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Found 13 results

  1. I do not know why I am bothering but If I can get 10 LG's we could have a dolly club
  2. (Your character) suddenly woke up when she felt a hand cup his mouth. Her eyes widened and she tried to sit up, but she was being held down! She looked around wildly, before her eyes met the eyes of a strange man who was standing above her, smirking at her. (Your character) started to breathe shakily, doing her best to get out of the man's grasp. She didn't even recognise who this was! She had merely gone to work as usual, met clients as usual, gone home, as usual, and gone to bed as usual! Only to wake up, seeing her room seemingly in shambles, and herself being detained. She tried to scream, but she went quiet when the hand covering her mouth held down more harshly, nails cutting into her face. The yelling then turned to tears. She wasn't anyone special! She was just a normal salesperson! She did her work like everyone else and tried to have a good life... How was she supposed to know that her information was by chance sold online to the highest bidder, because some creep she had sold to found her attractive enough to be able to make money off of?! (Your character) was beaten to the point of passing out, and when she next woke up, she was detained in some container... Her hands were tied at her sides, her waist and her legs were tied up too... She couldn't move much at all! From what she could see, she was in some pink box... A box that dolls would come in, perhaps. And of course, she was dressed in an elaborate doll dress, pink and frilly and gaudy... Once getting past the fact that she was in the box, she could see through the glass show window that she was in some sort of shipping container... And it seemed like the ground beneath her was rocking... The journey was long and hard, leaving her with nothing to eat, and no way to relieve her aching bladder for nearly two days before she was taken out, placed in a truck, and driven to the house of what would soon become her new owner... She was left on a porch in front of a door, and it took another several hours before someone came to get her! When Anya finally got home from work and noticed her package had arrived, she walked up to her, and glanced at the girl on her doorstep. She was passed out and in a nasty shape, and of course, she was dressed fancy and her hair was done up, and she was tied tightly to the box so she couldn't move! Anya tapped on the glass curiously. "Are you alive in there?" She asked and tilted her head. When the girl woke, she surprised to see that her new plaything was so combative even after her whole kidnapping and shipping. "Calm down my dear. If you promise you'll behave, I'll let you out of there." She said finally. "Until you agree to this, however, you'll just have to sit there, and those ropes don't look all that comfortable to me." She stated firmly.
  3. Faye strode toward the house with all the confidence she could muster Not a house. A mansion. A PALACE. If it weren't for the size she might have just called it a villa. She passed through a wide open doorway, past a pair of guards and into a wide courtyard, filled with garden paths and decorative fountains. Rows of white columns were on either side of her, and in front, the main section of the villa- a gigantic three story building made of hard white stone. She felt her shoulders hunch, then made herself stand back up to project the confidence she knew she needed for the meeting. There were guards. A LOT of guards. They stood in pairs, armed, watching her. She made herself stare forward, as if she barely even noticed them. She stopped at the front door to the main building. She held up the letter she received to the pair of guards. "I've been summoned by..." The guard rolled his eyes and waved her in. "We know. Just go in, its straight through." "Oh," she was taken aback. She was expecting a lot more of a hassle. Normally, guards like this saw bounty hunters as a potential threat. These one's didn't even seem to care. "Have fun," the guard said, and his friend chuckled. She paused for a moment. Not the normal kind of reaction she got. She shrugged it off, then continued. She entered the building and walked straight forward, as directed. None of the guards followed her, which she found odd again, but ignored. It would be there problem if they didn't do their jobs properly. There was an open door in front of her, with a greying man in a suit sitting with his arms folded behind it. "Ah, Faye, come in," he said, indicating an empty chair with an outstretched palm. Faye approached it and say down. The door slammed behind her, and she forced herself not to jump. She looked over her shoulders to see two more armed guards on either side of the door, though neither approached her. "Hello, I'm..." she began, but was cut off by a waving of his hand. "I know, I already said your name. Let me have a look at you," he said. He put on a pair of glasses and leaned forward. "Hmmm yes, yes very good." "What are..." He waved again. "I'll explain in a moment. Please stand up," he said. Faye paused for a moment, thinking about his request. She considered asking what