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  1. Diapers or Divorce Part One "I have had enough!" "Pull down your pants this instant." He stared at his very attractive wife, frightened by her outrage and clumsily fumbled with the button of his jeans. He slowly pulled his pants down until they were around his ankles and he stood back up, holding his head down in embarrassment. "Just as I thought, you are wearing a disgusting nappy again." "Clearly you are no longer the man I married. Come to think about it you have never really been much of a man inside our outside our bedroom." "I desire to be with a real man, not a little baby. Since you cannot seem to respect my demands to stop wearing nappies maybe in nappies is exactly where a pathetic excuse of a husband like you belongs." "I am going to make this very simple for you. Nappies or divorce?" Tears started to well up in his eyes as he tried to look at his wife. Clearly, sneaking around behind her back wearing Terry cloth nappies had finally pushed her over the edge. What was his wife of ten years asking? After years of hatred and disgust over his nappy fetish was she now seriously considering leaving him? At 36 years old with great looks,long dark brown hair that almost matched the colour of her eyes ,slim figure she would have no problems finding a new man. "I will not repeat myself again. Nappies or a divorce?" Instinctively he cried out nappies, not fully understanding the consequences of his choice. He would soon find out. A smile grew on his wife's face. She had expected for her husband to decide nappies and she wickedly thought about what that meant for her. Her sexy silky panties started to get moist over the thought she could finally now go out and find a real man and her wimpy nappied husband would have no say in the matter. "Nappies it will be then. Tell me who wears nappies? "Babies do." "Babies do, what?" "Babies wear nappies." "Babies wear nappies what?" He looked at his wife completely confused. What was she demanding he tell her? "How about babies wear nappies,.. Mommy!" His heart began to beat faster. Never had his wife ever role played with his fetish before and now she was standing in front of him demanding that he call her Mommy. "Babies wear nappies, Mommy." "That is right, babies wear nappies. What do babies do in their nappies?" "They potty in them, Mommy." "That is right, both pee pee and poo poo don't they?" "Yes Mommy, babies go pee pee and poo poo in their diapers." "How many times have you shit in your nappy?" He once again looked down in shame and could not find the words to answer his wife. "How many times have you shit in your pants you disgusting sissy wimp, I will not ask you again?" "A few Mommy." "I knew you were that pathetic. Well, guess what, I hope you are ready to become very messy. Do you know why?" "No Mommy." "You will now be wearing nappies permanently, baby. I am not talking about an every once in awhile thing either. You wanted to wear them so much and now you will get to wear them for the rest of your life. At first it will be difficult on both of us but hopefully eventually we both will accept our new roles in our marriage. In time my guess is that by going potty in your nappies all the time that you will become completely unpotty trained. You will have no choice but to be nappies all the time unless I decide to humiliate you by making you go potty in your pants when we are out and about." He was in complete shock. Who had invaded his wife's mind? She had gone from demanding no nappies at all to wearing them all the time for the rest of his life? Part of him was excited yet part of him was scared of the new life he had chosen for himself. "Now that I have shared with you that you will be permanently wearing your potty I think it is time for Mommy to explain to you your new life as my baby." "Since I can never look at you as a man ever again from this day forward I think it is best that you become my little girl, a girl baby will just suit you afterall you are a bit of a sissy and that tiny baby dick belongs in pink frills, would you like that eh. As of right now I have no intentions on removing your tiny wee wee or your pathetic little balls but your behavior could change my mind if you chose to be disobedient. When you are not busy at work providing for us I will be constantly reminding you that you are no longer the man of the house. At work, you will still be required to wear nappies and plastic pants and use them of course and when I want you will wear something more girly under your pants to remind you of being my little girl. At home you will be dressed as a complete sissy baby girl always in an appropriate short cute frilly dress and early bedtimes you can wear one of my frilly babydoll nighties. This is non negotiable and you will do as I say or you will be severely punished. I am still not completely convinced that I should stay with a pathetic sissy like you have become." "The hardest thing you will have to accept is that since you are no longer a man you will no longer be allowed to do grown up things in the bedroom. Do you know what a cuckold is?" "No Mommy, what is a cuckold?" "Something you will most definitely soon become, that is one thing I know for sure." With a devilish grin on her face she left the room without saying another word and he was left standing their with his pants pulled down and his diaper exposed. He could not help but to wet himself.
  2. There are some words I’ve heard a thousand times. A million, even. So many repetitions that they lose all meaning, except as signifiers of something else. “Things could be worse,” to say, “Stop complaining.” “Millennials,” to say, “Anyone younger than me who I disagree with.” And, “We saw you from across the bar, and we really dig your vibe,” to say, “We’d like to use you as a sexual object, but have no understanding of how to maintain a healthy nonmonogamous relationship.” The speaker of that last line was a woman, maybe thirty or a bit older, with a chintzy necklace and long, blonde hair. I could see her partner, a man a few years her senior, sitting at the end of the bar nursing a pale blond beer. Meanwhile, her comment was directed at another girl sitting next to me who was barely old enough to be drinking. From my little chatting with the girl, Katrina, I knew she lacked experience enough to recognize the threat in front of her. Already, I knew the dynamic. His partner–the woman–would be bait, the friendly face to reel in girls for a one night stand, or perhaps a few flings, before discarding the girl the moment she became too much of a burden. Maybe the girl would need help with something, or just talk about herself too much, or assume that their emotional sharing was a two-way-street. Either way, she’d be dumped like hot garbage, and the couple would be on to a new target in a day. I didn’t like couples like that. “Here, let me get you a drink, have you had a ‘Red Headed Gabriel’?” the woman said to the girl. “Oh, and I’m Esmay, my husband’s name is Louis.” The girl, flattered by the attention, smiled. “Katrina.” Names. Useful. I filed those away in my brain and got to my feet, shuffling down the bar. Pulling up next to Louis, I said, “You’re new, aren’t you?” He looked me up and down. I could tell he had no interest–he was here to find a pretty young girl, threesomes with another man were off the table. “I saw the event post on Fet,” he replied. “We’ve been poly for about a year now, though.” I nodded. Another useful detail. Good. “How’s it treating you?” “Oh, great,” he replied, grinning as he sipped his beer. I saw the brag coming a mile away. Retellings of his sexual conquest, and he opened his mouth to confirm my assumption. “I’ve had more girls…” I tuned him out. I didn’t need to hear those details. I looked down the end of the bar, to where Esmay was wooing Katrina, plying her with a cherry-red drink that was far more alcoholic than it tasted. “...of course, she does all the work,” Louis continued. “Can’t complain about having twice as many girls in bed.” I knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from his lips, so I asked, “Always girls?” “Absolutely,” he confirmed. “Sorry, buddy–you’re not our type.” “Don’t worry,” I replied with a smile, one that I hoped would be interpreted as friendly and innocent. “I wasn’t suggesting that.” “That’s the rule, anyways,” Louis continued. “Esmay can date any girls she wants, and so can I, but I’m the only man in the relationship. It keeps things simple.” I hid my disgust with a sip of my drink. “Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m one of the event organizers here–if you’ve ever got any issues, you can send me a message. Can I add you as a friend?” He nodded, taking out his phone. I got his contact info–his username, ‘SirDominant7’, caused me to hide an eyeroll, but I added him anyway. “I’m Davis,” I added, shaking his hand. I had his profile, his face, and his name. I didn’t need much else except time, and a bit of effort, but I did need to do one more thing. Walking back to my original seat, I planted myself next to the girl, and the woman. “Sorry to interrupt, Katrina,” I said, getting in the way of her flustered conversation with Esmay. “But I do need to leave soon, and we’d talked about getting you vetted for the next dungeon meetup–would you like to do that now?” “Oh, sure,” Katrina said, glancing back at me. “When did you say the beginner hypno instructional was?” Esmay’s smile flickered at the change of topic, but she said, “We can talk later, Katie–come down and see us at the end of the bar!” I took Katrina to the side, and explained the birds and the unicorns to her. I didn’t tell her not to go with the couple, but I did warn her what to expect–emotional negligence–and ensured that dear god please she had to use a condom and make sure they’d been tested. Katrina didn’t go home with the couple. She was safe for the night. Now I just had to handle them so the community would be safe at large. … I’d expected things to be simple. With a bit of digging, I could typically find red flags, enough to put out a general warning to the poly community, at least those in my circle. Enough ostracization, and most unicorn hunters got the point. What I found was far, far worse. Louis wasn’t just the head of a crappy one-penis-policy polyamorous relationship, using women as threesome fodder. He was, to put it bluntly, a bastard. Through the grapevine, through my relationships, I was able to count the number of people Louis had slept around with on the sly. He wasn’t claiming to be poly with these people, but pretending to be single, cheating on Esmay at every opportunity. He openly bragged about being a dominant, masculine figure, disparaging any man he saw as lesser, while slinking around behind his wife’s back. Esmay, for her part, just seemed negligent. She didn’t seem to understand their relationship dynamic beyond being something Louis required to keep their marriage together. I couldn’t find a single partner she’d had as part of their ‘polyamorous’ relationship that wasn’t simply threesome fodder. She didn’t even seem particularly interested in girls, which made the, ‘You can’t date any men,’ rule all the more odious. Maybe I could have done my usual routine–put out a general warning through my social grapevine, ensure that as many people as possible knew to stay away from this couple, and leave it be. But then Louis made The Post. The Post was six thousand words deriding kink, deriding kinksters, claiming that anyone who enjoyed anything not to his own personal taste was a degenerate–with a particular focus on calling out diaper fetishists and ageplay. My usual methods wouldn’t suffice. I needed to try something stronger. So I went back to the bar at the next meetup. I doubted that the couple would be discouraged by one success, and my suspicions were confirmed–the two of them were at the end of the bar once more, eyeing a new girl who wasn’t even there for the poly meetup. I waited for Esmay to make her move, then walked down to the end of the bar once again, sitting next to Louis. “Hey,” he said, scowling at me. “What did you say to Katie last week?” No need to be subtle. Taking a coin from my pocket, I held it up, so he could see the silvery metal shimmer in the barlight. “I showed her this. You know what this is?” He hesitated. I had his attention. “No.” “Take a look at the polish,” I said. “It’s… …and drop.” The induction took minutes, but the script was so familiar to me, and his mind so weak, that he folded like a cheap suit. When I said ‘Drop’, his expression fell, and he stared at me without comprehension. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” I said. “When Esmay returns, you’re going to tell her you want to try something new. You’re going to invite me home, but when we get there, you’ll be feeling too under the weather–your drink won’t be sitting right with you. You’ll go out and lie on the couch, listening to whatever Esmay and I get up to. You won’t touch yourself.” His eyes widened, but his mouth couldn’t respond. He stammered. A little beer-spittle dribbled down the edge of his chin. “You won’t touch yourself, period,” I continued. “You’re going to find yourself flaccid, no matter how much you try, no matter how much you want it. Your dick is closed for business. When Esmay wants sex, you’ll tell her to call me instead, or she can simply please herself. For all I care, she can find another partner–but she won’t get anything from you.” He blinked. I could see the fear, even in a face that couldn’t move beneath the layers of hypnotic control. “And another thing,” I said. “I’ve decided I want control of your dignity–someone as immature as you doesn’t deserve respect. You will forget how to use the potty. You’ll understand what it is, that it’s something most grown ups have control over, but not you. When you ruin your pants, you’ll need my permission to clean yourself. You’ll need to go buy diapers, and when you do, I will control those too–when you change, and when you don’t. If you need a fresh diaper, you will ask me. Only when I respond–and not a second sooner–will you be able to clean yourself up. If I don’t have my phone on me, you may need to wait for a long, long time.” There was one thing left to do. I thought this might be a bit too much–we were in public, after all–but in the moment I couldn’t resist the temptation. “When I snap my fingers,” I said, “You’re going to stand up, squat down, and poop your pants. As you do, you’ll feel my control taking over in your head–with every push, you won’t just be loading the last pair of big boy underwear you’ll get to wear, you’ll be pushing out all your potty training, your dignity, your ability to get hard. You’ll know that it’s all gone when your pants begin to sag and you can smell what you’ve done.” Smiling wickedly, I admired the way his lips trembled–I’d scared him so much his emotions were coming through even beneath the space I’d dropped him into. “Are you ready?” I asked. He tried to shake his head, his eyes darting back and forth. I snapped my fingers. Gasping, unable to control himself, Louis got to his feet. He was staring at me all the while–eyes burning with helpless, indignant rage, pleading for me to stop him, wanting any sort of interruption. I offered no such reprieve, and his furious, pouting blush warmed my heart. Squatting down, he puffed up his cheeks, stifled a grunt, and began to push. I saw it leave his face–the knowledge of how to control himself, to be considered an equal amongst adults, to achieve sexual satisfaction–and the stain that bulged out the back of his pants told me when he’d bottomed out. Even a dribble of pee escaped him, though I hadn’t required that, staining the crotch of his jeans a dark, wet blue. He stood, eyes darting to the bathroom, but I hadn’t given permission. He could not clean himself up, no matter the stink wafting up from his sagging, stained bluejeans. Esmay returned, then. “Hey, babe, who’s…um…” Nose wrinkling, she didn’t disguise her smirk. “This is Davis,” he said, stiffly. “I want to try something new tonight–why don’t we take him home instead?” She seemed uncertain, so I stepped in. “Louis said he was having some stomach troubles–Louis, why don’t you go get cleaned up in the bathroom while your wife and I talk?” He nodded, eyes bulging with humiliation and impotent frustration. I took his seat, and Esmay sat next to me, while her husband waddled helplessly to the bathroom to clean up his poopy bottom as best he could. “So,” I said. “Would you be interested in another man? Louis told me you’ve only had girls over until now.” Esmay’s expression was confused for a moment, and her face had screwed up from the smell, but at my question her eyes flashed with delight. “If he says it’s okay, absolutely, I just hadn’t expected him to change his mind on that.” “Good.” I smiled. “I expect Louis is going to be changing a lot in these next few days.” ... I hope you enjoyed ! If you want to support the creation of stories like this, you can give me a couple dollars on Patreon, and get early access and exclusive content to boot: https://www.patreon.com/PeculiarChangeling https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling
  3. CHAPTER ONE: It all started from a phone call from my wife Susie,"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?,.....YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME AN HOUR AGO..YOU NEED TO GET HERE DAMN QUICK..NOW JOHNATHAN ..WE NEED A SERIOUS TO TALK ! ".What the hell is all this about I thought.Susie could be quite assertive if she had to be .Susie was typically reserved ,quite sweet, kind to others,always helpful .Her stunning looks have no doubt helped her promotion working work a large international law firm.She looked amazing for a 41 year old and she has maintained her slim figure .In addition to model like looks her ample 34 B breasts and long straight dark brown hair that reaches just beyond her bra strap caught my eye and that of many .Her friendly dark brown eyes can melt a mans heart, she receives plenty of male attention and I consider my self the envy of all my friends and those of her own male colleagues .I on the other hand am often described as "cute". I'm quite slim not very muscular and the same height as susie, 5ft 7 tall .We had met several years before and eventually got together after a lot of flirting.It was a month or so into our relationship that we finally went to bed together.The main reason was although I was only a year older my sexual experiences were very limited ,only half a dozen sexual conquests that didn't usually last long.Susie has had quite a few relationships, short flings ,long term relationships and even the occasional one night stand.Two things caused me turmoil and anxiety. What would she think the first time I stood naked in front of her and how and when should I explain my sissy adult baby fetish ,I didn't want to scare her off. The truth of the matter was I was so nervous about Susie seeing me naked for the first time knowing that some of her ex's were tall well built men, according to Susie they were mostly "self centered selfish macho dicks and was fed up of that type" she explained to me. I suppose she found my soft gentle side completely different to the men she was usually attracted to .As for my own relationships these typically ended abruptly, girlfriends showing a look of disappointment when we finally got naked .A few made feeble excuses not to take the relationship further "its not working out or I think we are not compatable " .I knew the real reason and it had nothing to do with being compatable outside the bedroom.I knew I was different to most men because I have always been teased about my penis size especially when I was in my mid teens at school. I measure, fully erect about 3 inches and my penis is quite a lot thinner than average ,roughly 3 .5 inches in circumference I would guess ....at most .One or two girlfriends laughed when seeing me naked for the first time and I'm convinced the relationships ended due to my lack of size. I could only satisfy them with my tongue. Vicky, a petite and very attractive ex girlfriend was aware of my sissy baby clothing after she caught me one night ,she had her own key to my apartment and let herself in one evening when she said she was going out with friends I wasn't expecting her .She was taken back when she saw me in my pink frilly satin baby dress with matching frilly satin knickers .She found it funny but she really didn't mind me dressing up.Vicky was very broad-minded " you actually look really cute as a baby girl ...that dress ,the nappy and those plastic pants and frilly baby knickers they really do suit you in more ways than one babe" she giggled. Vicky was so accepting of me.I fell deeply in love with her.On the nights she came over to mine she would sometimes dress me up as a baby girl .I loved making love to her and we pretended I was her baby daughter . After several months I began to notice she was feeling more and more unhappy.We hardly ever had sex anymore, She would put me in my nappy plastic pants and frilly satin baby knickers with one of her short nighties or a baby dress and give me a baby bottle.She would then go to her gym class or meet "friends". She returned later and later each time, a bit subdued not saying much ,I thought it was the stress of working in a busy office. Finally after one night she came home after midnight. .I was all dressed up the the baby clothes she had put me in, but this time in a short nightie instead of a baby dress."don't wait up tonight baby I might be late " .I was awake laying on the bed when she came in. "We need to talk she said to me looking a bit guilty. She laid next to me and gave me a hug ."I have a confession Johnathan and there's no easy way to say this ..but I have been seeing someone from they gym" ."I have only been seeing him a few weeks and its made me think about our relationship". I began to cry and she cuddled me saying how sorry she was."I'm really sorry for hurting you".Finally Vicky simply explained why things were not good our relationship,she was being brutally honest and informed me as sensitively as she could "..you just dont measure up Johnathan..you never have and never will ...I dont want to hurt your feelings but I just want to be honest unlike those other girls who you went out with,.... its our sex life ...its not good.... I .... I. cant feel you .. when you are inside me ,and ....I find this very awkward ...its very frustrating ....I'm so ..so very sorry ...its not going to work out between us".I will never forget her gorgeous features, that lovely kind caring smile as she put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek but those words struck home .It made me feel so inadequate as a man but strangely at the same time I had a very stiff erection when she told me the facts .I was basically a useless lover because I was just too small for her." I had so many questions to ask "so when I've been waiting for you to come home....you have been with this other guy".Vicky paused and then nodded ...yes ."Have you slept with him" I asked fearing the reply.Vicky nodded her head .." yes ..just a few times... at my friends house when she's been away on business". my breathing got heavier as tears rolled down my cheeks...I had to ask but knew the answer...is he erm is he bigger..than ..Vicky realized what I was about to ask. "Does he have a bigger penis than you ? ..well yes ...of course...sorry but ..its the truth" .By now my cock was hard in my nappy and I think she sensed it. " How much bigger" Vicky began to smile and looked embarrassed "well if you want the facts..the full truth yes he's much bigger... about 4 inches bigger,...he's about 7 inches infact. She had now placed her hand on me ,touching my penis through my nappy and knickers...rubbing me very gently sensing this was turning me on."she whispered into my ear...thats why I'm late home...he's been fucking me ...fucking me with his much bigger cock whilst you've been here...here..in your frilly pink baby girl clothes " "She took my hand and placed it up her dress and into her panties.She was soaking "no no I said but she went on to tell me in detail how good it felt." Yes baby he made me cum... feel how wet I am...feel his cum".She rubbed at my penis until I came into my nappy. We were no longer together she choosing to sleep in my spare room for the next several weeks. Vicky made sure I was dressed in my baby girl clothes when she went out to meet this guy and when she got back she would leave her used knickers on my pillow. Eventually Vicky moved out finding her own place. At first Susie didn't appear to mind that I was so small but as our relationship developed I could tell she was frustrated in the bedroom.I had witnessed the same body on Vicky ,she would lay there looking up at the ceiling ,there was no passionate sounds or moans coming from her unless I gave her oral sex.language on and now Susie was displaying that same lack of pleasure.We tried all kinds of positions,Susie is very adventurous you might say but my issue was always the same as with any girl, I would quite often slip during intercourse.In the end Susie got that annoyed she told me I was "rubbish in bed" ,she began telling me "sex had been much better with her previous much bigger boyfriends" .The only position she got any sort of real penetration was with her legs over my shoulders or doggy style but she eventually admitted she could hardly feel me inside her especially when she became "wet".After a few years of married life she eventually decided enough was enough we couldn't carry on like this so a few weeks ago she went out and bought some sex toys, one was quite a large thick vibrator at least twice my size, then came the penis extension sheaths "these will add an extra 2 inches to your length sweetheart please lets try ...try them for me"....much to my shame I did. I wanted to please her and I would do anything she asked of me.Susie loves me and I love her to bits but the vibrator and penis extensions were "a poor substitute for the real thing" she said after one of our recent nights of sex. I wished to have a bigger penis so I could give her what she needed however I also has a masochist side that derived a certain pleasure knowing I was unable to sexually satisfy my lovely stunning wife. As I entered the marital home we had bought together I was curious why my wife was so angry on the phone ,what have I done that's caused her to be so angry, she's usually so sweet. Susie came right up to me and slapped me across the face " WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?" she said holding the bag that contained all my frilly baby clothing and magazines subjects of adult babies and sissies. Shit I thought how the hell do I get out of this one how did she managed to find it ?."I...I..er " .I felt myself go bright red, I began to shake.I was stunned into a complete mumbling wreck."YOU ACTUALLY LIKE TO DRESS UP AS A BABY,..?......A LITTLE BABY GIRL." emphasizing the last part of her sentence in a mocking tone.She was holding up a pair of my very frilly pink satin panties with matching lace trim on the front and rear."Yes ..yes .I stuttered...I....I cant help it,its always been a fetish that I cant control". I confessed hoping she would understand.Susie stood there for a moment and then her face turned from one of anger to one of her naughty smiles ."Thought so,....Carol and Cindy were here this morning. I asked them to come over for some advice after I found your hidden bag of baby clothes.Carol said its just an harmless fetish but suggested looking at your computer history to see if you were cheating on me with professional dominatrix's .Susie's tone changed anger to sarcasm . "So, after we finished examining your secret stash of frilly knickers , dresses and books we found some very interesting files on your computer ..oh yes ...Cindy poor girl if I had known what was on your computer I wouldn't asked her but she know a bit about computers, she found all those images you had saved ... whats SPH she asked ?... whats a cuckold" ? "I felt ashamed to be married to you" ."Poor Cindy looked quite embarrassed especially when she found the pictures you have taken of yourself , all those photos of you in your baby clothes, yes the ones of you dressed up in frilly pink baby knickers..,nappies and dresses," " he looks so silly i ..why does he want to wear baby girl clothes" ? "She asked me... ,What could I say to her ,thankfully Carol was wise enough to know a bit about sissy adult babies and cuckolding from her line of work ,very informative she is".Yes we had a very very interesting hour reading about those subjects" I was unable to reply ,I just stood looking at the floor as Susie vented her disappointment at me . I was lost in my thoughts knowing that her friends knew my big secret now and how could I look them in the eye ever again. Cindy and Carol were both related and lived close by They would often go out together with Susie to bars on Friday evenings.Carol was an attractive woman with long blonde hair , a couple of years younger than Susie, perhaps late 30's and recently divorced .Cindy was carols 18 year old niece, a very attractive college student with stunning brown sexy eyes with a sexy figure ,nice firm breasts and a great ass ,she had nice long mousy colored straight hair that reached just beyond her bra strap..Even Cindy's mum Lucy was a stunner, good looks certainly ran through their family.Cindy was never without a boyfriend on her arm and I secretly lusted for her, in my own imagination I wondering how big her boyfriends cock is ,I pictured Cindy on her back being fucked by this young stud .I got on very well with Cindy and and when she spent the night I would often help her with college work .she had no time for her step-father ,they just didn't get on very well . I could have died with shame as Susie continued to explain what they had found on my computer . ."Nearly all the files contain stories of husbands turned into baby girls by their wives.... and one of your magazines.."sissies get cuckolded" relates to men whose wives sleep with other men because they are not manly enough or have tiny baby cocks...,infact you have book marked one of the pages with a certain story ,a story about this husband who is forced by his wife to spend the rest of his life dressed as a baby girl while she sees other men,....does that sort of thing turn you on dear ....or should I now say baby girl ?" Susie was being more sarcastic coupled with that wicked smile I had seen so many times before. Her manner was now more controlled ."Its just a fantasy....nothing more." I said hoping to convince her. "Well Carol thinks this is what you actually secretly desire,.something you want to happen because you have so much of this on that computer she said it all fits your personality.... the way you are and its backed up by the baby clothing and your physical attributes .Carol said she thinks you are a masochist .. submissive to women and have a need to be emasculated and humiliated.. AND I ALSO THINK THAT". "Carol suggested I SHOULD SEE OTHER MEN ...A REAL MAN... A WELL ENDOWED MAN BECAUSE A WOMAN HAS NEEDS AND YOU CAN'T CLEARLY MEET THOSE NEEDS" ."Yes hun. sorry to have to tell you this but.. Carol has been aware of your small problem for a while and Cindy also now ....and why ? BECAUSE .....IDIOT YOU LEFT SOME VERY INTERESTING PHOTOS ON YOUR COMPUTER ...BESIDES THE ONES IN YOUR SWEET BABY CLOTHES THERE'S SOME WITH YOUR TINY LITTLE COCK ON SHOW...YES THAT RIGHT.. LOTS OF PHOTOS OF YOU LIFTING UP YOUR DRESS WITH YOUR STUPID FRILLY KNICKERS PULLED DOWN AND YOUR TINY ERECTION ON FULL DISPLAY SUCKING ON A BABY'S DUMMY ,WITH A PAIR OF MY PANTIES .....YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS IN THOSE PICTURES YOU STUPID FOOL" .Carol and Cindy found these photos highly amusing and a little embarrassing,...especially poor Cindy ,," she could not stop laughing and feels sorry for you because of your little problem.She thinks its a bit weird and kinky I'm sure she will tell all her friends about you.... and show them the pictures. ..well now she certainly has my permission as long as your name and face are kept out of the pics and texts I told her". "Carol has known for some time about YOUR LACK OF SIZE...NOT TO MENTION MY UNSATISFACTORY SEX LIFE "They both think you are no longer a man and I SHOULD TAKE A LOVER ." I could not argue with her point.I could not believe that she's told Carol about my penis size and allowed them to access my computer files on subjects relating cuckolding and small penis humiliation, in addition to my sissy baby fetish and those bloody photos I should have been more careful. I kept saying to myself over and over again I have been an idiot. I was still blushing bright red and began to shake in fear once more .I remained quiet and was unable to look my pretty wife . Eventually I went up to my den ,a converted room where I keep my computer .I lay on the bed to take in what had happened leaving Susie down stairs to think things over,she "needed some space to consider what kind of man she's married " she told me firmly. CHAPTER TWO: That night in bed susie was noticeably calmer .We talked a lot more about what Susie and her friends had discovered about my secret life. She had so many questions to ask, wanting to know if "this sissy adult baby thing and cuckolding actually turned me on or was it the baby clothes that I got pleasure from.. was I still attracted to her" ? I was totally honest telling her I loved the feeling of dressing up in pretty frilly baby girl clothes with nappies and plastic pants and that the cuckold thing and SPH was an added fetish fantasy and nothing more. Susie paused for a moment then she asked if I would dress up for her, she wanted to see me as a baby girl perhaps she could get her "head round all this" she informed me.I was so happy thinking she was willing to accept my sissy baby fetish or at least give it a try so I readily agreed.I excitedly gathered up my baby clothing from from the bag and went into the en suit bathroom to change.Soon I had on my frilly pink see-through baby doll nightie ,fluffy cloth terry nappy,plastic pants and a pair of pale pink satin baby panties which were covered in frills and tiny satin bows.I nervously went back into the bedroom where Susie lay waiting.She burst out laughing .. "Awwwww...you do look very cute.....ridiculous but very cute ...just like a baby girl...ha ha .. now what shall we call you?..have you got a girls name name"? "Yes.... I called my self Jenny" I replied feeling foolish."ooh Jenny .. how sweet..Is that because your name is Johnathon?"."I think so "..I said feeling a bit stupid now, my wife still smiling and using a sarcastic mocking tone again.She began to baby talk me, pouting ," awwww my poor hubby all dwessed up like a ickle sissy baby girl in his nappith and fwilly pink baby panties " She indicated for me to sit by her on the bed.I sat beside her and she placed her hand on my thigh then slowly up my short nightie until she reached my knickers .Susie began to feel the front of my bulging frilly satin baby knickers.She could feel the plastic pants and thick cloth nappy underneath the lace frills,Susie rubbed away at the crotch of my knickers ,my minuscule manhood encased in its fluffy confines became aroused immediately and I almost climaxed with excitement as she whispered - "Oh my darling what a cute baby girl you ,I bet you like how these frilly things make you feel ..yes that soft satin fabric all those frills and your nappy and plastic baby pants ... soo sissyish....you really do look like a baby girl.....a sissy baby .I have always wanted a baby girl and now I have one" . "I will your Mummy....don't worry ". I was so relieved to hear these words. We began to have sex,she lay down and grabbed my arm pulling me on top of her. Susie was still fully clothed,wearing her black mid thigh length satin skirt and cream colored silky blouse.She pulled her white silky panties to the side and then reached up to pull my rigid penis out of the leg opening of my own frilly knickers.Using her thumb and finger she guided me into her loose vagina. I was so turned on at making love to my beautiful sexy wife while I was dressed up like a baby girl .My little penis hammering into her .She urged me to suck her breasts like" babies do" she told me that from now on I had to call her " mummy" and she would now call me by my sissy name.."Jenny".I began to make little whimpering sounds as I tried to drive my penis as deep as I could into her slippery sex.She cradled me to her large breasts, encouraging me to tell her my secret desires and that she would pander to my " little baby needs".I was so happy she called me her little baby,.. "Come on BABY JENNY.. she said getting impatient .TELL ME WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT ... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL ..DO YOU WANT ME TO MAKE FUN OF YOUR TINY LITTLE BABY PENIS EH, ...DO YOU WANT ME TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN "? ...I moaned with pleasure..."oh mummy...mummy YESSS I WANT TO BE YOUR BABY GIRL BUT ..... NO ...OH PLEASE . NO. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN OH ... I DON'T KNOW MUMMY ..I'M SCARED ...I'M SO SCARED YOU MIGHT LEAVE ME IF YOU DO , ...BUT.... I KNOW I CAN'T PLEASURE YOU LIKE ANOTHER MAN CAN.I didn't do a good job of trying to convince Susie and I suspect she knew I wanted to be her cuckold. I paused do I tell her I want to be her cuckold as well as her baby .. what will she think ...will she really sleep with someone else ? My anxiety and emotions along with all this excitement got the better of me and I began crying,tears rolling down my cheeks as I shamefully buried my face in her long dark hair telling her that yes I wanted her to fuck another man. "YES ...YES SUSIE I'M SORRY HUN BUT YES IT TURNS ME ON SO VERY MUCH...I CANT STOP. THINKING ABOUT YOU IN BED WITH SOMEONE ELSE ...A BIGGER MAN, ...COS I'M JUST A PATHETIC SISSY ...AND I JUST WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL, I WANT TO BE YOUR SISSY BABY GIRL , SUSIE .... TO BE TREATED AS BABY GIRL BY YOU AND AND A MAN, TO BE YOUR CUCKOLD " . "Oh darling thank you ....thank you so much for telling mummy the truth ,mummy loves her baby very much. So baby Jenny you just want me to dress you up in lots of frilly baby clothes and treat you like a baby girl. ..we can carry on as normal but except you will be a full time baby ..within our home of course ..and you won't have a problem if I bring home another man to share mummy's bed."? "A man that can make make mummy feel good? " . "Yeth mummy I want another man to fuck you and make you cum on his big cock ".I was betraying my innermost feelings and cried out to her that I wanted to be her baby girl ...".I will do anything you ask if I can be your baby". I knew what I was saying,telling loyal loving wife my secret yearning that had remained in my psyche all my life, baring my soul and confessing to "mummy" my sissy girly desires. " But mummy where will I sleep if you have a man in our bed " .Susie stroked my head then her hands wandered down my back , sliding down the chiffon fabric of my pale pink nightie util they rested on my frilly behind.Susie began to pat the back of my frilly panties,we could both hear the plastic pants rustling,she began to laugh softly at the noise it was making,Susie whispered into my ear " Oh baby you are silly ,mummy's bed will be for my boyfriends ,for real men ..you will you are such a good girl oh mummy can hear baby Jenny's plastic baby pants .awwww ..these will protect your nappy from any wee wee's won't they darling" .She did this for several minutes all the time whispering to me that she now understands and every thing will be alright,"her little girl would always be safe and loved".Oh what joy I thought as I pumped my puny tiny penis into her."The thing is Jonathan...sorry I mean Jenny..now that you are my baby.. mummy WILL need a boyfriend..,...because wives like to feel sexy and obviously I will require some attention from a real man, ...yes a real man with a nice big cock from time .Do you understand what I'm saying,... I know you would not object to me taking a lover because you have just said so , you admit you want to be a baby girl... a sissy baby cuckold just like those stories we found on your computer".Susie was talking in such a caring soft loving way which really made me feel so loved but was so matter of fact taking a lover. I was confused ,did she really want to have sex with another man or was she playing at my fantasy ? Yes I now wanted her to sleep with someone but she was actually going to go through with it ? .I continued my feeble attempts to penetrate Susie deep enough, to try and satisfy her she urged me on more and more ,pulling hard at the back my frilly knickers ...pulling me as deep as I could into her vagina. I was so excited by what she had whispered in my ears ,the thought of Susie being thoroughly pounded by another man made my girly moans more louder, re enforcing I would have no objection, on the contrary I wanted to be her baby cuckold.My desire to be a sissy baby girl created a need for humiliation. .".Oh mummy,....pleases dont take a lover..please.I didn't mean it I dont want you to..mummy ...I dont want to see another man fuck you with his huge penis...no...no" . I whimpered into her ear as I neared my climax Her long dark silky hair mixed with her perfume smelled so good . I told her again and again how much I wanted to be her baby girl forever .She obviously knew this was all part of my fantasy and began telling me how she would bring home a lover and fuck him in front of me whilst I'm dressed as a baby girl and that they would laugh at me for being such a wimp. "No please no I sobbed. "Shhhhh baby it will all work out for the best and if you give me any trouble I will ask my big strong lover to put you across his knee and spank your frilly bottom" .Susie giggled then burst out laughing as I told her I was about to cum,she knew what buttons to press,what turned me on now that I had been so open about things Susie now laughing much more louder began calling me a wimp. she took great pleasure telling me it would excite her to see me being spanked. "I will take photos of him boyfriend spanking you across his knee baby ...yes lots of humiliating photos shall I show them to Carol and Cindy so they can have a laugh"? ."I will even help him pull your nappy and panties down so he can spank your bare botty.....yess I know you would really enjoy that wouldn't you baby girl" No please NO PLEASE I sobbed getting into my fantasy "ssshhhh...baby Jenny ...sshhhhh,I know you want this to happen and its going to !" I have arranged a date with Jake tomorrow,...you know Jake.. the guy I sometimes have to work late with" ."We have been flirting quite a lot recently we have become a bit closer since he split up with his girlfriend" ."Yes baby over the last couple of months we have had the occasional after work meals and business functions with other with colleagues but we always are the last two to leave. He's quite a man, any way my pretty baby I had to call in at work today to sign some urgent papers for him even though it was my day off.He thanked me and invited me out for a drink and boy did I need one after seeing your baby clothes and computer stuff" ."I perhaps had more wine than I should have and well er.Susie paused for a moment to see my reaction ,she looked at me intensely ,those dark brown eyes looking deep into my own and detecting my sudden angst she softened her tone to lessen the impact of what she was going to say . Susie continued with what sounded like a confession."oh baby I'm so sorry darling but I found my self telling him what I had found out about your secret it was such a shock to me this secret you have kept from me all this time.. your computer searches and files..., baby gear and your fetish.I ended up telling him everything because I was still quite upset about it. ... he's such a good listener and we talked about it". "He put his arm around me when he saw how upset and confused I was and I just felt the urge to kiss him on the lips and he responded the way I wanted him to ... it felt so good to be held by a big strong man like Jake " ."I have fancied him for ages and I will end up in bed with him there;s little doubt about that". "We later sat in his car and we kissed again and well we got carried away he pushed his hand up my skirt and touched me down there it felt so good so I kept his hand their until he made me cum in my panties whilst I felt his huge penis over his trousers...oh baby he's so big.She reached over the side of the bed whilst I was still on top of her and picked up the freshly worn knickers she had worn earlier .He told me if you want him to fuck me you have to wear my wet cummy knickers over your head ..so baby do you want him to do you want to wear my stained silky panties so you can sniff them"? I nodded my head wow this is so humiliating, she took the soft white satin panties and showed me the damp stains in the crotch before slipping them over my head.I could still smell her cum "So baby he's now fully aware of your fetish and I must confess I let him see the photos of you in your dresses and baby knickers and those photos of you with your penis ...your tiny little penis poking out of you're nappy and panties" ."He found them highly amusing baby ..very funny,..hilarious in fact but strange... he even asked if you were gay". Oh my god I thought who is this guy Jake. is this going to actually happen ,what Susie was saying sounded very sincere ...she really was going to sleep with this Jake .I carried on making love to her my lovely Susie as she recounted the details of her meeting with this man Jake.This revelation made me feel more excited than I have ever been. "He said I deserve to be with a man not a little boy" .I told him I need to be with a man... a man that can meet my sexual needs ...a sex buddy and I trusted him to be discreet " ." He's happy to help out in the bedroom department Johnathan and he said if you want to watch us make love you have to be in your sweet baby clothes...okay baby"? He said a beautiful woman like me needs a man and I Simply agreed,telling him how useless you were in bed" ."We did have a right laugh at those photos hun and he made me feel so much better".He could have fucked me in the car if he wanted to but he had another meeting to go to and so i went shopping before coming home. This was all too much to take in and my tempo increased until I finally exploded into mummy..."YES MUMMY YES MUMMY YES ...YES I WANT TO WATCH HIM FUCK YOU COS. I'M A BIG SISSY BABY GIRL WITH A TINY BABY COCK"." Awwwww dats.. wite ... sweety,.. mummy needs a real man,.....a real man with a big thick cock..... like Jake is supposed to have,..I have heard the rumors about him from some of the ladies at work and noticed the large bulge in those trousers he wears to the office..yes I want to feel him inside me..poor baby you're just too small for mummy" . Her words though humiliating were softly spoken in a maternal voice.I erupted into my sexy wife ,a powerful orgasm my best ever and she knew it.Susie kissed me on my forehead like mothers do to their children and patted my frilly padded bottom ..."good girl I knew you wouldn't mind " We lay there for a while,I hadn't given Susie an orgasm but I felt she was going to get one very soon .We fell asleep in each others arms. CHAPTER THREE: The next day,Saturday, Susie was busy getting things ready for her date .Carol and Cindy were there up stairs in our room choosing an outfit for her occasion,her big night.Finally they selected a short black satin dress with a split up one side. which she wore some very expensive lingerie bought that morning specially.It consisted of a white silky bra with lace panels and similar matching satin full bum panties that were high cut ,she didn't like thongs .The matching suspender belt was also made from a satin and lace fabrics.A pair of tan colored stockings with lace tops completed her lingerie ." He's going to ravish you when he see's you in these sexy undies " Carol said excitedly ."Who my hubby" Susie said laughing, of course not, Jake is going to get the benefit of your sexy undies" Cindy chimed in laughing.They all looked at me as I laid there on the bed watching her get dressed for her date with Jake.She looked so sexy as she began fastening the stockings to the suspender belt ,"WOW YOU LOOK GREAT" Carol said and began to help her zip up the rear of her dress It was a strange sensation watching my wife get ready to meet another man..Her friends helped with her makeup and hair adding some sexy perfume to the finishing touches.She looked fantastic,..stunning,..sexy as hell and I was so jealous she would be meeting another man."You look lovely "Cindy gushed "This Jake is gonna be so lucky she said excitedly". "Come on Jenny time to get you ready baby girl" my wife said mockingly.She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the spare room "this will be your nursery from now on".I turned to see Carol and Cindy sniggering self-consciously I was slowly undressed out of my man clothes and then directed to I lay on the single bed , completely naked before the three women .I placed my hands in front of my crotch to hide my manhood but Susie slapped my legs "don't be silly they have seen a penis before". Laughter and the occasional giggle had me in complete embarrassment. "Gosh Susie.. he's so tiny I have never seen such a small penis on a grown man before ...not in the flesh ..and ..well only in medical research photo "Carol stated, almost as if in a state of shock.Cindy was a bit embarrassed initially by my nakedness then she spoke directly at me " It looks so much smaller than it does on those photos Johnathan ..how sad ..poor you ..I babysit a 4 year old boy with a much bigger penis that " .They all laughed at that comment.My hairless body including my genitals was sponged down,my tight little testicles and small penis given maximum attention by Susie as Carol and Cindy observed " All little babies need to be kept clean" Carol mocked. "Yes especially baby girls " laughed Cindy . Then the ladies set about my transformation.Pulling out all my baby clothes from the wardrobe and placing them on the bed beside me .Baby girl dresses in soft pale pink satin and white lace ,a few in white satin ,also baby doll nighties in pink chiffon and pale pink satin, matching frilly pink satin panties or white and cream ones in sissy baby style,.dozens of them,cloth nappies and .lots and lots of plastic panties in pink and clear, frilly ankle socks.Cindy and selected some frilly pink ruffled satin panties ,with lots of lace on the front and rear "these are so girly and babyish don't you think baby" she said looking at me with a smile on her face.She held them up for Susie and Carol to look at them,they nodded that these would be prefect for me to wear tonight . Susie produced a blonde wig with pony tails complete with pink satin ribbons she had bought earlier in the day, she was gone quite a while I thought and I wondered what else she may purchased ?. "Hes got more knickers than me" Carol said astonished as she and Cindy looked in my new bedroom drawers now labeled BABY KNICKERS .Cindy began pulling the frilly satin baby knickers out one by one bemused at just how sissy and frilly they looked. "Oh look at all these baby panties ...so cute aren't they I bet your hubby looks so babyish and girly wearing these ..oh what does it say on the front of this pair, SISSY 3 INCHES" she said now holding up a pink satin pair "oh my god that's so funny" .They had pink matching lace on the front and rear almost from the crotch stopping just short a few inches from the small frilled elasticated waist band where a small pink satin bow was stitched.I had them and all my clothes made by a seamstress .They took it in turns at putting an item of clothing on me. My wife put a fresh cloth nappy on me after applying some baby powder to my crotch she pinned it on nice and tight with those pink nappy pins .Carol selected a pair of clear soft plastic pants which were crinkly and very noisy. Slowly she drew them up my legs tucking them over the top of my nappy and then gently caressed the plastic between my legs feeling the nappy as she did so, "He's certainly well padded now ladies so shouldn't have any leaks if he wets again" .Carol was so sexy and I wondered what she actually thought of me now.Cindy still