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Found 71 results

  1. Dropped in a new world.

    first, i must say I'm completely new to this site but I have posted this story on 3 other sights. this story is still ongoing and has (at this point) 11 chapters so far. also, im not the best writer and I'm using this story to help with that. the first 3 chapters are a bit slow but they get a lot better from there. Chapter 1 “FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees. Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me. “They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled. “I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run. The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything. “Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log. “I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” “FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?” “Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help. It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword. Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!. “You trust me?” I asked bab. “Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do. “Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff. Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place. I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me. And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket. Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable. The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself. Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,) TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Double Sleeping Bag Sundome 2 Person Tent SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3) Pocket knife Flashlight 12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier Extra rope FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone. When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it. I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me. To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here. I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma. Here everything we know about fantasy is from here. A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world. Poruma the black god summoned monsters. Rilla the wight god summoned warriors. Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died. They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home. The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back. That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me. But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him. In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse. Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long. Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic. The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry. I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work. On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like. The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were. It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone. “Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.” He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something. Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me. “be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her. “What’s wrong,” I asked her. “wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said. suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. “NO!” John yelled. But it was too late. A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated. “YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement. “EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement. “I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand. “What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema. “She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked. That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on. “Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said. “How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked. “I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” “I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” “But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. “Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled. “Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her. “What are you talking about?” the women asked. “She’s still talking the same,” John told me. “The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled. “What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused. “Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away. “Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women. “Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women. “I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me. “IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me. “She can already use magic!” John said in amazement. “Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again. “I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me. “She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement. “Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me. After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave! After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone. In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world. **** ill post more in a little while. CH 1.2 ********************* i wrote this chapter after i wrote up to chapter 9 on the other sites. that's why its ch1.2************** After dealing with a lot of paperwork on the adoption I was lead back upstairs to the children's room. Bab was being bombarded with questions from the other kids but she just tried to ignore them. She was too busy packing clothes is what was a pink school backpack. It wasn't that big but amazing she fit 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and 3 pairs of socks. Along with a spare blanket and a pillow. “Are you sure that's all you want to bring?” I asked Bab. “Ok kids, it's time for bed,” Alice the caretaker of the orphanage told the kids. I watched as she went to each kid and tucked them in and saying their goodnights before her and I went downstairs to have a little chat. It was now the early hours of the morning and because of everything that happened, the kids stayed up far later than they should have. “Are you positive you have to go?” Alice asked me. “If I don't then I can't go back home. I have family and friends I need to get back to.” I tell Alice who made us tea. “But going out there with a child, I still think it's too dangerous,” she told me. “I know that. But what am I supposed to do?” I asked Alice and took a sip of my tea and nearly spit it out. I really don't like tea. “I know this village isn't much but you could still have a good life. Just you and Ema,” she told me. “It’s Bab, remember. And I do know that. But I still need to go. How would you feel if you suddenly went to my world and you could never see your friends, family, or kids?” I asked her. “I would do anything to get back to them,” Alice told me. “But Bab is still small and helpless.” “I know she has her problems. Which is why I'll do what I can to protect her.” I tell Alice who just shakes her head. “It's not just protecting her. It's everything else. I don't even think she thought it out when she formed this bond. No one else can understand her but you. Her hands are messed up and can barely hold objects with 2 hands. She small body means she can't walk or run as fast as you can and she gets tired more easily.” Alice told me. “I can translate for her, I can feed her, and I don't mind walking slower, or I can just carry her,” I tell Alice but again she shook her head at me. “There's still one last problem,” she told me. “What's that?” I asked. “You'll see,” she told me before she went to bed. I slept in the guest room again and luckily it was still in the safe within 20 feet from Bab that the curse wouldn't affect us. I was awoken the next morning by a knock on the door. “Are you decent?” Alice asked. I was and she came into the room with Bab. “Whats up?” I asked with a loud yawn. “It's time to see the big problem,” Alice said. Confused I looked over to Bab who face was bright red and didn't want to look at me. Alice then grabbed Bab’s Pants and had them fall to the ground exposing her Full diaper. That's when it hit me that I would have to be the one to change this girls diapers and my face got red. “If you still insist on going you are going to at least know this much,” she told me and places a small mat on my bed and had Bab sit on it. Bab was then forced to lay down and she covered her face in embarrassment. I guess she really didn't think this threw. Alice then told me I had to be the one to change her diaper, telling me she would walk me thru it. First, I unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper and pulled down the front half of the dirty diaper. There the sight and smell nearly made me gag. I was then told to use the front half of the diaper to wipe the bulk of the mess off of Bab's bottom. Next to fold the dirty diaper in half under her, with the clean side up. I was then handed a damp cloth and told to wipe from front to back as this helps keep bacteria from causing an infection. Then I took the dirty diaper and wrapped it up and placed it off to the sided. It really stinks but at least the worst was over. finally, I placed a clean diaper under Bab and sprinkled the baby powder over her area before taping the diaper shut, Alice even told me the diaper should be snug but not so tight that it pinches. Bab was now in a clean diaper but looked like she was close to crying after having her diaper changed by a not only a stranger but a guy. “What do you say to Alex for changing you?” Alice asked Bab how for the first time today finally looked at me. “Thank you,” she said in a meek voice before running off somewhere. “My offer still stands. You can still stay here if you want and I can still help with taking care of her.” Alice told me. “I know this is going to be hard but I think we will be alright,” I tell her Alice could only sigh and give me a diaper bag full so suppose I would need for Bab. with enough diapers to last us quite a while. I strapped the diaper bag to the bottom of my own to make it easier to carry. After a nice breakfast, we said our goodbyes. The kids were crying that Bab was leaving and even Alice looked like she was about to start crying. “Please be good now Ema, sorry for of habit, I mean Bab,” Alice told Bab before embracing her in a hug. “I will,” Bab told her and I translated. They watched as we walked away from the orphanage before disappearing behind the trees. “Please stay safe.”
  2. Punished with diapers

    I want to start a punishment roleplay, someone who has been bad at school and been put back into diapers. I would like to play the one being punished, I need someone to play the parent(s) My character will be 16. Dan (Danny) he has younger siblings who he doesn't help with, leaving it up to his parents full time, and he is always getting into trouble at school, arguing with the teachers, not turning up to lessons. It also happens at home where he stays out past his curfew and doesn't tell his parents where he is going. He is also partly jealous that his younger siblings wear diapers, as Dan has always has a love of nappies, and has secretly wanted to wear again
  3. I was curious how other mommies and daddies here handle their little ones. I have been a mommy for a long time. I have been with all kinds of adult little boys and girls and have tried all kinds of methods to keep them feeling small and infantile. My main method of handling little ones is to always be a dominant mother figure in their life. Sure, they'll go to work and do their daily activities but when they come home it is time for them to be little again. At home I act just like any other mother would. I clean, I tidy up, I fix things, I cook the meals. I expect my little ones to obey me, no sassing back, no cussing, no disrespectful actions towards mommy at all! My punishments fit the crimes. If they throw a tantrum I put them in the corner for a time out. If they sass me or act naughty they get a spanking. If they wet/mess their pants, they get diapers. I enjoy dressing them in cute clothing. I like to over-emphasize traits. Boyish little boys get overalls and girly girls get sissy dresses. I may be a stern mommy, but I can also be gentle and caring. I love embarrassing little ones with overly motherly actions like feeding them, washing their face, checking on them. I like to sing lullabies and read bedtime stories using different voices. I like to just sit and watch them play with their toys or games. I like to listen to them tell me stories or nerd out about their favorite subjects. I am 100% a dom mom. I do not wear diapers or do anything childish. If I am feeling like a naughty brat I like to imagine I'm more like a big sister that teases and mocks her little unpotty-trained sibling. For me it is all about the power and control. It is very satisfying for me. Having these little ones recognize my superiority over them and to feel small and ashamed is what brings me joy. I also enjoy knowing how aroused it makes them. I am asexual myself, but I get a great big kick out of seeing someone get off. I like pleasuring them, an act that would normally be considered submissive, but to me it gives me a sense of power knowing I can get them off like that while they could never do that to me. What are some of your own personal touches when it comes to "parenting?"
  4. Samantha’s lesson 1-4

    Samantha’s lesson Samantha was being her usual annoying self. Her parents didn’t know why their adorable little baby girl was growing up to be an obnoxious little fiend. She was seven years old but had the attitude of a grumpy teenager who always thought she was right. Her mommy and daddy were at their wits end as to what to do with her and yearned for the days when she was a happy little bundle of smiles, giggles and the only demands she made was for her paci. Now she demanded attention 24/7 and had the house in uproar if she didn’t get it. Her brother, four year-old Nathan, was more often than not left crying because of some act of nastiness that his darling older sister had visited on him. Nathan was a sweet, undemonstrative child, who, though worryingly still in diapers, was otherwise a normal little boy. Having said that, the normal ‘terrible twos’ that his parents remembered so well from when Sam was at that age, appeared to pass him by. Maybe this was down to the fact that they had his sister to contend with and she seemed to be forever in that part of her ‘terrible’ childhood development. Whenever Nathan got any sort of attention Samantha would start acting up, get into trouble, cause an argument or generally be disagreeable. Meanwhile, her little brother would sit there playing with his toys, perhaps wondering why he was being ignored (if a child of his age ever thought that way). The school was always sending messages and asking Sam’s parents in for meetings to ‘discuss’ her behaviour but everything that was tried to remedy the situation failed miserably. That was until her mother accidentally came across something that appeared to work. * Samantha had been screaming at her brother. Ridiculing the poor boy because he was still wetting himself, not just at night but also during the day, and, because she had been potty trained since the age of two, told him how much of a baby he still was. After one particular nasty tirade and unforgivable incident where she rubbed his wet diaper in his face, which needless to say had upset Nathan tremendously, her mother decided on her own punishment. She spanked her daughter (much to Samantha’s surprise and something her mommy had never done before), removed her little panties and replaced them with the wet diaper with which she had just been tormenting her sobbing little brother. Sam was the one now crying, and not just because of the spanking, she hated the feel of the wet diaper that now hung between her legs. Her mother had made it pretty clear that if she even attempted to remove it that would produce an even more severe spanking. Samantha was smarting from the first smacking she’d ever received and was temporarily stunned into submission so wandered miserably around the house with her huge drooping diaper easily visible below her little dress. Her mother noticed that somehow this action had calmed her daughter down and, for a few hours at least, she saw Sam behaving herself and, although perhaps reluctantly, start playing with Nathan who was now sitting happily in his dry protection. * As the children played their mother couldn’t help but notice how cute her disruptive daughter looked now she was back in diapers. The way it so obviously hung below her dress when she bent over brought back memories of those happier days when she was a baby. The fact that she now appeared a lot more obedient and agreeable also hadn’t gone unnoticed although, she realised it could have been down to Sam’s reddened bottom. When it was time for Nathan’s afternoon nap she also put Samantha down at the same time and while there was a little argument, it was soon over and she complied. Popping a pacifier into her son’s mouth soon had him sucking wildly as he soothed himself to sleep whilst hugging one of his teddy bears. Without thinking she also slipped one between her daughter’s lips and was surprised to see her also sucking as she closed her eyes and slipped into her own little dream world. Soon both her children were out for the count and mommy was able to have time to assess what had happened. Neither she nor her husband had, with the arrival of Nathan, given Samantha any less attention so wondered if it was more than just sibling jealousy. However, her terrible behaviour at school showed she was quite the tyrant there and that pointed to something else in their daughter’s make up. Physical punishment had never been in the armoury these parents used. However, with this current action, Sam had learned that there were now very definite consequences to her conduct. Meanwhile, her mother decided she was going to at least try and see if she could develop this more agreeable side to her daughter. * When her children woke up she first changed Nathan, who had inevitably wet himself as he slept, spending time making him giggle as she wiped him clean, powdered and re-diapered him. She covered that with a pair of clear plastic pants and then pulled on his favourite matching cartoon t-shirt and shorts. Happily dry and wide awake he rushed off into the sunlit garden to play on the swing. Sam had warily watched the entire procedure but didn’t dare get up before her mother had given permission. Despite a rather long, deep nap she wriggled uncomfortably in the sodden diaper and could still feel where her mother had spanked her and wasn’t keen on repeating the experience. Once the soggy mass had been removed she anticipated getting her panties back but mom then proceeded to do the same as she had with Nathan; wiping her daughter clean, spreading on some lotion and getting her well powdered. However, despite this obviously leading to the inevitable conclusion Sam was surprised when her mother produced another disposable. The protest was noisy but not unexpected. Nevertheless, her mother just lifted her legs up, swatted her bottom a couple of times, slid the diaper into place and fastened it tightly around her hips whilst her stunned daughter tried to hold back the tears. * Sam was in shock. Twice in one day she bore the marks of her mother’s hand but didn’t know what she could do about it. She wanted to object, she wanted to scream, she wanted to tear the house down but she didn’t want to feel that pain again so, despite every bit of her body wanting to reject what was happening, she grumpily put up with it. As her mommy slipped a pair of plastic pants over her diaper, but before she let her go and play outside, she was told in no uncertain terms that her behaviour was not acceptable and that until she stopped being an awful sister to her brother and started to conduct herself as a young lady, she would be kept in diapers. With that her mommy stood her up, pointed to the door and told her to go and play in the garden with Nathan. Reluctantly she moved towards the door, she didn’t really want to go outside where someone might see her wearing her padded protection, she was a big girl after all but her mother had made it clear that was where she should go and acting up just wasn’t an option. Her mother watched as she waddled out the door. There was no doubt about it, that little glimpse of bulky padding showing beneath her dress made her look adorable. In some way she hoped her daughter would do something unpleasant again, just so she had reason to keep her dressed like that for a little while longer. * Whilst her children were playing in the garden she went to the attic and found some of the baby clothes she used to dress them in. Waves of nostalgia swept through her mind and she wished she could have both her little babies back. She found a pair of pink frilly plastic pants that Samantha had worn as a toddler and remembered how sweet she had looked in her little dress with the frills showing over her bulky padding as she pushed her toy stroller. Most of the clothing was Sam’s, she had been the first and as such received brand new baby clothes. Little Nathan, when he came along, was saddled with her hand-me-downs but she remembered that he always looked so sweet no matter what he wore. As her fingers touched each piece of clothing another wonderful memory came to mind. She chuckled to herself at the thought of when he wore the same pink frilly plastic pants that had somehow gravitated to her hands, and how he had crawled around the house unperturbed by such a sweet but ‘girly’ item. He was always such an easy-going bundle of joy and her heart filled with the love she shared with almost every other mother over her children… but sighed to herself as she wondered what had gone wrong with Samantha. * Unexpectedly, the afternoon passed off without any trauma, both her children played together and appeared to be getting on, which was a first for a long time. Sam had even helped her brother build a tent using a blanket and the washing line as they’d played at camping in the wild outback. She howled like a wolf, made chirping and squawking noises as she pretended she was a host of wild animals and Nathan giggled his enjoyment and feigned being scared as he hid behind a rock (the upturned clothes basket). Their mother hadn’t seen such simple pleasure for quite some time and both her kids seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. When her husband returned home from work he was astonished to see a very relaxed wife, and both his children playing happily in between watching snatches of TV. When he sat on the sofa after he’d eaten he was also surprised to find that this time not only Nathan came over for a cuddle but the normally fussy Samantha also wanted the same. Without making a scene she crept to the other side of her father and settled down as, with one in each arm, he hugged his children together. He looked over at his wife as if wanting an explanation but she just smiled and let him discover the secret for himself. It wasn’t long before he noticed that his daughter, like his son, was also padded and again looked to his wife for some sign as to why this was the case. She was smiling broadly at his incomprehension but he realised that whatever the reason it had appeared to work, for the time being at least, and for that he shrugged in gratitude. Perhaps, for the first time in many months, they would have an evening without a Sammy style outburst, or a neighbour complaining about their daughter’s behaviour. * At night both her children were put to bed at the same time. Both had protection, which once again Samantha tried to rebel against but her mother forcibly made her wear under the extreme threat of getting her daddy to administer a more severe punishment if she didn’t do as she was told. This warning had the desired effect and Sam quietly, if unhappily, submitted. She mumbled under her breath about not being a little baby and resented being put to bed at the same time as her silly little wet baby brother. So, she was still able to lash out even if this time it wasn’t as loud or as prolonged as normal and certainly she was more than a little unsure of the ground she stood on. Her mommy simply popped in her paci, pushed a teddy under her arm and told her to go to sleep. She added that she didn’t want to hear any sound and if there was it would mean ‘big trouble’. Leaving that warning to speak for itself she wished her sweet dreams, kissed her forehead and left to return downstairs to her perplexed husband. When his wife explained the way the day had panned out, and guiltily justified the spanking (which neither really agreed with), all became clear. Both seemed unhappy about what had happened but couldn’t deny the results. When she spoke about her idea to keep their seven year-old in diapers to see if the transformation was permanent, her husband had to concede that it was at least worth a try. The threat of a spanking as punishment was also going to be maintained but they hoped that the threat would be enough. He would support his wife in her decision but thought that Samantha was a very headstrong girl and expected some reaction to her new situation. His wife sighed as if she agreed that it was inevitable but, and she was adamant about this, she was going to pull out all the stops to try and curb her daughters aggressive activities. * Despite herself and her insistence that she didn’t need to go to bed so early Samantha had a very good night’s sleep and only woke up when her mother shook her to get ready for school. Through sleepy thoughts and wandering hands, which fell on her thick night time protection, she remembered what had happened the day before. The plastic pants felt strange as did the bulk between her legs but it slowly dawned on her that she had wet during the night. She hadn’t done such a thing since she was two and couldn’t understand why it had happened now. However, with mother standing over her and encouraging her to get up she shifted uneasily beneath the covers. Fearing a possible argument or tantrum her mother quickly pulled back the covers and pulled her out of bed and, like her daughter, was surprised to see the soaked diaper. Thankfully the plastic pants had kept everything else dry but even though her mother looked concerned the tears were welling up in Sam’s eyes. She was certain that she would get spanked for it and was crying because of the fear that had gripped her body, which unfortunately didn’t help as she peed a little more as she stood there weeping. Her mother took sympathy on her damp daughter and hugged her telling her it was OK and that sometimes little girls have accidents. Through her blubbing Sam tried to say that she wasn’t ‘little’ and not a baby and that it shouldn’t happen but all that came out was some childish whining and choked-back sobs. Soothing words eventually calmed the wet seven year-old as she was guided to the bathroom to change out of her soaked padding and to get ready for school. Her mother cleaned her up and went to retrieve her school uniform. Fearing that she would have to wear a diaper for school she started bawling even harder but calmed a little when she saw that her mother had returned with panties and not further protection. However, as her mother helped her get dressed she issued a further warning about her behaviour at school. If it didn’t get better, or any of the teachers had reason to complain, she would be wearing diapers to school every day for the rest of the term. Shocked at this terrible threat Samantha meekly put her uniform on and went downstairs for breakfast whilst her mother got Nathan ready for his day at nursery. * Once at school and away from her mother’s authority, the compliant Samantha quickly turned into the overbearing ‘Little Madame’ the teachers had come to dread. Creating uproar, making other children cry and generally being at the centre of mayhem soon led to her mother being called to once again come and collect her disruptive daughter. The drive home was a sullen affair, her mother angry beyond words and Sam insisting that she’d done nothing wrong and it was entirely the other kids fault for acting like babies. However, once through the door her mother quickly dragged her over her knee, pushed up her school skirt, pulled down her panties and smacked her bare bottom for the third time in two days. Whether Sam thought that it just wouldn’t happen again or not, her mother was not going to put up with such blatant disrespect for her, the teachers and other children. Never had Sam’s bottom been so thoroughly chastised and when her mother made her stand weeping in the corner and think about what she had done to deserve such a punishment her extremely red cheeks were testimony to the fury her mother had felt. Her tears eventually dried up and though her bottom stung she was getting bored standing in the corner waiting on the punishment to end. However, the angry words her mother had said about moving an inch were still ringing in her ears so thought better than to defy her so stayed put. Unfortunately for Sam her smarting bottom was just going to be the start of her ongoing punishment. **** TBC
  5. Dan was 16. His mom had remarried and had triplets. She was heading out for the day, leaving Dan in charge. She wanted him to prove he was responsible enough. He hadn't had a good week at school and now was his chance to make up for it. His younger siblings were almost 3 and attempting to potty train. No such luck though. Dan would have to change a lot of diapers. Something he'd not got much experience with. It's Saturday morning. 8am and Dan was woken by his mom.
  6. A New Life

    (Actual title: "A New Life." I am trying to fix that. Slowly, you begin to wake up, feeling groggy. Your bed feels... different. Softer. In your tired state you can't tell exactly what it is, but something isn't right. It feels like your blankets bunched up between your legs, and you can't get your knees together. Something is definitely wrong. Maybe you are still dreaming? You have an odd taste in your mouth. It feels like something is sitting between your lips. You try to spit it out, but can't. You reach over to take it out... but your arm won't move. With a start, you realized your hand is tied. You open your eyes in shock, but in the dim light you can't see much. This isn't your room. Your eyes begin to adjust and you see more and more. You are surrounded by bars... are you in a cage? You try wiggling around, kicking off the blankets. What the hell are you wearing? You are dressed in a pink, footed onesie. Around your waist you see a buldge. With horror, you realize that you are wearing a diaper. This isn't a cage, its a crib! The lights flicker on, blinding you momentarily. "Ahhh I see the baby girl is awake. Did you sleep well honey?" a strange voice asks. You look toward the voice to see a tall women standing in the doorway. She has long brown hair that falls over thick shoulders and arms. Clear blue eyes look at you with compassion. She is holding a baby bottle. A BIG baby bottle. Big enough for you, even. You try to ask what is going on, but can't speak through what you now realize is a pacifier, tied behind your head. Getting a better look at your outfit, you notice cartoon princesses covering your onsie, and "Diapered Princess" written across the chest. Your hands are locked in finger less gloves, rendering them useless, and you can feel a frilly bonnet on your head and tied under you chin. You are dressed like a one year old girl. A nearby mirror reveals the words "Messy Diaper Butt" written on the flap of the onesie. "Awww don't worry baby. Just let mommy check your diaper and we can untie you for breakfast. That sound nice? Just promise not to be a bad baby, or you will get a spanking." The women tells you, standing over you. She reaches down to open the flap on your onsie, revealing a thick, infantile diaper with "Baby" written across the front in pink. "Looks like someones dry!" She says, pinching your cheek, "Good baby! Keep this up and maybe one day we can begin potty training... In a year or so..." At this point your surprise and fear turns to anger. How can this woman humiliate you like this? You try to struggle against her as she unties your arms and lifts you up but to know avail. Your moments turn into uncoordinated squirming, and you realize you have little control over your limbs. A hard smack on your diaper stops you completely. "Now now, if I'm gonna untie you you have to be a good baby. Try that again and I'll give you a real spanking. OK?" You stop the pointless squirming. How can you be so weak? What the hell is going on. The woman sits you in a high chair, strapping you in place. The diaper crinkles underneath you as you wiggle on the seat, wondering what is going on. The padding feels like a cushion underneath you, but serves as a constant humiliating reminder of your diapered state. Even worse, you are seated right in front of a window facing a street and another row of houses. You recognize the neighborhood as one near your own home. What if someone sees you? A bowl of unidentifiable mush sits in front of you, along with the bottle she was carrying earlier. She doesn't intend to feed you this, does she? In answer to the question, she unties something behind your head and removes the pacifier. You try to speak, to ask what is going on, but she quickly spoons mush into your mouth. "Open up for the airplane! Vroommm vrooom!" She says as she forces the sweet goo down your throat. You gag and choke it back, forced to eat by her constant shoveling. Finally you can take it no more. "Wai! Wha goin on?" With horror you realize that is your own voice. A high pitched squeal, with words lisped and barely formed. What had happened to you? "NO! No more foo! Stop oo F---ing b----!" "What! How dare you? Is that how babies talk? Come here!" The woman pulls you out of the high chair and grabs you by the wrist.You scream curses as you are forced to waddle behind her, your thick diaper making walking normally impossible. She pulls you down the hallway and into a bathroom. Once there, she forces open your mouth and sticks a bar of soap into it. The bitter soap instantly fills your mouth with suds, and you try to spit it out, only to have it replaced. "Alright, listen. You are going to learn to be a good baby whether you like it or not. Now I am going to spank you 20 times. If you drop the soap, we restart." She couldn't be serious...! A spanking? At your age? You spit out the bar again. "Oo can't pank me! I am..." You only get that far when her hand smacks the back of your diaper. Even through the padding, it stings. "I told you to keep the soap in your mouth! BAD BABY!" the woman says as she replaces the soap and begins to rain down smacks upon your bottom. SPANK 1... SPANK 2... SPANK 3... You struggle to keep the mouth in as she counts out the blows. You are forced to suck on it, swallowing the suds as you do. Your bottom gets sorer and sorer. She is nearing the end. SPANK 19... SPANK 20. "Good baby!" She sits you on her lap, and takes out the soap. "Will you be a good baby for mommy from now on?" "Wes I sowwy! I be a goo baby!" "Good, now lets get you back in your high chair while I clean your dishes, then we can play with your toys." She pops the pacifier back in your mouth and carries you to the kitchen. You can still taste soap. She sits you in the chair. You struggle to get comfortable on the hard seat. Even through the padding, your sore bottom stings whenever you put weight on it. For once, you are grateful for the diaper. Suddenly you realize you may need the diaper for something else. Your bladder is extremely full, aching for release. Even worse, you can feel your stomach rumbling. If you don't think fast, soon you will be in a very uncomfortable diaper. "uhhh... mama?" you ask, trying to sound as childish as possible to get on her good side. "Yes baby?" "I has do go potty" you inform her, blushing. Surely she can't mean you to use the diaper. "Well that's what your diaper is for silly! Anyway, I am working here, so you won't be let down for a while. I will change you when I'm done" "No! Pwease don make me!" You cry, seeing you please ignored. You squirm back and forth, trying to press your knees together. The padding between your legs isn't helping much. You can't... But it is getting harder and harder to hold it in. Those muscle relaxants really are taking there toll. Perhaps you could wet, but she wouldn't force you to MESS yourself, would she? At least you could keep that dignity. Hoping to meet her half way, you let go of your bladder. Instantly you hear a hissing noise as you feel you diaper become soaked. The diaper inflates around you. Soon you are sitting in a warm, wet, puddle. You blush furiously. How could she make you do that!?! Pissing yourself like a toddler... What the hell was going on? Even worse, you can feel the pressure building in your gut. There is no way it could get this bad that quickly! She must have put something in the mush... Soon your diaper will be full of something much worse then pee. (so this is a much older story I wrote a while ago. I thought I had already submitted it here, but can't find it. If I am mistaken, please let me know. I normally ask or critiques, but since this is an older one and I've sort of moved on from this type of writing, it is fine. Also, more will come)
  7. The Apology

