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    Very Little Girl; 4-3/4 to 5-1/2. A typical blonde "Little 'BabyDoll' Christine": Adorably cute, sweetly feminine: And she knows how to use it. Not DL. If you are not LG nor cloth diaper and rubber panties, then we have almost nothing AB/AK in common

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    RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Intersection of Souhteastern MA and Fairyland http://sandralyn.net/
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    RUBBER PANTIES'R'US http://other.sandralyn.net/rppage-cont.html LITTLE CHRISTINE'S LATEST NEWS https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/blogs/entry/3677-little-christines-news/

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About Me

EverythingYou Need to Know about Little BabyDoll Christine Daryleanne Paradise at a Glance:

The Most Complete Very Little Girl Just Ever -- ANYWHERE!
Interests and Accoutrements, Dress and Living Space
See also her Activity, Blogs and Albums

You are about to enter LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE; a very special place like no other you have been to before Because it immerses you in the Very Little Girl way of life shown above, it requires special preparation for you to get the most out of it and for it to get the most out of you. As you can plainly see, it is no one, or even five, trick pony So..


GETTING STARTED -- FIRST and FOREMOST:  A LITTLE GIRL/VERY LITTLE GIRL or TRANSGENDER: of either sex; Is NOT A SISSY. This is important because there ia a great deal of confusion. So if you are looking for Sissy things here, there is nothing for you. Only a celebration of being a Little Girl, and this will be totally alien to You.  Imagine; someone who  does not hate being called a girl; ENJOYS being in dresses and skirts, and LOVES her dollies! README

LITTLE CHRISTNE'S DOLLHOUSE is for Little Girls , 8 to 11, and especially Very Little Girls;  age 4 to 7, who do NOT wish to live only the second-hand life of just reading stories. it is for those who wish to  ACTIVELY pursue the Very Little Girl/Little Girl way of life and BE the story; in dress, play and mannerisms; ACTIVELY, PERSONALLY and IN PERSON. If this is not you, then do not bother

ALSO: LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE is part of a larger whole. If you look at Christine's profile, you will find it checks all the boxes: ActivitY, Clubs, About Me, Albums and Blogs AND there is Little Christine's Signature, which appears on all her forum posts. Taken together, they tell a story of one Very Little Girl AND make a path by which you can experience and express YOUR little girl story via words, places, pictures, things to do, and things to get and use; little girl 360. To understand what that means. How scrumptious would it feel to sit in a bubblebath that has a totally Very Little Girl baby powderbaby lotion smell, after which you will be in a thick diaper, rubber panties, babydoll and maybe a tiara, ready either for bed or to start your day, playing a girl's game, sending a letter to a friend, either physical or email, using Little Girl stationery or leaving a calling card in one of your little girl friends' profile "wall"? Or ALL of these and more? Or, you have been a bad girl and are laying on a rubber sheet on the bed after a long tickling by Mommy. She lifts your little babydol, letting your rubber panties show. What will happen to you? Maybe she will call her friends in and they will see that you are in thick, bulky diapers and rubber panties: And at your age?! What a BAGBY girl you are! They may want to take turns feeling the panties to which Mommy says "sure; go ahead, do it all you want. The babygirl has it coming to her". Those are what you can expect at LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE

LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE is like nothing you have ever seen as an "About Me". It is Different, Dynamic, Bold, Unapologizing, Multi-purpose and Useful! Whether you like it or not is up to you. Used with her Activity, Clubs, Albums and Blog. LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE gives you a full and complete look at Little Christine, what she is like and an invitation to take an active part in your own Very Little Girl world

PURPOSES: This is not just a simple descriptive About Me, but that and more:
1.  Meet Little Christine; her world and  likes and dislikes
2. A playroom
3. A resource center and "store" to get things "just for girls": arts & crafts, games, etc (Part Deux)

4. A "How to" for being a little girl; courtesy and ladylike, accessories, accoutrements, activities and feelings, and SHOPPING
5. A Very Little Girl place, from toe to tiara; diaper to Dolly, to promote that way of being, inviting you to experience your own little girl thoughts, ideas and feelings in an ultra-feminine place and way. Even as you read this, the soft, invisible tendrils are reaching out....

Not Baby, Sissy or Princess, DL or Fur: I am not interested because we have nothing in common to start with and we are all old enough to know what we want and do not want (I have not been under 25 since 1970).  I will not try to be all things to all people; those who do end up being nothing to nobody. No poop, pampers, Daddy, LB/Boy, Adult sex: Same as above.  So if those are what you want, then look elsewhere. I have nothing you want and if I see any significant amount of those in your profile. watch me run the other way. However, I must note that when I was getting visit notices that I was getting a large number of those who were not LG or compatible with it, it was a Daddy who said that the content is "high quality". Another turn-off to me is the niche player; 85% or more in one or two area in which I really do not participate significantly, usually Stories, Roleplay or Chat. I am a general community particpant and that is what I respect. Again , it is about having something in common to start with. I an hundo-P ALG and the ladies in their world and bring that perspective wherever I post, be it Diaper Lovers,  Sissy Room, Scoop the Poop, or most of the forums. Being a Very Little Girl is a complex thing, with many facets, interests and depth combining to make a three-dimensional, fully fleshed-out person

PROPER DRESS and ACCESSORIES REQUIRED: One, or better yet, more, good thick cloth diapers and at least two rubber panties because you will be here for a long time and will not want to stop to go to the ladies' room. we have no place to put throw-aways and we do not want to put up with their failures, and a rubber sheet to cover well where you sit. Mommy may wish to put a RUBBER DIAPER on you , under your cloth diaper to keep you drier longer, make you have to stand up to wet so you do not revert to being babyish or to control you: If you are fidgety and kick your legs around too much for Mommy's liking, she can also use a BABYSTEPPER leg restrainer  on you. It will confine your cute little legs but still let them show. That is up to her. A proper dress, skirt or babydoll; ONE THAT COVERS THE PANTIES COMPLETELY (what people see, they like to feel. Espeically if they are rubber panties on a Little Girl. So if you do not have enough chastity to not be a little trollop, then what you get, you deserve), a tiara or at least an Alice band and one,  more, or all of your dollies. A Fairy magic wand would be nice, too. If Dolly sits on your lap, you may want a rubber lap pad or mommy/Nursie may want to put a rubber sheet over your legs like a blanket if you will be here a long time, maybe a see-through one so that your little legs show. You will also need a baby/little girlish smell around you like baby powder or rubber or something else (If you wet). You may also wish to have some rubber panties and a rubber sheet to fondle while you look at the pictures of which there are just ooodles: Just do not let Mommy catch you with your hand under, or lifting your skirt

What is a "Very Little Girl [VLG or ABLG]"? A Little Girl who has charactereistics of both LG and AB. A girl who, unlike a baby or toddler girl, is developing or has developed a sense of herself as a girl. age 4 to 7. Unlike the forcibly (ef)feminzed sissy, she genuinely has the tastes of a girl: Dollies, dresses, Fairy and things like that. However she still has some "baby" things, usually diapers and rubber panties, which being over the diaper and feel different than most materials, are the "face" of babyishiness), either at night, on long trips or when she cannot get use of a toilet for two hours or more, or all the time, which I have seen and experienced in my life. Also pacifiers, baby bottles, still sleeping in a crib, which some children did to age 5, or on a rubber sheet, that had the "baby's room" smell, sometimes without a bottom sheet over it. Also bibs or other, usually toddler, things were part of her life. Having this mixed "world", a girl like Christine could also be described as AB/LG. Where she sleeps is both a bedroom and a nursery and may still have her crib -- with a rubber sheet still on the mattress. Whether or not there is a cloth sheet over it or she sleeps right on it is up to Mommy or "Nursie" if she lives in a girls' home. She does not like the "baby" parts of her world; especially the rubber panties, which call attention to themselves more than the diapers, which they cover and hide anyway, rubber sheets with their telltale smell and shorter dresses than other little girls wear which make changing her easier or being treated a bit like a baby and dreads the though of being changed in front of people, espcially those she dislikes, who enjoy watching and seeing her made into a baby, and more so in front of those she likes and admires, who are seeing her being demeaned by being made into a baby and MUST think less of her. Can you just imagine Mommy or Nursie saying, if you are recalcitrant "Maybe you would like me to change you in front of Alice Michelle: [you know she will tell just everybody that you still wear rubber panties, or lift you little dress and show them or lift your little dress and feel around on them]. Or in front of Miss Levesque [your beloved kindergarten or First Grade teacher and having her say 'why Rochelle; I did not know you are still in rubber panties. You poor girl'' or worse 'I am sure that Mommy has a good reason to put them on you.']": Tres pathetique!


What is a "BabyDoll"? This appellation has two meanings. Perhaps when you were around 4, 5, or maybe even 7, your mommy called you her "baby doll" meaning you were as lovable as when you were her little baby and as cute and adorable as her favorite dolly. The other is not so complimentary; maybe you still wet like a baby, and like a doll, you have really not much say in what is done with you. Along with this, at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, "BabyDoll" also gets its name from the very short, barely "decent", very high-waisted (perfect for changing diapers) little dress that is a big part of the layette (if you are going to WET like a baby, we will use baby words to describe your things, and you can expect your bedroom to be called a "nursery") of the Little Girl or Very Little Girl who displays certain traits that are particularly annoying or disrespectful to Mommy, Nursie or others in her life who are responsible for her. These consist of being babyish, whiney, overactive, forward,disobedient, gossipy, trollopy and especially being Proud. A BabyDoll is dressed in a special way. Because wetting is a big part of her world, she is dressed in thick diapers with several rubber panties over them. To discourage trollopiness and encourage her to have chastity, all her skirts and dresses are the same length as  her babydolls; only half-way to the knee - "baby length", for easy diaper changes and to make her pay attention to them so that her rubber panties do not show, and are made of rubber of some kind,. Even under her diaper is a "rubber diaper". All of this is for two reasons; First to make her keep her wet to herself and because she will be "kept wet"; go a VERY loong time between changes and a rubber diaper liner keeps her chastity area dry much longer and makes her have to stand up to wet. The rubber dresses, skirts and babydolls shows that we do our best to keep the things around her dry. Second, Rubber is felt strongly on a Little Girl's body to the point that it is distracting and annoying and if something can be put between your legs under your diaper, you are truly a helpless baby doll girl. If you are going to be whiny, you should have something to whine about and how proud can you be when you look so pathetically helpless to control your own body, much of which is showing. And you have no idea of what having your very feely chastity area, especially your little flower, swaddled in quite smooth rubber that rubs on it whenever you move, under thick diapers that do not let you cross or close your legs above the knee, does to you,  with the short, easily lifted skirt that just says "feel under me". And who does not just love burstingly all that sssshhing sound that her clothes make when they rub against themselves? A BabyDoll is not just cute , she is adorable. The difference being that she is so cute that you just want to fondle and feel all over her for just ever. And just look at all that golden hair: Who would not just love to bury her hands in that? Her clothes feel like satin, only more so. If you fondle her, she will wriggle, squirm and moan helplessly,  and how short that little skirt is. And if you tickle her, she will laugh and giggle until she cries pathetically; and may even wet herself like a baby. The perfect fate for the little imp: NOW how proud are you; BabyDoll?  I hope your mommy or nursiie does not get any ideas. You will not be very comfy                      

Now that you know the shape of the world and are ready--

[There is a pink flash: Then...

