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  1. I tried last night but I woke up after two hours :/ it felt hot and prickly... maybe i need rash cream idk it was dry
  2. tinytiny


    It wasn't long after that more people streamed into class. Ring... Ring... This bell marked the beginning of class and Casey was more than happy to fade into the
  3. I'll just throw in a little science lesson here for fun (: Most bananas are clones because the modern banana (big and with little seeds) doesnt grow very well naturally due to humans selecting this "seedless" trait. So, scientists clone them by culturing parts of bananas in a lab.. kinda like chopping off someones hand and growing a whole person from it. Same concept, just that you cant do it to people. Anyway, the main reason why they're going extinct is because their all clones and so theyre all equally susceptible to disease. eg it would only take 1 banana virus or bacteria strain to wipe the world of bananas ):
  4. Haha maybe we could chat on kik or pm
  5. tinytiny


    (I'm not sure how anyone can RP as Casey since there are so many characters haha I just thought we could craft the story together kinda thing but I'm open to suggestions (: ) "You must be the new student, Casey," Mr Lance said aloud as he approached Casey. "You're awfully early, thats good! Keep up the punctuality!" Casey blushed slightly and thanked her tutor for the compliment.
  6. Hello forum people, I'd really like to make a few friends online to talk to... Being a closet AB is pretty hard for me... I can't tell anyone because in my super small and conservative society I'd be doomed if such things ever got found out. Sigh. Which is why I can only turn to you guys... in a desperate plea for some companionship. Anyway, just a few things about myself... I've been into diapers since I was 12, which was 6 years ago ish. Since then its been a really big part of my life, whenever I felt sad or down and out, half a day in a diaper or a DIY one (back when I couldnt buy any real diapers) was enough to pick me up again. Besides this side of my life, I like sports and games. Frisbee, golf, cycling, swimming, you name it, I probably tried it and games of the MMORPG genre. Reading too! Fantasy is my favourite genre but really I'd read anything if written well. Feel free to ask any questions (: I've never really written an intro before so I'd be glad to answer any queries..
  7. I know how you feel (: I'm dating a gal too and I havent told her about my inclinations.. I really want to though but I'm just paranoid that she'll bolt and worse still, tell every one else...
  8. Me too ): It going to be purely online and we'll probably never meet irl but do you still want to be my daddy? ><
  9. Im in the region does that count (: