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  1. Katie Ann What do you do when you look 7 years old, but you're actually a college student in your late teens? For Kathleen's entire life, she had fought against people treating her much younger than her actual age. Feeling obligated to grow up fast to show people she wasn't the age of her size, Kathleen never let her inner child out. Tired of fighting against the world, she explores the adult submissive world. What she finds, however, is an enjoyment of regression. Had she made a mistake? Would life be better if she just let people treat her how she looks, 7 years old? By Becky Anne ©2018-2024 ~o~O~o~ Chapter One: The Website Nineteen-year-old Kathleen sat staring at her laptop, working on the courage to create an account and profile on the website she just found. She had found this website after taking out her frustrations on the Google search engine. Frustrations she acquired by rage quitting her multiplayer roleplayer game. Baron, her master in the game, turned out to be like most guys she has met online, only wanting sex, cybersex in Baron’s case. Submissive Match, the name of the website, kept staring at her from her purple laptop. It was distracting her from figuring out what she needed to acquire for her return to Mountain College. Not realizing she was doing it, she clicked the yellow create account button. Moving some of her auburn hair out of her view, she flipped back to her list of supplies needed for her return to college next month. “Hmm, most of these things I already have…” she thought. “Oh, I better buy some more notebooks. While I am at it, I will buy that new book by Percy Jackson, ‘Sea of Monsters.’” “It is too bad that Stephanie had financial aid issues. I wonder how this Allison is? Is she going to have a problem with a college roommate who is short enough to be her little sister?” She continued to herself as she looked at her roommate's information pamphlet. Flipping back to the website, “Let's see what they want… I am a submissive… oh, that pulls up a whole new form… some of the standard stuff … Kathleen … Why do they want my middle name … Annabelle Telgenhof … March 16, 1987… I guess the owner's choice for a submissive name … Email… Don’t send me spam from your sponsors… Don’t share my email with suggested owners... Password… I am not sure why they want this information… Weight… 55 pounds soaking wet… Height ... 4’5” rounded up... their selection doesn’t even go that small. I guess I have to choose less than 5’... Location… Pennsylvania… I guess I am looking for an online owner. Oh, what the hell, an offline owner, too... Let’s see, a short questionnaire, a short description, and a recent picture will finish it off.” Looking at the time, “Wowser, that took longer than I thought it would,” Kathleen thought as she put her laptop to sleep. She meets her mother, Marlene, in the kitchen after walking out of her bedroom. “Hello, sweetie. Do you want some ice cream?” Marlene asked as she was scooping into a bowl. “You know I can never turn down cookie dough, Mommie.” "We can watch AFHV as we eat it.” “Sounds like a plan.” “What are your plans for tomorrow while I am at school?” “I told them I would do some volunteering at the zoo since time is getting short until my return to college. I need to stop for college supplies before or after; I just hope I don’t get pulled over for underage driving this time,” Kathleen mentioned. “That still happening?” Her mother asked. “Usually once a week, Mommie.” “Not much we can do about that, unfortunately, sweetie, except for you to grow a few inches,” Marlene pointed out. “Or afoot? Neither an inch nor a foot is going to happen, Mother. That ship sailed ages ago,” Kathleen said crossly, turning her eyes towards the TV. Marlene nodded and watched the television in silence. ~o~O~o~ Rolling out of bed at about 7 o’clock the following day, Kathleen booted up her laptop as she got dressed and ready for a day of volunteering. Coming back to the computer, she started her everyday morning computer habits, email, MySpace, Yahoo Messenger, and a few websites… before logging on to Submissive Match. “Let's see if I got any hits from my profile.” She discovered after she was finally logged in that there were three messages waiting for her. Looking at the first, “Eww, I really didn’t need to see that guy’s dick, this might of been a big mistake. … Oh, there is an ignore feature, thank god.” “Here goes nothing for the second, … interesting name… I seriously doubt his name is really Beast…” “Hello, Little Girl, you’re just the kind of young girl I would really like to meet. You would be perfect kneeling in front of me …” Other than the nickname for herself and himself, this guy isn’t too bad so far, Kathleen thought. “... with my legs spread wide open, and pants zipper down …” “EEEWWW,” Kathleen said out loud, “Spoke too soon!” and she couldn’t click the ignore button fast enough. Leaving the third message for later, she went to get a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Looking at the time, “I will have to leave the third message and college supplies ‘til after the zoo.” ~o~O~o~ “Hello Kathleen, thank you for coming. Why don’t you take the hedgehog and sit down on a bench just inside the entrance to the zoo? You should get plenty of exposure there,” Mr. Cooper, the zoo’s volunteer coordinator, instructed while thinking to himself about that also places her in a place where we can watch her. I am always worried she may be kidnapped, being so small and easy to be confused with an actual grade school kid. Kathleen nodded and headed to where the educational animals were kept. Continuing the thoughts, Mark took a memory trip back five years. “I first told her she was too young to volunteer. She had to be 14. I could have sworn it was a five or six-year-old asking to volunteer. I am kind of glad she pleaded her case and produced proof of age since she has been one of my best teenage volunteers.” He continued to himself, “I will never tell her, but that outfit is custom-ordered for her. I also purposely took the tags off to hide the fact that it is a size 7/8 girls' polo shirt.” Looking out of his office window towards the entrance plaza that it overlooked, he noticed Kathleen was setting up right where he requested her to. “I have never discussed it with her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she were self-conscious about her height. I would be if I were her,” he thought before returning back to his volunteer hours spreadsheet. ~o~O~o~ “Riiinnnggg” “Susquehanna Valley Zoo, Volunteer department, Mark speaking, how can I help you?” … “How old is your daughter?” … “Sorry, she is a few years too young. She has to be 14 to volunteer.” … “The one with a hedgehog today? She is actually 19 years old.” … “Unfortunately, a common misunderstanding with her. Have your daughter give me a call in a couple of years.” … “Talk to them then.” Hanging up the phone, he looked out the window at the object of the confusion. A group of grade school kids currently surrounded her. The only thing that set her apart from the other kids was the green polo shirt, which signified that she was a volunteer. ~o~O~o~ “OK, Mr. Cooper, I have returned the hedgehog to the education department.” “Thank you, Kathleen, five hours today?” Mark said, looking at the clock. “What was your driving time?” he continued. “Yes, that is correct, and it takes me twenty minutes each way to get here.” “When do I expect you back?” “Unless you have a better idea, I should return Wednesday at the opening,” Kathleen said, thinking of her plans. She had agreed to go out with some high school friends tomorrow. “Works for me. When do you return to college?” “My parents and I are going in a convoy next month, August 13th.” “You will be missed again this year.” “Aww, I will be back again next year,” Kathleen said as she felt her face color up. Showing her to the door, Mark turned his attention to entering Kathleen’s hours in his spreadsheet. “That girl is the closest thing to a little girl I would ever have. I can’t seem to produce the required X chromosome for a girl,” he thought, thinking of his three boys currently in daycare. Meanwhile, Kathleen started driving to a bookstore to buy her prize book and required school supplies. Seeing a cop tailgating her in her rearview mirror, she checked her speed. Noticing she was actually under the speed limit, she thought, “Not again. Can I ever drive without being pulled over for underage driving?” After five minutes and no lights, she wondered what was taking him so long to pull her over. Five more minutes later, the cop slowed and made a U-turn. Kathleen thought that was strange. He tailed me and didn’t pull me over. ~o~O~o~ Pulling into the driveway, she couldn’t get in the house fast enough to check that third message that had been calling her all day. After booting up her laptop, she went to the kitchen to get a glass of peach tea. “Let's see,” Kathleen said, entering her details on the website. “Oh, two new messages. I must have received another today.” Opening up the first message, the third from this morning, she began to read it out loud, “Dear Buttercup, I was inspecting the new profiles and happened to notice yours. I am intrigued by your profile, and I hope to hear from you. Master Adam” “Well, that was short to the point and not creepy,” Kathleen said, going to the second message... “Not another dick picture,” Kathleen screamed, going to the ignore button. After returning to Master Adam’s message, she checked out his profile. “Adam Dale, 25 years old, Pennsylvania, Looking for online/offline submissive, oh he isn’t bad looking.” Hitting the reply button, she typed, using the submissive name he gave her, “Dear Sir, Buttercup is intrigued by your profile too and interested in communicating with you. I am not sure how to go about the next step. - Buttercup.” Putting her computer to sleep, she went into the living room to watch some television. ~o~O~o~ Author's Note: Comments, and questions are always welcomed. I am currently writing chapter 69 of this story. -- Thanks Becky
  2. This is my very first real foray into ABDL/age regression (had another one, but it went nowhere). Like all of my stories, there are mature themes, and I will warn you when we get to them - even with the content warnings in the tags; I have not led readers astray or lied to them about trigger warnings, and I'm never going to start. About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. If you're ready - and still with me - let the story begin: Chapter One: A Girls' Night Out on the Town. - Svetlana Volkova was going to meet her two friends, Tatiana Voronina and Galina Tigrova for a normal Sunday brunch, and she had the feeling it was going to be quite exciting - especially on the day before Halloween. The three women weren’t really anything special, not really. All three were twenty-five-year-old Pittsburgh natives (from Russian parents), athletic, excellent figures (each of them were D cups), and all three were top-notch daycare workers. They had known each other since they were young, since before they could remember. Each of them had mousy-brown hair that they dyed to look prettier, and each of them had piercing icy-blue eyes. Some had confused the three for triplets at first glance. It was fine by them; they were each very much close. Even when they had their fights, it was solved rather quickly and with no hard feelings. Svetlana walked down the sidewalk with a purpose as her Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, knee-length black skirt and purse fluttering in the gusty wind. She brushed her shoulder-length dyed-golden-brown hair away from her eyes as she neared the stop. Tatiana was the first to notice, as she waved and smoothed her Penguins jersey and golden skirt, her shoulder-blade-length dyed-auburn curls noticeable. She nudged Galina, who was busy twirling her navel-length, shockingly-dyed-royal-purple hair before she turned to see her friend and jumped to her feet out of shock (and yes, she too was wearing a Penguins jersey and a golden skirt). The women walked over, hugging each other with gleeful looks on their faces. “Well, you finally came here, Svetka,” Tatiana said with a smirk. “We were beginning to think you had gotten bored.” “Bored? Of you girls? Never!” Svetlana was beaming. “Girl, I can’t remember the last time we haven’t spoken!” Galina exclaimed. “We do this so much, they give us free food.” “And we wear it well,” Tatiana laughed, causing the other two to join in. Svetlana sat down with her two friends. “So, how are things with you?” she all but sang. “Good! Can’t wait for the Pens game; that new swanky bar has the perfect place to watch,” Tatiana said. “You feel like coming, Svetka?” “Of course, Tanya!” the woman said. “I’m surprised we’re going out barhopping, though; we don’t have a car…” “Oh, come on, Svetka,” Galina said. “It’ll be so much fun.” She paused. “The only problem is, we have to bring someone else who can drive us, since our car is in the shop, and the only person we know who’s interested is…” “Celine,” the three said simultaneously, as they all let out annoyed sighs. Celine Fuchs was their old housemate they hated, and the feeling was very much mutual. A nosy busybody three years younger than them, Celine made no secret about having a fiancé to go back home to (it wasn’t that they couldn’t get boyfriends if they wanted; they were just not interested in dates at the moment.), and she critiqued them on every little thing, every miniscule detail, despite the fact that she was a law clerk. It was hell to deal with her. “You going to call her, Svetka?” Tatiana asked. “It’s not like we have a choice,” Svetlana muttered. She opened her smartphone and called Celine’s number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. “Hello, who is this?” Celine asked in an annoyed tone. “It’s Svetlana.” “Oh, hi, Svetlana. What do you want?” “Tatiana, Galina, and I were going to catch the Pens game tonight at the new bar. Was wondering if you’d come.” “Oh, that would be marvelous!” Celine’s voice entirely changed, sounding genuinely excited. “Well, I’ll have to get ready. You planning on parking? Bringing money for food? What time would be best to leave-” “Don’t worry, Celine, we’re all going in the same car,” Svetlana said calmly. “Might as well bring my car; it’s a new one.” “You sure?” “It’s got multiple seats.” “Okay, fine. We’ll take your car.” “Can I bring my fiancé?” “Sorry. Girls' night out.” “Oh, well, I’ll tell him to go to our house. Where do I pick you three up?” “Right at Market Square. You’ll know us.” “Of course. Have a wonderful day! Go Pens!” Svetlana sighed when Celine hung up on her. Her two friends looked at her. “Guess it’s a go. She’s picking us up in her car.” “Ugh, she always likes to brag,” Tatiana muttered. “Always. It’s a new car, new clothes, new boyfriend, what-fucking-ever, I don’t care.” “She’s so fucking insufferable,” Galina said with a sigh. “I guess riding in her car won’t be the worst thing, right?” “True. It’s only one time, then never again,” Tatiana agreed with much reluctance. “Let’s just go to Market Square and wait; the game starts at 5:00, and it’s already 2:00 PM.” “Agreed.” They finished paying for their brunch and included a generous tip before walking to Market Square (hey, they always could use exercise, even with the various male catcallers), getting there at around 3:00 PM. It was a short wait until a brand-new Honda Odyssey that all but blared that it was Celine’s car pulled up, the aforementioned driver waving at them. “Hellooo!” she called. “You ready!” “Yeah, we are,” Svetlana said. No shit we’re ready, you dumb bitch. We’ve been ready! The three women packed into the backseats, none of them wanting to sit in the front with their annoying old housemate. “Look, I get you don’t like me, but…I do appreciate you bringing me with you to the bar with you,” Celine said politely. Svetlana looked at her younger ex-housemate who had a genuine smile on her face. Celine certainly was fairly attractive, actually, scratch that, definitely attractive with a blonde pixie cut, inquisitive sea-green eyes, and a larger bust than even they had. Tatiana was the only one to break the silence. “Sure, I mean, might as well bring you along; we know how big a fan you are,” she said. “Still, it is appreciated. Still, expect this to be a one-time thing, though.” “The feeling’s quite mutual,” Svetlana said bluntly. If only she knew just how dead wrong her words were. - So, let me know if there's anything I can improve on, anything you liked or disliked, stuff like that~
  3. Hello, this is another idea I've had for a fair bit. It may be slightly influenced by French Whines (kudos to the author of it; probably one of my favorite stories I've read on this site), except...well, this is more supernatural than anything. And now, for WARNINGS: there will be political undercurrents in this story. If you're not a fan of Israel or Arab countries, well, I will say this story probably won't be for you (as I am ethnically Jewish from my mom and have the utmost respect for all religions - so long as they aren't hurting people - including Christianity and Islam, my feelings, as much as I want to be an impartial observer, may spill out. I apologize beforehand, but this story is something I feel I had to write from the bottom of my heart after all that's happened). But I PROMISE beforehand, there will be a good ending to this; I may be cynical about our irl chances if/when another huge war spills out, but that doesn't mean this story has to be. Of course, politics and the bigotry (portrayed in antagonists INCLUDING THIS CHAPTER, JUST SO YOU'RE WARNED) are there, but I promise to be respectful in that regard. Violence is there, given the subject matter. Language is a given with any of my stories. And of course, gender-swapping is a major thing, and I promise to be respectful in that regard as well. About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. Thank you in advance! Now, to start the story: - Chapter One: Death is Not the End. - Lieutenant Lavi Zingel’s calm brown eyes were constantly aware of their surroundings, for danger was close by. He was deep undercover in Sayeret Matkal’s operation in Egypt; if he was found out, Israel could deny any involvement. Operation Rebirth was risky, but he had been the first to volunteer for it. It was all he could do for his country, was it not? Ten top Israeli scientists had been captured by a shadowy Iranian-proxy organization, and it required a delicate touch; only one man could be sent to infiltrate, and he was perfect, as he was of Arabic and Jewish descent (from his father and mother, respectively), and looked the part with dark olive skin, and a full dark-brown beard. Mossad was worried that Alraabitat Almunahidat Lilsihyuniati (Anti-Zionist League, honestly, couldn’t they think of a more original name than that?) was forcing the scientists to build nuclear weapons in Egypt, which would then be shipped to Syria and Lebanon. Zingel was as skilled a combatant as had ever gone through Sayeret Matkal; everyone in the secretive unit knew it. He had aced every test, physical, medical, psychological, had been pushed to his limits and beyond, and he had come out of it stronger than ever before, a weapon who could kill a man hundreds of different ways. But the main thing that separated him from the others was his mind. He was an omniglot, fluent in over twenty languages and dialects. He had graduated top of his class in high school, a 750 on the Psychometric Entrance Test, summa cum laude in all classes, with a bagrut certificate. He was knowledgeable about how nuclear weapons worked, having had his Egyptian-Israeli father and Israeli mother working on them. It didn’t surprise him that he was the first choice for the mission. What did surprise him, as he looked at the weapons, was that they were far from nuclear armaments. Quite simply, as he looked at the manifests, saw the tired scientists working (not just Israeli, but Egyptian as well), it was far from nuclear. This was a weapon of which the likes had never been seen on this planet before, something he had as much a clue about as the workings of God: in other words, none. Then there was shouting, and he turned around to see a large Arabic man hit a short, heavyset Egyptian woman, who took the hit with stunned disbelief. “I don’t want excuses!” the man roared. “I wanted Project Rebirth to be up-and-running a week ago! I should kill you all, you worthless piles of shit!” “But…what you’re asking…” one of the Israeli scientists, a woman, spoke up timidly. “It’s impossible. This is God’s work, not-” “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT PIGS LIKE YOU SAY!” the man shouted, closing the distance and shoving a gun in the scientist’s face. “I wanted this to be done long ago! It should’ve been sent to Lebanon and Syria long ago! It should’ve detonated in Tel Aviv, the city of rats like you, long ago!” Zingel was torn. On the one hand, nothing could compromise his identity. Mossad specifically said that the weapons were the priority. But compassion had been instilled in him as well from his parents, and he wanted to rescue the hostages - for clearly the Egyptian scientists were just as much hostages as the Israelis. He took a chance. “Excuse me, sir,” Zingel said politely. “Yes, what is it?” the man snapped. “If we kill them, all hope for Project Rebirth is lost.” The operative was using all of his silver-tongued charm to both keep his cover and spare the lives of the hostages. “And the Zionists would attack us without recourse. Wouldn’t it be better to spare them just a day?” The man gave the operative a cold look. “Who the hell are you?” he snapped. “Dr. Mourad Slimani,” Zingel said in a perfect Algerian Arabic dialect. “I’ve been on this project since day one.” The man gave him a smile. “Well, Dr. Slimani, I suppose there’s no harm,” he said with a shrug. “It’s mostly finished anyway. All that’s left is to shoot them.” Zingel didn’t even blink, didn’t give anything away. “And once the weapon has been tested? What’s stopping the Zionists from attacking? You have to know that they’d send someone?” “I’d be surprised if they didn’t, my good doctor. But I suppose a heretic is as good as an infidel for this purpose.” He holstered his first pistol and grabbed the heavyset Egyptian woman - who had surprisingly dark skin for an Egyptian - by the hair with one hand, a second gun in the other, as she pleaded, “Please, please, I’m a mother, I have children!” “Shut up, you warped whore!” The man hit her in the face with the pistol. “I’ve killed many mothers and their children; don’t think you can negotiate that way with your life on the line!” A cruel smile played on his face. “But I’m not going to shoot you. He is.” He flipped the gun to offer to Zingel. “You can’t be serious! I’m a doctor, I swore not to take lives!” he protested. “You can shoot her…or I can. I can give you five seconds to decide, Dr. Slimani.” Zingel was trapped, and he knew it when he felt the weight of the semi-auto pistol. There was only one bullet in the chamber, which could only mean one thing: he was burnt. Who did it didn’t matter; he knew his cover had been blown. What he did next was impulsive as hell, but he didn’t feel like he had an option. He took the gun…and dropped it, proceeding to draw a hidden knife from his lab coat, grabbing the large man by the throat and backing them both against the wall, as armed guards went in the room, aiming their weapons at them. “You know you don’t have to shoot any of them,” the operative said calmly, as more guards had arrived and had drawn their weapons, shouting at him. The scientists were cowering on the floor…except for the heavyset Egyptian, who was looking at him…curiously? “You know damn well that these aren’t nuclear weapons.” “Of course not!” the man laughed. “Is that what your precious Zionist special agency said, ‘Dr. Slimani’ - or, should I say, Lieutenant Lavi Zingel? They’re not infallible.” “Then what are they?” “Something that will end the lives of all Zionists, purge the Western infidels, and-” “Shut up!” Zingel spat, drawing a tiny bit of blood from the man’s throat. “I asked what the weapons did, not the overarching goal.” “Why should I tell you anything?” “We’re both dead men either way. Feel free to state what you were planning on doing. I don’t have a wiretap, on my oath to God.” “The oath to your god?” “No. It can be yours if you wish. But I have no reason to lie. You’re the leader of this project. So spill.” The man laughed. “You should’ve been born a merchant, not an Israeli pig with that tongue of yours. Devil’s tongue. You think I’m the leader of this project? You think I’m in charge? No, this reaches far beyond your limited comprehension, into the heart of your supposed ‘allies’.” Zingel’s heart dropped. “The United States.” “Very perceptive of you. That is correct: there is an element in the United States who wants this weapon and would pay us by knifing the Zionist regime in the back. I don’t care what the hell they do with this weapon; they’ve paid us with nuclear armaments already. Israel will soon be no more!” “Not if I have anything to say about it!” The man stabbed the Israeli operative in the leg with an odd stone knife and shouted, “Praise be to God! Open fire!” Zingel felt the pain from the stone knife lance through his leg, felt shots nail him in his torso, passing through the man to get to his heart, as the knives from both slipped from their grasps. He slumped against the wall, tearing out the knife he had been stabbed with - it had hit his femoral artery, and he knew he was a dead man anyway, no matter what - breathing ragged gasps. The Arab man was dead, a sadistic grin permanently etched on his face. “That. Is. Enough.” The Israeli looked in shock as the Egyptian woman, now twice as tall as any man and bearing animalian features all over her body: the paws and limbs of a lioness, a crocodilian tail and back, the breasts of a human woman, and the face of a hippopotamus. A very angry hippo. The scared guards aimed at her, but she merely waved a paw, and the guns melted away, the armed guards in the room shriveling into mummies in an alarmingly-short time. The Israeli and Egyptian scientists had their eyes closed and were seemingly sleeping before they vanished into thin air. “Wha-” Zingel coughed up blood, as the creature turned to him. He cowered; he knew enough about Egyptian mythology from his father to know who this…goddess was. But he saw her eyes soften when they saw him. “Shh…it is okay, little one,” she cooed. “I am here.” “But…Ta-wa-ret…” His eyes were tinged red, darkness slowly slipping over them, as he hacked up blood from his ruined lungs. “Yes.” Tawaret’s black eyes were warm, and a sense of security washed over the dying man. “The scientists are safe, away from here, their memories of these horrors gone. But you…you have been hurt with the weapon, my own powers. I cannot heal you, but there is another way I can keep you alive. You, the bridge between worlds, the one who does what is right, must stay alive, must find the ability to stop the world from warring once again, for it will be the end of all. Do you understand, little one? Just nod if you agree.” Lavi Zingel nodded once, as the last breath left his body and darkness swallowed him whole. - I will explain what all of the Israeli things mean (I hope Google Translator did okay with the rare Arabic...): Sayeret Matkal = Israeli special forces, equivalent to British Special Air Service and United States Delta Force. Specializes in deep reconnaissance for intelligence gathering, but also does black operations, combat search-and-rescue, counterterrorism, hostage rescue, manhunts beyond Israel's borders, etc. Mossad = National intelligence agency for Israel, responsible for gathering information, counterterrorism, and covert operations. Much like United States' CIA. Psychometric Entrance Test = Israel's standardized test/entrance exam, based on quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and English. Scores range from 200 to 800. Basically, that means that Lavi's a genius. Bagrut certificate = A certificate that says a student passed the matriculation exam for Israel. High scoring ones like what Lavi had are necessary to go into higher-leveled jobs.
  4. YAY! My very first story on this site! This story was made possible by an RP I've been having with my friend, IronTiger26. Enjoy! Special Delivery Chapter 1 Jason sighed contentedly as he entered his dorm room. Practice, while grueling as usual, was still something he found to be enjoyable. He had already stripped off his uniform and dressed in his street clothes, but that was just long enough to get back inside and shut the door. He was quick to rip off his shirt and jeans and just collapse onto his bed in his boxers. He let out a yawn as he looked out the window, seeing the full moon starting to rise in the evening sky. "Strange," he said to no one, "I didn't know that there was a full moon tonight." He let out another yawn and tiredly drifted off to sleep. As he fell asleep, a glowing golden portal opened A giant figure stepped through, gazing down at the sleeping football player. “Aww, you’re perfect, little one.” She whispered, gently picking him up. Jason started to stir, but then drifted into a deeper sleep. He mumbled something about his roommate. The giant smiled, before gently pulling off Jason’s boxers, and letting them fall to the ground, before going back through the portal with the naked collage boy. Jason dreamt of his body flowing like water, and feeling itchy, but still he did not stir. As he slept, far deeper than he had ever before, Jason's ears elongated and flowed to the top of his head. His body which was well and solidly built was becoming more delicate and feminine. He started losing inches, shrinking down from nearly seven feet to an even five. His face became distinctly less human, taking on a much more rabbit appearance, with his nose becoming a small pink button in the sea of light grey fur that started to coat his face. His body continued to become more and more feminine, until he was no longer a he at all. His body also started to become coated in the soft grey downy fur, with white creamy fur covering his belly, his throat, and chin. Then, out of nowhere, a small cottontail sprang forth just above his bottom, it too a creamy white. And finally, his eyes, while closed, became a beautiful bright amethyst. Through all of this, Jason remained asleep. The next morning, the sun rose into what appeared to be a nursery, the walls bright pink and a playpen was in the right corner, filled to the brim with plushes and dolls. On the opposite side lay a wardrobe and a changing table, a mirror next to it. Sunlight shined into the center of the room, waking up the sole occupant of the room, who lay in a pink crib, just big enough to hold them that was across from a giant door. Jason yawned and stretched, not taking any notice of the squishy bulk between his legs. Jason opened his eyes, and started to look around, thinking about heading down to get a coffee... and then let out an ear-splitting high-pitched shriek. Shortly after, Jason’s new ears picked up several heavy thuds outside, before the door swung open, revealing a giant tigress, dressed in a soft white blouse and jeans. “Are you okay, sweetie? Mommy heard you screaming!” She said as she entered, walking right up to the bars of the crib. Jason squeaked at the sight of the giant tigress, shrinking back against the bars of her crib. "Wh-what are you?!" The tigress crouched down a bit so her size didn’t scare Jason as much. “It’s okay, little one. My name is Helia.” "What ARE you?!" Jason looks around for an escape route, suddenly aware of his surroundings. "Is this a nursery?" “I’m a tigress, honey-bunny. And it’s not just any nursery.” She reaches in, and boops Jason’s nose. “It’s YOUR nursery, sweetie.” Jason recoils from the touch. "Why am I here? How did I get here?" “I brought you here last night. And I used a portal to bring you to your new home.” She said, matter-of-factly, as though it were the most normal thing in the world. "Wha... THIS CAN'T BE REAL! AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT! ...AND I'M NOT A BABY!" Jason cried out. She gives Jason a motherly smile. “Well of course I can, sweetie. After filling out all of the proper paperwork for the adoption, I then went and collected you.” "I SAID I'M NOT BABY!!!" Helia smiled, standing up and going over to the dresser, pulling out a mirror, before returning to the crib and pulling down one of the sides “If you aren’t a baby...” She held the mirror in front of Jason, revealing his new form to him. “...Then who’s this little cutie pie?” Jason froze as he looked at himself. He was wearing a pink footed sleeper, with a very obvious diaper bulge. He looked at the very clearly adult female bunny staring back at him. "B-but... I'm a human... and a man... and I'm... STILL an adult!" Only then did Jason fully register her newly feminine voice. Helia giggled, reaching over and petting Jason on her head, inbetween her ears “I’m sorry, sweetie. But I’m afraid you simply aren’t any of those things anymore.” "B-but, I've got boobs now! ... Why am I girl and a bunny now?" Still gently petting her, Helia said. “Well, I’m afraid humans simply don’t exist in this world, so by bringing you here, you turn into whatever your favorite animal is. I see you liked bunnies then, hmm?” "They are cute, yeah, but... STOP TOUCHING ME! And take me home right now!" Jason stomped his foot, pouting when he was trying to look serious and angry. Helia reluctantly stopped petting Jason, and looked her in the eye. “I’m sorry sweetie, but this is your new home. It's just not possible for you to go back. Don't worry though, you'll soon start having so much fun." "Y-you're a monster!" Jason said, his eyes tearing up. Helia gave a sympathetic look, before laying the mirror to the side, crouching down on her knees, and pulling the bunny in for a hug, her chin resting on the tigress’ shoulder. “There, there sweetheart. Let it out.” She said as she began to gently rub Jason’s back. Jason tried to thrash and escape. But she was far easily overpowered, and could do nothing more than sob into her shoulder. "Y-you ruined my life!" She hiccuped. Rubbing and patting the crying bunny’s back, whose ears have drooped down. Helia looked down at Jason. “I’m sorry, honey. But there’s nothing I can do. For humans coming into our world, it's a one-way trip only.” "Let me go! I'm not a baby! I'm still an adult!" Jason insisted. She gently pulls Jason away, gazing into the former football player's ready eyes. "Would you like some breakfast, sweetie?" "I just wanna leave!" “Honey, I already told you. There's no going back, it just isn't possible for you." "Then let me leave this house!" “Sorry, honey, but I can’t do that.” She presses against the bulge under the sleeper, making a squish that was audible to both of them. She looked the bunny in the eyes again and smiled. “Unless you want to waddle around in a wet diaper all day, would you like me to change you?” Jessica let out an adorable squeak. "Y-you musta drugged me!" Helia shook her head, and said. “I would never drug a baby, especially my own little girl." She emphasized this with another playful nose boop, which Jason frantically tried to bat away. "You're a baby now, honey-bunny, and babies need their diapies just for this reason." "NO! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" Jason tries to thrash and kick. “Honey, calm down or you might-" All of a sudden, Jason feels a pressure in her stomach, that then quickly disappears. She shifts about, and feels her now full diaper. "N-no..." Jason says. “Oh honey...you made a mess, didn’t you...” Jason then immediately bursts into tears. Helia quickly stood up, attempting to soothe the bunny as she cried, rocking her back and forth as she held her in her arms. “Please calm down, sweetie. I’ll get you out of that nasty thing.” She said as she began to walk to the changing table. "I'm not a baby!" Jason cried, unaware of where she was being carried. Helia decided not to argue further on that matter. All off-world adopted babies are like this, it’s only a matter of time before she accepted it too. At least, that's what Helia told herself. She gently laid her baby bunny down. Jason tried to roll over and hop off the table, only to be caught by Helia, who rolled the bunny back in place, holding her down as she looked into her eyes again. “Sweetie, do you WANT to stay in your dirty diaper?” "I WANT to leave!" Helia sighed, unzipping the sleeper while Jason squirmed before she managed to pull it off. She continued to hold down Jason, and pulled a strap over the bunny's tummy, securing it with a buckle in the other side. Jason looked down in dismay at her small chest, and then at the very well used diaper with the pink trim. She tried unbuckling the strap, but her paw-hands couldn't work it, so she resorted to just kicking with her legs. Helia got to work, while the legs kicked uselessly at her. Untaping the diaper and removing it from Jason’s waist. Jason squealed a the cold wipes being used, and her nose started to tickle from the smell of the baby powder. She looked down in horror once, to confirm that she was indeed now a girl, just in time for the fresh diaper to be carefully taped on. Securing the new diaper on, this one pink like the walls of the nursery, Helia unstrapped the bunny, before picking her up and holding her under her arms in front of her. “That wasn’t so bad, was it Jessica?” "That was humiliating! I was just changed like a baby and... wait, what did you call me?" Helia smiled, looking the shocked, nearly naked bunny in the eyes. “Jessica. It’s your new name, honey.” "MY NAME IS JASON NOW LET ME DOWN AND LET ME OUT OF THIS CRAZY HOUSE!" “As adorable as it would be to see you run around in just a diaper, honey-bunny, I need to let you have at least one thing covering you besides that.” She carried the thrashing bunny over to the wardrobe, and “Jessica” froze at the sight of what was inside. "What's with all the pink girly dresses?" Jessica asked in a suddenly nervous voice. "I guess I may have gone a little bit overboard. We just got so excited when we learned we were going to be getting a little girl." "I don't care what I look like! I'm a guy! And I'm not wearing any damn girly clothes or any baby clothes!" Jessica said, crossing her arms. Helia sighed, before reaching in and pulling out a simple pink shirt, the words Mommy’s Little Princess across it. “I’m sorry, Jessie. But I’m afraid this is the only thing not as ‘girly’ as the others in your size.” Jessica growled. "Just give me that, some pants, and then I'm out of here." Helia froze. “...oh. That’s what I forgot to grab at the store...” "I am so done with this whole damn place!" Jessica said as she reached for the shirt. Helia simply held out the shirt, letting the bunny take it. Jessica struggled to get it on, while simultaneously trying to escape the tigress' grasp. Helia put Jessica on the floor, making sure to keep an eye on her. Jessica struggles some more, thanks to her ears, before finally popping her head through the hole. She frowned as the shirt stopped just short of the waistband of her diaper. She then started to march towards the nursery door. Helia walked ahead of Jessica, opening the door and walking out, leaving it open for the bunny to follow her. Jessica threw a frown the tigress' way, and looked around out in the hall. She spotted what looked like the front door, and continued walking towards it, amazed at how much bigger everything was. Helia noticed Jessica, and called out. “You can go exploring the backyard in a little while, honey-bunny. Let's see about getting some food into your tummy first." Jessica growled and stamped her foot, before turning around. Helia simply waited for the toddler-sized adult to catch up, and led her to the living room, which was also connected to the kitchen. Jessica started to walk past, heading for the door. Jessica got to the door, and found that the knob was out of her reach. So she jumped up to grab at it. Helia turned and saw her just as she grabbed it “Jessica? Are you trying to go outside?” "Uh, duh! I said I'm outta here! AND MY NAME'S JASON!" Jessica said, turning the knob. “Oh, no you’re not, young lady!” She started walking over, right as the door cracked open ever so slightly. Jessica hopped down and was about to bolt outside. Right as Jessica started to run, Helia managed to grab the back of her diaper, stopping the bunny right as she got outside, letting her at least see what lay beyond the front door. Jessica leaned forward as the back of her diaper was pulled on, holding her in place. Outside she could see many of these anthro giants, and most had children and babies with them. Many of the babies, upon closer inspection, looked like there were in the same boat as herself, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. With a tug, Jessica fell back into a strong pair of arms that scooped her up. Helia marched back inside, firmly shutting the door and applying the bolt lock, which if she was on the ground, was just out of Jessica’s reach. The tigress held the bunny up and looked her in the eyes. “I really don’t want to as it’s your first day here, but if you try to run away again, you’re getting a spanking, young lady.” "You can't do this to me!" “I’m sorry, but you're just too young to go running around outside unsupervised.” "I'M NOT A BABY! I'M IN COLLEGE!" Jessica tries to punch her, to no avail. Helia furrowed her brow, before putting the bunny in one hand, and giving Jessica a light spank, which giving her size still hurt a fair amount. Jessica yelped, and then looked up at the tigress in shock. “Do I need to give you more, or is that enough to get you to behave, Jessie?” Jessica whimpered, feeling completely powerless, and recoils a little before meekly nodding. Helia smiled, before putting the bunny into a cradling position, rocking her back and forth. “Mommy’s sorry if she hurt or scared you, Jessie. How about this, if you promise to behave, I’ll find you a playmate who was just like you once. Okay? That should go a long way to helping you to adjust.” "P-please, just let me go." Jessica whimpered. Helia gave the bunny a look, noticing her hand was slowly finding its way to her mouth “I’m sorry, honey-bunny, but the answer is no. Now please try to relax. I promise that we're going to make sure you have a wonderful and happy life here." Jessica's paw was in her mouth, and she started to chew on it, unaware of even doing so. "B-but, I'm nowt a baybee," she said around her paw. Helia continued to rock Jessica back and forth. Helia held the bunny closer, still rocking her back and forth “I know this is a shock to you, Jessie. But this has been done for years. There are a lot of other babies like you.” "I sayd Iwm nowt a baybee!" “And I said you’re not the only one here, Jessie. For a bunny, you’re not a very good listener, sweetie.” "Nethew awe yoo!" Helia rolled her eyes, shaking her head at the response. “Well, Jessie. You’re in diapers, you’re the size of a toddler, you needed a change earlier because you messed yourself, you’re being extremely fussy, and you’re sucking your thumb right now. Are you still sure you aren’t a baby? Because you’re a really good actor if you aren’t.” Jessica paused and looked down at her paw, pulling it out and blushing as she wiped it on her shirt. "I don't know what that was about, but there's lots of adults who are incontinent, that doesn't make them babies! And my size shouldn't matter either!" Helia sighed “Just because you’re an adult there, doesn’t mean your one over here, Jessie.” "That's insane!" Jessica argued, before her stomach let out a rumble. Helia smiled “You hungry, Jessie?” Clearly changing the subject. "N-no," Jessica lied, just before her stomach let out another growl. Helia laughed, before standing up. “Mama’s hungry too. Let’s get something to eat.” Jessica grumbles as she was carried, and then frowned when she saw the bright pink high chair with the word "Princess" blazoned on the back. "Please tell me I don't have to sit in that thing." "Well of course, honey-bunny. It'll keep you nice and safe." Jessica grumbled some more as she was set down into it and buckled in with the five point harness. Then the white tray was locked into place. Petting her again, Helia said “Normally, you’d need to eat baby food. But since this is your first day, I’ll let you choose what you get to eat. Cut up, of course. What do you want, sweetie?” Jessica made a gross face at the sound of babyfood, and then thought it over. She let out a sigh. "Can I have some pizza?" "Of course, my precious little princess." Helia said. Helia pulled out her phone and dialed up a local pizza restaurant and placed an order for a pepperoni and olive pizza. “While we wait, would you like to talk a bit, sweetie? Get to know each other?” "Fine, am I essentially your prisoner here for the rest of my life?" “Only until you’re a fully grown woman, honey. But you’re not a prisoner, you’re my adopted baby.” "So wait, being a short adult with boobs doesn't count?" “No, I’m afraid that’s just how your body looks when you come through. You're body went through a lot of changes, but it couldn't quite get all of them done at once. So while you changed gender and species, it's going to take a little bit for your body to catch up to your new age. Basically, you're going to be going through reverse puberty, Jessie.” "So I'm getting younger?!" Jessica said in disbelief. “That’s the simple way of saying it, yes.” "This is crazy!" “Around here, Jessie, it’s normal. Like I said, we have a lot of other babies around here like you.” "I don't care what you say, I'm not a baby!" Jessica's diaper crinkles as she adjusts herself in her high chair. “Do you really want to keep arguing, or would you like to know about the others, honey?” "... Fine... we can have an adult to adult conversation," Jessica said, her stomach growling once more, just before she found a pink bib with a yellow duckie on it gently tied around her neck. “You might have seen some of them earlier, in fact. Did you see a little red panda girl out there?” "Uh... I think so, and I don't need a bib!" “It’s just for if you do, sweetie. And her name is Betty, if you were wondering. I could introduce the two of you sometime.” "I don't know why, but alright I guess. And just for if I do what?" “Oh, you two will get along great! And it's just in case. Well, and because your new daddy picked them out himself, and hes going to be so excited to see you wearing them.” Helia said, taking a quick picture of Jessica in her high chair. "Oh crap, there's another crazy giant in this house?" “He’s not crazy. And yes, he's your new daddy, sweetie. He helped me decorate your nursery.” "So yeah, another crazy giant wanting to treat me like a baby," Jessica winced some more from her apparent hunger pangs. The pizza arrived shortly afterwards, and all too soon, Jessica was staring at a pizza larger than any she had ever seen before. A few moments later, Helia laid out giant slices of pizza, setting it in the center of the table. “Would you like me to cut it up some, sweetie?” "Each slice is as big as my head... so fine I guess...." Helia hummed to herself as she cut it up, eventually cutting two of the slices into plenty of tiny pieces, before putting them on a plate and putting it on the white tray. “It’s hot, Jessie. Would you like some milk with it?” "I'm not a baby! I don't need milk!" Jessica firmly said, crossing her arms. "I'll take a soda, thank you very much!" She then picked up one of the slices with her new hand-paw and blew on it, before trying to eat it. Since she was working with an unfamiliar hand-paw, and since her mouth was shaped differently, she got quite a bit of sauce on her lips and chin. Helia smiled, watching Jessie prove she did, in fact, need a bib. “Again, as this is your first day, it’s your choice. What’s your favorite?” "Got any cream soda?" Jessica said, taking another piece and smearing some more sauce on her cheeks and chin, some dribbling down onto her bib, unbeknownst to her. Helia went over to the fridge and opened it, looking inside. “Let’s see...is this it?” She pulled out a can that looked like one from back home, the design very familiar to the former human. "Uh... y-yeah... that's huge!" Helia placed the can on the table next to the high chair, Jessie continuing to marvel at its size. She went over to the cupboard and opened it, looking around inside. “...Oh, dear.” "What?" Jessica said around her most recent bite, dribbling some more sauce down her chin onto her bib. Helia pulled out a small glass cup, which was still gigantic compared to the bunny. “This is the smallest cup we have, Jessie.” "Ah geeze, that's huge!" Helia put it back, continuing to look, before she glanced at Jessie. “...I did find one just your size, but I don’t think you’re going to like it, sweetie.” She said, before she pulled out a baby bottle. "You're right, I don't!" Jessica said, crossing her arms and frowning, making an adorable pouty face, especially considering how messy said face is. Helia couldn't help but snap another quick picture, which just made Jessica pout even more. “I’m sorry, honey. But this is all we have. I can leave the rubber nipple off if you want, but you might spill it.” "Whatever, just so long as it's not a baba.... BOTTLE!" Jessica said, clapping a paw over her mouth. Helia caught that, and simply smiled. “How about this, sweetie. I’ll have you drink out of your baba this one time, and if you don’t like it, I’ll buy a few plastic cups for your size, okay?" "... Fine... but don't expect me to enjoy drinking from my baba-- BOTTLE! From a bottle, I meant to say!" Jessica corrected herself, wondering what was wrong with her. Helia smiled, before taking off the tray and unbuckling the bunny, before lifting Jessie up and cradling her once more. "Wait, what're you doing?" She poured the soda into the bottle, filling it up, before putting the rubber nipple on it, then holding it in front of the bunny’s mouth, which was covered in pizza sauce. “Drink up, sweetie pie.” Jessica opened her mouth to object. Helia smiled, and pushed the nipple into her mouth, which caused Jessie to suckle a bit on accident, making Jessica want to struggle, but a suckle reflex kicked in, and she was unable to. She kept suckling it, growing more and more relaxed, until she entered a trance-like state, curling up, letting her head rest on Helia's chest, the sound of her heartbeat further soothing her. Helia smiled, cooing at the adorable sight of her baby suckling away on her bottle, looking as innocent as an actual infant as she was rocked in her mommy’s arms. Eventually the bottle ran dry, and she kept on suckling the now empty bottle. Helia wanted to let the bunny keep sucking on her bottle, but she knew it had to end. She reluctantly pulled the bottle out of Jessica’s mouth, smiling at seeing that she continued to make a suckling motion even with it gone. Jessica's thumb replaced the bottle, before she started to whine and clutch her tummy. Helia cooed at her, before putting the bunny over her shoulder, and gently patted her back. Jessica started to come out of the trance, still whining about the stomach ache. "I'm not a baby, I don't need to be bur--BEEEEEEEEEELCH" it was a very loud burp, that included a small bit of spit-up, that Jessica took no notice of at all. Helia smiled, before returning the bunny to her previous position. “There you go, Jessie. Does that feel better?” "...Yes" Jessica said, reluctantly, unable to meet Helia's eyes. Jessica blushed as she was held, and cuddled, completely oblivious to her diaper growing warmer as she wet herself. Helia smiled, feeling the diaper getting warm. “Would you like to take a warm bath, honey?” "I can wash myself." “Okay, but just in case.” She went over to the sink, putting a plug in it before turning the water on, making sure it was warm while it went down the second drain. "Oh come on!" Jessica whined, realizing that she was going to be washed in the sink like a baby. "I'm not a baby!" Helia just smiled and hummed as she let the warm water start to fill up the sink, already a bottle of baby shampoo nearby.
