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  1. Hello how are you I am looking for a precious Lil one.I want this long term if you just want a one time game sorry wrong person I'm take this life style well personal I am looking if you want me as a daddy I will treat you like the Lil angel you deserve please don't laugh at how I take this lifestyle plz keep smart elic remarks to yourself this is for sincere ab I hope to hear from you soon
  2. Hey everyone just want to say hi I am here looking around wanting to meet new people and hopefully find that precious Lil one to call my own. If your interested in being my little angel just message me and we can talk I'm looking for a long term little one not just a one time roleplay seriously into this lifestyle.I really look at my little as mine and me there daddy so if you still interested in talking or want me as a daddy plz message me hope to find some great Friends and that precious Lil one. Thanks for reading talk to you soon have a great day.