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  1. babytom2

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    Jackie talking to Betsy is in Pink....
  2. I told the admin that all 9 chapters were on another website but he/she never took it up.The rest on archiveofourown.org
  3. One called The Daycare Charge,it's up on the main site.Daycare stories in general are rare and most just fly right through it as chapters.
  4. babytom2

    Well, will you? (Chapter 5 added 11/9)

    good chapter
  5. babytom2

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    Keep posting,get us back up to the current one!If I had the patience I'd color code what I have and finish the reposts,lol
  6. babytom2

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    And the Rebel yelled,he cried more more more.
  7. babytom2

    Living with Chrissie

    pretty sure you're that hack writer everyone was trashing on 8chan
  8. This thread is for looking for stories,not an advice column.
  9. I recall this story but cannot remember the title.
  10. babytom2

    Well, will you? (Chapter 5 added 11/9)

    A fine start
  11. babytom2

    Little lani chapter 3

    It's decent
  12. babytom2

    Dinner with Mom and Mommy

    Hmm,the first half of chapter 2 was kinda ridiculous.Involving her real mom in the bathroom was pretty far.
  13. babytom2

    Visit from the Diaper Lady

    This guy is an idiot,lol.