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  1. I like Comco too, and have at least a dozen of their pull-ons. I don't think they're as smooth as these. I even have a Velcro closure pair of rubber panties from them! i would change my profile if I knew how to do it. Couldn't find an edit selection. Do you know where it's located??
  2. Correction: that should read late thirties, not early thirties for Playtex rubber pants (That's when their patent was issued).
  3. I'm quite sure these must have preceeded the Playtex Living baby panties to which you refer. There is no mention of a "Living Panty" on the boxes or on the tags in the baby pants. And I've been checking them out fairly thoroughly and have yet to bitten! But one never knows.... Have you ever been bitten by your "Living Bra", Christine?? Quite frankly, if I were put into a pair of Playtex living baby panties by my Mom or Aunt, it could be super risky business for a little boy, as opposed to a little girl if there were cases of toddlers and babies being bitten. Ouch! That fantasy rates right up there with the one about sliding down a bannister and having it turn into a razor blade...talk about a split personality! As far as what the panty material was like, it depended on the panty. Most were of that nice soft smooth transluscent white vinyl, almost clear, that were common back then, but thicker than normal which gives a rich feel to them compared to panties of a thinner vinyl of less expensive baby panties. And a few (3) are of what appears to be a vinyl imprgnated silk material. Those are also smooth, but feel thin. I also have a feeling these wouldn't crack or tear over time like the other all vinyl baby panties. They were called "Playtex Waterproof Silk Panty" on the box. The silk baby pants were about twice as expensive too compared to the plain vinyl panties $1.25 vs. $0.69 ). I personally prefer the all vinyl transluscent baby panty. As mentioned earlier, none of these in this lot are made of rubber like the very early Playtex baby panties going back to the forties and early thirties. You know, the "socially acceptable" baby ones. Some have the nice cushioned leg and waist openings, but not all. As far as the lanolin goes, mothers associated it with a "good for the skin" quality. And it smelled good too. Playtex was not the only baby panty manufacturer to use lanolin in their product. One last thing, the toddler and toddler large sizes look as though they could accomidate a small framed adult, stretching to over thirty inches at the waist.... Thank you for your comments and interest to both you, Christine, and froggy.
  4. In my recent travels, I came across a most extraordinary lot of baby panties that were the old new stock of a Southern U.S. drugstore. I wondered why the owner of the building didn't throw the lot away when he came across them. But fortunately, he didn't. I procured the lot of baby pants in their original packaging. I was astonished at what I found. There were about thirty Playtex baby panties in all sorts of styles, colors, and material. They were in mint condition each in their respective box, except one that was in a cellophane bag as packaged by Playtex. But what was really surprising was the sizes of most of those baby pants. They were all either extra large, toddler, or toddler large! It was the first time that I had seen a pair of toddler large baby pants, and they were huge! The lot contained about a half dozen of these enormous size panties. The vast majority of the rest of the panties were of the toddler size. They were both of the pull-on style but the slight majority were of the snap on variety. Most were of vinyl material but a few were of a waterproofed silk material. None were of a rubber material. Although the vast majority of the baby pants were of the white transluscent color, a few were pink and one was blue. The transluscent panties were of a similar smooth vinyl material to the present day adult vinyl panties made by Gary or Leakmaster. They feel very soft and nice. I wish I were small enough to slip into a pair ( I bet you do too). they appeared to be from two eras of manufacturing by Playtex because there were two different types of boxes although they all contained the same style and material of baby panties. All were called " Panty" on their packaging, and all have at least on image of a cute baby on them. In addition, some have a small printed paper inside the box with the panties. The pull-on style had the characteristic stitched sides of Playtex with small "breather" hole patterns near the waist on either side of the waist. And they all had a small tag attached to the waistband of the panty giving size and other information. The tags appeared to be made of vinyl as well. Another piece of evidence that suggested they were of two eras were the snap-on panties. Some snaps were made of metal and some were made of a plastic like material. I took the latter to be of a later manufacture. Most of the panties had a slight lanolin type coating. They all had a fresh baby panty scent. One box was unique in that it had two panties in it for a special sale price. And all boxes had the price of the day on them. I may post images of some of these baby panties in the future if there is any interest in them. In all my years of collecting vintage baby panties, I've never come across such a fantastic lot of well recognized brand new vintage baby panties.
