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  1. If anyone has read my prior stories, I would like to apologize for not coming out with new chapters. Real life takes various turns and I need focus my attention elsewhere, but I felt compelled to try a new story while working on my older ones. I just wanted to get some inspiration on something new. Hope you enjoy! Pride Of The Little Chapter 1 Lisa saw herself as quite the independent and motivated little and even though she never came out and verbally said it. She felt that she was destined for greater things in life, compared to most portal littles like her. Nine months ago she along with two of her closest friends went to a job fair, however it wasn’t any normal job fair. It was a fair dedicated to see if people like her would be interested in being employed in another dimension that was under the direct control and jurisdiction of a vast group of people known as Amazonians. Lisa was no fool, she heard and understood about the rumors of what amazons thought about portal littles like her. Her two friends though it was some sick stupid joke as they applied for jobs they had found a keen interest in. But what stood out with nearly every opening was that they offered ridiculous high pay in the six figures and also lucrative bonus options such as higher education pay and retirement options, the only drawback was that any portal that agrees to the terms would be contractually obligated to work a specific amount of years in the Amazonian world. It varied depending on the companies that were hiring. It was a high-risk, high reward opportunity. There was also the ability to head back to her normal dimension after one year of being in the work force if she scheduled any vacation time for it. So if things got to dicey she could just not return, though the appeal of gaining a vast financial future was always on her mind. Lisa along with her friends were able to go out and explore the city but where met with many curious eyes. While portal littles were allowed to walk around on their own accord, most amazons felt that very rule was abhorrent for obvious reasons. “It looks like I’m almost there. Perhaps when I’m finished with my job today, I’ll go ask Bonnie if she wants to chill at my place and have a drink..” As Lisa casually paced herself while on the sidewalk in a normal looking suburban neighborhood, she caught the usual glances of a few amazons that seemed to disagree with her walking alone. It was something Lisa had accepted and no longer worried about. Most amazonians around this time had believed it was one of the few legally employed portal littles and not some foolish tourist that decided to venture off into the unknown. The main component that kept Lisa safe was her employment necklace that showed proof that she was off-limits to any giant that was seeking to claim her. Though there were times when some amazons would not care about the importance of the necklace and still try to abduct her, however they all ended up in failure as their were countermeasures for Lisa to use to avoid being illegally adopted. Today, one such female amazon had her eye on Lisa and was about to see how far she could go. "I wish my boss would give me some scooter or something. Walking is nice, but it would be so much quicker...Oh well, it's not like I have to travel far whenever I'm given an assignment." As Lisa looked over her GPS navigation device, she felt a large shadow standing in front of her. Lisa sighed as she put the device in her pocket, already knowing what to expect. She looked up and saw a slightly overweight amazon. The woman was wearing a rather bland dress but did not give off the vibe of someone that was homeless. The neighborhood that she was in appeared to be quite well kept and was far from something that would qualify as a slum. “Hello there little one. I noticed that you are walking all alone. And while this quiet neighborhood is very safe for most folks, it’s still not recommended for someone as fragile as yourself to be out here all alone without adult supervision...Honey can you please tell me where your mommy and daddy are, so we can go look for them together?" Lisa knew where this conversation was going. It always led to the same exact goal for these giants. Thankfully Lisa was trained for this eventuality before she was given any real assignments. Besides her very simplistic job of delivering legal notices to certain households, her other job was to basically keep herself safe. It was a job that a amazon could easily do, but the Amazonian government was desperately trying to appeal for portal littles to work in their dimension as a way to build far greater relations with the littles government, hence the reason for the job fairs that had been going on for years. “ I very much appreciate your concern but as you can clearly see, I'm a legally employed portal little and I'm currently on the clock right now, so I don't have luxury of talking to long." Lisa was only given one assignment a day, which meant that she had plenty of time to do whatever she wanted after she was finished, she just used that response as a way to keep any amazon from trying to get too friendly. "Oh my! I'm so sorry! What exactly is your job? If you don't mind me asking?" The amazon asked as she knelt down to one knee, wanting to get a better look at Lisa. My job is to issue warrants to amazons that may have adopted portal littles that are considered off-limits and are legally required to return them back to their original dimension." Lisa made sure that her necklace was in full-view, without it, she would have easily been scooped up by any random amazon after spending five minutes outside in the vast city “My My…What a very particular job you have…” The female amazonian could barely hold the disdain in her voice, obviously not pleased by what she had just heard. It was a law that had recently passed a few years ago. If gave some very specific portal littles that had rich, well connected family members to reclaim them. Like with the job-fair, it was a controversial law that most amazons did not approve of as they believed that all portal littles did not need to work alongside them, but rather needed to be constantly cared for. But the amazonian government would not cave in as the traffic of portal littles visiting the amazonian dimension had been declining at a record pace due to the constant tourists being claimed and adopted. "It most certainly is...Now if you will excuse me." As Lisa was about to walk passed her, the amazon put her large hand on Lisa's shoulder. A chill went down Lisa's spine as she turned back to wonder what the giant was going to do next. "If you have a moment, I would love to offer you a glass of juice at my house. It is quite warm out today and I know how frail your tiny bodies are." “Ugh, ya…No thanks. I’ll be…”Lisa was once again cut off as the amazon made sure to keep a tight grip on her shoulder. Lisa knew right then that she dealing with an amazon that didn't much care for the laws. She knew she was in for a long day. “Trust me, you will love the juice. It has all the vitamins that you poor babies require. And you look like you are about to pass out and as a law obeying citizen, I can't ignore this!" Before she knew it, Lisa felt her entire body being scooped up and then was now laying over the shoulder of the female amazon. “Ugh…Just great…It's been a few months since I've had to deal with one of these types…What a pain.” Lisa thought to herself as she quietly watched as she was being carried to a part of the neighborhood that was not aligned with her assignment. Most portal littles would start freaking out but Lisa was trained and prepared to deal with this type of situation. A contingency that had never failed her. “You know...If you don’t have a mommy that can properly take care of you, I don’t mind fulfilling that role. In fact, I’ve actually been looking at adopting for some time now and you look like the type that requires constant attention.” The amazon began to pat Lisa’s butt, thinking that she had just found herself quite the catch. Lisa wanted to land a single punch in the woman's jaw but knew that would only make things worse for her. She would try one more time to use dialog before resorting to using her safety net. “Excuse me miss, but if you don’t let me go this instant, I will be forced to alert the authorities to our location. And in case you are not fully aware, illegal adoption has quite the felony charge. Do you really want to spend the next couple of decades behind bars all for the sake of kidnapping me?” Lisa smirked, knowing that by using that exact response, it would usually cause most amazons to second guess their decision and finally give up. “My name is Anna, but you can call me mommy from now on. What is yours hun?” Lisa was caught a bit off-guard as the amazon seemed to either have not heard her or was purposefully ignoring her warning as she was still over the giant's shoulder. Lisa was done, the gloves were off. “HEY! YOU GOT TO THE COUNT OF FIVE TO RELEASE ME! OR I'M ABOUT TO UNLEASHE THE SEVEN LAYERS OF HELL ON YOUR ASS!” Lisa screamed out." Lisa took hold of her necklace and was about to press a button on the middle of it. “I think someone needs a proper timeout. And I’ve got just the thing.” Lisa quickly pressed the button as the amazon pulled something out from her pocket. Before Lisa could continue to voice her protest, a pacifier was forced into her mouth. Lisa was about to spit it out until she felt the bulb in her mouth grow far larger, forcing the soother to remain in it's place. "Now that's more like it. And if I hear any more complaining out of you missy, you are going right over my knee, understand?" Lisa felt legitimately angry and afraid for the first time in months, and without her ability to speak, she could not ask for help, though she wasn't certain if any amazons would even care to listen to her plea. Today was supposed to be just another typical Tuesday and now she was in a most precarious position. The authorities were her final hope and thankfully, they had always been their to save her. It was only a matter of time. “Enjoy this while you can you giant bitch. The police will be up on your ass in the next few minutes. " Lisa was looking forward to seeing the amazons expression once a few patrol cars came into view. “I actually think that necklace is kinda yucky, I can buy you something far more adorable after I get you settled in." Anna quickly removed the necklace around Lisa's neck and then threw it in the nearest garbage bin, thinking to herself that the necklace had a tracker on it. Lisa wanted to smirk but the pacifier kept her from doing so. Unbeknownst to the amazon, the tracker was a small chip that was safely secured inside Lisa's butt. A mandatory requirement that Lisa needed to accept if she wanted to even work in the amazon dimension. It was a bit invasive but worth it, given the circumstances. The next few minutes almost felt like an hour for Lisa as she looked all around the neighborhood, hoping to see several cop cars coming towards her location, but all there was utter silence except the distant sounds of people conversing at the local park nearby. No amount of squirming would be of help. Most amazons would just mistake her for being upset like for not getting the toy she wanted or had an accident. “We are almost home, little one. After I get you changed, perhaps I’ll consider feeding you, so long as you continue to behave. If not, it’s straight to bedtime. Tomorrow, we will head straight to the nearest adoption agency to fill out the proper paperwork to make you officially mine! While I’m at it, I’ll have to come up with a proper name for you. Hmm… You have short red hair and baby blue eyes, perhaps I’ll name you after a gem, maybe Ruby or perhaps Sapphire! Oh the possibilities are endless!”” Lisa cringed as the amazon seemed to be overjoyed by the prospect of becoming a mommy. “For the love of god police, please show up before I'm actually put inside this crazy bitches house!" “Oh Anna! What’s with the little on your shoulder? Don’t tell me that you have finally decided to adopt, have you?” Lisa caught the glimpse of an elderly amazon lady walking up to speak with her kidnapper as they were passing by several houses. “That’s right Olga, as you know, I’ve been holding off on adopting for some time now, but after finding this poor lost little near the city park, I couldn’t help myself and decided to become her new mommy. “Congratulations! She is quite the cutie! Tell me, is she native or portal?” Olga asked as she patted the top of the girl's head. Lisa tried to give a worried expression to the elderly lady, hoping by the far chance that she would understand her predicament. "I think your baby needs her diaper changed based on how she is behaving." Lisa gave up as Anna chuckled to herself, knowing that everything was still going for her. “My whittle red head is a portal.” “Oh my, they are so rare, I can’t believe how lucky you are. I’ve seen several parents give up their native littles in order to qualify to adopt a single portal little. It’s like winning the lottery!” Olga replied with a small chuckle of her own. “I truly am blessed. In fact I'll probably start nursing her after I get her settled in. She hasn't had anything to eat all day!" Anna said as she eyed the house next door. Lisa's eyes widened as she realized that they had arrived the home of her kidnapper. Time was running out. "There is always something special about the first time bonding with a portal little. It's quite the magical experience if you ask me." Olga said as began to head back to walk back to her house. “FUCK! IS THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING!" Lisa tried her best to pull herself off the amazon but after a quick smack to her butt, Lisa winced at the pain and momentarily stooped fighting back. "Now baby, don't be impatient, we will get you changed very shortly, okay?...As you can see Olga, I need to get her inside and changed asap. Please give your husband my regards." Anna waved goodbye, wasting no time to unlock the front door to her two story house and then closing it. Leaving Lisa all alone with her wannabe mommy. “We are finally home! I know that this may seem a bit scary for you, but after a few days of adjustment, you will understand that this was the best decision for you.” Lisa was too pissed off to even give the Anna the courtesy of even looking her in the eyes. Anna knew what was going through Lisa's mind but didn't care. She had her baby and knew that it would take some time to break her will, but eventually, she would have the ideal baby that she had been seeking. The climb up the stairs almost felt surreal, Lisa never believed that she would find herself in this position. But here she was. “TA DA! This will be your new nursery from now on!” Lisa immediately could smell the baby powder in the air as she took witness to the bright blue nursery that had pictures of clouds around the walls of the infantile room. There was the standard changing table, crib, rocking chair, and even a rocking horse near the corner of the room. All of which, she had no intention of using. Lisa was still holding on to hope that the cops would show up before then. “God damn it! What a day for the cops to be so freaking incompetent! They have never taken this long, what's going on?" Lisa felt her opportunities running out after noticing that the door to the nursery was closed, which meant that even if she could shake free from her captor, she could not escape the dreaded nursery as the door handle was far beyond her reach. “There goes my first option. Now I really got to improvise…Fuck me…” “Now let's get you out of such deplorable clothes. I originally