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  1. Kinda curious...it there a setion or topic for mental and physical health?..i noticed there is kind of a physical health secion for incontinence but is there one for a wider range of physical health..like maybe somewhere we could share little activities to help encourage more exercise or a place to share fun easy to make recipies for healthy snackies?

    And as far as mental health there is a se tion on age regression which can be used as a form of therapy but what about other kinds of therapy or other mental issues?

    1. Babyqtboy


      As far as I know there isn’t but random topics like those often pop up in one of the forums 

    2. Blitzs_little_Zombie


      Hmm..is there maybe a moderator i could contact about setting up a new topic for mental and physical health...there are so many questions many dont ask because there ismt an appropriate place to put them so it makes me shy to talk about but i know sharing stories on topics like depression really helps alot for many including those who dont suffer from and mental or physical illnesses

    3. Babyqtboy


      Elfy or dailydiapers I think would be your best bet. 

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