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  1. From the album: Diapers

    [b][i][color=rgb(0,0,205)]Disposable Diaper[/color][/i][/b]

    © diaperboy34-2011

  2. When I think of disposable diapers for the AB/DL community, only a handful of companies come to mind. Bambino, Rearz, ABU, Carousel Dotty did I miss anyone? There are also medical grade diapers that are within most of our wardrobes; Abri-Form, Attends, Depends, Molicare, Tena, Dry-24/7 to name a few. Out of all of these options what is missing from these options and what do you absolutely love that they provide? Think about the question for a moment before answering, and try to consider what draws you to a particular brand or style. Below are a few features that I have experienced Bulkness of padding Wetness indicators number of tapes (1, 2, or 3) Single tape design or bi-tape design where you only get to lay them down once cloth backing vs plastic backing colored, or printed Tape Landing zone Crinkle Factor (How loud the diaper is when you walk) Leg gathers and elastic waist bands (think pampers design, or Bambinos vs Tena Active Fit) Price! Quantity per pack, per case, per sample How much is too much for a disposable product? Now I have spent a fair number of coin on diapers, but when a diaper is reaching close to $2 dollars per unit I start to compromise on features. Also friends, if you know anyone I can reach out to to get some quotes on developing a adult diaper I'd appreciate the insight.
  3. I just ordered a sample from Wellnessbriefs. Never worn a disposable diaper before. More at 11.
  4. HI Where can I find cheap Disposable Diapers/Nappies in UK? I am spending £20+ for Diapers/Nappies with Shipping.... I don't work so I can't afford to buy them I have to make a pack of 10 last me a few weeks maybe a month at at time, I'd really like to wear one everyday and not worry about prices. Before you suggest cloth Diapers/Nappies.... Thanks, I've tried and don't really like them, but it seems I might have no choice but to go to cloth instead of disposables. Please Help.... Thank you in advanced. Enjoy the rest of your day xx
  5. Hi everyone, I know of a few different posters on here who follow my Amazon Kindle Ebooks so I just wanted to post Chapter One of my latest release. Follow the link if you'd like to read the whole novella. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077W8YR2M Chapter I: Backseat Blues Scared and confused, Cam stood in his kitchen wearing only a disposable diaper and a short shirt. He tried to pull the shirt down to cover himself but it was no use. The gorgeous blonde woman in front of him giggled at him, her eyes still wide with amazement. Her name was Amber and he knew her well. "I just can’t believe that you’re a senior in high school and you’re not even potty trained yet!” she said, shaking her head. “I’m potty trained.” Cam whined, tears in his eyes. “Uh… apparently not because your mommy still has you in diapers.” Amber said. “Yeah, but I don’t need them! This is all my mom’s fault.” “Sounds like the baby is getting cranky. Does he want his pacifier?” Then to his disbelief, she pulled out a blue pacifier with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the mouth guard. Slipping it into his mouth, he began sucking on it vigorously as she smiled and shook her head at him. “Aw, does the baby like his binky?” Amber cooed. Then with an abrupt gasp, Cam opened his eyes, jolting himself awake. The seatbelt around his chest seemed to lock up on him. Catching his breath and squinting in the afternoon sunlight, he returned to reality watching the scenery on the side of the highway pass him by. ‘What a fucking nightmare!’ Cam thought to himself. Luckily, Cam hadn’t had any accidents while he was asleep. He must have only dozed off for a few minutes. Checking his phone, he saw that he had no new text messages. That wasn’t much of a surprise. It wasn’t as though he was popular by any stretch. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Cam stared at the screen on his smart phone as he scrolled through one picture after another. Amber Mayberry. She certainly wasn’t shy about posting photos of herself on social media and for that, Cam was grateful. An otherwise tedious afternoon drive had now become a chance to reacquaint himself with the gorgeous blonde in the photos, as if he could forget. The shy 18 year old boy in the car, eyes fixed on his phone, felt almost nervous at the thought of seeing Amber again after so long. Cam’s older sister Chloe had been close friends with Amber for years, ever since the two girls had done gymnastics together in childhood. Cam felt he too could consider Amber a friend but only by proxy. There were times in his younger years when Amber had been a frequent visitor to their house but always to hang out with his sister. The time Cam had spent with her over the years was merely a result of his sister being friendly and trying to occasionally include her younger brother in their activities. Cam always jumped at the chance to spend time with them, even