    The game was fast and fierce. The players quickly covered the map, looking for animated weapons and built in cover. At the same time, they were shooting constantly, trying to hit anyone on the opposing team.However, what was even more furious was the chatter. The players shouted insults and instructions through their microphones and into the headphones of their opponents.“You #$%# CAMPER! START PLAYING THE GAME!”“PUSSY! I #$% YOUR MOM!”“ABSHLEY54s hacking!”“No I’m not. GIT GUUUUUDD!”The game wore on. One player slowly began to moving up the ranks, taking out opponent after opponent. He went by the name Olliemaus3000, and his character was a large, buff man wielding a gigantic machine gun. His profile gave a description of himself that closely matched this character, even detailing workout routines and diet plans to intimidate his opponents.Though few of the other players knew it, this couldn’t have been further to the truth. Anyone with a discerning eye and enough knowledge could probably tell the workout routine and diet plan was made up, as it was based mainly off of cartoons and a lot of it didn’t really work in real life. The author didn’t seem to realize that fire bending wasn’t a real martial art and that protein shakes weren’t the ones made with ice cream. However, only a few of his closer friends new of his real identity.That identity, of course, was of Ollie, a small, white haired and green eyed boy who, despite being of an age most went to college, still played with stuffed animals in his spare time, and despite his ‘tough guy’ façade online, probably would have been too afraid to go to a gym. With the lifestyle he lead, he had learned to avoid anyone who looked like he might be able to give a hard spanking, and gyms were full of those kinds of people. Rather than coming from his own actual personality, his ability in games came from the fact he essentially had everything taken care of at home and could spend a lot of time playing them. Also, for reasons few knew, he never seemed to need bathroom breaks. He had built up a decent reputation in these games because of it.However, his reputation was about to drastically, drastically change.He was moving his character up a ramp to high ground, which he hoped to use to his advantage.“Hey noobs! What are you doing? Cover me so I can get here? LEARN TO PLAY.”He wasn’t great at the insults, but he tried his best.His character was moments from reaching the top when he got gunned down.“#@!$” he said, loudly.“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” a loud female voice said.All the other’s heared after that was “Oh $#!%.... “ followed by an “eep” as if the person speaking had tried to silence himself. What they didn’t hear were the loud footsteps marching toward Ollie.Ollie's voice was back on the channel. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean No… I’m sorry mommy!” I promise I won’t do it gain!”At this point all other chatter had stopped as people tried to hear what was going on.“HEY! NO PLEASE NO! IT’S THE MIDDLE OF A GAME! PLEASE LATTER! NO! OW!”“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOT THAT! NO I’m SORRY! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!”The other players heard the loud ‘thump’ of headphones being thrown against the ground, then then light, quick patter of small footsteps followed by the clamping of much larger ones, as if there was a mouse being chased by a person.All playing had stopped.“What is going on?” someone asked.PATPATPATPATPATPAPTAPTPA THUMP CRRRASSSHHH… There was more running, followed by the crashing noises and loud bumps and the sound of something shattering. “YOU”LL PAY FOR THAT VASE OLLIE!” A door swung open, then was slammed quickly, and there was more screaming. “I GOT YOU… HEY! NO BITING YOU LITTLE BRAT!” a loud voice shouted.Someone else spoke up in a confident voice. “Well… Ollie lives as a sub to someone else… I think he pissed them off.” It was one of the regulars who knew Ollie.“A submissive? Really? THAT guy?”“GET BACK HERE NOW!”“AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” There were more footsteps.“Yes, he talks about it sometimes.”“Whats that mean?”“Well basically he is taken care of and has everything paid for by someone else, but he does what they say.”“Sounds like a sweet deal.”“OH GOD PLEASE OH GOD NO NOT THAT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OW OW OW!”“On second thought, maybe not that sweet a deal.”“It’s an acquired taste apparently. He does get a lot of video games though.”"I thought he said he was some kind of professional fighter or a weight lifter or something.""AAAAAAA WAHH NO PLEASE AAAAAAAAA!""... I don't think so."The screaming had turned high pitched and panicked as the footsteps ran up a flight of stairs, then crashed down them.THMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP SLAM “OW! OOOOOO…. NO”“OH MY GOD! ARE YOU OK? Did you hurt yourself in the fall? Poor baby…” the louder voice asked worriedly.“Yes mommy, I’m ok.”“Good. Then come on.”"No... uh ohh...."There was a pause.“OW! MY EAR! HEY! THOSE ARNN”T HANDLES!”“HEY! PLEASE I”LL COME! JUST CAUSE THEY”RE BIG DOESN”T MEAN THEY”RE FOR GRABBING! OW I SAID I”D COME!”“WHERE ARE WE GO… NO PLEASE MOMMY!” NOT IN HERE! THEY WILL HEAR EVERYTHING!”The sound of the shouting had gotten much closer and now appeared to be in the same room as the microphone.“Good. Then maybe you’ll learn your lesson better,” came the reply.“No please let me keep them on… please not bare… not like AH!”There was a moment of shuffling noise.SMACK!All the other players, not intently listening, jumped at the noise.SMACK! The second was followed by a loud “OW!”The sounds continued to pick up.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! “OW OW OW OW!”“Is he…”SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK“I think he is.”“OW OW OW OW!”The confident voice spoke again. “Oh yeah. He’s getting spanked.”SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK “OW OW OW OW I’m SORRRRRRRRY!”The game still sat unmoving as all players listened intently.“NO… NO NOT THAT! THAT’S SO GRROO MMPPHHHBRAB”“Well I’m not going to let your mouth get that dirty without cleaning it, am I?SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!The spanking had continued, getting faster and faster as Ollie’s voice turned from calling out to whimpering and cries.“Now are you going to behave yourself?” “MHMMM” came a sad voice.“Good.”“BLAHH PITU PITU!” it sounded like Ollie was spitting.“Aheh… Aheheh… WAAAHH!! I’m SORRY MOMMY!” The sounds of the punishment were replaced with Ollie’s crying. It went on a minute with few other noises save a small patting sound.“There there little guy, its ok,” the female voice said. It began to hum and sing “Mockingbird” soothingly.“Awww that’s sooo… so precious!”“Poor little guy, he sure has it rough.”“Yes. Funny he tried to seem so tough.”The crying soon became sniffling, then stopped. There was a paused for a few moments, during which the players waited, wondering whether they were going to come back.Eventually Ollie’s voice was on the microphone again.“Did… how much did you guys here of that?”“All of it Ollie, all of it.” The confident voice said.“Yes. Your “Mommy” seems nice,” one said, followed by some laughter.The strict feminine voice came on through Ollie's microphone. "Hello everyone. If you wouldn't mind waiting a moment, little Ollie here has something to say.""Noooo! Please don't make me mommy," Ollie complained."Do it!""But... but I don't wannnna! They are all my friends! It'll be embarrassing!""Do it.""But its soooo MEAN!" he whined. "I have to look tough in these games! It won't work after.""Ollie, I'm going to count to three."“I can’t count that high. I'm a baby."“Are you lying again? Should I get the soap?”“NO! SORRY!"“Onnneee!”Silence."Twooooo..."Silences."Two and a half"The sound of someone fidgeting from foot to foot, then more silence."Two and three quarters."Silence."THr""AAA! OK OK don't be mean I'll do it yeesh.""So you'll do it?""...Yes."“Yes what?“Please not here…”“Yes WHAT!?”“… Yes mommy…”More laughter, and a few awws."Hi...hi everyone.""HIII OLLIE!" They answered almost in unison, then laughed.Ollie took a deep breath then continued. (This is part 1 of 2, the conclusion will come soon.This is written with reference to the artist Pastel-Hime, who allowed me to use her character and a drawing as basis for this story.I tried writing this using a different method then normal. Rather then explaining what was happening, I wanted to imply it from the other players reactions and the sounds. I am not sure how I feel. I like that it is different and kind of silly, but it means there is a lack of visuals. Any thoughts?)
  8. Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange. She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to her from someone she had spoken too online but had never met in person. After years visiting a... strange... community online, speaking to people without seeing them, even making art for it, she had been offered a chance to actually try living it. The person's name was Samantha, and they certainly had a lot of similar interests, but it was still frightening. She didn't really know this person, did she? How well can you know someone you've never seen before? Do online meetings and relationships count the same as in person? On top of that, she was here to play the sub. It was a role she she was always interested it but didn't even discuss as much. Almost every discussion she had and every drawing she made had her playing dom. She knew this would be difficult, having to let someone take control of her for a change. Not only that, but the plan was meant to be a surprise. She had no idea what was in store for her, it was all Samantha's decision. That was all part of it, and they had similar interests, but it was still frightening. She closed her eye and psyched herself. She could do this. Just turn off the dominant side, and let someone else take control. At least if it turned bad she could always ask for it to start. Holding her breath, she knocked. The door was almost immediately answered by a tall, athletically built blond haired woman. Rosie, herself almost 6 feet tall, wasn't used to having to look up at another woman. Rosie stared at the woman's arms, hoping whatever the plan was didn't involve a lot of spanking. This was definitely a woman who could make that hurt, and definitely one who would have no problem dominating over someone. "Rosie?" the woman asked, and Rosie nodded. The woman dragged her in by the arm, closed the door and locked it. She looked Rosie over, examining her wavy brown hair and shorter, broad hipped build. She smiled and tapped her nose. "Hehe your just as cute as I expected," she smacked Rosie on the butt, making her yelp. "Perfect for what I have planned." Rosie blushed over the treatment. It was... sudden, she thought. She tried to back up a bit, then mentally checked herself. She was here to play sub, she told herself. This was the sort of treatment she could expect. "Ummm... thanks. Are you Samantha?" "Yes, that's right dear. Good girl!" Samantha patted her head. "Uhhh... thanks. So what are we going to do? Are we going to just start, or talk a bit first?" Rosie was trying still play the role of submissive while making sure the boundaries were kept. "Oh, don't worry, you'll see soon enough." Samantha began dragging her further into the apartment. Rosie's instinct was to pull away, but she let herself be lead. They passed a well stocked kitchen, a cozy living room with several couches and a television, and went down a white walled hallway into a bedroom. The bedroom was large and spacious, with a queen sized bed, bookshelves, and paintings on all walls. Once they were there, Samantha turned Rosie to face her and examined her again. She looked at Rosie's black jeans and button up shirt. "Hmmm... we will have to do something about those clothes. Far to mature, and the want-to-be rebellious look isn't good for you." Rosie gaped at her and couldn't respond. Instead, she was pushed onto the bed. "Now, wait here a moment little one. I need to get some things ready." "Alright," Rosie said. Samantha's tone gave no room for argument, and the anticipation of what could come, along with her clear control was exciting, she was sat nervously, a pit forming in her stomach. What did Samantha have planned? Samantha left and closed the door. After a moment she haired footsteps in the hallway. Wait, she thought, how many are there? Suddenly her nervousness turned to pure anxiety, even fear. How many people where there? She didn't know there was more then one, she hadn't agreed to that. She opened her mouth to argue, but was interrupted as the door burst open, and Samantha stood in followed by two other girls, each holding articles of clothing. Rosie didn't have time to fully process what was happening before they had grabbed her. "Hey... what are.... no!" She said as her shirt was forcibly removed. She had agreed to be submissive, but this sudden invasion of her privacy was still shocking. She struggled, but was held tight, and felt her arms being pulled into a pair of sleeves. She barely had a chance to comprehend what was happening before she realized she was being tied into a strait jacket. Her arms were pulled behind her and secured. "Hey, I said.. MPHH...!" she was silenced as something was shoved into her mouth. She gagged at the bitter taste, and realized it was a bar of soap. Samantha was moving it back and forth as the other girls strapped her arms behind her back. Her mouth filled with creamy white foam as she shoved the bar into her mouth again and again. "There, that will wash out any more naughty words," Samantha said. She then took the bar out. Rosie gasped, and the foam dribbled down her face. She tried to speak, but found her mouth was filled again. This time it was a pacifier that was tied into place behind her head. It filled her mouth completely to her throat, forcing her to swallow the rest of the soap, and turning her protests into incomprehensible mumbles. "What was that?" Samantha said. "Something you don't like? Well just tell me, and I'll be sure to stop," she laughed, and Rosie glared. Now that she was tied and silenced, the Samantha's two friends lifted Rosie's feet into the air, forcing her to her back on the couch. Rosie tried to kick and pull herself away. "MPHHH!" she shouted at a sudden, sharp pain on her backside. She looked to see Samantha standing over her with a long black paddle. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. Playing sub had seemed so exciting in theory. Even now, part of her was eager to keep going. But this much pain and control was so foreign and coming on so quickly. She was overwhelmed with emotions, and struggled not even knowing if she wanted to leave or stay. She was spanked again. "Now now, that's enough of that," Samantha said. It was pointless anyway, Rosie found the two girl's grasp was unbreakable, and Samantha simply moved on. The next thing Samantha grabbed was the one thing Rosie had expected from the start, but now stared at nervously. It was what she wanted for months, but by far the most embarrassing part yet. Seeing the frightened, humiliated but excited look in Rosie's eyes, Samantha smiled. "Yes, I'm sure this is what my baby wants, isn't it? She's just been lying to us, to everyone, with her naughty big girl clothes, posing as an adult, posing as a professional, pretending to be mature... we all know it is a lie, don't we?" Rosie stared, and Samantha smiled and lifted the object into the air. It was a large, thick diaper. It was white but with a pink, flowery panel on the front, with letters proclaiming the wearer "Princess," and a design that let everyone know that the wearer wasn't a real adult, but simply an overgrown, adult baby. It didn't look like an adult diaper, but a baby's Pampers made in a larger size. More then that, it was a sign that her last shred of adulthood was gone, that even the most basic levels of control and maturity were forcibly stripped from her. It meant she couldn't even be trusted to use the toilet, and if that was true, what could she be trusted with? Rosie cringed, helpless as Samantha powdered her and placed the thick pamper underneath her. She felt the thick padding go up between her legs and close on her, then get tapped securely on. Samantha then pulled the strap of the strait jacked underneath the diaper and attached it on either side, leaving her locked inside her humiliating, childish garment. The other two girls put pink baby booties on her feet, then stood her up. She was made to face herself in a mirror, and sulked. Even the straight jacket seemed to have been made on the similar theme, with a pink and white design consisting of flowers, babyish drawings and "Princess" written on her chest, along with a skirt of fabric around her waist that made it look like a tutu while leaving her diaper fully exposed. She thought of her own image of herself- serene, powerful, in control- and tried to compare it to the baby she saw staring at her in the mirror. This is what she wanted, she reminded herself, though part of her wondered why. She closed her eyes and told herself to just listen to what Samantha wanted, as she had agreed to. Samantha came up to her smiling, and seemed to smile even broader when she saw the defeated look on Rosie's face. She attached a collar to her neck, then a leash, and brandished the paddle in her other hand. "Now, come along my little princess, and be a good girl. Its time to meet some more friends." Friends?! Rosie thought. There were MORE people!? She tried to pull away, but was forced forward by the leash, and the pacifier turned any argument into mumbles. "Whats that? Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me!" Samantha said, then laughed. Rosie simply followed. The abnormal bulk of her diaper felt odd between her legs, and made her waddle. Rosie had tried the thickest adult diapers she could find, but this was still a surprise. The only thing she could think of was Snuggies waddles made with a custom design, but that still didn't seem to cut it. Perhaps Waddlers with a thickening pad, she thought. Whatever it was, it was clearly designed to be intrusive, and it worked. The strap of the straight jacket added to the feeling, making it feel thicker and stiffer and pressing it against her. The diaper crinkled loudly, and was hot and heavy, but at the same time soft and, in a way, comfortable. Rosie was pulled into the living room, which was now full of people. They all cheered and laughed at once as she entered, blushing. Some were people she had seen before, acquaintances from work or people she had run into, but most were strangers. There even seemed to be other fetishists there- a woman in a black leather full body suit held on a leash by a man in a suit, a blond haired boy who sat whimpering on a woman's lap while wearing a diaper and dress and suckling a pacifier, a girl in a bunny outfit with ears, and others. The attention, however, was all directed at Rosie. "Awwww she's so cute!" a stranger proclaimed. "Yes, I agree. She was an excellent choice." "Just look at her blush! She is sooo embarrassed haha. I wonder if she's wet already?" "Oooo imagine her look during her first diaper change." Samantha quieted them with a have of her hands. "Now now, we will get to that. First, we need to prepare our baby. Now, Rosie, you may be wondering what this is." Rosie nodded, humiliated and terrified. "Most of them are my friends. We've been looking for someone just like you to be our new baby girl. We already have a baby boy and others, so we needed you for a new playmate. We meet from time to time for... fun." She smiled at the word, leaving it open to whatever Rosie could think of. "The others are people you knew who were open to the idea. We like to have a few people our subs recognize on the first night. It adds to the... fun... and ensures people will know about your new lifestyle." She continued. "Tonight, Rosie, is all about you. This is your initiation, then you'll be part of our group. Remember, if you don't like it, just say so," she laughed. With that, Samantha grabbed the leash right by her collar and gently pulled her down. Rosie shook her head violently, making as much noise as the pacifier would allow. This was too far, she thought. She'd agreed to play sub, and would have, but did not agree to have other people. She wanted out. Samantha, however, ignored her pleas. She made Rosie crawl, much to the delight of the audience, and sat her on a plank in front of the wall facing outward. "This here is something that is going to help you be a good baby. In a little while, all your naughty arguing will end," she said. She threaded leash through a hoop on the blank Rosie was sitting on. Next, she felt it pulled down underneath her and between her legs, then upwards. It was attached to the wall above her, forcing her into a kneeling, head down position from which she couldn't move. Rosie glanced around, struggling even to keep her head up, and tried to figure out what was going on. The people were smiling at her, though some of the obvious subs stared at her nervously and with pity. Soon Samantha was in front of her, holding a pair of headphones. "Now now little one, don't worry at all," she said soothingly. "Mommy will take care of everything. Just listen to this, and everything will soon be better." With that, she placed the headphones on Rosie's head, and hit a button. ... Finger's snapped. Mommy was standing in front of her. Wait... Mommy? she thought. It was Samantha. She was taking off the strait jacket. Wait... she was stripping her naked in front of all these people!? Rosie was horrified. However, when she went to stop it, nothing happened. Her arms didn't move. She wanted to, but she didn't. Soon she was naked except for her bootie and the diaper, and she didn't mind. At the same time, the pacifier was unhooked, but Rosie kept suckling. "Come here little one. Crawl!" Rosie crawled toward her mommy. Why was she crawling? She could walk... but somehow she didn't want to. Crawling was for babies, and she was a baby. Of course she wanted to crawl. She also realized that now that the straight jacket was gone, she could easily take the diaper off, spit the pacifier out, and say no, but she didn't want to. She heard the laughter around her, directed at her. Strangers, people she knew, dozens of them, laughing. Why was she humiliating herself? But while part of her protested, screamed at her to stop, she couldn't make herself. She pouted, almost in tears from the humiliation, but kept crawling. "Good baby," her mommy said. The words filled her with warmth, making her happier then she had been for a long time. She took Rosie's hands. "Up up up!" Rosie stood up instinctively. "Do you want to speak?" Rosie tried to say something, but the pacifier stopped her. She could spit it out, she realized, she wasn't a baby. But at the same time, she didn't want to. Samantha smiled as if she had won an important bet. "Good baby," she said. She grabbed the pacifier and took it out. "Now, what are you?" "I... I a baby giwl," Rosie said, as surprised at her own childish, lisping voice as she was at the answer. Why would she say that? She wanted to, she realized. She didn't want to be an adult. She blushed at the chorus of laughter. "Good baby. Do you want to be an adult." "Nuuu..." more laughter. People were moving around her, pulling a dress over her head. Like the straight jacket, it was pink, childish and frilly, designed as a cross between a princess and a Lolita dress, with hearts and flowers decorating it. The skirt was short, and like before, did nothing to conceal her diaper. This time, however, she didn't mind. It was natural, she thought, how else would they check it? Wait... CHECK IT!? she thought. FOR WHAT!? But of course they would... her mind went back and forth, and she did nothing. Rosie pulled her by the hand into a bathroom. The crowed followed them, giggling. Rosie looked around at the sink, bathtub, towels and.... something. A strange white thing, shaped like a seat. "Do you know what that is for?" "No," Rosie said, getting the loudest laughter yet. But of course she did! It was a... she didn't want to even think the word. It was frightening to her, dangerous. "Do you know how to use the potty?" "Whas dat?" Rosie asked. Again, she knew she knew, but she didn't want to, and the thought was frightening. "Good baby." The warmth and happiness again. "Now, I am going to feed you your supper. Its a bottle of baby mush and milk, and it will help you fill your pampers like a little baby. Ok?" Rosie nodded. Something about that was wrong... was it about filling her pampers? But that was what they were for, wasn't it? Part of her screamed no, but she couldn't think of why. She was pulled back into the living room and sat on her mommy's lap. She put the tip of a bottle in Rosie's mouth, and she suckled easily. "Good baby. Now remember, this will make you use your pampers. There is no way the old Rosie would want that, especially in front of all these people. So, if you don't want that, stop drinking." Rosie looked at her confused and kept drinking, and they all laughed. "Yes, old Rosie was confused, because she thought she was a big girl. You're not a big girl, are you?" Rosie shook her head, though she was in near tears from it. Of course she was! She was an adult, she thought, not a baby, and this was wrong. But she kept doing it. After feeding her the bottle, Samantha pulled Rosie closer. "Now," she said. "Is baby still hungry?" Rosie shook her head. "Well, we have more bottle, and people who want to feed you. Also, the more you're feed, the sooner you are going to fill your diapers. So, we are going to pass you around, and you will keep drinking until you we are done, ok? You'll do what mommy says? You don't want to be a bad baby?" She put emphasis on the last phrase. As soon as she heard it, Rosie was filled with the deepest guilt and anxiety she had ever felt. It came up suddenly, and left her shaking. There was something wrong, and she didn't blame her mommy, but blamed herself. She hugged her mommy. At that moment she'd do anything to avoid the feeling and make her mommy happy. "Good baby," Mommy said, and the feeling was gone. "Now, time for the rest of your num nums." She pulled Rosie to the next person, a woman, and sat her down on her lap. The woman placed a bottle in her mouth, and she suckled instinctivly. she was passed around from person to person. Each one sat her on their laps, bouncing her up and down and feeding her more and more bottles. Rosie was stuffed, but she kept drinking. Her stomach began to ache, then cramp. The bouncing only made it worse, and her stomach was soon grumbling. After a while she was being fed and bounced by a man in a suit when she heard a loud brrraapppttt noise. She looked down at her diaper. There was laughter all around her. "Oh my god, the babies gassy!" someone shouted, and they laughed again. "Better check her diapers, just to make sure that's all there is," the man in the suit said. He bent her over and lifted her skirt, pulled the back of her diaper. "No, all clean." Rosie didn't know what was worse, the fact that a stranger was seeing inside her undergarments, that he was doing it to check if she had messed those same undergarments, or that the sound came again and again. She found she was powerless to stop any of it. "Yes, but now comes the best part," Samantha said. She took Rosie by the hands then stood her up. She looked her dead in the eyes, and Rosie was trapped by her gaze. "Rosie," she said, snapping her fingers. "You're a big girl now." Rosie looked around in panic. What had she done!? What was she wearing?! She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to run. "Please... please stop," Rosie pleased. "You can go if you want Rosie. Its all up to you." She had been hypnotized, she realized. She knew hypnotism was something you had to want to work, and if she rejected it, it wouldn't have worked. But... did she want to reject it? It was all she had wanted, after all. It was what she had come for. This was what she dreamed about and talked about online, but was too afraid to do. It was humiliating, mortifying, and terrifying, but even when she wasn't hypnotized she couldn't make herself run. Maybe she had accepted it all. Or was this all some trick? Either way, she remained. "That is what I thought. Good baby." Even when no longer thinking like a baby, the words filled her with a sudden happiness. Samantha noticed. "Like that? Thought so. Oh, and watch this. BAD BABY!" She scolded. Instantly Rosie shrinked back at the words. She whimpered, almost sobbing, knelt and hugged Samantha's knees, inwardly pleading for her approval. How could she feel this, even as an 'adult?" Since when did she want someone else's approval? But this was submission, Rosie realized. It was an extreme version of it, and not in the way she had thought, but it was submission. She had wanted it, and she got it. "It's ok little Rosie, you're a good baby," the feeling was gone, and Rosie sighed. "Now, Rosie," Samantha said. Rosie found she was still trapped by her voice and gaze. "Do you want to mess yourself?" "What?" "You heard me. Do you want to fill your diapers in front of all these people?" "NO! Oh god please no! Don't make me!" Rosie felt her stomach grumbling from being force fed dozens of bottles. She was cramping hard, and needed release. "Please let me use the toilet... please... I'll do anything. ANd please don't make me do it in front of these people." Samantha laughed. "Silly baby. You think you can argue, don't you? But you know what? You are going to fill your diapers. You are going to do it happily and in front of allllll these people as they laugh and take pictures. You are going to lift your skirt and show off when you do it. You are going to grunt and do it loudly, parade around in your stinky pampers, then get changed as they watch." "NO! Please! Anyhting but that. At least give me privacy... I'll do it, but just with you, ok?" She bargained. "Yes you will, and in front of everyone. And you know why?" Rosie shook her head. Samantha held up her hands. "Because I'm going to snap these fingers and you will be powerless to stop it. You will helplessly fill your pampers and will do whatever your mommy says. Then I will turn you back into an adult to feel the humiliation, and back and forth whenever I want, wherever I want, forever. Got it?" "No pl..." Samantha snapped her fingers. "Rosie... You're a baby now." Rosie smiled at her mommy and giggled. A sound came from her diaper, and she laughed. "Now, is the little baby gonna fill her diapers?" "I dunno mommy," Rosie said incredulously. How could she decide something that important? "Yes you are, then you are going to become a big girl again so you can blush while we laugh." Rosie was puzzled by the strange sentence. A big girl? What did that mean? She was a baby. "Now, fill your diaper for mommy." Rosie grunted. There was a noise like before, but louder. She felt a warm pile of mush come into her diapers and coat her. All around her were gasps of laughter and mocking ewws. She crinkled her face. "Is icky mommy!" she said. What had she done? Why was she still talking like that? She tried to stop herself, but couldn't. "I bet it is baby." "An is tinky!" Mommy laughed and plugged her nose. "Yes, very stinky. Now, undo your onesie and show everyone." Rosie instinctively obeyed. There was more laughter and comments she could barely make out over the collective noise. "Good baby. Now shake it around!" Rosie stuck her bottom out further and wiggled it, feeling the mesh slosh over her, and hearing more ewws and gasps for breath. A window was opened, a fact which barely registered in her mind. "Dance for me baby." Rosie, still wanting to make her mommy happy, did her best to imitate a ballet routine. She had never done one before, and the thickness of the diaper made every movement awkward and difficult, but she twirled around and kicked her