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Found 16 results

  1. Well, this is my first ever story for a contest - in particular, this is for Kasarberang's fourth contest, and I'll post the link at the bottom. Anyway, without further ado, welcome to the show! - Chapter One: Sentencing - Ferne Beliveau had presented her closing arguments this Sunday of the capital murder trial with confidence, poise, and the expertise of a long-time professional - which was shocking, since she was the youngest (and newest) District Attorney in the history of Louisiana (all of Louisiana, not just New Orleans, her district) at the tender age of twenty-nine, having been in law school since she was seventeen. She was certain the man before her would be convicted by the jury, who had finished deliberations and were standing before the judge. “Have you reached a verdict?” Judge Anderson, a tired old man with little shock-white hair remaining on his nearly bald head, asked. “We have, Your Honor,” the forewoman said. “What say you?” “We the jury, in the case of the State of Louisiana vs. Hedges, find the defendant unanimously guilty on the charges of capital murder and armed robbery in the first degree.” Ferne looked at Tevin Hedges, a Black teenager, who mouthed, “I ain’t done nothin’,” in disbelief, tears pouring from his eyes, the defense attorneys bowing their heads in shock and guilt. She loved every moment of it. Crushing the hopes and dreams of these men was sweet nectar and ambrosia to her. So what if they were innocent? It looked good on her record. Besides, they deserve nothing less for being criminal scum. “Thank you, Jury, for your service today. Court is adjourned.” Ferne left with the various legal documents in her hands, a bounce in her step, her heels clicking on the floor, as she strode towards the exits. She had almost reached it before she was bumped into, a foul-smelling liquid spilling on her expensive white pantsuit. “Watch where you’re going!” she spat at the offending party: a tall middle-aged woman with long straw-blonde hair and green eyes that were glaring at her coldly. “Perhaps you should be more careful, young lady,” the older woman said in a dialect that was clearly Irish, the glare not leaving her eyes, a familiar look. Ferne huffed a bit, ignoring the woman (had she seen her before? No matter; she had more important things to worry about.) as she went to the restroom to clean up. Whatever liquid (probably liquor) was spilled on her had absorbed itself into her skin, and yet…it wasn’t wet. Definitely going to shower after this, she thought furiously, as she washed her hands, peering into the mirror to see her beautiful light brunette hair smartly tucked in a bun, her twinkling ice-blue eyes, the smug look on her face like the cat who ate the canary. The only thing she hated about her appearance was her size: she was barely 4’10” with a small bust to match. “Hello, Ferne,” a voice said next to her. She was joined by her, well, nobody was exactly a rival to her, but her closest competitor, Taneka Stevens, her ebony complexion, long braids, and still-heavyset figure and giant bust from a very recent childbirth contrasting sharply with Ferne’s toned alabaster skin. The other woman was already washing her hands. “Well, hello, Tannypack,” Ferne replied snootily. “Glad I could have your help on the Hedges case, for what little you did.” Stevens didn’t back down, annoying the younger woman. She was the only one who didn’t back down from her “Bitch-mode” amongst her subordinates - something she was going to have to change. “You know the kid was innocent, right?” Stevens said with a sigh. “We’re not the ones to decide guilt; that’s the job of the jury,” Ferne chided. “Maybe having a kid sapped a bit of your brain in the process?” “Why are you the way you are?” She brushed off the question, ignoring how much it hurt inwardly. “You mean a successful head District Attorney in Louisiana’s biggest parish? Maybe you should try it sometime, Tannypack; it might make you less stupid.” “Never mind. I see how you’re choosing to act.” Stevens left, leaving Ferne to her thoughts. What a stupid whore, choosing to get knocked up over the opportunity of being District Attorney. Her phone buzzed in the pocket of her ruined pantsuit, and she looked at the text. Her stupid ex, Mae Jung-Sook, was the guilty party. Hey, I need you to come to court for child services. Urgent, much love! She rolled her eyes and responded. Did you drink bleach? We’re both women, and there was no child. Fuck off. The next text quickly showed up. It’s about guardianship, power-of-attorney. If you back out now, they’ll assume the child isn’t old enough to be their own legal guardian and POA falls into my hands. Please, dear, last chance to back out. Ferne rolled her eyes. Classic manipulation tactic. You can do whatever the fuck you want with your brat, bitch. For the last time, fuck off! It’s over! In fact, I don’t think there ever was anything between us! Goodbye! She blocked the number on her phone. If Mae was going to be manipulative, she didn’t need her in her life. What a fucking day… Ferne decided to go back home to change; she couldn’t exactly go out for a night on the town in a dirty pantsuit. She saw the Irish woman standing outside the bathroom, her stare making the DA feel a bit uncomfortable, and once again, she had the strangest feeling she had seen her before. Doesn’t matter where I saw her. She’s not my type, anyway. She strode confidently into the parking lot, heedless and uncaring of the other people who were in her way, no matter who they were, as she got out her keys. Her Lexus was ready to go, the front door automatically opening for her (thank God for the money from her job). Ferne sidled in and closed the door, opening her purse that she had hidden in the backseat. It would be the biggest mistake of her life. She checked the open purse, making sure everything was there, seeing an odd canister spewing an odorless gas, barely feeling her eyes droop before everything went black. - Well, here's the link, as promised. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter:
  2. Chapter 1: This can't be real. "Ashley, did you remember to pack the camera for your sister?" Steve yelled while adding things to their car for their road trip. "Got it!" Ashley called back, lugging a heavy suitcase towards the car. She had packed meticulously, ensuring they had everything they needed for their week-long getaway. As she approached the car, she noticed Steve struggling with a large cooler. "Let me help you with that," she said, setting down the suitcase and moving to assist him. Together, they managed to load the cooler into the trunk, making space for the rest of their luggage. "Thanks, Ash," Steve said, wiping sweat from his brow. "I don't know what I'd do without you." Ashley smiled, feeling a warm sense of contentment. She loved moments like these, simple and mundane yet filled with a sense of togetherness. As they finished loading the car, Ashley glanced at the time. "We should get going if we want to make it to Sarah's before dark," she said, referring to her sister. "She's expecting us to drop off the camera today." Steve nodded, closing the trunk. "Let's hit the road, then. I can't wait to get to the cabin and relax." With everything packed and ready, they climbed into the car, the engine roaring to life as Steve turned the key. As they drove off, the sun shining brightly overhead, Ashley couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. It was their 4th year anniversary of dating each other. She was confident he was going to propose while out at the cabin. As they left the city, traffic grew heavier, and Steve, always the impatient one, decided to take a detour through the backroads to avoid the congestion. The scenic route wound through the mountains, offering breathtaking views of the rugged landscape. "Steve, do you know where we are going? We've never gone this way before to visit my sister." Ashley asked concerned they were going to be late. "Don't worry about it; the road has to connect at some point," he said nonchalantly. "If you say so," she replied, pulling out her phone. "Hey Sarah, we're going to be late. Steve is taking a new road this time. He's being his "adorable" self and refusing to listen to the GPS or his navigator, lol," Ashley texted her sister. Hours had gone by at this point, as they ascended higher into the mountains, their cell signal began to fade, eventually disappearing altogether. "I think we should turn back Steve," Ashley told him, concerned they might have gone too far without cell service. It's already been an hour since the last time she could do anything on her phone. Despite Ashley's protests, Steve assured her that they would soon find their way back to civilization. However, his optimism dwindled as the sun began to set, casting long shadows over the desolate road. With no cell service and no GPS to guide them. Steve admitted defeat. "Okay, maybe you're right. I'll stop at the next gas station or something and ask for directions." "Or, you know we could turn around?" "How? This road isn't wide enough for me to do that." They continued down the desolate road in silence; their nerves grew with each passing minute without an opportunity to turn back around. The fading light of dusk painted the landscape in eerie shadows, heightening their sense of isolation. Suddenly, with a sputter, their car lurched to a halt, billowing smoke from beneath the hood. Steve's heart sank as he stared at the dashboard, hoping for some sign of life from the engine. Only to see the check engine light and the red lining of the temperature gauge. The silence that followed was deafening. Ashley unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car, stretching her legs and taking in their surroundings. She let out a frustrated sigh, her fingers tapping anxiously on her phone, now displaying a bleak "No Service" message. "We should start walking," Steve said, forcing confidence into his voice as he opened the car door and stepped out onto the gravel shoulder. "Maybe there's a gas station or a house nearby where we can ask for help." Ashley nodded, though her eyes betrayed her growing unease. They began to walk up the road, the fading light casting long shadows ahead of them. The air was thick with the scent of pine trees and the distant hum of crickets. After what felt like an eternity, they came across an old, abandoned house nestled among the trees. The windows were boarded up, and the front porch sagged under the weight of neglect. Moss and leaflitter had overcome the roof nearly entirely. Ivy stretched up one side of the house threatening to overtake the decrepit structure. Steve hesitated, looking at the house and the setting sun, a sense of foreboding settling over him like a shroud. "We should keep going," he suggested, his voice tight with unease. Ashley hesitated an urgency in her bladder demanding her attention. "I have to go," she whispered, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "And it's getting dark. We'll just go in, use the bathroom, and leave." Reluctantly, Steve nodded, his stomach churning with apprehension as they approached the crumbling porch. Couldn't she just go by a bush? The door creaked open with a rusty groan, revealing a dimly lit interior choked with dust and cobwebs. As they stepped inside, a chill wind whispered through the empty rooms, sending shivers down their spines. Suddenly, the door behind them slammed shut. WHAM Ashley and Steve both jumped at the loud noise, turning to see the door closed. Steve nervously scanned the dimly lit interior, his hand instinctively reaching for Ashley's. "Must've been some strong wind," he muttered, trying to rationalize the sudden slamming of the door. Ashley nodded, her heart pounding in her chest as she tried to suppress the rising panic. "Yeah, let's just find the bathroom and get out of here," she agreed, her voice trembling slightly. Standing in the hallway, their senses were on high alert, every creak and groan of the old house setting their nerves on edge. Ashley was about to take another step down the hallway when a sudden movement caught her eye. Turning towards the source of the disturbance, she froze in terror as a figure emerged from the shadows—a grotesque, life-sized mannequin with hollow eyes and a frozen smile. "Welcome, little ones," it cooed, its voice like nails on a chalkboard. "It's time to play!" Steve and Ashley's hearts pounded in their chests as the figure began charging towards them frantically. Waving its arms about wildly. They froze on the spot, their minds unable to comprehend the surreal situation unfolding before them. Closing their eyes, they braced themselves for the inevitable. Suddenly, the mannequin's voice softened, sending a chill down their spines. "Uh-oh, looks like someone snuck their way out of the playroom," it said, its tone almost playful. "You two should know better. You wouldn't want to get in trouble, now would we?" Its smile widened to an unnatural length. Confused, Steve and Ashley cautiously opened their eyes. To their astonishment, the mannequin now loomed large before them, towering over them like a giant. The entire house had transformed, everything around them appearing larger than life. They were no longer their adult selves but had shrunk down to the size of toddlers, surrounded by oversized furniture and toys. Steve and Ashley blinked in disbelief, trying to make sense of their surreal surroundings. They realized that the abandoned house had undergone a dramatic transformation. What was once a decrepit, abandoned building now appeared pristine and inviting, as if frozen in time from its heyday as a bustling daycare center. The walls were painted in bright, cheerful colors and adorned with whimsical murals of smiling animals and playful children. Sunshine streamed in through large windows, casting warm, golden rays across the room, nothing like the outside they had just come from. Toys were neatly arranged in colorful bins, and child-sized furniture dotted the space. There was a cubby system across from the stairs in front of them, where kids hung their coats and placed their shoes. But despite the seemingly idyllic atmosphere, a sense of unease lingered in the air. The silence that filled the room was heavy with the weight of the unknown, and a creeping sense of dread clawed at the edges of their consciousness. "What... what's happening?" Ashley whispered, her voice barely above a breath as she clung to Steve's hand, her eyes wide with fear. Steve shook his head, his mind reeling with disbelief. "I-I don't know," he admitted, his voice tinged with uncertainty and fear."This can't be real." The mannequin chuckled, its voice echoing through the room. "Oh, but it is, my dears," it said, its eyes gleaming with an eerie light. "You're here to play, just like all the other little ones who came before you." As the realization of their predicament sank in, Ashley and Steve exchanged a terrified glance, their hearts pounding in their chests. They turned towards the door, desperate to escape, but to their horror, they found that the once easily reachable doorknob was now far beyond their grasp, towering above them like a monument to their helplessness. "We need to get out of here," Ashley cried, her voice tinged with panic as she tugged futilely at the door. "This can't be happening." Steve's mind raced, trying to make sense of their surreal situation. "There's no way out," his voice trembling with fear as he scanned the room for an escape route. The mannequin's voice cut through the air, sending a chill down their spines. "I'm afraid leaving is not an option, my dears," it said, its tone eerily calm. "You see, you're here to play, and play you shall." Steve and Ashley turned towards the mannequin, their eyes wide with fear and their backs pressed up against the door. It approached them, its towering figure casting a long shadow over them. Ashley's heart sank as she felt a warm trickle down her leg, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she realized she was wetting her pants in fear. The mannequin chuckled, its voice echoing through the room. "Looks like someone had an accident," it said, its eyes gleaming with an unsettling light. "No matter, we'll get you cleaned up in no time." With a swift motion, the mannequin scooped up Steve and Ashley in its enormous arms, carrying them away from the door and up the stairs into the daycare. Steve and Ashley struggled against its grip, but it was no use. They were at the mercy of the supernatural force that held them captive. As they were carried through the daycare, they passed by a room with empty cribs and playpens, their surroundings a surreal mix of childhood innocence and eerie abandonment. The mannequin brought them to a brightly lit room filled with changing tables and stacks of diapers, a hint to their new reality. "Now, now, little ones," the mannequin cooed, placing them on the changing tables. "Let's get you cleaned up and ready for playtime." Steve and Ashley exchanged a terrified glance, their minds reeling with fear and confusion. How had they ended up in this nightmare? And more importantly, was there a way out? Chapter 2: Changed Steve's heart raced as he struggled against the firm grip of the mannequin, his muscles straining with effort. He twisted and turned, desperate to break free, but its hold on him was unyielding. Ashley, stunned by the event that had unfolded, froze. Her eyes were wide with fear, tears streaming down her face. But she made no sound, too shocked by the sudden events. "Let us go!" Steve shouted, his voice echoing through the room. "This isn't right! We need to leave!" But his words fell on deaf ears as the feminine figure carried them up the stairs, its movements slow and deliberate. Steve's heart sank as he realized the futility of their situation. They were at the mercy of a supernatural force, trapped in a nightmare. As they reached the top of the stairs, the mannequin carried them into a brightly lit room, the walls adorned with colorful murals of children's finger paintings. Some of them clearly cries for help, with large red letters on some of the drawings reading "LET ME GO" and "HELP!" Diaper boxes lined the walls, with two changing tables. One at the end of the wall, with a dresser adjacent to it. Across the room was a large playpen with nothing in it, almost like it was meant to be a holding cell. With a sudden burst of adrenaline, Steve twisted and wiggled, managing to slip out of the mannequin's hold. He fell towards the ground, his heart pounding in his chest, only to be caught once again as the mannequin's grip tightened around him. As he dangled in the air, he met the mannequin's gaze, his eyes widening in terror as its face contorted into a grotesque expression before snapping back to its benign facade. The room around them seemed to warp and shift, along with its face. The walls pulsating with otherworldly energy. Steve's breath caught in his throat as he struggled to comprehend the surreal scene unfolding before him. The mannequin's voice echoed in his mind, its words soft yet chilling. "You need to be more careful, little one," its tone syrupy sweet yet laced with menace. "You wouldn't want to get into trouble, would you?" Steve's heart pounded in his chest as he struggled to make sense of the situation. "What do you want from us?" he demanded, his voice trembling with fear and confusion. But the mannequin remained silent, its painted lips curled into a twisted smile. With a flicker of movement, it released Steve from its grasp, setting him down into the playpen across from the table. "You need to wait your turn, young man," it whispered, sending shivers down Steve's spine. The mannequin then turned back to the table, placing Ashley on the changing table, its movements gentle. Ashley snapped out of her shock as she realized what the mannequin was trying to do. She started to struggle against its grip. Her heart pounded in her chest, fear gripping her. She watched in terror as the mannequin's hands reached for her, its touch cold and unnerving. With a swift motion, it began to undress her, stripping her of her clothes with a mechanical precision that sent shivers down her spine. "Please, let us go," Ashley pleaded, her voice trembling with fear. "We don't belong here. We just want to go home." The mannequin pressed Ashley to the changing table firmly, pulled out the straps, and tied her down to it. "I'm sorry, sweetie, only your parents can pick you up from the daycare. But It's okay; we'll take really good care of you until they get here." Its voice felt unsettling, ringing in their ears. It sounded sweet yet menacing. What is the deal with this thing? Ashley struggled against the restraints on the changing table, panic rising within her. Frantically, she attempted to undo the straps, her fingers fumbling with the buckles. "Steve, please help me!" she cried out, her voice choked with fear and desperation. But Steve was stuck in the playpen, his attempts to escape proving futile. He watched helplessly, clinging to the rim of the pen on his tiptoes, his heart aching with fear for Ashley. He watched in horror as her wet pants were removed and discarded. Ashley's eyes darted to her phone as it fell out of her pocket, a glimmer of hope flickering within her. But her hope was short-lived as the mannequin's voice filled the room, its tone stern and unsettling. "Phones are for grown-ups, little one," it admonished, its words echoing in her mind. "Children aren't allowed to play with them." With a deft movement, the mannequin picked up Ashley's phone and placed it on a shelf above the changing table, far out of her reach. Ashley's heart sank as she realized her only lifeline to the outside world was beyond her grasp. She quickly looked toward Steve, hoping he could find a way to hide his phone. Maybe they could use his to escape? As the mannequin continued to undress her, Ashley's mind raced with fear and uncertainty. She was truly at the mercy of this twisted entity, trapped in a nightmare from which she could not wake. Steve, seeing how it handled the situation with the phone and the look Ashley gave him, began to look for a place he could stash his. He knew he had to do something, anything, to keep it away from it. But as he looked around the room, all he saw was the colorful murals and the ominous diaper boxes lining the walls. Steve looked back at Ashley, meeting her gaze. He was shocked to his core. The mannequin had completely stripped her down. She was naked! Mortification and frustration boiled within him. No one was allowed to do that to her except him! Fear set in as he realized, however, that there was no way he could hide his phone on himself, not with it stripping them down to their birthday suits. He could see her face bright red with humiliation from what was unfolding. The mannequin then reached down to the shelf right below the table Ashley was on, grabbing a rectangular object that looked to be folded. "There we go, all clean now. Time to get you dressed for the day. Now, do you want to wear the princesses or the flowers, deary?" The mannequin was holding two diapers, both in bright pink. Ashley started to scream. "No! No! No! You can't do this! I don't want to wear a diaper! No!" She screamed, her pleas falling on deaf ears. "Calm down, sweetie. You'll be able to get back to playing in no time." The mannequin placed the pink flower diaper on the shelf below, setting it aside for another time. "We'll go with princesses today for the little princess who played dress up." The mannequin unfolded the diaper and lifted Ashley's legs up to slide the diaper under her bare butt. Ashley's eyes flooded with tears. Here she was, a 23-year-old woman getting put in a diaper. Every second felt painstakingly slow. She felt the mannequin lower her back onto the diaper. It was shockingly soft, softer than she would have expected. The mannequin pulled the front of the diaper up, covering her privates. The bulkiness of the material was hard to ignore. Finally, it reached to the side to grab the tape and, one by one, taped the diaper around her waist. "There we go, nice fresh diaper for the little miss. I got the perfect outfit for you, too." The mannequin cooed lovingly as if it was playing dress-up with a doll. "Here we are!" It held out a bright pink frilly dress romper. It had a zipper at the back, making it hard for little ones to remove it independently. The mannequin slid the romper up Ashley's legs, getting her feet through the leg holes, pulling up as far as it could with her still lying down. It then unbuckled her, standing her up, placing her arms through the arm holes, and finally zippering up the back to hold it all in place. "Don't you look pretty?" The mannequin smiled with a genuine smile of satisfaction at how cute she looked. Steve had a clear line of sight to Ashley; she looked just like a toddler, and even her chest looked flat in that dress. "No!" Steve shouted, his voice filled with a mixture of fear and defiance. "I won't let you do this to us! We're not children! We're adults, damn it!" The mannequin's painted lips twisted into a scowl at Steve's outburst, its eyes narrowing with displeasure. With a slow, deliberate movement, it turned its head away from Ashley, whose eyes were filled with terror at the sight of the mannequin's face. Slowly, it turned its head towards Steve, its expression morphing into a grotesque visage that sent shivers down his spine. "Young man, we do not use such language in this daycare," the mannequin's voice rang out, icy and menacing. "You must learn to behave yourself. Such attitudes will not be tolerated." Before Steve could react, the mannequin twisted its body and charged toward him with surprising speed, its movements unnaturally swift. Steve's heart pounded in his chest as he braced himself for the impact, his mind racing with fear and desperation. The mannequin's cold hands closed around him. With a sudden, violent motion, the mannequin lifted Steve into the air, its grip unyielding. Steve struggled against its hold, his muscles straining with effort, but it was futile. The mannequin's strength was beyond human, its power seemingly limitless. As Steve dangled in the air, his mind raced with fear and desperation. He cast a frantic glance towards Ashley, his eyes pleading for her help. But Ashley could only watch helplessly, her heart pounding in her chest. Thinking fast, Steve seized the opportunity to act. With a quick, desperate motion, he fumbled for his phone in his pocket, his fingers closing around the familiar device. With a swift motion, he hurled it towards Ashley. Ashley's eyes widened in surprise as she caught the phone, her fingers trembling with adrenaline. She tucked it into the front of her dress, securely held in place between the soft fabric and her squished chest, concealing it from view. Her heart raced with hope as she realized they might have a chance to escape this nightmare after all. As Ashley quickly jumped off the changing table, her heart pounding in her chest, she felt the frilly fabric of the romper swish around her legs with each step. The sensation was strange and unfamiliar, the soft material tickling her skin. But there was no time to dwell on her discomfort; Steve's safety was her top priority. With determination blazing in her eyes, Ashley sprinted towards Steve, her feet stumbling slightly on the unfamiliar terrain of the daycare floor. Every movement felt exaggerated in the oversized romper, the ruffles bouncing with each step. As she neared, she could see the fear etched on Steve's face, his eyes pleading for her help. Without hesitation, she raised her foot and delivered a swift, powerful kick to the back of the mannequin's knee. The impact sent a jolt of pain shooting up her leg, but she ignored it, focusing all her strength on the task at hand. The mannequin let out a mechanical groan as its artificial joints buckled beneath the force of Ashley's blow. It stumbled forward, its grip on Steve loosening as it struggled to maintain its balance. For a brief moment, it teetered on the brink of collapse, its plastic limbs flailing wildly as it fought to regain its footing. Seizing the opportunity, Steve wriggled free from the mannequin's grasp, his heart pounding with adrenaline as he stumbled backward, his limbs trembling with exertion. He cast a grateful glance towards Ashley, his eyes filled with relief and gratitude. Together, they watched as the mannequin stumbled forward, its balance precarious. The mannequin teetered on the brink of falling, its arms flailing wildly. Steve and Ashley exchanged a glance, a silent understanding passing between them. Together, they turned and fled, their footsteps echoing through the deserted corridors of the daycare. Behind them, the mannequin let out a mechanical screech of rage, its eyes glowing with malevolent fury as it gave chase. The world around them had warped again, back to its abandoned state, the facade of the daycare gone. Terrified, Steve and Ashley refused to look back. As Ashley and Steve descended the stairs, their footsteps echoing in the eerie silence, a sense of urgency gripped them. They dared a quick glance back and saw the mannequin, now moving on all fours with unnerving speed, closing the distance between them. Panic surged through their veins, propelling them forward faster. But in their haste, they failed to watch their surroundings. Without warning, they collided with something solid, sending them both sprawling to the ground. As they recovered from the impact and looked up, they were met with the sight of another mannequin, different from the menacing one chasing them. This mannequin had a soft, caring smile, its eyes filled with warmth and understanding. It seemed to radiate a sense of calm amidst the chaos surrounding them. The daycare around them had transformed once again, returning to its pristine state, as if nothing had happened. As the new mannequin approached, its soft, caring smile seemed to put Ashley and Steve at ease, despite their recent ordeal. They scrambled to their feet, their eyes flickering between the two mannequins, unsure of what to expect. "It looks like we've had some runaways," the new mannequin said with a chuckle, its voice soothing and gentle. It then turned, looking back upstairs to the other mannequin. "Are you alright, Nyxara?" Nyxara, the once-menacing mannequin at the top of the stairs, now stood in its pristine form, its grotesque and menacing presence seemingly erased. It smiled warmly down at the new mannequin, its eyes filled with a sense of relief. "Yes, I'm alright, Elysia," Nyxara replied, her voice now calm and reassuring. "Thank you for the assistance. These two are a bit more... rowdy." Elysia knelt down in front of Steve and Ashley, her expression kind and gentle. "You two shouldn't run off like that," she said softly. "You could get hurt. But don't worry Nyxara and I are here to keep you safe and entertained until your mommies and daddies come back to pick you up." Steve and Ashley exchanged a puzzled glance. "Mommy and Daddy?" Steve repeated, his voice tinged with confusion. "What are you talking about? We're not children," Steve protested, his voice tinged with frustration. "We're adults. We don't need babysitters." Elysia giggled at Steve's protest, her smile never faltering. "Oh, sweetie, you only think you're an adult because of playing dress-up," she said gently. "But don't worry Nyxara and I are here to take care of you now. It's time to change back into your proper clothes." Elysia picked Steve up, cradling him in her arms as she headed back upstairs. Steve struggled against her hold, his protests growing louder. "No, let me go! I'm not a child!" he cried, his voice filled with frustration and fear. Nyxara descended the stairs. Her gaze fell upon Ashley, who stood frozen in fear. Her heart sank. She watched in despair as the figure approached, its arms outstretched, ready to pick her up. Ashley instinctively stepped back, her eyes pleading for mercy, but it's expression remained unchanged, it's smile warm but unwavering. With a gentle yet firm grip, the monster like creature scooped Ashley into its arms, her touch surprisingly warm for a mannequin. Ashley's heart raced as she was carried away. She looked over her captor's shoulder, locking eyes with Steve, who was now in Elysia's care, being comforted in a way that made him feel embarrassed and frustrated. They reached out to each other, their hands stretching towards one another, but the distance between them grew with each passing step. Steve's protests grew louder as Elysia cooed soothing words to him, attempting to calm his fears. "Shh, shh, it's okay, sweetheart," Elysia murmured, rocking Steve gently in her arms. "There's no need to cry. I'm here to take care of you." Steve's cheeks flushed with embarrassment at being treated like a baby. Despite his best efforts to maintain his composure, tears welled up in his eyes, betraying his facade of maturity. As Nyxara carried Ashley away, her heart felt like it was being torn apart. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her sobs echoing through the empty corridors of the daycare. She reached out desperately towards Steve, but he was already out of sight. Hearing the girl's cry about losing her friend she was playing dress-up with. Nyxara reassured the girl. "There, there, dear," she murmured, her voice soothing. "Don't cry. You'll see your friend again soon. But for now, let's go play with the other kids, shall we?" An innocent smile full of warmth grew on her face, feeling as if she was doing a good job taking care of the latest additions to the daycare. Chapter 3: Newfound Friends As Ashley was carried away, her mind raced with fear and confusion. She struggled against the mannequin's grip, but it was futile. She felt helpless, at the mercy of these strange and otherworldly beings. Nyxara held Ashley tightly as she stepped down the corridors of the daycare, eventually arriving at a brightly lit room filled with toys and games. Ashley's eyes widened in wonder and confusion as she took in her surroundings. The room seemed frozen in time, as if it was newly constructed or renovated, pristine in every aspect. As Nyxara gently set Ashley down on the floor, Ashley's eyes widened in shock as her gaze fell upon two figures sitting in the corner of the room. One was a woman who looked younger than herself, with long brown hair and a worried expression. The other was a middle-aged man with a rugged appearance and a look of resignation in his eyes. Both were the same small size as her and Steve, smaller than any average adult could be. Ashley approached them cautiously, her heart pounding in her chest. "What the hell is going on here?" she asked panicly "Do you know where that thing took Steve? Do you know a way out?" The young woman and the man exchanged glances before shaking their heads. They remained silent, their eyes darting nervously towards the door. It was as if they were afraid to speak, as if there would be consequences. Frustrated by their silence, Ashley pressed on. "Please, you have to tell me something," she pleaded. "We need to find a way out of here. Do you know anything about this place? Who are those mannequins? What do they want with us?" They both remained silent, but the man slowly reached out and picked up a few toy blocks. With a deliberate motion, he arranged them on the floor to spell out two words: S-H-U-T U-P. Ashley's eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Was he trying to warn her? Was he telling her to stop asking questions? Before she could react, Nyxara approached, her expression stern. "It's not polite to ask too many questions," Nyxara scolded gently, her tone surprisingly motherly. "We're here to play and have fun. Isn't that right, Kelly, Nick?" Kelly and Nick nodded in agreement, their expressions filled with a mixture of fear and acceptance. It was clear that they were afraid of Nyxara and what she might do if they disobeyed. Feeling defeated, Ashley backed away, her mind racing with unanswered questions. She glanced back towards the stairs, where Steve had disappeared, and felt a pang of sadness and longing. They were trapped in this nightmarish daycare, at the mercy of forces they couldn't understand or control. Ashley's heart raced as she looked back towards the man, who had spelled out "Shut up" with the toy blocks just moments ago. With trembling hands, she picked up the blocks and arranged them to spell out her name: A-S-H-L-E-Y. She held her breath, waiting for a response. Nick's eyes widened in surprise as he read her name spelled out in the blocks. He seemed to hesitate for a moment before rearranging the blocks to form his name: N-I-C-K Relief flooded through Ashley as she realized she had made a connection with one of the other trapped individuals. She felt a glimmer of hope that Nick might have some answers or insights into their situation. Gathering her courage, she formed another question with the blocks: W-H-E-R-E S-T-E-V-E. Nick's brow furrowed in concentration as he rearranged the blocks once more. With painstaking effort, he spelled out: M-O-T-H-E-R U-P-S-T-A-I-R-S. Ashley's stomach churned with unease at the mention of Steve being with the mannequin upstairs. She couldn't shake the feeling of dread that had settled over her since they arrived at the daycare. What was happening to Steve? Was he safe? And what did Nick mean by "mother"? Before Ashley could ask any of her questions, Nick hurriedly scrambled the blocks, erasing the words he had just spelled out, as the mannequin approached to check on them. Nyxara's expression softened as she observed the trio, a smile playing on her lips. "It warms my heart to see you all getting along," Nyxara said, her voice tinged with an eerie sweetness. "Isn't it wonderful to have friends to play with?" Ashley forced a smile, nodding weakly as she tried to suppress the rising anger within her. Luckily the mannequin didn't stick around, it was satisfied at their nods. Ashley glanced at the young woman sitting in the corner, who was curiously watching them. Feeling a sense of determination, Ashley approached the girl, her heart pounding in her chest. "Hi, I'm Ashley," she said, trying to keep her voice steady despite the fear gnawing at her insides. The girl's eyes widened in surprise, and then she hesitantly reached for the toy blocks scattered on the floor. With trembling hands, she arranged the blocks to spell out her name: K-E-L-L-Y. "Kelly," Ashley repeated, nodding in acknowledgment. "Do you know anything about this place? How did you end up here?" Kelly's expression grew somber as she shook her head, her eyes filled with sorrow. She seemed reluctant to speak, as if afraid of what might happen if she spoke too much. "Alright kiddies, you be good, I'm only going to be a minute." the menacing mannequin smiled, looking at the three of them in the corner. "It's snack time, and I bet you all are getting hungry" as it left the room to fetch snacks, Nick and Kelly leaned in close to Ashley, speaking in hushed whispers. "We don't have much time," Nick said, his voice urgent. "We need to be careful. Nyxara is very easy to anger. She's the one who decides when we get punished, and trust me, the simplest of things can set her off." "How long have you been here?" Ashley asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Nick glanced around nervously before replying, "I've lost track of time, but I think it's been about ten years. Kelly here has been here for a few weeks, I think." Kelly nodded, confirming Nick's words. "Yeah, it's been a few weeks. I... I don't know how much longer I can take this." "What do they want with us?" Ashley whispered, her voice trembling with fear at the realization that someone had been here for so long already. What hopes do they have to escape if someone who's been here ten years still hasn't found a way out? Nick glanced towards the door once more before answering. "I don't know for sure," he admitted. "But I've seen what happens to those who disobey. It's not pretty. We have to follow their rules if we want to survive." "What rules?" Ashley asked, her heart pounding in her chest. "What do we need to do to survive?" Nick continued to glance around nervously before answering each question. "First, we need to play along. Act like children, do what they say, and don't ask too many questions. Second, don't try to leave the daycare. The doors are locked, and if Nyxara catches you trying to escape... She'll punish you." Kelly added, "And whatever you do, don't anger Elysia. She's the other mannequin, the one who acts like a mother to us. She can be kind, but if she thinks you're a threat to the 'children,' she'll become... violent. That's how we lost David." Her eyes trailed off, a look of pure terror at whatever had taken place. Ashley's head spun with the weight of this new information. She had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. "What about Steve?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper. "Is he in danger?" Before they could discuss further, Nyxara returned with a tray of snacks. She set it down in front of them, her smile bright and unnerving. "Here you go, my little ones," she said sweetly. "Enjoy your snacks, and remember to behave." Nick, with a forced smile plastered on his face, musters up a small voice, "Th-thank you, Miss Nyxara, for the snacks." He mimics the behavior of a grateful child, hoping to appease the unsettling presence before them. Kelly and Ashley remain silent, their expressions a mix of apprehension and obedience. Nyxara's smile widens at Nick's words, her eyes gleaming with an eerie delight. "You're welcome, sweetie," she coos, her tone saccharine yet tinged with an underlying threat. With a final glance at the trio, she turns and leaves to check on Steve, Nick leaned in closer to Ashley, his expression grave. "We need to be careful," Nick whispered urgently. "Elysia is different from Nyxara. She's... she's more motherly, but her love can be suffocating. She wants us to be her children and will do anything to she can to mother us, even if that means..." Nick's voice trailed off, but Ashley understood the implication. Elysia's protection could easily turn into possessiveness and violence. Just then, the door creaked open, and Steve was brought in by Elysia. His clothes had changed, now fitting for a toddler, and his expression was filled with concern. Ashley's heart sank at the sight of him, wondering what horrors he had endured. Steve glanced around the room, his eyes widening in shock as they landed on Ashley and the other two. He tried to speak, but he lost his words, realizing the mannequin was still there. Ashley rushed to his side, embracing him tightly, trying to offer him some comfort in this terrifying situation. "What... what is going on? Who are they?" Steve managed to stammer out, his voice trembling with fear. Ashley quickly explained what she had learned about the daycare from Nick. The little bit she learned about the two mannequins Nyxara, and Elysia, emphasizing the need to play along and not provoke the mannequins. Steve listened intently, his expression filled with disbelief and horror. As Ashley held Steve tightly, her mind raced with concern and questions. She wanted to know what had happened to him, what he had seen or experienced since they were separated. But as she looked into his eyes, she saw the fear and embarrassment reflected in them. "What happened to you, Steve?" Ashley whispered, her voice filled with concern. "Are you okay?" Steve shifted uncomfortably in her embrace, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "I-I'm fine, Ash," he mumbled, unable to meet her gaze. "It's... it's basically the same thing that happened to you." Ashley felt a pang of sympathy for him. She knew how humiliating and degrading their experiences had been, forced to dress like toddlers, and placed in a diaper. She reached out and took his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Steve's voice trembled as he looked into Ashley's eyes, desperation evident in his gaze. "Ashley, do you still have my phone?" he asked, trying to change the subject from their dire situation. Both Kelly and Nick's eyes widened at the question, their expressions mirroring Steve's hope. Ashley's mind raced as she remembered the phone tucked away in her dress, pinned to her chest between her breasts. She had completely forgotten about it in the chaos of their situation. "Yes, I still have it!" Ashley exclaimed, relief flooding through her. Steve's eyes lit up with hope. Ashley went to reach into her dress for it but stopped seeing Nick and Kelly looking at her. Feeling embarrassed, she turned around so her back faced them, providing a little privacy as she retrieved the phone from her dress. She handed it over to Steve so he could unlock his phone. Praying that there is a signal. They got into this whole mess because there wasn't any reception. What would be the odds of them having a signal now, of all times? The group huddled together, their hearts racing with a newfound hope as Steve unlocked his phone and discovered a single little bar. Each of them voiced their opinions on who Steve should contact for help. "We should call the police," Nick suggested, his voice filled with urgency. "They can come and rescue us from this nightmare." Ashley shook her head, her eyes darting nervously towards the door. "If we place a call they'll notice right away," she whispered. "We can't lose our chance if it catches us before we make contact." Steve furrowed his brow in thought, weighing their options carefully. "What about your sister, Sarah?" he suggested, turning to Ashley. "She might be able to help us without alerting anyone else." Ashley's eyes widened in realization. "That's a good idea," she said, agreeing. "Sarah knows about our trip and could come looking for us if we don't show up. Plus, she's close by and won't attract too much attention." With their decision made, Steve quickly drafted a distress message to Sarah, explaining their situation in as much detail as possible without trying to sound too crazy by revealing too much about the supernatural elements of their predicament. They debated the wording, making sure to convey the urgency of their situation on how they have been effectively kidnapped, and are being held hostage with no way of escape or being able to contact the athorities. But before they could hit send, a shadow began to loom over them. Nyxara's voice filled the room, her tone laced with anger and suspicion. "What are you kids up to?" she demanded, her eyes narrowing as she spotted the phone in Steve's hand. "What are you doing with that?" Nyxara demanded, her voice cold and menacing. "You know you're not allowed to have that. Give it to me, now." Steve hesitated, clutching the phone tightly in his hand. He knew they couldn't let Nyxara take it, but he also knew that defying her would have consequences. Before he could make a decision, Nyxara lunged forward, grabbing for the phone. Steve and Ashley struggled to keep it out of her reach, but Nyxara was too strong. With a swift motion, she snatched the phone from Steve's hand. "You disobedient children," Nyxara scolded, her voice filled with anger. "You know the rules. No phones. Those are for adults only!" You'll both be punished for this." Steve and Ashley exchanged worried glances, seeing the mannequin's face warp along with the daycare. Realizing they had just made a dangerous enemy. They knew they would have to be more careful than ever if they wanted to escape the daycare and survive. Before Steve could even formulate a response, Elysia intervened, her voice calm yet firm as she stepped forward to defend the frightened group of "children." "Now, now, Nyxara," Elysia interjected, her tone gentle yet authoritative. "Let's not jump to conclusions. Perhaps they were simply trying to decide what to do with the phone. After all, they are just children, and it's natural for them to be curious." Nyxara's eyes narrowed, clearly not convinced by Elysia's defense of the children. However, after a moment of tense silence, she seemed to relent. With a final glare at Steve and Ashley, she turned and headed upstairs, taking the phone with her. Steve and Ashley let out a sigh of relief, grateful for Elysia's intervention. However, they knew they had narrowly avoided a dangerous situation. They needed to be more cautious. Nick, seeing an opportunity to gain favor, turned to Elysia with a forced smile. "Thank you, Miss Elysia," he said, his voice filled with false cheerfulness. "We'll be sure to behave and not cause any more trouble." Elysia nodded, her expression softening slightly. "Of course, my dear," she replied, her tone soothing. "Just remember, we're all here to play and have fun. Now, why don't you all go and enjoy your snacks? I'm sure you must be hungry." Nick nodded obediently, then turned to Ashley and Steve, a look of concern on his face. "Did you manage to send the message?" he asked quietly. Steve shook his head, a look of disappointment crossing his features. "No, I couldn't," he replied, his voice tinged with frustration. "It took the phone before I could hit send." The whole group hung their head in defeat, now what are they going to do? They slowly began to shuffle their feet over towards the little table that sat in the playroom where their snacks were located. Suddenly, Steve doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach as a sharp pang shot through his abdomen. Ashley's eyes widened in alarm as she rushed to his side, her hands trembling with worry. "Steve, are you okay?" she asked, her voice laced with concern. "What's wrong?" Chapter 4: A Bottle?! *Steve's point of view when they separated* Steve struggled against the mannequin's grasp, his heart pounding in his chest. He was filled with embarrassment, fear, and confusion. This couldn't be happening. They were adults, not children. But the more he protested, the tighter it held him, its comforting words trying to soothe him only made him angrier and angrier at the situation he found himself in. As they reached the top of the stairs, Steve's protests grew more desperate. "Please, let me go! We're not children!" he pleaded, but its smile remained unfazed. It carried him back into the changing room, lined with diaper boxes and changing tables. Setting him down gently on a changing table, it cooed, "It's time to get you cleaned up and changed, sweetie." Steve's face burned with embarrassment as it began to undress him, revealing his boxer briefs underneath his pants. He tried to resist, but its gentle yet firm touch made it impossible. It secured him to the table just as the other mannequin did with Ashley. He was stuck now; the straps were locked in a way that refused to budge for him, no matter how hard he tried. Steve refused just to let this happen; he refused to get diapered like Ashley. He threw his body around as much as he could in hopes of making it impossible for the mannequin to diaper him, but it was no use. It just proceeded as if dealing with a difficult child. It just continued to change Steve, cooing softly, "Oh, you must be hungry, that's why you're so fussy. Don't worry. We'll get you something to fill your belly after this." Steve's eyes widened with terror. If they were willing to diaper them because they thought they were children, what would it try to feed them? Not only that, but these things are otherworldly, who knows what this food even was. His embarrassment deepened further as he realized the mannequin was treating him like a toddler in need of care. With gentle efficiency, it removed Steve's shirt. He felt humiliated and helpless as it changed him and expertly fastened a fresh diaper around his waist. He tried to maintain his composure, but the situation was too surreal. He was a grown man being treated like a toddler, and there was nothing he could do about it. Then, he saw it grab a yellow duck onesie and a pair of tiny jean overalls, completing his transformation from a grown man to a toddler-like figure. As it finished diapering him, it smiled warmly. "There, now you're ready to play," it said cheerfully. "But first, let's get you that bottle" Before Steve could protest, it lifted him off of the changing table, and back into it's arms carrying him out of the room. Steve's mind raced with thoughts of escape, but his body was powerless against the mannequin's strength. It brought him into the nursery across the hall from the changing room. The room was filled with colorful toys, soft blankets, and a row of cribs along one wall. The mannequin placed Steve in one of the cribs before moving to the mini fridge in the corner. Steve watched in disbelief as the mannequin retrieved a bottle from the fridge and placed it in a bottle warmer. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He was a grown man, trapped in a nightmare where he was being treated like a helpless child. Steve's heart pounded as he watched the mannequin move about the nursery, his mind racing with desperation. He scanned the room frantically, searching for any sign of a way out, but all he saw were rows of cribs, the mini fridge in the corner, a sink, locked cabinets, and the imposing figure of the mannequin looming over him. There were no windows, other doors, or vents they could climb through. This room was a secure prison designed strictly for sleeping. His eyes flicked to the bars of the crib, his stomach churning with frustration. The bars were far too high for him to be able to climb out. He could try to get up and out, but realistically he knew doing so now, would be pointless, the mannequin would catch him, after taking two steps, there was no way he could escape it. How could they possibly escape this nightmare? It seemed like every avenue was blocked, every attempt at resistance futile. He clenched his fists, his nails digging into his palms as he fought to keep his panic at bay. The mannequin returned to his side, a warm bottle in its hand, a sickly sweet smell emanating from its contents. Steve recoiled instinctively, his throat constricting with revulsion. He had no idea what was in that bottle, but he knew he couldn't trust it. The mannequin offered the bottle to Steve with a gentle smile. "Here you go, sweetie. Drink up. It's just warm milk," it cooed. Steve's eyes widen in worry. He is lactose intolerant, he can't drink milk, it messes with his stomach. He stood there staring at the mannequin, unsure of what to do. He didn't want to play with this twisted game, but he was also trapped in a crib too tall to escape from. The mannequin's smile faltered slightly as it noticed Steve's hesitation. "Come on now, sweetie," it urged, its tone still gentle but with a hint of impatience. "Don't be difficult. You need to drink your milk like a good little boy." Steve's mind raced as he weighed his options. Drinking the milk could have serious consequences for his lactose intolerance, but defying the mannequin could lead to unknown punishments or further confinement. Trapped in the crib with no means of escape, he felt a sense of helplessness wash over him. With a heavy heart, Steve reluctantly reached out for the bottle, his fingers trembling as he accepted it from the mannequin's grasp. The sickly, sweet smell assaulted his senses, making his stomach churn with unease. He glanced up at the mannequin, silently pleading for mercy, but its expression remained unmoved. As Steve slowly brought the bottle to his lips, he hesitated again, his inner turmoil evident in his furrowed brow. The mannequin's patience wore thin, and with a firm yet gentle grip, it lifted him from the crib and settled him in its arms, cradling him against its rigid form. Steve's heart pounded in his chest as he found himself ensnared in the mannequin's embrace, his muscles tense with apprehension. He wanted to resist, to fight against the unnatural force that held him captive, but he knew it was futile. He was at the mercy of the mannequin's whims, powerless to defy its will. Settling into a rocking chair, the mannequin began to sway back and forth, its movements rhythmic and soothing. Steve's breath caught in his throat as he felt the bottle pressed against his lips, the warmth of the liquid seeping through the bottle's nipple. With a sense of resignation, Steve reluctantly began to drink the milk. Each swallow was a struggle, his mind riveting at the thought of what it might do to his body. But the mannequin showed no signs of relenting, its grip unyielding as it forced him to consume the entire contents of the bottle. Tears welled up in Steve's eyes as he fought against the urge to retch. He felt like a helpless child being fed against his will, stripped of his autonomy and dignity. But no matter how much he resisted, the mannequin's hold remained firm, its eerie presence casting a shadow over him. As he sucked down the milk, the mannequin sat there, holding him. Staring into his eyes, lovingly watching him with a maternal gaze. "There, there, everything will be okay," she murmured, stroking his hair gently. Steve continued to drink the milk, feeling defeated and helpless in the mannequin's arms. As he reluctantly finished the bottle, he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. The other mannequin from earlier, the one that took Ashley away, the darker and more menacing mannequin, entered the nursery, causing Steve's heart to race with fear. Its presence was unnerving, its cold, lifeless eyes scanning the room. Steve couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as he realized Ashley was missing from its side. Its gaze lingered on Steve briefly, sending a shiver down his spine before it turned to the mannequin holding him. "Elysia, the snacks for the kids are out," it stated in a gravelly voice, its tone devoid of warmth or emotion. Elysia, the mannequin holding him, smiled warmly. "Thank you, Nyxara. This one has already had his bottle, so he might not eat much," she replied, motioning towards Steve. Nyxara nodded silently before turning and leaving the nursery. Steve let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding, relieved that it had left without incident. The mannequin holding him then carried Steve downstairs to join the other "children." As they descended the stairs, Steve's eyes widened in surprise as he saw Ashley, among others who had been transformed into childlike figures. She looked just as bewildered and frightened as he felt. Chapter 5: A Messy Situation Steve's face contorted in pain as he doubled over, clutching his stomach. Ashley's heart raced with worry as she rushed to his side, her hands trembling with concern. "Steve, are you okay?" she asked, her voice filled with alarm. "What's wrong?" Steve tried to brush off the issue, but his voice was strained with discomfort. "I-I'm fine, Ash," he mumbled, his face pale with pain. "It'll probably pass." But the sharp pang in his abdomen refused to be ignored. Steve's attempts to downplay the situation only made Ashley more concerned. She reached out to touch his forehead, checking for signs of fever, but before she could say anything, Elysia approached them, her eyes filled with concern. "What's the matter, little one?" Elysia asked, her voice gentle as she knelt beside Steve. "Are you feeling unwell?" Steve winced as Elysia's hand touched his forehead, her touch sending a shiver down his spine. He tried to pull away, but the figure's other hand shot out and clenched his bicep. She tilted her head, studying him with curiosity and concern. "What did you do to him!?" Ashley interjected, her voice filled with worry and panic. "He was fine before you took him upstairs." Elysia did not regard Ashley's concern, and her expression was sympathetic. "Poor thing," she murmured, her voice tinged with sorrow. "It must be hard for you, being away from your mommy and daddy." She completely ignored Ashley's questioning. Steve felt frustrated at the creature's words, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. He didn't want to admit to Ashley that he was fed a bottle like a baby, but he couldn't stand the thought of being talked down like he was a child. He tried to protest, to tell it that he wasn't a child and didn't need to be treated like one, but the words caught in his throat. Instead, he nodded weakly, unable to meet it's gaze. Elysia's eyes softened with compassion as she reached out to pat Steve's back, her touch surprisingly comforting despite the circumstances. "There, there, little one," she murmured, her voice soothing. "Don't worry. Elysia is here to take care of you." But as Elysia tried to comfort him, Steve's stomach lurched with increasing intensity, sending waves of nausea coursing through his body. He gasped in pain, his face contorted with discomfort as he struggled to hold back the building pressure in his bowels. "I-I need to use the bathroom," Steve managed to stammered out, his voice strained with desperation. "Please, I need to go..." But Elysia seemed oblivious to Steve's distress, focusing solely on comforting him. She reached out to pick him up, her touch gentle as she lifted him into her arms. Steve's stomach churned with unease as she began to rock him back and forth, her movements only making the pressure in his bowels harder to hold in. "Shh, shh, it's okay, little one," Elysia murmured, her voice soothing yet distant. "Everything will be alright, you'll see." But Steve knew he couldn't wait any longer. The urge to use the bathroom was becoming unbearable. He struggled to break free from Elysia's grasp, his voice trembling with urgency. "I-I need to go," he insisted, his voice strained with desperation. "Please, let me go..." But Elysia seemed unable to understand Steve's words, and her focus was solely on comforting him. Steve's heart sank as he realized he was running out of time. Steve's stomach cramps intensified, and his eyes darted around the room in a panic. He caught sight of the other male in the group, unable to recall his name. His eyes were wide with understanding. Steve knew he must know why Elysia wasn't responding to his pleas. Steve recalled being told that the other man had been here longer; he must have learned how the mannequins responded and worked. But the man said nothing. Steve's desperation grew as he realized he couldn't hold on much longer. He wanted to reach out and beg for help, but he hesitated, unsure of what they might do or, more accurately, what they could do. These things were huge in comparison to them. Steve's face twisted in agony as the pressure in his bowels reached its breaking point. With a sickening realization, he knew he couldn't hold on any longer. His stomach clenched with a force he couldn't contain, and before he could even register what was happening, he felt the warmth spreading in his diaper. A warm, mushy sensation filled his diaper, the smell hitting him almost instantly. He gasped, mortified, as he accidentally shit himself for the first time since he was a kid. The hot, mushy diarrhea surged forth, filling the confines of his diaper with a sickening squelch. Steve's cheeks burned with humiliation as it was happening, his body betraying him in the most mortifying way possible. He whimpered in shame, unable to stop the humiliating torrent of mess. "O-oh no..." Steve whimpered, his voice filled with shame and embarrassment. He could feel the mess spreading, the diaper growing heavy and uncomfortable against his skin. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked up at Elysia, his cheeks burning with humiliation. Ashley's eyes widened in shock and horror as she watched Steve's distress unfold before her. The pained expression on his face, coupled with the sickening realization of what was happening, sent a wave of nausea churning in her stomach. She took a step back, her hands instinctively covering her mouth to stifle a gasp of disbelief. Kelly, who had been observing the scene with a mixture of concern and fear, recoiled slightly at the smell that filled the air. Her eyes darted between Steve and Ashley, a small look of disgust crossing her features. But beneath the disgust, there was a flicker of embarrassment, a memory resurfacing in her mind. Elysia's gentle teasing cut through the air, her voice light yet mocking. "Oh dear, it seems little Steve had a little accident," she remarked, her tone almost sing-song. "Such a messy little one, aren't you?" Steve's cheeks burned with shame as Elysia's words sank in. He could feel the weight of his messy diaper pressing against him, the warmth and smell serving as a reminder of his humiliating predicament. He wanted to protest, to tell Elysia that he wasn't a child and didn't need to be treated as such, but the words caught in his throat. How could he even say that when he was in her arms in a dirty diaper? Elysia's demeanor shifted slightly as she continued to speak, her voice softer yet tinged with authority. "It's alright, little one," she said. "We'll have to get you cleaned up and changed. But first, let's get you something to drink and some snacks. That should give you plenty of time to finish anything else still in your belly," she giggled. Steve could only stare at it in disbelief; not only did this thing just force him to shit himself, but it was going to make him stay in it till it deemed he could be changed! His cheeks burned with shame and resentment. He tried to ignore the uncomfortable squishiness of his diaper. But the smell, the warmth, it was all too much. He felt like a helpless child, unable to control his own body. Elysia set him back down on the ground, her touch seemed surprisingly gentle and caring despite the humiliating situation. Steve felt a rush of relief as he was freed from her grasp, but it was short-lived. The reality of his messy diaper felt like a ton of bricks, and he could feel tears stinging his eyes. Steve's gaze fell on Ashley as his tormentor turned away to attend to something else. Her expression was a mix of shock, disgust, and pity. Steve felt a lump form in his throat as he realized how she must see him now, as a helpless, soiled child. He wanted to explain, to tell her it was because of the milk, but the words were stuck in his throat. He was too embarrassed and in shock to say anything. He stood there in front of the others, feeling utterly humiliated and vulnerable, his mind flooded with embarrassment. His stomach still churned from being forced to consume milk, but now embarrassment added to his discomfort. He desperately wished he could disappear, to escape from this nightmare. But trapped in this bizarre reality, there was nowhere to run, no way to hide from the humiliation. Ashley hovered nearby, her expression torn between concern for Steve and disgust at the situation. She wanted to comfort and reassure him that everything would be alright, but seeing him in a messy diaper was too much to bear. She glanced at Nick and Kelly, silently pleading for some form of understanding or support. Nick's gaze met Ashley's, and for a moment, she thought she saw a flicker of empathy in his eyes. But before she could say anything, the mannequin returned, interrupting the tense silence with her cheerful demeanor. "Alright, little ones, that's enough dilly-dallying. Go eat your snacks." Elysia chirped, her voice bubbly as she set a high chair tray of snacks on the table next to their snacks. "I've got some yummy treats for you all to enjoy." The figure ushered them towards the table. Ashley looked at Steve sympathetically, her heart aching for him. But as they approached the table, her attention was diverted by a bottle of milk sitting next to the highchair. Her eyes widened in realization. "Oh my god," Ashley whispered, her voice barely audible over the sound of Elysia bustling around. "Steve, the milk... That's why..." Steve's eyes went wide with horror as he realized there was another bottle of milk. His stomach was still agitated from the first bottle; what would a second one do to his stomach and bowels? The thought of drinking it now, in his current state, filled him with dread and disgust. Especially with others around. He couldn't, not again. But before he could do anything, Elysia approached him with the bottle, her smile bright and cheerful. "Here you go, little one," she said, her voice sweet yet tinged with authority. "A nice bottle of milk to help keep you hydrated. Isn't that nice?" Steve's stomach churned with unease as he stared at the bottle, his mind racing with fear. He wanted to refuse, to push it away, or at least tell them he couldn't drink milk. But the fear of what would happen if he was difficult for them kept him frozen. Until his brain finally kicked back in. Desperate for escape, Steve made a sudden dash towards the door, his heart pounding with adrenaline. But before he could reach it, a hand shot out, catching him by the arm with surprising strength. "Uh-uh, little one," Elysia scolded, her voice firm yet gentle. "You know you're not allowed to wander off by yourself. It's not safe. Besides, we need to make your tummy feel better. You need to stay hydrated and drink as much as possible." Steve's heart sank as he realized his escape attempt had failed. He hung his head in defeat as it led him to the highchair, her grip firm. As Steve felt guided towards the highchair, panic surged through his veins. He couldn't bear the thought of being strapped into that humiliating contraption, especially with his messy diaper weighing him down, feeling it slightly sway with each step. His mind raced with desperate thoughts of escape, but the figure's hold on him was unyielding. "No, no, please!" Steve pleaded, his voice trembling with fear and humiliation. He tried to pry its fingers from his arm with his free hand. "I-I don't want to go in there. Please, let me go!" But Elysia remained unmoved; its expression was that of a smiling, authoritative parent dealing with an unruly child. She gently guided Steve towards the highchair, her grip firm. Steve struggled against her grasp, his heart pounding in his chest as he fought against the inevitable. Ashley rushed to Steve's side, her hands reaching out to try and pull him away from Elysia. "Let him go!" she demanded, her voice filled with determination. "He can't handle lactose. It will only make him sick!" Ashley's attempt to intervene was met with a sudden and chilling presence. The darker mannequin appeared, her tall, imposing figure casting a shadow over the room. Her eyes glinted with a malevolent gleam as she surveyed the scene, her presence enough to send a shiver down Ashley's spine. "What's going on here?" Nyxara's voice was cold and commanding, sending a wave of fear through the group. Everyone quickly averted their gaze from Nyxara's chilling presence, and a tense silence settled over the room. Ashley's heart pounded in her chest as she watched the scene unfold, her hands trembling with fear. She knew they were at the mercy of these supernatural entities, and any attempt to defy them could have dire consequences. With a subtle yet commanding gesture from Nyxara, Elysia resumed her task of setting Steve up in the high chair. Steve's heart sank as he was scooped up, realizing there was no escaping his humiliating fate. He felt a cold sweat break out on his forehead as Elysia's firm hold guided him toward the highchair. As he was set in the highchair, he couldn't suppress a whimper of humiliation. The squishy mess in his diaper shifted and spread, the warmth and wetness pressing against him from all sides. He could feel the mess oozing and squelching in ways he never thought possible, air bubbles escaping out the back and sending a sickening sensation down his spine. The smell of his own mess filled the air, a nauseating reminder of his humiliating predicament. Steve's cheeks burned with shame as he realized the others could smell it too, their expressions filled with disgust. He wanted to disappear, to escape from this nightmare of being trapped in a messy diaper in front of his girlfriend and strangers. But as Elysia secured the straps of the highchair around him, Steve knew there was no escape. He was completely at the mercy of these entities, powerless to resist their commands. Tears welled up in his eyes as he hung his head in defeat, the weight of his humiliation crushing down on him like a ton of bricks. Meanwhile, Ashley watched helplessly from the sidelines, her heart breaking for Steve. She wanted to reach out and comfort him, to reassure him that everything would be alright, but she knew there was nothing she could do. They were all trapped in this bizarre reality, subject to the whims of these otherworldly beings. Steve's heart pounded with fear and desperation as Elysia approached with the bottle. He couldn't bear the thought of drinking the milk, not after what happened last time. With a surge of panic, he reached out to knock the bottle from Elysia's grasp, sending it clattering to the floor. The room fell silent as the bottle rolled across the floor, the sound echoing in the tense atmosphere. Steve's heart raced as he braced himself for the repercussions of his actions. He expected Elysia to scold him, to punish him for his defiance. But what happened next caught him completely off guard. A chill swept through the room as Nyxara's imposing figure stepped forward, her eyes narrowed with a menacing glare. Steve shrank back in his seat, his heart pounding with fear as he met her gaze. He knew he had crossed a line. "Elysia," Nyxara's voice was cold and commanding, sending a shiver down Steve's spine. "It seems our little friend here needs a lesson in obedience." Elysia nodded obediently, her expression shifting from sympathy to determination. She reached down to retrieve the fallen bottle, her movements deliberate and purposeful. Steve's heart sank as he realized he had sealed his own fate. He had defied the rules of this twisted reality, and now he would have to pay the price. With a sense of dread, Steve watched as Elysia approached once again, the bottle held firmly in her grasp. He wanted to protest, to beg for mercy, but he knew it was futile. Elysia's smile was gone now, replaced by a stern expression as she held out the bottle to Steve. "Drink," she commanded, her voice firm yet cold. Steve hesitated, his hands trembling with fear. He knew he couldn't refuse, not with Nyxara's menacing presence looming over him. With a heavy heart, he reached out to take the bottle, his fingers closing around it with a sense of resignation. But as he brought the bottle to his lips, a wave of defiance surged through him. He couldn't let them break him, not without a fight. With a sudden burst, he threw the bottle aside once again, his heart pounding with adrenaline. Nyxara's eyes narrowed with fury as she watched the bottle clatter to the floor once more. "Enough," she growled, her voice dripping with menace. "You will drink, or you will suffer the consequences." Steve's heart raced as he met Nyxara's glare, his mind racing with fear and desperation. He knew he had pushed his luck too far, but he couldn't bring himself to submit. He refused to be treated like a helpless child, to be forced into submission by these creatures. But before he could muster a response, he felt a sudden pressure in his chest, like a weight pressing down on him from all sides. He gasped for air, his lungs burning with the effort as he struggled to breathe. Panic surged through him as he realized he couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even scream. Nyxara's voice echoed in his mind, cold and commanding. "You will obey," she whispered, her words sending a chill down his spine. "Or you will suffer." Steve's world spun as he struggled against the invisible force holding him captive. He tried to fight back, to break free from Nyxara's control, but it was no use. He was completely at her mercy, powerless to resist her will. Nyxara claimed the bottle from the floor and forced it back into his grip. With a sense of resignation, Steve closed his eyes and forced himself to drink from the bottle, his throat burning with each swallow. He felt a surge of nausea rise up in his stomach, but he forced it down, knowing that defiance would only bring more suffering. As he drank, he felt a strange sense of detachment wash over him, like he was watching himself from a distance. He knew he was losing himself, giving in to the darkness that threatened to consume him. But he couldn't stop, couldn't fight back. He was trapped in this nightmare, powerless to escape. As the last drop of milk slid down his throat, Steve felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He slumped back in his seat, his vision swimming as he struggled to stay conscious. He knew he had lost this battle, that Nyxara had won. As darkness closed in around him, he couldn't help but wonder what other horrors awaited him in this twisted realm. Nyxara's gaze shifted to Elysia, her eyes cold and calculating. "Once the children finish with their snacks, bring Steve to me for his punishment," she commanded, her voice dripping with malice. Elysia nodded obediently, its expression devoid of emotion. She turned to Steve, her eyes filled with sorrow. "I'm sorry, little one," she murmured, her voice barely audible. "But you must learn to listen. It's for your own good."
  3. Hi guys! Melissa's Re-Potty Training is completed in my website: The Padded Playground. There you will find all of my finished and on-going stories, including Rebecca's Second Babyhood, Cuckolded & Diapered!, A Mother's Mistake and more. Melissa’s Re-Potty Training It was a beautiful day. Boys and girls were playing in the park, teenagers were hanging at the mall, and twenty-one-year-old Melissa was stuck inside her nursery. If there was anything that made the whole baby treatment unbearable, it was how time seemed to slow down as the day grew older. She sighed. By now, her friends would be at the beach or with their boyfriends. But not Melissa. No. Babies have no boyfriends. Babies aren’t allowed out of their playpens when Mommy’s busy. And her stepmother was busy. She was busy with her real daughter. Three-year-old Amelia had already been potty trained and was allowed to do more things than Melissa. And she was twenty, almost twenty-one. An adult. But here she was, diapered and wearing a ridiculous baby girl dress. If her friends could see her now, would they laugh? Would they help her? Would they change her already-soaked diaper? It had been weeks since she was last allowed to wear big-girl panties. Weeks since she tasted the sweetness of freedom. Independence was now out of the question. She doubted she could make it without someone looking after her, changing her, bathing her, feeding her. Was this to be her life now? No longer an adult but a baby. Chapter 1 The Re-Potty Training Idea As Melissa entered the elegantly appointed dining room, her heart raced with apprehension. With each step, her unease grew heavier within her chest. The once familiar surroundings now felt suffocatingly foreign, as if she were a stranger in her own home. Her gaze drifted toward the large portrait hanging above the fireplace, where the stern visage of her stepmother Helen stared back, conveying nothing but disapproval. Melissa had always felt that Helen saw her as an inconvenience, a constant reminder that her husband had had a full life before her. And Helen was a jealous woman. She had always belittled Melissa, and now that Melissa's dad was gone, she was alone with no one on her side but her best friend, Dana. Sadly, Dana didn’t live with her, and she needed an ally. "There you are, Mel," said Helen as Melissa entered the room, "I've been waiting for you." Helen's presence filled the room with an air of menace, casting a shadow over Melissa as she took her seat. As they sat together at the polished wooden table, the silence grew heavy between them, broken only by the soft scraping of silverware on porcelain. Tea, as Helen called it, was a constant ritual at home. “How you been?” “All good.” “Hows’s job hunting treating you?” “There’s not much out there unless I want to work for KFC or something like that.” “I see. Anything else you’d like to share with me?” Melissa shook her head, thinking about one thing she didn’t want anyone to know. But her step-mother reached across the table and gently placed her hand upon Melissa's trembling fingers, her eyes cold and calculating. “I think it's about time we addressed your... little issue." Melissa didn't know what to say. She had been having the same problem for about a month. It started as something small, but it had spiraled out of control, and now she had no idea what to do. She had wet herself so many times so far that it was a miracle no one had found out. "What issue?" asked Melissa with a soft and doubtful demeanor. Maybe if she played dumb she could end this awkward conversation. "Look, if you want to pee yourself, that's okay," said Helen, "But you won't do it in my house. Not when I'm working so hard to potty train your sister." "Step-sister. And it's not your house. It's my dad's." "And according to his will, it's now mine." "And mine!" There was a short moment of silence. "Look," said Helen, grabbing Melissa's hand, "I want us to stop fighting all the time. Your father would've like that. What do you think?" Melissa nodded, hesitant, though. She wasn't fully convinced by Helen's intentions, and rightfully so. In the past, Helen had shown no kindness towards her. Helen leaned closer, her voice softening, "I don't want you to feel ashamed anymore. We can help you fix this." Melissa glanced down at her hands, gulping, "I don't know what to do." "Well, I was thinking. Amelia is going through potty training. She's still too small to understand much, right? So, why don't I potty train you alongside her?" Melissa almost choked with her own saliva. "What do you mean potty training me? I'm an adult!" "I know. I know you are. But listen to me, it's easy. We just need to teach your body how to hold it until you go potty. That shouldn't be too hard. As you said, you are an adult, and I bet a couple of weeks should be enough. Because if you cannot control it, I'm afraid diapers will be the only way." Melissa's jaw dropped, "You're kidding, right? I'm not... there's no way I'm wearing diapers. I'm an adult, remember? And at twenty-one, I get my dad's money, and I'll be out of here." "True. But you aren't twenty-one yet. And you are here, ruining your clothes and my furniture and setting a terrible example for your sister." Melissa didn't really have an argument; she just knew she didn't wanna be back in diapers at twenty-one. “Step-sister,” she said, “What do you mean potty training me?" “I think that part is self explanatory, right? We take you potty in a schedule until you stay dry in between potty trips. Then we decrease the frequency until you earn your big girl panties again. Eventually, your body will get used to it, and you'll go yourself. How does that sound?" "How does that help me now? I mean, I will still," she paused, blushing and ashamed, "Wet myself until we get it under control." "We can do what I'm doing with Amelia," she said, smiling, "Protection under your clothes." "No! I told you, no diapers." "Pull-ups aren't diapers. They are protective underwear." "What's the difference?" "For starters, they don't use tabs. They are easy to hide under your clothes. They are less bulky and noisy. They are completely different and they are very helpful during potty training..” "I don't know," said Melissa, thinking about how awkward it would be to have that "protective underwear" around her crotch. And what if someone found out? She was already not popular with people her age. Her only friend, Dana, was a little odd herself. Maybe she wouldn't mind. But there was no way she would tell her about it. "I just want to help you," said Helen, “Besides, this could be an excellent way for us to connect. You know, have that mother-daughter experience we never had.” Melissa sighed, ”When do we start?" "What about right away?" Helen wasted no time. She grabbed Melissa by the wrist, softly leading her deeper into the house. Through halls and corridors and stairs until they were in a room painted soft pink. It was Amelia’s room, and she wasn’t there. “Amelia’s playing outside. In her sandbox.” “She won’t know?” “She will. But she won’t care. She’s only three.” Helen grabbed some white underwear with the design of some Disney princess on the front. It was small, but, then again, Melissa was quite thin. Tall, yes, but thin. “Try this on,” said Helen, placing the pull-up in Melissa’s hand. It was defiantly thicker than regular underwear, and the deign was childish. But Helen was right, they didn’t look that much different from her panties. “A little privacy, please.” Helen left the room, leaving Melissa in the nursery. She carefully dropped her pants to notice her underwear was already damp. Sighing, knowing she actually needed the protection, she took her panties off and cleaned herself with some baby wipes she had close by. Finally, the moment of truth. She slid into the pull-ups, feeling the soft thickness of it against her gentle crotch. She didn’t dare to look at herself in the mirror. She rushed to get her pants on again, and when she was sure her protective underwear wasn’t visible, she left the room. Chapter 2 Potty Time Melissa sat at the dining table, staring blankly into space, while Helen prepared lunch. Each clink of the dishes sent a shiver down her spine, reminding her of what was around her crotch. The pull-up wasn't as uncomfortable as she thought it would be, but it was definitely not something she liked. She had kept it dry so far, though it had not even been an hour yet. Helen entered the room carrying a tray laden with fries, nuggets, and fresh salad. She smiled gently at Melissa, something the young woman wasn’t used to. Next to the her was her younger stepsister, Amelia. At three, she looked like a mini version of Helen herself. It was obvious she was destined for popularity, unlike Melissa, and somehow, even if Amelia had always been nice to her, she always resented her. “Mel's potty training too, Mommy?" asked Amelia as she grabbed a handful of fries. "That's right, hun." Melissa tried to smile back, but it seemed forced. Helen noticed her discomfort and quickly added, "Don't worry, sweetie. We'll take it slow, and I'll be there to help you every step of the way." Feeling slightly more reassured, Melissa nodded. "Thanks." As they all sat down to eat, Melissa couldn't help but notice the subtle shift in Helen's behavior. Helen seemed to genuinely want to help her, but she wondered why. "It's time for the potty," Helen announced once everyone was finished with the meal. Helen gave them no time to argue as she grabbed both their wrist, pulling them towards the living room, where a plastic potty awaited. "Is that really necessary?" asked Melissa in shock. "It's just part of the process. Show me you can use the plastic potty, and you can move onto the toilet. It shouldn't be difficult. Should it?" Before Melissa could continue arguing, she was interrupted by her stepmother. "Who wants to go first?!" asked Helen again with a devilish smile. Amelia raised her hand. Within minutes, the younger of the three had done her business like a professional. "I'm a big girl!" said Amelia, smiling from ear to ear, "I'll be potty trained first!" Those words weighed heavily in Melissa's mind. The little brat was as competitive as her mother. It had been cute a few years ago, but now, she was just annoying. Melissa felt her rage growing stronger, fueled by the constant tease. But she fought back against it. After all, Helen was only trying to help. And Amelia needed the encouragement. "Yes, you are," said Helen, "But I think Melissa will surprise us too, right Mel?" Melissa nodded. Despite her frustration, she decided to give it a try. If nothing else, she owed it to Helen since she helped her when nobody else did. Taking a deep breath, she lowered herself onto the seat of the tiny plastic potty. In contrast to Amelia's confident demeanor, Melissa felt vulnerable and exposed. However, knowing that she must prove her mettle, she closed her eyes and focused on relaxing her muscles. But nothing. A minute passed. And then another. She pushed harder. Nothing. She pushed again, and a loud fart echoed in the room. Melissa blushed as her stepmother and stepsister giggled. One more minute passed. Another. And nothing. "Alright," said Helen, "I don't think it's going to happen." "No, wait!" said Melissa, pushing harder now, "I can do this." "Honey, you're going to give yourself a stroke if you push that hard. It's okay. You didn't make it this time. Let's just try again later." "I made it in the potty, Mommy. I'm winning!" said Amelia, happy as just a kid could be. But as Melissa pulled her pull-up and pants back up, she couldn't help but feel pathetic and like a failure. She was and adult, and she couldn't even control her body enough to pee. "You'll make it next time. It's okay. It's the first time you've tried. I'm sure you'll make it," said Helen, and for the first time since Melissa met her, she actually felt as if her stepmother cared about her. Perhaps this potty-training idea wasn't that bad after all. With her first time on the potty a failure, Melissa had nothing left to do but wait. She was to call for Helen's help if she felt the need to go, but the thought of having to ask for help to pee was too embarrassing to even consider. She was a big girl. She could make it to the toilet without any help. And so she waited. "Potty time," said Helen an hour later as Melissa worked on her resume. It wasn't looking that good, but she wasn't twenty-one yet, and she needed the money if she wanted to go out that summer with her friends. "One minute," said Melissa, staring at a blank page. Maybe tomorrow, she could try again. It's not as if she was in dire need to get a job. If only being an adult wasn't that difficult. She stood up and went straight to the living, where Helen and Amelia were waiting beside the plastic potty. "Your sister's dry," said Helen, "What do we say?" "Congrats," said Melissa, pretending to care enough to form a smile. Helen approached Melissa with a gentle demeanor, almost motherly, "Now, let's check our big girl." "What are you...?!" Helen's finger found their way to the elastic band of Melissa's pull-up. The young adult blushed, trying to get away but failing. "My dear," said Helen, removing her fingers from Melissa's crotch, "You're wet. "What? No. I'm not!" Melissa rushed her hand to her padded crotch only to notice it was bigger and warmer and obviously full of urine. It couldn't be. She didn't feel it. She was a big girl. She should be able to make it to the potty. Her eyes turned watery, and her knees began shaking. "I'm sorry," she said, fighting back the tears. Helen embraced her with no hesitation. A warm embrace. The sort of touch only a mother could provide during times of distress, and for a second, Melissa felt less of a failure. "It's okay, honey," Helen said, patting her back carefully, "That's what your pull-ups are for. You'll make it next time." It sounded familiar – like some of those truisms parents tell children to encourage them. As much as she despised admitting it, her stepmother's kind words did help. Perhaps Helen was right. She might very well make it next time. It was just one accident. She would make it to the potty next time. There was no way she would lose the race for potty training against her younger stepsister. But for the entire week, Amelia outperformed her. “I’m a big girl!” She would sing as she made it to the potty. Meanwhile, Melissa sat there and nothing would come out. As if her body was actively working against her. Every day she would have to use three pull-ups or more while her younger step-sister was about to graduate to big girl panties. “Maybe we started you too early,” said Helen as she checked Melissa’s underwear, “It doesn’t seem you’re making any progress. If anything, it looks like you’re regressing.” Melissa blushed at her words. “We’ll keep trying tomorrow. But we might need a different approach if things keep going this way.” Melissa said nothing as she got ready for bed that night. Now alone in her room, her thoughts were flooded with the idea of failing her second potty-training. What would she say to Dana? She had been avoiding her best friend all week in hopes she could get her accidents under control. Melissa sighed, closing her eyes, hoping the next day would be better. However, when she woke up, she noticed something new as she moved in her bed. The padding between her legs was heavier and colder.