holding the knickers in her small dainty hands placed my feet into the leg openings ,quite confident for someone of her age but was a babysitter to earn extra cash didn't appear to be phased about the whole situation so far. "Lift up your botty baby girl!" she said her in her soft sweet teenage voice as she leaned right forward and pulled up frilly pink satin panties up my legs and settled them over my nappy and plastic pants.I got a great view of her cleavage and white lacy bra . I felt her long blond silky hair touch my thighs which ticked . She giggled at my reaction and fussed with my knickers making sure she tucked in the nappy and plastic pants into the leg openings.Her hands and red painted finger nails felt amazing on my skin. Now standing back a little she surveyed my frilly attire. "There you go precious" she said with a knowing smile." Those panties look amazing on you sissy I'm certainly going to tell all my friends about you and perhaps I will ask them to come over and help me baby sit or would you prefer I bring my boyfriend over instead " ? ,I shook my head ,"no ...oh why is that is .. she teased. Next came Cindy's pink chiffon and lace baby-doll nightie which came almost to fell just below the crotch of my the panties.The nightie coincidentally had lots of very similar matching pink lace on the chest and hem as the the panties . Cindy told Susie she had found it in a local charity shop last year and had bought it for one of her passionate nights with her boyfriend. "I thought he would like to have this having seen those photos of him in pink frills ,I knew it would fit your husband and just had to bring it over" she said looking quite pleased with her self .Indeed she was right It was a good fit but then I dont have much of a physique ,I only have a 36 inch chest. " Say thank you to your lovely baby sitter for bringing her nightie for you to wear" " Thank you Cindy" I did as my wife asked ."aww thats fine baby Jenny anytime" she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. My wife then rolled on the white ankle socks with pink lace before finally placing the new wig on me.I was now siting me now at her dressing table so she could properly to fix it in place .I felt such a fool . "Okay stand up baby Jenny I was facing the full length mirror on the wall,my reflection was one of a grown man dressed as a baby girl ,a sissy baby girl.My wife and her two friends clapped and cheered I just went bright red but my little penis was now rock hard in its fluffy nappy. At 7 pm her date arrived to collect her .I was already in one of the spare bedrooms laying in a single bed .I was already dressed for bed,still in my nappy ,plastic pants, frilly pink satin baby knickers and Cindy's pale pink see-through baby-doll nightie,I could still smell her perfume from when she last wore it.The bedding was of course pink which matched the pale pink decor. Susie came upstairs .She looked more gorgeous than ever with her long dark shiny brown hair ,long dark dark eye lashes that matched beautiful lovely dark brown eyes.With her bright red lipstick and perfect make-up she looked stunning.The sexy dress clung to her curves as walked into the room.I could smell her expensive perfume and I immediately became aroused. She bent over and kissed me on my forehead then handed me a pale ivory colored nylon panties " these are you hun...See you soon darling.....be a good girl for Cindy while mummy is out with her new boyfriend,and.. DON'T go playing with your ickle pee pee now, well not until were back Okay" she said laughing. "yeth mummy" I replied in my best impression of a little girl lisp.Her perfume lingered in the bedroom as she turned on her black expensive high heels and walked out to meet her lover. I thought about getting out of bed but decided against it fearing Jake would see me if he were to come into our home.I heard the door bell ring and Cindy went to open it.I could hear a bit of talk as my wife introduced Cindy to Jake. " Jake want you to meet my husbands baby sitter" .I'm sure she said this loud enough so I could hear.All three of them were laughing at this comment before Susie closed the front door to leave with her boyfriend.Her parting words to Cindy "if my baby girl gives you any trouble just phone me" ."I'm sure I can manage him don't worry Susie you both have a good time" Cindy replied.I clutched Susie's freshly worn panties holding then to my nose and began to cry. No sooner had the car left our drive I could hear Cindy on the phone to carol excitedly telling her that she had met Jake .I listened as she described him " Oh yes very fit ..very good looking. real tall and muscular ...a great body not like her wimpy baby husband".She was chatting away to her Aunt Carol for several minutes ," yeah I think they will get on well together ...yes I think they might end up in bed together later tonight " Cindy laughed. "I couldn't help notice a rather large bulge in those tight trousers he was wearing so Susie is in for a good time.".Pangs of jealously hit me hard.Cindy's remarks were cutting and the comparisons were probably fair as I came to realize attractive women like Susie ,Carol or Cindy dont want to share a bed with a sissy ,no of course not, all women would prefer an alpha male in the bedroom I concluded. Like a typical teenager she then phoned some of her close friends telling them she was baby sitting a guy who is 42 years old and likes to wear dresses baby girl clothes while his wife is on a date with another man.I could hear her laughing,"Yep don't worry I will take some pictures of him if you don't believe me,its a bit strange but he's a really nice guy , No I don't mind at all ,I'm getting paid to baby sit him to be honest its a bit of a laugh... he enjoys being humiliated ". "I'm just sipping on a double vodka...yep okay see ya soon" Cindy phoned her boyfriend to tell him what she was up to.I strained to hear what she was telling him but it sounded like some kind of telephone sex they were having because I could hear moaning softly.I crept out of bed to listen from the landing,the phone was situated on a table by the bottom of the stairs.Yes she was having telephone sex,I moved into a position so I could see .I think he was telling her to touch her self from what I could see. After all her phone calls Cindy came into the spare bedroom which was now to be called my "nursery" my wife triumphantly informed me. " Hi baby are you feeling alright ..awww look at you, so cute, pink is definitely your colour..aww you have your mummy's panties too " she said with a bit of a pout then her eyes wandered down to my frilly attire. Cindy handed me a baby bottle containing juice . "Drink up baby I want that nappy wet before your mommy comes home she teased"."I'm really looking forward to seeing her change you later .. I suppose I best check you before you finish that bottle in case you have already pissed your self"".Cindy leaned over and pushed her hand inside my knickers and plastic pants to get at my nappy,her hand touched my penis over the nappy it felt so good to be touched there by Cindy.. "oh thats good its dry at the moment.. so pleased I don't have to change you".I immediately became erect by her touch ."Ohhh ickle has poor sissy baby got a tiny ickle stiffy in her nappy" ?. "Such a shame that its too small for the ladies but at least your mummy will have the pleasure of another man tonight" she teased smiling down at me. I could not get the thought of Susie being fucked by another man ...a much larger man from what I had heard and in our bed.My penis ached for release."Do you think Susie will bring him home tonight Cindy ? I mumbled whilst sucking on my baby bottle and finishing the contents "of course she's going to, I know I would if it were me"."I have no doubt he will spend the night and you will just have to listen to him fuck Susie, your beautiful wife all night long, unless of course they make you watch" ...would you like that ? Your wife has already ordered a baby bouncer to put in her bedroom...want to know why? It's so can put you in it while your wife is in bed with Jake" NO PLEASE CINDY SHE WON'T DO THAT WILL SHE ?".I began to sob ..it was confusing me did I still want this?. " Awww why are you crying baby girl...is dat because your bouncy bounce will hang above her bed ...and you will have to watch da big rough man fucking your sexy wife all night". I put my hands to my face to hide my shame. "I bet you would like that eh baby Jenny, yes I'm sure you would love see him on top of your mummy" . "I'm going to buy you a baby monitor so you can hear them in the next room when they don't want you around...because baby..yes.. they will be doing those grown up things that people like to do , they will be making noises and doing things that babies shouldn't really hear or see....well not all the time ". "Monitors are designed so mummy's and Daddy's can check on baby's, but in your case it will be to check you aren't playing with your tiny baby tinkle" she laughed." Yes I'm definitely going to get a baby monitor before the next time he comes over so don't worry baby". "I know this kind of thing cuckold thing really turns you on Johnathan ,...Carol said its because you are submissive man and you will like to be humiliated ....I quite like you Johnathan you are a really nice man so if you enjoy this sort thing I will be humiliating you " .She took out her mobile phone from the pocket on her skirt "now baby keep still while I take some nice photos of you in your sweet frilly pink baby knickers and my old nightie so I can show all my friends ...they cant wait to see what you look like good girl right lets have some with you covering your face with Susie's worn panties .The camera flashed around a two dozen times as she took loads of revealing photos of me.Cindy even lifting up my nightie to get better shots of my baby knickers.More pictures of my pink bedroom , drawers and wardrobe now containing my frilly baby gear." good girl " I dared to ask Cindy another question now I felt more composed. "where you on the phone to your boyfriend... it sounded like you were having a good time? "Of course I was sweety,my boyfriend is only 17 but more of a man than you will ever be, and he has a nice big fat cock too" she teased."He gets me very excited when we have our chats. She deliberately dropped her phone onto the thick soft rug then bent right over so I got a view of up her short black leather skirt to reveal some very sexy white silky panties.Cindy made sure I had seen enough before she quickly stood up and re adjusted her skirt. Cindy then went down stairs and returned after a just a few moments ". "I nearly forgot this baby Jenny ,your mummy said I should give this for you to suck on whilst she's out.She produced a pink penis shaped dummy, "isn't that so kind ...it looks about the same size as your baby dick , about 3 inches long perhaps...certainly looks the same size as yours but this is definitely thicker than yours, your lovely wife bought from that sex shop... you know the one where you buy those sissy adult baby magazines from". Susie had a good chat with said two sales assistants.When she described you to them they knew straight away it was you " oh that sissy adult baby" .I think Susie wanted to find out how long you've been buying from there and what sort of things .I was at school with one of them ...you know the tall brunette, Debbie ? .She's only a year older than me ." Cindy was smirking ,she was really enjoying the humiliating effect she had on me. "Yes Susie had a good chat with her and now knows where you order your baby clothes from.Susie made Debbie and the other lady aware she will be buying more baby things from the store,Debbie said they can order lots of frilly adult baby clothes for you and can try them on inside the shop if you want to baby . Susie even told girls she has a date with a real man...which they found a quite funny "." You are very lucky to have such a lovely wife like Susie ,she's purchased the smallest condoms they sold telling Debbie they were for you to wear so you don't end up with a sticky nappy when shes with her new man. Debbie found this quite funny according to what your wife told me so suggested the rubber penis dummy to Susie .... its so you can be gagged ..to keep you quiet if she brings her date home for the night." Cindy laughed then tied the imitation rubber penis around head with the pink ribbon it came with until it was firmly secured in place then she shoved the phallic shaped rubber object into my mouth. "There you go baby girl you suck on this for now and NO MORE QUESTIONS OR I WILL TELL YOUR MUMMY YOU HAVE BEEN A NAUGHTY LITTLE PERVERT.....AND THAT MIGHT MEAN A SMACKED BOTTOM " Cindy took some more pics with her phone ,photos of me sucking this rubber penis shaped dummy. " Ahh thats a great photo I will send that to Debbie ,now be a good girl you suck that rubber cock now"! She left the room smiling flicking through her phone pictures selecting ones to send to her friends .She was a very sexy girl for someone so young and she knew how to tease a man.I lay there quiet and felt the sudden urge to pee. They came back sooner than I imagined and guessed they could have only had a glass or two of alcohol each . I heard the deep voice of Jake every so often and my wife talking and laughing with Cindy .Carol then arrived about ten minutes later, perhaps wanting to meet my wife's new lover I thought to myself. I dont know what they were all laughing at , where they having a laugh at my expense?.Then I heard my wife say "he's upstairs .....bet he's playing with my panties ..do you want to meet my baby daughter" ?."I have him all dressed up for you darling". They all began to laugh and giggle.My heart began to beat faster. I was quite nervous but I was in a situation that I could not escape from . I could hear their foot steps , more than one person climbing the stairs, giggling and laughing getting louder as they got closer. "Ssshh.. she might be asleep ... " I heard Susie say.I was feeling anxious at what the night would bring for me in this predicament. Too late now there's no going back from this, I must have been stupid to allow it. My wife entered the spare room first, she was holding hands with Jake who was right behind her followed by Cindy and Carol. Nothing was said for the first few seconds until Susie finally broke the silence, they all gathered around my bed "Oh good baby Jenny is all awake to meet mummy's new friend ...awww look everyone she sucking on her new PENIS dummy". "Jake this my husband ...who has now agreed to be my pretty baby girl". Susie then snatched the pink nylon duvet away from me. She wanted her lover to see me in my frilly baby clothes..."OH MY GOD NOW I'VE SEEN EVERY THING.....A MAN SUCKING ON A COCK SHAPED DUMMY WHILST HE'S DRESSED UP LIKE A LITTLE GIRL " he said sniggering loudly."A BABY GIRL" my wife corrected "she hasn't progressed to wearing little girls knickers yet..... he still needs a nappy and plastic pants" They all fell about laughing. " See darling I told you you had nothing to worry about,he's a complete wimp...a sissy who gets off on this kind of thing"."He will do as he's told and you have my permission to spank him if he steps out line". "Now thats something I must see" Cindy stated between fits of laughter .I blushed and tried to cover up my frilly baby panties with my hands as I sucked on my penis pacifier but Susie pushed them away and lifted my nightie up over my belly exposing more pink frills and pink satin. "I dont think he wants you to see his frilly knickers" Cindy laughed . "SISSY 3 INCHES "Jake said laughing. He had seen the embroidery inscription on my knickers when Susie had lifted my nightie up. " Yes aren't they cute ...just right for a baby girl he gets them specially made from this the sex shop on the high street .I have ordered quite a few frilly baby things for him,those sales assistants are so helpful " my wife giggled. "I had better check her nappy just in case she's wet..dont want a rash do we baby" my wife said grinning with her hands on her hips I was fearful she may change me in front of everyone, the bottled juice had an effect on my bladder. I did not want Jake would see naked .Susie placed one of her fingers into the leg openings of my baby knickers and plastic pants "oh yes I thought so..she's soaking wet again for Christ sake".She grabbed hold of the plastic pants and baby knickers by the waistband and yanked them down my slender legs to the ankles .I looked up at Cindy and Carol to see them both smiling down at me, I couldn't look at Jake.Cindy was just stood watching with her arms folded and her lovely brown eyes fixed on my knickers that were bunched up around my feet .Cindy moved closer for a better look to see if infact my nappy was wet so close infact she was stood right over me .Carol stood a few feet away perhaps feeling unsure about all of this. Susie unclipped the large pink nappy pins and carefully removed the fluffy wet soggy diaper, "c'mon lift up your bottom baby girl so mummy can change you darling "! Susie took the wet nappy and placed it in the plastic pink nappy bin near my bed. I was bared naked before her new boyfriend ,my shaved pubic hair, small testicles and tiny penis an inch long when soft was now fully on show for him and the others to see .The room burst out loud in a chorus all laughter, Cindy was in hysterics holding a hand over her mouth, was it because she was laughing loudly or the fact she was blushing and was embarrassed at seeing me naked and having wet my nappy? "OH DEAR ITS ...SO TINY " .She squealed out loud then quickly took out her mobile phone again to take some snaps of me."My friends will love to see this I just have to let them see this... tiny tiny baby dick" she said between fits of giggles.Carol advised Cindy not to be cruel but when I looked across at her Carol was finding it very amusing until she eventually spoke to me "Oh dear poor you Johnathan... having your nappy changed in front of Jake... this must be very humiliating for you ...doesn't it bother you?." " Its of no consequence Carol he's chosen this lifestyle so he can live with it" Susie replied. Cindy continued to laugh. Susie had now stopped what she was doing and began to pay more attention to Jake.She wanted to leave me fully exposed for longer than necessary .I heard Jake say something like "Poor bastard....that really is small" with a huge grin."Doesn't get much bigger" Susie giggled.The two of them, for my benefit began to kiss,Susie looked at me ,smiling then turned back to carry on kissing Jake, his large hands wrapped around her tiny waist, then began to move down to her bottom. "Hey you two get a room will you" Carol joked . My wife let out a faint gasp as his hands rested on her rear and she leaned forward to kiss him passionately on the lips.She pressed her body tightly to his, her hands exploring his neck then down to his chest before finally placing them on his crotch.I'm ashamed to say that I was turned-on seeing her respond to his touch, their kiss made my penis rigid and I was so ashamed it now sticking up in the air for them to see. Cindy was the first to notice. " OH MY GOD ..HE'S GOT AN HARD- ON" she announced loudly. I tried in vain to hide what little dignity I had left by pulling up my plastic pants and frilly panties that were still around my ankles but secretly I now wanted all of them to see my tiny erect penis, to show them how pathetic its gets when fully aroused. The two lovers broke free to look down at me ,smiling. "Aww does it turn you on baby... seeing mummy and Jake kissing,..does baby Jenny want to watch us make love on top of our bed" ? she said in a mocking baby tone of voice, they laughed louder. Even Carol got in on the humiliation as she clearly understood my psyche . "OH DEAR ..OH DEAR ....such a TINY LITTLE sissy... how could a husband ever let another man sleep with his wife .. I guess you are NOT A MAN ARE YOU ITS TOO SMALL NO ...POOR BABY ..... I guess you have no choice but to willingly accepted your cuckold sissy baby status.... JUDGING by your OBVIOUS EXCITEMENT ". she chuckled."How small is he exactly Susie ,..I ..mean..have you ever measured him I'd quite like to know ... " I have only done a bit of research on penis size so it would interesting where he fits in if you er pardon the pun ..I mean he may have a medical condition called a micro penis but an exact measurement may help determine this ,I'm sure you've heard of it. .Susie looked a bit unsure"I think he's about 3 inches fully erect as it says on those knickers but exact measurement mm..er.. not sure,..Cindy be a darling and get me the tape measure from my dressing table please" ."Why don't you do the measuring I'm sure my baby will like that won't she darling ..,if you want to that is " No it doesn't bother me Susie ,Cindy replied" . The humiliation of this stunning teenager measuring my penis kept me very hard. Cindy took the tape measure and placed it alongside my now painfully erect manhood ,her soft delicate touch gave me such a thrill when she accidentally made contact with my genitals ,she placed the tape measure from the base of my little cock to the tip of my glands.She carefully studied the measurement, It's exactly " 2.9 inches she said in total disbelief" ."I have never seen anything so small,. Its so babyish in size....why is is so tiny Aunty Carol" she asked in her inquisitive innocence. Carol who worked as a sex therapist was able to explain .""Okay although not quite a micro penis by definition which to qualify as I my understand has to be shaft length of approximately 2.5 inches erect ...Johnathan is very close to a diagnosed micro penis but no its not one.... its just very tiny one". "I have come across this before in my couple therapy sessions in one or two cases" ."There's no real treatment for having such an undersized penis .I would never recommend surgery ..it isn't worth the bother and only increases girth , length wise perhaps virtually no size increase". "Some men are just born unlucky with small infantile penis whilst others are considered fortunate or blessed with a much larger penis". "So when you say infantile you mean its a BABY DICK ? Cindy giggled then asked "so what treatment do you offer these couples then"? . " Well in the first instance its best not to describe it as a baby dick Cindy but yes infantile as in Johnathan's penis resembles that of a very little boys. I will always recommend talking about it to find a solution , perhaps using sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator or you can buy penis sheath extenders that slip over the penis to giver extra length, typically 2 inches can be added to the length..they look a bit like a condom". Cindy was bemused by the idea of the latter suggestion and thought it funny to take more photos because I was still fully erect. whilst holding the tape measure along side my penis again she snapped away several more times .I now knew who gave Susie the idea of buying the extension sheaths.Susie left the room and returned with a white plastic case that contained my own sheath extensions." See Cindy this is what they look like " Susie handed the box to Cindy who now put her phone away so she could inspect the contents. "Oh my, wow she giggled so these will make your husbands penis almost 5 inches in length when he wears them? " Yes hun but to be honest you can't beat the real thing" she said winking at Cindy . "They look so weird and well ..even just under 5 inches is a bit on the small side ... under average size isn't it ? I'm so glad my boyfriend doesn't need these... his penis is nearly 7 inches and its thick too ..sometimes it hurts its that big" . "Really,Cindy .. well aren't you the lucky girl .. you have been getting more than twice the size I ve been getting " .All three women found that comment amusing . "Its just not very manly to have such a tiny one" Cindy said, "anything that small is ....er..not exactly a mans penis", she looked at my still fully erect penis. Carol continued with her wealth of knowledge on all sexual matters "Sheath extensions are not for every couple.And yes Johnathan's penis is very infantile when soft as I've explained but also in its fully aroused state ,yes the same size you may find on a boy of around 6 years old ? Going back to the penis extenders , sex without them is unfortunately not pleasurable for the woman if you are less than 4 inches and have no real girth, even the very best positions designed for deeper penetration won't be stimulating enough if the man fits into this particular undersized size category. In fact latest research now suggests 4 inches or less is considered unsatisfactory to most women".Cindy now finding this subject more interesting asked her aunt more questions- "So what happens if you are stuck with a man with a tiny Dick do you dump him for some one else...I could never be with a man that small?" ."I would never recommend divorce or dumping a man because of his size Cindy however I know it happens.Some wives I have counselled have cheated on their husbands to get satisfaction from another man but thats not right for a successful loving relationship. Now cuckolding well thats different because its consensual and the cuckold finds it a turn-on when their wife has taken a lover ,often the other man is much better endowed and a better lover because they are more confident.The wife gets sexually satisfied and the husbands often enjoy themselves ...by masturbating .Some men like to hear what their wife has been up to with their lover and many more men love to watch their wife or girlfriend with another man....they can find it erotic or even humiliated by it and this is how they get their kicks". Cindy nodded her head having some basic understanding because she had read my files, "just like Johnathan here" she said pointed at me." "Exactly and thats why I talked it through with Susie after we read all his files on this fetish and the other stuff ". "Oh you mean that SPH er..small penis humiliation thing?" Cindy reminded . " Yes quite right some men quite like the idea of not being able to please a woman because they are so small and derive humiliation from it. ...even to the point of dressing up in female underwear to reinforce their no longer a man but a so called sissy " ."Eww "" Cindy pulled a face " I dont mind him wearing my old nightie but I better not catch him wearing my knickers" she looked at me again with a bit of a stem face then turned back to her aunt "So thats why he dresses up as a girl baby ..a baby girl then"? Cindy said ever content on finding out more about my fetish. "Thats correct dear.. he very clearly gets off on it" .Cindy was nodding her head as it all came very clear now "So this is why Jake is here.... to fulfill the role Johnathan is incapable of" ."Precisely Carol stated," cuckolding is a lot more common than you may imagine Cindy"." Well I would certainly cheat if I was with a man that was this small" she said pointing at my erection. Susie and Jake were smiling at each other kissing every now and then whilst occasionally listening to the conversation between Aunt and niece about cuckolding and SPH. "How about your size" my wife said turning to Jake." Come on darling show us girls what a man you are" she said cheekily perhaps feeling brave after the wine she had consumed .Susie unbuckled his trousers and pushed them down until they fell to the floor, his white Lycra underpants were not doing a good job of hiding at what lay beneath, the bulge was outrageously large .Her hands slightly trembled as she carefully touched this bursting thick piece of meat trying to escape his pants ,I could see the excitement in her eyes ,slowly she peeled his shorts down to his muscular thighs.His erection immediately sprang out ,It was magnificent , very long and very thick ,it began oozing pre cum on the tip of a very swollen purple head."OOH WOW.. OH..MY.. GOD..YOUR ENORMOUS ..ITS HUGE JAKE ",she was shocked by the sheer size.Carol and Cindy stood there staring open mouthed also in a state of shock at this massive penis. "That is very very big " Cindy muttered in disbelief ,Carol also nodded in approval.Susie excitedly took the tape measure and placed it along side the massive shaft "Oh fuck... woww just over 8 inches" she stated, her eyes firmly fixed on the erect manhood, she grasped hold of it ,her long fingers could barely meet around the girth it was so thick. "Now that's a mans penis" she proudly stated. I was unable to take my eyes off it and suddenly involuntary began to protest to Susie. . NO...NO....SUSIE .. HES TOO BIG...HE WILL HURT YOU.....PLEASE DONT SLEEP WITH HIM....PLEASE.. HES TOO BIG ."My pathetic attempts to change her mind were futile." Don't be silly baby ,this is what you secretly desire ,you want me to fuck Jake and I'm going to and that is that understand" She turned to her lover "Do me a favour please..I want you to put my husband across your lap and give him a good hard spanking if I do it I will break a finger nail ....you will spank much harder Jake ,and besides I will be quite turned on seeing my hubby getting his bottom spanked by you .I think he wont put up a fight and I bet he will like having a good spanking from a real man" Susie turned to look at me, said "its time he learnt there's gonna be some changes around here...he needs to understand you are the man around here from now on darling".She then began kissing him him passionately while still holding that throbbing monster in both hands, what man could resist her requests .This was getting serious now and I was confused if this was what I really wanted, fantasy is one thing but reality is a whole new ball game. !NO....NO...PLEASE DONT".I was taken out of bed and placed onto the floor . " I will put him in a fresh nappy and some clean plastic pants and frilly baby knickers first Jake . "We don't want you cumming on Jake's's trousers" she laughed.When she had dressed me Susie helped me to my feet and took me towards Jake who now now seated mouthed at me. "Get across his lap.. NOW SISSY "! My wife's lover hauled me over his lap, and lifted my frilly pink baby-doll nightie forcefully pulled my nappy and panties to the side exposing one of my bottom cheeks and gave me a very hard spanking with those huge hands.I could feel his large cock sticking into my stomach through my nightie My wife and her friends looked on laughing and encouraging Jake to spank me harder .WHACK......WHACK....WHACK,.."tell every one what you are" my wife said, WHACK...."I'm ...I'm ..sissy baby girl..mummy",.WHACK...."please tell him to stop he's hurting me" WHACK....WHACK,..."SHUT IT YOU LITTLE SISSY" he hissed .Cindy moved closer to take more damn photos to show all her friends no doubt. "Oh my god what an absolute wimp.. fancy getting his bum spanked by another man.. I bet he's got another hard on " she said in disbelief. My wife smiled back at Cindy "yes dear I bet he has ... just as well he's got his nappy and frilly panties on" she giggled .My back side was now burning...stinging red.. After my spanking I was sent to the nursery "Jake and I will be up soon baby" .Carol followed me ," I will tuck you in Johnathan " She said she wanted a quick talk with me before she went home "I hope this evening meets all your expectations Jonathan or should I now say baby Jenny" ."I feel sorry for you in a way ... but I do think this is the best solution for you and Susie,... as long as she doesn't get emotionally involved with Jake" . Susie loves you very much don't ever forget that but after all those photos on your computer and then seeing you stood in front of dressed as a baby girl she told me she can no longer see you as a man..She has looked at ways to help your sex life and yes we have had lots of chats about it.She's come to the conclusion you have this fetish and your urges can't be changed .. ,the baby clothing and how you like to be humiliated." "I have strongly advised her to no longer neglect her own sexual needs or she will end up resenting you" ."She's told me many times she can't reach sexual satisfaction when you penetrate her so I have made her aware she has other options , I discussed her taking a lover may be the best way forward "." Susie has mentioned Jake before to me so I suggested he might be the perfect answer to the problem...if he can be discreet"."I know Susie will find sexual satisfaction with him.. thats a certainty he's ...er.. mm., lets just say he's well-built for the job...and who knows Jake might end up being a Daddy to you if this is what I suspect you want.Cindy said she's more than willing to be your babysitter,despite her teasing she really likes spending time with you and Susie ".Cindy said she will humiliate you if it turns you on.. I think shes beginning to understand you can't help your fetish,.....its a part of who you are so why ignore it...embrace it if you desire " Thats the advice I would give in my sexy therapy ... as long as it hurts no one." You crave humiliation and what could be more humiliating than being dressed as a baby girl listening or even watching while your wife is being pleasured by another man or having your nappy changed by someone like Cindy" "Don't be ashamed is the message I gave to Susie... see this as a wake-up call to her own sex life" . "You very brave letting Susie's boyfriend she you naked,letting him spank you and seeing you dressed like a little baby girl ". " Life will change for you now...and for your wife but at least you shall both be so happy" . Carol spoke in such a soft gentle nurturing way that made feel like I was actually a real baby girl.Still smiling at me she gently stroked my chin then leaned over kissed me on the cheek . "I think this is for the best...I know it will work out now be a good girl for your mummy .. you dont want another spanking like that from her new boyfriend ..I bet your bottom still hurts doesn't it sweetheart" . Carol really understood my desires I think her degree in psychology and being a qualified sex therapist put her in a good position to educate Susie on such matters. Surprisingly Carol then placed her hand on the front of my bulky frilly pink satin knickers and gently rubbed them for a few seconds, the crinkle rustling sound reminding me I was wearing noisy plastic pants ,plastic pants that babies wear over their nappies. Carol was such a sweet lady ." " Oh and I hope Cindy hasn't been too awful with you,she really likes you and wants to help because you have both been so good to her." She told her mum about it so I had to tell Lucy all the facts in case she had any misunderstandings I don't normally breach confidentiality not even to my sister but given the circumstances had no option..I don't think Lucy will say anything to her partner, Cindy's step father... but if she does I will sort it out". Susie came up to put her to put her heels in the wardrobe and I heard Carol whispered in her ear "you lucky devil...I want all the juicy details tomorrow enjoy yourself!".Susie was very excited and promised to tell all tomorrow. Cindy was happy to spend the night at our home and have a few drinks with my wife and Jake She had already spoken to her mum to let her know not expect her home.Cindy had stayed over several times in the past, mainly at the weekends if they had all been out.She really liked spending time with us ,and looked up to Susie. Carol of course had already updated her younger sister Lucy and told that her daughter Cindy will be babysitting me.I heard Cindy tell my wife she had sent some photos she had taken of me to her mum for a laugh." My mum phoned me , she found them hilarious ,she said she always thought Johnathon was too cute to be much of a real man ,she said she would have had several affairs had she been married to a sissy adult baby with such a tiny penis". I wanted to know which photos had she sent to her mum, had Lucy seen the ones of my tiny penis?. Susie and her lover finally came to bed an a hour or so later.Cindy used one of our spare rooms to sleep in one opposite my nursery.She came in to give a "good night kiss " "I have my teddy bear here but you can hold onto it for tonight baby whilst you watch Susie being fucked by Jake's massive cock ,she giggled and walked out .Cindy deliberately left her bedroom door open and I could see her undress.My tiny cock throbbed at the sight of her youthful body, standing close to her bedroom door looking into a mirror wearing a short pale pink cotton shirt and white hi-cut silky nylon knickers that looked so shiny in the dim light.I wanted those panties for myself and wondered what they smelled like. CHAPTER FOUR: As soon as my wife came upstairs she came into my nursery."Hi honey are we okay." "I'm fine Susie but Lucy is now aware of my secret and will tell her husband and all the other people we know ". "Aww don't worry baby she won't let-on she can keep a secret any way you know what Cindy is like,she loves to tease ...she understands the situation and wants to help you and she's happy for me .Dont worry about the pics, girls send texts and pictures all the time,she won't show your face. In fact I have just had a text from Lucy let me read it to you- "Hi Susie heard about your new" baby girl" ,didn't know you had been pregnant!! - I hope I get to meet her soon ha ha . Cindy told me all what happened, told me she also has some photos of Johnathan on her phone so I asked her to send them to me ,she sent me some very naughty pics of baby Johnathan, she said he has a baby dick , she right, OMG HE'S TINY, I feel for you hun. Those frilly baby clothes? sorry but that's very funny .Had no idea. You are dealing with it really well -I would have an affair also ! Suppose thats why you found some one else to share you bed, heard he's a BIG boy and every bit of a man-good for you girl. Hope you have good time with lover boy but make sure Cindy has your " TINY " 'little baby girl is all tucked up in his bed LOL Am I being cruel ? Love you both XXX "See, Lucy is cool about it she wont divulge your secret and has no issue with Cindy being your babysitter , stop worrying! Lucy's text message to my wife really excited me ,I didn't really mind Lucy knowing my secret but wondered what her thought were about me in bed in my frilly baby clothes seen photos and Susie will be sleeping with another man a very well endowed man. It so emasculating for me such a massive turn-on. Jake went to the bathroom. Susie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek ,she took my hand without saying a word and led me into the master bedroom. Susie instructed me to kneel by the bed .As soon as Jake came in Susie began to frantically unbuckle his trousers then quickly unbuttoned his shirt.Finally just standing there in his underwear.My wife quickly undressed to the newly purchased white silky satin underwear ,those sexy panties and her stockings she had bought especially for him.She knew I loved her in white silky undies so kept them on for me and for him I guess.She looked so good just like a model. I was kneeling on the floor in very close proximity.His hands caressed her satin clad bottom and pussy through the silky fabric of her sexy panties .Susie was already wet, the gusset clearly showing a damp patch at her satin covered crotch,her nipples erect through her bra,his own penis tenting out in his shorts showing a tell tale spot of pre-cum.They were locked in a passionate open mouthed kiss ." Ohhh Jake please make love to me ...I want you inside me so much darling ".Susie was in a high state of sexual arousal and impatiently pulled his shorts down then quickly removed her flimsy knickers.Jake majestically scooped her off her feet in his powerful arms and laid her on the bed. He went down on her ,licking her sopping vagina making her moan loudly ,he flicked his tongue at her swollen clitoris until she was about to climax....but she held off she did not want to cum just yet. .After around 10 minutes she could take no more returned the favour taking the long thick shaft into her mouth but barely getting more than a few inches because of his girth which was as thick as her wrists . She greedily sucked him,both hands gripping his large manhood. I picked up her discarded silky satin nylon panties,they soaking wet with her juices,I held them to my face breathing in her feminine moistness .Susie across at me as she carried on sucking that giant shaft.She suddenly stopped and burst out laughing, "Aww you are such sissy pervert sniffing mummy's knickers" she snatched them from my hands ,"if you really want to smell or taste mummy I shall put my panties over your head baby ...you only have to ask me" . Then like the last time she stretched them over my head so that they were positioned with the gusset over my mouth and nostrils .They both laughing hysterically. Susie moved the panties to the side and inserted the rubber penis shaped pacifier into my mouth and tightened the ribbon behind my head so it wouldn't fall out the moved the gusset back over my nose.The aroma of cummy panties was intoxicating and I became increasingly turned-on at this latest bout humiliation . "C'mon baby girl kneel closer to the bed now so you can watch your new Daddy fuck mummy with his big thick cock" Jake still laughing laid my beautiful on her back,taking her her long lightly tanned legs he put them over his broad shoulders .I saw my wife guiding his over sized penis to the entrance of her lubricated pussy . " Please be careful.Jake... you're very very big..I'm not used to any thing this size" .He kissed her on the lips to reassure her he would be careful .He slowly slid his long thick shaft into my darling wife,feeding each inch into her. "Susie you feel very tight..hun you okay ... just..relax". She winced with the initial discomfort, this strange sensation she never having experienced such dimensions before .Her face contorted in a mixture of pain then pleasure ,letting out soft moans and gasps as each inch invaded her vaginal cavity ,stretching her labia wife open.Very slowly he humped her, long deep penetrating strokes until he was finally grinding his pubic bone against hers.She had managed to take all of him inside her .Susie began to sob, with sheer joy she was looking across at me and wanted me to see the pleasure she was feeling of another man.She wanted me to know how happy it was making her as she felt years of sexual frustration disappear ,the joy and lust in her face betrayed the pleasure building up within her . "Oh Jake that feels so good ,you feel so big inside me" She made more soft whimpering noises as her clitoris was forced open from its hood as the thick monster cock stretched her .... stretching her labia open as wide as it had never been before .I was less than a foot away seeing this sexual display by the two lovers.Looking at me again Susie managed to give me direction. "Take out your tiny baby dick Jenny so mummy can see this turns you on" Almost out of breath she mouthed " wank it for mummy and Daddy Jake baby " .Pulling my erection free from the leg opening of my baby knickers I did as was told and slowly masturbated my infantile cock with finger and thumb. I was in total awe at the sexual display before me...I was so aroused ,my penis so hard but just a baby dick in comparison to Jake's 8 inches .He now began to piston his huge cock into her squelching vagina ,quickening his pace,his heavy balls slapping against Susie's bottom. She gripped him tightly then moved her red painted finger nails down to his bottom she began clutching his buttocks her wedding ring shining in subdued light of the bed side table lamp.His vigorous fucking made head board thump loudly against the wall .Suddenly he stopped. "is everything okay darling....why have you stopped" she asked with him to carry on..He was teasing her and she knew it "please please Jake don't stop ….PLEASE FUCK ME " she pleaded with him to continue ."Oh like that is it ....you big tease" whilst still underneath him she began buck her self upwards whilst his penis remained motionless.Susie was able push her bottom off the bed still holding onto him ,her vagina thrusting upwards now to get every inch of his cock until she was out of breath. Jake then really gave it to her good and hard meeting her thrusts, as the squelching noises got louder and louder from her heavily lubricated and devastated pussy..."OOOOOHHH AAAAGGRRRHHH.........GOD .....THATS SO DEEP she shouted loudly. I wondered if Cindy was asleep in the next room or had all this sex woken her, I hope she doesn't hear . ..."AAAGGGRRHHH...AAGGRRHHH...MMMMMM..OH...OHHH ..AHHHH....FUCK ME!..DONT......EVER STOP..FUCKING ME JAKE..,....IVE NEVER FELT ANY THING LIKE THIS BEFORE...DONT STOP.....FASTER.....FASTER....OOOHHHH.....AAAGGGHHHH...MMMMM....YOU ARE AMAZING ,THE BEST EVER....UGH ...YOU REACH THE PARTS MY BABY HUBBY SIMPLY CANT REACH.... FUCK Susie went on and on telling him how good he was as his powerful thrusting was making her cum, long quick strokes revealing her wetness and excitement on that glistening magnificent penis .His heavy balls smacking her bottom .She was saying these things knowing it was turning me on but she was also being honest about Jake's sexual performance.This was all too much for me as I wanked my minuscule erect penis with finger and thumb and i very quickly jizzed onto the front my pink satin lacy frilled baby knickers.His penis was now just a blur as he slammed it into her poor pussy .His long thick penis covered with her juices.My wife's legs tightly clamped around his shoulders her toes curled.Her finger nails digging into his his buttocks ,her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open,tears began to roll down her cheeks . My darling wife was uncontrollably sobbing and moaning more vocally I had never seen her this way.,She clamped her mouth on his shoulder to muffle her cries. She had never made those sounds when I made love to her.She looked so passionate, a sexy woman lost in total ecstasy.Jake with his face buried into the pillow began to grunt as my wife or now establish mummy was taking the full length of his cock deep into her womb, her pussy gripping the thick slimy shaft as it stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been before in her sexually active years.I had always found my penis to be a loose fit in her vagina but after Jake was done it was likely to be spoiled forever. I began imagining that large organ hitting her cervix, slamming into it causing a mixture of pain and pleasure, he was so much deeper than I could ever reach something she continued to utter as he fucked her hard.Yes Jake was indeed exploring new territory I was unable to and my lovely Susie was reaping great benefit from his much larger and thicker penis.He fucked her nice and hard taking full control like an alpha male should ,my wife's legs remaining over his muscular shoulders .Susie was moaning loudly and I knew her orgasm was fast approaching by her very vocal screams.Her body quivered and shook ,her vagina spasmed , his cock pounding her drenched cunt and then she cried out loudly in a state of total ecstasy. Her her very engorged swollen clit was juicy red .His merciless battering of "mummy's pussy" continued like some kind of pile- driver,such stamina.He drove his monster sized cock harder and harder into the depths of her devastated slit, Susie swore and panted with every thrust of his over-sized ravaging pole.Suddenly Jake began to groan and grunt louder and louder and my lovely stunning bride of several years took this as the cue that he was about to shoot his load of seed deep into her womb.She held on tightly to her lover. Her own body began to shake uncontrollable as wave after wave of intense pleasure erupted into a full blown multiple orgasms, her first ever . "YESSS YESS OH YESS" She cried, her eyes full of tears ,Susie began to sob so much I though he had hurt her ...her face now flushed ,glowing red..She dug her nails into his buttocks harder and harder encouraging him to keep fucking her until she had every last drop of his warm seed. I could not believe my wife talking like this.Her vagina muscles began to contract with her orgasm,gripping his cock tightly , squeezing it until he finally erupted,...his guttural snorts and grunts of satisfaction has his giant cock spasmed in unison with her own contractions.He continued to empty his heavy balls, my wife/mummy using her vaginal muscles to drain him completely dry.Eventually the frenzied fucking subsided and Susie lay there still crying and sobbing into his manly hairy chest telling him that it was the best fuck she had ever had,not caring that I was right next to them .I felt completely broken at what I had just witnessed but strangely excited and totally humiliated knowing I could never compete with Jake in the bed room It was less than an hour later Jake was fully charged up and raring to go. Susie was insatiable she played with his giant cock until it sprang back to life. She got on all fours and he positioned himself behind her. She reached under herself and took hold of his cock.Slowly he pushed it into her ...she found it sliding in a little easier than before. He began to fuck her nice and hard and when he paused for breath she would push her self backwards onto him ,taking all his length and grinding her vagina right into his pubic bone .He pulled her hair like the alpha man he was, the alpha male she likes, someone who can take charge in the bedroom. She let out gasps and moans as he gave her every inch, slapping her bottom and making her squeal in lust. The slapping sound of their bodies as they fucked like animals was the best sound in the world.They changed positions again and again the sort of positions I was unable to manage simply because I was too small. They finished up in the missionary, her favourite .She had her legs wrapped over his back just above his waist ,ankles crossed to keep him close, kissing him passionately with her hands holding his face while he was between her legs pumping his huge thick veiny cock in and out of her , the sensations of pleasure increased with each rapid thrust , waves and waves of throbbing sensations were felt through Susie's entire body until she finally erupted her climatic juices onto his giant penis.It was like watching a live porn performance .I remained in a kneeling position right by the bed furiously masturbating. Now that they had finished they both sat up in bed watching me ,laughing at me ,Susie encouraging me to "to make creamies into my panties like a girl".I had a fantastic orgasm ,my humiliation getting more intense telling them I wanted to be there I was now their "cuckold baby girl" .Susie pulled me over towards her and kissed me on the lips .She put a finger into her sloppy pussy then pulling it out placed into into the back of my knickers and right inside my bottom.I was then sent back to my nursery. Several minutes passed when Susie came to tuck me into bed.To hide her modesty Susie was wearing a white satin short dressing gown and a fresh pair of bikini style white satin panties embellished with lace, expensive designer ones , the elasticized lace on the legs and waist was to ensure Jake's and her own cum didn't leak out and dribble down her legs. I had worn those very panties with out her knowledge before,wanking my tiny cock into them only a few days before. "Every things gonna be fine baby Jenny thank you for not being angry or jealous ..this has been the best night of my life and I love you so much for being understanding and accepting" she reassuringly informed me. She looked so sexy, her long dark brown straight hair now disheveled ,Susie had a radiant flush, a bright glow about her pretty face. I looked at her breasts through the opening of her dressing gown then between her legs at the sodden satin patch of her pantie gusset where their juices were mixed,she saw me looking so she slipped them off down her long tanned legs ,removed the other pair of kickers still around my head and replaced then with the warm cummy ones, stretching them into place over my head so that the crotch touched my nose. "you want to wear mummy's soaking knickers...dont you"?".Here you are baby".The pungent smell hit my nostrils as Jake's seed and my wife's orgasm made contact.The silky satin fabric was soaking wet with their juice..but yes I did want them.She took my pacifier from round my neck and pushed it into her hot slippery vagina .When she took it out it was slimy and glistening with their cum.She kissed me on the head ,parted the panties that covered my mouth shoved the offending rubber penis pacifier into my mouth "you suck on this baby girl whilst mummy sucks on Daddy's big cock...night night baby sweety pie ". she said with a wink and a smile , she walked out but as she got to the bedroom door I found my self replying in a very soft girly lisp "nigth mummy".She laughed at me.Susie was really happy with how the evening was panning out .The girly lisp appear to be coming something quite natural to me I thought. I awoke the next morning very early to the sound of my wife being fucked,her soft moans , the bed squeaking and banging against the wall,it kept me awake. I was erect again and rather than play with myself just sucked on my rubber penis dummy inhaling the satin scented panties that were still stretched over my head and face.I listened to their love making for maybe 20 minutes until I heard he climax loudly. About 8.30 am I heard Jake leaving,Susie seeing him off at the door she then came back up stairs to check on me , to reassure herself I was fine with what happened last night. . After seeing my nappy was sticky she began to tease me "oh dear have you been listening to me and Daddy doing grown up things baby?" ,did you make a sticky mess in your nappy and fwilly panties baby girl....did it turn you on... yes it did ...didn't it darling" ? .Come on baby ickle sissy you can have some baby time with mummy now". Susie invited me into her bed."Jake wants you to clean me up before I take a shower,...if you dont he will give you another spanking Okay darling" I readily accepted I did not want that again. The room smelled of sex and the evidence was plain to see, the white cotton sheet displaying their bodily fluids.I was ordered between her legs and "drink Daddy's and mummy's cum cum" I cleaned the salty mixture of their goo from her loose swollen ,puffy vagina, the taste on my tongue wasn't unbearable .Then she said because I had been a "good little baby girl" I could "make love to mummy".She laid on her back and took out my thin puny erect penis from the side of my frilly baby girl knickers with two fingers and positioned my thin short shaft at the entrance to her vagina.She placed one of her hands under my nappied and satin covered crotch and pushed me into her.I just slipped straight into her pussy so very easily ..much more easier than I ever have before.Her vagina was still very slimy and wet . I began to make love my darling wife pumping my slippery wet rigid organ into her equally slippery Vagina,.She held onto the crotch of my knickers but even this didn't always prevent me slipping out.She pushed me back into her several times, Her face was expressionless as my baby manhood went in and out of her, when I quickened my pace I slipped out more times than I have ever done obviously because of their sticky cum. My baby penis failed to touch the walls of her vagina and I could feel nothing much other than an overstretched cavernous cavity .Susie then grabbed hold of the back of my frilly baby panties to see if this would keep me inside her somehow.Susie pulled my knickers so hard she would have given me a wedgy if it weren't for my nappy " fuck me baby c'mon darling .. c'mon darling ..I love you baby.. really love you but please make love to me....please .Susie looked quite upset I could see tears in those dark brown eyes ,she sobbed and cried as I carried on fucking my sweet gorgeous wife. I thought I was making her cum but no Susie began to apologize to me ,she was loud and vocal. "I'M SORRY BABY BUT I CAN'T FEEL YOU I CANT FEEL A THING ...NOTHING ...NOTHING AT ALL NOT A THING..I..I CANT TELL IF YOU ARE INSIDE ME...AT LEAST BEFORE I COULD FEEL A LITTLE BIT OF YOU" .She carried on sobbing ,Susie was very emotional,she kissed me passionately. POOR BABY ...JENNY'S TINY ICKLE BABY DICK IS NO GOOD FOR MUMMY ...IT WILL NEVER BE SUFFICIENT NOT NOW SHE HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND ...DON'T WORRY DARLING I STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ..I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.JAKE AND ME HAVE COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT.HE WILL BE YOUR NEW DADDY, HE WILL COME TO THE HOUSE A COUPLE OF TIMES A WEEK.....JUST TO MAKE ME HAPPY...FOR SEX,THATS ALL ...OKAY SWEETY". "Yeth mummy YETH" I said getting into the role "I want to be your baby girl forever,.... I want to watch you and Daddy fuck in our bed cos I'm just a big sissy baby girl with a tiny ickle peepee". I carried on with my fantasy ."I want to be totally dominated and humiliated by you and your lover and if I'm a naughty baby girl I know my new Daddy will spank me like the sissy wimp that I am".. Susie's emotional state appeared to return to normal,feeling more calmer and relaxed "oh yes yes Good girl I knew you would accept my proposal . .... Cindy will babysit for me from now on , she has my permission to bring a few of her lovely friends over should me and Jake decide to go out again or for a weekend away in an hotel.You will be a permanent baby girl at all times when you get home from work..,all your frilly baby clothes will be washed and then dried on the washing line so our neignbours will know your pathetic needs to be a little adult baby girl secret....understood?"