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For Anna, all her dreams were finally coming true: she had just started medical school, her dream university; she had the opportunity to move out of her parents' house, with them buying her an apartment all for herself; and finally, she could enjoy the freedom she had longed for during the COVID isolation period.

The apartment was just outside Milan, where her new university was located. It had an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a living room, a bathroom with a bathtub, and a beautiful bedroom with a walk-in closet. The cost of the apartment was certainly not cheap, but Anna's social situation allowed her to enjoy some luxuries.

That morning, after a long walk with her suitcases and getting lost a couple of times, she finally managed to reach the front door, turn the doorknob, and collapse onto the couch to rest after the long journey. She laughed as she looked at herself in the mirror: she had left home dressed nicely, wearing a white blouse and a black skirt that reached mid-thigh, with a pair of white stockings, her hair neatly straightened and long almost to her waist; now, however, she was completely disheveled, her blouse was stained with who knows what, and the stockings had a small tear on the thigh. "I haven't even had time to arrive and I already have to take a shower and do laundry," she said sarcastically.

After a short nap, she mustered up the courage to unpack her suitcase. As soon as she entered the bedroom, a strange object caught her eye: a rocking horse. It was adorned with pastel colors and feminine details. Its mane and tail flowed elegantly, made of silk or soft cotton threads, while its large, bright eyes were framed by long, slender lashes. The saddle was padded and decorated with small hearts or stars. Anna was surprised to see it, not so much because of the decorations, which were totally disconnected from the modern look of the room, but because it was sized for her.

After an initial astonishment, she decided to simply dismiss it as a toy left by the previous owner and move it out of her room until they came to retrieve it. She finished unpacking her suitcase, and as she approached, she decided to take the reins to move it to the living room. "Come on, move, you stupid thing," she grumbled, annoyed. No matter how hard she pulled, the rocking horse swayed toward her but didn't move an inch. In the end, she gave up and went to order dinner.

After a simple margherita pizza eaten in pajamas while watching a series on Netflix on the new television, she decided to go to bed, almost bumping into that huge toy placed in front of her bed.

It wasn't an easy night; she kept thinking about that horse: whose is it? Why is it so big? Eventually, at 2:00 a.m., she entered the world of dreams. That night, Anna had the strangest dream of her life, at least so far, and oddly enough, it centered around that rocking horse. In the dream, Anna rode it, imagining epic battles where she was the warrior princess: after a long journey, she finally reached her castle and her bedroom. She lay down, and a strange sensation came to her mouth; she reached out her right hand and pulled out, with considerable surprise, a pink pacifier.

Driiiiin, the alarm had already sounded twice when Anna, still stunned from the dream, got up to turn it off: today was her first day of classes at university.

As in all universities, the first classes were orientation: the books to buy, the subjects to study, the exam procedures, and the internship activities to organize. The day passed quite quickly for Anna, although she couldn't shake off the dream, the pacifier, and especially the rocking horse. As if that wasn't enough, while searching for books on Amazon, she found herself in the section dedicated to pacifiers, amazed that some of them were so cute. The strangest thing was that, if she had bought it, the shipment would have arrived by the afternoon.

"Fantastic," she thought, during lunch break, "I can order my books and have them arrive immediately if I also include the pacifier." She decided to get a white and pink one, with a bunny printed on the front plastic, blushing slightly at the idea of that order, but the opportunity helped her overcome the embarrassment.

And so it was, when she returned home, a nice package had materialized in front of her door. She was completely fascinated by the books she had ordered: Anatomy, Histology, Biology, and... the pink pacifier, hiding at the bottom of everything. She laughed when she saw it and, laughing, decided to unwrap it and throw it on the couch with the idea of throwing it away after updating her new library.

Part 2: new gadget

She decided to arrange the notes on the couch: she took off the clothes she had worn during the day, deciding to stay in just a t-shirt and no pants; she grabbed the tablet and sat right next to the pacifier. She couldn't concentrate... her eyes kept looking at it, it was stronger than her. In the end, she sighed and picked it up, twirling it around her finger. "What do you have that's so interesting that I can't stop looking at you?" she said, putting it in her mouth. It was strange at first, but then slowly her mouth got used to it, starting to suck on it automatically. From that moment on, Anna was able to fully concentrate, and after 2 hours, she had finished her notes. She got up to go to the bathroom, and as soon as she looked at herself in the mirror, she was shocked to realize that she had completely forgotten about her new gadget. She opened her mouth and the pacifier fell out, but it didn't touch the floor, simply hanging from her shirt as it was attached with a string to the fabric. She didn't remember putting on that string, let alone attaching it to her shirt, yet there it was dangling at chest level.