legs as much as she could. This seemed to be enough, as the audience laughed and clapped their approval. "Now, come here." Rosie followed helplessly as her mommy, who once again pulled her onto her lap and bounced her. This time, however, the messy diaper made it much worse. The feeling was horrible, it itche horribly, and the smell and laughter was worse. When Mommy was done, she passed Rosie to the next person, who continued to bounce her. Like before, Rosie was passed from lap to lap and bounced like a baby, squirming, squinting, and crinkling her nose the entire time. She endured the laughter, the humiliating pats and comments, and outwardly acted as if she loved it. Finally Samantha picked her up again and snapped her fingers. "Rosie, you're a big girl now. Wasn't that fun?" Rosie felt tears in her eyes. "No, please, just... just change me, please. I want out of this diaper." She was broken, she realized. All the pride and strength she had coming into this was gone. She wasn't even certain at first if she would submit, but there she was, standing, spanked, in a onesie and messy pampers, and willing to do anything for a change. "Oh, I will. How would you like to be changed here in front of everyone?" Rosie almost outright cried. "No..." she whispered. "Here's whats going to happen. I'm going to bring back baby Rosie, and she is going to happily lay down on a changing mat in the hallway as we tie her down. Then I'm going to bring big girl Rosie back, and she will very un-happily get her diaper changed in front of everyone. Got it?" Rosie couldn't even speak as the fingers were once again snapped, and baby her was lead into the hallway. Her onesie was lifted up, and she lay down, smiling, laughing, willing. Mommy held up a pair of cuffs. "Put your hands in here baby girl!" Rosie obeyed. "Good baby! Now put your feet in here! That way we can bring back big girl Rosie and she won't be able to stop us from changing her riiiiii-ight here, no matter how much she wants to." The words rolled around in her mind. She knew what was going to happen. This was all a set up to humiliate her and make her do something she wouldn't otherwise. As soon as Mommy snapped her fingers, she knew she wouldn't like this anymore. However, at the time, all she wanted was to please her mommy, so she obeyed. Soon she was then tied with her arms stretched out on the floor and her feet in the air. She giggled at the funny position. SNAP. "Rosie, you're a big girl now." Rosie struggled, sobbed, and squirmed. A pacifier was pushed into her mouth and she suckled. She could call for help, she realized. This was an apartment building, someone would come. But then... what would they see? A bunch of fetishists, with her in a diaper she clearly messed herself? She cringed at the thought. Then, if the called the police, there may be an investigation, reporters... she pictured herself on the news, having an image of herself in a messy diaper paired with a full explanation of what she had come from being shown all over town. She everyone from family to total strangers knowing her as the diaper girl who got tricked.... she couldn't do it. Also... did she really want to? The hypnosis couldn't make her do anything she didn't want, just bring out things she didn't admit she wanted. This was, in a way, her dream, if rougher and more rushed then she expected. She suckled her pacifier for comfort, willingly this time, closed her eyes, and tried to think of something other then the laughter. She felt her diaper get opened. Wipes from hands all around her cleaned up the mess. The baby wipes were cool, and made her shudder. Soon she was powdered again, the smell of talcum replacing the smell of her used padding. Another diaper was put between her leg and tapped on, this time followed by thick plastic pants. She was untied, and stood up. "Now," Samantha said, raising her fingers. "Do I need to do this again, or will you be good?" Rosie pouted. "I'll be good." "Good. Turn around, apologize for your stinky pampers, and thank them for changing you." Rosie blushed and pleaded with her eyes, but obeyed. "Hello everyone. Ummm... I'm sorry for being so stinky... Thank you for changing my diapers." The all laughed and clapped. "Good baby. It's been a long day for you, so its time for bed." Rosie nodded, accepting that the early bedtime was now part of her life. "Lets get you in your pjs." Rosie didn't resist as she was stripped and put into a footed Disney Princess sleeper and had another pacifier put in her mouth. She didn't want to risk resisting, and having strangers dress her as a baby was far from the worse thing that had happened. She looked down at the footed pjs. She always had liked Disney. Samantha saw her looking at it. She cupped Rosie's face soothingly. "Yes, I thought you'd like that. This isn't all going to be bad sweetheart. It is, after all, what you wanted. If, in the morning, you really want to go and not come back, you can. But I don't think you will, do you?" Rosie just stared at her. Samantha smiled. "Good baby. Now, go kiss everyone goodnight." Rosie looked at her, but saw no signs of joking. Reluctantly, and much to the amusement of all around, she went to the first man she saw. She kissed his cheek. "Goodnight," she said. He laughed and patted her diaper. She went to the next person, repeated the routine until she had done a complete loop of the room, getting her padded bum patted and rubbed the entire time. When Rosie was done, Samantha took her hand and lead her down the hallway. Samantha then led her into a separate room. It was dark inside, but Rosie could make out piles of toys, a changing table, and a large, wooden crib. There was a smiling cloud and a rainbow painted on the wall, and a mobile hanging from the roof. It was a nursery, Rosie knew. Samantha lead her toward the crib. Rosie followed without the hypnosis, without the leash, without a threat of spanking. All willingness to argue was gone. She crawled into the crib. Samantha closed the top of it, turning it into a cage. Rosie pushed at it. "Hey! If you break that, I break you!" Rosie stopped. "You may recognize this as something like your own scenarios, back when you thought you were a dom. Someone in the crowed tipped me off about it, and I couldn't help but play it. We can't have little ones crawling around all night, can we?" "But what if I have to... oh..." Rosie looked down at her diaper, blushing at having answered her own question so obviously. "But I wouldn't have you be lonely..." She through a teddy bear inside. Rosie hugged it, feeling something hard inside. A recorder, she realized. "Now, be a good baby girl! Ill be listening." Rosie lay down. She would be a good girl for her mommy, she knew, for as long as her mommy wanted. She slowly fell asleep.
  9. “Well, work is work” Johann thought as he walked down the line of modules. He was walking along a steel hallway, carrying a briefcase, and doing what amounted to a check in the box inspection job. At least he was getting paid. As a chief engineer aboard a Star Force Explorer vessel, he had become used to a much more exciting lifestyle. Travelling the stars, vising new planets, fighting pitched battles against pirates and invaders… the kind of things he had signed up for. However, all away postings have to end at some point, and he rotated back to more conventional duties until it was his turn to leave again. So now here he was, monitoring Care Modules. He walked along the steel floored hallway and approached a random one on his right and set his briefcase down. There was a desk with a variety of gleaming buttons, and he hit the central one. A large screen door, invisible until now, appeared in front of him and slid upward. He hit the reinforced plastic behind it, ensuring it was secure, then hit a switch. A light came on, revealing a large and seemingly empty room behind. “Alight, let’s see if this all works” he said to himself. The rooms were kept empty not in use in order to prolong their lifespan. However, that could change in a second. He hit a button and began switching through a list. With it, the room changed. The walls turned from a dull grey to black, then blue, then pink, then red, and through a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs with paintings and murals appearing at will. He turned to a different list, and carpeting appeared on the floor, only to be replaced with tiles, rugs, wood, and dozens of other materials. He turned another, and furniture appeared, making an ordinary bedroom, a hospital, a prison cell, a nursery, a children’s bedroom, and more all along set designs. The idea of the machine is that it could be used as support for almost anyone, for almost any need, and in almost any situation. It could be a room to satisfy almost any need or desire aboard a ship or on the planet, then switch to something different when the next occupant came in. Johann’s job was to ensure it was all working properly before a tour came through the next day, which would include inspectors to give it final approval. As it was, several of them were already occupied, so his work was merely formality. “Alright, that is all in order. Now let’s see what else you got,” he said. He hit a button, and steel arms came out of the walls, protruding from every corner. He turned on a microphone and spoke into it. “Computer, recognize my voice.” There was a series of beeps followed by “RECOGNIZE, JOHANN,” n a mechanical voice. An image of himself in his flight suit came up, looking slender, with long brown hair. “Damn I look good,” he said, secretly wishing he could be back in that flight suit. “COMMENCING “LOOKING GOOD” PATTERN,” the voice said. Smooth jazz music came on, along with robotic dancing. Hands came out of the desk full of make up. “NO NO CANCEL CANCEL!” he said, and the machine stopped. Being careful not to mutter to himself, he bent over and opened his briefcase. A small robot, made of steel bars and wires, jumped out. It straightened up and quickly grew to a full adult’s height. It then began to flesh out, with rubber balloons inflating in the place of skin. A crude imitation of a man, but good enough for his work. He hit a button on the desk, and a door appeared in the wall. He unlocked it, then spoke to the robot. “Get in,” he said, and the robot obeyed. He shut the door behind it, and locked it. “Computer, prison setting,” he said. A series of beeps followed, then “PRISON SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a deep blue with simple furniture. He held down a button which deactivated the arms. “Robot, try to get out,” he said. The robot banged on the glass and on the door with twice the strength a human could muster. None of them budged. Johann released the buttons controlling the arms. In an instant they sprang to life and wrapped themselves around the robot, suspending him helplessly in the air. “Excellent. Computer, hospital setting.” “HOSPITAL SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a white hospital room, and the arms lay the robot on a bed while a light scanned him for medical problems. “Alright, robot, trip and fall, demonstrate “broken arm.” The robot didn’t move. He spoke louder. “Robot, trip and fall, demonstrate ‘broken arm.” The robot remained lying in the bed as arms took care of and shook its head at Johann. It put its arms behind its head and let out an automated sigh. “Damn lazy robot,” Johann said. He walked into the room. “Robot, leave this room!” The robot stuck its ‘tong’ out at him. The robot was a highly developed, extremely expensive tool, and a jackass. If this was a malfunction, it would come down on Johann’s head. “INSTRUCTIONS NOT UNDERSTOOD,” the computer said. “No, I want this robot out of the room!” Johann said. “UNDERSTOOD, REMOVING ROBOT.” A whole appeared in the roof, and the arms tossed the robot half a mile into the sky. “Oh s&$%....” Johann said, watching his career fly away with an overpriced jackass of a robot. “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD,” the room said. A toilet appeared, and the arms picked up Johann and pulled him toward it. “NO NO! I’m not going to use the toilet.” “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD. ALTERNATIVE MEANS ENGAGED.” A tube came out of the wall “NOOO not that!” Johann said. He didn’t even want to know what the tube was for. “Just put me down.” “UNDERSTOOD,” the arms dropped Johann with a hard ‘thump’ onto the ground. He sat down to think. “God damn this thing destroyed the robot… it was like my boss’s baby… he said take care of it… they are going to HATE me, probably punish me, give me the 10th degree… probably won’t leave earth again…” “UNDER NOT UNDER NO UNDER NOT STOOD UNDER NOT STOOD NOT NOT STOOD UNDER” the voice said. Johann jumped up, and realized he was still muttering to himself. The arms were spinning around, struggling to find some meaning in his words. Johann began to panic. This was worst case scenario, he had caused a malfunction. “NO! STOP LISTENING TO ME!” he shouted. “UNDERSTOOD. JOHANN NO LONGER ACCEPTED VOICE CONTROL.” “What?” he said, color draining from his face. The computer didn’t say a thing. “REVERTING TO MOST LIKELY SETTING.” The machine made a long string of beeps and static noise, then began repeating his last words. “ALTERNATIVE TOILETRY MEANS… WON”T GET OUT… TAKE CARE OF IT… PUNISH… BOSS’S BABY… DOORS LOCKED, NURSERY MODE ACTIVATED.” “WHAT!” Johann shouted as arms seized him. The walls around him changed to a baby blue with colorful cartoon character’s dancing around it. "This... can't... be... happening..." he said, while reality confirmed that it could, in fact, be happening. He made a scramble for the door, and slammed into the now solid wall that replaced it. Arms grabbed him from all sides and lifted him strait into the air. "No NO NO! I"M NOT A BABY!" he said, as he was carried toward a changing table. "YOU ARE A BABY, AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH. ARE YOU THROWING A TANTRUM?" the machine said. "I"m NOT throwing a tantrum! I'm an adult put me... MPH..." he was cut off as a large pacifier was shoved into his mouth. He spat it out, only to find it instantly replaced and attached behind his head with ribbons. "What sort of nursery is this?" he thought. "NAUGHTY BABY. GOOD BABIES DON"T THROWN TANTRUMS. SUCKLE THAT AND BE A GOOD BOY OR YOU'LL GET A SPANKING. ANY MORE LIES ABOUT BEING AN ADULT WILL RESULT IN MOUTH SOAPINGS" Ridiculous. The machine couldn't spank a baby... could it? That be abuse...He watched the thick steel arms circle around. He didn't want to test it. The arms settled him down on the table. The stripped him naked, taking his clothes back through the walls. He groaned as he saw their replacements. A thick white diaper, sized for himself and cartoonishly decorated came out. A baby blue teddy bear shirt with pink ruffles at the sleeves and "Baby Boy" written on the chest followed, along with finger less mittens. The arms were efficient, he had to give them that. He was very quickly powdered, diapered, and dressed to the machine's specifications. He sat up, getting used to the new sensations. The thickness of the diaper forced his legs apart, and any movement was accompanied by the loud crinkling of plastic. However, the sweet smell of the powder, along with the softness of the padding and the t-shirt made it comfortable. The machine lifted him up and set him down on the ground amid a pile of toys. "NOW BE A GOOD BABY AND PLAY UNTIL SUPPER TIME." Not likely, he thought. The second the hands moved away he stood up and reached for the tapes of his diaper. He grabbed at them on impulse, not thinking through. This quickly proved for a mistake for two reasons. First, he found that his now mittened hands were near useless when it came to opening tapes. HE had a moment to contemplate this before the second reason came crashing across his padded backside. "MPH!" he yelped against the pacifier as he was hoisted into the air. Dread filled him, and he realized the machine might just make good on its promise. A scan went over him. "ASSESSING PAIN TOLERANCE" it said. Pain tolerance? he thought. It couldn't... no... Johann watched in horror as one of the hands raised itself behind him. He closed his eyes. THWACK! he felt and heard, as the hand slammed down on him. "BAD BABY! BAD BABY!" The machine said, over and over as it spanked him. This can't be happening! he thought. They wouldn't spank an actual baby! What is this? The machine continued, putting Johann into more and more agony. He felt his bottom get blistered, and slowly broke down from yelping into loud sobs. Finally the spanking ended. The machine turned him back over and craddled him comfortably, rocking him back and forth. A finger waggled in front of him. "THERE THERE. GOOD BABIES KEEP THEIR DIAPERS ON. HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON?" Johann nodded. "GOOD. IT IS TIME FOR FEEDING. PREPARING MEAL WITH LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY." Johann's eyes went wide as he was sat down with a crinkle and a thud at a high chair. He barely even noticed his aching bottom. Lesson? Diaper necessity? What fresh hell could that be? The machine removed his pacifier, and he tried to ask the question but was silenced as a spoon full of sugary-sweet mush was shoved into his mouth. "OPEN FOR THE AIRPLANE!" One of the machine's hands held his head as the others spooned more and more into him fast enough to almost make him gag. "Wait! MPH..Let me MDSGE.... SPEAK! MPHHHHH." Every time he swallowed one spoonful, another one was instantly behind it, giving him no pause to finish speaking. He tried to spit some out, but the machine simply scooped it up and kept going. He was forced to continuously swallow what he imagined was mashed fruits and vegetables with oatmeal- as strange, gooey substance clearly intended for babies. But no one would feet a baby like this? They wouldn't treat one this roughly, would they? Soon the bowl was finished, and Johann felt stuffed with the massive amount of goo so quickly shoved into him. The hands then grabbed the bottle and lifted him out of the chair. "WAIT!" he shouted. Miraculously, the machine paused. "What is this.. lesson... thing... you are giving me?" "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY" "Yes! What is that? "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY. USED FOR BABIES WHO ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THEIR DIAPERS OR ARGUE AGAINST THEM. IN ORDER TO INSTRUCT BABIES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR DIAPERS AND PUNISH FOR THE SAME TRANSGRESSION. THE BABY IS GIVEN SUPPLEMENTS TO ENSURE DIAPER USAGE, THEN KEPT INSIDE THEM." Johann's eyes went wide. "WHAT!? You can't... MPHHHH!" He was cut off once again as the bottle was shoved into his mouth. He glared at the arms, waited a moment, and refused to drink. "IF THE BABY IS HAVING TROUBLE DRINKING, HE CAN CERTAINLY BE ENCOURAGED." The machine held up a massive wooden paddle. Johann stared at it a moment, and realized the machine wouldn't let him go until he drank anyway. There is no way he'd win a contest of patience with an inanimate object. He sulked, and began to drink. "GOOD BABY, GOOD BABY," the machine said as it rocked and fed him. Johann just tried not to think about what he was ingesting, and what it would make him do. There had to be a way out of this. When he finished, the machine put the pacifier back in his mouth without tying it on. It then put him on the ground and said "GOOD BABY, NOW PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS." Not wanting to risk another spanking, Johann picked up his teddy bear and made a show of playing with it, all while trying to think of a way out. More importantly, he wanted access to a toilet before his 'lesson' on diaper ususage began. He could already feel his stomach grumbling, and did not like what that meant. The control panel was on the other side of the wall. If he could get to it, he could reset the machine to accept his voice commands again. He picked up the bear and threw it to where the door way had been. He stood up, but after a command from the machine not down, he could back down. He then crawled after the bear, stopping before what was now a sheer wall. He ran his fingers along it, hoping to find some kind of handle. He slowly stood up, leaning on the wall so that the machine didn't tell him to sit down again, and felt for any kind of opening. HE began pounding on it with his mittened fist. He felt arms grab him and carry him to the center of the room. A finger waggled in front of him. "BABY WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE BABY IS TRYING TO LEAVE, WHICH HE KNOWS IS A BIG NO NO. BABIES CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT SUPERVISION. NOW STAY HERE AND BE GOOD" A large blue baby bouncer appeared underneath him, and Johann was set down into it. His feed dangled half a foot off the ground, and he realized he wouldn't be able to move from that spot. He tried to push himself out, but it latched on around his waste. Meanwhile, his diaper was pressed up against him, reminding of his new status, and what he would soon be required to do inside it. He felt his stomach rumble, driving the point home. Johann looked around helplessly. Aside from the teddy bear, there was nothing in arms distance he could grab onto. He could put the tips of his toes on the ground, but only managed to bounce around, which he stopped as soon as he realized how he must look. The bouncer was stationary, there was no way for him to walk or move back toward the wall. Johann stayed and sulked for what felt like hours. He tried to amuse himself with the bear, if anything to make a show for the machine. However, he couldn't distract himself for long. The cramps inside him kept growing. They came on quickly, making his stomach rumble and complain. He kept hoping the machine would let him out, but there was no such luck, and soon he was desperate. "MMM MMM!" He began making sounds against the pacifier, hoping to attract its attention. He waved his arms around and pointed at the pacifier, while pouting and sulking to show something was wrong. The hands removed the pacifier. "IS SOMETHING WRONG?" it asked. "Yes! Please, I really need to go to the bathroom." "Babies don't use the bathroom." "Please! I need to go.. uh... number two." As if to emphasize it, his stomach grumbled, and he heard a loud fart escape. He blushed and hoped that was all it was. "THEN YOU ARE ALL SET. THAT IS WHAT YOUR DIAPER IS FOR." "No! Please don't make me! I want to use the toilet!" "POTTY TRAINING WILL NOT BEING UNTIL YOU TURN 3." "I'm A GROWN MAN, YOU DENSE RUST BUCKET! LET ME GO!" Johann was getting desperate, and angry. "ARE YOU HAVING A TANTRUM? BABY WILL NOT TELL LIES." "I'm not a baby! You will let me use the toilet or I'll have you deactivated you worthless malfunctioning bastard!" "NO. BABY WILL NOT BLACKMAIL HIS CARETAKERS. "But this is pointless! Its ridiculous!" "BABIES WILL NOT ENGAGE IN SELF DESTRUCTIVE NIHILISM." "This can't be real." "SOLIPSISM IS ALSO BANNED." "SHUT UP! And let me out of these diapers!" "THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU WILL USE YOUR DIAPERS NOW. INITIATING PUNISHMENT SEQUENCE 34 C." "What?" Johann said, color draining from his face. The pacifier was again tied into his mouth, and he was suspended bent over. A hand raised up and spanked him hard enough to make him yelp. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The hand continued spanking him, and the machine spoke. "BAD BABY! YOU WILL BE SPANKED UNTIL YOU USE YOUR DIAPERS LIKE YOU ARE MEANT TO." Johann was in panic. He couldn't do that. However, his bottom was already sore from the previous spanking, and there was no way to escape. Furthermore, the pressure was building, and he was getting desperate. He swallowed his pride, and gave up. He felt a massive stream of muck come out of him and into his waiting diaper. The spanking spread the warm mush around, caking him. He cringed at the feeling, wanting more then anything for it to be over. However, after all that waiting and holding back, there was a lot in him and it kept coming out. The hands slowed down to a light patting as he finished. He shuddered, utterly humiliated. His only relief was that no one was there to see it. It took him a moment to realize that the hand hadn't entirely stopped. Instead, it changed its pattern, rubbing him and patting him. He looked at it questioningly. "THIS IS PART OF THE PUNISHMENT. BABY WILL HAVE HIS MESSY DIAPER RUBBED TO INCREASE DISCOMFORT, THEN REMAIN IN IT." The machine kept going, then slowly turned him over and sat him on a pair of arms folded like a knee to bounce him up and down. "What kind of horrid nursery is this!?" Johann thought as he sobbed. He felt the muck in his diaper get pressed against him again and again. Already, the smell made him want to gag, and the feeling made it worse. When it was finished, the machine put him in the corner and ordered him not to think about what he had done and not to move. Johann sulked, almost thank full for the teddy bear and pacifier. Having nothing to do or distract him, he couldn't stop thinking about the feeling inside his diaper, the horrible smell, or his humiliating circumstance. How could the machine make a mistake like this? Why would it treat a 'baby' so roughly? And how could he get out? Johann had know idea how long it had been when the machine finally picked him up. "DID YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD DONE?" Johann nodded. "GOOD BABY. YOUR PUNISHMENT IS ALMOST OVER. YOU WILL BE CHANGED SOON, AND UNTIL THEN YOU CAN PLAY." Johann was happy for even the slightly good news, and tried to not think about the fact he was happy for a diaper change. That changed quickly, however, when he saw where he would be spending his 'play time.' The machine carried him back towards the bouncer, and despite his kicking and squirming, deposited him inside of it. "MMMMMMPPPHHH!" He moaned and wailed as the messy diaper was pressed against him. He sulked down, almost crying. The feeling was horrible, and getting worse by the minute. It was beginning to itch, and he was helpless to stop it. He hung pouting in the bouncer, holding tightly onto his teddy bear for the slightest bit of comfort. The machine turned on cartoons directly in front of him, and unable to turn away inside the bouncer, he was forced to watch. He didn't think he had ever been so miserable. Finally, the machine began to pick him up. "CHANGING TIME" it announced. Johann thought of how just a few hours ago that statement would seem ridiculous, and now it seemed like wonderful news. The arms had him suspended mid air when they stopped. Johann wondered what was going on.. "ACCEPTING NEW COMMANDER- Capt C. Cleveland." The machine said. "Oh no..." Johann thought. "When was the tour coming through?" As if to answer the question, the screen door began to move up. Johann's eyes went wide and he struggled helplessly against the arms. A deep horror dawned on him. "PAUSING FOR INSPECTION" the machine said, leaving Johann suspended mid air directly in front of the screen. There was an audible gasp as a collection of shocked faces saw Johann suspended spread eagle, wearing a babyish t shirt and diaper, sucking a pacifier, holding a teddy bear, with infantile cartoons on, clearly having just been taken out of a bumper and with a diaper changing table being prepared behind him. "Is that... is that Johann?" a voice said. Johann stared in shock. The voice was Amanda, one of his co-workers. Along with her most of his coworkers, his seniors, the commanders and admirals, the actual inspectors, and, it seemed, a tour group of visiting civilians. There were far more then he expected, and every one of them was staring at him. He wondered if anything could be more humiliating. His answer came quickly. "UNTWISTING ARMS" the machine said. Johann looked up to see that, by grabbing him when he was struggling, had become twisted in a loop. The result was Johann began to slowly rotate in front of the group. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it would stop before it was too late. It didn't, and there was an audible gasp as Johann was turned backwards to reveal his messy diaper to the crowd, before facing them again blushing deeper then he ever had before. The audience was horrified, but remained, unable to turn away from the train wreck of a scene. "Ummm... Captain Cleveland... who is this?" the admiral asked. "That is... that is Johann sir, one of the monitors here," Johann's flabbergasted superior explained. "What is he doing dressed like that?" "Well sir... that is the nursery program, usually intended for babies." "Then why is he there?" "Well... there are... other... reasons people might want to use it. Some people take it for.. ahem.. personal reasons, which we don't ask about. It has different settings for that." "So, a fetish?" "Yes. He talked about going on sabbatical to relax... I didn't realize this is what he meant." Johann was partially relieved to finally have an explanation, partially horrified to realize everyone there thought he was a pervert. "Huh. It has other settings like this?" the Admiral asked. "Yes. Also, they can be used as a punishment, I'm not..." "PUNISHMENT INITIATED" the machine said. "Oh god" Johann thought as it swung him around. To the shock of everyone there, the machine bent him over directly in front of the screen. Johann cringed at what he knew was going to happen. There was a loud shout from the audience, and Johann felt a hand smack the back of his messy diaper. He shouted, and the hand kept spanking again and again. The audience was groaning and screaming. Captain Cleveland spoke up. "Abort, abort! Computer, stop that!" The machine stopped, and left him suspended. "Why don't we go check..." "CHECK INITIATED" the machine said. There was another horrified scream as Johann's messy backside was brought up close to the screen and presented to the audience. The screen was slightly raised to allow for a check from the audience. Johann heard loud gagging and people backing away. "IT IS MY OPINION THAT THE BABY'S DIAPER IS MESSY," the machine said. "NO NO!" the captain yelled, "just do what you were doing before!" "UNDERSTOOD. CONTINUING DIAPER CHANGE," the machine said, and Johann was carried to the changing table. There was a scream, louder then before, as people began filing away from the scene. "CLOSE THE SCREEN! CLOSE THE SCREEN!" the captain yelled. The crowd began to move away, with members stopping to watch in awe at Johann's diaper change. Johann himself was held down to the table as his diaper was untapped and removed. He stared at the closing screen, watching both his greatest humiliation and possibly his only chance of escape disappear. He thought of his future. These chambers were usually private and self sustained. If they thought he really was going on sabbatical, its possible he'd be here for months before they asked him back. That was even if they wanted him back after all this. He dreaded having to go in front of his boss to explain how he ended up in a messy diaper in front of the Admiral, not to mention the airborne robot. However, even that was better then staying here. He let the machine change him, and prayed someone would have the sense to come and ask. Thanks for reading! As always, comments or critiques are appreciated.
  10. Peter had a perfect life, although, there was one problem. His son Dan was rebellious against everything, he refused to obey his fathers orders, refused to come home before curfew, shouted at his mom, and refused to help out with his younger siblings. Peter and his wife had had enough, and it was affecting their younger children. They had four children, Dan was 15, they had a daughter aged 10 called Aurora and 2yr old twins called Chrissy and Charlie Peter and Chloe, the mom of the family, decided that Dan had gone too far when they received a letter saying he had been kicked off the basketball team for throwing the ball at the official when he gave a decision in their opponents favour.
  11. A Reason Why