had planned on adopting a boy, but I don’t exactly mind having a girl. Perhaps after a few months, I’ll consider having you undergo a sex change, hehe.” Lisa felt her body grow cold as she found herself sitting on top of a changing table. Anna gently used her fingers to force Lisa to lay down. Shocked and dismayed were the only thoughts going through the portal littles mind at the moment. “At this point, there is only one last option I can do...Even if this works, it will only delay the inevitable. Lisa could feel her shoes being removed and then shortly after, her socks were next. The young red head knew that she was at the end of the line, right now she her focus was on regaining her ability to speak. “I really do appreciate you accepting your new role. You see, I’m not like most amazon mommies and am willing to listen to reason so long as you are completely obedient with me.” As Anna began to remove Lisa’s pants, Lisa began to wonder if her plan would work. If she could not convince the amazon to remove her pacifier, she was screwed. Lisa felt goosebumps on her legs after her pants were removed. Anna noticed a GPS tracker inside the pants and then quickly crushed it, believing there could have been a tracker on it. She then began to work on her shirt next. "At least there will be no one around if I do this...So damn humiliating. " After having her shirt removed, Lisa looked down at herself, only her bra and panties were left. Lisa decided now was the time to pray that her kidnapper would listen to her. She began to whine and point to her pacifier with tears in her eyes. "What's that? You want to speak baby girl?...How about this, I'll remove your paci, but in return, you need to behave like the proper daughter that you are, okay?" Lisa quickly nodded her head, letting Anna know that she was ready to comply to her every demand. Anna knew that this was going to take a toll on her pride but it was worth it to avoid having herself put into a diaper. “THANK YOU MOMMY!" Lisa yelled out as she quickly hugged Anna after the pacifier was removed. The amazon was caught off-guard but didn't seem to mind. "It's fine baby girl. The pacifier is only needed when you are acting a bit too grumpy wumpy." As Anna began to remove Lisa's bra, the young portal little bit her lip as she was about to speak up again. "Umm...Mommy, can I ask for a favor?" After having her bra removed, Lisa found herself laying on the changing table again as her panties were being removed. She hoped that her Anna would respond in kind. "What can I help you with my daughter?" Lisa had to use all her will-power to refrain from speaking what she truly thought. The idea that this random giant could call her daughter, was so violating. “Mo…Mommy…If…If I’m going to be put into a diaper…I…I would prefer that I at least have a bath first…You know…So that I can be all clean? I feel very dirty.” Lisa began to wonder if the chip in her butt was malfunctioned because she still could not hear any noises from outside, even though the windows were closed, she still would easily be able to hear any sirens. "Hmm...Now that you mention it." Anna placed her face closer to Lisa's stomach and began to sniff it, which only made Lisa feel even more disgusted with herself. "It makes too much sense. A newly a quired baby girl should feel and smell just like a newborn. And I just can't say no to someone so adorable." Anna picked Lisa up by the hips and then kissed her several times on the belly button. “Gross Gross…Fucking hell!” Lisa continued to keep her feelings to herself while playing the role of the obedient baby. She wasn't sure if the amazons was foolish enough to believe her new persona, but she didn't care. "Well, let's not waste anytime and get your bath ready, shall we?" Anna placed Lisa over her shoulder and gave the girl a playful slap on her rear end, causing Lisa to yelp, which made Anna giggle to herself. Being bathed was far from ideal but the idea of being put into a diaper sounded like a fate worse than death for Lisa. She wanted to avoid that at all costs. “It’s unfortunate that we amazons are not allowed to visit your dimension. I bet we could easily help advance your civilization if we took complete ownership of it.” Lisa remained quiet as she allowed Anna to spew out whatever was coming out of her mouth. She would only speak if it meant delaying the diaper change. “I also noticed that you have some naughty stuff on your privates. We will have to get that removed right after your bath. I bet you will be happy to see that! Won't you?" Anna asked as she opened the door to the upstairs bathroom. "I...Will be SUPER DUPER happy...Ya..." Lisa said in the most sarcastic tone. Her face was as red as an apple. Her thoughts were now on the idea that she would end up spending the night in this house of horrors, which meant that she would most certainly in a diaper. "If the authorities don't show up, then I'll have to await until we get to the adoption agency. If they scan my ass, they will see that I'm legally employed and with that, I'll be saved...At least that is what Kelly told me during training....Fuck me." Lisa's thoughts were filled with despair at this point as she watched while sitting on the toilet seat as her so-called mommy filled the bath water. Lisa could see an opening and escape through the bathroom but the idea of running away bare naked, especially if she managed to get outside would not lead to any pleasant encounters. “Even though I thought I was fully prepared, it appears I do not have any bath toys for you to play with baby girl, I'm so sorry. But I promise that I will get you some later this week!" "It's all good...Mommy." Lisa continued to give off a forced smile, as she mentally prepared herself for what was to come. After the bath water had reached a suitable level, Anna picked her newly acquired baby up and carefully lowered her into the warm bath water. Lisa felt guilty by how comfortable her body felt while submerged. “There is so much bonding that we will be doing over the next few weeks, even I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the recent change of events. My friends were all able to find portal littles to adopt over the past few years and while I was happy for them, I did feel a tinge of jealousy. It is so simple to adopt a native, but there is something special about taking care of a little from a different dimension. I bet the feeling is mutual for you, honey bunny.” Anna took her time in washing Lisa’s entire body, while making sure that she didn’t overlook any part of Lisa's petite body. During the whole ordeal, Lisa kept her eyes closed, trying to pretend that she was in some massage parlor back in her dimension. An escape from the nightmare that she was now residing in. "Your awfully quiet. I guess I should understand. It's your first bath. Perhaps next time, mommy will join you and we can bathe each other, how does that sound?" Lisa did not want to respond but knew that she needed to appease the amazon until the authorities arrived at some point. "I...I would...Like...That." Lisa stuttered as she felt her butt being raised in the air as Anna began to gently clean it with a bath sponge. "I may actually be able to nurse you, given how I can feel my hormones change at this very moment. I'm so happy. One thing I would also love to try out in a few months is that very unique unbirth program. When I plan to go seek my folks up north, I would love to have you resting inside my womb. It's quite cold up there, but you would not need to worry as you will be very warm and safe as a part of my body." Lisa felt her hear stop beating for just a moment after hearing such horrific ideas. She had heard about the stories of actual adults like her being breastfed but had never heard of the ability of someone like her being forced inside a giant. It sounded like a nightmare, a bad nighttime story to tell. But given how tall the amazons were. It was very much possible for it be a reality. And for Lisa, she would rather die than suffer such a horrific fate. "Make no mistake, this bitch is a certified nutjob! I have to get away from her and take a few shots of vodka to erase everything I heard today." Lisa's thoughts were interrupted as she was taken out of the bathtub right after having her hair washed. Once she was dried off, Lisa had to admit that she certainly felt clean but still would always prefer to bathe herself. “Alrighty! Let’s go get you dressed for the rest of the night, shall we?” Anna hummed a lullaby as she carried the distraught Lisa back toward towards the nursery. Tears were forming in her eyes as she began to accept her padded fate. The police were a no show. Her reliable protection had now become unreliable. “I have a friend that owns a daycare center not too far from here, I bet she would be able to give me a decent discount when we sign you up, haha.” Lisa ignored the words of her kidnapper as she tried to pretend that she was visiting friends and having a good ol fashioned bbq. Back when she was much poorer but still had her dignity. After having her towel removed, Anna was easily able to lay Lisa down on the changing table without any resistance. She could see the obvious emotional damage that she had done and did feel a bit guilty, but only for just a moment before raising both of Lisa's ankles in the air and then grabbing a wet wipe. Lisa yelped as she felt the cold dampness of the wipe against her most sensitive areas. She just decided to keep her eyes closed and continued to pray for a miracle. "That's more like it. Smooth as my baby's bottom." Anna lightly smacked Lisa's butt a few times before lowering it onto the padded table. The cool breeze on her privates made Lisa bite her lip to allow the pain to overwhelm any of her other senses. “These wipes are not cheap but you get what you pay for. After kissing Lisa directly on her privates, Anna pulled out a thick white diaper underneath the changing table, it was pure white with blue tapes on the sides. There were also cartoon pictures of dogs and cats on them as an added bonus. As the diaper slid under Lisa's butt, she could immediately feel the soft padding that would soon become her jail...Not to mention her toilet. "This is it...The end..." Lisa quietly said to herself as Anna began to lift the top sheet of the diaper to cover her babies privates. "OH! I almost forgot!" I'm such a clumsy idiot!" Anna let go of the top sheet as she went to pull something from underneath the changing table. "We can't have my precious baby girl getting a rash!" Anna pulled out a bottle of baby powder but before she could start to sprinkle the white substance over Lisa's lower half, there was a sudden loud knock at the door. Their was a look of shock and confusion on both of their faces as a third party had now come into the picture. “Seriously. You know, I bet it's Olga. She always knocking at the most inconvenient of times. Probably wanting to gift us with several things to celebrate." Anna took a moment to consider if she should ignore it continuing the process of diapering her baby girl. But after another heavier sounding knock, Anna quicky realized that it was not Olga as her elderly friend did not have the strength to pull such an act off. and began the process of diapering her new baby girl but after another even heavier knock at the door, Anna quickly realized that it was most likely not her neighbor and began to grow worried. She quicky looked at Lisa, wondering if she knew who it was, but from the despair on the girl's face, she assumed that she was alright and perhaps it was some stupid salesman. There were no sirens, so Anna did not believe that the police had come looking for her daughter. Still, it was something that she could not ignore. "Baby girl, I'm going head downstairs for a moment, please suckle on this to pass the time, okay?" Anna took out a pacifier from her pocket and quickly shoved it into Lisa's mouth. Right after doing so, she exited the nursery but did not close the door behind her. Lisa feeling absolutely defeated and violated, sat up and spat out the soother without a moments notice. She carefully hopped off the changing table, not caring how hard the landing was on her butt, she felt a glimmer of hope. A light at the end of a very dark tunnel. "Please...Let it be them..." Lisa noticed that both her bra and panties were torn up after Anna removed them from her body. It pissed her off but right now she wanted to see who was at the door, but first she needed to at least put her pants and shirt on before doing so. Anna's body grow cold as she noticed two police officers standing right at her front door. She knew why they were their. Now she needed to come up with a viable solution to have them leave. It was do or die. “Can I help you with something, officers?” The amazon asked in a calm and collective tone. Secretly wondering how the police were able to track Lisa since she did not the necklace or working GPS. “We have received a notification that there is a possible portal little in your vicinity. We are here just to see if you have accidentally taken in a portal little in by mistake or have seen one in your area.” Anna knew that she was in trouble but also knew that she could talk her way out of this. She wasn't dead to rights. “There actually have been a few littles running around in this neighborhood, it wouldn’t surprise me if a portal little was among them. I believe I saw them heading down Bronson street. You might have more luck if you go down that area. ” Anna nervously chuckled, hoping that the officers would leave her be. Of the two officers, the male one raised an eyebrow before speaking up. “Do you mind if we take a look around? The other officer asked as he tried to get a better look of the inside of the house. Anna stood in front of him, not wanting anyone to enter her domain. “I do mind actually! You see my baby girl is sleeping and I don't want anyone to disturb her, understand!" Anna said in a more direct stern tone. “POLICE! THANK FUCKING GOD! THIS BITCH KIDNAPPED ME AND NEEDS TO BE LOCKED AWAY ASAP! I’M THE GODDAMN LEGALLY PROTECTED PORTAL LITTLE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! PUT THIS BITCH BEHIND BARS NOW! ” Lisa yelled out as she rushed down the stairs, not caring that she was stumbling a bit. Anna had a horrified expression, realizing that she had forgotten to close the nursery door. Before she could act, the officer quickly cuffed her and began to read her rights. The female officer walked over gently picked Lisa up and held the girl in her arms. "Just calm down little one. You will be alright now. But first, we need to verify your identity. So I need to scan your whittle tushy, okay?" Lisa didn't care as she gladly pulled down her pants and allow the officer to do her job. The policeman pulled out a device from her belt and began to rub it over Lisa's butt. A green signal soon appeared which gave Lisa a positive feeling. “Lisa Mackerson. We appreciate your cooperation. If you are ready to leave, I will personally escort you out of here.” The female officer said as she carried Lisa out of her kidnappers house. “But baby girl, I thought you wanted to live with me?” Anna asked as tears were forming in her eyes. Lisa would normally would have relished at the sight but right now she wanted to be as far away from her fake mommy as soon as possible. “Not even on cold day in hell, would I ever allow that!! And my name isn’t baby girl.. It’s LISA! Be sure to remember that once you are in the slammer, haha!” Lisa felt an immense amount of relief while in her darkest hour. She never thought being secured in a booster seat would feel so great. It was a victory, a very brutal one, but yet, still a victory and it allowed Lisa to reclaim some of her lost pride.