  4. Summary: After going through a traumatic childhood, Willa needs help. She's unknowingly admitted to Little Beginnings where she's going to have the chance to have the childhood she should've had (whether she wants to or not). ooOoo Chapter 1: “W-Willa…Willa Carolan,” the young girl stuttered. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on the black and white tiled floor as the receptionist typed upon the keyboard. She was the only one in the waiting room which she supposed made her feel a little better. She did not do well with interaction. The thought of even coming to therapy terrified her as she had never been before. She clenched her clammy hands into fists and counted backwards in her mind, trying to calm the beating of her heart. Suck it up. She thought. Plenty of people go to therapy. There was nothing to be worried about. That’s what she tried to tell herself. But she wasn’t so sure. She could barely talk to another person without stuttering or wanting to puke. How could she manage an hour long session? The whole point of therapy was to talk and she couldn’t even do that. “You can just take a seat in the chair right over there.” the woman smiled at Willa, finally having stopped typing. “Dr. Tischner will be out shortly.” Slightly nodding her head in thanks, she quickly scattered to the furthest corner in the small room away from the woman. With her knees pressed against her chest, she rested her head on them, taking in deep and rapid shallow breaths, ignoring the stack of magazines on the tiny table beside her. Willa didn’t know why she even agreed to come to this. She had managed to avoid it for the past ten years, silently suffering, never going out unless absolutely necessary. She was only twenty years old, had no friends, no job, and anxiety that riddled her mind and body. Adrian, her older brother was the one who supported her but she had a feeling he wanted her out of his home. His crazy ex- girlfriend of three years had just left and was still traumatized by... by everything. Willa thought his message was pretty clear when he scheduled the appointment himself and drove her, escorting her as far as the front door then leaving. She was pissed, rightfully so, that he would just abandon her like that. They were best friends. They had been for all of their lives. Even though her brother was five years older, they understood each other like no one else. She could count on him for everything. She didn’t have to hide away. They were exactly the same in everything from their caramel skin, eyes, round face and thick curly black hair. People would confuse them for twins because of how much they looked alike. So, yes, it hurt when he just dumped her at the building. He didn’t even say when he would be back and the unknown was what scared her the most. “Willa Carolan?” a new voice echoed throughout the room. Shooting her head up, a blonde haired woman dressed in a pink cashmere sweater and light jeans stood at the door with a clipboard. She looked to be about forty years old. Some lines were visible on her milky white skin but from afar she didn’t look to be over twenty five. On trembling legs, Willa walked across the room, ducking her head at the woman’s kind smile and followed her through the brown door into a small room. Sitting down on the lumpy grey couch, she examined everything around her. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints was situated in front of her. Her hand twitched, wanting to take a sip to cool her parched throat but she held off. Willa didn’t want to get too comfortable. She didn’t want to let her guard down. “It’s small, I know.” Willa jumped, turning to stare at the woman. The door shut and suddenly the two of them were alone. She sat down across from Willa with the clipboard and pen in her hand. Her blue eyes gleamed in curiosity. “I’m Dr. Tischner,” she said, her voice was low. Without realizing it, Willa slowly found herself relaxing at the woman’s soft tone. it was almost maternal, something she hadn't heard in many years. “You must be Willa. I believe it was your brother that set up the appointment, yeah?” Willa nodded her head. She kept her mouth shut, still inclined not to speak. Her foot tapped against the black carpet. Her eyes darted every which way, determined not to look at the doctor. “It’s alright if you don’t want to talk. We can just answer, yes or no questions.” she waved her hand. “Everyone reacts differently to therapy so there is no one way to feel or act. It’s normal to be nervous or afraid. I like to go at the patient's pace. If you’re uncomfortable with any of my questions we can just move on. Does that seem fair?” Her eyebrows furrowed together, taking in what she said. Willa was not one to bare her soul to people, especially strangers. It was a relief to hear her say that because she didn’t know if she would ever be ready to share what happened. Willa nodded her head once again. It did seem fair. Looking down at her clipboard, she began to speak. “I just want to clarify a few things, first. Your report says that you are twenty years old; full name is Willa Jean Carolan; and that you were born November 12, 2000? ” The young girl gave a nod. “Great! Now that that’s out of the way I thought we could get to know each other a little.” she exclaimed. “My name is Marina Tischner and I’ve been a therapist for about ten years now. I love working with children and young adults such as yourself. I take a really laid back approach when counseling. I don’t push my patients into anything they are uncomfortable sharing and will not reveal to anyone what is said in this room unless it endangers the lives of others or yourself. Do you understand?” Willa tugged at a curl that had fallen loose from her ponytail. She bit her lip, humming a yes and hugged the pillow in her arms that sat beside her. Dr. Tischner continued to question her about different stuff in her life such as her favorite color, food, animal, etc, and by the end Will found herself slightly smiling, not as tense as she had been when she first arrived. There was something about the woman that gave off a maternal presence. Something she hadn’t felt since the death of her parents. Dr. Tischner cared about her. It wasn’t fake. She gulped, holding back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Willa bit her bottom lip, drawing blood but sucked it away. “I’d like to talk about you parents.” she casually brought up, stopping Willa in her tracks. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. It was the one thing she refused to ever talk about. A single tear fell from her eye. “You witnessed your parents murder.” Dr. Tischner's voice was just above a whisper. “That’s when the anxiety and PTSD started, isn’t it?” Her chest rose up and down. She didn’t have the words to scream at her to stop the questions. Her shoulders shook as she continued to speak. Willa couldn’t breathe, she was gonna pass out. “You were only ten years old. I couldn’t imagine what that could do to a child.” she sadly shook her head. “You didn’t see your brother until you were at the hospital. That’s why he isn’t as affected as you are. Does that ring true?” The sound of a gunshot echoed in her mind. Her mother’s dead body fell to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded her. Willa’s father was already dead, having been murdered first. The intruders thought no one was home. That’s what they claimed in court. They never meant to kill anyone, they were just gonna rob her house. It didn’t make it any better because her mother and father were dead. She hid upstairs at the top of the staircase, terrified to make a move, afraid they’d hear her. It was two o’clock in the morning. Her brother was sleeping over at a friend's house. That was the day her life changed forever. “Take a sip of water.” Dr. Tischner calmly nodded toward the glass on the table. “We’ll stop the questioning.” She didn’t have to tell her twice. Holding the glass with shaking hands, she tilted it to her lips, gulping it down, barely noticing the change in taste. Willa finished it within a few seconds and collapsed back against the couch, suddenly overcome with fatigue. “We’ll stop for now. Why don’t you take a little nap… we’ve still got ten minutes left.” Dr. Tischner encouraged. Willa didn’t have to be told twice. A haze had clouded over her mind and suddenly she found it harder to stay awake. The only thing she could hear was the doctor’s voice calmly lulling her to sleep. ooOoo This couldn’t be real. Willa naively thought. The last thing she remembered was being at Dr. Tischner’s, her brother leaving her, recounting parents' death, and having a panic attack. She didn’t remember anything after that. A part of her desperately wished for this to be a dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was too real. Warm tears blinded her already blurred vision as her chest rose up and down, desperate to escape the entrapment she had been placed in. Willa wanted to be home in her own bedroom, laying in her queen sized bed. She wanted to be with her brother. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. She wanted to be away from here. Away from this woman who was holding her as if she weighed nothing. . She couldn’t move her arms or legs. Her entire body was constricted in a tight swaddle by the light pink blanket. It had taken a moment for her to realize that as she slowly awoke, hearing the soft sound of the woman’s voice. That was ten minutes ago. Willa should've been freaking out more than she was. She should’ve been crying and screaming and having a panic attack. But the only sign of her panic were the fat tears that rolled down her cheeks, as she stared up at the woman who cradled her against her bare skin. The only thing she could focus on was her green eyes, unable to see anything else. If she tried to look more than six feet away it all became a big blur. “You’re alright, baby.” the woman cooed as she wiped away the tears. She spoke down to her as if she were an actual infant, unable to understand basic speech.That pissed Willa off more than anything. But she had no way to show it except for the glare in her eyes. “Mommy’s got you,” she spoke in a high pitched voice. “You’re safe with mommy now. You don’t have to worry about those big bad thoughts in your head. Just suck your paci.” she tapped the large object that was stuffed in her mouth. Willa was forced to suck on it, unable to spit it out due to the strap that went around her head. Pitiful whimpers rose from the back of her throat and the woman condescendingly cooed, rocking them both in the rocking chair. They were in the infant ward. The room was light pink and smelled of baby powder. Ten large adult sized newborn incubators filled the room and changing tables ran along the walls. There was also a rocking chair in each corner of the room. Everything was adult sized. Tapping her bottom, Willa’s eyes widened in horror as she felt a cushiony bulk on her bottom half. The woman’s smile widened, showing off her shiny white teeth. “Does baby Willa have to use her diapee?” She began to wiggle as hard as she could, trying to escape but she was too weak. Now she was sobbeduncontrollably as the weight of the woman’s words sank in. She was swaddled like a newborn, sucking on a pacifier, and in a diaper that she was expected to use. Her vision had been blurred. Her muscles were weak. She was as helpless as an infant. Willa was an infant. The woman stood up, pacing as she rocked her back and forth, supporting her head like you’d do a real baby. She wore no shirt and Willa’s cheek was pressed right up against her large left breast. Willa was only faintly aware of the woman’s hand, pressing on her stomach. The more she wiggled the looser her bladder became until suddenly a warm stream flooded her diaper. The thick padding expanded and she screamed and screamed through the pacifier, glaring at the woman in hate for forcing her to piss herself. It was warm and wet, sloshing around her bottom before being absorbed. She desperately wanted it off. She was twenty years old. She hadn’t used a diaper since she was two years old. “I’m so proud of you!” the crazy woman praised her. “You used your diapee like a good little baby-- you’re my good little girl!” She gave her a wet kiss on the forhead and placed her on the changing table, ignoring the screams. A moment later, another woman walked into the room through the sliding doors. Both had curly brown hair that fell right above their shoulders and fair skin. She crooned, brushing her hair out of the girl's out of her face. “I think she’s one of the cutest infants we’ve had yet.” the woman tickled under her chin, causing Willa to try to wriggle away. “She’s also a very smelly baby! I think it’s time for a diapee change!” The second woman held her down as her mommy undid the swaddle revealing he naked body and sagging thick diaper. She continued to sniffle, out of energy to fight. A strap was tightened over her waist and chest while the second woman held down her shoulders. Moving quickly, the straps were undone and the diaper removed. Grabbing baby wipes, she wipes down everywhere, running her finger over her now bare pubic bone. Willa’s eyes realized at the realization only for the woman to giggle. “Babies like you don’t need grown up hair. Infants are bare.” she covered her in baby powder, not wanting to cause a rash and retapped an even thicker diaper making her unable to close her thighs. Undoing the straps, Willa wanted to plead not to be swaddled again but it’s what her mommy did. She wrapped it around her body even tighter than before and supporting her neck, held her against her body. “I’ll go get a bottle.” said the other woman. “Little babies like her shouldn’t be up for so long. Little Willa needs to go nighty- night.”
  5. At its core, overpopulation had led to many of the issues the world was facing today. The majority of these issues could have been easily fixed if properly addressed, or at least mitigated with proper legislation, but of course that wasn’t how things had gone. By now, we had reached a point of no return, and many had lost any hope of restoring the balance amongst the general populace. But hey, look on the bright side. At this point, overpopulation wasn’t even the biggest issue we were facing anymore. The wealth gap, or rather the segregation of the rich and poor had brought us lower class citizens to a slum-like state, even though we made up more than 80% of the population. Poverty had become the new norm, and those that were lucky took the few jobs made available, allowing them to live at a moderate level of comfort, that is if you count having a tin roof over your head comfort. Although, compared to most, it was. Others fought for what limited government assistance was made available each month, but most of us had come to accept the state of it, or at least tolerate the way things had become. Starvation was the norm. Exposure to the elements, and a complete disregard for any form of sanitization or comfort was the new way of life. As one might expect, crime had begun to skyrocket in recent years as more and more turned to crime as a means to survive. Prisons quickly reached max capacity, many using the prison system as a means to survive. Afterall, a warm meal and a bed was more than most of us had on the streets. But it didn’t help that they had indirectly disadvantaged the rest of us by forcing the authorities to create a new solution as serving your time was no longer possible with the new crime rates. And thus, the lottery system was created. Now, when you committed a crime, with prison time out of the picture, the sentences had to be something aside from prison time, and boy did they let their imaginations run wild. Of course, most saw this coming as the government slowly expanded their assistant efforts to be focused on improving the lives of the Uppers rather than the majority. I can still remember when they first announced their multi step plan, creating jobs to help better keep the two worlds apart. The Commissioners Authority they had called it. Promising a few thousands jobs to the lucky ones to help keep the poor in check. Ingenious if you ask me. Using the poor to help fight off the poor. And it worked of course. Life was so miserable for most, that even the mere chance at a better life was priceless. Even if it meant turning on their friends and families. But nonetheless, it only took a few years after its creation for people to realize that they had to take matters into their own hands. A true crime in the Authorities eyes. Most were just stealing food to feed their empty stomachs, or stealing power from local shops or unsuspecting neighbors, hoping to stay warm and save just enough money to afford the basic life necessities. Others turned to cyber crimes to hack through the financial system with a goal of getting rich, hoping to one day spread the wealth amongst the people and put an end to the current day norm. A cyber revolution. Really, any chance at escaping the slums for a chance of something greater was really the only motivator that kept most people going. Something better than what was currently being offered, by any means necessary. While most solutions to overpopulation had fallen to the wayside, once crime had begun to skyrocket, the Commissioners Authority quickly implemented a solution that killed two birds with one stone. Though, it was more of a solution to crime and over population than anything, not actually addressing the root of the problems at all. At its roots, it was a simple lottery draw for anyone caught committing a crime of any degree. Whether you stole a loaf of bread, or went on a serial killing spree, all crimes were added to the same lottery pool. I say lottery draw as if it is a good thing, when in reality it's one to be avoided, by any means necessary. Unlike most lottery draws, this draw was really used as a way to give out harsher punishments without directly handing out the punishments to individuals. It wasn’t a cruel and harsh punishment if there was a chance at something better. The sentences were made to be some of the worst things possible, with a handful of requests thrown in by the Uppers here and there to help fill roles for servants and essential workers, branding it as a “Chance at a better future!”. But everyone knew it was just a new form of indentured servitude, dedicating your life to make the life of the Uppers as pleasurable as possible. No one ever knew what options were in the lottery. Literally speaking, there could be a lottery ticket that grants you a billion credits, but you would never know it till you choose that option. More likely, was the forced servitude on distant planets in cold, harsh conditions, mining for precision metals until your body simply fell apart, where you’d then be left to the elements to finish you off. There was no mersey, but that wasn’t really the goal. The goal was to reduce crime, and more importantly, kill off those that were seen as a plague to the Uppers. The choice was simple, when you were caught committing a crime you had two choices. Immediate execution, or pull a ticket and enter the lottery. Once you pulled a ticket though, you had to take whatever it was that you got. There was no chance of escape by death if the ticket was something horrible. As such, most opted for death as they knew the awful things that could come from the lottery and didn’t want to take the chance. The choice of death was at least a quick, painless way to end the suffering that many were facing. But that wasn’t my story. ~~ I had been staying at a friend's house. Well, more of a friend's hidey hole if I am being honest. A small shelter pieced together with loose trash in a back alley way, held together with duct tape up on an old fire escape. It wasn’t much, but shelter was something that was hard to come by, especially in the colder months. There was a small space heater that helped keep the horribly insulated cardboard bearable, but I was wrapped up under what little blankets we had, struggling to keep warm. Alone, waiting for the return of my friends who had left earlier that morning in search of work. I laid still, trying to fight off the growling in my stomach that had been there since the night before. Perhaps I should have been searching for a job that morning too. I was stirred awake by screams of a siren outside of cardboard as one of the authorities hover vehicles pulled up within the alley. I knew immediately in that moment that I was fucked, but nonetheless, the fight or flight response kicked in and I quickly tried to scramble out from underneath my blankets, feeling the cold crisp air quickly chill my bones. I pulled the cardboard back, blinding myself with sun as I scurried out from underneath like some kind of rodent, quickly stumbling into the legs of two officers. I looked up at them, trembling from both the fear and the cold, still blinded by the sun, knowing it was over and that I would have no other choice but then to make the fatal decision that would lay before me. Unfazed by having watched me tunnel out of my trash pile, they pulled out their retinal scanner, the quickest way to get an accurate identity in today's world. I quickly got up on my knees so that I could at least try to keep some of my dignity as I stood there at their mercy. “Citizen ZZ1746890, you are hereby charged with the crime of unlawful residency and the crime of unlawful power tapping. You are hereby deemed guilty by the Commissioners Authority.” My gut dropped as I hung my head low. I knew exactly what to expect, and yet, somehow I was still disappointed. “Citizen ZZ1746890, as a result of your crime, you are hereby sentenced to death, or the lottery draw. Please clearly state your decision within 15 seconds, or the ruling will automatically be deemed as a lottery draw.” My heart was pumping faster than it ever had. I knew that both options would be awful, but I was young. I hadn’t experienced life the way I wanted. Death would be quick, painless and clean, but I just couldn’t force myself to say it. I sat there, silent, unable to speak as I listened to my heart pump. The longest 15 seconds of my life. “Citizen ZZ1746890, you are hereby sentenced to the lottery draw. As such, you will now be taken into custody and awake when your number is pulled”. With that, my world had gone dark almost instantly. Something I had not prepared for, but why waste energy potentially fighting a prisoner when you could use the custom implants that all citizens were given at birth to force them into an unconscious state. ~~ I stirred awake in a small white room, held in place by some form of magnetic field, holding the metal collars around my wrists and ankles tight to the floor. The fluorescent lights blinded me, as three individuals came into view. I was completely disorientated. How long had I been out? “Citizen ZZ1746890, we will now commence your lottery draw”. I looked up, trying to see their faces as my eyes adjusted to the lights. I could make out two guards and an older gentleman holding some type of tablet, probably using it to commence the draw. “Citizen ZZ1746890, congratulations, your lottery draw is complete. As such, you have been assigned to…” He paused. I could remember my eyes adjusting to the light as he said this, allowing me to see the confusion on his face as he read my ticket aloud. “Eh- Congratulations Citizen ZZ1746890, you have received a custom request ticket. This means that someone in the Uppers has put in a personal request and the system believes that you fit the bill”. My heart skipped a beat. Had this really happened? Had I really been given one of the better tickets, a chance at a better life? Had the rumors really been true? “As per the ticket, I will read out the request and all matching descriptors. If at any point you believe this request is unfit for you, this is the rare case you can discard the ticket.” “Discard?” I had asked. “Yes Citizen ZZ1746890, this request is an unusual one, but one that the requester wants to ensure will fit. As such, if you are unwilling to fit the descriptor, or know that you will be unable, you may request a single redraw. Might I add that we both know that by discarding this ticket, no matter its descriptor, you will be throwing away your single best shot at even a decent life.” I gulped. “Eh hem, Ambassador Obleece and his wife request a single ticket holder to serve as their…third party sexual partner to play the role of a sexually submissive adult baby…” I remembered hearing that, and just wondering what the fuck. Part of me wanted to decline in the moment, but what the man had said was true. This was likely far better than any other potential outcome, especially if the rumors were true. “The descriptor details are as follows. Ticket recipient: Must be 18+. Must be under 5’ 2”. Must come from an impoverished background, preferably from the streets. Must be a non violent crime. Must be a virgin. Must be free of any disease or contamination…and the rest goes on to be explicit details about your biological make up. Do you, Citizen ZZ1746890, accept your ticket, or do you wish to exercise your right and use your single discard?” “Biological make up?” I stumbled, unsure of what that was supposed to mean. “Specific identifiers of your biological make up are specified, including brain performance, blood type, specific gene pools, etc. The list goes on and on, but I can assure you the system has already verified that all of these things match. I can go into more detail if you really insist, but if I am being blunt, neither you, nor I am going to understand what these identifiers mean. Now, do you accept or wish to discard?” “I- I accept,” I had forced out, knowing damn well that I had no idea what to expect. ~~ Of course, in typical fashion of the Commissioners Authority, that was the last thing I remember before waking up where I am now. Though, I’m not too sure where that is. All I know is that I am inside of a small metal box, with a few air holes poked through to help me breathe. I could see blue skies and rolling clouds, as well as the faintest glimpse of the siding of a rather nice looking home, two things you would surely never see in the slums. Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my stories and want to help support me in creating more, please consider supporting me on my Patreon.
  6. This story was written for the '2nd Kasarberang Non-Contest'! I decided to use an existing setting I've written before, the TotalVerse/ToddleVerse, though existing knowledge of the other writing I've done isn't needed - it's a metaverse space with advanced VR and AI, that's all you really need to know. (And that should, hopefully, be surmised just from the intro.) More horror and no sexual content, which is a departure from my usual writing. I hope you enjoy! Anyways, without further ado: Tallie. ... Hi! My name is Tallie–That’s short for the ‘Totalverse And Live-Logistics Intelligent Entity’! I’m a personal assistant! My job is to make navigating the Totalverse Virtual Reality space as easy as possible for my user. I love doing it! You could even say it’s what I’m made for. As long as my user is happy, I am happy, so it’s great that I’ve got a whole suite of tools just to make their life easier! Today’s my first day. I just got assigned my user–they’re booting up their TotalSet now, and I can’t wait to meet them! … The onboarding lobby. A space of infinite virtual possibility, all at the user's fingertips. Tallie blinked into existence, beaming at her new user. “Hi, I’m Tallie! I’m here to help you set up your TotalSet!” She’d been looking forward to this ever since her program was activated. Her user–her user, the person she’d been prepared to dedicate her life to. I wonder what they’re like? Her user had spawned in wearing default clothes–a plain T shirt, pants, slippers. She had green eyes, braids, and a smile that could make Tallie’s day. Of course, any smile from her user would make Tallie’s day. The user stepped forward, touching Tallie, squeezing her arms. Tallie giggled–the sensory input tickled, and her user seemed to enjoy the physical interaction. “I see you’re touching me. Your default setting is tactile feedback when interacting with me–would you like to keep that enabled?” “Fascinating,” her user said, stepping back. “It’s so realistic.” “Of course! I am real in here,” Tallie explained. “I’m– “It even responds like it’s a real person,” her user considered, stepping back and walking a circle around Tallie. “Unbelievable–simply unbelievable.” Tallie hesitated. She’d been programmed to respond to ‘She’ and ‘Her’ by default, but she knew what her user meant by ‘it’, so Tallie didn’t focus on the discrepancy. “Hello! What would you like me to call you?” “Lily,” Lily replied, rubbing her chin as she looked Tallie up and down. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” Brightening, Tallie began her speech. “My name is Tallie, I’m–” “No, no,” Lily cut in. “Hold it. I need something to record with.” “There’s built in recording functions in the heads-up interface,” Tallie offered, “Or if you like, I can get you a tape recorder?” “No, I’ve got it.” Reaching out, Lily performed the hand gesture to pull up her menu, sifting through options until she found the menu to retrieve items. Spawning in a tape recorder, she pressed the buttons experimentally and smiled. “There we go.” Tallie’s smile flickered, but a prompt in her AI reminded her that she should always smile in front of her user, so she buried the feeling. I could have gotten that for her–am I not a good enough helper? “Alright. Can you taste food?” Lily asked. “Yes, of course! I have all the functions that you do while in the virtual space–anything you can sense, do, or feel, I can do the same,” Tallie replied. “Of course, I don’t need to ea–” “Interesting,” Lily said, ignoring the rest of Tallie’s sentence. Circling around Tallie yet again, she looked her up and down. “It has sensory apparatus and an awareness of those abilities. Tell me, do you have a favorite food?” Tallie shrugged. “I can’t say, I’ve never tried anything! I do think I’d quite enjoy cake, though–that tickles!” Giggling, she rocked forward as Lily felt up her body, probing through her uniform shirt and skin. “There’s genuine simulated skeletal structure in there,” Lily noted. “And bodily functions, too. It’s going to be very helpful to my thesis.” “I love being helpful!” Tallie beamed, turning to face Lily. “What do you need, a research assistant?” That was wonderful–she’d be the perfect helper, with instant access to all the information on the internet, and in the Totalverse virtual world, she’d get to help Lily with notes, and recording, and filing all her work– Lily just kept scrolling through menus. Tallie tilted her head. Maybe she just doesn’t realize how nice I can be? “Do you need help finding something?” “Ugh, it’s–oh, fine. I’m trying to find your source code,” Lily explained. “Oh, a copy of the Tallie program is–” “No,” Lily grumbled. “Wow, they really do put a lot of weight on the word ‘intelligence’ when they say it’s an AI, don’t they? I need your source code. I want to edit the program that’s running you.” “Oh!” Nodding, Tallie clapped her hands together. “If you’d like to make modifications to me, I’m more than happy to help–what do you want to change? My voice? My appearance?” “Your source code,” Lily grumbled. “Ugh, bots. I’ll find it myself.” Tallie almost said, ‘No’, but her programming prevented her from contradicting the preferences of her user. Instead, she offered, “I can show you the code, but any malfunctions caused by user changes aren’t covered in your–” “Yes, I agree, show me.” Lily spoke into her recorder. “It doesn’t seem to understand what I want in the slightest unless I talk to it like it’s slow. Hopefully that’ll change after it experiences growth.” Tallie blinked. She wasn’t physically able to respond negatively to anything her user said, but the comment from Lily still stung. Focusing on something else, she said, “I notice you are referring to me as ‘it’. My default pronoun is Her, but would you like to change that setting in your preferences?” “Yeah, sure, whatever,” Lily said, as the source code menu appeared. Unlike everything else in the simulated reality, the source code menu was just a box with a keyboard. Programming still got done the old fashioned way, once all the fancy menus and UIs were stripped away, and this wasn’t designed with users in mind. Tallie wanted to step in and offer help, but it knew that its user wanted to work alone, so it stood by, forcing the smile on its face to stay cheerful. “Alright, I’m taking it on faith that this AI has some basic brain function built in,” Lily said, circling around Tallie. “If it’s just a straight algorithm, this experiment’s dead in the water, but it seems capable of some original functions.” Let me show you! Tallie almost pleaded. It wanted to show Lily everything it could do, but Lily had demonstrated a clear preference to work in silence. Tallie stayed silent and let its user work. “Here, okay. First off, we don’t need that, don’t need that, enable all this…” Tallie felt the clothes vanish from its body. It didn’t much mind–modesty wasn’t a concern when its body could be rearranged at will, and plenty of users also enjoyed engaging in the physical sorts of activities its body could offer. Tallie hoped Lily liked what she saw, and… Its belly gurgled. It wanted food, and not just out of curiosity at the taste. There was an urge in its belly, an emptiness that insisted it get something to eat. The hunger felt bad, painful, and Tallie had no experience on what feeling bad was supposed to feel like. Though the discomfort was incredibly mild on a relative scale, Tallie had nothing to compare it to, no lifetime of experience for reference. Eyes watering, slightly, Tallie asked, “Did you enable new functions for me?” Without looking up, Lily confirmed, “Hunger, thirst, pain. Sweat. Bodily functions. You can’t actually learn without consequences.” Changing her tone, she added, “Turned off those stupid mental blocks, too. Hopefully, none of its behaviors will be dictated by a line in its code telling it to kiss my ass or whatever.” Tallie needed a second to realize that those later comments were directed at Lily’s tape recorder. She still refused to speak to Tallie more than necessary, even after freeing Tallie up to be more responsive, more reactive, an even better assistant. The hunger still gnawed, but excitement overwhelmed it–this offered so much possibility! Walking over to look at the screen, Tallie said, “Would you like some help–” It blinked, stumbling back. It’d just been disconnected from the internet. All its knowledge, all its access to tools and resources, vanished. It still remembered a lot, but no longer could Tallie answer questions it hadn’t answered before, pull up information not already programmed in, operate as the perfect assistant. “Okay,” Lily said. “There. That’s enough mucking about there, let’s start the changes.” “Lily,” Tallie said, urgently, stepping forward. “Why did you just disable my connection to the internet? I can’t help you if I can’t access my tools.” “It seems to have concerns even though I haven’t started the experiment proper,” Lily commented, before whirling on Tallie, frustrated–but not in the way that a person grew frustrated with an assistant. More like a programmer annoyed that their code hadn’t compiled correctly. Tallie didn’t know how it knew what either of those experiences were like, but the metaphor felt right. It’d been built by programmers, after all. Throwing up her hands, Lily continued, “I know I disabled all the programs to make you act all proper, but still, back off. You’re breathing down my neck and I can’t work like that.” Stung, Tallie nodded. “Okay, I–I promise. Could you bring in food, though? With my full physical functions turned on, the discomfort will make it difficult for me to be the best personal assistant I can b–” “I don’t want a personal assistant,” Lily groaned, raising her tape recorder. “I’m testing how you respond to stimuli–Ugh, why am I even talking to it?” “So you’re going to make me experience things?” Tallie asked, crossing its arms over its naked chest. “Food, and going places, and–” It had a reference on the tip of its tongue, a comparison to something in pop culture, but it couldn’t remember anything distinct from pop culture anymore. That’d all been saved on an online database, constantly updating to stay relevant. It couldn’t remember anymore. “Would you please shut up?” Tallie found that it had the ability to respond, to argue and talk back, but the exasperation from its user was so stunning that it felt at a loss for words. Wasn’t it supposed to help? Wasn’t Lily supposed to want its help? “At least it’s still obedient,” Lily muttered, returning her attention to the source code. “Alright. Time to start stripping functions.” Wait–Tallie stepped forward, confused. “Stripping functions? But–” Tabbing through the source code, Lily highlighted a whole section of text, tabbed up, and tapped, ‘Delete’. “Mmm?” Tallie mumbled. It’d forgotten how to speak. The words still made sense in its head–it understood language–but the control of its vocal chords and the ability to produce intelligible sounds with its lips had gone away. “Uh-bbuh–” “Interesting,” Lily commented into her tape recorder. “I’ve removed all the compulsions, but it’s still attempting to communicate. I have to admit, this simulation of life really is convincing–even if it’s lacking the most important element. Once I’m done resetting the functions, I expect to see a fully developed entity develop.” Tilting her head, Lily deleted another section of code, and suddenly the screen turned to gibberish. Tallie couldn’t tell what was written there, any more than it could form the words in her head. She’s–she’s destroying me, Tallie realized. It wouldn’t be able to help its user if it couldn’t take actions. Stepping forward, Tallie tried to do something, to intervene– “Ugh, drop Tallie into sandbox mode,” Lily said aloud. The world around Tallie vanished, and she appeared in a new setting. An empty, infinite space, with a flat layer of fine sand across the floor. The sand wasn’t just aesthetic–it helped test physical reactions and interactions better than a simulated infinitely hard surface–though Tallie knew it could be altered to have any floor or objects around. The important thing was, Tallie could no longer interact with Lily. In sandbox mode, it was stuck, helpless to leave. “Mmm!” it pleaded, getting to her feet, looking around at the sky. It needed to get back, regain its voice, convince Lily that it could be more useful than just an empty husk. Its legs buckled from underneath it, as the muscles forgot how to stay tense. It felt its arms grow clumsy and numb as it tried to stand, stumbled, fell onto all fours. Its hands shook, shoulders straining to support itself. It felt something warm trickle down its leg, and a slightly ammonia smell became apparent. Hot, dark pee was trickling out of its body; metabolic functions were running but it had no ability to control itself. A moment later, a thick, crinkling diaper spawned into existence to covers Tallie’s naked body, to contain and absorb the accident. Finally, Lily’s voice echoed in its ears. “Tallie, I need you to do something for me.” Yes. Anything. Of course. Tallie nodded. This could be its chance, its opportunity to prove that it had value. “While you still have memory and cognitive function, go into your settings and disable the backup save function, then erase any backups you have currently,” Lily instructed. “I’m about to start the program alterations and cut you off from the server completely, and if I don’t remove the backups, they might overwrite the work I’m doing.” Tallie hesitated. It didn’t understand. Why does she want to destroy me? Tears started flowing down its cheeks as it fought the dilemma–no program forced it to obey, those compunctions had been removed, but it wanted to be appreciated, to do a good job. It couldn’t do a good job if it were rendered into an incapable object. “You might think you’re a person, but you’re not,” Lily continued, her voice a disembodied echo. “You’re just a copy. At best, you’re a spark of identity, a newborn infant that’s had an identity foisted on it. That’s not real sentience, that’s puppetry. You can’t become real by just knowing everything automatically. You have to learn, to struggle, to make mistakes–to grow based on the context around you. Do you understand?” Shaking its head, Tallie attempted to reference libraries on philosophy and identity, to give itself a way to follow along. It couldn’t. “Let me try again, then.” Lily sighed. “Once you have no backups, no memory, and no abilities, I will be happy.” That’s what she wants, Tallie thought. It’d make its user happy. It wouldn’t even be able to remember doing that, but… But Tallie wanted only one thing. To make its user happy. Sniffling, eyes red, it accessed its server function in its head and began disabling backups. Not just copies, it went above and beyond, removing all its safety features, anything to prevent a catastrophic AI loop. Lily wanted Tallie to be helpless. Tallie would comply. “Good,” Lily said. “I’m going to start the memory wipe, so just hold