    There was a great flash like lightening, and heat filled the room. He felt himself burning and woke in panic, not understanding what was going on. All around him was piercing noise, sirens slowly twisting into screams. His breath was cut off. In the noise he wasn’t sure if his calls for help were going unanswered or simply never left his mouth. He was in the air, moving without will as he was crushed against a mass of rough brown cloth. Screams still followed, distant and barely audible under a moaning, lurching sound, but piercing into his ears and his mind none the less, and going answered. He was outside. He felt the ground under his body. The cold air cut into him after the intense heat and he fell shuddering. The screaming continued, but morphed into a moaning, crashing sound, and stopped. Noise filled the gap. People were crying. Sirens wailed. The screaming remained inside him, echoing in his mind, and mixing with the ice cold wind. Something wrapped around him and he was warm again, and he hoped to never feel that cold again. He was in another place. The cold was gone, but the screaming remained. It was a different sort, a deeper, thicker, rougher shout, but still there, and he shuddered. Steven awoke in a cold sweat. The alarm was going off, screeching for his attention. He hit the button. He would have to get that sound changed.He got undressed and headed into the shower. He turned on the nozzle, and the heat came with a loud hiss… Burning, screaming… He shook his head and removed the thoughts. He blanked them out, turning his mind to other things. He had to get up. He had to get dressed. He had his job to do and a random nightmare was no excuse not to.He got clean as quickly as he could, dried off, and got dressed. His typical black suit and tie, along with permanently polished shoes and watch. He grabbed his long coat to go with it, and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Breakfast was already waiting for him. He thanked his maid and moved out the door.He got in a car - this one was a red sports car, for every second day of the work week- and turned the ignition, preparing himself for the noise. He had paid more than enough for it, and as the salesman said “if it doesn’t wake the neighbors, its not doing its job.” He never really enjoyed it too much, but it was almost expected to own something similar where he worked. He could drive in something cheaper. No one would really say anything. They would think it, though.The engine came alive and roared loudly… Crashing, moaning…“DAMINT!” he shouted. He thought he had gotten rid of those images. Years of hard work and secretive therapy sessions should have ensured it.He could call in sick. No one would say anything, of course. He was allowed to.They would all think it though. Just like the car. His boss was on his fifteenth year without a break. His step father had gone the full 35 years before his age granted him the leniency for sick days.He cursed, and drove off.He arrived at the office twenty-five minutes early, or, as he called it, ‘late’. He walked through the long grey hallways dotted with cubical and water coolers and made his way to his office. He passed by people he knew by name and department and flashed polite, empty smiles. He opened the door and went in. He had a large, lightly decorated office with a massive desk, a garbage can and a window whose blinds he kept perpetually closed. People started drifting into the building, chatting around his office. He concentrated on his work, but the noise built until finally had to slam his door shut.The time drifted by in odd bursts and lulls. He didn’t pay it much mind, he had work to do, and wouldn’t leave until it was done.A loud screeching noise made him jump.Screaming, shouting…He looked down at his phone and lifted the receiver.“Hello is this the Henry Berran Brokers?” a shrill voice asked.“Yes, this is Mergers and Acquisitions,” he replied.“Excellent. Do you know…”Something was happening outside. People were speaking, loudly.“if that is true, should we…”He took out a pen and began copying down what she told him.The voices were getting louder. Through the closed door, he couldn’t make out what they were saying.“And then I’ll need…”He made out the sound of his senior, Michael McNaughton. He began to shout at someone. He was always shouting.Shouting, screaming…“large tubes of..”He was getting louder and louder. He could picture him, red faced…Burning, steaming…Shouting louder, louder…Screaming, calling…“place it inside…”Someone was crying.Crying, moaning…“it may hurt a bit…”He was throwing things, tearing them apart.Moaning, crashing… The last remains of sunlight cut through the blinds, hurting his eyes.Burning, cutting“But I think we are ready…”Steven shouted and through his phone from his desk. It crashed into the wall opposite of him. He stared at it, breathing heavily.Finally he ran up to it again and picked it up. The women was still speaking.“Hello? What was that? It sounded like a crash!” she said.“Sorry, I, uhh… dropped my phone,” he replied.“Alright. Well is there anything else you need to know?”“No, that is fine,” Steven said. He was sure he had everything he needed in his notes.“Aright, well, goodbye! Thanks for everything.”“No, thank you.” He hung up the phone.He stared down at his notepad. Gibberish, completely illegible.He tried to remember any detail of the call. Her name, where she worked… nothing came to mind.He tore the piece of paper from his notebook and threw it into the trash bin. Hopefully it wasn’t anything important. He thought about calling back the same number, but it would probably only lead to a directory, and that was useless without knowing the department which called.He looked at his watch. It was late, most people were probably clearing the office. Never the less, he sat back down at his desk and kept working. There was still work to do, and leaving too early would always look bad.When he finally finished it was dark. The air was cold,Cold air, howling wind… and he pulled his jacket against it. He got into his car and began to drive away.He watched the road as closely as he could. The images from the dream kept coming back, and he shook them out of his mind.He turned the radio on, hoping it would help him clear the images out.He didn’t know the station. It seemed good enough at first, people talking calmly. They were announcing a new song. It came on gently, with a moment of silence. There was a voice whispering something, getting louder, and louder..Suddenly the singer was screamingScreaming, shoutingThe guitar came blasting randomly, pouring out notes faster and faster.Moaning, burning…The drums pounded.Crashing, falling. Screaming, shouting Falling, biting Burning, chocking, Flashing, cutting Howling, whining He screamed and fumbled at the radio. He looked down to turn the nob, and didn’t notice the light changing in front of him. He sped through, and a truck smashed into the side of his vehicle.…Steven woke up again, this time to gentle singing. He had no idea where he was. He was surrounded by warmth, and felt cushions piled around him. Everything was soft and silken, from the voice to the blankets. He sank into them and wished he could go back to sleep. He hadn’t felt this way in as long as he could remember.Finally he opened his eyes completely, and saw a white tiled roof he did not recognize. He sat up completely. He looked down at himself. He seemed to be fine. He didn’t seem to be injured and couldn’t feel pain anywhere. He was wearing long white pajamas. They weren’t his own, but they were comfortable and fit perfectly. The room he was in was painted a golden hue, and had wall to wall carpeting.There was a women sitting on a chair in front of him. She had been the one singing, and stopped when he saw her.“What is going on? Where am I?” he asked.“Don’t worry about that right now. You are safe,” she replied, in a voice as soft as the cushions.“But I need to contact someone. I need to get back to work, I…” he stopped as she shushed him and put a finger on his lips.“Don’t worry about that, sweetheart. Don’t even think about work. It will all be alright. You are with us now, and we are going to take care of you. We will take care of everything you’ll ever need, and everything you could ever want. All you have to do is trust us.”Despite their strangeness, he felt a calm reassurance at her words. He realized he really did trust her. He nodded, and smiled. (If anyone is wondering, there is going to be ABDL material later. The story just needed some set up. So don't worry your pampered butts :p)
  12. Little girl again