... "Yeth...yeth mummy" my little penis now almost ready to release its load into her sloppy very wide over-stretched pussy. "Oh yes darling don't forget... all those sweet little baby photos have been put some where safe in case you get any ideas...Cindy printed several copies off just in case you go snooping for them or delete them from her phone"". "Yeth mummy..me be a good ickle girl ."My 3 inches now banging into her well used slit thinking at what Cindy will do with those pictures of me in my baby girl attire I thought about Lucy seeing those pictures of me and her reaction to them,knowing I'm an adult baby cuckold. I bet and all her friends will laugh.Will Cindy's friends really come over and babysit with her ..the thought terrified me but wow the idea was a massive turn-on. Susie continued pulling hard at the rear waistband of my plastic pants and frilly satin panties trying to get some extra penetration and prevent me slipping out. She pulled up my pink sheer baby doll nightie out of the way and held onto my panties ,She cried out saying- "I CANT FEEL YOU ....I JUST CANT EVER REALLY FEEL YOU... BUT ITS MUCH WORSE THAN BEEN BEFORE ...POOR BABY...SO...SO.SMALL ..SO TINY BABY. She knew these words would turn me on and I quickened my pace,the plastic and satin rubbing together making that familiar a rustling noise which ,I lasted about 2 minutes until I exploded my baby juice into sexy beautiful wife /mummy. We lay there panting ,me still on top of her sexy slim body.Susie caressed me,stroking me and patted my frilly pink satin padded bottom causing my plastic pants to rustle under the knickers. She talked to me like a baby again in her mock baby tone "Did my ickle sissy girl like dat eh... precious...such a baby girl aren't we eh most of the time mummy's pussy will only be for your Daddy but if you are good baby girl I may treat you once a month ". I turned slightly to look at my wife and saw her looking towards the bedroom door.I felt a presence and quickly realized that the bedroom door was now fully wide open it wasn't open earlier .I turned to see Cindy was standing there with a huge grin on her pretty young face,she had seen and heard everything,I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. "Morning you two2 she said with a cheeky smile.Susie must have know Cindy was there but never said anything. She came into the room as my wife got out of bed and handed her the satin robe. " I guess you and Jake had a great time " "I hope we didn't keep you awake all night long Cindy". " No its fine Susie honestly but by god he certainly went at it didn't he .. I don't want to be crude but .. well you were very noisy Susie...I heard you crying at one point but just guessed Jake was making you happy...did it hurt though .. with him being so large" ."Oh Cindy it was wonderful being with a real man" ."Yeah it hurt to begin with,not overly painful certainly bearable until I got used to him ..you know...being very large,I felt him so deep inside it gave me very nice sensations like would not believe Cindy...he made me cum so hard on that enormous cock and yes it hurt initial but once I was fully aroused it felt really good". " Susie that's great news I'm so pleased for you. Carol told me you are more likely to finally reached an orgasm with another man... after such a long wait". They hugged each other. . "So I guess size does matter then" Cindy said with a blush. Susie laughed at this. "Well of course it does dear.. well certainly in this situation". Cindy giggling almost non stop, "I suppose you are right ...you had an extra extra 5 inches last night.....a lot more than you've been used to this last few years,not to mention he's such a hunk". They both laughed more and looked at me laying on the bed. Do you want me to babysit next Saturday? I will bring my friends round so they can meet your kinky husband ,I'm sure they will want to see your pretty baby girl all dressed up". "Emma one of my friends ...the one who's studying fashion is great at dress making .I text her the photos I took last night and she's more than happy to make him a new pink baby dress and frilly knickers...she needs to measure him first though". "Oh Cindy that would be lovely ..wouldn't that be nice Jenny eh...another pretty young girl coming to the house to fuss with you and make you lots of frilly baby girl dresses and frilly panties". "Yes please Cindy tell her to come over so she can measure him and I will give her the money to buy what she needs and of course you can come over next Saturday with your friends while me and Jake go out and enjoy ourselves. "What about a cot too Cindy suggested ..he's far too young to be in a grown up bed babies should sleep in a cot". "Not thought about that dear but good idea". "My boyfriend will make him one..he's studying carpentry and now has a part time apprenticeship... we can paint it pale pink and I can decorate it with teddy bears" .Cindy continued thinking of more ways to humiliate me .ALL babies should sleep in the nursery .. so you and Jake dont disturb him... I mean her ... but if you er you want to keep him awake I will buy a baby monitor so you can hear each other...I'm sure baby Jenny would like that wouldn't she... so she can hear her mummy and her boyfriend in bed together" Cindy said looking at me directly. Susie and Cindy thought these were wonderful ideas that when they were finally done laughing Cindy phoned her boyfriend.I could hear him laughing on the phone " you want me to make a adult size cot for your friends husband...because he wears baby girl clothes ?" He was more than happy to make an adult size cot especially when Susie spoke to him. " Hi Brad ,its Susie ..yes it sounds strange but I need a baby cot for my sissy husband.Yes he will sleep in it from now on because I have a boyfriend .Is £ 600 enough money...great see you tomorrow." Susie handed the phone back to Cindy to say her goodbye."Right then its all agreed"....Emma is coming over to measure my baby so she can make him lots more baby girl clothes,you will bring all friends over to babysit him,your boyfriend will come over tomorrow and make a start with the cot and you will supply a baby monitor....this is perfect." My life has changed so much over the last few months.I'm a permanent sissy baby girl when not at work.I'm often humiliated in front of women of all ages.They will all know I'm a cuckold because Jake visits regularly . I must wear my baby clothes at all times when he comes over. Susie has bought me lots more baby clothes which Cindy's friend made, lots of pink satin dresses and ruffled petticoats so short my matching frilly knickers are almost always on show.When my wife or Cindy have their friends visit to our house they will come into my nursery, see me in my cot and make fun of me, especially during my nappy changes.They will always come up with new ideas to humiliate me and tease me and they love to watch me being spanked by Jake over his lap, sometimes the hold up my baby dresses out of the way so he has good access to my frilly bottom .Cindy loves to pull my knickers and nappy down so Jake can spank my bare bum.She still finds this very funny.I have a baby mobile hanging just above my head as I lay in my cot ..hanging off the mobile are my wife's silky white panties ,ones she has worn when Jake has called round..the crotch evidenced with their sex stains.I spend most of my time in the nursery except on the rare occasions when I get to sleep with my mummy when Jake is away. CHAPTER FIVE: Susie and Jake have had the occasional dinner party at our home and the first time Lucy and her husband over Susie made sure I was already in my baby girl clothes and in my cot before they arrived .Susie deliberately left my nursery door wide open so the guests cold see me in plain view if they needed the bathroom...she made sure they used the upstairs bathroom and you had to walk past the nursery to access it .A pink ballerina figure lamp and white shade decorated with butterflies illuminated my nursery . I could hear all the comments on the baby monitor whilst they talked about me from the dining room.I could hear them all laugh when they heard me masturbating ,that tell tale rustling sound as the plastic rubbed against the pink fabric of my frilly baby knickers " oh I think she's playing with her tiny pee pee " Lucy announced.Susie then talked into the monitor..."stop playing with your clit or Daddy will drag you down here and spank you in-front of our guests!".I could hear howls of laughter.I stopped playing with my self. Susie came up to the nursery a moment later and strapped me into the cot to prevent me getting out and more importantly so could not play with my "baby dick" unless instructed to by an adult .I could hear Susie explaining to our guests what she had done.James ,Lucy's husband could not believe I put up with so much ."Well James Susie explained "a real man wouldn't would he and Johnathan is a baby ...Not a man...besides he loves it really" . Lucy announced she she needed to pee ,I could hear her footsteps coming upstairs and I knew she would see me in my pink baby cot dressed up like a baby girl.I got quite excited ,I wanted this very attractive woman to see me.She was a sexy lady ,lovely blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She looked into my room quickly giving me a wave then entered the bathroom at the end of the landing.I felt a bit disappointed and hoped she would have at least said hello. When she came out Lucy came into my nursery to get a closer look at me.She had only seen photos of me as a baby until now ,she walked up to my cot and rested her hands on the railings smiling down at me. She surveying the sissy adult baby looking up at her, laying there in a pink oversize baby cot. limbs secured by 4 pink leather straps and cuffs attached to the corners of my pink wooden prison decorated by Cindy with dolls and Teddies .I had no duvet to hide under and was fully on show. She stared for a moment , from heard to toe ,looking at the pink ribbons in my hair , the penis pacifier tied round my neck ,the short pale pink frilly nightie with matching pink ruffled baby knickers - the ones embroidered with "sissy 3 inches" yes she looked at me ,right down to my frilly topped ankle socks.She shook her head laughing at me. "Just look at you Johnathan you look so silly wearing my daughters nightie and those frilly baby panties,...tell me do you still wet your nappy? .I looked at her and although I was blushing loved this teasing ,she was so sexy. ...yes she knows I wet my nappy.Lucy was all dressed sexily wearing a tight short black dress, stockings and suspenders of which I could make out the faint outline.She looked quite a bit taller in the black patent leather high heels .She turned around to look around my nursery taking in the soft girly furnishings,.Lucy opened my wardrobe looking at my different baby girl dresses ,my drawers where my plastic pants and frilly ruffled baby knickers .I watched her as she smiled to herself lifting out some of my plastic pants and ruffled satin knickers.Lucy was quite interested in my sissy adult baby life she like her daughter Cindy asked my wife lots of questions. I looked at her tight peachy bottom in that tight black dress, clearly at visible pantie line,she wasn't wearing a thong which was good in my own opinion and I tried to envisage what her panties looked like ..yes bet they were the sort Susie and Cindy wears ..expensive tanga high cut satin ones with a hint of lace .She turned to catch me staring . " were you looking at my bottom ?... thats very naughty I wonder what my husband would say if I were to tell him...do you think he may come and give you a spanking if I were to ask him to" ? she giggled."Yes baby I know Jake's spanks you ...such a wimp ...a sissy baby girl aren't we" . Should I tell her what I was really thinking I asked my self " actually Lucy I was just...just trying to guess what kind of panties you were wearing " I sheepishly explained .She smiled at me "oh .. oh you were were you mmm you want to see what sort of underwear I like to wear eh..what women wear for real men" She thought for a moment then cautiously looked around then looking back at me lifted her dress up so high I could see the top of the pale pink bikini style satin panties ,designer ones with a lacy panel at the front. I stared at them and she laughed and turned around so I could see that satin covered bottom so stunning she then pulled her dress back down.Lucy then placed my penis pacifier into my mouth. . "Okay baby the show is over ..now me see your knickers" She lifted up my nightie and laughed so loud at my panties . " ohhh same colour as mine but yours are so girly ..... very frilly... ooh and whats this I see" ? Lucy looked at the - inscription sissy 3 inches . "3 inches ? not what I have heard ... I have heard its less than 3 inches... Susie said it was only 2.9 inches- thats a baby size isn't it and thats why you are baby girl. a baby girl in frilly pink baby knickers not like a woman would wear. yes ...thats why Susie has Jake. I have never seen her so happy.We speak on the phone and she's told me he has a big 8 inch penis .They make you watch sometimes if you've been good....don't they baby" .Susie says she lets you play with her panties while you masturbate your little dink dick when Jake is giving her a lovely orgasm" ."You like ladies panties don't you" ...she said looking at the mobile that hung above my head. Four pairs of Susie's white silky panties all cum stained in the crotch ..hung so low I could almost touch them with my nose." Cindy tells me you enjoy being humiliated too, am I making you all hard in that nappy and those frillies... she tentatively prodded the front of my knickers feeling a small hard lump that lay inside my terry nappy .Lucy placed a her hand to her mouth to stifle her uncontrollable giggles "awww poor baby ...poor poor TINY baby girl" .She undid the leather straps to release my hands and commanded me to wank for her.Lucy clearly enjoyed the control she was having.I quickly took out my fully erect penis .She laughed hysterically as I proceeded to play with my cock in the only way I can do " finger and thumb ..".awww god " she laughed."...its so very small .... its like an infants.Lucy staring down at me with those gorgeous blues eyes which were glued to my sissy sized penis "oohh good girl you gonna make cummies all over your frilly knickers for me baby ...yes do then but you might be spanked for spoiling them.....I should have brought my phone upstairs ..would love to video this and share it...next time eh ... baby Johnathan ...sorry ..I meant baby Jenny." In no time at all my sperm jetted out landing on my nightie and on my knickers.Lucy went went to the bathroom to get some tissue and cleaned up the mess laughing from my baby clothes.She kissed me on the lips thanking me for "entertaining her so well". She went back downstairs still laughing. Cindy loves babysitting me and I actually look forward when Susie and Jake go out for the night or have the odd weekend away.When it comes to nappy changes Cindy does it in such a loving way, she's quite mature for an 18 year old .There's no embarrassment on her or my side..not anymore.Cindy loves to tease me ,knowing full well I enjoy it because any sort of sexual stimulation is limited with my wife .When Cindy visits she nearly always wear short plaid skirts or something similar in style. I'm laid on the floor she kneels down in front of me and lifts up my frilly white paper nylon petticoats and frilly pink satin baby girl dress and clips it to the dummy around my neck.Then she tells me to lift up my botty so she can pull down my frilly baby knickers and plastic pants.Once she's unpinned my nappy and removed it I lay there with my tiny 1 inch flaccid penis on show.Not content with this she wants to see me hard so she accidentally on purpose opens her thighs enough so I can see her own pretty feminine panties-she knows I like white silky knickers and wears them regularly for me.Cindy is well aware this effect has upon me and with in seconds I'm fully hard. "Oooohhh your ickle soldier is standing all to attention baby girl... I wonder what caused that...naughty baby" she says with a cheeky smile and a mocking baby talk tone She loves it and so do I. When Susie and Jake are on a date night Cindy will come into nursery and give me a cuddle.There's been more than one occasion when she's laid with me in my giant cot put her hand up my short nightie and into my panties.Cindy pulls out my "baby dick" as she usually refers to it by taking it from the leg opening of my panties and wanks me while we listen to the sounds of my wife being fucked so very hard next door,so clear over the baby monitor. Cindy will make humiliating comments like " your mummy is getting fucked by Daddy's massive cock again ...awww poor baby Jenny has to listen ..she doesn't get to go near mummy's pussy these days...poor ickle baby but dont worry I will make baby Jenny feel all nice ..I will play with her tiny tiny ickle willy until she spurts her creamy onto her fwilly pink baby girly pantith" .She would hold my tiny member with a finger and thumb and rub it like a girl would rub her clitoris .The unmistakable sounds of my satin knickers rubbing against my crinkly noisy plastic baby panties making them rustle encouraged her to increased her tempo, those naughty teasing comments coupled with the sounds of my wife's loud moans would have me ejaculate all over the front of my pink frilly satin baby knickers with a few minutes.Cindy would cuddle me for quite sometime afterwards and kiss me on the forehead or cheek.The only downside to my "baby treats" with Cindy I was not allowed to touch her, "thats for boys with big dicks baby" she would remind me.Cindy has hinted she may let me suckle on her breasts and I hope this happens very soon.Susie is aware of Cindy's "baby treats" but had no problem with it because it saved her the job of wanking me off -usually into her cummy panties. I love my sexy wife/mummy so much and would never go back to how things used to be .I'm so happy at being a baby girl to my wife and new Daddy .When Susie knows Lucy or Cindy is coming over she likes me to be wearing my very short frilly pink satin dress and ruffled petticoats ,my hair is growing longer so she often its styled as a toddler girl, the outfit is finished off by short frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane be shoes, there's no nappy or frilly panties because Susie likes to make sure my tiny soft 1 inch penis is on show.Cindy thinks its quite funny having me like this,I'm so lucky having such an attractive understanding babysitter like Cindy, life has only got better for me.
  4. This is my first post on the site. I read all the site rules posts I could find. I hope this is posted in the correct place, that the tags are correct, and that my short story conforms to all appropriate standards, some people find my writing a little dark, but it is all reflections of my personal experiences, like this short story. Stitches "Ohhh, that is big", I could hear the playful seduction in her tone. From just hearing him talking to her on her phone, I knew he liked pressing his crotch against her butt. More playful giggling, "Him? No, he can't". Immediately, I knew she was talking about me, but I couldn't make out his voice over the television. The only choice I had was getting out of bed and listening at my door. She was laughing, "It's not cuz of that", there was a pause, "He kinda sorta has a small penis, like really small". He laughed, "It's really that tiny" "He can't even get inside me. Nevermind being able to feel him inside. The poor thing has a micropenis" "A micropenis?", he was incredulous. I felt like back when I was eighteen in my last year of high-school, still so pathetic, sneaking out of bed, quietly getting on my knees, one eye trying to look through the keyhole on my door, hoping to see one of my older sister's friends coming out of the shower, frustrated little dick straining against a damp diaper. But just like back then, I never saw anything, except for the one time the door wasn't exactly shut and I fell flat on my face in front one of my sisters friend's in a towel. And I'd fallen right in front of her, face down, t-shirt doing nothing to hide the bulky white diaper covering my backside, as I looked up at her body with stars in my eyes. I'll never forget this, cuz it was the first time I saw a vagina that wasn't related to me. When I realized I was looking straight up her towel, seeing everything, soft brown public hair, and most of all, her holiest of holy's . I couldn't even speak, I was in a form of shock staring up at her towel, mouth hanging open, eyes wide and alit in ecstasy. She didn't scream. She laughed. She laughed with the confidence of a girl with nothing to fear. "Hey Clarissa! Your brother is perving out on me" Clarissa came storming out of her room, I could feel the vibration of her footsteps before i saw her door open. And then, here Clarissa came, blonde pixie cut bouncing with each step, in just boy shorts and a sports bra, "Julia, I'm so sorry. This exactly why I sent him to bed early!", Clarissa sounded so calm and reasonable talking to her friend. Then turned to me, her hands balled into fists, pressed into her hips and all that amicablity ran out of her voice, "Whadd'you think you're doing? Why are you outta bed?", these were rhetorical questions that were more preformative, setting the stage for her next line of questions, letting me know I'm in the wrong and about to be punished. To this day Clarissa will talk to me like a stern babysitter, nevermind that, her and her husband won't even allow me in their house, unless im wearing "my protection" because of one tiny accident on their couch. "Why are you trying to see my friends naked you little perv? What? Have you gone through all the porn on the internet? Did they take all the pictures of women in diapers off the internet?". Two more of my sisters friends were now watching from her doorway. Clarissa looked at the situation, me lying on the floor, my room door open, the light off, Julia in a towel walking from the bathroom to Clarissa's room. A smile crossed her face, as she look to Julia, and pointed at my door, then looked down to me, "Were you.. were you... peeping on my friends again? Why don't you get a girlfriend? Oh that's right, mommy still changes your Pampers!". The girls all laughed at this. A voice of a girl whose name I don't remember asked, "Why? How old is he?" Clarissa had her hands out, like Vanna White presenting me to her friends, "He's a senior in high school" "He looks like he's twelve! How is he a senior? Does he wear those to school?", Clarissa never said anything just turned and looked at her friend, giving her all the information she needed By this point, my diaper had gotten wetter. Confrontation was never my strong suit. I get so overwhelmed and nervous, my body feel like a anaconda is squeezing me. I'm not even fully aware it's happening because I'm so scared. And Clarissa has no problem using this to her advantage still. She squated down next to my head, i still hadnt moved from where id falled. Again she asked, "How did you end up in the hall with Julia in a towel?". Having to explain myself to my sister in front of her friends, was embarrassing enough, they'd all known I had a problem with bedwetting but they didn't know I was literally in diapers. After two nonsensical explanations i didnt even understand, I looked up at my sister, face burning red, knowing the back of my diaper must be visibly wet, tears starting to blur my vision, I looked up at her and said the only thing I could think of, "I had an accident!", and the words came out much louder than I meant for them to. Clarissa bent lower inspecting the seat on my diaper, lifting my t-shirt to accommodate her investigation, "How are you wet? You haven't even been in bed an hour? It was forty-nine minutes ago, I sent you to bed? How do you already need to be changed? Even babies can last a few hours" I got up to my knees, revealing the crotch of my diaper was yellow and swollen with pee. Julia chimed in, "I thought your brother was a Peeping Tom, but he's really a Peeing Tom". This got a laugh from all the girls. Clarissa standing back up, "I don't care. You're going back to bed! If I see mom, I'll tell her", and with her finger in my face, "I don't want to see you outside of your room again tonight! You understand me, Piss Stain?". Clarissa helped me stand back up, my diaper heavy with pee hung down between my legs and Clarissa smacked my backside "Don't worry about it, Burton. We all know your bed got plastic sheets on it! So me or any of my friends, better not catch you anywhere near that door!" "Go", she ordered and I turned and waddled back into my room at my older sister's command, climbing back into bed in a soaking wet diaper, knowing the likelihood of Clarissa telling my mother was about the same as me keeping the bed dry tonight. Here I was, over ten years later, still in damp Pampers, kneeling at the door, listening to the closest thing I'd ever had to a girlfriend flirting with a much more masculine and sexually capable man. He was still laughing about my micropenis, when she freely offered, "Well, after I showed him how much bigger yours is....", she giggled, but I knew what she was about to say and tears were welling up in my eyes and the heat burned my cheeks, "He started having little accidents" "Accidents?!?", hearing him say that word stung so much more. "Don't say anything", she confided, "but he's kinda been wetting his bed", followed by her awkward giggling.. And his reply, "What the fuck are you talking about? You mean he's pissing on himself!?!" "Shhhh! Not so loud! He's gonna hear you!", Sonja forcefully interjected In a now hushed, but just as shocked voice, "You mean he's pissing in his bed?!? Like a little fucking kid? So that little pansy is in there pissing in his sheets, now? What do you see in that pussy?". Hearing him talking about me was so much humiliating, not only, because he was right about everything. But just him knowing, nevermind that I'm on my knees, in not an exactly dry diaper, peeping on him seducing my almost girlfriend. I heard my sister's friend, "Peeing Tom, not Peeping Tom". "He's sweet! And it's not his fault. He can't help it!", she was flirting with him over my bedwetting and that was somehow as hot as it was humiliating. "So you're sleeping with this pussy and he's fucking pissing on you! I didn't know you liked getting pissed on!", his laughter still stung. "Ewww! No! He had to get diapers!" He burst into laughter! "Shhh! You're gonna wake him up!" "What's he gonna do? Pee on me?" "You're so mean! Besides it was when i showed how much bigger your cock is, he felt so insecure, he can't help peeing his bed But finally I could see her through the keyhole. Her lacey pastel blue panties clinging to her upper thighs, hips and butt came into my view, as she sat down lowered herself on to his lap "Maybe I'm gonna put you in diaper?" "I have been a bad girl", she taunted him, grinding her crotch down on his lap, on his cock, and I was watching it live. I could see his hands lifting her white t-shirt up, squeezing her tits "Does someone need a spanking.", with a quick tug, he pulled her to the side, laying in several hard thwacks on her backside. Her shirt was still up above her breasts and her tits bounced with every smack. I could see the wince of pain every time his palm connected, she exhaled air in this sexual moan. She pulled herself back over straddling his lap. She took one hand of his hands to start rubbing herself, "My pussy is dripping". He pulled her panties into a wedgie making her back arch as her panties pressed against her clit. I may have been more excited than she was. Watching her begin to undo the fly of his jeans her movements radiating anticipation, pulling her panties to the side, as she slide the tip his hard cock into soaking pussy, i realized my diaper was heavily sagging. For the first time I understood why the called the sexual position cowgirl, she was riding his cock like a horse, the motion she made looked exactly like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. She was slamming herself down on his lap. I couldn't even see their heads and I still ejaculated immediately seeing fucking like that. I was going to cum anyway, from just witnessing that spanking and picturing Sonja in diapers, immediately my mind thought up a million scenarios, but none were ever meant to be I had to get back into bed with a diaper completely saturated with pee. Doomed to be diapered cuckold, I started drifting off to sleep hearing Sonja orgasming on his shaft. Waking up the next morning to the sounds of movement, I got up and left the room without thinking. Sonja was wearing her little shorts and a baggy sweatshirt, up on her tip toes, her head turned, "So youre just walking around like that now?". Looking down, the sagging, yellow, pee soaked diaper was still on, but I really hadn't thought of it. Having wet the bed most of my life, I wasn't really a stranger to being in a soggy diaper. "Uh oh! Someone had a rough night", I could see her ass perfectly through her tiny shorts. Images of her butt ramming into his lap flashed through my mind, followed by the embarrassment causing me to feebly try covering the soggy diaper with my hands to little success. Sonja bounced over to the sofa with her coffee mug, "Well, I had a pretty rough night too", but she said it with a smug tone that indicated she meant another kind of rough. "I'm just joking. Calm down. Besides, you should put something on over that before he gets out of the bathroom..." Looking over at bathroom door with absolute terror. A fresh flood of urine flowed all through my diaper as I grabbed the sides of my diaper to keep them from falling "You are such a baby!", her voice really emphasized the word baby, "I'm just kidding, there's no one even in there, you big baby!" When she saw pee streaming down my legs as my head turned to her, she just shook her head, putting her hand against a head, with two snorts of laughter, "Really? Really?", she held her hands out as if she were presenting the audience at home with our situation, "You're that scared of him? You're so intimidated you'll just potty in your pants if he's even in the next room". I had to pull up on my diaper harder so the pee stopped leaking, feeling the intense embarrassment, "I'm not scared", I mumbled, "I just couldn't hold it anymore". "What? What did you say? I couldn't hear you", laughter lessened the disciplinary tone of her words "I need the toilet", I hurriedly waddled for the bathroom hearing her cartoonish laughter behind me "Yeaaaah, you're a rock! Don't forget! You're cleaning this! I'm not having you leaving piddle puddles all over the floor like some little puppy", as I got in the bathroom, I heard, "You're bed is already covered in them" I had to stand in the tub when I let my diaper down, pee came splashing down into the tub. Then, there's Sonja in the with her phone out and a smile on her face, in a tone of abject defeat, "You're not sending that to him, are you?" "No. Don't be silly. I'm sending it to your mom to ask how she dealt with you wetting the bed" "No, please! You don't have to do that! I'll stop. I can get it under control! I won't have accident! I promise" "I don't think you can make that promise. You have a plastic sheet on your bed and leaky diaper on your butt! I just wanna know what I can do to help you with this, sweetie. Don't worry about it" I gave in and accepted Sonja would do. What she wanted" Still in the tub, I could hear her on the phone with my mother "I'm sorry to bother you, Mrs. Beck, but...well you saw what I'm dealing with. When Burt was little how did you handle his accidents?" "Oh! Oh wow! The whole time?!? So all through school? Even high-school? Oh, so that's when it got bad? Wait! He had to wear diapers to school? He told me he stopped wetting his bed at thirteen!" The laughter was the worst part. I didn't even want to get out of the tub. "Ohhhh! He didn't stop wetting the bed, he started wetting pants. You gotta make sure to check him? He hates changing. He does try to get to the toilet, it's just he's already wet", more laughter, "He's hiding in there right now. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me all this. We should definitely talk again. I'll let you know how it goes, Mrs Beck". When I came out of the bathroom, Sonja was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, but the one on top was bouncing with energy "You didn't tell me you were still wearing Goodnites to high school", even though it sounded like a question, it wasn't. Holding my towel up, I could only say. "Uhhhh..." "You told me, you'd stopped wetting the bed when you were thirteenth! But really you weren't getting out of bedwetting, you were actually getting put in diapers by your mommy! Ha ha ha!", Sonja was obviously enjoying this little exchange. "No wonder you've still wetting the bed! You just got out of diapers for the first time in your life a few years ago! She said you couldn't even keep your pants dry! Ha ha ha!" There's no way to deny the embarrassment, even ignoring the obvious cuckold situation that had just happened the night before, but having the entire bedwetting/diaper story exposed was deeply humiliating, especially right now, when she's thinking of her date as a man and me as the baby in a pee soaked diaper in the next room. "I wasn't that bad", trying to salvage the little dignity I could. "Did your mom have to go to your school and put a diaper on you, your first day of your senior year?", excitement had filled her voice, her eyes were bright, and her teeth came out when she smiled because she already knew the answer. The images flashed to life in my mind, memories of getting beat up in high school. Everyone still remembers. On the first day of my senior year, a guy who had no business being in a high school, who was almost twenty after staying back countless times, saw me talking to his ex girlfriend. He walked up to me, didn't even say a word and punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. The punch knocked me to my butt, but I know I was already peeing before I hit the ground. I remember sitting on the floor looking at at him smiling down at me, the girl that I had been talking to was holding her nose with her thumb and forefinger and she was looking away her face filled with doagust. I was so shocked at what had happened, I hadn't figured out what was happening, I could only hear a high pitched squealing noise filling my head, i could feel the presence of a crowd tuat had formed around us and everyone was laughing, i didn't realize I was just sitting on the floor making a soft grunting noise I kept pushing the mess into the seat of my pants, and all the other kids could actually me straining as I was pushing poop in my pants. After thirty seconds, I started piecing together what had happened, that I'd been punched in the stomach, fallen down and messed myself. My face felt like it was on fire and I started coughing out little sobs, followed by little hyperventilation noises and falling into full on bawling like an extremely young child, sounds completely inappropriate for a senior in high school to making. I hadn't yet connected this whole time, I been peeing my pants and that since I had messed my pants so bad that poop had even been forced all over my butt cheeks, up my back and even into the front of my underwear. The puddle under me was getting spreading outward. The kid who'd hit me had to step back from the smell being so bad he wretched. And for reasons i can't fully explain, through my tears the word, "mommy", kept being repeated. Some teachers broke the thing up and walked me to the nurses office, but she made me sit on the toilet in her bathroom until my mommy got there, but it was gonna be too hard to clean me there, so my mom just put the diaper on over my dirty underwear, wrapped a towel around me, put my dirty pants in bag and walked me put of the school I still had answered Sonja, I'd just been standing in towel, eyes staring into the wall, as I remembered, what I was certain she was talking about, because that was the reason I had to wear diapers or Goodnites to school after. "So you were still wearing diapers as a teenager!" "It was a long time ago" "It was this morning you were in soaking wet Pampers. This morning was long time ago? It was like an hour ago?!? Now, could you please clean the pee off the floor?" After the floor was cleaned, Sonja had gotten dressed into tight jeans and a pastel yellow top that looked like a sports bra, but wasn't, a halter top maybe. "You really should be wearing diapers. I don't want you making any more messes" "It was an accident!" She laughed, "An accident? An accident! Did little baby have an uh oh? Any three year old can walk around and not pee in their pants! But you can't even get toilet trained. I'm telling you, you need to be in diapers, but if you think you can do, I'm not gonna be the one peeing in my pants". Sonja had decided she was going to the gym, as she was leaving she hugged me, pressing my face into her cleavage, which after twenty-four hours of constant humiliation, having my face against her warm flesh was terribly exciting, exciting enough to make me cum on the towel wrapped around my waist, but she must have felt me tense and released because she immediately pushed me away holding me by the shoulders and looked down at the little damp spot forming in my towel. "You didn't? Is that all it takes to for the little baby to make a mess?", the smile on her face was of a babysitter humoring a child, as she turned me around and smacked my butt, "Go get dressed and don't 'forget' to put your Pampers on! You understand me, mister? Believe me, you're better off in diapers, if you're gonna cum that fast.". Later that day, after Sonja had gone and come back, I was lying across her lap, while she stroked my head with one hand and scrolled her phone with the other. When she got a text. This time, I felt her body tense. It was him. And when I heard his voice, I may have peed a very little bit. And within ten seconds of it happening Sonja asked, "Hang on one second. Burton what's that on your pants? You didn't do it again, did you?" I had already jumped up, feeling my butt for wetness with both my hands and I answered her really soft, so her new lover wouldn't hear and think less of me than he already did, but Sonja took care of that "What! I couldn't hear? Did you pee in your little undies? I told you to wear diapers! You see what happens when you don't listen?! Now what did you do?", hands planted on her hips, I felt like she was ten feet tall Head down, looking at the floor, trying to stop the thoughts of being beaten up by her new lover, then remembering my underwear was actually really wet. "I need to change my underwear" "I didn't ask, what you need to do! I asked what you did", her voice had become more authoritative and demanding and she pointed to my crotch this time. "Oh sorry", she was speaking into the phone again, "No, not you", she laughed, "you know who pissed his little panties the moment he heard your voice. I think you mighta' scared him. His mommy told me he had to wear diapers the whole time he was in high school from getting bullied". She laughed out loud, "I swear, I'm gonna be putting him in diapers before next week" I stood in place like a child waiting for punishment. I was frozen in place the feeling of cold wetness from my underwear clinging to my skin, perfectly matching my feeling of fear. "I told you! Go, put, your, diaper, on!", I had no choice, I had to go put a diaper on. When I came back, Sonja was already off the phone and she was back to being nice, "See, that looks more your speed diaper butt". I came back and cuddled up against her and Sonja patted my butt, "Little boys like you need to wear their peepee pants or they have accidents" After maybe an hour passed, a knock at the door and Sonja jumped up, jolting me out of sleep. She pulled the door open and it was him. I was frozen on the couch watching them passionate embrace, seeing his tongue penetrating her soft lips, and flooding my diaper like some horrible dream. When they turned Sonja put her hand over her face as she saw the yellow spreading across my diapers. "Could you tell him, you're not gonna beat him up or he's gonna keep peeing himself every time he sees you" "Oh?", he stepped forward, I flinched and pulled back against the couch, "Cuz I am gonna kick this pants wetting pussy's ass. It'll be just like high school", and laughed. With both of them staring at me, I started to cry, I slid off the couch landing flat on my butt, with a wet smack as my soggy diaper splatted on the floor and the room shook, which didn't help the situation, because getting jarred like that only made me start to really cry, they said i sounded like a little kid noticing they are bleeding, but i dont think it was that bad, i may have mumbled "mommy" and try to keep him back kicking my legs out, but the sight of me sitting on the floor in a visibly wet and yellow diaper, wiping away tears, kicking my legs and sobbing, looked so pitiful, Sonja saved me, "Poor widdle baby fall down? Did you hurt your widdle bum?" While her date was not as kind, "He stinks like piss! Can you get rid of him or something or at least, shut him up. I didn't come over here to babysit this pussy!" Even through my blurred vision, i could make out her man taking another step toward me, towering over my helpless form, but i could still kinda make out what he was saying. Still thinking he might hit me, all I could do was crawl away on my hands and knees with my diaper sagging off my butt, I could feel how heavy the thing was, crawling to my room. I heard Sonja saying, "Oh my gawd!", like she was experiencing vicarious humiliation from me, "ive never seen him like this. I talked to his mother and she said..." "I fucking told you! Look at him!", the excitement in his voice knowing he had won Sonja over to his side completely, "He can't even walk on his feet! How can you see that as a man? Diaper hanging off his ass! What aren't you gonna go change your boyfriend's Pampers," And ad I escaped to my room on all fours, I heard her say, "He's not my boyfriend! We're just roommates!" I had been lying on my floor crying for almost an hour when my door opened, but to my horror it wasn't Sonja. It was my mother, who sighed out loud, "I thought you were finally over this! You had been doing so good the past few years! But Sonja wasn't lying! You're a mess! You didn't poop, did you? I asked you a question!" In the silence that followed my mom's voice, I could hear Sonja and her lover giggling "No", was all I could get out before she pulled me up to my feet, "Lemme check your bum", and squeezed the back of my diaper, "At least you didn't make a mess, but my word are you are soaked, mister! I guess it'll be fine. We don't wanna keep interrupting Sonja's date. I can change your bum when we get home. Now put some pants on or everyone's gonna see you had an accident". Having my mom show up to change my diaper was something I'd never even imagined. It was a moment, i couldn't believe what was happening. I wiped away tears, but never moved to put pants on. "Fine! Then everyone can see you in your diapers. You still look like a ten year old anyway", as my mother dragged me out of my room, I might have been crying a little harder, but not bawling like baby, "Now, say byebye to your little friends", I could only look back at Sonja and her new lover as I was led from the apartment with soggy Huggies drooping off my backside, with my mom speaking to me like a child. My mom sat me in the backseat in just a t-shirt and diaper and this wasn't ideal. But at least only people in trucks or vans could see inside the car. This is a woman who has been changing my diapers most of my life, ever since she had adopted me as a baby. In situations like this, it was best to do whatever she said. Besides, I wasn't in much of a position to be resisting. "I knew you still wet your bed once and awhile, but your diaper is so full it's falling off your butt. You look like you've never been toilet trained!", the whole time she's talking while watching the road. But even though she was older, she was still an attractive woman with large breasts who took good care of herself. When she stopped the car in her driveway, she got me out of the car, seeing me standing barefoot in yellowed soggy diaper, she couldn't help laughing, "We gotta get you changed. Let's get you inside", I was so upset, I didn't care if the neighbors saw. She pulled me in and up the stairs, the way she could pick me up with ease was always surprising, she sat me down with a heavy splat and waved her hand in front of her nose, "You'd be in for such a rash if i hadn't come and got". She pushed me back on to the changing table, and undid my diaper, "You think you're man enough for a woman like Sonja. You're crawling around in Pampers, and she wants to be alone with her new friend, not changing your little weewee", softly pinching my micropenis between her thumb and forefinger and shaking it back and forth. "You're lucky she cares enough about you to call me! What would you have done, if mommy hadn't come to save? Just lie there crying on the floor in leaky diaper? You know how you get, once the damn breaks, you can't control bladder at all! You've always been that way! Thank goodness, Sonja had the sense to call me" I can't lie, still getting saved by your mommy in your twenties didn't make me feel too great about myself, but I was so grateful to be pulled out of that situation, I instinctively reached out to hug her, "Nope, nope, I'll hug you in a second. Lift your bum", peeling my diaper off and rolling it in to a big squishy ball, she hefted it in the palm of her hand, "You really did a number on this thing! I'll never understand how such a tiny weewee can make so much peepee", she tossed my diaper into the trash and it made a wet splat as it landed, "Have you gone number two, today?" I didn't reply, "Do you want me to call Sonja and ask her or can you be a big boy for one second?". She held my hand as she walked me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. She didn't even leave the room, she just stood there with her arms folded while I made number two, stood me up, wiped my bum for me without even asking, flushed the toilet, washed my hands with her hands over mine, "I should give you a bath, but we can do that tomorrow. Let's just make sure we're not gonna have any leaks tonight" and she picked me up and sat me back on the changing table while I reached out trying to hug her, but she pried herself away with ease, "I gotta clean your little weewee and bumbum. Now lie back and lift your legs", the baby wipes were cold making me flinch and then putting a fresh diaper under me with one word, ",Up", she smeared diaper rash ointment all over my butt and privates, then sealing the fresh diaper on to me and ran a finger inside each leg band making sure the leak guards were in place. The moment she sat me up, I locked my arms around her and buried my face in her armpit "Okay, okay mommy's here. You embarrassed yourself and needed mommy to come and save you. You weren't even responsible enough to call me yourself. You need to thank Sonja. She must really care about you. Most girls would have been focused on their new boyfriend and left a big baby sitting in his droopy peepee diapers, but she called me to come save you", her hand came down quick slapping my padded backside before coming to let her hand rest there and chuckled, "Let's get you in bed". This was the first time I'd actually spoke since getting home, "Don't go!" and buried my face harder, "Nooo" "Awwwww", again she chuckled, "Baby doesn't want mommy to leave him alone. You want mommy to sleep with you, honey", she accentuated her words by squeezing my diaper with a hooked hand, pull me against her body."Okay, okay, can you be a big boy and wait here while mommy changes or are do you need to come with mommy?". She peeled me off her body with ease and ordered me to answer her. I just shook my head and clung both my arms around one of her arms. "I guess, that's a no to bring a big boy for mommy" laughing as she spoke. "Okay, come with mommy, little guy". In her room, she laughed, "You have to let go for me to change, honey", and she pulled her arm free. I never let go. I watched her pulling her shirt off over her head, turning her back as her black bra became visible. Then watched as her pants came down exposing black panties that had see-through material on the butt and front, like lingerie, unconsciously my thumb went into my mouth staring at her butt. I watched her hands undo her bra and saw her large breasts go free. Looking down to see if my tiny erection would be visible which is one of the only benefits to wearing a diaper, they will hide little erections, when she pulled a long t-shirt on. As soon as her shirt was on, I wrapped my arms back around her. There was a strong smell on the shirt, a man's smell. Then it hit me. The lingerie, the man's shirt, her quiet frustration with me. She had been with a guy when Sonja called her and told her I'd turned into a giant baby and couldn't stop crying. She'd canceled her plans to change my diapers and I'm sure, just like Sonja, she'd rather be with a man than a big baby with zero bladder control. When she turned my head rested on her breasts and she squeezed me against them, "You're such a cute boy! You not only smell like a baby and dress like one", and gave my bum another swat, and then she noticed, "Are you sucking your thumb? Wow, when you get scared, you really do just turn into a big baby. You can't help yourself! You need me or Sonja for that", for a few seconds her words hung in the air without a sound, "Okay, I'm not even gonna change my underwear, let's get you in bed", she held my hand and I waddled behind her still sucking my thumb, mystified at the masculine smell on her body and still turned on from everything, i kept trying to sneak another peak at her see through panties. She pulled back the covers on my bed, got in first and laid on her back, then patted her leg and said, "Come on, baby. Nitenite time", I climbed on her leg and my face came down on her breast like a pillow still sucking my thumb, as she started stroking my head and cooing words at me, "Poor baby. You musta been really upset to end up back in your peepee pants like this" I was glad to be in a dry diaper, and not getting my ass kicked, but lying here, she wasn't just talking to me like child, she actually saw me as a little kid. I'd spent, at least four years since wearing diapers and now, bring back in diapers, not pull-ups, full on diapers and changed like a baby and the situation was a little humiliating, nevermore what Sonja is gonna say next time I see her. I didn't wanna think about what her boyfriend would say and thoughts of high school came back. "You did the best you could, honey. At least, you didn't mess yourself this time. And don't worry, Sonja isn't gonna think any different of you. She's already seen you in your potty pants. How can she think any less of you?", I don't know how she knew exactly what I was thinking, but having my face against her breasts and my diapered crotch pressing against her smooth legs, "Burton!", her voice was loud snd offended, "Stop! You're not supposed to hump mommy's leg! Babies do that. You're too ol....". Her voice paused, "I guess you're not. You're literally running around in dirty diapers, bawling your eyes out, because a big boy made you do peepees in your Pampies. Is this what you wanted to do with Sonja but you're a widdle baby, so you have to do it with mommy instead? Do you wanna see mommy's tits?" Her question shocked me to the point I froze in place looking up at her, as she slowly pulled her new boyfriend's shirt, "Go on, it's not like you're a man. You're a little baby. You can't even do man things with your widdle bitty weewee. Take you thumb out of your mouth. You shouldn't stick your fingers in your mouth", and my mouth latched around her nipple and I kept pressing my diaper into your bare thigh wearing the plastic covering over my diaper crinkling, she put one hand down on my bum and started patting with encouragement, "But I'm not changing you after you make your little mess. You can just sleep it. Don't look at me like that", she laughed, "I changed your diapers and pull-ups all through school. You think I couldn't tell you were spunking in them? But it's not like a man doing it. Is a man gonna be humping my leg in Pampers?", again she laughed at the comparison, "Like you're not sucking on my tit, you're nursing like a baby does, which you can't get out of diapers, so it really shouldn't be a surprising. Clarissa always said, youd never get out of Huggies and to just keep you in them all the time. And here you are at twenty-five, needing mommy to pick you up your friends house after you scared and had a major peepee accident all over yourself" I hadn't really known this was my mother's and sisters true thoughts about me. But they did always baby talk me or treat me like a little kid. And having your little sister order you to go brush your teeth and get your diapers out for bed, didn't inspire confidence in me, but a person can get use to anything. And even though I was adopted, I still my mommy's nipple in my mouth, unconsciously humping her leg while I kept picturing Sonja's little blue panties as she came down on her dates cock faster and harder, moaning and almost if on que, my mommy moaned from me sucking on her nipple and squeezing her breast with both hands everytime I sucked, making my little thing start to spurt and me start to grind against her leg. She laughed and said in a sing songy tune, "I think someone made a mess" and patted my diapered butt. The nursing was hypnotic though and I never stopped, even once I stopped humping her leg. In another two minutes I was starting to fall in sleep, as my nursing became weaker and both her hands held my head and the last thing I remembered was her making the, "Shhhh", noise, until I woke up the next morning alone under the covers, feeling my diaper heavy with pee and knowing I'd done it again and would have to go see Sonja today with her knowing I'm a wimp who still pees his pants if he when he gets scared. A girl finding out I'm still wetting my bed is nothing compared to seeing her face when she realizes I lost control over my bladder because her ex showed up. I guess that's just life when you are a loser still stuck in diaper