...The first things you are aware of is the scent of something both babyish and girlish and the sound of a little girl's music box playing softly. You arein French-Canadian southeastern New England: It is 1950...

...When your eyes clear you see...


...Then you realize; these are YOUR things, and ALWAYS  have been. This is YOUR home, and ALWAYS has been. You are in a little pink dress, pink rubber panties and a thick diaper, have golden blonde hair to your shoulders: And your name is Michelle? Estelle? Lynette? Cheryle? Lucienne? Next to you stands a tall lady, who looks more like a strange little girl, in a full-bodiced, full-skirted pink gown and an iridescent indigo cloak with a metallic silver lining, very pearlescent hair with something gleaming in it. She is holdking a wand of some kind. With a lovely, high, crystal voice, she says...]


Where a Little Girl KNOWS she is a Little Girl and a Little Girl

THE COMPLEAT VERY LITTLE GIRL MINI-WEBSITE FOR THE COMPLEAT, TRADITIONAL LITTLE GIRL;   LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE is, in keeping with its name, unabashedly and unapologetically gender and age specific: Very Little Girl; 4 to 7; which is why you came here. If you are a sissy, boy or daddy, there is nothing here for you. WHERE SHE CAN ENJOY THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THE FINEST QUALITY TRADITIONAL LITTLE GIRL EXPERIENCE (the only kind worth having) ON DAILY DIAPERS -- OR MOST ANYWHERE. 200 PROOF GIRLNESS: NOT WATERED DOWN ONE BIT: Whether you are a curious Newbie Nina, who wants to mostly read and learn, or a Little Linda Longtime; wanting to play and express her girlishness actively, LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE is for you, letting you choose the right mix from occasional drop-in to all-in, no apologies, mind-control cult (the Kool-Aid is PINK lemonade)-- But just know this; the motto here is "DOING Is LIVING and LIVING Is DOING": So be prepared! And the door, which is NEVER locked, can be found anywhere that Little BabyDoll Christine has posted


The only two-part About Me. The only About Me with it's own NAME. The About Me that you not only read but also USE to become part of the retro (1948-54) Very Little Girl (age 4-7) and Little Girl (8-11) way of life. It is ultra-feminine because it is small and needs to confine itself to only Little Girl things from a specific time. It is based on the realities of that time, place and culture as Little Christine lived them. Omitted due to space limitation and because we do not filter or water down anything, are activities that, while little girls took part, they were not exclusively little girls' activities. This will take you from "nursery school" to 6th grade. Also for Mommy, Nursie (lady who looks after children same as Nanny, governess, etc), babyminder (girl who takes care of babies and little girls) Housemother (lady who runs a girls' home) or Headmistress (lady who runs a girls' school). Anyone who is part of the Little Girl world. There is more pure Little Girl here per unit time, space, mass, energy, volume, weight, temperature, velocity, wavelength, quantum, byte, bit: ANYTHING, than ANYWHERE ELSE on Daily Diapers; ANYTIME

LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE Is so full of yumptious (<yummy + scrumptious>) girlish goodness that it is too big for the space allotted here. It is a very complete presentation, with many images; and access to THOUSANDS more, and videos, Little Girl Lessons, Little Girl discussions, Little Girl shopping plaza, Little Girl take-home goodies and Little Girls' playroom. A full-function mini-website. SO DROP THE DREAMS and LIVE THE LIFE: Read! Learn! Do! Interact! The only time LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE quits is when you do: At Our House LIVING IS DOING and DOING IS LIVING. So DO IT ALL and LIVE IT UP TO THE TIPPY-TOP OF YOUR TIARA At Our House!



dwess.gif1. LISTEN TO LITTLE GIRL MUSIC WHILE YOU BROWS DD: Right-click on "Go", open in a New Window. If you have a touchscreen and use Windows 10 and set it up right, this paage will open in a new tab if you tap the link. In that case, to return, just tap the tab for here or wherever you wish to go. Read and Follow The Instructions Closely: ESPECIALLY THE PART ABOUT STOPPING AND SELECTING A NEW SONG and SHUTTING OFF the music ; it is not hard GO
dwess.gif2. Meet Little Christine Daryleanne Paradise and explore her Little Girl world
dwess.gif3. Learn to be a Little Girl
dwess.gif4.  Learn about the most immportant accessories that go with being a Very Little Girl: Dolly, Fairy, tea sets, tiaras, diapers and rubber panties (as chastizement and for long trips or when you cannot get to a ladies room for two hours or more), etc
dwess.gif5. Join Little Girl forum discussions
dwess.gif6. Get fun and useful things for Little Girls
dwess.gif7. Get at THOUSANDS of pictures of interest to Little Girls
dwess.gif8. Visit friends and other Little Girl places, and be listed for visits
dwess.gif9. Visit a Playroom for arts, crafts and other things for Little Girls
dwess.gif10. Play games that are just for girls
dwess.gif11. Sample Life at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME; for Little Girls
dwess.gif12. Learn the very clear and definitive differences between Sissy and Little Girl, which are difference-in-kind and numerous enough to be a major discussion. It is much deeper than Diapers, Dresses and Dollse

The key operative phrase here is "LITTLE GIRL": And THAT means YOU: WALLOW in it, it just can not get better than this: Dresses, tiaras, dolly, tea parties and Fairy magic! And not one person to say "No; you cannot have it all"; only "and there is more where that came from like things to take home with you and use"

THIS IS JUST THE OPENING PAGE; ORIENTATION and TEASER: [bzzzt...that's TEASER; not TASER; Dumkopf!] Though there are a few things here that you can take home or use, the real action is in Part Deux. That is the more active and interactive part, where LITLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE opens up like a Fairy Palace playset. Part One is introduction (brag? you be the judge) to the Dollhouse and Meet Little Christine, orientation and preview. Part Deux is WHERE WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET; more and more deeply about the subjects previewed in Part One; Dollies, Diapers, rubber panties and babydolls, tiaras, how scrumptiouse being a little girl is and other things that are part of Christine's world, like her nursery and what is done to her there, also the more interactive things like shopping, take-aways, games, arts & crafts and things like that: All "just for girls". And how to get in touch with Little Christine off-list by email



Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Little Christine, but Were WAY too Smart to Ask


ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: (Of losing your Sissyness, masculinity, sanity or lunch)!

THE FINE PRINT: Read it very quickly so it sounds like a Fast-Talking TV/Radio advertisement lawyer

LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE, its name, logo, parts and contents are: A wholly-owned subsidiary of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME: A division of SandraLyn: Used without permission
NOT a subsidiary of Schaftem, Rippemoff & Fakamova Giant, Impersonal Mega-Corporation
Not liable for any or all of the following consequences to visitors: Acquired need for diapers and rubber panties due to wetting, Feminine Addiction, Interests, Relationships, Interactivity and Expectation Syndrome (FAIRIES); including but not limited to;  acquired doll, tiara, tea set, dress/skirt addictions, acquired "little girl" behavior, acquired large-scale consumption of girlish media (images, audio or video) or sudden changes or mood swings.These are considered "dormant preexisting conditions" or normal side effects under the Socque-Itoumi-Beibi Act of 2693, and we will use every pettcoat..er.fogging, low-down, dirty legal trick in the book or that we can make up to avoid such liability. Relief from any anxiety generated by these effects MIGHT be gotten by reciting, first slowly then at increasing rapidity, the following incantation: "OWAH TAGUR LY-AM". If you are a too-proud little boy who does not want to be a Little Girl: POOR BABY! Sorry; it is your own fault for coming here and you are just S.O.L. Now get on with the business of becoming used to wearing dresses and tiaras; and Mommy may just think you need to be in diapers and rubber panties, too; which she can get here, which, if you do not learn to keep your skirts -- or BABYDOLL down, everybody will see: Just hope that you do not become a SISSY

Represented by Ouette & Smelli. 7734 Goa Way, Watertown Ma (555)-UGOTNOCASE

Have a problem? "Whoa; Nellie: Get OUETTE & SMELLI!"



I an a nasty, pathetic, self-absorbed Narcissistic little dwebette whose only redeeming characteristic is being a blonde. As much fun as a colonoscopy without anesthetic, with a personlity like a fish left out in the noonday sun: It shines and stinks; a real oy to be with. I even flunked a personality test  - For which there were no wrong answers!

Well, it was either that or tell you that I am a friendly, outgoing. lovable little blonde dolly-girl: Like you never heard THAT before: Right? (Mostly from nasty, pathetic, self-absorbed Narcissistic little dweebettes who usually smell like a fish left in the noonday sun)

Also, notice you do not see "I am honest, loyal trustworthy and a good friend". How many times have you also seen THAT before, too? If you have to bring it up then what does it say about who you REALLY are? It is (quite) a bit self-defeating, would you not say? OK: So I am a crooked, deceitful, conniving little manipulatress AND adorable enough to bring it off, too (did I mention "conceited"? Do you think all those "dumb blonde" put-downs are true, or just part of a massive inferiority complex? As they say in Patriot Nation, "they hate us cuz they ain't us") I would sell my own mother to get my mudhooks on the One Ring, or better yet, the One Tiara (and she would be disappointed if I would not) I will throw my grandparents in for an authentic copy of the Necronomicon -- the one written on pages made of human flesh. Cthulhu owes me big time for the reality bank job I helped him pull off on Orlon IV: I was the sweet, innocent-looking little girl with the gravity grenade launcher disguised as a big lollipop and the Dimension Relativity Decoupler (that my aunt Enestra stole from a Hellion-Class Albanian Empire omni-Dreadnought) concealed in my tiara (that location will be unstable for the next 3000 omni centuries; when a Fairy seam-rips the space-time-psy fabric, she does it right. Those clowns will be seeing butterflies and flowers for the nest 4 Eternities and just wait until they realize that they were crushed to a pulp 50 Ages Before Creation -That's GOTTA hurt) and I need to get his phone number,. I love to cheat widows and orphans, the lame and the blind. There, are you satisfied? Or must I run for political office to prove it?

Another thing you do not see is "looking for friends". If I have to look for them, what does that say? To have friends, you must BE a friend. That is, a person worth having around. That means with a discernable personality made up of characteristics that are easily knowable rather than someone who licks her finger and holds it up to see which way the wind is blowing at any particular moment, and who speaks her mind since she has a mind to speak of. Besides which, my intelligence is too valuable to be concerned with your petty, banal problems or be part of your group therapy, and I am a far too refined person to rub shoulders with the hoi palloi. Well, I did have to say something demeaning or you would not believe it was me saying all those glowing things which I did not mean anyway: Right?

Now that we have been through my GOOD points, can we move on: F'kryssake?


