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  1. Chapter 1: “Abby, is this really necessary?” A whine sounded from her throat. Dani crossed her arms over her chest, pouting at the ceiling as her legs were held up by the ankles. A warm wipe made its way over her nether regions, cleansing every inch of her dirty bottom and between her legs. “Yes, Dani, this is necessary. It’s necessary when you willfully disregard all instructions not to eat gluten. Really, Dani, what were you thinking?” her voice was firm, not angry, but the disappointment was clear. She’d only had a tiny bite of cake left on the counter and it was only too tempting dipping her finger into the frosting and biting into the yummy sweetness. The doctor said she had Celiac disease but Dani hadn’t believed a word they said. These Amazon’s were on a power trip and the only thing the doctor believed she should be having was milk straight from an Amazon’s tit. But now her tummy ached and the messy explosion down below was the result. Abby stared down at her with the same condescending look given to all Littles trying to prove they were bigger than they actually were. “Just because you are a Little does not mean we are all out to get you. Believe it or not, Doctor Heany actually wanted to help you. This is all your own fault, Daniella. You have no reason to be upset.” Okay, she did have a point, the Little reluctantly agreed. But, that didn’t mean she had to diaper her! Dani squirmed, wiggling around on the table as the Amazon woman reached down below, pulling out the thick padding. “NO!” She cried out, anxious to get away from the monstrous article of clothing, if it could even be called that. Dani knew she had been extremely lucky the past several years. The apartment building she used to live in decided they’d no longer accommodate unadopted Little’s after her neighbor had left the sink faucet running and fell asleep which resulted in the flooding of the entire apartment. The damage wasn’t extreme but the Landlord was not pleased. The Little was adopted not even a day later and the Landlord refused to rent to Little’s any longer. It wasn’t that Dani didn’t understand the Landlord’s frustrations but everything in this world was Amazon size, meant for those eight feet and taller. They had step stools and ladders and accommodations were made for the regressed but the average unadopted Little hardly stood a chance, especially when they couldn’t even reach a sink faucet - a task that would be simple if she wasn’t so short. And she’d gotten lucky, finding an Amazon that would even rent to her in the first place because most places wouldn’t even entertain the thought. A Little pretending to be an adult, no more mature than a toddler, yeah that’ll go well… Knowing she was about to be booted out on the street, tears welled up in her eyes. She was the prime candidate for any Amazon. They just couldn’t ignore their parental instincts, seeing a Little in distress (or any Little in general). The urge to smother them with “love” back into diapers and turn their brains to mush was too strong. But Abby wasn’t like the other Amazon’s - not really, well, kind of - she was different. Abby had saved her. But it’s not how she saw it at the time. Dani had been arguing with the Landlord, a grumpy ten foot tall man who never had time for Little’s and their whims (as he liked to put it) about just needing another day or two to move out her stuff. Her best friend said she could stay with her for a while until she was sorted. But she had too much stuff to move in twenty-four hours coupled with the fact there were about fifty other Little’s moving out the same day, it was an impossible task they were meant to fail at. Look at all the Littles, too immature to follow directions correctly. Too tiny to even lift and carry out all their items. That is why instead of them doing the carrying, they need to be carried by a big and strong Amazon. He’d all but laughed in her face as she continued to argue her case, not only for herself but other fellow Littles. However, it wasn’t until after, she’d realized she’d gone a bit too far. “I’m half tempted to call the adoption center!” The man exclaimed. “Not even able to follow proper instructions, disrespectful and talking back? This is a serious case of Maturosis.” Oh god. Her heart had dropped to the bottom of her stomach, unable to do anything as she watched him pull out her phone. “Please!” She pleaded. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry-” “What’s going on here?” They’d both turned around at the sound of the voice. An Amazon, one of the tallest she’d ever seen, came strutting over across the lobby. The woman must have been about thirteen feet and that was tall for Amazon standards. Unconsciously, she backed up, eager to be rid of both Giants because while one was worrisome, two was a nightmare. “Miss Brady!” The man’s voice turned jovial at the site of his fellow Amazon. “Nothing to worry about here. Just the standard case of Maturosis, I’m dialing the adoption center as we speak.” Tears poured down her cheeks and the Amazon stared down at her, blue eyes shining with an expression she couldn’t make out. The Amazon was beautiful and blonde with curves she could only dream of having. “Oh don’t do that,” the woman smiled, waving her hand. “I’ve been searching for a Little for myself actually! I think Little Miss -“ “Daniella Avery.” Said the man with a Cheshire cat grin as he hung up his phone. “Miss Avery would be absolutely perfect! You don’t have to worry about her apartment. I’ll take it over as well.” The Little didn’t have time to run as she was quickly scooped up and swung over her shoulder. The girl let out what could only be described as a tantrum. Kicking and screaming and pounding on the Amazon’s back, that should have been the end. At twenty-one years old, this should have been the point where her life drastically changed forever and any happiness she contained disappeared. But it wasn’t. Instead, it was quite the opposite. OoOoo Abby won in the end, like always, and could only smile at the pouting Little who couldn’t have been any more adorable in her puffy pink diaper secured tightly around her waist. Honestly, she’d be content making her go out dressed in only that but Abby really didn’t have the energy to deal with the tantrum that would surely ensue. “Why can’t I at least wear a pull-up?” “Do I really need to explain this Dani?” She did not. The Little stayed silent. “You know what we agreed on. Say it.” Her hand landed down on her pale thigh tainted pink, having been slapped one to many times in response to her poor behavior. Dani frowned, rubbing at her wet eyes. “Mommy knows best and Little girls need to learn that their naughty behavior has consequences,” diapers being it. All Abby really required was obedience and a companion to watch over but not regress. The Amazon, unlike most others, did not desire a baby to look after or to be called Mommy or diaper full-time. She wanted a Little she could snuggle up with at the end of the night, a Little that would still maintain their adult mind and could have normal conversations yet acknowledge their place in an Amazon's world. Dani could handle that because her Mommy, for all-intents and purposes, always said, it could be a lot worse. She had freedoms, too many to count and it just came over the small price of being fussed over and treated at the most like a five to six year old. However, the times she was diapered, dressed up in humiliating garb and made to nurse were her own fault. It was her own stupid actions having landed her in this position. Like now. But Dani knew, if she even voiced a desire to be regressed, Abby wouldn’t hesitate. Instincts always won over in the end. “Very good,” Abby smiled, patting her head. “Arms up.” The Little complied, allowing the sparkly blue dress to be slipped over her head ending just past her knees. Abby would’ve had her permanently dressed in pink just like her nursery and about every babyish outfit she owned but seeing a diapered Little in pink and alone in public was a recipe for disaster. Hands under her armpits, she was lifted to the ground. Her legs wobbled attempting to catch her balance having been on her backside for way too long. Her head didn’t even reach halfway up to the changing table just like every other item in Amazonia and while Dani was proud to be Little, she wished she were just a few feet taller. Only at 4’8, she was short even for Little standards which made her even more delectable to the Amazons and absolutely impossible to be taken seriously, more so than her fellow Littles. Now, Abby hummed a tune, something familiar from her childhood as they stood at the mirror, brushing her red curls back into a low ponytail. “All my friends are going to see that I’m wearing a diaper,” Dani sulked looking down at the ground because she couldn’t bear to stare at her own reflection. “You don’t have to play with your friends. We can always stay here and have a Baby day. We can watch your favorite movie and cuddle and have bathtime. I know how much you love bubbles.” Her cheeks turn pink at every word, worse than the last. Dani was mortified to admit how much she actually enjoyed herself during those times. It was maybe only a year after she’d been adopted that she truly let herself relax and indulge in the lack of responsibilities, realizing she wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Being taken care of for once instead of having to worry about her every little move, was a nice change. Still, Dani couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing this was exactly what so many Little’s were fighting against, what she had fought against, and here she was enjoying it. Even now, Dani wouldn’t mind a cozy day in her favorite fuzzy pajamas. But the Little knew it was more of a punishment and there was no fun in being reminded of how stupid she’d been. “What if they say something? What if they laugh at me?” “Then they are not your friends.” Finished tying the black ribbon at the top of her hair, she was lifted into her arms. “My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore though. I don’t need a diaper, really. I’ll be fine.” “But we can’t be sure, can we?” The woman gave her a look. “Besides, you don’t have to go to your friend's house at all but I know how much you were looking forward to the, what was it… bachelorette party?” No! She couldn’t miss it! Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth as she carefully considered her next words. Abby would keep her home if she really wanted too. She didn’t even have to let her keep seeing her friends and that’s what Dani appreciated the most. But like everyone, the Amazon had her limits and Dani was inching dangerously close to crossing the line. “You’re right.” The Little finally muttered in defeat. There was no arguing her way out of this one. “Of course I am!” She bounced her in her arms. “Mommy is always right!” OoOoo It was a sunny August day as they made their way outside from the third floor and out onto the busy street. Surprisingly, Dani had no fight as she was strapped into the pink stroller (which was always a problem). Abby watched as she laid her head back, soaking up the sun and her eyes closed. A hint of a smile appeared on her lips at the very visible sight of the puffiness beneath her dress, pulled up by the strap between her thighs. She’d fussed at the frilly white socks and Mary Jane’s but really, it was the least of her concerns. Even just the tiniest argument allowed her to maintain her sanity, showing that she still had a voice to fight back against her imprisonment. She closed her eyes as to not see all the cooing Amazon’s, pretending she was somewhere on a warm island sipping a Mimosa and not stuck in this horrible contraption they called a stroller. It was a quick walk, about twenty minutes away yet it couldn’t have felt shorter as they came to a stop in front of the five story building. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, the area was predominantly occupied by Littles and Inbetweeners, not quite as big as Amazons but still tall enough that they were ignored by the Amazons. “Here we are!” Abby chirped. Leaning down to undo all the belts, Dani didn’t hesitate to hop out, seeing that they were alone on the street. “Here is your phone and gift for your friend,” she reached down into the bottom pocket of the stroller. “Are you fine to go in on your own?” “Yes!” Dani said eagerly, grabbing the wrapped present and tiny flip phone. The last thing she needed was her friends seeing her Mommy walking her inside like a baby. “Very well. Do you remember our rules?” Abby bent down, taking her chin in her hand so she couldn’t look away. “Yes,” she sighed. “No drinking, no dirty behavior and no boys.” Dani struggled not to roll her eyes. It was the tiny restrictions like this that got her the most fed up. She was twenty-one years old for crying out loud and the girl had needs! “I will be back at six pm but text me if you need me beforehand or want to come home early. I will be here in a jiffy.” “Six?” Dani sputtered, doing her best not to stomp her foot. “That’s only five hours! The party is going on all night -!” “Daniella!” She said sharply. “I’ve been very patient all morning with your little fits. Do you want me to make it shorter? Do you want to go at all? We can turn around right now and go back home. We could also go upstairs and spank your little bottom in front of all of your friends.” A dark look had settled over her eyes, warning she was on her last straw. “B-but,” tears just about welled up in her eyes. “I hardly see Carly and it’s her most special day! Can I stay until ten at least? Pleaseeee?” “Absolutely not. Six o’clock.” “What about nine?” Abby paused, seemingly considering her words. After a pregnant pause she said, “eight o’clock.” “Eight-forty five-“ “Daniella…” her hand warningly grasped her bottom. “Fine.” She relented. “Eight o’clock.” The Amazon sighed. “That’s your bedtime so I don't want any whiny girl later on and don’t even try to argue for overnight since there is no adult present.” “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I’ll be good!” Dani couldn’t help but squeal, knowing this was the best she was gonna get. Attacking Abby with a hug to the neck and a thousand kisses to the cheek, really she was grateful. How sad was that… happy for just another two hours… oh how much she’d fallen. Her reaction was adorable, melting the Amazon’s heart because all she wanted was for her Little girl to be happy. She didn’t want to leave her alone with a bunch of other Little’s, especially with the very grown up behaviors they still presented, but it was a necessary sacrifice if she didn’t want Dani to despise her forever. Unlike other Amazon’s, she actually cared how her Little felt which was not a popular sentiment. “Now run along,” she sighed, disentangling her arms and patting her bottom. “You don’t want to be late.” OoOoo The receptionist knew her by now, a kind Inbetweener who really didn’t care if she was Little or not just as long as no trouble was caused. She said hello, practically skipping towards the elevator that for once was placed at the right height so she could press the button. The only reason Dani hadn’t moved in here was because the complex had reached their quota for Little’s allowed. Only thirty-five percent could be occupied by Little’s in order to accommodate the Inbetweeners so they wouldn’t feel upstaged. Not that it really mattered in the end, but still, it made her pissy just thinking about the stupid rule. It was a quick ride up to the fourth floor and the party was already in full swing. “Dani!” Squeals broke out throughout the room as she walked through the unlocked door. She was embraced with hugs from her already tipsy friends, not only drunk on happiness. “Congratulations!” She exclaimed finally seeing the blonde bombshell of her best friend. She embraced the bride to be in a short white dress meant to show off her boobs and ass in the best way possible. Abby would have a stroke if she saw what she was wearing right now. Dani couldn’t help but think. “Wha-what are you wearing?” Carly stepped back, finally taking in her appearance. Her face heated up, realizing all eyes were on her and the room had gone quiet. It wasn’t a secret that she was adopted but it was embarrassing knowing she was different from everyone else. Sometimes, the energy was just off. There was them and then there was her. It was almost as if they were weary of her, as if her Littleness would rub off on them somehow. They were still her friends, nothing would change that, but these days she felt even more insecure. “Abby.” Is all she said. Hums of realization went around the living room. “I’ve got clothes and makeup in my room,” said Carly. “Go change and for fucks sake, take off the diaper. No Amazon is ruining our night.” Oh, she didn’t have to say that twice! A smile lit up her face as the energy resumed and she rushed off. A few minutes later, there are large exaggerated bangs on the bedroom door. “Knock knock knock! Open up bitch!” Olivia. She smirked. “I’m naked!” “Even better!” The door opened to reveal the girl who had been with her through thick and thin. The girl who’d contemplated begging Abby to adopt her just so they could remain together before Dani had told her what a stupid ridiculous idea that was. But that’s who Olivia was. Crass, confident and unequivocally lovable. Her caramel skin positively glowed, hair pulled up in a crown of long braids in a short midnight black dress and don’t even get her started on her long tanned legs. She’d always been the hot girl in college. The one all the boys chased after and every other girl wanted to be. “You look hot. Is that a new brand of diapers? Gucci? I heard they’re making them extra absorbent nowadays.” “Oh shut up!” They collapse into a fit of laughter, jumping on their friend’s queen size bed. Olivia was the one person she didn’t need to hide around, the one person who could turn any awkward situation into a joke and who didn’t really seem to care about her new status in life. “Help me choose an outfit before they start wondering where we are. Jesus, she’s got so many clothes.” She walks to the closet, pulling out a blood red corset dress with a dangerous slit up the side. “Too slutty?” Oliva’s brows wiggled in a suggestive manner. “Not enough!” “Perhaps, we should consult with Mommy dearest. I wonder, does she have any matching red diapers?” “Don’t give her ideas,” Dani shuttered at the thought. “Now help me into that thing and do my makeup. I want to look our age for once.” OoOoo Bachelorette parties were supposed to be sweet and wholesome, celebrating the start of a new chapter in the woman’s life. For Carly, there would be none of that cutesy crap. As Littles they already dealt with it enough. Early marriage wasn’t uncommon for Littles in Amazonia because one day you could be free and the next day stuck in a crib. You never knew how much time you had. Dani hadn’t even gotten to the point of finding a boyfriend before being adopted and the thought of marriage was a faraway dream. That’s why she couldn’t have been any more happy for her friend, getting to live out all of her fantasies. “Are you staying the night?” Olivia asked as she carefully applied her eyeliner. “Until eight.” Dani sighed. “Let me guess, Abby?” “You bet.” She muttered. ”Good thing you’ll be here for the stripper then.” “Stripper!” Dani gasped, eyes flying wide-open. “Shhh!” Olivia put her fingers to her lips. “It’s a surprise. We planned it for Carly. Don’t say anything to her!” “H-how’d you even find one?” “The Underground, duh. How else would we?” It was no surprise that any raunchy, sexual activity including drinking were off limits to Little’s. Anything that threatened the innocence of a Little was outlawed. That’s why there was the Underground. Anything a Little needed could be found there. Alcohol, Lingerie, certain activities… you just needed to know where to look. “We figured you couldn’t stay the night so they’re coming at half six.” Dani was grateful for the thought, yet her face still turned as red as her hair. They shouldn’t have to make decisions like this in the first place or change the plans just to accommodate her. Often she wondered if her presence was more of a hindrance. “Don’t be like that,” Olivia nudged her playfully. “I love you. Carly loves you. We all love you. Let loose, have some fun before you go back to baby jail. Perhaps you’ll just meet the love of your life.” Dani barked a laugh. Imagine. A stripper and a diapered Little. That would make one hell of a story. OoOoo A/N: Hey all! I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted but I’ve been so busy with school. I’m coming up on my last year of college, I’m in the middle of an internship and getting ready for Masters programs so literally I’ve had no time for anything else! I just wanted to post a little something because I need a break from everything. I know that I have so many stories going on but when something pops in my head, I’ve got write it down! I’ve got about one hundred drafts of different stories written but I’m still working on Baby Dolls and whatever else is posted right now. I’m not really sure how long this story will be but please stick with me! This is my first time writing a diaper dimension story so please share your thoughts and as always, I love reviews! Also, I had no clue what to title this so any better suggestions are welcome!!!
  2. Julie was running as fast as she can from the party that her friend hosted that got busted by cops. She found a window open in a quiet house that looked like nobody was home. After landing in it. Julie decides she will spend the night here. She was a little buzzed still from the drinks she had. Julie sat down then layed her head against some what she thought were pillows. She then picked one up and said "Wait a second these arnt pillows they are diapers! Just what I need! What is this place?" Julie puts on the thick diaper which perfectly. She then stands up and looks at the childish design room, crib, and closet full of clothes. Julie surprised "Oh a daycare! Makes sense and look here we have some cute clothes! They look like they will fit perfectly on me!" Julie then puts on a pink flower skirt overalls that barely covered her diaper. Then looked in the mirror and said "oh yea looking good. Fifty flavors of cute right here". Julie then feels her bladder needing released then let's it all out in her diaper "oh I'm totally filling my diaper up. Is this what freedom feels like!" Julie then grabs her wet soggy diaper and starts rubbing it "oh what's this! Oh my this feels so good. So squishy and warm. I might...uh...hmmm.. oh my I'm such a naughty girl" Julie then gets super tired and falls asleep. Julie then wakes up but finds her diaper clean. Confused who had changed it. The window has been locked. "Whoever changed me must have locked the window. How do I get out of here!" She then looks at a tall window typed door. Julie sees a lock and chain on the other side. She starts to get on her tipy toes to try and unlock it but shes way to short to reach it! She trys to yell out for help but no use. Julie sees a mommy like women enter the door way then yells out "Hey there must be some mistake I'm not really a child. I know how it looks but someone changed me already. I don't belong here and..." Julie then pauses and see a officer come in with the women. The women says "sorry I can't be anymore help officier". The officer then says "well if you do see her let me know". The women picks up Julie then says "What do you need darling?". As Julie is picked up. She wets herself from the officier standing right by holding his radio. Julie trys to play along till officier leaves. She then says in babyish tone "I need diapie changed!" The officer then looks at Julie and says to women "she looks a little big for diapers don't you think?". As the women lays down Julie on the changing table and opens her wet diaper "yea but don't let that fool you she deffinatly does need them. This is her third diaper change today! Isn't that right little stinker. Ran right through her little tummy didn't it? Do you need fed some more sweetie?". As Julie gets up from her diaper change she is super hungry. Julie then says "yes oh my god I'm starving. I mean... baby very hungwy." The officier still a little confused then says "you sure she's not to old. To me she looks to big to be in daycare much less nurse on a boob." Then Julie confused and in her head said to herself "Wait did he say.... nurse on a boob" then Julie sees the women put her huge boob right in Julie's face. Then the women says "your meals already cupcake" The women picks up Julie then the officier says "well your the expert but gosh.. kids these days" the women then pushes her boob closer to Julie's mouth with Julie having a super shocked look on her face and can't believe what she's about to have her do. Then the women smiles and says "they look so mature don't they?" Julie then having to play along starts sucking on the women's boob and starting to feel the milk enter her mouth then start to drip off her face. The women then says "it's all that fast food chemicals and formula they grow up on. Little girls need the real thing" As Julie kept drinking she felt her bowls release. A huge amount of poo entered her diaper. From all the drinks she drank it was super slushie and mushy. The diaper sagged super low in her humiliating situation. The officier then smells the horrible present she made in her diaper then says "that's my cue to leave". The women smiles and says "that's right sweetie get it all out" After Julie's humilating situation. The women then starts changing her diaper. "Peeyeew looks like my girl left me a big present in her diaper. We got to cut back on that big girl food and get you back on baby food" After Julie's diaper change she sees the clip board to sign out of nursery and tells the women "Hey so thank you for the diaper change and all. It looks like it's closing time so il just sign myself out". The women then snatches the clip board "oh I don't think so. Your coming home with me. Il take good care of you before somebody comes to claim you". Julie shocked "oh that's really not necessary" as Julie said that the women swooped up Julie and carried her in her arms and said "but you need a mommy to change your diapers and I got every size diaper imaginable. You can stay in my nursery. It was getting lonely with just me and my cats. The nursery is built for someone my size but your big for your age anyway" As the women walked outside with Julie to her car. Julie confused "big for my age? But I'm not a baby". The women waved to officers "evening officers. Ever find that college girl?". The officier said "no but don't worry ma'am. As per your request we will be stationed here till she shows up" The women smiled then said to Julie "did you hear that? Were going to have a fun time together... for a long time!" After arriving at the woman's home. Julie was carried into the home then up into the nursery room. To Julie's surprise it was a full adult size nursery just fit for her age. The woman then pulled down the crib bars and placed Julie inside then pulled the bars up trapping her inside. It was impossible to escape. Julie wasn't able to hop over or anything. Then the woman quickly shot her with a needle that weaken Julie. Julie's legs failed and she landed on her diaper butt. Only able to crawl around on her hands and knees. "Please let me out. I'm not a baby! I demand to be let go" Julie yelled out. The woman smiled then plopped a pacifier in Julie's mouth. "Now now cupcake your to young to make decisions. Also if I recall the cops are still looking for you. So you can either spend your time in a dirty old prison or stay here as my baby girl. Now which sounds better?" Said the woman. Julie then thought twice. She knew prison would be horrible. So if she had to pick anything I guess it's being this mommy's baby girl. Julie then says in babyish tone "stay with mommy". The woman then smiled. "Good girl. Now lets go over the rules. You will use your diaper for poopie and pee pee. No exceptions. You will call me mommy and mommy will decide when to change your diaper. You will also be breastfed and given a nice baby food diet. If you complain or act bad I will be giving you a good spanking over my knee or even a warm enema to fill your diaper. Since you tried yelling at mommy it's time for a spanking" Julie's new mommy grabbed her from the crib then put Julie over her knee. Then pulled her diaper down and spanked away. "Ow ow ow" SPANK SPANK SPANK. Julie's butt started turning red and she started crying. Mommy then pulled up her diaper and hugged her. "Sorry mommy had to do that but sometimes naughty girls need to be taught a lesson" The woman then slid her hand down the back of Julie's diaper and pushed her finger up Julie's butthole. Julie felt something go up. "Mommy what did you put up my butt" Julie asked. Julie's mommy put her back in the crib "don't worry about it sweetie you'll find out in the morning" Julie then fell fast asleep from the long day. She then woke up and smelled something really bad. "Ewww gross what's that smell? Did I just fart without knowing?" Julie then layed up on her butt and felt something yucky and mushy spread and smear against her buttcheeks and privates. "Noo noo noo I couldn't have! I just pooped my diaper in my sleep! This isn't happening! I'm not some dumb baby" Julie's mommy walks in the room "well good morning sweetie. Uh oh I think I smell someone made a big stinky poopy in her diaper. It's ok sweetie your just a baby you can't control yourself. I think someone also needs some feeding little stinker" The mommy then grabs Julie and heads to the rocking chair. Then places Julie's dirty diaper butt on her knee squishing all the poop again against Julie's butt. The mommy unbuttons her bra. And then grabs Julie's dirty diaper butt with her hand and then pushes her forward. Making Julie suck on her boob. Julie disgusted couldn't do much. All she could do is just suck and hope that her new mommy will change her diaper. The mommy just rocked her back and forth smushing Julie's dirty diaper butt.
  3. (Your character) suddenly woke up when she felt a hand cup his mouth. Her eyes widened and she tried to sit up, but she was being held down! She looked around wildly, before her eyes met the eyes of a strange man who was standing above her, smirking at her. (Your character) started to breathe shakily, doing her best to get out of the man's grasp. She didn't even recognise who this was! She had merely gone to work as usual, met clients as usual, gone home, as usual, and gone to bed as usual! Only to wake up, seeing her room seemingly in shambles, and herself being detained. She tried to scream, but she went quiet when the hand covering her mouth held down more harshly, nails cutting into her face. The yelling then turned to tears. She wasn't anyone special! She was just a normal salesperson! She did her work like everyone else and tried to have a good life... How was she supposed to know that her information was by chance sold online to the highest bidder, because some creep she had sold to found her attractive enough to be able to make money off of?! (Your character) was beaten to the point of passing out, and when she next woke up, she was detained in some container... Her hands were tied at her sides, her waist and her legs were tied up too... She couldn't move much at all! From what she could see, she was in some pink box... A box that dolls would come in, perhaps. And of course, she was dressed in an elaborate doll dress, pink and frilly and gaudy... Once getting past the fact that she was in the box, she could see through the glass show window that she was in some sort of shipping container... And it seemed like the ground beneath her was rocking... The journey was long and hard, leaving her with nothing to eat, and no way to relieve her aching bladder for nearly two days before she was taken out, placed in a truck, and driven to the house of what would soon become her new owner... She was left on a porch in front of a door, and it took another several hours before someone came to get her! When Anya finally got home from work and noticed her package had arrived, she walked up to her, and glanced at the girl on her doorstep. She was passed out and in a nasty shape, and of course, she was dressed fancy and her hair was done up, and she was tied tightly to the box so she couldn't move! Anya tapped on the glass curiously. "Are you alive in there?" She asked and tilted her head. When the girl woke, she surprised to see that her new plaything was so combative even after her whole kidnapping and shipping. "Calm down my dear. If you promise you'll behave, I'll let you out of there." She said finally. "Until you agree to this, however, you'll just have to sit there, and those ropes don't look all that comfortable to me." She stated firmly.
  4. DISCLAIMER: IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! If you have not read my first story: Little Beginnings: New Life - I HIGHLY suggest you do so! This story will make a lot more sense if you do. It’s where the main character is first introduced and you and learn a lot about the little community I have created. ooOoo Chapter 1: Three Months Before The moment she stepped out of the cab, her skin began to burn. Luna groaned, enduring the full force of the simmering summer heat. This was the exact reason she never wanted to come to the South. There wasn’t anything she hated more than the sun, and by the end of the day, she’d be as red as a lobster. Her father always said it was their Irish blood and she’d roll her eyes in return. No shit sherlock. They were as white as the freakin moon. For sure, she’d stand out among the throng of tanned bodies, which in her case, was not a good thing. She wasn’t sure how long she would stay but Luna had gotten a credible lead on her dad. One she couldn’t ignore. And if the authorities were still scouring Raleigh, it would only take them hours to realize that she was no longer there. “Hello, Miss?” the driver grumbled, knocking her from her thoughts. “You gonna pay me or what? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” He was a grumpy old man who’d only reluctantly driven her all the way out here from North Carolina after promising a generous pay. She’d had to leave earlier than expected and while inconvenient, made her aware of how comfortable she’d become. Never did she stay in one place for more than a few months. It wasn’t safe. “O-of course,” she blushed as she fumbled around in her wallet and pulled out one hundred dollars for the driver. Despite his less-than-stellar personality, he knew when to stay quiet and not ask questions. That was good enough for her. She carried only the bag on her back and money to last her at least another year and a half. After that, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Luna watched the car take off down the dirt path before finally exhaling the breath she’d been holding in the entire ride. There was an eerie silence. A sort of calm before the storm. Luna had only ever known noise, growing up in the heart of Manhatten. Her father explained the importance of hiding in plain sight. Nobody would expect them to be in bustling New York City, a place known for the attention and spotlight. It was perfect… until it wasn’t. Now, looking straight ahead, Luna wondered if she had the right place. The roof of the red farmhouse was dilapidated and the land looked absolutely dead. Anyone who happened upon the house would believe it was abandoned. Though that was the point. No one was supposed to know this place existed. Luna had only found it due to her father. He was the reason she’d not been caught yet. The girl walked ahead with a renewed sense of purpose. The boards below her feet creaked and she rapped her knuckle, three than two than six times, on the faded white door. She clutched a swiss army knife in her other hand, hidden in her pocket. “Always be prepared.” Her father taught her. “Never hesitate.” She was literally in the middle of nowhere-bumfuck-South Carolina. No one would see her if she was kidnapped. No one would hear her if she screamed. Being vulnerable was something she did not like. The door opened a crack and dark brown eyes peered at her. Her hand tightened around the knife and heart frantically raced. “Who sent you?” it was a woman’s voice who asked. “Martin Creevy.” she used her father’s alias. “I assume you’ve heard of him before.” Oh, the woman definitely had by the way her eyes lit up. The door closed in her face and for a moment, Luna thought she’d been turned away. However, there was a click and suddenly it opened again, wider. “We’ve been expecting you,” she said, motioning with her hand. “C’mon in.” Despite the raised hairs on the back of her neck, she stepped over the threshold into the house. There was no turning back, only moving forward. She never could stop moving, searching. Not until he was found. The door slammed shut and Luna jumped, spinning around. She watched the woman re-chain the door and turn the several deadbolts. From the outside, it looked like nothing. Her eyes wandered around, trying to adjust to the darkness. They were in a narrow hallway, with no lights and no other exit. A few pictures adorned the walls and they stood on a dusty old rug. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of mothballs and she leaned on each leg, testing the uneven floor. “You don’t think much of it.” Her eyes flashed back to the woman, who stared intently at her. “It’s just… different.” her bow-shaped lips pursed together. “Where do we go?” “Down.” “Down?” Luna didn’t think she meant literally, but she did. She watched as the woman bent down and peeled back the rug, revealing the wooden floor and… a hatch? “We take our security very seriously. There’s a ladder going down,” she explained, unlocking and lifting up the door. “You go first. I’ll follow.” ooOoo It was a tiny house. That, Luna had been sure of when she saw it from outside but inside, down here, was big. She supposed the basement would be large but not this big.They stood in the kitchen, which had no wall and lead right into the dining room where there was a small wooden table. Unable to help but gap, eyes going wide, the woman laughed, coming from behind her. “Don’t keep your mouth open too long. You’re gonna catch flies.” Her mouth instantly snapped shut and a furious blush spread across her face. Her blue eyes drifted over the woman beside her as she could see her properly for the first time in the light. She had a heart-shaped face and kind but weary brown eyes, that looked to have seen too much pain over the years. And despite her smooth, unwrinkled brown skin, her hair, which Luna could imagine must have been dark black at one point, now greyed. A few loose curls hung in her face and her lips formed a thin smile. “You look like your father.” Her brows furrowed together. She knew her father? “You have the same face but your eyes, they are exactly like your mother’s.” Her lips parted and she stilled. Her only reaction was to blink. “Call me Sue,” the woman offered no other explanation. “I always wondered when we would meet.” Still, she couldn’t bring herself to react. “This is the MacIntosh Safe House. I suspect this is the first one you have come across?” It was. Before, she was squatting in random abandoned buildings, resting while she had the chance. She knew there were safe houses, just didn’t know how to find them. “Sit down, Hon,” the wom- Sue, headed toward the kitchen cabinets, searching through them. “You’re exhausted. I’ll make you a snack.” Her feet moved on her own accord and sat down on the stool at the island table. Sue chopped an apple into slices. MacIntosh. She gulped, trying to find the courage to speak but was, she felt… Luna didn’t know how she felt. The strong confident girl from a few hours ago was gone and didn’t know what had happened to her. “My name is-” “I don’t want to know your real name.” she interrupted, not looking up from the cutting board. “Do you believe my name is actually Sue?” The girl did believe, well, at least up until now. “Charlie.” she made up on the spot. “Call me Charlie.” “Nice to meet you, Charlie.” The name sounded strange as the woman referred to her as it but Luna knew it was better this way. There was nothing to tie her to here. Well, except the driver but she doubted he’d remember. “I’m sure you have many questions and I’ll wait to answer them until you meet the others. It’s not common that we have a new person.” “The others? Oh, and I’m not planning on staying long. I’m just passing through.” She passed the plate across the table with the freshly cut apple slices and smiled. “Of course, you aren't.” The woman didn’t seem to believe her. However, the girl nibbled on the apple, realizing for the first time just how hungry she was. “There are six other people staying here. Three are out right now and the others are in the next room.” Glancing at the doorway in the dining room, she could hear the faintest sound. Was that a tv? There were a few voices. “Your father always bragged about how smart you were and never did I not believe him. You found us, which is not easy to do.” she leaned back against the oak cabinet. “How long ago did he go missing?” “Two years ago.” she ignored the heavy feeling in her heart. Realistically, he’d been preparing her for this since the moment she could walk and talk; but since it had happened, she’d never had time to fully comprehend. “He told me to run and not look back if they ever found us. He said that if he was captured then he’d find his way back to me someday. I believed him for a long time. Now, I’m less optimistic.” She sucked the tart flavor off of her fingers. The apples were gone. She’d eaten them all. “I didn’t believe it when he first told me about the communities, age play, and all of that stuff.” her lips curled up. “If the government knew, why hadn’t they put a stop to it? Innocent people are being kidnapped. My mother was kidnapped. Now my father. It made no sense.” At least, it used to not make sense. But now she realized, anything the government profited off of made perfect sense. Kidnapping defenseless people, stripping away their rights, all for what? To create a better nation? Her parents knew the price they would pay for speaking out about the secret age play communities and the government-sanctioned kidnappings. They just didn’t expect it would go this far- being on the run, living in hiding. And her mother especially didn’t expect she would get pregnant. Now she was destined for a life on the run. That is unless she wanted to get taken and forced back into diapers, made to shit and piss herself, play mindless baby games, and be just some sick couple’s object of amusement. That’s what had happened to her parents, she was sure of it. The only other option was that they were dead. Luna would gladly choose the second option if it came to it. No way would they take her alive. If Sue noticed the faraway look in her eyes, she didn’t comment. Instead, she took the dirty plate, dumping it in the sink. “Why don’t we go say hello to the others.” “Now?” she stammered. Growing up homeschooled, her interaction with people was severely limited. Being alone was what she preferred. It's what she was best at. “Yes, there’s just one thing you have to know." "What?" "Try not to stare.” “Stare?” “Mary gets mad and Tina can't help what was done to her.” Luna didn’t know what that was supposed to mean and tried to shrug off the uncomfortable feeling, but it just wouldn’t go away. ooOoo A/N: Hello everyone! I promised I would post soon and I did! I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and you may notice two familiar names :). If it doesn’t make sense at first, trust me it will soon! I will be alternating, telling Luna’s (Lulu) story from before she was taken and after in Henderson. I will touch a bit on the hospital but it will mostly be her life after. I should update again soon but I hope you all enjoy!
  5. Summary: After going through a traumatic childhood, Willa needs help. She's unknowingly admitted to Little Beginnings where she's going to have the chance to have the childhood she should've had (whether she wants to or not). ooOoo Chapter 1: “W-Willa…Willa Carolan,” the young girl stuttered. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on the black and white tiled floor as the receptionist typed upon the keyboard. She was the only one in the waiting room which she supposed made her feel a little better. She did not do well with interaction. The thought of even coming to therapy terrified her as she had never been before. She clenched her clammy hands into fists and counted backwards in her mind, trying to calm the beating of her heart. Suck it up. She thought. Plenty of people go to therapy. There was nothing to be worried about. That’s what she tried to tell herself. But she wasn’t so sure. She could barely talk to another person without stuttering or wanting to puke. How could she manage an hour long session? The whole point of therapy was to talk and she couldn’t even do that. “You can just take a seat in the chair right over there.” the woman smiled at Willa, finally having stopped typing. “Dr. Tischner will be out shortly.” Slightly nodding her head in thanks, she quickly scattered to the furthest corner in the small room away from the woman. With her knees pressed against her chest, she rested her head on them, taking in deep and rapid shallow breaths, ignoring the stack of magazines on the tiny table beside her. Willa didn’t know why she even agreed to come to this. She had managed to avoid it for the past ten years, silently suffering, never going out unless absolutely necessary. She was only twenty years old, had no friends, no job, and anxiety that riddled her mind and body. Adrian, her older brother was the one who supported her but she had a feeling he wanted her out of his home. His crazy ex- girlfriend of three years had just left and was still traumatized by... by everything. Willa thought his message was pretty clear when he scheduled the appointment himself and drove her, escorting her as far as the front door then leaving. She was pissed, rightfully so, that he would just abandon her like that. They were best friends. They had been for all of their lives. Even though her brother was five years older, they understood each other like no one else. She could count on him for everything. She didn’t have to hide away. They were exactly the same in everything from their caramel skin, eyes, round face and thick curly black hair. People would confuse them for twins because of how much they looked alike. So, yes, it hurt when he just dumped her at the building. He didn’t even say when he would be back and the unknown was what scared her the most. “Willa Carolan?” a new voice echoed throughout the room. Shooting her head up, a blonde haired woman dressed in a pink cashmere sweater and light jeans stood at the door with a clipboard. She looked to be about forty years old. Some lines were visible on her milky white skin but from afar she didn’t look to be over twenty five. On trembling legs, Willa walked across the room, ducking her head at the woman’s kind smile and followed her through the brown door into a small room. Sitting down on the lumpy grey couch, she examined everything around her. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints was situated in front of her. Her hand twitched, wanting to take a sip to cool her parched throat but she held off. Willa didn’t want to get too comfortable. She didn’t want to let her guard down. “It’s small, I know.” Willa jumped, turning to stare at the woman. The door shut and suddenly the two of them were alone. She sat down across from Willa with the clipboard and pen in her hand. Her blue eyes gleamed in curiosity. “I’m Dr. Tischner,” she said, her voice was low. Without realizing it, Willa slowly found herself relaxing at the woman’s soft tone. it was almost maternal, something she hadn't heard in many years. “You must be Willa. I believe it was your brother that set up the appointment, yeah?” Willa nodded her head. She kept her mouth shut, still inclined not to speak. Her foot tapped against the black carpet. Her eyes darted every which way, determined not to look at the doctor. “It’s alright if you don’t want to talk. We can just answer, yes or no questions.” she waved her hand. “Everyone reacts differently to therapy so there is no one way to feel or act. It’s normal to be nervous or afraid. I like to go at the patient's pace. If you’re uncomfortable with any of my questions we can just move on. Does that seem fair?” Her eyebrows furrowed together, taking in what she said. Willa was not one to bare her soul to people, especially strangers. It was a relief to hear her say that because she didn’t know if she would ever be ready to share what happened. Willa nodded her head once again. It did seem fair. Looking down at her clipboard, she began to speak. “I just want to clarify a few things, first. Your report says that you are twenty years old; full name is Willa Jean Carolan; and that you were born November 12, 2000? ” The young girl gave a nod. “Great! Now that that’s out of the way I thought we could get to know each other a little.” she exclaimed. “My name is Marina Tischner and I’ve been a therapist for about ten years now. I love working with children and young adults such as yourself. I take a really laid back approach when counseling. I don’t push my patients into anything they are uncomfortable sharing and will not reveal to anyone what is said in this room unless it endangers the lives of others or yourself. Do you understand?” Willa tugged at a curl that had fallen loose from her ponytail. She bit her lip, humming a yes and hugged the pillow in her arms that sat beside her. Dr. Tischner continued to question her about different stuff in her life such as her favorite color, food, animal, etc, and by the end Will found herself slightly smiling, not as tense as she had been when she first arrived. There was something about the woman that gave off a maternal presence. Something she hadn’t felt since the death of her parents. Dr. Tischner cared about her. It wasn’t fake. She gulped, holding back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Willa bit her bottom lip, drawing blood but sucked it away. “I’d like to talk about you parents.” she casually brought up, stopping Willa in her tracks. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. It was the one thing she refused to ever talk about. A single tear fell from her eye. “You witnessed your parents murder.” Dr. Tischner's voice was just above a whisper. “That’s when the anxiety and PTSD started, isn’t it?” Her chest rose up and down. She didn’t have the words to scream at her to stop the questions. Her shoulders shook as she continued to speak. Willa couldn’t breathe, she was gonna pass out. “You were only ten years old. I couldn’t imagine what that could do to a child.” she sadly shook her head. “You didn’t see your brother until you were at the hospital. That’s why he isn’t as affected as you are. Does that ring true?” The sound of a gunshot echoed in her mind. Her mother’s dead body fell to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded her. Willa’s father was already dead, having been murdered first. The intruders thought no one was home. That’s what they claimed in court. They never meant to kill anyone, they were just gonna rob her house. It didn’t make it any better because her mother and father were dead. She hid upstairs at the top of the staircase, terrified to make a move, afraid they’d hear her. It was two o’clock in the morning. Her brother was sleeping over at a friend's house. That was the day her life changed forever. “Take a sip of water.” Dr. Tischner calmly nodded toward the glass on the table. “We’ll stop the questioning.” She didn’t have to tell her twice. Holding the glass with shaking hands, she tilted it to her lips, gulping it down, barely noticing the change in taste. Willa finished it within a few seconds and collapsed back against the couch, suddenly overcome with fatigue. “We’ll stop for now. Why don’t you take a little nap… we’ve still got ten minutes left.” Dr. Tischner encouraged. Willa didn’t have to be told twice. A haze had clouded over her mind and suddenly she found it harder to stay awake. The only thing she could hear was the doctor’s voice calmly lulling her to sleep. ooOoo This couldn’t be real. Willa naively thought. The last thing she remembered was being at Dr. Tischner’s, her brother leaving her, recounting parents' death, and having a panic attack. She didn’t remember anything after that. A part of her desperately wished for this to be a dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was too real. Warm tears blinded her already blurred vision as her chest rose up and down, desperate to escape the entrapment she had been placed in. Willa wanted to be home in her own bedroom, laying in her queen sized bed. She wanted to be with her brother. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. She wanted to be away from here. Away from this woman who was holding her as if she weighed nothing. . She couldn’t move her arms or legs. Her entire body was constricted in a tight swaddle by the light pink blanket. It had taken a moment for her to realize that as she slowly awoke, hearing the soft sound of the woman’s voice. That was ten minutes ago. Willa should've been freaking out more than she was. She should’ve been crying and screaming and having a panic attack. But the only sign of her panic were the fat tears that rolled down her cheeks, as she stared up at the woman who cradled her against her bare skin. The only thing she could focus on was her green eyes, unable to see anything else. If she tried to look more than six feet away it all became a big blur. “You’re alright, baby.” the woman cooed as she wiped away the tears. She spoke down to her as if she were an actual infant, unable to understand basic speech.That pissed Willa off more than anything. But she had no way to show it except for the glare in her eyes. “Mommy’s got you,” she spoke in a high pitched voice. “You’re safe with mommy now. You don’t have to worry about those big bad thoughts in your head. Just suck your paci.” she tapped the large object that was stuffed in her mouth. Willa was forced to suck on it, unable to spit it out due to the strap that went around her head. Pitiful whimpers rose from the back of her throat and the woman condescendingly cooed, rocking them both in the rocking chair. They were in the infant ward. The room was light pink and smelled of baby powder. Ten large adult sized newborn incubators filled the room and changing tables ran along the walls. There was also a rocking chair in each corner of the room. Everything was adult sized. Tapping her bottom, Willa’s eyes widened in horror as she felt a cushiony bulk on her bottom half. The woman’s smile widened, showing off her shiny white teeth. “Does baby Willa have to use her diapee?” She began to wiggle as hard as she could, trying to escape but she was too weak. Now she was sobbeduncontrollably as the weight of the woman’s words sank in. She was swaddled like a newborn, sucking on a pacifier, and in a diaper that she was expected to use. Her vision had been blurred. Her muscles were weak. She was as helpless as an infant. Willa was an infant. The woman stood up, pacing as she rocked her back and forth, supporting her head like you’d do a real baby. She wore no shirt and Willa’s cheek was pressed right up against her large left breast. Willa was only faintly aware of the woman’s hand, pressing on her stomach. The more she wiggled the looser her bladder became until suddenly a warm stream flooded her diaper. The thick padding expanded and she screamed and screamed through the pacifier, glaring at the woman in hate for forcing her to piss herself. It was warm and wet, sloshing around her bottom before being absorbed. She desperately wanted it off. She was twenty years old. She hadn’t used a diaper since she was two years old. “I’m so proud of you!” the crazy woman praised her. “You used your diapee like a good little baby-- you’re my good little girl!” She gave her a wet kiss on the forhead and placed her on the changing table, ignoring the screams. A moment later, another woman walked into the room through the sliding doors. Both had curly brown hair that fell right above their shoulders and fair skin. She crooned, brushing her hair out of the girl's out of her face. “I think she’s one of the cutest infants we’ve had yet.” the woman tickled under her chin, causing Willa to try to wriggle away. “She’s also a very smelly baby! I think it’s time for a diapee change!” The second woman held her down as her mommy undid the swaddle revealing he naked body and sagging thick diaper. She continued to sniffle, out of energy to fight. A strap was tightened over her waist and chest while the second woman held down her shoulders. Moving quickly, the straps were undone and the diaper removed. Grabbing baby wipes, she wipes down everywhere, running her finger over her now bare pubic bone. Willa’s eyes realized at the realization only for the woman to giggle. “Babies like you don’t need grown up hair. Infants are bare.” she covered her in baby powder, not wanting to cause a rash and retapped an even thicker diaper making her unable to close her thighs. Undoing the straps, Willa wanted to plead not to be swaddled again but it’s what her mommy did. She wrapped it around her body even tighter than before and supporting her neck, held her against her body. “I’ll go get a bottle.” said the other woman. “Little babies like her shouldn’t be up for so long. Little Willa needs to go nighty- night.”
  6. A/N: I know, I’ve posted again!! I’m currently sick with Bronchitis and have nothing better to do than write all day (just kidding, I could do all my missing college work) but I prefer to write this!! It’s a six part story, already fully written so I’ll post two parts together every few days! I am also still working on my other story: Babydola so if you haven’t read that, go check it out!! Enjoy for now! Synopsis: At the House of Strange Entities, nothing is normal, even seemingly lonely old Mrs. Fox. If only Clara had realized that sooner… ooOoo Part 1: The Arrival The House of Strange Entities was a very strange place indeed. The young woman had stopped for a bathroom break, spotting an exit sign for the pink one-story building a few miles back traveling down interstate-145. Filled with miscellaneous objects, each room was a different discovery yet there was one common denominator: vintage Everyone had their interests and Clara was the last to judge but there was just something… off. Though in the beginning, She hadn’t been able to put her finger on it. Now, she wished she had. But it was too late. The owner of the museum, Mrs. Fox seemed surprised when the blonde appeared. She said they didn’t get many visitors. “Yes, well I thought it best to use the bathroom,” Clara’s cheeks flushed pink. “I’ve still got another few hours to drive.” “Where are you headed? I can tell you're not from around here.” Her voice was delicate and soft, reminding the nineteen year old of her grandmother. She must have been in her mid sixties, possibly even early seventies from the wrinkles just beginning to show on her aging skin and salt and peppered hair. Dressed in a yellow floral print knee length dress, white cardigan and a string of pearls around her neck, the older woman certainly did have style. Clara knew the importance of stranger safety but this woman didn’t seem capable of hurting a fly much less a five foot four, one-hundred twenty pound girl. “I’m from Massachusetts, actually. My cousin’s getting married in the Finger Lakes Region.” she admitted. “Oh, that’s wonderful!” the woman exclaimed. “I lived up there for many years. What a beautiful place. I must say though, you seem awfully young to be traveling this far on your own…” “Well, I'm nineteen,” the young girl shrugged. “My family wanted to come up earlier and I was still finishing my college exams. I’m joining them now though.” “Hmm…” the woman smiled, eyes glued to her face. She gulped, shifting back and forth on her feet, unsure how to respond. It was the same as when she met someone and they said, “oh I knew you as a baby!” Like oh! Ok! That’s Interesting? Wearing a sundress she wasn’t cold but her arms wrapped around herself, feeling the slightest chill despite the humid air. Brushing it off, she turned back to peer out the window, her car parked right out front. The sun was lower than before, she noticed and if Clara was going to make the trip before sundown, she’d have to leave soon. “Oh, do you have to leave? I was going to offer you a tour!” “A tour?” She said turning back, head cocked to the side. “Yes! I’ve got quite the collection of old items around here. Antique rooms from way back when. I usually charge a small fee but I’ll show you for free!” Her lips pursed, unsure whether to take up the offer. Instead, she apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s going to start getting dark soon and-“ “Oh, it’s just a straight drive pretty much from here,” the woman waved her hand like it was nothing. “Where are you going, Ithaca? Geneva? It’s a Wednesday afternoon, there’ll be hardly any traffic. Stay for a bit longer, it’s only a few rooms. Besides, it’s nice to have company. Not many people come around.” Ok, now she just felt guilty. The woman seemed genuine and Clara would hate it if her own grandma hardly had any company like this. She’d want someone to stay for her. Sighing, reluctantly, she agreed knowing how much one small act could mean to another. A half hour couldn’t kill and then she could get back on the road. “Oh this is just splendid! You won’t regret this, trust me!” She hoped not. Walking behind, Clara couldn’t help but shiver at the breeze that followed. ooOoo Part 2: The Cooking Station She’d lead her through another door, entering a 1950s style kitchen. While black and white tiles lined the ground, the cabinets were a striking pop of turquoise blue compared to the brightly colored red table. Staring in surprise, It’s like she’d taken a step back in time. “Welcome to the cooking station, dear. It’s not just any regular old kitchen.” Oh she could see that. Lined on the table were an antique china set of plates, priceless just buy the look of them while the cabinets were full of unrecognizable gadgets she could not name for the life of her. There were little place cards , she didn’t bother to read, gazing around the room in great interest. “I was always quite the collector and I knew, even way back then, that these items may be of value some day,” the woman explained, standing by the stove, mixing something in a steaming pot. Had that been on this entire time? Clara tried to look closer only for the woman to shoo her away. “Each room is interactive, you know. You go through it as if you are a part of it! Sit down dear, you’re too skinny. This’ll be sure help!” Cracking a smile, Clara couldn’t help but obey. Settling down at the table, undoing the lacy cloth in her lap, she was hungry now that she came to think of it. Being the broke college student she was as well, never would she deny free food. “So this is part of the experience?” “Oh, yes,” Mrs. Fox replied as she scooped out what looked to be mash potatoes into a bowl and poured a glass of steaming milk. Setting down the dishes, Mrs.Fox sat across with none for herself but staring with a questioning glance, she felt it best not to ask. “Everyone once in a while a larger group will come and I’ll have many more dishes. People have always loved to fantasize about the past so I thought why not bring it to them in a different way!” It was smart, the young girl had to admit as she took a spoonful from the small dish. “What you’re eating there is Morning Glory Mash. It was a common dish back in the day. My mama used to feed it to me and I bet if you ask your mama, she’d know exactly what you’re talking about. The black bits in there are the seeds and give great nutritious value. Great for getting your tummy grumbling as well when you need to go number two.” Ewww. The young girl grimaced slightly, not wanting to think about taking a shit. However, at the woman’s hopeful glance, she continued to eat, forgetting about it. She could defiantly taste the seeds, biting into them. They had a certain bitterness that canceled out nicely the saltiness of the potatoes. It only took a few moments to finish as she ate bite after bite until the bowl was empty. She’d have to remember to ask her parents about this. “The milk now has just a touch of sugar,” the woman said, pointing at the glass. “It’s another staple with any meal or if you have an upset stomach.” Clara didn’t think much of it, gulping down the creamy sweet deliciousness until the last few drops and her stomach was full and bloated. “Good?” The woman smiled, nodding toward the empty dishes. “You’re a great cook!” she said, patting the cloth to the corners of her mouth. “It’s almost as if people get to physically taste the past! It’s a nice change from the normal history museums, just looking through a glass case-” “Yes, well food is the key to anyone’s heart!” They both let out a laugh, knowing oh how true that was. “Shall we move onto the next room? I think you’ll find each one a little different.” Without a thought she agreed, following behind the shuffling woman in absolute naivety. Ignoring her previous reservations, Clara realized she had been silly. There was no danger here. OoOoo A/N: Thanks for reading! Two more parts will come in a few days (or if I decide just to post early) I love reviews also so please tell me what your thoughts are! I’d love to hear them!!
