only increased, beyond the point where my weakened muscles could hold it in. ...No way... BRAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBT! I let out two wet farts from my behind, that were louder than anything else in the daycare even with the muffling from my diaper. "Ewwww! She farted!" "Don't need to tell us, we all heard... and can smell." A bunch of the other kids plugged their nose, and I was surrounded by the smell of poop from my diaper, still standing there in front of the entire daycare wearing a dripping, peed diaper. "Did you just poop yourself, stinky girl?" One of the boys asked me. "NO! I WOULD NEVEW! HOW DAWE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SOMEFING SO GWOSS!? I AM NAWT A STINKY G-" SPLOOOOORT! FAAAAART! My flatulence grew louder, and all the kids in the daycare, whom I once called the grossest group of people, all looked at me in disgust as I farted. I couldn't blame them either, as the stench made me want to vomit. Before I could defend myself more, I was interrupted by a new build-up. Splort! Brap! Pbbbt! The sequence of farts failed to stop, foreshadowing something else about to happen if I didn't do something quick, something much more shameful than peeing yourself in public. My bowels were welling up, and I felt as if I was holding in a storm several times larger than myself. Clenching my thighs barely slowed it down as the build-up increased, and judging from the number of stinky farts that were involuntarily bursting from my ass, the foulest smell and sound that I had ever experienced, I would fail to hold this in for long too. "NO! PWEASE! PWEASE NOT NOW!" I yelled as I hurried into the bathroom, my diaper splatting and swashing with pee as I walked. The bathroom had a small toilet, about half the size of the normal ones, designed for potty training toddlers, I assumed. Even though I was too ashamed to acknowledge it, I needed the training toilet in this moment as I felt my bowels suddenly full of poop. PFFFT! SPLAT! My farts continued, growing louder, attracting more attention as kids gathered at the door to the bathroom, watching me as I grew ever closer to soiling myself. I wasn't tall enough to reach the locking latch to have some privacy as I used the toilet, but it would at least show these children that I was not an immature baby girl. I sat on the training potty, which didn't muffle my farting at all. All of the kids swatted the stench away from their noses, and I was humiliated at the idea that my farts were so horrible-smelling that these obnoxious children, who laughed at burps and pretended to fart with their elbows, were disgusted. "I'm so glad that I'm a big kid. P U!" A kid covered his nose. "She's just a little baby, they can't control when they do that." Another one said, infuriating me as I was used to being in control of my entire life, from the people who respected me, a world that bowed down to me, and, obviously, being able to control my bowels. Desperate to get this over with quickly, as I sat on the toilet, still feeling the disgusting squish of my pee on my diaper, I reached down to my crotch and tugged at it. "Phew, I made it in time..." I thought as I pulled at my diaper with a medium-strength, trying to slip it down my legs. To my surprise, the pee-soaked padding stayed glued against my crotch, and my pulling didn't even cause the thing to budge. What the heck!? This was just a thick piece of paper! I could rip this diaper off if I wanted to! SPLORT! FAAAAAAAART! My ass continued to expel the most repulsive smells as all the kids watched, and I could feel my reputation as anything but an incontinent child start to dwindle. My bowels were gurgling, and the loud farts failed to hide the fact that I really needed relief soon, whether in a diaper or not, as much as I was repulsed by the idea. I tugged with all my strength, but nothing happened. For a second, I abandoned the strength in clenching my bowels to keep desperately trying to take my diaper off my crotch, and less than a second later, I realized my mistake. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! The loudest, wettest fart yet was expelled from my ass, louder and smellier than anything that I had ever endured before, yet ashamedly coming from my own body. It didn't come alone, as I promptly felt a warm mass push itself from my ass into my diaper. The log of poop formed a visible brown stain at the back of my diaper that the kids began to point at, and as I sat on the toilet I was forced to feel it smearing against my ass. "PWEASE, DOW'T HAPPEN! I AM NAWT A BABY!" I continued to feel at my diaper, continuing to try and slip it down my legs to spare any shame that I could. But it wasn't coming off at all! My hands were too weak and the urine already in my diaper was causing it to stick to me! The log of poop already smudged all over my ass surely wasn't helping either. I pulled and tugged, but my wet padding wouldn't budge. I tried to sit on the edge of the toilet and slowly pry it off by dragging my ass against the porcelain, which only spread the large brown stain on the seat of my diaper, and caused my pee to swish around even more. I attempted clawing at the bottom of my diaper, to rip a hole in the padding so that the massive weight of my own waste could fall out into the toilet where he intended it to land, but the padding proved tougher than it seemed and I only got my hands covered in my pee. And before I knew it, I was sitting on the toilet, frantically trying to come up with an idea to free myself from what was about to happen, when... PBBBBBBBT! Another large log of poop was pushed from my ass to join the smearing brown stain already forming, obvious for all the kids watching through sight, sound, and most of all, smell. It smeared against my ass and I shuddered in disgust. How could I be the one doing this!? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! With a long fart that lasted over ten seconds, I was forced to fill the seat of my diaper with a load of thick, fresh, hot mush. The load was even larger than I thought, now forming a two-inch-thick barrier between my padding and my ass, constantly spreading its disgusting texture all over me as if I chose to fill my diaper with it. As I pooped my diaper, the kids could watch as it expanded, and the puddle at the bottom of my diaper drooped a few inches farther down as several logs of poop rubbed all over me. And all I could do was sit there as they pointed at me, making jokes and plugging their noses. The farting had finally stopped, so besides the disgusting sounds of the warm mush spreading all over me, all I had to listen to was their teases. "I have two little brothers and I've never seen a baby poop so much in her life!" "Ewww... she couldn't even close the door so we didn't have to watch her poop herself? Babies are so gross..." "Can she even walk with that much poop in her diapey?" "W-Weave me awone..." I said quietly, desperately trying not to cry as I was subjected to quite possibly the grossest thing in my entire life. I had just peed and pooped in a diaper, when I was supposed to be dominating cities and sending fear into the hearts of townsfolk! Some of the kids walked away, more so because the unbearable odour of my poopy diaper was too much for them to handle than out of respect for my privacy, but some continued to watch me as my expanded in it's dark brown, humiliating, well-used form. At the briefest glance, anybody could see that I had been reduced to the point where I couldn't accomplish a task that only babies failed at. I refused to get up from the toilet, out of shock from being forced to push a squishy mess of poop into my diaper, out of disgust of that warm, wet defilement spreading all over me more once I stood up, and with a fleeting bit of hope that I'd be able to get out of this diaper still. I sat there for another hour, useless to do something as simple as taking off my own diaper. It seemed that the massive load of poop that I had involuntarily put into it made it sticky enough to attach to me beyond my own strength. It was as if I were holding a massive, smelly sign that said: "I am not only wearing a diaper, but I just pushed the stinkiest load of shit of my entire life into it and now I'm just sitting in it!" The smell only grew worse as the warm, squishy mush turned into a cold, solid mass. It had now solidified around my ass, and my continued attempts to pull the diaper off my body did nothing but make it squish even tighter up against me, making loud splattering sounds as if I hadn't already announced my soiled diaper to everyone enough. After about an hour and a half of sitting on the toilet, perilously trying to free myself from the heavy, messy load around my waist as everybody watched my inability, another boy walked into the bathroom. "Hey diaperbutt, get out of here. The bathroom isn't for babies anyway. You can use that stinky diaper anyway. Let us big kids use the toilet." He growled down at me, trying to look mean. He wasn't actually intimidating, as I was hundreds of years older than him, but it was annoying to see such young kids thinking that they can boss me around like this. "I-I awm a big kid..." I said to him weakly, tired from all the prying at my wet padding. This body evidently had a low stamina span. "A big kid?" He chuckled. "Big kids don't poop