  5. About 1990, I passed by a co-worker who was a young mother making out a list of things to bring on her family's vacation. Plastic pants were on the list. Not rubber pants, not vinyl pants, but plastic pants. i had always used the term rubber pants or baby pants, but then, I'm a "baby boomer". I also noticed how store ads in the eighties called them vinyl pants, at least the ones I saw ( I tended to notice that kind of thing. Never could figure out why....) Manufacturers from the fifties and sixties called them "baby panties" or "baby pants" Now, my memory isn't that clear back then, and it is my recollection that they were most often called "rubber pants" or "rubber panties" back then. But it is quite clear that the manufacturers called them "baby pants" or "baby panties" because that was what they called them on their boxes or bags that the panties came in. You see, I collect vintage baby panties so I have some evidence of this. Playtex for example, referred to them as a "baby panty". Valex, a division of Tampex, called them "baby panties" on their earlier boxes, and "baby pants" on later boxes for the same thing. I can't recall a case when a manufacturer called them "plastic pants", although that term seemed to stick in later years. In terms of correctness, they are, in fact, panties. They have no fly or long legs to one's ankles ( point that Christene had pointed out some time in earlier postings ). So, it would seem that the mothers and grandmothers chose to continue calling them rubber pants, or later, plastic pants for some reason. The humiliation factor of being told that you were going to be put back in rubber pants sent a clear message to the child with a continence problem, whether it came from his chums or his parents. They clearly were a baby's article of clothing. So the expression would even be used by those, such as bullies, that wanted to chide a poor young soul by implying that the poor kid was a baby. I personally liked it when it was said to me because I secretly wanted to be put back into diapers. My point is that I think there was a humiliation factor associated with the expression, "rubber pants" that said, " you're a baby" or " you're acting like a baby" when used as a threat or form of ridicule. Then, to confuse the situation further, the British refer to them as "rubbers" or, in some cases, pilchers. The Germans refer to them as gummihosen or windelhosen. But whatever they're called they are still baby panties to me. So there you have it, petti100's rambling on what baby panties were called and why. I hope that you, as a reader of this, find a bit of humor in all this, and take it with a grain of plastic.... Oh yes. And don't do what I did on my first visit to a U.K. pub for supper. I asked for a napkin at the table and the waitress started giggling to herself. Never could figure out why....
  6. If you send Christine those FREE plastic panties, better include a tiara with it to assure of a good review. I remember buying Priva plastic ( vinyl) panties froom sears, Canada years ago. The first Sears ones were terrible with only and elastic band sewn in the openings. They were non-seethru white. But the later Priva panties were pretty and cut much like a girl's panty, not very wide in the crotch. If you were careful, they could be functional. Since then, I've graduated to Comco, GaryTuffies, and Leakmaster deluxe plastic panties. They cost more but they past longer and are cut to accomidate a large diaper without leaking, assuming that you don't over load it with number on! But FREE plastic panties. That's always a bargain 'cause the price is right. Now how much was that shipping and handling again....
  7. Thank you for your comments Christine. And of course you're right if you happen to be wearing dresses or skirts, and it is one reason why I am envious of girls fashions. If, however, you are wearing shorts or pants, it is harder to conceal the fact that you're thickly diapered. Although I don't personnally like them, paper ( disposable ) diapers offer a slimmer profile in most cases today and do offer that as an advantage over cloth diapers of the equivalent absorption capabilities. But I must take issue with mothers using the same thickness of diapers for both day and night use. Once a baby is beyond a few moths old, and it can sleep though the night, Mothers recognized the need to double up on their little ones diapers at night because they could be checked every couple of hours during the day, but at night, our baby had to go 10 or 12 hours without a diaper change. Now a word about my use of two sizes of rubber panties, one for day and the other for night use. I do not like my rubber panties to be too baggy during the day. It just adds that little extra to prevent my diapers from being openly noticeable under pants. And it turns out that at night, with the thicker diaper on, the rubber pants are usually stretched sufficiently so that the leg and waist elastics tend to pull away from my body thus causing a leak at times. The added room in the night time rubber pants preserves these seals. All of this assumes that you use your diapers for their intended purpose. And if you don't then this is all mute in your case. lastly, if you want to use only one size of rubber panties, then it should be a size that's big enough to be fully fuctional at night and they still will be useful during the day, juust a little baggier.
  8. I had a similar experience at a very early age that pointed the way to my infatuation with diapers and baby pants. It occured when I was about four years old. No, it didn't arouse any sexual awareness, but it did leave a lasting impression on me. My Father's sister and baby son had come to live with us for a while. I remember his mother changing him, and as she did so, the whole process of that loving attention captivated me. I clearly remember her pinning his diaper on either side and then pulling up snap style plastic baby panties between his legs and snapping it in place. Now, the fact that I can remember such details as the snap-on baby pants suggests to me that this was the start of my relationship with cloth diapers and plastic panties. You see, I am sure that I wanted to be him getting all that wonderful attention.