Little Christine Daryleanne Paradise is a part-Fairy, adorable but very unruly little girl of 5 with deep indigo eyes and very blonde hair, of which she is FAR to proud. She lives at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, which is run by the D'Arielle Ladies' Society. She was left there by her mommy, who found her too hard to deal with. At first the ladies fell in love with her until they found out what "unruly" meant in a part-Fairy little girl. but, with help from one of their Fairy friends, they learned how to deal with that. Diapers and rubber panties, wheich she wets helplessly, and short, easily lifted skirts to make changing her very easy


The little dress that Christine is best known for is called a "babydoll". it is loose-skirted, high-wasted and baby-lengh short to be easily lifted to change a little girl who is kept in diapers and rubber panties. Not only are they easily lifted, but they do not come in either an exact length, and can be adjusted for length, traditionally halfway to the knee, nor in an exact size, but can fit a wide range of sized, all of which makes them easy to fit, care fore, put on and use on any number of girls approximately the same size, or on the same girl for a much longer time. while the babydoll is very common to see on Christine, she wears the traditional very little girl clothes, like skirts, pinafore dresses and blouses album%20cover.jpg


A gift for you for visiting LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE: ENJOY!

A Slideshow of the parts of her little girl world: from toe to tiara, diaper to Dolly


The first of several, if you are interested



As with any Little Girl; Christine's Dollies are an important part of her little world


Dolly Andrea Lynne Rachel Christine; 29", Dolly Lisa Michelle Denise Christine: 36", and Bride Dolly Cassandra Lynette Estelle Christine" 32". Three big dollies for a little dolly-girl

Christine's dollies are next to her most of the time. Because Christine is part Fairy, they can listen to and understand how she feels, talk with her, play with her, sleep with her and very much love to


Get under her little skirts, dresses and babydolls and feel her rubber panties. No doubt to make sure that they are of good quality and are put on her properly: Right Dollies!?


CHRISTINE'S NIGHT LIGHT: Nothing says "Little Christine" better

The night light that shines after dark in Christine's bedroom/nursery


Pink, tiara and her little name: Who would NOT want that piece of adorableness?

Get your own


And it sits on her tiara shelf, right over Christine and her dollies as they lie in bed. bathing them in  the pinkest of pink light. making their girl feelings even stronger, and making Christine feel the  material her clothes are made of, as part of her girl feelings, even more as she lies between the rubber sheets, in her thick diapers and more than one rubber panty so she has no chance of leaking



Because Christine is part Fairy, and these are the images most loved by the Fairies. You will find that these are the most prominent images in her bedroom/nursery





It is very rare to see a Fairy or part-Fairy older than 2-1/2 without a tiara in her hair. This is their most cherished item and is even said to define who and what they are. so you will not see Christine without one in her golden tresses


As with most things Little Christine,  you can GET YOUR OWN


Pink Fairy Magic Picture Frame: part of every Fairy or part-Fairy's Room


The picture changes and it plays little girl music Learn about, get your own, and picture and music




Like all Fairies and part Fairies, Christine's room has many flowers. The one that is by far the most reknown for its belonging to the Fairies is a Starflower Tree. If you look at it, you will see that, in addition to the ones hung on it, the tips of some of the branches has stars. This is where it gets its name from. it is also decorated with other things, like little tiaras and other images that the Fairies love


As you can see. it sits at the top of a very tall nightstand right next to Christine's bed that holds MANY of Christine's things, like her the tiaras that are not on  her shelves. some changing supplies and accessories and some of her rubber panties to make sure they are nearby for changeing her on her bed and putting her to bed


Oh. all right. You may have ONE picture of Christine laid down, her babydoll lifted and a good look at her rubber panties...


...So that you know what is waiting for you if you are troublesome to Mommie or Nursie; and you will see why it is called a babydoll. "Baby" and "doll" is what you will feel like in such a thick diaper that yu cannot cross or close your legs above your little knees


Now; after seeing all these lovely things would you not just love to be Little Christne? Well maybe, except for the easily lifted babydoll and rubber panties



The Portal to All Things Little Christine: From Diapers to Dolly; Toe to Tiara; Gallery to Goodies

Little Christine's siggy appears wherever she posts. Dynamic and densely packed and like anything Little Christine, it is made to help promote and facilitate the traditional Little Girl way of being. It has information about her, but it is also a portable tool for you to use to navigate around Christine's little girl world. Being age-appropriate, the working parts are all pictures. While there are several parts, there is a core signature, the main parts of which are always the same and consist of:
I IMAGE - Little Christine  At  A Glance: Row; 1. Her Name; links to here. 2. Interests: links to Albums. 3 Pictures of Christine: Her Blog. 4. From Her Nursery; Christine's News - What is the little blonde up to as if anyone should really car?

II LINKS TO...:  1. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME: Where Christine lives. 2. Activities; All her posts. 3. Clubs; Groups she is in. 4. Shopping; places to get some of the things Christine has. 5. Internet Resource Roundup: Things on the web that you can use. 6. Little; the Adult Kids forum. 7. Girl; the Little Girls' Playhouse subforum. 8. Lessons; how to be a Little Girl like Christine. 9. Playroom. a place to play. 10. Goodies; things to take home that you might want or can use. 11. RUBBER PANTIES'R'us; the definitive work about everyone's favorite undies. 12. RUBBER PANTY TALK; Forun threads featuring everyone's favorite undies. 13. THE FAIRY GIFT SHOPPE; Thing from the Fairies that little girls may want or have a use for. (Note well, there is plenty of room on this row to add more things)
III MESSAGE: the message from Fairy Queen Kierestelle. Nothing is more than a click or touch away

 NOTE: The image links on this model actually work so you can try them out

Let LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE show you what it is like to play, think, feel, and act like; and BE a Very Little Girl: Where LIVING is DOING and DOING is LIVINGLITTLE CHRISTINE'S ALBUMSLITTLE .CHRISTINE'S BLOGCHRISTINE'S NEWS


LITTLE CHRISTINE is no Janice-Come-Lately: Been here, done this: Got the babydoll

NAME: Christine Daryleanne Paradise

Fairy Name; Kirstra Celestri-Argenta-Paradisa**

HAIR: Blonde, EYES: Indigo,  AGE: 5

BACKGROUND: New England French-Canadian, Fairy

ADDRESS: Ruffles & Ribbons Girls' Home, MA


@ DD

2010: Joined
2012-2017 Created INTERNET RESOURCES
, including a source code "cheat sheet" to enable persons to start web publicationwhich I used to create a total interactive siggy, and LG SHOPPING PLAZA
2013-14 Successfully undertook the search to replace the 3 decade long popular and iconic ABDL COMCO PULL-ON & SNAP-ON PLASTIC PANTIES
which had gone out of production
2013-14: Successfully negotiated 3 warning points, enough so that I do not look like Lady Leticia de L'Aque-L'Ustre but not enough to look like  Queen Whackjobetta of Worstros (Game of Throwns)|
2013. Developed the Rubber Panty Hanger
which enables to dry rubber panties upside down, which makes for faster, complete drying after rinse or wash
2014: Set up and maintained the DIAPER & RUBBER PANTY REVIEW Page [DEFUNCT & REPLACED]: A page for reviews for diapers and rubber panties, accessories, care and cleaning.  Wrecked by a malware attack in 2017; replacecd in 2020 by RUBBER PANTIES'R'US: See below
2015: Set up and maintained the DEEP RETRO LITTLE GIRL LESSONS page
2015: created the first interactive "About Me" Then in 2017 rebuilt it as a two-page system. That includes access to music while browsing
2015: Set up the Little Girl GOODIES TAKE HOME PAGE
2016: As moderator of the now DEFUNCT RUFFLES & RIBONS GIRLS' HOME sub-forum set it up to act like a A Yahoo Group (considered using a Club for the same purpose but there does not appear to be enough interest to make it worthwhile
2017 Created the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME BabyDoll
  (Moved in 2023) line of DIY grooming, cleaning and care items, putting it in the Blog in 2018 and extending the name to a heavyweight AK diaper
2018 Restored the damaged BabyDoll post to full functionality and updated it***. Also restored*** by adding a post to a thread of Sissy links, which gets updated: Quite a bit out of her realm but which she had explored and decided to deposit to DD to maintain the knowledge base
2020: Launched and began maintaining
the ultimate rubber panty page; information, history,  shop, reviews, conversations. EVERYTHING! RUBBER PANTIES'R'US

2020: Engaged in the revival of Babykins' discontinued rubber sheet sales
2021: Found a "for realistic full-coverage "cobbler" "coverall" "toddler" bibs

2022: Found a good successor to Johnson's Baby Powder

2023: Created the only known list and rating of BABY POWDER Which updates
2024: Created the Knowledge Base A thread that contains links to material related to ABDL topics that is built up by members
XXXX Always ready to do more and bring more to the table to create the very
little girl paradise (sorry about that!) that the world might and ought to be: She who works to create Fairyland lives in it now


@ TGGuide

1999 Introduced the Tiara Fancy to the TRANSGENDER GUIDE to which they took enthusiastically


@ GirlTalk. To

1999 Introduced the Tiara Fancy which was received enthusiastically

2000 Educated the LG community and a few Genetic Girls (GG) about the difference between petticoats and crinolines, the latter being lighter and airier and less "smothery"

2000  successfully campaigned to mak this style of 12" doll


the official fairy doll for the group

2000 - it's end. was a regular contributor to Victoriah Little's KNUFFLES webzine



1999 Introduced the Tiara Fancy with the usual results

Used Fairy magic to create the mobile, automatic diaper changing station that would appear as needee

Equipped the VLS (Viking Long Ship) Fireboat with the "Dragon's Eye"; an interstellar navigation system to complement its Foldspace drive

Had RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME rated in the upper 35-40% of the many ABDL sites on the Bytemine site  link pages. It became the reference nursery at Wetville, having more diaper, rubber panty, pure Little Girl and Fairy material than anything else



Was a member from Mar '83 until early 2000's. Left the print side of the club when they started allowing contact with under age (albeit that both sides were anonymous, but "hey, what can go wrong?") and they published material from under age persons

Had RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS'HOME in the upper 35-40% in it's site links page



1999: Began RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, whihc has recieved VER FEW complaints and several compliments, both verbal and existential (copying material is the MOST sincerest from of flattery) and held a position in the top 40% of personal websites at DPF and ByteMine  SEE OUR HISTORY

1993-2000 Successfullly worked with A. C. Medical to expand their line of plastic skirts, both A-line and full circle, expanding from a few by an external company and some trial, near-prototype odds and ends, one of which became the babydoll below, that culminated in lengths varying from about 18" to over 36" inches, made in the same material as the panties that they sold. The former owner of A.C was interested in pvc items and liked the babydoll I made and sent for perusal, which I just took off to use in this picture


I have not seen that same large inventory of skirts at Rearz, which purchased A. C. Medical some 3 or 4 years ago

c1985: At the Request of Mommy Carolyn, to introduce her new Little Girl Model, had a story published in INFANTAE PRESS, the leading ABDL publishing company

1982 Sept; Got my first CAROLYN'S KIDS catalog

1963, Nov - 68; Bought Kleinerts' plastic panties occasionally at Shepards in Providence RI. They were smooth white material, by 1979, they had switched to a milky grainy material (Eww!)