She was about to take it off, but the urge to go to the bathroom won, so she didn't pay any more attention to it. In the end, it remained there, dangling, while she called her friend Melissa, while she cooked dinner, and finally returned almost automatically as she went to bed still fantasizing about the horse staring at her.

That night she dreamed too: she was a young Indian girl, and like all of them, she rode her white horse towards a green hill. At the top, a strange sensation overwhelmed her: she needed to pee and it was urgent. She got off her horse and ran to a tree, without thinking she pulled down her pants and an immediate feeling of relief overwhelmed her as she emptied her bladder. That morning she woke up alone still with that feeling, sighed around her pacifier as she stretched. Her bed was soft, warm, and wet. "WET!" she exclaimed, mispronouncing the word because of the pacifier, she moved the blankets and found a large stain spreading from her pants: she had wet the bed.

She blushed, cried, spat out the pacifier, and almost screamed in astonishment. When she calmed down, she got up, put the sheets in the washing machine, and changed, turning tomato red when she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing the wet stain that spread from her buttocks down all her pants. She was late so she decided to brush it off as simple stress or drinking too much water.

It wasn't like that... 3 days later, 3 days of the same dream, 3 days of washing machines. On the fourth day, Anna had her first chance to experience a university Wednesday. She returned at 2 in the morning, drunk after a long night at the club with her new friends. She took off her clothes and threw them on the floor, they smelled of smoke and alcohol, she looked for her pacifier and popped it into her mouth with a loud click. She grabbed her pajamas but stopped stumbling, drawn to the rocking horse and the package placed at the base. Was it a package of panties? No, they seemed thicker and the decorations more childish. They were pull-ups designed for bedwetters or those learning to use the potty. She laughed, euphoric from the alcohol, thinking about the idea of putting them on... wait, she wet the bed... maybe she should wear them. She pulled one out, amazed by the cute decorations that strangely resembled her pacifier. She laughed again as she pulled down her panties and put on a pair. There was something about this action that made her feel naughty, as if she shouldn't do it, but in reality, she felt it could be a solution to her problem.

She was speechless when she realized they fit her perfectly and were really comfortable and discreet. Stumbling, she headed to bed: pacifier in her mouth, new underwear forgetting to put on her pants.

Part 3: Wake up

The morning after was traumatic: her head throbbed, and nausea churned her stomach. She hadn't dreamt that night; she had simply fallen asleep staring at the rocking horse. She must have tossed and turned in bed several times, as she was no longer covered by the sheets. She lay on her back, pacifier in her mouth, legs open, displaying her soaked pull-up to the world. Eventually, after 20 minutes, she decided to get up and try eating something. She paid no attention to her new attire or the weight of the night's pee dragging it down.

It was Thursday, which meant she had online classes in the afternoon. She laboriously wobbled to the kitchen and grabbed a packet of crackers. She attempted to eat one, but as soon as she brought it to her mouth, it encountered the pacifier and shattered on the t-shirt she was using as pajamas. Blushing, she spat it out; the pacifier wouldn't fall out, thanks to the ribbon, and finished the packet.

After breakfast, she went to the bathroom to shower. It was only then that she realized she wasn't wearing her usual underwear; unlike last night, they had turned a faint yellow, increased in size, and felt damp to the touch. Memory flooded back, and she remembered what had happened the previous evening. She felt conflicting emotions: on one hand, relieved not to have dirtied the sheets yet again, on the other embarrassed for not realizing sooner and sleeping without pants. Another sharp headache distracted her; she threw the used diaper in the trash and stepped into the shower.

After a long shower, she dried off and, still naked, went to her room to get dressed. She picked a pink t-shirt, put it on, and without thinking, attached the pacifier to it. Then she went towards the dresser to get her underwear but paused at the sight of the overturned pull-up package under the rocking horse. She picked one up: sober now, she could finally see the decorations clearly. They were light pink with bunny designs around the pubic and buttocks area. Delicate white hues adorned the sides and waist. The bunnies were painted in vibrant colors with realistic details, almost popping out of the fabric. Some bunnies ran happily while others engaged in cute activities like jumping or smelling flowers. The texture was soft to the touch.

