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  3. Best feeling was discovering I was not the only one. We only got internet when I was in my late teens and I had been wearing padded shorts and nappies secretly since 12 years old. was shocked how many other people out there like me and how much stuff you could buy. Discoverer this website and joined chat was one of the best times and feelings ever. Chatting to someone called curious and making me feel welcome. (not seen them on here for years)
  4. I agree with cute kitten. My mommy was a home care Palliative end of life care nurse when I first met her and she said changing me was like being at work not in a bad way but just she does it all the time and it did not bother her as she was so used to doing it. but can see where some would not want to do it when they get home. I don't wear 24/7 but only when I can so it's not all the time.
  5. Hi. I tried all the ab sites years back when I was looking and like ghostgirl says above men out number women and also when my girlfriend joined the sites I was on (this one included) she was bombarded with messages even though she was not looking and soon did not go online as it was constant. copied and pasted bellow from my blog if anyone wants to read. save me typing story out again. original post date August 2009 (updated and repost with a few edits) Like most people looking for there mummy, Abdl girlfriend I thought ABDL websites would be the place to try, so every website I could find I added myself to the "Male looking for" list and kept looking through "female looking for" for anyone who I thought was right for me and was close to me. After about two years of nothing, with being to far a way or being male I gave up hope of finding someone. So I decided I would try to give up the AB life and just find a girl in a normal dating site (Match.com) and if we get on I would tell her then about my AB side if I really missed it and could not live without it. I joined Match.com and started to put a few things on ebay to slowly get rid of my stuff. Started to look through profiles and found a girl who was in my town and the profile made me think she may be AB as well. She wrote - "I'm currently reading The Chronicles of Narnia not that I'm childish or anything... well maybe a little bit." I sent her a wink and we started to send 1 or 2 email each other. Right! This is where it gets a little complicated and I am not the best of people at putting stuff in to words but... I stupidly (or not as it turn out) used the same login for match.com as I did for ebay (not the same as here so you don't need to bother looking for me on ebay...lol) I got a email off ebay and all it said was "Busted LOL" and the senders id was the same nickname as this girl on match. Trying not to add names so here is an example. Name- Andrew, ebay id- Andy123. Hope that makes sense. So I automatically thought SH!T she has found out already and I decided to come clean and tell her all about it. I sent her a long email explaining that I was an AB and what an AB was and and a Wikipedia link that did not put us in a bad light so she could read up on AB's if she wanted to know more. Sent it and put at bottom of the email nice talking to you hope you find someone, Bye. Did not expect anything back but got a email back saying she had not stopped laughing all day and she had to speak to me as she wanted to know more and sent me her phone number. Phoned her up the next day after spending all day thinking should I, as I did not want to be laughed at and made fun of down the phone. We talked for over half hour, can't remember everything as I was so nerves. That was it we started to date and first met her in a bowling ally (she says this was not our first date but just a meet up and chat or predate as she calls it now). She has moved in with me and we have been going out now for nearly two years and is my mummy as well as my girlfriend. She has told me she never sent the ebay email to me. I have found out it was RC-db-UK from here who sent it me. We talk over yahoo and send each other links to stuff on ebay so he knew my ebay name and he sent me the email. Yet another twist though is that she did check out my name on ebay as one of her work friends did some checking on me and found all the stuff I was selling but did not know if it was someone with the same log in name as my match.com profile or it was me. but she never sent me an email saying "BUSTED" UPDATE- AUGUST 2018 Thought about time I updated this blog. We have been together now for over 10 years and been married for over 2 years. still do AB stuff together (she is mommy) and we still go to little big land events in Birmingham
  6. Me been waiting a long time to win the trophy's me can wait a few more years. but THEY WILL BE MINE ... oh yes ...