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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Hi! I am CD! I am looking for a F4F Mommy that is interested in a ABDL girly like me. I am a 22 Lesbian and I am looking for someone that is looking for a long term relationship. I would love to see if we fit. I have a discord account, and my favorite shows are Bluey, and rn I thing I am really into watching Gravity Falls. I am a big fan of Homestuck. my Homestuck Godteir is Muse of Mind. My favorite movies are the Princess Diaries, Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I also love Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp), Maleficent, and Cruella. I also really love Where the Wild Things Are and Avatar (like from the way of water) :3 My favorite diapers are Bunnyhopps from ABUniverse. I love the kawaii themed diapers from anywhere to be honest though. My music tastes are house, electric, rap, lofi, 8bit game music and hyperpop. I love fashion, and Music as I am studying music theory, I also want to study dance. I am studding these things on my own. My favorite games are Animal Crossing and Minecraft. If any F4F mommies are interested in getting to know me please send me a message so we can get to know eachother (please no petnames until we are close, I go by CD) I have a lot of freetime to get to know a new friend and potentially meet the mommy of my dreams! :3 Thank you & Have a wonderful day!!
  2. After weeks sending countless messages on online dating websites only to receive no response, I was beginning to lose hope and become burnt out. Until she messaged me back. Misskiwi was professional and ambitious. A career woman with a long and articulate write up on her profile. I was a guy wondering what she'd want to do with me. My hopes surged as we chatted, she was affable though exacting and stubborn. I could live with that. I find out her name, Nora. She wanted to meet up and go for a walk at a busy park nearby. I agreed, of course. Things seemed to be looking up. A few days later, I found myself sitting down on the park bench she directed me to carefully. I waited. She was nowhere to be seen. I wondered what was up, and glanced over at the empty spot next to me. There was a medium-sized package. I figured someone must have left it there by accident, and they'd be back for it soon. I continued to wait. About fifteen minutes later, a curiosity mixed with boredom and disappointment got the better of me and I leaned over to look down at the package. It was addressed to Nora. Not only that, there was a small, handwritten note taped expertly onto cardboard. It had neat and feminine writing with soft, round lines on it. Could it be Nora's? I scooched over and began to read: "I had to run at the last minute, I'm really sorry. Business calls. We'll meet soon, okay? I meant to give you this in person, but this will have to do for now. Don't open the box until you get home! It's important." I made my way back home, box under my arm pressed against my ribs. It was surprisingly light. All I could do as I walked was wonder what was inside. The same moment I got into my apartment, I was opening the box, deeply curious about its contents. Then I saw it. It was a package of adult diapers. What? I sat there in silence, struck by the strangeness of it all. Slowly a mixture of humiliation and excitement rose inside me, a combination I wasn't used to feeling together. I wondered if the smell coming from inside the box was Nora's perfume scent. It was somewhat intoxicating. Why? Had she just wanted to play a joke on me? I took the package of diapers out of the box, and noticed another note underneath in what I presumed was Nora's handwriting. "No, this isn't a cruel prank. It's a test. A pretty harmless and quick test. You just have to trust me. Meet me for a video chat at 8:30 pm sharp. Be in a diaper. You really must be wearing one. I promise I'll reward you. ❤️ Nora" I felt excitement tinged with humiliation rising in my chest. I had to do it. I had to see what she had in store for me. What did I really have to lose? I'd been trying to get a date for weeks without any luck, and suddenly this mysterious woman enters the scene and has me feeling something. It's worth a try, I thought. So after some dinner I opened up the package of diapers and unfolded one. Laying down on my bed, I did up the side tabs carefully and made sure the fit was snug around my groin. They felt nice, a bit like a pillow around my crotch. I slid my shorts back up and sat down at the computer. They weren't very nice to walk in, the bulk was a little awkward and I was reminded of my strange situation each time the thick fabric grazed my inner thighs. It was 8:17. I waited. At exactly 8:30, she was on. Looking as composed as ever, she began to speak before I could quietly say hello. "Hello! Did you do it? Are you wearing one of your diapers?" She asked. "Yeah--just like you said to do. Why are we--" "Well, it's complicated." She bit her lip. "You want to hear the whole story?" "Sure, take your time," I replied. "First though, I want to really see that you're wearing it. Can you just show me the top of it, peeking out of your--that's it." I lifted my shirt, exposing the top of the diaper hiding beneath my shorts. "Okay, so here it is. I have had a lot of boyfriends in the past who have had bladder control issues. They were really leaky and drippy, some of them said their control got bad only after being with me. I think they were just shielding their bruised egos, but anyway, I don't really trust it." Was this lady crazy? Did she really think that just because she had problems with that in her past relationships, that it would somehow leak over onto me? "I don't have a bladder problem," I cracked a smile. She looked at me doubtfully. "I dunno. We'll see. There's another reason I need you in diapers. I need to make sure you're really committed to me. I've had a lot of bad experiences in