if he did feel like a third wheel. Like Cam’s sister, Amber was a full four years older than Cam. So when Chloe graduated high school and left for college a few years ago, so did Amber. Despite the fact that Cam had always had a crush on Amber, on some level, he knew that the age difference was just too insurmountable. As a high school senior, Cam got nervous enough talking to girls his own age. The idea of making any romantic progress with a college girl, even Amber, just seemed too outrageous. Sure, he was legally an adult but he doubted that Amber would see him as such. The last time he had been in the same room with her, Cam was certain that he’d looked even more childish than he did now. Cam had only recently hit his growth spurt and while he wasn’t exactly tall now, at least the kids at his high school no longer mistook him for a freshman! If nothing else, at least Amber wouldn’t be too much taller than him. Even mere photos of Amber seemed to contain a sort of raw sexual energy. He couldn’t help but bite his lip as he looked at a picture from last summer of Amber standing in the afternoon sun with her golden blonde hair tied into a cute ponytail. She donned a pair of cutoff, high waisted jean shorts that showed off her long legs. The top she was wearing showed off her midriff, her flat smooth abs on display. Her breasts looked even bigger than Cam remembered. Cam frowned as he felt his erection pressing up against the thick padding between his legs. Trying to adjust his seatbelt, there was an audible crinkling sound under his sweatpants as he squirmed in the backseat. “Are you doing okay back there, sweetie?” his mom asked. “Fine.” Cam said with a sigh. He knew exactly what his mom was asking and the concerned, condescending look that she gave him in the rearview mirror didn’t make him feel any better. “Do you need a bathroom, honey?” “No.” Cam said with a slight groan. With that, the patronizing questions from his mom ceased. Chloe, situated comfortably in the front seat next to their mother, began telling some story about how much she hated her current history professor. Cam was all too happy that the subject had changed and his mind began wandering again. Indeed, the infantile garment under his clothes was yet another reason Cam’s confidence in talking to girls was decidedly lower than other high school seniors his own age. His mortifying bedwetting habit had followed him for years after their family pediatrician predicted it would dissipate. Taking a special medication only seemed to reduce his nighttime accidents rather than eliminating them. So his mother’s insistence that he wear disposable adult diapers to bed was logical enough. As much as Cam hated the diapers, it was slightly less stressful than waking up in a wet bed. As a child, he’d worn pull-ups to bed and was always terrified that Amber might find out. He was embarrassed to his core by the mere thought of Amber noticing the extra padding under his pajama pants at a sleepover or her and Chloe stumbling on a spare package of pull-ups in the hall closet. Yet despite one or two close calls in past years, Cam’s worst fears never seemed to materialize. Both his mom and his sister were sympathetic to his plight and agreed to keep his nighttime problem under the strictest veil of secrecy. The years after Chloe went away to college were almost a relief. Even though his mom had begun purchasing thicker, less discreet adult diapers; it didn’t matter as much if they weren’t having many overnight visitors. There were no more late night sleepovers where Amber might somehow learn his deep, dark secret. Being under the same roof with Amber once again now would be just like old times, which would mean he would have to be even more careful about her finding out. Cam’s bedwetting made any overnight trip potentially cringe worthy and he had been dreading this particular trip ever since his mother had announced it. Unsurprisingly, Cam’s mother had grown pretty close to Amber’s mother over the years and the two women had plenty in common. Both were divorced, both were single parents, both worked in corporate America, and both had daughters in gymnastics for a time. So when Amber’s mother invited them all to their mountain house for Christmas, Cam’s mother eagerly accepted without so much as discussing it with him. Of course, if not for his nighttime problem, Cam probably would have been looking forward to the vacation just as much as his mom and sister were. By all accounts, it was a pretty lavish second home in the Rocky Mountains. Even at 18 years old, Cam could deal with needing to wear diapers to bed. What he couldn’t deal with was his mother’s strict, borderline tyrannical attitude about it. While she treated Chloe like an adult and practically an equal now, he knew that she still saw him as a helpless child. For instance, his mom required him to have a diaper on every night after 9:00. No exceptions. After Cam sprained his wrist during a P.E. basketball game two weeks ago, he began having trouble taping up his diaper before bed. After leaking