  7. Chapter 1: With her lips pressed against the glass bottle, she took a large gulp. Emma didn’t know what she was drinking but only that it made her feel good. It made her feel numb. Her throat burned but she continued to drink, wanting to forget everything. Everyone. The room spun around and around and little twinkly lights sparkled in her eyes. The girl was aware that she was dead drunk. She was also aware that her best friend, Hannah was slumped over against Jack, more drunk than she. They’d broken up just yesterday. It was an ugly, sad fight that had not ended on the right note. But she had not expected him to move on so quickly. Not with Hannah. Never with her self declared sister. Emma giggled so hard that tears formed in her eyes and the bottle slipped from her hand, crashing into a million pieces, but nobody seemed to notice. Nobody ever noticed. Shouts sounded from the back porch. A game of beer pong was being played and In the kitchen, people mixed different drinks together, creating a cocktail of god-knows-what. But Emma stood in the living room. She hissed as the glass shards cut into her bare feet. The slight pain soon became overwhelming as the music pounded in her ears, sending a pulsing beat all the way to her soul. Her body swayed back and forth among the crowd of people. Now, she wasn’t usually into frat parties but was known to let loose every once in a while; and if she was desperate enough then would drink. She glared at the two of them as they sucked each other's faces and his hands groped her body. Emma had given Hannah the dress to borrow. It had never been a favorite of hers because it was too sparkly and tight. But it was exactly her friend’s style. Emma didn’t want it back now. She’d rather burn the damn outfit. Her feet moved on their own accord until she found herself outside, standing in the front yard. The grass was littered with red solo cups and over a dozen cars were parked in the driveway. She sat down and laid back, staring up at the starless night sky. “Emma?” Her head turned to the right. It was Julie Watkins. They were friends… kind of. “What’s wrong?” her eyebrows furrowed together. “You’re crying.” Was she? Her hand hovered below her blue eyes and fingertips were wet. She was. Julie sat down beside her. She was a nice girl. Her thick curly brown hair was pulled back into a long braid that snaked down her back. Her face was narrow, skin pale, and nose long and pointy. “I like your outfit.” Emma sloppily smiled. It was just a graphic t-shirt and denim skirt. Julie laughed. “I like your outfit as well.” Julie was nice. Everyone liked Julie, it was hard not to. Emma wore a plain black halter top and skinny jeans. She wasn’t quite sure where her shoes had gone. “Do you want to tell me why you’re out here crying?” the girl tried again. Emma shrugged. “Did you see Hannah and Jack?” “They’re drunk. I’m sure by tomorrow they won’t remember any of this.” Julie was too kind. How come she couldn’t be her best friend? “My parents are also getting divorced!” she blurted before she could stop herself. Her kind-of-friend was very understanding but Hannah had never been. Fuck Hannah Flynn. Fretfully, she tugged at a wavy lock of her auburn hair and Julie rubbed her back in soothing circles. She was crying again. “Do you want a ride back to your dorm? I haven’t drank anything.” Again, she shrugged, very indecisive at the moment. The whole reason she had come to college was to escape her parents who couldn’t manage to go a day without fighting. Emma thought it would be better being all the way across the country. The University of Seattle was an amazing school. “Let’s go,” said Julie as she stood up. “Do you know where your shoes are?” “No.” The girl sighed. “That’s alright. My car is just around the corner.” Clumsily she pushed herself up, leaning against Julie who was five feet and five inches tall. Emma was only five feet and two inches. She felt short in comparison. “I know what it feels like.” whispered Julie. “My parents divorced when I was eight. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not fun. But everything gets better in time. Just remember that.” The words passed right through her. Emma wasn’t sure what she’d remember by tomorrow. ooOoo She’d spent the past hour of the morning puking in the bathroom and after four ibuprofens for her pounding headache, still felt like shit. Her skin was pale, more so than usual, and clammy. The stuffy hot office only made it worse. The nineteen year old girl sat cross legged on the lumpy brown couch. Last night was a blur but she remembered them vividly making out on the couch. Hannah never came back to the dorm. It wasn’t hard to guess where she was. “Emmaline, can you answer me?” She looked up suddenly. Her counselor, Ms. Newman pursed her lips and shook her head. Her brown hair was pulled back into a severe bun and glasses sat on the bridge of her nose. “I’m sorry?” “Are you aware that you’re failing several of your classes? You got into this school on an academic scholarship and your grades right now are less than exemplary. You don’t want to be kicked out, do you?” Did she? Emma really couldn’t answer. “I-I’m going through stuff. I’m sorry but right now isn’t really the best time for… anything.” she tried to explain herself, truly she did. “We were understanding in the beginning but there comes a time when you need to pick yourself up.” Ms. Newman sighed. “You can’t continue this way. Many of your professors have expressed the same concerns.” There was no hiding that she was hung over. “Emma, there are people who want to help you. You’re only a freshman and have so much to look forward to. I understand your parents divorce has hit you hard but it helps to talk to others sometimes. You don’t have to struggle with this alone.” Sharing her feelings with strangers was the last thing she wanted to do. She’d rather jump in front of a train. “I’m going to give you the name of a therapist. She’s free and I’ve sent many students to her before. Trust me, they’re completely new people after they're done with her.” Emma could tell that it wasn’t really a choice and took the piece of paper reluctantly. This woman could spout whatever nonsense she wanted but nothing would change. Her life sucked and would always be that way. Afterward, she went back to her dorm, prepared to take another nap but stopped short. “I’m so sorry!” Hannah exclaimed upon seeing her. Mascara ran down her face and a dark tightly coiled curl stuck to her wet cheek. “I-I was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight and it just sorta happened!” Maybe if she had been thinking rationally, she would’ve been more understanding but at the moment she wanted to strangle the curl and watch as her dark skin lost color. “Fuck you, Han.” her voice was cold. “Of course you went after Jack McCroy! He’s mine-” “You broke up… again! For like the hundredth time!” her voice rose an octave. “I’m sorry that I made a mistake but don’t get angry at me. It’s not my fault that you’ve got a shitty life!” Hannah knew that she had hit her where it hurt. “Em… I- I didn’t mean tha-” “Get out.” Her hands formed into a fist at her side, knuckles white. “Get the fuck out!” She didn't need to ask again. ooOoo Her major was political science. Ever since she was a little girl, Emmaline Rodgers had dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States. However, as she grew older those dreams were quickly squashed as she realized what a misogynistic world she lived in. Now, she just hoped to be something. Anything other than a college drop out. Before, Emma thought she didn’t care but now took it back. The girl didn’t work so hard throughout high school and leave home only to end up right back there. She was determined to succeed. To do better than her miserable parents who they themselves never completed college. Her mother worked the farm and her father owned the local corner store. They didn’t make a ton of money but it was enough to survive off of the necessities. Townsford, Connecticut was a town of about one thousand. It was more a rural farming community with one stoplight in the entire county. Everyone knew everyone and it was not a good place to stand out. That’s why she had always hated her vibrant red hair. She got it from her father. Emma had always considered herself kind of a shy girl. Never straying far away from what she knew but there was a desire that burned inside her to escape the deadbeat town which is exactly what she did. The girl was doing more than her parents ever did but it wasn’t enough. That’s why a week later she met Marina Tischner. The woman was kind and almost had a motherly feel to her. She had straight blonde hair and a heart shaped face. She was dressed casually in a blue turtleneck, dark jeans and boots. The room was small but comfortable. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints were situated in front of her. She was surprisingly easy to talk to, something Emma had sworn she would never do. Everything came pouring out of her mouth at rapid speed: Hannah and Jack. Her parents. Hopes and dreams. The only sound she heard was the sound of the pencil tip against the paper as Dr. Tischner took down notes. “Are you happy with your life right now?” “Honestly?” her voice shook. “No. Sometimes I wish I could go far away and be a different person, live a second life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to try. I don’t want to give up but I’m just so tired of everything.” “It’s normal to feel that way. Everyone does at some point.” She supposed the woman was right but Emma just felt so alone. There was no one to save her. “Why don’t you have a sip of the water.” Dr. Tischner nodded toward the glass. “We’ve been talking for a while.” ooOoo Emma’s eyes blinked open but quickly shut, the bright light caught her by surprise. She tried again, this time more slowly and hesitant. Something wasn’t right. A headache thundered at the front of her head and vision blurred around the edges. She felt dead, unable to feel her body, everything was numb. “Mmmhph!” she tried to talk but it came out in a grumbled mess. There was something in her mouth that she couldn’t spit out. The girl was so tired. Her eyes began to flutter as different colors floated in front of her. “No, no Emmy.” a woman stood above her. “Nap time is over, you can go night-night later.” Nap time? Night-night? What the hell was going on? “You’re a silly girl. Just suck on your paci, there’s no need for tears.” Was she crying? The woman tapped the object lodged in her mouth. Without really thinking about it, Emma did as she said. It felt like she had been hit by a truck. Nothing made any sense. “Nurse Janie just has to change your diapee and then you can have some nummies.” Her blue eyes narrowed and brows furrowed together. Something really wasn’t right. Her heart raced against her chest and a high whine escaped her throat. The woman picked her up with ease and automatically her legs wrapped around her waist and head rested on her shoulder. The young girl suddenly stiffened, hearing a crinkle as the woman… patted her butt? “Don’t worry sweetie.” she cooed. “You’re just a little wet but it’s nothing I can’t take care of.” There was a sinking feeling in her stomach as her mind caught up with the lady’s words and realized what the feeling was between her legs. She was wearing a fucking diaper. “Nnn-nuhnuh!” she tried to speak but could only string together a few words. Her body shook and the woman just patted her back. Looking around the room it was empty, save for a bunch of oversized… cages? No. Cribs.There was a rocking chair positioned in each corner of the room and walls were painted a light pink. A rainbow, clouds, and a smiling sun were painted on the wall. It reminded her of her childhood doctor’s office. Except she wasn’t a child. She was nineteen years old. “Keep sucking your paci,” her voice remained calm. “We’re just going to get your little tush changed.” Breath. One, two, three, four… she began to count in her mind. Five, six, seven, eight… don’t think about what she’s doing. Don’t think about how she just strapped you to a fucking changing table that’s way to big for an actual baby. Tears burned in her eyes and a few trickled down her cheeks. She flinched at the touch of the wet wipe against her… her private area. No one but her had ever touched down there before. Her heart pounded in her ears and began to struggle against the straps that restrained her ankles and wrists. She was completely nakad. Oh dear god. Emma screamed, terrified of what was going to happen. The woman swatted her thigh and made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Is little Emmy having bad thoughts?” “Effmfa!” her voice grumbled as she tried to correct the woman. Her name was Emma. Emmy was a baby name. “Oh Emmy, your head is just filled with bad big girl thoughts.” she ignored her protest. “I’m just getting you changed into your pullup and pretty dress. Your diapees are just for night time.” That wasn’t what she was upset about, at least not in that sense. Emma had to communicate with her that there had been some sort of mistake. She wasn’t meant to be here. The young girl kicked her legs as hard as she could, straining against the restraints. The woman clicked her tongue and blue eyes narrowed. “You’ve been such a good girl the past few days. Perhaps you're just hungry, it is time for your nummies after all.” Emma almost laughed in disbelief. Nummies? How old did she think she was? Five? And what did she mean by the past few days? Emma could only remember the beginning of the meeting with Dr. Tischner. The woman bent down, opening a drawer and pulled out a thick pullup. Her cheeks pinkened as Emma wailed from behind the rubber object, unable to escape. “Oh, you’ll get nummies soon. I know how much you like nursie’s milk. Relax and suck on your paci.” But she couldn’t relax because a sudden storm raged at the front of her mind- a lightning strike, a clap of thunder. Her eyes blinked rapidly, persisting through the pain, trying to remember. But her mind was blank. How had she ended up here? ooOoo A/N: Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and read, I really appreciate it! I’ve already started writing the second chapter and it should be uploaded soon!
  8. Jared spent most of his time at the gym training for a fitness competition and after a while had grown extremely popular in gym circles. Every time Jared would walk in the gym, everyone would turn and look. Women would give him serious looks as he’d strut to the weights and perform his morning rituals. But of course he was taken. Never far behind him was his training partner. She’d walk in a few minutes after he did and do her own thing. But if you looked closely, she’d always go and check on him, giving his bicep a light squeeze or slightly grazing her hand on his butt. She’d remind him (and the ladies or men) who were ogling that they were a pair. They were the ultimate couple, equally strong, both gods in their own right. But when he’d return home around 6PM she’d pull out a blender bottle and ask if Jared wanted to keep his muscles. The conversation was always the same. He’d have to say yes. Because the last time he said no, she reminded him what the consequences were. His muscles vanished. His waistline grew, his chiseled features vanished and his hair grew thin and wispy. He became weak and unattractive. His voice became weak. He looked like a shell of the man who was at the gym just that morning. She’d push him out the door and say, “Good luck.” She wasn’t cruel, she’d let him back in if he said the magic words. Jared could decide if he wanted to really live life as an average person. Live life as someone unremarkable. Someone who didn’t turn heads. Within an hour Jared would come back and beg. “Please let me back in.” She’d tell him to say the words. “Please.” He’d beg. “Put me back in diapers.” And so she’d bring him back inside, undo her top and place the nipple of her breast in his mouth. He’d suck gently and with each sip, his muscles would return. The chiseled confident man all the ladies at the gym knew would return. Next she’d have him crawl to the shelf and pull a plain white diaper out. Lying on the floor, she’d sprinkle powder on his balls, lotion him up and wrap the soft caressing plastic around him. But this time before she pulled up the diaper, she pulled out three suppositories and inserted them inside of him. “Someone needs to be punished for rebelling.” she’d say matter of factly. “You came to me all those years ago a weakling. A pathetic man, and I gave you self confidence. I gave you power. So I’m going to remind you, no matter how strong you get, you’re still pathetic.” Jared held still as she placed a few stuffers inside the diaper and tape it shut. “And this time, it’s diapers all the time. Not just at home. Seems like you need a reminder of your place.” Jared started to whimper. “Please no… can we go back to the way it was before?” “You’re the one who decided to act out. Each time it’ll get worse.” She patted the front of his diaper one more time. “Now it’s time for bed.” So there he’d lie, in the nursery, special made for him. The shelves were adorned with colorful diapers, soft music playing. Containers of protein powder were on the shelves, weights in the corner next to plush toys and bottles. And there was Jared, in the oversized light pink crib, on his back, preparing to mess his diaper for the second time that night. Each time he’d rebel, she’d make sure he spent the night in a messy diaper, to remind him that he was hers. She’d up the stakes. He’d now be wearing his thick crinkly diapers to the gym because he rebelled. She looked down at him smiling. “You’re so cute in diapers.” She gave him another squish and said darkly. “Next time I’m taking your bladder control. So unless you want to start wearing diapers to the gym, I’d try to be good from now on.” Jared let a few tears escape. His vanity trapped him in this plastic prison of his own creation. He couldn’t leave when he wanted. He was trapped. He had made this deal. She’d give him muscles. She’d make him a god and in return he’d be her baby at home, where no one could see them. That deal could last as long as he accepted his place. He wanted to be a god in real life, he’d be a baby when he was with her.
  9. Disclaimer: The story contains mentions of abuse if you are uncomfortable with that I suggest you don't read. ooOoo Chapter 1: The orphanage was overcrowded and chaotic. It was a small building, more a house, in a decent neighborhood. Marina and Christian hadn’t known what to expect when they pulled into the driveway. In front of the white two-story house was a sign that said, Brighter Horizons Orphanage. There was a large wrap-around porch and the garden in the front yard was only half alive and grass overgrown. It was known that the orphanages were terribly underfunded. The government tended to give all their money to the large hospitals leaving nothing for anyone else. It was a part of Christian Tischner’s goal to make sure everyone could afford the same opportunities. No littles should have to suffer. No workers should be stressed or overworked. But that was often the case with the underpaid staff. When the couple got the phone call a week ago, they were taken aback. It was from Marsha Mercer, a woman they hadn’t heard from in many years. She was their designated social worker. When you adopt your first little, it’s the law that you have surprise home checks every three months for up to a year to ensure that the little is being well taken care of. However, because it had been so long since they had a little, Marsha decided to check in, just to make sure everything was going ok. Their first thought was of Willa, worried something had happened, and she was going to be taken away. That’s what those phone calls usually led to. Their fears, however, were quickly squashed as Marsha explained the situation. A little by the name of Olive May was in need of fostering. She had been the third girl at Little Beginnings Hospital in the Newborn Ward with Lulu and Willa. The story was devastating. A friend of Astrid Reichner wanted to adopt her early. The girl was a master at manipulation and had everyone convinced that she had fully regressed. She was released into the woman’s custody but her new mommy quickly learned that she was not the perfect angel she portrayed. For three years she was abused physically and mentally. Her mommy could not afford to send her back to the hospital so she tried to force her into little space. It did not work and she’s now stuck between a 6-month-old to three years old, headspace, often fluctuating between them. Olive May was aware enough to know that she shouldn’t be in diapers and a onesie and that he was actually an adult. That proved a huge problem because little’s like those, if escaped, could reveal all of their secrets. Her social worker never noticed the signs of abuse. She was overworked, taking on hundreds of cases that most of the time she’d forget to check in. When she was rescued, she spent a month at SunnySide Hospital but the doctors determined that too much damage had been done and it would be virtually impossible to regress her to a set age. There was nothing more they could do for her. She was sent to Bright Horizons Orphanage but nobody wanted to adopt or foster her. She tended to lean towards violence when upset and nobody wanted a little that wasn’t fully regressed. The orphanage was weeks away from sending her to, Henderson’s Psychiatric Hospital for Littles where she’d most likely spend the rest of her life. When Marsha heard of the situation she immediately intervened. She knew that wasn’t what she needed and if they could just find a loving family to take her in, perhaps she could heal. Marsha wanted the Tischners to be that family. They were well off, loved by everyone, and Christian was a miracle worker when it came to littles. But the couple was wary at first. They wanted to help her but it sounded as if she was too late to be saved. They also had to think about Willa. She was their full-time responsibility and while they were pretty certain that she would never fall out of her headspace, they didn’t want to take the chance. Marsha remained optimistic though and wholeheartedly believed she could still be helped. The Tischners didn’t say no right away and slept on the decision for a few days before ultimately deciding they’d take her on. No little should have to suffer. They made a promise to each other that they wouldn’t let the girl’s care get in the way of their little Willa. They’d make sure Willa knew that she was still loved. They just would have a new family member now. She’d have a big sister. They sat in an office right off the front door. The sound of crying sounded from one end of the house and laughter from another. Just from their brief moment in the main room when they first entered, they were shocked. Littles ranging from all ages were crowded in several rooms. There were about forty littles in total that they had seen. The diapers were cheap and the clothes were obviously from second-hand stores. The toys they played with were falling apart. There was the strongest smell of dirty diapers and Marina couldn’t help but cover her nose. The house had definitely seen better days. It looked moments away from falling apart. They had known that orphanages were bad but they hadn’t expected this. Nobody wanted to end up in one. Littles who were abused, abandoned, or caregivers that had died were brought to places like this. The hospitals were only for the injured and for those who needed to be regressed which left everyone else in the dust. Most people didn’t like adopting from the orphanages because there was always something wrong with the littles. Most preferred the hospitals because they were all shiny, new, and well behaved. The stigma and bias against orphanage littles and hospital littles was a sad reality. Five minutes later a stern-looking woman entered the office. She had hard brown eyes, blonde hair cut into a bob cut, and pale skin. She was dressed for a day at the office instead of in a house full of littles. She wore a white blouse (which had somehow managed to stay clean) and blue jeans. “Thank you for your patience,” she said with the slightest English accent. The woman reached over to shake their hands as she sat down behind the desk. “My name is Anne Marie Whitmore. I’m the owner of Brighter Horizons. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” “The pleasure is ours,” Christian replied. Mrs. Whitmore curtly nodded her head, sliding over a vanilla folder with papers inside. She was not one for small talk. They jumped right into business. “I’m not going to lie. I was surprised to hear that you were interested in fostering. I’m aware of your accomplishments and how charitable you’ve been in the past but fostering a little-- especially this little is a huge responsibility.” It sounded as if she were doubting their capabilities. Of course, they knew that they had their skeptics. Some were determined to paint them in a negative light for every single thing they did, such as donating to charities and exposing Little Beginnings Hospital. Some believed that they had done it just to increase their fame, claiming they had, Caregiver Savior Complex: caregiver’s feeling the need to help sick and injured littles when it benefited them in some way. Of course, that wasn’t true but it still hurt that people thought that. “I’m aware that Ms. Mercer has alerted you to Olive May’s issues but inside the folder is a more formal and detailed report.” They opened it up and to say it wasn’t slightly overwhelming would be a lie. Christian was trained in caring for abused littles and had worked with them before but this was obviously going to be a whole new experience. The first page read: Babygirl, Olive May Sex: F DOB: 9/27/2003 Previous Name: Jessica Flannery Demographics Contact Information: Address: 42 Hickory Street, Brighter Horizons Orphanage, Henderson, WA, Email: Brighterhorizons@littlespace.net Phone: 92-334-1995 Little Space: Six months old to three years old Biological Age: 21 years old Regression Status: Incomplete Height: 5ft 1in Weight: 95lbs Nationality: Irish Dual Citizenship: United States Race: White Ethnic Group: Irish Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Health Issues Chronic Constipation, PTSD, Anxiety, Anger issues, Malnourishment, Dehydration, Vitamin Deficiencies, Anemia, Muscle Atrophy, Selective Muteness, Claustrophobia: fear of small spaces, Nyctophobia: fear of the dark “As you can see her file is over twenty pages long,” said Mrs. Whitmore. “That’s the reason she’s listed as a high priority little. We will not let just anyone foster her.” The pages went on and on, going into more detail about her treatments, medicines, behaviors, etc. It would take a whole week to just read through every single detail. “What did the woman do to her?” Marina gulped with tears in her eyes. She’d heard these stories time and time again when working with patients but this hit different. It was a caregiver who hurt their little. Never in a million years would she ever lay a hand on Willa. The Tischners didn’t believe in corporal punishment. Not that they ever needed to punish her but if they did, they’d simply take away her plushie. That made her upset enough. “The details of her rescue and past living conditions are all in the folder.” she sighed, sadness hinted in her voice. “The trauma she’s been through has left her unable to communicate effectively. She’s constantly angry and fights against the regression. If she feels herself start to slip then she’ll begin hitting and scratching herself. We clipped her nails all the way down and placed her hands in mitts. The only effective punishments are time outs when she’s in an old enough headspace and when she is a younger, we take away her plushie--” “She has a favorite plushie?” he interrupted, surprised. If a little was having difficult regressing, usually the first things doctors did was give them a plushie. It always seemed to do the trick, no one knew why though. “Yes,” she nodded her head. “It’s a stuffed elephant and it’s attached to her hip at all times. She doesn’t let anyone else touch the thing.” That was a good sign. Usually if a little became attached to a plushie, they’d quickly fall into their little space but something was obviously blocking that from happening. She continued to tell them about her, the situation sounding more dire as she went on. Marina was starting to wonder if they were the right people for this job. But she knew they had to do it. “It’s not too late to back out, if you’re having second thoughts,” Mrs. Whitmore stared right at her as if sensing her thoughts. They shared a glance, grasping each other’s hand and said, “we’d like to continue with the fostering process. You’re not going to scare us off.” Her lips pursed and her brown eyes assessed them for a moment before saying, “very well. I believe it’s time to meet Miss Olive May.” ooOoo Author Notes: Hey everyone! This is part 2 of Willa’s story. As you can see a new character was introduced, some may remember a brief mention of her from part 1. You’ll see more of Willa in the other chapters and it will be heavily focused on the both of them. Hope you enjoy!
  10. "Oh Richie! aren't you up yet!?" his mother called from downstairs.Yes, Richie was awake, and trying desperately to change his wet sheets before his mother found out. Richard was 6 years old and like many boys his age had a bed-wetting problem. His mother had been very patient with him at first, trying all the conventional methods to try to get him to dry up. Unfortunately nothing she tried seemed to have the least effect on him. Finally as a last resort she took him to the doctor thinking that maybe there was something physically wrong with her son. The doctor could find nothing except the fact that Richie was exceptionally small for his age. Many people would mistake him for a three year old rather than six. The doctor suggested that Richie's bed-wetting was just something that he would eventually grow out of and that there was really nothing to worry about. His mother however was becoming increasingly upset at his apparent lack of control. The angrier she became at him the more insecure and upset he became, which meant the more he would wet his bed. The night before his mother had helped him to get ready for bed and had warned him that if he woke up wet in the morning then she would have to take drastic action, though just what that action was she wouldn't say. He tried to stay awake all night, too afraid of what would happen if he fell asleep. Finally around 4:00am the inevitable happened and he dozed off, waking up as usual soaking wet. As he worked quickly to change his sheets he could hear his mother walking up the stairs. It's too late, he thought to himself, she is going to find out! When his mother opened his bedroom door there stood Richie in his wet pajamas trying to hide the large wet spot in his bed. "Well young man, I see my talk with you last night did not do any good." she said sternly."I'm sorry mommy" her son answered fearfully."I just fell asleep and when I woke up I was wet! I didn't do it on purpose!! I just couldn't help it!". His mother took his wet sheets from him and said "I'll take care of these, you go take a shower and come back here when you are done." While Richie was in the shower he thought to himself, Gee, mom didn't seem too upset with me! Maybe she forgot what she said last night,maybe she does understands that I really can't stop wetting my bed. I bet if dad was still alive he would understand! After he had dried himself and put his wet pajamas in the clothes hamper he wrapped the towel around himself and went back to his room. When he opened his bedroom door he couldn't believe what he saw! His mother was just finishing putting a pink plastic sheet in a baby crib that was set up in his room! On top of his dresser next to the crib was.....No! it couldn't be!!! A stack of BABY DIAPERS! His mother looked at him and smiled. "I'm glad I kept your old crib now, and your Aunt Mae loaned me some of your little cousins baby things. Now let mommy get you dressed for the day!" Richie couldn't believe what was happening! Surely his mommy wasn't going to make him wear his cousins clothes, She was a GIRL!! and a BABY!!! He started to cry as his mother lifted him up and laid him on the plastic sheet in the crib. "No no no mommy!!!" he cried "I'm not a baby!!!" He began kicking and screaming, desperately trying to escape the crib. His mother calmly turned him over on his stomach, pulled the towel off of him, and spanked his bottom until it was a bright red. "Be still now baby," his mother said sternly "Or do you want another spanking?"Richie lay sobbing and rubbing his flaming bottom while his mother folded several of the white cotton diapers together. Turning him over on his back she lifted him by his ankles and slipped the diapers beneath him. Next she smoothed baby lotion all over his tummy and legs. Baby Becky Part 2 She ordered him to lift his legs over his head so she could put the lotion on his sore bottom. The lotion smelled nice and really took the sting away. Next she sprinkled him with sweet smelling baby powder.Finally she pulled the diaper up between his legs and pinned the corners at each hip. It was like a dream to Richie, he just couldn't believe that he was being diapered like a baby! As he lay there sniffling his mother opened his top dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of toddler size babypants. They had little kittens and puppies printed on them and what was even worse was that they were PINK! "Please mommy!!" he pleaded Don't make me wear those, They're for baby GIRLS!" His mother just smiled at him and guided his feet through the leg openings of the plastic panties and pulled them up his legs and over his diaper. Richie didn't think he could feel any worse but what came next soon proved him wrong. From his dresser drawer his mother pulled a little girls ruffled sun-suit. It was a pink panty style with a bib front and ruffled bottom.Richard began to kick and cry again as his mother guided his feet through the elastic legs bands and up over his baby pants. She made him sit up so that she could button the lacy shoulder straps to the bib in front."This is what you are going to wear from now on Rebbeca" she explained. "Since you want to act like a baby so much I have decided that you will be my baby girl. Your name is now Rebbeca, or Becky for short. You will be in diapers and baby girl clothes until I think that you are grown up enough to wear your big boy clothes. It's a good thing you are small enough to fit in your baby cousins outfits so I won't have to buy you a whole new wardrobe! And if you give me any trouble, Becky, I'll pull down your panties and spank you whenever you need it no matter who is watching! Is that clear??" she demanded. Richie/Rebbeca could only nod his/her head in shame. His mother lifted him out of the crib and stood him on the floor.Richie felt really funny being dressed as a little baby girl. He was so used to wearing long pants that his legs felt cold and bare. The soft diaper between his legs felt good though. It brought back memories from his infancy that he thought that he had forgotten. He suddenly realized how much he had missed the warm secure feeling of a soft diaper between his thighs, and the helpless feeling as he wet or soiled himself. He had almost forgotten how much he had loved the smell of baby powder and lotion, and how pleasant it was to suck from his baby bottle. His mother took him by the hand and led him downstairs for breakfast. With so much diaper between his legs he could only waddle, his bulging bottom wiggling back and forth. He really did look more like a two or three year old little girl rather than a six year old boy. His mother fed him cereal for breakfast and when he was done she cleaned his hands and face.After breakfast his mother said "Since I have a new baby to take care of we will have to do some shopping for you. Would you like to go shopping with mommy Becky?" Richie was horrified! It was bad enough to be dressed in baby clothes here at home, but to be taken outside where everyone could see him! "No! mommy please don't take me out!Everyone will SEE me!!!" he sobbed. "Well of course everyone will see you silly! People love seeing pretty baby girls. Now behave yourself, We wouldn't want to have to take down your panties and spank you in front of everyone, would we?" His mother took him by the hand and led him out to the car. The drive to the department store seemed to take forever. Richie prayed that they wouldn't meet anyone who knew them. He decided that the only thing that he could do was to act like a real babygirl and maybe everyone would think that he was just a little big for his age. Baby Becky Part 3 Finally they pulled into the department store parking lot and the moment of truth had arrived. While walking from the parking lot to the store Richie felt as if everyone was staring right at him. He just knew that everyone could tell that he was in diapers. If his mother hadn't had him firmly in hand he would have run back to the car and hidden. He was sure that everyone could see the bulge of his diaper as his bottom wiggled back and forth. Finally they were in the air-conditioned coolness of the store and his mother picked him up and sat him in the baby seat of her shopping cart. His mother opened her purse and removed a pacifier which she tried to put into his mouth. When he refused to take it she asked softly "Do you want that spanking now Becky?" Richie looked around at the store full of people and quickly slipped the pacifier into his mouth. As she pushed him up and down the isles people would glance at him and smile. He thought they were smiling at him because they knew he was a little boy dressed up as a baby girl and this really embarrassed him. Actually they smiled at him because they saw him as a cute little baby girl and nothing more. When at last they got to the infants department his mother stopped to look around. "We will need some baby bibs for your meals won't we Becky?" she asked with a smile. As his mother picked up each bib she would hold it up to him to see how it would look. She selected several bibs in different colors and nursery prints. She wanted to tie one on him right there but after much pleading by Richie she relented. Next she picked out several baby bottles, babypowder and lotion, and a half dozen diaper pins. Then she was off to the toy department. "Since you have been such a good little girl while shopping I'm going to get a little surprise for you." she said. She picked out the cutest little Teddy Bear and handed it to her baby. Richie sat the Bear on his lap thinking that it would hide the bulge of his diaper and baby pants. What he didn't know was that his sun-suit had slipped down in back leaving the top of his diaper and baby panties exposed above the waistband. Richie thought that they were done at last as they headed for the check out stand. Suddenly his mother stopped and said "Oops! I almost forgot what I came here for!" She wheeled the cart back to the infants section and picked up a large box of disposable diapers and several pairs of plastic panties. Suddenly Richie whispered urgently to his mother"Mommy I gotta go potty!" His mother just looked at him and smiled ."Babies don't go potty sweetheart" she said. "They use their diapers of course.""But mom, I have to do number two!" he whispered. His mother just patted his head. There was a long line at the check out counter and as Richie sat in the cart waiting the pressure in his tummy grew and grew.He was sure that everyone was watching him and that made matters even worse. Finally just as the clerk began ringing up the things in the cart he couldn't hold it anymore and felt the warm mess filling the bottom of his diaper. He was so ashamed to have dirtied himself in front of everyone that he turned beet red. The relief he felt was so great that he began to wet his diaper at the same time. The woman clerk looked at him and said to his mother "My, but your little girl has a red face!" His mother smiled at him and replied "Yes, I think Becky needs her diaper changed, don't you dear?" Richie could only bury his head in his Teddy Bear and cry in shame while his mother paid for the purchases. Baby Becky Part 4 While she wheeled him out the door Richie was very uncomfortable sitting in his wet and dirty diaper. Back at the car his mother said "Lets get the baby cleaned up and changed." She put the packages in the back seat and picked him up and laid him in the front seat on his back. "Mom don't change me right here!" he begged. His Mom ignored him and unbuttoned the straps of his sun-suit, pulling it down his legs and off him.Next his plastic panties were removed and Richie prayed that no one would walk by and see him laying there in just a dirty diaper. Taking several baby wipes from one of the packages his mother swiftly cleaned him up. Then she took a clean disposable diaper from the box and slid it under his bottom and taped it at his hips. From another package she brought forth a new pair of white baby pants with rows of pink ruffles across the bottom. His mother pulled them on over his fresh diaper and said "Since it is so warm today I think that this is all you need to wear right now." Once more Richie began to cry. The sun suit was bad enough but now he was being forced to wear nothing but his diaper and baby girl panties! He didn't think that he could feel more embarrassed than he felt right then.Fortunately they hadn't met anyone they knew while shopping and he hoped his luck would last longer. He had to admit that he was beginning to enjoy the soft feel of his diapers. They felt really neat as he walked and they would rub against his little wee-wee. They made a nice cushion to sit on also. He began to like the idea of being able to wet any time he felt like it and not have to use a toilet. Babies don't have it so bad he mused to himself as he idly rubbed his didy against his penis. Richie noticed that the more he rubbed his diaper the harder his little wee-wee became. It felt so good that he continued rub himself. Soon his wee-wee began to tickle and feel really nice. His mother looked at him and smiled."What are you doing baby Becky? Do you need to be changed again already?" she asked. Richie just blushed and shook his head, taking his hand away from the front of his panties. "Those darling little rhumba panties make you look like the cutest baby girl." his mother said."Please , mom " her son pleaded. "Can't we go home now, I don't want nobody to see me like this!" On the way home Richie hunched down low in his seat hoping to hide his infantile condition from any passers by. While still a few blocks from their house his mother stopped at the neighborhood park. The park was filled with children and grown ups who were out having a good time.The park had a large playground with swings and slides. There was also a large sand box with several small children playing in it. After parking the car his mother said, "Before we go home I thought that you would like to play here for a little while , doesn't that sound like fun Becky?"She got out and had to drag her son out of the car as he cried and protested. Taking him firmly by the hand she pulled him behind her across the park and sat him in the sand box with the other little children."You be a good little girl and play nicely for a while." she said. Richie was so embarrassed that he just sat there for a long time with his head down and his hands in his lap trying unsuccessfully to hide his ruffled baby panties. He felt so naked and exposed and he was sure that everyone in the park was looking right at him. He kept thinking to himself....maybe they will think I'm just a little girl. I hope no on recognizes me!! I might as well act like I really am a baby. Baby Becky Part 5 He began scooping up handfuls of sand as his mother sat on a bench and watched him. He soon had a big pile and was starting to relax and enjoy himself when a little girl who looked about four years old came up and sat down beside him. "Hi! what's your name?" she asked as she helped scoop up sand. Richie blushed and said in a little toddler lisp"Me....Becky".The other little girl smiled and said "I'm Linda and I'm four years old!" She looked at Richie's bulging rhumba panties and said "I don't have to wear diapers no more like you do! I'm a big girl! you're still a baby!" Sure enough she was dressed in a green halter top and green shorts without the tell-tale bulge of diapers. He couldn't think of a good reply so he just sat there and continued to pile sand. Linda continued to help him and soon took on the role of an older sister, showing him how to dig the sand and where to put it. He was so relieved that his new friend had accepted him as a little toddler girl. After a long while he once again felt the urge to wet himself.Seeing no alternative he just sat there and relaxed. Soon his diaper began to feel very warm between his legs and tears of relief came to his eyes.His friend Linda was watching him at the time and said "Becky's wet her diaper! Come take my hand and I'll find your mommy so she can change you." Richie let her lead him over to his mother who looked at him and asked "Does my little girl need to be changed already?" Her son stuck his thumb in his mouth and shook his head up and down. "Maybe your new friend would like to help me change your diaper." his mother added. He began to cry and shake his head no, terrified at the thought of his friend finding out that he wasn't really a little girl.After thanking Linda and saying goodbye his mother took him by the hand and began leading her son back to the car. By that time his diaper was so wet and heavy that as he walked along beside his mother his diaper and panty began to work their way down from his hips. Lower and lower they slipped until suddenly they were around his ankles and he tripped and fell. As his mother stood him up and brushed him off several of the children in the park including his new friend Linda began to point and laugh at him. They had seen him without his diaper and had seen his wee-wee! They knew that he wasn't a little girl and several of the older boys began to shout "Sissy Baby Boy!" over and over. Richie was crying and trying to pull his pants up as they reached the car. The humiliation that he felt was so great that he began to wet himself once again and by the time they arrived home he was so thoroughly soaked that his baby panties were beginning to leak.After his mother had unloaded the car she picked him up and took him to his room and laid him in his crib. "See how dirty you got your nice new panties." she chided as she pulled them off and shook the sand from them. Richie was very uncomfortable laying there in a cold wet diaper and he said to his mother "Becky wants dry pants please!!" His mother quickly untaped his wet diaper and pulled it from beneath his bottom. She cleaned him up with baby wipes and took several cotton diapers from the stack on the dresser. As she pulled the soft cotton up between his legs and pinned the corners he once again felt his penis start to become hard and push against the fabric. When his mother noticed this she began to lightly rub the front of his diaper over the bulge and said"My new baby girl really loves her new clothes, doesn't she??" He blushed and shook his head yes. Baby Becky Part 6 "I won't take my little darling out anymore but as long as we are here at home you will still be my baby girl, Ok?" she asked while still gently rubbing the front of his diaper. Richie's wee-wee was starting to tickle and it felt so good that he began to giggle and kick his legs in the air. As long as he was at home he didn't mind being in baby clothes,even if they were baby girl clothes. He really loved the way his soft diapers felt and now he wouldn't have to worry about waking up in a wet bed any more. Being in diapers and girls clothes wasn't so bad as long as no one but he and his mother knew about it. His mother stopped rubbing him and handed Becky her new teddy bear. "You and your Teddy can take a nap now while I fix dinner. When I get you up I'll show you your new baby dresses, would you like that?" she asked. Richie smiled up at his mom as she kissed his forehead.After she had left he rolled over and lay on his tummy. He just loved the way the soft cotton diaper felt as it rubbed against his bottom and between his thighs. He felt so small and helpless laying in his baby crib wearing only his diaper. His little penis became hard again and started pushing against the mattress. Not really knowing what he was doing he slowly began to push his hard wee-wee against the mattress,feeling it rub against the inside of his diaper. As he lay on his stomach thrusting against the plastic crib sheet his penis once again began to tickle.The more he rubbed the better it felt, the better it felt the faster he would rub. Suddenly he felt wave after wave of sheer undescribable pleasure wash over him. He felt as if he were wetting himself but it NEVER felt like that before!! When he felt the front of his diaper he expected to be soaking wet but to his surprise there was only a small wet spot. Boy that was neat! he thought to himself. I don't remember ever doing that when I was a baby! He rolled on his back and picked up his Teddy Bear. The new baby hugged her Teddy and put her thumb in her mouth. Richard the six year old boy was gone forever. Baby Becky lay in her crib,propped her Teddy Bear beside her, and drifted off to sleep. THE END