  2. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  3. This story takes place in a world where women are significantly bigger and stronger than men Daniel is a workaholic who really needs a break. His life consists of nothing more than working for much longer than he should and then going home to scroll social media. So when he receives a letter from a cousin he had lost touch with saying they should catch up he is only too eager to agree. Emmy, however, isn't exactly the cousin he remembered her being. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 50 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Cousin Emmy By Elfy Daniel tapped away on his keyboard. He hadn’t stopped in a long time, his eyes were practically glued to the screen as he wrote line after line of code. His eyes were sore but he couldn’t stop, he needed to keep going and meet his deadlines. Daniel enjoyed his work and when he got into the right frame of mind he could easily work non-stop for hour after hour. With a swipe of his hand Daniel brushed his hair out of his face. It was growing too long, that was what his mother always told him when she visited. He clicked save and looked away from the screen for the first time in hours. He had to blink a few times, every time his eyes closed he saw the code on the screen again. He knew it as the “Tetris Effect”, when you look at something happening for so long you can see it when you close your eyes, it was very disconcerting. He rubbed his eyes, he only had sight in the left one though he hadn’t let that stop him from doing anything. “What the…” Daniel realised his one good eye wasn’t going blind. It had got very dark indeed. He checked the clock on the corner of the screen to see it was late in the evening. He had worked long past quitting time. The office was empty. All the lights were off and so were the computers. Daniel was the last person to leave and his shift was meant to have finished hours ago. If he had any kind of social life he would’ve been upset but, in truth, no one would notice he had worked overtime. He lived alone and didn’t really have many friends, certainly not ones he often went out with. With the computer shut off Daniel picked up his things and left the office. He lived in the city and didn’t own a car, he didn’t mind walking and using public transport. It was good for the environment and his own fitness. He was a slim guy anyway but a little extra exercise never hurt anyone. It was already dark out and the wind had a slight chill to it that made Daniel pull his coat a little tighter to himself. He gave a wide berth to some teenagers that were loitering outside an electronics store. He always felt nervous when passing rowdy groups thanks to his diminutive 5’4” frame. He was very slight physically and that made him anxious about becoming a victim. Daniel hurried by and carried on home. He lived in an apartment halfway up a building. His programming for an independent video game company didn’t pay a great deal but living on his own meant he didn’t actually need much money, it wasn’t like he went out often after all. Daniel opened the front door of his place and walked inside. He flicked on the lights and walked through to the kitchen. It was late and he didn’t feel much like cooking, he warmed up some instant noodles and then dropped on his couch in front of the television. There wasn’t much on and Daniel ended up watching a random roller-skating competition on one of the niche sports’ channels. He had no interest in skating but he was essentially just killing time until he went to bed and then went to work again. This was his life. Working and then sitting around waiting to work again. With a sigh Daniel looked around. He was an introvert, he didn’t mind being home alone rather than out partying but at times like this he wouldn’t have minded having someone just to talk to a little bit. He had considered getting a pet before but it didn’t feel like he would be home enough to take care of them. For the next hour Daniel looked at social media on his phone whilst occasionally glancing up at the television. Most of the people on his friends list were either colleagues or family. There was nothing exciting going on. Daniel turned off the television and stretched. He walked into his hallway with the intention of visiting the bathroom before bed. He paused when he saw a letter on his doormat. If it had been there when he got home he hadn’t noticed it, and yet it felt like he would’ve seen it. He frowned, he rarely got letters that weren’t bills but he could see his name and address handwritten on it. Daniel picked the letter up and turned it over. There was no clues as to where it came from. He opened the door out in to the building’s hallway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see but no one was there. The only movement was on the light on top of the elevator, one of the numbers was descending as it lowered down towards the ground. Closing the door Daniel started opening the envelope. He pulled the single piece of paper out and read the handwriting. “Hi Daniel, it’s been a long time!” The handwriting was very neat with all the letters curving into the next one perfectly, “You should come visit and catch up. I’m sure we have a lot to reminisce about. It would be a lot of fun to have you stay for a while. Your favourite cousin, Emmy.” The note ended with a return address as well as an e-mail. Daniel read the note a second time. He remembered Emmy well. She had been practically his best friend as a youth but once he had moved to the city they had lost touch. Daniel remembered getting into a lot of hijinks with Emmy, she was two years younger than he was but always seemed to be the one who took charge of their arrangements. She had been taller than he was to the point most strangers assumed she was the elder cousin, she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Daniel climbed into bed but placed the note on his bedside table. He would send a reply from work the next day. Going out to the countryside to revisit his youth and catch up with an old friend would be just the tonic to his stressed life. --- Daniel sat on the bus with his suitcase pulled up between his legs. He had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready and head to the train station, then he switched to the bus to get him as close as possible to Emmy’s rather remote home. He felt excited but also anxious, social situations had been alien to him for a long time. When Daniel stepped off the bus with his suitcase he had to look around to try and work out where to go next. This wasn’t the town he had grown up in though it wasn’t far away, he had only been here a few times before and that had been many years ago. He pulled out the piece of paper with directions and then started walking down the street. After talking to Emmy through e-mail and deciding on a visit Daniel had gone to his boss to apply for time off. He was able to take quite a significant amount of time since he hadn’t used his holiday time that year. Daniel wasn’t planning to spend all his time off with Emmy, he didn’t want to impose, but he liked that there would be no rush on their catching up. Emmy had a spare room that she said was ready just for him. It took thirty minutes for Daniel to eventually end up on the right road. He had underestimated the distance and pulling his suitcase with him the whole way had left him out of breath. The buildings on this road had plenty of space between them and each seemed to be situated in its own sizable parcel of land. Daniel stopped in front of one of these isolated homes and checked his paper again. This was the right address but everything seemed to be a little odd. He couldn’t put his finger on it as he looked at the house from the road. He started walking down the long driveway. “What on Earth…” Daniel’s eyes widened the closer he got to the house. Everything about the house appeared normal at first glance. The white two-storey walls had regular windows and a front door on a porch, it looked like the carbon copy of thousands of other houses until Daniel walked up the large steps of the porch. The front door towered over him, the letterbox was at head height whilst the handle was even higher. The brass door knocker was out of reach even if Daniel had tried to jump for it. It had to be at least ten-feet off the ground. Daniel turned around and saw some wicker furniture on the corner of the porch. The two chairs, table and rocking chair looked gargantuan. If Daniel didn’t know better he would’ve thought he had shrunk to half his height. After another check that this was indeed the correct address Daniel knocked on the door. He heard a loud scraping and then footsteps coming to the door. He could feel the wooden boards under his feet vibrate with each booming step. Daniel instinctively took a step backwards as the door’s lock clicked and then swung open. Daniel had just one second to take in his cousin Emmy before she was right in front of him. “Daniel!” Emmy excitedly stepped forwards with a huge smile, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Daniel saw a woman in front of him that wasn’t just tall but a giant. Her arms reached around Daniel’s waist and before he knew it he was lifted into the air in a great big bear hug. He felt his cheeks reddening as he was held against his cousin’s chest, her voluptuous breasts threatened to engulf him. It was more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. “Mmm!” Was the only sound Daniel could make as he wondered if he was going to suffocate right there between his cousin’s boobs. “Oh, sorry. I sometimes forget my own strength!” Emmy loosened her grip. To Daniel’s embarrassment Emmy didn’t set him down on the floor. Instead, she shifted him to the side with remarkable ease so that he was sat on her hip. His arms and legs automatically wrapped around Emmy as she took his suitcase and carried it inside. Daniel felt embarrassment coursing through him along with questions as to how Emmy had got so big. He hadn’t even had a chance to say anything! Daniel was final set down in the living room as Emmy sat on the couch. Daniel was left stood in front of her feeling like a child sent to report to the Principal. He was finally able to take all of her in and he was astounded. Emmy was incredibly tall, he could only estimate but if she was shorter than eight feet tall he would’ve been extremely surprised. “How was your trip? Was it OK?” Emmy asked. Despite her size her voice was very light. Her shoulder-length golden hair bobbed slightly as she sat up straight. The apron she was wearing over her black dress bunched up and she had to pull it down. “It was fine.” Daniel replied quietly. Looking around the room Daniel could see the interior of the house was the same as the exterior. Everything was bigger than normal, the couches and armchairs were so tall he would struggle to clamber up on to the cushions, Even the windowsill was so high up he could’ve used it for chin-ups. He had never felt smaller as he looked round at the giant room. “Oh, where are my manners?” Emmy chuckled, “Let me help you up.” “Wha-… No I’m-” Daniel found himself being lifted again and this time deposited on the couch. He hadn’t been handled this much since he had been a baby, it seemed like Emmy had some real issues with personal boundaries. Much to Daniel’s embarrassment his legs hung over the edge of the seat without touching the ground. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy asked excitedly. She leaned back and turned sideways to face her new guest. Her breasts were very distracting as they pushed out towards Daniel. “Oh, you know… This and that.” Daniel muttered as he forced himself to look away. He had so many questions but Emmy wasn’t giving him a moment to say anything. Daniel wanted to ask Emmy what had happened to make her so incredibly tall and about her house. Did she have a genetic problem that kept her growing? Did she have this house custom made? Why wasn’t she a star basketball player? Were those boobs real!? “You have to give me more than that!” Emmy giggled and draped one of her long arms over Daniel’s shoulders, “Come on, we’ve got all the time in the world. Tell Aunty everything.” “Aunty?” Daniel replied with a frown. “Oh, silly me!” Emmy giggled again, “I’m so much bigger than you I forgot you aren’t one of my sister’s kids! Just a maternal instinct I suppose, you’re actually older than me by a couple of years, hard to believe, huh?” As Emmy laughed heartily Daniel forced a trepid smile across his face. If he could’ve done he would’ve excused himself from this bizarre house and run away because Emmy was acting very strangely. He didn’t like the very “hands on” approach she was taking to him, it wasn’t normal to just be picked up like this. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy said again. “I went to university.” Daniel looked away from Emmy as he shifted uncomfortably, “Studied video game design and then got a job at an independent company. I wor-” “Wow!” Emmy interrupted, “Impressive! I’m proud of you, what a clever boy!” Daniel blushed a little as he was praised in such a strange manner. He bit his lip as he felt his face flush with embarrassed heat. This had been a big mistake. His social isolation had pushed him into this meeting but he had never expected a situation like this. Despite his loneliness being alone at home seemed very attractive at this point. “Let me show you your room so you can get settled in.” Emmy said after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. --- You can find out what happens next RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cousin-emmy-part-92754660