exactly he'd see from her standing, but instead she just stood up. He looked her up and down. "Yes yes, good. You're a fair bit shorter then her, which is good. About the size of the others so the clothes should fit." "Why would that..." "Shhh," he said. "It will make sense in a moment. Please turn around so I can see the rest." She gapped at him. "Well? The money is on the table Ms. Faye." She looked at the bare table. "Metaphorically. Literally its in a safe. But, as in, on the table for when you want it." She rolled her eyes and decided it was pointless to correct her name. She turned around, put a hand on her hip and pushed it out to the side, trying to pose for what she was sure he was looking at. She knew she was more then attractive and was proud of it, though it wasn't normally a prerequisite for her jobs. "Well? Like what you see?" A moment's pause, then "I do. You'll do nicely. Please sit down." She sat down heavily in the chair and lounged with an arm over the back of it. "So? What's the plan? Am I suppose to lure some man?" He smiled. "Sort of. Actually, its a woman." "Great. So I kill some woman." He shook his head. "Well I'd hope not. The woman is my daughter." "Family trouble?" "No, birthday present." "Like a poisoned birthday cake?" "No. Like an actual present." "Uhhh...?" He smiled. "Let's discuss price first. I understand you are in a great deal of debt. I am willing to cover that, plus an additional ten billion woolongs." Faye tried to mask her expression. That was FAR more then her normal rate. Even paying for her debts was more then her usual rate, but the extra ten billion... she could retire, and live comfortably for the rest of her life. Or, more likely, live extravagantly while still need to work occasionally to keep up her lifestyle. "OK..." she was intrigued, but suspicious. "And what is the job? Who do I kill? Your daughter wants a corpse as a birthday present?" "No one. I want you to become my daughter's dolly." "Dolly?" "Doll," he shrugged. "She calls it that." "I don't make toys." "No no, YOU are her doll." "What?" "She want's a doll. It will be you." "Why can't you just by her an ACTUAL doll? What am I supposed to do for a kid?" He sighed. "Ok, to clarify. My daughter. Matilda. She is 22. It is her birthday. Every year for her birthday, I got her a doll. Since she has become an adult, she's been wanting more... real, to play with. So, I buy stragglers like you to live with her. You play along, let her dress you up, join her game, and we let you go next year with your new fortune." She was stunned. "I AM NOT DOING THAT! WHY WOULD I?" "Because you have a massive debt on your head and people want to collect." She heard a gun cocking behind her, and remembered the small army of guards she had passed. "I... see... Why me?" He smiled. "Come on Faye. You are known all over for your beauty." "Oh, well," she smiled. "And of course my daughter only gets the prettiest of dollies, so my mind went right to you." "I see. Of course!" "So you agree?" She heard the guns cocking behind her back again. "I guess I do."
  4. New on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XK4XGSK AMAZING NEW ILLUSTRATIONS BY FAMED FETISH ARTIST DAVID LOMAS There’s something new at AniMates, a neophyte engineering and design firm dedicated to creating customized human dollies. It’s Mama N’Casemee. She is taking control. Her daughter-in-law will offer no resistance. She is already The Living Dolly. But Mama thinks dolly needs a playmate. So it’s goodbye to her son, Master Adam Hello to Baby Ada. It’s just the beginning. Mama knows the demand for AniMates doll encasements is skyrocketing worldwide. She needs more test dummies, and a plan is beginning to unfold. But first she must put Adam in his place – right next to his dollified wife. This story is intended for adults 18 years of age and older. It involves consensual bondage, discipline, humiliation, abdl games, age play, regression, diapers, bizarre costumes, robotics, animatronics, an evolving master/slave relationship, and a happy ending – eventually.
  5. Fred was in his senior year of high school and he was about to ask the hottest chick in school to homecoming. Amber was the cheerleading captain and he was the captain of the swim team. He smiled as he walked down the hallway toward the parking lot. There he saw her by her car and started to head towards her to ask her. The six foot two muscular man smiled as he walked his brown hair parted to one side revealing his sculpted face and bright blue-green eyes. Before Fred could walk up to Amber, a different girl walked into Fred's path. He did not know who she was, but he'd seen her around. She was shorter, her hair was dirty blonde and a bit greasy. She had a very obvious body odor that hung off of her. She was smiling up to him, her teeth were white and actually well kept He stopped and looked down on the five foot nothing girl. “Uhhh yes?” He asked with a confused look on his face. “You’re that transfer student right? What do you want?"
  6. Hay I am looking for a writer to commission, but he or she must be able to do horror and ABDL stuff, you see I have an idea were this curl business woman buys this doll and her life starts to fall apart.
