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  1. Hello world, I was introduced to the community by my boyfriend of two years. He recently came out to me about a year ago. I can imagine this being hard for him but I'm a rather accepting and understanding person. Only wish I had known sooner so we could play. He expressed to me that he is a DL not an AB, which either way is dandy. I'm cool with his interests and allow him to play as he sees fit and will more often than not join him. My questions are necessarily about why how etc etc but more details. When I ask him or read online about how to go about sex and making the experience more enjoyable for the both of us I get generic answers. I want specific details on what to do and how to do it. We have regular sex and are switches. I'd be interested in letting him "be my daddy" or I "be his mommy", or at least trying it. I just need specific details on how to do things or again what to do. Neither of us would neccessairly be interested in full baby play such as, pacifiers, clothing, or baby talk. I need help so I can fully satisfy my boyfriend and gain some satisfaction for myself.
  2. Before i go any further, if your going to hate on me for asking questions or being me or make stupid comments, buzz off. I don't care what you think. Plus, don't knock it till you've tried it.
  3. Hi everyone. Let me start by saying that I am completely new to diapers. I have never worn any, but I hope to in the near future. While I'm new to diapers, I am very familiar pooping. For a long time I've LOVED pooping in my underwear. But they just don't cut it anymore. There's little protection from leaking, which is the biggest problem. So I've come here seeking advice and personal opinions. There's quite a few things I want to ask so please bear with me. I will provide even more details if needed.
  4. Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl and today for the first time in my life I wore a Diaper made by myself and peed in it! So
  5. Hey everyone! So recently, i've been interested in buying a onesie, but i'm not sure which one I should get especially since i'm pretty tiny (5'6 , 132lbs). I want to get one that has a snug fit and keeps my diaper from sagging. I recently came across the Blue Dinosaur Onesie made by the company Baby Pants but i'm not sure which size to get, and the whole measuring your body thing confuses me >.< . I was hoping someone could give me advice. That would be great! Thanks!
  6. I've been having this problem recently, whenever I mess in my diaper, the poop likes to stick to my bum rather then going in the diaper, and I don't put my diapers on tight so thats not the problem. The only product I apply to myself before getting diapered is baby powder. Is there like certain ointments or creams you can put on yourself to keep the poop from sticking?
  7. As some of you may know, I'm new to plastic pants and know not a lot about them. I'm looking for some plastic pants that can go over my disposable diaper and keep everything nice and snug. Is there certain ones that are better for pooping? (I sometimes mess the bed) and I feel like I need extra protection when doing so. If anyone could suggest some they think would get the job done, that would be awesome!
  8. Hey Guy! So 2 days ago I finally graduated High School! And I have a lot of extra graduation money and I was thinking about buying some diapers...good diapers. Heres a list of the following diapers I have tried -Bambinos -Cushies -Tena Slip Maxi -Abena M4's -Tranquility ATN -Snuggies/Snuggies Overnights -Depends So far my favorites out of the list are Bambinos, Abenas, And Tranquility. I just wanted to know if anyone could help me out in which ones I should buy in a big case, and if you have any diapers that I didn't mention that you like feel free to leave a comment! I was also wondering where I could buy a onesie, I'm pretty short (5'5) and idk where I could get one that would fit to my liking. Thanks guys! Side Note: I like really bulky absorbent diapers
  9. I have always worn the depends briefs. I don't mind buying another pack, but before I do, I was wondering if there are any others that are good, such as ones from cvs,Walgreens, target,Walmart, and kmart. The type I'm looming for are briefs. I don't like the pull up kind.
  10. Hey guys! New to this..... Like brand new. My husband has expressed a desire to try a diaper and have me as his "Mommy". I am completely open minded and don't blush easily. Does anyone have any advice or tips? I don't know what I'm doing!!
  11. Hey, I haven't been on in a while. I just have been busy with a lot of things and I have a ex-friend who discovered my "secret fetish" and told my best friend about my fetish. I'm so upset at him for doing that and I didn't do anything to him in that manner. He wanted to expose me, so my best friend would hate me and call me a liar. He even send one of my stories I'd written about my fantasy life as an abdl (which I had written on here but got rid of it). He never had access to the computer that I had written it on nor did he ever have access to my old flash drive. So I don't know how he found out. Now my friend Mariana kind of mockingly judges me about it. When she first found out, she thought it was weird and freaky and I told her why I didn't want to tell
  12. My boyfriend has a fetish for women wearing diapers and acting infantile. I wouldn't have a problem with this, but my issue is this is the only thing that turns him on because of circumstances. I've just about given up on ever having a sex life with him because of this. It's not that the idea of it makes me uncomfortable, but it just doesn't do anything for me and I would just feel silly/awkward doing this for him. It's just not a turn on for me to act as an infant and gives me no kind of sexual thrill or desire. Now, I love my boyfriend very much and I don't want to even consider leaving him because of his sexual desires, but I have sexual desires, too, and it just seems like we are sexually incompatible and will never be able to have any kind of sex life if something isn't done about this. I've been with him for 2 years, so I'm not ready to give up. I know a relationship isn't all about sex, but 2 years of having little to no sex life is really unsatisfying in a relationship. I just want to know if anyone has any kind of advice for this type of situation and I felt like a website like this wouldn't judge a situation like this harshly. Thank you for any kind of help in advance. What are your suggestions? PS: I don't mean anything against the community at all. It's totally cool if you guys are into this or even have this as your lifestyle.
