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  1. Description: A baby for a bully - A story in which a girl enters a very reclusive school and, at school, will suffer at the hands of bullies who will make her their baby -------------------Chapter 01---------------- Ha-na was a small, beautiful 16-year-old girl with blonde hair that shone in the sunlight. Two pink strands stood out in her hairstyle, giving it a touch of originality. Her biggest dream was to become an idol and create her own musical hits. To pursue this dream, she studied at a renowned girls' school that was forming the current idol groups. It was a sunny day when Ha-na decided to take a break in a local café. The establishment was not very busy at the moment, which gave her a quiet environment in which to relax. She entered wearing her standard school uniform, a skirt combined with a shirt. As he entered the café, his eyes met a woman sitting alone at a table near the window. The woman had a laptop open in front of her, and her gaze seemed full of curiosity. Ha-na approached and greeted her: "Hello, my name is Ha-na. May I join you?" The woman smiled gently and replied: "Of course, make yourself at home. My name is Park, I'm a journalist. I've been expecting you. We have some things to talk about." Park explained that he was working on a story about the famous Melody cases, that famous idol school that hides a lot of secrets She asked Ha-na to provide proof of the story she had mentioned in a previous email. Ha-na looked around, making sure no one could see, and, with a quick gesture, lifted her skirt, revealing a diaper. She then lowered it, showing that she was wearing it. Park was surprised by the revelation, but kept her expression calm. "Now that we have the proof, you can tell your story," she said. Ha-na sat in a comfortable chair in the small café, her eyes fixed on Park, the curious journalist who surrounded her with questions. Although hesitant at first, Ha-na decided to open up and share her darkest secret. It was something that few people knew, but now it was time to reveal it. After a brief moment of silence, Ha-na took a deep breath and began to tell her story. She revealed that, against all expectations, she had received a special invitation from the renowned Melody school. It was a chance in a million, as this school was known for training the most talented and famous idols in the country. The Melody School was a veritable paradise for aspiring idols. With several buildings spread across a vast campus, each dedicated to different aspects of artistic training, the institution was a veritable music empire. Ha-na described the campus as a magical place, where the sound of melodies filled the air and dreams came true. As Ha-na shared her excitement at receiving the invitation, she mentioned that she knew about one of the school's most famous future idols, Baek Ha-rin. The teacher accompanying her, Mi-hai, mentioned Ha-rin's name with admiration and enthusiasm. "Wow, you've got a great chance," said Mi-hai excitedly. "You're going to study in one of the newest rooms, newly created in the building that will house the most famous future idols, including Baek Ha-rin." Ha-na knew that Baek Ha-rin was one of the rising stars in the music industry. Her powerful voice and captivating stage presence made her one of the most promising idols of her generation. Ha-na deeply admired Ha-rin and dreamed of following in her footsteps and achieving similar success. As Ha-na recounted these details, Park's mind filled with images of the Melody school. She could visualize the spacious corridors, decorated with bright murals depicting the most famous idols who had ever passed through. Ha-na's school uniform, consisting of a pleated skirt and a white shirt with pink details, perfectly matched the school's vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
  2. A/N: Story is not finished yet but has some stuff I am very happy with. Will be releasing once a week for at least the next three weeks and hopefully motivated to keep working on this one. TIA for reading! Update (06/15/24): Chapter 2 submitted Continuing Education Chapter I: “Let the Lesson Begin” Life was supposed to be better than this. Michael Mason was twenty seven years old. He had a Bachelor’s Degree in forensic science. His gorgeous wife loved him deeply. And yet all he could think was how relieved he was that his boss was getting ready to write him up. It got him off the sales floor for awhile and away from all those damned boxes of merchandise. The manager’s office was small, little more than a desk and a couple of chairs. The room itself was unusually hot. Surprising since the company was too cheap to pay for heating in the store at night and the building felt more like a freezer. The only job Michael had been able to land was an overnight stocking gig. Every night, five nights a week, from 9 PM to 6 AM he opened boxes and stuck things on the shelves for minimum wage. The job was originally supposed to be something temporary while he found something in his field. Every morning he drug himself home, physically exhausted from the manual labor and from battling his circadian rhythm. What little free time he had he wanted to spend with Alyssa, his wife. The store itself had completely unrealistic times. Lectures about safe stretching and lifting exercises didn’t mean much when the only way to get the work done as quickly as his managers expected was to bend and lift in the most unsafe ways possible. And while he was tearing his body up to get product on the shelves, the people complaining that he wasn’t fast enough were doing what exactly? Hanging out in the back office on TikTok. It had been more than once that he’d wandered to the back in search of equipment or supplies, things his managers never seemed to know where to find, and caught them all crowded around someone’s cell phone, laughing their heads off. So the job was dogshit but at least he was bringing in money. He’d probably be fired eventually but he wasn’t going to quit on them. If they did plan to fire him for being “inefficient” then he was going to get every last penny he could out of them first. Kyle, the overnight assistant, who thought he was a store manager himself, sighed dramatically as he dropped into the chair on the other side of the desk, sitting upon it as if it were the throne from which he lorded over his subjects. “Mike, I’m tired of having performance conversations with you.” “It’s Michael sir.” His nametag said Michael. He indicated on his forms he preferred Michael. He’d told Kyle on numerous occasions he preferred Michael. “Mike,” Kyle continued, ignoring the protest. “To be blunt, your performance is wholly inadequate for this job. We have written disciplinary actions for you twice and this will now be the third time in less than a year. As such, we’ve decided to move forward with separation. I’m going to need your nametag, box cutter, and any other company equipment.” Kyle gestured to the third man in the room. “Jack will have to escort you out after you clean out your locker.” So, that was it. Game over. There was a part of Michael that would be completely relieved that he wasn’t going to have to show up anymore. Of course there was also the part that knew Alyssa was going to be absolutely furious with him. They could barely afford their rent now and they had just managed to open a savings account and drop spare bits of change into it. Going back to a single income was going to set them back by months. There was no point in complaining about it. Michael tossed his boxcutter and nametag on the table and stood up without a word. He was not going to give Kyle the satisfaction of crying or begging for his job. In silence, he strode out of the room, only slightly irritated that Jack was following him every step of the way. “It’s a tough thing,” Jack said. “But you really did it to yourself Mike.” “It’s Michael,” Michael sighed as he pulled a few personal things out of his locker. “Well look on the bright side Mike,” Jack said, “In six months you can re-apply.” “Jack, why would I re-apply for this shithole job?” Michael had tried his best to keep his cool but he’d failed. His only recourse was to blast his hate through his eyes directly at Jack. The expected effect occurred and Jack smirked as he saw the anger in Michael’s face. “You’ll be back,” Jack said. “Your type always comes back.” “You know what Jack?” Michael was already headed for the exit. “Go fuck yourself.” * * * Michael wasn’t sure how manly sitting in his bathrobe at the kitchen table with a container of ice cream and a scoop was but it was making him feel better. It was barely after 2 AM and Alyssa was fast asleep. He’d quietly changed and moved back out to the living room to wallow in his own misery. She was going to be so damned angry when she found out. He had no idea what time it was when the light in the bedroom turned on. He was cold. His robe was barely hanging on him and the ice cream had mostly liquefied. He slopped another bite, getting sticky melted goo all over his face, and sending another jolt of brain freeze to his head. “Michael? Why are you home so early?” It should have been a crime how easily Alyssa made it seem to look beautiful. Despite having slithered out of bed, her hair cascaded down her back as if she’d just had it styled. Her face was perfectly shaped and her eyes popped as if she had a ring of mascara. She could have done a hell of a lot better than an almost thirty year old loser who couldn’t even hold down a job at the grocery store. Here it came. Might as well rip the band-aid off. “I got fired.” He gritted his teeth, prepared for the explosion. Which didn’t….come? He caught a whiff of Alyssa’s perfume, vaguely scented like lilacs, as she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace before gently prying the spoon from his fingers and pulling it away. “Honey, you’re sticky,” she frowned as she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a washcloth, which she ran over his face. Rather dumbfounded that he wasn’t having his face ripped off, Michael sat there and let his wife clean his face instead. “You’re not…huh?” Michael blinked. Alyssa had a bit of a temper but they didn’t exactly fight. He was expecting her to be mad. Mad in that sort of, “I’m disappointed in you” type of way that would make him feel like a total jackass without her actually raising her voice at him. “Not what?” she smiled as she sat down across from him. “I’m not a mind reader babe, use your words.” “I thought you’d be mad at me,” he confessed. “I’m not thrilled, no,” Alyssa frowned. “You don’t need me to tell you it’s going to hurt us. But you’ve been pretty unhappy at that job and I feel like I barely get to see you. We’ve got to be able to find a way to make things work where we don’t have to be apart so much.” “Yeah,” Michael nodded. His stomach growled in protest at him. Gorging on ice cream had not exactly been his most erudite moment. “What if…” Whenever Alyssa had an idea that she thought exceedingly clever, a grin spread across her face not unlike the Cheshire Cat. “...what if you finally followed through with your plan and went back to school?” “Yikes,” Michael sat up, pushing through his angry stomach. “That’s not gonna help our money situation at all Alyssa.” “That’s the best part,” she replied. “I found a place, let me show you…” her phone appeared in her hands and she played with it for a moment, “Look at this place!” Michael glanced at the phone, reading it off, “The Finch School? What am I? A bird?” “It started as a finishing school,” Alyssa said. “Miss Finch’s Finishing School for Marriageable Young Ladies. That was back in the 20s. It’s evolved into a co-ed liberal arts college. And they offer scholarships for returning adults. Finish your education and all that.” “Yeah but Alyssa, this place is ten hours from here,” Michael frowned. “How is that going to get us more time to be together?” “That part will suck,” Alyssa nodded. “But I barely see you as is. If you go to the school, you can finish your Master’s Degree, land that inspector’s job, and get away from all of these back breaking places you’ve been applying to.” Michael looked down at his wife’s phone again. He’d have to get a place near the campus. Or a dorm room, heh. And of course there was no point in any decision at all if he couldn’t claim that scholarship. There was no way he was taking loans out and they definitely couldn’t pay tuition out of pocket. “Ok then, I’ll apply for the scholarship and we’ll go from there.” “Good boy,” Alyssa beamed at him. * * * He’d done it. He’d gotten in. The application process was very easy and had been done completely online. He’s sent in some writing samples and records from his time at the state university. A few days later he’d received an acceptance email. The terms seemed almost too good to be true. He was required to accept campus housing, agree to a code of conduct that mostly boiled down to not doing stuff he’d hated doing when he was twenty anyway, and had to keep his grades up. That’d be easy enough. Michael had always learned his lessons well. He’d briefly met his roommate Nick when he’d dropped his luggage off at his dorm room. Nick was a few years older too so there was definitely a level of relief there that he wasn’t going to be shacked up with some eighteen year old kid fresh out of High School. It was a little odd that they’d been roomed together but Nick just laughed when Michael voiced his concerns. It would work. “The campus is beautiful babe,” he had his phone glued to his ear and was chatting with Alyssa. She was back at home getting ready for work. “My room’s not too bad. We’ll have to video chat later. My roommate seems cool. There’s a lot of…” Michael glanced around. There were a lot of girls at this school. It had been a women’s college originally. If it was one of those schools that ended up recruiting the kids of former students, maybe that wasn’t too surprising. He was pleased to note that there were plenty of older students but some of the styles of dress…he’d walked by an entire group of girls in Japanese lolita style! A girl, a woman really, who had to be at least thirty but nevertheless was wearing shortalls and had her hair in pigtails, literally skipped by him swinging a Hello Kitty backpack from her left hand as she bounced along the sidewalk towards one of the class buildings. “...girls here.” “That’s not a problem is it?” Alyssa asked. “Not for me, but uh….” Michael trailed off, too embarrassed to finish the thought. His half comment was greeted by a shriek of laughter. “Not to toot my own horn Michael but, you’re not going to cheat on this, are you?” His phone chirped and he pulled it from his ear long enough to glance at the picture that his wife had just sent him. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. And she had her fingers between her spread legs, pulling a pair of lips apart. “Alyssa!” More giggling from the phone. “We’re gonna have to get used to sexting sweetie. And babe, mommy is going to need A LOT of pics while you’re at school.” “Maybe save the NSFW for when I’m not walking around a college campus in the middle of the day,” Michael laughed. “But seriously babe, you are gorgeous. You just made it that much harder for me to concentrate on my classes.” “Well then, I guess you won’t get any more pics until you show me that you’ve learned something,” Alyssa said. Michael was outside his classroom now. “I’ll show you exactly what I’ve learned tonight babe. I’ve got to go now though, I’m at my first class. Love you.” “Love you too. Learn a lot!” Michael hadn’t been in a college classroom in several years but the room he stepped into was certainly not what he expected. The walls were a pastel green with rainbows adorning them. Along the back wall were rows of cubbies, many filled with bags and other things. Many students were already sitting at desks with their hands folded. Every person in the room was a girl, none younger than twenty five, and none dressed older than twelve. Along the front wall was a chalkboard - a chalkboard! And above it a poster showing the alphabet. If it weren’t for the size of the desks, Michael would have sworn he had walked into a kindergarten classroom. This couldn’t be his class. He was here to take an advanced criminology course. The worst part about walking into the wrong room was that all the heads had turned to gawk at him. The teacher was the only person dressed remotely normally - if goth scientist was “normal.” Her long curly hair was died sea green and coiled halfway down her back. She wore a black lab coat over boots, fishnet stockings, a leather skirt, and corset. Goth…bondage…scientist? The mix of styles was almost too much. Her piercing pale blue eyes seemed to be digging into his skull and he caught just the faintest hint of lilac from her. “Oh excuse me, I must be in the wrong class,” he muttered as he turned to leave. “Stop right there!” the woman called. Michael found himself stopping in his tracks. “You come inside right now and put your things in your cubby please.” Michael found himself walking back into the classroom. Did he actually have a cubby? Impossible. That would be the easiest way to prove that he was in the wrong spot. Jennifer, Kelly, Lisa, Daisy, see…no…Michael blinked and rubbed his eyes. Right next to “Daisy” was an empty cubby labeled “MIchael.” “Well?” the instructor called out. “Uhh, yes ma’am,” Michael swallowed as he tossed his bag into the cubby and turned around. “Very good,” the instructor smiled sweetly. “Now if you’ll take your seat please.” “Oh, which one is mine?” Michael was a bit confused. There were several empty seats, so he wasn’t exactly sure where he should sit. “Oh Professor!” the blond in pigtails that had skipped past him earlier had raised her hands and was waving it excitedly. Dress aside, Michael was definitely sure that this girl had to be in her early 30s at least. Meanwhile the professor looked like she couldn’t be more than about twenty two. “Yes Daisy?” the Professor smiled sweetly. “Professor, can she sit at my table?” the girl named Daisy asked. She? Michael had to admit that he was a bit on the thin and small side but still, there could be no way he’d be mistaken for a girl right? Short hair, tee shirt, jeans. He practically screamed “guy going back to college after failing at life.” “Yes, that will be fine. The new girl can sit with you Daisy,” the professor replied. “Oh, but, uh…” Michael cleared his throat. He wasn’t entirely sure where this misconception was coming from but it was definitely something he wanted to clear up. “Yes sweetie?” the Professor beamed at him as if he had just answered a really hard question. “Can you use the words to share your thoughts with the class?” “I’m a boy actually.” Michael said. The classroom erupted, first as every girl gasped and then peels of laughter echoed from all around the room. Every table seemed to burst into chatter as all the students began talking and pointing at him. “Girls, settle down!” The Professor grabbed a yardstick from her desk and wrapped it three times. The knocking sound killed the conversation. “Is that any way to treat a new student? Now sweetie, I want you to come to the front of the room ok? I promise, you’re not in trouble.” Feeling foolish, and knowing he was blushing, Michael walked up to the front of the room and stood next to the teacher. Her lilac perfume wrapped itself around his nose in a way that was intoxicating. He could feel his head going light. “Now sweetie, this is Miss Finch’s Finishing School and it is a school for girls. If you’re a student here, you have to be a girl here. You are a student here, aren’t you?” “Yes, but…” Michael went to protest. The school hadn’t been a girls only school in fifty years! And it wasn’t a finishing school anymore, it was a liberal arts college. Something in the back of his mind told him that whatever was going on was so strange that his best bet would be to run. But that smell… “And if all the students here are girls, that means you’d have to be a girl too, doesn’t it?” “But I’m not a girl!” Michael insisted. “Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll help you with that,” the Professor said. She reached for his face, caressing it in her hands, and pulled him forward before delivering a peck on the cheek. “You see, I can make it all better with just a kiss.” Michael felt just slightly off. He couldn’t quite place it but something was different. His shirt seemed to hang from him loosely as if it had grown two sizes too big. Oddly, it felt tighter around his chest than it had before. The reality of the matter, that he had somehow shrunk, set in when his pants slid right off his hips, now hopelessly larger than his waist. “What in the…” Michael’s hand slammed across his mouth. That hadn’t been his voice! Michael had a deep, husky voice, just slightly gravely. The voice that had escaped his lips had been honeyed, soft, and very feminine. When he glanced down, he realized more was wrong. The hair on his hands and legs had disappeared completely, his skin now soft and smooth. He had previously had many blemishes and moles all across his body, they were all gone now. And his chest? The reason his shirt was tight was that he now had cleavage! A strand of hair fell into his face, dirty brown having turned into a silken brown mousse - short length having transformed into mid length curls that coiled around his shoulders. His…more like…”What did you do to me?!” “I told you sweetie,” the Professor replied with a smile. “Only girls attend Miss Finch’s Finishing School. Since you’re a student here, you must be a girl.” “I’m not a…” Michael stopped himself, no…herself, as she felt a new sensation. Her underwear was becoming warm and wet. She was peeing herself! The escaping fluid quickly turned into a flood as her boxers became uselessly saturated and pee dripped down her legs, pooling in her jeans at her feet. “Oh dear, oh dear,” the Professor shook her head. “Daisy, will you go into the supply cabinet and get me the diapers? It looks like our new student had her first accident.”
  3. Cody couldn't believe the humilating position he found himself in. After finding out his college roommate Vincent wears and uses diapers. He told all his classmates. Unfortunately the next morning he found himself strapped down to the his bed naked and standing next to his bed was his college roommate in just a thick diaper. Vincent told him how Cody humiliated him and everybody was calling him diaper boy. Also had girls slap his padded ass or pull back his pants waistband to give him a diaper check. He told Cody how much he loved diapers but it was supposed to be a secret. Now that it was out Cody's roommate decided it's time for some revenge. So he told Cody that now it's time teach him a lesson and that now they will becoming much more closer then just roommates. Vincent was now going to be Cody's master. Cody saw Vincent holding something his hands and then saw it was a chastity cage. Cody's roommate laughed then slowly started to attach the device to Cody's member. Vincent said from now on Cody will do what he says if he ever wants to make cummies ever again but unfortunately Vincent wasn't done with Cody just yet. He climbed on top of Cody then planted his diaper butt right infront of Cody's face. Cody then heard rumbling but it wasn't coming from his tummy. It was Vincent's tummy. Cody knew what his roommate was about to do. Vincent looked back at Cody and smiled then said "I made sure to have a big nice breakfast today. Some taco bell breakfast! Now your going to get a front row seat and get to take a nice whiff of my stinky butt". Cody begged for Vincent not too but it was too late. He heard a huge loud fart echo from Vincent's diaper then heard a big slush of mess enter the diaper. Vincent's diaper butt expanded getting closer and touching Cody's face. Then Vincent lifted up and said "smell the roses" then plopped hid stinky butt on Cody's face! Cody smelled the terrible odor coming from his roommates diaper. After smelling his roommates diaper. Vincent got up and then said "I got a special treat for you. Well two I should say so let's start with a nice warm enema. You better hold it in too. No going or il put my filthy dirty diaper around that head". Vincent grabbed Cody's legs and lifted them up and exposing his butthole. Vincent smiled "Here let me help lube it up" Vincent then tounges Cody's butthole making Cody squirm and get hard. Cody's hard dick strains against the cage and starts to precum like crazy from the rim job. "Daww looks like somebody loves their butt getting attention. If you love that you'll enjoy my toys but we can do that later time for your treat. Bottoms up" Vincent laughs sticking the enema inside Cody and then releasing all into Cody's tight ass. Cody could feel it filling up. He couldn't believe how real this was. He was a Dom not no sissy sub boy. Vincent then took out the enema and then could see Cody squirming. "Now now you better hold it in. Be a good boy for me. You can release it all out once we get your fresh diaper on" his roommate chuckled. Cody eyes widened and begged Vincent not to put a fresh diaper on him. Vincent smiled "hmmm ok fine I won't put you in a fresh diaper then if you say so". Cody felt relieved. Vincent then took off his messy filthy diaper and Cody almost gagged from how bad it smelled but then Cody noticed Vincent lowering the dirty diaper on the bed. And lifting Cody's legs in the air. In Cody's horror he saw Vincent place the monster filthy diaper underneath his butt. Cody then yells "Wait I don't want to wear yours! You said you wernt going to diaper me! Please don't do this!" Vincent then laughed "Well from your words exactly you said you didn't want to wear a fresh diaper. So im giving you what you want. Putting you in a "DIRTY" diaper haha". Vincent then lowered Cody's butt into his messy diaper. Then tapped Cody up. He then untied Cody and them lifted him up and planted Cody on his knee and bounced him just like a baby. So diaper slut how do you like my dirty diaper. Cody didn't say anything he was too grossed out from what was happening but something felt good. He couldn't help but moan. Something about the filthy dirty diaper felt so good. He couldn't explain why. He tried to not enjoy it but his dick strained and precummed more. He just started moaning more and more. "My my somebody really loves my dirty diaper. This is new. I was not expecting you to enjoy this so much. Btw Cody turn around and smile for the camera" Cody turned around and saw a friend of Vincent holding a camera aiming at him and his dirty pampers. Cody tried to cover his face but it was too late. Vincent laughed "Now lets see we got footage of you enjoy my poopy diaper and expressing it on camera. So here's the deal Cody! Your going to be my sissy diaper slut from now on. Every day after class I will diaper you up in a diaper or if your lucky my dirty diaper. And we will have lots of diaper play! If you don't do what I say then the whole school will see this video of you enjoy my dirty diaper! So do we have a deal?" Cody couldn't believe his roommate blackmailed him but he couldn't exact say no. So he agreed to the conditions of his new life to save his dignity. Unfortunately Cody felt a stranger sensation. He forgot about the enema that was given to him and held his tummy. Vincent noticed then said "oh perfect timing looks like you ready to add your own mess to your diaper. Well let's get you to the couch and get the camera set up. One video isn't enough. Got to have a backup just incase. But before that let me just quickly draw on the back of your diaper" After Vincent drew on Cody's diaper, he took him to the couch then Vincent put on his pup hood. And place Cody over his lap. Then the camera started recording and perfectly on time. Cody started to fill his already filthy diaper with his own stinky poo. The diaper surprisingly held it all. Then Vincent started to rub Cody's diaper butt squishing all the poo that was mixed against his butt. The mess started to move towards the front. And Cody started to moan from the rubbing. The camera captured it all even the drawing on Cody's diaper butt that said "diaper loading" with a bar half colored in with a 79% written under the bar. Cody couldn't believe that this was his new life now! He better be lucky that Vincent doesn't start making him wear diapers to class.
  4. Author's Note: This story will be my submission into Kasarberang's non-con contest! I strongly encourage you to go to his original post to see the rules and get a better summary of the expected content of this story. This is just the start of this story, but I hope to have it finished by the deadline for the contest, if not that, then the majority will be written in accordance with the guidelines. This chapter will only have hints of what is to come, but it is very sexually graphic. Please take this as a warning to those who do not like that kind of thing. It will get worse. Heed all my tags as I will be tagging all the relevant things for this story all at once rather than as the story progresses. Please enjoy! Boss Baby or Boss' Baby? : Chapter 1 “Here you go, Baby,” Miss Tammy said sweetly. Jesse blinked as his focus on his computer was broken and turned to Miss Tammy to see her holding a small plate with two donuts stacked on top. The workday had just started and he’d been sending out a few follow-up emails from the previous day when Miss Tammy approached. Seeing that she had his attention, she continued speaking. “I bought donuts for the office but I wanted to make sure you had some while they were still warm,” She smiled and set the plate down on the edge of his desk. “I also grabbed some milk for you.” She put the small bottle of milk right beside the plate. “Eat up!” Jesse’s eyes lit up. He didn’t often have breakfast in the morning, but he’d devour anything given to him by Miss Tammy. Miss Tammy was the supervisor over the whole department. A woman of 35 (her birthday had just passed– They sang to her with cupcakes in the breakroom.) with a strict standard but soft heart. She could easily portray the tough boss aura, but that disappeared as soon as she slipped on her trademark black cardigan and red reading glasses. Said glasses were perched on top of her head, the stems hooked into locks of blonde hair tied in a bun so that they didn’t fall. She must have left her cardigan in her office, Jesse noted as he stood up to hug her in thanks. He was shorter than her on a good day, but now, with her wearing her standard black heels, she was tall enough to tuck his head under her chin and nearly inappropriately close to her bust. “Thank you, Miss Tammy!” Jesse smiled. “That was really sweet of you!” “Oh hush,” She giggled, squeezing Jesse firmly before letting him go. “You know you’re my favorite.” The wink she followed the statement with had him returning the laugh. It was a running joke in the office that Jesse was her favorite employee because of the way she constantly doted on him. Jesse summed it up to being the youngest worker on the floor at just 21 years old. The next person older was Samantha at 25. It didn’t hurt that he leaned into the presumed special treatment by calling her ‘Miss Tammy’. The name was a bastardization of ‘Tammy’ the nickname the other supervisors called her, and ‘Miss Tamera’ the respectful title used by the rest of the floor. The first time he’d used it was an accident, but the resulting coo and sincere hug encouraged him to keep it up. “Oh! Before I forget,” She snapped, suddenly reminding herself of something. Jesse had since sat down at his desk and paused with half a bite of sugary glazed donut stuck in his mouth. “We are doing drug tests later on today starting after lunch.” The words made Jesse’s stomach drop. “W-What?” He stuttered. Miss Tammy carried on as if she didn’t notice his hesitance. “You know how the janitors found weed stashed in the cleaning supplies closet?” She waited for his nod before speaking, leaning against the wall of his cubicle. “Well, I told John,” John Scott, who was her boss. “That none of my employees would ever bring something like that into the building. I even told him that it was probably one of the new janitors!” That led her to a laugh, head tossed back enough that she had to catch her red reading glasses before they fell from her head. “But he was insistent that everyone on the floor get drug tested. Even IT down the hall is getting it done,” She sighed. “Uh,” He wiped the crumbs from his lip, not feeling so hungry any longer. “What happens if someone…fails?” Miss Tammy’s face took on a sad look. “John says they’re getting fired, but if anyone on the floor tests positive, I’ll make my case for them. I love my team so far, I’d hate to see anyone go.” “Yeah,” Jesse cleared his throat after his voice cracked, taking a sip of milk to rinse his mouth. “That would be bad…” “Mhm,” Miss Tammy spared a distant look at him before coming back to her usual chipper self. “But keep that between us, okay, baby?” The pet name a joke just as his own for her. “It’s supposed to be a surprise.” “I will,” He assured, turning back to his computer. He nearly felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead. “Thanks again for the donuts…” It’ll be the last donuts he ever receives from her, he’s sure. It wasn’t that he was a smoker. He wasn’t! It was just…a stupid party. That weekend was his brother Travis’ birthday and they’d all taken a camping trip to celebrate. It was a great time with swimming at the lake, roasting marshmallows, and grilling hot dogs that Jesse…well. The blunts were passed around before he could even register it. One ended up in his hand…Travis said he didn’t have to, of course, but the cajoling of his (older than Jesse) friends pressured him into taking a drag. The smoke was awful! Jesse was wheezing and almost felt like he would throw up, much to the amusement of the crowd. When the next blunt came around, he told himself he’d pass it down. But Amber, the friend of Travis’ girlfriend, grabbed him by the chin and shotgunned the smoke in the pantomime of a kiss into his mouth. The hoots and hollers of the crowd spurred him on passed the lesser coughs that came from the lungful. The rest of the night was spent in the company of family and friends alike. And each puff after was like riding a bike. It was the first time Jesse had ever been high…and it was the best weekend of his life so far. But now… He’d be fired! Dread settled so deep in his stomach that he couldn’t work on anything as the office slowly filled with people. Two hours passed, only one more til lunch and then his fate would be sealed. Jesse’s hands were clammy with sweat. Should he just leave? Pretend he was sick and go? That would only delay the inevitable. And Miss Tammy would know he was lying! She’d seen him just this morning. No…He had to tell her before it was too late. Honesty was the key. He wasn’t the one who left the weed in the closet, of course. She would know that! She’d believe his story and she already said she was willing to plead his case to John. Newly emboldened, Jesse shot out of his chair and nearly tripped over his wastebasket on his way to Miss Tammy’s office. He felt the sweat on his face cooling at his quick movements and didn’t even stop to think about what his coworkers would think. A few quick knocks on the cracked door and he barely waited for the “Come in!” before slipping inside and shutting the door behind him. Miss Tammy sat at her desk, glasses perched low on her nose, and her eyes widened when she saw him. “Jesse? Are you alright?” She asked with full concern and turned her full attention to him. “Sit! You look like you’re going to be sick.” Jesse took the seat in front of her desk with slumped shoulders. “Miss Tammy I screwed up,” He said weakly. Tears rushed to his eyes as the events caught up with him. “Baby,” She said softly, her bracelet scratching lightly against the wooden desk as she leaned against it. “Talk to me, what has you all ruffled? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s okay.” “It’s not!” Jesse gasped. “I’m gonna fail the drug test.” At the admission, he slumped forward with his elbows on his knees and sobbed. “I smoked this weekend. I’m going to fail! I’m so sorry!” “Woah,” She kept her calm tone, the sound of her chair rolling back cut through the air. “Take a breath, baby.” Her advice came soft as she walked around the desk. Jesse could see her bare feet where she’d taken off her heels in the privacy of her office. From the vantage point, he could also see a plastic wastebasket being positioned in front of him. If he finished those donuts, he most definitely would have been using it. A gentle hand rested between his shoulder blades and rubbed in circles soothingly. “Breath for me.” The breaths came shaky, but they helped slow the tears dribbling from his eyes and making dark spots on her grey carpet. Fuck, he was a mess. “I’m sorry,” He whispered again. “Don’t worry, baby,” She said immediately. “I don’t want to get fired!” He looked up finally, casting his blurry vision onto her face, mere inches away from his from where she leaned over. “I- I don’t smoke- It was just one time!” “I know,” She nodded. “I know you don’t smoke. You said it was a party. These things happen-” “I’m so sorry-” “I’m not angry with you,” She said for the first time in a firm tone, her brows furrowed and lips pursed. “I’m not, baby. I’m just worried you’ve worked yourself into this state.” Jesse’s lip quivered again and he watched her reach over her desk for a tissue. His hand reached up to receive it but was ignored in favor of her dabbing at his wet cheeks. His vision cleared up and to avoid meeting her analytic eyes, he stared ahead, only to flinch as he was rewarded with a view of her breasts. The seam of her bra was just visible in her hunched-over position. It felt like too long had passed before he realized he was looking down his boss’ blouse and his head jerked back up to look at her face, expecting disgust. But there was none. She was carefully mopping at his eyes to avoid poking him and pressed the tissue to his nose. “Blow.” Instinct took over and he blew into it, only feeling embarrassment at his own actions after she cleaned up his nose and tossed the tissue into the wastebasket. “Are you calm now?” She asked, positioning her hands on her knees and Jesse had to force himself not to peek back down at her cleavage. “Yes, Ma’am,” He nodded. “Good boy,” She purred. “Now come here.” Jesse found himself standing from his seat and being led around the desk to where Miss Tammy settled down in her own chair. He could see her heels tucked neatly under the desk and traced the path to her bare feet, up her shapely legs, to her her knees where her skirt was rucked almost too far up her thighs, and- Christ. At this angle he was able to see her breasts even better. The hem of her bra definitely peaking from the dip of her shirt now. Meeting her eyes, he blushed, seemingly caught. “You’ve been naughty this weekend,” She said with a sigh, one leg coming up to daintily cross over the other. “We have to figure out what to do about that.” Jesse frowned, worry creeping in. “I’m-” “Uh uh!” She tsked. “I’m talking, you listen. Understood?” “Yes, Ma’am.” Jesse nodded immediately. “Good boy,” The praise lifted his heart from where it seemed to have fallen right to the basement. “So,” She continued. “You were very naughty this weekend. You told me you were going to your brother’s birthday party, correct?” “Yes, Ma’am,” Jesse fought off the urge to elaborate. “And at this party you smoked weed,” Jesse’s eyes ducked to his feet guiltily. “And now I need to find a way to keep John from firing you.” “...Yes, Ma’am.” “Well, it’s a good thing you’re my favorite. Isn’t it, baby?” She chuckled. Hopefully, Jesse met her eyes, seeing a mischievous look peeking up from the rim of her glasses. A few seconds passed and he realized she was waiting for an answer. “Yes, Ma’am.” He found himself meeting that look with a small smile. “Now,” She rotated slightly back and forth in her seat. “I know how to save your job…but about what you can do for me as repayment.” Jesse blinked in surprise. Seconds ago, it felt as though his job hung by a thread. But now here he was with the reassurance he’d keep his job. Only with the added mystery of suddenly being indebted to Miss Tammy. Never did she ask for repayment for things. Whenever he tried to pass her money for the treats and things she’d give him, she always refused. But…he reasoned, she was saving his job. “I’ll do anything.” He swore. “Anything you want.” “Oh baby,” She laughed warmly. “You don’t want to tell me that.” “But I do,” He assured, crouching down, hell, nearly kneeling at her feet just to look up into her eyes. “You’ve done so much for me. You didn’t even have to tell me about the drug tests but you did. And- And,” He stuttered. “You’ve always treated me nicely. I’ll do anything to repay you for saving my job.” Her lips pursed in thought. “Anything?” “Yes! I’ll detail your car! Or pick up your dry cleaning! Hell, I’d scrub the floors of your house with my toothbrush if you asked me to,” He laughed at the image in his brain of him hunched fetal on what he imagined to be her kitchen floor. A flush overtook his face as he thought of her standing right in front of him. Towering and demanding as he worked hard to please her. “Take your pants off,” The words cut through his imagination. “What?” He asked, seeing her strict look once more on her face. “I said,” She spoke clearly but it might as well have been a yell in the quiet office. “Take. Your pants. Off.” Mouth suddenly dry, Jesse stood up. Was this really happening? It was a plot out of a bad porno, he was sure. He was dreaming! No way was his attractive boss demanding he take his pants off in response to her saving his job. “Well,” She quirked a brow and nodded to his belt. “Are you going to do it, or do I need to call John down here to start working on termination paperwork.” Jesse’s hands were on his belt the next second. His fingers shook as they fiddled with the loops and his cock already started to harden in his boxers. “M-Ma’am, Are we going to-” His question was halted as she suddenly shot forward and smacked his hands away from his belt. Her perfectly manicured fingers pulled at the belt until it dangled open. His pants slackened slightly on his hips. She didn’t stop there, unbuttoning his pants and sliding his fly down with ease. The pants pooled on the floor, his tented boxers left to hide his dick from his boss’ view. Her severe look didn’t change as she looked from his crotch to his face. Her legs uncrossed and her thighs parted. The skirt she wore rode higher on her thighs until he could almost see what color panties she wore. “Come here.” Jesse didn’t need to be told twice as he stepped into the space left between her thighs. His cock brushed against her skirt and would have left a smear of pre-cum had it not already been soaked up by his boxers. Jesse ducked his head to meet her lips, but found himself suddenly knocked off balance and turning. His fall was caught by the hard wooden desk and a firm hand came to press down on his spine to keep him from getting back up. “T-Tamera?” He asked in confusion only to feel a sudden sting radiate from his backside that startled a yelp out of him. His knees went weak but his weight was supported by the desk and hand holding him to it. “What did you just call me?” He heard Miss Tammy’s voice seethe in his ear. “Tamera?” Another sting brought out a hiss of pain. “Fuck!” Another SWAT. And he suddenly realized what was happening. He was being spanked! “Don’t you swear at me, boy!” Miss Tammy scolded. “You come into my office and beg me to save your naughty ass, you don’t get to swear at me.” “I’m sorry, Miss Tammy!” He gasped and yelped at another SWAT as it descended. The pain was fierce now. A sharp throb in his ass cheeks as she had been alternating which one she hit. “You’ve lost that privilege to, naughty little boy!” “Please!” He gasped as three spanks rained on his ass. How a hand as gentle and small as hers could create such force, he wasn’t sure. “I’m sorry!” “Tell Mommy how sorry you are,” Miss Tammy sneered. “Tell Mommy!” “I’m so sorry-” Three more spanks and Jesse felt his legs dance in place on the carpet. “Mommy!” The word was startled out of him as quickly as the blows stopped. A whimper tumbled from his lips as he anticipated another that didn’t come. “Say it again,” Miss Tammy’s gentle voice came once more. “Tell Mommy how sorry you are for being a naughty boy.” “I’m so sorry, Mommy,” Jesse’s lip quivered and he found himself dangerously close to tears once more. Air brushed against his red-hot ass and he rushed to continue before the blow came. “I’m sorry for being a naughty boy, Mommy!” “That’s better,” She sighed and the firm hand on his back loosened. He didn’t dare move though. “You like being my good boy, yeah?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse nodded, his hot face gaining relief from the cold surface of the desk. The hand on his back lifted and Jesse heard her sit back down. “Come here, baby.” Standing up and turning around, Jesse’s gaze dropped to Miss Tammy’s crotch. He had no idea when she’d taken her skirt off, but it lay on the floor near his pants. Her red lace panties were out on display for him to see. His eyes jumped from her pussy lips peaking from the thin fabric to her eyes staring at him intently. The red of her panties matched the red of her glasses, he realized. “Kneel right here for Mommy,” She pointed right between her legs and Jesse didn’t even register the burn of the carpet on his bare knees as he complied. This close, he could see where he slick was darkening the crotch of her panties. Could practically smell her arousal. His dick, having softened rapidly at the spanking, thickened up despite the residual throbs of his ass. “You took your punishment like a good little boy,” She commented and his eyes darted back up to see her smirking. Her thighs parted just a little more and her back bowed to push her hips closer to the edge of the chair. “Does baby like what he sees?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse nodded. Licking his lips. He could count on one hand the number of women he’d been with. And the things he did with them were mounting up to be laughably vanilla in comparison to this roleplay. He couldn’t say it wasn’t exciting even with how confusing it was. “Well,” She sighed and pushed her hips forward again. “Go on.” Needing no other invitation, Jesse found himself devouring the feast right in front of him. He pulled her panties to the side and with what he lacked in experience, he hoped he made up for in eagerness. Miss Tammy’s legs came to rest on his shoulders and her hand tangled in his hair. He didn’t know how long he ate her out, but he did so feverishly, chasing the slick from between her lips to the bud of her clit. Occasionally, he’d secure his lips in a suck around it, earning a sharp tug of his hair and an appreciative moan from Miss Tammy- Mommy. “Mommy’s gonna cum, baby,” She panted. If possible, Jesse redoubled his efforts. Digging his tongue deep into her folds til his chin was covered in her taste, he couldn’t help a mirrored moan with her as she pulled him close through her trembling orgasm. Jesse didn’t stop until the hand in his hair was pulling him away from her twitching cunt instead of closer. Her knees trembled on his shoulders. Rocking his own hips forward, Jesse felt his cock was begging for attention in his boxers. But when his hand reached down from where it rested against the outside of Mommy’s- Miss Tammy’s thigh to stroke himself off, her hand tightened in his hair once more. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself?” She scolded breathlessly. “N-No, Mommy,” Jesse whimpered, hand coming back to rest on her thigh. “That’s right,” She nodded and slowly slid her legs off his shoulder. She reached over and slid open her side desk drawer and pulled out a package of baby wipes. “Bring me my trashcan.” Slowly, Jesse stood up from his kneeled position and retrieved the wastebasket on the other side of the desk. Miss Tammy was using the baby wipes to wipe her pussy lips down and had since slipped her panties off. The panties remained in her hand when she tossed the wipes in the trash and she reached for his boxers. Thinking it was his turn to cum, Jesse helped her by shimmying them off, awkwardly pulling the fabric down past his shoes. He didn’t expect Miss Tammy to hold out her damp panties for him to step into, but when he looked into her eyes, she wasn’t bluffing. As he thought before, a seriously weird roleplay. But he couldn’t deny it was pretty hot. Before the panties were pulled up to his crotch, Jesse gasped as a cold wipe was pressed against his hard-on. “That’s it,” Miss Tammy smirked. “Shrink back down.” It took a few cold wipes before his dick was soft once more, although the thrum of arousal was still present. She pulled her panties up his thigh, his dick actually fitting in the small pocket in the front, although the fabric slid up the crack of his ass uncomfortably. “Put your pants back on.” She demanded. Jesse turned around, receiving a playful swat to his aching backside, and grabbed his pants from the floor. Miss Tammy helped him button and zip his pants and secure his belt once more. “Those will stay on for the rest of the day and you will come to my home instead of yours after work, understood?” “Yes, Ma’am,” Jesse spoke softly. “It’s Mommy whenever it’s just you and I,” She informed. “Understood?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse corrected and watched her slip her skirt back on and rebutton her blouse to hide her bra- wait…had she done that on purpose? “You’re free to return to work, baby,” She said in her usual professional tone. “Go on.” Jesse was stunned. That was it? Miss Tammy made a shooing motion with her hand and Jesse slowly shuffled to the door, the fabric of her panties digging into his skin teasingly. “See you tonight…Mommy,” He muttered and dipped out of the room. Taking a detour to the bathroom, not to take off the panties, but to fix his hair and wipe the cum from his lips. Just what did he get himself into?