two nights in a row, his mom insisted on diapering him like a toddler every night! Over the years, Cam’s mom would also often make him wear diapers during the day on occasions when bathrooms wouldn’t be readily available. This policy was mostly enforced on longer car trips but it had been over a year since she had made him wear diapers during the day and Cam had hoped that it had become a thing of the past. While Cam knew he had a small bladder, it had been quite some time since he’d had any accidents during the day. The fact that his disposable diaper was currently dry proved just how wrong his mom had been to make him wear one in the first place. For over three hours now, Cam had demonstrated that he was more than capable of controlling his bladder and holding on until their family reached a gas station or rest stop. In truth, Cam was currently fighting a very slight urge to pee but it certainly wasn’t urgent enough to say anything to his mom quite yet. Before they ever left, Cam had made a commitment to himself that not only would he be accident-free for the entire car ride but that he wouldn’t even ask to use the bathroom unless it was absolutely necessary. Instead, he would simply wait until his mom decided to stop for gas or until her or his sister requested to use the bathroom. Such a commitment on his part would help him to feel a little more in control and it would show his mom just how absurd it was to make him wear a diaper in the first place. With a little luck, this would be the last time she would make him wear diapers during the day. Maybe he could even convince her that he didn’t need to wear a diaper on the car trip home? Earlier in their trip, undoing the top two tapes of his diaper and sliding his penis out over the top to pee had proven tricky but it was far better than the alternative. At times like that, he couldn’t help but envy how effortless it was for everyone else around him to use the toilet. His diapers weren’t designed to make it easy for him to use the bathroom. Actually, they weren’t designed for him to use the bathroom at all! That was one thing Cam truly hated about wearing diapers during the day. It was as if his mom expected him to have an accident. If nothing else, at least she could have purchased a different brand for him to wear during the daytime. He could deal with wearing a thick, super-absorbent diaper at night in the privacy of his own bedroom but during the day was something else entirely. He felt as though everyone around him could see the bulge under his pants and hear the crinkle. And they probably could… at least if they were looking for it. Looking once more at Amber’s smiling face in the still photo, Cam had to remind himself that he’d be wearing normal underwear for at least some of the trip. Although Amber might have been older than him and extremely attractive, there was no reason Cam couldn’t at least pretend to be confident around her, at least while he was wearing underwear underneath his clothes. There were times when Cam felt like wearing a diaper in social situations impacted his very personality. For instance, looking his sister in the eye always felt impossible, at least when she knew that he was diapered. As the sun began to set, Cam’s urge to pee was now feeling more urgent. It had certainly been quite some time since their last pit stop. “So are we like… pretty close to the house?” Cam asked. “Yeah actually, it looks like we’re about 30 minutes away. Are you doing okay back there?” his mom asked. “Yeah, fine.” he mumbled, trying to sound confident. “Yeah? Do you need to use the bathroom?” she asked. Cam didn’t respond. “Mom, Amber just texted me. She said that her and her mom got there two hours ago.” Chloe said, sounding annoyed. “Chloe, if your brother needs us to stop so he can use the bathroom, then we’re going to stop. You know he has accidents sometimes.” their mother chided. “I’m fine, really. I don’t need to go.” Cam said. It was a lie but Cam would say anything to avoid this conversation. His control had been fine for the entire trip but still his mom was treating him like he was 4 years old. “Did you have an accident, sweetie?” she pressed. “What? No! Jeez, I’m fine, okay?” “Okay, okay. Calm down. I was just asking.” Annoyed and feeling a little more desperate, Cam tried to cross his legs but the thick padding of his diaper felt like it was forcing them apart. Not only did his diapers make it harder to use the bathroom when he needed it, they made it more difficult to find a comfortable position while he was holding it. Even so, half an hour wasn’t long to wait. Cam tried to remain calm, looking out the window at the dark silhouette of the mountains against the twilight of the pale blue sky. As they pulled off the main highway, he was confident they were now quite close to their destination. Passing by two cabins on the side of the road, Cam wondered what Amber’s family vacation home might look like. It clearly cost money to live in such a scenic neighborhood. Trying to loosen his seatbelt, Cam felt increasing pressure