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Stop & Shop Baby Powder

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For those still hoping to find the original Johnson's baby powder scent. This wil be as close as you can get. I cannot distinguish it from the original

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Let us know if you get the same results as I did

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The spacific name of this is Always My Baby At last, a cornstarch baby powder thant actually SMELLS like REAL baby powder: WALLOW in it!!

    to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME rating system

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It looks like you can get it through Google


Thiese kind of things are made for the distributors by companies that sell their product to several stores. You might check your regional stores like Kroegers, Safeway or the like and see what you get. It may be the same product under a different name, or, maybe the same name: Always My Baby. Or, maybe you have acces to documentation that gives the name under which the product is sold in different areas

DISTRIBUTED by: Foodhold USA LLC Landover, Md 20785 1-(877) 846-9949

Apparently, the smell is close enough to J&J that they mention that it is not distributed b J&J

Maybe we could get Rearz, Babykins or LL Medico or one like them to sell it

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Stop & Shop is an Ahold brand.  They've got several grocery chains all over the country, so likely it's going to be the exact same product in any one of them.  Why reinvent the wheel so to speak.

  • Food Lion
  • Giant (Wash DC based)
  • Giant (PA based)
  • Hannaford
  • Stop & Shop
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??? "reinvent the wheel"

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