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Found 9 results

  1. I found this gem in the archives of a long defunct bulletin board. I don't know who DTC/Dander9876 is/was - the only reference I can find is on the old Alt.Sex.Fetish.Diapers NewsNet group, and that is to a defunct AOL link. But from the time-stamp (GMT-5), it was someone in the Easter part of the US. Either way, it is a sweet story - enjoy. _______________________________________________ From: (Dander9786) Subject: WAITING FOR THUNDER chapter One Date: 3 Jan 1996 16:50:56 -0500 Waiting for Thunder BY THE DTC Introduction Who said the weather can't change your life? It changed mine. It all started when I was eleven years old. Chapter One THE FIRST TIME It started as a one night thing. Ever since I was really young I was afraid of lightning, and yes I wet myself when there was thunder. This one time, the weatherman said thunder was coming, and I got worried before it even got there. My mom pulled me aside and told me "Mikey, remember when grandma stayed with us and she wore diapers, well we have some left. I think you should wear one tonight since there is a storm coming and you know, you'll get scared." I couldn't argue with her, mainly because it sounded kind of fun to wear a diaper for one night. "Can you do it yourself or do you need me to do it for you?" She asked. Kind of a dumb question. I was eleven I had no clue how to put a diaper on. She did and my hand and led me to her room and had me lay on her bed. She was about to get me undressed when she stopped "You know, since it's getting late already. I think I'll just get your PJ's for you, and get them on you as well. I laid there nervously but a little excited as I waited for her to return. I was a little surprised to see she had picked out the footed sleeper my demented aunt had gotten me for Christmas, before I could argue she explained "I know, but I just figured it would hide the diaper better in case anyone came over tonight" As if anyone ever came over unannounced, but I opted not to complain. I stared at the ceiling as I felt her hands unbuckle buckle my belt and pull it free from my pants. She set the belt down next to me, and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I raised up a little so she could slide them out from under me and down to my ankles and finally completely off. She checked the pockets as always before throwing them in the clothes hamper. "Sit up honey" she said as she started to lift my shirt up, I did, and she pulled the shirt up over my head, and tickled me some while she had me blinded by my clothes. she threw my shirt in the hamper with my pants, and then had me lay back down. The last of my clothing, my underpants were slid out from under me as I turned red from embarrassment. My mother smiled acknowledging my embarrassment but didn't stop. She got up and grabbed one of grandmas diapers from the bag in her closet and returned to me. Again I raised up as she slid the diaper under me, and then pulled it tightly up my crotch. It was a little big for me, but mom said that would just make it work better, as she fasted the two tapes on each side. With my diaper on I stood up and mom helped me into my sleeper Zipping it all the way up, she smiled, kissed me on the forehead and said "You look so cute, I could just leave you like this forever, would you mind?" I jokingly said "Sure, why not" and she sent me with a slap to my well padded bottom, to go watch TV for a while. About an hour later, the thunder started getting close, and I instantly got scared. I yelled for my mom as I ran toward her room. I hoped on her bed and she grabbed me tight and held me as the thunder boomed above us. About the third lightning strike I felt myself wet my diaper. But I was too scared to care. I just let it flow into my diaper as I held on to my mom. Within an hour the lightning and thunder had gone off into the distance, and the sound was now so faint, it didn't bother me. My mom, seeing I had calmed down. Let go of me, and I wiped the tears from my cheeks as she patted my head. "Did you use your diaper honey?" I remembered my wet diaper, and was surprised that I hadn't felt wet, I felt dry, and it was kind of nice. "Yes mommy, I did" I said almost proud of the fact. My mom nodded to let me know she knew what I was thinking. "Well, I'll change you in a little while, why don't you go clean up your room some." I told her I would, and waddled off down the hall. The squishing of my diaper between my legs was somewhat comforting. It made me feel, I don't know, safe to be wearing a diaper. and somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard myself say I liked it. Chapter Two- THE CHANGE I had my room all clean and was watching TV when my mom finally came in to change me. To my surprise (and delight) she was holding another diaper. "Mikey honey, The weatherman says there might be more thunder tonight, so just to be safe, I think we should go ahead and put another diaper on you." I tried to hide my inner joy, but it escaped with my joyous response "OK!" as I started unzipping my sleeper so that my diaper could be changed. As I was undressing I saw myself in the mirror for the first time, and I had to admit, I did look cute in a diaper. Even if it was now sagging in the crotch from being heavily wet. I kicked off my sleeper and laid down on my bed, so Mom could change me. Mom giggled and talked to me as she changed me. "You know, it's been almost eight years since I have changed your diaper. You've gotten so big so fast, but you'll always be my little baby" I smiled at that. I loved it when she called me her little baby. Before I knew it I was diapered again, and my mom was handing me my sleeper to put back on. I got it on and zipped it up to the top. "Well, it's almost your bedtime, why don't you go brush your teeth and then get on into bed a little early tonight?" I usually would not have agreed, but for some reason I did tonight. I slept better than I had in years that night. My sleeper was so soft and warm, I had to admit I liked it, even though I cursed my aunt (behind her