on his bladder as their car drove uphill on an increasingly winding road. It was as if their path traveled in a giant, never ending ‘S’ shape up the mountain. It was then that Cam felt the first spurt of warm pee escape into the crotch of his diaper. Cringing, Cam realized that all was not lost and he was still managing to hold most of his urine. The tiny amount of pee he’d released had been absorbed almost instantly. Though there was no denying that his situation had hit a critical point. Closing his eyes, he reminded himself that he was an adult in every sense of the word. He kept picturing Amber’s gorgeous face and bright blue eyes, imaging how confident he’d be when they finally saw her. That just made him even more nervous though. As their car hit a pothole, Cam instantly felt his body unleash a flood of urine. First, the warm stream cascaded over his balls, trickling between his legs as it was absorbed into the rapidly expanding padding of the diaper. For a moment, he made eye contact with his mom in the rearview mirror again. He hoped it was too dark in the car for her to read his expression. Trying not to squirm, Cam remained still and rigid as he continued peeing uncontrollably into his diaper, feeling the warm saturation flooding into the seat of his diaper as he finished. He couldn’t let his body language reveal how helpless he really was in that moment. Running his hand over the front of his sweatpants, they felt dry. He was lucky. If he hadn’t stopped peeing at that moment, his diaper surely would have flooded and leaked. But the garment had reached the edge of its saturation point. It would hold but it was no longer doing a good job of wicking moisture away from his skin. The result was a warm, damp, clammy feeling that he’d experienced on those mornings where he’d wet heavier than usual. It was the reason his mother insisted on buying the most absorbent disposable diapers on the market. Cam’s heart pounded as he sat quietly in the back seat, acutely aware of his wet diaper; he was in a state of total disbelief. It had been years since he’d had an accident while he was wide awake and at the outset of their trip; he was convinced it couldn’t happen. In the darkness of their moving car, no one could discern what he’d done but it would only be a matter of time. Cam knew from experience that a bulging wet diaper wouldn’t exactly be subtle and he’d certainly be walking funny. Still, with all the excitement of their arrival, not to mention all of the bags and suitcases they were carrying, it might be possible for it to go unnoticed. If nothing else, he was lucky that he hadn’t leaked. If he could just slip away to a bedroom or bathroom as soon as they got into the house, he might be able to hide the evidence. He was confident he could conceal his accident from the others but naturally his mom would be the most suspicious of him. Cam was so lost in thought; he hadn’t bothered to look up at his surroundings until that very moment when his mom pulled back the parking break confirming their arrival. In front of them, stood a massive two-story stone house surrounded by imposing pine trees, all of which had a light dusting of snow on them. “Okay, we’ll step inside and say hi to everyone and then we’ll find a bathroom for Cam real quick.” their mom announced. Stepping out of the car, Cam instantly felt his heavy diaper sagging underneath his sweatpants. With a grunt, he pulled his heavy suitcase out of the trunk, feeling a little light headed as he breathed in the cold, crisp mountain air. He couldn’t help but glare at a distinctive looking light blue bag as his mother slung it around her shoulder. It reminded him of the fight they’d had only a week ago when she purchased it. Even if no one else noticed it, Cam knew full well that it was a baby’s diaper bag. There was even a rectangular, zipper pouch on the outside for a package of baby wipes. His mom’s decision to buy the bag on the eve of a family trip had probably seemed logical enough in her own mind but why couldn’t she have just brought along a backpack or even another suitcase? Inside the infantile bag were all of Cam’s darkest secrets: all the things that undermined his adulthood. Even so, he knew that the chances were slim that Amber would be able to infer what the bag’s contents were. At least everything was contained in one place. Around the house, Cam’s paranoia always ran high when he saw a plastic container of baby wipes or a large bottle of baby powder… as if any random visitor would simply see those products and deduce that the 18 year old residing in that house still wore diapers. When they rang the doorbell, Amber’s mother answered the front door with a warm smile. Much like her daughter, the woman in her early 40s had blonde hair and a slim build. Amber must have had good genetics because Cam had always thought her mother was quite attractive also. “Come in, guys! Oh gosh Cam, you’ve gotten so big.” Amber’s mother smiled. “Thanks, Miss Mayberry.” Cam said as he awkwardly returned a hug from the middle aged woman before she moved