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  1. thank you for the lovely chat !

  2. Northern New Jersey?

    good luck!
  3. Ocean County ABs, DLs, Literally Anyone

    i live in repressed ocean county LOL
  4. A mistake..

    and granted that most ABDL girls are Lesbian so that takes a lot more out of the numbers
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    I'm still in NJ LOL Its nice to see the thread still alive : )
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    hi ben
  7. Central Jersey ABDL

    PM me : )
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    people have been trying to get me to come out i dont think i will
  9. 22Yfemale Mommy And Baby Looking For Fun <3

    Awe your such a cute couple
  10. hello , I dont think there are very many Mommies that are real woman sweety I haven't seen any really .
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    So where are you now? LOL
  12. back in NJ .

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    my butt is still cute !!
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    Mine too!
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    I love cute sissies