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  1. AFC Championship game Patriots over the Steelers



    1. Sandiramon


      As a Steelers fan, I disapprove of this message.

      :P (just kidding)

  2. Unless I were incon; why would I do that?
  3. Here we go again: Wish fulfillment time
  4. Good. I always wondered what this subforum was for since you had a major forum like it You might have to watch out since almost anything could end up in Our Lifestyle, even Adult Kids, which would kind of clutter this one up
  5. I have noticed that persons often asked "Where can I...?" and from one of the diaper forums, more than one thread can be "pinned" as is done with Site Rules. Two subforums that could benefit immediately come to mind. Sissy Room and Cloth Diapers and Panties.For the first, I can think of at least four places. House of Sissify, Mrs. Silk's, Sissyville and Sissy School. They are where I have learned that I am NOT a Sissy. For the latter, Babykins, LL medico, RearZ, Baby_Pants.Com and Changing Times. Pinning a Resources thread would place the list of resources near the top and keep it in a stable, knowable position. Seeding the top post with a goodly number of resources would put a goodly number of resources at hand right at the beginning. I did that with the RUFFLES & RIBBONS subforum, which makes the respective threads act like subforums
  6. Maybe a "sissy site" thread should be pinned up near the top, or someone can easily do with a sissy page in their blog or like that what I do with Little Girl things, and then put the link in their signature to get the idea, use the links in my signature
  7. Now the Good Stuff Start with (take your pick: Movie or Telly) http://www.solie.org/alibrary/FlashGordonHome.html Next up http://www.solie.org/alibrary/RockyJones.html Next. These were not the great early ones with Jan Merlin but still good http://www.solie.org/alibrary/TomCorbett.html Saving the best for last http://www.solie.org/alibrary/SpacePatrol.html Now, dras your sword and fight like a man. One you do not see that often http://www.solie.org/alibrary/SwordofFreedom.html I think a buck an ear is expensive corn, but whatever http://www.solie.org/alibrary/TheBuccaneers1956.html I guess this is better than Short Bob Copper http://www.solie.org/alibrary/LongJohnSilver.html Oh; Do tell http://www.solie.org/alibrary/WilliamTell.html This should be quite a knight http://www.solie.org/alibrary/SirLancelot.html When this came out in the mid 1950's we were all BOWled over http://www.solie.org/alibrary/RobinHood.html
  8. Has anyone ever had satin, expecially with the shiny side inside, under her diapers? If so, does it feel as scrumptious as the ideas sounds?
  9. You could probably make one from a baby diaper although they probably sell thow-aways. Sanni-Pants used to have one such with a sticky back and they were as slim as you can get. But whether or not anything could go past one, or at most, two wettings is anyone's guess. there are also sanitary pads that the girls use. And do not worry, the worse that can happen is that you get a couple of good headaches and a little irritable once a month As for the material in the body. apply baby lotion to the whole chastity area where it will be touching and then put baby powder inside them to keep them from sticking. I think they sell, or used to sell a mesh panty to keep an air gap between disposable diapers and the body
  10. You mrean this? http://www.solie.org/alibrary/RinTinTinHome.html And This? http://www.solie.org/alibrary/HaveGunWillTravel.html
  11. For pins, I go to Ebay. You can find Dritz. Now, I do not know what kind of rubber panties you are looking for, Baby size or full size. I have planty of baby size that I got for my dollies from Savers. Of late, Gerber has been putting out the kind made of smooth material. As for full size, There are Babykins, Rearz and LL Medico/Gary. I review them at length in my review page. It should be under my siggy. Babykins and Rearz also seel real rubber panties and vintage rubber sheets
  12. As for storing them, what I do is keep thenm in a zippered kind of waterproof bag with a clothe lining. After they dry on the hanger, I spray them with either scented water, rose, or with a solution of Mistolin lilac (not a true lilac but still smells clean and girlish) and let them dry again and put them away until I am ready to put the diaper changing inside and put tje, on the diaper shelves at the beginning of the month. They will smell clean and fresh and maybe the smell will "set" in the material
  13. No, just some cloth diaper fans. That is not all the listed. Go and see how they described things and rated detergents. And that is just PART of their site. I found it when I was getting a new washer and wanted to get the lowdown on HE since that seemed to be the only thing I could get new at the price. It was the first thing that came up. it probably grew over time but it did move and I had to find it again. But as for cleaning rubber panties, we are still on our own
  14. Like This? http://www.fluffloveuniversity.com/how-to-wash-cloth-diapers/
  15. Mine had beel lift in the wet bag for almost 4 days as was and rinsed as I described and they do not even smell a bit and no stains Unless you use an oxygen bleach, the bleach will damage the diapers and being soaking wet does them no goo, either. long term water immersion attacks the fibres