back of course) for getting me such childish clothes. There was no more thunder that night, but I used my diaper anyway. I had a bad dream and woke up in the middle of he night needing to pee real bad. But the dream had scared me and I didn't want to get out of bed, because the monsters might get me, so remembering my diaper, I just let it out. It was kind of nice, not wasting half the night about going to the bathroom. I just let it go and went right back to sleep. Chapter Three- DREAMS I woke up early since I had gone to bed early, so I went downstairs and turned on the TV, not really watching as I was still a little groggy, but I liked to lay on the couch and listen, and usually fall back asleep for a while. I did fall asleep on the couch, and I had a bad dream again, something was chasing me, I couldn't see what but it was after me, it finally grabbed me and I fell to the ground, and it grabbed me and..... I woke up screaming, but suddenly realized where I was. Mom was standing over me taking my wet diaper off of me, and I Jumped up and hugged her crying from the dream. mom sat down on the edge of the couch and just let me hold her till I felt better. After a few minutes I stopped crying and calmed down. "Well, are we feeling better now?" My mom asked me, I told her I was better now and said I was sorry for acting like a baby. "It's okay honey, we all get scared sometimes, it doesn't make you a baby" Mom always made me feel better. Mom went back to changing me, and with the wet diaper off she wiped me with a wash cloth to clean me up. "So am I putting another diaper on you?" The question confused me, Why was she asking me, there was no thunder in the morning, she can't possible know how much I like them, can she???...... Chapter Four- YES OR NO "Well, you can't stay naked all day, diapers or underpants?" She asked me again. I didn't know what to say, I knew I liked the diapers, but didn't want to admit it. " Mikey, There is a good chance there will be thunder this afternoon, but it's up to you" Possible thunder made it easier for me, and even at my young age I knew that mom had said that to make me feel better "I better wear a diaper then" I said trying to sound like I was giving in to my needs and not my desires. "Good choice" Mom said as she picked up a diaper she had brought with her. She got me diapered, then told me to get up and go get dressed. I ran upstairs to get dressed with the crinkling of my diaper following right behind me. I had to struggle to get my already tight jeans on over my diaper and upon looking in the mirror it was obvious I had a diaper on. I grabbed a baggy shirt from my closet and left it hanging out over my jeans to cover my bulging rear. Then I ran back downstairs to join my mom in the living room. Chapter Five- TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE I joined my mom on the couch and sat close to her as we watched the morning talk shows. My mom put her arm around me and held me closer to her, and I just stayed there enjoying my moms loving touch. Half way into the show I had to pee, and I had to pee bad. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to use my diaper cause I might get in trouble since it wouldn't be an accident, and I was kind of embarrassed to tell my mom to take my diaper off so I could go to the bathroom. I held it while I thought. Within minutes it was getting tough to hold it in, and mom finally noticed my straining "What's wrong honey" she asked me. I told her I had to pee real bad, and she looked at me and said then go pee! "But mom, I can't use my diaper if I don't have too, can I?" I asked in a tone that begged her to give me a yes answer. She did give me a yes, and with a sigh of relief I relaxed and let my bladder empty into my diaper. "Feel better now?" Mom asked me. Sighing again I said yes. "Do you need me to change you now?" she asked me next. "No, I can wait a while" I told her, I liked the feel of the diaper when it was swollen with pee and warm and squished when I moved. Mom just smiled and we went back to watching TV. After OPRAH mom changed me again. Commenting on how tight my pants were she suggested we go out after lunch and get a larger pair. I agreed even though it seemed silly since I was only wearing diapers for a day or two....... _______________________________________________ That's all there was. I've toyed with a continuation, but cannot find the original author to get permission. /WSwriter
  2. Prologue Hailee heard her mother crying through the baby monitor, and as she was already used to it, she left her desk and went straight to the nursery. When she opened the door she was hit by the smell of a very stinky diaper, and, knowing how bizarre the situation was, she stood there for a minute, with her eyes scanning the woman sitting in her pink crib. Her mother, who had been an elegant and beautiful woman just three months prior, was looking uncomfortable and with her eyes watery. Hailee knew she wanted a change, as if the smell wasn’t telling enough, but her mother’s eyes were saying something more. She could talk, if she needed something she could say it, but that’s not how babies work, is it? Hailee got closer to her, ready to be the grown up of the house. Chapter One Evelyn and Hailee couldn’t be more different from one another. The mother, Evelyn, was an English teacher at the local college. She was chubby, but at almost 40 years old and 5’7 feet, she was still looking young and attractive. Though, all eyes were on her daughter, who at 6’0 and only 19 years old was a towering woman with a stunning body. Hailee was into fitness, and her body was a testament to it, but she was more than just her look. She worked from home as a manager for a small but successful company, though her mother knew nothing about and she like to keep it that way. They had what could only be described as a difficult relationship, though you wouldn’t know by just looking at them interact in public. If there was something Hailee hated the most was public scenes, especially from teenagers or young adults, her peers. So, whenever her mother would piss