  4. New Position So my second story! I tried to put a little more background in. So sorry if it’s a little boring Michael and Suzan met in their second year of college, Sue Majored in Marketing and Mike in art. They found each other in a graphic design class. Either of them really had much interest in graphic design. Sue had thought it would be a fun and easy class and Mike’s advisor suggested the class for him as more art industry moved towards graphic design. Mike was very uninterested in graphic design as he was a talented artist. “There is no talent involved with moving things around on a computer screen.” To be honest Mike did have a good bit of talent and had a wide variety of mediums. Sue was cautious and calculated she planned and focused on goals and achievements. Mike was fun and spontaneous he enjoyed the journey even though he wasn’t sure where it was going. Soon they thought of each other as perfect opposites and a cute couple. They truly fell in love with each other and enjoyed all their personality differences. As graduation snuck right up on the couple they were faced with a decision. Mike’s hometown was a several hour drive from Sue’s. Neither one of them wanted a long distance relationship. Sue’s parents unfortunately died suddenly in her freshman year of college and though they were not rich by any stretch the estate which was left to their only daughter Sue was sufficient for most of her college dept. and included her childhood home. Which she didn’t have the heart to sell. Mike’s parents On the other hand upon his departure for college Decided to turn his bedroom into a personal office space leaving him feel unwelcome. Not that they were bad people just not the loving type, and felt as their job as parents was complete upon his high school graduation. Mike and his parents were not close. So the decision seemed easy. Mike and Sue were looking forward to moving into Sue’s shabby, small and rather unkept childhood home. Then something unexpected happened. Even though the couples sex life wasn’t ever described as electrifying. Or even good and honestly not even fair. Sue became expecting. Mike was romantic and charming at times and Sue would say he was attractive but Mike was not blessed with even a average sized package. To make matters worse being described as premature in climax would be an understatement. Forplay was not a option. They tried different approaches however the only approach that semi satisfied Sue’s marginal sex drive was the “sneak up approach.” Literally she would have to wait until he was distracted enough for her to jump him. And hope he would last long enough to feel satisfied. Usually this did not allow much time for protection. However they were still very surprised finding out Sue was pregnant. This was a very busy time and sharing the uncertainty of it all taught each a lot about each other. Sue became more focused and directive. Mike did propose to her only after encouragement from Sue. She directed as Mike accomplished to the best of his ability preparing and moving to their new home. Sue found a entry level marketing job, even though her condition. Mike put together his portfolio and began looking for galleries Etc. Sue and her long time friend Tracy planned a low budget wedding at the local fire hall. Things were moving fast. The wedding went wonderfully even as it was a bit rushed. Sue was beautiful, Tracy had helped Considerably. Tracy was her maid of honor, Mike did have a few friends scattered about but due to the location and quick plan it was easier for Tracy to ask her husband Jason to be there for Mike as the best man, and Tracy’s oldest son of 3 was the ring barrier. Mike’s parents came and everything. The couple felt more confident then ever that things were going to work out, and even became excited about the idea of parenthood. Then something unexpected happened. 3 months into her pregnancy Friday afternoon Sue had a miscarriage. Mike and Sue were sad. They cried together and spent the weekend feeling bad they continued to say to themselves this was for the best, and “things go the way they’re supposed to.” But it was sad. They both promised they would try again as soon as they were more prepared. Months to years Sue dove into her work. She liked her job and was good at it. She went on to college at night and got her MBA. Mike put together the basement as a art studio and put all his art together and got a trailer for his Honda Civic. He went to every art festival he could and tried and tried as much as possible to get his work in any gallery. However “he just needed a break” or at least that’s what he kept telling himself. The occasional painting or pottery sold causing his confidence to rise however the cost for his stand and travel was well over his sales. Then one of the biggest art festivals of the year he drove to set up all his pop-up tents, pictures, paintings and sculptures. Unfortunately out of nowhere a large thunderstorm broke through the city with high winds and flying debris, his stand was destroyed. The next day he went to try and salvage anything. As tears pushed from his eyes as he found nothing worth saving. Even his small inclosed trailer was over turned and crushed. Sue tried to console him but he couldn’t hear it. To add insult to injury the city charged him a fine for leaving his destroyed art. Truthfully Sue kinda felt relieved. She was tired of him goofing off with the stupid art festivals and felt he needed to be more productive. She encouraged him to find a job and move on. After several weeks of trying to find momentum on starting a new portfolio Mike found model car building was a great way to pass time. He carefully built model cars, boats, and planes, Meticulously painting and glueing them together. Soon he had a wide variety of models displayed around his art studio in the basement. Sue lost her patience. Tracy Tracy and Sue had been best friends since middle school, growing up only a couple blocks away. Tracy took a very different path after high school, instead of going to college she and her high school boyfriend Jason were married and soon had their first of two sons. Jason worked construction and was a pretty good dude all and all. He probably got a little too drunk a little too often for most people and sure liked to talk about his high school football days but Tracy found him fun and didn’t mind finding a ride home from the bar at 2 am either. So Tracy worked for her father in the family custom furniture business. The business did ok and Tracy’s father could sell melting red popsicles to women in white gloves. So Tracy had a easy full time job. Overall though Tracy was a cool chick and a easy person to get along with. Sue hadn’t seen the basement in a while and one day when she came home from work she went looking for Mike and found him in the basement finishing his latest model airplane. Sue tried hard to seem amused with Mike’s model collection as Mike described each model in some detail at one point Sue tried to pick up one of his models from the super car collection neatly arranged around a table against the wall. Mike quickly pointed out these were not toys and could not be touched. Sue was stumbling for words. She knew Mike had been through a lot in the last year and was kinda glad Mike had a hobby but really “don’t touch my toy cars” is all she could think. So Sue had to discuss this with someone and hopefully come to a solution soon. Tracy answered the phone on the second ring happy to hear from her longtime friend. Sue explained the recent situation with Tracy and went on to tell Tracy about her recent promotion which is why she went looking for Mike in the first place. Tracy being the good friend she had a solution saying “I can get him a job in our warehouse” thinking this would get Mike moving some” let me talk to my dad” Sue thought he might not like it but it sure beats him goofing around the house all day and said “sure I don’t know how Mike will like it but I have to do something” Tracy then said “let’s hit the bar tonight to celebrate your promotion and we can discuss it further” Sue agreed figuring a night out would be nice. The next week Mike met Tracy’s dad Jim. Jim wanting to appease his daughter sold the job to Mike even going as far to add “we could even add some your art to some of our custom dining tables or coffee tables. You’ll be a great addition to our team” Jim wasn’t really lying either. Mike started at the warehouse filling orders and loading trucks but when possible Jim would have Mike add miscellaneous doodles or designs to furniture. Mike was pretty happy to add. Jim was certainly a great influence on Mike, somehow Jim had a gift with making people feel special and people just would go out of the way for Jim’s approval. Several years later. Jim and his wife retired and moved to Florida. This left Tracy to run the business and honestly it was a good thing. Custom furniture became harder to sell. People just wanted cheap crap made in China. Though Tracy didn’t have the great ability her father had she did know how to buy things off the internet. Soon most of the companies furniture was shipped straight from China or whichever third world country. And honestly more profitable then ever. Tracy restructuring the company soon losing manufacturing all together. A problem with this Mike became less and less interested. Having less to little to do and a extremely easy job he still managed to fuck up regularly. Mike didn’t dislike Tracy but she certainly didn’t get his respect as her father did. Back at home Sue and Mike fell into a pattern. Most days went something like this. Mike was supposed to be at work at 7 (which lately has been closer to 😎 he would would slowly work through a few jobs needed shipped from the warehouse and goof off or float around until 3 (which was getting closer to 2pm lately.) He would come home and take a 1/2 hour nap then discuss with Sue dinner plans. After dinner occasionally watch a little tv or work on his latest model. Sometimes go bowling or to the bar but really nothing exciting. Sue didn’t leave for work till 8 after waking Mike up and getting him moving she organized her day and at this point she was in charge of her department so she embraced the lifestyle you know the type ( high heels, business suits, cell phone in her hand at all times, complete with a trendy SUV and scheduled spa days) She made great money and she enjoyed her position but she usually didn’t get home until 5 or 6 and still then had work on her mind. She would usually exercise in the evening and maybe watch a little tv with Mike. However the thoughts of children never really left her mind and she felt older and time was running out. Sue felt ready for having kids but as prepared as she was She just couldn’t see Mike as any where near ready. Soon Sue decided “ready or not here I come” and would sneak up on Mike regularly hoping to accomplish her goal. Mike didn’t seem to mind even though he was nervous about the idea of kids he figured “it goes the way it supposed to” One thing that did change about the couples sex life was post orgasm Mike became quite snuggly often laying his head on Sue’s chest and playfully sucking on her breast, Sue actually really liked this especially since she rarely accomplished climax. Well then it happened. A excited Sue finally became pregnant again. Everyone was excited, mostly Tracy, Sue’s coworkers (somewhat because they needed a break from her) and all of her friends. Except Mike Mike was nervous he felt like his comfortable life was going to change. He wasn’t wrong. Baby on it’s way Weeks flew by for the couple. Sue have once again took the director position while Mike did his best to accommodate. The spare bedroom (aka nursery) was needing new paint and furniture. The carpets needed cleaned. Amy took great pride in arranging a shower. Mike was busy. Sue however could tell as the weeks went by Mike was mentally not prepared. His interest and enthusiasm became lower and lower as Sue’s belly grew. He looked scared. Unfortunately for Sue just weeks before her baby shower tragedy stuck again. Sparing the details their baby was born stillborn. There was nothing that could be done. Sue was crushed. The couple went home from the hospital feeling empty and confused. Mike did all he could to help Sue often holding and hugging her. He truly felt so bad for his wife and wanted her to be happy more then anything. However Sue could see the relief in his eyes. Sue took a couple weeks off work still feeling lost and uncertain about really anything. She mostly stayed in bed. Mike continued to go to work (for the most part) even though he showed up later and later and heading home earlier and earlier. With the lack of interest and no level of concern for his boss, Tracy. His work really suffered he barely did anything and when he did it was usually wrong. Tracy tried to confront him about it but Mike just said “ya ya I’m sorry I’ll do better “ but nothing changed. He would go home and snuggle in with his depressed wife hoping to comfort her. A few times even finding her breast in his mouth and cumming almost Simultaneously. He obviously liked her breasts and oddly enough this did seem to make Sue feel a little better. Finally pushing forward After 2 weeks of Seclusion Sue decided to go to lunch with Tracy. Tracy had tried several times to get her out of the house with no success so she was excited to finally get her moving. They sat at a popular diner in town and tried to come up with positive topics. After a couple failed conversations. The topic of Mike came up. The women definitely had this in common. Mike was insufficient for both of them. The conversation went something like this. Sue “I could tell he was relieved I could see it in his eyes” Tracy “that’s awful!doesn’t he want to be a father?” Sue “father?” “He was scared out of his mind” Tracy “we’ll He hasn’t done anything worth shit at work in I don’t know how long” Sue “I know he’s always late but I figured he was at least doing his job” Tracy “ya nope if he does anything it’s usually wrong” Sue “why can’t he grow up?” Tracy “He’s not a bad guy just pretty useless” Sue “ I know “ … “ I shouldn’t say anything but you should see him in bed” Tracy “what?”… “you can’t just leave me hanging” Sue “we’ll let’s just say IT is not impressive and I barely get IT in there before it’s over, and on top of all that, the best thing about it is lately he has more interest in just sucking my tits” Tracy “OMG… such a baby“ “I had no idea” Then Tracy said something that really caught Sue’s attention Sue “I have a idea that might help. I never told anyone this but when I quit smoking I used a hypnotist. And let me tell you it really worked only after a few sessions I couldn’t even remember ever smoking in my life to this day I still barely remember let alone have any cravings for cigarettes” Sue “Wow that’s really interesting” Tracy “Maybe he could help Mike get his stuff together, and maybe last a little longer” Sue just smiled as her brain started planning. Sue “send me his contact I’ll think it over” The rest of the lunch went much better. Part 2 Hypnotist As promised Tracy sent over the hypnotist contact. His name was Tim and as it turns out he graduated high school with the girls however neither girl really remembered him. After looking through a old yearbook they found his picture and vaguely recognized the small and scrawny, nerdy looking guy. Also Tracy added he only does this on emails. You need to send him a email describing what your looking for and he’ll get back to you. Sue thought about this situation and became nervous about the prospect of putting this all out there and hopefully he wouldn’t have any moral conflicts. So she decided it would be easier and overall less incriminating evidence if she could feel him out some. So she sent him a brief email just stating she needed help with her marriage and it also would involve her husband needing some help. His response was pretty quick and simply said: You’ll have to explain in much more detail if you want a answer on weather or not I’m interested in the job, but your confidentially is my utmost importance and anything you share with me stays with me Thanks Tim This made Sue feel sufficiently better and with a great deal of excitement explained her situation and her desired effect in great detail. Oddly enough only 10 minutes after pushing send. Sue got a response from Tim. Tim explained that not all hypnosis is successful and yata, yata, yata. Some people respond better yata, yata, yata, Then after all this he continued “I believe I can make a big impact on this situation also I will have to put a recording together for you as well. I also want to warn you not all effects will be reversible. I want you to keep in mind that I trigger and change things in peoples minds and your mind controls all aspects of your body so be warned. I also find it is very difficult to change things people truly do not want changed. He went on to explain he isn’t responsible yata, yata, yata. So she quickly agreed. And he responded back with a short survey and asked her to fill out one for both of them. She quickly answered the questions and sent it back. And once again a few minutes later he replied “give me a couple days to put