  5. Here we go again. As I had just started writing my first story ever (Whispers in the Dark), I already learned a ton. While I still uses crutches (AI), I thought I could already use what I've learned with Whispers in the Dark and apply it to a new, more thought out story. This one is already mostly outlined, has longer chapters and a completely different theme to it. I will still continue Whispers in the Dark of course, but while that one is only roughly planned in my head, this new one is fully planned out on paper. Except for one wetting scene, the build up is rather slow, but it will be worth it. I have a lot planned for this story. You can view the first 3 chapters as some kind of very long prologue. Let me know what you think! Under Pressure Innocence in the Shadow of Power Chapter 1 - Birthday Under the soothing rush of the shower, I felt the weight of today pressing down on me. It was a pivotal moment, the divide between the life I'd grown accustomed to and the uncertain horizon ahead. Each droplet mingling with my tears seemed to underscore the harsh reality: I was saying goodbye to the comfort of my tiny apartment, facing the daunting prospect of nowhere to belong. "Happy birthday, Feli," I murmured to my reflection as I emerged from the steam. Felicity von Sterntal—that's my full name. The "von" part adds a touch of German flair, a nod to nobility, though our family's far from royal. My grandparents, German immigrants who made their way to the USA in the 60s, christened me with the nickname "Feli," though it's pronounced more like "Fehly." I never really knew them, as they passed when I was just a baby. Still, I've grown fond of my name. It's distinct, and it ties me to something, even if it's just the echoes of the past. Drawing upon every bit of strength I could muster, I willed a smile onto my lips, hoping to cloak the uncertainty gnawing at my core. The girl in the mirror, barely reaching five feet tall, her deep blue eyes framed by unruly black hair cascading down to her mid-back, reflected my forced composure. Despite my 18 years, she seemed more like a lost teenager navigating the tumult of adolescence rather than on the brink of adulthood. As I locked eyes with her, the facade faltered, exposing the raw loneliness lurking beneath the surface. She lacked the confidence she sought to project. Stepping into my living room—well, my only room—a wave of sadness engulfed me. Today marked the end of calling this place home. Glancing around, memories flooded back, stirring up a mix of nostalgia and sorrow. In one corner stood my tiny kitchen, equipped with just the basics: stove, sink, fridge, and microwave. It had witnessed its fair share of culinary experiments and mishaps. Opposite the kitchen, my bed nestled into another corner, its modest size a testament to the limited space. Despite its smallness, it had cradled me through countless nights of rest and contemplation. Across from the bed, my desk stood, once housing my PC which I'd already packed away. It had been my sanctuary for studying and coding, a space of productivity and focus. And lots and lots of gaming. Now, everything else was neatly packed in boxes, except for my trusty backpack holding the essentials: phone, laptop, and a few changes of clothes. As I surveyed the remnants of my life here, a shroud of uncertainty settled over my thoughts. I scooped up the final crumbs of cereal from the box, a stark reminder of dwindling supplies in my modest kitchen. With a sigh, I sank into the worn chair at my desk, spoon in hand, and retrieved the letter once more. Its contents had been etched into my memory since its arrival on the day of my high school graduation, just weeks ago. As I savored the last bites of cereal, I read over the letter one last time. Dear Felicity, We hope this letter finds you well. It is with careful consideration that your mother and I have reached a decision regarding your financial support. As you have successfully completed your high school education and are soon to reach the age of majority, we believe it is appropriate to adjust our financial arrangements accordingly. Regrettably, we must inform you that, effective immediately, we will no longer be providing you with financial assistance, including your allowance. Furthermore, in light of your impending 18th birthday, arrangements have been made for movers to assist you in vacating the apartment that we have provided for you. We view this transition as a gesture of our support and encouragement as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Please be prepared to surrender your keys to the designated representative upon their arrival. With warm regards, Alexander and Victoria von Sterntal It was a cruel slap in the face, a harsh reminder of my parents' indifference, their decision to cut off the last lifeline of financial support right on the brink of my adulthood. As I absorbed the cold, impersonal words of the letter, a surge of anger and resentment boiled within me. This wasn't just about money; it was a final abandonment, a deliberate shove into the abyss of independence. The memory of how I came to live in this apartment at such a young age flooded back, stirring up a blend of bitterness and resignation. My parents, consumed by their careers and absent from my life, had effectively abandoned their parental duties when I was just fifteen. Their presence had never been significant anyway; nannies had filled the void left by their absence, their faces blending into a blur of caretakers who had come and gone over the years. Despite their neglect, the apartment had provided a semblance of stability in a chaotic world. It was my sanctuary, my own space amidst the turmoil. And now, as they callously stripped away even that small comfort, I couldn't help but feel bitterness at the injustice of it all. With a heavy heart, I folded the letter and set it aside, its implications casting a palpable weight in the air. The cereal in my bowl had lost its appeal, each spoonful a bitter reminder of the uncertainty looming ahead. As the minutes stretched on, I pondered the cruel irony of their supposed "birthday gift," a gesture tinged with spite rather than kindness. And as the harsh reality of my situation settled in, I steeled myself for the turbulent road ahead, resolved to carve out my own path despite the hurdles in my way. As the doorbell shattered the quiet of my apartment, I braced myself for the inevitable. With a steadying breath, I crossed the room and swung open the door, greeted by the stern gaze of a man in his mid-fifties, dressed in a somber suit. His presence filled the doorway, a forewarning of the chaos awaiting me. Introducing himself as a representative of the von Sterntal family, a bitter irony settled over me at the shared surname, a reminder of the tangled connections binding me to this tumultuous moment. Behind him, a group of movers stood with downcast expressions, their sympathetic glances betraying their discomfort at being complicit in my forced eviction. It seemed they had been briefed on the situation, their professional demeanor tinged with a touch of empathy. "Miss von Sterntal," the representative began, his voice laced with formality. "I assume you're aware of the purpose of our visit," he continued, his gaze drifting to the neatly packed boxes scattered throughout the apartment, silent witnesses to the impending upheaval. I simply nodded, the lump in my throat stifling any words that threatened to escape. "Very well," he said briskly, his tone businesslike. "If you could just sign here and hand over the keys, we'll take care of the rest." His smile carried a hint of reassurance, emphasizing that the movers' services came without cost to me. With a resigned acceptance, I took the document and signed it, my signature a stark acknowledgment of my departure from the property. Handing over the keys, I watched as the movers sprang into action, loading my belongings into the waiting truck. It was a transaction devoid of choice, a forced relinquishment of my home, as I stood by, a silent witness to the unraveling of my life. As the movers finished loading my belongings, I slung my backpack over my shoulder, the only link to the life I was leaving behind. With a final click, the representative locked the door, marking the end of an era. As we headed towards the waiting truck, he spoke up once more, offering me a semblance of choice amidst the chaos. "The movers will take you wherever you want," he said, his words a small act of kindness in the midst of turmoil. And just before we parted ways, he added, "Oh, and Miss von Sterntal, happy birthday by the way." His well-wishes hung in the air, a bitter reminder of the cruel twist of fate that marked the day. With a handshake and a farewell, he left me standing there, the taste of bitterness lingering. As the truck pulled away, carrying me towards an uncertain future, I couldn't help but resent the hollow birthday wishes, a stark reminder of the emptiness awaiting me. I directed the movers towards a storage unit I had booked online for a week, a temporary sanctuary for the fragments of my past life. It was a pragmatic solution, born from necessity with the scant funds left to me by my parents. As we navigated the bustling streets of the city, I couldn't shake off the irony of my circumstances. Despite being the offspring of the private owners and executives of a multi-billion-dollar tech empire nestled in the heart of NYC, their generosity towards me had always been in short supply. Their reminders of my status as their "accident" reverberated in my thoughts, a persistent reminder of my position on the fringes of their world. It was a bitter pill to swallow, realizing that despite their wealth and influence, I was little more than an inconvenience to them. And as we unloaded the remnants of my former life into the storage unit, I felt the weight of their neglect bearing down on me, a burden I carried with me into an uncertain future. As the movers drove off, leaving me to face the stark reality of my situation, I gazed at the orderly array of boxes in the storage unit. Each one contained memories and possessions, now symbolizing the entirety of my existence. This was it – my entire life condensed into a confined space, a tangible manifestation of the upheaval that had swept through my world in a single day. Overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, I sank to the ground, tears streaming down my cheeks as emotions flooded over me. Time seemed to blur as I sat amidst my belongings, the weight of my newfound homelessness crashing down on me in relentless waves. In that moment of vulnerability, every suppressed feeling from the day – the abandonment, the betrayal, the uncertainty – converged, drowning me in a torrent of despair. I couldn't tell how long I stayed there, lost in the abyss of my anguish. All I knew was that this was my reality now – adrift in a sea of uncertainty, with nowhere to call home. As I closed the storage unit, a heavy sigh escaped my lips, mingling with the chill of the morning air. My backpack felt like a lifeline, its weight a reminder of the few possessions I still possessed. While my plans for the days ahead seemed meager, tinged with a sense of futility, I trudged along the bustling streets of New York City. Each step carried the weight of uncertainty, a burden I had grown accustomed to bearing alone. As I rounded a corner, my gaze inevitably fell upon the towering silhouette of the Sterntal Technologies skyscraper, its imposing presence etched into the city skyline. I knew every facet of that building all too well, a monument to the wealth and success my parents had achieved. Yet, it also symbolized the stark divide between their world of privilege and my own neglected existence. High above, on the top floor, lay the domain of Alexander and Victoria von Sterntal, my parents, seemingly peering down on me from their ivory tower. The shadow cast by their empire seemed to mirror the shadow they had cast over my life, leaving me in the darkness of their neglect. Shaking my head to dispel the troubling thoughts, I stepped into the warmth of a nearby cafe, seeking refuge from the chill of the city streets. Dwelling on the weight of my circumstances was a luxury I couldn't afford at the moment; practical matters demanded my attention. With each passing moment, the reality of my situation loomed larger—I didn't even have a place to rest my head for the night. The uncertainty gnawed at me, fueling a sense of urgency as I scanned the bustling cafe for a temporary respite from my troubles. Choosing a solitary spot by the expansive window, I couldn't help but feel drawn to the lone chair stationed beside the table. It seemed to mirror my own isolation, a silent companion in the midst of a crowded cafe. As I settled into the seat, I signaled the server and placed an order for a simple tea, mindful of my dwindling funds. The price felt steep for such a basic beverage, but I knew the cost was necessary to gain access to the cafe's WiFi—a lifeline in my current predicament. With a sense of resolve, I awaited my order, hoping that the warmth of the tea would offer some solace amidst the uncertainty of my circumstances. Taking a cautious sip of the steaming tea, I set my laptop upon the table and powered it up, the soft glow of the screen casting a comforting light in the dimly lit cafe. With a sense of determination, I delved into the task at hand, my fingers flying across the keyboard as I navigated through job listings and online applications. The simplicity of my plan belied the daunting reality of my situation—I was an 18-year-old with only a high school diploma, adrift in the competitive landscape of New York City's job market. Yet, despite the odds stacked against me, I poured all my energy into the search, knowing that every opportunity seized could mean the difference between survival and succumbing to the shadows of my circumstances. As I sifted through yet another round of discouraging rejection emails flooding my inbox, my focus was abruptly shattered by the boisterous entrance of a man engaged in a heated phone conversation. His voice carried above the ambient chatter of the cafe, drawing the attention of patrons with its intensity. Despite my initial reluctance to eavesdrop, I found myself inadvertently tuning in to his conversation, snippets of disdain toward a VIP client punctuating the air. Intrigued, I observed him as he made his way to the counter, his animated gestures betraying the gravity of his conversation. With a sense of curiosity, I couldn't help but wonder about the complexities of his world, momentarily distracted from the weight of my own struggles by the drama unfolding before me. Feigning engrossment in my laptop screen, I diverted my gaze as the man collected his coffee and turned in my direction. Discomfort prickled at the edges of my consciousness; I loathed the idea of being caught staring, a violation of the unspoken etiquette of public spaces. With practiced nonchalance, I buried myself in the facade of productivity, my fingers tracing absent patterns on the keyboard as I scrolled through meaningless content. As the man fell silent, a fleeting sense of dread coiled within me, only to be shattered by the resumption of his conversation moments later. Relief washed over me as he departed the cafe without so much as a second glance in my direction, leaving me to exhale a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. The brief encounter served as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between privacy and observation in the bustling landscape of city life. As the hours slipped away, so too did the fragile tendrils of hope that had buoyed my spirits earlier in the day. Despite my best efforts, the job search yielded little more than a string of rejections, each one serving as a stark reminder of the uphill battle I faced in securing employment. With a heavy heart, I conceded to the reality of the situation—I had made little progress, and time was slipping away. Gathering my belongings and tucking my laptop securely into my backpack, I steeled myself for the next hurdle: finding shelter for the night. The uncertainty loomed large, casting a shadow over my already precarious existence, but I refused to succumb to despair. With determination fueling my steps, I pushed open the door of the cafe and stepped back out into the bustling streets of New York City. With a bag of chips clasped tightly in my hand, I embarked on a solitary journey through the labyrinth of city streets, my footsteps echoing against the pavement as I wandered aimlessly. The neon glow of storefronts illuminated the impending darkness, casting fleeting shadows that danced across the concrete. Hunger gnawed at my stomach, a constant reminder of the meager sustenance I had managed to scrounge up for dinner. Yet, as I roamed the unfamiliar terrain, a sense of helplessness washed over me, amplifying the weight of my circumstances. The prospect of renting a room or even a bed felt like an impossible luxury, far beyond the reach of my limited means. Lost in the sea of uncertainty, I struggled to discern a path forward, the cityscape looming around me like an insurmountable obstacle. Sitting down heavily on a bench, I sought solace in the simple act of munching on the salt-flavored chips, their flavor resembling the silent tears tracing paths down my cheeks. As I gazed into the distance, my eyes inevitably landed on the looming presence of the Sterntal Technologies skyscraper once again, its towering silhouette a constant reminder of my own inadequacy in the shadow of my parents' success. A surge of defiance rose within me, driving me to shake off the suffocating weight of helplessness that threatened to engulf me. With a resolute shake of my head, I refused to surrender to despair. Pushing myself upright, I continued to scour the streets for any glimmer of hope, a beacon amidst the darkness that threatened to consume me whole. Rounding a corner, my weary eyes alighted upon a surprisingly pristine alleyway nestled beside the imposing facade of a law firm. Shielded from the harsh gaze of the bustling street and buffered from the relentless gusts of wind that swept through the city, the alley offered a semblance of respite amidst the chaos of urban life. With darkness descending upon the cityscape and exhaustion weighing heavy upon my shoulders, I knew that this secluded alcove would have to suffice for the night. Despite the pang of discomfort that gnawed at my conscience, I resolved to make the best of the situation, clinging to the fleeting sense of security offered by the sheltered confines of the alleyway. With a weary sigh, I nestled against the unyielding coolness of the concrete wall, my jacket wrapped tightly around me in a feeble attempt to stave off the chill of the night air. Clutching my backpack to my chest like a lifeline, I sought solace in the familiar weight of my belongings, their presence a source of comfort amidst the uncertainty that loomed around me. As exhaustion weighed heavy upon my eyelids, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift into the welcoming embrace of sleep, the cacophony of the city fading into the background as I surrendered to the oblivion of slumber. In the solitude of the alleyway, I found a fleeting sense of peace, a respite from the trials and tribulations that had plagued me throughout the day. And so, beneath the watchful gaze of the moonlight, I surrendered myself to the darkness, seeking refuge in the sanctuary of dreams. Chapter 2 - John I woke up to the raucous symphony of the waking city, my body stiff and sore from the uncomfortable concrete floor of the alley. The cold seeped into my bones, a reminder of the unforgiving night that had passed. Determination surged within me as I made a mental note to invest in a sleeping bag, albeit a budget-friendly one. Luxury was a distant concept now. Every expense had to be carefully weighed against necessity, but not freezing to death seemed necessary enough. The distant rumble of a garbage truck echoed down the street, prompting me to glance towards the nearby dumpster that had offered me some semblance of privacy throughout the night. Taking it as my cue to depart, I pushed myself up from the cold concrete, aching muscles protesting the movement. With a determined resolve, I reaffirmed my plan for the day, the same as yesterday, unaltered despite the discomforts of the night. With my trusty backpack snug against my back, I traversed the bustling streets, a lone figure amidst the throngs of morning commuters. The aroma of freshly baked goods wafted from a nearby bakery, tempting me with its promise of sustenance. Yielding to the growling protest of my stomach, I indulged in a modest yet satisfying sandwich, procured with the meager funds at my disposal. Satiated, albeit temporarily, I continued on my journey, guided by a sense of familiarity towards the same cafe that had become my refuge the day before. Entering the cafe, I was greeted by a comforting wave of warmth and the familiar aroma of brewing coffee. It felt like a sanctuary amidst the chaos of my current circumstances. Glancing over to the corner where I had sat the day before, I breathed a sigh of relief to find it still vacant, my spot waiting for me like an old friend. With a sense of quiet determination, I settled into the familiar surroundings, ordering another one of the overpriced teas that had become a guilty pleasure amidst my frugality. Opening my laptop, I delved once more into the relentless task of scouring job listings, navigating the virtual labyrinth in search of a beacon of hope amidst the sea of rejections. It was a bitter irony that plagued my thoughts as I sifted through the digital landscape of job postings. The online forums, where praise flowed freely for my coding prowess, seemed worlds apart from the harsh reality of my current situation. Despite being self-taught and garnering accolades from virtual strangers, I had faltered in monetizing my skills, relegating them to the realm of mere hobbyism. Coding and gaming had long served as my refuge, a sanctuary from the tumultuous years of high school and the suffocating grip of loneliness. Yet, as I now grappled with the daunting task of securing employment to sustain myself, the weight of my perceived failure pressed down upon me like a suffocating blanket. If only my parents had told me sooner, I would’ve probably had something figured out by now. Lost in the labyrinth of my own thoughts, I found myself gazing absently out the window, the passing scenery a blur against the canvas of my mind. It was then that I noticed the familiar figure of the man from the day before, striding purposefully towards the entrance of the cafe. A pang of apprehension gripped me, prompting a swift diversion of my attention back to the glowing screen of my laptop. Tuning in to the ambient sounds of the cafe, I couldn't help but overhear his order, a simple request for a coffee to go, mirroring his routine from the previous day. A subtle sense of curiosity stirred within me, mingling with a tinge of unease as I pondered the significance of his presence once more. As I remained engrossed in my task of scouring job listings and dispatching applications into the digital void, the absence of the man's departure did not escape my notice. Despite his initial intention of ordering a coffee to go, the distinct lack of movement behind me hinted at his lingering presence within the confines of the cafe. Resolutely keeping my focus trained on the flickering glow of my laptop screen, I resisted the temptation to steal a glance over my shoulder, preferring to remain ensconced in my own world. Time drifted by in the steady rhythm of keystrokes and mouse clicks, punctuated only by the murmurs of other patrons and the occasional clink of ceramic against tabletops. It wasn't until a considerable while later that I observed his departure from the corner of my eye, his enigmatic presence departing as quietly as it had arrived. A fleeting curiosity stirred within me, fleeting thoughts of his peculiar aura and expensive attire crossing my mind before swiftly dissipating amidst the urgency of my own endeavors. As the day wore on and my focus waned, I made the decision to call it quits, at least for the time being. With a newfound determination fueled by a semblance of planning, I bid farewell to the comforting confines of the cafe and ventured back out into the bustling streets. Remembering the necessity of securing a sleeping bag for the impending night, I retraced my steps to the store I had spotted that morning. Scanning the shelves for the most budget-friendly option, I finally settled on the cheapest offering. Though it offered no protection against dampness, it was a small comfort knowing that it would stave off the biting cold, leaving me with enough funds to sustain myself with nourishment for a few more days to come. With a sense of resignation gnawing at my insides, I purchased another bag of chips, though acutely aware of their meager nutritional value. As I trudged back towards the alley that had become my makeshift refuge, I couldn't help but cast a glance towards the towering spire that housed my parents' corporate empire. Biting down on a chip, the taste a bitter reminder of my circumstances, I felt a surge of despair welling within me. The sight of their skyscraper loomed over me like a mocking specter, a constant reminder of the chasm that separated us, both physically and emotionally. With clenched teeth and a fervent hope burning within my chest, I prayed that this dismal routine would soon become nothing more than a painful memory of a bygone era. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the biting chill of the night descended upon the city, I nestled into the familiarity of my chosen spot within the alley. With the thin barrier of the sleeping bag offering a modicum of warmth, I settled down, leaning against my backpack for a semblance of comfort. Tears welled in my eyes, tracing silent pathways down my cheeks, as the crushing weight of my predicament enveloped me once more. In the darkness, surrounded by the echoes of solitude, I felt the suffocating embrace of hopelessness tighten its grip around my heart. Yet, amidst the despair, a flicker of determination burned within me, a stubborn refusal to surrender to the engulfing darkness. Clinging to that glimmer of resilience like a lifeline, I vowed silently to myself that I would not succumb, that I would persevere against the odds, no matter how insurmountable they seemed. For in the depths of my despair, I found a resolve that whispered fiercely in the silence: I could not give up. I would not give up. As I stirred from my fitful slumber, the city had already sprung to life around me, its bustling energy a stark contrast to the quiet solitude of the alley. Despite the persistent ache that clung to my body like a lingering shadow, I couldn't help but acknowledge the small comfort afforded by the sleeping bag wrapped around me. Unlike the previous night, the shivers that had plagued me were noticeably absent. The sleeping bag had proven to be a worthwhile investment. With a weary yet grateful sigh, I rose to my feet and carefully packed up my sleeping bag, folding it neatly as I prepared to face another day. Embracing the familiarity of my newfound routine, I steeled myself for the challenges that lay ahead. As I retraced the familiar steps of my routine, grabbing the same sandwich from the same bakery and making my way to the same cafe, I couldn't help but marvel at the swiftness with which humans could fall into patterns. Yet, upon entering the cafe, the comfort of routine shattered in an instant. Seated at my usual spot in front of the window, in the corner, was the enigmatic man who had piqued my curiosity the days before. His gaze was fixed out the window, lost in thought as he sipped on his coffee. A sense of intrigue tinged with apprehension washed over me as I hesitated in the doorway, uncertain of how to proceed in the wake of this unexpected disruption to my routine. With a resentful glance at the man's back, I took a seat behind him, my frustration simmering beneath the surface as I ordered my tea and opened my laptop to resume my job hunt. Sighing heavily, I couldn't help but feel the weight of disappointment as I sifted through the slew of new rejections that had flooded my inbox. Another day stretching out before me, seemingly destined to end in the same vein of fruitless endeavors and dashed hopes. Lost in the rhythm of typing out applications, I was jolted from my focus by the subtle stirrings of the man in front of me. Ignoring the uneasy feeling creeping up my spine, I kept my gaze fixed firmly on the screen, hoping to avoid any unwanted interactions. Yet, despite my efforts to feign indifference, I could sense his probing gaze boring into me, a silent weight that I could no longer ignore. After what felt like an eternity of silent scrutiny, I relented, lifting my eyes from the screen to meet his gaze. To my surprise, he had moved closer, now sitting directly in front of me, his eyes locked onto mine with an intensity that sent a shiver down my spine. "Hi, I'm John," he said, extending a hand in greeting, but I remained rigid, my gaze locked in a glare, still nursing my resentment for his disruption of my routine. His attempt at cordiality was met with my silent rebuke. "All right, all right," he continued, his tone laced with a hint of apology, "I apologize for taking your spot, but I needed an excuse to talk to you." His words hung in the air, punctuated by the weight of his admission. Despite my lingering irritation, a flicker of curiosity sparked within me, compelling me to lower my guard ever so slightly. "That's a pretty bad excuse," I retorted sharply, my glare unwavering as I remained guarded. "Yeah, probably," he chuckled in response, his admission punctuated by a hint of self-awareness. Yet, before I could respond further, he continued, his demeanor shifting to a more serious tone. "Anyway, I wanted to make you an offer," he stated, his eyes appraising me with an intensity that sent a shiver down my spine. "And I think you'd be perfect for this." Despite my lingering apprehension, the mention of an offer piqued my curiosity, stirring a mixture of intrigue and caution within me. His lingering gaze, however, remained a discomforting reminder of the unease that still lingered between us. "What kind of offer?" I inquired, raising an eyebrow in suspicion as he smirked in response, a gesture that already grated on my nerves. "It's something I can't talk about in detail here, but it will be very profitable for you and you seem perfect for this," he replied, his gaze lingering on me in a way that made me uneasy. He jotted down his phone number on a piece of paper and slid it across the table before standing up. "I bet you could really use some money right now," he remarked, his eyes trailing over to my backpack and sleeping bag beside me, sending a chill down my spine. As he made his exit from the cafe, he spoke once more, his parting words hanging in the air like a weight upon my shoulders. "Give me a ring, Miss von Sterntal," he said, the mention of my name sending a jolt of mortification through me. I watched in silence as he left the cafe, his words echoing in my mind, leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable in their wake. As I sat there, grappling with the unsettling revelation that dawned upon me, I pieced together the puzzle in my mind. He had been watching me, studying my every move. Perhaps he had glanced over my shoulder yesterday, observing the desperation with which I scoured job listings and sifted through rejection letters. My name, Felicity von Sterntal, had undoubtedly been revealed through the numerous applications I had submitted, a detail he could have easily gleaned. And the presence of the sleeping bag, a symbol of my desperation and downtrodden circumstances, likely provided him with the final confirmation he needed. It became painfully clear that I must have appeared to him as the perfect victim for whatever scheme he was plotting. The realization sent a chill down my spine, a wave of vulnerability washing over me as I grappled with the unsettling implications of his calculated observation. With a sense of unease settling in the pit of my stomach, I resolved to proceed with caution, wary of the dangers that lurked beneath the surface of his enticing offer. As I continued to sift through job offers, the memory of John and his mysterious offer lingered in the recesses of my mind like a persistent whisper. Despite the reservations gnawing at my conscience, I couldn't shake the allure of his seemingly affluent demeanor and the enigmatic promise he had made. His professional attire and confident demeanor bespoke a level of wealth and influence that was undeniably intriguing, especially for someone who appeared to be in his late twenties. Yet, as I found myself briefly succumbing to the fleeting temptation, a resolute determination surged within me. I shook my head. I refused to entertain the notion of compromising my principles, even in the face of such uncertainty and desperation. The thought of possibly engaging in anything of a sexual nature for monetary gain was quickly dismissed, my self-worth and dignity too precious to be bartered away. Also it’s not like I have any sexual experience anyway. However, despite my resolve, a speck of curiosity about John and his mysterious offer lingered in the recesses of my mind. As I continued to sift through job offers, his presence remained a lingering question mark, tugging at the edges of my consciousness with a persistent allure that I couldn't quite shake. The day dragged on, each passing moment marked by the familiar sting of disappointment as my efforts yielded no success. Despite the mysterious interruption earlier, I quickly regained my focus, returning to the monotonous routine of job hunting. A while later, seated in the same spot, beneath the looming shadow of the skyscraper that towered above me and reminded me of my past, I found myself lost in thought, munching on the same kind of chips that had become a staple of my meager diet. As I chewed on the familiar salty snack, the memories of the past days flooded through me, a relentless tide of reminders of my struggles and setbacks. The relentless cycle of uncertainty weighed heavily on my mind, a constant reminder of the uphill battle I faced in clawing my way out of the depths of despair. Amidst the turmoil of my thoughts, a simple realization emerged: I needed to break free from the confines of this repetitive existence, starting with something as simple as changing my dinner menu for tomorrow. With a heavy sigh, I rose from my seat and began the familiar trek towards my secluded alley. As I passed by the office of the law firm, now a fixture in my daily surroundings, I couldn't help but steal a longing glance through the windows, pondering the lives of those within. Lost in idle daydreams, my attention was abruptly shattered when I found myself locking eyes with a man about to step into an elevator at the back of the lobby. It was John, and to my horror, he had noticed me too. Panic surged through me like a tidal wave, flushing my cheeks with embarrassment as I hastily averted my gaze and bolted around the corner, seeking refuge in the safety of my alley sanctuary. The encounter left me rattled, a knot of apprehension coiling in the pit of my stomach as I grappled with the unsettling implications of our unexpected meeting. Exhaustion weighed heavily upon me as I settled into my makeshift resting place behind the dumpster, seeking solace in the refuge of sleep. Yet, despite my weariness, rest proved elusive as I found myself caught in a hazy limbo between wakefulness and slumber. Memories of the day swirled around in my mind like a tumultuous whirlwind, refusing to grant me the respite I so desperately sought, leaving me in a disorienting haze where they swirled like fragments of a fractured reality. Amidst the fog of my memories, John's face emerged intermittently, a haunting presence that lingered on the fringes of my consciousness. Despite my best efforts to find respite in sleep, his haunting gaze seemed to follow me into the realm of dreams, casting a shadow of unease over the fragile sanctuary of my thoughts. And so, I remained suspended in a daze, trapped in the liminal space between consciousness and oblivion, grappling with the unsettling echoes of the day's events that refused to be silenced. As I drifted on the precipice of sleep, I was violently yanked back into consciousness by the sensation of someone shaking me with rough urgency. With a gasp, my eyes flew open to behold two looming figures, their silhouettes cast in stark relief against the feeble glow of the street lantern that pierced the darkness of the alley. A scream tore from my throat, raw and primal, as fear surged through every fiber of my being, rendering me paralyzed in shock. Tears streamed down my face in torrents, blurring my vision as I trembled uncontrollably, a helpless captive to the terror that gripped me in its merciless embrace. Frozen in place, I could do naught but gaze up at the looming shadows, consumed by a suffocating sense of vulnerability in the face of the unknown. "Hey girl, give us all of your money!" one of the figures demanded, their voice dripping with menace as a sinister smirk danced upon their lips, barely visible in the dim illumination of the street lantern. "I-I-I don't have a-any," I managed to stammer out through trembling lips, my voice barely above a whisper as tears continued to stream down my face, betraying my overwhelming fear. Before I could even comprehend their next move, they lunged forward, seizing my backpack from my grasp with ruthless efficiency. Despite my feeble attempts to resist, I found myself held down by unseen hands, rendered powerless by the shock that still held me captive in its grip. Helplessly, I watched as they emptied the contents of my backpack onto the cold pavement, their greedy hands sifting through my meager belongings with callous disregard. Each item strewn haphazardly before me served as a stark reminder of the fragility of my existence, a harsh testament to the cruelty of fate in a world that showed no mercy to the downtrodden. "HEY!" a voice suddenly pierced the tense air, echoing through the alleyway as the sound of running footsteps grew louder. "What's going on here? Leave her alone!" the voice thundered with authority, sending a shiver down my spine. "Oh shit, let's go," one of the figures muttered to the other, their panicked voices barely audible over the pounding of my heart. With swift movements, they fled towards the other end of the alley, their forms disappearing into the darkness as they vanished from sight. The mysterious man, who had come to my rescue, pursued them briefly before coming to a halt, realizing they were already out of reach. With a heavy exhale, he turned his attention back to me, his gaze softening as he took in the sight before him. I remained huddled atop my sleeping bag, my face buried in my knees which I clutched tightly to my chest. Shivers wracked my body as tears streamed down my cheeks, mingling with the remnants of fear that still lingered in the air. My meager belongings lay strewn around me, a pitiful testament to the vulnerability that had been laid bare in the face of danger. "Miss von Sterntal?" The words escaped the mysterious man's lips in a gasp of recognition, his hand instinctively rising to cover his mouth as he took in the sight before him. My eyes lifted for the first time, meeting his gaze, and the realization washed over me like a tidal wave. "John?" I spoke up, my voice barely above a whisper as a flood of emotions threatened to overwhelm me. Too many thoughts and feelings raced through my mind at once, leaving me reeling in the aftermath of the harrowing ordeal. In that moment, as our eyes locked in a silent exchange of understanding, the boundaries between us blurred, and I found myself clinging to the unexpected connection that had emerged between us in the midst of chaos. Chapter 3 - Luxury John crouched in front of me, his concern etched on his face. "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" he asked, his voice gentle yet firm. I shook my head weakly, huddling closer to my knees on the sleeping bag. His eyes scanned the alleyway, taking in the scattered contents of my backpack. "Is this where you've been staying?" he inquired, his tone filled with both curiosity and concern. I nodded silently, feeling a rush of shame at the admission. "I'm sorry you had to see me like this," I murmured, unable to meet his gaze. "I'll just gather my things and leave." As I started to clumsily gather my belongings and was about to stand up from my spot, I noticed the puddle underneath me and the wet clammy feeling of my pants. I must've wet myself out of fear. My face blushed crimson as another pang of shame overcame me. My pace quickened in an effort to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. "Felicity, wait," John said as he gently grabbed my arm, preventing me from packing any further. "Feli," I corrected softly, feeling a wave of vulnerability wash over me as I avoided his gaze. "I like Feli more," I admitted, my voice barely above a whisper. Slowly, I lifted my eyes to meet his, noticing the genuine concern etched into his expression. He released my arm, realizing he had my attention. "Listen, Feli," John began, his eyes holding mine with a mix of gentleness and authority. "I don't know exactly what your deal is, but I can see you're down on your luck. And I'm sure you have nowhere else to go, right?" he continued, his tone soft yet probing. I nodded meekly, feeling a knot form in my stomach as he scratched the stubble on his chin, his gaze sweeping over the scene before us. "I don't like intruding," he admitted, and I couldn't help but chuckle softly at his remark, recalling our awkward encounter in the café. "But I can't leave a young girl like you out on the streets like this." I looked down, feeling a fresh wave of shame wash over me, making me feel even more vulnerable. "How about you come to my place for tonight? I've got a guest room where you can clean up and get some rest." His gaze fell on the puddle underneath me, and I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment. "Does that sound good?" John asked, his voice tinged with concern. I hesitated for a moment, weighing my options. Despite my apprehension, the thought of a shower and a bed was too tempting to resist. I nodded meekly, realizing I had little choice but to trust him for now. With a sense of gratitude mingled with uncertainty, I allowed John to help me pack up my few belongings. Together, we made our way down the alley towards the street where a car was waiting for him, ready to take me to a place that was entirely unfamiliar yet offered a glimmer of hope in the darkness of the night. As we settled into the backseat of the car, the driver spoke up from the front. "Good evening, Mr. Harrington. Am I still bringing you back to your place?" he inquired, glancing at me through the rearview mirror. "Yes, please bring us home, Chuck," John confirmed, his voice carrying a note of weariness. The level of wealth where you could afford your own personal driver wasn't foreign to me, but it had been quite a few years since I'd experienced it firsthand. I sighed softly as I slumped back into my seat, feeling the uncomfortable wetness of my pants clinging to me, the exhaustion of the encounter finally catching up with me. As we passed through the bustling streets of NYC, my head rested against the cool window, my gaze fixed on the vibrant lights of the nightlife swirling by in a blur of colors and motion. A mix of uncertainty and hope tugged at my mind, a feeling that had become all too familiar to me lately. Amidst the chaos of the city, I couldn't help but wonder what lay ahead for me in this unexpected turn of events. We entered the underground garage, bidding farewell to Chuck as he drove off. The dimly lit space felt strangely quiet after the chaos of the city streets. Following John, we made our way to an elevator, and he pressed the topmost button. The realization dawned on me that John's wealth surpassed what I had initially assumed, a notion that left me both impressed and apprehensive. As we ascended in the elevator, a sense of awkwardness settled between us, the silence punctuated only by the soft hum of the machinery. Finally, the doors opened, revealing a narrow hallway with just one door at the end. A penthouse, I surmised, my heart pounding with a mix of curiosity and trepidation. John opened the door, inviting me into a world I had thought I would never see again. "Make yourself at home," John said, leading us through a small entryway into a sprawling living space. My eyes widened in awe as I took in the grandeur of the room. A luxurious couch sat in front of a massive TV atop a faux fireplace, exuding an air of opulence. One wall was dominated by a floor-to-ceiling window, offering a breathtaking view of the city below. I couldn't help but grimace as I spotted my parents' skyscraper in the distance, a stark reminder of the world I had left behind. An archway led to a spacious kitchen and dining area on one side of the room, while a few steps ascended to a corridor on the other. John guided me down the corridor and opened the first door on his right, revealing the large guest room. A queen-size bed occupied one wall, with a TV mounted opposite and a dresser beneath. In one corner, an en-suite awaited, offering a welcome respite from the chaos of the streets. "There's shower gel, towels, and spare toothbrushes. Do you need anything else?" John asked, his voice filled with genuine concern. I shook my head, still stunned by the luxury and overwhelmed with gratitude. "Alright, I'll let you get cleaned up then," he said, turning to leave before pausing. "Oh, and are you hungry?" My stomach growled involuntarily, betraying my hunger. I was about to decline, not wanting to impose, but John's grin softened my resolve. "I'll make some sandwiches. Just join me in the kitchen when you're done," he said, offering a glimmer of warmth in the midst of uncertainty. With that, he left the en-suite, closing the door behind him, leaving me to soak in the surreal reality of my surroundings. As the warm water cascaded over me in the shower, washing away the grime and weariness of the night, a sense of clarity began to seep back into my mind. "I guess now I have to at least hear him out on his offer," I mumbled to myself, the words echoing in the solitude of the bathroom. Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself off and donned a shirt and sweatpants from my backpack, feeling a semblance of comfort return with each familiar garment. With hesitant steps, I made my way towards the kitchen, where John sat at the dining table, enjoying a sandwich. An identical one sat on a plate opposite him, awaiting my arrival. I sat down, muttering a quiet "Thank you," before taking a bite of the sandwich, savoring the simple pleasure of a warm meal. As I ate, John began to speak, his voice calm yet determined. "Alright, here's the deal," he started, pausing between bites. "I'll let you stay the night and get some rest, and I'll be gone already when you wake up tomorrow." He continued, outlining my options for the following day. "Either you leave before I'm back from work, and I'll leave you alone from now on," he explained, his gaze searching mine for any hint of reaction. "Or you decide to stay and hear out my offer when I come home from work." I swallowed my bite of sandwich, considering his words carefully. "Why don't you just tell me about the offer right now?" I asked, my curiosity piqued. But John shook his head, his expression unreadable. "I can't," he replied firmly. "Not yet, at least. But I can tell you tomorrow evening. You're still free to decline once you've heard it, however." I nodded in understanding, realizing that there was more to this offer than met the eye. With a sense of anticipation tinged with apprehension, I finished my sandwich, knowing that the following day would bring with it a decision that could change the course of my life. "Go and get some rest," John commanded, his tone firm yet not unkind, as he cleared away our plates and brought them to the kitchen. I couldn't help but feel a shiver run down my spine at his authoritative demeanor, but in the face of his generosity, I complied with his request nonetheless. As I settled into the plush comfort of the bed, the warmth enveloping me like a gentle embrace, I made a silent vow to myself. I wouldn't let fear or uncertainty hold me back any longer. I would hear him out the next day, whatever his offer may be. "I just really, really hope it's nothing sexual," I whispered to myself, the words lingering in the quiet of the room as I drifted off to sleep, my mind filled with thoughts of the unknown future that awaited me. I woke up the next day, feeling surprisingly refreshed after a restful night's sleep. As I stretched and shook off the remnants of sleep, a sense of vitality surged through me. It had been a while since I had slept so well. Venturing out of the guest room, I found myself alone in the spacious apartment. John had already left, as he had promised. I made my way to the living room, drawn by the allure of the sprawling cityscape visible through the window. The sight of the Sterntal Technologies skyscraper in the distance stirred a mix of emotions within me, a constant reminder of my past. "Make yourself at home," John's words echoed in my mind, and I resolved to do just that. Pushing aside the thoughts of my parents, I strode into the kitchen, where a delicious breakfast awaited me. The aroma of bacon, eggs, and pancakes filled the air, making my mouth water in anticipation. To my surprise, there was a small note waiting for me on the table. "Make yourself at home. I'll be back at 6. See you then! -J," it read, a simple yet thoughtful gesture. I couldn't help but wonder if John already knew that I would stay to hear him out. With gratitude in my heart, I sat down and began to savor the hearty breakfast, allowing myself to indulge in the simple pleasures of the moment, grateful for the warmth and hospitality that John had extended to me. As the hours passed by, I found myself unable to shake off the nervous anticipation that gripped me like a vice. Despite my initial intention to relax and enjoy the comforts of John's penthouse, the looming uncertainty of the evening weighed heavily on my mind. I tried to distract myself by flipping through channels on the TV, but my attention kept drifting back to the impending conversation with John. What could his offer possibly be? And more importantly, what would it mean for my future? With each passing minute, my nerves seemed to intensify, the unknown stretching out before me like an endless abyss. Despite my best efforts to quell my anxieties, I couldn't shake the feeling of unease that settled in the pit of my stomach, reminding me of the high stakes of the decision that awaited me. I was sprawled out on the couch, a large glass of juice sitting on the table in front of me when I heard the front door open. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was only 5 pm. Curious, I craned my neck to peer over the back of the couch toward the entryway, where a woman emerged carrying two bags of groceries. Our gazes met, and a moment of surprise passed between us. "Oh, hello, miss..." she began, expecting me to fill in the pause with my name. "Feli," I replied, offering a small smile. "Okay, Miss Feli, my apologies. I didn't know Mr. Harrington had a guest over," she continued, her tone polite yet curious. I chuckled softly at that. "It's just Feli," I clarified, feeling a pang of discomfort at the formalities. "That's short for Felicity." She nodded in understanding, her warm smile never faltering. "Who are you?" I questioned, returning the inquiry. "Call me Marge," she replied with a friendly smile, radiating a sense of maternal warmth. "I'm here to cook dinner for Mr. Harrington... and you, I guess?" she explained, her tone tinged with uncertainty. "I guess so," I replied with a shrug, watching as she excused herself to the kitchen to begin her work. As the minutes ticked by, I found it increasingly difficult to focus on the TV, my nerves getting the better of me. The tantalizing aroma wafting from the kitchen only served to heighten my anticipation, each passing moment feeling like an eternity. Then, at precisely 6:05 pm, the front door swung open once again. "Feli, I'm home," John called out, his voice carrying a sense of warmth and familiarity. I couldn't help but marvel at how confident he seemed that I would stay, a realization that brought a small smile to my lips as our gazes met. Despite my lingering nerves, I felt a wave of relief wash over me at the sight of him. His warm smile was infectious, filling me with a sense of comfort and reassurance. While uncertainty still loomed on the horizon, the curiosity about his offer outweighed any lingering apprehension. I returned his smile, genuinely happy to see him. As he made his way toward me, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the unexpected turn of events that had led me here. Whatever lay ahead, I was determined not to miss out on the opportunity that lay before me, embracing the luxury and possibility that surrounded me in John's penthouse. Marge emerged from the kitchen just as John grabbed the TV remote and switched off the TV. "Did she behave?" he asked, his gaze directed at Marge. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as he spoke over my head about me. "Yes, Sir, Miss Feli behaved like an angel," Marge replied with a warm smile, her eyes flickering between John and me. We both chuckled at her formal address using my nickname, but I couldn't help but feel puzzled by their conversation. Why were they discussing my behavior as if I weren't in the room? And why did Marge feel the need to comment on it when we had barely interacted since she arrived? "Good to hear," John replied, grinning down at me with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes that I had come to detest. "Dinner is served, Sir," Marge announced politely, breaking the momentary silence. "Thank you, Marge. You're excused," John replied, and Marge quickly gathered her things and left the penthouse. As John and I made our way toward the dining table, I couldn't shake the lingering sense of unease that had settled over me, a feeling that this dinner would bring with it more than just good food and polite conversation. We ate in silence for a while, savoring the delicious meal that Marge had prepared for us. The flavors danced on my tongue, and for a moment, I allowed myself to forget about the weight of the impending conversation. John broke the silence as he took a sip from his glass of wine, his expression warm and genuine. "I'm glad you decided to stay," he said, his smile reaching his eyes. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks at his words. "Well, the least I could do is hear you out after you've been so nice to me," I mumbled back, my voice barely above a whisper. I took another forkful of the heavenly food, grateful for the distraction it provided from the nervous tension that lingered between us. As John returned with two sets of papers and a pen, my heart skipped a beat at the sight. The weight of the moment hit me like a ton of bricks, the reality of the situation sinking in with each passing second. Just moments ago, it had all felt like a dream, but now, faced with the official-looking documents in front of me, it was undeniably real. He sat down opposite me, presenting one set of papers while holding onto the other. I could feel the tension in the air as he explained, "This is an NDA, a Non-Disclosure Agreement you need to sign. Once you've signed this, I can sue you if you tell anyone about what you're going to hear today. Marge also had to sign one before working for me." My throat went dry as I glanced over the paper, knowing full well the gravity of what I was about to agree to. I knew I needed to read it thoroughly before putting pen to paper. Skimming through the document, I confirmed that it was indeed just an NDA, outlining the terms of confidentiality regarding the information I was about to receive. Satisfied that I understood its contents, I took a deep breath and put my signature at the bottom of the page. Looking up at John expectantly, I braced myself for whatever revelation awaited me. As John placed the other set of papers in front of me, I felt a surge of apprehension coursing through me. But before I could even glance at the documents, he kept his hand on them and locked eyes with me, his gaze warm and sincere. "Now that you've signed the NDA, I can tell you about the offer," he began, his voice steady yet tinged with a hint of anticipation. My heart hammered in my chest, and I could feel the nervous energy building inside me as I awaited his next words. "Long story short: I want you to become my baby for a month," he stated, the words hanging in the air between us like an electric charge. My mind reeled at the unexpectedness of his proposition, and I struggled to comprehend the full implications of what he was suggesting.