  7. A/N: IMPORTANT TO NOTICE Hey all! I hope you're all doing well! Do not worry! I am still working on my other stories but had started this a while ago and felt like I should post it! Just a warning in the beginning that this story will contain a lot of non-con, sexual content and humiliation. If this makes you uncomfortable than I suggest you don't read it! I love seeing comments so I'd love to see everyone's comments! ooOoo Summary: When a young new independent journalist decides to write about something other than the typical run of the mill stories, she is introduced into a new life, just not in the way she expected. ooOoo Chapter 1: MommyslittleBiggurls.com 22 December 2021 Hello Friends! It sure has been a while! I hope you’re all doing well on this frosty morning. Here in Montana, we’re certainly going to have a white Christmas. Sugar and Cookie sure are excited to see Santa and have been extra careful to be good girls; always asking for the potty like good little girls, eating all of their veggies at dinner and making sure to drink all of their babas full of yummy milk! I’m sure you all are experiencing the same with your little ones at the moment, even the disobedient can’t ignore the happy cheer of Christmas. I really can’t believe it’s only been three months since we first adopted our newest little girl, Honey! Of course with new littles, it’s always an adventure and Sugar and Cookie are being the best big sisters they can be! It can be hard, especially around the holidays to deal with an un-regressed, naughty little so that brings me to the topic of today’s post: Punishments. If you're like me or are a new caregiver, it’s never easy training a new little and before they can be our sweet little babies, they will be literal demons! It is never fun but in order to nip that naughty behavior in the bum, punishment is required and it is not always as simple as quick spanking. Listed below, you will find three different punishments to try if you, like me, were at a loss. Punishments: Punishment 1: Corner time with a twist Depending on the severity of the naughty behavior, instruct your little one it's corner time for a certain amount of time. While many, if not all, will just find this incredibly boring and whine, there is a small twist. Listen carefully to these five steps: Take littles’ clothes away (that means no diapers/pullups/or undies as well!), Give a nice soapy cold enema to their bum-bum and insert a buttplug to ensure no dribbles Administer a firm spanking (I’ve found different objects such as a belt or hairbrush to be most effective!) Little will bend down or kneel in the corner with their bum-bum high in the air for everyone to see After a certain amount of time, if the little has not moved from their position, you will instruct the little to tell you what they did wrong and have them beg to release their bodily functions. If you are unsatisfied with their response, even more minutes will be added to corner time Punishment 2: Potty Time with Horsy Let’s get real, we’ve all struggled with littles refusing to go potty in their diapers or on the training toilet and it’s a pain to have to insert enemas and suppositories into screaming littles. That’s how I came up with horsy time. The rocking horse, while meant to be an object of amusement during playtime, can just as quickly be turned into an object of torture. What you need to do is listed below: The little will sit on the rocking horse in only their bottoms, whether that be a diaper or pull-up Place earphones on little and set to the wet diaper hypnosis Instruct the little to rock back and forth and do not stop no matter what and not to mess or wet themselves Plan a certain amount of time and come back when the time is up If the little is still rocking and is dry, they have earned the privilege to go potty. If not, horsy time is extended and the dirty diaper stays on another several hours The constant rhythmic motion combined with hypnosis at the same timing will put the littles right in the mood to have to relieve themselves. How they do it will no longer matter. The added pressure to keep a constant rocking in order to avoid further punishment will take a heavy toll on their mind as well and increase the need for positive behavior. Punishment 3: No Playtime with Teddy If you choose to allow your little to have any sexual release, this punishment can have a rewarding effect. As a human race, we are sexual beings but not everyone deserves or should have such an experience. Littles have gotten it into their minds that they should be allowed to have such experiences, but what do they know? They’re just littles. It is our job as caretakers to instruct and control their urges. If we leave them to their own devices, who knows what will happen? My little girls are allowed one play session a week with Mr. Teddy Bear to release all of their icky cummies by the hand of mommy and daddy. While Rosie and Cookie know being a good girl will lead to happy feelings, Honey is still learning. Orgasm and cum denial or “the tickles and ice cream dance” as we call it, are an excellent way to assert dominance and make them quickly realize who the real grownups are and who is in charge. Mittens or restraints are a must for untrained littles! You never know where their wandering hands will end up! Chastity belts are also a great device, especially if they get a little too excited during playtime and try humping (which is extremely discouraged!) IMPORTANT: It is important to enforce anything sexual is not allowed without the approval, observation, and act by grown-ups because you never know when littles might accidentally injure themselves! I hope you all enjoyed my little list and hopefully it helps you on your journey to having a regressed little! It may seem tough at times but we’ve all gone through it before (I currently am!) Stay tuned for next time and meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas! Love, Mommy Bree ooOoo The sound of the ding signaling the post had been successfully posted was a happy feeling to say the least. Unknown outside the world of ageplay, Bree Hawthorne was as famous as could be within the community. With over ten thousand followers and readers, people tuned in from all over the world to read about their simple little family. Being a blogger on top of a mommy had become her full time job and she didn’t regret a single second of it. She always knew she wanted to have a family and her love for blogging couldn’t have been a more perfect combination. There were so many who envied to fill the role of a Hawthorne little but only so few could actually meet the requirements. That’s why they had taken to unique means of obtaining their little girls. Kidnapping was a bit too harsh a term. They preferred adoption. Did the public need to know that? No. Would they ever find out? Probably not. Looking around outside the large glass windows, the only view for miles was farmland with snow capped mountains in the background. Bloomington, Montana was the perfect place to go to if one didn’t want to be found. They had the freedom to be who they were without any nosey neighbors disrupting their lives. Her husband, coming from old money, allowed them to own lavish homes around the country, buy the newest high-tech adult-baby equipment and pay off those they needed to stay quiet. Everything was as it should be. Everything would soon be perfect. They were our babydolls. Sugar, Cookie, Honey and- “Another post?” Jasper. At the sound of his deep voice, she spun around in the swivel chair. Face to face with her blonde, strong-jawed, blue eyed handsome husband. He was everything she dreamed of in a man. Strong, smart, caring, loyal. A great daddy to their three wonderful girls. What more could a person ask of a spouse? “Yes. I’ve finished just in time for… lunch!” she exclaimed, glancing at the time and shutting down the macbook. “Today’s post was about punishments and I gave the best examples of Honey. How is she doing this morning actually? The baby monitor on her end has been awfully quiet.” she asked, having been in the office the entire morning working. “Sleeping.” was his only response, scowling with his hand over his face. “Do I want to know what happened?” “No.” It was always a struggle to tame the girl and her rebellious behavior and silly dreams. Most often then not her bum was black and blue, littered with marks and bruises. How a five foot, one-hundred-twenty pound girl with not an ounce of body fat had managed to give them this much a fight, they did not know. While the little blonde fought they pushed back just as hard. She would break eventually. They all do. “Sugar and Cookie are in the playpen writing letters to Santa,” that made them crack a smile. “I can feed them while you handle, Honey? I may just take her over my knee again and that’s not what she needs at the moment.” Bree reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck as his face burrowed into her kinky black hair, placing a trail of kisses upon her chocolate colored skin. “So it’s my turn to play the bad mommy,” she mused. “Precisely.” her husband cracked a smile. “It feels so much longer than three months since we got her. Remember?” Oh, how could they forget…
  8. Hi. I wrote this as an entry in "Kasarberang's NON-CONtest" It's my first attempt at writing an ABDL story. It's only the first part of something longer I had planned but the story got away from me and it grew too long to write the whole thing in time for the contest. If people like it I'll try to write the rest at some point. Mommy-In-Law: Week 1 PRELUDE "No." Stephen insisted. "I'm sure I'll find a job soon." "It has been 3 months." Amanda reminded him. "We are burning through our savings. We won’t be able to pay rent next month." Stephen pouted. He knew his wife was right but what she was suggesting was humiliating. "It's not like we are begging. It was Mom's idea. She wants us there." "Yeah but…" Stephen didn't believe that last part. He never really got along with Amanda's mother. "Her house is big enough." Amanda continues. " And now that Tanya has moved out, Mom is all alone there." Stephen wanted to argue but he knew that the matter was already settled. They had no other options. They would be moving back to Amanda's hometown to live with her mother. Far too soon, they arrived at their new home. “Amanda!” Her mother greeted her at the door with a tight hug. “Welcome home.” “Thanks Mom.” Amanda returned the hug. Stephen interjected “Hi Janet.” He was unsurprised but still annoyed by her apparent indifference to his presence. Janet released her daughter. “Let’s get you settled in.” She then finally acknowledged his presence “Stephen can get the bags.” Rolling his eyes, Stephen retrieved their luggage. By the time he returned to the front door, the women were already waiting in Amanda’s old bedroom. Amanda had been a very girly girl. She was still extremely feminine but in a more mature way. There was nothing mature about this room. Almost everything was a pastel pink and frilly and the shelves were lined with shelves of dolls and teddy bears. Of course, Stephen had seen this room before. He’d frequently teased Amanda over keeping her room like a little girl’s until she moved out. However, until that moment it did not really register that it would be his room now. Then he noticed another problem. “Um…Where are we going to sleep?” he said, pointing at the single bed, decorated with large pink hearts. “That’s okay.” Janet didn’t seem concerned. “It has a trundle bed which Amanda’s friends used on sleepovers.” She pulled it out to demonstrate. Amanda could tell Stephen wanted to say more but she spoke up before he had a chance. “Thanks Mom. We’ll figure it out from here.” “Let me know if you need anything else.” Janet turned to leave then turned back with a sigh. “It’s so good to have you home again.” After allowing time for Janet to bet out of earshot, He blurted out “A sleepover? I’m your husband.” Amanda tried to placate him. ”Calm down. When one of us finds work we can buy a bigger bed.” “I told you she didn’t like me.” Stephen didn’t seem to hear her. “She thinks I’m not good enough for you.” “It’s not you. She’s had an issue with men since she divorced my father.” “That really doesn’t make me feel any better.” They unpacked and then had lunch with Janet. While Amanda chatted happily, catching up with her mother, Stephen ate in awkward silence planning to retreat to the bedroom as soon as possible. Just as he was about to make his escape, the doorbell rang. Amanda put down her fork and was about to get up when Janet stopped her. “Let Stephen get the door. He’s finished eating.” Stephen got up and went to answer the door. At least it got him away from the table. “Oh. Hi Stephen.” It was Amanda’s sister, Tanya. “Where’s Amanda?” Stephen pointed toward the kitchen. “She’s having lunch with your mother.” Without another word, Tanya went to see her sister. Stephen didn’t mind. She was very similar to her mother and he got along with her just as badly. Stephen heard their excited greetings as he passed the kitchen on his way back to the bedroom. As he was almost out of earshot, he heard Tanya ask “Why are you still married to him?” He moved closer to listen to Amanda’s response. “What are you talking about?” “He’s useless. You had to move back here because he can’t keep a job.” “The company went out of business. It wasn’t his fault.” “Well he had plenty of time to find another one. Instead he’s here, mooching off Mom.” Stephen couldn’t take any more. He returned to the room wondering if Tanya was right. What sort of a man was he? He couldn’t even provide for himself and his wife. That night, Stephen laid awake on the trundle bed. “Are you alright?” Amanda asked from her bed. “I heard Tanya talking about me.” “Oh.” Amanada immediately realised what he was talking about. “Don’t take that too seriously. She doesn’t understand.” “I will find a job.” “I know you will honey.” Soon he heard Amanda’s breathing change and he knew she had fallen asleep. It took him far longer. Stephen woke up late the next day. Amanda was already gone. He sat on the bed, browsing job advertisements on his laptop until the need to use the toilet motivated him to leave the room and wash up for the day. He had barely returned from the shower when he heard Janet’s voice. "Stephen. Can you come here please." She sounded like she was addressing a misbehaving child. He quickly put on some clothes and followed the sound out of the room and found Janet standing at the door to the toilet. "What?" "See for yourself." She pointed at the tiles. Stephen looked where she was pointing and saw the drops of pee. "Sorry." There was no point denying he was responsible as he was the only man using the toilet. "I'll clean it up." "Yes you will." She said, then added "And, if we keep having this problem, I’ll need to potty train you from scratch." Stephen blushed as he stormed off to get the cleaning supplies. As he was cleaning the floor, he heard the doorbell ring and Amanda answer it. “Hi Greg.” Amanda greeted the guest. “Wow. It’s been so long.” “Tanya told me you had moved home.” A man’s voice replied. “I had to see you.” That set off alarm bells for Stephen who quickly finished his task and washed his hands. He joined them in the living room. “Oh there you are. This is Greg. We dated in highschool” Amanda introduced them. “Greg, this is my husband, Stephen.” “Hi” Stephen offered his hand politely. An ex-boyfriend sniffing around was the last thing he needed right now. “Hey.” Greg took hold of his hand, a little too firmly, and shook it. “I hear you’re having trouble finding work.” “Well we just got here.” Stephen said, releasing Greg’s hand. “I’m sure I’ll find something soon.” “I might be able to help you out.” Greg offered. “I run an accounting firm.” “Thanks.” Stephen tried to sound as sincere as possible but he couldn’t stomach the thought of working for Amanda’s ex. “But I’m not an accountant.” “I know but there’s other jobs. There’s currently an opening in the mail room.” Stephen nearly swore at Greg for suggesting he take such a menial job. Amanda sensed this and quickly changed the subject. “So. Are you seeing someone at the moment Greg?” “No.” He replied. “I haven’t met anyone who compares to you.” “Aww. you’re so sweet. I’m sure you’ll meet someone. You’re a great guy.” Stephen didn’t want to be around this guy any longer but there was no way he was going to leave him alone with Amanda.. By the time Greg left, a few hours later, Stephen was furious. He also desperately needed to pee. He’d been holding on, not wanting to leave Greg unsupervised with his wife. He locked himself in the toilet and released the stream. As he was focussed on other things, quite a lot of it missed the bowl. He finished and looked at the mess he’d made. Recalling Janet’s reaction last time, he knew he should clean it up but he was too angry. “Fuck it.” he declared, flushing the toilet and leaving, not even bothering to put the seat down. It didn’t take long for Janet to find his mess. “Stephen!” This time Stephen knew exactly what it was about. He remained in the bedroom, staring at his laptop. Hiding here wouldn’t save him but there was no way he was going to her. He braced himself, expecting her to burst into the room at any moment. She didn’t. Instead he heard her talking to Amanda. He couldn’t make out what was being said but he was sure that she was complaining about the state he left the toilet in. A few minutes later, he heard the front door close and everything was quiet again. Eventually, he worked up the courage to stick his head out of the room. Janet and Amanda were gone. His pee was still on the toilet floor. Now that his anger had passed, and considering what Amanda must be thinking of him, he was embarrassed about leaving it like. He cleaned it up and then returned to the bedroom to figure out how to explain himself and apologise to Amanda and her mother. He had made very little progress on that when he heard them return. Moments later, Amanda followed her mother into the bedroom. They were both carrying bulging shopping bags. “I’m really sorry.” Stephen started. “It’s too late for that.” Janet stopped him. “I warned you what I would do if you made a mess in the toilet again.” “Huh?” Stephen was confused. “We are going to repeat your potty training.” Janet reached into one of the shopping bags and retrieved what looked like a stack of white towels. “I thought you were joking.” Stephen watched, confused as she took the top one from the stack and unfolds it onto his bed. Unlike a towel, it was square. “You clearly don’t know how to use a toilet properly. So I’m going to teach you and we are going to start from scratch” She began folding the mysterious white square and Stephen finally realised what she meant. “No way.” Stephen shook his head. “I am not wearing diapers.” “Stephen. Please.” Amanda took his hand. “Just do what she says.” “You’re on her side?” Stephen pulled his hand away. “How can you agree with this?” “We have no choice. We can’t afford to move out. We have to follow Mom’s rules.” Once again. Stephen knew she was right. He was trapped. “Fine.” “Get undressed and lay down on the diaper.” Janet directs him. “You want me to undress in front of you?” “You might as well get used to it. I’m going to be changing your diapers.” With a resigned sigh, Stephen pulled off his t-shirt and then his shorts. “Underpants too.” Janet directed. “You’re not going to be needing those for a while.” He pulled his underpants down and stepped out of them. Completely naked, he moved to the bed and laid down on the diaper. Janet pulled the thick material up between his legs and, as she fastened it with safety pins, he thought to himself that he could not possibly be more embarrassed and emasculated. He soon discovered that he was wrong. Janet went back to the shopping bags and returned with a huge pair of pink plastic pants with ruffles on the seat. “But those are for a girl.” Stephen protested. “Yes.” Janet explained as she slid the plastic panties up his legs and stretched them over his diapered bottom. “I’m going to potty train you as a girl. I have experience with girls and if you learn to use the toilet like a girl then I won’t have to worry about you missing anymore.” Janet and Amanda helped him stand up from the bed. The diaper felt very thick between his thighs. He couldn’t look either of them in the eye. The humiliating outfit was completed with a t-shirt, too short to even reach the waistband of his plastic panties and pink to match them. “Come out to the living room and we can go over the rules.” Janet instructed as she left the room. “It’s going to be okay.” Amanda hugged him tightly. “Just play along and get through this.” Stephen caught his reflection in Amanda’s full-length mirror. “I look ridiculous.” “I think you look adorable.” For some reason. This made Stephen want to cry. He managed to hold himself together as Amanda led him by the hand to join her mother in the living room. “You can sit there” Janet said to Stephen, indicating a soft pink blanket she had spread on the floor between the sofa and the TV. Stephen sat cross-legged on the blanket as the women took their places on the sofa. “Good girl.” Janet praises him. “If you keep doing as you are told this will be much easier for all of us.” Stephen shifted uncomfortably in his diaper, making his plastic panties crinkle. “From now until I decide your potty training is complete you are a little girl.” Janet began explaining the rules. “We will call you Stephanie and you will call me Mommy. Amanda isn’t your wife. She is your big sister.” “I’ll move into Tanya’s old room. You can keep mine.” Amanda explained. “You always said it looked like a little girl’s room.” Stephen knew she wasn’t trying to be cruel but still glared at her for the comment. “We are going to be starting your potty training from scratch.” Janet continued. “That means that you’re going to get used to using your diapers first. The toilet is off-limits.” “For how long?” Stephen finally spoke. “Until I am convinced that you aren’t even thinking about using the toilet, that you’re going in your diapers as soon as you feel the urge, no matter where you are.” Stephen suddenly realised that this wasn’t going to be over in a day or two. He had been thinking that Janet was just going to make her point by embarrassing him and then things would go back to normal. No. This was going to last weeks, maybe even months. “But I need to find a job.” He complained. “I can’t go to interviews in diapers.” “Silly Stephanie. You’re just a toddler. You don’t need to worry about grownup things like jobs. Mommy will take care of everything.” Janet reassured him. “You aren’t going to do anything for yourself. You will always be supervised, usually by me or your big sister but you will have a babysitter if we are both busy.” That was when Stephen realised that other people would be seeing him like this. It was bad enough with just Amanada and her mother. He felt like crying and buried his face in his hands. Seeing his distress, Amanda moved to sit on the blanket next to him and guided his head down onto her lap. “It’ll be okay honey.” She began stroking his hair. She thought her mother was going too far but didn’t dare argue. They needed somewhere to live and they had no money. Also, she was enjoying seeing him like this. It really was very cute. She was resisting the urge to pat his padded bottom. “You won’t be dressing yourself, bathing yourself or changing your own diapers.” Janet went on, leaving it to Amanda to manage Stephen’s distress. “You will need a grownup to do that for you. If you need a diaper change you can tell us or you can wait for one of us to check you.” Stephen had his eyes closed and was enjoying the attention from Amanda. Maybe being babied by her wouldn’t be so bad. “Do you understand?” Janet wanted to be sure he was still listening. “Yes.” He just wanted Amanda to keep doing what she was doing. “Yes who?” “Yes Mommy.” “Good. Because if you break any of those rules or you are rude to a grownup, you will be punished.” Janet stood up. “Amanda, I’m going to get Stephanie’s dinner ready. Are you okay to watch her?” “Yes Mom.” Amanda said. Stepen stayed there with his head on Amanda’s lap until Janet called out “Stepanie’s dinner is ready. Could you check her diaper and bring her to the table please?” “Do you need a diaper change?” Amanda asked Stephen. Stephen shook his head. He felt strangely conflicting emotions about being asked that. It was of course embarrassing but the caring way she asked made him feel safe and loved. “Okay.” Amanda helped him up. “Let’s go.” She led him to the dining table where a bowl of macaroni cheese was waiting for him. Next to it was a pink sippy-cup. He took his seat and reached for the fork but Janet got to if first. She poked it through some pasta and brought it up to his mouth. “Here comes the airplane.” Stephen just sighed, resigned to the latest humiliation and opened his mouth. As Janet fed him, he noticed the clock on the wall. It was just after 5. Janet was serious about treating him like a toddler. “You’re got food all over her” Amanda giggled as Janet fed Stephen the last few pieces of macaroni. She left and quickly returned with a damp washcloth which she gently cleaned his face with. “We are going to have to get you a bib.” “I’m going to give her a bath now anyway.” Janet says, standing up. Stephen gave Amanda a pleading look. The idea of Janet giving him a bath was too much right now. She didn’t need much convincing. “I’ll take care of that Mom.” Amanda led him to the bathroom and started filling the tub. “This is ridiculous.” Stephen complained when he was confident Janet wouldn’t hear him. “Can’t you talk her out of this?” “I tried.” Amanda insisted. “Just make the best of it.” “The best of it?” He said, angrily. “It’s like a holiday. A holiday from being an adult” She suggested. “You can just relax and let Mom and me take care of you.” “What about when someone else sees me like this?” Stephen demanded. “Nobody else in this town knows you.” Amanda reassured him as she tested the water.. “And if anyone is mean to my baby sister they will have to answer to me.” He just glared at her for that last comment. “Now let's get you into the tub.” She directed him. “Arms up.” She pulled his t-shirt up over his head then pulled down his plastic panties and unpinned his diaper. She held his hand and helped him sit down in the bathtub, surrounded by bubbles. He closed his eyes and relaxed as she washed him all over. Maybe she was right. This part wasn’t so bad at least. When Amanda was satisfied that he was clean, she helped him up out of the bath and wrapped him in a large fluffy pink towel to rub him dry. Then she led him to the bedroom and sat him on the bed while she tried to fold a new diaper for him. “This is tricky.” Amanda laughed as she failed for the second time. “Do you need some help?” Janet asked, letting herself into the room. “I think I need you to show me how to do this one more time.” Amada replied. Janet talked Amanda through the folds then said. “Now we need the baby.” Amanda removed Stehpen’s towel and laid him down with his bottom on the diaper. “Pull the front part up between her legs.” Janet directed. “And make sure it’s firm. You don’t want a saggy diaper.” Amanda followed her instructions. “Now pull the sides up to meet in the middle.” Janet continued. “And be careful with the safety pins. You don’t want to poke her.” Amanda very carefully fastened the diaper with the pins. “Good work.” Janet praised her. “Now you need to get some plastic panties on her so she doesn’t leak.” Amanda retrieved a pair of translucent pink plastic panties and pulled them over Stephen’s diaper. “Thanks Mom.” Amanda said “I think I’ve got it now.” Janet left the room and Amanda looked through the shopping bags before finally declaring “Here it is” She pulled out a short pink nightdress with a teddy bear printed on the chest. She helped him into it. The nightdress barely covered his diaper. He knew it would flash his plastic panties if he bent over at all. He reasoned that at least that was better than the t-shirt.he’d been dressed in earlier. As Stephen reluctantly allowed Amanda to lead him back out to the living room, he became increasingly aware of something he had been trying to ignore for a while. He needed to pee. He knew he was going to have to use his diaper sooner or later and the quicker he got used to doing so the quicker this would all be over. Still, wetting himself, being in a wet diaper and then having Amanda, or worse Janet, change him was not something he was eager to try. Amanda sat him on the blanket, where Janet had placed a few dolls and baby toys. He looked them over but nothing seemed interesting. “I’ll watch Stephanie while you move your things into Tanya’s old room.” Janet told Amanda, turning on the TV and settling down on the sofa. “You don’t want to disturb her moving things after we put her to bed.” Stephen had reached the point where holding on meant fidgeting around. He didn’t want Janet to see him doing the potty dance and know he was about to use his diaper. Once again he knew he didn’t have a choice. He relaxed and released his bladder. He could feel the padding against his bottom become warm and damp. When he was finished he looked at Janet to see if she had any idea what he had just done. She was focussed on the TV and seemed unaware that he had just wet himself. Unfortunately now he had to sit in this soggy diaper. There was certainly no way he was going to tell her he needed a diaper change. Eventually Amanda returned and joined her mother on the sofa until Janet declared “Okay Stephanie. Bed time.” “I can tuck her in.” Amanda offered. “I’ll do it this time.” Janet stood up. “I am her mommy.” Janet helped Stephen up off the floor. His soggy diaper sagged heavily and she quickly noticed. “Looks like someone needs a diaper change. But we can take care of that after we brush your teeth” So she led him to the bathroom and he stood there in his sodden diaper while Janet brushed his teeth for him. She then took him to his bedroom and unfolded a plastic changing mat onto the trundle bed. “I guess we can use this as a changing table for now.” She laid him down on the mat and pulled his plastic panties off, dropping them into a nearby bucket which served as a diaper pail. Next she unpinned the wet diaper and pulled it away from him, dropping it into the bucket too. The air was cold on his wet skin and the wipes Janet used to clean him felt even colder but it felt good to be out of the wet diaper. He looked away, too embarrassed to look at her as she ran the baby wipes all over his privates and bottom. Janet took out and folded another diaper and laid it out next to him on the bed. She slit it under his bottom then took out some baby powder and applied it liberally to his groin before using her hands to rub it over his bottom. “You’re not going to be changed again for a long time.” She explained. “This should help keep you comfortable.” The smell made him feel even more babyish. She pinned him into the diaper and said “Into bed now Stephanie. I’m just going to wash my hands and then I’ll tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.” She took the bucket with the wet diaper and plastic panties with her. Stephen climbed into Amanda’s old bed and tried to get comfortable. It was difficult with the unfamiliar bulk between his legs.. Janet soon returned, carrying a picture book and an empty diaper pail. She sat on the side of the bed and read it to him. “Once upon a time there was a princess.” She turned the book to show Stephen and point. “See. There’s the princess and here is her castle.” Stephen dutifully listened. Not sure why she was doing this. It didn’t seem intended to embarrass him like most of the treatment she had been giving him. She just seemed to want to read him a bedtime story because that’s what mommies do for their little girls. When she finished the book, Janet looked at the teddy bears displayed along the shelves before choosing a fluffy white one. “This is Felicity. Amanda slept with her every night when she was a little girl. I don’t think she will mind sharing her.” She tucked the bear in next to Stephen. Stephen smiled despite himself. “Thank you, Mommy.” Janet being nice to him, even in such a weird way, gave him a warm tingly feeling. Janet smiled down at him. “Goodnight Stephanie.” She kissed him on the forehead. “Goodnight, Mommy.” Janet turned off the light and left, closing the door behind her. He laid there awake. It was far too early for him to sleep and he was not accustomed to sleeping on his back. He thought about how Janet’s treatment at bedtime had made him feel. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Yes it was embarrassing but, for the first time, it felt like Janet wanted him here. He hugged Felicity tightly, feeling the same warm feeling he’d had when Janet gave her to him. Eventually, he fell asleep, still clutching Felicity, but he woke up in the middle of the night, needing to pee again. It didn’t sound like anyone was awake. For a moment, he considered sneaking out to use the toilet but he realised that it wouldn’t help him get out of diapers any sooner and he really didn’t want to upset Janet. He relaxed and soaked his diaper before falling asleep again. MONDAY When Stephen woke up again, light was streaming in through the pink lacy curtains. He felt very well rested but his diaper was now extremely uncomfortable. The only thing to do was find someone to change him. He got out of bed and waddled out of the room. He found Amanda in the living room. “Good morning Stephanie.” Amanda greets him. “I see you’ve made friends with Felicity.” Stephen hadn’t even noticed but he’d still been holding the teddy bear. He blushed deeply at his childishness but didn’t put it down. “Good morning.” He replied. “Um… could you change my diaper please.” “Of course.” Amanda took him back to his bedroom and laid him on the changing mat. She pulled down his plastic panties and removed his diaper, dropping it into the diaper pail. She wiped him clean before folding a new diaper and pinning him into it. Once he had his plastic panties on they emerged from the room. This time he made a point of leaving Felicity on the bed. They ran into Janet in the hallway. “Good morning, Stephanie.” She greeted him with a genuinely warm hug. “Good morning, Mommy.” He returned the hug. “Do you need a diaper change?” “I just changed her.” Amanda informed her.. “Isn’t Amanda a good big sister?” Janet suggested. “Yes, Mommy.” Stephen agreed. “Don’t forget to take the dirty diapers to the laundry.” Janet reminds her daughter. “You don’t want to make Stephanie’s room smelly.” “Oh sorry Mom.” Amanda returned to the room to retrieve the diaper pail. “Come have some breakfast Stephanie.” Janet led him to the kitchen where she poured him a bowl of cereal. Once again, she sat next to him and spoon-fed him, regularly praising him for how cooperative he was. Despite doing his best to earn her praise, Stephen still ended up with cereal on his chin and nightdress. Janet didn’t seem to mind. After breakfast, Janet cleaned him up and left him the blanket in the living room to play. Looking over the toys again, spotting some large blocks he tried to entertain himself building things from them. It wasn’t long before he felt a familiar discomfort in his stomach. He needed to poop. He got up and went to find Janet. “Mommy.” He said, nervously. “What is it Stephanie?” Janet asked. “I need to use the toilet.” “I told you. You don’t use the toilet. That is what your diaper is for.” “But I have to do a poo.” “Your diaper is for that too, silly.” Stephen returned to the blanket. He was going to mess himself. There was no escaping it. Either then or sometime soon when he couldn’t hold on any longer. At least at that moment there were no witnesses. Squatting, he forced the mess out into his diaper. He felt it spread against his bottom. Now finished, and feeling more like a toddler than ever, he was afraid to move because every movement spread the poo further. Amanda soon found him, still frozen in place like that. The smell told her what the problem was. “Someone has a messy diaper.” “It feels so gross.” Stephen whined. “I don’t want to move.” “I’ll get Mom.” Then instead of going to find her Amanda calls out. “Mom. Stephanie has a messy diaper.” The surprise and embarrassment made Stephen lose his balance in his awkward stance and he fell on his bottom, squashing the mess all over the inside of his diaper. He felt like crying. Janet soon appeared. “You can change her if you like.” Amanda shook her head. “No. You’re her mommy.” “Fine.” Janet took Stephen’s hand and helped him up. “But you should watch so you know what to do. If I’m out when she messes you can’t just leave her in it until I get home. She’ll get a rash.” Stephen followed them back to his bedroom, every step reminding him of the state of his diaper. Once again, Stephen laid on the bed as Janet removed his plastic pants and unpinned his diaper. The smell got worse as she pulled it open. He saw Amanada watching, grossed out, as her mother took wipes and got to work. He could feel that he had poo everywhere. Could Amanda look at him the same way after seeing him like this? When she was finally done she threw the diaper in the waiting bucket and then asked Amanda. “Could you get a disposable? We are going out this morning” “Going out?” Stephen panicked. “Where are we going?” “We are going to visit Mommy’s friend.” Janet said as Amanda passed her the adult diaper. “It’s alright. She already knows all about you and is excited to meet my new baby girl” Janet unfolded the white disposable diaper and slid it under Stephen’s bottom. It was thinner than the cloth diapers. Stephen was thankful for that as he was taped into it. “I’m going to deal with this..” Janet told Amanda, picking up the diaper pail. “Can you please get Stephanie dressed.” “No problem.” Amanda opened the wardrobe. Her clothes were gone, so were his. In their place were a few items which she and her mother had bought on their shopping trip the previous day. She took out some denim skirtalls and a red t-shirt, laying them on the bed before going to the drawers and finding some red tights to match and a pair of shiny black Mary Janes. She gathered up the tights and guided Stephen’s feet into them, stretching them up his legs and over his diaper. Next she pulled the t-shirt on over his head. The skirtalls followed. Finally she completed the outfit by sliding his feet into the shoes and doing up their buckles. “Totally adorable.” she declared. “Now let’s do something with that hair.” Stephen had been neglecting haircuts since losing his job. It wasn’t that long but it did give Amanda something to work with. She sat him in front of her old dressing table and brushed it and then strategically added some clips with red bows. Janet returned with a large bag. “I’ll just pack the diaper bag and we’re ready to go.” She gathered some changing supplies into the bag along with other bits and pieces she thought they might need, and, after a final check, zipped it up. “Time to go Stephanie.” “Bye Stephanie.” Amanda said, giving him a hug. “Have fun.” “Wait.” Stephen said. “You’re not coming?” He had only convinced himself he could cope with going out like this because he thought Amanda would be there, holding his hand. “I have a job interview.” She explained. “But don’t worry. Mommy will take care of you.” Janet led him out to her car and buckled him into the back seat. “I expect you to be on your best behavior.” She warned him as they drove. “Yes Mommy.” He replied. They soon parked in the driveway of another house. Janet got out and then helped Stephen out of the car and led him to the front door. He looked around nervously, feeling very exposed out there as Janet rang the doorbell and they waited. A woman, about Janet’s age, answered the door. “Hello Janet.” She then looked at Stephen, smiling warmly. “And this must be little Stephanie.” “Hello Rachel.” Janet greeted her friend. “Stephanie. This is Miss Walker. Say Hello.” “Hello, Miss Walker.” Stephen said, feeling ridiculous. “Come in.” The woman directed them. “Would you like some tea?” “That would be lovely.” Janet followed her inside with Stephen in tow. “I have some books with different options for you to look through on the coffee table.” Miss Walker said as she showed them into her lounge room. “The patterns will be all toddler sizes of course but I can still work from them to make something to fit Stephanie.” On the table, Stephen saw a stack of books with sewing patterns for little girls’ clothes and realised why they were here. “I’ll just go put up the tea.” Miss Walker excused herself. Janet picked up one of the books and sat on the sofa. Unsure what to do with himself, Stephen sat on the other end. “The sofa is for grownups.” Janet told him. “You can play on the carpet.” Stephen obediently moved to the floor and Janet took a doll out of the diaper bag and handed it to him to play with. With nothing else to do, he examined the doll, turning it over in his hands. It was a baby doll and it was wearing an outfit embarrassingly similar to his own. While it had no tights, it was wearing skirtalls and a t-shirt just like him. Also like him, it was wearing a disposable diaper under its skirt. Miss Walker returned with the tea. "Can I get anything for Stephanie?" "Thank you but I wouldn't want her spilling anything on your carpet." Janet responded. "I brought her a bottle." She reached into the diaper bag. For a moment, Stephen was afraid she would pull out a baby bottle but it was just a children's water bottle with a straw. Stephen accepted the bottle and looked at it. It was definitely designed for a little girl. Printed around it's sides were teddy bears, wearing pink tutus in various ballet poses. "That is a very pretty bottle you have." Miss Walker told Stephen. "Do you do ballet?" Stephen shook his head. "Stephanie. Be polite and use words." Janet corrected him. "No, Miss Walker." "Would you like to?" Miss Walker asked. "I used to teach ballet." "No. Thank you, Miss Walker." Stephen did his best to refuse politely. "Would you really teach her ballet?" Janet ignored his refusal. "Absolutely. I taught your other daughters." Miss Walker responded. "And Stephanie will look so sweet in a tutu." "I told you." Stephen snapped. "I don't want to do ballet." "Stephanie." Janet said sternly. "Come here." Stephen immediately realised his mistake. All he could do now is try to appease her. He got up and moved to her side. "Lay across my lap." She directed him. He did as he was told. Janet lifted his skirt and then pulled down the back of his tights and diaper, exposing his bare bottom to Miss Walker. As she started the spanking, Janet said “That was very rude. You do not speak to grownups like that.” At first, the spanking was more embarrassing than painful but after a while his bottom started to sting. Stephen begged “Please stop. I won’t be rude again.” Janet wasn’t satisfied that he had learned his lesson. She kept going until the pain and humiliation were too much and Stephen began to sob. “I am sorry that you had to see this.” She apologised to Miss Walker as she helped Stephen to stand up. “It’s quite alright.” her friend replied. “Little girls need discipline.” Janet pulled Stephen’s diaper and tights up over his red bottom and instructed him. “Now say sorry to Miss Walker.” “I’m sorry, Miss Walker.” Stephen said, tears still running down his cheeks. “We all make mistakes dear. Just try to be the good little girl I know you can be.” Miss Walker stood up and hugged him tightly. “And don’t worry. I’ll still teach you ballet.” “Thank you, Miss Walker.” He tried to sound happy. The women returned to discussing what they might dress him up in and he returned to his spot on the carpet, happy for the cushioning of his diaper between his sore bottom and the floor. With little else to do, he sipped water from his bottle and soon emptied it. Miss Walker helpfully refilled it and he finished it again. It wasn’t long before all that water made its way to his bladder, demanding to be let out. He wondered if he could hold on long enough to get home. Not that it would make much difference, he’d still be going in a diaper but it would be more private. When Miss Walker brought out sandwiches for lunch it was clear they wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. With a sigh, he let go and soaked the diaper. It felt different to wetting his cloth diapers. The padding quickly pulled the liquid away from his skin but in doing so, it expanded and grew stiffer. It was still uncomfortable, just in a different way to his cloth diapers. Eventually, Janet had made her choices and Miss Walker declared “I just need to take some measurements from Stephanie.” Taking a measuring tape, she stood up and offered Stephen her hand. “Stand up sweetie.” Stephen accepted her help and stood up. Miss Walker started taking measurements, starting with his neck and arms and working down to his waist. Then she got to his leg. Holding one end of the measuring tape as his ankle, she ran the measuring tape up the inside of his leg to his groin, feeling the swollen padding between his legs. “I think Stephanie needs a diaper change.” “Do you mind if I change her here?” Janet asked. “Go ahead.” Miss Walker noted the last measurement. “I’m finished.” Janet took the necessary supplies out of the diaper bag and spread a changing mat on the floor. Stephen didn’t want to be changed in front of this woman but he knew that refusing would earn him another spanking so he laid down on the mat without being asked. Janet got to work, pulling down his tights to his ankles and then untaping his diaper and pulling it open between his legs, exposing his privates. Miss Walker didn’t react at all. She continued her conversation with Janet as though this was all perfectly normal. “I have all of the fabric I need for the first couple of outfits and they should be ready in a few days.” Stephen found this made him feel very small. She should at least giggle at a grown man having his diaper changed on her lounge room floor. Instead she reacted as though he really was just a toddler. “Thank you so much Rachel.” Janet said, wiping him clean. “I can’t wait to see them on her.” “When would you like to start her ballet lessons?” Miss Walker asked as Janet rolled up the used diaper and replaced it with a clean one. “I can do it first thing tomorrow if you like. How is 9 o’clock?” “That would be great.” Janet taped Stephen into his new diaper and helped him to his feet so she could pull his tights back up. “I’ll organise a tutu for her.” Miss Walker says happily. Janet packed up the changing supplies and disposed of the old diaper before saying “I’d better get Stephanie home. She is overdue for a nap.” The women said their goodbyes and Janet drove Stephen home. They found Amanda waiting for them. “How did the job interview go?” Janet asked her daughter. “I think it was mostly a formality.” Amanda replied. “I’m pretty sure I already had the job.” “I’ll just put Stephanie down for her nap and you can tell me all about it.” Janet took Stephen to his bedroom. There she removed the clips from his hair and stripped him down to his t-shirt and diaper. She stuck two fingers into the leg elastic to check if it was wet. “Still dry.” She found Felicity and handed the teddy bear to him. “Into bed.” As she was tucking him in, they heard the doorbell ring. Amanda answered it. “Hi Greg. Are the flowers for me?” “I just wanted to give you the good news personally.” Greg replied. “You’ve got the job. I couldn't tell you at the interview because it would look like I was playing favorites.” “Thank you, Greg. This is a huge help.” Janet kissed Stephen on the forehead. “Have a good nap.” She then left the room to join Amanda and Greg. “This is great news.” She said. “But please keep your voices down. I just put Stephanie down for a nap.” After that, Stephen could hear them talking but they weren’t loud enough to make out what they were saying. He couldn’t believe that Amanda would be working for her ex-boyfriend and he was sure Janet was explaining exactly who “Stephanie” was. He wanted to go out there and confront them but that would mean doing so in just a t-shirt and diaper. It would also probably mean a spanking in front of Greg for getting out of bed before his nap was over. So he laid there, imagining them laughing at him, imagining Greg making moves on Amanda. Fortunately Greg wasn’t there for long but, even after Stehpen heard him leave, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. How would he prevent Greg from stealing Amanda while he was stuck in diapers? It wasn’t long before he needed to use his diaper again. He didn’t want to do it. Especially now. He wanted to be a man. A man who could tell Greg to back off. However he also knew that holding on wouldn’t do him any good and it wouldn’t get him any closer to getting out of diapers. So he flooded his diaper and laid there feeling like a toddler until Janet returned. “Did you have a good nap?” Once again, she checked his diaper by sticking her fingers in through the leg hole. “Get on the changing table pumpkin and mommy will change your diaper.” Stephen moved to the changing mat on the trundle bed and laid there while Janet cleaned him up and replaced his disposable diaper with a cloth one and plastic panties. She helped him up and they went out to find Amanda in the living room. The flowers from Greg were displayed on the coffee table. “I have some good news Stephanie.” Amanda told him. “I have a job. I start tomorrow.” There was a lot that Stephen wanted to say but this morning’s spanking was still fresh in his mind so he didn’t respond. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked. “I think she’s sad that her big sister won’t be here to give her attention during the day?” Janet suggested “I’ll be home on the weekends.” Amanda reassured him. “And I’m here now. What would you like to do?” What he wanted most was to get her away from Janet so they could talk like adults. “Let’s play in my room.” “Okay.” Amanda smiled and led him to his bedroom. Once they were both inside, he shut the door. “I can’t believe you took a job working for Greg.” This threw Amanda a little off balance. She had genuinely been expecting to spend the afternoon playing with her baby sister, not arguing with her husband. “When I told him you wouldn’t be able to work for him he asked me to come in and have an interview instead. He knows we need the money.” “He’s your ex-boyfriend.” Stephen reminded her. “And it’s obvious he’s still interested in you.” “No. He’s just a friend. He wants to help.” “I shouldn’t be stuck here in diapers.” He felt like he was about to start crying for the second time today. “I’m a man. I’m your husband. I should be out there finding a job right now.” “Shh. It’s alright.” Amanda pulled him into a hug and rubbed his back. “There’s a TV in my room. Let’s go watch a movie.” Stephen let himself be led across the hallway to her bedroom. “Get comfortable and I’ll find us a DVD.” Stephen sat on the bed and waited for her to return. He looked around the room. It had been Tanya’s. While it was still undeniably feminine, it was far more mature than his. There were no dolls or stuffed toys and there was a TV mounted on the wall opposite the double bed.. “I can’t believe Mom still has this.” Amanda returned holding a DVD case. “This was my favorite movie when I was a little girl.” The pastel color scheme of the cover told Stephen everything he needed to know about this movie. He didn’t even need to see the cartoon princess and fairies prominently displayed on the front. He didn’t complain though. This was something Amanda wanted to share with him and he needed to keep their bond strong in whatever way he could. Amanda started the movie and snuggled in next to Stephen. She reached her arm around behind him and placed her hand on his padded hip, using it to pull him close to her. Stephen relaxed against her, breathing in her perfume. The movie wasn’t that bad. It was definitely for little girls but Stephen found that he didn’t mind. Or maybe he could have enjoyed watching anything while being held by Amanda. When the credits started, Amanda moved to get up and take the DVD out but Stephen held onto her. He wanted to stay in her arms. Amanda smiled and this time didn’t resist the urge to pat his diapered bottom. They stayed like that until they heard the doorbell. “That will be Tanya.” Amanda said. “She is going to babysit you tonight.” “What?” Stephen sat up. “Mom and I are going out to celebrate my new job.” “I don’t want your sister to see me like this.” “Come on.” Amanda stood up and took his hand. “I’ll be with you.” He reluctantly followed her out into the living room where Tanya and Janet were waiting. Tanya immediately burst out laughing. “Oh my God! He’s really wearing a diaper.” Stephen gripped Amanda’s hand tightly. He wanted to stand up to her but what could he say while dressed like that. “She.” Janet reminded her daughter. “Until She is potty trained again she is your little sister Stephanie.” “Does h…” Tanya corrected herself “Does she really use her diapers?” “Yes.” Janet says. “And you had better not leave her sitting in a dirty diaper. I don’t want her getting a rash.” At this, Tanya started laughing again. “Maybe this is a bad idea.” Amanda said. “Nonsense.” Janet says. “Tanya has babysat before. She knows what she’s doing.” “Yeah. Don’t worry.” Tanya gave Stephen a smile which made him want to hide behind Amanda.. “Stephanie and I are going to have lots of fun together.” “Good.” Janet started toward her room. “Amanda and I need to get ready. Could you please check Stephanie’s diaper and then give her dinner. It’s already on the table.” “No problem Mom.” Tanya held back her laughter. Amanda struggled to free her hand from Stephen’s “It will be okay.” She was trying to convince herself as much as Stephen. She took one more concerned look back as she went into her own room. Now alone with Stephen, Tanya circled behind him. “Any poopies in your diaper?” She giggled, pulling back the plastic panties and diaper to look down his bottom. “No. Good girl. Let’s keep it that way. I don’t want to change any messy diapers tonight.” Moving around to face him, she squeezed his groin. “Nope. Not wet either.” She led him to the table where they found a plate of chicken nuggets and vegetables cut into sticks. Next to it sat his sippy cup. “No high chair?” Tanya teased. “You are a big girl aren’t you?” Stephen was just thankful that it was finger food and he didn’t have to suffer the indignity of Tanya feeding him. When he was finished eating, they returned to the living room where they waited for Janet and Amanda to be ready. “Did Stephanie eat all of her dinner?” Janet asked when she returned. “Yes Mom.” Tanya told her. “Good.” Janet said. “Her bedtime is seven thirty and she will need a bath before then.” “I’ll take care of it.” Amanda emerged. Stephen thought she looked stunning and wished he was going with her. “Ready to go?” Janet did a last check of her handbag. “Yes.” Amanda replied. Janet hugged Stephen and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Good night Stephanie. Be a good girl for Tanya.” Amanda hugged him tightly, whispering. “It’s only a couple of hours.” Then they were gone and Stephen was alone with Tanya. “You’re even more pathetic than I thought.” With Janet and Amanda gone, she could say what she really thought. “A real man would never have let his mother in law turn him into a baby girl.” Stephen didn’t know what to do. He found no words to defend himself and just stood there frozen. “I guess you never were a man.” She continued. “Maybe you always were a little girl.” She took out her phone and started snapping photos of Stephen. “What are you doing?” Stephen tried and failed to hide his diaper from the camera. “Stop that!” “I don’t have any photos of my baby sister.” Tanya ignored his protests. “What if I want to show you off to my friends?” “No.” He insisted. “Please don’t” “Or maybe I could send them to your friends, show them the real you.” She threatened. “I’m sure I could find your phone to get their numbers.” “Please.” He begged. “Don’t do that.” “I won’t if you are a good little girl and do whatever I say.” “Okay.” He was trapped. “Good.” She smiled evilly. “Now babies don’t walk. For the rest of the night I want you to crawl.” Stephen got down on his hands and knees. Tanya laughed at how prominent this made his padded bottom. She took the opportunity to get more photos. “Go on.” Tanya ordered “Crawl around like the baby you are.” As Stephen complied he noticed pressure on his bladder again. He wondered if he could hold on until after Tanya put him to bed. Of course then he would be in a wet diaper all night but that would be better than having Tanya change him. "Now lay on the blanket and play with your dolly." Tanya took more photos until her phone rang. "Hi Susan." She answered it, giving Stephen a very welcome break. "No. I am babysitting tonight." "You aren't going to believe this." "It's my brother in law." "No he doesn't have a kid. I'm babysitting him. Mom decided to treat him like a baby girl and the loser just went along with it." "Yeah. Diapers and everything. He is laying in front of me playing with a doll right now." This went on for quite a while. Stephen tried not to listen or think about the gossip which would soon be all over town. “Do you need a diaper change yet?” Tanya asked when her phone call was finally finished. She was hoping for some even more embarrassing photos. The ones she had so far might be explained away as being from a costume party or something but if she had proof of him using his diaper he would have no excuse. Stephen shook his head but felt the pressure growing. Soon enough Tanya noticed his potty dance and smiled. It would not be long. However, she was also aware of the time. It was getting closer to seven and she still needed to give him a bath before bed. She soon decided that she couldn’t wait any longer. “Stand up.” She ordered. Stephen got up off the floor. “Now wet your diaper.” She said. “Unless you want me to share those photos.” Stephen blushed as he released his bladder. Tanya laughed as she watched the crotch grow darker and begin to sag. She took another photo. “Are you all done?” Stephen nodded. “You deserve to sit in it you loser.” She said. “But it’s almost your bedtime and I need to give you a bath. Crawl to your bedroom.” Stephen got back down to the floor and made his way to his room. The soggy diaper hanging heavily between his legs. Tanya followed, documenting it with her phone. He reached his room and climbed up on the change mat. “Suck on your thumb while I deal with this.” Stephen stuck his thumb into his mouth. It was strangely comforting. Tanya removed his plastic panties and giggled at the dark wet, yellow stain on his diaper. She quickly snapped a photo. There would be no denying what had happened in this one. She unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “Look at that little dick.” She snapped a photo. “Does it get any bigger?” She teased him with her fingers until he grew hard. “I guess not. Poor Amanda.” She took another photo. “I hear Greg’s is huge though.” She threw the soggy diaper into the bucket then directed him "Now get to the bath.” Wearing nothing but his t-shirt, Stephen crawled to the bathroom. Tanya followed, watching his penis swinging from side to side as he moved. When they reached the bathroom, she ordered "Sit there while I fill the tub." He obeyed. The tiles felt cold against his naked skin and he felt very exposed in front of Tanya and covered his erection with his hands, surprised to find that he missed the security of his diapers. “Stop playing with yourself.” Tanya snapped at him. “That’s very unladylike.” Stephen stared at the floor and tried to ignore her. “Move your hands away.” She ordered. “Put them on your head.” He reluctantly removed his hands to his head, leaving him exposed again. He sat like that until Tanya pulled his t-shirt up over his head and told him “Get in.” He climbed in. relieved to be concealed by the bubbles. Tanya had no interest in actually washing him so she threw a washcloth in for him to do it himself. He didn’t mind being allowed that little bit of maturity but it did feel a bit awkward with her watching, especially when it got to his privates. “Are you all clean?” She asked when he finished. “Show me your bottom so I can make sure you have done it properly.” Stephen stood