  9. So you've decided that it's time to order those plastic panties you've been wanting to buy. But keep in mind that you may very well need two different sizes- one for daytime use and another for sleeping in. Why? Well, if you are like most cloth diaper users, you use a thicker bulkier diaper, or double diaper for sleeping in, compared to your daytime diaper. So doesn't it make sense that you may need plastic panties for sleeping that are a size larger than those you find are adequate for daytime use over cloth or disposable diapers? I find that a size larger for overnight works out just right for me. In fact, I go a step futher and use a plastic panty at night that has about an extra inch or two rise in the waist. Without the so-called hi-rise plastic panties, I find that the diaper can work its way above the waist elastic of the panties, thus leading to the inevidable leak and a wet bed. Another suggestion from one who has learned from a wet experience or two.
  10. Snap-on plastic panties are fine for daytime use , but it's been my experience that you take more of a risk of leaking at night when compared to pull-on plastc panties. The problem appears to be the sealat the snaps ( poppers to you from the UK ) while sleeping. Sleep studies show that you toss and turn several times during the sleeping period. If you wind uo on your side, then it's possible for the snap seal to leak if there's sufficient moisture in the diaper. So I reserve my snap-on plastic panties for the daytime. And they do very well for daytime use because the snaps allow you to open the panties and gain access to the diaper without removing a lot of stuff. If you're like me and are rather stiff in the joints, then the snap pants are easier to work with. But I need the assistance of my wife for getting the evening pull-on plastic panties over my feet and up over my thick night time diapers. So young or old, hope you find this suggestion useful or at least reaffirms what you already knew.
  11. My, you were up early this morning, Christine! Come to think of it, so was I, placing comments on plastic pants all over the place because that's where I found the subject matter. I ditto your comment for the need of a forum to cover rubber/plastic pants/panties. I did a search of this set of forums earlier for these key words and they are all over the place as you indicated. And this topic is not restricted to those who wear just waterproof pants over cloth diapers, but also without diapers and over disposibles. My only concern is that such a forum may turn into a non-diaper related forum, such as rubber suits or masks, if not moderated to some extent. But, in the mean time, may I suggest that people that wish to comment on the use of baby pants of all kinds use those words in the string title and description. I, for one, would appreciate it. And Froggy, I find that the sissy forum contains a lot on this topic as well. But I do appreciate the forum search feature. It allows for quick ID of where the key words are located in the various forum entries, even highlighting where those key words are located in the entries. That brings me to my second suggestion that people using the forum have a powerful tool in the search feature. They should use it. Well, I just got into my night diaper and I'm ready for bed. Have a nice evening.
  12. What ever happened to the old Johnsons & Johnsons baby oil fragance. It's not there anymore! The last time I found it ( several years ago) , it was in Walgreens baby oil! Now, since then, I haven't been able to find that wonderful scent anywhere. The bottles just said mineral oil and "fragrance" for ingredients. And the fragrance has all but disappeared. Does anyone know where I can get some? And if not, does anyone know what esential oil(s) went into making the scent? I have only an ounce or so left of the Walgreens baby oil and love to sniff it when diapered. I rubbed it on my body at one time, but now am trying to save the small quantity I have just by sniffing it. This scent was so wonderfully intoxicating especially back in the fifties and sixties. I don't know when J&J stopped using the old fragrance in their baby oil, but I sure do miss it. Also the scent added to some of the plastic pants in the sixties and early seventies is another fragrance that I have been unable to find anywhere. I remember that Fruit-of-the-loom baby pants from around 1969 had an incredably heavenly scent to them when new. A Google search resulted in nothing a few years back for either scent. I would be most greatful if someone could direct me to where I can get some more of these fragrances. Happy New Year!!
  13. Northshore, North of Boston in New England.
  14. I almost forgot you, Mr. Goodwrench. Where are my manners? How nice of you to stop in and say, "hello". I hail from Northshore part of the Boston area- you know, the place that just got clobbered with about 18 inches of Santa's white stuff and hurricane force wind gusts in some places. I too am just now making my presence known after a long, long, long period of inactivity. Oh well, better late than never. I wish you ( and all others here ) a happy New Years!!
  15. Learning to walk ( ie., waddle)in a huge diaper most likely, Sarah_ab. But I am a bigger girl now, although I still have accidents that keeps me in diapers and plastic lined ruffled panties now and then. I was an infant. Oh, that's right. I need to update my profile from infant to toddler at least. How do I do that? Please tell me- please, pretty please, with sugar on it. Happy New year!! And big huggs.