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  1. A/N: I know, I’ve posted again!! I’m currently sick with Bronchitis and have nothing better to do than write all day (just kidding, I could do all my missing college work) but I prefer to write this!! It’s a six part story, already fully written so I’ll post two parts together every few days! I am also still working on my other story: Babydola so if you haven’t read that, go check it out!! Enjoy for now! Synopsis: At the House of Strange Entities, nothing is normal, even seemingly lonely old Mrs. Fox. If only Clara had realized that sooner… ooOoo Part 1: The Arrival The House of Strange Entities was a very strange place indeed. The young woman had stopped for a bathroom break, spotting an exit sign for the pink one-story building a few miles back traveling down interstate-145. Filled with miscellaneous objects, each room was a different discovery yet there was one common denominator: vintage Everyone had their interests and Clara was the last to judge but there was just something… off. Though in the beginning, She hadn’t been able to put her finger on it. Now, she wished she had. But it was too late. The owner of the museum, Mrs. Fox seemed surprised when the blonde appeared. She said they didn’t get many visitors. “Yes, well I thought it best to use the bathroom,” Clara’s cheeks flushed pink. “I’ve still got another few hours to drive.” “Where are you headed? I can tell you're not from around here.” Her voice was delicate and soft, reminding the nineteen year old of her grandmother. She must have been in her mid sixties, possibly even early seventies from the wrinkles just beginning to show on her aging skin and salt and peppered hair. Dressed in a yellow floral print knee length dress, white cardigan and a string of pearls around her neck, the older woman certainly did have style. Clara knew the importance of stranger safety but this woman didn’t seem capable of hurting a fly much less a five foot four, one-hundred twenty pound girl. “I’m from Massachusetts, actually. My cousin’s getting married in the Finger Lakes Region.” she admitted. “Oh, that’s wonderful!” the woman exclaimed. “I lived up there for many years. What a beautiful place. I must say though, you seem awfully young to be traveling this far on your own…” “Well, I'm nineteen,” the young girl shrugged. “My family wanted to come up earlier and I was still finishing my college exams. I’m joining them now though.” “Hmm…” the woman smiled, eyes glued to her face. She gulped, shifting back and forth on her feet, unsure how to respond. It was the same as when she met someone and they said, “oh I knew you as a baby!” Like oh! Ok! That’s Interesting? Wearing a sundress she wasn’t cold but her arms wrapped around herself, feeling the slightest chill despite the humid air. Brushing it off, she turned back to peer out the window, her car parked right out front. The sun was lower than before, she noticed and if Clara was going to make the trip before sundown, she’d have to leave soon. “Oh, do you have to leave? I was going to offer you a tour!” “A tour?” She said turning back, head cocked to the side. “Yes! I’ve got quite the collection of old items around here. Antique rooms from way back when. I usually charge a small fee but I’ll show you for free!” Her lips pursed, unsure whether to take up the offer. Instead, she apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s going to start getting dark soon and-“ “Oh, it’s just a straight drive pretty much from here,” the woman waved her hand like it was nothing. “Where are you going, Ithaca? Geneva? It’s a Wednesday afternoon, there’ll be hardly any traffic. Stay for a bit longer, it’s only a few rooms. Besides, it’s nice to have company. Not many people come around.” Ok, now she just felt guilty. The woman seemed genuine and Clara would hate it if her own grandma hardly had any company like this. She’d want someone to stay for her. Sighing, reluctantly, she agreed knowing how much one small act could mean to another. A half hour couldn’t kill and then she could get back on the road. “Oh this is just splendid! You won’t regret this, trust me!” She hoped not. Walking behind, Clara couldn’t help but shiver at the breeze that followed. ooOoo Part 2: The Cooking Station She’d lead her through another door, entering a 1950s style kitchen. While black and white tiles lined the ground, the cabinets were a striking pop of turquoise blue compared to the brightly colored red table. Staring in surprise, It’s like she’d taken a step back in time. “Welcome to the cooking station, dear. It’s not just any regular old kitchen.” Oh she could see that. Lined on the table were an antique china set of plates, priceless just buy the look of them while the cabinets were full of unrecognizable gadgets she could not name for the life of her. There were little place cards , she didn’t bother to read, gazing around the room in great interest. “I was always quite the collector and I knew, even way back then, that these items may be of value some day,” the woman explained, standing by the stove, mixing something in a steaming pot. Had that been on this entire time? Clara tried to look closer only for the woman to shoo her away. “Each room is interactive, you know. You go through it as if you are a part of it! Sit down dear, you’re too skinny. This’ll be sure help!” Cracking a smile, Clara couldn’t help but obey. Settling down at the table, undoing the lacy cloth in her lap, she was hungry now that she came to think of it. Being the broke college student she was as well, never would she deny free food. “So this is part of the experience?” “Oh, yes,” Mrs. Fox replied as she scooped out what looked to be mash potatoes into a bowl and poured a glass of steaming milk. Setting down the dishes, Mrs.Fox sat across with none for herself but staring with a questioning glance, she felt it best not to ask. “Everyone once in a while a larger group will come and I’ll have many more dishes. People have always loved to fantasize about the past so I thought why not bring it to them in a different way!” It was smart, the young girl had to admit as she took a spoonful from the small dish. “What you’re eating there is Morning Glory Mash. It was a common dish back in the day. My mama used to feed it to me and I bet if you ask your mama, she’d know exactly what you’re talking about. The black bits in there are the seeds and give great nutritious value. Great for getting your tummy grumbling as well when you need to go number two.” Ewww. The young girl grimaced slightly, not wanting to think about taking a shit. However, at the woman’s hopeful glance, she continued to eat, forgetting about it. She could defiantly taste the seeds, biting into them. They had a certain bitterness that canceled out nicely the saltiness of the potatoes. It only took a few moments to finish as she ate bite after bite until the bowl was empty. She’d have to remember to ask her parents about this. “The milk now has just a touch of sugar,” the woman said, pointing at the glass. “It’s another staple with any meal or if you have an upset stomach.” Clara didn’t think much of it, gulping down the creamy sweet deliciousness until the last few drops and her stomach was full and bloated. “Good?” The woman smiled, nodding toward the empty dishes. “You’re a great cook!” she said, patting the cloth to the corners of her mouth. “It’s almost as if people get to physically taste the past! It’s a nice change from the normal history museums, just looking through a glass case-” “Yes, well food is the key to anyone’s heart!” They both let out a laugh, knowing oh how true that was. “Shall we move onto the next room? I think you’ll find each one a little different.” Without a thought she agreed, following behind the shuffling woman in absolute naivety. Ignoring her previous reservations, Clara realized she had been silly. There was no danger here. OoOoo A/N: Thanks for reading! Two more parts will come in a few days (or if I decide just to post early) I love reviews also so please tell me what your thoughts are! I’d love to hear them!!
  2. Short Story Five seconds… Eyes wide, she shook her head, desperately pleading with the clock to speed up or to break or miraculously just disappear. Four… Tears burst from her eyes, dribbling down her cheeks mixed in with her running snot. It was supposed to be right this time, she was supposed to be free! She was a big girl! Really she was! If only she could just convince her. Now, crawling around the room, her bum wiggling in the air, she was aware of how ridiculous she looked. Hell, she was practically humping the carpet. Libby didn’t think she was going to make it. The potty sat over there against the wall- pink and sparkly and locked up with the stupid chain. Three seconds now. Her face crumpled, unable to stop the flow of tears as she pleaded to whatever God up there not to let her fail. If she could hold it just a few more seconds then this would all be over. But Libby already knew it was too late. Having held it in since lunch, she drank from her bottle every hour like a good girl, gaining hundreds of streamers and bringing in the money acting like the little baby everyone wanted her to be. Three months, she had been stuck here in this oversized nursery fit for an adult sized baby. Sickeningly pink and filled to the brim with frilly outfits and dolls and toys, it would be an actual child’s dream room. However for her, it had quickly become a never-ending nightmare. Back in October, she’d seen the beautiful woman at the bar and Libby had been the hooker, just looking for an extra buck or two. Libby had spotted her a mile away, flashing her Cartier watch nursing a glass of red wine. Lean body, olive skin, and dark cascading hair… everything about her screamed money! Italian! At the time, she’d thought it strange how such a beautiful woman could be so alone. But that’s exactly what she’d been hoping for and Libby was been stupid enough to fall for her trap. Absolutely smashed off her face that night, easily she went home with her. They had sex, she demanded the money - which she almost got - but then she didn’t. With her panties on the ground, kneeling over her on all fours, the woman hadn’t even felt her bladder loosen until a warm pool of liquid had formed beneath the two of them. Surprisingly the woman wasn’t mad and that’s what confused her. Her comforter was probably worth hundreds by the looks of it. Libby told her to keep the money for the mess she’d caused, eager to get away, but the woman had had a different proposal- one, if she’d been in her right mind - would have turned down. Heck, she didn’t even know her name… and still didn’t. Now, staring at the timer, with one second left, it was all over. The floodgate opened. Starting with a few tiny dribbles, it just became heavier until she couldn’t even attempt to hold it in. She was so close! The timer went off and the camera blinked red, the invisible audience watching in silent anticipation. They could see her but she could not see them. Libby had become all too used to the feel of her hot piss splashing and filling up the absorbent padding. Squatting with her legs spread at the camera, it not only gave the best view to the viewers but was the most comfortable. This way it wouldn’t splash up her back or leak from the sides. It was embarrassing she even knew that but if she wanted to stay sane, the girl had to do whatever she could to survive. Now, hanging her head in shame, the sudden flood of dings throughout the room was music to her ears. It was the sound of money rolling in. People paying to see her debased and humiliated like this. Everyday there were different requests that people would pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands to see her do. If she was able to follow through, that meant treats were in order. However some tasks were meant to be impossible yet that didn’t mean she still didn’t try. Mommy promised once she paid back her debt for peeing in her bed and was able to go a whole day without wetting and messing her diaper, they could talk about letting her go. The girl welcomed the money and the embarrassment if it meant freedom in the end. But of course, once again, she’d failed. Libby knew though that she had, stupidly and drunkenly, agreed to this on her own free will. Who was she to complain? ooOoo “Muffin top, were you a good girl for Mommy and all of her friends?” It wasn’t even a moment later she heard the jingling of keys and the beeps of the code on the other side of the door. Mommy was always watching and waiting and ready to step in at every moment. She was a famous live-streamer, Libby had come to find out, and popular in the fetish world- was that even the right term to use? “Mommy!” She whined in a light and airy tone. Her voice had taken on a new timbre, becoming delicate, weak, young. She’d perfected the voice so much, always talking in it, she wasn’t even sure if she could go back to her old one. There were eyes and ears everywhere and she could not afford to break the role or else Mommy would tan her hide faster than she can blink. Lifting her arms, smiling painfully bright, she’d mastered just what the woman wanted and if she wanted to get out of this soaked diaper, she’d act her damn ass off. “Mommy wet!” She squealed. Popping the pink sparkly paci into her mouth from off the ground, suckling obediently, she didn’t fight the intruding fingers poking down the back and sides of her diaper. “Oh, yes you are! Was my little cupcake not able to hold her pee pee for the potty? You know you get potty time every several hours. You aren’t supposed to actually use your diapees, silly!” She bopped her on the nose. Her face burned red, stomach churning in humiliation at this beautiful woman dressed in a skin tight black dress and perfectly curled hair. Blue eyes sparkling in amusement, she knew exactly what she was thinking. Why would any beautiful woman like her go for a naked diapered adult baby who couldn't even hold in her own pee? Mommy called her Muffin Top because her belly was like a, well, muffin top, pooling over. It grew bigger everyday as did her thighs grow in thickness and face turn round. She used to be skinny. She used to have a body to kill for that any woman would chase after. Now? She was just her mommy’s little Muffin Top. What good would that get her in life? She couldn’t help the tears, as they started up once again and Mommy loved the tears. “Oh, baby,” she cooed, lifting her from the soft carpet cradled in her arms. Her hand cupped her bottom, every squeeze emitting a loud and wet squelch. “Mommy knows how hard it is trying to be a big girl but some people are meant to be little. Some people are meant to use their diapees and wait for their mommy for changes. Isn’t that right, baby?” “No!” She whined. “Big giwl! I, a big giwl!” With her face pressed against her large soft bosoms, in all honesty, she didn’t feel very big at the moment. Throwing a tantrum would get plenty of money from those watching (everyone loved a brat) but that’s not what she thought about. Turning and tossing her head, blonde pigtails swinging every way, Mommy could only giggle, watching the over-grown child prove her points exactly. Slapping her tender thigh, admiring the jiggle, immediately that caught the attention of the Little. Cringing at the painful sting, only then did she quiet down. “Answer me this baby.” She enquired. “Do big girls have tantrums? Do they wet themselves in a diaper? Do they crawl around naked suckling on a binky?” It was all rhetorical and the diapered girl had no rational response. “Since the baby has proven she’s too little to wait for the potty, I think it’s best she stays in diapers for the time being.” The only reason Libby could never hold in her pee pee was that she was always loaded up on bottles and mommy liked to change potty time and make her squirm. There were always some obstacles designed for her to fail. It just wasn’t fair! While she’d stupidly agreed to this, she felt herself begin to slip more and more everyday, forgetting that she’s not actually a baby. It was all pretend. Fake. She was an adult. Twenty-eight years old. College graduate. She did not need a stuffed elephant to help her fall asleep and she did not enjoy suckling on her strawberry flavored paci or getting dressed in pretty clothes with matching dolls with matching diapers. Don’t even get her started on the lack of control, putting on a show like a circus animal for thousands of internet people! “There’s no need for tears, sweetie.” A hand patted her back, bouncing her up and down. She suckled, quickly and rhymically taking too much comfort in the silicone object. “Now, you’ve gone tinkle but no stinkys! No diaper change is set without number one and number two, and by the size of your big belly,” she couldn’t help but jiggle her milk-filled pouch, “someone’s got a big poo to get out! Can you do that for mommy?” Did she even have a choice? The girl could only blink with tired eyes, her stomach actually feeling familiarly hard. “User Sissyboy and User Twinkletoes have bet five hundred dollars that little Libby can’t handle three enemas! Let’s see whose right, hmm? Can you go poo poo for mommy? For the streamers? Be a good girl, oh yes you can! You’re mommy’s stinky girl!” Placed on the changing table, her legs kicked out spastically. Involuntary laughter burst from her chest - high pitched giggles - as strawberries were blown on her pudgy tummy and Libby knew, at this rate she’d never be out of diapers. OoOoo A/N: I just thought I would post a short story in the meantime between writing the other stories. I know I’m so slow with updating so I just wanted to give a little something extra