"Well, I can't deny they're cute," exclaimed Anna, smiling as she admired the bunnies adorning the pull-up and didn't notice the odd resemblance to her pacifier. It was too tempting; she spread one open and slid her legs into it effortlessly.

They were very comfortable to wear, discreet, and, above all, gave her a childish touch that deep down Anna adored. In the end, she decided to wear them to prevent any post-drinking naps.





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Part 4: diapers pt1

She opened the bedside drawer and hid the others, grabbed her computer, and logged into the class. She barely managed to turn off the camera to avoid the entire class seeing her in her new outfit. The lesson was very boring, and Anna kept getting distracted: on one hand, she felt the soft mass of the pull-up caressing her skin, on the other, she couldn't take her eyes off the rocking horse. Was it time to try it out?

"Oh well, what harm could it do..." she said to herself, grabbed the tablet, and took it with her. With some effort, she managed to climb on top.

The seat of the rocking horse was indeed soft and warmed to the touch; the rocking wasn't as heavy as she expected, and instinctively, Anna began to move. With the first sway, the dream began: she was no longer at home but in the middle of a meadow - her, her pull-up, pacifier in her mouth, and her faithful steed. She began to fantasize about a journey through the hills of the steppe. She rode and rode without a destination, with the wind in her hair.

The soft seat excited her, and soon she found herself rocking as she reached the peak of pleasure. In the end, she let out a scream of pleasure, muffled by her pacifier, while her pull-up inflated, filling with pee.

It had been truly wonderful; Anna blushed at the thought of wetting herself without realizing it, changed in 2 minutes, and continued playing with her horse.

She paid little attention to the lesson, but the experience was unforgettable.

From that day on, whenever she could, she took a ride on her horse, not caring that she now wore more pull-ups than panties. She didn't even notice if she got wet; in fact, she found it perfectly normal.

Finally, the weekend of the following week arrived: the pack of pull-ups was almost finished, and deep down, she hoped there would be another ready for use when she woke up. But that morning, she didn't find her usual clothes; at the base of the rocking horse was a pack of diapers with bunnies playing among the bushes. She bit the pacifier in embarrassment, but deep down, she knew she would wear them sooner or later.

It was too tempting; she took one and slid it underneath her, lay on top, and fastened the tabs.

It was very different from the pull-ups; the diaper fit perfectly, soft against her skin, and much thicker. She couldn't close her legs. It started just above her belly button, tightened around her pubic area, then opened up to fully cover her buttocks.

It wasn't humiliating at all; in fact, Anna felt protected, safe.

Walking wasn't too easy; the extra bulk forced her to keep her legs open, but it didn't matter; in fact, she enjoyed watching herself in the mirror as her little bottom swayed.

Sitting at the desk, Anna began to organize her notes; it was impossible to cross her legs, so, embarrassed, she left them open and continued working.




part 5: diapers pt2

She had to control herself and resist the temptation to get back on the horse, but she finally gave in.

Getting on it with a diaper was completely different, the diaper held her in, preventing her from slipping: she gripped onto it with her feet and began to slowly gyrate her hips, the sensation was delicious.

Anna continued rocking, deeper and deeper at speed.

She rocked as she hadn't in a long time, found herself fiddling with the diaper, running her fingers over it: it was much thicker than the pull-ups.

"It's just different that from those lousy pull-ups," he thought.

Slowly his excitement took over, he began to swivel his hips so that the air whipped around.

She reached down and, with one hand, began to touch herself.

The diaper flapping around her made her come like a train.

With a scream of pleasure anna relaxed, leaning back from exhaustion. a subtle whistle ended it all: she had just wet her diaper.

With surprise she noticed that wetting a diaper was different from a pull-up: first of all it was discreet, the diaper only barely got bigger and the inside absorbed everything quickly leaving her dry again.

Finally she got off and decided it was time to eat something, rocking with the diaper in sight she began to cook herself a pasta.

After lunch, she decided to change. It wasn't easy at first; she peeled off the old diaper, letting it fall to the floor. Naked, she approached the bedside table, but a doubt crept in: diaper or pull-up?

"Why should I change?" she wondered.

The pull-ups were advantageous for being light but somewhat less protective, while the others had the advantage of the diaper: they had all the mass to cover her, and since she didn't need to go out, she opted for one.

She found herself smiling: her diaper was soft and didn't bother her, despite the bulk that made it larger than what she would normally wear. That afternoon was unforgettable: she found herself running around the house, climbing on her horse to fight imaginary battles. She even struggled to remember when she used the diaper. Then a new sensation struck her: she needed to poop.