her off, she would wait until they were home and try to talk things with her. Though, Evelyn wasn’t really interested in having calm or polite conversations, which made Hailee questioned who was the actual adult in the house. Now, you might be wondering what happened to make Evelyn end up in diapers at the mercy of her daughter? Well, it all began three months ago, after Hailee turned 19, just a couple of months before Evelyn would turn 40. Hailee woke up that morning, ready to hit the gym as she did every morning, it was not even 6 a.m, but that was her routine. She was already used to the fact that her mother would oversleep, whether it was constant drinking, the waking up late, or the toxic friends she would hang out with, Hailee knew that her mother was who she was at this point of life, and there wasn’t much she could do about it. So, she picked up her bag and left home as she did every week day. Almost two hours later, Evelyn woke up in her room almost crying her eyes out. She didn’t want to move, she knew what had happened. What had been happening for almost a month now, and she only wanted to be swallowed by the earth instead dealing with it. But, she had to get ready soon, and she couldn’t be late anymore, or things would get worse. She stood up, doing her best to ignore the smell and the cold touch of her PJs, and went straight to shower. It was lucky that she had her own bathroom attached to her room, or else she would risk being discovered by her daughter. However, when she entered her shower, she noticed she had run out of shampoo, again. With no time to get a new one, she left her room, completely naked and went to her daughter’s bathroom, taking Hailee’s shampoo and returning to her own bathroom. She turned the water one and let her worries be washed away by the stream of hot water. Evelyn finished showering, got ready, opened a window in her room, and went straight to work. She would deal with her wet bed when she returned because she didn’t have the time nor the mental energy to deal with it right now. Just a couple of minutes after Evelyn left for work, Hailee arrived home in need of a shower. She went to her bathroom, hoping for a nice hot shower, but there was no shampoo. It couldn’t run out, she just got a new one, which meant only one thing, her mother had forgotten to get her her own and had come for hers. Hailee sighed, but knowing Evelyn should already be gone to work, she went to her mother’s bathroom to reclaim her precious shampoo. All the way thinking how irresponsible her mother was, but that stopped when she opened the door to Evelyn’s room. The smell hit her like a punch in the face, a combination of ammonia and sweat, and something more. She had never babysit or been that close to a baby before, but the smell was too obvious to ignore. She went to her mother’s bed to find it completely soaked, and in her mother’s bathroom, she found her soaked clothes. There was no doubt about what had happened, and her mother, responsible as she was, didn’t even clean after herself. Had her mother drink too much that sh peed herself? Why would she not even remove the sheets to wash them? Or do something with her soaked clothes? Seriously, some times she was worst that a baby. Hailee sighed, not knowing what to do, and left her mother’s room. She needed to do something, but what? Then, it hit her. She had an idea, she needed a plan, but that was her specialty. Hey guys, I’m working on role reversal stories. I have created a Patreon where this story is already finished, but I will be posting more chapters in here. What other scenarios you’d like to see? Let me know so that I can add them to the list. At the moment I’m working on two other stories: One about an older brother turned into a baby and the other about a father. My Patreon is https://www.patreon.com/LittlerWriter?fan_landing=true If you join, I will be adding new stories weekly and you can even tell me if you want me to continue with Evelyn’s regression or you prefer something new!
  3. Hello all. I have been a lurker around here for a bit and have been reading ABDL themed stories for as long as I can remember. For as long as that has happened though, I have never tried actually writing my own. This is a very rough attempt at the beginnings of a story I've had rattling around in my head for a while now. It's currently a little bare bones and pretty standard diaper story stuff but I'll continue if people are interested so please let me know your thoughts and give feedback if you care enough for that sort of thing. Anyways, enjoy the story! Something something apple, something something tree Shelly perked up in bed. She heard something. Not an unfamiliar something. Something she had become accustomed to in the recent weeks. A sound which sent a shock of anxiety straight through her entire body. Will it ever end? It didn’t seem like it would any time soon. At least that was the expectation she had to set for herself. Anything more optimistic than that and she would come face to face with the reality she decided to reject. She decided to get it over with and swung her lungs out from under the covers and onto the waiting carpet. Her body instinctively shivered due to the ceiling fan blowing on full speed. She grabbed the robe that she had unceremoniously thrown on top of her dresser just prior to getting under the safety and warmth of the blankets. The robe quickly enveloped her, providing some much needed warmth. With her robe tied shut, she made her way out of her room and toward the noise that woke her in the first place. She glided over the carpeted floors, her footsteps barely making a sound. As she looked down from the top of the stairs, she could see a light shining from the bottom. Shelly made her way down the staircase, anticipating that the situation she was about to face was not going to be fun. She came across a familiar sight as she entered the laundry room. The hum of the lights was loud compared against the silence of the night. What overtook that hum, was the sound of an embarrassed 10 year-old girl desperately trying to hide the evidence