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  1. As a type one diabetic, I can indeed tell you that your body does need carbs to operate. Your body can convert pure carbs to glucose quickly, which will then be used as fuel for cells. When you reduce carbs to almost zero, you enter keto acidosis and your body starts using stored fats (great for weight loss) but it also burns muscle. For a type one diabetic, this also happens when our blood sugar rises to levels where the body can no longer use it. And diabetic keto acidosis is dangerous - I've landed in the hospital with it. Not fun. So, the point to my message is to call out your advice at the end of your message and tell people to check with their doctor before embarking on any ultralow carb diet. Your body may or may not be able to tolerate it.
  2. I developed an infection in my anus, when I asked where it came from they said a common cause is things like toothbrush bristles or fragments of bones that are swallowed. The infection was made worse by the fact that it tested MRSA positive... Trust me, you never want to have an infection there but add MRSA to the picture and you get real special treatment at the hospital. Anyway, it was actually tearing my anal sphincter as the infection grew, and it was absolute agony. By the time I was taken in for surgery, the infection had created a ball of puss the size of a golf ball. The surgeon warned.me that he may have to cut the sphincter as part of the procedure, and he did cut a part of it. Initially it didn't cause any issues, I had the same control as ever. Now, almost ten years later, I'm noticing some loss of control. Flatulence is extremely difficult to control, many times it escapes and can be embarrassing. I recently had the flu, which came with some diarrhea and there was no way to hold that at all. I'm not at all interested in bowel incontinence but it looks like it's something I will have to deal with in the future. The surgeon told me at the time that there was a "very good chance" that as I got older I would lose some control. I'm in my mid 40s, and due to some other health issues I will be very lucky to see 60. But I would rather wear because I want to, not because I have to.i guess time will tell.
  3. The body does not reabsorb urine overnight. Once urine is produced and leaves the kidneys, it can no longer be absorbed. Overnight, you are not taking in any fluids, so the kidneys produce a more concentrated urine to not cause the volume of fluid in your bloodstream to drop. That's super simplified, but corrects the notion that anything is reabsorbed once it hits the bladder.
  4. The biggest issue is that they quite often use the wrong size. They were using an 18Fr on me in the hospital, which was causing spasms at the bladder neck and through the urethra. That made it incredibly painful. I'm currently wearing a 14Fr Foley, and I can't even feel it. It didn't hurt to insert (just a bit of a burning sensation as it passed through the prostate and a sharper but of pain as it first hit the bladder sphincter), and they don't hurt to withdraw either. It took lots of experimenting to find the right size that didn't cause spasms. Too small would cause pain and bladder spasms, too big would cause sphincter and urethral spasms which became progressively more painful as they continued. But 14Fr with a 10cc balloon is magical for me, I can't even feel it 95% of the time.
  5. If it never quite heals, try changing your protection more often than usual. That extra moisture is likely what is causing the last bits not to heal. Use a thick zinc barrier cream to keep it dry too.
  6. And before anyone asks, yes, I've seen a urologist, who did a cystoscopy and said I have minor thickening of areas on the bladder walls. He attributed this to being diabetic.
  7. I'm not married any longer, but I do have a girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with. I have been a DL for many years, but this past year or so I've actually developed a need for them. I've had a few really nasty prostate infections in the past several years and they have left me with pretty intense urge incontinence at times.. If my prostate is swollen (and it does swell now and then) I will never make it to the washroom without soaked pants. There have been many days where I'll be completely dry and then can't make it from parking my car in my garage to getting to the toilet in time. I finally told my doctor what was going on, how I was using diapers to manage it when it was an issue, and she understood. She asked if I was willing to try meds to curb the issue, and I said I would try it. We both knew the cause was partially from a lifetime of T1 diabetes causing some neurogenic bladder and that the prostate issues were making it worse. But the intermittent nature of the problem meant it was going to be difficult to find a great solution. I tried many meds, and there were many I simply couldn't tolerate the side effects, and others that just didn't work. The only med that worked but didn't cause unbearable side effects was Mictoryl... The ironic thing was that it would actually leave me dribbling when my prostate wasn't swollen. So I would spend a few weeks with decent control, and then as my prostate would start to calm down, I would dribble. Not enough to justify a diaper, but enough to soak a pad through the course of a work day. Within a couple of days of stopping the med, the dribbling would stop. Weird that it would do this, but I quite often have strange reactions to medications nobody else does, so my doctor wasn't surprised. This was all becoming so stressful I just decided it wasn't worth it. I told my doctor I couldn't tolerate the meds and was just going to use the diapers instead. She offered to write me a prescription for any incontinence supplies I needed, so I took her up on the offer. Because she isn't a urologist, my health provider won't pay for my diapers. But I will now get to claim them on my taxes as a disability credit, so in the end I'm okay with how it all works out financially. It'll require some extra paperwork, but that's okay. Anyway... I hid all of this from my girlfriend, which wasn't easy. I would barely sleep when she was here, getting up to go to the bathroom so many times to not wet the sheets and making sure I didn't drink anything at all for hours before going to bed, etc... Hiding the diapers and meds when she was coming over, not sleeping, trying to hide my wet underwear and pajamas, it was all getting to be too much. I finally just told her everything that has happened, and that I couldn't hide it from her anymore. I told her that I needed to wear diapers, all the things that I had tried, all the side effects I suffered, and how my doctor agreed that I was handling it the best way I could. I told her I was really uncomfortable with the idea of having to wear a diaper when sleeping with her at night and that I was so embarrassed. Her response? She had nothing but compassion for my situation, and proceeded to offer to wear a diaper at night if it would make me feel more comfortable. So now, I can wear diapers and look after my IC, and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable doing so. And that feels good. What was nothing more than a simple fetish has become something that I actually need, and I'm completely okay with that.
  8. 800mg ... I think you mean .8mg as it comes in .4mg and .8mg doses.
  9. I think you could design a stent approximately 1.5" long,
  10. 7 hours ago, cuddlecups said: I just want to say you boys are very creative and it's fantastic the outcomes you have been able to accomplish.