1949-51: Had as a "blankie" a piece of a rubber sheet


*In UK; resume. In US, a pretentious, snobby, manipulative way to say "resume"

**When she turnes 8 Darylise will be added to "Kirstra" and at 12 will come "Tiarelle"; according to Fairy custom. Also, Fairies have double last names, one for each of her parents or if she is a half-breed, a triple last name. "clan name", "family name" and the other parent's name transliterated to Fairy Language

***Much of the board content and functionality was damaged or destroyed by a malware attack by a Bitcoin mining site in November 2017. These were affected by it and may take a good deal of time to rebuild

More about Little Christine and her world in Part Deux. Be sure to go




Consider this a "Terms of Service" section. So often, we are told to "be courteous" and "have some respect" then left to figure it out on our own without a clue. The next two sections are what it means; first, in general, then specifically to me: Consider this a tutorial. What you do elsewhere is your own business, not mine, This refers to the standards and practices; and why, of what is to be done and not be done here, which is a "dollhouse" made after a GIRLS' home of 1948 - 54 in "French" Southestern New England, From the Blackstonte Valley to the Fall River Greater Metropolitan Area, including families like the Picard, Levesque, Blanchette, Tiberge, LaPointe and Monast; where I am from. In other words, it is mostly for Proper Little Girls and the ladies who are part of their worlds. However, the principles and admonitions apply pretty much everywhere

Consider this a tutorial that, after 2008, should not have to be. The rules to follow are designed to maximize open and honest communication: Have a functional About Me, Enable Recent Visitors and What's On Your Mind, and a reasonable amount of activity, with over 70% of your posts NOT in Story and Art, specific geographic areas, non-abdl forums, chat and private forum, Roleplay or other non-general interst areas. In other words be an active and interactive member of the community at large. If a subject is knowably controversial, like, poop, adult sexual actiivity, or the like, and you do not see the person you are approaching discuss something showing approval of that subject, or inappropriate to the context. like ANY mention of sex in a"little" contest: Do not bring it up FULL STOP. Do not be a troll and can the profanity and obscenities if you do not see the person use them. Take your cues from what you see the person whom you are addressing do and not do. Calling a person listed as "Adult Kid" and "LG (Little Girl)"; "Baby" or "Sissy" is the height of being a self-absorbed dwebette. And that should be all. But since I have to spell it out, I will do so. Itismostly about "do unot others as you would have them do unto you"; not "do unto others and do them as quickly and badly as you can"

I am NOT "ABDL" that term is becoming obsolete. For one thing AB's and DL's are totally different from each other. And, those are not the only designations since 2.000. I could be called LG (little girl), ALG (adult little girl), VLG (very little girl) or ABLG (adult baby; very little girl. A generalized term for a girl of 3 to 7 who is still in diapers and very short dresses. VLG starts at age 4 when she is well on her way to understand what "girl" means in her life). I prefer VLG. Also, anything "LG" is TOTALLY different from SISSY, which can include "boy" and adult sexuality, such as 'pre-teen slut", cuckold or SPH: totally inappropriate to little girl




For me, the Big Issue is WHAT DO WE HAVE IN COMMON BEYOND THE VERY BASICS? That means specifics.I am a traditional Very Little Girl. CLOTH Diaper Rubber panties, 1948-54, Culturally, 4th generation New England "Franco-American" working/lower-middle class, of the Blackstone Valley/North Attleboro MA - Tiverton RI area, which was, at that time, the dominant culture. While we had a few unique aspects, We were generally like most others of the time. If you want more dealings than simple things like answers to questions, or referenced comments, it stands to reason that we need things in common. If we do not have that, then we really have nothing to talk about beyond the most casual or what is required by courtesy. We just have nothing to say to each other. The more we have in common, the more we have to say to each other

As you can see, all my means of communication are open: PM. Status Updates and Comments on blogs and albums. Nobody has bothered to teach me how to use the chatroom and from what I hear, I do not know if I want to go there. I disabled Followers because what I saw there had 0.02% interest to me and no relevance at all: why they followed me I have no idea and what I could imagine made me uneasy, having nothing to do with being a Little Girl. And if you have enough interest, you can get my email addy: At the BOTTOM of Part Deux so that I can be sure that you get a chance to understand what I am like, want and will tolerate and that if you do not, then it is your fault. I would wish to see the list of those who one follows. Like any Little Girl, I am very talkative. Now; 85% of these are things that should be common knowledge and courtesy and not even have to be said here or put as part of the JOIN terms; but, alas some persons just do not GET it

WHAT I CALL SOME THINGS: I come form a specific place and time. I use the terms that were most commonly used by persons, whether a contemporary or previous generation. For example, "chastity" meant something  different than it does in the fetish world and ANY baby/wetproof panty was, and for many persons to this day born even 30 years after me, are "rubber" pant(ie)s. When I was little or younger. "Real world" though perhaps not technically correct. When I was 5, all "grown-ups" were born before 1930:

DIAPER: An absorbent CLOTH undergarment made to be used with a person who could not control their "bathroom duties"
RUBBER PANTIES: Any panties, usually worn over a diaper, made of the traditional wetproof, baby panty materials of the time, identified as the feminine undergarment since they had no front fly, with the materials generically called "rubber". The traditionally predominant wetproof panties from the time they first appeared until about 1989
also called "baby panties" and "baby bloomers". This excludes PUL, PEVA and polyurethane. The term was used even for the very rare panties made of textile materials like "Softex", which were known to do an inferior job
PAMPERS: any disposable diaper. Because they were the first in wide use; c1970 and were so common, all the disposable diapers were called that rather than "diaper", with the sometimes used "adult pamper(s)" to make that distinction. Also "throw-away" or "paper" diaper

CHASTITY: Anything to do with what is technically called "modesty", having dresses and skirts of decent length so that your panties do not show. Feeling safe from having persons get under your skirts to feel around. Whereas "modest" means "medium", "chaste" means as I learned "keeping your skirts down" as in "dressing in a chaste manner". the opposite of "trollopy". This was important to Franco-Americans because of the repuation we had gotten over the previous 50 years or so
CHASTIZEMENT: Being kept in an unpleasant state, usually in a babydoll, for a longer period of time than punishment. Punishment was for what you did, chastizement was for what you ARE and pertained to girls, such as babyish, whiny, disobedient, overactive, forward, gossipy, trollopy or proud. You would be chastized for 3 or 4 days or more, whereas punishment might last 3 at most
BABYDOLL: a halfway to the knee or just even with the fingertips if one's arms were kept by one's side standing, light fabric dress with a "waist" anywhere from just under the nipples to just under the arms and a loose-fitting skirt. This skirt was just long enough to hide the panties provided the wearer paid attention to her posture. It gets its name, which the lady who invented it did not like, because it looked like it was designed to be easily lifted for changing and accommodating thick diapers and very full-cut panties, a matching pair of which was part of the "babydoll set". This was used as a chastity training or chastizement or punishment garment and mostly worn with thick diapers and rubber panties, usually omitting the panties that came with it. While it might be tolerable to wear to bed, it was disliked as a general dress. A girl was made to know that it meant "baby [being treated or made to feel like which is anathema to a 4+ girl]" and "[being used as a doll", neither of which had any say in what was being done to them. It should be known that the lady who invented it did not like the name or its implications

If the first thing out of your mouth is a nasty, vulgarity, profanity or obscenity; and this has happened, the first place you are going is the Ignored list; i.e. the troll booth. Otherways to end up there are showing up in my visitors list and having no content having been here for more than 2 years. I do not need or want the uniniterested. sexual comments, being heavily involved in poop as demonstrated by a large number of such posts, also paper diapers being a major thing with you. We have nothing in common so why you show up on my profile I have no idea

 WHO AM I? This is by nature a long and complex subject because it touches on a myriad of things that begin with "what am I" and then goes into the very personal, making up your perception of yourself as a sentient and sapient entity with their implications and what is inferrable from them.  "Dolly Girl Michelle" will say one thing, "poopy_pampers_pat' will  say something else and "daytime_dinner_date" will say nothing. The same is true of the two images that are the first and largest things seen on your profile page. The whole is a "show and tell"

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: The two images on your profile tell me in short order what you are. If it is missing and all I see are the default letter and gray blank, then either you do not care, have no personal identity or do not know how to use it. That will tell me "yawn". The first two images on my profile page will tell you what and who I am quickly, strongly, accurately and very completely: Enough to be able to engage me in coversation or even to know if we have anything to talk about. You will NOT mistake me for Meguel Macho,  Bunny Babykins, nor, if you are knowledgeable, Sarah Sissiella (for one thing my panties do not show; even in my shortest babydoll nor am I such an overdone mass of ruffles and frills that the shape of my dress or little body are undetectable). If you are not interested in a Very Little Girl then move on; nothing to see here. They are the  "show" in "show and tell"