up, thankful that his dick was no longer hard, and turned so she could see his bottom. “Bend over and pull your cheeks apart so I can see properly.” He obeyed, furious at this deliberate humiliation but totally powerless to do anything about it. “No. That’s nowhere near clean enough.” She picked up the washcloth from the water and stuck her index finger in the middle of it. She ran her covered finger down his crack. She then ran it back up to his butthole, penetrating him just enough to let him know just how much power she had over him. He felt himself starting to grow hard again but Tanya quickly withdrew her finger. “Much better.” She dropped the washcloth back into the bathtub. “Get out and dry yourself off.” He stepped out of the tub and dried himself with his pink towel. “Now put the towel back and crawl to your bedroom.” Stephen hung the towel back on the towel rail and got down on the floor. He crawled back to his room totally naked. Tanya watched his bare bottom sway from side to side and couldn’t resist giving it a hard smack. He finally reached his room and climbed onto the changing mat. Tanya picked up a cloth diaper. “What the hell am I meant to do with this?” Without bothering to even try folding it, she slid it under his bottom and pulled it up between his legs before fastening it at the sides with safety pins. It didn’t feel right to Stephen. It was very loose and there was nowhere near enough padding against his bottom and between his legs. However he didn’t dare say anything. She pulled a pair of plastic panties up his legs and stuffed the diaper inside them. This felt even worse. It was bulky in all the wrong places and bits of the material stuck out of the elastic of the plastic panties. Tanya pulled a nightdress on over his head and then checked her watch. “Ten past seven. Close enough. Get into bed.” Without even waiting for him to do it, she turned off the light and left. Stephen crawled over into his bed and found Felicity. He hugged her tight and fought the urge to suck his thumb and told himself that Tanya’s torment was over now. Some time later, Tanya let herself back into the room and turned on the light. “I just wanted you to know that I found your phone.” She waved it in front of him to prove it. “If Mom hears that I was anything other than a perfect babysitter, I’m sending those photos to your entire contact list.” She turned the light back off and left. Janet and Amanda returned home not long after that. Stephen could hear them talking to Tanya for a little while but couldn’t make out what was being said. He heard Tanya leave and then outside his door Janet said “I’m just going to check on Stephanie.” She quietly opened the door. Stephen watched her as she approached the bed, very happy to be back in her care after Tanya. “Why are you still awake?” She whispered gently. He reached up and hugged her. “Did you miss Mommy?” She asked, returning the hug. He nodded against her shoulder. She released him and tucked him back up in bed, smiling warmly at him. TUESDAY He awoke the next morning, needing to pee, and used his diaper. Unfortunately, Tanya had done such a bad job of diapering him that it leaked all over his bed. “Good morning. I just wanted to see you before I left for work.” Amanda came in then saw his bed. “Oh dear. What happened. Did you leak?” Janet heard her daughter and came in too. “What’s wrong?” “Stephanie’s diaper leaked.” Amanda informed her. “I’ll deal with it.” Janet told her. “You have to get to work.” “Sorry.” She kissed Stephen on the forehead. “I really do have to go” On the way out she called back “Bye Mom. Bye Stephanie.” “Bye Amanda.” Janet called after her. “Good luck.” She approached the bed and pulled back the covers to inspect the damage. “Don’t worry, Pumpkin. I’ll get this cleaned up.” She removed his wet nightdress and pulled off his plastic panties. She saw his diaper. “Tanya did your diaper all wrong. That’s why it leaked. We will have to teach her how to do it properly won’t we?” Not waiting for an answer, she unpinned the diaper and helped him up. “Get into the bathroom.” Wet and naked, he did as she said. She ran him a bath and helped him in. “We have to get ready quickly today.” She said, scrubbing him clean with no concern for his modesty. “It’s your first ballet lesson this morning.” She helped him up and wrapped him in his towel. “There. Isn’t that better?” “Yes.” He said and meant it. “Thank you, Mommy.” She took him back to his room and laid him on the change mat. There she took out a disposable diaper and slid it under his bottom before taping him into it. He felt much more secure being back in a properly fastened diaper and caught himself smiling up at Janet. She smiled back before going to his wardrobe to decide what to dress him in. Stephen stood up and Janet returned with a yellow sundress with white flowers. “What do you think?” She held it up for him to see. It was certainly cute. He wouldn't mind seeing it on Amanda but that didn’t mean he wanted to wear it himself. Still, he didn’t want to disappoint Janet so he responded with a big smile. “I thought you would like it.” She pulled it on over his head. The dress reached just below the crotch of his diaper. If he had been wearing a cloth one it would certainly be showing. Janet finished his outfit with shoes and a yellow headband then said. “I’m just going to get these wet things into the wash and then we’d better get going.” Soon enough he was reluctantly following her out of the privacy of the house. He let her strap him into the back seat of her car. “You’d better have some breakfast.” She unscrewed the cap from a children’s yogurt pouch and handed it to him. Stephen finished it on the short drive and, as he usually did after breakfast, started to feel the need to poop. He hoped he could hold on until they got back home. At Miss Walker’s house he once again waited nervously at her front door, holding down his dress afraid that the wind might catch it and flash his diaper. “Hello Janet. Hello Stephanie.” Miss Walker opened the door and greeted them with a warm smile. She was wearing a black leotard with a simple wrap-around skirt. “Come in.” She led them back into her lounge room. There was a pink ballet outfit laid out on the sofa. It consisted of a pair of tights and what looked like girls’ one-piece bathers with a stiff skirt sticking out from the waist. Sitting on the floor were a pair of matching ballet shoes. “Wow. Is that tutu for Stephanie?” Janet asked, knowing the answer. “Yes.” Miss Walker replied. “I had a few spare ones laying around. That should be her size.” “Let’s try it on.” Janet was already removing his shoes. Next she took off his headband and pulled his dress off over his head, leaving him standing there in just his diaper. She picked up the tights and gathered up the legs before holding them out for Stephen to step into. She stretched them up his legs and over his diaper. Then came the tutu. She held it out for him to put one foot through each leghole and then pulled it up for him to put his arms though. Finally, she slipped the shoes onto his feet. “Such a pretty ballerina.” She declared, stepping back to look at him. “Do you like your tutu, Stephanie.” “Yes Mommy.” Stephen gave her the answer he knew she wanted. “You can keep it.” Miss Walker declared. Stephen knew that Janet would prompt him to respond to her. He preempted her. "Thank you Miss Walker." "You have very good manners." Miss Walker smiled at her. Janet beamed proudly. Stephen was quickly learning to be a respectful little girl. Earning the approval of these two women made Stephen feel surprisingly good. He hoped it was something he would repeat frequently. "Let's get started." Miss Walker led Stepehn to an empty part of the room and sat down. "First we have to stretch." She demonstrated a stretch and Stephen did his best to copy her. "Good work Stephanie." Miss she rewarded his efforts with more praise before demonstrating the next stretch. As Stephen stretched, he felt the need to poop increasing. All of this bending was not making it easy to avoid missing his diaper. "Okay. Up we get." Miss Walker stood up and Stephen followed. "This is First Position." She demonstrated and he copied, Earning more praise. Stephen kept following Miss Walker's directions, forgetting that he was meant to be a grown man. He was totally absorbed in being a little girl learning ballet and it was wonderful. He was brought back to reality when the pressure was finally too much and, in the middle of a plié, he filled his diaper. From where she sat, Janet could see it happen. She watched as the seat of his diaper expanded with the mess. “I think you’d better take a break.” She told Miss Walker. “Stephanie needs a diaper change.” “Okay.” Miss Walker looked at her watch. “We went longer than I had planned anyway. Stephanie was just such a good student.” Stephen couldn’t help smiling at her but he was embarrassed. Of course he was embarrassed about messing himself but he was more embarrassed that, for a while, he felt like a real little girl and loved it. Janet unpacked the changing supplies and then had to completely undress Stephen to get to his diaper. Stripped down to his diaper, Stephen laid on the changing mat. “You did very well at your first ballet lesson.” Janet untapped the diaper. “Mommy is very proud of you.” She thoroughly cleaned his bottom before sealing the diaper and wipes into a plastic bag. When he was taped into a clean diaper, Stephen said “Thank you, Mommy.” “Such a polite little girl.” Miss Walker observed. “You are doing such a good job raising her, Janet.” This made both Janet and Stephen feel great. “Rachel, would you mind getting her dressed while I throw this out?” Janet asked, holding up the dirty diaper. “Of course not.” Miss Walker replied, picking up Stephen’s sundress. Janet left to dispose of the diaper and wash her hands. “Thank you.” “Come here sweetie.” Miss Waker held up the dress and waited for Stephen. He moved closer to her and helpfully raised his arms so that she could put the dress on him. She put his headband back on and then helped him into his shoes. “Thank you, Miss Walker.” He said, ”You are very welcome, Stephanie.” When Janet returned, Miss Walker offered "Will you have some tea?" "Yes." Janet replied. "I think we have time." "I'll put the kettle on." Miss Walker left. While they waited for her to return, Janet took out Stephen's water bottle and gave it to him. "You must be thirsty too." He finished the bottle by the time Miss Walker had poured the tea. He had nothing else to do while the women chatted so he stood up and started practicing the moves Miss Walker had taught him. Janet and Miss Walker smiled. They tried not to make it too obvious that they were watching him. They didn't want him to get embarrassed and stop. As he danced, he gradually felt more and more like a real little girl again. His self-consciousness was gone along with all of his adult concerns. Before he completely lost himself, he was interrupted by Janet. "Time to go home, Stephanie." "Okay Mommy." As he realised that he really needed to pee. He soaked his diaper on the drive home. "Do you need a diaper change?" Janet asked once they were inside. "Yes Mommy." She took him to his room and changed him into a cloth diaper. As he had expected, his dress was not long enough to cover his diaper. “I have to hang out the wash.” She informed him. “You can play in the backyard.” She let him out through the laundry door. She could keep an eye on him from there while she unloaded the washing machine. Stephen stepped out into the backyard. The fences looked very low to him. A neighbour could peer over into the yard at any moment. The backyard hadn’t changed since Amanda and Tanya were children. It had a sandpit, a swing and a cubby house. These had gone unused for over a decade but Janet had kept them in good condition in case she had grandchildren. Stephen opted for the privacy of the cubby house. It was, fortunately, large enough for him to move around comfortably inside. It was currently used mostly as storage for outdoors toys, like buckets and spades for the sandpit. He sat on a chair which was a bit too small for him and watched the backyard through a window. Soon Janet emerged from the house with the washing. She put down the basket and waved to Stephen. Not wanting to disappoint her, he waved back. Janet started pulling things out of the washing basket. Stephen’s sheets from the morning were in there but it was mostly his diapers and plastic panties. His diapers being on display made Stephen feel exposed despite being hidden in the cubby house. “Hello Janet.” Stephen’s fears were realised as a woman called out over the fence. “Hello Kate.” Janet waved back. “It looks like you have a baby in the house again.” The woman observed but then she noticed something strange. “Those are some very big plastic panties.” Janet laughed. “Yes they are.” She turned to the cubby house and signalled Stephen to come to her. “Stephanie. Come out and meet Mrs Thompson.” Stephen hesitated. “Come out Stephanie.” Janed repeated. “You know what happens when you are rude to grownups.” The warning drew Stephen out of his hiding spot. Mrs Thompson hid her mouth behind her hands when she saw him but it was obvious that she was giggling. “Say hello to Mrs Thompson.” Janet prompted him. “Hello, Mrs Thompson.” He did as he was told. “Stephanie here was Amanda’s husband. They have come to stay with me.” Janet explained. “She had some trouble aiming when he used my toilet as a man so now she is a little girl in diapers. When she is ready, I will potty train her.” Stephen could only stand there, turning red. “Maybe I should try that with Peter.” Mrs Thompson said, recalling her long-running frustration with her husband’s toilet habits. Janet smiled at the idea. “I’m sure Stephanie would love to have another little girl to play with.” “I am impressed that you decided to cloth diaper her.” Mrs Thompson says. “That must be a lot more work.” “It’s not that bad. I cloth diapered Amanda and Tanya too. Babies go through a lot of diapers.” Janet explained, motioning toward the clothes line. “It’s just more economical. Plus cloth diapers make their little bottoms so cute.” Mrs Thompson giggled again. “They certainly do.” “Well I’d better give Stephanie some lunch” Janet hung the last diaper on the line. “It’s almost time for her nap.” “If you ever need a break, feel free to leave Stephanie at my place.” She offered. “My Sarah is studying child care and I’m sure she would love to help.” “Thank you, Kate.” Janet said. “I’ll keep it in mind.” It was a quiet afternoon. After Stephen’s nap time, Janet left him to play in the living room, checking on him occasionally as she did various chores around the house. “Mommy, Can I help.” Stephen asked at one point, mostly because he was getting rather bored of the baby toys. Janet appreciated the offer but replied “When you are a bit bigger.” Janet was feeding him his dinner when Amanda finally returned home. “Hi Mom.” She greeted them both with a kiss, her mother on the cheek and Stephen on the forehead. “Hi Stephanie.” “How was your first day?” Janet asked as she brought a spoonful of peas to Stephen’s mouth. “It’s a bit boring honestly. I’m overqualified to be a secretary.” She complained. “But it’s better than nothing.” “Stephanie had her first ballet lesson this morning.” Janet informed her. “Was that fun?” Amanda asked Stephen. “Did you get to wear a tutu?” Stephen could only answer with nods as Janet made sure that his mouth was never empty. “She is a very good ballerina.” Janet commented. “Just like her big sister.” “Will you show me?” Amanda asked Stephen. He shook his head. “I’m sure she will.” Janet insisted. “When she is feeling less shy.” That evening, after Janet had given Stephen a bath, she took him to his room and took out two cloth diapers. She laid them out next to him on the bed. “I think I’ll make your diapers extra thick for bed. We don’t want you to leak again.” She folded the diapers and slid them under his bottom. He could feel the extra thickness already with just his bottom resting on it. She powdered him and pulled the double diaper up between his legs, forcing them apart. Once his diapers were pinned on and covered with another pair of plastic panties, Stephen stood up awkwardly. It was almost impossible to walk with this much padding between his legs. One he was in his nightdress, they joined Amanda in the living room where she was watching the news. When it was finished, Janet suggested. “Maybe Stephanie can show us her ballet now.” Stephen again shook his head. “Please.” Amanda begged. “I really want to see.” With a sigh, he got up off the floor. Janet turned off the TV and started some music. Stephen started going through the moves which Miss Walker had taught him. He felt very self-conscious and awkward in his bulky diapers but Amanda and Janet smiled and clapped for him. While attempting one of the moves, he lost his balance and fell on his padded bottom. Amanda couldn’t help giggling. Stephen pouted which only made the scene even cuter to her. This made her giggle even more. Stephen didn’t want to dance anymore. He returned to his spot on the blanket and stayed there until Janet declared “It’s Stephanie’s bed-time.” “Goodnight Stephanie.” Amanda gave him a hug. “Goodnight Amanda.” Janet led him to the bathroom, where she brushed his teeth, and then took him to his room. “Are you wet?” She asked, feeling his diapers. “No. Still dry.” Stephen climbed into bed and hugged Felicity. Janet sat on the bed next to him and started reading his bedtime story. Stephen closed his eyes and listened. It was so much nicer being put to bed by Janet than by Tanya. Without thinking, he snuggled in close to her, smiling contentedly. He was asleep before Janet finished the story. WEDNESDAY Stephen woke up early enough to eat breakfast with Amanda before she left for work. Then, after he messed his diaper, Janet changed him into a disposable. "Where are we going?" He knew what a disposable diaper meant. "Mommy has a few errands to run today." Janet explained, helping him into pink leggings. Next came a white t-shirt with a large pink heart on the front, white sneakers and a pink bow for his hair. As Stephen looked at his reflection, the thought of being in public like this filled him with dread. The waistband of his diaper stuck out the top of the leggings and the short t-shirt did nothing to cover it. Not that it would have done him any good. The tight leggings left no doubt what was underneath. Janet restocked the diaper bag and they were on their way. Stephen watched nervously from the back seat. He wondered where they were going but wasn’t sure he wanted to know. It was worse than he feared. Janet turned into the carpark of a shopping mall. People were streaming in and out of the entrance. There were so many people who would see him the moment he got out of the car and even more once they got inside. Janet got out of the car with the diaper bag, opened Stephen’s door and unclipped his seatbelt. “Come on.” Stephen shook his head. “I can’t go out there like this.” “Don’t be silly. Get out of this car right now.” “No!” He gripped the seat. “Fine.” Janet put his seatbelt back on. “Have it your way.” She drove him home without another word. As soon as they were inside, she led him to the sofa. She sat down. “Get across my lap.“ Did as he was told, hoping that obedience would mitigate her wrath. “Yes Mommy.” She pulled down the back of his diaper and leggings. “It was very naughty to disobey Mommy.” Her hand came down hard on his bare bottom. “Especially when we are out in public.” “Ow.” He said. “I’m sorry but I can’t let all of those people see me in diapers.” She spanked him again. “You are a toddler.” And again. “Toddlers wear diapers.” And again. “But after.” He endured another smack. “When I’m a grownup again. How will I face them?” “That is a grownup worry.” Janet stops the spanking. “You don’t even need to worry about potty training yet, Pumpkin.” As if to punctuate that statement, she pulled his diaper back up and padded his bottom through it. She then helped him stand up and then fixed his leggings. Stephen thought that the punishment was over. He was wrong. Janet dragged a footstool over into an empty corner of the room. “This is the naughty seat.” She explained. “Sit here facing the wall. You are in timeout. ” Stephen obeyed. He felt so childish sitting there, staring at the corner. He prefered the spanking. “We still need to go to the mall today.” Janet said from behind him. “People will see that you are a little diapered girl. Use your time on the naughty seat to find a way to accept that.” And so he sat there, processing the fact that very soon he would be walking through a shopping mall, very visibly diapered. He imagined it. How would people look at him? What would they say? Many would certainly laugh. He felt the embarrassment as though he was already there. When he felt the need to pee, it was a welcome distraction. He held on, more as something else to focus on than to avoid using his diaper. Eventually that became tedious too and he wet the diaper. Still he had to sit there in his soggy diaper, anticipating his diapered excursion. Eventually he reached a point where he just wanted to get it over with. He just couldn’t stand the anticipation any more. Finally Janet came back and asked. “Are you ready to go to the mall now?” “Yes Mommy.” he replied, sadly. “Good girl.” She helped him up and turned him around so she could give him a tight hug. “Mommy loves you.” She genuinely meant it and Stephen felt that. He returned the hug. She released him and stepped back. Do you need a diaper change before we go?” “Yes Mommy.” Janet changed Stephen into a clean disposable and soon they were back in the mall parking lot. Once again, Janet got out with the diaper bag, opened Stephen’s door and released his seatbelt. She offered him her hand. “Come on, Pumpkin.” Stephen’s heart was pounding but he took Janet’s hand. Somehow holding her hand made him feel better. He was still scared but found the courage to leave the car. “Good girl.” Janet smiled at him as she led him to the entrance. Most people were minding their own business and didn’t even glance at Stephen but a few did notice. They pointed him out and whispered to their companions. Stephen heard a few laughs and gripped Janet’s hand tighter. Their first stop was the hair salon. The young woman at the counter just smirked as she looked Stephen up and down. “Hi Janet. We are just about ready for you. Please take a seat.” Janet led Stephen to the waiting area. Part of it was fenced off and had a basket of toys for young children. The purpose was obvious. It was a playpen where mothers could leave their small children while they had their hair done. That is exactly what Janet planned to do with Stephen. She opened the childproof gate. “In you go.” Stephen reluctantly released her hand and stepped in. The back of the playpen was glass, looking out into the mall. As Janet closed the gate, Stephen realised he was on display to everyone walking past. He turned his back to the window. Realising that this gave the people outside a view of his padded bottom, he sat down. They would still see the waistband of his diaper but this was the best he could do. Meanwhile Janet selected a magazine and took a seat to wait for her turn. It didn’t take long before she was called over to a chair and the stylist got to work. People stopped and stared at Stephen through the window, Some tapped the glass, hoping to get a better look at him but he didn’t turn around. To Stephen, Janet’s haircut took agonizingly long. This was worse than his timeout. At least he didn’t have people gawking at him on the naughty seat. When Janet was finally finished, Stephen watched her pay the young woman at the counter then return to open the playpen. He rushed to hug her. In her arms, he could ignore the people outside staring at his padded bottom. Janet looked at her watch. “Oh dear. We are running late. I’d better get you some lunch.” Stephen held tight to Janet’s hand as she let him deeper into the mall. People were still looking but he ignored them, focussing only on the feeling of his hand in hers. Janet spotted the sign for the toilets and stopped for a moment. “Do you need a diaper change before lunch?” Stephen shook his head, blushing at being asked that so loudly in public. They reached a cafe and found a table. Stephen felt a little more comfortable here. The customers and staff could still see him but he was protected from the crowds outside. Janet looked over the menu and chose meals for both of them without consulting Stephen. She left him at the table as she went to place the order. Stephen made the mistake of looking around. The other customers were all looking at him. Most were being subtle about it but some were blatantly staring. Fortunately, Janet did not take long and was soon sitting across from him again. He could just focus on her and ignore everyone else. “I think you are going to miss your nap today.” Janet worried. “I still have to go to the bank and do the grocery shopping.” While Stephen wasn’t concerned about missing his nap, he didn’t like hearing that they still had things to do at the mall. As they waited for their lunch, he also realised that he needed to pee. He wondered if he would be able to hold on until Janet finished her errands. He wondered if the people watching him would be able to tell if he wet himself. Then he realised that if Janet knew he had wet himself she would likely change him at the mall. While he was worrying about this, a waitress brought their food over. “The kids’ meal must be for you.” Smiling, she placed a plate in front of Stephen. It held some little ham and cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off two slices of fairy bread. Next to it, she placed a juice box. Stephen knew that Janet would want him to use good manners. “Thank you.” Janet smiled proudly at him and, in spite of his embarrassment, he was happy to have made her happy. “You are welcome.” The waitress failed to keep a straight face but kept up the pretense that Stephen was actually a little girl. “Would you like to do some colouring when you are finished?” “That would be very nice.” Janet answered for him. The waitress retrieved some crayons and a colouring-in picture of a unicorn and placed them in the middle of the table. “Thankyou” Stephen said again. “You are such a polite little girl.” She said. “What’s your name?” “Stephanie.” “That is a pretty name.” She continued. “And how old are you Stephanie?” “Twenty Six” He answered without thinking. The waitress laughed. “Isn’t that a little too old to still be in diapers?” Janet laughed and corrected him. “Stephanie is two.” “Don’t worry.”The waitress teased him. “I’m sure you’ll learn numbers soon.” With that, she left to serve other tables. “Don’t wait for mommy.” Janet told him. “You can start eating.” He did and was almost finished when her lunch arrived. After eating the last piece of fairy bread, he pulled the crayons and coloring picture toward him. It was something to focus on as he tried to ignore the people watching him and the increasing likelihood that he would have to use his diaper in front of them.. He was just finishing off the picture when Janet ate the last few bites of her meal. “That’s very pretty.” She told him. “You are such a good artist.” It was a patronizing complement but a complement nonetheless. “Thank you, Mommy.” Janet folded the picture neatly and placed it in her handbag before once more taking Stephen’s hand and leading him back out to the mall. The next stop was the bank. Janet and Stephen joined the queue. As everyone in front of them was focused on moving forward, none of them noticed Stephen but the man who arrived behind them certainly did. “Is this a dare?” He joked. “Or did you lose a bet?” “Stephanie. You are being rude.” Janet insisted. “The nice man asked you a question.” “It’s a punishment.” Stephen reluctantly turned to face the man. “I missed the toilet and didn’t clean up so Mommy said I have to be potty trained as a girl.” “You’re his mother?” The man asked Janet. “I’m his mother in law.” She explained. “But until Stephanie’s potty training is finished she is a little girl and I’m her mommy.” “Wow.” The man felt sorry for Stephen. “Why are you letting her do this to you?” “My wife and I are living with her because I lost my job.” Stephen admitted. “I don’t have a choice.” “My name is Kevin Brown.” He handed Janet a business card. “I’m a freelance reporter and I’d like to interview you and... Stephanie... for an article.” Stephen shook his head. “Don’t want everyone to know about this.” “Hundreds of people have been seeing you walking around the mall today.” Kevin said. ”They are all wondering why you are dressed like that.” “It would save us from explaining it to everyone.” Janet reasoned. “Good.” Kevin took that as a yes. “Would you be available to do the interview later today?” “I think so. I just need to visit the supermarket after this.” Janet told him.”I will call you when we are home.” By then, Stephen’s need to pee was getting urgent. He was trying to subtly shift his weight from one leg to another to keep it under control without Kevin noticing. Kevin did notice but he didn’t say anything. He just watched, curious about whether Stephen would actually use his diaper. Before they reached the front of the line, Stephen gave up and flooded his diaper. Kevin noticed that he had stopped fidgeting and realised what had just happened. Janet noticed too and once they were finished at the bank, she told Stephen. “Let’s go change your diaper.” He meekly let her lead him back to the toilets. She pushed open the door to the ladies' room And pulled him inside. Luckily, they found the room empty. Janet pulled the baby change table down. "There is no way you are going to fit on that" she decided. After looking around the room and finding no suitable surfaces she shrugged and just pulled Stephen's leggings down where he stood. Just as Janet put the diaper bag down on the counter, the door swung inward. Two women entered the room. their conversation abruptly stopped as they saw him standing there with his leggings around his ankles and his wet diaper on display. "What the hell?" one of them blurted out. “Is she really changing his diaper?” “Oh my God!.” The other declared, heading back out the door.. “I’m getting security.” “Don’t leave me with these weirdos.” The first followed her. Janet ignored them and opened the bag to collect the necessary supplies. She returned to Stephen and had just undone the tapes on his diaper when there was a knock on the door. “This is mall security.” A man’s voice came from the other side of the door. “I’m coming in.” Janet quickly stuck the tapes back in place and pulled Stephen’s leggings back up before the uniformed man let himself in. The man tried to remain serious but couldn’t help smiling at the ridiculousness of what he found. “Both of you will need to come with me.” “Fine.” Janet said, putting the baby wipes and clean diaper back into the bag. “But my daughter needs her diaper changed.” This made him crack and start laughing. “Whatever. Just follow me.” Janet held Stephen’s hand and followed the man through the mall. Stephen’s diaper moved around awkwardly as he walked. In her rush, Janet had not done a very good job of taping it back up and the tapes did not handle being re-stuck very well. They soon gave up, leaving the task of holding Stephen’s diaper in place entirely up to his leggings. The leggings sagged and the damp padding bounced against his bottom with every step. The guard led them through a door marked “Staff Only.” and showed them into an unoccupied office. “Take a seat and wait here.” He told them. On the near side of the simple desk were two chairs. Janet and Stephen sat there and waited. “Great.” Stephen despaired. “Now I’m going to be arrested, dressed like this.” “Watch your tone, Stephanie.” Janet told him sternly. “And don’t worry. I will explain everything.” “Janet?” A middle-aged man recognised her as he entered the room. “Hello Peter.” Janet stood to greet him. “I’m sorry about this misunderstanding.” “It’s quite alright.” He responded. “And this must be Stephanie. My wife told me all about you.” “Stephanie. Say hello to Mr Thompson.” Janet said. “He is our neighbour. You met Mrs Thompson yesterday.” “Hello, Mr Thompson.” Stephen said obediently. “I understand you were trying to change Stephanie’s diaper in the middle of the ladies’ room” He said. “You gave some other shoppers a bit of a shock.” “Yes.” Janet confirmed. “She is too big for the baby change table.” “There’s a spare office next to mine.” Mr Thompson pulled a key, attached to an orange tag, from his drawer. “You can have some privacy in there. Here’s a key.” “Thank you, Peter.” Janet accepted the key. “Thank you, Mr Thompson.” Stephen added without being prompted. Mr Thompson led them to the next office. “I’ll leave you to change Stephanie now. She looks like she’s getting rather uncomfortable in that diaper.” he pointed at another door further down the hall. “You can use the staff bathroom to wash up.” Janet took Stephen into the office. Its furniture was arranged like Mr Thompsons and had a few boxes stacked in one corner but was otherwise empty. “Lay down on the desk Pumpkin.” Stephen did as he was told. His legs dangled off the end. Janet once again pulled his leggings down to his ankles. This time his diaper went with them. “Oh dear.” Janet took the used diaper and rolled it up. “It’s lucky you didn’t wet again. You would have leaked all over.” She took the baby wipes out of the diaper bag and cleaned his privates. “There. All clean again. Isn’t that better?” “Yes, Mommy.” He agreed. Next, she took out the new diaper and unfolded it. “Lift up your bottom a little please, Pumpkin.” He had to place his feet on the edge of the desk to do this. “Thankyou.” She slid the diaper under him and gave him a gentle pat on the side of his bottom. He understood the signal and lowered himself onto the padding. Janet pulled the diaper up firmly between his legs and taped him into it. Stephen felt good to be back in a dry, properly fastened diaper. “Thank you, Mommy.” “You are welcome, Pumpkin.” She smiled as she helped him up and then pulled his leggings back over his padded bottom. Janet disposed of the old diaper, washed her hands and then took Stephen back out into the mall. Their last stop was the supermarket. Janet took a trolley and considered the baby seat. “No. I think your bottom is a bit too big to fit in that.” Stephen sighed with relief. “I want you to keep one hand on the trolley at all times.” Janet directed. “So you don’t get lost.” Stephen held the side of the trolley and kept pace with Janet as she went up and down the aisles, finding what she needed. By then, Stephen had grown accustomed to the stares and comments of the other shoppers. It felt like they had been at this mall forever. Janet had soon gathered everything on her list and took them through the checkout. “Hello Janet.” The young woman at the checkout recognised her.. “Hello Sarah. We were just talking to your father.” “Yes he told me you were in the mall today.” Sarah started scanning the groceries. “Hello Stephanie. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sarah.” Stephen knew he had to be polite. “Hello Sarah.” “Stephanie. You need to speak to grown ups respectfully.” Janet corrected him. “You must call her Miss Thompson.” “Sorry, Miss Thompson.” This made her giggle. “Mom said you might come to my house to play.” She spoke to Stephen as though she believed he was a real little girl. “Would you like that?” Stephen didn’t think he was allowed to say no. “Yes, Miss Thompson.” “I’m home all day tomorrow.” She addressed Janet. “You can drop her over in the morning and have a break.” “That sounds lovely.” Janet agreed. “Stephanie and I will see you tomorrow.” Janet phoned Kevin Brown on their way back to the car. She told him they would be home soon and gave him the address. By the time the doorbell rang Janet had changed Stephen back into a cloth diaper and plastic panties. The leggings had no chance of stretching over the much thicker padding so he was in just his t-shirt, diaper and plastic panties. He was laying on his pink blanket, watching an educational cartoon for toddlers. Janet let Kevin in and led him to the sofa. “Can I get you some tea or coffee?” “Coffee. Thank you.” Kevin replied, watching Stephen unsuccessfully try to find a way to sit which hid his ballooning pink plastic panties. Janet left him with Stephen and went to the kitchen. The reporter recognised that he might be able to get more honest answers out of Stephen with Janet not listening. “How do you feel about living like a little girl?” “How do you think I feel?” Stephen answered. “It’s humiliating. I spent the day being paraded around the mall in diapers.” “What does your wife think about this?” “Amanda says we have no choice but I think she’s enjoying seeing me like this. She says it’s cute.” “Do you feel cute?” “Um… Sometimes.” Stephen admitted. “Sometimes when I play along I get into the role and feel like a real little girl.” “Do you like that feeling?’ “In the moment, yes. I just feel free and safe.” Stephen found himself opening up more than he had expected. “Like I’m not even embarrassed about the diapers. It just feels natural.” “And you use your diapers.” That wasn’t a question. Kevin already knew he did. “Do you just wet them or do you poop in them too?” “I…” Stephen didn’t really want to say. “I’m not allowed to use the toilet at all.” “What is it like, using your diapers?” “It’s embarrassing. It’s like I’m proving that I need to wear them.” Stephen paused before adding “But when I’m not worried about people watching me it’s also kind of… I don’t know, relaxing. It’s like I don’t have to worry about anything. Even wetting myself.” “And your mother in law changes you?” “Mostly. Amanda has and so has Tanya, her sister.” Stephen stared at the floor. “That’s the most humiliating part of this. Being changed like a baby.” “Is there anything you like about it?” Kevin knew he was holding back something. “Um…” Stephen blushed. He didn’t want to admit this part, even to himself. “Sometimes, it can feel nice being taken care of in such a… an intimate way.” Janet returned with a tray. On it wa Kevn’s coffee, a small pot of tea and teacup for herself. A sippy cup full of water for Stephen and a plate of assorted biscuits to share. She passed the sippy cup to Stephen. “Thank you, Mommy.” Stephen accepted it. “You are welcome. Pumpkin.” She smiled, proud that he was showing good manners in front of her guest. “Thanks.” Kevin picked up his coffee and took a sip before returning to his questions. “How long has Stephanie been… um Stephanie?” “Since Sunday evening.” Janet answered. “I warned her that if she missed the toilet and didn’t clean up again that I would need to potty train her again. She didn’t think I was serious but I was.” She motioned toward Stephen. “Wasn’t I. Stephanie?” “Yes, Mommy.” “So you’re potty training her?” Kevin continued his questions. “Not yet. First she has to get used to using her diapers so she can start from scratch.” Janet explained. “When she has forgotten how to use the toilet like a boy I will teach her to use it like a girl.” “Why are you going to teach her to use the toilet like a girl?” “Because girls don’t miss the toilet. They sit down to make their tinkles.” “How do you feel about changing your son in law’s diapers?” “I don’t really think about it that way.” Janet told him. “She is living as my little girl and that is how I see her. I’m her mommy and I change her diapers like I did for my other two daughters.” It made Stephen feel warm and tingly to hear her say it. “How has this experience affected your relationship with each other?” “We weren’t particularly close before.” Janet didn’t think it was necessary to express just how much she disliked Stephen before he became her little girl. “But I think we have developed a real connection this week.” “Do you feel that way too?” Kevin directed the question to Stephen. “Yes.” Stephen answered genuinely. “I feel a lot closer to her now.” Kevin finished his coffee and thanked Janet and Stephen for their time. He said his goodbyes and promised to let Janet know if his story was going to be published. Because Stehpen had missed his nap, Janet put him to bed early that evening. He was already tucked in when he heard Amanda return home from work. THURSDAY The next morning, Stephen woke up before anyone else. He had wet his diaper during the night and it now felt very uncomfortable. He waddled out to the living room and, with nothing else to do, played with the toys on his blanket. By the time Amanda emerged, he had wet his already-soaked diaper again. “Good morning, Stephanie.” “Good morning.” He replied. “Um... Could you change me please? I’ve been in this wet diaper for ages.” “Okay.” He waddled awkwardly back to his room. Amanda tried not to giggle as she followed. Stephen laid down on the changing mat and waited. He helpfully lifted his hips as Amanda pulled his plastic panties down. Amanda smiled down at him, happy that he seemed to have relaxed into his new position as a toddler. She unpinned his soggy double diapers and pulled them open, exposing his privates. It felt strange to see a penis there. It felt out of place somehow. She told herself that this was a silly thought and got to work cleaning the stale pee off of his groin and bottom. “Your skin is getting a little red.” she noted as she threw the wet diaper into the bucket. “I think you might be getting diaper rash.” She went to the drawers where Stephen’s changing supplies were kept and examined a few tubs, tubes and bottles before finding the right one. She returned with a tube of diaper rash cream and squeezed a little of it out onto her fingers. Starting above his dick she spread the cold ointment all over his diaper area. The intimate touch from his wife made him start to grow hard as she moved down to the skin around his balls. Stephen was ashamed to be visibly aroused by this treatment and tried to think of other things so his erection might go away. It didn’t work. Amanda just tried to ignore it as she moved down to his bottom. She spread it all over his cheeks and then through his crack. This left him throbbing and desperate to cum. While Amanda was usually the person to help him with such a problem she had no intention of doing so then. Instead, she took out a clean cloth diaper and folded it as Janet had taught her. She slid it under his bottom and pulled it up between his legs. Normally his penis would be pointing down but there was no chance of that in his current state. She had no option but to pin him into his diaper with his erect penis pressed tight against his hip. She found herself relieved that she no longer had to look at it as she pulled a clean pair of plastic panties up over his diaper. She helped him up and led him back out to the living room. With each step, the thick fabric rubbed against his dick. It wasn’t enough stimulation to make him cum but it kept him hard. Once he was back on his blanket, Amanda left him alone so she could get ready for work. He tried to rub himself through the diaper but the padding was too thick and he couldn’t get enough sensation through it. He looked around to check that he was still alone and slid his hand down through the elastic waistband of his plastic panties and into the diaper. He grabbed his dick and started moving his hand up and down its length. He closed his eyes and laid back, enjoying the feeling. It had been too long since he’d had any sexual release. He recalled Tanya touching him and sticking her finger inside him. He came almost immediately but just as he did he heard Janet’s voice. “Stephanie. Get your hand out of your diaper.” Still feeling waves of pleasure through his body, he opened his eyes and looked up to see her standing over him. He quickly removed his hand. Janet knew exactly what he was doing and from the way he was moving she was pretty sure he had cum. This somewhat damaged her image of him as her little girl. For a moment she once again saw him as the man who was unworthy of her daughter. “Come with me.” He could hear the disappointment in her voice. “You need to wash your hands.” “I’m sorry, Mommy.” He followed her to the bathroom. Hearing that was all it took for him to be her little girl again. “I know you are Stephanie. You are still learning to be a good little girl. Just don’t do it again.” “I won’t Mommy.” He really meant it. He didn’t want Janet to be disappointed in him like that again. After washing his hands, she took him to the change mat. She removed his plastic panties and diaper and wiped the semen off of his skin. When Janet taped him into a disposable he remembered that she had agreed to leave him next door, in the care of Mrs Thompson and her daughter today. He didn't like the idea but he didn’t argue. There was no point. Soon he was dressed in his yellow sundress and standing, with Janet, at the neighbours’ front door. “Hello Janet.” Mr Thompson answered the door. “Hello Stephanie. Come in.” “Thank you.” Janet let Stephen into the house. “Sarah.” Mr Thompson called out to his daughter. “Stephanie is here.” Sarah rushed out and greeted Stephen energetically. “Hello Stephanie. We are going to have so much fun today.” “Hello Miss Thompson.” Stephen replied, unprompted. “Has she eaten breakfast?” Sarah asked Janet. “No.” Janet replied, handing her the diaper bag. “Your mother said you should have practice changing a messy diaper and she usually does her poos after breakfast .” Stephen was horrified by the thought of this young woman, who was only a couple of years out of highschool, changing his messy diaper. “That’s very thoughtful of her.” Sarah replied, sarcastically. “Don’t worry I’ll give her breakfast.” “Thank you.” Janet said. “And I caught her putting her hand in her diaper this morning.” Stephen started at the floor, embarrassed by Janet revealing that. “I wouldn’t worry about that.” Sarah reassured her. “It’s normal for toddlers to explore like that but I’ll keep an eye out for it.” Janet gave Stephen a tight hug then kissed him on her forehead. “Mommy has to go now but Miss Thompson will take good care of you. Be a good girl for her.” “I will.” Stephen said. “Bye, Mommy.” “Good bye, Pumpkin.” Janet moved toward the door. “I’ll see you this evening.” “Come this way, Stephanie” Sarah led Stephen deeper into the house.”I’ve set up the spare room as a daycare.” Sarah had borrowed resources from her college and dug out bits and pieces which had been packed away when she outgrew them as a child. These were set up around the room. There was a shelf of oversized picture books for reading to a group of children and a child-sized table with 2 chairs. On the floor, in one corner was a futon mattress. In another was a padded changing mat. Scattered around the room were various educational toys. “Oh Hello, Stephanie.” Mrs Thompson came past the door. “Would you like some breakfast?” “No thank you, Mrs Thompson.” Stephen thought that maybe if he didn’t eat he could avoid messing his diaper and having Sarah change it. “Yes please Mom. She hasn’t had anything yet.” Sarah overruled him. “I’ll bring some porridge.” Her mother said, leaving. ”I’d better check your diaper before we give you food.” Sarah circled behind Stephen and pulled up the skirt of his dress, revealing his diaper. She checked the seat of the diaper with a pat. Finding it empty, she moved to the front and pressed her hand firmly against the groin to feel if it was wet. Satisfied that Stephen’s diaper was still clean, she let the skirt fall. “We can have story time while we wait.” Sarah selected one of the books and sat on the only adult-sized chair in the room. “Come and sit on the carpet.” Stephen sat cross-legged on the floor facing her and Sarah turned the cover of the book to face him. “Frogs Can’t Yodel.” She read out the title and then opened the book. She read the text to him with the patronising enthusiasm teachers use with small children. Something about being spoken to like that made him feel more like a little girl than his diaper did. He once again started forgetting his adult self and feeling like a real little girl. The story finished as Mrs Thompson arrived with a purple plastic bowl full of porridge. She placed it on the little table. “Here you go, Stephanie.” “Thank you. Mrs Thompson.” Stephen got up and moved to the little chair in front of the bowl. “You are very welcome.” Mrs Thompson left. Sarah found Stephen’s water bottle in the diaper bag and placed it on the table next to his bowl. “Thank you, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said, picking up the purple plastic spoon which was sticking out of the porridge and beginning to eat. It was lukewarm but he was hungry and quickly finished the bowl. Sarah moved him back to the carpet where she started teaching him counting. Of course he already knew how to count and very proudly showed off how clever he was, earning a lot of praise from Sarah. It didn’t take long for Stephen to begin to feel the familiar discomfort in his tummy. He knew an easy solution though. Moving into a squat, he filled the seat of his diaper. Sarah watched, having little doubt about what he was doing. She was a little surprised at how little using his diaper in front of her seemed to bother him. When she was sure he was finished, she asked as sweetly as she could manage while concealing a strange mixture of amusement and disgust. “Do you need a diaper change?” “Yes, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said matter-of-factly. “Go lay down on the changing mat.” She directed. As he did so, she gathered the necessary supplies from the diaper bag. She then joined him on the floor where she lifted his dress out of the way, exposing his messy diaper. “Someone is a stinky girl.” Stephen giggled as she untapped his diaper and carefully pulled it open. As professionally as she was able to manage, Sarah cleaned him with baby wipes and then re-diapered him. “Thank you, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said as he got up from the mat. Sarah stuck her head out of the door and called out. “Mom. Could you please come watch Stephanie for a minute.” Mrs Thompson soon arrived. “Thanks Mom.” Sarah explained as she left. “I just need to throw this messy diaper out and wash my hands.” “Are you having fun at daycare, Stephanie?” Mrs Thompson asked. “Yes.” Stephen said with a big smile. “Miss Thompson is nice.” Mrs Thompson wondered why Stephen wasn’t more embarrassed that a college girl had just changed his messy diaper. In fact he seemed far more comfortable overall than when he arrived. “What have you been learning?” She asked. “Counting. I’m really good at it.” Then unprompted he showed off just how good he was. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight….” She realised that he was genuinely proud of this. It was as though he had started to believe he really was a little girl. He was still counting when Sarah returned. “One hundred and thirty two, one hundred and thirty three, one hundred and thirty four…” “Wow Stephanie.” Sarah interrupted. “Did you count past 100?” “Yes.” Stephen beamed. “You are a very clever little girl.” She praised him, getting an even bigger smile. “Would you like to do some art?” “Yes.” Stephen nodded excitedly. Sarah took out some blank paper, a glue stick and a tub of various bits and pieces to glue on. “I want you to make a picture of your family.” Stephen got to work, finding just the right part from the tub. As they watched him, Sarah’s mother pulled her aside and whispered “Have you noticed that he really seems to think he is a little girl?” “He was totally unashamed messing himself in front of me.” Sarah replied. “It was like he thought it was completely normal.” “Do we try to snap him out of it?” Mrs Thompson worried. “What if he stays that way?” “He looks so happy.” Sarah argued. “I’m sure he’ll snap out of it himself in a few hours.” “Okay.” Mrs Thompson said, leaving. “But I’d better mention it to Janet.” Stephen worked away on his picture. When he was finished, he held it up proudly. “Good work, Stephanie.” Sarah said, looking at the picture. The picture was clearly two women with a small girl, dressed in pink between them, holding hands with both. “Is this you?” She asked, pointing to the figure in the middle. “Yes.” He said, happy that Sarah had recognised him in his picture. “I’m a ballerina.” “And is this your mommy?” She pointed to the largest figure. “Yes.” He said. “And this is my big sister, Amanda.” He pointed to the last figure. “I think this deserves a gold star.” Sarah said and placed a sticker on the corner of the picture. “Are you ready for lunch?” Mrs Thompson returned to the room. “Yes. Thanks Mom.” Sarah said. She turned to Stephen. “Time to check your diaper again.” Mrs Thompson left to prepare lunch and Sarah lifted Stephen’s dress again. The crotch was yellowed and sagging. It was obviously soaked. To avoid any surprises, she moved behind him and pulled out the waistband of his diaper. Relieved to find there was no poop this time, she took Stephen back to the plastic mat and changed him into a clean diaper. After lunch Sarah declared “It’s nap time.” She closed the blinds and turned off the light. Being the middle of the day, there was still quite a lot of light but it was the best she could do. She guided Stephen to the futon and started some simple instrumental music. When Stephen woke he was disoriented for a moment. This wasn’t his bedroom. Then it came back to him. He remembered not only where he was but how he had behaved all morning. He cringed as he recalled messing himself in front of Sarah and then having her change him. How could he look her in the eye after that. However, he also recalled the feelings. The feelings that came from being praised and cared for, of being innocent and carefree and mostly of being cute. Yes he was embarrassed but mostly he was sad it was over again. Sarah soon came in to check on him. She noticed the change immediately. “What’s wrong, Stephanie?” “Nothing.” He stared at the ground as she turned the light back on and opened the blinds. “You’re not Stephanie any more are you?” Sarah asked. Stephen couldn’t help looking at her. He knew exactly what she meant but still asked. “What?” “I mean, you’re still you.” Sarah clarified. “But this morning you were really a little girl. Weren't you?” Stephen nodded sadly. “And now you’ve remembered that you’re really a man wearing diapers and a dress?” “Yeah.” He was surprised how much she understood. “Does that happen often?” Sarah asked. “Forgetting that you’re not really a little girl?” “It’s happened before.” He admitted. “But not for that long.” “Do you like it?” Sarah asked. “Feeling like a real little girl.” “Yes.” He looked away, once again ashamed. “I liked Stephanie too.” Sarah reassured him. “It was fun taking care of her this morning.” Hearing that gave Stephen a warm feeling. “Would you like to be her again?” Sarah asked, gently. He nodded. “Good.” Sarah was genuinely pleased. “How did we do it before?” “I’m not sure.” Stephen thought. “You were reading to me and your voice… It just sounded like you were talking to a real little girl.” “Okay. Let’s try it.” Sarah selected another book from the shelf and sat on her chair. Stephen took his place on the floor in front of her. Once again, Sarah turned the giant picture book so that he could see the cover and read the title. “Princess Hippo.” Stephen felt her voice wash over him and before she was halfway through the short book he was Stephanie again. Sarah watched the change happen. Stephen’s face lit up and he leaned in, excited to see what happened next in the story. She continued the story, happy that she had the real Stephanie back to play with. Stephen spent the afternoon happily learning about shapes,colours and letters, interrupted only by a couple of diaper changes. Far too soon, Amanda arrived. “Hello Sarah.” Amanda came into the room. “Mom sent me to collect Stephanie.” “Amanda.” Stephen shouted excitedly and ran over to hug her. She was a little shocked by his childish reaction but returned the hug before picking up the diaper bag. “Come on. Let’s go have dinner.” He looked back at Sarah, not wanting to leave. “It’s okay Stephanie.” Sarah reassured him. “You can come back another day.” “Okay.” He accepted that his time with Sarah was over and gave her a tight hug. “Bye, Miss Thompson.” Amanada took his hand and led him home. He confused her more by skipping from the Thompsons’ front door to their own. She wondered if she should be worried about him but he seemed so happy, happier than he had been in a long time. “Hello Stephanie.” Janet greeted him when they got inside. Stephen rushed to her in the same childish way he had greeted Amanda and held her. “Hello Mommy.” “Did you have fun at daycare, Pumpkin?” “Yes.” He said. “Can I go again tomorrow?” “Not tomorrow but soon.” Janet was less shocked by this behavior than Amanda. Mrs Thomspon had visited earlier to discuss it. It was still different to see it in person. “Do you need a diaper change?” Stephen shook his head but she confirmed for herself anyway. “Okay. Come to the table.” She said. “Your dinner is ready.” Stephen followed her to the table and happily let her feed him mashed potato with peas and corn. She marveled at how completely he had slipped into this role and wondered how long it would last. She doubted that it would be permanent but she also didn’t mind if it was. She liked having another baby girl to take care of. “Time for your bath.” Janet told Stephen, wiping his face. “Okay Mommy.” He followed her to the bathroom and let her undress him and put him in the tub. He splashed and played as Janet scrubbed him. He giggled when she playfully splashed him back. Soon she had him back in his cloth diapers and plastic panties and dressed for bed. He ran out ahead of her to get to the blanket and play with his dolls. Amanda watched him, fascinated, totally ignoring the TV. She saw no sign of her husband, just a little girl who somehow looked a bit like him. Stephen started to feel a little tired. He had played for long enough. Now he wanted his mommy. He moved closer to Janet and leaned against her legs, knowing he wasn’t allowed up on the sofa. Janet looked down at him. She had banned him from the sofa so that he would know his place. It seemed that, right now at least, he knew it. Right now he just wanted her affection. She patted the cushion next to her. “Come up here, Pumpkin.” He climbed up and rested his head on her chest. Janet put her arm around him and held him close. He felt safe and loved. He could have stayed like that forever but, eventually, Janet reluctantly declared. “Time for bed.” She brushed his teeth and led him back to his room. Then she checked his diaper and tucked him in with Felicity. He fell asleep halfway through his bedtime story. FRIDAY Stephen woke up feeling great. He was himself again but the feelings from the previous night lingered. He smiled to himself as he remembered snuggling up with Janet. He wet his diaper and found that he liked how small it made him feel. He felt like he could almost slip into being Stephanie again. “Good morning Stephanie.” Janet let herself into the room. “Good Morning, Mommy.” Stephen responded. Janet could tell that he wasn’t thinking like her little girl anymore. He was happy to see her but his affection was self-conscious and slightly hesitant. Still she smiled and hugged him. “How is your diaper?” “It’s wet, Mommy.” He admitted. “Okay, Pumpkin. Move to the change mat.” She changed his diaper and put him in a lavender t-shirt and matching plastic panties. Soon She fed him breakfast and, soon after that, she changed his morning messy diaper. He was expecting Janet to put him into a disposable for another embarrassing outing. When she folded another cloth diaper he was relieved. His relief didn’t last long. He was playing on the living room floor when the doorbell rang. Janet answered the door. “Hello Samantha. Come in.” Janet led her friend to the sofa. “Stephanie. This is Mommy’s friend Ms Campbell.” Stephen blushed but greeted the woman as he knew Janet expected. “Hello, Ms Campbell.” “Hello Stephanie.” Ms Campbell replied, sitting down. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” “I’ll put on the tea.” Janet excused herself. “The others will be here soon.” Ms Campbell stared at Stephen. Janet had told her all about him and his punishment but she still couldn't quite believe what she was seeing. It was absurd. A grown man dressed like a baby girl, playing on the floor in front of her. The tension was broken by the doorbell ringing again. “I’ll get it.” Ms Campbell called out to Janet and answered the door. “Hello Hannah.” She greeted the next woman with a hug. “Janet is just making the tea.” “Hello Samantha.” The woman stepped into the living room and spotted Stephen. “Oh my God. Is that him?” “I think Janet wants us to say her.” Ms Campbell corrected her. “Sorry.” giggled the woman and approached Stephen. “Hello Stephanie. I’m Mrs Miller.” “Hello Mrs Miller.” Stephen dutifully responded. “Oh. My. God!” She squealed, pinching his cheek. “He’s… I mean She’s adorable.” Stephen found himself wishing he could slip into being Stephanie again. Then he wouldn’t be embarrassed by this attention. He might even enjoy it. “Oh hello Hannah.” Janet returned carrying a tray with a teapot, four cups and a plate of biscuits. She placed the tray on the coffee table and started pouring. The sound made Stephen realise that he needed to pee. He considered just going but was uncomfortable with the idea with these women watching him. The doorbell rang once again and Janet answered it. “Hello Rachel. Everyone’s here.” Miss Walker stepped in. She was carrying a very bulky bag. “Hello Stephanie.” She headed straight over to hug him. “How is my little ballerina?” “I’m good, Miss Walker.” He returned the hug. “You’re teaching her ballet?” Mrs Miller asked. “Yes.” Miss Walker confirmed. “And she is very good.” “That’s so cute.” Mrs Miller gushed. “Does she have a tutu?” “Yes.” Janet answered. “And she is so pretty in it.” “You should put on a concert for us.” Ms Campbell laughed. “Just like Amanda and Tanya did.” Mrs Miller added. “I think that’s a marvelous idea.” Miss Walker agreed. “We will start practicing at her next lesson.” “Stephanie.” Janet addressed him. “I think Miss Walker has some presents for you.” “Oh yes.” Miss Walker remembered. “I’ve finished some of your new clothes.” She reached into the bag and pulled out a red and white gingham romper. It had no legs, instead ending in poppers that close at the crotch. It had a skirt but it was completely decorative, it didn’t even cover the bottom. “She’s going to try it on now. Right?” Mrs Miller asked excitedly. “Well I do want to check that everything fits her properly.” Miss Walker agreed. Janet took the romper and moved to Stephen. “Stand up, Pumpkin.” Stephen did and she pulled his t-shirt off before pulling the romper down over his head. “I made the bottom extra roomy.” Miss Walker explained as Janet fastened the crotch. “So it should fit even when you double diaper her.” Janet adjusted the outfit a little and stepped back to look at him. “It’s perfect.” “Do you like it?” Miss Walker asked him. “Yes.” He knew he had to say yes but he actually did. He felt very cute in the outfit. “Thank you, Miss Walker.” “Can I take a photo?” Miss Walker asked. “I like to keep photos of all my work.” “Of course.” Janet answered. Miss Walker pointed her mobile phone at Stephen. “Smile.” The pressure on Stephen’s bladder had built surprisingly fast and in order to stand still enough to pose for the photo he had to release it. As he smiled awkwardly for the photo, he secretly soaked his diaper. “I’ve also finished this one.” Miss Walker reached into the bag again and withdrew a short pink dress. It was decorated with white ribbon and bows and had a frilly collar. “And it has a matching diaper cover and bonnet.” She laid the dress down and pulled these out to show them. The diaper cover had rows of frills across the seat. “That is the sweetest thing ever.” Ms Collins gushed, her initial awkwardness about this forgotten. “Let’s see it on her.” Janet undid the crotch of Stehpen’s romper and pulled it up over his head. “I think someone needs a diaper change.” She commented as she saw his wet diaper. “I can change her.” Mrs Miller volunteered. “I’ll help.” Ms Collins didn’t want to miss that. “Thankyou.” Janet accepted the offer as she neatly folded the romper and placed it aside. “All of her changing supplies are in her bedroom. It’s Amanda’s old room.” “Come on Stephanie.” Ms Collins took Stephen’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Mrs Miller followed close behind. “Is that where your mommy changes you?” Ms Collins asked, pointing at the changing mat. Stephen nodded shyly, not looking forward to being changed by two women he had just met. “Okay lay down Stephanie.” Mrs Miller giggled at the absurdity of what they were doing. Stephen did as he was told and she pulled his plastic panties off and dropped them in the diaper pail. Next she unpinned the diaper and dropped it on top of them. This left Stephen completely exposed to the two women. “Do you want to wipe her?” Mrs Miller offered. Ms Collins blushed at the thought and shook her head. Mrs Miller took some wipes and went to work while Stephen covered his face with his hands. “Now we need a clean diaper.” Mrs Miller said, looking around the room. “Where does Mummy keep your diapers?” Stephen had to move a hand away from his face to point to the drawer. Ms Collins pulled it open, finding stacks of clean cloth diapers and plastic panties. She took out a diaper and a clear pair of plastic panties and brought them to Mrs Miller. “Now hopefully I remember how to fold these.” Mrs Miller commented as she spread the terrycloth square out next to Stephen. “Wow. These are huge.” After a couple of attempts she thought she had it right. “Lift up your bottom.” She slid it under him and then pulled it up between his legs. Stephen was happy to have his privates covered again but it didn’t last. “No. I think this isn’t right.” Mrs Miller commented. “What do you think?” Ms Collins came closer. “What if you pull it this way.” She pulled the front of the diaper away, exposing Stephen again and tried to shift it lower. “But then it won’t cover her bottom.” Mrs Miller shows her. “I’ve folded it wrong. It’s too short.” She pulled the diaper away and refolded it. Fortunately she got it right this time and finally pinned him into it and pulled the plastic panties over it. “There. All done.” “Thank you, Mrs Miller.” Stephen said, knowing Janet would be unhappy if she found out he was rude. “Thank you, Ms Collins.” “You are welcome.” Mrs Miller replied. “Such a polite little girl.” Ms Collins commented. Ms Collins led Stephen back to the living room while Mrs Miller washed her hands. “Let’s get you dressed.” Janet held out the pink diaper cover for him to step into. It was a very snug fit over his cloth diapers but it did fit. Next she pulled the dress over his head and finally fastened the bonnet. “Oh my God!” Mrs Miller rejoined the group. “She is so cute.” “I just want to keep her like that forever.” Janet agreed. “You do amazing work Rachel.” “Thank you.” Mrs Walker picked up her mobile phone again and pointed it at Stephen. “Smile.” Stephen posed and did his best to smile. “Get one of her playing with her dolly.” Ms Collins suggested. “Oh and one of her crawling to show off the ruffles on her bottom.” Mrs Miller added. The women made him pose in all sorts of different ways. Squealing as Miss Walker snapped photos. This went on until Janet checked the time. “We’d better have lunch. It’s almost Stephanie’s nap time.” “That reminds me.” Miss Walker went to the bag. “I made you some bibs as well. We don’t want to get her pretty dress all dirty.” She pulled out one which was the same pink as the dress. Embroidered on it were the words “Mommy’s little girl.” Janet fastened the bib around his neck and more photos were taken before they all moved to the dining table where Janet served everyone quiche and salad. “Can I feed Stephanie?” Ms Collins asked. “If you like.” Janet replied. Ms Collins sat next to Stephen and immediately began cutting up his quiche and bringing it to his mouth. He cooperated. As embarrassing as all this was it was better when everyone was happy with him. After lunch, Janet removed his bib and said. “I’m just going to put her down for her nap.” She turned to Stephen. “Say goodbye to everyone. Pumpkin.” “Goodbye everyone.” He said. “Not like that.” Janet told him. “Go say it nicely to each of them.” He went up to Miss Walker. “Goodbye, Miss Walker. Thank you for my new clothes.” Miss Walker hugged him. “You are welcome Stephanie. Goodbye.” “Goodbye Ms Collins.” He went to the next woman. “Goodbye Stephanie.” She replied. “It was lovely meeting you.” “Goodbye, Mrs Miller.” He told the last woman. “Goodbye.” She made him bend down slightly so she could kiss him on the forehead. “We’ll come and see you again soon.” Janet took him back to his room and checked his diaper before removing his bonet and tucking him in. From his bed, he listened to the muffled sounds of the women talking. He was sure they were still talking about him. He felt the urge to pee again and just wet his diaper immediately. In the privacy of his room, he allowed himself to enjoy feeling babyish. He did feel very small in his new dress. When Janet returned, the guests had left. She changed his diaper and put his bonnet back on. Back out to the living room she let him watch some educational cartoons while she did housework. He was laying on the floor, watching the TV, with his ruffle-covered bottom facing the door when Amanda returned home. She smiled at the sight. “Hello Stephanie.” Stephen turned to face her, blushing as he remembered how he was dressed. “Hello Amanda.” She could tell that he was himself again. He wasn’t as comfortable being a little girl as he had been last night. That should have been reassuring, that her husband was still there but it wasn’t. He was so much happier as Stephanie. “Um…” She wasn’t sure how to raise this. “You were acting a little… different yesterday evening.” “Oh… Yeah.” He tried to explain. “Something weird has happened to me a few times. I sort of get caught up in the role and forget that I’m not really a little girl.” “You seemed really happy.” She said. “Do you like being Stephanie?” “I…” He was clearly ashamed to admit this.. “It feels nice when it happens.” “It’s alright.” She reassured him. “It was nice to see you happy.” “But I’m not meant to like being a little girl.” He sighed. “I’m meant to be a man. I’m meant to be your husband.” She just smiled and hugged him tightly “It’s alright.” She didn’t want to worry him with the fact she was struggling to think of him as her husband. She thought she should say more to comfort him but didn’t know what. Fortunately, Janet called them for dinner. They had no more opportunity to talk as Stephen was fed, bathed and dressed for bed. As usual, he was left to play on the floor while Janet and Amanda watched TV. He looked at Janet and recalled the feeling of cuddling with her the previous night. He wanted that again but that was when he was Stephanie. It came naturally. Could he really do that as Stephen? He considered crawling over and snuggling up against her legs in the hope she would invite him up onto the sofa again. He wanted to but in the end he remained on his blanket until bedtime. After Janet had read his bedtime story and tucked him in, he laid awake, hugging Felicity. He was angry at himself for wanting to cuddle with Janet and angry with himself for not doing it. He wanted to be a man, He wanted to be Amanda’s husband but he also wanted to be Janet’s little girl. SATURDAY “Good morning Stephanie.” Stephen was woken by the sound of Tanya’s voice. “Did you miss me?” He opened his eyes to see her smiling wickedly at him. He sat up, feeling the soggy fabric of the diapers he’d wet before falling asleep. “What are you doing here?” “Watch your manners little girl.” She snapped. “Mom said you leaked after I changed your diaper last time. So she’s going to teach me how to do it properly. I’m going to be changing your diapers all day. Aren’t I a good big sister?” He now felt even more uncomfortable in his wet diaper, knowing that Tanya would be changing it. He laid back down and groaned. He did not want to face the day. “Up you get sleepyhead.” Tanya yanked the covers off of him. “Looks like you already need a diaper change. I’ll get Mom.” She left, giving Stephen a few moments of peace to prepare himself mentally for what was sure to be another humiliating day. She soon returned with Janet. “Good morning, Stephanie.” Janet greeted him. “Good morning, Mommy.” He was embarrassed about talking like that in front of Tanya but the spanking he would get for being disrespectful if he didn’t would be even even worse. “Tanya is going to be changing your diapers today.” She said. “As practice for the next time she babysits.” Stephen didn't need to be told what to do. He moved on to the changing mat and waited. Janet supervised while Tanya removed his plastic panties and soggy diaper. As she wiped the stale pee off of his groin and bottom, he realised that while this was certainly humiliating, it wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be. With Janet watching, Tanya couldn’t be mean to him. Janet talked Tanya through correctly folding a new cloth diaper. She had to step in and demonstrate the correct folds a couple of times. Then Tanya slid it under his bottom and pinned it on. Janet checked the fit before letting Tanya put a clean pair of plastic panties on him. Janet changed him into his pink t-shirt and led him out of the room to give him breakfast. Amanda was waiting for them at the table and Tanya soon joined them. After breakfast, Stephen stuck close to Amanda. With his early bedtime he had barely seen her since she started her job. He also wanted her to protect him from Tanya. Amanda thought it was cute. He followed her around like Tanya did when she was a little girl. She tried to remember what she did with Tanya when they were children. “Do you want to build a blanket fort?” Stephen was insulted by the suggestion but the truth was that did sound like fun. “Umm…” “Come on.” She took that as a yes. “We’ll take some chairs from the dining table to your room and I’ll get some spare blankets.” Tanya rolled her eyes at them and, realising she wasn’t going to be able to get Stephen alone and torment him, she settled down on the Sofa and turned on the TV. She barely watched it though, as she immediately took out her phone and dialed one of her friends to gossip with. In Stephen’s room, Amanda positioned the chairs and draped blankets over them. She was surprised by how much fun she was having. Stephen did not seem to be having as much fun. He was too self-conscious. “I think you’d be having more fun if you were Stephanie.” She commented. “Maybe.” He agreed but he didn’t want to spend his time with Amanda as a little girl. He didn’t really like her seeing him that way either. “You could try it?” She suggested. “I’m not sure how it works.” It wasn’t really a lie but it wasn’t the whole truth. “Okay.” Amanda could tell he was uncomfortable and backed off for now. As they crawled into the completed blanket fort, Stephen became aware that he would need to mess his diaper soon. He didn’t want to do that in front of Amanda. He also remembered that it would be Tanya changing him. It was inevitable but he was in no rush so he held on. Amanda led the game, pretending that the fort was a magical castle and they were fairy princesses. Stephen barely joined in and Amanda wished Stephen could have just been Stephanie again and had fun. Eventually it became impossible to hold on any more. In an attempt to get a little distance between himself and Amanda, he crawled out of the fort but the movement caused him to fill his diaper while he was half-way out. Amanda watched the seat of the diaper expand and did her best to hide her giggle. “I think you need a diaper change.” She crawled out of the fort another way. “I’ll tell Mom and Tanya.” “Please don’t. I don’t want tanya changing my messy diaper.” He begged. “Could you do it and not tell them?” “Sorry.” Amanda felt bad for him. Although, she was happy that this diaper was someone else’s problem. “Mom said Tanya has to change all of your diapers today and she would know you messed when she washes them.” She left the room before he could argue. “Ewww. Gross.” He heard Tanya’s voice all the way from the living room. “I’m not changing his shitty diaper.” “I told you Tanya.” Janet responded calmly. “You will change all of Stephanie’s diapers today so that I am confident you know how to take care of her.” “But…” Tanya started to argue. “No buts. You will change her diapers or you’ll end up in diapers yourself.” Janet threatened. “Like I’d let you do that to me.” Tanya spat back. “I’m not a loser like him.” “You may not be living under my roof but I know your secrets. Remember....” Janet’s voice went too quiet for Stephen to hear. Moments later Tanya came into the room looking angry. “Get on the changing mat.” She ordered. “Don’t be mean to your baby sister.” Janet followed her daughter into the room. “Stephanie. Could you please lay down on the changing mat for Tanya.” Stephen complied and Tanya pulled his plastic panties down. The smell immediately became worse and Tanya scrunched up her nose. She cautiously unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “This is so gross.” She complained, taking a handful of wipes and going to work. “I had to do this for you.” Janet told her. “I might have to do it for you again if you don’t improve your attitude.” Tanya stopped complaining and kept wiping. Stephen just stared at the ceiling hoping this would be over soon. “Clean enough?” Tanya asked. “You have to go right up in her bottom.” Janet told her. “If you don’t get it all she’ll get a rash.” “That would be terrible.” Tanya said sarcastically as she took more wipes and ran them down between his cheeks. She threw the dirty diaper into the diaper pail and began folding a new one. Janet still had to correct her folding a couple of times before it was ready to be pinned on to him. After everyone had cleaned up it was time to lunch then the blanket fort had to be dismantled so Stephen could have his nap. Amanda had an idea. While Stephen was in bed, she walked next door. “Hello Amanda.” Mrs Thompson greeted her. “Hello Mrs Tompson.” Amanda replied. “Could I speak to Sarah?” “Of course. Come in.” She led Amanda to the sofa and called out. “Sarah. Amanda is here to see you.” “Hi Amanda.” Sarah emerged. “What’s up?” “I wanted to talk to you about Stephen.” Amanda explained. “You were playing with him yesterday and something happened.” “He forgot he was a grownup and just enjoyed being Stephanie.” Sarah knew immediately what she was talking about. “Are you worried about him?” “No. I mean it’s weird but...” Amanda wasn’t sure how to say it. “He’s so happy like that?” Sarah finished her thought. “Yeah.” Amanda agreed. “Do you know how to help him do it again?” “I think so.” Sarah told her. “It happened twice when he was here. Both times I was reading a book to him.” “Just reading a book?” Amanda didn’t believe her. “Well I was doing it as though I was reading to very small children.” Sarah explained. “I can show you.” Sarah led Amanda into the spare room. It was still set up like a daycare. She picked up Frogs Can’t Yodel and sat on her chair. “Sit with your legs crossed in front of me.” Amanda sat where she was told and watched Sarah read the story. There was something about the way she read. It did make Amanda feel small. She was worried for a moment that she would forget her adult self like Stephen had. It didn’t happen but she could see how it might happen for someone open to it and primed with all of the babyish treatment Stephen had received. “Thank you.” Amanda said. “I think I understand now.” At the end of Stephen’s naptime, Janet led Tanya into his room. “After her nap you need to check her diaper.” Janet explained. Tanya pulled the covers away from Stephen and saw that he was definitely wet. “I just hope you haven't messed again.” She changed him again. This time Janet only had to correct her folding once. After his change, Stephen went to find Amanda. She was in her room. “Hi Stephanie. Did you have a good nap.” “I wasn’t tired.” He complained. “I spoke to Miss Thompson.” She said. “And she taught me how to help you become Stephanie again.” Stephen had very mixed feelings about that. “Can we try it?” She asked. “I would really like to build a blanket fort with Stephanie.” “I…” He was going to argue but Amanda seemed so excited. “Okay.” “Good.” She picked up a picture book which she had already selected. “Sit on the floor like you’re at daycare with Miss Thompson.” Stephen sat cross-legged in front of her as she positioned herself on the edge of the bed. “Princess Stephanie’s Tea Party.” Amanda deliberately misread the title. It was Princess Amanda’s Tea Party, a book which had been personalised for her when she was a little girl. Stephen listented. Amanda wasn’t as good at the voice as Sarah. He did feel warm and tingly and relaxed but he was still himself at the end of the book. “It didn’t work. Did it?” Amanda asked. Stephen shook his head. Despite his previous reluctance. He found he was disappointed. Amanda thought about how Sarah’s voice had made her feel. Was there some other way she could create that feeling for Stephen? After pondering for a moment, she remembered something that her mother had picked up when they went out to buy Stephen’s diapers. “I have an idea. Wait here.” She left Stephen in her room and prepared what she needed. A few minutes later, she returned carrying a baby bottle full of warm milk. “A bottle?” he asked. “Just try it.” She said, sitting on her bed and patting her lap. “Put your head here.” He laid on her bed with his head resting on her lap. Whether it worked or not it felt great. Amanda held the bottle to his lips and he took the nipple into his mouth.She stroked his hair as he began to suck on the bottle. It didn’t work very well. After a few squirts it stopped working. When he released it from his mouth, air rushed in and it worked again for a few squirts before stopping again. This was a rather frustrating way to drink. “What’s wrong?” Amanda noticed his frustration. “This bottle doesn’t work.” He complained. “I don’t think you’re meant to just suck on it.” She reasoned. “It’s meant to work like a mother’s breast.” Looking up at Amanda's breasts, he imagined that it was her nipple in his mouth. The thought made him grow a little hard in his diaper. Instead of sucking, he squeezed it with his tongue. Milk dribbled out and it refilled. Having figured out how to drink from the bottle he relaxed and enjoyed Amanda’s attention. As he drank the milk he again began to feel small again and her breasts were no longer erotic to him they were comforting and nothing more. By the time he finished the bottle, he was Stephanie again. “Do you want to build a blanket fort again?” Amanda asked as she placed the empty bottle aside. Stephen nodded so they returned to his room and rebuilt the fort and played as fairy princesses. Again, Amanda took the lead, telling Stephen what was happening in their role play, but he played his part enthusiastically and they played and giggled until they were interrupted. “Mom said I need to check Stephanie’s diaper before she has dinner.” Tanya said, peering into the blanket fort. Stephen shook his head. “No.” He knew he was soaked but he didn’t want to stop playing. He was having too much fun with Amanda. “Come on Princess Stephanie.” Amanda said. “Let Tanya change your diaper.” “Okay Princess Amanda.” He giggled as he left the fort and laid on the changing mat, smiling up at Tanya.. As she pulled his plastic panties off she was confused. Stephen wasn’t embarrassed at all. “Are you actually enjoying this?” She asked. “You weirdo!” That snapped Stephen back to reality. He blushed and covered his face. Amanda watched the change with disappointment. It was fun playing with Stephanie. Under Amanda’s supervision, Tanya changed Stephen into a clean diaper and new plastic panties. When Tanya was gone Amanda asked. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” He said a little sadly. “I was having a good time playing with you.” “Me too.” Amanda said, hugging him. “You make a great little sister.” After Stephen had finished his dinner, Janet gave him a bath and then called Tanya to his room to diaper him for bed. He laid naked on his changing mat while Tanya folded his diapers. She needed a bit more guidance to get the double diapers right but Janet was happy with her effort. Tanya slid the bulky diapers under his bottom then Janet passed her the bottle of baby powder. “You have to put some powder on her because she will be in these diapers all night.” She directed. Tanya turned the bottle upside down and squeezed. A puff of baby powder covered Stephen’s groin and most of his stomach. “Make sure you get her bottom.” Janet reminded Tanya. Tanya glared at Stephen as she spread the powder across his bottom with her hand. Once he was pinned into his diapers and dressed for bed, Janet took him to the living room. Tanya washed her hands and then joined them. “I’m going home. I think I’ve changed enough diapers today.” Janet and Amanda said goodbye to her and then settled down on the sofa. Stephen felt much more comfortable with her gone. Once again, he looked at Janet and thought about cuddling up with her. He asked himself what would be so bad if he did. She is treating him like a little girl. Why couldn’t he play along? He had already done it as Stephanie. His mind made up, he crawled over to Janet’s legs and rested his head against them. Janet was surprised. He hadn’t been acting like Stephanie that evening. He was definitely his usual embarrassed self while Tanya was diapering him after his bath. Still, she was happy that he wanted her affection. It was somehow even more meaningful when he remembered he wasn’t meant to. She smiled down at him and played with his hair for a moment before telling him. “Come up here, Stephanie.” He tried not to move too eagerly and he got up onto the sofa. Janet guided his head down onto her chest and put an arm around him. He smiled contently and closed his eyes. He stayed like that until Janet took him to bed. SUNDAY Stephen emerged from his room the next morning and waddled out to the living room. His diapers were totally soaked. There was nothing he could do about that until Janet or Amanda got up so he did his best to ignore the sagging wet fabric. He entertained himself with the toys until Amanda joined him. “Good morning, Stephanie.” “Good morning.” He replied. “Do you need a diaper change?” She asked, pretty sure he did. “Yes.” It was getting easier to admit it. “Come on then.” Amanada took him back to his room and changed him into a dry diaper. Amanda washed her hands and then prepared breakfast for them both. She spoon-fed him his cereal between mouthfuls of her own. Janet soon joined them. “Good morning, girls.” “Good morning, Mom.” Amanda replied. “Good morning, Mommy.” Stephen said just before Amanda put another spoonful of cereal into his mouth. “I thought we might go on a picnic today.” Janet suggested as she poured her own cereal. Stephen didn’t like the sound of that but he knew he had no say. “That’s a great idea.” Amanda said. “We haven’t had a picnic since Tanya and I were little girls.” “I should call Tanya and see if she wants to come too.” Janet realised. Hearing that made Stephen feel even worse about the idea but arguing would only mean a spanking. As soon as she had finished eating, Janet dialed Tanya. “Hi Mom.” Tanya answered. “What’s up?” “Amanda and I are taking Stephanie on a picnic today.” Janet explained. “We thought you might like to join us.” “I changed enough diapers yesterday.” Tanya complained. “And I told my friends I’d hang out with them today.” “You can invite them too.” Janet promised. “And don’t worry. I won’t make you change Stephanie.” “Fine.” Tanya agreed. It would at least be fun to embarrass Stephen by showing him off to her friends. “I’ll come.” “Great.” Janet said. “Meet us at the lake at 11. I’ll bring all the food.” Stephen was now dreading the picnic. Not only was Tanya coming, she was bringing friends. “Could you watch Stephanie for a little while?” Janet asked Amanda. “I’ll need to pop out to the shops.” “No problem Mom.” Amanda smiled. Left alone with Amanda, Stephen complained. “I don’t want to go on a picnic like this. Especially not with Tanya and her friends.” “It will be fun.” Amanda reassured him. “Do you want me to feed you a bottle before? Stephen knew she was asking if he wanted to go as Stephanie so he wouldn’t be worried about being out in public in diapers again. The idea was certainly appealing but he shook his head. He was worried about how he might behave in front of everyone. “Okay.” Amanda accepted his answer. “Let me know if you change your mind.” Janet turned the TV on and sat on the sofa. Stephen sat on his blanket and watched from there. It wasn’t long before Stephen felt the urge to poop. He was relieved that it came while they were still at home. He considered moving somewhere more private so Amanda wouldn’t watch him do it but she had seen it yesterday and, as Janet wasn’t home, she was going to be the one changing him anyway. There was no dignity to preserve. He shifted into a more comfortable position for the deed and filled his diaper. It concerned him a little how natural it felt after only a week. “I guess you need another change.” Amanda said with a sigh. “Come on. I knew I was going to have to change a poopy diaper eventually.” He followed her to his room. The feeling of the poop in his diaper concerned him far less that it had the first time. He knew he would soon be in a clean diaper. He laid down on the changing mat and Amanda pulled his plastic panties off and dropped them into the diaper pail. “Okay. Here we go.” She reluctantly unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “Wow. That is a lot of poop.” “I’m sorry.” Stephen looked away from her. “No. It’s not your fault.” She took some wipes and prepared herself for the next step. “You don’t have any choice.” As she wiped around his dick and balls she considered how strange it was that these were once sexual to her. She wondered if she would ever be able to look at him that way again after this. Of course, she could not share any of those thoughts with him. Once Amanda had Stephen rediapered she put these thoughts out of her mind. When his manhood was safely hidden inside the thick padding she could easily forget it was there at all. Janet soon arrived home and they left Stephen to play on his blanket while they prepared the food for the picnic. As the time drew closer, Stephen grew increasingly nervous. He wondered if he should have taken up Amanda’s offer to feed him a bottle. It didn’t matter. The opportunity was gone as she was busy with Janet. When the food was ready, Janet and Amanda got themselves freshened up and dressed for the outing then Janet took Stephen to his room to get him ready. His heart sank when she pulled out the gingham romper Miss Walker had made for him and laid it on his bed. “Let’s get you into a disposable diaper.” Janet said. Resigned to his fate, he laid down and let her remove his plastic panties and cloth diaper. He helpfully lifted his bottom so she could position the disposable under him. He held out his arms to let her pull the romper down over his head and then stood with his legs apart so she could fasten it at the crotch. The outfit was completed with a pair of red sandals. “Just adorable.” Janet stepped back to look at him. That made Stephen feel good and he turned to smile at himself in the mirror. For a moment he forgot that he was about to be taken outside like this and just appreciated that the romper was really cute. Now that they were all ready, Janet and Amanda took him out to Janet’s car. Amanda sat in the front passenger seat while Janet put Stephen into the back and fastened his seatbelt. Janet and Amanda mostly ignored him on the drive. They spoke to each other as he stared out the window. He was imagining all of the indignities he might face when they reached their destination. “Look at the horsies, Stephanie” Janet interrupted his thoughts. They had left the suburbs and were passing hobby farms. When they eventually arrived at a small parking lot, there was only one other car. Amanda recognised it. “Looks like Tanya is already here.” Janet and Amanda left Stephen buckled up while they unloaded things from the back of the car. When they let him out, Amanda had his diaper bag and Janet carried a blanket. Janet pulled a floppy red hat onto his head then she and Amanda each held one of his hands and led him onto a grassy area next to a playground. Tanya was waiting with her friends. There were two men and one other woman. They were in the shade of a large tree near the edge of the water. Janet and Amanda led him right up to the group. The men were laughing uncontrollably by the time Stephen reached them. Tanya was just smiling evilly. “Hi Mom. Hi Amanda.” “Hello Tanya.” Janet and Amanda said in unison and released Stephen to hug her. “Hello Baby Sis.” Tanya turned to Stephen.”I like your romper.” “Are you going to introduce us?” The other woman asked. “Stephanie. This is my friend Melanie.” Tanya said. “This is her boyfriend Brad.” She indicated the man next to Melanie. “And this is my boyfriend Robbie.” She put her arm around the other man. “When you’re bigger you might have a boyfriend.” “Hello.” Stephen mumbled timidly, looking down to hide his face behind the brim of his hat. “Stephanie.” Tanya told him off. “Don’t be rude to my friends. Look at them when you speak to them.” “Hello.” He looked up. The two men went back to laughing but Melanie greeted him with a genuine smile. “Hello Stephanie. It is very nice to meet you.” She turned to Janet. “Could I take her to the playground while you set up?” “Let me put some sunscreen on her first.” Janet found the sunscreen in the diaper bag and squirted some onto her fingers before gently applying it to his face, being very careful around his eyes. She continued down his neck. The romper left his arms and legs completely exposed so Janet had to rub sunscreen all the way along his arms and down his legs from his hips to his ankles. “All done. Now be good for Melanie.” “Yes, Mommy.” Stephen replied. Melanie took his hand. “Come on Stephanie. I’ll push you on the swing.” She excitedly pulled him toward the playground. Tanya and the men followed, wondering what Melanie was planning. Melanie and Stephen reached the swings and he sat on one of them, looking back at the picnic spot. Janet and Amanda had spread out the picnic blanket and were on their way back to the car to collect everything else. Melanie started pushing him. “Let me know if you go too high. I don’t want you to get scared.” Tanya caught up with them “What are you doing?” “What does it look like?” Melanie replied.“I’m pushing your little sister on the swing.” Tanya rolled her eyes. “He’s not my sister. He’s my loser brother in law.” “Don’t be mean to her.” Melanie said. “It’s fun to pretend. I think she’s cute.” “You wouldn’t think he was so cute if you had to change his poopy diapers.” Tanya insisted. “You changed his diapers?” Robbie asked. “You mean you touched his dick?” “My mother made me do it.” Tanya replied. “Are you jealous?” Melanie asked Robbie. “We can put you in diapers and Tanya can change you too.” “Eww. No.” Tanya laughed. “If you start shitting yourself I’m dumping you. Brad can wipe your ass.” “No way.” Brad laughed. “You’re on your own there.” “Don’t worry Robbie.” Melanie joked. “I’ll change your poopy diapers.” “Whatever.” Robbie didn’t have any comebacks. “Let’s go for a walk Tanya.” Tanya sighed and followed Robbie. There would be plenty of time to tease Stephen later. Brad sat on the other swing to stay near Melanie. He told himself that he didn’t have much to worry about from a guy dressed up like a diapered little girl but he wasn’t sure. Melanie was giving Stephen a lot of attention. “If you want me to push you too, you’re going to have to make yourself a lot cuter.” Melanie teased. “I’ll manage by myself. Thank you.” Brad replied. Stephen knew that Tanya had led the others to the swing with the intention of teasing him. He was impressed with how easily Melanie had defused that. Janet and Amanda returned to the blanket with the picnic basket and a few other bags. Stephen watched as they set up a portable cot. He had no doubt that it was intended for him. As Melanie pushed him on the swing he felt pressure on his bladder. He held on for a while, reluctant to wet himself in front of Brad. His old instincts told him to maintain his dignity, what little remained, in front of other men. However, the movement of the swing made it difficult and soon he was forced to release his bladder into the diaper. Of course nobody could tell and he smiled, feeling strangely proud of himself for getting away with it. “Do you smell pee?” Brad asked after a while. “Did you wet yourself?” Melanie asked him. “Ha. No.” He replied. “It must be Stephanie then.” She stopped pushing the swing and let it come to a stop before offering Stephen her hand. “Come on. Let’s go get your diaper changed.” Stephen accepted her hand and allowed her to lead him back to Janet and Amanda. Brad followed, staying behind so that Melanie could not see the look of disgust on his face.. “Did you have fun on the swing, Pumpkin?” Janet asked. “Yes, Mommy.” He replied. “I think her diaper is wet.” Melanie informed her. “I can change her if you like.” “Thank you.” Janet accepted the offer. “Everything you need is in her diaper bag.” She indicated the bag next to the cot. “You’re going to change her?” Brad didn’t like the idea. “If you’re going to get jealous like Robbie, I will diaper you too.” She warned him. He shut up but stayed close. Melanie opened up the diaper bag and looked through the supplies. “Wow. These are really big diapers.” She pulled out one of the disposable diapers and unfolded it. Placing it to one side, she found the wipes and the changing mat. She placed the mat on the grass. “Lay down here please, Stephanie.” Stephen did as he was told and Melanie opened the crotch of his romper and pulled it up to expose his wet diaper. She untapped the diaper and pulled it open. He had already been changed by women he had just met this week but being changed out in the open was new. He felt extremely vulnerable but Melanie smiling down at him as she began to wipe his privates made him feel safe. He smiled up at her and blocked out the rest of the world. He even forgot to be embarrassed about this pretty lady changing his diaper. For a moment, he thought he was attracted to her but that wasn’t it. He realised that he didn’t want to sleep with her. He wanted her to take care of him exactly like she was. The realisation concerned him. He could dismiss it if he had been Stephanie but he was himself. He shouldn’t have been thinking like that. Melanie soon had him taped into a clean disposable and refastend his romper. “All done.” She gave him a playful patt on his padded bottom to let him know he could get up. “Thank you, Melanie.” He got back to his feet. As he did, he realised that Tanya and Robbie had returned and were laughing at him. “Ignore them, Stephanie.” Melanie gave him a hug and glared at Brad for joining in. “I think it’s time to eat.” Janet decided. Everyone found a spot on the blanket. Stephen wanted to sit with Melanie but felt he should sit with Amanda. He told himself that Melanie probably wanted to sit with her friends anyway. He Positioned himself next to Amanda and was pleasantly surprised that Melanie sat on the other side of him. Brad sat next to her, still not comfortable with his girlfriend’s interest in this guy, even if he seemed to be nothing but a baby to her. Tanya had been getting bored. She’d hoped to get some entertainment out of embarrassing Stephen in front of her friends but Melanie had ruined everything. Not only was she being nice to the loser, she’d managed to shame the guys into silence. She did have one trick up her sleeve though. She took Stephens’ ballerina bottle out of the diaper bag and when she was sure she wasn’t being watched, quickly unscrewed the lid and added the flavourless laxatives she had brought. Surely even Melanie would stop thinking this was cute after he shit himself. She passed the bottle to Stephen with a smile. “Here’s your bottle, Stephanie.” “What a pretty bottle.” Melanie commented. “Look at the ballerina teddy bears.” Lunch was mostly finger food. Stephen found that he was disappointed that this meant Melanie wouldn’t be feeding him. He tried to put the thought out of his mind. Why would he want the humiliation of being spoon-fed in front of Tanya and the two guys? Before long, Stephen’s stomach began to feel funny. He decided that he had better stop eating. Something was not agreeing with him. Janet noticed that he was finished eating and declared. “I think it’s time for Stephanie’s nap.” This drew more laughter from Janet and Robbie. Melanie squeezed Brad’s arm to warn him against joining in. “Let me check your diaper.” Janet helped Stephen up and pulled his romper aside. “Still dry.” She led him to the portable cot and held his hand as he climbed in and sat down. The cot wasn’t big enough for him to stretch out in but he could comfortably curl up on his side. With his stomach starting to cramp, it’s how he would have been laying even if he’d had more room. He watched the others through the mesh wall of the cot as the leisurely finished their lunches. He quickly lost any hope of getting home or even back to the car before he would be forced to fill his diaper. Still, he thought that maybe Tanya and her friends would go for a walk after they finished eating and give him just a little privacy. Of course, Tanya knew what was going to happen and wanted her friends to be there when it did. They weren’t going anywhere. “I’d like to go for a walk.” Janet stood up after she’d finished eating. “Could one of you please stay and watch Stephanie?” “We’ll stay here.” Tanya quickly volunteered. “You can go too Amanda. If you’d like.” “Thanks.” Amanda joined her mother, leaving Stephen in the care of Tanya and her friends. Stephen’s discomfort grew and he let out a fart loud enough to draw the attention of Janet and the others. “Ewww Stephen.” Tanya stood over him. “That’s gross.” Stephen groaned. “Are you okay?” Melanie asked with genuine concern. “I think I ate something which disagreed with me.” He explained. “He’s going to shit his diaper.” Tanya told the others. “Just watch.” “Gross.” Robbie complained but got up to look anyway. Stephen felt another cramp and lost control. He noisily filled his diaper. The others knew exactly what had just happened. Janet and Robbie started laughing. Brad knew better than to join in. “So are you going to change him now?” Robbie asked. “Not a chance.” Janet laughed. “He can sit in it. Unless Melanie wants to do it.” “I don’t mind.” Melanie moved between Janet and the cot. “Come on Stephanie. I’ll get you cleaned up.” Stephen carefully stood up but another wave of cramps hit him and he doubled over, forcing even more poop into his diaper. “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” Melanie took his hand. “It’s what your diapers are for.” Stephen let her lead him over to the changing mat. She gathered the necessary supplies from the diaper bag and came back to him. Once again, Stephen watched her face and was able to block out everything else. Janet and her boyfriend’s taunting didn’t matter. She untapped his diaper and pulled it open, revealing the embarrassing mess to everyone present. Melanie's face didn’t change and Stephen didn’t look at the others to see their expressions of disgust. Melanie got to work cleaning him up. She got into every nook and cranny with the baby wipes. When she was satisfied that his bottom was clean, she rolled up the wipes in the old diaper and tied it up in a plastic bag. “Could you get her into a clean diaper?” She asked Brad, looking around for a bin. “I’m going to throw this out and wash my hands.” “You want me to put a diaper on him?” Brad asked. “Her.” Melanie corrected him. “I’ve done the hard part.” She held up the soiled diaper. “And don’t let the others be mean to her. I’ll be checking with her when I get back.” She turned and left before he could argue. With a sigh, Brad picked up the clean diaper Melanie had taken out. He unfolded it and turned it around in his hands to understand how it was meant to go on. “Are you actually going to do it?” Robbie asked, laughing. “You’ll be wiping his bum next.” “Shut up, Rob.” Brad said, kneeling down. “Um. Could you lift up a bit?” He asked Stephen. No longer in the protective bubble of Melanie’s care, Stephen heard the taunts from Janet and Robbie loud and clear. He blushed deeply as he lifted his hips to let Brad slide the diaper under his bottom. “Maybe you and Melanie can adopt him.” Janet teased. “You can be his Daddy.” “Are you going to spank him when he’s naughty?” Robbie added. “Guys. Cut it out.” He demanded as he pulled the diaper up to finally cover Stephen’s privates. “You want me to have a fight with Melanie?” “You don’t have to worry about that.” Janet informs him. “I’ve got photos of him that I’ll send to all of his friends back home if he ever tells anyone I’m not the best big sister in the world. He’s not going to say anything.” Brad considered for a moment as he fastened the tapes. He looked down at Stephen. He seemed so pathetic in his diaper and romper. He felt silly for feeling threatened by the attention Melanie gave him. Stephen wasn’t a man to her. Picking on him didn’t seem fair or fun. Brad even started to feel a little protective on Melanie’s behalf. “No. Just leave her alone.” “Why would you stand up for this loser?” Robbie demanded. “I’m warning you.” Brad finished fastening Stephen’s romper and stood up. “Just drop it.” “I guess you are his daddy.” Robbie continued. “One big happy pervert family” Brad charged at Robbie and knocked him to the ground. Robbie got up and dusted himself off. “Let’s get out of here, Tanya.” “But Melanie and Brad came in my car.” Tanya reminded him. “How will they get home?” “They can get a ride with their baby.” Robbie said, already moving to the car park. “Come on.” Brad watched them go just to make sure Robbie didn’t change his mind and come back for a fight then helped Stephen up off the ground. “Thank you.” Stephen said. “You didn’t have to do that.” “Yeah I did.” He replied. “You haven’t seen Melanie angry.” Stephen smiled at that. Soon Melanie rejoined them. “Where are Tanya and Robbie?” “We had a disagreement.” Brad explained. “They left.” “He stood up for me.” Stephen added. “My hero.” Melanie put her arms around Brad and kissed him. “Tanya is blackmailing him.” Brad informed Melanie. “What?” Melanie was shocked. “Please don’t tell anyone.” Stephen begged. “If Mommy… I mean Janet finds out then Tanya will send photos of me like this to everyone I know.” “Have you told Amanda?” Melanie asked. “She might be able to help.” “No.” He admitted. The discussion ended abruptly as they saw Janet and Amanda returning. “Where did Tanya and Robbie go?” Janet asked. “Robbie wasn’t feeling well and Tanya took him home.” Melanie lied. “Would it be okay if we got a ride back with you?” “Of course it would.” Janet replied. “Have you been good for Melanie?” Janet asked Stephen. “Yes, Mommy.” He replied. Janet looked to Melanie for confirmation. Melanie smiled and nodded. “Amanda, I thought I might take Stephanie back to the playground.” Melanie said. “Would you like to join us.” “Sure.” She was a bit confused by the invitation but accepted. “I’ll help pack up.” Brad volunteered. With Melanie holding one of Stephen’s hands and Amanda holding the other, they walked back toward the playground. When they were far enough away to not be heard, Melanie said. “Tanya is blackmailing Stephanie with photos of her.” “What?” Amanda was immediately angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I’m sorry.” Stephen said. “She said she would send them to every contact on my phone if I told anyone.” “I’m not angry at you, Honey.” Amanda said. “But there’s something you should know.” “What?” He asked, concerned. “That story about you in the local paper.” Amanda explained. “It got shared online, along with some of the photos people at the mall took.” “What?” He repeated, although he already knew where this was going. “Everyone back home already knows.” She said.”I’ve been getting calls and messages about it since yesterday.” “No!” Stephen felt like crying. “It’s okay.” Melanie tried to reassure him. “You live here now. You don’t have to go back there.” Amanda held him in a tight hug. “And now Tanya doesn’t have anything to threaten you with.” “That’s right.” Melanie said. “We should tell your mommy right now.” They turned around and made their way back to where Janet and Brad were packing up the picnic. “You changed your mind about the playground?” Janet asked. “Mom. We need to tell you something about Tanya.” Anger was obvious in Amanda’s voice. “She has been blackmailing Stephanie with photos.” “What photos?” Janet asked. “She took photos of me the night she babysat.” Stephen explained. “She threatened to send them to everyone I knew if I told you how mean she was to me.” “It’s true.” Brad confirmed. “Tanya told me herself.” “I’ll deal with her.” Janet said menacingly. They soon had everything packed and They squeezed into the car. Amanda sat in front with Janet and Stephen sat between Melanie and Brad. .Melanie could tell Stephen was tense. ”Are you alright?” She squeezed his hand. “I don’t know what to do.” He told her. “How can I ever face my friends now that they know I’m living like this?” “If they are really your friends, it won’t bother them.” Melanie told him and he almost believed her. “What if it does?” He felt like he was about to cry. “Then you have real friends here.” Melanie said. “Who?” “Me.” She smiled at him. “And Brad.” she shot Brad a look to tell him he’d better agree. “Yeah.” Brad confirmed. “We are your friends.” Part of Stephen was certain that they were just saying that to be nice but he ignored that and let himself feel comforted by their reassurance. Janet dropped Melanie and Brad off at Melane’s place before finally going home. Stephen had wet during the long drive and Janet asked Amanda to change him while she called Tanya. Amanda took Stephen to his room and changed him out of his wet disposable and into a cloth diaper and plastic panties. When they emerged, Janet had finished her call. “Tanya is on her way.” She informed them. Half an hour later, Tanya arrived. “Come with me to Stephanie’s room.” Janet said. “Everyone.” Tanya was confused but went with her mother. Amanda and Stephen followed behind into the room. There was a cloth diaper folded on the change mat. Next to it was a pair of baby blue plastic panties and a matching t-shirt. “You called me here to change his diaper?” Tanya asked. “No. That’s your diaper.” Janet explained. “I know you’ve been blackmailing Stephanie. This is your punishment.” “What makes you think I’ll let you put me in diapers?” Tanya demanded. “I moved out. You can’t punish me.” “If you don’t do as you are told then Robbie will find out about the guys you cheated on him with.” Janet threatened. “For how long?” Tanya knew she had to play along. “One week.” Janet said. “Longer if you misbehave.” “But I have to go to work.” Tanya almost whined. “You can wear disposable diapers under your work clothes.” Janet told her. “I’ll come by and change you during your lunch break.” Tanya wanted to argue more but she knew nothing would get her out of this. “Whatever.” “Get undressed and lay down on the diaper.” Janet directed her. “With them watching?” Tanya indicated Stephen and Amanda. “You don’t need to be shy.” Janet told her. “Stephanie is a little girl like you and Amanda is going to be helping me change you this week.” With a sigh, Tanya turned away from them and stripped down to her bra and panties. “Underwear too.” Janet told her. Tanya reached back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Finally she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Avoiding everyone’s eyes, she laid down on the thick material, with her arms crossed across her chest, and stared at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe she was letting herself be humiliated like Amanda’s loser husband. Amanda and Stephen watched as Janet wrapped the diaper snugly around Tanya and pinned it in place. Next, Janet put Tanya’s feet through the plastic panties and pulled them up her legs and over her padded bottom. Finally, Janet helped Tanya off the bed and pulled the t-shirt on over her head. Tanya didn’t look at anyone. Instead, despite knowing she didn’t want to see it, she checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked as ridiculous as she felt. “How am I going to explain this to Robbie?” She asked herself more than anyone else. “Can you watch the girls for me?” Janet asked Amanda. “I need to go pick up Tanya’s work clothes from her place because she’s going to be sleeping over here this week.”. “No problem, Mom” Amanda smiled, looking at her two baby sisters. “Should we go to the park?” “No!” Tanya’s eyes went wide in panic. “You can’t take me outside like this.” Amanda laughed. “Fine. We can play in the backyard.” Tanya didn’t like the idea but it was better than the park. Amanada led them outside, Tanya waddled awkwardly in her thick diapers while Stephen had mastered walking with the padding between his legs. She sat them down in the sandpit. “Now play nicely you two.” She told them, getting them the buckets and spades from the cubby house before, finding a comfortable chair to watch them from. “I can’t believe I’m stuck in diapers with you.” Tanya complained. Stephen ignored her and focussed on building a sand castle. “I am definitely sending those photos to all of your friends now.” She said. “Go ahead.” It felt good to finally stand up to her.. “They already know everything.” “Smile!” Amanda called out from her chair. She had her phone pointing at them. “No.” Tanya Panicked. “Don’t!” Stephen just smiled for the photo. “Adorable.” Amanda, looked at the photo. “Maybe we can get that one framed.” Tanya pouted, hoping Amanda was joking. By the time Janet got back, Tanya already needed to pee. She held on, hoping that she would get a chance to sneak away and use the toilet. When Janet called her and Stephen for dinner she had still not found such an opportunity and she was absolutely bursting. It was obvious to the others but nobody said anything. They just waited for the inevitable. Next to each of their plates was a bib. A blue one for Tanya and a red one for Stephen. Amanda sat in with Stephen and fastened his bib. “Thank you, Amanda.” Stephen said as she started feeding him. Janet did the same for Tanya but got no thanks. Stephen cooperated with Amanda, happily letting her shove spoonfuls of food into his mouth. It was too embarrassing for Tanya. She kept her mouth clamped shut, causing Janet to smear food across her face. Stephen smiled as he chewed between mouthfuls. He remembered when he had been that difficult. He was much happier being a good little girl. By the time their dinner was finished, Tanya had lost the battle with her bladder and soaked her diaper. Janet took them both to the bathroom. She started filling the tub then undressed Stephen. Once he was stripped completely naked, she reached for Tanya’s t-shirt. “Wait.” Tanya stepped away from her. “You’re putting us in the bath together?” “Yes.” Janet stepped closer and pulled Tanya’s t-shirt off. “I put you and Amanda in the bath together when you were little.” “But...” Tanya had no argument and let her mother pull her plastic panties down and unpin her diaper. The soggy diaper fell heavily to the tiled floor. The yellow stains left no doubt what she had done. Despite her embarrassment, it felt good to no longer have the wet fabric against her skin. Janet helped them both into the bath, first Stephen at one end, then Tanya at the other. Tanya crossed her arms over her breasts and they both awkwardly avoided looking at each other. Janet washed Stephen first. He was now accustomed to the routine and helpfully moved when needed to let her scrub him all over. Tanya was less cooperative. She held her arms firmly across her chest. “Move your arms please.” Janet asked when she got to Tanya’s chest. “I don’t want him to see my boobs.” Tanya complained. “Don’t be silly. You’re just a little girl. You don’t have breasts.” Janet said. “Now move your arms or you’ll get a spanking.” Tanya reluctantly moved her arms away from her chest while still trying to block Stephen’s view. It was good enough for Janet and she finished washing her daughter. She then helped both of them out of the tub and wrapped them in towels before leading them to Stehpen’s room. She folded Tanya’s bedtime double diapers and then pulled the towel away from her. “Lay down.” Tanya did as she was told and her mother powdered her and pinned her into the extra-thick diapers then dressed her in yellow plastic panties and a short yellow nightdress. “You can go watch TV with Amanda.” She told Tanya as she started folding Stephen’s diapers. Tanya waddled out to find Amanda on the sofa. Amanda managed to stop herself from laughing but couldn’t hide her smile when she saw her sister in that state. Tanya went to sit on the far end of the sofa. “The sofa is for grownups.” Amanda pointed at Stehpen’s blanket. “Babies sit on the floor.” Tanya glared at her but sat where she was told. It felt weird. It was like she was carrying a cushion stuck to her bottom. Janet and Stephen soon joined them. Stephen was in a pink nightdress, in the same style as Tanya’s, and matching pink plastic panties. Janet sat down on the sofa near Amana and Stephen joined Tanya on the blanket. He played with the toys for a little while but grew tired of that. He looked back at Janet and she smiled at him. She knew what he wanted. “Come cuddle with Mommy.” She patted the cushion next to her. He eagerly left Tanya and climbed onto the sofa to cuddle with Janet. “Seriously?” Tanya rolled her eyes at him but he didn’t care. Too soon, Janet declared “It’s bedtime for Stephanie and Tanya.” Stephen sighed but got up to follow her. Tanya wanted to complain but being in bed was probably better than sitting out in the living room with her diapers on display. She followed behind Stephen. In Stephen’s room, Janet checked both of their diapers then pulled back the covers of Stephen’s bed. Stephen climbed in and clutched Felicity. “Where am I going to sleep?” Tanya stood with her hands on her hips but, dressed as she was, it only made her look like a pouty toddler. “You can share with Stephanie.” Janet said. “Her bed is more than big enough for two little girls.” “No!” Tanya stamped her foot. “I’m not sleeping with him!” “That’s it.” Janet sat on the edge of the bed. “Get across my lap.” “No way.” Tanya insisted. “I’m not letting you spank me.” “Then I’ll just call Robbie right now.” Janet threatened. “Okay.” Tanya tried to negotiate. “I’ll share the bed.” “I know you will.” Janet said, patting her lap. “But you need to be punished for talking back.” Resigned to her fate, Tanya bent across her mother’s lap. Janet pulled down the back of Tanya’s plastic panties and diapers. Stephen couldn’t see her bare bottom from where he was but he could see her face. She glared angrily at him but her expressions turned to shock when Janet’s hand came down hard on her bottom. Tanya’s bottom grew more sensitive with each blow and soon it was stinging. “Please stop.” She begged. Janet kept going until Tanya was sobbing. Stephen watched the tears streaming down her cheeks. Recalling his own spankings, he couldn't help feeling a little sorry for her. When the spanking finally finished, Janet pulled Tanya’s diapers and plastic panties back up and gave her a hug. Tanya submissively allowed herself to be tucked in next to Stehpen. While the bed was big enough to fit both of them, it didn’t give them much personal space. Their bulky diapers were squashed against each other. Janet handed Tanya her old teddy bear. “You remember Penelope?” She read them a bedtime story and then kissed them each on the forehead. “Good night, Mommy.” Stephen said. “Good Night, Stephanie.” Janet replied. “Good night, Tanya.” Tanya didn’t reply. “I think I’m going to have to work on your manners this week.” Janet told her daughter as she turned off the light. Stephen had nothing to say to Tanya and she was too ashamed after crying in front of him to say anything to him so they laid there in silence until they eventually fell asleep, wondering what the next week would bring.