  5. Mikey stood at the threshold of the master bedroom‘s bathroom, aware his wife was just inside, putting her makeup on and getting ready for her date with her boyfriend. As he stood there uncertainly in his diapers, sissy top, and Mary Janes, he was trying to marshal his best arguments, hoping against hope to persuade her to unlock his chastity device and allow him to have an orgasm. Stepping slowly into the bathroom, his eyes roamed over his wife’s curvy form, marveling at her long, sexy legs and pert bottom in the form-fitting short skirt she was wearing. She hadn’t put her top on yet and Mikey stared hungrily at her big breasts, barely contained in her silky black push-up bra. Of course, Kendra would never allow Mikey a look at her nipples anymore, so this was as undressed as he would ever see her. Horny beyond words, his tiny penis throbbed madly inside its even tinier steel chastity device, completely unable to get hard. Without thinking, his hand reached down to rub the fat front of his shiny diapers, although it was an entirely futile gesture. “M-Mommy?” he began in a quivering voice. Kendra was applying a wine colored lipstick to her full, luscious lips and she continued what she was doing without turning around. “Yes, sissy?” “Um, ah...is there any way you might, um, consider...you know, unlocking my chastity device tonight?” he asked meekly, “I really need to cum.” His sexy wife chuckled to herself as she turned to face him. “Aww, is Mommy’s little masturbator horny?” she asked in her syrupy voice meant for toddlers. Mikey blushed but nodded his head, hoping his act of humility would somehow convince her to be generous with him. “But you got to cum in your prissy diapers just a week ago, remember honey?” Mikey did indeed remember the event, as the humiliation of it still caused him to blush hotly with shame. The day had finally arrived after having waited two agonizingly long months for his one cherished orgasm. But instead of unlocking his little penis and letting him pleasure himself in his nursery to an eye crossing climax, Kendra had instead marched him out to the living room, where four of her girlfriends were waiting. After pulling his wet diapers down, she unlocked his steel device and slowly pulled the cage off, revealing to his curious onlookers the flexible urethra insert that went inside him by about two and a half inches. Mikey sighed with relief as she pulled it away and then removed the cuff ring behind his diminutive package. He thought she’d pull his diapers back up but instead, she paraded him before each of her guests, just to let them see how truly tiny he was. Although he had already been ridiculously small when Kendra had met him, after six months of her penis reduction therapy, his little nub had been shortened down to one inch, even when fully erect. As a consequence, even when he wasn’t aroused, just the tip of his penis head protruded from his groin, like a tiny mushroom cap. The girls had laughed and giggled at his baby-sized wiener, which made him look practically sexless, causing the poor sissy to nearly cry with shame. Finally, she pulled his clammy wet diapers back up and sat him down in front of everyone, telling him to do his dirty deed now or never. Faced with the prospect of another two months without relief, Mikey began rubbing the front of his soft, fluffy diapers as the women laughed and mocked him with their jeering comments. As he frantically rubbed himself like a desperate, horny teenager, he tried without success to shut out their biting remarks about how absolutely pathetic he was. Finally, after a minute of furious rubbing, he sighed and his shoulders slumped as he dribbled his little load into his wet diapers. It was so anticlimactic that the girls weren’t sure he had actually cum. “All done, sweetie?” Kendra asked, bending over her humiliated charge. His cheeks scarlet with shame, he nodded shamefully and let her stand him up so she could pull his diapers back down. Having carefully washed his urethra insert, she pulled his little genitals through the cuff ring and then aligned the tip of the insert with his pee hole. “Here you go honey, two more months of sweet chastity for my little sissy masturbator,” she said as she slowly guided the insert inside and carefully mated the steel cage with the cuff ring behind his sack. Mikey bit his lip in angst as he watched his beautiful wife lock the device with a smug grin, knowing that after his humiliation had finally faded, his libido would eventually return but there would be absolutely nothing he could do about it. “Yes Mommy, but I’m horny again,” Mikey whined, stamping his feet in frustration as his barely clad wife stood smiling before him. With her finely manicured hands resting on her curvy hips, the light shone off the succulent tops of the twin mounds of her magnificent bosom, making Mikey’s mouth water. “Aww, you poor little sissy,” she replied with puckered lips, although her tone suggested she was anything but sympathetic, “But don’t worry, you only have seven more weeks and you’ll get to cum again.” Her smile did nothing to assuage his need and he shifted his Mary Jane-clad feet, trying to think of his next line of appeal. Seeing that he wasn’t ready to concede, Kendra reached forward and taking his cock-shaped pacifier, worked it between his trembling lips until the fat, phallic rubber completely filled his mouth, silencing any further comments. “Now sissy—Ariel called and said she can’t make it tonight so instead, Nana will be babysitting you,” his wife explained as she turned back to the mirror to brush her lustrous long hair. “N-Nana?” Mikey quaked as his pacifier tumbled out of his mouth. He gulped in fear as a strong flow of warm pee abruptly began flooding his big, bulging diapers. Unfortunately, by now, he had lost all control over his bladder and he often wet himself without even thinking about it. “Yes sissy,” she said as she pushed his pacifier back into his mouth, “So I would suggest you be on your best behavior. She told me she bought a new lexan paddle and she’s anxious to try it out on your bare bottom,” Kendra explained with a twinkle in her eye. Another strong flow of panic-induced pee saturated the thick cloth between Mikey’s inner thighs, before seeping back into the fat seat of his diapers as he considered the possibility of another blistering hard spanking over his stern mother-in-law’s lap. Gone, now, was any thought of an orgasm. Now, his priority was laser-focused on avoiding getting his bottom paddled by his strict Nana. Just then, they heard her voice coming down the hall, apparently having let herself into the house. “Hi Kendra,” she sang out cheerfully as she flowed gracefully into the bedroom. In her hands was a delicate baby dress, although clearly, it looked large enough to fit a small adult. “Hello sissykins!” she greeted her pantywaist son-in-law. Mikey never knew exactly what to expect from his unpredictable Nana; sometimes she made no attempt to hide her resentment and disdain for him, while other times, she seemed to be in a good mood, happy just to subject him to some new, creative humiliation. Without a doubt, she held absolutely no respect for the bedwetting sissy and she was only too happy to make her feelings known whenever she happened to come over. Coming over to him, she threw her arms around him, hugging him close to her big, cushiony bosom. Reflexively, her hands dropped down to squeeze the fat but now warmed seat of his padded bottom. “Looks like Mommy’s little baby wet his pampers,” she announced in her maternal tone. Mikey blushed as his childish wetting was revealed openly. Of course, the imposing rubber cock filling his mouth prevented any sort of coherent response. “I’ll change your diapers and then look what I brought over for you to wear tonight,” she said excitedly as she held up the dress for them to see. It was multilayered, with several frilly white lace petticoats that flared the short hem of the dress out at an angle. It had short, puffy sleeves, and a Peter Pan bodice over the white and pink accented dress. Lemon yellow building blocks were prominently sewn onto the chest, giving it a decidedly babyish look. Mikey sucked and slurped on his cock pacifier in frustration; while his wife had chosen ever more sissyish outfits for him to wear, Nana preferred much more infantile ones to go with his omni-present diapers which he was forbidden to cover. Kendra was pulling a stretchy top over her head and as the thin fabric slid over her huge breasts, Mikey gulped and held his breath, his horny feelings returning with a vengeance. As if reading his mind, she addressed Nana; “Mom, can you give Mikey a nice, soapy enema this evening and an early bedtime?” “Done and done,” she said with finality, “Looks like you’ll be taking a trip over my lap, bedwetter boy,” she said with a firm, superior look. Mikey wilted as he reflected on the huge rubber dildo nozzle that was used to administer his daily enemas and his ill-considered appeal to his wife for relief from his strict chastity schedule. “Come along babykins,” she said condescendingly, slapping his diapered bottom dismissively, “Let your mommy finish getting ready for her date with a real man while we change your wet pampers.” Taking him by the hand as she would a child, she led him waddling down the hallway and into his still relatively new nursery where his crib, playpen, and diaper changing area awaited him. “Okay sissy, let’s get you into some nice fresh diapers—I’m anxious to see how your new dress fits,” she told him eagerly. Tugging down his clinging plastic panties, the soggy, pungent cotton of his diapers sagged heavily, surrounding them with the humiliating smell of his incontinence. “You really are just a big baby, aren’t you?” she asked rhetorically. Mikey whimpered with shame. It was still fairly recent that he had lost control over his wetting during the daytime, a shameful development that his mother-in-law never failed to point out. Removing the pins from either side of his hips, Nana dropped the smelly wet diapers into his bin and sat him down on the changing table. “Your mommy is going out on a date with her boyfriend tonight,” she told him as she busied herself preparing a fresh set of diapers for her sissy son-in-law, “He’s a real man with a real cock—not a little bump like you have,” she said disparagingly, “I knew you’d never be able to satisfy Kendra and I am so, so happy she decided to lock your little sissy stick in steel chastity. Sissies don’t need orgasms like real men do.” Mikey slurped on the fat rubber cock in his mouth, unable to contradict his Nana without risking a spanking. Raising his glossy pink Mary Janes over his head, Nana smeared diaper rash cream across his bottom, giving it a nice, sticky white coating. “No, this evening, while you’re asleep and peeing your diapers like the sissy bedwetter that you are, Kendra will be getting satisfied by a hunky stud, one who I’m sure will be pumping her full of his thick, manly semen. Just think—imagine if her gets her pregnant? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” she asked breathlessly. Unfortunately, Mikey could imagine it all too clearly and he cringed at the thought. He reflected on the contrast she was painting; Kendra’s masculine boyfriend would be coming over before long while all he could look forward to, was a long, humiliating enema over Nana’s lap and an early bedtime like any diapered toddler. Perhaps worst, was the knowledge that while everyone else was up and having a good time, he’d be alone in his crib with only his teddy bear and pacifier to keep him company. Just like every night. Powdering him generously with fragrant baby powder, Nana pulled up the fluffy thick cotton cloth, pinning it tightly and securely on either side of his waist. “There, that should protect Mommy’s little baby in his crib,” she said as she sorted through the stacks of plastic panties, trying to find the best match for the dress she had brought over. After a moment, she selected a white pair with a pretty pattern of pink bunnies. Fitting them over his Mary Janes, she pulled them up his smooth legs and thighs, working them over the fat, bulky Birdseye cotton of his diapers." I think you can wear some frilly pink satin panties to go with that dress so you will look even more girly and sissy".She opened a drawer and selected a pair of pale pink satin panties with lots of pale pink lace on the front and rear,she slid those panties up his skinny legs and over the top of his plastic pants and diaper. “You know, if someone had told me a year ago I would be pinning my daughter’s hubbie into his nighttime diapers so Kendra could go out on a date, I would have said they were insane. But then, I didn’t know she had married a sissy bedwetter and it’s clear you belong in diapers like a little baby.” Mikey’s face flushed hotly at her humiliating words and he sucked miserably on his pacifier as she powered between his inner thighs. “Okay sissykins, sit up so we can try out your new dress,” she commanded him. Doing as he was told, Nana pulled off his fuzzy fleece Strawberry Shortcake diaper shirt and lowered the frilly confection she had brought over. Turning him around, she did up the long row of small buttons that secured the dress up the back and also prevented its removal by the diapered pantywaist. Standing him up, she pulled the hem out and adjusted the petticoats and his frilly little girl satin knickers a smile coming to her face. “What a perfect fit!” she gushed happily, “And look at how your pretty frilly panties are still easily visible.” Mikey gazed at his prissy reflection in the wall mirror opposite, his cheeks blazing red at his humiliating appearance. “Let’s go out and show Mommy before she leaves,” Nana said as she took his hand and led him out of the nursery. They soon heard Kendra’s voice, and then the deeper sound of that of a man coming from the living room. Mikey winced in fear and tried to wrench his hand from Nana’s but she held on tightly and firmly led him in to face the humiliation he knew was coming. As soon as Mikey came into view of Kendra’s boyfriend, the man burst out laughing, almost doubling over as he took in the sissy in his babyish dress and fat, prissy diapers under those frills. “Oh-my-god, I can sure see why your wife locked up your penis,” he said as soon as he could talk again. If Mikey hadn’t wet himself just a half hour before, he would have flooded his diapers now in anxious panic. Nevertheless, his breathing became erratic and rapid as he sucked feverishly on his cock pacifier, his eyes darting nervously around the room. “What a lovely dress!” Kendra exclaimed, “Mikey, did you thank her for her wonderful gift I love how they match your frilly baby panties" Mikey stood there, looking absolutely ridiculous as Nana squeezed the thickly padded seat of his diapers, making him squeal in surprise. Everyone laughed when they saw the distressed look on his red face. “Get over here sissy boy,” the man ordered him in his gruff voice. Comparing the two side by side, their differences couldn’t be any more pronounced. Kendra’s boyfriend stood over six feet, with broad shoulders, and a chest like a barrel. Mikey, by comparison, was a good foot shorter, slight of frame and looking more like a scared little girl, than an adult man. With his smooth, shaved legs, fat, shiny diapers and his prissy new baby dress, he looked like a toddler in need of his mommy. Waddling uncertainly over to the man, he looked fearfully up into his strong face with its solid jaw and his imposing stature. Roughly turning Mikey around, he ordered him to raise the back of his dress. Fearing a hard spanking in front of these two, Mikey meekly did as he was told. Standing there as the other two watched him, he heard the man unzip his fly and his panic level only increased. Suddenly, he felt the elastic waistband of his frilly panties and plastic panties and the back of his diaper being pulled back. Before he could make sense of what was happening, he felt a hot stream of pee splashing forcefully on the crack of his ass as Kendra’s boyfriend began using his diaper as a urinal. Mikey whimpered with shame, bunching his fists and slurping noisily on his cock pacifier in bitter, humiliated frustration. The women giggled at him and Mikey’s eyes misted with tears of embarrassment. He knew he should have stood up for himself and put a stop to this but he was too spineless to do anything. He felt like he was being marked like the branding of a steer and yet, he stood there and did nothing, blushing furiously as the hot pee pooled up between the glistening white globes of his bottom, before finally soaking into the seat of his diapers and between his legs. In no time, the warm pee seeped up to surround his tiny caged genitals. Kendra had the wherewithal to take out her cell phone and snap several shots of the spectacle while Mikey squirmed in helpless, sissy submission. At long last, and after what seemed like an eternity to Mikey, the man finished his business and he slapped the sissy’s soaking wet bottom with a condescending swat. Mikey squealed, his mouth still filled with fat rubber cock as his diapers sagged heavily with warm pee. “Okay baby, time to say goodbye to Mommy and then it’s enema time for you,” Nana told him. Mikey whimpered as Nana pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and turned him to face the other two. “Nite-nite, sissy,” Kendra giggled merrily. “N-night, Mommy,” Mikey mumbled under his breath. Nana swatted his diapered bottom again. “You can do better than that. And make sure you thank her boyfriend for satisfying her like you never could. Better make it good, or you’ll be getting your bottom paddled after they leave,” she warned ominously. As if getting his diapers peed in wasn’t punishment enough, she had to threaten him with a spanking too! Mikey gulped and cleared his throat. “Th-thank you, Sir. F-for satisfying Kendra like I never could. I have a tiny little penis that can’t stay hard or satisfy a woman and so Mommy quite rightly locked it up permanently. Mommy says that s-sissies like me that wet the bed need diapers, not orgasms, and I know deep down, sh-she’s right.” The shameful statement made him blush anew and Kendra giggled at his submissive admission. “Enjoy your soapy enema and your wet diapers tonight, sweetie—I’ll be enjoying a real man and his nice, hard cock inside me,” she said with a mischievous, but ravishing smile. Pushing his cock pacifier back into his mouth, Nana led him waddling out of the room as the amused couple said their goodbyes and left the house. THE END
  6. It was a cold, grey, February, Sunday afternoon.Lesley, my wife pulled slowly into the car park and stopped the car a short walk from the ice-cream kiosk. The ice-cream kiosk was always open on Sundays, no matter what the weather or the time of year, it would be in this sea-front car park, available for ice-creams, ice lollies and other confectionary. Inside I could see the ice-cream vendor, a young female of around 18 years of age, probably a student at the local college earning extra money to supplement her grant, she was reading a book to occupy her time, there would be few customers for her to serve on days like these. There were just three other cars in the large car park, the cars were empty, their occupants probably taking a very brisk walk along the cold, windy sea front. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Lesley said. My heart was thumping, my mouth dry. "Please Lesley, don't make me go for an ice-cream" I begged. Lesley looked at me through the drivers mirror, I was sat in the rear seat. "Button up your coat and get going" she ordered. I fastened the soft pink buttons of the very childish styled coat that I was wearing. It was pale pink, made from brushed cotton, smocked and quite short, the kind of coat a six year old little girl would love to wear on a Sunday outing with her mother. As I nervously fastened my childish coat, I could see my bare, hairless legs, my frilly anklet socks and my childish pink patent Mary Jane shoes. The pale mauve party frock with the masses of white petticoating that I was wearing did not want to be hidden away under the pretty pink coat. Try as I might I could not hide the fact that I was wearing a little girls dress. I looked once more at Lesley's grinning face in the mirror, she turned it slightly so that I could see just how ridiculous I looked. My hair was done in a typical little girl style parted down the centre with two wide mauve ribbon bows holding it in bunches. My face was a picture of abject misery because I knew Lesley would not relent in sending me out for an ice-cream. "Please Lesley, don't make me go" I begged one more time, hoping for a reprieve. "If you do not get out of the car this very instant, I promise you, you will be turning up for work tomorrow in that pretty outfit" she stated flatly. I shivered in fear for I knew to my cost that whenever Lesley made a promise, she never went back on her word. "Have you got your money?" she asked, readjusting the rear view mirror so that I could see her smiling face. I opened my hand to reveal the money in my sweating palm, fourty-five new pence, all in one pence pieces. "Now go and get your ice-cream like a good little girl" she sneered. The cold winter breeze rushed into the car as I opened my door, the wind blowing up my skirts, chilling my privates which were encased in a very frilly pair of flimsy little girl style drawers. "Close the door" Lesley snapped. Having gingerly stepped out of the car,I pushed the door shut, Lesley operated the central locking which locked the car with an ominous thud. I was trapped outside. The winter cold enveloped me and a shiver ran through my body, although I could still feel my face burning with embaressment. I walked slowly towards the big white van. The wind blew open my coat, exposing my pretty dress and masses of petticoats which were so short I had to hold my dress down to prevent my frilly drawers from being exposed. The ice-cream girl was still reading her book as I approached, she looked up as she heared my shoes on the concrete car park surface. Lesley had fitted them with metal taps so I could easily be heared as I walked. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head as she stared at me in shock, then amusement. I stood at the van window, forced to look up to her like a small child because the kiosk floor was higher than the ground I was standing on. She slid open the window, grinning now and shaking her head in disbelief. "Yes?" she asked bursting into laughter. I could hardly speak "Could I have an ice cream please" I croaked. "Any special flavour?" she managed to say in her fit of laughter. I shook my head. "Large or small?" she giggled. "Small please" I almost whispered my humiliation robbing me of the aility to talk. She could hardly get the ice-cream onto the cone, she was shaking so much with laughter. She handed down the cornet, I really did feel like a small child reaching up to take the cornet from an adult. I placed the money on the counter, the pennies noisily hitting the hard surface. "Have you raided your piggy bank?" she burst into hysterics again, I felt my face blush even redder, I waited, shivering with humiliation, as she counted the money into her till. "It's all there" she laughed still shaking her head. I turned quickly to get back to the car as soon as I could, but stopped in horror. The car had gone. Panic surged through me as I scoured the car park for Lesley. Except for the three empty cars that were here when we arrived, the car park was empty, I felt tears well up in my eyes, Lesley had left me. I turned around, my hands to my mouth in fear, I had dropped my ice-cream, my skirts blowling up in the wind, my dress, petticoats and my very frilly little girl drawers totally exposed to the ice-cream girl. "What's the matter?" she asked in concern seeing the look on my face. "She's gone" I cried " my wife she's left me" I must have looked like a frightened little girl, standing before her in a pretty frock, wailing about being left alone. A warm sensation enveloped my groin, then I shivered as the cold wind found the urine running down my legs as I stood there and wet my knickers. A large pool was soon around my buckled shoes, the girl clearly seeing it develop from her position looking down at me. "You've wet yourself" she burst out laughing again, pointing to the pool that was forming around my pink Mary Jane shoes. I burst into tears, real tears of humiliation, shame and fear. The girl threw her head back and laughed at me as I stood there crying like a child, looking for the world like an upset little girl in ribbons and frillies, surrounded by a puddle because I had just wet myself. "You'll just have to walk all the way home in your pretty clothes" she laughed "unless you want me to ring the lost childrens centre," she held up her mobile phone. I shook my shamed head, feeling my ribbons brush my face, turned and walked off. "Do you want another ice-cream little girl?" she shouted after me as I walked from the car park. I ignored her. It was five miles to our house from here. I walked as fast as I could, luckily the streets were deserted on cold Sunday afternoons like this. A few cars passed and honked their horns but I just looked straight ahead and ignored their cat calls of "Fairy, Sissy Boy and Pansy". I felt even colder now that my legs, socks and frilly drawers were soaking wet. My short frock offered no protection to the biting wind as it blew under my skirts and around my wet privates. No matter how much I tried, I could not stop the wind from billowing out my petticoats, lifting them high in the air, if I held my dress down at the sides my skirts blew up at the front and back, the opposite happened if I held them there. Oh how I hated wearing little girl dresses with their short skirts and masses of petticoats. It was almost dark as I stood at the house door, ringing the bell, Lesley allowed me in, a triumphant grin on her face. Later after I had prepared and served the evening meal, still in my humiliating clothes, I was told to get upstairs. "You have been a very naughty little girl" she stated, following me into the bedroom carrying a hard backed hairbrush, "dropping your ice-cream on the floor after saving up all those pennies" "I'm very sorry Lesley" I apologised like a penitent child, already nearly crying because I knew what the hairbrush was for. She motioned me to remove my knickers and lay across her lap now she was sat on a chair. WHAK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK She laid into my bare bottom. It didn't take much to make me cry these days and soon the room was full of the sounds of the brush landing on my bare bottom and me crying. Eventually she pushed me to the floor, where I lay on my back a blubbering wreck. "Because you have been such a naughty little girl, I have decided to punish you further. For wetting yourself like a baby" she sneered "I'm going to put you into a babies nappy." She took a large white towelling nappy, pink headed nappy pins and plastic lined frilly rhumba pants from the chest of drawers and knelt down beside me. I was still sobbing deeply as she pinned the nappy together around my loins, drawing the frilly baby pants up my legs and settling them over the nappy. "There, baby is all pinned up in his nappy" she mocked "and baby can wear his nappies all week" She laughed at the look on my face "Yes, even at work tomorrow." "But how will I be able to get my trousers on" I sobbed. The nappies she had used were extra large, extra thick terry towelling and very bulky. She shrugged her shoulders. "That is not my problem" she laughed "all I know is, the nappies and the frillies stay on, if your stupid pants don't fit, you'll go to work with your shirt tucked in your baby knickers" she paused for effect " and that is a promise" I burst into further tears, those hated words "I promise" condeming me to a very humiliating day at work. She produced a big pink dummy and pushed it in my mouth, "Its your own fault for wetting yourself" she sneered"now get up and let me get you ready for bed." My party frock, petticoats, socks and shoes were removed. A very frilly short babydoll nightie and pink bootees were put in their place. "As you are now dressed like a baby in your nappy and pretty baby clothes, I might as well treat you like one" she announced "crawl through to the spare bedroom I have a surprise for my litttle baby girl" She laughed at my frilly nappied behind bulging from underneath my nightie as I crawled. The spare bedroom had been re-decorated, she had turned it into a pastel pink nursery, dominating the centre of the room stood a large pink wooden barred cot. "You will not be sleeping in my bed any more." she stated " babies sleep in cots, so you will be put to bed in your cot every night from now on." "Not every night surely" I protested. "Every night" she laughed "and that is a promise" She lowered the cot side "And as babies go to bed very early, you will be put in your cot at five-thirty every night from now on." she said, motioning me to get into the baby bed. "But Lesley what about my squash league" I whined pathetically as I climbed into the cot. "Babies do not play squash" she scoffed. "But Lesley......no......I......" I began to protest again, she cut my complaints off. "Do you want me to ring Bill up and tell him the reason that you cannot play squash any more?" she asked, "should I tell him you will be safely tucked in your cot all dressed up in baby clothes and pinned into a nappy?." I shook my head. Bill was the captain of the squash club. "One more compaint from you and I will be straight on the phone" she said, starting to pull the blankets over me. "Lesley please...no.....I have to........" I started to say and immediately regreted opening my mouth. "Well!!!" she snapped exasperated. She left the covers, pulled up the side of the cot then stormed out of the room. I felt completely helpless, surrounded by pink bars wondering what my wife was going to do now. She returned to the bedroom holding her mobile telephone. "Please Lesley" I cried in horror "I'm sorry I will not complain again." "Too late" she said pushing the buttons on the key pad. I could hear the ringing tone as Lesley held the phone to her ear. "Please Bill be out" I prayed to myself. The ringing tone stopped and a male voice answered the call, it was Bill. "Hello Bill this is Lesley, yes, Davids wife" Lesley spoke into the mouth peice walking over to the cot and leaning against the bars. "I'm afraid David will not be able to come to play squash any more". I heared Bill ask why, was I all right, he was concerned that I wasn't ill or injured. "No, Bill, he is not injured or ill, you see Bill, the reason David will not be playing squash any more is because he will be sound asleep in his cot" she looked down at me, I heared Bill repeat her words incredulously. "That's right Bill, a babies cot, and just like the baby he is he will also be wearing a nappy" she told him. I heared Bill laugh. "Your joking" he said. "No Bill I am not joking, David is in his cot as we speak, he is wearing a nappy, a very frilly pair of baby pants and a babies nightie. I am looking at him now, he does look sweet" she laughed. "Yes Bill, you can speak to him, he is crying at the minute, I have had to give him a very severe spanking, so you'll have to excuse his sobbing" Grinning she handed me the phone. "Bill, its me Dave" I croaked. "Dave, what is Lesley talking about, is she going mad?" he asked. "No Bill she isn't going mad. I'm sorry but I will not be playing squash any more" I was sobbing as I spoke. "What's going on Dave, you sound like your crying. Lesley said something about giving you a spanking and you being in a babies cot and wearing a nappy, tell me it isn't true Dave" he said. I could not answer him and burst into tears again. "It is true isn't it" he guffawed "you're in a cot and you're wearing a nappy and crying like a great big baby". I couldn't talk any more, Lesley took the phone from my trembling hand, she waited for Bill to stop laughing. "Yes Bill he is a great big whimp" she laughed along with him. "What you need is a real man" I heared Bill say. "Perhaps you could show me what a real man is like" she said suggestively. "Just give me half a chance, the pleasure will be all mine" he responded. "And mine too, I hope" she giggled like a school girl. " How about dinner tomorrow night?" suggested Lesley, "I could put something very sexy on, cook us both a meal, open a few bottles of David's best wine, then you could show me just what a real man can do" she said huskily. Bill was a well known womaniser, he kept all the guys at the squash club entertained with stories of his conquests, relating in graphic detail how he laid each particular female. I knew Bill only needed the slightest opening and he would be into her panties, and Lesley was making it all to easy for him. "I'd love to come, but what about Dave?" he asked. Lesley looked down at me and sneered. "Don't worry about him, Bill, he'll be tucked up in his cot by five-thirty, safe and sound in his nappies and baby clothes." Bill laughed "Can I see him? I can't wait to tell the rest of the guys." "Of course you can" She giggled, "I'll put him in a pretty baby dress too, if you like." "Promise?" Bill asked. "Oh, I promise" she replied looking directly into my eyes, and another gush of tears ran down my cheeks. "I can't wait, I will see you tomorrow night then, what time?" Bill's voice was full of enthusiasm. "Around seven will be fine" Lesley said. "Seven it is then, and Lesley don't forget to wear something really sexy" he said. "I won't, its a long time since I had a real man in this house" she giggled. "Good-bye Bill, see you tomorrow, say good-bye to Uncle Bill, baby" She held the telephone to my mouth. "Bye Bill" I whimpered. "I'll see you tomorrow in your pretty dress" he guffawed. Lesley switched the mobile phone off. "You are going to have to learn that when I promise that I am going to do something, I mean it" she stated showing no sign of sympathy for me as I lay there snivelling in my cot. She lowered the cot side, took a handkerchief and allowed me to blow my runny nose. She pulled up the duvet, and pushed a big rag doll under the covers next to me. "Now you go bye-byes" she cooeed in mock tones as if speaking to a real baby. She pushed the large dummy back into my quivering lips. "I want you to consider how much being a naughty little girl has cost you today David" she said pulling up the cot side and clicking it into place. "You ARE going to work tomorrow wearing a nappy and frilly baby pants, if your trousers don't fit, you'll go to work with nothing to cover them and every one will see that you are wearing nappies. In the evening one of your best freinds will be coming round here, he will definitely see you in your cot wearing nappies and a very pretty baby frock." she smiled "and if everything you've told me about him is true, I'll probably end up in bed with him" She paused "Just think David, Bill will be screwing me rotten in the room next door while your in here, in a cot wearing a pretty frilly baby dress, a nappy and sucking a dummy". She threw her head back as she laughed loudly. "And" she said once she recovered "because you dropped your ice-cream today, just as soon as you've saved enough pennies, you will be going back for another one." She made a quick calculation in her head "That should be in the middle of summer" she giggled "so you will not have your coat on to hide your pretty dress, and there should be lots of people about to see you. And that is a promise, baby" she laughed. Her laughing voice faded down the stairs as she left me in darkness in the nursery. I cried myself to sleep contemplating an extremely humiliating twenty-four hours. I could see Bill in my mind, telling all my friends about me, and I tried to imagine his reaction when he saw me in the cot tomorrow night. Paroxysms of shame cursed through my body, I just hugged my dolly and sucked furtively on my dummy for comfort, and fell into a very troubled sleep. February mornings are dark, and because there was no clock in the nursery I had no idea of the time. I had had a very restless nights sleep, strange dreams of people laughing at me and little babies crawling around with my head on their tiny shoulders had caused me to wake several times. Each time I turned I could feel the hard wooden bars of the cot, reminding me I was sleeping in an infants bed. I was wide awake now, absolutely bursting to go to the toilet. I was unsure of what was expected of me, should I get up and prepare breakfast as normal, or should I wait in the cot for Lesley to get me out like a child. My sides ached, I needed to pee so badly. I decided to get up, make Lesley a really nice breakfast, I really needed to get into her good books. I had just knelt up in the cot, feeling for the catches that held the cot side up, when the door swung open and Lesley turned on the light. I blinked as the bright light hurt my eyes, Lesley was all ready dressed. "Diddums babykins have a woverly sweepy time then" she cooeed in syrupy tones. I nodded sullenly. She lowered the cot side. "Bweakfast time pwecious" she giggled. "Lesley, I need to use the bathroom" I said crawling onto the floor. She ignored me. "Is babykins going to be a good little baby girl for mummy today" she said sternly. I nodded, I did not want to incur her wrath so early in the morning. "Baby crawl down stairs for his breakfast then" she snapped. Reluctantly I made my way downstairs, finding it a little frightening taking the stairs in this infantile way. She ushered me into the kitchen and watched my face as I spotted the large pink highchair that she had put in the centre of the room. "Up you get baby" she laughed patting my frilly padded bottom. "Lesley where on earth did you get this?" I gasped climbing into the wooden seat as she held the plastic tray out of the way. "Bernard made it for me" she told me, lowering the tray down and fixing it in place in front of me. Bernard was the local handyman, he did jobs for all the neighbours, such as decorating, gardening or fixing things. "Didn't he ask what it was for?" I asked incredulously. Bernard was a good worker, but he was a "busy-body" he knew every ones buisness and made sure he related his gossip to any one that would listen. "Yes, of course" she giggled, "I told him it was for you". I groaned in despair. "Put your feet in here" she ordered There was a peice of wood just above my ankles, it had two semi-circles cut into it where Lesley positioned my legs. Another piece of wood, exactly the same was hinged onto the first at one end, Lesley brought the two pieces together, like a set of old fashioned stocks they trapped my legs in place. Lesley slipped a small padlock through a hasp that had been screwed into the edge of the ankle stocks, and clicked it shut. She smiled that evil smile when she had me just where she wanted me, I shuddered in fear. "Put your arm down here" she giggled pointing to a steel hand-cuff that was fixed to the side, open ready to accept my wrist. The steel was cold as she pushed it into place around my arm, another hand-cuff at the other side rendered me completely helpless. "There now babykins is all ready for his bweky-weky" she laughed . "Lesley, please, I really need to go to the bathroom" I whined completely trapped in the high chair. "What are you wearing on your bottom, David?" she asked. "A nappy" I admitted blushing. "Tell me, David, why do babies wear nappies?" she spoke with the tone of a school teacher talking to an errant child. "Because they cannot control their bladders" I said weakly "but I can" I added quickly. "You cannot, you wet your pretty knickers yesterday" she scoffed. "But.....I....." I started to say. "But nothing" she snapped " babies wear nappies so they don't get their pretty clothes wet when they do their wee wee's, you will use your nappy just like a little baby. And it will stay on until I decide to change it, your pretty plastic baby pants will make sure it doesn't leak onto your clothes" I could hold myself no longer, as she prepared a large bowl of rusks in milk, I relieved my self into the nappy. Lesley laughed at my blushing face, she knew I had wet myself. "Has babykins done his wee wee then" she mocked. I nodded dumbly. Lesley tied a big bib around my neck, then talking to me all the time like a baby, spoon fed me a bowl of sweet, mushy baby food. A large babies bottle full of sickly sweet baby milk followed, I wretched at the taste as I sucked on the latex teat of the bottle, but Lesley made sure I drank the whole bottle. She wiped my face clean with the bib, admonishing me for being a messy baby, then released me from the highchair. "Time to get ready for work, David" she announced, ushering me back up stairs. She informed me that when I was in nappies I could only crawl about the house, I would be allowed to walk only when I had my proper clothes on, or my little girl outfit. She also informed me that she did not intend to change me until I came home from work, she said she wanted me to get used to the feel of wearing a wet nappy telling me she wanted me to develop a really nice nappy rash. "I wonder what the young girls will say when I take you to the chemists to get some nappy rash cream David" she sniggered, "they are bound to ask how bad your nappy rash is, I will just have to pull back your frilly baby pants and nappy to show them" My normal clothes were given to me on a hanger and she left me to get dressed, telling me to fold my baby nightie up like a good little girl. I put on my white shirt and tie, grey socks and then attempted to get my trousers on, it was impossible, the pants would not fasten together due to the bulk of the nappy, I even broke the zip trying desperately to hide my nappied condition. I was close to tears when she walked in. "They won't fit" I said almost in a whisper. "Take them off" she ordered "now get your shoes on". I was still sniveling as she handed me my breifcase. "You cannot go out like that David, you look a ridiculous" she said shaking her head. "Oh thank-you, Lesley" I gasped with relief thinking that she had relented on her intention to send me to work looking like this. "Your shirt needs tucking into your knickers" she laughed "there that is better" I almost fainted with shame as she led me to a mirror once she had adjusted my shirt. I looked absolutely ridiculous in my shirt, tie, socks, heavy shoes and my frilly nappied behind. "Off you go, David, and have a good day at the office" she laughed marching me to the front door. "Please Lesley" I bawled, tears streaming down my face "don't make me go like this" The front door was open now and I felt the cold winter wind on my bare legs. "Bye bye David" she laughed shoving me in the back so I was clear of the door step, then the door slammed shut, I heared it being locked behind me. I stood there trembling with fear rooted to the spot. Lesley opened the door "I suppose I could ring work and tell them your ill" she suggested. I felt elated at her show of kindness. I dropped to my knees "Thank-you, thank-you" I sobbed. "There will be a price to pay though" she sneered looking down at me sniveling at her feet. "Anything" I cried, desperate to be allowed back into the house before anyone saw me. "You had better mean that David, this is the only time I will break my word, and that is a promise" she sneered "I do Lesley, I will do anything you say" I croaked Once inside she took me back to the nursery and stripped me of my office clothes. "You will be off work all week" she told me, "your due some holidays anyway. During this week you will act exactly like a baby, do you understand" I nodded. "You will not utter one single word that I can understand from now on, you are only allowed to say goo goo or ga ga or any other baby sound you can think of, but no words, now let me hear you try, and remember you are a baby girl" "Goo goo goo goo ga" I sqeaked. She laughed. "Not bad for a first attempt. It will come much easier by the end of the week, but I warn you David, if you talk once like an adult while you are in baby clothes, you will be sorry, and that is a promise" She put my frilly nightie back on me and made me crawl back to the kitchen where I was put back in my high chair, she only locked my feet and my left arm in the restraints. "I want you to suck your thumb, baby" she said raising my hand and sticking my thumb in my mouth. "I want that thumb in your mouth all the time, it only comes out at meal times" I was informed. "Goo goo goo" I gurgled the thumb restricting my speech even more. "By the time I'm finished with you, sucking your thumb will be second nature" she giggled "I wonder what they'll say at the office when you can't stop sucking your thumb" Lesley picked up the phone and rang the office she informed them that I was wasn't feeling too well and they agreed to give me the week off against my holiday entitlement. "Now baby can stay at home all week with her mummy" she said pinching my cheek. "Goo ga goo ga goo" I mumbled. She was full of herself as she tidied the kitchen up and put the breakfast items in the dish-washer. Once the kitchen was to her satisfaction