WHAT IS IN A NAME?: This is the first and most important part of the "tell". From here you can go on to other material: Look at the posts, the About me, the albums, blog and clubs. But as the lead descriptive item, one should be able to find all she wants to know to continue or not. If you are not interested in a "Little Christine" whose world is shown in the pictures that you saw,  then move on (and if you return, I will be perplexed and wonder what you are up to) Your ane should be RELEVANT to here and how you "live" here. "Little Christine", along with the avatar (in the circle) and Profile Photo (the long narrow image across the secree), will tell you all you need to know about me in 5 seconds. You have the chance to have TWO names; a screen name; the one that shows on your profile and a sign name; the one to use in your signature. Both are yours BY CHOICE. Your "screen name" is your calling card: It tells us what and  who you are right away If it is not understandable right away and does not tell me something about you of interest - relevance and attractiveness, I will pass you by. I prefer dealing with names, not attributes or strings of letters that I must figure out the meaning of which. A first and middle name; preferably a girl's, would be best, and you probably would not need to put a number in since any first and middle name, unless it were something like "Mary Ann [or any name with a middle name of Ann(e)]" would most likely be a one of a kind or very unique Your "screen name" may be "Little [Name]", "Miss [Name] or Lady [Name]" and you could sign with a first and middle (and Last) Name. My screen name is "Little Christine", and tells you WHAT I am. My sign name is Christine Daryleanne Paradise or Christine Daryleanne and tells you WHO I am as an individual. I do not need to know NOR CARE if you are "new_york_fan" or "rubber sheet wetter". If your screen ID is based on attributes, I am not interested and will move on. I would like a NAME to use when addressing you. This is your personal or signature name. It tells me how approachable you are; a person name makes you a person; that is, a living being with a "soul". A name based on things makes you those things and NOT a person. I have trouble dealing with things that should be a person. So you would therefore use a sign name in posts, like I do. Use the space bar. I do not want to have to try and decipher a long string of letters like "FairyQueenAlystraLynelle", or worse, a string of abbreviations for us to try to figure out, like "abdlmomsrplgkal75 for adult baby diaper lover mommy's rubber panty little girl karen anne lee 1975". I have a headache just thinking about it. You will also be judged on what you use, if it is gross, like poopy_nappy, punk, porn, shows interest in disposable diapers, like pampers_girl,  or something like "satans_child", or something screwy, like  "diapered zorro sissy", or other mondo bizarro,  do not expect to hear from me anytime soon (like say; a million years): I do not need the problems that come with a problem child. The same goes if your name does not make any sense or has no clue as to what I can expect, in the AB, DL or LG context, like salt_marsh or DayRam351, that, too, gets filed under "nothing in common". Names that have descriptors but no person names, like ABDLbaby or anything with "kink[and a, usually article of clothing]" in it. They are too self-conscious. These kinds of names REEK of some agenda rather than relate to a person; If you see, or hear ANYWHERE "Little Christine", you can just about see her and know what she is like. A name like Pampers_Boy will make certain that I am not the slightest bit interest in "meeting". Each, as you will see further down, points to something I have no interest in at all; throw away diapers and boy. The same would be true of Huggie Daddy, or luvs_stuffies, and so on. Likewise Sissy_[anything] or [anything]sissy. Though there is a caveat here, since potential LG's often mistake "sissy" as being the same as themselves or similar, so I may take a peek. A name like 'Sandraboy", ManLisa" or "Robertgirl" tells me "Move on, this one does not have it together"; meaning more mondo bizarro than I want to get involved with. If you want to be treated as a human person, have a human person name like I do. A just turned  5 year old girl could be called "Little Christine" IRL in conversations about her if not to her. Tina Lynne, Rachel Denise, Little Andrea or Tiara Girl Lisa would just be irresistible to me: "I want to meet, have a teaparty or play dolls, or talk dresses or ballet with HER!" On the other hand, generally speaking calling a boy "Little" and certainly "Baby" would not be very authentic due to the cultural norm that boys are expected to be un-babyish and more "manly"; though there are the "Little Johnny" jokes, it is more acceptable with girls. Also "baby" in your name suggests a level of development that just would not resonate with me. You can be sure that if your name has any form of "poop", "cum" or other disgusting, graphic or overt thing it, it, it is going to the ignore list pre-emptively. I do not want to deal with the "eww yuck" factor

Before you post a question on a forum or start a thread on a subject, check to see if it has been answered and post an acknowledgement to those who answer your questions so those who had the courtesy to answer it know that you have cared enough to look at it. There are at least 3 "what is a Sissly" threads and at least 4 rubber pantybasics threads spread out over about 3 forums that I have seen

This is not the place for disagreements or debates. The forum and the PM are fine for that. Putting something disagreeable on someone's Status Update or About Me is disrespectful. Take it up in private or forum conversation

GENERIC IS JUNK: Avoid the banal and be an individual. That does not mean have a list of strange or bizarre interests that are unrelated to here. Showcase what makes you special here. If you are a Skyrim or Fallout fan, I really do not care, though we may meet at Arachir Galidurithon's YouTube channel and I do not know if you want to meet me at the SCP Foundation AT ALL (my Object Class is "Cuter"; Special Containment Procedures; administration of a specialized amnestic that prevents you from noticing that I am an adorable little blonde with a gorgeous name; this is especially important since just EVERYONE loves blondes, who can manipulate the unsuspecting and will do so at the drop of a tiara. And who does not just the name "Christine"? You know the trope). If you love dolls, tea sets or tiaras, I do. Use the Newbie Nursery to give an overview and your About Me to be more detailed. You can also use your profile images to showcase your attributes and interests

BE RELEVANT: I am a 5 year old Very Little Girl and prefer other LG's. Further down is a list of what goes and what does not. I once had a Little Boy ask me for punishment - Let me get this straight:  A Little boy asking a Very Little Girl for punishment: I never did find out what PLANET he was writing from

HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON: If you want anything more than a very casual response on a forum post. Otherwise, what have we to talk about? If you are a "Boy" or "Daddy" or not a traditional Little Girl or Mommy/Nanny/etc, what do you expect from me other than the most casual of communications? If you are not about traditional diapers and "rubber panties", what have we to say to each other? If you are one who uses out in public, not out of need, you are too close to an exhibitionist for me to want to get close to you. Too often I see Incontinent post in things that do not apply to them or  calling herself a "Diaper Lover", which may be true, but is not the primary attribute, who posts in a clearly DL, AB or Little oriented thread and then they tell us they are incon. What is the point of that? I do not post in threads that have no application to me (at one time, LG threads were in the Sissy Room and some threads where I would rather not go have some relevance to me or some knowledge or skill I have)

PROFILE, ACTIVITY (posts and Status Update), ABOUT ME, ALBUMS, CLUBS, BLOG(S): These are the descriptive and dynamic parts of the "tell" and some of the "show". I look at your profile, Those who have been here for awhile with no or little activity, or show infrequent visits, I do not bother with. Turn on your "recent visitors"; that tells you if anyone, has visited and who they are. I have a life here. The same for those heavily involved in Story, Roleplay, Chat, Meeting Place, Game Time or other non general iscussion type forums to the point that it is about 3/4 of what they do. If that is you, please do not bother with me, we have...here it comes...wait for it... nothing in common so save us both the wasted time and effort; I have nothing you want and you have nothing for me. I look at Activity, Clubs, Albums, Blogs and ESPECIALLY About Me, which I like nice and big. This is where you tell us what and who you are in your own words and images. You can make it very complete and well-featured since I provide a "cheet sheet" that helps you use the "Source" mode of the About me editor in CHRISTINE'S LATEST NEWS and even the normal  visual editor; "WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get]" is pretty good. Another way to make sure I will not be paying attention to you is the very incomplete profile. There appears to be a new trend of filling out only the "real age" and leaving off the Status Update and Recent Visitors sections and not filling out the "Previous Fields". if you do not wish to be known, then I will take you at your word. I have also noticed that most of the high-numbered "Reputation"s are very much confined to the non-contributory (to the general discussions) areas like Story and Roleplay. They just keep feeding each other in that regard so I doubt the value of the whole "Reputation"/leaderboard process in terms of general applicability. I naturally gravitate to those with whom I have common interests; starting at Little Girl from the 1950's. By the end of this page, you will know what I am like and appreciate and do not appreciate or want to get involved with. If you go to Part Deux, you will see all kinds of things, activities and get some take-aways and my email adDRESS. I get a girl crush very easily if you have the right name :Giggle: Like Sandra, Lisa, Andrea, Lynne, etc and if you like my name. I daydream about sitting in your lap with my little head on your shoulder. Fairies show affection to little girls (fairylets) by either kissing the top of our heads or caressing our knees: I do not have bony knees, although since my skirts are so short, I get a bit scared of that sometimes if you go too far up my legs. If I see that we have enough in common, you can expect a calling card in your Status update

PM: If I start a conversation I will check ugh for a week to see if you have visited DD.If you have not then I will delete the message, If you have, and have not responded after 1 day, I will delete the message. If there is an active "conversation" and there has been no communication for a day, I will check and see if you have visited. If you have, especially if it has been several times and there is no response for 3 days, I will delete the conversation since it will have run its course. I have a life and if something has become static, it is time to move on

Chat: I have nothing against it per se,  I just do not know how to use it and nobody seems to want to show me, so that is that.  Always do this at a pre-arranged time. This is for reasons 1, it gives both persons time to set aside and each do the other justice. 2. If you pop in unexpectedly, you might accidentally out someone and 3 It shows you are stable and reliable, and won't spook people

COMMUNICATION: I expect some reasonable form of English: By that I mean words sipelled out. "Ur" is an ancient city in the Near East. "im" is Cockney for "him" and we have commas [,], periods or full stop [.], apostrophes ['] and quotation marks [" or '] for a reason. Learn where the shift keys are: They are there for a reason. Baby Talk goes Bye-Bye. If I see "Goo-goo gha-gha", I am gone-gone. "Hewwo" gets "good-bye" and "me is [or does]" gets "I ain't [or do not]". Save it for the Baby Talk forum. These are not knowledge of English issues, they are give-a-fig issues. If you do not; then I do not. I do not need the eyestrain or headache from trying to translate 51st Century Idiotese into English. You can personalize your speech after we know each other better so you do not look like a walking, talking case of Tight  Tiara Syndrome. If you do not fill out your profile info completely, because I do not care to deal with unmarked packages, I do not bother. If you do not have all your means of verbal input enabled, and have been here for a reasonable length of time, a month should do it, like Status Updates and Recent Visitors, You go on my Ignored List. If you are unwilling to recognized my existence, I will take you at your word and reciprocate

KEEP YOUR SIGNALS STRAIGHT: If I see a "Diaper Lover" with a play age of, say 8, or ANY Play Age,  and who discusses mostly kid things, or a "Boy" who discusses mostly girl things; especially wearing girl clothes and most especially underthings, I get confused and will tend to avoid you as "Mondo Bizarro [Bizarro World]". I have not the time, energy nor inclination to try to figure you out or wet-ther or not you have your act together or are suffering from Tight Tiara Syndrome. So be an integrated whole whose parts fit together. If you have a "Play Age' that tells me you are first AB/AK then DL

HAVE SOME RESPECT: If a topic like poop, sex or the like is controversial and you have not seen a person discuss it in a positive manner, DO NOT BRING IT UP TO THAT PERSON: PRESUME THAT THEY ARE EITHER NOT INTEREST OR DISLIKE IT! Also do not call someone what they are not, such as  "Baby", "Sissy [a special sore point with LG's]", or the like, unless you KNOW it to be the case. If you call someone you know to be LG (Little Girl) "Sissy" or "Baby [unless the play age is under 4]", which is done FAR too often, that is just a way of saying you have no regard for her. All of these things are disrespectful and show that you are a self-absorbed dweebette. Follow the Dictum of St. Thomas Aquinas; "Never follow a doubtful conscience; always follow a certain conscience": JUST DON'T!!