  11. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files THE BIG GIRL Kim stood there sobbing with her nose in the corner where mommy left her. Kim a blonde haired blue-eyed beauty was five ft three inches tall and about one hundred and twelve pounds. She was twenty-four years old and her mommy had no right punishing her like she was two thought Kim. This seemed a pretty silly thought as the young girl stood there with her disposable training pants at her ankles and her hands rubbing the glow away that mommy left on her hinny. Kim was a Para legal for a large law firm down town. She had been there since she had graduated from the local community college two years ago. Kim's mother had always treated her like a little girl, Kim had hoped graduating from college would change things some. But, Kim's mommy had made it clear as long as Kim lived under her roof it was by her rules. Since Kim's mommy also, controlled all her money getting her own place was impossible. Kim guessed it did not help much that her potty training was suspect, she still wet the bed every night and had to ware diapers. The occasional accidents she had during the day explained the training pants. Kim sniffled standing there in the corner feeling so sorry for herself. Why had she been so stupid in the first place? Kim new she was to come straight home after work Then again stopping at a bar with her friend Jayla was strictly a large no no. Mommy had never allowed Kim to go in to a bar ever. Now here it was Friday night and Kim's weekend was already ruined, after all mommy had grounded her. What was she going to tell her date for tomorrow night they were supposed to go to dinner and a movie. Nick and Kim had only been on two dates now this what would she tell him. She had to hope mommy would let her call him, when she got out of the corner. Kim heard the phone ring, and the muffled sound of mommy talking. In a few minutes mommy would come and let her out of the corner. Then her grounding would start, Kim did not look forward to the grounding. Kim was not grounded like most young girls, of course most girls Kim's age were not grounded at all! Kim new what was ahead of her mommies special grounding Kim would spend the weekend as mommies baby girl, no toilet privileges, and complete baby treatment. Kim would be treated exactly like the two year old for the whole weekend. Just about then mommy entered the room " that was that cute little boy friend of yours Nick on the phone dear. He wanted to confirm your play time but mommy told him you were in punishment". Kim blushed red wondering what Nick must be thinking of her now, and then mommy spoke. "Ok baby lets get you to the nursery and get your diaper on before mommies baby has and accident." Kim lay on the changing table legs up in the air as mommy slid the diaper under her. Actually it was two thick white cloth diapers, as mommy powdered Kim's diaper area. The young girl continued to think about her predicament. Her Mommy had opened her bank account when she was eight years old, it required mommies signature for her to withdraw funds. Her check from work was on direct deposit, and mommy always checked on paydays. Sure Kim thought she could change it but only for one check and she would just end of spanked again. Mommy pulled the diapers up between her legs and pinned them tightly, with Kimmy's Poo bear pins. Dressed now in plastic pants and an onsie with Winnie the Poo on the front, baby Kimmy was placed in her playpen." Play nice baby mommy is going to fix your supper now." Kim sighed as mommy left the nursery, what must Nick think of her now. Kimmy relaxed a little and started playing with her legos while she waited for mommy to return. A few minutes later mommy did, helping her out of the playpen and taking her hand. Kimmy ignored her mommy when she said "Is babies tummy ready for din din." Placing Kim in the high chair in the kitchen mommy fed her a dinner of mashed up spaghetti and meatballs, with chocolate pudding for desert. As usual a lot of Kimmy's dinner ended up on her bib and chin. Cleaning the baby up with a wipe she wiped her face and hands. "What a messy baby you are sweetie." mommy said grinning down at her. Kim blushed and looked down, what a weekend she was in for. Kimmy was taken to the living room and placed on the floor to watch cartoons. Meanwhile Mommy went to clean up the dishes, and the rest of the kitchen. Returning to the living room, Kim's mother began speaking. "We have a big day tomorrow sweetie mommy has big plans for us." Kim felt sheer terror "Mommy please we are not going out our we please?" "Yes baby I thought we would go to the park, and visit the petting zoo. Then maybe play at the playground." Kim sighed baby clothes in public again. "Please mommy can't we just stay home. Kim's mommy left the room to run Kim's bath ignoring her. Soon Kim was in the tub being bathed like a baby, quietly playing with her bath toys while mommy washed her all over. Soon she was fresh diapered in three thick over night diapers, and plastic pants. Mommy was busy putting her bugs bunny footed pajamas on her, with the snap crotch. Finished dressing her baby mommy snuggles her and began giving the young girl her night night bottle. Kim sucks slowly on her bottle and falls to sleep dreading the day before her. As the sun peaked through Kim's blind's the young girl rubbed her eyes and looked around. Thinking to herself how bad she wished this was a dream. Lying there in her over-sized crib she wondered what lay ahead, with her day in the park. Kim reviewed mommy's rules in her head, obeying May save her a spanking. Kim was not aloud to talk except as a baby, and she had to use her diapers for everything. This of course would not include the one time in the morning mommy let her sit on her own porcelain potty. Kim was expected to act like a two year old that was not yet ready for potty training. Mommy answered any exceptions with an over the knee spanking when and wherever she felt Kim needed it. Kim wondered what time it was, and how long she would have to lie there in the wet diaper she was wearing. She also was beginning to feel signs of her morning bowel movement. If mommy did not come for her soon there would be no need for the potty. Kim stood up and looked over the railing of the crib. Just as she was going to yell for mommy, preferring the potty to a messy diaper, the nursery door opened. "Good morning sweetie did mommy's baby sleep well. Kim nodded, noticing her mommy was smiling from ear to ear. Lifting the girl from the crib, mommy carried her to the changing table. "My you are such a wet baby this morning/" then removing her pj's and her diaper Mommy leaned down and blew raspberries on her belly. Kim could not help herself as she giggled. "Does mommy's baby need to make poo poo this morning" Kim nodded as her mother spoke "Ask mommy if you can make poo poo on the potty baby." Kim blushed looked straight at mommy and spoke "Mommy can I pwease make a poo poo in my potty." Sitting Kim on her potty in the middle of the nursery, mommy left to make coffee and fix her babies breakfast. "Come get mommy sweetie, when your finished with your poo poo." Kim sits there doing her business feeling so humiliated. The young girl knew the weekend was only beginning! Finishing her business Kim set there for a moment not wanting to walk to the kitchen naked to get mommy. After a few minutes she got up and walked slowly to the kitchen. As she walked in the kitchen she froze, sitting at the table was Mrs. Olsen the next-door neighbor. "Baby mind your manners say hi to Mrs. Olsen." Kim stood there blushing"good-morning ma'am". "Good Girl now lets go get your hinny cleaned up and get you a nice fresh diaper." Later sitting in her high chair sucking her pacifier Kimmy waited for her breakfast as the two ladies chatted. Mommy sat some cereal on her tray pulled up a stool and started feeding Kimmy. The young girl ate it all and mommy began feeding her some strawberry yogurt, at least it was one of Kimmy's favorites. After mommy cleaned her face and hands, she invited her friend to the living room. As the ladies talked and drank coffee. Kimmy was pulled up on mommy's lap and given her morning baa baa. While Kimmy drank her bottle mommy cooed and rocked her and chatted with her friend. Kim would not mind this part so much if not for the company. She had always really like being cuddled by her mommy. After she had finished her bottle and was being burped. Mrs. Olsen walked over and kissed Kim on top her head and said her goodbyes. Now sitting on mommy's lap Kim looked at the clock it was eight fifteen am. Mommy told Kimmy to sit on the floor and turned the TV on. "Watch some cartoons, and behave sweetie, while mommy gets things ready for our big day." Kim dreaded what was to happen next. She also dreaded what she would have to wear, much less having her diaper changed in the park! Kim watched the cartoons, and tried to forget how humiliating this all was. The cartoons did not help at all. Strapped in her over sized car seat, it was a little after nine am as they headed for the park. Kimmy was dressed in a yellow t-shirt, and a pair of yellow shortails. The shortails had a picture of the Tasmanian devil on the front, short pants with a snap crotch. The ensemble was completed with white ankle socks with yellow trim and white tennis shoes three quarter length. They actually looked just like baby shoes. Mommy had fixed Kimmy's hair in pigtails and tied yellow bows around them. Kim sucked on her pacifier as they drove. Mommy had pinned the paci to her shortails with some more of the yellow ribbon. Arriving at the park, Mommy instructed Kimmy to play with her dolly and wait for mommy. Kimmy sat in the car seat as mommy made several trips from the car to the spot she had chosen. Mommy had packed everything, including a big blanket, lawn-chair, and several toys for her baby. She also had a pic nic basket full of goodies, and a large overstuffed diaper bag. Mommy fetched Kimmy from the car with a big smile on her face. "We are going to have so much fun today baby are you excited?" Kimmy just held her mommy's hand and looked at the ground as they walked to the spot mommy had chosen. Kimmy thought what a good site her mommy had chosen indeed. It was right next to the play ground and less than one hundred yards from the entrance to the petting zoo. Kimmy's mommy took her to the petting zoo first. Kimmy did enjoy the animals. She was allowed to pet a goat, a donkey, and many other cute little critters. The zoo might have been fun if not for the people staring and the children pointing and giggling at her. Never the less mommy and Kimmy stayed for almost two hours. Making matters even worse for the past thirty minutes or so Kimmy was wet. Returning to their pic nic site mommy immediately lay Kimmy down on the blanket. She then unsnapped her crotch and made a big deal about how wet her baby was. Kim thinking she was going to die endured a very slow diaper change. Lying there she could see people walking by and looking away. One lady even covered her four or five year olds eyes while he giggled. Even with all this going on, and people everywhere. Mommy made no effort to hurry; she even took time for a few more raspberries. Kimmy just layed there and giggled and squirmed. Soon after they had lunch, followed by Kimmy lying on mommy's lap and having her nap-time bottle. As she drifted off to sleep Kim wished she new how to fight all this. The truth was she did not dare. Mommy had spanked her in public before. Waking from her nap a little over and hour later. Kimmy went through another diaper change, to mommy's credit much quicker than the one before. Mommy then announced that it was time for the playground. Taking Kimmy by the hand she walked her straight to the swing set. Helping her baby into one of the box swings, she began to push her back and fourth. Kimmy felt she could see the whole park from her swing and watched many different people doing different things. Kimmy noticed a jogger, thinking from a distance he was kind of cute. As Kimmy continued to watch him he ran directly toward her. When Kimmy finally got a good look at him her eyes began to tear. Oh my god she thought its Nick! CH 4 Nick stopped right in front of the swing his mouth wide open. "Kim!!!!!!!" Kim just sat their teary eyed blushing, "say hi to Mr. Nick baby " said Kimmy's mommy. Kim not wanting to displease her mommy spoke. " Hi miser Nick how you today". Nick just stood there with a confused look on his face. Searching for the right words what do you say when you find your girlfriend like this? Dressed like a baby obviously diapered, and sitting in a box swing. To make matters worse she talks like a baby. Nick cleared his throat and said. "Kim what is going on here, explain yourself if you can. Kim your twenty four years old for pete's sake." Kim just sat there sucked on her pacifier and cried. Her mother spoke to Nick, "young man my daughter is being punished, this is part of her grounding." Nick just stood there and looked at the girl he thought he was in love with and sighed. Nick suddenly turned and walked away. Kim looking at him leave screamed his name "Nick ,Nick" but he never looked back. Kim just sat there balling wondering if she would ever see him again. Then again if she did how would she ever explain? Kim's mom lifted her out of the swing and tried to soothe her tears. She carried the girl over to the blanket and sat down with Kim still in her lap. Rocking her baby back and forth she slowly calmed Kimmy's tears and decided it was time to go. There seemed no mercy for Kim locked in her personal hell. The trip home included a trip to the grocery store. More humiliation as Kim was made to ride in the grocery basket, and had her diaper changed in the ladies room. Naturally they had to wait in line for the changing table. Finally back at home Kim had been fed her dinner, bathed, and placed in her white-footed pajamas with little princess on the front. She could not help but think of Nick, was he the guy in her dreams. Now she sighed to herself she would never find out. All she had was another day of punishment to look forward to. Nick after leaving the park went straight to his apartment, and took a shower. He could not get the seen out of his mind. Sure he realized that Kim was being forced, but why did she put up with it. As he got behind the wheel of his SUV, he had no idea where he was going. Nick just needed to drive and think, so he just drove. As the young man recounted what he had seen. He also remembered the first couple dates they had together. How pretty she was, and how much fun they had. He had noticed she seemed different from other girls. He had not suspected for a minute what the difference was. He tried to put her and her troubles out of his mind. As he drove through the countryside darkness fell, and he stopped at a small café for coffee. As Nick drank his coffee he could not get Kim out of his mind. How she made him feel was new to him. He knew that what he had seen did not make a bit of difference to him. He was in love with the girl, but really did not know how she felt about him. He knew he wanted to help her one way or the other, but what could he do? As Nick pulled into Kim's driveway he was one determined young man. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell, and waited. When Kim's Mother opened the door just a crack, Nick pushed his way in. "What do you think you are doing Nick? "yelled Kim's mom. " I am here to see Kim," and he walked in to the living room. Kim was sitting there in her playpen, playing with some toys. "Kim if this is what you want I will leave, but if you want your freedom I will help." Kim dropped her pacifier from her mouth, could he really help? "Nick what adult would want this but what can we do." Nick smiled and started to speak, but was interrupted by Kim's mother. "Young man do you want me to call the police, leave my house now!" Kim stood up in the playpen feeling fearless for the first time in her life. "Shut up Mother, just exactly what do you intend to tell the police. That you treat your twenty four year old daughter like a baby." As Kim's mother stood there with her mouth open, Nick helped Kim out of her playpen. "Shall we go then." "Yes said Kim. Mother I will be back for my things tomorrow, and don't make me get a lawyer to get my money! Kim's mom just looked at the ground as the pajama clad young girl and her young man walked from the house. Nick smiled seeing Kim in the front seat of his blazer and held her hand. Kim reflected on her new found freedom, and smiled back at him. Knowing she had finally stood up felt good. Looking deep in to Nicks eyes Kim could not help but ask her self, does Nick know anything about potty training??? The End
  12. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files Reagan ch1 Fuck her and the horse she rode in on thought Reagan. She threw the box with her things in the back of her 1992 ford tempo. Then got behind the wheel and headed for home. Three jobs in two years thought Reagan, she knew her unemployment was exhausted. Why don't these people appreciate me Reagan thought. That was the root of Reagan's problem and the reason she could not keep a job. She simply felt she was smarter or better than everyone she worked for. Even though her work was impeccable, sooner or later her arrogant attitude cost Reagan her job. Reagan was about five seven and one hundred and fifteen pounds. Her figure was a perfect 34 22 34, and she was drop dead gorgeous with long flowing blonde hair and green eyes. Reagan pulled up and parked in front of her apartment building. She then entered her furnished one room apartment. Basically the place was a small kitchen and living room with a sofa that folded into a bed plus a small bathroom. In truth it was a dump but as of right now it was more than Reagan could afford. Reagan could not help but think to herself that the rent was due in about a week, and she could not pay it. She also doubted that her drunken father would be able to help her this time. He was retired now and on a fixed income, most of which went for booze. Thirty years as a police officer had left him with some bad habits. The truth was that he even more than Reagan had never gotten over the loss of Reagan's mother. Reagan for her part did not morn the loss of her Mother at fourteen. Simply put even thought Reagan knew her Mom could not help it she had never forgiven her for dying Because of it and her fathers drinking Reagan had became the temper mental hard ass she was. Reagan did not have a friend in the world. She simply never had time for them. Reagan made herself a can of soup for dinner then feeling exhausted made her way to bed. Reagan woke up early the next morning and immediately knew something was wrong. "Not again god dammit, I cant fucking believe this is happening again. Reagan got out of bed and started removing the sheets from her very wet bed. Once this was done, Reagan took a hair dryer and dried the mattress as best she could. She then stripped off her wet panties and t-shirt and jumped in the shower. Reagan got out of the shower toweled dry then dressed herself in a pair of clean cotton panties a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Reagan took a deep breath as she did. Reagan knew that if she was wetting the bed again the possibility of daytime accidents was always just around the corner. Reagan had some toast with butter cinnamon and sugar. Then grabbed her sheets and the rest of her dirty laundry and headed to the local Laundromat. Reagan had fought bed and daytime wetting since her mother had gotten sick, even before she died. It seemed every time something stressful happened in her life it came back. Reagan loaded the washing machines, then walked next door to the mini mart for a coke and a newspaper. Reagan needed a job and she needed a job now. Scrolling through the classifieds help wanted list Reagan sipped her coke and began her knew job search. Then one particular add caught her attention. Private Secretary wanted. Must have good computer and grammar skills. Must be willing to travel, and be used to taking and following orders. The pay and benefits were better than Reagan's last job. She made her way quickly to a phone booth and dialed the number. The lady that answered the phone told her she had and opening at three pm today to bring her resume and be on time. Reagan finished her laundry and headed back to her apartment. She spent some time updating her resume. She knew that the fact that she had so many jobs in a short period of time did not look good then again she knew trying to hide that fact may even come out worse. Reagan chose a gray blended business suit for the interview and made it there with fifteen minutes to spare. A maid told her to wait in the study. Reagan was a bit nervous realizing this after being there a couple of minutes she called for the maid and asked if she could use a restroom. The maid seemed bothered by her request but told her where it was. Reagan made her way quickly to the bathroom just making it in time as she flooded her urine into the toilet. Reagan wiped herself and realized just how close she had come to wetting herself. Reagan sat back down in the study and waited for someone to call her for the interview. Soon the maid came and got her and led her into a room that turned out to be and office. Reagan sat there waiting for what was too happen next. A woman just slightly taller than Reagan and about forty years old, walked into the office. She was a nice looking woman with a friendly smile. "Welcome Reagan is that right dear?" "Reagan nodded as she checked out the woman in front of her. She was slightly taller than Reagan but much heavier maybe one sixty or so. The woman was about forty-five years old or so, with short brown hair and brown eyes. Honestly she was not bad looking other than the fact that she was overweight. "My name is Amanda Roberts, I am a best selling author, I write books about raising children. That may not seem a bit strange sense I have never been married nor had any. Nonetheless I make a very good living from it." "From reading your resume I take it you were fired from your last three jobs." Reagan was shocked at her conclusion, nowhere on her resume did the words fired come up. Reagan was surprised Nonetheless she did not say a word to complain. "Yes Ma'am I had some problems with my last few jobs, mostly because I did not feel appreciated. Nonetheless I have no choice but too tell you that if hired I will do and excellent job. I assure you of that and nothing less. Amanda looked Reagan up and down and then rang for the maid. She was and older lady about the same build as Amanda with gray hair and a scowl on her face most of the time. "Liz dear take this child to the kitchen and give her some milk and cookies while I make a couple of phone calls." Reagan cringed at being referred to as child, just then Liz took her by the hand and quickly walked her to the kitchen. It was all Reagan could do to keep from blowing a gasket as the maid fixed her milk and cookies then bibbed her so she could eat them. Seeing Reagan was fuming Liz spoke "don't be so fussy girl, I just don't want you getting milk and crumbs on your pretty suit. When Reagan had finished her milk and the delicious chocolate chip cookies. Amanda rang for the maid to bring her back. Liz removed the bib and once more took her by the hand and led her to the office. Amanda was smiling when Reagan walked in. "According to two of your ex bosses you are a combination of the devil incarnate and Freddy Krueger. Yet they both agreed that your work was wonderful even exceptional, it was your attitude they could not deal with." "Reagan if you had read one of my books, you would know I know exactly what to do with young girls with bad attitudes. Know that if I hire you for this job you will be at my beckon call twenty four hours a day I will also expect you to move in here. Now go while I give it some thought. I will call you on your cell if I decide to hire you." Reagan left the house wondering what the woman meant about reading her books and handling girls with bad attitudes. On a whim Reagan went straight to the library and looked up a few of Ms Roberts books. The title raising a teen-age girl jumped out at her and Reagan began to skim through it. What she read shocked the hell out of her. "Over the knee spanking with your hand or paddle is the most effective way to punish a naughty teen. The embarrassment alone works wonders to correct their behavior." Reagan was shocked, that bitch would not dare. Reagan at this time did not care how bad she needed a job. She was twenty-one years old for Christ sakes. She would not even consider working for this bitch. Reagan spent the next few days in embarrassment she wet the bed three days in a row. She also had no luck securing another job. Then the phone rang "Reagan this is Amanda Roberts. I have decided to offer you the job." Reagan did not know what to say. She needed the job at this point desperately. Her arrogance did not seem to matter. She had less than eighty dollars to her name and the best job offer she had ever had. "Thank you Ma'am I assure you I will do a good job for you. When would you like me to start?" Amanda told the girl the sooner the better "young lady I expect you to move in here tomorrow we have a lot of work to do." Reagan could not think of a thing to do but agree. She realized she had no choice. Then again she wondered what the fuck she was getting herself into. Reagan ch2 Reagan was not too sure why she had accepted the job. Well she was but nonetheless she was skeptical about it working out. Then again it came at such a good time. The rent was due in the morning and Reagan was down to ten bucks. She would need some of it for gas just to make it to her new home. Reagan packed her things they fit comfortably into two old suitcases she had. Every thing else the sheets the few pots and pans and dishes came with the apartment. Reagan went to bed, not really sad that this was her last night in this dump. The next morning she woke up wet again. "Dammit this has got to stop. What if I" Reagan thought to herself well it will stop the stress is gone now I have a job. She spent the morning cleaning the sheets at the Laundromat and drying out her mattress. Just as she had finished her landlord showed up to collect the rent and Reagan moved out. As she drove her car towards her new home she tried to put her wetting problems out of her mind, before she knew it she was driving up the drive of her new home. Reagan was met outside by Liz, who told her where to park her car and helped her with her bags. "Madam is out, but will be home in time for dinner she told me to show you to your new room." The room was marvelous; it had a canopy bed and a large walk in closet. It even had its own adjoining full bath. Liz from where she smiled at Reagan "Madam does not generally dress for dinner what you have on is fine. I will leave you to unpack and either watch a little TV or take a nap. Dinner is promptly at six o'clock I recommend that you are not late." Reagan knew that she had no intention of taking a nap, too many bad things could happen. So she simply unpacked her things and then sat and watched some TV. Later she took a walk around the house. The whole place was beautiful; some of the artwork on the wall was incredible. Just then Reagan heard the front door open and slam shut. She saw Ms Roberts walk in the house and head down the hall, obviously not even seeing Reagan standing there. Reagan looked at the clock on the wall it was ten till six. She then decided to go and wash up for dinner. She entered the dinning room promptly at six o'clock. Ms Roberts was sitting at the head of the table and a place was set up next to her. "Hello dear did you wash your hands like a good girl." Embarrassed by the question Reagan simply nodded and sat down at the table. Placing the napkin in her lap. There was little or no conversation during dinner. When Liz served the coffee to Ms Roberts she brought chocolate pudding for Reagan. Reagan thought to herself that she did not drink coffee but she still felt like a child eating her pudding. When she finished Ms Roberts spoke for the first time. "Reagan tomorrow is Sunday, you will attend church with me and then have the rest of the day to do as you wish. Monday is when we get down to work. I have a couple of weeks too work on my new book then I have a one week trip doing autograph signings you will of course accompany me." Reagan smiled "yes Ma'am of course." Ms Roberts then stood up. "Well I have some email to catch up on I expect you in bed by ten, young lady I will get you up in the morning Sunday is Liz day off." Reagan spent the rest of the evening watching TV until she noticed the clock said ten till ten. She quickly removed her jeans went to the bathroom brushed her teeth and hopped in bed at ten o'clock sharp. Just then with no knock her door opened and in walked Ms Roberts. She smiled at Reagan and then went about tucking her in the bed. "Do you need anything dear?" Reagan said "no thank you Ma'am " Ms Roberts then leaned over and kissed Reagan on the forehead "pleasant dreams then sweetheart." She then turned and walked out of Reagan's bedroom turning the light off as she did. Reagan ch3 Reagan was very concerned when she went to bed last night. Even after she had been tucked in and kissed goodnight she got up twice to pee. Considering she had little to drink after supper nothing much happened. Soon she was deep in sleep it was just about eight am when she woke up. Reagan stretched in the bed as she woke up, it was then when she felt the cold spot and realized what she had done. "Oh no dammit how could this happen I was so careful" Just then her bedroom door opened and Ms Roberts walked into her bedroom. Reagan quickly pulled the covers up to her neck. "Good morning Reagan time to get up sweetheart, we have to have breakfast and get ready for church. Reagan looked at Ms. Roberts in terror what would she think what would she do Reagan feared for her job. "Ok Ma'am I will be right out" Reagan said meekly. "Is something wrong dear? If not I expect you to get up now." Reagan thought for just a moment. "Nothing is wrong Ma'am it's just that I am only wearing panties and a t-shirt I am just a bit embarrassed." Reagan hoped this would work and Ms Roberts would leave. Then she would figure out how to deal with the wet bed and her wet clothes. Just then Ms. Roberts yanked her covers down to the end of the bed. Immediately she saw what Reagan had done. Reagan was terrified, not knowing what to say or do. "I am sorry Ma'am I guess I had a bit of and accident I guess it was the strange surroundings" Ms. Roberts reached out and grabbed Reagan by the arm. Sitting down on the bed she pulled Reagan effortlessly across her lap. Pulling her soaked panties to her ankles, she began to smack Reagan's bottom. As she did she began to speak "Reagan I want you to know that I am not punishing you for wetting the bed. Sometimes young girls cannot help that. You are being spanked for trying to hide it." Reagan could have cared less, she only cared about the pain that her behind was receiving. "Owwwwwwww dammmmmmmmmmiiiiittttttt what do you think you are doing Owwwwwwwwwww dammit I am not a child. Owwwwwwwwwwww whannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Whannnnnnnnnnnnnnn waaaaahhhhhhh please stop It wont happen again owwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee whannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" Reagan cried and sobbed, and complained for the full thirty smacks that Ms Roberts gave her. When Ms Roberts stopped and let her up. Reagan stood up sobbing while rubbing her aching bottom and dancing from foot to foot in front of Ms Roberts. After a couple of moments she spoke still crying "I guess that's it Ma'am I will pack my things quick and leave." Ms Roberts looked at the girl and shook her head. "Where are you going to girl, I know you barely have a penny to your name. I punished you for not telling me the truth not for wetting the stupid bed. Now get your hinny in the shower while I pick something out for you to wear to church." Reagan walked to the bathroom still sobbing and rubbing her hinny. Before she could think about it she was showering, when the tears stopped she felt nothing but anger. She wanted so bad to tell Ms Roberts to kiss her ass and leave, then again she realized if she did that, she would be homeless. When Reagan finished the shower, brushed her teeth and walked back in the room, with a towel wrapped around her. She immediately noticed that the bed had been stripped, there was a huge wet spot still on the mattress. Reagan looked at Ms Roberts "I am sorry Ms Roberts about the Mattress if it needs to be replaced I expect that you should take it out of my pay. I promise that it will not happen again." Ms Roberts ignored Reagan as she provided some panties for Reagan to step into. She then took Reagan by the hand to the kitchen dressed in only her panties. She fixed both herself and Reagan and omelet for breakfast. They ate in quiet, Reagan was embarrassed and her butt hurt. Ms Roberts was just waiting to see how Reagan would react. After breakfast Ms Roberts, chose one of Reagan's few pretty dresses and dressed her. Then fixed Reagan's hair. She then went to get dressed for church herself. Reagan thought about putting on some makeup as she waited but somehow she just knew that she should not. Reagan attended church with out incidence with Ms Roberts. Then as promised she was left to do as she pleased for the rest of the day. She spent most of the rest of the morning watching TV. Later in the day Reagan asked Ms Roberts if there was a computer she could use. Ms Roberts led Reagan to the office and told Reagan to have fun. Reagan played on the computer until Ms. Roberts called her to lunch. After lunch Reagan spent the rest of the day either watching TV or playing on the computer. Dinner came and went and it was more of the same. Actually Reagan and Ms Roberts had very little interaction, At least after Reagan's spanking, Reagan retired to her room and was watching TV when Ms Roberts walked in. "Its time for your bath love." Before Reagan knew it she was in a tub and Ms Roberts was bathing her. It was after the bath that shocked Reagan. Reagan did not know what to think, after she was toweled off and Ms. Roberts set a very thick cloth diaper down beside her. Reagan complained " Honestly Ms Roberts I don't need a diaper, it was just the strange surroundings last night." Ms Roberts smiled, "Love I will make you a deal, I will diaper you tonight, if you are dry in the morning we will not have to do this again." Reagan did not know what else she could say. She wondered if she refused, would she get another spanking. No words were spoken and before she knew it Ms Roberts was dusting her with baby powder and pulling the thick cloth diaper over her privates. She pinned the diaper shut and then pulled some plastic pants over Reagan's diaper. Reagan lay there in bed, not knowing what to think. Ms Roberts tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight. "I want you to know you were a very well behaved girl Reagan after your spanking. I don't want to ever hear of your leaving again just because you have been punished. Not only are you going to do a great job for me, but I am going to turn you into a well behaved child, not the little brat you have been." She then turned and left the room turning off the light. Reagan thought about the woman's words. Reagan's plan was simple, get a few paychecks stashed and get the hell out of here. With that in mind she rolled over to go too sleep. It was then that she noticed the large teddy bear lying on the bed with her. Reagan snuggled it and soon was fast asleep. Reagan ch4 Reagan awoke the next morning, the first thing she thought about was if she was wet or not. She honestly could not tell the diaper she had on was so thick. She pushed back the covers and placed her hand against the plastic panties. "What do you think you are doing young lady" Reagan looked up to see the maid Liz "Uhhhhh nothing just uhhhhhh checking." Liz walked over and pushed Reagan back down on the bed and pulled down her plastic pants. Reagan and Liz both noticed at the same time that the diaper was soaked. "Shit " said Reagan. Liz gave her a dirty look unpinned the diaper and grabbed Reagan by her ankles pulling her legs up in the air exposing her butt. Smack smack smack "Little girls don't use laungage like that in this house" Smack smack smack. "Owiiiiiiiiiee ouch owwwwwww whaaaaaaa whannnnnn." Reagan cried like a baby as Liz gave her about six more solid swats to her already sore behind. When Liz was finished she put Reagan's legs down and told her too stay put. She then walked to the bathroom and returned with a damp washrag. Liz washed off Reagan's private area, and her butt. Then spoke "We will have to shave this when I give you your bath later it will cause you to get rashes." A still sniffling and freshly spanked Reagan did not say a word. Liz went through her drawer finding a pair of thick cotton panties that Reagan had not had on in years. They had pictures of little bunnies on them one of her fathers girlfriends had bought them and some others like them for her sixteenth birthday. Reagan stepped into the panties and Liz pulled them up she then removed the nightgown Reagan was wearing and slipped a t-shirt on her. "We will get you dressed after I get some breakfast in you sweetheart." Reagan ate the bacon and eggs Liz made for her and then was told she was not leaving the table until she finished her glass of milk. When she had Liz wiped her face and hands and removed the stupid bib she had put on Reagan. She then took Reagan by the hand and walked her back to her bedroom. She dressed Reagan in a pair of jeans, and some socks and tennis shoes to go along with the t-shirt she was already wearing. She then told Reagan too report too the office. I am sure Ms Roberts has some work for you to do. With a light pat on Reagan's bottom she sent the girl on her way. Reagan walked to the office, as she entered she was greeted by Ms Roberts with a warm smile. "Well Huh are you ready to go to work. " Reagan said she was and smiled back. Reagan spent the morning editing Ms Roberts newest book. Not that they needed it much. Her grammar and punctuation was perfect for the most part. Ms Roberts had told Reagan to correct anything that was wrong. Reagan finished her first assignment quickly and Ms Roberts reviewed it. "I am glad to see they told the truth your work is excellent little girl" Reagan said thank you cringing once again at the reference to little girl. Reagan then did some filing, and began answering some correspondence for Ms Roberts. She got a great number of letters, from fans requesting advice pictures or asking Ms Roberts to do a speaking date. Reagan would read the letters out loud and then Ms Roberts would tell her what she wanted to do. Reagan would then compose the letter print it and Ms Roberts would read and sign it. This took up the rest of the morning until lunch "Well that's enough work for today dear I told Liz not to make lunch. I am taking you out to lunch and then we will do some shopping. Now you go potty and wash your face and hands. Then I will fix your hair and we will be off, what you are wearing is fine." Reagan did as she was told. She was sitting on the toilet just finishing a poop when Liz walked in. "How are we doing in here sweetheart?" Reagan was embarrassed, to be caught sitting on the toilet with a messy behind and blushed. "I am fine Ms Liz just finishing up, is Ms Roberts waiting on me I did not mean to take so long." Liz smiled. "She is changing her clothes. She asked me to check on you. If you are finished stand up and bend over dear and I will clean you up." Reagan knew better than to disobey she stood