themselves." He reached behind me and felt at my poopy diaper, before forcefully squishing the center of the brown stain against my ass, spreading my own gross waste even more over me. "You look like you haven't had your mommy change you for a weak. This smelly thing is almost as big as you are!" He teased me as I felt the heavy mass of warm, mushy poop squelch against my ass. It was several inches thick, constantly held up my skirt for everybody to see, and made sounds even more humiliating than farting every time I wiggled my bare, baby bottom through it. I winced as he touched my diaper, frustrated to have such an embarrassing thing attached to my body for anybody to insult and win arguments on the base of. "Fiwne..." I mumbled, not wanting my diaper touched anymore. It's not like I could fight with such a heavy thing around my waist, the smell of which being enough for me to want to wear a gas mask. I tried to stand up, but I had been sitting on the toilet for so long that my squishy diaper was stuck to it, and it was heavy enough to make it hard to stand. Embarrassingly, I estimated that the mass of poop inside of the padding weighed over 20 pounds. The boy stood there, tapping his foot as I grunted to free my diaper from the toilet that I had failed to get my poop into. Eventually, it released from the toilet with a Plop! and a splash of cold, liquid shit splattered between my legs. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I refused to believe that I was stuck with this diaper around my legs, inescapably a reminder that I had been enfeebled to a state of total incontinence and incompetence, that everybody could see and smell from a mile away when I was the most feared and respected figure in Gilyr not so long ago. "Now get out, diaper butt." "Dow't caww me that..." "Don't be the smelliest dang baby in the entire daycare and I won't call you that." He pushed me out of the restroom and slammed the door behind me, causing the puddle of pee at the bottom of my diaper to swish. Instead of the crinkling, each step I took now produced a loud Splat! as my waste was thrown around my diaper, and I was forced to endure all of it as it smeared and squished against my ass. The kids all glanced at me and giggled. I had to spread my legs far apart to avoid the logs of poop squishing between them, and the extra weight slowed my walking in general. All because I tried to use a strengthening spell. "I'm a sowcehwoo..." I mumbled in frustration, before returning to the corner. I tried to lay down on my side so that the poop would all pooled at the back of my diaper and I could get some peace, but after laying down the puddle seemed to drift towards me. The poop and pee were utterly inescapable. No matter what I did, I emitted and was forced to endure the terrible smell of a stinky diaper, the very thing that I once teased Luna for. I have to get back to my sorcerer body soon before my entire life is destroyed by these diapers! How can I take over the entire world and make all the heroes into my servants when I can't even cast a spell without pooping myself!? Laying there, I expected to just think of a plan to save myself from this new role that I had accidentally gotten myself into, but without warning, I fell asleep. ----- I dreamt of my secret lair, where I had once planned to destroy the entirety of Gilyr before that hero Tyrine had to show up and mess everything up. I was commanding my sorcerer's henchmen. "You see, the main goal is less about destroying them all and more about making them scared because a scared population can be manipulated easily. Gilyr has nearly a million people. That's a lot of souls to help me improve my magic." I said in my adult, lisp-less voice. "Should we send anything special to this Tyrine figure? She has been destroying entire armies of our soldiers!" "Tyrine? Oh, I have a special plan for her." I said with an evil chuckle. "Let's just say that before long, she won't even be able to hold up her own sword." "Understood, your evilness. Oh, and one more thing." "Yes, henchman?" I asked with a smile, as my entire plan was going perfectly. "Would you like your diaper changed?" "Diaper? I am a 500-year-old sorcerer! I don't wear diapers!" I exclaimed in confusion. "But sir... look down..." "Have you been going cra-" I looked down at myself to find that my beautifully intimidating sorcerer robes were gone, and I stood there wearing nothing but a paper diaper, in front of all my henchmen. "Where did this come from?" "You're nothing but a smelly diaperbutt, Kelli, remember?" "I am not! I'm Feirlaq, the greatest sorcerer of all time! Shame on you for calling me such a stupid name!" I yelled at the