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  1. Adult Onesie/Rompers

    I own that one. The price might look good but S&H is VERY pricey to the US.
  2. Adult Onesie/Rompers

    I had never tried a true adult onesie/romper till recently, and they are perfect. It's a tshirt yet it's also underwear and it's keeping everything snug and tight while wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants. I was going to wear them as just an "undershirt" type deal, but they seem to just look great as they are. My only "downside" is unsnapping & resnapping when I choose not to use the diaper. Any suggestions on how else to wear them? Anything they pair great with? I am also looking for the best brand or type to wear as well as any other type of material outside of cotton, such as a PVC material like my plastic pants.
  3. Lately, I find myself loving wearing cloth diapers not for the diapers, but for the plastic pants over them. I just cannot get enough of how they look and feel. This is why I had asked about wearing just a cloth liner/soaker with them, as I've really begun to love how the plastic pants look and feel, as I rarely use the diaper. Anyone else feel the same? If so, how do you try and wear them? Do you wear them with things other then diapers?
  4. Plastic Pants with Cloth Inserts

    Where did you get that? Looks like something id like to try!
  5. Cloth to work

    I don't wear disposables, never really have. I simply wore the cloth pull up w/ no extra inserts, plastic pants and a onesie. It can easily take 2 wettings, and thats good soakings. Tops ive done is 4, and it leaked into the PP by the 4th. We only have 1 bathroom for about 120 people, and 90% of the people know me. I usually wear cargo khaki type pants, maybe jeans on the weekend. Wearing them was the easy part, but I would probably want to change at somepoint during the shift.
  6. SoSecure Incontinence Containment Swim Diaper

    Odd as usually if I have to poop, I also have to pee. I got to imagine others who wear this are faced with this issue.
  7. SoSecure Incontinence Containment Swim Diaper

    I was thinking of how it would be as a regular diaper, not just for swimming, but I'd use it for that too. How well does it hold urine?
  8. Has anyone ever used the SoSecure Incontinence Containment Swim Diaper? It says it isn't tested for urine it says, more for bowel movements, but was curious how well this works, esp for $50. https://www.llmedico.com/product/77/sosecure-containment-swim-brief/?search_query=swim+diaper&results=2
  9. Cloth to work

    On a whim, I decided to wear my cloth diaper to work today. I found some pants that fit over them nicely, and brought a backup set incase of issues. I wore them for 10 hrs, and wet them 2 times. No noticeable drooping or bulge (I did wear plastic pants and a onesie) and it felt fine. When I got home, the diaper was VERY wet, as was my mid section where the wetness was. However, it created a few questions: It seemed like wetting 2 times might of been pushing it. I felt like there was slight urine smell (I could of been imagining things) but I didn't enjoy how wet I was by the time I got home. So how do I handle changing? What do I do with the wet cloth diaper afterwards? What is the best way to go about bringing supplies in/out of the bathroom? My philosophy was just to wear 1 diaper the entire shift, but with the amount I wet, that probably isn't the best idea.
  10. I've asked this question many years ago and got mixed results and wanted to see if this has been tried/tested more. Anyone ever wear plastic pants with just cloth diaper inserts? If so, what was your experience like? Did you use them to wet?
  11. Road Trip in Cloth

    That "letting go" probably comes within time. I'd be willing to bet if I was a passenger and not driving, I could let go, but when I'm driving, esp at night when your paying extra attention, it isnt as easy.
  12. Best "everyday" clothes to wear with diapers?

    It looks like those "fixing pants" are like compression underwear for diapers. It keeps them tight to the body and less bulky. I just got 2 onesies. $40 is a bit high for one via XPMedical. I have yet to wear a onesie and a diaper + clothing out yet. I've tried most of my everyday shorts/pants etc and they wont fit over my diaper (I wear cloth), thus wanting to find a few "easy" items.
  13. Best "everyday" clothes to wear with diapers?

    I was also thinking those jumpsuits, like a mechanic or technician might wear. Though that can look quite out of place, but seems really comfy and easy to wear.
  14. Product link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252831658519?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=551843547614&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I was looking for an affordable onesie/romper solution to wear under overalls and such and found these on sale for $19.99 w/ free shipping. They shipped FAST (3 days). They are made in China (first red flag). Putting one on initially, it was too big. It didnt hug the diaper at all, but I knew I needed to wash it to get it true to size. I washed it with hot water, dried it on the hot setting, and it did shrink. Standing up relaxed, it still doesnt hug the diaper tight. The overall fit isnt that great. It mostly fits like a tshirt thats slightly too big. One of the 5 snaps wont snap correctly either. Overall, I wouldnt recommend these, but perhaps my body type isnt suited for these or something, but I figured id give my honest review!
  15. I recently decided to wear denim overalls with a diaper, and it felt comfortable. I liked that I didnt have something I needed to use a belt for or tie, it just slid right over the diaper. It got me thinking, what else can be worn for "everyday" use, out and about, with diapers that is super easy and comfortable for men? Women have it a bit easier with skirts and dresses, but most mens clothing can be a bit restrictive in the crotch area, esp. with diapers. I do find nylon/track pants to work well, but haven't found much else that I can wear where I feel truly comfortable in with a diaper underneath. Suggestions?