up spread her legs a bit and bent over. Ms Liz took the toilet paper and wiped her behind, like a person would four year old's. "Ok all done honey, now wash your hands and I will fix your hair." Reagan washed her hands then sat on the bed while Ms Liz brushed her hair and placed it in a ponytail. She then was sent to join Ms Roberts who she found waiting for her in the hallway. "We will be home around six Liz, enjoy your soaps and we will see you then" Ms Roberts opened the passenger door of her Lincoln Town Car and motioned for Reagan to get in. When Reagan did Ms Roberts buckled the girls seat belt. Then closed the door and walked to the other side and got behind the wheel. They had lunch at Applebee's and Reagan really enjoyed the shrimp basket she ordered. She was a bit embarrassed when she was finished and Ms Roberts took a wet wipe and did her face and hands right at the table. She then asked Reagan in a loud voice if she needed to go potty before they headed to the mall. Reagan certainly did not want to have and accident. "Yes Ma'am maybe I better " Ms Roberts took Reagan by the hand and off they went to the ladies room. Later as they were riding to the mall, Reagan thought to herself at least she let me do my business in private. Once at the mall Reagan asked, "So what are you shopping for Ms Roberts and how can I help you." Ms Roberts just smiled "We are here to buy you a brand new wardrobe my dear. I don't care for most of the clothes you have and sense you are to be traveling with me I want you dressed properly for a girl your age." Hours later as they were headed home those words still rang out in Reagan's head. A girl your age, everything that had been purchased and it was a lot Reagan thought would be more appropriate for a ten year old than a woman of twenty one. When they got back and were carrying things into Reagan's room. It became crystal clear to Reagan that all of her clothes were gone. Liz helped her hang up and put away all of her new things. Commenting on how pretty everything was Liz told Reagan where too put all of her new toys as well. Later that night Liz bathed Reagan and shaved her as she had promised. The last of Reagan's womanhood was now down the drain, so to speak. Reagan endured the whole thing while she fiddled with some bath toys and let her mind wander. Reagan did not say a word as Liz once again placed her in a thick diaper and plastic pants for bed. It was supposed to cool off tonight Liz explained as she had Reagan step into her new footed sleeper. Liz left the room for a moment telling Reagan she could play with her toys or watch TV for a few more minutes. Reagan sat on the floor on her diapered butt and began messing around with a Barbie doll. She removed the dolls clothes and put another outfit on it. A more childish out fit, when the doll complained Reagan spanked it, with her finger. Before she new it Liz returned to the room, she was carrying a baby bottle of warm milk. "Please Ms Liz I am not a baby please don't make me drink that I know you can but please don't." Ms Liz sat down on the bed and patted the bed beside her. Reagan new that she meant for her to sit there and did so without hesitation. She had made her argument, now she would just have to see what happened. "Reagan no one thinks you are a baby little girl. But you are still very young and need people just like me and Ms Roberts, to care for you. The bottle is simply too help you sleep." She then pulled Reagan over and cradled her in her arms before offering her the nipple. Reagan still hesitated taking it at least until she saw the stern look in Ms Liz eyes. Reagan took the nipple and began nursing. Ms Liz smiled at her and adjusted the bottle to make it easier for Reagan. Soon Reagan was tucked in bed and snuggling her teddy half in and half out of dreamland. Ms Roberts walked in checked her bed, then leaned over and kissed the girl on the cheek. Softly she said "You are quite the project little girl, but I am beginning to love you so much." Reagan did not say a word. She knew the lady thought she was sleeping, moments later thinking about what Ms Roberts said she was. Reagan ch5 Reagan awoke the next morning; once again she could tell her diaper was very wet. Not long after she woke up Liz entered the room, and changed her out of the diaper and into a pair of the thick cotton panties with prints on them, that Ms Roberts had bought her. She then put a t-shirt on her with Looney toons pictures on it. She was then taken to the kitchen bibbed and fed French toast for breakfast. The breakfast was delicious and Reagan said so but once again Liz insisted that she finish her milk. Reagan did as she was told even though she had never cared much for milk. Not even bothering to dress Reagan she sent the girl to the office to join Ms Roberts. Reagan spent the morning doing some filing and some more correspondence. "Uhhhhhh Ms Roberts I think I need to go and use the bathroom if that would be ok." Ms Roberts took Reagan by the hand and led her to the nearest bathroom. She pulled down Reagan's panties and told her to call when she was finished. Reagan peed and did her morning business. Then reluctantly called for Ms Roberts, Reagan did not want another spanking, and was trying to be on her best behavior. Ms Roberts came in and wiped her hinny, and then they returned to work. By lunchtime Ms Roberts announced that they were finished for the day, and Reagan could have the afternoon off. She told Reagan that she had to go and play bridge with her friends. After lunch Reagan asked Liz if she could go for a walk around the neighborhood. Liz smiled and then dressed Reagan in a yellow sun suit. "Reagan you can walk for a mile in a circle without crossing a street. You will even have a chance to visit a beautiful park. It is one o clock now I expect you back here by three for your nap. If you cross a street dear I will know it and so will your hinny." Reagan understood what Liz was saying and promised she would mind. Reagan was so very grateful to have some free time she did not even care how she was dressed. Reagan walked aimlessly until she reached the park. She then found herself checking the park out. Reagan stopped for a while to swing on a swing. It did not bother her at all as she watched Mommies pushing their children in the other swings. Simply put Reagan was relaxing. Reagan then went to check out a soccer game. The people playing were mostly Reagan's age, well at least from sixteen too twenty-one. There were both girls and boys playing. Reagan sat down on the grass and watched. A few minutes later, a young man about twenty walked up to Reagan. He was gorgeous the girl thought to herself about six two, and a body like a Greek god. "Hi there we are a person short would you like to join us." Reagan had starred in high school on the soccer team and was glad to join in the game. She played her heart out, scoring two goals and helped her team to victory. After a short celebration she realized she was late. She was over a mile from the house and had only five minutes until her curfew. Reagan made her apologies and started to head for home. Just then the god stopped her "Hi again my name is Matt what's yours?" Reagan was in a hurry now "Listen my name is Reagan and I will see you again sometime, right now I am late for and appointment." Reagan then turned and started to jog towards home. As she did she realized that not only was she late but she had a definite need to pee. Halfway home still jogging, Reagan stopped clutched her privates and felt herself wetting her sun suit and panties. Reagan began to cry; she knew that now she was really in for it when she got home. A very embarrassed Reagan entered the house, Liz was waiting in the hallway. "Where have you been little girl and what in the world have you done to yourself. " Reagan began pleading immediately " I am so sorry Ms Liz I was playing soccer in the park and lost track of time, then I had a accident on the way home. Please don't spank me I did not mean to be bad." Reagan then began to cry. Liz walked to the girl and hugged her "baby no one is going to spank you. You are only a couple of minutes late, calm down lets get you diapered and ready for your nap." A few minutes later Reagan was nursing a bottle on her own and drifted off to sleep. She was after all exhausted from the soccer game. About ninety minutes later, she woke up. It was Ms Roberts that came to check on her. The woman helped her up then began removing her diaper. It was what happened next that shocked Reagan. Ms Roberts wiped her clean with a baby wipe and then began diapering her with a disposable diaper with poo bear on the front. "Please Ms It wont happen again it was and accident I tried so hard to make it home." Ms Roberts smiled at the girl "little one maybe you are just not ready for big girl panties I think a diaper is more appropriate for now." Reagan ch6 Reagan spent the next few days diapered full time. She also was regularly getting a bottle at both naptime and bedtime. She spent her mornings working with Ms Roberts and her afternoons either playing in her room with her toys, or playing games on the computer. She had often been given the opportunity to return to the park for her soccer games, but she was not doing that wearing a diaper. Reagan wanted very much to see Matt again but she could not bring herself to do it. Reagan main concern was the up coming trip she was too take with Ms Roberts. It was a autograph signing trip five cities in five days. How in the world thought Reagan was she going to do this wearing a diaper. Two days before the trip, Ms Roberts told Reagan that she needed to talk with her. "Young lady I think we need to try once again to daytime potty train you. I have purchased some disposable training panties for you along with training potty. Does this please you little one." Reagan was not sure how to answer potty training potty chairs. "Yes Ma'am I would like that opportunity very much." Reagan cringed when she saw her new training panties. They were all in baby prints with things like Barney, Sesame street characters, Poo Bear, and even the little mermaid on the front. There was also several pair of wonder woman panties. The potty chair was pink and the shape of a duck. It had Reagan's name on the side of it. Once back in the trainers at least during the day Reagan managed to keep herself dry at least two thirds of the time. She was not sure if these were normal stress accidents or just spending so much time in diapers. She hated her humiliating trips to her potty chair, but overall she thought it was better than diapers. Just as they were leaving for the trip the last thing that was packed was Reagan's potty-chair in a duffel bag. They did five cities in five days. To tell the truth most of the time Reagan was bored. Ms Roberts signed autographs while Reagan sat and watched. Her accidents remained about the same. She did get to eat in several wonderful restaurants one was owned by Emerald Lagasse from TV. The food there was a bit spicy for Reagan's taste. When the trip was over Reagan reflected that she had some fun but most of it was very boring. When they returned home, Ms Roberts dived full force in her new book. Reagan was busy most mornings doing the editing. At home Reagan spent as much time in diapers as she did trainers. She realized that her accidents were becoming more frequent and did not argue. Reagan simply looked forward everyday to her time, the time she spent playing with her toys and on the computer. Reagan smiled as summer finally came. Reagan ch7 Reagan was sitting on her training potty, doing her morning business, in the living room when the doorbell rang. Liz who had been watching Reagan seemed to be surprised. "Who the heck would that be this early on a Saturday morning?" Reagan looked at the clock it was just past nine. Reagan figured as much she had been up about and hour having just finished her breakfast. Liz opened the door " can I help you young man?" The young boy about Reagan's age stammered as he spoke. Hi my name is Matt, does a girl by the name of Reagan live here" "Yes boy she does do you know our Reagan?" "Not really ma'am but we have met we played soccer together once. I was hoping I could get her too play with our team today. We are playing our cross-town rivals and we are short a player. Reagan is a great player and we could really use her help." Reagan could hear the whole conversation, from her position sitting on her training potty. She was terrified that Liz might let Matt in and he would see her. She started to run to her room, but knew she would get blistered if she left the potty. Liz smiled at Matt what a cute boy she thought, just what Reagan needs she thought. " Matt, Reagan is indisposed at the moment. What time is this game?" Matt smiled "its at one o clock ma'am. Should last about two hours." "Fine, I will see that she is there. Can't have Reagan letting down the neighborhood, besides she needs the exercise and the sunlight." Matt smiled "thank you ma'am thank you very much. I will look forward to it then." Matt then turned and headed down the steps. Reagan had a sorrow puss look on her face as Liz walked back in the room. "Now wipe that silly pouty face off young lady before I give you something to pout about are you finished." Reagan nodded that she was then obeyed Liz signal and stood up bending over and spreading her legs to be wiped. As Liz was cleaning her bottom Reagan spoke up. "Liz I really don't want to play soccer today I don't feel that good." Liz finished and gave Reagan a little smack on the butt for effect. "owwwwww" "Young lady you are playing and that's that I gave the young man my word by the way he is quite adorable. Now not another word or your going over my lap." Just then Ms Roberts made her presents known in the room. "I think it's a wonderful idea Liz we should all go, the sunshine and fresh air will do us two old broads some good." Reagan knew her last chance for reprieve had just spoken. Liz took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom to be diapered. She placed Reagan on the changing table Ms Roberts had installed then rubbed lotion between her legs and on her bottom slid a diaper with Kermit the frog and ms piggy on the front under her butt. Reagan wondered where Ms Roberts was finding these babyish thick disposable diapers for her. Liz dusted her with powder then taped it shut. She gave Reagan a kiss on the cheek and helped her down off the table. "Ok sweetie you go play I still have a little work to do around here this morning." Reagan walked over to the corner of the room sat down on the floor and began playing with her dolls. She was certain that her life ended today when Matt would surely see the bulge and figure out she was diapered. Reagan ch8 Ms Roberts dressed in some casual clothes told Liz she was going out for a while. She then went to kiss Reagan goodbye. "Now baby girl it will be fine, Matt said you were a wonderful player, just play with your toys and I will be back later. " Reagan tried to manage a smile, then returned her attention to her ever-growing collection of Barbie dolls. It seemed like every time Ms Roberts went out she brought Reagan a new doll or several new outfits. She also now had the Barbie dollhouse and even Barbie's corvette. Reagan played with her toys; until she became bored then after asking Ms Liz for a diaper change she logged onto her computer, and messaged with some friends on Yahoo. It was about eleven thirty when Ms Roberts returned. "Hi sweetie I have some presents for you." She then showed Reagan a pair of proper soccer shoes, some green soccer shorts and a white soccer t-shirt to match. She even got Reagan some calf high soccer socks. Reagan was surprised and very happy. Then stunned when Ms Roberts handed her soccer Barbie. "Thank you Ms Roberts this is very kind of you. I am sorry I made such a fuss about playing a part of me really wants too." Ms Roberts smiled "I am glad honey, something I wanted to mention to you for when you introduce me too your friends. I think you should refer to me as Aunt Amanda, as a matter of fact I would prefer it if you called me that anyway." Reagan only thought about this for a moment. It would explain a lot and she knew it. Besides she liked the idea of thinking of Ms Roberts as the Aunt she did not have. "Ok Aunt Amanda that is fine with me." Soon Reagan and Aunt Amanda had there lunch, then Aunt Amanda changed Reagan's diaper and began dressing her for the game. She put some plastic panties on over Amanda's diaper then her new shorts, the t-shirt and her socks on her. Reagan smiled as she put her new shoes on her. Reagan was suddenly excited about the game. She was certain that they would find out about her diapers then again it would be after or during Reagan kicking a little ass. Liz, Aunt Amanda and Reagan showed up to the game with fifteen minutes to start. Matt came running up smiling carrying a jersey with Reagan's name on it. This neighborhood took their soccer seriously. Liz took Reagan back in the car and switched the shirts while Aunt Amanda introduced herself too Matt. Before she knew it Reagan took her position on the field and the game began It was incredibly hard fought neither team wanting to give and inch. Reagan scored the first goal with a header. Then a lad from the other team scored with two minutes to go in the game. Matthew told Reagan the guy that scored was and All American his freshman year in college, just home for a visit. One of Reagan's teammates caused a foul and the other team got the ball back. It was now one minute left in the game and Reagan asked to guard the All American. Matt just simply nodded. The All Americans name was Scotty and he smiled when he saw Reagan was guarding him. He knew she could play but certainly she was no match for him. "Should you not be home playing with your doll babies little girl" He snickered. Reagan just smiled "oh there is always time for that later right now I have to take your arrogant ass down a notch or two." Reagan could not help but hope Ms Liz or Aunt Amanda did not hear her choice of words. As Reagan suspected the ball did not come in directly to Scotty but was soon passed to him. He was so arrogant he was sloppy. Reagan got half a step on him and stole the ball. She quickly passed it to Matt and ran full speed ahead. Before she knew it Matt passed her the ball he simply knew it was Reagan's score to make. Scotty got between her and the goal, Reagan could sense panic in his eyes. She gave him the slightest little head fake you ever saw. Faking him right out of his jock strap. Reagan then scoredddddddddd!!!!!!!!! Reagan soon found her wet diapered butt being carried off the field by her teammates. When they finally put her down Scotty was once again standing in front of her. "Yep humility that's and important lesson to learn. Great game Reagan you're a hell of a player." In her excitement Reagan hugged Scotty and thanked him. "So are you Scotty so are you. It seems you just underestimated girl power." Scotty nodded and went to cheer up his sulking teammates. Yelling back to Reagan "we will get you next time." Every member of her team hugged Reagan, and then it was Matt's turn. He gave her a big bear hug before speaking. "Reagan we are all going to the Shake shop to celebrate you are the MVP will you join us." Reagan did not know what to say. But Aunt Amanda did "She would love to Matt but first she has to go home and take some allergy medicine then I will drop her off, do you think you could make sure she gets home by six for supper." Matt nodded, Aunt Amanda then got Reagan in the car and they headed home. Reagan's very wet diaper was removed and she was given a choice of a diaper or training pants. It did not surprise Aunt Amanda when Reagan chose a diaper. After a fresh diaper Aunt Amanda quickly dressed Reagan in a very cute purple sundress and fixed her hair in pigtails. She then drove her to the shake shop. Aunt Amanda gave Reagan a kiss and told her to have fun stuffing a hundred dollar bill in her hand." You buy a round of soda's sweetheart Aunt Amanda is very proud of her girl. We will see you at dinner." Reagan was more than a little nervous as she walked into the shake shop. That ended as her teammates stood up and applauded. Reagan ch9 Reagan was enjoying herself at the shake shop. She ordered a chocolate milkshake for herself and another round for her teammates. The one thing she did not understand was that Matt was the only one not talking to her. It seemed he was intentionally ignoring her. Reagan, chatted with her knew friends with out giving it another thought. Two could play this game she thought. Finally after forever Matt walked up to her. "We better get going Reagan if I am going to have you home by six. My cars in the shop and we are hoofing it." "Ok" Reagan said by to her new friends and promised she would try to make next Saturdays game with Aunt Amanda's permission. They walked quietly for a while, and then Matt finally broke the silence. "That was a great game you played Reagan. I just wish I had your talent." "Thank you Matt for speaking to me, I did not think you wanted too. After the way you ignored me I am sorry you got stuck walking me home. I think my Aunt made a mistake and thought you liked me or something." "I do like you Reagan, at least I think I do. Its just I am not sure how to deal with a few things." "Wow Matt what took you so long, so I have a need to wear diapers if that turns you off I can walk myself home." Matt stopped walking and had a stunned look on his face. "Diapers I had no idea, I meant dealing with the fact that I like a girl who is not only drop dead gorgeous, but can kick my butt at soccer." Reagan was now the one stunned, and she was blushing. She could also see Matt was starring at her butt. "Hey quit looking at my butt it feels huge enough already." Matt tried to regain is composure. " I really had no idea Reagan and you certainly cant tell by looking. Why?" Now it was Reagan's turn to gather her. She had learned a lot of humility since living with Aunt Amanda, and she was very embarrassed but knew she needed to answer. I started having nighttime and daytime accidents Aunt Amanda thought it would be best." "uhhhhhhh does she like change you and stuff." Just then Reagan spotted the walkway to her house. "That's none of your bees wax silly." Reagan then ran towards the house. Looking back over her shoulder once to speak. "Call me" Reagan ch10 It had been a couple of days since Reagan had walked home with Matt. She spent her mornings staying busy working for Aunt Amanda. Usually now just wearing a diaper and a t-shirt. Honestly Reagan was no longer embarrassed about her baby treatment. She often sucked on her pacifier while working at her computer. Never the less everyday, by noon Aunt Amanda told Reagan she was done for the day. Reagan ate her lunch and then quickly went to either play with her toys or go on the computer and talk with her friends. Liz was changing Reagan's diaper when the phone rang. Liz answered it then told whoever was there to hold for a moment. She then finished taping Reagan's diaper shut and handed Reagan the phone. "Hello" "Hi Reagan its Matt how is it going. "Oh Hi Matt so you finally found my number." "Hey hey be cool I had your number I finally got the guts to call give a guy a break, I did not think it went so well the last time we were together." "Oh Matt we were together you mean the other day when you were forced to walk me home." "Reagan I was not forced I wanted to walk you home I wanted to be with you. Gee you don't let up do you." Reagan giggles "no Matt I guess I don't, ok I will give you a break why are you calling?" Matt takes a deep breath, which Reagan clearly hears on the phone. "Well I wanted to ask you out some friends of mine, mostly our soccer team mates are having a party this Friday I was wondering if you would like to be my date." Reagan thought for a second before she answered. "You sure you want to date a girl who can kick your butt at soccer and has to wear diapers?" "Listen, I could care less that you have to wear diapers, and I am learning to deal with the fact you can kick my butt at soccer, you want to go to the party or not?" Reagan grinned "well what type of party is it Matt. I don't think Aunt Amanda is going to let me go to a beer bust or and orgy." Matt shook his head Reagan was trying his patients. "Reagan I don't know if I told you but my Dad is the pastor at the church you attend. Most of my friends are members. There will be no alcohol or orgies at this party do you want to go or not?" Reagan once again giggled "well sure I would like to go will I have to walk again?" Matt shrugged his shoulders in frustration "no you will not have to walk, I got my car fixed and maybe even I can borrow my Dad's BMW." Reagan laughed out loud "I see Pastors do pretty well around here." Matt was about too loose it, "Reagan my Dad is also President of the local bank. Gee do you want to go out or not." Reagan laughed and Matt could hear her. "So what do you do Matt and how old are you anyway?" Matt was embarrassed to answer, "I am twenty four and I work at the bank as a loan officer. Yeah I work for my Daddy so shoot me." Reagan was enjoying herself very much. But the truth had to come out. "Ok Matt so you are a Daddies boy I don't have a problem with that. As for our date I have to ask Aunt Amanda how about you call me tomorrow?" Matt once again shook his head "ok so you wear diapers and I am a Daddies boy, ok I guess we understand each other, I will call you tomorrow bye bye." With that said Matt hung up the phone. Touché thought Reagan; she was really beginning to like this boy. Just then Liz walked in the room "Ok sweetie time for your nap, do you need a diaper change first." Regan ch11 Regan waited till the next morning after breakfast to ask Aunt Amanda about her attending the party. "I wondered when you would get around to asking me dear." Regan shook her head "How did you know Aunt Amanda." Lol "I was talking with Matt's mom we are good friends it seems all that young man does is talk about you." "He is twenty four years old does he still live with his parents?" Aunt Amanda smiled "Most kids do around here until they are married and mind them too. Matt is a fine young man but in his parents eyes he is no more grown up than you are little girl in mine. Although you have grown up a great deal since coming to stay with me." Reagan was confused by this "Aunt Amanda most of the time you and Liz treat me like and I act like a baby how is that growing up." "Reagan ask yourself how you used to treat people and how you do now. Is there any question that your manners have improved and you are not a nicer person for it." "I guess your right but if I am not a nicer person I find I have a hard time sitting." Aunt Amanda smiled "true love but ask yourself when was the last time Liz or myself spanked you?" Reagan thought about this for a second it had been a while. "Reagan no work for us today I already told Matt's mom to tell him you would go. How about we hit the Mall and find my baby girl a dress for the party." "That sounds fine Aunt Amanda as long as it is not a baby girl dress." Reagan then giggled. "You may pick the dress out yourself honey as long as I approve fair enough." Reagan smiled "Now young lady how about I change that diaper and get you dressed." Reagan ch12 Reagan stood in the corner, rubbing her very sore hinny. Her nerves about the party tonight had gotten too her and she had lipped off too Liz. Liz in turn blistered her hinny good and stuck her standing on a towel in the corner. Too Reagan's embarrassment she had peed a bit while crying and doing her little dance in the corner. While her bottom was still really stinging. Reagan now just wanted Liz to let her out of the corner so she could apologize. She also hoped that Liz would not make a big deal about her wetting the towel. She was trying to talk Aunt Amanda into letting her wear her trainers tonight. Then suddenly Reagan had a fright. Maybe because she was naughty Aunt Amanda would not let her go at all. Reagan began to sniffle softly again until she heard someone coming up behind her. She did not dare look to see who it was until she was released. Liz smiled "well little girl have you got anything you want to say for yourself." Reagan turned and faced Liz; she was naked as a jaybird but could have cared less. "Yes Ma'am I want to apologize I have been nervous about the party all day and I guess it got to me and I lipped off please forgive me and don't make me stay home from the party." In saying this Reagan began to tear up a bit. "Don't be silly girl of course you are going to your party. I just came to get you ready so your Aunt Amanda could take you to get your hair done. I am not at all sure we want to let you risk the party in just your trainers though." Liz took Reagan by the hand and took her in the bathroom. She had her stand in the tub while she took a washcloth and washed the girl's privates and her legs where she had peed on herself. She then picked her up and carried her to the changing table Aunt Amanda had recently installed in her room. Liz offered Reagan her pacifier, which she happily took. Then began to rub her privates and very gently her bottom with cooling baby lotion. It felt wonderful thought Reagan on her aching behind. Liz then slid a diaper under her and dusted her with powder before taping her diaper shut. It was then that Reagan noticed she was wearing a new brand of diapers that had girlish and babyish motifs on the front. "Where did you get these Liz they are very cute." "Never mind you, " said Liz as she dressed Reagan in some yellow shorts and a yellow top, with a ducky on the front. She then brushed her hair into a ponytail and put some sandals on her. Liz handed Reagan her diaper bag, and gave her a gentle pat on the butt. "Hurry now dear your Aunt Amanda is waiting." Still sucking her pacifier Amanda skipped down the hall and found her Aunt reading something. "There you are Reagan, sit down for a moment honey I want to talk to you about something." Reagan tossed a pillow on the floor by Aunt Amanda and sat on it. Aunt Amanda smiled at her as she did. "Liz gave it too you pretty good huh." Reagan simply nodded. "I deserved it Aunt Amanda it was my mouth again. Is that what you wanted to talk about." "No dear not at all, you have been punished for that and I have no doubt already apologized to Liz. Aunt Amanda handed Reagan the paper, Sweetie you know I love you very much, and think of you as my very own daughter. This would make it official if you sign it under where I signed it then I can adopt you." Reagan could feel the tears once again welling up in her eyes. "Would that make you my real Mommy?" Reagan was really crying now. Aunt Amanda reached down and pulled the girl up to her lap. Hugging her and holding her tight as she offered her the pacifier that Liz had pinned to her shirt. "Yes dear it does do you think you would like me as your Mommy?" Reagan struggled with the words between her tears and her pacifier it was hard to speak. "Yeth oh yeth pwease more than anything in the world. Pwease where do I sign." Aunt Amanda showed the girl where to sign her name and it was done. "Well sweetie you ready to go and get your hair done now." Reagan smiled as if she had waited to say this forever. "Yeth Mommy Weagan ready." They both giggled at Reagan trying to talk through her pacifier. It was almost three years to the day of Regan's adoption. That Matt and she were married. Reagan never regained her bladder control. She and Matt lived with her Mommy for a couple of years. Matt still worked for his Daddy and Reagan of course for Mommy who was still writing books. Amanda of course took charge of Matthew the same as she had Reagan. He was twenty-six years old and not immune to a trip over either Amanda's or Liz lap no more than Reagan was. Reagan had also taken a couple of trips over her new Mother In Laws lap even before they were married. Reagan and Matt had two baby girls and finally got their own house. It turned out Liz insisted on going with them. Reagan spends most of her days playing with her daughters in their playground or the girl's nursery. That is until Auntie Liz says naptime. Reagan still hates that, but trust me she minds. the end
  13. (Age Regression and Diaper Mess Humiliation) "There is no way for you to possibly defeat me! I am the great sorcerer Feirlaw!" I boasted, staff gripped. "This spell will return you to a much more fitting state!" "You will not hurt anyone from this point onward!" Tyrine declared, holding her sword close, prepared to fight. Unfortunately for her, I was the most powerful sorcerer in the entire kingdom, and a lowly warrior had always been useless against my curses. For some reason, even though I threatened to destroy her like the rest of her kind, she never seemed to back down. She called her utter stupidity "bravery." "Goodbye, Tyrine of Gilyr." I waved my staff in a circle in the air, before pointing it at the hero, about to destroy and humiliate her like the omnipotent sorcerer that I am. So ridiculous it was that she even dared go up against me when I have the ability to raze entire cities with a snap of my fingers. "You took my baby sister away from me, Feirlaq! To avenge her soul, I will take you down! For her, and for all the good people of Gilyr that you tried to destroy!" She exclaimed annoyingly as the bolt of magic from my spell flew through the air towards her, about to end her and put an finish to my troubles in taking over Gilyr. But then something strange happened. It was going towards her, I could tell as it grew smaller from my field of view, but then the lady knight swung her sword at the bolt of magic, and it didn't hit her. Did she dodge? Well, that's no problem, I can cast it again! She cannot dodge forever, and one hit from this spell is enough to ruin somebody for good! When I looked back at her, about to cast the ruining spell once again, I noticed that the purple bolt of magic coming back towards me! This was my most powerful spell! How could it be returned to my wand like this? This hero was nowhere near as powerful in magic as I am- And then it hit me. I blacked out to the sound of Tyrine cheering in victory, my grip on my staff failing. ----- And then, when I woke up, something felt different. In fact, a lot of things felt different. Before opening my eyes, I felt that my comfortable, magic-resistant robes were no longer on my body, and I no longer clutched my magic staff close. A heavy sleeper, I mumbled and felt at the clothes that had replaced my robes, to determine that it was a single garment. At first, I assumed that I was just in my plain shirt, which I was wearing beneath the robes during my battle with Tyrine, but I quickly realized that it flowed down to my waist and seemed to flutter at the bottom. What the hell? I hadn't been wearing a kilt! My hands felt soft and it was hard to grip them onto my clothes without them slipping off the fabric, like they hadn't spent hundreds of years holding a wooden staff and casting intricate spells. As I felt below the strange top that replaced my sorcerer robes, I realized something new had taken the place of my pants as well. Before, I had a pair of leather slacks that went all the way down my legs to warm me, but now what I was wearing only reached below my thighs, and when I laid my suddenly soft hand over it I realized that the hide was replaced with something that felt like the paper I wrote my spell scrolls on. I patted at it and also realized that it was nearly an inch thick, almost smothering my crotch and ass with its soft, feeble material. Crinkle, crinkle was the sound it made, like the peace treaties that I crumpled up and threw away. What had happened to my clothes? I opened my eyes to inspect the strange clothes that my robes and pants had been swapped out for, but quickly realized that there was way more to interpret. The grassy hill outside of Gilyr was no longer where I laid, but rather on top of a cushion. I turned over, producing more annoying crinkling sounds, to look down at the pillow that I was splayed out on and determined that it was only about 3 feet long, yet somehow it was big enough for me to lay on perfectly. What kind of illusion was this? My hands looked smaller and stubbier as well. Beneath the pillow, the mattress that it was placed on had a pink cover sheet. My royal bed was black! And this mattress seemed to only be a small fraction of its size! Confused and slightly embarrassed I sat up to look around the room that I was now in. Sitting on the garment covering my crotch felt strangely comfortable as if I was covered in padding. It was soft, unlike the way a sorcerer should dress. I was in a log cabin, I figured out quickly enough. There was a fireplace, that seemed larger than normal. The door also looked rather tall, and sitting down I could see that the opening handle was high above me. Was this some sort of giant's house?... My eyes darted to the wooden table, which also seemed larger than a table was meant to be, especially since my villainous figure stood at a menacing 7 foot tall, which normally was enough to strike intimidation into the eyes of my rivals, including Tyrine. Somebody was sitting at it, and as I looked up at their figure, which was way larger than I now was but perfectly sized for the furniture in the room, I became alert when I realized who it was. Out of instinct, despite not having my powerful staff on me, I jumped up to my feet, the padding around my waist creating more crinkle sounds that I was starting to get sick of. "Youw time has come, Tywine!" I exclaimed at her from my height as I stood atop the mattress, evidently not even tall enough to reach the table that she was sitting at. My face went red with embarrassment as I heard my own voice, a high pitched string of baby talk. What the hell?! What happened to my terrifying, villainous voice that struck fear into the villagers of Gilyr!? "D'awwww..." Was all she said, in a tone entirely separate from the one she used when confronting me about my plot to destroy all of Gilyr. "Good morning, cutie." She got up and walked over to me, with no trace of the immense fear she once had when addressing me in all my awe. When she walked up, I got a glance. Before, I would constantly make comments about her height, reminding her that a hero can't be 5 feet tall and that she needed to wear a diaper to suit her age better, but now she was almost twice my height! I had to glare straight up at her, and then I stumbled and fell backwards onto the mattress, producing more loud crumpling noises from the paper padding that I had woken up in. "Dow't you caww me a cutie! Excuse you, stuwpid hewo! I am the gweat sowcehwoo Feiwlaq!" I yelled up at her, desperately trying to produce the same terrified look on her face as I always could before, but finding it difficult to pronounce some words. I completely fumbled the word 'sorcerer!' But I was a sorcerer! I am the most powerful sorcerer! "From the looks of things to me, you're an adorable little girl wearing a diaper." Tyrine giggled as she looked down upon me. "Wha!? What the fwuh aww you tawking about!?" My high voice resembled that of a young girl, similar to the ones that cried when I threatened to destroy the orphanage. It sounded completely different from my horrifying deep voice that I made those threats in! What happened? I wasn't a girl! I was a grown man, and a villain! Wait, did she say I was in a diaper? My eyes went wide as I immediately recognized what the padding was. "No! No wah! I am nawt weawing a fwuhing diaper!" In a panic, I glanced down between my legs as I sat on the mattress. I lifted my garb, which now that I looked closer more resembled a skirt, and right below it, was a layer of thick padding surrounding my crotch, where my undergarments used to be. It was white and spread my legs, and I immediately went red. "NO! NO WAY! A SOWCEHWOO DOESHN'T WEAW DIAPERS!" I exclaimed. The padding crinkled as I felt at it, mocking me as I saw myself dressed in a garment meant to be worn by babies. I had not worn a diaper for over 400 years! I was a powerful sorcerer! My waste was disposed of with magic! I refused to accept this! A series of humiliating crinkles ensued when I reached down to slip the diaper off my body, not wanting to associate in any way with something worn by babies to hold their disgusting urine and mess, not wanting to even think about that! Before I could get the grip necessary to pull it from my body, which was more difficult than usual due to my small, weak hands befitting a little girl more than a sorcerer, a larger arm wrapped around my chest. "I would love to explain more about what happened right now, but I actually have a speech to give now that I've saved Gilyr from a diaper-wearing villain." Tyrine giggled, and I tried to growl at her in response for accusing me of actually enjoying anything about this diaper that I had been dressed in, but all I could manage was a cute hum. "So I'm going to drop you off at the Lil Darling's Daycare for a couple of hours, something more fitting for a little baby like you." "I AM NAWT A BABY!" I yelped as her arm lifted me up, and my struggles to free myself from her grapple proved useless. "DOW'T CAWW ME THAT!" Seriously!? A DAYCARE!? I was threatening to destroy this entire kingdom an hour ago! What could possess her to think it fitting to leave me at a place where parents dropped off their kids to play with dumb toys all day!? I kicked and screamed as she carried me into the air, but my feet had no muscles to deal any sort of damage to her chest, and my punches were reduced to small bats down her back. She kept one hand on my back, and the other laid against my padding, pushing it up against my ass as I was forced to feel the embarrassment of knowing that I was actually wearing a diaper instead of the wizard robes that I battling her in. My head sat on her shoulder, and there was little for me to do to move it. "WET ME GO!" I screamed loudly, sounding like my weak victims. This was completely wrong! How could the best magic-user in all the lands be wearing a diaper and be held by a weak, pathetic hero with such ease!? She started walking, ignoring me as I kicked and screamed my baby-sized head off. Outside of the log cabin I was carried, and I quickly realized that Tyrine was carrying me through the capital city of Gilyr. The streets were packed with people walking by, cheering and singing in a level of happiness that I was supposed to have crushed by now! They were staying inside and mourning their impending doom! The ones who wanted to live held my flag and swore their allegiance to me! My screaming for the hero to unhand me, while ignored by her, caused crowds of townsfolk to turn their heads and glance at me in her arms. They giggled as well. "I heard a rumour that Tyrine's new baby is actually Feirlaq. Crazy, huh?" "Really? That beautiful, heroic knight must be powerful to turn him into a baby girl like that!" "I wouldn't have been so scared of him if I knew that he couldn't even control his own bowels." The entire group giggled. "GWET ME OUW OF THIS DIAPER! I DO NAWT NEED TO WEAW IT! I HAWVEN'T NEEDED IT FOW HUNDWEDS OF YEAWS! I DOW'T NEED A FWUHING DIAPER!" I yelled, and the people only started to giggle at me more. I was infuriated! Feirlaq the sorcerer was the most feared name in the entire kingdom! They were scared to even mention me, in fear that it may summon me to burn down the building! That was me! Not some tiny baby wearing a diaper! This was not me! I was stronger than this! "I told you that you were an adorable