henchman, before raising my staff and casting one of my many intricate killing spells. This spell was hard for anybody to cast but me, as I was the best sorcerer ever. "I'm pretty sure you are and have always been just a stinky diaper-wearing little girl." The henchman continued to live, despite me casting my killing spell as a punishment to them. "What? Why are you still al-" BRAAAAAAAP! I loudly farted, all around my most trusted servants that I had instilled the utmost loyalty into. "Excuse me," I continued, embarrassed that I had just let out such stinky flatulence. "Don't worry about tha-" PBBBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAAAAAAAAART! "I-It is nothing to worry ab-" PFFFFFFFFFFT! And then I felt my bowels start to erupt and giant logs of poop begin to force themselves into the seat of my diaper, despite my best attempts to hold them back. I had absolutely no control over my bowels, and all I did was stand there as my diaper's clean white colour faded to a deep, smelly brown. It began to expand to hold the massive load that I was pushing into it, drooping down my legs and causing me to spread my legs to hold all of it. PBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAART! BRAAAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBP! I was unable to speak to assert any of my dominance, and all I could do was let out a loud series of loud, wet farts as logs of poop continued to push into my diaper, which now drooped to my knees with its fullness of solid, thick, mushy poop. My bowels kept on erupting, and the farts only grew louder. The warm mush came out of me in an endless stream. "Wow boss, you really are a diaperbutt. And I thought that you were good at magic." "Is your plan to destroy the entire kingdom with that terrible stench? Because it's working! You smell worse than anything I've ever seen, and I work with actual kids." "Good thing you have that diaper, eh? Your adult pants never would have held all that poop." FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT! Was all I could reply with as my own henchman started treating me like a baby, and my diaper continued to expand. Before long I couldn't even walk because it was so full of my own poop. This wasn't right! Why was this happening to me!? I was Feirlaq... not Kelli... I was supposed to take over the world... Not helplessly wear diapers and fill them up with disgusting poop... ----- I woke up to a tap on my head, and I tiredly felt at my waist, desperately hoping to be back in my adult clothes where I didn't have to constantly feel my own shit pressing against my ass, but it seemed that I wouldn't be that lucky, as I was still in the same soiled diaper that I couldn't get off despite my best efforts, that I had messed when I tried casting a spell while in this baby body. "I see you had fun at daycare, Kelli," Tyrine told me, and I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me with a patronizing smirk, obviously happy to call me Kelli and to find me in a loaded diaper. I didn't even consider this "hero" to be a threat to my evil plan, let alone now able to see me as I'm forced to present the embarrassing amount of poop that my used diaper squished against my ass. "F-Fwuh you..." I would have gritted my teeth at her, but I only had a few small baby teeth in my mouth, instead of the well-kept set of adult teeth I had before. "Let's go, you little stinker you." The hero reached an arm under me and lifted me up slowly, once again. And then her other hand went over my diaper once again, pushing the shameful mush inside of it against me. Even though I was disgusted both by being held like a toddler and by having Tyrine pushing my poop against my body, I didn't try screaming or kicking this time. The only thing that screaming accomplished before was attracting attention from the townsfolk to my diaper, which I definitely didn't want now that it was full of poop and urine, and kicking my legs would only cause the waste in my diaper to splatter against me even more. She carried me out, and all I did was keep quiet and still, as I suffered in a puddle of my own shame. Even though I wasn't yelling like before, I could tell that plenty of people were taking note of me as Tyrine carried me through the town. Pretty much everyone that we passed had to plug their nose or shoo the odour of cold poop away, looking at me with a disgusted face as if I chose to soil myself. "Tyrine's new baby is really fucking smelly, ain't she?" "Yeah, but I heard that she's actually the reborn soul of Feirlaq." "Ah, that makes sense. He was always a gross dude." "Always wondered, but I guess we now know that he was diaper dependent. Kinda cute." I