  6. Summary An experiment gone wrong transforms a 30 year old man into an 18 month old baby. His mind is still intact, but for how long? Chapter 1 Jack awoke in a daze and opened his eyes, but the bright light shining down from above made it difficult for him to see properly. He tried to focus but his head felt sore, so he closed his eyes again to shield them from the overwhelming glare. "Jack, can you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying?" a voice said. Jack opened his eyes again and squinted into the light, then the figure of a man came into focus. "Can you talk?" the man asked. Jack tried to speak, but it felt like the words were stuck in his throat, he couldn't make a sound. "If you can understand what I'm saying, please blink twice," the man instructed. The bright light seemed to recede and his vision became clearer. Jack could see a bespectacled man stood over him, then he realized that he was lying down in bed. Jack blinked twice. "Very good, I'm Doctor Palmer and I'm going to ask you some questions, he explained, "blink twice for yes and blink once for no," he urged. Jack guessed that he was in a hospital and he understood that for now blinking was his only means of communication. "First question. Am I Doctor Palmer?" he quizzed. Jack blinked twice. "Second question. Is your name Thomas?" Doctor Palmer continued. Jack assumed that the Doctor was testing him. He blinked once. "Is your name Jack?" he queried. Jack blinked twice. "Very good. Your job, do you work in the construction industry?" Doctor Palmer said. Jack hesitated momentarily. His still felt groggy, but when he thought about it he was sure that he had never worked in construction. Jack blinked once. "Are you a laboratory assistant?" he questioned. Memories came rushing back to him, he could recall his morning routine and his drive to work, he was certain that he had worked in a laboratory. Jack blinked twice. "Excellent. Are you thirty years old?" he continued. He remembered his thirtieth birthday party, it felt like a recent memory. He was sure that he had spent the day with his girlfriend, Emma. Jack blinked twice. "Do you remember volunteering as a test subject for an experimental procedure?" Doctor Palmer asked. At first he wasn't sure. The words 'experimental procedure' sounded ominous and he wondered whether something bad had happened to him. Suddenly he remembered a needle being inserted into his arm and a mask being placed over his mouth. When he thought about it more he could recall having a tense conversation with one of his colleagues. He couldn't recall everything that had been said, but he could remember being warned that the experiment was risky. He realized that he had agreed to participate in some kind of procedure. Jack blinked twice. "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. The experiment didn't go to plan, there was an accident and there were some unexpected effects on your body," he explained. Jack was suddenly gripped by panic. The first thought that came to his mind was that the experiment might have left him disabled or disfigured. He tried to sit up but he only succeeded in lifting his head off of the pillow, his muscles felt tired and weak. "Please try to remain still, you need to rest. I will explain what happened." Doctor Palmer advised. Jack stopped struggling and rested his head back on the pillow, then he braced himself for the bad news. "Firstly, I want to reassure you that the accident was not fatal. We've been running tests whilst you were unconscious and it looks like you're going to live." Doctor Palmer explained. Although he was relieved that he wasn't going to die, he was becoming increasingly concerned by his inability to sit upright. "However, something extraordinary has happened, something that has never occurred before in medical history," he went on. The Doctor paused for a moment and cleared his throat, before continuing. "Your body has physically regressed, you've essentially aged in reverse. You're now younger than you were before the accident," he announced. Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing, what the Doctor was saying sounded impossible. He assumed that he had misheard him and he wanted to ask him to repeat himself. He took a deep breath and tried to speak again. But before Jack could get his words out, he was interrupted by an unfamiliar high pitched voice. "What? I don't..." the strangers voice squeaked. Jack was initially taken by surprise and he assumed that an unseen child was talking. But he quickly realized that the unseen person had spoken the words that he had been thinking of. He could scarcely believe it, but he was now contemplating the possibility that it was his voice. "Don't stop Jack, you're making excellent progress, try to speak again." Doctor Palmer requested. He hesitated briefly, then tried to talk again. "I don't understand." Jack mewled. He was startled again by the sound of his own voice. It sounded far too high pitched to belong to him. "We're still trying to understand it ourselves. Perhaps it would be easier if I showed you." Doctor Palmer suggested. The Doctor reached towards a table and grabbed hold of a hand held mirror. "Try not to panic, what you see might shock you," he warned. Doctor Palmer held out the mirror and lowered it slowly towards Jack's face. An unfamiliar reflection gradually came into view. This can't be happening, Jack thought. Staring back at him in the mirror was the reflection of a small child, who appeared to be no older than two. Jack gasped in horror and as he did so, the reflection of the toddler appeared to gasp as well. "Try to remain calm, as you can see your body has changed significantly." Doctor Palmer continued. Jack's heart began to race and he started to feel dizzy. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, he thought that it might be a trick or a hallucination. "No...this can't be," he stammered. When the words left his mouth he saw that the lips of the boy in the reflection moved simultaneously. With a growing sense of panic he realized that he really was seeing his own reflection. His mind raced and as he grew increasingly frantic, he lost consciousness. "Jack? Jack, can you hear me?" Doctor Palmer asked. When Jack regained awareness he saw Doctor Palmer looking down at him, with a concerned expression on his face. "You fainted, probably from the surprise. Try to remain still." Doctor Palmer instructed. Jack took deep breaths and tried to make sense of what was happening to him. He considered the possibility that he was having a nightmare, but it felt too real to be a dream. "We're still trying to understand exactly how this happened. You've been in a coma for the past three weeks, during that time you just kept on getting younger." Doctor Palmer revealed. He wanted to believe that it was some kind of misunderstanding, but he had seen his own reflection. He wasn't sure whether he could trust his own senses. "How? Why?" Jack asked. "I can't explain it, not yet anyway. It's as though every cell in your entire body has been rejuvenated to an earlier state," he observed. If it was true, if he really was physically younger than he used to be, he wanted to understand the extent of the changes. "So...how old am I now?" Jack queried. He recalled seeing his reflection in the mirror and braced himself for the bad news. "Well, if we go by your height, I'd say you're the equivalent of an eighteen month old infant." Doctor Palmer replied. Jack was dumbfounded. It didn't seem possible, but he was struggling to come up with an alternative explanation. "Height? How tall am I?" Jack questioned. Doctor Palmer picked up a clipboard and flipped through the pages. "You're eighty two centimeters tall, give or take a millimeter," he replied, matter-of-factly. Jack racked his brain and tried to picture being eighty two centimeters tall. He remembered that he used to be around one hundred and seventy seven centimeters tall, which would mean that he was now less than half the size that he used to be. "We ran some tests yesterday on your musculoskeletal structure, the results suggest a biological age in the range of seventeen to twenty months." Doctor Palmer explained. Jack had a troubling thought. If he really had aged backwards, he wondered whether the process might still continue. "Will I get younger?" Jack asked. "I don't believe so, a few days ago the changes to your body slowed dramatically, then they just stopped. You don't appear to be getting any younger," he imparted. Despite having a feeling that he already knew the answer, Jack desperately wanted to know whether the changes could be reversed. "Can you make me normal again?" he asked. The Doctor sighed and scratched his beard, before shaking his head. "We can't even explain what happened, let alone undo it. I'm afraid this is likely to be permanent," Doctor Palmer advised. Permanent, the word echoed in his mind. He felt like his life was over, but then it occurred to him that there might still be light at the end of the tunnel. "But will I age and you know, get older again?" Jack queried. "It's possible. Your body appears healthy, so you might just age naturally again," he explained. Jack wondered whether his girlfriend was aware of the accident and how she had reacted. "Does my partner know about this?" Jack asked. "Emma? Yes, she's been to visit you several times whilst you were unconscious. I'll notify her that you're awake," he replied. Jack was relieved that Emma knew what had happened to him, but he wanted to see her. He needed to speak to someone who he could trust, someone who could verify that he wasn't going crazy. "I need to speak to her." Jack asserted. "I'll tell her that you'll be ready for visitors from tomorrow. For now, I suggest that you get some rest." Doctor Palmer replied. Jack closed his eyes and tried to come to terms with what was happening. His mind alternated between a state of disbelief and shock. When he heard the sound of a door opening and closing, he decided to check whether he had been left on his own. Once again, Jack attempted to sit upright. On his first attempt he only succeeded in lifting his shoulders off of the bed, but after a few more attempts he managed to haul himself into an upright position. He surveyed his surroundings and saw that Doctor Palmer had left the room. He held his hands out in front of his face to look at them and was immediately struck by the sensation that they didn't belong to him. He could feel them, but they didn't look familiar. The first thing that he noticed was that his skin was smooth and unblemished. When he looked at his forearms he saw that they were hairless. The bottom half of his body was covered by a bedsheet, but when he moved his feet he could make out their outline beneath the fabric. He noticed that his feet were no where near to the end of the bed and he realized that he really was smaller than he used to be. Looking down at his chest, he saw that he was wearing a hospital gown that covered his torso. But when he moved his legs he felt like he was wearing something else underneath it, there was something covering his groin. Jack reached underneath the bedsheet and down towards his waist, where his fingers touched a soft spongy fabric. He guessed that he was wearing a diaper. He touched his face and then rubbed his cheeks with his fingers. Where he would have once felt stubble, he instead felt soft untarnished skin. When he touched his nose he noticed that it's shape had changed, he used to have a Roman nose but now the bridge felt smaller and less prominent. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and inserted his index finger, which he used to count his teeth. He counted twelve teeth in total and noticed that there were gaps in-between some of them. It was now undeniable, he really was a child again. He began to consider what his life would be like from then on. He guessed that he would no longer be able to work or carry out ordinary tasks without assistance, but he was more troubled by the thought of how others would perceive him. He wanted to see his girlfriend, but he was unsettled by the idea that she might leave him. In any case, he knew that their relationship could never be the same as it was before. Jack continued to ruminate until he was startled by the sound of the door opening, he looked up and saw Doctor Palmer stood in the doorway. "I see you've managed to sit upright. Your muscles are still weak but you're recovering more quickly than I had expected, how are you feeling?" Doctor Palmer asked. "I...I'm still trying to process this, it doesn't seem real," he stammered. Doctor Palmer nodded and then pulled a chair up to the side of the hospital bed, before sitting down. "Well, I've got some good news. I've just called your partner and she says that she's going to visit you tomorrow. In the meantime I'd like to run some more tests," he announced. Chapter 2 Jack woke up feeling groggy and uncomfortable. When he moved his legs he felt something cold and damp rubbing up against his inner thighs, he felt like he was lying in something sticky. He took a deep breath and detected an unpleasant odor, it was unmistakably the smell of feces. Remembering that he was still in a hospital bed, he realized that he had soiled himself. He opened his eyes and after a short struggle, he managed to sit upright. He hoped, momentarily, that the events of the previous day had merely been a bad dream. But when he examined his hands it became immediately clear to him that his memories were genuine. He poked and prodded at his hands, before touching his face. He still couldn't believe how smooth his skin was. The sound of a door creaking open made him jump, he looked across the room and saw a woman stood in the doorway. She was wearing medical scrubs and her dark hair was tied back in a bun. "Good morning, my name is Isabella, would you like some breakfast?" she asked. He hesitated momentarily, but when he thought about it he did feel hungry. "Yeah, thanks." Jack replied. He blushed at the sound of his own voice, he thought that he sounded ridiculous. Isabella walked over to the side of his bed and flipped through the pages on a clipboard. "Doctor Palmer wants to stop intravenous therapy for now, so I'm just going to remove the cannula from your arm, okay?" Isabella advised. As she reached towards his arm, it became clear to him just how small he was compared to her. When he saw the size of her hands compared to his own, he instinctively tensed up and tried to pull his arm away from her. "It's okay, I won't bite," she said reassuringly. Jack tried to relax as he watched her wrap her fingers around his forearm. He didn't feel safe and the thought occurred to him that she would be able to snap his arm in half if she wanted to. The rational part of his mind told him that she was a nurse and that she had no reason to harm him, but he had never felt so physically vulnerable before. He winced as she removed the cannula from his arm, but the stinging sensation quickly subsided. Isabella picked up the clipboard again and then sniffed the air. "I think we should get you cleaned up and changed before you have breakfast, okay?" she suggested. He felt like he was going to die of embarrassment, but he reassured himself that she was a nurse and that she was merely doing her job. "Okay," he replied meekly. As she pulled back the bed covers Jack stared at his body. It was the first time he had seen his legs since the transformation, they were smooth and hairless. "Please can you lie down for me so that I can change your...incontinence pad." Isabella instructed. Jack rested his head on the pillow and braced himself. He knew that she was trying to preserve his dignity by calling it an incontinence pad, but it made no difference to how he felt. He could feel her fingers on his hips, unfastening the tapes and peeling the diaper away from his skin. The fresh air on his groin felt pleasant, but he was conscious that his genitalia were now exposed. He stared at the ceiling and grimaced whilst she cleaned his skin with a wet wipe. He thought that the worst part was the smell, that and the knowledge that she was having to endure the foul odor. He imagined her returning home to her family at the end of her shift and regaling her husband with the story of how she had to change a dirty diaper at work. Now he had to live knowing that he would be the subject of that story and that it would be Isabella's abiding memory of him. He waited for what seemed like an eternity. "There we go, all done. I'll be back with breakfast soon," she advised. Jack waited until he heard the door open and close, then he let out a sigh of relief. Feeling sorry for himself, he closed his eyes and attempted to banish the unpleasant thoughts from his mind. But it was no use, the feelings of shame had already been seared into his brain. When Isabella returned he sat upright and tried to avoid looking at her. Sensing his discomfort, she placed a tray of food on his bed without saying anything to him. It was an omelet and French toast, served with a small cup of juice. He waited for Isabella to leave the room before picking up a plastic knife and fork. However when he tried to maneuver them to cut the omelet, the knife slipped from his grasp and clattered onto the tray. He picked the knife up again and tried to cut the omelet, but only succeeded in stabbing a hole in it. Overwhelmed by hunger, he discarded the utensils and tore off pieces of the omelet using his fingers. He had expected hospital food to be of poor quality, but he was surprised by how delicious it tasted. He stopped eating when he heard the door swing open. "Jack, how's the food?" Doctor Palmer queried. Jack wiped his fingers on the bedsheets and then stared at his hands. "It's okay, but I can't hold the knife properly, there's something wrong with my hands," he replied. Doctor Palmer adjusted his glasses and strolled towards Jack's bedside. "There's nothing wrong with your hands, it's just that the muscles in them are weak. You'll need to build up strength in your hands before your fine motor control returns to normal," he explained. Jack didn't like the sound of that, but he was more concerned by the embarrassing accident that he'd had earlier. "Oh, will I be able to...use the toilet?" he asked. "Incontinence is normal for someone with a body like yours, I'm afraid that you'll have to learn those skills again." Doctor Palmer concluded. "Can I at least walk?" Jack mumbled. "To be honest I don't know, would you like to try?" he queried. Jack nodded his head, "yeah," he murmured. "I'll ask the nurse to assist you, she can help you get back on your feet," advised Doctor Palmer. Jack realized that if he was to have any hope of regaining his independence, he would need to learn to walk again. "One more thing, I spoke to your partner and she's coming to visit you this afternoon." Doctor Palmer revealed. Jack was looking forward to seeing Emma again, but he was worried about how this sudden transformation might affect their relationship. "Thanks," he replied. Jack finished his breakfast and silently prayed that he would still be able to walk. He thought that retaining his mobility might be the last vestige of his dignity that he could maintain. He fidgeted nervously until Isabella returned to the room. "The Doctor said you would like to get out of bed and try to walk?" Isabella asked. Jack looked in her general direction, but he still couldn't bring himself to make eye contact with her. "Yeah," he replied sheepishly. She strolled over to him and patted the bedsheets. "If you sit on the side of the bed I'll help you down. Let's see if you can stand up first," she suggested. Jack scooched over to the side of the bed until his legs were dangling over the edge. Standing in front of him, Isabella placed her hands underneath his armpits and lifted him into the air, before lowering him gently onto the ground. Jack was unnerved by her strength, he felt like a rag doll. When his feet touched the floor he felt like his legs could bear the weight of his body, but she continued to hold on to him. As she knelt down in front of him he was stunned by the size disparity between them, even when she was kneeling down his eyes were only level with her breasts. "Here you go. I'll let go with one hand first, okay?" Isabella continued. "Okay," he replied. She slowly released one of her hands, keeping the other in place underneath his arm. Jack wobbled momentarily, before regaining his balance. "You're doing good so far, now I'm going to let go with the other hand, okay?" she warned. Slowly, Isabella released her grip and moved her hand away from his body. Jack held his arms out to help him balance, he could stand, but he didn't feel like he could move without falling over. "Do you feel ready to walk?" she queried. "It's hard to balance, I don't feel steady," he cautioned. "Okay, hold onto my hand, try to take one step forward," she suggested. Isabella held out one of her hands at Jack's eye level. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of her hand between her thumb and her index finger, then she wrapped her fingers around his hand. Cautiously, he moved one foot in front of the other and took a step forward. "I'm going to fall." Jack warned. "But you're doing so well, try one more step," she insisted. As he edged closer to her, he could smell her perfume and feel her breath on his head. Suddenly, his determination to walk was dented by a sharp pang of shame. This woman, who he barely knew, had already changed his diaper and now she was teaching him to walk like he was an infant. "Stop, I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry," he sniveled. "It's alright, we can try again later. Let's get you back into bed for now, okay?" she replied. Before he could respond, she placed her hands underneath his armpits and lifted him up onto the bed. "You're doing well Jack, this is encouraging," she observed. Jack crawled back under the bedsheets and buried his face in the pillow. "Thanks," he muttered. Even though he hadn't been awake for long, he already felt drowsy. He rolled over onto his back and tried to think of what he was going to say to Emma. They had only been together for two years and now he would be dependent on her to take care of him. The thought had crossed his mind that she might simply leave him now that he was incapable of meeting her physical needs. He continued to brood about the future, until he became too tired to focus and he drifted off to sleep. When Jack opened his eyes, he saw Emma stood in the corner of the room, watching him. Her light brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, accentuating her piercing blue eyes. She had a pained expression on her face and she clutched her purse tightly in her hands. He sat upright in bed, then she took a few steps toward him. "Jack?" Emma exclaimed. She moved toward him cautiously, as though she couldn't trust what her senses were telling her. "It's...it's me," he stuttered. She stopped before reaching his bed and gawked at him. "You remember me?" she queried. "I remember...everything," he replied. She took a deep breath and bit her lip, then for a moment she looked as though she might be about to cry. "Jack, I'm so glad you're okay," she exclaimed. He didn't feel okay, he felt like he was in a living nightmare. "Thanks, I'm not okay, but I'm still me," he responded. Emma edged closer to Jack and it occurred to him that she was now much larger than he was. But something else seemed different about her, she now had an otherworldly presence and he couldn't figure out why. He studied her carefully and tried to figure out what was out of place. She was wearing a white blouse and a pair of skinny jeans, he had seen her wearing those clothes before. There wasn't anything that he didn't recognize, everything was the same and yet it seemed different to him. "They told me that you might not be the same after...the accident. I was expecting the worst," she explained, moving closer to his bedside. Jack frowned and shook his head. "They can't undo it, I'm stuck like this," he lamented. Jack glanced up at her and then looked away, he was still stunned by the size disparity between them. He remembered being taller than Emma and whenever he looked at her he still instinctively expected her to be smaller than him, but those memories no longer aligned with reality. He was unsettled by the contrast between the way that he remembered her and the way that he now saw her. "But at least you're still alive, for a while we thought you weren't going to make it." Emma consoled. He knew that she was just trying to make him feel better, but he was finding it difficult to stay positive. He thought about his family and wondered whether he would be able to see his mother. "Does my mom know?" he asked. "Yeah, she came to visit you a couple of weeks back, she had to fly back to the west coast though." Emma revealed. He was glad that his mother had visited, but he felt conflicted about seeing her again. Part of him longed to see her, but he didn't want her to see him in his present condition. He thought that once he had gotten used to his new body he would be able to work up the courage to meet with her. Jack groaned and stared at his hands. "Look at me," he muttered despondently. Emma reached down and placed her open hand on the bed, with her palm facing upwards. "I know this is hard, but we'll get through this together." Emma replied. Jack looked at her hand and hesitated for a moment. Then slowly, he reached out and placed his open hand on top of hers, so that their palms were touching. Using her thumb, she gently stroked the top of his hand. He gawked at her pinky finger and noticed that it was longer than his middle finger. They talked to each other for a while longer, pausing occasionally to collect their thoughts. Although the conversation was awkward at times, Jack felt reassured that Emma wasn't going to abandon him. Before saying goodbye, she promised to visit him again the next day. Chapter 3 Three days had passed since Jack first woke up in the hospital and he was recovering well. He spent each morning with Isabella, learning how to walk again. He was growing more confident and he could now walk across the room without her assistance. He resented needing her help, but he recognized that it was a necessary step to regaining his independence. When Emma arrived at midday, she was surprised to find Jack stood next to the hospital bed, talking to Isabella. "Jack, you're back on your feet!" Emma exclaimed. He turned around to see Emma grinning at him from the doorway, but he was lost for words. "He's doing really well, much better than we expected." Isabella observed. Emma stepped closer to them until she was stood at the end of the bed. Jack was now stood in-between the two women and he had to crane his neck upwards in order to see their faces. "That's great, is it okay if I talk to him in private?" Emma asked. "Of course, let me know if you need anything." Isabella replied. Isabella left the room and Emma moved closer to Jack. "How are you feeling?" she queried. He wasn't entirely sure. He was glad that he could walk, but something else was troubling him. "Better, I can walk now. But..." Jack said "But, what?" she said. Jack hesitated, it was hard to hold a conversation with her when he couldn't look her directly in the face and craning his neck was becoming tiring. Sensing his discomfort, Emma knelt down in front of him so that it was easier for them to talk. She was still taller than him, but he could now look up at her without hurting his neck. "Is there something you want to tell me?" she asked. "I think...I think I'm incontinent," he mumbled. "It's okay, you've managed to start walking again, give it some time and things will get easier," she said in a reassuring voice. Jack frowned and shrugged his shoulders, before looking down at the floor. Despite being able to walk, he had a feeling that things were about to get worse before they got any better. "I know it's going to be hard for you but we just have to take it one day at a time," she continued. There was a knock at the door and Emma stood up to check who was there. A few moments later Doctor Palmer stepped into the room. "Sorry to interrupt. Jack, I'd like to perform an MRI scan on you so that we can take a closer look at your brain." Doctor Palmer announced. Jack glanced up at Emma nervously and then looked back at Doctor Palmer. "My brain? Why?" he queried. "It's not just your body that's changed, your brain has too. We didn't expect you to retain the same cognitive abilities that you possessed as an adult. You've retained your memories and even your linguistic abilities, we'd like to find out why." Doctor Palmer explained. He had been so preoccupied with the changes to his body that he hadn't considered whether his mind might be affected as well. "Is something wrong?" he asked. "We just want to make sure that there are no nasty surprises in store for you. We also need to monitor you for any signs of confusion, memory loss, things like that," he continued. The words confusion and memory loss frightened him. He had already lost his physical independence and now he was facing the possibility of losing his mind. "Okay." Jack said meekly. "Jack, if you feel able to walk, can you follow me? It's just a short distance down the corridor." Doctor Palmer said, gesturing towards the door. Jack nodded his head and walked carefully towards Doctor Palmer. "Emma, you can accompany him if you'd like," the Doctor suggested. As they followed the Doctor out of the room, Emma held the door open for Jack and waited for him to pass through. He walked slowly and attentively, taking one step at a time. Doctor Palmer led them into a room containing an MRI scanner, where another man was waiting for them. "This is our radiographer, he'll be performing the scan." Doctor Palmer explained. The radiographer was a tall scrawny man who appeared to be in his forties. He glanced at Emma and then down at Jack. "Nice to meet you both," the radiographer said, "Jack, please lie down on this bed," he instructed. Jack peered up at the bed positioned in front of the MRI scanner and then glanced towards Emma. "Jack, let me help you," she offered. He turned towards her, but he couldn't bring himself to respond verbally or look at her face. Instead he looked straight forwards at her thighs and hoped that she would be able to read his body language. "Are you ready?" she asked. "Yeah," he muttered. Bending down, she placed her hands under his armpits and then hoisted him onto the bed. Jack was troubled by the fact that she was now significantly stronger than him. Before the accident they used to enjoy playfighting with each other, he enjoyed pinning her down and tickling her until she begged him to stop. One thing would lead to another and they would usually end up having sex. He knew that those days were gone and that they were never coming back. The radiographer proceeded to explain how the scan would work, but Jack had difficulty paying attention as he was more concerned about his bruised ego. As he was lying in the scanner, he continued to fret. He wondered whether Emma would stay with him out of pity, or whether she would get bored of him and eventually leave. She was a young woman and she had desires that he could no longer satisfy. He considered the possibility that she might cheat on him and then conceal it from him in order to spare his feelings. He decided that was probably the best case scenario. When the scan was over he scooched over to the side of the bed until his legs were dangling over the side, then Emma lifted him down to the floor again. Doctor Palmer led them both back to the room that they had come from and then left them alone to talk. They stood in silence momentarily, Jack wanted to confide in her but he struggled to put his fears into words. "It feels...weird, when you lift me up like that," he remarked. "Yeah, I know, weird right?" she replied. He felt drowsy and wanted to take a nap, but he was reluctant to ask for her help getting back into bed. He looked up at the bed and then back at her. "Can you?" he mumbled. Emma bent down and lifted him onto the bed. "I'm kind of tired, I think I'm going to have a nap," he announced, as he crawled under the covers. "That's alright. I'll go get some lunch and I'll come back later, okay?" she said reassuringly. He couldn't be sure, but he thought that the way in which she was speaking to him had changed. It wasn't the words that she was saying that bothered him, it was the way in which they were being said. It seemed as though she was increasing the pitch of her voice slightly when she spoke to him, like she was speaking to a child. Once Emma had left the room he rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes, it didn't take him long to drift off to sleep. When Jack woke up from his nap he saw Emma sat next to his bed, she was reading a magazine and taking sips from a cup of coffee. "Hey, what time is it?" he queried. She looked up from the magazine and checked her phone. "It's four p.m. I should probably get going soon, will you be okay?" she asked. They were interrupted by the sound of the door creaking open, then Doctor Palmer entered the room carrying a clipboard. "I have some good news for you both." Doctor Palmer announced. Jack and Emma turned to look at one another, then looked back at Doctor Palmer. "Good news?" Jack asked. Doctor Palmer smiled and adjusted his glasses. "I want to keep you under observation for tonight, but I'm happy to let you return home from tomorrow," he revealed. Jack wasn't expecting to be allowed home so soon and although he was pleasantly surprised, he was also concerned for his own safety. "Thank you Doctor, but will he be okay?" Emma inquired, clasping her hands. Doctor Palmer cleared his throat and flipped through the notes on his clipboard. "He seems healthy, given what he's been through. I still want to conduct regular testing though, which means I need to see you both back here on the 17th," he replied. Emma looked at Jack, nodded her head in encouragement and smiled warmly. "So, it's safe for me to go?" Jack questioned. "I believe so, but if you feel unwell you must contact me immediately. If you experience any pain, any confusion or any unusual symptoms, don't hesitate to get in touch." Doctor Palmer explained. Despite his low mood, he had to admit that he felt physically healthy. Although his muscles were weak, he wasn't in pain and he didn't feel sick. "So what time can he leave tomorrow?" Emma asked. "If you call over at around 4pm, he should be okay to leave by then. We'll run some more tests in the morning." Doctor Palmer replied. Jack felt conflicted about going home. Part of him was excited to leave the hospital, but he was also haunted by the uncertainty of what his new life would be like. "Jack, I could go shopping in the morning and buy you some new clothes. Then I'll come pick you up in the afternoon." Emma suggested. He hadn't had time to consider what going home would actually entail and it suddenly dawned on him that all of his clothes would need replacing. "Yeah...thanks. It's just a bit overwhelming," he replied. "You'll feel better tomorrow, try not to worry," she said in a soothing voice. Chapter 4 Emma sat down at Jack's bedside and placed a gym bag on the floor. "Doctor, can I talk to Jack in private?" Emma asked. "Sure, I'll give you both some time." Doctor Palmer replied. Jack glanced nervously at the gym bag. When Emma had told Jack that she was going to purchase him some new clothes, he had been looking forward to wearing clothes that actually fit him. But when he thought about it, he realized that the only clothes that would actually fit him would be from the children's section. When Doctor Palmer left the room, Emma picked up the gym bag and placed it on the edge of Jack's bed. "I've been shopping, I tried to get you some clothes that you'll like, but there wasn't much choice." Emma explained. She stood up and unzipped the gym bag, then rummaged around inside. "What do you think of these?" she queried, pulling out a small pair of denim jeans. Jack was pleasantly surprised, the jeans had an elastic waist, but other than that they looked very similar to his old jeans. "They're okay." Jack replied. "I've got you some plain shirts as well, look," she continued, as she held up a navy blue t-shirt. So far, so good, he thought. "I tried to get you some plain pajamas as well, but I could only find ones with prints on them," she revealed, reaching into the gym bag. Emma pulled out a pajama top and held it up in front of him, it was brightly colored and adorned with pictures of dinosaurs. Jack shook his head in disapproval. "Sorry, I couldn't get anything better," she apologized, "we also need to talk about how we're going to get you home." she added. "You're driving me home right?" Jack asked. Emma cleared her throat and then bit her lip, before pausing for a few moments to consider her response. "Yeah, but...you won't fit in a normal car seat," she observed, "what if I crash or if I get stopped by the police?" she continued. Jack knew where the conversation was going and he didn't like it. "Umm, you mean?" he murmured. "I bought you a car seat that you'll fit in, you know...for safety," she explained. Jack blushed. He didn't like the idea of using a child's car seat, but he knew that it made sense. He had never trusted Emma's driving and he had no intention of dying in a traffic accident. "I think I'm going to get dressed now," he announced. Emma nodded her head and moved the gym bag closer to him. Jack slid to the edge of his bed and peered down over the side. "Let me help you get down" Emma suggested. Jack sighed and nodded his head. He perched on the edge of the bed, dangling his legs over the side. Emma placed her hands under his armpits and lifted him carefully down onto the floor. When his feet touched the ground he was standing only inches away from her, looking directly at her thighs. He felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of her. He took a step back from her and decided that he needed privacy. "Can you look away whilst I get dressed?" he asked. Emma lifted the gym bag onto the floor and then walked to the opposite side of the room, Jack looked across at her to make sure that she wasn't looking at him. Then he pulled the tiny hospital gown off of his body and let it drop to the floor. He was now only wearing a soaking wet diaper, which he had been anxious to hide from Emma. He fumbled awkwardly with the tapes and tried to remove the diaper, eventually it slid to the floor and landed on top of his discarded gown. Jack looked down at his crotch and stared anxiously at his genitals, his penis was small and hairless. He didn't want Emma to see it, but he didn't know how long he would be able to hide it from her. He took a pair of jeans out of the gym bag and attempted to put them on, after several attempts he managed to pull them up around his waist. But when he tried to put on a t-shirt he had difficulty maneuvering his arms through the sleeves and he struggled for a few minutes with the t-shirt stuck over his head. "Let me help you with that." Emma offered. "Okay." Jack muttered. He couldn't see her properly, as the t-shirt was obscuring his vision. But he could feel her fingers on his arms, guiding them into the sleeves and then pulling the t-shirt down over his body. He could now see that she was kneeling down in front of him and although she was still taller than him, he felt less intimidated. "I bought you some shoes and socks as well, can I help you put them on?" she asked. Jack frowned and nodded his head. He sat down on the floor whilst she slid the socks onto his feet, he squirmed slightly when he felt her fingers wrapped around his whole foot, her hands were huge. She slid the shoes onto his feet and secured the Velcro straps, then Jack breathed a sigh of relief. "All done," she announced. Emma glanced at the discarded diaper on the floor and wondered how long he would need to wear them for. Jack noticed where she was looking and he guessed what she had seen. "Do you need to keep wearing those?" she quizzed. Jack blushed and looked down at his feet. "I'm going to try using the toilet again," he mumbled. "Well I've bought some just in case, hopefully you won't need them," she replied. Jack got to his feet and walked gingerly across the room, he still felt unsteady on his feet. Then the door creaked open and Doctor Palmer stepped back into the room. "Are you two okay?" he asked. "Doctor, I think we're ready to leave, if that's okay?" Emma replied. "You're free to go Jack, but we need you back here on the 17th of this month so we can monitor your progress. If you start to feel unwell or you have any concerns, please contact me." Doctor Palmer advised. They both thanked the Doctor and then began to make their way slowly out of the building. Jack walked carefully, making sure that he didn't trip or slip on any surfaces. It was the first time that he had left the building since the accident and the world as he now saw it still felt unfamiliar to him. As they strolled through the parking lot he stared at a pick up truck and marveled at it's tires which were now as tall as him. When they reached the car Emma opened the door and pointed to the back seat. "Sorry, I know this can't be easy," she remarked. Jack climbed into the back of the car and saw that a children's car seat was waiting for him. He clambered onto the seat next to it and stared at it in disbelief, it would fit him perfectly. Reluctantly, he crawled into the car seat and slumped backwards. His feet were now slightly elevated and he felt like he was sat in a recliner. He pulled the straps down over his shoulders and attempted to buckle himself in, but the buckle would not latch. "Here, let me give you a hand." Emma offered. As she bent down and reached into the car, Jack could feel her warm breath on his face. She took hold of the shoulder straps and the buckle between his legs, then effortlessly snapped it shut. Jack wondered whether his fingers would be strong enough to undo the buckle if he needed to, but he guessed that he would probably need Emma's help to get out of the seat. He watched as she sat down in the drivers seat and fastened her own seatbelt. Before the accident he had always preferred to drive the car himself when they were going somewhere together, but now he couldn't even fasten his own seatbelt. As they travelled home his mind began to wander and he started to feel drowsy. He resented the fact that his car seat was so comfortable and he certainly didn't want to fall asleep in it. He tried to focus his mind so that he could fight the urge to close his eyes. "Jack, we're home." Emma announced. He woke up with a start. The passenger door was open and Emma was stood outside of the car peering down at him. He remembered that they had been driving home and he realized that he must have fallen asleep. He fumbled with the buckle on his seatbelt and tried to unfasten it, but his fingers weren't strong enough. Emma reached into the car and using one hand she swiftly popped open the buckle. "Do you need a hand climbing out?" she asked. Jack shook his head and climbed out of the car seat, before carefully lowering himself down onto the floor of the vehicle. Then he clambered out of the passenger door and hopped down onto the ground. "Are you tired? You can go to bed if you want." Emma suggested. "No, I'm okay," he insisted. But only seconds after the words had left his mouth he found himself yawning. He stared upwards at the front door of their house, the whole place looked very different from his new vantage point. Before the accident he had thought that their modest two bedroom home was rather cramped, but now it appeared enormous. Emma unlocked the door and Jack stepped into the hallway, then he looked around in awe. The ceiling seemed to be impossibly far above him and it reminded him of being inside of a warehouse. Everything was the same, but different. When he entered the living room he was amazed by the size of the television, he recalled that he had been considering buying a larger one, but now the length of their modest TV exceeded his height. He spent the next ten minutes walking from room to room, gawking at the scale of everything. When he reached the bedroom, he stopped to look at the bed and yawned. It was lower than the hospital bed that he had been sleeping in and he thought that he would be able to climb into it without assistance. Emma followed him into the room. "Shall I make us some dinner?" she queried. "What time is it?" he enquired. "Six o'clock." she replied, as she looked at her phone. Jack looked longingly at the bed. "I think I'm going to go to bed after all, it's been a long day," he said. "Okay, you get some rest. Let me know if you need any help when you need to go to the toilet." Emma replied. Jack shuddered. Now that he thought about it, he realized that he might not be able to climb onto the toilet by himself. "Alright," he mumbled. Jack pulled himself onto the bed and rolled over. He snuggled into the covers and he thought that they felt softer than they used to do. "Goodnight." Emma whispered. "Night," he replied. The next time he woke up it was pitch black inside of the room. He could hear Emma snoring quietly beside him and he could feel the heat radiating off of her body. He rolled over and moved closer to her, before reaching out to place his hand on her shoulder. She was lying on her side and facing away from him, when he stretched out his legs his toes brushed up against her lower back. Her skin was warm to the touch, but touching her didn't elicit the same emotional response in him that it used to do. He used to love to grab hold of her and push his body up against hers, but now he felt emptiness. He used to get an erection when he touched Emma, but now he felt nothing. He was troubled by the realization that he was no longer capable of feeling sexual attraction. He felt emasculated, as though a key part of who he was had been taken away from him. When he remembered the times that he had made love to Emma, the memories seemed to have lost their meaning. He no longer wanted to have sex and the idea of putting his penis inside of somebody else felt vaguely disturbing. Jack removed his hand from her shoulder and moved further away from her. He rolled over and drifted back off to sleep. Chapter 5 "Wake up." Emma said. Jack opened his eyes and groaned. Something didn't feel right, he felt cold and damp. "Jack, you've wet the bed." Emma announced. He sat up in bed and looked around, his jeans felt clammy. Emma was stood by the side of the bed with a towel, looking down at him. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "I know it's not your fault but if this is going to keep happening you really need to wear a diaper, at least until you can use the toilet again." Emma insisted. He didn't want to wear diapers, but he was struggling to come up with a good reason not to wear them. "But if I wear them I might start to rely on them, I just need more time," he protested. "Jack, I can't wash your clothes and our bedsheets every single day. Please, can you just wear them for now?" she implored. "Okay." Jack muttered. He crawled out from underneath the damp covers and climbed down from the side of the bed. "Thanks. I'll just change the bedsheets, I've left some diapers in the spare bedroom," she replied. Jack walked out into the hallway, his jeans were soaked and rubbed uncomfortably against his skin. He had to admit that wearing diapers would be a sacrifice worth making if it meant that he didn't have to endure wet clothes multiple times per day. When he entered the spare bedroom he saw a package of baby diapers on the floor in the corner of the room. As he stared at the picture of the toddler on the packaging his muscles tensed up. He took a few steps towards the package but he couldn't bring himself to go near it. Then he heard footsteps behind him and saw that Emma had followed him into the room. "Did you have to buy baby diapers?" he asked indignantly. Emma folded her arms and sighed. "Well I'm sorry, but they don't sell adult diapers in your size at the grocery store," she replied. He knew he had asked a stupid question, but he was desperately searching for a way to preserve his dignity. Emma walked over to the package and tore it open, before pulling out one of the diapers. "Can you leave me alone? I'll do it myself." Jack asserted. She tossed the diaper on the floor and marched out of the room. With difficulty, Jack pulled down his jeans and then stepped out of them. He studied the babyish cartoon prints on the diaper and sighed. After spreading the diaper flat on the floor, he sat down in the middle and attempted to fasten it around his waist. The tapes were fiddly and he found it difficult to maneuver them to the right place, but after several attempts he managed to fasten them. When he stood up the diaper felt loose around his waist, like the tapes hadn't been fastened tightly enough. Then he realized that his t-shirt was also damp and that he might struggle to remove it by himself. He tried pulling the t-shirt up over his head but he lacked the coordination and strength needed to fully remove it, instead it ended up stuck over his head as he fumbled awkwardly. "How are you getting on?" Emma asked, poking her head around the corner of the doorframe. "Fine!" Jack insisted. "Jack, please let me help you take your shirt off," she requested, as she walked over to him. Bending down, she pulled the t-shirt off of his head and helped him to maneuver his arms out of the sleeves. "And that diaper needs fastening properly or it might leak," she observed. Jack froze as Emma knelt down on the floor in front of him. He knew what she was about to do and he wanted to protest, but before he could say anything her hands were already reaching down towards his waist. He flinched instinctively when he felt her fingers on his waist. "It'll only take a few seconds," she remarked. She quickly adjusted the tapes on his diaper and he felt it tighten around his waist. "I bought two pairs of those jeans so you can wear the other ones today." Emma advised. Jack didn't reply, he felt like he had been violated. He couldn't believe that she had adjusted the tapes on his diaper without even asking him. Emma helped Jack into a new t-shirt and then left a pair of jeans on the floor for him to put on by himself. "I'm going to make breakfast, do you want waffles?" she asked. "Sure," he mumbled. Jack sensed that the dynamics of their relationship had been permanently altered. She now thought nothing of violating his personal space, she didn't even seem to realize that she had done anything wrong. After putting on his jeans, Jack stood silently and tried to translate his feelings into words, until the smell of breakfast drew him towards the kitchen. When he passed by the dining room, he remembered that he wouldn't be big enough to sit at the dining room table and wondered where he would be able to eat his meal. He walked timidly into the kitchen and watched Emma prepare the food. "Jack, do you want to eat breakfast in the living room?" she queried, "you know, because of the dining room and..." she continued. "Yeah, okay," he replied, nodding his head. Emma carried the plate through to the living room and placed it on a coffee table, which she then pulled up to the very edge of the couch. Jack followed her through into the living room and climbed onto the couch, although his legs dangled over the edge, he could comfortably reach the plate on the coffee table. Emma placed a knife and fork next to the plate, then frowned. "Actually, can you still use these?" she asked. Jack shrugged his shoulders. "I can try," he replied. He picked up the butter knife carefully, but it felt too unwieldy for him to be able to maneuver it precisely, he felt like he was holding a large carving knife. He moved the knife gingerly towards the waffle, but before he could reach his target the knife slipped from his grasp and clattered against the table. Emma picked up the knife and began to cut the waffle into smaller pieces. "Do you want a drink of water? I have some plastic cups." Emma said. Jack nodded his head. He used his fingers to pick up pieces of the waffle, which was smeared with chocolate sauce. He ate his breakfast ravenously, barely pausing for breath. When Emma returned with a small cup of water, he carefully used both hands to lift it up to his mouth and quench his thirst. After he had finished his breakfast he watched television for a while, which temporarily distracted him from his troubles. Whilst he was watching the television, he attempted to pick up the plastic cup of water without watching what his hands were doing. He had lifted the cup halfway to his mouth when he lost his grip and the cup fell onto the couch, spilling it's contents everywhere. Jack scanned the room looking for something that he could use to clean up the mess, but the water quickly soaked into the fabric of the couch. "Are you okay?" Emma queried. Jack looked up and saw her stood in the doorway to the living room. "I...uh...spilled water," he stammered. "It's okay I'll get a towel," she replied. Jack moved to the other side of the couch so that his clothes didn't get wet. When Emma returned she placed a towel on the damp patch and assessed the damage. "There's some sauce from your breakfast on here too," she noted, pointing to a chocolate smudge on the fabric. "Sorry, I'm still getting used to these hands." Jack replied, shrugging his shoulders. Emma left the room and returned with a damp washcloth. As she approached the sofa Jack became aware of a peculiar sensation in his body. The first thing that he noticed was that his crotch felt warm, then he could feel a steady stream of urine spurting out of his body. He realized that he was pissing himself in front of Emma and he froze in panic. She bent down over the sofa and rubbed the sauce stain with a cloth. Jack tried to tense his muscles and stop the flow of urine, but the warm moist feeling was spreading down the front of his diaper. "Are you okay?" Emma asked. Jack glanced up at her and they briefly locked eyes. "Yeah," he replied, as he looked away from her and hoped that she wouldn't notice. As Emma stood back up she cleared her throat and brushed her hair out of her eyes. "If you need help with...anything, let me know," she offered, before leaving the room. Jack wondered whether she had noticed a change in his body language. He contemplated going to the restroom to change his diaper, but he didn't want her to know that he had soiled himself, so he decided to continue watching television as though nothing had happened. He looked down at his jeans and noticed a bulge in-between his legs. How long will it take her to notice? He thought. Initially the warmth from the soaking diaper felt strangely comfortable and aside from the emotional embarrassment, it didn't bother him. But as time passed by he started to feel increasingly cold and clammy. As he watched television he occasionally moved to a different position on the couch, attempting to alleviate his discomfort. Hours passed by until he could no longer bare the irritation. When Emma started to prepare dinner, he sensed an opportunity to change himself without her noticing. Jack climbed down from the sofa and waddled to the spare bedroom. He saw that the package of diapers, which had previously been on the floor in the corner of the room, had been moved on top of a shelf. Standing in front of the shelf, he stretched out his hands above his head and tried desperately to pull the package over the edge, but it was still out of reach. He conceded defeat and realized that there was no way to conceal his accident. "Emma!" he hollered. Hearing footsteps in the hallway, he braced