  13. This little is arranging to go to an AB nursery for the first time! Mind you I'm still new to ABDL, so I don't have any definite ideas on what I do/don't like, anyone got any tips on how to prepare myself? I'm thinking of making a list of things I do/don't want to do, writing down things I like/interests, so that my carer(s) have an idea of what I'm like and can work accordingly
  14. Hello everyone. I just signed up today and am hoping to get some info. But first I'll introduce myself. I'm a 24 year old male. I've never worn diapers (aside from when I was a baby of course), but I really wish to try them out in the future. Hopefully the near future. For a long time now I've liked using my underwear as the bathroom. And I wish to switch to a more protective form. So to start off, where would be the appropriate topic area to ask for diaper information? I feel like I'll post in the wrong area and offend, or gross out, people on here if I do it in the wrong area.
  15. (Sorry mods if this in the wrong place lol.) Well right now I do karate but for a long time I have wanted to do ballet. The reason I held off was cause I am scared that people will judge me cause I am a a guy. :/ But now I'm at a point in my life that I don't care any more lol. I know that I am a great person and I was thinking that ballet could accompany my karate well. Do you have any advice for me as a guy who is going to start ballet (probably on Wednesday.)
  16. Hi everyone. I'm Minibcooper and I very recently found out about the abdl community. Brief background of me is that I've basically always been a bedwetter and my parents eventually started using diapers and I started to like them in ways more than just for the dry sheets. I never knew that other people could feel similarly until I gathered up the courage to do some digging online at my college a couple weeks ago since my school is far from home. I want to know more about the community and how people are able to determine exactly where they "fit" into it. I know abdl is adult baby diaper lover but how do you determine exactly which one you are? I'm sorry if some of these questions are a bit silly but until recently I was embarrassed about the way I feel about diapers and was terrified to look into it especially at home and I was also afraid for awhile when starting college since the schools give you long lectures at orientation about how going onto certain website can get you temporarily banned from the Internet. Sometimes I'm just afraid cause I feel like I'm some freak and what will happen if someone finds out I wear diapers at bed time and then finds out I'm considering wearing them more at times I really don't need them? I have to have them at bedtime because of my enuresis or more blatantly called bedwetting. Have other bedwetters developed these feelings too? How do you know exactly how strong your feelings are? Thanks for any advice or help in advance. If this is who I truly am then ignoring it is pointless. ~Minibcooper
  17. Ok, I’ve started this thread in order to try to collect all bit of usefull data in one single thread from the experienced people who want to help Us newcomers, by telling their story, giving advices and so on.
  18. So me and my best friend are over in Boston for the summer on a work/travel visa. I thought, 'hey this is a great chance to get some good diapers only available in the states' ok here's the rub, he doesn't know I'm a DL, we're sharing a room so privacy is kinda in short supply. I figured its only a couple of months without diapers i'll be fine. But the stress of job hunting has made me long for a night in my diaper relaxing not worrying. So i'm turning to you guys for advice. Should i tell him? Should i let hime stumble over my diapers(if i order them) ?or should i suck it up and bury the feelings (i'm irish, supression is second nature to us)
  19. I'm an abdl however need some advice from daddy's out there. I recently told my boyfriend about my fetish and he is totally accepting. He just asked me how he could be involved in it...."What do you want me to do?" With this question, never having had a REAL LIFE experience like this, I found myself drawing blanks!! I have no idea what I want! We don't live together so we can't do stuff yet, but like....let's say online....what can he do? What do you guys do with your babies?? I need some advice/suggestions on how he can interact with me on this level, without having to be with me all the time since he works abroad and comes back and forth....thanks in advance!! He tried to do the baby talk thing for a second but he said it felt weird coming from him....he's a submissive. I go either way, depending on my moods, but he is a total sub. Yeah....I need help people!! Any advice is soooo appreciated
  20. I need some advice on this. I am a busboy (sometimes a dishwasher as well) and this is how I afford my diapers. However, I hate the idea of taking off my Abena so I can go to work all day. I'm worried about getting caught *even if I wear underwear on top of the Abena, because it is so thick that when I walk it crinkles sometimes. I would appreciate any advice I can get on this matter. I really do loathe the idea of taking my diaper off.
  21. I need some good advice. I recently figured out that I like wearing diapers. This being the case I am also struggling with accepting it. Now I am considering letting my future husband in on my new secret but would have no idea on how to do this. Plus once I tell him I am terrified of how he will react. How do Tell him my secret?
  22. Hey guys, I haven't posted on here in a while, but here's the situation: a long time ago one of my good friends who is a girl asked if I had any deep secrets I've never told anyone. I told her I did, and for a while she kept asking me what it was but I wouldn't tell her. She's since stopped asking me constantly, but I do kind of want to tell her, just to get it out. I think it would ultimately make me feel better to talk about it at least somewhat with someone. I know she wouldn't judge me at all and would be extremely nice about it, but its just the fact that I've never told anyone and I don't want her to misunderstand anything, as I'm sure a lot of outsiders to our fetish tend to. So, what do you guys think the pros and cons of this situation are? (also, just so you know, I'm just basically a diaper lover, not an adult baby or anything, so maybe that would be easier for an outsider to understand.) Thanks!
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