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  1. babytom2

    Training Her Baby (Part 21 added 2/18/2019)

    Think you mean Pam grabbed his shirt...
  2. Seems similar to one I read about how she got his mom involved and pretended to poison him.
  3. babytom2

    A Pampered Life

    I thought Laurie was in yellow?Some of her dialogue is in purple.Also Pleas
  4. babytom2

    Sheltered [2/5/2019] CH13

    Surprise visits are usually good material.
  5. babytom2

    Sheltered [2/5/2019] CH13

    Ah,the downside to reading elsewhere,skimmed until I found something new.
  6. babytom2

    Sheltered [2/5/2019] CH13

    Could have sworn there was a chapter about her reclaiming her stuff from her former boyfriend.Was that completely removed?
  7. babytom2

    Sheltered [2/5/2019] CH13

    I don't recall this chapter in the original story,is it new?
  8. babytom2

    College baby

    Things getting exciting.
  9. babytom2

    College baby

    good start
  10. Way to narrow things down champ....
  11. babytom2

    Sheltered [2/5/2019] CH13

    Why only post this part?It is much longer
  12. babytom2

    Therapy (Ch. 5,6,Epilogue 1/27)

    Calling her patient a slut?Dafuq