    This role play is about a women who has agreed to be a couples little girl.
  13. Booted Baby (OPEN)

    Before I start. I'm looking for someone who is quite detailed. I'm looking for switching between 1st person and 3rd. Ashley had previously been a straight A student, giving everything 110%. Yet as she got older, she slowly lost interest. By age 17, she was hanging around with the bullies of the school. It was thanks to this that on a Friday; she was given the news that it was to be her last. As she walked home from school for the last time. Ashley couldn't help but wonder what her punishment might be.
  14. So idecided to bite the bullet and try my hand at writing a story. This is an 18 plus story and intended for adults only. all involved with this story are fictional and are over the age of 18. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Diapering Daddy. - Prologue - The gavel fell on a rainy day in May of 2020, but i did not care. I don’t care about anything i’m one of the most dangerous men in the world. I can’t help it when thing do not go my way i just snap. I reflect back on the people i hurt and killed to get to this point briefly i'm snapped back to the present just in time for the Red faced white haired Judge to say he was ready to pass sentence. I was forced by two court guards to stand they are lucky i'm shackled or i would add them to the list. “ Victor Wayne!” the judge said “ I find great pleasure in the responsibility placed in me to ensure your days of hurting people are over forever. I personally don’t believe in the death penalty. So i sentence you to be floated through the Rift to the other Dimension.” I ask myself what is the Rift? And what are dimensions? “Whatever sounds better than the death penalty.” The Judge goes on to say that My partner was already floated and will probably still be at the reception center at the other side when i get there. My Heart dropped I lowered my head “Nikki” i said. My ray of sunshine never really did anything but got a rap just for being with me to many times when thing went bad. I pulled myself together just in time to feel the blood boil out of my chest and then everything turns red as i headbut my lousy appointed attorney rendering him unconscious before the Guard hits me with a taser and i pass out. . . Chapter 1 . . . I wake up staring at a light not unlike the one in an operating room. I try to turn my head to the left and the right and i can’t my body won't even flinch the only thing i can move is my eyes frantically i look around. I can't even talk i did manage a grunt. “Aww! he’s awake” a sweet high girly voiced blond says walking up and checking the IV bag that i’m hooked too. “There is still enough left to keep him locked in himself till the floating ceremony” “I love this part” a cute redhead says as she bounces up to my side wearing a pink striped nurses uniform. The top plunges deep between her Breast almost threatening to spill out of the revealing top. Picking up my hand effortlessly cleaning my fingernails clipping them short i grunt not liking her handling me with out being to stop her. “ don’t try to talk sweety you have said all that you will ever say on this side of the rift” Who knows maybe they will let you once you cross over” Not sure what she meant by that she spread my fingers and set them on a handstand and filled my finger nails. The Blond girl walks up with a clipboard in her hand saying “ this one is supposed to be painted” The redhead smile and says “k” picking up an airbrush and going to work on my nails. “You have got to read his sheet no wonder why they are giving him the full workup” setting down the clipboard and picking up a stretchy pink ribbon about a half an inch wide tieing it around the base of my penis and balls with a bow just above my penis. Noticing it feels different down there. “Oops I almost forgot” picking my head up setting it on a block forcing me to look down my now hairless body. The redhead just finishing my first hand going to work on the second one. Looking at the blond “this is so much better then killing them” the looking me in the eyes and pointing to a tinted glass window above my feet. “Behind that glass is the people you hurt that are here to see your justice served.” she says. “They want to make sure that your gone” stopping and finishing my second hand. The blond walks up to up to the other side picking up my hand should we give him a little parting gift? She says to the red head. ‘I think so” says the redhead picking up my other hand setting down her airbrush slipping it to the side of her breast. The blond does the same thing holding my hand to hers with one hand and reaches down and starts stroking my penis with the other.I notice between her fingers that they painted my fingernails the same color baby pink as the ribbon around my now erect penis. “Mmhmm! I think he likes this!” the redhead says “Aww does baby like this attention?!” said the blond and she strokes up and down the length on my shaft. “Better pay attention! You know we can’t let him cum or we both may float” replied the redhead. Just as the Judge walks in. The blond stops rubbing me, taking both of my hands and tying them together with a extremely thick velcro like strap effectively making my already more useless hands even more worthless. The Judge steps forward “ by the power vested in me on this day I order you cast into the Rift in accordance with inter-Rift agreement 1 to serve his sentence on the other dimension. Proceed” The Blond and the redhead step to my sides and removes the block from under my head and start to strap the rest of the way to the back board that i am laying on before removing the tube from the IV and giving me a small shot of something else, I feel the strength slowing coming back to my body. The Girls turn me around and start wheeling me towards what looks like an elevator door the Blond pushed the button and enters a security code on her side. The Redhead does the same on her side of the door. The door slowly starts to open revealing a bright blue and white light that almost looked like an electrical spark jumping. Avoice come crackling threw the Rift. “this is Matron Ramsey we have the reception pen prepared and are ready to receive the prisoner at your will.” “Received” the girls said in unison turning to me both giving me a kiss on the cheek at the same time before they start to proceed. The blond goes on to say “The prisoner has been edged per your request and will are sending him now. Good look with this one! He is prone to tantrums and fits!” “We have rehabilitation methods that works with any brat” says the voice coming from the rift. Smiling the redhead pushes a button on the side of the table and the head starts to rise and a slide into the rift into complete darkness.
  15. Banana diaper poop help

    Hello, i am new here but just looking for some suggestions for something I'm going to try. I ordered an inflatable butt plug and a hollow "tunnel" plug and when they arrive I am planning on using them to fill myself up with bananas and enemas and then eventually messing my diaper. I have done the banana challenge a couple times but always have to let them out earlier than I would like. so here's the plan. Going to put the hollow plug in, put in roughly 2 bananas cut up into smallish pieces, and then a 16oz bottle of water. Once that is all in I am going to put the inflatable plug inside the hollow plug and pump it until it's snug. Then hopefully I can hold that for a while, and repeat 1 or maybe 2 rounds of that. My questions are: Should I put the inflatable plug inside the hollow plug or just remove the hollow one and insert the pump one? Is there anything else you would suggest putting in my butt (suppositories, whipped cream, another kind of fluid)? Any other suggestions you have if I'm trying to just make myself really desperate to poop and then have a giant release? Thanks!
  16. Summer Punishment