  9. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tongue. yet firm English accent. No. Something closer to Irish. The man shivered as he felt her warm body up against his bareback. Her wavy red hair hung in his face as she places her arms around his chest and her chin on his head. Her perky breast was on his neck. His heart was racing. Pounding like a relentless debt collector. Like he was in the paw of a lioness toying with her prey. "Are you cold darling? You've been shivering ever since I brought you inside. You should be all warm after our bath. It was a little messy out there, and all that rain. At least most of it will be washed away. It's pouring heavy tonight." The man felt her weight on him. He was boxed in from all sides by the soft and pale creature. Her questions were farcical in nature. Asked if he was cold knowing full well that wasn't the reason he was shaking. What she did outside to his partners. Why he was pissing the thing she strapped to him. "Still you're silent." She said softly as she pulls off him and rubs her hands on his back. "Bruises and scars. How could someone be so ruff with a fragile thing?" She kisses his bruises from the other day's hunt. "No more boo-boos for now on. I'll keep you out of harm's way." Part of him was furious as he was afraid. He'd watch her take down two of his fellow hunters. Their blood spilled from their necks before they could fire a bullet or stake her in the heart. Two far more experience than a rookie with a year of hunting under his belt. She laughed as she killed them and proceeded to attack him next. Grabbing him by his neck and squeezing it with her delicate pale hand with strength far unexpected for a woman, let alone most men. Her speed left him little time to react and his grip left little air to breathe as he was slammed against the wall. She only relented with she heard him beg and the tears falling down his cheeks. To add to his embarrassment, he soiled his pants in the fear he couldn't suppress. This wasn't some basic creature, no foolish goblin or brain rotted zombie. She smelt the scent of urine and her eyes widened and her grip released. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tounge. She pulled and pushed him into her domain. She slapped his ass every time he tried to resist.She escorted him to the bathroom and made him watch as she prepared him a bath and undressed him herself. She then did the same for herself, tossing her blood-soaked clothes to the floor. They bathed together, the fighting he did had long ceased as she smacked and pinch his butt into submission. He felt like some child, which was what was intended. She teased him and mocked him with baby words. He remembered her saying this. "You can't even wash your crack right. Such a mess. No wonder you wet your knickers and pants. Boys like you need something more practical. Nappies." He didn't understand what that meant at the time. He glanced back at her when he had the courage. Emerald green eyes, rich red hair, and dark lipstick against her pale white skin. Her beauty was similar to that of a statue made from marble. Her eyes were another story. Stunning emeralds drew him in. All she did was smile back. Still, he knew this was just a monster in the form of a gorgeous woman. She continued to clean him until she was satisfied. She then began on herself. The water grew murky with red blood. The blood of the men he'd considered allies in this war of the unnatural. They stepped out of the bath and she dried him off with a towel and then herself. Once the creature finished cleaning herself off and attempt to tickle her captive to laugh a little...it worked. They finished and she escorted him to her room. He thought it was over for him but he found this torture and embarrassment would continue. She stepped ahead of him yet held his hand firmly. She opened the white-painted door and kept her eyes locked with his. "You are going to love this." She pulled him inside and what he saw made him want to scratch his head. There was not a single window in the room. It was large and white. Where the wall and ceiling met there was some sort of tapestry along each wall. Safari print with the letter of the alphabet correlating with an animal. The room had a white crib with a mobile above and a changing table next to it with multiple stacks of diapers and other changing supplies. A blue toy chest off to the side. The carpet was clean and soft and the air was sweet like baby powder. Opposite of the baby stuff was a king-size bed with blue sheets and pillows. Complete with nightstands and an old lamp. One thing about the baby stuff that bothered him was its size. So big. Even the diapers. He could easily fit in the diapers and cribs. That's when the hunter's eyes grew larger and the emerald-eyed creature laughed and pulled her prey deeper inside. He wasn't going to be killed like the others, she had other plans. She took the naked man to the changing table. "Upon the table love. Mommy wants to get this over with." She waited for him to move. "Now!" She raised her voice. The hunter heard the creature raise her voice as she remained in eye contact. He started to move, part of him felt as if he was in a trance. Was it fear, some spell of magic, hypnotism, or just him not being an idiot? Whatever it was, he was laying on the soft padding of the table and having his butt tickled. "Good boy. Might as well just lay down and let me help you. Pissing yourself out there just shows you aren't nearly ready to do big boy things like killing what goes bump in the night." She was then applying lotion on his bottom and humming a tune. Mary had a little lamb. "Help me out and keep those legs up. Gonna have to shave those tomorrow. A little too hairy, but not too much muscle either, just a boy." She said picking at the hunter's confidence. "It'll be gone eventually. The muscle. I'll fatten you up just a little. And those muscles will eventually fade away." He watch as she reached under the table and grabbed something. She kept eye contact and her wicked smile. She pulled up a bottle of baby powder and went back down for something else. "Like wearing clouds darling. So soft and comfy." She pulled out a giant diaper with the designs of jungle animals covering its white background. "Nappies are so cute." The hunter couldn't look away from her. Even as she focused on the diaper. Her eyes then glance back and him as she started powdering his butt and proceeded to unfold the embarrassing thing with her hands. Her smile grew wider. She saw the pain on his face and reveled in it. "Don't make that face. My babies wear nappies because they need nappies. You pissed yourself. I had to bath you myself and you had crumbs in your crack. You can't even wipe correctly." She slides the unfolded diaper under his waiting bottom. "Bring those legs down." The hunter wanted to die. His eyes started to get teary but he didn't let a single tear fall down. She fixed the positioning of the diaper with her pale hands and then slide her hand down his legs. Leaving trails of powder on them. "Before I tape this well-earned nappy on your little butt, I want you to say it for me." He looked at her in confusion. "Say what?" Her green eyes lit up. "Are you my little baby boy?" Her dark lips smiled from ear to ear. "My helpless little boy." He hesitated. She wanted him to debase himself a tad bit more. She smacked the side of his leg. It stung him. "Tell me! You are my little baby boy! Tell Mommy what she wants to hear." He never thought a creature would be telling him this. "I'm your baby boy." He said flatly. He felt another smack on his ass now. "Why?" "Mean it. More pride in it. Louder. You are Mommy's helpless baby boy. Say it." She wanted to hear it again. It made her tingle. She was putting the fresh blood to work. This made her feel truly alive again. "I'm your helpless baby boy, Mommy." He said louder and prouder. Well not actually prouder. The opposite actually. He felt another smack. "I"m your little helpless baby boy. I need you, Mommy." "You're not a man. Not some hunter. Just a baby. A baby in need of his nappy. Tell me, baby. Ask me to put it on you. Make it sound good too. Or else." She flashed her fangs and her green eyes squinted with authority. He did so quickly. "Mommy. Please put my diaper on. Please, I need it." She looked at him and he knew it wasn't enough. "I'm just a baby. I need a nappy. I can't hold it, Mommy. I'm..." Damnit. A tear was rolling down his cheek. "I'm not a man. I'm a baby. A baby. Mommy please, put a nappy on me before I have an accident." "Of course cutie. No need to beg." She quickly began tapping the diaper on and had it tightly wrapped around his waist. "Precious little boy. Feels like a cloud doesn't it?" The diaper felt comfortable. The thickness of it made him feel like he was wearing a pillow. Soft and comfy like the creature said. He didn't respond to her. He didn't want to satisfy this bastard again. She'd probably enjoy hearing him confirm what she said before. This woman was into a sweet form of domination. A maternal one. Where she's needed and is in control. She helped the hunter off the table and had him standing in a juvenile diaper as she caressed it with her hands. "You won't be using the bathroom again, except for baths and brushing your teeth. For now on, when you gotta go potty..." She squeezed the diaper and placed a hand upon his shoulder. "You'll go in here." She tapped on the safari diaper with her finger. "Your nappy." She said soft and sensually. She then had him sit on the floor and she walked over to the toy chest that was in the corner. The pale naked creature bent over and unlocked the chest. Soon she was tossing toys his way. Toys from now to a 100 years ago. The older ones were in amazing condition. She turned around and gave him an order. "Play." The hunter did as he was told, but he wasn't in the slightest enjoying it. It was mostly baby toys and dolls made from fabric and stuff with cotton. Wooden block and some modern toys that made noises and flashed colors. His captor watched and smiled. She eventually went to the closet and began to dress herself. She now wore red leggings and a tan bra. Nothing else, she didn't need to cover up much around her baby. She then was hovering over the man and the curious thought of how he tasted entered her mind. She was then pricking him with her fangs and the hunter was pissing himself in fear leading to the start of this story. This was how this hunter found himself dress like some baby. "Now your all wet. Tell me, does having a wet nappy feel nice? It's still warm, baby." She moved her fingers up and down the wet portion of the diaper. "Being Lady Seymour's child is a pleasure. I'm very sweet to my babies. Even the unhappy ones change their minds after a while." She whispered softly in his ear and a kiss on his cheek. The hunter couldn't deny it. She was enchanting. He turned his head to look her in the eyes, those rich green emeralds that he couldn't look away from. Those grinning black lips and beautiful face. Her silky soft words were seductive. She made being her pet sound right. Her baby. The hunter needed to remember. To resist the mesmerism she had slowly placed him under. He felt a hand caress his face and a kiss on his cheek. "Now I'll go fetch you a bottle. Be good." She stood up and exited the room. The hunter wanted to stand up and search the room. But she told him to play. To be good. He didn't want to upset her. He knew he wasn't supposed to be standing up or searching for something to kill her. The hunter starts to look around. The lack of windows was smart. She must be in this room a lot. Not like the bed was an obvious clue. He expected a coffin. One hunter told a story of how they caught his cousin Elvis, yup that Elvis, in his coffin, and ended the fat Hawaiian virgin blood-drinking bastard. NOW THAT'S WHAT A HUNTER DOES. Fighting the mesmerism. He reminded himself what he was. Not some pet or baby for some pervert of a creature with some age play fetish. He had studied for this. He'll bide his time and wait for the chance to stake her overconfident ass in her dark evil heart. One of the rattles. Keep one of them hidden and sharp. Not as effective as blessed wood but enough force can do the trick. At the very least she'd kill him. The creature returned 15 minutes later with a baby bottle in hand. Far larger and more juvenile images on it. "A warm bottle to calm your nerves." She crouched down and offered the Hunter his drink. He grabbed it and examined it. Warm white milk from what he could tell. He then saw pale fingers snapping in his face. "Don't look at it like that. I wouldn't give you anything that would cause you harm. Drink up. You need it. Don't be so nervous." She ordered with her stern motherly tone. Trying to avoid eye contact with the creature forcing him to play baby; he lifted the bottle's nipple into his mouth with both hands and suckled. His new Mommy grinned with delight and moved in closer. She planted a wet kiss on his cheek and sucked her teeth. "You are so cute sucking on that bottle. Who'd let you ever be a Hunter? You are much more suited for nappies and acting as you really are, a baby." She said teasing her new baby/pet. She began to play with your hair. "We are going to have so much fun together." She pulled on the Hunter hair and made him look at her. He refused, as it would as looking into Medusa's evil gaze. Luckily it wasn't as lethal, but becoming her thrall might be worse. He felt the urge to obey. The image of her pale marble beauty, deep red hair, and emerald eyes. It made the blood rush into the spot. The creature was annoyed. He wouldn't meet her eyes. She grabbed his chin as he drank the bottle. He was going strong. At least he was drinking it. "Is there something wrong. Look me in the eyes and tell Mommy." She jerked his head directly facing hers and got as close as she needed. The Hunter tried not to look at her. Yet he couldn't resist and choose to simply close them shut. Nice and tight. He felt the grip on his chin grow tighter. "You little brat. Am I not worthy of your gaze anymore? Let alone your words. Such ungratefulness is not going to be tolerated. Spanking for you!" She exclaimed as she stood up. "Wait." The Hunter said removing the rubble nipple from his mouth. "I just have something in my eye?" He came up with a quick and lousy excuse." She shook her head with an incredulous look on her face. She removed her wavy red hair from her face. She noticed her baby still wasn't looking her in the eyes. She could tell. She had learned to notice a lifetime ago. She was hiding it. His little resistance was turning her on. It felt better when she had fresh blood running in her veins. It filled her with life, and made her really want to do something 'fun' for her. "You're going to lie to me? You're only going to speak when you're going to get some discipline?" "No. It's not like that." It totally was like that. "It just. You're intimidating. And pretty. I just feel awkward looking like this." His little compliment made her heart flutter. Still, he was going to get it, and no amount of honey could change it. She did love the compliments. "Awkward? Intimidating?" She asked. She shook her head in disapproval and clicked her teeth. "Me having to put you back in baby pants? I'm not the one who can't hold it. Or beg for mercy." She reminded him. "Get over to that bed. I think we should lay down the ground rules." She said pointing towards it. He looked at her and then the bed. Her face may have looked displeased but he could see the delight in her eyes. "I didn't mean it like that Mommy. I've just never met a woman like you." "You're still talking and not crawling?" He lowered his head and crawled over to the bed across the room. His Mommy looks on at his diaper butt and grins. "That looks right for some discipline." She walked over to the bed after he had climbed onto it. She had reached into her nightstands shelf and pulled out a paddle. Made of wood and image of bats going down the flat paddle. She sat down next to him and place an arm around his shoulder like she would a pal. With swiftness, she had thrown the grown adult over her lap. She tapped his padded butt with the paddles and stroked his head. "Say you deserve this spanking." The Hunter, if he is worthy of such a title, looked peeved. The amount of humiliation this bitch had put him through. He had to kill her. He needed to. He then felt a hand under his chin and an iron grip squeezing his cheeks. "Cat got your tounge darling? Say it, or I got worse in store for you." Her stern motherly look had made him smaller inside. "I deserve a spanking." He did as she ordered and told her the words that made her tingle with delight. "That wasn't good enough. I didn't hear my name. You said it earlier when you were all scared." She said with a grin and a spank. "I'll pull down this nappy and leave you purple. Now say it again...correctly!" She raised her voice as she hit his padded butt again. "Mommy, I deserve a spanking. I need a spanking, Mommy." The pale creature cooed and stroke the young man's head. Her baby's head. "Please spank me, Mommy Seymour." She leaned into his ear and whispered to him. "Brats like you need to be put in your place. And in your nappies too." That was when the creature started to dole out her punishment. The sound of the wooden paddle smacks and striking wet padding. It stung his ass like splash into a pull from high up the wrong way. A sharp pain spread across his butt as he kicked and bucked in her lap. Her supernatural strength kept him from escaping and his actions only delighted her more and cause him more pain. "A brat. First, you beg me for your punishment and then you act like this. What am I going to do with you?" The pale creature asked rhetorically. She then moved the brat around in her lap to place on leg over his legs. She grabbed his hair and continued her spanking. "Try to struggle now. Can't? Mommy's too strong for the silly baby isn't she?" The paddling was continuing. He wanted it to cease. The entire dilemma he was stuck in. As she punished him he could only imagine piercing her heart with a sharp rattle through the mounds of fat on her chest. It continued for about another 50 or more spanks until she suddenly stopped. The baby had shed a few tears in that time and pleads for mercy. She was wiping them away with her thumbs. "I'm done. I think you had enough. Just remember. Mommy will do it again when you try to be a bad baby." Her condescending tone was had made worse of how her hands were now patting the diaper. "You know what will make your cry baby \butt cute as hell. A dummy." She released him from her clenched legs snd tugged him farther into the bed. She then reached into her nightstand and pulled out another cute little item. It was a pacifier. It was purple and the shield was shaped like a bat's wing. It was cringy. The irony was a thing the creature found amusing. It even had a yellow string to make it a necklace. The hunter sat in a wet diaper on the bed as she removed the cap off it and brought it up to the Hunter's lips. "When you don't want to speak. You're gonna be sucking and chewing on this." She said sternly. The Hunter tried not to look her in her hypnotic emerald eyes. She grabbed by his chin and forced him to look at her. She was then on top of him and pinned him to the bed with her hand and weight. She didn't blink and only starred at him. Her stoic face started to grin. He'd had peed himself again. Some during the spanking and more just now. "Mesmerism is such an effective power. Just because you know you are under my little spell doesn't change anything. Now suck on this Dummy. Then I'm going to get that nasty butt of yours cleaned up." The Hunter started to open his mouth as she slowly and surely slid the dummy into his mouth. He did have lucidity. He wouldn't become her thrall. What she calls her baby. "Why am I your baby?" He asked as his mouth closed down on rubber. She smiled with excitement when he asked that. "Why? I told you." She enjoyed playing with him. She then saw the look in his eyes. He wanted to know. Why this. Why did she do this? She left her finger in the pacifier's ring. "Suck it. And I'll give you a better answer." The hunter did so with her pale finger there. Back and forth his suckled on the rubber nipple. She smirked and shook her head with approval. "Come to your changing table. I'll explain. I promise." She removed her finger and moved towards the table. The Hunter followed behind...on his hands and knees. The creature lift the big baby up and gently laid him on the table. She placed her pale fingers on the tapes of the diaper. "You soaked it quicker than expected. Just a natural baby huh? You'll be messing too. This little kink of mine goes all the way." The Hunter's heart dropped. "Shwit muself?" "Don't use that word. Don't make me spank you again." She threatens again nonchalantly. She began to remove the tapes. They crinkled and ripped as one tap after another was removed. "Nappies are just so perfect for domination." The nature of her kind. Domination. It was what they loved. They only bow when forced most of the time and love to bend others to their will. The pale creature was simply getting off to this. BDSM is considered normal for bloodsuckers. This however was out of the norm. She pulled down the diaper and was reach below for the supplies. She grabbed powder and along with it ointment. The Hunter had looked up at her when she first put him on the table. The Emeralds had caught him again. Her enchanting wicked smile and beautiful pale features. For a moment, maybe staying with her wasn't so bad. She grabbed the cool wipes and started cleaning him. Similar to how she washed him. She hummed a tone that soothed the both of them. As stern as she could be. This creature was gentle like dotting Mother. "Treating someone like this. As my baby, it just hits on the right buttons. Age play you'd call it. But it's better when you force it down someone's throat like a stream of warm milk." She giggled. "What better fate than that? Others are into much darker things. I just want to care for you. Make you love me." She clean his front and then slid it down and up his butt. She enjoyed humiliation too. All of it. What continued to excite her was when he would start to like it. Giggle and appreciate it. Now that would be the most gratifying. The creature then lifted his legs and pulled the wet diaper out from under him. She quickly rolled it up and tossed it in a nearby diaper pail. The creature reached down below the Hunter's view and came up with more diapers. Two this time. One with Baby written on it in blocks and another one with blue space theme diaper. "Pick which one you want Love." It didn't matter. He'd be wearing diapers no matter what. "The blew won." He said through his pacifier. It was better than to baby one but not by much. "Cute choice." She thought of putting him in the white one. Then again, the blue one wasn't a step up. "It's a good nappy. Very adorable. Space aliens and adorable planets. Just imaging your big nappy butt is turning me on even more." The Hunter watched the pale woman unfold the thick blue diaper and slide it under his butt. The smirk is ever-present. Her green eyes kept her pacifier sucking victim entranced. Something about her made him want her to please her. Why would he want to please her? To gain her trust? He wasn't sure. She grabbed the ointment and spread it over his bum. She hummed her tune as she babied him into her arms. Domination isn't always barbed. It can be gentle and sweeter than sugar. Perfect for keeping babies as babies. After applying the rash ointment she did a layover of lotion on his nether areas. She even took time to tickle his bottom. "Now time to powder you up and get that nappy on. Pissy pants." She grabbed the powder and covered him in it and rubbed the lavender-scented powder in. "So adorable. So helpless. Precious." Soon The Hunter found the diaper being tapped on nice and tight. She pulled the tapes on his crotch firmly on each side. She patted his diaper and squeezed it. "Squishy little sponge. Nappies are so your thing." she teased again. The Hunter felt the softness on the clean dry diaper around him. Part of him knew he didn't need it. Yet another made him feel safe. It was only made better by the presence of the creature...woman who changed him. "Come on baby. Come close and wrap those legs around Mommy. I'm strong enough to carry you. I can bounce you in my lap later if you want. I will actually." She told him in the sweetest tone. The Hunter panicked. He wanted that. He wanted that. It made him excited down there. To be in her lap. He could just imagine how sick and weird it was. Fuck! He moved closer to her felt her arms come behind his butt and lifted him up. The Hunter wrapped his legs around the woman like a baby as she took him back to the bed and sat him down. She just stood over him looking sultry and smug. Her curly red hair on her face. "Even though you've been a brat. I think you deserve a treat. Two of them." She snickered. The undead creature had started to rub her busty breast and bounced them while they were still in her bra. "You hungry? Two fat tits all for you brat." She said in her teasing tone. She was even more confident now. "I'm still warm. But for how long? Better-" She unhooked her massive pale breast and let them hang. They looked soft and sweet. "-suck me up now. They're still full of freshness." The creature crawled onto the bed and tossed her bra on the floor. "What a little baby. You were all big and tough only a few hours ago? Stalking me through the night. Now, look where that got you. Not a bad situation, is it?" He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." The hunter continued to drink her nectar. "Drink more. Faster. You're hungry." Her hand caress and spanked his diaper rear. "Drink it up." She stroked his head and bit her lip. She closed her eyes and exhales a moan. "Faster!" She moaned through clenched teeth. The suckling and pulling off her nipple. The noise of him slurping her up. She chuckled at the irony. It all egged her on. The diapers. The humiliation. The entire situation. His resistance to her will. It was all that she enjoyed. HER fantasy for more than a century. The hunter felt little in her grasp. So small and unable to stand up against her. As milk traveled down his throat as he heard her tell him to speed up. The smacking of his bum and being rocked in her laps. He drank as much and as fast as he could. He heard her moan and he knew he was pleasing her. Mommy. He did remember his plan. He wanted to attempt it. He didn't want to be some kink slave and become her thrall for the foreseeable future. Yet, he didn't want to leave her. To not see that beautiful smile and enchanting eyes, neither giving up the warm nectar from her amazing bosom. He wanted to be a baby. Her baby. That thought made him curl up in fear. He was really hers. Another side of him was happy about it. The rich milk made him feel drowsy. Elated and lightless. He felt such good things from her breast milk. All the troubles in life were numbed. He eventually switched tits as she feed him. It continued from the other. "This milk will keep you nice and full. And youthful. Not immortality, but better than growing old and decrepit. And most of all, you'll be addicted. Withdraws are a B I T C H." She said sounding quite satisfied. "Momma's baby boy." She leaned in closer. "Forever." The hunter shed some tears as he dug closer into the creature's bosom. He felt the comfort of her presence. The pat on his bum. Even in all this trouble, there was a comfort. Eventually, the stream came to an end. He belched as she shoved the pacifier back into his mouth. He began to feel the stress of the night melt away. He felt the effects of the milk still. He was feeling like a baby. He felt his Mommy pull him close and a pinch on his neck. It only lasted a few seconds. It didn't hurt. Whatever it was. Blood dripped down her lip and onto her chest. Just a drop. "I just needed a taste little one. You feed on me anyway, I think it was a fair exchange. She then licked the wound of the blood and kissed it. In a matter of seconds, it started to close into just marks. "Kisses make everything better." With a little fresh blood in her. The creature left the bed and scooped the hunter up. She felt his legs wrap around her and carried him to the crib on the other side of the room. "Time for bed. You got an adorable crib to sleep in." The hunter was laid in his crib like an unhatched egg. "Baby." She said gaining his attention. With a beautiful smile, she removed his pacifier pointed at the side of her cheek. "Give me a kiss. A little thank you for cleaning you up and setting you right." The regressed Hunter smiled and gave his new Mommy a big kiss on her cheek. She smiled widely and tittered at it. She took this chance to plant a kiss on the forehead. She laid him down and grabbed his blankets. She covered her new baby with the covers and tucked him in. She placed the pacifier back into her baby's mouth and loomed over him. She watched her newly enthralled baby fall asleep. She had a cute boy to play with. So much more fun they would have. There was more that needed to be broken and new habits ingrained into him. Such as learning to do all his messes in a diaper. She was feeling hungry again. She had dragged the two she feed on before into the living room and set them by the fire. To warm the lifeless fools up for her to feed. Hunters were always easy prey and the cutest toys.
  10. Another story I wrote awhile back. If you like evil mommies then here you go. "I love you." the young man said to the girl he sat next to on the bar counter. "You literally just meet me an hour ago Chris." She responded as she lit a cigarette. She was an angel in Chris's eyes. 5'10, long dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes, plump cherry red lips, brown skin, and a body that would make Harvey Milk reconsider. "I love Pizza and it only took one slice." He responded before downing his third shot of whiskey. When Moriah first walked in, he saw her from the entrance. She was wearing a navy blue cocktail dress and heels. His draw dropped when he saw her and his heart races when she smiled at him. He then died for a split second when she walked over to him and asked him his name. "Did you just compared me to a slice of pizza?" She said with a smile and her ever sultry voice. They had been talking about everything since her first hello. Chris was ready to go in for the kill and lock it down. "Pizza is delicious, just like you. And anyone who doesn't agree should be imprisoned." "You're a silly little boy, I like that. So cute." she giggled at Chris's joke. "Little boy? Nothing little about me Moriah." He responded by raising an eyebrow and grinning her way. "You can't even rent a car baby, now fuss with me and I'll call you baby all night long. I could just pinch those adorable cheeks of yours, both sets." Moriah reached out and grabbed one of his cheeks and pinched it. "Just a cute baby boy I got here." she teased "I'm a man, a real man." "Oh really? Then how about you come home with me and show me what a real man you are. Make me reconsider calling you a little baby boy." These were the words he'd been waiting for. She wanted him and he obviously wanted her. He did drop 40 dollars on the woman after all. She wasn't acting tipsy, but she had to be, 40 dollars in drinks would do that to you. "Let me call an Uber than." "No need, We can take my car. It's nothing special, a black '09 Toyota, but it gets me from A to B." She stood up from her stool and reached into her baby blue purse. She pulled out her car keys and walked ahead of Chris, leading him out of the bar and toward her car that was parked on the side of the building. She walked over to the driver's seat and waited for the tipsy Chris to his door. "Hurry up baby!" she raised her sultry voice with a little authority. She was smiling and still remaining playful. Chris put some pep in his step and walked over to the passenger seat. He stumbled a little, he wondered how Moriah manages to walk so gracefully in her condition. She unlocked the door and Chris hopped in. Moriah started the car and the two left the bar hiding toward Moriah's home. "So Chris, we gotta make a little stop." She said taking a right at a red light. "And what is this stop?" In Chris's head, he feared the worse. An ass whooping from 3 bulky guys with bats because no one wants to scratch up their knuckles. "Are you going to get me beat up? If so, Moriah, we can skip that part get straight to the robbing." Moriah chuckled and rolled her eyes. "So silly, I'm not that type of woman. Plus, I could never bring harm to that cute little baby face of yours." It was getting a little annoying, but Chris didn't say much about it. She thought he was cute, so why throw a fit over it? The two soon drove up a street corner with a moderately pretty woman in make-up leaning on a wall. She walked up to the car smoking a cigarette. "Hi, Miss..." She paused and looked over at Chris who didn't want to look her in the eye. Was Moriah about to buy a hooker? He wasn't going to say no to a threesome, but like hell, he would be paying for it. "And you to handsome. Two is going to be a 100$ extra." Moriah kept up her smiled and unlocked the back door. "Sure thing. You'll come back to my house with us right?" "Extra." She responded. "Okay." She turned to Chris. "Hop in the back with her." She asked politely but it was still a demand. Chris looked at her confused. He wasn't keen on being in the back seat with a hooker. Plus, he was fine where he was. "Listen, I-" "Shh!" She said placing a finger on her mouth. "Quiet now. To. The. Back. Don't make me throw you back there. I'll get the car seat while I'm at it." Chris grunted and stepped out of the car. He better get some ass out of this. This was embarrassing now." He got into the back seat and sat next to the prostitute who was still smoking her cigarette. He wasn't a fan of them, to be honest, but wouldn't complain. He looked over her clothing. Red crop top, red mini skirt, black heels, and a big leather purse. She looked at him and smiled. "So, wanna start now?" Before Chris could respond Moriah spoke up. "NO! Not yet. Just get to know each other. You'll be getting personal soon enough." She bit down on the side of her red bottom lip. Chris and the hooker talked. She eventually gave her name, Holiday, and then eventually admitted her real name. Her name was Pam, and when she said it Moriah laughed. "Pam? Kinda like pampers. That's cute." Chris glared at her. That condescending tone of hers. They continued talking, Pam explained her want to be an actress but a drug addiction ruin that and she backstabbed a dear friend. A blind New York lawyer. She's now just trying to get by while working as a server in a local diner. They eventually arrive in front of a larger than average size house sitting on a dark silent street. She stepped out of the car and pulled the door open for Pam and Chris. "Come on in darlings, I wanna have some fun. Lots and lots of cute fun." She said with her sultry soft voice. Chris and Pam followed Moriah into her home and the door shut behind them. "Welcome to my home. But this won't be where our fun begins. Not for now at the least." Moriah walked them into the back and up and into a dark room. "Chris baby, close that door for me. Chris did it and just thought if she's up to something she'd regret it. Now in the dark, Chris and Pam notice the scent of baby powder in the room. "Where are we?" Pam asked. "Lights." With one word the lights turned on to reveal a nursery meant for an adult. It was in pastel blue and the most babyish things were there. The room was spacious even with set up this oddball of a woman had. "This is where the magic happens." She winked at them. Chris noticed something, her outfit from before, it was gone. She wasn't naked, she was just wearing something else. The red mini had turned into a solid sky blue dress with an apron around her waist and white heels. "When did you change clothes?" Moriah laughed walked over to the empty crib and lowered its railing. "It's been empty for some time. Now I can finally have some fun." She then looked at Chris. "Wannabe be cute for me little boy?" "What the hell is this Moriah?" He asked in confusion. Chris looked around frantically, noticing the soft white carpet, the corner full of giant baby toys. The chest right next to it. There was a large light blue and yellow changing table across from the crib. It shelves held powder, wipes, and diapers. Chris only counted a couple. They were thick, and all had a different design on them. There was an odd cherry red lipstick on all of them. It was more like a brand. Each mark wasn't exactly in the same spot, just a general area. "Moriah, what the hell are you into?" Pam snickered. "She's an ABDL." "Is that a club sandwich." "Stop fucking with me. ABDL means Adult Baby Diaper Lover. A kink where someone gets off on being in a diaper and what could possibly come with it. It can get...weird." She then turned back to Moriah. "You looking for a Mommy? I can do that for you sweaty." "No. I'm the Mommy hear, and I'm the only one in charge." She walked towards Chris. "No Daddies either. Not in this nursery. So that makes you the-" Chris backed up before interrupting. "I came for sex, not this fucked up shit." Moriah frowned. "Well, that won't do? I drove you here for that reason. I won't have a baby to play with then." "You got Pam. Just pay her the 200 and you can get what? 2-3 hours." "Just about." Pam replied. Moriah was getting annoyed. "I'm interested in putting you in that crib. And Pamper too over there." She sneered at Pam. Pam shook at that, something about what she just said felt off. Pamper. Why pamper? "Know what? I need to get back to my pimp. He's going-" "Nonsense! You aren't anyone's girl." She said looking at Pam with an all too knowing look. "Just a free agent. No one to follow where you go or keep you safe." Pam was getting scared. She gripped her purse and thought about the gun in her purse. A little thing, but enough to fuck someone up. "Your starting to get weird." "I am weird." She stepped closer to the sex worker and reach out and grabbed her by the arm. Moriah pulled Pam close into her and pulled on her blonde hair yanking her head back. She then kissed Pam on her check. She left a cherry red lip mark on Pam's check. "There you go. You're going to feel very weird soon. Whatever you do, don't fight it. Let it just happen. Save you some trouble." "What. Did you poison me?" Pam felt it. The part of her check that was kissed by Moriah was vibrating, warm waves spreading out from it. She felt it, she was losing strength. Something was happening to her. Pam reached into her as she started to stumble. She grabbed the little pistol from her purse and aimed it at Moriah. "What the hell did you do to me?" Chris heart was pumping, ready to fight or run. His night was getting crazier than usual. He couldn't let Pam shoot Moriah. "Pam...Don't do anything brash." "Brash? She just poisoned me or something." The gun was feeling heavy in her right hand. It was tingling...and then her hand gained a plastic shine and turned white. She screamed and tried to pull the trigger and shoot Moriah, but her fingers had turned flat and weak. As it dropped from her hand, Pam grabbed her hand and look at it. She then screamed and looked towards Chris. "Help me." Chris watched on in terror and interest, he wanted to see exactly what was happening. "How?" Moriah walked up to Pam and grabbed her gun. "Dangerous thing. Imagine if my little had picked this up Pamper. And look at that." Moriah grabbed Pam's hand and caressed it with a smile. "Even your other hand is changing too! Be careful what you touch." Pam looked at her hands, both flaps traveling down her wrists. "Now those feet are going next. Ready? 3.." Moriah started counting with a grin on her face. She was enjoying it. "Wait what! Stop!" Pam screamed. 2..1...Gone." Her ankle and toes shriveled up into white thin plastic cloth in her heels. She fell over on her side hitting the soft carpet. Her feet then finally become flaps. "And its going to spread Pamper. You're going to be so cute for me." "Stop this. I don't even know what's going on. What are you doing? Just let me go!" Pam pleads. "Pamper you know exactly what I'm doing to you." Moriah went to get close to Pam's ear. "You're becoming the fixation. What's this little fetish without the most enjoyable part. The diaper." She moved away and laughed. "And I go all the way Pamper. Can't wait to get your cutesy self all done. Moriah reached for her clothes and pulled down Pam's skirt revealing she had no panties on. Pam cried. She was being violated. She had just told the most fucked up thing someone said they were going to do to her. Moriah then pulled off her tank top as Pam squirmed. She then felt her tormentors hands on her body, caressing her flesh. Grabbing her breast running her finger down Pam's tummy and to her groin. "STOP! Chris help me!" Chris watched. He felt like that all he could do is watch. "Moriah...stop this. Whatever it is." He wanted to watch, he had to see if what Moriah was doing was real. He had to stay and watch. "DO SOMETHING!" Pam shouted, tears running down her eyes. Her lower legs were transforming, her joints painlessly popping and bone becoming diaper. Her hands were tapes and flaps of white from the forearms down. Moriah glanced at Chris. "I know you wanna watch it. To see her crinkle away." Moriah had glided across her body, flicking at Pam's nipples. Pam bit down on her lip and protested. Moriah then slid to fingers into Pam's vagina. "Like that Pamper?" She whispered to Pam who squirmed under the force of Moriah's hand. Chris watched on. A part of him wanted to step forward. He couldn't think, maybe he didn't want Moriah's touch and do something like that to him. As Moriah's fingers caused Pam nothing but pleasure, she felt something changing in her. She then felt Moriah pull something string-like from her vagina with a sick grin. "What is that?" Moriah sighed and put it back into Pam's lips. "Just cotton strands." Pam felt her vagina changing from in deepest parts, her very cells were being overwritten with atoms of dry 'super absorbing polymer'(SAP). The SAP then started to spread into her blood and changing her flesh. Her groined turned slowly into the padding. Her thighs thin, crinkle, and turn into long tabs that laid dead on the floor. The transformation took her arms too, reducing them into nothing but flaps of diaper tabs. The diaper Pam was becoming had taken her limbs and already snatched her groin from her. It wanted more, and it would take much more. Pam could fill her shoulders turn, the bones changing into something else and the shape of her arms melt away. She knew they were becoming padding. The feeling of tingling started to act on her chest and neck. She could still feel Moriah's hands playing with her and leaning into her face. "Only a matter of time little diaper!" She then felt Moriah claw down her chest with her nails, causing white trails of ash to appear down her dry skin. "Should have lotion up more." Her nails then touched padding and continued to what was once her sex. "Your one hell of a bitch!" Pam responded with a raspy voice as she tried to spit at her only to find her mouth had dried to the point that barely if any came out. She felt the changing traveling up her stomach and hips. Replacing her organs with sap and padding. Her stomach slowly turned into quilted padding in the shapes of diamonds. "The prettiest bitch of them all." The skin of Pam's hips started to pinch and rode up her sides to what use to consider her arms. Suddenly blue elastic leak guards popped free from the pinched skin. Her legs had been reduced to flat strands of plastic tabs. Moriah with that persistent smile picked at the elastic with just her long nails. "So cute. I think you look much better this way. You're better off." Pam's breast were next to turn. They shifted from warm soft mounds of flesh to even softer padding under Moriah's other hand. Moriah then slapped it and forced it down into flat padding like her stomach. At the same time, her back had been covered in plastic and taken on a noticeable arch. Pam clench down her teeth in anger at the slap. It stung but it quickly vanished into nothing. Pam then felt Moriah do it once more to the other mound as she kept picking at her elastic. "FUCK YOU MORIAH! FUCK YOU CHR-" She quickly found her mouth covered with Moriah's hand. "Don't be like that. He can't help you. He's just a baby." She laughed and removed her hand. Pam's mouth had been stolen, turned into diaper padding. Like some rapidly spreading disease, it quickly covered her face. Her hair had started to meld with her back and neck, it to just becoming plastic. "Bye, bye Pam-per!" Chris's eyes were fixated on Pam. The madness of this. To watch an entire woman turned into a human-size diaper right before his fucking eyes. He remembered how Moriah referred to him as a baby. He knew he was next. Moriah was going to do something to him. She wanted him in that crib. Pam's face was now completely soft quilted padding. She felt a pull on her neck sucking her into her chest and was popping out of the top of her head. Even her ears were gone, she couldn't hear anything and barely feel. Bunched up elastic popped out of her head and shoulders as her head was sucked into her giant padded body until she was no more. Moriah then took her index finger and dragged in across Pam's new diaper body. She started at where her head had once been and dragged in down her chest, in gliding across the soft padding. She knew Pam could feel it, her humanity was somewhat there, and she knew how she exactly felt about it. Chris had seen enough. He kept trying to move his feet, trying with all his physical strength to move them from the nursery carpet. Like a miracle, a small but monuments one, Chris moved his foot then another and stepped back to the door. Moriah was still focused on the giant diaper before her. He slowly opened the door with his back towards it and once it was wide enough to open he slipped out and ran. Moriah glanced over as he left and looked back at her victim. "Fold." Removing her finger from her poor victim. Chris moved down the hallway and closed 20 feet in a matter of seconds. She was at the door and desperately tried to turn the nob. Pulling and twisting with all his might to no avail. He then kicked at it only to fall on his ass. Pam was now fully a giant adult diaper, motionless on the warm carpet floor. Her arms then started folding over themselves and over her padded chest, the exact process happen with her legs. The massive diaper then folded itself in half, creating a sweet-smelling gust of air. The red lip mark then reappeared on the diaper clashing with the crisp white diaper that was once Pam. "Damn. Okay, Chris, you gotta get out of here!" Chris dashed to the nearest window and tried to pull it open. He pulled up on it with on his strength, but as the door, it was too no avail. It was unlocked, yet it was like the house wouldn't let him leave, or rather escape. "Fuck." Moriah smiled and placed a hand on the diaper and rubbed the soft crinkly plastic. "Almost there. Now just shrink up to the proper size." Chris wasn't going to let himself get caught. He didn't have a plan, but he had a will. That gun of Pam's would be useful right now. Chris ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife out of a knife block. He wasn't going to face her, he'd play it smart and hide. Chris moved fast and ran upstairs, hoping he can possibly find a way out from there. Moriah watched as the large diaper started to shrink, losing mass right before her eyes. She'd seen it all before, so many times she'd lost count. Maybe once she felt some form of pity for the victims, but now she could only smile with glee down at the diapers she made. Pam was no different. Moriah thought she was giving her a better way out. Instead of dying on the streets from a client or drugs, she just became a cute diaper instead. Moriah grabbed the folded diaper and brought it to her nose. She took a whiff of its sweet scent. "Mmmmm. I can't wait to tape you on my little cutie." Then Moriah spoke up. "Baby! Where are you? It's time to get you diapered up!" She said in a warm, sultry, and inviting tone. She exited the nursery and slowly checked the downstairs humming a tune. Chris heard her and even a part of him wanted to walk to her or yell his location, he knew better. Whatever this woman could do, it was obviously magic. Something that couldn't exist, shouldn't exist, but it did. Science was turned on its head and a woman was turned into a giant diaper before his eyes. He just wished he could have saved her. But he was scared something would happen to him. Still humming, Moriah started walking up the steps of her house. Her heels clicking across the floor making each step sound more and more ominous. Chris slowly crept across the floor, entering the farthest room down the hallway. It was a bedroom, Moriah's bedroom. So much girly stuff he wanted to barf if it wasn't time to be serious. He turned around to exit but the heard her reach the top floor. "Baby! Are you up here? Is this hide and seek? I love playing these childish games. I guess you really want to be my little! I was getting worried." She said as she opens the nearby door leading into a storage closet. "Not in there...to bad you can't hide from me." She then laughed like she already had checkmated him. Chris moved quietly and went under Moriah's bed, slowly his breath and hoping she wouldn't find him. And if she did, she'd get a deep gash for it. He felt shame for being scared of this woman, but after what she did he'd be crazy not to try and kill her. Moriah checked each room and until she got to her own cracked open. "Hmmm. In here? I don't think I left my door open." Moriah entered the room, the diaper in hand. "Chris baby, where are you?" She walked past the bed the one she sought was under and to the closet. She opened it and yelled, "Got ya!" She founding that wasn't already there. It was a walk-in closet but she knew Chris didn't hide there. She looked around her room and then focused on her bed. Moriah walked over to her bed. "I just can't find him." Moriah said in defeat and the plopped her ass on the bed. "I just wonder where your hiding." Chris laid on his stomach as she attempted to hide from Moriah. He tensed up as she sat on her bed just above him. He looked over to see two white heels and two brown calves. He thought of attacking her this way, but he didn't want to hurt her. Not unless he was forced too. If he attacked her, what's stopping her from calling the cops. In the nursery downstairs a single bottle of baby power flew off the shelf and rolled out of the nursery. It was in no rush. Simply rolling down the hall. "Yes, Pam?" Chris hears her say over sudden crinkling. "What do you mean I'm not trying hard enough." Chris then wonders what going on. Was this woman talking to Pam? But she turned her into a diaper. Was she still there! "I know you wanna get worn and get wet but I just can't find baby." Chris shook his head, no way that was Pam's desires. "Check under the bed! I haven't thought of that!" Chris quickly crawled from out under the bed with his back turned from Moriah. "Got you!" He heard her shout as a hand grabbed his shoulder and Pam's diapered form is shoved into his face from behind form off Moriah's bed. He took a big breath before breaking free. He turned and slashed at her with the knife. Moriah didn't flinch as it came in contact with her face and turned into a gray plastic toy knife. She hopped off the bed with a smile. "Babies always want to play, at least let me get you dressed first." She said as she got close, backing Chris into a wall. "You smelt that diaper? It smells so great, doesn't it? Don't you want to smell nice? Be all cute? Once you're in a diaper you'll be the cutest thing ever, well even cuter than you are already." She giggled before grabbing at Chris's belt. The pulled at it with glee. Her touch caused the belt to unbuckle and it was pulled from out his belts loops. His pants then dropped and Moriah bent down and helped his feet out of them. Chris had a chance to stop her, but the scent of that diaper, it left him compliant. But he knew what was happening. "Out those feet go, won't be wearing these anytime soon." She tossed them beside the belt. She then looked at his underwear with a simper and slipped a finger in the elastic of his underwear. "This isn't right! Babies wear diapers, not..." She pulls on it and flicks it. " big boy undies. Chris was kinda freaking out. On one hand, a woman had her's inches his member. On the other hand, he was facing a woman who could alter reality at the tip on her fingers. He then felt a finger inserted back over his waistband and pulled his undies down and had him step out of them. She held them up and close to Chris's face. "No more of these. For now on..." She dropped them on the pants and held the diaper with both hands and squeezing it. "Diapers. Fluffy, thick, absorbent diapers. The cutest thing I can think of for you to wear!" In the nursery, a bottle of powder feel off the shelf and then started to roll across the carpet and out the nursery. Chris wanted to scream. He couldn't, he was helpless. He wanted to run. He wasn't her baby. Her diaper-wearing plaything. He started to shake and tried to move, escape like before. Chris quickly broke free and moved from for the door. Moriah grabbed him by his torso before he got anywhere and slammed him on her bed. It was soft, he wasn't hurt, but Moriah wanted to show she was in charge. He wasn't getting out of this. "You were going to leave without even giving your diaper a try? That's rude, imagine how hurt your pamper is." She pouted as she held up the folded diaper that was once Pam. "You're a monster!" You're just a cruel monster." He screamed at her. "I don't want to wear her." The baby powder rolled down the hall and to a sharp turn and hit the bottom of the stairs. It rolled back slightly and jumped on the first foot of the stair. It continued doing so, climbing the steps at a steady pace. Chris called her a monster. Called her cruel. Begged to not get diapered with Pam. Moriah loved being damned and for her baby's begging. Him not wanting it. Cursing her. It all made her want to diaper him more. To see him diapered up and all hers. Moriah unfolded the diaper open and let it hang open in Chris's face. She then picked at the large thick diaper. "It has nice elastic leak guards to keep the pee-pees you'll be doing from spilling out." She cooed as she picked at them with her nails. It was reminiscent of back when Pam was being transformed into a diaper, now she couldn't yell for help, or anything really. Chris's beautiful tormentor than ran her fingers on quilted padding. "And its so absorbent. You can fill it all you want...and you will fill this diaper." Moriah finished showing off the complete diaper and was ready to tape it on. The baby powder finally reached upstairs and rolled down the hall. It stopped in front of Moriah's bedroom and rolled inside across the carpet. Moriah proceeded to slide the diaper under his ass, but Chris tried to struggle. "Stop this little boy, if you won't wear this Pamper I got here, I'll have you meet the same fate as Pam." Moriah threatened as she lost her smile. Chris stopped his struggling and accepted his fate for now. "That's a good baby," she said with her smile returning. Moriah finished sliding the white thick crinkly diaper under her baby. She reached out her hand and the baby powder jumped into her hand. "Just in time." Chris's captor cooed as she gently applied the sweet-scented powder. Chris felt the cool powder on his skin and the soft pamper under his bottom. It felt so good, so comfy, so warm from what was left of Pam's body heat. "I can see it on your cute little face. You like that the powdering and the diaper right?" Moriah asked knowing what he was feeling." Chris blushed and turned away only to cause Moriah to giggle. "It's okay." She grabbed what was once Pam's head and brought it slowly over Chris's crouch. "Babies love diapers. It's only natural." She said as she reached and grabbed the large sticky tab that use to be an arm. She pulled the tape free and then repeated it on the other side. Moriah pressed down on the front of the diaper and down on Chris's crouch. With her the other hand, she fastens the sticky tap on the left to the head of the diaper. She then did the right side, biting her lip as she did with a smile. The diaper was snuggly taped on to Chris's waist, and he wanted to moan in pleasure at it feeling. The soft warm padding caressing his bottom and groin. Moriah stood up and looked at Chris is a proud smile. "How does that feel baby?" She asked knowing he was enjoying his padded prison, even if he didn't want to. Chris looked at her and blushed again. "I...I..." It was so warm and comfy, like a cloud hugging him. He was loving it. He felt free, protected, and loved. "I hate it...just take her off." Chris said unable to look Moriah in the eyes. He felt conflicted. Moriah rolled her eyes and lean into Chris's face, showing off the cleavage of her big brown breast. "Chris, don't be ashamed." Moriah poked his dry white diaper. "You like it on you. You like her on you. Pamper is warm and comfy, and I bet Pamper likes hugging you too." She then kissed him on his cheek. Chris touched his cheek thinking did she put that terrible spell on him? "Come on baby, let's go back down to your nursery." She then grabbed him by his diapered butt and wrapped her other arm around his back. She lifted Chris like a baby, and with a humming song with ease carried the adult out the room and down the steps. Chris was feeling even more insulted. He could feel her hand under his rear, squeezing the thick padding regularly. Moriah carried the diapered man into the large adult nursery. "Now you're gonna crawl for now on unless I say otherwise." She set him down and instantly he fell down to his knees and catching the rest of his weight with his arms. He was shocked, it wasn't even like he meant to do it, he just felt his legs complying with Moriah's order. "What is going on!" Chris finally shouted! "I can't wrap my head around this. Who are you? Why are you doing this? Making me some adult baby for your pleasure and turning some poor woman in a diaper!" Moriah wipes the hair out her face and kneels down to get eye level with her captive diapered boy. "I'm Momma, Momma Moriah and I thought you were just the cutest thing I've seen. So that's when I decided I just had to have you." Moriah then licked her lips. "And dressing you up like a baby is just even more fun. I got onesies and other clothing for you to dress up in. And then babies need their diapers to keep them dry or you'll just wet yourself." Moriah then touched Chris's diaper and drags two nails down the front. She then tapped on the diaper with them before speaking, moving closer to her baby's ear. "Beautiful women, cute innocent girls, they make some good diapers." Moriah then rubbed the diaper that had once been Pam. "But trashy hookers work well enough I guess." Chris looked on at her in amazement. This woman was out of her mind. He looked over at the diapers and simply thought how many? "You sick fuc-" Chris felt her hand quickly slap him across the face. "Ouch! Wha-" Moriah covered his mouth with her hand and squeezed his cheeks hard. "Curse words aren't what cute babies say. Its a real turn off to be honest. Do that too much and..." She squeezed the diaper with her other hand. "Crinkle crinkle. I want a cute baby, not some sailor kay?" She let his cheeks go. "But why make people into...diapers. How many have you killed? Moriah giggled. "Where to start with that one. I did just tell you why silly but maybe I can go in-depth. I like watching them crinkle and shift. Them freaking out as their limbs and body change before their eyes as they see themselves bleach and puff up. It's glorious, watching terrified crying girls freaking out as their end draws near and are replaced with my pampers." Moriah than looked over at the few diapers stacked under the changing table and gave that toothy grin again. "Just like those diapers over there. I'm getting hot just remembering this college girl I turned years ago. A Chinese national studying her, so trusting and so cute. She like Pam received my deep red kiss, as did any pamper with my lips on them. They were all once-" "Human!" Chris shouted in disgust! Moriah clicked her tongue to signal he had the correct answer. "And a couple of guys who pissed me off or bored me. Not like I can tell the difference. To be honest, I can't even keep count of how many pampers I made. It's like asking how many times you masturbated when you were twelve, get it? "Moriah...how can you live with your self when your killing people." Moriah rolled her eyes. "Boy, you will address me as Mom, Mommy, or if you wanna butter me up, Momma. "Momma.." He said begrudgingly. "Why?" Moriah smiled and tugged on the back of his diaper before she stood up. "I'm not really killing someone if they're turned into a diaper." Can't kill a diaper after all." Moriah than walked over to the closet door and pulled it wide open. She pulled out a onesie and showed it to Chris. "Like the color?" "What is that baby blue?" Chris said knowing he'd be wearing it. "Periwinkle actually my dear." She said correcting him. "Baby blue." He restated. Moriah giggled. She walked over to him and looked down on him with a smile that said she was in control. "Baby blue for a baby. Fitting now lift those arms up so I can slide this on." Chris crossed his arms and looked at her. He wanted to cover up and recover his dignity but he wouldn't let her do it. "I'll do it." Moriah's smile left her face and hung the onesie on the crib's railing and got on the floor. "You just don't get it. You a baby, my baby to do with as I please. I've been nice, but I can be mean." Moriah didn't seem threatening, but she was clearly annoyed. She was like a mother tired of a child's tantrum. She grabbed Chris by his arm and with a yank pulled him over to him and on to her lap. She placed a hand on his back and another hand on his diapered butt. He tried to struggle but she was plainly stronger than him. "Stop moving." She said sternly with a smack on the ass. The pain caused Chris to yelp. "Poor baby." She said with another smack on his diapered bottom once again causing him to wince in pain. She placed her hand on it and screwed it. "I get to feel that soft diaper I put you in while you take the sting of this beating. it's so smooth." She lifted her hand up again and struck it a few more times. Chris gritted his teeth, each strike from Moriah's hand felt like she was striking his bare bottom. He took it like a champ, barely moving and sucking up the pain. "All this because someone was so desperate to be a big boy, even though their a baby, and forgot their manners." She said as she leaned into his ear. "Now if the baby wants to put on their own onesie then fine...just say please." "Please! Please, Momma, Stop!" He cried. Fighting tears from flowing from his eyes. Moriah let go of her hold on Chris and he fell on the floor. He glanced up at her and quickly adverts his eyes. He felt embarrassed, and to be cowed in such away. Again, she made him feel so little. "Momma, can I please-" "Nope." She grabbed the onesie off the crib railing and began sliding it over his head. It was quick, Chris going along with it made so much easier. Moriah kneeled down and started doing the onesie's small little clamps. Chris didn't fight it. "Much better." She said as she looked him in the eyes. "No tears...hmm. A little soldier I got." She mentions. After getting dressed Moriah and her unwilling baby made their way into the kitchen. The kitchen was fairly simple but most distinguishing was the high chair sitting at the table. "Can I..." Chris said before Moriah stared at him. A sultry smile and lear that said 'No way in hell diaper butt.' She helped Chris into his highchair and she walked over to the cabinet. Moriah returned with a spoon, baby food, and a bib. Moriah took great pleasure in wrapping a bib around Chris's neck. "Now I going to let you feed yourself. Just don't mess up okay? Than Momma going to have to take over and you don't want that." "Not really." He responded as Moriah set the jar of food in front of him. It was rather large, big enough for an adult. "Is that apple sauce." Chris grunted and began to eat the apple sauce with Moriah standing close by. Chris tried to guide the food to his mouth but he ran into a couple of problems. The spoons weight was off, it was far too heavy for its size with weight being focused on the front end. It caused the food to fall from the spoon and smear his face, some landing on the bib. "Nope." In an instant he found his spoon taken from out his hands and being feed by Moriah. A smug smirk on her lips. "Can't let you do anything can I?" She said with satisfaction in seeing him fail. "Now open up." She cooed. Chris ate, he wanted to get this over with. The apple sauce was rather delicious to be honest. Maybe it was humiliating, but it was decent food. He was still a little tipsy, hopefully, if he sobers up completely he could get free. Then again that seemed unlikely. It might be best if he just played her game and waited for his chance to escape. Chris finished eating and was released from high chair prison. "What now." He asked while on his knees in front of his captor. "Well, I think I'm going to lat you to be and hopefully see how you treat that plain little pamper of yours." Moriah's smug smile still on her face. "Than I can get you a better diaper. Nice and fresh." Chris's stomach turned. Moriah than left the kitchen beckoning him with a finger. "Come." He followed her back to the nursery. She walked up the crib and lowered the railing of the prison. "Come on sweetie." Chris rolled his eyes and slowly crawled closer to her. "Do I really have to?" "I told you didn't I? I want that pampered butt in this crib. So we can fight about it and I drop your butt in here or you get to put yourself in. Take back a little pride." Chris crawled up to the crib and climbed into his baby prison. He felt a hand on his bottom as if Moriah was helping him in. He then watched it was as the railing was raised up and he was left trapped inside. He could try and claim out when Moriah left but he knew it would fail end in failure. Moriah stood above him with her arms resting on Chris's crib. "You know baby...I really do like you." She reached down and stroked Chris's face. "You're absolutely the cutest baby ever. And when you make that diaper sopping wet baby, you'll be even cuter." Moriah smiled sweetly, she meant what she said. The deviant woman grabbed him by the chin and pulled him close and planted a fat kiss on his cheek. "All mine." She said in a sultry tone. She then walked over to a drawer and pulled out a pacifier and walked back over to her baby. She placed it into her mouth and gave him another kiss. "Night." Moriah than left the nursery, turning off the light on the way out. The only light Chris had was the one from the nightlight plugged in the wall. The longer Chris laid, the more tired her became. His cot was soft and comfy. His diaper had a greater level of comfort like a thick cloud was hugging him tightly. He was actually relaxing believe it or not. He slowly drifted off to sleep. Chris found himself in a house. The walls cracked and on a sofa. He was sitting necked in front of a TV. At his side was Pam. She was naked as well. They both faced the static TV. Chris looked around to see nothing but pizza boxes and needles scattered across the floor. "What the hell is this." Pam looked back at Chris and smiled. "This is...was my life. It wasn't the best. Sucking dick. Fucking. All for just a little change. All just to burn it to get high." A tear ran down her face. "But then...I met Moriah." She smiled. Pam stood up. Her arms had turned into flaps just like before. "Moriah than gave me a release. That sweet release." Her torso had been reduced to padding in a blink of an eye. Her breast turned to padding and shrunk down almost instantly. "Being a diaper...It's so fun!" She said with an almost psychotic grin. Her back then bent along with her head until her face was forced to look downwards. "Chris...you don't know how good it is to be a pamper. To have your body shifted from flesh to soft rich padding." Pam's legs buckled and turned into flaps. She fell to the ground into a heap and turned over. She still had a smile on her face. "You're a diaper! That doesn't scare you? Are you fucking crazy? I'd rather be a human than a fucking diaper!" Chris stood up in a fit of rage. He almost kicked her. "So? I was a fucking whore! A worthless whore. Now I have a purpose. I get to tapped around your bottom and pumped full of piss and shit!" Her voice was raspy but she still seemed so content. This wasn't the Pam he knew. She was afraid before but now she was in ecstasy. "This isn't you!" "No this is me." She smiled boldly. She was shrinking. Her legs had disappeared and split. From the bottom down she looked like a diaper. She started crawling towards Chris. "Diaper. I'm a diaper. I'm nothing but that and I love it." Her face was turning into padding along with her neck. "I love Moriah and thank her for this gift." Pam jumped at Chris's torso, pushing him down and quickly tapping herself on. He was diapered again, yet he could still hear Pam. "Don't I fell great! You know I do." had being a diaper done this to her? Or was this truly how she felt? Chris tried to stand. As soon as she got around his waist, she felt the strength of his muscles deteriorate. He spread his legs out to keep his balance. "Damnit." He grabbed at Pam. "Get off me!" "Nope! That would mean I'm not being a good diaper and going against my beautiful mistress!" Chris fought and fought with it but Pam couldn't be removed. Chris fell to the floor. His legs were weak and tired. "Stop this Pam. I feel it. I have to pee bad. I've held it but I just can't." He told her thinking that would make her change her warped mind. "Do it. I've told you I'm a diaper. Wet me. Use me. Throw me away. I must taste your piss. I bet its divine. Once I'm full, Mistress Moriah can just roll my worthless padding up and drop me in the pail where I belong!" Chris gave finally gave in. He just couldn't anymore. He let lose into the thick padding that was Pam the diaper. She soaked it up as she slightly sagged and plastic crinkly skin went taut. Pam was happy. The bitter salty taste was orgasmic. Sweet without being sweet. The scent was overpowering, and only heightening the pathetic diaper's euphoria. The warmth almost covered her entire body. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" The diaper screamed in delight. Chris felt the warmth of his diaper around his waist. He hated it but a part of him liked it. All of it. The wetting. The warmth. The diaper. And at the same time as Pam, Chris thought of being changed by Moriah. The wet mess being stripped away and balled up all to just be thrown out. Chris awoke from the dream. He felt his diaper around his waist. It was wet and pissy. What had happened in his dream had happened to him. It was wet and only a little cool, leaning more on the warmer side. His heart was racing. In the dream he liked it. He fucking liked it! He thought of Pam and looked down at his pamper covered in the onesie. It was really wet. He really did that to Pam! He was worried about it. Was she really enjoying being treated like that? Was she even still there now? Chris couldn't get the dream out his head. It was so fucked up and depraved. Only something that woman could think up, it could be that. Sadly he knew he liked it and how wrong and twisted that was. He felt like inch by inch he was coming over to Mamma's side. He fea1red becoming a happy and willing partner in her sick sexual fantasy. Chris laid back in his crib, mind racing as he repeatedly thought of his dream and his entire situation. He couldn't tell the time, but it was still dark out. He was scared to close his eyes and fall asleep, he feared to repeat that disgusting nightmare again. After awhile Chris started to doze off and was back to sleep. The nursery door swung open and the beautiful woman holding Chris captive in a crib walked in. She was wearing sunglasses, a white tank top, blue denim jacket, similar pants, and heels. Moriah walked over to the closet and pulled a blue bag out of it. It had some items in it, baby powder, wipes, and other supplies for changing diapers along with some snacks. She then pulled out a white shirt and blue shortalls with an image of stars at the center. It wasn't something Chris would think looked good, unfortunate for him, Moriah thought it was cute. With the bag over her shoulder, Moriah walked over to her captive and softly shook him awake. "Wake up baby." She said sweetly. Chris yawned awake and opened his eyes to the smiling witch leaning over the crib. For an instant, he thought she was gorgeous, but then remembered what she'd done to him. "You." he said coldly. "Baby! Morning! Time to get up." Moriah lowered the crib door and sat beside him as he laid in the crib. "Stay right there." Moriah's hands moved over Chris's diapered crotch and felt it. She then slid her fingers into his diaper and smiled at Chris. The then opened the onesies buttons with a swift movement and started poking at the sodden white diaper. "You're Wet." Chris glared at her. "Yeah...and?" "You wet your diaper." She said as she slid a little closer to Chris and leaned in. She placed her hand on the diaper and gripped it. "How did it feel? Wetting your little diaper?" Chris blushed as he grew more irritated. "Disgusting! I'm sitting in cold piss." "Than how about I change you real quick into a fresh one, hmm?" She proposed. "No! You can't! Don't do that to Pam!" Moriah laughed. "Pam's a diaper. And your diaper probably likes being pissed in. Whatever is left of that slut. Just imagine how good it feels for her when you piss into that thirsty padding? How good it feels for you to just use her up? How helpless you are but how much more powerful you in comparison to her?" She leaned closer to him and grab the pacifier beside him. "What are you talking about. There is nothing good about this." He continued to blush as she hit the nail on the mark. He felt the rubber nipple on his lips and didn't fight as she slid it in. He started sucking as Moriah held it in place for a moment. Moriah smiled. "We can keep that little diaper on, for now, it's still fine for now I guess. We can change it while we're out, I'm sure you have more to do in it Baby.