the past with trust, and I want to know that you're really willing to go the extra mile for me. I'll go the extra mile for you of course, but first you need to complete this challenge for me. " "I dunno." I gave mock consideration, looking away as if I were deliberating. "Where's your diaper? Can I see it to make sure you're wearing it?" I watched as Nora reached down and began to lift up her shirt. Did she really have a diaper on underneath her jeans? Soon I caught a glimpse of the smooth, soft looking skin of her belly. She looked at me mischievously as she reached under her jeans and pulled up her underwear so I could see. She shook her head. "I don't wear them." "Well, I don't either. I'm not going to do it." I said. Nora seemed hurt by my response. She recoiled. "It's only for a few weeks," She began. "I don't want you to wear them for long if you don't need to. You don't even have to use them, you just have to wear them that's all. It's only a change of underwear you make it out like it's such a big thing..." "The answer's no." I said again. "Please?" "Look, I'm exhausted. I want to get to sleep, it's nearly nine and I have to be up for five thirty. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I blew her a kiss and left the chat. If it was unreasonable that her potential boyfriend says no to wearing diapers he doesn't need, then she'd just need to find someone else to be with. I took off the diaper straight away and set the rest of the pack out by the front door to be thrown away. After watching a few short videos on YouTube to unwind, I stripped down to my socks and underwear and went to bed. I noticed I had to pee pretty urgently as I laid down. I got up for the washroom quick and then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. I was woken up by my alarm, and noticed something alarming upon stirring. I was laying in a puddle of my own pee! This hadn't happened to me in years. After a long moment sitting in disbelief, I got up and went down the stairs to the shower. It was pretty chilly on my boxer short-clad bottom from laying in an accident for who knows how long. I spotted the pack of diapers by the door. They could have helped, I thought. I tried to suppress that thought. I wasn't going to wear a diaper because I peed the bed once. If only Nora could see me now. After a long day I got home and hopped onto my online chat again. Nora was on. I messaged her immediately. "I'm sorry I didn't wear the diapers you got me, maybe I can--for you. It's only for a few days, right?" Sent. It only took a few minutes for her to reply. "I hoped you'd come around. It's okay. Just put on another diaper right now and then we can chat in video." I felt a pretty intense urge to pee just then, and I ran towards the bathroom with my unfolded diaper in hand. After changing in the bathroom, it was time to go chat with Nora. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard her trying to video call me. Only problem was, I forgot to put my shorts back on after changing! I figured it wasn't important, my lower half would be hidden from the camera anyway. I answered her call and was greeted by her smiling face. She was still in her work clothes, and looked intense but warm. "Hey Nora," I waved. She smiled and waved back. "So you got your diaper on?" I nodded. "Good. I only want you to wear them for two weeks starting today. That's all I ask, alright?" Remembering the sudden bedwetting incident the night before, I nodded. "No problem, it's not like I have to use them or anything." We chatted about our days, and made a reservation at a nice restaurant for our Friday first date night. Hopefully I wouldn't end up sitting in the booth, only to find another box of diapers where Nora was supposed to be. We finished our call, and I was surprised how much time had passed. It was already half past seven, and time to eat something. I got up, and felt an intense pang on my bladder. I had to go, right that moment. It was then that I remembered I had a diaper on. I'd almost forgotten it was there, silently hugging my crotch, waiting unobtrusively for accidents. I wasn't about to give my new underwear the release they were designed to capture. I jogged down the hall to the bathroom and struggled with the door, which I usually kept open. A few squirts began to drench the padding, and my sense of consternation and humiliation grew. Why is this happening to me, now? I got to the toilet and began to lose the battle even more with my bladder as I struggled to get my diaper out of the way so I could pee like an adult. I was too late. By the time I got my underwear unfastened, I had already noticeably drenched the inside of the diaper. I peed the rest into the toilet and then sat on the floor for a moment to regain my composure. What the heck was happening to me? At least I was wearing a diaper, I thought while looking at the bathroom's tile floor. Still clean. It was then that I realized I should put my diaper back on. It was bunched up beside the toilet, with the wetness indicator on the crotch faded blue. Better to get a clean one from the pack, I figured. I was a bit conflicted as I unfolded a new one a few minutes later and got ready to put it on. Why not just wear normal underwear for a little while? It's not like Nora would know. That seemed too dishonest. Plus, I'd already had two accidents in the last two days. Nora's prediction about always having boyfriends with bladder problems was beginning to look more and more believable all the time. But how is that possible? I fastened on my clean diaper and got cozy under some blankets in the living room. I turned the fire on, it was starting to get chilly in the evening. I felt an urgent pang on my bladder again after a small glass of wine and a water. Did I really want to get up? I kind of didn't. I used the diaper and continued to watch without having to lose my coziness. I wanted to be sure I wouldn't get too used to them, though.