She got angry; it wasn't fair. She was having so much fun, and now she would have to go to the bathroom. Then a strange feeling came over her: maybe she could try...

With a bit of embarrassment, she bent over, hands on her knees, pacifier in her mouth, and after a few grunts, she felt the diaper expand as the poop settled into her seat; her face turned red from the effort, and then the pee began to flow.

When she stood up again, she quickly felt that the diaper was much heavier; the sensation was different now; it was sticky, and the smell was terrible. She should have changed, but playing was more important; she started rocking on the horse without paying attention to the mess spread all over her seat.

She played for almost two hours, ignoring her condition, and then, tired, she dismounted from the horse.

She sat on the couch, and the moment her stinky bottom touched the cushion, she regained consciousness.

It was disgusting; the poop had stuck all around her.

She got up quickly, crying, and started running, pulling off the diaper and flying into the shower.

The water dissolved the remnants after several washes. She almost vomited looking at her used diaper.

"I shouldn't wear another one..." she said to herself.

"I shouldn't use another one, and I don't want to," she corrected herself.

In the end, she gave in and put on a new diaper.

That evening, she ordered pizza. When she opened the door to the delivery boy, she didn't realize that her shirt had been unbuttoned, leaving her diaper exposed.

"Good evening," the boy began, "here we have..."

"Don't say it; I've already paid," Anna interrupted, taking the pizza.

"Okay," replied the boy, glancing at her, "how do you say? Enjoy your meal!"

"Thank you, have a good evening," she said, closing the door in his face.

Anna turned pale, realizing she had shown the diaper and immediately went to the mirror: she had a childish face, a white shirt with nipple marks, the diaper on display, and the pacifier in her mouth.

It was embarrassing, but in a way, it excited her. At that moment, she collapsed and had a panic attack.

She grabbed her phone: "Melissa, come to my house right away; I'm not feeling well."

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Part 6 Melissa

Anna and Melissa had been friends since preschool. Melissa was taller than Anna, blonde, with green eyes. When Melissa arrived, she found Anna sitting on the floor with her legs spread, the diaper wet, and a pacifier in her mouth. Anna looked at her with dull eyes as she sucked violently on the pacifier.

"Can you tell me what happened and why you're dressed like this?"

"I don't know, it all started with the rocking horse, and..." By the end of her story, Anna was in tears, and Melissa rushed to embrace her.

"It doesn't matter; it's not your fault. It's not you, but another Anna. If you want, I can help you."

"Really?" Anna said from behind her pacifier.

"Tomorrow, we'll throw everything away. But for now, how about we change your dirty diaper?"

Anna nodded, and Melissa led her to the bathroom. By now, Anna was used to changing herself, but this time, she couldn't manage; it was as if she had forgotten or was too weak to undo the tabs. In the end, she gave up and called out to Melissa, "Can you change me?"


"I don't have the strength."

With some surprise, Melissa decided to suppress her embarrassment. "Where are your underwear?" Melissa asked.

"In the drawer next to the bed," Anna replied, sobbing. Melissa looked but found only diapers.

"They're not here, Anna."

"But they were right there... oh my god, I'm becoming dependent on diapers," Anna said before bursting into tears again.

"Okay, Anna, let's put on a new diaper. Tomorrow, I'll get you some underwear, alright?" Melissa concluded.

"What kind of diaper do you want, Anna?"

"A white one with teddy bears."

"Just teddy bears?"

"I'm a kid, not a slut," Anna replied, laughing to lighten the mood.

The change wasn't easy, but in the end, Melissa managed to secure it.

"All done," Melissa said, receiving no response. Anna was lost in her thoughts.

"How about eating that pizza? It must be cold by now."

"Yes, thanks," Anna replied, sitting down.

"Where do you throw away the dirty diapers?" Melissa asked as they ate.

"In a bag in the kitchen."

As soon as Melissa opened it, the smell of Anna's mess hit her nose, and she almost vomited. How long had it been in this state?

When she returned to the living room, she chuckled at the sight of her friend: Anna was sitting there, unconcerned, with the diaper completely exposed.

"What's going on?" Anna asked, confused.

"Nothing, there's nothing," Melissa replied. "Let's go to sleep now, okay?"

"Maybe it's better if I sleep here tonight," Melissa concluded.

"Thank you, Melissa. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Don't worry, let's go to sleep now, okay?"