little girl." Tyrine said as she patted my diaper again to remind me of the shameful situation that my dominant one was involuntarily replaced with. "Almost to the daycare." "THIS IS NAWT THE WAY THINGS AWW MEANT TO BWE!" I yelled. Tyrine continued to ignore my failed assertions of my adulthood. "Hey Tyrine! Is that your baby?" Someone else said, and I turned my head in frustration to see that it was Raylen, one of my henchmen that betrayed me. She was living in Gilyr now? She should be killed for turning against me and helping these heroes! I had a whole punishment set up for her once I took over. "It is, in fact. Would you like to hold her?" Tyrine presented me to her, and I squirmed in her arms trying to free myself. She moved her hand from my diaper, only to further reveal the padding that I was now in. How could I be the most feared person in the kingdom when random people were seeing me in this stupid diaper!? "No thanks." Raylen giggled. "I already have one stinky, poopy baby to put up with. Hey, maybe we can have Kelli and Luna play together sometime!" Luna was Raylen's daughter that was born in my lair less than a month ago. One of the reasons that Raylen turned against me was because I insulting her baby, calling Luna a smelly little ass. I still get flashbacks to when I had to put up with the disgusting stench of that little girl's diapers, and suddenly feel better about Raylen betraying me and running away to Gilyr. How could she be the one calling me stinky now!? "Sometime later. And I feel that, putting up with a smelly diaperbutt is hard work!" Tyrine told her. "I DO NAWT SMELL! I DOW'T EVEN NEED TO WEAW THIS STWUPID THING! QUIT TAWKING ABOUT ME WIKE DAT!" I yelled, my diaper crinkling, ashamed to have those sounds coming from my clothes as I recognized them from Luna's diapers. "Does she need a changing or something?" "Not yet, but probably soon." Tyrine giggled. "Goodbye for now." I pouted and growled in disgust. Changing? Diapers? Did they not know who I was? I was sure that I was more than capable of making it to the bathroom whenever I had to go! This diaper served no purpose other than to make annoying wrinkle sounds. Even if I was made to look like this dumb padding was something that I needed, I would prove to them that I was still an adult, and a powerful sorcerer at that. This diaper would soon be off of my body and I'd be returned to my proper form, which everybody fears the might of. I had to! There's no way that this piteous hero could keep me held like this for long! Before long, I was carried through the entrance of a building called Lil Darling's Daycare, a place that resembled my secret lair from its size compared to me, but with much more pink walls and diapers. "Greetings, lady Tyrine. Thank you for saving the world from that nasty Feirlaq. We'll never have to hear about him again." The woman inside of the daycare told Tyrine. "Yeah, definitely not." She giggled. "Anyway, here's Kelli." She held out her arms holding me, and I was passed to this random woman as if I didn't have the power to destroy entire villages in the blink of an eye. I kept kicking, wanting to be able to walk where I wanted and not be left at daycare. I was not a baby! This was nonsense! "She's feisty but cute." The other woman smiled as she held me, my kicks doing nothing to her. I heard the laughing and running of toddlers from the other room, and I was disgusted. "Yeah, she is." Tyrine laughed and smiled back warmly, in that dumb confidence heroes always got. "Anyway, I'll be back in about 5 hours." She turned around and walked off, leaving the most powerful sorcerer at a daycare, trapped in the body of a toddler in a diaper. The other woman carried me into another room and sat me down, finally able to stand up again. The relief from no longer being lifted against my will was short-lived, as I looked around the room I was placed in. Kids ran back and forth, chasing each other and screaming, some laughing. All of them looked to be five or six at the most, and I seethed as I realized that they somehow had more height than I did. I grunted as I stood up and my diaper crinkled, as I had always hated the annoying way that children express themselves. Their screams were so loud, and some of them were off in the corner pretending to fart. Children are disgusting. I was the only one in the daycare wearing a diaper, frustratingly. In my anger with being placed where I was, wearing what I was, I simply sat in the corner on my padding as the other kids screamed and yelled playfully. I tried to lower my skirt enough to hide my padding, but the white bulge between my legs was large enough for the lower half of my diaper to always show. "Is that kid wearing a diaper?" "This isn't a baby playroom!" A couple of boys walked up to me, pointing at my diaper and making humiliating comments. "S-Shut uwp..." I mumbled at them and crossed my arms, trying to sit with my legs together but the padding thick enough to keep them apart, which caused me to raise my skirt. Wearing a girly, pink skirt was humiliating enough for someone who was supposed to be wearing dark robes and destroying villages, but the constant crinkling of my diaper filled me with enough rage to destroy a kingdom. "Aww, what's wrong little girl? Need somebody to change you?" One of them said. "I AM NAWT A GIWL! AND DOW'T NEED CHANGES!" I snapped at them. I was probably hundreds of times older than these kids, yet they had the audacity to treat me like a stupid baby? "Really? Then what is this?" Without warning, he reached down to my crotch and grabbed me by the diaper, pulling me out of the corner, with my skirt lifted to completely expose the padding beneath. The kid didn't look very strong, but I was easily overpowered and dragged over by him like I was weightless. "Hey everyone! Come look at the new girl and her thick diaper!" Three more boys approached me, and all of a sudden I was surrounded. "WEAVE ME AWONE!" I yelled around at them, my diaper crinkling as I turned. "I CAWN DESTWOY AWW YOU!" "Aww, she even talks like a little baby!" "I haven't worn diapers in 3 years!" "So cute! I wish I had a baby sister to play with like this!" Somebody smacked my diaper. "Spank! Hehe~" I turned around to face the person who smacked me on the bottom, forcing me to feel the padding against my bare ass again, but I was consecutively spanked again after turning. How could people this young be overpowering me so easily!? I struck down the kingdom's most powerful warriors, and now I was being spanked by random annoying kids! "Cute little baby loves spankies on her diaper, doesn't she?" "STWOP IT... OW EWSE!" I covered my ass with my tiny hands, only making more humiliating crinkles. "Or else what, hmm? Will you cry like a little baby? Will you throw yourself on the ground and throw a fit, like a little girl?" I was boiling over. How could this happen to me!? Everybody is treating me like a baby girl! I have never worn or used a diaper, and that is not going to start now! I was restraining myself, but I finally decided to show off some of my power to these snotty kids who are supposed to be on their knees begging for their families' mercy from my destruction. And I didn't need my staff in order to cast magic! I was the most powerful sorcerer ever! "Wavawia Wotus!" I exclaimed as I waved my hands around, casting one of the more simple yet powerful spells that can be done by hand. Lavaria Lotus, as its meant to be pronounced, was the spell that I always cast before battles, as it blesses me with superhuman strength and agility. When cast perfectly, this spell would surely be enough to knock out a bunch of weak little boys without breaking a single sweat. They looked at me confusedly as I hyped myself up, already feeling the tingly feeling inside of my body. I formed a fist and pulled it back, ready to punch one of these kids into the wall and give him a concussion as punishment for treating me like a baby. I would be sure that these annoying children knew to fear the name Feirlaq. But after ten seconds, the time after which I would usually have been buffed by the spell by now, my muscles felt the same; weak and babyish. What? What is wrong with my magic!? This is not a hard spell! I have cast this piece a hundred times without fail, so what is going on now? "She's pretending to be a princess!" "Silly girl! Princesses don't wear diapers." They teased, clearly not knowing how I was the one that kidnapped princesses and killed the heroes that tried to rescue them. The tingly feeling that I usually associated with the spell's immense strength didn't go to my arms to provide extra force, nor did I feel it down in my legs to indicate that I could now run at the speed of a roadrunner. Instead, I felt an intense build-up in my bladder. "What the fwuh..." I mumbled. You can't cast a strength spell on your bladder! Whatever had happened, it didn't feel like strength in the slightest! If anything... I crinkled my legs together and my eyes went wide as my bladder suddenly brimmed. A few seconds ago, I hadn't felt any build-up at all, yet now the retention was at a max level. "Oh! She just needs to pee! Well go on, little girl, use that cute little diaper of yours." "Ewwwww..." "NO! NO WAY! THIS ISN'T HAWPENNING!" I winced as I felt the water retention inside of my bladder cause it to weaken. My strength spell made me have to pee!? That is entirely different from what it's supposed to do! And as a sorcerer, I could hold in my bodily functions for days on end, but this time, I had to clench my muscles to prevent the warm urine from escaping my body. "Aww... don't worry little one, we can change you after." I couldn't believe this! I was standing in a daycare, wearing a diaper, with a full bladder! This wasn't me! I was an adult, and older than anybody else in the kingdom! I don't pee myself in public! I made fun of children who were so pathetic that they couldn't hold in their waste, and now these same kids are surrounding me and treating me like an actual baby. Where had all of their fear and submission gone? For the past hundred years, everybody knew my name as the subject of fears. Sometimes grown adults would pee themselves just hearing about me, but now... I turned my focus for a moment, expecting nothing truly major to come from my bladder. ... The tension overflowed. ... Before I knew it, the waterworks opened. Hisssss... A couple of drops seeped from my bladder, and I felt the front of my diaper start to moisten with disgusting, stinky pee. Before I could halt my involuntary release, I could look down to see the large yellow stain, standing out amongst the white paper in my diaper. I couldn't believe it! I had actually just wet myself like a baby! And my bladder continued to teem with unbearable fullness. As humiliating as it was, I really needed to relieve myself quickly. I turned towards the door that said "Restroom" and dashed for it. With each step, besides the loud crinkles that made the entire room glance at me as I struggled not to piss myself, there was the sensation of more drops of my pee leaking from my bladder to be absorbed by my diaper and expand that shameful stain that I usually hated little kids for showing. Splat, splat, splat more pee escaped as I waddled, was horrified to feel my own sticky wet stain at the front of my diaper. Why was this happening? WHY WAS I WEARING A DIAPER!? I NEVER HAD TROUBLE HOLDING IN MY WASTE! I SHOULD BE TAKING OVER THIS KINGDOM, NOT THIS! I made it to the bathroom door and instinctively reached for the doorknob at my chest's height, accustomed to being a height taller than 2 feet. The hissing continued, and the kids around me cringed as I helplessly was forced to stain my padding with the pee that I accidentally filled my bladder with. I could not believe that I had gone from the most powerful sorcerer known to mankind to a little girl that was having trouble holding in her pee. It was just walking into a bathroom and slipping down my diaper! How difficult could it be!? I reached up desperately for the knob, which towered over me. Failing to reach a doorknob was never a difficulty that I even considered probable. I was so frustrated with this new size, but I had to adapt fast or else I'd be sitting in a puddle of my own waste. The involuntary flow of pee from my strangely-weakened bladder persisted, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the moistness now forming into a puddle at the bottom of my diaper, the part that could never be hidden by my skirt. The kids around me were doing nothing but watching as I was forced to present myself as a baby-talking, pathetic little girl that couldn't even hold in her bladder. I used to look down at them for wearing kid-sized clothes while I wore magical robes, but now I had little to brag about, as I felt the puddle of piss splashing and spreading all down my crotch, being held against it by this padding. "PWEASE NO!" I yelled and I frantically reached my short arms up at the handle. It was only a few feet up, but I couldn't reach it! In a moment of panic, as the flood works of pee rushed out of my bladder and soaked the diaper that I was forced to wear, I came up with a new idea to open the bathroom door so that I could get to the toilet. "TEWEKINESIS!" I exclaimed, casting the force push spell that allowed sorcerers to grab things from afar. Even if my height was gone, I could prove my abilities with my super strong magic prowess! The hissing continued, and I felt the puddle of pee that I had made grossly swishing back and forth in my diaper as I tried to keep my legs together. The crinkling was replaced with a series of loud splats as I was forced to feel a wet diaper around my legs, and have the shame of knowing that I filled it. I was supposed to be a sorcerer! What kind of sorcerer can't even open the bathroom door at daycare and pees himself!? Telekinesis didn't allow me to grab anything from afar, and I continued to pathetically attempt to grab the mocking doorknob. "What is that smell?" "It's the new girl. She just peed herself!" "Gross!" The stench of piss surrounded me, overpowering any of the other smells in the room. The other kids were right, the odour was absolutely one of the most disgusting things I had ever endured, made infinitely worse with the knowledge that I had personally created it. I had peed enough for the puddle in my diaper to splash like the waves of the ocean whenever I jumped at the doorknob. All I wanted was to open the restroom door, and I was useless to even do that now! By the time I finally gripped the doorknob and twisted it, the welling in my bladder was all gone. With the door finally opened, I looked down at myself to see that the entire surface of my diaper, front and back, was now a dark yellow. The squishy surface pressed against my skin, dripping onto the ground. Since my skirt was incredibly short, the shame of knowing that I just pissed myself was obvious to all the kids that I once looked down upon. "You're dirtying the room, diaperbutt!" "STAHP CAWWING ME THAT!" I walked into the bathroom, but I had already expelled the entire bladder full of urine, and it now stained my diaper, drooping below my skirt, for all the kids to see that I had wet myself like a baby. But I wasn't a baby! I know that I wasn't! I was still a powerful sorcerer! And before long, I would be ba- I finally felt the tingling feeling from the Telekinesis spell I had cast, once again not in the correct place. Instead of encompassing my hands so that I may move things without physically touching them, I felt it also down below... ... My flatulence built up, a feeling that I had magically removed from my body hundreds of years ago, as the smell and sound of farts always annoyed me. ... I clenched. It only increased, beyond the point where my weakened muscles could hold it in. ...No way... BRAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBT! I let out two wet farts from my behind, that were louder than anything else in the daycare even with the muffling from my diaper. "Ewwww! She farted!" "Don't need to tell us, we all heard... and can smell." A bunch of the other kids plugged their nose, and I was surrounded by the smell of poop from my diaper, still standing there in front of the entire daycare wearing a dripping, peed diaper. "Did you just poop yourself, stinky girl?" One of the boys asked me. "NO! I WOULD NEVEW! HOW DAWE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SOMEFING SO GWOSS!? I AM NAWT A STINKY G-" SPLOOOOORT! FAAAAART! My flatulence grew louder, and all the kids in the daycare, whom I once called the grossest group of people, all looked at me in disgust as I farted. I couldn't blame them either, as the stench made me want to vomit. Before I could defend myself more, I was interrupted by a new build-up. Splort! Brap! Pbbbt! The sequence of farts failed to stop, foreshadowing something else about to happen if I didn't do something quick, something much more shameful than peeing yourself in public. My bowels were welling up, and I felt as if I was holding in a storm several times larger than myself. Clenching my thighs barely slowed it down as the build-up increased, and judging from the number of stinky farts that were involuntarily bursting from my ass, the foulest smell and sound that I had ever experienced, I would fail to hold this in for long too. "NO! PWEASE! PWEASE NOT NOW!" I yelled as I hurried into the bathroom, my diaper splatting and swashing with pee as I walked. The bathroom had a small toilet, about half the size of the normal ones, designed for potty training toddlers, I assumed. Even though I was too ashamed to acknowledge it, I needed the training toilet in this moment as I felt my bowels suddenly full of poop. PFFFT! SPLAT! My farts continued, growing louder, attracting more attention as kids gathered at the door to the bathroom, watching me as I grew ever closer to soiling myself. I wasn't tall enough to reach the locking latch to have some privacy as I used the toilet, but it would at least show these children that I was not an immature baby girl. I sat on the training potty, which didn't muffle my farting at all. All of the kids swatted the stench away from their noses, and I was humiliated at the idea that my farts were so horrible-smelling that these obnoxious children, who laughed at burps and pretended to fart with their elbows, were disgusted. "I'm so glad that I'm a big kid. P U!" A kid covered his nose. "She's just a little baby, they can't control when they do that." Another one said, infuriating me as I was used to being in control of my entire life, from the people who respected me, a world that bowed down to me, and, obviously, being able to control my bowels. Desperate to get this over with quickly, as I sat on the toilet, still feeling the disgusting squish of my pee on my diaper, I reached down to my crotch and tugged at it. "Phew, I made it in time..." I thought as I pulled at my diaper with a medium-strength, trying to slip it down my legs. To my surprise, the pee-soaked padding stayed glued against my crotch, and my pulling didn't even cause the thing to budge. What the heck!? This was just a thick piece of paper! I could rip this diaper off if I wanted to! SPLORT! FAAAAAAAART! My ass continued to expel the most repulsive smells as all the kids watched, and I could feel my reputation as anything but an incontinent child start to dwindle. My bowels were gurgling, and the loud farts failed to hide the fact that I really needed relief soon, whether in a diaper or not, as much as I was repulsed by the idea. I tugged with all my strength, but nothing happened. For a second, I abandoned the strength in clenching my bowels to keep desperately trying to take my diaper off my crotch, and less than a second later, I realized my mistake. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! The loudest, wettest fart yet was expelled from my ass, louder and smellier than anything that I had ever endured before, yet ashamedly coming from my own body. It didn't come alone, as I promptly felt a warm mass push itself from my ass into my diaper. The log of poop formed a visible brown stain at the back of my diaper that the kids began to point at, and as I sat on the toilet I was forced to feel it smearing against my ass. "PWEASE, DOW'T HAPPEN! I AM NAWT A BABY!" I continued to feel at my diaper, continuing to try and slip it down my legs to spare any shame that I could. But it wasn't coming off at all! My hands were too weak and the urine already in my diaper was causing it to stick to me! The log of poop already smudged all over my ass surely wasn't helping either. I pulled and tugged, but my wet padding wouldn't budge. I tried to sit on the edge of the toilet and slowly pry it off by dragging my ass against the porcelain, which only spread the large brown stain on the seat of my diaper, and caused my pee to swish around even more. I attempted clawing at the bottom of my diaper, to rip a hole in the padding so that the massive weight of my own waste could fall out into the toilet where he intended it to land, but the padding proved tougher than it seemed and I only got my hands covered in my pee. And before I knew it, I was sitting on the toilet, frantically trying to come up with an idea to free myself from what was about to happen, when... PBBBBBBBT! Another large log of poop was pushed from my ass to join the smearing brown stain already forming, obvious for all the kids watching through sight, sound, and most of all, smell. It smeared against my ass and I shuddered in disgust. How could I be the one doing this!? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! With a long fart that lasted over ten seconds, I was forced to fill the seat of my diaper with a load of thick, fresh, hot mush. The load was even larger than I thought, now forming a two-inch-thick barrier between my padding and my ass, constantly spreading its disgusting texture all over me as if I chose to fill my diaper with it. As I pooped my diaper, the kids could watch as it expanded, and the puddle at the bottom of my diaper drooped a few inches farther down as several logs of poop rubbed all over me. And all I could do was sit there as they pointed at me, making jokes and plugging their noses. The farting had finally stopped, so besides the disgusting sounds of the warm mush spreading all over me, all I had to listen to was their teases. "I have two little brothers and I've never seen a baby poop so much in her life!" "Ewww... she couldn't even close the door so we didn't have to watch her poop herself? Babies are so gross..." "Can she even walk with that much poop in her diapey?" "W-Weave me awone..." I said quietly, desperately trying not to cry as I was subjected to quite possibly the grossest thing in my entire life. I had just peed and pooped in a diaper, when I was supposed to be dominating cities and sending fear into the hearts of townsfolk! Some of the kids walked away, more so because the unbearable odour of my poopy diaper was too much for them to handle than out of respect for my privacy, but some continued to watch me as my expanded in it's dark brown, humiliating, well-used form. At the briefest glance, anybody could see that I had been reduced to the point where I couldn't accomplish a task that only babies failed at. I refused to get up from the toilet, out of shock from being forced to push a squishy mess of poop into my diaper, out of disgust of that warm, wet defilement spreading all over me more once I stood up, and with a fleeting bit of hope that I'd be able to get out of this diaper still. I sat there for another hour, useless to do something as simple as taking off my own diaper. It seemed that the massive load of poop that I had involuntarily put into it made it sticky enough to attach to me beyond my own strength. It was as if I were holding a massive, smelly sign that said: "I am not only wearing a diaper, but I just pushed the stinkiest load of shit of my entire life into it and now I'm just sitting in it!" The smell only grew worse as the warm, squishy mush turned into a cold, solid mass. It had now solidified around my ass, and my continued attempts to pull the diaper off my body did nothing but make it squish even tighter up against me, making loud splattering sounds as if I hadn't already announced my soiled diaper to everyone enough. After about an hour and a half of sitting on the toilet, perilously trying to free myself from the heavy, messy load around my waist as everybody watched my inability, another boy walked into the bathroom. "Hey diaperbutt, get out of here. The bathroom isn't for babies anyway. You can use that stinky diaper anyway. Let us big kids use the toilet." He growled down at me, trying to look mean. He wasn't actually intimidating, as I was hundreds of years older than him, but it was annoying to see such young kids thinking that they can boss me around like this. "I-I awm a big kid..." I said to him weakly, tired from all the prying at my wet padding. This body evidently had a low stamina span. "A big kid?" He chuckled. "Big kids don't poop themselves." He reached behind me and felt at my poopy diaper, before forcefully squishing the center of the brown stain against my ass, spreading my own gross waste even more over me. "You look like you haven't had your mommy change you for a weak. This smelly thing is almost as big as you are!" He teased me as I felt the heavy mass of warm, mushy poop squelch against my ass. It was several inches thick, constantly held up my skirt for everybody to see, and made sounds even more humiliating than farting every time I wiggled my bare, baby bottom through it. I winced as he touched my diaper, frustrated to have such an embarrassing thing attached to my body for anybody to insult and win arguments on the base of. "Fiwne..." I mumbled, not wanting my diaper touched anymore. It's not like I could fight with such a heavy thing around my waist, the smell of which being enough for me to want to wear a gas mask. I tried to stand up, but I had been sitting on the toilet for so long that my squishy diaper was stuck to it, and it was heavy enough to make it hard to stand. Embarrassingly, I estimated that the mass of poop inside of the padding weighed over 20 pounds. The boy stood there, tapping his foot as I grunted to free my diaper from the toilet that I had failed to get my poop into. Eventually, it released from the toilet with a Plop! and a splash of cold, liquid shit splattered between my legs. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I refused to believe that I was stuck with this diaper around my legs, inescapably a reminder that I had been enfeebled to a state of total incontinence and incompetence, that everybody could see and smell from a mile away when I was the most feared and respected figure in Gilyr not so long ago. "Now get out, diaper butt." "Dow't caww me that..." "Don't be the smelliest dang baby in the entire daycare and I won't call you that." He pushed me out of the restroom and slammed the door behind me, causing the puddle of pee at the bottom of my diaper to swish. Instead of the crinkling, each step I took now produced a loud Splat! as my waste was thrown around my diaper, and I was forced to endure all of it as it smeared and squished against my ass. The kids all glanced at me and giggled. I had to spread my legs far apart to avoid the logs of poop squishing between them, and the extra weight slowed my walking in general. All because I tried to use a strengthening spell. "I'm a sowcehwoo..." I mumbled in frustration, before returning to the corner. I tried to lay down on my side so that the poop would all pooled at the back of my diaper and I could get some peace, but after laying down the puddle seemed to drift towards me. The poop and pee were utterly inescapable. No matter what I did, I emitted and was forced to endure the terrible smell of a stinky diaper, the very thing that I once teased Luna for. I have to get back to my sorcerer body soon before my entire life is destroyed by these diapers! How can I take over the entire world and make all the heroes into my servants when I can't even cast a spell without pooping myself!? Laying there, I expected to just think of a plan to save myself from this new role that I had accidentally gotten myself into, but without warning, I fell asleep. ----- I dreamt of my secret lair, where I had once planned to destroy the entirety of Gilyr before that hero Tyrine had to show up and mess everything up. I was commanding my sorcerer's henchmen. "You see, the main goal is less about destroying them all and more about making them scared because a scared population can be manipulated easily. Gilyr has nearly a million people. That's a lot of souls to help me improve my magic." I said in my adult, lisp-less voice. "Should we send anything special to this Tyrine figure? She has been destroying entire armies of our soldiers!" "Tyrine? Oh, I have a special plan for her." I said with an evil chuckle. "Let's just say that before long, she won't even be able to hold up her own sword." "Understood, your evilness. Oh, and one more thing." "Yes, henchman?" I asked with a smile, as my entire plan was going perfectly. "Would you like your diaper changed?" "Diaper? I am a 500-year-old sorcerer! I don't wear diapers!" I exclaimed in confusion. "But sir... look down..." "Have you been going cra-" I looked down at myself to find that my beautifully intimidating sorcerer robes were gone, and I stood there wearing nothing but a paper diaper, in front of all my henchmen. "Where did this come from?" "You're nothing but a smelly diaperbutt, Kelli, remember?" "I am not! I'm Feirlaq, the greatest sorcerer of all time! Shame on you for calling me such a stupid name!" I yelled at the henchman, before raising my staff and casting one of my many intricate killing spells. This spell was hard for anybody to cast but me, as I was the best sorcerer ever. "I'm pretty sure you are and have always been just a stinky diaper-wearing little girl." The henchman continued to live, despite me casting my killing spell as a punishment to them. "What? Why are you still al-" BRAAAAAAAP! I loudly farted, all around my most trusted servants that I had instilled the utmost loyalty into. "Excuse me," I continued, embarrassed that I had just let out such stinky flatulence. "Don't worry about tha-" PBBBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAAAAAAAAART! "I-It is nothing to worry ab-" PFFFFFFFFFFT! And then I felt my bowels start to erupt and giant logs of poop begin to force themselves into the seat of my diaper, despite my best attempts to hold them back. I had absolutely no control over my bowels, and all I did was stand there as my diaper's clean white colour faded to a deep, smelly brown. It began to expand to hold the massive load that I was pushing into it, drooping down my legs and causing me to spread my legs to hold all of it. PBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAART! BRAAAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBP! I was unable to speak to assert any of my dominance, and all I could do was let out a loud series of loud, wet farts as logs of poop continued to push into my diaper, which now drooped to my knees with its fullness of solid, thick, mushy poop. My bowels kept on erupting, and the farts only grew louder. The warm mush came out of me in an endless stream. "Wow boss, you really are a diaperbutt. And I thought that you were good at magic." "Is your plan to destroy the entire kingdom with that terrible stench? Because it's working! You smell worse than anything I've ever seen, and I work with actual kids." "Good thing you have that diaper, eh? Your adult pants never would have held all that poop." FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT! Was all I could reply with as my own henchman started treating me like a baby, and my diaper continued to expand. Before long I couldn't even walk because it was so full of my own poop. This wasn't right! Why was this happening to me!? I was Feirlaq... not Kelli... I was supposed to take over the world... Not helplessly wear diapers and fill them up with disgusting poop... ----- I woke up to a tap on my head, and I tiredly felt at my waist, desperately hoping to be back in my adult clothes where I didn't have to constantly feel my own shit pressing against my ass, but it seemed that I wouldn't be that lucky, as I was still in the same soiled diaper that I couldn't get off despite my best efforts, that I had messed when I tried casting a spell while in this baby body. "I see you had fun at daycare, Kelli," Tyrine told me, and I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me with a patronizing smirk, obviously happy to call me Kelli and to find me in a loaded diaper. I didn't even consider this "hero" to be a threat to my evil plan, let alone now able to see me as I'm forced to present the embarrassing amount of poop that my used diaper squished against my ass. "F-Fwuh you..." I would have gritted my teeth at her, but I only had a few small baby teeth in my mouth, instead of the well-kept set of adult teeth I had before. "Let's go, you little stinker you." The hero reached an arm under me and lifted me up slowly, once again. And then her other hand went over my diaper once again, pushing the shameful mush inside of it against me. Even though I was disgusted both by being held like a toddler and by having Tyrine pushing my poop against my body, I didn't try screaming or kicking this time. The only thing that screaming accomplished before was attracting attention from the townsfolk to my diaper, which I definitely didn't want now that it was full of poop and urine, and kicking my legs would only cause the waste in my diaper to splatter against me even more. She carried me out, and all I did was keep quiet and still, as I suffered in a puddle of my own shame. Even though I wasn't yelling like before, I could tell that plenty of people were taking note of me as Tyrine carried me through the town. Pretty much everyone that we passed had to plug their nose or shoo the odour of cold poop away, looking at me with a disgusted face as if I chose to soil myself. "Tyrine's new baby is really fucking smelly, ain't she?" "Yeah, but I heard that she's actually the reborn soul of Feirlaq." "Ah, that makes sense. He was always a gross dude." "Always wondered, but I guess we now know that he was diaper dependent. Kinda cute." I had to restrain myself from crying as I could hear and smell my terrifying reputation begin to slip from me like how the pee leaked out of my bladder to stain my diaper. I had spent years destroying and threatening entire kingdoms with my immense magical power, getting kings to bend down on their knees in respect for me, training to become the most powerful sorcerer of all time... all to suddenly be known as Tyrine's baby daughter who wears and fills diapers with mushy shit? This could not be my legacy! I had to do something about this! But there was nothing for me to do while being carried by the person that did this to me in the first place. Before long, Tyrine had me back at her log cabin. The cushion I had slept on before was now replaced with a wooden crib, which was painted pink. "The walls kinda blend with your diaper, you know." She giggled as she pat me on the bum, causing the urine and defecation to splatter again. "I onwy shat mysewf because the wittle kids were teasing me!" I exclaimed, now that nobody else was around. "I dow't need diapers!" "Right, the other little kids pushed that stinky load into your diaper?" She chuckled, laying me down on the table, still wallowing in my own waste. "You know, if you went the entire day without pooping yourself, I was going to consider switching your diapers for pull-ups, but you clearly showed that you need them." "I DOW'T NEED 'EM!" I kicked my legs up at her, sounding like a child. "Look, I get that it's hard to adjust to your new life, but you can't deny that you absolutely filled that to the brim diaper today. And I didn't even feed you!" She turned me onto my back and I kept squirming. "WHAT AWW YOU DOING, BIWTCH!?" "I suggest you don't call me that unless you don't want me to change you. I can just leave you in that messy diaper for the rest of the day!" My eyes went wide. "No! Pwease change me! And wet me take them off mysewf!" I screamed, flashbacking to the hours of trying to get the diaper off my body and being unable to free myself from the load of poop I had been forced to fill it up with. "Only mommies can change diapers, and after your behaviour, you don't deserve a change right now, little missy." "PWEASE!" I whined, on the brink of crying, kicking my legs. I was humiliated to think of myself begging for Tyrine to take my diaper off, when earlier that day I was planning on destroying her kingdom, but I saw little choice at this point. She had me at her mercy, and from the looks of things, she will for a long time. Splat, splat, splort! went the poop in my diaper. "Admit what you did and I'll take your diaper off, Kelli." She said, angrily. It was a different tone from when she told me that destroying the orphanage was wrong. Now she was using a disappointed voice as if she really was my mother and not some dumb hero that got lucky with a spell deflect. "F-Fine..." I sighed and felt the poop squishing inside of my diaper, and decided that it was worth it to swallow a little bit of my pride for this. "I... I shit my fwuhing diaper..." Tears welled up in my eyes, as I didn't want to admit the obvious, stinky, visible, audible fact. "Those are adult words. Say it like a good girl, or else." I'm not a girl... and I don't answer to you of all people... "O-Okay..." I cried, unable to handle being treated this way when I was once revered so much. "I pooped my diaper..." "Closer, but can little tiny babies like you talk so clearly? Act like a real baby, or no changies, since that is going to be your role for a very long time, Kelli." She smirked, patting my bum, pressing the mush against me as if I needed a reminder of how disgusting it was. "A-Are you..." I whined, crying more pathetically than my victims ever did. "I went poopey..." "Poopey in what?" "Poopey in my diapey..." I started crying, my face almost as wet as the front of my diaper. I couldn't believe that she was actually making me say this, knowing that I was an adult not that long ago! This was so unfair! I deserved to win that battle! Not her! I shouldn't be the one pooping my diaper and begging her to change me! It's her fault that I'm like this! "Aww, little girl, you don't need to cry just telling your mommy the truth. Every time you want your diaper changed, just tell me like a good little girl and I'll change it. Of course, from now on, using big kid words will make me leave you in it full for another hour or two." I kept on crying in embarrassment at being forced to say something so childish until Tyrine's hands felt at my sides, and without any effort from her at all, my diaper slipped off of my body. She hardly even had to use both hands to cause it to slip beneath my ass and over my crotch, leaving me naked, when I spent over an hour just trying to get it off before the poop inside even dried! What the hell? I couldn't be that weak, right? There was a brief moment of relief when I didn't have to constantly lug around the giant load of poop that I had disdainfully filled the diaper with earlier. Some of the smeared poop was still stuck against my ass, but I would take that over being forced to carry around my heavy poop for all to see. "You definitely make a cute baby, Kelli." I felt a fresh set of padding press up beneath my ass, and I jumped into survival mode, desperately not wanting the events of earlier to happen again. "I'M NAWT WEAWING ANOTHER DIAPER!" I screamed as I sat up on the table and scooted away from Tyrine. I reached the edge before realizing that I was a tiny toddler and that there were not many escape routes on this table. This size of this body is infuriating! "Oh, Kelli... you stubborn little squirt. Get back here and let me put this diaper on you now, or else." She glared at me with an expression of disappointment yet also patience. "OW EWSE WHAT!? I AM INFWINITEWY MOWE POWEHFOO THAN YOU!" I started trying to climb down onto a chair, but my muscles and grip in this infantile body were weak enough for me to fall down and slam my bare ass into the seat of the wooden chair. "OWWWWW!" The fall from the table to the chair was less than three feet, and I had endured numerous near-fatal wounds during my hundreds of years of training to become the greatest sorcerer, yet when I fell down onto the chair, surges of pain all through my weak, unpadded ass was the most unbearable thing I had ever endured in my life. Before the thought to restrain my weeping occurred, I felt streams of tears rush down my girlish face. I could also hear one of the most annoying noises in this world; a baby's cry, all through the house. While hating the high-pitching screaming of an infant's cry, I immediately knew that it was coming from me. The pain from that 3-foot drop caused my life of tyranny to flash before my eyes, as I sat there in the chair, crying my eyes out, unable to get myself to stand up to finish my escape from Tyrine. Why did it hurt so much!? "I have a feeling that you're going to be crying like that a lot more from now on." I felt her arms wrap around my small body, to lift me up again with a frustrating amount of ease. My crying increased as she set me down on the table, and I felt another poofy, padded diaper close press up against my ass. I kicked a few times, but the pain from my fall crippled me, so I just laid there in utter shame until I felt Tyrine tape the diaper once again onto me. "I wiww be bwack to a sowcewoo soon! And I cawn just tawke off thwis diapew!" I cried at her as I felt my ass once again smothered by the soft, patronizing padding. After being forced to relieve myself in a diaper once, and sit around with the shame of my own poop squishing up against me, I wasn't excited at the prospect of growing up again. "Kelli..." She stroked my long hair with a smile. "It's only fair that for taking away my baby sister, that you're going to spend eternity as a diapered baby girl." "A-AWN ETEWNITY!?" I screamed, my teary eyes going wide. "Well of course. It's not fair to the world to let a dangerous villain grow up again, and I took it upon myself to raise the little, pathetic, diapered thing that you're going to stay us, forever filling up those diapers and being dependent on me to change and feed you." "NU! NU WAY!" In a knee-jerk response to being threatened with an eternal hell of helplessly filling up my diaper, which I had grown to establish as the single most disgusting experience I had ever been forced to take part in, I frantically started casting killing spells at Tyrine. "WAVARIA WOTUS! TWILI YEWETS! POWEW DWAIN!" I continued to yell spell after spell, desperately trying to kill Tyrine, not even paying attention to the effects of the last spell before I chanted the following one. After about 20 spells, I looked up at her to see her continuing to smirk down at me, completely unfazed by all my most powerful spells, much to my dismay. "You're adorable, Kelli. And I suppose this would be a good time to explain to you what happens when you try to cast your magic, wouldn't it?" She giggled down at me as I felt all the magic held up still within my body, and to my own horror it concentrated down in my bowels. "Each spell will permanently cause your stinky messes to be larger and larger every time." As my eyes went wide, I felt a loud rumbling down in my bowels, exponentially larger and more humiliating than the last one.