of her soaked pajamas and bed sheets. ***** Billy woke to his daughter staring right at him. What is it this time? “What is it this time sugarplum?” “I woke up wet again. I need your help getting cleaned up.” Billy groggily climbed out of his bed, rubbing his eyes in an effort to rid them of sleep. He noticed a slight twinge in his own bladder that he would take care of once he dealt with his daughter’s bladder-related issue. He inquired about the situation as the two walked from his room to hers. “Weren’t you wearing your night time pants? Did you soak through ‘em?” His daughter blushed at both the question and term “night time pants.” She looked down at the floor before responding with a meager “yeah.” “If they’re not doing the job maybe it’s time we upgrade past the training model for the night time.” She was blushing already, but after her father’s comment her face felt as though it could melt off. It was bad enough she was peeing in her sleep and leaking through her minimal protection, now he wanted to curse her bed time with even babier underwear. It was too much for the 9 year-old to handle. The heat in her face spread to the rest of her body as her and her dad entered her room. Her bed seemed to loom at her from across the room, as Billy began removing the soiled sheets from the mattress. The sudden embarrassment she had felt caused her feet to refuse to obey her brain’s commands to go and approach the bed. “Are you gonna help me out or are you leaving me to clean up after you all by myself?” Billy said jokingly in an effort to lighten the mood. He glanced up and noticed his immobile daughter staring blankly at him from across the room. “Everything alright over there?” She was unable to respond to her father’s inquiry. The feelings of embarrassment, shame, and remorse were only growing in her head. She felt so guilty, forcing her father to tend to her in the late hours of the evening while he could be sleeping. How rude of her to make him come and clean up the mess she had made! These feelings pent up inside of her seemed to have more than just a psychological effect though. Suddenly, she felt tightness in her body. The knots in her brain became knots elsewhere too. She groaned and clutched her stomach, falling to her knees and hanging her head towards the floor. A great mass worked its way out of her backside into the cold and soggy “night time pants.” Unpleasant and slightly loud sounds emerged from her as Billy stared at his daughter from across the room. The sounds eventually came to a halt as the last of the mush entered the filthy padding. A very faint hiss could be heard in the resulting awkward silence as she finally finished emptying herself into the “night time pants.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she continued to stare down at the floor. She slowly looked up at her dad who had started to make his way toward her. “Oh my poor Shelly. Let’s get you cleaned up.”
  4. Just a quick conversation between two mothers Tracking System “So, why did you put Aiden back into nappies?” “He’s started too early with attitude. I expected that when he approached his teens... you know... he’d get disrespectful and clever, but at ten.... I don’t think so.” “It’s that school, quite a few of the kids there seem to have an attitude... especially the boys who behave like brats. I don’t think the place has heard of discipline.” “Well maybe but I’m not having my son coming home and displaying that insolence.” “So, how did you do it?” “Well, ever since he was potty trained at three, and changed from nappies to briefs, I’ve only ever bought him one style.” “What do you mean?” “I’ve only ever let him wear little white briefs... tighty-whities some people call them but I insisted that they were what all growing boys wore.” “And he believed you?” “Most boys at kindergarten and infants wore colourful kid’s pants, which he also wanted. But, I told him that they were fine for little kids but he was growing up fast and older boys wore only white briefs. He liked to think of himself as being older than he was.” “Big boy briefs, clever... but haven’t you encouraged him to be just that... a Big Boy?” “True, and I still do but not at the moment. He’s going to be grown-up for a really long time and I’d like to have him still my little boy for a while longer.” “Oh you’re very complicated... and confusing... so why put him white briefs..?” “Well, I’ve always thought that white briefs looked like nappies anyway.” “Now you mention it...” “I think... white briefs and trunks make them think they’ve grown up but basically... they’d much rather still be in nappies... so they’re just a substitute. When I see Aiden wearing his white undies... it always brings back memories of him in a nappy... which is what got me thinking.” “Mmmm maybe... So, how did that help get him back into...?” “I always made sure he wears his little white pants to school and under his pjs at night. This means I can keep constant track of his bodily functions because, although he’s potty trained, his little white briefs tell me another tale.” “Do tell.” “Well, boys being boys are not the cleanest or most fastidious of toilet goers. They leave drips and dribbles, smears and well, all manner of fluids in their pants. They never even think about it, or have any qualms about not keeping their bodily secretions in the appropriate place... the toilet.” “Isn’t that what undies are for?” “Well yes but... I needed to teach my boy a lesson... although I wanted to be subtle I didn’t want him to think that’s what it was.” “I see, so his messy white briefs let you know just how negligent he’s been.” “Precisely... they are a simple and unobtrusive tracking system” “But why did you want him to be back in nappies... I mean surely it means more work for you?” “He’s at that age where being belligerent, thinks he knows best and refuses to listen are the traits of a boy growing up. However, a quick reality check and a slice of humility by showing him he’s still just a little boy will, I anticipate, get him to tow-the-line and respect me. Not so much Jim, he’s always got on better