  5. *Describe:* The story is about a boy who has a perfect sister and they make a bet that makes him have to deal with his baby and maybe sissy treatment Chapter 01 It was a beautiful day at the Hill house. The sun shone brightly in the sky, illuminating every corner of the small house. A not very large family lived there: a teenager called Parker and his younger sister, Aniyah. Parker was a young man of average height, not very athletic, stubborn and clumsy. He had a condition that forced him to wear Goodnites, which made him even more insecure. Aniyah, a beautiful, fun-loving girl, was the definition of perfection in person. She had excellent grades at school, a busy social life and was very responsible for her age. That day, the girls' parents planned to go out partying for several weeks, leaving Parker and Aniyah alone at home. The two siblings had an insane feud between them, as siblings often do. They were in the living room, arguing about who was the best at a particular activity, when Parker had an idea. "Aniyah," he said, with a mischievous smile on his face, "let's settle this once and for all. Let's have a competition!" Aniyah, always willing to accept a challenge, looked at him curiously and said: "A competition? I like the idea, but it's not a competition without a prize. What do you think?" Parker scratched his head for a moment, thinking about the possibilities. "Well, I have a few ideas," he said hesitantly. "We could put money on the line, or maybe the winner gets a week without housework..." Aniyah interrupted, shaking her head. "These ideas are silly. I have a better idea. The loser will have to obey the winner and do whatever he tells them until our parents come back. What do you think?" Parker looked at her, surprised by the proposal. He knew his sister was intelligent and a strategist, but he hadn't expected her to suggest something so daring. However, he didn't want to back down. "All right," he said at last. "I accept the challenge. Let the competition begin!" The brothers stared at each other for a moment, each determined to show off their skills and prove that they were superior to the other. They decided that the first competition would be a bike race to the local park. They both ran out into the yard, grabbed their bikes and positioned themselves at the starting line. "Ready... Go!" Shouted Aniyah, and the two brothers pedaled with all their might. Parker, although clumsy, was determined, while Aniyah showed her skill and grace on the bike. The race was fierce, with the two brothers fighting for the lead. However, on the last stretch, Aniyah managed to overtake Parker and crossed the finish line in first place. She let out a shout of joy, knowing that she had conquered the challenge. Parker was aware that he would have to start obeying his sister as soon as he woke up that morning. During the night, he had put on his Spider-Man Goodnites, one of the baby diapers his mother had insisted he wear. Parker hated the feeling of wearing those diapers, but he had no choice. When he woke up, Parker felt his Goodnites get wet, as usual. He pulled down his pants, revealing the faded Spider-Man print on his diaper. Parker got out of bed, feeling uncomfortable as he knew he would have to face Aniyah. He wanted to go to the bathroom to change, but before he could leave the room, Aniyah came in and intercepted him. "Looks like we've got a wet diaper down there," teased Aniyah, with a mischievous smile on her lips. Parker blushed instantly, feeling embarrassed by the situation. He tried to leave the room, but Aniyah blocked his way, reinforcing her authority. "Let's see the damage, that's an order," said Aniyah, with a tone of superiority. Parker, in a mixture of resistance and embarrassment, retorted: "I don't have to show you." Aniyah laughed, reveling in her position of power. "My forgetful little brother, remember? You lost the bet, now you do whatever I want." Parker bit his lips, feeling helpless in the situation. He knew he had no choice but to give in to Aniyah's desire. With a resigned sigh, he allowed Aniyah to come closer. She bent down and pulled up her pajama pants, revealing her wet Goodnites. "Very good, little boy," said Aniyah, with a childish tone in her voice. Before adjusting her pants, she made a playful gesture, as if she were two years old. Parker felt extremely uncomfortable with the situation. He wondered how far Aniyah would go in her new position of power. However, he knew that he was obliged to obey her commands, as per the agreement. With the Goodnites duly replaced and his pants pulled up, Aniyah finished: "Little boy, you're just wet." Want Parker felt a mixture of shame and frustration. He knew he would have to face more challenges and humiliations as long as he wasat Aniyah's mercy. Author note Hi, this is Lola I've had a hard time with my story about Abigail and her stepmother I lost her with more than 30k on Wattpad and I'm going to have to respond and I got discouraged it was hard here it's business as usual but I've created a way to support myself Subscribe Star and Kofi https://subscribestar.adult/lola-bunny https://ko-fi.com/lolabunny2rabbit
  6. Olivia is a young woman who has problems with her anxiety. Unable to take the stress of her job she quits. Landon is a young woman who, in may ways, is the polar opposite of Olivia. Confident and oozing sexiness she senses an opportunity. Dan is Olivia's husband and works in the same company. When he goes home to see his wife he is greeted by an unusual scene for most people. For Dan is was entirely expected. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Livy’s New Family By Elfy “I can’t do this!” Olivia was practically in tears, “I quit!” Olivia turned out of her now former boss’s office and hurried towards the women’s bathroom. She let out an involuntary sob as she pushed straight into the room and headed for a cubicle. She locked the flimsy plastic door and dropped on to the toilet. With her head in her hands she started crying, it felt as if she had let everyone down. Every moment since she had got this job had been hell for her and she just couldn’t cope. This had been a long time coming. Olivia had been struggling with the stress of her job as a paralegal pretty much since she started there a couple of years before but the last few months had been intolerable. The stress and anxiety had been building until it had erupted. It didn’t help that she had ADHD which seemed to only be made worse by the recent stresses. “Come on, Livy.” Olivia said as she took some toilet paper, “Get it together. What would Dan say?” Olivia had met Dan originally in college and it was like love at first sight. In truth, Olivia may not have been able to finish her education without Dan’s help and conversely Olivia had helped Dan when he went through law school after finishing his degree. They were married soon after college and then Dan got a job at this legal firm. When an opening for a paralegal came up Dan was able to put in some good words for her. It’s why Olivia felt like she had let her husband down, he had gone to bat for her and she had been a bad employee and now just wanted to run away. “Olivia?” A voice Olivia was familiar with came from somewhere in the bathroom. Olivia had hoped she had got into the bathroom without being seen. She stood up and opened the door to the stall. She stepped out and over to the sink trying to suppress the sobs that still rippled through her body. She looked into the mirror to see an acquaintance, someone who worked with her husband as a fully-fledged lawyer. At first she wanted to hide the fact that she had been crying but as soon as she saw herself she knew there was no masking the puffy red eyes or running mascara. Landon walked over and put her hand on Olivia’s shoulder. The two women could hardly have been more different. Olivia was naturally submissive. She was insecure and never felt like she deserved the job she had which probably greatly contributed to her anxiety. She was quiet and withdrawn, shy and nervous. Landon on the other hand was someone everyone gravitated to. She was confident, outgoing and, in Olivia’s opinion, sexy. “What’s going on?” Landon asked with a frown. “I just… quit.” Olivia sniffed and dabbed at her eyes with tissue. Landon remained silent as she continued rubbing Olivia’s shoulder. She was looking at the smaller woman but it was as if she wasn’t really looking at her, it was as if she was staring through her. Olivia watched her in the mirror. “What are you going to tell Dan?” Landon asked eventually. “I don’t know.” Olivia said as she dropped the tissue in the trash can and sniffed again, “He knows I’ve been stressed.” “I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do…” Landon said as she stepped back. “Thanks.” Olivia said as she picked up her bag. Olivia flashed a quick smile to Landon though it was one without any emotion behind it. She left the bathroom and started heading down the corridor to the cubicle that counted as her office. It only took a minute to sweep all of her things into a cardboard box and head down to the elevator. She was just about to press the button when she saw Landon hurrying down the hallway towards her. She looked sexy and in control even whilst running for the elevator, Olivia thought jealously. “Olivia, do you want me to tell Dan?” Landon asked as she drew near. “W-Would you?” Olivia asked. “Of course.” Landon smiled a little condescendingly, “I know these things can be difficult.” “Thank you.” Olivia said. This time her smile was a little more genuine. She dreaded telling Dan what she had just done and seeing the disappointment in his eyes. “No problem. Make sure you go home and have a good rest, alright?” Landon reached out to pat Olivia on the arm. Olivia stepped back into the elevator and pressed the button that took her down to ground level. As she slowly descended the floors of the tall building she had plenty of time to second guess herself. There was no doubt the job was causing her an awful lot of stress but should she have just worked through it? She hated that she couldn’t deal with it when everyone else seemed to be able to live with it just fine. Why was she so weak that she couldn’t do something as normal as work? By the time Olivia was back at her car she felt like she was on the verge of tears again. She left the car that she had arrived in with her husband and hurried to the bus stop. She needed to go home and relax before she had a complete breakdown. There was one thing in particular that really helped Olivia calm down and she was counting the seconds till she could get to her bedroom. --- Landon watched the elevator doors close with her well-practiced warm smile on her face. The moment they closed it changed subtly into a much more sinister grin. It felt like just the opportunity she had been waiting for ever since she had found out Dan was married. She waited a minute and then called an elevator of own. Instead of heading down to the ground floor she went up a level to where the lawyers had their offices. Whilst in the elevator Landon looked into the mirror and touched up her hair. She checked her make-up and quickly touched up her lipstick. She adjusted her clothes to push up her breasts and make them more prominent. All the subtle tricks she had learnt to get ahead in a male dominated environment. When the doors opened Landon stepped out and walked towards Dan’s office. She sauntered with one foot in front of the other causing her hips to sway, she smiled as the heads turned to watch her go past. She only had eyes for one man. “Dan?” Landon knocked on the open door, “Are you busy?” “I am.” Dan replied as he scribbled down some notes before looking up to the doorway, “But I’ve always got time for you. What’s up?” “I just saw your wife going down to the lobby with a box.” Landon said as she walked in and perched herself on the edge of the desk, “She wanted me to tell you that she just quit.” Landon watched as Dan seemed to deflate a little. He leant back in his chair causing it to creak slightly. He closed his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Landon studied the man, his chiselled bone structure and handsome features set him apart from nearly any other man in the office. He was intoxicating to Landon who wasn’t embarrassed to admit she had been lusting after him ever since she had first seen him. “I was afraid this was going to happen…” Dan sighed. “Trouble at home?” Landon asked as casually as she could manage. “No, no…” Dan looked back down from the ceiling with a disappointed expression, “Olivia has just been under a lot of stress recently. She’s been struggling to cope.” “The poor little thing.” Landon said with a sympathetic frown. “Olivia took on the majority of the household chores since I made a majority of the money.” Dan continued, “But recently she’s been falling behind. I’ve tried to help but I’m so tired after work. I’m afraid the house has become a bit of a mess.” “She has always seemed quite… sensitive.” Landon was secretly delighted about getting to gossip about Dan’s wife. “She struggles sometimes.” Dan said, “Normally we can get through it together but she’s been much more stressed recently. It’s one of the reasons I was hesitant to get her a job here in the first place. It’s not that I didn’t think she could do it, it’s just a tough gig for anyone, you know?” “Oh, of course.” Landon nodded her head, “It’s not the sort of thing just anyone can do.” “Exactly.” Dan nodded, “And after getting the Peterson case dropped on my lap this morning this is the last thing I need.” “Peterson case?” Landon said with raised eyebrows. “Yeah. Really complex and a lot of moving parts, a mountain of paperwork to sift through.” Dan sat back in his seat and massaged his temples. Landon nodded her head thoughtfully. The gears were turning and she was seeing an opportunity, a little crack that she could get into and push open. After saying her goodbyes she left the office and closed the door behind her. Instead of heading back to her own office she walked with purpose down the corridor. People hurriedly got out of the woman’s way, when she moved it was like there was a force-field moving people aside. Landon wanted Dan all to herself and that desire had only increased when she learnt that Olivia was an obstacle. No one stopped Landon from getting her way and she had started to plot and scheme against Dan’s wife. It had taken a pathetically small effort to get Olivia unsettled at work. As she had found out Olivia was hardly the most stable person to begin with. Landon knocked on the door of Mr. Myers. He was an older man who had started the law firm and still ran it as boss despite not dealing with any cases any more. He was a fount of knowledge with an encyclopaedia-like knowledge of law. Landon had been very quick to make sure she was on his good side as soon as she had started there. “Come in.” Mr. Myers’ voice was gruff unlike his appearance which was much more like a kindly old grandpa. Landon opened the door and stepped into the office. The furnishings inside made Mr. Myers’ office look more like an extension of his home. Stepping through the doorway made it seem like Landon was being transported to an entirely different building. “Hello, Sir.” Landon said as she closed the door behind her. “Ah, Miss. Hamilton, how may I help you?” Mr. Myers asked. --- Dan pulled his car up outside of his house. He tilted his head from side to stretching the muscles in his neck. He climbed out of the car and pulled his briefcase with him, it banged against his leg as he pushed the door closed. He pressed the button on his key fob and the lights flashed to let him know it was now locked. Dan loosened his tie as he walked up the garden path to the front door. It had been a tough day. The Peterson file that had landed on his desk was more complex than anything he had seen before. It seemed like there were at least a thousand pages of intricate legalities to sift through. It was a mountain that he would have to climb up by himself. Hearing that Olivia had quit her job, whilst not totally a surprise, had also put a downer on the day. Opening the front door Dan was met with the sound of children’s television coming from the living room just off the hallway. He put down his briefcase and took off his jacket. He grabbed the handle of the door and then paused to take a deep breath. He pushed the door open. “Daddy!” Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried over to Dan. Dan forced as much of a smile as he could manage for his wife as he wrapped his arms around her and patted her back. He had been almost certain this was the scene he would be returning to. He looked over Olivia’s shoulder and could see some blocks laying on the floor and a pacifier sitting on the table, more clutter adding to the general mess. Olivia was wearing a white t-shirt with pink denim pinafore dress. Her hair was in pigtails with little pink bows on the end and, as Dan’s hand travelled down her back, he discovered she was wearing regular panties. That was something of a surprise for him all things considered. “Hello Livy.” Dan said. Livy being the name Olivia preferred when she was being little. “Erm, Daddy, I have something to tell you…” Olivia let go of Dan and looked down at her feet nervously. “I already know.” Dan said, “Landon told me.” “I’m sowwy.” Olivia lisped childishly. “It’s OK.” Dan sighed, “Does Livy want nuggies for dinner?” Dan watched as Olivia looked up with a big smile and rapidly nodded her head causing her pigtails to bounce all over the place. Dan patted her on the head and then walked out of the room leaving Olivia to hop back on the couch and continue watching her cartoons. Many people might think this was an odd scene to come home to but for Dan it was normal. Very early on in their relationship Olivia had told Dan about her love of age play. She liked to pretend she was a child, sometimes she even went so far as to wear diapers but most of the time her little self was potty trained. Olivia liked to be called Livy when she was little and Dan became a sort of de facto caretaker for her. He didn’t usually mind since he knew it helped Olivia a lot but on days like that one it did nothing for his stress. When Olivia was extra anxious, stressed or in any way not feeling her best she tended to want to be little more and more. Dan enjoyed the “Daddy” role a lot of the time but on some days he would’ve preferred resting, Olivia was so cute when she was feeling little, it was hard to say no. Dan yawned as he slipped some chicken nuggets and fries into the oven. He looked for some plates but found they were all unwashed and in the sink. He sighed and sat down on one of the chairs around the kitchen table. When Dan and Olivia had moved in together and sorted out the dynamics of their relationship it was agreed that since Dan was the main breadwinner that Olivia would do a majority of the housework. This setup worked a lot of the time but recently things had started to slip. The chores weren’t being kept up with by Olivia who was much more likely to be sat with her toys than doing the dishes. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help out, it was more that she couldn’t. Dan knew about her mental health obstacles but knowing about them didn’t always mean it was easy to empathise after he came home from a long day at work to have to do chores all evening. Dan rubbed the back of his neck as he took a couple of minutes to relax and the heat of the oven filled the kitchen. The only sounds in the house came from the television in the living room. Losing the extra source of income wasn’t the biggest deal in the world but Dan did worry about his wife. Olivia had always been on the fragile side and he worried that leaving her job and spending more time as a little was a sign that she was not coping well. He was desperate to help but already felt like he was stretched to the limit himself. When the food was ready Dan got a couple of plates and dished it up. He placed the two meals on the table and then got two drinks, for Dan it was a small bottle of beer whilst Olivia had a sippy cup full of juice. He screwed on the pink plastic top and then went into the living room to retrieve his wife. “Livy, time for dinner.” Dan said as he poked his head around the door. Dan smiled as Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried out to meet him. She wrapped her arms around Dan and hugged him before letting go and almost running to the dining table. She looked adorable in her dress which bounced with every step to sometimes give a look at the pink panties underneath, Dan recognised them as being the ones decorated by princesses from various animated films. Dan walked back through to the dining area to see Olivia already sat on her seat ready to tuck in to her childish meal. As he walked past Dan reached over and gently patted his wife on the head causing her to become giddy. As soon as he sat down Olivia started tucking in to her meal. Olivia was the first to finish her food and was gulping greedily from her sippy cup as Dan ate the last few bites of his own. When he put down his knife and fork he sat back in his chair and sipped his beer with a sigh. With a finger and a thumb he rubbed his eyes and tried to de-stress from everything that had happened. “Are you OK, Daddy?” Olivia asked from across the table. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Dan gave a tired smile, “Just a lot on at work.” “Oh…” Olivia put her a finger up to her lip as if thinking about something and then slipped off her chair. Dan watched Olivia walk around to him and she sat on his lap sideways. They hugged for a minute before Olivia pulled back and gave Dan a kiss. Dan had to admit that no matter how stressed or upset he might be Olivia was always able to put a smile on his face. “Can I do anything to make Daddy feel better?” Olivia asked breathily. One of her hands ran down Dan’s chest. “And what did Livy have in mind?” Dan asked with a knowing smile. Olivia’s hand continued down Dan’s body until it reached his crotch. She smiled and then bit her bottom lip as she giggled. Dan knew that for Olivia there was a sexual aspect to when she was little, she enjoyed it and found it exciting and it wasn’t uncommon for her time as a little to include some very grown-up activities. “Shall we take this upstairs?” Dan asked with a grin. Olivia enthusiastically nodded her head. Dan smiled as Olivia hopped down and took his hand. She eagerly pulled him out of the room and towards the stairs. The sex was always great. Dan was naturally dominant in the bedroom whilst Olivia was naturally submissive, it made for great chemistry. No matter how tired Dan felt he could always find energy for intimacy. --- If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-83503962
  7. This little blurb was inspired by these memes that have been floating around the internet for quite a while: I love this kind of dynamic and I wanted to write something for it. Just a quick little thing. Hope yall enjoy! "I Love My Hot Goth Wife!" Brayden often answered the same question several times when he met new people. Not at first of course. He was, in his opinion, as normal as any country boy. But without fail along with the typical question of “Are you single?” he’d get the same question over and over. “No Ma’am,” He would say politely and go to pull out his phone. The lockscreen of said device was his favorite photo of him and his fiance Jade. And whoever asked would look at the photo, he’d watch their eyes widen, and they’d go “Her?!” Not maliciously! More out of surprise, he was sure. You see, he and Jade were the peak example of “opposites attract”. In the photo, Jade was a few inches taller than him because of her 6” tall platform boots. The boots themselves were black leather with silver metal buckles. Tracing up the knee high boots led to black fishnets with ‘artfully torn’ patches exposing large tattoos decorating Jade’s thighs. She wore a pair of tight black shorts with chunky metal spikes on the belt loops and one of his t-shirts cut into a tiny crop top that pulled tightly over her *ahem* well-endowed chest. Her hair was cut into a sharp bob and pushed behind her heavily pierced ears to show the dark black lipstick decorating her puckered lips. Brayden wasn’t a make-up expert, so he really didn’t know what all mascara or eyeshadow or concealer stuff she was wearing along with it. She looked mighty adorable to him, though. She completely upstaged him as he was wearing denim jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a ballcap with sunglasses. Jade was his goth queen, he often told people who truly didn’t believe him when he told them the truth. He loved her so much it was unspeakable. His friends liked to joke that he was a reincarnated “Gomez Addams” And she was his “Morticia”. That suited him just fine, and delighted her to giggles! _______ Of course, there was another reason why they fit so well together… Brayden unlocked the front door and stepped inside of the home he shared with Jade. He made sure after he kicked off his boots to put them on the coffin-shaped shoe stand Jade bought before announcing himself. “Honey, ‘m home!” “In the kitchen, babes,” Jade’s voice called from a distance. Brayden didn’t run but it was a close thing as he darted into the kitchen to see Jade making cookies. She wasn’t in her typical dark dress, choosing instead to wear one of his shirts and a pair of white lace panties and nothing else. His arms looped from behind her to wrap her in a hug. “I missed you so much,” he muttered into her hair. “Aw,” She cooed, stopping her mixing long enough to turn and pull him down to meet her lips in a sweet kiss. “I missed you too.” “What kinda cookies you makin’?” He asked curiously, reaching behind her while her back was turned to swipe a dollop of dough onto his finger and taste it. It earned him a swat on the rear, but it was worth it to taste the chocolate. “Double chocolate!” She said with a playful glare. “No poaching from my bowl!” “Oh, baby,” He turned up the charm, leaning closer to her to watch her face turn red at the attention. “I don’ gotta poach what I can ask nicely for.” He punctuated his sentence with a slow, deliberate look up and down her body. That, of course, earned him another swat. “That’s not on the table tonight, little boy,” she scolded. Feeling his breath kick up a bit, Brayden hummed. “So we’re still…” “Yes,” Jade smiled, nodding down the hall. “Why don’t you go get ready and I’ll finish up putting these in the oven.” Brayden didn’t need to be told twice as he nearly ran down the hall to their shared bedroom. Jade already had most of the supplies set out. Brayden stripped from his clothes and tossed them into the laundry hamper. He started with the booties as they were the easiest to slip on and lock. Next was the awkward bit. He took the bottle of lube left on the bed and slicked up three fingers. At this point in their relationship, he was well acquainted with playing with his ass. It was just awkward to do by himself with nobody watching. Especially since he wasn’t supposed to be ‘getting off’. He was supposed to be making way for the real fun. After using a provided back of baby wipes to clean his hand, all that was left was to put on his mittens. Those he couldn’t lock himself, but putting them on was enough. He’d just laid down on the white changing mat by the time Jade was strolling in with a plate in hand. Setting it down beside him, Brayden was able to see three bananas and four marshmallows on the plate. “There’s my baby,” She cooed. “All ready for his diaper.” Jade took a moment to make sure his mittens were locked before grabbing a pink patterned diaper that was folded up right by Brayden’s hip. He watched her unfold it and raise his bottom up with a hand positioned under his knee long enough to settle the diaper under him. Knowing the drill, Brayden propped his legs up on the edge of the bed to expose his newly prepped entry to her. Much to his embarrassment, Jade slicked up two fingers and slipped them inside. He tried not to squirm to much even as she curled them and he felt them brush against his prostate. “Oh, wow,” She smirked. “You’ve gotten yourself all ready for me. It’s almost as if you were expecting something.” “Mommy,” Brayden whispered out shyly. Jade only laughed. “I have exactly what you want, baby.” She reached over and plucked a marshmallow off the plate. Brayden watched her concentration as she slipped the cool marshmallow inside him. His eyes fluttered closed as the second one followed. Her squeezing of his thigh forced him to open them again as she positioned half of the first banana. “I’ll have to keep going, okay? I don’t want it to break. Just breath slowly just like Mommy taught you,” She instructed. “Yes, Mommy,” Brayden tried to say but was cut off as the banana was starting to slip inside. There was no break between the first half and the second half. She allowed him a moment to breath before she started on the second. He felt the pressure in his stomach grow and couldn’t stop the groan that left as the end of the second banana slipped in. “Can you handle more?” She asked softly. Brayden nodded. He knew he could. They’ve done this many times before. But it meant a lot to him that she’d ask anyway. The final banana as well as the two marshmallows slipped inside with little fussing. After wiping her hands of remnants, Jade made sure to powder him generously and tape his diaper up. The last thing they needed was a mess to clean up. Her favorite onesie came next. It was black with white trim and the words “Baby Bat” written on the front in white text. There was also a small cartoon bat on the butt. The leg guards of his diaper peeked out from the leg holes of the onesie, but he didn’t have time to think about it as she stood him up and led him out to the living room. A cartoon was queued up on the television and she sat him down on the floor on top of a soft, hand-sewn quilt. Her last addition to his outfit was a black spreader bar strapped to both his knees. He was helpless with no way to hide the incident that was going to occur soon. He watched her stand up from his position and set up her phone to record him on the coffee table. “Say hi to all your friends, Baby Bat.” ‘Baby Bat’ was his online persona. The persona that only those in the know of this little kink would know. He knew immediately that after it’s filming, this video would be posted to their shop and sold to hundreds of other diaper lovers, goths, femdoms, and who knew who else. “Hi friends,” He whimpered, hips shifting in discomfort. “Why don’t you tell them what’s gonna happen in this video, yeah?” She prompted. As was their usual formula. It was something she could clip and use as promo for their shop. And he knew exactly what to say. “I’m gonna mess,” He gasped, playing up his squirming for the camera just a tad. “Mommy put bananas and marshmallows inside of me,” He let out a long whine as if anyone on the other side of the screen could save him. “It’s so much.” She stepped into the view of the camera and used her foot to push up the spreader bar so that his knees were nearly to his chest. It made it hard to hold onto the food inside of him and she knew that. “That’s what babies do,” She lectured. “They mess themselves in their cute little diapers.” Her food left the bar, but he kept his knees up as she traced from the back of his thigh to his padded crotch. With the slightest bit of pressure, she stroked over his rapidly hardening cock. “Are you gonna mess yourself for Mommy?” “Yes!” He cried out. “I’m gonna poop in my diapers for Mommy!” Thus ended the promotional material. Jade bent down beside him to give a quick, reassuring kiss to his forehead before she stood and went to sit on the couch. “15 minutes baby,” She informed and pressed play on the video. The length of the episode was 11 minutes, he was sure. Squirming and whining (not so much for the camera anymore) Brayden tried to watch the cartoon. There were several false starts where he couldn’t help it and his ass gave way to a wet-sounding fart. Each time, Jade would come over and loudly proclaim him still clean and teased him with encouragement. The final moment came as the episode faded to black on the screen and the cramping in his stomach became too much. “Mama!” He begged. “I need to go poop…” “That’s what diapers are for, baby,” She came over and placed her foot back on the spreader bar. Brayden couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to. A loud squelching sound was heard in the livingroom, undoubtably being picked up on by the camera. Brayden’s lips parted in quiet sobs as he felt his mess being forced out of him and into the seat of his diaper. Jade’s eyes were on said diaper and he was sure she could see it expand outward as it was filled. The mess, with nowhere else to go, started to coat his scrotum and even move passed it to reach the front of his diaper. The texture of the bananas was mushy and chunky in equal measure. The marshmallows only add to his torture. Callously, Jade dropped his legs back down and he felt his mess squish even further around his privates. Brayden could only lay helpless when Jade reached down to pull open the snaps of his onesie. What followed was several minutes of verbal degrading and humiliation as Jade forced him to sit up, squishing his mess even further, and pose for the camera. His orgasm only came after being allowed to hump her foot and thank her profusely for allowing him to poop his diaper like a good baby bat. He was rewarded with eating her out, his messy diaper pointed at the camera, of course. When Jade stopped the recording, she released him from his bonds and led him to the bathroom for a quick shower while she pulled the cookies out of the oven. Eating said cookies with a cup of milk, Brayden couldn’t help but think about how much he loved her. Especially as she petted his hair as it rested in her lap. The television playing his favorite fishing competition show now.
  8. Meet Alice. An 19 years old college girl who, recently has been having some troubles with a slightly leaky bladder. Regular bathroom trips have frustratingly become the norm for her in recent times, as well as frequent sudden urges to go. Which when you're often stuck in a 90 minute class can be a problem.... The last thing she ever expected at her age was to be worried about peeing herself in class, it's the sort of thing she would of happily teased someone other unfortunate student for, but the reality is that the cute college chick now finds herself terrified that with her seemingly misbehaving bladder, she might end up doing what in her mind, would probably totally destroy her all so-important social life. Yesterday was the final straw. She had struggled with every fibre in her body to hold it until the end of class, trying desperately hard not to make her predicament obvious to the rest of her class, as she fought against her throbbing weak bladder. The only way she held it was to constantly remind herself of just how much it would ruin her life if she peed herself in front of everyone. Alice hated History any way, she didn't even know why she picked it. That stupid teacher Mr Slater would never let her leave from the moment the class started. Perhaps because of his perceived perception of her as being one of the more rebellious students in his class, which to be fair to him was probably justified. It was seemingly his way of trying to teach her some much needed discipline... The second her class was dismissed Alice literally ran down the hallway, barging past people. There were a few chuckles as some students noticed the pretty girl clutching between her legs. Eventually she made it into the girls toilets where she charged into one of the cubicles, however before she could even lock the door, or pull down her panties, her baby-like bladder decided to let go...... She stood frozen on the spot only a mere few inches away from the toilet , as if to add insult to injury, as she helplessly let out a huge gasp which was followed by a torrent of uncontrollable pee which gushed out from beneath her pleated skirt, quickly forming a large puddle which spread outside of the cubicle She felt like an embarrassed, un-potty trained child as the reality of what she had done set in, causing her make-up covered cheeks to instantly burn red. The puddle was huge, and there would be no mistaking what it was if someone came in and saw her stood there.. "No no no this can't be fucking happening" shouted the distraught girl as she looked at what she'd done, completely oblivious that she wasn't alone.... She soon heard some giggles from the stall next to her.....her heart instantly skipped a beat as a feeling of dread rushed through her....... In her desperate rush she couldn't believe she hadn't noticed there was someone in the next stall..... Whoever was in there obviously knew about Alice's accident. To be fair no one could of missed the sound of her pee hitting the floor though. It had been like someone putting a tap on full power and left it running for about 20 seconds... Looking down Alice almost died when she saw her accident had crept under the partition wall and into the cubicle the other girl was in...... Knowing now that the girl could potentially ruin her if she knew who she was, Alice, in a complete panic thought hard about what to do. Then she heard a voice.... "Oh dear looks like someone needs some pampers, did Mommy not put one on you this morning little one?" came the condescending voice of the laughing girl Alice fought hard to hold back the tears in her eyes.... Judging by the horrible rough voice the cruel words had been spoken in, Alice thought she recognised the voice as a girl called Lisa Phillips. This was bad news. She was a rather large girl known not to be backward in coming forward. Probably something to do with her own shortcomings, she wasn't afraid to try and bring other people down if she had a chance. If she found out it was Alice, she knew news of her accident would be common knowledge by tomorrow morning.... She decided that she now had two options.. 1. Wait it out until Lisa leaves and hope to god she doesn't wait for her outside or go and get her friends..... which knowing her would probably be extremely wishful thinking... Or 2. Just grab her bag and get the hell out of there before Lisa has a chance to come out of the cubicle and see her..... A concerned Alice examined her skirt realising to her surprise it was pretty much dry, and her shoes had also avoided being soaked. Visually she felt relieved there were actually no signs of her having just peed herself. She knew her expensive blue Victoria's Secret panties were obviously completely soaked, but no one need ever to know about that. She would just stick them straight in the washing machine when she got home. Suddenly, panic set in...........as she heard a click from the stall next to her. Meaning the cubicle door had been unlocked......... Without any time to think, Alice knew she had to act quickly. She grabbed her bag, swung the cubicle door open and ran, with her hands on her head to cover her face.... She bolted for the exit door trying to catch Lisa by surprise, who hadn't expected her to quickly run away. She managed to catch a glimpse of the running Alice from the side and back as she saw her dash for the door, with the girls hands trying to cover her face and her dark brunette coloured hair flying all over the place.... Alice quickly made herself disappear into the crowds, as the toilets were fortunately situated right by the college main entrance, and thankfully it was now home time, meaning what looked like half the college were either stood waiting for friends or headed home for the day.... Lisa charged out of the toilets hoping to get a better look at who the panty pisser was but felt disappointed to be met with nothing but crowds of students walking about.... The question is, did she, or did she not get a good enough look to know which college girl had just had a little pee pee accident?
  9. In an alternate world where female domination of cosiety is complete and men are forced into a submissive role Jack is trying to find his way. The eighteen-year-old was soon to go back to school and that means needing to get supplies. Even a simple trip to the mall can be fraught with humiliation.... --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- The Domination of Man By Elfy The world had changed a lot by the year 2060 but not in the way many people thought it might. All the usual issues remained in the world but a new and unexpected problem had quickly risen to the top of the agenda all over the globe. The changes were most evident at meetings of the UN or other international organisations, if you scanned the images you would find something seemed different but it might take a few moments to work out what. A long-term scientific study involving the top minds around the world had made a startling discovery which fundamentally changed how the world worked. They found that males were developing slower than female people in the same age range and in the same place. Physically, emotionally and mentally male people were falling increasingly far behind. It started a debate that raged on and on, it almost ended up tearing society apart. The difference between the two genders quickly widened. The scientists urged calm and told people that males should avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible because it seemed to make the situation worse. Women took the advice to heart and a small group of them started to make sure their boys didn’t get stressed wherever possible. They started at the very beginning and refused to toilet train their children, the idea being that males should have as little as possible to think and worry about. It started small but quickly started growing as it got more and more attention. These mothers were helped by studies that showed that these boys were indeed performing a little better than their toilet trained classmates, though they were still at a significant disadvantage compared to girls. Men don’t like being told they are inferior but eventually it became nearly impossible to deny what the scientists had insisted was true. Society changed rapidly and irreversibly, what had been a patriarchal society started to shift to a matriarchal one. It was like a snowball, as soon as the changes started to happen they snowballed out of control. In America it started with the overdue election of a female president. She was elected on a platform of recognising the scientific studies and promising to alter the world for the better. It got significant support and it was followed by Congress and Senate elections that produced big female majorities. Both sides of the house endorsed the studies and were prepared to make changes. As women started wielding more and more influence and power they started to change laws and strategies. For the most part these changes didn’t cause much problem but a very controversial strategy was adopted and publicised by the female administration that a lot of people didn’t like. When it became clear that boys who weren’t toilet trained were performing better the president decided to actively advise more parents to go this route. Time went by and more studies were conducted which only reinforced previous results and even suggested going further to change society. Men were forced into increasingly subservient roles in society and women took the roles that men were forced to vacate. Once it was estimated that around fifty-per-cent of the male population was either not toilet trained or had females who wished they weren’t it seemed fitting for the government to pass laws reinforcing this. There were a steady stream of laws that aimed to marginalise males including laws that made it a requirement for all males to wear protection when in public. From birth to death many men would feel no underwear except for diapers. There was the expected backlash from the few men who had any control but it was easily silenced and overpowered. The truth was that by this stage most males had come to accept this position, or at the very least they had their resistance whittled down. Society had essentially flipped around from a century earlier. With all the laws in place and society accepting that men were inferior to women it became harder for males to get jobs. With women becoming the main breadwinners more and more men were staying at home to look after children, prepare the meals and clean the house. The law forcing males into diapers had come into force right as summer was starting and now a whole slew of students who had never had to wear diapers to school previously were preparing for the embarrassment that was coming. Jack was one of these students. At eighteen-years-old he had never been forced to wear diapers until the law made it an absolute requirement. Jack had grown up in a society of female domination and he was used to it, his younger sister was considered his superior despite only just starting her freshman year of school. From the moment she had been born she was treated as more of a grown-up than Jack. The fourteen-year-old girl, Alice, always got her way. When the law had first been passed Jack had hated the very idea of diapers. He had seen many other men and boys forced to wear them and they always looked so embarrassed and ashamed. Jack spent three weeks refusing to leave the house before he started going stir crazy. Eventually he had been forced to go to Sarah, his mother, to ask for diapers so that he could go outside. It had been the most embarrassing moment in his life up to that moment. Three weeks after that first diaper Jack was now sat in the backseat of the family car with the now familiar padding wrapped around his crotch. His mother and sister occupied the front two seats and they were just pulling into the shopping mall parking lot, they were grabbing supplies for school along with a lot of other families. Jack stared out the window as he watched hundreds of stationary cars passing by. When the family had finally found a spot Jack was the last to step out. He looked around nervously and was still not at all comfortable with being outside in the diaper. “We have plenty to get.” Sarah said as she started glancing down a shopping list, “Jack requires a lot of new things for the new year.” Jack winced as he walked around the car to where his sister and mother stood. The thick padding of his diaper forced his legs further apart and he was still not used to it. He was grateful though, at least he was dry because he was very aware that wet or messy diapers made it a lot harder to walk. He knew his opinion didn’t matter so he remained quiet and followed his family into the mall. “Mom, some of my friends are already here.” Alice said shortly after walking inside and checking her phone, “Did you want to give me some money and I’ll go off and do my own thing?” “You know I usually wouldn’t mind but I want you with me today so we make sure we don’t miss anything that you need.” Sarah replied. Jack stood silently. He had friends here as well but he knew better than to ask to go off and see them. Despite being older than Alice he was never allowed to go somewhere without female supervision, few males were allowed such privileges these days. “Can I at least see them after we’re done?” Alice asked with the merest hint of annoyance. “Of course.” Sarah replied, “Now come on, we have a lot to get.” Jack looked around as he walked through the mall. He had seen videos and pictures of life before the changes to society and although much remained the same a lot had changed. There were far fewer male orientated stores. Males with disposable income were few and far between so even the shops selling male clothes or equipment were more catered to attract the eyes of the women who would be spending the money. It was not unlike how toy shops sold their wares to kids but had to convince the adults to pay. Jack saw men doing all the menial jobs whilst women in suits walked around with phones clutched to their heads and briefcases in their hands. As Jack looked around he saw a boy who had to have been around his sister’s age standing next to a woman on a bench. This person who Jack assumed was the boy’s mother sniffed the air around her for a second before leaning over to her son. Jack watched the child’s face wince as his mother pressed the back of his shorts against his body. Shortly afterwards the woman stood up looking slightly annoyed and escorted the boy towards the restrooms. “Jack, how’s your diaper?” Sarah asked loudly. The question made Jack blush and Alice giggle. It may have been common to see diapered boys and men everywhere but Alice found Jack’s embarrassment particularly funny. The worst part for Jack was that he couldn’t respond to his sister, to do so would only invite punishment. “It’s… Fine.” Jack replied. “You know what I mean…” Sarah sighed in exasperation, “Do you need a change?” “No.” Jack replied quickly but firmly. As Jack followed his snickering sister into a stationary store he remembered back to before he had been forced to wear diapers. It already felt like so long ago, he never realised he had taken boxer shorts for granted until he watched his drawer of them get replaced with disposable diapers. Asking for those first few diaper changes was difficult as well. Jack had eventually been forced to relent and wet his diaper for the first time, he went downstairs as soon as he was finished and stood in front of his mother and sister. He tried to be as dignified as possible but when asking for a diaper change there is only so much you can do. By the time Jack was following his family around the mall he had gone through a lot of diapers. Even though the law technically said he only had to wear diapers in public he found he was often kept in them at home as well, he didn’t like it but he had no option but to acquiesce. “Alice, you just need the standard school things.” Sarah said as she looked at her list, “Pens, pencils and all that stuff.” “What about Jack?” Alice asked. Jack didn’t like how much of an interest she was taking in this new situation. “He needs a bunch of stuff.” Sarah replied, “We’ll get his specialty things and then sort the standard stuff out afterwards.” Jack followed his mother and sister through to the back of the store. There were a lot of students of all ages hanging around this area, most of them looked embarrassed to be seen in this situation as their female companions measured them and picked out the clothing they needed. Jack could see that some of the males were very obviously padded whilst others were much more subtle, Jack wondered how obvious his own diaper was underneath his pants. “Damn, I knew I forgot something before we left.” Sarah said as she looked around, “I need to take your measurements.” “OK?” Jack replied, “You can just do that here, right?” “Yes but I want to make sure I get it right.” Sarah said, “I’m going to need you to get undressed.” “Undressed!?” Jack exclaimed as he felt a sudden chill go down his spine, “Can’t you measure over my clothes? Please, I don’t mind if the clothes are a little big, don’t make me get naked.” Jack’s desperate pleading was quiet but it couldn’t help but be overheard by some of the people around them in this busy area. Jack could see guys looking at him with pity but no one dared to speak up, the males were all far too cowed to argue. Jack felt himself tearing up a little, he kicked the floor nervously. No one else was having to get stripped down and many women seemed happy to do measurements over the clothes. “No one else has to take their clothes off…” Jack continued in a whining voice that didn’t seem to match his eighteen-year-old body. “Jack, are you talking back to me?” Sarah said crossly. Jack was in a lose-lose situation. He had his mom standing over him with warning flashing in her eyes and his sister stood behind her smirking as she enjoyed the embarrassment her brother was forced to go through. Alice had taken to the matriarchal society like a fish to water, she truly believed she was superior to all men and it showed. Jack let out a low whine as he slowly lifted his t-shirt over his head. When his head emerged out of the bottom of the shirt his face was bright red. Jack was thin and not particularly strong, he didn’t particularly like showing his body off like this and he put his arms across his chest to try and protect his modesty. When he looked down he could clearly see the papery waistband of his diaper poking above his pants. “Come on Jack, we don’t have all day.” Sarah said crossly. Jack looked around the room again and saw many people were looking his way. He closed his eyes tightly and grabbed his waistband, he slowly pulled it down revealing the plain white diaper underneath. He tried to tell himself that all the boys here were diapered but it didn’t help much when his one was the only one visible. Jack was made to lift his arms out to the side as his mother leaned forward and started measuring him. Jack was ordered to keep his eyes forward which meant he was looking at Alice whose superior smirk didn’t help him feel any better about the situation. He could feel that his bladder was full but there was no way he was going to wet himself when everyone could see his diaper like this. As Jack stood as still as possible with his arms out like a scarecrow he looked at the other people around the crowded area. He could see women walking around with piles of clothes and female employees running around everywhere trying to fulfil everyone’s orders. Jack didn’t know what clothes he had to get, males weren’t generally told anything more than they absolutely needed to know even if it affected them.
  10. Tristan Stone was a lot of things a slayer of dragons, rescue of princesses, courageous, slayer of the evil and breaker of hearts of young maidens everywhere, yes he was brave, daring, cunning and most of all very good looking, yes his exploits and adventures were world renowned or at least that's what he would tell anyone at the local tavern. Truth be told while Tristan was a knight and he was very good looking, the problem is all his adventures and exploits were lies he never slavered a dragon or fought an evil Warlock, while he was cunning he was also tricky, vain, arrogant and selfish. His achievements he had stolen from others thanks to many tricks like a potion to erase someone's memory of the last 5 hours, or waiting for the real hero to weaken the monster get killed and then attack the creature from behind or just sneak in while the creature was distracted to rescue the princess and steal the sacred treasure, yes Tristan Stone was a terrible and the worst example of a knight. So when a bounty for the death of a powerful mysterious sorceress and her powerful ogre, Tristan couldn't resist especially when the promise was to be made King when the job was completed. Tristan had set out with his bag of tricks potions, explosives and traps, his plan was to trick the ogre which he knew for a fact ogres were stupid, then poison it making it go wild and unruly before running away and watching it as it destroyed the cave where it's mistress lived before causing a cave in with explosives and before getting proof and running back to the king for his reward.
  11. Would love to do a roleplay slightly based off a video I watched. This guy was diapered and breastfed forcefully by two girls but I would switch it up and have it being a girl with two other girls. I will be playing the one that's babied and I will play one of the girls. My character is gonna be a highschool student at a college sorority party and two students find out that my character is in highschool not college. So to teach her a lesson about going to a party you weren't invited to and because she's young, they pull her into a private nursery and force her to be their baby.
  12. I'm very happy to present the first part of a new commission and a sequel to "Subliminal Baby" (found here: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/54377-subliminal-baby/) This is a commission. If you would like a commission feel free to send me a message and we can discuss ideas and see if we can come up with a great story. --- Subliminal Baby 2: Steven’s Regression By Elfy “Please! Mom, please!” Steven pleaded as he was pushed down and held there by Karen. Steven had turned into a babbling mess. His tears and snot mixed together on his face as he breathed deep, shuddering breathes. He watched with fearful eyes as his mom effortlessly held the scrawny boy down whilst reaching over for the supplies that had so often been used on Ritchie. Looking to the side in between tears, Steven could see Ritchie sat on the floor in obvious confusion. His messy diaper was stinking up the whole room now and he looked decidedly uncomfortable, his discomfort was definitely taking second place behind his confusion though as he frowned and watched his brother on the changing table. “It’s a bit too late for pleading, boy.” Karen said dispassionately. Her face had hardened and it showed no emotion as she got all the needed supplies and placed them on the changing table. Steven struggled and pulled against his mother’s strong grip. This had to be a nightmare, he thought, there is no way this could possibly be happening to him. He started hammering his fists and feet against the table. The loud noises and struggling seemed to be upsetting Ritchie who, still very confused, started crying as well. “Oh, for Heaven’s sake…” Karen said in response to her two boy’s wailing, “Steven, you had better settle down right now if you don’t want to stay in this nursery for good. Don’t forget, those files on your computer is enough to tell the police about.” Steven’s eyes flew wide open and he shook his head but immediately stopped trying to fight back. He laid still and got his crying under control, he just sobbed rather than wailed as Steven felt his mom undo his pants and pull them down. She followed that up with Steven’s underpants and left Steven naked from the waist down. The heat in the room seemed to rise as Steven felt himself getting sweaty and red in the face. He felt intense embarrassment at being left exposed on the table like this, the only good part was that Ritchie couldn’t see anything whilst sitting on the floor and his mom had no reaction to seeing her son’s private area. As his mom unfolded one of Ritchie’s disposable diapers, Steven felt himself cringe. The reality of the situation was still dawning on Steven; he couldn’t believe that the diaper he was looking at would be put on him. It seemed impossible that this could possibly happen. Steven felt his legs lifted up and ben over his head. It was uncomfortable but he was only in that position briefly as the diaper was placed underneath him. Once the diaper was in place, Steven’s legs were lowered on to the diaper and Steven immediately noticed the difference between the soft padding of the diaper and the table underneath it. Forcing himself to lay still he felt the front of the diaper pulled up between his legs. Everything about this situation was horrible and made Steven want to run away but he knew that if he moved a muscle it would be very bad for him. As the tapes were placed on the diaper, making sure it was tight around his waist, Steven knew the battle was over. After so much work to get Ritchie into diapers, Steven was now in them through no other reason than he got greedy and wanted to make his brother suffer more. All of a sudden, all that effort and work that Steven had put in to making Ritchie a baby seemed like the worst decision he had ever made. Karma was hitting Steven in the ass extremely hard. Karen lifted her younger son off of the table and placed him on the floor. Steven stumbled slightly, he wasn’t used to being lifted like that, before he tumbled down on to his thickly padded rear. He was still sniffing and sobbing as his mom threw a teddy bear to him to comfort him. Her face still betrayed the negative feelings she felt for Steven at that moment. Steven knew that he had destroyed the trust they once shared, he felt awful but he felt worse for himself. Steven wasn’t sorry for what he had done to Ritchie; he was sorry he had been caught. Despite himself, he took hold of the fluffy teddy bear for comfort. Karen reached down and lifted her older son on to the table. Her hard face softened with sorrow as she laid the messy boy down and started removing his heavily used diaper. Ritchie babbled happily as Karen took a handful of wipes and began to clean her son’s extremely dirty diaper area. “Why Steven in diapie?” Ritchie asked his mother confused as he was thoroughly cleaned. He couldn’t see from the table that his words caused his older brother to noticeably flinch. “Honey…” Karen tried to think how she could explain everything that was happening to his brother in terms Ritchie could understand, “Steven made this happen to you. He made you need diapers, and until you get out of them, he will be in them with you.” “He… made this happen?” Ritchie asked confused. There was a small tremor in his voice that betrayed how hurt he felt. “Yes, sweetie.” Karen said as she continued to deal with Ritchie’s messy rear, “But I promise. We are going to get you better, OK?” Ritchie seemed lost in thought but gave a small nod. Karen flashed a smile that faltered very quickly as she lowered Ritchie’s legs back to the table on top of a new diaper. Her smile had faltered because Ritchie’s overexcited tool had quickly grown to full size. She scowled slightly and looked at Steven who was still sobbing to himself on the floor and staring at his new diaper. Karen knew that these reactions were a result of the messaging. With a sigh Karen covered Ritchie’s manhood with the front of the diaper and taped it on tightly. She smiled as Ritchie sucked his thumb and smiled back. Karen had to admit that she missed these moments, there was an intimacy in a mother changing their baby’s diaper that she wasn’t sorry to be able to have again. The situation was far from ideal of course, but she couldn’t help her motherly feelings flaring up. “Mom, I’m… I’m sorry. Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t make me live like this.” Steven was still tearfully sobbing as he looked up and made his desperate plea. “Don’t make you live like this?” Karen repeated incredulously, “If you didn’t want to live like this, you shouldn’t have made someone else live like this. You may have learned your lesson but your punishment is only just beginning.” Steven shuddered and his sobs got a little harder as his mom rounded on him. “I’m not going to use any kind of subliminal messaging, I’m not going to hypnotise you, I’m not going to use any of the despicable tricks you used…” Karen said with venom in her voice, “But when all this is over you will be in Ritchie’s place. When Ritchie is back to normal… We will revisit your position.” Steven couldn’t respond to this. He just started bawling again whilst Karen shook her head in disgust. She was sure Steven would have plenty to cry about before all this was through. Once Ritchie’s diaper was securely placed, Karen lifted the boy down and pulled a pair of shorts up his legs. The shorts were not particularly concealing but it didn’t seem like Ritchie particularly cared. He seemed more interested in Steven whom he clearly now felt like an equal to. Karen threw Steven a t-shirt and told him to put it on. It was baby blue in colour and looked like a larger replica of something a toddler might wear. “Right, let’s go sort out dinner.” Karen said to her two sons. She reached out her hands, one to each boy. Ritchie eagerly grabbed the hand offered to him with a smile. Steven just looked at his mom without moving. “Aren’t… Aren’t you going to give me something to cover my… My… Oh, you know.” Steven said in exasperation. He really didn’t want this diaper to be on display to the whole world but he couldn’t quite force himself to say the word. “It’s your diaper.” Karen explained to her younger son as if he didn’t know what it was really called, “And no. You don’t need to cover it; it will make it easier for Mommy to see when you need changing.” Steven shuddered about the possibility of both using his diaper and being changed but he accepted his mom’s hand all the same. Together, the three of them traipsed down the stairs and into the dining room. Steven automatically started moving towards his usual seat but was stopped by his mom. Steven turned to look at her in confusion and saw her pointing to the high chair next to her seat. “No way! This is stupid.” Steven decided that enough was enough, he had learned his lesson, it was time to put a stop to this. He put his hands on the tapes of his crinkling underwear. “Stop.” Karen said very quickly, “If you pull that diaper off I will be straight on the phone to the cops. Don’t try me, I have all the evidence of what you did.” Steven removed his hands slowly and, with a bowed head, he walked to and climbed into the high chair. He knew he couldn’t argue, and there was no way he was going to call his mom’s bluff on something like this. With a satisfied smile, Karen walked over and snapped the tray into place. The tray’s release was in the back of the seat and Karen was fairly certain that without someone releasing him, Steven would be stuck. The seats at the table were set up with Karen’s seat in the middle and the two boy’s seats either side of it. “I will be back with dinner shortly, you two play nice.” Karen warned them as she departed into the kitchen. She gave Stephen an extra hard stare before leaving as if to emphasise what she said. Steven couldn’t get over the padding around his crotch. He was despondent to be sat in this baby seat like this. He noticed that Ritchie, someone who was a baby mentally got a regular chair, it said a lot about Steven’s place in the family. He subconsciously stuck his bottom lip out in an annoyed pout. Perhaps even worse than the chair, Steven could feel his bladder starting to ache. The prospect of what that meant made him shudder. Despite everything Steven felt like he still had his dignity, using his diaper would be a quick way of losing it. He hadn’t lost hope that he could talk his mom around, however it was looking increasingly unlikely with every fresh humiliation. Ritchie meanwhile was looking at Steven with a strange look. Steven started to wonder just how long lasting the effects of the messaging would be. Steven hoped it was less effective than he had previously thought, the sooner Ritchie got back to normal the sooner Steven could get out of these diapers. On the other hand, Steven knew his brother would make his life hell when the effects wore off. He didn’t even want to consider the possibility that the effects may be permanent. Steven again wondered why he had got so greedy. Why hadn’t he stopped at bedwetting? Why had he been so stupid!? “Here we go.” Karen re-entered the room with a tray full of plates and glasses. She had been gone for some time and both boys were getting a little restless, especially Steven whose bladder was starting to ache more and more. Karen placed the tray on the table in front of her seat. She picked up a plate full of fries and burgers that made Steven salivate wildly and placed it in front of Ritchie. She took a similar plate for herself which was when Steven realised there was no plate for him. Karen also had a glass of water for herself and a sippy cup full of apple juice for Ritchie. Leaving the room again, Karen returned a couple of minutes later. As soon as she came into view of Steven he felt his stomach drop. Steven watched as his mom placed on the highchair tray a small bowl for of an unappetising mush. Steven didn’t know for sure but he was fairly certain it was baby food. Next to the bowl was a baby’s bottle full of milk. “Come on, Mom…” Steven whined, “You can’t expect me to eat this!” “I can, and I do.” Karen replied. She sat down in her own seat and munched on a few chips. “Ritchie, I want you to be a big boy here, OK?” Karen said with a smile to her older son, “Do you think you can try feeding yourself?” Ritchie looked a little concerned at the task ahead of him but he nodded and smiled. Grabbing a handful of fries and shoving them into his mouth, Ritchie made a bit of a mess as half the fries tumbled out of his mouth. Ritchie gave his mom a big grin. “Good enough…” Karen said to herself as she turned to Steven. Taking the spoon, she had brought in with her, she dipped it into the baby food and raised it to Steven’s lips. “Open up for the choo-choo train!” Karen said excitedly. Steven didn’t move a muscle, instead he just scowled at his mom. Even if he wasn’t getting the same dinner as the others, he didn’t need to be spoon fed. “Come on now, Stephen.” Karen said warningly, “The harder you make this, the harder this will all be for you.” Reluctantly, and against his better instincts, Steven opened his mouth and allowed his mom to shovel in the tasteless mush. He had to fight against gagging as he swallowed it as quickly as possible, the longer it stayed on his tongue the worse the taste got. Ritchie grabbed the sippy cup and with a look of intense concentration he slowly raised it to his face. He managed to successfully drink from the toddler cup even though some of the juice escaped from the side of his mouth. He looked very proud of his accomplishment when he lowered the cup. One spoonful was followed by another, and then another. It just kept going as Steven desperately tried to swallow down the horrible, lumpy food. It was only made worse when his mom paused in the feeding and Steven saw her and his brother eating such a tasty meal. “All done!” Karen eventually said when the bowl was empty, “What a good boy.” Stephen wasn’t listening, he just grabbed the baby bottle and without even hesitating he shoved the teat into his mouth. He didn’t care how much he looked like a baby with the bottle, he just wanted that disgusting taste out of his mouth. About halfway through the bottle, Steven’s aching bladder finally started losing its battle. Steven twitched slightly as he felt a jet of hot liquid squirt out of his body and into the thick padding. Trying to squeeze his bladder muscles proved fruitless and the floodgates opened. With little control, Steven began soaking his diaper. As the milk was sucked in at one end, hot urine was shooting out of him at the other. Blushing a deep red when he saw the others watching him, his primary concern was just to get the horrible taste away. He downed the whole bottle in one go with ease as he really was desperately thirsty. The other two could not see him wetting himself but he still presented quite the sight with the bottle. Finally, Steven’s bladder finished emptying itself and Steven felt the very curious sensation of warm wetness spreading all throughout the diaper. It wasn’t as unpleasant as Steven thought it might have been but it was humiliating in the extreme. Even worse, he knew that his accident would soon be discovered, as soon as his mom and brother saw what he had done he couldn’t hope to convince them he didn’t need this treatment. When all three had finished eating and drinking, Karen lifted Ritchie off of his seat and down to the floor. She slipped a finger inside the waistband of his diaper and felt a little dampness but nothing that needed attention right away. Next, she turned to Steven. She turned the high chair around so that instead of facing the table it was facing her. Immediately she was presented with Steven’s wet diaper directly in her face. She raised her eyebrows and looked up to Steven who couldn’t maintain eye contact. She knew he was wet; couldn’t she just get on with it. Steven looked away from his mom’s knowing smile. It was too humiliating. Being fed was one thing but when he openly flooded his diaper it made it feel like giving up, like proving his mom right. What better way to show you belong in diapers than using them? “Let’s get you both upstairs.” Karen said with a smile, “You two can play together.” Karen unlocked Steven’s tray and lifted him down from the high chair. She didn’t bother checking his diaper since it was clearly wet. Taking both her son’s hands she led them back upstairs and into the nursery. The air was full of crinkles as both boy’s underwear reacted to each and every step. It was music to Karen’s ears as she reminisced over when her sons were still babies and she knew the sound would be embarrassing Steven greatly. Karen couldn’t help but smile when she saw Steven’s forlorn expression. He looked out at the toys on display without interest and then looked at Karen with a look that just begged to be allowed to go back to his bedroom, to forget all this had happened. “You boys play nice.” Karen warned as she let go of her kid’s hands, “Look after each other.” “Wait!” Steven called out as Karen was about to close the door, “Aren’t you going to… Change me?” Karen smiled as Steven winced and looked at the floor. She could tell how hard it was for Steven to ask that question. “I think that diaper can last until bedtime.” Karen answered, “You will be fine.” Karen stepped out and closed the door. Heading downstairs, Karen started to do some cleaning. She suddenly had an idea for the next day, an idea to show Steven his place, an embarrassing punishment to help “break” Steven and regress him. She grabbed the phone, rang a number on her speed dial and held it to her ear with a malicious grin.