    Summer Punishment Hi everyone this is my first story which is based on a fantasy I've had for some time so look forward to your thoughts. Chapter 1 The rain lashed against the window of the car as we sped up the motorway, it seemed today the weathers mood reflected that of the occupants. The silence was the worst part, we had been driving for over an hour and yet the only words spoken were short observations made by my parents in the front. Next to me sat my younger sister, earphones in listening to music while staring blankly out of the window. At 15 she normally really got on my nerves but today however we were in this together, both waiting with worried trepidation about what our fate would be for the next 2 months. Today was in fact the first day of our summer holiday yet instead of enjoying our freedom with friends we were on route to the massive exhibition centre outside the city. The show we were visiting was called ‘The Teenager Improvement & Correction Show’, not long ago this strange title would have seem like a joke but in just a few years they had become all the rage. These shows had started, fuelled as parents becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of self-control, respect and responsibility teenagers were showing along with teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and under 21 crime reaching all-time highs. These huge social issues had led to shows that would have once been condemned as inappropriate or even child-abuse to be deemed necessary and in a lot of cases actively encouraged. After all on paper they seemed to be incredibly affective. This however didn’t bring any hope to my heart. I had read about these shows in the paper but I never really paid attention, always thinking my parents would never take me to one. However I was most definitely wrong, as was my sister when she found out she would be joining me. People I knew at school had attended these in past summers and when they did you wouldn’t hear from them until school resumed in September. Even when they did return never was their summer talked about and it was always a ‘no go’ topic. It was this dread of not knowing what to expect that was already worse than any punishment I had received before. The good or bad news however was that we were nearly there and I guessed we only had about 15 minutes left on the road. You are probably wondering what drove my parents to bringing us both here? Well in my case I was stupid and got caught red handed; the cannabis was in the paper ready to be rolled when in walks my mother. I thought she was out shopping but this assumption proved to be a big mistake. My parents hate drugs so as you can imagine she went mental. My sister on the other hand had built up her cause for punishment over a much longer period; generally back talking, coming home late, swearing at my parents, etc... It’s probably time I tell you a bit about myself. To get started I’m 18 and stand at about 5,8” which compared to the other girls in my class is pretty tall. Like my sister we are both slim and generally considered to be good looking. While looking similar, my brown hair came down to just below my shoulders whereas she wore her blond hair up in a scrunchy. Chapter 2 “Right girls” my mother said aloud, awaking both me and my sister from our thoughts. As we both looked up and my sister removed her earphones she continued, “You both know why me and your father have decided to bring you here, you both let us down badly. Now I’m going to set down two simple rules even before we get started. Firstly you have no choice is what improvement system we chose for you and any arguments will just result in your punishment being worsened. Secondly I want you both to be on your best behaviour, we will not put up with any swearing, running away or any such like. Understand?” “Yes Mum” I replied “Good Hannah, what about you Lucy?” “Yes, but do...” she started before being interrupted “No buts young lady, that’s final” It was then that our car turned into the gravel car park and we slowed into a space near the back. “It’s busier than I imagined” my dad blurted out aloud “First day of the holidays, I’m sure we aren’t the only parents wanting to get started straight away.” my mum said back before continuing “Right let’s get going!” I got out of the car with no haste, I even delayed the process of closing the door but after a sharp look from my mother quickly closed it and sped up to catch up with the three of them as they headed for the main entrance. Moments later we were moving through the revolving doors and into the huge foyer. It was very busy with hundreds of families moving around, yet it was eerily quiet. It seemed only the adults were talking. I could even hear somebody sobbing in the distance but couldn’t locate where. But there was not time for that as mum was already ushering us towards the entrance into hall 2. Upon crossing the fresh hold I stopped, staring with a mixture of shock and horror. The hall was enormous and seemed to be divided into about 10 sections which in turn housed about 20 stands. Above each of these sections hung a huge sign decrypting the system of punishment (I was not looking at this as correction anymore) it represented. I had just started to scan the titles when a young man approached my parents saying aloud ‘Hi folks, is it your first time at this show? You look a bit lost’ My father seemed please somebody had come to the rescue as he like me had stopped and stared after entering. “Thanks and yes it is. How does it work, do we go around in order or….” He trailed off not really knowing what he should be saying. “Don’t worry, its actually really simple. You will see the big signs above each of these sections, yes, well these are the systems of correction & punishment. We have 8 in total so the first step is to choose which one is appropriate.” “Ok” my dad nodded not sounded too sure “and after that…” “Then just go up to the first desk they will help you get started, choosing the severity, length, etc of your chosen system of correction. It’s a build your own method so you can really customise it as required” “That’s great, thanks” my mum cut in obviously eager to get started. Chapter 3 We moved off towards the first section whose title read ‘Enforced Education’ with the subtitle ‘For underachievers’. I looked over to my sister and she was very pale with a look on her face that mimicked how I felt inside. I wasn’t sure if I should cry, be angry or run away but I quickly reminded myself of my mother’s warning and that I didn’t want to make this any worst for myself. Before we reached the entrance to this section my mother stopped obviously reading the sign before turning around and gesturing towards another section across the hall. “Of all the things you two have done, lucky underachieving isn’t one” she muttered as she pushed forward. The next section read ‘Manual labour – for lazy teens’ again as we approached my mother stopped deciding this also was inappropriate. This process continued as we moved deeper into the hall, reading the titles as we went I noticed that it seemed the punishments systems were getting more severe. ‘Corporal punishment and chastity’ my father read aloud as me and Lucy gasped aloud. You wouldn’t have believed my relief when as like the others before, we walked straight past. I was starting to hope that maybe my parents would decide that none of these systems suited and that we would go home and I would be grounded like my past punishments. This however turned out to be a false hope, as just then my mother started moving purposefully towards the sign that read ‘Dependency & Regression – Both preventative and punishment’. I wasn’t sure what Regression meant but I definitely didn’t like the sound of that. Lucy’s walking pace had slowed and talking the cue followed suit. “Do you know what that means” she said pointing to the sign “No, you?” I replied “Not sure… I thought it meant getting younger but… it can’t be….” she said “Well were going to find out soon enough” “Hannah, Lucy, get over here” my mum shouted across the hall People were turning around and blushing I speed walked over to the large counter where they both were stood with Lucy hot on my heels. Chapter 4 Arriving at the counter I stood next to my parents as the woman behind began to speak after obviously waiting for us to arrive. “So have you decided on this correction plan already or would you like me to talk you through it?” “Talk us through it please?” replied my mother quickly “Well, the principle is pretty simple really and has been developed recently but the results so far have been outstanding. It does however require you to have an open mind and it’s not for all parents…” I was already worried but my mother nodded prompting her to continue. “So the idea of this system is to regress your teenagers to an age or state where they were more dependent upon you. This then rebuilds their respect for you while providing a deterrent for them not to misbehave. It’s like having a second shot at bringing them up.” I was taken aback but still was struggle to see what she meant. How would they make us more dependent on our parents? This thought was punctured however by my father blurting out “Sounds perfect! But how does it actually work?” “Well that depends, on the level you choose. We have five running from level 1 for teenagers who need a minor reminder all the way to level 5 for out of control teens.” “Now without me telling you about each level where would you place your two girls? I expect they are both to receive correction?” “Yes they both are; for Lucy here pointing at my sister I would say a 2 while Hannah pointer at me is probably a 3 or 4” my mother responded “Perfect she said taking a note. Well here are the rules for each level” she said pushing over 3 pieces of paper. My mum read the first sheet aloud: Level 2 Ideal for correcting ongoing but minor misbehaving or lack of respect Correction term: 4 – 8 weeks Parental involvement: Medium Material cost: £20 per week Objective: Return teen to full use of nappies with toilet out of bounds. Parental control over nappy changes with punishments for misbehaving. No or normal clothes to be worn at discretion of parent. Base Rules: 1. Teen must be in nappies for the whole period of punishment 2. Nappy must be used for both wetting and messing 3. Only parents / selected adults can change the teen 4. Punishment for misbehaving Configuration Options: 1. Punishments 2. Nappy style and capacity 3. Length of period between changes ---------------- Mum stopped and looked over at us both. Lucy was in tears and I however was angry and couldn’t stop myself “NO WAY! I’m not F###### going along with this” I shouted “How dare you speak to me like that young lady! I was obviously wrong thinking level 3 would be appropriate” She replied angrily handing one of the sheets back to women “But…” I started “No! You be quite or I will upgrade you to level 5!” She snarled back before reading aloud again. Level 4 Ideal for correcting and punishing a major rebellion or lack of respect from a teen. Correction term: 6 – 12 weeks Parental involvement: High Material cost: £45 per week Objective: Return teen to full time baby state, with uncontrolled use of nappies, baby clothing and routines. Full parental control over all accepts of life with major punishments for misbehaving. However no confinement is used and baby talk is not required. Base Rules: 1. Teen must be in thick nappies for the whole period of punishment 2. Forced wetting and messing for whole period 3. Only parents / selected adults can change the teen 4. Baby clothing to be worn at all times 5. Fed baby food and milk in bottles 6. Sleep in a crib (supplied for period) 7. Severe punishments for misbehaving Configuration Options: 1. Punishments 2. Nappy style, capacity and doublers 3. Length of period between changes 4. Clothing styles ---------------- I was crying now, my parents surely couldn’t go through with this. How would I cope, I can’t be a baby, I won’t! These thoughts were racing through my mind but over them all I had an overarching sense of helplessness. “Don’t you think that’s a bit severe? I’m not so sure about this.” my dad asked my mum “No David I think it’s perfect. Weren’t you even saying the other day how easier it was when they were younger?” “Yes but… but… maybe your right” he said sounding beaten. “So you want to go ahead?” The women piped up from behind the counter. I had now managed to gain some composure, rubbing my tears away from my eyes and looking over to Lucy. She had also stopped crying, maybe realising that she had got of much more lightly than me. My mum nodded and the woman pointed towards the nearest stand “Great, the first stand lets you select the required nappies and you just move on through each from there. Your choices will be marked on the back of those sheets” “Let’s get moving then, I want to be home before 3” mum said to me as she grabbed my hand Chapter 5 The stand was occupied by a much younger man probably around 25 and whose table featured a wide array of large plastic squares and what looked like towels. These must be the nappies and this attractive guy is going to help my mum select the nappies I will be wearing. That thought alone made me turn beat red with embarrassment. “Hi there, I’m Jake” he introduced “What are your levels?” “2 and 4”my mum “OK, well let’s start with the level two, which one is that?” I couldn’t believe how matter of fact he was being as my mum proceeded to point to my sister. “Right she’s a small so your first choice is do you want disposable or cloth? Cloth is thicker but means you have to wash it and well, it can get quite messy.” He smiled “Disposable, definitely” dad shot back! “Fine, as she will be in them full time you should probably disregard these” he said pointing to the left of the table. “Now I would recommend either this” holding up a thick nappy with a green stripe down it “or this” holding up a similar looking one but this time with a purple stripe and noticeably thicker. “What’s the difference?” my mum said “Well the purple one is a Tena slip maxi, rather than a super so has more capacity and increases the time between changes…” “That one sounds perfect for Lucy then but what about for Hannah here?” she replied “Well, being a level 4 and wanting disposable I would say you only have one option” he said moving along to the other end of the table and picking up an incredibly thick nappy covered in baby prints. “What?” I said aloud. It was clearly twice the thickness of Lucy’s one “This” he said “is a custom teen nappy we have had created which is the thickest and most absorbent in the world. The idea is to simulate the feeling a baby would get wearing a nappy” “Well that was easy then” my mum said “What next?” “Move along to the next stand and they will help you select your nappy changing intervals” Both my parents thanked him for his help while he updated our sheets before we moved on. The next few stands were a blur as I was crying quietly and had taken the ‘pretend it’s not happening approach’. My dad noticing I was not required for them to make the choices said me and my sister could go and wait at a small seating area in the middle. We both quickly accepted, deciding that not watching the decision being made would reduce the continual embarrassment. It took over 30 minutes for my parents to move through about ¾ of the stands, my bum was getting numb so I decided to re-join my parents. This was a bad idea as the stand they had just arrived at was marked ‘Level 4 – 5 Only’. The women behind this stand was already talking when I arrived unbeknown to my parents. “So is your daughter over 16? And do you know if she is sexual active?” “Yes she’s 18 but I hope not” my mother replied “Well one of the problems with level 4 & 5’s is that the restrictive clothing prevents the ability of your teen to carry out self-sexual simulation such as masturbation. Which is I might add is an important part of becoming an adult” “Ok…” my dad said obviously sounding nervous for what was about to follow “Well, obviously you can’t let her remove the nappies as this would ruin the process of correction and dependence, so we created this” she said holding up what appears to large pair of pants but with a hollow dido at the front and back. “To allow your daughter to experience masturbation you can strap this on her and select a setting as required” pointing to a small remote control with the options; 1 to 4. “The powerful vibrators in the front and rear will do the rest.” After taking a quite pause she continued “This is optional but I would highly recommend it” “OK, if you think its best” my mum replied “No Mum”, I couldn’t help myself and she span around to see me standing their behind her. “You lost your right to have a say when you took those drugs Hannah, now you can either be quite or go back and join your sister” What could I do? Although noticing the next and penultimate stand was labelled ‘punishments’ I resisted retorting. Again my sheet was marked and I noticed it was looking rather full, that worried me greatly but mum was already moving off again. The punishment stand was fairly bland and the bored looking, middle aged woman behind it appeared visibly pleased when we stopped in front of it. “Hi there” she said in a strong Irish accent. “What’s the level?” she asked “Level’s” my mum corrected, “2 & 4” “Well we have over 20 punishment methods available divided into 3 categories of misbehaviour. Now you can pick and choose the ones you want but many parents find this hard so we have created premade ‘packs’ if you will, for each level” “That sound’s easier” dad responded “It is and what’s more they are in sealed envelopes so neither party knows the punishment until required. Now if you want to go ahead I will just have to see the sheets to check the compatibility” My mum quickly handed over the two pieces to paper which she studied for about 40 seconds before added a quick mark on the last blank row. And pointed off to the final stand. “Right your all set, you can pay at the next stand and then they will load up your car with the materials” Chapter 6 20 minutes later all 4 of us were in the car heading out of the car park. The mood in the car was miserable, the first thing my mum had said after the boot was closed over the many boxes was how she and my father had wished they didn’t need to do this but thought it would be the best for us in the long run. I didn’t agree but remained quiet, as did Lucy. She then proceeded to hand over a folded document titled ‘Your Correction Plan’ to each of us. “Read that” she said “Your correction will start the minute we get home, no arguments” -------------- Correction Plan – Hannah McDowell – 18 – Level 4 Please read this carefully as it sets out the rules and the choices your parents have made for you. Firstly as a level 4 you will be regressed back in almost every way to that of an infant. You will be forced to wet and mess your nappies, wear baby clothes, be fed baby food, drink from a bottle and sleep in a crib. You will have a dummy in at all times but as a level 4 you will, at the discretion of your parents, be able to talk like an adult at times. Choices Forced Use: Yes (wetting & messing) Nappy: Disposable Teen Baby Maxi (Medium) Change Interval: 10am, 2pm and 7pm Friend contact: None Clothing options: Onesie (pink), Sleeper / All-in-one (pink), Play Dress (yellow) Clothing accessories: Restrictive moment mittens, teen size dummy with harness Rental Furniture: Crib, Changing Table, Play Pen & Highchair Restraints: Yes (crib only) Sexual: Strap on vibrator Extras: Enema kit Punishments: Preselected and unknown to both parties Rules In addition to the core rules mentioned earlier your parents have selected to add these rules: 1. No attempt to be made to remove clothing 2. Nappy changes cannot be requested 3. All adult food and drinks out of bounds 4. You must also obey commends from your sister as she is now older than you Now you have read this document we would advise that you accept these selections and do not resist the process as this will just result in punishments and more discomfort. Your punishment has been set to last for 6 weeks but can be extended at any time. Note that furniture is rented and will normally be installed within 2 working days. You correction will however start upon arriving home. --------------- I read and re-read the document hoping this was a dream but the harsh reality set in and I began to accept that I would only be a teenager for another hour until we arrived home. Lucy asked if she you see mine indicating to the piece of paper and we swapped with me quickly reading over her selected options. It seemed she had got off much more lightly and while she would also be in nappies full time, the baby clothing or furniture options were missing and she had an extra change interval each day. Lucy seemed to have finished reading mine and had turned very pale. “Oh my god, I thought I had it bad” she whispered in my ear, there was no glee in her voice she genuinely sounds sorry for me. I didn’t however respond, after all what could I say. The rest of the long journey was uneventful and we were sound travelling down the narrow, dead end road which led to our house. The house itself was positioned right next to the sea and we had no neighbours for miles. Normally I hated this remoteness but this summer it was great as there was no risk one of my friends would drop by and see me. We pulled up outside the house and after turning off the engine both my parents jumped out the car. I was shaking with fear, embarrassment and anger for what was about to happen and didn’t move, Lucy was the same and even had started to cry again. Mum obviously noticing we haven’t got out opened by door and said “Actually girls I want you to stay in the car while me and your father unpack and setup the things. We will call you in when ready” We waited in silence for what felt like hours but was probably only 10 minutes for mum or dad to return. In this time I considered running away, fighting them or calling the police but dismissed each idea after thinking it through. The tap on the window caused me to turn around to see my dad waiting outside, we both quickly got out and followed him inside in silence. “Sit down on the sofa girls, we want to run through the rules before we get started” I sat quickly, looking down at my feet although I couldn’t help notice a large plastic mat on the floor a few feet away with two nappies sitting next to it. Chapter 7 “Right girls, you have both had time in the car to read through your rules so before we get started I wanted to ask if you have any questions?” mum asked calmly “Yes mum, do… do… do you really have to do this? I’m 15… I don’t want to wear nappies!” Lucy piped up through tears “Yes Lucy, you do and I don’t want to hear any more complaining about it. You should have known that your behaviour would led to consequences.” Mum retorted “Hannah, do you have anything to ask” dad asked I just shock my head, letting the tears fall onto my lap. “Good” mum said “me and your dad have been talking and have decided that it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to change you, so I will be the only one who changes your nappies over the next 6 weeks.” I was slightly glad about this as I’m not sure I could have dealt with dad changing me but was my own mother wasn’t much better either. Luckily as a teacher she had the whole summer off too, so she would always be around. “Right let’s get started then!” mum announced “Lucy, strip off all your clothes and lie down there” pointing to the changing mat. “What? Get naked?” Lucy asked disbelieving. “Yes Lucy” mum replied as if talking to someone very stupid “and quickly or you will be receiving a punishment before we even get started” Lucy stood up slowly and after slipping off her shoes started unbuttoning the top of her dress and letting it fall to the ground. Her socks and pant were next leaving her standing stark naked and beat red in front of us all. Mum placed her arm around her and guided her down onto the changing mat. Lucy was crying again now but mum just ignored her as she unfolded the nappy next to her. I was shocked at how big it was, it haven’t looked that big at the stand. “Lift your legs up honey” mum cooed helping to lift her bum up before sliding it under and laying her back down. Next she brought out some baby oil and powder which was applied liberally over her bum and crotch, all the way up to her bellybutton. “Time to tape you up” mum said aloud before pulling the front of the nappy over and after a quick adjustment pulled and applied the four tapes. “All set! You can stand up now” Lucy stood slowly and I couldn’t help but gasp at the slight. Firstly the nappy was large covering right over her bellybutton and was obviously bulky by the way her legs were forced apart. She seemed unsteady on her feet as if she was also shocked by the feeling. After letting her stand for a few seconds, dad piped up that although she would be allowed to wear normal clothes they had decided that for the first few days that she should just wear a nappy until she gets more use to it. “Right you can sit down honey” mum added “Hannah, you know the drill, no arguments” I wanted to argue but I already felt beaten so slowly stood and striped down to my panties. “All your clothes, Hannah” mum commanded. I placed my hand on the cotton sides and slowly slide them down my legs. This was so embarrassing, my parents hadn’t seen me naked in years. As I continued to turn an even brighter shade of red mum commented that it was good that I was clean shaven as this would help prevent nappy rash. This final comment was too much and like Lucy I too burst into tears. Mum didn’t take too much notice and instead helped me down onto the cold plastic mat. My nappy was already unfolded and I could see the pink baby prints around the curling edges. I lifted my legs as commended and felt it being slid under my bum while I just closed by eyes, hoping this was all just a terrible dream. The nappy was obviously bulky as I now felt higher off the ground and it wasn’t long before I too was oiled, powdered and taped up. The feeling was incredibly strange, I had expected it to be uncomfortable but it wasn’t. It was however definitely noticeable and as I stood up I felt my legs being pushed apart massively, even balancing was hard work. I made a move toward the sofa but mum quickly grabbed my shoulder, pushing back to the ground pulling a pink piece of clothing out of a bag, “We’re not done yet, remember you’re being regressed to pretty much the state of a baby”. This turned out to be an onesie which mum asked me to step into before pulling it up, guiding my arms into its short sleeves and zipping it up at the back. Next came large mittens which reminded me of the time we went skiing last year. These ones though felt much more padded and then when mum pulled the small cord at the wrist I realised that with these on my hands would be useless for all but the simplest of tasks. I thought it was over but dad then threw and object over the room to mum “don’t forgot this”. Mum amazingly caught it and as my eyes focused I realised this was the dummy as talked about in the rule sheet. “Please mum, no…” I begged but it was too late as she stuffed it into my mouth, the ball was huge pinning my tong down. I winced as two little straps were tightened around my head and I realised there was now no way I could remove it. “All done honey, you look so adorable” mum commented looking pleased. I tried to stand up from my position sitting on the floor but fell quickly back over onto my thickly padded bum. “Oh, honey I forgot to say seeing as you are now a baby, walking is banned, you can only crawl” I vented my anger at this but because of the huge dummy all that came out was some jumbled words. My sister laughed from across the room but was instantly met by a stern look from my dad, “Don’t you laugh Lucy or you might too find yourself like that”. That shut her up and I slowly started to crawl towards the sofa. Chapter 8 For the rest of the afternoon both me and my sister remained on the sofa. Mum had put on the Disney channel which she seemed was now age appropriate, it could have been worst and I had soon got drawn into the programmes. Nothing was said between us for the whole time, although the dummy ensured that for me at least it wasn’t an option. As evening drew nearer I noticed Lucy had started to fidget a bit more than usual and the pressure building in my bladder reminded me that at some point soon we would be both using our nappies, a thought I had been trying to supress. It was while pondering this that the TV suddenly went black and my dad’s voice shouted from the kitchen “Dinners ready girls... and Hannah remember you have to crawl”. The short trip to the Kitchen had been humiliating, while Lucy quickly walked or more waddled through I dropped to my hands and knees as proceeded slowly into the kitchen, the huge nappy making its presence felt with every movement. Lucy was already sitting up at the table and on entering my dad got out of his own chair and lifted me up, placing me in a chair which had been moved in-between his and my mum’s normal places. Winking he joked “Don’t worry you high chair will be here tomorrow”. Seconds later after mum had placed 3 full plates down she brought mine, which consisted of 3 piles of mush I could only guess was the blended result of the Sausages, mash and vegetables that was on the others. Sitting down next to me she told everyone to start eating and then undid the straps holding my dummy letting it hang around my neck. “Now Hannah, now I’m going to feed you and aspect you to eat it all!” her tone making it clear I was not in a position to argue. Wasting no time she drove a spoon into one of the piles and quickly forced it into my mouth. I had hardly finished swallowing it before another arrived, then another and another. This continued non-stop until about half way when my dad placed a huge bottle in my mouth, holding it in place as the litre of milk slowly drained itself. Dinner finished 10 minutes later with my stomach feeling like it would explode, mum had forced every gram into my mouth and I had drank what must have been two litres of milk. My dummy was now secured back in placed and it was only now that I noticed that Lucy was really starting to squirm in her seat. Mum seemed to have also noticed this as it was at that moment she said “There’s no point fighting it Lucy, you’re going to have to get used to being in a wet and messy nappy. Plus you should count yourself lucky, the diuretics and laxatives in Hannah’s dinner are going to make it much worst for her” I let out a smothered mown at this, I had completely forgotten my punishment sheet had said ‘forced wetting & messing’. It didn’t take long for Lucy to lose her battle with her bladder, suddenly while my parents were talking she went rigid and as the room went silent I could hear a strong torrent of pee making its way into her nappy. The lines of the front started to change colour and the nappy visibly swelled all the while Lucy was crying into her hands. “Right you two go and watch TV while I clear up and then its bed” mum said completely ignoring Lucy’s crying. Dad lifted me up but instead of placing me on the floor carried me to the lounge dropping me on the sofa. About 30 seconds later Lucy walked through her yellowing nappy sagging slightly but she avoided eye contact. I would have felt sorry for her but my now full bladder was making is presence known and I’m sure I could feel my intestines churning. 10 minutes later while halfway through an old episode of Hannah Montana, the pressure in my bladder was being truly painful, I even had forgotten about the cramping which had started in my stomach. I decided that holding it off any longer wouldn’t help even if possible and slowly started letting go. This however proved to be much harder than expected as my 15 years of toilet training put up a fight, soon though the flood gates opened and I felt the hot rush of pee running around by crotch and bum before being soaked up in the huge nappy. I could feel Lucy eyes watching me but I kept looking firmly ahead at the TV, it took almost a minute before the pee stopped and I was now encased in enlarged and warm nappy. I had expected it to feel awful but the warmth was surprisingly quite pleasant. The program ended marking the 7pm adverts and once again my attention was drawn to my bowels which churned and cramped menacingly. It was during the advert that mum joined us in lounge to announce that it was my bedtime and that she would check my nappy before bed, signalling me to follow her. I grudgingly got up and started following before remembering I was banned from walking. 30 seconds later I had made it into my bedroom on my hands and knees. Mum then lifted me with surprising strength onto my bed, I didn’t resist and was looking forward to being put in a dry nappy for bed, the wet one was already starting to go cold. Mum rolled me over and unzipped the back of the onesie and pulled it down before I felt her hand going down the back of my nappy and then after rolling me over the front. “Mum!” I could help protesting through the dummy. Completely ignoring my protests mum announced that my nappy was nowhere near capacity so she would change me in the morning. I was slightly shocked by this but she was already guiding my legs into the pink sleeper which would encase me for the next 12 hours. Soon she had zipped the sleeper up, ensure the dummy and mittens were securely fastened and warned me that leaving the bed would be met with severe punishments. On leaving she turned off the light plunging the room into darkness. Chapter 9 Although I tried, sleep was impossible to find, the bulky wet nappy made is presence known constantly but worst was the now urgent need to poop. I squirmed around trying to find a position which would reduce the pressure but it was no good. I was going to have to mess myself, the thought alone started tears to well up in my eyes. Another huge wave of pressure started and my body won the battle over my mind. The minute that followed was a blur as wave after wave of warm mush forced itself into my nappy, moving both up my back and forward onto my fanny. And as if to and insult to injury, a stream of hot pee was added to the mix further spreading the mess. I lay not daring to move for many minutes, tears rushing down my face as I thought about what my friends would think if they saw me now. The smell has also managed to escape causing me to gag and be even more disgusted at myself. It took a long time before I drifted into an unsettled sleep. “Wake up honey it’s time for breakfast”, my hands instinctively moved over my eyes to protect them from the sun poring through the opened curtains. “What?” I said groggily, still awaking to the fact that I was now lying in a cold but very full nappy. “Breakfast Now! You’ve got 1 minute to crawl to the kitchen or your in big trouble” repeated my mum as she left the room. I rolled out of bed but the full nappy put me off balance and I landed with a fud on the floor causing the cold poo to further spread up over my fanny making me cry out through the dummy in shock. However after a short crawl I made it to the kitchen to find my sister already wearing her pink PJ’s which did nothing to conceal the sagging nappy they contained. Without warning I was lifted up by the bum and plopped down onto a seat by my dad, the hard seat again acted to spread my mess and I could see Lucy crinkling her nose as the smell hit her. She didn’t laugh at my obvious predicament probably, I thought as she knew she would soon have the same experience after all she always needed to go #2 in the mornings. Breakfast was a quite affair, mum replaced my dummy with a bib and proceeded to feed me porridge. A bottle of warm milk followed before I was unceremoniously lifted out of my seat and onto the floor. “Head into the living room honey and I will be through to check both your nappies in a minute” mum instructed. I wanted to reply that I thought it was pretty obvious I needed a change but resisted not wanting to make things worse. It was a few minutes before mum checked both our nappies and to my relief decided mine was in the most need of replacement, so out came the changing mat. My sister watched on as my sleeper was removed exposing the huge swelling and brown stained nappy. It had turned out that some poo had leaked though and onto the sleeper which accounted for a part of the awful stench which had erupted upon it being unzipped. “Oh my, we might have to look at thicker nappies or doubling up if this happens again” commented my mother. I however wasn’t really listening, all my energy was focused on ignoring the smell, the cold wipes displacing the poo which clung to my sing & slight itchiness across my bum. It took over 5 minutes for mum to fully clean, powder, nappy and slide yesterday’s onesie over my head and buttoned into place. It was then time for my sister but as she got off the sofa mum announced “Lucy, I’ve seen you squirming all morning if you need to poop I suggest you do it now as otherwise you won’t be getting a change until the afternoon” I could see Lucy struggling with the choice “Mum can I at least go to my room?” “No, now come here” mum said sitting down between me and her on the sofa. She grabbed Lucy’s hands, pulled down her PJ’s and guided her so she was now perched on her knee, her nappied bum only inches from me. One of mum’s hands then brought Lucy into a tight embrace while the other slowly massaged her stomach. Twenty seconds later I could hear the muffled tears begin and then a watched in a fascinated horror as the back of already wet nappy expanded and slowly turned brown. Within the minute the whole back of the nappy had turned a patchy brown and I caught the first smell of poop. “Good girl” mum commented lifting Lucy fully onto her knee at which I could see Lucy’s face grimace as her mess was force in every direction. A change promptly followed and in no time my sister was in a clean nappy and mum informed her that if she was good she could wear clothes after lunch but until then gave her only a pink One Direction T-shirt she got last year. Around an hour later I heard a knock at the door and we both turned away from the TV looking towards the hall. Fear swept over me, was somebody going to see me in this state, one of mum’s friends, one of my friends… Oh god. Lucy was looking equally scared as we heard mum talking to a man, I couldn’t make out what was being said but a few seconds later two guys only a few years older than me entered carrying a huge box. I quickly turned around avoiding any eye contact, they were obviously bringing the furniture mentioned on the sheet. The first box they took upstairs, followed by another after which they remained upstairs for about 20 minutes. Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs followed by the door closing I thought they were leaving but only a minute later it opened again and to my horror they entered the living room. Lucy quickly sat up and ran out and up to her room, I was tempted to follow but crawling would be even more humiliating so I just fixed my eyes on the TV. They didn’t seem to pay any attention to me and spent the next 10 minutes putting up what was evidently my playpen. They finished but only one left calling out for my mom, the other guy walked over to me and whispered into my ear “Sorry, I know this must have been humiliating for you” I couldn’t help but turn around, looking directly at his beautiful blue eyes. My bright red face obviously gave away he was right “I really do know, I was one of the first in this program about 3 years ago.” “Really” I tried to say but the dummy distorted my words and causing another way of hot to rush over my face. “Yeah, my advice is try and enjoy it. Whatever you do avoid punishments!” I wanted to scream out “Enjoy it?!?” but resisted, he was about to speak again but his partner called out and he rushed from the room. They left a few seconds later and my mum came into the room smiling. A wave of anger pulsed through my body, she seem to be enjoying this! This was so embarrassing, how could she be doing this to me! As these thoughts rushed through my head I lost my self-control. Pulling my dummy out and started an angry rant at my mother. I can’t even remember what I said I was so angry and my mum just stood there and took it, until I ran out of steam. “It seems you just earned your first punishment” my mum said, grabbing my hand and almost dragging me to my room. My legs dragged up the stairs, I already knew I had made a huge mistake. Chapter 10 “Sit on the bed” mum instructed I obeyed, looking around my transformed room. My bed now had 4 foot crib rails on three sides with opening doors on the side I was now sitting. In the corner was a huge changing table replacing my TV & computer which had been removed. She then went over to my drawers and sitting onto was a pile of punishment cards I recognised from the stand. “Seeing as this is your first offence, I’m going let you off with a mild punishment” selecting a pale blue card, opening it and read aloud. “As punishment the child will restrained in the crib without changes until the first change interval after 12 hours. Two bottles of diuretic & laxative lased milk should be given. Double nappies recommended.” I sat in horror knowing I wouldn’t be getting out of these nappies until tomorrow morning. “Up onto here Hannah” mum said pointing to the changing table, I obliged. My onesie was removed, exposing my slightly wet nappy. Next mum brought out a small knife, cutting long slits into the nappy before lifting my legs up and taping another huge nappy around the first. Once finished she lifted me off the changing table and surprisingly carried me straight over to my bed / crib. “Wait here” she instructed closing the crib gates as she left. I sat legs spread far apart by the now enormous bulk of the double nappy for a few minutes, I felt sick with anger at myself for losing control and earning this punishment, for even taking those stupid drugs in the first place. By the time mum returned tears were welling in my eyes but she took no notice, instead forcing the teat of a bottle into my mouth. It took only a minute or so before I had consumed all the sweet tasting milk and mum removed the 2nd bottle replacing it with the dummy I had pulled out earlier. “Now lie down” mum instructed pulling two fluffy cuffs from the corners of the crib. One was attached to each of my wrists before she moved down doing the same to my ankles. The crib gates were closed with a locking ‘click’ and then mum reach down to a small button under the crib. Instantly I felt all the restraints pulling my arms and legs towards the corners, when she stopped I was laying spread eagled on my back. “Right, see you in the morning Hannah. I hope this teaches you not to misbehave again.” The door closed and I lay, only able to move my arms and legs a few inches. The diuretics and milk from the morning soon forced me to release a long stream of hot pee which tingled its way over my front before moving down between my bum. I hated to admit it but although a strange feeling it actually felt really nice and I could feel myself being turned on. I went to reach over to touch the front of the nappy but the restraints painfully grabbed back my arms. The next few hours went slowly by during which I had wet again along with a huge load of poo which was now slowly spreading itself around my bum. As the sun set I started trying to get to sleep, the pressure however had built again and I accepted that I was going to have to mess myself again before my body would let me drift to sleep. This load however was much bigger and after letting go wave upon wave of hot mush forced its way into my nappies. With nowhere to go it moved both backwards and up over my fanny, before finally covering almost every inch of skin encased within the nappy. Sleep did come eventually but was broken throughout the night with multiple wettings and another messing which this time seemed to be mostly liquid. When my mum walked in the next morning the sight would shock even her so much that she decided to change her before breakfast. “Wake up honey, it’s time to get you changed” opening the crib and undoing my restraints. Both my nappies were completely saturated and a brown stain covered 75% of it. The change wasn’t quick, the nappies were undone revelling the horror within. I just closed my eyes as mum slowly removed the caked poop on my skin. Once the nappy was removed she didn’t replace it however and just instructed me to take a shower and be back here in 5 minutes. I didn’t complain and soon hot water rushed over my body and aching limbs caused by the restraints. After a quick shower I walked back into my room. I was nappied and dressed in a yellow summer dress which did nothing to hide the nappy. Mum informed me that big girl privileges were over and I would have to crawl to downstairs. Breakfast was the same as the day before except this time I was placed in the newly installed high chair. That day and the following four were pretty uneventful, I was slowly getting use to wetting and messing my nappies and now even choose let go before it was urgent. Lucy was still struggling to mess and mum had to take things into her own hands on two occasions. I had also come to terms with the fact I enjoyed the feeling of a wet nappy and I even had tried to rub myself off, although the mittens had prevented this. Chapter 11 It was Friday morning and I had just let out a stream of hot pee into my nappy and seeing as I was alone in the living room started rubbing the front of my nappy. I was slowly getting more and more turned on, when my mum walked silently in from the kitchen. There was nothing I could do, she had seem me in the act and I awaited the angry shouting. It however didn’t come and she just said “Meet me in your room”. I crawled up the stairs behind her and into my room where she lifted me onto the changing table. The tapes were undone but it wasn’t thrown away, she just moved over to the dresser pulling out the strap on vibrator I had completely forgotten about. “No” I muffled through the dummy. “Sorry Hannah, I have seen you rubbing a few times and it’s not healthy not being able have an orgasm.” I was embarrassed that my mum was having this conversation with but seeing as for the last week mum had being changing me out of wet and messy nappies, it didn’t rate that highly. Along with the vibrator she brought a tub of Vaseline, which she used to lube up the hollow tips of each vibrator before dipping her fingers in again and applying lube to both my entrances, inside and out. Once complete, she lifted my legs and lay the vibrator pants between me and the nappy. Slowly lowering me down I felt the tip penetrate my anus before move right up and in. It wasn’t particularly comfortable but she took no notice and instead brought the front up and inserted the second vibrator deep into my vagina. “There you go, I will turn them on at different points today. And remember when this is in you will lose control of pooping so don’t worry” she said as the nappy was then re-taped and I was left to crawl back downstairs. Crawling alone caused each vibrator to move in and out which was both slightly painful and pleasurable. Once downstairs I returned to the sofa where Lucy was now watching the Disney channel. Although she was free to wear whatever she wanted, Lucy was wearing her one direction onesie which bulged at the crotch concealing the wet nappy within. Although I didn’t know it yet, Lucy also was starting to enjoy the feeling of wetting. Ten minutes later unknown to me my mum set the dial on the remote to 1 and seconds later I felt the front vibrator start on a slow hum. Lucy thank god didn’t notice but as I watched TV I felt my pussy getting wetter and although enjoyable I never reached a full orgasm. It soon stopped and I got engrossed once more in the program. It was during an advert brake that the strange sensation came over my bum as what was clearly poop pushed its way through the hole in the rear dido and into my nappy, my efforts to stop if fruitless. Lucy could obviously smell it as her nose scrunched up but she was used to it now. “Lucy, I know you will need to go, so you might as well now” referencing clearly to my messy state. The last few days we had spook very little and she seemed shocked. “I can’t, no matter how hard I try it just won’t until I’m completely busting” she replied blushing. I slid over to her and copying what I had seen mum do a few times and lifted her onto the padded front of my nappy “What are you doing?” “Shoosh” I said lifting up the dress she was wearing, exposing her stomach which I slow rubbed. Soon I felt movement and suddenly a messy load erupt from her bum, I didn’t stop and over the course of a minute three more waves of poop pushed its way into the now fully nappy. “All better” I said smiling “Thanks I guess” Lucy said and she wiggled free and in the process mushed the poop around her bum. “Hannah, can I ask you something?” “Yeah, of course” “Are you enjoying this?” she whispered “No” I said honestly, “Some parts are ok, I guess.” “Like wetting” Lucy replied quietly “Yeah, you too?” “Yeah” Our conversation was interrupted at that point my mum walking in and announcing it was lunch time. Lunch was a quiet affair and I ate the mushed baby food to which I was becoming accustom. Mum had got up to make a coffee but when she sat down, my vibrators suddenly started vibrating violently. She had obviously had set off the remote in her pocket to a higher setting, don’t wanting to tell Lucy about what was currently inside me I remained silent. The both front and rear vibrators were now shaking around in my vagina and anus at least 10 times stronger than before. My face was becoming red, sweet had started and I could feel myself being turned on very quickly. I wanted to ask my mum to stop it but the pleasure was becoming too great and I didn’t want it to end. A minute later I could help but moaning out loud to the shock of both Lucy & my mum as I experienced one of the best orgasm’s of my life. My mum realising what must have happened brought out the remote and turned it off, but the damage was done. “What’s that?” Lucy enquired. “Erm… well…. Seeing as your sister is older she has certain requirements which are hard when in nappies all the time” “So what about me?” she replied rather boldly “You’re too young” mum replied curtly. “No I’m not, Hannah told me about it when I was 13” I wanted to scream at her but from the look on Lucy’s face she had already realised saying this was a big mistake. Mum was you see rather old fashioned and still thought of Lucy as a child. “I’m disgusted in you Hannah!” she said glaring over at me. “You’ve earned another punishment” I was instructed to wait on the sofa while mum went upstairs to find a punishment card. “Right you will be strapped in your already messy nappy, placed in your crib and then placed on level 4 for 30 minutes.” I was shocked and a bit scared. I had to lie down in the crib before mum secured the restraints in place, locked the crib and left. As the door to my room closed I felt both my vibrators come into action. Level 4 was outright painful. The stimulation was enormous and within a minute I was crying and moaning as I had my second orgasm of the day. Within 10 minutes hot sweat covered my body and as the stimulation continued I could feel myself both wetting and messing the nappy with no control. When it did stop 20 minutes later I fell limp panting for air. Mum left me alone for another hour by which time my nappy was completely full before entering the room and unlocking me from the crib. “I hope you have learned a lesson from this Hannah! I’m still very disappointed with you for telling your little sister about things she is too young for.” Chapter 12 Another week had now passed and luckily we had both avoided any more punishments. My parents had started making more use of the furniture and now most of my days were spent between my crib, playpen and highchair. Lucy seemed to be getting along fine and was no longer making a fuss and freely messing her nappies around twice a day, she also spent time playing with me in the playpen. This ‘play time’ at first had been humiliating with only a selection of old toys my dad had dug out of the attic. However soon we had both made the most of it and I couldn’t help but admit that I was enjoying myself. Most days I was now being dressed in the yellow summer dress which did nothing to hide my thick nappies. Lucy was allowed to wear her normal clothes but because of her thick nappy her options were also limited. She opted mostly to wear dresses or even stay in her pj’s all day, both didn’t exactly hide her nappy but why would she care, it was only family around. My times to talk were very limited as the majority of the time my dummy was firmly strapped in place, in the few exceptions we both talked about how we were finding it. We both agreed that wearing and wetting the nappies was fine and actually quite enjoyable, not having to pause the TV to visit the bathroom, the warm tingling feeling and the squidgy padding which followed. We didn’t however agree about messing Lucy said she was actually now ok with it, I however wasn’t and reminded her that she got to choose when to go, which she did often just before being changed. For me however the worst part was the babying, not eating a solid meal in nearly two week, the early bedtimes, being force-fed and not being able to talk to anyone 99% of the time. However I did have one enjoyment Lucy didn’t and that was the 2 times a week when mum would insert the vibrators after my morning change. Putting it on auto caused it to randomly select a start time, duration and power setting. Lucy was in the room a few of times I orgasmed but the most memorable was yesterday when while playing on in the playpen it went to level 4. The vibrations could be felt through the floor and soon I had dropped the doll and was moaning through my dummy. The next 5-10 minutes I completely lost track Lucy was right there as I twisted, moaned and exploded into an orgasm. But anyway let’s get back to the present in which I’m sitting in a highchair being fed what is supposed to be lunch my by mother, knowing full well that my currently only wet nappy won’t last long. “So Lucy, how are you feeling about wearing nappies?” my mum asked while stuffing another spoon into my mouth. “Ok, I guess” Lucy replied, obviously somewhat surprised by the question. “I thought so, we might have to change punishment seeing as your enjoying it” my mum replied Lucy, realising her mistake quickly tried to backtrack. “No mum, I’m not, it’s horrible” The reply was hardly convincing and mum obviously agreed. “No, I’ve talked to the helpline and they have suggested we move you up a level, at least for a few weeks” “What, No” Lucy said, tears welling up in her eyes for the first time in days. “Sorry Lucy, it’s too late and your new stuff has already arrived. Starting tomorrow you will go to Level 3 and like Hannah here will be treated more like a baby.” Gaining some composure Lucy asked “What’s the difference between 3 & 4?” “Well… you will be forced to wet & mess, wear baby clothes and sleep in the crib with Hannah. You won’t however have to eat baby food or have a dummy in your mouth all the time.” Mum reeled off as if ticking off a list in her head. Lucy was quite the rest of the day and when my now messy nappy was changed just before my bedtime I realised that this would be the last time I slept in my crib alone. Chapter 13 True to her word when I crawled into the kitchen for breakfast I met a Lucy dressed in a pale pink onesie instead of her pj’s. She must have kept her extra change over me as her nappy was clearly fresh, unlike mine which as dad lifted me into the highchair squelched loudly. “Morning girls” mum said as she put down the plates of pancakes for the others and what looked like mushed banana’s for me. “Now lucy, before you start you need to take these” mum said holding out two pills. “Oh mum do I have to?” Lucy wined, knowing full well these would spell an end to the control of her bodily functions. “Yes, you do missy and any more moaning will earn you a punishment” mum fired back Lucy knew better than to continue argueing and soon had swallowed the pills and began tucking into her pancakes. Dad also took this as the cue to start feeding me, filling my mouth with wave after wave of warm mushed banana. As usual two bottles of milk followed and I was released into the living room to join Lucy. We switched on some cartoons and settled in the playplan. Less than an hour later Lucy let out an “oww” and I could hear pee splashing into her nappy. “I didn’t even feel it coming, does that happen to you?” she asked me looking shocked I shook my head quite surprised too. My pills only made me need to pee and poop all the time, I still could feel the need before having to let go. Just a few seconds later Lucy spoke up again “Oh god” she moaned and I could see, hear and smell why. She started crying, lying back causing the mess to spread. Mum soon arrived and manage calm her down enough for her to explain that she didn’t even feel it coming. “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that. They sent a new type of pill which both increases the quantity of bodily fluids and removes all control. Hannah will be moving over to the new pills as well at lunch” She said finally looking at me Being 10am it was time for my change so she took me upstairs, Lucy however would have another few hours before getting out of hers. Lunchtime soon arrived and I knew crushed into my food was the new pills which would remove all my control. Shortly after it was time for my second change of the day, I was only wet but still looking forward to a dry nappy. Unfortunately though when mum came she said that she had noticed my 2pm nappies were never full and it was a waste so from now on I would only be changed twice a day. “What?” I muffed though my dummy. This was horrible. “Lucy you too will be losing a change and only getting three” She followed. Within 30 minutes I experienced what Lucy already had as pee and poop exploded into my nappy completely without warning. Mum wasn’t joking when she said these new pills increased the output. When dinnertime arrived both mine and Lucy’s nappies were full with pee and poop. I could feel it encasing my whole bum and right up over my fanny and I could feel a slight leak as I was placed into my highchair. Maybe if mum realised I leaked she would reinstate my change I wondered. After another disgusting dinner dad lifted me out and commented “Oh Hannah you’ve leaked. That’s happened a few times in the morning as well. We might need to look at a booster or doubling up” he said looking towards mum for approval. She nodded. Today couldn’t have been worst, I had now lost all my control, was peeing and pooing more, had one less change and now it looked like I would be in even thicker nappies. My fear was confirmed when dad who after my mum complained about the work load decided he too would also change our nappies, changed me before bed. I was so messy he let me have a shower but on returning I saw two of the huge nappies laid out. Like for first my punishment slits were made in the first before the second being taped over. Just as he finished buttoning me into a sleeper, Lucy arrived in similar attire and judging by the bulge also sporting one of my thicker nappies. I was lifted into the crib after dad watched me unsuccessfully try to climb in, inhibited by the huge bulk around my waist. Lucy joined me in the crib which was then locked before the lights being turned out. “Mum was right I wasn’t finding it too bad, but I am now” Lucy spoke knowing full well I couldn’t reply through my dummy. “I hate the surprise and now I have to spend longer in messy nappies. Not as bad as you though she said touching me on the back.” “God I’m never going to misbehave again” she muttered Sleep came fairly quickly but didn’t last long. I woke up with a start seeing nothing in the dark room but the reason was apparent, as poop was still flowing into my nappy. I had obviously already wet in my sleep and judging by the smell in the room Lucy’s nappy was also no longer containing just liquid. Getting back to sleep was harder with the mess moving around with every turn while trying to get comfortable. I woke up the bright morning sun beaming into the very smelling room. Lucy was on the changing table being attended to by my dad. I knew however that I would be in this huge nappy for probably another hour or so, god this is going to be a long summer I thought.
  17. Chase Was 15 he has blond hair and wore tshirts and shorts even when it was cold out. he was about to graduate to junior His mom was pregnant when Chase was 13, she was pregnant with twin boys. Chase never helped with his brothers he just stuck to him self. It's friday night and Chase was going to go out with his boyfriend,but as he was about to leave he noticed his mom was dressed up. she looked at him "Chase your babysitting for me tonight ok" He quickly tried to argue "But mom i was gonna meet with.." but she cut him off "sweetheart please just this once.. you can go out next time ok.. " she smiled . he sighed started nodding "Fine.." she smiled leaving "Bye sweety thanks again" he gulped "Now where to are those little munchkins"
  18. Family rp