  3. Sam is a small and young woman who is finally being given some freedom by her over-protective mother. She is on her way to a job interview on a day like any other when she meets a strange woman on the bus. Before she even knows what's happening her whole life is turned upside down. --- This new story is being posted in instalments like all my other ones with patrons getting early access by one week. For $5 you can also enjoy my stories early and for $10 you can see early updates plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that you can find on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A big and special thank you to all my patrons who allow me to keep writing at the pace I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, Brandon M, Aaron D, C Dom, Jack O, Craig G, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Bradley, Frank S, Scott S, Charlie S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, Ak, M, Sophie S, Earnest B, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Persi S, Ceneroz, Jack C, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, John, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Steven H, Findlay, Rob, James L, Tabbi, Bob S, Nathan, Joe, Calcal, Tomy, Jody, Keeno, Matthew S, Dain R, Kristoffer M B, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Guilyn, Erik P, Shihouin10, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F --- Sam’s Fate By Elfy As Sam walked down the street towards the bus stop she noticed the looks she was getting from the random people she passed. This was no surprise to the seventeen-year-old who had been getting looks of curiosity for most of her life. It used to affect her a lot but she grew a thicker skin in her early teens, Sam didn’t blame people for staring and knew that if she was one of them that she would probably be curious as well. Sam had been born with an extremely rare genetic disorder that made her stand out among everyone else. Despite being perfectly proportioned, Sam measured at only thirty three inches tall. She wasn’t even three feet high which made her very noticeable among the general population. She was often mistaken for a small child which was very annoying to the independently minded teenager. It was the height of summer and it had taken months and months of convincing for Sam to get her mom to let her stay home. Sam’s mom worked a lot and often her job would keep her away from home for quite a long time, because her daughter was so small Sam’s mom often found it very difficult to leave her alone. Finally, at the age of seventeen, Sam had been able to convince her mom that she should be allowed some independence and even look for a summer job. Sam reached the bus stop a few minutes before the bus was due and there were only a few people around. Sam didn’t recognise most of them but there was one Hispanic lady that Sam seemed to see on the same bus each day. The woman nodded politely at Sam who smiled back. Sam leaned against the plastic backed shelter and tried to ignore the other people looking at her. Sam vaguely knew the woman’s name was Maria from a brief conversation they had a few months ago. Sam pulled out the newspaper ad she was carrying in her pocket. There was a very informal job opening at the mall as a part time shop assistant. It was the low hours and low wages but to Sam it represented a chance for freedom, a chance for some desperately sought after independence. It wasn’t easy for someone like Sam to get a job though. Her stature ruled her out of most manual work and others were simply put off by her tiny size. Being less than three feet tall certainly had a lot of disadvantages. “Looking for work?” A distinct accent broke the otherwise silent bus stop. It was Maria and she had taken the few steps to stand next to Sam “Oh, erm… Yeah.” Sam replied. She looked up briefly to smile at the woman but quickly turned back to the advert. “Cool.” Maria replied, “Looking to make some money?” “Sort of.” Sam replied. She placed the ad back in her pocket, “It’s more just a chance to get out of the house, you know?” “Of course!” Maria replied, “A young girl like yourself must really want some space.” “I’m seventeen.” Maria replied. She got mistaken for a young girl a lot. “Oh, I know.” Maria replied with a little laugh, “But that’s younger than me so you must be a young woman. I’m Maria by the way, I’ve seen you here before but I don’t think I introduced myself.” “Samantha.” Sam replied. She didn’t want to remind the woman that they had spoken some time before, “But everyone calls me Sam.” Sam smiled and laughed along with the Hispanic lady who continued the conversation and was actually quite funny, it made a change from the distant stares Sam was used to. Maria was easy to get along with and Sam enjoyed talking to her for the few minutes they had until the bus arrived. When the bus pulled up and the doors opened Sam saw that there was a new driver. She sighed because she knew that she would have to go through the embarrassing prospect of having to prove she wasn’t a child again. The bus drivers were wary about kids getting on the bus unaccompanied and that always caused a scene for Sam. Maria was the first on to the bus with Sam right behind. Maria pulled out her purse and greeted the bus driver in the same friendly way that she had spoken to Sam moments earlier. “One adult… And one junior.” Maria announced loudly as she indicated Sam. Sam was flabbergasted and quickly went to correct Maria but the driver seemed to accept what Maria had said and took her money. Sam was a little annoyed and embarrassed to be bought a junior ticket but she didn’t want to create a fuss, she was already getting looks from the crowded bus. Predictably, there was only one seat left on the bus and it was the one next to Maria who was still smiling serenely at Sam. “Have you thought about voluntary work?” Maria asked as Sam sat down. “I did but I’m not sure it’s my thing.” Sam replied. She adjusted herself rather uncomfortably since Maria seemed to be taking up a majority of the seat, “Do you think you could move up a bit?” “Volunteer work can often give you even more freedom than a paying job. Can often be a better fit for girls such as yourself.” Maria advised Sam as she ignored the younger girl’s request. “Yeah but…” Sam started. “I know the perfect place.” Maria continued, “If you just-” “I want a paying job.” Sam interrupted, “The independence is the main thing I want but the money would be good too.” “Understood.” Maria said with a warm smile, “Just thought a little girl like yourself would be perfect for the place I had in mind.” “I’m not a little girl.” Sam was trying to be patient but she had a real sore point for being made to feel smaller than she already was, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to me as such. Like with the bus driver…” “Oh I’m sorry.” Maria replied, “I was just trying to save you a little money.” Sam wanted to say that she found Maria to be quite condescending at that moment but the bus moved away from the pavement and there was nowhere else for Sam to go, she didn’t want to make this more awkward than it already was. The bus was packed but Sam didn’t mind too much. There was so little room since so many were standing that Sam was pretty well hidden, she got less stares than normal. As the bus trundled around the city Sam just wished they would reach her stop. She didn’t really want any more conversation and she was nervous for her job interview. It was hard for her to stay calm with so much going on. Sam was getting increasingly annoyed as the bus moved around corners and Maria moved up the seat to push Sam closer to the edge. Every corner made the situation a little worse and it soon seemed like Sam was precariously perched on the edge of the seat whilst Maria had the whole seat. If it wasn’t for Sam’s shyness she would have asked Maria to move and give her more room. The problem for Sam was that she wasn’t keen on reigniting the conversation and getting more advice from the slightly older Hispanic woman. The bus took one particular corner at a high speed and everyone seemed to stumble a little bit. For Sam it meant that she almost completely fell of the seat that she only really was half sitting on to begin with. To stop herself from falling on to the dirty floor of the bus Sam quickly flung out one of her hands. Her small hand and tiny fingers wrapped around Maria’s arm to keep herself sitting on the chair. She looked up to Maria who smiled down at Sam. “Do you think you could move up a little?” Sam asked as she adjusted her feet to stay on the seat and releasing Maria’s arm. “Oh, do you not have enough room?” Maria asked. “Not really.” Sam answered as she tried to keep things friendly. She thought it was a stupid question though, it seemed obvious that Sam didn’t have enough room. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry.” Maria quickly said, “I just thought that because you are so small that you wouldn’t need too much space.” Sam was about to retort that her size had nothing to do with the lack of space that she was being given when she was very surprised to feel Maria’s hands reach over to grab her arms. “Hey, what!?” Sam gasped as she suddenly felt Maria lift her up. “I think this would be nice and comfortable for you.” Maria’s voice was high and happy. The kind of voice used to talk to infants and toddlers. “Get off!” Sam was trying to shake Maria off her but she was so small that she was easily manipulated physically, her little arms and legs were powerless against Maria. Maria was far from a giant herself but next to Sam she might as well have been the strongest woman alive. Sam felt her rear end hit solid ground again and she was almost in complete shock. She looked down and saw that she was now straddling Maria’s legs, her own small legs dangled in the air either side of Maria’s knees. Sam couldn’t believe this stranger had pulled her on to their lap like a toddler would sit. It was humiliating to be treated in such a way, Sam was an adult! “Isn’t this nice?” Maria asked but it was clear she didn’t expect an answer, “Nice and comfortable for both of us.” “Let go of me!” Sam hissed through her teeth. Her first instinct was to yell and scream but she didn’t want other people in the bus to see her in this embarrassing position. Her legs flailed as the bus moved, they were uselessly splayed either side of Maria’s lap. As the bus continued down the street Sam felt herself bouncing on Maria’s knees. She could hear the woman humming a happy little tune and she could feel herself blushing furiously as she continued to quietly ask to be let go. Maria seemed determined to ignore her at all costs. The Hispanic lady even pointed out some dogs that the bus passed as if trying to entertain a bored baby. Sam realised that Maria didn’t plan to let her go on her own initiative so she started trying to physically struggle a lot more. She would have to risk being seen in this predicament if she wanted to get out of it. Sam started straining with her arms and doing her best to break Maria’s grip on her. It seemed that Maria was ready for Sam to struggle as she quickly pulled a small blanket out of her bag and wrapped it around Sam. It was remarkable how quickly the lady moved and she expertly swaddled the smaller woman before Sam could even realise what was going on. “What are you doing!?” Sam couldn’t help but ask loudly now. Her embarrassment was being trumped by fear. Maria continued to hum happily as she smiled down at Sam. She tightly wrapped Sam in her arms as she held the small woman across her chest with Sam unable to see much except what was directly above her. Sam tried to move her arms and legs but the blanket was wrapped around her very tightly and she couldn’t move any limb to create space. She felt almost like an Egyptian mummy having been nearly completed covered in the blanket. This was too much for Sam and she realised she had to forget her worry about being embarrassed to get someone to help her out of this situation. Sam always hated asking for help but Maria had her trapped with no way to save herself. “Help! Someone get me out of this!” Sam started to yell but her high-pitched voice sounded like an infantile wail with panic distorting her words. For half a minute Sam yelled in anger and panic but nobody was coming to her aid. Sam couldn’t understand why no one was helping her but her anxious yells sounded just like loud infantile babble to the people around her. When Sam realised no one was coming she started crying. She tried to keep her emotions under control but this situation was getting out of hand and she was getting really scared. Unfortunately, the crying only made her yelling even more incomprehensible. “Someone shut that brat up!” Someone yelled from the back of the bus. There were murmurs of agreement from other passengers. Maria’s smile didn’t falter but she reached into her bag again and as Sam continued to cry loudly she pulled out a pacifier and quickly plugged Sam’s mouth with it. Sam was shocked again and although her first instinct was to spit they soother out Maria put her finger on the mouth guard to hold it in place. Sam’s eyes were wide open as the latex bulb of the binky filled her mouth. The other people on the bus thought she was just some bratty toddler having a tantrum! Sam thought this was insane. She had gone from looking forward to her first real chance at independence to swaddled in a blanket with a pacifier in her mouth. Sam even gave the binky a couple of sucks, she didn’t want to but it seemed to almost be an automatic thing, the dummy filled so much of her mouth that it was hard to ignore it. When the bus stopped and Maria stood up she realised that the Hispanic woman was about to carry her off the bus. Sam tried to wriggle free but found Maria’s arms holding her in place very effectively. Sam tried to make noise but the pacifier was muffling everything she was saying. Sam was suddenly blinded temporarily when Maria stepped off the bus and into the sun. The bundle of blankets that smothered Sam had slipped down a little and she could see around her but she still found Maria easily keeping the soother in her mouth. As Sam looked around she realised she was at the very mall that she had been trying to go to for her interview.
