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  1. Andrew was just 10 years old when his mom died, leaving him understandably emotionally devastated. His mother, Priscilla, originally hailed from Goran, a small yet prosperous principality. The wealth of this tiny country was attributed to Princess Caroline's honest and efficient administration. The national economy thrived on a robust industry and flourishing agriculture, employing the world's most advanced and sophisticated techniques. Despite Goran's longstanding policy of neutrality for over 70 years, the national army remained formidable. Neighboring countries recognized that maintaining Goran as an ally was more advantageous than considering war. One of the most distinctive features of Goran was its strict matriarchal society, where men were regarded as no more mature than five-year-old children. Every Goran man had a female guardian responsible for their care. Priscilla, had fallen in love with a man who turned out to be a scoundrel, leaving her after learning she was pregnant. However, the young Gorian woman, thanks to the excellent job she had managed to obtain, was able to raise and educate her son in the most loving manner. This, however, was before falling ill with the disease that led to her death, leaving her son emotionally devastated. When the plane landed on the runway, Andrew's aunt helped him unbuckle from the seat belt. the young boy gave his little hand to her aunt while she escorted him out of the plane. Stepping out, Andrew was surprised by the hot climate, having been accustomed to a more temperate one. Fortunately, he was dressed in very light clothes: cotton dungarees and a light blue shirt. Descending the ladder with his stuffed dog "Dany Doggie" in his arms, he followed his aunt hand in hand to the baggage claim area, where he was taken aback to see adult men dressed like children, some even wearing diapers. (Hi. If you want to play with me you can contact me privately. I would like a narrative roleplay then please don't write only two lines for only answer, I would preferer play Andrew in this roleplay but I'm available to play the caregiver in a roleplay proposed by you)
  2. thank you jesus for giving me strength in these trying times, i pray i find a female significant other mommy type through this great website, anybody questioning thier faith or doesnt have faith at all feel free to DM me and lets chat!!!
  3. Michael P.V Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 8 years old. I live in a small city called Nul, which has only 2000 people. It's in the Goran princedom. I'm like the boss at my school, you know? Even the girls are scared of me. That just shows how tough I am because here in Goran, the women are in charge. Nobody can boss me around, not even my mom or my older sister. I do whatever I want. I have complete control over my life. Today, the teacher got mad at me because I was late for class. But when I talked back to her, she kicked me out of the classroom. So, I got really mad and started throwing stones at the school windows. The principal saw me and she was super angry. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her office. Then, she called my mom. "Mrs. Tyuli? Hi! I'm miss Asiyor the principal of your son's school. I'm really sorry to bother you for the third time this week," I overheard her saying. "Of course, I'll wait for you here!" she said before hanging up the phone. (if you are interested you can contact me privately)
  4. Chapter One The engine of a blue sports car purrs as it races down the street. The day's stress starts to melt as I start driving farther away from work and closer to home. My work is my passion and I love what I do but today marked the beginning of my long overdue vacation. I am a co-owner of a small aviation business called Red Tail Aviation. We own a small fleet of privet jets that are rented by business owners to fly around the country to conduct their business mostly, but also available for privet bookings as well for people who don’t want to fly on big-name carriers. My business is only a few years old but thanks to my wife and her family it has grown by leaps and bounds. Three weeks ago, was the third anniversary of Red Tail Aviation’s doors opening for business and my co-owner Alice, also my wife’s older sister, demanded that I take time off to relax. After a lot of coaxing from Alice, I finally agreed to take time off, to be honest, she tattled to my wife this last Wednesday and when I got home made a very convincing argument to listen to Alice and plan some time for a vacation. So, here I am two days later leaving work early on Friday to head home and start my vacation. I soon turn off the main road and into my neighborhood, after a few more turns my house comes into view. Downshifting, I turn into my driveway, pull in next to my wife’s SUV, set the parking brake, and turn my car off. As I opened my door I put my car in gear, grabbed my portfolio, and hopped out of the car to head into the house. My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for about five years and have known each other for seven. We are close in age and only a year and a half apart, her being the older one. She is also taller than me by over a foot, standing flat-footed she is an easy six foot. If I stand on my tippy toes, I am almost five feet tall, I am only four feet nine inches tall standing flat on my feet. Height is not on my side. As I make my way to the front door I start to wonder if my wife even went to work today. It was always hard to tell Jen’s schedule due to the secretive nature of her job. Jennifer may have come from a wealthy family but that did not discourage her from taking it easy and just working at her parents’ law firm. Nope, my wife decided to pursue a degree in information technology and has been working with a high-end security company that is contracted by the government. I am not privy to a lot of what she does, but I do know that she seems to make her hours and sometimes works from home. Our home on the other hand was a gift from her family, I tried to argue with her father about it and even tried to tell him I would at least pay for it but was quickly shut down. Our home is a two-story house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms all sitting on a one-acre lot. After seeing the house for the first time I quickly fell in love with the huge two-car garage that would eventually be my fortress of solitude and home to my precious cars and tools. Making my way through the front door I quickly take my shoes off and make my way through the living room and up the stairs to our bedroom so I can change out of my suit. Halfway up I find Jennifer standing at the top of the stairs dressed in jeans and a comfy low-cut T-shirt with a big smile on her face. “I am so glad you are home honey” she purred as I made my way up the stairs into her embarrassing arms. “Ya, it was a short day, mostly due to Alice kicking me out of the office after lunch”, I said as I stood on my tippy toes hugging my wife. Due to our height difference my face generally gets buried in her breast, it took me a while to not blush every time we hugged. After she released me from her embrace she bent down and kissed me. “I take it you stayed home today?” I asked as I was trying to get past her. “I did a little work this morning but nothing that could not be done from home”, she stated as she followed me to our bedroom. “Are you ready to start the weekend?” “To be honest I don’t even know what to do,” I said blandly as I started to strip off my suit and lay it neatly on the bed. “So how long do you and Alice plan on keeping me away from work?” I inquired as moved over to the dresser to fetch my old athletic shorts and slip them over my boxer briefs. With my shorts on I open another drawer and start to rummage through the neatly folded T-shirts. “Um, honey. . . what are you looking for?” she asked as she came over to help me look and stop me from making a mess of my neatly folded shirts. “I am looking for my Batman shirt, I thought I put it in here somewhere,” I told her as I tried to tidy up the little mess I made. Once I put the last shirt back in its place, I look up to see her pointing to the chair that is tucked in the corner behind the door. “Ah, there it is” is stated as I made my way over to snatch the shirt up and pull it over my head, “what would I do without you, babe?” Jen smiles and just shakes her head, “To be honest I am not sure, probably work yourself to the bone.” As I was putting the Batman shirt on, she closed the distance between us again and tussled my well-groomed hair as it popped through the head hole while giving me a peck on the cheek, “You are so adorable”. The kiss made me smile but being called adorable made me shake my head, “I love you too, babe”. With that I made my way over to the closet and grabbed a hanger to put my suit jacket away, the jacket was recently dry-cleaned and was still rather fresh and I could get more wear out of it before I sent it off to the cleaners. Once the suit jacket was on the hanger, I separated the belt from the pants and tossed them in the hamper along with my shirt and dress socks. With everything put away, I feel a small sense of accomplishment, it’s just a few hours in the afternoon and I am in my favorite lounging attire ready to get my forced vacation started. As I head out of the bedroom Jennifer gets up from the same share my shirt sat and follows me with a smile on her face, most likely from me putting away my dirty clothes without being told. Her infectious smile made my lips turn up words and a small chuckle escaped as I went out of the room, down the stairs, and over to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, I make a b-line to the fridge to grab a cold beer, Jennifer on the other hand makes a turn for the bar stool that sat on the opposite side of the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen. With the watchful eyes of my loving wife on my back I open our fridge, to my surprise I only found one bottle of beer sitting on the shelf. I was confused because I could have sworn, I had three beers left, not one. With a quick scan of the fridge, I quickly found the rest of the beer nestled on the very top shelf pushed halfway back, just out of reach without getting a step stool. Jennifer loved putting things outside of my reach, so I had to either find the step stool that she often hid or ask her to help me reach what I wanted. My wife loved to be needed and despite her keeping things on the top shelves out of my reach she always beamed with excitement when she got the chance to get me to come to her and ask for help. Not once did she ever get upset at me when I came to her, one time I could not find my step stool for a week and was constantly asking for assistance. Mainly due to her scolding me for climbing on the counters to grab the Oreos to go with my milk for a late-night snack. That night I did not realize that she was home from work and was just walking out of our home office that is located on the main floor of the house and caught me handed. I grabbed the lonely beer on the bottom shelf, “you are so funny!” I said, rolling my eyes as I shut the door. Gasping in fake shock, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just figured after a long week you would want a refreshing beverage so I simply placed it at a level my little king could reach out without needing to get your cute little step stool.” Giggling in delight she added, “I also have hidden your step stool, I promise even if you find it you won’t be able to get it.” I just stare blankly into her eyes with a smirk on her face, as I open the bottle of beer simply say, “It’s on the top shelf there in the garage, pushed back with something covering it.” I simply toss the cap in the trash and walk over to the kitchen table over in the corner and sit down facing Jen taking a swig of the amber liquid, “it’s your favorite place to put it”. “As a matter of fact, I did not place it there, and have been hesitant to since I found you climbing the shelves and almost falling to get it,” she simply stated as she got up from her bar stool perch to join me at the table. “For one I did not almost fall . . .” I started to say. “I watched the security camera, yes you did,” she interrupted. “. . . no matter, I will still find it eventually,” I continued. “So how long do you and Alice plan on keeping locked out of my office?” I asked to change the subject. “You are not locked out, but Alice did tell me that she forwarded an email to your normal clientele stating that you will be out of the office for a couple of weeks and to contact her if they need anything,” Jennifer informed. “She also said that you left your laptop and your backpack in your office. I asked her if she could stop by sometime and drop it off so you could at least have that.” “Ya, I left it there because she locked me out of my own office and pointed at the front door and told me to go home. I was lucky to have my. . .” I started to panic as mid-sentence I realized I realized I forgot one important thing, “. . . where is my phone? Shit, I must have left it on my desk at work.” I sat my beer down and started to get up, “I was walking back from the break room after rinsing my mug off from my third cup of coffee. Alice just tossed me my keys and pointed at the door telling me ‘Go home Charlie, relax and be with your wife. I will give you your office key back later after I know you are truly going to stay home a take a vacation.’ So, with only my portfolio that I was carting around and the keys that were just tossed to me I just simply walked out of the office and went home,” I said, verbally retracing my steps. “Your sister can be very intimidating when she wants to, you know. I was not about to argue with her, especially after her going off and getting you involved.” “She is just worried you are working too hard; you have been at it non-stop for the past few years. You need a break.” Jennifer said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me back down in the chair, I was sitting in. “I told you honey; she will bring your stuff over later. She will take care of the office and keep things running while you are out. Also, watch your language Mr.” I sat back down, huffing at the thought of being without my phone, laptop, or anything that connected me to my work and the outside world. “Fine, I will just relax. Can you at least get her to drop off my things tonight?” I ask giving my best puppy dog eyes to Jen. “I promise to behave and take it easy for at least a couple of weeks.” Reaching for her phone, which always seemed to be within arms reach of her, Jennifer started texting her sister. Jenifer: Do you mind stopping by tonight and dropping off Charlie’s stuff he left? Alice: That’s fine, I was planning on it anyway. But I am not giving him his office keys back though, at least not yet. Jenifer: lol, that is fine. I have my spare key anyway just in case, I am not sure he even knows I have it. Alice: Just know, if I see him in the office next week, I am going to duct tape him to a chair and put him in the corner. Jenifer: You are so mean to him. “There, all done, she will be over later tonight as long as you keep your word and stay out of the office,” she informed setting her phone back down. “Honestly, I don’t understand why you two are so keen on me staying away from work, I can relax,” I stated taking another swig of my beer. With a raised eyebrow she simply inquired, “When was the last time you took time off? I mean actual time off that lasted more than a day or so. And don’t say last Saturday because you were eating lunch and answering emails and making phone calls to God knows who.” It was true, most weekends or days that I was not in the office I was always arm’s length away from my phone or laptop. Working in aviation is a busy job, people must go places and do things and to accommodate it takes time to get everything coordinated. I did have a secretary and a small team to help me manage the logistics of day-to-day business, but I was not just the type of person to sit idly by. I was always in contact with the customer, our pilots, the maintenance team, and even our research and development team which consisted of one person that mainly handles our advertisement. “You’re right, it has been a while since I was truly disconnected from work. But you are the same way, you even took over our home office. How is locking me out of my office at all fair?” I said dryly. “Yes, I know I am right” she quipped, “and for your information just last week I was off for three whole days without even stepping foot in the office at work or home, you were too busy working to even notice. I even baked cookies for you that you scarfed down like a ravishing dog.” “Oh, I did not realize,” I said sheepishly, “and those cookies were good by the way.” “I am sure they are, especially when I get a text from Alice telling me you did not eat lunch that day. If I correctly recall the breakfast sandwich, I sent to work with you was only half eaten,” she stated. Quickly trying to recall the events of last week, “What? How do you know that? What day was that even?” “It was Tuesday of last week babe, and I know because I also got a call from your secretary that you were one cup of coffee and three energy drinks down before one o’clock racing out of the office to take care of some business on the other side of the airport. She said that your breakfast was still sitting on your desk half eaten. Shortly after that is when I get the text from Alice,” she said, staring into my eyes with a soft smile. As much as it seemed, it was normal for Jen to keep tabs on me. Even though what she does for work is mostly kept hush-hush, I did know that gathering information is just part of her job and due to her security clearance, she tried to keep her work at work. It still did not keep her from keeping a low-key tab on me. Now to fully understand why she likes keeping a tab on me you must understand the dynamic of our relationship. Jen is very much of a type ‘A’ personality, she is also very dominant. With her line of work, she almost needs to be. As this may deter most men, afraid of being emasculated, it opened a window for me to befriend her and well, marry her. Now that does not mean that I am some loser who drives on being dominated by a woman and can’t think for myself. I was just self-confident and knew who I was, I did not let anyone detour me and my dream and who I wanted to be. Later in college, I learned that my personality was type ‘B’, which was cool to learn because she and I worked well together. Jen and I first met at a college party, my friend dared me to go up to her and talk to her. I accepted my friend’s dare only because she did not seem to be with anyone at the party. She was always around a group of people talking but I had never seen a guy hovering around her, just the opposite, most guys were arm’s length from her. This was good news, I may have been confident in myself, but I knew that my short stature did not help me in a fight, and being a bit tipsy I was in no way wanting to fight someone bigger than me over a girl. I still remember that day vividly, as I walked up to her to introduce myself, I got about halfway through my sentence when I was shoved by the crowd right into her. Due to the height difference my face planted in, you guessed it, her chest. I quickly tried to recover and put space between us to apologize and finish my introduction by telling her my name. I fully expected to get a hand across my face but that never happened, she only came back with, ‘Nice to meet you, Charlie, you might want to be careful, a little guy like you might get trampled on in a place like this’. The whole situation did not help hide my blushing, not even the booze. The only thing my brain could come up with was ‘You may be right, that is why I wanted to make my way through the sea of drunken people to your beautiful smile. I figured if I could befriend you, I could stay safe from all these drunks.’ After a moment to take in the audacity of my statement, all she said was ‘You are cute’ and then took my hand and led me over to a quiet corner of the party. Normally I would balk at the idea of someone calling me cute, but she was too pretty, and I was too tipsy to care. Fast forward a little bit, after that party, we kept in contact with each other and would go on dates often. She would often poke fun and play the role of protector and me the dazzle needing protecting. I did not care much because I knew it was all in good fun, there were times (and still are) when she would let me be the big strong man, despite her still being taller than me. The more I got to know her the more I fell in love, she was more goal-oriented as I was more of a dreamer, and she often kept me focused on my aspirations. After a year of dating, she became very protective of me in a soft caring way, I did not mind this at all as I loved having someone in my corner. I do my best to reciprocate the efforts to care for her as much as I can. And of course, after about two years of dating she and I got married and moved in together, of course not before getting permission from both her father and her mother, which is a story for another time. So, as I was saying, the dynamic of our relationship is a unique one, and her memory is also as sharp as an elephant. As for me, my head is mostly in the clouds, not saying I am forgetful, but I often get distracted. You would not believe how many times I almost lost my phone only to have Jen pick it up after me and hand it back once I realized and slightly freaked out that I left my phone somewhere that I should not have. Her protective and caring disposition towards me led to her having a mothering demeanor over me. As carefree as I was, I did not mind as much as she kept me grounded and on track, and I did just the opposite for her. I was the one that she was able to count on to lift her spirits and not forget to smile and have fun. And I know what you are thinking, how does a carefree dreamer find myself in a predicament of being forced to take a vacation? Well, I may be whimsical but that did not deter my drive, especially with Jen by my side. My work may be stressful, but it is my passion, and it is still fun. They say if you do what you love you never work a day in your life. With that, I soon realized that if Jen knew of my lack of eating that day and overindulgence of caffeine why I was not in trouble. With regret in my eyes, I spoke, “You uh, found out about that did you?” I quickly took another sip of my drink trying to hide the shame and guilt of not following the rules Jen placed down for me. Seeing the deer caught in the headlights look so quickly and responded, “Yup. There are a few times I can raddle off you forgetting to eat and not drinking your water only to be zooming around the office driven off your intake of caffeine.” Yup, rules were set by Jen herself and agreed on by us both to help keep me safe, on track and cared for. I won’t bother you with the full list, but it does include me drinking plenty of water, no caffeine after lunch, eating at least two solid meals a day (preferably three), getting at least 6 hours of sleep, asking for help if I need it, and of course no climbing on the counters. That day in particular last week I broke all those rules, that night I only got about 4 hours of sleep due to me staying up working from my laptop while I was in bed which made me crave a late-night snack. That following morning, I also had to get up early for work due to a conference I had to attend across the country. Lucky for me I only had to attend virtually. I thought that I would get off scot-free, but apparently, I didn’t. All I could do was sit there speechless, gulping at what punishment I may have. Yeah, Jen believed that our actions had consequences. She was correct metaphorically, but that did not deter her from having punishments lined up for me when I was naughty. I try to accuse her of being naughty on occasion, but she is quick to come back with the rules that are designed for me and keep me healthy and safe. I have only caught her being naughty a few times, mostly due to me not paying attention or trying to hide my misdeeds. The rule of thumb is that the punishment should fit the crime. The one time I caught her not eating all day, and just like she did to me I was able to punish her just like she would me. Unfortunately, I did not realize that her texting and/or calling me every time she ate was just as much of a burden on the other end of the spectrum, well for me that was. When it’s me who must do it due to me not eating enough (which is about once or twice a month) I send the bare minimum text telling her that I ate. Her on the other hand blew my phone up on when she ate, what she ate, and how much she ate. She eats more than I do, you could not tell by just looking at her but as my father would say, she was built like a brick shit house. After about three days of keeping her accountable for her diet, my phone was able to be free of messages about food. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about my wife, but I am not as much of a foodie as most people are. I eat what I feel I need to survive and that’s it, after forgetting to eat a proper meal for three days in a row was when Jen sat me down and discussed the food rules. “Why did you wait so long to bring up that day, am I in trouble”, I ask nervously somewhat afraid of the punishment of breaking multiple rules due to the predicament Jen caught me in the night before last Tuesday. Jen was not against harsher punishments like time out, grounding me (mostly from my step stool), or even the occasional spanking. Of course, all punishments were agreed upon by both of us, she wanted to make sure that I was on board with it all as much as possible. She did love me dearly and always assured me that she loved me and only wanted the best for me. “No, you’re not in trouble, well not the way that you are thinking at least” she informed. “I have been seeing you work so hard that it has started to affect your well-being. Have you noticed I am constantly making sure you are eating? I have also noticed that you don’t sleep well, that is also mostly due to you drinking too much coffee and energy drinks.” “What? How can you tell that I am drinking too much coffee,” I asked. “Really? Do you need to ask that? Who is the one that takes your diaper off every morning before you hop in the shower?” I look down blushing crimson only to whisper, “You do.” “What was that, I don’t think I heard you,” she chided. I look up at her, still red with embarrassment, and repeat my answer “You do.” This was always the subject of embarrassment for me. Even when we started dating, I had a bedwetting issue. She never judged me about it, but that did not change the fact that I eventually had to tell her that was the reason I had a waterproof sheet on my bed and a small pack of cheap store-bought pull-ups in my closet. She also soon figured out that I would purposefully dehydrate myself to help keep myself from wetting the bed. That was good and all till she made me go to the doctor for my headache and constant fatigue. This was also around the time she started to fuss over my well-being and started mothering me. At first, it was just a small set of unspoken rules she wanted me to follow, drink plenty of water, make sure you eat, and get plenty of rest. The only problem was that the more hydrated I was the more I wet the bed. She was quick to console me and help me work through my issues. One night we sat and talked about it, I told her that I always had an issue with bedwetting. I have been to the doctor with little to no help, they always just said that I will grow out of it just give it time. Well, I did not grow out of it and barely grew taller than my mother, I eventually just came to terms with it and did my best to manage on my own. Jen hated seeing me hurt, that night was the first time she had seen me shed a tear. To this day I am not sure if it was a tear of hurt, embarrassment, sorrow, or anger. Jen just being herself offered solutions and took charge of my bedwetting. The main reason that I listened to her was because she did not judge me, not once, and she told me that if I wanted to sleep in the same bed as her I would let her help. Soon all my sheets were replaced as well as my mattress. Jen also insisted that my protection gets upgraded as well, my pull-ups quickly turned into full-fledged diapers. As time progressed, we found a new way to bond and connect. Before bedtime, she would always insist on putting the diapers on me, and when I woke up, she was always there to praise me for keeping the bed dry and using my diapers. She took great pride in overseeing our nightly routine, even after sex she would not skip a beat, she would help clean me up and make sure I was snug in a diaper before we cuddled up and fell asleep. Over the years she eventually introduced me to printed diapers, she kept saying they are more absorbent and better quality. I was hesitant at first but just like before she coaxed me into trying them. After a while all my diapers in the closet were cute, printed diapers that she picked out. I eventually was unfazed by it and just enjoyed the care she brought every night making sure I was comfortable. There were some nights that I had to put my diaper on but most of the time it was her. Knowing that I was the one who put myself to bed Monday last week, including putting on my diaper. Most of the time I try to sleep as naked as I can, so basically just wear my diaper to bed. But because I was still typing away on my laptop, I was sitting in bed in just a t-shirt and diaper. And you guessed it, I was wearing just that when I thought it was a good idea to sneak downstairs to get a snack. I still can see the smirk on my wife’s face as she caught her husband clad in just a t-shirt and diaper with a bear and rainbow polka dots all over it kneeling on the counter and reaching for the Oreos that were hiding on the top shelf. What can I say, Oreos make the best late-night snack, especially paired with a glass of milk. Jen accepted my answer as her the warden of my diapers, “That’s right, I am, and all too often I have noticed that your diapers are not as wet as they usually are, and your urine is starting to be darker than it should be.” All I could do was just sit there and tell her “Sorry.” “Baby, I love you and I want the best for you,” she said with endearment. Her calling me baby always made me blush; I knew she meant well though. As of late that has turned into her favorite word of endearment for me. Even in public liked to call me that, most people did not even pay her any mind. It still did not the fact it made me blush, maybe it was because she was the one who insisted on diapering me. Jennifer continued, “I have just been noticing that you are starting to not take care of yourself as well as you should. You are working late hours, and not eating well, and I have even started to see your sleep is starting to suffer. You need a break, honey.” Looking back, she was right, I have been so wrapped up in work that I did not notice how it affected me. “I guess you’re right” I stated. “Charlie, it’s not about being right. I just want you to take a step back and just relax. Learn to lean on Alice and the team you have built,” she said with a caring smile. ************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter Two I continued to nurse my beer as Jen continued to talk. I knew she meant well and only cared for my health and happiness. As her caring words reached my ears, I remembered the time she shared a secret of hers with me. It was around the same time she found out that I was still a bed-wetter. In my vulnerable state, she told me that she had an insecurity herself, she confided in me that she was infertile and could not bear any children. She continued to tell me that every man that she dated who was able to look past her intimidating stature and see her true beauty seemed to end shortly after she told them that secret. They all were worried about passing on their family name and seemed to forget about the love and care they had for each other. The moment she told me her secret made me fall even more in love with her. This woman endured such cruel heartbreak and yet still be so caring. Once she realized that her secret did not end our relationship, she poured even more love into the bond that seemed to grow by the day. I could not get enough of her, the way she cared about me only fueled me to be the best I could be for her, even if that meant letting her diaper me before I went to bed. As our relationship grew so did our knowledge of each other. Around the time she introduced me to the more playful and cute printed diapers was the time she brought up the subjects of Caregiver/little and Adult Baby Diaper Lover. With me being a bedwetter you would think that I would have known about these subjects but due to my embarrassment and stubbornness in the subject, I didn’t. It took her a few days to get my head wrapped around the depth of the subjects. I soon learned that she was very much a caregiver, a Mommy if you will. She did convince me to go to a couple of munches in the kink world to show me that I was not alone in my struggles and there was a community that was accepting. Eventually, both of us got so busy with each other and our work that we ventured away from the kink scene. Regardless she was there for me most nights until she and I moved in together, then she was there every night to take care of all my little needs at night. A year into living together in our new home as a married couple, we lay in bed together cuddling. Somehow, I was always the little spoon or the one being held which ended up with me being smothered by her breasts. This night was no different, she was laying on her back with me laying my head on her shoulder and her arm around me and mine around her waist. If my memory serves me correctly it was the first night after she started her new job and the company, she works for now. As she held me, she asked, ‘Do you like when I diaper you and baby you at nighttime?’ Without thinking there was only one response that came to mind, ‘of course I do, why would I?’ Laying on her shoulder with my arm wrapped around her I felt her take a breath and continue, ‘What you say if I told you I wanted to do more of it outside of bedtime?’ My eyes open and I turn my head to look at her the best I can, ‘what do you mean? You want to diaper me in a diaper during the day?’ Cool as a cucumber she went on to elaborate on her initial question, ‘Not just diaper you, I want us to grow our relationship into a Caregiver/little role.’ I settled my head back in the position that it was in. ‘So, want to be my Mommy,’ I said tiredly. After a little chuckle she responded with ‘Yes, I want to be your Mommy. But most importantly I want you to be my little boy.’ There was more to what she said but I could not remember it due to me falling asleep. That morning I could not tell if she was mad or amused that I fell asleep in mid-conversation. She reminded me of her question as I lay on the edge of the bed and her standing over me as she started to remove my wet diaper. That morning as we both got ready for the day, we continued the conversation with me eventually fully aware of her intentions. To my surprise, I agreed to it if she let me take it slow at my own pace and not jump right into the whole thing. I told her that I did not want it to conflict with either of our careers. After that, she seemed to be glowing for about a week. That was also the birth of my official set of rules. To my surprise she has them, to this day, printed and signed by both of us and posted on the fridge. It’s only been a few years since that initial conversation, and we have not mentioned much of it since except for a time here or there. Outside of the agreed-upon list of rules and punishment she eventually started to coddle me more, for example: cutting up my food for me, talking to me as you would a child, putting things out of my reach, and making me ask her for help. Just this last year I noticed when we are out and about, she makes me hold her hand. Most would see this as a sign of endearment, I did too until she told me that she did not want me to get lost and wander off and proceeded to not let me out of arms reach of her. She also tends to ask me if I need to go potty at the most embarrassing times, which for me is every time. Outside of the embarrassing childish care she loves to smother me with, she still allows me to be an adult and has never gotten in the way of my career. She has been just the opposite; I am not sure I could do what I do without her there supporting me. Until now all this was not really in the forefront of my brain until I heard her say these next words, breaking up my reminiscence of the past and crashing back into the present. “I want to take our Mommy Dom and little boy dynamic to the next level. You’re not going to like it but before I say any more, I want you to promise to hear me out,” she said as she looked longingly into my eyes. She seemed to hold her breath for a moment before I started to speak. I will tell you though, I had a feeling about where she was going with this and she was right, I don’t like it. Reluctantly with a worrisome look told her, “I promise to listen, though I cannot say anything about my reaction. But yes, I will hear you out.” With a sigh of relief, she almost a giddy smile she reviled the next level, “I want you to start wearing diapers during the daytime.” I sat there dumbfounded; it was exactly what I thought she was going to say. It did not matter what thought I was still too shocked to say anything. Instead of saying anything I just tipped my beer up and drank the last of my liquid courage. “You don’t have to say anything just yet just listen,” she said, waiting for a small nod from me to signal her to continue. “There is not a day that you don’t wake up in a wet diaper, I know that is not much but from where we started you do not shy away from getting ready for bed anymore. And remember just last month. . .” It took a second, but I did recall the events that happened just one month ago. “. . . you wore a diaper for a whole weekend. From the time I got you ready for bedtime Friday till the time you got up Monday morning to get ready for work,” she said. With only a slight pause she continued, “You did wonderful that weekend, you were such a good boy for me. You did not cry or pout once during your diaper changes. I want more of that, and when Alice talked about making you take a vacation it all just clicked. We can use this time to get you adjusted.” She recalled last month’s event correctly; I did let her keep me in diapers for a whole weekend. “But. . .” I started to speak my thoughts were hindering my words to form a sentence. Last month was just a relaxing weekend at home, she just wanted to try something new. It took two weeks of her hounding me just give it a try; she said it will be like a trial run. I did not imagine she wanted to do it so soon. And true to her earlier words I could not fully leave work at work. It only took till lunchtime Saturday to have her confiscate my laptop due to me working on a day that I was supposed to be about us. Shortly after that, she took my phone away till after she gave me my bath on Sunday, and that was still short-lived due to my bedtime being moved up two hours than normal. I suddenly had a million questions I wanted to ask, “what about work? Will it be 24/7 or just on the weekends? What if we go somewhere? What about your work? Right now, you have the rule that only you get to change my diaper, will I get to change myself? Oh God, what if I got to . . . you know?” “Slow down honey, take a breath,” she said as she reached for my hand to hold. “Ideally yes, I want you diapered every day. I would still oversee your diaper changes; little boys should not have to worry about such things. I can adjust my schedule more often and would be able to be home with you most of the time. And to answer your last question, yes, the big boy potty would be totally off-limits this time.” To be honest, I knew this day was going to come, I just wish it was not now. Diapers were a constant reminder of my bedwetting issue growing up and how hard it was. For Jen, my diapers were a sign of endearment. The moment I gave her control of my diapers was an ultimate sign of trust, she knew how much I detested the need I had for them at night. She promised me that she would help me overcome that. For the most part, she has, they still made me blush but for as long as she was by my side, I no longer felt like they were a burden, they were just a part of who I was. Taking this next step was the final relinquishment of the hate I had of my past. Luckily, I trusted her to help me take this step. Plus, I knew she loved to baby me, she did it as much as she could without scaring me off. But she still did not answer all my questions, “That makes sense and all, but I still had a question when it came to work.” Just then the doorbell rang and without hesitation, Jennifer started to stand and say, “Hold on babe, let me see who this is.” She made it through the kitchen halfway across the living room before the doorbell rang again and a familiar voice called out. “Jen it’s me, Alice.” As the door opened my colleague stood in the doorway holding my phone in her hands and my backpack hanging from her right shoulder. She peeked around her sister finding me leaning against the wall of the threshold between the living room and kitchen only to tell me, “I got your stuff squirt.” Looking a bit perplexed Jennifer looked at her phone to see what time it was. “It’s only half past three, how on earth did you get here so fast? I only texted you what, fifteen minutes ago,” she said surprised. Alice simply smiled and said, “To be honest I was out the door shortly after Charlie left. It is a slow weekend, and all the planes are on the ground here at home, the next flight out is not till Tuesday evening. I knew that once Charlie realized he left his stuff he would be out the door as fast as you would let him to come and get his things.” I was halfway between where I was leaning on the wall and the front door before Jen moved aside, inviting Alice inside. As she moved through the archway, she set my bag on the small bench next to the door and mindlessly stepped out of her flats leaving them with the rest of the shoes by the door. As Alice handed me the phone Jen shut the door and turned to face both of us. With Alice just as tall as her sister I looked up and politely said “Thank you.” Alice and Jen may be about the same height and have long hair but that is where their looks differed. Alice had blond hair that she often wore in big curls, she also resembled her father’s features. Jen had brunette hair that was strait and worn in a ponytail, single braid, or down. Unlike Alice, Jen resembled her mother. Both women were strong, but Alice had nothing but Jen’s solid physique. I should be used to it by now, but it never fails, I felt dwarfed when I was in the presence of both at the same time. I stood there for one solid before I turned myself 180 degrees and went back to the kitchen. I took one step toward the kitchen, and I felt my phone get snagged from my hand and over my head. “Oh no you don’t, remember you are on vacation,” Jennifer announces as she watches me head into the kitchen. “That did not take long,” the tall blond comments. “By the way, did you. . .” “We are in the middle of the conversation now,” Jennifer said interrupting her sister. “. . . and?” Alice inquires. I did my best to ignore my wife and sister-in-law’s whispering. I wanted to drag a chair over to the fridge and get another beer, but to my better judgment, I didn’t. Instead of risking punishment, I decided to just sit back down, pull my knees up to my chest, and wait for Alice to leave and Jen to come back and finish our conversation. To my surprise Jen came back sooner than I thought she would, normally she and her sister gabbed for hours some time. Also, to my surprise, it was not just Jen that came back to the kitchen. I turned my head to see Alice strolling behind her sister and into the kitchen. Jen made her way back to where she was sitting, Alice on the other hand made a pit-stop at the fridge to grab the last two beers sitting on the top shelf. With the two beers in one hand, Alice shuts the door of the fridge, opens the drawer just next to it, and pulls out a bottle opener. With quick work, the bottle tops found their way into the trash and the bottle opener went back into the drawer and closed with a quick bump of Alice’s hip. “Why do you look like someone just kicked your puppy,” she stated making her way to the table. With Jen to my right, I turned to my left to find Alice pulling the chair to my left out and plopped down making herself comfortable. I watched her slide me one of the two beers, I generously took it and told her “Thanks, and I am just anxious,” as I raised my drink and took a swig. With the biggest grin on her face, she could not help but ask, “Anxious? You are only a few hours into your vacation, what on earth are you worried about? Did you get in trouble with your mommy already?” “Hey,” was all Jennifer could get out before I whipped my head around to scowl at her. “You didn’t,” I said almost yelling. “How much does she know?” “Before you get upset at her” Alice started as I turned my head back around to her. “I have known for a long time; your wife and I are sisters. There is very little that we keep from each other. And why else do you think I always kept your wife informed on your misdeeds.” “For one you because you are a tattletale. . .” I retorted. “Spoken like a true child” Alice spats quickly. “Second I thought I could have a little bit of privacy about what goes on in my house,” I stated matter-of-factly. Alice raised her hand in surrender, “I may know your little ‘secret’, but I am not the one who talked about it at the dinner table.” With that said my face went flush, I dropped my feet down and slowly turned to look at Jen. With a shaky voice, I asked, “Dinner table? What dinner table.” “The cats out the bag now might as well spill the beans,” Alice quips behind me. All Jennifer could do was close her eyes as she took a deep breath in. As she breathes out, she opens her eyes and starts to explain the situation, “Yes, my family knows. They have known for a long time.” “Long time? Like since we got married a long time ago?” I inquired. “Like since I told you about my infertility,” she said quickly answering my question. “I was vulnerable and thought that you were going to be just like any other man I dated. I had only told my mother, who quickly told my father.” She said nervously continuing her explanation carefully watching the expressions on my face change from upset back to anxious and worried. “But you are not like any of the other men, you stayed and cared for me like no one ever did.” “Cared for you,” Alice snickered. “You are the one changing the rugrat's diapers.” “Shut it, Alice, you are not helping” Jenefer snapped back. She quickly glanced back at me and continued explaining, “Charlie, I love you. I did not mean to betray your trust. Everyone is so supportive and on board. They think what we have is amazing.” “Hold on,” I say quickly before Jen could continue. “So, you’re saying that when I went to your parents for your hand in marriage, they knew? “Yes,” both women said in unison. I quickly glance at Alice inquisitively. “What? I told you I was not the one who couldn’t keep their mouth shut at the dinner table. That was all Mom and Dad,” Alice informed me. I look back at Jen to continue my clarification of the whole ordeal, “When you say they are supportive, you mean in just our marriage right?” “They are supportive of the whole kit and caboodle,” Alice blurts out taking a drink of her beer. “Alice please” Jennifer pleads, “you are not helping.” “Of course, I am” Alice responds, “you got to rip this off like a band-aid over your little one’s booboo.” I followed suit and took a drink of my beer as well and looked at Alice, waiting for her to rip my band-aid off my booboo. Alice smiles at her sister and continues, “As I said, Jen told Mom, Mom, to Dad. Once Jen knew you were the one and not going to leave her, Mom pipes up during dinner questioning everything. The three of them discussed not just your bedwetting, but your sex life. That dinner was when I found out if you were wondering. To make a long story short, we all know every and keep informed. I am mostly informed because you and I work together, and my wife likes keeping tabs on you. My mom is always asking about you two and dad is just there to listen to Mom as she spreads the gossip at the dinner table.” “Everything?” I simply ask, staring blankly at her taking another sip of beer. “Yes, everything” Alice states, “and the reason I am here drinking a beer with you is so I can hear the juicy details first on if I will get my little nephew or not.” “Nephew?” I asked, looking confused. “Yes, nephew” she repeated before looking over to Jen. “What on earth did you do to him, Jen? You do still know I need him at work, right?” “I did not do anything to him, this is a lot to take in” my wife retorts. “Either that or his brain is fried worse than I thought, I knew I should have locked him out of his office sooner,” Alice states before looking back at me. “Let’s take this slow, yah? You are baby, correct?” Just as my face got its color back from the shock of figuring out my in-laws knew everything about me, my face turned bright red. I respond with a weak “yes.” “Good, I did not lose you yet!” Alice beams with joy, “If you are baby, that makes Jen Mommy.” After a longer pause than necessary, I realized that she was waiting for me to respond to make sure she did not confuse me. Half annoyed I responded with another “Yes.” “Calm down there Mr.” Alice teased, “we are getting there. If you are baby, Jen is Mommy, that makes me Aunty.” I just stared at her blankly, and just before I started to look back at Jen, Alice continued. “And we all want to know, is our little man finally going back into diapers?” Alice finishes, repeating the question that seemed to start all this. I took a deep breath and started speaking in a calm clear voice, “As surprised and upset as I am to know that so many people know about my. . . well. . . everything. There is no reason to say no.” At that moment I decided to look back at my loving wife who I noticed was holding my hand. “So, you are saying yes to letting me put back in diapers?” Jennifer asked carefully. With a shaky smile, I gave her a reassuring “yes, but I have some requests to bring to the table first before we set this in stone.” “Of course, sweety,” Jen said beaming with excitement. “As Alice has stated, I am still needed at our company. I am a little worried, but I trust that you have a plan to make sure this does not interfere with my job,” I stated. With a smile, she simply said, “Of course, I have already figured that all out. I would never come between you and your aspirations. Any other request darling?” “My cars, I still get to drive my cars and work on them when I want,” I stated as I started to ramble off more demands since I had a feeling, I knew where all this was heading. “Also, a later bedtime, the ability to drink alcohol, I want to change my diapers at work, and I want to be able to use the potty for number two’s.” A short silence grew as I saw my wife’s smile grow. “I see, is that all?” she questioned. Confident in my answer I told her “Yes.” “Good, now that I heard your request here is my rebuttal.” She said smiling “As I stated before, I will not come between your work. As far as working on your cars is concerned, I will allow you to continue playing with your cars as long as you do not break any of the other rules we have agreed upon. Your bedtime is not up for debate, nice try but I reserve the right to say when your bedtime is. Drinking any kind of alcohol will be a case-by-case scenario, your diet and water intake is still a rule that is already agreed upon and is nonnegotiable. As far as the last request is concerned it is a hard no, once you are put in diapers I am in charge, you do not change them or even think about using the big boy potty. You will be considered for all intents and purposes not potty trained.” Jen simply sat there and made sure I understood everything she said. “Do you agree on these terms, or do you have a rebuttal yourself?” I furrowed my brow thinking, was there anything I was missing? I knew I was not going to get most of that, but it never hurts to ask. I mean she did not say no to booze, and I still had my cars. As far as trying to get permission to change my diaper and use the potty for number two, that was a long shot. She has not let me even touch my diapers since she took over without her consent, which is currently only when she is not physically home to do it herself. I was curious about how this was going to change our dynamic. “Who is going to change my diaper if I am to be wearing them at work?” I asked. “That my dear baby boy will fall to the volunteered responsibility of your Aunty Alce,” She answered. “Oh, and I forgot to mention one last thing, I would like you to start making more of an effort to call me Mommy when we are behind closed doors.” “Make an effort?” Alice questioned. She gained the attention of both Jen and me as she continued, “You are going a little too soft sis, he will call you mommy behind closed doors. You better make sure you do not let his manners slip, you know how Mom and Dad are. I almost expect Mom to demand to be called Grammy.” “Yes, you are probably right” Jen agreed. She gently guided my face with her hand back to face her and she looked me into my eyes, “Do you agree with these terms?” Unable to look away, I swallowed my fear, put faith in my wife, and simply said “Yes.” Of course, as I spoke those words I heard Alice chime in, “Yes what?” My eyebrows raised in concern that I was once again in trouble and I repeated what I said only to make sure I added the missing words my sister-in-law demanded I say, “Yes Mommy, I agree.” ************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter Three After I agreed to take the next step with Momma Jen to the next level of our relationship, I tried not to think so hard and regret the decision I made. Don’t get me wrong, it was something that I agreed to do years ago, it just scared me that this was going to be a big change. But to my surprise, it was as if Jen knew exactly what I was thinking. As Jennifer let her hand drop from my face, she continued to console the worries she must have seen in my eyes. “Just breathe baby, I know I told you I would take it slow, but this is the biggest change that you will have. Everything else after this is easy-peasy.” Alice also wanted to console me, and with a gentle nudge to get my attention she said, “I am proud of you squirt, cheers,” she said raising her bottle of beer. I turn to face her, raising my beer to mimic her, “cheers.” We both raise our beer to our lips and tip them up. To my surprise, I felt her free hand helping me support my bottle upside down as I continued to drink it till it was all gone. As I finished was able to set the now-empty bottle down. Alice also finished her beer sitting her empty bottle down just before I did. “Now that those are empty, I think it is a good time to get a certain someone in the correct attire,” Jennifer simply states as she stands up and moves closer to me. As she sees me set my beer down, she simply puts her hands under my armpits and lifts me to carry me. Startled by the sudden change in altitude I cling to her for what seemed dear life. “Shh, calm down a little,” she said trying to console me. Confused and startled at the same time, I simply ask “Wait, um, what happening?” I may be a little more than a foot shorter but due to my diet, or lack thereof, I am also only about 110 pounds soaking wet. With the combination of my size and Jen’s strength I was easily carried anywhere Jen wanted me to. She loved holding me and carting me around, on the other hand, I was not fond of it. I loved being close to her, but I was always afraid I was going to fall, but let it know I was