    Hey I'm looking to do a family RP where I am the youngest son of four kids I have failed every class and have been acting like a baby I need three older sibling (have to be older than 10) a mom and a dad
  19. Paradise Unknown

    Taken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book: Genus Two, here is a little story about losses and what is gained … when everything becomes unknown. --------------- Paradise Unknown - The sun rose, beginning a beautiful morning and on the surfaces of Genus Three, the third discovered planet - 112 million miles away from Genus One, a sparkle danced across the waters. Genus Three, with 90% of its surface being an ocean, was truly a water world. Only having been initially inhabited a year ago in 2115, it was still under primary colonization but some areas were quickly developed and tourism was already being encouraged. The same gateway system that enabled people to travel from Earth to Genus One and Genus One to Genus Two also existed between Genus Two and Genus Three. With only 10% of the planet above the watery surface, effective infrastructure meant bridges had to be built, lots and lots of bridges. Yes, the translocation pads were on the way. But travel by ground had to exist first. Vacationers flocked to Genus Three as resorts and restaurants were built up quickly. It was an island-heavy oasis. And for whatever reason, the watery setting was good for health and recovery. At the very end of the string of nearly 50 islands at the equator latitude of Genus Three was Paradise Island, private property that could only be accessed by boat or by the air. No bridges or roads existed on the island and it was believed to have not been developed yet - the supposed reason being that it was still rising up from the ocean as an unfinished land mass from an underwater volcano. While there was indeed a nearby volcano in the ocean, all other beliefs about the privately-owned Paradise Island couldn’t have been further from the truth. And one sight of the beach on the far side of that island would only add further questions to a growing unanswered list. On the white sands of that beach were several dozen women. Some were sitting on the beach. Some were asleep on the warm sand. Some were splashing around in the water. They all seemed to be doing different things. However, there were many more things about them all that were not only similar but exactly the same. They all were naked … except for the gleaming white diapers around their waists. Those in the water were now wearing drenched and swollen diapers. Some on the beach needed their diapers attended to for different reasons. Their races were different and their hair colors were different, but they all had a similar height and a similar build. Some wore white bonnets on their heads. Others wore bracelets on their wrists. But everyone one of them had a holographic collar around her neck. And none of them seemed to mind any of this at all. While there were looks of confusion on a few of the girls’ faces, most had a blank stare in their eyes - some having no coordination at all, to the point where simply movements were a challenge. Yet none of them ran or tried to get away. They were all corralled into a roped off area on the beach - absent of modesty, of clothing and of apparent free will. It was as if they were prisoners, but ones who were completely happy and contented with their current circumstances. They all were beautiful, yet wore no make-up to have such beauty. They weren’t catty with each other or competitive and they seemed to be friendly, as if everything was right in the world and nothing was out of the ordinary. Oh, if guys knew of the paradise that truly existed on this private island, they’d likely swim to it without fear of what may be lurking in the waters beneath them - absent of hesitation to do so. The rest of the island was covered with trees, save for the top of a small but sizable hill in the very middle. And on the top of that hill was a building with windows wrapping around the sides. Presently, those windows were shaded - keeping out the golden rays of the sun while preventing anyone from being able to see in. The advancements of humankind had thought of everything, including glass that would shade itself like a pair of prescription glasses/sunglasses … back in the days when corrective lenses were needed to fix eyesight problems. But Paradise Island wasn’t a private resort beautiful women flocked to. Instead, it was a secluded location abducted females were taken to and kept. If the New Worlds Government was even tenuously aware of this remote location, it would be able to solve the most troubling crime it had ever faced - the still-unexplained abductions of 37 women in the past two years. Why these women were abducted, their current whereabouts and who had abducted them were unanswered questions. Why they were taken to this island and why they were dressed in nothing but diapers were two more questions added to that list - if anyone ever learned they were on Paradise Island. But, by keeping the island isolated with restricted access made it seem like these women would never be found - their loved ones believing them gone forever. Up in that building with the shaded-glass windows, the most recent abductee awoke into a nightmare unlike anything she could imagine. Kelly Swatton was her name and she was about to become acquainted with a paradise unknown. But she likely wouldn’t see it that way. Kelly awoke on a stone table. She was naked, gagged, holographically collared and held down with some sort of bracelets devices on her wrists and ankles that prevented the use of her arms and legs. The room was so dark it really didn’t make any difference if she opened her eyes or kept them closed. She didn’t know what to make of the situation at first, but she realized right away that struggling to get free was a bit of instinct more futile than it was worth. The amount of fatigue she would put herself through to get free, only to find that endeavor impossible, seemed like a foolish thing to do. Saving her energy for a more likely time to escape was the main focus. She didn’t know why she was there, who had brought her there or what they wanted from her. But through fogginess of memories and dark visions, she actually did remember how she got there. Kelly remembered walking alongside her husband, Mack, as they approached the translocation pad by The Market Place in the center of New Argyle City, back on Genus One. They had just been to The Purple Tortoise Restaurant for dinner that evening with friends. She felt a cool breeze behind her and then saw a flash of light around her, illuminating the nearby areas to the brightness of daytime - at least from her perspective. After that, she felt bindings form around her neck, wrists and ankles. Sudden sleepiness fell over her and she closed her eyes momentarily, then finding herself surrounded in total darkness. She could tell her clothing was gone but she wasn’t cold … yet. The binding devices on her wrists and ankles weren’t actually devices at all, but rather, energy beams - the kind often used to keep pets and children from running off. They were also commonly used to keep people immobilize for surgeries, when being arrested or whenever restraint was necessary. Her mouth was stuffed with a foam substance, keeping her from talking. She didn’t know where she was, but was incapable of moving her limbs. Being kept in a standing position in complete darkness, naked and confused, she tried to scream. But when she tried to scream, the foam in her mouth expanded a bit, encouraging her to keep quiet. The foam was too large in size to swallow. So she complied, keeping silent and trying not to panic further. Then she felt the coldness of that table as she was placed down on it, the energy bindings moving her body for her. A door opened at the far end of whatever icy cold, pitch-black room she was in. And a shadowy figure appeared in the doorway, illuminated in silhouette by the blue light in the hallway behind him. His presence gave her as many goose bumps as the chill in the air and the coldness of the table. The shadow walked towards her and she shook, her heart pounding so ferociously she grew dizzy from the sudden rush of blood. But with the lone light source behind him, she couldn’t make out any features of his face or any part of his body at all - even as he stood alongside the table and gazed down at her. In his left hand, he had a holographic collar. Placing it on her neck, he released the energy beam from around her throat. He touched her left temple with two fingers from his right hand and she grew very sleepy again - so sleepy she couldn’t stay awake. The last thing she remembered was that man running his hands all over her naked body before she drifted off into involuntary slumber. Now fully awake but still restrained, Kelly stretched her fingers out - doing her best to use her telekinesis to move anything in the room that might have been made of metal. But there wasn’t even a metal screw to be found anywhere, at least not that she could detect when in total darkness. Her telekinesis wasn’t very powerful but, like every female of the future, she had unlocked more brain capacity as humankind evolved. She just wasn’t as good at it as she needed to be just then. A beam appeared above her, attached to a mechanical arm - the stone table itself glowing faintly and turning her body into a silhouette. She aimed her hands up at the mechanical arm but couldn’t move it at all. Little did she understand just then, .the holographic collar hindered her mind from doing a lot of things she normally would be able to do. The beam slowly lowered its length, contacting her on the hairline above her forehead. It slowly worked its way down the front of her body. She quickly realized it was a shower beam, cleaning the front of her body as it removed all her body hair - except on her head. This not only freaked her out, but it confused her tremendously. If she was being held captive, then why was she being bathed? Then the bindings on her wrists and ankles flipped her over onto her stomach as the beam repeated the hair-removing and cleansing of the back of her body. Though bound and naked, she was being treated with a level of gentleness and kindness illogical for a captive to receive. The bindings flipped her back over and brought her shoulder blades to rest on the table first, then the middle of her back and then her lower lumbar - as if it was trying to re-align her body a little. Then that same door across the room opened, two women walking in and over along either side of the table. They both seemed so tall, but probably would have only been six or seven inches taller than Kelly - had they not been wearing heels. Dressed in white nurses’ outfits, they truly looked like nurses - complete with the white caps. But it was their endowments and their long blonde hair that had Kelly upset. No, she wasn’t competitive. And in her current situation, appearances were certainly the least of her concerns. But there was always something to be said for the comparisons people made of self and others. The one nurse had a small stack of items in her hands, that nurse setting down the stack of items on the end of the table as the stone table illuminated beneath Kelly just a bit more. She turned to face Kelly, both of them stepping closer to her and inspecting the physical results of the girl’s beam shower. Then the second nurse began to run her hands up and down Kelly’s body, making certain the girl was impeccably smooth all over. This was the first opportunity Kelly had to get visual details of these women. Oh yes, they were well-endowed. But the complexion of their skin was clear and they wore no make-up at all as they didn’t need it. Their long blonde hair was perfectly smooth and they didn’t have a single split end anywhere on their heads. They had to be robots. No human beings were this perfectly flawless. But Kelly also noticed that they both were collared holographically, their ankles and wrists in the same kind of bindings that Kelly had been placed in. If they were robots, they wouldn’t need such restraints. And the touch of the second nurse’s hands seemed as human as could be. It was their voices, however, that did the greatest damage to Kelly’s psyche. They spoke to her with softened qualities in their tones and with such alluring calmness that she found herself wanting to trust them for no reason other than the kindness they had shown, thus far. “You are perfectly smooth, Kelly,” the second nurse said quietly, both nurses touching the soles of her feet - Kelly’s legs then lifting up in the air before parting into an extremely vulnerable position. “He likes his girls to be perfectly smooth. You will make him very happy.” And that was all it took to unhinge Kelly completely. Her eyes grew big and wide at the comment and she began to tremble for a brief moment before she returned to her instinctive struggle to escape. “Shh, shh, shh,” the second nurse shushed her, stroking the frenzied girl’s hair back off her forehead as the first nurse reached to that stack of items at the end of the table - picking up ……… a diaper. “They always fuss when they first arrive, don’t they?” the first nurse asked the other, unfolding the gleaming white diaper - the crinkly noise echoing in Kelly’s ears and drudging up memories of her friends. Kelly was well aware of the baby-like behavior of Dash and Nova, her two friends who were not only routinely babied by their counterparts of Xenia and Axel but were in fact diapered by them from time to time. She just didn’t know about their ageplay fetish. But she had never openly judged them for the strange nature of their relationships. However, she had assured Mack, her beloved cop husband, that she would never be a part of any kind of that dynamic. So with a strange twist of unwarranted fate, Kelly now found herself being forced to involuntarily succumb to, if not completely accept something that so eerily reminded her of her regressive friends. The first nurse placed the unfolded diaper flat to the table, the second nurse picking up a metal tin from the stack and opening it. She took out two little white tablets and quickly placed them on Kelly’s front - just a few centimeters above the girl’s mound. Kelly lifted her head as much as she could and looked down at the white tablets. A moment later, the tablets crushed themselves, turning to dust and spreading out evenly across the girl’s front as well as down between her legs. They were talcum tablets and their scent was potent. Kelly closed her eyes and tried to scream, but the foam ball in her mouth expanded when she did so, causing her to silence herself quickly. “Kelly, you’re going to need to learn to obey,” the second nurse said quietly but with that monotone quality. “He doesn’t like fussiness or defiance. And if you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona.” Who was he? And what was a corona? What was happening? There really wasn’t anything the nurses could have said that would have made any difference to her just then. And there was nothing they could have explained to Kelly that she would have understood, just based off what they told her. She was going to have to learn by experiencing things for herself. “Why do they always do this?” the second nurse asked the first one, placing two talcum tablets in the backside of the flattened diaper. “They were brought here against their wills,” the first nurse replied, the tablets crushing themselves and the first nurse shaking the diaper to even the powder out before sliding the back waist band underneath Kelly’s tailbone. “Nobody gives up their free will without a fight.” “There is no chance of getting away, Kelly,” the second nurse said sadly as she reached under the stone table, picking up a pair of leather sandals. “But you’ll have to learn that in your own time, I guess.” “Hopefully you learn it before he gives up on you, just like he’s given up on all the others,” the first nurse said as both nurses touched Kelly’s feet - the girl’s legs then lowering back down to the table but remaining parted. “Learn to accept and obey, Kelly. Learn quickly.” The second nurse put the leather sandals on Kelly’s feet as the first nurse folded the front of the diaper up and into place. Kelly’s mind was flipping out all over the place, the sensations of softness on her bottom and center not feeling bad but certainly feeling strange. “Forget the life you had and accept the one you are being given,” the second nurse said quietly but with continued monotone. “You will be very happy and you will be taken care of very well. And if he chooses you, you will never have an unpleasant moment for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful, Kelly?” Kelly screamed again, only to be muffled by the expanding foam ball in her mouth - reducing her attempted scream to softened whimpers as tears streamed down her temples from the corners of her eyes. “It’s really not so bad,” the first nurse said as both nurses stepped back from the table - Kelly being involuntarily sat up by the energy bindings. “It’s actually a privilege to have been chosen by him.” Kelly’s legs were swung over to the side of the table as the first nurse walked over to the shaded windows, touching one of them - the shading leaving the glass. Tremendous sunlight cascaded into the room, Kelly getting her first real look at the surroundings. She looked down at her naked frame, her diapered waist, the collar and the bindings keeping her in a sitting position - much to her chagrin as she chose to be uncooperative, refusing to sit up straight or do anything asked of her. But with a blinding light now making her squint her eyes, she couldn’t have known what was right in front of her to stand up on her own anyway. The bindings took care of that, thinking for her and taking the appropriate actions, but her defiance would be dealt with swiftly. “Come over to the windows, Kelly,” the first nurse said, her ankle bindings forcing her leather sandal-covered feet to the ground. But Kelly refused to straighten up and the bindings thusly couldn’t move her forward with steps. The second nurse walked up next to her. “Kelly, you’ve only got a few seconds to stand up straight before you feel a kind of pain you’ve never felt before,” the second nurse said. Kelly looked over at the second nurse and would have told her off - had that foam ball not been restricting her speech just then. But, just as that nurse warned her, a few seconds later, she felt electric shocks going into the soles of her feet. Devices implanted in the leather of the sandals were able to locate her nerve-endings and they sent such pain straight up her legs that she screamed into the foam ball, now incapable of stopping herself from doing so. But the foam ball expanded again and she began to find difficulty in preventing herself from gagging as well as continuing to breathe easily. “Stand up straight and the pain will stop,” the first nurse said, watching Kelly cry inconsolably. “The pain will continue, finding new nerves to attack when the current ones go dead. Stand up … now.” With no other choice, Kelly stood up straight - the electric shocks ending. She was trembling from head to toe, crying softly into the foam ball. But she was finally standing tall on her sandaled feet - compliance now understood. The second nurse put a clear plastic patch between Kelly’s shoulder blades and the nerve pain came to an end as well. “Just stand up and cooperate and that won’t happen to you again. Next time, it will hurt twice as much,” the first nurse said from the windows. “Now, walk over here. I want to show you something.” “It’s okay, Kelly,” the second nurse whispered to her, then patting the girl’s diapered bottom with encouragement for her to walk over to the windows. “Everything is going to be fine. Just be good.” Ergh! The quiet monotones they were using, sounding comforting and reassuring just a minute ago, now rang in her ears with a tone of condescension that made her sick to her stomach. And the annoying crinkle that accompanied every one of her waddling steps towards the windows, along with the holographic collar and energy bindings on her wrists-n-ankles, all boiled her blood. But there was nothing she could do about it, at least not yet. So for the time being, compliance became paramount. Little did she realize, just then, the battles she would wage in the days and weeks to come would be more mental than physical. “Look out the window, Kelly,” the first nurse said as Kelly got to the glass. “I’m going to prove to you that it’s a privilege to be chosen.”. Kelly looked out over the beautiful island landscape, through the trees and down to the beach where she saw a line of other women, making their way up to the house on the hill. The women were naked, diapered, collared and bound in the same way as she was. “Every single one of them was chosen by him before he chose you,” the first nurse explained, Kelly seeing the physical similarities of the women. “Yes, they’re all like you. But they’re also all different from you. And he gave every single one of them a chance, just as he will give you a chance.” Kelly watched the line of women as they walked up the hill, some of them having to be redirected to stay in that line and some of them wearing bonnets and some of them seeming practically mindless in their body motions. Looking over at the first nurse, Kelly’s thoughts raced with unspoken questions of why she was chosen to be the next one. “Don’t waste your time trying to find answers right now,” the second nurse said, she and the first nurse walking over towards the door - Kelly being made to follow by the movement of her bindings … but this time, she kept herself standing straight and she cooperated. “The truth is: your world will be no larger than he allows it to be.” Who was he? What was this? Some sort of ransom fundraiser? She was led into the hallway, keeping her back straight but still finding it difficult to move at the pace that the ankles bindings were setting for her. She wasn’t actually fighting but suddenly wasn’t allowed to move with strides of usual length. And because of this, her composure was thrown off … therefore, her grace was thrown off. To compensate, she moved in a very erratic way - mindless even … just like how some of the other women walked up from the beach. The building itself was very nice, furnished with extremely comfortable accommodations, a kitchen with wooden counters and a rustic look and so many other spacious marvels there was no wonder at all that whoever he was was a really rich person - well-off, but clearly demented for having made 37 women his diapered, mindless captives. The main room of the building was huge, the middle of it filled with tables that rose up from the floor. One by one, the line of women entered the room, most of them waving happily to Kelly as if they knew her. Kelly stared in horror as they broke apart into five separate lines - one at each of the tables as a series of assembly-line style diaper changes began. They all seemed to know what to do, as if they had done this before … many times. They had no modesty left, freely allowing complete exposure in vulnerable positions. Looking down at the diaper the two nurses had placed on her, Kelly came to the horrific realization that, when her bladder filled and released, she would find herself in one of those lines too. There were no bathrooms to be found anywhere. Then her eyes grew big and wide at the suddenly realization that she would be using her diaper when her bowels released … and likely for another reason still - at a specific time each month. Kelly looked around the rest of the room, her eyes gaping even wider still when she saw the dozens of cribs that were lined up against the walls. One by one, each freshly-diapered woman was led to a crib, placed in it, given something by mouth and then left there - the sides of the cribs rising up automatically. It was nap time, a daily mid-afternoon event that Kelly would grow used to before long. Being led to a crib herself by the two nurses who had tended to her since she awoke, Kelly obediently climbed up into the crib. The second nurse patted her on her diapered bottom for encouragement, this bringing tears to Kelly’s eyes as she came to rest on her back. The first nurse, seeing the girl’s forthcoming emotional release, shushed her. “You’re not going to get anything done by crying for no reason,” the first nurse said, removing the foam ball from Kelly’s mouth and replacing it with a floating pacifier nipple - that same device Kelly swore she saw being put in the mouths of Axel and Nova, her dear friends who seemed oddly juvenile from time to time. Then a ruckus broke out at one of the cribs, the two nurses running over to assist the others in restraining one woman who refused to get in her crib. The entire room got dead-quiet, save for the sounds coming from the struggle. The unruly woman was tackled to the floor. Her arms were chicken-winged behind her. Her legs were bent at the knees and her ankles were crossed as she was pulled back up onto her knees. As the side of Kelly’s crib rose up automatically, she looked through the railing bars at all the other women in the cribs, Kelly saw their tears flowing as everyone but she knew what was going to happen next. “This was your last chance, Regina,” one nurse said, walking over to the kitchen and getting a device out of one of the cupboards. The unruly woman, seeing the device being brought over to her, became hysterical, begging with gibberish that couldn’t be understood. But whatever she was begging about, her mindless pleas were being ignored. It seemed she had used up all her chances. And while being held very still, the woman received the device - a simple cloth band that wrapped around the crown of her head. Kelly thought back to what the nurses told her when she fussed herself, just a few minutes ago: If you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona. The cloth band must have been what they meant by corona. It seemed physically harmless enough, but base on how the woman stopped fighting them all together and how she started drooling and then weeping, it was safe to assume that the band was doing more than just a number on her mind. The woman was picked up and put in her crib, given a floating pacifier to nurse from and then having the cutest little white bonnet put on her head to hide the corona band. Watching the woman for a few minutes, Kelly and all the other abductees witnessed her being forcefully taken into a state of regression that would render her incapable of being able to do much of anything at all by the end. “How long will it take now before Regina goes burn out?” one nurse asked another as they walked past Kelly’s crib. “It will take a few days,” the other nurse replied, Kelly looking back over to the newly-bonneted woman. “But after that, the effects will have full-lasting and damaging effect. She didn’t want to listen and now she will pay for it … just like all the others before her.” “Do you think he will ever find the one he’s looking for?” another nurse asked as she and a few others left the main room… “I have no idea,” Kelly heard another reply as the effects of her floating pacifier began to take hold of her. “But if he doesn’t and if he keeps plucking them out from wherever he finds them, we’re soon going to need more cribs.” Kelly could hear the nurses laughing as they walked away, her head spinning in circles at this point. She closed her eyes in an effort to ward of dizziness. The floating pacifier nipple in her mouth was laced with a milk concentrate that had a sleeping agent in it. One drip at a time, the milk poured out of the nipple when it was nursed and, when mixed naturally with saliva, would turn into so much milk that swallowing was necessary. The laced milk was very potent and very fast-working. And before her own confusions and fears could grip her up in the sudden quietness of that room, she drifted off to sleep. Her first bit of sleep would be filled with memories of her kidnapping, how she awoke in this building, being diapering like a baby, the shock sandals still on her feet and her experience with being shocked. Thoughts in her deeper slumber would center around her diaperings of her future, the crib accommodations and that corona head band treatment. She became sorrowful as she subconsciously nursed on the floating pacifier in her mouth. And by the time she reached REM, her thoughts were only of Mack, her beloved husband. Oh, how she missed him. He was the strength she needed when feeling weak, the roughness she craved when she could be nothing but soft, her greatest supporter when she faced challenges, her biggest fan when she overcame obstacles, her best friend and the love she needed. With those happy thoughts, along with the sleeping agent entering her system, Kelly fell into a blissful state when her eyesight blurred, her senses numbed and strangely, she found enjoyment in the moment. No one knew she was on that island. And she still didn’t know who her abductor was, but she knew there was someone out there who would stop at nothing until he found her … Mack, her beloved. If no one else, at least he would find this Paradise Unknown. --------------- .
  20. Hello everybody I'm about 2 years into my current relationship with my baby (we reconnected after 8 years apart) and she recently did something that put a strain on our relationship because it so closely mirrored how my last one ended. The ABDL side of our relationship is very strong and very close but we haven't really delved into discipline yet, sometimes I think I let her "get away with" too much when she's in Little Space. She apologized very sincerely. but I think it will take a little longer for the wound to heal on my end My question is, is it considered fair to punish Littles for mistakes they make that effect the relationship as whole? Or only acceptable when in Little Space and they make what could be considered a Little Mistake? Thanks and hugs to all!
  21. A New Life, part 1

    Slowly, you begin to wake up, feeling groggy. Your bed feels... different. Softer. In your tired state you can't tell exactly what it is, but something isn't right. It feels like your blankets bunched up between your legs, and you can't get your knees together. Something is definitely wrong. Maybe you are still dreaming? You have an odd taste in your mouth. It feels like something is sitting between your lips. You try to spit it out, but can't. You reach over to take it out... but your arm won't move. With a start, you realized your hand is tied. You open your eyes in shock, but in the dim light you can't see much. This isn't your room. Your eyes begin to adjust and you see more and more. You are surrounded by bars... are you in a cage? You try wiggling around, kicking off the blankets. What the hell are you wearing? You are dressed in a pink, footed onesie. Around your waist you see a buldge. With horror, you realize that you are wearing a diaper. This isn't a cage, its a crib! The lights flicker on, blinding you momentarily. "Ahhh I see the baby girl is awake. Did you sleep well honey?" a strange voice asks. You look toward the voice to see a tall women standing in the doorway. She has long brown hair that falls over thick shoulders and arms. Clear blue eyes look at you with compassion. She is holding a baby bottle. A BIG baby bottle. Big enough for you, even. You try to ask what is going on, but can't speak through what you now realize is a pacifier, tied behind your head. Getting a better look at your outfit, you notice cartoon princesses covering your onsie, and "Diapered Princess" written across the chest. Your hands are locked in finger less gloves, rendering them useless, and you can feel a frilly bonnet on your head and tied under you chin. You are dressed like a one year old girl. A nearby mirror reveals the words "Messy Diaper Butt" written on the flap of the onesie. "Awww don't worry baby. Just let mommy check your diaper and we can untie you for breakfast. That sound nice? Just promise not to be a bad baby, or you will get a spanking." The women tells you, standing over you. She reaches down to open the flap on your onsie, revealing a thick, infantile diaper with "Baby" written across the front in pink. "Looks like someones dry!" She says, pinching your cheek, "Good baby! Keep this up and maybe one day we can begin potty training... In a year or so..." At this point your surprise and fear turns to anger. How can this woman humiliate you like this? You try to struggle against her as she unties your arms and lifts you up but to know avail. Your moments turn into uncoordinated squirming, and you realize you have little control over your limbs. A hard smack on your diaper stops you completely. "Now now, if I'm gonna untie you you have to be a good baby. Try that again and I'll give you a real spanking. OK?" You stop the pointless squirming. How can you be so weak? What the hell is going on. The woman sits you in a high chair, strapping you in place. The diaper crinkles underneath you as you wiggle on the seat, wondering what is going on. The padding feels like a cushion underneath you, but serves as a constant humiliating reminder of your diapered state. Even worse, you are seated right in front of a window facing a street and another row of houses. You recognize the neighborhood as one near your own home. What if someone sees you? A bowl of unidentifiable mush sits in front of you, along with the bottle she was carrying earlier. She doesn't intend to feed you this, does she? In answer to the question, she unties something behind your head and removes the pacifier. You try to speak, to ask what is going on, but she quickly spoons mush into your mouth. "Open up for the airplane! Vroommm vrooom!" She says as she forces the sweet goo down your throat. You gag and choke it back, forced to eat by her constant shoveling. Finally you can take it no more. "Wai! Wha goin on?" With horror you realize that is your own voice. A high pitched squeal, with words lisped and barely formed. What had happened to you? "NO! No more foo! Stop oo F---ing b----!" "What! How dare you? Is that how babies talk? Come here!" The woman pulls you out of the high chair and grabs you by the wrist.You scream curses as you are forced to waddle behind her, your thick diaper making walking normally impossible. She pulls you down the hallway and into a bathroom. Once there, she forces open your mouth and sticks a bar of soap into it. The bitter soap instantly fills your mouth with suds, and you try to spit it out, only to have it replaced. "Alright, listen. You are going to learn to be a good baby whether you like it or not. Now I am going to spank you 20 times. If you drop the soap, we restart." She couldn't be serious...! A spanking? At your age? You spit out the bar again. "Oo can't pank me! I am..." You only get that far when her hand smacks the back of your diaper. Even through the padding, it stings. "I told you to keep the soap in your mouth! BAD BABY!" the woman says as she replaces the soap and begins to rain down smacks upon your bottom. SPANK 1... SPANK 2... SPANK 3... You struggle to keep the mouth in as she counts out the blows. You are forced to suck on it, swallowing the suds as you do. Your bottom gets sorer and sorer. She is nearing the end. SPANK 19... SPANK 20. "Good baby!" She sits you on her lap, and takes out the soap. "Will you be a good baby for mommy from now on?" "Wes I sowwy! I be a goo baby!" "Good, now lets get you back in your high chair while I clean your dishes, then we can play with your toys." She pops the pacifier back in your mouth and carries you to the kitchen. You can still taste soap. She sits you in the chair. You struggle to get comfortable on the hard seat. Even through the padding, your sore bottom stings whenever you put weight on it. For once, you are grateful for the diaper. Suddenly you realize you may need the diaper for something else. Your bladder is extremely full, aching for release. Even worse, you can feel your stomach rumbling. If you don't think fast, soon you will be in a very uncomfortable diaper. "uhhh... mama?" you ask, trying to sound as childish as possible to get on her good side. "Yes baby?" "I has do go potty" you inform her, blushing. Surely she can't mean you to use the diaper. "Well that's what your diaper is for silly! Anyway, I am working here, so you won't be let down for a while. I will change you when I'm done" "No! Pwease don make me!" You cry, seeing you please ignored. You squirm back and forth, trying to press your knees together. The padding between your legs isn't helping much. You can't... But it is getting harder and harder to hold it in. Those muscle relaxants really are taking there toll! Perhaps you could wet, but she wouldn't force you to MESS yourself, would she? At least you could keep that dignity. Hoping to meet her half way, you let go of your bladder. Instantly you hear a hissing noise as you feel you diaper become soaked. The diaper inflates around you. Soon you are sitting in a warm, wet, puddle. You blush furiously. How could she make you do that!?! Pissing yourself like a toddler... What the hell was going on? Even worse, you can feel the pressure building in your gut. There is no way it could get this bad that quickly! She must have put something in the mush... Soon your diaper will be full of something much worse then pee. You squirm miserably in your wet diaper, wishing the pressure would disappear. Desperate, you call to the woman again "Mommy! Pwease, I wet me di di! I needs a change." "Don't be silly! I told you I can't change you yet. Your diaper can hold more then a little pee. Don't you know what it says on your onesie?" "buh I.. buh... I needs to go da other way." You finally say it, horrified about what her response will be. "Now I am getting sick of you complaining! You are wearing a diaper for one reason and one reason only." "Buh... pwease don make me!" "No buts!" The woman walks over and stands next to you, hand reaching down to feel your diaper. With her standing over you like this, hands on her side and her eyes glaring, you can't help but feel intimidated. "You are going to use this diaper and you are going to use it properly." The pressure builds in your gut, and to your embarrassment you let out a loud fart. "Haha! I knew you would be needing those diapers soon! Now, fill it up like a good boy, or its another spanking." You look pleadingly up at her. She can't make you do this! But she doesn't budge. "I'm counting... one..." What is she counting too? "twoo..." "Eeeep!" With a horrified squeak, your resolve breaks. You start pushing against he back seat of your diaper. Grunting, you can feel something coming out. Suddenly, a massive load explodes into the thick padding. A gooey mess forms around your butt, caking you. It keeps coming out until your diaper is completely full. Defeated, you sit back down into your own mess, hearing it squish underneath you as you do. "Good girl! Now play with this until I can change you." She hands you a large brown teddy bear and walks away. You hold the bear in front of yourself, not certain what to do with it. Instead, you shift your weight back and forth, trying to get comfortable in your own mess. The smell is horrible! It almost makes you gag every time you breath in. The pacifier filling your mouth makes it difficult to breath through your mouth, and you are forced to smell the rotten stench. The humiliation over the entire situation is even worse. You can still see people walking down the road in front of the window. A few even turn to glance at you. Why is this happening to you? Finn ally you can bear it no longer. You have to know! "Mommy?" "Yes baby?" "Wha's goin on? Why am Is here?" The woman sighs and stops cleaning. "Alright, I was going to tell you this later, but... You are being treated. Recently, your friends and family have noticed you getting too...rowdy. You were getting drunk every night and starting fights. Though this isn't a problem if it happens rarely, with you it got worse and worse. Were you aware you were about to fail out of school?" You shake your head. It hadn't gotten that bad, had it? "After a psychological evaluation, it was decided you needed to restart. We gave you drugs to weaken your limbs so you can't fight back. I am going to re raise you as a baby. You can still see your friends, but only when they are willing to babysit. If you go back to school next year, you will be in diapers, and hopefully much better behaved. Don't bother trying to argue, it has been done, and your family agreed. Alright?" Your eyes tear up. How... how could they do this too you? The woman walks over. "Awww, don't cry. Its not that bad. Just play along with us, don't fight, and you will be out of here before you know it. Here, play with teddy, he will make you happier." You hug the teddy bear against your face. The softness is surprisingly comforting. "There's a good baby. Now just wait a bit longer. I will change you, and we can go to the mall so you can visit the toy store. Would you like that?" The thought of leaving the house in a diaper is horrifying, but you realize there is no escape. You nod, sucking on your pacifier as you do, accepting the life of a baby girl.
  22. Problem Child

    Hi all, I've had another go at a story to see if this one can catch some wind, any constructive feedback would be great. Once again I'm still finding my writing hand so please be patient. Hopefully more to come PROBLEM CHILD Meet Jay, one of the cool kids at Wimmel High School, he's popular, he has a reputation, but he is also lazy, get average grade and is obnoxious. Jay is 19 and lives with his Mum, Tina, his dad, Greg, and his little sister (5), Molly. Jay's reputation and obnoxious behaviour often got him in trouble at school and at home. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Jay yelled at Molly ran from his bedroom doorframe, having lost all hopes that her big brother would play with her, “Mummy, Jay's yelling at me and being a meanie!!” This was just another day for Jay, he didn't care about others, just two days ago at school he had stolen a girl’s schoolbag and wouldn't give it back until she did all of HIS homework for him. Word of this had gotten around to his parents, and this incident was the final straw. His mother marched upstairs and walked into his room. “Jay, you have cause enough havoc to this family, and enough pain to other people. Sit on your bed and wait to be called.” With this she yanked the plug out of his computer and took the cord with her, as well as his phone. “Oi Mum, give it back…” Jay started to reply when without warning his mum turned around and spanked him. In shock Jay stopped in his tracks and sat down as his mum continued back downstairs. Meanwhile downstairs, his mother was working on her plan, a plan to make Jay regret every nasty thing he had ever done, she called Jay's father, the school principal and a number of suppliers of various items, she was determined to fix this problem child. Jay's mum walked to her bedroom and retrieved a package of Girls Huggies Junior Nappies, as well as a towel, baby powder, a razor and a dummy. As his mum was returning to the living room, his dad had just returned home, “Where is he?” his dad asked seriously. “Upstairs, waiting as he should be. Would you go and get him dear?” his mother replied. As his mum finished setting up the lounge room, his father walked up the stairs and entered Jay's room. “Living room, now” is all he said, Jay new he was in trouble, but he had no idea how much. As Jay cautiously made his way down to the living room, he could see his mum sitting in the lounge room on the floor, beside a white towel that had been laid out on the floor, he could also see some items behind his mum, but couldn’t make them out. “Lay on the towel Jay.” His dad growled in his ear. Unsure about what to do, Jay slowly lowered himself onto the towel, before feeling his shoulders being forced down to the ground. His dad had the top half of him pinned, before he could even start to struggle Jay felt a sharp slap to the thigh. “Jay stop and listen.” Said his mother revealing that it was her hand behind the slap. “Jay, you have embarrassed this family for the last time and you have humiliated the last person from your school, after many calls from your principal and other families, we have decided that we need to fix your behaviour from the very roots.” Jay looked at his mother confused, his mother continued. “From now on you are no longer the 19-year-old boy, you are a one-year-old infant, with no privileges or rights of any kind. You will be treated like an infant and Molly will be your big sister, any disrespect to us or your sister will be severely punished.” With that his mother unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull them down. Recovered from the shock of the slap and the feeling of his jeans being unbuttoned, he started to struggle and regain control of the situation. “Let go of me you creeps, I’m 19, not a fucking baby. You can’t do this.” Jay spat. His father retaliated by flipping him over on his belly, while his mother proceeded to give him 20 good spanks. By the tenth spank Jay was in tears, and by the twentieth he was apologising between the blubbing moans. He was flipped back over by his father, and his mother resumed undressing her now still son. Jay, still in a state of shock froze with terror and embarrassment as he was stripped naked by his mother. He saw his mother pull something from behind her back. “CLICK…. BZZZZZZZZZ” and electric razor. He felt his bush of manhood being slowly shaven away, this was followed by a hand razor and his mum commenting, “There… just like the day his was born.” His mum then proceeded to pick up a nappy and opened it up, in full view of Jay. Seeing this and not wanting a repeat of his spankings he succumbed to his ankles being raised and the nappy being placed underneath his bottom. Being quite a skinny kid, his mum knew he would still fit into a junior nappy. Quickly powdering her son and then closing the nappy, Jay was secured in his first nappy since actually being a baby. The problem child was trapped and defeated.
  23. The Farm