to greet his mother and sister. A large fireplace could be seen glowing in the living room along with two large leather couches. Though upon closer examination, it seemed the fireplace was electric or gas rather than wood burning. It was then that he caught sight of Amber standing there in a pair of leather boots, black leggings, and a red sweater that just barely covered her round, toned butt. She was looking stylish as ever. Chloe darted towards her embracing her friend in a close hug. That suited Cam just fine. In this moment, he wanted to keep his distance from Amber in the hopes that she wouldn’t notice his awkward waddle or padded rear end. Still, he couldn’t help but stare at her from the other side of the room. He cringed as they made eye contact and her face lit up. Her long blonde hair was down around her shoulders. “Cam? Wow, you’ve grown since the last time I’ve seen you. You’re like a real adult now!” Amber said, sounding genuinely shocked. “Th-thanks.” Cam said, blushing. “Seriously, you’re like… my height!” To be fair to Amber, the last time they’d met, he must have been 14 years old. So he certainly had been much shorter before his recent growth spurt. Cam felt his body tense up as she went in for a hug, which he awkwardly tried to return, getting a whiff of her heavenly perfume in the process. “Cam, your room is at the top of the stairs on the left. Chloe, you said you would be okay with sharing a room with Amber, right?” Miss Mayberry said. “Cam needs to use the restroom.” his mom interjected. “Are there restrooms upstairs or maybe somewhere on this level?” his mom asked. Normally, such a question would have irritated Cam but in that moment, he had other concerns. If he could just get to his room and find a few moments of privacy, he might be able to hide all evidence of his accident or at least avoid his mom for a bit. His mother would never let him live this down if she found out that he wet his diaper! “Uh… I’m just going to go put down my suitcase.” Cam said, waddling past the group of women. “Cam sweetie, are you okay?” his mom asked as he started up the stairs. “Yeah, fine.” he muttered, practically jogging up the stairs. He knew exactly what his mom was asking and didn’t want to wait for her to ask another probing question. Closing the bedroom door behind him, Cam had found a temporary reprieve but as he pulled his sweatpants down to his ankles to reveal his soggy diaper, he realized the daunting task that lay in front of him. Where would he hide the diaper? Under the bed? In his suitcase? And for how long? There were ziplock bags inside his diaper bag that his mom had planned to use to discreetly dispose of his diapers but the diaper bag was still (presumably) slung around his mom’s shoulder. He flinched as he heard footsteps on the stairs, yanking his sweatpants back up to cover his diaper. A knock on his bedroom door followed a few seconds later. “Uh, y-y-yeah?” The door swung open and his mother stood there, diaper bag around her shoulder. Even with as old as Cam was, the dark haired 46 year old woman with the pixie cut standing in front of him could strike fear into his heart. It wasn’t that Cam thought he’d be in trouble for having an accident. It was that he worried she might know he was lying and that being caught in such a lie would only provide vindication to her. His mom’s decision to force him to wear diapers would be reinforced as the only prudent decision and Cam’s protests would be exposed as the moody complains of a petulant child. “Did you find the upstairs bathroom okay?” she asked. “Yeah, fine.” There was a small twinge of skepticism in her face as she furrowed her brow but she said nothing. Cam’s hair stood on end as he waited for her to ask him an outright question. “Karen! Come back down here. I want to show you how the remodel of the kitchen turned out!” Amber’s mom shouted. Cam always found it strange to hear anyone call his mother by her first name. With that, Cam’s mom disappeared and Cam breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Hey, Cam!” a familiar voice shouted. He flinched again, practically jumping as he realized Amber was standing in the doorway. “Whoa. You okay, champ?” Amber said, raising her eyebrows. “Yeah, sorry just… long car ride.” Cam said, trying to sound more nonchalant. “What happened?” she asked. For a brief moment, he was convinced that Amber knew he’d had an accident or perhaps even that he was wearing a diaper. He averted his eyes from her gaze, looking down at the hardwood floor. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Your wrist.” Cam chuckled to himself, looking down at the black wrist brace, Velcro strapped tightly around his arm, partially covered by the sleeve of his baggy sweatshirt. “I just fell while I was playing basketball. Its nothing.” In truth, a larger boy had tripped Cam while they were playing basketball but he was content to leave out that minor detail. “Well, come on. I want to give you and Chloe a tour of the house.” Cam just hesitated, still preoccupied with finding a solution to the current problem under his sweatpants. “I mean… if you want?” Amber said. “Oh um, yeah sure.” Cam said, making eye contact again just long enough to accept her offer. There was no way out as Cam awkwardly shuffled into the upstairs hallway. How could he even talk to this beautiful woman while he was wearing a wet diaper under his clothes? She was a semester away from graduating college and he couldn’t even keep his diaper dry for a few hours in the car! “This place is amazing, Amber.” Chloe smiled, stepping out of the adjacent bedroom and giving Amber a friendly hug. Cam followed behind them but not too closely. With a little luck, Amber’s attention would be focused mostly on Chloe and his awkward gate wouldn’t be obvious to either girl. He could deal with the temporary discomfort of his soaked diaper for now… though the thought of getting out of it was becoming more appealing with each passing moment. Cam frowned, wondering if perhaps the fact that toddlers and infants cried so much due to the discomfort of wet diapers. It certainly wasn’t putting him in a good mood. The baggy sweatpants and casual grey sweatshirt Cam was wearing covered any unsightly bulges under his clothes. Shuffling his feet and walking slowly also proved to work rather well in concealing any crinkling sounds. There was also the fact that whenever Chloe got excited about something, her voice seemed to get twice as loud, echoing through the high ceilings. Amber’s vacation home was certainly something to be excited about though! The upstairs bathroom had a steam room and the floors and countertops were made of marble. Walking down the stairs, Cam followed a few feet behind the two girls as they found themselves in the kitchen. Cam flinched again as Amber accidentally dropped her phone on the hardwood floor. As she bent down to pick it up, he couldn’t help but stare at her butt as it peaked out from beneath her long sweater. He certainly approved of the form fitting black leggings she was wearing. In the florescent lighting of the kitchen, for a fleeting moment, Cam discerned the distinct outline of skimpy thong underneath. A second later, she stood up and her butt disappeared beneath her sweater again. Cam was convinced that, deep down, Amber would never see him as anything more than Chloe’s dorky younger brother… and that made her raw sexual magnetism all the more intolerable. He wasn’t sure how he could survive the holidays under the same roof as the gorgeous 22 year old blonde in front of him. His erection pressing up against his uncomfortable wet diaper reminded him of more important matters though. The urine soaked garment felt far less warm now than it had in the car. “This is the back porch.” Amber said matter of factly, opening the doors to the patio. There was a meadow filled with snow that seemed to glow in the moonlight and beyond it was a dark silhouette of mountains. It was plain to see that the view during the daytime would be even more spectacular. The covered porch was adorned with several chase lounges and in the corner, there was a large hot tub. “Can we hot tub later?” Chloe asked excitedly. “Sure.” Amber said with a giggle. When the tour of their house was completed, Cam mumbled some excuse about having forgotten his phone upstairs before retreating back towards his room. “Hey Cam?” his mother called to him. “Just a sec.” he said as he awkwardly waddled up the stairs. One way or another, Cam was determined to get out of his wet diaper now. But before he could close the door of his room, his mother appeared in the doorway. “Hey mom, uh, just one second.” Cam said, his hand on the door. “Wait. It’s almost 9:00 so I think we should make sure you’re all set for bed.” she said, hands poised on her hips. “Okay but I’m already wearing a… um, I mean I’m ready for bed.” After all these years, Cam still hated saying the ‘D’ word aloud. “I know that, sweetie. I just want to make sure that the tapes are secure. You were walking a little funny earlier and you’ve been wearing that same diaper practically all day.” Cam winced at her brazen use of the ‘D’ word, glancing out into the hallway to see if anyone was in earshot. Seeing his sensitivity, his mother rolled her eyes, closing his bedroom door as if to offer some privacy. Now he just felt cornered like a wild animal. “The tapes? The tapes are f-f-fine. Everything uh, still fits. Its okay, really.” “Are you sure? You’ve looked uncomfortable ever since we got here. Its okay if you need a little help adjusting them.” Cam’s mother said. “Really. I’m fine.” “Cameron, did you have a little accident?” “N-n-no.” Seconds later, he realized he was blushing profusely as tears began to form in his eyes. “Can I see?” she asked, taking a step towards him and putting her hand on his shoulder. “No.” Cam sniffled. “Okay, just wait here. I’ll get your diaper bag.” The fact that she had left to retrieve his diaper bag told Cam that she must have known. Was there any point in trying to hide it? He felt like he was at his breaking point after several hours in the car, waddling around