never dropped. But every time Jen picked me up, she was always on a mission, and this time was no different. As I cling to her like a baby koala, I face the opposite direction she is going. Looking over Jen's right shoulder I see Alice get up and follow us, threw the kitchen, into the living room, and up the stairs. Once I realized where we were going, I squeaked in fear and hid my face in the nook of Jen's neck. “Aww, I think someone is scared” Alice states. As soon as I heard her call me out, I was just as quick to rebuttal a shaky “am not.” Even if I tried to sound brake, I still did not raise my head from Jen’s neck. “Shh, we are almost to the top baby,” Jennifer said trying to console me. “Alice don’t tease him.” “I wasn’t, I was simply stating an observation I have never seen before. I see your big strong Charlie fly in our jets with no fear but being carried up a flight of steps in your arms makes him hide in fear.” Alice states. “I will not let him live this down.” Before I knew it, we were already up the stairs and halfway down the hall about to turn into our bedroom before I looked back up. “Alice if that is what you tease me on after what all has been said, I think I will be ok,” I simply say still holding on to Jen for dear life. “You may be my sister’s little, but that does not mean I am going to be mean to you,” she says reassuringly. “I am the one that gets to change your little butt at work after all.” With that statement, I was reminded of what mission Jen was set on. I was on my way to get put in a fresh diaper, one of many to come. Normally I would not fuss over a trivial task, she has been helping me with my diapers for the past, how many years? Six going on seven years now. No today was different because as Jen walked us into the bedroom Alice was there too. I half expected to be put down, but I was, yet again, wrong. Jen held me tight standing in the middle of our giant bedroom just gently bouncing me up in down as if I were an upset baby. I guess she was anticipating what was to come because I was about to be upset at the words she said. “Alice, will you close the door behind you? And the diapers, wipes, and baby powder are all in the closet.” Jennifer said, instructing her sister on what to do. With wide eyes I watched Alice do just as instructed, I tried to wiggle free but all that happened was me grunting against Jen’s tight hold. I also felt a firm swat to my bare thy just below my shorts. It did not hurt but it still surprised me and made me squeak in fear. To be honest I was not sure what I was afraid of, Jen spanking me or Alice watching Jen put me in a diaper. “You just change him on your bed, right?” Alice questioned. “Yeah, but I do have a changing matt that I have him lay on. It’s at the foot of the bed sitting on the trunk,” Jennifer responds. “And you are sure that you're ready to change his diaper?” Yup, there it is. My reason for being afraid, Jen just asked Alice if she was ready to change my diaper. Slightly freaking out I started to protest, “Jen please, don’t. Please, Jen.” As if my words did not reach, she continued what she was doing paying me no mind. And my evening was going to get worse before it got better. I felt Jen start to shift me around in her arms. “Here, take him,” Jen said to Alice. “He is definitely fussy,” Alice says as she moves in and starts to take me from Jennifer. Like I said before, Jen was stronger than Alice but compared to me I still was just an oversized baby to them. That is kind of funny given the circumstances I am in. In what seemed like the passing of the torch I was now somehow in Alice’s arms holding on for dear life. I still was freaking out, my body was shaking and all I could do was just call out for my wife, “Jennifer please, I am sorry, Jennifer I don’t want to do this. . .” My pleas were soon met with gentle bouncing and Alice rubbing my back. “Hush sugar, shh” Alice cooed as she tried to settle me down. Jennifer took the time to walk behind Alice as she bounced me up and down like the fussy infant I was starting to act like. She makes eye contact with me and simply states, “Charlie, you need to hush. You are overreacting.” I am not sure if I stopped fussing because I was able to see her, the calmness in her voice, or because she could get rather scared when she talked in a calm voice. I have seen her a few times when we went out on dates, completely defusing a situation forcibly all while talking in a calm smooth voice. I was sure this was not the same situation, but it still made me quiet down and listen. “Good boy, and what is my name?” she asked. “Jen. . .” as I uttered the name, I have called her so many times before, I saw her beautifully sculpted eyebrows raise as she gave me a look as if she was asking me if was sure of my answer. I quickly realized what she was wanting and meekly muttered “Mommy.” “That’s right, I am Mommy,” Jennifer said, praising me as if saying her name for the first time. “Now is it acceptable behavior to throw a tantrum, demanding my attention?” I was slightly confused with the way she was talking to me; I knew I upset her, but she did not treat me like any other guy she got mad at. She was simply talking to me if I was exactly what she wanted me to be, her little. With her eye not breaking contact in what seemed like a war of wills, I lowered my gaze and simply answered the question she expected me to answer, “No” I stated meekly. Again, she raised her eyebrows and firmly said, “No what?” “No Ma’am,” I said quickly without hesitation, not sure if that was the answer she was looking for. After a brief pause, her stern look softened into a smile. She gently said, “That my good boy. I know you are upset, scared, and nervous about this whole situation but we are going to get threw it together. Now I want you to take a deep breath for me and think. Why are you all fussy?” I did as instructed I took a deep breath and relaxed. Alice did stop bouncing but still seemed to rock me side to side. “I am scared. . .” hiccup “of Alice seeing me naked.” hiccup, where on earth did my hiccups come from? After the second one, I felt Alice, hiccup, and chuckle at my predicament. Jennifer repeated what I said in a more nonchalant format like a parent would a child, “That’s what you’re scared of? Just of Alice changing your diaper?” I thought I got my hiccups under control, but I did not want to open my mouth afraid I might hiccup again. All I could do was nod in agreement with Mommy. With a clear understanding of why I was upset, and fussy Jennifer confidently walked me through her train of thought, “Not too long ago you and I made an agreement that ultimately put you back in diapers, correct?” “Yes ma’am,” I said a little more confidently than before. “And are you allowed to change your diaper?” she asked, hoping I would remember one of the new rules. With only a little hesitation I shook my head, “No Mommy.” A smile formed on Jennifer's face as she heard me say Mommy unprompted. “Such a smart baby,” she cooed, “now if my baby is not able to change his diapers and you are at work, who did I tell you was going to help you take care of them.” I was still not pleased with what I was about to say but I knew it was the correct answer. Almost forgetting my manners, I make a slight pause before I say, “Aunty Alice.” As I expected I was right and was rewarded with Jen’s enthusiasm. With a smile, Jen continued, “If my baby is at work needing his diaper changed wouldn’t you want to be comfortable and confident in Aunty Alice?” “Yes Mommy,” I said, still unable to meet her gaze. “Smart answer baby,” she said with a smile. “Last question, now what better way to get comfortable with your Aunty Alice and her diaper-changing skills than in the comfort of your own home?” She had me there, and Jen’s logic was sound. “I guess that is a smart decision, Mommy,” I responded. “Now that is what I thought. You do not have to say ‘mommy’ after every sentence but if we are behind closed doors, I do not want to hear you say my name, I want you calling me mommy or some form of it. Next, you are going to be my good boy like I know you can and let Alice put you in a diaper, do you understand?” she asked, still staring at me. I look up briefly to catch a glimpse of a smile but a set of very serious eyes. I look back down and respond, “Yes ma’am, I promise to be a good boy.” “Ok Alice he is all yours,” Jen said as she walked over to stand next to Alice. “Oh, my turn now?” Alice comments as she shifts my weight around getting a different hold on me so she can lay me down on my back. I did as Mommy asked of me and let her take charge and change my diaper. It still did not keep me from letting a squeak slip out as my back made its way to the bed. I look down to see Alice stand over me, only to see her reach for my ankles and start to lift them over my head. With one hand holding my ankle I feel the other one reach down and grab the back of my shorts and boxer briefs at the same time and pull them toward my ankles. My reflexes kicked in and used my hand to cover my manhood. Alice simply let go of my ankles letting them kind of fall halfway before I started to pull my knees towards my chest and tuck my feet down. Alice tosses my shorts and underwear to Jen so she can take care of them. I see my shorts get tossed in the hamper and my underwear found its way into a sack that seemed to house what I can only assume is the rest of my underwear. I switched my focus back over to Alice as she grabbed my ankles once more and raised them high, raising my bottom for a moment before it came back down resting on a soft fluffy diaper. Still hesitant, on little me legs fully fall and relax I hear Alice say something. “Feet down squirt,” she quipped as her hands helped guide my legs down. With a small smirk, she then swatted my hand away. And there it was, the moment I dreaded. Here I am lying flat on my back in only a t-shirt and a fresh diaper lying open and my down dropping over the side of the bed, one leg on either side of my sister-in-law. I was there on full display, even if I tried to cover up with my hand they would only get swotted out of the way. I did not realize that I closed my eyes because I felt the damp cold feeling of a baby wipe start to clean all over my diapered area. Any man would agree that the head that resides in the nether regions tends to think for itself. Against my own will, I started to get excited, lucky for me there was enough blood to rush to my cheeks at the same time and turn them even more red, if it’s even possible. At first, she ignored it but soon took my member between her index finger and thumb. I could only blush a deep crimson, wishing this would end soon. “Hey Jen when the last time is you drained this sucker.” Alice teased as she ignored me and made eye contact with her sister, “You know it may not be very big but it sure is a cute little thing.” “Mommy please” I whimper. “Nope, not Mommy. My name is Alice,” she said slowly to make sure I could understand her. “And don’t get all fussy on me, I am just making sure your mommy is taking care of all her little one’s needs.” “Quit teasing him,” Jennifer quickly stated, “I already had to calm one tantrum. You can handle the next one, especially if you are the one who winds him up.” Alice just giggles as she makes quick work of the rest of the diapering. After making sure my diapered area was clean front and back, she sprinkled a light dusting of powder. Lastly, she brings my diaper up and over and tapes it in place. As I lay there too embarrassed to move, I noticed Alice tidying up the area, my baby powder and a pack of baby wipes got put away while the used ones found their way in the same sack that my underwear did. I got a feeling that I won’t be seeing my underwear again after today. Breaking my trance Alice playfully rolls me over and starts to tickle me, the tickle attack only lasted a moment as I found out she was just trying to get me off the changing pad so she could put it away. I soon made my way off the bed and back onto my feet and pulled my shirt down to cover my belly. I did not even try and hide my diaper; I got over that a while ago. I do not own a shirt long enough to hide my diaper, what I needed was a pair of shorts. As I look around all I see is Alice standing in the middle of the room, hands on her hips, watching me get my bearings. I just simply ask, “Shorts?” Alice responds in kind, “Nope.” “Oh,” I state looking down in mock defeat. I look back up and look around once more, still not seeing Jen I ask Alice, “Mommy?” My simple one-word question was starting to make her smile, Alice continued our simple conversation by answering, “Downstairs.” “. . . Oh,” says once more looking defeated. Now Jen has told me about little space, but I have never been able to achieve it. I was sure I was not anywhere close still, but I did at least feel small. And I felt like the fewer words I said the less trouble I could get myself into. I also was not sure what to do, so I just stood there, in nothing but a t-shirt and diaper that had a cute bear and polka dots on it. Alice must have seen my unease because she continued our little one-word conversations. “Hand” she stated, as she held out her right hand. It was not a question but a statement. I responded simply with “K” as I placed my left hand into her right hand. I must have chosen right due to the big smile on her face as she turned and led me out of the bedroom, down the hallway, and paused at the top of the stairway. I must have worried her due to my recent theatrics going up the stairs, because as she stopped, she turned to me inquisitively, “OK?” I looked up at her and saw care in her eyes, she was not trying to tease me or anything but was wanting to make sure I was genially ok and would make it down the stairs. I don’t know why but hasn’t she seen me climb a set of stairs before? Still amused by our one-word conversation, with my words carefully chosen I simply stated with confidence, “self” and pointed to the staircase. I quickly realized that she was not taking any chances as she shot me down fast. “No”, she commanded. Alice made a quick look back at the stairs and must have been confident that letting me go down the stairs by myself would most likely end with a booboo. She quickly turns back around and breaks the one-word conversation, but keeps it simple, “hand or uppies?” Getting picked up and carried was not what I wanted, no way was I going to do that again any time. I simply took my hand out of hers and took a step back. She must have seen the hesitation in my eye for what she did next made me smile, but I still did not want ‘uppies’, I just hoped she knew that. Alice simply bent her knees got down at my level looked me into my eyes and asked me, “Hugs,” as she opened her arms. What can I say I was a sucker for hugs, they just made you feel good. I thought we were going to hug it out and I could still choose to just hold her hand. As I stepped into the hug and wrapped my arms around her shoulders, I found myself once again hoisted up in the air clinging on to dear life as Alice proceeded to carry me down the stairs. Now going up while being held is scary but in my mind, I will still survive. If we fall, I land on the person that is holding me. Now on the other hand, going down the steps was just the opposite, I was the one that was going to be crushed, and I was a lot smaller than the one who decided that picking me up and carting me down a flight of stairs was safe. “Honestly Charlie, what have you so scared of the stairs?” Alice asked. Still clinging to my sister-in-law like I was about to die, and my head buried in the nook of her neck, shakily I responded with “I’m not scared of the stairs.” “You sure fooled me,” she stated, “look we are perfectly safe.” Now I was a grown man, well at least in age at the very second. Right now, I do not feel like a man. Nonetheless, I knew my ABCs and my 123’s. Normally in one flight of stairs there is an average of 15 steps give or take a few depending on the building. As far as the house that Jen and I own is concerned it has exactly 15, I know this because I counted them, on multiple occasions. But this time my sister-in-law caught me off guard and did not bother to count, it did not feel like we went down the full flight of stairs. But she was standing still trying to encourage a thought of safety. As I lifted my head to take in my surroundings, I noticed that he was not at the bottom of the stairs, we were not even at the top. My head starts to spin and once again bury my face in the nook of Alice’s neck. “Baby, you are shaking like a leaf,” Alice said. Was I? I could not tell. All I know is that all I wanted was to go down, down off these steps and I cared very much about how I got down. I want to go down safely. All I could do was Close my eyes shut and just hope Alice moves. The next thing I know I have this falling feeling. All I could do was brace for impact as Alice and I went down. As we stop falling, I feel as if I was sitting on Alice. . . as she rubs my back. As Alice sits on the couch in the living room she tries to look down at her charge. With little luck at prying Charlie off she ended up just rubbing his back. At least he was not shaking anymore. With myself planted fairly on Alice, she turned out okay because she was rubbing my back. I start to let go of my death grip and sit up. I start to blush as I realize that the fall was not the stairs but Alice sitting on the couch. “But how did we get from there,” pointing to the stairs. “To here,” I ask, moving my finger from pointing to the stairs to the couch where we now were. With a chuckle, Alice replies simply, “I walked and then sat here.” “But. . . but. . .but” I stammered “I didn’t feel you walk; I only felt your fall.” “Not falling, plopping” she corrected, “and you were too busy shaking to feel me walk down the stairs. Looks like you were also too busy wetting those cute diapers of yours.” “What?” I questioned looking down at myself. Lo and behold Alice was right, my fresh diaper did not even stay fresh for ten minutes. I almost did not believe myself, so I decided to poke it to see if I was wet. Before my finger touched my diaper it was swotted away. “No,” Alice firmly said, swatting away my hands. “You don’t need to play with your diaper. And yes, little boy you wet your diaper, believe it.” Shocked that my hand was yet again swotted away from my diapered area. All I could do was look at Alice in disbelief. How dare she, who did she think she was? “What?” she said matter-of-factly, “don’t look so surprised Sir!” she continued, emphasizing the word ‘sir’ as if to mock me. “You and I may be business partners at work but outside of that you might as well believe that I am second in command of you.” “In command of me?” I chuckle, “What is this, the military? If you are second in command, who is first,” I said sharply, trying to get one up on my sister-in-law. And without missing a beat Jennifer walked in seemingly out of nowhere answering my question in a cool and casual tone, “That would be me, my love, I am first in command of this operation. Also, quit trying to be mean to Alice. You are only making yourself cuter, especially with you trying while you sit on her lap in just your t-shirt and diaper.” As she rounded the couch sitting on the other end of Alice, she turned to us and asked, “By the way, you did not want any shorts?” I instantly turned my head from Mommy to Alice scowling at her with my mouth open in shock. Just like that, I picked back up Alice and I’s conversation before she so rudely scared the piss right out of me, literally. “Shorts!” I proclaimed. Alice turned her attention back to me as she held on to me with a firm grip, both to make sure I did not fall off her lap and to make sure I did not run off. She looked at me as if her face was asking its question ‘Really, you’re asking again?’ Instead, she her one-word response not budging on her previous decision, “NO.” My face turned from scowling to pleading, “Why,” I muttered, trying to understand why I was being denied an article of clothing. “Because,” Alice said, almost wondering why I would even question her. “Please” I pleaded. All Jennifer could do was giggle at the most simplistic of conversations, “here, let me have him,” she said, reaching her arms out for her tiny husband. Yet again here I am, a four-foot-nine-inch man getting passed around, in my case like a toddler. With Alice already keeping a hold of me just picks me up and hands me over to Jen. With a slight unease of being passed around subconsciously reached for the closest thing to stabilize myself, unfortunately, that was Alice. It did not take long for Jen to grab me and pull me into her lap. Jen had me in a cradling position, for the most part. My back was supported by Jen's left arm that was wrapped around me, my bottom was sitting mostly on Jen's left side as my legs were together extending across her lap to the right. I wiggle a bit to get in a comfortable position. Due to the way Jen was holding me my right arm was trapped between Jen’s body and mine, leaving my left arm free to move. My feet though were resting on the couch between Jen and Alice. To be honest, it was a bit awkward for me, Jen's body was not quite square with the couch. Both Jen and Alice were halfway facing each other on the opposite sides of the couch, with me on Jen’s lap. “Deep conversation you two are having,” Jen stated with a giggle. Even though I was getting comfortable on Jen’s lap, that statement was it. I had enough, I wanted down and to go hide. I started to wiggle but was met by Jen’s firm grasp on me. “Down,” I stated in the middle of my struggle. “Hush now,” Jen said in a soothing voice. “What is the matter?” I knew if Jen did not want me down, I was not going to be put down. As I settled, I could not help but feel flustered, what was wrong with me? Since I was carted upstairs, I had one minor meltdown, an embarrassing diaper change from my sister-in-law, and a small panic attack being carried back downstairs. All I mustered was a toddler-like conversation between Alice and me since I was left alone with her after my final descent into diapers. I know that I fully agreed to this, but it did not mean I was ready to accept the fact I am now bound to a life of diapers, dependent on Jen to keep me clean. I just wanted to go somewhere quiet and think, I needed to calm down from all this and get my head on straight. *** “Charlie?” I asked inquisitively to my little husband. I noticed he was staring off into space but a moment after he struggled to get down he settled and leaned into me. I turned my gaze back to my sister asking her, “Did you break him?” “I did not mean to,” Alice said as she watched Charlie lean into me. “After you left all, I did was tell him no to shorts, which he was okay with initially and then went to bring him back downstairs.” I felt Charlie curl his legs up and try to lean further into me, resting his head on my chest. I wrapped my right arm around his legs and just gently swayed side to side as I continued my conversation, “Ya, there is a rule that when he is in his diaper, I have a final say in what he wears. Until today that rule was only invoked at bedtime, and most of the time I only let him wear his pajama shirt and diaper.” “Well, that makes sense,” chuckling Alice continued to say, “Now I know why he was irritated by the fact that he had an option for shorts.” “Probably, but you are probably correct in not letting him put any on. He needs to get used to you seeing him in his diaper,” I said, agreeing with my sister’s decision. “I do have one question though,” Alice states. “What’s that?” I ask, curious about what’s on Alice's mind. “Why on earth is Charlie deathly afraid of stairs and why have I not noticed it before?” asked Alice in a rather serious tone. “I get halfway down, and he looks up only to have a full-blown panic attack and hides his face and wets his diaper all before I can get over to the couch to sit down.” Furrowing my brows, I looked down at Charlie lying there with his eyes closed, still as a mouse. “Aww, pour guy,” I say turning my attention back to Alice. “He does not have an issue with stairs or heights per se. When he was small. . .” “He still is small,” Alice said dryly, interrupting me. “When he was smaller,” I corrected myself shaking my head at my sister’s taunt. “You’re an ass,” quipping back before continuing. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Charlie's Mom was a bit of a drunk and a clumsy one at that, there were a few times that she had on her hip and fell. The final last time she did it she fell down the stairs and landed on Charlie. Luckily Charlie's Father just got home from work that day and rushed him to the doctor. Charlie was okay, just a bump and bruise. Barrett, Charlie’s father, filed for divorce shortly after and raised his two boys on his own.” “Holy shit, no wonder he is afraid. Also, it makes sense why he never mentioned his mother.” Alice said as she was taken aback by her sister’s story. “So why do you cart him up and down the stairs?” “At first I did not realize.” I started to explain before looking back down at Charlie, wondering if he was asleep or just lying there with his eyes closed. I looked back up and continued, “The first time was just an accident, he fell asleep on the couch trying to stay awake and watch a movie with me. Like any other loving wife with a compact hubby decided to carry him upstairs and put him to bed. He was also not wearing a diaper, which was another reason I wanted to get him upstairs and get him ready for bed.” Giggling Alice says, “Now who has the short jokes.” Ignoring my sister’s comment, I continue to explain, “About halfway up the stairs my phone goes off in my back pocket. I was curious about who was calling so late but also wanted to silence so I did not wake Charlie. So, I shifted him so he was sitting more on my right side and had him rest on my right arm so I could use my left to grab my phone. In the middle of me shifting him he woke up and after realizing where he was completely panicked and nearly jumped out of my arms. Once I realized what he was doing I caught him with my left hand, simultaneously tossing my phone off the stairs.” “Instead of him jumping out of his skin as he did for you, he completely attached himself to me,” Alice said, comparing recent events. “Oh, once I caught him, he latched on to me and refused to let go. It took a little bit of time but once we were in our room he finally calmed down and would let me put him down,” I stated. Taking a brief pause before adding more to the story, “Once Charlie regained his composure, and we were both clean from his little accident, he told me the first and so far, the only story of his mother. He did not realize it still bothered him so much, mainly because as he grew up, he evenly mastered the stairs by himself and grew confident in his ability. Because of our relationship dynamics, he loved me holding him, even though it was embarrassing for him. He told me that he wanted to get over his childhood fear and asked me to help him with it. He has gotten a little better about it but still has a way to go, of course, I don’t always carry him up the stairs.” “He actually peed on you?” Alice asked in an airy tone. “That is your takeaway?” I questioned. “He peed this last time too, when you were bringing him down.” Alice snickered and went on to say, “Ya, but the little squirt was in a diaper, I am all dry.” As the conversation was seeming at its end, I saw Alice look over to the wall where the clock hung. “Well, I am going to get out of here, leave you two to cuddle the day way,” she said turning around to her sister. “Really? You sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?” I Inquired “Yeah, I got a few errands to run myself before my weekend starts,” Alice responded. “Errands before your weekend starts,” I repeated, “If I did not know any better, it sounds like you still have work to do. I thought you said Everything was good to go at the office?” “They are, I just need to go by the grocery store and pick a few things up, so I don’t have to go later,” Alice informed. “Oh, before I forget, will you and Charlie be coming to dinner Sunday at Mom and Dad's?” she asked quickly. “To be honest I am not sure if Charlie is going to be up for it,” I said. “Just know Mom is very excited to see the little squirt” Alice informed as she was getting up. “Hold on, let me walk you to your car,” I say as I move my right arm under Charlie's legs to support his lower side as I start to get up. “Will you move that pill down a little bit,” I asked turning around so I could lay Charlie back down on the couch. Without a word, Alice adjusts one of the small decorative pillows on the couch under Charlie’s head as he is placed back down on the couch. She watched Jen roll him over on his side, so he was facing the back of the couch. Both of us satisfied that Charlie was not going to fall I turned and headed for the door and put my flip flops on as I saw Alice slip her flats back on as fast as they were taken off. Both of us make one more glance towards the couch before slipping out of the door, first Alice then me. I left the door cracked as I went to close the screen door. “I guess he really was sleeping, I almost thought he was just faking,” I say, following my sister to her car. “Well, the little guy had a pretty exciting day so far,” Alice said as she opened the door to her car. Before she gets in, she turns to hug her sister and softly tells her, “Call me if you need anything. “Ditto,” I say in a matching soft tone before ending the sisterly embrace. I stood there and watched my sister get in her car and back out of the driveway. Before my sister sped off, she gave me one last wave. Satisfied, I make my way up the sidewalk and back to the front door. Slipping my flip flops off as I walk through the door, glancing at my napping husband, and then turn to softly shut the front door before heading off to fetch a small blanket for Charlie. ************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter Four I am not sure how long I slept, to be honest, I was not even trying to sleep. I was just simply trying to take comfort in the situation at hand. One of my first customers at Red Tail Aviation got me into meditation. He told me, ‘Owning your own business is a stressful job, it is wise to learn to find peace in stressful situations.’ It was not the first time hearing about meditation, but what he said stuck with me. That is why when Jen refused to let me down, I just tried to make the best of it. Of course, her body was almost always warmer than mine, and with me pants less why not take advantage of my situation and curl up and her as my heater? I also wanted to close my eyes to help me focus on meditating. The bam, one minute I am listening to Jen disclose my origin story all comfy curled up on her lap, next minute I wake up almost falling off the couch jolting me back awake. To be perfectly honest, it would not be the first time I fell off the couch while I was napping. It’s kind of funny, the first it happened Jen was in her office when she heard a thud and shortly after that a very prominent four-letter curse work started with an ‘F’ and ended with a ‘K’. This was also after the rule of no cursing was invoked. After collecting my thoughts from yet another tumble off the couch, I sit up correctly rub the sleep out of my eyes and look around. It was still daylight outside, but that did not mean much. It was mid-summer, and the days were longer, perfect for road trips or working in the garage on my old 76 CJ7. I look over to the wall that has our clock hanging on it. The time read five thirty-two pm, close to dinner time. I was feeling a bit peckish due to skipping lunch. Dinner time was one thing that Jen loved to control in our house. It was the only meal that she could make sure I sat down to and ate. Lunch was always a hit or miss due to work and well, me getting distracted. Who needs food when you have coffee? Breakfast was always a struggle for me, though I have gotten used to at least attempting to grab a bite of something. I sat on the couch chuckling at the memory of Jen yelling at me as I ran out the door trying to get to work. That fate full day started with me taking a single bite out of the bagel I toasted for myself. Once I realized that I was running late I just dropped my bagel and ran. She saw me drop my food and bolt, and she quickly chased after me. ‘A bit to eat is an idiom,’ she hollered as I headed for the door. ‘It’s not supposed to be taken literally,’ she finished as she made it to the front door, trying to chase me down. By the time she made it to the door, I was already in my blue sports car putting it in gear. I also got in trouble the following night because of the whole ordeal. Jen had to go out of the state for work that same day I ran out of the house with only one bite taken out of my breakfast. Somehow, she found out that I did not eat anything else that day, the following breakfast, or lunch the next day. In my defense, I was going to eat that night, but I just got lost working on my Jeep. So, there I am lost in the garage again on night number two, nearly forgetting to eat when I see Alice pulled up carrying a mall brown bag and a huge scowl on her face. What happened next was scary at the time but looking back it’s kind of funny. When I saw Alice walking up to the garage, I stopped what I was doing and started to wipe my hands clean when she walked right up to me, grabbed one of my hands, and proceeded to drag me into my own house through the garage door. She dragged me to the kitchen table and sat me in a chair first before putting her small brown bag on the table, at this moment I realized what was going on. Alice then proceeded to look me in the eyes with the same scowl on her face as she arrived and pointed her index finger straight at me. ‘You are going to sit here and not get up until I watch you eat everything,’ she howled. She then proceeded to pull out the biggest sub sandwich I had ever seen, a small bag of ships, and one apple. As I said, I knew the moment she sat me in the kitchen of the misdeed I had done. Since I knew I was in trouble I might as well have a little fun. I looked down at the palms of my hands and saw they still had dirt on them. So, I simply looked up at Alice who was now sitting next to me fuming with anger, and showed her my hands and told her, ‘My hands are dirty.’ Let me tell you it was the best ‘worst’ decision I ever made, wordlessly got up grabbed a cloth from the counter, dampened it at the sink returned to the seat next to me, and proceeded to clean my hands for like a five-year-old. Once my hands were scrubbed with more vigor than needed, she sat the cloth on the table picked up the sub sandwich, and placed it in my hand, in my opinion, they were still dirty, but I was not about to tell her that. I know I am a small person, but that sub sandwich was massive in my tiny hands. Let me tell you she sat there for over an hour making sure I ate every bite. Once I was done, she left with the same grace as she came, without a word and anger spewing from her eyes. The following day I came home from work and found a very upset Jennifer. She waited till I was fully in the door before she proceeded to scold me on my health and how eating is somehow important to my health. She proceeded to lay out my punishment for me, I was to write a 500-apology letter to Alice, and I found out the reason she was angry that day was because I caused her date with a hot guy to be rescheduled. Her date told her that their date could wait and that making sure her brother-in-law was doing ok was more important. The rest of my punishment consisted of supervised meals, at home I had to sit with Jen, and at work it was Alice, I could not get till they were satisfied. I was also not allowed to have sweets for a month, and boy did Alice rub that in my face. Shaking the memory from my head I toss the small blanket that covered me to the side exposing my bare legs to the brisk air of the house and hop off the couch. I quietly make my way from the living room towards the kitchen, instead of veering to the left and going fully into the kitchen I instead turn right where the door to the office is. With the door cracked and the light on I had a strong hunch that I figured out where Jen was hiding. I push the door open ever so slightly to just poke my head in to catch Jen sitting at the computer. The office is both ours but due to me operating mostly from my laptop and phone when I am not at work Jen has turned it into her personal home office. I honestly don’t mind; it has given me the ability to work from home often. With sharp senses, I notice Jen glancing at me smiling, and giving me a wink before going back to typing on her computer. With my element of surprise gone, I open the door the rest of the way make my way towards her, and ask, “Hey Jen.” “Try again” Jennifer quickly states. I rounded the desk to see her face better and to see what she had pulled up on the computer screen. I give a longing look of sorrow and ask her, “Can I really not call you Jen?” Watching Jennifer quickly finish her email and hit send, closes her web browser, turns her attention to me and my visible diapered bottom, and asks, “Are we in public?” I was not fond when she answered my questions with a question. She had the uncanny ability to make me feel smaller than I was, my current attire did not help the situation. Reminded of the answer I knew I looked down in defeat and said, “No” Jennifer gently lifted my head, so I was looking