she made herself a cup of fresh coffee, I had to have another bottle. While she was drinking her coffee she wrote a list of items she required for the meal with Bill tonight. "I wonder what a real man would like to eat" she mused teasing me, "should I get him a nice steak, or perhaps oysters. Oysters are supposed to turn a real man on and I want to make sure Bill is really horny tonight" she giggled "what do you think babykins?" "Goo goo goo" I said dribbling on to my bib. "I'll need some tins of baby food for you babykins, you are not old enough to eat adult food yet are you?" she asked wiping my chin. "Ga ga ga goo" I answered in baby talk. She stood behind me and ran her hands in my long hair. I had not had my hair cut for six months now, Lesley had trimmed the ends to keep it tidy, and it was more or less in a "page boy" style. "Wouldn't babykins look sweet if I died her hair blonde and permed it into pretty ringlets" she laughed. I wanted to say "no" but just continued gurgling like a baby. "I'll call at the hairdressers on the way back from the supermarket" She smiled putting her coat on "I'll be able to have your hair nice and pretty for when Bill comes tonight". I felt tears of frustration and humiliation welling up inside me. "Now don't start crying babykins, mummy has to go to the shops to get some things, you stay in your highchair like a good little baby, I'll be back soon" she said picking up her handbag and the car keys. She pulled the highchair round so I was facing the kitchen window. "Bernard always cuts the grass on a Monday morning, remember to give him a wave when he comes" she laughed and breezed out of the back door. I was left alone. The kitchen clock ticked away slowly as I sat in utter boredom in the high chair. Later the peace was shattered when I heared the sound of a motor mower start up in the front garden. Bernard had arrived and would soon finish the small front lawn, I knew this nosy old man was bound to look through the kitchen window.I desperately tried to get out of the highchair, but it was futile, Bernard had done an excellent construction job. I heared the back garden gate squeak as Bernard brought his mower through. Sure enough his grissled old face appeared at the window, a broad smile on his face. He waved his fingers as if waving at a child and burst into laughter. I sat absolutely helpless sucking my thumb. He disappeared and his mower burst into life drowning his coarse laughter. It was twelve-thirty when his mower stopped and silence reigned once again, this coincided exactly with Lesleys return. "Good day ma'am" I heared him say. "Hello Bernard, would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?" Lesleys voice answered. Surely she couldn't bring him inside the house I quailed. "Love one ma'am, its bitter cold this morning" he replied. The lock turned in the door and it swung open, Lesley entered first grinning from ear to ear, Bernard followed, desperate to get a better look at me in the highchair he had constructed. "Sit down Bernard" she smiled at my red face. "Hello babykins, did my big baby miss mummy" she cooeed pinching my cheek. "Goo ga goo goo" I said in a hoarse whisper. Bernard could not keep his eyes off me while Lesley poured them both a cup of coffee. "My husband is being punished for being very naughty,Bernard" Lesley informed him sitting next to him at the breakfast table. "Quite right too I expect" he laughed. Lesley told him all about my outing to get an ice-cream dressed up as a little girl and how I had wet a very expensive pair of knickers. Bernard was rolling with laughter as she related each detail. "So he is now in nappies" she finished. "Nappies, a grown man in nappies" he howled. "Yes nappies, come and look" she said standing up. She raised the plastic tray as far as it would go with my arm trapped in the hand-cuff, she pulled up the frilly nightie "There you are Bernard, a grown man in nappies" she also showed him the nappy was wet. "I never, a grown man in a wet nappy" he kept repeating to himself as Lesley showed him to the door. "You'll be the talk of the neighbourhood by the end of the day babykins" she laughed giving me another bottle feed. My nappy was sopping wet by the time Lesley decided to take it off me. She put me in a heavily scented bath washed my hair and scrubbed me clean. She dried me then led me over to the white basin where the pink/blonde hair dye had been prepared. She put the wet towel over my shoulder, then started applying the hair colouring. Satisfied she had put enough on, she sat me in a chair then proceeded to pluck my eye brows. The dye was eventually washed out and she towel dried my hair sniggering at its new colour. Back on the chair I had to sit still while she applied acrid smelling perm solution to small strands of hair then put it in the tiniest of rollers. It took well over an hour to put them in, a pink hair net followed then I was taken into the nursery put into a clean nappy and put into my cot for an afternoon nap while my hair dried and Lesley got on with her preperations for the evening. I did not go to sleep, of course, I just layed there, listening to Lesley as she sang happily to herself. Delicious smells permeated upstairs into my room, I was starving hungry, all I had had to eat so far was the rusks in milk at breakfast and three large bottles of babies milk. "Is babykins wide awake then" she gushed as she entered the room. "Mummy has got babies din-dins all ready for her baby girl" she said letting me out of the cot, following me as I crawled down to the kitchen. Several pans were boiling away on the cooker, my mouth watered at the smell. I was soon locked into the highchair, as I was about to be fed she allowed me to stop sucking my thumb, which was already quite sore from being in my mouth all day. "Is my baby vewy hungwy" she cooeed. "Ga ga goo goo ga" I squeaked. The micro-wave oven bell rang and Lesley took out a huge plastic bowl of brown mush. "Here's babies din-dins" she giggled putting the bowl on the highchair tray. She shovelled in a huge spoonful, it was foul and only just warm. I tried to spit it out only for her to scrape it off my chin and bib and shove it back in again. "This is proper baby food out of a tin, all babies have this for their din-dins" she said scraping the bowl as the contents finally disappeared "you had better get used to it's taste babykins, you will be having food like this for all your meals" she grinned "and that is a promise". "Woverwy chocky pudding next, babykins" she sang. Another large bowl was put on the tray, this time full of dark brown chocholate pudding. It was sickly sweet and again I tried to reject it, to no avail I was forced to eat it all. "All gone, babykins, who's a cwever baby girly then" she laughed. "Ga ga ga ga goo" I gurgled, glad that the ordeal was over. Lesley opened a bottle of red wine and poured a large glass. "Does baby want a dwinky" she sang holding up the glass. "Goo goo goo goo ga" I gurgled enthusiastically. She took a large gulp of the wine "It's a good job I made you a big titty bottle of milk then" she laughed as she teased me. She saw the look of disappointment on my face as she brought over the babies bottle. "Babies don't drink wine, babykins" she laughed pushing the teat into my mouth "Only adults like Mummy and Uncle Bill are allowed to drink wine. Babies must drink milk so they become big and strong" The milk was sickly sweet and not at all refreshing but I was forced to drink the lot. When I had finished, she let me out of the highchair, cleaned my face with a scented baby wipe and led me back to the nursery. "I'll get baby ready first, then you can sit on the floor and play with your dolly whilst mummy gets all dressed up for Uncle Bill" she said. She went to the tall wardrobe and pulled out a very frilly baby dress. "Look what mummies got for her little baby girl" she said. The dress was pink satin, it had little puff sleeves and a tiny lace collar. The skirt hung from a high waist in typical baby girl fashion, it was very short, much shorter than my party frock, and frilly, lacy petticoats were sewn into the dress to make the skirt stand out. It was soon over my head, my arms in the puff sleeves and she buttoned it up at the back. She held up a pair of ultra frilly pink satin baby panties that matched the dress, removed my frilly knickers and pulled the new ones over my be-nappied and plastic panted behind. A pair of frilly ankle socks came next and were put on my feet. "Look what else mummy has got for her lucky little baby" she said proudly holding up a pair of pink baby shoes in my size "I saw these in a baby shop window" she said "they were made bigger for a special display, it was these that gave me the idea of making you into a baby. Aren't they sweet?". "Ga ga ga ga" I gurgled my reply, watching her fasten them on my feet. "Now let's get babies rollers out of your pretty hair" she announced. The hair net was carefully removed followed by the curlers. "Oh my goodness" she gasped as the last roller came out. She took a length of white ribbon and I felt her tie it tightly at the top of my head. "Fantastic" she said "absolutely fantastic, come and see what a pretty baby you are, babykins." I crawled to the full length mirror and gasped at the transformation. I hardly recognized myself as the overgrown baby girl stared back at me. The ribbon bow perched on masses of blonde curls which cascaded around my face, the dress was ultra babyish in design, so short my frilly knickers and nappy were clearly on view, the frilly ankle socks and baby shoes finishing the outfit off to perfection. I hung my head in shame. "You look adorable babykins" she gushed. "Now hold still while I finish you off" she ordered fetching her make-up bag. Pale pink eye shadow, black mascara and bright red lip-stick were applied to my face. "You don't seem to need any blusher" she giggled dropping the lip-stick into her bag. I looked like a baby doll. Time was getting on, I was sat on the floor in her bedroom, given the rag doll to play with while she showered. She came back into the room wearing just a towel, smelling of really sexy perfume. She dropped the towel in front of me standing above me naked. She had a beautiful figure and I felt my manhood start to react inside its towelling prison. "See what your missing, babykins" she sneered as she caressed her breasts "isn't Uncle Bill in for a treat" She dressed in a white satin bra and matching satin panties as she rolled sheer stockings up her legs and attached them to the white suspenders. "These should turn Uncle Bill on, don't you think so babykins" she giggled. "Goo goo goo goo" I gurgled holding the doll to my breasts. She sat at her vanity table and carefully applied her make up, she then took the hair dryer and styled her long dark her. She put on an extremely short, black dress that clung to her slim figure. Four inch black patent high heeled shoes completed her outfit. She looked stunning. "Well babykins, do you think mummy looks beautiful" she said admiring herself in the mirror. "Ga ga ga goo goo" "More to the point, will Uncle Bill think I look beautiful, and want to make love to your mummy". She laughed at the absurdity of it, there I was, her husband, dressed in a pretty frock, frilly pink satin baby knickers and a nappy playing with a doll, watching her get ready to get laid by my one of my best friends. She found it so amusing that her control over me was so great, that even though I knew Bill would not only screw her, but tell everyone of my friends about me being dressed as a baby and make me a laughing stock at the squash club. I just sat there on the carpet looking up at her in my ridiculous clothes and my Shirley Temple hair style hoping for her mercy. I had absolutely no chance, she wanted Bill to make passionate love to her, but most of all she wanted Bill to see me as a pathetic baby girl. "Just look at the time babykins, its time for your beddy-byes" she announced. "Crawl into your cot mummy will be through in a minute" Dejectedly I crawled into the cot. As I waited for her to come into the nursery, I tried to summon up enough courage to overcome my submissiveness, I decided that as her husband, I was not going to allow her to let Bill into this house. I knew she would be extremely angry and I would suffer terribly for standing up to her, but I had to do it. Lesley breezed into the room. I felt sick trying to get the courage up to confront her. She pulled the duvet cover from the cot and raised the side. I was just about to speak when she reached over to the other cot side unfastened a clip and pulled a barred lid over the top of the cot. I watched in horror as it fitted the cot exactly, Lesley quickly locked it in place with two large padlocks. I was trapped in baby clothes in the cot. It had only taken a few seconds, any thoughts I had of rebelling disappeared as I realised the futility of my position. Lesley squatted down to my level. "Oh dear, David, you are in a jam aren't you" she sneered "locked in your cot in your pretty baby clothes, Bill will be here soon, and you haven't even got any covers to hide under" she threw her head back and laughed. She walked out of the room, leaving me alone in my baby cage. I felt like a condemned prisoner in his cell as the time went by slowly. When the door bell rang, my heart missed a beat. Lesley had left my nursery door open purposely, I could hear her high heels walk down the hall and the front door open. "Bill, how nice to see you, I'm so glad you could make it" Lesleys voice said. "I wouldn't have missed this for the world" Bills voice said "Jesus, but you look stunning Lesley." "Why thankyou kind sir" she giggled "I bet you say that to all your girlfriends" I listened as Lesley flirted with him in the hall. "Are you wearing stockings?" he asked "I cannot resist beautiful ladies in stockings." "Why don't you find out?" she replied huskily. It went rather quiet for a few minutes and I imagined his hands running up and down her thighs exploring for suspenders. "Oh Bill" she moaned, I then heard them kissing each other loudly. "Lesley, were you joking about Dave being in a babies cot last night?" I heared him enquire eventually. "Certainly not" she laughed, "I've got him all ready for you upstairs." "I've got my Poloroid camera with me can I take some photo's to show the lads?" he laughed. "Be my guest" she giggled "come on I'll show you where he is" I shut my eyes in shame as I could hear them climb the stairs. "There he is" Lesley said "my pretty baby girl" I opened my eyes to see them both standing in front of the cot, the room echoing with their laughter. "Smile Dave" Bill said pointing his camera at me and blinding me with the flash. He took a full pack of film, Lesley laying them on the dresser to develop. Satisfied he had taken enough pictures he put his camera down, Lesley joined him at the cot side and their arms went round each others waists as they looked down on me. "Don't you think he makes the prettiest baby girl, Bill" Lesley giggled. "I've got to say that dress really suits him" he guffawed "the ribbon, the ringlets, those frilly socks and those cute baby shoes are really you, Dave, I don't think I have ever seen you in clothes that suit you so much" I hung my head in shame trying my hardest not to burst into tears. "But there is one thing that suits him more than any other" he added "Whats that Bill?" Lesley asked. "His nappy" he burst out laughing, I burst into tears. He pulled Lesley close to him and they french kissed, his hands all over her. "Oh Bill your such a real man" she moaned. Bill forced her to the floor and was soon on top of her pulling at her clothes. "Oh, Bill, not in front of the baby" She laughed looking at me crying in the cot. Her dress was off now as she stood there in her bra, silky white bikini style panties and stockings "Baby is much to young to know what we are doing Lesley, baby will just think were playing horsey" he laughed removing his clothes until he was there in just his boxer shorts. Lesley looked shocked at the very large bulge tenting out the cotton of his pants. "Oh my god Bill you are enormous" she announced excitedly as his erection grew. She fondled him before excitedly pulled off his shorts as he lay on top of her . I was forced to watch as he kissed her breasts then between her thighs, she moaned with pleasure.She slipped off her panties and threw them at me then returned the compliment, she took his very large thick rampant manhood in between her lips and sucked greedily on the long thick shaft. I placed Lesley's panties up to my nose and smelled the over powering excitement of her cummy wet panties.I pulled them over my head and began rubbing the front of my frilly satin panties which made a noise as they rubbed against the plastic pants underneath. I was amazed at his size and concerned that he may hurt her because he was so big.Still on her back she guided the over sized penis to her slippery vagina. Bill pushed himself into her and she began to moan almost immediately as he stretched her tight vagina like it had never been stretched before. Soon they were making love ,she wrapped her legs over his broad shoulders and pushed upwards to encourage him give her all that he had to give.Soon the room filled with their rhythmic moans ,Lesleys face in ecstasy as she felt his huge manhood explore the depths of her vagina like no one had done before His large penis hitting her cervix with each powerful thrust,his large testicles slapping against her buttocks,the noise almost deafening.She moaned louder her face buried into broad shoulder ,her arms clamped around his back urging her him "fuck to her harder".I could see his long thick cock plunging in and out of her very wet pussy his penis covered in her juice until they both climaxed together.My gorgeous wife looked thoroughly satisfied . They lay there gasping in each others arms for a while then they sat up and looked at me, as I continued to rub at my baby knickers they both burst out laughing Lesley found it highly amusing that I had her wet panties over my head with the gusset placed over my nostril's. "C'mon baby girl make cum cums for mummy and Daddy" .Lesley urged me and teased me for being a sissy adult baby cuckold and within a moment I creamed into my nappy. Lesley and Bill laughed so much I was in fear someone outside might hear. "That is what real men do Dave" Bill sneered they fuck women, "they do not wear frilly pink dresses and frilly pink baby knickers with wet nappies underneath." "Baby girls do though" Lesley joined in " hes such a baby sissy ..such a wimp even more so now he has my panties over his head, come on Bill lets get something to eat and drink." "Nighty-night diddums" he mocked . "Nighty-night babykins" she laughed. They turned and left in each others arms leaving me in the darkness. I must have cried myself to sleep for I didn't hear Bill leave. It was also quite late in the morning as it was light outside and still Lesley hadn't unlocked the cot lid. My nappy was wet as I had had to relieve myself in the night, and now I was desperate to open my bowels. For the last couple of hours I had fought against soiling my nappy, but it was a battle I couldn't win. Suddenly my will power collapsed and I felt the mess squeeze into my nappy and between my legs. It was the most degrading act, it confirmed my status as a baby. Shortly after, Lesley danced into the room, wearing a flimsy white silky negligee with a pair of small silky white nylon panties. She looked like the cat that had just had the cream. "Pooh, has babykins had an acccident" she giggled unlocking the cot. "Goo goo goo goo ga" I stammered. I was told to go down stairs and get in my highchair. She followed and locked me securely into it. The kitchen was full of the smells of a cooked breakfast, my mouth watered as she filled two plates with bacon, eggs, sausage and beans. She put one plate close to the highchair, "Hungry baby?" she smiled. I nodded. "Goo goo" I said in my best baby girl voice. "Well mummy will get yours after me and Bill have had ours" she laughed. "Bill its on the table" she called up the stairs. Bill came into the kitchen wearing one of my robes and kissed Lesley full on the lips "God you are one sexy lady" he said patting her bare bottom. "Get your breakfast before it gets cold" she giggled like a schoolgirl. He sat down and looked at me. "Coochee coochee coo" he laughed and pinched my cheek viciously. They both ate their breakfasts laughing at me in between mouthfuls. "Baby has pooh pooh'ed his nappy" Lesley informed him. He shook his head in disbelief "Wearing baby clothes is one thing" he sneered "but actually soiling himself is another, do you know, I actually think he enjoys being in nappies". Lesley looked at my beetroot red, tear stained face. "I don't think so" she laughed " but babies have no choice, they wear nappies and plastic pants whether they like it or not" Lesley finished her breakfast first, poured some coffee, then filled my large plastic bowl up with baby mush. "What is that?" Bill asked "it looks revolting." "It is" she laughed, "its babies breakfast" She took a large spoonfull and held it to my lips. "Open wide babykins" she ordered. I shook my head. She just held my nose until I gagged for air and in it went. Bill howled as I was force fed. Lesley then gave me my bottle in front of him. Tears were soon flowing again as they both mocked me for being a great big baby in a dirty nappy. Lesley sat on Bills knee in front of me, and I watched as Bills hand slipped in between her inner thighs. She gently opened her legs so he could touch her intimate parts. "It's a pity he wasn't at the squash club last night" he said caressing her sex through her flimsy underwear. "Why?" moaned Lesley. "He would have found out that we are having a fancy dress night this week" Bill smiled. "Your kidding" she screamed. He shook his head. "For all members and their wives or girlfriends, and fancy dress is compulsory" they both laughed again at my tear stained face. "We'll have to go" she said excitedly, getting aroused again by Bill's attentions to her sex. "Promise?" Bill said kissing her deeply on the the lips. "Promise" she moaned and her tongue plunged into his open mouth. Bill stood up, picking Lesley up physically, as he rose. She clung on to his neck still kissing him ".Her long slender tanned legs wrapped around his torso.her short dress slid up and I caught sight of her sexy white satin panties He grabbed her buttocks and she gently rubbed her self up against his tented crotch.I could clearly see her white silky pantied crotch become wet with her excitement. Oh Bill you're so strong" she gasped. "I'm just taking your wife up to her bedroom to make love to her again, Dave." he triumphantly informed me, "you be a good little baby while we are away" They left me alone in the highchair, the babyfood around my mouth drying hard, my soiled nappy reminding me just what a big baby I had become. Bill stayed all day, I never saw much of either of them, I was put back into my cot with my doll and rattle to play with. The lid was locked back in place and I was forced to listen to their love making as I played with my toys. The dirty nappy was not changed either and I could feel a severe nappy rash developing as the acids in my eliminations worked against my skin.I was hard in my nappy as I listened to Bill fuck my pretty wife. Lesley was very vocal as she was pleasured by her new lover.I was left feeling strangely jealous but clearly aroused . It was early evening when Bill had to go, he came into the nursery to pick up the photos he had taken the night before. They both laughed as they flicked through the snaps. "Wait until the guys and the wives see these tonight" he laughed. They kissed again then Lesley showed him to the front door, where Bill promised to call round tomorrow after work. "I'll make sure I'm properly dressed then" Lesley giggled "That nightie will do just fine" he replied, then he was gone. At last Lesley turned her attentions to me, I was stripped of my dress, socks and shoes, then in the bathroom she removed my nappy. All the time she spoke to me as if I were just a baby, I goo gooed and ga ga'd my replies. The scented bath water stung my sore bottom as Lesley scrubbed me. A clean nappy was pinned on me as soon as I was dry followed by my frilly pink see through nylon baby knickers and my baby doll matching nightie. I was fed in the highchair but she allowed me to lay across her lap to give me her bottle, telling me what a pretty baby I was and that I was going to be her baby for ever and ever. Before she put me to bed, she put the pink hair net over my curls. "I want to make sure your ringlets are still in for when you go back to work" she said. The next day we seemed to have more visitors than normal. Bernard had obviously been spreading his gossip. Lesley made them most welcome and did not spare me from their curiosity, I was paraded in front of them dressed exactly as I was for Bills visit. Oh how they laughed as I crawled at their feet playing with my rattle and sucking my thumb. After their initial shock of seeing a grown man in such pretty frilly clothes and pinned into nappies, their contempt was evident. For one of the so called "superior" sex, to allow himself to be humiliated in such a manner was beyond belief, and they all agreed I deserved all the humiliation I received at their hands. I had given up my rights as a man, I was a disgrace to the male sex, they also agreed to make sure that I would never be able to claim my rightful position among the male sex again by effeminate me to a great big sissy-boy. I was promised that by the time they had finished with me I would definitely not be a man, I would be a baby girl. I was treat like a doll, they tied and re-tied my ribbon in various positions in my ringlets until they found the place they thought it suited me most, my baby dress was fussed over, my frilly panties and nappied bottom patted just like a baby girl. They loved having a "man" in this position and took out all their frustrations with the male sex out on me. Lesley told them of her night of passion with Bill, they all agreed that she deserved a "real man", and volunteered to baby-sit me if ever she wanted to go out. Mrs Franklin suggested her daughter, Jennifer, for the job, although she was only just eighteen, she was quite capable of taking care of such a big baby. I was a whimpering wreck when they all left, I stank of sweet perfume, my eye-brows had been died the same colour as my hair, and my face made up with eye shadow, mascara and lip-stick. I lost count of the times I had my lip-stick repaired whilst sat on one of the neighbours knees, the constant sucking of my thumb smearing the bright red cosmetic around my mouth. Bill turned up later, Lesley had changed into her sexy negligee ready for his visit. They greeted like lovers, embracing and kissing each other whilst I played at their feet with my doll. Bill told her of his night at the squash club. "I couldn't get away" he said "everyone wanted to see the pictures of him in his baby dress, and I just had to tell them that I made love to his beautiful wife." Lesley kissed him passionately on the lips her tongue invading his open mouth. "They have all bought tickets for the fancy dress on Friday, I told them we would be taking him in his nappies and baby clothes". They both looked down at me laughing at the tears that were running down my cheeks. They talked about me as if I wasn't there, as adults do with babies in the room. Lesley dragged Bill on to the sofa and they cavorted sexually in front of me, I was extremely jealous, but felt so stupid in the baby clothes, I just played with my doll. Over the next three days I was kept to a strict nursery routine, supervised by Lesley and the neighbours. Indignity after indignity was heaped upon me. I was introduced to Jennifer, my new baby sitter, and two of her school friends who found my situation hilarious. They were all in their final school year before starting college in the new term.Three very pretty 18 year old girls. I will never forget the embarrassment when they saw me dressed as a baby in my short pink satin baby dress with my long hair in pink ribbons,they pointed and laughed when they caught a glimpse of my frilly pink satin baby knickers that were covered in matching pink baby lace on the front and rear. "oh gosh look he's wearing a nappy and plastic pants and just look at those cute frilly pink knickers " Jenifer said laughing and pointing at me.They took out their mobile phones and took several photos of me giggling as they did so. "We must show the rest of our friends these sweet photos " Jenifer informed Lucy and Vicky. Jenifer was such a mature girl for her age,lovely long blonde hair that almost reached her sexy bottom. Her dark brown eyes full of mischievousness with stunning looks. She then flicked through the photos on her phone,sending them to all her friends. I was asked to sit on her knee while I drank from a baby bottles,more photos taken. It was totally embarrassing sat on a eighteen year old girls knee, being bottle fed, while Lesley told them all the baby things I did including pooing my nappy.Lesley even told the girls about my size explaining it was just too small for a satisfying sex life ,she was just unable to feel me inside her and thats why she has a boyfriend now.Lesley told them about her night with Bill and how I wore her wet panties over my head whilst I masturbated watching her being fucked by a man with a much bigger penis. Of course the girls were very intrigued by all this and began to ask questions. "So it turns him on then,dressing as a baby girl and watching you have sex with another man,a man with a much larger penis .its so weird" Jenifer said incredulous and shocked to what Lesley had divulged. "How small is he" asked Lucy, a very attractive girl with long dark hair that almost matched her eye colour. Lesley looked at me then smiling told the inquisitive teenagers to my shame." He's no more than 3 inches hard and its quite thin too" she added. They all looked at me and began smiling and giggling before nervously asking Lesley if they could see it.I looked at them pleadingly but Lesley had me stand in front of them.She lifted up my short frilly pink satin baby dress and told me to hold it nice and high. The girls began laughing as they got a good look at my frilly pink baby knickers. "So adorable ..you look very cute in those pink satin panties baby" Lucy although looking embarrassed reached out and touched the front of my knickers with her fingers wearing red nail varnish ."Your knickers feel very frilly and silk soft baby is that why you like wearing them" she asked.I just nodded my face feeling red with shame. Lesley asked her if she wanted to pull down my knickers but Lucy declined . "I will Jenifer announced,she moved forward and dropping to her knees in front of me looked up at me smiling.She placed her hands on the waistband and gently pulled my knickers down to my ankles.She did the same with the see-through plastic pants before finally pulling my cloth terry nappy down. I was still aroused and as the nappy was pulled past my genitalia shrieks of laughter came from the teen girls,Lesley just sat there smiling and enjoying my humiliation. "No way . oh my god that sooo tiny Vicky said at the same time.This was the first time Vicky had really spoken she looked very shocked holding a hand up to her mouth to hide her laughter and smirking. "Aww poor thing that must be so awful to have such a teeny tiny penis" she continued.Jenifer said it was smaller than her 5 year old nephews and they began to laugh referring to it as a "baby dick". Lesley produced a tape measure and handed it to Jenifer." why dont you measure him ". Jenifer placed the tape measure at the base of my penis and ran it along the shaft up to the tip of my penis. Her soft touch keeping me fully hard ,she laughed as she announced "no way ha ha its not even 3 inches ....I make it 2.9 inches".They all laughed and produced their phones and took more snaps of me whilst Jenifer held the tape measure to my small member."Its quite a pathetic one for a grown man and yes Lesley its very thin no wonder you need another man...a real man how big is your boyfriend" she asked. Lesley not one to be shy about such things told the girls she had never measured Bills penis but went into great detail on how big and thick it was. "He really is very big,must be around 8 inches i would guess and its so thick I can barely get my fingers round it.He penetrated me so deeply the feeling is me so deeply and the feeling is just so overwhelming,amazing infact .I always climax with him unlike my sissy baby girl here" .Whats more my icke baby girl likes to watch me and bill fuck don't you eh, it turns you on when you see him on top of me fucking me with his big thick cock while you rub your tiny willy in your nappy and pink frills while you are in your baby cot" The girls just sat laughing hysterically listening as my wife told them about her sex life and more embarrassingly that it turned me on seeing her with a much bigger man whilst I lay there in my cot watching them. Of course they found it quite amusing but Lucy said she felt sorry for me but understood why she Lesley needed to be pleasured outside our marriage. "I dont think I could have a boyfriend with such a small penis like your husbands she told Lesley.Its just not very manly. I do think he looks so adorable and cute dressed up as a baby girl". None of these girls were virgins as then began to disclose to Lesley that they had been with boys since they had all turned 16 or 17 years old and those boys were all much were "much bigger" than me,"twice the size" they all agreed unanimously. My penis remained hard I secretly enjoyed the humiliating comments and how theses sexy teenagers were comparing my penis to the "thick 6 or 7 inch cocks of their boyfriends. My humiliation did not stop there. I also had to suffer the ultimate humiliation of having my nappy changed by Mrs Franklin, she led me away, with Lesley's permission, to the nursery. I whimpered all the way to the nursery, knowing that this woman I hardly knew was going to deal with my most private of parts, but I had become so docile I did not even think of rebelling and got up onto my changing table, like a gentle lamb. As Lesley had pointed out, babies have no modesty, they are not old enough to get embarrassed when a total stranger changes their nappies. I felt totally humiliated as Mrs Franklin lifted my skirts, pulled down my frillies and removed my wet nappy. She spoke to me throughout the operation, telling me what a dirty baby I was wetting and pooing my nappies. She spent ages cleaning around my limp privates, amused at my baby sized penis and reaction to a females touch. "By the time we are finished with you, you will be incapable of having an erection" she sneered "your little dickie will never get hard ever again, its only use will be to wet your nappies". It was true, the humiliation of wearing nappies and dresses was emasculating me. Even when Lesley attended to me and fondled my private regions there was not the slightest sexual reaction, she found it so amusing that after only this short time I was incapable of getting hard, what would I be like in a years time she had laughed. Mrs Franklin pinned me into a fresh nappy imprisoning the only thing that identified me with the male sex now that I was in such pretty clothes, and covering the nappy with the frilly pink knickers. "There, now no one can tell that you're anything but a pretty little baby girl" she laughed. Lesley rang Bernard, she asked him how he was getting along with his latest project, she told him she required it for Friday if that was possible. Bernard had promised he would do his best. Friday saw my face made up to perfection, my white ribbon tied prettily in my ringlets and dressed in my baby finery. Two thick nappies to emphasis my baby state and a pair of white silk mittens that Jennifer had bought for me, they were tied on my wrists with delicate white baby ribbon. I also had a set of pink baby reins buckled on to my chest, one of the neighbours had found them in their loft. They were of the old fashioned style with little bells on the front that rang every time I moved. I had to crawl around the house with Lesley holding the leading rein, I was an adult baby puppet on her string. I was sat in my highchair when Bernard came, Mrs Franklin was feeding me a bottle of babies milk which had a strong laxative powder mixed in. "This will ensure baby poo's his nappy in front of everyone at the squash club" she laughed making sure I drank the very last drop. Bernard took them outside to view his handywork. I knew by the cheer that I wouldn't enjoy whatever he'd made. Mrs Franklin entered the house grinning from ear to ear, a huge black pram followed, pushed by Lesley. I watched in horror as Bernard demonstrated his alterations to the baby carriage. He unlocked a panel at the handle end of the pram and slid it out, the panel had two half circles cut into it like the ankle stocks that trapped my legs in the high chair. "His legs fit in this black shopping bag, ma'am, so no one can see them" he said. The large black shopping bag was attached to the body of the pram. "The panel slides back in place above his knees, these padlocks ensure he can't get out" he beamed with pride at his efforts. "Let's try it out then" Lesley couldn't wait to see me in it. Mrs Franklin released me from the highchair, Bernard held the pram steady and I treated them to a display of my heavily nappied, very frilly behind as I clambered into the pram. Lesley guided my feet into the bag and made sure my legs were positioned properly in the half circle pram stocks. She slid the panel onto position and padlocked it into place. Bernard was correct I was trapped. They laughed at my crest fallen face as I gurgled baby noises. Mrs Franklin attached my reins to the body of the pram "So baby doesn't fall out" she laughed. There was absolutely no chance of me escaping from the pram. Lesley could wheel me any where she liked and just like a baby I was helpless to stop her. She confirmed my worst fears "I'll take him to mothercare tomorrow, and then to the park with all the other babies" she howled. Mrs Franklin suggested taking me to school one day to meet Jennifer at home time, Lesley loved the idea. I burst out crying, as I realised I was now completely at their mercy, and knew I would get none. They all laughed at the babified man sitting so sweetly in his pram. Bernard was paid and Lesley asked if it was possible to construct a baby walker for me. "No problem ma'am" he said leaving the laughing females to look after baby. As he left Jennifer walked in, it seemed our house was open to all these days. How she laughed at me in the pram and when her mother told her that she would be wheeling me round to her 6th form class in school on Monday she jumped up and down with excitement. I was left in the pram for the rest of the day, Lesley had no intentions of changing my nappies before we got to the squash club, she wanted everyone to see that I used my nappy just like a real baby would. Lesley asked Jennifer to baby-sit me whilst she got ready for the fancy dress party she didn't want babykins getting up to mischief, such as trying to escape from his pram. As if I could Bernard had excelled himself once again I was well and truely trapped. The only way to escape from the pram would be to undo the padlocks which were frustratingly out of reach on the kitchen table. As the time got nearer to going to the squash club I was having grave mis- givings with regards to my situation. How had I allowed myself to be put in this situation, I was sat in a pram, I was wearing nappies, I was dressed as a baby girl, I even had a ribbon in my ringleted hair. What little was left of my male pride was fighting back, urging me to rebel, I was a man not a baby girl for goodness sake. The realisation that Lesley was actually going to take me out in the pram dressed as I was and humiliate me in front of all my friends was becoming clearer by the minute. My male spirit was fighting valiantly against my submissiveness, but it was too late, I was trapped in the pram, there would be no reprieve for me. I was going out in my baby clothes and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop them. Lesley breezed into the kitchen, she looked absolutely fabulous, she was dressed as a sexy nurse. Her nurses uniform was so short her stockings and suspenders were on display. "What do you think Jenny" she twirled to show herself off. "You look great" she said, "You'll knock them dead, there isn't a man alive that wouldn't get turned on by you in that outfit". They both looked at me and burst out laughing "Well maybe one" They said together. "Doesn't babies mummy look super-duper" Jennifer cooeed. "Ga ga goo goo goo ga" I gurgled. I nearly died with shame as the young girl raised my skirts and plunged her hand into my nappy and felt my limp penis, she squeezed it gently and rubbed it,her soft fingers grasping my shaft between finger and thumb ,I quickly became erect as she looked at me ,humiliating me as she announced "awww baby has a ickle hard-on now poor baby ,its soooo tiny much too small to give any pleasure to me or any other woman". "It really is a tiny little baby dick isn't baby girl" Jenifer began giggling, stifling a laugh as she placed a hand to her mouth. She adjusted my nappy and frilly knickers patting them softly as my tiny member ached in its soft nappied prison. "No, not even the slightest signs of being turned on" she laughed, "but then again he is a baby". Jennifer said good-bye offering to take me out in the pram tomorrow as school had finished for the week, Lesley confirmed that she could. "Aunty Jen-Jen see her big baby tomowow, baby go walkies to the park" she cooeed. "Well, David, what a state you are in, all dressed up in your baby clothes in your pram ready to go out and meet all your friends who will laugh and laugh at you. You do realise you will never be able to show your face again to them, they will never think of you as a man ever again, this is the beginning of permanent babyhood for you." she said ominously. "Bill is moving in with me, he will be the man of the house, you will be our baby girl, I've already written your letter of resignation, I'll take you in your pram on Monday to give it in, I'm sure all the girls at the office will want to see what a pretty baby you make." "Dont bother to kick up a fuss either ,Bill has my permission to put you across his knee for a spanking when ever I feel its deserved...I expect that excites you though doesn't it eh Having him place you over his knee lifting up your frilly pink dresses and pulling down your frilly baby knickers and nappy and spanking you across your bottom with his large hands...will your cry eh baby girl" ? I listened in absolute horror as my sexy wife laughed and spoke those words in a mock baby tone. "Who knows, David, maybe one day Bill and I could get married, just think you could be our little baby bridesmaid" she giggled at the thought of it "and if your very lucky we may even adopt you officially and you will be our baby girl forever" " But I am your husband" I blurted out. "Don't be silly" she scoffed "how many husbands do you know that wear nappies and baby clothes, and play with dollies while their wife is making love to another man in front of them" She held up the keys to the pram "I bet you would like these" she teased "but we won't be needing these tonight" she laughed throwing them into a drawer and closing it. I burst into tears. "Its a good job your make-up is water proof" she laughed applying her lip- stick, "you seem to be crying all the time these days. But just to make sure that your tears don't ruin your pretty make-up I am going to make you an appointment to have it tattooed on, then it will be permanent and you can cry all you want baby" she sniggered "and that is a promise" Lesley took something out of her handbag and approached me ominously, I shivered in fear. "I thought I told you to talk like an a baby when I first put you into your nappies David" she sneered, "it seems that you cannot accept even the simplest of instructions, I never want to hear your male voice ever again, and once I have injected this serum into your throat David I never will" Lesley held up a hyperdemic needle full of a clear liquid. "Please don't inject me with that Lesley" I whimpered as she swabbed my neck with a chemical smelling ball of cotton wool "I promise I will never talk like an adult in front of you ever again" "You can't keep your promises David, can you?" she scowled "but I can, and I promised you that if you spoke like an adult while you were in baby clothes you would be sorry. As you know David I always keep my promises and I promise you now that you will never be able to talk anything other than baby talk ever again" I squealed in horror as she pushed the sharp thin needle against my throat. "No....No...Please.....No......Lesl....goo ga goo-goo ga ga goo-goo" my words turned to baby gurgles as my throat and voice box froze. Lesley threw her head back and laughed loudly as I continued to babble like a baby. "It is no use David, you cannot talk any more, and guess what? she howled "the effect is both permanent and irreversible" Bill arrived shortly after and nearly had a fit of hysterics when he saw me in the pram and listened to my baby talk. He was dressed as an American navy pilot, white uniform jacket, black trousers and white peaked hat. He looked so handsome. He could not keep his hands off Lesley, and they made love there and then against the kitchen door. When they recovered their composure, and re-adjusted their clothes I was given my rattle and my dolly and a white woolen baby shawl was put over my puff sleeved shoulders. "Come on babykins lets go and show all your friends just what a big baby you have become" Lesley laughed and pushed the pram forwards. I looked down at myself, my pretty dress, my frilly nappied bottom, sitting in a pram, being taken to be shown off and laughed at by all my friends. "Lesley no please don't do this" I wailed "Goo-goo ga-ga goo-goo-goo gaga" actually spilled from my lips. "Oh dear,our baby is having a tantrum, I'll have to give her a smacked bottom when we get to the squash club" Bill laughed. The pram lurched forward, Lesley locked the house door, we were outside, my journey to permanent babyhood had began, Lesley leant forward and stuck my dummy into my mouth and pushed Jemima into my arms. "Suck on your dummy babykins and hug your dolly, you are going to the squash club to be introduced to all your friends as our little baby girl" Lesley laughed My fate was sealed, there was no use fighting it, I was their big baby girl now and would be for the rest of my life, they could see the resignation in my tears stained eyes how they laughed as they pushed me onwards to permanent adult babyhood. The End
