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  1. My Imaginary Friend

    Interesting go on...
  2. My crazy ex tv show

    we can be a family :(((((( hahahahahhahahaha i mean dude get better diapers at least and tell everything not just a little if you tell her your a baby tell her about the desires to want a sister that is non sexual type thing... but wow amazing funniest way we have been protrayed but in a good way as well.. ya i know i suck at punctuation sorry..
  3. New Member, seasoned Mummy.

    Hello hope your day went well im just saying hi myself
  4. so does anyone really wanna see a second part to this cause i am again working on it.. i just got sorta side tracked and writers block.. so im back at it.. im just not sure who or if any really wants to see a second part
  5. Cuddiz Printed Diapers

    it seems to be just like the bambino tho.. like same company cause now they have teddies..hmm familiar i say.. but if it doesnt hold as well as the us then.. hmm sorry ukers >.>
  6. Katy Perry In A Diaper...

    umm the cleavage thing i understand.. but i still feel its blown out of proportion.. i mean the video wasn't a sexy video.. maybe the dress or whatever she wore wasn't the best to wear on a kids show. but i mean seriously banning a cute songs.. seriously babies and kids dont care about cleavage >.>.. its a cute song.. i feel they are taking this too far
  7. Another Ab/Dl Site Now Links To Fbi?

    its working for me man o.o.. make sure your typing in right idk what to say o.o
  8. Baby Dream

    ummm just like all the time.. just hate it cause like just before i am getting changed or something i wake up.. or or before i even get a diaper on.. its weird.. hard to explain and.. i cant talk the bad way.. also like even breastfeeding to.. never actually make it >.>
  9. Diapers In The Movies

    gosh.. thank you i thought i was the only one who rememberd that.. i think thats one of the first movies that got me thinking about diapers.. and that was when i was like 5 and watching movies with my mom.. and i think it was stallone o.o.. or was it arnold?
  10. alright guys for the first time ever im working on an update for you guys.. hope you like it ive been showing it to a couple of my friends and they love it.. so ya check back soon once i feel im done with part 2!
  11. so theres a photo close to the bottom of these 40 photos.. and youll see why i put it in here.. i dont know where to put it.. http://10steps.sg/inspirations/artworks/40-cool-before-and-after-photo-retouching-photos/
  12. haha that was my other story not this one.. this is gonna be for the people to see the hopeless romantic diaper guy i am >.>
  13. Well, let me just get you to understand what has gotten me to this point. I had been seeing this girl online for a couple of years now, I'm about 23 and my names Zach. Well we met around our first year or so and we hit it off. We decided to take things a little further, and I got up the courage and asked her to marry me, she agreed and now we are happily engaged. The one thing you need to know is that we both are not the normal everyday cookie cutter type couple,We have this little secret life that we hide from our friends and family as much as possible. This was something dear to us and something we couldn't live without.... BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP *slam* "ughhh," i sighed as i got up to the annoying alarm clock for my fiance to get ready for work, yes that's right she has not allowed me to work since we made this commitment. She looks over at me and looks me with the sad face of a babygirl, "Daddy i dont wanna go a works pease let me have days off?" Awww babygirl its ok i will be right here when you get back," "But but daddy", "There will be no butts babygirl except yours in a diaper at all times you remember the rules right baby? "Yes daddy i do wemember",I come up to her and give her a kiss on the forehead. "Good girl im very proud of you," as i kiss her head she brings her hands down and checks my diaper by putting her hands through the leg guards. Her expression changes and she has a more dominant aura surrounded her as she says. "Ooo and look at you sweety i think you sure had a good time in your diaper last night your totally soaked." She then shifts my body around suddenly and now im on my belly as she moves her face to my diapered butt and takes a sniff. I of course blush, (i still haven't got used to those checks yet) "Hmm and what is this.. I think little Zachy made a big mess in his diaper also does mommy have to clean him up before she goes to work?" I tell her "Yesh mommy pease changes me." Honey may i have my fiance right now i want to have him, not baby Zachy right now sweety." (this is are cue to each other to "grow up") "Alright babe." She starts to spank my messy diaperd ass. "Your such a naughty boy now are you?" "Yes mommy i am a naughty boy i scream out of pain and pleasure" she brings down her hand for a spank but instead she rubs in hard the mess all around my ass and and continues to spank. "Now young man i think you need a clean diaper and i don't think you will be getting to have the breakfast i was planning to make." (yes she wakes up early to make me breakfast)"What why mommy i didn't mean to it was an accident" "Well it looks like you like to wet and mess yourself like a baby and that's how you will be treated." She starts to take off my diaper and she cleans me up. She sees that I am very erect so her face starts to go down and she slowly raises down to my penis as she inserts it in her mouth and slowly goes up and down on it, then she steadily gets faster and faster. She stops and then starts to move her hand up and down on my shaft as i start to scream "Mommy please let me cum!" She thinks about it for a moment and then says, "well I guess you have been good and followed my rules so far you may cum. I scream as the pressure hits me and sends me into a euphoric like state. "Ok babe it looks like your getting baby food fed to you then its off to work for me, while I'm gone i expect to see that the house is vacuumed and the dishes are done. If they aren't your little ass will be mine got that?" END of Part 1 if you guys liked it tell me by posting a comment.. umm and if you did like it i know i should go on with more and i got some ideas but i wanna see what you guys think first
  14. Any Other Girls?

    i know a lot of diaper girls not in texas tho..lol.. umm but like i said she was really rude not the normal rude just hard to explain >.>
  15. Any Other Girls?

    there actually is but she is sorta rude.. i met her and was umm lets say different if youd like to know who it is.. umm ya you can message me but i think theres only a few of you gals in the dfw area.. most are shy