  3. I don't post here much anymore, not that I used to much before, but I figured I'd share my experience I just had sharing this part of me with my girlfriend of 4 months. She took it well. To give you some idea of where we both are in life; she holds a masters degree in counseling psychology. She isn't my therapist, she's my girlfriend, but still that is an asset for both of us to understanding of each other's journey in life and our mental health struggles. I came into this relationship having done 3 years of therapy to resolve a lot of issues from my childhood. I haven't really brought up this part of myself with my therapist, as I felt no need to do so. I shared this with her, and told her how the desires came out of my childhood and how they have always been with me. I told her that I felt shame over it for many years but have come to accept it as part of myself that will never go away. She told me that she understands how things like this can come about, and that it isn't a dealbreaker for her at all. She is at this point uncertain how comfortable she would be if I wore around her, and I let her know I have no need to involve her in this, but that I'm concerned about a future where are more committed than now, and that we will need to revisit this in that context. She is glad that she doesn't know much about our community so that it hasn't colored her perceptions, and that she can learn about it from me and what it means to me. There is much that we will still discuss down the road, but I am fully confident that she wants to be supportive and that we will be able to communicate openly and honestly about this without bringing judgment, shame or criticism into it. So that's just it, just wanted to share that. Feel free to ask me anything.
  4. Diapering has been an interest for me for over 10 years, but it isn't something I have been "practicing" steadily in that time. The biggest issue for me is I mostly enjoy it when shared with a female partner, which is very hard to find. So, I figured I would post this in hope to see if I could find one! I didn't post in a specific state, as I'm open ended. I am not crazy about living in the Carolina's, so I figured id open up my search across the US. I'm 29, great career, my own place, no kids, no pets, I don't smoke or do drugs. I have a lot of hobbies, passions and interests from sports to thrift shops to 90s TV to road tripping. I'm silly yet mature, passionate, caring, honest and love to connect on a physical and intimate level with my partner. As far as the diapering goes, I love cloth diapering and plastic pants, plus any "plastic" type of clothing.coverings, onesies etc... but I don't act or play as a baby. I usually don't "use" the diapers, but I'm not opposed to it. Of course, I enjoy a female wearing them too, just like I do. The idea of changing each other and caring for one another and just being cute together while wearing them is something I've always enjoyed. So perhaps this wish could come true! I wish to keep my photos private, but you wont be disappointed. I'm 5'11, 160ish pounds, dark hair/eyes, nice arms and smile. I suppose contacting me directly here is best, and I can give you other information if we hit it off!
  5. On dating trying to find a girlfriend but so far all am getting people calling me a freak until ill get this one reply from girl that thinks am cute.
  6. Jamie

    Am Dating ABDL

    James has been single all most all his life until day he did find the girl of his dreams his family cant wait meet her And She can't wait to meet them ether. But there's problem she abdl and he is worried what his family might think of
  7. 25 year old Joey Sanders waited in the living room for his new girlfriend of a year, Natalie. Joey had met Natalie through his best friend whom had dated Natalie's sister. Joey had been skeptical about matchmaking, but it was love at first sight. Earlier in the month, he had asked her to move in. She eagerly accepted. He eventually planned on marrying her. Joey and Natalie had one big thing in common: children. Joey was the proud father of 2 year old Jaxon Sanders. His mother was no longer in the picture. She signed over her parental rights hours after his birth. Natalie had a 4 year old daughter, Isla. This day was the first step to the rest of their lives.
  8. Have you known any single gal who had AK tendencies/wanted to be an AK? What was she into, how exactly would she act, and, if applicable, what was it like dating her? What should I be aware of and watch out for if I'm ever to date a gal like her? What kinds of dates would I ought to bring her to? I'd like to be very well-prepared for dating an adult kid woman. Also, I'm aware we have a Personals somewhere on DD. What is a good example of an Adult Kid woman's profile? Thanks.
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