  4. Anastasia de Cruz was 35 year old woman. She have a tall blonde hair with beautiful green eyes. She had a wonderful life. A wonderful work on which she received decent money, a loving husband and our daughter was growing up. Everything changed in one day. When her daughter died as a result of a car accident. The husband blamed her for everything and broked with here. And she got a strong psychological blow. Now, in all the people she met, I saw the face of my dead daughter and she rushed to completely strangers with screams and kisses. Her was admitted to a mental hospital in which I stayed for 2 years. Her pretended to be better. But not really. Medications helped cope with hallucinations. ‐----------- One late night she was driving car and saw a young girl who was standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus. She was alone and there was no one else... Anastasia stopped the car not far. She got out of the car and looked at her and grabbed to the heart. As soon as she saw her. Anastasia's dreamed about my daughter again. She grabbed the medicine and realized that it was over. And in her head, Anastasia realized that can’t let this girl go... "Hi sweetheart. I'm can help your? Get in my car, I'll give you a ride. Where do you want it?" say Anastasia.
  5. So one of the reasons that "Bad Husband, Better Baby" updates slowed down was due to a commissioned piece. Now that I finished writing it I can now post it on here... It will be posted in installments to keep you guys salivating for more If anyone would like a commissioned story from me or have an idea they would like to discuss please send me a message and we can talk about it and see if we can come to an arrangement --- Sam and the Mysterious Nursery By David Morgan (Elfking) Sam Jones was slowly shuffling down a dark and deserted street, he was kicking a small rock along in front of him and was generally annoyed. The 18-year-old had just been at a party hosted by his best friend Taylor Smith whom he had known since childhood, he was also the reason that Sam was annoyed. As Sam scowled and walked down the dark road at just past midnight he felt his pocket vibrating and pulling out the phone saw that Taylor’s name was on the screen. Sam hesitated unsure if he wanted to speak to his friend in his annoyed state. Eventually he decided it could do no harm and he slid his finger across the screen to answer the call. “Hello.” Sam said shortly. “Hi, Sam, dude… I’m sorry I hit on that girl man, I didn’t know you had your eye on her. Come back to the party, man.” Taylor said earnestly and shouting slightly to make himself heard over the top of the music and noise of the party. “You always do this Taylor! You see me eyeing up a girl and then you dive in and try to get her yourself…” Sam started saying. “Dude, I didn’t know! I swear! Please just come back, have a few drinks and we can forget about all this nonsense.” Taylor said sincerely wanting his best friend back at the party. Sam stopped and leant against a big metal gate, facing toward the street he considered going back. It was quite a walk back, he had left 20 minutes ago but in the general noise and commotion of the party his friend had been distracted hosting it until just now. “Taylor, I would but I’m already half way home. I’m just down that long and dark road with all the factories, I don’t really want to walk all the way back now. Besides I already texted mom saying I will be home soon.” Sam said. He gave the rock a kick and it bounced off the curb and into the empty road in front of him. As he watched the little stone bouncing into the darkness he thought for a second he heard a noise on the other side of the gate. “No problem.” Taylor said disappointedly, “We’re still cool though right?” “Yeah… Yeah sure…” Sam said. He was now only paying a little attention to his friend as he had turned to peer through the darkness at where he thought the noise came from. “Cool, I’ll ring you tomorrow OK?” Taylor said. He started turning toward the house and heading back into the living room where most of the party was going on. “Sure.” Sam said still distracted and he hung up and put his phone back into his pocket whilst still looking into the darkness. As he strained his eyes to try and see what was back there he suddenly felt a small impact on his back. Moving his hand to the impact site and turning around he didn’t see anything. Just as he was about to leave he looked down and saw the same small rock he had been kicking back at his feet. “What the-” He said looking up at the still deserted street. It was then that he heard the great gate wrenched suddenly open and a shot rang out. Sam stumbled backwards in shock. He looked down at his arm where he had felt the impact of the shot. Expecting to see a bullet or something he was shocked to find a large needle. He rushed to pull the needle out of his arm and started trying to run down the road away from the gate and towards his home. As Sam ran he felt the terror starting to fade from him, then he felt other more physical sensations starting to fade. His run slowed down and gradually he lost the feeling in his limbs. He had only made it 20 feet when he fell to the floor. He was awake and fully conscious but his arms and legs were no longer responding to his brain. As much as he urged his muscles to move they resolutely refused. He tried calling out but found the sound he produced was just a quiet gasp. After a few seconds he felt something grab his two feet and start dragging him, seemingly effortlessly, back towards the gate. As he was pulled past the threshold of the large gate he saw them close automatically as he desperately tried to scream or move to stop the arm that he couldn’t see. Out of his coat his last hope faded as his phone fell onto the grass a little beyond the gate. Tears fell silently from Sam’s eyes as his last hope faded and he assumed the worst was about to happen. Would he be tortured? Killed? Whether it was from the fright or the drugs coursing through his system he fell into unconsciousness as he was dragged through a door in the side of the warehouse that slammed shut behind him and locked automatically. --- When Sam’s eyes opened again he had no idea how much time had passed. It took a moment for him to even realise his eyes were open in the pitch black. He blinked a few times and it didn’t get any lighter. Feeling panic rising Sam stayed very still, not hard to do since the drugs were still affecting his muscles, and he considered the situation. He had been drugged and kidnapped, it had been just past midnight on the Saturday night when it happened but he had no idea how long he had been unconscious, it could have been five minutes or five days for all he knew. He thought back to the moment he was taken yesterday, he hadn’t seen his captors at all. Whoever they were they had very skilfully taken him without him even getting a glance at them. He assessed the place he was in. He assumed he was inside now because it was warmer in here than it was outside. It wasn’t uncomfortably warm, but it was definitely not the frigid temperature that it was outside. He could also hear a slight humming in the distance, he wasn’t sure if it was electrical or heating or something else but it definitely seemed like he was indoors. “H-Hello.” Sam’s voice came out as a croak. It was an improvement on not being able to speak at all when he was first drugged at least. There was no answer, no change in the noises. Silence still dominated over everything and the stillness in the air remained. It was almost like there was no one else in the building at all. A seed of hope sprouted in the young man as he wondered if it had been a bad prank or something and he had been left in the room and abandoned. It wasn’t a great situation but it was better than being tortured or killed, Sam thought to himself. Sam attempted to move his arms and legs and found that with a lot of effort he was finally able to somewhat control them again. He slowly pushed himself on to all fours and then very slowly rose up to his knees. Then with great effort he forced himself to stand up. Immediately upon getting to his feet lights on the ceiling switched on and filled the room with light. The sudden burst of light was too much for Sam’s eyes and he stumbled backwards shielding his eyes and fell backwards on his still unsteady feet and landed back on the floor. This time though things were different. The lights remained on and instead of silence Sam could hear whirring noises coming from the ceiling above him. Still blinded by the light he couldn’t work out what was going on. Suddenly he felt, what felt like, a hand reach under him and try to lift him up. Sam was in the crawling position and when he felt the hand he tried to bat it away. Whoever was trying to grab him was strong but hitting the hand away loosened its grip for a second. Sam used this second to start crawling as fast as his still numb limbs would allow away from the arm. His vision was still blurry but he thought he could see a door on the far end of the room and he made a break for it. Crawling at first and then rising up to a stumbling walk he fixed his blurry vision on the door and did his best to get there. Just as he thought he was getting away the hand grabbed him again. Only this time its grip on the back of his shirt was firm and not easily shrugged off. Then Sam felt another arm wrap around him, only something was odd about this one. Looking down he screamed as much as his still very raspy voice would allow as he saw a log metal tube about the same width as his arm wrapping around his torso like a boa constrictor. As it slithered around him he saw the “hands” he had been feeling were attached to these tubes. As he looked in horror at the tube wrapping around him another hand came down from the ceiling in front of him and wrapped around his legs. He struggled as much as he could but these mechanical limbs were keeping a firm grip. The hands were big and white on the end of the tubes, they reminded Sam of the gloved hands of some cartoon characters that he had seen. The arms lifted him up effortlessly and carried him back toward where he originally woke up. Eventually they lowered him down on to a table. He wondered if they would loosen their grip now and he could try to escape again. As Sam was thinking this chance more hands came down from the ceiling and the hands clasped his wrists and forced them down on to the table. Sam started shouting for help, the shock and fear becoming overwhelming as the mysterious machine restricted and controlled all his movement. As he shouted he felt two more of the hands grab his ankles and held them down. He was now lying with his arms and legs outstretched seemingly covered in these arms for lack of a better word for them. The arms that had grabbed his shirt and wrapped around his midsection now retreated and quickly went back into the ceiling. All that were left were the arms holding his limbs. Sam wondered what was next. Were they going to harvest his organs? Was this some sick prank? What the hell were those arms!? As these questions whirled through his head some of the arms came back down from the ceiling. Sam started crying now, he was terrified about what these hands were going to do. As they got closer he started begging with his voice now mostly recovered from the effects of the drugs. “Please… Please don’t hurt me…” He sobbed, “My parents have money, they will pay you…” The metal mechanical hands continued down either not able to hear or not able to care about the pleading. They reached Sam’s chest, Sam closed his eyes and tensed up waiting for whatever torture he was sure they would perform. Then after not feeling any pain he slowly opened his eyes and dared to look again. The hands were now delicately undoing the buttons of Sam’s shirt and when they were all undone the arms manipulated Sam so that they could remove the shirt whilst still keeping him restrained. Sam felt like a doll to these machines, unable to move himself in any meaningful way and totally controlled by whatever desires these machines had. The hands now headed southward and Sam watched through the tears as his pants were unzipped and pulled down too, with more arm manipulation they were pulled off leaving Sam lying there in just his pair of purple briefs. Sam felt very helpless, near naked and with these arms holding him, he felt totally vulnerable. He looked at one of the arms holding one of his wrists and marvelled at the technology. It seemed like it was far beyond technology he had ever seen. It moved like a snake in that it seemed extremely flexible but it was also extremely strong. As much as he struggled he couldn’t move it an inch. Despite his terrible predicament, he marvelled at the technology and wondered who could make such a machine. Sam was quickly snapped back into the reality of his situation when he felt the two hands that had been undressing him grab the waistband of his briefs. “No, no, no-” He started saying in vain as the hands dispassionately pulled them down and took the purple underpants away. Sam was now left totally naked on the table, still being held down and still scared at what might come next. He watched as the two hands disappeared into the ceiling with his clothes and then seconds later they re-emerged with something white and plastic looking that Sam couldn’t make out. He quickly realised what it was when the hands began unfolding it though… “A DIAPER!?” He shouted, “Please, whoever is controlling this… STOP!” He begged. Sam was of course powerless to resist. The diaper was unfolded and placed beneath him, then the front was raised up and taped on perfectly and quickly. It was super thick, and as Sam looked down he could see little patterns across the front of it. The arms lifted him up again, this time with no arm around his waist his now padded butt hung low and he was placed into a bed that had really high bars on it. It took a second for Sam to register that he had just been placed in an oversized crib! He opened his mouth in shock as he now looked around the room for the first time with his now fully adjusted eyes. The room was an overgrown nursery! It had the changing table that he had been on, the crib he was now in and was littered with toys and other baby paraphernalia. The hands retreated into the ceiling and left him alone in the crib. Sam was in shock. He looked around the room again and then down at himself, unable to articulate what he was seeing and feeling he just shouted as loud as he could. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!”
