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  1. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension thoughts

    Your chart goes off the assumption that Littles are of the same height as people from our dimension. Going off the original story, they're a foot or two below us in height. I simply assumed that in-betweeners would be closer to the height of people from our dimension. Also another thing mentioned in the original I never seen gone into anymore is the smaller bladder causing them to go pee more often. Which, besides being biologically unsound unless they're ingesting Amazonian levels of fluid, is something I'm assuming we're sweeping under the rug. Everybody's metabolism is different, but even among our own dimension, someone that weights 90 lbs can't eat as much as someone who's 250 lbs as often. Leptin deficiencies aside, they'd probably feel like they're little tummies are going to explode. Another point to consider as well with the growth and height chart, size can influence live expectancy, more cells mean more chances for errors. So Amazons would probably actually have a lower life expectancy than Littles or In-betweeners. With technology and research probably focused towards more of extending Amazonian life, and Littles likely having a lower priority, it doesn't seem impossible though that the Amazons would be very long-lived. We've already seen that their technology far surpasses our own especially in biology with abilities to augment, change and even morph bodies into whatever they choose. The ability to turn an Amazon into a Little, to anatomically and physiologically change sexes at, very expensive, whim, and far greater understanding of neuroscience. Does it ever covered if Littles get chipped, because that seems incredibly plausible as well. (Totally isn't asking for personal reasons....)
  2. Alicethefoxlet

    A Fox in the Snow

    This story has familiar elements....
  3. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    Thank you so much for the input! I’m not opposed to everyone having their own nation. It just seemed like with the styles and similar cultures shared throughout some of the stories that one nation had a great deal more focus from authors. Different interpretations make it difficult to get concete details, that’s why I wanted to reach a consensus of some sort. I have no problem with bunches of nations, or even an archipelago-esque world. I just need artists interpretation, so thank you very much! It really helps.
  4. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    Yeah I’ve been trying to find the author and see if it’s canonical. I’d like to consult PPP and Ausdpr, but I’m not sure how interested they would be in the project. Hopefully they wouldn’t mind just helping with which resources are good and which aren’t.
  5. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    Hey you may want to consult this on the history side. This may change a great deal of things, and it’s a rather good read. It’s “A Little History” https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20188
  6. Well, I’m always available to help if you need any! Or if you want a map drawn. I very much enjoy the diaper dimension and would love to help contribute.
  7. I meant the guide itself, but thanks for the recommendations!
  8. Sorry if this is a bit of a necro, but is this still ongoing?
  9. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    I very much like it! The parallels are fantastic, it’s going to be interesting as the Amazons become the more dominant race, and the world shifts. I made a rough map, the world we arw given is currently mostly blank with occasional stories coming out of it. I’m not concrete, but here’s the three main kingdoms/nations I picture. Sorry it’s such a bad map, I drew it in like 15 mins. My main focus is stull currently looking through stories to find places, fixed locations and landmarks. Plus I have a few more stories to go. I’m sorry, I realise it’s super rough, and not very good or refined. I promise the finished product will be super polished, but I need to get more information before I can map the world.
  10. I have to agree with the others above. You’re such an amazing writing and I love how your stories always hint at larger things going on in the DD! It’s so difficult to wait for more! Thank you!
  11. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    This looks great so far! Simple beginning, leaving plenty of wiggle room for now. Hopefully PPP or Ausdpr will input on it, but a list that has the canon works, and some non-canon too, is kept by ausdpr. So what we have to work with is: https://spankalot-erotica.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-diaper-dimension-project.html?m=1&zx=c8514e2089a3c464
  12. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    I was hoping with an official map such a thing would be beneficial in such a history. I figured get geography established and the history will be a little easier. Although the canon history of the Littles, Inbetweeners and Amazons will be incredibly fascinating. I can’t wait to read it!
  13. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    Oh my, well that makes things a little more prolonged. I guess first off is seeing who’s on the “canon” diaper dimension, or wants their particular works in that world, then we can establish extradimensional multiverse worlds from there.
  14. Alicethefoxlet

    Diaper Dimension World

    There’s seems to be a great deal of equating their world to have a similar geography to our own. There’s the Europa which has been fleshed out a good deal, and has geography similar to Europe with the sea level being raised to change it into an archipelago. I like the idea of a similar North American style culture arising, as it seems prevalent in many of the stories. I’m going to look into North America between Ice Ages and maybe draw inspiration from there for that continent. That’s no hard thing though, if someone wants a land border with the North America nation it’s easy to shift around some things. Just want to make sure everyone is happy and it can be a canon reference.