  7. Chapter 1 Julie Symms looked into the next room at her sissified husband. He was busy playing with his dollies and glancing now and again at Little Mermaid on the TV. Even from the next room she could see the reflection of a trickle of drool on his chin. She began to wonder if he had wet himself yet. The constant hypnosis had worked wonders and he barely noticed wetting anymore. She remembered a time when it wouldn't have been possible to take him downstairs. Even with his muscles weakened from all the time locked in his crib he would have still attempted to run, not that there was anywhere he could have gone. With the extra thick diapers she kept him in constantly it was hard for him to stand and even if he could manage to get to the door any one of his embarrassing outfits would make him think twice about opening it. After all this time, though, her little husband was a perfect sissy angel. It had taken a lot of work to get him to this point: all the frilly baby girl clothes she had to buy to keep him in, all the attention she had to shower on him, not to mention the constant spankings to get him to accept his new life. Not that there hadn't been some fun along the way she thought to herself. She still remembered how bright red he had blushed when she took him in front of a mirror for the first time. With the booties, the pink satin bonnet, the layers and layers of petticoats, and the silky pink party dress he was an absolute vision and very sissy babyish frilly pink satin baby knickers with row upon row of baby lace on the front and rear. She chuckled when she thought about how he had wet himself out of sheer terror (the diapering started after that). She recalled fondly how he had squirmed when she invited her lady friends to the house to fuss over him. Her absolute favourite, however, were the little sissy tears he had cried when she brought one of her lovers into his nursery to tickle him under the chin. By time she was done having sex in his nursery with her alpha male lover the tears were almost dry; more than could be said for his nappies.He had witnessed what a real man, a man with a large thick seven inch penis can do to a woman,seeing his sexy wife pleasured and climaxing on his huge shaft shamed him but gave his tiny baby dick a full on erection,much to Julies amusement whilst he watched wearing his frilly pink short nighties and frilly pink satin plastic lined baby knickers.To add more shame his pretty wife even changed his nappy right there in front of the nasty man who laughed at his tiny baby sized erect pee pee. Now she had finished mixing his special bottle. That had been one of her best ideas. Warm milk, mixed with hormones, and the creamy got from him every morning. Since she had to get it every morning to keep him from stroking his diapered clitty anyway, she figured why not put it to good use? Of course he had resisted at first but she was always able to convince him. Just like his little fits over not getting to be milked until he admitted he was a complete sissy. She wondered if he had known how ridiculous his protests had sounded with his new sissy lisp. In each case he had given up after one spanking and now they were his favourite times of the day (except for dress up of course). Of course he had become much more docile after she told him that all of his old things had been sold to pay for his transformation. Dresses and nappies and your baby furniture aren't free she had cooed to him. She watched his face light up as she brought his bottle over to him. He bounced and squirmed in his playpen at the sight of her. The ruffling of petticoats almost kept her from hearing him wetting his diaper. She handed him his bottle. He held it in both hands and began sucking ravenously. She smiled and decided to spank him today for old times sake. Chapter 2 Mommy sat down next to the playpen and watched as her baby finished his bottle. His mouth kept sucking as she took it from him and he whimpered and kicked when he saw that it was gone. With time his little tantrums had less frequent but more and more babyish, but she knew how to stop them. She pulled out his pacifier and he was sucking rhythmically before she tied its ribbons around his head. Did babys special bottle get her excited, and does she need a nappy change? she cooed, stressing the female pronouns. He blushed and she heard him wet his diaper again. She wondered whether he was more embarrassed about the diaper or about being referred to as she. Ok baby mommy will change you and let you make poopies. He bounced up and down excited and she could hear the squish of his wet diapers. She opened his playpen and he crawled over to his changing mat. Before it had been so hard removing all the layers and layer of baby clothes for him to use the potty seat. First the plastic panties, then all the nappies, then the petticoats and skirts, and in the end he would end up sitting on his pink little potty chair in nothing but a bonnet and training bra. While this was quite a sight to behold she didn't want him poking and playing with his little breasts. He had been overwhelmed when they first started to really appear and had spent the entire day in his crib fondling his little budding nipples. Once she had his diapers off she always made sure to tie a few ribbons around his one inch flaccid little clitty. She remembered how he had made squirties the first few times she had wiped off his diaper area. After she had wiped him off she turned his over on his stomach. She pulled out the plug she sometimes kept in him in the mornings to keep him from messing his nappy before potty-time. It was pink and said ˜Mommy's helper and the startled look on his face when she first showed it to him was almost the same as his shocked expression the first time she inserted it. She loved that it kept her from having to deal with dirty diapers, and she enjoyed the way he would giggle and smile whenever she would insert or remove it now. Having him use the potty chair was one of her favourite sites. He always looked ridiculous when he sat his pert sissy butt on top of the little pink chair. She chuckled as she saw him sitting, his infantile haireless private parts on show and sucking intently on his pacifier. He heard her laugh and blushed furiously causing him to loosen his bowls and her to laugh harder. When he finished and she was wiping his bottom she praised him with her most sugary-sweet voice, Whos mommys big girl? She knew the answer when she flipped him back over and his little clitty now erect standing proud at its almost three inches against its ribbons. She could smell baby powder and oil coming off of him before she even began to powder him. He's been so heavily powdered and oiled for so long now that it must be in his skin she mused as she grabbed three more thick cotton nappies. After that she diapered him up and put all of his frilly pink satin baby knickers back on over his nappy and clear plastic pants. Now he was finally ready for his big day. Chapter 3 She had been waiting for today for quite some time and had been trying her hardest to go about the normal routine and not drop any hints. She remembered the last time she had been this apprehensive. It was the day her husband cemented his own sissy fate. When she first started his training he had fought her fought her every step of the way. Once the hypnosis started to take effect his struggling turned more and more to crying and pouting, but even once his new life had become routine she could still sense a glare of defiance in his eyes. Thats when she realized he would never fully accept his fate unless he chose it himself, and so she came up with her plan. He was shocked when one day instead of waking up in his crib he woke up in bed next to her in pants and T shirt. Fortunately she had made sure his bladder was empty or he would have wet the bed out of fright. Then when she turned to him and apologized for everything she had put him through he was dumbstruck. When she told him she would never force him to go back he feigned a smile, but she could see the faint glimmer of fear in his eyes; everything was going just as she had hoped. You wont have to wear nappies and plastic pants, or frilly knickers dresses, bonnets, or petticoats, or drink bottles, or play with dolls ever again she had said to him. She was delighted by the pangs on his face at the idea of forfeiting each item. He was barely listening when she told him things could go back to the way they were before. Let me try to make it up it up to you honey she said as she curled up next to him leaned in to kiss him. He had yelped and rolled away. She (rather insincerely) asked what was wrong pretending not to notice he had now had made creamy in his shorts. She almost laughed and broke the act when he asked if that meant he wouldn't get his bottle today. After a second she had looked at him and said, I guess if you WANT to be my sissy baby its alright, but we cant keep going back and forth. This time it will have to be permanent. This hit him like a pound of bricks. Ill give you the day to think about it" she said as she kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Despite all of her coaxing he was back in diapers before the end of the day. Today was another big day for him she thought. Just then she heard the doorbell ring. It was time for his play date. Chapter 4 Mommy saw her baby squirm and squeeze his dolly tight as she went to go answer the door. It was funny how afraid he still was of being seen even after everything that had happened. She wondered how he would react if he knew that she had shown all of her friends the albums full of pictures she had taken of her new baby. The albums had been such a hit that Mommys neighbour Mrs. Stevens had decided to try the same thing on her naughty little husband. They had both chuckled when they agreed that a play-date would be in order once Mrs. Stevens had sufficiently sissified her husband. When Mommy answered the door to see him in full dress shyly clinging to his Mommy's hand she knew that day had come. She wasn't sure how it was possible but he looked even more ridiculous than her baby. Every part of him was covered in bubble gum pink. His long blond hair had been curled and tied with pink ribbon into pigtails. He was wearing pink mary-janes with matching pink laced topped ankle socks. His nails and lips had been painted glittery pink. He was wearing a short pink dress with layers of cream coloured petticoats. As a finishing touch his extra thick nappies (Mrs. Stevens used four at a time hoping this would sissify him more quickly) were covered with little pink hearts. Well doesn't someone look cute today? Mommy cooed. The baby minced and blushed even pinker. Then his attractive blonde Mommy gave him an icy look with her dark brown eyes causing him to quickly curtsey exposing even more of his diapers. She looked down at him again and he lisped, Hewo, my name is Thithy. Tank you fow letting me come ovow and pway. Sissy, mommy thought, not very original but certainly appropriate. Even though this little speech was obviously rehearsed Mommy could hear the humiliation in it. Then the two mommies started chatting about techniques they used with their babies. Mrs. Stevens absolutely loved Mommys ˜special bottle idea and vowed to start doing the same tomorrow. She had just been letting him make creamies in his diapers and then spanking him for it. As the two mommies were chatting, Sissy started to tug at his mommys hand trying to enter the house, but she ignored him and held on tightly. After they finished chatting (and half the neighborhood had seen Sissies diapered bottom) then entered the house. Mommy saw her baby's eyes light up when he saw Sissy. He dropped his doll and reached through the bars of the playpen. She wasn't surprised. She wondered if her baby saw Sissy like a new doll, a playmate, or as something more. Not only had she enveloped him in sissyness but she also directed all of his sexual desires towards it. All this time she had made him look at nothing but frilly sissy clothing whenever she had milked him. From the smile on her face she knew Mrs. Stevens was thinking the same thing. When they made the play-date they had hoped the two would really ˜hit it off. Mommy also saw the mixed expression of terror, intrigue, and embarrassment hit Sissy at her baby's reaction. I think these two are going to be good friends, Mrs. Stevens said as she opened the playpen. Chapter 5 Mommy and Mrs. Stevens smiled to one another as they watched Sissy crawl nervously into the playpen. Mommy was sure her baby's pacifier would have fallen right out of his mouth if the ribbons were not tied around back of his head. She also noticed how Sissy slowly swung his little frilly knickered clad butt as he crawled; it looked like someone was trying to get attention after all! She also noticed how her baby's eyes followed Sissys sashaying hips and that he was sucking his dummy in rhythm with the movement. She remembered that the nipple on her baby's pacifier was shaped like a tiny penis and wondered if her baby was slowly running his tongue over it as he suckled. Mommys thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Stevens as she asked, You know Julie you've never told me what you call your sweet little baby now? Mommy looked up and said, You know Emma I never really picked a name, but what about Baby Susie? Mrs. Stevens smiled and said, Baby Susie? That sounds like a perfect match. Then, as if on cue, Baby flung his arms around Sissy who proceeded to giggle and blush. Once his cheeks had cooled Sissy looked apprehensively at the two mommies and started playing nervously with his skirt. When Mrs. Stevens gave him a slight nod, his eyes lit up and he turned and gave Baby Susie a kiss on the cheek. Mommy and Mrs. Stevens could see a very small bulge even through Baby's three diapers. Sissy saw it too and his Mommy smacked his hand away right before he could touch. Both mommies were very angry: Sissy knew she shouldn't touch there (yet¦) and Baby had already been milked once today! I think we're going to have to spank both of these naughty babies, Mommy said crossing her arms. You mean your gonna take off ow diapies, said Sissy shyly. He might sound timid, Mommy thought but both she and Mrs. Stevens noticed how hungrily he stared at Baby's pink frilled satin crotch when he was speaking and how he began slowly sucking his thumb once he finished. Both mommies had expected the two to be fast friends, but looking at one another they were amazed at how quickly things were developing. Yes Sissy, his mommy cooed, were going to spank you and Babys naked bottoms. Mommy could tell it took all of Sissys restraint not to cheer as she knelt down to take out Baby's pacifier. She leaned far over exposing tops of her breasts as she began to untie the ribbons and to pull out the pacifier. She was pleased that the babies eyes remained glued to one another. Mommy did notice, however, that Mrs. Stevens leaned in to eye her slim figure and for the first time Mommy began to blush slightly. She could feel Baby's lips cling to the pacifiers tip as she slowly removed it, allowing Sissy to clearly see it. The two babies shivered with anticipation as their mommies announced it was spanking time and if their mommies had not immediately swooped them up they probably would have begun making sloppy baby kisses right there. The two mommies set up rocking chairs next to one another, pulled their babies over their laps, and pulled down their frilly baby knickers and plastic pants then undid the back of their many diapers. Baby Susie and Sissy were lying face to face and their mommies pretended not to notice when they started kissing. The sound of deep baby kisses was only interrupted by synchronized yelps as the two babies were spanked. After a good sound spanking the babies were placed on their back .Julie noticed how sissy's penis was a little larger than her own husbands though it was still very undersized . Mrs Stevens began to giggle at the sight of Julies husbands tiny penis oh gosh that's so tiny its just like a babies ,small than my own husbands .Julie then relayed the story of how she would bring real men home to satisfy her sexual needs .Mrs Stevens was very intrigued and thought it was hilarious . How wonderful and your poor baby girl husband cant do a thing about it.Hell I should get my self a boyfriend someone with a nice big thick cock like your lovers,my husbands cock is barely four and half inches when hard. Only Baby Susie and Sissys bottoms were bright red were they put back into their playpen, this time with no diapers or knickers. Lets see what mischief our little girls get into together said Mrs. Stevens, looking down at the two. Frankly, Mommy whispered into Emma's Stevens ear as she pressed her body against her, I'm more concerned with making some mischief of my own. What a wonderful play date, Mommy thought as she felt the warm caress of Emma's tongue. Chapter 6. Six months later Baby Susie's Mommy Julie and Sissy's Mommy Emma have moved together into a new spacious house with Sissy and Baby. The mommies are fortunate in being wealthy enough, both through inheritance and their own work, to be able to afford a grand house and keep their two sissies at home constantly under their discipline. While Julie was the one to first sissify her hubby and introduce Emma to the delights of having a sissy hubby, Emma is now even more keen and inventive on carrying on with their sissification. She is perhaps the harsher martinet of the two, but all in all they have found their thoughts, wishes and ideas for their hubbies discipline to be very much in unison. Sissy and Baby have a fully equipped nursery. There is a large locking crib covered with a plastic sheet where they are put together for the night and their day-time naps, a big playpen with a soft rubber-covered carpet, lots of dollies and toys, two big-sissy sized rocking horses, a big changing table, two pink potty-chairs and two special highchairs, the seats of which have holes for plastic potties. On the wall hang their leather leading reins and an array of instruments for punishing the sissies. There are two paddles, one with eight holes, and the other of solid wood. There is a hard-backed hairbrush, a stiff leather strap and a martinet with ten short tails. While all of these are very efficient instruments for imposing strict nursery discipline, the one instrument which the sissies dread most of all is the birch-rod, which lies soaking in a tub of brine-water in one corner. There is a little wood near-by and the sissies squirmed when on Emma's initiative their mommies took them there one day and instructed them to make two nice birch-rods for their own discipline. Three or even four weeks might go by without Sissy and Baby Susie tasting the birch, but when they do their botties will certainly smart for several days afterwards. They are spanked with the other instruments much more frequently. If a whole day passes without a single smacking the next might bring them two or three separate spankings in one day. Emma and Julia are in full agreement about the necessity of regular spankings for their sissies. Of course Sissy and Baby Susie are most obedient and very docile, but their mummies will always find some reason for giving them a red bottom whenever they feel it is needed. Their spankings are always on the bare bottom, except that for instant discipline the strap may be used on their extended hands for smaller misdemeanours, or when it is inconvenient to take down their nappies and plastic pants. Sometimes their hands are also strapped in addition to a bare-bottom spanking. After six smacks on each hand their palms will be tingling hotly for some hours afterwards! The sissies share all their punishments, and even if only one of them has misbehaved both will get the same punishment. All spankings are followed by a corner-time for up to two hours. On the wall are also two plastic-covered skipping ropes. Now that the sissies are totally broken in their mommies do not need to keep them weak. While Julie and Emma like to see the sissies accumulating some baby fat and enjoy the slightly flabby look this gives them - and which the two formerly rather athletic men are ashamed of - they don't want them to become so obese as to present a serious health-risk. That is why each morning after their pottying and feeding they let out into the garden where they will skip with their ropes for 45 minutes. For this exercise period they are dressed only in diapers and rubber training bras as they will be soaking with sweat after they have done their exercises. They also have a leather cuff with little bells locked on one of their ankles, ensuring that they will not stop when their mommies are not looking. Furthermore they also have nice fat butt plugs shoved up their bottom-holes for the workout! They do their daily exercise come in all types of weather, but they are given transparent plastic macs if it rains. As it has rained rarely they have been mostly able to skip in the warm sun and they have a nice bikini tan as a consequence. Each morning Sissy and Baby are put into their high-chairs where they will remain locked in for an hour, two give them ample time to do their poopies in their potties. Although the sissies are hopelessly incontinent and will have wet their diapers usually within an hour after a diaper-change, they are expected to do all their poopies in the potty and they will be punished strictly if they mess in their diapers. That is why they have an hour of potty time both in the morning and in the evening, before being locked into their crib for the night. Should Sissy or Baby need to poo during the day, she has to ask mummy nicely for the potty. When this happens both of them will be put on their potties on which they will squat for half-an-hour, before they are allowed to get up and have their bottoms wiped. Even if only one of them has asked to be relieved, they are both expected to perform when on the potty. The one that has not done so will be punished, as will also the other in accordance with the shared punishment principle. The sissies have thus learned to try and coordinate their poopies so as to avoid being spanked. This is not easy as their dildoing has weakened their sphincters and they have to hurry when they feel the urge, even when the other cannot produce a turd. But being spanked for constipation entails a lesser spanking than messing their diaper, which would be corrected with the birch. It took only one occasion for them to learn that particular lesson. Their healthy diet of mashed vegetables, staple and bran and their hour on the potty each morning ensures the regular working of their bowels, but sometimes their mommies will have a bit of fun and slip a laxative into the bottle of one of the sissies, but not of the other. This provides the mommies amusing entertainment and usually an opportunity for spanking the sissies. For them it is a humiliating experience, all the more so if there are visitors coming or if they are taken out. On the day their new baby reins were delivered to the house their mommies decided to take them next day to their hairdresser. After their exercise and bath they were dressed in their training bras, cream-colored blouses with ruffled cuffs and collar and pink frilly satin baby knickers over their diapers and plastic pants. Pink dresses with petticoats would have also quite appropriate, but sometimes their mommies feel that these femmy sissy-boy clothes are just as good for their dress discipline. Sissy and Baby were then fastened in their new leather baby harnesses, their pacifiers were pushed into their mouths and they were led out to the van and taken to the hairdresser. For the trip they were supplied with their special formula baby bottles and told they had to finish them before they arrived at their destination. Janets salon was run by a good friend of their mommies who with her pretty blonde haired teenage young assistant Tracy, she greeted them warmly. Janet knew all about the sissies having visited them on several occasions, but for Tracy this was her first view of them and she couldn't stop smirking. The sissies did not know it, but they were going to be treated to a very special haircut. Sissy was first fastened into a barber-chair, but before Janet could begin his coiffure Baby, whose bottle had been laced, urgently tugged Julies arm and whispered that she needed the potty, quick! Julie told her to speak up and the mortified Baby had almost to shout for the potty before Julie relented and took out the pink plastic potty which had been packed in the sissies nappy bag along with clean diapers and their paddle. Baby erupted immediately after her frilly baby knickers, plastic pants and nappy had been taken down and she made contact with the potty. Soon the women were wrinkling their noses and Janet asked Tracy to open the window and let in some fresh air! Baby Susie's was told she should continue squatting while Janet proceeded with Sissys haircut. The special haircut turned out to be a complete head shave! It was carried out with scissors and clippers and finished off with a lathering and close razor shave, with baby oil rubbed on the smooth head to complete the procedure! After this it was time for the sissies to change places. Baby Susie had her bottom wiped right there in full view of the attractive teenage girl who looked to no more than 17 or 18 years old .She began to blush and giggle at the sight of the poor sissy man and his tiny hairless penis and small round testacles.She had seen a few cocks but nothing this small on an adult only on young toddlers she had babysit for. She was intrigued by his nappy and thought the frilly pink plastic lined baby knickers were very cute.With his nappy and panties pulled back on Tracy took bay Sissy's hand and placed him in the barber-chair, still smirking . Tracy is she would like to do the honours this time. Tracy was more than ready and remarked that the sissies new sissy baby haircut was just adorable. Baby Susie's head was given the same treatment, Sissy strained in vain to produce something into the potty, but only managed a trickle of pee. After the fifteen minute meticulous shave was over the mommies looked at Sissy, shook their heads and Emma said it looks like you must have the paddle. As usual he cried already after the first swats and was sniffing profusely by the time he was allowed to get up from Emma's knees. The paddle passed on to Julie to do its work on Baby Susie's bottom. While Sissy was being spanked the terrified Baby had wet herself and was awarded with a fresh nappy after her spanking. Mercifully there were no other people apart from Janet and Tracy in the salon, which had been closed for the sissies visit, but any passer-by on the sidewalk who had happened to look in the windows would have been treated to the full scene, even if the sound-track with the smacks and cries had been muffled. When the party left the salon the sissies were again fully dressed and fastened into their reins, but they had also gained a new piece of clothing, diaphanous baby bonnets showing their newly shaved heads at their best! Both sissies are now always locked in pink plastic chastity devices, after Julie was able to find "baby-sized" little cages for their clitties. Their mommies found that this was necessary because otherwise they would be sucking each other whenever left alone. Of course they cannot provide the cream for their special bottles, but with their hormone treatment advancing they could produce very little anyway. But their mommies have been able to secure a supply of cummycream for the sissies through their network of lady friends, whose husbands, boyfriends and sissies regularly contribute the cream the two have become dependent on. The sissies have a weekly session when their CB's are removed so they can do their little squirties in each others mouths, usually this takes place on Saturday afternoon when a party of their mommies lady friends is present cheering them on while enjoying their afternoon tea. The sissies also have a special visitor who comes to see them twice a week. She is Lucy, a attractive woman with lactating breasts, who treats Sissy and Baby to a breast-feeding. When the sissies were introduced to her tits for the first time Sissy was silly enough to make a fuss about it and refuse to take the proffered nipple in her mouth, but a session with the paddle across Emma's knee but a stop that foolishness, earning Baby a paddling as well. Lucy also expects them to thank her after their feed by going down between her legs and giving her a satisfactory sucking and licking. She likes to rub their shaved heads while they are at it. Lucy has also teased them by telling them that their mommies should take them to the dentist to have their teeth removed, as her pleasure would be increased with their toothless gums caressing her pussy. Their mommies have yet to take up Lucy on her suggestion, but they have taken their wards fastened in their baby reins on another humiliating expedition to a tattooing salon, where the top of their necks were tattooed with the identification SISSY and BABY SUSIE respectively. Charter 7. The Birthday Party Emma and Julie had early come to the conclusion that while Sissy and Baby were quite adequate names for their sissy hubbies at home, they really ought to give them more personal names as well. As the sissies birthdays, which happened to be within a week of each other, were approaching in a few weeks time they decided they would arrange a very special birthday party for them on the same day as they were to be given their new names. This entailed some planning and preparations as they wanted the occasion to be a very memorable one and leave an undeletable mark on their hubbies. Some dozen friends were to be invited and all of them were asked to bring a special present for the sissies, which they would coordinate and prepare carefully. Sissy and Baby were of course not told any details about these plans in advance. They were only told two weeks earlier that they were going to have a very special birthday party given for them, leading them to speculate somewhat apprehensively in their sissy-minds what this would mean. On the big day the sissies were put through their normal morning chores, i.e. potty-time in the high-chairs where they were given their baby bottles and fed their breakfast of porridge with mashed veggies, then their exercises with the skipping ropes, and their bath. The little stubble on their heads was carefully shaved and their heads rubbed with sweet-smelling baby oil, after which they were put in their playpen. As they played with their dollies and exchanged occasional sloppy sissy kisses they could hear that there was a lot of coming and going downstairs with the ongoing party preparations. At noon their mommies came to let them out of their pen. To their surprise they were not put into their party frocks. Instead they were stripped down to their diapers and a little undervest with no other clothing or even a bonnet and lead downstairs sucking their pacifiers and holding each others hands. When they entered the big living room adorned with balloons and jolly ribbons they were greeted by a chorus of about a dozen people singing Happy Birthday To You. It was a warm day and the doors were open to the garden where a barbecue was sizzling. Sissy and Baby recognized all the guests, who were all female except for Sir Richard, a.k.a. Sir Prickhard - that was anyway how he had been introduced to them when he visited their nursery and gave them his generous cum-donation -, but they were surprised to see two maids in immaculate pale blue maid uniforms and frilly aprons standing unobtrusively at the kitchen door with their hands clasped in front of them in the submissive maid position. A young girl, who the sissies recognized as Tracy from the hairdressers, was busy videoing the whole scene. A playpen with thick plastic-covered carpet in it had been put on the floor for the sissies. They were led into it and allowed to sit down. After the singing was finished Julie took the floor. Welcome all to this very special party for Sissy and Baby. It is their joint birthday party but it is also the event where they will be given their new names. We are still expecting two more guests who should arrive any time now if their plane is on time. All of you are familiar with Sissys and Babys status and Emma and I are very grateful that you have wanted to present and have also kindly agreed to contribute to their sissy baby life with some very nice presents for Sissy and Baby. Now if Jeanne and Marcia are so good to be the first ones to give their presents. Jeanne and Marcia were two young women . Jeanne popped out to the hall and returned carrying a bundle of shiny satiny soft material. She and Marcia proceeded to open them and lay out the contents. It was a complete set of pretty baby wear for the two sissies, all in the same pinkish semitransparent babysoft plastic adorned with little red spots! There were two short dresses flaring out at the waist and with puffed sleeves, two baby doll tops, two frilly pink short transparent baby-doll nighties , two bonnets, dozens of frilly baby girl knickers in pink white and pale lemon, many pairs of clear plastic pants. There were also two hooded plastic raincoats. After the sissies had been allowed to look and feel all of the items they were dressed in their new dresses, frilly ruffled panties and bonnets, but not with bras which surprised and disappointed the sissies as they were used to wearing training bras to keep their budding titties in place. -Thank you Jeanne and Marcia for this wonderful wardrobe, Emma said. This plastic material is just precious and Sissy and Baby will soon get even more plastic clothes, it is just the right material for our two drooling and messy sissies and save a lot of washing. And we know they love plastic it as they are always very upset if they are not dressed in their plastic pants, and when they are, they love to touch and fondle their tiny thingies. This certainly was true as the sissies were already engrossed with each other and caressing the soft plastic which covered their bums. Emma had to call them to order. -Where are your manners? You should curtsey and thank Jeanne and Marcia and give them a sissykiss in appreciation for your new clothes. After that I think its Auntie Doctors turn to give her presents. The doctor was Lisbeth, the family doctor for all of them and close personal friend of Emma and Trish who had contributed with advice, medication and hormone prescriptions to the sissification of the two hubbies. She was just getting out her presents from her bag when the doorbell rang. -That must be the last of our guests, Julie said. She went to the hall and opened the door. In came an elderly woman with a younger one. -Hello Julie, the older one said to Mummy, I am so glad to be able to finally make it here. I have been so excited by our correspondence I'm dying to see him the baby girl after all these years. And this is my daughter Patty, she said, introducing the younger woman to Mummy. I believe you did meet at the wedding, but that was already, what, almost ten years ago. I'm so happy you two could make it to this party. It will mean the world for Baby. We have only just begun and you won't be missing any of the fun. The women entered the living room and were introduced. Only one of those present did not need an introduction. This was Baby who gaped in astonishment as the women entered, for the elder Marilyn was actually his Mum - his real mother - and the younger Patty his sister. No need to be abashed Baby, Mummy Julie said to him. Your mother and I have been corresponding all the time and she knows all about your new sissy baby status, and I know all about your sissy habits which you already had when still under her control. In fact she has greatly encouraged me and Dianne in continuing with your sissification. We all owe a lot to her. Thank you Julie, Marilyn said. Actually it is true what they say, once a sissy, always a sissy. Isn't it so my precious Baby she said to her son, not expecting an answer. I have brought you a present from your old days at home. Remember this Baby? she said, shaking out a leather object in her hand. Its your old temper tantrum hood which I put on you whenever you were cranky to calm you! Remember the time you took your sisters panties from the laundry-basket and I caught you sniffing them, and how you spent the next nights with the panties on your head under this hood? A wonderful instrument of discipline, wasn't it? I hope Trish will also find it useful, so here it is. The black leather hood had openings only for the mouth and nose and had a lock which could be fastened after the zipper had been closed at the back of the head. She gave it to her son who took it with trepidation. Sissy beside him looked a bit left out, so Marilyn turned to him and said don't cry Sissy, we haven't forgotten you. Look, here's a similar discipline hood for you too. But I don't expect them to need them today on your big day, so lets put them aside until your mummies have to resort to them. Dr Lisbeth now spoke up. -That was certainly a very useful present. I hope my presents are as welcome, and anyway they can be put into use immediately. From her bag she now took out two pink objects. They were collars in dayglow shocking pink plastic, one centimetre thick and three centimetres high. She gave the other one to Marilyn. Perhaps you might want to put this on Baby while Ill fix the other one around Sissys neck. Its been made to measure and the special locking mechanism will close itself if you just push the ends together a bit, no key is needed and once it is in place it cannot be removed. The plastic is of especially tough material and is as secure as steel, Lisbeth said as she fitted the collar around Sissys neck and snapped it shut with a loud and very final sounding click. Marilyn did the same with Babys collar. The collars had several steel rings for tethering and other purposes. They fitted snugly, but not too tightly to be uncomfortable. They weren't as high as a discipline collar, but they were meant to be seen and noticed and to be a permanent and constant reminder to the sissies of their status. After the guests had admired and commented on the collars for a while Lucy was ready to come in with her presents. They were two small boxes she invited the sissies to open. They did so to discover a shiny steel barbell in each of them. -I do admit that I had some selfish thoughts too, when I chose these to be fitted on your tongues next time you visit the tattoo parlour, Lucy said with a huge smile. The sissies curtsied and thanked her, and adding, after some prodding from Diane, how thrilled they were to have them inserted so they could give Auntie Lucy even more pleasure. -You're most welcome, Lucy said, and added with a sly wink, And if you need the dentist just ask me and Ill get you one. Emma then turned to another of the lady guests, Trish, and invited her to present her gift. -With pleasure, Trish responded. I will call my Maid Helen from the kitchen first. Get my Maid Alice as well, Lucy chimed in. He is still an apprentice maid andi t will be an educational experience for him too to watch this. The thus summoned maids curtsied on entering and remained standing their eyes downcast, their hands clasped demurely in front of them. -Go and fetch our present Helen, Trish commanded the maid, who was in fact her long-suffering sissy hubby and had served as her maid for almost ten years now. The maid left and returned a moment later, curtsied at the door and went forward to present Judy with a long object. Judy took it and showed it to everyone. -This is a high-quality, custom-made riding crop. Helen and I will demonstrate its use and effectiveness, before we leave it to Emma and Julie and their sissies. Helen, take down your panties and bend over the back of this chair here, Judy said, pointing to a straight backed chair that she had placed in the middle of the room. The maid did as instructed, lifted her short maids dress and petticoat and then took down her pretty pink frilled nylon panties. As they were lowered everyone saw that she was locked in a shiny steel chastity belt. Three years now is it since your chastity last came off? Judy asked with a wink to the audience as the maid bends over the back of the chair to grasp its front legs. As she presented her bare backside to the room did so everyone could see, that the back chain of the chastity belt was fitted with a plug which rested firmly in the pert ass off the sissy maid. Her bum also showed some fading marks indicating, that she had been disciplined not too long ago. Eight was it we agreed on asked Trish, and Helen replied almost inaudibly something which sounded like Yes Maam. The first THWACK was followed by a loud gasp from the sissy, and then a meek One, thank you Maam. Although the maids breathing became heavier and her thank you after each stroke more contorted, she remained in place and did not cry out through the remaining seven lashes, which Judy delivered at a leisurely pace. At the end the maid bottom was covered with eight clear bright red welts. Maid Helen remained in place, for she knew better than to rise before receiving explicit permission from her mistress to do so. Trish now turned to Sissy and Baby, who had been watching the spectacle with open drooling mouths, the pacifiers they had dropped dangling on the ribbons round their necks and knowing, that their bottoms would sooner or later have a taste of this new instrument. Would you like to step forward to have a closer look? The awed sissies seemed less then enthusiastic as Trish put their pacifiers back in their mouths, opened the pen gate and took their hands and guided them closer. Helen shivered slightly but remained quite as Trish placed the sissies hands on the maids bottom so the sissies could feel the welts and the warm glow of the freshly cropped bum. The sissies felt an uncomfortable tinge in their bottoms in anticipation of the day when they would bear similar marks.Why dont you take the crop upstairs to your room and hang it on the well next to your paddles and straps, while Sir Richard prepares his present for your. Sissy took the proffered crop gingerly as if it was a snake which could bite her any moment and carried it upstairs, accompanied by Baby and Tracy who wanted to take some video shots of their nursery as well. When they descended five minutes later the sissies saw their next present waiting for them in the playpen. It was a life-size inflatable rubber dolly with some special features which Sir Richard proceeded to explain. The dolly was dressed in plastic bikini pants in the same material as the sissies dresses. There was no hair on the dollys head which was also covered in the same kind of plastic bonnet as the sissies shaven heads. In its mouth it had a penis gag. The dolly was also dressed in a huge rubber bra which was actually a special breast feeding bra, which could be filled with milk or formula and be sucked like a baby bottle. And when Sir Richard lowered the dollys panties they saw that it had a real-looking sissy clitty which was encased in exactly the same kind of pink plastic chastity cage as they were wearing! Sir Richard also turned the dolly on its face to show them the tattoo-like text SISSY BABY on its bottom cheeks, and that the dolly also had a butt plug. The dolly was then turned back again and Sir Richard took a key to remove the chastity cage on the dolly, giving the key to Julie. The dolly had a three-and-a-half-inch sissy clit - certainly longer than what Sissy and Baby could come up with nowadays - and it had a teat at the tip for sucking, for it was in effect a kind of baby bottle which could be taken out and refilled. Well sissies, I believe your lunch is now served! The sissies went down on their dolly and started sucking. They were kept at it for almost half-an-hour before the contents had been consumed, alternating with each other ever five minutes between the clitty and the titties. The latter was filled with their usual milky formula, while the clitty had been filled with the special yummy-cummy which was part of their staple diet. It is true that even unappetizing meals taste better when they are served in a nice package Emma commented when they had finished, wiping some of the dribble from their dresses with a rag. -And now is the time for your penultimate present. Bring them down now she said to the two sissy-maids who had been summoned to stand-by. They obviously had been given their instructions earlier as they scurried upstairs and returned immediately carrying the rocking horses from the nursery. Now it was time for Janet to step forward with her presents. These were saddles for the rocking horses, once again of a special custom-made kind. As they were fitted tightly over the horses and fastened in place with a belt what caught everyone's attention were the six-inch long and five inch-thick dildos in pink plastic that were protruding from the middle of the seat. Janet proceeded to coat the dildos with a generous dose of Vaseline as she explained to the sissies, that they were now going for a nice ride while the adults would be enjoying their birthday meal. The rocking horses were placed beside each other at the wide door to the dining room so that the sissies could look at the guests eating and they could enjoy the sight of the sissies riding. Julie and Emma came to help, first removing the sissies pink satin knickers and plastic pants with soaked diapers and then helping them to sit down on the saddles. Once they were impaled on them their legs were bent and their ankles fastened to the cuffs at the end of the short stirrup straps. As the stirrups were placed slightly behind them they had immediately after having been thus secured to lean a bit forward and grab hold of the short grips on the sides of the horses head to keep their balance. Now they only needed to be bridled, as Julie and Emma pointed out before taking their pacifiers from their mouths and putting on a head-harness with a bit that was placed between their teeth. -Oh, there is still one more thing they need Julie said, and took out two small soaking pads to be placed snugly under the chastity cages into which their clitties were locked. Mustn't have them wet their precious new saddles. Now enjoy your ride and keep them horses rocking all the time while we celebrate your birthday with our meal! It was a long, leisurely four course meal that took almost to hours to finish with the two sissy maids taking care of the service. Although Lucy's Maid Alice may have been a novice maid she was also an excellent professional cook, as everyone around the table could agree on. As everyone finally arose from the table Julie and Emma took a small lump of sugar each from the table and went to the sissies, who had all the time kept the horses in silent movement, took off their bridles, patted their heads and fed them the lump saying good girl. The mummies undid the cuffs at their ankles allowing them to put their feet on the floor and gingerly lift themselves up from the saddles. The pads under their clitties had been a necessary precaution as they were both wet. Now it is time for you to have a bit of sissy fun together Emma cooed, but before that you will have to clean your saddles first. Get your heads down on them. They have to be as shiny as they were before you can have your fun. The sissies were appalled as they looked at the dildos covered now wet streaks after their ride. When they stalled Trish chimed in: - It seems that they cant wait to have their new crop put to use on them. Hearing this Baby immediately went down on his saddle and started using his tongue. Sissy hesitated only a second longer before doing the same. A chorus of laughter rang around the room. After a few minutes the sissies task was completed to their mummies satisfaction. Julie popped out of the room and returned quickly with a small bowl of water where a bar of soap was resting. -Now lets wash your mouths she said picking up the bar and shoving it into Babys mouth. Mouth-soapings were not new to the sissies and baby accepted the soap without fuss. Now go to Aunt Janet and thank her for the wonderful saddles she has given you. Baby shuffled over to her and, with the bar of soap in her mouth and lisped something which sounded like Wan uu elly mush fow ow nuu thalles. This was amusing enough but what almost brought the house down were the soap bubbles that sprang from Babys mouth as she said her bit! -Good. Now give the soap to Sissy who will then also thank Auntie in the same way. Oh no, no hands allowed, you have to give Sissy a real soapy kiss to transfer the bar Baby and Sissy completed the handover as instructed and as Sissy thanked Aunt Janet she also blew some nice bubbles, after which she was allowed to push the soap out of her mouth into the bowl. And now for your fun, and ours as well of course Julie said, as she guided the sissies back into the play pen and took out a key to release Babys clitty from its chastity while Emma did the same with Sissys. --Aw, how cute, look at their tiny baby sized little stiffies! Patty mocked soo tiny the two together would only make one decent sized penis,poor baby Susie's looks no more bigger than my pinky finger. But the sissies were oblivious to this as they went down on each other right away taking their stiff little clitties in each others mouths. It didn't take them long to produce their tiny squirties, but they lingered on in the same position savouring every moment of their play time. They exchanged soapy kisses and caressed each others bottoms and soon their sissy fingers were inching into their sissy cunties as they squirmed with delight. After twenty minutes of this their mummies took over again, saying that their playtime was now over and it was time for them to receive their last presents of the day. The sissies had been so engrossed with each other that they had not noticed how meanwhile the sissy maids had carried their rocking horses back to their nursery and brought down their highchairs. They were now gently disentangled and made to stand up . Now we will proceed with the highlight of our party. For this we need the sissies to be first firmly secured. Their highchairs are perfect for this purpose and it is also helpful that they are potty-chairs at the same time as they might lose control during the ceremony. Seeing the sissies consternation at this Julie added, that they needn't worry, everyone would be understanding and as they were to be seated on their potties there wouldnt be any consequences for them. The sissies were again stripped save for the bonnets on their heads before they were locked into the highchairs. Just in time too, for Baby, who must have had an army of butterflies flittering in her tummy in fear of what the unknown next event could entail, let out a loud fart and a trickle of brown liquid from her bowels as her bottom made contact with the potty. No-one minded, but Dr Lisbeth took out two tablets for the sissies to take explaining to their mummies that it would calm them down. The sissies swallowed their tablets before they were fully secured into their chairs. This was done with cuffs and straps which fastened their hands to the arms of their highchairs, another pair of cuffs that fastened their ankles to legs, with two short links which immobilized their necks and tethered them to the back of the chairs and, finally, two more straps that secured their waists and their chests just below their tits firmly to the chairs. Again Dr Lisbeth came forward and examined their modest, but nicely developing tits and swabbed them clean and dry with an antiseptic little towels.She then produced a tape measure ,each penis became erect after she lightly fondled them, Sissie's penis has now reduced from 4.4 inches erect to 3.7 inches and Baby susie's penis is a tiny 2.5 inches erect ,clearly a micro penis she announced triumphantly giggling and smiling. Completely useless for penetration .Now they only needed their thick penis gags inserted to be ready.Laughter could be heard from all the guests especially young Tracy who was filming and snapping pictures on her mobile phone. One or two women feeling sorry for the poor adult baby men who had become baby girls equipped with un manly tiny cocks. Dear friends, now is the time for Sissy and Baby to have their new names bestowed on then, Emma declared as the glowing barbecue which had sizzling quietly in the garden was carefully carried inside by the two maids. From the glowing charcoal embers Emma and Julie each now took out a branding iron which had been resting in the fire without those not in the know paying any notice, just thinking they were grill-irons for grilling meat. Emma and Julie positioned themselves besides their sissies and on cue from Lisbeth plunged the glowing red tip of their irons exactly free centimetres above the right-hand nipple of their sissies. Lisbeth counted to three while the immobilised sissies would have jumped in the air had they not been securely tethered as they frantically squirmed and made muffled noises in their gagged mouths and an aroma of burning flesh filled the air. As Dr Lisbeth said three the irons were lifted and displayed the new names in two-and-a.half centimetre burning scarlet which now permanently adorned the sissies titties, LULU on Sissy and BABS on Baby. Maid Helen was ready with a tray passing glasses of champagne to everyone for a toast to Lulu and Babs. The sissies gags were removed, but they were still left restrained in their high-chairs for a cooling down period, as Lisbeth said, applying some soothing and healing salve to the brands. And when everyone lifted their glasses of champagne the two maids approached Lulu and Babs with baby bottles and pressed them to the sissies lips. The bottles were full of yellow liquid, a personal gift from their mummies for their toast. After an hour Lulu and Babs were bandaged and let out of their highchairs. They were put in clean diapers and plastic panties frilly pink chiffon baby knickers and matching light pink soft see through very short nighties. They were then taken to their nursery were they were put in their crib and their arms and feet buckled down with straps for safety, so they could not tamper with their bandages and endanger the healing process. While this was done Tracy was still hovering around with her phone camera, which had recorded all the events of the evening. Now the young girl wished the sissies good night and added, -the highlights of your party will be on Youtube tomorrow and the the full version will be posted on the new Lulu and Babs sissybaby website which will be ready in a few days. I have promised your mummies I will be your babysitter when they go out on dates with real men and we can enjoy watching the videos together. I might bring some of my friends along . Its was true that although Julie and Emma had played with each other they missed having sex with manly types of guys, the sort who know how to dominate a woman in the bedroom take charge, men who are well endowed and know how to use their big alpha cocks.Within weeks both women went on double dates after meeting two large built guys on the internet.As the relationships quickly developed they disclosed they were married but their husbands were sissy adult babies and were unable to please them ,sex with their husbands was rubbish .When Emma and julie finally introduced their lovers to their baby girl husbands it was quite clear once nappies were removed and their tiny stiff penis were fully on display these gorgeous women needed some sexual satisfaction .The poor hapless babies who loved their Mommies very much were forced to watch their wives pleasured by the big rough men with their very large thick over sized ciocks.Hearing how these men described their wives vaginas as feeling very tight .Emma and Julie then having had to remind them of their baby dick sized hubbies was the reason. When Emma and Julie were brutally fucked hard their moans intensified into wonderful orgasms. The poor sissy babies could do nothing but make creamies in their wet nappies and pink frilly girl attire.The added humiliation of having young pretty babysitters like Tracy and her friends come over for the night made it even worse .These sexy attractive 18 year old girls having full knowledge of their cuckold status ,seeing them clothed in frilly pink baby girl clothes , seeing their tiny cocks during nappy changes heaped more shame on the sissy girl husbands but what could they do. Epilogue The sissies brands healed nicely and soon they did not need the bandages that Dr Lisbeth had covered the marks with. Julie and Emma were originally a bit unsure as to how Lulu and Babs would adapt themselves to their new names and their markings. They had even discussed whether they should introduce a special disciplinary regime of regular spankings ,humiliate them even more if the teenage babysitters are present ,seeing their baby's over the laps of their lovers for a good hard hand spanking made their panties wet just thinking about such an event. Even Dr Lisbeth encouraged Emma and Julie to continue their sissy baby husbands cuckolding, knowing that two very attractive women could never have a fulfilling sex life with their husbands tiny cocks .What woman would put up with a man dressed in frilly baby clothes in addition to having toddler sized penis Dr Lisbeth stated confidently, Your sissy baby husbands will soon get used to having real men sharing your bed, perhaps the baby girls will begin to call them Daddy and when the babies misbehave yes its quite appropriate their Daddies spank their bottoms, being a sissy baby girl is very much about humiliation and what could be more humiliating than having your husband dressed as a baby girl being spanked by a real man.The three women laughed hysterically but the two attractive mommies took the good Drs advice.