himself. When she stepped into the room he took a deep breath. "Yeah?" she replied. She saw Jack looking up at the shelf and then noticed the diapers. "Oh...sorry," she stammered. "Why would you put them up there?" he squawked. "I was just cleaning, I forgot," she explained. Emma took the diapers and then placed them back on the floor, before leaving the room. Jack attempted to change himself, but once again he had difficulty securing the tapes on the new diaper. He struggled for several minutes, before fastening them the best that he could, but when he stood up the diaper still felt loose around his waist. "Do you need any help in there?" Emma asked. "No, just give me a minute," he replied. He unfastened one of the tapes, but when he tried to readjust it he lost his grip, leaving the diaper hanging off of his body. "Jack, there's no shame in asking for help," she asserted. "Fine," he grunted. Emma stepped into the room and looked down at Jack. One side of his diaper was haphazardly taped together and he was holding the other side together with his hands. Bending down, she swiftly readjusted the tapes, tightening the diaper around his waist. "Dinner will be ready soon," she announced. Jack couldn't even bring himself look at her, let alone speak to her. He knew that she was just trying to help him, but he was mortified. Once she had left the room he put his jeans back on and then sat down on the floor, before burying his face in his hands. He stayed there for a while, ruminating over his problems, but eventually the smell of cooking drew him towards the kitchen. He stopped in the hallway to take in the aroma. He wasn't sure what it was, but it smelled delicious. He thought about going into the kitchen to see what Emma was making, but he was still too ashamed to talk to her. He instead decided to wait in the living room and he hoped that he would be able to eat his meal on the couch. When Emma arrived with dinner he quietly thanked her and climbed onto the couch. When she placed the plate on the coffee table, she didn't even bother to give him the knife and fork. Instead she cut the food into small pieces herself and took the utensils away with her. Once again he ate with his fingers, devouring the meal piece by piece. The food was delicious, but by the time he had finished everything on his plate, he was starting to feel drowsy. Jack clambered down from the couch and yawned, before making his way towards the bedroom. As he climbed onto the bed he caught a glimpse of the alarm clock and realized that it was only six o'clock. He didn't want to make a habit of going to bed so early, so he opted to find something to keep him occupied. Jack remembered that he had left some of his old books in a set of drawers in the spare bedroom and he decided to go look for something to read. When he reached the chest of drawers he realized that he was only tall enough to reach the bottom two. He pulled open the bottom drawer and began rummaging through it's contents. Eventually he found a novel that he hadn't read for several years, but he remembered enjoying the story and he decided to have another read of it to pass the time. He lifted the book out of the drawer and brushed the dust off of it's cover, before carrying it back to bed with him. When he opened the book, he found that it was more difficult to turn the pages than he had remembered. Every time he tried to grasp hold of an individual page, his fingers seemed to grab three or four pages at once and he had to take more time to separate them. After a short struggle, he found the first page of the story and began reading. Soon he was distracted from his struggles and engrossed in the story, it was just as good as he had remembered it being. But before he had finished the second chapter, he came across a word that troubled him. It was a word that he didn't recognize. He thought about the word carefully and wondered whether it might have been borrowed from another language. But he thought that if that was the case, then surely he would have looked up the meaning of the word when he had last read the novel. He put aside his concerns momentarily and decided to carry on reading. Then when he turned the page and continued reading, the same thing happened again, he noticed another word that he didn't recognize. He searched his memory but he was certain that he had never seen the word before. He was becoming increasingly concerned and he decided that it was more than a coincidence. "Emma? Emma?" he called out in a shrill voice. He waited for a response, but when he didn't hear anything he decided to call her again. "Emma!" he yelled. He heard the sound of footsteps and movement in the hallway, then moments later Emma marched into the room. "What's wrong?" she asked. Jack was surprised by the tone of her voice, she almost sounded irritated. "Something's wrong, the...the words" he stammered, pointing at the book. "What's wrong? What about the words?" she asked. Jack noticed that her eyes were red and puffy, as though she had been crying. But he was too preoccupied with his own problems to ask her whether she was okay. "I don't know some of the words, I don't know what they mean," he explained, with a look of alarm. "Which words? Show me." Emma replied, wiping her eyes. He pointed to a word on the page. "This one, I think it says Inter...kepted." Jack said. Emma bent down to get a closer look at the writing. "It's pronounced Intercepted, you don't recognize it?" she asked. Jack chastised himself for pronouncing the word incorrectly. He knew that the letter C didn't make the K sound and he couldn't understand why he had pronounced it wrong. But he still couldn't remember the word or it's meaning. "So it's a real word? Should I know it?" he queried. Emma twirled her hair with her fingers and frowned. "Yeah, it means...how can I put it? If you intercept something, you stop it before it reaches it's destination. Like, intercepting a car before it can arrive somewhere...or intercepting a message," she explained. Jack flipped the page and pointed to another word. "I don't know this one either, circum...ference," he stuttered. Emma took a deep breath. Jack looked up at her and noted the look of worry on her face. "Errm, that's the length around a circle," she revealed. His eyes widened and his heart started to beat faster. "And I should know those words?" Jack asked. An awkward silence permeated the room and Emma seemed to be struggling to muster a response. "We...should go back to see Doctor Palmer tomorrow," she suggested. "What if...what if I'm losing my mind," Jack gasped. "You've been through a lot Jack, it might not be anything to worry about. I'll take you back to see the Doctor tomorrow, try not to worry until then," she advised. Jack closed the book and then flopped onto the pillow. "I can't believe this is happening," he lamented. "You've got a big day tomorrow, now try to get some rest" she suggested, "I'll go get you something to drink," she continued. Jack stared at the ceiling. It felt like a million thoughts were running through his mind and he couldn't untangle them. He fretted about the possibility that he might forget more words, or that he might forget how to read altogether. But he felt drowsy and the more he worried the more mentally exhausted he became. After several minutes of anguish he closed his eyes and his thoughts started to ebb away. When Emma returned to the bedroom with a glass of water Jack was already sound asleep. She placed the cup on a bedside table and then returned to the living room, where she stared out of the window. She was lost in thought for several minutes until the sound of a ringtone brought her back to reality. She recognized that the sound was coming from Jack's cellphone, which had laid untouched in the kitchen since they had arrived home the previous day. When she reached the kitchen the phone was still ringing and she didn't recognize the number on the screen. She thought about allowing it to go to voicemail, but when the phone continued to ring she picked it up and answered the call. "Hello." Emma said. "Hi, who is this?" a female voice asked. Emma didn't recognize the woman's voice and she thought that it might be someone from the hospital. "I'm Emma, Jack's girlfriend. Who are you?" Emma replied. "Oh...I...this is...awkward," the stranger stammered. Chapter 6 Emma helped Jack to climb onto a chair in Doctor Palmer's office and then took a seat next to him. "Jack, how have you been?" Doctor Palmer inquired. He looked up at the bespectacled Doctor, but he was struggling to put his thoughts into words. "Umm well..." Jack hesitated. "He was reading a book yesterday and well, I'll let him explain the rest." Emma interjected. "Go on..." Doctor Palmer said. Jack took a deep breath and stared at the wall. "Well I was reading a book, one I've read before. I didn't recognize some of the words," he revealed. "I see, which words didn't you recognize?" Doctor Palmer asked, as he picked up a pen and flipped through a notepad. "In...Intercepted and circumference." Jack stuttered. The Doctor scratched his beard and furrowed his brow. "When you say that you didn't recognize the words, do you mean that you couldn't remember the meaning of the words? Or did the words themselves seem unfamiliar to you?" Doctor Palmer quizzed. Jack could recall thinking that the words must have come from a different language. "Both. I felt like I'd never seen them before, but I must have, because I've read that book before." Jack replied. "I had to explain what they meant to him. He was looking at me like I was crazy." Emma interrupted. Doctor Palmer tore a piece of paper from the notepad and began scribbling down notes. "When she explained the meaning of the words to you, did that jog your memory?" he asked. Jack shook his head. "No, they sounded like made up words. Like I was hearing them for the first time," he replied. "Your brain has adapted to this change remarkably well, quite frankly it's a miracle that you can still recognize anyone. But this is a new symptom and we should monitor you for signs of mental decline." Doctor Palmer explained. Emma gasped audibly. Jack looked at her and noticed that she was wringing her hands nervously. Her brow furrowed and she glanced at Jack, then looked back at the Doctor. "Doctor, do you think it could get worse?" she queried. "To be honest I don't know, it's the first time that this has ever happened in medical history," he replied, "it's possible that Jack's brain just lost some information whilst his neural pathways were being re-organized. It might not happen again," he continued. "Might not?" Jack stated, squirming anxiously. Doctor Palmer took a deep breath and glanced at his computer, before turning his attention back towards Jack. "Your brain is smaller than it used to be, it's possible that it's struggling to retain all of the information that was stored in your adult brain," he clarified, "so it might be making more space, like deleting files from a computers hard drive when it's memory is full," he added. "Can you stop it?" Jack asked. "Well, there's still a lot that we don't understand about the brains of infants. Certain areas of the brain that are associated with memory storage don't develop fully until around the age of three or four. Your brain might be rejuvenating in the same way that your body did," he replied. Jack's mind raced. He wondered how long he might have left before he lost all of his memories. "But somebody must be able to help me." Jack pleaded. "We'll perform another scan and in the meantime I need to consult with one of my colleagues, wait here." Doctor Palmer instructed. After the Doctor had left the room Emma looked at Jack and smiled nervously. He recognized that smile, he knew that she was trying to put on a brave face. "It'll be okay," she said, but she didn't sound convinced. Jack perched himself on the edge of his seat and fidgeted nervously. Five minutes later Doctor Palmer returned and led them down a corridor into another room. Jack stared up at the huge MRI scanner and frowned. "I believe you've already met our radiographer, Paul." Doctor Palmer stated. "Yeah, I think he did the last scan," Emma replied, as she nodded in Paul's direction. "It's good to see you both again. Please can you help Jack up onto the table and we can make a start." Paul advised. Emma bent down and positioned her hands under Jack's armpits, before lifting him up onto the bed. The radiographer tried to reassure Jack as he entered the scanner and reminded him to stay still. Jack was unsettled by the loud noises being made by the scanner, but he managed to regain his focus and lie motionless. After the scan was complete, they were led back into Doctor Palmers office, where they were left to wait. They sat quietly for some time, the silence was occasionally punctuated by the sound of Emma tapping her foot. She briefly attempted to engage in small talk about the weather, but Jack barely responded. Sometime later, Doctor Palmer returned to the room carrying a clipboard. "Did you find anything Doctor?" Emma inquired. Doctor Palmer adjusted his glasses and squinted at the notes. "It's too early to say for certain, I think Jack's brain might still be changing, but..." he replied. Doctor Palmer paused and bit his lip, he appeared reluctant to finish the sentence. "But what?" Emma asked. "But the good news is I've just been speaking to one of my colleagues and we might have another option," he revealed. "What is it?" Jack asked. Doctor Palmer sat down at his desk and pulled his seat closer to Jack. Then he paused for a moment and gazed at Jack apprehensively, as though he was reluctant to share the information. "It's a relatively new drug that might slow down cognitive decline," he explained, "but I should caution you that it's not a cure and it's never been tested on someone like you, which makes it a risky treatment," he warned. "Let's do it." Jack asserted, without hesitation. Jack glanced up at Emma and thought that she might be about to say something. She opened her mouth to speak but then stopped herself. "Please think carefully about this, we can't anticipate what side effects there might be. I'm giving you this option now, but my recommendation would be to wait for a few days before starting treatment." Doctor Palmer advised. "Wait? Why?" Jack queried. The Doctor placed the clipboard on his desk and clasped his hands. "Because we still don't know how quickly your brain is changing or even the extent to which it will change, I suggest performing further tests before we start the treatment," he replied. Jack was frightened by the idea of waiting longer, his mind was all that he had left. "But in a few days I might not even remember my own name." Jack protested. "You don't know that will happen. What if this drug has dangerous side effects?" Emma interjected. He understood her concern, but nothing scared him more than the possibility of losing his memories and his identity. "And what if I don't take it and I lose my mind?" Jack replied. "If you choose to start this treatment now you must report any possible side effects to me as soon as they happen. We can perform another scan on Monday, in the meantime contact me if you start to feel unwell." Doctor Palmer explained Emma bit her lip and looked down nervously at Jack. "Jack, are you sure this is the right thing to do?" she asked. "I want to start now," he insisted. Doctor Palmer pulled his chair back up to his desk and began typing on his computer keyboard. "Okay, I'll write you a prescription. But I want you to call by again on Monday afternoon so we can run some more tests." Doctor Palmer instructed. "Thanks, we will do." Jack replied. "In the meantime I suggest you stay mentally stimulated, read or do puzzles, anything to keep your brain active." Doctor Palmer advised. Emma picked up her handbag and began rummaging through it. "Is there a pharmacy nearby?" she asked. "Three blocks away on 22nd Avenue." Doctor Palmer revealed. "Thankyou doctor. We could call there on our way home, Jack." she suggested. It suddenly dawned on him that he might have to go into the pharmacy with her. Jack balked at the idea, he didn't want to be seen in public. "Wait, I don't want to go in...I mean, I don't want people to see me." Jack stuttered. Emma glanced down at Jack and raised her eyebrows. "Well I can't leave you in the car, but I suppose I could go pick up the medicine myself and then come back here for you," she suggested, "is it okay if he waits here doctor?" she queried. "Sure, the pharmacy is only five minutes away." Doctor Palmer replied. The doctor finished writing the prescription and handed it to Emma, who folded it in half and placed it in her purse. "Thanks, I'll be back soon." Emma said, as she stood up. Jack looked up at her with a grateful smile, but to his surprise she strolled out of the room without even glancing at him. He squirmed impatiently in his seat whilst he waited for Emma to return. "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss before you go? Any questions?" Doctor Palmer asked. "No, thankyou." Jack replied, shaking his head. He had a lot of questions on his mind, but he was frightened of what the answers to those questions might be. They both sat in silence for ten minutes whilst Doctor Palmer continued to work diligently at his computer. When Emma returned from the pharmacy she appeared flustered. Jack recognized that look on her face, but he assumed that she had been irritated by another driver or by someone at the store. "Did you get it?" Jack queried. "Yeah, I think we're ready to go," Emma replied. Jack peered down at the ground and decided that he would attempt to climb down from his seat without Emma's assistance. "Oh before you go." Doctor Palmer interjected. The room fell silent for a moment and Jack wondered whether he might be about to receive more bad news. "You need to take two of those pills every day with a meal, the instructions should be on the bottle," he advised, "remember, if you start to feel unwell then call me," he added. Jack let out a sigh of relief and then climbed down to the floor. He thanked Doctor Palmer before following Emma out of the room and into a corridor. As they walked through the corridor together, Emma made a conscious effort to walk slowly so that Jack could keep up pace with her. Whenever they encountered a door, Emma would stop to hold it open so that Jack could pass through. Once they were outside Emma paused momentarily and surveyed her surroundings, trying to remember where she had parked the car. "It's this way," she said, motioning for Jack to follow her. When they reached the car, Jack climbed into his car seat and Emma buckled him in. After she had taken her place in the drivers seat she sat in silence for a few moments and collected her thoughts. "Well it could be worse, at least they have medicine that can help you," she remarked, as she turned the ignition key and the engine roared to life. "Maybe. I just...don't want to talk about it right now." Jack replied gloomily. When the car turned out of the parking lot Jack caught a glimpse of the hospital through the window, he knew that he would have to go back there soon and he wondered what condition he would be in when he returned. He stared out of the window at the passing rooftops whilst he contemplated his future, his body had been taken from him and now he was facing the possibility of losing his intellect as well. His stomach grumbled and he started to feel a little unwell. He wasn't sure why, but something felt wrong. He wriggled around in his seat to try and find a more comfortable position. As the seconds passed by he began to notice a dull pain in his stomach, like a pressure that was gradually building. Then he suddenly realized what was happening. Please, not now, he thought. But before he could finish the thought, he felt a large mass pushing its way out of his anus. By the time he had realized what was happening, it was already too late. Within seconds he could feel warm feces squashed between his buttocks. There was a brief respite, then seconds later he felt more fecal matter forcing its way through his sphincter. The smell hit his nostrils almost instantaneously. The feeling of sitting in his own excrement was bad enough, but knowing that Emma would soon smell his accident felt unbearable. Barely a minute had passed by when he heard Emma clearing her throat. "Jack, have you done a...you know?" she queried. He burned with shame and wished that the ground would swallow him up. "I'm sorry." Jack muttered, closing his eyes. "It's okay, it's not your fault." Emma said reassuringly. "I know, I just...why me?" he asked, dejectedly. "Things will get easier. Look, when we get home I'll help you get cleaned up," she offered. He didn't want her help, he wanted to be able to do it himself. He knew that his previous attempts at changing his own diaper had ended in abject failure, but he was determined to try again. He winced as Emma lowered the car windows to let in the fresh air. He remained silent for the rest of the journey home and quietly prayed that he would be able to retain at least some measure of dignity. When they arrived home and Emma bent down to unbuckle him, he was sure that she was trying to hold her breath. When he climbed down out of his car seat he became immediately conscious of how hard it was to walk in a full diaper. Every step that he took reminded him that he had soiled himself. He waddled into the house and made his way towards the restroom. He hoped that he would be able to clean himself up before Emma attempted to help him. But when he tried to take his jeans off he fumbled around awkwardly and he had only managed to pull them down to his ankles when Emma entered the room. "Here, let me help you. It'll be easier to do this if you lie down on the floor." Emma suggested. "It's okay, I can do it." Jack replied. Bending down he attempted to pull the jeans free of his ankles, but he stumbled and almost fell over. "Jack, will you please just lie down on the floor and let me help you get cleaned up?" she insisted. At the second attempt, he managed to fully remove his jeans. "I'm not going to lie down like a baby, it's demeaning. Leave me to it, I'll be careful." Jack protested. "It's not about..." Emma said, before stopping to take a deep breath. "Look, you don't have the motor control in your hands to be able to do this by yourself, you're going to make a mess and there'll be poop all over our restroom," she asserted, folding her arms. Jack waddled over to a packet of baby wipes in the corner of the room and picked them up. "I don't care...I mean, I'll...I'll clean it up afterwards." Jack stuttered. Emma sighed in exasperation and unfolded her arms, before placing her hands on her hips. "You're really going to smear shit everywhere just to protect your ego?" she snapped. As he waddled back towards the center of the room, the packet of wipes slipped from his grasp and tumbled to the floor. He looked down at the wipes and grunted in frustration. He knew that he was going to make a mess if he attempted it on his own. "You're being ridiculous. Please, just lie down and let me help you." Emma petitioned. He felt like crying, but he knew that lying down was the right thing to do. He let out a soft whimper and sat down on the floor. "Fine!" he mewled. Emma took a clean diaper from a cupboard and casually tossed it on the floor. Then she knelt down on the floor in front of Jack and gestured for him to lie down. When his head touched the floor he closed his eyes and shuddered, he knew that he would never live this down. Emma reached down and unfastened the tapes on his diaper. Jack continued to keep his eyes closed, he couldn't bare to look at her. He could feel the dirty diaper being pulled away from his skin, exposing his crotch. Although the cool air on his skin felt refreshing, the stench of feces was overpowering. "Jack, I need to lift your legs up." Emma explained. Before he could respond, he could feel her hands wrapped around his ankles. His legs were lifted into the air and then he could feel a cold wet wipe being rubbed against his buttocks. He balled his hands into fists and tried to imagine that he was somewhere else. Emma continued to clean his skin with the wet wipes, pausing occasionally to gag and pull a new wipe from the packet. He felt completely emasculated. Holding him by the ankles, she slid a clean diaper underneath him. "Jack, I want to ask you a question." Emma revealed. "Huh?" Jack grunted, opening his eyes. "Jack, have you ever cheated on me?" Emma queried. He gazed up at her in bewilderment, temporarily caught off guard by the question. He felt vulnerable, he was naked and his feet were still being held aloft. He wondered whether she had somehow found out about Louise, but he was too scared to tell her the truth. "No...no way, never." Jack insisted. "And that's the truth?" Emma quizzed. "Yeah, why would you ask that?" he replied. Emma shook her head and lowered his ankles back to the floor. "Yesterday, whilst you were sleeping, your phone rang," she announced, "I answered it, guess who was on the other end," she went on. Jack's heart sank. He hadn't seen Louise in months, but they still messaged each other occasionally. It suddenly dawned on him that she had messaged him prior to the experiment at the laboratory and that he had forgotten to reply. He wondered whether she might have tried to call him to find out why he hadn't replied to her message. "Emma, I...I can explain." Jack stammered. "You can explain? Explain what? I spoke to Louise, I saw the messages on your phone." Emma bristled. He was still conscious that he was naked from the waist down and he hoped to be able to postpone the argument until he felt less vulnerable. "I...can we talk about this later?" Jack asked. "No, we're talking about it now. Did you cheat on me with Louise?" Emma demanded. Jack now felt smaller than he had done at any point since the accident. Emma was looking down at him with a steely gaze, he tried to avoid making eye contact with her. He reasoned that since Emma knew Louise's name, they must have had a conversation. He decided that attempting to conceal the truth was now more dangerous than confessing. "I'm sorry." Jack muttered. "So when I asked you whether you'd ever cheated on me before, you were lying when you said 'no', weren't you?" Emma asked. He stared at the ceiling and struggled to come up with an appropriate answer, he felt trapped. "Well?" she hissed. "Yes." Jack said meekly. She glared down at him and shook her head. "And if I hadn't discovered the truth you would've carried on lying to me wouldn't you?" she chided. He had actually considered confessing to Emma a month prior to the accident, but he had only slept with Louise once and he had thought it would do more harm than good to tell her. "No...I wanted to tell you." Jack protested. "You wanted to tell me? Now you're lying to me and lying to yourself. I just gave you a chance to come clean and you didn't." Emma sneered. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen." Jack stammered. Emma stood up and walked over to the sink, where she began washing her hands. Jack sat up to look at her, he was still naked from the waist down and a clean diaper was spread out between his legs. After cleaning her hands Emma walked towards the doorway. "Change your own fucking diaper," she yelled, as she stormed out of the room. Jack sat in stunned silence for several minutes. Then he fumbled around with the clean diaper and clumsily tried to tape it shut around his body. After several attempts, he finally managed to get the tapes to stick correctly, but when he stood up the diaper felt too loose. Putting his jeans back on proved to be another trying experience, but he got there eventually. After getting dressed he decided to stay out of Emma's way and give her some time to cool off. He sat on the floor in the bedroom and stared at the wall for what seemed like an eternity, trying to think of something to say to her. He could hear her preparing dinner in the kitchen and he hoped that she would make him some too, it was yet another reminder of how dependent on her he had become. When he heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom he mentally prepared himself for an argument. When Emma entered the room she was carrying a plate and a small glass of water, without saying a word she placed them on the floor in front of him. He was relieved that she had at least still made dinner for him. Then she pulled a small pill bottle out of her pocket and unscrewed the lid, before emptying the contents into her hand. "You need to take two of these with your meal," Emma stated, as she bent down and placed two small pills on the side of his plate. He thought that she sounded as though she had calmed down and he wondered whether she might actually forgive him. "Thanks." Jack replied meekly. "Oh and you're sleeping on the couch tonight," she announced. Chapter 7 Jack awoke from a deep sleep and memories of the previous day came flooding back to him. He had already been worried that Emma might leave him following his sudden physical transformation, but he had hoped that she would take pity on him. Now that he had been forced to confess his infidelity, he was almost certain that their relationship had been irreparably damaged. He knew that he had made a terrible mistake, but he rationalized that had he known about the tragedy that was about to befall him, he would have never cheated on Emma. He needed her now, more than ever and he wished that he had never met Louise. When he thought about it carefully, his decision to pursue Louise no longer made sense to him. He could remember feeling attracted to her, but he no longer felt the same way. His memories of their secret tryst now felt empty and devoid of meaning. He mused that had he first met Louise now instead of several months ago, he would be physically incapable of being attracted to her. He wondered about the timing of Emma's decision to bring up the subject of Louise. He had been naked before her, smeared in his own shit, when she decided to broach the subject. He decided that it must have been a deliberate attempt to catch him out whilst he was at his most vulnerable. If she was willing to use that against him, he wondered what else she might be capable of. Jack curled up on the couch and waited quietly until he heard Emma get out of bed. Then he sat up attentively and fidgeted whilst he tried to think of something to say to her. But when Emma entered the room she didn't even look at him, instead she walked straight past him and into the kitchen. "Emma...I'm...I'm sorry." Jack called out. An awkward silence permeated the room until Emma returned from the kitchen. She stood in the doorway and stared off into the distance, avoiding making direct eye contact with him. "How many times did you fuck her?" Emma quizzed. Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat, as if trying to find a position that would alleviate the growing unease within him. "Just the once, I swear," he promised. "Was it just Louise? Or were there others?" she asked. "No, it was just her," he asserted. She shook her head in disbelief and furrowed her brow. "I don't even know why I'm asking, you could be lying to me right now," she replied. "But I'm not," he protested. Emma turned to look at him and a mixture of emotions flickered across her face. Her gaze was intense, filled with a combination of sadness and uncertainty. "The trust is gone, I can't carry on like this," she continued. He didn't just fear losing her, he worried about what would happen to him after it was over. No longer able to live independently, he was concerned about the prospect of being left on his own. "Don't leave me now, not now" he pleaded. "Jack, even if I wanted to stay, what kind of future would we have together?" she asked, "when I look at you I see a child, I'm not attracted to you anymore," she explained. He wasn't expecting intimacy, he knew that those days were over. He wasn't even expecting her to remain faithful to him, he just didn't want to be left on his own to face an uncertain future without her support. "Well...to be honest, I'm not attracted to you anymore either," he replied. Her eyes widened with surprise, as though she hadn't considered the possibility before. "You don't find me attractive?" questioned Emma. Realizing that his words could have been misinterpreted he quickly backtracked, his expression shifting to one of concern. "I didn't mean it that way. You're still pretty, but my body has changed and I just don't feel that stuff anymore," Jack clarified. Emma had been so focused on the changes to his physical appearance that she hadn't spared any thought for the mental or hormonal changes that might have occurred. "I know that's not your fault but it does kind of prove my point. We don't have a future together," she insisted. He didn't expect her to forgive him, but he thought that he might still be able to persuade her to stick around until his health improved. "I still care about you, we could still live together until I figure things out," he suggested. "Until you figure things out?" she queried. When he was in the hospital he had felt like he was a laboratory rat. He was the only person ever to age in reverse, a medical marvel. He had guessed what would happen if he returned to the hospital and stayed there. There would be an endless barrage of tests, medical experts from around the world would visit him in order to study his body. He wanted his life to return to normal, he wanted to live in his own home, but he was worried about being left on his own. "Look, I'm scared I might be losing my mind here. If I get any worse I need someone around to make sure I'll be okay," he explained. "You mean if you lose your marbles, I'll end up caring for you?" Emma challenged. "Just for a bit, hopefully it won't come to that," he replied. She sighed and covered her face with her hands as if attempting to shield herself from the world. After taking a few moments to collect herself she took her hands away from her face and took a deep breath. "Alright, I'll stay for a few weeks," she acquiesced, "but only to give you time to work things out," she added. He felt a sudden rush of relief and the tension that existed between them seemed to abate momentarily. "Thanks, I just...thanks," he stammered. "You won't be thanking me later," she cautioned, "we need to go out," she went on. "What do you mean?" he queried. "I need a letter from my doctor so I can get more time off work," she explained, "we need more groceries as well" she added. He recoiled at the idea of leaving the house and being seen by people. He guessed that she would only be gone for an hour or so and decided that he would be more comfortable being left on his own for a short amount of time. "Well I can stay here until you get back," he suggested. "Two minutes ago you were worried about being left on your own," Emma retorted. He struggled to come up with a way to explain the apparent contradiction. He knew that it would probably be safer for him to leave the house with Emma than it would be for him to remain at home on his own. But the shame of being seen in public seemed to outweigh his concerns for his own safety. "But...I...I," he stuttered. "Look you can wait in the car, but I'm not leaving you here on your own," she asserted. As much as he didn't want to leave the house, he got the sense that Emma wasn't going to back down. He had only just managed to persuade her not to leave him and he didn't want to push his luck. "Alright," he muttered as he shrugged his shoulders in resignation. Chapter 8 Jack sat in the car and waited impatiently for Emma to return. She had only been gone for five minutes, but he felt as though she had been gone for an hour. He prayed that nobody would peer through the car windows and see that he was unaccompanied. His stomach grumbled and he fidgeted anxiously. Ever since he became incontinent he had been fixating on the noises that his body made. He interpreted every rumble and every gurgle as a sign that he might be about to have a bowel movement. Passing wind was even worse, every time he farted he thought that he was about to shit himself. The car door clicked open and Jack was relieved to see Emma climbing into the drivers seat. "Got it," she announced, "now we just need to go to the grocery store," she added. "Do we have to?" he complained. "Yes, we do" she insisted. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Jack closed his eyes and rested his head. He wondered how he would be able to cope once Emma was no longer living with him and he decided to formulate a plan of action. Speaking to a lawyer was at the top of his agenda, he thought that he would be able to file a lawsuit and seek damages for the accident. He guessed that he would be able to use the proceeds to adapt his house so that he would be able to live independently. "We're here," Emma announced. Jack opened his eyes and yawned. He couldn't remember falling asleep but he guessed that he must have drifted off on the way to the grocery store. "Oh crap," Emma exclaimed. "What's up?" he queried. "I just saw some cops going into the grocery store," she explained. Instinctively he turned his head towards the window, hoping that he would be able to see them himself, but the window was too high for him to be able to get a good view of the store. "So...," he replied. "So I can't leave you in the car, if they see you I might get in trouble," she clarified. He knew that being left in the car on his own would be risky and he didn't want to be mistaken for an unaccompanied child, but he had no intention of going into the grocery store with her. "We can come back tomorrow," he suggested. "Let's just do it now and get it over with," she insisted. He balked at the idea, he wasn't willing to sacrifice his dignity for a few bags of groceries. "I'm not going in there," he protested. "Why not?" she asked, "I need stuff to make dinner," she added. He tried to think of every possible objection that he could raise, but he had to admit that it could all be boiled down to one thing. "I don't want people to see me, it's embarrassing," he replied. "So you care about you're feelings, but you didn't care about embarrassing me when you fucked Louise," she snapped. Jack thought that it was an unfair comparison as he hadn't intended to hurt Emma's feelings. "This is different," he protested. "Jack if you make me drive all the way home without buying groceries then I'm gonna leave you to sort out your own mess," she threatened. He bit his lip and thought for a few moments. He considered the possibility that he was being unreasonable, after all it seemed plausible to him that she did need to buy supplies. But he struggled to suppress his lingering doubts about her intentions. "But...but," he stuttered. "It'll only take ten minutes, just keep quiet and don't say anything weird in front of people," she instructed. Before Jack could muster a response Emma was already opening the car door. "Wait," he protested. "Oh stop being dramatic," she replied, "just keep quiet and play along," she added. After climbing out of the car Emma bent down to unbuckle Jack from his car seat. He recoiled and placed his hands over the buckle in a futile attempt to stop her. "Stop it," he squeaked. She leaned in closer until she was inches away from his face and whispered "If you want my help then drop the attitude, we're going shopping,". He scowled at Emma and reluctantly allowed her to unbuckle his restraints. He climbed out of the car gingerly in a deliberate attempt to forestall her, but it was an impotent gesture of defiance. He stood in front of her and looked down at the floor dejectedly. Emma bent down and placed her hands underneath his armpits, then she hoisted him into the air. For a brief moment they were face to face and looking directly into each others eyes, then she maneuvered him on to her hip and held him tightly. His legs straddled her body, his left thigh rubbed against her lower back and his right knee was touching her waist. She used her right arm to support his weight, holding him close to her body. "I want to walk," he mewled. "There's cars around, they won't see you," she replied. He had pleaded with Emma not to leave him, but he was beginning to reconsider his feelings. He thought that her decision to take him to the grocery store seemed more like an act of malevolence than an act of necessity. He wasn't used to being carried by anyone, he peered down at the ground nervously. As she carried him towards the storefront groups of people shuffled past them and he marveled at how big everyone appeared. Once they were inside the store Emma carried him towards a shopping cart. She turned her head to face him and whispered "I'll put you in the child seat, I'll move faster this way". Jack's eyes widened with surprise, he hadn't even considered the possibility that he might have to sit in a shopping cart. He was furious, but he didn't want to draw attention to himself by causing a scene in the store. He groaned as she lifted him into the child seat, her abdomen was now at his eyelevel, but his feet still dangled far above the floor. She was wearing a crop top and he spent the next few moments staring at her navel, wishing that he hadn't agreed to go to the grocery store with her. The sensation of being pushed around the store felt strange to him, it was almost like being on a ride at an amusement park. As they passed by groups of strangers Jack looked down at the floor and tried to avoid making eye contact with people. He tried to imagine that he was somewhere else, anywhere but there. "Excuse me." Emma said. Jack looked up and saw that Emma was attempting to attract the attention of a shop assistant. A young woman wearing an apron turned around to greet Emma. "Yes ma'am?" the shop assistant replied. Jack glanced at her nervously, his gaze filled with apprehension. Her dark blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, she had a nose piercing and a small silver ring adorned her left nostril. "Please can you show me where the baby section is?" Emma queried, "I'm looking for diapers," she added. Jack's heart jumped into his throat and he looked back down at the floor in shame. As he had suspected, Emma wasn't merely going grocery shopping, it was a deliberate attempt to humiliate him. "All of the baby items are on aisle three," she answered, "follow me," she continued. "Thank you." Emma replied. Emma pushed the shopping cart alongside the assistant as she led them to the baby section. As Jack stared at the floor and wriggled uncomfortably, he could feel the padding of his own diaper rubbing against his thighs. Every movement he made was a reminder of his predicament. "How old is your son?" the assistant asked. Jack braced himself for the answer, he wanted the ground to swallow him up. "He's one and a half." Emma replied. The shop assistant turned to look at Jack and smiled sweetly, her eyes sparkling with warmth. "He's so cute, I have a nephew who's just a bit older than him," the assistant remarked. Jack glanced at her and blushed. "Here we are, the diapers are just over there," the shop assistant said, pointing towards a shelf. Emma thanked the assistant and then pushed the shopping cart towards the packages of baby diapers. Jack let out a sigh of relief as the shop assistant walked away from them and he felt comfortable enough to examine his surroundings. He was glad to see that there was no one else nearby and he thought that he might have a brief respite from the torment. Emma examined the contents of the shelf and hummed to herself, she was lingering a little too long for his liking. Jack glanced in the opposite direction and saw a group of teenaged girls walking down the aisle towards them, then he looked down at the floor again. As the girls approached he could hear snippets of their conversation. "You'll never guess what Ava told me about Noah," one of the girls babbled. "Ava, you mean Ava Martinez?" another girl replied. "No, she doesn't know Noah. I meant Ava Green," the girl clarified. As the girls passed behind him he tensed up and silently prayed that Emma wouldn't do anything to embarrass him. "Jack, have you done a poopy?" Emma asked. He winced and balled his hands into fists. He hadn't pooped himself, but it was of no consolation to him because the strangers passing by would surely assume that he had done. "Mommy asked you a question, did you go poopy?" Emma repeated. He wanted to scream at her, he wanted to call her a fucking bitch. But he feared that if he reacted to her provocations then he might draw even more attention to himself. "No," he murmured. "Well stay still and let mommy check." Emma insisted. Emma moved behind him and placed her hands under his armpits, before he could react he was lifted out of the child seat and hoisted into the air. His legs dangled precariously as he felt himself being lifted above her head like a trophy, he couldn't see what she was doing but he could hear her sniffing. He suddenly realized that she was sniffing his bottom and he was mortified to see a girl standing on the other side of the aisle looking directly at him. He instinctively closed his eyes and then felt himself being lowered back into the child seat. When he opened his eyes again he was being pushed towards a different aisle, then Emma stopped again to examine the products on a shelf. He glared at her as he crossed his arms and clenched his jaw. His cheeks were red and his nostrils flared, he could barely contain his rage. When Emma noticed the expression on his face she bent down until her face was only inches away from his. "If you dare to throw a tantrum I'm gonna find the women's restroom and change you right here," she whispered. Jack took deep breaths and tried to calm himself down as he focused on the rise and fall of his chest with each inhalation and exhalation. He felt like he was in a trance, as though his brain couldn't process what had just happened. Whilst Emma continued to shop he sat quietly and stared at the floor in disbelief. Then after what seemed like an eternity, she paid for the goods and they left the store together. As she carried him towards the car, he silently cursed her and wished that he hadn't asked her to stay. When she buckled him into his car seat he glanced up at her and noticed that she was smirking. As soon as she had taken her seat and closed the car door, he exploded in a fit of rage. "What the fuck was that?" he snarled. Emma paused for a few moments to consider her response, whilst Jack waited impatiently for a reply. "I'm not sure. Karma, maybe?" she answered. "Karma? Fuck you," he yelled in a shrill voice. Despite his efforts to sound menacing, his high-pitched voice betrayed him, causing his attempt at intimidation to fall flat. "You won't be fucking me anytime soon, not with that tiny baby dick," she retorted. "Then fuck off, we're finished," he seethed. Emma shrugged her shoulders in a gesture that conveyed a sense of indifference. "We're already finished, I told you it's over," she corrected. In that moment he didn't just want to break up with her, he never wanted to see her again. She had damaged his self esteem to such a degree that he couldn't bare to be around her. "I want you out of my house," he ordered, "just leave me alone," he added. "Oh stop being such a baby," she teased, "I'll drive you home and leave you to calm down for a bit," she continued. Chapter 9 Jack sat on the couch and sulked. He had attempted to confront Emma again about her behavior, but ever since they had arrived home from the grocery store she was attempting to avoid the subject. He could hear the shower running, she'd been in there for at least ten minutes. Although he had simmered down, his ego was still bruised and he thought that reconciliation with her would be impossible. He wanted her to move out, but he was reluctant to insist upon it for fear of what her reaction might be. He had known that she was upset with him, but her actions at the grocery store had surprised him and he was no longer sure whether it was safe to be around her. For the first time in his life, he was scared of Emma. After weighing up his options he decided that he needed to inform someone else about his concerns before the situation could escalate further. He clambered down from the sofa and crept into the hallway, before tiptoeing into the bedroom. He found his cellphone on the nightstand, exactly where he had left it. He picked up the phone with both hands and carried it back into the living room, before climbing back onto the sofa. After unlocking the phone and accessing his recent contacts, he decided to send a message to his mother. But his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the shower being switched off and he had the sudden realization that he might only have seconds left to send the message. He scrolled through his contacts list in a hurry, but a rush of panic only inhibited his attempts to use the phone. Then he heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway and he quickly concluded that he wouldn't have enough time to send the message. He knew that he only had moments left to hide the phone, so he scrambled across the sofa and slid it behind a cushion. When Emma strolled into the living room she was still naked from the waist up, with only a towel around her waist protecting her modesty. Strands of damp hair were draped over her shoulders and water droplets glistened on her skin. "I guess we should talk," she suggested. They locked eyes with each other briefly, until Jack felt his gaze drawn towards something else "Talk?" Jack replied. He found himself staring at her bare breasts, he wasn't sure why, but he found them strangely alluring. Before he knew it he had lost his train of thought. "Yeah, about us," she clarified. He regained his focus and looked her in the eye again. "You said it yourself, its over," he replied. "But this morning you were begging me to stay," she recounted. Without realizing it, his gaze drifted back towards her breasts. They were well-rounded and perky, he was transfixed by them. "You wanted me to stay with you" she reiterated. He looked up again and blushed, then tried to compose himself. "That was before that crap you pulled in the grocery store," he retorted. She smiled derisively as a contemptuous smirk played across her lips. "Oh yeah, it's not like you've ever hurt my feelings," she quipped sarcastically. He was starting to become frustrated by the conversation. He noticed that every time that he criticized her actions, she would simply turn the conversation back towards his own wrongdoing. "That wasn't the same, it was a mistake" he protested. Emma rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. She was annoyed by his reluctance to acknowledge the hurt that he had caused her and his refusal to take responsibility for his betrayal. "A mistake? You humiliated me, used me," chided Emma. "I loved you." Jack asserted. Her brows furrowed slightly as she processed his response and tried to work out whether he was telling the truth. She seemed taken aback, as though she hadn't expected him to proclaim that he had loved her. Then her expression hardened into a mask of cold indifference. "No, I loved you Jack. Even after the accident I was willing to stand by you, I felt bad for you. But you lied to me," Emma sneered. He knew that he had loved her, despite her claims to know otherwise. He concluded that she was clearly unwilling to forgive him and he decided to reiterate his desire for her to leave. "I want you to move out," he asserted. She hesitated for a few moments as she contemplated her response, then her expression softened and she adopted a more conciliatory tone. "I need to find a new place to live first. Besides, who will make your dinner if I leave now?" she replied. He had to admit that she had a point, he knew that preparing his own meal would be an ordeal. He would have to pull a chair into the kitchen and stand on it in order to reach the refrigerator, then he would have to move the chair again in order to reach the microwave. He guessed that he would have to move the chair around at least three times before he would be able to eat. Then his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of something vibrating. "What was what?" Emma queried. He realized that it was his phone, it was the only thing that it could be. "Uh what?" he muttered. "That sounded like a phone vibrating" she remarked. He started to panic, he knew that he would have to come clean but he dreaded what her reaction was going to be. "Oh...that, I was...was," he stuttered, "just going to message my mom," he added. Emma marched towards the sofa, causing Jack to recoil in fright. Then she started methodically searching for the phone, first down the back of the seats and then down the sides. Eventually she lifted a cushion that was nestled in the corner of the sofa and discovered the hidden phone. "So why were you hiding it from me?" quizzed Emma. "I wasn't," sputtered Jack. "Then why was it behind this cushion?" she asked. He didn't have an explanation, there was no way to plausibly deny that he was hiding the phone. He realized that he needed to make her understand that he was hiding it out of fear, not out of a desire to mislead her. "Okay I did hide it, I hid it because I knew you'd react this way if you saw it," he explained. Emma picked up the phone and started to examine it, checking for any recent messages. Meanwhile Jack fidgeted nervously, wondering what had caused the phone to vibrate. "So, who messaged me?" he asked. "Just the hospital, confirming your appointment on Monday," she replied. He thought that she sounded disappointed, as though she had been expecting an incriminating message from Louise. "See, I didn't do anything," he avowed. She bit her lip and fell silent as she continued to inspect the phone, then let out a heavy sigh. "You were going to though, that's why you want me to move out, so you can see Louise again," accused Emma, as she pointed her finger at Jack. It wasn't true, but it occurred to him that seeing Louise again would be preferable to remaining with Emma. He hadn't been actively planning to meet with Louise again, but now he was considering it. He decided that at the very least he would feel safer in Louise's presence. "You're paranoid," he retorted, "she wouldn't move in with me now, look at me," he continued. Emma laughed incredulously and shook her head in disbelief, "oh so I'm paranoid, I just imagined you cheating on me, that was all just a dream," she replied sarcastically. Sensing that the confrontation was about to escalate, he decided that he needed to remove himself from the situation. "I've had enough of this, if you won't leave then I will," he asserted. He climbed down from the sofa and started making his way towards the hallway. "Where will you go?" she called after him. As he reached the doorway to the hallway he stopped in his tracks. He wondered where he would go, he couldn't go to his mothers house, she lived on the other side of the country. "Back to the hospital," he replied. "How? You can't drive," she protested. Jack could hear footsteps behind him and he decided to make a beeline for the front door. "I'll walk," he insisted. Emma followed him into the hallway and then stepped in front of him, blocking his pathway to the front door. Then she shielded the door with her body, preventing him from leaving. "Don't be stupid," she warned, "you're appointment is on Monday. If you wait until then I'll drive you there myself," she added. He gazed up at the colossus blocking his exit, he had no way of getting past her. But he knew that even if he could get past her then he would have no way of getting to the hospital, it would have taken him hours to walk there by himself. He needed help. "Gimme back my