with his father, but his off-handedness and rudeness towards me is going to stop. After all, he still relies on us for everything and he needs to know he can’t just do or say what he pleases.” “I understand what you mean. I wish I’d taken a firmer hand with my kids. Still, it does seem a little harsh.” “I wanted to peg back that defiance early enough by making him realise just how dependent on us he really is.” “But, how did that get him back into nappies?” “Well, every morning, when he changed his underwear, I’d check the laundry basket. His pjs and underpants especially have been getting worse... and more than a little damp in the morning. I knew he would be embarrassed if I confronted him so I waited until he had no option than to take up my suggestion.” “Oh, I see... what was it he had no option to do?” “Well, he wants to go on a school trip. They’re going to France for two weeks in the summer break and he’s desperate to go.” “That sounds nice.” “It’s a nice idea but... I produced his wet and mucky undies and simply told him I wasn’t convinced I trusted him not to make a mess whilst away. I told him that I wasn’t going to be embarrassed by a boy who couldn’t keep his pants clean and I didn’t want him to embarrass himself by other’s witnessing his filthy undies. He was so embarrassed when I held up several pairs of his stained briefs... poor boy didn’t know where to put himself. I was firm and told him that I’d only let him go on the trip when I was convinced he could keep his underwear clean for a week.” “I bet.” “He was flustered, apologetic, off hand, argumentative and making excuses but I zoned in on his awkwardness and simply said NO... I was not satisfied and until I was he was going nowhere.” “So, how did you get a ten year-old back into nappies?” “I told him that I thought his briefs were not robust enough to take the damage he was inflicting every night and that I intended putting him back into nappies until I was sure.” “Oh I bet that didn’t go down well.” “No, he screamed blue murder at me but I was patient and reasonable... letting him know that I was mainly worried about his nocturnal emission as they appeared to be getting worse. I don’t actually think they were but highlighted just how damp and messy his morning pants were. I stressed that I understood he had no control when asleep, so I was prepared, if he met me half way, to just make wearing a nappy a condition of his sleeping arrangements rather than day time as well.” “Did he consent?” “He was dead against it but I told him that if he was worried what people might think I was prepared to explain to his father that his son still messed his underwear and that’s why I needed him to wear a nappy.” “Didn’t his father know?” “Jim doesn’t really know what’s going on he’s too embroiled with work but Aiden and he are the best of friends...” “Oh.” “He seemed relieved his father didn’t know, which I hoped would be the case, so I inferred that I wouldn’t tell him providing he wore protection at night. Either that or, if he felt I was being unreasonable, he could discuss the arrangement with his dad.” “Did you suspect he’d be too humiliated to speak to Jim about it?” “I knew he would... so I said I hadn’t told his father but if he didn’t do as I suggested I was quite happy to let him know. But, and I stressed this... I thought it would be in his own interest to get such an easy problem to solve.... solved.” “Ah clever...” “He promised that he’d be a lot more careful but I said I’d given him loads of time to sort himself out, years in fact, but now was time to make it happen if he wanted to spend time away. So, either he could just get on with wearing a nappy at night or, we could discuss his messy pants with his father and see what he had to say. I implied that I was sure his dad would insist on him wearing protection all day, every day.” “I bet he wasn’t happy.” “No but the idea scared him enough so that he wears a nappy every night now... and has done for a couple of weeks.” “Mmmm that long... but how?” “I just made sure that after the first night in a nappy... he woke up soaked.” “You cunning thing.” “He’s quite a heavy sleeper so getting him to ‘wet’ his nappy wasn’t that difficult.” “Sleeping pills?” “A couple... and a glass of water.” “What was his reaction to waking up soaked?” “I turned the tables... making it look like I was angry with him, claiming that he was just trying it on and accused him of wetting on purpose just to prove a point. He of course denied it.” “You have my admiration.” “I told him that I knew things were getting worse because of the state of his pjs and undies and thank god we reacted quickly enough. So he had no option but to wear them the following night and guess what...” “Another accident?” “You bet. However, I was more conciliatory and praised him for at least wearing protection... I thought that was the responsible thing to do but I wanted him to wear plastic pants as well from then on. He didn’t want to but was much too distraught to argue about that.” “Slowly, slowly catchee monkey... eehh?” “On the fourth morning I made sure it was his father who discovered his wet son.” “I bet that didn’t go down well.” “No, both were embarrassed but Aiden couldn’t deny it and his father wanted to know what was going on. I explained to Jim privately that I tried to keep it secret for Aiden’s sake that he was wetting the bed... again.” “Again?” “Yes I implied that this wasn’t the first time but that I’d kept that secret from him too though things had gotten worse recently so I had to make the ‘nappy’ decision.” “Very clever.” “Mmmm, I said I didn’t want to put any type of wedge between them as I knew he looked up to Jim and was quite embarrassed about the entire thing... so... thought it best to try and keep it confidential for everyone sake. But now it was out...” “Was Jim on-board? I bet he was on Aiden’s side wasn’t he?” “Actually, he was very supportive. He blamed himself for being too involved with work and not taking notice of home life. He was very sympathetic with me for the extra laundry and work I must have had to put up with (I didn’t