Anna got up to follow Melissa; her legs spread left the rocking horse out. With some effort, she climbed into bed and nestled between the sheets with the pacifier in her mouth.

For a moment, Melissa stared at the rocking horse, wondering what magic lay behind everything that was happening.

I've also a collection of all my story that have been delected, if are u interested please subscribe to my ream account https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon

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Part 7: the next morning

The morning after, Melissa was awakened by Anna. Opening her eyes, she saw Anna standing next to her, noticing the fully used diaper sagging beneath her, a pacifier in her mouth, and a sad expression.

"Good morning, Anna. Did you sleep well?"

"Fine," replied Anna, in a strange tone.

"Now time for a diaper change," continued Melissa. "Don't you want a shower first?"

"No, I'm clean."

"Which diaper do you want today?"

"A blue one."

"Okay, I'll wait here," said Melissa, heading to the bathroom to get the changing kit.

Once in the bathroom, something caught her attention. There was a pink changing table, perfect for Anna, with white padding and deer prints, her size.

"That wasn't here yesterday..." Anna interrupted.

"I know, but it can at least help us with the changes," Melissa reassured. "Come on up," she said, patting Anna's diapered bottom, causing her to blush.

Anna lay down and felt incredibly comfortable; the changing table's padding enveloped her, making her feel safe.

"Shall we sort out the diaper?" Melissa asked, opening the one she had chosen earlier.

Anna didn't reply; she felt so secure lying there that she rolled over.

"What's wrong? Don't you like the changing table?"

"No, it's just that I'm comfortable lying here," Anna concluded.

"What if we find something to cover the diaper?" Melissa asked, looking in the wardrobe.

She opened it and to her surprise found all of Anna's sexy outfits replaced by various types of baby-dolls, all colors, most with pacifiers, onesies, overalls, and very infantile clothes.

Anna was speechless, on the verge of tears.

"Everything okay? Later we'll go buy more. How about overalls? They should hide the diaper," Melissa suggested, finding a pair.

Anna agreed.

Spoiler: It didn't hide it; the bulge was clear, and the diaper's plastic peeked out at the top. Also, the overalls had buttons running from the front to the back.

"Why the buttons?" Anna asked, embarrassed.

"They're meant to speed up diaper changes."


"Can you promise me something?" Melissa said.

"Yes, what is it?"

"When you feel like you're going to use the diaper, let me know, okay?" Anna blushed but agreed. "For now, let's go eat something."

"Melly," Anna said in a very childish tone halfway through the day.


Anna blushed.

And Melissa understood; she approached her friend, unbuttoned a few overalls buttons, then placed her hand on the padded bottom, feeling the wetness. Not only had she used the diaper, but it was soaked.

"How many times have you gone in your diaper?" Melissa asked, but Anna didn't respond; she didn't know.

From that moment on, Melissa realized her friend couldn't be without diapers.

After changing, they settled down for the online lesson; going in person was out of the question. Melissa was surprised; outside, Anna seemed like a 2-year-old, but she was still a mature and intelligent girl inside.

Then something caught her attention: Anna stood up, bent her knees, and started grunting. "What's wrong?" Melissa asked. "I... I... need to poo," then a muffled fart echoed from the diaper.

Melissa looked at her friend speechlessly; after the effort, Anna stood up again and sat back down on the chair, squishing her diaper's contents.

Melissa was speechless; her friend had pooped in front of her and was pretending nothing had happened. She decided to wait until Anna asked for a change, but that never happened.

By the end of the lesson, the smell left no room for excuses. "Anna, you need to tell me something," Melissa said, interrupting her friend as she looked at her phone.

"Yes, my diaper needs changing," she said without turning to look at Melissa.

"How long have you known you needed a change?" Melissa asked, firmly.

"For 2 hours," Anna replied.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to finish the lesson; I didn't want to disturb you, and besides... I like the feeling of a dirty diaper," Anna said, looking down, blushing.

"What do you mean?"

"I like the warmth between my legs, and the stickiness makes me feel little."

"And what about the smell?"

"What smell?"

"The smell of your poop-filled diaper."

"I think I've gotten used to it," Anna said, blushing, then getting up, she headed to the changing table followed by Melissa.

It was the first time Melissa changed Anna's stinky diaper, but strangely it wasn't too traumatic, almost natural. For a moment, Melissa thought that maybe changing Anna's diaper was indeed normal.


I've also a collection of all my story that have been delected, if are u interested please subscribe to my ream account https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon

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Part 8: Highchair

"What diaper do you want?" asked Melissa.