  13. This story takes place in a world where women are significantly bigger and stronger than men Daniel is a workaholic who really needs a break. His life consists of nothing more than working for much longer than he should and then going home to scroll social media. So when he receives a letter from a cousin he had lost touch with saying they should catch up he is only too eager to agree. Emmy, however, isn't exactly the cousin he remembered her being. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 50 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Cousin Emmy By Elfy Daniel tapped away on his keyboard. He hadn’t stopped in a long time, his eyes were practically glued to the screen as he wrote line after line of code. His eyes were sore but he couldn’t stop, he needed to keep going and meet his deadlines. Daniel enjoyed his work and when he got into the right frame of mind he could easily work non-stop for hour after hour. With a swipe of his hand Daniel brushed his hair out of his face. It was growing too long, that was what his mother always told him when she visited. He clicked save and looked away from the screen for the first time in hours. He had to blink a few times, every time his eyes closed he saw the code on the screen again. He knew it as the “Tetris Effect”, when you look at something happening for so long you can see it when you close your eyes, it was very disconcerting. He rubbed his eyes, he only had sight in the left one though he hadn’t let that stop him from doing anything. “What the…” Daniel realised his one good eye wasn’t going blind. It had got very dark indeed. He checked the clock on the corner of the screen to see it was late in the evening. He had worked long past quitting time. The office was empty. All the lights were off and so were the computers. Daniel was the last person to leave and his shift was meant to have finished hours ago. If he had any kind of social life he would’ve been upset but, in truth, no one would notice he had worked overtime. He lived alone and didn’t really have many friends, certainly not ones he often went out with. With the computer shut off Daniel picked up his things and left the office. He lived in the city and didn’t own a car, he didn’t mind walking and using public transport. It was good for the environment and his own fitness. He was a slim guy anyway but a little extra exercise never hurt anyone. It was already dark out and the wind had a slight chill to it that made Daniel pull his coat a little tighter to himself. He gave a wide berth to some teenagers that were loitering outside an electronics store. He always felt nervous when passing rowdy groups thanks to his diminutive 5’4” frame. He was very slight physically and that made him anxious about becoming a victim. Daniel hurried by and carried on home. He lived in an apartment halfway up a building. His programming for an independent video game company didn’t pay a great deal but living on his own meant he didn’t actually need much money, it wasn’t like he went out often after all. Daniel opened the front door of his place and walked inside. He flicked on the lights and walked through to the kitchen. It was late and he didn’t feel much like cooking, he warmed up some instant noodles and then dropped on his couch in front of the television. There wasn’t much on and Daniel ended up watching a random roller-skating competition on one of the niche sports’ channels. He had no interest in skating but he was essentially just killing time until he went to bed and then went to work again. This was his life. Working and then sitting around waiting to work again. With a sigh Daniel looked around. He was an introvert, he didn’t mind being home alone rather than out partying but at times like this he wouldn’t have minded having someone just to talk to a little bit. He had considered getting a pet before but it didn’t feel like he would be home enough to take care of them. For the next hour Daniel looked at social media on his phone whilst occasionally glancing up at the television. Most of the people on his friends list were either colleagues or family. There was nothing exciting going on. Daniel turned off the television and stretched. He walked into his hallway with the intention of visiting the bathroom before bed. He paused when he saw a letter on his doormat. If it had been there when he got home he hadn’t noticed it, and yet it felt like he would’ve seen it. He frowned, he rarely got letters that weren’t bills but he could see his name and address handwritten on it. Daniel picked the letter up and turned it over. There was no clues as to where it came from. He opened the door out in to the building’s hallway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see but no one was there. The only movement was on the light on top of the elevator, one of the numbers was descending as it lowered down towards the ground. Closing the door Daniel started opening the envelope. He pulled the single piece of paper out and read the handwriting. “Hi Daniel, it’s been a long time!” The handwriting was very neat with all the letters curving into the next one perfectly, “You should come visit and catch up. I’m sure we have a lot to reminisce about. It would be a lot of fun to have you stay for a while. Your favourite cousin, Emmy.” The note ended with a return address as well as an e-mail. Daniel read the note a second time. He remembered Emmy well. She had been practically his best friend as a youth but once he had moved to the city they had lost touch. Daniel remembered getting into a lot of hijinks with Emmy, she was two years younger than he was but always seemed to be the one who took charge of their arrangements. She had been taller than he was to the point most strangers assumed she was the elder cousin, she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Daniel climbed into bed but placed the note on his bedside table. He would send a reply from work the next day. Going out to the countryside to revisit his youth and catch up with an old friend would be just the tonic to his stressed life. --- Daniel sat on the bus with his suitcase pulled up between his legs. He had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready and head to the train station, then he switched to the bus to get him as close as possible to Emmy’s rather remote home. He felt excited but also anxious, social situations had been alien to him for a long time. When Daniel stepped off the bus with his suitcase he had to look around to try and work out where to go next. This wasn’t the town he had grown up in though it wasn’t far away, he had only been here a few times before and that had been many years ago. He pulled out the piece of paper with directions and then started walking down the street. After talking to Emmy through e-mail and deciding on a visit Daniel had gone to his boss to apply for time off. He was able to take quite a significant amount of time since he hadn’t used his holiday time that year. Daniel wasn’t planning to spend all his time off with Emmy, he didn’t want to impose, but he liked that there would be no rush on their catching up. Emmy had a spare room that she said was ready just for him. It took thirty minutes for Daniel to eventually end up on the right road. He had underestimated the distance and pulling his suitcase with him the whole way had left him out of breath. The buildings on this road had plenty of space between them and each seemed to be situated in its own sizable parcel of land. Daniel stopped in front of one of these isolated homes and checked his paper again. This was the right address but everything seemed to be a little odd. He couldn’t put his finger on it as he looked at the house from the road. He started walking down the long driveway. “What on Earth…” Daniel’s eyes widened the closer he got to the house. Everything about the house appeared normal at first glance. The white two-storey walls had regular windows and a front door on a porch, it looked like the carbon copy of thousands of other houses until Daniel walked up the large steps of the porch. The front door towered over him, the letterbox was at head height whilst the handle was even higher. The brass door knocker was out of reach even if Daniel had tried to jump for it. It had to be at least ten-feet off the ground. Daniel turned around and saw some wicker furniture on the corner of the porch. The two chairs, table and rocking chair looked gargantuan. If Daniel didn’t know better he would’ve thought he had shrunk to half his height. After another check that this was indeed the correct address Daniel knocked on the door. He heard a loud scraping and then footsteps coming to the door. He could feel the wooden boards under his feet vibrate with each booming step. Daniel instinctively took a step backwards as the door’s lock clicked and then swung open. Daniel had just one second to take in his cousin Emmy before she was right in front of him. “Daniel!” Emmy excitedly stepped forwards with a huge smile, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Daniel saw a woman in front of him that wasn’t just tall but a giant. Her arms reached around Daniel’s waist and before he knew it he was lifted into the air in a great big bear hug. He felt his cheeks reddening as he was held against his cousin’s chest, her voluptuous breasts threatened to engulf him. It was more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. “Mmm!” Was the only sound Daniel could make as he wondered if he was going to suffocate right there between his cousin’s boobs. “Oh, sorry. I sometimes forget my own strength!” Emmy loosened her grip. To Daniel’s embarrassment Emmy didn’t set him down on the floor. Instead, she shifted him to the side with remarkable ease so that he was sat on her hip. His arms and legs automatically wrapped around Emmy as she took his suitcase and carried it inside. Daniel felt embarrassment coursing through him along with questions as to how Emmy had got so big. He hadn’t even had a chance to say anything! Daniel was final set down in the living room as Emmy sat on the couch. Daniel was left stood in front of her feeling like a child sent to report to the Principal. He was finally able to take all of her in and he was astounded. Emmy was incredibly tall, he could only estimate but if she was shorter than eight feet tall he would’ve been extremely surprised. “How was your trip? Was it OK?” Emmy asked. Despite her size her voice was very light. Her shoulder-length golden hair bobbed slightly as she sat up straight. The apron she was wearing over her black dress bunched up and she had to pull it down. “It was fine.” Daniel replied quietly. Looking around the room Daniel could see the interior of the house was the same as the exterior. Everything was bigger than normal, the couches and armchairs were so tall he would struggle to clamber up on to the cushions, Even the windowsill was so high up he could’ve used it for chin-ups. He had never felt smaller as he looked round at the giant room. “Oh, where are my manners?” Emmy chuckled, “Let me help you up.” “Wha-… No I’m-” Daniel found himself being lifted again and this time deposited on the couch. He hadn’t been handled this much since he had been a baby, it seemed like Emmy had some real issues with personal boundaries. Much to Daniel’s embarrassment his legs hung over the edge of the seat without touching the ground. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy asked excitedly. She leaned back and turned sideways to face her new guest. Her breasts were very distracting as they pushed out towards Daniel. “Oh, you know… This and that.” Daniel muttered as he forced himself to look away. He had so many questions but Emmy wasn’t giving him a moment to say anything. Daniel wanted to ask Emmy what had happened to make her so incredibly tall and about her house. Did she have a genetic problem that kept her growing? Did she have this house custom made? Why wasn’t she a star basketball player? Were those boobs real!? “You have to give me more than that!” Emmy giggled and draped one of her long arms over Daniel’s shoulders, “Come on, we’ve got all the time in the world. Tell Aunty everything.” “Aunty?” Daniel replied with a frown. “Oh, silly me!” Emmy giggled again, “I’m so much bigger than you I forgot you aren’t one of my sister’s kids! Just a maternal instinct I suppose, you’re actually older than me by a couple of years, hard to believe, huh?” As Emmy laughed heartily Daniel forced a trepid smile across his face. If he could’ve done he would’ve excused himself from this bizarre house and run away because Emmy was acting very strangely. He didn’t like the very “hands on” approach she was taking to him, it wasn’t normal to just be picked up like this. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy said again. “I went to university.” Daniel looked away from Emmy as he shifted uncomfortably, “Studied video game design and then got a job at an independent company. I wor-” “Wow!” Emmy interrupted, “Impressive! I’m proud of you, what a clever boy!” Daniel blushed a little as he was praised in such a strange manner. He bit his lip as he felt his face flush with embarrassed heat. This had been a big mistake. His social isolation had pushed him into this meeting but he had never expected a situation like this. Despite his loneliness being alone at home seemed very attractive at this point. “Let me show you your room so you can get settled in.” Emmy said after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. --- You can find out what happens next RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cousin-emmy-part-92754660
  14. The morning sun cast a warm, golden glow across the city, its rays filtering through the tall buildings and casting long shadows on the bustling streets. Among the throng of people making their way through the city, Jacob, a 22-year-old man with a quiet demeanor, walked with a sense of resigned purpose. His destination was not one he looked forward to—a visit to his pediatrician's office, a place he had known all his life but never felt at ease in. Jacob had always been different, marked by a condition that seemed to defy explanation. Incontinence had been his constant, unwanted companion since childhood, a problem that persisted into his adulthood, undiminished and unexplained. Despite numerous visits, tests, and consultations, no medical reason had ever been found. His pediatrician, Dr. Martin, was a figure of mixed emotions in his life—a source of medical care but also of deep-seated humiliation. Finding no medical reason for his condition, she placed the blame squarely on Jacob’s resolve. Jacob’s parents had often taken her side, resulting in a childhood filled with punishment for matters he couldn’t control. Jacob was finally out of their grip, living on his own, but he still needed a doctor to monitor his condition and offer prescriptions. Dr. Martin was all he had ever known. As he approached the familiar building, Jacob's steps slowed, each one heavier than the last. The office was located in a quaint, older part of town, where the buildings wore their age with a sense of dignified grace. The pediatrician's office was no exception, with its colorful façade and playful window displays, designed to be welcoming to its predominantly young clientele. The walls were adorned with bright, cheerful posters of cartoon animals, and a small play area was filled with toys and books, catering to the office's usual visitors—children much younger than Jacob. The room was filled with their vibrant energy, their laughter and chatter creating a lively backdrop. He approached the reception desk, where Mrs. Jenkins, the receptionist, sat in her usual spot, her demeanor efficient and imposing. As Jacob neared, Mrs. Jenkins looked up, her expression shifting subtly from professional to something more scrutinizing. "Good morning, Jacob," she greeted him, her voice loud enough to carry over the din of the waiting room. "Here for your check-up, I see. Let's make sure you're properly prepared this time." Jacob's cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and resignation. He knew what was coming next—a routine that had become an unwelcome part of his visits. Mrs. Jenkins stood up from her desk, her presence commanding as she came around to his side. "Now, let's have a look at your diapers, Jacob. We can't have any accidents in the waiting area," she said, her tone matter-of-fact but loud enough for those nearby to hear. The room seemed to quiet slightly, the attention of parents and children subtly shifting towards them. It was a long standing policy at the office to not afford Jacob any discretion, as “motivation” for him to “change his behavior.” Jacob felt a wave of humiliation wash over him as Mrs. Jenkins, with a practiced motion, pulled back the waistband of his pants to glance at the diaper underneath. She frowned. "This looks a bit thin, Jacob. You should know better by now. We can't take any risks with leaks. You should be wearing something more absorbent when you come here. After the incident last time, didn’t the doctor tell you to wear two diapers when you came to the office?" Around them, the air was thick with unspoken questions and curious stares. A few parents whispered among themselves, casting furtive glances in his direction. Children, with their innate lack of filter, stared openly, some pointing and murmuring to their parents. Feeling exposed and small, Jacob mumbled an apology, his voice barely audible over the hum of the waiting room. Mrs. Jenkins's sharp voice cut through the din. "Come with me, Jacob," she said firmly, grasping his wrist with a firmness that brooked no argument. She pulled him towards the door to the exam rooms and called out to the first nurse she saw. "We need to get Jacob into something more... appropriate before he sits down. We can't risk any leaks on our chairs." Jacob's heart sank as a nurse quickly approached. Annoyed at the disruption to her schedule, she roughly took Jacob by the arm and led him away wordlessly, towards a small, private room typically used for changing the clinic's youngest patients. Inside, the room was small and clinical, with a changing table and a chair for nursing. The nurse pulled out a thick, babyish diaper, its surface adorned with colorful cartoon characters. Jacob sometimes wondered if they kept these stocked just for him. He had never seen such a diaper on the drugstore shelves and thankfully his actual prescription was for something thinner though he wished the doctor would prescribe pads rather than diapers. He longed to wear underwear and sometimes bought a pack of pads out of pocket just to prove he could but any mention of this to his doctor was met with reproach. “It wasn’t sanitary for someone in potty trained to be out of a diaper.” "Let's get you changed," the nurse said motioning to the changing table. Jacob complied, knowing that resistance would get him nowhere. The nurse worked quickly and efficiently, removing his thin diaper and replacing it with the thicker, more infantile one. The crinkling sound it made seemed deafeningly loud in the small room. Once the change was complete, Jacob stood up, feeling the bulk of the diaper between his legs. It was uncomfortably thick and bunched up as tried to pull his pants on. Even after adjusting the diaper, its presence was unmistakable beneath his pants. The cartoon characters poked out from this waist band and seemed to mock him with their cheerful expressions, Jacob made his way back to the waiting room. As he re-entered, the difference in his appearance was immediately noticeable. The thick diaper bulge and distinct rustle under his pants, drewing the attention of every child and parent in the room to him again. Whispers and stares followed him as he walked back to his seat in the corner. Children pointed openly, their curiosity unfiltered. "Mommy, why does that man have a diaper?" one little girl asked loudly, her finger pointing directly at Jacob. Another, slightly older boy, muttered, “What a loser.” And received no correction from his father. Jacob felt exposed, reduced to the most vulnerable version of himself, a grown man in a pediatrician's office, wearing diapers that announced his condition to the world. Jacob settled into his seat in the waiting room, feeling the bulk of his thick, babyish diaper under his pants. He tried to lose himself in the forms the receptionist had handed him, but his efforts were futile against the continued whispers and curious stares that surrounded him. Time seemed to crawl, each minute stretching longer than the last. His humiliation grew anew as more patients entered the room. They would at first be oblivious to the spectacle, until Jacob shifted, and they’d look over, perhaps expecting to see someone unraveling a candy wrapper, but Jacob had no wrapper. They’d stare until they saw the bulge in pants, and as the dots connected they would pretend to look away but Jacob knew from experience, everyone had one eye on him, secretly reveling in his embarrassment. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, a nurse called his name. Jacob stood, acutely aware of the crinkling sound his diaper made with each step. He followed the nurse through the clinic's brightly lit corridors to the examination area. The nurse led him to a scale in the hallway. "We need to get an accurate weight, Jacob. Pants and shirt off, please," she said, her tone professional yet impersonal. Jacob complied, his hands trembling slightly as he removed his pants, revealing the cartoon-print diaper in full view. The nurse's eyes flicked down to it, but she made no comment. A few lucky kids and parents had been called back as well and got to finally see the full view and just how pathetic Jacob really was as he needed not just a guard or a liner but a diaper so thick it spread his legs to walk in it. Jacob could feel everyone passing by staring at his ass. She noted his weight, then added, "Your diaper is wet. It’s probably adding a bit, but we can't risk taking it off. You’d probably drip on the floor. Honestly, Jacob, were you even aware you’d wet?" Her tone was harsh as she made additional notes on her board. “It never changes with you,” she muttered Jacob glanced down wondering how she could tell. In truth, he couldn’t feel much wetness as it absorbed so easily. Sometimes he could feel a flow but often he just dribbled without much awareness. . Next, they moved to a small room for his height measurement. “Still not growing, 5 feet 4 inches,” she remarked, the same height as you were in middle school. “No chest hair,” she looked down the front of his diaper, “Are you shaving your groin or have you not developed hair yet?” Jacob burned red across his bare chest and smooth face. He was blond and men in his family typically had less hair than usual but he was particularly sensitive about how little he had sprouted. It wasn’t none though. “I shave,” he whispered. The nurse noted his response and continued. “Are you shaving your face yet?” Jacob nodded but she looked at him skeptically and took hold of his chin, turning his face to the side and drawing it closer to her to get a good look. “Hmm, I supposed you might be sprouting a few hairs.” After the preliminary checks, Jacob was ushered into the examination room, a familiar space that he had visited many times before. The room was sterile and clinical, with the examination table at the center, its paper cover crinkling under his touch as he sat down and the combination of the crinkle form his diaper and the covering made Jacob wish it was possible to not move a muscle during the whole of the visit. He knew Dr. Martin thought he was the epitome of pathetic. He wondered what fresh he’ll he would need to endure this time, all to get his insurance to pay for his diapers. patreon.com/user?u=7664738
  15. “Do I have to take them down myself, little girl?” I hate it when my girlfriend calls me that! Yes, I’m six inches shorter. Yes, she’s eight years older. Yes, she’s the one in charge in our relationship, and yes, this whole domestic discipline thing had all been my idea three years ago, but I’m 30 and Not. A. Little! Girl! Dammit! But all I did instead was whine, “Not here. Please? I’m sorry. Can’t we just wait until we get home?” “Daphne,” Mary said, “this is not up for discussion. Besides, Brenna has seen plenty of bare bottoms spanked, including yours.” I glared at Brenna. We knew her through a local Fetlife group. Sometimes we did just plain vanilla stuff with her, like regular friends, like today, when she’d asked us for help planting trees in her yard. Mary has the green thumb. I hate yard work. “Bare? Can’t it just be over my shorts?” You’d think I’d have gotten used to being spanked, what with not a week going by when I wasn’t, but I never had, which I guess is the point. I looked at Brenna, who was smiling approvingly from the couch. Mary had pulled a kitchen chair into the living room and sat down. “Did your shorts make a rude comment to Brenna? Did your undies? So why would I spank those,” Mary asked me in her stern voice, the one she saves for when she’s talking to me like I’m a naughty little kid. “No,” I mumbled. I’d learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a rhetorical question when I’m in trouble. Mary reached out and grabbed me by the waistband of my innocent shorts and pulled me closer. None of this would have happened if Brenna had just been grateful we were over there helping in the first place. So I’m not Ma Nature - did it really matter if the hole wasn’t exactly fifteen inches deep? Of course, I do have a tendency to kill houseplants, even succulents. But anyway, she was harping on it, and I got irritated and said, “Then why don’t you just do it yourself, dammit?” I’m not sure if I’d have been in so much trouble if I hadn’t added the ‘dammit.’ At least I didn’t interfere while Mary popped the button on my shorts and whisked them, along with my panties, down to me ankles. “How did you get so dirty, anyway,” Daphne asked. “Not like you were putting that much effort into it.” I didn’t need to respond because Mary easily tossed me over her knee. My hands were on the floor, but my feet were not, leaving my butt hanging there. “Anything to say, Daphne,” Mary asked as she rubbed my butt. “I’m really sorry?” “Not as sorry as you will be.” That little rub is all I ever get for a warm up. Mary believes spankings are best delivered hard and fast, and within ten second she’d probably spanked me thirty times. This all started as a relationship with spanking involved, a little role play and bedroom fun. I even spanked her a couple times, though neither of us liked it. Eventually, I said I wanted it to be more than roleplay. I wanted it to be our lifestyle. I shortly thereafter found out just how many issues Mary had with my behavior and how much she’d been wanting to fix them for a while by then. But I wasn’t thinking about the time she had needed to spank me three times in one day. I was thinking about the spanking she was giving me right then. Mary is thorough in everything she does, and a creature of habit. She always starts out spanking me seemingly at random, no order to which side she wails on or how many. She likes to make sure I can’t anticipate anything. I lay there doing my best to hold still and be quiet, trying to keep my eyes closed and pretend Brenna wasn’t there, probably smiling. Only when my butt is a dark pink from top to sit spots does Mary really get going. As she says, this is when the real spanking starts. She stopped assaulting my butt and said, “Hand me the paddle, Daphne.” I freakin’ hate the thing. It’s small, heavy, and has four holes in it. She got it specifically to keep in her purse. She could just use her hairbrush when she disciplines me away from home (dressing rooms are the worst - everyone can hear!), but no, she says knowing she has a just-for-spanking implement with her at all times does a better job reminding me to behave. I pick it up with my left hand and reach behind me to give it to her. She takes it, then takes my arm and pins it behind my back. I’m a wiggler when she uses that thing. She’s like a freakin’ ninja with it. Equal parts thuddy and stingy, she paddles as fast as she hand spanks, but in a tight pattern. Up and down, each spank overlapping with the one before it, in a tight row, then shifting over and working a line from top to sit spot again. She never makes it from one side to the other but that I go from grunts to sobs to tears. Every. Damn. Time. The small paddle bounces off my bottom so fast I don’t even feel the individual spanks anymore. It’s all one swollen throb. She’s gentle, by comparison, with my thighs, but before she’s done with those ten spanks to the tender backs of my legs, I frantically promise, “I’m sorry! I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” Mary finished the last spank, and I lay over limp over her soft lap, big tears falling, and my nose running. It takes me a few seconds to realize Mary is rubbing my back, like she always does after a hard spanking, shushing me gently. When I’m ready, I start to get up, and Mary helps me so that I’m sitting on her lap, my crimson bottom aching when I do, and crying into her shirt as she calms me. “It’s okay, little girl,” she coos to me, “All is forgiven.” She kisses my temple. “Let it all out. That’s my brave girl.” When I get myself under control, though still struggling with the occasional sob and needing badly to blow my nose, she helps me off her lap. “What do you say to Brenna,” Mary asked. I don’t know when I kicked off my shorts and panties, nor do I care. I shuffled over to Brenna. “I’m sorry for being rude,” I said. “I forgive you,” she says, opening her arms. Brenna is big woman, and I all but collapse into her softness. I do like her, even though she has a way of bringing out the brat in me, but that brat never seems to be that far away. I stand between her big thighs, and she rubs my butt with one hand while she hugs me with the other. I’m grateful she does because I’m not allowed to rub. “Mary, why don’t you go take her to wash her face, and I’ll get lunch ready,” Brenna suggests. “Can I have my shorts back,” I ask meekly. “After lunch,” Mary says, holding out her hand. I take it. I like Mary’s hands. I also know she’s gonna lift me up and seat me on the cold vanity, and that it’s gonna feel good for about five seconds then feel clammy and hard. After lunch, I’m for sure gonna dig those holes right, and without a world of complaint.
  16. The Trinket By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Hunter Chapter One The Will Hunter sighed as his mother, who he was currently on the phone with, continued to drawl about the contractual obligations he now had to abide by. His great aunt, or now his late great aunt, had left him a few things in her will that came with a few specific rules. The fennec fox had barely known her, other than seeing her at a Christmas party and once during Thanksgiving when he was very young. She was not really even his aunt, being an in-law and a cheetah to boot. He had heard a few stories about her, some from his mother who had always spoken about her with a degree of awe mixed with disapproval. Whether or not she was even really his aunt in-law was in question sometimes, but her presence in the family was nevertheless appreciated, if not coveted. She had been an Egyptianologist, but not the kind that mostly stays on the campus of a university. Accused several times of being no better than a bounty hunter with a college degree, she would often beguile whoever cared to listen at the taverns and bars she was often found at about her great adventures in the middle east. There were usually many stories told and drinks bought during such evenings. Her alcoholism aside, she had apparently kept up her taste for adventuring into abandoned tombs and caves right up until the very end. They never recovered her, but enough time had passed where her body had been declared lost and her vast collection of artifacts reclaimed by the museums and universities. Judging from their hasty reclamation of such items, they had been waiting for exactly such an opportunity as her disappearance. They had claimed most of the artifacts, at least. “So like, dumb it down for me a bit, Mom?” Hunter asked, a slight note of exasperation coloring his tone of voice as one of his large ears flicked to the side in irritation. It was his mother’s turn to sigh, which was followed up by a response. “You just can’t sell any of the stuff. You’re supposed to keep it as if it were a family heirloom. There’s some evidence to support that this does belong to us give or take a hundred generations.” Hunter replied back. “Right, don’t sell. Just keep it. Anything else?” “Not until they go through the rest of her possessions and check her records. You might be getting some money too, but that’ll take a while.” Right… After the state takes its hefty cut… Hunter thought to himself, but he did his best to keep his sense of sarcasm out of the conversation. “Great, thanks Mom.” “Of course honey, was there anything else you wanted to know about Auntie Tare?” Hunter, knowing that this would probably prolong the conversation for another good hour, shook his head before realizing that his mother could not see his reaction. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Hrm… No, no. I think I’m good for now, still… Processing and all that. I’ll talk to you later Mom.” “Okay sweetie, let me know what’s in the box. It looks mysterious!” “Yeah, I will. Love you Mom.” “Love you sweetie, bye bye now.” The line went silent, and Hunter put his phone down on the table with a sigh of relief. As silence enveloped the apartment, interrupted only by the soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, the fennec’s gaze drifted over to the box that sat in front of him on the dining room table. The word that could describe the wooden container could only be described as ornate. Carvings of Egyptian hieroglyphs laced with what he suspected was gold lining on the borders of the miniature crate gave the appearance of a most valuable item being stored inside. The wood had been treated with oil, and with great care as well. Part of him wondered if the box might be empty, as the container itself looked relatively valuable. Whatever it was, he was not surprised that his aunt had mentioned that he was not allowed to sell it. I’d probably make a pretty penny off of it too… Hunter mused to himself, as he pushed his chair back and stood up, only to crouch in front of the box in order to more closely examine its decor. He was not literate in Egyptian hieroglyphs, nor was he particularly interested in learning more about them. History had always bored the little fox, and despite having a renowned, though estranged, Egyptologist in the family it never sparked the same fascination and excitement as it did in Aunt Tare. Well, might as well have a look then. Reaching forward, he undid the clasp on the front of the box and pushed the lid open. Its hinges worked silently, and Hunter immediately noted that the entire inside of the box was laced with a vibrant, purple velvet. Amidst the swathes of cloth, Hunter beheld a palm sized brooch made of a mixture of dulled copper and gold. Marveling at it, the fennec’s eyes widened as he scanned its surface. The fennec picked it up with a paw and noted its significant weight. Equipped with a pin which Hunter presumed was intended to keep a cloak around a traveler’s shoulders, Hunter turned the brooch over and let out a surprised breath. The ornament had been placed upside down in its container, and it was studded with several small jewels with one large piece in its center. Peering closely at them, it took Hunter a moment to realize that they were opals. In the center of the metal disk, the largest of the opals was oval in shape. It gleamed as if freshly polished when it caught the last of the afternoon sun streaming from Hunter’s half shuttered window. A small scratch in the center of the opal was the only blemish on the piece, revealing the rainbow colored insides of the gem that refracted in ever changing patterns of color as he turned it over. Strangely, despite the fact that it had been sitting in the box ever since it had been delivered to his doorstep inside of its own, discrete cardboard container, the brooch was warm to the touch. And it felt like it was getting warmer. “It’s… pretty…” Hunter said lamely, to no one in particular. His initial curiosity had been sated, and he was now coming to the conclusion that he really had no use for the gem-encrusted display piece other than to perhaps show it off for his friends. The more he thought about it, being the owner of such a valuable piece now might mean that he would have to take insurance out on it. Great… Another responsibility… The fennec thought grimly to himself. Hunter was about to set the artifact down, when the opal flashed catching his eyes. Blinking, he looked down at the gem and wondered if he had imagined the sudden luminescence that had come from the piece. Gingerly, he brought it back up to his eyes and peered closely at the scratch on the gem’s surface to see if he had missed some refractive angle inside of the opal’s crack. Seeing that there was nothing he could immediately detect, he placed the brooch back down in its comfortable bed, this time right side up with the opal facing the ceiling of his apartment. He thought about where he should put the box, glancing around his apartment and seeing now apparent free space where he might rest it. I’ll probably just chuck it into my closet or something… His stomach rumbled, reminding him that his mother’s phone call had caused him to miss lunch at a reasonable hour. Closing the box, he decided to put his inheritance out of his mind for the time being. Padding over to his closet, he picked out his jacket and fumbled the keys to his apartment out of the bowl they rested in. I’m kind of hankering for some chicken… He thought to himself, his mind already beginning to drift away from the strange set of rocks that were now his, now and forever. He did, however, check twice that he had locked the door to his apartment before bounding down the staircase leading to the lobby of his apartment complex.
  17. Hi everybody! As a long time lurker and even longer writer for my own enjoyment, I finally got the push to actually share something. It couldn't have been done without the help of some writer friends, /u/Sissybecky (r/abdlstories) who beta read and Clairanette (aka Clairacuddles on A03), talking to both of them for hours about writing. Check them out too! Scarlet is a young woman down on her luck. She has a broken heart, bank account, and sex life. Her luck finally seems to be changing when she is offered a job on the outher side of the country, and really has no option but to take it. But what she doesn't know about the city of Caulfield Valley may get her in trouble, like what her new boss, Emilia Kane, secretly does as a side hussle. a slowburn, long form lesbian fic that is very kinky and ABDL oriented. 1- so it feels real There is both terror and freedom in restarting your life. Not in a cosmic sense, but in the moving-across-the-country-and-leaving-everyone-you-knew-on-the-opposite-coast sense. That is where Scarlet found herself this morning. Eyes red from her jetlag, hair a mess from the uncomfortable seats, and a puffy-eyed death stare meeting her from the scratched bathroom mirror. Even with her fresh start, the fresh apartment, she was not ready for her first day at a new job in this new, unfamiliar city. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget. She wanted to go back to her home with—a pang of heartbreak through her chest interrupted the thought. That home was no longer there, and no one was waiting for her to come home. Instead, Scarlet let out a dejected sigh, opened the cardboard moving box that contained the toiletries that were not in her carry-on, and got in the shower. She was up far earlier than she realistically needed to be, to make sure she could wash her hair, shave her legs, and still have plenty of time for makeup and a relaxed cab ride to work. The pipes whined and hot water splashed her face as the new-ish utilities sprung to life. She focused on getting the sleep out of her eyes. She resented her own anxious, over-prepare-until-exhausted tendencies. Yet Scarlet knew that on mornings where she didn’t do this, she was late. It was part of why she’d lost her last position as a Library clerk. God, that feels like a lifetime ago. If I started taking those then…what if... Scarlet let the thought drift up with the steam, and focused on the rigorous maintenance that her curly, shoulder-length bob required. The rest of the shower went likewise. She would move on to some other form of self-grooming, only for another intrusive thought to appear, and she would do her best to let it roll off of her. By the time she was done, dripping into a towel and stepping out, she had gotten most of the self loathing scrubbed off. Scarlet turned to face the same mirror. She wiped the fogged glass with one pale hand, and the same dead-eyed look greeted her. Scarlet forced a smile, hollow but just enough to come across as courteous and eager, rather than like a retail worker who was dead inside. She had plenty of practice masking in this way. Her breakfast was a microwaved cup of coffee and protein bar, the leftovers from her flight. She’d have to go to the grocery after work. She ate just enough to then turn to her prescriptions, the small, resentful white triangles tasting bitter and frustrating, her knowing that it was a 50/50 on whether she would be vomiting before lunch. The three small blue estrogen pills had to melt sublingually, and wouldn’t upset her stomach. They did, however, taste like minty asshole as they dissolved under her tongue while she started her makeup routine. It went quickly, Scarlet’s old “professional” looks still in her head after years of rushed mornings where her mediocre nutrition and makeup routine battled for time. Her hands danced; brushing, patting, dabbing, blending, and setting at a quick but deliberate pace. This wasn’t Scarlet’s first time working places that made her tone down her looks and cover her smattering of artsy tattoos that criss crossed her arms. Her new boss had assured her however, that so long as she wore at least business casual and none of the tattoos visible were profane, no one would care. Simple enough to cover the guillotine on her shoulder blade or the shoddy stick and poke of her highschool bff’s band “The Fart Coffins” on the opposite blade. She only sometimes regretted that one out of any of the designs on her body. She finished with a modest amount of very neutral blush, and got up to dress in the outfit she had laid out the night before. A simple white blouse and black skirt, black tie, black flats. Should show a good first impression for a secretary of a legal office. She couldn’t help but roll the sleeves partially, however, showing hints and edges of her ink. Scarlet made sure her hair was dry, shook her head as a jolt of the last taste of estrogen left her mouth, and called for her cab. Just before leaving, she packed her purse, and heard an unfamiliar jingling at the bottom. Fishing through the myriad receipts, dust bunnies and half finished chapsticks, she finally found the culprit, and her heart dropped. A simple gold ring, with an inscription inside; Futile – the winds –/ To a Heart in port –The singular band was heavy in her hand, and Scarlet felt the heartbreak all over again. She wanted nothing more than to scream. She wanted to sob until her throat was hoarse, to wail in pain. She wanted to call her. Instead, she tenderly wiped the welling tear in one eye to preserve her mascara, roughly threw open the drawer to toss the precious bomb in with a clatter. The front door slammed and locked behind her. The cab hummed quietly as it rode down the dense city streets, and Scarlet focused on taking in the sites of tree leaves slowly changing color through the cab window. She was headed further downtown from her new apartment, and even still there were beautiful trees she wasn’t familiar with. This is exactly what I thought the East Coast to look like, and yet it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, she mused to herself. She was used to her hometown in the Bay, the palms and pines of the San Francisco and Oakland areas all she had made friends with until now. The trees were dotted in front of the tall downtown shops, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She took a picture every now and again, killing time until her quiet cab driver pulled over to a sidewalk. Scarlet smoothed her skirt, handed the man his fare and a tip, and stepped out in front of a small office building. Her flats echoed against the shiny, reflective tile as she followed signs and elevator directories to Kane Arbitration & Mediation Legal Services. The interior of the elevator shined, polished enough that Scarlet could see her own reflection. She took a moment as she rode to the fourth floor, using the reflection to adjust her skirt. She was so tall that no matter what she wore, it always eventually turned into a skirt shorter than intended, and that was the last thing she wanted to project on her first day. Once the soft fabric was in place, better resting on her hips and covering much of her long thighs, she noticed she had arrived. Scarlet swallowed, her nerves making it louder than she had wanted, and exited as the doors parted. Kane Legal was one of the only offices on this floor, and it didn’t take her long to find, but she paused outside the door anyway. She took solace in the fact her new employer wouldn’t be able to see her through the doors frosted glass. Scarlet had a moment to steady the shaking in her hands. There’s nothing left for you back there. This has to work. You have no other option. The thought was supposed to be comforting. She opened the door and recalled all the times that thought would light a fire in her—to ignite the contrarian and spiteful nature she had to anyone that doubted her. A year ago, this would have made her unstoppable…but the last year was harder than she could have ever predicted. The reception area of the office was nicely decorated, looking like the kind you’d see on a mid-budget daytime law drama. No one was at the desk that she assumed would be hers, so she tried to peer around a corner leading to what she assumed would be Miss Kane’s proper office. Sure enough, a door at the end of the hall was open and revealed a head of deep black hair peaking just over the top of a large computer monitor. Scarlet took a moment for them to notice her. In another life, Scarlet would have confidently marched into the office, head held high, with enough swagger to convince anyone that she owned this office. Now the poor girl stood there, shivering as her future awaited. The Scarlet of a year ago would have left this newer Scarlet behind, just like the one she cared about the most. She prayed this wasn’t some kind of test. “Excuse me?” She called out, causing the head to twitch, “I’m looking for Miss Kane?” The top of the head rose for a pair of eyes to see just over the top, and then a hand brusquely slid the monitor on a pivoting stand out of the way. Scarlet recognized her now, the telltale hazel, almost golden eyes and a striking streak of platinum blonde to one side having stuck with her since their video interview. “And you have found her.” Her voice merrily sang, reverberating down the tiled hall. She stood. “You must be Ms. Finch. I am so glad to finally get you out here. May I be the first to properly welcome you to Caulfield Valley, I hope your flight was smooth?” Scarlet was immediately put off balance, having to look up at someone for once. Even if Emilia Kane hadn’t been in imposing black heels, she would easily have three inches on the six feet even Scarlet. She effortlessly glided down the hall towards Scarlet, her hand outstretched. Scarlet met her, returning her’s for a handshake. The taller woman’s hands were so soft. “Ah, t-thank you, Ma’am.” She politely smiled, and decided to rest her hands on the strap of her purse so as to not fidget. “I appreciate that, it was a long flight.” She wanted to divulge how exhausted and sore she was, but held back. “That is such a shame.” Emilia twisted her mouth into a concerned frown for a moment, a hand grabbing her chin in thought. “If you ever need to fly for me again, I can make sure you have better accommodations. Thankfully, your first day probably will not be too demanding. I am hoping to simply get you familiar with the way I organize best and have you operating at full speed before my next big meeting in…,” She checked the date on her phone, pulling it from the breast pocket of her dark green suit, “-three days. Does all that sound good?” Scarlet sighed in relief. “More than good, Ma’am, I’m sure I can be up to snuff by the end of the day.” She was a tiny bit surprised by how confident she sounded. “Oh please, Ma’am makes me feel old.” She waved a hand as if shooing the notion away, “I know to most it is respectful, but I prefer ‘Miss’ or just Emilia if it is all the same to you.” She rested the same hand now on her hips, which Scarlet noted were surprisingly accented in this type of suit. She nodded in response, and Emilia gestured for her to sit in the chair behind the receptionist desk. The woman looked like she was off a runway, the two piece suit and platinum jewelry complimenting her intense eyes and the vibrant streak of silver- no, platinum blonde in her hair. The hazel of her eyes became almost amber-gold as the light from the windows caught them. When her new employer wasn’t looking, she shook her head to erase the thoughts. Scarlet couldn’t exactly be thinking about how attractive her boss was if she didn’t want to risk her new living situation. “—and your last employer said you were familiar with all of these programs, is that right?” The question snapped Scarlet back to reality as Emilia motioned to the open windows of the computer. “That’s right. All of this is right in my wheelhouse.” Scarlet affirmed, grateful that the job didn’t seem to have any sudden surprises. “And this looks like a pretty standard inter-office set up on the phones as well. Would you prefer a call or a ping on your computer when you have a call or a client?” She hoped the question would help make her seem competent and ‘a go-getter,’ something her father had told her once upon a time about starting a new job. “A call is fine unless I am already with a client. If I do not respond, you may call regardless.” Emilia said, a small smile of approval spreading across her red lips. “On the topic of clients, occasionally you are to sit in for meetings and you will be taking notes. These are legal matters and meet the standard of attorney-client-privilege. So it is vitally important you understand that anything you hear or write down in those meetings are confidential, but could end up under scrutiny if we were ever to be sued or subpoenaed. Are you comfortable with that?” “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Scarlet nodded, “To be clear, any notes I take are private between you and I unless that happens right? Like—” she kicked herself for her valleygirl filler word, and tried to recover, “a doctor? For example, I wouldn’t talk about this with anyone except you or the client, even during off hours?” Scarlet couldn’t lie to herself and say that didn’t make her anxious. Her understanding of the legal system told her there were a million and one ways to mess up proceedings if everyone didn’t know them ahead of time. The clarity would help alleviate that anxiety. “Exactly. We can talk about it informally outside of the office but we must use discretion. God forbid you run into a client at a bar, make sure neither of you are shouting without realizing. However you got the most important part. Good job.” Something inside Scarlet warmed at her new boss’s approval. Emilia’s phone lit up and began ringing in her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I have to take this,” she explained, grabbing a small packet from the top drawer of the desk, “Just answer the phone if any calls come in and start filling this out with your info so I can make payments and records and such. It will only take a moment!” Emilia walked back up the hall, closing the door of her office. Scarlet could hear her talking in a tone that sounded professional and even, but couldn’t make out anything specific. When Scarlet realized she could not eavesdrop, no matter how hard she tried to focus, she instead grabbed a pen from the desk and focused on the forms. They were typical of starting with any new employer: tax info, new address, signing agreements. Scarlet was sorely missing the over-designed packets she would receive on her first day at each of the oversized chain stores she had grown up working at. The kind that tries to convince the reader that “we’re a family here,” isn’t the same as “your boss will not give a single shit about you if you think for yourself.” They were always a riot to laugh at with her fellow cashiers, clerks, and baristas. Everything was astonishingly professional, and felt tailored to the tiny law office. The forms were of course up to every standard Scarlet was aware of, but everything appeared handwritten and then copied from a master document. The young woman marveled at the curves and loops that seemed so practiced, so official. Calligraphy as a hobby? Scarlet’s daydream was broken as the phone rang. Her arm sprung to life, grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. “Hello, Legal Offices of Miss Kane, how can I help you?” Her mind auto piloted the greeting, a tactic she’d learned as a young adult to perform before any social anxiety made her hesitate to answer. There was a silent beat, broken only by soft background hum from the receiver. A deeper voice finally spoke. “Oh, is Miss Kane not in?” “I’m sorry, she’s stepped away for another call. I’m the new secretary.” The professional mask came back to her like a second skin, despite over a year of disuse. “Can I take a message for you?” Scarlet offered. “Er,” The voice stammered for a moment, then clarified, “Yeah. Actually, you can tell her that I have to back out of Friday’s meeting, I won’t be rescheduling. She can keep the deposit. Goodbye.” Scarlet busied herself scribbling the note down. “Wait, I’ll need to tell her your name.” She tried to catch the man before he disconnected. It was too late, the line went dead. Scarlet took a confused look at the receiver before returning it to the cradle. She tried to imagine what would have someone behaving this way, but even her previous customer support and retail work did not track here. Scarlet merely blinked in confusion and returned to filling her new employment forms. She could hear the muffled speech of her new boss, not able to pick distinct words, only cadence. The forms were dull and simple enough, and before too long Emilia’s office door clicked open. Scarlet was finishing the bottom lines of the last page, hoping quietly to impress the imposing woman, as childish as that want may be. Emilia’s heels marked her approach down the hall, and Scarlet spun gracefully in her swivel chair to face her. “Did I hear a call come in while I was gone?” “You did, and I've got a message,” Scarlet tried her best to sound professional yet nonchalant, “your Friday meeting canceled, said to keep his deposit.” She looked up to Emilia to gauge her superior’s reaction. Emilia gave nothing but a solitary eyebrow twitch. “He didn’t leave a name and hung up…is that normal?” “Whether it’s normal or not, we get to keep the deposit for my time, and that’s what matters to me.” Emilia said, too hurried to be as casual. Scarlet decided to just let that slip.There was something going on here, but she would catch the intricacies of the client relationships soon enough. Emilia very pointedly avoided her gaze to check the time, and excused herself again. The rest of the day moved slowly, save for asking Scarlet for a coffee run in the afternoon, which turned into buying a cafe scone for Scarlet’s lunch as well. She busied herself with memorizing the upcoming schedule, the program, and the routine expected of her. She tried not to fidget as the caffeine had its way with her later in the day. The bouncing of her leg coincided with an increase in worry. Would she have another reaction to this medication like her last, and be unable to sleep? Would Emilia be angry that she wasn’t being proactive in some way? How was she supposed to know? She paused, trying to stop ruminating. She lifted her hands away from the keyboard. They were shaking, and she squeezed her eyes closed. When Scarlet opened them, they focused through her fingers, at the sticky note she had written down the message, and the smaller coffee order beneath it. Sighing, she wrote down the coffee order on her phone and on her desktop notepad. If she could do nothing, she would be constructive and prepared for the future. Her hands kept shaking for the remainder of the shift. Scarlet wasn’t sure if it was the anxiety, the caffeine, or her meds. She’d been so isolated until moving she hadn’t noticed if the shaking started then. Just past five, Emilia’s heels clicked down the hall, a smart designer purse over one shoulder. “Now, is there anything I can clarify before we leave?” Her voice sang again and the hall reverberated in tune with her voice like Brian Eno was behind it. Scarlet shook her head, smiling with her mask back on as she spun to face Emilia again. “Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ve got any questions yet.” Scarlet wanted to be sincere in thanking her, drop the facade and business-casual tone. Speaking without rehearsal tended to bite her in the ass lately. She squeezed her hands between her thighs to try and avoid any probing questions. Scarlet could only imagine suspicious and overbearing concern at best if her new boss thought there was something wrong with her medically. “Is there anything else I can help with? I’ve just been organizing your schedule and getting used to the layout in here all day.” She desperately wanted to get her groceries before it was too dark. “No thank you, Scarlet. You’ve already helped me enormously, you have no idea.” Emilia ushered Scarlet out the door, and locked it behind her. * * If one thing in the world could be counted on, it was chain stores being identical on the inside. Scarlet pushed an identically squeaky cart up identically packed aisles among indistinguishable brands. The only difference really seemed to be the accents. She approached bulk rice bags, hesitated, and drew out her phone with dread. Her meager bank account balance confirmed her fears, and she begrudgingly went for the generic. Other staples like cheap instant ramen and pasta followed suit. The sole splurge was the cheapest, sweetest, garbage brand of red wine she could find. Her cab ride was identical, save for the setting sun behind her. Purples and oranges and cotton-candy-clouds danced behind her, out of view, as she slowly sank her head against the cool glass of the window. At least the trees are still pretty. She raised her phone again to try and take a picture, but the camera went grainy in the growing dark. Her new apartment greeted her with the same lonely tone as when she first received the keys. It was cold, it was empty, the furnishings were bland and picked by the property management company. Nothing here was hers yet, save the stacked boxes of cardboard. Her tired arms carried the groceries to their appropriate resting places, and she cracked open the wine before settingling on the couch. Out of habit she reached for her remote, only to remember she didn’t have a TV yet. Sold for the moving expenses. Scarlet was so tired of sighing. She took a swig of wine, an old comfort that was basically a juicebox and rubbing alcohol that reminded her of being broke in college. She opened her phone, wishing for any stimulation. Her friends, (rather former friends) were still posting stories, still sharing their bad takes and inane jokes. She considered getting off the couch to do the same. It was all performative anyway, right? But the energy wouldn’t come when she called out for it. Another sip, and she swapped apps. Scarlet noticed the singular blink of darkness on her phone’s screen. “Please, you piece of shit. I really can’t afford you to die right now.” Her worries seemed unfounded, as the brilliant screen returned and the malfunction wasn’t replicated for the rest of the night. What was strange, however, were the kinds of new accounts she was being recommended as she scrolled her timeline. Now, Scarlet was no prude. She enjoyed fucking and her alone time as much as anyone. Estrogen and Progesterone even maybe had her hornier than the average. But her timeline wasn’t full of this much smut. She had friends in the sex work game, but she didn’t exactly like, share, favorite, reblog, or any other influencer verb their content. Another website breaking their algorithm again? Even if Dani did porn, she didn’t do this kind of porn. Morbid curiosity, and a slight increase in her pulse, beckoned Scarlet onward. Drawings, videos, and staged photos of women in things she’d only seen in racy HBO content. She didn’t even know what to call the more intricate…props…but felt herself linger on a clip of a woman riding a…pleasure machine plugged into the wall behind her. Scarlet’s face matched her namesake and she scrolled on. A woman sitting at a home office, the quintessential framing of every vlog you’ve ever watched. Finally somebody is fucking sane in this world. She clicked the video without even reading the caption, and the perky eyed labrador retriever of a woman began to speak. “Hi everybody! This is the Channel of O. SO!” The blonde clapped for emphasis. “You’re trying to learn about BDSM, and you have no idea where to start.” Scarlet’s eyes went wide, she took another sip, and watched the woman jumpcut and explain through terrible jokes. It was a trainwreck, steam engines exploding in her mind. It made her hot in the crotch. Scarlet finished her glass, finished the video, and poured herself another while going deeper to the woman’s personal channel. More videos, more introductory guides. Scarlet polished the second glass, and was too engrossed despite the initial impulse to cringe to even pour another. Her alarm rang to remind her to take the rest of her medication, pulling her out of her trance.How long had she been zoned out? It was eight thirty. Losing track of time like that wasn’t uncommon for her and this diversion was welcome. She resigned herself and went to go take another dose of bitter antidepressants and her dose of Progesterone. Once the poison was administered, she looked across her kitchen to the counter where she left her phone. It lay there, like a metal megalith, imposing despite being a little plastic rectangle. Scarlet had to gather her nerve just to walk across the room and lift the damn thing. Once it was back in her hand, she used shaking hands to unlock it. The Channel of O was still smiling up at her, and she felt her cheeks getting redder. Her glass of wine was forgotten as she brought her phone to her bedroom. She unboxed her duvet, and sat on the soft material as the video resumed. Scarlet was enthralled, soaking in every bit of knowledge she could. “There’s all kinds of different dynamics! You’re probably familiar with a ‘master/slave’ dynamic,” The blonde woman began, “but there’s also pets and owners, and even daddies, mommies,—” Scarlet’s pulse quickened,”—or more generically caregivers and littles! Sometimes that’s called ABDL if it involves diapers.” Scarlet felt her breath catch in her throat. Her fingers flew into a flurry, and a private internet search later, her phone was filled with images that made her heartbeat accelerate. Videos, drawings, and many, many depictions of adult women, with all their curves and freckles and other parts that excited Scarlet, in thick diapers. They ranged across all body types, and the infantile garb varied from plain white plastic to over the top patterns to evoke baby diapers. Scarlet continued to scroll, eyes wide in wonder and excitement. She finally stopped, a thumbnail capturing her attention like a punch to the gut and clicked the video. Scarlet’s mouth went wide, and felt herself starting to leak into her panties. A gorgeous, curvaceous woman was lying on her back, supple lips wrapped around the nipples of another woman, in nothing but a pastel colored diaper and delicate, lacy lingerie top. The tender moment evoked breastfeeding, save for the “mother” holding a massive vibrator against the woman’s…diaper. The “baby” of the couple was moaning, growing louder, and Scarlet felt a tent form under her skirt. Eventually, the “baby” was screaming, thrusting her hips into the massive sex toy, in time with cries of “Mommy!” Mommy’s smile was intoxicating. She was very clearly getting off just as much as her baby, her face painted a combination of maternal nurturing, hedonistic pleasure, ecstatic elation, and sadistic control as she began thrusting the enormous vibrator in time with her partner’s thrusts. It was obviously acting on the merit of pornography, but Scarlet couldn’t tear herself away. She allowed her hand to snake up to a nipple poking through her top. Scarlet realized her own arousal, and in embarrassment, closed the tab, flinging her phone to the edge of the bed like it was a dangerous spider. She flung the covers off, racing to the bathroom for a cold shower.