PICTURES ARE NICE:;  as long as they are clear and can be seen without eyestrain. A half-page image that shows only one or two items is overdoing it by 2 times, especially on a siggie. On the other hand, a little 200 x 300 image with 5 items is a bit tiny. For most pictures 400 x 300 to 800 x 600 in 3:4 is fine. in panoramic, similar sizes, but in 16:9 with the long axis being 500 to 1000 are just right (your profile images have different rules). But I should be able to see the image withouth having to move my eyes or head. It is possible and wise to take them such that there are no identifiable signs of who you are. Here, and places like here, you are who you say you are: Every name is an alias and every address is a storefront in New Jersey

ADDRESSING LG: There is not much in the way of clear guidance on what to call us. Therefore one should simply abide by the rule of protecting privacy and common sense.  Since most LG's are physically fully male there is the question of addressing us. By and large, among ourselves in private and on forums like this,  if the LG, like any TG is "en femme" or for the LG "en petite fille", "she" and "her" are preferred. In public, unless you are told otherwise, or if the LG is not en petite fille", use the normal masculine form of address. The object here is to maintain privacy and avoid embarrassment or spooking the person. And to LG's do not demand others do what makes them uncomfortable.. In public, even by other LG's, mamy of us prefer to refrain from LG references and non-LG's may be uncomfortable with us being "en petite fille" in their own territory such as their home. and you would be surprised at how rich the non-LG lives of many of us are. I could put together a 1950's LB About Me that would blow you away. Respect goes BOTH ways

IMAGE-TAKING: If you see an image or piece of trim you want. Save it. Just do not say that you made it or the things in it are yours, and I would like to be informed. Most tiara trim is available by download file along with some other tiara trim. Using my images in any of the topics listed in "Material & Discussions We Are NOT Having" is Prohibited



This is a tutorial about what topics not to START conversations about with me and why or how come. I may see something off-topic in a post that is of interest but that would refer to an ongoing thread, not something of my own doing. Generally, what is not forbidden is permitted with some things being encouraged. "On topic" here means Very little Girl; 4 - 7 or Little Girl 8 -11 tpicline1.gif

Material and discussions we are NOT having: here And Why

I do not like restrictions which means I do not like placing restrictions but I am not all things to all people, nor am I interested in, or competent at, discussing all aspects of "ABDL". Anyone who gets this far can be presumed to be interested enough to take the time to look at my first page and should know what I am. Now, from that, it should not be hard to figure out what I do not wish to talk about, but that is not true with some persons so, apparently, I must be explicit with the what and why of things I do not wish to discuss

Either I do not know, do not care, they are, to me, phony, disconcerting, too gross and disgusting, Or I do not wish to be bothered with them, having more interesting or relevant thangs with less or non-destructive consequences, to do. I will not go anywhere near them of my own accord and may discuss if there is a compelling reason or if I am asked. What you do on your own time in your own area is not my business, what you do, or. in fact or potentially, bring here, being part of who and what you are, is. As a subsidiary of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME this is subject to the SandraLyn Code of Conduct. of which the following is an abstract

nope.gifThe First "Why" is; THIS IS A VERY LITTLE GIRL Place: So nothing disgusting, gross, crude or unladylike. If you did not see it in any of the pictures, posts, or Christine did not mention it. DO NOT BRING IT UP to her
nope.gifI I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE SLIGHTEST BIT OR  HINT OF PUBLIC ACTIVITY: "Out and about", public dressing, exposure, etc. It reeks of exhibitionism. I do not want to be anywhere near something or someone that can lead to the "standing head[line]" MAN FOUND WANDERING IN JUST A DIAPER: TAKEN INTO CUSTODY". It REEKS of crazy, creepy and stupid, and gives ABDL or it's related items a bad name, becoming the go-to image that comes into peoples' mind when the subject of ABDL comes up. Contrary to the claim that it is not practiced in the ABDL community, I have seen it discussed here. I want to be a million parsecs away from it
nope.gifDisposable diapers: chintzy/cheap. boring and give me the creeps: More at home in a collectivized institution such as a hospital or prison rather than a home or homelike setting. How they get considered diapers is beyond me. They all used to be "pampers", "paper diapers" or "throw-aways" and not considered the real thing and fit only for occasional use under special condtions as well as frivolous and expensive. The early 1950's "Dryper" and even those before never went anywhere significant. Also I have better things to do than be caught up in the unending chatter over the minutia of the efficacy of some 250 brands, lines and models of essentially the same thing and their failings about which I do not care a single quantum. In the end, they all get thrown in the garbage after one use: That speaks volumes; and persons are going to spend reams of words and days of time on THAT? Sorry, I have a life and I use what worked for over a century and still works today and have not been reinvented every 5 or so years with each being more Rube Goldberg than the one before just so you can wet in it and then throw it away. NOT ME! These were part of the "paper clothes" craz-e of 1968-71. It started with something called "Handi-Wipes" This was a "paper towel" that felt like a soft cloth, could be used 4 or 5 times then thrown away. This led to the "paper clothes" mania which saw outfits of this material, usually dresses, that could be worn once and discarded being shown off by fashion designers. That did not catch on as, in the end, it was too expensive and deemed a pipe dream of a society that was "too rich for it's own good", and massively wasteful. To see that notion taken fully, see the late-60's/early 70's works of Larry Niven as presented in LIMITS and KNOWN SPACE material. Now, baby-boomers, rather than following the more conservative trend back to multiple-use items in the diaper market, decided to double, triple and even quadruple down on and which the companies like Procter & Gamble took to new heights in product line and complexity. The somewhat prosperity-spoiled baby-boomers and Gen-X'ers were willing to go with this, regardless of the inherent inefficiency of the single-use item and the unnecessary waste of space in the "post-consumer" storage of these, which they do not see as individuals, as well as complexity-generated poor performance, being far more failure-prome than the traditional items. Attempts to alleviate the storage space problems via re-use of the materials of the components are less than efficacious and clearly show the attributes of "trying too hard", which is an attribute of the whole "recycling" industry, which anyone can see, though most go out of their way to not see so that they do not "rock the boat" by thinking for themselves, the Rube Goldberg nature of the whole thing
nope.gifDL/Diaper Lover: Not bad persons unless they "take it on the road", which borders on exhibitionism, especaally those who "leave subtle hints" or unhealthy addiction, just shallow as a topic and for the most part, uninteresting. For them, from what I observe, the diaper is not a part of the story, it IS the story and they usually discuss disposables, about which they talk endlessly on matters that mean nothing and are of no interest to me. For me, diapers are only, albeit a significant, part of the story of what and who I am. If you look at my signature, you will see that it is a very rich story, from my name to my nursery. Weigh that against the very much less full life built around what is only part of a multi-faceted, like the multi-faceted stone that is only one of many in one of my tiaras, existence for me. I do not have the time, need nor interest to dwell on the minutia of but one of many parts of my world: From what I gather, DL's do.  Also throw-aways have no presence as diapers. They feel like briefs that are a bit thick in the crotch, but not diaper-thick; to me, a big "why bother?". DL's seem more about wetting/messing than the feel of the diaper and about wearing in public, which makes me wonder if it is not an addiction more than a "hobby". I do not know how long it takes them to change for something that will last, at best, 8 to 10 hours. I take about 10 minutes and I am good for easily half a day and longer if I need to push it
nope.gifPUL/PEVA panties;  do not look or feel like the real thing: And NOT "diaper cover". We call them "rubber panteis". of PEVA, I got two pair of Gerber; two words came to mind; "garbage bag" and Dolly Andrea and Dolly Lisa threatend to leave if I put those on them. Their ancestors, dating back to 1939 did not see significant use, like the throw-away diaper, as they were more expensive than,  and did not do the job as well as traditional "rubber panties", "baby panties" or "baby bloomers". If you are thickly diapered like double or triple diapered, especially if you are wet, ""Breathable" has no real significance except that it lets out more of the smell and you need to be changed sooner and more often
nope.gifI do not get involved with GUESTs and JUST CURIOUS who have been here more than 2 months. Pee or get off the pot. If you do not have enough interest here to join, I do not have the time to bother with you. Also, if you have been here 3 weeks or so, or have been quite active so that you know what is going on, and you visit me, and when I return the visit, you do not have your "recent visitors" section running, I will grant your wish to not be recognized and put you on my Ignore list
nope.gifDADDY, DD/LG,BOY/LITTLE BOY*. Not really interested. I am a Little GIRL; remember? Besides which, the DD/LG is a crazy theme since grownup relationships are different than those with Littles and kind of threaten to psychologically sexualize children. If you are listed as anything other than an LG or Girl or did not fill that in at all, what makes you think that I am going to discuss my underthings with you? Our skirts COVER them for a reason. What kind of girl discusses her underthings with anyone other than explicitly listed girls? Do NOT even ASK about them if you are not LG or Girl in your profile
nope.gifPlushies/stuffies; more for babies than for Little Girls. Replaced by DOLLY
nope.gifAdult baby/infant/toddler/under 4 years old: not me; not authentic. More like adult concepts superimposed on infancy. An infant/toddler does not have the physical equipment nor the experience to deal at that level. So "feelings of love", "security" are just examples of projection and unauthentic.
nope.gifDisney: Too much already! So oppressively omnipresent over the last 40 years that it sucks the air out of the room wherever it goes. It almost seems like a mind control cult or Big Brother from 1984
nope.gifPoop; That is simply scat trying to be cute and cuddly. GROSS and SICK. You need only think of the SMELL:  Just EWWWWW!!
nope.gif  (non-Incontinent, "lifestyle) "Going 24/7" and "Use diapers for everything". I am not so much of an addict and that level of attachment is being controlled by the habit to the point where the well-balanced would say "Jesus Christ; can't you lay off those things ONCE in a while?!". Thie ie out of balance as recommended by DPF.  ALSO: I do not live a "lifestyle", that sounds too much like "religion" and I am an atheist and free spirit by temperament. More of an epicurean; not hedonist