mention that never happened I simply let him assume). He thought I’d handled it pretty well and told Aiden that he was proud he’d decided on wearing a nappy as it was doing a terrific job.” “So Jim now knows... what’s his thought on Aiden... you know... wearing a nappy.” “Well, that’s the good thing. As far as Jim is aware it’s only because of his bedwetting that Aiden is in nappies. So, he’s told him that as long as he keeps wearing protection until I’m satisfied he can go back to simply wearing pjs, (that is he stops his night time wetting) he’s happy for him to go on this trip to France. However, if he argues or gives me any grief on the subject he won’t be going.” “Has he accepted the nappy completely?” “He acted up a bit when I started pegging his nappies and rubber pants out on the washing line to dry. He was very unhappy but I said that if he wanted me to stop then I needed something from him and that was to be in his night time protection by 7.30 each and every night. I told him I wanted a regular routine and not just when he ‘felt like it’.” “Getting some of your power back eh?” “Definitely, I did say he could go out after but I wanted him in protection no later than that time. I also let him know that I never mentioned his mucky and disgusting underwear, so, as far as his father’s concerned, it was just the bedwetting he has to deal with. I threatened to tell Jim about that and was sure he’d have more to say on the subject.” “Did he agree?” “Surprisingly yes. I think it was mainly the thought of his mates knowing he had to wear a nappy that swung it. It was the least upsetting compromise for him... seeing as he was wearing a nappy to sleep in anyway.” “Do you make sure he wears...?” “Yes, but Jim asked if I wanted him to do his bit... I just smiled and said I didn’t want to embarrass the boy any further and that I’d see to him. However, I’ve made sure he wakes up wet most mornings so I’ve mentioned that occasionally I’d be grateful if he’d check.” “That’s good.” “Yes, Jim’s very good because he heaps praise on him whether he’s wet or not... he sees it as something Aiden needs and therefore has to wear one. He’s very positive because he doesn’t want his son to feel in the least bit ashamed about it.” “But he must feel ashamed... doesn’t he?” “Oh yes, he’s completely docile in the mornings now.” “So, is the nappy now the thing that tracks his toilet habits?” “Yes, but perhaps the strange thing is his nappies are messier than his undies ever were. It’s like he wants to use the thing even if he thinks he doesn’t. It’s got him so he’s not sure about anything and is quite humiliated.” “Shame, embarrassment, anxiety and wearing a nappy - that’s quite a list to control.” “I see the poor boy’s bewildered face every morning. He’s so embarrassed at the nappy check but has got used to me doing that now. However, I won’t let him sort himself out it has to be either his father or me that takes it off for him.” “I bet.” “The rustle of plastic pants down his legs and then the examination of the wet fabric leave’s him mute with embarrassment. He doesn’t dare speak. It’s as if he’s decided that until he’s in the bathroom and getting cleaned up, he has no say in what’s happening. Which he hasn’t” “Will he be going to France?” “Oh, no chance and he’s stopped mentioning it. There’s no real improvement is there? I mean... he doubts himself because of his reliance on that night time padding.” “Which you’re helping him fill?” “At the moment I’m only having him wet a few times a week but over the next few days he’ll be doing a lot more than that. In the end, I think he’ll be too self-conscious to want to be with his school mates in any situation... he’ll be far too dependent on his nappy.” “Well of course, accidents will happen.” “Yes they will. So, a summer of plastic pants and thick nappies 24/7 is what I’ve lined up for him. The first couple of weeks of the school break he’ll come camping with us... and we can both keep an eye on our suddenly incontinent little boy.” “Won’t Jim be suspicious?” “Maybe but I’ll let him know I’ve been anticipating this for a while; ever since he wet the bed all those months ago that I’ve seen a steady decline. I’ll tell him that, according to the experts, it’s not an uncommon phase for boys to go through and that they usually ‘snap’ out of it just as suddenly as they slip into it. But it’s nothing to worry about as we’ve got it covered.” “You’re taking chances and making an awful lot of work for yourself.” “Yes I know but, when your son suddenly thinks he’s independent and a man but you know better... it’s time to let him know he’s really just a little kid.” “Oh that reminds me... here are the new vinyl pants I told you about. A bit childish I know but they’re very strong.” “Thanks very much. Oh yes, these are large enough and I love these cute little cartoon characters.” “Are you sure you’ll be able to get him to wear them?” “They’re the only ones I’ll take. So, together with the disposables they will be better for him as I’m sure he wouldn’t want the tent surrounded by drying fabric nappies. However, if he prefers them I’ll let him know I’m happy for him wear what he’s used to.” “Cunning, you seem to have this well sorted.” “For the summer holidays at least he’s going to be our little boy in nappies and, together with the new childish shorts I’ve bought for him and these plastic pants he’ll look the part. However, he won’t know about all this until his first change at the campsite and by then it will be too late.” “He’s not going to like that.” “I intend to be there for my little boy and give him what he needs at this crisis in his life... a crisis I’ve told his father I saw coming. Jim will be with me on this because I’ll emphasise how grateful I am for his support of our son. However, should Aiden complain, I’ll point out that the more fuss he makes the more attention he’ll bring on himself... so... the best way is to follow our instructions and no one need be any the wiser.” “Are you sure you can make this work for any length of time?” “Not really but he won’t have any option... he’ll be pissing or crapping his nappy so often he’ll just be relieved and eager to have a clean disposable to slip into. By then I’ll have got him at a point where he’s unsure of his standing and that maybe his parents know what’s best for him.” The chink of wine glasses and laughter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Chapter I I’ve never had the best relationship with my mom. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as bad as most, but enough for us to argue daily. It doesn’t help the fact that we both have very different personalities. Me with enough ambition for the both of us, and her, a little bit tough as many single mothers, but truly kind. So, how did it end up like this? With my mom sleeping in a cot next to me, fully diapered, and probably soaked. Well, let’s start with the beginning. My name is Alejandra, I’m high school senior, and will probably graduate as valedictorian in my class. My mother, on the other hand, is an english teacher, quite a good one, very loved by her students. Father had left long before I can remember, so since the beginning it was only the two of us. This part of our lives started six months ago. In a cold January night. My mom came back from work, smelling like cigarettes and wine. Not a surprise, but she had been told to stop because of her condition. You see, she suffers from stress and anxiety. Her therapist have told her to avoid substances like alcohol or tobacco. “Mom, are you drinking again?” I said emphatically. “It was just a bit. Mikaella invited us to movie and a couple of drinks at her place. I was not going to go, but with everything that’s been going on I needed to relax” said my mom, trying with all of her to stay on foot. “You can do yoga with me if you need to relax. Read a book somewhere around a forest. Maybe take the weekend off. No drinking, you know what it does to you” “Hun. I love you, but stop acting as if my condition gives you some sort of power over me. I’m the mother, let me worry about us” I did not answer this time, just nodded. I knew better than to try to argue with an alcoholic with victim mentality. No, she was the mother not me, and if she wanted to drink herself to an early death, well, who was I to stop her? But that was the start. The rest of the night passed without any incidents. Mom kept drinking in her room, I kept studying in mine. It wasn’t until the next morning when I noticed something odd, it was Saturday, no school, but still mom woke up at 5. She left her room tip-toeing with her sheets on hand. I pretended not to notice anything. “Good morning mom. Are you okay?” I asked after some minutes. “Yes honey. Just decided to get on with the weekend washing. Why are you awake so early?” “It’s 5 a.m mom, I’m always up at 5. You, not so much. Are you sure you are okay?” “Ale, please, is too early in the morning for this and my head is bursting. I’m going back to my room and try to sleep a bit more” She was about to leave, but I was not going to let her go that easy. Not today. “Mom” She turned back. “Did you had… an accident?” “W-What? Are you insane?” she asked indignant. “Mom. Did you peed your bed?” I repeated calmly. “I’m not going...” she paused “I’m going back to bed. Okay?” “Okay. Just let me know if you need help” I had enough. Mom wanted to act like a kid, she was to be treated like one. Although, to get to that point I was going to need more than just an accident. I was going to need her to willingly accept her fate. Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around psychology and kinks. I’m seventeen, not seven. And sure, there are better ways to deal with this, but the thought of my mom as a baby was stuck in my head by now. Mom had seal her fate, and I had a lot of work ahead to make that come true. Now, you can read the next chapter after I change the baby’s diaper. She has just woke up and if I leave her alone after a nap she gets really grumpy all day.
  6. Crinkle Part 1 He loved that sound as he moved. That tell-tale ‘crinkle’ that announced to those in the know just what it was he was wearing. They were a new acquisition. The online firm had been very specific that this particular piece of protection was very noisy. Up until he saw the colourful image of butterflies and birds festooned all over the satin briefs, he had never really wanted anything that might draw attention to his ‘slight’ fetish. He was happy for those in the know to be one – him. He wasn’t interested in having DL friends. He wasn’t interested in being babied, all he wanted was that comfort he felt when he wore his nappy and the joy it gave him putting it on and taking it off. However, the online firm he bought his little ‘bits and pieces’ from had launched a new ‘noisy’ range and the photo of this particular pair of waterproof pants had attracted his attention. MAKE SOME NOISE said the headline for the range, and there had been a fair few pairs of pants that he would have been happy to buy but it was this, rather cute, childish and sweet design that appeared to have made the biggest impression. They must have done because for almost a week before he bought them they were occupying his dreams, both night and day. Eventually, the obsession needed to be satisfied so, via PayPal, he made the purchase and waited impatiently for them to be delivered. ++ The impatience didn’t last long because within two days a brown package arrived at his home where, as he was out at work, his mother signed for them. She squeezed the package as she took possession from the mailman and liked the soft feel and the muted crinkle she heard as she did so. She smiled to herself and assumed her boy was treating himself again. Good for him, she thought, he should have other interests beside computers and work. Her son Ryan was 24, slim, nice-looking (she always said he was the handsomest and cutest baby) but a bit of a loner. Her husband Jeff had died in an accident at work when Ryan was 4 years-old so for the past twenty years it had just been the two of them together. The insurance had made it so she was well compensated for her loss and the fact that her son seemed more than