phone," he demanded. She extended her hand downwards and for a moment, it appeared that she was going to hand the phone to him. But when he reached up to grab it she quickly withdrew her hand and held the phone above his head, just out of his reach. "Are you gonna make me?" she retorted. "You can't do this to me, take me back to the hospital," squealed Jack. Emma grasped the phone between her thumb and index finger, then dangled it above his head as she grinned mischievously. "Like I said, I'll take you back on Monday," she asserted, "but first, we're gonna have some fun," she added. Chapter 10 Jack drifted in and out of sleep, it felt peaceful. Whenever he momentarily regained consciousness, he was only dimly aware of his surroundings and the desire to go back to sleep was overwhelming. In this state of drowsiness he had forgotten the turmoil that he had endured over the past few days, it was blissful. Once he had fully regained consciousness he started to recall the events of the previous day. He kept his eyes closed and wondered whether Emma might start to regret her behavior towards him. He hoped that she would have calmed down after a full night of sleep and that she might start to feel remorse for the things that she had said. Then he heard movement in the room and he realized that Emma was already awake. When he opened his eyes he saw her stood by the side of the bed, looking down at him. "Good morning sleepyhead," she beamed. He had asked her if he could sleep on the sofa, but she had insisted that he would have to sleep next to her in the bed. She had been watching him like a hawk ever since she had confiscated his phone, he couldn't get away from her. "We're going to play a game today," she announced, "I'm going to pretend to be your mommy and your going to pretend to be my baby," she continued. Jack decided not to respond, he thought that if he pretended to go back to sleep then she might leave him alone for a while. He groaned, snuggled into the bed covers and closed his eyes again. When he heard her leave the room, he decided to use the time to plot his next move. He listened as Emma went about her morning routine, all the while he wondered what he could do or say to get away from her. After what seemed like a while, he heard a knock at the front door. He listened intently as the door was unlocked and opened, then he heard muffled voices. He briefly considered calling out for help to whoever was at the door, but after what sounded like a few words being exchanged the door slammed shut again. He could hear shuffling and the sound of something being dragged across the floor, then he wondered whether a parcel might have been delivered. He recalled Emma's announcement that they were going to a play a game, he had hoped that she had been joking, but he was finding it increasingly difficult to predict her behavior. He listened nervously to the sound of her fumbling around with something, then he heard the sound of rustling plastic and something being torn open. After what felt like a long time, he could no longer stand the tension and he decided to go see what she was doing. Jack crawled out from underneath the covers and climbed down from the bed. When his feet touched the floor he realized that his diaper was so full that it was practically sliding off of him. It was soaked with urine and it sagged precariously between his legs, the tapes were buckling under the weight and barely held it around his waist. He guessed that if Emma saw him like that then she would use it as an opportunity to change him, so he decided to try changing out of the diaper himself. He pulled at the tapes on the side of the diaper and gravity did the rest, within moments it slid onto the floor with a light thud. Now naked, he crept into the spare bedroom where he knew the diapers were kept. However when he arrived he saw that the package of diapers had been left on top of a chest of drawers, out of his reach. He looked around the room to see if he could use anything to climb up to reach them, but he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind him. "Jack, what happened to your diaper? Are you trying to change yourself again?" Emma queried. Jack span around to see Emma stood over him, then he remembered that he was naked and he made a half hearted attempt to cover his genitals. "You don't need to be shy, you haven't got anything that I haven't already seen," teased Emma. He blushed and looked down at his feet, unable to meet her gaze. "Now lie down on the floor so I can change you, then you can have breakfast and take your medicine." Emma ordered. He hesitated for a moment and contemplated drawing a line in the sand. He was intimidated by her, but he worried that his cowardice might only embolden her. "I'll do it myself," he asserted. "You can't have your breakfast until I've changed you into a clean diaper and you can't take you're medicine until you've had breakfast," she warned. His heart sank as the implications of her words began to sink in. He understood that she was making an implicit threat, if he didn't comply with her demands then he wouldn't be able to take his medicine. He wasn't sure whether she would be willing to carry out the threat, but he wasn't willing to risk the possibility that she would. Jack sighed and decided that he would comply with her demands for the time being. He groaned and then slumped to the floor, feeling completely defeated. As Emma loomed over him he closed his eyes in a futile attempt to preserve his dignity. He could hear the soft rustling of plastic as Emma removed a clean diaper from the package and placed it down on the floor. Then he heard movement and felt her presence, he guessed that she was kneeling in front of him. She wrapped her fingers around his ankles and lifted his legs into the air before sliding the fresh diaper underneath him. After releasing his ankles she secured the diaper around his waist and fastened the tapes. "There we go," she cooed. When he opened his eyes he saw Emma kneeling on the floor, gazing down at him. She smiled impishly and tilted her head slightly, hinting at a mischievous plan about to unfold. Then she climbed to her feet and beckoned Jack to follow her. "Come with me, I've got a surprise for you," she instructed. Jack couldn't remember the last time he'd experienced a good surprise and he wasn't expecting the next one to break that trend. He rose slowly to his feet and then stood there for a few moments, pondering his next move. Emma strolled into the hallway and then looked over her shoulder to check whether he was following her. "This way," directed Emma. He traipsed behind her, taking as much time as he could. As they passed by the front door he noted the presence of two large parcels propped up against the wall in the hallway. When Emma reached the doorway to the dining room she turned around and motioned for Jack to go through the door. He held his breath and followed her into the dining room. "Look at what I bought for you Jack," she said. He looked up at a white plastic high chair that was stood in the middle of the dining room. It wasn't just the thought of sitting in the high chair that troubled him, he was also disturbed by the realization that Emma was willing to spend money on things for the sole purpose of tormenting him. Emma went to the kitchen and left Jack stood in the dining room, who continued staring at the high chair. When she returned to the dining room she was carrying a glass of water and a pill bottle. "Come on Jack, you can try sitting in it at least once, for me." Emma suggested He wanted to draw a line in the sand, he wanted to tell her to get stuffed. But he knew that if he didn't go voluntarily then she could simply force him into the high chair and he would have no way of stopping her. "And if I don't?" Jack muttered. "I might just forget to give you this," she replied, shaking the pill bottle. Jack took a step towards the high chair and then hesitated. He couldn't be sure that she would carry out the threat and for a moment he was tempted to call her bluff, but then he thought better of it. "We're going back to the hospital on Monday, right?" he asked. "We will, if you're a good boy." Emma replied. He wondered how much money she had paid for the high chair, if it had been expensive he thought that she would want to use it more than once. "You've spent money on this thing, what will you do with it when I'm gone?" he queried. "I can just sell it to someone online, it will be like brand new." Emma explained, shrugging her shoulders. He sighed and then stepped slowly towards the high chair, until he was within touching distance of it. Emma placed the pill bottle and the glass of water down on the dining table, before lifting Jack into the high chair. His legs dangled far above the floor and he knew that he wouldn't be able to get out of the chair without assistance, he felt trapped. Even from this vantage point, Emma still towered over him. When she returned to the kitchen to make breakfast, Jack surveyed the dining room from his high chair and thought about his predicament. Emma returned from the kitchen with a bowl of oatmeal and placed it on the high chair tray, then she pulled a seat up to the high chair and sat down in front of Jack. He stared at the bowl and his stomach rumbled, aching for sustenance. Emma used a small spoon to scoop up some of the oatmeal and held it out in front of Jack's face. He folded his arms and turned his head away from the spoon. "I want to feed myself." Jack insisted. "Okay well I'll make you a deal, if you can put this spoon in your mouth without making a mess then I'll let you feed yourself." Emma replied. Jack felt like his motor control had improved over the past few days and he was willing to try using the spoon in order to avoid the indignity of being fed by her. He reached out with one hand to grab the spoon and Emma carefully passed it to him. He grasped the spoon tightly in his hand and carefully maneuvered it towards his mouth. The spoon was so close to his mouth that he could feel the warmth from the oatmeal on his lips, but at the last moment the spoon veered awkwardly to the right and the oatmeal spilled onto his bare chest. He grunted in frustration and slammed the spoon onto the tray. Emma smirked and tilted her head. "Let mommy feed you so that you don't make a mess," she teased. Emma picked up the spoon and scooped up some more oatmeal before holding it aloft in front of Jack. It smelled good and he felt hungry, he thought that he could probably starve just to spite her, but he reasoned that it wouldn't do him any good. He knew that he needed to eat in order to stay mentally alert and he realized that going on hunger strike would be counter productive. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide. "No Jack, open your eyes, I want you to open your eyes and look at me." Emma ordered. He reluctantly opened his eyes and saw that Emma was looking directly at him. He tried to avoid making eye contact with her by focusing on her chin. "You're looking through me, not at me. I want you to look me in the eye," she demanded. Jack stared into her pale blue eyes and tried to imagine that he was somewhere else. "Here comes the choo choo train," she cooed. She moved the spoon slowly towards his open mouth as she stared into his soul. "Choo, choo," she continued. Jack swallowed a mouthful of oatmeal and winced in embarrassment. Emma repeated the process, spoonful after spoonful, until the bowl was nearly empty. After he had finished breakfast, she took the pill bottle and the glass of water from the table. Then she placed the medicine on his tongue and lifted the glass up to his mouth so that he could take a sip of water. After he had swallowed his medicine, Emma returned to the kitchen to eat her own breakfast and wash up. Jack sat silently in the high chair and hoped that Emma had finished torturing him. He stared at a clock on the wall and impatiently watched the minutes pass by as he awaited her return. As he studied the clock face something began to trouble him, the numbers on the clock didn't look right to him. In place of the number eleven he could see an X followed by a straight line. But he knew that the number eleven was two straight lines and he wondered why there would be an X there. He looked at where the number twelve should be, but instead he saw an X and two straight lines. He remembered that X was a symbol used to multiply one number by another number and he couldn't understand why it would be on a clock. When he thought about it more carefully he could recall seeing clocks like that one before. He concluded that the numbers on the clock were in a different language, perhaps in Spanish. He wondered why Emma would buy a Spanish clock and he decided that she might have been trying to deliberately confuse him. "Jack, what are you staring at?" Emma asked, as she stood in the doorway. "Uh...oh...nothing." Jack mumbled. "The clock? You can still tell the time right?" Emma queried. Jack hesitated, he wanted to ask her about the strange numbers, but he didn't want her to know that he was confused. "Yeah...uh...the numbers just seem...never mind." Jack stuttered. "Well, I've got another surprise for you, I'll be back in about fifteen minutes." Emma said. Emma left the room and Jack listened to her drag something through the hallway. He was starting to dread the word surprise. He could hear packaging being opened and the sound of something heavy being moved. He fidgeted nervously as the seconds ticked by, then after what seemed like an eternity she returned to the dining room. As she approached the high chair Jack noticed that she had a mischievous glimmer in her eyes, a hint of what was to come. She placed her hands underneath his armpits and hoisted him out of the high chair, before depositing him on the ground. "Follow me," she instructed. Jack reluctantly followed behind her as she led him into the spare bedroom. There he saw what appeared to be the unassembled pieces of a wooden crib on the floor. "This is going to be your bedroom until Monday, what do you think?" Emma asked. Jack leaned backwards against the bedroom wall and stared at his feet. "Don't sulk, you can be my little helper, now pass me those screws." Emma ordered, pointing to a small plastic bag on the floor. Jack looked at the bag of screws and frowned, then shook his head. "Fine, I'll do it then." Emma said as she bent down and picked up the screws. Jack watched her in silence as she assembled the crib, piece by piece. He picked up the discarded bag that had contained the screws and read the label. 12mm screws He was relieved that he had recognized the number twelve and that it didn't have an X in it. He felt sure that there was something wrong with the clock he had seen earlier. Once Emma had finished assembling the crib she left the room and returned with a small mattress. Jack stared up at the wooden bars and wondered whether he would be strong enough to climb out of the crib. "Come on, let's try it out." Emma suggested as she beckoned him to move towards her. Emma placed the mattress in the crib and Jack walked timidly towards her. She lifted him into the air and lowered him into the crib. As the bars rose up around him, Jack felt like he was being imprisoned in a cell. Although he was taller than the bars surrounding him, he wasn't sure whether he would be strong enough to pull himself up over the sides. Emma gazed down at him and smirked. "Do you like your new crib Jack?" she asked. Jack looked away from her and groaned. "Please, I've learned my lesson, I'm sorry," he whimpered. Chapter 11 Emma had been quiet all morning and Jack sensed that something was weighing on her mind. When she had changed his diaper she had remained silent and had barely made eye contact with him. Then she had allowed him to eat breakfast quietly on his own and had made no attempt to demean him. After breakfast she had even allowed him to watch the morning news on television whilst she played with her cellphone. Jack thought that she might be coming to her senses and he was hopeful that she would take him to his appointment with Doctor Palmer the following day. He was planning to ask her about it, however he was taken by surprise when Emma raised the subject before he could. "Doctor Palmer told you to stay mentally stimulated, I don't think watching TV counts, do you want to do some puzzles?" Emma asked. He was pleasantly surprised that she was still taking an interest in his health and he thought that a puzzle would be a welcome distraction from daytime TV. "Sure." Jack replied. "I've got a brain teaser for you," she announced, "are you ready?" she queried. Jack nodded his head. "A farmer is travelling with a fox, a goose and a bag of beans. During his journey, he comes across a river with a boat to cross it," she explained, "are you with me so far?" she asked. "Yeah," he replied. "The farmer can only fit one thing in the boat with him at a time. If left alone together, the fox will eat the goose or the goose will eat the beans. How does the farmer get everything across the river safely?" she quizzed. He thought it sounded simple enough, but he needed to see it on paper to be able to work it out. "Can you write it down?" he asked. Emma went to the kitchen and returned with a notepad. She wrote the question down and placed the notepad on the floor in front of him. Jack studied the question carefully, he understood all of the words written on the page, which came as a relief to him. After deliberating, he decided that the farmer would have to take the goose across the river first. But the next step wasn't entirely clear to him, he reasoned that if the farmer crossed the river with the fox next then it would have a chance to eat the goose. But if the farmer crossed with the beans instead then the goose would have a chance to eat the beans. He thought about it for several minutes, the problem had sounded easy to resolve but he was missing something. "Have you found the answer yet?" Emma queried. "Oh...nearly," he replied. Jack was getting frustrated with himself. He kept losing his train of thought and had to start from the beginning again. Then after a number of imaginary river crossings, he thought he had finally found the correct answer. "Got it!" he announced. Emma, who was by now sat on the sofa again, looked up from her phone. "Okay, what's the answer?" she asked. Jack tentatively explained the steps that the farmer would need to take in order to cross the river successfully. "That's right, well done!" she beamed. Jack felt relieved that he had been able to solve the puzzle, it had taken him longer than he had expected, but he was reassured that he had at least arrived at the correct answer. "Do you want to try another one?" Emma suggested. He knew that it would do him good to continue, but he felt mentally drained after grappling with the first puzzle. "Actually I wanted to ask about Doctor Palmer. Are we still going to see him tomorrow?" he queried. Emma got up from the sofa and walked towards the door. "Of course," she replied, on her way out of the room. Jack returned to watching television and wondered whether she genuinely intended to take him to the appointment. He guessed that if they didn't turn up then the hospital would attempt to contact him, so he reasoned that she couldn't postpone the hospital appointment indefinitely. He was left to his own devices for the next couple of hours and with a sense of relief, he embraced the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts. By the time Emma had prepared lunch he was already feeling drowsy, it was nearly time for his afternoon nap. Instead of forcing him to sit in the high chair, she placed the plate in front of him on the floor and he ate whilst watching television. He caught himself nodding off and had to make a conscious effort to stay awake, but he managed to finish his lunch without falling asleep. "Jack, can we talk" asked Emma. "What about?" Jack responded wearily. "You're a lot smaller than you used to be and I can imagine how scary that must feel," she acknowledged, "sometimes I notice you flinching when I come near you, but I want you to know that I'll never hurt you," she promised. He had to admit that he was intimidated by her stature, but her promise rang hollow. Although she had never physically injured him, she had spent the past few days emotionally manipulating him. "You hurt my feelings," he countered. "Yeah, I guess I did," she admitted, "but I'll never, you know...hit you," she added. He thought that it was outrageous that she had emotionally tormented him and then congratulated herself for not hitting him. But it seemed as though she was attempting to reconcile with him and he didn't want to spurn the opportunity. "Is that an apology" he queried. She smiled faintly and then held out her arms, "can I hug you?" she asked. He didn't want a hug, he just wanted her to admit that what she had done to him was wrong. "No," answered Jack. "It might make you feel better," she suggested, "come on, stand up," she instructed. He rose to his feet and yawned, he was too tired to argue with her. Emma reached down and placed her hands beneath his armpits, then lifted him into the air and embraced him. She used her left arm to support his rear end and pressed her right hand against his back, rubbing it softly. He rested his head on her shoulder and sighed, then the tension seemed to leave his body. He felt a pang of shame, he was almost enjoying being held by her. It was a curious sensation, after days of being ridiculed by her he now felt relieved by her warm embrace. He tried to fight the urge to sleep, but despite his best efforts to shake off the drowsiness, he nodded off. When Jack opened his eyes he found himself looking up at Emma as she cradled him in her arms. They were still in the living room, but he noticed that they were now sat on the couch. He was dismayed that she was still holding him and he wondered how long he had been asleep for. "What are you doing?" squeaked Jack. She looked down at him and appeared to be startled momentarily, as though she hadn't noticed that he was awake. "I'm cuddling you," she answered, "I thought you were enjoying it," she added. Jack sat upright and climbed out of her lap, then crawled to the opposite side of the couch. "I wasn't enjoying it," he protested. She raised one eyebrow and her lips curled into a sardonic grin. "Then why did you fall asleep when I picked you up?" she queried. He hesitated for a moment, although he had been tired he had managed to stay awake long enough to eat his lunch. He wondered why he hadn't been able to resist dozing off in Emma's arms. "I didn't mean to, I was...I was just tired," he stammered. "Oh come on, just admit it, part of you enjoyed it," she insisted. He blushed and then felt a sudden flash of anger, he just wanted the conversation to end. "I didn't," he huffed. "Well I enjoyed cuddling you," she admitted. Jack climbed down from the sofa and marched towards the door. "Just leave me alone," he grumbled, before storming out of the room. When he arrived in the spare bedroom he sat down on the floor with his back against the wall and thought about what she had said. He knew that he had enjoyed being held by her and that although he could no longer feel sexual desire, he still craved physical intimacy. But every touch was corrosive to his identity, he was a grown man but when she held him in her arms he felt like he was an infant. He stared off into space until something caught his attention in the corner of the room, there were two brown parcels propped up against the wall. He was sure that they hadn't been there the previous day and he wondered whether Emma might be planning something. "Jack," called Emma. He heard the sound of approaching footsteps and braced himself for her arrival. "There you are," she said, strolling into the bedroom. Jack didn't even acknowledge her presence, he crossed his arms and stared at the opposite wall. "You don't need to be embarrassed about what happened earlier," she reassured. He continued to ignore her and fixed his gaze on an oak cabinet. She stood in silence for several seconds and waited for him to respond, then she strolled over to the corner of the room and picked up a parcel. "Why can't you just admit that you liked cuddling me?" she asked, running her fingers over the package. He glanced in her direction and saw her holding the parcel, then frowned. "Well, I've got another surprise for you," she said, grinning mischievously. He understood that she was wielding the parcel as a threat, the contents of which would be unleashed upon him if he didn't co-operate with her. He watched on nervously as Emma tore open the package , then she reached inside and pulled out a pair of denim overalls. "I think they'll look cute on you, what do you think?" she queried, holding them aloft. Jack sat upright and studied the overalls, he noticed a cartoon tractor printed on the chest pocket. He shook his head and scowled. "This is our last evening together, I want to make it special," she announced. Emma draped the overalls over the side of the crib and then picked up another parcel from the floor, before using a pair of scissors to cut it open. She smiled as she pulled a brightly colored toy truck out of the box. "Do you want to play with this whilst mommy makes dinner?" she asked. Reaching down, she placed the toy truck on the floor in front of Jack, who rose to his feet and looked at it in disgust. "Now let's get you changed into your new overalls," she directed. He decided against putting up any resistance, he knew that if he reacted to her provocations then it would only encourage her. He thought that if he could endure just one more evening with her then it would finally be over with. She knelt down in front of Jack and pulled his jeans down to the floor, allowing him to wiggle free of them. Then she placed the overalls on the floor in front of him and he stepped into them, one leg at a time. She pulled the overalls up and folded the straps over his shoulders, then buckled them. "Look Jack, there's a picture of a tractor on the front," she said, pointing to his chest. He took a deep breath and bit his lip. "You should think yourself lucky that you're wearing a plain t-shirt, there were loads of printed ones to choose from," she teased. Emma retrieved the toy truck from the floor and then rose to her feet, before motioning for Jack to follow her. He traipsed behind her, following her into the living room. She placed the toy truck on the ground and pointed to it. "Are you going to play with your new toy?" she asked. He crossed his arms and glared at her defiantly. "Or do you want to sit on the couch with me and give me a cuddle?" she quizzed. He shook his head and grimaced, unwilling to yield to the pressure. "Did we have somewhere important to go tomorrow?" she asked rhetorically, "because I was thinking about taking you to the park," she added. Jack slumped down onto the floor next to the toy truck and stared at it. He knew that she would be able to reschedule the appointment with Doctor Palmer if she chose to do so. Deciding that antagonizing her wouldn't be a good idea, he grabbed hold of the toy truck and rolled it across the floor. "This will make a good picture," she suggested. When he looked up he saw Emma grinning and holding up her cellphone. He used to love the way that she smiled, but now it made his blood boil. He imagined how satisfying it would feel to slap her across her face. "I might frame it and put it on my wall," she giggled. Jack grunted and threw the truck across the floor. It was an infantile act of defiance, but it was the only thing that he had dared to do. He braced himself and waited for Emma's reaction, but she merely chuckled. "Jack, come here, mommy has something that she wants to show you," she said, beckoning him towards her. He folded his arms and looked down at the floor. "Jack, come sit on my lap, don't make me come get you," she warned. Reluctantly, he got to his feet and shuffled towards her without making eye contact. Then she grabbed hold of him and lifted him onto her lap. He sat facing away from her, with his back pushed up against her breasts, he could feel her breath on the back of his head. She wrapped one of her arms around his waist and then used her free hand to hold her cellphone in front of him. "Look Jack, that's you," she teased. He looked down at the phone and saw a photo of himself playing with the toy truck. He thought that he looked pathetic, he knew that anyone who saw the picture would think that he was a real toddler. Emma placed the phone down on the sofa and then used her free hand to caress his body. He shuddered at the touch of her skin as she gently massaged him, he was simultaneously repulsed and enthralled. "You like cuddling, don't you?" cooed Emma. Her words enraged him, but her body soothed him. He wanted to scream at her, but he didn't want her to stop. "It's okay honey, let yourself go," she urged, "babies like cuddles," she continued. He grimaced and balled his hands into fists, he felt like he had been betrayed by his own body. He almost cursed at her, but then she ran her fingers through his hair and his anger quickly subsided. He felt his muscles relax as the tension gradually dissipated under the soothing pressure of her touch. A stream of urine gushed out into his diaper, startling him and soaking his groin. He was both horrified and enraptured as she continued to caress him. "See, it's not so bad is it?" queried Emma.
  7. As per my other stories, I just wanted to ensure that all knew what awaited them in this story. Due to the nature of this particular story, there are honestly not a lot of off-putting topics to most. It's definitely more tame, but I know it doesn't hurt to add this section before readers continue. Please note the following will be in this story: Depiction of Native Americans Usage of religion and references to God Physical age regression Non-consenting adult being regressed and then babied Some mild language Violence and gore directed toward others As I stated previously, this will like be one of my more tame stories and I know most won't care about these, but I just want readers to be aware. For those of you reading on, please enjoy, Waters of Change!
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  9. Chapter 1 WISH'S Tim was a regular guy who lived a relatively ordinary life. One day, as he was walking through town, he happened upon an old, rundown store that he had never noticed before. The building looked quite peculiar, so Tim decided to go inside and take a look around. As he browsed the shelves, he came across a lamp that looked exactly like the kind you would see in a movie about genies, like the one in Aladdin. Tim thought it was hilarious, so he decided to buy it. When he got home, he placed the lamp on a shelf and jokingly began to rub it, fully expecting nothing to happen. To his surprise, a genie suddenly appeared before him, causing Tim to rub his eyes in disbelief. "Are you real?" he asked. The genie smiled and replied, "As real as anything else, that's for sure. I am the genie of the lamp, and for freeing me from my eternal prison, you shall be granted three wishes." Tim was dumbfounded and excited at the prospect of having his heart's desire. "I wish to have money and lots of it," he says to the genie. The genie responds, "Easy enough." He nods his head and declares that the wish has been fulfilled. Tim says, "Wow, really? Just like that, huh?" He checks his bank account on his phone and sees that it's true – his bank account now has over ten million dollars in it. "Hmm, what made you decide on that much money?" he asks the genie. The genie explains, "It's based on your perspective. Since you asked for a lot, I gave you what your opinion of a lot would be." That makes sense, Tim replies, "For my second wish, I'd like to have more time," he says to the genie. He goes on to explain that life can feel so short, and he would love the opportunity to live longer. The genie nods and says, "Very well. I can give you the time you wish for." In a flash, Tim finds himself transported out of his living room and into a nursery that he doesn't recognize. It appears to be a young child's room, but it is obscured by some kind of wooden rails. As he looks around, he realizes that he is now in a crib and is much smaller than he was just moments before. He calls out for the genie and what comes out of his mouth is, "Jee jee." Oh no, he thinks. I can't talk like an adult. I can only babble half words. What am I going to do? To his surprise, the genie shows up and says, "Are you ready to make your third wish? You may think it at me if you'd like." Tim thinks at the genie, "What happened? Why did you make me a baby?" The genie replies, "Well, you asked for more time, so more time is what I gave you. You now have a whole lifetime of time." Tim thinks for a moment and then thinks at the genie, "But is there anyone to take care of me until I can take care of myself?" The genie says, "Yes, you have a mother and a father who are just in the other room. They believe you are taking a nap." Oh, well that's a relief, Tim thinks to himself. Then he thinks at the genie, "What about the money from my first wish? Did i lose it because of this?" The genie replies, "The money has been transferred to a trust fund that you will be able to access when you turn 18 again." Well, I guess that's fine, thinks Tim. He then asks, "What about my family's financial situation? Are we well off?" The genie replies, "Yes, you are in quite a wealthy and loving home. Although, your family does have some problems, although you probably shouldn't worry about it. It's not all that big of a deal." Tim takes this response and is fine with not knowing. "Well, I guess it's time for my final wish, I suppose," says Tim. The genie simply nods. "I wish you were free from the lamp," Tim says. The genie, with a semi-annoyed look, replies, "While I appreciate the gesture, I can't grant that wish. Without the lamp, I am actually powerless, and I'd rather not be." Oh, Tim thinks. Well, I guess I could wish that with freedom, you retain your strength. Or would that not work? The genie says, "No, it would not. Without the lamp, my power is nonexistent, whether you wish I retain my strength or not." Tim then decides to make his last wish that when he writes something down, his words become real, and that it also works with pictures. The genie says he can do that, which catches Tim off guard. He had felt like there was no way that wish could be granted based on what the genie had just said, but he realizes that having powers and him having powers are two different sets of rules. The genie then disappears in a poof, leaving little Tim standing at the rail of his crib. As he looks around, he realizes that something feels off, but he can't quite place what it is. He shakes it off as being in a new body and all that. It is then that his new mother enters the room and says, "Uh oh, looks like my little man needs a new diaper." Tim's face drops from mild confusion to a full-blown blush as it takes him until now to realize that he is now wearing a diaper. As Tim's mother changes his diaper, he is surprised by the amount of detail that goes into the process. He can feel the warmth of the diaper as it is removed and sees the mess that he has made. His mother sprays him with a special solution to clean him up before patting it dry with a soft cloth. She then applies a generous amount of powder to keep him dry and comfortable before putting on a fresh diaper. As she fastens the tabs, Tim notices that she also applies a cream to prevent diaper rash. Once he is all cleaned up and properly diapered, Tim's mother places him in a playpen with just a diaper and a t-shirt on. As he looks around, he realizes that he has nothing to do but play with baby toys such as a rattle, blocks, stuffed animals, and toy cars. He picks up the rattle and shakes it, but it doesn't hold his attention for very long. He moves on to the blocks, but they are too hard for him to play with properly. Stuffed animals and toy cars are more his speed, but even those start to lose their appeal after a while. Just when Tim is starting to get bored, his mother returns and puts a pacifier in his mouth. Tim sucks on it contentedly for a while, but even that starts to lose its charm. He tries to stand up and walk, but finds it very hard to do. His legs are wobbly and he has to concentrate hard to take even a few steps. He falls down a few times before finally giving up and crawling back to his toys. As he plays, he can't help but wonder what life as a baby is going to be like. He knows that it will be a long time before he is able to do all the things that he used to take for granted, but he is determined to make the most out of his second childhood. Chapter 2 The Embarassment Of Extreme Youth Tim's story continues as he waddled over to his toys with a growing fascination for them. He felt the urge to put them in his mouth, but he wasn't sure why. His newfound baby body couldn't help but comply with it, so he picked up one of the blocks and thought about how difficult it might be to play with. However, he wondered if it might have a taste that was worth trying. He let his pacifier fall out of his mouth and placed the block, corner first, into his mouth and started drooling all over it. It was about this time that he realized how good it felt to chew on something. The way it felt on his nearly toothless mouth made him lose all sense of reason and self. He zoned out on his new obsession, until his mommy picked him up and removed the wooden plaything from his mouth. "Uh-uh, that's not for chewing, little Timmy," she scolded him. She then picked up the pacifier, cleaned it off, and replaced it with the block. This snapped Tim out of his state of regression, which for the first time since he was transformed, scared him. He was now concerned about losing his mind to his now miniature body. She then checked his diaper and announced, "All dry! What a big boy you are!" This caught Tim off guard, since not too long ago she had changed his diaper. Does this mean to imply that he wets his diaper so frequently that being dry for 10 to 20 minutes was some form of accomplishment? This question was answered for him as, without warning, mommy said, "Oops, I guess I jinxed it. Oh well, you're still not all that wet. You can keep that one on for a little bit longer, at least until you wet again." Tim then started to tear up and attempted to say that he's not a baby and doesn't need diapers, but to Tim's dismay, it sounded simply like a bunch of "mmmhmms" and "bababa" sounds. This then made his mommy say, "Oh, you want your baba? Such a smarty pants, you'll be speaking in no time at all, sweety." She then took him into the kitchen and placed him in a weird chair. It took him a minute, but he soon realized it was a highchair. He began to shuffle in the chair as it was an embarrassing position to be in and he was really starting to get tired from all of this impossible stuff that had befallen him in the past hour or so. She began preparing a bottle as he squirmed in his high chair and was hoping this wouldn't take that long. She brought the bottle over to him and said, "My big thirsty guy is ready for his baba, yes he is," which made Tim blush as he wasn't used to being baby-talked. While it was super embarrassing, he was actually starting to enjoy it. She put the bottle on his chair and walked back over to the cabinet. She grabbed something out of it and a spoon from the drawer and made her way back over to Tim. She popped the lid on some kind of jar, and he tried to read what it said, but it was written in a foreign language of some kind. Now that he thought about it, the blocks he was playing with were also marked with some kind of unusual writings he didn't know. But before Tim could fully go over the details in his head, he began to hear a funny noise. It was coming from his mommy, she was doing something with the spoon. She began making chugga chugga chugga noises repeatedly. He wasn't sure why, but she did look funny and he couldn't help but giggle at her. She was also making a silly face which didn't help at all. Right when he started laughing, she took her moment and drove the train into the tunnel so to speak. This caught Tim off guard as he reflexively closed his mouth on the spoon, only to be met with the taste of something icky. It was some kind of vegetable, which one he couldn't tell you, but mommy sure could. She says, "What a big boy, eating you strained peas." Tim was a bit grossed out by this, but like most of his day, he wasn't really getting a choice in this. He did attempt to keep his mouth closed, but he fell for every trick in the book: the airplane, the car, and even the train again. He was feeling utterly defeated by the end of the jar and the worst part was, he definitely got more on him than in him like a real baby would. He was then wiped off with a wash rag and taken out of his high chair. His mommy had him in one arm and the bottle in the other. He thought that she was going to let him drink it in the playpen or something like that. But he was then led into a nursery room where she sat in a rocking chair and began to feed him directly from the bottle. The whole while, his face was pink as can be from sheer embarrassment, not only from the bottle feeding itself but also from the fact that he was made a complete fool out of during his mush feeding. As he subconsciously drank from the bottle, he wondered how much of his mental faculties had become that of a baby. But it's probably more accurate to say he thought "why me, has baby brain" just so you can get an idea of his mental vocabulary. As he pondered his future, he remembered his third wish that might get him out of this somehow. That idea was short-lived however, as he realized that he hadn't seen let alone had a drawing utensil once since he'd become like this. Again, his mommy cut his thought process off though. Tim's mother begins to pick him up and bring him over to the changing table. She starts to untape his dirty diaper and as she does, she comments "Oh my, someone made a stinky." Tim's face turns red with embarrassment, especially since he hadn't even known that he had used his diaper in the first place. His mother gently wipes him clean, removing the soiled diaper and getting a clean one out. She then places it under him, adding powder and diaper rash cream. As she applies the cream, she points out "Gotta make sure my little man doesn't get a rash during his nap." Tim lay there feeling humiliated and helpless as his mother finishes up the diaper change. After Tim finishes up his bottle mid diaper change, his mother declares it's time for a nap. She tapes up the clean diaper and begins changing him into his pajamas. Once he's all snug in his teddy bear jammies Tim's mother picks him up and brings him to his crib, where she tucks him in and kisses his forehead before leaving the room. Tim lay there feeling exhausted and confused, still trying to process all that had happened to him in the past few hours. He hopes that he'll get a chance to use the power of his third wish before he starts potty training since by then what'll be the point. He then sits up in the crib and wiggles about noticing how comfy his outfit is not just the pajamas but even the diaper feels pretty comfy at least when it's dry. He then sees a teddy bear next to him and grabs it thinking to himself he'll fix it when he wakes up. Chapter 3 The Ominous Mr.Bear Bear Tim woke up from his nap and rubbed his eyes, removing the sleepy specs that had accumulated during his nap. As he looked around, it took him a moment to remember where he was and what had happened. He sat up and thought to himself, "hmm guess I'm awake. This is weird. It's the first time I've been awake where I haven't been supervised." Even when he was in the playpen, someone was always watching him. But this was perfect for Tim, as he could finally compose his thoughts better. He then saw that Mr. Bear Bear was still under his arm, and he wasn't sure when he had come up with calling him that, but he felt like it fit. He then said to Mr. Bear Bear, "What do you think I should do about all this baby stuff?" However, with his now limited vocabulary and the pacifier in his mouth, it was completely incoherent to anyone but Tim himself and his new best friend. He then figured he would have to try to get his mother's attention somehow, but honestly, he didn't have a clue on how to do that. He paced in his roomy crib until the feeling of being trapped in his comfy prison became too much to bear, even though in reality it was closer to two or three minutes of waddling around the crib and working himself up. This finally boiled over as Tim lost himself and one tear became two, and before he knew it, he was full on bawling his eyes out and making quite a racket. His mother came into the room and said, "Looks like my little man is up!" She approached the edge of the crib and said, "Aww, honey, what's wrong? Did somebody wake up on the grumpy end of Dream Town?" Tim looked up and giggled at the funny words his mother had said. He felt like he was having trouble understanding exactly what she meant, but he figured it didn't matter. His mother had finally come to save him from the wooden jail cell. He held his arms up, clearly wanting to be picked up. The thing is, he was still holding Mr. Bear Bear, and so when his mother picked him up, this caused Mr. Bear Bear to fall out from under his arm, which reignited the nearly subsided tears. All his mother heard from her child's mouth was "babababababa," unclearly wanting his bear bear back. Fortunately for Tim, his mother was very understanding, realizing what the problem was fairly quickly. She reached into the crib with one arm while supporting Tim under his padded tushie with her other. She then handed him the bear, which helped Tim quiet down. She then said to him, "My little Timmy loves his Mr. Bear Bear, doesn't he?" He then thought that it was funny that his mother knew his bear friend's name too. But she can't understand me? How does she know the silly name I came up with? He thought to himself. Then it dawned on him that his grown-up mind and his baby mind may be merging and that's why things had felt so off to him. Its like gaining a section of memories from the life he was now living. This was promptly interrupted when his mother placed Tim onto the changing table for what felt like the bazillionth time for Tim. He tried to shout, "How many times a day am I gonna wet my pants?" but again, he just sounded like a grumpy baby. But his mother did understand one thing from that, her grumpy little baby was in no mood for a diaper change. Tim put on a grumpy face as he held Mr. Bear Bear close while his mother started untaping his diaper. Fortunately, this time Tim had only wet, which while annoying for him, was also a relief, which also bothered him in itself. He held his stuffed bear while playing with his hands as his mother wiped him down with a damp washcloth and eventually pulled out the soiled diaper from underneath him. She then grabbed a fresh diaper, this one a Huggies with Mickey Mouse characters on it, and placed it under his butt. She powdered and lotioned him up, taped the diaper securely, and declared that Tim needed something adorable to wear to the store. At that point, Tim had stopped paying attention to anything but Mr. Bear Bear, then his mother took his shirt off, leaving him topless for the first time since he got small. This was a little embarrassing, but it did give him an opportunity to see what was hiding under his shirt. No more chest hair, in fact, no hair anywhere aside from the top of his head, of course. He looked himself over, sitting upright and still on the changing table when his mother returned with what looked like a t-shirt and some jeans. But as she dressed him, he thought the shirt was odd since it had buttons on the bottom and not in the way they would normally go. These ones had them strewn on the bottom from left to right, not up and down like a normal button-up shirt, but she put it on and buttoned it. He felt secure, like his diaper was extra snug with this new shirt on. As for the jeans, these too were odd as they had some kind of strap that went over the front and latched onto a button on either side of him. To those in the know, which Tim was not, he'd just be dressed in a diaper, a onesie, and a pair of overalls, all the while oblivious to his outfit and too his soon to be predicament. The prospect of going out as he is would've had him mortified, but fortunately for him and his mother's sake, he was completely oblivious to what was transpiring. She then brought him downstairs and placed him in a baby bouncer as she did she declared she had only a few things left to do before they can go. Tim just sat there in the bouncer with his bear friend in his arms, a pacifier in his mouth, and a content expression on his face. He sat there in a trance-like state for an obscured amount of time before his mother returned, picked him up, and headed for the front door. She then opened the door and was on a course for the 4 door sedan that sat in the driveway. It was around this time Tim began to panic a little, unsure of what was happening as his mother led him to the car. She placed him into a weird seat and strapped him in. He was still clutching tightly to Mr. Bear Bear as he was locked in place in the car. Looks like Tim, Mr. Bear Bear, and his mother were going on an adventure that Tim had most certainly not signed up for. Chapter 4 Ch.4 the grossie Store There sat Tim, strapped into a car seat on his way to an unknown destination, as his mother drove down the street. He felt anxious about being seen in his babyish state, even though he knew full well that no one would view him as anything besides a baby wherever he ended up. Despite this, he couldn't shake the fear of being ripped from his safe space at home and thrust into a new, potentially terrifying, and foreign environment. That's when he started to hear music, or at least he thinks he did. Although he wasn't sure where it was coming from, it seemed to be all around him. The music he heard was upbeat, with simple notes and basic lyrics, but he quickly began to enjoy it. Before he knew it, he was bouncing up and down in his car seat, it was an absolute rave with Mr. Bear as they danced the rhythm of the music. His mother caught a glimpse of him in the rear-view mirror and said, "You love your nursery rhymes, don't you, sweety?" She couldn't help but smile at her goofy baby as he bounced in place in the back of the sedan. The drive wasn't long and they soon pulled into a parking lot filled with people coming and going to the large building in front of the lot She found a spot to park as close to the entrance as possible and expertly maneuvered the car into place. The car grew quiet as she unbuckled her seatbelt and exited, with Tim watching curiously. She started to walk away from the car and made her way to a mini roof, grabbing something Tim couldn't see from his position in the car. She returned and opened Tim's door, unbuckling him from the car seat and taking him out of the car. Now Tim could see what she had retrieved from the mini roof - it was a cart. She placed him in the front of the cart and they made their way past all the other people, entering the building. The building was packed with people, all in a rush, and Tim's mother was no exception. Tim wondered what could cause such a sudden and unnecessary haste in this place. As they entered, Tim saw flowers outside, and once they crossed the threshold, he saw stands for bread and boxes with pictures of snacks. He was immediately hit with a strange smell - like the smell of nature, but more manufactured. He saw stands and stands of fruit and vegetables, but his mother wheeled him past those, opting to start with less perishable foods first. That's when Tim remembered what this building was, and shouted "Gwwooww swoow!" His mother looked at him, unsure of what he was trying to say, and patted Tim on the head. She said, "We gotta get my little man some nom noms, don't we? Tim just continued to stare in awe at the gigantic grocery store. He was shocked at how big it felt. He had noticed before how strange it was to be this small, but this put it into a brand new perspective for him. He was absolutely shocked at this place. While Tim stared in awe, his mother began to do all the necessary shopping to keep her and her family well fed until the next time. As they passed through an aisle, Tim saw something he wanted and began to make noises and point. His mom eventually had her attention captured and looked to where he was pointing, confused. She saw crayons and said, "Oh yeah, you must remember these from when I gave you some a few weeks ago." Tim looked up with another look of confusion, wondering why he had not seen the crayons at home. His mother said, "Well, if you miss them that bad, maybe we can give them another go when we get home, but I can't buy these right now, especially since we already have some at home." Tim was satisfied with that and was more than willing to drop it for now. His mother was surprised at the quickness to drop the crayons, almost as if he understood what she had said, which she then laughed off as a coincidence. They continued their shopping, picking up all the usual essentials like food, drinks, paper towels, laundry stuff, and paper plates. That's when they made it to Tim's aisle, the baby section. Tim turned red, knowing that no matter what she picked out in this aisle, it would most likely have something to do with his butt. She grabbed some pamper brand diapers and said that maybe they should try a different kind this time. The first thing and he's already mortified. Then she grabbed some wipes, powder, and some creams for good measure. The last thing she bought was some new pacifiers. She added that it was time to move up a size, to which Tim thought, I didn't know they came in different sizes. His mommy finished up in the rest of the aisles and made her way back to the produce section. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that they must be nearly done. His mommy began to bag an assortment of different fruits and veggies, and then made a beeline for the registers. Of course, they were all crowded, just his luck, he felt Tim and his mother finally made it to the checkout line, where they sat waiting their turn for what felt like an eternity to Tim. After what was likely 15 minutes, they finally had their items placed on the conveyor belt, ready to be scanned. Just as the last few items were being bagged, they heard a loud noise behind them. Someone had dropped a container of juice while loading it into their shopping cart, which startled Tim, causing him to start crying. His mother quickly paid for the groceries, loaded the cart, and tried to comfort Tim by bouncing him a little. However, as she did so, she caught a whiff of a stinky diaper. "Uh oh, looks like my little guy got the poop scared right out of him," she joked, which only upset Tim more, causing him to cry even harder. Despite the situation,she took a moment to appreciate the joke. She then made her way back to the car as quickly and safely as possible. This was the longest Tim had gone in a dirty diaper, as they had been trapped in the store for over an hour. He hadn't even noticed that his diaper was in such a state until his mother pointed it out, embarrassing him even more. She made her way back to the car, where she efficiently loaded the back of the sedan. However, her return to the store only served to confuse Tim, who was still too busy crying to care. As she wheeled him back into the store and headed towards the women's bathroom, she grabbed a bag with yellow ducks on it and took Tim out of the wagon. Although Tim's tears had mostly subsided, they still rolled down his face. Upon entering the bathroom, she went straight to the diaper changing station that was built into the wall. She pulled it open and strapped Tim into it, but as she started undoing the buttons on his overalls, he realized what she was doing and his embarrassment caused his tears to start anew. She expertly got the overalls off, followed by the onsie, and was able to easily access the dirty diaper. With ease, she placed the two pieces of clothing into a plastic bag and set to work changing Tim's diaper She untaped his stinky diaper while Tim somewhat squirmed on the table. She carefully grabbed the front of the diaper to open it up and as she did, Tim felt the cold air hit his diaper area, which caused his pee-pee to go off. His mother quickly covered the stream with the already oversaturated diaper, which caused some leaking onto the changing table. She quickly wiped up the mess with some of the paper towels she keeps on hand for such emergencies. After the stream subsided and the table was dried, she began to wipe Tim clean with some wet wipes, first the front and then the back, making sure to keep Tim elevated so as not to get messy again. Once his bottom was properly cleaned, she removed the diaper and let him settle back down. She balled the dirty diaper up like a pro and placed it into the trash can. She then got out a fresh diaper, lifted his legs, and gently placed the fresh diaper under him. Next came the powder. She got him nice and powdered up, closed the diaper, and made sure it was secured nicely. Tim, at this point, had his face covered by his hands, not wanting to see anything and fully committed to being embarrassed. His mother took him off the table and placed the dirty cloths into the ducky bag. She then made her way back to the wagon just outside the bathroom. Tim then realized she hadn't dressed him. Was she going to leave him topless all the way home? Unfortunately for Tim, that was indeed the case. As she placed him in the wagon, he shamefully sat there wearing nothing but his fresh diaper which adorned Goofy from Disney on the front. For the first time since they had arrived, it felt like his mom wasn't in a rush as she leisurely made her way to the exit. It was almost as if she was proud of her little bundle of joy and wanted everyone to see him in his semi-naked glory. Tim's face was red the whole way out of the building, to say the least. He was fully relieved to be returned to his car seat where Mr. Bear Bear waited for him. He unconsciously hugged him as tightly as his little arms could as they made their way back home. If you enjoy what you read and want more and want it sooner then others check out my patreon I've recently made it comes with access to a discord server that is a place where we can all talk in a more private space patreon.com/LittleWritersRetreat