  18. We're back to Jackie's perspective for this one, though we're finding her in the midst of a totally new and disorienting experience. If you're new to the Jackie Universe, you might find it helpful to read the other stories first: Baby's Unexpected Trip Jackie's Play Date The Haircut Pushing Boundaries ----- Jackie stirred awake from her sleep. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes, taking stock of her surroundings. There was no way to tell what time it was, but the light of the nightlight was plenty enough to remind her that she was not in her own nursery. From her crib, she could see that just a few feet away, sharing the other crib in the room, were her fellow infantilized adults and her de facto hosts, twins Lauren and Katie. Jackie wasn’t exactly comfortable around Lauren and Katie, since she never really talked to them during their occasional play dates and the main thing that she knew about them – that they were doing this willingly – made her completely doubt their judgment. Still, recognizing where she was reminded her that she was in a place that was decidedly more relaxed than her own home. Though still contained in her crib, she wasn’t swaddled as tightly as she would be by her Mama at home, and had relative freedom of movement. Still half-asleep, she decided to take advantage of the freedom by indulging in a big yawn and a deep stretch. Just as her back began to arch and slightly twist, a cramp hit her stomach. Desperately, she clamped down on her pacifier and clenched her butt cheeks together. Now she was pretty sure she knew what had woken her up. She was still feeling pretty tired, and she’d gone to bed much later than normal, so she suspected that it wasn’t just a sleep cycle that had woken her up, and her cramping seemed to confirm that suspicion. Her mind was awake now, desperately scrambling to come up with a plan. If she was right that it was still the middle of the night, she wanted to do anything she could to prevent a messy diaper, since there was no chance she’d be changed anytime soon. Though it was not a common occurrence, she’d experienced enough overnight messes over the last 8 years to know that they were particularly unpleasant. The problem was, there were very few options available to Jackie. There was no way she could climb out of her crib, and despite the relaxed rules here at Lauren and Katie’s house, nobody would be letting her out of her crib. And simply waiting until morning didn’t seem like a likely solution. For years now, she’d had no control at all over her bladder. With her bowels, it was a little different: At least by her standard (not realizing that she was going until she already was or even already had), she’d never exactly had a messy accident. However, depositing each and every poop into the seat of her diaper for the past 8 years had not been without its consequences. Because she was going to be messing eventually, she usually just pushed things out as soon as she felt them coming on. Her diet of baby food and formula meant that she could usually have a soft mush out in just a couple of minutes, and in most circumstances just getting the humiliating task over with was the fastest route to a change. That approach meant she never really held back for very long any more. And, when the time came to do so, she found that she really had only a minimal amount of time before she had to give in to the pressure and mess anyways. Lacking other options, Jackie knew that she needed to try to avoid the mess, and the only way to do that would be to fall back asleep. She wasn’t positive that that would work, since the need to go had already woken her up, but she had had a few times where she’d thought she’d noticed a little bit of an avalanche building in her stomach, only to manage to fall asleep and make it until morning before soiling her pants. Those might have just been a little bit of gas, but she had to pin her hopes on something. Heck, even if she could buy herself another hour or so, that might be the difference between a rash or not on the back end. Jackie knew enough to know that just wishing herself to fall asleep probably would only make things work, so she searched her surroundings for any sort of distraction she could find. Though she’d been over the twins’ house before, it had only ever been for relatively short playdates. She’d napped in this room a few times, but never slept in it until the previous night, and had previously not dedicated a whole lot of energy to looking around. Lit by the soft glow of a pastel pink night light on the far wall, the room seemed about what one would expect out of a nursery. Most of the features pretty closely mirrored her own, though the changing table was larger to allow both babies to be on it at the same time if necessary and practical, and there were probably even more diapers than in her room to accommodate the extra resident. The mobile over her head was predictably uninteresting, and while she’d noticed yesterday that there was a family portrait that hung on the wall over the changing table, the poor light and the angle she had from her crib meant that she couldn’t really make it out to examine that further. Indeed, the only thing that seemed particularly interesting or dramatically out of line with her own room was the fact that there was a second crib. She looked over at the two girls who were somewhat crammed into the twin-sized crib. They were both lying on their sides, perhaps because that afforded them the most space to sleep. Jackie would have felt a little bad that they were forced to share if she’d had any say in coming here at all. Mama had had a death in the family that required her to drive out of the state for a few days, and though Jackie suspected that the decision was mostly logistical instead of merciful, she had decided that bringing her adult baby along wasn’t an option. Normally, she’d just have dropped her off at her biological parents’ house, but they were currently out of the country on vacation, and so Mama had turned to her network of friends who themselves kept infantilized adults for help. Miss Julia and Kevin, Lauren and Katie’s “mommy and daddy,” had apparently been either the first or only people who said they’d take an extra for a few days, and so Jackie had found herself hurriedly packed up and brought over for an extended Wednesday to Sunday visit. Despite having been here a couple of days now, Jackie had only a little more understanding of the two sleeping girls that she was looking at through the bars of her crib. Here in the middle of the night, Lauren wasn’t wearing her glasses, and so Jackie had no idea which twin was which. They were so identical to the untrained eye that they even seemed to be sucking their pacifiers in perfect unison. Jackie could really only see their faces, but they sure looked peaceful. And with their bodies obscured by the blankets, you could forget that they were way too large to be in a crib in the first place. Jackie hadn’t actually ever looked at another adult sleeping in a crib, since she was usually the one inside of one, but she had to admit that she was surprised at how natural it all seemed from the outside. She’d always assumed that this was just another way that their existence was a total farce – after all, she’d seen how universally silly she and her playmates looked while being led through the rest of their ridiculous daily rituals by their caregivers, with the clothes and sized up furniture always adding to the humiliation of their babyish activities without ever for a second making anyone forget that these were not real babies at all. She had always assumed this was part of the point. Maybe the goal wasn’t actually to twist the knife of humiliation a little bit more by reminding the girls that they could never hide the adults that they weren’t allowed to be; never pass off the humiliation as not real because they were just babies, but it certainly had that effect on Jackie. But seeing the two sleeping girls, she actually saw babies. At least at night, there was no humiliation on their faces, only a tranquility that seemed to be very real. Was she like this when she slept? She often felt that sleep was the closest she ever got to escape. When she dreamt, it was often just an extenuation of her current life, which made sense with her second babyhood occupying all of her time and most of her mental energy. But sometimes she’d still dream of a different life – one where none of this had happened. And those dreams (especially the ones that didn’t end with her embarrassing herself by somehow revealing herself to be the big baby she was treated as when she was awake) were the best dreams, even if they could be the hardest to wake up from. But did sleep make her look like the baby that the world went to such great lengths to tell her she was? She couldn’t tell if the thought made her feel like sleep was even more of the escape that she thought of it as, or if even that escape was just another way to further her humiliation. All of these thoughts were interesting, but another cramp emphasized how little they were doing to help Jackie achieve her goal of falling asleep. If anything, her mind seemed more awake, and her body seemed like it was about to betray her. Both cramps that she’d experienced in the last few minutes were pretty significant, and her stomach was now churning so ominously that she was struggling to comfortably lie still in the crib. Jackie sensed that the next cramp would be her last. She probably could fight on another cramp or two, but eventually she’d get tired of it, and she knew that she couldn’t make it until morning. Besides, she had a sort of pride about having never had a full-blown messy accident. Recognizing that she’d lost control over her bladder had been a source of major mental anguish, even if she knew at some level that she was hardly to blame. In moments of reflection, she might concede that she had some doubts about exactly how much control she had over her bowels, but she held tight to the defense mechanism. Not having an accident was sort of a last vestige of adulthood that she could hang her hat on. She’d rather give in and mess deliberately before she strictly had to than test her limits and risk shredding the last bit of confidence she had left. When the next cramp came just a few moments later, Jackie gave a gentle push instead of the frantic clench she’d employed each of the last two times. Immediately, a relatively small, just-barely-cohesive log quickly breached her sphincter and pushed up against the back of her sodden diaper. Even in moments like these where Jackie could move around relatively easily and there was nothing pushing or pulling her diaper tighter than it was naturally taped, pooping in a diaper was a pretty disgusting experience. Though this turd was soft and not very long, it seemed like it instantly met the resistance of the diaper’s back panel. That pressure caused the poop to smush into itself, quickly becoming wider. Soon, Jackie’s crack immediately around her anus was full of goo, and there was more external pressure as she finished with the initial push, which created the unpleasant sensation of not quite feeling like her sphincter was fully closed even as she finished straining. If this had been one of Jackie’s rare firmer messes, it might have reluctantly slid its way down the back in one piece, temporarily holding its form and wedging itself between Jackie’s lower butt cheeks, where it would stay until it was either pushed further down into direct contact with Jackie’s already urine-soaked vagina, front, and eventually wider diaper area by a next piece or else slowly have been jostled around by Jackie’s inevitable movements until it became more of a smeared blob that seemed to cement itself to Jackie’s crack. One wasn’t actually better than the other, as evidenced by the fact that Jackie usually wished that she had done the opposite of whatever she just had. Though it would already be an entirely unpleasant way to spend the rest of the night, Jackie could immediately tell that she was nowhere near finished. In fact, her stomach felt literally no relief as yet. Having broken the seal and beginning her discomfort, now she was committed to silencing her stomach and seeing if she could find a way to get back to sleep. Plus, she knew her limited control and churning stomach weren’t really going to give her much of a choice anyways. She gave a second push, this one with more deliberate effort than the first, cramp-aided thrust. There was little reward at first, although the effort did seem to slide any last remaining bit of the first poop out of her hole and allow it to feel more fully closed as she paused her efforts briefly and took a deep breath. Just as she had prepared herself for another go, a soft but audible gurgle from her stomach let her know that it was ready for her to begin again as well. Her eyes closed as she gave her most effort yet, and this time she was rewarded with much more than she had anticipated. Accompanied by a rather loud, and clearly wet, noise that didn’t seem to have enough air to strictly be called gas, Jackie felt an absolute torrent of runny diarrhea escape into her diaper, almost immediately coating her entire crotch with a wet film and creating a steaming warm pool of waste in between her legs that gravity helped stretch almost to her left hip. As she tried to assess whether her diaper was containing everything, another almighty rumble raced through her abdomen and Jackie automatically pushed a second wave that seemed every bit as big as the first to add to the fetid horror in her underwear. Exhausted, Jackie unconsciously rolled onto her back. She felt the warm, clumpy puddle shift down with her, pooling now in the back half of her diaper, and immediately she could tell that some amount of the liquid was rushing further up her back than her diaper could contain. There was nothing she could really do – despite being tightly diapered by Miss Julia before bed, there was an inevitable gap between the diaper’s plastic backing and the small of her back. Once she’d overwhelmed the diaper’s absorbing capacity, her only chance would have been to be standing, which hadn’t happened to be the case. She could tell that the back of her onesie was now coated with the same wet mess that filled her pants, and was sure that the bed sheets must be as well. The light wouldn’t help her see much, and she didn’t want to put her hands back there, but she assumed it was a horrible scene. She had really ruined everything, and to make things worse, it wasn’t even her bed! Come morning, she was sure Miss Julia would be quite upset, and she could only imagine she’d be in for a heavy round of humiliation and possibly even a punishment. She had experienced a few wet leaks before, but this was different. Her very standardized diet and minimal contact with the outside world meant that diarrhea was very rare, and she’d never experienced it while lying down before. Standing or sitting up, gravity could help to contain things in the seat of her pants for long enough for some more absorption to happen and for someone to realize what had happened and help her get a change. Without that, she was left lying here, feeling thoroughly gross and totally helpless. She took stock of her situation, trying to decide if there was any way that she could get comfortable for the rest of the night. She wasn’t sure, but her assumption was that the diaper would eventually be able to absorb most of the pure liquid that had escaped her, which would at least prevent further leakage. Shifting slightly, she could tell that much of that absorption had already occurred. Even with the risk of further leakage subsiding by the minute, she was left with two uncomfortable realities that were unlikely to go away any time soon. The first was the state of her diaper, onesie, and bedsheets. The mess was cooling unpleasantly, and seemed to be turning into a cold, sticky layer that was touching every corner of her diaper area, with plenty of nasty little clumps thrown in for good measure. Further, her wet-with-diarrhea onesie was clinging to her back, pressed up against her by sheets that she knew had barely fared any better in the previous few minute’s avalanche. The other problem was the smell. The initial nastiness of the mess itself had for a moment rendered the smell of what she had done irrelevant. But now, even a room with a diaper pail that did only a little to hide that it held several dirty diapers, what Jackie had done was literally overpowering. Even if she could turn out all of the rest of discomfort, that smell was so bad that she wondered if she’d ever fall back asleep. Gingerly, she tried to shift to a position where at least the parts of her that weren’t in contact with her diaper might be more or less comfortable. She slowly turned back onto her side, and slid herself slightly closer to the bars of the crib so that she was outside of the wet patch that she’d created on the sheet. It wasn’t much, but it was better. Jackie still wished for sleep, but knew that it would take a minute. This was truly the messiest diaper she’d ever experienced. She wondered how this could have happened, and how she could have been so unlucky as to have it happen while she was in a stranger’s house. She supposed it wasn’t really surprising in retrospect. Apparently, on Thursday nights, her hosts had a tradition in which they broke out of their mommy/daddy/babies relationship and all had a more normal dinner. It had been explained to Jackie that afternoon that the twins got to pick what was on the menu, usually got to cook it if they wanted, and that the meal was used as a way for everyone to check in, talk about the week, and make sure that everyone was happy. Jackie had been pretty stunned when she heard about it, as nothing of the sort happened in her normal life. And even if Mama had asked her questions like that, she was pretty sure that the answers would only be used to further her misery. Instead, it had quickly been explained to her yesterday morning as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Further, as the guest, she’d been asked if she’d like to choose what they would have for dinner. That had been an absolutely overwhelming choice for her, and when Miss Julia had told her, her immediate reaction had been to ask what her options were. Miss Julia had laughed, and said that anything that they could buy or make within a few hours would be fine with everyone. That was nice, Jackie was sure, but when you’d only eaten baby food for the past 8 years, and not so much as picked out your own clothes even once over that time either, that was an almost impossibly wide set of options. She’d found herself wracking her brain a little bit, wondering what she should do with this golden opportunity to have whatever she wanted after so long. The strangest thing was that she wasn’t even having trouble choosing so much as she was having trouble coming up with options. Her bedtime at home was 7 PM, and she was always fed before bath time, which functionally meant that there was not any overlap between her meals and those that Mama and her boyfriend would eat after she went to bed. Sometimes as she was falling asleep she’d detect some great smells, but they were never for her, and she didn’t even really know what they were. She detested the baby foods that she was subjected to, but without getting used to their terrible tastes, she had gotten used to the idea of meals as things you simply got through, and she didn’t exactly crave more normal foods the way she had in earlier years of her babyhood. Her indecision almost got to the point where it was embarrassing her. Finally, she decided to just try to go for foods she remembered missing during those early years. The two that came to mind were pizza and chicken parmesan. Pizza seemed easy, but she decided that maybe she should take this opportunity to make the more sophisticated choice and went with chicken parmesan. Miss Julia had said that that sounded great, and, for a while, that seemed to be that. They’d gone through the remainder of the morning with the girls all playing at various dumb baby games and then endured a normal baby food lunch – although Jackie noted that since they didn’t mix varieties here, the food was simply unappetizing as opposed to disgusting. After that, the three girls had been herded off to nap time. But it was after that nap-time that things had taken a turn outside of what she expected. After a quick round of diaper changes for both Jackie and Katie (Lauren hadn’t been wet enough to need one), Miss Julia’s tone had changed pretty much entirely. “Alright,” she’d said, “Jackie requested chicken parm for dinner, so we probably need about an hour and a half to make that. So everyone has about 2 hours to themselves. Girls, your phones and your books are both in the office.” Although Jackie was baffled, the twins clearly knew exactly what that meant. Lauren, who’d been seated with her legs over the lowered side of the crib she’d just shared with Katie, had taken out her pacifier and set it on the pillow, then jumped down and walked calmly out of the room. Katie had jumped off of the changing table and followed right behind her, not bothering to remove her pacifier. The two of them were both wearing relatively simple t-shirts, diapers, and socks, and while they seemed to now have the run of the place, neither had bothered to change out of those outfits. Jackie had been seated at the very top of changing table, having been situated over there by Miss Julia after her wet diaper had been changed so that she would be out of the way of Katie’s change. She was still wearing the dress she’d been in all day, as her Mama had only packed her clothes that were either clearly meant for nighttime and some of her fanciest (and most embarrassingly babyish) dresses, perhaps owing to the fact that the visit was a sort of extended playdate. Reflexively, she sought instruction. “Wut should me do now, Miff Juwia?” she’d asked from behind her pacifier in her exaggeratedly high-pitched voice. “Oh, right, I should explain,” Miss Julia said, sounding apologetic. “First of all, from now until bedtime, you can just call me Julia, ok?” Jackie was a little stupefied, but gave a slight nod. She’d later found that that was a somewhat difficult task, because after knowing her as “Miss Julia” for two years, that was her name in her mind and it was difficult to call her anything else. “Thursday afternoons are free time around here from after nap time until we start making dinner. Sometimes the girls will grab their phones and call their parents or text some friends or something, or sometimes they will read a book or whatever. I guess you don’t have any of that with you though. Hmm…why don’t you come with me? Would you like to watch a movie?” “Umm, otay,” Jackie said. She didn’t have anything else in mind, and she hadn’t watched a movie in years, so that sounded pretty good to her. “Oh, you can take your pacifier out, too,” Miss Julia continued. “Katie probably didn’t remember to, but she probably will have by now. And you don’t need to use baby talk either.” With that, she had walked out of the room. Jackie reached up and took her pacifier out of her mouth, feeling more than a little naughty as she placed it next to the baby powder on the corner of the changing table. Still, she had had little time to dwell on it, as she needed to keep pace with Miss Julia despite her somewhat unstable legs. Fortunately, they only headed about 20 feet out to the living room, where Miss Julia got to busying herself with the remote control on the couch. Jackie sat down on the other side of the couch, soaking in the feeling of sitting on furniture like a normal person, as she normally was only on a couch when she was laying on her back to drink a bottle. “How about Frozen?” Miss Julia had asked, in a casual tone that Jackie could intuitively sense meant that it was a popular movie. “Ife neva heard of it,” she’d been forced to admit, with the admission made even more embarrassing by the fact that she’d automatically reverted to her lisp for the first half of her sentence. “Oh, well then I think you’ve gotta watch it,” Miss Julia had said, not missing a beat, even if she sounded more like she was talking to a 12 year old than a peer (or, in fact, a woman a little bit older than her). She’d started the movie for Jackie, and then left, presumably to go to tend to something more pressing. It had taken Jackie a few minutes before she processed that it was an animated movie that had been selected for her, and she wondered if it had been chosen because it wasn’t too mature. However, she had to admit that she was finding it enthralling, and soon Lauren and Katie had emerged from wherever they had been and were both watching the movie as well, which seemed to indicate that it wasn’t too boring. Sure enough, the movie proved much better than she’d anticipated at the start. Though it clearly was targeted towards children, it was much more mature than anything Jackie normally got to consume. She couldn’t tell for sure whether it was just the years of exclusively hearing stories targeted at children that couldn’t yet say their own names, but she felt like there was some real depth to the story. The other girls clearly knew it well, and had even unabashedly sang what seemed like the main song when it came on. Jackie had thought the song was a funny choice, since it seemed very sad to her, even if it was defiant. The twins, however, had seemed to feel like it was a total celebration, and had acted accordingly. Perhaps, she thought, if she’d known the movie better, she would have understood. After the movie was over, Miss Julia had emerged from another room and told both Jackie and then the twins that it was time to make dinner. At that point, Miss Julia had realized that maybe the dress that Jackie was wearing wasn’t all that appropriate for the task at hand. However, they ran into the problem of not having a natural alternative. Finally, they settled on having her take off her dress and put on an apron, which did provide her a degree of modesty as it covered her chest. Her diaper was still very exposed in the back, but the twins’ were as well, and Jackie was sometimes left topless at home, so this was hardly a major indignity in comparison. They’d all gotten to cooking together, with Katie, who seemed to be a pretty good cook, taking the de facto leadership of the kitchen. It quickly became apparent that Jackie was not well-practiced, so she was left the somewhat mindless job of mashing up the tomatoes to help make the sauce. Frankly, though, she didn’t mind at all, as she was able to sit. It was a little awkward, as the women around her chatted familiarly. For starters, there was no hint of the baby-mommy dynamic that had seemed entirely natural earlier this morning. They updated each other on family and friends, and talked a little about recent news. While the news could have been applicable to Jackie, she’d had no idea what people were really talking about. At first, they’d tried to politely invite her into the conversation, but Jackie was really struggling to make small talk, and eventually they’d mostly given up, which was a welcome relief. Jackie remembered that she sort of wished she’d had her pacifier, because then nobody would have expected anything out of her. The most awkward part, although it seemed positively mild given the current state of her diaper, was that she had messed herself just a few minutes before they were ready to get things onto the stove. As the smell had wafted around the room, Miss Julia had playfully asked “Alright, who was that?” In near perfect unison, both Lauren and Katie had denied that they were the source, also chuckling. But, with the two of them ruled out, they suddenly knew what had happened, and Jackie had felt them tense up a little. Although they clearly felt awkward, she’d been somewhat glad that her secret had come out, especially since she actually hadn’t been forced to explicitly claim the deed. Miss Julia had bailed her out by reacting fastest. “No problem at all,” she’d said in the same casual tone. “If you don’t mind, I should just finish breading these last couple of pieces of chicken so that we can put everything in the oven on time for Kevin to get home, and then I’ll check these two and change anyone who needs one.” In a sense, Jackie had been most relieved by that. She’d been pretty sure that she was still supposed to use her diaper, and would have needed help to get out of it to use a toilet, so she’d just gone ahead. It had seemed safest. But as soon as she’d done it, she’d realized that she was in a lot of trouble if she was expected to change herself. As much as she didn’t really want to be cleaned up by a near stranger, it seemed to beat the alternative. Soon enough, she’d been cleaned up, along with Lauren, who’d actually volunteered that she was now wet enough that she should change before dinner. In a way, it had seemed like her change was more awkward for her and Miss Julia, since they weren’t sure how much to slip back into mommy and baby mode during it, whereas Miss Julia and Jackie had not just been talking like two old friends and so switching back was less of a departure. By the time dinner had been ready, Kevin had gotten home from work, and they’d all sat down for dinner. The food itself was so incredible that Jackie was nearly brought to tears. She couldn’t be sure, but she felt like it was worthy of a high-end restaurant. But it was more than taste. Just to chew her food for once was amazing, and to actually enjoy a bite as it went down. She knew she was barely containing herself, but she couldn’t help but go back for seconds. There had even been wine, which she had most certainly not had since her forced regression. She was a little self-conscious that she’d wound up with a little sauce on her face, but nobody seemed to care that she was a little rusty with a fork and knife. Thinking back, Jackie wasn’t sure whether it was the richness of the food or perhaps the unexpected introduction of wine, but it seemed pretty obvious that the dinner had been her undoing. Her stomach had clearly not been able to make the sudden adjustment from the normal mush and milk that it was used to, and the fact that she had had a full-blown feast probably had only made things worse. Recognizing what had happened was alarming. She frequently comforted herself by telling herself that one day this would all be over, and she’d be able to go back to a normal life. She didn’t really have any hope that it would be any time in the near future, but she generally believed it. But, if even just eating a normal meal was going to have such horrible consequences, she realized, then perhaps she was further from being a functioning adult than she wanted to think. While she was slowly starting to feel her tiredness take over from her discomfort, Jackie wasn’t quite drowsy enough yet to fall asleep. Shifting slightly, she could tell that her back was still pretty gross, and that it was arguably getting worse as it dried. Her diaper was beyond hopeless, but she was somewhat used to spending time in horrible diapers. She didn’t need to sleep in messy diapers very often, but it had happened enough times that she at least knew it was possible. Her only question was whether she’d wake up with a rash in the morning, although, unless it was closer to morning than she thought, in this case that seemed pretty unavoidable. Once again, Jackie found herself examining the sleeping twins. It had been strange to watch the two of them at dinner. Like during the cooking, Jackie had been brought into the conversation a little for the sake of being polite, but it was clear that the dinner conversation came with a real agenda: the girls and their “parents” were there to discuss how the week had went, and whether anything was needed changing in their relationship. The conversation had proven incredibly foreign to Jackie. Not only was she quite positive she’d never have an equivalent conversation with Mama, but she’d never say some of the things that these girls were saying. For starters, they’d said that the last week had been pretty good overall. That, on its own, was pretty mind-boggling to Jackie, but as the conversation had continued, she’d only felt more out of touch. The girls were asked if there was anything that they wanted to change about the previous week, and Lauren had voiced a minor complaint that during times when they were all home she and Katie had been left to their own devices too much. It seemed like she actually wanted to be forced to do more babyish things, which Jackie couldn’t believe. While it could be boring, she always wished there would be more times when she’d just be left alone in her playpen. Most of the time, even if she was left in a room by herself, a baby monitor was left in there as well, and Mama would expect to be able to hear her playing. The only time she ever felt like she could just be on autopilot was when she was having a bottle or breast feeding, and even then, if she was being fed a bottle on the couch she was supposed to always be playing with her own feet as if she found them incredibly interesting. Having to maintain her role, even when no one was really watching, was mentally exhausting, and she couldn’t understand how these girls could even come close to asking to be forced to do it more. Throughout the dinner, it had been clear to Jackie that her presence was making everyone just a little less comfortable than they otherwise would have been. It was pretty clear that this was a conversation that normally took on a pretty set course each week, but Jackie sensed that it was actually important to each of them. And for it to really work, it probably needed to not have a visitor present. Still, they seemed committed to having it, but Jackie felt like maybe they were holding back a little bit. It also seemed like nobody was quite sure how to include her. She’d felt a little awkward watching everything unfold, so they probably felt a little awkward too. She’d tried to mostly just focus on the food, which was truly delicious, but it hadn’t helped with anyone’s perception of her as a fifth wheel. Every once in a while, either Miss Julia or Kevin would try to find a way to ask Jackie a question as well, but it was never very natural. After all, questions about her week were not really too applicable. Instead, they’d asked if she was enjoying her visit. She’d answered truthfully, that it was going better than expected, especially with the dinner. It was extra awkward to be babied by what amounted to strangers, but otherwise these people were far nicer than Mama was. Still, Jackie hadn’t opened up much more, for fear that fully honest answers would only increase everyone’s discomfort. She knew that this was only sort of the same thing as what she experienced at home, and she could tell that everyone else knew too. It wasn’t that she was impossibly out of place, but there was nothing that could be done tonight that would bridge that divide. In a few days, she’d be going home, and that would be worse for her, but since it wasn’t going to change, it didn’t feel like there was even a way to discuss it. The only time that Jackie had fully engaged had been near the end of the dinner, when she’d been asked how she’d liked the movie. For once, she felt like there might be an opportunity for her to really participate in the conversation. She’d liked the movie overall, and she’d said as much, but then she took the opportunity to ask the girls a question that had been on her mind since it had ended. “What was it about that song you guys liked so much?” she’d asked, hoping they’d know what she meant despite not being sure of the name. “Oh, Let It Go?” Lauren had asked. “It’s just so great. You hadn’t heard it before?” “Well, no,” Jackie answered. “What about it do you like? I thought it seemed kind of sad, but the two of you seemed like you were really excited about it.” “Hmm,” Lauren said, pausing for a second to consider the question. “Well, I’m thinking about what I feel when I hear it - I guess it feels like a song about just being who you are. And for me and Katie, that is a little…different. But I guess I just like the idea, you know? Like, I felt so much pressure to have a big job and everything, but I didn’t really want that. I wanted to have a job that made ends meet and to be able to just kind of explore this side of myself. A lot of people would think that was crazy, but when I hear that song, it’s just sort of like: ‘Go for it. Who cares what other people think.’ Which is just awesome. You know, it’s like, ‘be you. Be awesome!’” “Yeah,” Katie had chimed in. “Honestly, I’m curious what even seems sad to you. I think it is such a release of a song, and it happens at such a good part of the movie.” Jackie had recognized the question as genuine, but had still felt a little defensive. It had been so long since anyone had asked her to explain her opinion, and she was finding it hard to find the words. “Well,” she’d said, “I guess I’ve only heard it once, but to me it seemed like it was a song about hiding yourself. Maybe I was just listening mostly to the first part, but it seemed like it was all about the rules you have to follow, and how you just sort of are trapped by them. I guess I get that it’s cool that she is deciding that she can be who she wants to be, but she’s a princess with superpowers. Not everyone can just decide that they want things to be different and just go ahead, let that go and make them different. I guess maybe I let it go too, but it feels a little different. Like, at home, it’s better for me if I just let it go and don’t think about it too much. If I do, that makes it harder, and sometimes it makes me act up, and then I am more likely to get in trouble.” She was getting a little upset, which she hadn’t expected, and she didn’t know where all this was going, so she’d stopped. This was the level of transparency she’d been avoiding, and she felt sure she’d been right to try to steer clear. She could tell that her hosts weren’t sure what to say, and also that they weren’t going to keep talking about the song anymore. When Lauren finally spoke it had seemed like she was flailing a little. “I think, maybe, we are hearing different things because we are having different experiences,” she said, seeming almost like she was about to cry. “I hope someday you hear it our way.” Jackie had accidentally brought the conversation to a close, and a few minutes later they had all cleaned up and the girls were brought back into the nursery. With a round of fresh diapers and the reinsertion of their pacifiers, they’d officially resumed their baby roles and been tucked in for the night. The way the conversation had gone had reinforced for Jackie that she believed that the girls were genuine. She really couldn’t understand it, but they must like this. They really did seem to have a choice, even if during the week they gave up a tremendous amount of control. She had kind of always thought that they were crazy, at best, and losers, at worst. But maybe she wasn’t quite right. They were weird, but that might not be the worst thing you could be. She almost laughed. Even if she hadn’t been in the dirtiest, most uncomfortable diaper she’d ever worn, this would be a nightmare for her. And there they were, sleeping as if they didn’t have a care in the world. People could be funny, she supposed. --- Though she hadn’t really noticed falling asleep, Jackie could remember some wild dreams, all of which were really nightmares. The worst, as far as she’d been concerned, was the last one she’d remembered. She’d been at dinner with the family again, and she’d told all that she didn’t want to do this anymore. All at once, all of them had burst into laughter, not controlling themselves even when Jackie asked what was so funny. Finally, Miss Julia had composed herself, and with some of the kindness in her voice gone, explained. “You don’t get it, do you? You really are just a baby now. You couldn’t stop even if you had a choice!” With that, the whole room had burst into laughter again, and Jackie had suddenly become conscious that her diaper had leaked onto the chair at the kitchen table. --- To be continued...
  19. Hi all, I've been writing all my life, but always in my native language Dutch. I wanted to see if I could also write in English. So... I just started writing. And this is the result. It is basically a brain dump, so I never re-read it. Please let me know if you like it. Tips and tricks are welcome. And highly appreciated. Chapter 1 – She is here! “You know she is here, right?” The fifty year old man looked at me with a concerned look on his face. Bob was my colleague. He was my boss actually, and ‘she’ was an intern. She was 25 years younger than me and turned a few some months ago. I smiled and nodded and continued with the preparations for some hot snacks. I would fire up the barbecue in a few hours, but until then I didn’t want my colleagues to get hungry. “You know?” He was surprised. “Yes, I saw her ten minutes ago, through the front window, sneaking into my garden.” “And?” “And what?” “You are going to do nothing?” “You think she would leave if I asked nicely?” I answered with a new question. Bob looked at me for a moment and then started to laugh. He shook his head. “No, I don’t think she would leave.” “Then there is no point in asking, or telling, her to leave.” I concluded. “If I went to the garden and told her that she isn’t welcome here and that she needs to leave, then she would cause a scene and ruin the mood.” “So? You let her stay?” He asked. “I’m going to give her a choice: leave or stay. But if she wants to stay, it’ll be on my conditions. And I’m not sure she is going to like the conditions.” I smiled. Bob shook his head. I think he misread my intentions, but he would see for himself what I was planning to do. I didn’t think she was going to leave, but I also knew she wouldn’t accept my conditions without a fight. It was a bit of catch-22 situation, but I was sure the end result would be satisfying for both of us, in the end. I only had to convince her of it. “You know, I do feel sorry for her.” I said. I presented the plate with the snacks to Bob and let him try one. He tasted and nodded an approval. “You feel sorry for her? Why is that? She is the one who is crazy. Totally nuts.” “I know.” I knew a bit more about her tan Bob did. “She didn’t have a normal childhood, and yes, she does have some issues. I helped her get this internship. Now she has a crush on me, and thinks I love her because I helped her.” “Crush? This isn’t a crush anymore. She is hopelessly in love, and she stalks you. You need to do something about that.” “Oh, I will. I certainly will.” I said. “She is so talented, but a bit screwed up inside her head.” “That she is. That she is indeed!” Bob laughed approvingly. Chapter 2 – First step I found ‘her’ in the garden. Emma was talking to two of my female colleagues, and from a distance I saw that they didn’t want her around but were too polite to just turn their backs on her. I could see the annoyed faces of my colleagues, but Emma didn’t notice that. She just didn’t have an antenna for that kind of thing. Or maybe she had, but choose to ignore it. I walked towards them and Emma noticed me. She smiled immediately, but only for a second. Then she realized the situation and that she wasn’t welcome here. She must have been afraid of me being mad at her. Her expression changed, but that also lasted only a second. Then she smiled again. She tried to be calm and confident, but I knew she wasn’t. Emma was small and her high heels didn’t compensate fully. Her small skirt, sexy top and plenty of skin showing made her look like a teenager at a fraternity party. But this wasn’t that kind of party. This was just a barbecue with ten colleagues from work. And we were all in our forties and fifties. She definitely stood out of the crowd, she was the outsider, and everybody knew that. Even Emma. When I came close she hugged me. She wrapped her arms around me and wanted to kiss me on the lips. But she couldn’t reach that high. Instead she pushed her face against my chest and I feared that her extensive make-up would leave marks on my white shirt. She smiled and looked up with anticipation and maybe a little bit of tension. “Hi Emma. Please come inside, we need to talk.” I pushed myself out of the hug and placed my hand between her shoulder blades to guide her inside the house. Emma looked worried and I knew all my colleagues were staring at us. They all felt the tension, and they all knew what had happened before. All right, they didn’t know everything, but they knew enough to feel that something was going to happen. “Peter, I’m sorry for...” She started, but her words where unnecessary. “Please stop talking. I will talk first and you need to listen. But we will do that inside the house, and we will find a nice and quiet place where we are not disturbed.” I said it calm but resolutely. I wanted her to know that I was serious. This was not a game anymore, not for me anyway. In fact, for me it was never a game. But Emma did exactly what she always did when somebody asked her to do something: she starting asking why and did not get the clue that she should have listened in the first place. She turned around to me and looked me in the eye. She didn’t seem to care that everybody was looking at us. “Peter, let’s…” She started talking again. “No, stop. You really need to listen to me now.” I said with a raised voice. “You know you are not invited here, and I made it absolutely clear that you are not welcome. You even promised you wouldn’t come.” I looked her in the eyes and saw her nervous smile fade away. Her confidence was melting, but it was not gone yet. “So you can talk all you want, but all I hear are lies and falsehoods. So, stop talking and go inside. Now, please!” I gave her a last chance to go to a place without spectators, without the audience. And people were looking at us, enjoying it. Not long after Emma started her internship at the company, people started to dislike her and hoped that something like this would happen one day. Her arrogance and misplaced self-confidence made her no friends. “That’s not…” Again I didn’t let her finish her sentence. She clearly wasn’t going to listen and she didn’t made any attempt to go inside. She gave me the excuse I wanted, and I could do what I planned to do. I grabbed her by her arm, pushed her in position and swung my other hand from behind and let it land op her ass. Everybody could hear my hand hit the back of her skirt and saw the startled face of Emma. She shouted in surprise, not because I did her a lot of pain. Everybody looked at us in silence and saw that I treated her like the child she was acting like. Emma was shocked and looked up in disgust. I looked her again straight in the eyes. The twenty year old looked up to me and then looked away. She now realized that everybody around us looked at her, and the humiliation became visible on her face. “Did you hear what I said? I want you to go inside the house so we can talk. Are you going to listen now?” I still had my hand around her arm. She couldn’t get away, but I think she was more or less paralyzed by the shock and wasn’t planning to run away. Again she didn’t respond to my question. She just looked down at the ground, avoiding any eye contact. It took a little shaking around before she looked up and finally she nodded, albeit very slightly. “OK, then please go to the hall. You can sit on the stairs if you want. I’ll come find you in a minute. Is that understood?” I was purposely talking to her as if she was a child, but she wasn’t a child at all. She was an adult, a beautiful but slightly small one. She had made an effort to look sexy, with a lot of curve showing and from above I had an excellent view into her cleavage. But she was twenty and I was forty-five. “Yes.” She sounded very soft. For the moment she conceded. She knew she couldn’t win this round and the only thing she wanted to do now, was leave the garden and find a spot to regroup, and find her calm, and her confidence. This was not the moment to teach her that I would like to hear a response like: ‘Yes, Peter’ or ‘No, Peter’, but I hoped that that time would still come. I let go of her arm and Emma immediately started to walk inside the house. I watched her go and followed her with my eyes. I was a bit afraid that she would run away, and that she went home and that my plans would fail. But deep inside I knew already that she would not do that. I was confident that my plan worked, and that she would behave the way as expected. I smiled, and was already excited about the next step of the plan. For now I concluded that the first part of the plan worked perfectly. Chapter 3 - Confessions Five minutes. I gave her a bit more time to think about what happened. She got a bit more time to realize that her plan was failing. I suppose she still thought that she might end up in bed with me, but that was not the end goal I had in mind. I had different plans, and preparations were already underway for a two weeks now. The only reason I gave this barbecue in my backyard was to lure Emma here. And it worked. I opened the door to the hall and Emma was startled. She was indeed sitting on the second step of the stair, but stood up as soon as I entered the hall. “I’m sorry I had to smack your bottom.” I said with a shy smile. I think she thought I was still angry, but instead I walked towards her and gave her a hug. I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her. I even kissed her on top of her head. “You didn’t listen, and I needed you to listen.” I whispered to her in a soft voice, without a hint of anger or irritation. “Why… Peter?” She still felt the humiliation and the confusion. Moments ago she thought I was mad at her, and now I was kissing her. I gave out these mixed messages on purpose. I needed her confused for now, to lure her a bit more in my trap. Far enough that so there wasn’t a way back. “First, please forget that you think you can end up in my bed. That’s not going to happen.” I said sternly. I still had her firm against my body, but she could hear me perfectly. “If you still believe that, then please leave now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay the night, if you want.” I let her get out of the hug and she looked up at me. Her confusion was still visible. “What? Really, but…” She fumbled her words and was lost for words. “I know you don’t want to go home tonight, and I know you brought a change of clothes just in case, but there is a big issue we need to talk about first.” “Wh… What?” “The problem is that I don’t trust you. I can’t trust you.” “Yes… Yes, you can.” Emma looked up desperately. “No, I can’t. Did you lie to me? Did you say you were not planning to come here tonight, because I explicitly said you were not welcome? Was that a lie, Emma?” Emma wanted to answer immediately, but I stopped her. I put a finger vertically on her lips and she understood the gesture. “Please think before you answer, and please don’t lie to me again.” Emma started blushing. I knew she was going to lie again, like she always did. That was kind of second nature to her. Off course she would deny it, but I already knew the truth. Last Thursday she confessed to another colleague that she was planning to come here, and later that day denied it to me. It was time for her to stop lying. Emma looked up at me, with a blush on her forehead. She nodded and finally told the truth. “Yes… I… I lied. But I…” I saw her tremble for a moment and pulled her close to me again. “All right, Emma. I’m glad you told the truth. Please don’t ever lie to me again.” I said, and gave her a moment to feel her body against mine. I wanted to give her some warmth, something I knew she didn’t get at home. I gave her another minute before I made my confession. “Now you told the truth, then I need to make a confession too.” I said, and I smiled. “Even though I explicitly forbade you to come here and I made myself very clear to you that you were not welcome here, I already knew you would come. I knew you could not resist the temptation and that’s why I already prepared a room for you.” Emma bended her head backwards and looked up. “A… A room.” “Yes, off course. You will get your own room, with your own bed.” “And… I can stay?” She asked. I couldn’t answer that question right away. “If you want, and if you obey my rules, then yes. You can stay here tonight. But only if you agree to my rules. And even then, there may be some surprises for you. And I already know that some of those surprises you will not like.” And even with that ominous warning she only heard the word ‘yes’. Chapter 4 – The proposal “The problem is that I don’t trust you. You lied to me, on multiple occasions. You looked me straight in the eyes and lied. That is problem.” I said. “So, I’ll be very clear to you. I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen. You may not like what I have planned for you, but you are here out of your own free will and you are free to leave. Do you understand?” Emma look puzzled, and a bit scared, but eventually she nodded. “You are free to leave, but… There is a big but.” I said. “There are only a few moments where you can decide to leave. Between those moments you are in my house and under my control. Here in this house I am responsible and you have to follow my rules.” Emma looked at me with a blank face. She had no idea what I meant. That would change soon. “I know this all sounds a bit strange, but I will explain.” I started. “First, in order to be able to build up my trust in you, I need you to learn that you cannot lie to me. You need to understand what happens when you lie and what the consequences are. And that will not be a pleasant part of this evening. I’m sorry to say, but I will need to punish you for your lies. I hope that will prevent you from further lying.” “P… Punish?” She stuttered the word. I nodded. “Yes. I will punish you. And it will hurt. It will hurt a lot.” I looked her in the eyes and saw fear. I was so much taller and stronger than her, and until now that didn’t stop her. Only now she really noticed the difference. “Then I will show you your room and you will stay there for at least two hours. You can sleep if you like, but you must stay in your room. You will get some time to process what I did to you, so you can decide how you react to that. That is part of the punishment.” Emma didn’t dare to ask anything. “Then I will get you, take you downstairs and get you something to drink and eat. At that point you can decide if you want to leave. I will ask someone to bring you home. I think Bob is going your way anyway, and he can drop you off at home if you want.” “By you can stay here if you like. But if you decide to stay for the night, you will need to comply with my rules, you need to behave or suffer the consequences. By then you know what happens if you misbehave.” “B… But…” She was lost for words again. “If you decide to stay the night here, I can bring you home tomorrow around noon. Not sooner. So, again, you need to make your decision carefully.” Emma was desperate to stay the night here. She decided that upfront. She knew she would do anything to stay the night here, but now, now it didn’t go according to her plan, everything fell apart for her. I saw her thinking about it, but now that everything was different than expected, she didn’t know what to do anymore. “What… Punishment… What will you do?” She looked up at me. Her face betrayed her nervousness. I approached her again and drew her close to me. I hugged her and wrapped my arms around her, and I gave her a kiss on the top of her head. “I have to do what I should have done before.” I said and waited a few seconds. “I will put you over the knee and I will spank you. I will use my hands, but I will do it on your bare bottom.” I felt her shock. Her body stiffened and she gasped. “I won’t lie to you, and I’m honest to tell you that it will hurt. But I hope that you trust me that I believe that this is the best for you. That is maybe a bit hard to understand, but I believe you need a firm hand.” She pulled her hands between our bodies and pushed herself out of our embrace. She looked at me and shook her head. Of course she was afraid. “No… You don’t… don’t have the right to… to…” She was right, of course. I could only do it with her permission. She was an adult and I had no legal control over her. But I was still convinced that she at least would stay till after her punishment, and after she had spent her time in her bedroom. I was almost certain that she loved me enough, and trusted me enough, to let me punish her. “No, but you lied to me too often and if you want us to have any kind of relationship, then it starts with this. I’m sorry, but this is the only way.” She still shook her head, maybe it was out of stubbornness, or despair. I couldn’t be sure. I knew I had to give her some time, but at the same time give her a hard deadline. She needed to make a decision fast, while I knew that was a tough decision to make. “Go back to the garden, get something to drink or whatever. In fifteen minutes I will ask Bob to bring you home. If you want to stay, then come to me before that. OK?” I asked, but Emma turned her head away from me. She pretended not to listen. With a gentle push I directed her out of the small hallway, in the direction of the garden. I went back to the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I smiled, but I was nervous too. I hoped see agreed to my proposal, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Chapter 5 – Her decision I already asked Bob and prepared him a bit for what was coming. I didn’t tell him everything, but most of it he would find out eventually. With Bob on my side we walked to Emma. She was sitting a bit outside the group. She was looking away, deep in her thoughts. “Emma? Bob will take you home now.” I said and laid my hand on her shoulder. She was startled by me touching her and looked at me. It looked like she cried a bit, but she would probably deny that. She looked at me, then at Bob and then back at me. I didn’t think she fully made her mind up. “Come, you need to go. I don’t think Bob would want to miss the barbecue.” I said smiling, but Emma didn’t move. She gazed at me for a moment and ten slowly stood up. I spread my arms and she walked into them. I hugged her again and let her feel some warmth. “I don’t want to go.” She said very softly. I don’t think Bob could hear it. He knew to give us some space. “Then you know what I have to do.” I replied, also softly. I kissed her on the head again. She shook her head. “Please, don’t.” “I understand you don’t want to be hurt and I will not be gentle. Let us walk to the hall together, we can grab your stuff on the way. If you then want to stay, I need you to show me that, I need a kind of confirmation that you really want to stay. If not, we call Bob. OK?” I whispered and she nodded. I gave her another kiss, but now on her forehead. She looked up at me with watery eyes, as if she was about to start crying. Slowly I let her out of my embrace and I grabbed her hand and softly led her through the garden. We both knew people were looking at us again. What was happening between that 45 year old and the 20 year old intern? It wasn’t illegal, even if she did end up in my bed, but although it was completely legal, it still felt off. She was too young for me. I was too old for her. She was working in my department, even though I wasn’t her real boss. For a short period of time I was her boss, but that didn’t work out, so I transferred her to a colleague. I felt her feet dragging. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t know if she wanted to stay either. It took us more than a minute to cross the house, grab her bag, and end up in the hall. We stood still in front of the door, but it was still closed. She was looking to the door, to her way out, to the end of this disappointment, but she didn’t open the door. “I need conformation, Emma. We’re both adults, I have no right to do this to you without your consent.” I saw her tremble. “So… Let’s… If you want to stay, then… then take off your panties and give them to me. That way I know for sure.” I proposed. I could hear her gasp. She had her head down, looked to the ground and thought about it. I knew she didn’t want to go home, but maybe the price of staying was too high. And she didn’t even know what I had planned for her. She only knew about the spanking. It all took too long. I didn’t want to wait anymore. Maybe the more she thought about it, the less chance I had she would stay. I walked up to her. Her back was turned to me and I moved close to her. I put my hand on her shoulder. “I understand this is a difficult choice to make, and I understand if you want to end it right here, right now. I’ll call Bob, and he’ll…” I started, but she didn’t let me finish. Suddenly she turned around. I saw anger on her face. Her hands were fists and she pounded them against my chest, but not hard. She didn’t want to hurt me, it was just an expression of her anger. Her hands came down and she reached under her skirt. Her skirt came up, but with her thumps under her panties she pulled her panties down. Her seemed more decorative that serving any other purpose. She pulled her feet out of them and then bend over to pick them from the ground. Without looking me in the eye she held her panties out. I took her pink panties and then gave her another hug. “Let’s get it over with, then.” I said. I tried to sound serious, but of course I was excited. She gave herself to me, ready to be punished. “You can leave your shoes, here.” I said, and half a minute later I guided her barefoot up the stairs. Chapter 6 – Final preparations I guided her to my bedroom. I went first and closed the door after she came in. I walked past her to the other side of the bed, closer to the window. The window was open and we could hear our colleagues talking. I closed the window and sat down on the middle of the bed. I placed my hand on the sheets next and gestured to come sit there. So hesitated, but she complied. “Have you ever had a spanking before?” She shook her head immediately. She looked very timid now. “I’m you cry or shout too loud, people may hear us. I think you don’t want that. And also I need you to lie very still, and that may prove difficult too.” Is said to her in a soft voice. “If I need to stop every time you make too much noise or move out of position, then that will only make it take longer. I… I may even need to hit you a bit more, because of the pauses in between.” She kept looking at her feet. “No, no… I will… I will try to…” “I can help you, but… But you may not like it.” “What? How?” I heard softly. “I can fixate your arms and legs, and put something in your mouth. You can’t move too much anymore and I can more easily keep you in place, and you can scream as much as you like as only me will hear you.” I said. She kept quiet. “I would be extremely proud of you if you did that. And it will be over more quickly.” She still didn’t say anything, and didn’t dear to look my way. “You want it to be over as soon as possible?” I asked, and now she nodded very slightly. I wasn’t sure what she really wanted, except that she didn’t want to be spanked at all, so I decided to use the tools I had at my disposal. First I took the towel that was on my night stand and spread it over my knees. With my hands on both side over her body, I helped her move and let her sit on my lap. She still didn’t look at me. The night stand was close enough by to open it and opened the drawer. I saw her looking at what my hand would get out of the drawer, probably anxiously. The first thing I picked was a belt that I put on her waist. I closed it on the front Velcro. On the back, a bit to the side, there were to wristbands that could also be closed with Velcro. One at a time I grabbed her wrist and brought it to her back and locked it into place. I felt a bit more resistance with her second hand, but she let me do it. She was already helpless and overpowered, but now her hands were out of the way, and securely locked against her back, she must have felt more helpless than ever. I grabbed a much smaller belt from the drawer with a soft, black gag on it. I brought the gag to her mouth and she let me put it in her mouth. It was from a soft material and it filled her mouth completely. I closed the belt behind her head. For a short moment I hugged her. I was so glad she trusted me to do this to her. She could have just refused and go home, but I had her on my lap in a position that I completely dominated her. I felt her tremble a bit out of fear and anticipation. I gave her a bit of time to get used to her outfit, before I helped her turn around. I got her to lie on my knees without any problems. She rested with her belly on my left thigh and with her private parts on my other thigh. Her hands were visible to me and were nervously trying to investigate their maneuverability. Her skirt was still covering her buttocks, but only barely. “Can you bend your knees, please?” I asked, and her knees came into reach. I had a last belt that I used to bind her ankles together. It also closed with Velcro. It was done quickly and she straightened her legs again. Her feet were resting on the ground and seeking support against the wall. She was almost ready. I had one more task to do, before I could teach her not to lie to me again. With both hands I pulled her tight skirt up. I exposed her buttocks as she wasn’t wearing any panties anymore. She tightened up, nervous and afraid. I could feel her while body stiffen, but her behind was exposed. I laid my right hand on her left buttock and it shocked her. It was just a touch but she was already in shock. The fact that it was hard for her to see what I did, didn’t help. She trembled again and I decided it was time. I pulled my right hand back. Chapter 7 – Punishment She cried within a minute. The first slaps didn’t hurt that much, much I kept going and soon the pain of each slap faded into the next one, until there was no more relief in between. I hit her with the inside of my hand, hurting myself too, but her pain was worse. I hit her on the left and on the right randomly, leaving her guessing where she would feel the next hit. She screamed at first, but the foam ball in her mouth reduced the volume for the most part. Only I could hear her in between the moments where my hand hit her skin. She fought me, her body tense and hard at one moment, and soft and flexible the next. I could easily keep her in place with my left hand grabbing her belt on her back, between her hands. And when she did manage to move a bit out of position, I could easily pull her back. I continued with her punishment, hitting her hard and leaving the skin on her buttocks darker and darker. It started a light shade of pink, but by now it some places became bruised and were already a much darker shade of pink. I didn’t think she thought it was going to hurt this bad. It took a while before I felt her body relax. She started to give up the fight. Her muscles relaxed and her body was loosening up. Her mind was accepting the fact that it couldn’t fight it, and was just helpless. She wasn’t screaming anymore into her gag, she was just crying. I continued for a short bit, slapping her darkened skin for a few more times and then stopped. She didn’t react to the end of her punishment. She still laid perfectly still, ready to accept more of I decided to do so. I placed my hand on her battered behind. I hadn’t broken anything, just darkened it. But it was enough. It was easy for me to pick her up, turn her around, and let her sit on my lap again. I did it carefully to not hurt her any more than necessary. Her upper body relaxed against mine, and her head was resting against my shoulder. Her eyes were wet from crying, but she was still bound and gagged and could do anything I didn’t help with. She felt exhausted. Her heart was racing and I could her chest expanding every time she breathed. Her mouth was filled, so she had to breathe to her nose. I gave her a minute to recuperate and then removed the gag from her mouth. She drooled a bit and I threw the wet gag on the floor. She rested her head again against my shoulder and felt her wet mouth against my neck. “I’m proud of you.” I said. “You’re so brave. I hope you learned your lesson.” She didn’t say anything, she just rested against me. After a moment I felt her pull against her restraints, and I removed them. Her hands were free again and then I also removed the restraints on her ankles. She was free again, but was still recovering from her punishment. Her breathing was slowly slowing down. I looked at her face and saw that it was a mess. Her make-up was awful after her crying and her mascara was all over her face. With some wet wipes I started to clean her face up. At first she resisted me a bit, but when she noticed that I did it with care and gentle strokes she started helping me. I think her main reason for her resistance was that she didn’t want her make-up to be removed, but I suppose she realized it was needed anyway. So, she let me do it. I needed a lot of wipes to remove it, but in the end her face was clean again, albeit still a bit red. “You did good.” I said thankfully. “Let’s get you into bed. I think you can use the rest.” I tried a small smile, but I didn’t get the same response from her. She wasn’t looking at me, she just laid there in my arms. I was prepared to carry her to her bedroom, but I couldn’t stand up with her in my lap. I could carry her, but then we first both had to stand up. Without speaking I helped her up and stood up beside her. I took her back in my arms, and she let me do it. She even wrapped her arms around my neck to help me. She was ready for another big surprise. Chapter 8 – Her bedroom She wasn’t that big, and I was strong enough to carry her in my arms. I maneuvered her out of my bedroom. I think Emma was glad this part was over, even though must have been a bit nervous about being sent to bed. She must have felt that there was something strange about that, and of course she was right. It was strange to bring a twenty year old to bed, just after a nasty spanking, but this whole situation was strange. Emma was not a normal twenty year old, but what do you define as normal. There were problems in her childhood that followed her around, and that defined her what she was today. And me? Was I normal? I had to admit that I also had my quirks, and today I had the satisfaction of playing out one of my quirks. I brought Emma to her room. The door was closed and I had my hands full. Emma helped. She opened the door for me and I stepped in. Emma must have been curious, or maybe she didn’t expect anything to be strange at all. But as soon as I carried her inside, I felt her body tense again. Her breathing stopped for a moment and I heard her gasp. “I think you remember the remark I made a month ago?” I said. I felt that she wanted to get out of my arms, but I kept her tight. “Someone said something about what you felt for me. I don’t know the exact words anymore. But they were implying that we end up in bed together, that’s for sure.” Our faces were very close and she looked at me for a moment. I watched her face from the moment we stepped into the room. She wasn’t pleased, she wasn’t pleased at all. She looked surprised at first, but then her expression quickly changed to shocked. “You know what I said? You remember that?” I asked, but knew she remembered it lividly. She was shocked and angry, while everybody was laughing. She felt so humiliated that she ran from the company restaurant where we had all lunch together. “I said that I thought you were so young that I would only feel comfortable with you in my bed when you were diapered.” I already knew that she had a crush on me, and this was my first attempt to push her away. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the right match for her. But it didn’t work. It worked for a few hours, that’s all. “Everybody thought it was a joke. Everybody laughed. Except you.” I said. “Do you still think it was a joke?” I brought her over to the big changing table and sat her down on it. The plastic cover of the changing mat compressed under her weight, but it may not have been prepared for her weight, it was long enough for her to lie down on. For now she just sat in the middle of it, but with her bare feet already on the changing mat too. Emma started shaking her head in disgust. She didn’t understand what she saw and I Think she didn’t realized yet what it meant for her. Maybe she still thought this was all a joke, maybe a bit elaborate to be a joke, but still a joke.. But it wasn’t a joke. This was dead serious. I spent a lot of time and money in preparing this room for her, without even knowing for sure it would be used at all. I hoped it would, but I couldn’t be certain. I saw her look around. She already noticed the pink changing mattress she was sitting on. It was just like one for babies, but only a lot bigger. Now I saw her eyes look at her bed. It was a giant crib, with bars that ended high above the mattress. The mattress itself was already up from the floor, much higher than on a normal bed. She looked at her crib for a moment and then looked at me. “It wasn’t a joke, Emma.” I said again. “I will help you undress, then I will diaper you before you will be put to bed.” “No… No… Why?” She stammered. “No questions. Let’s get you in bed, little girl. I will answer all your questions after your nap. She was still shaking her head in disgust while I started to open the buttons of her shirt. Chapter 9 – Undressed Just before I could open the last of the four buttons of her shirt she froze. She pushed my hands away. Not like she was in a panic, but more gentle and calm. With her sitting on the changing table our eyes were on the same level. She could look me straight in the eyes. She slowly shook her head. “No… Please.” She whispered. I smiled at her. I understood that she would be hesitant, and that she needed some time to comprehend what was happening to her. But my plan was to let her think about that in bed, and for that I needed her diapered, and… for that I needed her naked and lying down on the plastic mattress. “You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t do anything to you that I wouldn’t do to my nieces and nephews.” It was a joke of course, but at the same time a way to let her know that I would treat her like a child. So, I pushed her hands aside, with exact the amount of force that I needed, and opened the last button of her shirt. I immediately pulled her arms out of the short sleeves and threw her shirt on the ground. “No, no.” She protested again and she felt my hands on her back, opening her bra. Now she panicked a bit. She knew she was helpless and I knew she was afraid of me at the moment. That was totally understandable after the spanking I just gave her. “Please, Peter. I…” I already managed to open her bra and pulled it away. Her face became red in shame and while I tried to maneuver her arms out of the straps of her bra, she placed her arms horizontally over her chest. She seem to protect herself more from my eyes, and less from my hands. “What is it? Why are you so suddenly so shy? This is not the first time I am going to see you naked, is it?” I asked, and again with a little smile. I tried to lessen the tension as much as possible, and at the same time make sure that she knew I was serious about this. I almost had her bra completely off, but with her left hand she tried to hold on to it. “Is it the first time I am going to see you naked?” I asked again, but this time with a bit more power in my voice. She let her fingers relax a bit and I could pull the strap out of her fist. She looked at me, now even redder than before. She shook her head. After I tossed her bra on the ground I placed my hands on her shoulder. “It is not, isn’t it?” I said amused. A few days after my joke in the company restaurant we had our monthly drinks. It was quite busy and of course my joke was still a topic of conversation. When I wanted to go home around nine, I went to my office to get my coat and laptop, but I found a bit more than I had expected. Emma had been waiting for me in my office, and she was desperate to proof to me that she wasn’t a child. I found her sitting on my desk, completely naked. I was stunned and laughed. I had never considered her to be a possible sexual partner, and presenting herself to me naked didn’t help at all. I brought my face a bit closer to hers and we met eye to eye. “I probably should have given you a thorough spanking back then. That would have saved me from a lot of time and money to prepare this room for you.” She blushed and looked down, too ashamed to look at me. I continued to look at her all the same, before my hands slid along her arms to her elbows. “Don’t be afraid, little girl.” I said, and I grabbed her lower arms and helped her lying down on the changing mat. I pushed her sideways and turned her a bit so her back her the plastic cover and she pulled her feet on the mat. Her only garment was now her skirt, and her breast came in full view when I pushed her hands behind her head on the mattress. I held her arms there for a few seconds to let her know that her hands belong there, and when I let go of her hands they indeed stayed put. Without any problems I could open the zipper of her skirt and pull it down. I felt the shiver through her body and heard her gasp for air, but she lay perfectly still for me. Her skirt became the last piece of clothing on the ground as she was now completely naked. For a moment she panicked. She started to sit up and tried to cover herself with her hands. I was prepared for that and I quickly grabbed an ankle and pulled it up and a bit in the direction of her belly. Her other leg followed and she was forced to resign her bid to sit up. With her legs in the air I had access to her bums. I slapped her, not too hard, but it shocked her. I immediately felt her resistance break. The tension left her body and she was under my control again. “Don’t so that, please.” I said. She pulled her hands back behind her head. “S… Sorry… Please.” She whispered. She regretted her moment of rebellion and realized again that she was not in control anymore. I caressed her forehead as a sign of forgiveness. If this was the only time she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, then I would call that a success. Chapter 10 – Diapered! With one hand she held the wrist of her other hand, and her head was turned to the wall. The only movement she made was her chest going up and down for her breathing. Maybe she didn’t dare to move, afraid of another spanking, or she accepted the fact that I could see her completely naked, and that I would diaper her. When I grabbed her ankles and crossed them, her knees bended and her legs opened. She was even more vulnerable now, but she still didn’t move. I took both her ankles in one hand and raised them. I brought the over her belly, but not too high. Her knees moved outside and her back arched a bit. Not only I had an unobstructed view at everything between her legs, I could access it as easily with my right hand. Her bottom was still red from the spanking, and it must still hurt a bit. With my free right hand I opened the top drawer and found the soothing cream. It wasn’t easy to open the tube with one hand but I didn’t want to let her ankles go. To be honest I wasn’t a pro in caring for babies, and most certainly not for babies as big as Emma. I squished some crème directly from the tube on each of her cheeks and then started to rub it in. I did it slowly and with care. My touch must have hurt, but the crème should make the pain go away sooner. “I’m sorry I had to spank you.” I apologized again. “I hope I have never have to do that again.” Emma was still looking at the wall. She let me do what I wanted to do, and she kept her eyes closed. She didn’t need to look, she felt everything I did to her. I tried to be as gentle as I could be, but I was rubbing her abused behind, so it couldn’t be enjoyable. I had to let her skin absorb the crème for a moment and I needed to clean my right hand, so I decided to let her loose for a moment. I stood by to see what her legs would do now I didn’t keep them in place, but nothing happened. She held her legs up, her knees out, and her ankles crossed, so I could grab a towel and dry my hands. “I know this is not a comfortable position, but please hold on for a moment.” I said to her. I put my right hand on her upper thigh and tried to lay my right hand on her forehead and caress her, but the shook my hand away. She was clearly angry at me, but that was OK. I was not angry at her anymore, I was even proud at her that she let me do what I needed to do. I pulled my hands back and started gathering her clothes from the floor. I folded them and put them on the end of the changing table. I wasn’t in a hurry at all. Emma was in a very vulnerable and humiliating position and she stayed like that without me holding here. She just laid there, naked and hurt, waiting for me to continue. I grabbed a diaper from the pile and right next to her head I began to unfold it. The plastic made a lot of noise, but Emma kept looking at the wall. Off course she wore diapers as a kid, but nobody can remember that part of your life. So like most people her age, this would be her first time she would be diapered like a child and actually remember it. Her diaper was white and very think. This wasn’t just a medical diaper, it was much thicker and the tape landing zone on the front was showing cute little bears. Emma didn’t see that. She kept her eyes closed, but she knew what was happening. She had heard the loud crackling of the plastic when I folded the sides of the diaper outwards, and maybe she did some babysitting in the past and recognized the sound. But now it was Emma who was getting diapered. I thought about saying something, but I decided to let her be for the moment. I pushed the back of her diaper under her and positioned the diaper. Then I let her take her legs down and guided her feet down to the changing table. I pushed her knees outwards and pulled the diaper up between her legs. I folded it over her belly. One by one I grabbed the blue tapes, opened them, and pushed them on the tape landing zone, covering part of the childish figures. I closed all for tapes and as a last check I ran my finger between the diaper and the inside of her legs. I felt the elastics and concluded that I did a prefect job. She was diapered! Emma felt that the diaper was closed and slowly started the move a little. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She blushed and looked away again. She tries to stretch her legs, felt the bulk between her legs and heard the plastic of her diaper protesting. I smiled. “You’re a good girl and I am proud of you.” I said. She shook her head in disgust, or shame, or anger. I didn’t care which emotion she was showing. If it were up to me this wasn’t the last time I diapered her, and I even hoped I could even change her diaper tonight. But I knew that chance was slim, and that she needed time to cope with what happened today. “You wanted to stay the night, I said that I wanted you in diapers. I kept my word. Now, let’s get you ready for bed.” “No, no, no.” She said, but each no was softer than the one before. I knew she resigned to her fate. Chapter 11 – Naptime I helped her sitting up. She let me help her but she wasn’t looking me in the eye. She just looked down. Maybe she was looking at the diaper, or maybe she was just blankly staring down. I realized I still had about ten guests in the garden, and I could hear them through the window that was slightly open. I knew I could leave them alone, and they all knew something was happening with me and Emma. They were probably gossiping about us, but for now what was happening here was still a secret. But not for long. I picked an onesie from the small stack I ordered not so long ago. I hoped I had the right size, but too be absolutely sure I bought a slightly bigger and a slightly smaller one. This one was white, had short sleeves, and three snaps to close it between the legs. I held the arm openings open for her and she reluctantly pushed her hands through them. I pulled the onesie over her head and then further down. If she was glad that her upper body was covered again she didn’t let it show. Maybe the shame for her diaper was much bigger than the fact that I could see her breasts. First I fixed her short sleeves, and pulled them straight, then I let Emma lie on her back again. I pulled the backside of her onesie form under her bottom. She spread her legs for me and made it easy for me to close the onesie in between her legs. The onesie might cover most past of her diaper, it didn’t hide it at all. Not only the diaper was wider between her legs than the onesie, also the thickness of the diaper didn’t leave any questions about what she wore as underwear. I was just glad I bought the right size onesies. It fit her perfectly. It seemed to be comfortably snuck around her body, but not too tight. I left Emma on the changing table for a moment. I wasn’t afraid she would get off by herself, or that she would run away. I also didn’t think she would open her onesie and remove her diaper. I was almost a hundred percent sure that she would just lie there and wait for me to help her in bed. And that was exactly what I was about to do. First I opened the lock on the side of the bed and let the whole side slide down. I found a beautiful and childlike bed for her online. It had cost me a small fortune to buy it and let it be delivered here, but I found it worth every penny. It was just like a children’s bed, with a raised mattress and high barred sides. It wasn’t a cage, but inside the bed it must feel like that with bars all around. Only the ceiling you could see without restrictions, but even it you would climb over the side you still had to face the almost 2 meter high drop to the ground. That wasn’t a problem for an adult off course, but the sides were supposed to be more of a psychological barrier than a psychical one. And I hoped that it would make her feel small and childish. I also hoped that she would recognize and appreciate the effort I made in preparing this room for her. I could understand that she wouldn’t really appreciate it right now, but I hoped that this was not the first and the last time I had her here in this room. I also bought a special sleeping bag for her, similar to the ones babies sleep in. It was light blue and not too thick for her too sleep in during the summer. It was smaller at the top and it has openings for her arms. It had a zipper on the back from top to bottom. I brought it over to the changing table and Emma looked at it with disgust. I opened the zipper from the bottom upwards. Emma shook her head and she looked at me for a moment. She saw the smile on my face and probably realized that she didn’t have choice. I draped the sleeping bag over her and helper her arms through the holes. I then helped her turn around. Now she was lying on her stomach and I could close the zipper just below her neck and pull the zipper all the way down. At last her feet disappeared in the sleeping bag. I helped her turn around again and helped her sit up. Her short white sleeves showing, but the rest of her onesie was covered by the sleeping bag. The light blue sleeping bag covered her shoulders and gave just enough space around her neck to be comfortable, but still we tight enough to not be able to pull her head inside. “Isn’t it nice, and comfortable?” I asked. Now she was sitting up our heads were not far apart. She wasn’t looking at me. I waited for a moment to give her a bit of time to respond, but she didn’t say anything. She even didn’t move and just sat there. “Can you please look at me?” I asked nicely, and after a few seconds she turned her head and looked me in the eyes. I saw a little bit of anger, but also shame, but mostly I saw the helplessness in her eyes. She was indeed helpless. I was in control, and she could only just go with the flow. Even though she, more or less, underwent this whole ordeal voluntarily. “Thank you for cooperating. I can understand that this isn’t easy for you, but I am very proud of you, of your behavior. Thank you for that.” I said. I wanted to kiss her on her forehead, but I wasn’t fast enough and I gave her the opportunity to reject it, and she took it. I was OK with that, for now. “I think you understand what I expect of you, but to be entirely certain I will tell you my rules.” I said. She blushed a bit and looked away. “You are not allowed to touch your diaper. I diapered you, and I will take your diaper off when I decide it is time for that, or I will change your diaper when it needs to be changed before that time. Is that understood?” I said. I tried to keep the tone of my voice not too strict, but the same time I wanted her to know that I was serious. She nodded. I think I saw her shiver a bit when I told her that I might need to change her diaper. I could only hope that she urgently needed to pee soon, and that she then was forced to use her diaper. It was already a dream come true that I could spank and diaper her, and I couldn’t hope for more, but a man could dream. “Just to be sure.” I said with a sly smile. “I don’t mind if your diaper is wet when I come get you out of bed later. I don’t mind at all.” I said. Emma grunted something softly that I could not understand, and probably it was just a generic noise of disapproval. “Also, you are not allowed to open your sleeping bag. And off course you are also not allowed to climb out of bed when the sides are up. Understood?” She nodded again. “If you want I can help you.” I said after a short pause. “I can lock your sleeping bag so that you can’t open it and so you can’t touch your diaper. I don’t want to spank you again, so if you are afraid you can’t control yourself then please tell me.” She abruptly turned her head and looked me in the eyes. She was angry now. “You… The lock is not necessary.” She said. “Did I not do everything you asked of me?” I didn’t expect her to react to fiercely, but I smiled forgivingly. “I’m sorry, you’re right. You behaved perfectly.” I bent forward to her and wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her close to me, and although she resisted me for a moment she knew she was too late to react this time. Our heads were side by side and I kissed her just above her ear. Then I repositioned my right arm under her and took her in my arms. She was not too heavy and I carried her too her bed. I laid her down on the mattress and she stretched her legs. She was still or het back. I kissed her on her forehead and she let me. “I am so proud of you, little girl.” I said, with the biggest smile possible. “Please try to rest for a bit. I will come get you in a few hours.” I stepped back a bit, pulled the side of the bed up and enclosed her in bars. She immediately turned on her stomach, facing the wall. I walked to the window, looked outside to my guests in the garden and closed the curtains. It didn’t darken the room very much, but it kept the sun out. I looked at Emma again, at her white onesie sticking out of the light blue sleeping bag, through the white bars of the oversized baby crib. With that picture in mind I left her bedroom, closed the door and went back to my guests. I had some explaining to do to my colleagues. Chapter 12 – My little girl Two and a half hours I left her alone. Via a baby monitor I checked on her regularly. It made it possible for me to see her at any time via an app on my phone. I had seen her restless in the beginning, not sure what to do and unable to find a comfortable position. She turned and turned and eventually settled down on her side, faced towards the room, and with her arm under her head as some kind of pillow. I didn’t think she slept, or even tried to sleep. It must have been turmoil in her head, thinking about what she has been through, and what she expected to happen next. I couldn’t possibly know what she was really thinking about, and I could only hope that she didn’t hate me too much. When I opened the door to her bedroom she looked me in the eye. She was sitting in the corner of her bed, with her back against the bars and her knees pulled up. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and I had seen on my phone that she had rested her head on top of her knees. She followed me with her eyes, as I smiled lovingly. I first went to the window and opened the curtains. The sun blinded my eyes but Emma was still in the shadow. I went to her and lowered the side of the bed. She looked at me with a little bit of fear in her eyes. “Can… Can I go now?” She asked. I shook my head. “No. Bob will take you home if you want, but not before eleven tonight.” I said. She bowed her head. “You are my little girl, at least until eleven, and I hope for whole the weekend.” She shook her head again, this time with more determination. She kept looking at me, but not directly into my eyes. Maybe she hoped that her sad face would make me more lenient. “Please lie down.” I asked. “What… What are you going to do?” She asked softly, but she already moved to the middle of the bed and laid down on her back. “Let me first get you out of your sleeping bag.” I said. “Then I will check your diaper and change you, if needed.” She looked at me angrily. “What? Off course you don’t need to change me.” She shouted. “Don’t be mad. You are wearing a diaper and you will wear a diaper for as long as you are in, or around, my house.” I smiled at her. “So, I suppose you will be wet before the evening is over.” She shook her head again, this time almost frantically. She panicked and sat up. “No, no… Please.” Now I shook my head and looked at her sternly. “Lie down, Emma.” I put my finger under her chin, pushed her head up a bit and let her look me in the eyes. “You behaved almost perfectly until now. You should have been lying down in bed, and not sitting up, but that I will forgive you. This time. Please don’t start misbehaving now, because I will not tolerate that.” She laid down again, but kept looking up at me with pleading eyes. “So, as I said, first I will check your diaper and then I will take you downstairs.” “But… But what...” I almost smiled. Off course she was afraid that anyone would see her in a diaper. The clothes that she wore when she arrived here would not conceal her diaper, it probably wouldn’t even fit over her diaper. “You don’t need to be ashamed. We are going to show everyone that you are still a little girl. A very pretty little girl, and a very good behaving little girl. We are going to show everyone what you really are, and that you are not the bratty, foul-mouthed and arrogant young woman that you pretend to be.” She was in shock. Her face turned white and froze. I used that to turn her around and open the zipper all the way up until the two sides came apart. I helped her out of the sleeping bag and folded the sleeping bag and put it on the end of the bed. Emma was already on her back again. I pushed my hands between her legs pushed her legs apart. I opened her onesie and pulled it up. Her diaper came in full view and I could clearly see that her diaper was still dry. I thought about opening her diaper and look at her buttocks to see if they were still red, but I decided not to do that. I closed her onesie, but that didn’t conceal her diaper completely. “Are you ready?” I asked. “R… Ready?” “To show your colleagues that you are still a little girl?” I smiled. She shook her head. I helped her sitting up, and then I guided her legs over the side of the bed. She let me, but with hesitation. “Please…” She pleaded. “Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to be ashamed. Nobody will laugh at you.” I knew I couldn’t convince her to not be afraid or ashamed, but I wanted to give her at least some kind of support. “And to be honest, I have to confess that everybody heard that I had to spank you. I shouldn’t have left the window open.” “What? No!” She said, and I saw her eyes get watery. The knowledge that all of her colleagues knew what had happened to her, made her even less willing to go downstairs. But she had no choice. I would take her downstairs, in her diaper and onesie, and show everyone that she was a little girl. And Emma realized that too. Chapter 13 – No secrets With her legs over the side of the bed I stood right before her. I looked her in the eyes. She looked differently without her make-up, and I never really looked at her without all the stuff she used. I thought she was much prettier without it, and with her hair loosely over her shoulders, she looked so much friendlier. And with her wearing that cute onesie, and her diaper showing underneath, the picture was complete. “Let’s get you downstairs. You must be thirsty.” I gently picked up her hands and put them on my shoulders. She shook her head and was clearly shocked, but I already pushed my hands underneath her, between the diaper and the bed. I lifted her up from the bed and she leaned forwards against my body. I felt her arms around my neck and her face next to my right ear. She also wrapped her legs around me for a bit of support. She was not that big, but still heavy to carry downstairs. “Pl… Please, not… Can I stay here?” She pleaded softly in my ear. “No, off course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” I said. “Please, I will… I will be a little girl. I will… pee, and I… You… I will let you change… change me.” I laughed while I carried her out of her room. “I think the evening is still long and you will wet your diaper anyway.” I said. “And I will change you whenever and wherever I want, little girl.” I tried to sound firm and strong, but she must have heard the laugh I was desperately trying to hide. I felt a shiver passing through her On the way down she was quit, and I had to concentrate to get her safely down the stairs. Maybe she was bit scared that I’d fall, and that she was trying to be as still as possible. Only after we were safely on the ground floor, I heard her voice in my ear again. “I… I want to go home.” “You can, but not now. Later tonight, I told you already. Until then I need you to behave and show everyone what a pretty, well-behaved little girl you are.” I felt her body tense up as I carried her into the kitchen. The noticed the first spectator looking at her, and I felt the tension in her body building up. She clearly didn’t want this to happen, but seemed to have accepted that she wasn’t in control anymore. Off course I could understand her. Until now she was an independent young woman, pretending to be confident and all grown up, showing her body to everyone, showing her curves. Just showing a lot of skin. She wanted people to notice her. But for me she just looked like a little girl in a grown-up body, hiding her real self behind the make-up, and the short skirts, and the almost-all-revealing tops. Until today. Today her life changed radically. She didn’t need to pretend anymore, because everyone would look at her, and see what she really was. And most likely they would all realize that deep inside they already knew. They all knew already that Emma was not the grownup, self-confident woman she pretended to be. Kathleen was the first to see this young woman in a completely different set of clothes. Kathleen worked in the Finance department, and I knew Emma did some work for her department, and I also knew she didn’t liked Emma. Now Kathleen looked at me, then at Emma and I saw her gaze go down and recognize the diaper. Kathleen smiled and Emma saw that. Emma hid her face in my neck, and her arms and legs around me hugged me a little tighter. Emma knew she could not fight it. She knew that she was to be presented to the rest of her colleagues. She knew everybody would see her in her diaper and onesie. “She is a bit shy now.” I said to Kathleen, with a sly smile on my face. I carried Emma through the kitchen and into the garden. As soon as we entered the garden everybody stopped talking and stared looking at us. Or, to be more precise, they looked at Emma. Everybody looked at the white onesie with short sleeves, and the diaper that was peeking out between her legs. The onesie wasn’t any good at hiding her diaper anyway, because you could see the back of her diaper through the white cotton. “Please, don’t make it harder for this little girl than it already is.” I said loudly. “Yes, I spanked her for lying to me. And yes, I spanked her for showing up while she clearly knew she wasn’t welcome her. Although I am sorry I had to hurt her like that, I will not tolerate that kind of behavior.” Everybody looked at me, nodded, and some even smiled a little. I felt Emma gasping for air, but she didn’t attempt to break free out of my arms. “And, as you can see, I diapered her and I will keep her in diapers for as long as she is here. As long as she behaves like a child, I will treat her like one.” I said, while slowly I turned around. I looked at all my colleagues and let all colleagues see the little girl in my arms. “No, no… Stop. I… I am an adult.” She whispered in my ear, so soft that nobody else could hear it. I turned my head and she tilted her head a bit backwards. We were looking in each other’s eyes while our noses touched. “No, you are not. Especially not while I am in charge.” I smiled and managed to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. “But don’t be afraid, or ashamed. I will take care of you, I will help you, and… and I will make sure you learned your lesson.” Then I whispered something else in her ear. “And I love you, but not in the way you hoped for.” I felt her reaction when I said I loved her. Maybe she was surprised by it, or maybe she was just glad to hear it. It was certainly not the love she craved for, but this was what I could give her. I knew her situation at home was not as stable as I had when I was her age, and I wanted her to know I could care for her, but she needed to understand the consequences of her choices. I carried her to a blanket I already had spread out on the grass, a bit to the side, and away from the bulk of the people. I let her down and she landed on her feet. Now she was on the ground she pulled her arms back and I could give her another kiss. Again it was quick, but this time it was on her forehead. “Let me care for you, little girl.” I said. She shook her head, slowly. Her face was red from the shame she felt and she didn’t want to look in the direction of her colleagues. “Please sit down.” I said gently. “You are not allowed of this blanket. I will get you everything you need.” She looked at me in disgust, but she did sit down. She pulled in her knees and wrapped her arms around them. “I’m not a baby!” She snorted while she looked up at me. “No, you are not a baby.” I laughed. “But you are a little girl.” I looked at her for a moment and then smiled. “Don’t be a naughty little girl.” I turned around and walked away. Chapter 14 – Warm milk She was sitting alone in her part of the garden. She was left alone by all of us, and she was certainly not going to attract any attention on purpose. She sat with her back to us, facing the high bushes surrounding the garden. She had put her knees up and leaned with her arms on them, and let her head rest on her arms. She must have felt lonely, but probably thought that lonely was better than being diapered and surrounded by colleagues. I wasn’t going to leave her alone for a long time. I had promised to let her go home at the end of the evening, if she wanted to. I could not keep her here if she really wanted to leave, but that was more for moral or legal reasons, than of a mere physical reason. I could easily lock her in the sleeping bag, and she wouldn’t go anywhere without me noticing, and preventing, it. So that meant that my time with her was limited, unless she wanted to stay. And I wasn’t sure she was ready to admit to herself that it was better for her to stay, or that she wanted to stay. With that in mind I prepared the next step, and then walked over to Emma. I crouched down beside her. She looked at me for a second, and then looked the other way, a bit too theatrically. “Go away.” She said softly. I shook my head. “No, I can’t do that.” I touched her shoulder. Did she shiver a bit? Was she afraid of me, or did I just startle her? “I have something to drink for you.” I said, but she again shook her head. I expected nothing else, and slowly, but firmly, I grabbed her and positioned her the way I wanted to. She didn’t help me, but she didn’t reject it that much too. I was already sitting and Emma was sideways in front of me. I let her head rest against my shoulder and supported her with my right arm around her back. She looked a bit surprised and it seemed she still didn’t know what was about to happen. She looked up, while I held her in my arms, and didn’t see the bottle coming. The nipple of the full-size baby bottle was already in her mouth before she could reject it. She closed her mouth too late and the big nipple was already filled a large part of her mouth. I held the bottle up and she must already feel the warm milk seep into her mouth. I prepared the nipple so that even if she didn’t suck on the nipple it would still release a little bit of fluid. Now she looked shocked and tried to push the nipple out with her tongue. “No, Emma. No!” I said loudly, and I felt her resistance fade away. “Be a good little girl and let me feed you.” She shook her head and her head turned slightly red. She was now facing her colleagues and she could see them looking at us. She looked away and decided to do what she was supposed to do. I could feel her trying to figure out how to get more milk out of the nipple, and I didn’t take long before she was swallowing the warm milk every few seconds. I gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “You’re a good girl.” I said. “You need to drink a lot, because I want your diaper wet before the evening is over.” I smiled at her and she looked shocked again. This couldn’t be a big surprise for her. She must have known I wanted her to wet her diaper like a baby, and I didn’t just diaper her for fun. I wanted her to use the diaper for what it was intended for. “No, please.” She said softly. I pulled the bottle back for a moment and let her speak. Her lips were white with the milk and it dripped a bit down her chin. I set the bottle aside a wiped her mouth clean. “You’re diaper will be wet before the evening is over.” I tried to look firmly, but she must have seen that I wasn’t angry. I was just amused and enjoying myself. “I can bottle feed you at least four more bottles like these, and not even a big girl can’t hold that much.” She shook her head again and started to say something, but I put the nipple back in her mouth. She swallowed her words, and the warm milk. And she swallowed her pride. I let her drink for a minute. It was a big bottle and drinking was slow, so only about a third of the milk had passed her mouth. Emma lay comfortably in my arms, her legs spread out on the blanket, her back supported by my arm, and the side of her head gently resting against my shoulder. She didn’t look up at me, and she didn’t look at her colleagues who sometimes looked our way. I didn’t think it looked like Emma was uncomfortable in any way, she seemed like a happy toddler being bottle-fed. Except Emma was a bit bigger than a normal toddler. But like a toddler, she was wearing a diaper. And whether she liked it or not, her diaper would definitely become wet during the night. I just hoped she was still wearing a diaper at the end of the night, and sleeping in her crib. Chapter 15 – Hesitations “I don’t think I should let you go home tonight.” I said. She almost finished her bottle of warm milk and her belly was full. The milk would gradually work its way to her blather, and would eventually make her diaper wet and bulky. Emma shook her head while she looked up at me for a few seconds. Her movement caused the escape of a few drops of milk from the corner of her mouth. They dribbled down on to her chin and she wanted to wipe them away with her hand, but I stopped her. The white milk on her pink skin didn’t bother me, and made her just look a little bit more childish. “I should keep you in diapers all weekend, little girl.” She again shook her head when I spoke to her. She wanted to talk, but with the nipple between her lips and the constant flow of milk in her mouth she knew she couldn’t do it without spilling some milk. The bottle was almost empty when I took it out of her mouth. She swallowed once and then looked up to me. “No, please… I can’t… I…” She said, softly. Off course I noticed that she didn’t say that she did not want it, but that she could not. “Yes, you can.” I said with a smile. “No, no… I… I need to work on… on my thesis. It… The deadline is in a month.” “You could have finished that by now, you should have finished that by now!” I said. “But you decided to pick up another project that was not part of your thesis. You shouldn’t have done that. This is your own fault.” “It’s… But…” “I know its part of a project with a strict deadline, but that is not your problem.” I said, and pushed the nipple of the bottle back into her mouth. She tried to reject it for a moment, but soon closed her mouth around it. I tilted the bottle and the last bit of the milk started to drip into her mouth again. “You are risking your thesis, and for what? You’re not even paid for this side-job.” I saw her blush a little, as she realized I was right. She shouldn’t have said yes when John asked her to do this. She drank the last bit of milk. With a big smile I looked down on her. “Very good, little girl. I am proud of you. You drank the whole bottle. I suppose you had to be very thirsty.” I pulled the nipple out of her mouth and now she could speak again. “And… And I need to work. I… I need… I need the money.” She said shyly, and looked up at me. I shook my head. I put the empty bottle aside and wiped her lips and chin clean. “No, no, no. Work, study, side-project. That is way too much for you.” I said with a serious tone in my voice. “Your study is almost finished, forget all the rest. Little girls like you should sleep a lot, and play. Do some coloring, play with dolls, watch cartoons. Stuff like that.” She shook her head. “I… I can’t do that.” “And there is something else. Your mother called, she…” “She is not my mother!” She interrupted me, almost angry. “…She said you were supposed to babysit tonight?” I asked. Emma shook her head, again, and let out a clearly noticeable sigh. “No, no… I said I couldn’t… She can’t expect me to… to babysit all the time.” “Now she is taking the money for the babysitter out of your bank account, she said. Can she do that? Can she take your money?” I heard her confirm that, but very softly. “Does she often take money from your account?” I asked, and again she nodded slightly. “Does she takes too much? I mean, more than you agreed to for… for general cost of living. It’s OK, and it’s normal, that you pay for something, but…” “She takes it all.” Emma said. “I… I need to work tomorrow.” She looked up, and pleaded. “Please, please let me go home tonight.” She begged. I pulled her close to me, and felt sorry for her. She was taken advantage of by her stepmother, had to work to get her money get stolen by her stepmother, and still managed to do well in school. And then also started a side-project, just to please somebody else at work. “I… I will be a… your little girl…. Tonight. I… I am… already… But… But, please. Please let me go home tonight.” I think she was crying, although I couldn’t see her face. I felt her body tremble for a moment and slowly she pushed her legs apart. It was only now that I realized she was peeing. My little girl Emma was wetting her diaper! Chapter 16 – No worries With what I had heard from Emma, I was even more determined to not let her go home tonight. I wanted her to be diapered this whole weekend. I wanted her in her crib for at least 12 hours a day. I wanted her to play, and watch TV, and maybe do some coloring for me. I wanted her to feel small, helpless and care-free. First step was to get rid of the stress she had. Some of that was her own fault, and some of it was because of her situation at home. But to be honest, most problems she had I had already anticipated, and without her knowing, already solved for her. It wasn’t too hard. With everything she had said to me, I believed I could let her stay her this whole weekend without feeling that I had gotten her in some kind of trouble. I smiled while walking upstairs. I picked the things I needed for her, and for the next step in her transition. And I simply wanted to play dress-up. I took it all downstairs, but left a few things on the kitchen table. When I returned to Emma she was still sulking. Her mood didn’t get any better when she saw what I brought her. I kneeled beside her, kissed her on her forehead and then pushed her on her back, gently but with just enough power to overcome her reluctance. My hands worked themselves between her legs and opened the buttons of her onesie and started to pull it up. While she was lying on her back, I pulled the onesie up and over her head. She was naked except for her diaper now, but she seemed for worried about her wet diaper than her exposed breasts. She brought her hands down and tried to cover her diaper. I let her. I wasn’t interested in her diaper right now. I already saw she had indeed wet her diaper, but it was not much. I was showing though, and it was clearly visible that she wet her diaper like a little girl. I let her stand up, let her put her hands out, and guided her hands and her head in the pink dress. I pulled it down and Emma let me. The pink diaper with short, frilly sleeves, and much more frills down below. Standing up the dress just covered her diaper, but I wouldn’t let her stand all night. “You must be lonely here.” I said. “You don’t need to be shy.” I smiled at her and put my hand out for her. I wanted her to take it so I could walk her to my other guests. I wanted them to meet baby Emma, but Emma didn’t agree. She shook her head and looked at me with a mixture of fear and shame. I smiled again. I knew Emma would know by now that if I wanted her between the other guests, she would be there shortly. Still she didn’t take my hand and looked down. Her face turned a bit of red. I gave her a hug, pulled her against my body, and wrapped my arms around her. I caressed her, pulled my fingers softly between her hairs. “Don’t be afraid. I’ve got another nice bottle of milk for you, and then something healthy to eat.” “No… no…” She stammered, and I felt a shiver pass through her body. “Yes, yes.” I said with a big smile. I let her go out of the hug and my hand found hers. I did a small step and felt her hand tense up. I didn’t let her go, and neither did she try to. Her grip just got a little tighter. “Don’t be shy.” I said. “You look beautiful.” I did another small step and Emma followed. Her bare feet stepped on the grass and slowly she followed me. Step by step we came closer to the small crowd, gathered around a few high tables. They were drinking, talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. When they saw us getting closer, it became silent. They were looking at us, but mostly at Emma. Her over-the-top frilly dress in pink was hard to miss. A few people were sitting around the wooden garden table. The wooden bench was empty and I lead Emma to the bench. I sat first and then I pulled Emma towards me. I let her sit on my lap and let her head rest against my shoulder. I positioned a little better so her upper body was a leaning backwards a bit. Kathleen handed me the bottle I had prepared, and I directly pushed the nipple between her lips. She opened her mouth a bit and accepted the bottle. I tilted the bottle up and Emma started drinking immediately. Her face was pointing to the other people, but she had her eyes closed. Her legs were slightly spread and I don’t think she realized that most of my guest had a perfect view of her diaper. Her dress was not long enough to cover it anymore now she was sitting in my lap. And not only could everybody see that see wore a diaper, it couldn’t be missed that she used for its intended purpose. “I think you were thirsty.” I said. She didn’t waste any time and I could see the level of milk slowly, but steadily, get lower and lower. I pulled her a bit more on my lap and placed my free hand between her legs on her diaper. I felt the thickness of the diaper where it had absorbed her pee. It could handle a lot more, and another liter of milk was coming that way. “O, hello.” I said. “Sorry that I’m not entertaining you all, but this little girl is in need of a bit more attention.” “No problem, no problem at all.” Kathleen said. “Very understandable. And I see that a diaper change is needed too.” I laughed. “I’ll change her in an hour or so when I bring her to bed. It’s already way past her bedtime, but it’s a party so I let her stay up.” Emma opened her eyes and looked up at me. I saw she was separate to speak, so I pulled the nipple out of her mouth. “What… I… You promised… I want… I need to go home.” She begged me but laid still in my arms. “You, you’re not.” I said, and I pushed the nipple back inti her mouth. “You can trust me. You don’t need to worry about anything. Daddy will solve all your problems.” I said. She wanted to protest, but I felt her body resign. The tension left her body again and she relaxed again. Chapter 17 – Shock She seemed relaxed now. She even had her eyes open, while I fed her yoghurt met pieces of fruit. I had placed a bib on her to keep her dress clean, and every time I brought my spoon to her mouth she opened it voluntarily. In the mean time I saw her looking around. She looked at my guests, her colleagues, and sometimes her eyes met the gaze of one of them. Only then she showed some shyness when then quickly looked another way. I told her that I had gotten her an extension for her thesis. She was clearly relieved to hear that. I already heard that the latest version she submitted last month was already enough, and that version would already gotten her enough points to graduate. But Emma wanted it perfect, and I would gladly help her do that. But she would be doing that diapered. She accepted another spoonful of yoghurt with a big chunk of apple in it. She opened her mouth for it, without really looking. The apple graced her lips and left a big spot of yoghurt on her chin. She looked up and smiled at me. With a corner of her bib I wiped her chin clean. She seemed so happy now. Everybody was watching us, seeing how a twenty year old was dressed as a toddler and being spoon-fed like a little child. I knew for sure that nobody here had seen this before in real-life. But everybody accepted Emma’s fate, as most of them knew her, and knew how she behaved in the office lately. Even Emma seemed to accept her fate. I also told her that I thought she should get paid for her side-project. It was a project with a high priority, not a very difficult one albeit, but still one that took her a lot of time and had her make arrangements with a lot of different people and departments to gather all the data. Maybe it was the stress, but she had overplayed herself somewhat by demanding the cooperation of some people. People that had their own deadlines and responsibilities. Emma hadn’t made much friends with this project, and I knew that some of those colleagues thought this was a proper reward for her behavior. I couldn’t agree more. I told her that I had arranged that she got paid for three months of work, full pay, as If she was a normal employee. And that I would also arrange that it was paid to a newly opened bank account, so that nobody could take her money away again. Emma had silently listened. She had said nothing, but just slightly rubbed her head against me. She had then just simply kissed me where her lips could reach me. So she kissed me in my neck. The bowl with yoghurt and fruit was empty, and Emma’s stomach was full. I released her from her bib, but not before I thoroughly cleaned her face first. I complimented her on a good job, but she didn’t answer or acknowledge the compliment. She just rested against my body, sometimes with her eyes closed. She seemed to be completely at ease. She got up and looked me in the eyes. “Can… Can I go inside and watch TV?” I shook my head. “No, not today. It’s almost bedtime.” She didn’t like that. “What no. I’m… I’m OK with…” She started to protest, but I stopped her. “I don’t care about with what you are OK with, little girl.” I looked her in the eyes. “If I think its little-girl-bedtime, then that’s what it is. In a few minutes you can say goodnight to everybody, and then I’ll take you upstairs for a diaper change. You will be in your crib in 15 minutes, young lady!” I’m not sure where her sudden reluctance came from, or why she now suddenly felt that she didn’t like this at all. Maybe she realized that her adult life was partially over. Maybe she realized that her troubles may well be solved, but that the price she had to pay for that was maybe a bit too high. Or maybe she simply didn’t want to go to bed so early in the evening. Or maybe she was testing me to see how my reaction would be if she didn’t behave the way I liked her to. It didn’t really matter what her reasons would be, the end result would be exactly the same. She would be in her crib soon, and she would be thickly diapered, and she would be in a place where she was safe and secure and where she would not be able to escape from. Emma stood up and looked down on me with an annoyed look, maybe even a bit angry. She pulled her frilly dress down in a futile attempt to hide her wet diaper. She shook her head. “No, I want…” She started, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards me. “You have nothing to want. I make the rules here, and you have to follow them.” I said sharply. I wasn’t really angry. This was something that I anticipated. Changes didn’t come without some friction, and I was fully prepared, and willing, to show her who was in charge here. If I had to do it, I would put her over my lap, pull her diaper down, and spank her in full view of everybody around. And Emma knew that. But still she suddenly pulled her hand free, turned around and started running. I was surprised. I hadn’t expected this, but I was not worried. She would come far, dressed and diapered like this. “Emma, come here, now!” I yelled. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me, and then at Emma. But Emma didn’t stop. She continued to walk away. Emma was not even at the house when I saw her freeze. She suddenly stopped and stood still. It was not like she had a change of heart, but it looked like she had seen something. Something unexpected, and something very scary. I couldn’t see what that was. The party did feel silent for a moment. Everybody had noticed that Emma had ran away, although no one had tried to stop her. “Emma!” I heard someone shouting her name. Than a small silence “What the fuck… What… What is that?” Now I saw a woman coming out of the shadows. I instantly realized it was Emma’s stepmother. Chapter 18 – The stepmother Everyone fell quiet, and that’s why everybody could hear it. “Emma, you… What the fuck!” I heard Emma’s stepmom shout out. “What… What are you wearing?” Emma was now right in front of her mother, and she was so shocked that she didn’t knew what to do. So she did nothing. Her mother was so close, compared to her I was miles away. I already stood up, but it would take seconds for me to rescue her. “M… What… no, leave!” I hear Emma say, but not so loud, and not nearly as convincing as needed to be. Her mother looked at Emma, and her gaze over Emma went from top to bottom. I couldn’t imagine what she was supposed to think about it, but she reacted quickly. She reached for the diaper under the pink dress of her stepdaughter, grabbed it and tore it off. I heard, we all heard loudly, the plastic as it was ripped open. The wet diaper was thrown to the ground, with the slightly yellowed insides for all to see. “What… What is this! This dress? What the heck is happening here?” “Mom, no!” I heard Emma yell, now louder. I was still on my way, but I couldn’t prevent Emma being grabbed by her wrist. The pink, frilly dress was now the only thing Emma was wearing. Her stepmother started Emma dragging away, probably because she saw me coming, but Emma tried to resist as much as possible. She was no match though for the bigger and stronger woman. Emma was being pulled forward, with her bare bottom now facing to us. The spanking was still showing a bit, giving her behind a slightly darker color than the rest of her skin. It was also a little bit glistering in the light, as her skin as not entirely dry. “Stop that!” I shouted. “Let her go. You have no business here.” I was now only a few feet away, and I already knew that I could stop them before they were out of my garden. Emma’s stepmother realized that to and she stopped and faced me, but not before she pulled Emma in front of her, as some kind of protection. “I don’t know what is happening here, but I’m stopping it, right here, right now.” She said, as solemnly as she could muster. “Indeed, you don’t know what is happening here, but you are trespassing, Emma is an adult, and she is here voluntarily. So, please let her go, so I can take care of her.” I said. The woman looked at me, both angry and confused. I’m not sure what she expected to see, and what her goal was, but I knew that I was in the right here. “Care? What… You call this… That diaper, what…” She was out of words, but she kept her hand securely around Emma’s wrist. The stepmother was looking for words and not ready to give it up. “Not sure what she is doing here, but I’m not leaving my daughter with a forty-something year old pervert like you.” She looked me in the eyes and pulled Emma even closer. “She is in my care, and belongs with me and my son. Definitely not here, with you.” She kept looking me in the eyes, without fear and full of determination. “And we are leaving her, now. Emma, please get in the car. At home we will get you into some normal clothing again, out of this… this… abomination!” “No, mom… No.” Emma cried softly, but she felt the grip on her wrist get stronger and also felt she was pulled away from me. Emma was clearly afraid, and her eyes found mine. Her face was wet with tears, but suddenly she bowed her head. She didn’t let her stepmother win so easily, and braced herself in the grass. Then Emma’s free hand went to her face, and she tried to hide herself behind it. She made a sharp sound, and then moaned. Both Emma’s stepmother as I were distracted for a moment, and we both seemed to realize what was happening. Emma’s other hand was released and that was also quickly brought in front of her face. But both me and her stepmother didn’t look at her face, we looked at the pee that was coming down between Emma’s legs. At first her legs were closed, and the pee streamed via her inner thigh downwards, but Emma opened her legs, squatted a bit, and the steady stream now flowed directly into the grass. Emma sobbed loudly. I recovered more quickly from this shock than the older woman that was still looking at the wet grass under her stepdaughter. Without checking if Emma was finished or not, I walked up to her and hugged her. I pulled her against me. With a hand on her head I pushed her face gently against my chest, while my other hand lay still on her back. Emma accepted my hug. Her hands found their way around me and touched each other again behind me. The three of us stood there for half a minute, without speaking, speechless. I felt sorry for Emma, but was glad she had chosen me. “Emma? Do you want to stay here? With me?” I asked. I pushed as a little bit apart so I could look her in the eyes. “Or do you want to leave? That’s also OK by me.” I asked her seriously. “But I rather preferred it of you stay.” I whispered with a smile. I didn’t care that Emma’s stepmother could hear that. Emma looked up at me. “I want to stay.” She said to me. Then she turned around to her stepmother. “I’m staying her. Please, go home.” She said. Her stepmother was flabbergasted. Her stepdaughter, who was naked under that silly, frilly dress, made her choice, and eventually she understood that she lost. In a dramatic gesture she threw her hands in the air, turned around. And left. I saw Emma smile. Chapter 19 - Finally “That was scary.” I laughed and tried to deflate the stress situation. Emma looked up at me, and nodded. “I’m glad you chose to stay with me.” I said, and I gave her a new hug. I pulled her close to me for at least half a minute before I let her free again. “Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed.” I said, and this time Emma didn’t object. “But there is something we have to address first.” I reached for the bottom side of the dress and started pulling it up. Emma was shocked as she realized she would be completely undressed. I didn’t hesitate and pulled the dress up until it was above her shoulders. Her arms and head were still trapped in the dress, but from there on down she was completely naked. We weren’t in the middle of the garden anymore, but set apart from the party a bit, but that didn’t mean that everybody was looking at us and was now witness to the naked young lady. I heard Emma protest and moan, but her head slipped out of the dress and eventually also her arms. Emma looked up at me in shock. It was yet another shock after the whole ordure with her stepmother. But with the dress on the ground, next to the ripped up diaper, she was now naked, vulnerable, ashamed, and completely under my thumb. She tried to cover her breasts and her privates with her hands while looking up at me with her face covered in shameful red. I grabbed her by her arm, pulled her a bit forward, and smacked her bottom with my open hand. I did it again, and again. She gave a high pitched scream, but mostly due to the shock. I didn’t think I really hurt her like before, especially because I gave her just three swats. I let her stand up again and put my hand under her chin. I pushed her head backwards so she looked up at me. “I didn’t forget what happened just before your stepmother arrived on the scene.” I said. “If you ever disobey me like that again, and walk away from me. I will not only have to spank your sorry ass until its red and you can’t sit up for a week.” I said out loudly, so not only Emma, but everybody could here. “But I will also keep you in a child’s safety harness with a leash for as long as I deem appropriate, and you will be safely locked in a toddler’s stroller every time we go out.” I saw her face turn even redder as she realized that I would unforgivingly put her on display like that. She bowed her head and apologized softly. “I’m… I am sorry. I… I will obey.” I left her standing like that for a few seconds. I wanted for her to feel a bit lost, and lonely. She was completely naked and all of our colleagues were watching. And all of those colleagues she would be facing again, next week. But by then she wouldn’t be naked anymore, then she would be diapered. “OK, little girl. I’m not mad anymore. This is probably not your last mistake, but you will learn how to behave. Spankings are part of the process, if you like it or not. Do you understand that?” She nodded again. With her head down and her hands covering as much of her private parts as possible, she looked so vulnerable. It couldn’t be easy to give up your old life, and give complete control to someone else. And it all happened in this very short time. She came her as a young woman, not knowing about the plans I had for her. She couldn’t have known about the spanking, the diapers and the crib. There was no way that she knew that without hours after her arrival here she would be diapered and spoon-fed like a toddler. I opened my arms for her. “Come, little girl.” I said softly. I deliberately didn’t walk up to here to give her a comforting hug, I let her come to me. She didn’t hesitate and stepped into my arms. She pushed her naked body against mine, laid her head against my chest, and wrapped her arms around my waist. We stood in silence for almost a minute. She felt cold, not surprisingly, and she warmed herself against me. I decided that it was long enough, that it was time for a diaper, and that is was time for bed. I took her by her hand and led her upstairs. Emma knew where we were heading, and she didn’t resist or linger on the way up. I helped her up the changing table, and although she didn’t look me in the eyes, she seemed not to be too anxious about what was to happen. I cleaned her up with wet-wipes and picked the thickest diaper from the stack. She pulled in her knees without the need for me to ask for it. She let me put the diaper under her, powder her privates, and close the diaper tightly. I then helper her in a body, closing the three snaps between her legs. She was now ready for bed, where her sleeper was waiting. She turned her head and looked at me. I saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter, little girl?” I asked while I stroked her hair. My other hand was resting on her belly. “Are you maybe a little bit afraid?” Off course she was afraid. She chose to drastically change her life, and put her fate in my hands. I could totally understand her fear. Her future would be totally different than she had planned, and from what she had expected until a few hours ago. “You should be afraid.” I said. “You should be very afraid.” She looked confused, but her face changed as soon as I started to tickle her. “I will tickle you to death!” She screamed in surprise while my fingers protruded her body. Her hands were no longer behind her head, but were desperately trying to stop my hands. But she couldn’t stop it. My hands were too fast and merciless. It didn’t take long before she couldn’t stop laughing and the tears in her cheeks were replaced with tears of joy. I stopped when she was gasping for air and the few seconds of wild uncontrolled body reflexes left her face sweaty. I still smiled, but now her bad thoughts for slowly coming back again. I opened the drawer and selected a big dummy from the selection I had bought for her earlier. I held the dummy for her mouth and for a moment I thought she was going to refuse it. But she opened her mouth and accepted the dummy. I saw a hint of a surprise on her face when she closed her mouth around the dummy and she seemed to realize that it fitted comfortably. And that it was even a nice feeling to suck on the dummy. I smiled and kissed her on her forehead. “You are a silly little girl.” I said. “You shouldn’t worry about a thing. I will take care of you.” With that I pushed my arms under her and carried her to her crib. I had her in her sleeper within seconds. I didn’t need to lock the sleeper this time as I knew she wouldn’t try to escape. I pointed at the camera above her feet, pointing to her face. “I will be looking after you.” I said, and tried to sell it as something comforting, and not as threat. I kissed her again on the forehead, and Emma took her pacifier out for a moment and kissed me on my cheek. She immediately pushed the pacifier back in her mouth. “Are you comfortable?” I asked, and she nodded. “Will you give me a nice wet diaper to change before I go to bed tonight?” She nodded again, with a slight blush. I laughed out loud when I saw her blush. “You don’t need to be ashamed of a wet diaper, little girl.” I said while I pulled the side of her crib up. “You are in diapers full-time now, little girl.” Little Emma was now safely surrounded by bars.” The front side of the bed locked in place with a loud click. Emma looked at me through the wooden bars. She already knew she would be in diapers, but only now she seemed to really realize what that meant. “No more potty for this little girl. I will need to change your wet and poopy diapers from now on.” I laughed again, turned around and left her behind. I closed the curtains, left the nursery, and closed the door. Emma was my little girl now!
  20. Faye strode toward the house with all the confidence she could muster Not a house. A mansion. A PALACE. If it weren't for the size she might have just called it a villa. She passed through a wide open doorway, past a pair of guards and into a wide courtyard, filled with garden paths and decorative fountains. Rows of white columns were on either side of her, and in front, the main section of the villa- a gigantic three story building made of hard white stone. She felt her shoulders hunch, then made herself stand back up to project the confidence she knew she needed for the meeting. There were guards. A LOT of guards. They stood in pairs, armed, watching her. She made herself stare forward, as if she barely even noticed them. She stopped at the front door to the main building. She held up the letter she received to the pair of guards. "I've been summoned by..." The guard rolled his eyes and waved her in. "We know. Just go in, its straight through." "Oh," she was taken aback. She was expecting a lot more of a hassle. Normally, guards like this saw bounty hunters as a potential threat. These one's didn't even seem to care. "Have fun," the guard said, and his friend chuckled. She paused for a moment. Not the normal kind of reaction she got. She shrugged it off, then continued. She entered the building and walked straight forward, as directed. None of the guards followed her, which she found odd again, but ignored. It would be there problem if they didn't do their jobs properly. There was an open door in front of her, with a greying man in a suit sitting with his arms folded behind it. "Ah, Faye, come in," he said, indicating an empty chair with an outstretched palm. Faye approached it and say down. The door slammed behind her, and she forced herself not to jump. She looked over her shoulders to see two more armed guards on either side of the door, though neither approached her. "Hello, I'm..." she began, but was cut off by a waving of his hand. "I know, I already said your name. Let me have a look at you," he said. He put on a pair of glasses and leaned forward. "Hmmm yes, yes very good." "What are..." He waved again. "I'll explain in a moment. Please stand up," he said. Faye paused for a moment, thinking about his request. She considered asking what exactly he'd see from her standing, but instead she just stood up. He looked her up and down. "Yes yes, good. You're a fair bit shorter then her, which is good. About the size of the others so the clothes should fit." "Why would that..." "Shhh," he said. "It will make sense in a moment. Please turn around so I can see the rest." She gapped at him. "Well? The money is on the table Ms. Faye." She looked at the bare table. "Metaphorically. Literally its in a safe. But, as in, on the table for when you want it." She rolled her eyes and decided it was pointless to correct her name. She turned around, put a hand on her hip and pushed it out to the side, trying to pose for what she was sure he was looking at. She knew she was more then attractive and was proud of it, though it wasn't normally a prerequisite for her jobs. "Well? Like what you see?" A moment's pause, then "I do. You'll do nicely. Please sit down." She sat down heavily in the chair and lounged with an arm over the back of it. "So? What's the plan? Am I suppose to lure some man?" He smiled. "Sort of. Actually, its a woman." "Great. So I kill some woman." He shook his head. "Well I'd hope not. The woman is my daughter." "Family trouble?" "No, birthday present." "Like a poisoned birthday cake?" "No. Like an actual present." "Uhhh...?" He smiled. "Let's discuss price first. I understand you are in a great deal of debt. I am willing to cover that, plus an additional ten billion woolongs." Faye tried to mask her expression. That was FAR more then her normal rate. Even paying for her debts was more then her usual rate, but the extra ten billion... she could retire, and live comfortably for the rest of her life. Or, more likely, live extravagantly while still need to work occasionally to keep up her lifestyle. "OK..." she was intrigued, but suspicious. "And what is the job? Who do I kill? Your daughter wants a corpse as a birthday present?" "No one. I want you to become my daughter's dolly." "Dolly?" "Doll," he shrugged. "She calls it that." "I don't make toys." "No no, YOU are her doll." "What?" "She want's a doll. It will be you." "Why can't you just by her an ACTUAL doll? What am I supposed to do for a kid?" He sighed. "Ok, to clarify. My daughter. Matilda. She is 22. It is her birthday. Every year for her birthday, I got her a doll. Since she has become an adult, she's been wanting more... real, to play with. So, I buy stragglers like you to live with her. You play along, let her dress you up, join her game, and we let you go next year with your new fortune." She was stunned. "I AM NOT DOING THAT! WHY WOULD I?" "Because you have a massive debt on your head and people want to collect." She heard a gun cocking behind her, and remembered the small army of guards she had passed. "I... see... Why me?" He smiled. "Come on Faye. You are known all over for your beauty." "Oh, well," she smiled. "And of course my daughter only gets the prettiest of dollies, so my mind went right to you." "I see. Of course!" "So you agree?" She heard the guns cocking behind her back again. "I guess I do."