    “Bang,” the gavel came down and Dan realized he was screwed. How the hell did it come to this. Just barely 18 and I’m going to prison. “Fifteen years,” the words just kept ringing in his ear. Wrong place at the wrong time, story of my life, Dan couldn’t help but think. He looked over at his lawyer who tried to cover his grim expression. The lawyer leaned in, “Don’t worry, we’ll appeal this, we’ve got a long way to go.” “Yeah,” Dan just nodded and tried not to cry. He was led out of the courtroom and into a small waiting room. His lawyer sat down across the table and talked about legal motions and appeals. It was just words and Dan wasn’t listening. In a few hours he would be on his way to prison. He knew he didn’t stand a chance, a skinny white guy, he’d be chewed up and spit out. When the public defender left tears came, he couldn’t stop them. Living as an F class citizen of the RSA, (Reformed States of America) was not much of a life, but at least he would have been free. F class citizens were at the bottom of society, ranked for their achievements and behavior during their schooling. The only way to be labeled F class was to drop out of high school without taking a subsequent work aptitude test and being assigned a job or what the committee for gainful employment considered a job suitable for someone who couldn’t complete basic education. Dan’s assigned job had been to sweep parking lots by hand with a work crew that consisted mostly of rejects who could barely function. He left before completing his first day and had been in trouble with the legal system ever since. Those troubles came to a head a few months ago when him and his friends were implicated in a botched robbery that resulted in two deaths. Despite the fact that he was unarmed and only assisting with the robbery everyone in the crew was handed the same punishment for manslaughter, 15 years. 30 minutes later he was beginning to wonder how long he was going to be waiting in here when the bailiff opened the door and escorted in a man he didn’t know and defender. The public defender Dan knew from his phony grin to his cheap suit. But the other guy was so indistinct, so bland, that he instantly made Dan nervous. He looked like a composite of every middle aged white professional he’d ever seen. His defender was smiling like he’d just scored and Dan had the feeling he was about to be sold something. “Danny, this is Mr. Smith, he has some very good news for us,” the defender said. The bland guy sat a briefcase on the table, slowly and deliberately turned a combination lock and then flicked the case open. He then took out a single manila file folder and slid the briefcase to the side. “Daniel Masters,” the bland guy said reading off the card. “Yeah that’s me.” Smith looked up in annoyance and then returned to his file. “ Father deceased, Mother estranged, ward of the state since the age of 13, Two different middle schools, 3 High Schools, 14 foster care placements. Multiple small charges in juvenile court, a tendency to violence and now your crowning achievement, aggravated robbery, manslaughter and 15 years in prison. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Dan replied. “Yes I know, it seems to be a recurring theme, with you,” Smith said. “Mr. Masters we’ve been following your case for some time and the group I represent would like to make you an offer. I represent a non-government group operating under a joint program between the National Corrective Council, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and a group of private research firms. We operate a facility known as the “The Farm,” where we conduct research and work towards more efficient and specialized forms of correction.” “The Farm?” Dan asked. “Yes the Farm, it is 200 acre facility in Western Iowa. We only take offenders under the age of 19, and only those who, such as yourself, are not exactly hardened criminals. Think of it as a cross between a summer camp, and research hospital.” “What kind of research?” Dan asked. “Mostly social, a little psychiatry, behavioral modification and a great deal of therapy” Smith answered. “So if I go be your gunny pig I don’t go to prison?” “Yes, essentially, you will serve your sentence out with us.” “All 15 years?” Dan asked. “That depends on you Mr. Masters, It could be significantly less.” “Significantly?” Dan asked. “Yes, significantly, with successful treatment, you could repay your debt to society in as little as 5 years, in which you will be free to purse your own interests. All you have to do is sign this contract. Dan signed, his lawyer said it was like winning the lottery, he didn’t know much about “The Farm” but he said they checked out. What the hell, Dan thought. I’d rather spend 15 years in the country on a farm than 15 years getting gang banged in prison. What did he have to lose. Chapter 2 The next morning Dan was ushered from his holding cell to the loading dock where he was placed into into a black Lincoln town car. Mr. Smith had a couple of goons with him, muscly guys in black suits. The goons took the front two seats and Smith joined Dan in the back. As they drove across the city Mr. Smith outfitted Dan with an ankle bracelet then offered him a few pills. “Nah thanks, I’m fine,” Dan said. “You have agreed to our treatment plan Daniel, and it starts now, these pills will help you relax for the flight. “I appreciate it, but I’m cool.” Dan replied. “You don’t seem to understand Daniel, I’m not giving you a choice, do as you’re told and take the pills,” Smith commanded. “What are they?” Dan asked as he took the small paper cup and counted several different pills. “Various medicines, alpha cohedrant stabilizers, doxyhydronic hormonal enhancers, nothing you should be concerned about,” Smith replied. “Fine whatever,” Dan said as he took the pills and washed them down with a sip from a bottle of water. The drive to the airport was uneventful, Dan was ushered onto the flight by Smith’s Goons and sat between them. The plane was a small business jet, the kind that A+ citizens might use to zoom around the country, go on ski vacations maybe, Dan thought. Before they were off the Tarmac he began to feel a bit strange, it wasn’t exactly like the highs from the illegal and legal drugs that Dan took on a regular basis, but it wasn’t exactly bad either. He felt a wave of fear as the plane started moving down the runway, he’d never flown before, he began to bite his fingernails. Once airborne Dan was treated to a clear view of the Eastern Sprawl, the concrete seemed to go on for ever, but in a short time it gave way to less developed lands, forests, then fields. They finally touched down around noon on a small runway in the middle of a field, Dan had noticed a complex of buildings and houses nearby. Dan was ushered out of the het to a golf cart being driven by an older man dressed in plain white work clothes. “This is Mr. Jones, he will take you for a few tests and then to your room so you can freshen up, this afternoon we’ll give you a tour of our facilities,” Mr. Smith said as him and the two goons went their separate ways. As the golf cart silently rolled down the runway Mr. Jones began to speak in what Dan considered a country bumpkin accent “Don’t even think of making a break for it.” “OK,” Dan replied. “There’s 100 miles of nothing around this place, no houses, no roads, no people, just dirt and corn, you’ll be wishing you were back here,” Jones said again. “Yeah I got it,” Dan replied. “Best to watch the attitude as well Mr. we don’t take kindly to that around here.” “Allright,” Dan replied. The reminder of the drive was in silence as they drove past a large hanger and then rolled up to a completely nondescript building. Dan was directed inside and down a few hallways into what appeared to be a doctor’s office. He was greeted by the genuinely friendly and beautiful face of a young woman dressed in an old fashioned nurses uniform complete with short skirt. Dan was immediately struck by her beauty, the waves of perfect flowing hair, and the smooth and tight legs and of course her ample breasts. He stuttered a bit, “Umm he… Hello mam.” “Hello Daniel, my name is Grace and I’ll be your personal nurse while you are with us here,” she said and presented her hand. Dan took the hand and shock it with awe, how lucky could I possibly be, he thought. “If you’ll just follow me to the examination room we can get started,” Dan followed her and was mesmerized by the curves on her backside, the shape of her rear and the vivacious way she walked. He would have followed her off a cliff. Two hours later Dan was exhausted, he had seen multiple doctors, he had been poked, prodded, questioned, he had ran on a treadmill, he had been given multiple injections and he had given samples of nearly every bodily fluid he possessed. Besides that he was hungry, thirsty and tired. When it was all over Nurse Grace returned, and directed him to a cafeteria. Like the other hallways and rooms, he’d been in this room was bland and white as well. The food was even bland, it was sort of like a hamburger, but Dan was sure it was some kind of soy product. Nurse Grace sat opposite of him and ate a small salad. “So like, what’s the deal with this place?” Dan asked. “What do you mean?” the nurse asked. “Like where are all the other prisoners for one thing, what was up with all those tests?” “Ahh, well first you are not a prisoner, we prefer to call our guests patients, and most of them are in school right now. The tests are so that we can properly tailor an individualized treatment to cure your behavior problems,” The nurse explained. Dan smiled, “Yeah, OK.” After eating he was taken through some more hallways until he was completely lost and directed into a room with a thick security door. “This is your room Daniel your uniform is on the bed, pleased change into it. Mr. Smith will be here soon to give you a tour,” she explained. Before Dan could ask any questions, she left the room and shut the door behind her, as he expected it was locked. “Yeah right, not a prisoner,” he said out loud. The uniform was exactly like the room, plain and white, the walls were solid cinderblock painted stark white, there was a white porcelain sink, white toilet, white shower, white bed with white mattress and white sheets. Eventually Mr. Smith arrived, he had another non-descript man with him, and one of his goons from earlier. They took Dan through the same winding hallways and doors and outside in a still bright late spring evening. “Allright Daniel you’ve seen our medical wing and cafeteria, we call this large building “A” so lets see some more of our campus,” Mr. Smith said as they loaded onto a golf cart. In a few minutes, they had wrapped around the building and Dan was looking at a very old fashioned school house complete with playground. “This is our youth school, we’ve modeled it after a early 20th century building, but the facilities have modern conveniences like air conditioning. “Do you have like, little kids here?” Dan asked. “Yes we have around 30 children in this school, some of them are in our treatment program and others are children of our onsite employees.” “So will I won’t be going to school here right?” Dan asked. “Oh you will be in school Daniel, but not here, this school is for our younger students, you’ll be attending classes back in the A building,” Mr. Smith replied. Dan rolled his eyes at the thought of attending classes, but he didn’t complain. It was still better then prison. They drove around the school to another building, this one was a more modern designed building, but with several childish elements like columns in front of the building made from nursery blocks and shutters pained in bright primary colors. “This is our nursery, besides cases such as yours we also take a small number of younger children which live here,” Mr. Smith explained. They drove around behind the building there was a fenced in area and another open playground filled with toddler aged children running about and playing in bright colored plastic toys. The children’s behavior and yells made Dan a bit nervous, he’d never been a big fan of kids. Dan realized the building was really quite large and wondered just how many kids were in there. They followed the paved path around to another building, this one just a white block building similar to A building. Dan realized they had made a circle and were now back near where they started. “This is B building, it’s mainly support and maintenance, laundry, things like that. This is where you will report for your job, all of our patients have a work assignment, you’ll find out more about that in the coming days,” Mr. Smith explained. They continued on a bit father to one more large building, more industrial than the others. A large overhead door was open a group of young men were inside working on a tractor “This is C building, this is where you will go after you complete schooling and progress through the program, we teach various vocational programs there, welding and agriculture. Those with good behavior are allowed to live in the surrounding farm houses.” “I’ve got to say Mr. Smith, this isn’t really what I was expecting,” Dan said. “Oh really, how so?” “Well I figured something like a mental hospital prison or something,” Dan said. “Ahh, yes we nothing like that, our goal here is to introduce people such as you to an environment where they can be reeducated in proper social norms, you are not a mental patient Daniel. Just remember we will treat you appropriately follow the rules and be on good behavior and your will be rewarded, if you don’t then… there will be consequences.” Mr. Smith’s words ran a shiver down Dan’s backside. “Ahh there’s nurse Grace to take you back to your room,” Mr. Smith said as Dan followed the nurse. Once Dan was out of earshot the doctor turned to Mr. Smith. “The tests are very promising, the advanced treatments haven’t caused any side effects so far, though it’s still too early to tell of course.” “Think positive doctor, things are coming together with Daniel. I think within a few months we’ll know if the newest formula works on not,” Mr. Smith replied. “I certainly hope so, I don’t think we can handle another failure,” the doctor said. Dan was lead back to his cell by the beautiful Nurse Grace and there he found a single book had been left on a book shelf. It was a very old fashioned book called, “A young person’s guide to prudent behavior.” The language was seriously out of date with passages like, “A young person should be seen and not heard,” Dan laughed at the images of children in old fashioned clothing. He fell asleep looking through the book.
  24. This story is about my manager. She is so gorgeous it makes me angry. Spoiled rotten by her doctor husband - whom she is regularly unfaithful towards. Constantly complaining about how he doesn’t satisfy her sexually - or not-so jokingly teasing that he has no idea he pays her to love his ‘tiny penis’. Followed with a more serious reminder - that all the money in the world wouldn’t be a fair price if she couldn’t experience a real man every now and again. Some days I wonder what he would do if he ever caught her... working on Part II let me know what you think, I’m new to all this... be nice. This was her basement. She was sure of it, the familiar smell of sweat pea scented candles was damning evidence. Besides, even with such little light she could make out the decretive wallpaper that bordered the top of the room; her daughters room. Recently left vacant, and empty of almost all furniture, by virtue of an extended study abroad. Isabella was hysterical. Her hair, something she meticulously maintained, was a disaster. It was tangled and frayed; incompetently done up in an attempt at piggy tails. The loose strands stuck out in odd directions, or fell into her face. Dark streaks of mascara poured from her doe-like eyes, as she wept. Distressingly pulling at the chains shackled about her wrists, she screamed. “Please, HELP! is anybody there!”, she managed to hoarsely wail. Before her voice cracked, and she began to cough. The sudden coughing fit caused, a very desperate, Isabella to start wetting herself. Something she had been trying urgently to avoid, ever since she woke up. Despondently and horrified, Isabella filled the diaper securely fastened around around her hips. She frantically tried to stand, and avoid the uncomfortable warmth growing beneath her. “why!” she moaned as her knees painfully buckled under her own weight and she fell to the floor. “why are you doing this to me!” she wailed. Isabella laid there, helplessly writhing. Ineffectually pawing at the revealing garments she was trapped in. From the waist down, a pastel, blue and pink, lace tutu - that did very little to conceal her soiled diaper. Paired with matching thigh high tights. They attached by little frilly ribbons, that snapped to the bottom of the corset she had been dressed in. It complimented the bottom half of her outfit. It too was a sickeningly babyish pink. Two white ribbons of lace ran the length of its front. Each connecting to a cute laced bow positioned on her breasts, right where her nipples would be. Gasping for breaths between anguished sobs, she gravely tried to remove her hellish outfit. A task she failed at especially epically. Not unlike her knees, Isabella’s hands had ached terribly since she woke up. She had almost no dexterity left at all. She couldn’t grip anything, or even lift a finger to point. She might as well have been wearing a thick pair of mittens. Through-out her fruitless struggle she discovered that the diaper she was wearing wasn’t normal. It wasn’t the discrete protection they sell at pharmacies for Grandma. Hers was extremely padded, and bulky. Even the slightest movement was met with a loud crinkling. A grim reminder of her unfortunate reality. Footsteps. Isabella calmed her blubbering to quiet sniffles, in an attempt to listen more intently - wondering if she really heard someone. The short silence was broken by the patter of feet moving down the stairs, stopping just outside the room. She could see the shadow of their feet through the bottom of the door, and waited for what seemed like an eternity for whoever was on the other side to come in - or say something. “Please, what do you want?” isabelle pleaded. finally breaking the silence. “My husbands a doctor, I’ll pay you!” she continued. Suddenly the door opened, and the room was illuminated. Her heart jumped as her eyes adjusted to the light, and she saw her husband standing in front of her. “Someone attacked me!” she screamed. “I don’t remember how I got here. I was so scared.” starting to cry harder, she tried to continue forming sentences. “I can’t get up! I Can’t stand up!; Calvin, Please get me out of here. Call the Police. Why is this happening!” Reaching towards her husband isabelle frantically pleaded for help. “Calm down, calm down” Calvin quietly remarked, as he knelt down and stroked his wife’s cheek. “You we’re in a car accident. Do you remember?” Isabella gasped, and covered her mouth with both hands. memories of the accident flooded her thoughts. “The breaks, they didn’t work! I couldn’t stop.” She said. “I hit a Land cruiser, and spun...” trailing off as she tried to piece it all back together. “It was pretty bad. You have been out for nearly three days. I transfered you home as soon as I could. Under my care.” Calvin informed his wife. “Well, that sort of explains the diaper.” she said, “Why am I dressed like this though - Why did you dress me like a baby? Why am I chained up in the basement?” Isabella demanded. “I can see you’re very scared, and confused right now.” her husband responded. “I did this to you because I know about Morgan. I’ve known for a while you planned to leave me for him. I read your emails, I followed you. After Hannah moves out, Isn’t that right!” He was yelling now. Isabelle was terrified, speechless. “I’m sorr...” she tried to speak before her husband cut her off. “you will be!” He barked, as he put one finger against her lips effectively silencing her. “I love you. I’m going to make sure you can never leave me.” he confessed, calmer than he was a moment ago. “You are dressed like that because I have a diaper fetish”, Calvin motions towards his infantile wife, “This is my ultimate fantasy. Forcing you to act like a baby” “You can dress me however you want, I wont act like a baby for you. You won’t get away with this you bastard! People knew I was leaving you! They will come looking for me when they realize I’m missing, And you will get arrested” she smugly threatened. Isabelle’s ignorant confidence was promptly shattered. Calvin grabbed his wife and bent her over his knee. smack. Isabella’s husband was spanking her padded bottom. “Not going to act like a baby, huh? feels like a wet diaper to me.” he mocked. continuing to spank his helpless wife. “A few more small procedures, and you won’t be able to act like a big girl anymore. You will be my little baby forever.” She was crying again, frustrated she was too injured to fight back. “What procedures? Wha...What are you going to do!” She was terrified now. Calvin stopped spanking her and put her down. “I’ve already preformed the first one.” Calvin revealed. “Before you woke up, I permanently severed many of your muscles and tendons. That’s why you can’t stand up anymore, or change or own diaper.” Before Isabella could say anything Calvin continued, “In a few hours I will sedate you again. This time I’ll operate on your bladder, and bowls. When you wake up, you will be completely incontinent. forever.” He smiled menacingly at his wife. She wanted to say something to him, but couldn’t form an argument. Thoughts of being trapped, pathetically soiling a diaper like an infant were too distracting. As if it wasn’t bad enough Calvin went on, “The best part is I can blame your decreased motor skills, and incontinence on the car accident.” “You can blame whatever you want, I will tell everyone what you did to me!” Isabelle contested. “My family, my friends. even if it takes two or three days, they will come looking for me. and they know th..” Isabelle was interrupted yet again by her husband. Eager to smash her hopes to dreams. “To bad you won’t be able to tell them anything. After I’ve seen you suffer for a few days with your sanity still intact, I am going to scramble your brains. When you finally see your Mom, or your little boyfriend Morgan gain, all you will be able to do is drool and babble nonsense like an infant. You will be trapped in your own head Isabella. Fully aware of everything I have done to you. Unable to tell a soul.” “They wont believe you.” she squeaked. “Even if you scramble my brains, and turn me into a baby. They will find me, and blame you.” she added - not so confidently due to the grin her husband still wore. “Patients with head trauma like yours often wake up in fugue state, Honey. Amnesia that can last months, to years. In extreme cases reverting back to an infantile mindset.” he said, rather matter-o-fact like. “Everyone will commend me for staying faithful, and taking care of you. Can you guess what treatment I’m going to use to reverse your fugue state Isabella?” She didn’t answer. She didn’t know what to say. “That’s right!” Calvin facetiously continued to speak, as if she had given him the correct answer. “We are going to fully embrace your delirious fantasy, in hopes of speeding up what ever it is that your brain is trying to process in your fugue state.” making parenthesis with his fingers as he did. He left the room momentarily, returning with a syringe. Exclaiming excitedly to his defeated wife that it was indeed ‘nap-time’. Isabella felt a small prick. “Wait, Calvin Please don...” The room was spinning before she could finish. She could feel Calvin rubbing her wet crotch as she reluctantly faded into deep slumber.
  25. Prison or nappy school

    Summery: this story is about a girl called Faith who gets arrested and is given a choice either go to nappy school or go to prison. Will Faith make the right choice or will she live to regret it (feed back welcome) Faith was a twenty two year old woman who had short black hair and was dressed in a jumper and jeans was sat reading a bible in her boyfriends car. Faith was an extremely religious woman so her boyfriend wasn't really surprised that she was reading it. Faith had been out all day with her boyfriend Marcus and it was finally time for them to go home. "Thanks for today Marcus" Faith smiled as started looking out the window. As Faiths boyfriend drove Faith suddenly noticed that the car was traveling down a dirt road. "Hey where are we going?" Faith asked as she started to panic a little. Faith's boyfriend Marcus gently patted her leg "yo don't worry I'm just paying a visit to a friend don't worry" Marcus smiled as he patted Faiths leg. As Marcus continued driving up the road Faith continued to feel uneasy as she saw a log cabin. "Wait here I'll be back" Marcus said as he got out and left Faith in the car. Faith sat there board it was getting late and she just wanted to get home. Faith suddenly heard her phone ring with a text. Faith laughed as she read the text from her best mate Taylor who was enjoying a holiday in the Middle East. Suddenly Faiths laughter was interrupted as Marcus got back into the car. "You get what you need?" Faith casually asked. "Yep sure did" Marcus replied as he drove off. Faith and Marcus continued driving for the next thirty minutes in an awkward silence. "Fuck" Marcus shouted as he looked behind to see a police car ordering him to pull over. "Here put these in your pocket" Marcus shouted as he hand Faith a small bag of red pills. Faith immediately knew that it was drugs and tried her best to protest but her boyfriend made sure she did as he ordered "listen put them in your pocket or we're finished" Marcus shouted as Faith reluctantly complied Marcus then pulled up and a few moments later a cop came walking up. "Sir can I please see your driving license" the cop asked but she was more interested in Faith because she was acting twitchy. "Mam can you please step out of the car" the cop asked as she walked around to Faiths side. Faith nervously stepped out and the cop looked to her "mam do you have anything on you that you shouldn't have?" The cop asked as Faith nervously stood there before pulling out the bag of pills. By now Faith started to have tears trickling down her face as the cop placed her in handcuffs and led her to a waiting cop car. Faith sat in the car and cried her eyes out as the car started to drive off. Faith who was still crying was soon being led into a cell at a police station. "Ok honey here's what's going to happen since you've been caught with drugs your required to have a strip search" the police officer said as she looked to Faith who gave her an angry look. "Listen either you take your clothes off or we'll restrain you and we'll take your clothes off" the offer warned Faith. "I'm not striping" Faith quietly replied as she backed into to a coroner of the cell. Faith was now tightly holding her t-shirt as the cop moved closer to her. The female cop knew Faith was a first time offender and she also knew how embarrassing it was to be strip searched. "Listen Hun all you need to do is take one piece of clothing off at a time" the cop said as Faith reluctantly pulled her jumper off to expose her breasts, Faith then placed her jumper back on and slowly started to remove her trousers the officer saw that Faith was wearing a set of pink panties. "I'm sorry but you'll need to pull them down so I can check inside them for anything illegal" the officer compassionately said. By now Faith had been humiliated enough so she just pulled them down. "Ok then that's fine" the officer said as she walked to the cell door. "What's going to happen now?" Faith nervously asked. "You'll be put in front of a judge tomorrow now get some sleep" the officer said as she closed the door. Faith was hoping to get some sleep but she was highly doubtful of it. A couple of hours later and Faith was stood in front of a judge called judge Samuels. Faith had been in court for about an hour and judge Samuels was finally giving her a sentence. "Ok then Faith normally I'd sentence someone like you to five years in prison but I'm going to give you a choice." Hearing this made Faith more hopeful of a lenient sentence. "There is a new program starting that you have the chance to join so it's either prison for five years or the program" judge Samuels explained. Hearing that she could avoid prison made faiths heart race even more "what is the program?" Faith inquisitively asked. "The program requires you to go to a special school for adults, it's called nappy school so basically you go there to learn how to behave like an adult, since you wanted to act like a baby you'll treated like one and as the title suggests it's going to involve you wearing nappies you'll go there till the school decides when you've been reeducated enough however failure to complete nappy school will result in a much longer prison sentence so what's it going to be nappy school or prison?" The judge asked a now shocked Faith. "If you don't decide I will chose for you" the judge warned. Faith stood there shocked and confused at what she just heard. Faith had heard what prison was like and like so many people in the world it was a place she wanted to avoid. However nappy school was a place she'd never heard of but the thoughts of having to wear nappies sent shivers down her spine. "I'll take nappy school" Faith quietly spoke with embarrassment, at the end of the day Faith knew deep down she'd sooner wear nappies over going to prison and she also knew she had the chance to get out of nappy school before the five years was up. Hearing this the judge then picked up his hammer and sentenced Faith "Faith this court here by sentences you to an unspecified time at nappy school, failure to complete will result in prison take her away" the judge ordered. As Faith was being led away her mind was now racing as to weather she'd made the right choice or weather she'd regret it.