  10. Hi all, I want to try to write a story and ask you to evaluate it, unfortunately I am not a native English speaker and this may affect the quality of the story. Well, the story will be more about emotions and you won't find any violent scenes in it. Also please let me know if my English is too bad I'm also publishing this story on Watpad. Let's begin. Alex sat in the back seat of the taxi, feeling tired and skeptical about his upcoming vacation. It seemed he had already seen everything the hotel industry could offer and did not expect his anticipation to be surpassed. He flipped through the pages of the "Fairy Tale" hotel brochure, feeling that the photos were dull and monotonous. "Where are we headed?" the driver asked, not noticing that Alex was examining the brochure. "To the 'Fairy Tale Hotel.' Do you know where that is?" Alex replied. "Of course, I do. It's a lovely hotel where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Are you on vacation there?" the driver inquired. "Yes," Alex responded skeptically. "Great, that's a good choice. I've heard that this hotel has some unique services and programs that guests may enjoy. You can learn more about them when you check in," the driver added. "Yeah, I've heard something about that," Alex replied without much enthusiasm or desire to continue the conversation. The hotel brochure was a bright and colorful booklet, featuring images of various room interiors on its pages. Each page showcased cozy rooms decorated in different styles. The first page showed a Provence-style room where a wooden bed with a richly colored white rug was adorned with floral pillows. The second page described a classic-style room with dark-colored wooden furniture and velvet pillows. The third page featured a modern-style room with minimalist black-and-white furniture harmoniously combined with colorful rugs and bright paintings on the walls. The fourth page introduced an Art Deco-style room with a luxurious bed boasting a tall headboard and lush curtains as the centerpiece. "Looks like a great hotel, doesn't it?" the driver remarked. "Yeah, I guess," Alex replied, continuing to study the brochure. "Well, cheer up, my friend, you're on vacation! Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. Who knows what can happen when you find yourself in a place that exceeds your expectations," the driver noted, and Alex felt a slight improvement in his mood. "Yes, maybe," Alex agreed, but the feeling of indifference towards what was happening returned to him. Alex continued to examine the brochure with its polished, diverse interiors, until his gaze fell upon a photo that featured an ordinary, at first glance, detail – a baby crib had been set up in one of the hotel rooms. Alex was puzzled because one of the hotel's conditions stated that guests could only stay without children, allowing for a complete relaxation in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, which isn't always possible with children running around the floors and lobby. For some inexplicable reason, Alex couldn't take his eyes off the photo with the baby crib. His memories delved back into the time when he was carefree and happy. He recalled his toys, his first bike, the first time his mother took him to kindergarten, and how she pitied him when the neighbor's dog scared him. He remembered how he was always surrounded by loving and caring parents, how they spent time together, played together, and learned together. Alex remembered how loved he was and how he trusted his parents, and how they always made time for him and his interests. But something happened on the way to adulthood. Alex gradually stopped finding pleasure in what he loved to do, he ceased to delight in the little things, and he stopped finding meaning in life. His life became gray and boring, and he didn't know how to reclaim the joy he felt in his childhood. "What happened to me? How did I become who I am now? How did I lose my childlike joy?" Alex thought as he looked at the photo. "Anyway, what's the difference, it happens to everyone," Alex told himself, resolutely putting the brochure on the adjacent seat and trying to rid himself of the now tiresome, albeit warm, memories. He didn't notice the taxi stopping at the hotel entrance. His thoughts were still preoccupied with childhood memories. Alex slowly got out of the taxi and approached the reception desk, where a friendly clerk greeted him. "Welcome to the 'Fairy Tale Hotel'! I hope your stay with us will be enjoyable and comfortable," the clerk greeted. "Thank you," Alex replied with a perfunctory phrase, continuing to ponder how to regain his lost joy and enjoy life again. Alex took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel, where the luxury suites were located. When the elevator doors opened, he found himself in front of a massive wooden door with golden handles and panels. Above the door hung a crystal chandelier that emitted bright light, creating a sense of luxury and refinement. Alex opened the door and entered the room. Inside, a pleasant atmosphere was created by pastel shades and a harmonious combination of furniture. The room was spacious, with high ceilings and large windows offering a beautiful view of the mountains. The bed was huge and comfortable, upholstered in soft white fabric, and paintings of nature and cityscapes adorned the walls. Alex walked around the room and noticed all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay: a minibar, bathrobes and slippers, a TV, an air conditioner, and a small table with cups for tea and coffee. "Well, it seems they really care about their guests," thought Alex, feeling his skepticism giving way to satisfaction. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on a questionnaire left on the table. He began to fill it out but suddenly noticed a strange question: "What is your most precious childhood memory?" Alex looked at the question, realizing it was unusual for such a form. "No one needs this… not even me," he thought to himself and put a dash. An hour later, Alex decided it was time to start exploring the hotel. Grabbing the filled-out questionnaire, he headed for the door. He was skeptical about the prospect of relaxing at this hotel but was still curious and wanted to learn more about the place where he would spend the next couple of weeks. Approaching the reception desk, Alex noticed the friendly clerk, who quickly paid attention to him and politely asked how he could help. "Why was there such a strange question about childhood in the questionnaire?" Alex inquired. "That question helps us personalize the service for each guest. We try to learn as much as possible about our guests to ensure their stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible," the clerk explained. "I see," Alex agreed, but his skepticism didn't fade. As he strolled through the hotel, he noticed that he rarely saw other guests. Instead, he constantly encountered hotel staff who quickly helped him find the right place or answered his questions. This seemed strange to him, especially considering the size of the hotel. However, when he asked the clerk at the reception desk about this, the latter explained that it was currently the off-season, and during busier times, the hotel was filled with guests from all over the world. Alex nodded in understanding but still felt a little bewildered. He continued his walk, carefully examining the hotel's interiors and details, trying to figure out what made this place so special, as described in the promotional brochure. Despite his skepticism, Alex couldn't help but notice his mood improving due to the surrounding atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Stepping out into the hotel's inner courtyard, he enjoyed the variety of greenery and flowers when he suddenly noticed a little girl playing in the grass with a teddy bear in her arms. Remembering that this hotel didn't accept children, he couldn't help but be surprised by the child's presence. Perhaps she was the daughter of one of the staff members. Sitting down on a bench, he closed his eyes to enjoy the calmness when he heard a child's voice nearby. Opening his eyes, Alex saw the girl who smiled and addressed him: "Hi," she said. "Hi, what's your name?" Alex asked. "My name is Elizabeth, and yours?" the girl replied. "My name is Alex. Where are your parents?" he inquired, trying to find out who she was. "My mom works at the hotel, and my dad is away on a business trip," the girl answered. Alex smiled but still felt a bit awkward, as he rarely interacted with people younger than himself, let alone children. "Shouldn't you be busy with something else, Elizabeth?" he asked. "No, I'm free. Do you want to play with me?" she inquired, holding out the bear. Alex smiled and agreed. They began playing tea party, where he was a clumsy bear, and Elizabeth was a caring hostess. Alex noticed that the girl was smarter than he could have guessed. She asked him questions about his travels, his favorite books, and movies. Despite her young age, her curiosity and zest for life amazed Alex. "Do you travel a lot, Alex?" Elizabeth asked, pouring him tea from a toy teapot. "Yes, I love to travel and learn new things about different places," he replied, smiling. "I love traveling too," said Elizabeth, smiling back at him. Alex examined her gaze, which was so lively and clear, and suddenly realized that he had never met a child so interested in the world around her. He pondered what was so special about this place that made people feel this way. "Do you have a sister or brother?" Alex asked, trying to learn more about her family. "I have a mom, dad, and a little brother. They all love me," Elizabeth replied with a smile. Alex smiled back, feeling his heart fill with warmth and kindness. Eventually, Elizabeth ran off, and he was left sitting on the bench, feeling a bit bewildered but at the same time - happy. Alex sat on the bench in the hotel's inner courtyard, lost in his thoughts. It was so quiet and peaceful around him that it seemed as if time had stopped here. "Excuse me, sir, may I offer you something? Perhaps a cup of tea?" a voice came from behind. Alex turned and saw a smiling waiter with a tray on which stood a cup of hot tea and a plate of crackers. "Thank you, I wouldn't refuse," Alex replied, smiling back. The waiter approached and placed the tray on the bench. "It's complimentary for all our guests," he said, pointing to the cup and crackers. Alex thanked him and started drinking the tea, feeling the warmth spreading throughout his body. "They take care of their guests here," he thought and smiled. After some time, Alex returned to his room. Upon entering, he noticed that the room had been tidied up, and everything looked even neater and cozier. On the table by the entrance to the room stood a telephone for internal communication. "Good evening, sir. How may I help you?" the operator's voice came from the other end of the line. "Good evening, I'd like to place an order. Can I ask you to prepare an English breakfast?" asked Alex. "Of course, sir. What time would you like it served?" the operator replied. "At 9 am, please." "Thank you, sir. We will arrange everything for you. Have a good evening," the operator reported on the other end of the line and hung up. Alex looked at the clock and noticed that it was already late. He felt fatigue starting to wash over him, but at the same time, he sensed that his thoughts were still occupied with reflections on his life. Not knowing how to cope with this negative mood, he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Images from his past flickered through his mind: a job that was becoming increasingly tiring, a love that ended in failure, and the feeling that his life had come to a standstill. Alex felt all of this was dragging him down, and he didn't know how to get out of this situation. Finally, fatigue and negativity gave way to tranquility. His thoughts subsided, and he fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, Alex woke up feeling light and refreshed. Glancing at the clock, he saw that he had slept more than usual, but it didn't spoil his mood. He got into the shower and stood there, enjoying the sensation of water cascading down his body. Suddenly, an old childhood song came to mind, and he began to hum it out loud, not realizing he was doing so. "What's happening to me?" Alex thought, looking around to make sure no one was watching him. "It's probably just the aftermath of yesterday's encounter with Elizabeth," he thought to himself. Soon, his breakfast was brought to him, but instead of the usual English breakfast, a bowl of semolina porridge with strawberry jam and a glass of hot cocoa were on the cart in front of him. "What is this?" Alex asked, surprised. "Unfortunately, today it was not possible to prepare an English breakfast due to supply issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and offer you our children's breakfast to enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any other alternatives," the waitress explained, smiling apologetically. Alex was a little disappointed, but as soon as the first spoonful of porridge was in his mouth, the disappointment faded. The porridge was delicious, and the rich cocoa filled him with warmth. "I must have been living under stress for too long if semolina porridge is a pleasant event for me," Alex thought as he finished his breakfast. Feeling more energetic and full, he decided to continue exploring the hotel. Alex descended the elegant staircase and found himself in the spacious hotel lobby. The tireless porter standing behind the reception desk smiled at him and asked how his night had been. "Good morning, thank you, everything was fine. Can you tell me something interesting about your hotel?" Alex replied with a smile on his face, filled with the desire to learn more about this place. "Of course, sir. Our hotel was built in 1920 and has been renowned for its comfort and service for many years. We take care of every guest and do our best to make you feel at home," the porter said proudly. Alex nodded, but his gaze had already caught something else. On the floor, by the counter, lay a backpack, just like the one he used in college. A patch with the emblem of his favorite basketball team was sewn in the same place. Something stirred inside Alex. "What's this backpack?" he asked the porter, pointing to the item. "Oh, it's the backpack of one of our guests. He's leaving today and might have temporarily left it here," the hotel employee replied. Alex couldn't believe his eyes. He felt a strong sense of déjà vu, as if he were in the past. His hand reached for the backpack, but at that moment he heard a familiar voice behind him: "Hi, Alex!" Elizabeth exclaimed, waving her hand. Alex turned around. He smiled, happily greeting her. "Do you want to play with me?" Elizabeth looked intently at Alex, the glow in her eyes reflecting her desire to spend time together. "Of course, I'd love to! What do we have planned?" Alex replied, feeling excitement filling his chest. "Let's ride scooters!" the girl suggested, handing him a pink scooter. "I don't have my own scooter; I won't be able to ride," Alex shrugged but examined Elizabeth's toy with curiosity. "Don't worry, I'll give you my dad's scooter. He's on a business trip right now," Elizabeth smiled, pointing to a blue scooter leaning against the wall. "Thank you, Elizabeth, that's great!" Alex approached the scooter and noticed that it looked just like the one he had ridden in his childhood. Even the broken reflector was wrapped in the same yellow tape. Of course, back then, the scooter was too big for him, but now it fit perfectly. "What's wrong, Alex? Don't you like something?" Elizabeth looked at him curiously. "No, everything is perfect; I'm just amazed at how similar this scooter is to my childhood one!" Alex replied, not taking his eyes off the scooter and trying to contain his excitement. "That's great! You can ride it as much as you want until my dad comes back," Elizabeth smiled, giving him the green light. Alex turned to Elizabeth and smiled, "I need to change into something more comfortable and suitable for a scooter. But I'll be back soon, I promise!" "Of course, Alex! I'll do a few laps in the meantime," Elizabeth replied. Alex quickly walked through the lobby and headed to his room. He was surprised that someone in such a remote place as the "Fairytale" hotel could have a backpack just like his. His heart skipped a beat with excitement as he remembered his college years and the friends who remained in the past. Entering the room, Alex began to change quickly. Suddenly, he noticed an envelope that had fallen out of his jacket. Alex sat on the bed, picked it up, and recognized the familiar handwriting - it was a letter from his old college friend, Edward. "Hey, old pal! It's been a while. How are you? I think you're already at the 'Fairytale' hotel. I heard from mutual acquaintances that you were planning to visit this place. If that's true, I highly recommend taking advantage of the extended relaxation program. It will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this place and enjoy its uniqueness. You won't regret it! I hope to see you soon. Take care!" the letter read. Alex looked out the window and pondered. There were few details, but judging by Edward's words, the program could significantly improve his stay at this mysterious hotel. He decided that he would definitely inquire about it at the reception. Alex quickly changed into a comfortable T-shirt and shorts and left the room, holding Edward's letter in his hands. When he returned to the lobby, Elizabeth was already riding her scooter. "Just another minute," said Alex. Elizabeth nodded in agreement. Alex approached the reception desk and asked about the program mentioned in the letter. The porter tried to explain that it was a program based on his questionnaire and childhood memories, which would help him immerse himself in the hotel's atmosphere and experience an unforgettable vacation. However, Alex interrupted him, noticing that Elizabeth was waiting for him. "Let me sign up for participation, and we'll talk about this later," he said. The porter smiled and handed him a document to sign. "Excellent, we'll start everything immediately," he said when Alex returned the document to him. Alex and Elizabeth left the hotel and rode their scooters onto the street. They passed flower beds and a fountain, enjoying the fresh air and scenery. When they reached the main road, Elizabeth turned left, pointing to a beautiful park across the street. Alex followed her. They entered the park, and Alex felt the magical atmosphere of the place. The summer sun filtered through the leaves of the trees, creating playful rays that danced on the ground. Flower beds adorned with bright colors stretched out before them, making them feel like they were in a fairytale. Alex and Elizabeth rode their scooters along the winding paths of the park, stopping to feed the ducks. They tried to catch each other, laughed and ran like two carefree children. They played hide-and-seek, jumped over barriers, and inspired each other to try new tricks. It seemed to Alex that time had stopped, and he had returned to his childhood when no worries could spoil his mood. As they made their way back to the hotel from the park, Alex began to notice that his scooter was getting heavier, but he chalked it up to fatigue. Elizabeth, on the other hand, encouraged him, saying that they were almost back. Finally, as evening approached, they reached the "Fairytale" hotel. Alex and Elizabeth, laughing merrily, entered the hotel. Alex felt that everything around him had become louder, brighter, and more saturated. People and objects seemed incredibly large, as if he had entered another world. But the strangest thing was that he felt his body becoming lighter and softer. Walking through the lobby, he glanced at a mirror and froze in horror. A seven-year-old boy with brown eyes and tousled hair stared back at him from the mirror. The boy was wearing a superhero T-shirt and shorts, and his feet were clad in neat Velcro sneakers. Alex couldn't believe his eyes; he was sure he had just been a 35-year-old man. "Elizabeth, what happened to my clothes? Why do I look like a child?" he asked, looking fearfully at the girl. "It's okay, Alex. You've always looked like this," Elizabeth smiled. But Alex couldn't believe it. He felt tears welling up in his eyes, and his heart was about to break in two. He knew that something strange was happening, and he couldn't stop the process. "Elizabeth, I don't understand what's happening," he whispered, struggling to hold back the lump in his throat. "Don't worry, Alex. Everything will be fine," Elizabeth cheerfully chirped and ran deeper into the hotel. Alex felt a mysterious force pulling him back to the distant years when he was still small and carefree, pulling insistently, without much regard for his opinions and desires. Alex wiped away his tears and headed to the porter, who smiled at him and asked what had happened. Alex replied with a sour expression that it was obvious. The porter nodded understandingly and began to explain. "This is our extended program that you ordered, sir. You agreed to undergo this program based on your questionnaire data and childhood memories to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 'Fairytale' hotel and have an unforgettable vacation," the porter explained. "So, this was all intentional?" Alex asked, feeling panic and resentment taking hold of him. "Yes, sir. You can stop it all now, but if you continue, you won't be able to leave until the program is complete," the porter replied. "I don't know what to do," Alex whispered, barely holding back a new wave of tears. "Let me remind you of the emotions you have already gained from staying at our hotel, sir. Do you really want to give them up?" the porter asked. Alex pondered. Indeed, he had experienced many vivid emotions, enjoyed nature, and had fun with Elizabeth. In the end, what did he have to lose? He thought for a long time before saying, "I will continue with the program." The porter smiled and handed him a document to sign. "Excellent, sir. You won't regret it," he said when Alex returned the document. Alex struggled to lift his head, feeling a mysterious force pulling him back to the distant years when he was still small and carefree. But despite his fear, he was ready to accept the challenge and explore the new world that was here at the "Fairytale" hotel. "What do I do now?" he asked. The porter gently placed his hand on Alex's shoulder and suggested he sit down and calm down. "Let me help you," he said, as if addressing a child. Alex slowly sank into the armchair, feeling it embrace his body with soft cushions. He wiped away his tears and asked the porter, "Can you tell me more about the program?" trying to stay calm. "I can only tell you what I am allowed. It is a truly unique adventure based on your personality," the porter replied. "But what will happen to me after the program ends?" Alex asked, feeling a new wave of tears welling up in his eyes. "You will return to the real world. But I am sure you will be satisfied with what you have experienced here," the porter replied, trying to reassure Alex. "And when will the program end?" Alex continued, trying to understand how much time he had left. "I cannot disclose all the details. But I assure you that you will be satisfied," the porter repeated, smiling at him. "Alright," Alex said, clenching his fists on his knees. He felt that he could not continue this conversation any longer; he simply had to trust and wait. "I need to step away and give some instructions. But I will return to make sure everything is alright, sir," the porter said, no longer addressing Alex as a child, but with deep respect. Alex remained seated in the armchair, examining his new appearance. He felt that a new stage of his life had begun, and he was ready for any adventure.
  11. So I drew this and I even have a story posted over on patreon with the events leading up to this so if you can't wait a week for me to post the story you can get it now over there!! I also have a teir where I'll do a story request!! https://www.patreon.com/posts/regressed-and-79822469?utm_medium=sharesheet&utm_source=sharesheet&utm_campaign=postshare_creator&utm_content=join_link Also if you like my stuff maybe drop me a follow on here to keep up to date with my posts thanks!!
  12. I'm actively working on getting more chapters going for my work that's been on hiatus, 'Lights, Camera, ...What?!?' and decided to search for a tool today before I started working on something from scratch like I usually do to compare characters. I came across a site that might be helpful for other writers to come up with some great visualizations of what heights need to be to compare to our plans/goals. https://multmetric.com/ Let's you put in Man/Woman/Child for the types of characters, and then generate a decent comparison image. I wish they offered a few more options for 'characters,' but it does the trick almost as well as the figures I normally figure out proportions with in Photoshop... (And a lot less effort!) It'll even let you do a rectangle too, so if you want to see where an Amazonian Bathtub compares with a character, you can do so! This isn't limited to Diaper Dimension works though, nothing more jarring to me than someone trying to claim that 4'6" adult can get away with being the same height as a 3 year old... (Given your average 3 year old is 38", and the 54" is a ten year old's average height) Anyway, hope maybe this helps someone! Happy writing!
  13. It had been an eventful year for the Palmer-Kelly family. Things had started off with Ivy being laid off and although having a parent at home ended up being helpful given what would happen with the kids, the loss of income wasn't easy. Then their oldest Avery told them he was actually their son and that was a whole new change to adjust to. Then after the family gotten acquainted with having two boys in the house Ellie announced that she had always felt like a girl two and now Jess and Ivy were raising two trans highschoolers. On top of all of that the rent went up, Jess was turned down for a raise citing budget cuts, and the state legislature was moving towards laws that would make things even harder for Avery and Ellie than they already were. Jess put out her application everywhere she could with no luck until she got a reply from the Clarke Institute. The Institute was based on a small island off the coast of Washington and was relatively famous, or infamous depending on who you asked. It started as a Department of Energy backed particle accelerator and since then the lab has grown and now has billionaires and corporations donating to fund research as well. The research that went on there was strictly need to know but the conspiracies that came out about the place were wild, including things like contacting parallel dimensions if you could believe it. Gibbs Island was beautiful and the Institute was going to not only pay over twice her teaching salary but help the family move and start renting a cute three bedroom home with an option to own down the line. The only issue was the school. The Foundation assured her that what they were promising was possible but Jess wouldn't have believed it without them flying her out there. It was all true. The Foundation school's experimental results spoke for themselves. Every kid who passed through came out a prodigy. Still, it was such a big change though she would only agree if both kids signed on. A month ago there had been a family meeting where Jess and Ivy had told Ellie and Avery. There was some confusion, upset, and more than a few tears from Ellie but in the end her big brother talked her into it. The decision was made, the family would be moving to Gibbs Island and both kids enrolled in the Gibbs Island School. Only instead of starting as a senior and a freshman they'd be starting as, well, it was hard to say exactly but physically at least they'd be indistinguishable from toddlers. Jess woke up early on moving day. She'd always been a morning person and that made her take point today. She started a pot of coffee and poured out a quick breakfast of cereal for each of the kids to eat before the movers came. Jess made knocks on both doors and called for the kids to get up, offering whoever woke up first the first dibs on a shower since she and Ivy had taken one the night prior. Once she heard stirring in both rooms, Jess got to work packing and sealing some of the final boxes. Ellie groggily sat up, brushing the sleep out of her eyes. She'd been sleeping terribly since she learned where they were going and what was going to happen once they got there. If it hadn't been for Avery, she would have dug in her heels and refused to ever go. Somehow he managed to convince her it wasn't going to be so bad though Ellie still had her doubts. Ellie spent her whole childhood quietly hating the lengths her moms went through to make her feel comfortable as the only 'boy' in a house presumed to be full of girls. Avery told her it offered a chance at doing things again the right way and though Ellie was intrigued, she wondered if idea might be motivating Avery more than he let on. She trudged to the bathroom with an arm full of towels as ready as she could be to start the day.
  14. Ch.1 Jack was an ordinary guy of 27. He worked security and found his job to be relatively easy compared to most people. He did security at a prestigious university during the period that the school was closed, specifically overnight. Jack was fine with it, as it gave him free reign to do as he liked, only occasionally would he be put in a situation where he'd have to really do anything. One quiet night, Jack found himself inside a science room in the school. This wasn't an ordinary school; it was known for its leaps and bounds in the scientific field. While checking the classroom, Jack noticed a large machine covered in LCD displays and lights. His curiosity got the better of him, and although he realized it might get him fired, he decided to check it out. As he was looking at the displays, Jack couldn't understand what the buttons did. The wording was very vague, but that didn't discourage Jack. He was very interested in the device's function. He noticed a couple of things on the displays, one of which read "1997" with "year" written above it. Jack thought to himself that it must be some kind of time machine. He knew that if it was a time machine, he shouldn't be messing with it, but at the same time, he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could make some serious money if he did. No more would he be stuck as just a security guard. He could be the world's greatest stock broker and invest in so much stuff that was certain to blow up in the future. Although he wasn't sure he'd want to travel back as far as 1997, he figured it might be fun to see what the world was like since he was only a baby in 1997. Jack had decided to use the machine to get rich and, while he wasn't sure he could work it, he was more than willing to give it a try. It's worth noting that the builders of the machine were certain that they had failed in building a time machine. When one of them had tested it out, it simply didn't work, likely due to the fact that the machine had nowhere to place the prospective time traveler, as they had not yet been born. You can probably see where this is heading, so let's continue with Jack. He found what he believed was the activation button and smacked it. He stood underneath an unusual metal coil with a metal orb as the base, and it started shooting out some kind of energy. At first, Jack assumed it was just electricity, but it was a red light, not any kind of electricity Jack had ever seen. That's for sure The machine was making strange noises Jack had never heard before, noises that were almost indescribable and he feared it might explode at any moment. Suddenly, a bright flash occurred and Jack found himself sitting in the kitchen of his childhood home. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing. The house looked as good as new, better than he remembered it from his childhood. Excited, he shouted, "It worked!" However, he noticed that his voice was higher pitched than usual and he sounded more like a baby. That's when he realized he was sitting in a high chair, and he had been transported back in time, but not in the way you see in movies. His mind had been shot back in time, meaning he was either 2 years old or younger, depending on what month it was. His mother popped up out of nowhere and picked him up patting his back as she did so, and to his embarrassment, he burped loudly. His mother then made a comment that shocked him even further, "Uh oh, smells like somebody made a stinky." Jack, feeling embarrassed, tried to say, "I'm hoping you mean you," but it came out as gibberish. He realized he must be very young and couldn't talk yet. Jack's mother set him back down in the high chair and went about her business, not suspecting a thing about the time-traveling experience her son had just gone through. Jack, on the other hand, was trying to process everything that had just happened. He was confused, embarrassed, and more than a little overwhelmed. All he could do was sit there and observe, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He noticed that everything seemed familiar, but at the same time, everything was different. The colors were brighter, the sounds were clearer, and the smells were stronger. He was taking it all in when suddenly his mother came back into the room and said, "Okay, let's see if we can get you cleaned up." Jack realized that he was in for another embarrassing moment Jack realized with horror that his mother was about to strip him naked knowing he had indeed pooped his pants was more then he wanted to deal with. The embarrassment of the situation was compounded by the fact that he was now in the body of a toddler, unable to communicate his distress effectively he began to tear up. He was quickly stripped of his clothes and placed on his changing table. The sensation of the cool air against his bare skin was disorienting, as was the feeling of a diaper being fastened around him. He tried to protest, but all that came out were muffled grunts and cries. The whole diaper change was a blur of unfamiliar sensations and emotions, with Jack feeling completely helpless and out of control. As his mother finished up and picked him back up, he couldn't help but feel a sense of shame and embarrassment that he was now reduced to wearing a diaper like a common baby. As Jack sat there being changed into a fresh diaper, he couldn't help but think about his current situation. He realized that there was no way for him to go back to his own time, unsure if thats even what he would want. He opts to make the best of this opportunity and find a way to turn it into a profitable one. After all, he had always dreamed of making big bucks by investing in stocks and this was his chance to make it happen. He decided that he would use his knowledge of future events to his advantage and make wise investments that would ensure his financial success. Jack was determined to make the most of this unexpected trip back in time and secure his future, no matter how young he was even if that meant spending a year or two in diapers. Almost right on cue, his mother popped a pacifier into his mouth. He had no choice but to let his mouth work on it, as it had a mind of its own. She then picked him up from the changing table and placed him in a mesh playpen. Surrounded by toys, Jack scoffed, thinking to himself, "Hmph, I'm a big boy. I'm not going to play with toys." However, a wooden train caught his eye and he felt excited to see it again. He remembered loving this toy and began playing with it, making train noises as he sucked on his pacifier and bounced around, pushing the train on the floor. Soon, he was playing with all the toys surrounding him, and waves of memories flooded his mind. He remembered loving these toys and began to love them all over again. But then, he felt an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that he had never felt before or at least couldn't remember feeling. He tried to keep his eyes open as he played, but the next time his mother came in to check on him, she immediately knew it was nap time. She picked him up from the playpen and moved him over to the crib in the nursery, but she didn't leave him without a little gift. She gently placed a bottle in his mouth, and he grabbed it, drinking and drifting off to sleep at the same time. bit on the short side but still its a good opening imo hope yall like it I'm gonna be posting updates to this story to my patreon a week earlier then I'll be releasing it here starting now so if your interested in that my patreon is linked on my profile page!!! Also feel free to join my discord server!!! https://discord.gg/Y9yfuvAsFv
  15. Hi folks! I have posted my stuff on other sites, notably Reddit and Wattpad. Someone recently encouraged me to post here, and I thought I would give this community a try. I have a fair backlog of stories, but I won't be posting them all at once on here. That seems spammy and rude. Plus, I think it's fun to have regular content to look forward to. For the medium-term, I'll be posting one chapter of a story a week on here, starting with my short novel "Baby Briana". It has twenty six chapters, so we'll be a while on that one. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and otherwise talk to me in this thread. I don't know how often I will be checking my inbox here, as I already have a lot of inboxes, so my story threads are probably the best place to talk to me. Content Warnings: NSFW content including sex scenes. Spanking and discipline. Consent is not explicitly spelled out; a person acting as a child is considered to be giving implicit consent to be treated as one. Without further ado: Chapter 1 of Baby Briana. Brianna lifted her head and let out a yawn that stretched her jaw. Discomfort made her squirm in the bed. She slid a hand under the covers and immediately teared up. The bed was wet again. She froze in bed, listening and hoping that the house would be silent. No luck. By the sounds of it at least two of her roommates were already awake. The sun blazed through her white daisy curtains; a sign that it was likely they were all awake. For a few minutes she burrowed back into the covers despite the dampness. She wished she could vanish into the bed and disappear. Or better yet, that the stain would. “I don’t know why this is happening!” Briana despaired. “I haven’t wet the bed since I was six. It’s been ten times this month, and it’s happening more and more often.” With a groan she crawled out of bed and stripped off her soaked panties and nightshirt. She was able to scamper to the bathroom to shower without running into anyone. Scraggly red hair greeted her in the mirror. She sighed and tied it up. Haircuts were another thing that weren’t happening. At least the rest of her looked good. A smattering of freckles across a slim body. “Nothing like being poor to keep you trim.” Back in her room she dressed in dry clothes and faced her bed grimly. The comforter was too bulky to launder easily and seemed to be barely damp. She stripped the sheets and wrapped them in her wet bath towel. With the window open and a bit of febreeze on the mattress, she hoped no one would notice. Her feet creaked on the old wooden floors. Normally she loved an old house with tons of character. Now it was a traitor reporting her every move. Since quiet wasn’t an option, she made her way down the stairs quickly to the living room. Her roommate Suzie was there, curled up on the green antique couch. Brianna froze for a moment, but the blonde girl didn’t look up from her phone. Brianna rounded the wall that supported the stairs and opened the basement door. Another flight of creaky stairs and she was on nice quiet concrete. Even better, the washing machine was free. A huge wave of relief washed across Brianna when she set the washer running. Briana checked her bank balance for the hundredth time while she leaned on the kitchen counter. Only a couple hundred dollars left. Her roommates had been generous enough to let her skip the rent. They even let her eat from the groceries they bought. It was a lifesaver, but a guilt-inducing one. The college’s work study wasn’t taking any new student workers mid semester either. “There’s nothing online for jobs.” Briana sighed. “I’m sending out three applications a day but nobody replies.” “Hey, Bri?” Suzie startled Briana out of her thoughts. “Can you come to the living room? We wanted to talk to you about something.” “This is it. They’re kicking me out.” Briana’s mouth went dry, her stomach knotted. She managed a nod but couldn’t speak. Her fears redoubled when she saw her other four roommates sitting in the living room. Suzie led her to the armchair and took a seat on the right-hand couch next to Jane. As a film school student she was the most quirky of the group, short blue hair and a lot of tattoos. When she’d first moved in everyone called her Manic Pixie Dream Girl until it got to be too much. Anything but plain Jane was still in pajamas, her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had striking German features with a resting bitch face that was legendary in the Economics department. Erin and Casey were on the left-hand couch, still dressed for their morning run. The only sporty members of the house, Erin was freckled and burnt, while Casey tended to evenly tan. They always seemed to sit together; Erin was the only one in the house who wouldn’t be dwarfed by Casey’s six and a half feet. Across the coffee table in the other armchair was Veronica, dressed in her usual black house dress. She had a quiet, commanding presence most of the time. At a meeting like this she had the look of royalty. Not condescending, just the assumption that she was in control. She didn’t even need to flex her wealth or Postdoc status to have authority in the house, but they certainly helped. Brianna sat at Veronica’s direction, eyes already brimming with tears. “I think you probably know why we wanted to talk.” Veronica said. “I’m sorry!” Briana burst into tears. “I can have my stuff packed up in a couple of days.” “What? Huh? No!” Several of the girls responded in unison. “Briana, no.” Veronica said with a concerned frown. “Nobody is kicking you out. I’m sorry you thought that’s what this was!” “What then?” Brianna sniffled. “You have been… having to do a lot of laundry lately.” Veronica said. Briana flushed. “That was really kindly worded. Carefully worded. I wonder if she learned that in the counseling program.” “We’re worried about you, and we want to help.” Veronica continued when Briana didn’t seem like she was going to reply. “Help how?” Briana sighed. “I don’t have insurance, or money for a doctor. I can’t ask you to cover me on that too!” “That’s not what we were offering.” Veronica said kindly. “We did get you a couple of things that might help though.” Erin hopped up and grabbed a package from behind the couch. A package of incontinence undergarments. Brianna’s heart sank and her face flamed again. “I uh, I don’t know why it’s happening but I’m not sure that I really need…” She stammered. “I know it’s rough even thinking about wearing those!” Erin said. “So I got you some different ones too.” She placed a second package on the coffee table. This one had bright colors, proudly proclaiming the efficacy of its pullups. “Uh, I’m pretty slim but I don’t think I can fit into pullups.” Brianna said, confused. “They’re adult sized!” Casey chimed in. “I know they look kind of kid-y.” Erin said. “But they’re way prettier than the Depends.” “I don’t think…” Brianna began. “Please think about it.” Veronica said. “Use them until you figure out what’s going on.” “Veronica’s the one covering my rent…” Briana hesitated, “Those things probably weren’t cheap either. This is actually really nice of them, even if it’s embarrassing.” “Um, okay. I’ll try them for at least a couple of days.” Briana said. She blushed and sank back in the chair as the other girls applauded. “We want you to be okay.” Jane said. “We’re here to help you, okay?” Suzie smiled at Briana. “It takes a lot of courage to accept help, especially about something like this.” Veronica said. Briana wiped away tears. Her roommates rose up en masse and helped her out of the chair. Surrounded in warm group hug, Brianna sobbed a couple of times and took a deep rattling breath. “Thanks everybody.” The hug closed tightly around her again. “You’ve all been really nice.” “We’re friends!” Suzie declared. “Just because we’re not a sorority doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you all as my sisters.” Veronica said. “We’ve had this house together for three years.” Brianna nodded, wiping her eyes. Jane helped her carry the supplies up to her room, giving her another hug before she left. Briana put the packages in the far back of her closet and realized there was a third one as well. A plastic mattress cover, that had been sitting under the depends. “I can’t afford to replace my mattress.” Briana thought grimly. She slipped the cover on her mattress and made the bed with new sheets. You couldn’t tell by looking at it, and when she crawled under the covers, the feel wasn’t too bad. “I sure have good friends. I wish I knew why this was happening!”
  16. Chapter 1: The Realm of Methrella Regina opened her window, watching the waves crash on the beach and people mill around her small town. A warm breeze entered the room and filled it with the distinctive smell of the ocean. Regina took a deep breath in... and out. "I should text Abby and the others soon. Today seems like a nice day to play outside", she thought. As she was turning on her phone to call her best friend, the young woman heard a soft knock on her door. She stepped away from the window. "Come in", she called. In stepped a small boy in blue jeans and a black shirt with a knight's helmet print in the middle. He smiled softly at his sister, flicking his dark brown-blonde hair out of his face. It was her 8-year-old brother. "Hi, Regina", he said in a soft voice. "Hey, Riley. What's up?", she asked curiously, watching as her little brother sat on her bed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "Well, mom said you bought a game yesterday?", he asked hopefully. "I want to know if I can play it too." "Umm... yeah, I did", she said. Regina glanced at her phone and considered her options. She knew that her mom would be bugging her later on if she didn't let Riley play for a little while. Even though the siblings didn't have a bad relationship at all, their parents always pushed Regina to socialize more with her little brother. "So... can I?", Riley asked again. "Y-yeah, sure. Why not?", Regina sighed and put her phone back on the table. "I can send the guys a message in a few hours. I just hope that this doesn't take too long", she thought. The 18-year-old booted up her computer and started the game. "Sandbox Kingdoms...", Riley read, excited. "What is it about?" "It's a game where you can create your own civilizations and stuff", Regina answered. "You can make empires, kingdoms, and even small towns in different parts of the world and give them their own cultures." As a passionate fan of fantasy stories, Regina had gotten into worldbuilding since she was 14. She knew no one else who shared that hobby in her town, but through her years on the internet, she had managed to meet many online friends and writers that only made her love of worldbuilding grow bigger. And when a friend of hers showed her the game for the first time, she knew she had to buy it immediately. As the game finished loading, Riley got up from the bed and sat on her lap. Regina created a new world for Riley, and the boy started scrolling through the many options that the game offered. "This is hard to read!", he complained. "Too many big words!" As Regina had said, it seemed to be a very customizable game, having settings for the number of days in a year, the number of seasons, the world map, and so on. "So, what should I do now that the world is created?", Riley asked. "Well, you can start making civilizations for it", Regina said. "Look, this seems like a good place to start." She clicked over some plains between a range of mountains and a long river. A small flag icon appeared on top of the place. A new civilization had been founded! "Now, these different settings alter the reality of your world and its people", she said after a new window appeared on the screen. Her brother grinned and watched as his world unfolded. Regina helped and guided him, telling him where it would be good to place houses, castles, farms, and much more. Eventually, after modifying almost everything in the 'create civilization' window and creating the perfect town in Riley's eyes, the game showed them a timelapse animation of the history of the place, which Riley had decided to name "the Town of Thieves". "Town of Thieves?", Regina questioned, looking at the name. "Why did you decide to call it that way?" "It sounds cool and mysterious!", he answered happily. "It sounds kinda copycat-ish to me...", Regina teased, even though she knew her little brother wouldn't understand what she was referring to. "Shhh, it's perfect!", Riley said. After a few hours of playing and comprehending the game, Riley stretched and slid off Regina's lap. "I gotta go do my homework, sis", he smiled and headed towards the door. "But thank you, it was really fun." Riley closed the door behind him, leaving Regina alone with her computer. She looked at her phone and sent a message to her friend's group chat. "I hope they answer soon. I guess I can keep playing on my own world while they do", she thought. She saved Riley's world and opened hers. She had been playing on it since the afternoon the day before and until late at night. Her parents didn't usually check on her after 11, so she invested a few hours of her precious sleep in order to make her world perfect. She had created many civilizations of various sizes and alignments all around the world, but she had left her 'homeland' for the very end. This would be the place where she would create her main character, who would travel and set on daring quests in that world full of adventures and dangers. Once again, after completing the design of the place, the game asked her to name it. "The Realm of Methrella", she typed. She came up on the spot with that name. It didn't have a concrete meaning for now, but she'd eventually give it one that fit with the narrative of the world as a whole. Once the realm had been finished, she clicked on the long-awaited 'character creation' tab and started creating her avatar. She somewhat resembled her real-life self, nothing too fancy. "Huh?" As she was going through the final details, she noticed that the height settings were apparently jammed. Her character seemed to be as tall as a 10-year-old, and it didn't change at all even if she modified the settings. "Well, we might as well stick with that" A notification sound came out of her phone. It was Abby. "Great! They are free", Regina thought. She saved the game and logged off her computer. She got dressed into her sport clothes and went downstairs. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out to play volleyball with my friends!", she said in a loud voice. "Sure, Reg. Take care!", her mom answered from the kitchen. Almost half an hour passed after Regina had left her home when little Riley sneaked into her sister's room. He had left one of his action figures there a few days ago, but had forgotten to ask Regina for it. As he began looking for it, the computer suddenly turned on, revealing Regina's personal world in the game. He giggled slightly and got on her seat, tampering with her world mischievously, before pausing and undoing it all. "Let's try something from here", he decided, going into the 'daily life' tab, and changing a small but significant detail of the world. Riley quickly saved his progress and turned off Regina's computer. He stayed a few minutes there looking for his figure. Once he had found it, he ran off to his room. "I'm home!" Regina arrived an hour before the sunset. Tired because of all the time she had played, she went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. At dinner she noticed that her brother kept looking away from her, giggling occasionally. She shrugged it off, finishing her food quickly and going upstairs to her room. The young woman fell asleep, staring at the white ceiling. A soft flicker of blue light appeared on her computer and her world turned on at the 'character creation' tab. It was empty. As the screen changed to green for a second, Regina vanished from her bed.
