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  1. Lots and lots of stuffers! Maybe take the sap out of one or two and place it in one of your high end diapers and see how much you can get out of it
  2. I have no washing machine or dryer here I have to use the laundromat so it'll be much harder for me if I were to go that way. But if I did have a washing machine, I'd definitely try cloth diapers, as I hear good things about them
  3. That makes sense .
  4. Sometimes they go down. I don't even bother with it anymore
  5. You better give some reviews!
  6. ATM im wearing bambino bellisimos. So maybe a cheap pair of cloth backed over them? Sounds good to me.
  7. Oh yes it is taboo but you know what? I enjoy it I like using them. I'll probably never know why. Being that I have my own studio I can indulge whenever I want. I want sure about it at first but I overcame those thoughts and purchased my first adult diaper : abena Delta form, and from there, I explored everything about this. You're in good hands here Jamie listen to the community and you'll be okay but do whatever you feel is right.
  8. Okay so I got myself a pair of some PVC pants, or diaper covers thinking finally I don't have to worry about leaking so I slid them up but kept the rear end higher because I was sitting in my gaming chair with my legs on a stool. It was cold so of course I had my PJs on. So after a while I checked my chair and it felt all wet, and so were my sweat pants! I don't get it I bought those to stop the darn leaks how am I supposed to keep my bed dry?? Are plastic pants better than PVC? I bought my right size but it still found a way through. I know this is a great community so anything you say will be took into consideration. Thank you in advance
  9. Do they really? I've been curious about the safaris. Are they really that bad?? Do they really? I've been curious about the safaris. Are they really that bad
  10. Trust me I feel the same way, as a DL myself. They may be my semi-addiction too.I used to drink, smoke weed and cigarettes. I even vapped for a while too and I quit everything. I indulge in my bambinos once a week, cause that's all my schedule has time for. Now my mom's in town for Christmas for 2 weeks so I won't be able to wear until she's gone.i recently got a pair of PVC diaper cover so that's supposed to help with odors right?? Anyways, ever since I was a kid, I've always had a desire for diapers, but was never able to buy any till I was about 22 that's when I was still living with my parents. Stupid goodnights sunk up my room so I threw them all away after using only 1. I guess I'll never know why I became an abdl. But I enjoy it and it's something that'll never go away. Now days I enjoy high end diapers like bambinos and dry 247s. I'm a grown up and buy what I want. We've all come a long way from not having what we want and not doing what we wanted. I know this because I used to use plastic bags from the store because I didn't know adult diapers even existed. Now I'm part of a friendly community that shares common interests and like minded topics and all have one thing in common. Happy holidays everyone thank you for keeping this community user friendly
  11. I bet it's a ford. They never last
  12. My diaper of choice has been for the past half year: Abu space and belissimos. Yes their absorbance is more than an incontinent person would need to function, but isn't that what an abdl's looking for? I want the best diaper I can get my hands on and those 2 have performed the best compared to what I used to get at XP medical. When I walk around my house, I can feel the waddling whenever i walk, but if you say that nobody'll notice it, I can probably take your word for it, but I barely go out if I'm wet, and NEVER when I have a BM.i need those plastic pants I ordered... They tend to hide the smell if I don't change right away(and I don't.) Also, my leather chair gets wet from leaking through the plastic because I stay in it for so long. I've found that if I have an old pair of pants, I can just sit on those( I have a lot of clothes I don't need because of how old and hideous there are) to help keep leaks under control. But I won't have to worry about that when those plastic pants finally arrive.
  13. .
  14. Nobody'll hear any crinkles, but they'll see the waddling clear as day. That's what you risk going into a public area. I can feel the waddling whenever I walk so I know someone'll notice