happy to live at home had made her content with life. Mother and son spent a lot of time together and socialised (if that was the correct term for the few friends that they bothered to see) and even went on vacation together hardly ever inviting others into their tight band of two. Despite Ryan feeling his ‘fetish’ was only know by him, his mother had known about it for a long time. In fact, she remembered the time it took to get him out of nappies and how much her son of 9 had cried when he was made to wear only his pyjamas when he went to bed instead of the protection he’d happily worn up until then; his mum eventually convincing him to be grown-up, even if she had a secret longing for him to stay forever her baby. Of course for a mother all children remain their babies… no matter how old they get and Ryan, well Ryan had found his own way to satisfy something he needed. She was happy about this but didn’t want to be seen obviously condoning it because she knew that he thought his secret was just that… a secret. However, she had a secret of her own and that was she knew Ryan wore his nappies to sleep in and had noticed he occasionally went to work wearing his padding. It was at those times she just wanted to ‘mother’ him and return to those days when she looked after every aspect of his life. But, she was of the opinion that she would only do so if and when her son asked her to. She didn’t want to provoke any reaction that might somehow make things awkward at home. She liked her son being with her and would hate for him to feel she had driven him away because of something she wanted. No, the best thing was to support her son when it was needed but in the meantime, enjoy her memories of when he was young… though she could add those images that ran around her head of him sucking his thumb and wearing his nappy now. +++ He walked up and down his bedroom knowing that no one else would know what he was wearing but rather pleased about what he could hear. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. Over the years he’d kept this secret he’d had no desire to broadcast it to anyone else but, and this was the part he really wondered about, this new possession, this stunning pair of satin and plastic protection, gave him a whole new insight to his fixation. The nappies had been wonderful; comfortable, soft, bulky and held happy memories for him. The plastic pants had been a later addition; one that seemed to set off his nappy and give it a new, smooth, sensual aura that he suddenly craved. These new pants had been that step further; an acknowledgement of his own desires (even if he was only admitting it to himself) with that audible response to each step he took. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. He thought this was a bold step, although he wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t a brave man and couldn’t see himself wandering down the road ‘rustling and crinkling’ till heart’s content but the fact that he had picked up the nerve to buy them, he thought, must mean something. He looked in the mirror. Naked apart from his thick nappy and beautiful silky covering he was amazed at how spectacular and wonderful it all looked. He moved slightly… crinkle… he moved again… crinkle… he was looking forward to sleeping in his new noisy protection. In fact, he might have an early night so he could enjoy the strange and electric sensations that were coursing through his body. Just as he was about to shout down to his mother (who he presumed would be downstairs watching the TV) unannounced she walked in to his room. ++++ An ice-cold feeling of panic coursed through his body. This was the first time his mother had seen him dressed in such a way since he was a child. The smile on her face wasn’t noticed as he screamed angrily at her to “Get Out”. “Get out, get out, GET OUT.” Despite his harsh words terror rooted him to the spot, his slim naked frame only highlighting his padded outline but his mum wasn’t to be put off. “Ryan it’s alright I…” But Ryan shook his head and screamed more, “Get out, GET OUT.” The feeling of wellbeing that had encompassed his body and mind just a few moments earlier were now transformed into anger and guilt… he shivered at those very guilty feelings. His mum stepped forward to comfort her irate son but he stepped away, trying to hide his embarrassment and push her away at the same time. “Don’t worry Ryan… it’s going to be OK… I…” Again he pushed his mother towards the door, tears beginning to form in his eyes, but at that moment fury conquered his guilt as he spat those words once more. “GET OOOOOUUUUTTTT”. His mother’s beseeching hands held out in comfort were rejected amid her son’s confusion and terrified shame. He screamed at her but this time his mum would have none of it. She grabbed him by the arms, spun him around and landed three quick slaps to his padded bottom. He would have hardly felt a thing but was so surprised by this that he immediately stopped screaming. His mother sensing the change of mood stormed in. “Don’t you ever,” spank, “raise” spank, “your voice” spank, “to your mother” spank, “again.” She knew her actions would have caught him off guard and pressed this slight advantage. “Ryan Gatland… do you understand?” and she raised her hand as if threatening to repeat the spanking. “Yes,” his voice was almost inaudible. “Yes what?” His mum pursued her point with another slap. Through sniffles he told her the words she insisted on hearing. “I will not shout at mum… mummy.” She hugged him close to her chest and smoothed her son’s hair. “That’s right. Mummy is always here for her little baby boy… no matter what.” She hugged and kissed his head more. “No matter what…” she quietly repeated. +++tbc+++
  7. Well, today I took my mother down to another city about 300 miles from where I am at. she was wanting to see a doctor that basically does not exist......... well, he kinda does, anyway,
  8. I knew I'd gone too far this time. I was always teasing my little sister and making her cry, but this time she was really sobbing.
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