in a wet diaper, and dealing with being in the same room as Amber. As much as he hated to admit it, his mom would have probably found out sooner or later. She quickly returned with that same detestable bag slung around her shoulder. “Can you take your pants off for me?” she asked, placing the light blue bag on the bed and unzipping it. Cam’s bottom lip quivered a little but he did his best to keep a brave face. “Can I just… try and do this myself?” “Cameron, we’ve been over this. You can get the fit right with that brace around your wrist. Just let me help you.” With a frown and a whimper, Cam lowered his pants. Just looking at his swollen, saggy diaper; it must have been obvious. No further confirmation was needed. His inability to control his bladder was no on full display. “Oh boy, it looks like you really did have an accident. See? It’s a good thing I made you wear a diaper today, huh?” Cam offered no response. Although he couldn’t bear to admit it, his mom was right. “We better lay a towel down. You look pretty soaked.” she said. Cam sat down with a quiet ‘squish’ before folding his sweatshirt back and out of the way of his diaper as his mom unloaded his supplies placing a package of baby wipes, some powder, and a folded disposable diaper beside him on the bed. Her pleasant attitude only seemed to make him feel worse. Part of him almost wished she would chide him for his accident or express some discontent. After all, it wasn’t exactly normal for an 18 year old to wet himself, let alone require diapers just to get through a single road trip. His mother’s open, routine acceptance of his accidents made him feel like a helpless child who really did need to wear diapers. They weren’t a precaution in her eyes so much as a necessity. His mom wasted no time ripping the tapes back and Cam lifted his rear end so she could slide out the heavy wet diaper. Covering himself with his sweatshirt, Cam awkwardly pulled a few wipes from their package and cleaned himself frantically. Sure, he would have preferred to take a nice long shower but he didn’t dare wander out into the hallway. Even at that very moment, he wondered if his mom had bothered to lock the door. He winced as he watched her drop the heavy wet diaper into the plastic bag, zipping it tightly. “Make sure no one sees the-” “Don’t worry, honey. This is going in the outside garbage can. No one will see it.” He reached for the clean diaper beside him on the bed but his mom was too quick. Snatching it up in her hands, she expertly unfolded the crinkling garment “Come on, lay back for me.” she said, putting her hand on his shoulder. With a sigh, Cam did as he was told and a second later he grabbed his knees, pulling them to his chest. After his mom dusted his rear end with baby powder, he brought his butt to rest on a clean diaper as his she pulled up the front panel and taped him tightly in place. Sitting up with a crinkle, he could only watch as his mom placed the wipes and powder back into his diaper bag, zipping it closed. If nothing else, at least he could take comfort in knowing that his diapering supplies wouldn’t be kept in his room. That was a nice change of pace. Cam made no move to put his pants back on though. What was the point? His mom had already seen him naked so he couldn’t be humiliated any further. Sitting on the edge of the bed in a disposable diaper his sweatshirt, pouting and feeling sorry for himself, seemed like his best option at the moment. “You okay, honey?” his mom asked. “I just want to be alone.” Cam said. “Okay well… I’ll leave a bag here on the table for you. Can you handle throwing away your night diaper tomorrow morning?”“Yeah.” he mumbled. “I know you’re embarrassed Cameron but… it was just one accident. Try not to let this ruin your trip. One wet diaper isn’t the end of the world, right?” Cam didn’t respond. As soon as his mother left the room, he plopped down on the bed. A modestly sized plasma screen TV on the dresser caught his eye and he quickly grabbed a remote off the nightstand. With a crinkle, he crawled towards the front of the bed. He had to admit, being back in a dry diaper was infinitely better and it certainly improved his mood. If Cam was honest with himself, there were times at home in the privacy of his bedroom where a dry diaper was pretty comfortable after a long day at school. As a kid, his pull-ups leaked several times. His more absorbent disposable diapers were a far superior product. Knowing that he could at least wake up in a dry bed made him feel… safe. The excess padding was just as much an asset as it was a liability. Hearing Chloe and Amber giggling downstairs, it was only a matter of time before his thoughts drifted back to Amber. Pulling out his phone, he returned to the photo of Amber from last summer, jean shorts and all. It felt pathetic to stare at her picture when she was only one floor down from him. Staring at his phone felt safe… whereas standing in the same room as her terrified him. Cam reasoned that he could be far more confident tomorrow when he got out of diapers for the