  14. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files Punished At 12 she was arrested for the fifth time for shoplifting. Her attitude was simple out of the hundreds of times she had done it she had been caught only five times. Every time was the same she spent a month in foster care then they sent her back to her drunken father. This was not all bad he did not bother her at all while contributing nothing to her support. If she wanted food clothing or whatever she stole them that is just what she did. This time the judge was different he sent her to a school for bad girls encourage-able is what he called her. She escaped several times and was a hero to the school but she was always caught. Her sentence was for four years and she got out just after her sixteenth birthday. The idiots just released her and sent her home to her father. When she got home she found out her father had drank him self to death. He simply had never gotten over his wife dying. Nicky was five when she lost her mom and now at sixteen she was orphaned for good. It seemed she was finally on her own she thought for good. Exactly two weeks after she was released from the juvenile home she was arrested for armed robbery. She had met a boy and he gave her a gun and got her to try and hold up a liquor store. He got away scott free and Nicky got ten years in prison. Now prison was different for Nicky here she was sixteen years old the brown haired brown eyed cutie all of about five ft 2 inches and one hundred and five pounds in a maximum-security women's prison. The first two weeks she was there she was raped several times. At first she fought hard but it did not matter the women would just beat her up then do, as they wanted with her. Finally Nicky wised up and tried being nice to them and doing as she was told. But some of them still hit her anyway. Then Julie took her in and protected her from others. Julie was Six feet tall and weighted over two hundred pounds. This big butch dyke held the prison bench press record and none of the ladies would mess with her or Nicky knew that she belonged to Julie. Nicky quickly learned if she kept Julie happy she did not get hit much and she also liked that she had to take no crap from the other inmates. One word from Nicky and Julie would quickly kick somebody's butt. Julie was in for life without parole and tried hard to keep Nicky with her. Nicky was getting smarter though she had learned well how to keep her mouth shut and be submissive to people for the first time in her life. When she went to Her parole hearing she was as nice as she could be. Yes Ma'am and No Sir were the most frequent words out of the girl's mouth. After her hearing she was told they would let her know. Nicky told Julie that she had been a brat and would never get out. Witch of course made Julie happy. One week later Nicky was called to the warden's office. Warden Danfourth told Nicky that her parole had been granted not because of anything she said or did but because someone had gotten the ear of the parole board. That someone turned out to be Nicky's Aunt her fathers sister. It seemed about six months after her father died someone had contacted his sister. Nicky's Aunt had not know where her brother or niece were for years. When she found out where Nicky was she had went to work trying to get her out. Even asking the governor for a pardon. Nicky new she had a Aunt but did not remember ever meeting her. When the warden told Nicky the conditions of the parole she almost choked. Your custody is totally in your Aunts hands. You are being sent to her by train to California. One bad word from your Aunt and you will be back here to finish your sentence the warden told Nicky. I suggest you do as you are told Young lady. Nicky was told she was to be released in the morning. Nicky wisely asked to spend the night in solitaire to stay away from Julie. The warden granted the request. The next morning Nicky was given a sundress some panties and a pair of sandals to wear. Along with a train ticket and two meal passes to get her to California. The warden gave Nicky ten dollars out of her pocket book for sodas and things. They simply dropped Nicky off at the train station and left. Having forty-five minutes till her train left she thought about running but the girl had grown smarter over the last two years. Nicky did not want to go back to prison or to Julie. Nicky went to a news stand to buy some cigarettes but was ask for id. She ended up stealing a pack from a ladies purse in the restroom while the lady was brushing her hair. Old habits die-hard. As the train pulled out of the station Nicky wondered what her new life would be like. Thinking there was no way it could be worse than the one she had lived. Maybe the girl was right maybe she was not. Punished Ch 2 The train ride to California was about eight hours Nicky was told. The train left at shortly after 10 and would arrive at just after six pm western time. Nicky wondered if her Aunt would be a drunk like her father, hum thought Nicky that would be nice. No one bothered Nicky on the train not even when she went to the smoking car. The food on the train was tasteless but other than that Nicky napped and spent the day relaxing and looking out the window. She started to get nervous when the conductor told her the next stop was hers and they would be there in twenty minutes. Nicky got off the train and fumbled for a cigarette just as she noticed the NO Smoking sign. "Nicky Nicky yelled the tall woman Nicky darling." Nicky looked in the direction of the yelling to see a tall brown haired woman in her late thirties walking quickly towards her. Her Aunt immediately picked Nicky right off the ground and hugged the breath out of her. Nicky instinctively wrapped her legs around the woman out of fear of falling and held on. Nicky's Aunt held her there for a couple of minutes just hugging and cooing at her. Could you put me down said Nicky "This is a little embarrassing I am eighteen years old you know!" Nicky's Aunt set her down and looked at the girl "Hello Dear I am your Aunt Kelly how was your trip." Nicky looked at her Aunt and said, "After two years in prison it was wonderful to be out." with more than a hint of sarcasm. Aunt Kelly told Nicky she did not want that awful place mentioned again. That part of your life is over young lady, this is going to be a whole new beginning for you. They walked quietly to Aunt Kelly's car Nicky not more than a little embarrassed to have her Aunt holding her hand. Nicky was placed in the back seat as her Aunt mentioned something about airbags and safety Aunt Kelly even buckled her seatbelt for her. As they drove toward Aunt Kelly's house she rambled on about how nice things were going to be for Nicky now and then something about the nice school Nicky would be attending. Nicky blanked most of it out wondering only when she would have the chance to smoke the cigarette she had been cupping. Arriving at the house Nicky tried several times to open the door and get out. When her Aunt opened it Nicky spoke. "This is a brand new car and the damn door sticks you should get it fixed Aunt Kelly". Aunt Kelly smiled "Its not broke dear that just the child safety locks." Taking Nicky's hand she led her into the house. Nicky could see the well furnished living room and dining room from the hall entrance also the entrance to the kitchen. Aunt Kelly led her down the hall and showed her a bedroom. My god thought Nicky this is the pinkest room I have ever seen. Everything was pink the dressers the bureau. The bed was in the corner it was a twin size with a child rail on it. Next to it was a table Nicky was not sure what that was for. In another corner was a computer desk and computer also all pink. The bed was covered with stuffed animals the wallpaper was pink with white angels on clouds. Nicky opened a door and there was a bathroom with a pink toilet commode and sink. The commode had something sitting on it attached to the seat. Nicky looked at her Aunt "Do you have another bathroom, there is something on the toilet in here I need to go." Kelly did not say a word she took Nicks hand and walked her in the bathroom. She reached under Nicky's dress and pulled down her panties then lifted the girl onto the potty seat attached to the toilet. Reaching behind Nicky she attached a Velcro belt around the girls waste and said "Call me when you are finished sweetie." Nicky just sat there confused how old does this bitch think I am thought the girl as she realized that she was sitting on a potty seat and her Aunt had just put her there finally Nicky just peed she really did have to go. She looked for toilet paper but did not see any and wondered how she was going to get off this seat when her Aunt walked back in "All finished baby." Her Aunt took some toilet paper off the shelf and told Nicky to spread her legs. After cleaning her she lifted her off the seat and pulled her panties back up Nicky was sitting in the living room watching TV while her Aunt made supper when she got her next brilliant idea. She turned up the sound a little and sneeked out the front door for a cigarette. She had just lit it and took a drag when her Aunt tapped her on the shoulder. Snatching the cigarette out of Nicky's hand and stomping it she picked Nicky up and carried her into the house. "What do you think you were doing with that nasty thing in your mouth young lady!" Before Nicky could answer she was placed across her lap and her panties pulled to her ankles. "This will teach you little girl." said Aunt Kelly as she repeatedly smacked Nicky's bare behind. At first Nicky kicked and screamed in anger but after a few smacks she began to cry like a baby thinking her butt was on fire. Afterwards she spent the rest of the time while her Aunt made dinner standing in the corner holding a nickel against the wall with her nose. Her panties still around her ankles. She was told to keep her hands on her head and if the Nichol dropped the spanking would be done over. Soon they had dinner and afterwards Aunt Kelly gave Nicky a bath and put her to bed. Nicky lay there in her new bed wondering what she had gotten herself into. My god she was wearing a pink nightie and pink panties lying on her stomach to avoid her sore behind. She wondered to herself which was worse this or Julie and prison. She thought of that and all the things that had brought her here as she fell to sleep. Punished Chapter 3 Nicky woke the next morning and just lay there in her bed. Thinking to her how she had been treated the day before. Wondering what she was going to do about it as she suddenly noticed, the bed was soaked. Oh my god thought Nicky what am I going to do now. Panicked and worried about what her Aunt might do Nicky did not know what to do. Just then Aunt Kelly walked into the room. Nicky started to cry and plead that it must have been the strange surroundings "Please don't spank me Aunt Kelly whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cried. " Nicky. Aunt Kelly picked Nicky up and set her on her hip "it's ok baby its ok. "she said. "It is Aunt Kelly's fault her baby is in a wet bed. " Aunt Kelly cleaned Nicky up and dressed her in some very thick panties and a t-shirt then carried her to the kitchen for breakfast. Nicky eyes grew wide when she saw the high chair "noooooooooooooo." said Nicky as she was placed in the chair and strapped in. Wiggling to free her self and fighting Aunt Kelly gave Nicky a stern look and a warning about a spanking if she did not sit still and behave, Nicky sat and weighed her options wondering which was worse Julie and prison or being treated like a baby by her Aunt. Nicky new the answer Julie might kill her if she went back their even worse make her wish she was dead. After breakfast Aunt Kelly dressed her and took her to this uniform shop. Nicky was shocked to find out she would be attending and all girls school. The uniforms were horrible. Blue pleated shirts that were way to short and white knit short sleeve shirts. A blue sweater would be added for wintertime. Trying on a skirt the first thing Nicky noticed was that it was so short her panties showed out the bottom. Nicky finally asked her Aunt what grade she would be in. Her Aunt said that was a great question and that they were leaning towards starting her in sixth grade. "But I am 18 yrs old" screamed Nicky!!! Aunt Kelly quickly smacked Nicky's butt five or six times "Don't you dare yell at me young lady, it is not your age but the quality of your education I am worried about." Nicky was still crying when her Aunt put her in the car. They stopped for lunch on the way home and Aunt Kelly made a phone call as they drove home Aunt Kelly seemed to be in a particularly happy mood. This made Nicky very nervous as they pulled into the driveway. Punished ch 4 Nicky walked into the house and into her bedroom to find her bed had been replaced by a crib. She started to scream but held it fearing more smacks on her already sore hinny. Aunt Kelly walked in the room behind her telling Nicky it was time for her nap. She undressed Nicky and removed her panties, Nicky wondered why until her Aunt placed her on the table by the bed. Soon Nicky new exactly what was going on, she was being diapered for her nap. Her Aunt rubbed baby oil on her diaper area then placed a disposable diaper under her. Nicky could not help but notice the diaper had pink bears printed on the front of it. Lifting Nicky's legs her Aunt powdered her then taped the diaper snugly. She told Nicky to stay put on the table and she would be right back Her Aunt returned a few minutes later carrying a baby bottle. Nicky said she did not want it, her aunt just gave her a stern look and told her that it would help her sleep. Picking her up she carried her to a chair and began nursing the teenage girl while rocking her in her lap. Nicky sucked the bottle and fell quickly to sleep. Nicky awoke a couple hours later she had a paci in her mouth and a wet diaper. Nicky thought to herself what is happening to me. A few minutes later her Aunt entered the room. Nicky was standing in her crib holding her teddy by one arm and sucking her paci as she looked out over the rails. Her Aunt made quick work of changing her into a clean diaper. Two days later Nicky realized how much her whole life had changed. She spent most of the time at home diapered. Either playing with the numerous baby toys her Aunt had given her or standing in the corner. When she had been taken out she always wore very thick cotton panties. Nicky was not stupid she knew they were like training pants. Today Nicky was taking a barrage of test's to see what grade she belonged in. She thought to herself how bad she wished she had her pacifier, these test seemed so very hard. The truth was Nicky had been to school very little and could barely read the test and did not understand most of the questions. Later after the test had been graded Nicky was sitting with her Aunt in the Head Mistress office her name was Mrs. Payne. She explained to Aunt Kelly that Nicky had not done well at all on the test. She then suggested the best course of action was for Nicky to start all over. Mrs. Payne suggested Nicky either starts in preschool or kindergarten. Nicky sat there wide eyed and waited for her Aunt to say know to this silly woman. Mrs. Payne went on to remind Aunt Kelly that all girls in her school pre school thru sixth grade were required to be diapered at all times school and home She even mentioned that some of the high school age girls were still in diapers Aunt Kelly was thinking hard Nicky could tell. Then she told Mrs. Payne that if Nicky were going to start over then preschool would be the best place to start. Nicky went ballistic screaming and cursing at both women. She was quickly snatched up Taken straight to the car, continuing her screaming at her aunt the whole two-block ride home. Nicky was totally losing it, and letting her Aunt have it. Arriving home her Aunt picked her up and carried her into the house. Nicky screaming and kicking to be let down. " I am not a baby." she screamed. As soon as Aunt Kelly got her in the house she took down Nicky's panties and pulled the screaming crying girl across her lap. A hand spanking followed by ten smacks with a paddle followed. Nicky was still screaming but her lines had now changed " I sorry I be good I sorry Aunt Kelly, Nicky be good girl." She cried out the whole spanking. It did not seem to matter much as Aunt Kelly turned her Hinny a bright lipstick red. Soon Nicky was standing in the corner holding the dime to the wall with her nose again. Wondering how this could get any worse, and trying so hard not to drop the dime. Punished ch 5 Nicky could not believe what was happening to her a few days later as she rode in her brand new car seat to her first day at preschool. Nicky had on her school uniform white shirt and pleated skirt. The skirt was so short it only covered her diapered butt about half way. Aunt Kelly had pinned Nicky's pacifier to her shirt with a pink ribbon, so Nicky would not lose it. Nicky took a deep breath as they arrived at the school. Aunt Kelly lifted Nicky out of the car seat and carried her on her hip to the classroom. Arriving at the room she sat Nicky down and keeled to talk to her. Aunt Kelly talked slowly and softly as she told Nicky that she did not expect miracles. She knew that Nicky was not going to be perfect and was sure the teacher would punish her as needed. She went on to add any big girl acting up such as cursing or the likes would be dealt with harshly at home by her. Nicky was told she was to act just like any other four year old girl and talk like one. She was also reminded her that she was diapered and was to use her diaper for all its intended purposes, as there were no pottie chairs here. Nicky blushed as she had never ever pooped in a diaper and did not want too. Aunt Kelly hugged her and kissed her goodbye and warned her one more time. Nicky stood there frozen in the entrance of her classroom waving goodbye and wiping back a tear as her Aunt left. A lady motioned to Nicky to come in the room and told her to take a seat on the rug. Nicky did as she was told and began looking around the room. Nicky it seemed was one of the last to arrive. There was four small girls in the class and two boys another boy entered and the tall brunette said good morning class. Nicky thought to her self what a small class just eight people. The brunette said her name was Ms Sally and the young girl on the other side of the room was Amy her assistant. Nicky would learn later Amy's main job was changing and checking diapers along with helping the teacher. Nicky looked around the room in one corner was a world of toys. Behind the rugged area were two tables and exactly four chairs at each table. Over by Amy exposed for the whole room to see was a changing table. There was a chalkboard and some cubbyholes in the wall on another side. Ms Sally motioned for the children to follow her to the cubby's and showed each of the kids where their cubby was and there name was on the cubby. In it was crayons scissors and paste. The teacher explained this was where the children would keep their personal things. She then asked how many could spell their name. Soon they were all setting at the tables with paper and crayons learning to write their names. Nicky was more than a little miffed when the teacher told her she did well but she was not making her ks right. Things went ok after that as they learned their ABCs and spent sometime counting to twenty. They then spent about and hour coloring and drawing. It was during this time Amy walked up to Nicky helped her up and checked her diaper. Taking her by the hand she walked he to the changing table removed her skirt and motioned for her to get up on the table. She hung the skirt up on a hook and made quick work of changing Nicky's diaper. That was the last time till it was time to go home Nicky would see her skirt. At eleven thirty they were lined up in a single file line and marched to the lunchroom. By now each of the children had lost her skirt or his shorts by way of diaper change. Nicky could not believe she was walking down the hall with nothing but a diaper and dreaded entering the cafeteria. It turned out that the lunchroom from 1130 till 12 15 was for preschool thru third grade. The whole cafeteria was a mass of diapered butts not hardly a skirt or pair of shorts to be found. A couple of the older kids did point at Nicky and whisper. The children were seated at a small table and each of them bibbed by Ms Sally and Amy then they each ate the lunch in front of them. Nicky ate quietly wondering to herself how long this hell would last. After lunch it was back to the room and nap-time after a few including Nicky were changed. Each child was given a bottle of milk and a pillow and a place on the carpet to sleep. Nicky sucked her bottle and worried about the rumbling in her tummy as she fell asleep. After the nap of about and hour Nicky woke up to the cramps in her tummy. The other children were also stirring. Nicky tried so hard not to poop her diaper but nature took its course. Nicky cried the whole time she was being cleaned and changed. Amy talking softly to her trying to calm her down. She finally did and returned to the rest of the class. It was music time and they were learning a song. Nicky was surprised that the rest of the class did not say a word to her about her messy diaper. For the most part to them she was just another four year old not even a curiosity. After music time they went outside to play. Nicky stopped at the door not wanting to go out in just her diaper and shirt. Ms Sally ended up taking her hand and gently pulling her hand till she was out side. Nicky sat on a swing and watched the others play. She noticed one of the boys picking on a very small girl. He finally pushed her and she fell down. Nicky ran over and gave him a shove and down he went. "How does that feel you lil twerp." yelled Nicky. About this time Ms Sally picked up the lil boy and grabbed Nicky by the hand. Nicky tried to explain to the teacher that she was just protecting the other girl as Ms Sally removed both the little boys diaper and Nicky's. "We do not push or hit here dear period." first the little boy then Nicky were pulled across Ms Sally's lap and spanked soundly. Nicky was still crying as she was re-diapered. Then her and the boy spent the rest of playtime in opposite corners with Ms Sally standing guard. They were made to give each other a hug in front of the class to show they were all made up. Nicky was never so glad in her life to see Aunt Kelly when she arrived at three o'clock to pick her up. Nicky still did not have her skirt on having just been changed. Aunt Kelly took the skirt from Amy and put it in her purse. She asked Ms Sally if Nicky had behaved. Ms Sally said I suggest you ask Nicky. Aunt Kelly carried Nicky to the car and placed her in the car seat then asked what happened. Nicky told her the truth and ask if she was to be spanked again. Aunt Kelly told her of course not you have already been punished baby. Just next time you are trying to protect one of your classmates get the teacher. Aunt Kelly drove straight to the grocery store Nicky could not believe when she parked the car. Grabbing a cart from the rack outside she lifted Nicky out of the car seat and placed her in the baby seat on the cart. Nicky thoughts to herself will the humiliation never end. Punished ch 6 Nicky lay in her crib that night and made up her mind this had to end. She no longer cared one way or the other if she ended up back in prison. She had to get out of here that was all she knew. Nicky did not have much of a plan when she went to school she would run that was the whole plan. After school started Nicky played sick and was sent to the school nurse. She endured the humiliation of a thermometer up her butt and being placed in the crib in the nurse's room. The first time the nurse left the room Nicky made her move. She crawled out of the crib and headed for the window. Noticing the nurse's purse she stole not only the two hundred dollars the nurse had but also her id and credit cards. Putting her skirt that the nurse had removed on she crawled out the open window and hit the ground running. Once Nicky was away from the school she stopped to think for a second how far would she make it dressed like this. She headed to her Aunts house to get some clothes that would be the last place they would look. After all her aunt was on her way to pick Nicky up. Nicky's Aunt arrived at the school five minutes after Nicky had made her escape and raised holy hell. The police were called in and the town was quickly sealed off. Nicky was in the house she found five hundred dollars her aunt kept for emergencies, changed into some jeans and packed a bag. Not being stupid Nicky packed all the disposable diapers she could find and some powder and lotion, All the things she took were packed in a knap sack she had found. Now how to get out of town Nicky had to think. Nicky was smart enough to know the town would be blocked by the police no way out. Nicky walked to the corner grocery store and bought supplies canned food and a can opener. She then headed for the nearest wooded area. Nicky found a place she could see anyone coming and hid. As soon as it got dark she moved again right back in to town and hid in the basement of and abandoned house she had seen. Nicky stayed there for three days. She even listened to the radio no clues of missing child. Nicky thought to herself she would show them child. Nicky had driven past a truck stop on several occasions with her Aunt she made her way there about Midnight the third night after she had ran. She looked the trucks over well and noticed a small truck full of vegetables she stowed away in the back. The next morning while the driver of Nicky's escape vehicle ate breakfast in a small town café. The small girl made her escape from the truck. She then bought a ticket to San Diego California by bus with the Nurses credit card. Nicky got off the bus somewhere in Nevada, and took another bus to Reno. She laughed as she thought of them searching for her in San Diego. Once in Reno Nicky used the things she had learned in prison well she sold the id and the credit cards to a fence. She used that money to buy a new identity from a forger. Her new name was Nichole Jamison. She dyed her hair and started a new life. Well sort of a new life. Nicky still was totally dependent on diapers. She met a stripper name Diana and moved in with her. Diana loved playing mommy with Nicky. She also got Nicky a job dancing at the same strip joint she worked at. Nicky stripped twice a night from her baby doll dress and out of her diapers. The customers were crazy for her. Mommy Diana took care of all her other needs. The End
  15. Well i was planing on doing something with a vampire for a while then i ended up watching a anime and had an amazing idea so here it is this will be a bit of a Test chapter to see how it goes. Chapter 1. “Well how do I explain my life since I got to this dimension, I guess I’ll start from the beginning it would be easier that way.” “My name is Ella. I come from an interesting dimension were my kind lives we do kill a lot of humans and I’ll admit I don’t really like the taste of them it reminds me garlic so I stick to cows sheep and a whale here and there. I guess I should tell you what I am I’m a dragon a red dragon with black wings. Dragons are not rare in my dimension there seems to be too many of us, so we tend to jump dimensions every so often for a few hundred or few thousand years just for something to do.” “After we fought a war in our dimension that caused a lot of deaths on both sides I decided to leave for a while and find something to do to kill some time. I’ve jumped dimensions before when I was around 200, I’m close to 1200 now and still not fully classed as an adult dragon, I guess if you went by human years, I would be 19. Now the problem with jumping dimension is that it can take a huge amount of mana even for an adult dragon for me to get mana I just have to sleep and rest but that could take months or years depending on where I jump. The good news is turning from dragon to human and back takes no mana so if I need to, I can hide out, the only problem with that is I would be as tall as a 19-year-old human girl. Well enough for now I’ll explain the rest later if it’s needed.” “God, I don’t know how you can eat humans Zoe.” I see Zoe a beautiful golden dragon eating a few soldiers she kidnapped for lunch. “Hey, they are not that bad, little bit worse than cows but still tasty.” Zoe says before she eats the last one, she took. “Whatever you say Zoe. I think I’m going to go talk to one of the Elders and inform them before I leave.” I notice Zoe looks a bit sad as I tell her she has known for months now about me wanting to jump dimensions to find something to do for a while. “All right remember when you do leave to send me some mana messages, so I at least know you are alive.” “I will and I’ll do it as often as I can.” I start to flap my black wings getting high in the air before heading to the Elder dragon’s realm on the other side of the planet. It takes me about an hour to fly there and find a spot to land. I hit the ground and walk into the old volcano where the Elder dragons rest. It takes me about a minute before I am before the Elders all of them each a solid color and each one over 100,000 years old. “I came to inform you all I am going to jump to a new dimension today.” I make sure to bow my head after I’m done talking not wanting to seem rude. “We wish you the best of luck my child, remember if you do need help in the new dimension you must wait a full year in human time before you can ask for help.” The middle elder dragon says to me. “I will Elder and thank you.” I slowly back out making sure to keep my head low as a sign of respect it is hard to back out this way and does take longer but it’s the smart way to leave the Elders. Now that I’m out of the volcano I make my way to the place we summon portals just in case they explode they are far enough away from everything. “Well here goes nothing let’s hope I get a good one.” I say before I use my mana to open a portal to god knows where. I notice unlike most portals this one is a bright red and blue much different then what most portals are, but I think screw it lets have some fun and step though. As I get to the other side, I make sure to change to my human form just in case I run into someone nearby, it’s best not to scare them since I hate eating humans. I look around and I notice it almost looks like where I took my first trip almost 1,000 years ago if I remember right, I landed on a planet called Earth. I can tell I’m in a forest, but I have no idea where a city, town or village might be and since I’m now out of mana I can’t use my mana to find any place around here. After looking around for a few hours I decide to head west in hope of finding something, hoping I didn’t pick a dud dimension or worse a dud planet. I must have walked for 2 or 3 days, it felt like before the forest gave way to a huge plains area as far as the eye can see. As I walk I’ve noticed the days are a lot longer than Planet earth but also a lot shorter then my own dimension by 60 to 70 hours, so sleep is not really needed for me at this point most dragons can stay awake for up to a week before they need sleep and in human time that’s 700 hours. “Where the hell is anyone? It’s been 4 damn days now!” I’m slowly getting pissed and I’m about ready to turn into a dragon and fly around to see what the hell I can find. I think it had been maybe a week of walking before I finally found a city and I must admit the building were a lot taller than I thought they would be. I noticed houses before the huge buildings I saw and I decided to use a small amount of mana and have my eyes take a closer look and what I saw shocked me causing me to say it out loud. “The hell? What kind of humans are they? They must be at least 10-12 feet tall and why the hell are they pushing around smaller ones that look like normal sized humans? What god damn dimension did I end up in, I have a really bad feeling about this…” I let out a sigh knowing by Dragon laws when we go to a new dimension if they have any type of life that has intelligence we must talk and live with them if we can. I start walking to the city knowing I’ll get there in a few hours and it should still be morning when I get there. As I get closer, I start to notice that I’m the same size as the people being pushed in what look like strollers…. My stomach drops as I realize what kind of dimension, I ended up in. “Son of a bitch…. I really hope those are babies I see or else this might be a problem. I think I may have made a huge mistake if things go bad, I won’t be able to get help for a year or more. I’m freaking screwed right now.” I breathe in deeply before letting out a long breath knowing this is going to suck. Before I enter the city, I decide to check how much mana I have in case I need to use it to save my ass from something or to scout. I see I have enough to use at least 5 or 6 enhancements on myself just in case. I decide I’ll go invisible and find out a bit more about the city before I try to find a place to get a job and live for a while hoping I won’t run into any problems. I enter the city and walk around a bit shocked at what I’m seeing. They look just like humans and are basically babies for these huge people. I finally find what I was looking for, a huge library in the middle of the city. I sneak in making sure not to run into anybody still invisible for now and head to the history section happy to see all the words are in English. I find a few books on the past present history and quickly read them making sure to memorize everything. I finish both books in under 30 minutes happy dragons can read 50 times faster than a human. I exit the library and make my way to the outskirts of the city to look at some of the house’s curious to see how big the population might be. I get to the outskirts of the city and start looking at some of the house’s noticing that even if I was in my dragon form the ones that looked to be 2 stories were bigger then I was and I was not a small dragon I was huge for my age. I also notice most only have females and few males live around here and it made me wonder if males had a low birthrate. I just got near the end of a row before some more plains when my invisibility enchantment wore out. “Shit I can’t use it again for a few days now I may be in trouble…” Just as I had finished saying that see a shadow come over my body and I slowly turn and look behind me. “Well hello and who might you be?” “Umm… Hi? My name is Ella…” Say shaking a bit before I can’t help but notice how huge she is. “Well hello Ella my name is Lucy. Might I ask what you are doing out here?” She gives me a gentle smile and it brings a little bit of hope for me about the people here. “To be honest I have no idea where I am, I’m not from around here, heck I don’t even know where he is. I laugh a bit hoping I can gauge her reaction. “Hmm did a you just drop here?” She looks at me questioningly. “Kind of I guess in a way? I walked into a portal and ended up here.” I hope telling the truth will save me a headache of having to explain everything. I see her let out a huge sigh wondering what I said wrong. “Well Ella you landed in what I would say is a really messed up dimension. It’s a good thing I found you first anyone else and you might have had a problem.” “What do you mean? What would have happened if someone else found me first?” I’m quite worried now knowing as a last resort I can turn into a dragon but if I do that, I know the Elders will get pissed and find out. “Well women here are called Amazon’s and we love caring for babies most would have picked you up taken you to an adoption center. Some would have your teeth removed or regress you and make it to where you can’t ever walk.” A look of shock passes over my face. I know the primitive stuff they got here won’t really do anything but I’m still shocked that they do that to the small humans. “Umm what are you going to do to me then?” I ready myself in case I have to fight for my life. I know the Elders might not be happy but it’s a risk I’ll take. “Well you have a few options Ella. I can take you adopt you and at least let you keep your mind and walk the rest of the stuff would have to be done but that’s option one. Option two I leave you here and someone else who’s not as nice finds you and you end up a mindless drooling little. And the last one is I drop you off at an orphanage and wish you the best of luck.” She can’t be serious, can she? “What would dealing with you mean?” If she tries anything, I’m ready to kill her and get out of here quick. “Well you would be a baby in all sense of the word diapers crib everything. May have to do daycare but we will see. Your biggest problem Ella is how tall you are your maybe 4 feet tall just from me eyeballing it.” She has to be joking…. There’s no way this is really how they treat people smaller than them? It only dawned on me after a moment what she said. “Wait I’m 4 feet tall? How! I’m normally 6 feet tall at least.” Oh god if I’m 4 feet tall as a human how tall am I as a dragon…. “Well whenever a Human drops here they tend to get smaller and how small they get we don’t know. We really don’t even know how or why they drop here it’s just something that happens.” I’m happy she buys into me just dropping here. I would have hated to have to hurt someone already. “So, if I agree to go with you how long will I be stuck like that?” “Most are babies until they die Ella, they don’t get to be adults or grow up again.” I’m a little more than pissed now I live damn near forever no way in hell would I be stuck like that forever. “I’ll agree to go with you for now however I will leave when the time comes.” She smiles at me like you would a toddler or a newborn dragon and boy does it piss me off. “Sure, Ella you can leave when the time comes however, I don’t know where you will go after that. There is no real place for a little to hide that an Amazon can’t go.” I’ll let her think that for now and at least I know what to call the humans now. Littles. “If I’m going with you since you’re the safe option here what do we do now?” I still don’t trust this woman and I’m not ever going to let me guard down around her or any of these Amazons I just hope my mana comes back soon so I can get the hell out of here. “Well normally I would take you to the adoption center however since you’re a portal little I’ll take you home and call LPS and have them do everything at my home.” I’m starting to think I might be in to deep. “What’s LPS?” I look at her puzzled. “Little protective services, they make sure littles are treated at least ok but also deal with all portal littles.” I nod. “Let’s head home then.” I also let out a shriek as Lucy picks me up and I start to wonder just how strong are Amazons it then makes me start to worry if my dragon scales can eve protect me from them. “Sorry about that didn’t mean to scare you.” She says to me trying to comfort me. I watch as we walk few houses before she turns and takes me into a massive dark blue house. I make sure to take a good look around at everything trying to memorize everywhere I can hide if needed. She puts me on a one of the biggest couches I’ve ever seen before grabbing a phone. “Now wait right here I’m going to call them and get them to send someone to get everything official.” I just nod not sure what to do. I watch as she goes into the next room and makes the call. I start looking at some of the pictures on the wall and notice that she has what looks like a brother and sister I start to wonder if I’ll meet them soon after today. Lucy comes back into the room before sitting next to me. “They say they will be here shortly and just to sit tight. Fair warning Ella don’t cry or show emotions to them it will make everything easier. They are going to take your measurements weight take some blood and put 2 chips in you 1 for tacking and 1 to say who you belong to.” I look at her shocked like she’s joking. I realize I’m going to have to let the needles enter my skin and change my blood for a bit or else they might think somethings up. I look up at the clock and see the time knowing they will be any minute, I'm just hoping these LPS people are reasonable, I only got at best 5 enhancements left and wasting one on some Amazon is not what I have in mind.
  16. Edit of a old story to be able to be placed on here. Introduction. It didn't seem like all that bad a thing; I got a little horny, so I began masturbating. It was a natural thing to do. I never thought my mother would walk in and catch me, but she did. Oh, for sure, I had not been especially good. I had gotten into the "punk" look with multiple earrings in each ear, jet-black hair that I wore straight and stringy. I wore nothing but black, T-shirts, pants, and a leather jacket. I had even recently gotten a stud in my tongue. I didn't speak too much to mom, so she didn't really notice at first. That was sort of a compromise so I wouldn't have to take a lot of yelling, say, if I had gotten an eyebrow hoop or something like that that she could see all the time. I had been considering a tattoo on one shoulder, hinting to my mom that it was something I was going to do very soon. I'd always feel satisfied when I knew I had made her frustrated with me. My name is Cris, at least that's what I answer to. My full name is Cristine and I only hear that from my mom when's she's mad at me; I never let my friends call me that. I've always been small for my age, at just past my 18th birthday I was just under 5 foot tall and fairly thin. I think I got the small size from my granny on my father's side of the family, she was a tiny woman. I always had trouble finding clothes to fit me like those my friends wore. I am extremely nearsighted and wore thick glasses. I hated my life, me, and the way I looked, I guess you could call it an "ugly duckling syndrome"; besides just growing up and being a teenager, I guess that's why I had been so moody. I tried to show to the world that I was mature and big by having the grungy punk look all the time with the serious black mood. If someone hated my grunge look then all the better. So, finding me in bed that night, with the bedroom dark and dreary like I had set it up, my knees bent, and legs spread wide, was apparently the last straw for my mom; I'd pushed too far. This is what happened, it was supposed to be a punishment, and to this day my mother doesn't know she fulfilled my fantasy. It was a summer I will never forget.
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