"A simple white one."


Anna lay there, completely naked from the waist down.

"Why are you opening a new pack?" Anna asked curiously. After all, she had only undergone 3 changes; the pack couldn't be finished already.

"They're nighttime diapers," replied Melissa. "They're wider and thicker," she explained.

"I've never tried them."

"It doesn't matter; they're meant for nighttime," Melissa concluded abruptly.

"But it's only 6 p.m.," Anna said, frowning.

"I know, but I don't think I'll change you again before tomorrow morning. How do they feel on you?"

"They're thicker but comfortable," said Anna.


"I have no idea; it feels like having a pillow between my legs."

After the brief dialogue, Melissa helped Anna fasten the overalls, noticing that indeed these were much more noticeable; the diaper imprint was clearly visible even from outside.

"Since we're spending the whole day at home, why don't we play a bit? I have the PlayStation 5 with COD; we can play a round of zombies," Anna suggested excitedly.

Soon the two were completely immersed in the game, Melissa sitting on the couch while Anna occasionally got up, hopping around very childishly. Of course, the pacifier never left her mouth, and soon Melissa learned to decipher her friend's mumbled words.

"Nooo, we lost!" Anna exclaimed in frustration, flopping down on the couch.

"Another round?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, and then food," Anna replied.

After yet another game, the two decided to order a poké bowl; neither felt like cooking.

"You should sit in a high chair," Melissa teased, pointing to Anna's padded bottom.

Anna laughed and said, "You should feed me."

Melissa made airplane noises as she guided the spoon into Anna's mouth, both of them laughing.

"Anna, I couldn't find the pajamas. Is this onesie okay? It's the least babyish one I could find," Melissa said when it was time for bed. The onesie was white, with bunny designs.

"Yes," Anna said, starting to change.

"Wait, let me fasten the snaps at the crotch," Melissa said, bending down. Anna took a moment, but then understood the purpose of the crotch snaps: quicker diaper changes.

"Don't forget the pacifier," Melissa concluded, fastening it to the onesie and placing it in Anna's mouth, which she accepted without protest.

"Um, Melissa," Anna spoke up. "I sleep in a double bed; there's space for you too if you want."

"Sure, Anna, thanks."

In the end, the two fell asleep, Anna with her legs apart, the diaper peeking out from under the onesie, and the pacifier in her mouth, while Melissa lay in her pajamas, listening to the rhythm of Anna's sucking.

The next morning, they woke up almost together.

"Good morning, Anna," Melissa said.


"Did you sleep well?"


"How's the diaper?"

"Mmnh," murmured Anna, clearly feeling the dampness, squeezing her legs together.

"Let's get changed; what diaper do you want today?" Melissa asked, already at the door.

"A blue one," Anna said, her voice still groggy from sleep.

"Okay," Melissa replied, leading her to the changing table.

Anna nearly dozed off again during the change, and when she fully woke up, she wasn't in her usual seat; she was in a high chair with the straps already fastened and the tray lowered.

It was white, with a polymer plastic seat, blue armrests, blue straps, and a blue wooden tray that blocked her view from the waist down.

Anna tried to move, but all she felt was the plastic of her diaper sliding on the seat.

"Good morning, Anna," Melissa said, entering. "How do you feel?"

"Why am I in a high chair?"

"All the chairs are gone; the only one left is for me, since I wouldn't fit in this one," Melissa explained.

Anna was bewildered; she didn't know what to say. In a way, it was right that she was in the high chair while her friend sat in a regular chair; after all, she was the one who couldn't control her bowel movements.

"How are you doing?" Melissa asked.

"It's good; it's comfortable, and the diaper plastic banging against things, I like it."

"Are you ready to eat?"

"Yes," Anna said.

"I made pancakes," Melissa announced proudly, encouraged by Anna's enthusiastic approval.

After breakfast, Melissa went grocery shopping, finally giving Anna some private time. Rocking back and forth, she hopped onto her rocking horse. She climbed on with some difficulty and began rocking.

She felt her hips moving up and down while the diaper slid on the saddle, with her mouth open and the pacifier in place, she felt like a real child.

Her skin was wet, Anna smiled, and soon she began moaning with pleasure as her hand massaged her diaper.

With a scream, she reached climax and continued rocking, imagining herself as a warrior princess.

She couldn't tell how much time passed or when her bladder emptied into her diaper, but she felt the warmth spreading all around her and then outside.