  21. The hacker sat cross legged on her floor, leaning against her bed for a bit of support. She’d bought an expensive gaming chair–the kind that was ninety percent of the way to being a carseat, it just needed the harness–but it was several feet away, and she’d already been on the ground, moving a box beneath her bed when the shipping notification pinged. With her laptop in reach and her focus engaged, she’d gotten to work right where she sat. Her back would protest, but that was a problem for later. Nor did it matter that it was just past dawn, that she’d been up all night, that sleep would have to wait for hours once this began. She had her game, and that’s what mattered in the moment. Elizabeth Sullivan did not consider herself a hero, but that’s how she branded herself, and to the few who knew her screen name, ‘Little Cricket’, it’s how she was to be treated. She didn’t consider herself a grown-up either, but that’s how her documents read–and as far as the government was concerned, it’s how she was to be treated. Shifting a bit, she noted absently how her diaper squelched–she’d saturated it heavily enough to justify a change, and she needed to poop. Strictly speaking, she preferred to keep that contained to the toilet, but she was in the middle of a project, her thoughts were laser focused, and she didn’t want to kill all her momentum by getting up to change and use the toilet. It’d just have to last a little longer. Tabbing through her notifications, she read data, soaking it in like a diaper absorbed moisture. She knew the patterns, she recognized information before she’d read it, and only needed to glance at what was written to confirm her gut feelings. The internet had existed for forty years, and for twenty, it’d been a tool used by more than half the world’s population. Elizabeth didn’t understand how so-called adults could be so incompetent in its use, so lax and lazy when it came to security. It’s like they wanted her to beat them. Her current target had fallen for a trivially simple linkswap scam to get his passwords, and from there, the rest of his downfall had been easy. A few tricks to bypass two factor authentication, a couple more to get into his financials. By most estimations, he was some flavor of asshole–he’d made his money scamming people into buying useless assets, the lazy kind of fraud that didn’t even take creativity. Elizabeth didn’t particularly care what he’d done. She’d long since learned, however, that if she targeted vulnerable victims, she’d be condemned, she might even end up in trouble with the law. When she went after criminal con men, though, everything became permissible. Leaning forward, she grunted almost without thinking, the seat of her diaper swelling a bit while she took control of her victim’s computer. She’d already decided on the game she wanted to play, now she just needed her participant. “Hello, piggy,” she said. Her voice was modulated, a bit–not to hide her identity, though, it wasn’t as though anyone would be able to track her down. She rarely left her condo, and few people knew what she sounded like. Rather, she distorted her words to make her targets uncomfortable. The man in front of her flinched–of course he did. A voice from nowhere had just addressed him, when he was alone, in private, working from his home office. In a work-from-home world, high-def webcams had become standard, which made her games all the easier. “What the hell?” he asked, setting down his morning coffee. He hadn’t even gotten to work yet. “Who said that?” Elizabeth gloried in the moment for as long as she could–watching her target’s surprise, the shock, all displayed in crisp HD from his webcam. Soon would be the horror and the realization. The sweet moments of early victory, while he still had enough dignity to show humiliation. “I did, piggy,” Elizabeth said. For emphasis, she moved a mouse on her computer screen, and the motion was mirrored on his own display. “Don’t close your computer. I’m in your wallet, I own your assets, and if you disobey me, you’ll find out just how quickly I can take it all away.” She wouldn’t actually take it all away. Others had disobeyed her before, after all, and if she actually followed through on her threat, it ruined the game. She’d take their money, but who cared about money? She wanted more than that. So, if he disobeyed, she’d only take half. Let him see the notification on his phone, learn what he’d lost, and frantically come back to beg. That was, in its own way, almost more fun than when her days went off without a hitch. “I don’t know how you’re doing this,” he said, “But I don’t believe you.” “Then let’s give you some proof, piggy,” Elizabeth said. She was rubbing the name in thick, but she wanted it to be clear that this was his name, at least while she spoke to him. Moving her mouse again, she opened his digital wallet, displaying the various cryptocurrencies he’d acquired. Selecting one at random, she sent it to an anonymous holding wallet with just a few keystrokes. It didn’t matter where it’d gone, the point was that her Piggy no longer had it. The digital equivalent of several thousand dollars, gone in a flash. He still had millions, but he’d gained it recently, and the psychological impact of the dollars lost still hit him plenty hard. His eyes went huge, like she’d just shoved him down on the playground and taken his lunch money. Perfect. “What the fuck–okay. Stop. What do you want? Money?” “If I wanted money, I’d already have taken it,” Elizabeth pointed out. “No, piggy, I want something more. You’ve hurt people to get this money, you’re a pig. You need to learn a lesson.” He swallowed. It was clear she could follow up on her threats easily enough–one wrong word, and she’d drain his accounts. His delicious fear sang when he asked, “What lesson?” “What you really are,” Elizabeth explained. “You’ve got a package in front of your door. I know how long it takes you to go from the computer to your porch. Go get the package, and return immediately–every second you dally, I’ll delete another coin.” He nodded, shook his head, and stared at his computer screen a little longer. “Okay. Okay. I’ll do it, just–” “The timer’s started, piggy boy,” Elizabeth’s tone was sing-song, and just for emphasis, she called up a stopwatch on his screen. Her target jumped to attention, scrambling out of the room. Good–if she kept pressure on him, he wouldn’t have time to think or come up with any bright ideas. She doubted he had the intellectual capacity to come up with bright ideas regardless, and even if he did, they wouldn’t be bright enough to beat her. Even still, she kept the pressure on. She’d win, no matter what, but she preferred to have full control of the game. He returned a minute later, holding a medium sized duffel bag. “Okay,” he said, taking shallow breaths. “I have the package–please don’t take anything else.” “We’ll see,” Elizabeth promised. “All I will promise is that after we’re done, you’ll never hear from me again. If your accounts remain full, that’s all well and good. If not…well, good luck getting it back, because I won’t be available to hear your begging.” He swallowed, looking between his computer and the duffel. “What are you going to do?” “Inside the duffel, there’s some water bottles, a bit of food, and an outfit,” Elizabeth explained. “Take off all of your clothes and put on the outfit. Is that understood?” Instant shock. Of course, it’s what she expected–nobody liked getting naked on camera. “What? No!” Another coin vanished with a big, dramatic notification bubble. “Oh dear,” she said, trying to pump sarcasm into her tone so that it’d come through even with the artificial processing. “You can turn your back–I don’t care about seeing your dick. Just get dressed.” That deflated his protests, and he looked again at the duffel, reluctance and greed battling in his head. She was so focused on the game that she’d lost all sense of her surroundings. She was a part of her laptop, and the vague smell permeating her bedroom, wafting off her diaper, may as well not have existed. If she leaked, she leaked, she had victory to enjoy. Defeated, her piggy unzipped the duffel, peering inside for a long moment in uncomprehension. Only after staring did he say, “No, I–I mean–please, don’t take anything. I’ll do it.” Elizabeth could have jumped for joy, if that hadn’t meant actually moving her body, taking her attention off the display and keyboard in her lap. The outfit wasn’t elaborate–just three elements–but she’d selected it with precision. Sometimes, less was more, and this was absolutely one of those instances. She genuinely couldn’t care less about his nudity, but she still watched him strip with glee, staring not at his body but at his face. The humiliation, the fear, she drank it in until she felt intoxicated. Then came the real prize–the awkward, uncertain embarrassment that came whenever she made someone put a diaper on for the first time since before they could remember. Inevitably, they always got something wrong, and she got to giggle as they worked to correct their mistakes. Her piggy laid down on his back, fumbling with the diaper. He first put it on upside down, then had to flip it, lifting his hips to slide it in place. While he did, little sounds kept escaping him–squeaks of embarrassment that he didn’t even seem to be aware of. Elizabeth’s grin just grew, seeing how his cheeks turned pink when he stuck down the tapes, sealing himself into a puffy white diaper that clung to him like a pillowy target. “And the rest,” Elizabeth said. “A diaper alone does not a piggy make.” Meekly, already halfway to being broken, her target reached for the bright pink onesie. It was mostly uniform in color, but had one bit of special decoration–a short, curled tail on the backside. He’d feel it, just a bit, when he sat down, just as she wanted. He wriggled to get into it, not understanding how the crotch buttons worked, instead stepping into it like a swimsuit and shimmying his legs into the outfit from the top, doing the shoulder snaps instead. Only one thing was left–a halloween costume pig nose, one that’d hold over his face with elastic straps. It’d be uncomfortable, and that’s what she wanted. Discomfort. A constant reminder that he was just a little piggy, with a little piggy nose. He pulled it over his face, transformation complete. Or, well–almost complete. He looked the part. Now he had to go through his training. “Alright, piggy,” Elizabeth said. “Sit down on the floor, criss-cross applesauce.” He obeyed. It meant he had to look up at his desk to see the computer screen. It also meant his posture and pose matched hers, except that he looked up at her, and she looked down at him. “I’m going to play a video for you, and it’s going to ask some questions. Every question you answer correctly, nothing will happen. Every question you answer incorrectly, I take your money away. Do you understand?” Of course he understood–and if he didn’t, she’d still start the video, just to see him struggle and try to learn by trial and error. Still, he nodded. “I won’t lie.” He’d jumped to conclusions about the question, but that just meant he’d be surprised when she showed him his video. “Please. Just don’t take anything else.” “I know you only care about your money, and I’m not lying either,” she assured him. “But this isn’t an interrogation. Consider it more…a knowledge test. If you get hungry or thirsty, or need to take a break, you can have the food in the bag. There are points in the test where you’ll have a few moments to do so. But, and this is important: Until the test is over, you won’t sit up, leave, or turn off your computer. Any of those actions count as a forfeit.” He understood the implied point, anxiety weighing down on his shoulders. “How long will this take?” “I hope you didn’t have evening plans,” she replied. He was a couple time zones ahead of her, but it still wasn’t past nine in the morning yet. “What if I need to use the bathroom?” he asked. Elizabeth didn’t feel the need to properly answer. “If you’re that dumb, piggy, I worry you’re going to fail this test. I’m starting the video now. Pay attention.” He’d already known, somewhere down in his subconscious, but the dawning moment of realization as he was no longer able to pretend still sang to her heart. Knowing, without a doubt, that he’d have to use the diaper he put on was triumphant to Elizabeth. In truth, the test was not really one of knowledge. It didn’t matter how much he knew, any toddler could answer correctly–but the questions would come fast, and they’d demand focus. He’d have to follow along for hours. Queuing it up, the cartoon began to play. A woman in colorful coveralls stood in front of a barn, and a cheerful tune began to play, simple guitar strums. “So many animals on the farm, so many sounds heard on the farm, all the animals make sounds on the farm, can you name the sounds on the animal farm?” Her piggy’s brow furrowed for a moment, confused. “I don’t–what is this?” Elizabeth didn’t reply, and the video continued. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” He didn’t say anything. Grinning, Elizabeth removed a coin from his wallet, taking thousands of dollars away right for him to see. The song continued. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” His eyes just widened. “What the hell?” This time, Elizabeth said, “Tsk, that’s wrong,” as she removed another coin, another couple thousand dollars in speculative value. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” This time he got it, and finally, tentatively said, “Moo?” Elizabeth laughed, and the rest of his wallet stayed firmly place. “So many cows moo on the farm. What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” He got it, and this time, answered immediately. “Cluck.” “What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” “Cluck.” “What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” “Cluck.” “So many chickens cluck on the farm.” Elizabeth was satisfied–he’d understood, and now, all that was left was to wait and enjoy the torture. The song moved forward–next to the dog. “Woof.” Then to the cat. “Meow.” Then to her second favorite moment–the pig. “Oink.” And, finally, the crescendo of the song, where the singer asked, “What noise do you make on the farm?” Her target didn’t get it. “Um…hello? Human sound? I don’t know.” A coin vanished, and his anguish at financial loss was hilarious and cathartic. She’d picked an expensive one, too: He’d lost more than ten thousand dollars for that one little mistake. “What noise do you make on the farm?” “This is–there’s no sound for a person!” he objected, furious and near tears as she removed another coin–though, this time, she was generous and only cost him the price of a shitty car. “Think about it a little longer,” she replied, pointedly avoiding his new moniker. “What noise do you make on the farm?” Finally, with a dawning moment of humiliation, he got it. “Oink.” Success. No loss for him, as the song jingle finished its loop. “Good piggy,” Elizabeth praised. “Now, let’s see how well you learned.” The song began again, playing through the chorus–the twenty second period he’d get every repetition to drink, or to try and eat some of the food in the bag. She looked forward to that–watching him gawk as he realized she’s left him no utensils, that all the food was chosen to be as messy as possible. Would he try to lick the pudding cups out with his tongue and get it all over his face, or scoop it out with his fingers and dirty his hands? She’d even done tests with the canned spaghetti–when cold, it was slightly thick, and would come out in globs. If he tried to drink it from the can, it’d inevitably end up all over his face, and I’d get to enjoy his mollified reaction as he spilled red sauce and soggy noodles all over his piggy onesie. The song itself was only a couple minutes long, but that was fine–the repetition added to the torture. He’d have to listen to it a few hundred times before she let him off the hook–in fact, she had set it up to play on a loop until she told it to stop, and she wouldn’t be doing that until he’d leaked through his diapers and filled up the seat at least as much as she had that morning. She wanted him to really get the pig pen experience before it came to an end, after all. She could have gotten up then, letting the audio play in the background to ensure that the piggy didn’t get his answers wrong. She kept watching, though, enjoying her private performance as he enthusiastically called out the barnyard animal sounds loud and clear for fear that if he mumbled she’d take more money away. This wasn’t about justice, or punishment, or even revenge. Her target was an asshole, but that’d been the excuse to pick him as her victim, not her motivation. This was just about fun. ... Author's note: Patreon nuked my account and I'm left scrambling to try and make up the lost income and rebuild my audience from scratch. I've set up a new page on a service called Ream, which is ABDL-friendly and fiction-focused. I'd be incredibly grateful if you'd go over there to subscribe, especially if you were previously subscribed on Patreon. https://reamstories.com/peculiarchangelingabdl
  22. CHAPTER ONE: It all started from a phone call from my wife Susie,"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?,.....YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME AN HOUR AGO..YOU NEED TO GET HERE DAMN QUICK..NOW JOHNATHAN ..WE NEED A SERIOUS TO TALK ! ".What the hell is all this about I thought.Susie could be quite assertive if she had to be .Susie was typically reserved ,quite sweet, kind to others,always helpful .Her stunning looks have no doubt helped her promotion working work a large international law firm.She looked amazing for a 41 year old and she has maintained her slim figure .In addition to model like looks her ample 34 B breasts and long straight dark brown hair that reaches just beyond her bra strap caught my eye and that of many .Her friendly dark brown eyes can melt a mans heart, she receives plenty of male attention and I consider my self the envy of all my friends and those of her own male colleagues .I on the other hand am often described as "cute". I'm quite slim not very muscular and the same height as susie, 5ft 7 tall .We had met several years before and eventually got together after a lot of flirting.It was a month or so into our relationship that we finally went to bed together.The main reason was although I was only a year older my sexual experiences were very limited ,only half a dozen sexual conquests that didn't usually last long.Susie has had quite a few relationships, short flings ,long term relationships and even the occasional one night stand.Two things caused me turmoil and anxiety. What would she think the first time I stood naked in front of her and how and when should I explain my sissy adult baby fetish ,I didn't want to scare her off. The truth of the matter was I was so nervous about Susie seeing me naked for the first time knowing that some of her ex's were tall well built men, according to Susie they were mostly "self centered selfish macho dicks and was fed up of that type" she explained to me. I suppose she found my soft gentle side completely different to the men she was usually attracted to .As for my own relationships these typically ended abruptly, girlfriends showing a look of disappointment when we finally got naked .A few made feeble excuses not to take the relationship further "its not working out or I think we are not compatable " .I knew the real reason and it had nothing to do with being compatable outside the bedroom.I knew I was different to most men because I have always been teased about my penis size especially when I was in my mid teens at school. I measure, fully erect about 3 inches and my penis is quite a lot thinner than average ,roughly 3 .5 inches in circumference I would guess ....at most .One or two girlfriends laughed when seeing me naked for the first time and I'm convinced the relationships ended due to my lack of size. I could only satisfy them with my tongue. Vicky, a petite and very attractive ex girlfriend was aware of my sissy baby clothing after she caught me one night ,she had her own key to my apartment and let herself in one evening when she said she was going out with friends I wasn't expecting her .She was taken back when she saw me in my pink frilly satin baby dress with matching frilly satin knickers .She found it funny but she really didn't mind me dressing up.Vicky was very broad-minded " you actually look really cute as a baby girl ...that dress ,the nappy and those plastic pants and frilly baby knickers they really do suit you in more ways than one babe" she giggled. Vicky was so accepting of me.I fell deeply in love with her.On the nights she came over to mine she would sometimes dress me up as a baby girl .I loved making love to her and we pretended I was her baby daughter . After several months I began to notice she was feeling more and more unhappy.We hardly ever had sex anymore, She would put me in my nappy plastic pants and frilly satin baby knickers with one of her short nighties or a baby dress and give me a baby bottle.She would then go to her gym class or meet "friends". She returned later and later each time, a bit subdued not saying much ,I thought it was the stress of working in a busy office. Finally after one night she came home after midnight. .I was all dressed up the the baby clothes she had put me in, but this time in a short nightie instead of a baby dress."don't wait up tonight baby I might be late " .I was awake laying on the bed when she came in. "We need to talk she said to me looking a bit guilty. She laid next to me and gave me a hug ."I have a confession Johnathan and there's no easy way to say this ..but I have been seeing someone from they gym" ."I have only been seeing him a few weeks and its made me think about our relationship". I began to cry and she cuddled me saying how sorry she was."I'm really sorry for hurting you".Finally Vicky simply explained why things were not good our relationship,she was being brutally honest and informed me as sensitively as she could "..you just dont measure up Johnathan..you never have and never will ...I dont want to hurt your feelings but I just want to be honest unlike those other girls who you went out with,.... its our sex life ...its not good.... I .... I. cant feel you .. when you are inside me ,and ....I find this very awkward ...its very frustrating ....I'm so ..so very sorry ...its not going to work out between us".I will never forget her gorgeous features, that lovely kind caring smile as she put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek but those words struck home .It made me feel so inadequate as a man but strangely at the same time I had a very stiff erection when she told me the facts .I was basically a useless lover because I was just too small for her." I had so many questions to ask "so when I've been waiting for you to come home....you have been with this other guy".Vicky paused and then nodded ...yes ."Have you slept with him" I asked fearing the reply.Vicky nodded her head .." yes ..just a few times... at my friends house when she's been away on business". my breathing got heavier as tears rolled down my cheeks...I had to ask but knew the answer...is he erm is he bigger..than ..Vicky realized what I was about to ask. "Does he have a bigger penis than you ? ..well yes ...of course...sorry but ..its the truth" .By now my cock was hard in my nappy and I think she sensed it. " How much bigger" Vicky began to smile and looked embarrassed "well if you want the facts..the full truth yes he's much bigger... about 4 inches bigger,...he's about 7 inches infact. She had now placed her hand on me ,touching my penis through my nappy and knickers...rubbing me very gently sensing this was turning me on."she whispered into my ear...thats why I'm late home...he's been fucking me ...fucking me with his much bigger cock whilst you've been here...here..in your frilly pink baby girl clothes " "She took my hand and placed it up her dress and into her panties.She was soaking "no no I said but she went on to tell me in detail how good it felt." Yes baby he made me cum... feel how wet I am...feel his cum".She rubbed at my penis until I came into my nappy. We were no longer together she choosing to sleep in my spare room for the next several weeks. Vicky made sure I was dressed in my baby girl clothes when she went out to meet this guy and when she got back she would leave her used knickers on my pillow. Eventually Vicky moved out finding her own place. At first Susie didn't appear to mind that I was so small but as our relationship developed I could tell she was frustrated in the bedroom.I had witnessed the same body on Vicky ,she would lay there looking up at the ceiling ,there was no passionate sounds or moans coming from her unless I gave her oral sex.language on and now Susie was displaying that same lack of pleasure.We tried all kinds of positions,Susie is very adventurous you might say but my issue was always the same as with any girl, I would quite often slip during intercourse.In the end Susie got that annoyed she told me I was "rubbish in bed" ,she began telling me "sex had been much better with her previous much bigger boyfriends" .The only position she got any sort of real penetration was with her legs over my shoulders or doggy style but she eventually admitted she could hardly feel me inside her especially when she became "wet".After a few years of married life she eventually decided enough was enough we couldn't carry on like this so a few weeks ago she went out and bought some sex toys, one was quite a large thick vibrator at least twice my size, then came the penis extension sheaths "these will add an extra 2 inches to your length sweetheart please lets try ...try them for me"....much to my shame I did. I wanted to please her and I would do anything she asked of me.Susie loves me and I love her to bits but the vibrator and penis extensions were "a poor substitute for the real thing" she said after one of our recent nights of sex. I wished to have a bigger penis so I could give her what she needed however I also has a masochist side that derived a certain pleasure knowing I was unable to sexually satisfy my lovely stunning wife. As I entered the marital home we had bought together I was curious why my wife was so angry on the phone ,what have I done that's caused her to be so angry, she's usually so sweet. Susie came right up to me and slapped me across the face " WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?" she said holding the bag that contained all my frilly baby clothing and magazines subjects of adult babies and sissies. Shit I thought how the hell do I get out of this one how did she managed to find it ?."I...I..er " .I felt myself go bright red, I began to shake.I was stunned into a complete mumbling wreck."YOU ACTUALLY LIKE TO DRESS UP AS A BABY,..?......A LITTLE BABY GIRL." emphasizing the last part of her sentence in a mocking tone.She was holding up a pair of my very frilly pink satin panties with matching lace trim on the front and rear."Yes ..yes .I stuttered...I....I cant help it,its always been a fetish that I cant control". I confessed hoping she would understand.Susie stood there for a moment and then her face turned from one of anger to one of her naughty smiles ."Thought so,....Carol and Cindy were here this morning. I asked them to come over for some advice after I found your hidden bag of baby clothes.Carol said its just an harmless fetish but suggested looking at your computer history to see if you were cheating on me with professional dominatrix's .Susie's tone changed anger to sarcasm . "So, after we finished examining your secret stash of frilly knickers , dresses and books we found some very interesting files on your computer ..oh yes ...Cindy poor girl if I had known what was on your computer I wouldn't asked her but she know a bit about computers, she found all those images you had saved ... whats SPH she asked ?... whats a cuckold" ? "I felt ashamed to be married to you" ."Poor Cindy looked quite embarrassed especially when she found the pictures you have taken of yourself , all those photos of you in your baby clothes, yes the ones of you dressed up in frilly pink baby knickers..,nappies and dresses," " he looks so silly i ..why does he want to wear baby girl clothes" ? "She asked me... ,What could I say to her ,thankfully Carol was wise enough to know a bit about sissy adult babies and cuckolding from her line of work ,very informative she is".Yes we had a very very interesting hour reading about those subjects" I was unable to reply ,I just stood looking at the floor as Susie vented her disappointment at me . I was lost in my thoughts knowing that her friends knew my big secret now and how could I look them in the eye ever again. Cindy and Carol were both related and lived close by They would often go out together with Susie to bars on Friday evenings.Carol was an attractive woman with long blonde hair , a couple of years younger than Susie, perhaps late 30's and recently divorced .Cindy was carols 18 year old niece, a very attractive college student with stunning brown sexy eyes with a sexy figure ,nice firm breasts and a great ass ,she had nice long mousy colored straight hair that reached just beyond her bra strap..Even Cindy's mum Lucy was a stunner, good looks certainly ran through their family.Cindy was never without a boyfriend on her arm and I secretly lusted for her, in my own imagination I wondering how big her boyfriends cock is ,I pictured Cindy on her back being fucked by this young stud .I got on very well with Cindy and and when she spent the night I would often help her with college work .she had no time for her step-father ,they just didn't get on very well . I could have died with shame as Susie continued to explain what they had found on my computer . ."Nearly all the files contain stories of husbands turned into baby girls by their wives.... and one of your magazines.."sissies get cuckolded" relates to men whose wives sleep with other men because they are not manly enough or have tiny baby cocks...,infact you have book marked one of the pages with a certain story ,a story about this husband who is forced by his wife to spend the rest of his life dressed as a baby girl while she sees other men,....does that sort of thing turn you on dear ....or should I now say baby girl ?" Susie was being more sarcastic coupled with that wicked smile I had seen so many times before. Her manner was now more controlled ."Its just a fantasy....nothing more." I said hoping to convince her. "Well Carol thinks this is what you actually secretly desire,.something you want to happen because you have so much of this on that computer she said it all fits your personality.... the way you are and its backed up by the baby clothing and your physical attributes .Carol said she thinks you are a masochist .. submissive to women and have a need to be emasculated and humiliated.. AND I ALSO THINK THAT". "Carol suggested I SHOULD SEE OTHER MEN ...A REAL MAN... A WELL ENDOWED MAN BECAUSE A WOMAN HAS NEEDS AND YOU CAN'T CLEARLY MEET THOSE NEEDS" ."Yes hun. sorry to have to tell you this but.. Carol has been aware of your small problem for a while and Cindy also now ....and why ? BECAUSE .....IDIOT YOU LEFT SOME VERY INTERESTING PHOTOS ON YOUR COMPUTER ...BESIDES THE ONES IN YOUR SWEET BABY CLOTHES THERE'S SOME WITH YOUR TINY LITTLE COCK ON SHOW...YES THAT RIGHT.. LOTS OF PHOTOS OF YOU LIFTING UP YOUR DRESS WITH YOUR STUPID FRILLY KNICKERS PULLED DOWN AND YOUR TINY ERECTION ON FULL DISPLAY SUCKING ON A BABY'S DUMMY ,WITH A PAIR OF MY PANTIES .....YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS IN THOSE PICTURES YOU STUPID FOOL" .Carol and Cindy found these photos highly amusing and a little embarrassing,...especially poor Cindy ,," she could not stop laughing and feels sorry for you because of your little problem.She thinks its a bit weird and kinky I'm sure she will tell all her friends about you.... and show them the pictures. ..well now she certainly has my permission as long as your name and face are kept out of the pics and texts I told her". "Carol has known for some time about YOUR LACK OF SIZE...NOT TO MENTION MY UNSATISFACTORY SEX LIFE "They both think you are no longer a man and I SHOULD TAKE A LOVER ." I could not argue with her point.I could not believe that she's told Carol about my penis size and allowed them to access my computer files on subjects relating cuckolding and small penis humiliation, in addition to my sissy baby fetish and those bloody photos I should have been more careful. I kept saying to myself over and over again I have been an idiot. I was still blushing bright red and began to shake in fear once more .I remained quiet and was unable to look my pretty wife . Eventually I went up to my den ,a converted room where I keep my computer .I lay on the bed to take in what had happened leaving Susie down stairs to think things over,she "needed some space to consider what kind of man she's married " she told me firmly. CHAPTER TWO: That night in bed susie was noticeably calmer .We talked a lot more about what Susie and her friends had discovered about my secret life. She had so many questions to ask, wanting to know if "this sissy adult baby thing and cuckolding actually turned me on or was it the baby clothes that I got pleasure from.. was I still attracted to her" ? I was totally honest telling her I loved the feeling of dressing up in pretty frilly baby girl clothes with nappies and plastic pants and that the cuckold thing and SPH was an added fetish fantasy and nothing more. Susie paused for a moment then she asked if I would dress up for her, she wanted to see me as a baby girl perhaps she could get her "head round all this" she informed me.I was so happy thinking she was willing to accept my sissy baby fetish or at least give it a try so I readily agreed.I excitedly gathered up my baby clothing from from the bag and went into the en suit bathroom to change.Soon I had on my frilly pink see-through baby doll nightie ,fluffy cloth terry nappy,plastic pants and a pair of pale pink satin baby panties which were covered in frills and tiny satin bows.I nervously went back into the bedroom where Susie lay waiting.She burst out laughing .. "Awwwww...you do look very cute.....ridiculous but very cute ...just like a baby girl...ha ha .. now what shall we call you?..have you got a girls name name"? "Yes.... I called my self Jenny" I replied feeling foolish."ooh Jenny .. how sweet..Is that because your name is Johnathon?"."I think so "..I said feeling a bit stupid now, my wife still smiling and using a sarcastic mocking tone again.She began to baby talk me, pouting ," awwww my poor hubby all dwessed up like a ickle sissy baby girl in his nappith and fwilly pink baby panties " She indicated for me to sit by her on the bed.I sat beside her and she placed her hand on my thigh then slowly up my short nightie until she reached my knickers .Susie began to feel the front of my bulging frilly satin baby knickers.She could feel the plastic pants and thick cloth nappy underneath the lace frills,Susie rubbed away at the crotch of my knickers ,my minuscule manhood encased in its fluffy confines became aroused immediately and I almost climaxed with excitement as she whispered - "Oh my darling what a cute baby girl you ,I bet you like how these frilly things make you feel ..yes that soft satin fabric all those frills and your nappy and plastic baby pants ... soo sissyish....you really do look like a baby girl.....a sissy baby .I have always wanted a baby girl and now I have one" . "I will your Mummy....don't worry ". I was so relieved to hear these words. We began to have sex,she lay down and grabbed my arm pulling me on top of her. Susie was still fully clothed,wearing her black mid thigh length satin skirt and cream colored silky blouse.She pulled her white silky panties to the side and then reached up to pull my rigid penis out of the leg opening of my own frilly knickers.Using her thumb and finger she guided me into her loose vagina. I was so turned on at making love to my beautiful sexy wife while I was dressed up like a baby girl .My little penis hammering into her .She urged me to suck her breasts like" babies do" she told me that from now on I had to call her " mummy" and she would now call me by my sissy name.."Jenny".I began to make little whimpering sounds as I tried to drive my penis as deep as I could into her slippery sex.She cradled me to her large breasts, encouraging me to tell her my secret desires and that she would pander to my " little baby needs".I was so happy she called me her little baby,.. "Come on BABY JENNY.. she said getting impatient .TELL ME WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT ... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL ..DO YOU WANT ME TO MAKE FUN OF YOUR TINY LITTLE BABY PENIS EH, ...DO YOU WANT ME TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN "? ...I moaned with pleasure..."oh mummy...mummy YESSS I WANT TO BE YOUR BABY GIRL BUT ..... NO ...OH PLEASE . NO. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN OH ... I DON'T KNOW MUMMY ..I'M SCARED ...I'M SO SCARED YOU MIGHT LEAVE ME IF YOU DO , ...BUT.... I KNOW I CAN'T PLEASURE YOU LIKE ANOTHER MAN CAN.I didn't do a good job of trying to convince Susie and I suspect she knew I wanted to be her cuckold. I paused do I tell her I want to be her cuckold as well as her baby .. what will she think ...will she really sleep with someone else ? My anxiety and emotions along with all this excitement got the better of me and I began crying,tears rolling down my cheeks as I shamefully buried my face in her long dark hair telling her that yes I wanted her to fuck another man. "YES ...YES SUSIE I'M SORRY HUN BUT YES IT TURNS ME ON SO VERY MUCH...I CANT STOP. THINKING ABOUT YOU IN BED WITH SOMEONE ELSE ...A BIGGER MAN, ...COS I'M JUST A PATHETIC SISSY ...AND I JUST WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL, I WANT TO BE YOUR SISSY BABY GIRL , SUSIE .... TO BE TREATED AS BABY GIRL BY YOU AND AND A MAN, TO BE YOUR CUCKOLD " . "Oh darling thank you ....thank you so much for telling mummy the truth ,mummy loves her baby very much. So baby Jenny you just want me to dress you up in lots of frilly baby clothes and treat you like a baby girl. ..we can carry on as normal but except you will be a full time baby ..within our home of course ..and you won't have a problem if I bring home another man to share mummy's bed."? "A man that can make make mummy feel good? " . "Yeth mummy I want another man to fuck you and make you cum on his big cock ".I was betraying my innermost feelings and cried out to her that I wanted to be her baby girl ...".I will do anything you ask if I can be your baby". I knew what I was saying,telling loyal loving wife my secret yearning that had remained in my psyche all my life, baring my soul and confessing to "mummy" my sissy girly desires. " But mummy where will I sleep if you have a man in our bed " .Susie stroked my head then her hands wandered down my back , sliding down the chiffon fabric of my pale pink nightie util they rested on my frilly behind.Susie began to pat the back of my frilly panties,we could both hear the plastic pants rustling,she began to laugh softly at the noise it was making,Susie whispered into my ear " Oh baby you are silly ,mummy's bed will be for my boyfriends ,for real men ..you will you are such a good girl oh mummy can hear baby Jenny's plastic baby pants .awwww ..these will protect your nappy from any wee wee's won't they darling" .She did this for several minutes all the time whispering to me that she now understands and every thing will be alright,"her little girl would always be safe and loved".Oh what joy I thought as I pumped my puny tiny penis into her."The thing is Jonathan...sorry I mean Jenny..now that you are my baby.. mummy WILL need a boyfriend..,...because wives like to feel sexy and obviously I will require some attention from a real man, ...yes a real man with a nice big cock from time .Do you understand what I'm saying,... I know you would not object to me taking a lover because you have just said so , you admit you want to be a baby girl... a sissy baby cuckold just like those stories we found on your computer".Susie was talking in such a caring soft loving way which really made me feel so loved but was so matter of fact taking a lover. I was confused ,did she really want to have sex with another man or was she playing at my fantasy ? Yes I now wanted her to sleep with someone but she was actually going to go through with it ? .I continued my feeble attempts to penetrate Susie deep enough, to try and satisfy her she urged me on more and more ,pulling hard at the back my frilly knickers ...pulling me as deep as I could into her vagina. I was so excited by what she had whispered in my ears ,the thought of Susie being thoroughly pounded by another man made my girly moans more louder, re enforcing I would have no objection, on the contrary I wanted to be her baby cuckold.My desire to be a sissy baby girl created a need for humiliation. .".Oh mummy,....pleases dont take a lover..please.I didn't mean it I dont want you to..mummy ...I dont want to see another man fuck you with his huge penis...no...no" . I whimpered into her ear as I neared my climax Her long dark silky hair mixed with her perfume smelled so good . I told her again and again how much I wanted to be her baby girl forever .She obviously knew this was all part of my fantasy and began telling me how she would bring home a lover and fuck him in front of me whilst I'm dressed as a baby girl and that they would laugh at me for being such a wimp. "No please no I sobbed. "Shhhhh baby it will all work out for the best and if you give me any trouble I will ask my big strong lover to put you across his knee and spank your frilly bottom" .Susie giggled then burst out laughing as I told her I was about to cum,she knew what buttons to press,what turned me on now that I had been so open about things Susie now laughing much more louder began calling me a wimp. she took great pleasure telling me it would excite her to see me being spanked. "I will take photos of him boyfriend spanking you across his knee baby ...yes lots of humiliating photos shall I show them to Carol and Cindy so they can have a laugh"? ."I will even help him pull your nappy and panties down so he can spank your bare botty.....yess I know you would really enjoy that wouldn't you baby girl" No please NO PLEASE I sobbed getting into my fantasy "ssshhhh...baby Jenny ...sshhhhh,I know you want this to happen and its going to !" I have arranged a date with Jake tomorrow,...you know Jake.. the guy I sometimes have to work late with" ."We have been flirting quite a lot recently we have become a bit closer since he split up with his girlfriend" ."Yes baby over the last couple of months we have had the occasional after work meals and business functions with other with colleagues but we always are the last two to leave. He's quite a man, any way my pretty baby I had to call in at work today to sign some urgent papers for him even though it was my day off.He thanked me and invited me out for a drink and boy did I need one after seeing your baby clothes and computer stuff" ."I perhaps had more wine than I should have and well er.Susie paused for a moment to see my reaction ,she looked at me intensely ,those dark brown eyes looking deep into my own and detecting my sudden angst she softened her tone to lessen the impact of what she was going to say . Susie continued with what sounded like a confession."oh baby I'm so sorry darling but I found my self telling him what I had found out about your secret it was such a shock to me this secret you have kept from me all this time.. your computer searches and files..., baby gear and your fetish.I ended up telling him everything because I was still quite upset about it. ... he's such a good listener and we talked about it". "He put his arm around me when he saw how upset and confused I was and I just felt the urge to kiss him on the lips and he responded the way I wanted him to ... it felt so good to be held by a big strong man like Jake " ."I have fancied him for ages and I will end up in bed with him there;s little doubt about that". "We later sat in his car and we kissed again and well we got carried away he pushed his hand up my skirt and touched me down there it felt so good so I kept his hand their until he made me cum in my panties whilst I felt his huge penis over his trousers...oh baby he's so big.She reached over the side of the bed whilst I was still on top of her and picked up the freshly worn knickers she had worn earlier .He told me if you want him to fuck me you have to wear my wet cummy knickers over your head ..so baby do you want him to do you want to wear my stained silky panties so you can sniff them"? I nodded my head wow this is so humiliating, she took the soft white satin panties and showed me the damp stains in the crotch before slipping them over my head.I could still smell her cum "So baby he's now fully aware of your fetish and I must confess I let him see the photos of you in your dresses and baby knickers and those photos of you with your penis ...your tiny little penis poking out of you're nappy and panties" ."He found them highly amusing baby ..very funny,..hilarious in fact but strange... he even asked if you were gay". Oh my god I thought who is this guy Jake. is this going to actually happen ,what Susie was saying sounded very sincere ...she really was going to sleep with this Jake .I carried on making love to her my lovely Susie as she recounted the details of her meeting with this man Jake.This revelation made me feel more excited than I have ever been. "He said I deserve to be with a man not a little boy" .I told him I need to be with a man... a man that can meet my sexual needs ...a sex buddy and I trusted him to be discreet " ." He's happy to help out in the bedroom department Johnathan and he said if you want to watch us make love you have to be in your sweet baby clothes...okay baby"? He said a beautiful woman like me needs a man and I Simply agreed,telling him how useless you were in bed" ."We did have a right laugh at those photos hun and he made me feel so much better".He could have fucked me in the car if he wanted to but he had another meeting to go to and so i went shopping before coming home. This was all too much to take in and my tempo increased until I finally exploded into mummy..."YES MUMMY YES MUMMY YES ...YES I WANT TO WATCH HIM FUCK YOU COS. I'M A BIG SISSY BABY GIRL WITH A TINY BABY COCK"." Awwwww dats.. wite ... sweety,.. mummy needs a real man,.....a real man with a big thick cock..... like Jake is supposed to have,..I have heard the rumors about him from some of the ladies at work and noticed the large bulge in those trousers he wears to the office..yes I want to feel him inside me..poor baby you're just too small for mummy" . Her words though humiliating were softly spoken in a maternal voice.I erupted into my sexy wife ,a powerful orgasm my best ever and she knew it.Susie kissed me on my forehead like mothers do to their children and patted my frilly padded bottom ..."good girl I knew you wouldn't mind " We lay there for a while,I hadn't given Susie an orgasm but I felt she was going to get one very soon .We fell asleep in each others arms. CHAPTER THREE: The next day,Saturday, Susie was busy getting things ready for her date .Carol and Cindy were there up stairs in our room choosing an outfit for her occasion,her big night.Finally they selected a short black satin dress with a split up one side. which she wore some very expensive lingerie bought that morning specially.It consisted of a white silky bra with lace panels and similar matching satin full bum panties that were high cut ,she didn't like thongs .The matching suspender belt was also made from a satin and lace fabrics.A pair of tan colored stockings with lace tops completed her lingerie ." He's going to ravish you when he see's you in these sexy undies " Carol said excitedly ."Who my hubby" Susie said laughing, of course not, Jake is going to get the benefit of your sexy undies" Cindy chimed in laughing.They all looked at me as I laid there on the bed watching her get dressed for her date with Jake.She looked so sexy as she began fastening the stockings to the suspender belt ,"WOW YOU LOOK GREAT" Carol said and began to help her zip up the rear of her dress It was a strange sensation watching my wife get ready to meet another man..Her friends helped with her makeup and hair adding some sexy perfume to the finishing touches.She looked fantastic,..stunning,..sexy as hell and I was so jealous she would be meeting another man."You look lovely "Cindy gushed "This Jake is gonna be so lucky she said excitedly". "Come on Jenny time to get you ready baby girl" my wife said mockingly.She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the spare room "this will be your nursery from now on".I turned to see Carol and Cindy sniggering self-consciously I was slowly undressed out of my man clothes and then directed to I lay on the single bed , completely naked before the three women .I placed my hands in front of my crotch to hide my manhood but Susie slapped my legs "don't be silly they have seen a penis before". Laughter and the occasional giggle had me in complete embarrassment. "Gosh Susie.. he's so tiny I have never seen such a small penis on a grown man before ...not in the flesh ..and ..well only in medical research photo "Carol stated, almost as if in a state of shock.Cindy was a bit embarrassed initially by my nakedness then she spoke directly at me " It looks so much smaller than it does on those photos Johnathan ..how sad ..poor you ..I babysit a 4 year old boy with a much bigger penis that " .They all laughed at that comment.My hairless body including my genitals was sponged down,my tight little testicles and small penis given maximum attention by Susie as Carol and Cindy observed " All little babies need to be kept clean" Carol mocked. "Yes especially baby girls " laughed Cindy . Then the ladies set about my transformation.Pulling out all my baby clothes from the wardrobe and placing them on the bed beside me .Baby girl dresses in soft pale pink satin and white lace ,a few in white satin ,also baby doll nighties in pink chiffon and pale pink satin, matching frilly pink satin panties or white and cream ones in sissy baby style,.dozens of them,cloth nappies and .lots and lots of plastic panties in pink and clear, frilly ankle socks.Cindy and selected some frilly pink ruffled satin panties ,with lots of lace on the front and rear "these are so girly and babyish don't you think baby" she said looking at me with a smile on her face.She held them up for Susie and Carol to look at them,they nodded that these would be prefect for me to wear tonight . Susie produced a blonde wig with pony tails complete with pink satin ribbons she had bought earlier in the day, she was gone quite a while I thought and I wondered what else she may purchased ?. "Hes got more knickers than me" Carol said astonished as she and Cindy looked in my new bedroom drawers now labeled BABY KNICKERS .Cindy began pulling the frilly satin baby knickers out one by one bemused at just how sissy and frilly they looked. "Oh look at all these baby panties ...so cute aren't they I bet your hubby looks so babyish and girly wearing these ..oh what does it say on the front of this pair, SISSY 3 INCHES" she said now holding up a pink satin pair "oh my god that's so funny" .They had pink matching lace on the front and rear almost from the crotch stopping just short a few inches from the small frilled elasticated waist band where a small pink satin bow was stitched.I had them and all my clothes made by a seamstress .They took it in turns at putting an item of clothing on me. My wife put a fresh cloth nappy on me after applying some baby powder to my crotch she pinned it on nice and tight with those pink nappy pins .Carol selected a pair of clear soft plastic pants which were crinkly and very noisy. Slowly she drew them up my legs tucking them over the top of my nappy and then gently caressed the plastic between my legs feeling the nappy as she did so, "He's certainly well padded now ladies so shouldn't have any leaks if he wets again" .Carol was so sexy and I wondered what she actually thought of me now.Cindy still holding the knickers in her small dainty hands placed my feet into the leg openings ,quite confident for someone of her age but was a babysitter to earn extra cash didn't appear to be phased about the whole situation so far. "Lift up your botty baby girl!" she said her in her soft sweet teenage voice as she leaned right forward and pulled up frilly pink satin panties up my legs and settled them over my nappy and plastic pants.I got a great view of her cleavage and white lacy bra . I felt her long blond silky hair touch my thighs which ticked . She giggled at my reaction and fussed with my knickers making sure she tucked in the nappy and plastic pants into the leg openings.Her hands and red painted finger nails felt amazing on my skin. Now standing back a little she surveyed my frilly attire. "There you go precious" she said with a knowing smile." Those panties look amazing on you sissy I'm certainly going to tell all my friends about you and perhaps I will ask them to come over and help me baby sit or would you prefer I bring my boyfriend over instead " ? ,I shook my head ,"no ...oh why is that is .. she teased. Next came Cindy's pink chiffon and lace baby-doll nightie which came almost to fell just below the crotch of my the panties.The nightie coincidentally had lots of very similar matching pink lace on the chest and hem as the the panties . Cindy told Susie she had found it in a local charity shop last year and had bought it for one of her passionate nights with her boyfriend. "I thought he would like to have this having seen those photos of him in pink frills ,I knew it would fit your husband and just had to bring it over" she said looking quite pleased with her self .Indeed she was right It was a good fit but then I dont have much of a physique ,I only have a 36 inch chest. " Say thank you to your lovely baby sitter for bringing her nightie for you to wear" " Thank you Cindy" I did as my wife asked ."aww thats fine baby Jenny anytime" she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. My wife then rolled on the white ankle socks with pink lace before finally placing the new wig on me.I was now siting me now at her dressing table so she could properly to fix it in place .I felt such a fool . "Okay stand up baby Jenny I was facing the full length mirror on the wall,my reflection was one of a grown man dressed as a baby girl ,a sissy baby girl.My wife and her two friends clapped and cheered I just went bright red but my little penis was now rock hard in its fluffy nappy. At 7 pm her date arrived to collect her .I was already in one of the spare bedrooms laying in a single bed .I was already dressed for bed,still in my nappy ,plastic pants, frilly pink satin baby knickers and Cindy's pale pink see-through baby-doll nightie,I could still smell her perfume from when she last wore it.The bedding was of course pink which matched the pale pink decor. Susie came upstairs .She looked more gorgeous than ever with her long dark shiny brown hair ,long dark dark eye lashes that matched beautiful lovely dark brown eyes.With her bright red lipstick and perfect make-up she looked stunning.The sexy dress clung to her curves as walked into the room.I could smell her expensive perfume and I immediately became aroused. She bent over and kissed me on my forehead then handed me a pale ivory colored nylon panties " these are you hun...See you soon darling.....be a good girl for Cindy while mummy is out with her new boyfriend,and.. DON'T go playing with your ickle pee pee now, well not until were back Okay" she said laughing. "yeth mummy" I replied in my best impression of a little girl lisp.Her perfume lingered in the bedroom as she turned on her black expensive high heels and walked out to meet her lover. I thought about getting out of bed but decided against it fearing Jake would see me if he were to come into our home.I heard the door bell ring and Cindy went to open it.I could hear a bit of talk as my wife introduced Cindy to Jake. " Jake want you to meet my husbands baby sitter" .I'm sure she said this loud enough so I could hear.All three of them were laughing at this comment before Susie closed the front door to leave with her boyfriend.Her parting words to Cindy "if my baby girl gives you any trouble just phone me" ."I'm sure I can manage him don't worry Susie you both have a good time" Cindy replied.I clutched Susie's freshly worn panties holding then to my nose and began to cry. No sooner had the car left our drive I could hear Cindy on the phone to carol excitedly telling her that she had met Jake .I listened as she described him " Oh yes very fit ..very good looking. real tall and muscular ...a great body not like her wimpy baby husband".She was chatting away to her Aunt Carol for several minutes ," yeah I think they will get on well together ...yes I think they might end up in bed together later tonight " Cindy laughed. "I couldn't help notice a rather large bulge in those tight trousers he was wearing so Susie is in for a good time.".Pangs of jealously hit me hard.Cindy's remarks were cutting and the comparisons were probably fair as I came to realize attractive women like Susie ,Carol or Cindy dont want to share a bed with a sissy ,no of course not, all women would prefer an alpha male in the bedroom I concluded. Like a typical teenager she then phoned some of her close friends telling them she was baby sitting a guy who is 42 years old and likes to wear dresses baby girl clothes while his wife is on a date with another man.I could hear her laughing,"Yep don't worry I will take some pictures of him if you don't believe me,its a bit strange but he's a really nice guy , No I don't mind at all ,I'm getting paid to baby sit him to be honest its a bit of a laugh... he enjoys being humiliated ". "I'm just sipping on a double vodka...yep okay see ya soon" Cindy phoned her boyfriend to tell him what she was up to.I strained to hear what she was telling him but it sounded like some kind of telephone sex they were having because I could hear moaning softly.I crept out of bed to listen from the landing,the phone was situated on a table by the bottom of the stairs.Yes she was having telephone sex,I moved into a position so I could see .I think he was telling her to touch her self from what I could see. After all her phone calls Cindy came into the spare bedroom which was now to be called my "nursery" my wife triumphantly informed me. " Hi baby are you feeling alright ..awww look at you, so cute, pink is definitely your colour..aww you have your mummy's panties too " she said with a bit of a pout then her eyes wandered down to my frilly attire. Cindy handed me a baby bottle containing juice . "Drink up baby I want that nappy wet before your mommy comes home she teased"."I'm really looking forward to seeing her change you later .. I suppose I best check you before you finish that bottle in case you have already pissed your self"".Cindy leaned over and pushed her hand inside my knickers and plastic pants to get at my nappy,her hand touched my penis over the nappy it felt so good to be touched there by Cindy.. "oh thats good its dry at the moment.. so pleased I don't have to change you".I immediately became erect by her touch ."Ohhh ickle has poor sissy baby got a tiny ickle stiffy in her nappy" ?. "Such a shame that its too small for the ladies but at least your mummy will have the pleasure of another man tonight" she teased smiling down at me. I could not get the thought of Susie being fucked by another man ...a much larger man from what I had heard and in our bed.My penis ached for release."Do you think Susie will bring him home tonight Cindy ? I mumbled whilst sucking on my baby bottle and finishing the contents "of course she's going to, I know I would if it were me"."I have no doubt he will spend the night and you will just have to listen to him fuck Susie, your beautiful wife all night long, unless of course they make you watch" ...would you like that ? Your wife has already ordered a baby bouncer to put in her bedroom...want to know why? It's so can put you in it while your wife is in bed with Jake" NO PLEASE CINDY SHE WON'T DO THAT WILL SHE ?".I began to sob ..it was confusing me did I still want this?. " Awww why are you crying baby girl...is dat because your bouncy bounce will hang above her bed ...and you will have to watch da big rough man fucking your sexy wife all night". I put my hands to my face to hide my shame. "I bet you would like that eh baby Jenny, yes I'm sure you would love see him on top of your mummy" . "I'm going to buy you a baby monitor so you can hear them in the next room when they don't want you around...because baby..yes.. they will be doing those grown up things that people like to do , they will be making noises and doing things that babies shouldn't really hear or see....well not all the time ". "Monitors are designed so mummy's and Daddy's can check on baby's, but in your case it will be to check you aren't playing with your tiny baby tinkle" she laughed." Yes I'm definitely going to get a baby monitor before the next time he comes over so don't worry baby". "I know this kind of thing cuckold thing really turns you on Johnathan ,...Carol said its because you are submissive man and you will like to be humiliated ....I quite like you Johnathan you are a really nice man so if you enjoy this sort thing I will be humiliating you " .She took out her mobile phone from the pocket on her skirt "now baby keep still while I take some nice photos of you in your sweet frilly pink baby knickers and my old nightie so I can show all my friends ...they cant wait to see what you look like good girl right lets have some with you covering your face with Susie's worn panties .The camera flashed around a two dozen times as she took loads of revealing photos of me.Cindy even lifting up my nightie to get better shots of my baby knickers.More pictures of my pink bedroom , drawers and wardrobe now containing my frilly baby gear." good girl " I dared to ask Cindy another question now I felt more composed. "where you on the phone to your boyfriend... it sounded like you were having a good time? "Of course I was sweety,my boyfriend is only 17 but more of a man than you will ever be, and he has a nice big fat cock too" she teased."He gets me very excited when we have our chats. She deliberately dropped her phone onto the thick soft rug then bent right over so I got a view of up her short black leather skirt to reveal some very sexy white silky panties.Cindy made sure I had seen enough before she quickly stood up and re adjusted her skirt. Cindy then went down stairs and returned after a just a few moments ". "I nearly forgot this baby Jenny ,your mummy said I should give this for you to suck on whilst she's out.She produced a pink penis shaped dummy, "isn't that so kind ...it looks about the same size as your baby dick , about 3 inches long perhaps...certainly looks the same size as yours but this is definitely thicker than yours, your lovely wife bought from that sex shop... you know the one where you buy those sissy adult baby magazines from". Susie had a good chat with said two sales assistants.When she described you to them they knew straight away it was you " oh that sissy adult baby" .I think Susie wanted to find out how long you've been buying from there and what sort of things .I was at school with one of them ...you know the tall brunette, Debbie ? .She's only a year older than me ." Cindy was smirking ,she was really enjoying the humiliating effect she had on me. "Yes Susie had a good chat with her and now knows where you order your baby clothes from.Susie made Debbie and the other lady aware she will be buying more baby things from the store,Debbie said they can order lots of frilly adult baby clothes for you and can try them on inside the shop if you want to baby . Susie even told girls she has a date with a real man...which they found a quite funny "." You are very lucky to