  11. **About this story- Hi! Guys, I’ve been writing stories over the years but have taken a break. Decided to do something a little different. Change roles a bit. Hope you guys enjoy it… I’d love to get more ideas to write, send me positive feedback, let’s see where this goes. ** Chapter 1- My new life has been one huge roller coaster. I’ve always had a vision of finding a daddy & becoming his forever baby girl. I was a picky baby girl, always looking for the perfect looking daddy, it took me years- but I finally found him. We spoke for a few months & he seemed to be just the one, checked off all the boxes of what I wanted as my daddy dom. But there was just ONE small problem, he has a wife. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share him, I wasn’t bi, nor curious- but he said mommy wouldn’t want to be sexually involved with me, so he made me feel a little better, she would just expect me to be more of the servant at the house, cooking, cleaning, laundry. I said I could do that! They came into town to meet me one day & we spent the day together, having lunch, shopping & just getting to know each other. We chatted about what was expected from each other if we were going to move in… they were from up North, & they were well off, so I would be moving in with them. I’d get to take 2 of my dogs & live out my baby life with them. At 30, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted in life. I’ve been wearing diapers as a fetish since I was 19, been sneaking them on since I was 14, only to drown out the dreams I’ve been having since I was 12. I’ve had my fair share of relationships but nothing lasted. I never imagined that I would be 30, still interested in diapers, I thought that when I would start wearing at 19, the phase would finally die out, but nope. I always looked for daddies online, wore my diapers every so often, and was an online baby girl for those daddies, but no one was ever ready. When I realized, I couldn’t hold a relationship nor keep a job for very long, I realized I needed to be dependent on someone, & that realization came in the form of being someone’s baby girl & becoming a baby slave of some sort where I’d wear diapers pretty much 247, as most daddies out there wanted. I was scared to start this adventure but I knew it’s what I needed in my life. I couldn’t amount to anything so I thought this would be the best option. The expectation laid out in front of me was what I thought would be simple… I’d be a diaper slave, around the age of 3 or 4. I would be regressed to a toddler & treated as such, however I’d still have teenager responsibilities- clean, cook, do laundry, take care of the dogs ( all eventually, until then I’d have a nanny/ housekeeper doing things), along with helping mommy as her assistant. I was to wear diapers 24/7, drink from a bottle, still attached to her pacifier, I’d be allowed big kid food but cut into toddler pieces, eat in a high chair, & still have a sex drive, an extreme one at that! I guess I could handle that. Move in would happen within 3-4 weeks. We needed time to get my room together & I packed up all my stuff, sold everything & get my papers in order ( turn in the apt, sell my things, close the bank account & make mommy & daddy my conservator). Story was, I couldn’t take care of myself any longer & needed supervision, & “rehab” to rehabilitate my life. Daddy had a doctor friend within the lifestyle that could help sign all the papers, & his secretary (slave wife) is a notary, so everything looked legit. That’s it, I was in it for good. I was legally theirs. I never saw 3 weeks pass so quickly, I sold about 95% of everything I owned & my apt was turned in. Daddy & my new mommy came to get me in their RV, easier to move the remaining of my things & transport the dogs. We had a 12+ hr trip back to my forever home or so I thought. Chapter 2- Chapter 2- It had actually taken 6 days to get home, on the way home we had stopped to see one of daddies special doctor friends. I was put through a surgery that was to help me with my new life, as I later found out I was given the gastric sleeve surgery to help me lose weight over time, along with a snip to my bladder to weaken it for good, & to add to it all, they they snipped a piece of my vocal cord, so I always have a type of squeaky voice to seem like a younger voice as well as to where I also couldn’t complete my words as well. That was a surprise to me as I wasn’t allowed to talk since I got to the Drs office, & since then I’ve had a pacifier locked in my mouth that had a cap on it that was removed to insert a long straw/ catheter to allow me to drink my liquid diet. During the time I had chatted with Daddy I had mentioned that I was overweight & had a desire to lose a good amount of weight. I guess he took it seriously & made it easy for me to lose that weight w/ the surgery. I was told I’d lose between 90-120lbs within 6-8 months. It also came as a surprise when they told me no more solids as their slave. I was shocked as we had talked about me being allowed to eat regular food. They said they didn’t want me to regain the weight later, so that my liquid diet would be controlled by all the calories & vitamins I’d need for at least the next few years. By the time we were home, I was already in pull-ups & being changed about 6x a day. Daddy was annoyed by this & said I was becoming too much work, & wanted me to have less changes. That I had more important things to be trained on than to stop & get changed, or fed. So I was put into an extra thick diaper with a stuffer in it, & hoped it lasted at least 8 hrs, therefore I’d go to 3 changes a day. Somehow I was always messy at my changes & figured there was something in the food I was being given, along with a diuretic. After a few weeks I was messing at least 2-3x a day, & my diapers were constantly full. It had been a month since I arrived & since my surgery & I had lost about 20 lbs already. I was put on the scale once a week to make sure I was losing weight, they wanted to make sure I was getting the correct calorie intake as well. Everything looked like it was on track. I was losing weight & couldn’t believe it, it had been 15+ years since I started gaining massive weight & 8 yrs since I was under 230lbs. At the end of the day, I didn’t care how I was treated, as long as I knew I’d be skinny again, one day. Would I ever be able to show it off like I wanted, doubt it- but again, I’d be healthy again too. Over this past month, life was almost normal other than being diapered everyday, having a pacifier locked onto me & my liquid diet, daddy making me orgasm daily- I was still allowed to walk, communicate in some way, watch TV, sleep on a normal bed, get online, keep an extensive journal as daddy wanted, I was living a DL life, I just had a few chores to do around the house as well, but little did I know things were about to change. I knew that I was going to become a sexual slave to a point, daddy wanted to keep me as horny as possible, especially to getting used to my diapers after an orgasm. When I was alone, I loved cumming in my diaper, but I would get turned off right after, & changed almost right away, & daddy didn’t want that, I had to learn how to stay diapered after I came, I mean I was going to be diapered 247 after all. Every morning I woke up messy, so daddy would wake me up with a wand until I orgasmed. He then cuddled with me, patting my diaper & reminding me that it was ok to stay in my diaper until I calmed down enough from the session I just had, & ronce I was calmed down, I was taken out of bed & waddled my way down to breakfast. A routine he wanted me to get used to is always eat while I was messy- it would remind me of my place, that I had no control of when I’d get changed, & to remind me of the baby I was eventually becoming. After breakfast I was taken to the bathroom for a shower & back into a fresh diaper & expected to have it wet within 3 minutes of being changed. This was done so I was never very long in a dry diaper, & also to make sure I was constantly pushing on my bladder. That was another rule, the constant forcing of pushing myself to pee. I have a Fitbit watch, which has an alarm that goes off as a vibration on my wrist reminding me every 10 mins to push on my bladder & try to pee. Daddy found on Etsy a baby motivational 32oz bottle that was modified for an adult nipple on it with a strap around the neck that can be locked onto my wrist, meaning it wasn’t going anywhere. I was expected to empty the bottle within the hour. By the end of that hour, I would be pretty wet.
  12. Cody enters his room after getting back from a halloween party to see it filled wuth his sisters dollies and babyish stuff. "SARAH I told you to stop leaving your stupid baby stuff in my room. Like I get you like playing house with your little dollies but play your little dumb baby game in your room" Cody yells. Sarah leaves the room upset and mad at her brother. She enters her room and then goes to the window. The moon was full on halloween night. She then makes a wish "I wish my brother could get a taught a lesson and experience how fun playing house can be!" As Sarah went to sleep and as Cody is starting to clean his room. Some force pushes him over. Then feels a hand pulling his pants down and giving him a huge wedgie. "Owww quit it Sarah that's not funny. You'll be so sorry after I get you back" Cody yells. Cody soon turns around and soon discovers its not Sarah. It's one of her dollies that seem to have grown to about his height smiling down at him. The doll then speaks "you really should not yell at your sister. You been a bad boy and your going to be taught a lesson you soon will never forgot" The doll snaps her fingers and a bunch of other dollies appear and push him to the ground and pin him on the ground. The big dolly laughs "so you think your sister is such a big baby for liking dollies and playing house? Well I think it's time you experience first time the joy of playing house and guess who's going to be the baby". Cody thought he was dreaming but he wasn't. "Please let me go. I promise il be better towards my sister!" The dollies ignore his plead then start stripping him butt naked. The dolly then speaks "Wow you sure do have a small wee wee and you won't be needing to play with it anymore so let's fix that" the dolly then grabs a pink chastity cage and puts it around Cody's wee wee. "Come on please you can't do this. You can't lock it up." Cody whines. The dolly laughs "if your a good boy maybe you'll get play time but now we need to put your diaper on before you have any accidents" Cody eyes widened "no way I'm not being your dumb little baby you can't...." then a pacifier gers popped into his mouth and can't spit it out. "Now now baby don't fuss all babies need there diapers" The dolly then snaps it fingers and a huge thick diaper appears. This diaper was different it moved and acted like a alive monster. It quickly ran over and then wrapped itself around Cody's waist and then tapped itself shut. "Much better now its time to feed the baby" the dolly says. Just then a highchair appears and the dolly carries Cody to it and takes out the pacifier. The dolly then grabs yucky baby food "open up sweetie it's feeding time". Cody tries to close just mouth but the dolly plugs his nose and gets a fully mouthful of goop in his mouth. She feeds him 4 packs of baby food. She then takes him and lays him across his lap then feeds him a warm bottle of milk. Just then Cody releases a huge fart *pfft* "My my I think baby needs to go poopy. Well go on use your diaper mister" the dolly giggles. Cody yells "no way I'm using this diaper you can't make me" Just then the diaper attached to him starts to squeeze in onto his stomach making it hard to hold in his poop. Unfortunately he couldn't hold it anymore and made a huge mush of poop in his diaper. "Peeyeww what a stinker looks like you need to be kept in diapers. How about a ride on the stink train" The dolly grabs him and bounces Cody on her knee mushing all his poopy all over. Cody disgusted couldn't believe he was treated like this. The dolly laughed "Ok time for your diaper change" the dolly puts him on the changing table and starts to undo the tapes. "Wheew somebody made a big present in his diaper" the dolly laughed again. Cody blushed but it was way better then staying in it. The dolly then takes off his cage and says "how about some fun since you been such a good boy". The new diaper she put underneath him formed a tounge from the inside and wrapped around his dick. Then it started to rub up and down its slimy tongue. The dolly the revealed her boobs and had Cody suck her booby milk "thats right Cody drink your mommys milk and make milky in your diaper" the doll smiled. The dolly then placed its hand in lube then stuck its finger up his butt. Cody couldn't help it. It felt so good. "That's it make milky for mommy" the dolly smiled. Then Cody blasted a full bunch of cum into the diaper and the diaper licked it up. "Such a good boy but you made a bit of a huge mess in your diaper. Time for a spanking" The dolly places him over his knee and spanks his bottom red. After his spanking the dolly puts him in a crib then gives him milk and he falls fast asleep. The next morning a flash of light wakes him up. His sister Sarah had her phone taking pics of him. "Oh my gosh baby bro you look so cute. I didn't know you liking acting like a baby" Cody protested "no Sarah its not what you think. Your dolly came alive and put me in this. Please delete the pics" Sarah then smiled "what a overactive imagination you have but sorry your just too cute and it's going to be fun having my own baby brother to play house with. If you don't play il send the pics I took to everybody you know. So better play along"
  13. This is the first of a series in the “Trantreem Nanotechnology Universe” I hope you like it and give feedback! Chapter 1: The Cast Introduction Cast of Characters: Dr. Samantha Johnston - 26, single, short (4’11”), 30DD, long black hair (dyed from light blonde), dark skin tone (tans), wears smart suits with heels. Spends a lot of time and attention to look “adult” due to her small size. Insists she is in charge and even hired Amanda to feel like she can exercise control over a much taller woman. Snubs co-workers as they are mostly older (and more matronly) than she. Quickly earned her degrees and feels like she is smarter than most of her coworkers. Newly hired by the Tantreem Corporation as a project manager. Amanda - 23, single, tall 6’1” curvy secretary 38 DDD, medium length brown hair, natural skin tone, new hire Administrative Assistant to Dr Johnston. Dr. Janet Tantreemtamer (namesake of the company) 45, single, with a 12 year old live in niece, 5’7”, 34C, athletic build, very no-nonsense. Long auburn hair that is always kept pinned up perfectly. Medical Doctor with a concentration on nanotech. Sees everything as a project to “handle”. Maria Ponce Facility nurse, 38, married, 5’9” 36C, Long black hair kept in a curly style, average build, officially takes care of staff medical needs, unofficially assistant to Dr Tantreemtamer. Nice, but has a bit of a domineering personality. Mark Stone - IT manager, 25, stereotypical “geek”. 5’11”, Heavyset, desperate to have a girlfriend and thinks Samantha is the hottest woman on earth. Would do anything to see her in something besides work suits. Gina Belford - Office Manager, 59, wears business attire, pleasantly plump, grey hair shoulder length. Doesn’t like the new “boss”, likes to see rude people “get theirs”. Married, kids, and grandchildren. The “mother” of the office. Anita Green - Receptionist, 36, married with kids, casual Friday is everyday. Average build. Wendy Adams, Rebecca Jones, and Rachel Fitzroy - Staff members, works for Gina even though Dr. Johnston can’t seem to stop bossing them around. Wendy is 28, single, thin build blonde hair, tall. Rebecca is 32, married, thick build, African American, 5’8”, Rachel is 27, married, muscular build, very athletic, short brown hair.
  14. This started out as an idea for a caption of a pic of me, as I was writing the caption, it kept getting longer and longer, I then thought of a quick back story that turned out to be not so quick, eventually turning into this rough outline of a story from beginning to end, with some parts going into detail and other areas glossing over. I had so many things I wanted to get done at home that day, but instead found myself spending the entire day of over 12 hours writing this. Maybe one day I will flesh out the details, but I don’t know I do still have another story I am somewhere in the middle of. This took a long time and it isn't even a whole lot, puts some perspective on how much time I spent on my other one. Synapse: Cliche first person story about a guy that has trouble lasting in bed. His wife convinces him to try chastity, which escalates to diapers. At his work they hire a new batch of interns. His wife meets them at a company social meet and greet. One she takes a liking to and they have an affair, she comes clean to him and tells the intern about his chastity and diapered state. The protagonist is clueless about a lot of things. The intern now openly cucks the protagonist. He goes further down with other things of humiliation. This was written in one sitting, and I am sure there are lots of holes that needed to be plugged (pun intended) CUCKING INTERN It started because I was having issues of being a quick shooter, at times even premature ejaculation. I have had to wash my cum stains off her panties because before her panties were off I was shooting my load on her sexy panties, her beautiful stomach, and luscious thighs. There were even times when I would blow my load in my boxers before my pants were off. Those were some of the extreme cases, caused partly by her wearing something very sexy, and while she is kissing me and I grab her ass, and I can feel my penis grind against her and before I know it I have creamed in my pants. We would have sex, those were the extreme cases, but regardless my stamina was nothing to brag about. We tried using desensitizing creams, and it worked some, I was able to last a little bit longer, but not enough to satisfy her. She had me start by going down on her before I removed my clothes, even when she held my hands to prevent me from touching myself I would move my hips in a way to feel enough in which I would cum in my pants. Everytime I came I would collapse in tiredness and exhaustion, unable to continue and finish her off. Somewhere around this time she had a new shower head installed with several different settings and was removable. Sense then she started taking really long showers a couple times a day, and after everytime we had sex, or attempted to. One day when I came home from work she was already home sitting at the dining room table. In front of her on the table was a small pink plastic tube and ring. Not sure what I was looking at she sat me down and explained that this is a chastity device. She said she read it will help with my ejaculation problem, and it will allow me to last longer in the bedroom. She explained that I was to wear it anytime were not having sex, that it keeps me from having an erection, and she will hold onto the key in a safe place. I did not like this at all, but we made a deal, she said if I could last 5 minutes she would throw it away and never bring it up again. 2 minutes later she was already in the shower, her panties covered in my cum in the laundry, and a pink plastic cage locked around my now deflated penis. It certainly worked, just not the way I imagined. It made me last longer because she would not unlock me until she came at least once. It also made me a lot hornier too, by the time she unlocked me I was so horny, the chastity was off for less than a minute before it was being put back on and my mess was there to be cleaned up. My wife left the deal of if I can last more than 5 minutes she will get rid of the chastity. She kept the key hidden from me, and there were times I did try to find it. My wife seemed a bit better with our sex life, I also noticed she was taking shorter showers and only once a day now. At first she would get the key and unlock me after I went down on her and she came once. Then it became two, until it became when she had enough, which would sometimes be over an hour. She came home one day with a strap on for me to wear with my chastity so she can fuck me. The dildo was so much bigger than my penis, I asked why she had to get one so big, she chuckled as she said 'sweetie, that is average size.' She would ride me, only on the dildo in so many different positions, I had never seen her like this. I would get so horny I would leak out of my cage onto our sheets. Sometimes she would see that and say 'it looks like you already came, you don't need to be unlocked tonight,' or she might say she is too tired to go get the key and roll over and sleep. I would beg for her to unlock me, or tell me where the key was so I could unlock myself. I would try to bargain with her, but she would say maybe we can talk about it tomorrow. I think she realized how much control those keys gave her. The times between her unlocking me were getting longer, she said the sex has been getting better the longer I go between. I found myself leaking out of my cage during the day soaking the front of my boxers. I mistakenly made that complaint to my wife as a reason why she should unlock me. Instead she found a 'solution' to my problem. I came home from work one day seeing her 'solution,' which was to get rid of my boxers and replace them with diapers. I saw this as I was wearing my last pair of boxers stained from cum. These were not discrete little pullups, these were thick, crinkly, diapers with baby prints. She said she picked out baby looking ones because of how much I have been whining about the chastity device. Now during sex she doesn't bother taking my diaper off, she puts the strap on over it. She said it is so I don't leak all over the sheets. Going to work with a crinkling diaper was nerve racking, fortunately I had my own office, and there was usually plenty of noise outside my office, so the crinkling didn't stand out. I had to quit coffee and reduce my fluid intake at work, as going to the work bathrooms was out of the question. I tried to hold it the best I could through work, but near the end of the work day I could not hold it longer and found myself finishing the work day sitting in a wet diaper. Fortunately I never wet enough that it was noticeable at work. When I complained that I should at least have pull ups for work so I can use the bathroom there, she thought I seemed to be fine as is and bought me a pacifier to put in my mouth when I started to complain. I was complaining one time about being worried of the diaper getting noticeably full under my slacks, or worse leaking through. She put the pacifier in my mouth to quiet me, but I spit it out telling her I was serious and I should at least wear some type of discreet pullup instead of these baby diapers. She quickly had me over her knees spanking my ass black and blue until I was kicking my legs begging her to stop. She took advantage of me having a private office by sending me to work with an extra diaper to change into if mine gets full, as well as 3 baby bottles with instructions to have them finished by certain times of the day. I found myself needing to change my diaper a little past halfway through the day. I learned then that when she puts a pacifier in my mouth it was a warning to shut up because she will have a solution and I will not like it. I was able to get by at work without anyone noticing that I was wearing a diaper and chastity cage under my clothes by keeping mostly in my office and sneaking my soaked diaper out in my bag. Every year at work we get a fresh batch of interns, some are hoping to get hired on full time, others happy to have something professional to put on their resume. The company has an after work social meet and greet at a nice bar to introduce the new interns to others in the company in a relaxed setting. My wife was with me as we talked with some of my colleagues and their spouses. Occasionally I would feel her hand sneak down to my diaper butt, feeling my diaper and once squeezed it. She would smile and whisper, 'don't drink too much, we didn't bring a fresh diaper' I was so scared someone would hear her or see her grabbing my diaper. I introduced her to all the new interns and we all chatted a bit with polite conversations. There was one intern my wife seemed a little fascinated with. He was tall and muscular, and used to play wide receiver in college. I never knew my wife to be that interested in football, but she seemed interested in everything he was saying. I even saw them chatting at the bar, shortly before she went to the bathroom. I didn't see where he went. My wife's mood was a lot better for weeks following the meet and greet with the interns, although she got really busy at work. She had a new client that kept her busy with work, working late nights, taking late meetings, exhausted and no interest in sex when she got home. Despite this she was smiling and cheerful when she was home. Unfortunately because we were having sex less I was getting unlocked less. I asked her if I can be unlocked on nights we weren't having sex so I can jerk off in the bathroom. She said no because she may decide she wants sex later and wants me to be ready. One time I complained too much about how long it has been sense we had sex and I had cum that she thought it best I remember my true position and took away my big boy privileges at home. As soon as I get home I drop to the floor on my hands and knees as I take off my work clothes until I am in nothing but a diaper. From there my big boy privileges like walking and talking are taken away and I have to crawl around anywhere I go. My wife thought it looked strange for someone crawling around in a diaper to have so much man hair and had me keep myself as smooth as a baby's bottom. She started buying me little shirts to wear under my work clothes so when I got home I could remove my work clothes and instantly look like a baby. Things that said ‘I’m a baby’ or ‘pampered.’ The shirts were getting noticeably more girly, one even said ‘baby girl in training.’ We weren't having that much sex, and when I really started begging to be unlocked is when she would start making a list of things I needed to do first. It started out with simple chores, but everytime I wanted to cum, more things were added to what was called my to-cum list. As if she was seeing how far I would go, while making it gradual enough that I ultimately cave. More chores were added, she would add slightly more embarrassing things for me to wear around the house, like a onesie or a little baby dress. Something I didn’t want to wear, but if it meant I was going to be unlocked and get to cum it wasn’t that bad. My to-cum list grew to where it would take me a couple days to do them, and some were perpetual, such as doing the dishes, taking off her shoes and rubbing her feet when she got home from work. One evening while my wife was working late I was so horny I was laying on the floor and when I started to move it started to feel good. I started grinding my hips on the floor, feeling some pleasure, almost as if I might be able to cum. I got lost in humping the floor in my diaper. I didn't even notice my wife standing there looking down at me as I was doing this, I eventually gave up in frustration, turned and saw her standing there with a grin ‘was that fun? I think you lasted longer with the floor than with anything.’ Frustrated for not being able to cum and embarrassed for her seeing me like that I crawled to her and gave her her foot rub. When I was unlocked I was starting to get better at lasting longer, seeing me hump in my diaper gave her the idea I should be diapered when I cum so there isn’t a mess. She started untapeing my diaper to unlock me, put the tapes back on and let me hump or rub the front of my diaper. She would put the chastity back on and tape me back up in the same diaper leaving me to sleep in my cum soaked diaper. Though I was pretty sure I was getting to five minutes, granted in my diaper, but it felt like with this embarrassment I could last longer than 5 minutes. My wife did let me have sex with her to prove how long I could last, it was so embarrassing, she brought out a kitchen timer and set it to five minutes. ‘Ok baby, let’s see what goes off first, you or the timer.’ She guided me in her while she was on her back in basic missionary. As soon as I was all the way in she said ‘you are so big,’ without any enthusiasm as if reading from a cue card. After the sounds she made with the strapon, she wasn’t even trying to sound like she was faking. She said, ‘that’s it, right there, keep going, don’t stop I’m about to cum,’ even though I knew she wasn’t as soon as the words ‘don’t stop i’m about to cum’ left her mouth I felt myself go past the point of no return, my wife recognized my face, and started chuckling. I spurted inside her to the sound of her laughing and the ticking of the kitchen timer. She locked me back up, and put me in a diaper. As she finished taping my diaper the kitchen timer went off. My wife surprised me with a visit one day at work for lunch. This was the first time she had ever stopped by and thought we could eat lunch in my office. It was the first time she had seen it and she liked that the only window in my office was the view over the city, and that it was private from the rest of the office. I asked for one of the interns to come into my office to take our lunch order. The tall, muscular one came in, I gave him my lunch order and asked my wife what she wanted. She went to the door and locked it, the intern went and sat in my chair, my wife said ‘we need to have a little talk.’ Not sure what was going on, I told the intern to get out of my seat, not even acknowledging me. My wife turned my jaw to where I was facing her and put a pacifier in my mouth, 'Why don't you show your intern your true position here?' I was horrified and panicked, my intern could not see what my wife did to me. Though her voice sounded like a kind question her eyes were demanding. With the pacifier in my mouth I knew better than to argue. I slowly started slinking down to the ground as I removed my slacks revealing the little skirt that did not do a good job covering my slightly sagging diaper. My face was burning red in humiliation, as I heard the chuckles of disbelief from my intern. I continued to remove my jacket, tie, and shirt revealing the remainder of my girly childish outfit. ‘That’s a good girl’ my wife said, first time she ever referred to me in the femine as I looked up at her in confusion and horror. She turned to my intern and said ‘I would like to introduce you to my… well er… I guess my husband,’ finishing with a laugh. My intern was laughing uncontrollably, he asked ‘what the fuck am I looking at?’ My face turned redder, I was so mad, but I was also so embarrassed I had to hide my face. My wife explained that this is what she has to deal with at home, and why she has been spending so much time with him. She felt this would be the best way to tell me that her new client was really him. She noticed my confused and disoriented look and said, ‘that’s right, you are a little baby and need it explained more.’ She went on to tell me that she first hooked up with him in the bathroom at the bar the night of the meet and greet. She then explained that every time she said she was with a new clint she was going out with him and getting fucked. She explained how long he goes on, and how his cock is bigger than the strap on. She turned to my intern to explain how I thought an average size penis was big. She told me about all the different positions she was able to do because of his physique and his stamina. She explained that’s why they quit having sex, if it could be called that, because he was able to really fuck, and go several times a night instead of getting tired and unmotivated. He has been keeping her satisfied, until she had to ‘work late’ again. My intern, still laughing, but confused asked what he was looking at. My wife explained how quick of a shooter I am, about how I have been locked in chastity for so long, me leaking and staining my boxers with cum, and she thought these diapers were a good substitute and seemed more appropriate. She told him how long I have been coming to work in diapers, and he couldn’t believe no one had noticed. She explained the deal we have and how I can be removed from chastity. She turned to me and asked ‘how many minutes do you have to last to not be in chastity? Show me with your fingers how many minutes you have to go without blowing your load,’ I didn’t want to but she said, ‘It's not that big a number, I know you can count that high,’ knowing that behind that sweet voice was a stern warning, I raised my hands up showing all five of my fingers. My intern cracked up at this, could not believe that I was unable to last 5 minutes. She went on to tell him how desperate I was to cum, and how sense they’ve started fucking she has had me do a to-cum list, a list of things before she would unlock me and allow me to cum. This is how she gets me to wear these girly baby clothes to work under my work clothes, and the chores I do, and the other things she has had me do. He laughed, and asked ‘all this for a couple minutes before cumming?’ My wife responded with a laugh ‘if that.’ She then told me to show him where all my cummies go, telling me to point where all my little messes go, wanting to cry in embarrassment I pointed to my diaper. She was making some point, but I didn’t know what it was. My wife told him about the time she came home after being with him and saw me desperately humping the floor in my diaper while locked in chastity for a while without even noticing her standing there. She turned to me ‘that was for such a long time, did you even cum?’ I gumpely shook my head no. My intern laughed as he said ‘what a pathetic sissy,’ in which my wife joined in his laughter, and I could feel my diaper getting wetter and fuller. My wife told me to get dressed and grab them some food, unless I wanted to stay and watch. Getting dressed my intern gave me his food order just as I have given him mine so many times, only my wife was unbuckling his pants while he ordered. I could see his half erect cock and it put mine to shame, I watched my wife stroke it and kiss, something she quit doing to mine after a couple accidental shots to her face. She told me her order between having his cock in her mouth. I returned with their food, a couple people from the office asking why I didn’t have an intern grab the food. I went into my office and fortunately they were fully clothed. I gave them their food, and realized I forgot to get food for myself. My wife had me back on the floor with my work clothes off, and handed me one of the bottles to drink from while they ate. After they finished eating my wife checked my diaper in front of my intern and said ‘you are a bit wet, did you want a diaper change?’ My face went back to crimson and I shook my head no, not wanting my intern to see me getting a diaper change. ‘Well,’ she said ‘unless you want your intern to change your diaper later,’ before my wife finished the sentence he blurted ‘fuck no I’m not changing a diaper.’ she continued ‘well, looks like it is now or when you get home. Do you think this diaper is going to make it until you get home?’ Her and I both knew based on the condition of my diaper that it would be leaking before I left the office. Unless I wanted to bring attention to my butt with a massive pee spot I would be getting my diaper changed in front of my intern. When he saw the small plastic pink cage, he couldn’t believe I was small enough to fit in there. Both agreed that there was no way he would even fit in that. In a fresh diaper my wife let me put on my work clothes before she left, giving my intern a long kiss. My intern flashed me a grin as he left my office. Since my wife told me about her affair with my intern she felt like she no longer needed to hide it and he started being a regular at the house. He would see me crawling around the house in a diaper and whatever clothes my wife had me wear, usually something girly. He was the one that thought it was a good idea that my hair be in pigtails. One day he commented on how the place could use a maid, and produced a sexy maids uniform for me to wear while I did chores, and thought I should curtsey to my superiors. My face would always turn an extra shade of red when I curtseyed him acknowledging him as my superior in my home. He was certainly enjoying humiliating the boss. He was even there on the times my wife let me cum. My wife never watched me, but my intern wanted to see how bad it was and I was forced to hump a pillow in my diaper wearing a little skirt, girly shirt, sucking on a pacifier, my hair in pigtails, while listening to him laugh at me. Somehow even through all of that I lasted only a couple minutes. When I rolled over on my back after finishing in my diaper, my intern couldn’t believe I was already done, my wife came by, locked me back up and taped me back in my diaper. Another time he wanted to watch me hump my pillow while I was locked. It was feeling so good, I didn’t even care that he was laughing, until I gave up in exhaustion. I was moved to the guest room, as he took over my spot in the bedroom. At work I quit asking him to do anything, really almost all the interns, I tried to avoid him as much as possible, and I was never able to look him in the eyes. He certainly enjoyed the dynamic change, and would make a point to pass by me to ask ‘how’s that diaper sissy?’ or ‘I can still taste your wife from this morning.’ I was assigned a project and was told to pick one intern to work with on it. Unfortunately everyone at work knew it was my decision, so at home he and my wife both agreed that I should choose him. Without a choice I picked him, he was in my office quite a bit so he suggested I move in and we share the office while working on the project. I asked him where his desk would fit, he said, ‘you mean your desk, I will be using the one that is already there. I figure a little sissy baby like you will be happy on the floor.’ Realizing I didn’t have a choice in this either, I convinced the company to let him to temporarily move into my office during the project despite there only being one desk. Him and my wife both agreed that while I was at work and it was just the two of us there I should be in my true position and remove my adult clothes and be confined to the floor of my office. Without a say in the matter I was spending my work days sitting on my floor working, wearing a diaper and some girly baby outfit, sucking on a pacifier, hair in pigtails with ribbons, and a little bow, while my work clothes lay on a chair. With the project we made it to where there was no reason for me to leave the office, he would handle the important meetings, and I would stay in my office and work in my outfit. When leaving the office people would mention how they never see me leave my office during the day, not even to use the bathroom. I would laugh it off and say I was really busy. Which I was, but it started with me teaching him some of the things he needed to know for the project to him taking over more and more of it. I always had to work late, to take care of what would normally be intern work, but he decided it should be my work. I would spend almost the entire day with him at work only to get home and to the sounds of him fucking my wife. The sounds she made were even more intense then when she made me wear a strapon. I would be in my ‘true position’ as soon as I entered the door, unless I was completing something off of my to-cum list. If I was cleaning or serving them I was required to have my maids uniform on. One thing added to the to-cum list was serving them water after anytime they finished fucking. Which meant if I heard them fucking that was my cue to be ready in my maids uniform to serve them water. I usually had other chores to do that required me to be in the maids uniform, so I usually did those while they were fucking. Though sometimes my intern would have me reclean some things, but I think it was more for his amusement of watching me clean in such a ridiculous outfit. One of the times I went to serve them water after they were done fucking, I curtesyed in my maids outfit after serving them water as I have been instructed, neither bothering to cover up which was normal. My wife thought it was the perfect time to show me something. She removed my diaper and had me display my pink little cage. She brought him over explaining to me that he is completely flaccid, she brought his dick next to my cage making mine seem so much smaller as the shaft of his cock was thicker and longer than my entire cage, and that’s not talking about the head. She said ‘See, his is way too big to even fit in something so small.’ He was obviously bigger than me, but I didn’t need the extra humiliation of her comparing it side by side. I never wanted a diaper on more at that time to cover my tiny little cage. She put my diaper back on me and kicked me out. On one of my to-cum lists she put on there she wanted to see Daddy change my diaper. I was mortified, first this was the first time my intern has been referred to as Daddy, and second, though he had seen me get a diaper change and that is embarrassing enough. I knew there was no point arguing, and it isn’t that big of a deal, but I really didn’t want to have to ask him for a diaper change. It was the last thing on my to-cum list, one day at the office while he was sitting at my desk working and I was sitting on the floor dressed in my ridiculous outfit doing some work, I finally got the nerve to ask my intern if he would give me a diaper change in front of my wife tonight. He burst out laughing and said ‘fuck no, I think it’s funny that you wear them, hump them, cum in them, and piss in them, but I am not changing your diaper. That’s between you two. When I told my wife what he said, she said it didn’t bother her if I didn’t cum, it is the last thing on the to-cum list for now before more things are added. The next day I asked my intern again if he would change my diaper in front of my wife, this time I was begging him. He still said no, desperate and hoping to appeal to his enjoyment of my humiliation, I put my hands together looking up from him on my knees, trying to sound as little girlish as possible, I asked, ‘pwease Daddy, will you change my diaper tonight? pwetty pwease’ He laughed immediately which I expected, but it still stung, and said ‘how can I say no to something as precious as that? Let me think… um… no,’ and he continued laughing. I turned away and he said ‘wait, wait, why are you wanting me to change your diaper?’ I told him because it was on my to-cum list. He asked, ‘so if I don’t change your diaper in front of your wife, she won’t let you cum?’ I confirmed, and he said ok and I was getting excited, probably overly excited about another man changing my diaper, but followed up saying I need to do two things before he would change me. First he wanted me to ask him for a diaper change in front of my wife just as I did then. As humiliating as that was, it wouldn’t be that much worse in front of my wife at this point. Then he said followed with, ‘second, I want you to suck my dick.’ I immediatly said ‘no way, besides you are already getting head and fucking my wife, pretty much every morning and night.’ He said, ‘yeah, but not while I’m at work.’ I couldn’t believe how much this guy could go. I still held firm of no. I have done some pretty humiliating things, but I have to draw the line somewhere. He said, ‘it doesn’t bother me if you ever cum again, but if you do then it looks like you will need to make sure I cum first.’ Over a week went by, other things were added to the to-cum list, which I did hoping that maybe my wife would let it slide on him changing my diaper. I also would ask if there was something else I could do, and he would say, ‘nope, you just need to suck my dick until I cum, that’s all.’ I found myself humping pillows and the arm of the couch to the sounds of them fucking. I started thinking about her sucking his dick, and then me sucking his dick, and while I was frustratingly humping a pillow, it didn’t seem so bad sucking his dick. I have already sunk pretty low, I don’t think it is really too much, I was whimpering as I was humping knowing I wasn’t going to get releaf, but somehow couldn’t stop myself. I might as well agree, it won’t be that bad, and then it will be over and off the list. The next day at work I finally gathered the courage and told my intern I would do it, he asked me what I was talking about. I said, ‘I will do what you want so I can have a diaper change.’ He had me remind him what that was again, when I said I would suck his dick he replied, ‘you want to suck my dick like your wife?’ Turning red I said no, but he said if I really wanted a diaper change then I must want to suck his dick. So if I wanted to suck his dick to get a diaper change that night, then he needs me to ask him to suck his dick. I knew his reasoning was flawed, but also knew there was no way around it. So I begrudgingly said, ‘Please can I suck your dick,’ he wasn’t happy with my tone, and thought I should ask like I will have to ask him for a diaper change that evening. Doing the best I could to get the words out I asked, ‘pwetty pwease Daddy, can I suck your cock?’ He responded with ‘of course you can,’ and moved my old chair back so I could crawl between his legs and put my head to his lap. He didn’t even bother to unzip his pants, he was making me do all the work. I unzipped his pants and brought his large heavy flaccid cock to my mouth. I kissed the head of it using my tongue a little bit, I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, I placed the warm head of his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it as I felt it slowly grow in my mouth. He told me to suck on his balls, so as I stroked his cock I sucked on his balls, popping them in my mouth. I could feel his cock was fully erect so I started bobbing my head up and down on it. I wasn’t able to reach all the way down, so I relied on my hand to stroke his cock while I bobbed my head. At one point he grabbed my pigtails and started controlling the rhythm of my bobbing saying, ‘I knew these would come in handy.’ I continued stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other while he continued to control my head. He put his hand on the back of my head and started facefucking me. He started off gental, testing how far he could go before I started gagging. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth pushing it to the back of my throat, trying to hold it longer and go deeper until I was really gagging and he would pull back. When I really gagged I would feel a rush of pee leave my bladder into my diaper. Once he found a comfortable limit with me he started to really fuck my head. My hand was still on his shaft to reach what my mouth couldn’t. I could feel his cock grow even more, and without a warning, and leaving my head in place I felt him shoot his first warm load into my mouth, in shock I tried to pull my head back, but his hand on the back of my head kept me from moving as another spurt came with more cum, I felt some of it leaving my mouth, dripping down my chin, and falling onto my shirt. There were two more spurts and my mouth was full, holding it in and wanting to spit it out some place he said, ‘open your mouth and let me see,’ I did as he asked and showed him, then he said ‘good girl, now swallow it.’ I almost swallowed out of shock at the request, but stared dumbfounded at him with his load in mouth. ‘You heard me, be a good girl and swallow Daddy’s load.’ Begrudgingly I did, feeling the stickiness stick to my throat as it slid down. ‘Don’t forget what spilled on your chin,’ I took my finger and scooped the cum that dripped down my chin and sucked my finger clean. ‘Now finish cleaning Daddy’s cock.’ There was still some cum on his cock, so I put his cock back in my mouth sucking the last couple drops out, as I did so he said ‘good girl, you’re Daddy’s little slut.’ With his cock clean, he zipped up his pants, and noticed the drops of cum on my shirt, ‘looks like you need a bib.’ At home I brought him a fresh diaper, and as he requested in front of my wife, on my knees with my hands clasped together I said, ‘pweaty pwease Daddy, will you change my diaper, pweeeaaase?’ Both of them laughed at me and he said ok. I laid on my back while he changed my diaper in the same fashion as my wife. I asked if I could be unlocked during my diaper change, and he said there was no way he was risking me being unlocked and cumming on him during a diaper change, and I would have to ask my wife about that. She said tomorrow, because there was another thing added to the to-cum list that needed to be done first. A couple days later while I was home my wife had a present for me. I unwrapped it to find a bib that said ‘Daddy’s Little Cumslut,’ my face went crimson, as she told me about how she heard how I begged Daddy to give him a blowjob at work, I tried to protest and say that’s not the whole truth, but she wouldn’t hear any of it. I did beg him for a blowjob, but she wouldn’t listen to anything past that. She laughed as she said, ‘I can’t believe you begged for the milk out of Daddy's bottle.’ That was so crude and that wasn’t exactly what happened. From that point on I was to call him Daddy, and I was to wear that bib at work anytime I sucked Daddy’s cock. Which started to turn into a daily thing. It started out with anytime he said, ‘put on your bib’ was my cue to put on my ‘Daddy’s Little Cumslut’ bib and suck his cock. Eventually it turned to when I noticed he could use a stress relief I was to put my bib on myself, crawl up to him, look up at him in my chair and in that little girly voice ask, ‘Daddy, can I please suck your dick.’ At which point he would roll my chair back and I gave him a blowjob. They decided I should move into a cot at the foot of their bed. Sense I wanted Daddy’s cock and cum so much, then I can be there to help out. I protested, but that left me with a bruised ass and a punishment plug up my ass as a reminder to not argue, and still in a cot at the foot of their bed. It started with me giving them both head at the beginning to get them started, their fluffer, then they would have me watch on the bed. I couldn’t believe the positions they were getting into, even when I used the strapon, there was no way I had the muscle to do some of those things. I hated how hot it was to watch live porn, even if it was my intern fucking my wife, it was really cucking hot, I mean fucking hot. When he finished I would have to clean his cum out of my wife’s pussy. As time went on they got more comfortable and had me participate a little more, such as licking his balls while my wife rode him, or lick her clit while he fucks her, and even finishing in my mouth instead of my wife’s pussy. One time she requested us to reenact the first time I went down on him, I had to crawl over to him sitting in a chair and beg to suck his cock. This wasn’t the whole truth, I was made to make it more to my wife’s thoughts of it then the reality of it. So I crawled over to Daddy sitting in a chair, putting my hands on his lap, already removing his belt, I said ‘pwetty pwease Daddy, can suck your dick,’ I cringed at having to follow it with, ‘can I pwease dwink the milk from your bottle.’ I was unzipping his pants as he said, ‘such an eager little sissy, how can I say no to that?’ I had his cock out and in my mouth. This was already an inaccurate reenactment, because I certainly did not take his cock in mouth the same way. I was a lot better at sucking his dick, and my gag reflex was a lot better, to where I was able to get most of him down my throat. Some of the things did remain the same, he did grab my pigtails to control my head, he did grab the back of my head and further train my throat, and when I did gag I involuntarily let out a gush of pee in my diaper, except this time my nose was now touching his pelvis and his balls were against my chin for the first time. He continued to slowly face fuck me now with his balls slapping my chin with each thrust. When he blew his load in my mouth I was now used to it, that I had no problem keeping his load in my mouth. I showed it to him, and my wife interjected, ‘I thought there was cum that dripped down his face, that’s where that stain on that shirt came from, and the reason I bought him that adorable bib.’ Daddy said that’s right and gave me a look, I let some of his cum fall out of my mouth drip down my chin and on my shirt. Everything else played out as it did more or less. He told me to swallow, and clean my chin, only I went straight back to his cock to clean it without being told. At work it is getting near the end of the time of the interns and the project. Daddy is most likely getting hired on, though not sure what position yet, which means I will not get much reprieve at work at the end of this, but I will at least get my office back after the project. One day while we were in what has become our office, one of the other interns barged in. The door was always locked so this was completely unexpected and I quickly crawled under my desk, hoping he did not see the obvious thing being me in pigtails in a diaper in girly baby clothes, as well as the obviousness of my diapered butt crawling away to hide. Daddy told this intern to come in anytime today to get a letter of recommendation, and I would have no problem writing it. This intern was planning to go elsewhere and wanted a glowing recommendation. After seeing me as I was dressed, it was not a difficult choice. Then he wanted more for his silence, he would be leaving so it wasn’t like he would have to be bought for long. He wanted a blowjob from the cute little diapered sissy boss. I put on my bib and sucked his cock. He couldn’t help but comment on my bib. He wasn’t as big as what I was used to so it was a little easier. After he came in my mouth, I held my mouth open showing it to him and he laughed at how he got a blowjob by his boss dressed like this, then kneeling down looking up at him with a mouth full of his cum, and a bib saying ‘Daddy’s Little Cumslut’, waiting for him to tell me to swallow it. He told me to swallow it and I did. I then did as I was told and crawled to my area on the floor and wrote his letter of recommendation. During this time, my punishment plug became my at work plug, and my punishment plugs would get bigger and bigger. There were times I knew I did nothing wrong, but was told something I did wrong to deserve the punishment plug. After I got used to it, the punishment plug would go bigger. Once I got used to the new size of the plug, it would feel nice at times. I would sometimes find myself pressing into it through my diaper as I watched them fuck from my cot. My wife decided not to take my plug out when she unlocked me after I completed everything off of the to-cum list. The feeling of the plug pressing up in me, hitting this certain spot as I humped my diaper, I could feel my ass clinch tight around the plug pressing it more into that spot as I had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. I was too tired and feeling too blissful to crawl back to my wife to be locked back up. My wife came in and found me passed out still hunched over my pillow from where I was when I orgasmed. She woke me up and turned me over, saying she was thinking I actually lasted over 5 minutes, only to find me passed out in the same pillow humping position. One time my wife noticed I was playing with my plug while I was watching them fuck. She thought I wanted to join in more. She thought with my hole used to a plug, I should be good for the strapon that I used to use to fuck her with. My wife put on the strapon, lubed up with my butt in the air, she slowly entered, it took a moment to get used to, but after a couple pumps from her I end up letting out a moan. She continued to go slow allowing me to get used to it, and embarrassingly enjoy it. I was leaking out of my cage, and my wife would catch some of it and put it up to my mouth for me to eat it. The taste of cum didn’t bother me anymore, and though I wouldn't admit it, I was developing a taste for it. Daddy moved over, grabbed my head and brought it to his cock. The feeling of my wife fucking me was feeling too good, I took his cock hungrly in my mouth. I was moaning from the pleasure of the dildo in my ass, pushing my hips back in forth as my wife thrusted in and out while at the same time he was fucking my face, driving his cock all the way down my throat with his balls slapping on my chin. It was insane how good this was feeling, I was feeling the pleasure intinsify more and more, my ass was clinching around the strapon as I was feeling this intense wave of pleasure go through me, feeling it shoot through my entire body, all this time Daddy is fucking my face. I felt a release finally shoot out of my chastity, a couple more shots and waves of pleasure as my wife continued to fuck me. I almost pass out from the pleasure, my wife notices that I seem to be slipping, and while still fucking me slaps my ass hard and tells me we aren’t done yet. She scoops up the cum from the sheets and places it on the strapon so I can feel my cum inside me. I continue to work on Daddy’s cock while my wife fucks me. Daddy finally finishes in my mouth, and I am put back in my diaper. As it was so obvious that I orgasmed from being fucked, and I clearly enjoyed it, my wife saw no reason to unlock me. She grabs the key from her hiding spot, breaks the key inside the lock, and puts a dab of superglue over it for good measure. I am from that point on permanently locked and chastity, and if I wanted to orgasm, I would need to get my little hole fucked. Eventually I started taking Daddy’s cock up my ass. It hurt at first, and took some getting used to, but soon enough it was feeling so good, and I was enjoying the feeling of him fucking me. At one time while he was fucking me, my wife asked if I understood why she like fucking him so much, without realizing what I was saying and only thinking of the pleasure I was feeling I moaned ‘oh, fuck yes.’ I found myself having such intense orgasms by him, and not just one, but I would have multiple. Sometimes my cum was fed to me other times added as lube, either way it was getting back inside me. During the time I didn’t care, Daddy felt too good. Sometimes he would cum in my ass, sometimes he would finish in my mouth, sometimes he would push me to the side and fuck my wife. My wife commented how I can finally last more than 5 minutes. At the end of the interns time, Daddy stayed, and due to how well we did with the last project they created a position that is basically us sharing a position. As there weren't any complaints during us sharing an office, and productivity was at its best it was decided that we continue to share the office, which means I am still going to look like the diapered sissy I am at the office and at the home with no real break to ever be a man. By this point I have come to terms and gotten used to the situation. Daddy and my wife decided that they wanted to have some privacy, and thought I should have my own room. They turned the guest bedroom into a nursery with a crib for me to sleep in. They put in a baby monitor so I could still listen to them have sex and not get too lonely. Sometimes I crawl to them and ask Daddy to fuck my little hole so I can cum. He doesn’t always give in, sometimes he makes me ask my wife first, and she usually has me do something first before she would allow it. But when he does, I am always so grateful when Daddy fucks my hole, the feeling just turns me into a dumb horny little slut.
  15. Disclaimer: contains sexual content... Kitty-Kat’s Little Adventure Kitty was absolutely buzzed with excitement as the tv flickered to her favorite show. She focused on bright colors, glancing over the jumbled words that appeared on the screen. Reading was not a needed skill when she had her daddy to tell her stories all the time. At daycare, they taught her how to spell her name and that was all she needed to know. Daddy called her his little Kitty Kat. Though, sometimes it was Little Miss Crinkle Pants, Lil Stinker, or Poo poo Machine like on her bib, tied around her neck. But of course, she was daddy’s kitty first and foremost. There was no question about that as she bounced in his lap, legs splayed in only a very thick diaper. “Dada wook!” she exclaimed, unfazed by the dribbling milk coming from her mouth. “Oh, yes very nice! Does Kitty like the colors?” Like a bobblehead, she nodded enthusiastically, two bleached blonde pigtails swinging back and forth. “Drink your baba. Be a good girl.” The rubber teat teased her lips eventually being allowed to enter. A feeling of calm washed over her, focused on the moving images that did make much sense. Falling back into the comfort of Dada’s broad chest, she continued to suck down all thirty-two ounces of the creamy white liquid. Despite the protest from her very chubby tummy, Kitty continued to drink. At almost 5 ft. 10 in, twenty-four years old, and weighing one-hundred and forty pounds, she felt tiny in his muscular arms. He was at least a foot taller, able to lift her and all the extra baggage she carried. Dada said chubby girls were healthy girls. That’s why he’d fattened her up from the stick she had once been. That was a long long time ago. The dark days. A time when she had no Dada and was all on her own. Where would she be now if he hadn’t rescued her? Kitty didn’t like to think about that. Going to a boring school called Harvard and studying to be a lawyer… it was not very fun. Do you know what was fun? Daycare! Every day she got to play dress up and make finger paintings for Dada. Plus, Rosie and Evie were there and they were her bestest friends in the entire world! They weren’t like the ones from before. What were their names? It was a long longgg time ago. She knew they weren’t good girls because Dada said they weren’t and he is always right. That’s why he rescued her that night, her head fuzzy from the icky drink that was definitely not her baba! He’d become her new home… taking her away from the loud place and her big girl clothes that no little girl should wear. It was for the best, Kitty knew now. She’d put up a terrible tantrum but Dada said that was ok. It’s how little girl behave. Just not too often… then it was just bratty. ooOoo This was why Friday nights were his favorite: no work, all the beer he could drink, and best of all… playtime with his little Kitty- Kat. The hypnosis series was a success, leaving her even more dependent and in need to mess. Finishing the last drops of her bottle laced with laxatives, Deliria, and his special milk, to say she was on another planet would be an understatement. The drug, Deliria, did exactly what it sounded like. Within minutes she would be delirious, increasing her libido until she was nothing but an icky mess of sweat, tears, and poop. Of course, he’d taken special measures, locking her little kitten. His Kitty couldn’t get all the fun! While she got playtime at daycare this was Dada’s time. To her, he was Dada and that’s all he would ever be. Nowadays adult babies were all the rage on the black market. Diaper clad and with their minds turned to mush, never would he have trouble finding his own woman. It’s not like he was ugly. Being a personal trainer, at the gym five days a week, many ladies came up to him. Tall, tanned skin with dark hair, chiseled jaw, and smoldering blue eyes (their words, not his!) he could have anyone he wanted. But he chose his little Kitty. The switch in her mind was all too obvious, watching as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, eyes fluttering shut. Rocking her hips as the drug took effect, the crinkling padding was enough to turn him on. He’d fitted her with four diapers, extra absorbent and leakproof. Now, after the past two hours of continuous laxatives… Lord have mercy. Her lips wobbled, little whimpers emitting from her throat. “Dada!” she breathed. “Tickwle Dada! Hewp!” frustration coated her voice as her movements quickened, unable to achieve her desired release. So unbelievably sexy… if only the world could see the gem he had captured and what they were missing. “Does your kitten tickle, princess?” he groaned. “Tell Dada to touch you. Use your words.” Even if she could speak, the girl was too lost in her own world. His hand moved to her chest, rolling the two little pebbles between his fingers, wrinkly and dark compared to pale hue. They’d played this game long enough for the fingerless mitts no longer to be needed. Kitty knew better than to touch her little buttons. Little girls were not mature enough. That’s why it was Dada’s responsibility. It could’ve been minutes or hours but like a bubbling volcano of lava, her stomach rumbled, churning beneath the touch of his hand. “Is my Kitty gonna make a present for Dada?” ooOoo “Just let go…” his breathe, warm and minty, tickled her ear. “Dada’s got you.” Her emotions were a kaleidoscope of colors. Pure ecstasy... euphoria... but with a little touch of salt. It was like being lost in a maze. The exit so close yet so far. She could hear his voice, feel his presence, but the words died on her tongue as soon as they arose. Her heart thundered in her chest, threatening to break free. It was as if her entire body was a wire, tense, waiting to snap. As her toes curled and back arched, quick breathless pants escaped her lips. Had she died and gone to heaven? Trembling, the sound of rumpled diapers filled her ears. A moment later, there was a boom. Had her heart exploded? It felt like it was about to. “That’s it baby. Make poopies for Dada… such a good girl.” Poopies? Grunting as her belly, let out a big push and a warm load filled her back side. Seated on Dada’s lap, her thighs continued to spread, the dark brown padding expanding rapidly. By this point, her head was consumed with just as mush as her tush. Hours could’ve passed and she wouldn’t have noticed. Kitty didn’t have a care in the world because floating among the stars, life could not get much better than this. However later… it was not so magical any longer. “No, Kitty, no tears. Do you want a spanky?” his voice was dark and scary. The girl shivered, suckling urgently on the rubber bulb between her lips. She only wanted more playtime! Now he was being a meanie! Against her will, tears sprouted in her eyes, a funny feeling, almost heavy, tingling in her chest. Her leg kicked, hands forming into fists. It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t- “Don’t make Dada pull out the straps.” he squeezed her face in his hand, bent over her on the changing mat. The tv played in the background. Sports. Kitty just wanted her show back. Whining loudly, a sharp slap landed down on the inside of her thigh. Changing times were never her favorite because it was always chilly and she had to stop playing. Right now, it looked like a literal bomb had gone off yet still bucked her hips. Sliding further around in her mess, climbing up her backside she was desperate. Nothing would sooth her aching kitten. Dada said all kittens had to wear collars and her’s just happened to be between her legs. It was very annoying being constantly itchy down there. Rosie’s mommy itched her Kitten but Dada said it wasn’t proper for little girls. Now, she was angry. Her tummy felt funny and the happy feeling had disappeared. “Mowe poopies!” she demanded with a pout. Poopies equaled happy feelings and happy feelings equaled happy Kitty. “You can poo as much as you want darling,” he held his hands up. “But no more happy feelings until Next Friday. Does Kitty understand Dada?” No. She did not. Covered in poop, the girl wailed, feet and hands slamming down upon the ground. Needless to say... she was no longer in a happy mood and the adventure was over. ooOoo Hey everyone!! Here’s another story :)). My goal is to try to post original work on my tumblr: livelovediapers24- at least once a month so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!! I should update Lulu's Little Adventures soon!!
  16. A/N: Hey all! I just wanted to post this quick little one-shot! It’s currently 5:00 am and I wrote this to procrastinate sleeping. Hope you all enjoy!! ooOoo Poppy Jacobs. His flower. His little girl. She was his favorite of the girls he’d acquired so far. He’d forgotten what it felt like to take care of another. How to be a true Daddy. It was the most precious feeling in the world. He knew he made the right choice when he spotted her one year ago. Parker Montgomery was her name. A young college student who thought she was too smart for the world. But now she was exactly where and who she should be. He smiled, snapping a picture on his phone of his flower, the pointed pink party hat secured around her chubby face. Her warm brown eyes, full of resignation, glanced up at the camera. The fight was fun. It always was in the beginning but there came a point when they realized it was a losing game. Their broken spirit was just as rewarding- the first step in becoming truly his. “Flower, do you like your present?” a warm feeling spread throughout his chest, the smile radiating across his face. His flower was perfect- absolutely stunning. Not like the other Poppy’s who’d wilted and died. “Yeth Dada,” her voice was high, airy, obedient. She knew better than to disobey. The welts on her bottom were testament. “Tell Dada how much you love your birthday present baby!" his voice rose in excitement Tears filled her eyes and a drop slowly dribbled down her flushed pale skin. The chains of the restraints around her ankles and wrists jingled- a sweet reminder of her inability to escape. “Poppy wove her pwesent Dada,” she answered dejectedly, shackled hands in her lap. Submission- the one thing he craved was what he now had. There was a time she would’ve screamed and cried. There was a time she would’ve tried to attack and run. He treated her with meticulous care. Not a strand of her raven hair was out of place, pulled back in two tight ponytails on top of her head. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, without a blemish and stomach round and full, due to her daily bottles of expressed breast milk and mashed foods. Now here she sat naked on her princess potty, body slumped down in defeat. Her sodden diaper stained yellow sat at her feet. “Dada knows it’s Poppy's birthday today and you want to be a big girl. If you can show Dada how you can use the big girl potty, maybe we can try pull-ups and potty training.” Her eyes lit up as if she’d just received a puppy. “You have ten minutes to make a tinkle and a poo-poo. When Dada comes back and if the princess potty is empty- bye-bye potty training. Do you understand, flower?” Like a bobble head, she nodded quickly, a new energy rushed through her body. “Words, poppy.” “Yeth, Dada!” ooOoo Today was March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as the day of her kidnapping. In her kidnappers mind- her birthday. She only knew him by the name of Daddy, Dada, or Papa. He was careful not to reveal any information about himself. The most she’d found out about him in the past year was that he was a violent and dangerous man. If the illusions to previous captive girls told her anything- they were dead. He referred to them as his Flowers and the others having “wilted and died.” If that wasn’t a symbol for death, she didn’t know what was. After many spankings, soapy mouths, catheters and enemas, she learned there was a breaking point. The twenty one year old- now turned one- was not sure when it happened but it did. Like a file cabinet, her memories of before were stored away at the back of her brain so she could become who she is now. Parker Montgomery: the fit, sociable, Nebraska State College student, majoring in History was a thing of the past. A distant memory fading each day. Nowadays her only goal was making her daddy proud, finishing her bottles and being the best little girl she can be. She did not want to wilt and die. While Poppy knew, she’d possibly never gain her adulthood back, having been rendered incontinent, this was a first step. A baby step. An odd feeling churned in her tummy, seated on the pink plastic seat. It had been so long since she’d been out of her diapers. It’s not that she liked them but she’d become used to them. The soft padding felt like being cocooned in a warm fuzzy blanket. This potty was hard and plastic. It was cold beneath her powdered bottom. Before, if she even looked at the toilet, a severe lashing was applied against her tender skin. Now he wanted her to use it. She didn’t understand. Poppy could hear him in the kitchen, just around the corner. The television played. It was set to the show, Mr. Potty Head. A show for potty- training littles. Her eyes widened, the inflated pink paci bobbing up and down in her mouth. This was a no-no show. Wasn’t good for babies. Babies like her went potty in diapees. She would wait patiently, squishing around in her mess for dada to change her. First there was the front pat to see how wet she was and then the two fingers down the back. She’d lay back, spread her legs, and wait patiently as her dada untapped the padding and ran the warm wipe across her princess parts before powdering and re-diapering her. Sometimes it was double padding, sometimes it was triple. He said it made her more cute, crawling around the house with her diapered bum wiggling in the air as she swayed unsteadily on her hands and knees. Rarely was she clothed because it would make it too difficult for a quick change. She’d grown comfortable naked, learning to ignore her chubby stomach and thick thighs. Now, she was being given a chance to grow up. To prove that she was a big girl- something she’d desperately wanted. Why was she so afraid? All she had to do was push. Her eyes squeezed shut, nose wrinkling as she attempted to loosen her bowels. To let loose a little dribble of pee. C’mon Poppy! Be a big girl- “Flower?” Oh no. Her eyes flashed open, the warm tones of the grey room flooding back. The man with sandy colored hair, tan skin and sharp jaw peered down at her. His eyes, an ocean blue, narrowed. He towered over her, already a foot taller and frowned. The color drained from her face. She whimpered, “Dada!” He sighed, shaking his head and arms crossed over his chest. “It’s been ten minutes, baby.” She got lost in her mind. Again. “Did someone make a present for Dada?” Lying was what naughty girls did but telling the truth could get her spankies… “Baby? I’m waiting for an answer.” His tone was short. Clipped. If he heard the shakiness in her voice, he chose to not to comment. “I…” the words were numb on her tongue. “I no able to go pothy.” Her head bowed, waiting for the stern rebuke. But it never came. “You did your best, Flower.” his voice was unusually soft with a hint of sincerity? No. She couldn’t be hearing that right. Hesitantly, her head lifted up, surprised by the fact he’d squatted down to her height. “It’s ok, Poppy. Dada isn’t mad.” He’s not? She sunk down on the seat, her hand in his. “You’re just a baby. Girls as little as you aren’t ready to use the potty. That’s ok though because we have diapers.” Once again, tears welled up in her eyes and snot ran from her nose. No, please! One more try. One more- Her restrained arms shot out, reaching for him to pick her up. “Dadaaa!” The wail of a baby echoed from her body. Parker no! You’re bigger than this! “Potty scawy!” Stop this nonsense! Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life in a diaper? “I know, baby!” he cooed. “We’ll try again next year on your birthday. How about that, hmm? It seems someone wants to stay my little flower.” Yes. she sighed in relief, suckling on the rubber object. No, Parker, listen to me! Listen— Maybe even next year the restraints will come off. She’s been a good girl. She has, she really has! “Now let’s get you into a clean diaper. I bet that’ll feel good. Won’t it baby?” he asked gently. The man didn’t wait for a response, helping her shift down to the ground were a changing mat was already laid out. “Now Flower,” he began, fiddling with a few other things she couldn’t see. “Dada doesn’t want to do this but I want my favorite princess to have the best birthday.” Oh no. Please god, not this- “I know they are not your favorite people but Mr and Mrs. Bubbles wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” she could hear the smile in his voice, setting up the enema and suppositories. “Afterward you can play in your jolly jumper, how about that?” Well… that did sound pretty fun. Sometimes it was best just to ignore the big girl voices in her mind because that wasn’t who she was anymore. She was just a little baby. His little flower.
  17. Little Gin-Gin's Trip to the Mall *this is only the first out of many to come* ooOoo Chapter 1: “Is my little Gin-gin excited to meet Santa!?” her mommy asked, gasping as if she were surprised. From their place in line, she could see about fifty other adult-babies with their mommies and daddies. Some eagerly awaited to meet the fat, white-haired man in the red suite while others sulked, mortified at the prospect of having to sit on a grown-man's lap in front of a crowd of strangers. “Are you going to tell Santa everything you want for Christmas?” the woman bounced her in her arms, squeezing the back of her thick oversized diaper. Crinkling loudly, Ginny didn’t give it a second thought. Her self worth had been lost a long time ago. No longer did she care who saw her naked or diapered. The mall, possibly the most public place you could be seen in, was where they were. Deck the Halls played loudly over the speakers and littles gathered around the large sparkly Christmas tree, eagerly watching the train go round and round in circles. The general atmosphere was a happy one. Holiday music filled the air as people did last minute Christmas shopping, dragging their littles in tow or dropping them off at the mall daycare. Ginny couldn’t help but blush as her mommy, placed a big sloppy wet kiss on her cheek. Her eyes drifted down, catching just a hint of the white diaper, peeking out from her frilled, velvety red dress. Soleless, shining black Mary Jane’s were strapped onto her feet and ruffled white socks that went up to almost her knees. The girl was convinced that dress up was her mommy’s favorite part of the day. Never was she to look less than her best, which meant looking the most little she could be. There was a time when she would’ve rebelled. There was a time she would've screamed and cried, refusing to leave the house until her mommy had to drag her out. But that time had passed and now she had resigned herself to the fact that she was never escaping. All she could do was suck it up and pretend. Good girls were rewarded with treats. Naughty girls received spankings. That was something she did not want. Next in line, a feeling of fear suddenly formed in the pit of her stomach. Gripping onto the front of her mommy’s shirt, the ginger-haired girl hid her face in the woman’s warm, soft bosom, tightening her legs around her waist. Laughs were heard as her mommy kissed her head, and they were called up. The fake Santa gave a friendly smile, motioning for them to come forward. “Ohhh, is the baby shy?” a worker cooed, approaching them. He was dressed as an elf with big ears, pointy shoes and a pointy hat. “Why doesn’t mommy come up with us! You wouldn’t want Santa to forget any presents, would you?” Could Santa grant her her freedom? Could Santa give her a phone so she could call the police and escape this place? The answer was no. There was nothing Santa could give her. They didn’t wait for an answer and her heart skipped a beat as she was taken from the warmth of her mommy’s arms. It was sickening how much she had begun to depend on her. A high pitched squeal escaped her lips as she was placed on the man’s lap, pressed against his beer belly. It didn’t surprise her at how she fit perfectly snug on his lap and he held onto her waist, ensuring she didn’t slip off. “Well, hohoho! You can call me Santa, what's your name?” the man asked in a loud jovial voice, his breath smelling of mint. His long beard tickled her skin leaving her wanting to pull on it. “M-mommy cawl me, Gin-gin ow Ginny!” as she spoke, drool dribbled from her mouth, and if the Santa imposter noticed or cared, he didn’t show it. Beside them, her mommy beamed, taking numerous pictures on her phone. Ginny knew that when spoke it either had to be in her baby voice or she was to stay silent. She had worked hard to perfect the high and squeaky voice, but her inability to pronounce words came naturally after over half of her teeth were removed and twisted around in her mouth. Was she in constant immense pain? Yes. Did her mommy care? No. She thought her speech impediment was cute and teethers had become her new best friend. Plus the constant drooling that resulted from the procedure was an extra bonus. “Well, Gin-gin, have you been a good or a naughty girl?” “Goo’!” she squealed, bouncing lightly in his lap, much to the enjoyment of everyone watching. In another life, she could’ve been an actress. That’s how good she was at pretending. “Why don’t you tell Santa what you want for Christmas.” She leaned forward, smelling the faintest whiff of cinnamon and cupped her hand around his ear, coming up with things on the spot. “My elves down at the North Pole are working very very hard to prepare. I can promise that you are going to have a very happy Christmas.” She continued to smile, giggling at all the right moments as she sucked on her fingers. A woman elf stood behind the camera, making funny faces as they did with all littles to get them to smile. Ginny beamed, making sure to show her toothless mouth as the pictures were taken. Beside them stood Jill Anderson, usually a stern woman, but today unusually happy. The woman already knew what her Christmas cards were going to be as she glanced down at her little’s exposed diaper, rapidly turning yellow, and she didn’t even realize. This year was going to be a great Christmas. ooOoo A/N: Hey! I just wanted to do a quick Christmas one shot, since the holidays are coming up!! For those who don’t remember or didn’t read it, Ginny was the new nurse from Emmy’s story who was taken and regressed by Jill Anderson, the mean nurse. I will be doing more of these quick one shots for the other characters I’ve created in this Little Beginnings universe! Hope you enjoy and happy holidays to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah!
  18. Chapter 1: With her lips pressed against the glass bottle, she took a large gulp. Emma didn’t know what she was drinking but only that it made her feel good. It made her feel numb. Her throat burned but she continued to drink, wanting to forget everything. Everyone. The room spun around and around and little twinkly lights sparkled in her eyes. The girl was aware that she was dead drunk. She was also aware that her best friend, Hannah was slumped over against Jack, more drunk than she. They’d broken up just yesterday. It was an ugly, sad fight that had not ended on the right note. But she had not expected him to move on so quickly. Not with Hannah. Never with her self declared sister. Emma giggled so hard that tears formed in her eyes and the bottle slipped from her hand, crashing into a million pieces, but nobody seemed to notice. Nobody ever noticed. Shouts sounded from the back porch. A game of beer pong was being played and In the kitchen, people mixed different drinks together, creating a cocktail of god-knows-what. But Emma stood in the living room. She hissed as the glass shards cut into her bare feet. The slight pain soon became overwhelming as the music pounded in her ears, sending a pulsing beat all the way to her soul. Her body swayed back and forth among the crowd of people. Now, she wasn’t usually into frat parties but was known to let loose every once in a while; and if she was desperate enough then would drink. She glared at the two of them as they sucked each other's faces and his hands groped her body. Emma had given Hannah the dress to borrow. It had never been a favorite of hers because it was too sparkly and tight. But it was exactly her friend’s style. Emma didn’t want it back now. She’d rather burn the damn outfit. Her feet moved on their own accord until she found herself outside, standing in the front yard. The grass was littered with red solo cups and over a dozen cars were parked in the driveway. She sat down and laid back, staring up at the starless night sky. “Emma?” Her head turned to the right. It was Julie Watkins. They were friends… kind of. “What’s wrong?” her eyebrows furrowed together. “You’re crying.” Was she? Her hand hovered below her blue eyes and fingertips were wet. She was. Julie sat down beside her. She was a nice girl. Her thick curly brown hair was pulled back into a long braid that snaked down her back. Her face was narrow, skin pale, and nose long and pointy. “I like your outfit.” Emma sloppily smiled. It was just a graphic t-shirt and denim skirt. Julie laughed. “I like your outfit as well.” Julie was nice. Everyone liked Julie, it was hard not to. Emma wore a plain black halter top and skinny jeans. She wasn’t quite sure where her shoes had gone. “Do you want to tell me why you’re out here crying?” the girl tried again. Emma shrugged. “Did you see Hannah and Jack?” “They’re drunk. I’m sure by tomorrow they won’t remember any of this.” Julie was too kind. How come she couldn’t be her best friend? “My parents are also getting divorced!” she blurted before she could stop herself. Her kind-of-friend was very understanding but Hannah had never been. Fuck Hannah Flynn. Fretfully, she tugged at a wavy lock of her auburn hair and Julie rubbed her back in soothing circles. She was crying again. “Do you want a ride back to your dorm? I haven’t drank anything.” Again, she shrugged, very indecisive at the moment. The whole reason she had come to college was to escape her parents who couldn’t manage to go a day without fighting. Emma thought it would be better being all the way across the country. The University of Seattle was an amazing school. “Let’s go,” said Julie as she stood up. “Do you know where your shoes are?” “No.” The girl sighed. “That’s alright. My car is just around the corner.” Clumsily she pushed herself up, leaning against Julie who was five feet and five inches tall. Emma was only five feet and two inches. She felt short in comparison. “I know what it feels like.” whispered Julie. “My parents divorced when I was eight. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not fun. But everything gets better in time. Just remember that.” The words passed right through her. Emma wasn’t sure what she’d remember by tomorrow. ooOoo She’d spent the past hour of the morning puking in the bathroom and after four ibuprofens for her pounding headache, still felt like shit. Her skin was pale, more so than usual, and clammy. The stuffy hot office only made it worse. The nineteen year old girl sat cross legged on the lumpy brown couch. Last night was a blur but she remembered them vividly making out on the couch. Hannah never came back to the dorm. It wasn’t hard to guess where she was. “Emmaline, can you answer me?” She looked up suddenly. Her counselor, Ms. Newman pursed her lips and shook her head. Her brown hair was pulled back into a severe bun and glasses sat on the bridge of her nose. “I’m sorry?” “Are you aware that you’re failing several of your classes? You got into this school on an academic scholarship and your grades right now are less than exemplary. You don’t want to be kicked out, do you?” Did she? Emma really couldn’t answer. “I-I’m going through stuff. I’m sorry but right now isn’t really the best time for… anything.” she tried to explain herself, truly she did. “We were understanding in the beginning but there comes a time when you need to pick yourself up.” Ms. Newman sighed. “You can’t continue this way. Many of your professors have expressed the same concerns.” There was no hiding that she was hung over. “Emma, there are people who want to help you. You’re only a freshman and have so much to look forward to. I understand your parents divorce has hit you hard but it helps to talk to others sometimes. You don’t have to struggle with this alone.” Sharing her feelings with strangers was the last thing she wanted to do. She’d rather jump in front of a train. “I’m going to give you the name of a therapist. She’s free and I’ve sent many students to her before. Trust me, they’re completely new people after they're done with her.” Emma could tell that it wasn’t really a choice and took the piece of paper reluctantly. This woman could spout whatever nonsense she wanted but nothing would change. Her life sucked and would always be that way. Afterward, she went back to her dorm, prepared to take another nap but stopped short. “I’m so sorry!” Hannah exclaimed upon seeing her. Mascara ran down her face and a dark tightly coiled curl stuck to her wet cheek. “I-I was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight and it just sorta happened!” Maybe if she had been thinking rationally, she would’ve been more understanding but at the moment she wanted to strangle the curl and watch as her dark skin lost color. “Fuck you, Han.” her voice was cold. “Of course you went after Jack McCroy! He’s mine-” “You broke up… again! For like the hundredth time!” her voice rose an octave. “I’m sorry that I made a mistake but don’t get angry at me. It’s not my fault that you’ve got a shitty life!” Hannah knew that she had hit her where it hurt. “Em… I- I didn’t mean tha-” “Get out.” Her hands formed into a fist at her side, knuckles white. “Get the fuck out!” She didn't need to ask again. ooOoo Her major was political science. Ever since she was a little girl, Emmaline Rodgers had dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States. However, as she grew older those dreams were quickly squashed as she realized what a misogynistic world she lived in. Now, she just hoped to be something. Anything other than a college drop out. Before, Emma thought she didn’t care but now took it back. The girl didn’t work so hard throughout high school and leave home only to end up right back there. She was determined to succeed. To do better than her miserable parents who they themselves never completed college. Her mother worked the farm and her father owned the local corner store. They didn’t make a ton of money but it was enough to survive off of the necessities. Townsford, Connecticut was a town of about one thousand. It was more a rural farming community with one stoplight in the entire county. Everyone knew everyone and it was not a good place to stand out. That’s why she had always hated her vibrant red hair. She got it from her father. Emma had always considered herself kind of a shy girl. Never straying far away from what she knew but there was a desire that burned inside her to escape the deadbeat town which is exactly what she did. The girl was doing more than her parents ever did but it wasn’t enough. That’s why a week later she met Marina Tischner. The woman was kind and almost had a motherly feel to her. She had straight blonde hair and a heart shaped face. She was dressed casually in a blue turtleneck, dark jeans and boots. The room was small but comfortable. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints were situated in front of her. She was surprisingly easy to talk to, something Emma had sworn she would never do. Everything came pouring out of her mouth at rapid speed: Hannah and Jack. Her parents. Hopes and dreams. The only sound she heard was the sound of the pencil tip against the paper as Dr. Tischner took down notes. “Are you happy with your life right now?” “Honestly?” her voice shook. “No. Sometimes I wish I could go far away and be a different person, live a second life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to try. I don’t want to give up but I’m just so tired of everything.” “It’s normal to feel that way. Everyone does at some point.” She supposed the woman was right but Emma just felt so alone. There was no one to save her. “Why don’t you have a sip of the water.” Dr. Tischner nodded toward the glass. “We’ve been talking for a while.” ooOoo Emma’s eyes blinked open but quickly shut, the bright light caught her by surprise. She tried again, this time more slowly and hesitant. Something wasn’t right. A headache thundered at the front of her head and vision blurred around the edges. She felt dead, unable to feel her body, everything was numb. “Mmmhph!” she tried to talk but it came out in a grumbled mess. There was something in her mouth that she couldn’t spit out. The girl was so tired. Her eyes began to flutter as different colors floated in front of her. “No, no Emmy.” a woman stood above her. “Nap time is over, you can go night-night later.” Nap time? Night-night? What the hell was going on? “You’re a silly girl. Just suck on your paci, there’s no need for tears.” Was she crying? The woman tapped the object lodged in her mouth. Without really thinking about it, Emma did as she said. It felt like she had been hit by a truck. Nothing made any sense. “Nurse Janie just has to change your diapee and then you can have some nummies.” Her blue eyes narrowed and brows furrowed together. Something really wasn’t right. Her heart raced against her chest and a high whine escaped her throat. The woman picked her up with ease and automatically her legs wrapped around her waist and head rested on her shoulder. The young girl suddenly stiffened, hearing a crinkle as the woman… patted her butt? “Don’t worry sweetie.” she cooed. “You’re just a little wet but it’s nothing I can’t take care of.” There was a sinking feeling in her stomach as her mind caught up with the lady’s words and realized what the feeling was between her legs. She was wearing a fucking diaper. “Nnn-nuhnuh!” she tried to speak but could only string together a few words. Her body shook and the woman just patted her back. Looking around the room it was empty, save for a bunch of oversized… cages? No. Cribs.There was a rocking chair positioned in each corner of the room and walls were painted a light pink. A rainbow, clouds, and a smiling sun were painted on the wall. It reminded her of her childhood doctor’s office. Except she wasn’t a child. She was nineteen years old. “Keep sucking your paci,” her voice remained calm. “We’re just going to get your little tush changed.” Breath. One, two, three, four… she began to count in her mind. Five, six, seven, eight… don’t think about what she’s doing. Don’t think about how she just strapped you to a fucking changing table that’s way to big for an actual baby. Tears burned in her eyes and a few trickled down her cheeks. She flinched at the touch of the wet wipe against her… her private area. No one but her had ever touched down there before. Her heart pounded in her ears and began to struggle against the straps that restrained her ankles and wrists. She was completely nakad. Oh dear god. Emma screamed, terrified of what was going to happen. The woman swatted her thigh and made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Is little Emmy having bad thoughts?” “Effmfa!” her voice grumbled as she tried to correct the woman. Her name was Emma. Emmy was a baby name. “Oh Emmy, your head is just filled with bad big girl thoughts.” she ignored her protest. “I’m just getting you changed into your pullup and pretty dress. Your diapees are just for night time.” That wasn’t what she was upset about, at least not in that sense. Emma had to communicate with her that there had been some sort of mistake. She wasn’t meant to be here. The young girl kicked her legs as hard as she could, straining against the restraints. The woman clicked her tongue and blue eyes narrowed. “You’ve been such a good girl the past few days. Perhaps you're just hungry, it is time for your nummies after all.” Emma almost laughed in disbelief. Nummies? How old did she think she was? Five? And what did she mean by the past few days? Emma could only remember the beginning of the meeting with Dr. Tischner. The woman bent down, opening a drawer and pulled out a thick pullup. Her cheeks pinkened as Emma wailed from behind the rubber object, unable to escape. “Oh, you’ll get nummies soon. I know how much you like nursie’s milk. Relax and suck on your paci.” But she couldn’t relax because a sudden storm raged at the front of her mind- a lightning strike, a clap of thunder. Her eyes blinked rapidly, persisting through the pain, trying to remember. But her mind was blank. How had she ended up here? ooOoo A/N: Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and read, I really appreciate it! I’ve already started writing the second chapter and it should be uploaded soon!
  19. Disclaimer: There will be some difficult subjects such as violence, brief mention of drugs/alcohol and also some strong language used. A/N: Hello everyone! This will be the last part of Willa's series but I do plan to continue telling the other character's stories! Just to make something clear, the story is starting two years before Willa goes to Henderson and will be told from the perspective of her brother and her. However with the first chapter, it's going through the years showing the events that shaped her childhood and lead her to all the problems she had before she went to Henderson. I hope you enjoy! ooOoo Chapter 1: Ten Years Ago She wet herself. That was the first thing she noticed. She hadn’t wet herself since she was about five years old. She was ten now. Ten year olds did not pee in their beds. The doctors said she was in shock. They said that it was completely normal but watching your parents be murdered was not normal. Nothing about the situation was normal. She remembered her parents were in the living room watching a movie when they broke in. The living room was right next to the front door and they should’ve heard the door open but for some reason they didn’t. Upstairs, she was supposed to be asleep but she’d just gotten a new ipad (they wouldn’t get her a phone) and could finally text her friends and a cute boy had asked for her number so she was waiting up for him. But if he did text, she never saw. It had already begun. She first heard her father shout. Her dad was a calm person. Always mellow, not one to get easily triggered. Standing at six feet, he was a big guy and most people found him intimidating upon the first meeting but their fear always quickly disappeared. Willa remembered jumping out of bed and racing into the hall with the tablet in hand. Standing at the top of the stairs, just out of view, she peeked around the corner. Her dad’s hands were up. There were two men. They shot him first and he fell to the ground. Next was her mother, she didn’t stand a chance. The men rushed from the house out the open door. It had been less than five minutes. Less than five minutes and her parents were dead. Less than five minutes and her entire life had changed. That’s what she told the police officers when they spoke to her at the hospital. She didn’t feel sad. She didn’t really feel anything, the words just poured from her mouth. Willa squeezed her hands into fists and out. In and out. They were dry, clean. The blood had been washed away. She leaned back against the pillow, slightly shivering, The paper hospital gown was not warm at all. She sat stiff straight, her heart pounded against her chest. The sound of blood rushed through her ears. That’s when she felt the wetness between her legs. The police continued to ask her questions and she continued to pee. The officers realized what had happened. No more questions were asked. ooOoo Six Years Ago It was what every fourteen year old girl dreamed of. Their first date. She squealed… yes, squealed when Andre asked her to be his date to the eighth grade dance. Out of all the girls in the school, he asked her. Mister Popular wanted to go out with well… not so Miss Popular. She was what you’d call a wallflower. Sitting at the back of class, her hand raised yet no one saw. Pressed against the wall, someone bumped into her and her books fell to the ground. Yet no one seemed to notice. If she disappeared, no one would know. She was unmemorable. Plain. Ordinary. So why would Andrew Crawford ask her to semi? It didn’t make sense. She had a bad feeling about it but still said yes. She wanted to hope that the feeling was wrong. She had wanted to feel pretty for once. But now she hid behind the school, sucking on the tip of her thumb as mascara streamed down her face mixed in with salty tears. She slid down the wall to the ground, her chest heaved up and down. Never again, she promised herself. Never again, would she say yes to a boy. She was a fool to think Andre Crawford actually liked her. He’d stood her up, arriving with Shelby Hennings instead. Everyone was in on it. The invisible girl getting asked by the pretty boy. Now that was a comical sight. It was all a bet to see if she’d actually say yes. They called her a baby for crying and maybe she was. Why else would she be sucking on her thumb? Boys sucked. Middle school sucked. Her entire life sucked. She’d even straightened her thick curly black hair for tonight and went shopping at the cute new boutique downtown. She hadn't been dress shopping since her mother died and so she picked out what the shop owner suggested. It was a mustard yellow knee length dress. The color went best with her caramel skin and she’d gotten matching pumps. She spent her entire monthly allowance on that night. It was supposed to be magical. It signified a start of a brand new life. A better one than she was living right now. Living with her uncle was fine was fine. He left her mostly alone and she managed alright and her brother Adrian attended Washington State University and was only home on the holidays. Should she call her uncle to pick her up? No. That was too embarrassing. She’d have to walk home. The likelihood of getting kidnapped was high but it was better than facing the truth of her uncle’s words. “He’s using you.” he had said just a few hours ago but she hadn't believe him. Now, she sat on the ground, outside the school, sucking her thumb and painfully alone. Her mother would’ve known what to do. She knew everything. ooOoo Two years ago “Y-you’re kicking me out?” she stammered. It had only been two days since she graduated high school. Two fucking days. Her uncle had already cleaned all her stuff out of his apartment. They sat in trash bags by the front door. It’s not like she was surprised. He had never wanted her or her brother in the first place. He fed them when needed. Spoke to them when needed but other than that left them alone. She doesn’t even think that he noticed when her brother moved out. “You’re eighteen years old. You have a job and are going to college in a few months. I’m sure you can figure something out, Willow-” “My name is Willa!” she snapped. “And if you had paid attention or even bothered to show up to my graduation then you’d know that I didn’t apply to schools and I was fired from the restaurant.” He scoffed, rolling his brown eyes and ran his hand through his grey hair. He had a beer belly and always seemed to wear the same grease stained shirt and pants. The apartment reeked of stale beer and left over pizza. She was desperate to get out of there but not now. Not like this. “Well, tough luck. I’m fucking broke and if you stay, we’ll both have no place to live. Besides, I've dealt with your strangeness for long enough.” She went silent. Tears burned at the back of her eyes. “You didn’t think I knew about your little diaper obsession? Why the fuck would a grown adult hide diapers in their drawer, hmm?” Her lips wobbled. She’d kept them securely hidden away where no one would find them but of course he’d go through her room. He was a cruel man. If he wasn’t drinking then he was doing drugs. There was a reason her parents kept her and her brother away from him growing up. And besides, they weren’t diapers. They were pull ups. She… she still peed in her pants at night. That problem had never been fixed but had managed to keep it a secret the past eight years. Besides, It was simply just a precaution. It’s not like she wore them outside her room. “Call a friend or something or your brother. Andrew, yeah. Andrew will take you in. Just don’t come back here.” Adrian! Her mind hissed. His name was Adrian. Her older brother by five years. Her protector who hadn’t been around lately. Her everything. He’d take her in. He had to. She had no friends because she wouldn’t let herself get close to others. The semi formal still played in her mind every day as a reminder not to trust anyone. Now, she couldn’t even trust her uncle. “Fuck you!” she spat as she dragged the two black bags out the door. She made it halfway down the street and around the corner before she allowed herself to break down. It was as if she had been hit by a moving train and the pain didn’t start to sink in until later. She was freakin homeless. At eighteen years old. No matter how much she wanted to go to her brother, she couldn’t. He and his girlfriend lived together and he had just gotten some new fancy job with the state department that was top secret. He literally couldn’t tell anyone about it and they’d gifted him with a brand new apartment and car in the upscale neighborhood. She didn’t want to go and get in his way because wherever she went, trouble followed. But it wouldn’t hurt to stay at a homeless shelter for a few days, would it? She’d have a place to sleep at least for tonight and then tomorrow she’d figure else something out. ooOoo “I’m sorry but we’re at capacity.” Those words were starting to sound like a broken record. It was her third shelter she’d been turned away from. Perhaps, she could beg her uncle to take her back. At least there, she had some warmth and a roof over her head. She refused to stay on the streets. “Are you ok?” Her head shot up. A tall blonde woman was talking to her, a well dressed one at that. She didn’t belong in this neighborhood that much was obvious. Sketchy people lived here. Poor people lived here. “I don’t mean to intrude but you’ve seemed to um… wet your pants.” A gasp escaped her lips as she looked down at the rapidly growing stain around her crotch. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. She raised her leg, about to stomp her foot, but stopped herself at the last moment. Her chest heaved up and down. She bit down on her bottom lip, wide eyes filled with tears. This had never happened before in the day. It had never happened in public before. How could she not have felt it? Willa was prepared for the ridicule. The laughter. But none came. Instead, the woman handed her her sweater. “Tie this around your waist and cover up the stain. Do you have anywhere to stay?” she eyed her trash bags in pity. Timidly, the young girl shook her head side to side. “My name is Vera James. I can help you if you wish. I’ve worked with many, kids, such as yourself with similar problems-” “It was a one time thing and I don’t have a problem,” her voice hardened. The lady pursed her lips, continuing after the interruption. “Everyone has accidents.” she said matter of factly, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before and It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I live in Henderson, you may not have heard of the town, it’s a little outside of the city. I foster at risk youth and troubled teens-” “I’m fine,” her voice rose before she could let the woman continue. Her mother had always warned her about stranger danger. Just because she was nice and seemed to care, did not mean she was not dangerous. Besides, she’d never heard of this Henderson place and if it was so great, what was she doing here? “I’m, um, I’m going to stay with my brother.” she made up an excuse. The woman didn’t believe her. “I was actually on my way there right now.” she said. “Now, if you’d excuse me.” ooOoo A/N: I hope you've all enjoyed the first chapter! There wasn't a ton of ageplay in the first chapter but trust me, it's just getting started! I've actually already started writing the second chapter and so that should be posted shortly!