SHOPPING LIST: This is not a shopping mall: it is a playroom. There are no racks with persons on hangers lebelled "friends", "mommies" or "caregivers". Your first post should not be "I am looking for..."  That is rude and it gives the impression that you have some agenda rather than being here to enjoy yourself. If you do that, you can count on me to keep my distance. Just come in, look around, say "hello" and tell us what you are like. Also, look at posts and if the post interests you, then look at the profile. Also be sure your profile is well-filled out. Your real calling cards are About Me and Albums. I tend to keep my distance from those with sparse profiles or who spand 3/4 of their time in things like Stories, Roleplay and other non-discussion forums or in forums where I have not real interest. If you want friends, you must BE a friend. Have something of your own making to say so that you do not come on as some kind of psychological parasite
nope.gifSISSY !!NOTE: There are topics of interest and relevance to Little Girls in the "Sissy Room", that was the place where Little Girls posted, due to the superficial similarities like dresses and other things, chief among this was the lack of a Little Girl place, to up until the "Little Girls' Playhouse" was opened, and unfortunately, this is still done. So there is not wrong in going there for that content !!: It is one of the hardest to address, because there are so many Little Girl accoutrements used there, many "Sissy"'s claim to like the little and very little girlish feelings and very many, if not most, Little Girls, not fully aware or understanding of the vast differences between themselves and Sissies as well as being labelled as such, accepted that term without question. However, despite that skin-deep resemblence, Sissy and Little Girl have no connection beyond the superficial and are quite antithetical. Sissy seems to be part of BDSM>FemDom, about wihch House of Sissify is quite explifcit, that gets extruded or schlepped into ABLG. As you will see here, about 80% of Sissy has NOTHING to do with being a little girl and is, in fact, quite hostile to LG. If you are  a Little Girl considering adopting that label, make sure it fits; look into LG and you may want to change, or, you may decide that it fits you. If you enjoy feeling or being feminine/girlish, then Sissy is NOT for you. If you enjoy having girlish things being used to demean and humiliate, then it is. it projects a derogatory attitude towards the feminine. Imagine yourself as a 7 or 8 year old girl and you see the things that you love or are part of you being used to demean: What do you feel and how come? I can take it only as a comic, campy "act" since nobody who is labelled a sissy wants this in real life. I know what I am talking about: BEEN there, done that, got the overdone frillies; to the major Sissy sites like Sissyville, Sissy School, Petticoated, and the aforementioned House of Sissify. My first lessons came from the now-defunct MRS SILK'S in 1999. I am totally NOT a Sissy. in fact, there is a VERY big difference between that and Little Girl; as noted HERE Little Girls are feminine; sissies are effeminate or emasculated. Little Girls  like me want nothing to do with anything that can include SPH, Chatity Cage or anything that specifically relates to the "widdler" (and just how a female who claims to be Sissy functions in a world where that is a baisc part, I have no idea), "Spit or Swallow"; just how THAT fits into FEM/dom, or "baby" or "little", I cannOT even BEGIN to imagine, or camel toe (which I never heard off until I saw it in the Sissy Room) and those threads are too active for my liking -- they are neither cute or ladylike and borders on pornography by being so overtly sexual, anal plugs, becoming quite graphic and explicitly adult sexual as well as bordering on the gross, and how does anything masquerading as little or baby girl mesh with cuckold, or about half of THIS (from a real Sissy club) Some of what I have seen appears to be deranged and there is no way a French Maid is a little girl. In fact between SPH, Spit or Swallow and "chastity cage", there is an AWFUL lot of pre-occupation with the male member for those who say they like the "girly" things. In fact, given that a common "model" of Sissy is the 2 or 3 year old toddler, much of this, being hardcore adult sex, even 70 years ago in 1952, would lead to either heavy prison time (which would lead to a short lifespan, given how violent cons feel about child molesters) or a permanent reservation at the psychiatric hospital The best thing I can find, since it contains most of the "themes" of Sissy put into action is HERE  but you have to infer them from the description and scripted actions. These are all part and parcel of Sissy: Most of which would not even make sense to a 4-11 year old girl. Any LG worth her girl name, doll, skirt or dress, Alice band or especially her tiara would not get within a mile of these or ANYTHING unladylike; and these are so crude and trollopy, among other things, that "unladylike" is just for starters! Another thing is manner of dress. Our dresses, skirts and even the shortest of our babydolls cover the panties completely when standing straight. Now some of these, as part of "chastity [what some might call 'modesty']" training will let the panties, which are full, either over a diaper and rubber panties or the rubber panties themselves, show under certain condtions, for which there are consequences to the careless little girl. These dresses are limited to a length of halfway to the knee. It seems that Sissys' dresses routinely let the diaper/rubber panties show no matter what. That is something no competent  or otherwise qualified mother, nurse or governess would put on a little girl since it would be lewd and unladylike. If you dressed her like that at age 5, why would you be shocked when, at age 17, she came home with a "little surprise"? I just think of these as a kind of ruffled top. Also Sissy's seem to be overly frilly so that the clothes seem to be a hideous parody of girlishness, to the extent that the dress no longer looks like a dress. However, it does match one of the main themes of Sissy: Girls are not worthy of being persons, so by being treated as on, you are not worthy of being treated as a person. Absent from Sissy in any real way, but very present in Little Girl, is Dolly. Now, some LG's only use dolls only as props (how you can carry a doll around, look into her eyes and still be so callous is beyond me, like the real girl who not only did that, but called Dolly by a name since she was 5, then at 10, casts her aside and says she has "outgrown" dolls; I suspect there is more acting than she would like us to know), but for most of us, there is a genuine affection for our little friends and, true to our nature, like most real little girls, take one or more to bed at least once in a while. How many Sissy's discuss tea parities and wherever I presented the tiara fancy, Little Girls (of both sexes) took to it like it was second nature to them, usually ending up having more than one or even more than three. I do not see that in Sissy unless there is a (usually tiny) bit of crossover. Because of so much of this, there is an  inter-group, though not necessarily inter-personal, antipathy between LG and Sissy. Many "sissy"s quickly drop that label when they learn about LG aka ALG saying "THIS is what I really am", and, as I have been told, many Sissies find us to be "too girl"  and "you really ARE all that  girl stuff", and break off. Because of its self-consciousness and almost comically exaggerated presentation of the feminine or girlish, I find Sissy to be artificial, orchestrated or contrived. They are not horrible persons, usually, though I have seen some pretty sick sisters, we just have so much nothing in common that I cannot connect and I feel like it is kind of stealing our Little Girl things and ideas for non or anti-girl purposes, since, for them, being dressed like a girl is done to humiliate. Beyond that, there have been 3 threads here mostly by Sissies trying to shed light on what is a Sissy; all inconclusive. The only thing I can conclude about that is that Sissy does not resolve in ABLG terms because its roots are in BDSM/FemDom, where I HAVE seen many of the themes and notions that are part of Sissy, just without "baby" and/or "girl". Please notice, we say "girlish", Sissy's say "girly"; which is the same term as used for "girly magazines" and phap-photos. I do not even understand how to call them. As a Little Girl, given some of their activities and characteristics, particularly hating to be treated as girls; or it would  not be demeaning and humiliating,   and the overdone stereotyping of feminine to the point of being a parody; and I am quite 'uber" (in case you have not noticed), I find using any feminine pronoun for them to be demeaning since that is how we refer to ourselves. It should be noted that there is some humiliation in the LG way of life, but it is that of a mommy, governess or "nurse" and her little charge(s). In the LG case, it is for being babyish, whiny, disobedient, overactive, forward, gossipy, trollopy or especially proud. But it is not the defining aspect of being a girl as such like it is with Sissy. For a Sissy, I would imagine being called a "cute little blonde" by My Lady would get back a whiny snarl or some other nasty response, for me, visions of sitting in Tiara Fairy's lap (my understanding of Fairies has always been of full-sized large girls), with my head on her shoulder as she adjusted my tiara and gently caressed my tresses, followed by the traditional kiss on the top of my head, given by a Fairy to a fairylet (fairy little girl) ending in a light kiss on the cheek and hearing her sweet voice say "I wish you were my little girl", followed by sigh...swoon...thud. Much of the difference as expressed in the threads is that it is about being treated like a girl versus feeling like a girl. Given the mix of phony girlishness, smut and S&M; In case you doubt me; and I do not even want to imagine the smell (As for what Little Girl/Very Little Girl  is like; it is many things, some here, some led to in Christine's Signature and a great deal of it in Part Deux, as well as other Little Girl places; mostly cute or pretty, attractive and usually smelling like flowers, powder, sometimes  rubber or occasionally a smidgen of wet, but not the overbearing odor of a collection of rancid bodily ejecta. Though you will find many of the same items in Little Girl and Sissy, the meaning is totally 180 degrees opposite). The adult sexuality makes Sissy, UN- little and things like SPH make it UN-girlish: How many 5 or 10 year old girls do you kno of that get or get teased because their "widdler" was too small? I find Sissy a bit  gross and off-putting mondo bizarro. So, you must decide what you like: If emasculation, humiliation and the above is  what you like, then Sissy is for you. If you like being feminine, a proper little lady, Dolly, Fairy and the things I feature in the slideshow up near the top (a better one of which you can have for your own) and the things you see in Christne's gallery, then Sissy is NOT for you; switch to LG (Little Girl). Why it is such a large subgroup all of a sudden, I have no idea. Carolyn's catalogs had only one page for it with maybe 3 specific items in the form of ruffled panties and French Maid being its own category, and DPF did not even recognize it though there did seem to be quite a few "Boy"s humiliated by being treated as girls but that was just about every little boy's nightmare scenario anyway. Like many others, I suspect that much of it is misplaced Little Girl/Baby girl.. In practice, the best I can make of it are the outright bizarre or a catch-all for and admixture of unintegrated categories, or just plain uncatagorized, all with a very stereotypical and unflattering veiw of the feminine.  I am definitely NOT Sissy!
nope.gifPRINCESS: It is either Sissy, Disney or bespeaks a capricious self-absorbed dwebette who is catered, to, indulged and coddlede, usually by Daddy as  "Daddy's girl" and totally ignorant of what the life of a real princess would be like. They would not care to pay the high price that the pretty slippers, gorgeous gowns and other accoutrements demand. There is a story told about two Fairies, one of whom had her little girl with her. She kissed the girl's tiara and called her "Princess Floricia [her name]" and the other Fairy said "Ooh; I would not wish that on anyone". Now this does not apply to calling a girl "Princess" as a pet name or saying she is "my little princess [are you listening, Donamea Auriandra? Each of your tiaras is a sky full of stars and a rival to Kassiopeia herself]"