  6. A/N: Hey all! I just wanted to post this quick little one-shot! It’s currently 5:00 am and I wrote this to procrastinate sleeping. Hope you all enjoy!! ooOoo Poppy Jacobs. His flower. His little girl. She was his favorite of the girls he’d acquired so far. He’d forgotten what it felt like to take care of another. How to be a true Daddy. It was the most precious feeling in the world. He knew he made the right choice when he spotted her one year ago. Parker Montgomery was her name. A young college student who thought she was too smart for the world. But now she was exactly where and who she should be. He smiled, snapping a picture on his phone of his flower, the pointed pink party hat secured around her chubby face. Her warm brown eyes, full of resignation, glanced up at the camera. The fight was fun. It always was in the beginning but there came a point when they realized it was a losing game. Their broken spirit was just as rewarding- the first step in becoming truly his. “Flower, do you like your present?” a warm feeling spread throughout his chest, the smile radiating across his face. His flower was perfect- absolutely stunning. Not like the other Poppy’s who’d wilted and died. “Yeth Dada,” her voice was high, airy, obedient. She knew better than to disobey. The welts on her bottom were testament. “Tell Dada how much you love your birthday present baby!" his voice rose in excitement Tears filled her eyes and a drop slowly dribbled down her flushed pale skin. The chains of the restraints around her ankles and wrists jingled- a sweet reminder of her inability to escape. “Poppy wove her pwesent Dada,” she answered dejectedly, shackled hands in her lap. Submission- the one thing he craved was what he now had. There was a time she would’ve screamed and cried. There was a time she would’ve tried to attack and run. He treated her with meticulous care. Not a strand of her raven hair was out of place, pulled back in two tight ponytails on top of her head. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, without a blemish and stomach round and full, due to her daily bottles of expressed breast milk and mashed foods. Now here she sat naked on her princess potty, body slumped down in defeat. Her sodden diaper stained yellow sat at her feet. “Dada knows it’s Poppy's birthday today and you want to be a big girl. If you can show Dada how you can use the big girl potty, maybe we can try pull-ups and potty training.” Her eyes lit up as if she’d just received a puppy. “You have ten minutes to make a tinkle and a poo-poo. When Dada comes back and if the princess potty is empty- bye-bye potty training. Do you understand, flower?” Like a bobble head, she nodded quickly, a new energy rushed through her body. “Words, poppy.” “Yeth, Dada!” ooOoo Today was March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as the day of her kidnapping. In her kidnappers mind- her birthday. She only knew him by the name of Daddy, Dada, or Papa. He was careful not to reveal any information about himself. The most she’d found out about him in the past year was that he was a violent and dangerous man. If the illusions to previous captive girls told her anything- they were dead. He referred to them as his Flowers and the others having “wilted and died.” If that wasn’t a symbol for death, she didn’t know what was. After many spankings, soapy mouths, catheters and enemas, she learned there was a breaking point. The twenty one year old- now turned one- was not sure when it happened but it did. Like a file cabinet, her memories of before were stored away at the back of her brain so she could become who she is now. Parker Montgomery: the fit, sociable, Nebraska State College student, majoring in History was a thing of the past. A distant memory fading each day. Nowadays her only goal was making her daddy proud, finishing her bottles and being the best little girl she can be. She did not want to wilt and die. While Poppy knew, she’d possibly never gain her adulthood back, having been rendered incontinent, this was a first step. A baby step. An odd feeling churned in her tummy, seated on the pink plastic seat. It had been so long since she’d been out of her diapers. It’s not that she liked them but she’d become used to them. The soft padding felt like being cocooned in a warm fuzzy blanket. This potty was hard and plastic. It was cold beneath her powdered bottom. Before, if she even looked at the toilet, a severe lashing was applied against her tender skin. Now he wanted her to use it. She didn’t understand. Poppy could hear him in the kitchen, just around the corner. The television played. It was set to the show, Mr. Potty Head. A show for potty- training littles. Her eyes widened, the inflated pink paci bobbing up and down in her mouth. This was a no-no show. Wasn’t good for babies. Babies like her went potty in diapees. She would wait patiently, squishing around in her mess for dada to change her. First there was the front pat to see how wet she was and then the two fingers down the back. She’d lay back, spread her legs, and wait patiently as her dada untapped the padding and ran the warm wipe across her princess parts before powdering and re-diapering her. Sometimes it was double padding, sometimes it was triple. He said it made her more cute, crawling around the house with her diapered bum wiggling in the air as she swayed unsteadily on her hands and knees. Rarely was she clothed because it would make it too difficult for a quick change. She’d grown comfortable naked, learning to ignore her chubby stomach and thick thighs. Now, she was being given a chance to grow up. To prove that she was a big girl- something she’d desperately wanted. Why was she so afraid? All she had to do was push. Her eyes squeezed shut, nose wrinkling as she attempted to loosen her bowels. To let loose a little dribble of pee. C’mon Poppy! Be a big girl- “Flower?” Oh no. Her eyes flashed open, the warm tones of the grey room flooding back. The man with sandy colored hair, tan skin and sharp jaw peered down at her. His eyes, an ocean blue, narrowed. He towered over her, already a foot taller and frowned. The color drained from her face. She whimpered, “Dada!” He sighed, shaking his head and arms crossed over his chest. “It’s been ten minutes, baby.” She got lost in her mind. Again. “Did someone make a present for Dada?” Lying was what naughty girls did but telling the truth could get her spankies… “Baby? I’m waiting for an answer.” His tone was short. Clipped. If he heard the shakiness in her voice, he chose to not to comment. “I…” the words were numb on her tongue. “I no able to go pothy.” Her head bowed, waiting for the stern rebuke. But it never came. “You did your best, Flower.” his voice was unusually soft with a hint of sincerity? No. She couldn’t be hearing that right. Hesitantly, her head lifted up, surprised by the fact he’d squatted down to her height. “It’s ok, Poppy. Dada isn’t mad.” He’s not? She sunk down on the seat, her hand in his. “You’re just a baby. Girls as little as you aren’t ready to use the potty. That’s ok though because we have diapers.” Once again, tears welled up in her eyes and snot ran from her nose. No, please! One more try. One more- Her restrained arms shot out, reaching for him to pick her up. “Dadaaa!” The wail of a baby echoed from her body. Parker no! You’re bigger than this! “Potty scawy!” Stop this nonsense! Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life in a diaper? “I know, baby!” he cooed. “We’ll try again next year on your birthday. How about that, hmm? It seems someone wants to stay my little flower.” Yes. she sighed in relief, suckling on the rubber object. No, Parker, listen to me! Listen— Maybe even next year the restraints will come off. She’s been a good girl. She has, she really has! “Now let’s get you into a clean diaper. I bet that’ll feel good. Won’t it baby?” he asked gently. The man didn’t wait for a response, helping her shift down to the ground were a changing mat was already laid out. “Now Flower,” he began, fiddling with a few other things she couldn’t see. “Dada doesn’t want to do this but I want my favorite princess to have the best birthday.” Oh no. Please god, not this- “I know they are not your favorite people but Mr and Mrs. Bubbles wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” she could hear the smile in his voice, setting up the enema and suppositories. “Afterward you can play in your jolly jumper, how about that?” Well… that did sound pretty fun. Sometimes it was best just to ignore the big girl voices in her mind because that wasn’t who she was anymore. She was just a little baby. His little flower.
  7. Anastasia Kashkirova was 35 years old. She a tall 5'6 blonde with beautiful green eyes and good D-breasts. Anastasia have been working for 5 years in a large organization called CompTech, which has been supplying all major companies with components for computers. She applied for the post of deputy general director of the company. But more recently, the young 22-year-old Ava Macrone was hired. And she shows herself on the good side. But she goes literally over the heads. She substitutes people and now she already occupies the same position as Anastasia. And what’s even worse for her is that it’s more like Ava's leadership. Anastasia thought for a long time what to do with her. "Just destroy it... You could end up in jail." And at that moment, she accidentally got to a site dedicated to the ADBL topic. Anastasia asked for a few stories and came up with a great idea... "Turn Ava into a babygirl. That's good. I'll become a mommy and I won't have to spoil my body with pregnancy." "Poor miss Macrone... Soon you will not even know how to hold the pen correctly. But first you need to lure the bird into the cage. There is an idea" - Anastasia thought with smile. She got up from her office and walked over to Ava's desk and sat down on the edge of the table. "Listen. I was just thinking. We need to bury the hatchet wars and become good friends. I decided to give up the vacancy in your favor. Come to me tonight and we will celebrate your appointment. What do you say?" Anastasia said and smiled the power with a sweet, but false smile, showing a mask of benevolence behind which hatred was hidden.
  8. Disclaimer: There will be some difficult subjects such as violence, brief mention of drugs/alcohol and also some strong language used. A/N: Hello everyone! This will be the last part of Willa's series but I do plan to continue telling the other character's stories! Just to make something clear, the story is starting two years before Willa goes to Henderson and will be told from the perspective of her brother and her. However with the first chapter, it's going through the years showing the events that shaped her childhood and lead her to all the problems she had before she went to Henderson. I hope you enjoy! ooOoo Chapter 1: Ten Years Ago She wet herself. That was the first thing she noticed. She hadn’t wet herself since she was about five years old. She was ten now. Ten year olds did not pee in their beds. The doctors said she was in shock. They said that it was completely normal but watching your parents be murdered was not normal. Nothing about the situation was normal. She remembered her parents were in the living room watching a movie when they broke in. The living room was right next to the front door and they should’ve heard the door open but for some reason they didn’t. Upstairs, she was supposed to be asleep but she’d just gotten a new ipad (they wouldn’t get her a phone) and could finally text her friends and a cute boy had asked for her number so she was waiting up for him. But if he did text, she never saw. It had already begun. She first heard her father shout. Her dad was a calm person. Always mellow, not one to get easily triggered. Standing at six feet, he was a big guy and most people found him intimidating upon the first meeting but their fear always quickly disappeared. Willa remembered jumping out of bed and racing into the hall with the tablet in hand. Standing at the top of the stairs, just out of view, she peeked around the corner. Her dad’s hands were up. There were two men. They shot him first and he fell to the ground. Next was her mother, she didn’t stand a chance. The men rushed from the house out the open door. It had been less than five minutes. Less than five minutes and her parents were dead. Less than five minutes and her entire life had changed. That’s what she told the police officers when they spoke to her at the hospital. She didn’t feel sad. She didn’t really feel anything, the words just poured from her mouth. Willa squeezed her hands into fists and out. In and out. They were dry, clean. The blood had been washed away. She leaned back against the pillow, slightly shivering, The paper hospital gown was not warm at all. She sat stiff straight, her heart pounded against her chest. The sound of blood rushed through her ears. That’s when she felt the wetness between her legs. The police continued to ask her questions and she continued to pee. The officers realized what had happened. No more questions were asked. ooOoo Six Years Ago It was what every fourteen year old girl dreamed of. Their first date. She squealed… yes, squealed when Andre asked her to be his date to the eighth grade dance. Out of all the girls in the school, he asked her. Mister Popular wanted to go out with well… not so Miss Popular. She was what you’d call a wallflower. Sitting at the back of class, her hand raised yet no one saw. Pressed against the wall, someone bumped into her and her books fell to the ground. Yet no one seemed to notice. If she disappeared, no one would know. She was unmemorable. Plain. Ordinary. So why would Andrew Crawford ask her to semi? It didn’t make sense. She had a bad feeling about it but still said yes. She wanted to hope that the feeling was wrong. She had wanted to feel pretty for once. But now she hid behind the school, sucking on the tip of her thumb as mascara streamed down her face mixed in with salty tears. She slid down the wall to the ground, her chest heaved up and down. Never again, she promised herself. Never again, would she say yes to a boy. She was a fool to think Andre Crawford actually liked her. He’d stood her up, arriving with Shelby Hennings instead. Everyone was in on it. The invisible girl getting asked by the pretty boy. Now that was a comical sight. It was all a bet to see if she’d actually say yes. They called her a baby for crying and maybe she was. Why else would she be sucking on her thumb? Boys sucked. Middle school sucked. Her entire life sucked. She’d even straightened her thick curly black hair for tonight and went shopping at the cute new boutique downtown. She hadn't been dress shopping since her mother died and so she picked out what the shop owner suggested. It was a mustard yellow knee length dress. The color went best with her caramel skin and she’d gotten matching pumps. She spent her entire monthly allowance on that night. It was supposed to be magical. It signified a start of a brand new life. A better one than she was living right now. Living with her uncle was fine was fine. He left her mostly alone and she managed alright and her brother Adrian attended Washington State University and was only home on the holidays. Should she call her uncle to pick her up? No. That was too embarrassing. She’d have to walk home. The likelihood of getting kidnapped was high but it was better than facing the truth of her uncle’s words. “He’s using you.” he had said just a few hours ago but she hadn't believe him. Now, she sat on the ground, outside the school, sucking her thumb and painfully alone. Her mother would’ve known what to do. She knew everything. ooOoo Two years ago “Y-you’re kicking me out?” she stammered. It had only been two days since she graduated high school. Two fucking days. Her uncle had already cleaned all her stuff out of his apartment. They sat in trash bags by the front door. It’s not like she was surprised. He had never wanted her or her brother in the first place. He fed them when needed. Spoke to them when needed but other than that left them alone. She doesn’t even think that he noticed when her brother moved out. “You’re eighteen years old. You have a job and are going to college in a few months. I’m sure you can figure something out, Willow-” “My name is Willa!” she snapped. “And if you had paid attention or even bothered to show up to my graduation then you’d know that I didn’t apply to schools and I was fired from the restaurant.” He scoffed, rolling his brown eyes and ran his hand through his grey hair. He had a beer belly and always seemed to wear the same grease stained shirt and pants. The apartment reeked of stale beer and left over pizza. She was desperate to get out of there but not now. Not like this. “Well, tough luck. I’m fucking broke and if you stay, we’ll both have no place to live. Besides, I've dealt with your strangeness for long enough.” She went silent. Tears burned at the back of her eyes. “You didn’t think I knew about your little diaper obsession? Why the fuck would a grown adult hide diapers in their drawer, hmm?” Her lips wobbled. She’d kept them securely hidden away where no one would find them but of course he’d go through her room. He was a cruel man. If he wasn’t drinking then he was doing drugs. There was a reason her parents kept her and her brother away from him growing up. And besides, they weren’t diapers. They were pull ups. She… she still peed in her pants at night. That problem had never been fixed but had managed to keep it a secret the past eight years. Besides, It was simply just a precaution. It’s not like she wore them outside her room. “Call a friend or something or your brother. Andrew, yeah. Andrew will take you in. Just don’t come back here.” Adrian! Her mind hissed. His name was Adrian. Her older brother by five years. Her protector who hadn’t been around lately. Her everything. He’d take her in. He had to. She had no friends because she wouldn’t let herself get close to others. The semi formal still played in her mind every day as a reminder not to trust anyone. Now, she couldn’t even trust her uncle. “Fuck you!” she spat as she dragged the two black bags out the door. She made it halfway down the street and around the corner before she allowed herself to break down. It was as if she had been hit by a moving train and the pain didn’t start to sink in until later. She was freakin homeless. At eighteen years old. No matter how much she wanted to go to her brother, she couldn’t. He and his girlfriend lived together and he had just gotten some new fancy job with the state department that was top secret. He literally couldn’t tell anyone about it and they’d gifted him with a brand new apartment and car in the upscale neighborhood. She didn’t want to go and get in his way because wherever she went, trouble followed. But it wouldn’t hurt to stay at a homeless shelter for a few days, would it? She’d have a place to sleep at least for tonight and then tomorrow she’d figure else something out. ooOoo “I’m sorry but we’re at capacity.” Those words were starting to sound like a broken record. It was her third shelter she’d been turned away from. Perhaps, she could beg her uncle to take her back. At least there, she had some warmth and a roof over her head. She refused to stay on the streets. “Are you ok?” Her head shot up. A tall blonde woman was talking to her, a well dressed one at that. She didn’t belong in this neighborhood that much was obvious. Sketchy people lived here. Poor people lived here. “I don’t mean to intrude but you’ve seemed to um… wet your pants.” A gasp escaped her lips as she looked down at the rapidly growing stain around her crotch. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. She raised her leg, about to stomp her foot, but stopped herself at the last moment. Her chest heaved up and down. She bit down on her bottom lip, wide eyes filled with tears. This had never happened before in the day. It had never happened in public before. How could she not have felt it? Willa was prepared for the ridicule. The laughter. But none came. Instead, the woman handed her her sweater. “Tie this around your waist and cover up the stain. Do you have anywhere to stay?” she eyed her trash bags in pity. Timidly, the young girl shook her head side to side. “My name is Vera James. I can help you if you wish. I’ve worked with many, kids, such as yourself with similar problems-” “It was a one time thing and I don’t have a problem,” her voice hardened. The lady pursed her lips, continuing after the interruption. “Everyone has accidents.” she said matter of factly, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before and It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I live in Henderson, you may not have heard of the town, it’s a little outside of the city. I foster at risk youth and troubled teens-” “I’m fine,” her voice rose before she could let the woman continue. Her mother had always warned her about stranger danger. Just because she was nice and seemed to care, did not mean she was not dangerous. Besides, she’d never heard of this Henderson place and if it was so great, what was she doing here? “I’m, um, I’m going to stay with my brother.” she made up an excuse. The woman didn’t believe her. “I was actually on my way there right now.” she said. “Now, if you’d excuse me.” ooOoo A/N: I hope you've all enjoyed the first chapter! There wasn't a ton of ageplay in the first chapter but trust me, it's just getting started! I've actually already started writing the second chapter and so that should be posted shortly!
  9. This is a sequel to "Out Of Their Depth" which can be found here: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60344-out-of-their-depth/ Ben and Jack hope they have put their nightmare behind them but things are rarely that easy. Brick, their tormentor, isn't finished with the young men and before they know it their lives are spiralling out of control again. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to TWENTY-EIGHT EXCLUSIVE stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Out Of Their Depth 2 By Elfy Ben and Jack ran away from the park with the sounds of laughter chasing them. The messy diapers wrapped around the waists of the two eighteen-year-olds felt like anchors that weighed them down. By the time they got back to their neighbourhood they were covered in sweat and out of breath, it was only as they reached Ben’s house that they finally felt free of Brick and his horrid games. “Oh shit…” Jack gasped as he put his hands on his knees and looked at Ben’s house. It was like a mini-hive of activity outside Ben’s house with a couple of cop cars sitting outside. Jack recognised his mother’s car and realised that both his parents and Ben’s mom must be wondering where they had go to, they had said they wouldn’t be long. “Ben? Oh my God, where have you been!?” Ben’s mom must’ve been anxiously looking out of the window and now she was marching across her front yard with a couple of uniformed police officers following her. Jack’s mom was also hurrying across towards the two young men. “What on Earth are you wearing!?” Jack’s mom gasped as she drew near the two guys. Jack grimaced as all the people that had been hanging around arrived on the scene to stare at the two bizarrely dressed boys. Both of the guys were very hesitant to say what happened, they were both very fearful of the promised repercussions from Brick. Unfortunately for Ben and Jack neither parents nor the cops would accept non-answers. Eventually they felt forced to disclose everything that had happened no matter how embarrassing it had all been. “Oh my God…” Jack’s mom said quietly when the boys had finished their tale, “We can’t let them get away with this!” “I assure you we will be looking into the matter, ma’am.” One of the stunned policemen said, “Might I suggest your son gets cleaned up…” Ben and Jack were only too happy to leave the living room to get showers and regular clothes. Their humiliation was finally over. --- Brick took a deep breath as he sat in the hot cramped interrogation room. It had been hours since he had been woken up and brought in for questioning. He silently seethed that Ben and Jack had gone to the police, he was sure that he had intimidated them into not doing it. He was doing his best to keep his cool whilst questioned and was currently waiting for the two cops who were questioning to come back. He didn’t have to wait long. “Are you telling us that these two guys are making up all these claims?” One of the officers said as the other made notes. “Not at all.” Brick said. He was the image of coolness under questioning. “Good. We went straight to that park of yours and we saw EVERYTHING.” The officer replied as he placed photos of the automated nursery on the table. “What I’m saying is that the two poor guys that got trapped in the nursery are mistaken.” Brick said as he picked up a photo and theatrically shook his head, “It wasn’t me that was responsible. It was Alan.” “Alan?” One of the officers repeated as he started scribbling down details. “Alan Howson.” Brick continued, “He worked security. It would’ve been his responsibility to make sure no guest was stuck anywhere they shouldn’t have been. Look, I was a bully, I’m ashamed but it’s true. Jack and Ben saw me at the park before the unfortunate incident, they probably thought it was me because of our past. I don’t blame them but they’re wrong.” The two police officers paused and looked at each other. The one who had been writing notes tapped his pen on his notebook a couple of times. The other officer nodded his head to the door and both of the cops walked out of the room to discuss things. Brick watched the police officers leave and smiled, he knew exactly what he was doing. Poor Alan, the security guard who was blackmailed by Brick, was always set up to be the bully’s fall guy and now he was sure he would get away with everything. The security cameras had been deleted and all the robot logs had become strangely corrupted, there was no evidence linking Brick to the incident. The cops came in again and tried to put some more pressure on Brick but it was clear that they knew they had nothing on the arrogant young man. Brick was walking out of the police station as a free man just a couple of hours later. As Brick walked down the steps to the street he saw that he had several missed calls from one of the few people he was worried about. It was the general manager of the park he worked at, Mr. Spencer. Brick pressed the re-dial button and heard the other end get answered after barely one ring. “What the Hell is going on!?” Mr. Spencer demanded, “First I hear you’ve been arrested for that little stunt you pulled and then they drag Alan out from work…” Brick was a little surprised. They had already arrested Alan! “Relax, it was a misunderstanding on their part.” Brick said as he walked away from the cop shop. “Was it really?” Mr. Spencer sounded extremely disbelieving, “I know you and I know Alan. That guy wouldn’t hurt a fly but you…” “I don’t know what you are insinuating, sir.” Brick interrupted, “But there was no evidence that I did anything wrong.” “And I say that’s bullshit!” Mr. Spencer practically roared, “You’re fired, Brick. I can’t have this sort of stuff going on. If the public found out it would be a nightmare. I need to protect myself and the company.” “But… Sir!” Brick was actually taken aback that someone was standing up to him. “It’s over, Brick.” Mr. Spencer said calmly, “The contents of your locker will be mailed to you along with your last paycheque.” The phone hung up before Brick could plead his case and he was left shocked on the street. After several minutes of barely comprehending what had happened he slowly collected his wits and made his way home. --- Ben sat up in bed and stretched. He swung his feet sideways off the bed and immediately trod on an old carton of takeout food that was sitting by the mattress. Ben’s usually immaculate room was a mess, ever since he had returned home from the park two months ago he had changed significantly. He rarely left his bedroom let alone the house and he was happiest when isolated from everyone. He would spend most of his days and nights on the computer and only went to bed when he could no longer keep his eyes open. The last time Ben had left his room it was to attend his graduation from high school. The eighteen-year-old had reluctantly got dressed up to go to the ceremony and receive his diploma. The only person he talked to was Jack who seemed to be having a much easier time coping. It wasn’t an easy night for Jack or Ben. Word of the incident had spread and both men noticed others staring or whispering to their friends and pointing their way. As Jack was walking across the stage to collect his certificate he distinctly heard someone in the crowd yell “BABY!” which was followed by hushed laughter from others. Jack and Ben had both become social pariahs. Perhaps the most surprising thing about graduation night was how no one had any news about Brick. The bully hadn’t turned up to the ceremony and from asking around it seemed like no one had seen him for weeks. One of Brick’s best friends was overheard saying that the two of them had been hanging out when Brick was arrested and he hadn’t heard from him since. Ben and Jack knew Brick had been released since they kept up to date with their case so they were surprised that he was missing. Ben stood up and scratched his junk lazily. He made his way across his room making sure not to tread on any of the trash on the floor and got dressed in the same clothes he had been wearing for a week. He went to his computer and once it was booted up he saw that he had a message from Jack. “Hey Ben, come meet me in the park! It’s URGENT!” Jack had typed and sent the message twenty minutes ago. Ben was confused and surprised but since Jack was one of the only people he felt comfortable with and who would speak to him these days he quickly made the decision to go see his friend. He left his room and was quickly on his way out of the door without saying a word to his family. The park wasn’t far away and Ben was walking through the gates less than fifteen minutes later. After so long cooped up at home in his bedroom it felt strange to be out in the bright sunlight, Ben almost felt like some kind of vampire as he shielded his eyes from the sun. “Ben!” Jack yelled from quite some way off. Jack ran over to Ben and the two of them walked over to a bench that was next to the only road that ran through the park. They sat down opposite each other with the road to their side. Despite the hot day the park was very quiet, it was a weekday so it wasn’t any surprise that most people were at work or in school. “What’s so urgent?” Ben asked as he looked around suspiciously. The incident at the theme park had made him paranoid. “I got a message from the owner of Wild Rapids.” Jack replied quietly. “What the Hell!? The park where we…” Ben’s eyes went wide as he suddenly scrambled off the bench and looked around more frantically, “Are you insane!?” “Calm down!” Jack quickly said as he stood up himself, “Listen, he said he wanted to meet us and discuss a “substantial settlement” to stop us publicising what happened or going after the company for compensation.” “And you trust him? How do you even know it was him?” Ben asked with a shake of the head, “These guys kidnapped us! They… They did…” “I know what they did. I was there, remember?” Jack said bitterly and sarcastically, “But if they are willing to give us several suitcases of cash I’m going to listen.” Ben sighed deeply. He had a really bad feeling about this but he sat back down on the bench anyway. His leg shook nervously and he quickly started biting his nails. Jack didn’t look much more comfortable but he managed a weak smile, he hadn’t told his friend about the nightmares he had been having that were more like flashbacks. “When are they supposed to meet us?” Ben asked after a couple of minutes. “Any second now.” Jack replied as he looked at his watch. As if on cue a large van appeared in the distance. The boys watched as it slowly made it’s way down the path towards them. The van was white and in the blazing sun was actually quite hard to look directly at as the light bounced off it. The windows appeared to be tinted because as it drew nearer it was impossible to look through them. On the side of the van was a Wild Rapids logo as well as a list of the locations of their parks. The van only stopped when it was exactly level with the bench. Ben and Jack looked at each other and then to the now stationary van. It wasn’t moving and there was no sound of movement from inside, there was something very unnerving about the way it had crept up to them. Suddenly the still air was broken as the side door to the van slid open very quickly. Robot Nannies just like those from their previous trip to the water park came pouring out. Ben was grabbed before he could even react, a large pair of metallic arms wrapped around his comparatively slender body and started pulling him from the bench. Jack had an extra second and turned to run away, he barely made it a couple of steps before his leg was grabbed and he fell face first into the grass. “No!” Ben shouted as he struggled, “Help! Help!” There was no one around and the robot’s strength easily outmatched Ben’s. The struggling young man was lifted effortlessly and taken to the van, he was passed inside to another of the Nannies who quickly set to work strapping him into an oversized toddler car seat. Ben couldn’t believe what was happening but as the harness holding him to the chair was tightened he saw his best friend getting dragged up and into the van. Ben kept shouting for help until the robot that had strapped him down stuck an oversized pacifier in his mouth. The soother was attached to a strap which went behind his head where it was tightened so that Ben couldn’t remove it. Jack was suffering the same fate in an identical car seat right next to Ben. The nurses strapped Jack down and gagged him with the pacifier in very short order. The terror flowed through Ben and Jack as they watched the van door slide shut. It felt like a horrible case of déjà vu that they were helpless to prevent. A light embedded in the ceiling turned on and after a minute the van started driving forwards and out of the park. All Ben and Jack could do was make muffled screams into their pacifier gags. The robo-nurses clearly weren’t satisfied with how helpless the two men were. Mittens were slipped on to their hands. They were forced to keep their hands in fists as the restrictive gloves were tightly tied at the wrists to prevent them slipping off. Ben felt tears flowing down his face as he struggled uselessly. He could hear the van speeding up as they left the neighbourhood where the boys had always lived. Minutes passed and the nurses stared blankly at the two terrified young men. Jack felt even worse than Ben, he felt personally responsible for this predicament and the worst part was that he had dragged Ben back into it. The van was really speeding and the guys in the back could only guess that they were now on a highway. It was barely audible over the sound of the moving vehicle but after a little while there were some sounds of movement from the front of the van. A little metal shutter was opened up and both Ben and Jack were stunned into stillness as their eyes widened in shock and fear. “Hello boys.” Brick said with a sneer, “Happy to see me?” Ben started crying twice as hard whilst Jack felt rage filling his system. Jack pulled against his restraints without any success. “You guys will be happy to hear that I’ve found a new job.” Brick continued as if this was a group of friends having a good catch up, “At a theme park as well! They have been investing heavily into AI and robotics. The owner called me up to personally offer me a job, I have no idea who he is, just offered me a contract right there and then. Made me assistant manager as well, I’m overseeing all the robotics and technology.” Ben couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. After everything that had happened another theme park owner had handed Brick a job. It didn’t seem right but he had no reason to doubt the bully’s words given the situation. It was peculiar though because he was sure that Brick had no knowledge about robotics. “I can see you’re both lost for words.” Brick let out a harsh laugh, “You should have a nap. We have quite a journey ahead of us.” Ben and Jack watched as Brick lifted up a tablet and flicked his finger across the screen. The Nannies in the back of the van suddenly started moving in unison and they started to unscrew the mouth guard of the pacifiers. The latex teats that had filled the guy’s mouths came loose and were pulled out. Before either of them could make any sound other than a gurgle the Nannies attached a couple of clear tubes to the gag. The tubes went to the back of both men’s mouths, the other ends were attached to the breast area of the robots. After a couple of seconds white milk started flowing down the tubes and straight into Ben and Jack’s mouths. They swallowed as hard and fast as possible to stop the milk from overwhelming them. They could feel their bellies getting filled with the liquid and it proved to be a horrid reminder of what had happened before. Unlike when they were at “Wild Rapids” the milk stopped before it overwhelmed either of them, they thought they were receiving a small piece of good luck until their eyes started drooping heavily. “That’s it.” Brick laughed maniacally, “Just let the milk do it’s job.” Ben and Jack found it incredibly hard to stay awake. Ben’s head kept rolling forwards and then jerking back up again, he tried to keep himself conscious but the milk must’ve been spiked because everything was quickly going dark. Jack’s vision swam as he fought off the sleep that threatened to overwhelm him. He saw Ben’s head droop and stop after a minute and Jack knew he couldn’t hold on forever either. Despite fighting to the last minute his eyelids finally dropped and he could no longer open them again.