at her. “If we are not in public, how are you to address me?” she asked softly. I would not say I am submissive, I do have rather high confidence in myself, and I will stand up for myself or my wife against anyone, no matter how big they are trust me when I say everyone is bigger than me. There have been multiple times that Jen had to pull me back from a fight, when you are small you tend to learn to either run or fight. And my father did not raise me to run or back down. But I had one weakness, my wife. I do not know what it is about her, but her dominating presence and confidence make me weak at the knees. It’s a mystery to me because I know that Alice has the same demeanor, I seen it with my eye both at work and on the occasional double date. But with Alice, I can stand up to her and tease her like I would my brother, the fun thing is she teases me just as much. Unable to look away I softly say, “I am to address you as Mommy.” With the correct answer, she gives me a peck on the lips and releases my face. Her gaze does not go far though, I look down and I follow suit to see what she is looking at. As Jennifer releases my face, she reaches down to check my diaper and gives it a gentle squeeze. “Smart baby, and a little soggy I see. You are such a good boy,” she praised. Jen always did her best to make sure that when I was up in the morning, she was not mad that I was wet. Just the opposite, she was always happy and proud of me for using my diapers. She did not want me to be ashamed of wetting the bed, she told me it’s just who you are and should be proud of yourself. There were many mornings in the beginning when she would show me that the bed was not wet and that it was only my diaper that was wet. To this day she will still praise me for my wet diapers, reminding me that I should not be ashamed of wetting them. I don’t know why I expected anything different from her now that diapers are now permanent in my everyday attire. Even after her gentle and kind praise I still felt it necessary to remind her that my wet diaper was not all my fault. “It’s Alice’s fault, she is the one who made me pee myself,” I informed her. In a gentle mothering tone, she told me, her small charge, “Now it’s not nice to blame others for things they did not due. Also, your diaper was not this wet before your nap.” “But it was her fault, she scared the. . .” I began as I saw her eyebrows raised listening intently to my choice of words. Cautiously I finished my statement, “Pee right out of me.” “Good catch Mr.” she chided and went on to say “Alice did not mean to scare you, she and I talked about it, and she will be more careful next time. I want you to answer me this, what are diapers for?” I knew she talked to Alice about me, I was conscious at least for part of it. It was the question at the end that had me perplexed. With uncertainty, I answered, “To potty in?” “Close baby, they are for someone that is not yet potty trained.” She said, correcting me. She went on to ask another question, “And are you potty trained?” Ah, now I see where this is going, but what did I say, nothing but questions to answer me with. “No, I am not potty trained,” I answered her with a huff after recalling the conversation that was had earlier today. Jennifer smiled and again praised Charlie for yet another correct answer. “Very good, I am suppressed you can remember that, but you seem to be forgetting to call me what?” she said cleverly. I got a feeling this was not the last time she was going to tease me about what I was to her. With a small smile and some fake enthusiasm, I tell her, “Mommy,” and move in and hug her. Without missing a step Jen used the momentum of my spring-loaded hug to snatch me off the ground and on her lap with a soft squish. “See, I knew you know who I am” she mused. “And you are my little boy who is not yet potty trained. Since my baby boy is not potty trained how could your Aunty Alice ever make you tinkle in your cute little diapie,” she said in conclusion. I slightly blushed when I felt my diaper squish as she sat me on her lap, I guess she was right, I think I was a little bit wetter than I was before I drifted off to sleep. Blasted bedwetting, well I guess I am not just a bed wetter now; I am not officially potty trained in the eyes of my Mommy. Sitting sideways in her lap, much like I was on the couch, I had my legs draped over one side of the office chair and Jen supporting my back. I watched her turn her attention from me to a stack of papers sitting on the desk. Jennifer reached over to pull out two identical pieces of paper and pulled them close so I could read them. “Now look over here sweetie, I have updated our Rules and punishments. Let me read them to you, ok. When we are done, we will both initial by every rule and punishment and then sign at the bottom.” I sat quietly trying my best to follow along with Jen, this kind of stuff always makes my mind wander. But I wanted to be good, so I told her, “Yes Mommy.” Jennifer cleared her throat and started at the top of the “Momma Jen’s and Little Charlie’s Rules and Punishments, Rules include but are not limited to 1. Drink plenty of water; 2. No caffeine after Lunch; 3. Get at least six hours of rest; 4. Eat two solid meals a day at least (preferably three); 5. Ask for help if you need it, 5a. Especially reaching for stuff out of reach; 6. Do not climb on counters.” Yup, all those are still the same. Most of them are from our very first agreement, all except Rule 6. Jen had to put that in there specifically due to me telling her that things would not be out of reach if I was on the counter. She was not too happy with me the first time she caught me on the countertop let alone the second time reaching yet again for the Oreos she likes to hide from me. Jennifer took a breath and continued to read aloud, “7. Absolutely no cursing; 8 Jennifer has final approval on clothing worn by Charlie. . .” The cursing rule is Mommy's favorite to enforce, I am honestly surprised that I have not caught her doing it. Also, it is good to note that Mommy and I agreed that rules one through seven are rules we both follow. When she first introduced the idea of a list of rules for me to follow, I did not think it was fair for me to have them and not her. After a very long conversation, we came up with the first list of rules for both of us to follow, which is why both of us signed it. Oh, and that goes for punishments too, but she does not break the rules as much as I do. It’s not like I go out of my way too; I just find myself wanting an Oreo or going almost two days without eating because I get too busy to care. “. . . 9. Charlie is considered NOT potty trained and will be kept in diapers, 9a. Yes, Charlie, this means the big boy potty is a no-no.” Jenifer stopped reading to look at Charlie and make sure he was paying attention. “Baby, are you listening? What was that last rule I just read?” she asked. “The potty is a no-no,” I said dryly, not believing she would write the list. What did she think I was going to do, sneak off and use the potty? If I did that, she could get me on rules 5, 8, and 9 at least, probably more as she keeps reading. I am good. “Keep going Mommy,” I said to get back on track. “Just making sure you are paying attention and not daydreaming,” she said before she continued reading the list. “10. Charlie is not allowed to change his diaper, 10a. Jennifer is ultimately in charge of Charlie’s Diapers.” “One second Mommy,” I interrupted, “what I am by myself, can I change my diaper then?” Jennifer simply said “No" and before Charlie could ask a follow-up question she explained, “At home you have me, at work you have Alice. Anywhere else I assure you; you will have someone there to help you with your needs.” The thought swirled around my head only for a second before the words “That’s not fair" blurted out of my mouth. “You are essentially telling me I will have a babysitter when you are not with me? But . . .” flustered at trying not to alert out Jen's name only a moment passed before I was able to continue, “Mommy that’s obscene, I am a grown man. What about not hindering me from work?” I firmly asked, needing to hear her explanation. “I can see you are a little unsettled by this," she replied, trying to keep the smile from showing. She thought it was cute seeing her little husband sitting on her lap in a wet diaper arguing that he was a grown man. It was not her intention to belittle him, but the situation was rather adorable. Unsettled was not the word I would have used but I was not about to correct her. I Tully wanted to understand her reasoning, so I did not interrupt her trying to convince me that I needed a babysitter. Jennifer kept on talking explaining her reasoning to my very sour face, “Yes, you will have an attendant with you to help you out with your diapers for when you need to be changed. Also, anyone that you are with who has agreed to help me with you is fully aware of any and all of our Rules. Since I cannot trust you to follow the rules, we both have agreed upon I feel it is necessary to make sure I have a babysitter to make sure my little Charlie is not getting into mischief.” Jen saw the shock on my face as she made her comment but continued still, “you may be an adult and my husband, but you are also my Little as I am your Mommy. You and I started this journey a while ago and both of us wanted to make each other happy let me tell you that you may not see the ‘little side’ in you, but I sure do all too well and a mommy knows when her little boy is not ready for adult privileges.” I was shocked, I could not believe what she just said, “first I am too responsible, second, I do not have a ‘little’ side,” I said firmly as I used air quotes when I said the word little. She simply smiled and raised her eyebrows in amusement, “I hope you hear yourself; I can recall multiple times when I had to get someone to help you remember to eat, go home and sleep or any one of the times I caught you eating sweets during the night. That proves to me that you are not responsible for respecting the rules you agreed on that were put in place for your health and wellbeing; and yes, you do have a ‘little' side,” she said ending with air quotes on the word little to mimic me. “I still don’t need a babysitter,” I said flatly. More importantly, she mentioned something that I need to reiterate, “third thing, you said that anyone that I am with has agreed to help you with me,” I repeated in confusion. I went on to ask, “Who else knows about our little dynamic? I thought it was just between us, our little secret?” I asked worriedly. “You and I talked about this baby; you knew what I wanted. The both of us came up with a plan and compromises to make it all work for the best. This is a part of that. And outside of a select few people, it is our little secret, we just have friends that understand and want to be there for us,” she said softly with a sympathetic look. With a huff I turned back to our list and with a flat tone of defeat I as her, “Please continue Mommy.” Jen simply left me to my feelings as she continued, “11. Charlie will refer to Jennifer as Mommy or Momma, 11a. enforced heavily behind closed doors, 11b. First names are good in the public eye, just be respectful; 12. Charlie is allowed to work on his cars in the garage unless Jennifer says otherwise; 13. Charlie is allowed to drive alone if it’s communicated with Jennifer, 13a. If there is a backup plan this privilege can be taken away as punishment, 13b. Backup plans include but are not limited to driving by Jennifer, Alice, or an approved friend; 14. Charlie’s consumption of alcohol will be approved on a case-by-case basis, 14a. approval authority limited to Jennifer; 15. Rules outside of this list must be discussed and agreed upon before implementation.” Jennifer stopped to take a breath and asked me, as I sat in her lap quietly as a mouse, “That is all the rules, you ready for the Punishments?” “That is a lot of rules, Mommy, how am I supposed to remember all of them? I can barely follow the list we had before this and it’s twice as long,” I said a bit sarcastically “The punishments look the same though, you don’t need to read them,” I said reaching for a writing utensil. Jennifer grabbed my eager hand and said, “Not so fast baby, we need to read them allowed to make sure we both agree. When we are done with all this, I will post one on the fridge for us to look at and the other will go in the filing box,” she explained trying to ignore my unsettled mood. Clearing her throat and finishing reading the document, “Punishment includes but is not limited to 1. Time out for naughty behavior; 2. Writing lines or something similar, to learn a lesson; 3. Grounding (or taking things away), to appreciate what you have; 4. Supervised mealtime, to make sure you eat healthy; 5. Spankings, for severe rule breaking; 6. Ultimately the punishment must fit the crime; 7. Punishments outside of this list must be discussed and agreed upon before implementation.” Once she finished, I quickly piped up and quickly spoke, “Yes, I agree. Can I sign?” “Baby I know you are eager to get down, but are sure you understand all the rules? You mentioned there were a lot of them,” she asked repeating the concern I stated a moment ago. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and then looked at Jen and said, “Yes Mommy, the first half of the rules are the same. The second half is the new ones we mentioned before, the ones making me baby.” I did my best to smile but it was hard to form. I knew Jen was right, she always is. I am just too carefree and aloof, she does mean the best for me, and I cannot be upset at her for it. I still get my career, my hobbies, and most importantly her by my side. “I am sorry for freaking out before, it’s just I was not expecting this decent into diapers to be so steep.” Jennifer hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek while letting my hand go so, I could reach for the pen. After I signed, she followed suit and within that moment marked our written and signed agreement to our new contract. I was still on her lap and was getting more anxious by the moment, she could tell. To break the tension she asked, “Are you hungry? I have dinner prepped, just needs to be cooked and put together?” I nodded my head and scuttled off her lap, allowing her to get up and move towards the kitchen. Not wanting to be alone with my thoughts I followed her into the kitchen. I quickly went from being upset at the thought of being an actual little to being worried that I was too immature and not enough for my wife. As she was reaching the fridge I shakily asked, “Am I immature?” ************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter Five Jennifer’s hand was just touching the handle of the refrigerator when she heard me ask my question. I watched her turn to me and bend down to my level, looking me in the eyes, “I love everything there is about you, including your immaturity. Witch to be honest is just you being so carefree and dreaming the big ideas. You are my everything, I promise.” I felt better hearing Jen say those words. That was what I needed, to put faith into our new contract and do my best to be all I can be for Jen. But there was one simple question that lingered on my mind, “do we still get to you know, have sexy time?” I said bluntly with a worried face. All Jen could do was smile and giggle as she turned to me, “You may be my little, but you are definitely all boy. Yes sweetie, we still get sexy time, but since I am in charge of your little diapee. . .” she said with a gentle pat to my sodden diaper, “I will be ultimately in charge of that department as well. Just another reason for my Baby boy to be a good boy.” With that question she knew had to know my spirits were back on the rise, she gave me another kiss and stood back up so she could start preparing our dinner. With the promise of sexy time does not disappear I was rather happy. “Mommy, can I help you with dinner?” I asked, still standing next to her. “It’s OK honey, I got it. You just relax and enjoy your evening.” She said busying herself with dinner. “Please may I have a diaper change?” I asked, not wanting to feel my bulky diaper swell any bigger. “Who is in charge of my baby’s diapers?” Jennifer asked in a mock confused tone. I rolled my eyes and replied in a monotone voice, “You are.” Beaming with happiness she glances at me and says, “My baby is so smart, you don’t need to worry about your diapers, you just focus on using them like a good little boy. But to soothe your worries, your diaper will hold till it’s time to get you ready for bed. You are still wearing your thick nighttime diapers; they can hold quite a lot.” With a huff, I simply said, “Fine, I guess I will just waddle the rest of the night.” “Cheer up sweetheart, I have some new diapers on order, they are a bit thinner for the daytime. They are not as bulky.” She said busying herself around the kitchen. “Plus, these diapers are all white with a blue landing strip with bunnies on them, they are adorable,” she said. “Yay, more diapers,” I said with fake excitement in my voice. I turned on my heel and started to go back into the living room before I heard Jen get my attention. “Hold on one sec,” she commanded as she opened the fridge. Jen pulled out my large water bottle and handed it to me, “How about you start drinking some water while I am cooking.” I grabbed the seemingly large blue canteen from Jen, “do I have to drink the whole thing?” “Not all at once,” Jen said with a smile, “just sip on it till it's bedtime, ok.” She watched her little's face scrunch up with disgust, knowing what he was going say she asked anyway, “What’s with the face?” I knew all too well she was just trying to get me to stay hydrated, but I hated it when she handed my canteen to me, it’s the only thing she let me drink till it was empty. “it’s so big, and water sucks,” he said not so enthusiastically. “It’s only 40 ounces and water is good for you, especially since all you have to drink is coffee and beer. Call me mean all you want to, but I am just looking after you,” Jen said well-rehearsed due to this conversation being brought up almost every other time she handed him his canteen. “Just think though, now you won’t have to worry about the multiple potty trips anymore,” she said with a grin. “Ha ha ha, laugh all you want to, Mr. Soggy Bottom shall be in the other room while his dinner is prepared,” I said mockingly. I took a drink from my canteen in front of her to show her my goodwill before turning back around to head to the living room. She must have been satisfied because all I heard was giggling when I rounded the corner to the living room. I took one more drink before setting my canteen down on the end table next to the couch and headed towards my backpack that