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  1. babyjakey2

    My Imaginary Friend

    Interesting go on...
  2. babyjakey2

    My crazy ex tv show

    we can be a family :(((((( hahahahahhahahaha i mean dude get better diapers at least and tell everything not just a little if you tell her your a
  3. babyjakey2

    New Member, seasoned Mummy.

    Hello hope your day went well im just saying hi myself
  4. babyjakey2

    Cuddiz Printed Diapers

    it seems to be just like the bambino tho.. like same company cause now they have teddies..hmm familiar i say.. but if it doesnt hold as well as the us then.. hmm sorry ukers >.>
  5. babyjakey2

    Katy Perry In A Diaper...

    umm the cleavage thing i understand.. but i still feel its blown out of proportion.. i mean the video wasn't a sexy video.. maybe the dress or whatever she wore wasn't the best to wear on a kids show. but i mean seriously banning a cute songs.. seriously babies and kids dont care about cleavage >.>.. its a cute song.. i feel they are taking this too far
  6. babyjakey2

    Another Ab/Dl Site Now Links To Fbi?

    its working for me man o.o.. make sure your typing in right idk what to say o.o
  7. babyjakey2

    Baby Dream

    ummm just like all the time.. just hate it cause like just before i am getting changed or something i wake up.. or or before i even get a diaper on.. its weird.. hard to explain and.. i cant talk the bad way.. also like even breastfeeding to.. never actually make it >.>
  8. babyjakey2

    Diapers In The Movies

    gosh.. thank you i thought i was the only one who rememberd that.. i think thats one of the first movies that got me thinking about diapers.. and that was when i was like 5 and watching movies with my mom.. and i think it was stallone o.o.. or was it arnold?
  9. so theres a photo close to the bottom of these 40 photos.. and youll see why i put it in here.. i dont know where to put it.. http://10steps.sg/inspirations/artworks/40-cool-before-and-after-photo-retouching-photos/
  10. babyjakey2

    Any Other Girls?

    i know a lot of diaper girls not in texas tho..lol.. umm but like i said she was really rude not the normal rude just hard to explain >.>
  11. babyjakey2

    Any Other Girls?

    there actually is but she is sorta rude.. i met her and was umm lets say different if youd like to know who it is.. umm ya you can message me but i think theres only a few of you gals in the dfw area.. most are shy
  12. babyjakey2

    My Coffee

    this is a scrubs episode in which i guess elliot is trying to do everything for turks baby.. well elliot was being all like into the baby and what not and said.. O im sorry i just love babies soo much.. Keith replies ya she really does sometimes she makes me wear a diaper.. Who agrees elliot would make a sexy mommy? just saying.. but ya theres the reference.. anyway or if anything elliot would make a good mommy.. hehe
  13. babyjakey2

    Attends 10 Changes

    where did you get them cause online they still seem to be the same attends
  14. babyjakey2

    Storm Chasing

    actually yes once i get a car and stuff.. i was planning on making an abdl chase team.... i chased a little in 2008.. but have always since 6 years old wanted to be a tornado chaser
  15. babyjakey2

    Colbert Report..

    i was just watching the colbert report for march 3rd 2010 and during the report he was talking about how we are becoming infantile and stuff.. and said he wants to wee wee in his diadee.. it was actually funny.. how it came about.. but ya i just saw it.. and thought after i would post xD.. so yup i did