  10. Sam has recently turned eighteen-years-old and is soon to leave both school and the orphanage that has been her home since she was very little. Despite being an adult she suffered from a rare condition that meant she was very small. This was a constant source of anguish for her as she tried to life as close to a normal life as she could manage. Mark and Karen are staking out the orphanage. Looking for a little girl they feel they need to rescue. When they see Sam walking home confusion reigns and mistakes are made. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to TWENTY-FIVE EXCLUSIVE stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A New Life For Sam By Elfy Sam walked slowly down the street kicking a rock along the path in front of her. She was glad to be going home after another long day at school in which she had spent the whole time waiting to go home. School was difficult for any eighteen-year-old but it was even harder for Sam who suffered from a rare genetic disorder that meant she was only thirty inches tall. Sam was not disabled and if you tried to tell her she was it wouldn’t go well for you. She was short but that was all, she could do anything that any other person could do. She greatly resented people trying to help her even when it was to grab something she physically couldn’t reach. Sam was absolutely determined to be independent and not rely on anyone. This attitude to the world wasn’t easy to maintain when she constantly had to battle things that everyone else found easy. Reaching a door handle could be almost impossible without having to jump, she had to shop in the children’s section for clothes which was always embarrassing and infuriating. She made do with the least childish clothing she could find but she hated not being able to wear things like her classmates. Today she was wearing a pink shirt and white shorts as the hot sun beamed down, it was an admittedly childish outfit but it wasn’t like she had much choice. There were a thousand different things that people take for granted that was so much harder for Sam. Even holding pens and pencils was much more awkward due to her small size. She really did look like a toddler using a pen when she wrote stuff down. Sam struggled to make friends at school as well. All throughout her childhood she had been picked on due to her size and even now she struggled to make friends with her classmates who all towered over her. As Sam wandered towards home she felt the people around her looking in her direction. She had to walk through a park to get home and it could frequently be embarrassing for her since she was often the same size as the little kids running around. She had tried all sorts of things to look older but nothing had worked, she still got the same awkward looks as if other parents were wondering who was letting the little child walk around alone. She had her personal ID in her pocket ready to show to any well-meaning adult who assumed she was a lost little girl. Sam ignored the looks she was getting in surly silence as she adjusted her backpack and flicked her dyed brown hair out of her eyes. She’d been dying her hair brown for a while now because she felt like her blonde hair made her look younger than she was. When you were as short as she was anything to make you look a little older was much appreciated. “Hey! Watch it!” Sam yelled angrily as a young pre-teen boy nearly bowled her over as he ran down the path. “Sorry!” The boy yelled over his shoulder as he kept running, “Don’t tell your mommy!” “I don’t have a mommy…” Sam shouted angrily, “I’m eighteen!” With a deep breath to swallow her anger Sam continued walking past the playground full of children and parents. She always hated walking past this part of the park because it was a constant reminder of how short she was, having children running around who were the same height as her was always the worst thing to undermine her confidence. The worst times were when she was stopped by kids who asked her to play with them or by parents asking where Sam’s parents were. Every time was followed by an embarrassing attempt to explain her age but no one believed her until they saw her ID. At the exit to the park Sam saw another of the fixtures of her walk home. A three storey building rose out of the ground like a monolith. The large home was basically just a box with windows and a door. It wasn’t a place anyone liked to linger and the building was made even more foreboding by it being an orphanage. The whole place just gave off a creepy vibe that made most people avoid it, Sam felt bad for the kids who had to stay there but there was nothing she could do for them. As Sam walked in front of the large building and heard children playing in the front yard she suddenly became aware of someone behind her. She heard fast footsteps hurrying behind her that she assumed belonged to a jogger. She was just about to turn around to see who it was and get out of the way when she was interrupted by events. “H-Hey!” Sam shouted out as she suddenly felt something hit her on the back of the legs. Sam lost her balance and fell backwards. She expected to hit the floor but she landed in a soft seat which tilted backwards slightly instead, her legs lost contact with the floor as she flailed her arms and legs in confusion. A large car pulled up on the curb next to Sam with a screech of it’s tyres. She could only just see around what she was quickly realising was a stroller as a man climbed out of the driver’s seat. He ran around to the front of the stroller and looked around wildly. “Wait!” Sam tried to shout but her yells were muffled by a rag that was held over her mouth. There was a strong smell coming from the rag as Sam’s eyes went wide. “I’m sorry, baby.” The man said as he looked around in a panicky way, “This is for the best, you’ll see!” Sam reached out with her arms to try and force the man’s hand away from her face but her tiny limbs were no match for the man who easily overpowered her. Sam felt herself become weaker as she was forced to inhale whatever the rag was soaked in. “Come on!” The woman behind the stroller called out, “We need to get out of here!” “Just a minute…” The man replied with a low and gruff voice, “It’s OK, Abigail. This is all for you and you’ll thank us soon.” Sam felt the world falling away as blackness overcame her. Her arms and legs felt heavier until she could no longer lift them. Sam’s last thoughts were a confused jumble as it felt like someone turned the lights out on her brain. She just had time to briefly wonder who Abigail was as her head tipped forwards and she became unable to resist the sleep that was quickly overtaking her. --- One hour earlier… --- “Are you sure this is the place?” Mark asked as he looked through the binoculars at the orphanage. Mark had parked their black car slightly down the road from the orphanage that they had been looking at for the last week. They were just in front of the exit to the park where they could see through a gap in the fence. In a sandpit in the front yard Mark could see a young toddler facing away from him. She was in a pink shirt and white shorts with brown hair flowing down, she was playing in the sand alone and was the whole reason Mark and his wife had been staking out the orphanage. “I’m positive.” Karen replied as she bit her nails nervously. She looked down at the crumpled piece of paper in her hands, “St. Margaret’s Orphanage. This has to be the place.” “Alright, I think I see her.” Mark said. “Let me see.” Karen grabbed the binoculars from her husband and looked through them, “That’s her!” “Are you sure?” Mark asked. “Positive.” Karen said as she handed the binoculars back with a smile, “Let’s go!” “Hold on… Hold on…” Mark said as he put the binoculars down and looked at the steering wheel in front of him, “Are you sure we should do this? I mean we could get in a lot of trouble.” “Do you remember what Sally said just before she…” Karen started to say. “Honey, you don’t have to say it. I know what happened.” Mark put her arm around his wife. “The last thing she ever said to me was to look after Abigail.” Karen continued, “Her last words were to look after her daughter and I’m not going to let her down.” “I know, I know…” Mark said with a sigh, “It’s tragic but the official routes to adoption…” “Come on, Mark.” Karen interrupted her husband angrily and with tears in her eyes, “You saw the same paperwork I did. It could take a year or more to prove we are suitable parents and even then she might get sent to a different family. Who knows what could happen to that poor girl.” Mark nodded sadly as he raised his binoculars back to his eyes. He squinted and then bit his bottom lip as he looked at the sandpit and saw that it was now empty. He lowered the binoculars again. “She’s gone.” Mark said, “She’s not in the sandpit anymore.” “What!?” Karen snatched the binoculars and looked through them, “Shit!” “It’s OK.” Mark said quickly to calm his wife down, “Just wait. It’s a beautiful day, she’ll be outside again and then we can try to get her.” Mark lifted the binoculars back to his face as Karen looked at the backseat. She had the stroller with removable seat ready to go and they had gone over their plan a lot, they were as ready as they would ever be. It was imperative to Karen that they get Abigail away from the orphanage and back to a family that would love her. Her best friend since childhood, Sally, had been in a car crash which had ultimately killed her. She was already a single parent and when Karen raced to her side she used the last of her energy to tell Karen to look after her daughter. Sally had been in an orphanage as a young girl and had often spoken about how horrible it was, it was clear she didn’t want her daughter to end up in the same place. Karen had promised to look after Abigail and she was determined to fulfil her promise no matter what it took. After quite some time had passed when there was no further sign of the little girl Mark started to think it would be a good idea to leave. The car was very hot and they could only sit there for so long before someone noticed they were there. He looked at Karen who was still staring at the orphanage with determination. “Not yet.” Karen said without turning to her husband, “I know what you’re thinking and… Just not yet.” Mark silently nodded as he looked back out of his window. He didn’t know how long his wife was prepared to sit there for but he was starting to feel like they should go. They had already been there for quite a while but maybe they would look like they were just waiting to pick someone up from the nearby school. Minutes passed by in tension filled silence as the pair of them sat in the car with adrenaline filling their veins. They were waiting for the perfect opportunity no matter how long it took. Nearly a full hour passed since they parked up without Karen breaking eye contact with the orphanage. The only sound in the car was the radio that was playing very softly in the background. Mark thought back to when Karen had first suggested this desperate plot and his immediate reaction was that she had gone mad. One way or another she had been able to convert him to her way of thinking and now here they were preparing to do something drastic and illegal. The matter of illegality was the biggest thing to Mark and he had repeatedly told his wife that they could both go to prison for a long time if they did what she wanted. Karen had spent some time in the system being bumped from one foster home to another countered by saying no one really cared about where the children were. She pointed to her own experiences of bureaucratic incompetence whilst she was in the system and the news stories of children going missing. Besides, she had pointed out, this was a long way from home and if they could get little Abigail back home they wouldn’t be easy to find. Despite all this rationale the idea of kidnapping a child was still not one that was accepted easily by either Mark or Karen. In the end it had been their desperation to provide a better life for Abigail that had meant they were sat in the van whilst waiting for the perfect moment. Mark closed his eyes for a few minutes as his mind buzzed with a thousand different thoughts and emotions. “Wait!” Karen suddenly exclaimed as she grabbed the binoculars, “I… I think that’s her!” Mark quickly opened his eyes and squinted out of the window. He couldn’t see anyone at the orphanage and had no idea who his wife was talking about. He was about to ask what she was going on about until he saw that she wasn’t looking at the orphanage, she was looking to the exit of the park just the opposite side of the road to their car. “Her?” Mark said as he suddenly sat up, “But… But why was she in the park?” “I told you these places don’t care for the children.” Karen said quickly and breathlessly, “They just let them wonder wherever they like. Imagine letting a toddler go to the park by themselves like that, they could have been snatched by anyone!” Mark resisted the urge to point out the obvious irony in his wife’s comments as he gripped the steering wheel. His heart was beating so fast he thought he might explode. Was this the moment they had been waiting for? Were they really about to execute their plan? “I’m going to do it.” Karen said quietly and grimly, “Make sure you’re ready. We can’t afford to waste any time here.” “Are you sur-” Mark was cut off as the door slammed. Mark looked at the girl walking towards the orphanage again. The small girl certainly looked like Allison and seemed to be wearing the same clothes as the toddler girl but he wasn’t sure he believed the orphanage would just let young children wander around like his wife suggested. Were orphanages truly so incompetent that they let the children wander off of the property? When Mark saw Karen pushing the stroller they had brought with them across the road he took a deep breath and turned on the engine of the car. He pushed all doubts away into a little box at the back of his mind, Karen wouldn’t act on something like this unless she was sure that they were doing the right thing and that the girl walking in front of the orphanage was the correct girl. He was in no place to doubt his wife’s judgment, she knew what her friend’s daughter looked like a lot more than he did. Mark turned the radio off completely and watched intently as his wife closed in on their target. He put the car the car in gear and started slowly creeping forwards down the road towards where the action would be. The street was empty apart from the three of them, there really wouldn’t be another opportunity like this. The plan was executed with precision. As Karen walked the stroller right into the back of the girl’s legs he quickly came to a halt and jumped out of the car. He was sweating profusely and he seemed to be hypersensitive to the air around him as he ran to the stroller. He reached forwards and held a rag soaked in chemicals to induce sleep against the little girl. As Abigail’s eyes closed and her surprised struggling ceased they quickly walked back to the car acting as normal as they could. “Open the door!” Karen hissed urgently to her husband. Karen was in an almost panic-like state as she released the various clasps holding the seat to the frame of the stroller. She lifted it up and into the backseat of the car with the sleeping girl tilted over slightly. Mark and Karen went through their practiced pit stop routine and soon had the seat strapped into the car and the girl strapped into the seat. They closed the door and hurried to the front seats before driving away from the scene.