was still sitting by the door. Jen still had my phone with her and probably would not give it to me even if I asked. She knows all too well that I will just use it to check on work. To be honest I was not obsessed with work, I just been getting shut out this last week due to Alice trying to make me take a vacation. I just wanted to check my emails and make sure there was nothing I needed to take care of. I unzipped the backpack and peered inside and to my surprise my laptop was not in there. This was totally unfair, but I was not done digging in my backpack. I opened a small Pouch inside the main component of my bag and saw that my candy was still there. I quickly closed my backpack leaving all its contents in and left it by the door. Still not happy my laptop was confiscated as well; I grabbed my canteen off the end table and waddled back into the kitchen. I did not make eye contact with Jen, I simply walked around the island and over to the table. After sitting my can teen down on the table, I took my seat at my normal spot and just Stat there with my arms folded. After a few minutes of listening to her hum while she cooked and seemingly ignoring my presence, I grabbed my canteen to have another drink and sighed loud enough for her to hear me. Jen noticed me come back in and sit down at the table. She probably knew I was eventually going to look for my laptop, though she probably took it before I woke up from my nap. We were both aware of why I was pouting, so I just watched her cook as I sat and sulked. After a while the food was done, and she pulled down two plates and started filling them both. She put a fork on each plate and went to put the plates on the table, “I hope you are hungry I made chicken penne pasta and steamed broccoli,” she said setting the plate on the table. I was still not happy with my electronics gone but the food did smell amazing. I watched her grab herself a drink of water before sitting down and joining me at the table, “it smells good babe, thank you for cooking.” “I am glad you like it,” Jen said with a smile before she started to eat. My wife was a good cook, there was not one dish she prepared that I did not like. I even ate all my vegetables without any fuss. For me it’s not necessarily what I eat it’s just that I tend to not eat, but when I eat Jen’s food I am always struggling to eat as much as I can. The only difference is my version of eating a lot is different than hers. None the less I did my best and that is all she asked for. After a few bites of my pasta, I asked, “So do you have any plans while I am on vacation?” Jen finished the bite she had in her mouth before answering, “Nothing too crazy, getting you into diapers was the biggest thing. I wanted a relaxing couple of weeks for you to adjust to the new lifestyle before really doing anything too crazy.” “Ah" was all I said before blushing profusely, even though I was just around Jen it was still embarrassing to be at the dinner table in just a t-shirt and diaper like some toddler. My embarrassment did remind me of something though, “Oh, um. You mentioned that your parents know about my secret, well I assume our new set of rules is also known. Are they going to treat me differently?” Jen sat her cup down after taking a drink, “Yes sweetie, they know about our new set of rules, well the just of them anyways. She will get a copy of our rule list when I send out a list to all the participating parties that agreed to help keep an eye on you if you are ever not with me,” she said before taking a bite of her broccoli. After swallowing her food, she continued to say, “as far as my parents treating you differently, you can expect Dad to be the same. Mom on the other hand is very excited for the veil to be lifted and for you to take this step in our life, she has been talking about treating you like one of the grandkids.” I stopped mid-chew to look into Jen’s eye to see if she was joking. I could see the sorrow in her eyes as she continued to eat, waiting for my rebuttal to what I just learned. “This is going to be embarrassing the next time I am over there. She knows I am still an adult and your husband, right?” Jen nodded her head while she was chewing her food. She saw my thoughts rolling around in my head. After swelling and clearing her mouth of food she went to say, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone with them.” Jen just then started to notice Charlie wiggling more than normal in his chair. She just smiled and continued to eat; she had this problem with him that one weekend she let her keep him in diapers for two whole days. As much as I was displeased with my in-laws knowing about my situation, I did not have much of a choice in the matter. I was just glad they are seemingly ok with it all. I was about done with my food before my bladder decided to make itself known. With my apparent slowing down of eating I heard Jen start to say something. “Just go honey, you will feel better,” Jen said, somehow knowing I had to pee. As soon as she said it, I went to get up but stopped me by continuing to say, “No-no honey, sit in your chair and finish eating. I know you are not done.” “But you said. . .” was all I said before she shut my plea down. “Go pee-pee in your diaper honey, that’s what it is there for. You can do that and finish eating at the same time,” she said softly. Jen sat her fork down on her empty plate and reached for her drink while she watched me finish my food. I turned back to my plate and picked my fork back up, I went to scoop up another bit of pasta and put it in my mouth. When I was pulling my fork out of my mouth my tiny bladder made its presence known again. I simply closed my eyes and did my best to relax. I opened my eyes again and sat my fork down with a little bit of stiffness in my posture as I started to wet myself at the dinner table. I am glad Jen did not want to make a big scene out of my little milestone, she was good at making me feel comfortable. “One more bite and you are all finished sweetheart,” she said with praise in her voice. Jen watched as me, very embarrassed, ate my last bit of food and placed my fork on the plate. Dinner was the one meal Jen was strict on, we always ate at the table and the first implementation of rule number four she had another unspoken rule that went along with it, I was not allowed to get up without her approval on how much I ate during dinner time. I went along with this because I knew she knew I did not eat very well during the day. I figured if she let me do my thing throughout my day, I could be good and let her make sure I get at least one good meal. Still very embarrassed about just wetting myself at the dinner table I still let out a quiet, “Please may I be excused?” *** As I heard Charlie’s question, I grabbed both of Our plates to take to the sink and told him, “Yes you may, I am so happy you cleaned your plate.” I made a quick business to tidy up the last of the dirty dishes and start the dishwasher after we ate. When I went to wipe the table down to finish my post-dinner cleaning, I saw Charlie still sitting at the table but with his knees pulled up to his chest. “What’s the matter?” I said with slight concern. “I don’t know what to do,” Charlie told me as I picked up his half-full canteen off the table so I could wipe it down. “My normal Friday routine is off, and I just want to be in the same room as you,” he said. “I am not sad, just kind of bored.” I was done tidying up and went over to Charlie. “How about we move this into the living room,” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the chair. As he stood up, I took the time and check his diaper and made sure it would last just a little bit longer so I could put a fresh one on him just before we went to bed. “Look at that buddy, your diaper is still good to go. It’s getting rather soggy though, but it will last the evening, we will get you a new one at bedtime, ok?” Charlie just stood there nodding his head at me as I took the canteen from him and gave it a gentle shake, “Look at you, you have drunk half of your water. Good job honey!” I still could not get over how adorable Charlie looked in his diapers, ever since I started to help him with them, I just could not get the picture of him being my little boy out of my head. I always respected him as my partner and let him be the man in the relationship, but even a strong man [no matter how small] has a vulnerable side. I wanted to nurture his vulnerability and protect it, I did not want him to be afraid of showing her his emotions, I wanted to be his rock, just like he was for me. As I gave Charlie his canteen of water back, I wondered if I could ever get him to drink from a bottle for me. With thoughts swirling in my head, I asked him, “Since dinner was a little late how about we end the night with a little TV and cuddling on the couch?” Charlie took his canteen back from me, he should know I was not letting up on him drinking fluids to keep hydrated. “Sure, that sounds great actually,” he responded. After all the events of today, I knew he was questioning his maturity. But there was one thing that always cheered him up, and that was our cuddle time. Charlie never said no to cuddles and simply just melted when we did. “We can watch the next episode of our show!” I said with a smile. Charlie and I may be busy, but we do try our best to make sure we make time for us. His diaper was getting rather plump, and it made it hard for him to not be embarrassed, but I tried to help him get over it by not making a big scene and just following his little waddle to the living room and sitting down on the couch. As I followed my husband into the living room, I snagged the remote to the TV off the coffee table before sitting down on the couch facing Charlie instead of the TV. Charlie chose to sit in the middle of the couch, as I chose to sit on one of the ends. Splitting my attention with getting the TV turned on and watching Charlie sip on his water, I could not help myself and take a chance, “Hey Charlie, would you like some cookies for dessert while we watch our show?” He was a little confused, normally I did not offer after-dinner cookies unless he ate everything on his plate, and he still had food on his plate when I let him be done. “I will never say no to cookies, but I did not eat all my food?” Charlie stated. “That is true but considering that today was a big step for you, let's count this as celebratory milestone cookies,” I responded. With that said he seemed to feel okay in indulging in some cookies, well truth be told I knew he could never say no to me offering him Oreos. With a smile I heard Charlie start to say, “Do we have . . .” was all he got out before I interrupted him. “Oreos,” I said finishing Charlie’s sentence. “Am I that predictable?” Charlie asked, a little shocked. “Babe, out of all the cookies I buy, Oreos are the only ones I have caught you sneaking in the middle of the night and climbing on our counter for,” I said with a smile. Noticing Charlie's sheepish grin indicating my statement was correct, I started to stand up. I handed the remote to my little one and instructed him, “You find our show and I will get our snacks,” and then headed into the kitchen. Once I was in the kitchen I reached up to the top shelf of the cabinet and pulled down the package of Oreos and a small saucer to put a hand full on. After the cookies of choice were plated, I put the rest back on the top shelf and then opened the small cabinet above the fridge and pulled down a small plain brown box. The box was only folded shut and took no effort for me to open it and reveal a baby bottle. This was no ordinary bottle; it was slightly larger than a normal baby bottle and the nipple was a bit larger as well. I had purchased this as well as a few things that were hidden around the house from one of the adult baby/diaper lover websites that catered to the little lifestyle. The bottle was already washed, all I needed was to put the milk my hubby was going to ask for in it. I made quick work of filling the bottle with some milk and a little bit of honey and placed it in the fridge for the time being. With that done I picked up the saucer of Oreos and brought them back into the living room, setting them on the coffee table in front of Charlie. Sitting back down on the couch with one leg under me, I faced Charlie and simply said, “Cookies for my little man.” Once I sat the cookies in front of him and sat back down, all he could do was just hug me to show his affection and love. Charlie learned a long time ago that one of my love languages was physical touch, he liked it too, but hugging was a favorite way for him to show me how much I meant to him. “Thank you for the cookies, Mommy,” Charlie said before pressing play to our show and reaching for an Oreo. I just sat there watching him and the show we have been binge-watching lately. I only ate a few of the Oreos, though Charlie kept offering them to me. It only took one episode for the Oreos to be fully devoured, and as expected I watched Charlie drink his water with a disappointed look on his face. I knew that Charlie loved to drink milk with his cookies, as do most people I presume. However, I was surprised that he did not complain about drinking the water that was provided for him. At the end of the current episode that we were watching I turned to Charlie and smiled. “What would you say if I told you that you don’t need to finish your water and I will get you some milk to wash the cookies down with?” I asked calmly. He reached for the remote and paused the TV before the next episode started to play. “I would ask you what the catch was,” Charlie told me looking skeptical. He must suspect something is up, first, there were cookies after dinner after he did not clean his plate and now, he didn’t have to finish his water that I always enforce him to drink. “Just please keep an open mind ok,” I calmly stated before getting up and heading back into the kitchen. I know he must be sitting there in utter confusion, wondering what I was doing. The TV was not on, so I knew he was listening to me getting the milk out of the fridge and putting it in the microwave. I know he liked warm milk before bed, he mentioned that he used to have it as a kid. It did not take me long to get his bottle warmed and ready for him before I went back to the living room, hiding his bottle behind my back. I sat back on the couch facing Charlie and the bottle of milk behind my back. “I would like for you to try something and if you like it, I would like to start a new nighttime ritual,” I said simply. “And if you say no or try it and don’t like it, I am ok with it,” I added right before I presented the slightly larger baby bottle that was filled with milk. “That is a bottle . . .” Charlie said looking at what I pulled out from behind my back. “I saw it when I was shopping for you online, then purchased it on a whim and thought that you might. . . you know, like it.” I said cautiously. His eyes did not break contact with the slightly larger baby bottle in my hands. As if not believing what he saw I saw that he was trying to figure out what to say. “I don’t know babe,” Charlie told me, sitting in confusion. I see the look of shock and confusion on his face. “It is totally up to you, I will not make you drink from it, it was just something that I thought we could add to our play. I am sure that you will like it if you try it,” I added trying to sway him over and take the offered bottle of milk. “I will also not make you finish your water if you try it,” I added. “I just drink from the bottle, and I don’t have to finish my water?” Charlie repeated, baffled by the predicament that sat in front of him. He did not know what to say, that much was obvious. I knew he did not desire to drink from a bottle, nor did he want to finish his water. The bottle was my thing hands down, he knew I wanted to care for him and baby him, and I knew he was on the fence about this bottle decision. I sat there for what seemed like an hour but was only about a little over a minute. Charlie was just sitting there dumbfounded about what I presented him. I knew that it was not a hard no, otherwise he would have said it by now. With confidence, I softly told Charlie, “How about I give this to you.” Once I handed the bottle to Charlie, I picked up the empty saucer and his canteen so I could take them back to the kitchen and put them away. He just sat there holding the bottle as I tidied up. When I disappeared into the kitchen, I looked back to find him studying the bottle. When I introduced him to the world of Littles and adult babies, he knew they had these and others liked to use them. They made a lot of things for today’s adult baby to enjoy including pacifiers and a plethora of baby clothes that would fit anyone. It did not take long before Charlie saw me walk back into the living room, turning off the light from the kitchen. I did not come straight over to the couch; he watched me turn off the lights in the living room as well so that it was just the glow of the TV lighting up the living room. I also grabbed the blanket that Charlie left lying on the other side of the couch from his previous nap. I could feel Charlie watching me as I made my way back to my spot. I placed the blanket on the back of the couch so I could easily retrieve it. After sitting down like before I gently grabbed Charlie’s bottle, “here let me take that for a moment,” I said before placing it on the coffee table. “How about we lay down on the couch while we watch some more TV shall we,” I stated as I guided Charlie, adjusting both of their positions on the couch. I lay there on my back with a small couch pillow under my head. Charlie, being the smaller one, laid on my stomach, pinning one of his arms between us and the couch, and his legs intertwined with mine. Both of my arms were free, I gently guided Charlie’s head to rest on my chest before reaching for the blanket and tossing the blanket open, attempting to cover us both the best I could. I looked down at Charlie and asked, “Are you comfy?” With Charlie's nod of approval, I reached over pressed play on the remote, and then grabbed the worm bottle of milk that was laced with a small amount of honey. Laying on my stomach was always Charlie's favorite, he loved to wrap his one free arm around Jen or sneak it up my shirt so he could touch my soft skin. Outside of the occasional shock of my cold hands on my bare skin I never was bothered by him touching me. But this time he just opted to hold on to me for comfort because as soon as we got situated and continued our show, I grabbed the bottle and presented the nipple of the bottle to Charlie’s lips. “Come on sweety, open up,” I said, trying to coax her little in taking the bottle. It only took a second before she saw his reluctant lip’s part and