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Babystepper: Mommy's Little Helper

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  • Remember how adorable your little Linda was, 4 years ago when she was just learning to walk and used those cute little baby steps? Would you like that back again? then BABYSTEPPER is for you
  • Perhaps your little Tina is a bit overactive when you take her out somewhere, causing you no end of embarrassment and you need to restrict her movement but you do not want to bind her tightly as you must loosen her bonds to move her joints and muscles so that they do not freeaze. Then Make BABYSTEPPER part of her confinement kit. It allows some but not much movement of her legs
  • Your once sweet little Christine has become overly proud so you chastize her. She starts whining about how persons can see her knees in her baby-short skirts, dresses and babdolls, and she wants them covered. Well, BABYSTEPPER to the rescue. You can cover her knees with nice, see-through material that rubs on her legs whenever she moves them: And everone can STILL see her little knees. Out of the frying pan, into the fire
  • Your little Alicia has been a real harriden lately so you have put her in chastizement clothes; short dress, diaper and rubber panties, and you are out visiting with her. Of course she acts up. You calmly take a big rubber sheet from your baby bag where you keep changing supplies and things, that has her name in big letters on it: "ALICIA". You spread it out on the floor, saying "I can NOT take you anywhere: Can I? ALICIA" She knows what is coming next and it is. You quickly grab her and start tickling vigorously until she is helplessly laying on the rubber sheet. Then from the baby bag you take a BABYSTEPPER put it on her, with the clear material covering her legs from just at the hem of her dress down to her ankles and you wait a few minutes. Then you start to tickle her. Soon she is wrigllNg and screaming then crying again; little girls are so ticklish, as the material rubs on her knees, thighs and lower legs, adding more ticklies. When you have finished about 10 minutes later and she is quiet, you tell her "Alicia, you will lay on that rubber sheet until it is time to go". For the next hour and a half, she is so quiet that you almost forget she is around
  • If you are in charge of SissyWissy, and you want the little dwidgina to mince properly, BABYSTEPPER may be the perfect accessory to either teach, or, if used 24/7, enforce that behavior. AND there is nothing more humiliating than to be seen outside one's home in it and all the questions it inspires. Imagine running into Aunt Ernestine: "Oh, rubber bloomers, does the over-age little baby still wear rubber panties? I bet they just look sooo adorable.  Let us lift up that little baby dress and see"

The BABYSTEPPER is made of just a pair of bloomers, especially see-through, that are a a size or two small for her and putting them on her upside down and will cover the legs from the lower thigh to the upper ankle or so, This will restrict her leg movement and, if she walks, it will be in baby steps. A nasty little thing to use on a nasty little thing. AND BABYSTEPPER is so easy to get and use. You will ask yourself why you did not think of this before. It is a wonderful companion to the short little baby dresses, skirts and especially babydolls


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An excellent companion to BABYSTEPPER, creating the 'BABYSTEPPER+ kit, is a 3" wide piece of material that is long enough to be tied loosly but securly at each wrist and allow a bit of movement, but not enough so that when you lay her down and put it under her legs and secure it to each wrist, she can not bring her wrists together to unfasten them. Or get two matching bracelets,, Especially with her NAME on one or both of them, attach some string to each, and put them on her wrists. put strings on the ends of the material and tie then to the ones on the bracelets. You can make the piece long enough so that you can wrap it around each leg with a little in the center so she can move her legs a bit and still tie it on her wrists. You do this while she is still too weak to move from being ticled. or you can get some mittens  with fastening loops on them. Again, she is not so tightly bound that she cannot move but she does not have the full range of movement. another option is to have two pieces so that you can tie one and around a leg and the other on the wrist. Used with BABYSTEPPER both her arms and legs are restricted

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