  8. A re edited version of a sissy adult baby husband accepting his fate as a cuckold . Chapter 1: "It wasn't difficult at all to turn him into this." That is my 38 year old attractive wife Amy talking to her young friend Steff. She is talking about me. I am sitting on the floor in my cloth nappy ,covered with plastic pants and my frilly pink satin baby knickers.I'm also wearing a matching short frilly pink satin dress,my legs splayed out in front of me, colouring in my colouring book. My brown hair is parted in the middle and braided in pink-ribboned pigtails . That seems a hundred years ago. Now I've been reduced to the status of a sissy baby. How did this happen to me? I'm still not sure. "One day, I was looking through some boxes in the basement for some old papers and I came across his stash of girly things," Amy says, telling Steff the story of my transformation. "He was so embarrassed, the poor thing. He tried to say they must have belonged to an old forgotten girlfriend of his, but he was blushing so femmy pink and stammering so badly it was obvious he was lying." Even now hearing Amy tell the story makes me a little uncomfortable. I put my thumb in my mouth and suck. Steff laughs. She is a very attractive blonde teenager but quite mature for a 19 years old .She works in our office as part of the finance team. She crosses her young slender nylon-covered legs. She's wearing a soft short black skirt and black stilettos. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of her silky white shiny panties and lacy tops of her hold up stockings. I mostly notice people from the knee down nowadays.Amy's legs are bare and she's wearing sandals. Her toenails are painted bright red. "What did you do?" Steff asks. "I told him I wouldn't be upset if he just told the truth. It didn't take much coaxing. Deep down, I guess he really wanted to tell me. It was quite sweet, actually. Poor dear had been hiding his cross dressing all his life, hes always had a soft gentle side " It was true. I had wanted to tell her, but I hardly knew how. Getting caught as I had provided a kind of opening. Amy made me lay beside her on the bed and tell her everything. When I was finished, breathless and teary-eyed, she calmly told me to strip and put on my favorite panties and nightie. I did as she said, going to the stash of girl-things she'd discovered and picking out a pink satin nightie and pink lace panties. When I got back to the bed I was already growing hard inside the tiny panties.I remember feeling embarrassed as she giggled. "He'"He never been much of a lover," Amy says. "He'd get these very small erections which to be honest never did anything for me only his oral skills got me going. But at least now I understood why. I told him to masturbate himself for me. It really didn't do anything for me to see how excited he would get being dressed up,but it was kind of amusing, kind of cute watching him cum like a girl into his silky frilly lace panties. That's when I got the idea to make him my little girl." I looked at Steff as she sat there smirking down at me . "You say very small how small "? Steff asked now becoming more inquisitive . "No more than three inches fully hard and its actually quite thin . I was never really able to feel him inside me properly" "Oh my wow really ,oh that is very small it sounds like you are describing a little boys penis as she held up her little finger estimating what three inches looked like." Steff began laughing hysterically holding her hand to her mouth now, teary eyed and of course my wife began to laugh with her.I felt myself go red with embarrassment that this young girl was aware of my short comings. Steff looked at me "I'm sorry for laughing at you Mark ..babykins you are still very cute and well I suppose baby boys dont have big willies and yours is very small so you have to be a baby girl instead." I didn't need to hear Amy retell this part of the story to Steff. I remember so well that first time, lying on my back, nightie hiked up over my thighs. I had my hand inside my panties as Amy watched ,encouraging me. I masturbated myself like I'd seen girls do, flicking my little stiff penis with my fingertips. Amy seemed to watch with genuine interest as I came close to cumming. She reached down and stroked my nipples through the satin nightie. I arched my body off the bed,supported only by my shoulders and heels, my fingers flicking the underside of my silky and lace-encased cock. "Cum Susie cum for mommy," Amy cooed, "cum my little girl…" Oh how did she know, I wondered. How? And then all my thoughts were chased away by her fingers squeezing my nipple and I moaned and soaked my panties with a warm gooey cummy cream. Chapter 2: Little boy to sissy "Everything changed after that day," Amy says. "He didn't know it at first. I suspect he just thought things would go on as usual. As if finding out your husband was a sissy was something a woman would just accept as normal!" Steff and Amy shared a laugh. "Well," Amy continued, "he was certainly wrong." I'd thought after that first time Amy was pretty cool with the idea of my crossdressing. She encouraged me to dress-up for her on the nights we had sex. I'd pretty much always kept my body hairless, but on sex nights I'd take a long shower, during which I'd use a cream depilatory, and make sure I was extra-smooth all over. I'd wash my already longish hair, pull it back from my face, and apply a little lipstick. Then I'd slip on one of the panties and nightie sets that Amy had chosen for me. "He thought I got off looking at him mincing around like a little French whore," Amy snickered as she recounted one of the nights she had me wear a black garter, black seamed stockings, a half-bra, and a frilly white apron with matching cap. "I had him kneel on the floor in front of me and eat me out. He'd gotten to be quite good at oral by then. He'd lick my pussy for 45 minutes at a time…as long as I wanted. I didn't let him touch me with that useless little puny thing of his." It was hard, at first, not being allowed to have regular sex with my wife anymore. I guess I figured it was a temporary thing, that she just needed to get used to the idea that her husband was a sissy. After all, it was probably a big adjustment for any woman to make. But as the weeks went by and she showed no interest in me that way anymore I tried to come to grips with the reality of the situation. I couldn't really complain. Amy had never seemed that satisfied with intercourse with me anyway, and if she could make some sacrifices to accommodate me, I could certainly do the same for her. "It took me a while to understand what he was thinking," Amy said, "and then I realized…he thought I didn't like being fucked anymore ." This time Steff and Amy laughed for quite time. I suck my thumb harder and colour in a Tweetie Bird with a purple crayon, trying hard to stay inside the lines. I'm so clumsy and uncoordinated lately. I feel my eyes sting with tears. "By then, I'd been carrying on with James for nearly a month and it was time to do something with Mark. So I decided to step things up a little. I told him that I didn't mind him dressing as a girl, but I'd like it if he would let me dress him up as a baby girl." "He went for that?" Steff asks giggling at the thought of it. "Well he seemed kinda uncertain at first, but what could he say? If I could accept his kink it was only reasonable that he accept mine.Besides, it wasn't that much of a stretch and I had ways of motivating him." "Why dress him as a baby girl is it because of his tiny thingy "steff asked clearly enjoying my wife's story. "Yes partly that but also because I wanted to emasculate him even further than wearing my silky panties and baby girl clothes are much more prettier " "Really wow how so how did you manage it .Looking up at Steff's young pretty face made me feel more ashamed as she continued to ask my wife about more details?" I wonder if she would tell all her friends about me. At first, I couldn't believe Amy really wanted me to be her baby. But when she came home one day with a package of cloth terry nappies and pink safety pins and helped me into one, I realized that she was dead serious. She put me into a pink see through baby-doll nightie and a pair of white pink slippers that matched my pink toenail polish. My nappied bottom and clear plastic pants was exposed beneath the short nightie and it made me waddle a bit, especially on the high-heeled mules. Amy seemed really pleased. She had me walk around for her and then lie on the bed. She straddled my face and had me lick her to two orgasms. Then she let me suck her breast while she masturbated me through the plastic pants and nappy. "What I did was condition him," Amy says. She slipped off one of her sandals and flexed her pretty white toes. "I poured some warm tea onto the front of his nappy to make it wet. Then I jerked him off through the sopping material. I made him talk baby-talk if he wanted to cum. If he did a good job, I'd rub faster. I'd make him babble away incoherently for 30, 40 minutes. Sometimes it was an hour before I let him cum. It did wonders to break down his defenses. He came to associate pleasure with a wet nappy and acting like a baby." Listening to my wife explain it now, it all seems so obvious, even to my simplified mind. How could I have not noticed it before? I dimly perceive the growing warmth spreading under my bottom. I'm peeing. Chapter 3: An all-new girl "Well after that," Amy is saying, "it was all pretty easy. I started feeding him the tea before he put on the cloth nappy and plastic pants with his nightie and we'd go to bed and I'd wet his diaper as before. Only now when he had to go use the bathroom, I'd just have him pee into his nappy and plastic pants." "Whooa," Steff says, crossing her legs, and I see the wool skirt slide up her stocking thighs. She doesn't even bother to pull it down to cover her white silky pantied crotch . And I'm reminded why. I'm just a baby, a sissy, not a man. What difference does it make if I see? "That must have been a big step." "At first, he was reluctant, but I simply used the conditioning he'd already undergone against him. It was simple: no pee, no pleasure. Until his nappy was soaked with pee, I wouldn't touch him. And if he wanted to cum…nothing but baby-talk. It worked like a charm. I bought him lots of frilly adult baby girl knickers satin and pretty matching dresses from specialist shops which he loves" It was just as she said. Once she got me to start peeing myself and talking baby-talk for orgasms, I found any resistance to her plans that I might have had crumbling all around me. She made it all seem so inevitable. Besides, she really seemed to like me as her baby girl. I got used to wearing the nappies and frilly baby clothes all the time and even wore them under my work clothes. I thought they gave my butt an extra puffy look in my pants and I was sure that anyone within earshot could hear the crinkle of the plastic lined frilly baby knickers as I walked passed, but Amy said I was letting my imagination run away with me. Meanwhile, the nappies would force me to use the bathroom stall to sit down and pee. No way could I stand at a urinal and take the risk of someone seeing me try to pull my penis out from the diaper. Eventually, though, I didn't have to worry about the inconvenience. "You mean you had him pissing himself at work?" Steff says astonished,"You gotta be kidding me!" But it was true. During the day, Amy would come to my office, shut the door, and reach into my pants to check if I were wet. At first I held it back, but eventually I realized there was no choice. She wanted me to pee myself and I did. The first time she changed me at the office I felt terrified. She had me lay across my desk with my pants around my ankles and pulling my frilly knickers wet diaper down. I felt so exposed and defenseless; the air conditioning chilling my damp bare ass. What if someone came in? It seemed to take forever but Amy eventually slid a fresh diaper underneath me, powdered my ass, and fit the pink safety pins securing the nappy to my waist. She patted me on my padded frilly pink plastic covered behind. "That should hold my little baby," she cooed, "for a little while anyway." All day long she had me drinking tea and water and fruit juices. If I wet myself, I had to send her an email and ask her to change me. Towards the end, she had to change me up to six times a day. She had me keep them nappies and plastic lined frilly panties and baby powder in the lower left-hand drawer of my desk. She wouldn't even let me lock it. "And the whole time you were seeing James right down the hall?" "Yes," Amy says. "I'd change my little baby and get him all comfy and dry and then James and I would take a 2-hour lunch at Midtown Hotel. By the time I came back, I was quite sore from our time together if you know what I mean and little baby Susie was sitting in her piss-soaked nappies again." They laughed at me and I can't help it: I just start crying. It happens so suddenly I hardly know what I'm doing and it scares me and I cry even harder. Amy shooshes me. "Awww poor baby well with such a tiny one and being a wimp its no wonder your wife has a boyfriend" Steff teased as she looked me right in the eye. "Oh poor baby," she coos through kissy-lips that I never get to kiss anymore, "poor poor Susie baby girl wanna baba?" She hands me my pink baba and I hold the rubber nipple to my lips and suck. The pink milky mixture is sweet and warm. I close my eyes and scrunch up my toes. I always feel much better when I take my baba. I've heard Amy say that there's some kind of sedative in the formula;that's what she says now to Steff. I don't care. I feel much, much calmer…almost happy. I get sleepy. I stop crying. They continue their conversation now that I'm no longer fussing. I burp contentedly. Chapter 4: The perfect nanny "Did you tell, James, what you were doing to him?" Steff asks. "Of course," I hear my wife say. "He needed to know that baby Susie wasn't any threat, that he wasn't even a man." "Wow, what did he say when he found out?" "Oh he thought it was just hilarious. The idea that any man would let what I was doing to Mark happen to him…well, let's just say that it made everything perfectly clear: Mark wasn't any kind of man at all. I mean James and I were going at it virtually right under his nose, and the adorable little nitwit was sitting around in a wet nappy and frilly baby knickers waiting for me to change him." " Awww How cute," Steff says, and it almost sounded as if she means it. "He…I mean she…really is a sweetie so adorable you have to let me babysit your baby girl husband" she giggled. I only dimly remember the time Amy is describing now: seeing her pass by my door on her way to James's office almost constantly, listening to their laughter out in the hall, hearing the office gossip about their affair. Everyone looked at me as if they felt sorry for me. When I asked Amy what was going on, she told me to stop "fussing" and be a good girl. She'd reach into my pants…or under my nightie or skirt if we were home…and check to see if I were wet. Usually I was and somehow the knowing look on her face embarrassed me and ended the conversation right then and there. "And then a stroke of luck…" Amy continues. "The young cleaning lady found Mark's stash of nappies and plastic panties in the bottom drawer of his desk. He came to my office one morning in a state of total panic with a note from Juanita, that's her name. It was clear that she intended to harass him, maybe blackmail him for money…" "Damn, what did you do?" "I told Mark not to worry. We'd both stay after work and I'd handle it." This part of the story I remember much better. I couldn't understand how Amy could be so calm when it seemed I was about to be exposed for the baby girl sissy I'd become. I sat in my office as the clock moved towards 6 pm. The floor was nearly empty and Amy breezed into my office and sat down going over some papers. I could hear the cleaning lady emptying the trash cans of the offices further down the hall. My heart was pounding. I couldn't talk. "I told him to relax," Amy laughed. "And when Juanita came to the office she was surprised to find both of us sitting there. She looked from Mark to me and I could see she understood the situation instantly.She smiled and winked at me and I knew we'd come to an understanding then and there. ‘Her name is Susie,' I said. And then I turned to Mark and said, ‘come here sweetie pie and let momma check if you're wet." "No way!" Steff said, stroking her nylon-encased calves. "He didn't." "What choice did my little sissykins have? Of course he did." And it's true, I did. Of course, I was so nervous by that time that my nappy had soaked nearly through. They didn't even bother to close the office door. What if someone working late came walking passed? Amy had me lay over my desk and changed me right in front of the cleaning lady. She let me left me there a long time, her hand on my damp ass while they talked. The cleaning lady was only in her late 20's and reasonably attractive. Her loud laugh when she first saw my frilly pink knickers and nappy made me blush all over I was so ashamed. I could just make out what Amy was doing over the rush of blood in my ears. She was hiring the cleaning lady as my nanny. "She's been such a godsend. James and I were out most nights by then to all hours, and sometimes I'd sleep over at his place. Now, with both of us working, I really needed someone to look after her. Well, Juanita turned out to be the perfect nanny: strict and discrete. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's a live-in, but she has this afternoon off. You'll meet her eventually. Wonderful nanny and of course when she needs time off I will need you if you want to babysit for me" Steff smiled and was more than happy to. She was eager to find out more. "He didn't complain at being turned over to another woman? Letting someone else see him like that?" "What was he going to say?" Amy says coolly. "He really had no choice in the matter. Besides, Juanita has some experience as a dominatrix for a short time, so she knows how to handle disobedience. Not that my precious baby angel is much trouble at all, are you snookums? No, by that time, I'd pretty much stopped touching him at all in a sexual way. So if he wanted to have his precious little cummies, he had to let Juanita do it for him." It was true. By now Amy had all but stopped doing anything sexual with me on a regular basis. She understood that I still needed my regular "reprogramming" sessions. But that was now my nanny's job. So while Amy continued her affair with James—hardly even keeping it a secret any longer—nanny tended to me. I dressed in my frilly pink baby things and nanny fed me my bottle and spooned me baby food out of jars. Yes, I was now eating nothing more solid than fruit sauces and strained meats and vegetables.Nanny would feed me while watching TV, rock me against her perfumed small bosom when I was done, and pat me until I burped. She would set me on the floor sucking on my pacifier or to play with my plastic key-ring or to colour in my colouring book. Everyone always said what a good baby I am. Sometimes nanny would paint my nails or do my hair. Once she painted my toenails each a different colour. That night when Amy came home she was delighted with my pretty candy-coloured toes and I felt so happy that she was pleased. At the same time I was being reverse potty trained which meant that I was slowly losing all my toilet privileges. Although I still tried to hold it in, I had taken to having little "accidents" and pooping my nappy pretty regularly. I was so ashamed and afraid when this first started happening but nanny seemed delighted. She always made it a point to keep my soiled nappy and pissy plastic pants to show my wife when she got home. No matter how tired my wife was she seemed thrilled to see the wetness at the bottom of the nappy. On those nights before nanny put me down to sleep, Amy would help me have my cummy placing her long manicured finger and the thumb around my puny short thin erect shaft . "He was ready by then," Amy says, "ready to be Baby susie full time and forever. The last step in the transformation was to introduce him to his new position in our little family once and for all. That meant bringing James over." "Oh yes," Steff said, clapping. "Tell me all about that. I've got to hear how that went!" Amy interrupted her story to glance down at me. "Whatsa matter?" she said, talking in her singsong baby-talking-tone that made me feel better in spite of myself. She reached into my elasticated leg band of my plastic lined frilly pink satin knickers and touched my damp crotch with the tips of her luscious toes. "Did baby make wet again? Awwww, its okay sweetie." She stroked my soft and soggy little penis with her soft bare toes. Then Amy slipped her pretty foot back into her sandal, reaching down to fix the strap around her ankle. She looked back up at Steff and grinned, "You're just going to love this part of the story." Chapter 5: Meeting Daddy "I decided not to give him any warning. I figured he had to be a fool not to know I was sleeping with another man by now. I was getting dressed for a date and had called Juanita over early to tend to my baby girl husband. The whole thing was a set-up. The little darling never suspected a thing." Hearing Amy talk about my cuckolding now makes it hurt all over again. But I guess it doesn't hurt quite as much as it used to. The memory has started to fade away, like so many other memories, such as what it was like to be Amy's husband or even what it was like to be a man.Sometimes when she tells someone the story it almost sounds like she's talking about someone else. I feel a little sorry for the guy called Mark and then I realize with a dulled shock that Mark used to be me.I had my suspicions, my wife had been sending a lot more texts than usual and flirted with James openly at work.I then searched through the laundry basket and checked her underwear and sure enough a pair of pale cream satin panties had tell take signs that could only be seaman. I felt upset but at the same time strangely aroused . I put those panties up to my nose and inhaled the mixture of the heavily cum stained gusset.My penis was rock hard. "Juanita came over and got sissy ickle susikins settled in front of the TV with a fresh cloth nappy and of course was wearing her frilliest pink baby knickers and her sissy pink baby-doll nightie with lots of lace ruffles so very short and cute so his frilly knickers and nappy would be on full view for James. I wanted James to see his frilly pink baby knickers and nappy knowing full well the embarrassment it would cause my baby girl I wanted him looking very babyish for when he arrived to put James at ease as well though" Steff leaned forward smiling, "So James just showed up? What did Mark do?" Amy laughed. "He didn't do anything, of course. Did you sweetums?" It was true. I was so shocked to see James standing in the doorway of the "playroom" that I lapsed into a kind of impotent stupor.I just stared up at the tall, broad-shouldered, and ruggedly-handsome man staring down at me. My beautiful wife with her long dark straight hair and immaculate make up looking more stunning than ever was having an affair with this man and there was nothing I could think to do about it.I was just unable to compete with this guy I could only imagine what he was thinking, hands thrust into the pockets of his chinos,a bemused expression on his face. There I was,his "rival" for my wife's affections, sitting on the floor at his polished shoes wearing my frilly pink baby girl clothes and no shoes of my own,just pink paint on my toenails, and holding a baby bottle in my painted fingers. At that moment, Amy came to the doorway, stood on tiptoe, and gave James an all-too- familiar kiss on the mouth. My heart sank. She was dressed in a tight black satin cocktail dress and the black patent stilettos I loved She was wearing some new expensive white silky satin hi cut panties and matching bra with a feminine lace trim that matched the lace on her panties. She took great pleasure letting me se her getting ready, telling me she was wearing them for James.They made her feel sexy and desirable. "Whoa," James said, getting a look at Amy. "Now don't you look good enough to eat." He slipped his arm around my wife's petite waist and pulled her in close. The kiss he gave her was nothing less than x-rated.Amy pushed her hips forward tight into her his crotch and let out a soft moan. When it was over, the two of them looked down at where I sat, tears pooling in my eyes.I was sat on the floor next to my tall slim wife looking up at her then at him.I noticed a very large bulge in the front of his trousers and my heart sank.His chinos tented out it was obvious he had an enormous erection and this got her excited pressing her self into him harder. "So this is my baby girl ," Amy said, with more than a touch of sarcasm. "Cute little thing, isn't she?" He squatted down and looked at the picture I was colouring: a farm scene with some lambs. "Oh that's a very nice picture you're coloring baby susie . When you're done, can Uncle James have it to put on my wall at work?" My wife's boyfriend grinned. "Oh what a wonderful idea," she clapped. "Oh of course Susie would love for you to have her picture, wouldn't you dear?" I simply sat there, eyes big as saucers, saying nothing, and looking at James like he was an apparition from another dimension. He looked so big and strong and powerful,well over 6ft 2 tall. I couldn't help but wonder what Amy ever saw in me in the first place, we were the same height at 5ft 9 though I'm quite thin. At the same time, everything inside me was screaming at me to stand up, to say something, to do something. This man was here to steal my wife away from me. And I was letting it happen! "He didn't make any objection at all?" Steff couldn't believe it. "Not a peep," Amy said. "What could he possibly have said at that point that would make any difference whatsoever and James would be able easily handle him in a fight and so I wanted to make sure Mark knew there was going to be a new man in the house and if he gave me any trouble James would handle it" Amy was kneeling in front of me. She looked so sexy in that little black dress, her dark brown eyes shining excitedly . "It's all over now .Let it happen and it's all finished and we can begin our new life. There's no choice. I'll have you no other way. Be a baby girl for me,I will be your mummy and James will be your Daddy if you agree you will get all the baby treatment you could ever wish for." Amy knew it was what I secretly desired it was a win win situation for both of us. She leaned closer and I remember smelling her perfume, even the red lipstick on her beautiful mouth. I was crying now, crying because I knew that those lips would never kiss mine again with sexual desire. I'd never be her lover again. "It's over, honey. There's only one thing left for you to do for me and you know what it is. You know what mummy wants. Now show her you're a good girl and get over James lap and submit to him" James sat down on a chair. Amy stuck a pink binky in my open mouth and kissed me on my cheek ,wet with tears. "Oh Susie, I m so proud of you" as I stood and bent over his muscular thighs without any objection. I knew I was totally defeated . She was right I did want to be their baby girl. I was finished as man.James yanked down my nappy and plastic lined frilly satin panties,the nappy and my panties were resting were at my ankles .His large hands began to spank my behind making me sob and cry out after each stinging blow.I looked across at Amy, she stood smiling at my punishment and picked up her phone and began to take lots of photos of me over her lovers lap. "This spanking will be a regular part of your life from now on,you will do as instructed ,James has my permission to spank you whenever I think its necessary.I'm going to make a baby album of all the photos" Chapter 6: And baby makes three "How could he ever overcome that," asked Steff. "I mean, can you imagine him ever trying to act like a man again what a sissy oh my gosh its so funny she said laughing at the thought of it all. Amy got her phone out and shared the photos with Steff. More laughter followed as the pretty teenager looked at the pictures of me getting my spanking over her lovers lap."This is so funny oh my god I need to get some pics of my own to show my friends" . "It's hard to imagine. I mean, you'd just have to laugh at him in those silly frilly cute baby girl clothes with his tiny thingy exposed being spanked by your boyfriend how can he ever be taken seriously as a man! how embarrassing" Steff said. And then, as if to prove their point, both she and Amy laughed at the photo of me with my nappy and frillies around my ankles, my glowing red bottom with Jame's large hand prints. It was true. If she'd had me castrated, Amy could not have more effectively emasculated me than she had at the moment being spanked by new lover.How could I ever challenge James for my wife's affections after my rival had seen me dressed as a sissy baby girl, weeping helplessly at myself in a turmoil of half really wanting this humiliation but half regretting I will never be intimate with my wife again. I could never live down the humiliation no matter how much i needed it. I could never see myself as a man again: how could anyone else? I was psychologically castrated and there was nowhere for me to go but to accept my role in our new "family." "The rest was a breeze," Amy said. "He didn't put up any more resistance at all. I think the poor dear may even have had some kind of nervous breakdown. I guess it was the intense humiliation. He actually seemed to escape into infantilism. Under ordinary circumstances, that kind of delusion wouldn't have been healthy. But in this case, it was just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.Baby susie stopped talking at all, except, of course, to utter baby-talk. I think she may have actually lost the ability to speak. She stopped walking—afterall, where is there she can walk to?—and contented herself to crawl or be carried. Mark will never go back to what he was, thank god. He'll never be a man again. So now it's a matter of building up his sense of worth as a sissy baby girl. We do everything we can to make him feel good about that, don't we my precious babykins ?" My wife leaned forward and ticked my belly under my frilly dress smiling down at me. "That's so sweet," Steff said, "I noticed that he's wet himself several times since we've been talking I can see his nappy poking out the leg of those cute knickers and plastic pants ." "Oh, it's true. Susie has no control over his bodily functions at all anymore. I guess I should change her." "Would you mind if I did it?" Steff asked. "Oh of course not. Would you? You don't mind?" "Of course not. She's so cute and besides I have had practice as a baby sitter," Steff grinned, Steff slid off the couch and got down on her knees in front of me. She matter-of-factually began changing me snaking down my frilly pink baby knickers cooing over how pretty they looked Meanwhile, my wife described how happy she was with our new living arrangement. Steff carefully pulled off my clear plastic pants,lifted my knees, and slid the soaked terry cloth nappy from under me. " HA HA Awwww poor baby it look its soooo tiny its ..a baby dick she laughed looking down at my limp less than one inch penis, "is the pwetty baby girl wet-wet," she cooed in baby-talk. "Aunt Steffi will take care of you precious. "Amy Im so sorry but that really is tiny,I have been babysitting a nine year old boy with a bigger one.I wouldn't be able to marry a man this small unless of course I had a similar relationship that you have.Its no wonder you don't feel him inside you " She smiled down at me. I gurgled contentedly, sucking my baba. Amy handed Steff my nappy bag laughing at her comments and started describing her sex life with James. " Well let me tell you Steff James is the complete opposite God, he's insatiable," my wife gushed. "I mean, we're talking porn-star sex. The guy is hung like a horse and he can last forever, but he doesn't have to go at me for more than a couple of minutes before I'm exploding like Chinese New Year. It's like he's got a blueprint of all my hot buttons and he's memorized them all. "Really wowww how big is he" Steff said quite innocently. I had to measure him and let me tell you that eight inches is the largest I have ever seen and its so thick I cant get my fingers all the way around it. "Wow eight inches thats a mans penis for sure does it hurt I mean I know penis size is not meant to matter but going from a three to an eight inch thats got to get some getting used to surely and must be much better right"? "I was initially apprehensive sure but James gets me so aroused I get very wet and well yeah its slides right up inside me , places Mark could only dream of reaching.I love the feeling of being filled up,it really stretches me but god the sensation is fantastic.My orgasms are very intense " "The other day, well, it's not been announced yet so please don't tell anyone, but James was promoted to senior vice president." Steff looked up. She'd slid a fresh diaper under my bottom. "Isn't that the promotion Mark wanted?" "Yup. But I knew he wasn't up to the challenge. And look at him," Amy chuckled, "I'd have to say I was right. Probably Mark knew it, too. So I guess you could say that I cleared the way for the better man. I made the right choice. When James got the word from old man Bogan, he called me into his office, which, by the way, used to be Marks, had me get on my knees and," Amy blushed, "give him a congratulatory blow-job. Then he laid me out on Mark's old desk and fucked me so silly my leg were wobbly for three days after." Steff laughed, "Oh," she said, looking back down, "Look at Susie's little peepee I need to get some photos of this to show all my friends" "Sure go for it .... two of my friends I go to the gym with have seen the photos of him in his sweet frilly pink baby clothes and his tiny erection.They find it hilarious and agree he needs cuckolding.They are quite envious of James very large thick cock and good looks" Steff took out her mobile phone and took many photos of me.. It's stiffened all up! oohh dear its tiny oh my god ha ha , it cant be more than three inches if that, smile for me an oh yesss lets get a close up of tiny thing as well " It was true. The thought of Amy's slender legs wrapped around James waist, her pretty ankles crossed as he pounded his thick cock into her had me unmistakably aroused. Just like it always did. I had heard him fuck her in our bed and have also had my cot placed in their bedroom when I have been good.The sight of him laying on top of my lovely sexy wife pounding his over sized penis into her ,changing positions her legs over his broad shoulders having her moan and sob as she came on that giant cock had me cum all over the pink ruffles lace and satin baby knickers shamelessly. After they had finished my wife and James were laying on their back looking up at me the stupid me a sissy adult baby girl kneeling in my cot in my short frilly pink see through nightie wearing my nappy and frilly plastic lined satin knickers .I was holding my fluffy dolly in one hand whilst sucking on my dummy .Amy had tossed her very wet white silky panties into my cot as she had undressed.She new I would sniff them and play with them. The panties were very wet with her excitement.After smelling them I had wrapped them around my erect penis and began masturbating while they fucked.Their hysterical laughter and derisory comments seeing me so excited had me cum almost again dribbling onto the pretty pink satin and lace of my knickers. Amy relayed this story to Steff who found it highly amusing . "Does sissy baby Susie like watching his lovely wife or should I say mummy being fucked by a big strong man with a much bigger penis .You like to play with her panties dont you what a pervert and ,..You are quite pathetic such a looser but I suppose if everyone gets what they want why not eh I suppose but you are weird . " " "Aw, look at pookums," Steff blew kisses at me, "how adorable." She pushed my swollen little clittie to the side with her finger I think he likes seeing you pleasured by James so very much ,does it really turn baby on eh " Amy laughed at steffs teasing. "Oh she fusses something terrible when she's in that state." "Does the pwetty baby-waby want Aunt Steffi to take care of that for her?" I whimpered with frustration. Steff snickered. She pulled a baby wipe out of the diaper bag. Meanwhile, Amy placed the heel of her sandal against my lips for me to suckle. Steff placed my pink pacifier into my mouth and I began sucking. I heard Amy describing how I'd benefit from James's mega-sex session.They'd already drawn up plans for a new nursery next to their bedroom and already bought baby monitor so I can hear them fucking and more to the point they can hear me. She told steff "we can hear his plastic pants rustling when we are fucking we know hes wanking but well if he needs a release we dont want to put him into a Chasity cage ..well not unless he misbehaves." Between the scent of Amy's pretty foot encased in the sexy leather sandal and Steffi's finger and thumb around my clittie, I came quickly into the baby wipe. Steff laughing ooooohhh good girl.She finished cleaning me up and pinned me up my fresh diaper and knickers. She put my baba back in my hand and I sucked, contented, at the formula as she leaned forward and placed a light kiss on my forehead. "Oh I think James is home," I hear Amy exclaim, all girlish excitement. Her sandals click-clack across the floor and she's in his arms, kissing him passionately. I'm aware of all this through the haze I seem to exist in almost all the time now. It's all so far away, like adulthood, like my old life. Somewhere…somewhere above me they are talking—Amy, Aunt Steffi, and Daddy—talking about grown up things and a warm oddly comforting feeling spreads across the front of my nappy. His Strong hands pick me up and my thin useless legs dangle, my soft feet hang far off the floor. My head lies against a broad shoulder… "Mommy will come up later precious," Daddy says as he put me in my cot then I'm going to give her a very good hard fucking so you just play with your tiny dick. I looked at the mobile that hung just above my head Amy had hung a pair of very sexy ivory coloured panties on . I could see evidence of her infidelity in the crotch from yesterdays fucking session .Her libido had increased dramatically since James arrived on the scene and wanted me to be fully aware and just accept it as part of my life.
  9. My Mommy (wife) has her BFF Stephanie bathe me and change my wet diapers. Mommy and Aunt Stephanie have changed my diapers in the presence of their adult lady friends. They have all been caring and very supportive so I don't feel ashamed.