have such a lovely wife like Susie ,she's purchased the smallest condoms they sold telling Debbie they were for you to wear so you don't end up with a sticky nappy when shes with her new man. Debbie found this quite funny according to what your wife told me so suggested the rubber penis dummy to Susie .... its so you can be gagged ..to keep you quiet if she brings her date home for the night." Cindy laughed then tied the imitation rubber penis around head with the pink ribbon it came with until it was firmly secured in place then she shoved the phallic shaped rubber object into my mouth. "There you go baby girl you suck on this for now and NO MORE QUESTIONS OR I WILL TELL YOUR MUMMY YOU HAVE BEEN A NAUGHTY LITTLE PERVERT.....AND THAT MIGHT MEAN A SMACKED BOTTOM " Cindy took some more pics with her phone ,photos of me sucking this rubber penis shaped dummy. " Ahh thats a great photo I will send that to Debbie ,now be a good girl you suck that rubber cock now"! She left the room smiling flicking through her phone pictures selecting ones to send to her friends .She was a very sexy girl for someone so young and she knew how to tease a man.I lay there quiet and felt the sudden urge to pee. They came back sooner than I imagined and guessed they could have only had a glass or two of alcohol each . I heard the deep voice of Jake every so often and my wife talking and laughing with Cindy .Carol then arrived about ten minutes later, perhaps wanting to meet my wife's new lover I thought to myself. I dont know what they were all laughing at , where they having a laugh at my expense?.Then I heard my wife say "he's upstairs .....bet he's playing with my panties ..do you want to meet my baby daughter" ?."I have him all dressed up for you darling". They all began to laugh and giggle.My heart began to beat faster. I was quite nervous but I was in a situation that I could not escape from . I could hear their foot steps , more than one person climbing the stairs, giggling and laughing getting louder as they got closer. "Ssshh.. she might be asleep ... " I heard Susie say.I was feeling anxious at what the night would bring for me in this predicament. Too late now there's no going back from this, I must have been stupid to allow it. My wife entered the spare room first, she was holding hands with Jake who was right behind her followed by Cindy and Carol. Nothing was said for the first few seconds until Susie finally broke the silence, they all gathered around my bed "Oh good baby Jenny is all awake to meet mummy's new friend ...awww look everyone she sucking on her new PENIS dummy". "Jake this my husband ...who has now agreed to be my pretty baby girl". Susie then snatched the pink nylon duvet away from me. She wanted her lover to see me in my frilly baby clothes..."OH MY GOD NOW I'VE SEEN EVERY THING.....A MAN SUCKING ON A COCK SHAPED DUMMY WHILST HE'S DRESSED UP LIKE A LITTLE GIRL " he said sniggering loudly."A BABY GIRL" my wife corrected "she hasn't progressed to wearing little girls knickers yet..... he still needs a nappy and plastic pants" They all fell about laughing. " See darling I told you you had nothing to worry about,he's a complete wimp...a sissy who gets off on this kind of thing"."He will do as he's told and you have my permission to spank him if he steps out line". "Now thats something I must see" Cindy stated between fits of laughter .I blushed and tried to cover up my frilly baby panties with my hands as I sucked on my penis pacifier but Susie pushed them away and lifted my nightie up over my belly exposing more pink frills and pink satin. "I dont think he wants you to see his frilly knickers" Cindy laughed . "SISSY 3 INCHES "Jake said laughing. He had seen the embroidery inscription on my knickers when Susie had lifted my nightie up. " Yes aren't they cute ...just right for a baby girl he gets them specially made from this the sex shop on the high street .I have ordered quite a few frilly baby things for him,those sales assistants are so helpful " my wife giggled. "I had better check her nappy just in case she's wet..dont want a rash do we baby" my wife said grinning with her hands on her hips I was fearful she may change me in front of everyone, the bottled juice had an effect on my bladder. I did not want Jake would see naked .Susie placed one of her fingers into the leg openings of my baby knickers and plastic pants "oh yes I thought so..she's soaking wet again for Christ sake".She grabbed hold of the plastic pants and baby knickers by the waistband and yanked them down my slender legs to the ankles .I looked up at Cindy and Carol to see them both smiling down at me, I couldn't look at Jake.Cindy was just stood watching with her arms folded and her lovely brown eyes fixed on my knickers that were bunched up around my feet .Cindy moved closer for a better look to see if infact my nappy was wet so close infact she was stood right over me .Carol stood a few feet away perhaps feeling unsure about all of this. Susie unclipped the large pink nappy pins and carefully removed the fluffy wet soggy diaper, "c'mon lift up your bottom baby girl so mummy can change you darling "! Susie took the wet nappy and placed it in the plastic pink nappy bin near my bed. I was bared naked before her new boyfriend ,my shaved pubic hair, small testicles and tiny penis an inch long when soft was now fully on show for him and the others to see .The room burst out loud in a chorus all laughter, Cindy was in hysterics holding a hand over her mouth, was it because she was laughing loudly or the fact she was blushing and was embarrassed at seeing me naked and having wet my nappy? "OH DEAR ITS ...SO TINY " .She squealed out loud then quickly took out her mobile phone again to take some snaps of me."My friends will love to see this I just have to let them see this... tiny tiny baby dick" she said between fits of giggles.Carol advised Cindy not to be cruel but when I looked across at her Carol was finding it very amusing until she eventually spoke to me "Oh dear poor you Johnathan... having your nappy changed in front of Jake... this must be very humiliating for you ...doesn't it bother you?." " Its of no consequence Carol he's chosen this lifestyle so he can live with it" Susie replied. Cindy continued to laugh. Susie had now stopped what she was doing and began to pay more attention to Jake.She wanted to leave me fully exposed for longer than necessary .I heard Jake say something like "Poor bastard....that really is small" with a huge grin."Doesn't get much bigger" Susie giggled.The two of them, for my benefit began to kiss,Susie looked at me ,smiling then turned back to carry on kissing Jake, his large hands wrapped around her tiny waist, then began to move down to her bottom. "Hey you two get a room will you" Carol joked . My wife let out a faint gasp as his hands rested on her rear and she leaned forward to kiss him passionately on the lips.She pressed her body tightly to his, her hands exploring his neck then down to his chest before finally placing them on his crotch.I'm ashamed to say that I was turned-on seeing her respond to his touch, their kiss made my penis rigid and I was so ashamed it now sticking up in the air for them to see. Cindy was the first to notice. " OH MY GOD ..HE'S GOT AN HARD- ON" she announced loudly. I tried in vain to hide what little dignity I had left by pulling up my plastic pants and frilly panties that were still around my ankles but secretly I now wanted all of them to see my tiny erect penis, to show them how pathetic its gets when fully aroused. The two lovers broke free to look down at me ,smiling. "Aww does it turn you on baby... seeing mummy and Jake kissing,..does baby Jenny want to watch us make love on top of our bed" ? she said in a mocking baby tone of voice, they laughed louder. Even Carol got in on the humiliation as she clearly understood my psyche . "OH DEAR ..OH DEAR ....such a TINY LITTLE sissy... how could a husband ever let another man sleep with his wife .. I guess you are NOT A MAN ARE YOU ITS TOO SMALL NO ...POOR BABY ..... I guess you have no choice but to willingly accepted your cuckold sissy baby status.... JUDGING by your OBVIOUS EXCITEMENT ". she chuckled."How small is he exactly Susie ,..I ..mean..have you ever measured him I'd quite like to know ... " I have only done a bit of research on penis size so it would interesting where he fits in if you er pardon the pun ..I mean he may have a medical condition called a micro penis but an exact measurement may help determine this ,I'm sure you've heard of it. .Susie looked a bit unsure"I think he's about 3 inches fully erect as it says on those knickers but exact measurement mm..er.. not sure,..Cindy be a darling and get me the tape measure from my dressing table please" ."Why don't you do the measuring I'm sure my baby will like that won't she darling ..,if you want to that is " No it doesn't bother me Susie ,Cindy replied" . The humiliation of this stunning teenager measuring my penis kept me very hard. Cindy took the tape measure and placed it alongside my now painfully erect manhood ,her soft delicate touch gave me such a thrill when she accidentally made contact with my genitals ,she placed the tape measure from the base of my little cock to the tip of my glands.She carefully studied the measurement, It's exactly " 2.9 inches she said in total disbelief" ."I have never seen anything so small,. Its so babyish in size....why is is so tiny Aunty Carol" she asked in her inquisitive innocence. Carol who worked as a sex therapist was able to explain .""Okay although not quite a micro penis by definition which to qualify as I my understand has to be shaft length of approximately 2.5 inches erect ...Johnathan is very close to a diagnosed micro penis but no its not one.... its just very tiny one". "I have come across this before in my couple therapy sessions in one or two cases" ."There's no real treatment for having such an undersized penis .I would never recommend surgery ..it isn't worth the bother and only increases girth , length wise perhaps virtually no size increase". "Some men are just born unlucky with small infantile penis whilst others are considered fortunate or blessed with a much larger penis". "So when you say infantile you mean its a BABY DICK ? Cindy giggled then asked "so what treatment do you offer these couples then"? . " Well in the first instance its best not to describe it as a baby dick Cindy but yes infantile as in Johnathan's penis resembles that of a very little boys. I will always recommend talking about it to find a solution , perhaps using sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator or you can buy penis sheath extenders that slip over the penis to giver extra length, typically 2 inches can be added to the length..they look a bit like a condom". Cindy was bemused by the idea of the latter suggestion and thought it funny to take more photos because I was still fully erect. whilst holding the tape measure along side my penis again she snapped away several more times .I now knew who gave Susie the idea of buying the extension sheaths.Susie left the room and returned with a white plastic case that contained my own sheath extensions." See Cindy this is what they look like " Susie handed the box to Cindy who now put her phone away so she could inspect the contents. "Oh my, wow she giggled so these will make your husbands penis almost 5 inches in length when he wears them? " Yes hun but to be honest you can't beat the real thing" she said winking at Cindy . "They look so weird and well ..even just under 5 inches is a bit on the small side ... under average size isn't it ? I'm so glad my boyfriend doesn't need these... his penis is nearly 7 inches and its thick too ..sometimes it hurts its that big" . "Really,Cindy .. well aren't you the lucky girl .. you have been getting more than twice the size I ve been getting " .All three women found that comment amusing . "Its just not very manly to have such a tiny one" Cindy said, "anything that small is ....er..not exactly a mans penis", she looked at my still fully erect penis. Carol continued with her wealth of knowledge on all sexual matters "Sheath extensions are not for every couple.And yes Johnathan's penis is very infantile when soft as I've explained but also in its fully aroused state ,yes the same size you may find on a boy of around 6 years old ? Going back to the penis extenders , sex without them is unfortunately not pleasurable for the woman if you are less than 4 inches and have no real girth, even the very best positions designed for deeper penetration won't be stimulating enough if the man fits into this particular undersized size category. In fact latest research now suggests 4 inches or less is considered unsatisfactory to most women".Cindy now finding this subject more interesting asked her aunt more questions- "So what happens if you are stuck with a man with a tiny Dick do you dump him for some one else...I could never be with a man that small?" ."I would never recommend divorce or dumping a man because of his size Cindy however I know it happens.Some wives I have counselled have cheated on their husbands to get satisfaction from another man but thats not right for a successful loving relationship. Now cuckolding well thats different because its consensual and the cuckold finds it a turn-on when their wife has taken a lover ,often the other man is much better endowed and a better lover because they are more confident.The wife gets sexually satisfied and the husbands often enjoy themselves ...by masturbating .Some men like to hear what their wife has been up to with their lover and many more men love to watch their wife or girlfriend with another man....they can find it erotic or even humiliated by it and this is how they get their kicks". Cindy nodded her head having some basic understanding because she had read my files, "just like Johnathan here" she said pointed at me." "Exactly and thats why I talked it through with Susie after we read all his files on this fetish and the other stuff ". "Oh you mean that SPH er..small penis humiliation thing?" Cindy reminded . " Yes quite right some men quite like the idea of not being able to please a woman because they are so small and derive humiliation from it. ...even to the point of dressing up in female underwear to reinforce their no longer a man but a so called sissy " ."Eww "" Cindy pulled a face " I dont mind him wearing my old nightie but I better not catch him wearing my knickers" she looked at me again with a bit of a stem face then turned back to her aunt "So thats why he dresses up as a girl baby ..a baby girl then"? Cindy said ever content on finding out more about my fetish. "Thats correct dear.. he very clearly gets off on it" .Cindy was nodding her head as it all came very clear now "So this is why Jake is here.... to fulfill the role Johnathan is incapable of" ."Precisely Carol stated," cuckolding is a lot more common than you may imagine Cindy"." Well I would certainly cheat if I was with a man that was this small" she said pointing at my erection. Susie and Jake were smiling at each other kissing every now and then whilst occasionally listening to the conversation between Aunt and niece about cuckolding and SPH. "How about your size" my wife said turning to Jake." Come on darling show us girls what a man you are" she said cheekily perhaps feeling brave after the wine she had consumed .Susie unbuckled his trousers and pushed them down until they fell to the floor, his white Lycra underpants were not doing a good job of hiding at what lay beneath, the bulge was outrageously large .Her hands slightly trembled as she carefully touched this bursting thick piece of meat trying to escape his pants ,I could see the excitement in her eyes ,slowly she peeled his shorts down to his muscular thighs.His erection immediately sprang out ,It was magnificent , very long and very thick ,it began oozing pre cum on the tip of a very swollen purple head."OOH WOW.. OH..MY.. GOD..YOUR ENORMOUS ..ITS HUGE JAKE ",she was shocked by the sheer size.Carol and Cindy stood there staring open mouthed also in a state of shock at this massive penis. "That is very very big " Cindy muttered in disbelief ,Carol also nodded in approval.Susie excitedly took the tape measure and placed it along side the massive shaft "Oh fuck... woww just over 8 inches" she stated, her eyes firmly fixed on the erect manhood, she grasped hold of it ,her long fingers could barely meet around the girth it was so thick. "Now that's a mans penis" she proudly stated. I was unable to take my eyes off it and suddenly involuntary began to protest to Susie. . NO...NO....SUSIE .. HES TOO BIG...HE WILL HURT YOU.....PLEASE DONT SLEEP WITH HIM....PLEASE.. HES TOO BIG ."My pathetic attempts to change her mind were futile." Don't be silly baby ,this is what you secretly desire ,you want me to fuck Jake and I'm going to and that is that understand" She turned to her lover "Do me a favour please..I want you to put my husband across your lap and give him a good hard spanking if I do it I will break a finger nail ....you will spank much harder Jake ,and besides I will be quite turned on seeing my hubby getting his bottom spanked by you .I think he wont put up a fight and I bet he will like having a good spanking from a real man" Susie turned to look at me, said "its time he learnt there's gonna be some changes around here...he needs to understand you are the man around here from now on darling".She then began kissing him him passionately while still holding that throbbing monster in both hands, what man could resist her requests .This was getting serious now and I was confused if this was what I really wanted, fantasy is one thing but reality is a whole new ball game. !NO....NO...PLEASE DONT".I was taken out of bed and placed onto the floor . " I will put him in a fresh nappy and some clean plastic pants and frilly baby knickers first Jake . "We don't want you cumming on Jake's's trousers" she laughed.When she had dressed me Susie helped me to my feet and took me towards Jake who now now seated mouthed at me. "Get across his lap.. NOW SISSY "! My wife's lover hauled me over his lap, and lifted my frilly pink baby-doll nightie forcefully pulled my nappy and panties to the side exposing one of my bottom cheeks and gave me a very hard spanking with those huge hands.I could feel his large cock sticking into my stomach through my nightie My wife and her friends looked on laughing and encouraging Jake to spank me harder .WHACK......WHACK....WHACK,.."tell every one what you are" my wife said, WHACK...."I'm ...I'm ..sissy baby girl..mummy",.WHACK...."please tell him to stop he's hurting me" WHACK....WHACK,..."SHUT IT YOU LITTLE SISSY" he hissed .Cindy moved closer to take more damn photos to show all her friends no doubt. "Oh my god what an absolute wimp.. fancy getting his bum spanked by another man.. I bet he's got another hard on " she said in disbelief. My wife smiled back at Cindy "yes dear I bet he has ... just as well he's got his nappy and frilly panties on" she giggled .My back side was now burning...stinging red.. After my spanking I was sent to the nursery "Jake and I will be up soon baby" .Carol followed me ," I will tuck you in Johnathan " She said she wanted a quick talk with me before she went home "I hope this evening meets all your expectations Jonathan or should I now say baby Jenny" ."I feel sorry for you in a way ... but I do think this is the best solution for you and Susie,... as long as she doesn't get emotionally involved with Jake" . Susie loves you very much don't ever forget that but after all those photos on your computer and then seeing you stood in front of dressed as a baby girl she told me she can no longer see you as a man..She has looked at ways to help your sex life and yes we have had lots of chats about it.She's come to the conclusion you have this fetish and your urges can't be changed .. ,the baby clothing and how you like to be humiliated." "I have strongly advised her to no longer neglect her own sexual needs or she will end up resenting you" ."She's told me many times she can't reach sexual satisfaction when you penetrate her so I have made her aware she has other options , I discussed her taking a lover may be the best way forward "." Susie has mentioned Jake before to me so I suggested he might be the perfect answer to the problem...if he can be discreet"."I know Susie will find sexual satisfaction with him.. thats a certainty he's ...er.. mm., lets just say he's well-built for the job...and who knows Jake might end up being a Daddy to you if this is what I suspect you want.Cindy said she's more than willing to be your babysitter,despite her teasing she really likes spending time with you and Susie ".Cindy said she will humiliate you if it turns you on.. I think shes beginning to understand you can't help your fetish,.....its a part of who you are so why ignore it...embrace it if you desire " Thats the advice I would give in my sexy therapy ... as long as it hurts no one." You crave humiliation and what could be more humiliating than being dressed as a baby girl listening or even watching while your wife is being pleasured by another man or having your nappy changed by someone like Cindy" "Don't be ashamed is the message I gave to Susie... see this as a wake-up call to her own sex life" . "You very brave letting Susie's boyfriend she you naked,letting him spank you and seeing you dressed like a little baby girl ". " Life will change for you now...and for your wife but at least you shall both be so happy" . Carol spoke in such a soft gentle nurturing way that made feel like I was actually a real baby girl.Still smiling at me she gently stroked my chin then leaned over kissed me on the cheek . "I think this is for the best...I know it will work out now be a good girl for your mummy .. you dont want another spanking like that from her new boyfriend ..I bet your bottom still hurts doesn't it sweetheart" . Carol really understood my desires I think her degree in psychology and being a qualified sex therapist put her in a good position to educate Susie on such matters. Surprisingly Carol then placed her hand on the front of my bulky frilly pink satin knickers and gently rubbed them for a few seconds, the crinkle rustling sound reminding me I was wearing noisy plastic pants ,plastic pants that babies wear over their nappies. Carol was such a sweet lady ." " Oh and I hope Cindy hasn't been too awful with you,she really likes you and wants to help because you have both been so good to her." She told her mum about it so I had to tell Lucy all the facts in case she had any misunderstandings I don't normally breach confidentiality not even to my sister but given the circumstances had no option..I don't think Lucy will say anything to her partner, Cindy's step father... but if she does I will sort it out". Susie came up to put her to put her heels in the wardrobe and I heard Carol whispered in her ear "you lucky devil...I want all the juicy details tomorrow enjoy yourself!".Susie was very excited and promised to tell all tomorrow. Cindy was happy to spend the night at our home and have a few drinks with my wife and Jake She had already spoken to her mum to let her know not expect her home.Cindy had stayed over several times in the past, mainly at the weekends if they had all been out.She really liked spending time with us ,and looked up to Susie. Carol of course had already updated her younger sister Lucy and told that her daughter Cindy will be babysitting me.I heard Cindy tell my wife she had sent some photos she had taken of me to her mum for a laugh." My mum phoned me , she found them hilarious ,she said she always thought Johnathon was too cute to be much of a real man ,she said she would have had several affairs had she been married to a sissy adult baby with such a tiny penis". I wanted to know which photos had she sent to her mum, had Lucy seen the ones of my tiny penis?. Susie and her lover finally came to bed an a hour or so later.Cindy used one of our spare rooms to sleep in one opposite my nursery.She came in to give a "good night kiss " "I have my teddy bear here but you can hold onto it for tonight baby whilst you watch Susie being fucked by Jake's massive cock ,she giggled and walked out .Cindy deliberately left her bedroom door open and I could see her undress.My tiny cock throbbed at the sight of her youthful body, standing close to her bedroom door looking into a mirror wearing a short pale pink cotton shirt and white hi-cut silky nylon knickers that looked so shiny in the dim light.I wanted those panties for myself and wondered what they smelled like. CHAPTER FOUR: As soon as my wife came upstairs she came into my nursery."Hi honey are we okay." "I'm fine Susie but Lucy is now aware of my secret and will tell her husband and all the other people we know ". "Aww don't worry baby she won't let-on she can keep a secret any way you know what Cindy is like,she loves to tease ...she understands the situation and wants to help you and she's happy for me .Dont worry about the pics, girls send texts and pictures all the time,she won't show your face. In fact I have just had a text from Lucy let me read it to you- "Hi Susie heard about your new" baby girl" ,didn't know you had been pregnant!! - I hope I get to meet her soon ha ha . Cindy told me all what happened, told me she also has some photos of Johnathan on her phone so I asked her to send them to me ,she sent me some very naughty pics of baby Johnathan, she said he has a baby dick , she right, OMG HE'S TINY, I feel for you hun. Those frilly baby clothes? sorry but that's very funny .Had no idea. You are dealing with it really well -I would have an affair also ! Suppose thats why you found some one else to share you bed, heard he's a BIG boy and every bit of a man-good for you girl. Hope you have good time with lover boy but make sure Cindy has your " TINY " 'little baby girl is all tucked up in his bed LOL Am I being cruel ? Love you both XXX "See, Lucy is cool about it she wont divulge your secret and has no issue with Cindy being your babysitter , stop worrying! Lucy's text message to my wife really excited me ,I didn't really mind Lucy knowing my secret but wondered what her thought were about me in bed in my frilly baby clothes seen photos and Susie will be sleeping with another man a very well endowed man. It so emasculating for me such a massive turn-on. Jake went to the bathroom. Susie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek ,she took my hand without saying a word and led me into the master bedroom. Susie instructed me to kneel by the bed .As soon as Jake came in Susie began to frantically unbuckle his trousers then quickly unbuttoned his shirt.Finally just standing there in his underwear.My wife quickly undressed to the newly purchased white silky satin underwear ,those sexy panties and her stockings she had bought especially for him.She knew I loved her in white silky undies so kept them on for me and for him I guess.She looked so good just like a model. I was kneeling on the floor in very close proximity.His hands caressed her satin clad bottom and pussy through the silky fabric of her sexy panties .Susie was already wet, the gusset clearly showing a damp patch at her satin covered crotch,her nipples erect through her bra,his own penis tenting out in his shorts showing a tell tale spot of pre-cum.They were locked in a passionate open mouthed kiss ." Ohhh Jake please make love to me ...I want you inside me so much darling ".Susie was in a high state of sexual arousal and impatiently pulled his shorts down then quickly removed her flimsy knickers.Jake majestically scooped her off her feet in his powerful arms and laid her on the bed. He went down on her ,licking her sopping vagina making her moan loudly ,he flicked his tongue at her swollen clitoris until she was about to climax....but she held off she did not want to cum just yet. .After around 10 minutes she could take no more returned the favour taking the long thick shaft into her mouth but barely getting more than a few inches because of his girth which was as thick as her wrists . She greedily sucked him,both hands gripping his large manhood. I picked up her discarded silky satin nylon panties,they soaking wet with her juices,I held them to my face breathing in her feminine moistness .Susie across at me as she carried on sucking that giant shaft.She suddenly stopped and burst out laughing, "Aww you are such sissy pervert sniffing mummy's knickers" she snatched them from my hands ,"if you really want to smell or taste mummy I shall put my panties over your head baby ...you only have to ask me" . Then like the last time she stretched them over my head so that they were positioned with the gusset over my mouth and nostrils .They both laughing hysterically. Susie moved the panties to the side and inserted the rubber penis shaped pacifier into my mouth and tightened the ribbon behind my head so it wouldn't fall out the moved the gusset back over my nose.The aroma of cummy panties was intoxicating and I became increasingly turned-on at this latest bout humiliation . "C'mon baby girl kneel closer to the bed now so you can watch your new Daddy fuck mummy with his big thick cock" Jake still laughing laid my beautiful on her back,taking her her long lightly tanned legs he put them over his broad shoulders .I saw my wife guiding his over sized penis to the entrance of her lubricated pussy . " Please be careful.Jake... you're very very big..I'm not used to any thing this size" .He kissed her on the lips to reassure her he would be careful .He slowly slid his long thick shaft into my darling wife,feeding each inch into her. "Susie you feel very tight..hun you okay ... just..relax". She winced with the initial discomfort, this strange sensation she never having experienced such dimensions before .Her face contorted in a mixture of pain then pleasure ,letting out soft moans and gasps as each inch invaded her vaginal cavity ,stretching her labia wife open.Very slowly he humped her, long deep penetrating strokes until he was finally grinding his pubic bone against hers.She had managed to take all of him inside her .Susie began to sob, with sheer joy she was looking across at me and wanted me to see the pleasure she was feeling of another man.She wanted me to know how happy it was making her as she felt years of sexual frustration disappear ,the joy and lust in her face betrayed the pleasure building up within her . "Oh Jake that feels so good ,you feel so big inside me" She made more soft whimpering noises as her clitoris was forced open from its hood as the thick monster cock stretched her .... stretching her labia open as wide as it had never been before .I was less than a foot away seeing this sexual display by the two lovers.Looking at me again Susie managed to give me direction. "Take out your tiny baby dick Jenny so mummy can see this turns you on" Almost out of breath she mouthed " wank it for mummy and Daddy Jake baby " .Pulling my erection free from the leg opening of my baby knickers I did as was told and slowly masturbated my infantile cock with finger and thumb. I was in total awe at the sexual display before me...I was so aroused ,my penis so hard but just a baby dick in comparison to Jake's 8 inches .He now began to piston his huge cock into her squelching vagina ,quickening his pace,his heavy balls slapping against Susie's bottom. She gripped him tightly then moved her red painted finger nails down to his bottom she began clutching his buttocks her wedding ring shining in subdued light of the bed side table lamp.His vigorous fucking made head board thump loudly against the wall .Suddenly he stopped. "is everything okay darling....why have you stopped" she asked with him to carry on..He was teasing her and she knew it "please please Jake don't stop ….PLEASE FUCK ME " she pleaded with him to continue ."Oh like that is it ....you big tease" whilst still underneath him she began buck her self upwards whilst his penis remained motionless.Susie was able push her bottom off the bed still holding onto him ,her vagina thrusting upwards now to get every inch of his cock until she was out of breath. Jake then really gave it to her good and hard meeting her thrusts, as the squelching noises got louder and louder from her heavily lubricated and devastated pussy..."OOOOOHHH AAAAGGRRRHHH.........GOD .....THATS SO DEEP she shouted loudly. I wondered if Cindy was asleep in the next room or had all this sex woken her, I hope she doesn't hear . ..."AAAGGGRRHHH...AAGGRRHHH...MMMMMM..OH...OHHH ..AHHHH....FUCK ME!..DONT......EVER STOP..FUCKING ME JAKE..,....IVE NEVER FELT ANY THING LIKE THIS BEFORE...DONT STOP.....FASTER.....FASTER....OOOHHHH.....AAAGGGHHHH...MMMMM....YOU ARE AMAZING ,THE BEST EVER....UGH ...YOU REACH THE PARTS MY BABY HUBBY SIMPLY CANT REACH.... FUCK Susie went on and on telling him how good he was as his powerful thrusting was making her cum, long quick strokes revealing her wetness and excitement on that glistening magnificent penis .His heavy balls smacking her bottom .She was saying these things knowing it was turning me on but she was also being honest about Jake's sexual performance.This was all too much for me as I wanked my minuscule erect penis with finger and thumb and i very quickly jizzed onto the front my pink satin lacy frilled baby knickers.His penis was now just a blur as he slammed it into her poor pussy .His long thick penis covered with her juices.My wife's legs tightly clamped around his shoulders her toes curled.Her finger nails digging into his his buttocks ,her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open,tears began to roll down her cheeks . My darling wife was uncontrollably sobbing and moaning more vocally I had never seen her this way.,She clamped her mouth on his shoulder to muffle her cries. She had never made those sounds when I made love to her.She looked so passionate, a sexy woman lost in total ecstasy.Jake with his face buried into the pillow began to grunt as my wife or now establish mummy was taking the full length of his cock deep into her womb, her pussy gripping the thick slimy shaft as it stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been before in her sexually active years.I had always found my penis to be a loose fit in her vagina but after Jake was done it was likely to be spoiled forever. I began imagining that large organ hitting her cervix, slamming into it causing a mixture of pain and pleasure, he was so much deeper than I could ever reach something she continued to utter as he fucked her hard.Yes Jake was indeed exploring new territory I was unable to and my lovely Susie was reaping great benefit from his much larger and thicker penis.He fucked her nice and hard taking full control like an alpha male should ,my wife's legs remaining over his muscular shoulders .Susie was moaning loudly and I knew her orgasm was fast approaching by her very vocal screams.Her body quivered and shook ,her vagina spasmed , his cock pounding her drenched cunt and then she cried out loudly in a state of total ecstasy. Her her very engorged swollen clit was juicy red .His merciless battering of "mummy's pussy" continued like some kind of pile- driver,such stamina.He drove his monster sized cock harder and harder into the depths of her devastated slit, Susie swore and panted with every thrust of his over-sized ravaging pole.Suddenly Jake began to groan and grunt louder and louder and my lovely stunning bride of several years took this as the cue that he was about to shoot his load of seed deep into her womb.She held on tightly to her lover. Her own body began to shake uncontrollable as wave after wave of intense pleasure erupted into a full blown multiple orgasms, her first ever . "YESSS YESS OH YESS" She cried, her eyes full of tears ,Susie began to sob so much I though he had hurt her ...her face now flushed ,glowing red..She dug her nails into his buttocks harder and harder encouraging him to keep fucking her until she had every last drop of his warm seed. I could not believe my wife talking like this.Her vagina muscles began to contract with her orgasm,gripping his cock tightly , squeezing it until he finally erupted,...his guttural snorts and grunts of satisfaction has his giant cock spasmed in unison with her own contractions.He continued to empty his heavy balls, my wife/mummy using her vaginal muscles to drain him completely dry.Eventually the frenzied fucking subsided and Susie lay there still crying and sobbing into his manly hairy chest telling him that it was the best fuck she had ever had,not caring that I was right next to them .I felt completely broken at what I had just witnessed but strangely excited and totally humiliated knowing I could never compete with Jake in the bed room It was less than an hour later Jake was fully charged up and raring to go. Susie was insatiable she played with his giant cock until it sprang back to life. She got on all fours and he positioned himself behind her. She reached under herself and took hold of his cock.Slowly he pushed it into her ...she found it sliding in a little easier than before. He began to fuck her nice and hard and when he paused for breath she would push her self backwards onto him ,taking all his length and grinding her vagina right into his pubic bone .He pulled her hair like the alpha man he was, the alpha male she likes, someone who can take charge in the bedroom. She let out gasps and moans as he gave her every inch, slapping her bottom and making her squeal in lust. The slapping sound of their bodies as they fucked like animals was the best sound in the world.They changed positions again and again the sort of positions I was unable to manage simply because I was too small. They finished up in the missionary, her favourite .She had her legs wrapped over his back just above his waist ,ankles crossed to keep him close, kissing him passionately with her hands holding his face while he was between her legs pumping his huge thick veiny cock in and out of her , the sensations of pleasure increased with each rapid thrust , waves and waves of throbbing sensations were felt through Susie's entire body until she finally erupted her climatic juices onto his giant penis.It was like watching a live porn performance .I remained in a kneeling position right by the bed furiously masturbating. Now that they had finished they both sat up in bed watching me ,laughing at me ,Susie encouraging me to "to make creamies into my panties like a girl".I had a fantastic orgasm ,my humiliation getting more intense telling them I wanted to be there I was now their "cuckold baby girl" .Susie pulled me over towards her and kissed me on the lips .She put a finger into her sloppy pussy then pulling it out placed into into the back of my knickers and right inside my bottom.I was then sent back to my nursery. Several minutes passed when Susie came to tuck me into bed.To hide her modesty Susie was wearing a white satin short dressing gown and a fresh pair of bikini style white satin panties embellished with lace, expensive designer ones , the elasticized lace on the legs and waist was to ensure Jake's and her own cum didn't leak out and dribble down her legs. I had worn those very panties with out her knowledge before,wanking my tiny cock into them only a few days before. "Every things gonna be fine baby Jenny thank you for not being angry or jealous ..this has been the best night of my life and I love you so much for being understanding and accepting" she reassuringly informed me. She looked so sexy, her long dark brown straight hair now disheveled ,Susie had a radiant flush, a bright glow about her pretty face. I looked at her breasts through the opening of her dressing gown then between her legs at the sodden satin patch of her pantie gusset where their juices were mixed,she saw me looking so she slipped them off down her long tanned legs ,removed the other pair of kickers still around my head and replaced then with the warm cummy ones, stretching them into place over my head so that the crotch touched my nose. "you want to wear mummy's soaking knickers...dont you"?".Here you are baby".The pungent smell hit my nostrils as Jake's seed and my wife's orgasm made contact.The silky satin fabric was soaking wet with their juice..but yes I did want them.She took my pacifier from round my neck and pushed it into her hot slippery vagina .When she took it out it was slimy and glistening with their cum.She kissed me on the head ,parted the panties that covered my mouth shoved the offending rubber penis pacifier into my mouth "you suck on this baby girl whilst mummy sucks on Daddy's big cock...night night baby sweety pie ". she said with a wink and a smile , she walked out but as she got to the bedroom door I found my self replying in a very soft girly lisp "nigth mummy".She laughed at me.Susie was really happy with how the evening was panning out .The girly lisp appear to be coming something quite natural to me I thought. I awoke the next morning very early to the sound of my wife being fucked,her soft moans , the bed squeaking and banging against the wall,it kept me awake. I was erect again and rather than play with myself just sucked on my rubber penis dummy inhaling the satin scented panties that were still stretched over my head and face.I listened to their love making for maybe 20 minutes until I heard he climax loudly. About 8.30 am I heard Jake leaving,Susie seeing him off at the door she then came back up stairs to check on me , to reassure herself I was fine with what happened last night. . After seeing my nappy was sticky she began to tease me "oh dear have you been listening to me and Daddy doing grown up things baby?" ,did you make a sticky mess in your nappy and fwilly panties baby girl....did it turn you on... yes it did ...didn't it darling" ? .Come on baby ickle sissy you can have some baby time with mummy now". Susie invited me into her bed."Jake wants you to clean me up before I take a shower,...if you dont he will give you another spanking Okay darling" I readily accepted I did not want that again. The room smelled of sex and the evidence was plain to see, the white cotton sheet displaying their bodily fluids.I was ordered between her legs and "drink Daddy's and mummy's cum cum" I cleaned the salty mixture of their goo from her loose swollen ,puffy vagina, the taste on my tongue wasn't unbearable .Then she said because I had been a "good little baby girl" I could "make love to mummy".She laid on her back and took out my thin puny erect penis from the side of my frilly baby girl knickers with two fingers and positioned my thin short shaft at the entrance to her vagina.She placed one of her hands under my nappied and satin covered crotch and pushed me into her.I just slipped straight into her pussy so very easily ..much more easier than I ever have before.Her vagina was still very slimy and wet . I began to make love my darling wife pumping my slippery wet rigid organ into her equally slippery Vagina,.She held onto the crotch of my knickers but even this didn't always prevent me slipping out.She pushed me back into her several times, Her face was expressionless as my baby manhood went in and out of her, when I quickened my pace I slipped out more times than I have ever done obviously because of their sticky cum. My baby penis failed to touch the walls of her vagina and I could feel nothing much other than an overstretched cavernous cavity .Susie then grabbed hold of the back of my frilly baby panties to see if this would keep me inside her somehow.Susie pulled my knickers so hard she would have given me a wedgy if it weren't for my nappy " fuck me baby c'mon darling .. c'mon darling ..I love you baby.. really love you but please make love to me....please .Susie looked quite upset I could see tears in those dark brown eyes ,she sobbed and cried as I carried on fucking my sweet gorgeous wife. I thought I was making her cum but no Susie began to apologize to me ,she was loud and vocal. "I'M SORRY BABY BUT I CAN'T FEEL YOU I CANT FEEL A THING ...NOTHING ...NOTHING AT ALL NOT A THING..I..I CANT TELL IF YOU ARE INSIDE ME...AT LEAST BEFORE I COULD FEEL A LITTLE BIT OF YOU" .She carried on sobbing ,Susie was very emotional,she kissed me passionately. POOR BABY ...JENNY'S TINY ICKLE BABY DICK IS NO GOOD FOR MUMMY ...IT WILL NEVER BE SUFFICIENT NOT NOW SHE HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND ...DON'T WORRY DARLING I STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ..I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.JAKE AND ME HAVE COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT.HE WILL BE YOUR NEW DADDY, HE WILL COME TO THE HOUSE A COUPLE OF TIMES A WEEK.....JUST TO MAKE ME HAPPY...FOR SEX,THATS ALL ...OKAY SWEETY". "Yeth mummy YETH" I said getting into the role "I want to be your baby girl forever,.... I want to watch you and Daddy fuck in our bed cos I'm just a big sissy baby girl with a tiny ickle peepee". I carried on with my fantasy ."I want to be totally dominated and humiliated by you and your lover and if I'm a naughty baby girl I know my new Daddy will spank me like the sissy wimp that I am".. Susie's emotional state appeared to return to normal,feeling more calmer and relaxed "oh yes yes Good girl I knew you would accept my proposal . .... Cindy will babysit for me from now on , she has my permission to bring a few of her lovely friends over should me and Jake decide to go out again or for a weekend away in an hotel.You will be a permanent baby girl at all times when you get home from work..,all your frilly baby clothes will be washed and then dried on the washing line so our neignbours will know your pathetic needs to be a little adult baby girl secret....understood?"... "Yeth...yeth mummy" my little penis now almost ready to release its load into her sloppy very wide over-stretched pussy. "Oh yes darling don't forget... all those sweet little baby photos have been put some where safe in case you get any ideas...Cindy printed several copies off just in case you go snooping for them or delete them from her phone"". "Yeth mummy..me be a good ickle girl ."My 3 inches now banging into her well used slit thinking at what Cindy will do with those pictures of me in my baby girl attire I thought about Lucy seeing those pictures of me and her reaction to them,knowing I'm an adult baby cuckold. I bet and all her friends will laugh.Will Cindy's friends really come over and babysit with her ..the thought terrified me but wow the idea was a massive turn-on. Susie continued pulling hard at the rear waistband of my plastic pants and frilly satin panties trying to get some extra penetration and prevent me slipping out. She pulled up my pink sheer baby doll nightie out of the way and held onto my panties ,She cried out saying- "I CANT FEEL YOU ....I JUST CANT EVER REALLY FEEL YOU... BUT ITS MUCH WORSE THAN BEEN BEFORE ...POOR BABY...SO...SO.SMALL ..SO TINY BABY. She knew these words would turn me on and I quickened my pace,the plastic and satin rubbing together making that familiar a rustling noise which ,I lasted about 2 minutes until I exploded my baby juice into sexy beautiful wife /mummy. We lay there panting ,me still on top of her sexy slim body.Susie caressed me,stroking me and patted my frilly pink satin padded bottom causing my plastic pants to rustle under the knickers. She talked to me like a baby again in her mock baby tone "Did my ickle sissy girl like dat eh... precious...such a baby girl aren't we eh most of the time mummy's pussy will only be for your Daddy but if you are good baby girl I may treat you once a month ". I turned slightly to look at my wife and saw her looking towards the bedroom door.I felt a presence and quickly realized that the bedroom door was now fully wide open it wasn't open earlier .I turned to see Cindy was standing there with a huge grin on her pretty young face,she had seen and heard everything,I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. "Morning you two2 she said with a cheeky smile.Susie must have know Cindy was there but never said anything. She came into the room as my wife got out of bed and handed her the satin robe. " I guess you and Jake had a great time " "I hope we didn't keep you awake all night long Cindy". " No its fine Susie honestly but by god he certainly went at it didn't he .. I don't want to be crude but .. well you were very noisy Susie...I heard you crying at one point but just guessed Jake was making you happy...did it hurt though .. with him being so large" ."Oh Cindy it was wonderful being with a real man" ."Yeah it hurt to begin with,not overly painful certainly bearable until I got used to him ..you know...being very large,I felt him so deep inside it gave me very nice sensations like would not believe Cindy...he made me cum so hard on that enormous cock and yes it hurt initial but once I was fully aroused it felt really good". " Susie that's great news I'm so pleased for you. Carol told me you are more likely to finally reached an orgasm with another man... after such a long wait". They hugged each other. . "So I guess size does matter then" Cindy said with a blush. Susie laughed at this. "Well of course it does dear.. well certainly in this situation". Cindy giggling almost non stop, "I suppose you are right ...you had an extra extra 5 inches last night.....a lot more than you've been used to this last few years,not to mention he's such a hunk". They both laughed more and looked at me laying on the bed. Do you want me to babysit next Saturday? I will bring my friends round so they can meet your kinky husband ,I'm sure they will want to see your pretty baby girl all dressed up". "Emma one of my friends ...the one who's studying fashion is great at dress making .I text her the photos I took last night and she's more than happy to make him a new pink baby dress and frilly knickers...she needs to measure him first though". "Oh Cindy that would be lovely ..wouldn't that be nice Jenny eh...another pretty young girl coming to the house to fuss with you and make you lots of frilly baby girl dresses and frilly panties". "Yes please Cindy tell her to come over so she can measure him and I will give her the money to buy what she needs and of course you can come over next Saturday with your friends while me and Jake go out and enjoy ourselves. "What about a cot too Cindy suggested ..he's far too young to be in a grown up bed babies should sleep in a cot". "Not thought about that dear but good idea". "My boyfriend will make him one..he's studying carpentry and now has a part time apprenticeship... we can paint it pale pink and I can decorate it with teddy bears" .Cindy continued thinking of more ways to humiliate me .ALL babies should sleep in the nursery .. so you and Jake dont disturb him... I mean her ... but if you er you want to keep him awake I will buy a baby monitor so you can hear each other...I'm sure baby Jenny would like that wouldn't she... so she can hear her mummy and her boyfriend in bed together" Cindy said looking at me directly. Susie and Cindy thought these were wonderful ideas that when they were finally done laughing Cindy phoned her boyfriend.I could hear him laughing on the phone " you want me to make a adult size cot for your friends husband...because he wears baby girl clothes ?" He was more than happy to make an adult size cot especially when Susie spoke to him. " Hi Brad ,its Susie ..yes it sounds strange but I need a baby cot for my sissy husband.Yes he will sleep in it from now on because I have a boyfriend .Is £ 600 enough money...great see you tomorrow." Susie handed the phone back to Cindy to say her goodbye."Right then its all agreed"....Emma is coming over to measure my baby so she can make him lots more baby girl clothes,you will bring all friends over to babysit him,your boyfriend will come over tomorrow and make a start with the cot and you will supply a baby monitor....this is perfect." My life has changed so much over the last few months.I'm a permanent sissy baby girl when not at work.I'm often humiliated in front of women of all ages.They will all know I'm a cuckold because Jake visits regularly . I must wear my baby clothes at all times when he comes over. Susie has bought me lots more baby clothes which Cindy's friend made, lots of pink satin dresses and ruffled petticoats so short my matching frilly knickers are almost always on show.When my wife or Cindy have their friends visit to our house they will come into my nursery, see me in my cot and make fun of me, especially during my nappy changes.They will always come up with new ideas to humiliate me and tease me and they love to watch me being spanked by Jake over his lap, sometimes the hold up my baby dresses out of the way so he has good access to my frilly bottom .Cindy loves to pull my knickers and nappy down so Jake can spank my bare bum.She still finds this very funny.I have a baby mobile hanging just above my head as I lay in my cot ..hanging off the mobile are my wife's silky white panties ,ones she has worn when Jake has called round..the crotch evidenced with their sex stains.I spend most of my time in the nursery except on the rare occasions when I get to sleep with my mummy when Jake is away. CHAPTER FIVE: Susie and Jake have had the occasional dinner party at our home and the first time Lucy and her husband over Susie made sure I was already in my baby girl clothes and in my cot before they arrived .Susie deliberately left my nursery door wide open so the guests cold see me in plain view if they needed the bathroom...she made sure they used the upstairs bathroom and you had to walk past the nursery to access it .A pink ballerina figure lamp and white shade decorated with butterflies illuminated my nursery . I could hear all the comments on the baby monitor whilst they talked about me from the dining room.I could hear them all laugh when they heard me masturbating ,that tell tale rustling sound as the plastic rubbed against the pink fabric of my frilly baby knickers " oh I think she's playing with her tiny pee pee " Lucy announced.Susie then talked into the monitor..."stop playing with your clit or Daddy will drag you down here and spank you in-front of our guests!".I could hear howls of laughter.I stopped playing with my self. Susie came up to the nursery a moment later and strapped me into the cot to prevent me getting out and more importantly so could not play with my "baby dick" unless instructed to by an adult .I could hear Susie explaining to our guests what she had done.James ,Lucy's husband could not believe I put up with so much ."Well James Susie explained "a real man wouldn't would he and Johnathan is a baby ...Not a man...besides he loves it really" . Lucy announced she she needed to pee ,I could hear her footsteps coming upstairs and I knew she would see me in my pink baby cot dressed up like a baby girl.I got quite excited ,I wanted this very attractive woman to see me.She was a sexy lady ,lovely blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She looked into my room quickly giving me a wave then entered the bathroom at the end of the landing.I felt a bit disappointed and hoped she would have at least said hello. When she came out Lucy came into my nursery to get a closer look at me.She had only seen photos of me as a baby until now ,she walked up to my cot and rested her hands on the railings smiling down at me. She surveying the sissy adult baby looking up at her, laying there in a pink oversize baby cot. limbs secured by 4 pink leather straps and cuffs attached to the corners of my pink wooden prison decorated by Cindy with dolls and Teddies .I had no duvet to hide under and was fully on show. She stared for a moment , from heard to toe ,looking at the pink ribbons in my hair , the penis pacifier tied round my neck ,the short pale pink frilly nightie with matching pink ruffled baby knickers - the ones embroidered with "sissy 3 inches" yes she looked at me ,right down to my frilly topped ankle socks.She shook her head laughing at me. "Just look at you Johnathan you look so silly wearing my daughters nightie and those frilly baby panties,...tell me do you still wet your nappy? .I looked at her and although I was blushing loved this teasing ,she was so sexy. ...yes she knows I wet my nappy.Lucy was all dressed sexily wearing a tight short black dress, stockings and suspenders of which I could make out the faint outline.She looked quite a bit taller in the black patent leather high heels .She turned around to look around my nursery taking in the soft girly furnishings,.Lucy opened my wardrobe looking at my different baby girl dresses ,my drawers where my plastic pants and frilly ruffled baby knickers .I watched her as she smiled to herself lifting out some of my plastic pants and ruffled satin knickers.Lucy was quite interested in my sissy adult baby life she like her daughter Cindy asked my wife lots of questions. I looked at her tight peachy bottom in that tight black dress, clearly at visible pantie line,she wasn't wearing a thong which was good in my own opinion and I tried to envisage what her panties looked like ..yes bet they were the sort Susie and Cindy wears ..expensive tanga high cut satin ones with a hint of lace .She turned to catch me staring . " were you looking at my bottom ?... thats very naughty I wonder what my husband would say if I were to tell him...do you think he may come and give you a spanking if I were to ask him to" ? she giggled."Yes baby I know Jake's spanks you ...such a wimp ...a sissy baby girl aren't we" . Should I tell her what I was really thinking I asked my self " actually Lucy I was just...just trying to guess what kind of panties you were wearing " I sheepishly explained .She smiled at me "oh .. oh you were were you mmm you want to see what sort of underwear I like to wear eh..what women wear for real men" She thought for a moment then cautiously looked around then looking back at me lifted her dress up so high I could see the top of the pale pink bikini style satin panties ,designer ones with a lacy panel at the front. I stared at them and she laughed and turned around so I could see that satin covered bottom so stunning she then pulled her dress back down.Lucy then placed my penis pacifier into my mouth. . "Okay baby the show is over ..now me see your knickers" She lifted up my nightie and laughed so loud at my panties . " ohhh same colour as mine but yours are so girly ..... very frilly... ooh and whats this I see" ? Lucy looked at the - inscription sissy 3 inches . "3 inches ? not what I have heard ... I have heard its less than 3 inches... Susie said it was only 2.9 inches- thats a baby size isn't it and thats why you are baby girl. a baby girl in frilly pink baby knickers not like a woman would wear. yes ...thats why Susie has Jake. I have never seen her so happy.We speak on the phone and she's told me he has a big 8 inch penis .They make you watch sometimes if you've been good....don't they baby" .Susie says she lets you play with her panties while you masturbate your little dink dick when Jake is giving her a lovely orgasm" ."You like ladies panties don't you" ...she said looking at the mobile that hung above my head. Four pairs of Susie's white silky panties all cum stained in the crotch ..hung so low I could almost touch them with my nose." Cindy tells me you enjoy being humiliated too, am I making you all hard in that nappy and those frillies... she tentatively prodded the front of my knickers feeling a small hard lump that lay inside my terry nappy .Lucy placed a her hand to her mouth to stifle her uncontrollable giggles "awww poor baby ...poor poor TINY baby girl" .She undid the leather straps to release my hands and commanded me to wank for her.Lucy clearly enjoyed the control she was having.I quickly took out my fully erect penis .She laughed hysterically as I proceeded to play with my cock in the only way I can do " finger and thumb ..".awww god " she laughed."...its so very small .... its like an infants.Lucy staring down at me with those gorgeous blues eyes which were glued to my sissy sized penis "oohh good girl you gonna make cummies all over your frilly knickers for me baby ...yes do then but you might be spanked for spoiling them.....I should have brought my phone upstairs ..would love to video this and share it...next time eh ... baby Johnathan ...sorry ..I meant baby Jenny." In no time at all my sperm jetted out landing on my nightie and on my knickers.Lucy went went to the bathroom to get some tissue and cleaned up the mess laughing from my baby clothes.She kissed me on the lips thanking me for "entertaining her so well". She went back downstairs still laughing. Cindy loves babysitting me and I actually look forward when Susie and Jake go out for the night or have the odd weekend away.When it comes to nappy changes Cindy does it in such a loving way, she's quite mature for an 18 year old .There's no embarrassment on her or my side..not anymore.Cindy loves to tease me ,knowing full well I enjoy it because any sort of sexual stimulation is limited with my wife .When Cindy visits she nearly always wear short plaid skirts or something similar in style. I'm laid on the floor she kneels down in front of me and lifts up my frilly white paper nylon petticoats and frilly pink satin baby girl dress and clips it to the dummy around my neck.Then she tells me to lift up my botty so she can pull down my frilly baby knickers and plastic pants.Once she's unpinned my nappy and removed it I lay there with my tiny 1 inch flaccid penis on show.Not content with this she wants to see me hard so she accidentally on purpose opens her thighs enough so I can see her own pretty feminine panties-she knows I like white silky knickers and wears them regularly for me.Cindy is well aware this effect has upon me and with in seconds I'm fully hard. "Oooohhh your ickle soldier is standing all to attention baby girl... I wonder what caused that...naughty baby" she says with a cheeky smile and a mocking baby talk tone She loves it and so do I. When Susie and Jake are on a date night Cindy will come into nursery and give me a cuddle.There's been more than one occasion when she's laid with me in my giant cot put her hand up my short nightie and into my panties.Cindy pulls out my "baby dick" as she usually refers to it by taking it from the leg opening of my panties and wanks me while we listen to the sounds of my wife being fucked so very hard next door,so clear over the baby monitor. Cindy will make humiliating comments like " your mummy is getting fucked by Daddy's massive cock again ...awww poor baby Jenny has to listen ..she doesn't get to go near mummy's pussy these days...poor ickle baby but dont worry I will make baby Jenny feel all nice ..I will play with her tiny tiny ickle willy until she spurts her creamy onto her fwilly pink baby girly pantith" .She would hold my tiny member with a finger and thumb and rub it like a girl would rub her clitoris .The unmistakable sounds of my satin knickers rubbing against my crinkly noisy plastic baby panties making them rustle encouraged her to increased her tempo, those naughty teasing comments coupled with the sounds of my wife's loud moans would have me ejaculate all over the front of my pink frilly satin baby knickers with a few minutes.Cindy would cuddle me for quite sometime afterwards and kiss me on the forehead or cheek.The only downside to my "baby treats" with Cindy I was not allowed to touch her, "thats for boys with big dicks baby" she would remind me.Cindy has hinted she may let me suckle on her breasts and I hope this happens very soon.Susie is aware of Cindy's "baby treats" but had no problem with it because it saved her the job of wanking me off -usually into her cummy panties. I love my sexy wife/mummy so much and would never go back to how things used to be .I'm so happy at being a baby girl to my wife and new Daddy .When Susie knows Lucy or Cindy is coming over she likes me to be wearing my very short frilly pink satin dress and ruffled petticoats ,my hair is growing longer so she often its styled as a toddler girl, the outfit is finished off by short frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane be shoes, there's no nappy or frilly panties because Susie likes to make sure my tiny soft 1 inch penis is on show.Cindy thinks its quite funny having me like this,I'm so lucky having such an attractive understanding babysitter like Cindy, life has only got better for me.