The next 4 are "existential" and categories that cover a "multitude of sins" of which most of the above are specific kinds These address what I find wrong, in the sense of being self-defeating, phony/orchestrated/contrived/get-a-life, a bit creepy or off-putting and bespeaking a secret non-ABLG "Agenda" and with the potential for being dangerous, and a distraction, with the specifics listed

nope.gifSELF-CONSIOUS or AGENDA DRIVEN: You will see some of this in the  above and it is part of what puts in much of the phoniness that goes on. The person born before 1962 who is fine with disposable diapers, which were not a "thing" until late 1968 when they were AT LEAST 6 years old, as a baby or a Little, or the over 50 year old "Little" who is agog over My Little Pony; a product of the mostly mid 1980's when said person was at least 15; this being 2019. Since infants do not have the level of cranial development or experience to think about "security" "being nurtured" or "loved", nor the development to have an attention span greater then, at best, a single digit number of minutes. a good deal of AB is adult feelings projected onto infancy. This is unavoidable since the brain of anyone over 6 is built to create a story or "narrative" and that happens in the adult baby to fill in the void that is there. Sissy has nothing to do with being a girl of any kind and is mostly themes and ideas, far too many of them and put together in too complex ways to be natural or lifelike, founded in BDSM/FemDom with girlish things used to enforce those on the Sissy,  having nothing to do with the 9 year old's taunts at his less boyish mates from which it is taken. Mondo Bizzaro, a theme amongst "kinksters" for whom being exotic is an overriding factor, more than the actual pleasure, is external to the fetishes themselves. In all these cases, the actions are influenced by some external notion, usually, notions or narrative. These notions constitute "the Agenda" and are imported into the act. This leads to a form of self-consciousness since these notions have to be, at some level, knowingly, subscribed to, "written" and "scripted" and it has to be by an over-arching, controlling faculty, of which one must be at least peripherally aware. This awareness must necessarily distract from the "life" and lessens the immersion because one is "trying". "Little" Des not need that since, by age 4, one is aware of permanence, has a set of feelings in place enough to be self-sufficient and has done or seen the things done as LG or LB, and even done many of them, in real life, with the accompanying feelings. Therefore the action-feeling-accoutrements whole is self-contained. After awhile, when you read some of the stories here you can see that someone is trying to bend the perception of events described to fit a narrative that is externally made or alen to the actual experience. That narrative is "The Agenda" and the process of fitting has to be guided and at least in peripheral awareness
nope.gifMONDO BIZARRO aka Why People Hate Us: There are things I think are just too strange or crazy; bespeaking unstable, or creepy to get involved with. Persons registered as "Boy" discussing too many girl things or too much about girls' clothes. It gives me the impression I am being used to get jollies.  BDSM, S&M, FemDom, spanking, medical or disability fetish. The 30+ year old who is still "trying to accept myself" Given the current state of pop psych, that tends to come under "psychobabble" and "get over yourself and get your act together". To quote the Rush song "Put aside the alienation ; get on with the fascination".  Dressing/wearing (by choice) in public, which is a gateway drug to exhibitionism as the "thrill" needs more and more overt action to keep its strength and meaning: Self-absorbed Dwebette or Whackjob because at some level you are imposing on others, either overtly or covertly by freely, knowingly and willfully being distracted, which is at best, rude. That is related to fapping while conversing, unless it is by mutual consent. "Going 24/7" bespeaks being out of control, on the order of "Jesus Christ, can't you lay off the things for a little while?"; the kinds of things that were frowned on at DPF for violating the "balance" principle. And "diaper blowout" or other failure, presents an unnecessary red-bag level (nightsoil) bio-hazard; none of which I want to be anywhere near. Furry; we are PERSONS not fake animals. Things that are creepy or bespeak instability or something I have to figure out. Anyone whose profile looks like a trip down the Rabbit Hole, Through the Loking Glass" and into the Twilight Zone. For example; the name includes "Little Pink", the "Diapers" is "Diaper Lover", the "I am a is "Boy" and the Play age reads "a naughty little 2 your old girl". I do NOT need the headache of trying to figure that one out. and will not go out of my we to deal with hi...he...whatever. This has more yellow flags than an impending hurricane. If I get the urge to call in an SCP Foundation Mobile Task Force then I am going to keep my distance. The same is true if I see, in a clearly lifestyle thread (which implies the poster has some choice in the matter) someone listing as "incontinent" with any Play Age or a "Diaper Lover" with a Play Age. That implies some kind of point in time other than the present and an identity other than your IRL ID. I do not need the headache of trying to sort it all out
nope.gifUNAUTHENTIC: Things like the AB/Little born before 1962 who is comfortable with throw-away diapers, when they never had them in her babyhood/very early childhood. The 2 or 3 year old "girl". The fact is that one is not cognizant of sex or gender before 3-1/2 and that development is more a function of age 4-5, and the clothes are something put on her by the parents and have no meaning to the baby/toddler, or the same who "loves my dolly". At that age, a doll is indistinguishable from a stuffed animal. I was a 3 year old once so I have some memories and I was a 4 year old once and have some memories. I have also seen and known children of that age most of my life. These kinds of things are adult estimations of the behaviors and feeling superimposed on that age range. Back in the early 1980's, I became aware of how AB's glorify being changed. I once said at that time "The amount of romanticization of having one's diaper changed is amazing. Two of my earliest memories are of being changed, and it was no big deal AT ALL; it was a big nothingburger. I had no feelings about it whatsoever". I have trouble interacting with this kind of thing because, having lived then and knowing very well what things were like, it just does not compute, I cannot orient myself; or even get my bearings, and I find it jarring and am tempted to say, especially in the case of the 60 year old (this is 2018) Little with pampers, Care Bears or Cabbage Patch Kids, "who are you trying to kid? Those were not a thing before you were 10". it is just plain fake and wrong at every level; putting on (pins vs tapes),  fit & feel (not half the bulk and a narrow crotch compared to good cloth diapers), what is missing (rubber panties), etc; so how could a 60 year old, AB or LG even tolerate, let alone be comfortable with that as a Little? I cannot even stand them other than for non-ABLG uses and only if I must. This also goes for the 70 year old LG who goes on about My Little Pony and Disney Princesses. They are from the 1980's or 90's by which time you were over 35. You MIGHT get away with PUL panties but anything like that, though real, was so rare and exotic, it would be a bit incredible, and would still be called "rubber panties", "baby panties" or "baby bloomers". It is sort of like watching a Shakespeare play in which Julius Caesar pull up to the Forum in a '65 Lincoln and then is killed by Marc Antony with an AR-15 that fires a 12mm phaser beam and being told that it is A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: My name is Christine; not Alice!  Besides the out-of-focus headache, it kind of gives me the I-don't-think-we're-in-Kansas-anymore out-of-focus vertigo, brings the process to a grinding halt and kills the whole thing as I contemplate the string of out of phase things that can come up and the story morphs into an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. That is also my big problem with Sissy and Mondo Bizarro. This is different from using modern things to stand in for things from that time or represent fantasy items. Dolly Lisa is a 36" walker from 1964. She looks like she could be from any time. having her is like having an 18" dolly if I were half my size and This is a fairy item. As such they represent other things that are fantasy items or no longer around, for which they are enough like to pass. Barbie or the like could stand in for something else. But Yogi or Boris and Natasha? Not when I was 5. Also anything mixing "little's" and religion, First; a 5 year old does not have the cranial development sufficient to understand the issues AT ALL. Second; the only connection between "little" and church was who had to be dragged where -- Often literally; KICKING AND SCREAMING. Yet another is the "sissy little girl" under 10 years of age, getting all excited over adult female products. I grew up with very close, even familial, association with over 2 dozen real little girls over the course of 20 years, both in LG and "civilian" mode, and at no time, except out of curiosity, did I EVER hear this come up EVEN ONCE. Authentic means context; gender, age, timeframe and activity
. Anything else REEKS of HIDDEN ADULT AGENDA. Now, that does not mean that at age 70 you ought not like MLP, Barbie, or Princess Ariel or Belle; just do not try and tell me those are part of your LG world and expect me to believe it. Barbie and her like simply replaced the "paper doll" fashion sets that were ubiquitous before her. These considted of a thick stiff cardboard statue of a lady in her underthings on a stand, accompanied by a book of dresses and accessories with tabs that one was to cut out and put on the "doll" by folding the tabs to hold the item in place. Of thes, most girls had a box of several "sets"
nope.gifUNRELATED or SENSITIVE TOPICS: Mental Health issues have no place here. Taking such matters outside the therapeutic setting is a violation of privacy (the therapist's for one and that which is part of the doctor-patient confidentiality, and medical privacy in general) and can have very unpredictable serious results regarding how someone with a diagnosed problem may react; including destructive behavior, or, the "nocebo" effect (opposite of the "placebo" effect) may trigger the phenomenon that is well known among psychology students; phantom (imagined) mental health issues (when I started my training in 1971, dyslexia was the big thing and darned if every third student who was not a B+ reader or better didn't come down with it). NOT a good idea for a fetish, or any primarily recreational or "fun" site because the repercussions could be very serious, even fatal and lead to this place being investigated and "outed". Who wants to go anywhere NEAR that? Especially since we do not have an in house shrink; and no, I am not volunteering for that job, we do not have the facilities nor do I have the specialized training to do more than recognize a problem's existence and recommend the proper therapeutic model (you cannot go wrong by starting with "cognitive therapy" as a first step), and discussing mental health with a patient without a competently conducted interview is putting Murphy in the pilot's seat of an F-22 Raptor and on PED's; and even more especially in a context where most of what is said is psychobabble which is dangerous in an area where mental health issues are on the line: I cannot stress that enough. If I see many more references to a "journey" I will personally "bust a gut". This is a FETISH site; not a class or seminar in Existentialist  "philosophy", which the Intelligentsia stopped taking seriously in 1958: We are everyday people, not some hybrid of Freude, Sartre and Buddha. Stop trying to sound like a Mensa meeting and KISS* it. Religion is always a dangerous thing; do not  bring it up ("the two things that you don't discuss are politics and religion") and, being concerned with adult issues and levels of thought, are irrelevant to "Littles": who, in real life, have not the  facilities for understanding of that. I will not discuss any of these here unless I must (EXAMPLE: "Do only 'born again' Christians go to Heaven?" Find the quote and take it straight without a gazillion self-inserted ifs ands an buts: What you find is that "Christian" is "born again" or probably more exact "born anew" non "born again Christians" is a contradiction in terms. From a psychological and historical perspective, what is probably happening is that those being addresses are "young adults [18-23]", who are at a stage where there is sufficient cranial development to begin dealing in fully abstract concepts, including basic psychology, which is such a radical development that it appears as though one is reborn). It is too tedious and  unrelated to here, and, since, being unrelated, are driven by external forces, contribute nothing. Most of all, the only thing littles and church have in relation to each was that the former had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the latter. That subforum shoud go with "The Rest of Your Life" and as far as relating to Our Lifestyle, didn't Billy Joel say "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saihts"

  SELF-CONSCIOUS, MONDO BIZARRO, UNAUTHENTIC and UNRELATED add nothing to the zeitgeist and leitmotif and can have possibly lethal results, and are useless distractions. I do not wish to let those Tazmanian Devils out of the cage nor open the cans of worms that will show up, both of which are myriad. None of this can lead to any good end and is only trying to be all things to all people in a flaming demonstration of "mission creep" that only distracts from the main, or what should be, the main topics, taking up space and adding to the cost and security risks, with no up side

*Keep It Simple; Stupid, To quote the aforementioned Freude "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" I would rephrase that to "90% of the time..."

So when I look at your profile, if I see mostly boy, daddy, pampers, 24/7, poop, and/or wearing in public and looking for reactions from people (which gets you on my ignored list because of exhibitionism, along with the Nasties and those who constantly spew gobbledygook and gibberish), or some heavy mixture of them,, do not expect any significant conversation. What would we have in common? Sissy will be similar but I may look to see if there is any real LG things. The Sissy Room was where Little Girl things were put for quite a while and there are still some LG-relevant posts, so it is a case by case thing. We have too much nothing in common to sustain more than a casul remark; and that about some other topic entirely. Things I am not necessarily averse to,  just not actively interested or competent in;  watersports, incontinence (I do have the usual age-related issue), I find "diaper lover" a bit shallow since the diaper IS the narrative, not just part of it and I find the minutia boring because it usually gets into disposables,  public or 24/7 topics. Not Little Girl centered. I do not even get involved with more than just the basics of cloth diapers and do not know the ins and outs. I have had and made different kinds, but use what was put on me when I was 6-2/3 to 9-3/4 as a little girl, which were very different from baby diapers rather than being just a larger version, two of which could go 12 hours between changes and might be considered the direct ancestor of contour/hourglass diapers. The thing of which the minutia I will get into are shown below

I am NOT happy with the orientation being as long as it is. I would much rather have just put some of the things about me in half this space but there are a goodly number of persons who are just plain nasty, do not have the common sense to know that if a person does not discuss something generally in a positive light, then DO NOT bring it up to them, who know better but are just too self-aborbed to care, or have all the couth of a snake. So I had to  waste 1/3 of this page spelling it out in far more detail than I would like or should have to. I would rather have put this space to work in the next section

*Though I may occasionally post on such things, usually from the middle of last century, it is usually under the name johnny 7 oma or the like; but we do not talk about that here

Being a Very Little Girl is about more than what you are not; it is mostly about what and who you ARE and the things which go with thattpicline1.gif

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