  7. From the album: Christine's Dollies

    Christine's 3 big dollies
  8. From the album: Christine's Dollies

    Queen Kierestelle, Lady Arielle, Princess Tiara and Bride Kiersten These are the dollies that every Fairy and part-Fairy Little Girl gets
  9. I was wondering something seeing that most of us like to sleep with our toys and besides a teddy, doll or a plush toy. Which other toys are Suitable to sleep with
  10. A sequel to http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=41024&hl= ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Jenna Coleman hugged her legs as she sat in her therapist office. For months she, Karen Gillan and Billie Piper had been attending therapy for what happen to them. Few months ago they found them in a giant crib, wearing nothing but diapers as they coo and gurgle like babies. It taken months to bring them back to their senses but no one would believe that a doll made them like that. Jenna try to tell them but they keep saying it's just their mind being over stressed. Jenna remembered how she like being diapered, and remembered regressing. She also remover her Billie and Karen acting like babies. The therapist, Dr Stein is going through his notes as Jenna sat on the chair. 'Well Jenna, I think you're feeling better' said Dr Stein 'Yes, no more accidents, I wake up clean everyday' said Jenna 'Thats good, which means that you've passed your potty training' Jenna Billie and Karen also had to be re-potty trained as they keep having accidents, Jenna remember the months of wearing diapers, then pull ups until she was ready to wear panties again, 'guess I don't have to see you any more' 'Thank you doctor' said Jenna as she got up, she shook the doctors hand and left the room. As she walked by the waiting room, she notice Karen reading a magazine on the chair, Jenna could see the diaper under her skirt as she walked by. Billie Piper was sitting on the ground near the children's toys, she was wearing her shirt and a diaper as she tries putting the right shapes in the right hole. Jenna felt guilty about maturing faster then them, but they'll soon go back to normal, after all that doll is gone for good as Dr Stein said they threw it in a garbage disposable. Jenna took a taxi back to her home and lay on the couch. 'Finally it's over' she said as she kick her shoes off. She soon fell asleep. She dream she was walking through the park, still wearing her dress and shirt as she saw lots of grown women diapered and playing. 'JENNNNNNNNA!!!' Screamed Karen as she waddle and hug Jenna 'wanna pway tag?' Jenna push her away, 'no! Karen, we are adults!' But Karen just pulled Jenna's dress down, reviling Jenna's big adult diaper. 'See you baby!' Said Karen pointing 'baby baby baby!' Jenna started to wobble as she fell down, then she sees the doll walking towards her. 'No! Get away!' Jenna crawled away, but the doll just continued walking towards her. Jenna then felt her bowls moved as stop and started shitting her diaper. 'No! I'm a big girl! Not a baby!' But the doll pick her up, Jenna felt fear as she relies her shirt disappeared, the doll pulled out its big boob and started breast feeding Jenna. Jenna cried as she drank the breast milk. Every girl started chanting 'Baby Jenna' over and over again. The doll put her down down and change her diaper. Jenna started wailing and crying as the doll wiped her messy ass. Jenna screamed awake, thank god it was a dream, Jenna hug her legs as she rest her head. Then she saw the adult diaper around her waist. Jenna yelp as she pulled back. Looking at her naked body but saved for that big diaper. 'How? The doll wasn't here! It wasn't the doll!' She poke it, then try to rip it off, 'no no, I don't wanna be a baby' she whimpered as she realised she was in a crib. She got on her knees and look over the railing. It looks like she is in an apartment, as she saw a queen size bed next to her crib. Jenna look around but it was too dark to see. Jenna got up and was about to climb over the crib when the door open and the light came on. Karen Gillan was wearing a towel as she came in the bedroom, she saw Jenna standing up and squealed, 'awwww! The baby wants to get out' said Karen as she lift Jenna up and place her on the floor, 'now wait here while mummy change into her clothes' Karen then took the towel off, showing off her sexy body as she started putting clothes on. 'Karen what are you doing? Why am I in a diaper?' Asked Jenna as Karen put panties and a bra on. Karen look at Jenna and crouch down, 'your in a diaper because your not potty train yet silly baby' said Karen as she pinch Jenna's cheek, Jenna push it away, 'stop this! I'm an adult!' But Karen just went back to her closet to put on sweat pants and a pink top. She lift Jenna up and carried her to the living room. Jenna squirmed but Karen just keep a tight grip on her as she sat on the couch, placing Jenna on her lap. 'Karen let me go!' Yelled Jenna but Karen just pulled up her shirt, and pulled her boob out as she put her hand on Jenna's head and started making her suck on her nipple. Jenna squirmed but she started drinking the breast milk. 'Good Jenna' said Karen 'this milk will make you big and strong' Jenna just suckled as the milk went down her throat. After 30 minutes Karen pulled Jenna back, pull her shirt down as she lay Jenna over her shoulder and pat her bare back. Jenna let out a big burp as milk started drooling down her face. Karen then put Jenna in a play pen as she walked to the kitchen. Jenna started grinning, she missed this kind of attention, but she shook that thought away, she is an adult, she should act like one. Jenna stood up and climb over the rails, as she walked quietly to the door there was a knock. Jenna frozed, she hears Karen coming out of the kitchen as she quickly ran back to her playpen, sitting in it just in time as Karen walked past to get the door. Jenna could hear Karen talking with someone, as she got on her knees. To look Karen shut the door and walked to the playpen, her hands behind her back. 'Mummys got a surprise for you' said Karen as she smiled, then she showed Jenna what she got. Jenna screamed as Karen was holding Betsy the Doll.
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