had to restrain myself from crying as I could hear and smell my terrifying reputation begin to slip from me like how the pee leaked out of my bladder to stain my diaper. I had spent years destroying and threatening entire kingdoms with my immense magical power, getting kings to bend down on their knees in respect for me, training to become the most powerful sorcerer of all time... all to suddenly be known as Tyrine's baby daughter who wears and fills diapers with mushy shit? This could not be my legacy! I had to do something about this! But there was nothing for me to do while being carried by the person that did this to me in the first place. Before long, Tyrine had me back at her log cabin. The cushion I had slept on before was now replaced with a wooden crib, which was painted pink. "The walls kinda blend with your diaper, you know." She giggled as she pat me on the bum, causing the urine and defecation to splatter again. "I onwy shat mysewf because the wittle kids were teasing me!" I exclaimed, now that nobody else was around. "I dow't need diapers!" "Right, the other little kids pushed that stinky load into your diaper?" She chuckled, laying me down on the table, still wallowing in my own waste. "You know, if you went the entire day without pooping yourself, I was going to consider switching your diapers for pull-ups, but you clearly showed that you need them." "I DOW'T NEED 'EM!" I kicked my legs up at her, sounding like a child. "Look, I get that it's hard to adjust to your new life, but you can't deny that you absolutely filled that to the brim diaper today. And I didn't even feed you!" She turned me onto my back and I kept squirming. "WHAT AWW YOU DOING, BIWTCH!?" "I suggest you don't call me that unless you don't want me to change you. I can just leave you in that messy diaper for the rest of the day!" My eyes went wide. "No! Pwease change me! And wet me take them off mysewf!" I screamed, flashbacking to the hours of trying to get the diaper off my body and being unable to free myself from the load of poop I had been forced to fill it up with. "Only mommies can change diapers, and after your behaviour, you don't deserve a change right now, little missy." "PWEASE!" I whined, on the brink of crying, kicking my legs. I was humiliated to think of myself begging for Tyrine to take my diaper off, when earlier that day I was planning on destroying her kingdom, but I saw little choice at this point. She had me at her mercy, and from the looks of things, she will for a long time. Splat, splat, splort! went the poop in my diaper. "Admit what you did and I'll take your diaper off, Kelli." She said, angrily. It was a different tone from when she told me that destroying the orphanage was wrong. Now she was using a disappointed voice as if she really was my mother and not some dumb hero that got lucky with a spell deflect. "F-Fine..." I sighed and felt the poop squishing inside of my diaper, and decided that it was worth it to swallow a little bit of my pride for this. "I... I shit my fwuhing diaper..." Tears welled up in my eyes, as I didn't want to admit the obvious, stinky, visible, audible fact. "Those are adult words. Say it like a good girl, or else." I'm not a girl... and I don't answer to you of all people... "O-Okay..." I cried, unable to handle being treated this way when I was once revered so much. "I pooped my diaper..." "Closer, but can little tiny babies like you talk so clearly? Act like a real baby, or no changies, since that is going to be your role for a very long time, Kelli." She smirked, patting my bum, pressing the mush against me as if I needed a reminder of how disgusting it was. "A-Are you..." I whined, crying more pathetically than my victims ever did. "I went poopey..." "Poopey in what?" "Poopey in my diapey..." I started crying, my face almost as wet as the front of my diaper. I couldn't believe that she was actually making me say this, knowing that I was an adult not that long ago! This was so unfair! I deserved to win that battle! Not her! I shouldn't be the one pooping my diaper and begging her to change me! It's her fault that I'm like this! "Aww, little girl, you don't need to cry just telling your mommy the truth. Every time you want your diaper changed, just tell me like a good little girl and I'll change it. Of course, from now on, using big kid words will make me leave you in it full for another hour or two." I kept on crying in embarrassment at being forced to say something so childish until Tyrine's hands felt at my sides, and without any effort from her at all, my diaper slipped off of my body. She hardly even had to use both hands to cause it to slip beneath my ass and over my