things together” and sent her a invoice which she quickly paid. She was very excited about her decision and hopefully so would Tracy it was imperative Tracy was on board. So she called Tracy straight away. And asked her to meet at the bar later this evening for a very important conversation. Tracy agreed and was extremely curious to what was up Sue’s sleeve. Sue and Tracy sat in the back corner booth across from one another and ordered strong drinks. Sue was shaking with excitement or nerves or both and looking across at her friend thinking how she was going to sell this plan or even should she. Sue had to get the first drink down before she could start. Sue “I think I have a plan to fix both of our problems” Tracy “ok well you’re making me nervous” Sue “so instead of helping Mike become a better man”… “maybe we should help him become a better baby” Tracy “are you out of your Fing mind?” She said with a smile Sue “ya probably but” So Sue layed out her entire plan to Tracy and explained she was uncertain how effective it would be so we will have to make up some things as we go. But the first step was offering Mike a new position at work. After several drinks both the girls were giggling with excitement. The girls caught a Uber home. Sue found Mike downstairs in the basement. She was a bit tipsy so she got pretty touchy feeling. Mike was a little distracted and asked Sue in a pouty voice where she was? and why she didn’t answer her phone? and what about dinner? And were you drinking? But without answering any questions she started rubbing her man’s parts. And started a little baby talk. “I’m sorry Mikey for leaving you alone for sooo long“ … “was my Mikey hungry” but before she got any further she watched her husband cum right in his pants shaking and moaning she added “oh did my little Mikey make messes in his panties” rubbing his member through his jeans almost sending him to the floor squirming in front of her. She then just said “I have to go to bed sorry Mike you’ll have to take care of yourself tonight” and stumbled up the steps thinking to herself I think he’s going to like the new twist in our relationship. The next couple days went by Sue seemed to be in a better mood and Mike was happy she got over the “baby” thing and things were going to get back to normal. Then Friday at work Mike once again showed up late and soon he was called up to Tracy’s office. Mike had thought he was going to get reprimanded for being late or doing something wrong, bla, bla, bla, but upon entering her office he was surprised Tracy looked pleasant. Mike started “good morning Trace sorry I’m late” Tracy”no worries I got something to talk about” Mike “what’s up” Tracy “well I feel like I’m not using your potential properly so I have decided to make a new position for you. You’ll be in charge of my marketing art department” Mike smiling asked “what does this entail?” Tracy”well it might be some graphic design or pictures and designs for a catalog”… “ we can discuss more later but do you think you’d be interested “ Mike”yes very thanks so much “ Tracy “I am going to interview a few people in the next couple weeks to replace your current role so you can keep doing what you’re doing until we get someone trained” … “we will probably be moving you into my old personal nursery for your office” Mike “sounds great” … “ thanks again “ Tracy really liked that detail. She had her father build a small nursery for her kids when they were small. So she could bring them to work. It hasn’t been used for a while but it will be perfect. Mike had quite a hop in his step the entire day. He still couldn’t pay attention enough to make sure the 3 orders he sent out were correct and he still slipped out around 2pm but he was happy. Thinking to himself “I showed up late so I better get outa here early and hey it’s Friday!!” Downloading the files Sue’s Friday afternoon Tim as promised emailed two files one labeled Tracy and one Mike There was a brief instruction This is a subliminal message. Please each of you listen to these recordings as much as possible and I will be in touch in a couple weeks to see how things are going. Sue didn’t hesitate she had decided to go to work today to get things caught up. So she had to get home before Mike’s afternoon nap. Mike and Sue pulled in the driveway about the same time and Mike was still outside as Sue got out of her SUV. Sue “Hi hun your home early” Mike “ya I got some good news today” Sue already knew the good news but tried to look surprised. Sue”really what’s up” Mike “Tracy is going to make a new position for me and I will be heading up the advertising art department” Sue”Wow that’s awesome you’ll be so good at that” Mike “hopefully this is a break I needed” Sue”do you want to go out for dinner maybe celebrate a little?” Mike “maybe after a little nap” Sue thought you’d think he’d be more excited and maybe show some initiative. Try to get some plans together or put some work in for this. But nope came home early hoping for a nap. Sue” I got something for you as well” Mike “what’s up” Sue “well a couple days ago I got a recording from a hypnotist it’s really helped me with our depressing situation (still not really wanting to talk about losing her child) so I asked him if he would make you something to help with your premature problem” Mike blushed and wanted to get through this conversation as quickly as possible. Mike” I don’t know…Do you think it will help?” Sue”We’ll my attitude has improved since starting to listen to his recording and I figure what’s it go to hurt” Mike “sure whatever “ Sue correctly thinking he is trying to avoid this pushes more Sue”let me see your phone and I’ll download the file I also got you some earbuds to make things easy” Mike hesitated a little but finally prying his phone from his pocket and unlocked the Home Screen, as he headed in the house towards the bedroom for his daily quick nap. Sue airdropped and whirling through his phone quickly put the file in a place where it was easy to access and followed him up to the bedroom. Soon Mike and Sue were snuggled into bed together for a nice afternoon nap. Complete with earbuds in each of their ears listening to the soft melody for the first time Mike snuggled his head on Sue’s breasts as they quickly dozed off together. Part 3 Progression or more like Regression Sue awoke first confused on where she was and what time it was. She couldn’t quite reach her cell phone but her alarm clock said 6:23 and it took a couple seconds for her to realize it was almost 6:30 in the evening they had slept almost 4 hours! Mike was still softly snoring against her breast. A small circle of drool discolored her blouse. She slowly hugged her husband’s head against her feeling his warmth and hearing his heartbeat. She softly whispered “I love you” as she pushed her lips against his forehead. She truly did love him. She continued to lay still softly combing her fingers through his hair. She couldn’t help thinking back to the first time she was pregnant, how exciting, scary and young she felt and how disappointed she truly was after her miscarriage. Then back to just a few months earlier her confidence and how prepared she felt. Feeling the baby growing in her belly. Sue started softly crying with her lips still pushed against Mike’s forehead. She thought back to the feeling of emptiness she felt after losing her baby as tears rolling down her face. Then she squeezed her husband focused on his heartbeat and repeated “I love you”…”I love you so much” right then deciding to never get pregnant again, and loving and taking care of Mike was going to be more than enough. She would make him happy and feel loved forever. She slowly regained composure and gently awoke Mike. He too was confused upon waking up. Mike “what time is it” Sue “6:30 we slept for 4 hours” Mike “well I feel great so if nothing else your recording sure causes great sleep” Sue”ya me too” Sue started slowly rubbing his body and Mike returned the favor and soon they were kissing. Sue lifted her blouse and unhooked her bra. Mike’s attraction to her breasts was immediate. He slowly kissed and fondled her large breasts. Sue noticed he hadn’t climaxed yet and it’s been a few minutes of fooling around. She caressed his hard penis through his boxer briefs as he continued to kiss her breasts. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it all felt. And the need to feel his lips on her nipples as she held her breast for him. He bucked his hips against her hand a few times and came as hard as he could ever remember in his underwear. Sue felt content as well saying” I think he lasted longer already” pointing to the wet spot in on his underwear Mike “moaned in agreement” Mike “I am sorry I didn’t get it in there for you” Sue “that’s alright I don’t think she’s ready yet anyhow” Mike and Sue decided to stay in instead of going out watching tv and making some leftovers for dinner. Before going to bed early they both pushed in their earbuds and started the recording again. Once again falling into a deep sleep quickly. Sue once again woke up first looking at the clock seeing it was almost 9am thought “definitely getting enough sleep” Mike was still softly snoring against her arm she watched him for a minute and as he occasionally sucked on his bottom lip. Sue couldn’t help but think how she wished it was her nipple he was sucking on and slowly opening her night gown exposed her breast and slowly carefully wiggled underneath him to be able to push her nipple against his lips. A few seconds later she felt him suckle against her then a few more seconds before she felt him pull her nipple deep into his mouth slowly starting a rhythm as he nursed for the first time. She couldn’t help but cradle his head and pull him into her. The feeling was amazing for her. Not exactly sexual but as intimate as she could fathom. She felt his heartbeat throughout her and his slow breathing through his nose against her breast. Carefully she used her free arm and was able to reach both cell phones to start the recording again. And soon drifting back to sleep as Mike nursed. Mike finally woke up first he was surprised to find his wife’s nipple nestled against the roof of his mouth as he slowly nursed subconsciously. His first reaction was to pull away but somehow he couldn’t. He could hear slow breathing from his sleeping wife and felt himself melt into her. Her breast was perfect, it felt as it belonged there, in every way he closed his eyes feeling her heart beat inside his whole body. There was nothing that could be more euphoric. He wanted to stay here forever. Then the thought of her waking to find him in this position. She would look at him in such disgust. She would think he’s sick or perverted. He had to pull away. Finally after a few more suckles he slowly released her breast and subconsciously sucked on his bottom lip a few times. Looking up at the clock and pulling the now silent earbuds from his ears he thought “wow 11 o’clock” He gently covered his wife’s still shiny breast and lightly shook her awake. They were awkward with each other for a minute not knowing what each of them thought or how much they knew. But finally Sue said “well we definitely have had enough sleep” I’m going to hop in the shower” Mike only nodded Sue shut the door and turned on the shower. Stood in front of the mirror as she disrobed. Sue was always on the thinner side but not skinny with a flat belly and below average breast she did always have a bit of a curvie bottom but not huge. She was about 5’9” and with heels easily 6’. Blue eyes with blonde hair. She never dressed sexy so she would guess most guys would rate her a 6 or 8 at the highest. As she looked at her naked body in the mirror she wasn’t thrilled. Her hips still a little wider from her pregnancy her belly still bloated looking with a couple stretch marks. Her boobs had filled in during pregnancy but not to the point of lactation but probably pretty close. A few weeks ago she would say they looked good but now they both hung lower then she would prefer. However the one Mike had given so much attention to seemed rounder, larger, and overall healthier looking. She looked closely at her nipple and compared it to the other one. Her nipple was larger with large bumps surrounding it. It felt good. Thinking of the next step. While taking a quick shower. Soon they were both having coffee thinking of things to do today. It turned out to be a pretty normal Saturday, a little grocery shopping together and cutting some grass pulling some weeds. Etc. After dinner Mike went down to the basement in hopes to finish his latest model train. But a odd thing happened As he glued the last little details on his train. He got a sudden urge to look at his collection. The models were all neatly placed around the room on tables and shelves. He went over to his classic car collection and picked up a 65 convertible GTO and couldn’t help making a couple quiet engine noises. Before he knew it he was on his knees as pretending to race the 69 BOSS Mustang against the GTO, loudly making engine and break noises as they raced around the old couch, up and over the arm rests jumping and skidding around the place. He had a great time. Soon he got a hold of himself and gently put his cars away before going upstairs. Once again the couple went to bed early eager to start their recordings. Sunday morning came along and it was certainly less surprising but no less enjoyable when Mike woke up with Sue’s breast in his mouth. This time it was her right breast but that didn’t matter much to Mike he just gently closed his eyes again and enjoyed all of the sensation. He kinda lost focus for a bit but as Sue awoke and broke the seal around his mouth only to move him to her other breast definitely caught his attention. As she pleasantly sighed he nuzzled in forgetting all conflict. She lovingly cradled his head once again and he slowly wiggled until he found himself comfortably holding on to her spare breast nursing softly away. An hour later Finally prying him off her breast she said “come on baby we got to get up sometime today” Once again he felt awkward but Sue seemed pleasant so everything was good. Sunday went fine Mike spent a little more time playing with his cars in the afternoon and at dinner they had spaghetti which Mike accidentally got some on his face which Sue carefully wiped clean. Saying “my messy eater” But that was it. Everything was perfect. That night once again the couple eagerly went to bed and popped in their earbuds, but tonight Before falling asleep Sue sat up a little propping a pillow behind her she opened her night gown and gently pulled Mike to her breast only saying “come on sweetie have some boobie.” Mike couldn’t say a word as he couldn’t resist her breast and quickly finding a perfect rhythm as he nursed falling asleep. Monday morning Mike awoke to a annoying alarm clock now with Sue’s left breast nursing away mindlessly. But he had a extreme urge to pee he tried to wiggle around a bit to keep nursing but it was no use he had to go. So he hoped out and headed for the bathroom and soon found himself getting dressed after a long shower and shave. All in all he felt pretty good the recordings seemed to improve his mood, definitely his sleep and he felt younger and more energetic at very minimum. He stood in front of the mirror looking his body over while he brushed his teeth Mike wasn’t a bad looking guy he wasn’t fat (maybe his belly was a bit chubby) but some might say