The door opened, and Anna jolted, snapping out of her daydream.

"Here I am, Anna. I see that rocking horse isn't just a decoration," Melissa said.

"No, it's not," Anna replied, blushing. Thank goodness she arrived when I was just playing, she thought.

"Can you help with the bags?" Melissa asked, entering. Anna nodded and got up to help, accidentally kicking Melissa and causing her to fall onto her padded diaper.

"Well, thank goodness you have a built-in airbag on your bottom," Melissa laughed. Anna simply responded with a tongue poke before joining in the laughter.

"I got the stuff to make cookies," Melissa said. "How about we bake them after your lesson?"

"Yes!" Anna almost shouted.


The next part is already out: subscribe to my ream account https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon to get early access to this and the others story

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Part 9: a kiss?

3 long hours later the class ended, anna got a new diaper and a new outfit: this time melissa opted for a little red dress with "baby girl" written at the breast level. The skirt did nothing to hide the diaper, which stuck out about 1 cm from the bottom. 

Anna didn't seem to care so Melissa shrugged her shoulders 

"We should start making the batter, do you want to mix it?" said Melissa. 

"But I dont want to dirty the dress," said anna worriedly, and soon melissa found the solution: she stripped anna completely, leaving her with bare breasts and only her diaper on. 

"Go have fun," said Melissa. 

As soon as Anna put her hands in the slimy batter she went into a trance and began to play by stirring, getting dirty and eating a little bit every now and then, giving her the feeling of being a real child 

"Hey anna, I think it's ready to put on the stencils, " Anna was completely soiled: her fingers in her mouth sucking what was left in her hands while all over her body was batter: on her breasts, her belly and even in the front plastic of her diaper. 

"Hey anna, it's finished, how about washing up?" said melissa, baking the cookies 

"I wanted to give you a hug first, though," anna said, with a grin on her face as she swung toward her. "don't try it," said melissa, walking away. 

Anna continued to swing. "okay, after you wash," "no no, now," anna concluded. Melissa wanted to run away but did not make it in time and soon the child was on her. They both fell backward and her dress caught most of anna's batter trail Melissa could also feel anna's diaper rubbing against her making the situation worse. 

"Thank you, anna" now I have to take a bath with you. 

The tub was perfect for two people. First Melissa removed Anna's diaper by dropping it on the bathroom floor, then until her friend entered the water she removed her dress, bra and panties. Anna stood looking at her for a few moments, admiring and a little envious of her friend's form. 

There was initial awkwardness between the two; they were children the last time they bathed together. Then Melissa splashed Anna with water, who surprised replied in a tone, 

"Do you want war?" Melissa stuck her tongue out and continued to squirt her. The battle raged for almost 10 minutes, then the chattering ceased. The two friends were tired and completely wet. 

Finally anna made to get up but slipped and ended up on melissa. They looked into each other's eyes feeling their bodies and breasts touching, they kissed. "You are beautiful," said anna, holding melissa to herself. "Not you," said Melissa. 

Anna giggled "I didn't think you liked girls in diapers," Anna replied. "When they don't leave me stinky presents to change yes!" replied Melissa. They returned to kissing. 

Then Melissa's hand went to Anna's belly, where she began to slowly slide it down, grazing her nipples and waist. as Anna moaned with pleasure. He arrived at the bottom "Wait," anna said, "I have an idea, but you have to be quiet," she lowered herself to the surface of the water and took melissa's nipple with her mouth, sucking on it like a pacifier. 

They came together, lying on top of each other. "I think it's time to get out," interrupted the fairy tale Melissa " I wonder how much pee you must have taken in here." "But shut up and put on my diaper," Anna said, kissing her again. 

After about 10 minutes they found the strength to get up and dry off. Melissa was still naked, while anna was lying on the changing table 

"What diaper do you want?" asked Melissa. "A white guy with bunnies," said anna, with her thumb in her mouth. Melissa agreed, "they are very thick," anna added as she got off the changing table. 

"Oops you can see I like it when you shake around" said melissa smiling "and then since when is that a problem" she concluded, touching the inside of anna's leg who blushed 

"Okay let's go dry off," Melissa said as she turned around, and within two seconds a slap on her ass came that turned her on. "It doesn't count, I can't do it to you when you're stuffed," replied anna. 

"You can do that too," said anna, going close and touching her breasts. Yet another kiss with the addition of Melissa's hand squeezing anna's padded bottom. "Let's dry the floor and then get dressed, okay?" said Melissa.