day. Not necessarily confident around her but certainly more confident than he was tonight. Running his hand over the opaque, white, shiny padding between his legs; Cam tried to grab himself. Looking at Amber’s photo had made him hard in his diaper yet again as he rubbed the crinkling padding. It was rare that Cam attempted masturbating in his diapers. Usually, he would make a point to do it during the day or at night while he showered. He knew full well that his mom’s 9:00 p.m. deadline each night would mean he was confined to diapers until the following morning and the excess padding would make masturbation quite a chore. It was one of the many things Cam hated about being trapped in diapers. Thrusting his hips ever so slightly while rubbing and kneading the crinkling padding, Cam grew paranoid that someone might be able to hear him. He could shuffle around in a pair of sweatpants and the sound of his diaper was barely audible. But while rubbing and thrusting, it sounded like the loud rustling of a giant plastic grocery bag. Pulling the covers over himself would not only conceal the noise, it would keep him much warmer too. After all, he wasn’t wearing any pants to bed. Closing his eyes and trying to recall the sight of Amber’s ass in those leggings along with the outline of her thong, he thrust into the thick padding of his diaper. Rubbing and thrusting, his heart raced as he imagined touching her… kissing her. Dare he think it? Fucking her. Then for a moment, he frowned to himself as he heard Amber giggling again downstairs. If she could see him in that moment for what he truly was, he would have looked pathetic. She would laugh at him the way she was laughing now. The sexy, mature, well dressed blonde in the living room had no idea what was going on upstairs. Her friend’s awkward, skinny younger brother, whose mom had just changed him out of his wet diaper, lay there rubbing his crotch and desperately imagining fantasies of her that would never come to pass. Yet Cam’s arousal outweighed his embarrassment. Even imagining Amber laughing at him while he masturbated in front of her seemed strangely arousing somehow. Cam didn’t like wearing diapers by any means. But they were comfortable, familiar, and safe. He wasn’t going to let his embarrassment deter him from finding a little relief. As he continued his vigorous rubbing and thrusting, he was more determined than ever to give himself an orgasm. His hand cramping up and his diaper crinkling, Cam whimpered in desperation. Finally, he shot his load into his diaper. Laying still in bed under the covers, he panted as he caught his breath. Returning to a more sober mindset, he again felt pathetic. He just masturbated in a diaper and now had to sleep in his own mess. Then again, how many times had he slept soundly in a urine soaked diaper? Was this really all that different? If nothing else, he was still felt more comfortable now than he’d felt in his wet diaper earlier. It wasn’t really that being in his own mess was upsetting to him. The feelings of inadequacy weren’t the result of physical discomfort. It was psychological. While he was technically an adult, he was functionally a child. He wore diapers like an overgrown toddler. He could never know the pleasure of having sex with Amber. Instead, his only solace came from rubbing himself through his diaper. Despite all these unpleasant feelings, Cam was certainly exhausted after they day that he’d had and fell asleep mere minutes later. Follow the link below to read more of "WINTER BREAK": https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077W8YR2M
  6. Be sure to stop by Changing Times Diaper Company the next time you are in Las Vegas. We offer a nice selection of cloth diapers, waterproof pants made with plastic and polyurethane laminate (PUL), and, disposable diapers from ABU, Bambino and BareBum. Feel free to
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  8. From the album: Me in Diapers

    Wore some Absorbancy Plus out shopping. This is me getting a little selfie pic action going in a public bathroom
  9. From the album: Me in Diapers

    Just sitting at my desk, with an Absorbancy Plus diaper under my jeans. It usually gets me very happy.
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    So, after many forum reading and posts I think I've come to find from my research that people say not only that Luvs smell stronger than Pampers, but they have more of a classic scent from the 80's & 90's. Some may disagree but I'd love to buy a pack to see if its true, but I was wondering if its a certain brand of Luvs that I should get. Meaning, like with pampers you have baby dry, cruisers, ect. What type of Luvs should I get and for hardcore fans of disposable diapers which do you think will be the best? Thanks!
  11. One day when I was bored, I measured and took some pictures of Pampers to see how big they really are. The Pampers USA diapers are size 5. And then I opened my only package of first generation Pampers Cuisers size 7.
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