  10. Does anyone here live as a sissy baby cuckold? Do you want to tell us about how it started?
  11. The young attractive maid opened the door and scowled at the man outside. He was about 30 years old, wearing an expensive pin-stripe suit and looking extremely nervous. 'Dolly Drenchgusset, you're late!' I'm s-sorry, Miss Lightfoot, my wife... Shut up, you stupid little sissy baby! Get in here at once; the others were in their baby clothes five minutes ago!' She almost dragged him along the hall and into the changing room, where he stood meekly as he was stripped naked . 'Nanny Goodbody will be furious with you, Drenchgusset,' she said, pushing him over to a table, where he be lay down on the cool white rubber mattress. She began to sponge him down with warm soapy water. 'Nanny must not be kept waiting by her babies. She worked the sponge between his hairless legs over his small penis and tight little testicles all void of hair.The maid began smirking at his now fully erect penis that couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 inches at most.Miss Victoria Lightfoot was only 24 years old but had see her fare share of cocks and came to the conclusion that the men who attended the nursery were much smaller than any of her boyfriends.Perhaps thats why many of their wives cheat on these sissies, she certainly would. The attractive blonde flipped him over on to his tummy to wash his pert bottom. There followed a less than gentle application of a warm fluffy towel, and rubbing-in of baby oil and talc. On his back again, she pushed his legs up till his knees were beside his face. "Have you done your number twos today?' she said sternly. Yes thank you, Miss Lightfoot,' replied the man as the maid opened a jar of Vaseline and scooped a huge dollop out with her fingers and smeared it around his small balls , puny 4 inch erection and around his bottom. With his legs still up, the maid laid a thick, fleecy snow-white nappy under him and lowered his bottom on to it. She folded the corners round and secured them tightly together with two large pink nappy pins. Then she went over to a huge chest of drawers labelled 'Baby Knickers', and took out a pair of lavishly-frilled pink nylon baby panties with matching lace frills across the front and back, lined with see-through plastic. Stretching out the elastic, each foot through the legs, eased them upwards, and tugged them carefully over his nappy, making sure the elastic gripped tightly in a nice snug fit.There!' she said, satisfied at last. 'I don't want to have any leaks to clean baby girl...not until after Nanny has finished with you" . The young man was lifted into a sitting position, with his legs dangling over the edge of the table, and when Miss Lightfoot pushed the teat of a big dummy into his mouth, he sucked on it greedily and began to swing his legs to and fro. A gorgeously frilly petticoat, with at least ten layers of frothy white nylon yoked from a pretty cross-over bodice, was slipped over his head and smoothed down to hang in swishy folds around the waistband of his frilly baby rubber knickers. Then the maid brought over a large cardboard box and untied the huge pink bow, es.' She and removed the lid. Separating the en his tissue paper, she lifted out beautiful pink baby frock in delicate satin fabric, and held it out for him 'Look what a lovely dress Nanny fl bought for you today, isn't it pretty? The maid dangled it in front of him. 'Isn't it pretty .We have the same one for all of you, so you can be dressed so pretty when girls come to visit, we have recruited a few young students that will be part of the new baby sitting service". The man sucked more loudly on his large pink dummy, and began to squirm his pinned a nappied bottom on the rubber mattress the humiliation of pretty girls seeing his tiny penis or dressed as a baby girl made his nappy sticky with pre-cum. 'Not that you deserve such pretty things! Look at all these frills and these dainty little pink bows. Aren't they adorable?' She ran her fingers over the puff sleeves with their frilly lace cuffs and ran her long manicured fingers down to the hem before resting her hand gently on the front of his frilly knickers "ohh poor tiny penis is still hard in his nappy and frills" 'And here is the little bonnet. Look at the lovely wide frilly brim, isn't that sweet , and nice wide ribbons to tie in a plastic pretty bow under Baby's chin. And just I look at these adorable little baby booties: oh my goodness, the wool feels so soft! And just wait till Baby gets his little handies into these mittens! The maid gushed on and on until Baby Drenchgusset, frantic to be dressed in it, was bouncing up and down, kicking out his legs and dribbling profusely from his dummy. Eventually Baby and Miss Lightfoot emerged from the changing room. Baby Drenchgusset toddled unsteadily ahead in his new baby outfit, the maid holding the reins of a pink leather baby-harness, in case he should fall. At last they came to a pink door with a bunny rabbit painted on it, and the words 'Lollipops Nursery'. Miss Lightfoot knocked and a stern female voice called, 'Enter!' Nanny Goodbody was standing in the middle of the room, tapping the palm of her hand with a three-foot leather tawse. Sitting on tiny chairs in a row in front of her were ten frightened looking men, identically dressed in pink frilly baby dresses. The Governess of Lollipops Nursery was an attractive, slim 40 something woman about five feet eight inches tall. She wore her long dark hair straight just past her bra and was dressed in a white silk blouse and tight black skirt. 'So! Miss Drenchgusset has decided to honour us with his august presence at last,' she said with withering sarcasm. The maid let go of the reins and the latecomer flopped down on to the thick rubber carpet, crawled towards Nanny, and began eagerly licking her black patent leather shoes. She lifted first one foot and then the other, so that he could take as much of the 4-inch pencil-thin heels into his mouth as possible, slobbering and licking frantically in an effort to assuage her anger. It did not. She grabbed the curls of blond hair peeping from his baby bonnet and hauled him to his bootied feet. 'How dare you keep me waiting! I've had just about all the insolence I'm prepared to take from a disgusting little pervert like you,' she hissed into his ear. When I say I want you dressed up in your baby things and in my nursery at six o'clock, I mean exactly that. 'The whipping frame I think for this one, Miss Lightfoot.' The maid dragged Baby Drenchgusset over to a metal frame, bent him double over its bars and secured his wrists and ankles by means of leather straps. Meanwhile, Nanny Goodbody glowered down on the row of babies, sitting so low on their absurd little plastic chairs that one their baby dresses and frothy white petticoats were pushed up by their knees almost over their little faces, and each pair of frilly pink baby see-through covered baby knickers was fully on show 'Pay attention to this, you lot. If I'm not completely satisfied with any of you to tonight, I'll keep you all behind for a good thrashing!' The maid had stuffed an enormous penis-shaped dummy into Baby Drenchgusset's mouth and tied it firmly in place. His frilly dress were lifted over his head and his frilly baby knickers and nappies pulled down. 'He's ready for you now. Madame,' said Miss Lightfoot eagerly. Striding over to the trussed-up figure, Nanny Goodbody stood with her legs as far apart as her tight skirt would allow, and swung the tawse down on his pink buttocks. Blow after blow rained down on the quivering flesh, each one greeted by muffled squeals of pain from the helpless victim and sympathetic little jolts from the baby audience. When his bottom was covered with crimson weals, and Nanny had finally exhausted her fury,the wretched man was untied and dumped in a corner, where he lay sobbing quietly. 'Now, where was I before that little worm interrupted me?' said the governess, turning again to the other frilly babies, each of whom looked suitably shaken after the beating they had witnessed. Oh yes, I was talking about the emails I have written about each of you, and the attached photographs of you in your sweet little baby clothes. The ones that will be sent to your wives and girlfriends if you should dare to stop attending the nursery. Well, it seems that one of you drips is still trying to wriggle out of my clutches! The fool confessed his pathetic need to be a sissy baby to his wife, hoping she would "understand" and they could start a "new life" somewhere. She stood over one of the babies and began to fuss with the satin bow of his bonnet. 'But your very attractive wife, being a sensible woman, got in touch with me immediately, didn't she, Miss Susan Silkpanties? She insists that I continue your training. And now little Susan has to be a ridiculous frilly ickle babykins at home as well, doesn't he?' Nanny grabbed hold of the man's ear and wrenched him to his feet.'Now your admirable wife has a new boyfriend, doesn't she, Miss Silkpanties? A real man.. big and strong and very very well endowed she tells me unlike yours , 3 inches fully hard excuse for a cock, its not a man's penis she informed me she admitted she can barely feel you inside her, what does she call it... ahhh yesss " baby dick" doesn't she.. "BABYDICK". And at night, baby Susan is put in his pink baby cot thats next to her bed the one you used to sleep in, isn't he? Your lovely wife sent me lots of photos of you in your cot.. some of them of you wearing your her silky white panties over your head,I expect they were nice and wet from her orgasms she had with her lover weren't they baby? Yes she told me you like to play with her worn silky lingerie which hangs above your cot while sucking on your penis pacifier. Baby Silkpanties began to cry.He looked over at the lovely miss Lightfoot who he secretly lusted after,she began laughing and had already seen the photos. Aaaah! Baby Susan not like his lovely baby cot den? Baby Silkpanties began to howl. Really getting into the humiliation the brown eyed beauty laughingly teased the poor adult baby even more. "Is dat cos your hands are tied to the cot sides and you are forced to kneel there on the plastic mattress above your wife's bed precious eh , awwww and you have to watch da big rough man on top of her with his enormous thick 8 inch cock fucking her... yes fucking your stunning wifey all night.Watching her cum on his oversize penis .She was so excited to let me look at those photos of him naked ,he's huge isn't he sweetie its the best sex she has ever had oh and those embarrassing photos of you in your pink cot with her panties over your head. And you now have a pretty teenage baby sitter who looks after you when your wifey and her boyfriend go out for the evening. Mimi isn't it ,so young and pretty, Awww poor baby, she has to change your wet nappy and always laughs at your tiny erect penis. Does she take lots of photos of you for her friends to laugh at. Susansilkpanties could only nod his head.Your wife said the Mimi loves teasing you and always make sure you wear very frilly pink satin baby knickers over your nappy and plastic pants and always chooses such short frilly pink see-through baby-doll nighties for you to wear when your wife's boyfriend stays over.Its because she wants your wife and her boyfriend to see your pretty frilly knickers,sp they will always be on show" Its a constant reminder you are a baby girl to your wife and her lover" .I would have never thought such a young girl of 18 could be so cruel.Nothing more than you deserve .And now all her college friends know you are a sissy cuckold dont they? And what happens when baby is naughty eh ,yes your new Daddy puts you across his lap and spanks you in front of your wife and baby sitter and you cry like a little sissy baby because he spanks you so hard with his big hands.Now you like being a sissy baby girl...a cuckold ,it turns you on being their baby and watching them have sex or sometimes forced to listen to them from your newly decorated nursery, the one you share with your babysitter when she sleeps over. They all know you play with your tiny baby peepee when your wife and boyfriend are fucking in the next room and sniffing your wife's sexy panties They can hear your plastic pants rubbing against your satin knickers and your soft girly moans and you make baby spurts in your soft toweling nappy. Doesn't Mimi babysit a 10 year old boy ? Yes she does and told your wife that his penis is much bigger than yours ,awwww so shameful isn't it, a 10 year old having a bigger dick than you.We may have an opening for Mimi here, she sounds perfect for the babysitting service at nursery. Susansilkpanties feelings of shame and embarrassment made his face red ,he looked once more over to Miss Lightfoot who was now laughing uncontrollably at his sissy cuckold status.She could only imagine how humiliating it must be for him not only being forced to see his sexy wife have sex with a man with a much bigger penis but a man that spanks him.Miss Lightfoots panties became wet imagining that large thick cock hammering away at her own young tight vagina.Size matters in her opinion. He put his woolly mittened hands over his face and sobbed uncontrollably. Nanny turned to the miss Lightfoot who was still laughing and blushing wondering if any one could tell her panties were now soaked. 'Put this one in a knicker-bag with Baby Drenchgusset, and make sure they kiss and cuddle together like sweet little perverts". As the pitiful cry-baby was hauled away, Nanny Goodbody turned once again to the remaining members of her nappy nursery class. Each of the little dears was sitting bolt upright, straining desperately to look utterly babyish. One frilly fool in particular, wriggling squirt and jerking his little arms frantically, looked especially ludicrous. 'Aaaah! Ickle Wendy Waterworks feeling extwa babyish, is she?' She pulled him up, and carried him over to a proper grown-up chair and sat down with the baby on her ample lap. 'Baby didums having a nice suck- suck on his ickle dum-dums den?' her Baby Waterworks was indeed chewing the rubber teat as though his life he depended on it Nanny took hold of the huge pink plastic ring and wiggled it playfully before pulling it out with a plop. nice Didums is a vewy important man in da big gwown-up wowld, aren't oo babykins, oo is a bank manager, aren't oo?' In fact he is Nanny Goodbody's own bank manager and when he found out about the nursery he got so excited didn't she?, 'Yeth Nanny' 'Yeth oo are! And oo goeth to da big important offithe wiv woverly thoft nappieth and fwilly panteth under ow twoutherth, don't you.Ooooh yeth Nanny, me do!' squeaked the very important man, squirming his nappy-clad bottom on her lap. 'And oo do woverly warm baby wetties in ow woverly thoft nappieth, don' oo?' Yeth Nanny! Yeth yeth! Me do wettieth when da nithe ladieth athk ickle me for da overdwaft.' Nanny laughed, and remembered her own first meeting with Wendy Waterworks at the bank. How pompous he was behind his big desk. But she knew immediately that he was pissing himself, just at the moment when she asked for a loan.After he told her about his sissy side She walked out with a nice fat bank balance, due to a suddenly acquired life-time subscription to the Lollipops Nursery for big babies. She gave the ridiculous man a hug, as though feeling actual maternal love for the poor fool, rather than utter contempt. After all, bank managers are useful people to keep sweet. Nanny Goodbody turned to her maid. 'Get my feeding bra ready, my dear, and the milk dispenser for the others. Miss Lightfoot was very busy for the next few minutes. She got the brassiere from a drawer and inserted a nozzle on the milk dispenser - a large glass tank fitted on a wall of the nursery - into a tube between the huge melon shaped foam inserts of the flesh coloured latex cups. Turning a tap, she waited for the two false tits to become hard and springy as they became engorged with about a gallon each of warm, sweetened milk. Then she squeezed the big latex nipples, to check that milk flowed out freely, and carried it, not without difficulty, to Miss Goodbody. Together they strapped the heavy load round Nanny's already ample bust, the weight mostly taken by straps buckled to the back of the chair. The Governess as Lollipops Nursery looked like some grotesquely over-endowed freak, appropriately enough in this company. Baby. Waterworks, still on Nanny's lap, began gurgling and dribbling with excitement. Miss Lightfoot returned to the milk dispenser. A dozen flexible rubber tubes extended from the base of the tank, fitted at their free ends with large dummy teats, and one of these was pushed in the mouth of each baby. All ready, Madame,' she called, standing by the tank. Well done, my dear,' said Nanny Now remember, all of you, I want guzzling of your nice warm milk. Any baby who slows down for an instant will get a thrashing! And don't you dare to start wetting yourselves till I give permission. I can see all of your baby knickers from here, and they're transparent when wet, so I will know if a single drop goes into your nappy. Miss Lightfoot will be feeling you regularly as well. 'Turn it on now, my dear,' she added to the maid, who immediately opened the tap, and the babies began sucking the sweet comforting liquid through their dummy teats. Nanny lifted the the bank manager's head up to one of the nipples of her feeding bra and pushed it into his eager mouth. 'Aaaaah! Ickle baby didums have a e on woverly thuck of mummy's tittie-tit,' she lass cooed, as the greedy baby began to squeeze the rubber nipple between his lips and lap the sweet oozing fresh milk- down his throat. Nanny rocked him gently back and forth. Miss Lightfoot walked along the row of babies to make sure that their each mouths were working away nicely. The Lollipops Nursery was filled with the sound of squelchy baby sucking. A mere ten minutes or so had elapsed when the first signs of discomfort appeared. Some of the babies began to squirm in their little chairs, so that the sound of rustling baby petticoats was added to the sucking and slurping of little mouths on rubbery teats. Wendy Waterworks began to rock faster as he gulped and guzzled and pressed his nose against the warm pink tit. Gradually the squirming and rocking milk became more urgent. The maid peered closely at each of them, slapping the bare legs of any slackers until they speeded up their sucking. Baby Waterworks had drained the contents little of one breast, and was sucking desperately to get a mouthful, so Nanny pulled out the nipple, lifted him round to the other tit and pushed the new teat into his mouth.The sound of chairs sliding over the rubber carpet could be heard now. Baby bottoms began to bounce up and down on their little seats. With suspicious of the deceitful perverts, Miss Lightfoot put her hand down each of their baby knickers, to check that all the nappies were still bone dry. The babies began to emit helpless grunting noises with the increasing strain, tightening sphincters and clenching buttocks. 'Remember! Not a drop till I say so.' shouted Nanny, holding tightly on to Baby Waterworks with both arms while he thrashed about on her lap. Every baby face was a bright pink colour now, and legs were kicking frantically in the air. Keep it in, keep it in, do you hear! WE she barked above the cacophony of banging chairs, rustling plastic lined baby panties and dresses , grunts and sucking noises.The babies were quite beside themselves now. One after the other they tumbled off their little chairs and lay wriggling on the rubber floor , thrashing like maniacs. Miss Lightfoot feeling their nappies as best she could as they jiggled up and down. Miss Waterworks seemed to be having a fit. Still sucking on the huge tittie, his crimson baby face streaming with sweat, he was flinging himself about in a frenzy. Nanny Goodbody realised that these cretins would give themselves heart attacks rather than disobey her. All right!' she shouted above the din at last. 'At the count of ten you can do it! One... two... three..,' she drawled slowly, 'four... five... six...' It seemed to go on forever. 'Seven... eight... nine... wait for it... ten. Now wet yourselves, you disgusting ridiculous perverted little shits! A huge groan of relief filled the Nursery. Arms and legs were flung outwards and the frilly babies went utterly limp. Steaming hot piss gushed from little baby cocks and poured into thick fleecy nappies in seemingly endless torrents. Nanny could hear the bank manager's pissing quite clearly. Within seconds, he had completely drenched his nappy, and it was streaming into his plastic baby pants and frillies. Miss Lightfoot putting her ear close to one frilly crotch after another, heard their piss bubbling and frothing and pouring into warm pools inside tight elastic-legged knickers. The pissing went on and on, as the babies lolled back helplessly, giving out long-drawn out sighs of utterly blissful relief. Despite all the maid's earlier efforts to prevent any leakage, the growing pressure on plastic pants eventually proved too great, and the piss burst through leg-elastic leg openings slurped over frilly nylon pantie waistbands and flowed into steaming pools on the rubber floor. At last a peaceful silence fell on Lollipops Nursery Nanny Goodbody smiled with satisfaction, and for a few minutes allowed her precious babies to slither in their piss puddles, and wallow in the heavenly warm soggy wet nappy-feelings they loved so much. Mimi the baby sitter and her friend Did you get my text pictures of him ...I told you I was babysitting a sissy adult baby .He looks so silly in those pink frilly baby girl clothes but they suit him entirely because his dick is so tiny. Thats why his wife is gong out to meet another man.You can come with me next time I babysit him and see for your self.She will pay us both to look after him. Yes don't worry I will make sure I will find him in something babyish and frilly.I will make him look so cute in those pink baby clothes tonight especially if you are coming back with your new boyfriend.I'm sure your baby husband won't mind.Will you be introducing your boyfriend to your husband ....I mean baby girl? , really oh my god how exciting I bet he will wet his nappy when he sees how tall he is. My friend is coming over to help ,she cant wait to see your baby girl she finds it quite disturbing but intriguing as I do and what you are paying is more than double what I normally get paid. "Oh my god you mean to say he likes being a sissy cuckold and is happy to be spanked across your boyfriends lap .... thats so funny ,does it turn him on ?.Very weird but then he is a bit of a wimp so I can understand why you need a real man.I hope you dont mind me saying this but his penis...its well sooo tiny even when erect it looks like a toddlers ,its so thin and puny and must be under 3 inches.Why is it so small... I thought the average size was around 6 inches for a man" ? Wife's freshly worn and cum stained panties Yes I'm going out again to meet him.We are going for a few drinks then I'm going to drag him back here so he can fuck my brains out.If you are a good baby you can watch.Mimi will be here in a minute ,she will find you something pretty and babyish to wear for bed because I have told her he's dying to see what you look like...so far he's only seen the photos of you in your baby clothes. "You are pathetic I dont have time to change your wet nappy now so Mimi will change you later tonight.I expect she will be happy to change you in front of my lover ,she quite likes teasing and making you blush" "Thanks Mimi for babysitting my husband tonight.We won't be too long just a few drinks and oh yes he will be stopping the night so you can put my baby husband in the cot in my room.Yes I'm very excited I have not been with another man since me and my baby girl hubby got married .I know I'm in for a good night, his body is amazing .He text me some naked pics of him earlier and er.. lets just say he's much more bigger ...more than twice my hubbies size if you know what I mean" . "Any more trouble and I shall ask him to put you across his knee...oh well okay then looks like you want him to give you a spanking, shall I ask Mimi to come and watch? Yes she will take plenty of photos and send them to her friends". susansilkpanties dressed for bed by Mimi just before his wife returns with her new lover Mimi would you and your friend like to change his nappy for me ..oh thank you yes I don't mind if you take some pics of him but not of his face I dont want too many people knowing I'm married to a pathetic babydicked sissy adult baby its embarrassing enough as it is. Such pretty frilly baby knickers Mimi chose for you to wear .She's just popped home to bring on of her matching short baby-doll nightie for you to wear. That baby dick is so tiny hun you can't blame your wife for seeing other men .I'm sorry but I would have to cheat on you if I was married to a sissy adult baby especially one with a baby size dick."I have brought one of my pink baby-doll nighties for you to wear ,you will look so cute in it baby girl"
  12. Dear Mommy, When you put your husband or boyfriend into diapers, do you still accept him as a man or does he become your child ? And if you no longer accept him as a man, have you sought and taken a lover to satisfy your unmet sexual longings ?
  13. Since to 2012, I have essentially lived as an adult baby. I joined this group to gain the insight of people who may have experiences related to my own and reconcile the blessings, disappointments and confusion in my life. I seek your understanding and guidance My wife stepped in and became my caregiver in 2012 when I collapsed emotionally when my mother died unexpectedly. I was overwhelmed with grief, became suicidal and required hospitalization. It was necessary to petition the court to establish guardianship and take adult responsibility for me. With the help of therapists she "Reparented" me and her role changed from that of a wife to that of my mother. We had been married for nearly 5 years and were childless, but powerful maternal instincts that lay dormant within my wife emerged. She spoke to me softly with gentle words of comfort. She would wrap a blanket around us and cradle my head to her bosom like a mother would and let me know I was safe and OK. When speaking to me, she'd refer to herself in the 3rd person as Mommy for ex: "Mommy loves you" or "Help Mommy with the Groceries or "Didn't Mommy tell you not to do that ?" It became natural for me to address her as "Mommy" and I looked to her as a mother figure. Everyday, for more than a year, Mommy patiently nurtured me with tender maternal love that slowly eased my grief. And as it relates to this group, Mommy would give me a bath and sometimes playfully put me into diapers during her reparenting of me. It was sort of fun and being bathed and diapered at bedtime was a comforting bonding experience for Mommy and I that added substance to the the mother/child dynamic that had begun to flourish. At the same time, Mommy's love for me had also evolved. It was no longer the love of a woman for a man. It became the love of amother for her wounded child. Mommy is a wonderful mother. She's told friends that exchanging the role of a wife for that of a mother was daunting at first, but the actual tasks of mothering me came easily. (albeit exhausting). She describes me as a wonderful child to and that unexpected opportunity to experience motherhood as being richly rewarding. But Mommy is more than just a great mother, she is a beautiful woman too. Our sex life was never great and any notion of resuming a sexual relationship with me was unthinkable for her. We had not had sex for nearly 2 years and she had become sexually frustrated and felt lonely. In 2013, a man came into Momny's life. They became lovers and they fell very much in love. They are a committed couple and have established an emotionally intimate, sexually satisfying adult relationship. Their encounters were clandestine at 1st, but they are good people and sneaking around was beneath them. When Mommy introduced me to Mr.G- -g (her lover) in 2014. I didn't want to like him and Down deep. I was afraid that Mommy would leave me to start a new life with him. But they both assured me that would not be the case. Mommy told me not to worry. She was my mother who loved me and she would never abandon her child. So on the nights and weekends when Mommy invited her man to spend the weekend together, she would give me an early bedtime, and confine me to my bedroom. I objected to this with tearful childish rants of juvenile jealousy. But Mommy responded calmly taking time to describe the attributes of masculinity that attract women to men. It was like the Birds and the Bee's talk that parents give to adolescents. She explained to me that Mr. G--g was a wonderful man who possessed these qualities and that they were very happy together. Mommy only got upset with me once about it. But she taught me that a man and a woman who love each other are entitled to privacy to enjoy the intimate pleasure of sexual intercourse at there leisure. She helped to understand that she felt a mother's responsibility to shield me from things that might upset me. That is why she was firm about putting me into diapers. 1) They did not want me to wander to the hallway toilet and disturb their lovemaking. 2) Mommy wanted spare me the shame of overhearing the mattress thumping and the ecstasy of her being taken to orgasm in the arms of her lover as she is being laid and satisfied in the master bed. She would come to my room and change my wet diapers when they were finished, or in th morning as the case may be -I struggled to accept their relationship, But Mr. G- -g truly is a good man and he makes Mommy very happy. He has been a role model and mentor to me and he is entitled to the same obedient respect that I show Mommy. Mr. G- -g is financially successful and in 2016, he built a large home in country where we live as family. The master bedroom suite rhat he Mommy share is at one end of the house. My room is on the other side of the house so I don't need to wear diapers anymore when Momny and Mr. G- -g want to enjoy sexual intercourse. Mommy will put me into diapers if she senses feelings of insecurity which is rare. But I will ask her to bathe and diaper me when Mr. G--g is not around every few weeks or so. Mommy is a beautiful woman with bright green eyes, a dazzling smile, a nice figure and dark wavy hair. It is a special intimate experience that Mommy and I can share. When she undresses me, I am naked and vulnerable. The one thing that protects me is our mutual trust and the powerful love that evolved between us. I have been celebate for more than 10 years. Mommy dries me after my bath, and has me lay on the towel on my bed. She takes her time to massage baby oil or lotion onto my private areas in a non sexual way. But the gentle touch of Mommy's finger tips is a sensual reminder of the man that I was and the child that I have become. Mommy and Mr. G--g wish to Marry. He is single and says his business career had been his wife until he met Mommy. He is quite wealthy and has been emotionally supportive of Mommy and I has financial wherewithal to cover some of my uninsured medical expenses. Most women would have divorced me to be with the man she loves and most would men have walked away. But they were both concerned and decided to wait until I was emotionally stable. I am lucky... I am still emotionally fragile but I have been stable for quite awhile. Mr. G- -g and Mommy met with legal counsel to devise a workable family solution and estate planning that protected his substantial financial assets. Adult adoption is legal in my state and Mr. G- -g offered to adopt me. I agreed, and Mommy executed spousal consent and on August 23 of this year the court granted the adoption. The language of the adoption decree declares Mr. G- -g to be is my legal "Father" and that I am his "child and heir". He excercised his parental prerogative and change my surname to his. I am grateful to Mr.G- -g for all he has done and I am proud have been given his name. The adoption gave Mommy the comfort she needed to proceed with a divorce. We've agreed to the terms and I witbout objection, the fast track divorce will be final on December 30.
  14. It is my first story and i am not a writer i hope you like the story. Tobi got up like every morning his wife Ramona woke him tenderly. They ate breakfast and then Tobi had to go to work. He worked in retail in the morning he always had to put away goods he always had to make the top shelves because of his handsome size of 1.90m. Ramona was always when Tobi had to work together with a friend Simone. Ramona told her about her neck pain because she always had to look up to Tobi because she was only 1.60m tall. Ramona said she wished she was a little taller. Simone told her she had a solution, her company is working on pills that shrink people. They are in the test phase and we are still looking for testers Tobi would be ideal for it and you would have no more neck pain. Ramona couldn't believe what Simone told her, she didn't know what to think because Tobi was so proud of his size but she said you can take some and tell her how it works, Simone said okay I'll bring them tomorrow. Tobi came back after 8 hours from work he brought John a work colleague. The Ramona also found quite pretty he was with his 1.76 but only partly as tall as Tobi they drank beer and watch soccer. Ramona hated it because afterwards she always had to clean up everything. John went home and Tobi and Ramona told each other something about their day of the pills told Ramona nothing she wanted to inform the first exactly tomorrow with Simone. Tobi went to take a shower and he and Ramona had some fun and then they went to bed to see what tomorrow would bring. The next day they got up again in the morning his wife accompanied him briefly to work because she could then just shop. She needs something from the top shelf that her husband just put away. The made himself funny and said my little darling does not get there she would blush a little because there were other people who heard that. In the meantime, the pills she would get later didn't sound so bad. He gave her what she needed and she went home. When she arrived home she just met Simone and they went inside. Ramona immediately asked if she had the pills with her and Simone answered yes. Ramona wanted to know how they worked. Simone explained to her that a whole him shrinks 10cm and a half 5 but, she also explained to her that there are deviations they have tested it so far with 1000 people with 5 it came to a deviation one would even as large as a baby. His wife is suing us but without success. Ramona thought about it for a moment but she wanted to test it because of her neck. Simone wanted to know if she was sure because there was no antidote. But Ramona was 100% sure and took the pills later Simone went home. Ramona thought a lot just because he was so proud of his size. But she couldn't deny that sometimes he makes fun of little people like me or sometimes even John. But out of revenge or something Ramona doesn't want to do it mainly because of her health. Later Tobi came home this time without John. There was no soccer on, which means she could watch her favorite series, which she always had to postpone. Soccer ran she would have netflix but her series was there unfortunately not therefore she had to be satisfied with the normal television. But he still had to drink his beer, so she took her chance and put a pill in the beer. He drank the beer but it happened she wondered if it was because of the beer. But after about an hour he felt something. His clothes didn't fit right anymore, he didn't know what was happening, his wife came in and was totally surprised and just sai d you seem smaller. Ramona looked in his closet for something to wear but she knew nothing would fit but she had to keep up appearances but she had to admit 1.80 was still too tall. He was panicking in the meantime because he didn't know what was happening. They tried on some clothes but nothing fit she said I'll buy you new clothes tomorrow she said maybe we should go to the doctor too. He hated doctors and said no it will be fine. They went to sleep. During the night there was one of the deviations that Simone told him about, he shrank another 10 cm. In the morning when she woke up she was startled and noted that he was much smaller than before, but she knew it had to be from one of those abnormalities Simone told her about, she just hoped he wouldn't get any smaller. She woke him up and told him he was even smaller she said she would call work and report him sick and go buy clothes for him. She buys a few clothes for each age just to be on the safe side she stops by the diaper aisle and takes a few with her. In the meantime at home he continues to shrink and is now only 1.20 m tall, which will be a surprise for Ramona when she gets home, but if he continues to shrink she has already bought diapers. Ramona was about to go back to the car when she met John. They talked a bit John wanted to know when Tobi was coming back to work Ramona replied she didn't know yet and he could visit her in due time. She thought I would like to invite him now, but she wanted to wait a little longer because she didn't know how her husband was doing. He replied that he would come by in a few days and they said goodbye. Although John wondered why she had so many strange things with her, especially the Pampers since they didn't have a baby. Ramona went to the car and loaded the things and goes on the way home, without knowing what surprise awaits her there. She just came up the driveway and Tobi was already waiting impatiently for them. Ramona first unloaded the car. The diapers she first left in the trunk and decided first only the other clothes with pure pants, T-shirts, etc.. Then she went to the front door where Tobi was already waiting, when she came in he said, "finally" Ramona, however, was totally shocked by the new size of her husband. She stared at Tobi speechless for almost a minute, actually she would have expected a small deviation but not so big she thought just lucky I had bought the diapers. She told him I had bought extra clothes in different sizes. She put the two bags where he could try on any clothes he wanted. In the meantime Ramona was thinking about her future because he had become too small for her. She said she had bought diapers but she didn't expect to actually use them even though she found the idea quite funny. She also thought there was no way around it she had to call Simone. Tobi had also found something to wear in the meantime, a Star wars t-shirt and blue jeans and a pair of small sneakers. Ramona thought that looked quite funny. He looked now almost like a small child. Tobi now also said to her he would like to go to a doctor. Ramona said okay, I'll call Dr. Müller, but the truth was that she called Simone in the hope that she would know what to do. But the truth was quite different. Simone told her again that there was no antidote and that she had done it on her own responsibility and that she was not allowed to tell him anything, but she said that she would come by the next few days and take a look. In the meantime Ramona had to see how she would cope with the situation and if he would shrink even more. Ramona lied to Tobi and said that the doctor would have an appointment next week. Tobi was about to freak out because there was still a lot to do at work or in the household. He grumbled to Ramona that he should make sure that he gets an appointment sooner. Because Tobi did not want to be small, especially not smaller than his wife. Ramona, on the other hand, had to stifle her laughter because she was being yelled at by her little husband. She told him to calm down and they would work it out, even though she didn't know how. Ramona said let's have dinner and then go to sleep and see what the morning brings. He shrank again this night from 120 cm to 80 cm, so he lost 40 cm in one night. Ramona woke up before him and saw him in his oversized clothes. She decided not to wake him up and to get up and make breakfast. During this time, she thought about what to do with her and Tobi. She calls again briefly at Simone whether she can come over today but Simone tells Ramona immediately that she can not today tomorrow but come over immediately. Ramona is happy about this and they talk a bit more. Meanwhile Tobi woke up. He is totally shocked when he realizes that the clothes he is wearing are much too big. He immediately gets up and wants to talk to Ramona. He finally finds her when he comes into the kitchen. What he doesn't realize is that he is completely naked and has lost his oversized clothes on the way to the kitchen. Ramona has to stifle her laughter once again. Ramona tells him to wait a moment because she doesn't want to talk to him like that and goes to get him something to wear. She goes to the car and gets the smaller clothes out but, she notices that she has no underwear for him. Now she has to take the diapers but she hopes he won't freak out when she asks him about it but there was no other way and she doesn't want him to run around completely without underwear. She takes the packages and goes back inside. When she came back in, Tobi immediately spoke to her and said he wanted her to make an appointment with the doctor today. She just thought I can't make an appointment, first of all the study is secret and she wants to talk to Simone first. She tells him to wait until next week and before she even talks to him he should get dressed. Now she tells him not to freak out and she holds the diaper package out to him. He wonders what this is all about, she can't expect him to wear diapers even if he is little, he is an adult man. She tells him that there is no other underwear in his size and to put one on. He yells at her: "I AM NOT A BABY YOU CAN'T DEMAND THAT FROM ME! She answers him finally he doesn't have to use it but only to put it on she takes him to the toilet when he has to because with this size he can't get to the toilet by himself. He is completely pissed off but finally agrees. She gives him the package and other clothes and he goes into another room to get dressed because he didn't want to be seen with a diaper by his wife and wanted to put on the other clothes over the diaper. He is upset and depressed that he is not 190 tall now and should wear a diaper in addition. He takes a diaper out of the package and he might just freak out again when he sees these childish motifs on the diaper. Tobi has obvious problems to get the diaper on. Ramona is waiting in the kitchen and wonders why this is taking so long, so she decides to check. She only looks through the doorway when she starts laughing as he struggles to get the diaper on. Finally she goes in and asks him if you have a problem getting it on, I'd be happy to help. Tobi replies no, I'm already embarrassed enough that I have to wear a diaper. Ramona replies only you are my husband and diapers are also just another kind of underwear and I help you to the toilet you do not have to be ashamed. Tobi gives in and says "okay you can help me", Ramona lifts him up on the table takes the diaper and puts it on him. She just thought now he really looks completely like a baby. He put on his other clothes as quickly as possible, because Tobi was so extremely embarrasse d to wear a diaper in front of his wife, but he also knew that there were no other options. He looked at himself in the mirror to see if you could see the diaper Ramona saw that of course and said "Don't worry you can't see the diaper. Although she knew that if you looked closely you could see it. But it calmed him down for the moment. She left him alone in the room for a short time. Ramona thought a lot because she didn't know what would happen next, but she didn't want it to end like this. She just wanted him to shrink a few centimeters. She also thought about how it would look technically in bed now because, for one thing, he was too small for sex now and his dick wasn't really that big anymore. She liked to have sex with him but with his baby cock he probably can't penetrate me either that even made her smile a bit. She also wanted to sleep if she was honest with no one who still had to use baby diapers as underwear. While Ramona thought about her sex life Tobi had other worries. He thought how can I grow up again what if the doctor can't help me either I don't want to be seen by anyone in this condition. I also want to get rid of these diapers again, especially I have to go back to work sometime and I also want to have a few beers again sometime and watch soccer with a couple of friends. so everyone thought about their problems and it remains to be seen if and how your problems can be solved.
  15. I've been posting mostly on Archive of Our Own because I like the formatting better, but I don't get as many responses there, and people here seem to prefer stories being posted directly instead of linked to. So I'm thinking of maybe posting stories here while they're being written, and then putting the finished story on AO3 later. Anyway, this story started out inspired by this short story on WarpMyMind, but it's ended up pretty different from its inspiration. Tanya Carissa and I were best friends, or at least so we told ourselves. Totally just friends, really close friends, and definitely both straight. She was my first kiss. We told ourselves we were practicing for our future boyfriends, but we liked kissing each other so much, we kept doing it. And we liked doing other things together, too. It didn’t occur to us to call it anything more than just friends having fun together. It also didn’t occur to us to consider it cheating, when we kept having fun together while we were dating guys. We went on like that throughout high school and into our twenties. We got a place together - to “save costs”, or so we said - and without really discussing it, my bedroom ended up being just the place I stored my stuff while Carissa and I shared her bed. But after a break up where my ex accused me of preferring Carissa to him and said "why don't you just date your girlfriend?", I began to seriously question my sexuality, and the true nature of my feelings for Carissa. When I finally decided to confess to Carissa and make it official, she was dating some guy named Scott. I didn't even consider that she might be serious about him, I just assumed that she was dating men because she thought she was supposed to, just like me. But when I came out, and asked for us to be exclusive, she told me she loved him. In fact, she'd been thinking about moving in with him. She loved me, too, she said, but she didn't want to disappoint her parents, and besides, she wanted children. Since she loved us both, she'd pick the one who could give her a better life. And so, I might have lost the love of my life, just when I realized that I loved her. But I wasn't going to give up so easily. Back when we were around 9 years old, we'd gone through the woods and found an old cave filled with strange markings. We spent most of our summer vacation exploring those caves. We were going into middle school, and we were worried that the new environment would change our friendship. So the day before school started, we met in those caves, with a knife I'd taken from home, and we pricked our fingers and mingled our blood, making a promise to never stop being best friends. I hoped that bringing Carissa back there would help remind her of how she felt about me. I talked her into going there with me, "one last time". There, I convinced her to have sex with me, “one last time”. When we both came in unison - a rarity for us, usually I took longer - I thought that surely, with this reminder, she’d realize that she couldn’t give me up. But then she got up. “I should get started packing.” She said, avoiding eye contact with me. She felt guilty, I realized, like a punch in the gut. She regretted it. “I’ll stay here a little longer.” I said. “You go on ahead.” When she left, I cried for awhile. And then I looked up, and realized the strange markings were starting to glow. “The promise is fulfilled,” a strange ethereal voice spoke in my head. I should have been afraid, but instead, I felt peace coming over me. “The gift will be given.” Scott Carissa and I were attracted to each other from the moment we met. We had a lot in common, and hit it off right away. A month later she moved into my place. Her friend Tanya helped her move in. Carissa had talked a lot about Tanya, and we'd met a few times. But this time, something was different. Carissa and Tanya had some sort of tension between them, and Tanya looked like she'd been crying. "Carissa, is everything OK between you and Tanya?" I asked her privately as Tanya was bringing in boxes. "Yeah, it's fine." Carissa said. "We had a dispute about some private matters, but it'll be fine. Tanya and I have a strong friendship." "I just feel kind of awkward. She seems like she's been crying." I said. "I know it's none of my business, but…" I stopped as Tanya pushed open the door with her knee. "Hey, Scott, where's your bedroom?" Tanya asked. That night, Carissa and I lay down in the same bed. It wasn't the first time she'd spent the night here, but it was different, knowing that she was here for good. I snuggled into her, my heart swelling in my chest. She fell asleep first, and I just lay there for a long time, enjoying her presence, until finally I fell asleep as well. My sleep was filled with strange dreams. I dreamt of Tanya and Carissa together, Tanya fingering Carissa while I watched, simultaneously jealous and aroused. And then Tanya turned and looked at me. "Shouldn't you have a diaper on?" She said, and I realized that I was peeing my pants. I tried to stop it, but it wouldn't stop. I was woken up by Carissa. "Hey hun, did you wet the bed?" I looked at her puzzled, then I realized that the wetness I'd felt in my dreams was still there. I sat up and pulled the covers off. "Oh, uh. Yeah I guess I did. That's weird. I never do that." "Hopefully it was just a one-off. Otherwise, we might have to get you some protection!" Carissa joked, and I blushed red at the thought, remembering my dream.
  16. Mike is a submissive husband. Laura is his wife and Mistress. Mike lives the life his wife wants him to have and has little say in what he does or where he goes. Laura has a special night planned and she wants Mike to make the place ready then, like a good husband, he would sit meekly in his room and pretend not to exist. ---- Every story update that gets posted publicly appears on my Patreon page one full week beforehand. You can view all of these updates for just $5 a month. Pledging $10 gets you the early access plus access to TWENTY-THREE Patreon exclusive stories. There are more tiers and rewards that can be found on my Patreon page. It is only through the generous support of my patrons that I'm able to write and post as much as I do so if you enjoy my stories please consider taking a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 If we get up to $800 a month in pledges I will be posting EVEN MORE regularly! --- A big thank you to all my current patrons who make my writing possible: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Coin W, Hollowbanana, Chloe N, Bojack D, Chris, Robert D A, Whatsnot, Guilend, Gomez J, Padded Quill, Jeremy C, Joseph B-A, Daddysmuffin, Andy, Frank, Ryan, James S, Justin C, Fuli, Spaxxs, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Miss X, PF, Georgia C, Camilo H, Babyjay, Jeffrey G, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Blipp, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Sterling W, Jens B, THE Dude, Wet, Cam, Alex C, Daniel, Robert C, Artemisclydefrog, Raven, Littleb, Scott, Lyra H, ReiofLight, Bask25456, MagmaLord, DJKazoo, Cutecurlybabygirl, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- The Submissive Husband By Elfy “Mike! Have you washed my clothes?” Laura called out from the bedroom. “I’m doing it now…” Mike replied from the bottom of the stairs. Mike had just been cleaning the mirror in the entry way with a washcloth. It was the third thing on his list of chores for that Friday evening, he had come home from work to get straight to his duties at home. He hoped he would get it all done in a few hours, he might even get a little time for himself before his bed time. “Hurry up!” Laura sounded exasperated and her voice made Mike tremble a little, “My book club will be here in a few hours and I need my good dress.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike replied with a sigh. As Mike walked across the hallway and placed the cleaning items on the small table next to the phone he felt the thick mass between his legs. His diaper was slightly damp but that was hardly surprising to Mike who was very used to this feeling. It had been over a year since he had put his first diaper on and he had very rarely been without them ever since. Mike made his way down the hallway to the doorway underneath the stairs. He paused for a short time to look at the downstairs bathroom just a little further down the hallway, he hadn’t been in that room except to clean in a long time. He wondered if he could even remember how to use a toilet now, it seemed such a weird thing to think about but it had been a long time since he had used something other than his diaper. Even at work Mike was expected to keep up the diaper wearing routine. He knew he could probably use the toilet if he really wanted but he didn’t want to risk it, he could only imagine what his wife would do if she knew he wasn’t using his diaper like he was supposed to. He was very lucky that he worked alone in an office and he was able to change his diaper without much fuss no matter what the circumstances were. Mike opened the door under the stairs and walked down the stairs into the basement. The washing machine had finished a few minutes ago by the looks of things. He turned the dial to turn the machine off and then opened the door, heat came out from the clothes since the drying process was built in to the wash. Mike stood back for a second as he waited for the heat to dissipate. The fancy dress and other clothes contrasted wildly with his plain white shirt and diaper, his usual clothing for his homely duties. Setting up the ironing board and plugging the iron in made Mike remember when all this had started. His relationship with Laura had always been a good one even if his wife had been a little domineering, if they decided they wanted to eat out she would choose the restaurant and it was the same for everything else. He had been happy to go along with things because he loved her. It only took a few months after their wedding before Laura started taking control more completely. He noticed what little choices he had were slowly being taking away and whenever he broke the rules he would find his wife punishing him in increasingly humiliating ways. Before Mike knew what was happening he was totally under the control of his wife. The day Laura was due to go out to a party with some friends had been the day everything changed. She had asked Mike, although it felt more like an order to the husband, to wash her clothes. Mike had been watching football and had lost track of the time, when Laura walked into the living room asking where her clothes were he was forced to admit he hadn’t done the task. Laura had been furious and she had dragged him out of the living room and down into the basement where Mike now stood. The ironing board was already set up and Mike was forced into a bending position over it. Mike knew better than to try and resist his wife when she was in a bad mood, even when his pants and underwear were pulled down he did little more than ask for leniency. Despite everything Mike had been shocked when Laura suddenly slapped his rear end. His mouth had dropped open and he fell into shocked silence whilst Laura spanked him until his butt had gone bright red. It was the first time Mike remembered there being a physical punishment and it seemed to step everything up to another level. It was a couple of days later that the first diaper was brought out and that was the beginning of the diaper punishment that had so far not finished. At this point Mike wasn’t sure that his punishment would ever end but he still wouldn’t stop doing as he was told. He was beholden to the woman he had married and if she thought this was for the best he wouldn’t stop her. Maybe it was weakness but Mike just wanted his wife to be happy no matter what that meant for him. Back in the present Mike was pulling out the dress that Laura had specifically asked for. It was nice and warm after the drying procedure and it had a strange static feeling. Mike placed the dress on the ironing board and waited for the iron to finish heating up. The dress was long and quite conservative by Laura’s standards, perfect clothing for a book club, the black and white stripes across the chest did a great job of emphasising Laura’s generous figure. Mike ironed the dress until it was perfect and ready for his wife to wear. He carefully folded the clothes and started carrying them back up to the main house for his wife to inspect, he certainly hoped she liked his work since the alternative was more punishments. He was looking forward to sitting upstairs and enjoying some time alone whilst his wife was downstairs having fun, he didn’t want to provoke her ire and end up being tied up or something. Mike knocked before entering his own bedroom and saw his wife sitting at the little make-up desk at the foot of the bed. He walked over and held out the dress for her to inspect. “It looks fine.” Laura said, “Leave it on the bed and wait here in case I have any further need of you.” Mike did as he was told and looked at the back of his wife’s head. Her long blonde hair went just below her shoulders and seemed to flow perfectly like golden waves. Mike glanced at the mirror and saw a reflection of the perfect face he had married. Deep green eyes were above a petite nose and her lips were full and very red with the addition of lipstick for the evening. When Laura stood up Mike could see her whole frame. Her dressing gown hung off her shoulders and although she was slightly shorter than her husband she certainly had more of an aura of power. Mike stared as her dressing gown came off and she stood in front of him perfectly naked. Her breasts were perfect for her size and there didn’t seem to be an ounce of extra fat anywhere on her, she was perfect. Mike could feel himself getting a little excited in his padding, he knew nothing was going to happen but it had been a while since he last had permission for sexual activity either with his wife or alone. “I’ll expect you to stay up here and be quiet.” Laura said, “And obey the usual rules. I’m being very generous in not telling my friends how pathetic you are.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike said quickly, “Thank you, ma’am.” Laura pursed her lips and nodded. She walked forwards and placed a hand underneath her husband’s diaper, she pressed the diaper up and against Mike’s crotch. The submissive man blushed and he was sure Laura could feel his slightly thickened penis. He knew she wasn’t doing anything for his benefit, she was just checking if he needed a change. “I should probably change you before anyone arrives.” Laura said, “I’ll get dressed first.” As soon as Mike felt Laura’s hand leave his diaper he climbed on to the bed and laid down on top of the covers in the prescribed position for a diaper change. He watched as Laura pulled up a pair of scandalously thin pink panties that had a little bow on the front, it was almost too much for Mark to stand. Her ample bosom was soon locked behind a black bra that only seemed to make the breasts look bigger. Finally, the freshly ironed dress was lifted high into the air and pulled down over Laura’s head, somehow she seemed to pull her head through the collar without moving a single hair out of place. It was as if she was magic. “Right, let’s get that dia-” Laura was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. She turned to look out of the bedroom, “Never mind. It doesn’t look like we have time.” “But…” Mike looked panicked as Laura stood up straight and pulled her dress into its correct position. “You know the golden rules.” Laura said as she started to leave the room, “No leaking, no changing yourself and no using the toilets. All the other rules apply too… I think I’ll have to make a rulebook for you!” Laughing as she left the room Laura started hurrying downstairs to where her first guests were arriving. Mike was left watching her go with anxiety, he reached down with one hand and found a diaper already wet enough that he would consider asking for a change. These weren’t normal circumstances though, he knew he wasn’t supposed to leave the bedroom for any reason. His only hope was that there would be a break in the discussion and Laura would be able to come up and change his soggy underwear. Mike liked having time alone since it meant he could do whatever he wanted. He chose to pick up a book and start reading, it was a book about history and was something Mike didn’t often get time to indulge in thanks to his numerous chores. An hour passed and Mike was still sitting on the bed. He turned a page uneasily and looked towards the closed bedroom door, there had been no sign of his wife since she had left the room. The only indication that other people were in the house were the occasional laughter which Mike could hear. A couple of times he heard footsteps on the stairs and he held his breath as guests walked past the bedroom and into the bathroom. It was always nerve wracking knowing that an inquisitive visitor could find out about his secret at any moment. Mike reached down with one of his hands and felt the swollen padding that was pushing his thighs apart. He made a little worried noise as he felt how wet he was, the diaper seemed so full and under normal circumstances would’ve been changed a long time ago. His options were very limited by the rules that had been drilled into his head, he couldn’t use the toilet and he couldn’t leak without terrible punishment. He wasn’t supposed to go downstairs either and yet that was where he would find his wife. Mike supposed he could change his own diaper but that would also break the rules, Laura had no time for rule breakers and he knew he would regret it deeply. Mike tried to wait and after another half an hour on the bed he wet the already saturated padding a little more. The diaper dutifully absorbed it but as he felt the back of the disposable underwear he knew it didn’t have much life left in it. He stood up off the bed and felt the diaper sag heavily as he did so, he reached down and pushed the padding up against his own crotch. He couldn’t remember ever being this wet before. Very worryingly for Mike he could feel moisture around the leg bands and on the plastic itself. It was clear this diapers lifespan was at an end and he needed a change immediately, one more wetting would push it over the edge. The diapers were sitting in a drawer nearby and yet they might as well have been on Mars, he wasn’t allowed to change himself unless he was at work. Mike wondered if there was any way he could contact his wife from up here. Laura didn’t have her cell phone with her and he knew she hated to be interrupted. He only had to remember any of the nights she brought a man home and he was left in the other room. She definitely didn’t like him coming in and disturbing them, Mike shuddered at the memories. Mike couldn’t just leak on the floor or in the bed. If he did that he was sure he would be in a lot of trouble, he didn’t even want to think about the punishments that could be heading his way. There was nothing else for it, he would have to head downstairs and ask Laura to come and help him. He prayed she would be discreet but knowing her it could be fifty-fifty as to what she would do. Walking towards the door made Mike realise just how wet he was. He had to waddle quite dramatically when he went across the room. He opened the door a little bit and peeked out, the coast was clear. Mike grabbed some pants from by the side of the bed and quickly slipped them up his legs. It covered his diaper but the padding caused the pants to bulge out in seemingly obvious ways. Mike walked out of the bedroom on shaking legs. He could hardly believe he was going to do this and he wanted more than anything to turn around and go back to the bed, he had to remind himself that that wasn’t an option. As Mike walked down the stairs he heard another rumble of laughter from within the living room. He felt a bolt of anxiety go down his spine as he got closer and closer to his wife’s gathering. He felt like he was gate crashing something even though this was just as much his house as his wife’s. The living room door was closed and Mike stood right behind it for a couple of seconds as he tried to work out what he was going to say. He felt like a child sticking his head in to a party his parents were throwing, he was completely out of place in this situation. A small submissive man just playing at being a grown up. Summoning up all the courage he could muster Mike knocked on the wooden door. The noise inside the living room died down quickly and there was a little muttering from someone. Mike didn’t open the door, he knew he should wait until he was told to do so. “Yes?” Laura’s voice cut through the silence like a knife. Mike pulled on the handle and opened the door just enough to stick his head through. He saw eight people sitting around the room with books open in front of them, on the table in the centre of the group were several bottles of wine and everyone had a glass. It was an all-female group and they looked around at the male who was disturbing them. “Can I help you?” Laura’s voice was the one to break the silence and it focused Mike on what was happening right in front of him. “C-Could I speak to you out here?” Mike asked timidly. He was making sure not to stick any more of his body through the doorway than he had to. Everyone’s eyes was on them. “No, but you can come in here.” Laura said with a smirk. “It’s OK.” Mike said quickly, “I’ll speak to you lat-” “I said come in here.” Laura cut her husband off.
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