crotch, leaving me naked, when I spent over an hour just trying to get it off before the poop inside even dried! What the hell? I couldn't be that weak, right? There was a brief moment of relief when I didn't have to constantly lug around the giant load of poop that I had disdainfully filled the diaper with earlier. Some of the smeared poop was still stuck against my ass, but I would take that over being forced to carry around my heavy poop for all to see. "You definitely make a cute baby, Kelli." I felt a fresh set of padding press up beneath my ass, and I jumped into survival mode, desperately not wanting the events of earlier to happen again. "I'M NAWT WEAWING ANOTHER DIAPER!" I screamed as I sat up on the table and scooted away from Tyrine. I reached the edge before realizing that I was a tiny toddler and that there were not many escape routes on this table. This size of this body is infuriating! "Oh, Kelli... you stubborn little squirt. Get back here and let me put this diaper on you now, or else." She glared at me with an expression of disappointment yet also patience. "OW EWSE WHAT!? I AM INFWINITEWY MOWE POWEHFOO THAN YOU!" I started trying to climb down onto a chair, but my muscles and grip in this infantile body were weak enough for me to fall down and slam my bare ass into the seat of the wooden chair. "OWWWWW!" The fall from the table to the chair was less than three feet, and I had endured numerous near-fatal wounds during my hundreds of years of training to become the greatest sorcerer, yet when I fell down onto the chair, surges of pain all through my weak, unpadded ass was the most unbearable thing I had ever endured in my life. Before the thought to restrain my weeping occurred, I felt streams of tears rush down my girlish face. I could also hear one of the most annoying noises in this world; a baby's cry, all through the house. While hating the high-pitching screaming of an infant's cry, I immediately knew that it was coming from me. The pain from that 3-foot drop caused my life of tyranny to flash before my eyes, as I sat there in the chair, crying my eyes out, unable to get myself to stand up to finish my escape from Tyrine. Why did it hurt so much!? "I have a feeling that you're going to be crying like that a lot more from now on." I felt her arms wrap around my small body, to lift me up again with a frustrating amount of ease. My crying increased as she set me down on the table, and I felt another poofy, padded diaper close press up against my ass. I kicked a few times, but the pain from my fall crippled me, so I just laid there in utter shame until I felt Tyrine tape the diaper once again onto me. "I wiww be bwack to a sowcewoo soon! And I cawn just tawke off thwis diapew!" I cried at her as I felt my ass once again smothered by the soft, patronizing padding. After being forced to relieve myself in a diaper once, and sit around with the shame of my own poop squishing up against me, I wasn't excited at the prospect of growing up again. "Kelli..." She stroked my long hair with a smile. "It's only fair that for taking away my baby sister, that you're going to spend eternity as a diapered baby girl." "A-AWN ETEWNITY!?" I screamed, my teary eyes going wide. "Well of course. It's not fair to the world to let a dangerous villain grow up again, and I took it upon myself to raise the little, pathetic, diapered thing that you're going to stay us, forever filling up those diapers and being dependent on me to change and feed you." "NU! NU WAY!" In a knee-jerk response to being threatened with an eternal hell of helplessly filling up my diaper, which I had grown to establish as the single most disgusting experience I had ever been forced to take part in, I frantically started casting killing spells at Tyrine. "WAVARIA WOTUS! TWILI YEWETS! POWEW DWAIN!" I continued to yell spell after spell, desperately trying to kill Tyrine, not even paying attention to the effects of the last spell before I chanted the following one. After about 20 spells, I looked up at her to see her continuing to smirk down at me, completely unfazed by all my most powerful spells, much to my dismay. "You're adorable, Kelli. And I suppose this would be a good time to explain to you what happens when you try to cast your magic, wouldn't it?" She giggled down at me as I felt all the magic held up still within my body, and to my own horror it concentrated down in my bowels. "Each spell will permanently cause your stinky messes to be larger and larger every time." As my eyes went wide, I felt a loud rumbling down in my bowels, exponentially larger and more humiliating than the last one.
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