  11. I am 35 year old Anastasia de Cruz. I am a tall blonde with beautiful green eyes. I had a wonderful life. A wonderful work on which I received decent money, a loving husband and our daughter was growing up. Everything changed in one day. When my daughter died as a result of a car accident. The husband blamed me for everything and broked me. And I got a strong psychological blow. Now, in all the people I met, I saw the face of my dead daughter and I rushed to completely strangers with screams and kisses. I was admitted to a mental hospital in which I stayed for 2 years. I pretended to be better. But not really. Medications helped me cope with hallucinations. ‐----------- One day, late at night, I was driving my car and saw a young college boy who was standing on the side of the road and catching a car ... I stopped the car near him He looked at me through the car window and asked to be brought to the hostel's. As soon as I saw him. I again dreamed of my daughter. I grabbed the medicine and realized that it was over .. In a trembling voice, I invited her to sit down. "Climb up honey. It is dangerous to go alone so late. I will certainly take you where you need to" - and in my head I realized that I could not let this boy go...
  12. David is going around a factory with his college class. He is less than interested in whatever educational value the trip was supposed to have and is easily distracted. When he gets separated from his group he accepts the help of an employee to direct him. Surely the employee wouldn't lead him in the wrong direction... --- If you enjoy my stories please consider subscribing to my Patreon page where I post a 2000+ word update every four days or so. For $5 a month you can read all of my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories only available to my patrons. 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In all honesty the eighteen-year-old David couldn’t be less interested on this tour of a manufacturing plant. When he signed up to the Business Management course at his local college he had done so just as an excuse to put work off for longer. He had very little actual interest in his course and even less interest in walking around a factory making all sorts of boring things. David was slouching along at the back of the group and paying more attention to his phone than anything going on around him. In the absence of paying attention he was planning his evening, he wanted to go to his friend’s house for some video games before they went out later in the evening. It would be pretty much the same evening he always did. “You can learn some really interesting things about managing a company here.” Mr. Healy said loudly as the disinterested students milled around. David rolled his eyes as the tour continued. The group started walking away and David was going to follow until something else grabbed his attention. “Boring tour, eh?” A man in his forties was looking up from some kind of large cutting machine and wiping his hands on the messy shirt in front of him. “Yeah.” David nodded his head and smiled, “Like, Mr. Healy is just the most boring person in the world.” “I can see that.” The man said as he nodded his head. He smirked and walked over to where David was standing, “My name’s Steve.” The man wiped his hand on his pants and held it out. David hesitated before grabbing the hand and shaking it. It seemed like he had found a kindred spirit and David looked at the thing the man was cutting. He seemed really friendly and disarming, even though David was usually quite shy he had no problem talking to this man. “What do you do here?” David asked as he let go of the man’s hand. His fingers hurt a little from Steve’s strong grip. “I cut shit.” Steve let out a loud bark of a laugh, “Metal, mostly aluminium. Cut it into the exact shapes and sizes so the guys down the line can put it all together.” “Sounds interesting.” David was lying but he didn’t know what else to say. “You’re not a good liar.” Steve smirked, “But that’s alright. I enjoy my work and it pays well. Your group are business students, right? Maybe you’ll be my boss.” Steve laughed and slapped David on the back roughly. David smiled uncomfortably in return, he had changed his mind. Steve wasn’t a kindred spirit after all, he was someone who gave David a really weird feeling about everything going on. David looked around and suddenly realised the group he was with had all disappeared. He had no idea where they had gone. He felt very alone. “I’d better get going.” David said as he started walking away, “I don’t want to miss anything.” “Mmhmm.” Steve nodded as he watched David moving away. David looked around to see if he could see any sign of his professor or classmates but they were nowhere in view. He looked around nervously feeling very out of place within the unknown factory. He could see some of the other workers looking his way and he felt vaguely threatened. “Lost?” Steve’s distinctive voice came from behind David. David closed his eyes and nodded his head without turning back around. There were several doors and he wasn’t sure which one his group had gone through. He cursed his lack of attention but blamed his professor for being so boring. “I think they went through that door.” Steve pointed to a door a little off to the side of the others. There was a sign on it that said “No Admittance!” “Really?” David looked doubtful. He knew how factory workers liked to play practical jokes on outsiders and he felt like he was being set up to get in trouble. The door looked different to all of the other ones around the room. It looked stronger and whereas the others were old and wooden, this one seemed very new. It even had a digital lock, it looked very out of place in an otherwise rather uninspiring factory. “Cross my heart.” Steve said. “It says “No Admittance” though.” David tried to see any hint of a smile or some sort of tell that Steve was playing with him. He knew people like this liked to prank outsiders. “That’s just for the general public.” Steve said, “Seriously, I’ve seen a bunch of these things in my time and they all go down there. It’s where we store the raw materials. I’ll even come with you if you don’t believe me, hold on a second…” David watched as Steve lowered the cutting machine and grunted with effort as he pressed it down. Bits of metal fell away to the floor around the cutter as it lifted up again. Steve quickly swept up the fallen metal and indicated for David to follow him. David hesitated but realised he had no other leads to follow in this bustling factory and he was getting in the way of all the workers trying to move around him. He was getting some evil looks from the people he was holding up. Steve walked around his machine and over to the door he had pointed at. It was behind another machine and looked fairly hidden from view, there was an overweight man operating a large drill in front of it. David moved a little closer as Steve unlocked the door and pushed it open, the corridor beyond was very dark. David walked over to stand next to Steve and looked into the darkness. It didn’t look likely that anyone had been down there in a while, David was unsure but when Steve indicated for him to step inside he decided to do so. “Just head down there.” Steve says. “Its pitch black…” David replied sceptically. “Hold on a second…” Steve fiddled with something on the wall and several small lights hanging from the ceiling flickered into life. Their light didn’t reach the floor. “Are you su-” David turned back to the doorway and was about to ask if Steve was sure this was the right way but the door was closed and Steve was gone. David hurried up to the door and tried to push it open but it was locked. Even worse than that the little window was covered by some card. David trying yelling and banging on the door but no one could hear him with all the machinery going on. David didn’t know if this was a prank or not but he turned to look at the dark corridor with worry. This didn’t seem right but he could either walk down there or stay here for who knows how long. “Great…” David’s voice echoed around the walls of the dark and bare corridor. Walking down the hallway rather gingerly David looked around for anything which might show a way out. He slowly walked through the darkness and expected Steve to suddenly yell that he had pranked him but there was nothing, the sound of the factory sounded like it was getting further away and David didn’t understand how he could’ve walked so far and still be in the building. In the almost complete silence of the hallway David felt like he heard some clanging from somewhere ahead. He could hear a low hum of electricity going through the walls. David suddenly found a staircase leading downwards. It seemed impossible that this was where his group had been taken, the guys in the factory must be playing a prank on him. Whatever they were doing David was determined to continue forwards since he was sure it was the only way he would spring their trap and get out of this strange and dark place. He walked down three flights of stairs and then continued down another hallway, he thought he was walking back towards the factory but it was easy to lose your bearings in such a dark place. --- “Hey! Tom! Get over here!” Steve called down the line of machines which were stopping for lunch making the factory an eerily silent place. “It’s lunch time.” Tom replied with his older voice. He was in his mid-fifties and his hair was greying quite dramatically. “It’s an emergency.” Steve said rather pointedly. His eyes shifted to the door he had sent David through a few minutes beforehand. Tom’s whole demeanour changed and he looked around conspiratorially as he put the sandwiches he had begun unwrapping on his work bench and started walking over to Steve. With the factory now silent the two men withdrew away from everyone else and spoke in hushed voices to each other. “I just sent a fresh one down.” Steve whispered. “Did you tell the guys upstairs?” Tom asked as he nodded towards the offices with windows overlooking the shop floor. “I was just about to do it.” Steve said as he hit the button on his machine to power it down, “I know they were looking for someone to send. I might get a nice little bonus for it.” “And I guess you want me to do the dirty work?” Tom looked mildly annoyed at his younger co-worker. “Don’t be like that, man.” Steve said as he clapped his friend on the back, “Help me out here and I’ll split the bonus with you. We need to make sure he gets into the room.” “Fine…” Tom put the tools he was carrying down on Steve’s workbench. “Good luck.” Steve said, “And don’t look so miserable. This is a nice little earner for the pair of us.” Tom nodded his head and stretched. He lifted the card that blocked the small window to make sure the person Steve had sent through had walked away from the factory. He keyed in the code and opened the door. Rather than walking down the hallway where David had gone Tom turned immediately to the right where there was a heavy slab on the floor. As the door closed behind him he pushed the slab out of the way to reveal a hatch with a ladder, he climbed down quickly until his feet hit the floor again. He quickly pushed the ladder up and it went up into a ceiling where it was hidden by a hatch. The hallway Tom was now in was illuminated by light shining through the window in another door. He made sure to give the door a wide berth as he hid behind some boxes nearby. He prepared for action because he was never sure what he would have to do. All he could do now was wait. --- David was thoroughly creeped out by the hallway he was in. At the bottom of the stairs the corridor was much different to one he had previously in. This corridor was much colder and looked like it had been abandoned for a long time, it was pitch black apart from a light at the far end of the corridor. David could see no other doors or anything else so he started walking forwards towards the light, he assumed he would walk through that door and end up in another part of the factory or something. As the door got closer David felt like something was wrong. He couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on and he was starting to feel increasingly fearful of what might be happening. This was all so weird, he should’ve just paid more attention to the tour he was on. He had always had trouble listening to others and he was always described as being off in his own little world. When David was a few feet away from the door the corridor opened up a little bit. He saw some large and heavy looking boxes to the side of the wall and they disappeared into the darkness. It was next to impossible to see anything in that murky darkness. “Is anybody in there?” David called out towards the door in front of him. His voice quivered slightly with the nerves he was feeling. There was no answer. If anyone was in the room in front of David they were staying quiet. The door in front of David looked heavy and was made of steel. Just above the door handle was a frosted glass window, the eighteen-year-old couldn’t see what lay beyond the door but the light was pouring through and almost blinding in the otherwise dark hallway. David reached the door and gently pressed against it. The door, much to David’s surprise, opened with ease. The door swung slowly open and David covered his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden light. He tried to see what was happening in the illuminated room but it was all coming into focus very slowly, he eventually saw a long padded table and in the centre of a large room with other things around the edges. “What the hell!?” David asked to no one in particular as he saw a small cage against the rear wall. What kind of room was this?