  17. First story I’ve ever written here are the first 3 chapters of The Chart. This is completely fiction. The Smith household was busy on this cold Monday morning. Wendy was getting ready to go to work while her husband Mike was getting there son ready for the new nanny to come watch Mason while Mike worked from home. The doorbell rang and Mike opened the door and felt a chill down his back as the new nanny, Madison was standing outside the door. Mike said hello and Madison smirked knowing full well her mission here. She was hired by Wendy not only to help potty train Mason but also help him gain a friend or sibling in Mike. Wendy greeted Madison and smiled thinking of her first meeting with Madison a few weeks earlier at a coffee shop. A few weeks earlier….. Wendy walked into the coffee shop and saw the young women sitting in the booth waiting for someone. She knew she had to be discreet to make sure no one heard the conversation she was about to have. She smiled and walked over to the women and said, “Hello, I’m Wendy. You have come highly recommended for what I am needing help with.” Madison smiled introduced herself and said although her practices may seem extreme they are very effective. Wendy sat in the booth and began to explain that it was time to start potty training Mason, however as much as she loved her husband, she had always wanted another child. Mike couldn’t do that though. They struggled after Mason was born only to find out Mike could not produce any more children. This broke Wendy’s heart, and that is when she was recommended Madison’s services. Madison got excited and began to explain what would happen. Madison stated, “No worries, Wendy. Mason will be potty trained in no time but he will soon have the sibling you are wishing for to give him. My process is simple both will have a chart while Mason’s will be introduced first he will fly through his potty training but as Mason will find success, Mike will soon begin to have failure.” Wendy’s eyes lit up as she heard that she would soon have another child and sibling for Mason that she was yearning for. “By failure do you mean potty issues?” asked Wendy. “Yes, very much so and so much more Mike will begin to regress as well. Have you decided on what gender you want Mike to be before we start?” Wendy didn’t even think about that you mean you can make him a girl if needed. She thought she always wanted a daughter maybe Mason can have a sister. She responded, “Well I didn’t even think about that but maybe a daughter, it would be a dream and I can just picture Mason protecting her when he gets older. Yes, she said smiling let’s make Mike be my dream daughter.” Madison was overjoyed this just got better she replied, “Perfect Wendy. Have you thought about how young you want to take her?” “3 months old, is what I was thinking for Mike even before I knew we could change his gender as well,” advised Wendy. Madison wrote all this down and said ok everything is set we will see each other in a few weeks to begin. I can’t wait to start. Wendy could’t contain her excitement, said her goodbyes to Madison knowing she would have her little princess in due time. Back to the present: Wendy stated she was off to work and that she would see Madison later, she gave Mike a kiss and told him to enjoy work. Mike didn’t think anything of it and said his goodbyes and began to log on to his work computer. Madison went over and greeted Mason smiling saying are you ready for some fun and begin potty training. The 2 1/2 year old smiled and cheered, “Yay, Potty Potty!!!” Madison got her famous chart out of her bag where Mason’s name was listed and hung it up in his room. She explained, “Now Mason this is your chart and we have these dinosaur stickers that will be given for all the times you make it to the potty.” Mike could overhear the conversation and laughed at how this was going to work. He’s seen this before and it didn’t work. Little did he know this was just beginning of his day. Mason couldn’t contain his excitement he loved dinosaurs and Madison told him he would get a special surprise for his success. He loved surprises. Madison took him to his potty chair that Wendy and Mike had bought for him and sat him down. She started, “Now Mason this is just your first time so if you don’t go, it is no big deal we will try again in a few hours.” Mason sat on his potty and after a few minutes there was a flow heard in the potty. Madison was surprised and smiled knowing what would happen next as she didn’t expect a success on the first try. She took the little boy over to his chart and helped put a sticker on the chart. Mason excitedly said, “Yay, Potty, I get surprise now?” “Not yet but you will see soon,” Madison told the excited toddler. Meanwhile in the other room, when the sticker was placed on the chart, Mike felt a sudden tingle but didn’t think anything of it and continued to work on his book. Mike was a writer and was working on his next book. He felt he was successful after writing 3 other best sellers. He did feel bad though that Wendy worked so hard but he couldn’t give her the second child she wanted. The change was subtle but Mike at 32 years old suddenly looked a little younger but no one would notice because he certainly didn’t. After the success, Madison brought Mason in to share the good news with Mike. Madison just wanted to see if her chart had started its work. Mason ran over to his dad excitedly, “Daddy, I potty.” Mike smiled good job buddy and looked at Madison approvingly. “I must say pretty good for the first time,” Mike spoke to Madison. “You’ll be shocked at just how effective my practices are plus little Mason here was told he would soon get a surprise once he’s potty trained.” Mike looked at Madison confused but figured it must be something Wendy had spoken to her about. Madison stared at Mike to see the changes as although Mike couldn’t see any changes, she certainly could. She saw that his skin had already become softer and a little younger. She placed his age around 30 she knew the true fun wouldn’t begin for a while she would just have to concentrate on helping Mason succeed only then would she truly see the changes in the future little princess. She smirked knowing the fun was just beginning. Chapter 2 The day went by quick Madison and Mason played and every few hours she would take him to his potty chair to try by the end of the day Mason went on the potty a 2 more times but did have a few accidents in his pull ups. Mike meanwhile saw another few years drift away while he was working. He seemed to have a renewed energy writing his new book but had no idea what was going on that he was regressing every time Mason went to the potty. Madison put Mike’s age around 26 which made her happy after the first day. Wendy got home after a long day at work and met Madison at the door. Madison advised the successful first day for both Mason and Mike. Wendy was excited to see the changes in Mike. She asked Madison to come back early the next morning as she needed to head off to court early. Madison obliged and made her way home knowing if Mason made it to the potty while she was gone Mike would still feel the changes. Wendy walked in the door and saw Mike and Mason playing she could see Mike was already younger and couldn’t wait to see him regress more. She loved Madison’s method of the chart and how Mike would not notice anything different until it was too late. Mike in the meantime greeted his wife and advised that dinner was almost ready. That would be one thing she missed once she got her little girl but it was so worth it. Maybe she could hire a new nanny to come in once Madison’s work was complete unless of course Madison wanted to stay on. The family ate dinner and little Mason excitedly told his Mommy about his day and how well Madison said he did potty training. Wendy obliged and smiled, “Mason do you need to go potty now you are making the face you make when you need to poop.” Mike was oblivious and wasn’t listening but saw that his wife and son were gone from the dinner table. In a short while he heard excitement from Wendy and Mason. His wife explained how Mason had went number 2 on the potty for the first time. She wanted Mike to see Mason put another sticker on the chart. When this occurred Mike grew shorter and younger losing about 4 years off his previous renewed agent of 26. Unbeknownst to Mike he was now 22 and was getting younger. He lost muscle tone and what little facial hair was now gone. He had no recollection of the books he had previously written and had just graduated college recently. He was no longer Wendy’s husband at this age but her boyfriend. Wendy saw this and was elated she had no idea this change would occur but she assumed it was due to Mason going number 2 in the potty. She noted it and would talk to Madison in the morning about it. Right now she had to make love to her boyfriend Mike for probably the last time as tomorrow he would be too young for this he would be her son by then. Mason was put to bed and Wendy and Mike had an eventful night of love. Mike was exhausted after the fact and passed out in bed. Wendy lay awake with adrenaline and excitement knowing all well what was happening. She knew in the next few days she would have her little girl she always wanted and she knew she needed to get everything ready. She fell asleep knowing tomorrow she had to get to work early maybe Madison could assist in getting the nursery ready. Wendy woke up with excitement she noticed that Mike was still passed out in bed next to her. He didn’t even look like he moved at all. She quickly got dressed and ready and by the time she was done Madison had arrived. She advised her of what happened when Mason went number 2 last night, Madison smiled and stated this will occur anytime this happens so she is anxious to see what happens if it occurs today. Madison also gladly accepted getting the nursery ready while Mason was still sleeping and when he napped today. She had a feeling it was going to be needed sooner rather than later especially if she thought was going to occur when Mike woke up. Wendy was off to court and Madison began to prep the nursery in the guest room. She worked quietly as she didn’t want to wake Mason or Mike up she also grabbed an adult pull up to prepare as since Mike had regressed again she knew he may wake up wet. The room was a beautiful girly pink, Madison set the bassinet up and stocked the changing table with diapers they were so tiny but with how young Mike was going to get they were needed. She put all the princess decorations on the wall and then went to check on Mike and Mason. She opened the bedroom door and saw Mike passed out and noticed sure enough the wet spot on the sheets. She rustled Mike awake, “Wake up sleepyhead, looks like someone had an accident.” Mike awoke groggily and confused as to why Madison was in his bedroom. “Where’s Wendy?” asked Mike. “Wendy had to get to court early remember she told you this yesterday,” said Madison. “First things first Mike I think we are going to have to watch today and lets get you cleaned up. Why don’t you go take a shower while I go get Mason.” Mike still confused at how this could happen listened to her and went to shower. Madison smiled knowing full well if Mason went potty Mike would be needing assistance real soon. She walked in Mason’s room with a smile, Mason was just waking up and he saw his nanny looking at him. “Morning Maddi,” squealed Mason. She asked if he would like to sit on the potty knowing full well he must have a full bladder from sleeping. He may have a wet diaper but that didn’t stop him from releasing his bladder into the potty. She clapped for him and said lets go put a new sticker on your chart knowing what would happen next. They put the sticker on the chart and just as that was done Mike had walked past the room he was now 20 years old and just as he was walking by he suddenly lost control and peed himself on his towel and on the awaiting floor below. Madison and Mason looked in wonder, Madison knowing this was going to happened and Mason in shock. Mason yelled, “Daddy went pee pee, he need diapers.” Madison had to control her laughter, “Oh Mike its ok go to your room and I will be right there.” Mike just didn’t understand how this could be happening and went to his room. Madison let Mason go play and went to the bedroom she grabbed her bag, it was time to put Mike’s chart up. Madison entered the room where Mike just stood in shock waiting. “I just don’t understand why this is happening, Madison. I can make it to the potty on time I swear,” Mike exclaimed. He has no idea why he just called it the potty. Madison’s nurturing extinct came out, “Don’t worry Mike I’m sure this is nothing, why don’t we just put this on to be sure. Mike was astonished there was no way he was wearing the same protection his son was wearing. “Why do you have a bag full of things and why is there a second chart with my name on it,” Mike asked scared of what the answer would be. “Oh, Mike I always have these as a precaution and the chart I think will be good for you to help Mason,” said Madison’s reassuringly. Mike looked at her pleadingly hoping she wouldn’t put the pull up on him. For some reason Mike was feeling very submissive and suddenly felt like he should listen to Madison. He lied on the bed and Madison got to work. First she grabbed the powder and the wipes and made quick work. Then she slid his legs through the holes of pull up and pulled it up to his waist. “See that wasn’t so bad, was it?,” Madison said to the frightened adult. Mike just looked down and felt even more babyish now that he had a pull up on. “Madison do I really need a chart too?” said Mike. Madison started pinning up the chart and stated, “Its for the best don’t you want to help Mason succeed in potty training. I’m sure you will get all stickers so there is nothing to worry about.” Mike sulked already feeling like it was going to be a long day, he walked out of the room forgetting his past life of working and went to watch TV. As he passed Mason saw him and said, “Daddy you have pull up on just like me.” Mike just kept walking into the the other room. Madison walked into the play room and sat down with Mason. “Now Mason can you keep a secret,” asked Madison? The boy nodded. You see your dad is having some issues with making it to the bathroom and may not be as big of a boy as he used to be. You shouldn’t probably call him dad anymore but think of him as your brother,” whispered Madison so Mike couldn’t hear her. “So is he like my baby brother since I make it to the potty and he don’t,” Mason said excitedly. “Kind of but don’t make fun of him ok,” smiled Madison. “Otay Madi” replied Mason. Mike sulked watching tv for the next few hours, he felt he should be doing something but couldn’t remember what. Madison popped in a few hours later to check on him to see if he had to go potty. “Mike, how about we try and go potty, you haven’t gone in a few hours,” said Madison. His pull up seemed a little wet but he figured he would try. He sat on the potty and not even realized he released a stream in to the potty. Madison clapped and said good job now lets get you into a new pull up cause this one seems a little wet. “Did you even feel wet, Mike?” asked Madi. Mike was silent he had no idea. They walked into the bedroom where they walked over to his chart. Chapter 3 Mike looked at his chart with disgust, he didn’t need to be potty trained. “I don’t want the same dinosaur stickers as Mason, I want my own,” sounding very childish Mike stated. Madison was in shock but she didn’t think the next transition would be so easy. She smiled, the only other stickers I have are these Disney Princess stickers,” said Madison. Without giving him a chance to fight she put one of the princess stickers on the chart. With that another chill ran over Mike, as changes began to occur. HIs muscle tone became less defined and skin became softer. His hair started to grow just a little bit longer. Mike was oblivious to the changes. Madison smirked on the inside knowing the fun was just beginning. She left Mike and went to check on Mason. Mason ran up to Madison stating he had to go to the potty. She placed him on his potty chair and out came the poop. She knew Mike would be regressing at least another 4 years in the other room. He would be a teenager now but she was sure he also would have another accident. Sure enough she heard crying in the other room. Mike looked to be about 16 and his pull up was soaked and had tears running down his face as he was sobbing unintelligible words. Madison ran over to console him, “There, their sweetie its ok, it’s just an accident. Why don’t you come with me and we will get you changed.” Mike was still inconsolable as Madi guided him over to the bed and laid him down. She got her bag out and pulled the only thing out that she could think of that might calm him down, a pacifier. She slipped it into his mouth and natural instinct went into effect as Mike started to suck on the pacifier. Madi made quick work and changed Mike for the 3rd time since he woke up. Mike finally calmed down but continued to suck on the pacifier as it was really calming. Madison guided Mike into the play room she thought it might be better if he played with Mason while she got lunch ready. Mason didn’t even say a word about Mike sucking on the pacifier but was happy to have a friend to play with. Madison went into the kitchen to get lunch ready mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. She questioned whether she should serve MIke’s food just like Mason’s, she ended up serving it on the same type of plate but would test a regular cup with Mike. She proceeded to go get the kids for lunch. She strapped Mason in his high chair and put a bib on him and then told Mike to sit at the table, he was just standing waiting looking frightened and still sucking on the pacifier. As they ate lunch it was clear Mike was becoming a very messy eater getting mac and cheese all over his face and his clothes. She walked over and said Mike, I think someone needs this as she clipped a bib around him. Mike was speechless but started whining. “I don’t need a bib, why are you treating me like a baby.” “If you keep whining I will feed you myself, now be a good boy and finish your lunch. Make sure drink your milk as you haven’t had anything to drink yet,” said Madi sternly. As Mike went to take a drink from the glass of course he tipped it too much and the milk emptied all over Mike and the floor. Madison knew she should have put it into a sippy cup. She cleaned Mike went over to her bag and grabbed a new pink and sparkly sippy cup, poured milk into it and handed it to Mike. “I’m not a girl,” Mike said reputedly. “Do you want a baby bottle instead,” Madi replied knowing full well what the answer was. “No,” Mike said dejectedly. After lunch she brought Mike to the potty. “I think we better at least try and go potty just to be safe and I think someone needs a nap afterwards,” said Madi. She placed him to sit and she waiting and waiting. “I can’t go, Madi under pressure.” said Mike. Madi obliged and left the room and sure enough she heard a tinkle in the toilet. “See I knew you could do it, sweetie.” said Madi, “Let’s go put a new sticker on your chart.” They went to the room and put another princess sticker on the chart and Madi watched more changes occur. Mike’s hair grew even longer and his hips widened, his chest blossomed to that of a 16 year old. He didn’t think anything of it as it just seemed normal. Madison guided Mike to the bed and said let’s take a nap you’ve had a long day. Mike suddenly felt tired and went to sleep. She went to get Mason ready but first put him on the potty again before his nap. Her method was quick and Mason was becoming quickly potty trained he would get his surprise soon and Mike would become Mikayla, Mason’s little sister. In the meantime Mason went potty again and it was time for another sticker before his nap. They placed the dinosaur sticker on the chart and in the other room sleeping away Mike regressed to 14 years old. Mason was put down for his nap and Madison went the nursery to finish up her work. Hopefully the rest of the story will be done soon.
  18. I looked but could not find this posted here. There is an episode of American Dad where Hayley gets regressed to six years old by Roger's therapy. I find much of the episode adorable but I am a little creeped out at some parts. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt5328858/
  19. Hello to everyone. I'm about to revise and re-post my earlier story. It was published on Deviantart and Abdlstoryforum. Part 1 Charity Dixon was looking at her tablet and browsing the news without any big interest. It was only her habit to waste time while she was sitting in the bus on her way to school. She wasn’t really interested in politics or economics and she sometimes read sensational or mysterious stories only. Mysteries somehow attracted her attention. Suddenly an ad popped up. Charity usually was annoyed by the ads and she deleted most of them immediately. However this time she stopped and continued reading. “Are you looking for an interesting and easy job? Would you like to work as a babysitter? Our company Happy Family is looking for new full-time or part-time workers. We can offer excellent working conditions, free working schedule and an above average wage of $40/hour.” Charity rubbed her eyes and read the ad over and over; it was a wonderful opportunity for two reasons. Charity needed some supply just like any other young girl and she would be able to save them for a nice vacation next year. However, the second reason was even more important. Several days ago Charity had read a story about the Happy Family and the story was quite mysterious. Happy Family was an adoption agency where the barren couples could look for a child. However, nobody was able to find out where the children came from. Of course, Happy Family provided birth certificates, but a journalist investigated some of the adoptions and wasn’t able to find the biological mothers. Unfortunately, the story was quite long and she didn’t finish reading it until the bus stopped in front of the school. Charity has been a very curious girl for a long time, and this mystery was attracting her attention very much. Maybe she would be able to find something interesting and the wage would be a nice bonus. She immediately decided to apply for the job on the same day as long as her school was over. She also decided to read the mysterious story once more. The school lessons seemed endless for Charity and she couldn’t wait until the end. In the afternoon she headed directly towards the Happy Family. While sitting in the bus she tried to find the story and finish reading it, but there were too many new posts on the site and Charity didn’t find it again. She got even more curious. The company was seated in a small villa far from the city center. Charity got off the bus and walked for about five minutes until she spotted the villa and stopped dead in her tracks. The villa was a quite large two-storey house in Victorian style standing aside from the other houses, didn’t match their modern architecture and it was surrounded by a well-maintained lawn. A short paved path leads to the entrance door. Charity was welcomed by an older lady: “Miss Charity, we are glad you want to help us in our philanthropic mission. Do you know how many people desire children and aren’t able to get their own ones. We keep helping these people as well as the desperate girls who got pregnant by a … mistake.” The lady stepped aside and let Charity enter the large hall. Charity had to admire the interior. It was a harmonic mix of the original and modern equipment. The entrance hall was large and there were several doors on the walls but all doors were closed and Charity couldn’t see any living soul there. However she could hear voices from upstairs. On the second floor they got to a smaller corridor. It was not as luxurious as the entrance hall but still clean and well equipped. They encountered a young girl there; the girl smiled and greeted Charity. The lady showed Charity the nurseries, the kitchen, the playroom and the bathroom. Charity didn’t have time to explore the rooms but she was surprised by the expensive equipment. “Miss Charity, you will work in one of these nurseries and you can choose the time according to your school duties,“ the lady turned to her when they finished the short round, “we also have a playground in the backyard.” “Thank you, madam. If you don’t mind, I’ll think of your offer and call you tomorrow.” “Of course, miss Charity. We will arrange everything as soon as you decide to take the job.” On her way home Charity kept thinking of the offer. It was quite attractive but she couldn’t get rid of a strange feeling. The villa and all the equipment looked expensive. Where did they get money from? Charitable agencies usually suffered from lack of money but Happy Family definitely did not. “Charity, I’m taken aback by the wage and by the equipment,” Charity’s mother shared her worries when her daughter told her about the job offer. “I know mom but I will babysit only. What could happen? Maybe they have a wealthy sponsor.” “I don’t know. To be honest I’m getting a bad feeling but I really don’t know why. In either case do your job and don’t stick your nose into anything else.” “Okay mom. I’ll call the lady tomorrow and accept it.” “Bring me the employment contract and I’ll show it to our lawyer.” “Of course, mom.” The next day Charity called the lady, accepted her offer and planned her first shift for Wednesday in the afternoon after school. On Wednesday Charity got quite nervous and unable to focus on her school lessons. She still didn’t get rid of the strange feeling when she entered the villa. The lady escorted her to the downstairs office. It was a small room with a table, two chairs and two small cabinets. “Sit down please and we arrange all the paper stuff,” the lady sat at the computer and started typing. About fifteen minutes later they finished and two copies of the contract were printed. “Okay, the paperwork is over and now let me introduce you to your first shift,” the lady led Charity out of the office and upstairs. They met another young girl there. “Charity, let me introduce Susan,” Susan also smiled at Charity, they greeted each other and Susan left. The lady turned to Charity again: “Susan works as a waitress and she can work in the mornings. Now let me show you our sweet little John. He is 10 months old,” she led Charity to the nursery on her right. The small boy was asleep in the crib with a pacifier in his mouth. Charity walked over to the crib and kept watching him for a minute; he was quite cute and looked satisfied. She suddenly felt good and looked forward to her upcoming job. “Before I go back to my duties, I’d like to explain to you something about diapers. We use cloth diapers to be environmentally-friendly. They are good, but you have to check them more often. The used diapers are to be thrown into a pail in the bathroom and poopy ones should be rinsed first,” the lady interrupted her thoughts; she smiled again and left. Charity was alone with the little Johnnie.
  20. This is my first story, so I am open to advice or criticism. If there is anything positive that you have to say then please specifically tell me what you liked about it. Conversely, if there is anything that I can do better than specifically let me know. I want to get better at writing as I go. I plan on adding a new chapter every couple of days. I hope you guys enjoy my first attempt! Baby of the Class Chapter 1 Todd could not believe his good luck! He was able to enroll in an early childcare university course. Todd always hated that he had to take option courses for his engineering degree but he realized that this was the easiest A grade that he would ever get. He would not have to study or work hard. Besides if a bunch of women who were only arts majors could take this course and succeed, then he, a male in engineering would have no problem with this course. What he didn’t know at the time was that this course was going to be the most difficult course that he would ever enroll in. Katie was strolling to her new university course. She was relieved that for the first time in her university career that she would finally be in a class without men. She was told that early childcare was a course in which men never enrolled. She could finally relax and enjoy a class without some man trying to show off and tell her how she is doing something wrong. For once, she could be herself with other women and take refuge from all of the misogyny that existed in the world. As she neared the classroom door, she almost couldn’t contain her excitement. This was the first time since leaving home that she felt truly safe. Turning into the doorway into the classroom she had the biggest smile on her face, a smile that immediately evaporated as soon as she saw a smug, self-assured man sitting in the class. Todd knew that he was a catch. He was 6 feet tall even with natural good looks that can only be found on a 24 year old. He had good grades in a field of study that would make him some good money later on in life. He played basketball and football and while he wasn’t a star athlete, he played enough to be attractive to the ladies. Dressing sharply was something that came naturally to him as well. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. When he arrived in class he was suddenly excited. Not only would he get a good grade but the class was full of babes as well! Every girl in the class was very attractive. As he sat down he knew that he would be able to get all the easy hookups that he wanted. Then suddenly he saw her. She was a slender, well-endowed girl with her hair tied back in a tight ponytail. She wore a trendy work vest without sleeves. Her pants were well fitted to show off every curve that she had. What he liked the most about her was the look that she gave him. For whatever reason, she did not like him and he liked that. He could feel the heat coming from her glare that she gave him and he knew right there that he had to have her. The more he had to work for a girl the better. He loved that he knew that he could turn any girl around to like him. Maybe it was because he thought that girls were emotionally weak or that they just were not as intelligent as men but he loved the chase. Wouldn’t you know it? The last available spot in the class was beside him. As she sat down he thought he would start to work his moves on her. “How did I get so lucky by being seated by the prettiest girl in the class?” he slyly said. “I’m disappointed that my looks and the other girls looks are the only thing that you noticed about this class so far. How did I get so unlucky by being seated by the most sexist guy in the school?” she snidely remarked. She was so antagonistic towards him. That made him want her even more. “Normally I am very observant. You have to be if you want to be a successful engineer. It’s just that your beauty overshadows everything else about this class. I am sure that as you get to know me that you will find that I have nothing but respect for woman.” he said sincerely. He wasn’t sincere though. He also didn’t respect woman but best to not let her know that. “Does that line normally work on girls? I don’t know what kind of bimbos that you have taken out in the past but I am not one of them. I am here to study an important topic that we as a society don’t think about enough. So don’t try to distract me by trying to get into my pants.” She jabbed back at him. “Listen, all I want to be is friends. Maybe after class I can take you out for a coffee sometime. Also I think we can all agree that this class is not important. Isn’t this just a class for stay at home moms? I thought that everyone here was taking this class because it was a free A. This class is a joke. No work and a free GPA booster.” He mused. “First off, I will never get a coffee with someone like you. Also learning how to raise kids is one of the most important skills someone could have. Being a parent is one of the most important skills people can have and no one studies how to do it. Clearly your mom did not take this class judging by the way you turned out." She snapped. Insulting his mother crossed a line. No way was he going to let this skank insult him. “I stand by what I said. This class, like you, is a joke. Judging by the way you act and dress I am going to assume you are an arts student. Not only are you not smart enough to be in a science major but you are so dumb that you don’t even know how to change a baby’s diaper. However, I shouldn’t be too hard on you. It’s probably because you were born a woman. Just remember one thing; when I am managing a successful engineering company, you will be making me a ham sandwich in the kitchen.” He smugly said. The girl just looked forward in anger after that comment. “Not smart enough for a comeback? That’s what I thought” he said in a snarky tone. Katie was so angry that she could not believe her ears. The class went by more slowly than any other class that she had ever participated in. When the class finished she packed her stuff and was trying to rush out the door when her teacher stopped her. “I could not help overhear the conversation that you and that boy had before class. He is very rude isn’t he? What’s your name? I should formally introduce myself first. My full name is Nicole Solomons” she stated. “Yes he is rude. I don’t even know his name. My name is Katie. I have never been so angry in my life. I would love to get back at him” Katie remarked. “His name is Todd. You may have been told or observed that my class does not have any male students. That is not quite true. What if I told you that there is a way to get back at him, in a… permanent way. Is that something you would want to know more about? I, like you, cannot stand men that try to push as women around.” She asked. “I was told that your class had no men. But what did you have in mind as far as getting back at Todd?” Katie asked puzzled. Nicole told her plan to Katie. As Katie heard the plan she smiled slowly at first and then she was beaming from ear to ear by the end of it. “We can really do that? Is that possible? That would devastate him. If it’s possible then I would love to do it!” Katie beamed. “Not only is it possible, but I have done it before.” Nicole said with an evil smile on her face. Todd didn’t realize it but his fate had been just sealed and his life was about to fundamentally change. Chapter 2 The class was currently on a bus, on route to the mountain lodge. The mountains in mid-February were cold and this year it was especially cold. It was -10 degrees outside and the winds were howling outside the bus windows. At least he had the thoughts of the girls to warm him up. Todd still could not believe how attractive the girls were. He could not help but smile. The past 3 weeks went by unbelievably quickly. 40% of the grade was just showing up to class and the other 60% was obtained by showing up to the 10 day retreat to the mountains with the class. Todd had always wanted to be accepted into one of the top universities to get his MBA and with this easy class he could do it. He was riding the line on having the grades but this class would do it for him. His whole life was planned out! Why couldn’t others figure out their lives like he had? He just didn’t get it sometimes. “Alright class we will be arriving at our destination shortly” said Dr. Solomons quickly “Don’t forget girls in the east cabin and boys… I mean Todd in the west cabin.” “Wait I have the whole cabin to myself” asked Todd. “Well I can’t have you sleeping with the girls so yes.” Dr. Solomons said curtly. “How much luckier can I get” Todd thought “Not only do I not have to share any of these girls with anyone else but I also get a whole cabin to myself. The heavens are smiling on me” “So Dr. Solomons as everything still good for this trip with Todd?” asked Katie nervously. “Yes and call me Nicole. Just stick this in his drink and I can take care of the rest”, said Nicole as she handed a liquid vial to Katie. “I can’t believe that I will be able to finally get back at Todd. I know he’s only one man but this feels like a strike at the patriarchy itself.” Katie said “Are you prepared to carry out this out to the end” asked Nicole “if we are going to do this then I need to make sure that you are committed.” “Don’t worry Nicole, I will show him no mercy” Katie said evily. Todd was walking to the dinner lodge outside slowly. The cold winter winds were really slowing him down. All he could hear besides the winds were the soft crunch of snow underneath his boots. “Why did the lodge have to be at the top of a hill” he thought, “this walk outside is unbearable.” Once he made it to the lodge everything felt different. It was nice and warm and the main area was one giant hall with vaulted ceilings. The Mountain View from the giant window was breathtaking and there was a massive cafeteria on the other end of the hall. Todd grabbed his food and sat down when he noticed that Katie of all people was walking towards him. “Hey Todd” she said cheerily “I have come to extend an olive branch towards you. I feel that we have got off and the wrong foot and I have come to take you up on that coffee date!” Todd couldn’t believe his luck! Maybe he finally would get in Katie’s pants. “Wow thanks Katie. Why the change of heart” he asked “I feel that maybe I was too harsh when we first met. Here drink this coffee that I got for you. It’s the least that I can do.” Katie offered “You know Katie, you’re not that bad. I was a little rude as well. I hope we can be friends” he said as he grabbed the coffee and started drinking it. The coffee tasted good but there was an odd taste too it. “Alright everyone, listen up,” announced Nicole. “Let me explain how this trip is going to work. I believe that everything you have to learn during this course can be learned with the hands on training that you are going to be receiving during this trip. Let me explain the rules. Firstly, if you make it the full ten days without any problems I will award you full grades. If I have to make you leave early then I will give you a zero for the trip and an F for the course. I will have a bus arriving every day. Secondly, you will all be pairing up with a partner for these 10 days and that’s who you will be working with for the duration of the trip.” She went around making partners and “conveniently” paired up Todd and Katie. “Finally, since this is an early childhood development course we have several babies for you all to practise your parenting skills on. However, there is one baby less than there are couples. So for one group I will give you all special instructions, but enough of that later whats important…” Todd was listening to Dr. Solomons drone on about the trip when he realized that he had to use the bathroom urgently. One second he was fine than the next he was at a crisis point. He stood up to leave when suddenly Dr. Solomons started speaking too him. “Can I help you Todd?” Nicole asked. “I just need to use the bathroom. Ill be quick,” Todd said hurriedly “You will sit down. I will not allow myself and the class to be interrupted. You can hold it in until this first nights class is done. Do I make myself clear?” she asked intensely. “But…..” he saw the look on her face “Yes Ill wait” Todd was not sure how he was going to make it. He had to go so urgently. “Alright class, so as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted is that we are going to meet our babies. When you receive them I want you guys to practise preparing a bottle and feeding them. Alright follow me and lets get started.” She said. The class followed Nicole to a giant nursery outside of the main hall. There were several cribs in room with babies inside. Todd could see bottles, sleepers, pacifiers, onesies, diapers, creams, baby powder, mittens, bibs, bonnets and every other baby supply that you could ever need. He also noticed that every baby seemed to be male. Despite seeing all of this all Todd could think about is how much he had to pee. All of the couples started picking out their babies that they would be practising with when he found out that he and Katie were the group that would not be getting a baby to practise on. “You two will have special instructions for every assignment since you don’t have a real baby to practise on.” Nicole said. “For every activity, one of you may have to pretend to be the baby and fill in for that role, within reason of course. Oh and Todd since you interrupted me, you can help me out with a quick demonstration.” “Okay but can I quickly go to the bathroom” Todd pleaded. “I said no. Not til we are done,” she said firmly. “Alright class gather around, so I am going to explain how to hold a baby and how to feed a baby its bottle. Todd will be demonstrating as I explain. Todd please grab a baby,” announced Nicole. Todd went to one of the cribs and grabbed a baby. When he picked him up he looked into the baby’s eyes. “Strange” he thought, “He looks worried, or he looks worried for me. Nah I must be just seeing things”. As Todd was walking with the baby to the front of the class he noticed that he could not hold his bladder much longer. “Alright class, when you hold the baby put his head over your shoulder.” Todd proceeded to put the baby’s head over his shoulder. He looked out in the crowd and saw all of the beautiful girls watching him. He noticed that Katie was watching him rather eagerly. “Now to feed the baby you will…” said Nicole until she was interrupted by a girl raising her hand. “Dr. Solomons, I think Todd is peeing his pants,” the girl exclaimed. Todd looked down and noticed that he had released his bladder and was currently wetting his pants in front of the class. In front of all of these girls. In front of Katie, the girl he planned to sleep with. The girls stared open mouthed at him until they all started to laugh.
  21. Mama's Magic Guide to Parenting: Chapter 1 Morgan had had enough. She loved her son with all her heart, but he was just too much. Smoking, drinking, breaking things, throwing tantrums. And he was twenty years old! Of course, she knew it was probably partly her fault that this had happened. She had let his behavior go on too long unchecked. You see, when her son Michael was 15, she divorced her husband. It was a nasty divorce as well with both of them fighting for custody and she admits she let Michael slip to the backburner in favor of getting over on her ex husband. Gaining sole custody of him eventually, but the damage was done. Michael was too far gone feeling ignored and unloved he sought out the wrong crowd. Started smoking cigarettes and weed. Cursing at Morgan. Acting up in school. Morgan didn't know how to handle it. And now here she was, still supporting him after he barely graduated high school by the skin of his teeth and absolutely refused to go to college. "That shit is for fucking pussies, Morgan!" He had yelled at her when she showed him college brochures and slammed the door in her face. She was tired of it. But what could she do? She didn't want to kick him out! His father was a deadbeat! And Michael couldn't hold down a job long enough to establish funds! But she couldn't go on like this anymore! So she got desperate. There was a woman. She lived in a tiny almost shack looking house near the train track by the old fire department before it (ironically) burned down. And this woman had rumors tied around her. People whispered of miracle cures, spiting curses, spells, witchcraft, everything. But it mostly just seemed like schoolyard shenanigans. The kinda thing kids would tell each other as they snuck up to the place but never got brave enough to enter the property. And well...Morgan was desperate. Taking what rainy day funds she had hidden, she shoved it into her purse and jumped in her car. The way to the supposed Witch's Shack was mainly bumpy backroads that sent dirt flying everywhere in the road. But Morgan pressed on. She stepped up the rickety porch stair and poked the doorbell nervously. But she heard nothing on the other end. She even pressed the button again and yet there was still nothing. Not even a small chime. With a sigh she pulled the screen open and knocked on the door only for it to be ripped open. She was left standing awkwardly as a woman, younger looking than herself, answered the door. "I heard you the first time! What do you want?! I don't accept solicitors!" The woman sneered in annoyance as she leaned against the doorway. Morgan waa surprised by how...non-witchy this woman looked. Tall. Almost Amazonian height. Curly black locks that fluffed up in the softest way. Her skin a nice umber shade. And just like that her hopes were dashed. She should have known better. There was no such thing as magic. She was stuck with a spoiled boy for the rest of her life... "I...I'm sorry. I...Nevermind. Sorry for wasting your time." Morgan muttered as she clutched her purse and turned around dejectedly. "Wait." The woman said with a sigh as she crossed her arms and Morgan turned around in confusion. "It's your boy ain't it? He got a slick mouth and an even worse behavior don't he?" "I...how did you-?" Morgan was cut off as the woman chuckled. "I can always tell. Come on. Le' me make you some tea while we talk." The woman spoke in a Creole accent as she stepped back, holding the door open for Morgan to come through. Morgan walked in almost petrified. What kind of things would she see? Voodoo dolls? Shrunken heads? Decapitated chickens? She saw none of that. What she did see however was a small, but cozy, sitting room with an open kitchen and dining room. The decor was not ritualistic. Nor was it gruesome. In fact, it was homey and warm. If anything the only possibly witchy items were several crystals and insense burners. Taking a seat on the surprisingly comfy couch, Morgan looked to the woman. "So...you are a witch then?" The woman smiled. "Of a sorts." And she flicked her wrist causing the stove light to flick on and begin heating a tea kettle. Morgan was speechless at the display. They woman laughed once more as she sat down on a leather arm chair nearby with grace to spare. "So...tell me about your boy." And then Morgan couldn't stop talking. She told this woman everything. Her divorce, her slacking with Michael's disipline, his bad behavior, all of it. The woman listened with eyes full of sympathy. Only moving to ready the tea and hand Morgan a cup on a saucer. "A-and...I heard about you. About the witch's shack. I...I thought you could help me." Morgan felt tears come to her eyes. "I just want my son to love me again." She sobbed. The sorta-witch(?) Woman stood up and crouched in front of Morgan. "You poor thing. You let that boy beat you down and walk all over you..." Morgan sniffled and nodded as she fished a tissue from her purse and dabbed at her eyes. "I didn't do it on purpose. I just wanted him to be happy." The witch woman stood to her full height just as a small wailing could be heard from another room. "Oh...little Willy's awake. I'll be right back, ya hear? You just sit here and drink your tea." Morgan, once she stopped crying, finally managed to take a sip of her tea. She sighed happily feeling aches she long ignored fade away making her feel warm and happy inside. A peaceful smile warmed her face. Well, if the witch couldn't save her son...maybe Morgan could get the tea recipe instead. She mused. Just like that the witch lady came back holding a small swaddled baby in her arms. The front of her shirt was pulled down, exposing her bra and a single uncovered breast that the little baby was latched onto. Suckling greedily, but letting out gentle coos of happiness. Morgan caught herself staring and jerked her head up. "Don't be shy, sweetpea. This is natural for all mothers." The woman- Morgan should really ask her name -said as she took her seat once more. "I...I wouldn't know. Michael didn't breast feed. Not after his first night after birth." Morgan explain as she sipped her wonderful tea once more. She received a look of pity. "Oh hun, that's part of the problem. Babies, especially boys, need that connection with their mama! Ain't that right, little Will?" And Morgan was shocked to see the little baby, no bigger than a year old, actually nod. "How???" The woman gave her a patient smile. "You see, miss ma'am. Little Will here is already forty six years old." Morgan...Morgan didn't know what to think. How could this baby, who was happily nursing on his mother's bosom, actually be a 46 year old man?! "And me myself I am not a day over One Hundred and Five." The witch explained. "William was the world to me. My sun, my moon, my stars, my reason for existing!" The woman said passionately as she rocked her son. "But...he's a baby still!" Morgan spat out incredulously. "Yes! But he wasn't always. He was a man. Just barely at the tender age of 19. And you know what he did? Decided he didn't need his Mama anymore! Went out, started wearin' his pants too low, spitting in my face, running in gangs even! And I wasn't gonna let my little boy run off like that. To be some random body in the street. I gave up witchcraft when I had him...and I picked it right back up just as quickly." She had tears in her eyes as she looked down at her nursing boy. "You just had to learn to love your mama again didn't you, my sweet boy?" She asked him, brushing his little hair aside. The baby nodded once more, letting go of his latch to speak. "Uh huh. I nevuh gon' fo'get tah luv Mama 'gain." He swore nosing for the other nipple and latching on. "Is...is this what you want me to do to Michael?" Morgan asked still trying to recover from the fact that the baby just spoke. The woman raised a brow. "No hunny. Is this what you want to do for Michael. Because he won't straighten out. He's too far gone. Best option is to start over. You don't gotta go this young, go how ever young you want. But somethin' has gotta give. Don't let it be you." Morgan took that to heart. Feeling the statement empower her once more. "What do I need to do?" /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Morgan was leaving an hour later, purse full of three jars of labelled powder and instructions on how to use them. She had tried to hand the witch her money, but she was waved off. "I don't need money, sweetie. Just go get your baby back." She had said. And Morgan was determined to do so. Not just for her sake, but for Michael's. She wanted her baby back, yes. But she also wanted him happy. And this was the only way.
  22. I am an ABDL Mommy that primarily does ABDL videos and audios. Want to listen to a FREE audio preview of my newest collaboration with @Alex Bridges? It's called "Coming Out" https://anchor.fm/missjenndavis/episodes/Coming-Out-PREVIEW-e126nfc/a-a5hbhfh No sooner was she away at college than she put herself back in diapers. She even told her roommate she needed them. Now she’s back home for the summer, her potty training isn’t what it used to be, and she decides she has no choice but to come out to her stepmom as a diaper girl. Written by Lexy Bridges, formerly Alex Bridges (allmylinks.com/alexbridges) and narrated by Miss Jenn Davis (missjenndavis.com) Want your own story read by Mommy Jenn? Send me an email through my website. If you want to want to know more about Mommy Jenn or are interested in a phone or skype ABDL session, check out my website: http://abdlmummy.com or at https://www.patreon.com/MissJenn You can also find Mommy Jenn's ABDL videos and audios by clicking here Mommy Jenn
  23. Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi is the name of a new Anime project, where the protagonist is exhausted by his daily life. He starts thinking "Toddlers can be legally fawned over, they're so lucky...". One day, he buys a blue pacifier. And as he pops it into his mouth, he finds himself reincarnated as a five year old toddler in another world, where he goes to daycare and where beautiful young men take care of him and other children with their "there, there" magic. I don't know if any diapers are involved, but I think it could still be a cute anime for some of us.