he was skinny, his arms were muscular looking with veins streaking around. He wasn’t tall but he liked to say 5’11” (which was a bit exaggerated) but all in all decent. Then he noticed something odd, his tattoo he got about 10 years ago looked faded not gone, but one might mistake it for a light rash or weird suntan. He shrugged thinking “must have been cheap ink.” Then he thought I haven’t “came” in a couple days and I have definitely seen a lot Sue. Maybe things are improving. Then he thought when was the last time having a erection? Saying to himself “I should pay attention maybe I just didn’t notice” He made a pot of coffee and drifted off to work. Sue typically not one to sleep-in just figured on relaxing a bit while Mike was in the shower once again found herself naked in front of the mirror she checked out her breast finding them much more even as Mike has been giving them equal attention. She also felt like they were bigger than ever. She cupped her hands under each breast lifting them some an thought they felt heavy and full. Looking at both of her nipples admired the size and firmness she gave them a little squeeze and felt a little soar and a little beard burn but all in all not bad. She squeezed a little harder and noticed a small bubble of white liquid emerge from her nipple. She was so excited she released and squeezed again and again a small stream of milk rolled down towards her stomach. “This is Awesome “ is all she thought. Mike got home first after a uneventful day at work and he grabbed his earbuds as he snuggled in for a quick nap. Sue wasn’t far behind and made her way upstairs while pondering if she preferred him already asleep or not. She came over to the bed finding him already sucking his bottom lip while his eyelids bounced seconds away from sleeping. She reached down rubbing his head saying “Mikey are you in for nappies” smiling kissing his forehead. With the melodies rolling through his mind he didn’t hear her and only made a moan. She loosened her blouse unbuttoned her new nursing bra and leaned against the headrest as she cradled his head against her breast. Soon Mikey was finding a rhythm while only seconds away from sleep. But then he tasted her milk roll down his tongue. He stopped before swallowing leaving her breast still in his mouth uncertain what to do. She pulled his earbud out and whispered in his ear “it’s ok baby “…”keep going it’s good for you” Mike couldn’t resist and began nursing again, at first slowly but then as he felt the bond between them take over he vigorously sucked and slurped at her breast at one point Sue said “don’t worry Mikey it’s not running away” which only slowed him slightly. She rotated breast as he emptied them much faster than she could fill them. Mikey finally drifted to sleep thinking this is the best thing ever. As the week went on Mikey breast fed more and more often and by the end of the next weekend he was up to 4 times a day Morning, night, afternoon and somewhere around 2 am. Each time listening to his favorite music. Sue loved her relationship with Mikey, she loved how her body looked and she really loved the relieving feeling she got from Mikey nursing at her breast. But most of all she loved the loving bond with her Mikey she felt complete. Other little things happened as well Mikey hadn’t even noticed his tattoo had completely disappeared, he hadn’t noticed that he hasn’t even had a “hard on” let alone a orgasm. He happily played with his models every day talking to them and making noises while pushing around the floor and by Sunday night he hadn’t even bothered to pick them up just leaving them scattered about. And he didn’t even notice he was sucking his thumb on his way to bed until Sue pointed it out “loos like Mikey is ready for some bedybie nummies” as she wiggled his thumb from his mouth. Late in the week at work he wondered around stumbled upon his new office he went in thinking oh this will need completely remodeled. There was blue and green pastel paint on the walls, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling a small changing table and a low table with small chairs scattered about a padded floor. But as he started poking around he found a old bottle of bubbles. He couldn’t resist, he opened the container and pulled the dipping stick out and lightly blew as bubbles spilled out of the loop. He couldn’t resist again and again blowing bubbles giggling as he wacked at them and stomped them out. He thought back to when he was a child blowing bubbles his mother scolding him saying “your just making a mess” then throwing the container away. Before long he was out of breath he sat on a small chair breathing in deeply then exhaling through his nose as his thumb found its way into his mouth. Tracy innocently caught this spectacle when she heard the giggles and stomping about. She snuck up (however she really didn’t need to Mikey was way to occupied.) he didn’t notice her. She thought to herself “right on schedule” as he continued to rest as he sucked his thumb. Part 4 One step forward and 2 steps backwards Tracy took out her cell phone and snapped a couple pictures of little Mikey sucking his thumb, before stepping into the nursery. Sliding her phone back in her pocket. She couldn’t help herself saying “Mikey are you ok?” Mikey turned slightly around to face the door (And Tracy) slightly startled as he slowly started shaking his head. His thumb still buried in his mouth. Then suddenly as if he just regained consciousness. He quickly pulled his thumb from his mouth and cleared his throat. Trying to find his baring he replied “uh I’m ok”…”just thinking” Tracy”are you sure sweetie you look a little lost” After pausing a couple seconds trying to form thought Mikey finally replied “ uh well, um ya hu”…” I was just thinking about what I’ll need in my office and trying to figure how I would like it layed out” Tracy “uh ok, what’s your thoughts” she couldn’t help but smile a little. Mikey “um… well” his thumb almost found it’s way back to his mouth but he was able to stop it at his chin “ya so” …”maybe a large desk there and maybe a computer”…”and it would be nice to have two monitors” Tracy”uh hu” Mike “maybe a easel over there”…” and a large counter height table here in the middle” he was starting to build confidence as he quickly thought about his new office layout Tracy “ya that sounds like it could work” Mike “We could probably leave the floor and the chalk board but the walls and ceiling’s could use cleaning up maybe a coat of paint?” Tracy walked over to the low child height table where the bubble container still sat with the dipping stick in the liquid but not screwed shut, pulled the stick out and lifted it to her face lightly blowing on the loop bubbles flowed out in front of Mikey’s face and said “Ya that all seems possible, I’ll be looking for new equipment the next couple weeks” the bubbles floating around Mikey’s face grabbing his attention. Mikey opened his mouth a little and the tip of his thumb subconsciously pushed by his chin and timidly pushed between his lips. Tracy “In the mean while you can stop by here and “think” as much as you like” She reinserted the stick in the bubble container screwing it shut and leaning down a little, handed it to Mikey saying “You can take these with you if you like” Mikey blushed as he pulled the tip of his thumb out from in between his lips, receiving the bottle. Tracy continued to hold one hand on her knee while tussling his hair for a second. Mikey smiled a little because the head rub felt nice Tracy stood up straight while saying “Ok sweetie why don’t you head home I know it’s a little early but I am sure Sue would love to see you” Mikey slowly stood up and Tracy followed him from the room. Mikey looked as his phone surprised to see it was 2:30 thinking “early? I should have left a halve hour ago” but he only said “Thanks Trace c-ya tomorrow” Tracy lightly tapped Mikey’s bottom and thought “ya I think you meant auntie” but instead said “yep c-ya tomorrow” Friday night the girls went back to the bar together. The girls haven’t talked much in a week, a text or two, but Sue kinda left Tracy in the dark about things. As they sat down Tracy noticed Sue’s cleavage pushing above her blouse saying”wow those babies look full” Sue” Well hello to you too” Tracy”oh sorry its just” she held out both of her hands towards her breasts Sue”ya they have had a fair share of attention lately”… “honestly it’s wonderful I mean wonderful, wonderful.” Sue went on to tell Tracy about the week including all she could. His toys and lactating and thumb sucking etc. Tracy enjoyed the spiel and texted her pictures of Mikey sitting at the play table sucking his thumb. They both smiled and oh and ahhed throughout the pleasant conversation. Sue finally said “I have been so happy with how things are going I don’t know how much farther to take it” Tracy frowning a bit replying “well I’d say not far enough he’s been let’s say even less useful lately”… “I mean I don’t think him walking aimlessly around sucking his thumb telling me how to remodel his new office is fixing my problem”… “ plus I can’t wait to see how cute he’ll look crawling around my nursery” smiling at the thought. Tracy “And oh I got some great news I have interview with a lady this next week her name is Tina she used to play some kind off professional women’s football I guess she was a offensive tackle or something but I am really looking forward to meeting her. She might work out perfectly.” Sue “well that should be interesting, do you want me to come too?” Tracy “ na I got it I’ll let you know how it goes” Sue”Ok well you’re right we definitely need to see things further” They chatted a bit longer split a appetizer and a drink or two before heading home. Saturday morning just over a full week past his first session. After his morning breakfast routine. Sue and Mikey sat together at the kitchen table enjoying coffee, Mike found himself deep in thought. Sue noticed as he quietly stared off said “Everything ok hun?” Mike “uh… well ya I guess”… “you know things have been a little weird lately” Sue”We’ll I guess but I have been feeling better” Mike “I am really happy you are feeling better and I don’t think things are bad but I definitely think it’s been weird”…”In fact there has been something’s I have really really loved”as he looked directly at her breast holding his coffee out towards them. Sue smiling widely with love in her eyes replied “Yes I enjoy our time together more than I could of imagined”… “it’s sooo intimate and I feel sooo connected with you”… “I just get lost in the feeling of love” Mike’s face blushing a bit as he couldn’t help but returning her smile. They shared the moment together as they both reached out with their hands above the table and their feet below holding and rubbing together. Mike finally continued “I have other weird things going on too”… “like I have been just dazing off and find myself just losing time”… “then occasionally sucking my thumb” blushing a little “and I am like playing with my models and I don’t know just like weird” Sue”Ya I kinda noticed but I think it’s super sweet and cute” Mike “ya I don’t know” Sue”Maybe it’s just stress or something?”.. “I mean you’ve been through a lot and now looking forward to getting into a new position at work” Mike “I kinda wonder if it has anything to do with the hypnotist thing”… “I am not sure what it’s doing.. I mean I know I have never slept better and I feel good but I don’t know if it’s working” as he pointed downward. “ I can’t even remember if I have had a woody in a week”… “but I like haven’t even thought about IT” motioning towards both of them “like before I couldn’t even see your boobies without cumming now I’m spending hours a day enjoying them without even noticing weather I got a hard-on?” Sue” maybe it’s just a process?” “ just give it a little more time and if I have to I’ll call the guy who made the recording and see if there’s any adjustments he can make” she smiled at him patting his hand. She continued “I still don’t think she’s ready for action yet anyway so just be a little more patient” Mike “Ok well I guess your right” It was a beautiful day outside so Mike said “Ok well I’m going to go outside and work on the yard a bit Sue replied “ok well I got work to get caught up on so I’ll be out in a bit” Mike walked outside and started thinking about some things he could get cleaned up. He started clearing weeds out from behind a large evergreen shrub and working his way between the house and the shrub he found a secluded spot where he felt completely surrounded by shrubbery. His mind soon drifted back to when he was young as he remembered the small hiding spot at his childhood home created by a similar situation. Mike continued to drift away thinking of the matchbox cars , plastic dirt bike and other toys he could play with in his small hidden spot. Remembering how he would stay in his spot for hours at a time quietly playing, he would feel safe and just happy to not be a bother. Soon Mikey was clearing space as he pushed all the dried old leaves aside leaving dirt and roots imagining pathways with berms and jumps. Crawling around on his hands and knees digging through the cool moist dirt wishing he still had his favorite matchbox cars he could vividly remember as if it was only minutes ago. Mikey found himself not just remembering but feeling his fears, happiness, and needs. Mikey rolled back through the years as he snuggled between the house and the shrub finding his muddy thumb in his mouth. Feeling the pain of neglect and hearing the disdain in tone of his mother’s voice as she scolded or corrected him as he quietly sobbed, feeling the heat in his face the tears on his cheeks. Then through the distance he heard his name at first far away then closer again and again. He could hear through his thoughts the love and concern in the tone of her voice. The concern turning to panic as she shouted his name repeatedly. All he could do all he wanted was her voice to feel relief. Finally with at first with a crackling muffled voice replied “mommy I’m here” Then removing his thumb repeated again and again “mommy I’m here” Sue pushed through the shrubbery finding Mikey covered with dirt, mud around his lips and nose reaching for her with muddy tears rolling down his face. She pulled him to her chest in relief saying “oh Mikey are you ok” tears pushing out of the corners of her eyes as she squeezed them shut. Part 5 Only backwards They embraced for several seconds. Mikey with his arms around her waist head buried in her bosom, as he repeated incoherently “here mommy” Sue’s arm’s wrapped around his head her lips pressed against his head. Eventually, she slowly released his head wiping her face with her hand held his face in front of her and asked “are you ok” Mikey nodded slowly while sniffing and sobbing softly. She continued to check his limbs for injuries as she slowing encouraged him from his hideout. Finally getting him to his feet and saying “don’t scare mommy like that again”… “you are quite a mess let’s go up and get you a tubby” She lead him into the house helping him with his sneakers, guiding him to the bathroom, she stopped him in front of the mirror and went to the bath to start the water waiting a couple seconds for it to warm before inserting the plug. During this time Mikey looked at himself in the mirror mud stained his face as he sucked his thumb again. He didn’t even mind how childish he looked as long as Sue was there