I've already published the next parts to my ream account. Subscribe to get early access to the new adventures of Anna and Melissa.


Also there exclusive stories for my subscribers ;)

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Hi  thank you very much for pointing out to me that I mistakenly posted the Italian part instead of the English part. I have edited immediately with the English story so that it is grammatically correct and not directly translated by google translator

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Google translation Parts 1-2-3 DELETED since author made correction - - -

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Part 10: Baby bottle

After about 10 minutes of passing rags on the floor, it was time to get dressed. Melissa simply opted for a long T-shirt with no underwear underneath.

"Anna, do you want me to wear your pink striped onesie?" asked Melissa.

"I would prefer overalls, no shirt," anna said, casting a mischievous glance toward melissa. "okay, mischievous child," said Melissa, then took the pacifier and put it in her mouth.

" I think it's time for cookies, don't you think?" said melissa. " mmhnm" said anna

Soon evening came and Anna willingly agreed to eat in the high chair, especially since from above she could peek and see under Melissa's shirt

"Anna, if you keep moving like that, I'll have to tie you up" laughed melissa " I understand that I don't wear panties however make it less obvious that you look when I ask," anna showed the bad language and dinner continued.

"We need to talk," said melissa finished dinner, anna was still in the high chair with food on her face and the pacifier in her mouth.

"You don't wear diapers just because you need them, do you?" asked Melissa.

"No, they give me a strange feeling: the plastic touching my private parts, the fact that I have to trust you to change it. it makes me feel small."

" then when I pee or poop ... in short, I love it, it really turns me on," said anna moving slightly in the high chair and feeling the moist padding squish against her.

"What about the rocking horse?" asked Melissa.

"It makes me feel smaller, helps me go into a trance." "What do you do to go into a trance?"

"I get up, I rock on the seat of the chair and I imagine myself to be a little girl with no worries, then I think it's magical, it's him in my opinion who makes us find all these things for me, who gave me diapers etc."

"All right, if you want to be a little girl, you will be my little girl, " Melissa said, kissing her on the mouth. Anna reciprocated by murmuring a thank you

"Are we more than just friends? " asked anna, "I would say yes," replied melissa, winking at her. "does anyone need a new diaper?" asked melissa.

" Siiii" said anna bouncing in her chair.

"what diaper do you want? I'll put a night one on you now," asked Melissa. "A big orange with carrots."

"Well, now what onesie do you want?" "The one with the words " baby girl""

Movie and then they both went to bed, that night they slept in each other's arms. One week later...

Within that week much had changed in the relationship between the two: they had not yet admitted it but they were together. Melissa had moved in permanently with Anna, saving on rent. Melissa was taking care of Anna's baby side and yet at the same time the sexuality between the two had become heated. Neither of them worried about baby supplies: when they ran out of one type of diaper, a new package would magically appear.

Anna's relationship with the rocking horse was immediately accepted by Melissa, who did not object when the child wanted to have some fun.

That morning they were taking online class, anna was lying with her head resting on melissa's lap, while melissa with the tablet was taking notes sitting

"Baby, would you go get 2 glasses of water," Melissa asked Anna, "Yes," replied the child, standing up.

"Thank you," replied Melissa, as she let go of the little girl's head as she waddled into the kitchen.

He took the first glass and then noticed a strange object on top of his high chair was like a plastic bottle ending in a rubber teat, it was filled with decorations such as stars and things of that ordinary: It was a baby bottle.

He decided to take it noticing that it was full of milk.

"Look melissa, what I found," he said happily, entering with a cup in one hand and the baby bottle in the other.

"Oh, a baby bottle, another gift from our magical friend, try it on," said Melissa smiling.

Anna was a little doubtful, but decided to humor her friend. She took the teat with her mouth and sucked on it like a pacifier

"How is it?" asked Melissa, noting that she had a bad idea. "Good, it's easier to drink from here," said anna blushing.

They returned to follow class, Anna holding the bottle with both hands beside Melissa. Melissa giggled, " you are so cute."

Soon it was dinner time, Anna sitting in her high chair with her bottle at her side.

"how about we have some drinks tonight?" said Melissa, pulling out some gin, lemon and tonic water. "Oh I like this girl," said Anna.

"Let's put on a clean diaper first, though, since I don't think we would be able to after that," Melissa said.

"What diaper do you want?"

"White with pink hearts, often, thank you," said Anna snapping the pacifier.



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