  20. Disclaimer: The story contains mentions of abuse if you are uncomfortable with that I suggest you don't read. ooOoo Chapter 1: The orphanage was overcrowded and chaotic. It was a small building, more a house, in a decent neighborhood. Marina and Christian hadn’t known what to expect when they pulled into the driveway. In front of the white two-story house was a sign that said, Brighter Horizons Orphanage. There was a large wrap-around porch and the garden in the front yard was only half alive and grass overgrown. It was known that the orphanages were terribly underfunded. The government tended to give all their money to the large hospitals leaving nothing for anyone else. It was a part of Christian Tischner’s goal to make sure everyone could afford the same opportunities. No littles should have to suffer. No workers should be stressed or overworked. But that was often the case with the underpaid staff. When the couple got the phone call a week ago, they were taken aback. It was from Marsha Mercer, a woman they hadn’t heard from in many years. She was their designated social worker. When you adopt your first little, it’s the law that you have surprise home checks every three months for up to a year to ensure that the little is being well taken care of. However, because it had been so long since they had a little, Marsha decided to check in, just to make sure everything was going ok. Their first thought was of Willa, worried something had happened, and she was going to be taken away. That’s what those phone calls usually led to. Their fears, however, were quickly squashed as Marsha explained the situation. A little by the name of Olive May was in need of fostering. She had been the third girl at Little Beginnings Hospital in the Newborn Ward with Lulu and Willa. The story was devastating. A friend of Astrid Reichner wanted to adopt her early. The girl was a master at manipulation and had everyone convinced that she had fully regressed. She was released into the woman’s custody but her new mommy quickly learned that she was not the perfect angel she portrayed. For three years she was abused physically and mentally. Her mommy could not afford to send her back to the hospital so she tried to force her into little space. It did not work and she’s now stuck between a 6-month-old to three years old, headspace, often fluctuating between them. Olive May was aware enough to know that she shouldn’t be in diapers and a onesie and that he was actually an adult. That proved a huge problem because little’s like those, if escaped, could reveal all of their secrets. Her social worker never noticed the signs of abuse. She was overworked, taking on hundreds of cases that most of the time she’d forget to check in. When she was rescued, she spent a month at SunnySide Hospital but the doctors determined that too much damage had been done and it would be virtually impossible to regress her to a set age. There was nothing more they could do for her. She was sent to Bright Horizons Orphanage but nobody wanted to adopt or foster her. She tended to lean towards violence when upset and nobody wanted a little that wasn’t fully regressed. The orphanage was weeks away from sending her to, Henderson’s Psychiatric Hospital for Littles where she’d most likely spend the rest of her life. When Marsha heard of the situation she immediately intervened. She knew that wasn’t what she needed and if they could just find a loving family to take her in, perhaps she could heal. Marsha wanted the Tischners to be that family. They were well off, loved by everyone, and Christian was a miracle worker when it came to littles. But the couple was wary at first. They wanted to help her but it sounded as if she was too late to be saved. They also had to think about Willa. She was their full-time responsibility and while they were pretty certain that she would never fall out of her headspace, they didn’t want to take the chance. Marsha remained optimistic though and wholeheartedly believed she could still be helped. The Tischners didn’t say no right away and slept on the decision for a few days before ultimately deciding they’d take her on. No little should have to suffer. They made a promise to each other that they wouldn’t let the girl’s care get in the way of their little Willa. They’d make sure Willa knew that she was still loved. They just would have a new family member now. She’d have a big sister. They sat in an office right off the front door. The sound of crying sounded from one end of the house and laughter from another. Just from their brief moment in the main room when they first entered, they were shocked. Littles ranging from all ages were crowded in several rooms. There were about forty littles in total that they had seen. The diapers were cheap and the clothes were obviously from second-hand stores. The toys they played with were falling apart. There was the strongest smell of dirty diapers and Marina couldn’t help but cover her nose. The house had definitely seen better days. It looked moments away from falling apart. They had known that orphanages were bad but they hadn’t expected this. Nobody wanted to end up in one. Littles who were abused, abandoned, or caregivers that had died were brought to places like this. The hospitals were only for the injured and for those who needed to be regressed which left everyone else in the dust. Most people didn’t like adopting from the orphanages because there was always something wrong with the littles. Most preferred the hospitals because they were all shiny, new, and well behaved. The stigma and bias against orphanage littles and hospital littles was a sad reality. Five minutes later a stern-looking woman entered the office. She had hard brown eyes, blonde hair cut into a bob cut, and pale skin. She was dressed for a day at the office instead of in a house full of littles. She wore a white blouse (which had somehow managed to stay clean) and blue jeans. “Thank you for your patience,” she said with the slightest English accent. The woman reached over to shake their hands as she sat down behind the desk. “My name is Anne Marie Whitmore. I’m the owner of Brighter Horizons. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” “The pleasure is ours,” Christian replied. Mrs. Whitmore curtly nodded her head, sliding over a vanilla folder with papers inside. She was not one for small talk. They jumped right into business. “I’m not going to lie. I was surprised to hear that you were interested in fostering. I’m aware of your accomplishments and how charitable you’ve been in the past but fostering a little-- especially this little is a huge responsibility.” It sounded as if she were doubting their capabilities. Of course, they knew that they had their skeptics. Some were determined to paint them in a negative light for every single thing they did, such as donating to charities and exposing Little Beginnings Hospital. Some believed that they had done it just to increase their fame, claiming they had, Caregiver Savior Complex: caregiver’s feeling the need to help sick and injured littles when it benefited them in some way. Of course, that wasn’t true but it still hurt that people thought that. “I’m aware that Ms. Mercer has alerted you to Olive May’s issues but inside the folder is a more formal and detailed report.” They opened it up and to say it wasn’t slightly overwhelming would be a lie. Christian was trained in caring for abused littles and had worked with them before but this was obviously going to be a whole new experience. The first page read: Babygirl, Olive May Sex: F DOB: 9/27/2003 Previous Name: Jessica Flannery Demographics Contact Information: Address: 42 Hickory Street, Brighter Horizons Orphanage, Henderson, WA, Email: Brighterhorizons@littlespace.net Phone: 92-334-1995 Little Space: Six months old to three years old Biological Age: 21 years old Regression Status: Incomplete Height: 5ft 1in Weight: 95lbs Nationality: Irish Dual Citizenship: United States Race: White Ethnic Group: Irish Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Health Issues Chronic Constipation, PTSD, Anxiety, Anger issues, Malnourishment, Dehydration, Vitamin Deficiencies, Anemia, Muscle Atrophy, Selective Muteness, Claustrophobia: fear of small spaces, Nyctophobia: fear of the dark “As you can see her file is over twenty pages long,” said Mrs. Whitmore. “That’s the reason she’s listed as a high priority little. We will not let just anyone foster her.” The pages went on and on, going into more detail about her treatments, medicines, behaviors, etc. It would take a whole week to just read through every single detail. “What did the woman do to her?” Marina gulped with tears in her eyes. She’d heard these stories time and time again when working with patients but this hit different. It was a caregiver who hurt their little. Never in a million years would she ever lay a hand on Willa. The Tischners didn’t believe in corporal punishment. Not that they ever needed to punish her but if they did, they’d simply take away her plushie. That made her upset enough. “The details of her rescue and past living conditions are all in the folder.” she sighed, sadness hinted in her voice. “The trauma she’s been through has left her unable to communicate effectively. She’s constantly angry and fights against the regression. If she feels herself start to slip then she’ll begin hitting and scratching herself. We clipped her nails all the way down and placed her hands in mitts. The only effective punishments are time outs when she’s in an old enough headspace and when she is a younger, we take away her plushie--” “She has a favorite plushie?” he interrupted, surprised. If a little was having difficult regressing, usually the first things doctors did was give them a plushie. It always seemed to do the trick, no one knew why though. “Yes,” she nodded her head. “It’s a stuffed elephant and it’s attached to her hip at all times. She doesn’t let anyone else touch the thing.” That was a good sign. Usually if a little became attached to a plushie, they’d quickly fall into their little space but something was obviously blocking that from happening. She continued to tell them about her, the situation sounding more dire as she went on. Marina was starting to wonder if they were the right people for this job. But she knew they had to do it. “It’s not too late to back out, if you’re having second thoughts,” Mrs. Whitmore stared right at her as if sensing her thoughts. They shared a glance, grasping each other’s hand and said, “we’d like to continue with the fostering process. You’re not going to scare us off.” Her lips pursed and her brown eyes assessed them for a moment before saying, “very well. I believe it’s time to meet Miss Olive May.” ooOoo Author Notes: Hey everyone! This is part 2 of Willa’s story. As you can see a new character was introduced, some may remember a brief mention of her from part 1. You’ll see more of Willa in the other chapters and it will be heavily focused on the both of them. Hope you enjoy!
  21. (Age Regression and Diaper Mess Humiliation) "There is no way for you to possibly defeat me! I am the great sorcerer Feirlaw!" I boasted, staff gripped. "This spell will return you to a much more fitting state!" "You will not hurt anyone from this point onward!" Tyrine declared, holding her sword close, prepared to fight. Unfortunately for her, I was the most powerful sorcerer in the entire kingdom, and a lowly warrior had always been useless against my curses. For some reason, even though I threatened to destroy her like the rest of her kind, she never seemed to back down. She called her utter stupidity "bravery." "Goodbye, Tyrine of Gilyr." I waved my staff in a circle in the air, before pointing it at the hero, about to destroy and humiliate her like the omnipotent sorcerer that I am. So ridiculous it was that she even dared go up against me when I have the ability to raze entire cities with a snap of my fingers. "You took my baby sister away from me, Feirlaq! To avenge her soul, I will take you down! For her, and for all the good people of Gilyr that you tried to destroy!" She exclaimed annoyingly as the bolt of magic from my spell flew through the air towards her, about to end her and put an finish to my troubles in taking over Gilyr. But then something strange happened. It was going towards her, I could tell as it grew smaller from my field of view, but then the lady knight swung her sword at the bolt of magic, and it didn't hit her. Did she dodge? Well, that's no problem, I can cast it again! She cannot dodge forever, and one hit from this spell is enough to ruin somebody for good! When I looked back at her, about to cast the ruining spell once again, I noticed that the purple bolt of magic coming back towards me! This was my most powerful spell! How could it be returned to my wand like this? This hero was nowhere near as powerful in magic as I am- And then it hit me. I blacked out to the sound of Tyrine cheering in victory, my grip on my staff failing. ----- And then, when I woke up, something felt different. In fact, a lot of things felt different. Before opening my eyes, I felt that my comfortable, magic-resistant robes were no longer on my body, and I no longer clutched my magic staff close. A heavy sleeper, I mumbled and felt at the clothes that had replaced my robes, to determine that it was a single garment. At first, I assumed that I was just in my plain shirt, which I was wearing beneath the robes during my battle with Tyrine, but I quickly realized that it flowed down to my waist and seemed to flutter at the bottom. What the hell? I hadn't been wearing a kilt! My hands felt soft and it was hard to grip them onto my clothes without them slipping off the fabric, like they hadn't spent hundreds of years holding a wooden staff and casting intricate spells. As I felt below the strange top that replaced my sorcerer robes, I realized something new had taken the place of my pants as well. Before, I had a pair of leather slacks that went all the way down my legs to warm me, but now what I was wearing only reached below my thighs, and when I laid my suddenly soft hand over it I realized that the hide was replaced with something that felt like the paper I wrote my spell scrolls on. I patted at it and also realized that it was nearly an inch thick, almost smothering my crotch and ass with its soft, feeble material. Crinkle, crinkle was the sound it made, like the peace treaties that I crumpled up and threw away. What had happened to my clothes? I opened my eyes to inspect the strange clothes that my robes and pants had been swapped out for, but quickly realized that there was way more to interpret. The grassy hill outside of Gilyr was no longer where I laid, but rather on top of a cushion. I turned over, producing more annoying crinkling sounds, to look down at the pillow that I was splayed out on and determined that it was only about 3 feet long, yet somehow it was big enough for me to lay on perfectly. What kind of illusion was this? My hands looked smaller and stubbier as well. Beneath the pillow, the mattress that it was placed on had a pink cover sheet. My royal bed was black! And this mattress seemed to only be a small fraction of its size! Confused and slightly embarrassed I sat up to look around the room that I was now in. Sitting on the garment covering my crotch felt strangely comfortable as if I was covered in padding. It was soft, unlike the way a sorcerer should dress. I was in a log cabin, I figured out quickly enough. There was a fireplace, that seemed larger than normal. The door also looked rather tall, and sitting down I could see that the opening handle was high above me. Was this some sort of giant's house?... My eyes darted to the wooden table, which also seemed larger than a table was meant to be, especially since my villainous figure stood at a menacing 7 foot tall, which normally was enough to strike intimidation into the eyes of my rivals, including Tyrine. Somebody was sitting at it, and as I looked up at their figure, which was way larger than I now was but perfectly sized for the furniture in the room, I became alert when I realized who it was. Out of instinct, despite not having my powerful staff on me, I jumped up to my feet, the padding around my waist creating more crinkle sounds that I was starting to get sick of. "Youw time has come, Tywine!" I exclaimed at her from my height as I stood atop the mattress, evidently not even tall enough to reach the table that she was sitting at. My face went red with embarrassment as I heard my own voice, a high pitched string of baby talk. What the hell?! What happened to my terrifying, villainous voice that struck fear into the villagers of Gilyr!? "D'awwww..." Was all she said, in a tone entirely separate from the one she used when confronting me about my plot to destroy all of Gilyr. "Good morning, cutie." She got up and walked over to me, with no trace of the immense fear she once had when addressing me in all my awe. When she walked up, I got a glance. Before, I would constantly make comments about her height, reminding her that a hero can't be 5 feet tall and that she needed to wear a diaper to suit her age better, but now she was almost twice my height! I had to glare straight up at her, and then I stumbled and fell backwards onto the mattress, producing more loud crumpling noises from the paper padding that I had woken up in. "Dow't you caww me a cutie! Excuse you, stuwpid hewo! I am the gweat sowcehwoo Feiwlaq!" I yelled up at her, desperately trying to produce the same terrified look on her face as I always could before, but finding it difficult to pronounce some words. I completely fumbled the word 'sorcerer!' But I was a sorcerer! I am the most powerful sorcerer! "From the looks of things to me, you're an adorable little girl wearing a diaper." Tyrine giggled as she looked down upon me. "Wha!? What the fwuh aww you tawking about!?" My high voice resembled that of a young girl, similar to the ones that cried when I threatened to destroy the orphanage. It sounded completely different from my horrifying deep voice that I made those threats in! What happened? I wasn't a girl! I was a grown man, and a villain! Wait, did she say I was in a diaper? My eyes went wide as I immediately recognized what the padding was. "No! No wah! I am nawt weawing a fwuhing diaper!" In a panic, I glanced down between my legs as I sat on the mattress. I lifted my garb, which now that I looked closer more resembled a skirt, and right below it, was a layer of thick padding surrounding my crotch, where my undergarments used to be. It was white and spread my legs, and I immediately went red. "NO! NO WAY! A SOWCEHWOO DOESHN'T WEAW DIAPERS!" I exclaimed. The padding crinkled as I felt at it, mocking me as I saw myself dressed in a garment meant to be worn by babies. I had not worn a diaper for over 400 years! I was a powerful sorcerer! My waste was disposed of with magic! I refused to accept this! A series of humiliating crinkles ensued when I reached down to slip the diaper off my body, not wanting to associate in any way with something worn by babies to hold their disgusting urine and mess, not wanting to even think about that! Before I could get the grip necessary to pull it from my body, which was more difficult than usual due to my small, weak hands befitting a little girl more than a sorcerer, a larger arm wrapped around my chest. "I would love to explain more about what happened right now, but I actually have a speech to give now that I've saved Gilyr from a diaper-wearing villain." Tyrine giggled, and I tried to growl at her in response for accusing me of actually enjoying anything about this diaper that I had been dressed in, but all I could manage was a cute hum. "So I'm going to drop you off at the Lil Darling's Daycare for a couple of hours, something more fitting for a little baby like you." "I AM NAWT A BABY!" I yelped as her arm lifted me up, and my struggles to free myself from her grapple proved useless. "DOW'T CAWW ME THAT!" Seriously!? A DAYCARE!? I was threatening to destroy this entire kingdom an hour ago! What could possess her to think it fitting to leave me at a place where parents dropped off their kids to play with dumb toys all day!? I kicked and screamed as she carried me into the air, but my feet had no muscles to deal any sort of damage to her chest, and my punches were reduced to small bats down her back. She kept one hand on my back, and the other laid against my padding, pushing it up against my ass as I was forced to feel the embarrassment of knowing that I was actually wearing a diaper instead of the wizard robes that I battling her in. My head sat on her shoulder, and there was little for me to do to move it. "WET ME GO!" I screamed loudly, sounding like my weak victims. This was completely wrong! How could the best magic-user in all the lands be wearing a diaper and be held by a weak, pathetic hero with such ease!? She started walking, ignoring me as I kicked and screamed my baby-sized head off. Outside of the log cabin I was carried, and I quickly realized that Tyrine was carrying me through the capital city of Gilyr. The streets were packed with people walking by, cheering and singing in a level of happiness that I was supposed to have crushed by now! They were staying inside and mourning their impending doom! The ones who wanted to live held my flag and swore their allegiance to me! My screaming for the hero to unhand me, while ignored by her, caused crowds of townsfolk to turn their heads and glance at me in her arms. They giggled as well. "I heard a rumour that Tyrine's new baby is actually Feirlaq. Crazy, huh?" "Really? That beautiful, heroic knight must be powerful to turn him into a baby girl like that!" "I wouldn't have been so scared of him if I knew that he couldn't even control his own bowels." The entire group giggled. "GWET ME OUW OF THIS DIAPER! I DO NAWT NEED TO WEAW IT! I HAWVEN'T NEEDED IT FOW HUNDWEDS OF YEAWS! I DOW'T NEED A FWUHING DIAPER!" I yelled, and the people only started to giggle at me more. I was infuriated! Feirlaq the sorcerer was the most feared name in the entire kingdom! They were scared to even mention me, in fear that it may summon me to burn down the building! That was me! Not some tiny baby wearing a diaper! This was not me! I was stronger than this! "I told you that you were an adorable little girl." Tyrine said as she patted my diaper again to remind me of the shameful situation that my dominant one was involuntarily replaced with. "Almost to the daycare." "THIS IS NAWT THE WAY THINGS AWW MEANT TO BWE!" I yelled. Tyrine continued to ignore my failed assertions of my adulthood. "Hey Tyrine! Is that your baby?" Someone else said, and I turned my head in frustration to see that it was Raylen, one of my henchmen that betrayed me. She was living in Gilyr now? She should be killed for turning against me and helping these heroes! I had a whole punishment set up for her once I took over. "It is, in fact. Would you like to hold her?" Tyrine presented me to her, and I squirmed in her arms trying to free myself. She moved her hand from my diaper, only to further reveal the padding that I was now in. How could I be the most feared person in the kingdom when random people were seeing me in this stupid diaper!? "No thanks." Raylen giggled. "I already have one stinky, poopy baby to put up with. Hey, maybe we can have Kelli and Luna play together sometime!" Luna was Raylen's daughter that was born in my lair less than a month ago. One of the reasons that Raylen turned against me was because I insulting her baby, calling Luna a smelly little ass. I still get flashbacks to when I had to put up with the disgusting stench of that little girl's diapers, and suddenly feel better about Raylen betraying me and running away to Gilyr. How could she be the one calling me stinky now!? "Sometime later. And I feel that, putting up with a smelly diaperbutt is hard work!" Tyrine told her. "I DO NAWT SMELL! I DOW'T EVEN NEED TO WEAW THIS STWUPID THING! QUIT TAWKING ABOUT ME WIKE DAT!" I yelled, my diaper crinkling, ashamed to have those sounds coming from my clothes as I recognized them from Luna's diapers. "Does she need a changing or something?" "Not yet, but probably soon." Tyrine giggled. "Goodbye for now." I pouted and growled in disgust. Changing? Diapers? Did they not know who I was? I was sure that I was more than capable of making it to the bathroom whenever I had to go! This diaper served no purpose other than to make annoying wrinkle sounds. Even if I was made to look like this dumb padding was something that I needed, I would prove to them that I was still an adult, and a powerful sorcerer at that. This diaper would soon be off of my body and I'd be returned to my proper form, which everybody fears the might of. I had to! There's no way that this piteous hero could keep me held like this for long! Before long, I was carried through the entrance of a building called Lil Darling's Daycare, a place that resembled my secret lair from its size compared to me, but with much more pink walls and diapers. "Greetings, lady Tyrine. Thank you for saving the world from that nasty Feirlaq. We'll never have to hear about him again." The woman inside of the daycare told Tyrine. "Yeah, definitely not." She giggled. "Anyway, here's Kelli." She held out her arms holding me, and I was passed to this random woman as if I didn't have the power to destroy entire villages in the blink of an eye. I kept kicking, wanting to be able to walk where I wanted and not be left at daycare. I was not a baby! This was nonsense! "She's feisty but cute." The other woman smiled as she held me, my kicks doing nothing to her. I heard the laughing and running of toddlers from the other room, and I was disgusted. "Yeah, she is." Tyrine laughed and smiled back warmly, in that dumb confidence heroes always got. "Anyway, I'll be back in about 5 hours." She turned around and walked off, leaving the most powerful sorcerer at a daycare, trapped in the body of a toddler in a diaper. The other woman carried me into another room and sat me down, finally able to stand up again. The relief from no longer being lifted against my will was short-lived, as I looked around the room I was placed in. Kids ran back and forth, chasing each other and screaming, some laughing. All of them looked to be five or six at the most, and I seethed as I realized that they somehow had more height than I did. I grunted as I stood up and my diaper crinkled, as I had always hated the annoying way that children express themselves. Their screams were so loud, and some of them were off in the corner pretending to fart. Children are disgusting. I was the only one in the daycare wearing a diaper, frustratingly. In my anger with being placed where I was, wearing what I was, I simply sat in the corner on my padding as the other kids screamed and yelled playfully. I tried to lower my skirt enough to hide my padding, but the white bulge between my legs was large enough for the lower half of my diaper to always show. "Is that kid wearing a diaper?" "This isn't a baby playroom!" A couple of boys walked up to me, pointing at my diaper and making humiliating comments. "S-Shut uwp..." I mumbled at them and crossed my arms, trying to sit with my legs together but the padding thick enough to keep them apart, which caused me to raise my skirt. Wearing a girly, pink skirt was humiliating enough for someone who was supposed to be wearing dark robes and destroying villages, but the constant crinkling of my diaper filled me with enough rage to destroy a kingdom. "Aww, what's wrong little girl? Need somebody to change you?" One of them said. "I AM NAWT A GIWL! AND DOW'T NEED CHANGES!" I snapped at them. I was probably hundreds of times older than these kids, yet they had the audacity to treat me like a stupid baby? "Really? Then what is this?" Without warning, he reached down to my crotch and grabbed me by the diaper, pulling me out of the corner, with my skirt lifted to completely expose the padding beneath. The kid didn't look very strong, but I was easily overpowered and dragged over by him like I was weightless. "Hey everyone! Come look at the new girl and her thick diaper!" Three more boys approached me, and all of a sudden I was surrounded. "WEAVE ME AWONE!" I yelled around at them, my diaper crinkling as I turned. "I CAWN DESTWOY AWW YOU!" "Aww, she even talks like a little baby!" "I haven't worn diapers in 3 years!" "So cute! I wish I had a baby sister to play with like this!" Somebody smacked my diaper. "Spank! Hehe~" I turned around to face the person who smacked me on the bottom, forcing me to feel the padding against my bare ass again, but I was consecutively spanked again after turning. How could people this young be overpowering me so easily!? I struck down the kingdom's most powerful warriors, and now I was being spanked by random annoying kids! "Cute little baby loves spankies on her diaper, doesn't she?" "STWOP IT... OW EWSE!" I covered my ass with my tiny hands, only making more humiliating crinkles. "Or else what, hmm? Will you cry like a little baby? Will you throw yourself on the ground and throw a fit, like a little girl?" I was boiling over. How could this happen to me!? Everybody is treating me like a baby girl! I have never worn or used a diaper, and that is not going to start now! I was restraining myself, but I finally decided to show off some of my power to these snotty kids who are supposed to be on their knees begging for their families' mercy from my destruction. And I didn't need my staff in order to cast magic! I was the most powerful sorcerer ever! "Wavawia Wotus!" I exclaimed as I waved my hands around, casting one of the more simple yet powerful spells that can be done by hand. Lavaria Lotus, as its meant to be pronounced, was the spell that I always cast before battles, as it blesses me with superhuman strength and agility. When cast perfectly, this spell would surely be enough to knock out a bunch of weak little boys without breaking a single sweat. They looked at me confusedly as I hyped myself up, already feeling the tingly feeling inside of my body. I formed a fist and pulled it back, ready to punch one of these kids into the wall and give him a concussion as punishment for treating me like a baby. I would be sure that these annoying children knew to fear the name Feirlaq. But after ten seconds, the time after which I would usually have been buffed by the spell by now, my muscles felt the same; weak and babyish. What? What is wrong with my magic!? This is not a hard spell! I have cast this piece a hundred times without fail, so what is going on now? "She's pretending to be a princess!" "Silly girl! Princesses don't wear diapers." They teased, clearly not knowing how I was the one that kidnapped princesses and killed the heroes that tried to rescue them. The tingly feeling that I usually associated with the spell's immense strength didn't go to my arms to provide extra force, nor did I feel it down in my legs to indicate that I could now run at the speed of a roadrunner. Instead, I felt an intense build-up in my bladder. "What the fwuh..." I mumbled. You can't cast a strength spell on your bladder! Whatever had happened, it didn't feel like strength in the slightest! If anything... I crinkled my legs together and my eyes went wide as my bladder suddenly brimmed. A few seconds ago, I hadn't felt any build-up at all, yet now the retention was at a max level. "Oh! She just needs to pee! Well go on, little girl, use that cute little diaper of yours." "Ewwwww..." "NO! NO WAY! THIS ISN'T HAWPENNING!" I winced as I felt the water retention inside of my bladder cause it to weaken. My strength spell made me have to pee!? That is entirely different from what it's supposed to do! And as a sorcerer, I could hold in my bodily functions for days on end, but this time, I had to clench my muscles to prevent the warm urine from escaping my body. "Aww... don't worry little one, we can change you after." I couldn't believe this! I was standing in a daycare, wearing a diaper, with a full bladder! This wasn't me! I was an adult, and older than anybody else in the kingdom! I don't pee myself in public! I made fun of children who were so pathetic that they couldn't hold in their waste, and now these same kids are surrounding me and treating me like an actual baby. Where had all of their fear and submission gone? For the past hundred years, everybody knew my name as the subject of fears. Sometimes grown adults would pee themselves just hearing about me, but now... I turned my focus for a moment, expecting nothing truly major to come from my bladder. ... The tension overflowed. ... Before I knew it, the waterworks opened. Hisssss... A couple of drops seeped from my bladder, and I felt the front of my diaper start to moisten with disgusting, stinky pee. Before I could halt my involuntary release, I could look down to see the large yellow stain, standing out amongst the white paper in my diaper. I couldn't believe it! I had actually just wet myself like a baby! And my bladder continued to teem with unbearable fullness. As humiliating as it was, I really needed to relieve myself quickly. I turned towards the door that said "Restroom" and dashed for it. With each step, besides the loud crinkles that made the entire room glance at me as I struggled not to piss myself, there was the sensation of more drops of my pee leaking from my bladder to be absorbed by my diaper and expand that shameful stain that I usually hated little kids for showing. Splat, splat, splat more pee escaped as I waddled, was horrified to feel my own sticky wet stain at the front of my diaper. Why was this happening? WHY WAS I WEARING A DIAPER!? I NEVER HAD TROUBLE HOLDING IN MY WASTE! I SHOULD BE TAKING OVER THIS KINGDOM, NOT THIS! I made it to the bathroom door and instinctively reached for the doorknob at my chest's height, accustomed to being a height taller than 2 feet. The hissing continued, and the kids around me cringed as I helplessly was forced to stain my padding with the pee that I accidentally filled my bladder with. I could not believe that I had gone from the most powerful sorcerer known to mankind to a little girl that was having trouble holding in her pee. It was just walking into a bathroom and slipping down my diaper! How difficult could it be!? I reached up desperately for the knob, which towered over me. Failing to reach a doorknob was never a difficulty that I even considered probable. I was so frustrated with this new size, but I had to adapt fast or else I'd be sitting in a puddle of my own waste. The involuntary flow of pee from my strangely-weakened bladder persisted, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the moistness now forming into a puddle at the bottom of my diaper, the part that could never be hidden by my skirt. The kids around me were doing nothing but watching as I was forced to present myself as a baby-talking, pathetic little girl that couldn't even hold in her bladder. I used to look down at them for wearing kid-sized clothes while I wore magical robes, but now I had little to brag about, as I felt the puddle of piss splashing and spreading all down my crotch, being held against it by this padding. "PWEASE NO!" I yelled and I frantically reached my short arms up at the handle. It was only a few feet up, but I couldn't reach it! In a moment of panic, as the flood works of pee rushed out of my bladder and soaked the diaper that I was forced to wear, I came up with a new idea to open the bathroom door so that I could get to the toilet. "TEWEKINESIS!" I exclaimed, casting the force push spell that allowed sorcerers to grab things from afar. Even if my height was gone, I could prove my abilities with my super strong magic prowess! The hissing continued, and I felt the puddle of pee that I had made grossly swishing back and forth in my diaper as I tried to keep my legs together. The crinkling was replaced with a series of loud splats as I was forced to feel a wet diaper around my legs, and have the shame of knowing that I filled it. I was supposed to be a sorcerer! What kind of sorcerer can't even open the bathroom door at daycare and pees himself!? Telekinesis didn't allow me to grab anything from afar, and I continued to pathetically attempt to grab the mocking doorknob. "What is that smell?" "It's the new girl. She just peed herself!" "Gross!" The stench of piss surrounded me, overpowering any of the other smells in the room. The other kids were right, the odour was absolutely one of the most disgusting things I had ever endured, made infinitely worse with the knowledge that I had personally created it. I had peed enough for the puddle in my diaper to splash like the waves of the ocean whenever I jumped at the doorknob. All I wanted was to open the restroom door, and I was useless to even do that now! By the time I finally gripped the doorknob and twisted it, the welling in my bladder was all gone. With the door finally opened, I looked down at myself to see that the entire surface of my diaper, front and back, was now a dark yellow. The squishy surface pressed against my skin, dripping onto the ground. Since my skirt was incredibly short, the shame of knowing that I just pissed myself was obvious to all the kids that I once looked down upon. "You're dirtying the room, diaperbutt!" "STAHP CAWWING ME THAT!" I walked into the bathroom, but I had already expelled the entire bladder full of urine, and it now stained my diaper, drooping below my skirt, for all the kids to see that I had wet myself like a baby. But I wasn't a baby! I know that I wasn't! I was still a powerful sorcerer! And before long, I would be ba- I finally felt the tingling feeling from the Telekinesis spell I had cast, once again not in the correct place. Instead of encompassing my hands so that I may move things without physically touching them, I felt it also down below... ... My flatulence built up, a feeling that I had magically removed from my body hundreds of years ago, as the smell and sound of farts always annoyed me. ... I clenched. It only increased, beyond the point where my weakened muscles could hold it in. ...No way... BRAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBT! I let out two wet farts from my behind, that were louder than anything else in the daycare even with the muffling from my diaper. "Ewwww! She farted!" "Don't need to tell us, we all heard... and can smell." A bunch of the other kids plugged their nose, and I was surrounded by the smell of poop from my diaper, still standing there in front of the entire daycare wearing a dripping, peed diaper. "Did you just poop yourself, stinky girl?" One of the boys asked me. "NO! I WOULD NEVEW! HOW DAWE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SOMEFING SO GWOSS!? I AM NAWT A STINKY G-" SPLOOOOORT! FAAAAART! My flatulence grew louder, and all the kids in the daycare, whom I once called the grossest group of people, all looked at me in disgust as I farted. I couldn't blame them either, as the stench made me want to vomit. Before I could defend myself more, I was interrupted by a new build-up. Splort! Brap! Pbbbt! The sequence of farts failed to stop, foreshadowing something else about to happen if I didn't do something quick, something much more shameful than peeing yourself in public. My bowels were welling up, and I felt as if I was holding in a storm several times larger than myself. Clenching my thighs barely slowed it down as the build-up increased, and judging from the number of stinky farts that were involuntarily bursting from my ass, the foulest smell and sound that I had ever experienced, I would fail to hold this in for long too. "NO! PWEASE! PWEASE NOT NOW!" I yelled as I hurried into the bathroom, my diaper splatting and swashing with pee as I walked. The bathroom had a small toilet, about half the size of the normal ones, designed for potty training toddlers, I assumed. Even though I was too ashamed to acknowledge it, I needed the training toilet in this moment as I felt my bowels suddenly full of poop. PFFFT! SPLAT! My farts continued, growing louder, attracting more attention as kids gathered at the door to the bathroom, watching me as I grew ever closer to soiling myself. I wasn't tall enough to reach the locking latch to have some privacy as I used the toilet, but it would at least show these children that I was not an immature baby girl. I sat on the training potty, which didn't muffle my farting at all. All of the kids swatted the stench away from their noses, and I was humiliated at the idea that my farts were so horrible-smelling that these obnoxious children, who laughed at burps and pretended to fart with their elbows, were disgusted. "I'm so glad that I'm a big kid. P U!" A kid covered his nose. "She's just a little baby, they can't control when they do that." Another one said, infuriating me as I was used to being in control of my entire life, from the people who respected me, a world that bowed down to me, and, obviously, being able to control my bowels. Desperate to get this over with quickly, as I sat on the toilet, still feeling the disgusting squish of my pee on my diaper, I reached down to my crotch and tugged at it. "Phew, I made it in time..." I thought as I pulled at my diaper with a medium-strength, trying to slip it down my legs. To my surprise, the pee-soaked padding stayed glued against my crotch, and my pulling didn't even cause the thing to budge. What the heck!? This was just a thick piece of paper! I could rip this diaper off if I wanted to! SPLORT! FAAAAAAAART! My ass continued to expel the most repulsive smells as all the kids watched, and I could feel my reputation as anything but an incontinent child start to dwindle. My bowels were gurgling, and the loud farts failed to hide the fact that I really needed relief soon, whether in a diaper or not, as much as I was repulsed by the idea. I tugged with all my strength, but nothing happened. For a second, I abandoned the strength in clenching my bowels to keep desperately trying to take my diaper off my crotch, and less than a second later, I realized my mistake. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! The loudest, wettest fart yet was expelled from my ass, louder and smellier than anything that I had ever endured before, yet ashamedly coming from my own body. It didn't come alone, as I promptly felt a warm mass push itself from my ass into my diaper. The log of poop formed a visible brown stain at the back of my diaper that the kids began to point at, and as I sat on the toilet I was forced to feel it smearing against my ass. "PWEASE, DOW'T HAPPEN! I AM NAWT A BABY!" I continued to feel at my diaper, continuing to try and slip it down my legs to spare any shame that I could. But it wasn't coming off at all! My hands were too weak and the urine already in my diaper was causing it to stick to me! The log of poop already smudged all over my ass surely wasn't helping either. I pulled and tugged, but my wet padding wouldn't budge. I tried to sit on the edge of the toilet and slowly pry it off by dragging my ass against the porcelain, which only spread the large brown stain on the seat of my diaper, and caused my pee to swish around even more. I attempted clawing at the bottom of my diaper, to rip a hole in the padding so that the massive weight of my own waste could fall out into the toilet where he intended it to land, but the padding proved tougher than it seemed and I only got my hands covered in my pee. And before I knew it, I was sitting on the toilet, frantically trying to come up with an idea to free myself from what was about to happen, when... PBBBBBBBT! Another large log of poop was pushed from my ass to join the smearing brown stain already forming, obvious for all the kids watching through sight, sound, and most of all, smell. It smeared against my ass and I shuddered in disgust. How could I be the one doing this!? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! With a long fart that lasted over ten seconds, I was forced to fill the seat of my diaper with a load of thick, fresh, hot mush. The load was even larger than I thought, now forming a two-inch-thick barrier between my padding and my ass, constantly spreading its disgusting texture all over me as if I chose to fill my diaper with it. As I pooped my diaper, the kids could watch as it expanded, and the puddle at the bottom of my diaper drooped a few inches farther down as several logs of poop rubbed all over me. And all I could do was sit there as they pointed at me, making jokes and plugging their noses. The farting had finally stopped, so besides the disgusting sounds of the warm mush spreading all over me, all I had to listen to was their teases. "I have two little brothers and I've never seen a baby poop so much in her life!" "Ewww... she couldn't even close the door so we didn't have to watch her poop herself? Babies are so gross..." "Can she even walk with that much poop in her diapey?" "W-Weave me awone..." I said quietly, desperately trying not to cry as I was subjected to quite possibly the grossest thing in my entire life. I had just peed and pooped in a diaper, when I was supposed to be dominating cities and sending fear into the hearts of townsfolk! Some of the kids walked away, more so because the unbearable odour of my poopy diaper was too much for them to handle than out of respect for my privacy, but some continued to watch me as my expanded in it's dark brown, humiliating, well-used form. At the briefest glance, anybody could see that I had been reduced to the point where I couldn't accomplish a task that only babies failed at. I refused to get up from the toilet, out of shock from being forced to push a squishy mess of poop into my diaper, out of disgust of that warm, wet defilement spreading all over me more once I stood up, and with a fleeting bit of hope that I'd be able to get out of this diaper still. I sat there for another hour, useless to do something as simple as taking off my own diaper. It seemed that the massive load of poop that I had involuntarily put into it made it sticky enough to attach to me beyond my own strength. It was as if I were holding a massive, smelly sign that said: "I am not only wearing a diaper, but I just pushed the stinkiest load of shit of my entire life into it and now I'm just sitting in it!" The smell only grew worse as the warm, squishy mush turned into a cold, solid mass. It had now solidified around my ass, and my continued attempts to pull the diaper off my body did nothing but make it squish even tighter up against me, making loud splattering sounds as if I hadn't already announced my soiled diaper to everyone enough. After about an hour and a half of sitting on the toilet, perilously trying to free myself from the heavy, messy load around my waist as everybody watched my inability, another boy walked into the bathroom. "Hey diaperbutt, get out of here. The bathroom isn't for babies anyway. You can use that stinky diaper anyway. Let us big kids use the toilet." He growled down at me, trying to look mean. He wasn't actually intimidating, as I was hundreds of years older than him, but it was annoying to see such young kids thinking that they can boss me around like this. "I-I awm a big kid..." I said to him weakly, tired from all the prying at my wet padding. This body evidently had a low stamina span. "A big kid?" He chuckled. "Big kids don't poop themselves." He reached behind me and felt at my poopy diaper, before forcefully squishing the center of the brown stain against my ass, spreading my own gross waste even more over me. "You look like you haven't had your mommy change you for a weak. This smelly thing is almost as big as you are!" He teased me as I felt the heavy mass of warm, mushy poop squelch against my ass. It was several inches thick, constantly held up my skirt for everybody to see, and made sounds even more humiliating than farting every time I wiggled my bare, baby bottom through it. I winced as he touched my diaper, frustrated to have such an embarrassing thing attached to my body for anybody to insult and win arguments on the base of. "Fiwne..." I mumbled, not wanting my diaper touched anymore. It's not like I could fight with such a heavy thing around my waist, the smell of which being enough for me to want to wear a gas mask. I tried to stand up, but I had been sitting on the toilet for so long that my squishy diaper was stuck to it, and it was heavy enough to make it hard to stand. Embarrassingly, I estimated that the mass of poop inside of the padding weighed over 20 pounds. The boy stood there, tapping his foot as I grunted to free my diaper from the toilet that I had failed to get my poop into. Eventually, it released from the toilet with a Plop! and a splash of cold, liquid shit splattered between my legs. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I refused to believe that I was stuck with this diaper around my legs, inescapably a reminder that I had been enfeebled to a state of total incontinence and incompetence, that everybody could see and smell from a mile away when I was the most feared and respected figure in Gilyr not so long ago. "Now get out, diaper butt." "Dow't caww me that..." "Don't be the smelliest dang baby in the entire daycare and I won't call you that." He pushed me out of the restroom and slammed the door behind me, causing the puddle of pee at the bottom of my diaper to swish. Instead of the crinkling, each step I took now produced a loud Splat! as my waste was thrown around my diaper, and I was forced to endure all of it as it smeared and squished against my ass. The kids all glanced at me and giggled. I had to spread my legs far apart to avoid the logs of poop squishing between them, and the extra weight slowed my walking in general. All because I tried to use a strengthening spell. "I'm a sowcehwoo..." I mumbled in frustration, before returning to the corner. I tried to lay down on my side so that the poop would all pooled at the back of my diaper and I could get some peace, but after laying down the puddle seemed to drift towards me. The poop and pee were utterly inescapable. No matter what I did, I emitted and was forced to endure the terrible smell of a stinky diaper, the very thing that I once teased Luna for. I have to get back to my sorcerer body soon before my entire life is destroyed by these diapers! How can I take over the entire world and make all the heroes into my servants when I can't even cast a spell without pooping myself!? Laying there, I expected to just think of a plan to save myself from this new role that I had accidentally gotten myself into, but without warning, I fell asleep. ----- I dreamt of my secret lair, where I had once planned to destroy the entirety of Gilyr before that hero Tyrine had to show up and mess everything up. I was commanding my sorcerer's henchmen. "You see, the main goal is less about destroying them all and more about making them scared because a scared population can be manipulated easily. Gilyr has nearly a million people. That's a lot of souls to help me improve my magic." I said in my adult, lisp-less voice. "Should we send anything special to this Tyrine figure? She has been destroying entire armies of our soldiers!" "Tyrine? Oh, I have a special plan for her." I said with an evil chuckle. "Let's just say that before long, she won't even be able to hold up her own sword." "Understood, your evilness. Oh, and one more thing." "Yes, henchman?" I asked with a smile, as my entire plan was going perfectly. "Would you like your diaper changed?" "Diaper? I am a 500-year-old sorcerer! I don't wear diapers!" I exclaimed in confusion. "But sir... look down..." "Have you been going cra-" I looked down at myself to find that my beautifully intimidating sorcerer robes were gone, and I stood there wearing nothing but a paper diaper, in front of all my henchmen. "Where did this come from?" "You're nothing but a smelly diaperbutt, Kelli, remember?" "I am not! I'm Feirlaq, the greatest sorcerer of all time! Shame on you for calling me such a stupid name!" I yelled at the henchman, before raising my staff and casting one of my many intricate killing spells. This spell was hard for anybody to cast but me, as I was the best sorcerer ever. "I'm pretty sure you are and have always been just a stinky diaper-wearing little girl." The henchman continued to live, despite me casting my killing spell as a punishment to them. "What? Why are you still al-" BRAAAAAAAP! I loudly farted, all around my most trusted servants that I had instilled the utmost loyalty into. "Excuse me," I continued, embarrassed that I had just let out such stinky flatulence. "Don't worry about tha-" PBBBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAAAAAAAAART! "I-It is nothing to worry ab-" PFFFFFFFFFFT! And then I felt my bowels start to erupt and giant logs of poop begin to force themselves into the seat of my diaper, despite my best attempts to hold them back. I had absolutely no control over my bowels, and all I did was stand there as my diaper's clean white colour faded to a deep, smelly brown. It began to expand to hold the massive load that I was pushing into it, drooping down my legs and causing me to spread my legs to hold all of it. PBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAART! BRAAAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBP! I was unable to speak to assert any of my dominance, and all I could do was let out a loud series of loud, wet farts as logs of poop continued to push into my diaper, which now drooped to my knees with its fullness of solid, thick, mushy poop. My bowels kept on erupting, and the farts only grew louder. The warm mush came out of me in an endless stream. "Wow boss, you really are a diaperbutt. And I thought that you were good at magic." "Is your plan to destroy the entire kingdom with that terrible stench? Because it's working! You smell worse than anything I've ever seen, and I work with actual kids." "Good thing you have that diaper, eh? Your adult pants never would have held all that poop." FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT! Was all I could reply with as my own henchman started treating me like a baby, and my diaper continued to expand. Before long I couldn't even walk because it was so full of my own poop. This wasn't right! Why was this happening to me!? I was Feirlaq... not Kelli... I was supposed to take over the world... Not helplessly wear diapers and fill them up with disgusting poop... ----- I woke up to a tap on my head, and I tiredly felt at my waist, desperately hoping to be back in my adult clothes where I didn't have to constantly feel my own shit pressing against my ass, but it seemed that I wouldn't be that lucky, as I was still in the same soiled diaper that I couldn't get off despite my best efforts, that I had messed when I tried casting a spell while in this baby body. "I see you had fun at daycare, Kelli," Tyrine told me, and I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me with a patronizing smirk, obviously happy to call me Kelli and to find me in a loaded diaper. I didn't even consider this "hero" to be a threat to my evil plan, let alone now able to see me as I'm forced to present the embarrassing amount of poop that my used diaper squished against my ass. "F-Fwuh you..." I would have gritted my teeth at her, but I only had a few small baby teeth in my mouth, instead of the well-kept set of adult teeth I had before. "Let's go, you little stinker you." The hero reached an arm under me and lifted me up slowly, once again. And then her other hand went over my diaper once again, pushing the shameful mush inside of it against me. Even though I was disgusted both by being held like a toddler and by having Tyrine pushing my poop against my body, I didn't try screaming or kicking this time. The only thing that screaming accomplished before was attracting attention from the townsfolk to my diaper, which I definitely didn't want now that it was full of poop and urine, and kicking my legs would only cause the waste in my diaper to splatter against me even more. She carried me out, and all I did was keep quiet and still, as I suffered in a puddle of my own shame. Even though I wasn't yelling like before, I could tell that plenty of people were taking note of me as Tyrine carried me through the town. Pretty much everyone that we passed had to plug their nose or shoo the odour of cold poop away, looking at me with a disgusted face as if I chose to soil myself. "Tyrine's new baby is really fucking smelly, ain't she?" "Yeah, but I heard that she's actually the reborn soul of Feirlaq." "Ah, that makes sense. He was always a gross dude." "Always wondered, but I guess we now know that he was diaper dependent. Kinda cute." I had to restrain myself from crying as I could hear and smell my terrifying reputation begin to slip from me like how the pee leaked out of my bladder to stain my diaper. I had spent years destroying and threatening entire kingdoms with my immense magical power, getting kings to bend down on their knees in respect for me, training to become the most powerful sorcerer of all time... all to suddenly be known as Tyrine's baby daughter who wears and fills diapers with mushy shit? This could not be my legacy! I had to do something about this! But there was nothing for me to do while being carried by the person that did this to me in the first place. Before long, Tyrine had me back at her log cabin. The cushion I had slept on before was now replaced with a wooden crib, which was painted pink. "The walls kinda blend with your diaper, you know." She giggled as she pat me on the bum, causing the urine and defecation to splatter again. "I onwy shat mysewf because the wittle kids were teasing me!" I exclaimed, now that nobody else was around. "I dow't need diapers!" "Right, the other little kids pushed that stinky load into your diaper?" She chuckled, laying me down on the table, still wallowing in my own waste. "You know, if you went the entire day without pooping yourself, I was going to consider switching your diapers for pull-ups, but you clearly showed that you need them." "I DOW'T NEED 'EM!" I kicked my legs up at her, sounding like a child. "Look, I get that it's hard to adjust to your new life, but you can't deny that you absolutely filled that to the brim diaper today. And I didn't even feed you!" She turned me onto my back and I kept squirming. "WHAT AWW YOU DOING, BIWTCH!?" "I suggest you don't call me that unless you don't want me to change you. I can just leave you in that messy diaper for the rest of the day!" My eyes went wide. "No! Pwease change me! And wet me take them off mysewf!" I screamed, flashbacking to the hours of trying to get the diaper off my body and being unable to free myself from the load of poop I had been forced to fill it up with. "Only mommies can change diapers, and after your behaviour, you don't deserve a change right now, little missy." "PWEASE!" I whined, on the brink of crying, kicking my legs. I was humiliated to think of myself begging for Tyrine to take my diaper off, when earlier that day I was planning on destroying her kingdom, but I saw little choice at this point. She had me at her mercy, and from the looks of things, she will for a long time. Splat, splat, splort! went the poop in my diaper. "Admit what you did and I'll take your diaper off, Kelli." She said, angrily. It was a different tone from when she told me that destroying the orphanage was wrong. Now she was using a disappointed voice as if she really was my mother and not some dumb hero that got lucky with a spell deflect. "F-Fine..." I sighed and felt the poop squishing inside of my diaper, and decided that it was worth it to swallow a little bit of my pride for this. "I... I shit my fwuhing diaper..." Tears welled up in my eyes, as I didn't want to admit the obvious, stinky, visible, audible fact. "Those are adult words. Say it like a good girl, or else." I'm not a girl... and I don't answer to you of all people... "O-Okay..." I cried, unable to handle being treated this way when I was once revered so much. "I pooped my diaper..." "Closer, but can little tiny babies like you talk so clearly? Act like a real baby, or no changies, since that is going to be your role for a very long time, Kelli." She smirked, patting my bum, pressing the mush against me as if I needed a reminder of how disgusting it was. "A-Are you..." I whined, crying more pathetically than my victims ever did. "I went poopey..." "Poopey in what?" "Poopey in my diapey..." I started crying, my face almost as wet as the front of my diaper. I couldn't believe that she was actually making me say this, knowing that I was an adult not that long ago! This was so unfair! I deserved to win that battle! Not her! I shouldn't be the one pooping my diaper and begging her to change me! It's her fault that I'm like this! "Aww, little girl, you don't need to cry just telling your mommy the truth. Every time you want your diaper changed, just tell me like a good little girl and I'll change it. Of course, from now on, using big kid words will make me leave you in it full for another hour or two." I kept on crying in embarrassment at being forced to say something so childish until Tyrine's hands felt at my sides, and without any effort from her at all, my diaper slipped off of my body. She hardly even had to use both hands to cause it to slip beneath my ass and over my crotch, leaving me naked, when I spent over an hour just trying to get it off before the poop inside even dried! What the hell? I couldn't be that weak, right? There was a brief moment of relief when I didn't have to constantly lug around the giant load of poop that I had disdainfully filled the diaper with earlier. Some of the smeared poop was still stuck against my ass, but I would take that over being forced to carry around my heavy poop for all to see. "You definitely make a cute baby, Kelli." I felt a fresh set of padding press up beneath my ass, and I jumped into survival mode, desperately not wanting the events of earlier to happen again. "I'M NAWT WEAWING ANOTHER DIAPER!" I screamed as I sat up on the table and scooted away from Tyrine. I reached the edge before realizing that I was a tiny toddler and that there were not many escape routes on this table. This size of this body is infuriating! "Oh, Kelli... you stubborn little squirt. Get back here and let me put this diaper on you now, or else." She glared at me with an expression of disappointment yet also patience. "OW EWSE WHAT!? I AM INFWINITEWY MOWE POWEHFOO THAN YOU!" I started trying to climb down onto a chair, but my muscles and grip in this infantile body were weak enough for me to fall down and slam my bare ass into the seat of the wooden chair. "OWWWWW!" The fall from the table to the chair was less than three feet, and I had endured numerous near-fatal wounds during my hundreds of years of training to become the greatest sorcerer, yet when I fell down onto the chair, surges of pain all through my weak, unpadded ass was the most unbearable thing I had ever endured in my life. Before the thought to restrain my weeping occurred, I felt streams of tears rush down my girlish face. I could also hear one of the most annoying noises in this world; a baby's cry, all through the house. While hating the high-pitching screaming of an infant's cry, I immediately knew that it was coming from me. The pain from that 3-foot drop caused my life of tyranny to flash before my eyes, as I sat there in the chair, crying my eyes out, unable to get myself to stand up to finish my escape from Tyrine. Why did it hurt so much!? "I have a feeling that you're going to be crying like that a lot more from now on." I felt her arms wrap around my small body, to lift me up again with a frustrating amount of ease. My crying increased as she set me down on the table, and I felt another poofy, padded diaper close press up against my ass. I kicked a few times, but the pain from my fall crippled me, so I just laid there in utter shame until I felt Tyrine tape the diaper once again onto me. "I wiww be bwack to a sowcewoo soon! And I cawn just tawke off thwis diapew!" I cried at her as I felt my ass once again smothered by the soft, patronizing padding. After being forced to relieve myself in a diaper once, and sit around with the shame of my own poop squishing up against me, I wasn't excited at the prospect of growing up again. "Kelli..." She stroked my long hair with a smile. "It's only fair that for taking away my baby sister, that you're going to spend eternity as a diapered baby girl." "A-AWN ETEWNITY!?" I screamed, my teary eyes going wide. "Well of course. It's not fair to the world to let a dangerous villain grow up again, and I took it upon myself to raise the little, pathetic, diapered thing that you're going to stay us, forever filling up those diapers and being dependent on me to change and feed you." "NU! NU WAY!" In a knee-jerk response to being threatened with an eternal hell of helplessly filling up my diaper, which I had grown to establish as the single most disgusting experience I had ever been forced to take part in, I frantically started casting killing spells at Tyrine. "WAVARIA WOTUS! TWILI YEWETS! POWEW DWAIN!" I continued to yell spell after spell, desperately trying to kill Tyrine, not even paying attention to the effects of the last spell before I chanted the following one. After about 20 spells, I looked up at her to see her continuing to smirk down at me, completely unfazed by all my most powerful spells, much to my dismay. "You're adorable, Kelli. And I suppose this would be a good time to explain to you what happens when you try to cast your magic, wouldn't it?" She giggled down at me as I felt all the magic held up still within my body, and to my own horror it concentrated down in my bowels. "Each spell will permanently cause your stinky messes to be larger and larger every time." As my eyes went wide, I felt a loud rumbling down in my bowels, exponentially larger and more humiliating than the last one.
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