with him. Sue returned quickly started to undressing him while directing him pleasantly saying “ok arms up sweetie” while removing his t-shirt and “lift your foot hun” as she slid his jeans down, he carefully held her shoulder as he lifted each foot up while she worked his feet out of his jeans along with each sock. Finally pulling down his undies and helping him step out towards the awaiting bath. Sue knelt down beside the tub as he snuggled in the warm water. He noticed her cleavage pushed out above her shirt and once again Mikey found his thumb in his mouth sucking vigorously while craving her breast. Sue noticed this and said “looks like mommy’s boy is getting hungry” as she started scrubbing his body with pleasantly scented liquid soap. He only nodded as he slurped against his thumb. Sue continued washing Mikey thinking how cute her little Mikey looked in the tub. She did noticed his tattoo was missing which really surprised her thinking back to what the hypnotist had written about the power of the mind. As she scrubbed she also noticed his body hair seemed thinner then before and though his penis was never big it seemed smaller than she remembered. Sue didn’t feel this was information she needed to share with Mikey so she pleasantly finished his bath pulling out the plug saying “up and outa the tubby baby” while standing herself holding her hands out to help Mikey. As she dried him noticing once again him sucking his thumb she thought “we need to come up with a better substitution for his thumb” Soon Sue had found him some new underwear and t-shirt and after dressing him they climbed into bed together, inserted their earbuds, unbuttoned her shirt and unsnapped her bra so she could feed her hungry baby. Mike had no feelings of conflicts or shame as he accepted and craved all of Sue’s attention. Soon he was happily nursing as her large nipple found it’s home in his mouth. Mike stayed awake long enough to empty her first breast but fell asleep 1/2 way thru the second. Sue let Mikey finish her second boob and then wiggled her body out from underneath Mikey while she continued to listen to her recording as she figured she had some online shopping to take care of. As the week rolled by Mikey found himself caring less and less about his childish behavior. The couple seemed to find a new routine as Sue took on more and more of her motherly role. Tubby time became a daily event, Sue rarely let Mikey wonder off very long as she felt naturally him as her responsibility. He craved her attention as well feeling better to keep her insight. A few new interest popped up as well, Tv time for Mike went from action movies or adult Comedy to cartoons or animated movies. Sue also regularly referred to herself as “mommy” Mike didn’t refer to her as mommy yet but he did enjoy hearing her call herself it. A few days after the first tubby time Sue received her eagerly awaited package. There were several large boxes at the front porch as Mike arrived home early from work. He completely ignored them thinking only about his afternoon favorite snack/nap time. Disappointed to find Sue not home yet. He soon found himself sitting in the living room watching his favorite yellow sponge, singing along to the introduction. Sue got home before the end of the first episode caring a box from the front porch Mikey barely noticed as he was engaged in his show while sucking his thumb. Sue hurried by with the first box and a few minutes later she came back down stairs, leaning over the couch she kissed his forehead, wiggled his thumb from his mouth replacing it with a large green pacifier saying “Hi sweetie mommy got you something to help you quit sucking your thumb” holding the pacifier in place until he started nursing from it” The pacifier fit nicely in his mouth and the guard felt comforting against his lips so he just thought to himself “hmmm.. this is new” and continued watching tv. Sue continue to say “ Mommies got a few things to get organized I’ll be back in a couple minutes” Mikey just mumbled through his new binky in agreement giving her a smile” Soon Sue had all the boxes stashed away in her new nursery. The rest of the week floated by. Mikey wondered around at work occasionally sucking his thumb (he didn’t want chance being seen sucking on his new binky) or stopping by the old nursery playing with the old toys. Then heading home to play with his toys or watching cartoons on Tv. He found himself more and more often kinda spaced out, it was almost a dream like state he would remember childhood activities or scenarios unlike the first times, he found himself rewriting Sue into these dreams as his mother and honestly he enjoyed the feelings of the new memories more and more. Friday morning Sue got a email from Tim asking how things were going? Sue quickly replied explaining all the changes and how great they were going. However she did include Mikey was concerned about his sex drive. Tim replied quickly saying “well it sounds like things are going as planned” Then asked “how do you feel about his sex drive” Sue tried to think about sex with Mikey and she just couldn’t, she hadn’t even thought about having sex with him in two weeks and now that the question was presented she couldn’t see him as her husband. She remembered he was, but somehow all she could think was Mikey is her little boy. Sue responding “I am not sure, I have never had a great need for sex and now that I have my baby I don’t know if sex is a concern of mine”… “However I guess it’s not fair for him to never cum again I do want him to be happy” Tim replied “ok I will figure something out. I’ll have a package delivered to your home this evening it will include instructions, also in a few hours I will have two new recordings plus a special video for Mike.” Follow the instructions.” Thanks Tim Minutes afterwards Tracy called Sue”Hi Trace what’s up” Tracy” we going out tonight?” Sue”I don’t think I feel bad leaving Mikey home alone and we have new recordings coming tonight” Tracy “we’ll I had that interview with Tina today”…”she’s perfect and she completely cool about helping us out” Sue “that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to meet her “ Tracy “I asked her to come to work Monday at 7 so hopefully everything keeps progressing as planned” Sue” I hope so too, I will keep you updated over this weekend“ Tracy “Thanks I am so excited” Sue”me too I’ll talk to you soon” Sue was anxiously waiting for her day at work to end. Finally she got home finding her small box on the front porch. She went in the house Mikey was in his normal spot in front of the TV. She leaned over the couch kissing his forehead as he nursed on his pacifier and mumbled along with a song on the tv. She rubbed the kiss in and said “give mommy a couple minutes” She went upstairs to her room and opened the box inside she found a very revealing lingerie and a note which said “as soon as practical put this attire on seduce Mike to the best of your ability encouraged sexual activity in any way possible. If Mike becomes interested in sex please email me with details. If not please start Mike recording 2 and also You can begin listening to Sue recording 2 Also within a week please have Mike watch the included video. You will find all recordings and video in email. These steps should complete the desired effects. Many of the changes will happen quickly and may be Very difficult to be reversed.” Thanks Tim
  5. Channel:CollegeHumor Title:The Baby of the Friend Group
  6. This was a commission I wrote for a member here. It was a bit different to most of my other work but was very fun to write, a bit longer than some of my other commissions as well. If you are interested in a commission I am ready and willing to write about a lot of different things. --- Janet & Bobby By Elfy Bobby flicked through the pages of the newspaper desperate to find the advertisements. He had been forced out of his previous rental apartment when he couldn’t afford the rent and as a man alone in a new city it meant he was left with nowhere to go. He had picked up a newspaper that someone left on a bench and he was scanning the adverts looking for a place he could afford with his meagre savings until he could find a better paying job. It looked like every single place advertising was asking for money that was far in excess of what Bobby could afford, he was already desperate but now he was getting angry, how was a 22-year-old supposed to get a place to live these days, he thought to himself. Was there nowhere in the city that offered affordable housing? Just as Bobby was about to throw the newspaper away he spotted a tiny advert on the corner of the page. It offered a room and board at a price that was a fraction of what every other place wanted to take. Bobby tore out the advert, took a look at the address and began walking. He was concerned that there would be a catch or that the house would be in a bad neighbourhood but he had little choice other than checking it out. It took him an hour to reach the house, which was on the edge of the city, but when he arrived he felt like he had to double check the address. He had expected a small and broken down building to explain why the rent was so low but what he saw was a reasonably large semi-detached house in what seemed like a nice neighbourhood. Suspicious of why such a place was being offered out so cheaply Bobby walked up the garden path. He noted the child’s bike laying on the ground near the front door and made a mental note that it seemed there was at least one child living here. That would be a little annoying for Bobby, who preferred peace and quiet, but it wasn’t going to be a deal breaker for him not when he was this desperate. He walked up to the large front door and knocked three times, he heard a commotion inside and footsteps coming towards the door. Bobby was a little nervous as he always was when meeting new people but he steeled his nerves as the door was opened. As the door opened Bobby found himself face to face, or face to chest since this woman was much taller than the 5’3” Bobby, with a kindly older lady who appeared to be in her early fifties. Bobby tried not to stare but he immediately noticed that this woman was very well endowed in the chest department. “Hello?” The older woman said as she peered down at her unexpected visitor. “Oh, hello.” Bobby replied with a smile as he raised his gaze away from the large breasts directly in front of him to the face that was smiling down at him, “I heard about a room you are renting… If it is still available” “Of course!” The woman said and she stepped aside allowing Bobby to come through the doorway. She smiled down at the much shorter guest as he awkwardly walked into the house. “My name is Janet.” She said smiling down at Bobby who was just trying to not stare at the massive breasts thrust almost directly in his face thanks to the height difference, “Let me show you around.” They walked around the house together. Bobby was impressed with what he saw, the house was big and very tidy which was impressive for a single mom with a young daughter. The downstairs was fairly standard with a large, open living room with a big TV in the corner. The edges of the room were taken up with couches and bookshelves whilst, apart from a small table, the middle of the room was strewn with toys for a little girl. “I apologise for the mess.” Janet said with a chuckle, “You know how kids can be!” Bobby just smiled unsure of how else to react. His introverted nature made small talk difficult sometimes. The house seemed quite old fashioned, a lot of the furniture seemed to have been there for a long time even if it was very well maintained. Janet showed Bobby the kitchen which was standard with tiled flooring and shiny surfaces everywhere. The pair then headed upstairs with Janet telling her potential housemate about the local area, she was really trying to sell the house to Bobby. She obviously didn’t know that Bobby had almost no alternatives to this place but he remained quiet and listened. The upstairs was similar to the downstairs. It felt very homely, with nice carpets and a little bit of clutter here and there showing that it had been lived in. Janet showed Bobby the bathroom which was small but had room for the usual bath, sink and toilet. Further down the hall was the master bedroom, the door to that remained closed. Next came Janet’s daughter’s room. Janet knocked on the door and after hearing a couple of light footsteps running closer the door slowly opened. “And this is Emma.” Janet said with a proud smile. Emma seemed to be about 4 years old and shyly half hid behind the door. Bobby wasn’t too good with kids but he waved and said a quick hello which got a little wave back before the door was quickly closed again. Janet laughed and apologised for her daughter’s shyness. Bobby was just about to respond that it was OK before he suddenly froze. Suddenly he felt an intense need to use the bathroom, Janet looked at him with concern after his sudden shift in demeanour. “Bobby? Are you OK?” Janet asked with some concern, she went to touch Bobby’s shoulder but just as she was about to make contact Bobby ran down the landing and flung himself into the bathroom slamming the door closed. Little Emma even opened the door again as she wondered what the noise was. “Oh my…” Janet said pursing her lips. For Bobby time was of the essence, as soon as he closed the door he pulled down his fly and fumbled with his underwear. “Come on, come on…” He muttered as he finally managed to free himself and relieved himself in the toilet. Bobby had long had a problem at times of stress that made controlling his bladder much more difficult than it should be. It had been a problem for him for a long time, normally it was controllable but at times of stress it could get much worse. Bobby assumed that meeting new people and needing somewhere to live had made him much more stressed than he even realised he was. When Bobby finally finished with the toilet he tucked himself away and zipped his pants up. He cringed slightly when he felt a few wet spots on his underwear, he had been only a couple of seconds away from a huge accident in his pants and the evidence was the wet spots he had left. Bobby flushed the toilet, checked to make sure he was OK and opened the door again. He stepped out of the bathroom and saw both Janet and Emma staring at him, he paused and blushed slightly at the attention. Emma quickly ducked back into her room shyly and quickly closed her bedroom door. “Everything OK?” Janet asked with a hint of concern in her voice. “Yeah… Sorry, just needed to go…” Bobby mumbled looking at the floor. Janet nodded slowly as if she were thinking about something and smiled again. She showed Bobby around the rest of the house which mainly just consisted of the room Bobby would be staying in. It was relatively small compared with the rest of the house but it had a bed, cupboard and other furniture which was more than Bobby would get on the streets. “What do you think?” Janet asked having completed the tour. “It is great; would I be able to move in right away?” Bobby asked as he looked out of the window at the quiet street below. “Of course.” Janet replied warmly, “You get yourself settled in. Dinner will be ready at 6pm.” Janet left the room leaving Bobby alone. It felt strange to be in a stranger’s house like this but Bobby guessed that sooner or later he would come to regard this place as home so he didn’t worry too much about it. --- Most