  24. Introduction to Nursing 1: The Beginning Ester and Samuel were getting on into their mid-50’s being happily married for about thirty years now, when things started to get a bit boring with their sexual life. Even while they were very near or at retirement, after doing very well with their respective career choices, and having no money worries, things with their private life were becoming stale, it seemed. Gone were the days when they were able to please each other with hot steamy sex on a regular basis, these days Ester was thinking more and more about the lost chances she had to have had children to nurture as they long ago decided with Sam’s inability to father a child, that they would forgo that experience. She had many friends that had family which were always visiting, and she now knew how much they had given up by not raising a family. While Sam still tried on occasion to make Ester happy in bed, with the resources he still had, his loss of even the ability to achieve a strong male presence over the last years, made him feel even more inadequate than he did in his younger years, with his very small size male appendage that at this point still did at least show up. Sam was always enticed by Esters large breast and spent most of their romantic time lately fondling and nursing on them, which seemed to make Ester somewhat excited. Sam also tried on numerous occasions to also play with and stimulate orally Esters love cannel, but either his lack of understanding, or his wife’s unacceptance of his efforts there, limited her pleasure from that. These days though, his only pleasure came from self-stimulation after visiting the sites he frequented on the internet, where small endowed men were babied and humiliated by either their wife’s, or by professional ladies that would provide whatever stimulation online someone paid for, no matter how strange it seemed to some. Sam just felt that for some reason, being treated as such was a major turn on for him, and seemed to be about the only thing that would get him excited these days. Of course, he was not willing at this time to share this very private fantasy with Ester so he went to extreme measures to keep this part of his life hidden from her. As the years went on and their frustrations with their sex lives continued to worsen, Ester happened to read about a couple’s therapy specialist that focused on older married couples suffering from empty nests, and loss of gratification in their marriage. This seemed like something that fit exactly what they were experiencing and Ester mentioned it to Sam one day after thinking about it for a few days. Ester mentioned that she really wanted them to give this a try, as they needed to do something to wake up their sexual feelings again as they were not that old yet! After a few days of pushing this issue to Sam, he finally agreed to give it a try. 2: The Marriage Counselor After making an appointment for a couple weeks into the future, the day finally arrived and Ester and Samuel drove the couple hours into a neighboring city to find the office of this councilor. Sam was impressed as they entered this large complex and found the office they were looking for, a Dr. Melisa Ray, who was a middle-aged well-spoken lady with a spacious but friendly office that they were brought into. After all were settled and introductions were finished, Dr Ray pressed the issue of why they came in for the visit. Ester responded that they have lost the sexual closeness that they once had for each other and wanted to see if anything could be done to get it back. Dr Ray pressed on to ask if they have been open and honest with each other about what most excited each of them, and was met with silence. Ester finally spoke up again, adding that since Samuel started dealing with ED, it became harder for her to get aroused in her lady parts as with his penetration, as little as it was, was always enough to excite her, and after the loss of his penial erections, his efforts at oral stimulation of her vagina or even more so her clitoris was never the same. She also mentioned his fixation on her breasts were of some stimulation to her, but did not make up for the intercourse that they had experienced in earlier days. She added that Sam seemed to becoming more and more drawn to her breast, and that she did enjoy his attention, but something was still lacking as that was not quite enough to get her over the top to the feelings she once had. Dr Ray than asked her if she had expressed these feelings and concerns with Sam, and she said that when she tried to talk about this with Sam, he seemed so embarrassed by his now lack of performance, that it never got very far and he always changed the subject it seemed. With that the Dr spoke directly to Sam, addressing the topic his wife brough up. Dr. Ray told Sam that his ED issues, and small penis size were a problem other’s have had and there are things that have been tried and accomplished with others that may be helpful here as well but the first step is to acknowledge the issue, and talk about it. With that the Dr again asked Sam if this is the reason that he was reluctant to talk to his wife about their sex life, and he finally softly said YES. The family councilor sighed and said that this was a very important first step toward helping any couple come to terms with each other’s needs, and that they were making some good headway. Focusing again on what Ester had mentioned earlier, she asked about her feelings when Sam would fondle and suckle her breast, if those were the most exciting, she has been experiencing. Ester was a bit flushed when she answered, but did indeed say that this was quite stimulating to her, and seemed to excite Sam as well. Dr Ray than approached Sam and asked him to share with them what it is that excites him these days, as both Ester and her did not believe that as a male, there was nothing that he was doing to get aroused, even as he and his wife were not hitting that mark these days. Sam did not want to divulge his secrete but after a bit more badgering, he finally mentioned that he did find some porn sites exciting enough to allow for some self-gratification on occasion, even without his member coming to an erection. Dr Ray pressed this to the point that Samuel finally admitted to becoming excited from being humiliated about his small penis size and thinking about being treated as a baby again. This did not come as a complete surprise to Ester or to Dr Ray, as it helped to explain some of his high level of interest in his wife’s breast, and want to fondle and nurse from his wife whenever he could these days. At this point, Dr Ray mentioned that they had covered a lot of area for the day, and that they should continue this discussion in a month or so. She also added that she would prescribe some medication for Ester, that would stimulate her nipples and possibly enhance their feelings when cuddling and possibly lead to a higher level of excitement, at least for Ester. She also suggested more regular suckling, at least on a daily basis to see if this would promote more intense feelings for each other. Finally, she mentioned that, with all the things talked about today, there was an intense week-long program that they might benefit from that they could consider if all went well after the next visit, a program called “Introduction to Nursing” which dealt with not only treating someone as a baby, but also a crash course in nursing, and possible start of lactation, something that has been very successful in creating renewed intimacy in older couples when other things have failed. 3: The New Beginnings To say the drive home from this meeting was anything but boring, was an understatement. Ester was demanding to know from Sam how long he has been going on these porn sites, and why he couldn’t tell her about his fantasy’s. Ester also insisted that he stop doing this, or she would see to it that he couldn’t play with his little guy any longer, as she knew there were appliances that could be used to stop this. She also asked if he was willing to allow her to start to baby him as this secret was now out in the open and she wanted nothing more than to help him herself, not him go to some site and some unknown person to tell his fantasy’s to. This was her most disappointing finding from their session, that he was going behind her back doing this! Sam was very embarrassed about what he did, and just listened to what his wife told him. By the time they were home again, he did agree to allow his wife to start to baby him, especially if this could lead to him being able to nurse from her on a regular basis as their counselor had suggested. He also agreed to never go on the porn sites again, and not to masturbate again by himself, something his wife said that she would only allow with her participation if that is what it takes to get him aroused again. She added that he would be getting this pleasure only after she was able to, so he better start to pay attention to what stimulated her as well. The afternoon, after arriving home, Ester called in her prescription, and stopped latter at a local pharmacy to collect it as well as a few baby items for her husband. These included several versions of adult diapers, as well as a larger toddler size pacifier. That evening she took the first pill (latter to find this drug helped induce lactation) in hopes that her nipples could become much more sensitive, to the point her husband nursing from her could help her orgasm. At bed time, as they were snuggling, she told Sam that tomorrow, she would start to introduce some of the changes that they spoke about, after which they both fell into sleep, dreaming of things to come. After a great night of sleep, the couple woke up refreshed and ready to take on a new day. As Sam had a strong urge to need the potty, he headed for the bathroom first and was well into his morning routine when Ester walked into the bathroom, naked as she was ready to do her morning things and have a shower as well. As Ester was sitting on the pot, Sam was just coming out of the shower when she reminded him that he was not to touch himself with the intent to bring relief any longer, that instead he can feel free to fondle her breast instead should the mood strike him. He was a bit surprised that she was so forward with this suggestion, but she followed with after all, that is what Dr Ray suggested we start doing, am I not correct? In fact, come to me now and gently kiss both of my nipples as your sign of agreement which he eagerly did! After their morning showers, and getting dressed, they settled into their day, starting with a nice breakfast that Sam prepared for his wife and a bit more talk about the subject of their intentions to improve their relationship. Ester was happy to see that after she mentioned his desires to become more baby like, he was quite docile in his actions, especially after she started to actually call him baby. As the day went on, she prompted him to come up behind her, and fondle her breast on a regular basis, as she started to suggest that soon he will be able to suckle on her ample breast on a regular basis. This had the effect of both enticing him and exciting her, keeping her panties damp most of the day. She was quite impressed with his change in attitude toward her after their counseling session and just a day of openly talking about their desires. That evening was another milestone as prior to bed, Ester suggested that Sam try on one of the diaper choices she picked up, and picked out a very pretty pullup said to be for “Women’s heavy bladder leaks” With this in place, they settled into bed where she allowed him to fondle her now exposed breasts (her choice of nightwear was a very thin, low cut gown) and eventually suckle on each nipple for a while as they succumbed to the night and sleep. The following morning, Sam again woke to a pressing need to use the potty. As he was struggling to get up and out of bed, Ester was awoken, and she persuaded Sam to snuggle for just a bit before getting up. He ended up fondling her and eventually nursing from her breasts for a period of time, until she was also ready to get up and head to the bathroom. Of course, during this period, Sam was really struggling to hold back his need to go potty, and when they finally got up to go into the bathroom, Ester went first indicating to Sam that he had a diaper on so he could wait for her to finish. Unfortunately, as he stood beside her and heard her relieve herself into the potty, he could hold on no longer and started to wet his pullup which his wife noticed as well. She simply said, I guess you are really getting into the baby role, I am OK with that if it makes you happy! Not exactly what he wanted to hear but he did find it to be a bit if a rush, his first time wetting a diaper since his childhood, but really wanted to rub his sex as the urge was overwhelming at this point. His wife sensed the same and warned him again not to touch himself in that way, as she reiterated what her rules were for him. So, an interesting start to the day, and possibly a new way of life! The following days the routine changed a bit from what they had started, but remained focused on the same things. Sam’s growing interest and attention to his wife’s bobbies, and her constant focus on making her breasts the center of his attention. She was finding that these efforts were in fact keeping her aroused, but she was not yet getting to the point of where she wanted to go, even after a long evening of Sam’s attention to her breast, especially her nipples which did seem to be coming more sensitive after taking her meds for the last week. Another change, Sam was being diapered in an overnight diaper for the night, as with their early morning activity now a norm as well, he would often wet heavily before they got out of bed to use the bathroom. Also, Ester had Sam wearing the pullups during the day, just in case. During the second week after their counseling visit, Ester told Sam that they were going into town to do some shopping. She told Sam that she decided to buy some nursing bras, which Sam would help her pick out. The reason, she was thinking that he may start to suckle on her during the day as well if he was a good boy? They went to a good size ladies specialty shop, and found a large selection of bras to choose from, for nursing mothers. The SA came to help them, and asked about her older age, and being a mother again, after which Ester responded that actually these were for her husband, who was along to help her choose. The SA smiled broadly and responded that she understood and they left with 4 choices, all a bit different, but all very sexy. Unfortunately for Sam, the exuberance of this experience was a bit too much for him and by the time they had picked out the 2nd bra, he was dribbling into his pullup, not all of it peepee. When they headed for their car, Ester sensed something happened and questioned Sam about it, as he knew he had to answer honestly, told his wife what he had done. She responded, that’s ok honey, pulling out his yet unused pacifier from her bag, she put it into his mouth and told him to start sucking on this till they got home. When they did arrive home, she checked his pullup and told him it was just a bit damp, he could still wear it, proceeded to change into one of the new nursing bras, and started a new tradition by allowing her husband to nurse on her in the middle of the day! As the days turned into weeks from the start of this journey, Ester started to notice some clear changes in her heavy breasts, especially around the nipple area. Her nipples were becoming more prominent, often erect, and her bras were all becoming tighter. She also noticed more sensitivity especially at her nipples, and this resulted in her wanting more attention from her husband. She was getting suckled, not only prior to sleep, but when waking up, and several times during the day. She was very happy with this outcome, to the point of mentioning to Sam that she was seriously considering singing them up for the “introduction to Nursing” session they heard about at their next counseling session, already only a week away. In the meantime, she had one other thought on her mind, she had started to think about some sort of mechanical stimulus for her lower girl parts, something that would allow her to see or fall from the top of the cliff and start to reach orgasms again. She mentioned this to Sam and asked his advice, of which he was only too happy to offer as he then may be able to achieve something similar as the rules stated, that only after his wife was satisfied, could he be with some stimulation. They searched several online sites, but in the end went into town and found a sex shop that offered many things to choose from. The trip into the store was somewhat memorable to Sam as well, as with the help of a young lady in the store, his wife picked out several items to substitute for his inadequacies, which were spelled out clearly. Unfortunately, again, when they were looking at something that could be used in the back side, Sam lost his control, and again dribbled into his pullup which was noticed by his wife, and pointed out to the shop assistant as well. The ride home once again resulted in his use of his pacifier, and thoughts about what might be happening with the new toys they now had. That night, as he was dressed for bed in his overnight diaper, his wife brought out the new vibrator they had picked out for her use. She purposely left off her panties, expecting to experiment with the new toy while her hubby was addressing her sensitive nipples. As this progressed, and he was intent on nursing from her with a new found intensity, she reached over to her bed stand and grabbed the new vibrator. She said, Samuel, I will teach you how to touch me with this, as it is a replacement for what you have lost. She took one of his hands from her breast, the usual spot while he was suckling, and moved it with her hand holding the toy to her pleasure spots below. She moved the toy into his hand and guided it to all the right places, after several trips, achieving what she had been missing for years now. How glorious was this moment, something that she was able to hold for longer than she could remember? As she came down from her arousal, she pushed Sam off of her breast and said he should slide lower to offer his oral efforts again, not to pleasure her, but to clean up after that memorable event. Sam did as he was told, and soon they were both sleeping. The days continued with these new findings, and soon they were faced with the second family counseling visit the following day. Ester told Sam that she had decided to enroll in the first available time slot for the mentioned Introduction to Nursing class, as she was very happy with the feelings she was getting from Sam’s constant attention to her breast, and wanted to see how far they could take this. 4: Second visit to Counseling When they arrived and met with Dr Ray, they covered all the progress that had been made since the last visit, and the Dr was very impressed when told that Ester had finally reached orgasm again on several occasions. They talked about the combination of the very sensitive nipples she now had, how they were nearly always erect, and how the combination of her husband’s attention to her breast and the introduction of the toy play on her girl parts got her to the point she had longed for. She than mentioned that they had decided to do the course she mentioned at the last visit to try to enhance these feeling even more. She did also mention the her treating her husband more as a baby, having him wear diapers and pullups, and heaping on humiliation has also helped him achieve some release as well, although that has not been their primary concern at this stage. Dr Ray was very happy to hear all this news and went on to say that this course, was all about pushing those baby experiences to the max, and attempting to induce lactation so that there could be a mother child bond develop between the couple. At this news, Ester became ecstatic and said that was really her greatest hope as she believed she had lost that opportunity, not having any children. Dr Ray than explained that the next available course was in about two weeks, just enough time to change her meds to create something mothers about to give birth would have in their hormone balance, again to help to induce lactation, but only a part of the process. The Dr explained that when they return for the class, they had to arrive at the clinic, part of this same campus, by 9AM on that Monday, and would not leave till the following Sunday evening. All their needs would be provided for during their stay, but to bring along diapers and a nursing bra with pads hopefully needed for the return home. Finally, the Dr advised Ester to really push suckling activity with her husband in the days leading up to this course, as that was really important to build up the stamina needed for the course to be successful! As they left for home, Ester handed Samuel his paci and told him it had better stay in his mouth for the next weeks, unless his mouth was on her breast. The ride home was quiet as a result with Ester thinking that this is what she always dreamed of and Sam wondering what he has gotten himself into. The next days were not unlike the days preceding the last Dr visit, with a few changes as a result of planning for the course. Sam was constantly sucking on his paci heeding the warning from his wife, and was also starting to use his pullups and diapers a bit more for intended use also at his wife’s urging. Ester was starting to notice different things happening in her breast, as the new meds certainly were plumping up things a bit more, not to mention the itching feeling she was starting to feel. This was only soothed by the suckling of her dedicated husband, as he was always there when the need arose, something she was extremely happy for. For Sam’s part, Ester promised that if he was a good boy, followed his directions in the coming weeks, he could look forward to some exciting rewards as his wife would start to use their toys on him for his benefit on a regular basis. It was soon time to return to the clinic for the week of intensive training, and all were starting to look forward to it, not having a clue of what was in store for them at that point, only the promise of the outcome and great pleasure for both as a result. 5: The Week-long Training Course The day of the course start did arrive, and the anxious couple arrived on time as anticipated. They were taken to a different part of the medical complex, something in the far reaches of the building, away from most of the day-to-day traffic. They found upon checking in, that they were taken into a nice common area, and were introduced to Sara, who said she was a lactation nurse, and would be the main person this couple would be dealing with over the next week. She explained the nature of the course they signed up for, which would be an intense program to instill baby desires into Samuel in his case, and a serious effort to physically induce lactation for Ester, involving both Sam and some mechanical means IE a special breast pumping device. This was somewhat of a surprise to both the couple but they had agreed to the course, and now was a bit late to back out. Sara also said that today was going to be a training day, followed by 6 days of very strenuous workout of Esters breast and nipples, expecting to end with a successful lactation effort! Sam would be a big part of that, especially over the night they were told, but also, he would be regressed into a total state of baby being over this same time, so that after the lactation was accomplished, he would also be dependent on his wife for his needs. At that point, they were taken to what would be their room for the next week or so, and upon entering found a nursery setting less the crib. All other things were present including a change table, shelves stocked with diapers and change supplies, a rocking chair, baby bottles and warming devices, and an array of various clothes some for a baby, and some for a mother it seemed. They were both told to get undressed, which they did, and several other young nurses arrived to tend to each of them. Ester was dressed into a strange looking nursing bra, with very heavy bands, but strange covers for her breast, the function of which she would discover latter. She was also given some pull ups, not unlike what she had gotten for Sam several weeks back. Finally, she was given a nursing gown, and a house coat, to cover her when not nursing. She was taken to the rocking chair area and introduced to her mechanical breast pump device. She was told that to establish a 4 hr nursing cycle, she would be pumped every 4 hrs for 30 minutes when not nursing her baby. In between that time, she would be looking after her baby’s other needs like diapers, baths, and spoon feeding. At this point, the cups of her nursing bra were opened, and the pumping cups were attached to her breast. The pump was started on what was a slow methodical speed, but she was advised that as the 30 minutes went by, the speed and suction would change to stimulate and condition her breast and nipples to the needs of a breast-feeding mother. Sam was taken to the change table, where he was cleaned and thick disposable diapers were put onto him by the nurses this first time, after which, his wife would have that duty. He was dressed into a sleeper which covered his hands and feet and zipped up the back. He was then told to crawl over to where his wife was sitting with the breast pump working, and get onto her lap for his first bottle feed. He did as he was told, and one of the nurses brought a large baby bottle with a regular size nipple over to his wife. He was told this was to condition him as well as he needed to learn a good suckling process to be able to stimulate his wife, as well as condition his jaw muscle to accomplish this for the long time needed. It was a struggle at first to get the liquid through the nipple but he soon found a process to accomplish that and was finished with his bottle about the time his wife was getting to the last of her first session, none too soon for her either as her nipples were starting to become painful from the more powerful pumping in the last 10 minutes. Their day continued with a tour of the rest of the room. There were toys in the corner in a playpen when Sam could be put if he needed to be, as well as a corner table with large high chair where he would be soon fed his solid meals, the next thing on the agenda. He was not happy with the food he was given as it was very bland but also being a high fiber, but his wife managed to get him fed while she was eating her meal, which seemed more appetizing. Soon after, it was time for the next pumping session, and both were taken back to the rocking chair area, with him on her lap for his bottle feed, and her again attached to the pumping domes of the breast pump. He finished his first bottle quicker this time and was given another with juice following, as his wife was again starting to struggle with the last minutes of her pumping. She told him he had better appreciate all she is doing for him as this is more than she anticipated and was not very comfortable. The afternoon followed with more of the same, but for an additional briefing about what was to happen that night and for the next 5. The couple was advised that when they were put down for the night in the bed in the corner, that Sam would be diapered in thick cloth with waterproof panties over, and on top of that a unique sleep suite, something that encased him in waterproof material, and had a head harness attached that could be affixed to his wife’s nursing bra. They were also told that Sam would have a mouth piece put in place that would keep his teeth apart some, not allowing him to bite her nipples. In addition to that, his wife would be set up with an electronic monitor that had probes at her nipples, and another over her clitty, simply as it was her most sensitive spot, which served two purposes. The sensors near her nipples could sense suckling, or lack of it due to a loss of moisture, and suction. The probe over her clitty would be able to deliver an electric stimulation, which could be scaled up in intensity, certain to gain her undivided attention. The device was set up so that whichever breast Sam was suckling on could be monitored, and after 10 minutes of no suckling attention, Ester would be given a mild attention getter, telling her to encourage Sam to start sucking again, gaining in intensity if he didn’t respond shortly. This was certainly a lot to think about as the couple approached the last of the pumping sessions, after which dinner was served, spoon fed again to Sam while Ester ate herself between feeding Sam. What Sam didn’t know was that he was given a laxative in his food and a diuretic in his drink assuring his night would be wet and messy. Ester was worried that with her nipples already sore from the pumping sessions, she would be in terrible shape by the end of the night. As the time came for them to be in bed, the lactation nurse Sally asked Ester how her nipples were adapting and if she would like some numbing lotion for them prior to the night. She told her that they were in fact already very sore and did request that the numbing lotion be applied which it was. When dressed in her night gown, she was allowed to use the bathroom for one last time and placed onto her side in their bed. She was also told to use a bladder leak pull-up just in case as she could not get up till morning. Sam of course, had been thickly diapered in cloth this time by his wife earlier, and was placed also on his side beside his bride, with his covered hands around Esters back, and attached together with rings at his wrists, such that he could not pull them away. He was then moved onto her breast, his lips opened, and his head gear firmly attached to the clips on his wife’s nursing bra, assuring he could not pull back and started to suckle. Meanwhile, Esters hands were moved behind Sam’s neck, and some straps were put around her wrists and attached by a cord to the back of Sam’s head gear. The length of the cord was long enough so that Ester could reach Sam’s check to poke it and remind him to suckle, much like a mother would with her child if it got sleepy and stopped sucking. Unfortunately, Ester could not reach the attachments to her nursing bra to release Sam so they were kept in this position, until attended to by one of the nurses. As they were left to their situation with a sleep tight, enjoy the night greeting, Ester started to realize what she would be faced with as she felt fine now with the numbing cream doing its job but understood that at some point it would wear off and 4 hrs or so of constant suckling could get very uncomfortable. Sam was worried his jaw could not hold up, but for now, he was quite comfortable. As the nite progressed, Ester had fallen asleep understanding that the first part of the night may be her best chance as she was most comfortable. Unfortunately, this did not last long as after only a couple of hours, she awoke to an uncomfortable pinching feeling at her clitty, that was quickly getting worse. She soon understood that Sam had fallen asleep, and stopped suckling so she started to nudge his cheek trying to get him to start suckling again. As soon as he responded, she wished that he had not as her nipple was getting sore already, as the numbing cream had worn off. In any event, she would rather put up with that than the burning sensation she had felt at her Clitoris, which thank heavens ceased as soon as Sam started to suckle again. She spoke to Sam as he was sucking again, about how important it was for him to continue but please be as gentle as he could as she was getting sore already. As the next hours went by, she was getting more and more sore, but had to keep nudging Sam on his cheek to keep him busy with her breast. Finally, the middle of the night arrived, and a nurse entered to help them position for the next breast. As Sam was unlatched from his wife’s left breast, he started to whimper that he had wet himself and his jaw was starting to hurt. The nurse told him that his wife was changing him from now on, but not until the morning so he may as well get used to staying in a wet diaper for a while. As they were repositioned and more of the numbing cream was added to Esters right nipple in prep for Sam’s attention, she told him that he was doing a good job but had to stay awake to complete the task for the second part of the night. As he was being resecured to the nursing bra, Ester was consoling him, saying that he could sleep some in the morning after his change when this session was over. Soon they were again sorted out with Sam suckling on his wife’s new breast, and with the numbing cream she soon fell asleep. Again, she was disturbed after a short time, but on this occasion, it was because Sam was becoming restless and trying to move around. She attempted to console him again with her voice, but soon found that he became ridged for a moment, followed by an audible sound of gas and gurgling as he proceeded to fill his diapers with a load of fresh poop. Oh, she said, I understand now why you were so restless a while ago. I am sorry that you had to do this with about 3 hrs to go tonight, but I guess it was inevitable, not knowing that the meal additive had helped things along. I hope you can settle down now, but expect your jaw is starting to hurt as well, but just remember, my nipples are not used to this yet so we will both have to suffer for a while I expect. Please keep sucking though dear, as I don’t what that thing to go off on my clitty again. Sam had little choice but to keep up the task at hand, but as the hours went on, his jaw was really starting to bother him and he was slowing down a lot, something that his wife appreciated as well. Finally, the last hour of the first night was at hand. Ester was constantly being shocked when Sam’s sucking fell off too much, and she was busy prompting him to keep sucking by caressing his cheek, even while her poor nipple was crying out. As the hour ended and Sally walked into to attend to the couple in the morning, she was very cheery, something the couple were not. As she disengaged the couple, she asked Ester if she needed to use the bathroom, which she quickly went off to do. She was advised that she had to deal with her hubby prior to doing a bath, so she soon returned to manage that task. Poor Sam was in sad shape, with his diapers completely loaded and soaked from multiple wettings over the night. Sally removed his head gear and waterproof sleep suit, but kept the rubber panties in place for his wife to attend to. When his wife returned, he was already on the change table, wining that his jaw was sore and he felt so gross as a result of his nasty diaper. His wife soon had his rubber pants off, and the odor was overwhelming, but she pushed on to remove his soiled diaper and clean him up. Sally soon returned with a pan of warm water, and cloths so that his wife could wash him as best as she could on the change table. In addition, she was given some shave cream and razor to use not only on his face, but around his privates to help keep him cleaner. After his wife accomplished this, he was rediapered with a heavy disposable for the day use, and brought to his play pen, given a large morning bottle of what looked like milk and left to his own. He struggled with the nipple, as his jaw was really tired, but knew he would be very hungry without something so finished and fell asleep in his play pen. After all this, Ester was allowed her time in the bath and was happy to clean up, although she found her breasts to be very tender and her nipples quite sore and somewhat extended. She dressed as she did the previous day, and also was able to take a short nap after a glass of juice, prior to being woken up for her first breast pumping session. Sam was also woken up and brought to her, as he needed to have another bottle followed by again being fed his breakfast meal. By the time the 30-minute session had ended, Sam was fed and finished his bottle, and his wife was really bothered with sore nipples again. She asked for and was given some more numbing cream for her nipples, prior to having her bra closed again. She was also told by Sally that this cream would only be available for the first 3 days, so should start to get used to doing without! She was also told that as lactation started, she would be very happy to have her breasts emptied, and would soon forget about the sore nipples. The day continued with Sam being changed several times by his wife, and catching a few naps when returned to his play pen. Ester was trying to catch a few winks as well, but after dealing with Sam, and the 4hr pumping session cycles she had to look forward to, it was hard for her. 6: The Following Nights The evening meal was nice and filling, with Sam’s being a high fiber diet, and with added ingredients in the evening meal insuring he would be regular as well. The second night started just as the first had, but with Ester already suffering from very sore nipples, it was a bit more stressful for her from the start. She was constantly talking to Sam about being gentle with her nipples, but keeping up a nice pace so the probe near her bottom would not go off. Unfortunately, due to lack of sleep the first day, Sam was dosing off on regular basis so Ester was jolted on several occasions. The first half of the night finally ended. Esters nipple had been screaming at her for the last hour at least so she was really glad that they were moving to the other breast. After getting organized again, they settled into another round of constant suckling, she hoped. She was getting quite tired as the night went on, and was awaken multiple times due to Sam’s lack of attention. It seemed like only an hour into this second half that she heard Sam relieve himself again, after which he seemed more settled than the prior night after that event. What she didn’t expect was that her bladder was feeling full as well, and she hoped she could make the morning without having to test out her bladder leakage pull ups she wore. It was not long after that after dosing off herself, that she was startled when Sam fell asleep and she was jolted awake, this time causing her to wet herself as well. When she got Sam working again, she told him that now there were two wet ones in bed tonight, not that Sam cared much about that as he was quite messy as well. And so, the 2nd night ended with two wet people glad to be unattached so that they could be up and taken care of, not to mention a wife with very sore and very swollen nipples from all this attention they were getting. She hoped that this would be all worth it in the end. The 3rd day was not much different from the previous, although Sam seemed to becoming more accepting of this baby situation, and was having more wet diapers with all the liquids he was taking. His bottles were becoming easier to finish, and as such he was given more of them. His meals continued to be of the high fiber variety, and he was always happy to be fed by his wife. She was seeing a few changes as well as her breasts were certainly becoming heaver and seemed to be more sensitive especially around the nipples. She hoped that this was a sign of soon to be lactation, which her lactation nurse Sally assured her was the case. Her sessions of breast pumping were also changing, even though she was not aware of that. The cycles had been changed so as the session went on, the pumping became stronger which she barely noticed as her nipples were sore constantly. What was happening though was that her nipples were growing, and growing more durable, something that she would need to continue to nurse her husband after this class was over. That night seemed to go better than the previous, as all knew what to expect. This was the last night that Ester could expect the early relief of the nipple cream, so she took advantage of that and did get a fair amount of sleep as each session started. Sam had also been able to catch several good naps during the day so was better able to stay awake, at least for the first part of the night. While he was almost constantly wet now, he was also becoming accustomed to the feeling of that, although the cloth diapers used overnight were a bit more to deal with. As they neared the midpoint of the night, Sam did need to be awaken, as he had dosed off and his wife was soon alerted. This too was starting to feel a bit different as it was no longer an unexpected pain, but was starting to become a little exciting. On this night, Sam messed himself just as he was woken up by his wife prior to the changeover, so had to endure the entire second half of the night in a messy diaper. After the changeover, things settled down for the first hour, but shortly after that Sam started to dose off and Ester was constantly becoming stimulated to get Sam back to work. As this went on, Ester was starting to somewhat enjoy the attention given her sensitive spot, and even as she did use the potty prior to bedtime to keep her pullup dry, she was starting to get it wet from another source. As the night went on, the pull-up became wetter even though this stimulation never was able to get her to an orgasm, she was certainly wet from all the attention she was getting there, taking her mind away from her sore nipples. And so that night came to an end as well, with the 4th day to follow with much of the same. While not much changed on that 4th day, some things were changing in the background. Sara was insisting that Ester drink more liquid, as she was sure that soon she would start to lactate as all the signs were there. This was also the case for little Samuel, as he was very eager now for his bottles, and they were also coming on a more regular basis, at least a couple of bottles every 3to 4 hours during the day. He was also getting more short naps in as well, along with more frequent changes from his wife in-between. The more interesting change this day, was that with Esters last pumping session, she was starting to express small amounts of clear liquids, something that Sara picked up on right away but did not tell Ester of. The night of that 4th day was not that unusual, although Ester had mentioned to Sara that the wake-up alerts being sent to her clitoris probe were starting to excite her, to the point that she was getting her girl parts quite wet from this excitement. Sara was interested to hear this, and mentioned that she would mention it to Dr Ray to see if she had any suggestions. After they were prepared for bed, they were told to have a great night and left to themselves to manage the night again. Ester was a bit concerned to be starting without the cream on her tender nipples, but Sam was becoming quite adept at the art of nursing without causing undue pressure to those sensitive orbs. The other thing that Ester was noticing was that Sam’s suckling was actually starting to feel good, at least until her nipples started to throb from the constant action. The first part of the night she got very little sleep with these new developments, and soon they were switched for the 2nd half of the night long session. Ester was not sure if Sam had messed his diaper already, but he seemed very content just sucking along as his mouth was getting much more durable, and he was really learning a good technique. The problem yet, was that during this latter session, he was constantly drifting off to sleep, creating the clitty shocks that the monitor was there to provide, but were starting to feel more than painful, somewhat stimulating to Ester. Maybe it was the combination of the nursing sensation that was building combined with the stimulation being applied to her clitoris but by the third time that she was shocked, she was on the verge of orgasm. As the night moved into the 6th hour, Ester could hold back no longer and when shocked again, had a powerful orgasm, to the point that her spasms stirred Sam awake again to continue his nursing assignment which he thought were starting to reward him with small amounts of liquids? When Sam was back to his task, Ester whispered into his ear that she was brought to orgasm with that last shock, and was not sure how that happened but was surprised that it did as she didn’t believe she could respond that way to a pain stimulation. Sam put two and two together and came up with her level of excitement was producing the discharge from her nipples as well? With this concern on her mind, the additional nursing was continuing to keep her excitement level high enough that she was literally dripping into her absorbent underwear as well as just enough discharge to keep Sams mouth moister. Just as they were getting into the last hour, Sam drifted off to sleep again, and Ester was treated to another clitoris stimulation leading to a second powerful orgasm, much to her concern. As the night shift ended, they were greeted by a smiling Sara again, who helped them get unattached, mentioning that she did speak to Dr Ray last night and was advised that if this is starting to excite Ester, they should do some things to try to build on that. What was suggested next came as another surprise, as Ester was told that she would be left with Sam for a while longer this morning, after his sleep suit was removed, but prior to him being changed, so that he could practice some oral cleanup on Esters girl parts. This was for several reasons, the first to add a bit of humiliation to Sam’s morning and the second to see if this additional stimulation was now more agreeable to Ester. As the nurses left the couples room, Ester found that indeed this new practice was something that she found extremely enjoyable, and Sam’s response was also quite enjoyable as he was able to rub the crotch of his fouled but still protected diaper on Esters foot generating a pent-up response from his little peepee as he pleased her. The 5th day started not unlike the others, but with the added twist that the couple was finding new ways to excite each other. To say that Sam’s diaper was a disaster after all the extra pressure applied in the crotch area was an understatement, and extra time was needed to get him cleaned up. His wife was happy to deal with that knowing that it was a result of their new found exercise. She too was happy this morning after having several powerful orgasms, something that she had been missing for some time now on a regular basis. They were cleaned up, and into the morning when Sara got all the details of the prior night and morning, and was able to report this up to Dr Ray. When the first pumping session was ready to start, Sara advised Ester that she thought lactation was about to start, and todays sessions would tell that story. Ester was very excited to learn this, and was hopeful that was the case. By the third or dinner pumping session, Sara told the couple that indeed some discharge was apparent. She said that by the end of this last session, the pumping device had collected about 1.5 oz from each breast, and the discharge was starting to become milky. To say the couple was excited as they were prepared for the night, was certain. Sam was really getting into the nursing routine now and Ester was happy that her milk was starting to come in, knowing that this difficult process was nearing an end. As the night went on, Sam was finding he was drinking more and more, and the discharge was starting to taste very sweet. The down side of that was that he was wetting himself often now, and was not sure how he could make it through the night. On top of that Ester was finding the nursing process to becoming very pleasurable, and getting excited early in the night already. By the time they were changed to the second breast, the flow had stopped on the first, but the excitement had not. With a new breast to suckle, Sam again found a good flow to wet his appetite, as well as the pleasant taste of the sweet nectar. But as the flow slowed to a stop, and the night drew on, Sam again found himself dozing off, which resulted in a stimulation to his wife’s clitty that soon drove her again to her first orgasm of the night. That was followed by no less than three more for the same reasons before the morning arrived and they were taken apart from each other. As was the case the previous day, they were allowed to follow up with some oral stimulation for Ester, as well as some physical stimulation to Sam’s peepee which produced the same results as the previous day. After the morning bathing and quick breakfast, there was additional briefing between Ester, Sally, and by tele Dr Ray. All were excited about the progress and were looking forward to how much breast milk could be produced now that all was working. With this in mind, Ester was focused on the breast pumping sessions, while Sam was focused on his enjoyment of having all his needs addressed now. He was quite happy eating, drinking, using his diapers, and playing with his toys while his wife was working on producing a supply of milk from the three pumping sessions. By the end of this day, she was able to produce about 7.5 oz of breast milk, a good quantity it seemed to her at least. Additionally, she was finding that the joy of expressing her milk far outweighed the discomfort from her nipples, which seemed to be adapting very well to the constant suckling they had received these past days. One thing apparent, her nipples were much larger than when this started, about as big as her little finger now, and nearly extending ½ inch. Her breasts felt quite heavy after the 3 hr lag to the next start of pumping, and she really was looking forward to expressing that milk which was feeling great already. 7: The Last Night The final night was here now, and the couple was looking forward to ending their class and getting home soon. The only thing yet to be resolved was how much breast milk Ester would be able to produce and for how long. When they were settled into bed, Sam found that his nursing effort now was producing such a strong stream that he had to focus on swallowing so not to choke. This was something new again, but he soon mastered it, finding that the stream dissipated after the first 15 to 20 minutes and over a couple hours was down to almost nothing again. The quantity that he had consumed was more than he expected and he was becoming quite full, to the point that he was wetting a lot more, and the effect of the milk was also affecting his stools, as he started to get the runs as well. By the time he was changed to the other breast, he had really done a job on his diaper, and was just getting comfortable again, only to have to deal with all the milk from the second breast. He had a similar experience but by the time the stream slowed, was exhausted and started to doze off again. His wife tried to keep him nursing her till she was empty, but instead found herself becoming stimulated again at her Citrous, leading to same outcome as prior nights. This went on for several cycles, as she could not seem to get Sam to continue to drink her milk, as he was so full. The morning did arrive, and she did require Sam to do clean up on her, but as his diaper was so wet from all his discharges, he went without his morning stimulation. The bath routine was a bit different this day, as it being the last, our couple was dressed into traveling clothes. For Ester, this consisted of one of her nursing bras, as well as the outfit she brought to go home in. For Sam, he was still diapered and protected with waterproof panties, but had his big boy clothes over his protection. Ester was put onto the pumping device for the first session that morning, to get a measure of her output prior to their leaving. She was now up to about 10 oz between both breast which was said to be outstanding. Sam was allowed to nurse from her after the next 3 hrs, and he was quite full as a result with the solids he was spoon fed as well. Shortly after they were packed up, saying their good byes to Sara and all the staff, and being able to speak with Dr Ray on the cell phone. They were scheduled for a follow up visit to her office about a week from than, and were on their way home. 8: Coming Home The ride back was taking forever it seemed as both were anxious to get back home. They did chat a bit about their feelings now that the week was over, with Ester talking about how great it was to be able to baby her hubby, how fantastic it was to be able to have him involved in stimulating orgasms again, and hoping that the closeness that they will be experiencing now will build a stronger bond that lasts forever. She reminded him that she needed him to nurse on her every 3 hrs. or so as she had not yet decided to get her own breast pump, but depending on how things went after getting home, may have to reconsider that. For Sam’s part, he said that he did like the attention he was getting being changed and fed on a regular basis but wasn’t that crazy about the loose stools he was now experiencing due to the volume of breast milk he was consuming. He also said that he didn’t mind the nursing part, in fact was quite enjoying it but, in his case, as well, was keeping his mind open about needing a breast pump for a few breaks on occasion. When they did arrive home, the first thing on the agenda was to empty Esters breasts again, as it was nearly the 3 hr time again that seemed to be the time required to fill her breast to bursting again. They found a nice spot on their recliner so that Ester could settle back and allow Sam to lay over her lap to reach her breast for a nice suckle. It seemed like the first minutes were always a mouthful for Sam but after that he settled into a nice nursing action for the remaining 10 minutes or so to relieve that breast prior to switching to the other and starting again. As usual, as Esters milk let down, she felt a wonderful and satisfying aura come over her, something she had heard about but never expected to feel herself. After Sam finished nursing her second breast, she brought him into their bedroom and proceeded to change his very wet diaper. She mentioned that tomorrow, they would have to look into getting him some better diapers, and some other things, like waterproof panties, and some sleep outfits, similar to what was used so successfully at the clinic the last week. They had a light dinner, and just prior to going to bed, Sam again nursed his wife so she could sleep for several hours at least. His diaper was than changed again, doubling up for the night to be safe as they did not have the cloth type that was used at the clinic. The first few hours of the night went very well, with Ester waking just over 3 hrs. into the night, to the pressure from filled boobies. She woke Sam who soon had her feeling better, but leaving him with a full tummy. He did fall asleep again but not as quickly as Ester had, only to be woken again a short time latter with rumbling in his tummy. He tried to get up to head for the bathroom, but as soon as he stood, he felt his bowels explode into his diapers, and decided to try to get back to sleep, as this was starting to be more common than not. His wife woke again a bit before morning with her boobie call, and when she rolled over to wake Sam, could smell his accident. She got Sam awake, and told him to start nursing, enough where she was at least comfortable again and she would change his messy diapers. He did as he was told, and she got up, got the supplies, and proceeded to clean Sam up and get him into some new diapers. She than told him that as promised, he would get a reward as he had been a really good boy for the last week, and she did not forget what they talked about. She took out the second toy that they had gotten from that sex shop some time back, some lube and got back into bed with Sam. She told Sam to start again to nurse on her, and continue until he was told to stop. As he suckled a bit more aggressively than normal, she opened one side of his diaper, and proceeded to add some lubricant to his recently cleaned up back door, as well as a bit onto the anal toy she had in her other hand. She than started to push it into his virgin opening, and once it popped in, she turned on a switch which added vibrations to the action. She worked it around a bit till he started pushing against her leg with the front of his diaper, and she told him to suck harder on her nipple. This not only got her going, but also caused him to start moving around a bit more as well, until he felt himself wetting his diaper as the same time his wife was doing a job in her bladder control underwear. As the couple settled down from this wonderful experience, Ester told Sam that this was worth all the trouble they had to go through in the last days. She added that they will be doing more of this if Sam continued to be a good boy, and fell asleep again till waking with sun streaming into their room. That morning, after again suckling Esters breasts till they were empty again, Sam had his diaper changed, and was able to take a wonderful shower. He wanted to try again to work with the pull ups, hoping to get to the bathroom by himself while at home during the day. Ester agreed as long as he was able to prove that he could do that. Shortly after breakfast, they went shopping on the internet and did find some supplies for Sam, including cloth diapers, sleepers, rubber pants, and more absorbent diapers for day trips out of the house. They also looked at a few breast pumps, but decided not to go ahead with that just yet as Sam was keeping up with the needs at this point. The day went on with Sam nursing every three hours, and managing the other meals over the course of the day. One thing that became apparent, that this 3-hr. nursing schedule was taking a lot of their attention, and the pull-ups were probably not a good choice, as even as they allowed Sam to get to the potty on occasion when needing to pee, they nearly leaked when in mid afternoon, he suddenly felt his bowels erupt again as a result of all the milk he was consuming. Earlier in the day, Ester had done some research and found that having loose stools was very common for babies that are breast feeding, so it stood to reason, that would be the case for Sam as well. Not what Sam wanted to learn at this stage, but not much he could do about it other that use adequate protection to contain these blow outs. The next few days settled into a routine of nursing, preparing meals, changing diapers, and sleeping, with morning sex becoming a regular occurrence as well. In most cases, it was Sam using the vibrator on his wife’s now super sensitive clitty while he nursed, but on a couple times over that week, he was the recipient of the toys use, and was happy for that. Granted he never did get erected any longer, but was learning what milking entailed for a male. By the middle of the week the products they ordered on line arrived, and Sam found out what a real ABDL diaper was like, something he could wear all day long without a worry. Of course, for night time use, the cloth diapers that arrived worked great, especially with the boosters added and the heavy-duty rubber pants that was used over the top. Unfortunately, these were so thick that he couldn’t really get excited rubbing against his wife so when she agreed that he was a really good boy, would be changed into one of the original thin disposables for his fun. 9: Follow Up Visit The week home seemed to go by in a hurry, and soon they were ready for their follow up visit to see Dr. Ray. As usual, Ester was nursed, Sam was placed into one of his thick day time diapers, but with some larger than normal pants and a nice shirt, and they were off to see the good doctor. Upon arrival, they were seated in the reception area waiting, when the receptionist asked Ester if she needed to be nursed prior to the Dr’s visit and she said, yes Please. They were led into a mother’s room for that purpose and Sam was put to work draining his wife’s breasts. As they finished and returned to reception, they were summoned into Dr Ray’s office for their follow up visit. The first questions focused on how the nursing was going, and they both said that they were comfortable with it now. Ester mentioned that she was having feelings, she thought she never could have again, and really didn’t notice any discomfort in her nipples at this point. The Dr warned her about watching for any signs of chaffing or blistering, and suggested that there were meds available for nursing mothers to deal with that. She also asked if Sam was able to keep up with her needs, and was told that so far so good. The Dr than mentioned that they should consider a breast pump, as there may be times when that would be needed, and in addition, if Sam started to lose interest or wanted to back off a bit on all the milk he was consuming, there was a very good market for breast milk, as it was in great demand. She also added that they should do this soon, as eventually her milk supply will dwindle, no matter how much stimulation she was getting. The Dr than changed the subject to their sex life as this was one of the priorities when they first visited. Ester responded that she was more than happy now, getting feelings again that she thought were long gone. She also said that she thought that her and Sam were now closer than they may ever have been, and was grateful that they went through this program, as it gave them a new lease on their sex lives. The Dr asked Sam how he felt about the baby treatment, and he said that it was everything that he ever dreamed about, and that his wife was also rewarding him by what she called milking him, on a regular basis now. The Dr was very pleased to hear this and told the couple that orgasms for Ester could be had as often as she had the urge but Prostrate milking, the proper term she said, should be done at least once a month, but not more than once a week to be most effective. The Dr asked if there were any other things that they needed to talk about, and Ester mentioned that she was now starting to have fantasy’s about maybe getting a lady’s maid to help out with her baby, and personal grooming, and the Dr suggested maybe just a lady’s maid on occasion, as the baby could grow up for a few hrs a day to help with these chores which sounded good to Ester as well. Sam agreed as well indicating that he may get tired of being in baby mode all the time, and might be interested in being a sissy lady’s maid, even if he still had to wear a diaper under his skirts. With that the Dr sent them on their way, adding that she was here if they needed additional help going forward. They said their goodbyes, left her office but stopped in the mother’s room prior to leaving so that they could make the trip back with out stopping. And here is where we leave our happy couple. They continued into their old age as a very close and intimate couple. Of course, as the Dr warned, Ester’s breast milk dried up after about 15 months, the last 3-4 were very little, but in those first few months after lactation started, she was able to not only make a strong bond with a now chubby hubby, but also produced nearly 15 gallons of milk overall that went to a good cause, taking care of numerous infants that could not tolerate the formulas common today. Another success story for the Introduction to Nursing program, at Dr Rays clinic.
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