  23. [A little moves out of her parents and rents an apartment, and tries to avoid her amazon landlord, boss, and neighbor's very gradual attempts to baby her over many chapters. CW: eventually wetting, messing, lots of forced situations, humiliation, and maybe hypnosis and stuff depending on the routes i take] [author's notes: 'Tweeners' the middle race halfway sized between amazon and little, added into later PPP stories, either do not exist or simply aren't here in this story, i find they just complicate things. if, for whatever reason, you would prefer to think they exist, just pretend this happens to be a mostly betweener free town, or feel free to reimagine some of the amazons in this story as tweeners! happy reading!~] Chapter One ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla picked up her purse and walked to the door, feeling happy that her first day at her new job went well, after spending most of the day worrying about her amazon co-workers sabatauging her, or about getting "promoted" to professional diaper tester, which she'd read articles about the previous night. "miss bennet, please report to julia's office for evaluation" 'Well, there goes my chances of keeping this job... The lecture will be annoying, but maybe i can move back in with mom? I'd better at least go to her office, i don't want to get 'disobedient' on my record, then i'd really be in trouble. When camilla arrived, the door was already opened, julia spoke from behind a desk quite literally above carmen's head, and by at least a few feet. "sweetie, go ahead and close the door for me, okay?" Jullia was about average height for an amazon, maybe a little lower, around 11 feet if Carmilla had to guess. She had black hair to her shoulders, and had a permenant smugness to her, as if she was better than everyone, and she dressed in a similar fashion, wearing high quality dress suits, heels, and fancy glasses. Camilla winced at being called sweetie, but what she dreaded even more was being alone with a powerful, high up amazon. She could make up 100 reasons to have her in a crib by the end of the day, and no one would be able to fight it. It took both hands and a lot of effort to push the humungous door closed, but she wasn't sure she'd have the power to open it back up, so she really was at Julia's mercy....She'd just have to appear compliant, and maybe that would be enough. "Now," Julia began " I know you're nervous, especially working around so many amazons, in fact i'm sure your trainers are at least wet by now! And don't you dare say anything about it, i doubt you want me checking for myself, because if i'm proven right, you'll be getting a spanking too. As i was saying, i know you're worried, but i won't do anything to push you, and i'll make sure my subordinate's actions don't go beyond teasing. Why? i'll be honest, i don't care whether you succeed or fail, it's more of a fun game for me, i want to see if a little can really become a succesful, important higher up and not end up in a playpen. If you need help with anything, i'll see what i can provide, and i look forward to this game~ Though i guess it's more important than that to you. You're dismissed." Camilla was sitting in shock for minutes, long after Julia got up and opened the door, but eventually she picked herself up and began the walk home. Her mind was wandering during the walk, and she thought back to a news piece about littles having much smaller bladder than would biologically make sense, with the amazon scientist going as far as to say that it was nature's way of saying that littles evolved to need diapers, and as proof that littles belong in them, but she'd always assumed it was propaganda. Though, she'd been having more dribbles than she'd like to admit recently, and she almost never had dry panties (sometimes training pants, though she'd never admit it) if there was more than three hours in between bathroom breaks, so maybe it wasn't *all* fake info. As camilla opened the door, she had to struggle to keep her panties (mostly) dry as she saw a female amazon sitting on her couch, looking directly at her, even sitting down she was sizably taller than her. Camila realized that this was her landlord. They had met once before, but it was brief, so she didn't immediately recognize her. She was pretty sure her name was maria. She had long brown hair, which was currently in a bun, and she looked to be in her fourties. "Camilla dear, come here, there's something we need to discuss." Maria patted her lap, and she was unsure of what to do. She definitely didn't want to sit on her lap, but she didn't want to risk upsetting her, so she settled for sitting on the couch, but staying much closer to her than she would have normally. The landlord's eyes widened a bit, and she patted Camilla's head, realizing the problem. "I'm sorry dear, i'm so used to dealing with young ones that sometimes my instincts take over. You don't need to worry here, though. I fully support Little's rights, and i want you to feel safe here. Camilla wasn't entirely sure she could trust that, but she figured distrust and worrying wouldn't be useful, especially towards the person letting her live away from her parents, so she was causiously optimistic, and she did seem kind. "Now, about why i'm here. Unfortunately, There is a new 'Independent littles' tax that i'm being charged for letting you stay here. It comes up to about $300 a month, and any landlord in the state has to payh it if they have littles who don't have either a caretaker, or an amazon room-mate. Most landlords chose to implement a 'littles must room with amazons' clause, but i know that's unfair, especialy since a lot of littles end up forcefully "adopted" by their room mate. But unfortunately, i can't afford to just pay the tax myself, so i'll have to add that onto your rent, is that okay, Dear?" 'i never heard about that tax, could she be making it up? But then again, if a little gets her heart set on moving out, then finds out after all of her planning that she'll have to room with an amazon, she'd be more likely to agree, so maybe they do just hide it.... The real problem is that i'd only make enough after all of my bills to pay that tax, and i won't have much money left over...' Camilla spoke up "A-alright, i can afford that, and i really like the apartment, i just hope they appeal that tax soon." "Me too, dear." Maria began walking to the exit. "You get to bed soon, okay Camilla? I know you work hard, and you can't do much without rest" Camilla didn't really appreciate being further patronized, especially since it was only 6:30, but it wasn't really worth getting upset over. After a few hours, Camilla started getting ready for bed, changing into her pajamas and getting tomorrow's outfit ready, when she noticerd she was out of training pants.They were the ones she'd brought from home, very thin, and about as close to normal underwear as you could get. She had always just added them to the cart when they got their groceries delivered, and didn't know where/which ones to get now. Sfter a basic google search, she found a site that had some that looked good. Great reviews, nearly unnoticable, non-crinkly, discreet packaging! She ordered them, got a notification that they'd arrive tomorrow, and went to bed... *knock knock knock* Camilla was interrupted from her breakfast, and opened the door, greeted by what she assumed was the delivery-girl. She had neon pink hair, and an all black punk-esque outfit. She looked about 19 or 20, which would make her a couple years younger than camilla! She was holding a package that seemed very different from what she ordered: It was a clear plastic, showing the padded panties inside, with various blurbs written in large, bold font across the sides: "very leak resistant" "perfect for littles with potty troubles", and most egregiously, one entire side of the package had a large image of a little, in a onesie and diaper, holding a big sign reading 'adopt me!'. "T-that's not what i ordered! i don't need p-protection!" Camilla began blushing, but the panties in the package actually looked identical, mercifully. She really did need them, and they weren't any more padded or babyish, and she couldn't afford to buy any more. "Ahaha, you're precious! I'm one of your neighbors, i found this package in the middle of the hallway with 'room 204' written on it, so i figured i'd bring it to you, but if you didn't order it, my brother has a little roommate, so if it's not yours..." The amazon smirks and walks very slowly backwards. "W-wait! i....i did order them, b-but i-i swear it said they were practically normal underwear, a-and they definitely didn't say anything about b-bathroom trouble!" And tacked embarrassedly on to the end was a quiet "p-please set them by the door". "My name is veronica, and if you ever need help changing into them, i live in 202, okay honey?" Veronica walked out the door, setting the trainers where she was asked. Camilla just nodded, too embarrassed by the whole situation to do anything else, and it's not like she'd ever take her up on her offer. Chapter Two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla really wanted to wear the panties, to feel like more of an adult and especially feel attractive, but it would backfire on the tiny (or major) chance that she'd dribble enough to stain her skirt, so she begrudgingly tore open the package of daytime training pants, and slid one up her legs and headed to work. Her dress skirt was a little short. Not too bad, but she shuddered thinking about what it would look like on a diapered little... On her way to work, she passed by a tall amazon pushing a stroller, containing a little all diapered and onesied up, and even wearing huge mittens that would make it nearly impossible to hold anything, use a doorknob, or do pretty much anything. Camilla always tried not to think that about littles like these probably had jobs probably similar to hers before they were adopted, and that they likely were less than willing to go along with it. She made sure to give them plenty of space, worried about being asked to join the little on a play-date, or even about just being picked up and put in the stroller too. Luckily, she made it to work just fine. After arriving at work, she went to sit down, but someone had put a plastic, pink, glittery booster seat in her chair! She tried lifting it, but it was much too heavy, probably on purpose so only amazons could move it. 'Maybe i could stand instead? But i really couldn't do that all day, so if i'm going to sit in it at all i might as well do it all day' She slowly sat onto the booster, feeling anxious about her coworkers seeing her. 'god, this is so embarrassing! whoever did this is so getting salt in their coffee tomorrow.' The Booster didn't have any padding, but her own padded butt made sure the seat wasn't uncomfortable. The day was uneventful afterwords, though Camilla did overhear a lot of comments, the worst one being that 'the baby is in a more fitting chair', from her coworker jessica, who Camilla had gone to school with. She had blonde hair, and was qiute attractive, being one of the school's best cheerleaders back then, but camilla found that because of that, her ego was enormous, being very bossy and always wanting everyone to wait on her, and acting very entitled. Camilla kept her head down and the rest of the work day was fine. when she was about to leave, she asked one of her male amazon co-workers if he could move the booster out of her seat, but he just laughed and walked off. 'figures, maybe tomorrow i can get someone else to do it for me. I think there are a few other little workers on this floor too, maybe we could work together to do it? that's definitely less risky, but i'm not sure it'll work'. She packed up her things and began her walk to the store. She'd managed to keep her padded panties dry all day, but partway through her walk, she realized she forgot to pee before leaving work, and she wasn't sure this store would have a bathroom, but it should be okay if she was quick. She went quick, piicking up all of her groceries, and also getting a step ladder. Living in an apartment built to work for littles and amazons at the same time was great in some ways, the tv was huge! but she also had trouble reaching some areas, so she picked it up. There was a bathroom, but it was employees only, and she figured wasting time on a bathroom she might not even be allowed to use would be dumb. she was jogging by the time she reached her apartment, where she ran into veronica! "Oh, i can bring those up, you look like you're in a hurry, and it'd be a lot easier for me than it would for you" Camilla practically tossed the bags into her hands and ran to her door. "thank you set them wherever be right back!" she yelled to her as she ran to her bathroom. She pulled down her training pants, thankful that they were black and wouldn't show any wet spots if they were there, and she was very relieved to have made it in time. She walked out of the bathroom looking for veronica, but she was gone! The groceries were put away, and the ladder was in the closet. 'Hmm, i'll have to thank her later, it was very nice of her to....hey!' Camilla noticed that her training pants were gone. she'd been in too much of a hurry in the morning to move them away from the door, but they were missing now, and as much as she hated it, there would probably be days where if she wasn't wearing them, she'd have noticably wet spots. 'Did veronica take them? why would she want to do that? I'm kind of scared to go into an amazon's apartment, but i really can't afford any more, and they are important'. Camilla left her room and knocked on veronica's door. *knock knock knock* The door swung open and veronica looked to camilla. "Yeeeees? how can i help you?" She smiled in an 'i already know why you're here' look, and waited for camilla's response. "I u-um...d-did you take my p-package from yesterday?" Camilla spoke in a near whisper. "Hmmm, i might have, can you describe it to me?" "y-you know, they're t-training pants." she looked to the floor as she said it. Veronica laughed and practically yelled "well, i found these leak resistant padded 'perfect for littles with potty troubles' pants, is this the package you want? Camilla was angry, but not enough that it remotely overshadowed her embarrassment or fear. "y-yes, please h-hand them to me, okay?" Veronica was silent for a minute, appearing to be heavily contemplating something, but camilla wasn't sure if she meant it or was pretending. "No. i have a better idea. I'll keep these, and if you want to wear one, you will come to me first thing in the morning, and politely say "big sis veronica, would you please help me get padded up today?"". If camilla was blushing before, she was beet red now. "I-I-I i can't do that! c-cmon, just let me have them back, please?" "nope~ You're free to just wear big girl panties, i won't stop you. But if you're enough of a baby to actually *need* training pants, you're enough of a baby to have your big sis help you put them on you, doesn't that seem fair?" Camilla was scared, but she had enough pride to shake her head. "No? if you think this is unfair, i'm happy to be unfair, i could to the same offer with diapers if you'd like? or i could just not give you back the training pants at all, and when you ruin your panties in the middle of work, it'll be on you. Now is it fair that you have to ask me to pad you up?" Camilla was shaken, and just wanted to be back in the safety of her own apartment. "Y-yes, big s-sis" she was practically on the verge of tears saying that, but of the three offers, the original was by far the best. "Good girl, now run along!" Back in her room, camilla was anxious, scared, and angry. 'At least i know i can't trust veronica, but what am i gonna do about tomorrow? Can i really say.....that.... to her? a-and more importantly, am i really okay with having my underwear changed by an amazon? what if she does something drastic? maybe i should ask maria about it, she at least seems kind. For now, i guess i'll get some rest and i'll decide the rest tomorrow.' Chaper 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camilla woke up in a pretty good mood, feeling refreshed and excited, especially since it was a friday...and then she remembered the entire situation with "big sis" veronica. 'She wouldn't even be my big sister anyways, i'm totally older than her! ugh, as much as i want to play it safe at my new job, and not have even the slightest chance to be seen as a baby, i don't think i can stomach asking veronica that. As long as i kept them fully dry, maybe i can rewear yesterday's underwear? If not, i'll have to wear normal underwear, but it wouldn't be that bad, it feels nice to have them so thin!' After checking, it turns out she wasn't entirely perfect when it came to her rush to the bathroom yesterday, so she picked out a stylish pair of black, low rise panties, feeling more adult than she had since moving in, despite her reasoning for wearing panties being what it is. She talked with another little for a while on the way to work. It was fun to talk with her, but Camilla couldn't help but notice she was diapered, and about halfway through the walk, she stopped moving and got a weird look on her face, and she could have sworn the other girl's diaper suddenly looked a little yellow...... They split up a bit before she got to the office, and as camilla walked in, she was thankful that she would never end up like that. She sat down at her desk and started working. 'This booster seat is a lot less comfortable in real panties! n-not that i'd rather have training pants on right now of course. I really should go ask someone to help move it. Hmm...' looking around, she just saw Jessica, another amazon girl she didn't know, a little that she hadn't talked to yet, and of course Julia was here as well. 'the other little probably wouldn't be enough to lift this, julia would probably say that 'it's part of the game that i don't help you', or something, sooo.... I hate this, but i'll ask jessica, the evil you know and all that. She approached Jessica's desk and she rolled her eyes at Camilla as she approached. "Yea? Whaddya want, pipsqueak? i don't do diaper changes" Camilla blushed and stated her problem "N-no! no, i'm pott--toilet trained, i-i don't need changes, um, yesterday someone pulled a prank on me and put a booster on my seat, but i think it's some kind of little-proof thing or something, because it's waaay too heavy for me to lift, and i was wondering if you could move it for me? p-please?" she tried to smile at Jessica, but was a little too nervous for it to be convincing. "well, i usually get a lot of phone calls, in fact it's the main part of my job. I know you answer calls on occasion, but mainly do computer work. So, how about i forward all of my calls to you, and in return, i'll move your silly little booster seat. Just one day of a bit more work for no more booster seat, that's fair, right?." 'It most certainly is *not* fair, but i can't sit in a booster seat every day! And jessica was bad enough in school, i get the feeling that if i agree to this, it'll lead to more and more pushiness from her, but i don't really have a choice at this point...' "alright, fine, you can forward all your calls to me, but can you please move the seat before i start working?" Camilla asked, annoyed. "Ah ah, watch your tone. Cranky babies get corner time, but fine, i'll move your stupid thing first, but one more thing to mention: Since they're technically my calls, any missed calls, unhappy callers, or complaints come back to bite me, so you'd better do a damn good job as a caller or i'll make sure you do all your work from a playpen starting tomorrow, got it?!" Camilla gulped. "y-yes ma'am". Jessica got up, walked over to the booster seat, and effortlessly set it under Camilla's desk. she meekly followed, and once it was done, sat down in her once again comfortable chair. Camilla learned from yesterday, and she was prepared to take a bathroom break every 2 hours. She was prepared to, but she wouldn't be able to. For the next 4 hours, she would be answering phone calls nonstop. For a few of the calls, she would ask if she could put them on hold for just a minute so she could go to the bathroom, but their responses ranged from the understandable "just answer my questions and go after that" to the much more rude "why do they even hire littles, can't even do a simple job without needing diapers". She couldn't hold it much more, she had to decide, abandon her phone call or hope she can somehow hold it until it's done. 'i really don't think i can hold it until this ends, i need to go, now. But jessica made it very clear, i need to answer these calls... urgh, i'll take my chances with jessica, if my skirt is noticably changed it'll make every amazon on the way home think they can take me home, i just hope jessica wasn't that serious about that play pen..." She set the phone down, and snuck her way to the bathroom, being quick, but still being careful to not run into jessica. 'o-okay, time to check the damage....Looks like the panties are a bit wet, but the skirt is completely safe, thank goodness! I'd better get back to that call!' When she gets back to her desk, her heart drops. Standing there, holding her phone, is jessica. "Mhm, yep. Thank you, please call again if you have any more issues, buh-bye. Well, someone didn't hold up their end, i guess the booster is going back where it belongs, huh?" Camilla's eyes widened, and she moved to try and get in-between jessica and the booster, not that it would stop her. "N-no, please, i-i just had to go to the bathroom and i couldn't get a break between calls! don't put the booster seat back on!" The amazon thought for a second, and said "Why didn't you just go in your pants? I'm sure your padding can hold it" Camilla blushed, explaining "I-i'll have you know i'm wearing panties today! i-i don't need padding! it was just a really long phone call, honestly!" "alright, fine" Jessica said "I'll leave the booster seat under the desk, and forgive you almost messing up with a client, *if* you wear either training pants or diapers to work every single day from now on, got it?" Camilla knew she should be angry, to outright refuse or storm off, but the truth is that this was the first day she'd worn panties outside in a week or two, and they usually ended up visually wet by the end of the day, so it would be safest and for the best to do it anyways, so really, she'd be keeping the booster seat off of her chair for something she should be doing anyways, so she nodded. "F-fine, b-but you wouldn't have to c-check or anything, would you? i d-don't want you seeing me without a skirt". Camilla shyly said, and jessica laughed, responding "oh, munchkin, you're precious. Of course i need to check, but i don't need to see you in it, you'll see. And i won't be checking you until after work. "uuuuum... f-fine, but we need to get back to work ." Camilla said, and they both returned to their normal work days. She gathered her things and left. As she was walking at the door, she noticed Jessica giving her a wave and giggling, but Camilla just ignored her. After she was done, she was on her way home, but she felt a bit bored. 'i haven't done anything fun in a while, why don't i go somewhere? There's that Little's bar, but drinking is more of a 'with friends' thing, and i don't really have friends here yet. I think i'll try that diner next to the grocery store! I really should go home and change, but i'm kinda scared to run into veronica, and my panties are dry, i'll change right when i get home.' Camilla arrived at the diner, and after waiting in line behind a few scarily tall amazons, one of them cradling a sleeping little, she was next in line. "oooh, i'm sorry" the server said "All littles must be either accompanied by an amazon, or be diapered, and you don't appear to have either, so come back with a mommy, and we'll serve you, okay?" "wha- I-I Do NOT need padding!! and i do not need a caretaker, i am completely independant! i-i'll find somewhere else to eat." Right as she turned around, the server grabbed her, turned her back around, and yanked her skirt up. "You call this 'not needing padding'? did you even remember to take your panties off first? I can't let you eat here, but i definitely can't let an immature, dishonest little girl like you roam around the city, i'll see if there are any customers who can drop you off at home." Camilla wanted to sink into the floor, she see lots of people looking at her, some of them laughing, a few looking like they were pitying her. She felt like she sohuld try to run away, but she'd probably be caught, and trying to run away from an amazon never ends well. After a few minutes of waiting, the server comes out with another girl, looking about in her mid 30's. "where do you live, honey?" The server asked. "in an apartment at t-two fifty six, w-watercrest street." 'dang, why did i say that, i panicked! pleease just take me right home'. "I can drop her off, i drive right by there. The amazon picked camilla up, and walked out the door. "Y-you can put me down, i can w-walk, and i'll stay right next to you, i p-promise!" "we're almost at the car anyways, there's no need" The Woman said, and true to her word they quickly reached a large SUV, and the woman opens the back door and places camilla in a rainbow unicorn themed carseat, buckling her up tight enough that she can barely wiggle around. Camilla could do nothing but worry as they were driving, just wanting to be safe and at home. Eventually they reached her building, and thankfully the woman pulled into the parking lot, unbuckled and picked up camilla, and walked into the building. 'oh god, if veronica sees me like this i'll never live it down....' They were headed into maria's office, where she was filling out some papers. When she saw camilla, she smiled and walked over to them. "Camilla, have you found yourself a caretaker?~ Oh there's no need to make that face, i'm just kidding. Now, what's this about?" Maria said, in a light mood. "This little went to the restaurant i was at, and when she was told she'd either need to be diapered or have an amazon with her, she threw a tantrum about how she's a responsible adult and should be allowed to eat there alone and undiapered, but her panties were soaked the entire time! So i was asked to bring her home. Can i leave her with you?" "She'll be safe with me, thank you for bringing her back, and have a great night!" They waited for the woman to leave, and maria walked Camilla back to her room. "You must be more careful, some amazon are very unfair to littles, especially to adorable ones like you. I really think you should look into some protection. I know diapers are an ordeal and can be scary, but they make underwear that's just a bit padded, and i think it would help you. Maria was comforting, and This was by far the nicest way she'd ever been asked to wear training pants before, and it also helped to be back in her own living room. "W-well i did buy some, but veronica took them, and she said i have to come to her and she'll put them on me! C-can you make her give them back? A-and my panties were j-just a tiny bit wet, they weren't soaked" "Of course they weren't dear, she was just exaggerating. I'm sorry to hear about that, but i think it might be a good idea. It sounds like veronica is just trying to help. I think she knows that it's dangerous to not wear them, as evident by what happened today, and she's just trying to make sure you wear them everyday. She's still young, and i think she's not great at showing how much she cares for you, and i think it's a good arrangement. You need your rest, so i'll be going now. Sleep well, okay dear?" Maria got up and closed the door on her way out. 'Yeah right, she most definitely is not "just looking out for me". I've seen the look in her eyes, she just likes humiliating me. Either way, i really do need to wear them tomorrow, and as kind as maria is, she can't help me on this, so i guess i'll just have to build up the nerve to ask. For now, i think i'm gonna have a drink and go to bed, it'll be nice to feel like an adult for the first time today.' Camilla got a beer from the fridge and headed to her bedroom, trying to psyche herself up for tomorrow. Criticism is appreciated, though this was written pretty fast and wasn't super planned out beforehand, so i know it's not great
  24. This is the first part of a story. It wasn't going to be multipart, but it got a bit out of hand. Next part coming once I've written it. If people like this enough for me to write the rest, I guess. You knew my history. I’d explained everything to you early on. How I’d woken up to a soaked bed every morning, and come home every night smelling of poop as I couldn’t get through a day without making a mess in my underwear - more than once most days. How every time someone told a joke I’d end up hiding the huge wet patch that I’d left on the seat and my clothes, and you knew how traumatic the hand-wringing and the chastising from my parents was. Nappies would have made things so much simpler and easier, but every time the suggestion came up, I’d argued and protested, and the subject was dropped. You knew how long that went on for. Daily accidents, and daily recriminations through to my teenage years. Better-hidden accidents, less major, less frequent, but still too obvious throughout the rest of my life. Concentration. Effort. Constant awareness all the time to stop me embarrassing myself. And the endless trips back and forth to the toilet, at the slightest urge. You knew about my kinks. You helped me put two and two together, and - to understand that having accidents in a ‘safe’ way was helping me to relive the memories without the recriminations, and without the unrelenting humiliation and trauma. To not have to stop doing fun things because I needed to hide what I’d done. And you helped me realise the accidents weren’t laziness, and weren’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough, but that they were caused by things that I just couldn’t control. It was your suggestion that I wear all the time. It had always felt to me like I was LARPing incontinence, but you told me to try for a few weeks, and after that I realised how much work I’d been putting in to avoid accidents, and what life was like for everyone else. No more constant worry, no more anxiety, no more trips to the toilet every 20 minutes, and so much less shame. That initial reluctance and my push-back against you fed into our power-play dynamic. That night when I came home, standing in the hallway, trying to hide to mess in my underwear and the stain on my butt. Your tone when you told me to turn round, and the comforting hug and help cleaning up. I definitely played into the brattiness that night when you tried to put my nappy on me. I wanted it, but admitting that felt wrong. There was no way I could let you put me in one without fighting back. I needed the spanking that night. Not just because I was a brat, but I desperately needed to feel some pain to allow myself to enjoy the pleasure I was receiving for doing something that I shouldn’t have done. And then there was the day after. Being woken up with you checking my wet nappy, and changing me into a clean one. My little protest that we were going out, and that I couldn’t wear a nappy, and you making it very clear that no matter whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be in one. I decided that I had to fight back a little there. So I made sure to have lots of milk with my cereal at breakfast, and lots of milk with my coffee. You’d made it clear I wasn’t to change myself, so you were going to have to take me back and forth to the toilet so I could poop. You’d soon get bored and just take the nappy off. We got on the train. Our day out in the city was something we’d both looked forward to, and it made sense to avoid driving in. That was going to play into my plan perfectly. Those toilets were so small that you’d give up right away, regardless of the big change bag you brought with you. I’d be free of the nappies right away. I felt my tummy rumble as soon as we got on the train, and whispered in your ear, “I think I need to poo”. Your response shocked me, “well poo then. I’ll change you when we get to a station.” No taking me to the toilet, no telling me to take my nappy off, not even a “hold on as long as you can”, just a simple instruction. The journey was going to take an hour, there was no way I wanted to stay stinky for that long. Definitely not in public. But there was also no way you’d let me do that. We’d end up getting off so you could change me as soon as you smelled me. I felt my tummy grumble and cramp again, and without even trying to help it along, I felt mess leak into my nappy. I sat there, completely still. The train wasn’t busy, but it wasn’t empty, and there were going to be more people getting on as we went along. I began to smell myself, and knew other people would smell me too. “I think a bit has leaked out” I whispered to you. Your seemed surprisingly casual, “I’m sorry Honey, but it’ll be a little while before I can do anything about it. Good job for telling me though.” It might have been what you said, it might have been the tone, but I saw red. Now I wanted you to feel like you had to do something, even if it meant I was going to humiliate myself in the process. The next time my tummy rumbled, I lifted myself up off the seat, perched on your lap, and gave a push. With a bubbling squelch I filled my nappy with stinky mess as I sat on you. I thought you’d be furious. Or at the very least, shocked. “Aw, do you feel a bit better now?” certainly wasn’t the response I expected. I stayed sitting on you, the hot mush in my pamper making me feel utterly humiliated, as you cuddled me. “It’s OK, Honey. It won’t be too long before we get to our station. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to dose for a bit”. I did as you told me. I tried to relax, tried to sleep, but the stink from my nappy kept wafting into my nose, and the movement of the train kept squishing the mush against my butt. I wanted to fall into a hole. All the while you seemed so calm. Like me having stinky pants wasn’t an issue at all. I felt the train slow as we came into the first station. I started to stand up, ready to get off, but felt your arms pull me tight. I couldn’t believe you’d let me stay like this all the way through the journey, but you didn’t relent. “Are we going to get off?” I asked. “No,” you said, a firm tone to your voice, “We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time you have an accident. That’s why you’re in a nappy. I’ll change you when we get to the station”. I blushed as you mentioned my nappy. It didn’t seem like anyone heard, but you made no effort to moderate your voice. Much like the accident itself, and the clothes you’d helped me pick out - which didn’t show the nappy off, but weren’t the usual baggy outfit I’d have picked, everything was just so matter of fact. I had accidents. I wore nappies. It didn’t affect anyone else, and we weren’t going to go out of our way to disguise it. I closed my eyes again and eventually managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up to you kissing my neck. “Time to get up” I heard in my ear. “I think you peed in your sleep. I felt your nappy get warm”. I blushed again, gently repositioning myself to allow me to stand up. I could feel my nappy bulging between my legs. I’d definitely not been this wet when I went to sleep. I waddled a little as you guided me off the train. The carriage and the platform were really busy, but in my drowsy state I wasn’t paying attention to everyone around me. Probably for the best, as at least a few people were probably staring at me, pinpointing me as the source of the smell. You ushered me towards the accessible toilet, reaching round and unbuttoning my jeans as soon as you closed the door behind us. I felt your hand on the back of my nappy, pulling it back. “You definitely needed to go” I heard you say, “do you think you’re all done?” I nodded my head. “Well, I’d like you to try to go a bit more for me anyway.” you said. I tried to protest, but it was a very half-hearted effort. I bent my legs a little and strained right there and then. No more mess, but the hissing noise betrayed me losing what was left in my bladder. “Good kitty” you said, as you caressed my back. Let’s get you changed. You reached into the change bag and pulled out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then unzipped the fly of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles. “Step out please” you said, and I slipped my socks off and stepped out of my jeans. “From the state of your nappy I think it’s going to be best if we take all your clothes off” you say. I catch a glance of the nappy in the mirror and you’re right. It’s destroyed, and there’s slight brown staining around the leg holes where it’s beginning to leak. “Arms up”. I do as you instruct, and feel you pull my top over my head. Standing in nothing but my destroyed nappy, I feel utterly helpless. You’re in charge now, I have no will of my own, and no control over anything to do with my accidents at all. I watch as you pull a bath towel and a disposable pad from the bag, and lay it on the floor. I know I should lie on it, but my mind is hazy. I wait for your instruction, shivering a little from the cool air on my skin. “Lie down please.” I do as I’m told, sitting first. I feel the mess that until now had been hanging between my legs squish to the front and back of my nappy, causing another waft of the stink to come out of my nappy. With my paci filling my mouth, and no clothing to mitigate it, the smell seemed far worse. As I lay down I feel the mush continue to push up the back of the nappy, seeping out the top. Without thinking, my hands come up to my face, as you bend down and begin the change. I feel your gloved hands gently stroking across the front of my nappy, and moving to the tapes. I know what’s about to happen, and I brace myself for it. You remove the top tapes. The smell gets worse. Then the bottom tapes. I feel the air hit my crotch as you pull the front of the nappy down. The smell is terrible now. I whimper behind my pacifier, utterly humiliated. Then I feel your hand on my face, your lips on my forehead, and hear your voice, “it’s OK, nothing to worry about. Your nappy held it all, and we’re getting you clean now”. My quivering lips ease into a smile, and I feel you take the front of my nappy and use it to clean a big chunk of the mess off my bottom. Then your hands lifting my feet up, raising my legs and bottom. “Can you grab your thighs for me please” you ask. I do as I’m told, then suckle on my paci as you use wet wipes to clean the pee and mess from my thighs and around the front, before moving down towards my bottom. The cool wipes feel wonderful, and the freshly wiped, clean skin feels so nice compared to the claminess of the pee and mess. You push my legs back a little further, and raise my butt up higher, pulling the nappy out from under me, then continue cleaning me, taking a big handful of wipes and cleaning my butt cheeks. I feel you go over the same area again and again, then move inwards. I barely feel the first wipe that touches my butt hole, because there’s so much mess, but as you clean it I begin to enjoy the sensation of the wipe on my sphincter. Caressing the tender skin. Cleaning it. Soothing it. Then slipping into my hole. I whimper again, this time from pleasure rather than humiliation. You penetrate me with the wipe again, twisting your finger around a little, and I writhe as I enjoy the sensation, suckling harder on my paci. You get a new wipe and make one more pass, once again penetrating my hole and twisting your finger around. Once again it makes me writhe from the pleasurable sensations. Then you stop. “Not now, baby kitty” you say, “I’m just getting you clean before we go and enjoy our day”. I sigh, and pout, but it falls on deaf ears. You lift my butt up and slip the clean nappy underneath my bottom, then powder my butt before you let it drop slowly onto the clean and dry padding. Then you take some rash cream and gently rub it in, taking care to cover the crevices and cracks, making sure my skin will be safe until my next change. A kiss on my belly as you close the nappy up, and the four tapes sealed shut, and I’m all clean and dry. For now. I sit up just as you’re rolling up my used nappy, and get a look at the entire packet of wipes that you’ve used to clean me up. I go a little shy and nervous, and watch as you take the heavy nappy, seal it in a nappy sack, then drop it in the bin. I stifled a giggle at the thudding noise it made as it hit the bottom. Then remembered I needed clothes. I raised my arms in the air waiting for you to help me put my shirt and jumper back on. You took the hint. In a few minutes I was dressed and ready to go. And now I wasn’t feeling quite so ashamed, I remembered I was trying to be a brat and get out of this silly nappy. Stepping out onto the concourse I was a little nervous. We’d been in the bathroom for a long time, but so many people had seen us go in, someone must still be around. I felt my cheeks flush with heat again, and reached for your hand. “It’s OK,” you said, a calm tone to your voice, “you’ve had an accident and had your nappy changed. That’s all. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Once again your matter of fact attitude put me at ease. The next step of the journey was largely uneventful. A short trip on an underground train. You led me across the station to the correct platform, and we waited for the train to arrive. When it did it was packed. You ushered me on first, and followed right behind, both of us squeezing into the packed carriage. I decided to have a little fun, and rubbed my padded butt against your body, trying to turn you on. It seemed only fair after what you’d done to me during my change. I smiled to myself as I did. Not that you’d see, given there hadn’t even been room for me to turn around. After a few moments you smelled something. At least you decided that you had. I heard your voice in my ear, a little too loud for how busy the train was, “Have you had an accident Honey? Something smells stinky”. I blushed hard and shook my head. Then I felt your hand on my butt. “I can’t really tell here. I’ll have to find somewhere to check you when we get off”. That put an end to my teasing you. A couple of stops down the line the carriage emptied out a little, and I was finally able to turn around and pout at you. Of course, with the delay, it didn’t really have he effect I was hoping for, but I knew why I was pouting at you, even if you thought I was just pulling a silly face. Three more stops and it was our turn to get off. You guided me onto the escalator in front of you, and as we went up I felt a tug on the back of my diaper. I decided to not turn around, to avoid drawing attention to what you were doing, but as we got to the top I gave you a look of disapproval. “It’s OK, Kittenface, you’re not stinky” you said, a cute smile on your stupid face. I wanted to pout, but I felt my nappy grow warmer as I peed. I hadn’t even realised I needed to go, and right in front of you, looking you in the eyes, I’d wet myself. “Straight to the aquarium?,” you said, “Or shall we get a drink first?” I don’t know if you hadn’t noticed, or were just trying to remind me that my accidents weren’t an issue, but your lack of reaction meant that all of a sudden I didn’t care that I’d wet myself. “Drink please” I said. You led me out of the station, and towards a bubble tea shop. As we got inside and I started looking at the menu, I realised that I was kind of hungry too. “Is there time for food?” I asked. “There’s time for anything you want,” you replied. “Then can I have a bubble waffle and ice cream?” The last time I asked for something like this, you wanted me that the milk in the ice cream might hurt my tummy. This time though, you just gave me a smile when you said, “of course”. I honestly wasn’t sure what had changed, but I liked this new you. You let me do what I wanted, and didn’t make me feel bad for it. I went and grabbed a table as you got our food and drinks. As I sat there waiting for you, I felt a little twinge in my bladder. It wasn’t strong, but I knew I needed to pee. So I did. There and then. Just as you arrived with our drinks and my bubble waffle. “I need to check to see if you need a change after this,” you said. I couldn’t tell whether you’d noticed my pee face, or just wanted to knock me off-balance again, but once again you momentarily set my brain to ‘smol’. I gave a nod, then began tucking into my waffle. “So, I’ve got a nice day planned for us” you said, “we start at the aquarium, then stop off at the arcade. Have some lunch, then go on to the museum and the theatre”. I looked up from my waffle, somewhat surprised by the packed itinerary. “Oooor,” you said, drawing out the syllable, “we could have a slightly less busy day, where we do the aquarium, then go for lunch and see how we feel after.” “that one sounds better,” I gently spit crumbs across the table as I reply, “The other one I don’t think we’d have time to enjoy any of it.” “You’re a very wise kitty,” you reply, “even if you do talk with your mouth full. How’s your waffle?” Learning from my error, I stick my thumb up as I finish my mouthful, “want a bite?” You dive in, taking a big mouthful. “It’s good” you say, spitting some crumbs back at me, and making me giggle. “Is there anything else you’d like to do today?” you ask. “Comic shop?” I say, “and the board games store?” You nod. “That was always going to happen. Anything else?” I lean in and whisper, “Maybe we could have some play time when we get home?” You smile. “I’m sure we can make that happen.” I finish my waffle and my bubble tea. “Right, Potty Pants, time for a nappy change” you say. “You don’t want to check me first?” I smirk “I know you’re soggy” you say, “I watched you pee your pants twice.” I blush. “Now before we do that, I want you to try to make a pushie for me.” you say “Here?” I ask, surprised. “Here” you say. I lift myself slightly off my seat and do my best to poop. After a minute or so you stop me,”Anything?” I shake my head. “Well done for trying” you say. You grab the bag and usher me out of my seat, then take me into the bathroom. Its small. Much smaller than the one in the station. “We’re going to have to do this standing up” you say, already unbuttoning my jeans. You look at my yellowed, pee-soaked nappy. “Good thing I decided to change you now” you say, before turning me around and checking the back for a mess. “OK, no mess, let’s get you out of your soggy pants” You say as you untape my nappy, and let it drop to the floor. You begin wiping me down. Once again the cool wipes feel good as they clean my skin. Although this time the clean up is much quicker. Once I’m clean you take a thick nappy from your bag, and hold it up against my butt, then gently guide me to the wall so that you can use it to hold the nappy up. “Not sure how easy it’ll be to get you changed at the aquarium” you say, as I stare at the thick nappy a little surprised, “so I thought I’d put you in this in case it’s an issue.” “But people will notice” I pout. You shrug, “They’d notice leak marks on your clothes and a puddle on the floor much more” you say. I can’t fault your logic, but I definitely don’t like it. Safely taped in you pull my jeans back up. In spite of how thick the nappy is, it’s still not too obvious, but as I move the crinkling sound is much louder than from my other nappy. “You ready for the fishes?” you ask. I nod, grinning, then you lead me back out, the thick nappy making me waddle a little as I follow behind you. ***** The entrance to the aquarium is busy, and theres a security screening arch with a bag scanner. I squeeze your hand as I relaise the guards are about to see my nappies. “It’s OK,” you say, reassuring me, “you’re in nappies for a reason, and the guards don’t care.” That’s not entirely true. As the bag goes through they pull us aside. Rather than give a longwinded explanation for the contents, you gently lift my jumper up, giving the guard a glimpse of the waistband of my nappy. I blush, and squeeze your hand harder, but in spite of the little embarrassment, you probably made the right decision. Anything else would have involved them pulling the nappies out while you explain that I’m padded. This way the only person who knows about my secret is the security guard. The other side of security are lockers, and a sign asking people to store large bags to avoid overcrowding. “We’re going to have to leave this here” you say. “Do you want me to take an emergency change out?” I nod. “The only problem is we’ve not got anything to carry it in”. “No then” I say, mortified by the idea of openly carrying a nappy as we walk around the aquarium. “Good thing I put you in a thick one then” you tease. The lighting in the first room of the aquarium is dim, and the air is cool. There’s something slightly dreamy about being in a dark room where one whole wall is a giant fishtank. I rush up to it and stare at the fish. I have no idea which ones are which, but I don’t care. This is fascinating. From high up in the tank a huge fish comes swimming down, swooping through the water. I’m so engrossed in it all that I don’t notice you behind me until you wrap me in a hug. “Enjoying yourself?” you say. I nod and grin, “shall we go into the next room?” We walked through into the next area, open-topped tanks filled with rays, sharks and dogfish. I climbed the stairs to look from above, stumbling a little as my nappy made me waddle. I felt your hand on my arm, helping me stay upright, “You OK?” you asked. I nodded. Your hand moved down to my crotch, and you gave a subtle squeeze of the front of my nappy. “I think you might need to be a bit more careful on stairs” you say, “your nappy’s swelling because it’s soggy”. “I’m not soggy” I protested. Then prodded the front of my nappy. It had definitely swelled since you put it on me. I’d peed myself. When did that happen? You’d changed me less than an hour ago. You saw the look of confusion on my face. “It’s OK, you had an accident. That’s not a problem, is it?” I shook my head, and gave you a cuddle. “I guess not”. You led me down the stairs and into the next room, There were only small tanks here, but there was a series of interactive displays with screens and games and puzzles. One of the games involved downloading an app, then being given a list of fish to ‘collect’ by running between the tanks and photographing the correct one. I couldn’t resist. I was onto my fourth fish, an elusive little panda guppy, when I felt my tummy grumble. I thought about letting you know, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to stop. I was also worried, given the bag was at the entrance, that you’d make us cut our trip short. So I just kept on with my hunt. A little bit more searching, and I’d bagged my guppy. Next up the harlequin rasbora.My tummy cramped a little. I glanced around. You were sitting at a screen, playing one of the games, and no one else was in the room. I braced, gave a little push, and felt some mess slip out into my nappy. I patted my bottom, and sniffed the air. It didn’t seem that much and not that noticeable, so I went back to my search. It took me another ten minutes or so to find the last four fish. At the end of the search walked over to the screen where I’d downloaded the app, scanned the completion code, and watched all my fish appear on the screen. It then congratulated me and told me I could collect a prize from the gift shop at the end. I got really excited and ran over to you to show you the screen. I’m sure I saw you sniff as I came near you, but I was too excited to worry about that. You gave me a little hug, then got up. Before I realised what was happening, you turned me round and checked that no one else was in the room, then pulled the back of my jeans and nappy. “Thought so” I heard you say. I blushed. “Are we going to have to leave to get me changed?” I said, my voice tinged with sadness and disappointment. You shook your head, “no, it’s OK, it’s not very noticeable, you’ll be fine a bit longer, but If you realise you’ve had another stinky accident I’d like you to let me know, so that if it is bad we can deal with it.” I nodded. “Uh-huh”. “Shall we go onto the next area?” you asked. I nodded. You led me through the doors into the next area. It was a tunnel, a long, glass one, cutting through an enormous water tank. Fish of all sorts swam through it, and i was incredible. A ray sailed over our heads, and I stopped to watch it. “There was no way I was going to let you miss out on this” you said to me, “no matter how bad an accident you’d had”. I giggled. “I’d have been very sad if you had”. Then I turned to you and gave you a big kiss on the lips. As I pulled away I looked in your eyes and smiled, “I still owe you a teasing for when you were changing me”, We continued on through the tunnel, going slowly as we marveled at the fish swimming above our heads, then emerged into the next room - another activity room. There were a lot more people in here than the last one, and most of the activities were taken up. I made a beeline for one of the empty ones, which had a screen at the top of a wall with various pictures and buttons on it. You walked around the room, looking at the signs on the wall, while I played. The game was OK, but was nowhere near as fun as the fish-finding one I’d played in the other room. The screen would display a fish, then I’d have to find the area of the world it lived in, and how deep it lived. The buttons were in rows and columns, with the columns representing a sea or ocean, and the rows showing the depth - shallowest at the top, deepest at the bottom. It started out as fun, but as I went on i found crouching down and standing up over and over was getting kind of tiring. It was also making my tummy feel grumbly again. I crouched down again, pressing the deepest button to show where the blobfish lived, and as I did my tummy cramped. Without much thought, I gave a push. Unlike the last mess, which was more like a lumpy fart, this was a big, semi-solid poop - the result of the ice cream I’d had earlier making my tummy go haywire. It also smelled pretty awful. I panicked. I knew there couldn’t be many more rooms left, and we’d already been here a good couple of hours, but I didn’t want to have to rush through and leave before we’d done the aquarium properly. I finally stood back up, and kept playing the game. After a few more fish I’d finished. I looked around the room, and saw you were still walking around looking at signs. I gently brushed my hand against my butt. The seat of my jeans was being pushed out by the poop. There was no way you wouldn’t realise what I’d done the minute I came back to you. If you didn’t smell it, you’d definitely see it. I spotted a hard stool in a corner of the room. That would help. I waddled over to it, and sat on the stool, doing my best to smoosh the poop and hide the bluge. I had no idea whether that had worked, but it definitely made the smell worse. To a point where people were looking round trying to work out where it was coming from. There was no way I could stay here. I decided to go find you, and hope that you wouldn’t notice what I’d done. By that point you’d stopped walking around the room, and were standing in the centre, watching me. I came up to you, a little unsteady on my feet as my nappy was now extremely bulky and pushing my legs apart. “What were you doing there, Kitty-cat?” you asked. “Nuthin’” I said, as innocently as possible, “My legs hurt after playing that game, and I wanted to sit down for a minute”. “OK” you said, a tone of disbelief in your voice “Is that why you were crouching down while you were playing it as well?” I didn’t realise you’d seen that. Now would be a perfect time to come clean about my accident like you’d asked me to do. You did say you’d get it sorted, but that would definitely involve going to the entrance to get the changing bag, and then we’d have to leave.. I nodded. “No other reason?” you asked, probing. I moved my head towards you to whisper a reply, then thought about how much I wanted to see what was in the next rooms. I shook my head instead. “Nope”. “Come on then” you said, taking my left hand in yours and ushering me towards the exit. I wondered why you’d chosen to do that, until I felt your right hand on my bottom. You had positioned it slightly underneath, so that it was exactly on the area that was messy, then you put pressure on it, making the mess stick to my butt, reminding me exactly of what I had done. You whispered in my ear, “I think someone has had a very stinky accident?” At this point there was no sense in lying any more. You knew. You’d always known. You even watched me poop my nappy. “Nu-uh!” I whined, “It’s just that the room is smelly”. “Oh? OK” you say as we get to the door. “So it’ll smell better in the next room then?” I shrug, “I don’t know. I’ve not been here before. Maybe?” “Let’s find out” You say as you lead me through the door. The next room has pictures of most of the fish we saw previously on the walls, acting as a bit of a summary of what we’ve seen. From what I could tell it served as a build up to the next room, which must have been the crescendo of the experience. It certainly didn’t seem like people found this room particularly interesting, as it was completely empty. “Nope,” you say, “it definitely doesn’t smell better here”. There’s a tone of frustration in your voice, although from the look on your face it seems to be more for effect rather than genuine. You stop me, just as we’re far enough through for the door to close behind us, and I feel your hand move from my bottom up to the top of my jeans. There’s a slight rush of cool air as you pull back the waistband of my nappy, and the smell gets worse. “ “For someone who hasn’t had an accident,” you say, “there’s an awful lot of poo in your nappy”. You spin me around so I can see your face. You look calm and amused, and your eyes have a wonderful mix of kindness and concern. “Being serious for a minute,” you say, a measured tone to your voice, “I’m not upset you’ve had an accident. Remember, it doesn’t matter, and if you want me to just make it better and make the embarrassment go away, all you need to do is ask”. I nod, my eyes welling up as I try to fight back tears. I wrap my arms around you in a tight hug, Squeezing hard and not letting go for a minute or so. Then I let go, and step back, my head bowed a little. I have no idea what’s coming next, but I know you’re usually pretty creative with my punishments, making them fit the ‘crime’. You take my hand. There’s an accessible toilet in one corner of the room. You lead me into it and close the door. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. It’s much brighter in here than in the rest of the aquarium. When they do, I realise you’re unbuttoning my jeans. “Did you manage to bring a change?” I say, hope in my voice. “No.” you say, the stern, matter of fact tone to your voice that you’d had earlier coming back. You let my jeans drop to the floor. As I go to step out of them you stop me. “You’ll keep those around your ankles, please”, you say. It’s not a request. You then pull my tshirt and jumper off, leaving them dangling around my wrists. “Don’t let that come off of your wrists under any circumstances”. I nod my head. Your tone, and the situation, has stopped any hint of bratiness. “Now tell me what happened, please” you say, sitting on the closed toilet lid and watching me intently. There’s a slight hissing noise, as without warning or sensation, I lose control and wet my nappy. When it stops I begin to speak. “I didn’t know I needed to poo, then I needed to poo. And it just. I felt a cramp, and then I pushed. I didn’t realise it was going to be so much, and I didn’t want to have to stop having fun just because I’d pooed my nappy. So I tried to keep playing. Then when the game ended, i realised that you might see that my nappy had got bigger at the back so I sat down to try to squish the poo. I didn’t mean to be bad, I just didn’t want to have to leave” The words had started coming out slowly, but sped up as I spoke. Until I got to the bit about sitting down, where the emotion overwhelmed me, and I had to choke out the last bit through tears. By the time I finished speaking I was sobbing uncontrollably. “Come over here please” you said, and I shuffled across the floor, my gait restricted by my nappy and my jeans. You take my hand and begin stroking it reassuringly. “Do you know why you’re being punished?” “Because I didn’t tell you that I’d had an accident? And I tried to hide it from you?” I sniffled. You shook your head , “Because you knew you’d had an accident, but you lied to me. Again and again.” “I just didn’t want to leave” I said, once again sobbing harder. “I know, kitten-face,” you say, using my hand to pull me across your lap, “and you won’t be yet. Not until I decide.” I’m just processing this when I feel a firm slap on the bottom of my nappy. It doesn’t hurt - it would be difficult to hurt me through the padding - but the combination of the thudding, and the sensation of my mess being moved around my nappy with every blow makes me zone out, my brain slipping into a little-ish headspace. After ten swipes you stop hitting. Instead you rub my back, soothing me. You reach into your pocket and pull out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then help me stand up, before guiding me to sit on your lap so you can hug me. I don’t know how long you spend cuddling me, but it’s soothing. At some point I’d stopped sobbing, and was contentedly suckling my pacifier and smiling a little. “OK, stinky-butt” you say, “time to get your clothes back on and get moving”. I stand up, still in a bit of a daze, and let you slip my tops back over my head, and pull my jeans up. They barely fit over my nappy, and the waistband is now very obvious above them. Although the smell of my mess is pretty obvious even if people can’t see my nappy. Before you open the door, you pop the pacifier out of my mouth and slip it back into your pocket. Then you lead me out into the boring room. “I meant what I said about staying until I decide we’re done, by the way” you said, that firm tone back to your voice, “as you don’t seem to care about everyone knowing you’ve messed your nappy, we’re going to keep looking around here until I decide that we can go and get you changed.” I try to work out what you mean by that, but before I can ask any questions, you’ve led me through into the next room. Which again is absolutely full of people. My grip on your hand tightens unconsciously. It won’t be too long before people start to notice that there’s a smell. And that I’m the source. I’m so worried about the people, that I don’t notice the room we’re in. Like the first room, it’s dark, and there’s a whole wall that’s an aquarium tank, but this one is monumental. It’s at least two stories tall, and it’s curved, stretching around the room so we can step inside the curve and be surrounded by the tank on nearly all sides. You lead me towards the curve. Although it is busy, it’s not so bad that we can’t get a good spot. You wrap your arms around me again, and we stand, just looking at the fish, enjoying the moment together. People may well have noticed my messy nappy, but right now I’m completely absorbed by us and I don’t care at all. “How are you feeling?” you ask. “Really happy” I reply. “I was never going to interrupt what we’re doing just to change your nappy.” you say, your voice soothing and calm, “the whole point of them is that you get to enjoy things. To have fun, without having to worry about accidents. And it’s not your fault you’re stinky. It’s the aquarium making it hard for you to be able to change.” My eyes begin to well with tears again, and I give you a big kiss.
  25. I didn't know if I should put this under my last post or start a new topic, they are completely unrelated, but it's another short story A girl at work was complaining, "Nobody gave me a Valentines". Let's call her, Janie. Me, being me the sweetie I am, I quickly folded a piece of paper, drew a heart on it and gave her a simple card. She was touched, even though I had spelled Valentine's wrong, but to her that made the card sweeter in a way. It matched the childish relationship i have with her and most women, for that matter. To her, it's like, "Awww you heard i was sad and made me a little card to make me feel better". I got exactly what I wanted, a hug, a pat on the head and you're such a sweet boy. She was shorter blonde, a little heavy set, the 70's band Queen described them as "Fat Bottomed Girls", but could she still wear tight clothes that looked good enough to catch an eye. We had a decent relationship, but never anything beyond playful flirting. I'd even talked with her about wetting my bed and she didn't even really do any teasing or anything. She was actually surprisingly understanding. So, I'd talked about fetishes with her a couple times and she had an interest in something, but nothing that sparked between us and she never specified her interests, it was always about me. She talked about wanting to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. Usually it's another girl. She tells me her boyfriend is a Black guy real conflicted on homosexuality. I didn't put a lot of thought in it, i offered, "I'll suck his dick, if he wants?". She said, "No, but maybe", then went on to say, that when they'd been drinking, he was into the idea too, but "Don't ever say anything to anyone". And like "You know I wear diapers, you think I'm gonna run around telling your secrets?" A few days go by, I've forgotten all about my little card. Janie comes in all angry and pouty. She's been arguing with her boyfriend and is still arguing with him through text messages. I ask, "What's happening?" She confides a very typical argument, "He's just being a jerk. He doesn't want me talking with other guys. He always says at I'm cheating on him. And I've never cheated once. He's cheated on me and every since I caught him, everything I do, everywhere I go, he says, I'm cheating on him" Me being blissfully naive as to what they are actually arguing about, asks, "What started the argument?" She looks up at from her phone, "He found the card you gave me on Valentines Day. And now, he says you're flirting with me and that i fucked you". This sends a chill down my spine, and gives my voice a sudden nervous enegry, "What do you mean? Why does he want to talk to me?", feeling my little dick and balls retracting inside of me. Janie goes back to typing on her phone, still absently holding the conversation with me. "He keeps saying, you're flirting with me. And he doesn't want any guys flirting with me. I told him it was nothing. He's such a jerk! He's always overreacting. He's sk jealous. He won't even let me hangout with any of my guy friends". She finally looked up again and saw the fear in me. Awhile ago, she had told me, he'd been in jail for fighting before. And this was not the spot I wanted to be in at the moment. I could already see what was shaping up. Does the idea of her boyfriend humiliating me in front of her, turn me on? Very much. Did I sorta kinda orchestrate this situation into existing? I thought it a possibility, but in the moment, the fear is real and thats what turns me on so much! Now, I really wouldn't even call myself a guy. My figure is almost like a split between a guy and a girl. I wear a lot of women's clothes cuz they fit better on me. If I'm walking on a street with heavy traffic, I always get some overly thirsty guy honking at me from behind if I'm wearing tight pants, cuz they see me from behind and think I'm a girl. My shoulders and face don't look too feminine, but have maintained a baby face, but below the waist, i look like a girl. Me and Janie are about the same height too. So, I'm not exactly a fighter. To me, I'd rather suck a guy's dick than fight him. Kiss his shoes? I'll get on my knees. In the moment, I'll do just about anything. I'm intensely submissive to dominant personalities Janie tells me, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's not gonna do anything...." I didn't share her certainty, because before she had even finished, "But you just told me, he is coming here! Can't you tell something?", I'm whining at this point, like desperately pleading with her, "Tell him I'm not here or I went home or anything?" Janie tells me, "That's what I should have said! I didn't even think of that!", but she can tell I'm upset and she starts talking very sweet like she was encouraging a kid, "You don't have to be afraid of him. He won't do anything. I'll protect you", which made me happy to hear, but does little to lessen the dread building inside me" It's gonna be okay. Don't even worry about" A little while later, I'm back asking her, "Can't you tell him something? Cuz, he won't do anything to you! But that doesn't mean he won't do anything to me! You told me he's been to jail", and when she looked up again, and I don't know if it was a look in her eye or the smile on her face, but something gave me the impression she that was enjoying this in someway. So I'm watching the clock all morning, hoping i can somehow get out of work before Janie's boyfriend shows up, or something to happen, but all to soon, the time comes, and her boyfriend's car pulls into the lot. Living up the moniker Yellow, I ran to one of the bathrooms, locked the door and hide inside for like twenty minutes. And that twenty minutes seemed to take forever to pass. The whole time, I'm sitting on the toilet trying to find things to take my attention off her boyfriend, Leon, out there waiting for me. After about ten minutes, I don't hear them talking anymore. But i stay inside. After another ten minutes, I thought I heard a car drive off. So I start thinking it's safe to come out and I have to come out sooner or later. I can't stay in the bathroom forever. And part of me that i hated in this moment, is hoping he's out there. And the moment I turn the corner, I see Leon sitting across from Janie. He stands up and makes a b-line to me. He's under six feet, but he's still six or seven inches taller than me, heavy on some musky cologne, and bigger than me in every way. Later on Janie had said, described me walking into the room looking like a scared child He's pushing his hand into my chest. My back is already against the wall. He is really loud in my face, spittle landing on my face, and a burst of pee escapes into my underwear. He's yelling and pointing at Janie, "You thought you were gonna fuck my girl? Are you fucking stupid?". I felt sick, like I was about to throw up. This is all happening very fast, he's accusing me of hitting on and fucking his girlfriend, I'm shaking my head, denying everything, but i haven't gotten any words just sounds, not to mention I'm shaking pretty bad and tears are welling up in my eyes. Ive started crying and left a wet spot on the seat when my boss yelled at me. Leon shoves a piece of paper against my chest and my back bounces off the wall and I feel a longer jet of pee running into my underwear, i dont know if my pants were wet yet, but my underwear was as wet as it can be. And I'm like, "I didn't..." He cuts me off, snatching the paper back from me, "You didn't write this?!?". And I'm looking back at him, eyes wide and childlike, Im literally helpless and keep looking away, my whole body is shivering and I know my pants must be wet. "Its just a card! It doesn't mean anything", Janie called out, which only seemed to make him madder, cuz he grabbed my shirt and bounced me off the wall again, and this time the quick jet of pee escaping in my underwear doesn't stop. A few tears are starting to run, making my face shiny. I know he can see my pants are wet, even if i can't feel it, cuz I go numb below the waist when i get scared. Now, I'm looking over to Janie for help, my eyes are pleading with her. Finally, she comes over and starts trying to calm him down. I remember her rubbing his shoulders and saying, "Let him answer. Leon! Look at him! He's scared to death". And I get to a certain point where I don't care about embarrassment or having dignity and I'm trying to think of what I can say to him to get him to believe me or get him off of me, but everything in my mind is a blank. I'm not someone you want in high pressure situations. And, in this high pitched squeak, don't ask me why id say this, maybe it's because i know it'll turn me on later, but i tell him, "I still wet my bed! I sleep in a diaper! I don't think Janie would want to sleep with me!" This obviously takes Leon by surprise, "What?", and he still has a grip on my shirt. And I can see Janie has a similar look in her face, surprise that's turning to a smile, it's something people do when they see someone wet their pants. Outloud, i squeak out, "I pee my pants" not I peed my pants, I pee my pants, i dont know what I was trying to say, but that's what came out. Both of them look down, their attention on the wetness between my legs, down both my thighs ,with longer streaks of wetness down to my calves and my socks are only a little wet, i didn't have a full bladder whe. It happened. I've learned, if I want to assure a man of his masculinity, peeing my pants in front of him is a massive ego boost. His whole energy changed, like he had relaxed. But I hadn't, like, I still feel like I'm gonna puke with my heart beating through my chest. Im still begging him that I'm sorry, i won't do it again, it didn't mean anything.Which wasn't entirely true, but he had told me to, "Shut up", so I did. And he looks me up and down, assessing me. I look up, notice Janie's standing behind him with mouth open and her hand covering it. But just like he gets an ego boost, she just saw her man completely dominate me, she is super turned on, like he's some returning champion and the look in her eyes, I know her panties are damp. The way she is caressing his arm and back, looking up to him. It's almost has the look of a love story, except I'm standing in wet pants, completely humiliated and wiping away tears, and because something is really wrong with me, i start to suck my thumb, but im holding that hand with my other hand, so both my hands at my mouth. Luckily no customers came in the store the whole time this scene was unfolding. But standing there watching him tell her, "You see what happens when you try to cheat on me?", she has her hands clasped in front of her chest, looking up to him, like, basking in his masculinity, "You see what a pussy he is? This little bitch!", pointing at me sucking my thumb. Janie looks to me and back to him, nodding her head in agreement eagerly, "Id never cheat on you! I love you. I love you! I love you! Id never cheat on you! Never! Especially not with him. I told you, he's like a little girl", the little nod of her head and the 'him' was worse than calling me piss pants or some other name and she had never told me she saw me as a gjrl. And he kisses her, full tongue in mouth, watching them kiss, feeling is starting to return to my body and i can feel the humiliation that people who have felt that cold wetness of their pee soaked pants clinging to their legs know. Im standing there sucking my thumb in wet pants watching her wrap her arms around his neck, he is gripping her ass with one of his hands, and she is pressing her face against his trying to push his tongue deep inside herself. The noises of their lips and tongues and the little sounds of passion from inside, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen from my position. He was gonna fuck her brains out tonight and she was gonna love it. The energy between them was magical. He told her, "I'll see you at home", after he had what he wanted and left. He didn't say anything or even look back at me. When she turned to me, she couldn't get the smile off her face, even though she felt bad for me and finally I could exhale a sigh of relief. Janie, is in my face now, "It's okay. Calm down sweetie. It's okay", she's putting her hands on my shoulders, petting me head, but she also checks behind her to make sure he's not coming back, "Shhhh, let's get you in the bathroom". She has her hand on my back walking me to the bathroom. "Shhh, stop shaking, it's okay, baby". Don't ask me why, maybe fetish stuff, but I end up pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet with my underwear still on, my yellow underwear, and I'm talking with Janie. After a few more minutes of her telling me it's gonna be okay and putting both her hands on my head and holding it against her body, she has to go back out front. Now, if you've ever been in the position of the wimp who pissed himself, most girls take an extreme degree of pity, there's this bonding thing, it's about the most emasculated I can be and she feels like it's her fault, but any sexual tension between us is gone, she's like a babysitter now and I've had this happen with a few girlfriends, "I just can't see you as a man anymore", they say. Finally, as she's opening the bathtoon door, she asks the question, that seems obvious looking back, "You really wear diapers? Ive never seen a guy get the pee scared out of him". I'm like, "I have accidents" "I can see that", the smile on her face was shining and her arms were crossed under her tits making them look even bigger, "Maybe you should think about wearing them more". "I don't pee my pants everyday" "You need to get outta those wet clothes. You'll get a rash", this actually started to get my dick hard, hearing her telling me I'm about to get diaper rash. "I think I have an extra pair of tights in my car. You can wear, but I don't have any panties", again telling me she doesn't have any panties for me to wear was another step toward an erection, ",Do you have any your d...", she had trouble saying diapers and started to laugh as she said the word. Now, I had extra pants, Goodnites, diapers, underwear, even shirts, when you wet your pants a few times a year, you learn to be prepared, my mom and sisters call it, my diaper bag. But I wanted to wear Janie's tights, so I didn't tell her and pulled my pants back up and went out to the car with her. I took one of my Goodnites, cuz a diaper would be very visible, especially in tights. I'm sitting there with her for the rest of the day. And we talk about everything. Im telling her, if I wet my pants, I'm gonna wet the bed for a few weeks, and I'm gonna be much more likely to have accidents in the next few days. I can't help peeing myself sometimes, if someone jumps out or if the brakes on a car screech, there's gonna be at least a wet spot. The way she is talking to me know though, it's like I'm not a man in her eyes anymore and I'm incredibly turned on. But that's not the end of this, cuz like a week later, Janie mentions the threesome again. And after the way I fell apart when he was angry, he told Janie "You're right, he's basically a girl. No man is gonna piss all over himself and start sucking his thumb". Of course I'm interested, I wanted to see him fuck Janie more than anything and I was gonna. I was thrilled! I love dominate guys. If he wants to humiliate me, as long as he isn't like punching me, I'm happy. I'm over the moon, in another week, I was at their house, I dressed as feminine as I could and wore a Goodnite, I mainly wear the girl's one's cuz the work much better. At least for me the girl Goodnites hold leaks three times better, I don't know if it's cuz my package isn't very big, but the boy one's leak on me and the girl one's don't. I show up. Janie brings me in, she's in little shorts and a t-shirt, greeting me. I switch into a pink skirt, with white tights and a yellow top. She takes me to see the man. He's sitting on an easy chair and I get on my knees off to the side of him, "Thank you for letting me come over, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you?", everything is Sir, may I, please, thank you. He stands and pats me on my head, "Oh you're a good bitch", I flinch, "You can stand up bitch", and he like sniffs me. My heart is beating through my chest, this guy almost kicked my ass one week ago. Im literally peeing my pull-up. I can smell alcohol on his breath. It was very animalistic. He puts his arm around Janie's waist, "You two bitches are gonna suck my cock" I ask, "Do you want me to wear lipstick, Sir?" "Yeah, I do". I get my lipstick out of my bag, give it to Janie, who puts it on me quicker than I could. At this point, I say, "I think I better tell you guys that I don't really have a dick" and I let that statement hang in the air. Janie and Leon look at each other, "Like, I have one but it's small, like girls don't feel it, but I wear a strap-on and girls like that one better" "You're perfect, bitch" Leon gets on the couch, pulls his jeans and boxers down. At first, he's holding his cock up. Me and Janie are on our knees sucking on his balls, our tongue over each other's, our lips are touching and the thin slightly salty taste of his balls fill my mouth. He let's his cock down and we both jump on it, licking his cock, me and Janie are basically kissing with the tip of his cock between our mouths. This is amazing. Janie forces me to the side swallowing his cock first, "Hold her head down", I push Janie's head down as she makes those gagging noises but she's really use to it. Janie takes her mouth off, his cock is dripping with her saliva and his precum, i start blowing him, same thing, "Hold her head down", Janie pushes my head down and I am gagging, but she's holding my head and I'm violently gagging, anything left in my bladder is draining into my pull-up, eventually I relax and just let his cock stretch my throat. I look up at his eyes with mine wide and submissive, it's a submissive thing, I've had a couple cocks in my mouth before and eye contact at points is important, wide eyes, vulnerable, making little moans and noises, like trying to softly mimic the sounds of a woman orgasm, helps get the guy off, especially if the guy who's dick is in your mouth doesn't see himself as gay or bisexual. Now with his humiliation of me fresh in all out minds, the energy is different. It's whatever he wants, he knows that and he is imposing it on me and Janie. And he is loving it. Rarely does a man surprise me, but he grabs my hair, pulls me off his cock and tells me to, "Eat my ass". I hadn't ever planned on doing this and he seems to register that, even though he is not the most sensitive of men, and he moves me on my knees to behind him, while I'm in the middle of saying, "I need to get a new pull-up, Sir", but he is snapping his fingers and pointing down, Janie hustles over, gets back on her knees and starts sucking. I forget about changing my pull-up, spread his cheeks and start tonguing his asshole. I can't say I'm crazy about the taste, like his balls, cock, cum I don't mind the taste, but his asshole, I'd rather not, but I would have got on my knees and started licking the ground, if he had told me to. After a few minutes though, I can tell he's about to cum and the feeling I get from making a man cum is so hot, even if I'm not the one sucking his cock, it's the ultimate pat on the head, if a guy sleeps with me. I'll suck his cock all night like a pacifier, I'll sleep with my head at his crotch all night. Anyway, he cums in Janie's mouth, pulls me back up front and has me kissing her and we pushing his cum back and forth between our mouths making a show of it. Finally I can ask again, "Can I go put on a diaper now, Sir?", but I'm looking up from him to Janie hoping, if he doesn't say anything, she will. "You couldn't sit your ass down and take a piss before you got here", but he's kinda laughing when he says it. "I didn't think I had to, but your cock...changed my mind", knowing he'd like that answer and he nods. I get up off my knees, "One more thing, bitch", I freeze, "We wanna see your cock". Immediately, I'm like, "Why?", I didn't even say Sir. Obviously he goes, "Cuz I said so" and steps forward. He can tell I don't want to and that makes him even enjoy it more. Janie is standing now and watching me shrink in front of her boyfriend, getting hotter. He steps back and just grabs the front of my Goodnite and just rips it off and then pushes it against my chest. In an almost perfect way, my little dick springs up cuz I'm rock hard. He's smiling, Janie laughs, naked from the waist down my three inch penis is fully on display, I'm completely hairless and shave the little body hair that does grow. "That's....the smallest dick I've ever seen" and follows up with a line I've heard a million times in one form or another, he turns to Janie, "No wonder he's still diapers, he's got a baby dick", this actually embarrasses me though and I cover up, "Don't cover up" I move my hand and let them see my little dick. "Can I go now, Sir" "Go". I put a diaper on, come back, we go into the bedroom, I put on my strap-on over my diaper and they both a laugh outta that. But I'm pretty good with a strap-on. So, Leon is gonna fuck Janie from behind, while I use my strap-on on her mouth. And Janie's like, "Please don't piss yourself while I'm blowing you" Meekly, "I don't think I will" Leon grabs my hair, pulling my head back, "You heard her! You better not". I start to say, "This isn't helping", but he pushed his thumb in my mouth and that made cum, sucking on his finger, it seems so small, but I came in my diaper sucking on his thumb. Spit roasting Janie was fun, mainly watching Leon fucking her, I just tried to make her start gagging anytime she started moaning, cuz that's what she wanted. Having her looking up at me with my strap-on in her mouth, while his real cock is inside her pussy, I'm like a lesbian to them. And wearing the strap-on is demeaning, but I've always done it, because no girls could ever feel my dick, and it's awkward having a girl say, "Are you inside me? I can't feel anything? Are you sure it's in? I'm not all stretched out, I cant even feel you!", but watching her pushing off her legs so she goes into his cock harder and he is slamming into her big ass, heavy flesh smacking sounds. When he is really jackhammering Janie's starting to orgasm, I push my strap-on as deep as it'll go, and she looks up and her eyes are sparkling and wide as she goes into like body convulsions, her hands are grabbing my diapered ass, digging in and pulling my diaper down. She finishes, Leon says, "You squirted all over my cock", smacking her ass, making her moan, Janie pulls her mouth off my strap-on, turns and gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock clean. They've both been drinking, theyre coming down, they're going to bed, I sleep on floor next to their bed. I'd drank a bottle of water before going to sleep and my diaper reflected that the next morning. That the next morning, Janie did mention, but Leon no longer being drunk, didn't want me there anymore, in fact, he made it clear. I had to leave now. So fast, I'm putting my pants back on, on their porch, wet diaper fully visible to anyone watching me pull my pants on and make my way to me car. I get home and see myself, I'd forgotten to take off the lipstick, lol.
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