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  1. I sleep holding dory close and sucking my pacifier. I'm having a bit of a bad dream as I can be heard whimpering and tossing and turning in my toddler bed. I was taken out of my crib and given toddler bed about a month earlier to go along with me being a big boy and still sometimes have a hard time getting used to it. As I'm asleep I have an accident in my pull up as I make a stinky in it but stay asleep
  2. Cuddled up in mommas lap as she reads and my eyes continue to get heavy as I try to stay awake for the whole story this time but end up asleep at the middle of the story
  3. "Nuu uhhh. I awake now pwomise mommy pretty pwease. Twain buuuk twain" as i point to the book "the little engine that could"
  4. I lay in my bed with dory and suck my thukb "mommy don't forget my sticker....and can you wead me a buuk pwease" as I yawn again
  5. I sit there a little longer till I'm done going potty and start to yawn finally getting tired enough to take a nap "aww done mommy" as I start to rub my eyes
  6. He's still crying as he shakes his head no just stays holding onto you while in his pull up
  7. "Please mommy I just wanna pway wif you" as I snuggle into Alexis arms as there's nothing wrong with daddy in my head it's just more because Alexis found me first i feel more safe with her
  8. I sit there for a bit staying distracted by playing with dory thinking I don't have to go when suddenly I pee a little in the potty and I look up at you "I go potty mommy!"
  9. Tommys pull up starts to sag and get heavy as he floods his pull up and starts crying
  10. I look up from playing holding it up my car "mommy come play too pwease momma!" Hoping a game will distract from nap time
  11. Emily shakes her head "no potty daddy!" As tommy squirms "daddy hurry " he says desperation in his voice trying to hold it in as he starts to lose control of his ladder
  12. I ignore the nap time part and go off to play with some of my toys. Pushing some of my trucks and making vroom vroom sounds as I play in the living room
  13. "So what are we gonna do now mommy?" As I so on the floor by Mommys feet looking up at her
  14. I keep squirming and laughing as I try to catch my breath "mommy stop" still giggling a little from how funny mommy is being
  15. I blush a little still warming up a little to daddy but not ready for you to leave yet not saying anything still a bit scared and shaken up