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  1. I like HDIS myself. They send me recurring orders of the TENA Ultra Stretch Briefs (DIAPERS). I get the mediums even though I wear a large in about everything else. The sides really stretch well. I wear them during the day under clothing since they are thin and discreet under clothing, But will absorb a lot. And sometime you just gotta go in public. I'm careful not to mention anything AB/DL so they won't take me less serious as a paying customer. They are always offering samples and discounting their prices. I've saved a lot of money going through them between the discounts and samples. They won't call if you ask, and they are bound by HIPPA rules, But since they are well advertized, the Fed-Ex delivery person obviously knows what I'm getting. Like I care if she knows and I doubt that she doesn't either. The only problem I encountered is one time a sample was left sitting out by the postal carrier. I can't prove it, but believe it was my a$$hole neighbor who poked a hole in one of my sample packs.
  2. Time for a diaper change!

  3. Is it a plastic-backed Abena with the two-use tapes, or the cloth-backed with reusable velcro tapes?
  4. Well.. This is pretty sad for me to admit but.. I was having trouble putting on the
  5. I am getting them today, but I have to wait.
  6. What is your name? PM me, curious, I live around the topeka area.
  7. Yeah, well it doesn't appear I will be able to get them until this afternoon because my post office is dumb. They arrived yesterday, and all the time they had today to sort, and deliver to my PO box they didn't. The post office opened at 8:00 AM. And as I track the package, they only
  8. NorthShore care is where I bought mine from. I'm supposed to get them today.
  9. I'm pretty certain they won't discover my stash. I plan on hiding them in my closet in a zipped up back pack that I don't even use anymore. The only problem I might encounter is disposing of them, because while I don't plan on using them I might on an
  10. I ordered this from northshorecare.com