of the next week passed without much incident. Bobby spent the time getting used to his new surroundings and getting to know his new housemates, this wasn’t always easy since Emma was so shy that she seemed to rarely stay in the same room as Bobby. However, a few days after arriving Bobby was sitting in his room reading a newspaper and minding his own business when he heard his host and her daughter walk up the hallway and into the bathroom. Bobby assumed Janet was going to be giving her daughter a bath which wasn’t an unusual event in this house. About five minutes after Janet and Emma had locked the door Bobby found himself with a pretty big problem. He started feeling a strong need to empty his bladder, Bobby could hear splashing noises from the bathroom, which wasn’t helping with his problem, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to use the toilet. Bobby cursed himself for not using the bathroom before it was occupied and now he faced a real big dilemma. Bobby started pacing around the room as the urge to let go got stronger and stronger. He prayed for the bathroom to become free but every time he opened the door to check he heard the same voices and splashing noises alerting him to the fact that he still couldn’t use the toilet. It was funny, Bobby thought to himself, it seemed that as soon as knew he couldn’t use a toilet that he wanted to use one more than ever. After a few minutes of pacing he was at a critical point with Bobby having to work incredibly hard to maintain control. He opened the door to look at the bathroom again and still saw no sign of its occupants leaving. With the situation reaching crisis point Bobby looked around the room for something that could help, he spotted the empty trash can in the corner of the room and hurried over to it. With no time for hesitation Bobby pulled his pants and underwear down and proceeded to pee into his makeshift toilet. He felt embarrassed but this was better than any alternative. He realised that yet again a small amount of urine had escaped him before he got to the trash can but he sighed with relief that most was at least contained. When he was done he realised he had to get rid of the evidence, he shuddered to think what Janet would think if she saw this. He wrinkled his nose at what he had done, he felt slightly ashamed that he couldn’t wait to use the toilet but his own body had betrayed him. He couldn’t leave the trash can like this in his room. He took a quick peek out of the door to confirm that the bathroom was still in use, when he saw it was he picked up the trash can and ran downstairs. Bobby opened the door to the back garden and ran over to quickly pour the contents of the can on to the grass before washing the now empty can with water from the hose. He had to go as fast as possible, if he was caught like this how would he ever have explained why he was hosing down his trash can! Bobby felt dirty for what he had done, he worried about why he couldn’t hold his bladder for the second time in just a few days. He knew stress had this effect on him but was he feeling enough stress in these last few days to explain the sudden urges he was getting? Bobby picked up his trash can and ran back upstairs just as quickly as he had run down them. As he closed his bedroom door behind him he heard the bathroom door open at almost the same time. “Typical…” Bobby said quietly as he heard the mother and daughter leave the room and head into Emma’s bedroom. If only he had been able to hold on for a few more minutes… This did give Bobby one opportunity though; he could make himself feel clean again at least. Gathering up a towel Janet had given to him he headed to the bathroom, it was still very warm in the room and he started running the taps to refill the bath with water. He sat down on the toilet as he watched the bath fill. He was deep in thought as to what had happened both today and on his first day in the house, he considered his lack of bladder control on those two occasions and started to wonder if this was something he needed to worry about long term. It seemed he had been lucky on these two occasions but surely that luck couldn’t last forever. Eventually, with the bath filled up, Bobby stripped off his clothes and stepped into the bathtub. He felt his body relaxing as the hot water washed away all his stress and worries. He felt the feelings of shame for his lack of bladder control just wash off him and he closed his eyes. The only sound in the room was of the bubbles popping and he sighed and slipped his head under the water. He stayed under for as long as his breath would allow as he felt every muscle in his body relax. As he slowly moved his head back above the water and got the water out of his ears he wondered if he had ever been as comfortable as right now. “Don’t mind me.” Came a female voice from the side of the tub. Bobby jumped suddenly causing water to splash everywhere. He rubbed the water out of his eyes to look to the side where he saw Janet standing to the side of the bath picking up some towels from her daughter’s bath. She seemed unconcerned with the invasion of privacy and was humming a happy little tune. Bobby, as shocked as he was, made sure his privates were covered by bubbles. He went a deep red colour as Janet bent over next to the bath to pick up another of the towels and, whether inadvertent or not, she gave Bobby a look down her top at those huge breasts that had almost entranced Bobby when he first arrived at the house. Bobby had to fight hard to turn his head away from such a sight, it almost seemed to soothe him despite how embarrassed he felt at that moment. When Janet had placed the towels in the basket that she had brought in with her she stood up and left the room. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief and started wondering what type of person he was staying with. He started to shift in the bath with the intention of getting out when Janet reappeared in the room. Bobby quickly moved back to his original position and covered himself up again, his shifting caused more water to splash out of the bath. “Would you like some help?” Janet asked in a warm motherly tone as she crouched down next to Bobby’s head. She saw the water splashed everywhere and thought that not even her daughter made such a mess of the bathroom when she was in the bath! “I’m… I’m OK…” Bobby quietly stuttered. He was really embarrassed to have Janet with him like this and he wanted her to leave but he seemed to not have the courage to ask for her to go. His timidity made him just stutter and look away. “It’s no trouble.” Janet said ignoring the younger man’s answer. Janet reached over the bath and picked up a small bottle of shampoo, pouring some on her hands she started massaging the slimy gel into Bobby’s hair. She smiled warmly as she made sure every inch of Bobby’s hair was covered. Bobby looked down and felt unable to stop Janet from helping. A part of him wasn’t even sure if he wanted her to stop, he had to admit that having Janet rub his head like this felt very relaxing. Bobby closed his eyes as some shampoo dripped down his face and he couldn’t help but sigh from relaxation as he felt his scalp get massaged very expertly by his host. Bobby felt a small pressure on his shoulders and realised that Janet wanted him to rinse off the soap. He allowed the small pressure to push him down and he took a deep breath as his head became completely submerged. He felt Janet’s hand’s moving across the top of the head making sure all the soap was removed. Bobby felt incredibly relaxed, he wondered if his private area was still covered by the bubbles, he certainly hoped they were. But he received no indication from Janet that she could see anything she shouldn’t be able to see so he continued to go with the flow. When he felt Janet’s hands leave his head he slowly re-emerged from the water. He took a quick look up at Janet who smiled down at him and held up his towel indicating that he should step out of the tub. “I-I can d-do that myself.” Bobby stuttered, even though he was incredibly shy, he was able to object to showing himself completely naked in front of Janet, if she dried him off he certainly wouldn’t have any bubbles to protect his modesty! “Come on Bobby, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” Janet chuckled as she held out Bobby’s towel waiting for him to step into it. Bobby was just starting to wonder what he would do. Could he step out of the bath and allow himself to be dried by Janet? It felt like it was a step too far. Bobby wasn’t sure he was comfortable with his host helping him like that. Just as Bobby was reaching a decision there was suddenly the sound of something falling over downstairs followed by the loud crying of a toddler. Both Bobby and Janet looked towards the door. “OK, you will have to dry yourself.” Janet said frowning as she dropped the towel and hurried out of the room, “Try not to make too much of a mess.” After about thirty seconds, when he was sure the coast was clear, Bobby stood up and stepped out of the bath before wrapping himself in his towel and pulling the plug on the bath. He considered what had been a very odd time, he wasn’t sure why Janet wanted to be so involved in his bathing. There didn’t seem to be a sexual motive there and yet she seemed to really want to help Bobby out. As he rubbed himself dry he listened to the crying downstairs subside. He quickly gathered his clothes and headed back to his bedroom, he wasn’t sure what was going on with Janet but he knew he needed more time to work it out. --- The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful for Bobby. He had started to get settled in with Janet and Emma and he was beginning to feel less stressed. After the incident in the bathroom things appeared to have gone back to normal. Janet continued acting quite motherly towards Bobby but she wasn’t overstepping any boundaries now, since the bath incident she hadn’t intruded on Bobby’s privacy all that much. Bobby appreciated her cooking for him each evening and she even cleaned his clothes and room for him whilst he was out looking for a job. Shortly after the events in the bathroom Bobby received news that he had lost his job, it was very sudden, the company were apparently struggling for money and letting Bobby go was a cost cutting measure. He only worked for minimum wage in a factory but losing that job so suddenly caused him to be deeply upset. He assumed that he would have to leave Janet’s house since he wouldn’t be able to afford the rent. When he tearfully told Janet he was unemployed and couldn’t pay to stay with her anymore something very unexpected happened. “Don’t worry about it. You can stay here rent free till you find something else.” Janet had said after Bobby told her. Bobby remembered Janet’s reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Really?” Bobby replied. He was taken aback by the generosity of the offer. He hadn’t known where he was going to go after he left Janet’s place. He would probably be back on the streets or looking for a hostel. “Of course!” Janet said with a laugh, “You are like a part of this family now. You are a good tenant and I know that when you get another job you will make it up to me.” Bobby didn’t know how to react to that and he just stepped forward and gave his big bosomed landlord a big hug. He had never had much of a family life, even as a child his home life was never great, he wasn’t used to such kindness form people. Other than that Bobby’s time at Janet’s house was pretty monotonous. He would wake up as early as possible and head out of the house with a stack of CV’s and application forms, Bobby would only return shortly before dinner. It kept him busy which was fine and he felt obliged to get a job as soon as possible to repay Janet for her kindness but no matter how many applications he filled in he just couldn’t seem to catch a break. “Don’t worry about it. Something will come up.” Janet would say every time Bobby came home after making little to no progress. Bobby tried to believe her but he had a time keeping up the faith that a job would land his way soon. After dinner each day the three of them would watch a little TV before Emma had to go to bed, Bobby usually followed soon after since he was often left very tired by his daily trips around the city. There had been a few occasions where Bobby had found himself caught a little bit short. A few times where he had to rush to the nearest bathroom, and a few really close calls that nearly resulted in Bobby having to get home in wet pants. But that was all in the last few weeks. Today Bobby had stayed at home, he was allowing himself a day off from job hunting. It had been a quiet day and Bobby spent the majority of it in his room. Just after dinner that evening Bobby was alone in his room when he felt the all too familiar sudden feeling of needing the bathroom in a hurry. He scrambled to his feet and half-ran to the door which he threw open in a rush. Bobby started awkwardly walking down the landing towards the bathroom, his full bladder and his attempts to hold it all in caused him to walk in a strange manner. However, just as he was halfway across the landing the door to the side of him flew open and suddenly Emma burst out and ran straight into the bathroom locking the door behind her. “No… Wait!” Bobby called out but it was too late. It didn’t feel good that he felt like he had less control than a toddler but he really was desperate. Bobby walked up to the door and then started pacing the landing. He could feel his control slipping as his attempts to hold on were swiftly beaten by his need to go. He was about to run back to his bedroom, he figured if he couldn’t use the bathroom that he could try doing what he did last time and use the trash can in his room. Just as he turned around though he found his path back to his room blocked. “What’s all the shouting about?” Janet asked in a concerned manner as she stepped out of her daughter’s bedroom. “I… I…” Bobby stammered. He fell to his knees in front of Janet and with a sudden surge in his desperation he felt the muscles holding the contents of his bladder in give up. With a gasp of shock, he suddenly felt a warm wet sensation spreading around his crotch. “Oh my…” Janet almost whispered as she watched the young man in front of her lose all control. She covered her mouth with her hands but couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene in front of her. Bobby felt like he was on his knees for an eternity but the reality was that after a few seconds the stream of urine trickled to a halt. Bobby blushed a deep red and looking at the ground he slowly climbed to his feet. He didn’t know what to say or do, he felt so embarrassed to have done this in front of someone else. He had experienced close calls before but this was the first time he had wet his pants in front of other people like this.
  7. May quietly knocks on the door of her boss. Being the secretary of the head boss of the company, it was her duty to make sure she is ok. Recently her boss had a miscarriage and has not taken it well, their spouse has left them alone and childless, May thought that she would pop in to hand a coffee to her boss and brighten their day.
  8. Hi all. I'm a 36 year old mum. I recently induced lactation and am hoping to dip my toe into the AB world by offering breast feeding or suckling. Any advice would be welcome.
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