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The water park advertised itself as being for all ages, as well as the exciting and fast paced rides aimed at the older crowds, there was also a separate area of the park that was designed for small children. It was this area of the park that was gaining most of the media attention and it was also the reason why so many families were in the queue. “It definitely is!” Ben replied with enthusiasm, “This park is amazing.” “Have you been here before?” Jack asked. “Well… No.” Ben admitted, “But everyone says it’s really cool and super high-tech.” Jack rolled his eyes. He was not a big fan of theme parks, he hated the heat, the crowds, the overpricing and all for a few minutes on a rollercoaster. Jack wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for the fact that this was Ben’s 18th birthday. Even then, it had taken Ben promising to pay for Jack’s ticket for him to agree. The two of them were in the final weeks of high school and were considered to be loners of a type. In reality they were just rather introverted, they were part of a small circle of friends who had known each other for a long time. They talked with each other a lot but rarely initiated conversation with people they didn’t know. It was early in the morning and the park had only recently opened the doors but already the queue to get in was stretching as far as the boys could see behind them. They had arrived an hour earlier, much to Jack’s annoyance, but now he could see why. Jack couldn’t believe how far back the crowds stretched. He couldn’t even see the back of the queue, he wondered what it was that made this park so special. Not helping the mood of the situation was the terrific heat, with not a cloud in the sky the sun was burning down on everyone and if anyone had forgotten their sun cream they would know about it later. The queue started moving to the entrance at an agonisingly slow pace. Ben was practically bouncing up and down in excitement but Jack was just impatient and wanting it to hurry up. The longer he spent baking in the sun the more he regretted agreeing to come on this trip with Ben. “I can’t wait to see the robotic helpers.” Ben exclaimed, “I wonder if they are as lifelike as I’ve heard. They say that 90% of the park is automated!” Jack didn’t respond. He was just happy that the entrance was finally in sight. Slowly but surely they inched closer to the gate and to the promise of fun and excitement beyond. Jack had a headache from the screaming kids and knew he wouldn’t get much relief when inside, he just hoped there was a quiet corner somewhere. “I don’t believe it…” Ben suddenly said with wide eyes. He quickly hid himself behind the people in front of him in the queue. “What’s wrong?” Jack asked as Ben ducked down and looked rather crestfallen. “One of the people working the gate!” Ben whispered as if anyone else cared, “It’s Brick from school.” Jack’s eyes also went wide. Brick was obviously not the guy’s real name; his real name was in fact Bill but everyone called him by the nickname “Brick” given to him due to the fact that he was the toughest person in school and was afraid of no one. People compared getting punched by him to having a brick thrown at them! “Relax, relax…” Jack replied, “There are a bunch of gates, we probably won’t see him and even if we did, what is he going to do? Out here in public, he can’t touch us or he’ll get fired.” Ben nodded but was still clearly worried. Both of the boys, as well as their whole circle of friends, had suffered from bullying thanks to Brick but it was Ben in particular who seemed to get it the hardest. Jack understood Ben’s reservations and he too hoped to avoid that particular entrance. Fate always seems to like to play games and sure enough as they finally approached the entrance they were sorted into the queue heading straight for Brick’s turnstile. “Great…” Jack said sarcastically, “Calm down Ben, we will get in and you won’t have to worry about him.” “Well, well, well.” Came Brick’s deep voice as he saw who was walking towards him. A smile curled the lips of his rough face. “Hi Brick.” Jack said cautiously, “We don’t want any trouble.” “Trouble?” Brick asked innocently, “Whatever do you mean?” “Nothing.” Jack eventually said deciding that he didn’t want to antagonise the much larger bully. “Thought so.” Brick replied with a sneer. “Can we just get two tickets please?” Jack asked the man in the ticket booth. “Of course.” Brick didn’t intend to cause any trouble. He really couldn’t afford to; he was working at the park part-time to save up for a new car. Brick looked down at the cash register which was labelled for each of the different tickets and he suddenly came up with an idea. He suppressed an evil grin when he looked back up at the scrawny Jack and the even smaller Ben. Brick intended to make this a trip to the park that neither of them would forget. “I’ll tell you what.” Brick said as he looked up from the register with his best poker face, “I feel bad about the way I treated you both. Let me make it up to you.” “It’s OK, Brick, we just want to go inside.” Jack replied cautiously. He had experienced enough of Brick’s surprises to know he didn’t want one of them at this park. “I insist.” Brick said with his best impression of a sincere voice. Jack and Ben looked at each other with trepidation. They knew Brick couldn’t be trusted but neither of them wanted to speak up to tell him no. “Ali!” Brick called out behind him causing another young man to run over, “Look after the booth for a few minutes.” Brick walked out of the ticketing booth and beckoned for Jack and Ben to follow him around the outside perimeter of the park. Jack and Ben were both nervous but felt too overawed by the bully to say no. Maybe the guy did want to make some amends, maybe they would get the line skipping VIP experience. Jack was the first to move and he hopped over the barrier and started following Brick. Not wanting to be left alone, Ben ignored his gut feeling and started following his best friend. “I really don’t like this.” Ben whispered to Jack when he caught up. They were several feet away from Brick and felt confident that he couldn’t hear them. “Relax.” Jack said. He tried to project confidence but his voice wavered slightly, “What could he possibly do in front of all these people?” Ben thought that he could think of more than a few things that Brick might do to them but he kept his mouth quiet in fear of being heard. They walked for a few minutes. Slowly the loud noises from the crowd faded away as the boys followed Brick around the large perimeter. It was just as Jack was about to speak up and ask where they were being taken when Brick finally stopped and took a key out of his pocket. He started unlocking a non-descript door and motioned for Jack and Ben to follow him. “This is just a back entrance.” Brick assured the boys when he saw them hesitating, “Go through here and tell the person at the other end that Brick sent you, he can give you both the special treatment.” “R-Really?” Ben asked in disbelief. He had been quiet until now but he couldn’t help but speak up. The promise of special treatment intrigued Ben despite the fear of what that meant. “Yeah.” Brick said, “We get to give out a few VIP passes a month and I have no one else to give them to. You might as well use them.” “I don’t trust him.” Ben whispered in Jack’s ear as Brick spoke. “Man, we should just go for it.” Jack replied, “Skipping the queues will save so much time. We could go on all the rides and then get home with some of the day still left.” “But it’s Brick!” Ben replied earnestly, “We can’t tru-” “Thank you very much.” Jack replied loudly to Brick and he walked through the gate. Ben bit his bottom lip and shook his head but followed his friend in. Whether good or bad, he couldn’t let Jack go in alone, Ben had nowhere else to go now anyway since they had obviously lost their spot in the entrance queue. “I hope you both have an unforgettable time.” Brick said as Ben walked past. The statement seemed so suspicious that Ben was going to turn around and maybe not go into the entrance but the door was already closed and Ben heard the key turn in the lock securing the gate yet again. Ben and Jack were left in a very strange part of the park. There was a tall wooden fence to both the left and right of the path. It was imposing and the walls went so high that it created a very dark and shaded area. The sounds of splashing and laughing children died away. It was as if this little pathway was in a totally different realm to everything around it. “Brick!” Jack yelled, “Come back!” There was no response from the other side of the heavy door and as far as Jack and Ben knew they had been left completely alone. The dark path had only one other doorway and it was at the other end of the alley. Jack, realising Brick was not going to return, started walking down the shaded pathway. At least it was a little cooler in all this shade even if it seemed incredibly dodgy. “You’re not going to just walk through there are you?” Ben asked incredulously as Jack started towards the doorway at the other end of the path. “Where else are we going to go?” Jack asked back with a shrug, “Come on… I mean, Brick is a bully but this isn’t school. He can’t do whatever he wants here and get away with it.” Ben cautiously followed Jack to the other end of the alley. He had a really bad feeling about this but saw no other option. Brick had locked the door at the other end and had given them little choice but to take the only other exit. The other door was marked “Staff Only” and was set into the back of a large building. Nothing from the outside gave a hint as to what the inside would hold, it looked very non-descript but also very large. When they reached the door they found it was unlocked already and it creaked open when given a small push. The room inside was very cosy looking with a large television and lots of couches. There was one single person sitting on one of the couches who was reading a newspaper and looked up when the two boys entered. “What are you doing here?” The uniformed man asked rather authoritatively, “This is a staff only area.” “Brick sent us?” Jack said with little confidence as Ben hid behind him. Maybe Brick had set them up to get in trouble after all. “Brick?” The man asked in confusion. “Bill. He works on the gate.” Jack clarified as he remembered that Brick probably didn’t use his nickname at work, “He said he would arrange for us to get some special treatment. We know him from school.” “Right…” The man on the couch said as he stood up, “Give me a minute.” The man retreated around the corner of the room where he could still keep an eye on the two intruders and grabbed the radio from his waist. He fiddled with the dial to change the frequency before raising it to his mouth. “Turnstiles this is Alan, over.” The employee said quietly so as to keep the boys in the dark about what was happening until he could check out their story. Jack and Ben stood awkwardly near the door they had come through and started to really hope that they hadn’t been set up. Trespassing at a major park like this could get them in some real trouble. “This is turnstiles.” Crackled the voice at the other end of the radio. “Is Bill there?” Alan asked. “This is Bill, what’s up?” Brick’s voice came through so loud and clear that Alan had to turn the volume down on the radio so that they weren’t overheard by the two trespassers. “Did you send a couple of guys down to the staff room?” Alan asked the bully on the gate. “Yeah, yeah…” Brick replied, “Hold on a minute.” Alan listened to the sounds of Brick moving away from the crowd of people until the only thing coming through the radio was static. “I want you to give them “The Treatment.”” Brick said quietly. It was an innocuous sentence but one that caused Alan to wince. “Are you sure?” Alan asked hesitantly, “I mean… If we get caught, we could get worse than just fired.” “Do I need to remind you of three months ago?” Brick hissed threateningly, “The scumbag who was hitting your Mom. You came to me and I dealt with it, we got the blackmail pictures and now he isn’t a problem.” “I know…” Alan said as he put his hand to his forehead. “Well, now I want you to do the same to my two friends here.” Brick continued, ”It’s already all set up. You just need to start the process.” Alan didn’t respond. “Do you hear me?” Brick said, “If you don’t do it the police may find some interesting evidence about what you did to your Mom’s ex-boyfriend.” “But that was you!” Alan tried to keep his voice down but he was getting understandably upset. “The photos make things look a bit different.” Brick hinted. “Fine.” Alan said angrily, “I’ll do it but after this we are even.” Alan put the radio back on his belt and took a moment to compose himself. Everything Brick had said was true, Alan had asked Brick to find a way to make the man disappear and by using blackmail Brick had done just that. Alan had assumed it was all over after that but now Brick was calling in the favour. Alan angrily cursed his own idiocy for talking to the bully in the first place. Shaking himself to regain his composure, Alan walked back into the main room to find Jack and Ben still awkwardly standing by the door. He felt bad for them, he had no idea what these guys had done to evoke Brick’s anger but it didn’t really matter. Alan had no alternative but to do as Brick had asked. “Follow me.” Alan said with a sigh. “Everything’s alright?” Jack asked. He had to admit to some surprise, “We get special VIP treatment and stuff?” “Sure.” Alan said with a forced smile, “Just follow me.” Jack looked at Ben and both boys smiled. Maybe Brick wasn’t such a bad guy after all, maybe he was really doing them a favour.
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