inserted the bottle in my littles mouth. “There we go honey,” she praised. He did not agree to this, but he never said no to it either. I lay there for a moment holding the bottle in his mouth as he was reluctant to start sucking. It did not take long before some of the milk dripped out into his mouth showering me with worm-sweet milk, making him swallow and start the process of sucking the contents of the bottle. At that point he tried using his one free hand and tried to grab the bottle, so I did not have to. “It’s ok baby, I got it. You just lay there and drink your milk ok,” I said in the sweetest of tones. He put his hand back down and just laid there, his head on my chest, watching our show together drinking from a bottle. About halfway through the bottle, I found his one free hand wandering up my shirt, rubbing my skin as he nursed. I know he could not see it, but I had a big smile on my face. I am not sure how long it took but I do remember us being into our third episode of the night before his eyes got droopy. It took him all the second episode for him to drink the whole bottle though. Between all the water, dinner, cookies, and the full bottle of milk his stomach was rather full. Unfortunately, it was not the only full thing, at the same time his eyes were getting heavy I knew his bladder made itself known once again, letting him know that it was full. I was just beside myself in happiness when Charlie drank from the bottle, I got him. I was curious about what he thought of it, but I would not ask him tonight, I just want to stay in the moment and just enjoy the progress we have made so far. I saw Charlie’s droopy eyes suddenly get wide and started to wiggle, it did not take much for me to notice that Charlie was about to potty again. “Shh, it's ok honey, just relax and let it go, baby,” I soothed while rubbing his back. I watched him struggle to keep still but after a bit the wiggling stopped, and I could feel Charlie peeing in his diaper. “I am so proud of you baby, good job,” I praised as I continued to rub his back. Charlie just lay there whimpering; I did my best though to praise him for using his diaper. I could not help but think of the fact I got him to just stay put and wet himself while he was lying on me, I know he felt guilty as he said “I am sorry Mommy” softly while he lay there. “Baby, you have nothing to be sorry about,” I said caringly. “You don’t need to be ashamed for wetting your diapers, it’s going to be a normal thing for your honey,” I continued. Charlie was about to rebuttal, but I did not want to hear it, “shh, just be still baby,” I told him as I went from rubbing his back to patting his diapered butt. It did not take long before my rhythmic patting of his bottom and the fact I did not want to listen to his pout before his droopy eyes came back. After a while, he just accepted defeat much like last time, and started falling asleep on me. It was halfway into the fourth episode before I noticed Charlie’s breathing change. I looked down and as expected Little Charlie was asleep once again. It took me a moment to think, I could probably get up and carry him to bed without him waking up, but I did not need him to wake up halfway up the stairs. So, I did just the opposite and started to gently rub his back, “Baby, wake up, it’s bedtime.” I watched as Charlie rubbed his eye and slowly got off me and just stood there holding the blanket. He watched me get up after he got off me, I took the blanket he was holding and draped it across the couch. We do not get to do this often, most of the time we both head to bed early just so we can wake up early and get ourselves around for work. But the days we both don’t work the next day we try and stay up a little bit. He tends to start dozing off way before I do though. He saw me reach for the remote and turn the TV off leaving us in darkness. He was never afraid of the dark, but that did not discourage me from taking him by the hand and leading him over to and up the staircase. It did not take long before I had him led into our room and flipped on the bright lights. My first thought was to get my little man into a fresh diaper before I saw him head to the bathroom with a smile, I quickly started to interrogate his mischief, “What are you doing baby?” I asked inquisitively. “Don’t worry Mommy, just brushing my teeth,” Charlie told me tiredly. With a smile and already stepping into the bathroom he jokingly told me, “If I see the big bad potty monster move, I will cry for you to come rescue me though.” All I could do was smile and giggle at Charlie, making light of his new situation. “You do just that Baby and I will come rescue you from that mean old potty monster,” I responded in kind. “While you do that, I am going to get ready for bed. When you are done, I will change your diaper and get you ready as well,” I informed. I watched Charlie flip the light on in the bathroom and step in front of the sink reaching for his toothbrush. He stood there applying toothpaste on his toothbrush and glanced at the mirror and saw himself standing there in his Batman t-shirt and one soggy diaper. He started to brush his teeth. Normally that is the site he only saw when he was just waking up and waiting for me to take his diaper off in the morning. No more, this will be a new normal for him. As he was nearly done cleaning his teeth I saw him glance at the toilet, probably thinking ‘Potty monster huh, was not long ago you was my porcelain thrown. Now here I am bound to diapers like an un-potty-trained toddler, unable to sit on you without Mommy holding my hand.’ That thought brought a smile to my face. As Charlie was about done with brushing his teeth, I turned to finish changing my clothes and get into something more comfortable. I stripped myself of my clothes and tossed them in the hamper. After downing a clean pair of cotton underwear, I walked into the closet to find myself a baggy shirt to put on. While I was there, I grabbed a fresh diaper for Charlie. As I walked out of the closet, I saw Charlie sitting on the bed in the same spot Alice put him to get him diapered. I walked up to him, grabbed his shirt, and told him, “Arms up.” He was a little confused at the command I gave him, but he did as he was told. Sitting there on the bed, now in just his soggy diaper, I tossed his shirt in the hamper and then I put the diaper that was also in my hand on the bed next to Charlie. I gently pushed him back, a wordless command to lay down. I have been putting him in diapers since I found out he wore them to bed, I was a pro, and tonight was just another night of getting my baby husband ready for bed. He watched me make quick work of his diaper change and before he knew it, he was back in a fresh clean diaper. To be honest, I do not know that he knew the diapers I picked out for him held so much. When I first got them and put them on him for the first time, he just thought they were so thick. But now after getting a fresh diaper change after just wearing a fully saturated one, I am sure it did not feel as thick as it once did. Satisfied with my work I smiled down at my diapered husband as he was sitting up. “Stay right there,” I said firmly before I went and walked out of the room. He looked confused at the command I had just given him. I am also confident he was wondering where I was going. As instructed, He did stay seated in his spot, but I knew he was listening closely to try and hear what I was doing. I tried to be as silent as I could, but I knew he heard what he probably thought to be one of the spare rooms open, after a moment the door closed, only for me to come back holding what looked to be a baby blue shirt. “Arms up honey,” I instructed again. Confused still, He raised my arms like before, and to my expectation, he let me put his arms and threw the sleeves and the shirt over his head. As his eyes made it through the headhole, he put my arms down and went to look at the shirt before he was gently guided back down to lie on the bed. As quickly as he lay down, I raised his legs momentarily, grabbed the back of his shirt, and pulled it down. He lowered his legs, and I brought the back of his shirt up over his diaper and grabbed the front of his shirt pulling it down over his diaper and snap, snap, snap, snap. He quickly got up and looked down, “what is this, am I wearing a. . .” he started to say before I cut him off. “Onesie?” I started with a smile pleased at my work and how well Charlie let me put it on him. “Yes, you are wearing a onesie, and you look adorable in it. And before you ask no you can’t take it off, yes you are wearing it all night, I will take it off of you before your morning shower.” Dumbfounded, all he could do was just look down to see what was printed on the front of the onesie he was wearing, it read ‘Mommy's little boy’ with black lettering. “Why?” he asked me astonished at what I put him in. “There are a few reasons, babe,” I said starting to explain. “First is that they are not only adorable but practical, they will help support your diaper and keep it from sagging when it gets full and soggy. Second, I thought you might want a surefire way to help keep your diaper from peeking out when you are working and being a big boy. Once you put your pants on and your normal shirt on it just looks like an undershirt you have tucked in.” I was proud of my explanation, I thought that the onesies were a good thing and would be a hit when Charlie realized their potential. He would like them too; I was sure of it. “Of course, I am wearing onesies to work,” Charlie said tired and defeated. I knew that he was able to see the practical use for it, it was just me surprising him with a onesie on top of putting him permanently back in diapers, and the surprise baby bottle was probably just overloading him a little. I embraced Charlie in a hug, “Oh honey, don’t feel blue. I only wanted to give you a way to hide your diaper when you are not at home. Not all of them have prints on them, some are just solid colors,” I said trying to soothe him. “It’s not that, I do appreciate the thought, I am just tired and ready to go to sleep,” Charlie responded hugging back. After we got done hugging Charlie went to turn on his bedside lamp, before he went to crawl into bed, he saw me walk over, turn the bedroom light on, and head to the bathroom myself. Charlie just pulled the blankets up and closed his eyes. Not long after I flipped the switch in the bathroom turning the light in the bathroom off. As I crawled in by myself, I felt Charlie shift a little with muscle memory turning the lights off, leaving both of us in a dark room ready to sleep. My eyes were still shut but I rolled over and pulled Charlie in to cuddle him like he was my personal stuffed animal. Since he was facing me tonight, his face got pulled into my chest with no mercy. With only a slight shifting around he found a comfortable position and passed out.
  5. Introduction Nestled in a forested and remote part of Pennsylvania, the close-knit community known as Little Haven is more than just a town—it's a unique space where littles and their partners, who often take on the role of caretakers, come together and live. This extraordinary community is exclusively populated by individuals who actively engage in the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) lifestyle or simply love the sight of happy faces freely being themselves and enjoying what they love. Despite its secluded location, Little Haven has tons of amenities that make it so residents don't have any reason to leave town once they arrive. Some of these amenities include trails and parks, as well as its own adult daycare and schooling system tailored specifically for adult littles or adults looking to further their education. Adding to its charm, Little Haven features a grocery store, inviting spots for littles to hang out, and a couple of places to grab a bite or drink. What truly sets this town apart though is its adoption center, a unique institution facilitating the integration of new residents into the fabric of this secluded society. This exceptional community was created by a wealthy founder—a media mogul turned semi-retired and cheerful mayor. Generously, the mayor directly covers a significant portion of the town's expenses. This financial support is complemented by a constant influx of development and investment from new residents eager to lead a unique kind of life. Many of these residents contribute to the town's prosperity by working remotely or at local offices and factories, producing a variety of ABDL and Little supplies. They supply the community and the rest of the world with products such as adult diapers, pacifiers, little clothing in many sizes, adult baby furniture, and educational resources for the community. It is because of all this that the town is able to survive and thrive in the 21st century, allowing adults all over the world to come and participate in what makes them truly happy. This is little haven.
  6. Little Gin-Gin's Trip to the Mall *this is only the first out of many to come* ooOoo Chapter 1: “Is my little Gin-gin excited to meet Santa!?” her mommy asked, gasping as if she were surprised. From their place in line, she could see about fifty other adult-babies with their mommies and daddies. Some eagerly awaited to meet the fat, white-haired man in the red suite while others sulked, mortified at the prospect of having to sit on a grown-man's lap in front of a crowd of strangers. “Are you going to tell Santa everything you want for Christmas?” the woman bounced her in her arms, squeezing the back of her thick oversized diaper. Crinkling loudly, Ginny didn’t give it a second thought. Her self worth had been lost a long time ago. No longer did she care who saw her naked or diapered. The mall, possibly the most public place you could be seen in, was where they were. Deck the Halls played loudly over the speakers and littles gathered around the large sparkly Christmas tree, eagerly watching the train go round and round in circles. The general atmosphere was a happy one. Holiday music filled the air as people did last minute Christmas shopping, dragging their littles in tow or dropping them off at the mall daycare. Ginny couldn’t help but blush as her mommy, placed a big sloppy wet kiss on her cheek. Her eyes drifted down, catching just a hint of the white diaper, peeking out from her frilled, velvety red dress. Soleless, shining black Mary Jane’s were strapped onto her feet and ruffled white socks that went up to almost her knees. The girl was convinced that dress up was her mommy’s favorite part of the day. Never was she to look less than her best, which meant looking the most little she could be. There was a time when she would’ve rebelled. There was a time she would've screamed and cried, refusing to leave the house until her mommy had to drag her out. But that time had passed and now she had resigned herself to the fact that she was never escaping. All she could do was suck it up and pretend. Good girls were rewarded with treats. Naughty girls received spankings. That was something she did not want. Next in line, a feeling of fear suddenly formed in the pit of her stomach. Gripping onto the front of her mommy’s shirt, the ginger-haired girl hid her face in the woman’s warm, soft bosom, tightening her legs around her waist. Laughs were heard as her mommy kissed her head, and they were called up. The fake Santa gave a friendly smile, motioning for them to come forward. “Ohhh, is the baby shy?” a worker cooed, approaching them. He was dressed as an elf with big ears, pointy shoes and a pointy hat. “Why doesn’t mommy come up with us! You wouldn’t want Santa to forget any presents, would you?” Could Santa grant her her freedom? Could Santa give her a phone so she could call the police and escape this place? The answer was no. There was nothing Santa could give her. They didn’t wait for an answer and her heart skipped a beat as she was taken from the warmth of her mommy’s arms. It was sickening how much she had begun to depend on her. A high pitched squeal escaped her lips as she was placed on the man’s lap, pressed against his beer belly. It didn’t surprise her at how she fit perfectly snug on his lap and he held onto her waist, ensuring she didn’t slip off. “Well, hohoho! You can call me Santa, what's your name?” the man asked in a loud jovial voice, his breath smelling of mint. His long beard tickled her skin leaving her wanting to pull on it. “M-mommy cawl me, Gin-gin ow Ginny!” as she spoke, drool dribbled from her mouth, and if the Santa imposter noticed or cared, he didn’t show it. Beside them, her mommy beamed, taking numerous pictures on her phone. Ginny knew that when spoke it either had to be in her baby voice or she was to stay silent. She had worked hard to perfect the high and squeaky voice, but her inability to pronounce words came naturally after over half of her teeth were removed and twisted around in her mouth. Was she in constant immense pain? Yes. Did her mommy care? No. She thought her speech impediment was cute and teethers had become her new best friend. Plus the constant drooling that resulted from the procedure was an extra bonus. “Well, Gin-gin, have you been a good or a naughty girl?” “Goo’!” she squealed, bouncing lightly in his lap, much to the enjoyment of everyone watching. In another life, she could’ve been an actress. That’s how good she was at pretending. “Why don’t you tell Santa what you want for Christmas.” She leaned forward, smelling the faintest whiff of cinnamon and cupped her hand around his ear, coming up with things on the spot. “My elves down at the North Pole are working very very hard to prepare. I can promise that you are going to have a very happy Christmas.” She continued to smile, giggling at all the right moments as she sucked on her fingers. A woman elf stood behind the camera, making funny faces as they did with all littles to get them to smile. Ginny beamed, making sure to show her toothless mouth as the pictures were taken. Beside them stood Jill Anderson, usually a stern woman, but today unusually happy. The woman already knew what her Christmas cards were going to be as she glanced down at her little’s exposed diaper, rapidly turning yellow, and she didn’t even realize. This year was going to be a great Christmas. ooOoo A/N: Hey! I just wanted to do a quick Christmas one shot, since the holidays are coming up!! For those who don’t remember or didn’t read it, Ginny was the new nurse from Emmy’s story who was taken and regressed by Jill Anderson, the mean nurse. I will be doing more of these quick one shots for the other characters I’ve created in this Little Beginnings universe! Hope you enjoy and happy holidays to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah!
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